Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part I

Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part I

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part I
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York Frank Tousey, 1893
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1 online resource (30 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Inventors -- Fiction ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939.
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Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part I.
n Vol. 2, no. 44 (1893)
New York : Frank Tousey, 1893.
c 1893
1 online resource (30 p.) ; 29 cm.
Frank Reade library.
v vol. 2, no. 44
Science fiction.
Dime novels.
t Dime Novel Collection.
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' "" N oname!!s !!!! Latest and Best' Stories are Published i n This Library. Ente1e d a s Second C lass M atte r at the York, N Y ., Post Office October 5,' 1892. No. 44. { CO!\lPLETE. } FRANK TOUSEY, P unr" ISHER 34 & 36 NOR' l 'H MOORE 8'1'REE'r NE w 'YoRK. New York, July 22, 1 893. ISSUED WEEKLY { J'JII C E } 5 Vol. II Ente1ed acc01dino to the A c t of C ongress i n the ywr 1893, by FRAN K TOUSEY, i n t he o ffice of t h e Librarian of Con g r ess, at Washington, JJ. a FRANK BEAD E, JB. , And is Queen Clippett of the Clouds. The fugitive settler needed no injunction to haste. His wife and children were in the wago.n, and the lionest pioneer was seeking to save the loved ones, who were dear to him tha n his own life.


FRAN,K READE, JR., .AND HIS R,UEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. PART I. The Subscription Price of thP. FRANK READE LIBRARY by the year is $2.50; $1.25 per six months, post-paid. Address FRANK TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and 36North M?Ore Street, New York. Box 2700. JR.,, AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. A THRILLING STORY OF A WONDERFUL VOYAGE IN THE Alit P.A...RT .. By "NON.A,...ME," Author of" Frank Rea-de, Jr., and His Electric Team," "Frank Reade, Jr.'s Chase Through the Clouds," etc., etc. .... CHAPTER I. 'l'he doctor was almost as much interested in this for they supposell the man in front of them wae YKE wonderful air-ship as the young himself: really sleeping soundly. FRANK READE, JR., AND DB. VANE But tho;.y could not agree as to theory, which, Such, however, was not the actual truth; the 11 WHY, how are you, Frank, my bdy? Just getcarried out practically, would result In au appa-man with his head bowed was not asleep. Far tlng back (rom New York, I concl ude? t ratus by means of which the air migbt e successfrlm it. In fact, he was never more wide awake The speaker was Dr. Vane:(ke a man 0 over fully navigated. in his ll!e . His eyes flashed with a cunning light, middle age and a celebrated ac1ent1st and !amouB The doctor, a.s well aA Jr., had pale features worktd nervously, and he drank traveler. been a student of aerostatics-that whtch pertains m every word uttered by Franlc. Reade, Jr., and He had just entered smoking-car of a westto navigating the air. the old doctor as though his life depended on it. ern-bound railway tram at a way and the "Frank," said the old scientist presently, when "When !Je Lacy showed that the stag beetle young man to whom he spoke, and with whom he he had got his cigar 'I)'Oll under way, "I am still could lift into the air two hundred times its own at the .same time shook hands warm!):', was Frank skeptical. I am very much afraid this last in venweight the problem of the fiying-machlne was Reade, Jr. tlon of yours will turn out a failure." ne;rrly solved. Whence ca01e the power? From Frank Jr., had tile best years of .. Im ossible 1 I tell on doctor I feel that m the beating of the air," continued Frank, Jr. his life yet before h1m, he !Llready acl:!Jevhedi" assured,'' F;ank enthusiastically. Y "It is true, the air is higqly resistant." fame as au inventor, and, mdeed, many of "Th t t h f I d t 1 th "A d k th t th ht b' d tl had surpassed anything the world had e grea est 1.nven ors ave a1 e o so V!l e n we a as e or a 1r m-. lnve':l k own problem of mak1ng a guidable balloon, Frank. creases the less IS the proporttonal increase of the the young man, in re-'rrue,,in large, h.alls they have been made beaten b,Y wings in,order to sustain it." t the greeting of the other who was his to go m a medtum heav1er th!\U themse lvec, but But the motton IS slower. nYued friend .. 1 am just from tl:!ey wero;. found ueeless outside. A good b1eeze "Precisely; and so I know the appilcatlon o! Yvork. But sit down here and have a smoke." them. A storm would have wrecked this p_rinc,ipal to my flying is perfectly "Thanks," replied the doctor, taking a seat Pr:!cttcnl. a t his friend's side and accepting a fragrant Very good, replied Frank Reade, Jr., not at I am not yet cofl.vmced, Frank. However, I .. ha\:ana, all shaken m his conviction of the ultimate sueyou all success. And If you do succeed the .. All w'en at home in Readestown, l I suppose?" ?ess of his invention. "If the for sa!l-will astound the world." asked Fran! Jr 1ng In the atmosphere finds support m the a1r, "I agree wM"h you, doctor, and now I want you "Yes. That to say your family Is well. But It belongs to the medium in which it move":. Unme thing." as to tne town-well, a larg e band of tr.J.mps have der such condttlo.ns how 011n its mass. wh1ch ofWbat IS that? camped In the grove beyond village, and I so mu<;'h reststance the atmosphere, make "If, when my air-ship is completed you rtre shouldn't wonder if we had some trouble with Its way agamst the wind? convinced that my object is attained, will you ac" them yet, as they are bold and insolent, and, as I doctor looked at Frank, Jr., keenly as he company me on a voyage in the air?" suspect, given to thieving." satd Yes, I pledge you my word. What, to sail nboveo l'hey are not pleasant neighbors to have, at all "Do you then mean to suggest the absurd thethe globe like a ship upon the sea I Ah, it would events, and they haven't locttted f a r from my resiory that the fiying machine to must be be glorious-glorious beyond compare!" dec.ce. I think I shall apply to the county author-heavier tban the air? Why, all the great author!"Then you shall have the experience." ities to remove them." ties are against you." "But, Frank, how will you ,:eel your motive "I think myself it would be a wise plan to do so, "That is precisely why they have failed. I as-power?'' for I understand that, because your servants have doctor, that the future of the flying machine ".From electricity." refused to rob your larder to supply their exorbidepends on its being heavier than the air. The air "Then you will employ a powerful electro taut demands for provisions, they have made some affords a solid fulcrum. If a column of air has an motor?" ugly threats. But by the way, Frank, did you ascensional movement of forty-five metnrs a se"No. On the contrary, I shall employ no make the final purchases of material, machinery cond a man can support himself on the top of It moter i" and supplies for the great air-ship you are buildby the surface of the soles of his boots. If you, by The man with his head down started violently, ing?" means of a screw, drive a mass of air at this speed, but the young and the doctor did not "Yes, doctor; and everything further for you get the same results. I discard the balloon observe his movement. the completion of my last, and by all odds the utterly. The bird fi!el!. He Is not a balloon. He "No motor 1 Are you In your right mind, invention of my life, Is to be shipped by is a piece of I Nature, to a certaiQ exFrank?" rail to Readestown without delay." tent, becomes my guide," said Frank Reade, Jr. "Rather. But the explanation of my meaning Besides Franlt Reade, Jr., and Dr. Vaneyke there "I know your theory sounds well enough. But would involve a long discussion. You will know were only three other men in the smoker. Two what ha!o been the fate of those who have attemptall later on." of these were commercial travelers, and they were ed to sail the air in fiylng machines?" replied the "0! what is your fiy!ng machine t:> be construct seated in the torward p11rt of the car talking and doctor. ed? Of wood?" laughing loudly. 'rhe third man, aside from Frank "Ir,they have failed It was not because my theory "No,'' replied Frank. Reade, Jr., and the doctor, was a personage regard-is wrong. No. It wBS because the fault was in "or metal?'' lug whonlittle can be said, !or his race was not to its application-In the construction of the appara-"No." 'be seen. tus," rejoined Frank, Jr. 'l'he doctor looked puzzled, but not as much so He occupied the seat directly ahead of Frank "And have you overcome all the errors or your as t.he man whose face was hidden, and who preand the doctor, and he appeared to be sleeping predecessors?" tended to be asleep. soundly, with his face resting upon his arms, that "I ll.atter myself that I have done so. I now Frank laughed. were supported by the back of the seat in front. hava all the plans and drawings for my air-ship "Really, doctor, you must wait until my air Dr. Vaneyke resided .at Readestown, which was completed, and I shall immediately hurry ,forward ship Is built. Then will be the time for me to also .Frank Reade, Jr.'s, home, and the two had althe construction of the make everything clear," said he. ready engaged in many discussions about the last The doctor and Frank Reade, Jr., had no thought Just then the train began to slow up, and the new invention which Frank was at work on. th:.t any one was l!.etenlog to their conversation, brakeman opened tb'l door and shouted: ..


FART I. FRANK READE, JR., HIS QUEEN CLIPPER 01!' THE CLOUI:S. I" and presently the train drew up But l)e would rather suffer than: betray himbe saw, but as the air-ship was not as at the statiOn. self then and let Po!Rp get the laugh on him. yet put together and so not m a condition to be Fral!k, Jr., and Dr. "V1_1ndyke left the tram, n:nd So he kept_ sUI! for several mowents, while properly explained Frank did not enlighten his when 1t steamed on agam the man who occup1ed Pomp and h1s w1fe, bliss(ully unconsaious that friend muah. the seat just ahead of the one they had vam\ted they wer.e over a volcano in the form of an enThe next day Frank engaged three well-recomsat up. raged Inshman, away unconcernedly. mended mechanics who had been employed at the Then he could be seen to _be a man past m1ddle Barney began to thmk he would have to give it great machine shops in a neighboring city recently, His face 'JaS pale, h1s eyes \Tare strangely up and make his presence known. He was almost Th&new men came to work at once and Frank 't lmlhant, and his mtellectual !eatures stamped him strang!ed. 11 soon found that one of them was a very supel'ior as a student. His hair lon_g and rather uuas he. was about to shout to Pomp and man in every way, and he mentally decided to en kempt. He was clothed m a su1t of black broad-h1s w1fe to let h1m up the latter arose: gage him as one of the crew for the new air-ship -cloth, which had sE!en long service, and on his Barney felt the weight grow lighter, and he lost if he could. head he wore a silk hat rather th!_l worse for wear. not a moment in improving his opportunity. The name of this mechanic was Richard Sands It seemed that. the conversation he had overSuddenly he lifted his back like a l.lucking and he was a stalwart American about thirty-five hea:rd had Induced a of mental bro!Jcho and 8ent Pomp spra_ wling head over heels years of age. wh1ch the strange-lookmg man found 1t difficult amidst a shower offiying hay. Frank bad already estimated that the crew of to repress, for. he in low tones to himTo :5{\Y that Pomp was frightened at this sudden his wonderful aerial consist of eight self for !lome t1me, while his features worked and upheaval would be putting it very mild. persons. Of course he would be the captain and h!s BY\lS snapped fire. He his feet, and without stopping he planned that the doctor should be the He Fmnlly, however, he calm, and, takmg to look behmd h1m he ran for the gate, which would then require an two assistants up h_an

4 FRANK READE, JR., AND HlS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'fHE CLOUpS. PART T. that upon the middle finger there was a greaL Now; the Irishman and the darky both knew CHA:PTER III. bloodstone ring of singular and unique design. that among the things for t .he air voyage that had But with one leap Frank, Jr., reached the winbeen put in the workshop was a breech-loading QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE. CLOUDs STARTS ON dow and snatched away his ,precious box just as field piece mounted on a pivpt. THE GREAT VOYAGE. that talonli\te hand was about to clutch it. As soon as he saw the tramps were really in a SMlTH BR.OwN proved to j:.e indeed an excellent Instantly the hand was drawn away . The blind dangerous moqd Barney said to Pomp: man, and Frank, Jr., congratulated himself upon was ctosed with a. bang, and Frank heard the "Be 'the powers az turf, Pomp, we hev got togit his acquisition. He was a very quiet and reserv S'lunu of heavy, rapid footsteps as the owner of the through the crowd 1ft blackguards beyant an' carry ed person, sober and. willing, atteutire to all in-' hand beat a hasty retteat. ammunition to .ll!astber Frank, Sure an' I'm structions, and quick to comprehend: As quickly as possible the young inventor opened thin kin' he'll nade it." With the force of mE)Jl Frank, Jr., now had emthe window and the blind. and looked out. Barney made the last remark fiB one of the lead-ployed the work of building th.e airship was at he was unable to discover a_ny ers of the tramps shouted: length completed, and one evemng the young inthe light of the moon rendereq obJects re!J,qily VIS I"Come on, boys; let's loot the shop!" ven tor announced that the task was done. bleat a considerab\A tlistance. In a moment Pomp.lhad a bag of powder and And as good qoctor was present, he added The wonldbe thtef bad made good his escape, bullets slung across his back and secured there, with pardonable pride: and as there was a grove on tbe roadside opposite leaving' his arms free. "It is a triumph of science and invention." the resideace, it was Frank's inference fel Barney was laden in the same way, and while When can we inspect it and hear you explain low had fled through that, since he would not b!l brandished his heavy club as a "sbillalah" he asked the 'doctor. have to go far to find concealment among the shputed the d'efiance which the inmates of the "In the morning," replied Frank, Jr. shadows of the trees, 1 workhouse heard, And so the follo wing day the doctor .presented As he did not think a pursuit of the rascal would Sure, }'om p, we have got to charge tho black-himself at the Reade mansion at an early hour be rewarded, Frank did not attempt to follow him. guards. Yez best git a sprig av a sthick like me and then be and Frank, Jr.,and old Mr. He was not a little startled to t1l!nk that such a own, an' it's a rale ould Donnybrook ruction we'll went out to the inclosed yard adjoining the work daring attwnpt had been made to steal the plans be aft.her havin' wid crack in' the heads av the shop. There rested the wonderful new flying ma whic\J: would be useless to any one save some spa! peens I" he added. chine-the air-ship which Frank, Jr .. believed was skilled !nventor, and one learned in the science of "Dat's all right. I'se got all de weapons I wants. destined to astonish the 'vorld. aerial navigation like himself. Dis ole cocoanut ob mine am de boss l)uttin' rna-"Admirable !I' exclaimed the doctor . "It is for Certainly, he thought, there could be but one an-chine, an' WhE1n I turns myself loose suflln' bas all tbe world verv much like a clipperbuilt I" swer to the question as to what the motive of the ,got to drop, an' dar's a razor in dat right boot leg," "Yes, and hence the name I have chosen for it," thief was. replied Pomp. replied Frank, Jr., indicating a line of beautiful Some one desired to appropriate his ideas and "Thin be the tail av Bit!dy goat that gilt lettering on the side of the majestic vessel just forestall him in the production of an air-ship that reached into ould Ireland and rang St. Patriclc's below tbe deck line. should be a success. bell, come on wid yez. Whoop I Eringo;braugh !" THE Qu.EEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS," read the Frank Reade, ifr., resolved to be alert and watoh And then Barney and Pomp charged upon thE) doctor. "An appropriate name indeed, Frank ful after tJ;lat, but he kept the inciden. t of the night tramps like a cyclorie. The vagabonps had now he commented. a secret. attaclted the door of the workhouse. But' they "You know, doctor, the bird raise!! itself by Arter this the wonr on the air-ship went forward desisted as ,Barney and Pomp ruslied at them, beating the air with its wings. Now in the flying and it was 'some days before anything Right through the mob toward the door the two machine its weight is raised. by striking the air \,;anspired out of the common. brave fellows fought their way. obliquely with the fins or wings of the screw. One however, there Wall trouble at Barney hit a head whenever he saw one, which 1.'hese wings are in \my invention disposed as a. Reade, Jr.'s work-shop. was real Donnybrook sport, and every ma,n who helix. Tbe .helix always advances i11the direction Frank, Jr., was In the work-shop, and Richard got i11 Pomp's way was butted out of tile e. The of its axis. So those wings revolving upon a ver f!elnds and the two new men were in the darky woulct duck his hl)ad and shoot forward, tical or perpendicular support, raise the flying ma \ard outside, riveting some of the sections of the and over would go the party his head struck. chine and sustain it in the air by o! tbeil' ilieat air-vessel. Meanwhile to Frank, Jr., the situation was berevolutions. So mticb for the suspensory power. Suddenly the young inventor beard' a tumult of coming quite serious. He realiz&d that H the Now for the propulsion. The ship is propelled by <; Jices-fierce threats and 'taunting cries. tramps in forcing an into tho means of the revolving wings or fins moving on a. He was about to go outside to ascertain the they might destroy the air-ship, which horizontal axis. The whole of ll)y flying machine cause o! the disturbance when the three .men was now so far advanced in the process of con-depends upon thJse two movements. One series rushed into' the shop foilowed by a shower of struction. Then, too, he. and. his mea might be of fins revolving vertically hold it suspended in stones, one of Which Frank, Jr., only escaped by placed in actual peril Of t,heirliYes. tho air, the other drives it along, under conditions dodging quickly. If I only had some ammunition I might at that are marvelously adapted for speed and safe 1'hen saw that a crowd of dirty, r .agged-look least make use of field-piece.,to frighten ,away ty." log vagabond;;, armed with c\ubs had forced their the tramps. But every ounce of powder is stored Thus explained Frank,, Jr. way into the yard, and he knew they were the in the ice-house. I did, n\)t like to risk keeping it But Jet us sketch the air-ship minutely, so that band oftramps from the grove. 1!1ranlt had spoken here for fear of fire," said Frank, Jr., 19 Sands. the reader can understand just how it looked and to the county sheri!'! about them, and requested Then he ordered the men to bring the field-piece alii) bout its! workings. that officer to remove them as vagrants and nuisforward ana train it upon the door. This was To make it more easily comprehensible we will aoces. The day before Barney and Pomp had re promptly done. consider tlrst the deck or platform. (fused to gi:v, e 'them a of potatoes, which The tr. am-ps hajl never seen such desperate This was a frame work a hundred feet long and they had demanded, and that very morning the fighters as Barney and Pomp, and they gave way twelve wide, like a ship's deck with a projecting :7' sherift had officially vlsite d the tramp's before prow. Beneath \VIIS a hull solidly built, inclosing ordered them out of the' oounty at. once, statmg, The Inshman and thE> darky reached the work the the watjjr tanks and the stores and rather indiscreetly, 'that Frank Reade, .Jr., bad shop door and were admitted. tools of all Kinds. made a formal complaint against them. . Frank, Jr., war;, delighted when he saw the am Roilnd the deck a few light uprights supported a. So it came about that the tramps were now II\Unitiontbey had brought, and he quickly m nde a wire trellis tb at,did duty for bufwarks. On the deck wrought up to highest pitch ot anger against blank cartridge and loaded the field-piece with it. were 'three cabins, whose compartments were used the young inventor. ,.. 'l'hen he sb.outed to the tramps: for the crew or as machine rooms. Under In so rue way tJ;ley had obtained a supply of "Disperse, men. off at once, or I shall prowas a system of flexible springs to ease, off the whisky and that rendered them .reckless and des teet my property by opening fire on you with a concussion when tbe ship oame down on tbe earth. perate.' cannon!" All the cabins were lightened by port-holes filled They numbered tbnty men, and theY' were bent .1 But}tbe tramps did not heed this admonition. with to)lghened glass, which has ten. times the re upon taking rayenge upon Fr;tnk Reade, Jr .. be"Throw optm the door!" ordered Frank Reade, sistance of ordinary fore the sheriff could assemble a force to drive Jr. In the bow there were the cook's galley and the them out of the county. His. command was obeyAd, and, the door crew's quarters; in the stern were seveml cabins, Frank Reade, Jr., sprang to the door crf the work-opened, the startled trl),mps looked into the muz-including that of the engineer, the saloon, and shop toward which' the infuriated, drunken llidb zle of the "field-piece, which was trained upon above all a glass bouse in which stood the helms of tramps was advancing. f! them, and saw Frank Reade, Jr., standing rea(ly man, wbo steered the vessel by means of a power "Halt wh!lre you are, mon !" thundered Frank, to discllarge it. fnl rudder. as he quickly closed and secured the door. Instantly the mob wavered. . 'l'he, machine that drove the suspensory helices But the tramps with anoth'er volley of Then Frank discharged the field-piece, The or wings was in the center house on the deck. stones: loud report rang out and the cannon belched forth These held the ship up. J;Ialland Blake had now left their work and they fire and smoke. But no one wns ))nrt by the blank In that. forward was the machine that drove the the other men rallied aroundFrank, Jr. eartridge. 'Frank Reade, Jr.'s, purpos\3 was acbow screw. In th11t aft was the driving machine Just then the voice of .Barney was bearil t:>y, the comp!ished, however. Tbe tramps broke and fied .. of tho stern screw. '.rhese were the propelling fnmates of the besieged workshop. The Irishman They did not know about the blank of power. 1;oared : course. They did riot reiorn, and frpm that day Cl.'be Queen Clipper of the Clouds had thirty-seven "Arrah. l Ye murtherin' blackguards av the wor-the tramps gave the voung inventor no !urther vertical axes or masts risirlg above tbe deck. 1 Out av the way wid yez 9r begob if it's a tro\1ble. There were fiUeeu along each side an1 seven ruction yez want faith an' I'm the mon' yez are, The same day, just as Frank and his men were more elevated in tbe center. iookin' for I" about to quit work for the day, Dr. Vaneyke en But the air-ship was entirely destitute of sails. "Dat's what's de matter I l'se right long wid yer tored the workshop with a strange man c)ad in a Their place -was, however, most admirably sup Barney, an' wes ull make derli white scatter <;heck ell "jumper" and overalls. But though he -plied. . fo' suah 1" answered the voice of Pomp. was dressed like a mechanic, and hill hands were Instead of sails each mast bore two horizontal The truth was. Barney was now in his element grimy, he, someway, did look exactly like a screws with fins not very' large in spread but that and Pomp was happy too. The prospect of a rue-working man. could he driven at great speed. Each of these ax!')s t tion with the tramps was just" nuts" for the Irish-The stranger's face was pale, his eyes were l!ad its movement independer.t of the rest and man. strangely brilliant, he wore hie hair long, and hll each alternate one spun round in a direction differ He an

