Frank Reade, Jr., and his greyhound of the air, or, The search for a mountain of gold

Frank Reade, Jr., and his greyhound of the air, or, The search for a mountain of gold

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his greyhound of the air, or, The search for a mountain of gold
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York Frank Tousey, 1893
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1 online resource (32 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Inventors -- Fiction ( lcsh )
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Dime novels ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939.
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Frank Reade, Jr., and his greyhound of the air, or, The search for a mountain of gold.
n Vol. 2, no. 52 (1893)
New York : Frank Tousey, 1893.
c 1893
1 online resource (32 p.) ; 29 cm.
Frank Reade library.
v vol. 2, no. 52
Science fiction.
Dime novels.
t Dime Novel Collection.
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No. 52. { and Best Stories are Published in FRANK TOUSEY. Puar.tSf!ER. 3! & 36 NOR"rH MooRE SrnEE1'. NEW YORK. New York, September 16, 1893. ISSUED WEEKLY. { J'ltlCK } 5 VENT S. Vol. II according t o t h e Act of Co11gress, in tile yetw 1893, by FRAN X TOUSEY, in the o.fflce of the Librarian of Con(lress, at Washington, IJ. C. r rank HBadB, Jr., And His Greyhound of the Air; or, The Seareh for a Mountain of Gold. With a horrible look in his blood-shot eyes Des p ard 'ut\ered a yell of terror, b6unded up on the railiug a.nd sprang off. 1 Down to the sea hurled }lis body, and, s triking the waves it sunk like a. shot.


2 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. The subscription Price of the FRANK READE LIBJtA.RY by the year is $2.50: $1.25 per six months, post-paid. Address FRANK TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street. Box, 2730. on, SEA,RCH FOR A MOUNTAIN' OF By "NONAME" Author of "Chased Across the Sahara; or, The Bedouin's Captive," etc., etc., / CHAPTER I. There sounded the roar of many angrv hll wanted to put up a job of some kind on the around a bend In, the road ahead, sounding !Ike sailor, and they began to whisper. TBE OLD SAIL01!,8 STORY. the enraged cries of an excited rabble, anu a Just then the bushes parted beside the road QUIET'monotony bad been existing i<1 Readesgruff and bluff voice rising above tne tumult, as short distance further on, ahd Frank Reade, town tor nearly a year after the return of its if entreating lor mercy and begging to be heard. and a very handsome young man in 11 bicycle most celebrated inhabitant, Frank Reade, Jr., "Be ther poker av Moaes I" gasped Barney, in tume stepped out trom amid the shrubber.y. from his last journey in the clouds, on a wonderalarm," what's that?" Tbuy came to a sudden pause upon seewg !ul ftying machine he invented. hke's if dare was a tight," said Pomp, ney, Pomp and Matt Mainbrace standing in In the intervening year the young mventor s hstenwg rntently. . .. fertle brain had devised a newer and more won-Just then un old sailor rushed around the bend Oh, smd Frank reassurmgly, you need derlul pieCleof mechanism tbap his last hag hotly pursued !iy a gang of men, all of whom were be alarmed, M': Howard, for that and though. v evidently bent upon capturing him by force df a are my friends,,and the It WIIS' in the month of :when our story struggle, or resort to the weB pons they carried. Y,ou a:,e so kmd, replied Harry and Frank's father and wtfe had gone to "He's the 1 Collar him I" shouted one twna.Iy I cannot thank yo u enough. spend & felv .. weeks in Chicago, leav.lng Frank of the men. "There's a hundred dollars reward !(ro and rtshma!l are whlspermg, I see, hind with only the two famous frtends of their offered!' The detective said he wore a uniform I" mg at the old sailor. I am glad they are many strange adventures, Barney <;J'Stlea, the rol"Blow me but I ain't!" shouted the old t>ailor, of ene!iJ.ies; fearfully Hcking"Irisbman, and that practical Joker, the comwildly, as he came to a pause in the road, an excitmeetmg me JUSt n_ow, and so ical old negro, Pomp. . Ad (oqk upon such of his bronzed and weather-to shelter me, I do not what I Toward the close of a warm a!ternoon, Frank beaten face that was not covered by a short gray am very grateful to you. had given the darky several letters to mail at the beard he wore. "I'm Matt Main brace, by go!, an' "Well," said Frank, "what the village post-oftlce, and then left the house for a I never done no feller critter no harm in thiil bless:way? You are ,f!ot a bad fellow, If I am a JUdge short walk down the road. ed world. Avast thar now, my hearties, an' bear The negro started off, a camp-meet-down on the 1ight craft, fer this ol1:l hulk ain't doce I fell .m love -:wtth May Blossom, a 'ing melody and upon passmg a fence, a sltower no harm" orphan gtrl who hved in New York, of old tomat"o cans,:boots and rubbish flew over J t t.h h t th' 'th bl k Despard, a balloonist, also became very the t o p all over him. us en a 5 or Ill man, Wl a ac m?samored Of her. She gave me her preference. He uttered a wild shout of dismay, ftung up his taebe, appeared and dashed tl;lrough the ro1_mng pard challenged me to fight a duel. We met bands and fell down. crowd, which was rushmg upon the old tar like a barn, for he insu,ited me. I shot The next moment a head popped up on the other mountain killed him or not I dq not side of the fence, and the broadly-grinning face of glanced old marmer a moment. fled. A detective pursued me to town all Barney appeared, looking down at him. . 'Stand back I he cried ted to aid him run the fugtttve down hurmean to play some practical joke on that old bound J;te landed In the road, and bent over bts old l:ted away. or whom your enemies j)lst mistook for you. friend, gasjling: The old sailor was left standing in the midprang up. us ther divil's own cock-an'-bull story a\" a Mainbrace; and tapped him on the "Yah, yah, yah!" roared Pomp, scrarr.bling to moightymountain avgoold that he wants ter foind "Arrah, sor !" said the Irishman with his feel. "Yo' dvae tink yo' berry smart, didn' somewheres in Austhvally." "an' isn't it Mist her Reade Jr yerafther yo', huh? Cotch dis nlggah pla;yin' 'possum dat "Fo' de Lawd, he am de sam!l one. Done gone may I be so bowled as to time, yo' white trash! We'sequits now fo' shuah !"crazy, fo' shuah I" said Pomp, nodding his kinkv "Ob !"said the sailor making a 'Yllted, for he saw that he had been and grinn!ng. "S'pose we'se gwine fo' ter at the bosom of his with a frighteited -caught m_hiSown tnp, and he might have retailJe dts pass by, Barney-hey, chile?" then turning and seeing who It was ated, but JUSt the.n another matter occurred to at-He tapped his forehead and winked so knowhim, his fear left him, and be smiled and said: tract the attention of both of them. ingly that Barney could not fall to understand that "By goll you: skart me then. Yes-yes. I


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF 'l'HE AIR. 3 snt to run afoul o', Mr. Reade, !r ,!n the wust interest qlt!erent rich people ter help meter get lingui!;t, and recognize it as bona fide Malay 11' s mY hearty. An I . that wondert!-11 treasure, but all laughed at me an' ing of an ancient style. Now couple what. the sail ".1FaiXan'yeraluckm Said Barney, everybodyflali I was crazy. Yet tiler ole or said with the u .eager of thiS p_arch hardly able to conceal his mnth as thlf-old man that ole bushman gave me rolledin ment's story, and connect 1t w1th the early hlBtory tened his glance on Pomp. th1? ?il Silk. A perfesser translated it fer me. ft's of Australia and Y?U wlll have a "!onderful rela !tl;, What I Blow me, but there mus be some mis-wnt m ther May lay language. Look at It an' jedge tion of events. It IS tolerably certa.m. that the protake, my !ad. This colored man can't be him. ye_rself. knowed you had fiyin' machines an' genitors of the first Austra.lians driftelil In cano->s Dash it, I s1cli like, wh1ch'd be handy ter g1t it, an' I thought from the 1sland of Timor to the northwest coast on aa' Is 1t .Mr. Reade s h1sthory yer not as I'd come ter ye1 an' tell ytJr all about it. If yer Cambridge Gulf, or Arnhem Land, and advanced a(ther !mdwin'1" "" failed believe ole Matt M.ainbrace, then h in thr'le separate d,irections ove1 the continent: By "wan!, I've hearn tell a mighty good,s1ght about wasn't again' ter do no more but perpare ole on;, route they south, near the Great Bight, ]lim" hulk fer Davy Jones' locker." the other division going along the west coast te "Yer knows as he's thraveled in many furrin He handed a scroll of parchment to Pomp, which Swan River, whiltJ the third and most 3rts?" he unrolltld from the oil silk, and the negro beheld body went eastward. 1'hey are traced, m P,. so J.bave heard." Malay words, legible in some places, and course ?f ages, ncrton dl tan a kita dapat pllingam overspread the Riverina and peopled the south pomp began to get mad thts, and covertly mass tanan-mass *** coubouran dl* sa to Iaja. Kita east." shook his ilst at Barney behind t)Je old sailor's ako 1<\op taun dladalm bessai: gounon mao. Poug-"Ilut what has all this to do with the manuhaCk whereat Barney grinned broader. nht seudatchlnta soudaros sapa dia\an sama kldol* scripts?" asked Frauk. Main brace hastily bw. The transcrlptlon.was worded thus in English expected to awake some and eat up wholr:t rve traveled u s1ght \:x)yself, been m mgh under It l&nd. Now the middle tnbe 1ts radJa, and every part on tills bleBSed globe m my day; but, may have been the Australian's Buddal. H1s ol durn me if ever I sich a tannin' as you did. "I, king, wltll twenty men and our wives, walked course would bring part of his tribe to Central g pose it's accordin' ter ther elerwated latitudes westwald, two to one high mountain. In Mount Stuart-the loftiest peak on the whole con I s 1 ?" heart or tne laud. Arnved, we found tempTes and gold . . in you tra1 e s en treasure there, and the tomb or tile 1lrst kings. tmeilt . Buddal IS Signed to the manuscnpts. It am, lloney, sa1d Pomp, who was se-anere we have liveo many years in the great mountain, Could It not llave. been he who foundomp's deuce to _the matter. You look a litt.le surpnsed, would, iu due time, reveal any great treasures the talk, for he felt sure he was addressing a negro, Matt Mambrace. But I Wlll undeceive you. I:am bosom of the earth covered from the sight of man. yet so important was his business with Frank Fmuk Reade, Jr., the whom you are seekmg. F o r my part, were this old man to start an expe Reade, Jr., b.jl did not 'want to any chances two men are my fnends and they have dition to-m01tow, I would be one of the first to saying anything. foolmg you. But up to my and I Will join him, if I were invited to do so." "If so be as you'll sit down by thet roadside here have a long talk With you.. 11 there IS any truth J_D "Then, by jingo 1" said Frank, jumping up, wi' me," said the old sailor, "I'll tell yer jist what your st<;>ry, I not only will a1d you to fil!d th1s "you shall have a chance, professor, for I am go it was as brung me all the way from New York ter moun tam re In detail. t:he !asht an' that wo! ther fact that ther wink at Pomp. professor examiD;ed the ancient manuscripts With wasn t a 10 wan corner av the I J,ourn_eyed ter ther mountain," continued the the closest attention. aould machu:e. . ld sailor, m earnest tones an' arttlr many trials The professor was an attentive listener to the A strange s1ght met the view ot the spectators m troubles an' much labor '1 penertrated that narr::otive, and a serious look was upoiJ. his face, the yard, golden city. It was wonderful. Gold, gold, gold when Frank turned to him with: .' It was the hull of a light draught ship with a Bverywheres, an' it was an enormous treasure. "Well, doctor, what Is your oplmon of this matsharp ram at the bow, and a gracefully-curving ut I could not catry"but little away, and that I ter1" long counter-stern. bad ter sell, ter git ag'ln. It was jist liB "It is I)lY firm. replied the_ man of It w_as built of the finest steel, rolle

AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. b'RANK READE, JR., 1 h f mercury in the bulb nor the hands of the barom. the xeel at tile stern to which a propeller was ers when the inventor caught s g t o a t fastened after the of thl' screw of a man hiding beh10d the stable.. e r.Ove tne.m the moon propellers, while from the deck there arose SIX s no huse h 00 mgid eh. "I'll and stars ulea,ned with singular VIVIdness Ill uprights three on either side of the deck, at the was say10g so t at t ey co'! ear uq.. 1 uense darkness tops of a large, powerful suspensory helice own up. Ralph Despard Is alive. HHe wjfs 0!'ra A was upon the entire air-ship, was fastened, to raise the air-ship to any wounded. He wantf t fw ble and tne contact of a hand any of the bras.s o r altitude by the aid of electric condensers lind pli e s now. He was here ast mg va ua d tee! work resulted in a burmng. stowed away in the battery room in thil hold. paper from 1 H! aa s The strange feelings that ove rwhelmed the aenal There was a wheel bousil on the forward deck, and paid handsome Y 1 ; e WaJ?. 0 m. ers soon wore off for toe ship had been ascircular In form, inclosed by toughened gh}Ss, In the journey the rate of' nearly 2,000 feet a minute, which was situa\lld a lever board, by whtch the We must smas aji-s re r e descended a short distance at double that speed. was controlled; a deck house amidships how to give t de; 11 k 1 t tl d am zeand then went ahead at the medium rate of.sixty (lOit[a.tutug bunks and storage room, and a large "Treachery I gaspe ran n s ar e a miles an hour. / cabin aft. ment. h" f h bbed I" an Below them the moonlight was streaming upon this. a earch hght capable of reflecting "My rival is the t 16 w 0 rv you gro a magnificent sea of cloud, its Yaried with two miles ahead was stationed on a pivot in the unguardedly and the detective and endless hills, hillocks, mountain. andh num" bile against the bull at the cathead& was an h' hl an heard him'. berless snow-white masses ansmg up s arply mcoru'u'"' wing of steel ou either side, so portably 1\y. g th sta out from the from its bed. as to fold up out of the way when. in t blt !t men A.rmed with the They sped on, all trace of the earth shut out from s a e a er s kind of wea ons their sight, and presently came to a very. dark. boat WttS built of thin steel, and was I" desperate ;demass of cloud on own with frmged all over. tective. "Down them 1 H we let them escape us surcharged With rain whwh they were shed-of disappointment crossed Dr. Vaneyke s we may all go to jail! Quick-come!"' dmg. .. h d he glanced over the two hundred feet of 'l'he rascals made a rush, and Frank was about "Well,,Howard, said the professor, ow o and twentr-flve feet of beam of the im-to pull out his pistol and face them when Howard you feel? th r d air-ship resting upon eight automatic bastll cried: "Queer-mlght:r queer, e young. man rep that sprung out whgn the Greyhound was .. clme on 1 They are a dozen to one 1 It is "There Is a buzzmg in my ears, wh!ch ke eps In-earthward. madness to !lght 1 While we engage some others creasing, A.nd a pain r.JI over me, hke one feels A.nd beautiful in outline and ma destroy the Greyhound I" when plunging he!ld in co!d. water. My he; "but, Frank, you have 1vas logic in this and thevboth ran for the seems dilat-ed, fails m elastJctty, .my pulse 1s too heavy for any aerostat. flying machine some dishmce away while the de-quickened, my lips swelled, the velDs come entirely great in specific gravity. tective shouted: strongly on my hl)-nds, to an too few." "!:!tand, or we'll shoot at you 1". eyes, and-well, I m sea-SJ<;lk, as It experiments I with my model They paid no heed to this threat, but continued "The usual symptoms of an aenal voyag!l, material have prove!l sat!sfactory, pro-on, and a volley was dischargeJ at their dim, flylaughed the professor. and I now have a .!l a1r-shtp capable ol ing forms but they missed their mark. An electrometer and COijductors had set, and banging to a wonder-In a moment they were upon the Greyhound, but the glass, the brimstone, and the Spanish of bre';\kage orrushed inside, and Frank dashed into the wheelnot electrif!ed shov: any signs. under have raised It, ,and am bouse pulled a lever there came a loud buzz and t10n, and a voltaic plie of Silver and zmc, con.sJstexpected." ust the ruffians' drew near the Greyhound ing of sixty couples, gave one a did not argue the despite harted up into the air. galva1;1ic flame appeared more active m this h1gh knew from past expenence that altitude than at earth. seldom ever made -a mistake In "Is there any danger of asphixia up here?" asked undertook to accomplish. CHAPTER III. Howard, neJ'VI:>usly. Frac.k," said he gravely. "Not at this elevation. You see, hydrogen gas, send ov e r your traps as soon as you A MIDAIB STRUGGLE, at a certain height, will find itself in ef!ullibrium in lease, gentlemen,"eaid Frank, smilingly; IT was a much quicker stA.rt tban the aeronauts the air of the atmosphete, but it must be at the ex our qu11rters on board the Greyhound of the Au, intended to make, but the ba.rmless hail of bullets tremity ?f the atmosphere itself. As t!Je J:as hns nd I warrant you that the fare there will. prove that rattled against the bottom of the hull told an elasticity greater than that of the a1r, 1t keeJlS tr ia excess of anything else you hB:d .m your Frank that he had gone none too soon. dilating as it m'nnts in regions. Its ves before. I h ave got a stock of prOVIHJons on There were servants in tho house who would at-fie weight diminishes as the A.tmospheric a1r de )ard to last a month, and more and tend to everything, and when the professor sugcreases It won't stop until It rises ISentials than are needed. And I promise gested that they start ofJ on their journey at once above the atmospherfl itse lf. Tins only r e late!! to tat this trip to the scorching climate of Australia Frank was nothin"' loth and the air-ship was confining it in a bulb; if it mixes with the atmos-111 prove to be. the greatest I have ever yet un-turned westwartl. "' pheric air, it disfuses and loses power. This is I Will send my folks .word of It at 'fhe huge helices did their functions admirably, tht> principle upon which ballooning is based.. 1ce." and raised Ute air-ship to the height of fifteen Oxygen is the reverse." They went up a ladder, and examining the intethousand feet, at which distance Fr1mk decreaseu "But this r arity-this stifling feeling-this gasp or workings of the air-ship, tliey found her to be the revolutions of the wheels and started the proing--" ; perfect as human art and skill could make her pellers on either side and at the sending the "Re member, the higher we mount the less the every point and detail. Greyhounj ahead at a terrific rate. atmospheric preslilure you sustain to gravitate you The different workings of the vessel wtll be ex"I made 12(' miles in my last air-ship," said h e earthward. A man h olds u p a weight on ea rth of in due course. to the scientist," a.s you may remember, but: I will fifteen pounds t o the square inch upon the surface --::::::--their curiosity was sated they returned to show you 200 with this one, less oscillation, and a of his body of this atmospheric pressure. Au av where the professor left them, and power to speed through the waves of the sea at a erage man's body exposes an average surface of and Pomp busied tDemselves getting rate of forty knots an hour. Moreover, we coula about -six thousand inches, which, multiplit:d by veorvthl'no:: In readiness for instant departure g<> though a flame of fire without feeling much in'itfteeq pounds for each inch, shows us that when convenience in this boat, if the asbestos lining on earth we each sustain about nln11ty thousand assigned Harry Howard and Malt Mainproves good. And it is just such a ship as this we pounds of atmospheric pressure. Incredible,isn t to apartments, nnd they all retired for the will need if ever we reach Australia!" it? Of course, the higher we moQnt the less; this the youug inv!lntor taking the old sailor's The Greyhound worke!l lilte magic passing up-pressure, and. no doubt beyond the confines ol our with D1m to h!s bedroom.. . ward through a mlt!ls of clouds measuring over one earthly atmospheric belt anything would .float in the followmg mght everythmg was ID read! thousand feet In thickness. space as meteors llo. They do not shoot until for departure, and Frank Mainbrace sat Barney had gone to the battery-room as first en-they get within the center of gravity or in other the parlor at, a table noor the, wind?IV, besiue gineer, Pomp as usual was assigned to the words, the belt of air we breaths. Then they are hich was t11.e only gas fixture that lighted the eruorship of the culinary department, and while dragge d to the earth with such terrifi c force tbat >?m. Dr. Vaneyke was to act as assistant steersman, friction with the air's resistance ignites them. The They were talking over their plans and alterHarry Howard was posted to assist Barney, with nearer they approach the ground the faster they ately glanc_lng out. in tb!l dark yard at :Yatt Main brace acting a.Q a general assistant to all fall." great air-ship m wh1ch the doctor, Barl?-ey, bands. Just then a crash below apprised the doctor that p and .Harry Howard were housed. The wght man was .sadly needed though, to take the ship was passing over a thunder cloud, and an excessively gloomy. turns With the old sa1lor as lookout, and to attend instant later the electricity attmcting the steel vesFrank had v.aluable papers on the table be-to matters. sel suddenly gave it a wrench that knocked all re him, hA.vmg read them wbeu In VIew of this fact Frank resolved to make one hands over and the Greyhoqnd suddenlv dove hands darted 10 th.rougb the open wmdow. stop the Pacific coast and secure an down. A thrill ot horror possed over all bands. out the hght and the other snatched IDdiVIdual. . They imagined that they were lost, lor the airpapers. There was a .bulwark around the ship acting R!i a I!eedle would to the lode-stone thought the boy sprang through the deck, and when the ship was traveling all of a 'horse-shoe magnet had been attracted down but the thtef wns gone. but Frank w ent out of the wheel-house to the ele t if! d t ta t t h th ifl for Frank, his wonde.rful mempry reBa:ney had so gauged the machinery that it only force c r e s m o a. mosp ere WI terr c every word of of th!" J>'l.rCh: required occasional lubrication, ac.d bnt little attenFo; an instant th h. t d th letter, as he had JUSt read 1t, and he tion A.fter it was started, as the mechanism helices failed t e was oppe returaed to the Douse an? wrote a was controlled by the l over-board in the wheel-whirling tt: .gym de hprGope hers cdeas. and secured a new drawmg of the old s:ulhouse all" upon etr axes, an t e rey oun was plan from Main brace. The' temperature outside 1 f mg li!;'e a rhunderbolt. They were to depart as soon as Frank heard while the dew-oint w IVR!I a most at ,zero, Down 1 plunged mto the midst or the Jet-black, >m his father, and wondering who the thief of grometer. breftliin ttt 26 on the hyclou:l amid which the searing light3 papers was, they vainly waited another day. became difficult a.t Erst mngdfas wtnzzmg, and in a. moment it wns envel-)n t'!e following night, equally as dark as tl\.e all through. I e em ope n appalling and horror. cedmg. Frank and Harry Howard left the Besides this thei v 1 b It almost hke Rnddenly falling mto the 1se to sleep on board the air-ship with the oth that for a time' they sof mfehrnal regiOns, for came crash upon crash e co un.n o or t under upon all Sides as the electrical currents


:FRANK READE, JR,. AND Hl8 GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. et s fiery haze suddenly en"!eloped the Pntire'the ring of a huge parachute, he tore It loose, and Howard is on away from the drag rope attMhed ; 'and it vibrated With the Violent concussiOns sprang from the car with her. beneath tl:\e car." 1 to be to at?ms. A groan fro:n Howard's very heart was wrung At this moment he heard Howard's voice shout, 1'ha deafening mtonatwns and the glarmg up 118 he saw them fall down through space and ing: t ngues of were appalling the girl flung out her hands. "Lower the ship, Reade 1 0 nd correct descnptwn; but Fr!lnk, all alone m They came in contact with the b11lloon drag-rope sake!" wheel-house, did uvt for an mstant lose conand she clutcbed it. "Oh !" gasped Frahk, in dismay, "I am 1 trol of himself. . The parachute had opened, but their descent helpleHs. Here, Barney, take the wheel, while I rbe moment !Je felt the attractiOn of tlle heavenwas suddenly checked. tun down in the battery-room, and see what the Iv battery he grasped" a an.d pullA snarl or fury escaped Des pard, and he wound matter is. We cln't g"O down an inch.'' 'i .lu it out, when w1th a whirr the foldmg wmgs on a leg around the rope, held on the parachute with 1'he frightened Irishman grasped the spokes, either side of the huJishot out and balanced the one hand, and taking the knife from between his and Frank dashed out on deck just as Pomp ut-,' sbip manner of two enormous parachutes. teeth with ;.;:s disengaged hand he aimed another tered a yeJI of inten8e horror. The violence of the fall was immediately, diminblo1v at her with it. "What's the matter, Pomp?" asked the young isbe1, and the ship regaiRed its equilibrium and Again Frank's pistol rang out. and the knife inventor, suddenly pausing. l settled off in its descent at an angle. struek by a bullet, was knocked irom Des pard's "Fo' de Lnwd's sake, Massa Frank, look down 1'he stoppage of the machinery failed to allow hand ere it reached the gl!:l. dar I" replied the negro, pointing with one hand the wings to move, they in the form .of Then he uftered a cry, grasped tho parachute down the dark abyas, through which the pale-\! brakes against the a1r by the1r vast area of d1swith both hands, and felt. faced doctor was darting the rays of the search placement. Down he shot, and in a minute be was engulfed light. Through the electrified cloud banks shot the In tho darkness. A thrilling scene met Frank's view. ', .1re hound, and in Jess than a minute she was beThe !Jlrl, hall faintmg,_ was left hanging on the Han:y Howard, unable to reach the girl, on a. storm In the falling rain, the phospboresroJ?e of the balloon, darted upward when hue wtth whose body he then h.ung suspended by centgJo1v.flamevanished and the machinery start relieved of Des pards we1ght. the rope, was violently swlngmg his body, and 1id again as if nothing happened. She could not ha!lg on long, though, for h9r swaying the rope lik11 the pendulum of a clock. k Frank breathed a sigh of intense rtllief, and, senses were fast leavmg her. Every time he forward, his hands darted lancing out the windows of the pilot-house, he --out to grasp the gtrl, but the upper part of the faw the helices and propellers revolving again. CHAPTER IV. rol?e. midway between hims.elf and the alr-o;hlp But for Ills cool courage ail hands must !Jave strikmg agamst the bulge of the balloon, would h d THE MOUNTAIN IN THE HAZ&. knock the girl out of his reach by moving the bal his passengers scramble unharmed to THE moment Ra!ph J?espard earthward loon. ' their feet and had hardly seen them dart toward through the aarlt, ramy mgbt chngmg to the paBut he lncreaMd h1s exertions, and swung back !be cabin.'door aft, when he wits suddenly startled Frank Reade, Jr., glanced dowu over the and forth redoubled vigor a dozen times, and by hooring a fearful shri31{ in the tones of a female railing of the Greyhound and saw May Blossom each time missed her. directly beneath the air-ship. hanging ,on the balloon drag-rope. bad transpired in but few moments, Just then Barney cume in, and leaving the wheel It, was mamlest to the young Inventor .that the but 1lseemed an age to the anxious, nervous, on In his hands, he sprang through the front window g1rl s senses were up.on the eve of and lookers, Howard, the girl. to the deck, rushed up to the search-light in the he knew If failed to act promptly m an eland forth With a rush went the body of the bow and touching an electric press-button he ig fort to save her life she would let go the rope and intreptd young man, when suddenly, at one lucky nited the carbons fall down into tho yawning gulf below, meeting swoop he caught the girl. dentb ere reaching the earth I She was half with fright, and tenacious. An Immense sheen of hght shot out. from the ?C The situation was desperate. Iy clung to the drag-rope, holding the rope Harry tagonal reflector, and darted Ill a p!ercmg was a rope lying coiled up ill a box in the was fastened to out at au abrupt angle. stream nearly two miles Ill the gloom. bow below the searclllight, the flame from which "Let go I" exclaimed Howard. "I've got you. I" All ar?tmd the light, as rest rushed was cutting a own upon the doserted balloon. There was but little need of this admonition, up to him, the tense glow here and Frank hastily opened the box and seized the though, for the girl's senses left her, the tiny hands there . and outtlno.the darkness hko rope, one end of which was firmly secured to a relaxed, and a shiver of horror passed over those Shnek upon shnek 1!1 that same femringbolt within tne box. upon the Greyhound asthey eaw the rope go fly tone appealing for mercy Relieved of Des pard's weight, the balloon had shot ing baSJk under and past the hull of the rocking and A protectiOn. up a certain distance, and, meeting its own equiliair-ship. Sudden!) the hgh.tcame to a Frank had brium,it-stopped its ascent and began to float off The balloon darted upward, when relieved of a strange ob!ect. in a strong current of air In nearly the samtl dlrec May Blossom's weight, and young Howard anti An dark body floatm_g_ ,n space tion the Greyhouud was then pmsuing. the girl were left htlnging in space, swaying to w.1thm of ':IV!d light, Ill the Barney sleeted the air-ship alter it In a twinkling, and fro with a sickening movement. peltmg ram, the hghtnmg flasl_nng from the blaclt and the Greyhound was fast ove,rtaking it, but it "By Jove I" exclaimed Frank. "He Is a trump. clouds above, lending the we1rd scene a ghastly fully onu hundred feet below where Frank Such nerve!" aspect. and he calculated the distance, and mut-"Haul away; up there 1" shouted Howard from The dark body dissolved Into an imtered: belo'Y. men?e balloon withm the ray of the search-light, "To get the girl from that rope we must descend The two men who had hold of the rope were and m tho basket beneath, a man and woman were at least one hundred and fifty feet, for she could strong, but they had the utmost dif!lculty to obey a!; plainly revealed asi(the noonday sun shone up not catch hold of this rope, as it would hang near this injlinction, for there W!lS a dead weight at the on them. ly twenty feet away out of her reach, and the bal other end of the rope, and over one hundred and An awful tragedy WIIS being enacted within the last of the balloon won't Jet it mount any higher. fifty feet of length augmented the strain tlnor swaying, whirling and oscillating basket-car of the Then he turned to the old scientist, and added : mouslv. balloon, from the bottom of which a long drag-rope "Dr. Vaneyke, keep the search-light reftected full 'l'he} pulled and tugged, and Jjr. Vaneyke hung down, with a grapnel anchor at the end. upon her 1 I will relieve Barney at the wheel. Ah abandoned the light, and wer:t to their assistance The man, a black-bearded fellow in stylish -Howurd-come here I Now Is your chance to with Frank. clothes, had the woman clutched @y the throat show yo\lr grit. If you Jove the girl here is a By uniting their combined force, they finally With one hand, while with the other h.e brantlishecl chance for you to risk your life to save hers." managed to haul Howard and the girl up to the aJ!lashing dagger over her bosom, as if to deal her "What do you mean? What shall I do?" deck. a fatal stab I "Let me tie this rope arot:nd you, and we will The noose bad so tightened about Howard's Every In the basket asce_nded to those uplower you down to the girl. You cl\n lift her off lungs that he could hardly breathe, and his eyes on the deck of the Greyhound, and a hoarse cry the drag rope before she falls if you Joee no time." were starting from their sockets, hid lace waR al of horror pealed from Harry Howard's pale lips. "I will do it 1" said Howard, casting a shuddermost purple, his lips were swollen, and his clothes heaven I" he gro\\neJ, 'his eyes bulging ing glance down at the depths below. I'd risk were sadly torn and disarranged. and hiS form quivering as he pointed a anything for her. Hurry and tie me." llut he recovered partially when relieved of the finger at those In tile baiJoon. "There is Jl1ay Frank had made a slip noose in the end of th11 pressure of the rope. Blossom, my affianced wife, in that basket with rope while was talking, and having adjusted it Sale! Safe!" he gasped, as he fell upon his Ralph Despard, my rival, and the monster is enabout the young man, he called Matt Mainbrac'l, knees. deavorln_g to murder her I" Pomp and Barney to lower Howard down, while "Pomp 1 Here-take this whisky flask!" shout : Bu.t I shall stop him 1" cried Frank, and In a he dashed into the wheel-house to manage the ed Frank. tw1nkhug he had a revolver pointed at the man who boat. 'l'he negro got it and Ho\Vard im bibed a draught, had caused Harry all his trouble, and wllo had )Jown went Howard over the side an instant after which Dr. Vaneyke stimulated the uncon stolen Mntt Mainbrace's valuable documents. later, with Matt, Barn"y and Pomp holding the scions girl with a potion: which he was obliged to Bang I went the weapon an instant later, and r:>pe and paying it out, while Dr. Vaneyke man-lorce down her throat. w.tth a cry of pain Despard relaxed his held upon aged the glaring search-light so they could see ll1av Blossom soon afterward revived. h1s VIctim, and reeled back. what they were doing. Then she sat up, and glanced vacantly around. "Saved I Saved 1" shrieked the girl frantically, Frank pulled the lever on the keyboard ln.front The balloon vanished in the clouds overhead. as she held out her arms toward the Greyhound. of him, and he observed that the air-ship was diBarney had control of the whee.!, and sent the "Cold Heaven have sent me this deliverance?" rectly above the balloon, and instantly tne side and Greyhound ahead faster, and within a lew minutes "No1" yelled Des pard, recovering himself, his stern propellers slackened the radidity of their thAy were far a way from the scene of adventure. black eyes glaring with 11. tigerish light. "This is revolutions, until the Greyhound traveled at the It had been a narrow escape, and they all felt a "'human agency. My plan to thwart them bafsame rate of speed as the b!llloon. trilmendous sense of relief when they saw the girl fled. I abducted and carried you away with me Then he grasped another lover to cause the safe. The rainstorm, with its dangerous electrified vain: They would frustrate we. lover, I beliees to revolve !>lower, so that the air-ship might clouds, was left far astern, and the vessel was fly-now, IS on that air-ship. But I am determined descend. lug through the air with a brilliant moor; and sil to haye you, If it cannot be alive, then you shall Ho waited a moment, a!)d then a thrill of horvery stars overhead on eo more. mme deaa. I have sworn it. That is why I ror passed over him, for be observed that the alecThe moment the girl revived, fCiund herself sate tned to kill you I And by heavens, I shall keep tric machinery failed to respond. o n the deck or the Greyhound, and saw by the my vow 1" The Greyhou11d darted ahead, but did not fall effulgent glow of the myriad electric lights on all He sp.rang at her with the ferocity of a wild :10 inch. that she beside her lover, and was fly geast, h1s knife clenched between his teeth, grasped "Heavens I" gasped Fmnk, "what does th1s mg through the atr, she acted like a dreaming per er up in his arms, and clambered up on tlm edge me(ln? Can the motive power ha,v.e been injured son. of the basket, she meantime shrieking wildly for by the electric storm we passed through? This is Rul:lbing her clear blue eyes, while a loc>k of in mercy. frightful! We cannot get down to aid thQ girl tense mazement swept across her beautiful white He shook his fist at the air-ship, and grasping now, for the bulge of the bmloon holds the rope face, she glanced mutely fro IIi one of the men to


