Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part I.

Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part I.

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part I.
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York Frank Tousey, 1893
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1 online resource (29 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Inventors -- Fiction ( lcsh )
Science fiction ( lcsh )
Dime novels ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939.
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Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach, or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds Part I.
n Vol. 3, no. 58 (1893)
New York : Frank Tousey, 1893.
c 1893
1 online resource (29 p.) ; 29 cm.
Frank Reade library.
v vol. 3, no. 58
Science fiction.
Dime novels.
t Dime Novel Collection.
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No. 58. { coMJ>LETE.} FRANK TOUSEY. Pcrnr.tSHER, 3! & 36 NOR'!'H MOORE STRR:E'r, NEW YORK. New York, October 28, 1893. ISSUED WEEKLY. Entered aceordino to the Act of Conoress, in the yeur 1893, by FRANK TOUSEY, in the o .(Jice of the Librarian of Congress, at Washinoton, D. C. FBJIJK BEJIDE, JB., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH; OR, The Search for the Isle of Diamonds. Up flew the dirt anc;t in the cogged _wheels! as the coach whizzed around, and off she 1 rushed hke wlldflre, on a hne With the cliff tops. A sigh of mtense relief burst from every one, For a moment not a soul expected to escape destruction.


2 RANK READE, .JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. ================== The subscription Price of the FRANK READE LIBRARY by the year is $2.50: $1.25 per six post-paid. Address FRANK TOUSEY PuBLISHER 34 and 36 North Street. Box 2730. t And His Electric Coach: :oR, THE SEAR-CH FOR. THE ISLE OF DIAMONDS .. I By '' NONAME," I Author of 'Frank, Jr., and His Queen Clipper"t>f tlie Clouds," etc .. etc., etc. CHAP'rER I. Unluckily for Jllm he stumbled over a stone, "True! Hera's the offer: will you set fire to a pitched hAadlong into the with a loud house for one hundred dollars?" THE STORY OF THE DIAMOND ISLAND, crash, and muttering a disagreeable comment upon The question was asked in cool, deliberate tones, IT was a cold, blustery night in October, a dark, his misfortune he dozed off in a profound drunken and the young man in jeans startea and turn .ed storm-threatening sky lowering over a beautiful slumber. as pale liS death, for had tlrst seemed to lnm western aettlement called Readestown, and a sharp The noise of his fall bnmght the young man in a comedy was now assuming a serious arawind sweeping across the adjacent prairies with jeans running over to see what was thfl matter, matJC aspect. a mournful dirge. and as hchoed, in startled A dusty road, hedged by tall trees, and dense he wdo it was anrl uttered .a langh. to!1es. "Whose-what house?" shadowy bushes ran out of the eastern side of the Then he walked aheaii u few paces m the shadow 'Never mmd that; I'll tell you afterward; first town, illumined a short distance by electric lights, and muttered: war my quest!Of!-:yes, or no?" the powet of which came from thf' dynamos in a It's that drunken bummer Toots, who hangs I he young mlln Jeans a mome.nt, building owned by the eldest son of a great lnvenaround all the saloons in town and plays toady to and made hu!1 mmd to carr;r out the decept!Oll tor Frank. Reade after whom the town was any one who will treat him. Looks as if he had he was practicing to the end, m order to find out nat'necl .. been on a spree. I'll leave him where he is to all the details of th.e scheme this black-bearded Frank Roads, Jr., his son, was an enormously doze of! the effects of his potations, He mo&t a!stranger was lustlgattng. rich young married man, who, inheriting his fath-ways sleeps out of doors anyway." "I'll do ther job," he daid, after a pause, "Pony er's wonderful talent, bad ill\'ented some of the then the young man heard a. low, guarded up the money." most marvelous in steam and elec whistle ahead of him. "Here is a ten-dollar bill to bind the bargain; I trieity over produced by mankind. "Hello I" he. muttered, halting and listening. will give you the when the work is done. On the night in question he had been trying the "What's that? Here I came o.uLior a quiet stroll That's fair, Isn't it?" working and speed of an electrical motor, to rqn in an isolr.ted spot to think 1111d rest myself, when "Yes,'' assented tile other, taking the bill. "An' _.,. without tracks, in the form of a coach, upon it looks as if I was stumbling on an adventure !now fer the perticklers, sir." which he had been labo ring for over a year, which 1'hat whistle has some significance. I'll answer "'l'he case stands this way: Frank Reade, Jr., be had just completed. it just a lark to ftpd out its meaning if I can." and I had a row in thA town today. Two boys in It was just about an hour after he had He thereupon reneated the whistle, and crouch-JReadestown were "catching" with a base-ball along the road alluded to, on his return with the ed in the gloomy bushes. .and ns I was passing, it struck me. Angry and in machine, and the clocks in town announced the Presently he heard a footstep approaching, and jured, I chase the boys, and was giving them a hour of nine, when a man, looking mtlCh like a a man with a full beard suddenly appeared in the sound beating for their carelessness, when Reade tramp, might have been seen lutking in the gleam of tbe electric light, peered around with his came along aLd interfered." shadow of tile beyond the outskltts of hands thrust Into his dark overcoat pockets, and "Ab I I see." R eadestown. his derby hat pulled down over his eyes. "We quarreled, as' he took the boy's part, and His actions were highly mysterious. He walked up to the young fellow in jeans. came to blows, when, curse him, he publicly He would glance cautiously up and 1own the "Is that you, Toots?" he demanded, in mu 1'ed humbled and disgraced me, by thrashing me fear road, as If secretly expecting tt? see some one, and tones. as he touched the young man's arm and fully, and I swore to avenge my injuries. To -:J!)On being disappointed, he skulked back in tile ranged alongside or im. night we square our account! I will burn him gloom again. "Certainly," replied the other, disguising his out, and the !lames may reach his workshop in 'l'he man was ltlone, bad the air of a parson voice, curious to probe the mystery. the grounds, and ruin that new invention of his, who was anxious to conceal liis presence there "Well, I am glad you, and delighted to which be has been working on so long. It will from any chance wayfarer, and at the same time see that you are prompt." be a grand revenge for me I" he seemed to be greatly under the lntluence of "1 allers keeps my word ," said the other, imi" Will It? Law, now, yer a strangf'r in these liquor. tat!ng Toots' manner ofspeaking very cleverly, parts, too, ain't yer?" It was in a particularly dark spot where he bnd for he had often heard the now sleeping dmnkard "Stmnger? Yes. I traveled all the way here taken up his Rtnlion. Any one in passing could talk. from Mexico with a friend of mine for the expreRs scarcely have distinguished his form from the dark "A fellow In the town told me you was open for purpose of hiring Reade to come down t.bere with bushes in back of him, engagements to do any kind of work, provid-ed is new marvel of nis invention, to go on a trip He heard footsteps coming prasently, but by that you was well paid for it, and t.lmt is why l tol his place of concealment With as much caution case you accept it." tion gained the mastery of him. "You are ex as 1he could move. "But yer ain't tole me wot it Is yet, sir." posed!" ,-.


