Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part II

Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part II

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part II
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York Frank Tousey, 1893
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1 online resource (31 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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University of South Florida
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Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939.
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Frank Reade, Jr., and his Queen Clipper of the Clouds : a thrilling story of a wonderful voyage in the air Part II.
n Vol. 2, no. 45 (1893)
New York : Frank Tousey, 1893.
c 1893
1 online resource (31 p.) ; 29 cm.
Frank Reade library.
v vol. 2, no. 45
Science fiction.
Dime novels.
t Dime Novel Collection.
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Latest ;Enteed a s S eoond Class Matte?' a t th e .New Y01lc N Y., P os t Office, Oct o ber 5, 1892. No. 45. { col\J:PLETE.} FRANK TOUSEY. P uRT, ISHER, 3 & 36 NORT H M O ORE 8'l'REE1', NEW YORK, New York, July 29 1893. ISSUED WEEKLY. { J 'JUCE } 5 Entered according to the Act of Congr ess, in the year 1893, by FRAN K TOUSEY, i n the office o f t h e Libra1ian of Con g r ess, at Washington, D C. FRANK READE. JR:, And ais Queen Clipper of tbe Clouds 'l'he amazed enraged savages leaped upward, ma1 beyo reach. The Indians yelled and skyward fi't the end of t '3: '"'7.l.ntic efforts to seize Pomp. But he was whisked trged their weapons at Pomp as he was car-' '"h was attached to the air-ship.


2 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS CLIPP.ER THE CLOUDS. I T!le subscription Price of the FRANK READE LIBRARY by the ye"r is $2.50: $1.25 per six months, postpaid. TOUSEY, PUBLisHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street. Box 2730. FRANK READE, AND HIS I QUEEN CLIPPER Of CLOUDS. A THRILLING. STORY OF A VOYAGE IN THE AIR F.A...RT II By Author of "Frank Reade, Jr., and His Electric Team," Reade, Jr:s Chase Through the Clouds," etc., etc. CHAPTER XXXIV. The fact was, at that date there was some trouble of the Ruspensory belloes and the more la.borecl between the United States and Mexican govern-beating of the propellers. t:aUisiNG OVER MEXICO-MUTINY ON THE QUEEN ments, owing to the illegal imprisonment of Ameri-All at once Barney s(.a.rted. He fancied be beard CLIPPER. can citizens by the Mexicans. War then stealthy footstep' at door of the glass house. "WHAT I does the electricity no longer come to two countries was threatened, nnd the Mexicans It was a moment before the lrishmnn, with the tbe engine from the battery!" cried Frank Rei\de, were S!l bitter agninst all Americans that Frank tear of the "ghost" upon him now very Mtrong, Jr. scarcely crediting in that moment of Reade, Jr., received a friendly warning from tbe could mustar up sufficient courage to turn and and consternation that Sands' statement as to the American counsel that it would be dangerous for look at the door, which was behind him. electrical current could be true. hiru to remain. But he beard tbe &ound that had startled him "Yes, yes;the current has broken I" reiterated It appeared that the Mexicans reiarded Frank again, and trying to keep up bis cournge by telling !:lands, in tones of increasing nlarm. Reade as a spy, sent to spy out the condition of himself that Pomp was up to some trick to frighten The Queen Clipper was still sinking. the Mexlcai! country, and they declared that the him, h" turned about. During storms, when the clouds are heavily airship was an i::1VentiQn of tb!l bated "AmariAs he did so, the glass door, which was opaque laden with electric fluid, the currents of telegraph canos" to enable them to gain information to be slowly slvung open, and there upon the threshold' lines are interfered with. So now, from a like en use, used In the seemingly impendiqg conflict. Barney beheld the ''ghost" which he bad tbe electricity was decreased in .tba accumulators But lf they did not remain In the city the e;ea of before. of the airship. the air was free to the aeronef, and so the young Tbe white-robed figure stood motionless for 11 In the case of the telegraph the result is usually inventor a,_nd the old scientist determined to in-moment, while it seemed to Barney that tbe terri trivial; but with the airship the Incident was a spoot the interesting country from a safe elevation. ble bla3lng eyes emlted Infernal flames. frightful peril. Only Barney objacied to leaving tbe City of Then one long arm was slowlv extended and It Tbe Queen Clipper was In Imminent danger . "Sure, M:asther Frank," he had said, pointed at Barney precisely RR on the OCCMlon or of being dashed to atoms upon the earth a thou"it's spollin' a cbnnce for a foine bit av a ruction its first appearande It bad Indicated Pomp sand .feet below. with the yellow nngurs yez are by goln' a ways." An awful groan came frotr. the shrouded form The crew wns panic-stricken they renlized Frank and bis fellow voyagers saw that tbe and uoor Barney fell upon his kn!'ic. hundred feet, but 1t was st11l among the eiJctric lakes. Most ?f the latter bemg Situated m r the All three were in time to seethe ghost, as It van clouds. valley of Mextco. !shed down the companion-wa as it bad do o The fightnln{!' played arouna t)le ship o! the air The climate was hot and pestilential along the the night when it was seen firs! ne n like erratic and the danger coast, but mild and healthful In the high interior. Of courJil FrO:nk Heade, Jr. : was called to the each succesMve moment. soil seemed to be fer.tile, a011 in tbe moun-deck, nod ncquainted with the fact of the secon4 The suspensory so.rewswererunnlngslower and tams there \yere gold and stiver.mln .es. appearance of tbe .. host." slower, and the sw1ft desctlnt threatened to be The Inhabitants, the doctorsmd, were of mixed The young lnvenfor wa 1 ed d come a rnpid fall. races, about one-tenth being creoles. Spanish is mystified tbnn ever s more perp ex an But Fmnk sprang down the companlonsta1rs, the language of tbe country. Hearing the and darted h1to the battery-room. Salling along the gulf const nt a.,moderate eleva-aud ex ressinoomen among themselves, 'l'here was an extra battery there not In use, tlon, the aerial voyagers d i scovered the natives of the Caunted"' sV:e wFsb t1hdey were safely clear which tbe inventor had reserved for OC('.asions of fishing. "That bo 1P: sa to the doctor: special necessity like the present. Frank thought it would be an excellent oppor-the crew ff tbst trtck WIll make trouble for me with Instantly Frank connected the "!'ires of this bat tunity to supply tbe artier with fresh fish, and. 80 tbq ghost, Is n.ot exposed. If ever I 868 terv witl! the supply-drum and under the acces be ordered a descent. volv cap ure 1t at the muzzle of my reo sion of motive power, air-ship, which was The Queen Clipper land e d ata little fishing bama bullet it." then Jess thnn one hundred feet from the earth, let, and having hire d several of the men of lh.IJ vil-be 1PRJience completely exhausted, &nd l!lhnt upwari. lage to come on bC>nrd to assist In the work the The 0 as be said. The elecfrlc <1louds were left below. The full a irship put out over the water. Iandin mcceedmg day the Queen Clipper made\. power o f the being no longer neu A drag net was rjgged and a,o our's work suf-were bto f a supply of wild fruits, wblcb tralized by the e lectric tension of the atmosphere tlce d to fill up the larders. M 6 oun m abundan<-e. enabled the Queen Clipper's propellers to regain Then the nntiyes were landed and tbe Queen sguth Brown baJ been 111 work cov their normnl as did the susp!'lnsory helices, resumed her air voy age sbi net ng t e terrified ore"'' to desert the &!r and the aerial vessel glided onward, leaving the That night Barney at the wheel. The hour ed fli Zeke Beam and Ben Driggs had second storm behind it. was midnight, as the little clock in the steersman' F 6 1? professor in h1s efforts. 'l'he Doctor and Frank Reade. had not cared to glMs house told tbe Irishman. s rank Reade, Jr., and the doctor were standing remnin long In the city of Mexico, and indeed they Barney felt a little timl<;l. bad by no ifa the bowdof the vessel when all tbe crew, except bD:d made a landing there belore they set forgotten the" ghost" of Hair. The slltmce was he r:ra 0 Pomp, marching a01'088 tbe declt 9&1 agam. unbroken save by "whirr 1 whirr,., Th 6 Y hief Engmeer Sands. e men had resolved to take the preeent opo


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QlJ.6.hlN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS . ):""to desert tho Queen Clipper while it wus won't stop us. He'll never capture the Queen 'l'he succeeding moment a girlish voice from ::=:::: rth. Clipper. You may be sure of that." within the temJ;>le was heard to utter a terrible ,,)}rper Sands had been chosen the spokeman vou are, pard, I'm th!nk!n'. We'll cut scream of despair. 11 ,vttrty. run wiin Frank Reade's gold, just as you say," "Come, ylcious hall by wooden partitions ten feet "Hold I" shouted Frank Reade, Jr., Mable them to obtain a bird's-eye view of .all the high on sid!J he sprang before the chief engineer. "Th1s IS wond3rs of wh1ch they h11u heard, and Jookmg for-'l'he d1d not extend quije to the door, mutlnv I" ward to an interesting and advonl,urous journey, a space being left by whicll entrance could be Mutiny or not we leave the ship now I LAt Frank ordered the air-ship to be headed ror Ceomade to the two dilVisions of tile temple, intO' me pass, .. r e plied Sand8. tral America. which the center aisle divided it. "Halt' where you are 1 I command vessel Q!leen Clipper sail!ld steadily southward. 'h ese great side divisions ''!ere crowded 'I_Vith yet, !\nd I'll shoot down the erst one of you mu-The wmds were favorable to of the natives, but there was no one 10 the central atsle. tineers who attempts to leave the deck I" thund,ernerouef, and as a high ratil ol speed ,Wa8 main'fhat WM the sacred pathway to a greataltarat the f;d Frank as he leveled a revolver at Sands and tal ned it did not require much time to make the further end of the temple, and no one the his follow'ers. run from over to the borders of the Isth-priests and the victim intended for the sacrifice At the same moment Dr. Vaneyke entered the mus of Panama. ever traversed it. central cabin, --... Having made the desired inspection ther. e The altar, which was of stone,. extended com-Queen Clipper was gmded northeast over Yucapletely across the templfl, from one wall to the CHAPTER XXXV. tau. other It was about &ixfeet high, and a set of six 'l.'he forest and jungles were a.hhost impenetrable steps led up to it at the end of the centml aisle. THE MUTINEERS BROUGHT TO TER:M.S-IN THE for some distance from the seaboard. Rut further As Frank Reade, Jr., and his followers entered TEMPLE OF THE INCAS. on the interior became more open, and there wns the temple they saw a great fire blazing upon the SANDS ball:ed, and his followllrs hesitated, Evieome delightful country abounding in beautiful center ol the altar, and the white-robed priests, dently tlley were not prepared for such a detervalleys, uplands and meadows. Villages of thil twelve in number, were'prepal'ing to place the cap-mined stand as Fmnk Reade, Jr., was ma.Kin.g. natives were seen. tive'girl in the ftames; Just then, when a conflict seemed to he tnreat-The voyagers were surprised to see houses conNot a moment wns to be lost by the rescue partl' ened il the mutineers persiRted, the Queen Clipper structed of hewn stone in magnificent designs, and They charged straiJht up the sacred pathway to suddenly left the earth and soared upward. here and there they discovered massive ancient the altar. . Dr. Vaneyke had turned on the electricity to the temples. Some were in ru10s while others were inReaching the stone steps Frank and his men \ central engine. Sands uttered an enraged cry tact, as when they were built by the race of th.e bounded up them, and gained the altar, the top and darted toward the central cabin, once mighty Incas. of whicll was fiat, about ten feet wide. "1'11 bring the ship to a landing again in short The people were dark and evidently warlike, astonished priests tied before the onset of order!" he hissed. One day a descent was made in an open space in the r\scue party, and Frank Reade, Jr., threw his Bnl at the door of the central cabin Dr. Vaneyk.e a jun!fle where the Queen Clipp e r was entirely conarm about tbe half fainting form of tbe girl captive, confronted th{llrate engineer with a leveled revolcealea by the surroundil.lg vegetation. and tore her from the grasp of one of the ver. Frank Reade, Jr., had discovered a large villag who had started to drag her away. "You can't enter here until Frank gives order near by, and In the adjacent woods, not far from Barney and Pomp whacked the fieeing priests. to aamit vou," said the dootor sternly. where the Queiln Clipper made a landing, he saw a over the shoulders as they ran, and in a moment !:lands recoiled before the old scientist's menacgrand stone temple. tile altar was in possession of Frank Reade, Jr., mg weapon, and Pomp and Barney, understanding The yolfng inventor's motive in making a deand his party how thfiV could best serve Frank in this crisis, at scent, was not one merely or curiosity or for ad-The priests had leaped down among the popu-nce took cllarge o! the propelling engines. venture. He had seen that there was a great comlace, and urged on by them, the dusky warriors The mutineers were bam<)d, at least for the timjl; motion in the native vil)age, and that a long line of surged into the sacred aisle, and 4n a trice, bef'>n\ for until the air-ship again made a tiley fierce-looking 1'9en in fiowing, white garments, the party could beat a retreat, tile way out were to all intents prisoners on board 1t. were mtLrching from the village in the directioq of of the temple was blocked by the fierce natives. 01 course the disaffected crew understood this, the tell:\ pie. The warriors i:lrew their bows, and seeing that a the cunning crazy professor, intent upon cur!n their midst was a beautiful whit.e girl, shower of arrows were ab'lnt to be discharged at .-ying favor with Frank, said: dently 11 captive. But though her hands W!'re him and his COll:\rades, Frank leaped down be .. Mr. Reade is right after all, lads. We have no bound, her brow was laden with a wreath of ftowers, bind the altar with the white girl in his autborit. y to leave him as we proposed. 1 see it and she was robed in snowy white. 'l.'he others followed their lender. now." Following the men in flowing white robes, came Their movement was accomplished none too "I'll makE\ .you a proposition, men, and II you populace, many dusky warriors, armed with soon. Immediately a vollAy ol arr .. fie w over agree to it we shall get ort as pleasantly he1etonows and arrows, and ugly-looking spears, 11nd their heads, and fell behind them, shattered against fore. Iproposa that you give me four days in behind them a motley crowd of men, women and the stone wall of the temple. which to prove to you that you are the victims of children. On the side or the altar n ow occupied tiy the a trick, and that supposed gh?st Is merely a de-D octor Vaneyke, who had been a student ot thE> crew of the Queen Clipper, a flight of ex q free to leave the vesbel." he they were conducting the beautiful tored, "Ali fair enough, I for one agree I" white girl to the temple in the woods to offer her Th e re was, however, no rear exit from the tern-said Satrds. as n. sacrifice to their" god of fire." pie, and it appeared theftlfore, that the devoted others assented. "You know," the doctor had added, "the anciband of heroes must pettish where they were, 01 'hen Frank put up h1s pistol, t!le doctor admitent Incas believed in human sacrifiaes." fight their way out, througll the army of sa vag( ted Sands to nis engine room, ana the mutiny waa That was lor Frank Reade, Jr. natives that thronged every foot of space withil .at an end. He r!lsolved to save tbe beautiful white girl, and tile structure. Smith Brown retired to his in the stern so the descent of the Clipper was made as Kneeling on the rear stairs of the altar, and lEivel < had enough of the their captive. But they retired only to charge again, urged to voyage on the air-ship, and of Smith Brown's risky Barney was happy. slay the strang ers by the white-robed priests, who plots and schemes to seize it. Sure an' I feelloike n Donnybrook boy wance did not mean to be robbed of the beautiful victim Those enterprising gentlemen felt that more. Faith, an' it's a foine bit av a ruction wid t hey had doomed for tbe sacrifice. were losing valua\lle time from the employment o! tne nagurs I'm after countln' on," said he, as the The battle raged fast and furious. The natives their profession, and they longed to be again enparty advanc"ld. were fully resolved that the white men should ;gagfld in "holding up "stage-coaches and robbing But the priests, and their fair captive reached the never escape from the sacreu temple alive, passengers. . temple in advance of Frank Reade. Jr., and his men. Frank Reade, Jr., had engaged in some desperate Queen Clipper was too hm1ted a sphere for From the etlge ol the adjacent timber, while they combats in his time, but never had lle known any their exuberant genius and Beam to his comwere themselves undiscovered, Frank and his 'folthing like this. Fanatical zeal{o aven[l'e the dese tade: lowers saw the prjest enter thi temple, with the cration of their sacred temple, urged;the Ratives to "I propose we take the first chance we get to fair captive. The multitude followed. The spadesnerate deeds .steal Frank R6ade, Jr.'s, f-Old again, and run away cious temple seemed sufflciently large to accomOver the bodies of the dead they charged again with it, when we can make sure Smith llrown modate all. and again, only to be met by storms of bullets, for ,/


FRANK READE, JR, AND QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. ' 1e defenders of the altar had sprtlad out all along Iy, and an electric whistle made the air echo with Beall! dropped1 the :. the unearthly shrieks. by Dr w en Not a native had suoceede1 in reaching the top '.rhe natives no longer thought of the of Jr. had disco-:eted htmi 1 shouted the of the altar when the combat had been waged for the temple. They seemed only intent upon sav 1g "You tblevmp fiasca ds them on deck some moments. themselves, and through the door they fled, llventer, and he o owe d uite But Frank R\lllde, Jr., knew this state of al'fairs mel!. 'l'be temple was very quickly emptiedo.. .Beam and could not be prolonged indefinitely. At the rapid Frank, with the rescued girl in his arms, !1\ ed w1lh yonsternahtiOn it other meinbers of rate at which his men wer<> firing, the supply of out of tile temple behind the fleeing natives, nd It chanced t at_ a e ammunition which they bad brought with them his men closely followed him. 'l'here, at an el11vacrew were on thi es I just caught them would soon be exhausted, and once they could not tion of S9me fifty feet only, hung the Clip .ruose rasca s are ev I" shouted Frank shoot, the enemy would soon overpower them bJ per, suspended in tbe air. Dr. Vaneyke had1 sinbad robbed my cabm sheer force of numbere. gle-handed, brought tbe aerial yessel to the rescuelpo1tmg at the culprits. . b d 1 k .1 'l'be fight was continued. At last all fbA ammujust in time. Hearing the continued firing in the "'l'brow the blackguards overboard, a uc tl nition tor the rilles was exhausted. But every temple, he fancied Frank and his party needed tblm I" shouted Barney. Having hired several of the men of the village to come on board to assist in the work, the air-ship put out over the water. A drag-net was rigged and an hour's work sufficed to fill up the larders. Throw the blackguards overboard, bad luck till thim!" shouted Barney. The next moment Beam and Driggs were seized by the other members of the crew and hus tled to the rail, despite their desperate resistance. mr.mber of the heroic little band carried a re-help. As he' understood the machinery he had' The next moment Beam and Driggs were seized volvilr. readily navigated tbfl Quean Clipper the short dis-by the oth'er m embers of the crew and bustled to With these weapons it wn..q to hollvers, while every one of them now beFrank and his party were soon safe on board the CHAPTER XXXVII lieved that the bour of their doqm had come. air-ship again with the young girl they bad saved. . 'l'he powder smoke hung thick and heavy in the She was M the air-ship sailed: a 'Yay, THRILLING INCIDENTS-BARNEY AND Ilf tom pie-hall, and through Ute shadowy canopy the and she said she wn.s the daughter of an Amencan PERIL hideous faces of the charging natives looked like resident of Aspinwall, and that she bad been the visa!'(eS of a legion of wrecked upon the coast of Yucatan and captured PERHAPS the other members of the crew of the "Let us die like men and Americans, with our by the natives. She believed all the other persons QJe,n CJ.i.pper only meant to frighten the 'two ras faces to the foe!" at last shouted Frttnk Reade, Jr., who had escaped from the wrecked vessel 1iad cals whom Frank had caught stealing his gold. desperately, for be knew then that almost the lnst been put to death by the natives. At all eventR as the young inventor promptly shot from the revolvers had been fired. Frank Reade, Jr., at once sailed for Aspin'!Yall, shouted to tb!lm to let Beam and Driggs alone But at that awful crisis, when all seemed lost, and there he-land!ld the young girl, who was re-the men relensed the two trembling wretches. what. sound was that that burst upon tile bearing ceived by her relatives with great rejoicing, fo1 "De gob!" cried Barnev, "will ye bA a!ther of all within the sacred Inca temple? they supposed she was lost at sea. doubtin' av me words now, 'Masther Frank, wbin I Frank Reade, Jr., uttered a shout as be beard Som hours later, as the Queen Clipper was sail':Je's tellin' av yez that it was tbim two blackgul\rds the startling sound, for surely it was the report of ing northward, and, Frnnl Ueade, Jr., and Dr. that knocked me on the head in the central cabin the cannpn on board the Queen Clipper. Vaneyke were taking dinner in lbe dining-saloon, beyant wbin the ship was dropped down among "Courage, boys I Courage!" shouted the young Zeke Beam and Dnggs crept to tbe young inven-the red nagurs on the plains?" Inventor, and as he spoke "Boom!" came the cabin, and entering it, they removed the "Indeed, Barney in the light of thfl present dis port..of the a shell struck the door of casltet ot golt;I from its hiding-place. of the of these ment I am inclined the temple With terr1(1c force. Beam ca.rr1ed the casket; and he started for h1s to tbmk you are correct replied Frank. The natives were terror-stricken then. quarters, follo1ved by Driggs. Just then Frank '' Ab I" excjalmed the doctor "if the manlfesM "Boom I" once thundere? th':l cannon, and 1\eade, them. wn.s going to his tions in proof of the presence secret enemy on the temple door was nven from 1ts bmges and fell cabin to bnng a certam book winch he required tolboard the air-ship h'a.d not been made prefiously shattered by the exploding bomb. prove he was right in an argument he and the to the a.dvent of Beam and among us w& '_ Then the bell on the Queen Clipper clanged loud-doctor were having. might conclude that they the authors ol all


FRANK -.READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. = and annoyance the mysterious un"Barney and Pomp headed otr the two rascals be-the cogs which would crush him once he was bas occasioned us. lore they could leave the deck. caught in their iron teeth ..:True enough. But now the question is, what "Ye thaves av the world. Would yez break the It was fortunate indeed for Sands that he had .nail wet do with these two rascals?" replied head av an Irish gintleman? Taketh yo blackslowed up the machine to bring the aeronef to a ;Frank. guard I" roared Barney, and be put up his fists in landing. Beam and Driggs cowered beside the r11.ll, and fighting style and began to d&nce around Beam Had the machinery betln working at or1ii:ars they wero as shame-faced and frightened a!! conand thump him right and le!t. speAd the engineer's fate, would have been seal o! guilt could render them. "You'"e done stole de pie I" cried Pomp, and heed before help conld have reached hi'm. "We haven't never done harm on board weqt at Driggs. Barney and Pomp A.t once entirely stopped the !1-IOre this," whined Driggs, dolefully. Tile c:>rnered rascals showed llght and in a momachinery, and then Engi, neer Sands was teleased, "An' we have done good service. We pleau m:ent a regular .Donnybrook sbindy, such as debut this was not accomplished without some difgullty In this Instance, an' we only asks that conlighted heart was In progress. ficulty, and it was found necessary to cut his gar-slderln' we saved yer lifo, you will Jet us orr easy. An4 while the row went on Smith Brown was in mente in order to set him iree. We do, by gosh I" supplemented Beam. a state of fear and suspense that made him des-Just ns Sands was tho Queen Clipper "Gollle 1 1 done spec' one ob dem fallers done perate. struck the ground not far from the confines of the stole de big apple pie, I done baked, an' put away He had overheard Beam ami Driggs when they Mexican seltlement. fo' de special lunch ob dis chief cook ob de bake to betray bls plot to Fmnk. Meantime Smith Brown saw Beam and Driggs shop said Pomp. "Ha I" said the insane professor under his breath. come bounding d own the companion stairs with his remark, Frank addressed Beam" The villains would ruin me I B!ll it shall not be. fe1 llngs of great exultation. and Driggs: They shall not defeat my grand project to make my But in their haste to escape from Barney and "1 am disposed to be lenient with you, because, self king of the air. No-no. 'l'he cloud spirit3 Pomp the rascals leaped down two or three steps as you have said, I owe you my life. But your whisper to me, tlley say 'Kill! kill! lcilll'" at once, and by a. lucky chance, for them, both presence on board the air-ship can no be Glmlng into the cabin where he kept his cleared the last step without tolemted. 1 shall, therefore, land you at the first chest he opened that receptacle and took out a So they escaped Smtth Brown s ternble electric settlement we discover," said he. loaded revolver. death trap. Beam and Driggs brightened up wonderfully a!Concealing the weapor. In his pocket, Smith The maniac's rage and disappointment was ter that and the former whispered to Driggs: Brown then crept across tho deck, unseen by tile boundless, and uttering a fierce cry of anger, he "1 say pardner, I guess we owe Smith Brown combs.tants, who Wbre still flght.iug there. sprang forward out of his hiding-place, and level one for stoppin' us that night when we were going The insane conspirator descended the com pan-ing his revolver at Beam, who came first, he pulled down the cable wllh Frank Rende's boodle, nod ion stairs and entered ttie battery-room. thE:' trigger. might have got away with it but for him." '!'here he busied himself for some moments. But the weapon missed fire. "Correct" assented 1'hen he came out trailing a wire after him, by Thrice more, in quick succession, be snapped the "1 guess'we've got a chance fer to git even with means of a pair of non-conducting tongs. weapon, but a cartridge had caught in the end of Smith Brown now," contmued Beam. Quickly he attached the wire to the last .one of the cylinder and the weapon would not explode. "Do you mean to expose his plot to incite a muthe light metallic j;teps of the companiou-stairs. Hurling away the useless revolver in disgust, the tiny nnd seize the vessel?" 1'hen he crouched down In the darkness near insane. professor threw the wire off the stairs and Before Beam reply Dr. Vaneyke, who was them and muttered exultantly: e leaped befote Beam and Driggs, were goscanning the earth below through a powerful glass, "Now, if Beam and Driggs step on tae last step ing forward toward Frank Reade's cabin. shouted: of the stairs they will be Instantly shocked to "Hold I" cried the madman. "I know all-I A settlement insight!" death, for as the poweriul current forth" sus pensoverheard you when you conversed on deck but a Frank looked through the glass, and discerning ory engine has been turned back to the battery to short time since, and I am fully aware that you a small frontier settlement of adobe houses, be or-lower the vessel, I have been able to run the termean to betray me to Reade. Now listen: You dared a descent. rible current in full)orce iqto the last step through will gain nothing b:' exposing my plot, but I swea-r Almost immediately the air-ship began to flont the connecting wire." l I will ih the end yet both your fortunes if gracefullv downward under the skillful Smith Brown's eyes flashed llke coals of fire, and you will yet keep my secrets." ment of (he suspensory and propellir.g engines. his pale intelleQtual features worked nervously 1\S "Reade is agoin' to land us and that's the last Meantime ns the descent began, Beam mnde re-he drew his loaded revolver from his pocket addwe'll see of you, by gosh I" replied J3eam. ply to Driggs' last question. ing, in scarcely audtble "No, you shall see me again. By all my hopes "Yes" said he, '"I mean to tell Frank Reade all "But if they should not tonch" the last step on of Heaven, I to return here for you. I am about s.'mith Brown's desperate scheme. And I'll their way to Reade's cabin, then I'll t>hoot them sure to capture the air-ship, when the time Frank alsoexposethe!raud he and Steersman Hall nreboth d'Own in their tracks, and vow they attacked Readehasaskedforlnwhichto'lay'the ghost has working to make therest o'tthe crew believe \he me and that I shot them in self defense. Come passed, and he has failed; for fail he shall. Then vessel is haunted." what may, the two villains shall not li-ve to betray all crew, save the Irishman and the negro, will "Good. Then Reade will know who his se<'ret me." / desert. That will be my time to strike. 1 will come enemy is and ['II bet a boss, l\lister Smith Brown But a moment or so subsequently, Beam and back to' you master of the Queen Clipper, and willwisil' he hadn't meddled with Messrs. Beam Driggs succeeded in breaking away from Barney king of the air.': and Driggs," assented the latter. and Pomp. "Durn me if I aht't hair a mind to help ye by But there was trouble brewing for Beam and Th_en down the companion stairs rush eLl the two keepin' still, after all," s a id Beam. Driggs on the vessel. vlllams. Would they pass tl!e fatal step and es"So am I," n.ssented Driggs. all along promised himself to get cape the madman who meant to slay them 0 "I shall want a crew. Where could I get more square the man who broke his head, It was a mom_ent of vital it?portance for the fate mon than you are? Then we will make and now,As he was f?liY convmced that Beam and of the Q?een Chpper. If Smtth W8f the Queen Clipper a veritable bucca11eer of the air,. responstble for thA cowardly blow, the ed all might Le well. If not, then possibly, his rna-and eecure treasures in every land continued Irishman called :romp, and they went into the niecal project might succeed, and one day Frank Smith Brown. cook's galley. The Irishman being intent upon Jr., those who were faithful to him, He appealed directly to the cupidity of the two enlisting Pomp against the two JTIIght find themselves at the of the insane rascals then, and he could not have hit upon a "Begob an' yez say yllz have been robbeu