PART 1. FRANK READE JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 5 arms. These screws were of much linger diameences in King's University and well Known as an rare of light, color, and -diversity sub ter than the suspell.sory c.nes, but could be worked inventor." ject which nature's lavish brush had pam ted, at the same speed. The account went on to tell that for some time 'l'here were busy, thriving, western tow.ns, peace Alter Frank Reade, Jr., made the explanatory past the professor's family and friends had thought ful, sleepy hatnlets, where one might think to find remarks recorppose you admit of a few will not affect the. motion of the ot,hers, VNever be y,re 1 raul teiy how ;onderful be: that it may becom" necessary to pass over the and if only halt are wotkmg the Queen Chpper aneyke rea 11'!6 as camp e th lan of hihest can keep afloat in the air," replied Frank, Jr. y_ong all the WISdom of man, :was r fhe wotks of '?.Certain ly doctor." To this the doctor assented. t10n an 1 the lews that governed al "And at such high altitude you kn'>W the atmM 1.'hat very day a trial ascension was made which th;great f the tnaster power that phere is too rare to sustain life? Are we all to run demonstrated the ttuth of all Frank, Jr., cla1med h 1 mect f orbits and guided their the risk of asphyxiated?" for the air-ship. 6 a e Pane 6 111 e r he endles" cycles of ''1' rather think not. Why, that would have Then the doctor said: through t ven as the mi hty been a culpable oversight indeed I No, no l ':!'he "I am with you for this voyage in the air, Frank. tune was out of Sight-unsee? e and oin 0f the fact is doctor, I considered the point you have It is sure to bo the grandest and most wonderful power ,that yet 'ihe voyjust u{ade at the very outset. With the inception ever undertaken by man.'' unceasmgroun 6 in way that of my idea of the aerial apparatus came the reflec It was decided that the next day the Queen Clip agers that silent' while all tlon that we must have good breathing,..well Olt per of the Clouds should start upon her first voycaused t em to remam world was spread ygonlzed air at our comman,d when comJ!16lled to age through space. the wondrous 0 nd land under visit t.l)e higher zones of the atmosphere.". That evening o.s Frank, Jr., and his father wera out before them some ian As the Queen "How have you provided for phat?" seated in the library Mr. Reade, Sr., read the follow the wand f 0fh a the view "You will fi"nd special apparatus w!J!ch l have inll in an evening newspaper: Clipper 0 e ou 8 n 1 c an in duly tested ltnd found admirable for the purpoae,

. 6 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART l. say I can manufacture my own oxygen on board The strange man's breath came in qqlck, pant-to the' door of the cootr. house and heard what h11(! whea the external atmosphere refuses to yield me ing respirations, like one fatigued. Hill features just passed. a supply." twitched and worked a3 though the nerves, strain"Git out, ye nagur! Would yez give a sick m&n "Frank, you are a wonder, I congratulate you ed to too great a tension, were acting independent-the laugh, ye blackguard. av the worruld. Begob, again!" claimed the good doctor, in hearty ad mira-ly of his will. l'll put a head on yez, so I will," Barney, tion. '. That every power of his intellect was concentraand he made a run at the darkv. 1'he young inventor looked pleased. The praise ted upon the work b e fore him it seemed llut Pomp closed the door and fastened It, and of such a man as the learned ol:! scientist was in: almost as Frank Re'ade, Jr., and his com-Frank Reade laughingly called Barney to order, deed something to be proud a!. panwn paused at the door of the machine-room, and any brea(;n of the peace between him "But," resumed the latter, "In a dark night the assllltant e ngine e1 heard them. and the colored citizen. when there is no moon and the stars even are inInstantly he started to his feet. His pale, stud-At noon Pomp served a most excellent meal in visible, what is to prevent om suddenly coming in ious face lost its whHe, li vid look and fiushed like thB dining-room or saloon in the stern cabin. violent collision with som e towering abrupt mountone detected in something wrong. There wa.s fresh meflt, vegetables and fruit, and ain peak. Ah, such a catastrophe would mear. a But it any vague suspiuion had permeated th'l excellent soup. This last was made from a kind of frightful wreck. We should not have a single minds of Frank Reade, Jr.; or the good doctor, bread from equal parts of fiour and chance for our lives, my dear boy." certainly Smith Brown took tb e very best course to meat and worked together wit.b: lard. It would be Doctor, surely you do not think I would for a dispel it. "l::!ee l" he exclaimed witll seemir:g excellent food on a l ong voyage. moment jeopardize my own life as well as my frankne ss, "I h e.vemade &rough sketch of a scene The finest cigars and wine \\7ere served to Frank comrades for want of nocturnal illumination? Oh, from the landscape below." ar:d the doctor by Pomp, who served as waiter as no, indeed. You forget the electric light," replied Thus speaking, he held < ; mt the drawing paper well as C?ok. The men .had their dlnuer in their Frank, Jr. and Frank, Jr., and the doctor saw that r eally, as quarters Ill the bow, wh!ch corresponded to the "I'tldeed, for the I he said, upon it a landscape It was forecastle and messroom of a regular sea-going "See. Yonder on the roof o the center turret well done, too. vessel. Is a nebula of electric jets closely grouped and !'You are quite an artist and an in The afternoon saw the Qu.,en Cljpper of the provided w1th a burnished reflector of great size that line too. But be sure you do not neglect the Clouds pass over several western cities, including and btillianc.y; mounted upon a pivot au_d so arpropelling machine for tho pencjl," said Frank, Jr. Omaha, the railroad center for numerous systems. ranged that it can be made to refiect the whole "Never fear for that, sir," respectfully replied 1'he sky travelers caught a view of the yellow volume of the powerful electric light in any desirSmith Brown, drawing a deep breath. waters of the Missouri, and thep the brick and ed direction." Frank and the docto r inspected the machine, wooden houses of the city passed bt.nAath them. "Yes, I see the arrange ment of the light is ex-and then they went to the sta(erooms in the When night f e ll the air-ship w&s sailing over a. cellent. On dark nights you have only to refiect stern, vast expanse of prail : ie. 1'he homes of civilized it ahead on the course of the air-ship, and keep a There were two ot these, and both compartments man had been left behind, urlly the wild solitl'lde lookout in the bow." : were fitted up with almost Oriental luxuriance. was below. ', "Preeisely,and the large silver b ell in the frame The doctor expressed himself as pleased beyond At interva\s the s!lence was broken by the howl on the turret in the bows is an alarm b e ll intended measure. or a wolf or the bellowing of a distant llutralo. to be rung to call all hands, in case or danger of The small library \Vhich Fr,ank had brought 1'here was no moon, but the stars came out--.& any kind." 1 along was in his cabin, but he invited the doctor multitude of twinkling, silvery zones to light the Porn p hall. come out of the cook's galley in the to make free with 1t at all times. somber blue vault they lavishly studded. bows, while the Q.octor and Frank, Jr., were con"Thank you, my boy. I should be unhappy At about ten o'clock the lookout on the bow cabin versing, and he now drew nearer, and scratching without books. I shall spend many a quiet evencalled Reade, Jr. his wool with an amusing air of perplexity, he ing with them in the cabin while we are floating Blake, the assistant helmsman, was now acting asked: among the clouds, I foresee," said he. as lookout, and when the young inventor joiaease." beep. a t work on whim interrucpted, for he ject drifti!lg a\ong yonder between us and the sky. "Tnat's easy enough, Pomp. We have d Wierent had not shown Frank, Jr., that side. See,l It shuts out the light of the stars for a barometers and some are used for estimating the 'rhe young inventor would have been a.stounded space." height attained," r eplied Frank, smiling. i.f he had seen what was then revealed. Upon Brank Jr., produced a night-glass and in-''Dat's all right, I specs, but it am too much fo' that side was a draft of the Queen Clipper of the spected tt1e object which the lookout indicat e d ; dis coon. I specs now you'U gofer tO tole dat y<>u Clouds, with specifications .in accurate figures in then, Le called the doctor up from the deck. canup an' tell jus' whO:r we s'pose you woke many places. The looked through the night-grass at up one ob dese fine mornin's and fOund dat we Ha 1 ba I I'll steal the secret yet, or perhaps Frank's r eq uest, and then he said: wan't nowb,ere ;jue' hangin' over de sea, wid no capture this air-ship I" uttered the strange man, I think it must boa large balloon." lab' in sight," and Pomp looked as if he had sprung exultantly. "l:!uch is my opinion. But we can't be sure yet. a poser on his young master. owing to the distance," replied Frank, Jr. "Ce'rtainly. We should take an observation o f CHAPT:JriR V. "But," he a\ided, looking through the night-the sun at the moment it a ro se and from that cal glass again, I think it is drifting toward us and culate our latitude and longitude according to the A DARK OBJECT IN THE SKY. gradually descending, owing to a change in the ru}es, and with the instruments employed by nav-SoMIIi hours lat,er Barney came out of the bow denRity o! the atmosphere." igators at sea." cabin 11nd said to Frank Reade, Jr., who stood by Meantime all hands had now discovered the dar!;: "I'se out ob my depth an' so I'll swi back to the rail conversing with the doctor: ob j ec t that was sweeping down qpon them from my soup. Specs da ain't nullln' but you kin find "It ye l'lfasther Frank, sure an It's not in-the sky. out if you done want to," said Pomp, and back he tinded for a bunf I'm thinkin' I was, for, begob, Pomp was frightened. Like at! uegroesthe bon went to his pots and pans. I'm f)ay-sick wid fiyin' already. Worra, but a wee est fellow had a sttong ve\0 of sdperstition in his Then Frank and the doctor Inspected the ship, drop av t\le crnyture would !lave the life av ,me. nature. y going from one deck-h?use to the other and exam Worra, me stomach!" and Barney doubled up like Barney to seem very brave au<;l unconcern lninp: the machinery. a jack-knif e with his hands holding onto his ed, but in his childhood he had believed in the "You see, doctor," said Frank, .Jr., pausing in the stomach as though he was afraid it would geta\vay "banshee" and he was not by any means at ease central house where chief engineer Sands sat at the from him, while his comical mug looked as though now. levers, "here are the great main l eve r s that turn he was in great pain. "Fo' de good Lawd I" said Pomp to Barney, on the e l ectric currents to the machine.ry in the bow The truth was, Barney was working for a drink. whtle his teeth chattered. "I 'specs dat am a great and the aft cabin for propellers. As well as the was a true Iti.shman in ! love for the, moun-big bomshell gwine ter bust we .uns all ter Sl!1ash great apparatus for dnvmg the suspensory_ screws. ta1n dew" and h\s ,fondness for a" ructi on." fer our sins. Oh, Lawd l I W!Sh l wasn't swh a So it is not necess11ry that the assistant Angineers He knew there was some fine olll rye whisky on wicke1 nigger." should be at their posts ail the time. In fair weat h board, and his mouth watered to sample it. "Shut up, nigger. Faith an' it's nothln' at all, at er thtJy need only look in at th. e machine once But Frank, Jr., kne\v well enough what the rascal all," said Barney, but his legs trembled In a while, keep th e bearings well 01leji and the was up to; but with great seeming solicitude he "What yah shakin' in yer fur if it ain't brakes propevly setJ' l said to tlie doctor, whb also knew Barney's .weak-nuffin'?" demanded Pomp, indignar.tly. "But the head, or some one in his nosE;: At that moment a sudden gust of wind came place, must always be on c:futy I think." "Doctor, you wlll have to give the poor fellow shrieking the helices overhead, causing a "It is, as a matter, of necessity. that he should somBthing." \ .J sound like a wail or human agony. be>ro. But if he waste absent himself for a short No\v t!J,e doctor was a medical gtaduate nnd. he "Oh, Lawd 1 oh, Lawd yelled Po,mp. time, leaving all tl'ie levers probably;no daljlage had a case of J.rugs on board, so he e11ught a wink "Worra t Worm I The saints pro tect us. It's would transpire," replied Frank, Jr. from Franl.t and hastened to open his case and prokilt we are I" cried Barney, and down he and Pomp "Where are your \v.onderful eleptric piles and duce a bottle. 1 went on knees at the door of the cook'S accumulators? .YQu surely must have a battefy, "Sure, an' it's' not that kind of medicine I want," galley. room?" said looking a tr ifie ruefut. A;nd the mysterious object from the sky ca. me "Yes. It is situated under the center turret "But just what yo.u need. True, it will make nearer and nearer. If it was a great meteorolo"ical below deck amidship, and is reaclled by the you very sick and probably ke l; p you in your bunk body or a miniature planet failing from its orbit panionway stairs." a cq1;1ple of days, but it will do you good," then indeed the danier of the air-ship was very 'Passing to the stern-house, .Frank, Jr., and the the;uoctor, taking up a bottle that smelt horribly. great. . -doctor paused at the' door. :8\Jth sta.rteil. a trifie "Begob, I'm gettin' better. Faith, an' the smell Terrible, indeed, would be the momentum of almost at tile same instant, !or they beheld a pictav i t will be all I nade. Sure, an' midicine always such a falling body. It'! ,eontact with The Quoon ure of a man in a state of exultation of mind took hold av me whole family molghty ai5. There Clipper of the Olou.di''lllotu.i_...thetotaldestrucand intense mental exci tement was me Uncle Pat. Be the (low erR av turf, a bottle tion of that vessel. Smith Brown crouched rather than sat at a bench av (oatent m e dicine to the hair grow fell out There would enst:le' & *'. before the levers of the stern propelling machine. av a '}'indy an' struck him on the bald head, an' which no human soul Bef ore him on the a sheet of white drawing divil a worrnd av a l!e is there in it, nixt mornin' And after all Frank Reade, Jr., and Dr. Vaneyk& paper was spread out, and, bending close to it, he he h ad as fine a heag av hair as i'ver grew." were not sure it was a balloon. They thought no was working rapidly with a pencil. . "But," insij!ted the doctor, "you better take one doubt of the possible chararacter of the falling body His eyes were lil'e two coals-of living fire so dose." ' which we have suggested. Both looked anxious. preternaturally brilliant w11s their consu.ning "No, no! Faith, an I'm well lntirely," and A period of snspense ensued. light His face was pale as death, and his in tel Barney straightened up as if by magic. As yet the electric light had not been iighted, for lectual brow was drawn in rigid lines that betok "Yah! yah I yah! Irish got fooled on de whisky the stars gave light enough for navigation. ened intense thought. dat time, fo' suah I" laughed Pomp, whO' had come But a.s now, after t!le lapse of a few moments, the


PART I. FR.A.'NK AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'rHE CLOUDS. 'l dark object above the air-ship was yet nearer, and Pomp stood looked in each other's arms, the first favorable point send the news of their Frank's night-glass finally enabled him to decide as they were when tiley made the startling dis-sad fate and their papers home to their friends. positively that it was a balloon. covary. Accordingly the propellers wflre stopped, and men l" he shouted to Barney and Pomp. They were stricken speechless. the suspensory helices were;gradually slowAd up so "Turn on the electric light-and set the great rePomp's wool began to stand up like a" fright as to allow the air-ship to ftcat slowly downward. fiector so aa to throw-the the comwig," and Barney got white IUO"lnd the mouth. As there was no high wind, a landing was ing objflot. It's only a balloon l" 'I:here they clung to each other trembling In every made, and then, as the magnificent a erial craft "Begob, that's what I told yez. Sure an' iVs the limb, while tile frail carriage swayed under them came t.o rest on the )Jroad bosom of the verdaut 1 big coward ye are, nagur l" cried Bamey, greatly dangerously, as tile wind began to freshen. plhins, it was seen how admirably the elastio 1 relieved. But all at once a simultaneous yell burst from springs obvilited. all concussion. These spirals "Dat's all right I I wan't afraid I Yah I Yah I their lips laden with intonations of absolute terunder the hull yielded gently, and the ship camel'se only tryin' to scare you," replied Pomp. ror. to rest without ajar. And they ran up to the top ot the center cabin "Help J Sabe us I Oh, glori mighty, Mars Frank, 'l'he anchor was not needed as character of and quickly turned on the electno light and re we's goners I'' cried Por:cp us Harney vociferated : the surface gave a good resting-place for the vest!ected its rays on the object above. Sth.op her I Oh, worra I worra I It's kilt I'll be set Then it was distinctly revealed In the diverging along wirt the nagur I" The powerful currents were all turned otl', and plane of the electric halo. Fnml' Reade, Jr., and the doctor sprang to their the entire crew went on land. The two dead a e roTue object wns a large balloon, and the carriage feet as if electrified. Instantly th e n they disctJrnnauts r emains were carri e d from thtJ vess el, and under the great inflated globe contained two men. ed the cause of the outcry. 't'hey' had become the men set to work with the necessary t o ols, But the two aeronauts were in singular positions. seated a moment uefore. whioh were found on the air vessel, to dig their One hung face downward with !tis arms and shoul"Tlt.e balloon has drifted away and we ara leavgraves on the lon e prairie. ders over the rim orthe The other seemed ing her behind I" cried Fmnk, Jr. It was not far from a water-course which was to have fallen over backward half out of the ba8ket. "Have courage I Don't los e your heads I I will fringed with timber that the air-ship made its land-But a hasty observation convinced Frank Retde rescue you I" he shouted to encourage the unlucky ing. that the two aeronauts ware dead, and that the pair. The spot s e lected fo!'the double grave was dis balloon was adrift at the mercy ot the winus. 'The next-moment he had made the tranelt to the taut abc;mt a hundred yttrds from th e resting-place Descending from the roof of the bow cabin bell rppe at the side of the bow caoin and rang an of The Qu e en Clipper of the Clouds, whertl tlte soil Frank got ready a rope and a grappling-iron, alarm. seemed to be of a yielding character. Then, while Barney, Pomp, Blake and the doctor At once evety remainirig man. of the crew came Profound silence brood e d over the brokall held on to the rope, as soon n.s the drifting balfrOII). their posts out upon the air-ship's deck in en only IJy the sound of rllnning water in the loon came within range, the young inventor cast great haste. stream and the melancholy sighing of the gentle the grappling-hook. All were evidently very much excited when they night breeze among the trees on its banks. The llrst cast !ell short, and the second failed to saw what had occurred, except Richard Sands, the No one oi the crew dreamt that there was a flx the hook In the carriage of the balloon, at which e.hief engineer. He seemed to be a man absolutely single human creature themselves within the Inventor aimed. But the third attt!mpt proved without nerve, so cool and composed was he. many miles of the isolated place. successful. The most excited perso::; waB S:nith Brown. His Thus it ct\me about that The Queen Clipper of That time the hook caught In the basket, as the pale, intellec-tual face worked nervously, and he the Clouds w a s left unguarded while a,ll went to carnage of a balloon is frequently designated. laughed hysterically. attend the solemn nlgbt burial. The rope was hauled in, and the balloon was "Gone-gone away to the sky where others will But human beings oLthe sort most da!lgeiOus to brought up to the side of the deck. follow I" hA cried. the safety of the air-ship and her cre1v as well as Then the rope was made to the capstan, and Frank Reade, Jr., issued his orders looking to to all honest men, were near, though in concealthe tJalloon rode at the side of The Queen Clipper the recapture of the balloon promptly. Of ment. of the Clouds with the carriage on a level w ith the in order to have the long distance Uqder cover of the timber along the water course deck. wh1ch she had traversed, the a1r-shlp had, traveled a band of a score of border desperadoes, road-All hands crowded forward to look at the dead at a high rate of speea for the most part of the agents, train wreckers and h orse thieves bad en aeronauts. Smith Brown was among the others. time, but she was now running slowly. '!.'here was camped, and they had watchEid the approach of If the attention of all had.uot been directed to the a gentle breeze, and the vessel was goiug with the the air-ship in fear and awe until they saw her dead men, Smith Brown's manner must have exwind. land, and discovered that her crew were only men cited comment. As soon as he saw that the crew fully underand a l:lmall party at that. At the lght of the dAad balloonists he grew pale stood his orders, Frank shoutej: Seeing the crew leave the strange craft, tho dt>s-a.s death and started violently. A look of recogni Now, then, every man to his post until the bell pera1oes marked it for their prey, rightly oncludtion came into his face, and it was \lVident that he taps again I" ing it would atl'ord the m rich plunder. bad known the unfortunate balloonists in life. 'rhe engineers returned to the machine rooms, "We' ll creep up and take possession of the queef Rev .. rently the two bodies.were lifted out of the and promptly the propellers were shut out fifty feet from of his joy, and Pomp danced an impromptu breaklife-time to the study of aerostatics? NeYer! All the air-ship. down to show his the air demons are with me. I shall triumph. Meantime no one on board The Queen Clipper As the balloon would only be an encumbrance, it Alone I will seize the air-ship; alone 1 believe I or the Clquds had as 'yet discovered that the balwas then cast adrift. The course of the can navigate her, tor I've th e plan well matured, loon had escaped. Frank Reade, Jr., and the docwas resumed, and the balloon was soon Jef behmd Ah-hal I'll fly over the wide ocean and aston'lsh tor were yet occupied wfth the perusal of the aero-and lost to sight in the distance. the old world. All tho scientists of Jilurope nauts' diary. '!.'hen lt' became necessary to consider what disdo homage to me, and I sball be king of the air." The other men had their attention taken up by positi0n should be made of the remains of the Muttering ln this wild strain, the insane inventor their respective duties. dead aeronauts. crept on. For a moment after they comprehended t!lnl It was decidAd to .make a landing on the prairie, Meantime the digging of the graves was proceed they were really adrift in the lost balloon Barney and bury the two unfortunate men, and then from ed with.


