Multimodal Data Analysis Collection:
A Curated, Open-Access Compilation of Methodologies

The Multimodal Data Analysis Collection is a curated assemblage of products that demonstrate different methodologies for analyzing multimodal texts. Multimodal texts are formed when two or more semiotic systems (linguistic, visual, audio, gestural, spatial) are combined to achieve a communicative purpose. Examples of multimodal texts include picture books, websites, films, and performances.

The Multimodal Data Analysis Collection focuses on a purposeful selection of exemplary texts that were created within or selected for analysis in independent studies. These discrete data sets, and the individual authors' processes of analysis, now form an expandable collection of texts and methodologies that demonstrate analyses at the interstices of literature, art, communication, theatre, film studies, and education.

Jenifer Jasinski Schneider
USF College of Education

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