6 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. As pursued and pursuers drew nearer, the men Half a dozen swarthy executioners had seized rascal C?f on board the heard the Mexicans yell: hold of the free end of the rope,. and they were grasp h1m as he up d the "Death to the Americanos I Death to the Amariwaiting for the word from the 1\lcalde, who acted The burly M.eJEJCan h after canos I" as mastet f the to swing their victim Barney, stsndmg at t eh d 0 the Queen Clipper a safe distance up. America!! had gained t e ec rna e n Ethead of the vindictive Beam EtDd "By Heav.eng they shnll not execute my country-to stop h1m. d if to run away Driggs bouD,ded up the landing-ladder which was man thus 1 He looks like a noble fellow nnd probOn the contr11.ry Barney :S 11 and shout still down, and rushing to Frank, fell upon ably he Is guilty of no wrong!" exclaimed Frank, and the Mexicand gavte aful?xu board th; their knees at his feet In abject terror excitedly ed to his comra ea. o o ow "For God's sake let us remain on' the air-ship Then g-ave the needed orders, and the vessel strange air vessel of the oJowardly and \Te will be your slave& I We are truly pen!: descended two hundred feet. The Mexicans set But Barney was working a stra or 8 tent. In mercy save us from those murderous up a terrible yell as they SI\\V the air-ship, and the b?neftt of that rascal. The Inshman had Mexicans I" cried Beam, alcalde gave the word to launch the young ,A..merip1cked up his sh1llaiah. 0 ear to ear "Yes-yes. !'he greasers mean to kill us. They can into eternity. Pomp, who stood near, grinned fr m Barney and the young inventor had trained the cannon on tbe Mexican executioners, as the vessel descended, and at a signal from .his master Barney discharged the cannon, which was loaded with grape-shot. Frank could see to accurately aim the big gun, aud very soon he began to discharge explosive shells. The terri fied Indians, thinkmg thunderbolts from the sKy were descending upon them, fled in dis.c:.ay. have a young American now a captive In the town. But Barney and the young inventor hn.d trained in anticipation of what coming, as he said to We saw him, and the Mexicans were making prethe ctu:(non on the Mexican executioners, as the Blake, who was near him: perations to hang him when discovered us, vessel descmded, and at" signal from his master "Gollie, you is a gwine ter suffin' dmp and started to capture us, too," added Driggs. Barney discharged the cannon, which was loaded putty soon. Dat Idsher done lay fo' dat greaser, Rascals though you are, I you to with grttpe-sh ot. an' I spec's he'll lay out de yeller nigger." fall into the clutches of those murderous wretches, The next moment the head of the l'lfexicnn apfor you sa\'ed my life, and I owe it to you to St\ve CHAPTER XXXIX. peared above the rail as he recklessly ascended the you now," replied Frank. landing ladde1 Then, while Beam and fervently and ANOTHER OF THE PIE-A Then Barney turned like a fiasb, and "whack" smcerely thanked the young mventor for his came his sblllalah down upon the skull of lhe mercy, he ordered the aeronef to be elevated. THE of the discharge from the. cannon Mexican. l'he fellow tb,rew up his bands and fell the wonderful suspensory mawas qUite to Frank and his men: The backward among his followers, precipitating 8,.,_ to work , and .the noble ship of the murderous Mex1!lo.ns who were about to swmg up era! of them who had ventured upon the 1 dde t 11r soared mto space, wh1le the diaappointed the young Amer1can were scattered b,y the shot, the grounJ a r 0 dexicans stood stock still and watched it In comand the succeeding instant the young man threw Wh 1 C .. >lete amazement. the rope !rom about his neck 'and rushed toward oop ome up and see me 1 Begob, I'm The air vessel quickly attained an elevation of the rescuers. the av one only, but it's such \bout three hundred feet. But his enemies aid not mean that he should esa wat'!l welcome I 11 g1ve yez that ye Will be afther Th.n the commander gave the assistant engicape thus easily, and the rall!ed them, and thf'\nkm' the lucky stars there's not two av me I" Jeers the signals, and the aeronef led them to charge upoo the fugitive. cned Barney, sailed on over the Mexican town. As they rushed forward, intent upon again se-Then tile atr vessel began to and alA mob of excited Mexicans was assembled In an curing him, the air-ship BWA,pt earthwarr! rnpidly. though the Irate Mexicans fired severn! Ehot.;; ,.'tIt open square in the center of the village, and they The escaping man stra:ned every mnsllie In the no one on board was hit and it was soon beyond were In the act of hanging a handsome young A merrace. that ensued. But he gained ths Queen Clip-the rafige of the enemy's 'rilles. lean. There was one large tree in the center Just as thE! aeron!)f t:,eached the The young American who had so rarrowly 68 squ!lre. A ,rope bad f>een thrown over one of Barney stobd ready, and in_stantly threw over co.ped death at the hands of the Mexicans stated to proJectmg hmbs, and the other end of the rope the landing-ladder, and the !ug1tive ran up it. But Frank that his name was Kenneth Lake il.nd that was noosed about the neck of the young Amerithe pursuing Mexicans were close upon him. In-he bad crossed the Rio Grande in search of a beau can. deed, the foremost of his foes, a huge, swarthy tlful young American girl, whom he loYed with all


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. 'l .. eart, and with whom he had plightSee, they are traversing the wood, accompanied well nigh impossible for any of us to steal bJ ,.1 his trotn. by a strong escort ol J.ndi(\us !" them undetected." From the young man's nurrative It appeared Glancing downward Frank snw that what Ken"Certainly. It Is only reasonable to surmise that be and his sweetheart lived -on adjoining neth said was true. The Mexican Don and a beauthat," asl!flnted Kenneth. ranches in Texas, and that the young 10irl's steptiful young girl were on foot, following a trail "Well, then. This is my plan: I mean that father was opposed to their union. through the timber. some one shall be Jet down from the air vessel The step father was a mercenary old rascal, and Their Indian escort them. r by means of a. rope, dli'ectly upon the roof of the he had sold Mollie Marion, Kenneth Lake's be-"I'll soon disperse tlle Indians and then we'll ranch-house. Thus our man can be got inside lovell, to a wealty Mexican cattle King calleli Don swoop down on the old sai3th Lake. the illumination of tte fires could not disclose to moment they went rolling to the bottom of the "We must resort to a ruae" replied Frank, the ene'my. flight. "True. But what rpse can,' succeed now?" Everything had been prepated for t)le novel Both were pr.etty well over their desire for fu, r"That's the' ali-important question. Let me method of rescue which was now about to be un tber hostilities when they picked themselves up think for a moment." , dertaken. and rubbed their: bruises. Kenneth did not speak again for several moThe rope cable, by w!Jlch Kenneth Lake was to Frank immediately called them on deck, and ments. Frank seemed to meditate deeply. be lowered to the toot of Don Alvarado's ranor 1 gave you?" All!!.t once, liS the a11ronef' was over a belt of tim-in the reo! as you can plainly see. Very well, "Yes," replletl Kenneth. ber, the voice of Kenneth Lake rang out now to-night the Don will be on lookout for Then Frank strapped his portable electric bat and he shouted: us, that is certain, and of course, be will surround tery on Kenneth's back, like a soldier's knapsack, "l'bere is Don Alverado and my lost love now I the house with numerous guards, so it will be The young man drew on the gloves, of cbainmail,


8 l!'RANK READE, JR., AllD HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'H.E CLOUDS. !!ned with non-conductors which went with the tie silver bell musically chimed the signal 'that Ken-Then. the young man door and battery, and thea l>'tank ran the conducting wires n e th was safely inside the M e xi c an s dwelling bolt to Its place, thus secunng 11 from the battery down his arms to the gloves l md There ensued a period ol suspense for the men The r esllUe r was now alo n e 11;1 a we there connected them. 'l'bese wires were so fine of the aeronef. sleeping-r o om with the feet dis.. y d b d t a c h e d to the cable aft e r Kenneth descended. the young American opened, and a brillI Iant hght streamed forth. "Bah I You Mexican dons care no more f o r y our CHAPTER XLI. Kenneth sprang backward. word than the most treacherous red savaooe of the : A DESPERATE ENC O UNTER-THE ELECTRIC GLOVESToo late I He was discovered by Don Alvarado plains. I m not v erdant enough to believe y o u GREAT PERIL. himBelf,who came through the open door whence said K e nneth, In sn eering tones. FINALLY, h a vin g m a de all his personal prep:m1the light em.anated. . . Then, unde r the threat of death if he resiste d, t i o ns K13nneth sli'pped the noos e d rope under his It was all: mtensely thrilling crisis. the Mexican submitt e d to be b ound. arms and h e was lowered downward. The Mextean, theu?expectedslght "Now I'll. leave you. But if I do not find 1\iollie. 'l'he c amp-Jl,r e s h a d now died down, so that the ?f the young resc)ler, was an speechI'll come back to settle with you presently, said d e s cer.ding form was in no danger of being discov.e ss. But he had opened h1s hgs to about ,tn alarm Kenneth. er:e d by the Mexi c ans Indian guartls. whe n forwar and a.lmed a blow The n he passed out of the room havin first In a mom ent K e nneth was lost to the sight of the at Ius head With his c.nbbed revolver. however, extinguished the Jiooht g ere\V on the air-ship, in the dark Told beneath it. The o\ow told. Dropolng a )),istolwhlch he had He went along tile dark hall fee iin his wa mom e n,ts and all listened intent!:(, snatched his beltthe MexiCan fell across the along wall and counting the doots felt. ft wmtmg for the first Signal from the young Amenthreshold. the third one east lle paused and list e n e d. can. Kenneth seized him. and dragged him "Perhaps i! Mollie is in this room she Is n o t Presently the rope was jerked twice, and the lit-into the apartment whence he had come. alone!" Kenneth thought.


.:1\Tj 9 :I!:::: READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'RE CLOUDS. .n" Bh01l1(; have made the old Mexicau. tell m e maiden were drawn up in safety to the deck of the Then Mean well hastened from the saloon, anJ t," he added mentally. electric air-ship. be lost no time in leaving the air -ship. Gently tbeu be tried the door. It yi e lded ann he Of course lovers were warmly congratUl ated 'I' hat day the aeronel conveyed Kenneth and his entered, on their escape, and Mollie Marion was assigned wife to A us tin, and there left tllAm with the happy Th'l next moment Mol:Je Marion was in his one of the cabins, to which she retired ro seek groom's relatives, who were people of wealth and arms. 'fhe young girl was reclining on a couch in much needed rest after the exciting scenes and influence. her costume of the day. 'l'he room was faintly ilperiloUs e xperiences through which she had Some hours later the aerial wonder was sailing lumillated, Slle was awt\ke and she saw Kenneth passed. over the Gulf of Mexico. The doctor aud l!'rank as he entere(\ and sprang to meet him. Fr nk and Kenneth discussed the future, wished to observe some of the phenomenon of the But on a blanket close beside the .:Ioor lay a peon The latter said: gulf stream. woman whom Don Alvarado had ordered to watch "I have obtained Mollie's consent to our immeAt sunset they :witnessed a remarkaole scene. Mollie, diate union. The 'l'exan border Is not many The god of day shot forth a hi'llo of multi-colored As Kenneth entered the room the p9on glided miles dtstant, aud I know an old minister at a rays as it sank in the waves like a vanishing out. town on the United States side of tha Rio Grande aurora borealis, 'l'hen she closed the door. who will marry us." 'l'his was caused by cosmic dust which the earth Hearing the sound, Kenneth wheeled like a "Then therll shall be no delay in getting there. was then passing through, and which refiected \ ftasll, and rushing to the door found U !ast. Once you are married, you will become Mollie_'s the last of t!le day. I '"l'mpped I Now, M o llie, we can only hope to legal protector, and her rascally stepfather Will That mght, while the Queen Clipper was saildie together!" cried Kenneth in rlespair. have no authority over your wife." lng onward with the electric light mdiating ube<\d "It was old Kadra. She was on the blanket )n-"I had thought of that, and I fear Mollie's stepof it in a diverging plane of brilliant illumination, elde the door, 'l'he cunning creature mnst have father will make desperate efforts to recapture my a_great fiock of was The stepped out as you came In," explained Mollie, betrothed for Don Alvarado," a1r was full of those tireless bmls of the ocean. "By I'll make a try to escape yet I" ex"Well, if you do not outwit the old fellow it Frank, AOme lime alter the fiock or sea-gullil claimed Kenneth, and he rustled against tte door shall be through no lack of assistance on my had been loft behind, retired to his cabin, but not furiously. It fiew open, for his furious onset bad part." to sleep. After midnight, when all, save the engi-broken tho bolt "I thank you from my heart, Mr. Reade." neers of the ship slept, he crept from his cabin "Follow me, I cannot give you my hand; Jor I "That's all right. I was In loye myself once, stealthily. want to be ready to make use of electric glovea I and though I was not compelled to fight for my uot forgotten that time was passing swift now wear!" said Kenneth to M>llie as he attachbride, I know just how you feel, and you have ray ly, and that he had not solved the mystery of the ed wires to his gloves, Juan instant. sympathy," replied Frank. ghost which he had promised to expose as a fraud, 'l.'hen he darted forward. In the morning the air vessel was over the river With a dark lantern in his hand, Frank set out to At that moment the hall, between him and the of Mexico, and, pilot e d by Kenneth, tho explore the vess &l's hold. stairs lendiQg to the roof, thronged with Indians aerial vessel reaolted the village the young man 'l.'lle Idea had entered his mind that possibly a and peons. Old K:tdra bad lost not an Instant Jn had mentioned. \ sfow' away might have c c ucealed himself there and giving the alarm. A part of the band was quartal'-a descent was made, and the millister, be playing the role of the ghost. edIna large room on that floor. They promptly whom Kenneth knew, was brought ou board the l!'rank now meant to satisfy on this point rushed out. Queen Clipper . '!.'here, on the deck of the noble positively. Liken Kenneth drew a revolver in each ehip of the air, the faithful lovers were mada man In the bow cabin, at the samg time, Smith Brown hand. and wife. was preparing to descend to Steersman Hall's hid The enemy carried lfghts and he did not need to Frank Reade and the crew of the air-shi'p acted ing-place, between the water-tank and the bulk use his dark lantern then. as witnesses of the ceremony. head. There was no time for parley. To stop to talk The inventor bad caused an elegant wedThe insane professor had. smuggled some food we.Pto make sure of doom. Kenneth opened tire ding breakfast to be prepared, and the happy couout of the cook's galley nudetected by Pomp, and r.nd charged at the enemy with Mollie close at his pie and their friends w ere enjoying it in the dinhe now meant to take that food to Hall. side. ing-saloon, when Barney entered quietly and pass"Ah, ha I" muttered the madman. "Not for long The Indians and the peons werA only prevented lug to Frank's side, made so rae communication now shall I, Wickersham, be subservient from returning the young American's volley b,y the which evidently surprised the inventor. to this young intruder in the field of sciencefear that they might hit Mollie, for Don Alvarado Just then there was a commotion at the door of Frank Reade. No, no 1 The hour must soon com had Issued orders that the malden was not to be the saloon which Pomp was guarding, and then a when I can tqrow off the mask and appear In my lniured under any tall, ungainly man ol miudle age, face woulc\ true ch aracter to confound this stripling usurper The fact was, the old villain meant to make her not have won him favor 'Yith a jury if on trial of my ideas. He cannot, shall not, expooe Hall. his wife the next day. Mollie's villainous stepfor a crime, forced his way into the room. No, no! He shall, if it comes to that, die by my father, who had sold her to the don; was even then "My step-father, Christopher Mean well!" exhand first I" under that roof, and it was the feature of the com-claimed Mollie, as she saw the intruder. The maniac was terribly in earnest. pact between him and the Mexican that Mollie "Yas, miss. An' I'm hay'r to take ye hum. His oale features worked involuntarily, his eyea should become the latter's wife without <.l.elay, Things is' ter a putty pass when a young flashed, and if Frank could have looked in upoo In a moment Kenneth reached the foremost of gal runs away frum her legal gardeen, same as l'm him at that moment, he would have 'suspected that the enemy. They felt sure of ove1powerlng him yourn, an' yer step-lather, too," said Mean well. th e man was wrong mentally, In a nand-to-hand fight. But they did not know Pomp had caught his queer name when Mollie Smith Brown placed the food l:e had secured for about the electrle gloves. 1;1ttared it, and he said, auJibly: Hall in a smaH basket, and then started to descend As soon as he was in reach of the Indians and "Gollie! Youse oughter be named Meanman !"into the hold. the Kenneth reljed on Frank Reade's won"Am I, Christopher MeanweU, High Constabhi o' Meantime Frank was making his eecret searob dedul gloves, and in a moment he was shocking Broom ville, Texas, ter be insulted by a nigger? there. the enemy right and leit. Half a dozen of them No!" cried Mean well, feeling for his pistol. He began at the stern, and worked his way ror were overthrown In as mnuy seconds. But Pomp made n leap and jerked the pistol out ward in the direction of the water -tank. Then they fled, feeling that they or the fellow's grasp as be drew it out of his poe-It seemed that' he must discovoc Hallin hiding bad encountered the-evil one himself In disguise. soon, Bad medicine I Bad medicine!" cried the In"When yer want ter go gunnln' fer coon nex' Frank finally arrived at the tank. But Hali ha.J dians. time be sure dat you'se got de game treed afore heard him approaching, and tile steersman had "Caramba! Evil hand!" shouted the peons. you pulls yer gun," adriserl Pomp. seen Frank's face by the light of the datk-lantern. The way was clear and Kenneth and Mollie "1 never fight with a nigger," rejoined :MeanHall had the" gtJ.ost's" roooon, liprang to the stairs. But old Kadra, the peon well, disdainfully. He saw no way of escaping discovery unless he woman, bad now li!>erated Do'! Alvarado. Then to Mollie, coming tow'l'rd. her: couhl frighten Frank away. A moment. of intense The young American and his sweetheart were "You hev got ter go home w1th me, gal, an' I suspens e for Hall elapsed. Then the young innot out of peril y<'t. All at once, as they were reckon you'll go 'villin', rer I come ter tell ye that ventor t .urned tbe corner of the water-tank, and about to ascend tbe stairs, the door of the old dan's I've just found out fer a dead certainty that Kentbe light forward from his lantern. apartment opened and he rushed out. netb Lake is a married man." Instantly Frank recoiled, and whipped out a In his hand the old :n:exic'ln clutched his revol-"What I Oh, you scoundrel! How dare you?" revolver. ver and he fired pi>lnt blank at Kennetb bul-cried Kenneth. Before him he saw a tall, ghostly form, and let sped by the head of the young American so How dare a feller tell the truth? Yon can't from it issued a terrible groan, close that it clipped away a lock of his hair. deny it. You have a wife," retorted Mean we!:. "Speak, you rascal I Tell me who you are or I Don Alvarado was about to tire 1\!('ain when Ken"Yes; and here she Is. Allow me 'to Introduce fire 1" thundered .Frank, neth, who bad last shot, h:urled one Mrs. Kennf_lth Lake," said Kenneth, rlalng and But there was no answer, and the white ftgura of his empty pistols .at him With ternfic force, taking Moille's hand. began to advance. knowing that the next shot ftrei by his enemy Mean well fairly gasped, and he cried: would probably hit him. "Yotl don't mean it I It ain't suI" As Kenneth's pistol whizzed through the air, the "Certain mister. Here's the marriage cerCHAPTER XLIIL old Mexican dodged. titlcate," cried producing tha paper. FRA"'X AND THE GHoST-' N'BBOW --"Confound the Insbman whom I met on deck, "' A A ESCAPE. cHAPTER XLII. He has madeafoolofmel':cr!edlll.eanwell. Then FBANX READE's situation was a decidedly unseeing Barney, who was enJoymg the scene hugely, pltl8Sant one. Here be was confronted by a whj;e. A WEDDING ON THE QY.EN AND he shook his flst at him and added: robed, mysterious object at midnight. He ha(l THE GHOST, Oh, you bogtrottlni rascal! I'd like fer ter renson to believe that he and tho aoparition were THOUGH he sought to -evade the weapon which punch your head alone in the bold of the air-ship, -the young American threw at him, as described, "It's welcome ye are to do that same, begob. While he was couvmced that there was nothing the movement of the old don was not swift enough Sure an' now isJer toime for a nate bit av a rue, supernatural about the appearance at the same to elude the miswile. tlon. But bed a it was only the truth I alther time certain considerations that at once occurred Kenneth's pistol struck him on the temple, and teilln' ye, whin I informed yez that Mr. Kenneth to his mind for a moment prevented any decisive he went down all in a heap, knocked by was married, whln ye came on board inqnirin' for action on Frank's part. the heavy blow. Wm," said Barney. 1 True enough he had shouted: Then up the stairs leading to the roof ran the ';Tricked all round I Well, I wash my hands of "Speak, you rascal! 'J'ell me who vou are or 1 devoted lqvers. Gaining the roof, Kenneth fastyou for good;Mollie ,Marion," said the disappoint-flre !" ened the door of the bead of the stairs, acd dis-ed villain, and he turned to the door. But for all that, as the white form began to adcarding the electric gloves, noosed the cable-rop,e "Begob, an' it's a bath Ye nade, ye blackguard, vance the voung lnveGtor was reluctant to press about Wmself ai!d Mollie. Losing not a moment and if there was a horsepond han1y, yezshouldn't the trigger of the revolver which he held leveld lllen he iaVII the signal, and he and the rescued want for it loni:," retorted Barney. the mysterioue ftli:ure,