. 8 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART I. ( But suddenly there came a startling interrup-great achievements?" replied Dr. Vaneyke in a Clipper from the other Bide, if the outlaws fall into t!on. tone of unutterable disappointment and regret. our trap and leave the ship." The alarm bell on the Queen Clipper began to "No 1" responded Frank l:eac.le, U., with deter"Excellent 1" exclaimed the doctor. ring fast and furious, and Smith Brown's voic e miuation. "It must not be! Iwilhlever give up "Golli.S, I'se de coon to work de game. l'sa was heard as )te shouted: Ute ship. Men, are you with me for a desperate gwine to do some head work to fool dem white "Help! help I .help venture to our wonderful craft?" tra.&h too," said the darky. Then through th e uncertain light Frank, Jr., saw "Wo are I We are 1" ,eame the enthusiastic re-.Pomp was a dead shot with the rifle, and brave the deck of his air-ship thronged with strange, spouse. as a lion when on terra firma. :!!'rank knew he dark forms. 'J.'o a man the inventor's crew were r ,sol ved to could be relied on to do his part. stand by him, and follow hiu:. to th e rescue of the Begob, it's 11 bit av a ruction we'll have if tlte CHAP'fER 'VU. great air-ship. blackguards lav e any wan on the ship. Sure au' ". 'l'heu we will improve every second. Now to it'A a happy mon I am. Many',s the day since I've A BATTLE FOR POSSESSION OF THE AIR-SHIP. cover!" I had a b(t IIV diversion wid the Shiflalah !" cried THE consternation of Frank Reade, Jr., and his Fmnk dashed for the fringe of on tile Damey, delightod at th, e prospect of a tlght The fugitive settler injunction to make His wife and .children were in the wagon, and the honest pioneer was seeking to save the loved ones, who were dearer to him than his own life. I c9mrades when, through the they be-bank of the stream, Tli.e others. followed his lead, Frank g>we Pomp some hurried final held the (leek of the Queen Clipper of th9 Clouds and in a moment all were out of the sight of tile tiona, and then he led the way along through the thronged with strange dark forms, as they he11rd out1a1VB on the air-ship under the trees. timber, and the darky was left alone with the two the clang of the alarm bell and Smith Brown's "Now then," said Frank, as he halted just berepeating rifles. shouts for help, was indescribable. yond tne edge of the timber," we can only hope to As Frank, Jr., and his companions went through The young inventor and" his UJ.en were comptetAThe Queen Clipper by a stratagem, and I the woods the fact became known. that Sands, the ly surprised. "But they comprehended the situahtwe thought. of a plan. This stream and the chief engineer, had a revolver with him, and that tlon a lmost upon the instant, and Frank, Jr., exfringe of timber run east and west.. At one point Blake, the helmsmaq, was armed in like manner. elaimed excitedly: it passes the air-ship, which is about one hundrod Hall carried n. hnge dirk knife, .Barney secured a "Those fellows on the air-ship are no doubt a yards west of this point. Very good. We have heavy oRk club as they went along, and Frank band of prairie outlaws. Tiley must have been two repeating rifles with us. The doctor and I Reade, Jr., and the ductor armed themselves in concealed In the adjacent timber when we made chanced to bring our weapo .'1s. Pomp will remain like manner. & landing." [here with the rifles and try to draw the outlaws It a time of SUE\pense and intense excite-" And they evJdentiY' greatly outnumber us. away from the air-ship to ma'l\e an attack on the ment. Everything depended upon the outlaws That ttuy mean to plunder and dee troy the ship t.imber, thinking we have made a stand here. being drawn toPomp's amb11sh. may be as9umed. Is the wondtlrful appamtns to Meantime Wfl will go on along the strf)nm unde r But let UA see whnt had actually taken, place on be lost thus at the very commencement of your cover of the timber and try to come upon the Qneen board of The QnEo>en Clipper.


t>ART 1, FRANK READE, JR.! .AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOLTDS. 9 '.l'he prairie outlaws had reached the air-ship aw chief started at once with the remainder of1mnke te.rms. I done reckon dat ready cash am ahea<.l of Smith Btown, and tlley were ouncealed his command to rnn down Frank Heade, Jr. lwutt mo' to youns dan our ellip." on tbe deck-crouching in tbt> deep shadows of The oatlaws cbarged across theprairie toward Tbe cupidity of the outlaw chief was at once tbe cabins-when the lunatic on board, bent the cover at the point where the crew of the Queen aroused upon hell}"ing this, and he ordered 1\ halt upon his insane project uf stealing the wonderClipper had entered thelirnller. As they adw>nced Pomp could not hit upon a11ything better to ful v essel they uttered Ueroe yells and the chief loudly called say to gain his ends. 'J'he out1a1vs wished, of course, to mnke Smith on the strangers to <}Orne out and give themselves I "Well, what will you give it we Jet you hMe Brown a prisoner without allowing him to give up, or they would ail be butchered. But this did the ship, and spare your lives? But hold on! his com panions the alarm. not intimidate Pomp in the least. !You're a nigger I Surely you ain't the captain ol Suddenly two of thtlm sprang upon him and a .l'he black dead shot had been In too many desthe flyin' outfit'/'' replied the outlaw leader. blow WitS aimed at the htmd of the insane propemte conflicts with savage men to be frightened I '' Dnt's jess what I Is, You'se got yah eyee lessor that would have fells<.! him senseless to the thu. out e r de great Pomp G. Washington John deck if it had hit him. But It mnde by .. 1'he reckless darky had now got every-1siug, B. A., inventor and colored mllilonalte," re assailants caused Smith Brown to leap aside, and thing in r\)li.diuess for business. He had placed1plied Pomp, with wonderful dignity. The amazed and savages upward, making frantic efforts to seize Pomp. But he was whisked beyond their The Indians yelled and discharg<>d their weapons at Pomp as he was ca:n-ied skyward at the end of the rope which was attached to the air-ship. he did not receive the Intended blow. He saw the the two repeating rill!lB at a convenient rest upon "Well. then, I'll tell you what, my high-toned two outlaws and then he bounded to the bow caa fallen tree, whose branches afforded the desired coon. I'll take ten thousand shiners II you hav&c bin and bee:an to ring the alarm bell violently and hold, and he could kneel behind the log and dis'em, an' pull out with my gang, an' leave you an' shout for help, as we have seen . In that moment charge both rifles at the same time, working a trigtlyin,' outfit uninjured," said the out1 aw. of personal peril his insane proJect was forgotten. ger with eaeh hand. All r1ght. Dat's putty but I can't l ose But Smith .Brown was quickly overpowered, lor "I'se got de masked battery all ready fer action dat air-ship noho1v. Jess wait till I go back in de the outlaws seeing that their plan to take the crew when de tirno comes fer ter let her go. But de wood whar I done bid all de money, an' I'll bring of the air-ship by surprise when they returned had time ain't come yit. Now l'se fo' to git in you de dollars in a moment, sah." failed, from their hidingplaces. some headwork," SRid Pomp to himself, as he saw ." Jl?ighty Coon ; or the boys Smith Brown was boond hand and foot and I' he outlaws charging from th.e alr-sblp. Will g1t tued of wa1tm, rep!Jed the outlaw. thrust into the center c

-10 FRANK READE, JR.: AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. !'AP..'f I. repeating riftes, and witlh his fingers on the" Our ship goes salllng down de bay, KOOd-bye, ruy He mentioned to Blake, 11.5 to the triggers be waited for the onset of the outlaws lover, good-bye." contents of the. chest, It contamed some h h b k ld . "molghty fine ptctur' books. w 1c e new wou. soon come. . Arter releasmg Sm1th Brown, who that he er the contents of the aeronaut's chest had And wh1le be waited for the attack Pomp hs-had returned alone to the air-ship because he fearAfL d F k d the doctor conversed tened. almost breatlllessly for the that would ed be had forgotten to set one of levers of .the h of the spy. 1'he young tell h!m Frank Reade, Jr., and hiS comrades had stern screw machine properly Frank Jr and tlie t e Y Y gained the air-ship. doctor inspected the vessel. ' ., idea the fellow whosoever he is wlll Some moments elapsed that were periods of susyoung inventor and his old friend were much I ve a lore the batter slyly yet, If he has pense for Pomp. gratttled to learn that the outlaws had not damaged try d n so I propose to set a trap Then the o1utlaws, becoming Impatient and sus-the vessel in any way during the petiod they were not Y 0 e pectiug that they had been tricked rushed lor-in Jr., went oU: to explain his plan and half ward. . But some httle t101e later, Frank, Jr., bethought h j t 11 made his way down to thebattery Instantly opened lire With two Sixt een himself that it was'time to renew one p f the elec.n ou_r a e\ e ht unobserved by any one save eb.ooters. Lrke black nfi.eman tric piles and test the accumulat<;>rs. room, :IS be t oug the triggers of hts two rtftes, sendmg a ratthnt; Since the composition of these was the funda-the doctor. 1 d h' t lth volley of bullets hurtling among the charging outm enta l secret of be wonderful air-ship known But Pomp saw young e{, d H! taws. only' to himself" Frank descended alone to the manner aroused t .e eunosJ Y 0 d fi d The mauraders fell back ill: confusion before that batte ry-room, under' the central turret. resohe.d to. keep. b1s <\nd ears open an n deadly fire, four of their number were left The young inventor was husy among his chemoutowhat k. J pon the deck dead on the fleld. icals for some time in that strange room, which Alter a ran.' r., u t th t Almost at the same moment that the outlaws beresembled the den of some mysterious alchemist agmu said to t?e aoctor, m ah. ow gan to retreat Pomp heard the report of firearms f ld t' observmg Pomp, "'bo st<;>O<.l Wit Ill ears o Ill e anu loud shouts emanaticg from the direction of 0 Ile completed the task he had to sba\low ol the cauter d t tl b tt the air-ship: He knew. then that a fight was in rcueen Clipper of the Clouds soared steadily Barney finally got it open. bate a nagur." upwarrl gracefully as a bird, and soon reached The box was found to contain astronomical "Keep off dar. l'se got iron In my blood, sab, an elevation of five nundretl feet. charts, some spirlts, and tnree books on balbonun' l'se bad when l'se mad." Then the screws were set in iug, one of which was a large and well illustrated But Barney was sp_eiling for a. fight. and .!!'rank, Jr., gave the steersman his course. ''olume. He dM not heed romp's warning;though perAll danger being now passed, as the ship sailed NothiniZ of imf>ortance as found in the chest. haps ir would have been for him i! he had away upon the air, Pomp sang tauntingly, lor the l<'rank Reade, Jr., ordered -Barney to store it done so. discomllture of the outlaws: away in the bow-cabin, and the Irishman did so. Straight at Pomp he rushed. But the butting


PART I. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. II dar'-'1 was on the aler to receive him. All at once "There are some twenty odd of the rascals, and the wonder of the clouds, to whicll they owed their he ducked his huge head, and it shot forthey are a desperatelooking set, armed t sd him that certain remarkable changes we re tak-stationary at a low elevation. Then the crew of the head of one of the tallest masts, and a Falute ing place in the atmosphere that presaged storre the air-sh:p discharged a volley at the train llr&d from the cannon far above the heads of and tempest. wreckers, and they with fierce yells returnsd it. the bewildered passengers. The barometer went down several degrees in a !n a moment a hot battle wru; raging. Then .the speed was checked, and, satisfied that few z;noments; vapor disappeared from the air: Meantime the Western bound train be had given the spectators of the train something large clouds massed themselves in the depths of was drawing nearer, and the iss us of the conflict to wonder about for the rest of their lives, Frank the copper-colored sky. was in uncertainty. Reade, Jr., was content to proceed on his aerial The squall broke suddenly. Would Frank Reade, Jr., sueceed in saving the voyage at the moderate spead previously main-First came a little pufr or two of wind as If the train? tained. . tempest was drawing breath, and then the full volToward night a descent was made in th usual -ume of the gale burst upon the air-ship. CHAPTER X. manner to the prairie to take in some fresh water She was riding at an elevation of about from 11 tributary of the Yellowstone-hundred feet. '!.'he first gust sent her careenmg THE DEFEAT OF THE TRA.JN .wRECKERe-THE GREA.T which had been sighted. The course had been dangerously on one side; the suspensory helices, PRAIRIE FIRE. north west for some time. grinding by the contact of their bases unevenly, THE train wreckers made!\ desperate stand, and Some time previously dense clouds of black sent out unearthly shrieks, and the hurricane the bullets flew thick and fast around the crew of s111oke had been discovered ascending from the threatened the destruction of the air-ship. tb.e Queen Clipper of the. Clouds. plains to the southeast. Frank Reade, Jr., was cool and composed in the But the fusillade of rifle balls from the air-ship Frank Reade, Jr., and his friends knew that a midst or the peril. He that the co!lrse of the and the discharge of grape shot from the cannon, vast prairie fire was approaching, but they storm was for a lower level. made severe havoc among the desperadoes, and thought they could easily secure the supply or Put on more speed! We must rise above the they pre3ently began to fall back. water they needed before the reached storm!" cried the young inventor. l\fean while the npproaching railway train was them. The chfef-englneer threw back the levers to the stili coming on at full speed, and, owing ton sharp But while the airship rested lightly upon the last notch, and the suspensor) helices revolved curve through some low, wqoded bills, it appeared plain, and while all hands were engaged in filling with the velocity cf lightning. Electric sparks flew that the engineer could not have as yet sighted the one of the tanks, the wind shified and began to in showers from their bases -and The Queen Cliptrain wreckers or the air-ship. blow a gale from the south-east. per of the Clotids shot upward like a rocket. When the lesperadoes began to retreat Frank, Of course the prairie fire W-A.S driven toward The ascent carried the vessel far above the storm Jr., immediately ordered the great fore and aft at racehorse speed before the high wind, in an almost incredibly short space. The vessel's propelling scre1vs to be started, and this command and Frank, Jr., ordered all speed to be made in ascent was checked at an elevation of some thir-being promptly obeved, the. Queen Clipper of the filling the water tank . ty-four hundred feet, and at that height sailed Clouds pursued the-lawless The_men all worked a_s rapidly as possib!e, while onward until sh was out of the range or the storm A firing was kept up on the deck of the not without some feelings of apprehensiOn, they that raged below. air-ship the while, and Pomp. and Barney did exwatched the sw.ift advance of the devastating The peril passed, Doctor complimented cellent service with their rifles. But the .black fiames Frank, warmly on the mannE'r in which distinguished himself above ,all The red glare of the night conflagration was wonderful vessel obeved her machinery. Pomp brought down an outlaw every t1me he d1s-refiected upon the sky above a canopy of somber The next morning, as the air-ship was sailing charged his weapon. smoke, until the heavens glowed like a sea of about five hundred feet above the earth, Frank Jr., 'rhe fight was a source of great delight to the blood. through his field glass, saw the line of a railway on jolly Irishman, and as the train wreckers began Soon the smell ol the burning grass filled the air the plains below. to retreat, he shouted: and presently, through a glass, Frank Reade, Jr., He knew it must be the Northern Pacific Rail"Run, ye mutberin' blackguards I Git, ye made a startling discovery of a human creature road, and. descending until the vessel was only thaves av the w<;>rru\d! Faith an' it's an Irishin deadly peril. about two hundred feet abo,e the plain, the ilelmsman yez are' this toime, an' it's batin' the The young inventor made known what be had man was instructed to folio \'I the course of the heads av yez be wud be afther do in' II he was in seen, saying: railway westward. reach av yez !" "Yonder comes an emigrant wagon fleeing Not long after that Dr. Vrmeyke callad Frank, "Dat's all right, Barney. Bnt. de Irish ain't do befOt"e the !!ames. The canvas-covered vehicle Jr.'s attention to the fact that a .number of smali in' all de' in dis yare battle. No, sab I De contains a settler and his family!" objects could be discerned upon the railway track; colored population a"m right on de top notch in dis In a _moment or so all. saw the imperiled family afar in the western direction. yare scrimmage, an' doan' you cease ter recollect with the naked eye. The settlar was lashing his The young in,ventor brought a telescope of great dat," put in Pomp, who was inclined to be jealous team of frightened horses forward at the top magniflying power to bear upon the objects the of his fame. of the!r speed, in the frantic efl'prt to distance the doctor h 'ad discovered, and presently he an-The pursuil of the outlaws was contmucd by the pursumg fiames. aounced: air-ship until former finally broke, and fled And round about the settler's wagon numerous "What you saw are men." to the shelter of an adjacent woods completely wild animals o e plains were fleeing before the "Men l And what are they doing on thls remote routed, f!re. The a buffalo, antelope, wolves, jack part of the railway line?" asked the doctor'L Meantime the train went thandering by the rabbits, prair:e t.f<'gs, all in confusion and madThey seem to be at work. Owing to tne displace where the outlaws had Intended to cause the dened with tance I cannot tell just what they are domg, though wreck. The few slight obstructions which the The scene was inexpressibly tbrillingand terri I presume they are a band of track-men repairing wreckers had succeeded in placing upon the ble. . the line." \ track, before The QuPen Clipper of the Clouds It became evident, almost Immediately, that the "No doubt," assented the doctor. came down upon them, were not sufllcient to de-settler had sighted the air-ship, and he was driv But as the vessel sailed on westward Frank, Jr., rail the train, and they were swept aside by the ing straight toward it. , eontinued to "atch the men through his glass. cowcatcher. Frank Reade, Jr., and his comrades wished to As be drew nearer he suddenly uttered a surBut the people of the train discovered the airsave the settler andthis family, and the young prised exclamation and lowered the glass. shlp, and saw tbe fleeing outlaws at I>Jst in inventor measured the relative rate of speed of "What is it? What haYe you discovered now?" to comprehend whC\t had taken place and that they tile wagon and the flames with his wonderfully the doctor asked. had been saved !rom a terrible calamity. accurate skill and certainty of eye, and he cal" That the II\ en on the track. yonder are not rail-The car windows were crowded with heads and oulated that there. was a chance tliat the settler way employees. No, they are & band of train-the platforms were thronged with passengers s"lekmight reach him in time. wreckers, and they are rucks on the ing to obtain a view of Frank Reade, Jr.'s, wonder"Every man to his post, and ba ready to set the track. Where they are, the road goes througli a fulalr-ship. suspensory helices revolving at the highest speed little stony ridge. Cheers and hurrahs came through to the the instant you hear my order, men!" cried Frank, "The wretches I They may cause the loss of aerial eraft, and a multitude of handkerchiefs were Jr. many precious lives,'' said the doctor. waved enthusiastically. At once each man of the crew took his aeons" I don't mean to let them wreck a train." Frank Reade, Jr., and his crew sent back an antom11d .the aerial vessel, and Frank and "Your hand. That's like you, !<'rank, Always swering cheer, and until the train vanished in tl:e the doctor frantically signaled the settler to hasfun, 'n the side of the right," said the doctor. distance the paseengers could be seen watching and they shouted to him encouragingly: I


T 12 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE, CLOUDS. PART I. "We will save you! Keep up your heart! ship. The crd black man fell down upon Ins own life. must be to get rid of the leading spirits of the ex-knees and raised the. young. inventor in his arms, Frank, Jr. and the doctor could see the fright-pedition--Fmnk Reade, Jr., and his, friend, Docwhile he shouted: ened mother, white-faced and terrified, c ::ouching tor Vaneyke. And I will succee{i. Mankind shall "Ho d ar, Barney! A light-a light, quick l In the wagon beltind her huHbnud, while her little y e t hail Professor Leonidas Wickersham 'the king Somebody bab done gone killed Mars Fmn.k !" children clung to her skirts, crying in alarm, of the clouds." . Barney heard, and rushing from the bow cabin, though they were almost too young to realize all 'I.' he ensuing night was dark and favo,.rable to the he at once turned on ttle electric light. But by the awful dangerthatsonearly menaced them. execution of the m\niac's terrible project. time Smith Brown was at his post in the For a moment the suspensA of the scene was At ten o'clock Frank Reade, Jr. retired to his cabin and safe from discovery. painful evl'n to the spectators on the air-ship. cabin, having first given orde!1i tflat the electric In a few moments Frank, Jr.,. was revived. But "Will be reach us in time? Ought we not to light sl)oultl be kept burning all night. the mystery on board the Queen Clipper Wllf\ deep sail to him?" said the doctor. Dr. preceded the young inventor in re-er than ever. CHAPTER XII. .'He will reach us. To sail toward him would tiring. The deck of the air-ship seemed to be de now be to lose in making the necessary ascent serted, for the va,ious members of the crew were and subsequent descent, the valua':le tim e upon at their several posts or resting, while waiting to which the settler's salvation depends," replied go on duty as r ,e !ief. POMP CAPTURED BY 1NDIANS-A REMARKA.RLre Frank. The Queen Clipper was very moderate OUE, 'l'he doctor looked a trifle do11bttul, but so great speed before a gentle !Jreeze>. The night was THE assault upon the oc. oRSioned was confidence in Fmnk Rea de, Jr., thnt heat height, and the close atmosphere seemed to the greatest excit.,me:Jt and }onsternatiou amol)g was well nigh reassured. presage a storm. the crew. There was no clew to the identity of his The settler's wagon drew nearer every. seMnd, Frank Read.e, Jr., sought his aouch without dis>tssaih,nt, and all began to experience a feeling or and at last the over-tasked horses fell and robing, and he soon fell asleep. But his slumbers insecurity. unable to rise again. But now the fugitives had did not last for long. He n;woke suddenly from a The doctor hastily came on deck and Frank re almost reaehed The Queen Clipper of the Clouds troublt)d dream, and jt was in vain that h!l' therelated his te;rible experieno!l. and t.he settler and his family sprang from their after courted sleep.He was unaccountably rest"The mystery iR inexplicable. Suspicion pointe wagon and rushed forward f6 the less nervous, ahd at )ength, after tossing about at no one definitely, and yet, of course, commou Frank Rearle, Jr. and the doctor assisted them on his couch for a long time, he arose and went on reason tells us that your co.wardly foe is one of the on board, and then the young Inventor sboute1 the deck. crew," said the doctor. order to ascend, while rhe hot breath of 'fhen, to his surprise, he found the deck in com,. So it does,'' assented Frank. "But what deep-now almost U,Pbn him, scorched his face. plate darkness. Contrarv to his orders the electric ens the mystery is the fact that I cannot imaginl'li\ --liJlht had been extinguished. probable motive for the assault. I have benefited CHAPTER XI. Some mom 'euts Smith Brown had every man of thtive of re PERIL. insane hivent:Jr h,eard Frank Reade, Jr., pre-:venge, and no one would profit by my' demise." As the wondrous power of the paring to come on deck, and then he glided silently "The mystery is beyo11d my ken," replied current>< from the !lCcumulators, transmittetl to away, his burning eyes glaring like a tiger eat's in doctor, in complete perplexity. the machhwry by the swi!t manipulation of the the darkness. But it must now bec ome the purpose. of my levers, sent the suspensory helices revolving inSmith to the deck and made his way life to solve it. Why, doctor, the safety of the nir stantly with the voice of a thousand shuttles, like to the roo! of :tht> center cabin, and i mmediately ship dependg upon it, perhape,'' said Frank. a thing pf life suddenly vivified by the wand of a turned off the electric light completely. And they continued to discuss the affair, but to magician, The Queen Clipper darted skyward. 1 Then, with the greatest stealthiness of moveno good purpose. There was no sleep !Qr Cp, up, like some mighty bird of passage setting ments, he made his way back to the companionany one on baard The Queen Clipper of the Clouds y for butting him out of time. held all the rescued speechless, as they were himself. Smith Brown clung to his throat with a Barney had some excellent cigars, and he> said to carried so miraculously through space. most tenacious grip, and begun. to drag him tohimself: Frank, Jr., smiled as be observed the amaze-ward the rail. "Be gob, an' l'li he alther sacrificin' wan av me mel;).t, not unmin'gled with trepidation,l<:depicted The terrible conviction came to Frank, Jr.'s, smokers to play an old trick on the nagur, for, b& upon the faces of the settler's family, and he has-mind that his antagonist meant to ttlrow him over-the powers, I'm thinkin' it's a new wan till him." tened to reassure them by briefly explaining the board-to cause his death In a fright1ul manner. So Barney got out the cigars and neatly perforat situation and Introducing himself. And he struggled yet more frantically to free d one, and filled it with powder :about an inch Then the settler said he was on his way to a fronhlmsel f. Still he 'was unsuccessful, and nearer from !he end to be lighted. tier settlement, 110me twenty miles to the south-and nearer to the rail his hidden angtagonist Then,. putting the prepared cigar in his pocket, west, and Frank, Jr., promised to convey him safe-forced him. he lighted one of the fragrant havanas and went ly to his destination. Frank Reade, Jr., bad never mot with as terrible into the cook's .galley, whllre Pomp' was at 1 This he did, and having seen r-escued family au as this, though his life had been a "Gotlie; Barney, datam a good You hasn't landed among their friends a:t the prairie hamlet most eventful one, and full of thrilling adveptures. got de.mate ob him wid yo', I 'spec's," said Pomp. where they meant to 111ake a new home, the aerial He could not breathe, and he felt his strength "Tha's what I have. Begob, only wan have I ship resumed its voyage through the .sea of space failing, while he realized in awful horror that his But you're to it, .me gossoon," re-above our earth. .. serlses were deserting him. phed Barney. Meantime, since the epi3ode of the atttempted And the rail was almost reached, when his adThen he gave Pomp the cigar, and the darky capture of the Queen Clipper, Smith Brown had versary stumbled over some e>bject on the dack. lighted it and began to puff away in great enjoykept aloof from the otlier members of Frank Still he did not relax his clutch upon the young ment. Reade's crew as much as possible. inv.entor's t hroat. Barney htugherived from the anat that thrilling crisis the object became endowed All at once the Irishpmn dropped, aqd the dnrky ticipatlon of a future tl'iumph over Frank Reade, with motion. It wall Pomp. went head over heeh; over him. But both were up Jf., for whom he had conceived a fierce, jealous 'l'he darky had found the cook's galley too in a moment, and Pomp cil{Lsed Barney again. hatred. warm, and he h!td come out on tbe deck and laid Some one had left a trap-ooor-whicll was used "Hal'' mused the lnsnne conspirator, "if Fmnt< down beside the rail and fallen asleep. .. to run s hose down into the water tank directly Jr., and the old doctor were out of the way I Pomp was immediately awakened, and, as the under it when the tank was being filled-open. eould make myself the captain of the aircrazy inventor was about to hurl Frank Reade, Barney failed to see it kl time, and d<>wn he went I l