6 FRANK REA.DE, AND HIS GREYHOUND OF 'l'Hh AIR. the other, and then at her singular surroundings, "Yes, we know all about that matter, and it is mind_ got benoighted entboi 1 reJ:rJ "Can-it-be-possible," she faltered, "thattrue, too, May." 1 av th1m levers, for bego 1 u wan. ter git k!li this-is--Am I really dead?" "Indeed t Well, stupefied again With drugs, I wid.arl the resht yez, an thm have "May!" emotionttlly eried Howard, holding out was taken to some western towu, to where be had I didn't do narthm tar thry ter hves .. his hands to her. sent his balloon to gi\a a public ascension. I was "You sho_ul? n?,t lost your Wits by gettmg "No, no I" she exclaimoe to get another man and make & few pur the machinery, to learn the cause of the helices' IS the matter? 0hasea, I can set aground and send you back refusal to slacken speed so we could descend."' Barney be man I exclatmed the doctor. to New York by ratl. "Certainly," replied the girl. It seems as 1! he has pul.led all the "NoI much prefer to go-to the dangers If the machinery is out of order,, explained once I Great Scott I Run, Frank, see what s up I of my affianced husband, and to render you all the Fra.nk "and I do not attend t& it at oitce, we run The young inventor dashed up the stairs and services I can, sir." the risk of the entire thing giving away, when we 1 d h" k h "Very well, that ends the matter, Miss Bios ma all be suddenly launched into eternity." e air-s 1 P was enve ope Ill at Id him that the Irish vulcanized knob' in the top, \Vhich allows 11.ny ex !ought With Mr. H;awar-1, but pretended to be, tnan ha_d Simply _fallen to the _floor o':erwbelmed cess of gas to escape. Each cell consists of twen m order to save h1s When you fied, w1th fright, for his teeth were chattermg and his ty.five perforated lead plates filled with a paste of Harry, be sent a pnvate detec!lve to you out face was as pale as death, oxide of lead and sulphuric acid placed of New York so that he could press h1s attentions "Barney, you fool, get up I" exclaimed Frank. side by side and separated from each other by upon me: Left !11/oor n:nd friendless orphan, I bad "What ails you?" vulcanized forks. Every alternate plate is con a _sore tnal res1stwg hts actvances. T_wo "Howly groaned O'Shea arising. "It's nected to a lead strip which through the mghts. ago he called at my adrOitly we all. are. cover and forms one pole of a cell, while each r(l druggmg me, I was abducted by htm. Explam yourself, you lunatic!" Frank angrily maining alternate plate is similarly connected to Oh, the scoundrel!" exclaimed Howard, furl exqlaimed. form the other pole. ously. "Shure an' we're arunnin' down a mountain, an' "Each cell has twenty >olts e!eetro-motive force, "Well may :!:Ou upbraid hi_m. Two days he kept e through it :we'll be afther goin' in wan and a capacity of 1,500 For instance, if me under mfiuence of his subtle drugs, mean mmmt be ther watch.' rate of discharge from one of these cells is 250 time, a.s !learned on his return, he having gooe We would ha'l"e perished bad I not come in amperes, it will deliver this current for sixty to a place ca,Jled Readestown, wheJOe he stole some and the What did you turn hours. A smaller current can be oblained for a val ';labiA papers, by m.eans of he to on .. all that power ,for? longer period, or a larger current for a shorter himself by findmg a mythical mountam of Have yAr E!Chtopped it thm? Thanks be ter St. period of time, provided the product of time ex gold. Pether 1 Surfl I seen rocks ahead, so I did, an' me pressed in hour&, and the current expressed in


PRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE 01peres does not exceed 1,500 ampere hours, them so that they would be unable t.o perform to rights so I can go sky-scraping again. Gooda bich is the capacity PI the cells." theb functions. day, my friend." w., You have reduced it a nicElty, haven't you, Down sunk the Greyhound faster and faster, The roost ruler looked amazed and then recovF auk?" until it seemed to those upon her that they were ering he cried: .!., I bad to, doctor. Kng wmg the capacity of the falling into a bottomless pit. "Hull on thar, pard l Kam t I cum up thar on ":us affords me the means of determining the Then Frank, made a most terrifying discovery. thet thing?" c mount of current available, and for indicating It was impossible to get away from the dust "No admittanoe except on business," repliel'l 8be time to recharge the battery. You observed cloud as the vacuum made b) the sillking vessel Frank. :be clock dial in the pilot-house_? Well, the hand dragged It down toward the earth. "Now look hyer! I don't never take .: no' fer a en it gauges the gomg m and out of the Yet the young inventor dared not go down faster, anser, d'yer see? An' I'm dretfll cun us ter see cells so that pilot can see .how much electrioal nor dared he slacken the deRcent, and the anxious jistwot thet consarn is made of." energy is stored away !or use m the accumulatore. look upon face intensified. As Big Jim saiu this be tapped the dirty By 11 contrivance or rpy own my dynamo I He glanced significantly at the doctor, and Vanwhich held his rell shirt iu his patched pants . m recharge the cells electr1mty I generate myeyke understood him. which was thrust a brace of huge pistols, as 1f to '!. self when tlie supply and as it "I !ear," he muttered "that we will have signify that a refusal would lead him to use works automatically I need never look at it, as it trouble to get out of this r1 them. . does its own work. All ne.edful is water. Just then came a fearful s)l'lck, and g-lancThen be approached the . and, jumping f'_, to the cells wnen evaporatwu necess1tates 1t." mg out the wmdow, the youth saw that the Greyup, he caught bold of the Wire-trellis bulwark to A "But how do you regulate the speed, my boy?" hound had struck against something looming up hoist himself on bo'lrd, when :J!'rank shouted : "From each end of every group of twentyfive beneath its hull. "Stand back there, do you hear? It will be the cells didn't you notice insulated wire running worse i! you don't." through the wall to the p1Iot-hoqse to the CO.Ijtroll-"Git out!" grunted the bully of the mining !ng switch, where terminate also similar wires conCHAPTER VI. town, hauling himself up. nected with the mot?r .. switch .is so T II E EIGHT ACES. shouted Frank to the Irishman who ranged that by mov1qg 1t m three d1fferent pos1was m the pilot-house. lions three ditrenmt rates of speed can bE! gained. The cries of the others apprised Frank that they "Ay, ay, sor !" replied O'Shea. It is done. by varying the arrangement of each were not a little frightened at the accident, and "Pull lever No. 5." group of twenty-five cells, so that the electromothen the air-ship gave a violent lurch !fDd shot "'Tis done, sor !" tive Ioree on which the speed of the motor debow and side foremost. "Ouch I" yelled Big Jim. pendsiscbanged. For example, with arGrasping the helix lever Frank pullej it, and He reoeived an electric shook that nearly para ranged in 500 series, aud twenty In parallel, the the wheels began to spin, raising the airship to a lyzed him, doubled up, squirmed about, and then electro motive force would be 1,000 volts, and the level keel: 1 suddenly letting go, he fell to the ground, while the nominal currents 250. This is the third position. Then he shoved it in, and tl:le vessel settling other miners fairly howled with laughter and deThe other two are decreased accordingly so that slowly down again enveloped In the dust cloud, rision. the force is from two hundred miles an llour down finally strJick the earth. He did not say a word after he got upon his feet, to 11 mere drag through the air. The helices are The flanges sprang oi1t, braced 11 up, and they but bending a look of arqazement first at his hands independent of the propellers, have A.S muoh saw that it was the ledge of a rocky acclivity and then at the air-ship, he suddenly took to his power, and the wings also have their own ludividwhich they first touched, heels and ran away. ual!orce. So you see I control each separately." But they made a safe landing, and they saw the When he was at a safEI distance he yelled to the "Then you oan go on storing your accumulators dust flit on, falling in great masses here ana there rest: with electricity and keep voyaging in mid-air for along the ground, and then presently the semi"Sufferin' snakes l Scatter I It's from Old Nick, an indefinite oeriod ?" gloom faded away and the sunlight began to gleam an' stings like blazes I" "Until food, water oraccidents compel us to de through the reddish mist. Frauk ordered Barney to start the electric lights, scend." Objects afterwards bec:\me plain to them, and and, running up in tile bow, he turned the searcl;l" And i1 you alight suddenly?" gradually they began to discern a number of small light upon Big Jim, half blinding him. "The flanges fly out along the keel, and a syshouses scattered and there, while close beside That frlgbtened the others and when they tem of flexible springs ease the concussion, w hile was a railroad track. were gone Frank turned to his companions, rei! we strike in the water her hull is of such a buoy" A settlement I" exclaimed Frank. "Are you marking: ancy and smoothness at the runs she is bound to all safe?" "We are rid of those pests for awhile, but they stay at the surface, and the stern propeller will 'rbe -rest replied In the affirmative, and looking will haunt us as long as we remain, and may do us drive her and the rudder steer her as in most orout the glass windows they saw a number of some Injury. The peculiarity of our descent and dinary ships." rough-looking people come running towa'rd them, oddity of our vessel's appearance has stirred them Fronk had hardly given this explanation, when while oft to the eastWard, and subdivided into secup, so the best thing we can do will be to set to suddenly there came a cry from Pomp, who had tions, the dust cloud went rolling along on its work at once cleaning the so that it been st.1nding up forward looking at .the distant course, leaving som a of itself scattered over the will work, and depart from this plaoe.' mountains, and thAy all glanced ahead. settlement, while the rest was whirled up into the The others assented, and all hands pitched in "A cyclone I" exclaimed Frank, eying the sky sky agal.n In masses. vigorously. ahead. air remained hazy a while and then gradu-But the dust had created so much damage that "No," said the professor; "It is simply a windally cleared of'l', as the last remams of the dust several days slipped by before their labor was at storm coming over the mountains, but It is a was blown away. an end. mighty dangerous customer.'' Fmnk went out on deck, and saw that the air-In the meantime a strict watch was constantly "But see," said Frank, "It is hut one Immense ship was coated with dust particles, while a num kept upon the ,esse! u ntil every one in the town cloud of reddish-yellow dust. By Jove I it looks ber of the natives of the settlement, all looking had come and inspected the queer craft which had qeer!" like miners, came hurrying toward the air-ship !allen like a meteor from tb,e sky, dragging down "And it will be queerer for us when It strikes us, wiUl every evidence of intense curiosity. with tt the strange 'dust cloud!! which had covered Frank. That fine dust has been lifted from There were several menstandingatarespectable the town with its part.icles. Pacific Island or blown from the crater of a volcano distance from it when Frank appeared, and he At the end of the third day, Frank left the GreyIn 11 state of eruption. Carried perhaps thousands heard one of them cry: '-. bound for the purpose of making an examination of miles by the upper strata s of wind; if it falls on "Sufferln' snakes, ef thar ain't a human critter of the town, as they were to depart that night, as a town it would be apt to bury it to a depth of 'pon ther blamed thing I" as he return ad. ten feet. Such phenomena is not rare. If we "Mus' be a angel," suggested another, "sense It It was not a very large settlement, itS chief in plunge through It the bearings of the Greyhound's cum frum heaven.'' dustry being silver mining in the hill whereon the' machinery may become so clogged that It won't "But, by gosh, it brung enough sand down from air-ship first struck, and it consisted of a railroad work, and we may go crashing earthward faster them clouds I" added another. depot, a grocery store, a scor'e of houses and seve than we came up.'' Frank walked over to the railing and addressed ral drinking saloons, besides the mining property. Without uttering a single word Frank hurried t .hem with: , It was a cool, clear night, and Wl Frank walked Into the yilot-house. "Good-afternoon, gents. What town is this, any-through the main street, he came to a vile-looking f l Graspmg the levers, he stopped the advance of way?" resort bearing the> name of Sandy Ellis, wherein \ the Greyhound, and spreadin8' the huge wings, "Jlminey! he torks English!" said the first was congregated a crowd of noisy j be stopped the helices. speaker. Out of mere curiosity, Frank went iato. the sai The a1r-ship began to rapidly dPscend, while the The others t:odded, and the man, who seemed to loon, and saw that the noisy demonstration was 1 doctor hastened aft with Pomp, sent May Blossom have more courage the xest, ventured nearer made over the card-tables, at which a number of r inside, and with the aid of Matt Main brace and to the Greyhound and miners sat Harry Howard, everything was lashed secure. "Reckon youse is pilgrims In these yere parts; They glanced at 'him curiously, as they recog-The erratic movements or the queer dust cloud but hQwsumever I don't mind a-tellln' yer as ye've nized him as one of the men from the airship, but forestalled them though for it swept toward the lit on Glory Gulch, an' I hopes as yers won't fin' ht paid no attention to them, and joining a group air-ship with unexpected velocity, and ere they no argyfyin' in ther pla.oe.'' clustered round onE) of the he peered over were a thousand feet nearer the earth, tht>y be"Mining asked Frank. at the players. came enveloped in it. "I reckon. 1Who be youse, anyway? Frum Th<>y were two In number, one being Big Jim, The wind roared: and buzzed around the Grevheaven?" and the other a smooth-faced man with a long hound, and those on deck were. forced to seek "Not quite. This is & flying machine, and we're nose, bllll)k hair, and city clothing. shelter indoors, as the fine particles of dust got in from the east.'' The two were playing draw poker, and as Fmnk their lungs, as they breathed, and nearly strangled "Suf'l'eorin' snakes I we reckoned as the Day o' joined the group, he saw that the bewhiskered them. Jedgmint hed draoped on us!" miner was losing heavily. > In an Instant the vessel was enshrouded, and What district is this, my friend?" The smooth.faced man coolly and quietly pock-the dust covered it all over, changing the appear"I kalkerlate we'se in Idaho, an' I'm Big Jim eted his winnings, and announced that he would ance of everything. wot rules ther roost in Sandy Ellis' shebang yan-play one more deal. A few moments later there sounded a strange der. I dunno whether yers know wot greased "It Is only to give you a chance to get even,'' noise at the axes of the helices, and at the lightnin' is in your diggings, but if you'll drap inter said he, quietly. bearings of the prope)lers. Sandy's slush-bucket wi' me I'll treat ther hull "An' su1l'erin' snakes,'' said Big Jllll, swearing An anxious look swept over Frank's face. crowd o' yers." roundly at ill-fortune, It's nigh time, too, fer Then the wheels began to stick' slip, stick and He pointed at the vest who had comE) out on here's ther last ounce o' silver I've got I" stop. deck just then, and leered at May Blossom, but He anted It up, and the stranger, for such he The dust was getting In around the bearings, and Frank had learned all he wanted to know, ail he was in t)le to, wn, shu flied and dealt the cards. although the electric pressure kept the wheels replied carelessly: He then antedlup, and the.miner drew two cards spinning, it was obvious that it must soon choke "Much obliged; but l've. got to get this machine while he drew one.


8 JtBADE, JB., AXD lili::i GB.BYHOUND OF THE AIR. Big Jim called him at once and laid a on The drunken miners were abashed, and lowered ing giimpse I 'Caught or him falling bat. the stakes. their missiles as their gaze fell upon the bandsom" lo?,n, chnJ?IDg to the-parachute, was conect. "Hold on there that's mine said the strangbr. g-irl so fearlessly braving them' and they slunk Who IS the gentleman you refer to that I re. "See here!" ' back a few naces. semble?" bl!'-ndly asked Jack Flush, with a curl "How' s this, though, hey?" demanded Jim with Big .Tim though was sulky, and roared: ous an evil leer. "Sufferin' snakes I Didn't one 0 them pilgrims "Oh, he. IS an enemy o! mine, said Harry. "But They both flung down their hands w)len to cheat me out 0 my dust? An' when t'other one he must either be dead, or at all event's he cer. everybody's surprise, each was seen to' hold tour piled In an' we run an' fit, be drapped two o' ther tainly in many hundred miles here. Your aces. . fallers wot wuz with me." the tones or your VOICe strikingly That one or the other had cheated wns manltest Just then Ilr. Vaneyke shot the powerful search like his. But of course. I m.ust be mistaken, as at once, and they accused each other of foul play light In the faces of the miners, and fomp having you say, and trul!t that Y.ou Will pardon the error." while a wild howl went up from the crowd, who come out of tlw magazine with several hand-granJack bowed st!IIiy, a stra!'gely sarcastic looked unfavorably at the stranger. ades at Frank's order they were flung among the up_on bie face; and lookmgnp smiiiog. He was & determined fellow, though, for he drun'kards and exploded c1eating a terrific up-ly, he replied m carelfl8S tones: jerked 8. revolver from his hip-pocket, covered roar. ' "Such mistakes are not at all rare. I have the miner, who started back and seized the pot. Shouting injured and panic-stricken, the halfmade them myself. And now, Mr. Reade, as I am "'l'urn over your cards until I see the backs!" blinded me'n took to their heels and ran. to become one of your crew,, and wish to settle be excla.lmed. Frank bad gone to the and the momyself, H you w!ll kindly to my quar. "Naw'i won't. I" growled Jim. ment be ,saw there was no immediate danger of tArs, and explam my I WI!! endeavor to Then I w.ill do it for you," Interposed Frank. being blown up with the dynamite carried by the do my to your entire satlSfactwn." reaching out, ue did as be threatened iu a mloers, ue pulled the helix lever, the wheels buzzed : occupy No .. 9 on deck,", twmklmg. nroimd, and the air-ship ascended. sa1d irank, aRd can Matt Mambrace In the Everybody saw that Big Jim's four aces were All the reddish-brown dust had been removed general work such as he Will explain to you," printed on cards with backs much ditrerent from from the Greyhound, and the macblnel'y worked The stranger again . and averting his dark those of the deck they had. been using. agnin as usual. face to a sm1le, he aft with His flagrant villa!ny was expos ad, but he wns not At an altitude of 6 000 feet Frank brought the the old sailor, muttermg beneath h1s breath: disposed to submit to defeat without a struggle, to a pause and following the direc"Safe I I feared exposure. But Ralph Des. unfair as It wns. lion of the searchlight Matt Main brace wa pard's smooth face bas saved him. They don't So he drew his own weapon, and about to now managing, he saw all the miners o! t!J.e kn'ow me. By heavens\ this chance luck is won fire at the stronger, when Frank gave him a pu&h Gulch out In the street gazing up at the rurdertull Landed sa.fe With my and re. ana sent him, ree!ing. ship. s<_>lved to seek my In C!llifornla, out, "Stranger,' sa1d he to the smoolhfaced man, "They look as if ttey might be surprised "g1ving up all hopes of ever seemg the n1r-sbip o .,, I have seen how he cheated you, and I will back 'd the young Inventor to the stranger who its passengers again. Stranded lor want of funds youupl" 1 b d hi"' toproceedfurtherthanGloryGulch,Ihadtoalight Th. e man stared at him a moment In surprise, st?,od In the pilot louse esl, a;;;.. re lied the from the cars to t.ry my luck with the cards. And then he recovered himself and replied in constrainScarcely more so than P by the strangest of all fates, it happened t o be tha t ed tones: re u n an air-ship of my invention" the dust storm bad driven the Greyhound to earth "You'd better not. The whole gang. will back 1 out a eir? I confess that I at tl;le same spot. What a '!Ueer fatality I It him up and murder you. Best to skip. Much r th 8 seems as If I am destmed to become eventfully oblige d though." a., xr f as If ou was on the land But 1 mixed up in this wonderful voyage. And now I "You don't belong in this town, do you?" :o sa to be in Glory Gulch gambam fully convinced that I am born to be the ulti "No. Just arrived to-day." r_a.y, B' Jim?" mate husband of May Blossom, and to possess this "I th_ought T!J.en you too would perish. there by train, to-day, quite acc l mountain of gold I No of it. Bnt I must .come w1th 11 give you a safe haven o! refdentally. The fact Is I was on my way to Caliplay mif cards carefully 1f I wsb to uge. Hurry up I fornia to prospect as I haya no future .and carefully. Ah, P.alph Despard, there IS a wonder T be rest of the gang, looked ugly, so, after a have g' ot to earn m'y living some how or ful destiny before you. has thrown the glance at them the mnn ,seemed to reluctantly as, means In my way to gain a Wife, and a fort sent, and ran o ut 'f the saloon after er;, How would like to _take a trip to A us-une 'vbich I cove:,. and at the same time a chP.nce As he passed thro .ugh _the, door,, B1g J1m shot tralia with me in thiS craft, In search for a mounto avenge myself. him, and, sight of he obtaiu of old?" And Ralph Despard, for he the man was, went !'e mJssed_ his mark, he Cn(lq "By !Jove 1 That Is a grand prosRect. Can I down In the battery-room with the bluff old sailor, An tbar a th e t wh1te-faced brat wot s !Jn ther ?" to oil the machinery. sh1p as cum !rum ther sky, which same d1d me a go h h F k H p o w e 'ful hurt t'otber day I" :-"You can if you like.. I ter ther Harry Howard was as much !'truck with Jack high complain of. d1zzmess, bnzzmg In 10ky ag In I . . Flush as Fran'k bau been, for as soon as the sttangthe e!Crs, d11llculty of breathmg, and so The men m1sed. their mlssles, a1mmg e r spoke the young man start'ld, bent a piercing But Jack Flush made no sl!ch C?mplaJnts. enough, of the terrible explosive to blow the Grey-glance upon the other, and with a curious look Indeed, he seamed to be m h1s element, more hound to pieces. upon his face he asked: than the rest, they did not suspect that his For an instant Frank and the others were half "Haven't I met you before somewhere Mr aeronau\lc expenences had made the best voyager stupefied with consternation over the peril of their Flush?" of him of any upon the aeronef. position, for to. be no escape from "Mr. Reo de ask,ed me the same question., I Two days passed uneventfully b;>, when the the certam death starmg them grimly In doubt if, though." Greyhound came to a broad stretch of rolling their faces. "The tones of your voice are strangely familiar prairie after passing over Fremont's Park, and ---to me." merging over the State of Nevada. CHAPTER VII. "How odd I It must be a fancied resemblance, Miles upon miles of tall pmlrlegrassrolled away THE s T nAN 0 EB however." In the distance with a dried-up appearance, while Harry shook his head with a puzzled 16ok. here and there herds of cattle could be seen brows !T seemed as If the doom of those upon the ":Perhaps," he hesitatingly reP,Iied. Yet you ing. Greyhound was sealed when they saw Big Jim and so strongly remind me of-of-of-Let. me see. Such a hunting ground!" exclaimed Harry the miners menacing them with the cans of blastWho can It be?" Howard. "If I only had a rifle now, I would so ingo dynamite. He pondered a moment, meantime keeping a enjoy a shot at those buffaloes, Mr. Reade. I never Quick to forestall the trouble though, Frank sharp scrutiny fastened upon the stranger, who saw anything Ilk" It before." turned to May Blossom, who stood beside Harty smilingly returned his glance; but the effort failed There are ptenty arms board," replied Howar.d, and whispered: -he could not remember. Frank, as he leaned over the taffrail with Howard, "Qu1ck, m1ss, go aud speak to them. They May Blossom touched Harry upon the arm. "and as our store ot meat will have to be replan-would listen to you. That will give us time to act "I recollect," said she, quietly. "He loolis like fsbed soou we might alight here for a couple ol in, self-defense I" Balph Des pard." hours and 'give you a chance. But it would be a rhe that the m1ght never leave "Yes, by Jove I so be does!" ex,claimed Harry, far easier matter to fling some handgrenadea Glory Gulch If prompt actiOn did not word off the vehemently. among tnem, ang simply go tor the meat." lm pending danger. "Ah I I recall to mind," said Frank. It was a "I would be just as well satisfied that way." she rau to the "!'lth her hand up-photograph of your enemy which you showed me, "Then I will drop over a grapnel anchor at tbe ra1sed, and cried In quick, p1ercmg tones: Howard, that made me think I had seen Mr. Flush end of a long, tlne but strong rope, I use for 3 ." Be men! Would you murder a helpless so?Iewhere bef<;>re. But then Des pard wore a cable, and we can descend upon the next herd we ;g1rl? thick black beard and rather long hair, if the fleetmeet."