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLU'PER OF THE CLOUDS. CHAPTER XLIV. And it is not dil!lcult to conjecture what was Hall's superior strength, however, finally tri passing In Frank's mind. Suppos" he fired aud umphed, and be threw Smith Bro1m heavily. The killed the unknown, there were no witnesses. Bemadman's head came in violent contact with Ute OVER THE ATLANl'IC-RESCUED SAILORS-A VOL sides ba1ing upon his mind thereafter the memory flour ns he fell, and be wns as completely stunned CANIC ERUPTION. that be had taken a. human life under ci_rcumas:Frnnk Reade. AFTER some discussion Frank a.nd the doctor stances that did not demand the deed fov h1a own "How to carry Reade beyond Smith Brown's decided to search the hold in cCimpany, and bav preservalion, might not he find himself yet acreach before the latter recovers l" exclaimed Hall. ing themselves and procured a lantern, they cused of a murder?. "Despite the vyrong he bas done me, be shall not began their tusk. He was not unmmdful of the fact that his se-be mado the v1ctmt of a cowardly murder. Careful! the every portion of the ves-cret enemy had not as been Tht As he spoke, he the youn!: inventor in h!s sel but t/ey no trace of the w bite robed m1ght testify 111 such a way arms! and earned h1m sw1ftly away to h!s m 'stt>r At last, as they wete returning to the as Involve him Incase he shot at the . Havmg Fmuk on the couch .m dlctor'; cabin In disappointment at their failure, wb 1te myste ob way to the provisions he bad secured down ."He will be sure to d_o so. even so be shall me. In the end av tr !n 'In to thoh!.ilng place or Steersman Hall. st1ll be outWitted,'' rephed the msrme professor. fbefore I was aftber closin' Seeing the young man, who had the ob"Do I understand, then, that you bave thonght e c 0 iect of ills unreasonable hatred. prowlof 11 hiding-place, in which I may elude the close av.,tge aov and Driggs all that time?" lng about In the hold dead of With a dnrk searcb tbat will ent;;ue?" that. I was wa.tchln' av lantern, It did not reqmre an exerCJse of any great "Yes, you know the magazme Is al-ys kept til 'Jist n n' tc; the talk they wuz havln' for d!lgree,of persplcuityon.themnniac'spartlto divine locked,_ and :Jl'rank Jr., carries only key b 1 m an ul afther dlstrustin' the blacKguards h1s purpose, he behaves to be. 10 existence. He Will find the :t Ha 1 He Is secretly searchmg for the door of the magazme locked, and 1 am reasonably Y ,; Did "the of them leave the bow cabin between I'll him, and if be finds Hall he shall not certain he will nor search tl1e place You shall be "d t 0 o'clock?" live to make known discovery," mentally deIn the maga.:;ine." m!, d did not sur .. cidHd the desperatfl msane man. "But bow--" n a e n ., Then he crept after Fran_k. "I have made a duplicate key to the magazine," that." Smith Brown moved noiselessly, and, of course, Interrupted Smith Brown. .. a 1 Tb u B 11 d F k the }'oung inventor WRB entirely ignorant of his "Ye ah I understand. I must risk t. The Very good l at 6 arney, rep e 1"111! d proximit:y, and entertained no suspicion or his magazine the only biding-place that may prove great peul. a refuge t.o me now." rig w b d f But a few seconds bad elapsed, F_rank dis"Thencome at once. No tlmo must be lost in for be bad t.he whltero e orm aC covered the ghost, anly professor, descecded light pttmoting Reade's attention. Will he so.:>n queer Ohp'j;r Cutba with force upon the bead of the imperiled captain recover from my blo1v tbiak you?'' an roug e1r g ran an e oc or of be Queen Ollpper. "Yes," replied Hall'. T.hen, bavlug closed the obtained an excellent VIeW "f tropical Frank fell, ned, and as his senses forsook slide ot the dark lantern, he led the way to the But the l_slauds soon I 11ft belnnd, and the him he remained motionless, at the mercy of his door of the magazine. aeronef mamtalned her course over tile At!antio manlao foe, In all his career the Inventor had Having reached It Smith Brown produced his Ocean. . never been In greater danger, fllr Smith Brown duplicate key ..and un'locked the door, Hall enter-Toward the lookout Sighted a. distant t I will fire one ran The maniac's eyes blazed w1th a lund light. His not let you want for food, and you can shp out late Du_e east. breath came pan tingly, and his features were conat night for 1vater. .rbe tank will still supply you. the surface of the ocean In vulsed. His mad fury was a frightful exhibition Keep close now until the time Frank Reade a>ked the d1rechon md!cated with. his glass, and presof murderous purpose, for in which to lay the ghost bas passed," said the ently he c.1.ught s1ght of the d_1stant sail. Steersman Hall was appalled. Insane professor. cou?'e of I be Queen Ollpper WILB toward the Though he w&s mcllned to hate Frank for un"And then?" asked Hall. sail 1t was atghted; no change of direction justly punishing hi tiL the was by no "Then you must once more appear as an appariwas the:efore made. moons willing, now tiiat the mventor was in the tit>n and thoroughly frighten the cre\v, Tbe timid mr vessel continued to bear on mnniaet. of the waves. I main a passive witnesa of the mu,rder. Smith Brown returned immediately to his poat In t_he boat he could the figure of a man The dark lantern whiJh Frank held when be was in the stern cabin kneelmg In the bow, "low had not On tl_le a1r a.nd Frank and the crew llrown. . injured his skull, and, after bathing bishend freely were convinced teat th, ey bad come "Hold!" he exolarmed in determmed tones. in cold and taking a glass or two of wine upon shipwrecked sail om, for bes1de tbe man "You shall not kill him I" be felt much better. kneoling in the bow of the boat, two others lay in "And wby not? Is be not in the way of our His last recollection was of facing the whitethe bottom of the small oraft. plot to secure the air-ship? What better chance to robed form in the hold and at first he was asThe face of the kneeling man was pale 1\nd hag rid ourselves of him than this can come?" retorted tounded at flnneeliRg man In Then Smith s fury turned upon Hall. then be went to Dr. Vaneyke's cabin and awaken-famt, husky ton As, as though b1s parched throat "Fool!" he "Do Y?U dare set yourself ed the old sc!entist. ilad almost lost the power of art.lculation. above me? I am kmg the a1r, and you .are only In a fe1 v words the young inventor ncquainte At the sound of his 1o!ce two other men In one of my humble subJects. I BI!Y FranK Reade his old friend with the incidents that bad just the bottom of the bontstarted up and lifted a pair of shall die!" transpired, and both were exceedingly perplexed worn, hollow-eyed faces, to look up at the t!hlp of The m_anlnc again sprnng !orward to seize the nnd mystified. the sky, helpless mventor. But Hall mterposed, and the Then a faint shout of jov came from the poor two men clinched. 'i'hen for a moment or tw fellows, and wept l!k.e obtldren as Frullk they struggled desperately. shouted:


AI\T II. FRANK READE; JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE OLOUDS. 11 "You are saved. I'll have you all safe on board The air vessel was low down over the range. Thrilling adventures were presently to ensue, .ny air vessel in a few momE."nts." Frar.k had ordered a d"-scent, so as to give the though Frnnk did not anticpate them. Then he the Queen Clipper to be lower-doctor an opportunity to the cratera of the -..,.-ed, and when she wQ.S within about fHty feet o! the seemingly extinct volcano e s which they were passCHAPTER XLV. water; a noosed -cable was lowered. One of the mg. ship-wrecked sailors caught it, and then the three All nt once tl)ere came a tremendous roaring, A DUEL ON B(!ABD THE QUEEN CLIPPER OF THB men Wt>re succ essively dmwn up !rom the boat to hissing sound, which seemed to emanate from the CLOUDS. the declt o! the aeronef by me>\ns of the catile. v ery heart of the mountain, and the succeeding THE Indians claimed the territory ns a part of a 'l'he poor fellows were well cared for in every moment one of it.e craters, that had appe ared to tract ced e d to them by treaty with the United States way and when they had told their story, which was be entirely extinct, exploded with a terrific report, GoYernme!lt. an ordinary narrative that need not ba herein semling up a torrent of smoke 1lames and trag-Templea, however, by the exceeding fertility of corded Fmnk knew they wanted to makt1 the port ments of rock. The air was lllfed with the dense the soil and the manifold beauties of the country. of New' Orleans. So, as he had no desire to conbln<:k earth in a clou1, -and the Queen Clipper was many white settlers ventured to establish homes tmue his voyagtl over the ocean, he put back, and caught in the in the dispute.i land. Frank saw a small open boat, with a single sail, drifting at the mercy of the waves. In the boat he could discern the figure of a man kneeli:ng in the bow, with his hands clasped in supplication. Evidently he had sigh(ed the Queen Clipper, and was praying for deliverance. One of the craters, that had appeared to be entirely ex tinct, exploded with a terrific report, sending np a tor rent of smoke, flao:es and fragments of rock. 'l'h*' air was filled with the dense black earth in a cloud, and the Queen Clipper was caug]?.t in the eruption. In a few hours tbe Queen Clipper landed the res-Every one on board the Quee n Clipper w aster-Th e white s e ttl ers or boomer8, assert e d that the CUP.d sailors safe!.)' in New Orleans. ror stricken, and the danger was as lntenso as Indians laid claim to m o r e o f the l and than the The city is about one hundred roUes from the thrllling. gov ernment had cedec.l t o them, and the Jines were gull, and leaving It, the Queen Clipr u sailed west. But prompt action the aeronef. di8put e d. Docto: Vaneyke had gone on land in lb':l city and 'rhe suspensory helices made revolve at At this period there were. very exciting times in purchasec.l newsoapet;s a_n. d In one of lightning speed, nod the air v essel Rhot Oklahom!L, the latter he an article beyond the reach of the volcanic eruption. Whe n fr o m his observa ti o n s, Frank was sure on 'llelcanos mterested him, fer the paper Therefore, greater was maintained, and th a t the Queen Clip per was o v e r Ok laho ma, the was r e ally a sclentlllc one. the vessel rd ant made tile Investigations to phenomin, and he was almost constantly busy with his groveq and g reen m endows, dott e d

12 FRANK READE, JR., ..AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. Burney and Pomp worked their repeating rilles "I never would have guessed you were the !at-an.d his seo9nd assured the good doctor that his as rapidly as possible, and the two seerued to en-ter," replied Frank. pnnc1pal was fully sausfted. . joy ttle fignt. "Furies! You. have insulted me!" Barney WfiS. spoiiiUg for a and gettmg a '.rhe Indians broke for an adJacent cover almost "Well, what of 1t?" long pole, whiCh Jay on the deck, he knoc .ked the immediate ly, for the destructive volley from "You ruust fight me, sir. I am Captain Black of cap from. tha head of a burly. Dutch so.ldier! who tile air-sllip was more than they ooul i face; and, the United States Army, sir l". wa.s passmg on the ground b.eside the air-Ship. of course, the singular appeamru)e ol the air-ship I s'pecs dut yo use black clean through. 1'he tlig soldier q Uicldy, and caught Barawtlket\.;d th\)ir superstitiouR fears. Black-hearted you is fo' sure," put in Pon:.p. ney in the acto! draw!ng back d As soon as the enemy had tled a man and worn "Will you IJe quiet?" sid Fmnk, smiling, and "You vos1mock mem caps mit mew hen oft' I an rustle d from the burning cabin, each carrying then he said in reply to Black: Py shimiuy, I vos show you vellets dot you can't a small child. "Do yo6. mean to challer!l:(d me?'' v os make foolishness py Hans Schmckelvurtsl I Frank Reade had arrived just in time to save "Yes, &ir. I demand satisfaction on the .field of fights mit you. Uf you dinks I vos a I vos the s ettler and his family, honor. I challenge yon to meet me in a duel.': show you dot I voe a ganders. Yaw I cned the 'l'ho young ilwentor shouted to the white fuglFrank never, under any circumstances, showed soldier. tlves, and then, !ror the tlrat time, they saw the the white feather. He did not believe in dueling, He Wl\8 mad. Queen Cllpperand understood whence assistance but he wasn't going to be blufferl L>y such a man II) fact he had hiS Dutcl'l UJl. had come. as Black. Barney was delighted. '1'he settler and his family halted upon discover"All right! I shall be happy to accommodate The next moment ht' down from the deck, lug the air vessel, and the aeronef swept down-you when and where you please,;; he replied. . threw ofl coat, shoutmg: ward and soon came to rest gently upon the green "Then we Jlg!Jt here and now, slwutlold BlacK. Whoop I Begob, Its a ruction meauow "Anything to nccommod!l.le you," replied .!!'rank, I have sthruck at last I .!faith, an' loife is worth 1'hen the rescued family was taken on board, and and he ordered the engineers to lower the air ves-livin' yet. I But a Dutchmn is no match the settler assured Frank that he was just making se1. n lrishmunl ., preparations to join a band of boomers who, hav1'he hehces and the prop.ellers were "A I A I iug been warned off by the U. 8. troops sent to exgradtmlly slowed up, a!ld the 9hpper carne Make a nug I pel the settlers,. were on the march horn the terridown upon the earth Wlttl scarcely aJar. Thus shouted the soldiers, and in a momenta clr tory. Meantime column of bo?mers had halted. ole was rormod by the blue -coats around Barney 1'he party making the enforce<\ exodus was sup-No so onerdid the Queen Clipper reach the earth and the Dutchman. posed by th" settler to then be about ten miles furthan an orderly, sent by Black, came on board. Just then Pomp forced his way through the ther north, marching under escort o[ the soldiers, "I represent Captain Black, and as you are the crowd. who were really driving them out of the beautiful che.lle!l.ged patty you,h":e the choice or W'Eiapons. "Gollie, l'se come fo' to see fair play for Barney, land. What IS your choice? sa1d the orderly to Frank. an' l'se got a razor in each boot-leg. I'se a barber As the aettler desired to join the expelled "Pistols," replied the youn g in yen tor. when I'se workin' me pro!esh. But if dar am any boomers, Frank volunteered to convey him and "Allri(l'ht! But I you that you had better root gam (IS on de Irisher dis 11'0, l'se gwine jo' to family to the party mentioned forthwith. pologlze to Captain .Black. He is a dead shot cried thedarky. Accordingly the Queen Clipper at once ascended with the pistol, and he has fought at least a dozen "Sure it's a gentleman ye are Pomp i!yez are Into its natural element-tile atmosphere-and set duels and killed his man every time," said the a thrill." s,un!)urnt. Now watclt 'me It's a out to O\'ertake the boomers. orderly. bit av Donnybrook fair yez will be fther feastin' Meantime the rescued .settler heart-rend"Very well. I'f? not dead yet, and while I live the two eyes av yez on presently," said Barney. log stories of the brutality and lllJUStice o[ a I'll never apologize to such a brutal bully as Meantime the burly Dutchman had thrown oft tain Captain Black in charge of the troopers sent Black, and you can tell him so," replied Frank, his coat, al)d now he began to spar up to Burney to ax pel the boomers. . warmly. in real fighting Btyl". "Black must be a vlllain and he deserves pun"An' if any more av yez blackguards av the "I vos dot Dutch Sullivans. When I voe mit lshrnent," commented Frank, who sympthized world a bit av a ruction, sure !1:'s m':lsel;: mine horne in Milwaukee, Wis.,, vos vork mit dot with the settlers. Barney 0 Sh.,a, that wuli accommodate tb1m I brewery und I vos de poss mans py dot aangs soon be sign ted a moving column of setsaid the fighting Iri.!ihman. said the'Dutcher. 0 tiers m on and on foot. There But orderly did no.t them, and went .on "Begob an' mesel' as will take some av the were men, wol'!l-en and c.hildreD:, all huddled toarrangmg for the duel With Frank. It was dec1dconceit out avyez, ye big beer tub, yez t <'lome on getber, and bes1de the tram and lD the rear rode a ed that the rr;ten s.hould tight at ten paces, on the now. Talli: is mo_ighty chape, but it takes good company of U.S. cavlry. deckutchman. ma .rching at an enforced pace, straggled along at All the crew o[ the air-ship was qrawn up on the til at, Blsmar<:Jk I yelled the Irish the rear of the column 9n foot. A man 'in the uniside of the deck to give Cree mnge to the bullets of and he knocked the b1g fellow clear oft hiS form of a cavalry cptain, who was driving up the the duelists. P!ns and sent h1m sprawling upon the ground at a stragglers, rode to the sl:.le of the poor old inan, The soldiers crowded around the to wit-d!Stance. and cursed him savagely for not taster. ness the duel, and a moment of thrilling suspense Mr. Dutchman come to time. The old man replied plaintively': ensued, while all waited for the doctor to pro}llowly he got up, and the ;uetul expression on "I can walk no faster. If you will gtvtl me back nounce the word "Fire I" fat countenance was Simply ludicrous as he my horse, which you took from me when your own sa1d: animal went lame, I up with the rest." CHAPTER XLVI. "I vos ilnish mit dis fight. But I vos llght with "I'll make you keep up. You are only shamyou_some more dimes, in dot sweet py and py-ming to get a place in the ambulance. Take that, THE OF THE DUEL-BARNEY. AND POMP when I got cast-iron plated with mine self. you old rascnl," retor1;ed the captain. GET INTO TROUBLE. I vos a goodt mans. Yaw!" As he spoke the brutal villain began to belabor THERE was a marked difference in the manner Goacco, and It struck BA.rney iu the face. Indignation. Clipper. 'rhe fact was the soldiers were er:raged at the Hold there, you infernal scoundrel!" ehouted Frank Reade's face was slightly pale, and his Inshmnn for defeating their champion, and now the young inventor, almost involuntarily. expression was calm and earnest. He did not they meant to mob him und Pomp. Captain Black a furious exclamation show fear of his antagonist, but be Impressed the The word hd been about from one to and glanced about, seeking to determine who had witnesses of the scene S understanding the full another of the b!ue-coats, and it was understood spoken. danger of the situation. between them that they were to the Irish Then he caught sight of the Queen Clipper. The Captain Blaok's face was !lushed as with anger, man and the darky a severe drubbl'ng. Western had published sorr;te and his was and n.ggressiv.e. But they did not know Barney and Pomp 85 yet. nccounts of Franks last mvenuon, and Captam !'le looked as 1f he entirely conlldent of the If they had been better acquainted with the Black had reai the so, as soon as he S w ?f the bttle. Ev1dently he counted on cartwo old friend$, possU:>ly they would have let out the aeronef, he muttered. tam v1ctory. the contract to whip thein ch 1 ":If, rank Reade, Jr., and his air-ship by ali that's Frank's friends were anxious and so mew hat "Who hit me wid the !" yelled Bar bad? fear!ul,andDarneywhisperedtoPomp: ney as he wiped th ld f t b ft !h' :hen he shouted back to the young inventor: "Be the harp av Tara if the blackguard av the e qu 0 0 aeco 0 0 18 ::Who are you?" wouuld hits MaRtherFra!lk, suTe an' I,'ll challenge "Give it to em, tellers!" called out a tali solFrank Reade, Jr., at your service, and 1f you him meself to folght a Jewel wid sh!llalahs at a dier who hM constituted h' If 1 d dare, to further abuse that old man I'll chastise hundred paces. Bad scran ttl! the loikes av him I" the blue-coats unse a ea er among he did not pause to Dr. Vaneyke pro-Tlhen the soidiers went for Barney and Pomp In I 1". rea earnest. cons der consequences. As thil s1gnal word pSsed the doctor's lips the And th I h "Begob, .masther, dear . lave me at hh:n. two duelists discharged their pistols almost flaht. Wh {'s man a.D:d _the darky made a Rure an' it s m.esilf as Will bate the heaa av the simultaneously. Indeed, the two reports sounded in"g it IL8 a d clop hand bl!\Ckgurd," sa1d Barney. as one single detonation. the da k a crac e ea s r1g t an e "Golly, Mars Frank; uf youse jiss luff me slide The next instant a yell burst from the li s of p r Y astomshed blue-coats. on ter der groun' at de end ob a rope, dis chile Captain Black, and dropping his duelln he he omp saw the ?CCaswn was one ?emandin.gthat will batt dM soger man clean inter de middle ob staggered bck with a shattered arm. was 'his get JJI;tt down to work m ,;he next week," Pomp promised. pistol arm that Frank's bullet had struck .. B' ne, an e got there m great shape. Sill' nco I" cried Frank as Captnln Black shout-Bi1 t what or the young Inventor? lft' h )lang I s.mash !" went Pomp's thick skull ed: He stood unharmed but Qa B'a k' b 11 t against IS foes like a cannon-ball, and every butt "You called me a scoundrel!'' had passed so close td his held that kntcK 1ed oneftof the soldiers. "I did "replied Frank rang in his ers yet n ess an ve minutes the blue-coats who "An' struck yer right 'name, de lust pop," add A shout Wlolnt up' from the crew of the Queen able to do SO fied from before the Irishman ed Pomp. Clipper at Frallk's victory. Then the brutal cap-an The I'm a soldier and a gentleman." tain was .assisted from the deck of the air-ship, air two heroes were called on board the


FRANK READE, ,JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 13 The Toyage was about to be resumetl. Frank consulted this atlas. roundings caused a descent to be made until tha In a very short time the Queen Clipper was once He hall no difficulty iu finding the desert of a ir-ship at but a trifling elevation. again sailing the air. The settler anu his family Mapimi. Meanwhile Smitlt Brown, in the cabm, bad beon left with the emigrant train. '1'he course of the Queen Olipper was then lmmaking certain preparations, the motlVe for winch Perhaps an hour later a singular incident, and mediately clmnged, and sht' cruised southward. would not have been compreber:dE)d by an:x ol the !>De wliich Wa8 destined to lead the air voyagers A steady run of some little time, which was decrew the aeronef If they had obRerved h1m .. Into the midst of new and thrilling perils, transpirvoid of special f eatures, ensued. 'rhe msane carufully closed all the wm ed on board the aeronef. Finally a barren track o! country was sighted In dows of the stern cabm and the door. A beautiful carrier pigeon, winging its flight on the northern part of the State o! (Jhihuahua, Max more he seemed. to be Intent upon excludwg the tired wings, from the southward, alighted on the ico. air that might even penetrate through the key deck of tbe air-ship. The air-ship cruiseJ about for some time. bole of the door, for he plugged t,hat. Frank and the doctor were flrst to see the pigeon Frank kept a constant lool( out with his glass. Having done this, tho maniac began to danee and u.s they watche d it after it had nlh;hted on Alter a considerable time bad been !Jonsumed ab<;mt the closed cabin In d e lirious joy and exul de ck, they saw a letter secured about its neck. the young inventor saw a single horseman far tat10n. He anchored her within about fifty feet of the earth. Swinging scaffolds were rigged about the bow ot the Queen Clipper, and the work of repairing the propeller at once begun. It seemed as though the elements were conspiring against the insane professor now, for when the Queen Clipper was returning to land with the tisherme{l a great suddenly darted up from the sea, and the a1r-sh1p was caught and almost overturned. Ourioslty ,prompted Frank, and he. approached away in the distance, riding along the conflnes of It seemed that 'Smith Brown was certain now the carrier. > the Mexican desert. that thl'l air-ship was almost immediately to fall Tile pigeon proved to btl very tame, and Frank By Fra:nk's orders th e Queen Clipper was started into his power, judging from hi s muttering-a. caught it without any difficulty, and tben he re-m pursmt of the "Ab, ha I The fates themselves are with mer moved the letter from about Its neck. 'l'he speed of the airship so far exc. eeded that of The spirits of the ail\ are my friends. They have The was a strange one, written in an the swiftest horse that the horseman was soon led Frank Reade here. Here to the terrible excellent, manly han '.lin pencil, on a piece of wrap-oyertaken; But the Queen Clipper was at a" of Death,'' where I nearly perished when ping paper. high elevation, and the horseman did not discover here with an exploring party, eight years ago. Frank glanced over It, and then he read It aloud the sky voyagers. Since that t.ime the fatal bas undergone no to the doctor. that the strnnger wns dressed chnnge. It is still the same terrible death-trap na. The letter ran as follows: m the l'nriJ of a Mexican ranchero, of yore. And Frank Reade is deliberately ventur.. DKAR BROT.III!R,-1 am a pt!soner at the ranch of and sometlnng seemed to tell him to further puring into lt. in ignorance of its perils. At last my the notonous Mexican brigand, Joaquin Mnrllllo, near sue the man. hour of trmmph bas come. Let the Q.ueen Clip Death Mar h.' north of the Desert or Map! mi. In per go on. On to its doom. I shall not raise my Chihuahua, Mexico. I send thi mess!Lge by my trained "' voice to give warning. No word from me shall earner pigeon, that 1 brought with me from my home. CnAPTER XL VII. stay its advance into the midst of the awful Organize a rescue p&rt. y and come here at once, If you tho h 1 "bl d tb t 1 1 would save the life or your unhappy brothel TJ;JE MABSH OF DEATH-SMITH BBOWN CAPTU:&ES n g ,nviSI e angl'r, a now so c ose y me "JAMES HUDSON." THE AIR-SHIP. DACe!; it. "More work for tis. Let us again prove our THE gaudily-dressed horseman presently disapBrown, muttering his thoughts selves worthy of the title of good geniuses. Let peared in a motte of cottonwood half a mile from as was LIIS habit when alone. us go to tbe 'relief of James Hudson," said the doc-the point where the nctual sandy w a ste of the :s;e had SR!d that tile danger wh ich threntened tor. M npiwi desert commnnced. the crew of the air vesAe! was invisible, and this "My Ideal Let me consult the map of Mexico. The country beyond the cottonwood was seen to must have been quite true, for Frank ReadB, Jr., 1 We must locate the desert mentioned In the letter, be marshy. The inference was that the location Cdrtninly saw nothing to indicate the proximity and make sure of our course," replied Frank, of Joaquin Murllllo's ran li was pretty nearly ol danger, nnd yet he was keeping a sharp lookThen he hastened to his cabin. rertched. ovt constnntly, in the hope of discovering tbe There was an of the United States, com-Frank rtecided to cruise onward. ranch of Joaquin Murillio. )>!lad from the most government statistics, Accordingly, the Queen Clipper advanced slowly, Evidentlv there was some mysterv about the In and the last geographical survey. and the necessity for a close inspection of the sur visible peril, the secret of which wa.S only known


I JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. FRANK READE, ., d fi t 1 1 the heads of his prisoners, and through the open. to Smitb Brown, by reason, of some terrible experi It seemed that he had. some e. 01 e P an n in he bad lowered food and water to them. ence as indeed the insane man stated. mind for the future, f_or he muttered the Queen Clipper was again in sailing or.Tbe doctor all at once called Fmnk's attention to "Now for a long flight t;.brough the air over un-d S 'th Brown offered to give the fishermen a singular phenomenon th1\t WHl:l taking place at known seas, and then Chpfhr O::e h td employed a short ride in the air, some distance ahead of the aeronef, and in its s c end upon b 1arRreodiS wldetdeocto'rwande til; They his invitation, ar.d the aeronet rse ...., ed to leave Fran' ea e ue 0 d t d o t ove the very cou . crew who adhere to the young intruder in the field was gotten underway an 1 e u 1 thro?gh h1s gllll!s, the young mventor mof science who is at my mercy at last." ocean. spected the smgular occurrence which the doctor 'l'h th'e maniac changed the course of the alrBut it seemod as though the _elements were conhad indicated. sllip west and sent her fcrwurd at frightful spiring ag!LJOSt the insane prof_essor nlowd, \hVhhen Fran! was very m11ch surprised as well as mys d toe Queen Clipper wo.s returnmg to an w1t t & tifi e d by what he saw. Beam and Driggs, who had been len fishermen a gretLt suddenly A flock of birds were flying the IIJ.arsh to on tlie deck, Wt't'e gradmL!ly recovering from the from the sou, and the mrShlp was caught and ,11 the n orth ward. consequences of breatliing the poisoned air. most overturned. were _perhaps a of the feathered voyl!'ii!all they were able to get up, and seeing them T_he J?shermen were fn_ghtened out of agers m the mr whel). Frank the!D even 00 l:lmith Brown hastened to inform t!lem thEm w 1 ts, and mdeed the a1r vessel had a narrow as he looked he satv them as jf stncken by that he had seized the ship. escape. But alter the wuter-spout was passed 1t uns,len shafts o! death. And m less ,thal_l a mo'l'he two rascals were delip;hted beyond meas-returned eafely to the land ment every one of the birds had fal.en mto the nre and a conversation ensued, in the course of 'I.' he \-rere landed, and th!ln the swamp. which the maniac explained just what a terrible voyage to tbe far d1sta':lt lsmnd upon Wliich the The doctor had witnessed the same mysterious fate he meant to inflict on Frank Reade and his maniac meant t? leave his pnsoJ.Jers \Vas resumed. occurrence In the case of a smaller ftock of the fri e nds. 1 MeB:ntime the of Frank Ileade, same species. of birds, _had preceded the last "They sball be marooned t Marooned!" shouted h1s fellow captives belo .v decks may be ImcollectiOn over the marsh. the maniac. agmed. . "Wba.t do you make of this? I must confess, "Good 1 Let 'em perish on an unknown island 1 1'heir captor had taken the prMautiOn to search doctor, it is tbe most singular phenomenon I have Dead men tell no talee "said Beam. ear-b one of them, and wbe!l they all finally re-ever witnessed," said Frank, looking very much "That's a good plan'," 11ssent.ed Driggs. gained their Penses in. the hold. they .found them-perplexed. And Smith Brown felt thl\t he succeeded in selve&.unarmed without a. "It is remarkable. If?nn only account for the his great plot at last. any kmd' wherewith they m1ght make the1r es occurrence on the hypothesis that some peculiar exhalation from the swamp has oaused the death CHAPTER XL Vlll The great door resistAd all the! united efforts or birds," replied the old scientist. to force it open, and they atg.ndoned the attempt "I think you hnYe hit it. What better THE CRUISE OF THE QUEEN CLIPPER UNDEB COM to do SO. can we desire. than that which we have just wit MAND OF SMITH BROWN. The occupants o{ the hold were now Frank, nessed that this Is really' the marsh of death,' the IN less than an hour after the insane profossor Doctor Vaneyke, Blake, and Barney and Poll!p. place wished to flnd.'' became master of the air vessel it had run hun-Five persons all told. cap: oro were four in "Rlp;bt, Frank, right,'' assented Dr. Vaneyke. dreds of miles. numbo_r, Smith Brown, Hall, and Beam and Meantime the Queen Clipper kept steadily on. The State of CalitorniaJa;runder the atr-crl!-ft, Driggs. . Soon it +VaS passing ov&r the ma,sh. Fmnk when it encountered a terrific storm. The :wmd At last Frank Rende knew that Sm1th Brown Reade suddenly experienced a strange pungent attained a velocity of more than a hundred miles a was his secret enemy. Soon after: the hole Wllll odor in the air and a sinp;ular sinking sensation at minute, and the Queen Clipper was carried into cut in the deck over the h _eads of the captives the the stomach, and instantly his visio!l became dim. the vocy beart of the great cyclone. insane professor shouted to Frank through tbe He tried to speak, but could not atticulnte. He Smith Brown now ran the !central engme, and opening:' believed he understood tbe cause of this stra.nge Beam a nd Driggs managed the fore and aft pro "Ha ha 1 I:have you all safe at last, and I am attack and he saw that th9 doctor was similarly af palling mi\Chinery. now of the Queen Clipper! You are in, my fected. Steersman Hall had com e -out of mag_azme, power and Y.OU will n13ver see agam _!" Frank starter\ for the central cabin to cause the and 11e bad returned to h1s old pos1tlon m the It wns all in vain that Frank to make a Que en Cllp,per to be lifted above the reach of the glass wheel house. tr.:eaty. Smith Bro,vn refused all. offers to rAlease deadly exhalation from t tlle marsh.. The danger was now h1s captl-.:es and surreuder the _sh!P though Frank Before he reached the open door of the central the gale Shifted, producing a offered htm to be Ill Rea?estown. cabin Frank fell upon the deck. Everything grew wmd of awful power. Insta':ltlY tbe Cli:> Equally were young s attempts bla c k before his eyoo, and he lost his Renses. per spun round round ID the vortex of the tp learn Smith Browns future plans. The Insane doctor also sank down beside the rail unconmaelstrom In the a1r. rilali declined to answer all questiOns that Frank scions. Several of the for the suspens<>ll ments, acd the Queen Clipper lloated above the If he was so _Hall should do anythat birds flying over the spot, or men or animals, storm. thmg to save Fran_k or his fnends _now. who stray \Vithfn its influence, killed." It \VIIS then found that not only had one of the In all he dtd Es.mtth to As the engineers of the Queen Clipper bad not wings of the bow propel!er been broken, but the .bat deep. cunnmg whtch charactenzes certslll turned off the electricity !rom the several engines main shaft was also cracked, 'SO that it might" give phTasbes of 101 t S 'th B h's sec et when they were severnlly overcome at their posts way entirely 'at any time. e reve a ton a m1 rown was 1 r of 'duty, natural!y the aeronef m>tintalned its Smith Brown decided to make .a descent, as soon foe was a greal. surpnse to Frank Reade and the course, anJ its rare or speed was not di"minished. as the vessel could. be propelled beyond the range doctor. As none of the poisoned air could pt>netrate to of thestorm tha.t wa'> raging below it. They wondered how the traitor had so completethe stern cabin, Smith Brown was comp!ett>ly isoThe air vessel labored along, and the shaft did ly escaped. all suspicion, and tlley were ready to fated from the noxious g1\Ses, and when presently not further yield until the area of the storm was credit him with all the wonderful power of decepth" air-ship was beyond the swAmp and the air passed. tion to which he wo.s entitled. pure, the maniae rushed forth from his cabin. Then a descent was made at an isolated village But the calamity that had befallen the young In He was 1\ picture of maniacal exultation. In Southern California, and the aero net was an-ventor and his friends was so terrible and over" Hnrrah 1" he yelled. "l'he air is mine! I'll chored on the sea-shore. More lielp was required whelming that they could scarcely believe thnt it rolA the universe beyond the paltry earth! I'll to repair the bow propdler tha;n Smith'Brown had was all real, nod not some frightful dream from bo king of the sky and captain ot the Queen Clipat his command, and so he was lowered to the which they must soon awaken. per now l Now to fasteD' all hands save Beam and earth, and going to the village, he ongaged anum-Frank was not of a disposition to give way to u.nder hatclws 1" ber of the Ignorant fishermea that be found there. despair .easily. The madman at once began to drag the inseuslThese men returned tO the air-ship wit-h Smifu His mot_to was "While there is life there is ble men of the cre w below deck. First he carried Brown and he and them were drawn up on the hope," and so he tried 'to cheer up his companious lo'mn k Reade down Into the hold, then the doctor, deck. rot\niac, being short banded, preferre d and advised them all instead of giving way to and next Baruey. After thl\t the 'other two men of not to risk descending entirely with the VASSel, gloomy_ reflections, to set their wits to worK to try crew b eside Beam and Driggs were also placed the of the village seize the to devise eo me way to -outwit their enemjes and m the ltolrl.. d1sa1Jle d sb1p. He anchored her Witbm about tlfty get control of the Queen Clipper again. The was divided several compartments le e o_f earth. ." Barney and Pomp were very cheerful nftpr the by P>Lrtltwns prov1ded WJ!h heavy doors. Into Swmgmg scaffolds were-ngged about the bow of first shoc.k of the knowledge of their situation had one of thAse compartmen-ts the maniac thrust all the Queen Clipper, and the wo=k .of repairing the hand"' whom he had secured. Then he locked propeller at once began. 1 From the first it was evident to Frank that his 1\nd b'>lted by some stratagem. to replace the old one, and all tb,e InJUry the vessel But what was that ruse to be became the all-im By the time he had his captives down into bad sustained was repaired in three days. portant and for the time at' least the hold, and secured them, .Smith Brown \vas During this time Frank, Reade and comrades question. ' pretty well tired ont, .and returning to the deck, he had not suffered for food or drink. Smith Rrown young inventor was now convinced that took the steersman's place and sat down to rest. had caused a 1:1mall hole to be cut in the deck, over Smith Brown was not what he seemed. Frank


PART II. FRANK READE, JR., 4ND HIS QUEEN CLIPPE'R OF THE CLOUDS. 15 suspected he had joined the air-ship with the set -n.v how thim circus miues that bees so slick an' Smith Brown discovered this cipher memqrandum, purpose of it and murdering himself. loively make a pymrnid av thimselvcs by standm' but he was unable to read it. Dr. Vaneyke was of the &awe opinion as Frank on each oth!lr's shoulders." Toward evening of the day-we are writing about, regarding Smith .Brown. "Yes, yes," urged Frank, somewhat impatient Smith Brown was at the levers in t3.e central cab "Where is the arch villain taking us?" asked the ly. in alone. doctor, in a voice that betrayed all the anxiety he "An', begob, if three av us was to make a lad-He felt all the exultation of success, and he talk, felt for the fut-ut'e. derby standin' on ache other's shoulders, fat'e the ed and laughed in a trenzy of maniacnl joy. But Frank could not reply. reason meselfcould not climb up til the door in the He seemed for the time to !)ave forgotten that his He shuddered, however, as he thought of the ceiling?" conduct might awaken suspicions of his sanity in possible fatetlmt might be to come to him. Some "By Jupiter!" exclaimed Frank," you deserve thelminds of the men who had joined in his seiz-way a vague had entered Frnnk's tlftl prize for your idea, :Barney. It seems to-promure of the Queen Clipper. mind that be and his friends \vere to be abandon-ise somethinr,. But the door in the ceiling may be Aud one of the men overheard him. ed in some distant laud, perhaps among somesavfustened on tlle upper side." -- age race, who wou1d put them to death cruelly; Whist a bit, Masther Fraak. Sure, an it's the CHAPTER L 1 The outlook for Frank and his comrades was a truth I've bean kapiu' watch on the thafe o' the terrible one. wo:-ruld whin he let down the food and the watner BAl\NEY M.AKES AN .AT'DEMPT LOOKING. To THE EB til us." CAPE OF THE PBISON!Il\S, CHAPTER XLIX. "Yes." STEERSMAN HALL was passin!( the door of the THE OAPl'URE OF THE QUEEN CLIPPER-BARNEY HAS "And It's the truth I'm tellln' ye, he openell the central cabin, w he heard tlle voice of Smith 'AN IDEA. door in the ceiling so readily that, begob, it's niver Brown as the m;amac v.:as raving in the _insane joy THE captiveR In the compartments or the hllld toime he hnd to be afther mmovin' any fastenin'. which he expeneuced m the present time of trl of tOe air-ship could oniy vaguely conjecture wllat Thin, too, it's listen in' to him I wuz whin he closed umph. 1 the ultimate purpose of their captor regarding it, an' divil a sound av fastenin' dtd I hear at all;" Hall paused at onoe, a!Jd at first he thought themselves might be. Barney, your idea is a grand one. It there must be some one 1n tlle cabin with Smith But tlley certainly had good reason to anticipate comes like .. reprieve to us. But let me hear all Brown. B\lt as the steersman continued to listen the worst, and reflecting upon tile past inr.idents the plan you have devised," erred Frank. he was convinced that the new captain of the air of the wonderful voyage tne young in -..en tor and Sure an' it's plain an' simple loike. I mane nt ship was 1\lonr, there. Dr. Vaneyke were pretty well convinced that dead av night that yez make a livin' pyrnmid up The door of the. central cabin was closed, and Smith Brown would,J.n the end, attempt:to acco)lltil the door ..TI:in I'll go up an' open the same. Hall cautiously drew nearer. His c,uriosity was plish thti murderous pur.Pose in which he had Wance that is done I'll get on deck and creep aroused,. and tile idea c;>ccurred to him that perll.eretofore been so many times foiled. down the companion-way til tt:.(l. dOor be whicllwe haps Smtth Brown was mtoxtcated. At length Frank and the .doctor determined to wuz put in here. Then, I'll b afther lettln' av But he had never known Smith Brown to use hold a final cons11ltation with their. comrades in yez all out, in the whisk av a billy-goat's ear. An' spirits and so he was in doubt:as to misfortune, and Frank addressed hts party, say-thin it'& a bit 1\V a ruction I'm counlin' on. Arrah I the truth of hts conJecture. ing: be!;'Ob I I'll bate thehead av the blackguard, Smith "At all events, it seems to me no would "Now let each man set his wits to work and Brown," explained Bar:.ey. take on as he does unless he was drun k," tnought seek to devise some expedient-some plan looking "Bravo!" cried Frank and the doctor. HAl(. to our escape. As yet.o we have not lieen able to "SplendM !"exclaimed Blake: After listening at the door of the central cabin devise any project that s!lems to prop1ise well, but "Gollie, Iris!\, whar you doqe borry de brains for some moments the titeersman move(! on. further r6!lflction may bring a new Idea to s ome dnt you used fo' d:\t head work?''"asked Pomp reBut he troubled. He had nqt been able to one of our minds. Bear in mind the si. tuation is garding Barney with great admiration. make anything of Smith Brown's rav one of life or death for us all, and let the urgent "Look here, nagur 1 Do ye mane to say that I lugs. But he reflected that, supposing that Smith necessity of our case inspire you. lt matters not have no brains av m,e own1" demanded Barney. Brown ha!l taken to drinking immoderately, he how desperate nny proposition leading to tile de. ".No sah." certainly would not be wortlly of the command of sired end may be, it shall be tried." Well what was vez aft her -manln' be that rethe airship. While intoxicttted he mlgltt direct They had all looked the situation .fn the face mark, ttiin, ye Hottimtot?" the air-ship to destruction. now, and all were strivir!g tc;> devise just sucn aJ,l Whose er Hottentot? See yere, Irish, dis ain't Not after tbat Hall boldly the cen idea as Frank sought to IUSp!_re. no place fur a !lght." tral cabm. All where they w"re being carried at "Foight, is it? Begob, an' that's all thfl nagur had res,olyed t.? test his suspicion regarding the wtll of Sm1th Brown, had seen Hall, thinks av. Don't let the place ,v,orry ye. Faitb an' Sn.tth Browns mtoxicM!on. steersman, at the opening IQ the deck ovllr then an Irishman would foight at his own he As he came to the cabm door thjs time he heard heads, wh.ich the insane professor had caused to wuz to be insulted by a nagur." no soun.d of Smith Drown 's, voice. be made tnere, 1\nd "the ghost" was no longer a Donn yer crowd oil de mourners 1 I'se got Entermg, l..'.e found !he msane seated mvst11ry. steam etnutr in my bller fo' to butt de &ide ob de calmly at the levers wttb no trace of excnemant They understood, therefore, that the plot of ship out." or intoxication in hi& manner, and Hall could not which thoy had naw become the victims bad been "' yez better turn yer st!lam ontil yer detect any fumes of liquor. commenoed a long time pr11viously, Barney brains an' liven them up, so yez will quit makin' The steersman wae-Cj>mpletely perplexed. and Pomp, as wellll.b Blake, were heartily ashamed a fool av yersilf. Rothe shamrock I like a good Bnt the fact was the msane professor's lit of ma the superstitious fears they had been led to exda!lent igiot, but ye suit me too w.;ll." niacal mania had passed and now he appear-btblt. "Wbo yo use call dat name, sah? Iglot yerselfl ed perfectly sane hke any ratwnal man. Tnere was silence among Frank Rende's com-You're swelled UiJ in de l!Pad jess cas6 yer done Hall made an excuse tp account for his coming, rades for a long time aft.!/!' he last spoke. . thought 'bout de doo' in de ceil in', 'Specs ybi' and then, after a few remarks with Each one of the imperlled party was stnvmg to head wull git so big wid conceit now dat yer can't Smtth Brown, he rettred. obey the of tbeir young leader and offer git thro' de doo' noho,v! 'rl!a steersman was now more troubled t!Jan soine practical suggestio;.: Begorrn, that is roo much 1 Nagur, it's a case ever, and as he returned to his post he said to him" If we only hall any Implements to wcrk With, av the big head I'll ba aftller givin' av yez wid the it would not b!l so diffieult to think of a way of two fists av me." "1'11 wateh Smith Brown closely after this. I escape. Bu.t the present I can "No, you. won't," interposed Frank; "Now, am convinc"d that is some mystery gtve co ndvtce, smd Blake, In. toues, at then, we will further discuss the plm1 for our es-abouL htm that I do not understand as yet." lailt. , . cape, which you have suggested, Barney." Hall reflected long and seriously. "Dat s my fix tu I Go lite I I se clean done gm Porn p turned away grinning an.! Barney reluc-And all at once he exclaimed: up," said Pomp, scratclllng his head ruefully, tautly abandoned his proposed ruction with the "Can it be possible tllat Smith Brown is in while his black face prasented a perfect picture of darky. sanl>?" perplexity. Further conversation ensued between the capThe iden. fairly startled Hall, and he was con Tl!eu the doctor spoke: tives of the Queen Clipper. firmed in his alreay formed resolution to watch "It seems to me the situatij>n no cha.nce It was decided til at ensuing night the daring man :-vho. bad .awaken d this startling sus pi-for us, and that we must pattently bide our t1me attempt, looking to escape whicll the Irishman mon In Ins mmd. and wait for some change of circumstances," said h1vi suggested !!l!0uld tried. But Hall did not say anything to Beam or Driggs. he. The chances of success and failure were fully steersll'!an was, at heart, an honest man, and Frank looked He had .half hoped discussed, and all contingimaies were, as far as h1s Dl\l?ral Impulses were far good. that at least some one of hts compamons m1gl1t possible, provided for. Had It not been for his unfortunate tevengeful have given hlm a hint that he could have devel Mea:nwhile Smith Brown continued to sbapethe disposition he would not have now been leagued oped into a project nf value. Murse of the atmellow, Hall intuitively disliked and distrust-Frank turned toward tho jolly Irishman and saw don his captives. ed Beam .and Driggs. His better judgment warned him standing in the middl9-of !he room looking up In former years the insane professor had been him against them, and he did not' fraternize with !lxedly at the closed openmg Ill the ceiling, which a great travsler, and he llad made tong and ad hem. was th , deck floor. venturous voyages in far southern seas. Beam and Driggs had noticed tbat Hall held have you nothmg to say? had OLce visited ths island he was now himself completely aloof from them, and they we to gam no tdeas from your shrewd lnsh wtts1 makmg for, and at that time it had no place o!J llked llim no bett'1j.' than he did them. Ft;ank asked., , the was one of a South Sea gtoup, dis1'hen, too, they hn.&' been warned not to fully Begob, an tt s a av a t_hat s m me some milea from the nearest of its com panconfide in Hall by Smitb. Brown mottlll at. the present sure, replied Barney, wns.. 'l'alren all in ali the situation on board the Queen st11l lookmg at th.e .ceih_ng as th,>ub that was the When Smith.. Brown visited the island it was unwas rather complicmted and it was evi 1 source whenc,e hts msp1rat10n was drawn. inhabited. The insane inventor and scientist had dent that a very trivial miooht serve to '!'herd carne a murmur af lnterestlrom the now taken of Fmnk cabin, and bring nbout new combinations among the men on company >\nd all gave Barney their attention 1m-lle found in exftmining the young hoard it. mediately. pinus and drawings olthe Queen Clipper Ni!(ht came, and before a favorable wind the The could su.ggest a :vay escape Smtth Brown sought particularly among l!'n.nk's air ship \Vas still sailing above tile Pacific Ocean. n.ow to be l!gtened to }VIth cons1deratwn, and papers to the secret, of t.he wonjerfully Smith Brown had, given Hall the eonrse for ti(. Barney s .lace told that for once at leust he was enc'>nstructed of the batteries, which gave night, and leaving him to perform the duty senous. forth such electnc power as hr.d never befote been whf"elmom, as well as that of an assistant enirineer, Well,.BI\rney, tell us you have In genemted. wbile Beam took a sleep and Drioogs ran the bow Don't you see we are allm suspense?" contmue:l .But the luAnne conspirator dii not discover the engine, the insane professor for the night secret, for Frank had committed it to a cipherto t.lle central cabin. Fatth, thin, I was afther thmkln av the Circus wrltmg, to which M alone kne1v the key. True, He could snatch a .nap then at his post,


16 FRANK READE, JR.. AND HIS QUEEN CniPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PMtT II. for it was all plain sailing over the sea, and be did shoes before he l eft the bold, and now, walking in H!'l heard Hall's Incautious movement and turn-not r'-'quire much sleep. his stocking fe e t, he did not make a bound. ed hke a flash. hi S h B The night wore peacefully on and at about mid Meantime it was now a time of the most intense And before .Hall could reach m IDJt rown night Fral;lk Reade and his fellow captain set and pail:' lui s_uspense !or the comrades Barney bad pressed thb trigger. . about attempting the plan of escape which Barney left him. . But the weapon fatled. him. It w as not dis had bit upon. Frank Reade to door of the pr;Ison charged, and tlle succeedmg'Pomp to'lk his plac e under the door in the ceil room, and there listened mtectly for the famtest e ngaged in a llerce hand to hand struggle with h1s ing, and Blake mounted upon his shoulders. It sound that might te!l him Burey had safely defoes. was then seen that a third man would not be r e -scended the compamcn sta1rs. "Whoop 1" yelled Barney, as Smith Brown quired for standinu: on Blake's shoulders. Barney Some moments'elapsed. clubbed his revolver and sprang at him with a fu would be raised T1igh enough to reach th e door No sound. broke the pervl\(l,ing silence. rious cry. and have space to spare. At last Frank knew that sufficient time had rne Irishman warued off the blow the Insane Barney was very active, and he climbed to passed for Barney to reach the holcl if he had met man aimed at him, and with hi s clenehtld fist Blake's shoulders without difficulty. Pomp we \'(,ith. no mishap. caught him a blow on the side of the head that Smith Brown assented, and one after the other the two rascals climbed over the rail and descended to the ground by m ,eans of a rope. Beam and Driggs were placed upon the platform. They stood against a center pole, watching the natives in astonishment, while they them-. selves before them as if in worship. know to be a real black giant, and he held his Just then there came a fierce cry from the hold dropped him as though he had been stricken by a double burden ll.rmly. beyond the door o! the prison-room, and Frank sledge hammer. Reaching cp the Irishman cautiously SAized the recognized the voice of Smith Brown. Then the other three of his enemies closet! in on door above his head and tried it. "Lost l Barney is discov erAd !'' exclaimed Barney, and his desire for a ruction WIIS for once, Much to his satisfaction, he found it was not seFrank, as there followed the sound of a struggle, at leaet, more than satisfied. cured on the upper oide. and other voices were heard. Silently Barney pushed the door, and it slid Frank was right. llnrney had been detected ---away from the opening. ltwas a beautiful moonjust at thll moment when the bmve Irishman be CHAPTER LI. light night, and the illumination from the gan to think his success was THE ISLAND IN THE BOUT ACIFIC-llARNEY TillES world at once nenetrated to the gloomy pr1son He had passed to the compamon-way. H P room o! the captives below deck. As he began to descend the stairs Smith Brown A STRATEGEM. Barney listened for a moment, but only the memly by.accident, for he lind beard no sou_nd, OF course Barney made a great fight, and al swish" of the ever restless waves below the ship chan laced the door in the deck ney without.a word ofwa.rning. He sprang at the And when they knew from the remarks of the .fioor as he had found 1t. lnsal'l(l professor, for he d1d not mean that murder enemy and the 8ilence of Barney that the Then be stole forward toward the should be done. fellow hnd been defeated they were indeed ready way. He had taken the precaution to removi> his It was a moment or terrible peril for Barney. to despait.


PART U. FRANK READE, JR., .AND inS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. 17 It seemed that their last hope was gone now. rior there was a large, beautiful valley, where the "So Leonillas Wickersham is at last of In silence they stood together in their dark soil was most fertite and vegetation wail luxuriant. the great ship of the air. He bas attallled h1s obprison for some moments. There tropical fruits 11.nd flowers abounled, and ject. It only remains to land the prisoners, and At last a bitter groan escaped Frank's lips, and the vallfly was inhabited by a tribe of South Sea then I shall sail away to begin a oareer.that shall he said: savages. astonish tlie w orld. It is my dream ultimately to "It seems we may now as well resign ourselves Amon&' the rocky hills that shut in the charm establisl\ 1\ kingdom of my own, in some sunny to the inevitable. Fate Is against us. We are noting valley the men in search of water lost their southern island, where fruit and flowers make the to escape." way. Then they wandered on and on, rendered land oeem a parndise. Thera I shall bring men "I am not a fatalist, but I cannot gainsay your almost despairing by the thought that they were and whom I shall capture. by 0?-eans of words, Frank," a.qsented the dontor. : lost in that unknown land. the au-slup. They shall become my subJects. I "Gollia l I'se sorry fer Barney, an' l'seonly a po' But finally they entered the fertile valley, and be a king when I am on the . at my sea m!\D, but I'd glb all de few good dollars dnt l'se they were almost immediately discovered by a realm, as well ns when I am smhng the. air. sabed up if I could only hab a chance for to go to band of half naked natives. Hal man nevet conceived :such a g\Ql'IOUS .Barney's help. Fo' de lamb, I 'spec's d at dar It aeemed that .Beam and Driggs were the first future as Leonidas Wickersham mapped out would habbeensome buttin' doneden,"saldPomp; while men the Islanders had ever seen. They for himself . And it. shall b!J realized . All! Alii regretfully. treated the two rascals with gr,eat respect, and led The ww to Its attamment lS clear, smoe I have Meantime Barney was carried Into one of the them to a rude temple. finally triumphed over Frr.nk Reade, Jr." cabins. U1-on being ushered into the structure, His strange, wild fnnoy was to him a serious There he became insensible, and Smith Brown, what was their surprise to see., seated upon an matter. Hls diseased brain made It all seem real who had soon recovered trom the Irishman's bl.:-w, elevated platform, where asmall,-hideous idol stood and probable. He had no thought or fear of defeat ordered him to be unbound. against the wall, a real American darky, wearing now. This was done. a high silk hat, an enormous bow necktie and a Presently the Insane professor arose and began Then the Irishman was left alone by his captors, plaid suit of bright colors, to pace .the deck. who secured the :::tout door of the cabin on the Beam and Driggs were placed upon the plat-He had already disoovdred that Hall was not outside, and so made Barney a prisoner. form, and as they stood against a center pole, likely to fall in with any that smacked of When he came to his senses his first feelings watching the natives In astonishment, wbile they inhumanity toward. his prisoners, and he was were those of chagl'ln and disappointment. But prostrated themselves before them as if In worship, thinking of tbe steecsman then. his volatile spirit could not long be depressed by the darky sat on the edge of t .he platform with his "I will haVe no one with me wh? 1s likely to set any calamity, and instead of bemoaning what legs hanging over, and seemed to take It all as a his will against my own, Hall IS too chickencould not now be helped, he muttered: ,matter of hearted to win my entire approval. He may ob"Be the harp av Tara, now, It's more detar-Presently the darky whispered: ject to my plan to maroon t he captives here," mut mined I am thnn iver to get the best av the black "Dem niggers hab sot me up fer an idol fo' some tered the maniac. guards av the worruld. Bad scran till the loikes weeks, !:Iince lise shipwrecked yere a big trunk He continued to make the transit of the deck av thim." corned ashore an' I got dese yere slick togs outen with rapid, nervous strides for some moments. Then, so to say, Barney put on his thlnkingcap, it." But finally he paused and spoke again to hlmselr and cudgeled his brains as he bad never done be So the mystery of the strange darky's presence in decisive tones: fore In all his life to think of some plan to outwit there was exJ:lained. "I'll broot;: no interference. If Hall sets him the enemy, even yet. Meantime, while the insane wofessor and Hall sell against me in this matter. If he dares to at Da.y dawned again, and the ship of the air sailed waited for the return of Beam and Driggs, Barney tempt to prevent my deserting the prisoners here steadily on. had another briliiant idea. I'll leave him on the island too. Perhaps I hl\d At sunrise the inflane professor took an onoe Smith Brown and Hall were alarmed best do so in any event, for I have a premonition tion, and after making a calculation by means of by hearing a terrible groaning. !hero will ultimately be a rupture between that Frank Reade's nautical Implements and marine It sounded as if so!I!e one below deck was In man and myself. As !or Beam and Driggs I am charts, he ordered the course changed a few mortal agony. satisfied they have no scruples that will militate points. Smith Brown and Hall ran to the companionagainst my plans in any way," he said. The weather still held fine. way. Meantime Bea,mand Driggs were having an ex Smith Drown seemed now anxious to reach the In a moment they hall located the place whenee perience that was by no means pleasant. South Sea which he was making for as came the gr.oans. The sounds emanated After t.he giant who placed the two soon a.s possible. from the cabm mwb!Oh Barney was confined. rascals, ID company With the slnpwrecl\ed darky, Possibly he feared some cunning device of the The insane invElntor went to the door of the on the altar in their strange temple, worshiped eaptives might yet result in their gaining their cabin and Hal !followed him. Smith Brown called the white men for some time, thb former retire d, fre edom. out: and Beam and Driggs were left alon'6 wll;b the The speed of the air-ship was materially lncreas "Silence in there l What are you making all darky. lug, and the voyage was continued the that noise for?" "I've got enough of this, by gosh l an' the pcourrence of incidents worthy of special record There was no repl,Y, but Barney groaned harder sooner we kin git out and give the nigger the for some time. than ever. olean slip, the better it will suit me," said Beam. At last, just at nightfall, an island was sighted "Very well, u!Bke all the noise you like," finally "Right you are. But the question that's agl to the southward. cried Smith Brown, in angry tones, and then he tatir.' my mind is whether we will be let go. I'm Smith Brown at once announced that it was the and Hall returned to the deck. afeared we are replied Driggs. land be was in search of, and all was made But for a longtime Barney's groaning contir:ued, "Dat's so, I 'specs, !o' a faok," tue ship for it. and it gradually became fainter, and Hall thought wreoired Alrie>tn. But night had fully fflllen, and the moon, shin something serious might bll the matter wit.h the "Why so?" asked Beam. lug tl!rough a cloud-fiecked sky, Illuminated the Irishman. "Fo' 'case I tried it, an' got stopped. Yer see, I scene when the Queen Clipper atlast made a landBarney was Injured fatally by the tried to get away from 'em, but they collared me ing on the island. L>lows Beam dealt him on the head. I sbould]iJ{e an' fotched me back." Bleak, barren and desolate the island seemed. to go down and do what I onn for him. He n:ay "Well, I mean to get away from them, Jr Yankee l'he water tank on board the Queen Clipper was be dying all alone in the cabin," said Hall, at cunnin' Is worth anything, all the same," renow empty, and as sooq as a landing bad length. sponded Beam, safe.Jy and the aeronef rested on terrafl(ma "No. Remain where you are. Let him die if : How shall we make the attempt?" asked agam, Smith Brown proposed a search should be he will. Then we shall have n:> more trouble on Dr1ggs. made for fresh water, which they etood greatly in his account," said Smith .Brown, brutally. wai!; until the village becomes quiet. need of, without waiting for another day to dawn. And so Hall did not go to look to Barney and at Than we'll crawl out of this and try to get away to Under the moonlight it seemed the search might last his groaning ceased. Barney was trying a the hills. Once there we'll ascend to the higbost be earned forwaru Vl)ry well, and Beam and stratagem. Would it succeed? p'int o' land we kin find, an' the