PART I. FRANK READE, IJR., AND .H.IB QUE_EN CL1PPER OF THE CLOUDS. "splash," right 'into the great tank full of cold and the succeeding moment he was drawn urward see?" said Frank, then, and he his field water. Pomp could not stop in time to st\Vt> him-through the air, as the Queen Clipper was made to glass in his fritmd's hand. : self and down he went right on top of Barney dart''sltted and J:iesaw a band of some fifteen swarthy at a moderat.e so thM a good the astonished red!!k!ns, carrying Pomp further desper,{does, in the gaudy costume of Mexicans, Vlew. o[ the grand and scenery ba and fqrther beyonu tne reach of the savages. crouching behind the rocks and ready to fall upon obtamed from the deck of The Queen Chpper pf Then, when all danger to the darky from the In. the appr6aching horsemen when the latter ca!IY the Clouds. dians was over, Pomp was drawu on board the abre,.st o!'them, Finally a ,range of_ volcanic foot hills att.racted aerial vessel. "I Mexicaps 1 Frank'", we must try to save the docror s attentiOn, as he tl 10ught that He was a ha!)PY fellow when be b1mself the men the mean to attack!" cried Dr. vaneyke among them he would be hkely to tlud such geo-ouce more safely on deck of the ,a1r-sh1p, 8Ur exoit dly Y logical he wished to secur!,', a derounded by his friends. e scent was made and soon the air-ship, spported "Golliel Mars Frank!" exclaimed Pomp, as he Yes, assented Frank, .and he an :t. by its elastir all that ter know if de-, wool am all tight on his head yet. of the propellers, and the helq:tsman was they might be lurking near under cover of some Fo' de .r,awd I I'se so skeered I dunno wedder also ins!antly ordered tO' steer for the pass m tbe adjacent timl,>er or among tl"e rocks. So the doc-dam yellow nigg<-'rS done took i:r:y slwlp er not." moun tams. tor and Frank Reade, Jr., who, with Pomp and Pomp felt of his woolly pM e and grinned. The Queen Clipper darted forward, on the sea of Barney left the ship, to search for mineral spec!-"You certainly had a narrpw esoape, and an ex' air, as if revivified with an accession of life power. men!l, took the ptecaution to arm themselvtls wiJ;h perlence which no one envi9s you," replied Frank, But while she \vas yet too distant to render assistrifles and revolvers. "Dat's de gospel truth, Marse Frank! S'pose ance to, or l)'ive the Amerbans a warning, the latter The party advanced among the hills. dat rope broktl, I 'specs all dat would hab beE>n left reached that portion of the defile in which the The doctor was delighted and he soorr began to ob dis colored gent would hab been a grease spot." Mexicans had set theit; ambush. pick up strangely colored bits of rock, and he dis"FaitiJ. an' nagurs are plinty. Wan wouldn't be Then, all at once, the mountain brigands coursed learnedly in geological language about missed, I'm thinkiu'," sai1 Barney. sprang from their hiding-places ; and tell upon the the specimens. He couldn't miss a cha_nce to aggravate Pomp, Americans. s!lrprised part:r was over" Bego.b," sa1d Barney to, "the doctlrer's though he had workerts at res1stance! talk is all Greek till the loikes av us. Here are the oreJ comrade out qf danger. And while the aerial Clipper came on as swiftly tracks ot two animals. One wint north, the other "What's dat, Irish?" demanded Pomp. as possible, Frank and the gqod doctor saw the south. Begob, let's make a tryior the g\me. Yon, "Kever, mind. Barney, go to your post, and, three Americans made captives by the brigands, folly the tmck north, an' I'll be afth,er takin'. thEI Pomp, when ynu stop shaking in your shoes with hurried into a caverp, the month of which other wan." !right, you can get back to your domain in the could be seen ip the .side of -the pass. "I'll go yer," Pomp. cook's galley," in.terposed Frank. ne some distance," when he came by Frank's orders, auc! the Queen of the "I'll drive tbege rascals into their underground upnn a smoldering camp-firo, and a number of CloUds sailed southward, retrea1, at all evetlts," gritte\1 Frar.k. moccasin-tracks about it told him that a large The last. tbe aerial voyagers saw of .the Indians, And presently, when the air-ship waswithin band of Indiana' had just recently been there. from whom Pomp had been rescued, were range of the Mexilans Frank, Pomp, Barney and Begob, an' I don't. want to part 'il'id me hair, still watching the air-&hip in amazement and cbathe doc) or opened1 fire on them witb their Wintho-ugn me father-in-law is a wig -maker, and I'd grin. chesters. \ like to make trade good for the ould gent,'! reflect. The beautiful territory, whjch by act of Congress But the J\Iexicans retreated into the cave, beyond ed B::lruey, and so be beat a ret1eat. < in MH-rch, 1872, bad been declared the National Park the reach. of the J;mllets from the air-ship. Meantime Pomp hadentered a strip of timber. of the United was passed over presently. Then dodging in and out, they returned the lire All at oncfl, with wild, fierce yells, a band of a It was a wonderful country..:.a regio n of natural of the a1\d 1\is comrades, shouting deft score oi Indians, who were concealed in a thicket, wondem--where nature had lavlsht>d grandeur .of ance an, d instTitlng taunts. rushed upon Pomp. ;He had only time to raise his scenery as in no other land. "We .are ba!Iled !"exclaimed Doctor Vaneyke. rifle, and then he was knocked down by a toma-Well indeed did it merit the. name of park-a "And in the depths of the cave merciless baw,k. park whjcb instead of hills, ponds and brooks had outlaws may their' captives," said In an instant the darky was disarmed and surmountains, lakes, rivers, and instead of fountains in a tone of and 'rou by the band of Sioux. geysers of wood 9rful power. ''It seems we are powerless, The cave is a fortMeantime, hearmg' the yells of the Indians, The gey;;ers rival those of Iceland, aud coming ress to effectually shelter the Mexicans from the Frank Reade, Jr., and the doctor hastened to in sight of them Jl'rank Reade and Doctor Vaneyke, attack of th& continued the doctor. the air-ship. Barney came close behind them, and !rom thEred an exclamation, and' the want av a chance for a bit av play wid the ventor roade a skillful cast of the rope and the then he called Dr. Vaneyke, who immediate!y joinshil!alah. t)ure, an' I'll beaftherbrealdn'the he;ld noose fell at Pomp's feet. <;luick as thought the ed him, ueside the rail. :1v the nagur juot to kape in practice if we don't darky slipped it over his head and under his arms "Look yonder, doctor, and tell me' what you have a ruction soon/' replied B

14 FRA.NK REA. D E, JR., A.ND HIS QUEEN C LIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART 1. 1 / . tb f b Tho air-ship was soon sailing over the highest u p into spac11 again, and no pause was made until was a aamp-fl:re 10 the pass, at the mou 0 t e mountain-tops. The supply of oxygen decreases the young inventor itnew that an elevation higher cave of the bngands. with the density of the air, and this occasions the than the most lofty mountain peak was attained. Hanging in mid-air, the cre\V of the greatest danger of aerial navigation. Then the propellers were started, and the return watched the camptire. They saw forms rbe of oxygen at ,that great elevation was voyage over the mountains was begun. For fear about it for a time 1'ben all save two of the forms seriously felt by all, but the mountain range was or dldcovery by .the_Mexicans,_ Frank did not dare entered the cave. safely passed. sho:W the electric light, .and m the darkness the .. The brigands have left two sentinels on guard,' "Now tell me your plan for the rescue of the voyage over the mou n tams was a perilous undersaid Frank eave-captives?" then said the doctor. taking . d i t th The lookout could not see ahead. If F rank 1'hen a careful descent was ma !3 n e pass. Reade had made the least error In his calculations The Queen Clipper came to rest m the pass, tlft;r CliAPTEr. XIV and the air-ship was not higher than the most lofty feet west of the mouth or tho cave "sharp A WI)NDERFUL JR., FINDS SOMEm o untain, then a terrlblo; wreck in the night miJ:tht curve. Being out.of sight of the ru;exJcan sentiuel3 THING. by tho Queen Clipper dashinoo against a then, wbon the ship descended, Ftank ventured to "TN one mom. ont, doctor, I will make the ex-mountain wall. ln such an event, of course, there allow a faint light, SO as tl> obviate tlto danger of Frank gave orders to cause the air vessel to floa.t at a moder ate height and a lookout was kept for a passing train. Half an hour later a train of passenger cars came in sight, The Queen Clipper shot upward. Up! up! Out of the delile, and high above the peaks above, ascended the aerial craft. planation you desire," replied Frank' to his would be no escape ror thO crew of the air ship.(striking the walls of the pass, tho ;space between friend's last remarK. Then he ordered a deseent As the ship sped on through the darkness, the them being rather narrow. to be made. crew experlene"d anxiety and suspense sueh as A landing having been made without aeeident This was accomplished in the usual manner-by was but natural under the eircumstance. Frank a &!Call portable battery, eon-the propelling scrcews and gmdually di-In the stern engine-house Smith Brown crouched str ueted aecording to his secret formula, that prominishing the speed of tho suspensory helices. at the levers in a state of abject terror. duced more powerful currenta than electricians Tile Queen came to on earth in "Ah 1 If wo are not only do I los' my bad droaJllad of. . a vEJ.lloy with scar.cely a Jar, owwg to the ure, but the great project for which I have This was _lnc.osod 10 a sin:Jlar to the sprmgs under her hull. so much fails, and Leoz:ldas Wickersham w1ll go knapsack of a soldier provided with straps. Then Frank turned to the doetor agam, and down to the grave, his ambition unsatistlei\, Frank strapped it on h1s ,back. said: name twd fame belittled by that of this upstart in-Then be connected a small steel bar with the "Now for m_y plan t.o save the Americans." ventor, Frank Reade, Jr. Bnt it we escape the battery by means of wire. The steel bar was pro-Then, rapidly, l!o went on to tell of a peril of this night the Queen Clipper of the Clouds vided with a non-conducting handle, so that nov "! and darmg be had formed, looking t.o shall yet be mine!" be muttered. Frank Reade, Jr., grasped it in his band fearlessly. the or Mexicans and the release of their The maniac's eyes gleamed like coals of ftre in "Ono t.cuch of th1\t bar," said Frank to the doc captives. the gloom He was terribly excited as well as tor, "will shock a man to death instantly or to in" Bravo!" exclaimed the doctor, when Frank alarmed sensibility. concluded. "I really think the plan you have B t F k R d J h d d 0 e ror. h. "Now, Barney and Pomp, aro you ready?" he suggested is a feasible one." u ea e, r a rna e n r .m :s added, turning to two servant!'. whom The air vesSE'l remained in the sheltered valley cablcinhlatlonfd He one tfo a he had already fully instructed a:> to what 'was to until nightfall. . w c wou ca u se e oss o IS own 1 _e . m. bo don.,. Meantime Frank acquainted all the crew with those who ven t ured to make the wondextul aJr "Faith a 'w th' 'I' h b h . voyagemlnseompany n eare, m, an m ma urry, e IS plans against the .w.exican brigands, and he Th t . f 1 d gob for the bit av a ruction wid tho Mixiaan naoccupied hims elf . a portion of the time, in making 6 moun ams were sa e Y crosse gurs to begin," sni'd Barney. preparations for the discomfiture of the mountain Then Frank wa.s. informed by the lookout that "I'se all ready too Mars Frank" assented outlaws. h.e saw a small tire. A descent 1'he Pomp. ' As Frank know would be the case, the mght at ur-shlp tloated earthw'art.l in the of the The two brave fellows advanced a rmod with l ength came on and dark. fir e. and rev< Ivers. They aware Then the Queen Clipper of the clouds wad sent Very soon tho; young inventor made out that 1t that they about to venture into the greatest


PART I. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OJ<' THE CLOUrS. 15 4anger, but they were ready to follow Frank Reade "I am myself completely amazed.'; and the electric current was nil turned off from anywhere. ".But how could the thi ef's ring come here-on the machinery. Sands' body lay across the levers "Now I am about to leave the air-ship. Re-the deck the Queen Clipper7" thM touched the floor. member, doctor, when I blow this silver whistle, "Tbat's the question we must a'nswer." Leaping over the body of Richard Sands, Frank turn on the electric light. It is so brilliant that it "Frnnk," and thtl doctor seized the young InReade reached the levers and revert!ed them ia will radiate beyond the curve and illuminate the ventor's arm in his excitement-" Frank, can it be sttmtly, thus turning on the motive power to th& r>ass in fr.;nt of the cave," said Fmnk finally. 'He the thief Is on board the air-ship?" engine. indicated a silver whistle. "What else can we conclude?" Then the suspensory helices spun round f\S' Then he shook hands with the good doctor, who "WhA.t, indeed?" like lightning, for ]'rnnk' had thrown the levers back kne'v it was possible he might never again see the "Doctor, the mystery of the secret enemy that I to the furthtlst notch, and so turned on all the young Inventor alive. have decidect is among us is more perplexing than strength of the battery. i Tho succeeding moment Frank left the ship, fol-ever now." result was what Frank desired. lowed by Barney and Pomp, the latter carrying, "He lost this ring. The man ,who tried to assasThe Queen Clipper shot upward. besides his arm's, a coil or flexible wire. sinate you on board this vessel is the owner of this Up I up l Out of the defile and high above the> The trio crept stealtbilytoward the mouth of the ring." peaks above, ascended the aerial craft. cave. The had now died down, and only ".Yes, I am sure of that. He and the thie(I foilThen the doctor r'!lshed into central turret, the smoldermg "mbers remained. ed m Readestown are one and the same.'' and he andFrank QUICkly ascertamed that the Peering arohnd the angie of the pass Frank saw "What shall we do?" gineer was not dead. the two Mexican sentinels standing at thtl mouth "We have already vainly tried to trap the scounSands was revived. of the cave, leaning on their carbit1es. drel.'' Whe n he had fully iecovered, he explained that Fran!.: experienced the greatest satisfaction as "Yes. His cunning enables him to elude all dehe wns seated at the l e v ers, counting over the' conhe saw that th" two sentinels stood with their taction.'' tents of a small leather bag, in which he carried backs turned toward him. "But for all that I've an idea that I shall unmask the s avings ef several mouths, when suddenly he Silently he stole forward. him yot.'' a terrible blow on the h ead from the rear Not a sound of his footsteps reached the hear"I trust you may do so befor" he accomplishes and the bag of money was snatched from hand lng of the Mexican sentinels, and in a moment the the doom of the air-ship.I fear he is to de-as he fell upon the l evers de-press ing them by his young inventor was close upon them. stroy it.'' weight and so turning of! all the electricity, and Then suddenly raised the steal bar, charged "Well, we will dismiss the for the prescausing the suspensory helices to instantly become with the wonderfully powerful electric currents, ent. I see the rescued men are approaching, and stationary. and in quick succession touched each of them. I desi:e to talk with them," said Fmnk. "Ah I the thi e f fled with the money before he '.rhe two brigands dropped as It they The three Americans '\i'ho bad been captured b:>: comprehended that the air-ship was falling. Then had been struck down by a thunderbolt. the Mexican brigands now eame up. he did not dare return to r e verse the levers, for Then Earney and Pomp came forwnrd quickly, "We wish to thank you for our lives, and fear I might see him," said Frank. and, working rapidly and silently, they stretchAd explai11 who and what we are!" said one of the This :was undoubtedly t\le explanation, the wire the mouth of tno cave in a series men. The thief could not have meant to hurl the air of strands. six in uumher, ph\ced a foot apart, and Then he introduced his companions and went on ship to the bottom of the defile, for that w ould secured around the convenient jagged rocks on to say: have been to seal his own doom. eitbt r side, The strands of wire were a foot from "We are prospectors from Santa Fe. We were ))'rank Wll.B turning from the engine-room in the the ground. A person who stumbled over the first sent out to explore the of Mexico to ascenter cabin when, all at once, th e r e came there one would fall upon the ethers bevond. certain, if possible, the mineral wealth they really port of a terrific explosion, and it was instantly Fran' k Reade, Jr., attached the 'end of the wire, possess." followed by a violent concussion against the which was unbroken throughout the entire six "Do you wish to return home?" asked Frank, of the Bir-ship. strands, to the hattery he Mrried. In an instant "Yes. We have hA.d enough of Mexico.'' "Good heavens I Whut now?" cried Frank, in then the strands were charged with the strong "Then nothing is easier." alarm. currents. so?" Then Frank snatched up one of the carbines be"I'll sail north and put yott on board a railway longing to thtl sentinels, and the wea-train.'' CHAPTER XVI. pon. As he had expecteu the report alarmed the can we sufficiently thauk you?" Fiu.Nx IUU.DR, JR., _DETECTS THE WBClNG l\UN, brigands, who were asleep in the cave. It. is a pleasure for me to render you assist-Instantly they Gr>me rushing out of the cavern anae." FRANK READJ.t and the doctor ruihed' out of the pe!l-mell. Then thAy were in:the wires, and Frank then ordered an R.!;CenRion. and very soon central cahin as the explosion sounded, and the felt sprawling in every direction, shocked into in-the noble 11erial Clipper was the air nortbshock came against the side of The Queen (Jiipper sensibility or death, ward. of tho Clouds. Not one escaped. Barney and Pomp removed In a few hours the air-ship was In sight of the air-ship was ut that time passing along the the wires. Southern Pacifle mil way. side wall of a1ofty mountain ar;d the cause of the Then Frank ble\V his silver whistle. 'l'ben Frau\ gave orders to cause th<) air vessel xplosion and the shock subsequently received by Immediately the elecric light illuminated the to float at n mod erate height, and a lookout was the aerial craft, at once became apparent to the pass. Seizing a fire brand from the smoldering kept for a passing train. young inventor and his companion. embers the young Inventor waved it through the Half an hour; later a train of passenger cars A force of miners was at work, blasting the air until it burst into a blaze. Then he rushed into came in sight. rockE on the mountain aide to open a shaft. the cave. There he found the thrtle Americans Frank sprang to the bow tnrret and rang the A heavy blast had been 11et off just as the Queen bound hand and foot. Frank released them, and bell vio!Antly, wllile Dr. Vaneyk e disp:ayed a large Clipper passed by, and a fragment of rock of conled them back in triumph to the air-ship. But sign, upon which he had painted the single word siderable size had been huded against the vessel. as he reache,L the deck he suddenly picked up" in great black letters on a white backBut no injury worthy of note Wll.B sustained 1> a small object that occasioned hitn a great ground. the air-ship, and Frank saw that all danger was shock. train stopped, for tb.e enginoer heard the passed. be)lring on the air-ship and reud the sign. A higher elevation was then attained, aR a pre-CHAPTER XV. the Queen Clipper floated to the earth and caution against a repetition of th e aoci.dent, for the rescued prospectors were tali.en on board the it was seen that the Queen Clipper was now pass BLOODSTONE RING-THE AJRSHrP FALLING. passenger train and carried on their homeward iug pve r a mining conn try. A GLEAM from the electric light had fallen upon way. The grand mountains had been invaded by the the object which Frank Reade, Jr., picked up. After this the course of the rerial craft was due daring prospectors and hardy miners, to whom no The flash and glitter of the thing mad,e the young west. dnngers or difficulties are allowed to bec 'ome bar Inventor see it. An rate of speed was maintained and rlers to the search for gold. And no wonder thll gave him a mental the vessel was not very long in reaching tile great Here and there, in the gulches and detllel', min sl:ock, for tbe object he had found there on the Rocky Mountains. ing camps had be e n established, and those little deck of hill aerial vessel was a bloodstone ring of Queen Clipper was floating over a deep settlements presented a picturesque and intereotsingular and antique design. pass in the wildest part of the great mountain ing sight. At one glance Frank Reade, Jr., recognizea the range, where the perpendicular wulls towered Beside mountain streams miners were busy ring. It was the same ring that he had seerl up-hundreds of feet toward the sky, when an accident washing the gold from the w1