FRANK READE, JR,. AND HIS GREYHOUND O:Jr rHE AIR. Be and Howard went. up forward and dropped "It will take but less than flvll minutes for tht> "Why do you deny it? Look at your bands!" tbe drag over, alter wbtch they proceeded to the to reach us, for already I lael their scorcli"'l'rue, they are covered! It must be from the not-bonse. . mg beat, and less than tllroo minutes lor that herd machinery." P Taking tbe management of the atr-shtp from of frenzied buffaloes to trample us under their "I have no g1ease on the machinery. Vaneyke, Frank lowered the Greyh?und tohoofs. But-ahl By heavens, what Is this I oil." earth. . see?" "Yes, I know. But I was helping the cook, to wtthm one feet of the "The air-ship is descending," shouted Harry. and-and accidentally got some lard (ln my harrds, and slipped along a shor. distance whet:. Ancl he told the truth, for it came down with a you know, ancl--" grapnel caughtundertbe!aHen trunk. of an im-, rush from the height or nearly a; thousand "That will do, Mr. Flush," said Frank, dryly. d d feet m the space of two minutes ; the wings flew "I hope you do not imagine I did tt on p ,ur-{ As it promtsed to hoi an there was a large out, and the trailing drag ropo descended near pose?" bert! of buffaloes but a short away! Frank them. "Well, 1 hope not," said Frank, and bestowing 1 the anq foldmg !he wmgs he The buffaloes were almost uron them, wbeh a look of singular interest upon the man he ad1ed; 1 hehces gomg at JUSt suffiCient speed to they both sprang for the rope and seized it "Dry your bands and help Mr. Howard up; If you i Greyhound up ,to litnit of her drag. "AI right I Up 1 up 1" sh01rted Frank.' please. I must hurry to the pilot-ll.ouije to ae f don't you land her? asked Howard. Evidently the steersman .heard them, lor the sume charge of tae wheel, so that we can g(Jt out "No. We can go down n pon .a rope-1a4de!' next inRtant the h buzzed around, the huge of our present danger." Should tho herd of buffaloes this way there IS wings beat, and the air-ship just as the The man muttered some inaudible reply, and no e!llng what damage m1ght do If they struck whole herd of beasts went rushing pell mell over Frank hurried away, as he obse.rved that Barney 1 !he ship. Up here she IS safe." the spot Frank and Harry had just evacuated by was not handling the Greyhound as skilllully as ; 'rhat is so. Ah, and heN is Pomp with the clinging to tte rope. she should have been managed. grenades." Up into the air shot the Greyhound, the gmpnel' When be was alone Jack Fiush turned his lace i Tile negro brought each ef t.hem half a dozen ol just passing over the backs of the butraloes as they aside with a Satanic smile hovering at the corners , the missiles, and tbey went down the .rope-ladder thundering by, Frank and Harry each cling-of his mouth, and darting a scowling glance alter {[< 10 the grouud, Dr. Vaneyke vas .Jert 1n ehargtl of mg to the drag rope r.s the air-ship ascended. Frank, he hissed soflly: Greyhound, and when alighted they Au more and, they might have been "I nearly tln1shed you. But I may meet r in toward the buffaloes, keepmg well to that sule trampled to aeath beneath those flying hoofs of with more at gettmg rtd of Harry Howard. where the win. d could not betray their presence to the terrified beasts. I have sworn that be shall not live. If I can rid ', the keen-sQented beasts. Clouds of smoke as black 1\>l mitlnight ware myself of all of you but the girl, it will taktl me 'riley fully a mile away, but Frank and his sweeping toward them, Iadet\ with glittering srarks but a short time to gain the needful to J companion soon traYersetl the .and then of fire carried \lP '?.Y the wind that swept the flam.e navigate this I t.e master of flung the grenarin, g SO!Jn.d of the was borne 1 herd ol buffaloes alter them, as they realized that young Inventor. to the1r ears cl!stmctly. , they were pursued by the awfuf ftre:which had Dnrker and darker It became all around him, as Mighty billows of fire rolling east and west, l sprung up so unexpectedly. he slowly climbed np. the swaying rope, pntil at a crimson glow shading the' clouds, and reilllons And to incretse the horror of their situation, last, enveloped as the ship became In the black of flying cinders and sparks floating amid the Frank and Harry saw the air-ship suddenly break smoke, it was to see anything more than a smoke banks. . !rom her and dart up in the air. yard in advance. ' The llre was rushing"along at a fea.rlul rate of There wa& a crimson hue to this darkness that speed, throwing waves of scorching beat that r CHAPTER VIII. carne from the fire, but the flames were yet too were felt byJ every one OJl the ascending air-ship. t far away to break entirely> through the dense pall. though, the Greyhound was far bea TREACHERY. Up went l!'rank, and at lnst he reached the hull; yond'tbe reach of the .fire, and was momentarily THE twn Imperiled youths came to a pause, and when, 11pon glancing upward a c hill Of horror widening the space. r at each other in the most intense dismay. passed over him to see the evil lace of Jack Flush Harry was hall exhausted by his climb, and aE I "We are abandoned to our fate 1" exclaimed peering over the edge of the bulwark 'down upon he discerned the outlines of Jack Flush's figure & Frank, pointing at the ascending air-ship. "They him. he shouted: / .. have seen the fire sweeping this 7fay, and, f earing He leaned directly over the drag-rope, and "I say, Reade, help a fellow up, will you?" \J: !hat it may overwhelm them, they mean to riso in there was a sinister expression upon his dark, No reply came from the man, but be crouchecf the air above it anJ thus escape the impending evil face. back behind the railing to keep his face biddeh danger." "Rullo 1 is that you, Mr. Reade?" he cried. from Harry's view, and raised his knife to seve 1 "No I No I They would not act so "Ilenil me a liand to get up; I'm tired," printed the drag-rope. o gasped Howard. "How could they havo the Frank. Nettlf<,l at getting no reply, Howard continued ': hearts to abandon us this way to our fate? It is "CE-rtainly. 'Hero I We were all anxious about up. E too inhuman I" you," said Flush. "Rather mean of him I" he thought. "Yet the proof is obvious" exclaimed Prank. He reached over, and Frank grasped his band, Just tbeu Jack: Flus!:l's knife struck the rope.C "We must not remain he're, though It would wheR like a fl, I\Sh his o'Yn hand stipped and the edge glanced over it where it be certam death! Can't you hear the pounding of It, and he onfy sa-;ed h1mself from p!tf'hlllg over on the railing. the buffaloes' hoofs-can't you hear tlieir to t.he earth below by snatching nt the J;Ope again There came an cminous rip. I bellows of lear-can't you see the rushing mass of and checking the It was cut hall in two. a tb.etr dark bodies coming toward tis? Jt is d.,ath "Heavens 1 save yourself I" gasped Flush. Chagrined, the man raised the knHe again, anc to slay, I tell you 1 They will crush us. More o ver "Oh !" ex. clah:iled Ff!tnk, in startled tonr:s. jtst as.Harry's head appeared in he slashefp; the tire lB sweeping down upon us with He hung t!tere pantmg for breath an !_?Stant, the kmfe ?ver the first cut, tile stran :i. mg speed, and within a few minutes those ragJDg and then hOif!ted himself up to the deck that . flames may engulf us In their licking tongues. sisted. 1'hts hme there was no bungling. The fearful choking smoke will envelop us and Jack Flush had drawn back with a pale fa ce, And like a flash the rope went down, and th : t Reade, Reade, we will be strangled to death 1:' and was watching him with an uneasy ex preswretch who cut it rushed away muttering Courageous as Frank was he could not bel p re sion. ..fully: alizing that a frightful doom was staring them' In Frank recovered and glanced at his fingers. "By heavens, Harry Howard is a corpse no'l'l' t tbe face. He started, and a look of intense suspicion I am avenged!" ,[< HA glanced at ths surging buffaloes then at the crossed his face; then he sprang toward the man, --raging tlames that spread over the eastern heav grasped him by the wrist, raised his arq:.. and exCHAPTER IX. ens like an (nfernal canopy and then he turned clflimed excitedly: glance upon the Greyhou'nd, sparing far a.bqve "Your is with l" THE SUETLE DRUG. tn the sky, and his glance became riveted there. "No, no, 1t cant be, and yet--DowN' shot the rope', the end having




l<'RANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. 11 That the game was lost, the rascal could but n.cwith a broad grin. "But, Masther Frank, him: and rushing up to him. "Blow me if nowiedge. . ben in tl)er batthery-rl!me a-luckin' at ther ain:t Mr. Reade." k "I must let 1t go, feign the same condition as md10athers, au' I'm av a moJ.nd as yer will have Jl\!)k Flush turned deathly pale, and began the rest and nwait my chances lor some other ter scbtore yer jars wid electricity, for it's arltremble. ; tme!" he muttered, . exbarst.ed ali Is, includin' tber resarve By heavens," he muttered," I hope he won \ He pocketed his revolver, and fhngu1g hiii)Self '?ans." find out that I started the machinery in hopes o prone upon the deck, be simulated the appeamuce "Yes, I know it, Barney. There Is not enough stealing the ship during his absence; but I'll fac f his eix victims. electricity left to carry the Greyhound two hours it out as best I can." 1 0 Nonvallhe anytooqulck about it, for ;Frank bad lon_ger, The jars.that feed the helices are better He had been horrified and disgusted to lind tba; see n tbnt there \VIIS trouble, missed Jack Flush, supplied than those control!ing the propellers, so the electrical force had all been used up, and fear / nd came out to look for him. that although I can hold her up In mid-air two ed death when he found the air-ship falling; bu a "In heaven's uame,lwhat can be the meaning hours longer, I could not drive her ahood more he did not )mow a.t U1e time that the accumulato t 01 this?" Frank had muttered, as his startled than one-third that space of time. Tllere we go-'ars had been empt,ed o! their power. ;1 l ance fell upon the sleeping people in the salooJ. down again!" . "Glad to see you, Reade!" he panted, rush f. All' are insensible-but, no 1 Where is Jack The Greyhound spread her great wings, the up to Frank and grasping his band. "We've hat Flush? He is not among them! Th<"re Is some helices revolved stowe;, anJ the great air-ship a natTow escape, sir." ; treachery at hand. I distrust that fellow, some slowly and gracefully sunk earthward with every the ship injured?" asked Frank, :i h o w )3ut I'll find him, and if I learn that he is one on deck. ''We came down with & snoe k that half stunnec uluying any underhanded here, I'll-'-" Fortunately the night grew dl\rk, so no one saw us," explained tho man, "but I'm blest if I kno\\ He did not finish the sentence, but there was a the air-ship from below, and she came down In an how things are." , singularly grim look upon his face, as he hurried open gras_sy spot on the outskirts of the peninsu-Frank said no more, but rushe d away and madfi; out on deck. lar city With a gentle shock as the flanges flew out a quick examination of eve rything. Frank glanced up and dow:n, and saw Flush lyand tne wings "By jove, this is lucky!" he exclaimed. "Noll' ing prone up.le side of the a u-sh1p, an d eck-house and asked: ahead, and a simultaneous cry of alarm burst from Frank went down mto the, battery-room, started : "What the world has happened?" eve ry mouth at the startling sight presented to the dynamo machl_ne began to generat"\ a "That is just exactly what 1 want to find out,'' the ir view. supply of, electrimty m the accmr.ulator Jars m l said Frank. 1 The Greyhound was darting up into the air. order to proceed on ,his voyage. "Ahl Let me see-that food-yes! I've got Brightly illumined bv the electric lights a vision the vessels tber

r 12 FRANK READE, JB., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. udividual brusquely or we will lodge you In jail the seai of his pants touched the uninsulated less devices far from mighty -d'}'ou see?" electric wire ahd broke it. too that Grey oun ;,u ere no damBarney said no more but ran into the stowageHe gave a wild whoop, clapped his hand to the age from the tlJght took. oom and emanated with a wire in his hand which almost burned spot, sprang up into the air, and somethmg mysterwus about thl\t e fastened to a binding-post on the brass capped fell flat on. the deck. matter to me.. ulwark. "Mothe,r av Moses," groaned he. "It's frizzleon his race as he watched an' kilt I be's I" thing. I kno.w, that the ship ?ouid not House officer's men preparing to come Tile current wns broken and his victims were mhave gotten .m unless leve.s _started the hawsers, tO hold the tug beside stantly released. her. There IS no possible_ way for an electr!Jal cir-' 11 The Custom House o1llcers were fairly savagA cult heini: exceptmg by operatmg the Frankl" he exclalmw a moment afove r their rough usage. '' l levers. Yet both Mambrace and Flush deny hav' "Go for them !" shouted the il!furiated fat chief. ing touched them." . Barney?" queried the .young inventor" Arrest them all. 'Shoot down ever,Ybbdy whore-"I am not superstttlous, Mr. Reade," said Howthe wheel-house. e{t sis!B. We w111 pay them for tliis !" ard, in serious tones; do YO!l know that I "Pull lever No. 7, if you piRZe, sor." A hoarse cry from the rest followed tht. rem!'-rk, firmly believs-Jack Flush _1s a typ:cal Jonah, for "Look out Barney-there is a hoav y battery and with a rush the men came toward the rail of ever since you have had him on board, there has n." the Greyhouiid, knowing it was no longet electri-happened a series of events t_hat r,ni7;ht "Bejatiers an' its paralized thim min'll be, soon." fted, and tlourisbed their pistols as they rll-n 1 have cost, us our lives. Haven t you nottced He was careful not to touch the bulwarks, the The next moment several of them sprang upon "Yes. I the. fellow. But thenus _no )DS of which he had electrified, but. the deckthe air-ship's deck. for the evi! He lS on b'oard at roy own mands of the tug holding the hawser seized it to ___ i vttat10n. So he wtll have to accnn.pany us to tlJe on board. CH PTER XII end of'our voyage." there a of wild yells. A Harry went out on deck JUSt as Dr. Vaneyke en sufferin' Pettier 1" ckuc, kled Barney, oVER THE oCEAN , tered pilot house, and Frank called d?wn the dancing with dijlight. "Shqfe an\ they're FRANK saw that he must get in trouble If the spealnng-tube to Barney and Pomp to _go mto the it lolke glue." officers once got the 'beot o! him, aud an expression electric a!ld watch the p1les and actug'-boatmen wereclutchiug wildly of intense anxiety flashed over his face as hf cumulators unt11 the mdlcators am10unced the rail bello \ ving, kickl ,ng and prancing, but glanced at the indicators. jars to be completely when tney were to to let go. "Jars only half charged," he muttered, shut off the dynamo machme. must be mad," said the chief port offiately. "But I must risk 'an ascent. If I wait an-Frank laid his course by a map and the compass, in su rprise. other. minute we _are Besides we' can keep so that any _master C?illd the Grey ob l Help l !" yelled the unfortucharging them wh1le going." hound on her way With unerrmg preCIS JOn. He pulled the helix Jl!ver, thtJre came a sudden "Tl)is ship is filled with eiElctricity," observed on board o! her I" roared the captain. whirr of the spiral 'Wheels, 1\ut the' suction or the the doctor, "and it is queer that it don't effect tha no l Take u,s away r howled one of the water held tho hull of the Greyhound down in the seusitiye compass needle." water: "Oh, I've got the compass so insulated that it suddenly gone crp.zy," said the fat ofIt jarred the Yessel, and the sudden shock so can't," said Frank, with a smile. "See-the box alarmed the resJ; of the o1llcers who were about to is made o'f gutta perch a, and glass c overs the top and the captain e!lch sei2;ed a man to drag board the air-ship that they recoiled, and the ones ann bottom. If I hadn't taken due precautions, away from the railing, when they too felt theion deck uttered exclamations 'of fear. sir, the needle would wobble and act hke all the rrent and, becoming fastened to thed!)ck-hands Further out came' the lever, and faster buzzed iron work on the bhipi tol1 of in the Arabian a clutch which it was impossil:>le 'for them torethe helices. Nights. When the came near the lode-stone they, too, began to shout and sw.ear and beg The water under the hull wassucked up in a mountain in the sea, all the metal flew out, adhered released. i pyramidal heap tieneath the hull of the Greyhound, to the magnetic mountain-side, and ship fell this time ev11ry orie on the Gr!lyhoun!'!1except and the wash of the waves drifted the government to pieces and sank. I am amply protected, and Pomp was out ,on deck Barney, tug away, as she was not moored beside the airthough." amused at the comical eapers cut by the fQur ship. ' "Yes, as far as the coml)ass goes. But bOW writhing men, whilE:) the crew of l lhe Then, with a frightful swash;the hull parte(\ about the electricity in the air? Lightning and vol boat all came crowding. arounu to from the 'water, and with the brine dripping in talc ele'tltriciiy are identical, yoq know. Conse the cause of tile furious torrents from her keel she bounded up in the ait quentl y you drive this ship by lightning stored up .What ails you?" as)red one of the o1llcers. above the sea. 1 in jars. The proof is that we can di aw sparks "These rails," groaned one of the unlucky ones, Tile three offlcers on the deck were horrified, from a Ruhmkoff's coil." are eiectrifled.'' ; and, with wild cries of affright, they dashed over "It is a serious matter," said Frank gravely, "Ha! This is au indignity to the law, by jingo," to the bulwarks, for they did uot undcr:;;!Jand what our past experience showed: us in the storm man exclaimed. "There must be something was occuring to the air-ship. cloud as to }Vhat e:!Iect the loose lightning _playing abdut that vessel, If they resort to such a "bver wid 'em!" shouted Barney. ' Hurroo 1 at random in the atmosphere, would be capable of ulsnerl\te measure as this tv resist us'." Erin-go-bragb l Jnter ther say wid tb6 duffers, doing when brought in contact with that whictl I we fire on them, sir?" eagerly asked one Pomp, yer blamed aould nagur 1" I' make and utilize. This vessel being made of steel the men. Hespit on !lis haridG, made a at one of the naturally attracts it with extreme iust as "A.y," yelled the imprisoned captain furiously. men, caught him by the slack of hls trowsers, and a huge lightning rod on a house would do.' shoot 'em down I" gave him a sudden fling that shot him over the "There ruust be a way to insulate it," said th'3 Out flll.l!hed half a dozen revol ,vers from the bulwarks. professor. "It also bas a disadvantage of attract eta of the rest, and an instant lll.t\lr Barney Down into the water he dropped like a cannon-ing the cold and holding it. l!jow if we were to the rest were covered. ' ball. 1 get iO: that region of" the atmosphere from whence Stop the flow of that electricity," hoarsely cried Pomp became excited, and, emulating the Irish-fall those mighty pieces of ice, so big and heavy a of the officers," or I will shoot you down like roaD!'s example, he pounced upoa another of the man can scarcely lift one, I tremble at our chances 1 ' frightened m,en and sent hl'm flying after the first for safety from bAing frozen to death." did not flinch from his fixed object one. "Oh," saiJ Frahk, "I have a means of generat" De Lor' gorramity 1" chuckled the darky. ing enough heat from the electric1luid to overP.ome td gain and would get it at any" Dar he go l Sock it to dem, Barney I Heah -am the most intense cold, and the same power in ht.t an udder one. Ob, golly I" climates will work fans for me all over the ship to Arrah, it's a ructi'Jn they're wan tin'," he shoutBoth be and the Irishman made a rush for the keep us cool and comfortable." "au' we'll give it to .thim l Shoot remaining of!l.cer, and caught hold of him to"You have not forgotten two important factors I" , gather. then. The clouds of the atmospheres I roeution l No I" roared the captain. "Don't shoot Each one caught an arm, and pulled in an opare composed, you know. of very fine penetrating They may kills u.; !'' posite direction, when there carrie two sharp rips, needles of ice, almoet microscopical an1 in those men stood irresolute, and Barney cried: each sleeve of the o1llcer's coat wail torn from the complex, dangerous par hellos anthellas and lunar she a flllin', hfasther sho_ulder seam! and each grasping a out of haloes, we might, if unprepared, run dangerous returned the young mventor from the Which ternfled mal). had wrenched h1s arms, risks. Indeed I might say as much for the terrill IVent fiymg backwards head over heels on the zone of Austral!a, whither we are bound if the beat minutes more and deck. attempted to battle with us." ' Sleeveless, the man scrambfed up on the bul"We have now mostly lightninoo to fear you Be ther hokey it's an hour I'll do it it yer warks, and, with a frantic leap, he followed his think?" companions down into the sea where they were "Yes, indeed. ,That Pruss ian Giessler bas inus, for p,lty's sa,kel" the fat au picked up by those on tug. , vented tubes in wh!eh it is to 'see with : t UJ? _shot Grey)lound, h1_gher and hlgl'ler into what facility lightning circulates iu P. wide sheet, sthttll, me bye, 11.n Its all r01ght yez soon the atr until she gamed a height of one t!J.ousand as soon as the air becomes less dense. The result r r feet above the sea when Frank started the propel-is that we have less to fear high in the air than low ust thet:1 Pomp came out on deck attraced by lers, and the gracefUl, air-ship sped away west-where it 'is dense for It usually goes down where noise. . ward over the ocean. it' don't The edges of the clouds especialBrass my. soul, Barney, wha de mattah heah, Thf:! people on the gazed m ly coMeal i::nmense

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF 'l'HE AIR. snu would not be so vivid unless the vapors upon He drew the propeller lever out to its fullest exall were safe, they w&re toffi to come out if tti. it were so intensely thick," said Dr. Vaneyke. tent and the air-ship dragged itself ahead, the liked, whereupon all hands complied, and the He went out shortly, but what he said set Frank screws beating so furiously tiS to jar the slllp from ter was talked over all the night long by the aeti thinking what an immense affinity there was stem to stern. 1 voyagers. between the oce!ln under and th e lightning But the force of suction was not to be so easily 1'he Greyhound not su.trered ans: storms above b1m, to wh1ch the sh,1p was e x-overcome, for although she kept at a greater di@ and Frank was her01zed for h1s skill unt1l 1t posed. from the waterspout, she still described him weary. On the third night fror.n land they bad covered great circles around and around it in a threat-en "Since tb, e first account of 11 distllnce of two tho\isan, d miles of clear weather, ing manner. which wtl.s of Archytll's passing over the Sandwich Islands in the Frank only considered the matter a moment. mentioned by the historian of Cancer, and kept, on ,for the ]\l:ulgraves, 'l'ben his mind was made up, and he pulled out .Brazen Age, nothing ever happened like tile Greyhound was to turn south for the Friend-the helix lever, and tl.te revolving air-ship. mountsaid Dr. Vaneyke. "Frank, your nerve IS ly, ao. d thence pass on between the New Hebrides edh,igher and higheras'u wound around-the great derful." and New (Jaledonia Islands. rushing mass or water, until it reached the cloud. "Verily," was the f?neering thought of It was e arly in the evening, and the air-&hlp, a "We must be prepared for a desperatE> cbance Flush, as he wa\ke!l out on deck," he is a thousand feet above t ,he sea, was )!peeding to!)OW," slti<1 the youth. "Call down the tube to the ilero. But his reign of triumph will bll very sho ward an enormous mass of cirri clouds, 'Tith Bar-others to remain inside. 1 I am going out on deck lived If my plans prove successful." ney at the wheel and the others lounging about to that spout, Barney. Be careful Tilere was a dark, evil look upon his face, at' tbe deck, amusing themselves jn various wayR. He took a dynamite cartri?ge and, l<;>aving the thinking that he was unobserved, lle shook 4 The Irishman had his hands on the handsome pilot house, he reached a small gun near the clenched fist in the directior, of the pilot-house. wheel and his glance fixed searchingly upon the search-light, opened the breaoh, and loaded the "Golly, Massa Flush I Who yo'se agoin' te1 h cloud banks ahead, when he suddenly 1> pe-piece. sah?" culiar downward motion of th!'l Gteyhound. Greyhounjl wa,s making shorter revolutions It was Pomp who spoke, and the guilty m!" "Rowly Mary!" he muttered in startled tones, at t!Je apex of the water spout, and acted verv ec-started. "wot's that?" centric._ He;glanced around hastily and saw the Old darl The wheel gave a wrench the vessel sl)ot ,Awaiting his chance, be dis .charged the gu,n .atemerge from the stor:e-room close behind him. into the clouds, when Barney mcreased the spee\1 the column; a dull reverbemtion tollowed, and "Oh, Pomp-you, IS 1t? Ha, ha, ha I You of the helices to rise above it, when, he found t.hllt then sounded a terrifying hissing me. I was just slinking my fist at that ugly, the ship began to etrain, as if trying to tear itself like llteam po\)ring from the V(Llve of a monster en captive sky. You can t t1ust it. R ecoltect up from tile clutches of some mighty giaqt. gins-and he felt something him a violent recent : splurge. Beautiful to look behind An oscillating movement bega,n, and the Greyblow. smiling exterior there lmkll a a m hound creaked at every joint as she wre her way Instinctively be fiung 9ut his hands and grasped imps which momentarily thrf aten our through the cloud. the rai!lngs, his senses novijr deserting him for a Oh 1 H:um I Yah, yah l" said Pomp; sKeptlC:I\ll Instead of rising, though, sbe began to tomoment. ., "Of Is a.ll," ward tbe sea, as if the weight of the cloud was 'l'he O;reyhound gave a violent lurch, and h e felt blan.dly and with a suave glance at the ""'"n" .,.,n1 bearing her down, and then she suddenly darted that he was suddenly enveloped in a mass negro, he walked alt. like an arrow, with the down-drifting at an of water. Pomp stood gazing after him a moment oblique angle, straight toward the waves. The next instant'tbe air-ship cnpsized. lence. Frank rush,ing into the pilot-house, and 'For a.J>rief S[>ace Frank was hanging by the rail, Tben he softly muttered: the ran to the bulwarks and peered down feet downward 'In spa::e, the sir-ship over hif! head. "Fo' de Lawd youse mighty like qat sky y at the darkening sea. 'l'he Greyhound tc fall like a thunder bolt speak ob, sah! Might pay di5 chile lo' to watcn y<' The column .of clo,ud approached nearer anJ for an instant, and then she suddeply came to a :i\fassa Flush." nearer the water, hanging down from the r'est in a sudden and violeqt an later. And with his Suspicions aroused, Pomp walk( black, threatening mass, when the waves beneath She was beaten down, .,pounded and hurled away. it became turbulec.t and frol(hy. earthward. ,. On the following day the reyhound pasS( Then, In spite of the earth's gravitation, the Thim she had 1 spun ,around in the over the Malgraves, and had wot!Jrds of h < waves formed in !Ill immense billow, the excres-dense mist, regaming her and the ocean voyage completed. cence rising and' rising to m,eet t,he down-h!\nging machinery began to pound, and .righted her-It was a clear day, and & large steamship w : column of vapory cloud, the mag-netic force of self and' ftoated again in a zig-zag fashion upward sig.Jlted. which was pplling the G-reyhound al smg wit!i it and onward. c Frank resolved to go down and meet it tog and the fast growing wave lj.t thE' sa!Ile again found himself lying on the deqk, water, as the store Qn board the Greyhound W t '!'be cylindrical cloud was a half mile in l<:mgth, with the Greyhound under him once m6re, fairly fast di!pjnishing. tbe sea wave boiling furiously beneath it, yet all bre>athless. Accordingly the air-ship was sunk to the s e nature aroucd it was serene. He was bewlldered in the and violent acand falling half a mile of the steamer, tl Suddenly the incipient column of cloud met the tion, but it all transpired in brief a spac!l that propellers were put in motion, and he gave cha:c sea wave and darted upward with gyrating furi-he found himself safe while if to the' steamer. ously, and causing the air-ship, which was drawn his friends were not .all stllnding upon their heads The Greyhound was capable ol go,ing at for within a short distance of it, to begin to whirl. when the ship turned over. k nots, but was under half that pressure, when' A lugubrious yellow tint lit up the fearful He bounded to his feet and glan :ced around. Frank's surprise he saw the steamer fiee from hi tacle. A crash reached his ears, coming ]lP from below as if to makE.l its escape. "It's a waterspout!" shouted as be dash-as i,t a thousand batteries of artillery had di8-H e keenly scanned the decks with a .powerf ed into the pilot-house and the others sought shel -charged at once. glass, very much astonished at the actions of tho ter under cover. "A waterS:flOU,t, Barney, and by It came fror.n the falling mass of In command of the ves sel'. heavens 1 it is dragging us withil). its coils, and He saw that the waterspout was broken ar.d But presE>ntly he exclaimed in startled tones: may tear the Greyhound fo pieces before we can gone, ,lf. There is ou ):>oard that steamer, a.nd save ourselves." It was the descending that de1ugeQ. him very much to me as if it might be a mutin and turned the Greyhound over in the air by its At any rate I'm going to overhaul her and see." CHAPTER XIU. enormous weight, and he saw the sea spring up, lashed to fury where the fallen cqlumns had hit CHA_P1ER XIV. BURSTING THE WATEllSPOUr. the surface, and then t USb off in a mighty tidal MUTINY ON THE STEAMSHIP. CAUGHT in powerful clutch of the, waterwave to the eastward. ALL the rest on board the Greyboup,d approvlr spout which had so suddenly formed between the .rhe Aky above was serene, a huge ,cloud sail-of Frank' s he put on speed and tl cloud and the Pacifl<:, the Greyhou!ld was whirled ing along, and allpature around looked wonderfpl vessel flew through the in pursu up into the air. as if something unusual had save for of the steamer. The down drooping .column of. cloud had begun a mass of mist over the water and. drntShe looked '{Srf much ll.lre a British trader, ar to whirl, and catching the upreared pillar of water ing along, , carried no flag, burned soft coal, and seemed to I It dragged if up in an immense spiral, aro11nd .Everything on the air -ship was drenched. heavily fr.eighted. , which the air-ship was gyrating with the most In, the fot'Ward winciow or the pilot-house the There wall a wonderful amonn* of speed in he erratic movements. scared face of Barney suddenly appeare\1 with his but the marvelous velocity of the (,}reyhound soc Tne eltrly evening light was clear to cap jammed down over his ears, much as if he lessened the distance between them as the electr ,l!'mnk the situation as lfe d'a5bed into the bad strue){. the fioor on his head, and he peered machinery bflgan to w ork. ptlot'liouse and took the spoke8' of tae wh eel from bard at Frank. .. "By Jove I" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke enthusia Barqey. ., The air-s)lip was at a fearful rate, and tically, "she is a phenomenon,. Frank-"a veritab t All the otbers o.n .the Greyhound had, the wind :was shrieking like an a valocean greyhound, as wei) as a wond 'erful sk; be cabm, excessively frightened at their dapger. ancl..te. , . scraper. Neve):' before pas mortal vsssel sped f "Tlu;ee uneventful days out from san Fran-He staggered across the deck, and crept into the swiftly through the brine.'' . cisco," Frank muttered "and now this calamity pilot-house. "By gol," added Matt Maiql;lrace, a bite bad to occur 1 Truly, 'q.arry Hpward's premise .Barney, my boy, we are all tlgl;it now he at his tro .users and rolling his quid, as a look that Jack Flush Is a seems to be verified, gasped, as he the rate of speed at which intense admiration crossed his face, l' and most strenuously, too." they were traveling ;tnd qegan to smk the Grey-be IJ!owed llf I ever s ee d a nyt hing like this afore. "Milia murdher I'' groaned Barney, "but wot hound from the enormous height to which dash me e! I did. She's ther trimmest craft111tloa does this mane.'' had mounted. by go!, an' I'm a lubber ef I'll clew in a bit "We are caught in a wat!j,r.spout, I tell you.'' "Begob she's an acrotat, turn in' sich somer J canvas on a yard es long's I kin skim tlier seal\ "Bejabers, it's plain enough as we're up a spout_ saults in the air, sor,'' said Barney. ther b'ilin' astarn as high's wot we're tl.-havi. av some.koind." "But an unerring one. Luckily she has a bal now." "And if the Greyhound has not got power lasted keel, else we might have hurtleCl. down into On the Greyhound like -a1thing of life fa to resist it, this vast column wiJI tear it to the sea upon our head." bearing down upon the l