il 18 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLioPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUDS. Fortune seemed to favor the escaping ones. Unshipwrecked darky. Then ensued a long race, seen they reached the hills beyond the village in and day dawned appeared to be intent the vnlley. They were all running at full speed, and they eance "So fnr so good," satd Beam, as stood to had just rounded an abrupt curve in tue defile Th g r t f the air-ship was really endan-gether behmd the tl.rst rtdge of the btlls they had which they were threading when they behel\nnon more accurately train among the rugged hills again they long----ed on the approaching Aavages. er discern tbe light which was be their guiding CHAPTER LIII. The re.'>cued darky stood by with his mouth star. agape aud his eyes bulging out with astonishment. llut they thought they could reach the right A BATTLE WITH SAVAGES-THE MUTINEERS ARE He had made many a sea voyage, butbo bad never course, for each one of the two _noted the COMPELLED TO CALL ON FRANK READE. seen such a strange looking craft as he was now point of the compass whence the electric hght came. on board of. They went forward at once, but the way was BuT the savage islanders did not abandon tbe A moment and Smith Brown oried: rugged, and they w e re to turn and pursuit. In a few moments they came on again ".Now I've got the savages covered I The can through torturous deftllls e.nd among rocky passes. at full speed. non is loaded with grape-shot, and I'll wager it So it was not to be wondered at that they strayed The band of Islanders numbered a hunstops the band nl the first volley!" from the direct they desired to maintain. dred dusky warriors, As they adTanced tbev the last word pa!'sed the lips of the insane The first gray light of dawn had come into the made the island ring with their loud, fierce yells: professor he dischlirged the cannon. eastern horizon' when to the ears or the escaping savage arms consisted of spears, war clubs, Tbe report boomed out over the island, waking trio came a f:lound that caused them intense alarm. nnd bows and arrows. They were a formidable the echoes of tbH Isolated sea-p:irt lanr\ns they bad It was the yells of the giant islander!!. Then force, Hall said to his companions, as he led never been awakened since the world began. they knew thnt their escape had been discovered, In the race for life: The natives bad never h"ard anything resem and that the savages were ou their track. "They "''ill. attack the air-ship. We shall have bling that report exceit the detonation of the Beam immediately broke .into a run. to get the Qneen Clipper afloat in the air again im thunder during some terrible tropical storm. His example was followed by Driggs and the mediately, a11d leave the Island." And the result of the discharge appalled them.


PART II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. lQ A dozen of the savages were slain, and they were him up there. Ha shall be given the alternative Soon after Smith Brown aad Hall left Barney's halted. either to reproduce the powerful currents he alone cabin 11 surprising occurrenc e trans pired therein. Th e n Smith Brown made a rush for the susis master of or die." Barney opened his e yes and sat upon his couch. pen B ot y engin e "Good!'" exclaimed Hall. There was a comical look on his fnce as he said The sfLfety of the Queen ()Iipper was now th8 "Bravo I" cried Beam. to htmself: 1\rst considemtion in the mind of tue insane pro"Now to open the ;door In the deck and get "Begob an' it's worth tin dead men I am. Fatth fes sor. Reade out. Prepare a noosed rope, Beam," said an' I've the bloody blackguards av the He seized the levers of the suspensory engine 8mith Brown. worruld, a n' agam I've a chance to save Masther as soon as b e entered the central cabin, and de 'rhe door In the deck fioor was opened at once, and the t est av me fri e nds. Sure an' I set pressed them in the way necessary to turn on the and Smith Brown shouted down the opeujug! in to I was houldiu' av me own wake electricity rr om the giant piles aml wonderful ac "Frank Reade, I am ab o ut to lower a rope to night, llOplll' to fool the thaves av wotld, cumulatore of Frank Reade's invention, you. You will slip the noose under vourarmsand JUst as I h!LYe d o ne. B a d c e ss to th e m I But til ere was no responsive result. allow yourself to be drawn up. We need your Sileuti,Y Barney arose and went acros s the C $bln. 'l'lle engine did not move. services to l?et the ship und e r way. I pledge you Reachmg the door he llste n o d. But as he heard The suspensory helices did not stir. no harm is mteuded you if you do as I say." no one near he through th e d oor, and Smitll .Brown was simply arn11zed. He stood to }'rank Reade heard this witll feelings that were once dir e cted hts steps for the m a. moment dumfounded. Then, as all the ma by no means those of astonishment which he had left Frank and the otllers tmpnsonchinery WILS intact, and he knew there. was no He had expected somethiQg of the kind, for heed. fault with the engines, he exolaim&d: was aware that the secret combination of che miOf courso Barney b_ad no knowled g e of the fa;ct "l!a I I understand. '.rhe electric piles, these cals he had invented must soon be renewed, or that Frank m the c:."et of which is known only to Frank Jr., the Queen Clipper would lose her motive power. But fate was against the herOIC Imhmnn have given out. Tho chemicals require to be re understood now that what he had anHe had already reached the door of the p r!S(Jn newed,at certain iutervaiH." tictpated had occurred. room : whlch he meant to open, when be met Beam Smith Brown bad hit upon, the correct explanr; He whispered to Dr. Vaneyke, atid told his old and Driggs. tion of the failure of the motive power of tho air friend that he would go on ;deck, and trust to The succeeding moment Barney was engaged In ship. chance to outwit his enemies yet. a desperate Atruggle w ttb them. And the Insane professor had been bnflled in all A moment lnt .er the noosed rope was lo1vered. Bet\m shouted for help and Driggs lustily second attempts to leam the composition of the giant elec-Frank adjuted It under his arms, and be was ed his trio piles. drawn up. Reaching the deck, he was seized Smith Brown and Ifall came rushing from the He comprehended on the instant that the Queen and marched down into the battery room. deck, followed by tile shipwreck e d negro. Clipper was lost unless he could hold itngainst the "Tho electricity of the accumulators is exhaust-'l'he insa n e professor WliK astonished a t the sight attack of the savage islanders. ed. I'll give ou one hour to renew the giaut of Barney, and of course Hall shared his !\maze At that moment their yells rang fiercely in his piles and pr:>vtde the motive pow"r on the airment. ears again, and he .knew they were commg on ahip. At the end of that time, if you have not But they sprang to the assistance of Beam and again Ill a charge. ac!'omplished wltat I desire, I'll return and blow Driggs, and in a fe\V mom e nts Barn e y was again Smith Brown rushed out of the central cabin, your brains out!" hissed Smith Brown, as Frank by the odds brought against him. and shouted a.t the top of his voice: was thrust into the battery room. 'l'beu he was dragged back to the cabin from "'l'he electricity bas failed I ,To arms! We Smith BrO\'I'n retreated aft e r the door, be bad escaped, and again maae a prisoner must beat off the savages with our firearms!" and Frank was a prisoner-alone in the battery there. 'l'hen he to the cannon and began reload apartment. Poor Barney now f e1t that his lnst chance was lug tho great guo iu all haste. lost, and could no longe r hope that Ita might sueThe others rushed from their respective stations, ceed In saving his fri ends a.ud immediately seized their arms. CHAPTER LIV. Meantime, l!'rank R eade had set to work at the The rifles in the rack of. the arms-room were ali BARNEY'S RUSE-ANOTHER :PAILUBE-HALL'S GREAT batteries. . load.,d, and they were repeaters of the !.rest make. DIS'COVEBY He resolved to get the p1les r e-supRanglng themselves along 'the railing, against . ply the accumulator.< with the wondel'lul currents which they hastily heaped provision boxes, which HALL, the had not forgotten Barney that were the motive power of the Queo n Clipper. ch11nced to be on deck, the defenders of the Queen or his apprehensions on the account. The inventor, when be was brought on Clipper crouched behind the improvised brl;last After Frank was imprisoned In the battery-room the deck, saw that the alr.-ship was on an is l am!, work llnd opened fire the savages. Hall !!'aid to Smith Brown: and he had uo wish to remain in th a t unknown The islanders were furious, and tbe prospect of I think. we had better look to the Irishman. I land. plunder, which the capture of the air-ship sug haven't heard a sound from tbe cabin in which we As he worked ht the s e cret piles among hiil gested to their minds, was also an Incentive to locked him up to-dey." chemicals Fr.ank's mind was busy. them. "Neither have I. Wa will go down and sae how .tie was diligt> ntly striving for som e plan whereLed on by a couple of hideously tattooed it lfj with the fellow For my part I hope the blow by h e m ight b a flle his e n e mi e s a nd r e g ain ,possesof huge proportions. even al!long the tall of he received in the hoad may have done for him. sion of the Qu een Clipp-er. men captained, the islanders charged right He is the most dangerous one of Reade' s men e xBut it w a s no easy task he found, t o bit upon a. In the !ace of the vollE>y of lead from the Queen cept possibly the nigger,'' said Smitb Brown. piau that s eemed lik e ly t o prove su c c e ssful Clipper. "From his terrible last night yo.u know At this time Smith Brown was r eflecting spmeBut as the crash of musketry, and the yells of I th9ught it likely he was dying continued Hall. what as foJi(JWS: th e islanders and shouts of the crew of the Yes, remember that s jus t why I did not ' I must no\V k eep Fra nk Rea d e a prison e r until vesselrniugled in a terrible din of strife, and the permit you to go to him," replied the other. I have learned th6!Secre t of c ompiling the mlgllty enemy reached very near the ship, Smith Brown he led the way to the cabin in whlc .Barelectri c piles. Ha I I came ne a r o v e rloo king what depressed the cannon accurately, and diflcharged ney had been left a prisoner. has occ urr e d. For the time, wh e n I decid e d to it. Hall followed Smith Brown. aband o n Frank R eade 9 n the isl a nd I did nfilt c on-The effect was awful. The torrent of small shot :&tlacniug the door of Barney's cabin, they halted sider that the electric. piles would require rene\v 'Vomited forth by the engine of destruction mowed and' listened for a moment. ing." down the savage islanders like grain before_the Not a sound from within reached them. When the time Smith Brown had giv e n Frank reap e r s stroke. "Hello I" called Smith Brown. In whi o b to svpply the needed e l e ctri c currents had The were massed compactly, so that the Still there was answer. elaps ed, the insane inv entor trie d the suspensory execution of the grape-shot was rendered most "He may be up to some trick, so I'll be ready to engin e complete. Scarcely a missile from the cannon missgive him a shot, if necessary," s aid Smith Brown. To his gratification he found that moti o n \VI\8 ed ita billet. Then he drew a revolver, and 11.nlock.e d the cabimparted to the e n gine, as usu a l, whe n h e d epressThe ground beside the air-ship was strewn with in door. ed the l e v e r, and Immedia tely the su s p ensory he-the dead and dying savages. Even their reckless As soon as he had opened it, he sa\v Barney ly-!ic es began t o r e v o lv e c harge was checked and they bent a retreat. ing fRee down on a bunk. He sh o uted his orders, and B e am and Hall man-At a fearful cost they had been taught a Jesson The form did not stir as the Insane conspirator n e d the for e and n ft eng ine s, a nd in a few m o m ents which they would never But, though they and Hall entereJ. lhe wond erful ship o f the air s o ar e d aloft and fell back, and did not come within rille range They wr:mt to the bunk, and turned Barney on floated majestica lly away, while the is again then, Smith knew that they would his hack. His body was rigid, and his eyes were landers watched it in amaze ment and sent up a make an attack again under the cover of darkness closed. He see med to have ceased to breathe. chorus of disappointe d yells, a th e y understood it the Queen Clipper was on the island when night 'Dond !"said Hall. the white m en, who m the y wished to slay w ere again tell. "Dead, sure enough," assented Smith 'Brown. getting saf ely beyond the ir reac h. Now the crow of tile Queen Clipper had a breath "So much the bet er. We'll drop the body into F r ank had reco nr:;truct e d the ch emica l composi-iug spell. the sea when the ship gets in motion again, and lion of the r:ilecfric pil e s and now the vesse l was Smith Brown called a sails the air above the waves," he added. good for a l ong v o y age. "Me n," said he. "There iA only one man llving Yes," assented Hall. "But I'm s o n-y f o r BarD e feat e d in hiil plan to l ea ve Frank Reade and who knows thil secret of the wonolerful electric ney. He was a brave, true-he arted, honest felhis friends o n tli e isl and, Smith Brown se e m e d not piles nn<\ accumulators-that man is Frank Reade, low." to have d e cided a gain jus t wha t be would do with Jr. Unless t h e piJes are renAwec\ we can never g e t "But on Frank R e ade's sid e nnd so he wa s them. the ship afloat in the air again. do you sug-my enemy," replied !lmith Br o wn. A long voy A g e e n s u e d over t he ocean. Just then Brown's voice was heard from the But o n e night land was s i g ht ed. The m e n on No one spoke. de ck. de c k snw e l ephants and wild c attl e and they b e For 1\ moment Smith Brown waited to he:1.r some "Captain Smith Brown t C aptain Brown t The lie v e d the land was a p o rti o n of Afrt'ca. suggestion. savages seem 'to be gettiu' readv for another But this w a s soo n l e ft b ehin 1. But it did not come, and finally he said: cl1ltrge !"the Yankee sho ut ed. the Quee n Clipper r a n a t great spee d "There is but one thing to do. Frank Rende "TQ the deck!" cried the insane professor, and over th e s e a again on a n e w c o urs e land was again the chemicals in the batteries, recoilhe rushed froru the cab u . sighted and presently the air v eMel wa s sailing Btrucl the piles, nnd I\ !I the accumulators with his Hall came nt his heels, and they did not lock the over it. wonrterfnlly po1verfui cmrents !'' cabin door, having no fear of a dead man. .Smith Brown s<;>on announced that were "Do you mean to release him?" demanded Beam, Reaching th

20 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF CLOUDS. PART IL ed an iron bar down among tile pleasure party. CHAPTER LV. It seemed likely to Hn.ll that Beam and Driggs> Fortunately it Lit no one, and the air-ship would be as liable as not to lo l:!mitb away, concealed by the tree tops. THE BEFLECTIONS OF STEERSMAN HALL-FliANX Bro'Yn, oven if convinced of hiH. insanity, i_f But the picnickers looked in consternation at READE SET FREE. mamac held out to them a-sutlic10nt mcent1ve m the iron which bad almost buried iteelf in the earth STEERSMAN HALL was completely thunderstruck the Wi!.Y of personal interest. . and sought to determine whence it had come. at the amazing discovery he had n.t last made of Hall was not very in arriving at a deciSIOn The vessel sailed onward !or hours and night the identity o! Smith Brown with Professor Leoni regarding the two mutmeers. again came on das Wickersham the insane scientist and escaped I will keep my own counsels, as far ns regards The on board the Queen Clipper re lunatic. Brown's identity, from Beam and Driggs," mained unchanged. Still Frank was a prisoner in The photograph which he had dtscoYered was he sa1d mentally. the battery-room. Yet was a captive in an ex_cellent likeness of Smith Brown, there But Hall felt that something must be to the cn.bln, where Smith Brown had for the second was not a possibility of doubt about his bemg the the whom he now knew to be ure-time locked him up, original of it. sponsible for hlil conduct helpless to do harm. Between them Beam bored a hole through the partition to the magazine, and Dl'iggs' fuse was thrust through the opening thus made. Then Beam lighted the fuse. The electric light had been burning on the Queen Clipper all the evening, and Beam and Driggs were in its brill iant diverging halo when they reached jJJ.e ground., ..Now to cut the anchor-rope!" said Beam, and be a knife he had concealed in his boot and attacked the rope with it. But that night Hall was destined to make a thrill But had Hall yet found any positive proof of It required no stretch of the imagination to con ing discovery. m!th Brown's real identity being lacking, he would ceive that in some wild fit of mania the insane iie was in the bow cabin alone, when his eyes readily have convinced himself now, for, as he recn.ptain of the air-ship might guide the noble vaschanced to light on the chest bel<'nging to the two called ci:cumstances, tne eviilence of Smith sel to destruction. balloonists who had been found dead in the driftBrown's msamty seemed to be so plain, that he The more Hall thought of the affair more the ing bn.lloon. could only wonder that he bad escaped suspicion better part of his nature revolted against the con-We baYe heard Smith Brown say to himself that so long. duct of whieh he had been guilty in becoming a the men were his friends. The steersman regainerl his composure, ton. de confederate of Smith Brown. Prompted by an impulse for which he could not gree, after considering the facts as they were now The steers mar:. thought of Frank Reade and the account, Hall op e ned the dead n.eronauts' chest, presented. other members of the crew shut up in the dark and examin ed the large illustrated book on aero-Of course he coui

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 21 '1\"ill pardon all that I have done since I became a "I'll go at once," replied H11ll, and he hastened Clipper and secure the maniac who llo.s occasioned confederate of Smith Brown's, if I now him. away. us so much trouble and caused us so many perils I" I >tm inclined to do it. My own safety is threat-In a moment or so he wo.s back at the door of replied Frank. ened as well as the safety of the prisoners." the battery room ag-ain. What Is your plan?" asked the doctor. put the photograph of Profebsor Leonidas "I have it," cried Hall, in low, exultant tones. "To secure the insane professor and the two Wickersham carefully away in an inside pocket of Frank heard the key in the lock, and imtnedl-mutineers In a trap. To resort to a stratagem to his reefing jacket. ately the door opened. The young inventor sprang capturtl without a struggle," replied the 'rhen he went \)Ut on de1.V a ruction wid the blackDril":gs were busy elsewhere. guards av the worruld, Beam and Driggs. Faith, Hall crept to the companion-way. an' If yez wlll only lave me have a round or two Reaching the that led to the hold of the CHAPTER LVI. between mesal' an' me shlllalah an' the two spal-vessel, and the cabin below deck, the steersman THE RECAPT E Q EEN CLIPPER FRANK peens, it's no more throuble yez will have with deecended silently. URE OF TH u thiril at G.ll, at all," implored Barney. He llnally deteFmined upon a dellnite course of READE, JR., TRIUMPHs. f' No, my idea is this. Hall will go on deck and proceeding, which he was anxious to carry into "Now," continued Frank," we must decoy Smith Brown and the two mutineers int.o execudon without delay. a moment. Come to the compartment _m wh1ch the cook'& galley, under some pretense. Then he Hall went directly to the battery-room. Dr. and friends are and ass1st me Ill will slip out and fa& ten the door on them," The door was secured and Smith Brown had openmg the door. Frank. the k"!y. "Yes, I am with you," replied Hall. "Excellent I If the plan succeeds it will te turn-Frank Reade was just then seated in the bat-Then they started forward. ing the tables on the rascals splendidly I" said the tery-room-where he was a prisoner-reflecting But they gont' but a lew paces alon_g the doctor. deeply, and striving to devise _some plan for the hall way leading to the. compll,rtment of the pnsons, "I'll try it. But at a shout_ from me you must uiscomftture of his enemies and the recapture of wnen they heard a vo1ce, all be ready to rush on deck," assented his air-ship. I! from beyond the door of a cabin Hall. All at once he heard a voice. wh1ch _tlley were passing, and these were the 'l'hen he led the way to the foot of the com pan-Frank starlet! to his feet and listened. words 1t uttered: ion stairs stealthily. He heard the voice again. The tones were low Begob, an' it I don't glt a drink av wather soon, All the others ,.nently followed the &teersman. intense and sibilant. He knew at once thiLt some sure an' it's perished 1'11 be I Worrn.J worra I Bad When they reached the foot of the companion one was cautiously speaking through the keyhole luck to the blackguard:; that left me in here." !light he signaled his companions to remain there, of the door. "Barney!" said Frank. and then he went up to the deck. Frank's heart leaped hopefully. Yes. I almost forgot that he was shut up Ill A period of suspense and considerable anxiety The simple fact that the person at the door was the cabin," replied Hall. ens ned for Frank and his comrades. But they had employing great caution in seeking to open com "We must release him," sald_Frank. not long to wait. munlcation with him was in itself suggestive of "Fortunately I have a key m my pocket that Presently a shout was uttered in Hall'8 voice. assistance. _, will open the door," answered Ball. "Come on I" cried Frank, and he bounded up the Crossing to the door Frank said, in a whisper: Then Frank stepped close to the door sa1d: stairs. "Who is there?" "Barney, I'm gomg to set you free . Don t make "Whoop I" shouted Barney, and he and the oth" Hall," came the answer. any noise. We are working secretly to out)Yit ers followed their young ieader. Frank Reade was surprised. Smith Brown and rtJcapture the Queen Clipper. All gained the deck. And be also experienced a keen sense of dis-"Arrah I it's Masther Frank's voictl, so it is. An' There they saw standing before the closed P o"ntment in the thought that the vindictive ye are out av the power av the blackguard av door of the cooks galley. H;e had secured the at could not be a friend the wo.rld I Faith, au' I nlver was so happy bedoor bv means of two heavy bolts, with which it s But o.s though he understood precisely what was fore in all me since me .Mi!ke kicked me was provided. passlngin the mind of the young inventor saldBarney, No wordfromHallwR.Sneededtotell then Hall hastened to say: In a half he entrapped the insane professor and the .. You wonder why I am here. You look upon Then thecab!n door was opened. a an er em ?" And Barney came out. The k1cks and )Jlowfl showered on the bolteel Y'es," admifted Frank. '.rhe impulsive seized Frank by both door, and the oaths and uttered by Smith .. 'l'bat is only natural. I have been an enemy to bands ap_d danced abou:,m glee.. Brown Beam told that they were 0 but now I see my folly. I believe you were mmdful of Franks, he made no pnsoner.s m the s galley. 1 u, d 1 1 b h t h no1se. "Golhe I Las's g1b three cheers an' a big spotted con Vlctwns w en you The inventor then hastened to the door tiger I" cried Pomp, In that moment of intense de" I wa.f delight. ir. the same compartment." photograph of the professor. "HMven be praised we are all together again I" "Gollie, dat suits me I l'se contented an' "Tbls seems )ike a providential discovery if it said Blake. happy, like a Souf Carlino. nig, watchin' a possum will lead you to set me frtlef' said Frank, when the "But Hall?" exclaimed the doctor as he observe"d bakin' in de oven, an' de hoe-cake in de ashes," steersman concluded. the steersman. replied Pomp in delighted tones. "l will do so. We must regain possession of "Oh, he's all right now," replied Frank lightly, Frank repaired to the central cabin and inspect-the ship," Hall rejoined earnest\,y. and then h-., explained in a few words that Hall ed the machinery there. "Then open tbe door for me, and we will llbsr-had deserted Smith Brown's side. He also examined the fore and propelling enate the others and capture Smith Brown and the Frank added the startling -information that gines. two mutineers who yet remam at his side," said Smith :13rown was really Professor Leonidas WickJ<'rank. ersham, the insane inventor and scientist. CHAPTER-LVII "I have yet to procure the key to this door. The surprise of all may be imagined. Smith .Brown carries it." T)le doctor was as amazed as Frank had been THE END OF SMITH BROWN-THE QUEEN CLJPPElt "You must not attempt to take the key from upo11'the reception of this revelation. APPARENTLY DOOMED. him. You are my only hope now, and suppose J:lut he said: FBANlt was apprehensive that the he sho\}ld detsct you Ah, t.hen the last cl!anceor "Now much that was mysterious is made clear. machiMry might. have sustatned some injury saving the air-ship would indeed be lost I" Frank I call imagiQe that motives of jealousy. may have while the Queen Clipper was in possession of the exclaimed in alarmed tones. been the incentive of the maniac, combined with mutineers. "Then how shall I get the door open?" a great ambition to distinguish himself. And now But be was very much gratified to find on In-" I will tell you. Go to my cabin. There in a 1 thin!: of it I have always heard that Prof. Wickspection that the machinery was intact and unin small box on the sideboard you will llnd a dupll-ersham was distinguished in former days for his jured. It" seemed that there had been no negleot. cate key bf the door, if Smith Brown or some one boundless ambition." All the bearings were found well oiled, and the else h68 not removed it." "No doubt I But n-ow to recapture the Queen plating of the several engines were olean aad I