16 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART I. "Frank I've an idea we may turn this last fuellining of the coat, where it had slipped between the outlaws who mean\ tot. dent to good account in detectin g the fellow." the Jiniug, he touLd Sands' bu.g of moue7. trust yJu may be the sa va IO "How so, doctor?" Hall turned p,ale, and started in genuine sur-said Dr. Vaneyke. . m know led e 11 'l'be stolen money is yet on board the vesse prise and consternation, as the stolen property, 11 I shall try, and Ill this g no doubt, and probably concealed on the person of which Sands promptly identified, was drawn out of telegraphy will serve me, t r tile tllief or in his quarterB." of his pocket. Th11n he descen full earthward and "That's so. I see what you mean to suggest. Frank Reade, (Tr., was astonished, too. ?'he mr-sbip tlmt.ed the milwa track Yon would p ropose that every man of the crew be He had novor suspected H!ill. Indeed, the the Janddslibattery and a tale: searched, and the quarters of every one of them young inventor had always looked npou. the I he!l ran produce t 'pow p uP one of the tele carefully holmsmttn as a ptnticularl.>: and relmble gmphtc outfit, an sen. witi) a coil of wire. 'Yes that IS my idea precisely, Do you not man. Hence ht>lmd g1ven hun the Important post gmph poles, beside Jhe ratlwa:y;Istructions and he approvo of it?" he held on the air vessel. Pomp had rece11'e proper I 0 of the ol'e "Assuredly I do, and we will carry it into exeFor a ruomont HLll was stricken speechless, neatly tapped the Wire cuti on" replied Frank r ea dily. and then as an idea flastl eu upon Frank Reade's Then conn eo e e hed to Ute tele rra b the man who had assaulted Eng ineer mind, he looked critically at Httll's hands, 'Yitb the w1re Pomp had east the Sands and stolen hi s mJney overheard all the con-It chanced were large and bony. hue and, sent two 1 nd-slioe vorsation just rt>corded. f:lo were the hands of the own'olr of the antique west-glvmg warmng 0 e ceiv.eJ. answers J h d d' btuodstone ring >LS Erauk Reade, Jr., knew. Very soon the young mven or re. Frj\nk R e ade, r., and t a octor w ere. st!'n mg The oun in'ventor believed be hail. been terri-to both of his dispatches from adJacent near the do9r c f the stern catlin. Just IfiSJde the bly deieivJ in Hall's character, and that he had thanking him for his information, and stntmg that door stood S!'llith found his mysterious enemy at last Hut the rn.Ys-he had undoubtedly saved a wreck . 'fhe craz\: mventor s face wore an expressiOn of of why Hall was his f o e was 8'uu unsolved. The voyage of the aerial vesElceand realized that he was under nterriblesusNever was such a grand opportumty for Inspectwhen Snnds was counting Ilia Stwlngs. . 1 lngthe works of nature otrered to mnn be!ore. ?;be s.l,gi;lt of the money _the mamac. Frank Reade, Jr., wished to deal just-Not long after the railway was left In lhe rear, he hud money IS po war. ly be was The evidence \Vas, to his while the air. tJiipper was pursuing her It I might yet bnbe the crew to agawst mind, convincing, u.nd hs turned to Pomp ana course were decidedly fer the stolen bag of money from his own person Frank Rende, Jr., felt greatly relieved as he heavy. He called himself Ben Driggs. to the pocket of Hall's jacket was, for Smith Brown, thought that at last he had detected the secret en'I.' he men explained that they were prospectors but the work of a moment. Then he noiselessly e'my who had been at tile bottom of all the mys-from the East, nod incidentally let it appear that regained his own station. terious occurrences which had transpired on board theb' were flpancially well fh::ed; When Frank Reade, Jr., called all hands to ttie the air-ship. Beam proposed to Frank presently that the air deck, Hall was one of first to come out of the But the .young inventor was really sorry that ship should assist them in their prospecting. helmsman's room. But he paused long enough to one who had won his confidence had proved so "You can name your own price, and we will pay put on his pea-jacket. unworthy. it it you will cru!Be about tot us for a short time. In a few moments all hands save Sands were He discussed the matter with Dr. Vaneyke, and We anticipate going to Salt Lake to look at some drawn up in line on the deck the good old scientist shook his head, and said in lands near that great inland body of wnter. Will 'fhen Frank Reade, Jr., addressed them: evident perplexity: you take us there?" asked Beam. "llen," said be, "a murderous >tssault, and a "I'm not satisfied. To my ruinu the mystery is .Frank was quite willing to do so, and he said as most daring robbery bas just been committed on not fully cleared up. Hall evidently stole tbe much. Beam and Driggs expressed themselves our. aerial vessel." money; but the Is strong in my mind that delighted. Continuing, he briefly related circumstances some one who hns scientific and chemical know-The young inventor than left them to themsel),, of the case nnd then he added: ledge, such as Hall does not poss.,ss, tried to steal and it was amusing to see them walking about the "I am fully determined to discover the culprit the secrets of the hattAry-room." deck inspecting everything with wonder and curl and punish him, for with such a vill!\in at hrge "You make me uneasy again, doctor. But then lt Reade would say if Of coursa the money was not found on him, ll.nd then exc1aimed: he knew we werG the two road agents all the sher and theR each of the men was searched In turn. "Doctor, a great landslide bas taken place In the il'fs of Eastern California have been vainly trying It chanced th'at Hall was the last man to be cut of the railroad through the wooded hills. The to run down for months. Ha, ha 1 the good clothes searched. next train that comes along will be wreckod unlll_ss we secured last weeK and your slick yarn fooled Frank went through Hall's pockets, but at first we can prevent It, for the sharp turns through the the young captain of this queer craft neatly and we he found nothing, and he was about to turn from hills, which the raillvay Is compelled to make, will shall giYe the sberif(s the slip,'' replied Driggs. him when be fdlt 11omething between the lini.llg of his prevent the ecgineers discovering thfl landslide in "Yas, and I worked it to get carried a long way coat. his hand once more into tlte in time." from this part o' ther country which hns become side pocket of Hall's pea-jacket, found a "Really, Frank, I begin to think you are delltoo bot to hold us. Now we're bound for Salt reRt in the bottom of the pocket which. he had tined to become the good genius of the railways. Lake," said Beam. not previously discovered, 11nd then betWIJQn the You have saved one train by driviug off .Frank Reade and the doctor found the stranger


PART I. FRANK READE, JR., ,A.ND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 1'1 very agreeable. Both were good talkers, and they However, the Queen Clipper escaped. It was proposition he bad in mind before saw the gold. exerted themselves to please. not destined to destruction then1 an<1 the water 1\eturninK to Driggs, Bearu acquamted the lat '.rbe air vessel cruised about over the mountain spout did not quite roach it. The spiral agitation !Yagil was made in safety1 and nu .adven-Frank Reade, Jr., appeared on deck almost ns Ireland.. ture of 1mpor.ance transp1red until the aenal ves-soon ns the two strangers had discovered the When 1t was seen that thednnger from,t he watereel was passing over Salt Lake. '.rhe elevation of the canbe of Pc-mp 's alarm spout waH P\lSsed, Barney bad taunted Pomp with cmft above the surface of the lnke WI,\S scarcely being afraid, and only Frnnk Reade, Jr.'s, inter n hundrod feet, \Vh\)D, all at once, a strange hissing, young mveutor at once orders to vention h a d prevented a" ruction." roaring Sl)und came up from the waves. engmeer Sands to turn on the electricity to Later P?mp on deck, tilted back in a capip "De lake am shootin' up ter swallow us!" cried and l\ safe was qmckly chair agamst the cook's galley, Barney crept up l o mp, falling on his knees at the door of the forattmned, lor Sands promptly obeyed orders. slyly md kicked the legs of.tbe chair. Down wen&; ward cabin, after obtaining a glimpse of the Some time later, alter he and Driggs had h,eld a Pomp in l\ heap. On\Y Bel\m, Driggs and assistant steersman Bl.u.eloug private consultation, Beam stmntered to the Barney ran fot the other side of the deck. The young invstor then left them to themselves, and it wae a111111t!ing to see them walking about the deck everything with wonder and curiosity. Deam and rqshP.d to the rail and looked over. The sight which they beheld was a remarkable one, and for the space of a moment it seemed that fears would be realized. / were on deck. Barney liad relieved door of Frank Reade, Jr.'s, cabin, to which the in"Fo' de Lawd l'se gwine to hab blood!" roared Blake. ventor bad just retired. the enraged darky. Beam and Driggs rushed to the rail and looked The cunning Yankee desperndo had it in mind Then he ran after Barney. A chase round and over. o mnke Frank Rende, Jr., a certain new propos:-round the deck ensued. Barney had a stub of a What did they see? tion looking to the interests of himself and his clay pipe in his mouth. Coming in contact with co!llpanion. J he o:rannon, which had been left charged and CHAPTER XVIII Now, the young inventor carried a large snffi o primed, a from the Irishman's pipe fell on money in gold on bol\r

18 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. Pomp ducked his. head and rushed at him. detecting the smell of the burning fuse, as Driggs "Yes, anything, only don't !)iva us away," as But :Barney was too quick for the darky that passed along the' deck, he silently darted down the sented Driggs. time. He jumped aside, and Pomp, unable to stop, compamon stairs. Zeke Beam h!ld, as he spoke, deposited the bag ran head first into Ben Driggs. Guided then by the sense of smell, the insane containing Frank Reade, Jr.'s, gold on the deck at Barney roared with laugllter. ,But Driggs did scientist quickly arrived at the place where Driggs the feet of the maniac. not think it a laughing matter, for all the breath had set tlte time-fuse. Smith Brown's eyes brightened then. ThtR was, was knocked out of his body. Then a true conception of tho nefnrious project of course, the knowledge he had that the two "Whoop l Begob ye telescoped the wrong nine of the two pe. rmeated Smith Brown's vUiaius had robb ed l<'rank Reade, Jr. pin that toime, nagur !"cried l3arney, and Pomp, acute though diseased brain. Speaking rapidly be went on to say: having recovered himself, was coming ut him At once he extinguished the fuse, and picking "You behold in me who has de_voted a lif@ again when Frank Reade, Jr., interposed as usual up a heuvy hatchet, which he chanced to find con-time to tpe study and mvenuon aertal to prevent a fight. veniently at hand, he hastened back to the deck, I was on the eve of the great diHco,ery, which ts Drigga got on his feet again, and Pomp asked maintaining the St\me silenot> in the return trnnsit the secret of the success of the Queen Clipper, his pardon. Understanding it was an aooident that had characterized all his previous movewhen Frank Reade, Jr., thi!' upstart young owner Drig;sa O.lid It was all right, but he looked as if rc.ents. of this air-ehip, forestalled me. He robbed me of he felt all wrong. .A. moment subsequently, standing at the head mv iuens. I have vowed venge young us.urper who Frank had the aerial vessel run about a mile they have doomed it, as they suppose. to certain has dared rush before me m the domntn of aenal b ('yond the city of the Mormons, and then a descent destruotion. But I'll foil them. II. a l The events sclen<'e, and sr:atch almost from my very grasp the was made, and the aeri11l vessel was anchored at of this night shall place them in my power. grand discovery for which I have giveq_tbe patient a height of t.hree hundred feet. A rope of that save themselves they shall be compelled to join toii nnd study of a lifetime 1 length was dropped over the side. At its end was me In my consplrll.wn paused. have the pass the night on the earth. He Meanwhile, as heretofore described, Beam and "We agree l We'll do it!" rilplied the two ras wished to guard against intruders who might be Driggs had begun the perllous deicent of the great caiA in unison. prowling about so near the city. anchor rope. 'l'hey did not suspect, as yet, that they were In the morning, it was his intention to giJ Into To this cable whero it was made fast to the cap. dealing with a maniac. Judgh.g him by their own Salt Lake City and -make the purchases he restan Smith Brown advance<;! instantly, and the suesl.ll.ndard for the measurement of charquired. oeeding moment Lenning over the rail he flashed acter and motives, his startling project seemed to The first half of the night was clear and light. the light of his dark-lantern In a brilliaut halo them only reasonable and natural. The moon s)wne brightly, and the stars lent their down the strand that united the ship of the air with "Then you are safe. I'll trust you, and when additional illumination. But after midnight the the earth below. the ship is mine I'll share this gold with you," said sky darkened, and the olou<;ls that covered moon shaft of light cut the darkness like a blade Smith Brown. and stars indicat e d a storm. of flame, and in its diverging vtane Smi!h Brown "Good! Now we are pardners. Let's glt the Just after L(lidnight the door of Frank Reade's beheld Beam and Driggs clinging to the cable severgold back to its place," ad vised Beam. cabin, in wbicl,l he Wd.S sleep in'\ soundly, was alfeet below. "Yes. Tbe discovery of its loss now might en use opened by Beam by means of a "pick-lock." The Their upturned faces showed white and terrorFmnk ReaLic. stood upon the deck of the land hereabouts, and want none of it.'' the Queen Clipper the time fuse nearer Queen Clipper of the Clouds, co'nfronted by the "And we've noticed you are a little short-handnearer to the powder. . muzzle of a revP.Iver leveled at them by Smith ed, so we want to say we wlll be glad to take hold Frank Reade, Jr., slept on, httle dreammg of his Brow,n, who had discarded the hat

PART I, FRANK RE.A.DE, JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 19 heard on all sides, was Tery pleasant to the to the bar, and a sigh of contentment escaped lieve to have been abducted by the Mormons, and Inventor. the Irishman, as he murmured: taken to a new settlement the Latter Day Saints' But pausing ol!-lylong enough to make a short "Give us a bit av ould mountain dew." have established, beyond the jurisdiction of the speech, upon. wh1ch th!' admiring crowd "YliB. Dat's right, an' a little gin an' lasses fo' United Stntes government, in New Mexico. If you Frank and h1s went on to the mty. me, sah," added Pomp. will try to rescue my daughter the prayers of a And shortly after the1r departure, Smith Brown The presiding genius behind the bar was a grateful mother will always be offered for you and stole awa:y and also made his wny to the Mormon dandy dispenser of liquid hnrdwar e. His locks yours. Here is my daughter's photograph." were oiled, his mustache waxed, and a glass dia The lady paused" in her rapid utter ances, and Reachmg the ctty, Smith Brown went directly to1m ond, the sjze of a h en's egg adorned his shirt placed the photograph of a beautiful and innocent the nearest drug store, and Jlfteen minutes later he front. lookmg girl in the y oung inventor's hands. was on his way back to the aeri"l ship witnl Turning from a group of men at the lower end "Madam," said Frank, gravely. "My present a box containmg certain purchases he had made1or the bar, be placed the poison named before aerial voyage is merely one of adventure, and for at the drug Rtore. Barney and Pomp, and they h e lped themselves to the purpose of testing my qew air-ship: I am at Brown was back at his post on board the swimming glasses." your vice. Now tell me, if you can, how to find atrship before any of the crew who were in charge 1 1'he was repeated seveml times, while the the Mormon settlement in New Mexico." The Queen Clipper was made to attain 11. lofty elevation, and soon the wonderful aerial vessel was sailing majestically along among the fleecy clouds. Barney stood at the wheel looking intently ahead, when two dark shadows fell upon the side of the glass wheelhouse. of the vessel had noted his absence, since there dandy bartender looked on in speechless wonder. The lady, after fervently thanking Frank, wen had heen no occMion for his services. "f)'cuse us, sah," said Pomp draining the fourth on to give him certain directions as to the location Frank Reade, Jr., made the purchase of a quan-glass. only gits a chance to tooK a bali once of the Mormons in N ew Mexico, which ijhe had tlty of provisions and other supplies in the city, a yeah. Thanks fo' de towel; we don't soap," gathered from a letter she said she had receive d and while Frank and the doctor were busy giving and Pomp wiped his capacious mouth on the to\yel from a Mormon elder who had some tim e previous their orders In a large grocery establishment Bar on the hook under the bar-rail. ly openly sought to induce ber to join the colony ney Whispered to Pomp: At that moment tbe voice of Fmnk Reade, Jr., with her daughter. "Wh!At a blt, me gossoon. Lave us give Masther was heard calling. ., "Now' we have a new purpose. We will lose Frank the sljp till we cut the dust out 1w the "Barney! Pomp l WIJere are you? no time in getting under way," said Frank then, throats nv us wid a sup av Mormon red eye." Barney threw: a two-roollar on the bar, and and Raying a few encouraging words t o the be" Golly, Barney, you'se done hit dis yere colored he and t th d t t reave

h ha 1 20 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. PART I. hought Barney had fallen a&leep he began to roll Barney saw that the two men were Like a flash it dawned upon tlle.young inventor t as fast all hl' could along the deck. Intently, and he tried to ol'emear what they snia. that t.he Morn?ns must _have recetved au adva!lce Barney got a terrible shaking up, anj, of course, Presently, as Beam nud Dnggs moved away, he warm!lg, they nbout .hts comtog he was wide awake in a moment. But Pomp kept eard tile lormer.say: and hts mottve In to armnoe to trap htm and the hogohead revolving so rapldlv that he "Thiel Queen Chpper Will bll a great prize. capture the (ueen Chpper. get out> "Arrah! Now what does that mane? Sure, a!l' Fnt.!lk Heade's he.'t.rt .sank. "Let me out I Begob I'll break the head 1w yez! I d0n't know but I don't like the sound av 1t. Pl!ruaps the exptesswn bucks an' tf It il any d1v1lment yez are up to, yez \\ ent on .B"t'Hey, kicking lustily at the sides of tlJe hogswil!nin against 11n Irishman about my size," StLid "Of course, there's no for Barney, men tully. . a law unto ourselves here, an there IS no ":'-"?r "Yah! Yah I" laughed Pomp. "Yer don't seem In a comparatively brief period o.f time, owwg sett\ement a hund.reJ mtles save a ter 'preclate dis free ride. Yer welcome, no charge. the unu&ually rapid speed Franks st;LtJOn on t:elve mtles away I Yah 1 Yah.l" orders the QuHen Clipper was tn the VICllltty of tile rece1ved thl>l telegram but au ho!lr or so p.go, "It's tlie ll!Lgur! Now, be heayens, I'll have the Mormon sbttlement in New Mexico. to the fact that the operator 1s a convert ol Llackguard's gore I Is an Irish to be 'l'he landmarks 1tirs. San t ell bad gtven Frank ours. . insulted be a nagur? No, begob r I'!l make tho Reade proved .or great sorvloe, and. by of T_hen. the old. read a dispatch from Salt epa! peen sick whin I out. Worra l Be the them he httle dtfficult.y lD locatwg tlJe Ltlke CJLy as powers av turf I'll knock him to the !and where settlement Ill whtch he hopod to find the stolen "Er.;>ER cooK, NEW JERUSALEM, NEw MBXICO. the sb.amrock grows!" yelled Barney. girl he come to rescue. I "Have watc11etl :Mrs. San tell you ordered. To-day But Pomp kept the barrel in motion,. 'L'he mght was wmung when the settlement Wad she met Frank Reatle, Jr., who here wuli his great As long as he did so Barney was a pr1soner. s:ghted. alr-shtp, ami engagetl hun to go your settlement ancl "Yah, l'se got de de>t.d wood on yer dis time, Frank ordered a descent, and the Queen Clipper bnog back her daughter .. Look out for J3nrney What. will yer gib meter stop the barrel?" floated downward and at length came to rest upon seize him destroy Ins n.1r vesseltf you ca_, or lle 11 the earth the edge of a narrow strip of timber steal the girl AIARROON, Mormon Detective." "Sure, an' I'll give yez a Donnybrook. !lvar !" bllyond whtch the Mor!llon "A fiver. Gollie, dat will buy a new plug hat to 'l'hen mak1ng certatn preparatiOns Frank, "Ah 1 Ha I The telegraph beatd your air wear back to Readostown. Is yer in earnest, Irish?" accompalllod l:?Y Barney auct Pomp, set out for the ship for speed!" said the Mormon, exultantly, and "Begob, 1 was niver more in Qlj,rnest in all me Morf!lon town. But fl:rst Dr. wh? was at that moment one of his followers duelled up on life, uagur." lei\ m was mstruoted how to proceed horseback and announced: "Den it's a go. I'll !uti you out fer dLt fiver." should certam events tmnspm whtch Frank fore"The air-ship is captured, and aU on board are stopped the hogshead, and Barney scramsaw might ens':le prisoners!" bled out. Fmnk and h1s two fallhtul servan_ts "'l'heri burn the mJ:ernal fiylng machine to "Now, gib me dat fiver," said Pomp, as soon as to the aud each wore a sUJt matl ashes I" ordered the elder. Barney was clear of the hogsheatl. under thetr ordmary garments. 1hese suns ol "1'here you are. A rale Donnybrook liver. Just armor were proof. as I was afther promisln' av yez," said Barney, and The young llllientor and bis oompamo!ls soon as he spoKe he gave Pomp a blow in the faco witb arrived at the edge of the Mormon settler':' ant, CHAPTER XXII. his "bunch of fives" tbi\t made the darky drop and which con.s1sted of some forty rude lo.g clwellmgs. THRILLING EXPERIENCES-THE FIGHT FOB TEll: AIB see stars. The questwu now to find out wh1ch dwelhng SHIP 13egob, and the nagur was niver born that could sheltered tlte stolen gtrl. outwit an Irishman I Lon" loife til the loil.:es av The isolated village was silent. No one was to FRANK READE, JR., turned stck at heart as he me, l)ut it's a ven I am wid the nagur for the ride in be seen abroad, and only here and there was a heard the terrible news that the air-ship wa11 captthe barrel," said Barney. light viRible in any of the windows. ured by the Mormons, and that all on board were Put Pomp was on his feet in a mo'ment, and he Frank and his friends were in a dilemma. prisoners. ducked his head and ran at Bllrney. The Irishman While the young Inventor was trying to devise Barney uttered a fierce Irish exclamation and avoided him, however, and gakling tho bow cabin some plan to discover the wiJere>t.bouts of Mrs. Pomp cried: rushed in and secured the door. San tell's daughte. r, a fortunate coincidence assist" Afars Frank, it 'pears like we am done gone fo' ed him. Bessie San tell was attempting an e!!cape Auah dis time r 01 that very night. All at once Frank detected a ''Burn the int3rnal flying machine to ashes!" CHAPTER XXI. slender femed he had come to the news of the capture of the Queen Clipper. was sailing majestically along among the fieecy reecue her. . Right I We wiU enrich ourselve. s at the expense clouds. Be bind a building at the end of the village, the of the gentilP.s, who would steal away the ewe lamb' It1 the stern turret Smith Brown, having fasten-young bvebtor and h' s companion stood for a mo of my flock, I will go with you to the captured ed the door so that he could not by any chance be meut or so talking, flying machine," replied the Mormon elder. seen, unwrapped tile package he had purcha:sed at Then sud-denly a startling event Out "Hold!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., desperately. the drug store in Salt Lake City, of the very building which our friends" You can never find the most valuable portion 'l'hen a large bottle labeled "chloroform" was stood rushed a dozen mAn. ot my cargo-a fortune in gold-without my disclosed. It' an Frank Reade, Jr., and his com pan assistance." "All, ha I this will be useful yet to enable me to ions were surrounded. ":!'hen you oha\1 go with us, and point out the win a bloodless victory when the time A terriule struggle ensued. The Mormons saemhiding-place of the treasure," said the Mormon. comes for making the seizure of the a:r-ship. ed to wish to capture the inventor and his two ser"Never! unless you first promise to spare my Now, counting Hull tmd Beam and Driggs, there vitors alive. as Frank and the two crew and myself, nnd allow us to sail away in tke IU'& four of us agninst Frank Reade, Jr., and his brave fellows with him fought they were over-air-slJip, after we have surrendered the treasure," six men. Blake is a friend of Hall's. I m!t.y powered. said Frank, determinedly. win him over to join the mutiny." Bessie San tell was by a bearded old "Be tlte harp av Tara, its mesel', Barney 'Muttering further to the same purpose, the crazy rascal, who proclaimed himself the chief Mormon O'Shea, as will foight the best man in the Mormon inventor unlocked his chest, and, havlog put the elder. gang fer the ship!" cried Burney. bottlo of chloroform in it, he relocked the receptaOne of the instructions Frank had given Dodor "Dat's buRiness I Golly, l'se a po' man, but I'd cle and seated himself at the lovers of the engine Vnr:dyke was that in casH he was caught in the gib suffin' fo' one crack. r.t old baldy's &katln' employed to drive the stern propelling screw. Mormon settlement and needed help he would rink!" Pomp exclaimed in rage. Then he fell into a reverle, and presently he aga:tn sound a blast on a hunting-horn which be ,carried. The Motmon elder was bald-headed, and Pomp's formulated )lis thoughts into muttered words. As he was overpowered Fifmk snatched the allusion to the fact made tile old rascal very Ah, I was alarmed when I saw the dead aero-hunting-horn from his girdle and blew a terrific angry. Snatching the riding wllip, which the nauts whom we found in ttie drifting balloon, for blast. horseman carried, the elder rushed at Pomp exI knew them both well, and to Payne, who was a He knew those on board the air-vessel could not claiming: personal friend, I some time sincegnve my photo fall to hear the signal, nod he expected that the "You impudent nlgger I I'll fiay you alive!" graph with my name written on lt. I feared lest air-ship would soon come sailing over the town Pomp tugged desperately at the bonds that held that photograph might be found on Payne or and threaten to bombard It If be was not promptly Wm to the tree. they gave way, and among his effects. In that event my identit y would teleased with his commdea. the darky was free. have been discovered. Frank Reade would surely But Frank was marqhed away to the center of Quick as thought he ducked his head, and darted have recognized me as the original of it," said the the village by the Mormons, and Pomp aud Barney at the lrate old Mormon, who was advancing with crazy scientist. were conducted to the same place, where all three the hefl.vy whip raised to strike him. The voyage of the air-ship continued to bl' a were bound r o sAp,uate trees. The succeeding moment the head of the butting pleasant one, Beam, the Y;t.nkee, relieved Blake 1\!eantime, as the young inventor and his com darky hlescoped, the Mormon elder "below the al tlJe wheel in the glass house, and from time to rades were conducted to tbe cenlt;r of the town, belt," and he doubted up in the middle and shot time J'larney, who wished to learn to steE)r the ves they heard alarming sounds, which emanated !rom back on the eatth at a iistance or some teet. 'set. took a" trick" at the whoo\also. the direction of the air-ship. '.rbere came the de-Pomp snatched a knife from his belt as the Mor ; Night came on with a brilliant moon illuminato nation of fire-arms, ftlint yells, and the clang of mon fell, and leaping to Botrney cut him from tin;: the way of the aerial vessel. Bar.ney st'\Jod at the alarm-bell on the aerial craft, the tree. Then he was going to liberate Frar.k th' wheel looking intently ahead, when two dark "Ha! ho 1 The saht.rney turned and saw Zeke Beam thl' Yankee, turfld with the unholy craft of the air, tho br&ve darky ind the Irishman bounded and Ben on the deck just outside the steerswhich is the work of Satan. And the lamb of the away, They were instantly by a howling man's glass observatory. flock, the Gentiles, came from Salt Lake City to mob of Mormons. From the erst Barney had taker::. a dislike to the take a\'l'lly from the elect of Jos9ph Smith sha.ll reBut much to the satisfaction of Frank Reade, two vl!lnins, and he yet regarded them wit!! distrust, main with. the chosen p