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE A.IR. "Go to blaze3l" adviRed a tall bearded individ said the man. "My crew revolted under the "I played upon your said l!e. with a revolver in his hand machinations of my rasLn ugly God bless you, stranger. But 'What craft tell abt>ut, wh1ch IS cru1s1n these waters ID a by hokey we'll gi' yea dose o. m'.ldicine have you?" 1 strange lookin' craft." yer sick 1" "An a.irship. Here.-! will cut your bonds." "We have some of yonr mel! Is a defiance, sir!" He did so, :.nd the alleged captain arose and "'!ell, yer wasn t ter be fer .1t. "Jist what I mean by it, too e picked up a pistol. 'I m snrry. You your enem1es subdued "Then if! find anything wrong going on look, "I will liberate my men," said he. r. Yeu have when we gave you pursUit, I see. Can we a1d you 1" driven the matineers into the fo'eastle I perceive. any now?" ,. "Bout ship, now then I Mind-! warned ye In Lock the door while I free my men and the tables ;; Not a bit. .We've savl'>d ,!her sb1p: ood seli.Son." will be turned on the miscreants. 'l'hey will return Then we \Vill leave you. "I order you to haul to and show your color8," to port in captivity, and while some will go to jail Frank and the others mounted the ladderto the "Werry stranger. An' here they is." for their villainy, tll.e ringleaders will S\VIng on the Greyhound after a desultory With the He hand, a gangway port swung gallows at the end of a rope." gru!f the electric sh1p sped away and men shoved out the muzzle of a Frank's sympathy was aroused tor this man. agam through Ute rur. >nv-1ooun.u gun. All right," said he. "Go ahead. H those tel "It is singular," said Frank as the Reindeer was tllJOO.t 1" exclaimed Frank. "They are lo' ws mo!Ast us, my friends up on the ait-sbip \vi!ll&ft hull down on the horizon astern, "tbat one of" Ore dowri at them." you should have taken the troubl'.l to shoot at. help 1" a smothered voice just A gleam of shone in the man's eyes, m11." and he staggered :oward the cabin-aft-while "No, M," said the We "Hulloa 1" cried Frank. Frank hurried up forward to secure the door of our man, Frank, and if a ftymg bullet otruck a bit Save me I Mutiny and--olr I" the forecastle. r ' of il.'on W,ork it ve glanced of! wou':ld A cry of pain finished the sentence abruptly, and As he came 11.ear it, though, the men .be had, ed Y?U That IS only way m wh1ch voice ceased. driven under shelter came scrambling out and In you could have been IDJUred. That settles it," said Frank. I sUspected a.s 11 twinkling he found himself cotlfronted by ari "Well, I suppose it must be y ou doctor, We tackle those fellows f10m al!ove. array of rifles, every one ot which was aime(i> at for none of you would have any obJeCt m trymg to bound for some ot the isles-him. r, kill me." va"e

FRANK READE,. JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. 15 wire to the other m vivid sparks, with a crackling with which she had so shot at the "Not 0\t all. Fire again" said Frank calmly, n noise, powerfully affecting the electrometer. A fall angry man. covering himself. of rain stopped it." But her injunction was hardly needed, for the "By heavens I is it possible that you are unill 'l'hey stood en the forward deck while convers-bullet was aimed true, and bad lodged in .Blush's jured?" log and -HarrY Howard was steering the air-ship, body. "YesI wear a vest of chain mail I" when just as the old scientist finished speaking, He tottered, dropped Frank to the deck, and "And I have not got a shot left in my pistol!" there sounded a crash down in the battery room, !ell. "So much the better. Sllize bim, boys! We wi. the door flew open, and out on deck rushed Barney In an Instant the rest recovered !rom their throw the scoundrel ofr the ship down into the sea and Pomp, pursued by Jack Flush. stupor, and Frank bounded to his feet. as he designed to do with me. 'l'hat's no mor The dark-lacedstmnger was in a fearf\11 passion, :Jack Flush laid upon the deck groaning disthan he deserves." his black eyfls balefully glaring, the veins on his mally1 and they all ran over to the wretcll, Doctor "No I No I Mercy I" yelled the shivering wretch f o rehead swollen, and e malignant expres sion eon-Vaneyke bending over him to. ex;\ mine' his wound. falling down on his knees b6fer e Frank franticall. torting his features. "Stand b:\ck !" the man raved. "Don't touch and holding up his clasped bands as Barney ani In his band he clutched his revolver, an4 as he me. Don't come near me I My foules t cuTses up ;E'omp seized him. rushed across the deck after the negro and the on all of you I" . "I have no pity tot you!" said Frank sternly Irishman aimed the \Veapon at the latter and May Blossom I" exclaimed Frank. "I owe you "I am r emorseless. But I'll give you a fair trial fired a shot. my life." Dr. Va.ueyke shall be your judge, and Harry How The bali whistled by Barney's ear in dangerous "It Is lucky I'm a crnok shot, and saw his in ten' ard can act as your defense. I will' prosecute m: proxiwity. tion in due season, sir, or you would have fallen own case, and Barney, Pomp and Mainbrac "Howly schtut! !" shouted O'Shea, in alarm, lower and gone up higher than you 1ue now," can net In the capacity of a jury." "I'm murdheredl" smiled tile merry gir). The restngr"led to this, when Harry Howard ex "What's the matter?" exclaimed l!'rank, spring" Wllat !" shouted Flush, pain!ullv raising himclaimed: ingtoward him. sell up on his arm. "YOu--you-May Blo6som. "Why, Frank, this fellow just dropped thl1 "Faith, it wor on'y a bit av a practical joke, You shot .me? Out I did not dream that you were package, and by all that is wonderful, they are th sor,'' gasped Barney. "Me an' Pomp towld him to capable of it." original maps and papers relating to tile mountair turn wan avther thumb-screws av ther ttccumula "You murderous' !lend, I should have killed of gold, stolen from you atReadestown, before W< tor jars, an' it gave him ther dlvll's own sllock." you." started on this voyage I" "I'll kill you for your cursed fooling wits me I" Bio1v my bruins out now I It would be a pleasJack Flusll turned deathly pale. the enmged man yelled, unable to subdue his an ure to me to die at your lair hand Kill rue, I "Then he must be the thi e f!" exclaimed Frank. ger. ,., say!'-' Tb,e rascal saw that the game was lost., and He aimed the pistol at Barney's head point blank, He tore op,en the neck of his shirt, exposing his his despe ratlon he bounded forward, and cried ana was just going to the tri<>ger, wb,en the bosom ; but the girl turneh." Frank's mind, and he realized what a viper he had strength and made an effort to hurl him from the "Cons!rler," pleaded the wretch, beseechingly. been fostering. air-ship far out and down, down into that black; "I was b!inded witln futya.nd lost control of my"By heaven, he nearly .stung and poisoned us," yawning abyss below. sell." the young inventor commented. "But I'll pull "Hang ther go! darned swab I" lntArposed Main out his venomous fangs I" OHAPTER XVI. brace. __ "You forgot that I command this era!t," said "' ; CHAPTER XVII :l'BE VILLAIN EXPOSED. Frank. IT Is about 2,081 miles from San Francisco to '"I krJ..OW, when too late, what a breach of dicip, THE FATE oF A RASCAL. Honolulu and from there to Sydneyi Australia, line I nl'kde." r WHEN Ralph Despard was before Doc-about 3,980 miles more, and the Greyhound had "And I had no Intention of &triking you ill the tor Vaneyke hto was the incarnation of cool indif-nearly completed this great run of 6,061 unface.'' ference. der Frank Reade, Jr.'s, direction, when he nearly "True I I can realize It now. You only wished "Frank," said the old scieuist, "as you are go lost his life. o diS(lrm me." ing to give this wretched man an impartial trial, Held a!O!t by the infuriated Jack Flush (who "Had I not done so you mfght have eomtnitted you can state your case in order to gjve Howard a was Ralph Despard in disguise), the crazed aarona murder.". chance to defend him.", aut was about to fling him down from the deck of "Beyond doubt; but only In a mad frenzy, mind "It is all easily' summed. up, sir," replied the the alr-shlp into tbe void below. you." young Inventor, darting an angry glance at the And all on account o an accident wrotJght by "The men only played a harmless joke on you." sarcastiMlly smiling rascal;" in the first place, he the practical joke Pomp and Barney had played "Of course 1 I shvuld not have lost ,my ternrobbed me in Readestown, and if subsequent events upon the villain. per." go to. prove anything, he is also guiity of having Frank had no intention of striking the man In "It will serve you a lesson lor future use. For at various times tried to kill me and others," his face when he knocked the revolver !rom his my part 1 wish t1:> have nothing further to do with "Cite an instance." band with which he was menacing Barney's life; you." r "He tried to stab May Blossom i!l his balloon." but h& had done It, and that was quiteenough for "Mr. I beseech you to--" Well?" asked the doctor, as Frank paused. JacK Flush. "No. Once mv mind is framed I never alter it." "It is my opinion he greased his hands, so that For an instant Frank's body trembled in the air "Consider.'' I would slip from the ship at the time of th4i over the desperate man's head, the young inventor "N'oth!ng 1 I will set you aground in A usprai]ie fire." , so much amazed at this sudden, deadlv onslaught trll)ia." "And)le cut the rope I was climbing up,"added that he was rendered powerles111 for an instant, and Jack Flush snapped his teeth together viciously, Howard," and begged me to keep il secret, say then the rascal swayed forward to' launch Frank picked up his revolver from the dec!;., boundE>d to ing it was an accident.'' Reade, Jr., into eternity. bis his wond-and aimed the "You have both told the truth," confessed Des-Every one of the spectators on deck were half pistol at Frank. pard, nodding. paralyzed with horror and consternation, and could "Curse you!" he exclaimed. "If you.are going "It 'is also my opinion that he was the cause n_ot move hand or !.oot to render Frank their asto cheat me out of' going on this trlr I'll get even o! the Greyhound's flight from the California Blstnnce. with you!" stock ranch, and the subsequent insensibility of The young inventor hi&.self then realiZed his He dropped a small packet of papers from his all of your people." pent pocket liB he arose, and Harry Howard picked .! Ayl" exclaimed Despard. "I lried to steal But too late to save himself. them up and glanced at them. the craft and drugged your whole infernal crowd." "I am lost I" he muttered. The next Instant he fired point blan"k at Frnnk. You see he convicts himself," said Frank. Bang I The bullet struck the young inventor over the "Shamelessly I" exclaimed the old professor. "Oh, God I" !rom Jack Flusll in agonized tones. heart but to Jack ;Flush's amazement the youth To cap the climax," interposiJd Ralph Des pard, I burst'out laughing. in defiant tones, "I'll give you another morsel lor 1 am shot!" from Flush again, and he stag-"Shoot again!" said Frank carelessly. rellechon. It was I who shot down at you from the gered. 1 "I've missed you I see. Then this one won't I" deck of this craft while you was upon the Rein".Drop him I Drop him, or 1'-11 out another bul-He oncAm6reand fired again. deer." let 1D your heart!" The bullet struck close to the other, and Frank "Just as I imagined," exclaimed Frank. 1 It was May Blossom who spoke, and she stood moved as if about to fall, when Jack Flush laughed "Moreover, 1 have just my work and 1 n the door-vmy ol the cabin aft," with a still amokoutright. !ailing in the attempt, I'm willing to take the conse Dg revolver clutcbed in her tiny haod, tbe weapon "Tliat settles you I" he hissed. quenoe."


16 READE, JB., .AND HIS GREYHOU.N.D OF T.HE .AIR. "And you shall have It!" said FranK emphatical-At first he imagined hewns to be spared. Two-tl:irds of the distan<:e to the top of the lly and he turned to Harry Howarers, I'd ruther shoot ther blaguard courage forsook h1m at the cms1s, and swer. 1 blindfolded," muttered Barney, who did not fancy be whined and prayed, and yelled for, metcy like Tbousan.ds or vivid of becoming an executioner. a mad man. 1 . shot out ali arom1d the au -sh1p, envelop!Dg 1ts me "Make ther go! durned swab walk ther plank.!" But Frank w:as remorseless, and when Barney tallic bull in their crooked, forked tongues like 11 said Matt Mainbrace, giving a hitch at his : trou:;ers. and Malubrace had.dragj(ed him to the bulwark, winding sheet. "Yon do not understand," said the doctor, Pomp thrust a in his hand, uud It made the fairly blaze, and then hastily. F;rank drew out his own revolver. : there came a terrible that nearly "An intelligent jury to decide a D.llln's !ate," Seeing that all hope was gone, Des pard's mood stunned them with the violence of its shock. snee=ed Despa rd. changed. They were felled to the deck as if stricken 11 "You three retire to the cabin," continued the "A million on you!" h yelled, his face death blqw. old scientist, ignoring the condemned mau's relivid,and his form trembling with excitement as Frank and May Blossom alone were insulated mark, "and after you have come to a decision he raised his clinol::ed fist up over his head, shook !rom the shock within the glass wheel house. unanimously as to what we shall do to him, we it, and glared with, fiery eyes upon Frank. "I At ll.rsl alarmed, their fears were presently dis will follow out your verdict." curse you with my dying breath. I go to my fate. pelled, when they beheld their friends recover and That was more satisfactory to them, and when But I snalllive; I shall avenge m.yself, Tile day arisf to their feet. 1 thev were within the cabin, Barney jumped up on will come when I will make you sweat blood for "How !\Udden! It is fearful!" gasped the girl a tlible, and said: this crime. I call upon the powers darkness to "The electricity'? Nothing in the world Imvels "I'm afther e lectin' meself prisidint av this mait-bear my oath I Seas and continents ruay separate so quicl:," said Jl'rank. "1'be rate is, perhaps, in', an' I want tber two a" yez ter dons I say in us; but I shall track you down, and when we 200,000 miles a second. Here are examples: A this maither, or begob I'll break ther j awres av meet again may God have mercy on you, for I projected cannon ball would take 21 hours to go yez !" won't." around the world, a locomotive go i ng f:Ill speed "Belay tbar, now," interposed Malnbrace, tak"Jump I" exclaimed Fral\k, leveling his would. take 17 days, and electricity would do it in ing an enormous chew of navyplug. '"'his be him, "Jump; or I will fire nnd blow your brains less than half a second." fair au' s'quar, isn't it, messmates? 'Tisn't no one. out 1" Marvelous!" sided g!lile o' wind?" The Greyhound bad descended to a hun"ll!oreaslonil3hing; listen, Biossmr.: The Specs we'se gwine ter gilT him life?" de dred feet of the sea. sun's light takes ei;:;ht minutes to reach us; alec manded Pomp indignantly. "No, sah. Dts ohile And with a parting -curse lingering upon his tricity at the same distance would occupy the same say cut him wif a razzar 1 Yo' heah dat? Ain't no swollen llpii and a horrible look in his blood-shot time, but a cannon bull would have to travel ten >udder way 'bout it." eyes, Des pard uttered a yell of terro:-, bounded up years to do it; sound would occupy fifteen years, Barney spit on his hands and slapped his leg. on the railing and sprang off. a locomotive two hundred years, and a man two "Db.roy up!" said be. "Shure, an' it's moy oida.y Down to the sea buried his body, and, striking thousand years, never stopping night or day for ter plug him up wi:l dynamoite an' blow der spalthe waves, it sunk like a shot. rest or refreshment. You can therefor!' imagiue peen ter glory wid an electric whoire. D'yez that those electric 1lashes reached us befo re we moind." .' CHAPTER XVIII. fairly saw them." "Walkin' ther plank, by go!, is my plan," said AT THE MERCY oF THE CYCLONE. While speaking, Frank raised the Greyhound up Mainbrace. BEFORE dawn of the next day the eastern seaabov'l the fearful canyon, and Dr. Vaneyke came in Harney jumped down from the table and grabbed board of the continent of Australia was discerned, breathlessly, followed by the others, all excited the sailor. and the aerial navigators beheld that extent "Horrible 1 Horrible!" he exclaimed. "I have "I'll rassle yer fur It!" he exclaimed, bending a of territory into tee unknown heart or which they only once seen a canyon similar to t bisin Norway; knee, and pressing it against the old sailor's were to penetrate on their strange voyage lu search it was fearful!" stomach. 9f the mountain of gold which Matt Main brace had Those who had. suffered the shock with the doc "Yo' done loo)> heah, Barney!.'' exclaimed Pomp. seen. tor were all bathed in a cold perspiratiqn. "Dar's on'y one way, ch-ile. We'se all got fo' ter They were all up before daybreak, as they drew "Bejabers," said Barney, solemnly "I uiver wor 'gree 'bout dis-" near to the mountainous coast at an eleschtruck beloightnin' terday ait it's arl ou "Shut up, .yer nagur l Ain't I av ther vation of fifteen hundred feet, and the Grtyhound account av us havin' tner curse that blagua.rd maitin'? It's me own oiday, or none, bejabersl pluugeJ. on through the air toward an opening in Ralph Despard, upon us." Schtand back, Pomp-schtand back, I say. It's retile cliffs. 1'he maledictions of the wretch yet mng in their spect I has fer yer aould bones, but fnithllll puck An arm of the ser; ran In the dark, yawning ears, and they shuddered, for they realized how yer in ther gob if yer goes agio me in this mat-mouth of the chasm, and as it seemed to run nearly it affected them. ther." stmi_ght for some distance, Frank resolved to folGlancing down into th11 yawning gulf below He the smlor who ran out on deck, and low 1t. them, they could see tae lightning fiercely g:abbing Pomp the shoulder and hip,_ be pushed The day was opening dark and :With infrom to crag, and a sigh of relief swelled h1m back : to the wail, and slammed h1m agamst tense heat, anj the bla< ahead .. e ern> e ravme or t .he Lyse-Fwrd. m winch t e ,, auove IS constantly occurnug. -.l.l'THOR.


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. 17 "And a strong gale,_ in or_der to ratand the fierce gusts of wind roared by, laden with his hands wildly clutching at his forehead, a tie this ora!t,,str . how It IS moamng among wt. th a deluge of rain, aLd they crspt over to the cold swe:lt bursting out all over him, and he he Mli:tupngbte. mtddle groaned: t It 1vas a dreary sound, and the. Greyhound be-Ptocunng seveta! strong manilla ropes from the "My God! My God I He ia killed I" an to sway like a cradle, despite her ballasted stowage room, they made their way aft, ac.d peerBarNey glanced aTOund, saw that something was feel. , ed over . the mMter wibh the Greyhound, and observing the "Can't we nse above tt? the dqotor. was swinging to and fro, one of the doctor's gestures of blank he rushed up "It can be done, but we mtght meet I} wire lines mtact, and the otiler broken a foot from to ilim, asking: blow above than down here. not nsk It, I the bolt. "What's tber matther, docther dear? Bas aBy think." . So was the wind that Frank and his friend thing happened?" "Tbe w!Dd is veermg more arom:;td to the no:rth were tp hold on to the railing for SUP,port, "We are at. the mercy of the elements-the rud ward now." ... to Ilre'Vent t .hemselves being blown overboard der is brok.9n !" "True, and but of the wheel, rt was evident that tile only way to remedy the "Ooh, an' it's dead we arl' ai'e, thin?" it would !orca us to .make what termed eytl was to follow the plan suggested, desl!ite the "Pretty'r;tear it," groaned the old man. "Frank aerial leeway, and dnye us to sea agaw. nsk. has been killed." "It is witu us now m a mea.sur!J, Accordmgly, the rope was the taffrail, "M<>thAr av Moses I" gasped Bal'ney in "Fortunately, We can ml\ke better tlmein conand taking >tnotlier in his hand, Frank climbed "Didn't you hear me shouting for help sequence. over the_ railing, and slid !I own to the rudder. now?" The others ali the deck,, and The wmd his body ns if it were a mere "Me ears must a:been plugged wid wind, for it's and the old scJenttst were left alone m the pilot !eathet, and hi!! grasp i ns(iuctlvely tightened upon not w l m yell did I near, sor. An' Masther bOuse. rope to prevent himselt from falling. Frank?" It began to ram furiously. Be managed to. reach the brokAD line, and get"Went over the side on a rop"' to repair the aam-'fhe wind mcraased sweeping the tlng of the, rope which he carriecl, through age, when it cut on the railing and down he fell." Jmmenss black storm clou:is m rollmg masses tothe nng m the bolt, he made a large knot in the "God rest his sow! in pace. Shure he wor a ward the Greyboun.d., end to prevent it slipping out again, when the good bye.'' Frank bad his hold the vessel on, other end, \vhich Dr. Vaneylte held, was pulled "A brave and excellent gentlem!ln." and be noticed wttb unea.smess that they were taut. "So noble an' thrue said Barney with a sniff edging to the coi\St. 'fhis had hardly been accomplished, however, "Generous, smart a'nd kind," groaned the pro-" You will have to aid me to liold the wheel, doc.there came a shout of terror from the old fessor, tor!" be exclaimed. sctenflst, and :!frank felt the rope to which he Sich n handsome face and illigant ilgger.'' doctor grRsped the with him, clung violently JerJ,l:ed. "It is a sad loss-a f<*'rfui blow," said the doc and tugged together to keep the mr-shtp Be glanced up and saw Doqtor Vaneyke leanmg lor mourniully shaking his lead. on course. . ,1 ov1lr the railing clinging to it with desperate .1 Worra, worra," said Barney, blowing his nose, A rew minutes later the storm butst JUSt above energy. and real tears sprang to his eyes. "It's me hea.t's them with terrlftc force, and the Greyhound was "What is the matter?" brokeentoirely, sir.'' driven further to the eastwartl, amid the lightning "The rope parte d 1,'! groaned the scientist. "See, there is where he :went over, Barn e y." flashes a!id thunderbolts. "Parted?" echoed with a sudden thrill They both shudderingly approached th e railing 'fhe wind and rain were furious, and and of horror. and peered over the dreaded spot down into the swopt the air-ship along like a cockieshell. . "Chafing against this sharp edge of the railing void below. It was just as Frank and the doctor were 1t cut in two.'" Then they uttered a wild shout, bumped h eads ing all their muscle on the wheel, that they heard "Can you haul me up?" together, 'grabbed each other's hands, pump-hand-afearful crash. "No I my strength inadequate. I just caught led, ar.d seizing a rope from the deck, they made a The wheel spun around looselY' of its own achold of the rope as the strands were separating, slio noose on one end and cast it over. cord and they both started back with horrified else you would have fallen. What shall I do?" 'For Frank was hanging below the Greyhound laces. "Can you hold it while I climb up?" sale and sound, his grasp fastened to the rope he "\Vbat Is it, Frank?" gasped the doctor. "My arms a,re nearly wrenched from thElir had knotted to the ring-bolt in the rudder, the end "One of the has broken," sockets now by the violence of your swinging in of which, being bound around_ his arm when he the youth in dismayed tones. "We havEl lost couthe wind, and I fear every movement may cause lei!, saved h!R life. trol of the Gre}bound. The sterm is sweeping her me to let .YOU go." He had been lustily sho11ting r for aid but the out to sez. again, and by heavens I fear we are ::That IS bad!" Fran it, strong gale dro:ve his voice away, as it had d<>ne lost!" Ht-lp l Help I Help I hoarsely shouted the the doctor's; but he saw them, and when the slip doctor for he saw that Frank di-doc tor. . noose came down he put it around his body, and vined the truth. But the m .ocklng wmd carrted his voice away thoy hauled him up. from the shtp, instead of toward the Qab!n, and He carried the rudder liBe with him. X X fee ling he growing weake;, I thought I was gone when I fell he C HAPl'ER I he contmued h1s crtes, With ali the strength of his as he reached the deck, "but this rope explains It A TRIAL OF STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE. lungs. all to yOU." TsE adventurers on the Greyhound had freresponse. came. "Thank Heaven you are, aliye!" sl).id the doctor, quently been in dangers of a most harrowing kind, Frank,'s anxtety' may be Imagined, '!-5 he h!lld on fervently. "We just..extoll,ing your merits but neve' before to such peril as. that by hand, and. had one leg wrapped the and groaning ovtlr your loss. But you've cheated which no"' menaced them. fragtie line which the professor was holdmg by death agair;," Swept along at the mercy o! the cyclone, with one end. "Isnpposeyou blackguardedme unmercifully?" oueo!tbe rudder-lines broken, so that jt a .To and fro the young Inventor's body, said Frank. !ear!ul to attempt to repair it, the tempest hts other hai!d chngmg to the rope he hail .fasten"In the usual manner, when people die," !augl;l was driving her the coast again. !!d to .the rmg-bolt on the rudder of the Grey ed the 1 Frank and the pro!as8or glanct at each other hound. "Well, my purpose Is acCO!l\plished. Here, B ar-silently, nnd shuddered as they meJ;J.tal!y specul!itThe doctor had the other end, and ney, help me reeve this through these running ed what their late would be if they were blown out Frank J;ept hold to _bnng u o to the deck, else he along the. to the pilot-over the raging sea in the dim light of the gloomy could do notqing wtth the r udder. 1 house, and wtthin a.few; minutes we will have con-morning. The becommg trol of the Greyhound again;" The curses of Ralph Des pard ere they forced him No one heard the1r .combln_ed ones, and the docThey worked S!llarlly, apd l;laving found that to spring into the sea at the pistol's point seemed tor's ar!Ds were shaking as If palsied by the fearthe new lino all W8$ expectE!d of it, they to be finding in fact. ful stram. soon sent the air-sl;lip inland from the sea again, At the outburet o! the storm.ali the remainder of "Frank, I can', t hold on any longer I" he and traveled southward with the the hnd sought shelfe.r with. in the cabin, groane!l. . W.itltin two hours th_e spent i.ts fury by and knew nothing of the pen! with which they "Do not give up, doctor. up. Give me -boltmg ahead of the air-shtp, and dodgmg out to were threatened. one chance to climb up. If we fail I'm gone." sea. Frank turned the matter over in his mind rapid"Then hurry," gasped the dootor. "I'm nearly Then the noonday sun appe;treq, and all the ly. dead I" dense clouds floating away, all nature beamed se-" We cannot ascend he exclaimed presently, Frank bad bound the new rudder-rope around renely again, jqst as if such things as cyclones "lor in the upper stratas of air we migl;l.t increase his right arm securely, and, 'jjeeing that he might were .something entirely foreign to our mundane our danger, To go down would perhaps be equalclimb up the ten feet of space above where he sphere. ly .as disastrous, for if the ship happened to could cR.toh hold of the trellis-work, he "And there lies our destination-Sydney," said strike upon any or those jagged roaks it w ould the ascent. ... Frank. dash her to fragments. And whirling along In this after groan was emanating from the doc-Be pomt0d over the rugged Australian land erratic manner is almost as bad as the other tor's lips as he' tenaciously hung on to the ei:JQ. of scape, the seaboaql of New South trouble." the rope, his face as pale as death, and his whole Wales i,s very mountainous, and they beheld the "But what can we do?" asked Dr. Yaneyke. figure trembling. city nestling dpwn aheaJ of them. "I must make an attempt to repail thl" Up went Frank, quickly, perfectly calm and colThe lighthouse on South Head cllff'w!ls plain to "How can you do it? The rudller-iine8 pass !ected, his )l:een glance fastened intently upon Van-lJe seen, a good view of the fortifications on out of two holes in the hull under the counter eyke ashe calculated how long the doctor could Geor11;e's, Mtddle and Bradley's Beads could be stern, and thence proceed to the outer edge of the bold out to save him. bat! ;ts dr.,w nearer. rudder-blade where they were fastened on with "Frank I" shrieked the doctor, suddenly. The mty large, two thtrds surrounded by patent ring bolts" A cry pealed from the young Inventor. water, and was the. oldest on the great island"True, doctor: But I must make the attempt The do<3tor could hold on no longer, continent. or we are apt to perish. By lowering a line over The rope s1ipped-then it flew out of his hands. It was just noon thne when they bad a! most the taffrail I can reac. h the rudder; and if this vioOne glance he ovetthe railintt just it, and began to descend directly in wmd aoes DDt blow me off into eternity, I as the cabm door opllned, and emer,-ed. ueart of t.he city toward Hyde Park, m whJCh mtght reeve a temporary line by which w e could And he saw tl;lat Frank had I;)Ot gamed the .trel-Frank destgned to land. regain control of the Greyhound until tkis storm lis and was falling down toward the earth like a They saw that the squares were thronged with i 1self. It is worth a trial anyway." thunderbolt l people, and the professol"'})ointed down at the pop But the peril remonstrated the doctor ulace and observed: ::I am accustoinad to dnnger." CHAPTER XX. "It looks to as, if there was some .public Then I will aid you ail I can." . demonstration gomg on down there, Frank. It was useless to remain any longer in the pilotAssAsSIN 8 SHOT. Should we land in midst, people will ee house, so they staggered out on the oscillating THE man of SCience reeled back fr<;>m the rallmg vastly amazed at us.