22 FRANK RE.A.DE, JR., .A.ND ij:IS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART IT. polished as Frank had always caused them to be But ho heard .no sound, and so he concluded Evidently he kept. that Beam and Driggs were steeping. But not so. turn bottom Sl e up, Ot 1 While Frank was inspecting the machinery of They were awake, and waiting tor the night to began to entreat Sands to save b orne ac 8 the wonderful aerial ves8el he was accompanied by further advance before attempting a terrible deed 'I' he strang_ e darky htal d not w: at all ti<;;;e; Doctor Vaneyke, and when all the engines had of vengoance and destruction. tomed to aenal na.vtga on, an been carefully looked to the doctor asked: One great mistake had been made by the young ln dread o.t an acctdent. How ; do you mean to transfer our dangerous inventor regarding his prisoners. &mds dtd not heed the darky, b_ut he to prisoners from the cook's galley to the hold?" Before they wore shut up in the prisoners' room the levers and turne_d off electric cunents iren away, but tion of the helices wo:uld be dim mlshr.d as the Tile doctor approved Gf it, and Frank continued: they yet had dangerous implements in their pOH rapidity of was decreast;d. tran&fer of the prisoners below deck, may session when they were thrust into the quarters The alarmmg sound caused hun to fear as well made now as at any time. Indeed the so recently occupied by Frank and his comrades. that some damage mtght ensue to_ the suspeLsory sooner they are confined in tbe most secure porConcealed on: his person Driggs had a coil of screws. , lion of the vessel, the better I shall be satlslled," fuse, and Beam had a small hinged auger, that Barney, Pomp and Steersman Hall Blakes he called Barney, Pomp, and Hall. shut up like a patent corkscrew, in his pocket. He shout, and the)' felt the slup surge s .. Tile three mAn named immediately presented also had a burglar s picklock. to them that deck must be standmg almost themselves on the deck. At about midnight, when they knew the Queen perpendicular. "You will each take a rille the arms room, Clipper was riding at anchor, the two were all Intensely alarmed. and stand ln line yonder," said Frank, and he itiset to work to escape. But as they scrambled out o f their bunks th"' dicated the side of the deck near the companion They bad broken jail more than once ln their Queen Clipper righted herself and when they and in front of door of the cook's galley. and they on the door gained the deck a few mpments later, the vessel 'I he three men qmcklv secured the weBpons Fust Beam ptcked the lopk. :rhen he bore tornado.' be had directed. tly drew them by means of a p1ece of ben.vy knit The wind-storm was now upon the "Now I am about to iet the prisoners out, and it w!re which he thrust through auger hole. The propellorii were almost useless, and as for Wlll be your duty to escort them down to the The proson compartment adJomed the magazme combating the gale or directing the ship ln a prison compartment under the deck," continued on one side. course adverse to the tornado, they were entirely Frank. The bunks were on that side. But between them powerless. "Sure an' we'll attlnd to tbim," said Barney. Beam bored II' hole through the. partition to the At that moment Frank Reade and Dr Vaneyke "Goll!e I Dat's jiss what we will," alllrmed magazine, and Driggs' fllse was thru&t through the arrived on deck. Pomp, thus II!ade. It was the general lmpresf belleYe Suddenly they climbed over the rail and dereach of .the gale, or elude It by an eurthward that be meant all he said. scended the anchor cable hand over hand. This flight, as 1t extends from '!lghest to the lowest Wilen he had concluded he opened the door. time there was no one to halt them. planes of the atmosphere, said he to Then Beam and J)riggs came out, looking very In safety they ren.ched the earth. The electric Then Issued ordels t? the quee.n Cl_lpper mnch and. shame-laced. light had been burning on the Queen Clipper aU before the wind and a thrtlhng raoo In tae 1\Jr !Ill But Stmth Brown dtd not appear. the evening, and Beam and Driggs were in its sued. The speed of t.he was someUnng "Come, come, professor. We are waiting for brilliant diverging halo when they reached the wonderful. Distaucew'!S r.nnihtlated,spaceceased you I" called out Frank. : ground to become a consideratiOn. But there was no answer. / to cut the anchor-rope I" said Beam and The ten moments, which Beam had said must "What is the \Vith tl\.e madman?" asked he produced a knife he had concealed In his 'boot elapse before the fuse he had left burning In the Frank of Beam. and attacked the rope with it. compartment of the hold-where he and Drigof,'S "Sulkln'. By gosh, be looks awful. I reckon In a few momenta the cable was cut. had be!ln coRftned-would the powder jn thA he's mighty desperate," replied the Yankee. Q11een Clipper drifted slowly away before magazme and blow up the aerml craft, had now And scarcely h a d he spoken, :his state-the wind. passed three times over. ment was conftrmed;in the most startling manner. Still there \Vas no evidence that any one on But the explosion had not tl\ken place, and yet Smith Brown bound!ld out o{ the board it knew the ship was adrlf[, all board the vessel, which_the mutineers SUJ) cooks galley and darted for the raJ!. Beam and Driggs fled, bnt thE1.!1 far as the skill of man to achghtn!ng painted erratic tracings upon the backYou. are right I The rope has been cut. Ah 1 complish a cure could go." ground of the darkened skv. some one purposely set us adrift 'In this storm. Then, while B a rn.ey and Pomp, with Hall, The approachln<> storm was gatberln[llls forces But who could have had any reasoU to thus send mar3lled Beam and Driggs below deck, and sein the soutbern roolms of the heavens and the first us adrift?" cured the two mutineers in the prison COli) partgust of wind from that quarter struck the : Dunnol 'Deed l'se got to gib up dat question," n:ent, Frank ordered tb!l aer:::mef lowered. Queen Clipper as she drifted onward after the es-Pomp. , This was done; the mr-shtp reached the lower caped mutineers severed the anchor rope. Faltb, an 1ts a btt av a conundrum that's too ranges of tlte atmosphere; theu It was Heen that It was customary for all the crew to sleep 'when much formA, to;;.," replied Barney. one of the g'reat northrn lakes lay below. the ship was at ancil.or save Indeed one man who Just th11n the cried: It had been to make a landing stood watch usually. ' "Frank, I am sure I smell something burning and give. the remalll's of the. tnsane professor de. On this night, however, even the watchman !ll the The fumes ascend from the com pan. cent burtal. But now he demded tbat the body had slept. He was Blake, the assistant helmsman, and Ion-way. found a at the bottom of lake. ?e was a most trustworthy man, always The doctor was standing at the head of the co When mght came on the vessel was still consmenttous ln the discharge of duty, on this ocpanlon stairs. m cas ion be had vainly struggled against the master"It seems to me that powder is burnin I" add _J.he mght as a one, and the gentle ful inclination for somr.olency which bad ultimateed the doctor, in alarmed tones g wmd favorable to the atr-vessel, ly conquered him. Powder 1 Good heavens 1 The ma RZin The doctor and Frank sat on deck unttl a late But when the first gust of wmd struck the stored with powder If as ark of fi h g e 18 hour enjoying the evening and discussing their Queen Clipper it aroused Blake, akd he started uo etmte to the e xplosives wep are lost recent adventures. wide awake. The next moment a second gust Then he sprang tlie com anion s ran b .lt the sam!l time Beam and Driggs were plotting caught tile air-ship broadside, and caused it to Barney Pomp and the doctor follow d d slow deck. . rock dangerously, whife the center of gravity of of the young inventor and at th f e e a Toward m1dnu;:ht the storm lndocator foretold a the suspensory helices was so disturbed that they stairs they found the smoke l)omi e f oot cyclone, and so Frank ordered a descent, and the upon the b!larings with a .rnspingo sound, rection of the compartment 110 6 h d Queen Clipper was anchored by of the_ great hke many tiles workmg in unison. imprisoned Beam and Dri s. w c ey a cable and heavy drag on the bank of a constdera-Blake uttered a shout, and Chief\ Engineer Frank rushed to of the i ble at n height of a hundred feet. Sands, who was sleeping in the central deck He knew then that the smok pr srnroom_. Fmally Frank and the doctor retired. house, was awakened at once it for the fumes found th e came rom Wtthm As he went to his cabin Frank paused for a mo The shipwrecked darky had been rescued casement and the holes B euhwdayb. through the ment at the door of the prison compartment to from the island in the South Pacific wW! in the the bolts eam a ored to ,reach listen. central cabin also, and. he sprang uy In terror. Seizing the door knob Frank tried the door


PAP. T II. ERANK _READE, JR AND ., HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CL'OUDS. 23 and as he anticipated he h d picion of the truth it yielded a now a sus-powder. This was an accident that' sometimes OHAPTER LIX The noxious smoke filled .F. k' Uappens in making coil fuses of tbis kind. open&i the d.oor but onl ran s lungs as. he Frank realized that the preservation of the aerial THE RED RIVER F'LOOD-A SUBMERGED COUNTRYseemed t o hold and silence and all on boud it was due to the trifling RESCUING SETTLERS. "A light 1 Quic k with m lante:npnson-room. ov,?rstght m th1> manufacture or a fuse. FRANK led the way back to the deck, and tha Barney," c ri e d Frank. Y from my cabin, I comprehE;lnd now who cut the anchor chaln.1members of the crew, who as yet ignorant of In his haste h e had descended fro th d k Benm and Driggs dtd that, after descendmg by the escape of Beam and Dnggs, were informed of without waiting to procure a r m e ec means oltt to the ground, and ttley thoug-bt tbey the fact. Ight. bad left us all to meet a swilt ana terrible doom. And Frnnk told of the fiendish attempl the vll The Clipper running down a strange flying machine attached to a. bal loon in .. Barney rushed away, and almost instantly here-Truly tbe atte_mpt at the destruction of the Queen lains had made to destroy the Queen Clipper. turned witb a Jigbtod lanternin his hand. Clipper was worthy of fiends. But the rascals are Little did he think that thi s was not the D t at' it was seen that the room in which thb beyond our reach, at for the present, and so tempt of the kind m a d e by the escaped rascals, or two had be e n .confined was empty. we cannot punish them," said Frank. that the ship had on another been And Frank saw tile c o il of fuse the mutineers "For my part I am thankful that we are well rid by Smith Bro\Tn. bad fired. It had burned almost to the bole In of the scounJrels," replied the dnctor. The ind storm continued for hours, and when llhe partition that separated the room !rom the an' I'm sorry the blackguards oti bethe next day dawned it b a d not subsided entirely. powder magazine. Pomp an' mesilf hn.d a bit av a ruction wid But for some time there had been a gradual decaThen thtl ruse bad gone out. thim. But, begob, if iver we thim w.-'11 dance of the force, and the young inventor knew FraJJk snatched it up and examined It, while his have a &bindy wia thim an' bate the heads ali the that the worst \\as ov e r. face white for an instant, and a thrill went bl11ckguards," threatened Barney. During the night the direction of the gale had throu)l:h his nerves as he com pehended bow near shifted rather sudde nly from due north to west. the Queen Clipper had come to destruction. Now at _dawn Frank an observation by. means At the point where the fuse hnd gone ont 1t of ns_lng Slln, and bts nautiCal calJu!atiOn apdefectiTe. There, for a space of several_mches, It htm of the fact that tbe aeronef was over was filled only with wadding of paper, mstead of .Mamtoba.


24 FRANK .. READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF 'l'HE CLOUD;:;. PART II. As the wind was now not sufficiently strong to In a moment or so Barney and Pomp reached _The vessel ran due west for a time and was soon resiHt the propeller successfully Frank determined tQ,a roof of the house by means of the rope, autl over Montana, on a southern course. w!!'ile the Irishman asslste.i the woman to gain the Frank kept a look out with his telesoope, and it Accordingly the Queen Clipper was skillfully deck of the air vesselwi,th the infant, Pomp lilted was not very long before he a mining tacked about before the wind, and a start was the other child in his arms and made his way hamlet among the mountains in the distance. made aga inst the atmospherical current. alOJ:ig tlle rope back to the ship. Just then he heard a yell Ir. a time so short as to astonish ono who meas A moment after Barney's charges were safe ou It was a wild Irish whoop, and Barney uttered ured distance by the speed of etnthly modes of deck Pomp also reached it with the other resuued it. tm nsportatiou, the vessel that navigated the orbit one in his strong arms. The mother clasped both Frank turned and saw Barnev dancing about or' the globe so successfully was OHr the Red children in her arms! and as she clasped them to spitting and choking as il he .had "swallowed a ooai Rivet valley of the north. her heart she called a own Heaven's blessings upon of fire. The Red River of Dakota is. one of thc. the heads of her bra:ve Rre?ervers. .. "Worra, worra 1 the nagur has kilt Ule nchest and most of all the ternto_ry of the The put about, and all wid the bomb-shell inside av the cake he gave north-w e st. The of the wbtch 1s of a was made for the cabtn surrounded by the me!" roared Barney. l oamy character, bemg JUStly to some ru;mg flood. : And then Frank saw Pomp at the door of thlf extent to the ow of the river whtch bn.ngs The Queen Chpper so.on descended on the cook's grinning 1"ilh delight, so that a ro11' nch deposits w1th us floods. spa.ce of dry land before tli_e door of the cabm, of ivones, extending from ear to ear, had beoom4l There had been heavy ram m the north-west rewhtch 'Yas not as yet submerged. the most striking feature of his ebony face. ceutly, and.a ll tht> f!treams and were flooded. The mmates gazed the wo,nderru! "Dat's how 1 done got square wid yer1 Irish The Red Rtver drams a l arge sectiOn of co.untry, In .the greatestastomshment. 1hey weresHn. or blow in' de top ob me head off wid dat loaded and consequently 1t was now at the fioo .d-ttde, as ple, 1guomnt jJeople, and they were not only aston 1gar some time ago," said Pomp. we may say. . but fnghtoned. At first they closed tlle "I'm a paceful mon, but, !Jedu.d, whin a nagur Doctor Vaney!re was standmg at. the rml when cabm door, and .refused to come . tries to commit susanside on an Irishman, faith, he made the dtscoyery throng? hts or hts hearu u. shnll votce au' the toima for war has come!" the irate Barney field-glass, with whwh he was 1nspectmg the sur-from wtthm the cabm say: cried rounding country. . "Durn my skin if I don't think ther critter is , "Fmnk !" shouted the doctor in some excitesome o' the devil's w0rk, what we've heru tell on 1 Dat s all I fo you. I dope g?t ment, "as I live, the whole country yonder is Fasten ther door, au' less trust ter. Providence fer de ob my ole plle-duver .rron-plated f? bUSI under water. The Red river has burst from its salvation. a pillar inter tbe Methody meetin' I retorted the top, of his head, chapnel. 1'he highest banks h ave overfiown, and house, an' I don't want no help from the power o.' Be the harp l,ara, Its ac<:ordm to the :'\(ar the valley is almost en.tirely submerged for a long Satun I" . av I II fight Wid ye, nagur, like a distance." "Non!lel}se! Have you hever heard of l'renk .. , This was true, as the young Inventor saw at Reade a1,1d his invention?" shouted the young in"Do btttm ?,Ount ln dat hne ob battle, sah? once, upon making au inspection through the doc-ventor. . "No, bef\ob I tor's giP.s&. "'P.,ars hke I hev," v.nswered the old settler. "Then I o:ut. Thescene was an impressiv,e one, and full of "He's ther feller that Went travefing through the Ye wont fotght? "' thrilling interest. country with an electric team once, ain't he?" "Not 'cordin' to Marquis ob Geeseberry, sah." The muddy waves rushed furiously along carry-"Yes, &!ld I am Readtl. This is "But, be the powers, I demand satisfaction! ing on th e ir yellow ctest fences, barns and ssttlers' my last invention-a flying machine, nothing Yez gave me a cake filled wid red pepper, an I dwellings which hati been caught in the flood. J;UOre." . -enough .av i_t that it _me think a 'rhesettlars who h!l'd made theit homes in the. "I want ter know! So you're the cntrer I read torch-hght IS march1n' mside av me." valley were fieelng for the lands beyond the about in the papers, be ye? WH!i, wall, who would "Yah, yah I Dn.t '?ught to make yer warmreach of the encroaching fiood. hav& thunk it.? It's amazin'. But 1 say, yAr won't and fnendly." : In the distance several families were to be kerry us outen the kin try, wAll ye, if we git onter "Fmth, an' so it does. Worra! wouldn't I like seen in f ull retreat, driving their before Y!lr tbrashin'-machine?" !O caress yez wtd me bunch av fives, under the to tbe lligWands. "No. I only seelr to rescue you." Jaw, ye blackguard_.yez !" But some families had not taken to fiight In time, "Much obleeged. Sally, open the door." "Come on, Irish." as Frank presently discovered . He saw The door opened, and the old settler at\<1 his '' I will, if ye will lave yer buttin' out av cabin drifting upon the waves, rocking and pitch-family were taken on board. . the !OJght." in g as each moment the waves threatthe Queen Clii?per was got under way im" Dat's my slrongholt. I'se got some sense . ened to e ngulf 1t. . m?,dtately, and she to high land. S'pose I'se gwine tt'r stnn' up an' git punched And upon the roof of the cabm was a woman I say, boss, couldn t engage you to do my 'cord in' to Marquis ob Gaeseberry when I kin help with a babe in h e r arms; and another small child season's thrashin' with yer machine could I?" it? No sah !" clinging to her skirts. asked the old farmer, who was looking at every-"Begop it's a coward ye?. are nagur I" cried 1'1\e c a bin had been swept frqm its foundation, hing in ooen-mouthed wonderment. Barney edging toward Pomp and c:\rri e d awa) on the fiood !Jefore its inmates "N?. This is a ship of the air, not a thr!lShin' "No, 'sah; l'se got iroq, blood. bad t1me to escape. machme. "Hi, hi is that I dunno" At a down stream Frank beheld ;; Not, a stump-pull-er?" Barney pointed behind Pomp.' anothe r famtly m pen!. No. The darky turned to look and that W!U! just l'ht're a cabin; huilt upon a mound, elevated "Nor a ciqer-machine?" what Darnev counted on considerably above.the immediately surrounding "No!" an!i .Frank walked away, somewhat He madE leap and ht p t country, was environea by the fiood. . amused. But he sa'Y tha_t thll o)d man was in-dous blow under the omp a ramen And each moment the were descendmg noceutenough !naskmg h1squest10ns. Pomp went do :vn as r 1 h dk" k d h" nearer and nearer to thA sphtary C!)bm. --" 1 1 1 a mu e a IC 1m. S'oon, it was clear, the waves wo. uld submerge CHAPTER LX f;tce an gmtlemau, the mound upon which the cabin stood, and Will ,)ez. Fat.h an lhats. f!' arqms av GeeseIn all likelihood; the structure would be washed A SUSPICIOUSOLDf?ETTLER-" A BITAV A RUCTION" berry ,yopl How do ye 1t, nagur? There's from its foundation and carried away. -THE sroux RAIDERS. tn We haven t _out. Yez The inmates of the water-bound cabin could b e 'I!HE other members of the old settler's familv gtt more that came from I cned Barney m seen at the doors and windows, wringing their thanked Frank warmly for rescuing them, and grBeat exultation. hands, and vainly shouting. for r.ssislltnce. seemed a trifie ashamAd of the old man's eceeu-ut .Pomp was h1s. foet almost before Barney They bad no boat. They had been arouaed from tricity., and duckmg h1s b.ead, he .uttered a sleep just at dawn by the noise 9f the rushing But the old fellow had a good heart, and presentroar hke a mad and rushed at the Inshman. \Vaters which had already hemmed them in. ly when Frank was about to land the rescued BBarney "Here is work for us I The Qtieen Clipper has ones, he came up to the young inventor and ex-ut the next 1'!stant he was telescoped. now another opportunity to render suffering, im-tenued a hand that had seen much toil and Over went m turn and theu the laugh was on periled humanity assistance. We will go to the little water reGently, saying: the darky s stde. tescue !"cried noble-hearted Frank Reade. "Much obleege'd, mister, much obleeged. Next "Dat yere was a Sou! Carolina paster, an' it "But as there is more than one family in P .eril time yo11 come this way drop in." d<;me beat de Mu.rkiss of Geeseberry clean out 1 we will first seek to save those who nre most "Not it the water is up." Insh!. Come an' see me some mo'. C'lme closely menaced by the common danger?" asked -"l mean drop. in and see us, an' durn me it I nght, along: Still dar am room. Do not delay as the doctor. \ don't kill a sheep." Deacon says to de po' sinner, when' he "Yes. First to rescue the woman ana her cbil Thanks. I appre elate your invitation." ?oles meetin' at de high-toned colored synagogue dren from .the cabin adrift on the waves. 1'hen "But," eying Frank a trifle doubtfully,'' are ye tu P?mp cried.. we wm carry the water-bound inmates of the cabin sure ye ain't a lightnin' rod man, or ye ain't got Barney picked himself up an

l'ART II. FRANK READE, JR., QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 25 outsiders," said Frank to the doctor who t db t laughing. 15 00 Y Frank and Doctor v k had Some little time tl selves by the rail amid h'!ey ed b t stationed them soon the cave-in was penetrated and made nea 1 en Y a landlllg was placed th b s 1p, an e ween them was miners were found. The mm ng town. which Fr! ox of dynamite ,she lls or torpedoes All save two who bad been cltnght in the fall and Clipper 8turnedt"out to see the Queen The gbt oudt of the stern cabin. crushed out of human Remblance under the f 1 r were ue most astonished set th h' ere spose the entire length of of rocks were alive and uninjured ;fhey the air-ship I\S man rille in read! A of great rejoicing ensued, and although bad t 1 in mo. ern times, and Frank Sa d H 11 e enemy a e word. the blessmg of the miners, whose hearts were over't 0 exp a nil about It to satisfy their curl: d and dBlake were m oharg-. of the en!lowing with gratitude, were showered upon Frank <)SJ Y th . n ey etstood that the signal to get Reade be felt well repaid without that by the All at once a man rushed in from the adjacent 6 ship of the a1r under way might be received at knowledge that he had saved many precious hu!Dlllee, where shafts and tunnels were bein worket.l any moment.. man lives. 111 search. for gold. g As the Indians returned to the assault with re-Soon after the entombed miners were rescued a A cave m 1. A cave in of the bi tunnel!" fury, tbe, e:rpected signal, for which the en-scouting party of United States troops, sent out the exmted messenger, from tf!e scene f i\me:rs were wa1tmg, was received from Frank from a neighboring government post; to look for the the accident. 0 en e. hostile Indians, whom Frank hadput to flight, ar-The crowd dispersfld aB if by magic At once Sands star);ed the great suspensory en-rived. All hands lor the mines, and Frank h gme as the motive power Imparted motion to Much to his as well as delight, Frank the Queen Chpper got under way and follo the ':lehces, at the heads of thirty-seven masts found that one, Captain Archer an old frienthe Queen Clipper and the approaching savages. The Queen Clipper' was put about, and there"Well, Richard's letter was dated 70 deg. north All hands worked with a will to accomplish this, turn voyage to the scene of the !mining accident latitude-in the ..trctic Ocean, of coursE)-and it and in a few moments the carts were placed in the was swiftly made. t>rietly stated that the vessel he commanded had desirea positions. When the air-ship arrived before the mouth of be en seriously damaged, and was then frozen in. l:lehind this improvised breastwork the miners the tunnel in the de1lle again, Frank found that But the concluding paragraphs seemed lcate stationed themselves, while ror the lime they were th9 miners had already beguu to dig for their en-that human enemies menaced the vessel. he let compelled to desist from all efforts looking to the tombed comrades. -ter ended thus: 'Savage tribes of Northern natives release of the men imprisoned in the mines. As soon as a landing was made, the young in-are in the neighborhood, apd we fear they will The savages were mounted, and they urged their ventor got out some electric drills, made of the discover us; but we most dread the men of a con'POnies at the line of carts, yelling like fiends. As most highly tempered steel, that could readily cut viots' camp amo,pg the icy hills not far distant.'" soon as they were within rille-range, they opened tha most fiiqty rock. "A couvicts' camp In those Arctic lands I This fire on the whites sending a fusillade of bullets at The Queen Clipper's electric currents utllis surprising. But, Fred, I am going to make you the rude fortification. !zed to drive the drills, by means of a portable en-an offer. First, however, tell me what you pro-But this vo)ley was met with a return tire from gine, connected to the great ship-battery by means pose to do about your brother's deliverance?" said the miners which -Proved destructive, as the of wires. Frank, '* mounted presented an excellent mark for FranK personally superintended the setting up "I mean to sav.him. I have already secured the whites of the drill-engine, and the task of drilling the leave of absence from the army. I shall leave for Indians 'seldom hold to a charge in which they great rocks that closed the tunnel began. San Francisco, and there, baclCM as I hope, by the met by a determined resistance, and the telling Under the electric current, the steel drills wor.ked syndicate which sent my brother to tbe Arctic sea, volley with which their onset was received in this like lightning, boring blasting-holes with a speed I intend to tit out an expedition immediately to go instance somewhat dampened their arqor at once. the miners could scarcely credit, even un.der the to:hls relief.'' The wavered for a moment, and tllen fell back, evidence of their eown eye-sight. "Bmvely said. I anticipated something ut the but oJy to gather fresh impetus for a new charge. Hole after bole was bored, and then the work of sort. And now for my proposition. What do you Then they rushed their ponies at the blasting away the commenced. Frank emS9.y to. tfie voyage to the Arc\ic sea in my t:ioos 'U! if rully resolved to carry everythmg be ployed dynamite cartndges or his own make which mr-sh1p. fore ihem this time, at all hazards. were J?robablthe most powerful e_xplosi,-es "Do ,rou really mean tbat? Are you serious, But Frank Reade was now ready to assume a for With the.Ir dynat;mte a certam per. 1)rominent part in the .hrilling conV1st. centage of mtro-glyoerme was mcorporated. I .was never mol,'e so. I a m a-gomg Ill He had taken on boa;d the Queen Clipper, beside Thus additional force was acquired. of Richard on my own account in my Queen Qlip.bis own crew all the miners he could carry con-It was not surprising that the result of using per, if you will accompany me you are a thousand "Veoitmtly on the decK these cartridges should have been all that could be times welcome." And the cannon ready f0r action, manned desired. "Your hand, ;E'I:'ank. You are tile same not!e b Pomp and Barney, who were, of course, most The great rooks were riv!ln as though torn you,were m _our college days." to take part in fbe cvnftict. asunder by the hands of unseen {liants, and very Well, I m ready to serve a friend, but I