PART I. READE, JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER' OF THE, CLOUDS; his b?dy, but he presently regained his feet, and pushed forward until the great gun was trn,ined battery-room from tse oentral cabin on .the deck. then he hisst>d iu Frank's face: upon the Morq'lons on the deck, wh o h>ld now in which was situated the engine tbat ran the sus"I'll make no terms with you. You shnll point gathered in a group beside the coa:.panionway. pensory h eljces out the biding-place of the treasure on the air'l'he cannon WI\S leaded. All at once a voice that thrilled Frank Reade, sbip, or we'll totture you until you are glad to re'l'he man behind it carefully primed it with pow-to the heart with joy spoke to him down the tube. veal the secret." der from th!l ammunition-box on the cMriage. "Sure; M!I.S her Frank, we have tile blackguardS Frank had been thinking rapidly. l'lten he produced a match, and crouched down surrou nded, has mesel' and Pomp. Whist till yez All hi s coolness and prelng Dr. Vaneyke and 1111 the crew bouncl hand the section of the tloor the rod fixed in, aud you It was Pomp of course who was reacly disand foot in a linE\ the rail. will find the treasure. Come, all together; it's a charge the ?;en Mormons were on board the Clipper heavy lift." . As Tho Queen Clipper bega01 to ascend, Now, then, show1us the treasure, ordered the. He preten1ed to se1ze the but, in real Pomp dischatged the cannon. It was load ed witb 4' o!d and Frank was marched on board the 1ty,lie wa_s c,areful not to brmg h1s hands in conand I he Mormou.s on the deck were tact wttb 1t. The old elder _and the four other Mormowed down by the volley. It I must I must, Frank, pretending mons the bar and hfted. . Six of the ten l a y upon the deck when tte smoke to yield, but aecretly now mtent upon a most dar-The next moment there were ftve msens1bl.e li(ted. The four survivors came charging a t lag stratag_em. He led the way down tha comMormons_ on the floor. They had. r eceive d a tern-Pomp, and the Mormons on the earth dashed a t panlon stlurs. ble electri:J shock, as Frank haJ Ill tended. the air-ship ru; it shot skyward The old elller and tour of the Mvrmons followed Now. for the others on deck!" he said, !I.Sbe The Queen Clipper was the ea h r th him. appropnated n r>air of l oade d revolvers belongmg rt h r c 0 e Ten of the enemy remained on deck and the to one of the fail en Mormons. pa Yon t e earth Ill an mstant. others alltLround the air-ship. Frank turned to connect a co il of wire with the At that moment !,rank Sif_ang upon deck As Frank Reade, Jr., descended the companionwond erfu l battery, intending to wind it around the through the companton -way With a revolver in wny, the moon wn.s momentarily obscured by a metal stairs leading from th e deck, and then call eac h hand, and opened ftre on the four Mormons, 1 bank of dalt clouds, and the night suddenthe other Mormons. In that case every one of who were at Pomp. of tb"' wretches ly darkened. them who stepped upon tbestairswould be shockfell,

22 READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART I. "Ireland' for iver! We hould the ship 1 Pomp, When this note was Written the suspensory he!CHAPTER XXIV. yez are a bhLck diamond." ices w!lre further retarded, and the Queen Clipper "Gollie! We's de bosses ob de skitivations! descended until it was almost in range of the Mor-AN INDIAN BATTLJil-FBANK READE, JR., TAKII:S 4 J3ress de Lawd, we se got de. bulge on dem yore mons, who were at the recent scene of conHAND-TREACHERY. white trash at las' I" cried Pomp. flict. ALMOST at once an orucer in the uniform of ttte And in his delight he began to h oe down his Then Frank Reade, Jr., fixed a weight to the United States army appeared on the parapet of the !brogans In an old Virginia byeakdown, true plantanote, and dropped it down to the captured elder's log rort, and as tho aeronef M:ne within bailing libn style. followers. distancA,' he shouted: Frank ran to his captive crew, and began to cut They read the note, reluctantly retired to the "Your assistance came :most timely. We have them loose village. ocly a few rounds of ammunition left, and we have Meantime the Mormons on the earth below A short time elapsed, and then the captive maid-reason to believe that an army of red skins are on ydled and discharg e d volley after volley of shots en was sef:stiles. It you would at the air-ship. But all their ballets fell short. BeEsie San tell ran rapidly forward, and the save the po8t, go to Fort Sm1th, miles north '.rhe Queen Clipper was out of range. Queer. Clipper was made to descend to the earth, and tell the commander to send us reinforceand the young girl was taken on board it. I ments." CHAPTER XXIII. Then the Mormon elder, and those ot his men "It shall be done I Don't despair. I'll carry who survived, were allowed to depart unarmed. your and return ahead of the troops to 'rHE MoRMONS OOME To TERMs-POMP TAKES A 1'he dead were removed from the air-ship, and further help you, Tho Queen Clipper of the Clouds llATH-THE FRONTIER 'FORT. once again it soared away through space bearing is a host in herself," nip1iei Frank. ExPLANATIONS/ quickly ensued. Dr, V:aneyke the rescued girl to safety, far from the scene of her Whom have we to thank for our preservation?" that soon after Frank Reade, Jr., set out for hateful captivity. then inquired the officer. the Mormon settlement, accompanied bv Darney The voyage back to Salt Lake City was made "I am Frank Rende, Jr., and this aerial vessel Is and Pomp, who had captur':d the air-shf.p speedily, arriving there in safety, the my latest was the dashed upon 1t, coming from the jldJaCel'lt timber Clipper made a landmg, and Frank bad the sans-"1'hen we Will keep up our spmts. We have u;.der cover of which they had made a close ap: faction of restoring the stolen girl to her bereo.ved heard of you, and we feel that we ean rely on you proach undetected. mother' s arms. to do all you promise in our behalf. The wives Of course it was understood by the young in"Where next, Frank?" the Doctor, when and families of the officers of the garrison are here ventor and his :triends that the telegram sent to the the air ship was once more afloat. in the fort, so let the thought that yon are striving Mormon elder by his spy in Salt Lake Oily, giving "Let's have a l ook at the Apache country. '.Phe to save innocent women and children from the warning of the coming of the air-ship, had ca used are on the aud mak;ing.a great blood-thirsty &avages inspire you," continued the the ctaltyold rascal to plan to captnre it in the deal of trouble !or Government troops. We officer. . manner which had so very nearly r,:roveu successshall find somethmg to mterest us at the scene of And then as the sh1p of tho air went speed1ly on ful. hostilities," replied Frank. its course nOJ.t)l ward a rousing cheer for Frank While Dr. Vaneyke and Frank Reade, Jr., were The Doctor approved of this, and the of Raade,Jr., and his great invention went up from P.onversing, as th6 Queen Clipper soared away from the air ship was set for Southern Colorado. tne Imp eriled soldiers in the fort. the Mormons Qn thA earth below, the former com-Just then Pomp reeled out of tile cook's galley. Thll young inventor ordered all speed to be made, plimmted. the crew t>y saying: One glance at him told Frank that he was drunk. and the air-craft darted through the air with as-" Although the attack by the ,baud from the timT_he young iuventor had left tM in the tonishin!l: velocity. bar was to U:s, the men beha\'ed dming saloon unlocked by an overs1ght, and Pomp Frank Rende, Jr., procured hiS telescope and nobly. Every man die his best to defend the ship bad made away with a quart of brandy. stationed himsell as a lookout to watch for the fort and none fought JDore. desperately than Smith resolved to teach Pomp a lesson in sobri-he deoired to reach. Brown. But we were overw helmed by force of ety, which he hoped be would not soon. forget, It was not long before he saw the stnrs and numbers." and as thl3 darky fell down beside the door of the !!tripes floating from a tall flag-staff' in the clistance. Smith Brown chanced to hear the remarks comcook'e galley and curled himself up a sleep, the "The Qneen Qlipper was steered toward it, and a mandatory ot liis coudu.ct as he passed the doctor young inventor' ortlered the course of tho air-ship substantial fort of greater size than the imperiled and Frank on his way to ,the stern c a bin. to be again changed. fortress was discerned uqder the starry flag. "Ha I" ;mid the crazy inventor, mentally. "It was S>tlt Lake was still in sight. Frank set the course The Queen Clipper swept earthward, and it was not to s&.ve the Queen Clipper for Frank Reade, Jr., for that inland Aud then when the Queen Clipseer. by those on board her that a that I fought. No! I battled to protect the aerial per h .ung over Jts waters, a large, deep tub was force of U.S. cavalry was encamped outside of for myself. The safety of the is brought on deck, and the darky was securely the fort. necessary to the accomplishment of my dream of bound in it, so he conld .not fall out. Then the an-The aerJal sb,ip !lad been discovered by the greatn11ss. With it alone can I make myself the ehor rope '\Vas made fnst to the tub in snch a l!lantroopers, and there was considerable excitement king of tha air, and realize the ambition of my ner that it could not possibly loosen, and Pomp was among them, while every tlye watched the ap-life-recognition as the greatest of inventors." lowered in the tub to the water. pr.oaching wonder, that seemed to be descending Frank ordered the speed of the susOf course the darky h11d a cold bath. from the sky:p ensory helices to be diminished1 and the Queim He wa:; sobered Up to a considerable degree. and A landing was made as soon as possible by the Clipper was allowed to become almost stationary yelled lustily to be drawn on board. air-ship, and Frank Readt>, Jr., hastened-to tnake at an elevation of a lew hundred f ee t. This was soon done, lind wlien he was safe on known to the commander of the post th e situaMeanti J e the Mormon eldet and one of the men deck again Pomp vowed he would not d 'rink tion of the neighboring fort. who had descended with him into the battery-brandy again, Then orders were promptly issued, 'the bugle room had survived the shock from the steel bar, But he privately stated to Barney. call sounded, and the cavalrymen sprang to their which was r ea lly the connector of two bl\tteri'es. "Go I Lie I Barney, you took notice datI didn't saddles and set out at once to go to the relief of The Mormon upon .regaining his senses say nuffi-n'' out whi.5ky." tbl3 imperiled post. drew a revolver and began tq crawl up the com-The voyage being again resumed, the Queen Frank Reade, Jr., did not del.y unnecessarily panion stairs, when his head came on a level with Clipper was soon over the mountains of Colorado for a single moment in getting the air vessel the deck' and he saw that he had been clilmpbjily -a branch ot the Rocky range. under way again, and th e Queen Clipper darted outwitted, in desperate fury he raised his weapon During the night, which then came on, the off' on the return journey with great speed, pass and leveled it at Frank. Readll, who was coming toQueenClipper encountered a storm, and fora time ing the' galloping cavalry force, and quickly wari'l the companionway. she we,s in great danger avoiding the broken rocky leaving the latter out of sight in the distance. "Die, you infernal Gentile, die!" cried the madpeaks where some chaotic upheaval, probably ocMeantime the Indians had rallied when the tlened Mormon, and upon the instant he pulled the casioned by volcanic action in ages past, had heapQueen Clipper passed out of sight. Once more tri, Jr., and his men heaz6 the report movement was not swift enough to elude the Mor-But the mountains yvere finally safely passed, of tire-arms as they neared the fort again, and so moo's bullet. and when day dawned a frontier fort was sighted. they knew the battle there was renewed again The bn.!l struck him on the breast and be stag-It was a lonely log fortress, and the occupants As before, as soon as the air-ship was near gered bac'kward But he did not tall, ani the sue were evidently in danger. A horde of savages, of enough; the ere\\< opened tire on the savages, and ceedlng moment be sprang upon the vindictive the Apache tribe, were attacking it. the cannon was discharged with disastrous results Jllormon and disarmed him. Frank .Reade, Jr., judged that the garrJson of the to the Apac!J,es. The young suit of mail bad saved his fort had well nigh exhausted their supply of amBut tJ:Jeindians seemed no longer to regard the life: Barney and Pomp sprang to Frank Heade's mu?ition, for responded but faintly to the air-s)lip with that superstitions terror uuich had assJsta'nce, and tile Mormon elder was quickly fus11lade or bullets wh1c!l the savages showered previOusly seized them when they beheld it. bound so that he coulrt offer no further violence. upon the stockade. The fact was the Apaches were led" oy a white "Let' s drop the blackguard overboard I" cried "Now, then, for action I We'll take a hand in renevade, an ex-road-agent an:l daeperado, upon Barney. this battle against the murderous,redskins !" cried whose head the government had set a price. This "No," replied Frank. ".I want to use him to ob-Frank Reade, J_r. . v!llain_ bad explaint>d the real character) of too ta!n the surrender of Santell." The crew quJc)>ly seiZed their r1tles, and Frank lr-shtp to the red-skins, during its temporary abThe two )lien whom Pomp had knocked down and manned _the cannon. sence. and butted out of time, had been secured a momeut 'l'hen the Qut>en Clipper swept downward until it While the battle went on, and volley after volley previously, and just then the fellow who with the was within range or the Apaches. All at onoe of shots was discharged from the air-ship Zeke old elder had survived the electric shock, ca:ne on Fran!;: discharged the cannon loaded with grapeBeam and Ben Driggs crept away from the others, deck. He too was at once seized and bound. shot, and that wM the first the redskins knew ot unobserved. The Mormon elder at 'lj"rank Reade's reof the air-ship. Beam had recognized the white renegade chief mark about Bessie San tell,' and he said, quickly: The dJschaFge of the oa:nnon was greeted by ter-as an old comrade of his and he said to Driggs: "Release me. Return me to my people, and nble yells from the redskms, many of whom were "Now is our time to make sure that Smith you shal\ have the girl.'' . slai_n, a';ld immediately the crew opened tlre with Brown d,oes not betray us to Frank Reade, Jr., "All_ nght. I'll make terms With you;" replied tbe1r Wmchesters. also make certain of the plunder on this macbme. Frank, and then he released the elder's hands, and Zeke Beam and Ben Dr1ggs proved themselves Dan Kane leads the :(njnns, and he's our friend. rua<).e him write the following note: to be excellent marksmen, and so turther won By gosh; we'll tlx the air-ship for capture by the I have agreed to surrender the girl Bessie San tell to Frank's comn:e.ndation. , ftle men or tile air-ship In exchange for the liberty or The_superst1t10us redskms'probably regarded the R1ght you are, pard. But how w 1!1 you do 1t? myself ancleurviving comrades You will all imrpedtair-ship as a el?emy, an_d after "We'll throw the suspensory pa1tially ately retire tJ the setlement and the girl alone to first volley from 1t they m confuswn, nor d1d out of gear, so the ship Wlli slowly smk llo th& the place where the air-ship stood wl:ien you attacked pause untl! gamed the shelter of some grouu,d." ft. Only In this WIY can my life be saved. ttmber half a mil3 distant from tile fort. "I'm with you for that "....assented Driggs, "ELDER CooK." Then they entered the 'central turrE>t.


