La Difesa Della Razza

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In the years leading up to World War II, Mussolini's policies and laws reflected and encouraged the intensification of racism across Fascist Italy. To advance and garner support for his policies, Mussolini used the political and popular press. Publication of the biweekly newspaper La Difesa della Razza ( In Defense of Race) began in August 5, 1938 and continued until June 20, 1943. Together with the so-called "Manifesto degli Scienziati Razzisti" (Manifesto of Racial/Racist Scientists), the publication's goal was to foster racism through biological and scientific rather than political arguments.

The La Difesa della Razza Collection in Special Collections at the USF Tampa Library holds a complete run of the publication. In 2013, the Library completed a project to digitize all issues of this collection and make them freely available online.