Cuban Revolutionaries

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Between 1868 and 1898, three wars for Cuba’s independence from Spain were fought. Although the first two—the Ten Years’ War (1868-1878) and La Guerra Chiquita (1878-79)—were not successful, they laid the foundation for the Cuban War of Independence (1895-8), which gained the country independence from Spain. The revolutionaries, generals, and politicians active in this period had a strong impact on these wars, as well as Cuba’s history after independence, and were celebrities across the world.

The items in this collection are portraits of Cuban revolutionaries and notable public figures, as well as some international celebrities, which were taken from the Havana-based newspaper La Caricatura between 1895 and 1912. Some of these figures are very famous, such as Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo. Others, such as J.A.D. McCurdy and Dr. Diego Tamayo Figueredo, are less well-known despite their contributions to history. The collection also includes cartoons and propaganda items from the time period.

These items were donated by the Manteiga family.