PART I. FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. Just then Barney observed them. As hns been such as could only be repaired at the expenditure more furious than the 'fhe red demons shown, the Irisllman distrusted them, and had reof eonsiderable lime, and labor. seemed determined to gam I\ footmg on the deck solved, as he expresuse. Begob, I'm thinking there's came: their v1etory soon be assured. something wrong 1" said Barney to Frank Reade, "We have got to tight for our lives now as we "'I he redsklns must not gam tbe deck 1 If they Jr., and then be glided toward turret, which have never fought before I The machinery of do we are lost!" shouted Frank Reade, Jr. 1 the two desperadoes had entered. central cabin Is so damaged by the work of a The second eharge of the enemy was II!et a. Owing to the almost deafening crash of muskettraitor in our midst that it Is useless!" rattling volley from the crew of the 1mpenled ry and plindemonium of savage yelllJifrom the Meantime Zeke Beam, the Yankee, and Driggs aeronef. Indians, Frank Reade, Jr., did not hear what Barh_al. the suspensorv helices out of gear. thoir old comrade. Zeke Beam and Driggs clubbed their rifles There were twelve double sets of cogs working The savages saw that som ething was wrong with and dealt telling blows upon 'the redslesse! drop Apache. cannon. two redskins rushed upon him, and Instantly by turning ,oft the electricity from the Pomp had been trying for some time to pick oil' he did not see them, for his back was turned In suspensory engine, b'tt then the air-ship would bf' the leader of the redsklns, and at last the black their direction. The noise ,of the terrible battle dashed in pieces, and his own life would probably dead shot httd succeeded in so d o ing. drowned the sound of the two redskins' footsteps. be lost, as well as the lives of the rest of the crew. "Hi! Dat's one fo' our side! Het up an udder That moment would have been Frank Reade, Then, too, the electricity might be turned on again target. I"se jis gittin' my han' in!" cried th e Jr's., last, but for the timely interposition of Zeke soon enough to def'lat his nefarious purpose. pleaaed darky. Beam and Ben Driggs. 1'hey !ilona &aw the two But if the cogs were once thrown out of gear the The death of the white renegade was a source India!ls stealing upon the young iuventor. rtainly meant the earth. The force of the fall produced a severe Frank Reade, Jr. to deal him, how could the air-ship be saved? jar. But the springs under the hull saved the ves-The latter opened it. The (!ase was filled witb There were at least hundred Infuriated, sel. She hounded up, was relieved of the concusbrifllht metallic cones, each set in a separate padblood-thisty savages on the plain below, ready to sion, and then settled back on the earth. ded compartment. -charge upon the air-ship the. moment it came with-The vessel sustained no injury by the fall, for "Dynamite bombs?" said the doctor, lnterroga in their reach. th" resi3tant power or the few suspensory tively, as he saw the of the case. The tiring from the fort had almost cAased, and still revolving, contributed to ease oft the shock of "No, no," replied thfl cavalry reinforcements wore nowhere In sight. contact with tile earth. "What then?" Beam had scarcely gained his positi:m inside the. The Apaflhes came charging upon the aeronef as "Electric torpedoes of my own invention. .door of tbf3 central turret when Barney entere1l t came to rest. one or these cones contains enough confined light 'rhen the iron bar:in the "desperado's hand, de-But Frank Rea

24 FRANK READE, JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART 1. The force of Apaches was so overwhelming that, Frank Reade, Jr.,. followed with an anxious glance and the conflagration was soun checked aud lln:dly with all his scieutiflcappliances, the young inv&nthe directi{)n in which Sands vointed. extinguished. or could scarcely hope to bold the savages at bay The younv inventor tnen saw the troopers who MeauUrue, Frank Reade1 Jr., an_d the doctor at much longer. bad just broken out-of a belt of timber. The cavonce gave poor Bi\rney the1r attentwn. They wet& This all understood. i airy came galloping down toward the fort at full assisted by Pomp, who seemed to_ feel great anx-,, Merciful Heaven, will tlie cavalry never speed, cheering ttley came. iety for his old friend and comrade. come?" groaned Dr. Vaneyke, as his glance swept 'fbe troopers' drawn s11bers glittered menacingZeke Beam ar.1d Driggs also volunteered their the northward plains, vainly seeking to obtain n ly. They were coming at a. charge, and the redservices, and nss1sted Frank and the doctor as welt glimpse of the men In blue. skins, who hnd met those bronzeq knights of the as they could, while the latter worked to revive. The firing from the fort bad almost ceased. plains in deadly combat before, well knew what Barney, who yPt lay in a swoon. While tll'll main body of hostiles were diverted they had to expect. "Who could have struck the poor fellow down 1 from the assault on It must have been the post by the return the who thmv of the air-ship anum-the ma.cbmery out of ber of the Apaches gear. Who.ever he succeeded in firing was, he deserves to be the fortress. shot. He does, by Soon the garrison gosh I" said Deam, In would be driven out tor:es of well feigne<.t of their shelter by the sinrity. consuming flames. True, the scounNot only did the fate drel deserves the Reof the a.eronef depend v e r s t punishment, apon the arrival ot and 1f we can _revive the cavalry, but the Barney he Will tell salvation of the garrius who the villain Is," sou rested upon the replied Frank. same chance. Fo' de Lawd I'se Frank Reade, Jr., sorry dat I ever done had a great deal of quurrel wld Barney. faith in the power of If dat lrlsher gits well, his new electric tor-l'se gwlne fer to-neb-pedoes, and no'l" the ber quarrel wid him time had come to test no mo'," said Pomp, them. seriously. The young inventor The efl'orts of his gave Pomp some bur-friends finally resulted ried instructions, and as they desired, and then as the enemy Barney was fully re-surged, up on .the stored to his normtLI Q'u e en Clipper, as faculties. His skull though they meant to bad not been broken, sweep everything be-and the doctor ilaid h& fore them, Frank and would soon be all Pomp began to, hurl right again. the wonderful torpeAs as Barney does. eoultl speak he gasp-Right among the ed: bowling m ass of "Whisky! A wee charging l!lavages the drop av tile crature !" young Inventor and He was given a Yae devoted dark y drink and Yery soon, !lung the torpedoes. when the dose had 1'he explosions that been repeated a coup-1 ensued were only to le of timflB, Barney be compared with got on his feet again. strokes. He was naturally The destruction somewhnt dazed, but done was terrible, and the moment his glancethe Indian army fell upon Beam and wavered before it. Driggs, he remember Not alone was the ed he had folloll'ell work of deatll efl'eetthem into the central ua.l, but the manner of cabin. its "What has happencarried a hor-ed, Masther Frank?' ror'to the minds of asked Barney. the savagAs. Frank explaintld. It seemed to them "Arrnh I Thin therethat they were wag-are the two blacking a combat ngainst guards nv the W"orru!d mysterious and un-that threw t.he rna known forces, with chinery out av order whom was all the ad nud knocked the head vantage. citi av mel" cried Bar l:luperna.tural agency ney, pointing at .Beam seemed to the savages and nccusingto be e m p I o y e d ly. against them, and to "It is false!" this supposition, as "It's n lie I" much as the actual ,The accused men execution done by the promptly denied their e 1 e c t r i e torpedoes, guilt in those forcible-was thu consternation terms. manifested by tue hos" Barney, I am suretiles due. you a. r e in error. They wavered when Some hours iater, owing to the high rate of speed that was maintained, the These men certainly the air vessel was aeronef was over the Rocky Mountains of the far northwest. would not have any almost reached. scene was a gr.and and imprP.ssive one as the Queen Clipper passed motive in dooming tha "Faster I Faster, through a great defile, with the jagged, whitened peaks and air-ship, since they Pomp! Let's make frowning battlements aa around it. would be sliown no the torpedoes shower more mercy by the them l !low or never!" cried Frrmk, They hesitated but for a. moment, and then, havredskin a than Besides, they have seemg the cns1s bad come.. ing discharged a partlug volley nt the Queen Clipbehaved nobly smce the came to the earth. Then, With speed ,POSSible, he and Pomp per, they in a southerly diroc ion, where The)T helped fight oti the. Indmns, and they saved sent the explosne cones a, the redsklns, and the some low hills seemed to ofl'er them a shelter my hfe. No, no, Barney, you mean well, but I am thunder. Of the reJ?Orts of the lightning C?nes, where pursuit by the cavalry would be difficult, positive you have been in some way deceiYed," said blended m one ternftc roar, that sounded hk.; a . . Frank eamestly. grand volley !rom the artillery of the heavens, in The swept by_ t_he au-ship. m pursUit of us why you accuse Beam and Driggs?" some awful thunder storm. the Indians. But a of troopers halted the doctor ask-ed ot Barney. But the issue of the terrible conftct was yet in at fo_rt. The garnson was wotklog heroically to "Faith and I saw thim sneak inti! the CAnter doubt when the voi

PART I. FRANK READE, _JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. 25 1 erossed from one side or' the deck to the other, able us to proceed with advantages no other ex.Barnby and Pomp cr-ept up to get a shot nt the and passed directly by the door of the center plorers ever possessed, that we undertake to in bear. 1 ,. cabin," said Beam, spect the route of tl.lis greatest of all railway pro-lloth fired at once. Just then one of the crew who had been below jects." The bear was Ol'ly wounded, and, with an en-rushed on deck and shouted: "I am quite But L_am almost certam raged growl, he wheeled and charge ,<.! the "Hall has brok9n out of the x:oom he was con.-t the outset that we shall find obstacles and diftiventuresome huntets. ,Tqey took t,? their heelsd at fined in in the bole, he is in the magazin-e!" cultie;; that You Kempje has not foreseen or proonce. But Barney ;md teJI at thee g.e Ha! The mystery is explained, I think. It vided for." of an abyss. Pomp pltjlhed head first over his was Hall who threw the machinery out lf gear and "At least," replied the doctor, can satisfy fallen companion, and then the bear pounced upon struck down Burney!" said Beam. ourselves as to the pcssibility of such a railway, thlJm. As they scrambled to get out o f the reach "It must be so," assented Frank, and il we could become projector& what an of his claws they slipped al.\d ove_r _the edge Barne y was not convinced. But he said: achievement for' ourselves and what a benefit to of the precipice, anu the bear canie shdmg after "Sure, an I didn't seo who hit me. But, bogob, t1vo continents would accrue." them. it's me belate yet that thim two min are the thaves "1'rl.\e, true," assented Frank. nv the \vorruld that dit was maintained, the aeronef was over the !hey 11'611ched the Queen .number of sets of cogs, exact. duplicates 'of those snow-clad Rocky M 6untains of far northwest .. great bear came on he discovered the used In the sus drlvmg engine. '.rhe scene was a grand nnd impressive one as air-ship. Then ho halted and finally turned and Frank had the reqUired number of those cogs the Queen Clipper passed through a great defile, trotted away. Just then Frank and Dr. Vaneyke brougilt up from the supply and assisted t>ith the jagged, whitened peaks and frowning emerged from among the rocks that formed the by the crew, including Smith who now battlements a! l around it. wonderful Fire Mountain. . silowed great intelllge!lce and flkiii, the lapor The Queen Clipper, after passing the 6oth parbear s!'w them and aT,! angry growl the of getting the machinery m order agam progressed. allel, entered upon 1\ new atmospheric sea. ammal charged stratgilt at them. But some hours every it was summer the air was cold, and as the amel and the were both armt1d with thlng. was adJusted sat!sfactoply. vessel skirted along the seaboard,passed Vancouvpeatmg Wmchester nfles. . Whle engaged In the work on the en-er's Island and S!tka, the fog from the Northern Instead of they stood their ground glne Frank conversed at length wiGh Dr. Ocean, ht of it" The pathless forests cf BntJsh America had been The eye and the point just inside the left fore said the' doctor. ' passed, and the explorers ha!1 seen more of the far shoulder are about !.'he only surely vulnerable "Very well, I promise," replied Frank, feeling North west than any traveler who_ prepeded points in the animal. somewlultcurlous. them, one da:( came m sight of wilat "I'll aim fer the eye!" said Frank. "You PJObably remember that at the death of unuer the brJI!Jant sunlight lobe a mount"And I for the left fore-shoulder, where a bullet my old scientific comrade, Von Kompje, I came Into am of fire. <.. will reach the heart," repli ed the doctor, for both possession of all b1s private scientific papers?" But cl _oser ouservahon that the burmng knew the that must be hit to slay bruin. "Yes," replied Fmnk. was re'llly a mass ofshmmg :ock, crystaf 'l'hey almost slmultaneou' sly. "Well, among those documents I found certain like 10 Its 80. reflectmg the suns The r esult was just what tbey desired. The maps and plans, together with tile statement exra_ys won_derfully Ill all direcuo!ls. great white bear fell, and uttering t enible roars plaining a wonderful rn.ilway project, which Von A landiLg was made neav this smgull_lr mount-tegan to claw up the eartb in its furious death Kempje bact devoted much time to the study of." and Frapk and the Doctor went to mspect It, "Indeed? What is the project?" Barney and Pompfollow.ed them; . Then Frank fired .again, and put the f!)rocious "Nothing less than an astonishing scheme to As_near as the mventors <;>bservation at beast out. of his misery. connect the western and the eastern continents by 8'!nrise mormng had, enabled him to compute Meantime Barney and Pomp came running from rail, and thus enti rely do awA.y with the long and ms locatiOn Queen Clipper was at about the Queen Clipper again, and as soon as the bear perilous sex. voyages which are now necessary." 6.5 norh latitude, or not far south of the A.rcceased to st.ruggle they set to work to remove the "Impossible!" tic Circle. pelt. "Not at all--at least, not according to the theorv Leaving the young Inventor and the doctor. to "It seems to me the bear gave you and Pomp a. advauced by Von Kempje." investigate the phenomenon, Barney lively race, Barney," said Frank. "Well, I like to hear that. theory exand Pomp went on in search of game. But Frank "Snre an' he didn't thin. He gave the nagur a. plained." charged them both not to go far away from the race, but not mesel." "1'hat is precisely what I am about to go into. air-ship. "How Is that? I am sure you both put your Briefly Von Kem pje proposed to run a mil way North of the "Fire Mountain," as Fran. k had a!best foot forward to keep ahead of the bear." trom Denver, Colorado, northward along the west-ready named it, th e bills were timbered, and jn Faith an' it was onl'Y the nagur that was run ern border of North America to the shores of .Behthe light snow that filled the eve!\ at th1\t nin' 8way from the bem." rings Straits.'' season, Barney and the darky presently discover"What we .re you running for?" Franlr looked deeply interested.. ed tlle tmcks of_ a bear. I was trying to catch the nagur.". "At that point, as ycu know, but a narrow "Begob, an' It's bear steak we'll oruer for dtn "Nonsense I" channel eeparates the Western Continent from ner. Come on wid ye, nagur, till we kill the bear," the powers devil a word av a lie is KamtschA.tka, tile nearest land of tbe Eastern ConBarney. there In it at all, i\t all. Sure an' I was a.ftiler try tlnent. Von Kempje proposed to run a: sort of "l'se wid yer. Gollie, dis am suffli\' like hunt-in' to kap e tile' nagur from makin' a cow. ar.d av ferry across the channel, so connecting the Ameri-in'. None ob yer small game fer dis chjlo. I'se himself, becase he wuz a frind av mine. Faith an' can railway with a line to be constructe'q across done got tired ob sbootln' at. squirrels and l!iCh I meant to catch him and hould him till we .kilt Kamtscbatka and Siberia to St. Petersburg, the roun' Readestown," said Pomp. the bear . capital of Russia." ,. ' "Why-didn't yer hunt yerself, nagur!" Frank and. the doctor laughed. "But the difticultles; think of the Intense cold "What you mean by dat remark, sah?" "Very hbroic on your part, llarneyJ'' said the and the great snow storms that would cover the "Nothin', sure, only I was afther thinkin' there doctor. : tracks In winter," objected Frank at ouce. was always_ n. coon around when you were." Pomp resented being called a "Von Kempje bas provided for all that. He "Yoose tmk yer smart, don't yer?" "See here, Irish l I donn' 'low, no man wid a proposes to run electric engines, so !laving fuel, "Whist l Look at the loikes av him!" cried white face ter call <1is colored pusson a coward! and, in order to keep the road clear, establish Barney. No, sah, au' I ain't er gwine fer ter stan' nnftin' clearing stations every fl ve miles to be supplied They wer11 in a defile, at some distance from Fire like dat f.rum no Irish nigger!" said Pom.p. with snow plows and small eleotrio engines to lllount!lin, when the above rec .orded ccnversati0n "Be the .shamr'?ck l is a na'gur yez call the draw them. He claims that the saving in t)le cost tra.n!!piued. lolkes av me. ? Fl\lth, an' If yez want a ruction of fuel by employing only electricity as the motive As he spoke Barney up the pass., yez kll! have it. Be thf;l harp av Tara; an Irishpower, will more than compensate for the extm Then both caught a glimpse of a grll,at polar man mver yet took a dare from a nagur," cried expense of keeping up the clearing-stntions." bear. Barney, and off came his coat. Frank was silent for n. momeut as the doctor The polar bear Is the largest and most powerful "Keep yer close on, Irish," said Pomp. paused, and tilen he said: 9arnlvorous beast. A full grown male measures "Sure, an' I know rnaden't take thim off to fight "The scheme begins to assume a plausible look four feet arou!ld each arm at the shoulder:;. With a nagur. But, begob, it's two warrum I am." t'l my mind; bnl has Van Kempje ever inspected one blow of h1s tre'!le.ndous paw, arme!l With black 'l'urn off de steam, fo' you done bust a biler !" the country thrbugb which his wonderful railway curved like SICkles and bard as Iron, he can "Nagur, don't Y\lZ try to be funny wid me. mnst run?" tear all the flesh from the side of a four thousand Come on, no1v, ail' foight like an Irish gintleroan." "It see ms not entirely. And now I propose, pr.und walnnR, or crush in the sk.uli wllich would "Dat's all right. But I'e a colored gentleman, since iu the air-ship we have a vehicle th at will eu,glance a bullet. an' I never goes back on butlin', and de razor am


26 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART I. ce weapon ob all fur dis pusson when it comes Then he put his lips to the keyhole, and whis "Yes. There ls no doubt of that," Smith Brown right down to c!lttin' acquaintances." pered: hastened to say. "Now that will do. You put on your coat, Bar "Hall I Hall I" "And I am determined to escape. I will not acney, and if you min't keep cool any other way go "Who is there?" demanded the captive. cept the punishment of the-la.w, which I do not bury yourself in the sno1v. I'll have none of your "Hist I Not so loud. I am Smith Brown. I merit. So I'll join hands with you," said Hall, ructions now," said Fmnk. come a.s a friend, and no one know of my earnestly. "Put the Irisher on lee," said Pomp. visit." "Bravo! But now let me say, I've a strange pro" I" cried Frank. "Corne, get the bear "What is your motive? Will you help me es ject on foot to so work upon the superstitions of dressed, and bring the meat on board at once. We cape?" the crew and thei1 belief in the supernatural, that propose to !:!tart on our voyage again as soon !ll:l "Yes," repliEd Smith Brown. I hope some of them, at least, may bo led to desert, possible." "1'hen welcome. A thousand times weloome." and so leave the Tile Queen Cllpper short-banded, "Yes, sah," replied Pomp, meekly. "I have skeleton keys with me. 1 will now and by reducing the number of those against us, "Just ns yez say, sure, Masther Frank," said open the door," said the insane professor. He set make our victory more easy wbel). we seize the Barney. to work at once, and in a moment or so unlocked ship," replied Smith Brown. Frank and the doctor went on board the Queen tho door and entered the room. "What !sit that you propose to do?" A whirlpool where the animal sank sent up a great wave, and the water dashed over the deck. For a moment the Queen Clipper was in great peril. B .ut seizing a hatchet :Barney severed the line with a blow. Zeke Beam and Ben Driggs were standing beside the rail on deck, away from all the others, and as they watched the flickering lights of the city below, they conversed in low and earnest voices. Clipper, and Pomp and Bamey worked away HA.ving closed"!lnd the door again Smith "The most of the. work In tb,ia project will fall pea cefully until tile bear was Brown aald: to you. You are to leap overboanl and afterward Then the y brought on board, and "I come to make you a 'Proposition. The Queen your spirit is to haunt the ship, and warn the crew Pomp served up bear steak tor dmuer. Clippflr of the Clouds Is the result of ideas of :ny that certain destruction awaits them if they do not The. _course of the whose voy&ge own, in the working out of which the boyish inleave it." immediately resumed, was now for Behnng ventor, this upstart ]'rank Reade, . forestalled "Are yQu mad?" demanded Hall, as he heard Strait. : . me, But the vessel shall be mine. The spirits of astounding words which Smith Brown utlered Thesucceedmg mgbt, all save the engmeer the air tell me I shall succeed 1 Will you help me Ill the moRt matter-of-fact wBy. and hel_msman slept, S_m1tb from his seize the vessel?" "Not at all. 1\ut you accepted my words too station m the stern cabm and stole across dec.k "What I Do you mean to a mutiny?" literally, I mean the crew are to believe you have to the No one observed h1s "Yes, and I have two of the crew p!Adged to overboard and perished, wh_ile in truth you movements, and OO!Dg sat!stled of he de-help me already. You, with myself, rual;e four are still concealed on the Queen Clipper masqner scended the . . against Frank Reade, Jr., and five . With such ad},ng as a ghost." "Now to Hall, and learn 1f. he Will JOin m11, small odds aud tlj