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN \CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 1 11 dd by twohoura, hot and make no vlrtul1 of that, though friendship Is too turn!ld their b:i'cks so .Mr. Bunco would not see ".Me hab s,h rty a Y often but an empty word." them. dried, salle a. I. samee., e wiue to come fo' dem "Having a well known but not always BCimowlHe of the unfortunate name was glad to get "Da.snn right. Is g edged relation to pocketbook," added Arc!ler, away, and although Mr. Smartweed and wild shirts fo' ready, sure an' smilingly. and woolly gentlemsn who had BSfillsted in the an 1 yez he town admon"Yes. You're exactly right, old f,ellow." celebration made bii.Ste to express their regrets, there II be a dead heathen Ill t "Well 1 am mor" than delighted to accept your Mr. Bunco would not listen. 1shed Barney. d muchee talkee," J!ienerou; I'll sail with you. The 1\ir-ship an ovent unknown in the history of the "lrishee manee n? goo -so is a and I have as much faith In her as i territory transpired. responded the "bit av a ruction" have in her captain. .More it is needless for me to .Mr. Smartwelld offered to stand treat, and Mr. Barney ;vas apgowg. aying. say." Bunco declined, whereupon the store-keep,er with him, omp in erpose 8 .;_, so doan' Right Fred And you have. not put your faith In voiced the sentiment that .Mr. Bunco was a "Das all nght. I want my shirts, a a broken 'reed ii you have trusted to Frank Reade,' durned skunk." go fer de yeller nigger." . on tbat 1 repliect the lightly But that worthy was of hearing, so he had "Begob it's only to oblige ye, me gossof the da "Still a punster, eh? seriously what prenp knowledge of the fragrant opi!'ion that the let the hathen off. Be p>Lrations for our Arctic voyage will be necessary, Western gentleman had formed of him. lias not come for a d he reluc and when shall we start?" asked Archer. The next day, in accordance with his promise, man from the old sod," arney, an "ln a short time. We will make a run to Chi-Captain Archer came on board the Queen Clipper left the laundry_ Wlt.h Pomf. f t there were cago and there take on board supplies necessary ready for the proposed There was a. saloon m sight. n ao bad 'no for a long Arctic cruise for we may have a lengthy The vessel was promptly gotten under way and a dozen of them. But Barney Pd0ftf search before us I bave been in the Arctic regions beaded for the metropolis of the West. choice among them, so they en ere e n with the Queen (JJipper but my .outfit Is The voyage to C:hica?o was. an uneventful one, one and proceeded to" fill up" as speedily as P08' not Intended for a long stay m such a fngu:\ land." and the Queen Clipper made the earth on s1ble. d 'd dl 11 di Just at this juncture Doctor Vaneyke cam61 up the lake shore in the park. About two hours later two em .e Y ,10 Y Ill andFrank 1ntroi 1ced him to Captain Archer, who ___ might have been seen tmcwg Zig-zags on made known the project upon which he and 'Frank the sidewalk down Clark street. B had ju8t decided. . OHAPTER LX!Il. It goes without sayipg that they. were ouneo1yd ' and Pomp and occasJOnal(y the Irishman wou Further conversation ensued and Archer repeat 1 t u.t h t that would have been a credit to ed to the goo;l doctor the concluding paragraphs A. CARELESS CHINAMAN-A :s,JNGRY DOG-Two HI e o. a s .,?u b h at one hundred of the letter from his 1:\rother the Arctic castaway LAnrous FJUENDS AND TWO POLICEMEN. Harnson, the oy preac er, d th tat t d dollars a week. Fran.k commente upon 8 s emen !egar mg T:sE usual exe.itemimt and curiosity which the 'l'hey were full of the "spirit." too-chuck full the exls.tence of an encampment.of m-the coming of the Queen Clipper always occasioned and running over. And it was Chicago bpirits at far Arctic lands, and expressed his aurpnse at such when she made a landing near civilizedmen was that. a Vaneyke said nothing. Had Frank or evinc?d by the citizens of Chicago. ::ioo!lreached the laundry where Pomp had the offl.cers observed him closely when the Great crowds the park constantly, and left hiS shuts. victs weril mentioned, however, they might have than one Western sho:vll!an or They surged into it in a deCidedly breezy, seen the old scientist start perceptib(y. museum fiend approached Fr_ank With se-free-and-easy way and demanded the shirts. If Dr. Vaneyke had a secret did not disclose duch_ve offers for an engagement of hiS wonder of 'l'hose garments ready. it. If he had any personal knowledge of the facts the air. 'l'he presiding gemus of the shop sa1d and stated In the message rescued from the sea he did But of course the .nventor lau[hed at these carelessly ha!lded a bundle to Pomp, which be not make it known. gentlemen, and finally they took from a great heap on the Frank showed Archei.' over the ship of the air, The doctor explained the a.'r Ship 10 an paid ti;Ie the bundle by and the oJll.cAr'a admiration and wonder at all he lecture to the so sats.fnc.torily that .those the stnng, BW10gmg It at biB side as he walked, saw was expressed. who heard_ hit? had tbeir. cqnos1ty fully satisfied. departed with Barney. It wns arranged that he should join the vessbl dismlsse:l the darky when a At the door the Chinaman's dog, a yellow mongrel the next day. Iandin!'( had made 10 Chicago, the col-cur, that looketl ltke a goQd subject for the au.a-ored pilgrim said: tomical departmen: of a museum of natural his-. With scouting party of c?cr;,mand ed "I'se berry much obleeged to you, sah, an'l'se tory lay sunning himself as Pomp and Barney by Captam Archer, au English' chapp1e making glad _to quit. I donn' no in sich pass'ed out. a Western had come from the fort. gom s 011 agm nature as dat fiym machme am no-The cur sniffed 118 if he scented something to He was mtroduced Frank as Mr .. :ru;owbl'rl;'Y how; sah." eat. St. George Bunco, and m com with Captmn Frank was as glad to get rid of the shipwrecked And 80 he did. By mistake the Chinaman bad Archer and Fr>:nk, the EngMsh tounst, who a darky as that personage could possibly be to leave given Pomp a package of stale meat instead of his dapper little m .. n, wllo had an exalted opmwn of the air vessel for the inventor bad discovered that Iii ts himself and everything" English, you know," tbe rescued 'black was a lazy good-for-nothing 5 r d p went to store of the mines. fellow: The dog got up and followed the meat an omp There BIJa Smart weed, an old countrywoman of The supplies needed were at once purchased by and Barney. . the pronounced hayseed kep.t and Captain Archer. They consulted sev-It had been H. of m!IJ?Y. moons smce a dol'!en of Smart family With hens eral a.ut-henfio books, written by Arctic exJ:lorers, that sunfiower-co. lo1ed camnu lead devoured a nests m their bmr, and the so1l of thil great and and 80 got a pretty good idea of a.ll that they meal. . woolly West .of'! their present, would be likely to need. the cur meant now to Improve h1s ting tobacco JUICe !1-nd swappm hes. Meantime, while Frank and his friend were out opportumty for he drew nearer and nearer to Hmartweed bad JUSt sanded the sugar, watered purchasing supplies Barney and Pomp also left Pomp. . the 'lll:olasses fine-cut, and: related a the Queen Clipper. Then suddenly he m;tde a sprmg, his teeth expenence wh1ch had went "Be me sowl,'' said Barney," It's so long since I m the of meat, and away he ran With 1t ter New see h1s brother L1ge, wheu the was on a rale ould Irish spree that begob it's forback toward hiS masters laundry. door opened and in 'Yal ked Jfrank Reade, Captain glttin' the taste av whisky inti rely I am." "Goll:>:, d!!-t hab sent his dorg ter Archer and tlle English tounst. "Gollie, am dat so? Fo' de land sakes, am youse my shirts 1, crled,Pomp. .. Archer koe1v Smart weed, and Introduced &ot de sam comph\int what am keepin' dis coon Beg?b, that s so 1 assented Barney. An rank. The!\ he presented the Englishman, say-erwake nights? l'se done dream fo' de last week n?W we II go for .t?e hathen bate the head mg: dat somebody done rented opt de inside ob me h1m I Sore, an Its a mane trwk on strangers I "Mr. Mr. Bunco, recently from New fo' a lime kilm," replied Pomp, sympathetically. Then and Barney started back for t .he Y0rk, but a--. "I done jined de Saloon-Keepers' Temperance mto which the yellow cur had aarted with Then he was mterrupted: Union fo' I left Readestown but dat don't bar out his ptlze. "B co 1 bunco 1" fairly snorted Smartweed, and nuffln' 'septln' water," added the darky. The two hilarious comrades dashed tumultuous-he sp .. t half a pound of fine-out and yelled to "Then begob ye are saved. W.hist 1 Lend me ly into the laundry a few seconds later. his adll},Irmg townsmen: your ears." "Whoop-whoop 1" se all th o se hayseedy gentlemen, and they Mars Frank." yellow cur dropped the meat, and took a for Mr. Bunco in a warm and Western way. "Why don't yez tell me something new, bedad." hand In the row that ensued, and In less than a "He WBI! husLled and tussled and hurried to a "I'se got some shirts to git washed, an' I'll took second, darky, Irishman, Chinaman and yellow horse pond outside amit:l the wrathful, auil we are um wid me." cur were badly mixed. pained to add, somewhat profane outcries ol those "An' yez can lave thim wid some heathen But a couple of stalwart Dutch policeman each gentlemen who held close communion with no.Chinese." having a capacity for four kegs of beer ture as an every day occupation. Dat's' what I thought. l'se gwine ter git dat upon the scene as it was becoming iitteresting It was all dona so quickly, so surprisingly that wash ready, an' den we'll start out as fust-CIIIBS and separated the contending parties. Frank or Archer had not been able to Interfere artists." Pomp and Barney would have been arrested before Mr. :Bunco was in close communion with "Yes, in red but just then Frank Reade and Captain Archef the bottom of the horse pond, and those gricult-"An.' we's er gwine ter fresco de town.'' most opportunely happened along and the young ural gentlemen mighf have made him fare worsd, "You bet on that sure. Begorra Cliiaago is a inventor persuaded the Dntch policeman to let his but' Frank gave the necessary explanations, and so folne bit av a town for a lark I've heard say." faithful followers oft. "the chappie from over the wattah" was allowed A few momentaJater Pomp and 'Bar9ey were on Fr,,nk's argument was a tesistless one It took to get out of the water alive. State street, and the darky carried a oundle con the form of a five-dollar note. He was a wilted "cbappie." taining his wash under his arm, The inventor marched Pomp and Barney to the And in language which could not be set to music They struck east to Clatk S\reet, where is situQueen Clipper and looked to it they did not leave be reviled those honest cons of the soil, and ated the "Bowery" of Chi<1ago. the vessel again. vowed th e first boat that crossed" tho> big pond. Presently they sighted a Chinese laundry' and en-The next day the aerial cratt was gotten under should carry bim,out of the "blawsteq, bloomin' tared it. . wa.y the voyage for the Arctic seas was begun. eountry, ba Jove 1 The .MoJJ.gohan received the shirts from Pomp Thi'Ilhng adventures were to ensue and ll stran e 1 I Frank and Captain Archer had a laugh, but they and said: mystery of good Doctor Vaneyke's life, which. /


PA'R T 11. FRANK READE JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPERr OF THE CLOUDS. 2T == a StlC1'9t be had kept to.toe de\ loped. even from was ; . We may over th Certamly. Smce you came on board we have was dear to his old friend had sutrered through thf the air v 1 was 0 e be voyage until ran faster eighty knots an hour." inhumanity of Russian law. Incident to be Bebnn l".tit... Then an "HTeavens! that 1s equal to steam spAed." But the young mventordid not question the docA k g was tll e transpired. I don'twant to appear boastful but my tor. He was aware that the old scientist bad al 'l'hroul(b l\ t toveJed floating In the sea, alr_-Ship completely eclipses the steaof in ways been reticent regarding Ills career in the old objec t and b e escope Fraull: sip:hted the d l! of speed." . world. He \VIla 0 e 4eterrnlned to secure it r tlng I am ready to believe anything of this wonder Frank felt somewhat delicate about questioning n e eve of a. discovery. of air." him, therefore, 11nd yet as he saw the !>ecul}ar stern Even that sbe can make one hundred and expressiOn that had come upon h1s fnend s kindly twenty knots an hour'/" face he felt that he had some good and powerful OR APTER LXIV. "Yes, if yo a so" reas'on for speaking powerfully, feelingly or Rus-ANOTBEB MESs "Well, we shuli see:" sian inhum .. nity. AGE :FROM THE ARCTIC SEA-CAl1GBT 'l'hus speaking, Frankglanced at the dial or the The young inventor's fending had informed bim IN A llL'IZZARD. speed Indicator, and he added: that the Russian government was the most cruel difficulty was experienc d b F "We are. now mttking about seventy knots an and the known world. curmg th" kes:t which had bee 06 Y rank'1n se-hour. Wa1t until we begin to race." Mentally he sa1d: in B&t\.!:lng's Strnlt. n Jscovered floating The_n be _gave the necessary order, and the full "At some period of bis 11fe my old friend him n Clipper was lowered 1 currents were turned on to the maohintry. self mny have felt the cruel injustice of Russian water's surfnce for the sea wn f most to the :rhe mr-v ,esse_l fairly shot forward. law personally. Ha is a Prussian by birth, but be was no wind. s ca. m and there E_rank and h1s companions could scmzely keep may have resided in .ttussilt." 'rbe drHting ke was fl. 11 their feet ?.S they clung to the rail, This seemed probable to. Frank, for he knew that boM-book nod up with a ".Look at the dial now," said Frank, a woment Dr. Vaneyke had been a great traveler. by Barney and Pom 6 ec of the or so full bad been attained. The night wore slowly on. "Sure an it's emp.t . Archer d1d so. The Queen Clipper drifted slowly !hrough the the weight an' oogo6 {; l,nth, tell that b e As I hve, the hand on tl:ie dial has gainedten falling snow and the blizzard continued. Barne 118 b 1 s I am," said peints I" he exclmmed. No one 0;, board the slept that night. deck Y e the darky pulled: the keg on "Each point equals four knots fracti6naUy. The Each and every 6ne was too anxious-too solici "Golli I' h dial gives speed per moment. But we will tous tor safety of the vessel to do so. Pomp e, se mig ty put out myse'f," assented no t continue as as this, I do not care to There was something suBpenseful and trying tD "B b It' reach the north pole, and presentiy we shall go the strongest n e rves in thus drifting through in'. It ego. 'ht kAg, an I wa.s nfther"think-tacking about and keep a bright loO'kout for your spacewith no knowledge where they were and in d e ,!l a the '>nld stu !'I'. But no such brother's ship," said Frank. complete ignorance of what each succeeding mo go,? uc sure, replied ruefully. speed was to 90 knots. ment might bring forth. . 110. Here she a.m! This was mamtamed until the vessel of theair 'l'he experience was a particularly trymg one for log;,ther I as the ould woman said whin the bad gone a long distance. Then the speed was Capt.ain Archer. house feU on the whole family, bedad !" cried Bar further checked. He was a brave man, but he had pot as yet gain ney 'l'he air-ship was tacked along the desert waste ed the experience possessed by his oomrades in asAnother strong pull and the keg was ou deck. of snow-and ice thaL comprises the shore of Rus-rial voyagiug. The WI\B then sel3n to be 1.\ strong oaken one sia's frozen lands. Familiarity, even with danger, is a source of bound al>out with iron and observing it The Arctic ocea,n was full of drifting icebergs confidence, and so the soldier who could face bul elosely, Oaptaln Archer said, m tones of excite here, and further nortn there were great tloes. lets was not as cool now as Frank and the doctor. ment: The airslljp coaste observation Frnnk then C>l.Ught sight of a dark_ object toward the 1ey h1lls. and calculate 'our position. Just as we came on at the bottom of the ca<;k. Drawing 1t up 1t proved The proved than Frank ant1ci-deck 1 noticed the compass. It was no longer un to be 11. wrapped caretully In oilsillc, and and mght was darkemng the sky before the certain. we are beyond the Influence of the polar bound with wire. hills were reached. attraction at all events," answered Frank. The covering was removed, and a small wooden The snvw storm, too, had Increased materially Leaving the doctor and Captain in c?nbox Wl\6 disclosed. In vwlence. versation he went below, and with his nautwal Inside of this a letter was found. As darkness fell had been but. a proceeded to calculate the position of Ca.ptnln Archer uttered a cry of delight as he snow fall in the begmnmg was a bhz-the airshlp. read the follow lng inscri]Jtion on the Jetter: zard. tl d d bl The result Wl!.ll proof of the correctness of tbe ARCBEB u s A or The snow became like ne san an ew .m doctor's judgment. Frank found th!l.t the Queen ''To O.u>TAINh FnEDEBICK th s keg the whirls and eddies, which kept the sno_w in the air, Clipper was really over north-eastern Siberia. any one w o may rescue 1 and rendered it iplP<;>sslble to tell wh1oh way the "1 wonder if it Jan be possible that the doctor Captain Atcher read the letter, wind was really c'?mmg from: recognized the scenery?" Frank asked _himsel!. proved to be another message from the captive of Frank turned h1s back to 1t _and. found that he Having coMluded his calculation w1th cert1tude tb e Icebound Arctic Sea. was still facing it. WitS bewJldermg. It was as and to his entire he joined Captain The letter, which Captam Archer read aloud, different from an ordmary snow storm as a cyclone Archer and tbe doctor on deck. ran as follows: is different from a summer's breeze. "We will make a landing!" said Frank, present-. I write thts to Inform the world beyond the Arctic The snow got into'the eyes and noses or those ly, after he had announced that the. was,, sea (lf the sltnatlon or the hr1g Endurance and her crew. who exposeound otr the coast or Siberia, In Frank consulted the compass to keep his course. "For what will you land?" asked the bont eventy degreed north latitude. .Our provisions The lookout could not see !L ard ahead. Had doctor. :re nearly exhaosied. but we hl\ie .. there b3ori mountains p.ear tho danger would have Why I've 9lghted some small game at the edge Is a camp of con: great. d was slackened until the vessel only or the my I think we shall 08 1 hborhood' The latter may disc<'ver us, e SJ?ee f t have no dilllculty m securing some. It would I am 'tn rear that they s';j hke :prove most acc?ptable\ I am sure," replied Frank. Jn ca e we are l.. 1increased as the night advanced, laid the tge and beslctes ,our t>rlg con the young invento'r observed that dewn his glass and presently Dr. took It all the articleS tile f!Uedlce U!) and surveyed the COUntry in every directiOn keg I shall et a.drlrt In through wt 1tch a strong ne! e t bed it for a time and then l>e dew1th long and glance. enough for a small boat, u 1 Jble ror us to make .L ran c 1 11 ur red .He saw no llvmg tlnng. current rune in a ll probability, cided that ht With an expression of relief the do'ctor ftnally oar way south war r m<'n of the Jeannette, who per upon, 6 sa put aside the glass. Meanwhil_e the ship was lloatmeetlog the hfate rt In means of guiding the Queen mg .earthward, for Frank had ISSUed orders to tha !shed Ia sue an csslst:>nce. We have no ce a f 1 d" engmeer to make a landing. w Jfthe brig ENDORANCE. 'Clipperdn?tth diay drift we Theair-, vessel reached the'earth at;theconllnesof RI b ther 1 What a situa A:n 1 e 'd th d t a snowy forest of evergrElen trees. "Heavens! :J case are g_reater k'!?w not go Y Captl\ln Archer and Barney took their tion of perU! hi be P dlnarily menace Arctic ex Yes. ub an land of inhuman guns and set out in bearoh of game. than those W c or He bas to dread "Over oi eri Dr. Vaneyke was Invited to accompany the plorers sJmllarly nAture "said Capity !" replied the doctor. party, but he deelined so to tlo. evil men as as t e Ker oncluded the.readlng --Frank and his companions tain Fred, feelingly, as 6 c CHAPTER LXV. and presently they came upo>t a road wh1ch was r tile ltllter. e inspires me to <>..overed with the hoof-prints of shod horses. 0 "True, true; and this have yet a.ttain-THE REVEALE, D-TBE BLOOD The Inventor and his companions were ver.y make even greater s'keed t an HOUN OF SIBERIA. much surprised. ed rtl&J-Onded Fran d h 8 friend a trifle in has an intonation of the most Intense bit" It must be that we are further south than I Captain Archer regarde 1 THER. Doctor Vnneyke's voice as he last spoke. thought for. Can it. be that I made a mistake In credulously. Captain Archer noticed It, and the my smd Frank, as he and his com And he said: I h 6 not seen the Quean f Fran wondered if It could be that11ny one who pamons pansed. ,, Is it that a; of speed yet?" ormtJr Clipper at ber best in poln


I 28 FRANK REA' DE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. PART II. : It would almost seem so," assented the cap peared to take it for granted that the rush made and it to descend and bore the ice for tain. by Frank: and his companions meant an attempt water. .. "Begob an' do they sell a bit av the ould stuff to render tho assistance. The vessel m a landlng on the bank of the in this heathen country? Sure it's bopin' they do The Muacovite shouted some order in froze!! stream,. a great au.ger and aacomI am said. Banney. as be beheld the young inventor, and Ws men panyt!lg machmery for driVmg 1t, by means of Th;m Frank led the way along the road in the started in pursuit,of him and bis electricity _battery of the Queen Clipper, forest, for he thought it might lead to some human Frank saw' that, as the. Cossacks. were well was placed 111 posttwn. habitation near at hand. -mounted, whereas he and hts companwns were on Frank difficulty in gettmg the But the hunters from the Queen Clipper had not foot, they were likely to he run down. . we berg workmg order, a_nd when he at gone far when they heard a rifle shot from the di. So he suddenly halted, and, wheehng like a last had 1t worktug well darkness bad fallen. of the air-ship, flash, opened fire upon his pursuers from his re-And as the sky was ove1cast the gloom was com" Begob that's Pomp's gnn I'' cried Barne-y. peating rifle. plete. . . As he spoke, fierce sMuts utLered in strange He did not aim to hit, but only sought to check But by the ltght of the eleetrHl light which was aoarse voices were heard. the Cossacks' pursuit. made to send forth its rays on tile deeerted Side of These ;;ounds also emanated from the direction In this btl succeeded. the vessel, the boring was continued. of the Queen Clipper. The Cossacks halted as the young American's All hands save Dr. Vaneyke were on the ice. "There is trouble at the air-ship or some kind I" bullets went singing oYer their heads. The Cos-The doctor had recetved a heavy blow on tb.e Frank. sacks were about to return shots, and head during the fight with the Cossacks, a,ud be Right I" e:x;claimed Captain Archer. some of them had their the was now sutrerifig resultant head-ache. "An' begob 1t's back we had bather go on the officer shouted an order tn Russ1an that restrall}e So he hnd retired to ht_s cabm. aouble quick," advised Barney. them. 1 The doctor was rechmng on a couch when all at "Yes," assented Frank, and turning. he led the Frank presumed the Cossack chief had told his pnce the cabin door _opened, and in glided the way toward tl\e Queen Clipper at full speed. men that he desired to take the strangers prisonCossMk spy who had concealed himself in < Ba1:ney and Captain Archer ran too, and in a few ers. hold. inoments they burst out of the timber .. in sight of lnll moment more the young inventor reac4ed The Muscovite held a leveled revolver in his the aeronef. _. the airship, and r&n up th1lladder to the deck of hand and the weapon was at a full cock. His fierce Then Frank and his two'ades bebeld a it. Barney and Captain Archer folloived him. black eyes blazed ominously as presented the thrilling and surprising scene. But as the commander of the Clipper weapon at tho doctor's head hlSsed: The Queen CliJ)per was s11.rrounded by a band of found himself once again upon her deCk, the Cos"Surrender I Not a word, or a sound, or l mounted men, who wore fur coats, tall caps, and sacks dashed up, flung themselves from their trainfire 1" were armed with carbines and revolvers. ed hprses, and, urged on by their leader, made a The doctor was completely surprised. k11,ew They were all swarthy followR, and one glance ch11rge to reach the deck. the Cossack would sem\ a bullet through caused Frank to decide as to who and what they They swarmed up -the propellers, fore and aft, if be showed fight. were. and in a trice half their number were on deck. So he made n<> movement looking to resistance. "Cossacks! The guards of the Siberian prison But the crew had sprang to arms before Frank The Cossack placed the muzzle of his weapon lands 1 The Czar's blood hounds I" be exclaimed. reached the d.;ck, and the Cossacks met a warm re-against the back of the doctor's bead, and marched "Yes. See, one fellow has a star e n his breast. caption as they boanl.ed the vessel. him on deck, and thence down a landing ladder, to He is a captain of the Cossacks," said tlie AmeriDr. Veneyke dropped a swarthy rascal who was the ground, ou the side or t be Queen Clipper oppo can soldi'3r. making him, and it seemed that the bullet site to that on which Frank and the Others were at 'No doubt. But see, they are dismounting. It from the doctor's weapon had crashed through work. looks as if they were getting ready to charge on the r ascal's head. There was a fringe of trees along t .he bank bethe replied Frank. He lay motionless where he had fallen. tween the stream nod the Queen Clipper, so Frank As yet the Cossacks, for such they were, had not And a desperate flgbt on the deck. and his friends did not see what took place on the seen Frank and his friends. "Whoop 1 Ireland and Donnybrook forever I" deck. Just then the officer in command of the CoRsacks yelled Barney, fighting like mad side by side with Having reached the ground with his prisoner, rode near the air-ship, and called out in bad EnPomp. the Cossack deftly snapped a pair of Russian man gUsh: Tho desperate valor of the Americans soon acles on his wrists, and, still keeping his revolver "We have seen Carl Vaneyke-a former prisoner roved too much for the Cossacks, though they at the unfortunate man's head, marched him into .p t the mines who Ascaped from my charge tell outnumbered the defenders of the air-ship, and an adjacent woods, and then struck southward tor 1 yeari> ago, and fied from Russia. He is on board the swarthy rascals w ere d.riven overboard in con-tbe nearest prison-mines. your flying machine, and we rlemand his surfusion. Having secured water Frank and fhe others re render in the name of the Czar, for he is now on Then, before they could rally for a new attack t'urned to the air vesseL Then the young inventor Russian t erritory I" the nir-ship was gotten under way. discovered the d 'octor's absence. In al .arm he Franli and his companions were astounded. Swiftly she arose i'nto the air while the astonish-caused a search to be made, and the j.rail made "Ha! now I understand the doctor's bitterness ed Cossacks looked on in llewildermeut. by the old scientist and his kidnappet was found. ll speaking of Russian inhumanity. Good Hea"Good-by, ye blackguards.! Whin yez want to The peculiar tracks made by the Cossack told en I he is an escaped exile, and I never dreamed kidnap an American giutleman agiu sind us yer Frank what he was, and the inventor knew then ) f such a thing," said Frank. keerd I" shouted Barney derisively. that the old doctor was a captive. But be knew that the purest, best and wisest And the good ship of the air sailed majestically "I'll rescue my old friend or die I" Oiced the t e n are often sent, to the prison-II!ines of Siberia away. young American. ecause they do not approve of tbe awful slavery The bodies of the Cossacks, who had fallen O!! 1 which the masses are held in the dread land of the wer.e thrown overboard and the deck was the Romanoffs. cleared. CHAPTER LXVII. S0 Frank exclaimed: "Well, we are well clear of your enemies now, TRACKING THE COSSACKS-AGAIN BOUND NORTH '.rbey shall not arrest my n o ble old friend. We doctor," said Frank, grasping his old .friend' s w ABD will save him I" hand. "I am with you for that purpose. to the death. Little did the young in vAn tor t!Jink that this TH!! trail left in:the snow by Doctor Vaneyke and The doctor is now an Americltn citizen, bat that wns not so. Yet !'Uch was the reality. his Cossack kidnapper was a plain one, and Frank will not help him, for the policy ol The man whom the doctor had brought down determined to follow it forthwith. "our government in not ,J?rotectil!g her citize'ifs with his pistol shot bad only been stunned. 'l'be The fate of tbe good doctor clearly depended up abroad bas made the:United S tates a laughing stock bullet had only grazod the fellow's bead. or: Frank ove'rtaking him and his captor before for the powers of Europe," replied Captain Archer, He ha.d regained his senses, as the ship of the they reached the prison-mines or. joined the Cos warmly. air sailed upward. sack's 6and. Seeing that he could not escape, the cunning Captain Archer volunteered to take the snow rascal, who WJ.l.S really a spy of the secrot police of trail, and be said: CHAPTER LXVI. Russia, crept 11nseen down the comp>mion way, "My in tracking redskins In the far t'HE cosSACKS-A BATTLE ON DECK-THE DOCTOR and concealed himself. West, where I have recently seon several years KIDNAPPED. He was on board after all the bodies were service, will now prove of advantage, perhaps, in hurled from the deck. following the doctor." "Is it a t;uction? Faith, an' if the blackguards There had been 1 a large reward ol!ered 'for the It was quickly arranged that while Captain av the world laves a hand on the good ould doccapture of Doctor Vaneyke at the time of his es-Arcller and Barney followed the trail on foot and thor, it's meself, Barner, will make cold cap e. acted as guide for the air-ship, Frank and the otb-meat av the spalpeen I sa1d the Irtshman. The Cossack knew that re.ward offer still held ers should make the pursuit on board the Queen "Forward!" cried Frank. good. Clipper. Then all three made _a dash for the air-ship. When he bad concealed himself he began to re-The necessity for this division of the rescuers As they ran toward 1t, Doctor Vaneyke, standfleet and plot to kidnap the good doctor, and was apparent at the outset for the trail could ing on the. dec k, answered the Cossack officer, secretly take him away from am his friends, not be kept in sight from deck of the vessel saying: and return him to the wines, so as to {)blain the parti()ularly after it enwred the snow-clad forest "I have become a naturalized American citizen. roubles be coveted. Captain Archer was provided with a small ma!'k I refuse to surrender to you brutal wretches or The course or the aii-ship was set for the Arctic ed lantern, and a. code of signals to be made by any representa tive of ypur inhuman master." ocean again. of it were hastily agreed upon between him Trelll!on I" thundered the Cossack. Then Frank and the doctor had a long and Frank, ."No. The But in Russia. satiol). . There were but a few moments of necessary de' L1sten. I am gmlty of no crime f?1mply because Tile latter related to his young friend all the lay, and then the doctor's friends took his trail 1 I dared to open;y deplore the cond1t1ou of hopeless story of his arrest and imprisonment in Russia, Followingttteligbt of the captain's lantern Whln to the experiences have frequently been recorded in narCaptain Archer and Barney traveled as rapidly doctor. The1r backs were turned to Frank and rative8 of Rus(!ia. as possible, for the incentive which actuated th his comrades. The supply of water needed replenishing, as was sufficiently powerful to make them So the young invent?r and t"'o !rtends C

FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS QUEEN CLIPP,ER OF THE CLOUDS. 29 companion experienced no dilllculty captain and Barney had followed to the Go d we have co!!!e "in time. Com& the same. camp. the Queen Cl!pper, and my men and I led steadily southward, and some '.riley had gained some distance from the pleaRure in ministering to all your had been traversed by the traQks on the tion of their enemies, when the captain cried Frank. earth and the trailers or the air on the Queen Cliphimself of the lantern, and springing the slide, noble nature was moved with commisera per, when Captain Archer suddenly baited. waved the bull's-eye about his head. He pitied the poor Arctic seamen from hi& He had caught a glimpse of a light ahead. Just then, In answer to the shots from his At the same time Barney saw It, and he said in volvers which had been discharged by crew of the brig on hoard the air lOIV tones: Frank Reade was udvancing al. full speed with once In response to Frank's invitation. "Begob, ld It a ca,mp-ftre yonder, I dunno?" r-ship toward the scene of the fight at the Coshe had a feast prepared for them. But "I suspect so. Possibry the fire marks the site sack camp. . taken, under Dr. Vaneyke's directlens, of a Cossack encampment. The bronzed scouts He saw the lantern Signal, and at once Issued allow the starving seamen to eat too much. of the Czar's prison often make long jour-the necessary orders to slow up. Captain Richard Archer told the neys into the wildest of Siberia in search As soon as the ship of sky was stopped, the voyage of the Endurance. of escaping exiles." scent. was made. Meantime the doctor and his the narrative presented no remarkable feat" An' if it's a camp-fire av the biatJkguards we friends had sighted the Queen Clipper through an and therefore we will rass over the most of' see ahead sure the docther Is there be this toime." opening in tbe trees. "Yes, probably the kidnapper has joined his The vessel soon reached in au Iuter-only need to be mentioned, and that is. band witll his prisoner." glade,_aud the doctor and hiS fnends hastened Archer related that his second mate, "Then it's a bit av a ruction we'll htwe to rescue ward I.t. Cook, has deserted the ship. Cook was the poor mon, sure, I'm tbinkin'." But then the 9ossacks, who had now man, and in drunken fury he had mur." Possibly. But I rear we can on! ope to save e? their winch had been m a 'l'o escape the consequences of his the doctor by some stratagem: vme ne_ar the1.r came chargmg he had deserted the vessel, vowing Have yez anything In moind, I dullno?" 'VOOds m p_ursmt of the man they claimed as an upon Captain Archer who had determined to "Wait; I'll give Frank Reade t)le light signal to escaped exile. . him punished for his crime. lay too, and then we will make a good scout for-But the doctor and hiS ruumng !1S we have learned from the lEtters from Capward and determine positively regarding the light their lives, gamed the Queen Clipper and climbed of the brig, a camp of convicts was ah&ad." to the deolc before pursuers came up. Then Captain ,Archer drew the slide on the 'I' ben the Cossacl,s charge \yas met by masked lantern \Qaekward and forward thr_ee fr9m the weapons o! t?.e AmeriCans, and the times, after which be and Barney sot out stealthily ?f the air arose and s.1Iied aw11:y north :ward, leav to thA leiters he had received, Fred on the trail a"ain. mg the 9ossucks to gnash their teeth m rage and questioned bisorother about the convicts, d1sn.ppomtment. the lwstfle Arctic tribe. It led them straight toward the hght they had The doctor told how he had been captured, and When out huming, some time before he and were very soon near enough in conclusion he added: sailor in his diuuken frenzy, Cook and I di! that 1t was caused oy a blazmg camp"On the morrow my captors meant to march rne1coveieu a camp of white men, clad in Hussiau co! fire kmdled m a sheltered dell. to the prison mines, and once the iron doors of g the icy hills to the south ward. W A score and more ef dark fo_rms were movmg underground tomb bad closed upon me enough to overhear some of the conversf about the camp-fire, and Captam Archer and Barmight have :well lost all hope of ever again strangers, as I have some kuowledg uey were presently close enough to see that they the light of day. A prisoner who, having and gained sufficient information fror were Cossacks. caped is reco::ptured is thereafter always to know they were escaped convict., And Dr. Vau!'Jyke was also bound to mines," stated the of the a tree where his captors bad secured him. "' The doctor thanked his friends feelingly for Ca.ptam Archer and Barney were watchmg the assistance, and then he sought the repose of patr!ots, perhaps," said Frank, think Cossacl's from behind de_nse he stood in much need after his' recent exciiing doctor. busb,es, while mask h1d the light of !au-periences .. From what the men said I concluded that tern, when au mc1dent occurred that The coume of the Qneen Clipper eontinued to be were desperate criminals, murderers, robconsternntion among the dootor's captors. due north In short the worst class of Siberh\n exiles." In winter the Siberian bear, which is one of the J......_ may be true," said the doctor, "for it is largest and most ferocious animals known, often CHAPTER LXVIII. th' e most inhuman features of the Russian becomes maddened by famine, and then it hesi1 system that political exiles, and refined, edutates not to attack man. Instances are recorded THE SHIP IN THE ICE-THE RUSSIAN CONVICTS. persons, guilty of no crime, are sent to the where a company of starving have boldly DAYLIGHT disclosed frozen waters of the prison mine as are the most brutal murderinto Siberian villages and tried to force tic sea to the crew of the aerouef, and toward and malefactors of the lowest kind." their way Into the huts of the peasants. day the lookout shouted: Well, I now believ9 that Cook means to bring There suddenly came a series or roars from the "A ship I A ship I" Russian criminals to capture and plunder the further side of the Cossack camp, 11.nd the sue-Frank was on deck and he instantly seized continued Richard Archer. ceeding momeat six monster bears, drawn to the glass, and through it saw the masts of a long has the villain been gone?" asked camp by the scent of food, '"rushed into the firein the distance, that seemed to rise directly out light and made for the supper which the Cossacks the ice. has beOJn absent from the brig were, it seemed, just then engaged in cooking. All speed was made toward the ship, and hours." The Coijsacks scattared in all directions. hands felt almost positive that the vessel they were if be means to lead the convicts to attack They had stackAd arms, and only a lew of them in search of was at last discovered. he will eeon return, :\presume." retained sufficient prj'lsence of mind to secure their Soon the Queen Clipper made the f the vessel in the Ice had been States, whence the Queen Clipper had stopped to devour the food of the Cossacks. over with tarpaulin, and it seemed every so recently come, in that far Arctic sea, near As Captain Archer and Barney r eached the tree preparation seemed to have been made to north pole, winter had already set in. to which the doctor was bound, the bears discover-the cold. decided that the crew of the Endurance ed them and the captive. Smoke was seen ascending from a pipe in carried to the United States on board Then the whole six monsters of the Siberian for-tarpaulin deck-roof, and presently as "The Clipper. The adaitiou of their weight ests came at the Americans, uff6ring fierce and Clipper" descended beside the br!g a man materially interfere with the speed of terrible growls, and showing their gleaming white ed through the roof of the deck. and she was strong enough to cany fangs. Only his head and shoulders were visible, as perso;:"\s than the crew of. the brig, be And then the Cossacks too saw the r escuers, and inspected "The Queen Clipper" in evident own hands. they were menaced by double danger. meut. were at once made to tFansfer the While tbe bears came trotting 1\t them such of Rut the army officer on board the air vessel belongings of the brig on borurd the the Cossacks as had secured their carbines before ognized his brother, Richard Archer. Clipper, and this was soon done. they fled from the bears rallied and sent a volley Dick I Dick I" he shouted, waving his fur before the work was completed C3ml ot shot at the Americans. "Don't you know me I I'm yom brother from the lookout. But the bullets failed t9 hit F.>ither one of the de" Fred! Oh, thank heaven 1 Tbank reported. moving forms of men in the dirac vot'ed trio, and slashing away with his knife, Capshouted back the Arctic captive. Yes, it is the hil1s, and inspecting them througil hi! tain Archer severed the doctot's bonds, while Bardeed you. And you haTe come to the rescue!" Frank declared them a baud of thirtlf ode UE."Y blazed the Cossacks with a revolver in "Yes, yes. In my friend Frank Reade's air all well armed. each hand. t. A vessel surpassing all other means of drew near Frank handed the to The revolvers Barney us d were Frank Reade's as yet known to the world." of the ice bound brig, and as soon as weapons and the owner had given them to Bar,ney The Queen Clipper made a landing on the at the approaching party be said: to carry 'that night, because they had a peculiar, close bel"ide the brig at once. ar,e the Russian convicts, and. Cook is in sharp report which could not bo mistaken, and it ... Meantime the ice-bound vessel of them.. There can be no question as to was agreed that the discharge of those weapons out on the ice, and a terrible sight they purpose. They are surely coming to attack ahould be a signal to bring the Queen Clipper on Their faces were white, drawn us." the scene. The privations they had suffered, were Frank issued orders for all hands to get on board The instant the doctor was freo he and his each man's features, ana they begged mteousJtvtthA Queen Clipper. Then arms and ammuntion friends darted away. The Cossa!Jks, for the time, for food. served out, and the young inventor said: bad enough to do to defend themselves against the "Yes," said Captain Richard Archer of the Arcmight sail, but I'll teack those bears 1 tic brig, as he and his brother met and embraced a lesson first. Is there anything of much Those animals now again charged upon the docon the ice between the two vessels, my men are left on board of tlie brig yet?" ....,,...1.urs recant captors. starving. For. tw'enty days we have had no food Nothing save the powder in the magazine, at full speed the doctor and his friends save a few moldy ship's b!Muit." Arctic exploring vessels always carry a. -.----Q" detour and cam\! upon the trail the : They shall starve no longer. We have food of powder to use In blasting away ice, /


30 FRANK READE, JR AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER 'What spirits have not been put aboard your vessel to repel an attack, even If it was made from both 'work in the central cabin for a moment, he aPPear have been allowed to goto. waste. The casks have directions at the same time. ed on deck. been opened and dumped," replied the captsin of The Russian convicts, led by Cook, were soon I believe, Frank," sajd the old dough for me to the gallows. Surrender, Archer, nLd tb .en It was a desperltte party who menaced the Queen -yez take that I'' and Barney, determined ou a rue-we'll talk about Iattin' ye ol!. We see you are disClipper. Every soul on bnard the mr vessel knew tiOI;, mmed a. blow at Pomp's. bend. llut like a abled, and at our mercy." that as well as Frank and the doctor. finsh the dnrky ducked and butted. "Not muciJ at your mercy, you murderous ras-"We can only do our best, doctor, and leave the Barney went over on hiiio bfck. cal, aa you will find out, if you venture to attack issue to Him," said Frank, glancing heavenward. "I reckOI\ .1at am ftghtin, said Pomp. us!" retort. ed 4-rcher. l'he young inventor now quickly Issued some "We shall see. We outnumber you. We mean further or..let'S, and in silence, but fully prepared to make a desperate fight to get the supplies we for the tray, his crew awaited the onset. need," cried Cook. Very soon the enemy advanced at a charge. They "H:n 1 So you acknowledge your purpose is one came on swiftly, and the Arctic savages made tb'3 TEBBIBLE EXPLOSION-THE QUEEN CLIPPER DIS-of plunder. And if you could induce me to sur-ice-bound land r(ng witu their wild, thrilling yells. ABLED-FOES AT. HAND. render my brother, you .would attack us just tile The convicts or the Siberian prison-mines ut:-CHAPTER LXIX. BuT at that moment a terrible explosion ocsame." tcred fierce cries, seemingly intent upon thus curred. 'fhe powder in the magazine of the iceCook saw that he had betrayed his plans. But striking terror to the hearts of the brave defenders I.Jound brig bad taken fire from som unknown he only uttered a fierce yell, and shouted to the the Queen cause. convicts: 'l'he shades of mght were now da .rkAmng over The detonation was terrific, but no one was in "Give 'em a volle.y, lads." the scene, and Frank, all at once, shouted to Barjured. ' 'l'he con vic!{! leveled their carbines and Sbnt a ney (o turn on the electric light. It shook the icy surface all around, and the brig volley of bullets at the air ship. 'l'he Irishman at once obeyetl the order, and. the wns biown to fragments, while red flames shot upThe crew of the nerone: returned the fire in-illumination of the Queen Clipper's wonderful hght ward in lurid waves amid a canopy of douse black stant!y, and several of the convicts fell. was flashed afar. fimoke. Then they retreated out of gun-shot. Upon the ice the white light glittered, sending And as tbe sound of the terrible explosion yet "Walt until it comes to close quarters wid thirn lorth a thousand vel! actions, transforming tile rang in the air, there came a crno;h at the stern of blackguards; thin it's a bit av diversion we'll be scene, as with the wand of a magician, into the Queen Clipper. 1\ftber givic.' av tbim wid tile torpedoes," said Bar-realm of 'diamond studded splendor. A section of the Iron hull of the brig had been ney. The enemy h>\lted aa the light came in a beautiaway by the explosion, it had struck "And the cannon. We may as well let the rasful diverging halo from the air-ship. the stern propeller .and shattered it. cals know now that wo llave a big gun on board," But only for a moment or so was the advance of Another fragment cut away three of the sus pen-said Captain Fred. the foe checked. 'I' hen they came on again. sory masts, and they came down with a crash upon "Will it carty .to where the rascals are now?" Once more they paused, however, when they the deck. asked his brother. were almost within rille range, and the cunning A moment after the smoke of the explosion "Yes," was the reply. of the deserter from Arctic exploring vessel, cleared awny somewhat, Frank saw tbe extent of And then Barney and Pomp trained the cannon who seemed now to have become the leader of tha the damage the Queen Clipper bad sustained. on the convicts, 1rnd as soon as they bad secured a un_ited forces, was shown. Tbere were other injurie& besides tbose done to proper aim they dischargE-d tQe gun. Cool' issued an order for men to spread out the stern propeller and the suspensory masts. "Dat was a surprise fo' dem white trash, boss," in a circle and then close in upon the disabled ship A heavy iron plate had shattered the window of cried Pomp, as tbe shot fr'>m the cannon caused of the air. -the central cabin, and and bent t)le ma-the' convicts to retreat further away, while several It was the seaman's purpose to have chinery_ there to an extent .that on_e glance as'':er.e left behind, slain by the grape-shot from the the attack made fron:t every side of the vessel he sure d Frank that It would be ImpossiOle to start btg gun. sought to capture, simultaneously. the suspensory engine. The greatest peril will be at night. Then the There was a few moments of silence on board the And meantime the convicts, led by the sailor asrascals, under cover of titdarkness, will make a Queen Clipper. '!'be men ranged along the barrl-sassin who had deserted the Endurance, were more determined attack," said Captain Archer. caded rails watched the appr.eaching foe and held swiftly drawing nearer. Just then his hrotber, who was looking through their wearons ready. The brig was now destroyed, and naturally, a telescope at the enemy, exclaimed: Suddenly Frauk issued the drder: tberehre, the criminals might be expected to at" As I live,' Fred, another large band of men are Fire, and make every bullet tell!" tempt the capturd of the Clipper In order to approaching from tbe South!" A crash of musketry immediately ensued. secure its cargo. It was so. The brother alternately looked The crew of the aerial vessel discharged a vol Frank and n11 hands understo.od that the situatttrough the gins; anl saw that at least ft!ty men ley of shots. '1'here was an answering firo from tion had suddenly becod Frank. "If they nre flerceand war-like, they may attack mite and nitro-glycerine torpedoes. "Captain Fred," be added, to the army officer, the convicts and then us," said Captain Fred. The time had come lo use those terribly de I place you in command of the defenders of the "No," replied the doctor, looking through the structive engines of death. Que6n Clipper while myself and Sands 6et to work glass, I see the convicts are making the Russian The defenders of tne airship began to hurl them to rep<\ir the mAin engine." of friendship to the .Arctic savages, and. tbe among the.j!nsmy, now that the latter bad come to "Very well, Frank, I'll do my best to merit latter return them. They have before and are close your confidence," replied the youngsolp forces of the convicts and the hostile natives be-impenetrable glqom. dynamite and nitro glyce11ine torpedoes, and a!S'o gan an advance toward the air-ship. As soon as the enemy had passed beyond the loaded the cannon. It was eYident that a combined attack was now aret\ of the electric light's lllun:ination they wer'e The craw was scattered along th!l rail on both to be made by the enemy. Frank Reade had been swallowed up in the pervading darkn{'SS beyond.; sides of the deck. They were so ,placed In order apprised of the situation of affairs, and leaving his Of the movements of the foe alter they were optt


' FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. 31 saw at once that his old friend had stated th& soon can we get under way?'' asked th& "Yes." Frank hastened back to the central cabin There Sands, Blake, Bnll and Barney we're now work. "The enemy Is In again. They nre returnwith strong r e inf o rcements," announced as he entered the cabin. Then he set to work with the others. There was only one drivin g -bar and a alngle set to be fix e d in place y et. that was done the suspensory engine started. have not an Instant to lose, men I Basten I I" oriel! Frank. placed In position, and ft ve pairs of were swiftly employed in fu;teulng screws whi c h were required to s eeure it. hands make swift work, and the drlvlngserewed to Its ph1ce In a few moments. cogs were properly adjust ed. toilers uttered a glnd shout then, and Frank inventor d e pre ssed the main lever, turned a curre nt o! on to the om lrom the great accumulators tn the batte ry below deck. At once the machine ry Willi set In motion. Bnt at that moment the Queen Clipp e r sudde nly as though giant hands hu.d s e ized upon the and were s e eking to overturn it. There' came u. strange, rumbling sound. more. a report, like the booming ol cannon, and the circle of death shall beset,"sald CapBut the task of rspl\irlng the central Anglne Frank turned t'J the cab!n door only a cloud of in determination. not yet completed. There was considerable mc>relsteam met his sight. Frank. Engineer Sands and others work to bA done. the air ship continued to h e av e and trem central engine, the young oftlcer proAll night Frank and his assistants tolled at to carry out the suggestion of the InDuring the night tbe conv!cts and their What Is It? What can have occurred? Mercl-not make another attack. Heaven I Is the Queen Clipper doomed after morning dawned nothing was to be seen Sands. the enemy, and the Inventor said: Is awful dange r. An Arctlo earthquake 'I think we shall not be troubled further The Ice Is heavin g all around us, foe." up torrents of steam throug h I am afraid yon are wrong," replied the doctor, who compreArcher, the command er of the lost arcucln

l r"' dro Fm, Sh the c wave& 32 FRANK nEADE, JR., AND HIS QUEEN CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS. --h t d wn and all hands tlons ot the wreck ill the direction of 11.\, .......... What their fate was he never knew positively, It was the our .0 ar the first a JTearBut the wind was adverse, and the wreck car but be presumed, of course, that they bad been enw 1 terrible galamried fa.r away from the with wb.Jcb the ullad by the eatthquake. Probably the lee ha,d !ln..,e 0 II} mos anxt Queen Clipper bad come m gpened under their feet and they had gone to thetr without a warning there came a Finally the island was out of d death in the icy sen. '!en Ever one was thrown from their The situation of the men cllngzug to the wreekl' It Wl\8 a terrible fate and Frank fervently thankcrash. Y vessel was then appalling. tb e re, ln ed the all-wise Providence lor deliverance of e;he' Queen Clipper began to settle down. mid without a boat, and the two ret o t himself and his comrades from alike doom. The susoensory engine stopped and in a moth" air-shrp now showed that they wou d fiO go The Queen Clipper was guided ment it was known that the bo1v ot' the vessel was to pieces, !or they had been most sertously over the continent of North Amenca. A landmg shattered. aged. was made on the Pacrflc cJast, north of Alaska, Sudden! a whirlwind caught the diSIIbled vessel It \Vas an awful time. and there the stern prop.eller and the three sus-and whiled it round and dashe:l it broadside The men of. the wreckc ship fot dl"l f pensory masts were repa1red. inst some object th"t offered firm resistance. erauce and dtvine mez:cy, eager e} es scanu The voyage was then continued southward of dismay and deB piLi< weut up fri)Jr. the the sea in every directiOn 1n eee.rch of ,1 sail. along the coast. But a lew hours later, as mght crew. The shattered vessel went Jown, down The hours wor'l on. .rhe section o! the ve on, a gale set In from the east. through the gloom and with 11 final plunge struck upon w1t1ch Frank was parted again. The yon At first Frank did not nntlcrpate anything senin water invent-the cea; but just at 11 ous, and the vessel continued to sail on after the ."We in the Pacific Ocean but near some is-moment of dsspafr the thrilling shout of "A s I r darkness fell. land with rocky ramparts agahist which the wind a sail!" rang out from the other section of t .. T But the gale increased in vlo!.ence, until in an dashed us!" said the doctor, as he and Frank wreck. Frank was drawn on board the Jlontl hour's time it had become the most terrible wind clung to the machinery in the central cabin. wreck, and a moment later a gallant steamer w 11!1 storm the Queen Clipper had ever encountered. Just then the vessel parted ar;nidships, and the seen bearing d?wn. upon the wr_eek. It was Indeed a cyclone, a phenomtl,nal storm, waves swept the sundered portiOnS of the Queen Frank and hiS lirends wore discerned. the records ot which were a long list of losses at C!Jpper in different directions. We need not dwell long on what ensued. A II nnd deva&tation by land. "The ship is Frank in tones hands belonging to the air-ship were takP'\ OJ.' In that storm many precious lives were lost, and of deepest "And we are doomed, too, un-board the steamer, and as she !!teamed .ra; millions of dollars' worth or property went to the less we can make the land:' Frank Reade saw first one and t!len tho ott sec bottom of the ocean. "Yes. But see! the light of day is appearing in tlon of the noble Queen Clipper go tn pl'lf J and The Queen Clipper was carried eastward before the east. We shall soon be able to learn more of sink to rtse no more. Frank turned sac from the gale with frightful velocity. our situation if our portion of the wreck only keeps the gcene; but he thought he had good c e t o he It would have been suicidal to have attempted to afloat a little longer," replied the doctor. thankful t.hat he and his men did not are the a landing then. The part of the wrecked air-ship on which the f:>.te of his great invention. All that could be done was to run before the gale. young iuventot, the doctor and a part of the crew The steamer wss bound Cor San Fmnciaoo, and Frank made a calculation midnight, were continued to float. Frank and his comrades were in due time safely which, though of course not absolutely correct, Tile rain subsided. The win polls of the l'acftlc c oast the positive assurance that the air-vessel had been scene to the victims of the atorm and wreck. but Frank and his own crew hast!! ned by rnll hom' blown far out to sea. They saw an island near by with lofty, rocky to Readestown, while the rescued crtlW or the Arc After midnight the gale:began to walls rising mountain high from the sea, and they tic ship sought th eir several hom But during the storm five of the suspensory knew the Queen Clipper was wrecked against it. Of course a warm welcome awaited Frank and beUoes had b?en carried a'YIIY and the perpendic-. The lookout had fa! led to :liscover the island in his crew in R eadestown, and on the dny or lh Jrnrular and hortzontal equalization was lost. The t1me to prevent the disaster. rival in their native town everybody turned oa to Queen Clipper hung In the air. Both sections of the Queen Clipper were still do them honor. !lain began to faU m torren.ts as the fury of tl)e a!'-oat when day dnwned, and Frank shouted to We will leave them snre among an! kln. wrnd abated. electric hght was turned on, h1s men to ge_t the boats. But then it dred, for we f e el tbnt under such plllnsllnt clr.:um but tbe sheets of 'Yater. seemed to wns almost Immed.rately drscovered that thol!e stan<'es the r ender will be willing to 61\f Good whtte light the electric ftutd, and the boats bad been lost m the storm. bye," at Je;\St for 8 timP. Iookout s eyes were blinded. Efforts were then made to propel the two sec[TR& END.] No. IF y ou WANT TO READ Stox-ies of Wonderful Inventions ,:By '':NrC> ::NT" .A.l\I.J:E]. '' -BUY THE Price 5 Cents. Issued Every Saturday. ...


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