GREYHOUND OF 'l'HE AIR. "No doubt we will create a sensation. Oh, look 1 city, executing Frank's wants and amusing themHe g?gf . l o r They see us now. Do -ou observe how everyone selves. a cr1me e 1 0 . IS. s Wigh t is looking and pointing upward? Ha 1 '!'here we It WfiS during the course of one of these pereto wit hlm on susplCIOil of com. 0 grinntion& that tho throe, one .found g The Greyhound hovered like an enormous bird themselves ne:\r Pyrmont bridge, .on Darlings harTo remam where he w ,as bordered on sheer mad. over the city then the helixes revolved when they saw a famlllaz:_ vessel come nerl' 1 d at the faces in the doorway 11 slo,,.er the great wmgs spread out, and she setmto a b erth. e : d h a c on. tied down. It was the Reindeer-th. e steam&r which vulsed w1th rage, an amo ng t en;t he sa-.v.tho s e of The propellers stopped, the tl.nnges came out, the mutiny occurred which they had participated professor, Howard and the gu:l, all and the y heard a hoarse roar of of atin on the Pacitlc. him to run. ld k frighted vola e s swelling up as the strange object When she was moored to the dock;, several of her He saw that they wou ta e care of themselves, I came se a ring down from the sky. crew came ashore, and were golns pa'3t the trio of a.nd before the c .rowd h1s purpose, hij Describing vast circl e s that narrowed as she de-our friends, w;hen Barney su<.ldenly jumped fordashed to the contammg the shattered sce nded the grllce!ul airship settled uatil with a ward and grasped one by the arm. glass and tl.ung g entle s hock, she to'uched the ground in the midst 'l'he man started, uttered an exclamation, and "It is useless, he, utterty USbless f o r of the p a rk, then the machinery stopped. pa.u,sed. ., to try_ and vmdiC,\te myself. cficumstantJal Within a minute she was by thou "Hal ph Des pard I Saved from the say I gasped 1.8 against me. I was h.ea,rd to quarr e l sands o f eag er, e xcited and a mazed people, a nd Barney, . w.1tb him by Whe n th e ) whe n the cavi g ators made their appearance on "Ay 1'' e:g;claimed the startled balloomst tor 1t d1scove_red me near hiS corpse a f t e r ,b e ptsto l deck, the cry of wonder that went up sounded like was he, ant married Barney, and And just in time, for scarce1y had he t urned an Sydne y coves. M:ainbrace having on board the Greyhound, angle of the building, when p e opl e began to jump "And I shall h ave the honor of accepting your Fran. k made his wa.y to the governor's room to bid out of the window he emerg11d fl;om, and came invitati o n, sir, on behalf o!, my friends and eelt; him good-bye. rushing on in pursuit of him. and thank you very much. As he was entering the room lole heard a. pist<>l 'Safe, thus far," he muttered, dooperate!y, "It will afford me great pleasure, Mr. to shot, a. wild cry of agony, and tile sound of a "And now to gain the coach that is awaiting us, assign you a guard for wonderful tl.ymg mafall. and to reach the Greyhound. If I can do that, chine a.s soon as you lenve it to accept of my hospi Fearing foul play he dre\V his own revol,.er and and the boys have the jars storea with electric tallty," said the governor. rushed in. power, I can escape. But-if not?" "And we will have the honor of callmg upon The governor laid on b1s back in the middle of .I:Ie did not speculate long upon his chances to you this afternoon," said Frank, formally. "In the room and a. broken window showed where an save his life from the infuriated people, but dash th'l mea ntime, if the crowd Is kept back at are-assassin's' bullet had crashed through from the ed ahead and reached the priv a te entrance. spt1ctful dlsta nce I would be obliged." garden, striking the prostrated man, To his joy, he saw Harry Howard in the act o t The g o vernor stated that he would have It done Scareely had Frank tim' s to note the situation knocking driver down, while tile professor and then rode away when the. voyagers, when a crowd rushed in from the hall oehind !tim, and May Blossom were hastily getting into the ve and gl a d to have a run on tl.rm ground agam, pre foremost among whom was tile servant who had hlcle. pa.r'3d to disembark. interrupted the altercation with the governor that C: p to them ran Fmnk in all b as te just as the Two coach e s were sent to them by the courte ous day, door of the gov'3mment house \vas burst open and governor, and a guard of soldiery who roped the One glance showed them the situation. a crowd came rushing out on the ba!cony. air-ship In a circle, and stationed sentries around "The governor is dead!" shouted Frank, "He "Ha! here he is I" shouted Dr. V "neyke. it to keep the people away. bas been shot." -"Get ins.ide I" shouted Harry. "I'll drive you." Going northward by Macquariestreetwhichruns "And what are y ou doing in hers with a pistol "No! It would. expose thd others tl' anychanee through the park to Parliament Bouse, thence in your hand?" asked an oftlcer. shots they mlgl;,t fire at me. You gel in. I' l l through the botanical gardens to the "He Is the murderer!" exclaimed the servant, drive." House, the adventurers were us.hered m With as excitedly. "1'o-day I heard him quarreling with 'rhe conchman was easily disposed of, and ere muc h statelinese and pomp as 1f they were royal the governor. Arrest him!" Harry could remonstrate Frank shoved him to the guests. The soldiers sprang forward to obey, when Frank dc.or of the coach and clambered up on th,e bo:t. Suites of apartments were II.Ssigned them, and darted back toward tile window, leveled his pistol "There they go!" shouted th guardsman. when they assembled for dinner several members at them, and cried: They are escaping in their carriage!" another of the Royal Geographical Society were found at "Stand back I I deny the accusation I I am incried. the board with the governor and his family,' to all nocent I The first man who attempts t? lay a ha.nll "Shoot the Yankee rascals down!" cried another of whom Frank told his adventures. on me will fall shot through the heart 1' voiee. Dr. then gave them some valuahle in"Aft6{' them-after them!" advised still another. formation In regard to aerial wind-currents and CHAPTER XXI. Frank gathered up the reins and whip, and sent electric pben:>mena and In conclusion promised the team off with a wild rush toward Hyde Park. to furnis h the society with all the geographical inTHE ELECTRIC GUN. The crowd came rushing after the flying t orses formation he could glean in tho progress of their A sca:NE of the most terrible excitement followed at._.full speed, their hoarse cries bringing fresh voyage in the unknown Interior. Frank's threat. members to swell their ranks every moment fro m 1.'here was a grand ball that night at the gover-The crowd fell back with an angry roar of anger, every direction, and shot after shot was tlred alter nor's house to which our frieRds were invited, more people began to rush to the scene from all Frank. Pomp, Barney aad Matt 'Mainb.ra.ce bl'ing the only parts of the building the news was carried out to He seemed to bear a charmed life, !or not a ones who declined to attend with Frank and the the streets like lightning, a huge multitude began bullet as much as grazed hiln during that wild rest. to gather outside, and in ail iacredibly short space ri!ie for his life througk the shadowy city. A week passed swiftly .b, crowded with time the raged furious. His head was perfectly cool, but mind was ment a nd events gov!lrnor Frank. saw that W.\thm a lew the crowd harassed by an ugly donbt that his fnends. upon them remammg, and m the mtenm, Mam would recover their courage, rush II! and overnot have thH Greyhound in for mstant brace, Barney ,and Pomp daily roved a,bout the whelm hilll tl.ight, whereupon it would do him 110 pract1ca! '\


PRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF 'l'HE AIR. 19 pArhaps, to reach the air-ship, as escape It was evident that they meant to blow the Grey"Thank Heaven I am vindicated l" muttered the oold then be out o! the questfon.. . hound and all her inmates out of existence. very much astonished and delighted Frank. 'It was his only th011gh, yet A frown of annoyance crossed Frank's face. He saw the crowd fall back abashed, and beheld tbe cbances were agamst bemg realtzed, as "They force the issue-so be it I" he muttered. them pointing up at the air-ship as it soared high b d told Barney that they m)ght not embark until He walked to his electric gun, trimmed It to er and higher every moment toward the clouds, the consequenc.e of.Harry and May bear upon the other gun and press-but their gestures calling him back, but he paid no 1uing to be umted by marnage before they reton on the r heed to them. t o the ' : Not a sound, followed; but a vivid sheet of fire Every one on the Greyhound but Barney, who 01 course the weddiOg out of the seemed t o fl;r out of the muzzle b! one of the bar-was in the pilot-house, saw what was going on. now, and ttte bunted fugitives_ fled on with a terrels, and stnking the of the gun managed You are exonerated, Fmnk," saiJ Dr. VanriM pounding of of wheels by men there sounded '' frightful explosion, a eyke. 1 jangling of chams. . terrtble glare of fire and a thunderous cry of fear "But I shall not go back now," said the youth. Several made futile efforts to chek their from the excileEI crowJ. " '"Of course not. They treated us brutally." mad career, and they soon the p:trk. ., "Besides, we were loaing time in our search for Fortunately the four sentnes du'not yet kno\\' J the mountain of gold. I guess they are sorry for &Dytbiog about the of the goyernment CHAPTER XXII. wh a t thef did to us. At auy rate, I have the satis-bouse and althoug)l surpnsed at the wild career THE n 0 0 :MEnAN G faction o knowing that I am no longer suspected ofthe'carriago they wade no comment, but helped of such base treachery as that of tbeinmates to aligb.t. IT seemed. to crowd of Australian officers governor. Now, Barney, to the northwest, and "You mayg?; we ascend now, said Fra nk. who were, the gun that a: thunderbolt mount no" "Nol" basttly ,;vhispered the ?octor. "Hold They had risen fully six thousand feet, and witb tbeo as hostages. ?' I he, sheet ot fire that whizzed from plenty electricity stored aw;\y th ey shot ahead at "1t would be a useless bother I can manage Franks electnc I?'Un smashed the field-piece to the rate of one hundred miles an hour toward the without them." fragments, and the flying r;articlei! of steel injured Interior. "Very well. Ob-Franl I Look at the crowd of the crowd who stood in the immedh\te vi-An examination was rnade of Frank's coming." ,! mmty ordnance. ( electric gun which had done them such good ser-Hundred of people were rushing th.rough MacHyde p,Lr k ha.d never be foro been the scene of vice, and when its working was explained to them uarie street toward the park as the four: sentries SU:Ch intense exCitement, for there were thousands by tb.e young ln ventOl' Wwas restored to the close t and the mmates of the carr,.ll\ge hasof people drawn to the spot by the report that Frank down-stairs. ._ 1 ned np the rope-ladder to the deck o! 'the airReade, Jr., bad murderedthe Gove_rnor of Sydney. Below them a wonderfui expanse of territoryV(hereBarney and Pomp had inveigled Matt A number of rev?lvers wer.e pOinted at was being passed, on their journey, the air-ship Mainbmce into a game of draw-poker, and were but he sheltered b e hmd the eleotnc gun goipg over the great Blue Mounta ins and the tribu-beating him shamefully. before were discharged, and called out to taries of the Murr dy river and by the dawn of c They jumped ap when they saw our friends. 1 . ,. the next day the had passed over "Is there aay electricity eagerly "Is electri.mty stored yet? New South WalllB into Queensland, nnd skim wed asked Frank. . No, sor, replied the lriSh:man from .the wheel-into the but partly explored central part of "Not a bit, sor," was Barney's dismaying reply. IIJ.?se,. he stood watching the island continent. The others were horrified, for they would have "It IS pretty out my bo->: Two days went by, during which, deluded by the to stay where they were 11.t least minutes 0 thim back Wid tiler lotkes av. a shot or appearance of the McDonnell of mountains. exposed to the assaults ot the multitude who must. tw;, was put C'n the false trail, and only found soon surround the aiNhip, and '!'lith guns 'and Yes,. a good plan 1 I hate dolt, but for self out his error after a long, useless search. perhaps try to blow her to pieces!' P!otaction I must do. somethmg. We must gain It was after that w hen Mount Freellng led him Wasting no time uttering usel!ls!i regrets though, ttme. ve mmutes Will be Then we may off on another false track, and when this dis Frank left the professor explammg to the three ascend. eoum<>ement was overcome they finally pursued what had occurred, and then ne dashed down into As he turned to_ward the s,\W the range to the north\v1ird, and came in the battery-room, c:owd come rusbmg toward the mr ship on all sight of the lofty peak of Mount Steward sides, the assault bemg so combjned that they Th ht f 1 t 1' He eet the In operation, anq then takmg doubtless intended to. gain a footing 011 Lhe deck ey were m s1g o their a as a.key nng, he openea closet of at a dozen different places. , was poor, ,with hillocks, and field! d1meoswns m one wall, and Witb,drew a large, Fmnk did not lose control of himself for a moof spmi!ex. peculiar-looking machine working on a carriage ment, but levelh'!g .the gun I at the thickest of the There were some nutmeg, gmger, banana and. With crowd he touched the ress-hutton a ain and other I?lants, and a idngul&:r rock it looked like a dozen poJ.isbed steel pipes there was another g miles long W!iS met, With 1!. spnng O! .water 1U ed, at one end secured to a mechanical contrivance Show:er after snower of missiles came flying at Its at which replemshed almost of singular appearance, ]'rank from the crowd on all sides but beyond a ere gomg on to the moun tam, It was an electric apparatus, and having witha few slight bruises be suffered uo up to the Dtfrerent kmds of wombats, phalangers, kan drawn it !rom its hidden compartment, be pushed time he discharged the gun. garoos and bandicoots seen, but n<_>t n. It along a tiny, na.rrow track in the floor, to a A glaring streak of lightning darted out from the man was encountered until a1r-slup settled square trap, and then connected it with two rubdeck of the air-ship and before tb.e wild cries of dow)l at the base of the ber insulated wires running directly from the dythe people whom 1 t' touched had diod away he The Greyhound mto a dense mass of namo. . turned tile gun ar<>und on a pivot and seut a dozen tangled scrub, covenng many out Touching a. button m the "!alJ, electric cu1;more shots off in different directions, each mu:i:zle the thorny weeds started se1 era! men and tent put a of balao,ce weight:' m motion, and of the gun responding. boy '.lie trap on wh1eh his queer invention stood, arose, Those of the people whom that vivid tongue of were a evergreen trees by, under elevator. fire touched fell as stricken senseless by a pow. 1yluoh had been operatmg one ot .By the, &ame current a hatch on deck.was swung erful blow, and the cries of agony, fear and dismay tl!elr native ntes. rock automatically, and the elevator lifted Frank that resounded on all sides were fearful to hear It W!\S the slngular custom of remo v ing two &nJ his odd invention up above the Ievel.Of the .. Like the sui:'giitg of thto ocean's surf the upper-jaw teetb, at a stated age of adolescence, deck. fell back, every one panic-stricken at the h!J.voo from the mouths of the boys. . The rest were amazed at his sudden appearance. Frank created with his terrible engine of warfare. They were dirty, low people wearmg nothmg "Why," the doctor curiously, "what Tb.ey could not withstand the ftAry lightning but 11: cloak of Dl;alting,iopen at t.he righ.t hand side, !Bve you there? bolls projected into their midst and not exploding and Iastened With skewers, while thetr henl were produced by deep that the of the volt and flash and report only graduate' the force of the shots b.e trred in their gashes at the age wl:len youth becomes manhood, occur aHer traverses tbe air a certain distance. mitiet 80 that they would. sulJer nothing more than and the crowd scared up came from some bowers 1 can grode 1t so that I could burst a. lightning bolt the most powerful electric shocks when the volts formed of ):>ranc. hes of trees covered with grass at the muzz\? or at a distance of tlfty thousand touched them. and bark, m which they 111l'dsaway, "Barney how are the indicators now?" be They were all armed With boomerangs, a ::By heavens, Frank, this is a wonderful thing." shouted. 11\r curved blade of wood, so ?onstruc\ed and It may prove so in modern warfare. You The Irishman did not reply for a moment. it f.rom I ts course, and know! generate and chain up in;my acFrank glanced toward the pilot-house and saw !t any. o):>Ject in bacK,of the thrower eumulator Jars to drive this air-sbtp. And now the old felLow pulling at the levers. wh1ch. he destgns to IDJUre. know l C!\n bottle it up in this gun, save the At the juncture he a regiment ef Besides tJ;Iey had hatchets of stone. Wetght anfa. man from a tnbe of and Frank sent all hands below where the hull of around on their axis, and suddenly Imbued with enem.les, elam m battle, for they degradt>d the Greyhound would protect; them,.and he fearlife, the Greyhound up into the air at the canmbals, morally de!lclent, lazy, Ignorant and lessly went to the railing rate of a thousand feet a mwute. brutal. A terrible cry arose when the crewd saw him, "Hurrah I" 1>honted Frank delightedly.' "We Everyone came out on deck and saw them scat and he bad the ship illuminated by signaling are saved I" ' tl'r. and addressed the crowd with: A parting volley of m is.!les came flying up after Strong believers in witchcraft, the bushmen fied, Depart and leave me be in peaae. I am an inthe air-ship ns 'She soared abo'l"e the heads of and then prostrated th'!mselves near the Greynoeent man\" crowd, !Llld a.'l F:nnk down over the hou?d, crymg: .Bnddnll Buddai I" they believWtld olderislon greeted this remark. ing a thrilling s1ght met hiS view. lng It wns their sleeping god come to eat the whole I! you rernaii! "shouted Frank when it A mounted guardsman came dashing into the world up. :nbstded, "I will sutie'r no molestation'. In an midst of the throng, them flying right and "They imagine the ship is their rleity," said the rtant I could kill a hundred of yon. from this left and above the dm ot their vile cries he heard doctor. &ek and none would know 1vbat did it." tbe'soldier sliont': "What revolting fellows I" gasped M .RY Blossom. an.\.notber shout from the mad crowd greeted him, I desist l In name, desist! "Just see what hovels they are dwelling in," said d hesawa6ango! officers dragging a large Frank Reade, Jr., is an mnoceqt man! We have Frank. en through the crowd which they trimmed to cn. ptured the assassin who murdered the govern"Don't know any better, by go!!" said Matt Main ar on the air-ship, or!" brace,


20 READE, JR., AND HlS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. The mia-mia's (huts) were hardly i1t abodes for with d warfs-leetle bits:o fallers as ugly as. sin an'" I see through it. now I T?ey are ag?in' ter take swine. twice as nasty. They ,range all about. a roc,k her ulp_ ter fiery chasm, cause that s whar thel!l A few moments afterward the natives.crept shud-in ther shape o' a mans ,head; At that DOCk thar s d are. . . . daringly away in the scrub brush and d1sappe:tred, a pass over a cbasm, an thats ther only spot whar "Wl1f do y:m thm.k sor but within an hour they returned, _follo\ved by !In it kiu be grossed afoot." Lor ,bless ye, looker thar I s What army of fully a hundred, and standmg upon a dis-"How IS that?" tells me.. taut hi'lock they viewed the air-ship when for the "It's a natural stone bridge." He pomted ahead, and cnes of wonder burst fimt they 11aw the white men. But how about flying over the chasm?'' the rest as they glanced ahead and saw what '.rhat aroused their suspicions, and a few mo" I hopes as it kin be done, sir." at. _., ments afterward a shower of boomerangs came "And why shouldn't we?" "The bloo!l-red rock I Frank. whistliag througb. the air toward the people qn "Well, I've h,earn tell o', ther o hell, but ay, ":Y, !-the mentiOned m that ere old the deck. if that ere chasm ain't wuss I'm no Jedge. Ther . One of the hard wood sticks struck Pomp a roarin' fire vobat's aloft from that ere p1t T\len hiS story is findmg foundatwu m proof" violent blow knocked him over and his body is awful-a tGrrible blazeallers a-shootin akyward, said the doctor gravely, "and the treasure must be striking against the shoulder of Bloseom she an' ther heat so powerful yer can't git nowhere no !lly,th." was suddenly knocked from the deek over tbe'rail-near it 'ceptin,' by goln' over that bridge I mentionrock was a square wall, one hun,dred feet in ing llown to the ground. ed afore." he1gb.t, standmg_ a_ll aloJ?-e amid the bowlders, and 8he uttered a sb.riek of dismay as she fell, and "And once we do get over." the 6Un was shmmg directly and fully upon it Harry darted forward to save her, but he was too I It's jist as bad, by go!, for we'll be in a sort o' from the south. late. island kivered wi' rock au' little vegetation, an' it's 1 Bnt t):mt strange cnmson color?" said Frank. Pomp cried out with pain, and Frank was just in peopled by a band o' giants wot guards that buried It seems to move." the act of lowering a rope-ladder over the s1de to city. If we manage ter git t!Jer best o' them we'!J : My dear boy," sa}d. the pro!es8or with a smile, go down to the girl's assistance, when the bushes have to pass through a den o' wild beasts ter g1t 1t_gl1stens too, don tIt.? Well, the color you see beside her parted and one of the dartei! out in tiler city o' gold." IS Simply formed by millions of ants that swarm and seized her. "The obstacles are greater than I imagined." over that rock a11d dwell in it, and it is the sun's In an in!tant hA sprang iuto the bushes witb. the Ay, sir, but the paymint'll be jist as great." rays s)anting upon their bodies you see." half-stunned givl and van'ishe,d. "Ha I What is that?" Howard. 1'he G;reyhou11d passed It went up the Every one \i'ho saw it groaned with horror. He pointed ahead excJtetlnds upon Vaneyke and Mainbrace remain to guard the snip! tall grass toward her, tb.e flinty points striking the th<;>uRands of feet above them, it's cap. I will sav-e them or never return alive!" hull, breaking, and the shattered shafts falling to through the clouds. "Hurroo, fer a ruction!" cried Barney, as he and earth again uselessly. Everything ,at a certain height had begun to Porn p rusb.. e d out, armed to the tl'leth, and carry Fools I" muttered Frank. They imagine they change from the beautiful verdure tmd fragrant ing Frank's weapons, can injure us. But the thin steel of our hull could flowers to a gnarled, rough and barren rocky An instant afterward the three went over the withstand a volley of rifle bullets I Give them a aspect. side. shot, Harry." The Greyhound :had gone itito a dark and for "With pleasure I Ah-look at that fellow !" bidding looking gorge, whe11 th11t appa.ling shriek H E XX I It was an ugly-looking wretcfi who was just in was borne on the mournfuf breeze to the ears of C APT R I I. the act of hurllng a boomerang that Harry singled the navigators, who were watch ing so anxiously on THE BLOOD RED itocx. out down -in the grass; then he flred at him. decli. INTo the bushes das)led Frank and two There came a wild howl of dismay from the man "Put on more power, Barney!" shouted Frank. friends in pur sui& of the Australians, wb.o" left a as the bullet struck him, an:d as he flung up his "It was the voice of May," groaned Howard. well defined trail. arms and fell tp the eatth Harry r:emarked: "And f.t came from ahead," added the doctor. The tall, towered above their heads He was the fellow who stole May Blossom. Along shot the Greyhound at redoubled spl'ed and W<\S thick w1th nardoo berries and sharp But some one must have her from him. He as Barriey pulied the lever out, and afelv momen!s thorns. c tried to hit me with his boomerang awhile ago." later the air-ship dashed from gorge into a A sel'ies of wild, savage cries from ahead The air-ship passed over him, and a moment huge circular basin, a mile in diameter, with tower of F!ank, apprised bini that some trouble was oclater was above the others, but they saw no sign of ing cliff-like walls arising all arouud flat bed. 011rring, and this suspici:Jn was ::t!anifested when the girl In their midst, even by the aid of a teteWithin ibis place they saw nearly a tb.ousand upon bursting into a clearing he saw Harry Howscope. mer!. ard struggling with several of the natives. "I'll find out what has become of her," said But such creatures l The blacks were :yelling li'ke fiends, danf)fld Frank, as hi! shouted to the doe tor to slacken Not one of the ugly little wretches was over four around the plucky young American, and were speed. feet in height, their pigmy bodies wrapped In making every effort to take htm a prisoner. He picked up a rope, made a noose in the end, matting, a!ld every one of tbem armed with weap Bang I Bang I went Frank's revolver, and as both and as they went along alter the frightened and ons similar to those carried by the natives. shots wounded two of the bl_acks,_it tb.e whole blacks, he out the !llost conve-In their midst were two ordinary sizel\ men pack rushmg away, screammg w1tti pam and fear. ment man, and awaitmg his opportumty, he droptlie whole crowd, bearing a burden of some k1nd "After them I" Howard. "Tliey have ped the noose down so adroitly that it fQll over his iu tl.J'lir midst, were rushing toward an accllvily got May." shoulders. that led up to the top 6f the clltrs surrounding the Ho l d on!" cried Frank, as Howard started to A sudden j9rk at the lasso, and the black was basin. run off in pursuit of his enlmies. "It will do no thrown over, then hauled up, screaming at the top "This place looks as if It was the c!'Bter of an good, Harry. '!.'hey are better acquainted with of his lungs with fear. extinct volcano," observed the doctor and there traveling thr _ougb. this tanglecl brush than we are, For a. moment he swung beneath the Greytile dwarfs whom our prisoner mentioned. and can eas1\,y on us." hound like the pendulum of a clock, and ..then Wba( can the matter be? See there are two tall "Then what u0 we to do?" blankly asked Pomp and Huney hauled him up on deck. men among tliom and they l.Jearingsomotblng Howard, 'Coming to an unwilling pause. "Let They did not unbind him, but wrapping the lasso awr;y as if exceed'ingly exoited." them keep the girl and perhaps murder her? around his body he was secured so he could not "Perhaps it is May said Howard anxiously. Never!" move. "The cry we Cl\me from here," added "No! Emphatically no I Return to the Grey-Barney _ran. in to relieve the doctor, and when Frank, who had called to Barney to steer for the hound and we can hover ove-r them soon enough, the o!d smentJst came out on deck he questioned dwarfs "and those two mGn may be the runners and thus stand a better chance to save girl." the negro in an Aus'tralian dialect as to what be-who carrrie