PART T. FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 2'1 I CHAPTER XXIX. ing for Frank Reade, Jr. My plan to intimidate And more than this, so entirely did the fog shut those of the crew who are not In league with me out all view of the surroundings that the air voyB.A.BNEY AND BALL-HALL's THBEAT-TOWED BY A will succeed. The day of my great triumpll will agars could not determine with certitude, whether ll!ONSTEB WH,.&.LE. surely come." they were sailing over land or water. Sands lost no time in speaking to Frank about It was a singular and perilous situation, and the MEANTillfll:, as we have . Barney Wl\5 Hall's desperate throat, and lhe young inventor at doctor said to Fran!;.: not convJDced that Beam and Ben Dr1gge were inonce took every precaution to guard against its "To all intents we are lost. Lost in space. nooent of tbe upon himsel} and the Injury consummation. Hall's prison-room was searched, Adrift on the sea of the atmosphere. However, I done to-the Queen Clipper at the frontiAr fort. and everything witiJ whlcb... be could possibly in-ttink we are over a frozen sea or ice-clad land. The had liked Hall, and he jure hims&lf was removed. Anyhow,la.rge bodies of ice must be near, as othercould not brmg bl.mself to .thmk that the steers'l'his done, the young inventor felt confident th&f wise the Arctic fog would not prevail thus com man had struck him down m the central cabin, or Hall could not commit suicide. Frank was tenderpletely.'' attempted to betray t!Ie vessel of the clouds into hearted, and he spoke to Sands and proposed that "That's true enough, doctor. We may be at the bands of the Ind1ans. Hall be forgiven and liberated. But Sands was of this moment much nearer tbe north pole tban we Accordingly, on the. the night wb1cb revengeful disposition and be said: suppose. I see the mercury, in the thermometer witneBBed the secret v1s1t of Smith ;Brown to Hall's "Since now it is impossible tor Hall to commit has frozen, and even our he1ivy fur coats that we prison room. went Ill Pomp's plnce suicide, I think he bas yet been punished put on when we got in the Arctic zone are i'Carcely to carry Hall his breakfast. S1!lce th.e steersmnn's enough lor h1s cowardly nttempt upon my life." aumcient protection to prevent one's freezing If Imprisonment the duty of servmg h1m with food So Frank did not urge tb.o matter more. long exposed on deck," replied Fr.ank. had devolved upon Pomp. far the young inventor had not discovered "And it ill SU!DlUer," said the doctor, significant Barney volunteered to Hall his breakfast any. obstacle In the way of Van Kempje's railway ly. because be wanted to w1th the stA.ersman, and proJect to unite the two continents. Neither !lad .Frank Reade, Jr., started. if possible convmce himsell .rosltlv.ely as to the doctor. "Doctor, we must indeed be ear t)J.e north pole. whether he had beon on deck smce h1s confine One or the other of them ba:l constantly made I confess to an oversight. I intend w to arise at ment or not. observations by means of the telescope or tb.e nakmidnight and order the course changed, but I did Barney placed the food before Hall, and then ed eye, and Frank admitted that, as far as he' could not awaken until dawn.'' he said: tell, tl!ere was nothing In the way of the wonderful "Tbis m[ltter begiUB to look serious. In the fog "Sure an' they say yez was. afther t!Je railway scheme thflt science could not surmount. we may at any moment run into a ice machinery out av order whm we wore !o1ghtJU' The Queen Clipper was sailing over the shore of burg," said the doctor. the red nagurs, an' bedad, they Bay, too, ,that r,ez Behring Sea, when tbe lookout shou .ted: "I've thought of that, and the lookout is posted was tbe mon wbo knocked the head o!I nv me. Whale to tile windward!" on the bow cal)in observatory, and but a few mo ",That Is false. I have not been on deck once .. "Ah l'? exclaimed the doctor, leveling his glass. ments since, just before you joined me, I had our slnoe my Imprisonment. Whe?I broke out of" Let's have a look-at the monster.'' speed checked. We now moving very slowly," this room I went no further than the )lulkhtlad In As I live l" he added, a moment subsequently, rejoined Frank. the ste,rn.'' t t "it !s one of the most formidable cetacean!'. A ''But I mean to have more light on the subject," Halls tones were earnest and lndJgnan 1 yellow-bAllied whale and fully eighty feet long I be added. "Beg?b I dicln't would be alther tryshould say." ' "Barney I" then shouted the youl\g Inventor. In' to kill an old fnend, Said Barney;, "We'll harpoon it," cried Frank. "Here I am, sur!" responded Barney, coming "I swear I have told you the Hall. "Take care then how you do It, for the huge forward. Worra, but it's cowld l But Mast her Barney was convinced and he sa1d: oreature possesses the power of a steam tug," adFrank, sure where a,re wez? Faith, an' I'm tb.lnkin' "Every wan is ready to kick a man wi, he's monished the doctor. jVe're moigbty near nowhere.'' down, so the bhme was put on Hall. Be"AU right 1 We'll usa plenty of una and play "Turn on the electric light," ordered Frank. gob now I'm sure are innocent, faith an' I'll the monster until we drown !Jim replied Frai)!K. Barney hastened to obey. prove It on the two VIllains I suspect yet. But it;s Then he gave the essential ord'ius to th13 engin-But the brilliant electric light, which immediate clare proof I must have or Masther Frank wont eers, and tb.e Queen Clipper descended tl!l within ly Its rays through the gloom of the misty llsten til me." fifty fQet of tbe water. canopy environlng the Queen Cllpper, did not disBarney left Hall then. Several ets from the spout-boles soon announced pel the obscurity. In the direct plane of the alecAs he was turning away the said: the precise locatiGn of the g re!Lt whale. tl'ic halo obje3ts could have been discerneu if there "I'm desperate, Barney. I am lnnoeent of Frank with one band signaled the engineers and wore any In sight. what I'm accused of, and if I should take my own with tb.EI other direct ed 1he steersman. He thus But Frank Reade, Jr., and the doctor saw only life yet, do not be If I do so, I'll s.urecontrolled the aeronef in every way. space. Above and below emptiness ly to hao,nt thiS air-ship, and )'Ot lead 1t to The back of the cetacean emerged from the alone could be discoverEld. destruc.twn;'' waves less than four cables' lengths in front of the Frank," said the doctor, gravely, how fast "Whist, ruon I J?on't be afther that! air-ship. Tbe Queen Clip par swep t on until she did we travel during the night?" Begob, an' yez lnghten me. Surean'l'm mclined was sixty feet from the whale and then she The young inventor consulted the dial indicator to all, that yez never stole stopped. lor a moment, and then he started violently, as he Sands money, rephed Barney. Then Barney fired a javelin bomb from an ar-said: "Thank you lor that, .Barney," said Hall. que bus-a metallic cylinder terminated by a sb.ell, "As I live, the highest rate of speed hns been Barney on deck much troubled by armed with a shaft having a barbed point. The maintained for hours l We were running faet when Hall sa1d last. He and Pomp were talkmg projectile, attached to a long line, e ntered the ;r retired. The engineers supposed they were to about 1t earnestly, when Blake came up. whale's body. The shell, filled with explosives, keep it up at that rate, it seems.'' Then Barney told them of s startling threat. burst and shot out !I small harpoon with two "G:ood Hoaven 1 That means we have traversed Both Blake and Sands were ilhter.ate, they branches which fastened into tbe animal's fiesh. the thought oJ which alarms l)le l We had thoroughly learned the machm1st s tr ade. Tile whale \)lunged to a great depth and tbe ha\e been speeding northward for twelve hours.'' The chief engineer and BIIIye seemed to be much line spun out hke lightning. When the w'halerose "Then we Brfl-where?" impressed by Barney's s,tory. to the surface he darted at full speed in a northerlv "At the pole, or beyond it," replied the doctor. '.' should to say the a1r on a. haunted direction. .' Frank Reade paled. Ship,, and when a ghost bas sworn to Tbe aeronef was dragged after the monster. "We bave the com still .to guide )lS. J'll lead 1t to destruction," said St1nds to Bldke as they 'l'be air-ship was towed along in this make all speed southward," he said. / walked away. manner until the whale began to tire. 'l'hen tb.e Then he consulted the great steering compass. And I, by George I I wouldn't stay long on stern propeller was started so as to draw against "The compass, too, has failed us!" b,e exclaim board the Queen Clipper if Hall was to make his the whale. Gradually the aeronel came nearer the ed In a moment. threat good "answered Blake. whale. Suddenly tbe whale dived. The air-ship It was so. Tb.o electric con<\itions at the poles "That's my case too. I should be for resigning dragge

28 HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. FRANK READE, JR., PART I. 1 tl of a few feet above the water the his hiding-place while he assumed the 10le of" a d f ?m us" At an e eva on h' emained ghost" "The Icebergs have .dnfte away r descent was checked, and the air-s Ip r plotters conversed for a !e'!V moments in Then the reronef sailed onward. d it t t'onary f 11 aner Hall's secret hiding-place was The electric light was still kept bu1tr10'! s word had passed from one to the 0 d Then Smith Brown gave the steersman brilliant reflection only served to umma e the crew that Hall had leaped overboar an ka e which opened proved to be a closely fog a short distance ahead of thedshipt.b lookout there was considerable excitement amdong the fa r::d Jhite shroud IV ith a cowl or Aead-piece in F auk Reade himself now acte as e F k Reade Jr vainly scanne the wa' t for tl:e eyes 0 depended upon avoiding a collision. w_ith ran for but not a trace of the supposed were cu would Hall from head iceberg that the young inventor was unwilling to found upon the darkening to in It he would present a to trust to any onll. f Ho ever as be was determined that no e 01 h 1 ranee 1.'he air grew and ?! lookl:g to' Hall's rescue shouhd d be the shroud secretly temperatura assure t e rena v Frank had the rubber boat launc e an d r-hilA on dut in the stern cabin at night. He had left behind, and the airit with and Barney, he rowed about Ill I number of his own shirts fn of u!e earth once more. Fz:eed ferent Steersman Hall bad sunk to to oJ:>Lain matenal for the ghostly robe, bUt also a box containmg ro1;ed back to t41o Queen Clipnight, as T e d tri'n e Finally Frank saw extensive per. Halt's ghost wlll you can help yourself to water from the tallk, now be g,;as pretty they were again an malo:e de air-all you have to do is to make yoursiif ns comfortf ove r the wilds of British America. d h th w it will git wrecked for suah," said ble as possible, and1 keep as A high mte of speed was malntalne w en e 1 k'n, very much frightened. when you are prow IJI a ou QuAen Cli.r>per got out of the fog! and toward 00 1 7 't's mesel as be's a!tber wish in' this th.e crew." ni htfall settlements were seen, which gave tho Be gob an I 'd Faith an' I'm afraid av' no With thiS final remark Smith Hall, that the air-ship was over upper Canawas 0J3";Jt the powers av turf I draws and carrying the steersman's clothiDg With him da. d n;:o:t ghosts remarked Bamey, who evi-he regained his post in the stern engine room un1'be Illgbt had fallen when the aeronof passe e 10 d Pom 's fears seen. over the city of Montreal. share l" rflied F;ank There a r e no Having secured the door of tbe central cabin, 'l'llen Zeke Beam and Ben Driggs were standing 0l!seuse b st>s Take m word for it we Smith Brown quickly stutred Hall's clothes, thus beside the mil on deck, away from all by of the kind.' 1 making an excellent "dummy" to represent the aud 1\8 they watched the fllcktotlng Jig ts 0 e s p and Barney did not argue the questiOn, steersman. city below, they conversed In lo'H and earnest b t ofmt all that the expressions of their faces told Of course it was thir. "dummy" and not Hall voices. . t were 'tar from convinced. birusel! who went overboard. Presently Smith Brown JOUled them. t 8 1 / re ained the deck of the air-ship agam, Smith Brown watched for a favorable OPJl?r The professor wus In a state _of intense i:fventor ordered the voyage to be re-tunity, and then, as the aerial vessel pa.ssm\l mental e Y d at once. . over the St. Lawrence, he 1lung the dummy, Speaking rapidly, he told bl s two. contederates the aerial vessel had gained an elevatiOn overboard himself. the particulars of his plot to frighten Frank Reaae, f eral hundred feet and was once more sail-Smith Brown was very exultant over the sue Jr.'s, crew lnt<;> the Queen Clip.rer. se:outbward Frank' Reade, Jr. and Dr. cess of his ruse. As the voyage of the Queen "Good I" smd Beam, .. 1 Iluess went to the quarters lately occupied Clipper was resumed southward, Smith Brown scheme wilt work. If w., can git rH 0 a b St ersman Hall In the hold ofthe ves.sel. came out on deok. He bad observed Sands, only or men who are true h R 1eade it IV!ll J .. is a mystery to me how Hail escaped !rom Blako lind Zeke Beam, all talking earnestly at the equalize the opposing forces, an t e P tQ t'i!e room in_ which be was confined, for without door of the central engine bouse. Coming to the when It comes to make a try to cap ure e ue 0 help be could not have done so one would say," group, he hear<( Sands say: OllpJ?er.'' B > h said the young inventor. "I tell you, boys, I'm skeery. I'm mightily Dnggs also apprfved 0{. Smithb !:J fi:fiy "I've been thinkitlg about that. You know, A.! eared that Hall will keep his word about hauntasked severn ques wns a ou a Frank, we have never yet solved the or i'Df: the .and luring It to its doom.'' lnq Ired. b t k t your mysterious fo!l who is on the ship. We So am I, sa1d Btak!l, "When you a-going to egm 0 wor ou have not yet discovered the ownor of the antique Zeke Beam remarked, "Driggs and d s ith Brown briefly and bloodstone ring," replied Dr. Vaneyke. I Wl.ll leave tbe at the first appearance of a o-mg answere D? b 'rk d "True But here we are at the door of Hall's splnt. I !tln't quite ready to go to my death yet, then as he saw comidg e wa e Ah, as I live th must an' I take it .Driggs hasn' t a great hankerin' that to the an en e7 1 B ud have been released by some member or the crew, way either, bygosb !" li:?mediately fell betw en &am a for tha door has been unlocked, nod the bolt on "Correct I You don't keep Ben Driggs on this t d a s.lyin"' to the outside drawn I" exclaimed Frank. ere ship long wbenonct he sees a ghost," assented arney ere y, ,. I'' h 1 k .' th' 1'be doctor stepped forward to the open door of Beam's corumde. Begob, Its mesel as 8 the apartment iu tbe bold at which Frank had "Any man would be just11\ed in leaving the ship away PJhin he saw paused, and that it was really as the young for good H. it's j to remain would be fool owiq?, mventor bad smd. hardy," sa1d Sm1tn Brown. later the 1vns sailing over the wemust conclude mysterious And wbUa he nod his com panlons continue(! to St Lawrence river and Frank Reade Jr. was on enemy has been at work agam, assented the docIn same strain Pomp and Barne y ,' tor. 1 were d1scussmg the same topic. Ali at once he heard a startled cry from Smlih and tbe doctor Inspected the in-Alarmed as they were, however, at the prospect Bmwn who stood at the door o! the stern cabin. tenor of the prison room In the hold, but the,y of. the alr-vAssel becoming a haunted ship, the two Turn'tng quickly Frank Reade, Jr., saw a dark found no clew to the mysterr of Steersman Halls fa!thful fellows pledged each other that they would form falling through tho air from the stern part of escape. . stick to the Queen Clipper as long as Frank. did. the deck No suspicion was entert.ained by either regard-A south westerly course was maintained by the 'overboard l" shouted Smith Brown. ing the identity of the man who bad set Hall free, air-vessel 11fter the St. Lawrence was left behind "Who was it?" cried .Frank. and Smith Brown was now as entirely trusted by some distance, and Ji'rank, some hours later, took "Steersman Hall I" replied Smith Brown. them as any other member of the crew. an observation and announced that the vessel Then the sound of a splash in river came up But as the reader is aware, was ';\I was on the Red river ''ailey of Dakota. from the darkness below and then all was still, the bottom.of tbe The ounnmg lun!ltiC At sunrise Fargo, Dakota, a town that seems was workmg out h1s singular scheme agmnst to become the metropolis or the far North Frank Rl!ade, iJr., with rare skill west, was discovered, and as he wished to procure CHAPTER XXXI. Some little t1me l,erore the crazy Icventor gave certain provisions Frank ordered a deecent to be SMITH BBOWN DEVELOPS nxs PLOT RELATING To the alarm of" m_an overboard," w_e have seen, made. .,. HALL be secretly repmred to Hall's pnson 10 the hold. The crazy professor carried with him a bundle Fona moment Frank Re-ade, Jr. was speechless. which contained elotblng from his own chest. ArCHAPTER XXXII Tho sudden announcement made by Smith Brown riving at the door or Hall's prison, Smith Brown that Hall had thrown hlmseif overboard wail a opened it by means of his skeleton key, as on tbe oFF oN A NEW llllSSIONTHE GHOST or STEEll8liU.N most startling surprise for tbe yopng )oven tor. occasion of his previous clandeetlne visit. H..A.LL. He had felt assured of t11e steersman's entire "Now t!IO time has come to r elease you and safety on board the Queen Clipper, since he had work 'out the great ruse, looking to the discomfitTHE Queen Clipper reached the earth outside o! taken the precautions to guard against tbe prls-ure of Frank Reade, Jr., and my success, by fright-the town or F11rgo. The _arrival tf the aerial won oner's making way with himself, which have been ening the crew Into deserting the air-ship," said der caused the usual exottement which always at mentioned. Smith Brown as he entered Hall's presence. tended 11 descent of the ship of the air near a large Frank's first Impulse was to Sllve the woulll-be "Good I I am ready to do my part," readily astown. But although the citizens of the D11kota suicide, if the slightest possibility of so doing yet sented Hall. metropolis turned out In great numbers to view remained. "Then you will excb11nge the suit of clothes you th_e aeronef, and do hon.or the imentor Fmnk Springing to the door of the central cabin, as he are now wearing for the Ruit of my own which I slipped a,my to the city, leaving Doctor Vnneyke to a degree regained his presence of mind, Frank have brought you. I require your suit for the to answer all questions, and command the Yessel ,shouted no order to Chief Engineer Sands to check" dummy" with which to deceive Frank Reade." during his absence the revolutions of tbe suspensory helices, and low"I understand," responded Hall. In the town, as he was the plincipal bo er the vessel. In a few moments he was attired In the clothing tel, not a little to hts surprise as he was an entire Then he slgnalell the fore and aft engineers to Smith Brown had brought him, and the insane there, some one calif.! out: reverse the levers, and stop the advance of the profesaor had HaWs own suit made up in a bun" Helto 1 If that isn't Frank Reade I'm Llind as mroner so that the descent might be accomplished die. a badger 1" as nearly as possible at the place where Hall had Carrying this, Smith Brown stealthily led the Frank looked up and saw a stalwart yo11ng man sunk In the waters of the St. Lawrence. way from the prison-room. hastening across the hotel porch toward him. The orders of the young inventor were obeyed 'l'he maniac conducted Hall along the side of the At the first glance Frank recognized the speaker With the usual promptitude, and the propelling air vessel unlll tbey came to a small open Epace as an old friend whose name was Steward Bancroft S



30 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART L d N 0 and a return volley c.f bullets was discharged at h latitude and longitude of Then the Queen Chpper sailed away, an h the enem ,The ga;re atn3 then .Frank Reade knew .Man's Land was soon left behmd. That011fh! But of No Man's Land were a most wild over which the air vessel proved th bQe hills of determined and desperate banrl. They ohA;rged WB.l' then passing was No .Man's Land. gloom! t e ueen ip er r again, and several ot them succeeded in gaming "Now for our crusade against the coiners I the comers. d 1 to the defile from which tti.e deck. said Frank to Detective Bancroft. A b';;!! and. as a poillt was Then a terrible hand to --wher!l the trees did not obstru.ct the wa;y, Barnley artd Pomp now oun emse ves Ill the Queen. Clip!)er was brought to rest 1D safety m 'yelled the Irish mall, springing Into CHAPTER XXXIII. to Indicate that the midst of_,the and his BATTLE IN NO MAN's LA.KD-IN AN aerial vessel had been discovered by the coiners. rlfte as a sthhhtlalahJ ELECTBIC STOBM. But such was the fact. ruction wor rave ng hand in!" BANOBOFT Immediately produced a roughly As soon as a landing was made Frank and Ban-.Barney brained a huge-bearded ruffian, who WM dmwn map of No Man's Land. croft with Pomp and Barney prepared to advance rushln at FranK with his bowie-knife raised, and "This map," said he, "was sent Into the secret up the defile to find the coiners' rendezvous. knock!i d<>wn two others the succeeding lnetanl. servicll department at Washmgton .by Harton Kent But all at once a score of dark forms CJ?l-erged Just then, as the combat raged fast and furiouR, with the last repo_rt rece1ved fr?m .the from among rocks bushes at the. Sides of FranK saw that a coiner had hurled Dr. Vnneyk& poor fellow. You Will see 1t Is covered. \VIth wr_1t-the pass, and, d1schargmg a fusillade of u On the deck ftoor and was grasping the old tng, telling about the and m the Wild and uttering fierce yells, charged upon the a1r-sJientlst's throat and strangling him, while hecountry, a large portiOn of which Is u_nsettled. ship, tried to reach a Knife which he had dropped. Here, also, among this of rocky hills Kent 1-'he coiners had set an ambush for the Queen Frank staFted forward to the rescue. But just has written the 11 th map to Clipper and it seemed the air-ship had fallen into t?en Pomp shot by the young in"<'entor head down, Bancroft pause Wit 1 s nger on 8 the trap and the next moment he bad butted the murder. point out the location to Frank who Frank. Reade Jr., and his men were taken com-ous coiner who held the doctor. ov3r th: secret service pletely hy surp;ise, for I!Othlng was more The desperado turned a half somersault, and en e rea. w a f 11 ed-for than that sudden advent of the comers of then remamed motionless. oftlcer hnd wntten on the map, as 0 ows No .Man's Land in force. "Gollie I" cried Pomp. "I specs dat white trnst. "One mile The desperadoes charged for the_ bow of the_ves-done think data cannon ball hit him." 5btn will be found the seeming end eel, and it seemed they were destmed to gam a The tight was continued but a few eser e og caB b nu th t 1 cano toot1ng on the deck. Then the coiDers were dr1ven from the a1r-sh1p 1of Frank shouted to rally his men, and they sprang But al_l who had boarded the Que!3n Clipper dia nO'I t II Pnears to abruptly end the trail will be to armB, leave 1t. A numbllr had been shun. ra a Th.e forward propeller extended several feet be-Just as-the last suryiving coiner leap\ld from th& found to et out his telescope, and yond the bo_w of the aeronef, and at the great deck, a man w_ho dragged feet of heavy and Bancroft cfrefully inspected the sur-propeller 'l_VIth Its font: sweeps hke those of chain at one h1s ankles, was dtscovered running f r the country as the Queen Clipper cruiSed a wind-mill w1thm three or four feet of the nown the defile. over It ground. "Barton Kent I And alive I" shouted Presently they al.,.hted a settlement. "Be the powers av turf!" c.ried Barney, as the recegnizing the fugitive as the missing detective. "That is Beave'iCity, the principal town In coiners rushed at the great propeller. "Sure an' The coiners bad retreated down the pass and No .Man's Laud and the rangeof hills -we want to I'll be atther coolin' off the blackguards av the m a moment 13arton Kent reached the Queen ftrid are said Bancroft, consulting his wor.ruld wid the big fan. Begol;l, an' it's fannin' Cli!)per and was taken on board. At once the map an then pointing in a northern direction. th\m I'll be doh:' av." aenal craft was made to ascend, o.nd In a abort Frimk immediately Issued orders to the' engi-Then all at once, as the yelling band of des per-time it was at a conl'iderable distance from the nears and the great stern bow and propellers began adoes surged about the propeller, evidently intent coiners' rendezvous .Ke_nt told that he had been revolve more rapidly, and the aeronef went upon climbing by means of It to the of the held a captive by comers all the time h e bad toward the hills. Queen Clipper, Barney rushed.intotha bow cabin. been missing. 1'he Queen Clipper conveyed the "Now" said Frank "my plan is to locate the Instantly he seized the levers of the forward two detectives to Denver and there left them. counterfeiters' retreat'and then sail away and pass propelling engine, and depressed them to the last Kent had further explained that he had escaped out of sight to return under cover of darkness, notch, thusturning on a full current of the pow-from a cave where he was chained while the after any one who may diScover the. Queen Clipper erfill electricity the gian.t battery. battle with the coiners was In progress. bas time to decid" we liave gone for good." Of course the resuit was that the great propeller Then tiJe aerial craft went southward, Bancroft approved pf this plan, and soon after instantly began to revolve at lightning Rpeed, and Doctor Vaneyke expressed a desire to visit the the settlement had been left behind the Queen the way 'the sweeps knocked the coiners right and city of .Mexico, and in a abort time, as a high Olipper was over the h!Us. left was a sight to behold. rate of speed was maintained, the Queen Clipper Presently, too, the blalited tree and the log cabin, In a trice more than h If of the attacking band was over the city of Mexil!o. It was night and which were the landmarkssought, were seen, and were knoeked out and hu led in every direction. Frank had electric Jig : t turned on, and a ell beyond the entrance of a gloomy rock a walled It was almost as if they had been suddenly verging halo of brilliant light flashed downward pass was discovered. caught in a cyclone. upon the city . Then Bancroft read from the map again, con"Whoop I Ireland foriver I Come up an' see me, The followil.:g <.lay a storm came up as the Queen tinning from where h e had previously left off, as ye murderin' blackguards av the worruld. Come Clipper was t!alling northward. 1-'he atmoapbere follows: up and put the paws nv ye:r. on Frank Reade's was charged with elect

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