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR . 21 r the navigators suddenly brought into The lightning bolt had no sooner been releru;ed half stunnrld, when with a yell of fiendish a of a sight that froze the blood in their from the when it struck the knife, glanced up dozen of the stunted little vagabonds fell upon him veins the dwarf's arm to his head, there was a vivid fiash, in a body, knocked him over upon the broad of his It May Blossom in the midst of that horde an explosion, and stricken dead upon the spot, the back and bound him hand and foot. of dwarfs, and the girl was threatened by a terriman fell over. Shot aft e r shot had been coming dow n in the ble rate. A shout of horror and amazement pealed from midst of the dwarfs from those upoa the GreyAt the crest of the there was a vast opening the rest upon beholding his fate, but so determined bound, and they returned the fire with show e rs of in the ground, from wh1c1I ever and anon great were the dwarfs to houlper, he g ed rocks and a 1arge tract Of coar s e r ed sand it go It will Ppring back into its natural position was surprised to see them come rushing back to-stre tching off at one sid e and hurl the girl up Into the air, where she will ward him. The air ship f o llow e d after the d w arfs, n nd t h e 3 dsscribe a parabola, and then fall into the crater." It was evident that they were furious to see him went in among the roc.ks pre s en tly and came to "Great Heaven I" groaned Howard, wringing saving the girl; and braving the witchcraft as they th e ruius o f a m assi ve w a ll of ma son ry, at om bls hands in anguish; "can't we reach her in tim e thought the air-ship was, they meant to thwart side of whic h Frank saw an en orm o u s rock, ri si.Dg to save her?" Frauk. fully fifty fee t from the eatth, c ru de l y c arved i nto "Pertiaps. I hope so, at least." He made a dash for the rope laddllr, hoping that th e shape of a man's h ead. Barney had seen what was transpiring, and the doctor would fire a few shots at them from the "The entr a nce to the burie d cit y of gold!" be pulleJ the propeller lever out, sellding the airs hip gun; but the old net understanding the mut tered, in amaz e ment. , M or e proof oi the truth ahead faster. l mechanism, his endeavor to hastily do so, disof Matt Mainbrace's stoty. It must indeed be no "The crowd is scattering-they are most ready," arranged 100me of the complex wirea and rendered fable conjur e d up by a fev ered im agination S e e-said the doctor. thE> gun useless, ing the r eality, though, will clinch all doubt s "Oh I This Is horrible I" moaned Harry, in Upon seeing how J,le bungled the matter, he' callA grim sk e leton of a barba rous ra c e hidde n in agony. ed upon the others to poUl down a fire on the this wild place from the e yes o f c ivilizat ion f or "We can't reach them on time," said Frank. dwarfs from their rifles. ages, this grotesque statue stood a living "Don't say that, Heade. Oh I don't say that!" This was done just n s the pigmies were closing of some man's wonderful i n genuity. "But lt Is the truth. Before we could reilch in on Frank, who was t9tally unarmed save for a The dwarfs h a d h a rdly p a ssed the op ening in t h e them they will launch her into eternity/' revolver in his hip pocket, and sev eral of their wall wh e n the Gr eyhound sudd e nly swept down "Can notl: ing be done?" ., numbers fell killed and wounded, y e t it did not toward the e arth. '"!.'here iij one last, desperate resort." d e t e r the d etermined little wretches from keeping At the same juncture a band of giant b lacks be And that?" on toward Fmnk. tween six and s even fee t in height s udd enly ap" Tbe electric gun." Tbe doctor1came down the laddE-r to Frank's aid peared befor e the d w a r!s. "Try it." .. and took the girl from his atms, whe n the air-ship ,Their r anks pa.rted and a white man ap pea r e d 'Then watt a momeat." moving forward a few yards, the dwarfs crowded from the i r midst. Frank d1111bed down-stairs, and had the gun up bet ween the ladder a,nd Frank, and the doctor bad Frank leoked up at him. on deck in a twinkling, connected with his dynamo. to ascend with the girl to the ship, as he was ren-An exclam a ti q n of a mazement burst f rom his He glanced keenly at the fiendish dwarfs, and d e red powerless to help Frank, encumbered as he lips. saw they had fastened the sapling end down was by thl(l dead weigl!t of. the senseless girl. "Ralph Des pard I" he c ried, hardly able. to ac-to a rock, and were placing the gi:rl's figure upon Left alone, Frank was surrounded llY the dwarfs, credit his senses, the trunk where it forked at the juncture of the and tl)e people on the ship above dared n0t fir& at "At your s e rvice, maste r of tl!e sit u a t ion!" those nearest to him, for fear of bitting him by said the ex-ba lloonist, tor he it w as, :.n d h e s miled A man stood by witlr a knife in his hand to cut acoiden.t. like a demon. Ike thong that held the sapling to t .he rock. Hundreds of them assailed the youth in a. body, This would release it, and the girl would be shot the stunted little rascals Bcreamipg in shrill tones; 0 H A pTE R x x vI, up into the air to descend in the tl.rey crater. and attacking him from a ll sides, they cllm.bed up Frank had hardly turned the piece to bear on the on his bod}, and sought .by every means to get THE dwarfs when they all scattered, exposing the pros him down on the ground. ALTHOuan R alph D e s pard bad lo s t tl!e n!lckag e tlgure of the bound girl secured to the sapSome tried to pull his legs from under him, of papers h e had s t olen from Fra nk R e a d e : Jr., he, ers tried to trip him, a few tried unit edly to push h ad r e ad them thro,u g h so rre quoutly tbll.t t he i r 1he dwarf with the knife toward her to him over, and severa l of them savagely thrust their contents were ind e libly committ e d to hi s memory. cut the lashings, and Howard, overcome with horjavelins at him. Losing no time in S ydney, for he bad r obbed ror, fell fainting to the deck of the Greyhound. But Frank found himself equal til a score of ev e ry one on the R eindee r, he purch a s e d a g ood them. horse and equipments, and s e t out with d ispatc h CHAPTER XXV. He caught one of the persistent little blacks by for middle Austmlia. his thin legs,. and using him as a club, he knocked H a ving a week's start of Fra nk, he h a d imAN U!iEXPEGTED MEETING. several down and fought his wav out of t .he circl e proved his time so well under the guidan ce of a THE position in which May Blossom found herThen he fiung the little ro.scai the chasm, hired bushman, tha t he reached the m o untain of se.lf was perilous in the extreme, for the knife and tote those d'rom his person who had climbed gold and penetrated as far as Frank bad found WJe.lded by the dwarf Austrailian '\fas at the tboiS.g up on .him, much as one ,yould brush away some him. whtch held the bent to the rock, and the obnoxious pests, throwJng them 11t the rest with Enlisting the friendship of the giants by appris moment he cut it her life would pay the forfeit. telling and made an effort to reach the lading them ot Frank's CO!Ding to wrest their treasure The rest of the band ,of had rashed aside der to gain the air-ship again. <1 from them, be promised to save their hiddea city onb tlie natural stone brid_ge crossing the fiery He did not remember having the revolver .in his frqm the invader, arguing to himseU that h e could c asm, and the Gl'_eyhound was dashing toward pocket. thereby thwart Fl'flnk ar;d have a mos t excellent them at full speed. "Confound them I" he gasped. ":How they opportunity of gaining some of the gold himself Prone upon the deck lay Harry Howard, insenstick I Wbat fiendish tempers 1 G.'heir we11-pons Consequently it n:iay b e inferreu that the blacks from bear upon his overhurt like sixty. The will get the best of me if l hated and Frank, and were doubly z ealous towrought nerves, and Frank aimed the electric gun let them, and they m1ght kill me outright I" to kill him in order to prote ct their w ond e r ful upon the dwarf who was about to. pnt 11 As he spoke a javelin whizzed at his breast and treasurt>. to May Blossom's \lfe. struck him, but fortunately ho had on his v est of "You seem to be very friendly with thes e bla ck s ere was an anxious look upon Dr. Vanchain-mail, and the sharp, barbed point did him said Frank. face, and the old sailor became so intensely no harm. "And I am," replied Des11ard. "I a m l eag a e d excited that he grasped Pomp's arm. in sucli a No sooner had tie shaken off the fl'r&t lot of with the m to exterminate you. In fact, I have clutch the darky fairly writhed in pain. midgets, though, when others took their plaees, proved my allegiancQ by joining their tribe. Look young inv.entor, as much as lie could and it became harder and more harassing, than at the cavities of my two upper jaw teeth whi c h the Bkillfnl management o! the air-ship, Barney ever to !'each the dragging ladder. theiY have extrac ted. Tb,at Is one of their m os t VElllsel as steady as a rock on her course. "If Barney would only come down I" he mutsolemn rites. It makes me their brother. I a m a. atch that chap w ith the knife, doctor," said tered. Papuan now." Frank, as he sighted the gun; "Poor wretch, he Crack! came a violent blow on the back of "Then l have f a llen among the Philistine R j!tthle s.uspeets how that steel blade will draw the Frank's head ju.t then from a boomerang, making "Yes. You come lll>e DaYid to slay G o liah but Ig I" him see stars. the giant wiil kill you instead, You are IDy pris WiliZ I went the gun even as he was speaking. He staggered for a moment and fell on his knees oner !"


22 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. Just then a dark shadow over Des pard's head The blacks had gained a dozen yards of the airly all over him that nothing of his face bodt 0 caused him (I) hi\Stily glance up and he saw the ship when suddenly the old man of se.ien1v what you have come here for; saw the giants pause and look as if about to seek rushing pack pack or dmgoes, or wild dogs and are very jealou s of their treasure. I will imsafety in ll.igbt, for they had not moral cour-the beasts gathermg all a.round Frank. part a plan to him whereby we can capture your age to withstand this sort of terrible warfare, as He a look of d1smay up.on the snarling 'friends and pull out their fangs. Here lsCalewat. brave as they were. and snappmg and managed to back b!m. 'ta, my guide and translator. I say, Calewatta, "Calewatta !"shouted Des pard excitedly. "Ttlll se}! up against. th.e stde of a building., come here. I want you to talk to the chief for Murrumbidgee to retreat." ' < Out of the frymg-pan Into the .tlre I he gnsped me." "You have lost the tight!" cried Frank. e:tult-"Oh, what .am I do to. detend myseif now, With said the nati11e .approach antly. .' my tied behmd In this manner? ing, !'what do you want?" 1 ' Bnt life, curse you, shalL pay the Horrtble l .Horrible I '!hey will tear the "Tell the chief to cause a cross to be made of I will cause you to be !lung a der.. of Wild fr?m. my told the truth saplings. We will fasten this man to it, hold him beasts that will tear you1imb from trunk I Do you this ts ventably a den of wild boosts l" in (ront of us and approl)>cb the air-ship. 'fhe tear that?" . : Hundreds upon hundreds of the dmgoes inhah men there will not dare to fire at us then, for fear Frank was dashed along w1th the fi)!IDg blacks. 1ted the dead city, and the pack of snarling, fier11 of hitting this fellow. By that means we can get followed by shot afttJr shot from the aJr:;>hip, and eyed beasts, augmented by fresh numbers, grew aear enough to the vessel to make a dast111nd when the blacks were safely eheltered behind the bigger every minute, until was bemmed; n Japture tke sl!lp. Do you understand?" rocks again, Despard accused Frank of their misliving mass, through "bleb it seemed impo1 . "I do," said Calewatta. "I will tell Murrumfortunes to the chief, and urgtld that he be taken to slble be collld pa'ils and live. >ldgee." the buried city and sacrificed. T11;ose were. to him, observing that He hurried away, and Frank exclaimed: To this the chief readily assented. he dtd nothmg to lDJUre them, became so em bold "You are a good general, Despard, but you Frank was released fr?m the cross, ened that they rushed In at him, and buried their won' t succeed." and thev carried b1m through the rums t'J a great fangs In his legs. "It is worth a trial, anyway." arche!l gateway of stone, entering the side of the He kicked at tpem, screamed at them, and sought Nothing venture, nothing gain, .vou mountain In the face of a cliff. by every means to drive the 'l"oracious beasls ,know." A huge wooden door was swung baell upon its back, but had little effect In getting rid of them. 'l'Jie chief approached with several of his men, pivot, and the chief and Des pard, followed by two "I must reach some plac.e out of their way," he ana Des pard's plan was carried out to .the hitter. blacks who carried Frank, passed tlirough the thought, !Joround. "And the only placll Then all tbe blac\:s were marshaled m a .body. opening into the darkness. I can see 1s the ms1de of one of those atone build Frank was secured to a cross and was carried Torches were ignited, raised aloft, and they ings.. I'll risk a dash l" on ahead. passed into an enormous cavern, the sides and roof He could do nothing but spring Into the midst All the blacks were enraged at the havoc creatof Which could not be seen, so impenetrable was of the bowling pack, and1 they scattered for an iu ._;,..,1.fil,d .in their midst by Frank's friends' rilles, an d the gloom. . stant, leaving him a clear path, along which be 'IY.ere eager to attaak the adventurers in tbe Frank shuddered, for he realized that a fearful ran toward the doorway of one of Ute houses. ner Despard proposed. fate awaited hi:n. The whole pack came !lying after him, and he The dismav of those upon the Greyhound mav On they went a hundr.ed yards or more In the ran with all his might, bnt not so t!eetly as tbe be imagined when they saw tbat body of giants gloom, and a second door was reached, opened, dogs. moving toward them with Frank's body held up and ;they stepped Into daylight. Their howling, baying and snapping so close at in front of them as a shield, and Ralph Desparj in It was an enormous amphitheater tilled with the his heels was dreadful, and he was panting hard the lead with Chief Murr-umbidgee. ruins 'of houses and temples.,-in a word, it was the lacerated by their teeth, and half exhausted, by The dwarfs had ali gone away, back over the golden city. the time he reached the door, and dashed Into tile bridge, to seek the lower grounds o! tbe IDO\IUt. Flung upon the ground Frank was left to his bonae. -ain again, since th:eir services were no longer fate, and the others hi\Svily witlidrew and closed A stone etalrca.."'e led him up to tbe second storv the door again! where he a .Iavish display of riches in golden "Ftre at them With the gun' !" shouted Frank, Frank aro3e to h1B'feet and glanced around. vases nnd 1m ages; but a bitter smile of contempt wratklly, as the orowd drew in gunshot of the air-For 1an Instant he saw nothing to arouse his crossed his face for be knew that none of the wealth ship. Never mind If you bit me. If you don't, alarm, but at this very !act be shuddered, for he could purchase hlm immunity from the peril then you are lost." knew that there Wll.S sB of dirt from which it was :: cur I" jle .exclaimed. ha' d shown, by which Frank infeFr .ed l' armiBII dilllcult to extric!te himself, the moon wassbining I 11 h1t agam If you don t bridle your of antS bad taken p!)ssession of,them in places. in the starry sky a.nd the dogs bad all disap was brutal reply; and Despard raised Above soared se\'eral white eagles, and the ruins peared. his fist once m<1.e were invested by thousands or chattering parrots When Frank. struggled out of the heap of dirt, "You wouldn't do that if I not bound I" and lyre-birds, honey-eaters and plovars, .whil he found that the bonds that held his bands behissed Frank. everything was by vines and wee,ds. bind ,his back had been broken by his fall and "No; I know I wouldn't," said Des pard, with a Frank's arms were bound behind his bsck, but he ached all over from the teeth of the' bale grin. "But you can't ;,etaliate now. I've got you his legs were unhampered, and he walked through and the dingoes. at my mer?Y see I . the doot: of a temple. He found a revolver In bls hip po'cket, fortun Whllethts .dialogue was tr:anspmng, the.blacks The roGf bad !allen of!', and a cry of amazement ately, and, stealing out of tbe bouse he glanced kept advancmg toward the atr-shlp In a sohd body burst from his !Ips as be observed that the pillars around. and Barney, Pomp, and Howard (who of the place, the altar and the jugs, dishes, founts Tbe.street was alive with loathsome liza.rde and t.a?. recov.ered from famtt,ng. ll.t) stood at the and :vere made of massive gold, infrogs with peculia!' :lolored boiliee, some ol tbe r>u,mg ll.rmg at them With their niles every chance crusted Wtth prec1ous stones. lizards being of the Monitor tribe' able to lmrrow, they got. "Wonderful!" be muttered, faii'ly dazeled at the swim climb or bop like kan eroos the reptilee 'l'he doctor had to e!ectrlc gun, and af-sight of such profuse riches. "This place alone measitrlng e'Igbt and nine feet gin lea'gth, and poe ter a examlnat1on ot 1t, found the means contains a vast treas)lre, Here. I am all alone, sessing the singular power to from light to uf operatmg the piece so that 1t would work propcast Into silent m:_y. But I see no cause for dark ; or from yellow to gray and n'd. erly. apprel!enstOn, for--. He bad scatcely taken ote of tbe obnoxioUS P,espard was sure of an easy JUSt then there came a te_rrill.c Whirring, as things when be saw the gafeway open and Ralph Once bl!lcks capture the .he if a tho'!-sand wheels were buzzmg over his head, Despard appeared in the 0 enin thought! I '?Ill have a means of leavmg m and an 1mme?se ll.ock of huge bats came He clutched a revolver his and peered fernal pace with an enormous fortune, while the down upon htm. around with tb 1 k f d t upon of those will bleach in the sun 'l'he shock knocked him down, and as h& turned his face. e 000 a emon mcarna e of tilts d68olate region. hts s::artled glance upou them tll )y settled so thick-'l'ho moment his glance encountered Frank be


FRANK READE, JR.,_. AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. tarted, and, raising his pistol, he aimed it at the attract the attention of his friends to where he May Blossom had gonfl inside of the air-ship out inventor. . was. of danger, and rd, they both ex ship came circling down toward the ground. They were ferocious over the advantage gained changed three shots ap1ece at each without Down, down, d_own !'he swooped like sollle huge by our friends, and were incited on by Ralph Des stirring. bird of prey, until at last she settled in the square pard. The bullet m1ssad Frank; the s_econd humnear Frank, and Barney shouted glee!ully: That cowardly wretcb ,did not expose hjlnself to med by b1s head, and the last tore a piece ol cloth '.Be t?er poker an' longs, but he's as safe as a the fire of the Grey ,hound but. having inciteEl from his sleeve. : thnvet?' the blacks, he carefully ensconced himself behind a At the last shot Des pard uttered a yell of agony, "By Jove, Reade, we thought you were gone I" ledge and fl'Om there kept yelling to ftun" up his arll\8, and reeled back into th!l doorsaid Howard. them to koop them advancing. : Ay," replied cheerily, "but It is one A h!lBP of dead and wounded men began to He would have fallen, but qmckly thmg to_purpose killing Frank Reade, Jr., and an-blockade the entrance, and a few stragglers who h\msel!, anJ, darting through the -doorway agam, thmg_ to accomplisl,lit I I've got nine Jives, in getting well within the fer>rful death-be ramsbed. like a cat, It eeetps." trap gate went of[ at an angle, but were shot "I hit the begga.r I muttered Frank. "An' by go!," exclaimed Matt Malnbraee de-down In their tracks. It was some balm for what he had sufl'er..ld, and ligbtedly, as he came forward," if here we'mn't Frank's flro was so persistent and overwhelm be stole cautiousl_y along the street to _try and find right in werry middle o' ther city o' ing the Australians at length were forced to re a means of from_ tile walled-m city, as h_e be poss1ble that this is the place we are treat back through the gate again, ler>ving fully knew it would be !mposs1bll' to pass the blacks, 1f seekmg?" u.s ked Dli' Yaneyke, advancing. two score of their number lying upon tte ground he attempted to go out through the gate in which "Come aground, said Frank. "You will be of the city at the entrance dead, dying and Despard appeared. more than amazed at tile wondrous riches lying wounded. He r; comp!ete tour the desolate olty, in this strange, buried city. Besides, I want to "Hurrah I" cried Frank. "They retreat. The meeting w1th the agam frequently, but hear your adventures." battle is ours! There goes the lust of them, and hurled stones drove them ofl'. '1'hey were all off the airshlp a moment later the gate closes with a crash l See-it Is sadly shat The walls wete tmbroken all over, and not to be shaking bands wJU( Frank, who hastily sketched tered witli bullets and the flying iron of the burstscaletl very easily, but he found a place up which what happened to him. ed hand grenades." '' he thought !le could climb. hen tl;ie doctor said to blm: Not on" of the aerial adventurers wns hurt. It was a perilous undertaking-there were no "When you were carried away by the negro Within a moment the place was vacant, none of red ants there and daylight was breaking in the giants we were besieged all the rest of the day, the blacks but those Injured in the fray remaining. wben he fou-!ld the spot. but gave them a very bot reception Vnee ounded with mournful intonations above the din bouteil: fe een a public square, and waved his arms to of the firing. She IS overloaded I Heave over some of the.


24 FRANK READE, JR.,_ AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. gold r The weight Is the spirale have "Help, help! Oh, God I I wlll Forgive :: iY the cabin?" p<>wer to lift I" me, Read:; I Spare me, as you hope or mercy and overheated." It was a reluctant and thankless task to aacrlllce yours eli I h h t 1 "w !I we are across the chasm doeto any of the preci9us cargo, but had to be done, or He writhed and groaned as heJelt t e f t:-"A ed 'I see the blacks have followed they wo1ild Pe stoned to de,atll by the &xasperate.d ten'sifying as the Greyhound drew wearer 0 e '"Yn but the heated !lull will keep them t blacks. awful chasm. es, .. a a f9o Barney and Pomp lost no time in useless regrets, Every body pad gotten under cover. the feard ne now?" but gathered part of the .fre)ght,Jin!i when ful of over the dames of but wait for the sh' the Greyhound been l)ell&ved of severill hun-crossmg over the-tmdge, u 1p to dred pounds of tlie d'o('d, she slo\vly and iabori"We may perish, too," thought Frank, cool off. . ously asc81ilded to a liel,ght of llrty feet, and thep "but I doubt it. The test on Greyhound will are melting. ThiS IS an oven-a fire fur. remained stationary I be a fearful one." nace I. he. b h It was exaspemtjng, and Frank called out: The next instant tll.e hovered over the "StJl!: it Is better t n emg w ere Des pard !S, "Over more flf it, boys-hurry-hurry!" fiery abyss. doctor. 1 h His injunction was occasioned by seeing that as There came a' wild shriek from Ralph Despard, ;; Ah, yes-d,d he fall fro,m t he was nearer to the blacks, they had a better his withering and squirm'ing body gave a convul-DOWJ?into the V?lcano s chance to hit the Greyhound with their rooks til an sive whirl, his bands relaxed their hold, tbe gas "Horrible I Hornble I But It 18 a good rld they had before. nearly strangled him and he fel! "down intq the dance." Down went several huge gplden pillars, and a yawning gulf below. )Day you say so; he injured all of us large Image of Buddai; and as another imAn!I thus perished the villain. badly. menseshowerol missiles came llyingtbrough the -"And what is our course when can as. air, the Greyhound arose to a distance ol seventyCHAP 'rER cend?" . five feet' more, thus bringing her about twenty_ A FIRE-BALL FROM BEAVEN.. back to the Pacific, homewart five feet above the heads of the blacks, DARTING through the awful heat leapmg up from bound. They shouting and dancing about franticthe yawning jaws ol the gulf billow, the Greyhound "For. wh1ch I am truly Frank." a.Jly as they saw the air"ship and her passengers sped across the crater of the volcan,o, and had half "Call the others up, doctor; It 1s cooler out eluding them, and sent volley nft r volley cl their it, when the helices became afrected by hefe," weapo ns up into the air at the'shlp, without doing the Intense heat ami shickenell speed, while the You are right. He1gh-o I I m nearly sulfait any damage, revolutions ol the propellers diminished. cated I" "Holler, yer spa! peens!" Barney, deris, Frank's heart almo 'st ceased to palpitate. Thil doc.tor brought the othez:; UJI from below, ively, as he llnng a grenade down !Lt a crowd "Great what he!lt I" he gasped. _Frank made a o f all p arts b e low the sJalp, which had begun to forge ahead can hardly breathe. What IS to become. ol us? ot h1>: craft to see 1f any s enous damage had been as Frank put tbe propellers in motion," an' begob Must wo fOllow Despard and fall down mto the sustamed. it's little good thee same may be adoin' yez I Fall crater too? The ship Is sinking, and she does not Fortunately, though, the G,reyhoundwas perfset. ofr the re 1 Fall off I" go on so fast!" ly navigable, and Fran, It's f ears were dis pel(ed. "Looker dar noney !" exclaimed Pomp excitSlower and slower revolved the wheels, and furShe lay in an space close t o a elus edly. "Wha' yo' cafl dat figger-huh? Am't it ther down sank the' Greyhound, until the licking ter of thtough whJCIJ flowed a limpid Ralph Despard1 ' . tongues swept all around the steel huH. brook, wh1ch blacks bad congregated, Faith It is that-n' -oh, howly sOSed to the chattering lJke magp1 e s. There came a sudden jar .at, the car, and Pomp worst of the heat me red hot, and the gfass in An hour passed by, and Frank went into tbJ cried: the port-holes begaa to melt and run in_ stream!!, P.ilot-ho';Jse tried to g e t the m a chinery in m o De drag rope am down, .an' dem yal!er nlg-Had it not been for the Asbesto:! llmng of twn . gahs wid whiskers done cotch hoJd ob it !o' Greyhound the steel hull would have thrown s"ch To h1s amazement and dellg:ht 1t r esponded at shuah 1 S e e dar!" a fearful qtiantity of hot air Inside of the ship that and as the helice s spun aroun d a n d the proIt was a faet that the drag rOJle hall beeh !lown those who had gone below must have inevitably pellers revolved, the Greyhound arose i n the air as they ascended, ana a score of the' bpshrrlen and perished. J again as, if nothing had h appe n e d, l eaving t h e Ralph Despard caught' hold of the rope ns it swept Slowly she dragged along, the distance spanning amazed and disgusted native s t o vent dis along the ground close beh.lnd them, their clutch the mouth of the long crater ir..terminable a.ppolntment In shouts and inv e ctiv es and a part cauAing the violent ja'r which had been felt. to Frank;a!t)l,ough at the rate of speed' traveled tly ing shower of missil_es. T!Je Greyh,oundowas brought to 1\ sudden stand-the air-ship' they were no more than a couple of The farther the au-ship sped .. from the m oun still by the weight thus bx:ought to l!, upon her. minutes exposed to the fiery blasts that shot up tain in a northeasterly the high e r $he Frank saw what the trouble :was, lib,d pulled out from the bowels of the became from the earth, a,nd the cold upper s tratns the propeller lever to its fullest extent. There enme a sudden jar just as Frank was on of air promoted the cooli n g o f the hull m o r e ex There was a powerful battery on, and he knew the verge ot des.pair, ant\ looking ahead throubh peditiously than the lowe r air did. that tile furth e r he got from the mountain side the the vast waves ot heat-clouds, he saw that they In fact, within an hour all v e stiges of tile heat highe r the Greyhound would be from the gronnd, were across the canyon, and that the sharp, ramwere gone, and at a dis t!mce of a thous and feet as the e arth sloped away from beneath her, like prow of the Greyhound had hit against a proabove the earth she went plowing a l ong over the Hence there was no use to any more of jecting ledge on the other side. tall grasses, swamps, forests, riv e rs and Wlloeks .the gold iu order to rise higher, if he cobld only There she stuck an instant, hanging over the with her precious burden of gold, all hands on propel the boat along far enough to Jet the end of edge of the abyss. Then she swung around side board in a jubilant state. the drag-rope clear of the ground, which it the,n wise, and the hull WIIB !lung over upon terra firma. The day had half bee n spent, and by the time was sweeping. 1 the motion of the helices and propellors dragging night had fallen over the continent the y were far With the additional force of battery Frank put per along the ground like a sloth down the mounta Nay from the mountalnvus region of Central on, the ship suddenly dart.ed ahead; and dragged ain side. were heading straight f o r the Pa the blacks along with it, as they clung tenaciously Thus she slid and bumped on for some distance, cillc seaboard in the dire c tion of Queenslatd, te the rope. the burned o .JJ, and the ballast of gotd where Frank hoped to strike the ccast along tbe "Drop some grenades down among them!" alone keeping her on a level keel, the efrorts of her Great Barrier Reefs neighboring Cumberiand lsi shouted Frank. motive power exhausted. and. "Wot's ther matther wid cuttin' ther rope?" deShe had not gone larwhenthere sounded a fearAfter supoer Matt Mainbrace took his trick at manded Barney, pulling out his knife eagerly. ful explosion in the ll).idJle deck-house that blew the wheel. "No I We can't a frord to lose it." the roof ofr, fortlie fearful hoot had Ignited acari The old sailor was half "lild with d e li.,ht over "Porep, git some grenades, yer' aould blackof gunpowder, thtJ success of the voyage thus f a r and Frank guard I Then the Greyhound came to a complete stand-entered the pilot-house for a lew minutes' chat some of them a ride to their graves." still, her electrical machlner.y so overcome by the with him, he said, emphatica lly: But, Fraak, shure some av tWm iR heat that it was re,ndered useless. "By go!, Mr. Reade, thar don't 'pear ter be clo1mbln up. Frank sank down on his knees nearly overwerry much lunacy in .:>ld Matt Mainbrace's yarns "Is Despard on the rope yet?" whelmed, for the glass In the pilot-house was at a about ther treasures of thermountain o' gold cow, '' He is that, forninst tber others, an' up tioighwhite heat. do they sir?" est." He kicked open the door, and as a draught of story Matt was so wonderful "replied "And the ller.Y chasm Is just of us 1"11 cool air swept in, be revived won. how Frank; that 1t was :r:ot surprising peophi disered "Is It a he'll be afther the rest had fared..., cooped up m the cabm below ited it. But we have substantially proved it.! "Ay, and a good Olle, too I We'll gridiron him decks. truth my boy and the vast treasure on board the well." A crowd the blacks had followed the air-ship Greyhound is 'boun1 to make somebody rich when "Lord save ther villyan thep, ser." across the bridge, and upon seeing her fall dis-we reach civilization agatn." Pomp came back just then with some grenades, abled, they rushing 'her, "Somebody?" echoed the old sailor, giving a and tile deadly explosives were sent down Into the fterce cries of satiSfaction, w1th the hope of anmhitch," at h1s baggy trousers and spinning the wheel midst of the btackl!_. w;ho were trying .to anchor hilating tJ;!e passenger;s on board of her. around. "Why, Lor' save yer, sir, evervbody on theGreyhound,creatmg such conste,rnation 11mong But the jlrst of them who caught hold of the board share' an' Rhare alik:e ekal That's fa'r an' them, that all but a couple let go their grip on the heate' d hull sprang back,. screaruing with square, 'sir, an' that's tner rope.. painrom bemg severelyburned#by !he heated "ltshallbeasyou like Matt Butseel What Relieved so suddenly of their welgjlt thealr-ehlp steel pl,B.tes. a glorious night 1 The sky, a grand dark-blue, i! suddenly darted ahflll.d, and the 'and receding They appr1sed' the others of the condition of af-stadded by millions of bright twinkling stars, from beneath Despard anrl the two others fairs, and the negroes to a safe distance while ofr on tfte eastern horizon tlie full 'blood suddenly found dangling at the end of and held an animated conversation regarding a red moon is in a halo of crimson beauty I" the rope !n the air. means of attack. :.... The old sailor gave a grunt then a start then a Every metant they were carried higher and highFrank went out QJl and observed the heat yell ' er frf!m the gro_nnd, and as two blacks became waves arising all over air-ship; bnt it was "'Holy jingl> 1 what's that?" he cried. cogmzant of thJB fact they let go and fell. much better out there than 1t was ;wlthm the pilotThere sounded a thunderous clap in the sky, h_appened to them was a mystery to house. and as Frank looked u he too started, and hli those on the a1r-sbip, but Despard became fright-ae had hardly gone out when Dr. Vaneyke apface paled p ened at the height at which he suddenly peared in the of the cabin wiping the "It is ali. Immense just buret above os!" himself and held on. perspiration from h1s he cried in alarmed tones "AMJ see Matt! Fr!tnk the air-shlp;for the llery chasm, "Hello, Frank-have we foundered?" he There 1s' an enormous rushing through up thrO'Jgh wh1ch the volcanic llames were dartgasped. the atmosphere leaving a trail of sparks behind anti as the ship dr_ew near it and Despardsaw "The. has overcome the e\ectrical appait ana it is coming straight we air-sbip!" his danger he yelled Wildly : rat us, s1r. The old sailor's bands relaxed their grasp on tbl


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. 25 wheel, and he sank upon his knees, trem"We are well over Queensland now, Iealculate," CHAPTER XXXH. b!ing with fear as bl8 startmg BYeecame fastened he was saying, for we have passed between the THE MASKED niDEils. upon the meteor. McKilnay and the Middleton mountain -ranges, are BY the glare of the search-light the old sailor With a whistling a.nd r?aring that would have heading for the Bowen Downa, and after we croBS had seen the two eagles carry Prank from the deck made the spectator 1magme that the world was the Belyando and Sutter rivers we will go over the of the Greyhound, and he at onoe gave chase to coming to an end, a tremendous ball of incanBlue Mountains and reach Cumberland Island them descent fire as big hhip, and tl.te redan ocean voyage again.'' quired all his nerve to keep him from giving way hot missiles came tearing through the sky direct" Rather dangerous to venture out on the Pacific, to a fit of the utmost dismay at the misfortune ly toward the Greyhound. burdened down as the Greyhound is with the gold which befell him. -isn't it?" asked Harry. Eagles, he knew, were very high fiyers, and CHAPTER XX.X:L hat. But evan if we should not be able built their eyries on crags that were almost out 'l"RE Two EAGLES. I? fiy, the Greyhouhd is equally as good working of reach of most !Jxpert cllffmen armed with As the immense meteor &hot do.wn from the starsteamer, so our danger is considerably dlropes; and If these kings of the birds should rY sky toward the Greyhound w1th a terrible exWlnlshad .on that score." carry him away as food for themselves and th9ir plosion, Frank grasped the wheel' which Matt "And we have got to get back to civilization young, he feared his doom was sealed. Maiubiace had released. again llt any risk, you timid big goose," said lll.ay The great birds fled side by side for a moThe young inventor saw the direct path of the Blossom with a silvery laugh. Now that you ment, but as their broad wings In flapping touched, splitting fire bal!, and he stopped the propellers know Ralph Des pard did. not fall a victim to your they &eparnted. and reversed the1r action in a flash. duel over me, you ought to be mighty nnxi6us Frank had hold cf each of them by Its Inner The Gieyhound came to a sudden pause and bevindicate yoYlrself in public, too." leg but as soon as they spread apa1t his arms gan to back, when with a deafening roar the "And I am, May. Moreover, there is anotl.ter we;e stretched wide open and almost torn from meteor rushed down at the air-ship, struck the ram little matter--" their sockets, on the prow, knocked it off, glanced outward, and "You re!er to our marriage? But you call it a The female bird Is generally the largest and continued on to the earth, where it struck With a little matter1 you disparaging cheat! Oh, gracious! Frank retained his hold upon this one and let bang 1 Is that all tne value and importance you put on the male go, There was a vast upheaval of dirt and stones as such a wonderful event 1 I have a great mind to They both had hold of him with tboir talons the Greyhound was knocked over sidewise and box your ears well for you, sir." tor one of them alone could scarcely have carrie& driven earthward by the violen, t blo\v; and an in-Harry laughed as she pouted and blushingly him away alone; but when he released his hold stant later the fire of meteor vanished turned away from him, caught her in his arms, on the male, it was forced to relax fts hold upon as the huge aeriohte was buned a dozen yards In and gave her a resounding kiss on her red lips. him, owing to its proximity to its mate's wings the earth, Barney and Pomp stood aside looking on; and a forcing it to fiy &.part from her. The shock sustained l>y the Greyhound had broad grin oyerspread their faces, and they ex'l'he big female, suddenly finding itself unable thrown her down bow foremost; but as she was changed slgmficant glanCS.!!to sustain Frank's weight alone, uttered a hoarse diving toward the ground, the propellers were re' Arrah, did you hear that?" whlsperetl Barney, scream and let go its hold on him as be Will! drag versed again by she shot forward, curved giving Pomp such a poke In the ribs that it made ging it earthward. upward, and In a minute more she had risen to the darky grunt. Frank had a perfectly level head thougk and her former attitude, "G'way, chile I Wha' de matter wid yo'? divining that the eagle wanted to drop he Safe enough, except for a fearful scorching and Kain't dem lu)>bers swap gumdrops ef dey wanter caught hold of its other leg with his disengaged the loss of ram at the bow, she flashed ahead -huh?" hand, and hung on to the ; ravenous thing with once more With wonderful speed, and ere the "Lubbem, be's they?" roared Barney. Did all his strength. shocked passengers fairly realized that they were yer hear that, Mr. Howard 1 Ther coon called yez The youth's weight .kept dragging the eagle in great danger, they were out of it again. lubbers, shure." down to the earth, despite its immense They all oame rushing on deck, but the air-ship "'Pon my word," said Harry, restraining a and it wildly beat th<" air to sustain itself, its mate wao forg)ng ahead a thousand feet above laugh, and facing Pomp with an assumed lndiguttering shriek after. shriek, and circling around ground, heavily laden with her ballast of gold, and nant loolt, "you may be quite a sailor, Master and around it in its descent. Matt Malnbrace arose from his knees and glar.ed Pomp, but I want you to understand The Greyhound came darting after Jhem, the at Frank, hardly able to rea1ize that they esthat I am not a nautical lubber, sir." bri!!ht glare of the search light slanting down upoa caped the fearful danger. "Yo' am a lubber," retotted Pomp, frigidly. the two eagles their prey, thus lighting the "It is gone 1" exclaimed Frank, presently. "What-you rascal! How dare you insult me? scene up so that Frank could distinctly see all that "Ay, ay, sir," stammered the oloard, a v, and uttered a roar of laughter that so take the eagles. sir." chagrined him, he picked up a deck swab from a They may reach the bird and give me a footing "Never mind, old fellow; the danger Is averted bucket of slush, and chaBed the jolly Irishman down on the deck," Frank cogitated. But still, before now." below, threatening to mob him. the Greyhound can overhaul me, the strength in "Blast my timbers efl like wot I done, though!" Matt Main brace kept the wheel, and after the the eagle's wings may give out, and it may fall to "Here come the others, alarmed. Explain the others had all turned in, Frank came out on (leek the earth wilh me and end the matter in my trouble to them, Matt." with a night-glasE> to view a of hills stretchdeath." The old mariner went out on deck, and in his ing away below. It was verY.. evident that the bird's extraordinary own peculiar fashion made matters clear to the The mght wa.S rather dnrk, and a strong wind struggll!S to keep adrift in the sky were last weak rest. 1' came bowling along from the eastward, the Greyening it, for its efforts becamfl fainter every min" An aeriollte, eh?" said Dr. Vaneyke, entering hound breasting it. utte of the b1rd 1t was an easy matter for meet wlth, too, You don't know where they are straining the ship, and had a tendency to keep her swift Greyhound to overtake it, and t!Ie air going to strike, Drifting about, beyond the atmosborne down earthward, in a most disagreeable ship curved do\Vn under Frank and was gomg on, ph eric envelope encircling our earth, these wanderwanner. when Pomp and ,Barney seized him and pulled jim ing waifs suddenly take a fit to go off at a terman"It will weaken the helices," he thought, to be down on the deck. gent, and drop unexpectly within the center of obliged to sustain such an Immense weight, and I He yet clung tenaciously to the eagle, and It gravity. Then they whiz 1 The magnetic of fear that we may have trouble over this matter be with expiring fury to get away, but Bar the earth attraotlng the rascals, they fly toward. it fore long." :Hly s knife d!5patched it, and the other one flew as a steel needle flies to a horse-shoe magnet. In tue He laid the night-glass down, and was JUSt on away scream mg. violence of their descent through the atmosphere, the pomt of walking aft, when he heard a tremend"There's an escape for you!" exclaimed Frank, tbe little beggars become owing to the ous fluttering sound over his head, and hastily pan tingly as h'l! released tbe tlead eagle and arose swiftness with which they come: and the heat glancf"d upward. to his feet. "The monster hadn't strength unaidcauses ttem to expand while the cold induces There were two Immense dark shadows hover-ed to carry me, and I might have fallen ,with it eontractlon when wltb a' bang 1 they explode. A ing over him in the gloom, and just RS he recogdown on that range of hills, as its strength was fast showerofsi>a.rks, a sudden whirr through the air, nized them as two immense eagles, they uttered declining not Matt MaiQbraoe managed and presto !-with a thud the earth is reached, and a hoarse cry, and suddenly swooped down upon ship so skillfully as to save me. the little"devlls are burled in the dirt!" him, "A most extraordinary adventure," observed Frank burst out laughing at the doctor's graphic '!hock knocked him down on the deok, and Harry Howard. description and calling the old sailor into the pilot-be uttered a shout for help, just as the two huge "But, I am thankful to sny, I am 1 house ngalh, he left him in charge of the whe .el birds of prey fastened their sharp talons upon his save for a few scratches about my body made by and went out on deck to examine the l>ow and asbody. the sharp of the eagles as they pounced certain what dama"e had been done. Matt .Mainbrace started the search-light, and liB upon me to carry me away." It disfigured the Greyhound to lese t!ie ram, but tba glare shot out on the birds, showing the old "I am a fair taxidermist," said Dr. Vaneyke, as the Injury could In no other wise affect her and sailor what was occurring, the eagles shrie:.ed be pointed at the dead mooarch o! the air, and Frank congratulated himself that he had escaped hoarsely, and !>eating the air witll. their, it will afford rue a good deal of pleasure to stuff With so little damage. powerful wings, they soared up into the sky, carry-this bird for you, ;Frank." All that n1gbt and the following day the air-ship ing Frank with them. -"Do so by all means, doctor. I'd like to keep it l!ped along over the Australian Continent no A o:Jhlll of dismay pervaded every fiber of Frank's ns a rellc of this replied Frank with a event of any consequence occurring to mar' the being a8 he.felt himself being lifted np in the air shudder. tranquility of the aerial voyagers on their home, by the two giant birds, and he instinctively rea

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. . 1 less maThe Irishman said he 'Would get the "Massa Frank, de ship am fallln' down, sah !" clearly ind1cated that the men were aw winked at Frank In such a slgniflcant m, illld What, the Greyhound falling?" gasped Frank. rauders. ld .t f these that the young inventor became "Are the accumulator jars l'lxhausted of their sup It was no wonder that the QUP h 1 Y. 0 t 11 of zled poz. ply of electricity?" knights of the bush was aroused at earmg e k that Barna h d "No, sah. De Indicators am all right, sah." the fabulous wealth away be rustei,. 80a in "Then what Is the cause of the trouble?" Greyhound, and the bngands were ms n Y x k a e no re. "Donno sab 'Spec's dat yo fine dat out," In a determination to steal the cargo. mar k fill d th 1 1 "Then come:_ we will go down to the battery They watched the men bury sepveral bhoxd.AS :s a rich .room," with gold, and when .Barney and omp a re ue ngersraised He lnhried on his clothing and ran out on deck, on board the air-ship to get from from their where he saw that the alr-slrip was drifting down-Frank to fill the casks with fres wa er rom a k observed the action and ward, Barney at the wheel, and the earth only five nearby brook, they retire? a:nong tkhe trees again, very best health sir 1 .. th hundred feet below, a town or village of some kind and half of them took off tllelr mas s. . e brJ. -evera.l miles off, and a rolling woodland country There were twenty strong, reckless, darmdg tmhen to Fnuik and they all e t d beneath the Greyhound. in Captain Darke's band of bushrangers, an ey mp 1e tbelr It occupied but an instant for Frank to get down all presented the appearance of refined men "Who glasses. F k . in the battery-room, aud he saw the automatic had probably been driven to refug:e in the tastness Slr, saidh. dynamo slowly working and keeping the jars of the wilderness from the authorities. Cce.tal Dhoske-p1stols1" stored with power. This was true, !nllSmuch as they were all es;: Aim exc ap n ar e, abruptly. The bearings ot' the helix-uprights and the caped felons who hall been from Treacher! 1 cned Frank, r.s. every one in the propeller driving rod beds were properly lubrioat-ngland to penal servitude in the Austral! au coloroo.D? was covered by the pistole m the hands of the etl, and none of the wires connecticg the batterynies, and it was owing to a revolt that they oroke sn:!hng ., cells were broken nor was the insulation in any from prison and took to the bush, where, under My good fnend, coolly observed the outlaw way Imperfect in 'theroom. the able general8hip of Captain Darke, they throve" we have shamefully deceived you, I am sorry to He observed, however, that the cable which in a lawless manner. confess, for you a very kindbearted young passed through tile dead-hole in the bulkhead was Menace9 by desperadoes of this stamp, the peoman. But the fact 1s that are aware that thiS sagging, and that the chafing of the clustered pie on the Greyhound were surrounded by the vessel is laden With a vast treasure, and wlres on the edge of the was wearing utmost peril a.s they knew notntng.of the dang_er, bemg gentlemen Wh'air the damage required that all the maand hio two companions they reined in their beasts, "And if I refuse?" ehinery should be stopped, as the currop.t of alecwheeled about, and went away amid the "Then we shnll be under the painful necessity triclty In this wire could not be shut off without trees, where they disappeared. of shooting you." stopping the entire fiew charging the helices, for Hello I" exclaimed F rank in surprise. "What "This is rough." an attempt to mend it might result in a death-dealdo('s this mean?" "Sir, I await your answer." ing shock, and Frank had no desire to run such Sir/' 4exclaimed Captain Darke, approaching Be motioned to the rest as he spoke, and they long chances. and bowing 'With military grace, "I and my com-staggered to their feet. Accordingly, with a frown of annoyance upon pan ions are gentlemen from the town of :Blooms" Begorra l" interposed Barney, keenly eying llis brow, he went up on deck and told Barney bury, out for a hunt in the bush, when we had the the thieves, "it's mesll! will answer yon, so I will to descend to the earth, and explained to !lim misfortune to meet with a band of brigands, who an' it's a bloody defiance I'll be chuckin' op what had happened. came from the Sutter river, over vonder. We ter'yer teeth shu rei" 'l'he Irlsllman Pulled out the lever that confought, but ran, and they pursued us here, when "What 1 you court-r,ou court bloodshed?" .trolled tile helices, acd as they revolv&d slo,ver upon sight of your people they tied." "This much fer yez l' exclaimed Barney as be and slower, the Greyhound down and How unfortunate!" said Frank, completely desaw one of the outlaws reel and !all to ftoor. landed in a large glen within a dense wood. ceived. "Any' of you in;ured?" "I schtayed behoind whin yez kem aboord b you in' ther some-n.n poured It inter ther wine yez haye we t carry any further. Lee us bury some that I and my a_re aeronauts, and we just dhrunk an bejabers Its dhrugged yez arl are of 1t in th1s glen .. ":,e may be able to come back here 'Ylth a !lymg ship or my invention, now." !!Orne day and get It.. needed repairs. I h1tve excellent aceomo-But before the IL'ItuteBarneyhadftnish6d speak The others approvmg, the light was turn-dP.tJOns, and beg to tender them to you and your ing, the wholeband of outlaws was overcome by ed upon the ground, as daylight had not yet bro-friends until you are recovered. I can offer you a the drug and fell to the floor in various attitudes ken, and with and pick Barney and Pomp good meal, and wllle, spirits ancl liquor. Pray stupefied. broke makmg a large trench, while Harry come on board, your lordship, and I will do my .. Barney you are a t mp !"exclaimed Frank .and Mat?brnce brought some of the gold up from to entertain. you." .. warmly. ru below. in boxes. . By Jovt1 l tb1s !s queer, said Captam Darke. "Arrah, Mast her Frank it's a riyal ftoosh I While they 1t from a1r ship to But you are a good .chap, and I heartily be's I" said Ba ith b ad r1 "An' here bury!lt In t)l.e trench, a troop of thank you. Come on, gentlemen." comes t !ney, w ,a ro g n. "'dashu:tg along a sequestered path 1u the woods, He shot a significant glance at his rascal! well The her soiJers men who would have struck terror to the souls of dressed followers, and beckoning to them they 101: up on all honest men, for they were armed to the teeth, lowed Frank on board the Greyhound e arr 8 an ran and even one of them wore a half black mask on Pomt> brought up the rear but .Barn'ey remained the tlu11rkm1 g cohmpaUJdonshol big face'. behind. ms, w om ey oug t, 11:n t en The gleam of the sear:Jh light attracted their at-When they were all in the cabin and th men were taken off the sh1p IUld conveyed tention, and with accustomed caution they pressed on board had been told Capt:Jtin Darke's others the rest Bloon:.Bbury and locked up. through the and from a hidden covert amid were shown the air-ship and told of part of the Greyhound ascended the verdant .foliage they .peered out and beheld ventures our friends passed through by whi h fn ands but Pomp, who held t e what was gomg on. time Pomp had prepared a dainty c urne< m. ll(oreover the conversation of the innbcent adthem, ac.d they were treated with the hfor It was hardly an hour whellnn Tenturers soon told these mysterious men that the pitality. ossuddenly awake11ed by a stiflmg fee g, air 13hip was he!lvily laden with gold and jewels The meal completed, Barney suddenly cam out of his berth, he found the stste-rcom worth several m11Itons. board and as he appeared in the d e on I e With dense smoke. "A .rich booty!" said the leader of the baud. cabin 'with a peculiar look u 0 h oorway of the Startled beyond measure. hequicklydreSSedhlm "Luck favors us, boys. And if wa d,o not wrest told him to fetch In some n is face, Frank and started for the door, when he heard !UY this wonderful treasure from yon ship lny rtame is Barney went into Dr Vaneyke's roo b f lossom shriek: not Captain Darke!" complying, and presentiy rAturned w"thmfl A ore ship fiames !" badly -corked bottles and just h 1 ve un-. Hornfied and Ignorant of the !act that the CHAPTER XXXIII. th<;l ten strangers. anoug g,asses to supply msulated electric wire which he had mended 10 the "THE amp IS IN PLAMES I" Frank noticed that he and the doctor d H hold had created the fearful mischief, Frank rushed THE appearance of the masked horsemen, coup-ard had been omitted and remi d an ow-out on deck. led with the remark uttered by Captain Darke, fact, n ed Barney of the The Greyhound was in a mass o! !lsm91ll


READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. CHAPTER :':XXIV. apart, the jars would be constantly charged and reehng about deck clasped in eaoh other's arrps, BARNEY AND POMP ON A SPREE. d1scharged without cessation. The discharge takl!'rank rushed mto the pilot-house, and glane11d Tl!E dreadful ory ol "fire!" pealing out on land ing place as a spark three inches long, bright and at the levers. . 11 matter o! thrilling terror to 1myone, but high producing an explosive sound continuously. Either The one controll!ng the helloes, wmgs and pro ain the air at midnight on board of the Grey-of these connections woultanding in the num w1re nearest to it at both Interruptions. If the "What the matter?" hastily asked the worthy Uothouse, steering the wonderful air-ship on her outer coating of the jar should be connected with old solentJst. ., P ursa toward the Pacific sea coast, and it was his one of the secondary poles the spark at the inter "I do not know-aomething 1s out of gear. 00ies that aroused May .Blossom, and caused her ruption at that side would suddenly become bdl-"I see that Barney and Pomp three sheets scream so loudly that l!'rank was awakened, and iant and noisy, and the noisy spark would kin!ile in the wind." ubed on deok. any eombustible object. The wire I mended was "Ay, the I We m1ght ha-ye gone down 1 They had crossed the Sutter rivet', and were In oharged almost the BRme way, and I can only at-into the sea for all the alarm they would have sight of the Blue when Frank staggered tribute the origin of the fire to this cause." given us of. the fact. Hold J:er up as best' you can, out on deck in the bbndmg smoke, and saw the "It seems plausible," assented the professor. doctor, wh1le I dpwn mto the battery hi in flames. "In conclusion "said Franl;:, "to show you that agam, and try to dlSeover the cause of the trouble. 8 .&e badly insulated wire lie repaired, down in the the Ruhmkoli coil can do almost anything I'll tell "And if we fall into the sea, won t the Greyhound boiJ bad come in contact with the wood work, you that when si:;;: jars are charged by a coil confloat?" . and being oharged with the enormous battery that taining about two square feet of coated glass and "Yes, under ordmary mrcumstances, but tb& controlled the helices, It had ignited the bulkhead, are put In a series connection a continuous stream gold we are currying might over-ballast her, and and set the ship on fire. of dazzling light six inches long can be produced, sink her." , Everyone carne rushing out on deck in the accompanied by a noise that becomes fairly into!"It is that you d1d not have a moonlight and a scene of the utmost consternation erabla." steamer wa1tmg to ship this gold somewhere along revailed. At this moment Funk and the doctor were this o?ast, ,and the present danger would not have. p "How did this happen?" hoarsely demanded startled by hea1ing a terrillc olntter (/l heels u p forhappened.' Frank of Matt Maiubrace, wjth whom he came in ward, sounding much as jig were being danced, "rrue. Regrets and plans are now useless, contact. and then a wild roar, followed by the tinkling a though and I j}oubtif we could find one to char "Lor' bless yer, sit, I dunno," gasped the old banjo in the hands ot Pomp, a;nd the voice of Ba,rter anv'where .hundreds of miles of our sailor. ney followed, present !ooality. I'm oli, sir.'' "Bed ad it's frizzled beef we'll be in tin minnlts," "Whisky? l:>hure, an' it's not a nagur knows how He rq,n out on deck, leaving the wheel in the groaned Barney. it wor invinted I" doct01's hands, struck against the two drunken "Doctor Vaneyke !" shouted Frank. "The fire "Niggah dunno nuffin' 'cept dat de barnjo been dancers just as Barntly was in the act of putting extinguishers," made in Noah's ark.'' on a few fancy steps, and tlleyboth fell to the deck "I've got some of them here!" shouted. Howard "Well, bedad, yez may as well lurrun forst as in a heap, yelling tor some one to throw them a running up. Pomp stuck manfully to the wheel, lash! how ther divil himsell invinted ther rale ould rope to save themselves. and was lowering the as fast as he could. scbtufl', an if It's a chune in Q, seven sharp&, ye'll Frank paid no attention to them. while May Blossom, overcome with terror, had be afther whangin' on that ould tin .pan in double When lie got down in the battery-r!>om his at' fallen to the deck in a faint. quick tolme, shure, I'll tell yl!r all about it in a tention was drawn toward the acoumulato.r jars, Smoke and flames were pouring up through the song. Let her go now, ould schmoked herrin's I" oonnected with the dynamos, ana he observed that creYices in the deck planking, out of the port-holes A rattling ac!JOmpaniment began, and Barney they were all emitting sparks. at the binding-posts, and up through the forward hatchway. sang: . where they wete joined to one another by co aHarry Howard held half a dozen blue bottles "Shure the divii, sllp1ck an schpan dhrO!>Pe!l In Irenecting wires. 1. filled with some kind of liquid, the fumes of which land for a man. Every spark was a loss of so much electricity, were capable of smothering the flames when the An' he a n' flat and upon It down maohinery bas gradually been wearing it away and extingmshed Y t e Ul . he sat weakening it," he muttered, "for the gold is more Bo.ttle after bottle hurled, and Ill a moet mAn' around It schprinkle

28 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. "W e not lost tidou of this sort of an offense \'Iilli. meet with my an' we won't much o' that 'ere treasure. By Be calm !''shouted Frank. More displeasure.'' .01 it's a shafle !" yet. There is a means of keeping her 0 lives are May ther saints av glory bleee yer ginerons He ran after the others, and a minute later up of the ballast must go ur sool, Masther an' at yer Wid rame more ofthe gold on deck through the batch-more .valuable than the go!,d k d the doctor-, comme besht an a-hopiurther angels '11 way and Frank and Howard it and hurled "pan I attl you, Frank? re no earthly make yer bed 1n h1ven-oogle .gpogte, google." It 0,;er the side. ing out of th" p_ilot-house. e w ,. Tne last peculiar sound was-. by Darner The keel of the air-ship was just grazing !be use of my remammg at will I" replied suddenly ibterruptlng h_1msel!. ttpprng np the bot-crests of the ,vaves as It went ove_r, aud as heap "AU hands set to wor WI tie to his< lips and a. p!!&looged puU that after heap of the precious metal, mcrusted Wlth Frank. 'ftl nd havd himemntied 1t. diamonds rubles and sapphires, went splashing He worked methodically, SWI Y a le wiub a will 'l;he sailS Frank mentiOned! were brought up into the sea tho air-ship rose again. self, and the rest emulatou his examps which from below and. were rigged. upon the beltx She want up to a height of a hundred feot and Boxes, barrels, packages and cask ll' from the uprights,. and a pump connected-by btllting to sped along at a very much reduced rate of veloci-the gold bad been stored were thro;angwny and dynamo machine soon made t:ke air-sbip lighter ty, yet she was clear for a while of the water, and hold, rolled and _carried to an open JJy empllying the hold of1 th& "ater she had Frank cried thrown overboard. f d 11 were thus shipped "There! That will do boys I Don't send up any ''l'housands upon 0 f Frank took the wheel,.and as the sail broke, more yet, but stay whe're you are awhile, in case cast inta the yawnm1g1 Ja;s 0 w e se0'!1 beam out befane & stili southwas!Mly wind, the haltef an sen, and the sh1p, sett ng own, as wrecked; Greyhound forged w toward the island, He heard a loud crackling n oise coming from ends under I he waves. tb& decll:s on and HB.21'y Howard came-0-lW &f the cabin witb; the battery-room, and went down again in a hurry, water began to washt:UP oyv:gr worked on May Blossom, she sought shelter there. only to see that the sparks were now snapping all stdes, and as _the energe IC vo nkles and when th&y were workmg;. fast and furious !rom the binding-post wires. the water lappaa up all to Wltlhis a short space of! time the Greyhound It was e v(dent that the leakage was becoming when it gotha way up rfh hw.a:r down upon forged: up to camberllmdl l'slsnds, and being ot worse every moment, and he went up on deck pour over the 0 1 eth a toldJ passing out such light draught, she-through the shoal. again. the three men w o were n e ing water without any dan!!'Jr. "Doctor what Is her rate of speed?" he shout-the gold. 1 h t d Be)rond they could see-tile-Great Barrier Reels ed. "Begorra I it'S schwampin' we. bes s ou e an immense stretch thaJ: mn many miles along the "The lndicatot says only ten miles an hour, Barney. , eastern coast of Australia, the aur! bsating against Frank, though the levers are out to the 200 notch," "Don't stop!" cried Frank, tussling w!th1 them bursting w!th the thunder, af!Jl th& replied Vancyke. box, "anll we will yet save her. Work on UIC water dashing h1gh up tn. the au !rom burstwg. "We are losing power at a few solit.-uy pa1m trees grew. utes to the mile. Siow-dreadlnlly slow. And came up to a level with the surface of the sea once Frank then up the GreyhoW!d hi the. we are losing power in larger every more. wind, an anchor-was llove, and as the.y were all; seeond of time that passes. I'm on pms and At the moment she bad gone down deepest, they very much exhausted, and knew that they were. needles, sir I" were forced to work with such speed they safe enough for the present, they tur!M!d. in to get He keenly of the a!r-sh1p were all well-nigh exhausted before the JOb. was some muoh needed :rest. for several minutes dur1_ng wh1ch 1t went nion11 at finished, The next day dawned 'ere they awakened, and its height, then 1t began to gradually smk This was caused by the fact that the influx o.f Pomp preparea a good breakfast, to whioh aU omp. Y!s,sor, Said Barney salutmg and moving Then the truth suddenly flashed across bi& mind. e a c w Y H d i d 'th d lth awav. "What Is lt?" gasped the doctor foUowrng. "I Frank and owar sa ze em, an W re" .!iold on you vlllain !"Interposed Frank "Ar d gretful sighs sent them tlQwn mto the sea. am nauseate I Gre kound ducked into the rolling waves, you sober yet? "Doctor, can't you understand tbis?" ; sending a of briny spray up over t he deck, "I am that, sor, Sllld Barney coming to a : It as if the Judgmant Day bas come l and glided along on top of them for some dis-pause. And 1t IS almost as bad. We may be -ta.nce "Then explain to me where you anll Pomp got -swallowej up by land and sea at any moment! she sprang up Into the air again, fluttered that whisky." "All l I comprehend you I" there spasmodically a few minutes, and with a "'Twor a bit av a bottle I schmugg!ed aboord at It is an earthquake!" sudden rush she came down and settled in the Sydney for medical porpobes, sor," said Barney, Boom l :Boom l Boom I came a sullen, mu!lledd waves with a guilty look, roar under the earth, and it was instantly followe The 'helices had suddenly ceased whirling, a!!-d "And you was taken sick and needed by a terri_ble grinding and splitting rooks the propellers 'vere rapidly coming to a standstill, 1t, I suppose, while In the discharge of your duty fell crashmg, the enire Island was split 1n two, while from the battery room emanated a series of as pilot." and volcanic flames leaPed up fr:>m the gaping lllexplosions and shocks that plainly told Frank that "Shure, au' It's cramps I had--" sure all around the Greyhound 1 the electric storing jars were emptied. "And thereby endangered ail our lives.'' He was rather pale In tho face as he watched the "Mr. Frank, sor, bedad it's--" XXXVII actions of the air-ship iu the water, and his heart "Have you got that bottle?" CHAPTER gave a great throb of dismay as he noticed that the "I it overboord -whin I--" THE GOLDEN IDOL Ol!' BUDDAL ballast was yet too heavy for her, and that she WR.t! "What 111 that stickmg out of your pocket now?" A:N earthquake on one cf the small Cumberland gradually sinking l it's ther How sorprised I am! islands meant utter destruction, and Frank rsal Shure 1t must haveized it at once CHAPTER XXXVI. ." Hand it over to me at onoe, and stop your When the lMt fearful explosi(\n occurred, felt NATURE's CONVULSIONS. lymg.'' sure thnt the yawning fissure dividins: the CuMBERLAND ISLANDS were fully a mile distant "Bnt, Masther _Frank\ there's only ther wee would certainly engulf the Greyhound m IISJ&WS. 'jVhen the Greyhound struck the sea, and as Frank tashte av a dhrol? 1';1 ther oottom, it's a bornin' Ali the others had reconred themselves, and that the ship was being dragged down by shame ter chock 1t mter thersay loJke yer did that realizing what was happening they lost all thought the sheer weight of th6 ballast, he turned to the go?ld, !JlOre, be th?r same token, that wind-of finishing their supper, and rushed out on the others and exclaimed: po1pe IS dhroy, an me heart a.breakin' mtoirely deck I do not want any of you to become panicwid me hard work." In the darkness of the temptest-tbreatenlng stricken, bnt the fact Is we are sinking." "Drink what Is left then, as you certainly have night they ooulll hardly have seen Rnytbiog had A general 'llurmur Qf a.lar111 succeeded thiS an-done your duty to save the ship from sinking. it not been for the lights burn!Dg all over nouncement,. But mlcd you, Ba,ruey, and you, too, Pomp, a repe-the veseel,


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND CF THE AIR. 29 Frank rW!hed u? to : the pilot-house, 'followed by to be of such service to Frank and his friends was if I dout:manage to swp our flight somehow. doctor, lWd in1 he pulled out no mare than a m'ass of scattered debris lying on Harry." lever to raise the.alr-stnp from the shakmg the bed of the sea, its place taken by a smooth "Serious, eh? Own I aid you?" tl 5um

30 FRANK READE, JR., AND HI8 GREYHOUND OF 'l'HE AIR. burnt the hands to have touched any of it without from the storm had been distinctly heard, and at _tbere is only one force-the ftrst covering the part touched. seven miles It was seen that cirr11s clouds were not pomt of by the use o.f By sheer force of will Frank shook off the deadcomposed of water as other clouds ar;e . therefore, rthe:astl It was impossible to awaken him, as he was stu-to Frank and found 'theyoutp almost himself again. gale, and a palllike blackness settled down pefied, and Frank's and determination An examination of the Greyhound exposed the everything. were called into rull play to fight off the intolera fearful racking she got by being contractM and Muttering thunder rumbled and rolled in the dis ble desire b e had to emulate the doctor's example. expanded so fearfully iu the t\VO extremes of terntance, each clap seemilig to draw nearer the H e did not give in, though, yet each seoond the perature into which she had been so violently hound, while ever and anon a vivid flash of bitter cold was intensifying, his face became swol-dash_ed; but it was seen that the damage need not ning tore through the dark sky. len, his stiff, his breath stentorious, and his necessarily; interfere with her operations. The electrical apparatus became exceedingly mind en!eehled. When the sun was up, and all hands were eniecte ed coming over, coupled with the tension brought like' a cleaver. knees. to bear upon them by the weight of the ballast we Then the rain descended in torrents. "Thank God I" lte hoarsely gasped, carry." Beaten down, the air-ship drove along over the His almost rigid fingers clutched the wrench "But you have no fear of her foundering again pitching and tumbling waves of the sea, until witb in a desperate grip, and the straightened stump before we reach the Pacific slope of America, have a toxplosion au electric bolt flew 1 o wr. was j a rked out partly. you?" from the sky, struck the steel hull, and enve lop e d He fixed his glanc e upon the. indicator. "It is hard to say, in the condition she is now in an electrical glare of a strange color, the Grey It marked 52,800 feet-ten miles--above the sea I in." hound Wti.S dashed down further and plunged in It was terrible! Such a height had ne'ver before "Such an event would end us." the sea.. been attained, "All we can dd in future is to keep within a safe CHAPTER XL. The thermometer registered forty degrees below distance of the sea, so that if any accidents occur, zero and froze-the oth\jr instruments failed to act, we could get down in a hurry; and if the ship has and intense darkness surrounded the air-ship. to be abandoned, I:ve got a large, portable boat THE STOBMKING's BEVELS. Warmly wrapped up as he was, a chill struck 'his stowed away on board by means of which we might THE storm that burst upon the Greyhound prom-very heart. save ourselves." ised to be one of the most severe Frank Reade, Jr., He groaned, and still clutchtng the stump lever, It was rather a gloomy outlook, but there was had ever experienced. he fainted. no way to get out of it, and .tioward made up his Everybody but the young inventor and Dr. mind that they" would have to run their chances Vaneyke had gone into the oabin to be out of the CHAPTER X.S::XIX on a kinil. Providence. way of danger, but Frank and the old scientist re li' .!.CH OF A DABK "She goes slower, doesn't she?" he asked mained in the pilot-house, not daring to trust the THE PRO thoughtfull.f. air-ship to the management of any one else. THE ascent of the Greyhouml at the rate of one "Very much; at only half her former speed. Struck by the lightning-bolt and beaten down thousand feet per minute had oooupied just fifty-You see she has had so,me pretty hard usage, into the sea three hundred miles from land, the two minutes, but her fall was at the rate of two Howard." railked air-ship was in a most pitiful condition thousand feet a minute an angle! and_ in a ro-"But increase her speed by the use She leaked through the cracks in her steel plates, ta.ry motion, thus occn pymg twenty-siX mmutes to of the sa tis you utilized when on the water?" and tb.e rough weather came in through the broken bring her down to eight hundred feet of the sea "Not in the least," replied Frank, with a smile. glasses. again. "You n:ust the between The fiery illumination wroughfby the At one mile's be1ght the was forty aerostatwn aJ?-d ship sai!mg. Exposmg up came from the electric fiuid, saturating the tb!D degrees, and at the dew pomt thirty-eight; at five here to the wmd, the s)up would be rent to pieces steel plates of which the vessel bad been built, and miles the temperature was minus five degrees, and as its propellers would be driving it one way while as it communicated with the charged wires ruu the dew point minus thirty-six, and at ten miles the wind might be struggling to force it off at an ning all over the ship from the accumulator-jars, the. cold measured forty below zero, lind the air angle with the direction traveled. "In tbe of there had been a sudden Joss of power. was so qry that no could be a ship's sailing, there are two forc es operating, This suspension of tbe motive and suspensory T.he navigators had experienced a sudden failut e namely, the active force ot the wind and the pasforce had left the Greyhound disabled momentar of the optic nerve, and a numbness and muscular sive force of water's resistance. It is by working ily, thus causing her to plunge down into the rag Joss of vitality. these powers one against. the other that tQ,e ship ing sea. At twenty-two thoU8!\nd feet a clap of thunder can be navigated in any direction. In aerial !13Vi The electric lights were suddenly extinguished.


FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS GREYHOUND OF 1 made the gloom seem to In at the altitude they in, yet there WH.S another lightning blazing around him, wbile be carried the 'nt b the r a . strata of !;torm piling up above them. girl b a ck into the cabin. waves, B\le "We must descend l" he ex c laimed. "She had a narrow escape Frank muttered whipping a vast quantitv ort a "Ah l More of Jove s playthings above us, grimly, as he made his way back to the pilot 8 less as a 10,. wa er, au ymg as eh?" house with extr eme diffi culty," but slu is a courhB,1.Pwe are "asped th d t 1 "It ;would not do to get caught In those a g eous cr e ature, and had' s e nse enough to hold on "No 1 No 1 ., re j' d F e oc or m a arm. clouds.' to the rope until we secured her. d 1 P Ie deperately. "See "By no means. They have a sinister He found the profes&or struggling bard wlta the nhdyiug ofut, and "Much woree than the one s belO\V us, I think." and told him what buLl just occurred f the wandering eleotrici't e 0 111e mt!lr erence "True, my boy. Run the risk of descending "I'm afraid the storm is increasing, Frank," o ., y, we w mount above again." said the doctor w:ye; aga 1b, This a was hardly nece ssary for a sheet of "That is bad. It is b i ld enough now." show animation now. Wl!ld and min swept down upon the tossing air".And your prediction stands llgood chance to ., g assure me of our sesh1p, and beat her, from her plane to a lower strata come tru e ." ftiiS1 8tyec. urityl In this gale 1 It 1 b of air below the first series of storm clouds ove r "You begin to think we cannot save the ship, can on y e temthe se a eh ?" H a ll stones as big as walnuts came shOITe rlng "She Is in such a dilapidated condition the .. only one assurance." upon the ill-fated ship, pelting her with the rattling chances are all against her fighting through this sound of musketry in an army engagement, an\} storm.'' "Why? that the worst. of the storm IS' gone." llB the pressure on the helices was reduced, the "I just sent Barney word to prepare the boat for "Itw1ll take a long t1me to pass over." Greyhound darted down in circles' again to within use." Absuredly. But we must fight It until it does." a hundred yards of the billows. "A wise provision." But even then we will be worse ofT than now." The din that came up from the angry sea struck "Hark l What is that?" no doubt, but better able to live on terror to their souls, and the leaping and surging "A fearful snapping noise I" lbe sea. w a ves mounted to an e normous height as i! eagerly "Look I The wires are all sureharged by the ;; apprehend yet th?,loss of the. anxious to drag the airship Into their embrace and electricity in the air, and are becoming luminous. W1th all candor I do. carry .her down to the mythical caverns of merThat is a bad omen."' ' "Then we a calmer sea to live in your maids on the bed of the sea. "And the snapping noise we hear Is produced boat. Afiasp came again, and a huge fire hall struck by the weakest \Vires breaking! The end has "DeCidedly. That IS what I am aiming' at." the after part of the ship showing Frank in the come l 1'he currents of electricity are fairly rot" me with the wheel: it is too much momentary the dismantled bull of a wrecked ting, or so!tenh.1g, or melting tbem 'l" for me. schooner along on the water below at the "Shall I apprise the others?" "By Jove! it does wrench hard I" mercy 'of the wind and the waves. "You' may as well, to be pr e pared." "l;',ull that lever, Frank, to put the pump In moBut scarcely b a d he observed this sad sight when Frank shouted through the cabin speaking tube, tlon. there sounded an explosi o n of the fire ball, near and the rest were informed of the danger men "Ah:, yes; the hold must be inundated with sea the cabin, and the door 1vas flung open, a shriek acing them. p e aled out aoo-ve the din of the elements, "The Greyhound proceeds slower," observed "'I here goes the last that grotesque glow." and May Blossom rushed out on deck. the doctor," and I notice that the lielices are los" And the Greyhound 1s getting in motion/' Only .an Instant the frightened girl stood, and ing strength-diminishing the numb!Jrs of their "I can helices buzzing." then a violent lurch of the bull knocked her dowri revolutions, Frank." ' "And r.1s!ng, and sent her rolling ?ver to tile lee railing. "You are right, doctor. Ha I listen totthat I" "What a relief to my mmd l" !>he arose, and selzmg a dangling rope, she made It \vas a fearfut peal' of thunder directly over "Do you observe how the wind keeps pushing an e ffort to steady hers elf, when anoth e r fierce roll their h e ads, and the air-ship trembled like an asp-' us down?" of the Greyhound whirled her of!' into space from en with the shock. "Readily. But our heavy g:>lden ballast has the deck I The accompanying plaza of lightning lit up the something to do with that, I am afraid, Frank," In the cabin doorway stood Harry Howard, the sea for many miles aroUnd, and once niore said the old gentleman. picture of mute despair1 while in back of him saw the wretched wreck laboring in the seas beGlare !!,lare of lightning lit up the sky; folBarney, Pomp and. Matt Mainbrace, neath them. 1 lowed by contmuous claps of thunder as the airmg out. Great waves were making breaches over her, anJ ship arose agatn. Frank had seen the accident, and leaving the at .;>ne inst s mt she was engulfed, while at the niJxt She seemed to leap up and shake the brine from wheel In the hands of Doctor Vaneyke, he dashe d she rose up out of the brine and was tossed aloug her hull, but only to be drenched as badly by the out to the spot where the girl h a d again. falling rain. He waited for a succe eding flash of li ghtning to The sight was one of awful grm i deur. Up she shot among the low hanging storm come, .and the n he saw that one end or the rope After that enormous peal of thunder away, cloud s before Frank was well aware of it, and the w a s Jastened to a 'ring bolt on the r a iling, While the ftllBhicg lightning became almost inc essant, electric search light bla zing out ahead aglllin show the other end hung over the and the a and the Greyhound was constantly outlined in the ad him that the alrship was in the midstof a .dozon yards below the ship, was clinging to it. blinding gl9w like some unfortunate bird swept monstrous cloud, toward which another cloud was "May I" shouted Harry Howard frantically, as out of its lantude. rush!Qg with appalling velocity. he ,rushed out on deck. And here is the last cause of alarm which I "Up, up 1 Higher I" shouted the professor, "Stand back I" cried Frank. "I will save her!" have been looking for quite awhile," said the tloc-gri!Sping the helix-lever and pulling it out further. The next moment h e v as beside the rope toter suddenly. ' "The two clouds will mee t in a moment a nd light which the girl w a s clinging, and seized hold of it I am prepal,'ed for anything, profes s or [ Wh a t nlng willfty out of them in all directions as soon outside the railing. )'> Is it?' ., 1 as they do I" :t Our power is dfmlnishhij: ( litst." Aloft darted the Greyhound. CHAPTER XLI, .''The n we are sinkin!il'?" Then there came"' heavy booming that nearly THE Loss OF TRE qllEYHOUND. "Look! We are driving at the sea like a deatened them as the air-ship shot through the IT was as much as l!'ranK could do, with the shQoting stal', and we may stnke close to that black vapor and a huge flew from the edge tempest swaying the ship so violently, to retain wre ck 1:' of the meeting clouds with an report it !)is footing on deck. Qutck, then guide her that way l'' burst, and myriads of brilliant, d a zzling sparks But he braced himself against the railing, and "What are your hopest in all direc t ions, some in space and gaining a firm upon the rope to which the ; To up the !lir-shiJ? the wreck? ()tbers forming in streaks that whizzed off at a g irl was clingmg, he began to haul it up, when I fea r It will b'e 1mposs1ble. tangent, Harry Howard joined him. Yet it Is our only salv a tion, Steer for it cor-It dee med as if a thousand luminous arcs cir-"Go back I" gll.f!J?ed Frank. "You will be blown reotly." all around the attractive steel hull of the airoverbQard I" "I w!ll do my best, Frank." ship, and those that touched it knocked pieces out "No l I muFt stay and help you, Reade I" "All hands on deck I" shouted Frank in the o! an alarmicg size sending them ground to such "I can manage alone." tub'l. a fine dust that a mircroscope 'Could hardly show "Nevertheless, I won't g o I" He saw tl!at once they plunged into the sea, the particles, and turned to a different color down "Obstillilate I" ,; th e re 'Yo,uld n?t be enough in the Gre yill the circumambient air where it vanished. "No 1 JJ'love her. If s he perishes so shall I 1 hounds b attenes to. miSe her again, when,, her As quickly as the flashes came tliey too disap"Then take ho!J with me 1" cracked liull would smk her. p e ared, and onlv the solitary glare of the search Howard eagerly c o mplied, and He ran out on deck hlms.elf after shouted .to light went out over the black void that stretched ":May 1 May I Keep of the rope I tbe others,, and met hi s fnends leavulg tbe caum, of!' ahead of the navigators Into the most infinite "Hnrry I" carae the famt reply. and carrymg out a twenty-foot boat of Frank's i!pace that extends away between the stars. "Courage 1 You shall not, mu,st not d1e I construction, capable of holding all hands. Frank and the doctor were as cool and calculatHand ove r hand they d r ew up the rope, untll at They s ecured it so it not b e blown away, ing in the face of their awe-inspiring danger as if last the half fainting girl's arms came in reach, und e r Frank's directiOns armed they were safe ashore. when 'Frank over, caught hold of her, an.d With ropes. "It is wonderful!" as ed the doctor. lifted her upon the deck. But f?r the coolness and nerve shown by the "What can exist beJong us in that dark realm," She fell into Howard's arms; h aif stupe'fl.ed. young mventor at that trying crisis might Frank muttered "that the lightning travels to "How came she to run out? P asked Frank. have lost once panlc-stncken, all seek?" ''A fire-ball struck the cabin roof, and hope of savin g the1r hves would be gone. "A strange world perhaps." !rightenlng her." w ent the <;rreyhhound bo! hher own acc01 :c1, ''But mac. will never see it h sicall ." "Did it do any danger?" the prof e ssor steenng er as est e could, while "G d th' p y buryioning rep "Th e -roof is all torn off and a part of the floor Fran!4 shouted his orders to the others. ra e .ne umverse IS way: 'th W thl 1 te the air-ship st uck the t tiles inhabit the cel?ter of the globe, sustaining all !!f the cabm has been rtpped away WI with 1 a almost sent themr Its pthressure, hthe deepks!"'adfibshaerss bad Tell Barney to go down below in the swinging waves she was thrown up e oceans we1g t, t en man m e e d' f 'f need about like a feather burden of the atmosphere, after which we find get the boat ?U m rea mess or use, 1 Unfortunat e ly wreck was at least fifty fath btrds at a hlghex: plane. Now, beyond our of be., A i h danger as that?" oms away and there was no way to !'each it 'from atmosphere might not another class of llvmg re we n ,s?c the deck ' beings dwell, sustlt.lning the rare air intervening Is It filled 'Frank with dismay, for be knew that between us and the planets?" Y ove, IS s i d Go I" the wildly-tossing air-ship wae fast filling, nnd as A! Frank did not reply to this 'deep H The in idle talk, but the weight of the gold would bear her down more e fcu:Jd that the fierce dv10 enc1 e o de 1 ft oFwanrk with the thunder roaring <>nd the sheet rapidly, and the power from the jars and 'Wind current below the storm clou s was essene e ra r


\ ----82 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS GREYHOUND OF THE AIR. d)'J'mo could not work the pump, it \vould only age, for her lover's presence, his kind encourage-"By Jove I" be a matter of a short time for her to founger. ments and the faith she reposed in the rest or "An' but ther lalst taste av a knockin' around What was to be done? those brave men was sublime. agin wmdhroive ther keel mile to their pale f11ces and cheered them oey down, and 11aw that he had told truth. will leave you all exposed to the danger or going up He thereupon went up on deck agam, and was dowr,t with no reliance but life-preservers. Shull When the fury of the storm bad somewhallabated1 about to apprise the rest when hP. heard Harty we risk it?" , Frank vent'-'red out on deck, and saw that the lash'-Howard shout: /l'qere was n.ot a voice'save Pomp's, logs that-held both vessels 'were gradually "Sail, ho-sail, no l" and he said b.e \Vanted to go in the boat. wearing away. How that cry electrified all of them! "Very well. It,isarisky)op to,attempt to get Turning to Pomp he said: They rushed up forward,joioing.Harryln the tp wreck," said Frank, but we hold all our "Within a few hours these ropes break, bow where he stood, a .nd Frank w1tb,held his in liv e s in our hands, and only prompt action can Pomp, and as there is no Immediate chance for formation in order not to dampen joyous us.' I will rislf my life to do as Pomp Ibis craft to founder,,we bad better transfer the spirits. 1s so anxious to go, he shall a1d me With the gold to ,tho schooner. Afar in the distance a steamer hove In and oa;r:>.'' . ; ; snh, yo' fink the Greyhoun done Matt Mainbrace danced an extemporaneous horn-The darky then trted to get out of 1t, but Frank Positively ... She Is a wreck, and her machm-pipe, hitched up his trowsers and shouted: was firm, and declared that he must so or ..get err, is . "Hooray-hooray 1 By gol I I knowed as tbar shot. . . Den we got dnf all our llbes 011: d1s wuz a sweet little cherub wot sets up aloft ter Wl\l! no any order that was yere wreck? watch over poor Jack Tar" thf\'0 given, and the .boat was bunche:l, a line "A passing vessel may pick us up:" The steamer must have sighted them, for It one ep.d of wbtch was fastened to the air"Hope ter glory dat wesEel 'peah m1ghty soon.'' came directly toward them, and in due course arship1 and the othe'r to the bo3:t, and as the oars Frank called the rest out and stated hi'! fears, rived within hailing distance, and to the wrecked fe_ll mto the water It left the. Side of the fast set-whereupon they all set to work with a Will, and navagators' surprise they saw that she was the t11ng air-ship, and went rolling toward tbe transferred all the gold, eatables and water to the Reindeer wreck. schooner, along with all valuables they wished to The' boat was a marvel of strength, buoyanct save. steamer we on coll!,mg over '!-t and and breMted the fierce wav!)S like Within an hour after this was don' tlie lashings the of the muti!!Y satd Frank, and she IS a duck, although It was a fear!uletruggle to relich parted and the Greyhound sank beneath the ocean bound for San Francisco. B the wreck. like 8 shot. .. at last l And it Is time. We are saved. Not to dwell upon det;\lis, suffice it that they That was the end of her 1 And the gold, too added May B!ossom. finally tbe dismantled schooo,er, the line Frank uttered an intense sigh of deep regret. : Why, I could almost dance for JOY myself l" was fastened to the stump of the mailimast, und .. It Is too bad after all the work I did on her .. 88ld doctor. tb.ose upon the air-ship hauling in on it, t)l.e Greyhe muttered. But tbe. time will come when 'r A momant later there came a hall from the hound was:dtagged up alongside of the wreck. will eclipse her with a greater invention to startle h h h 1 ,. Half a dozen stout lilies were hove from the the scienttflc world." .' a oy-a oy-a oy wreck to the air-sbip, the electrical wires or The schooner had been heeled over by the drag ahoy l" .shouted Frank. which by this time were all ruin&d, and the Grey-or the air-ship at' her port side, but righted herself ::What IS the_ mattec-a wreck?" ,. hound thus buoyed u_p with just her. deck above and rode on an even keel wben the Gretbound Ay I a derelict. Take us aboard l the sea was secured. s unk. Tlie ste.anier hauled to, and a boat was;towered. !:!he could not sink unless the parted, The following day dawned bright and clear, and "!hen 1t reached_ the wreck matters were for the wreck to be a derelict lumber a signal of distress was raised on a pole extemporP!amed to the captam, who cama on boar.d, _oousmg schooner wl!lch certainly could not fe>undllr unized out of several ours lashed together. btm no end of amazement, and he reaculy con less the waves kn,ocked it to pieces, and washed The deck part of the rolling den,lict urie(l out, sen ted to carry them and the gold back to Callher cargo away. ,.. -., ,. but the water in the hold cams up to the hold fornla. '!,'be unfortunate aer onauts then took refuge In beam. . Accordmgly the was made, the wreck the submerged cabin, and not a soul on A buge hole had ooen stove In the side by some was abandoned, and wtth happy hearts they board they concluded that the scnooner had been unknown means, and they found that the nam6 steamed away homeward-bound wuh all tbA g old ,abandoned by her crew. of tile wreck was the" Sarah N. Cringle, of Sydsaved. ney." An uneventful voyage across the Pacitlerollow e d, OHAP1 ER ;x.LII, days passed uneventfully by, the un-and when they reached San l!'rancisco and di8emlucky ha'VIgators making themselves as comfortathe gold aqd precious stones were sold, TRE BESpuE. ble as tl{oy could under the circumstances, and a and the proceeds divided, when each of tbem ALL through that dark stormy night the furious sharp lookout was constantly kept up in search of ceived a much larger amount than they expect e d raged with unabated vigor, throug)l the a passing vessel. to get. s ,ucce,.ding day, and far into the following night. Neauly a week passed by without a. sign of a The captain of :Reindeer was amply rewardCrouching wet, cold, shivering 'and misfriendly sail coming in sight, and the .unfortunate& ed, and ere Harry Boward and May Blossom left erable in. the cabin of the I?Chooner, which mangradually recovered their strength and spirits after Sao Francisco they were married in the ptesenc& aged to wlthst!lnd the assaults of tae raging sea, the trying ordealil through which tbey passe<;!. of all their fellow voragers. the unfortunates listened to every clap of thunder The sea remained unruffled arid cotlm-a cool, The whole party then went eastward by train, with a. shudder, saw every ftaj!h of ligh.tning with pleasant breeze blowio.g and a clear blue sky overund at Obieago, Howard, his wife and Matt Main dl!ead, and heard every crushing plow the' two vesbrightening up the sea wondrou&ly. brace, parted with the rest and 'returned to New .. seis struck each other as the f9rce 9f the '!B.Ves T!Jere wa.S no mea. ns of ascertaining thel, r loca-York, where Harry was bound to vindicate himself them away and dashed them together boo, as, tpe nautical werE;J lost in the of the .charge of !{illirlg Ralph Des pard. agmn. .', .. wreck. . Frank, Dr. Vaneyke, Barney and Pomp, then It WM a time of dread and horror. At the end o1 the s1xth day Frank was pacmg went to Readestown and that his father It was an experionce tbey would never forget. up down the deck, when Barney came runand family had returned from their trip they bad Thundering waves dashed up and made breaches olng up from below excitedly, and approached taken before Frank set out, he gave them an ac-over them, chasms j0 the tr.angh of th.e ,sea swalhim. count of his adventures in the Greyhound. lowed both ships up, and the bellowing wind drove "Mastl}er Frank, sor !" he exclaimed None the worse for trouble, and with add!Uonal down tons of rain over the doomed ves-"Well, what Is the matter?" asked Fr"'nk. richP.s to compensate tpem, our friends were safely sels in a fearful manner. "We're ter sink aftiler all, bejabers I" home again, and thus we must regretfully leave The hulls of both vessels creaked and groaned "What! How can it be possible?" them tor awhile. as if they were going to pieces at any moment, "Shure an' it's pokin' down in wather Bnt in conclusion it maybe said' that of all tbll' and the shifting cargo of the schooner threatene.d I wm:, whln what shud I see but dayloight remarkable adventures they h 'ad passed through to knock the planking out of the wooden vessel's ascihtramin' ,in along the garboords, an It didn't during the course of their lives they would never h uti, swamp It, ar;.d cause both crafts to sink, take me long fu r to say that tiler rae kin' this ship forg"t the thrilling escapes they 'had with tbe Greynever to rise again. got has waikened her' timbers an' plankin' from hound of the Air. May Blossom bore up with extraordinary courtber keel.''._ , [TBE END.] ,, Latest, Issues of the :R.E::.4.DE :r....z:a:a.AR Nm J No. 1 No. Frank Reade, Jr., and His Adventures With His Latest 34 Across the Continent on Wines: or, Frank Reade. Jr.'s 43 Lost in t_he rJand of Fire; or, Aoross the Pampas in the 25 J / 's New Electric Terror the" Thunder.. Mexico in His New ElectrJc Turret . er;" or. 'l,he Search for t he Tartar's Captive. Ship. 44 and llis Queen Clipper -of the OJouds, and Below Water. 36 Hunters; or, Fr&nk !leade, Jr., in 45 Jr., and His Queen Clipper of the Clouds, 28 Frank Reade, Jr.'a Latest A ir Wonder the Kite;" or; 37 fhe Electric Man: or. Frank Reade. Jr., in Australia. 46 sx Week th G t W 29 and What 38 I ures in or, Strange A drent. He Did for Cbarity. 39 Frank Reade, Jr. ,.and His Electric 'feam; or, In Search f? of the Air: or, 30 Frank Read)t Jr.'s New Electric Invention the "Warof a MissinR 1\Ian. 48 Frank Reade, J'r.,}!:xploring a River of :Mystery. 31 Arizona. 40 ot:, Tbe Wonderful 49 the Sea of sa_ nd, His Discovery 32 Frank Reade, Jr .. With His Air-Ship in Africa. 4t Frank Rende, Jr.'s Chase 'J'brougb tbe Clouds. 50 Chased Across the .Sahara: or. The Bedouin's Captive. 33 Fra,nk Rea


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