. FRANK RE..ADE, JR., AND "Eh?" gaspearne from the lib-keen-edged scythes, the tires were cogged nnd made, wbeu be fled at full speed to the town, with rary down stairs, and he descended to learn the spiked, on the inner side were fiangl'>ll to prevent tl!e inventor after him in bot haste, to chastise cause, entering at left of the hall, and saw a jolting, aud while the two large driving-wheels him. negro iua louu-ohecked suit, standing in a stoop-supported the weight of the coach, and were Frank Rende, Jr. was wild with anger at tllis ing posture with his nose stuck in a speaking joined to electriCIIl piston rods that connected at mean wretch, and caught him within the bouuds 1 uoe on the wall, from which he seemed unable to the under sides of !he coach with electric llel of the town, but he managed to escape, and ctarted lvithdraw It. ices, the smaller front wheels ran free, an. d bad down a dark tree shaded avenue, w!Jero Frank saw Behind the gray-beaded coon stood a eimilarly-smooth rims. !Jim bending tor a liquor store. attired, athletic looking, mw-boned old Irishman A huge king-pin joined them to the floor of 1'hu man imagined be had given Fran!>: tile slip, with red hair, twinkling eyes, a long upper lip and the pilot-house, whMe a hollow ceutrnl lever, and into the place. "Galway" side whisl\,ers. fastened to a hol'izontul wheel, made steering Within a few minutes afterwards the young InHe was banging the stuck coon over the coat practical. \'eutot silently entered a aida door of the place, tails with a long picket. Electric wires ran from binding-posts at the and touud himself in one of several compartments "Stop dar!" the darky was yelling, frantically lower sides of the coach ber.eath a foot-path go used for card playing, private drinking and other dancing up and down. "Lord a massy, Barney ing from one end of the machine to the other simllar purposes. Shea,. yo' aog gone slnnah, .stop 1 Pull my nose aud connected wit h the wheelsattbA sides, while a He w!\Sscarcely within the place, wllenheheard outer dis bole!'' complete circuit was formed by four extra wires a hall door leading into the saloon open, and two Biff-bang-thump I went the picket again; then from under the coach, joining the men passed into the compartment adjoining that the Irishman paused to spit on his hands. axles. In which Frank stood, shut the door, after call in!! "Begorra, I'll be nftber givin' yer boide a darker There was n door In back with steps, and a for drinks, and the young Inventor recognized one tan than it8 got now, Pomp, ye black spa! peen!" door going into the pilot-house beside whtJre it or them tiS tile firebug whom be hud been pursu-he exclaimed with a grin. "Put terbaccy in me joined the coach at the end of the foot-path. lug. tay at supper will ye?" All the windows were guarded by tough steel "I've given him the slip," he heard the man "Oh, ian' sakes!" groaned the coon, trying to so finely woven as to be bul!et proof, while "Oh, bow I gave myself away to him in the gloom 1 pull his nose out or the tube. Wba' fo' I done the body of the coach wa1 made entirely of it, HA knows the whole thing now, and I'll have to go try ter smell dat hoe-cake bakin' down in de kltchsave along the lower part where the electrical South." ing when yo' tole me? Oughter knoweil yo' pul machinery lay, and that was protected by gal van"Carramba I We not will be able to hire dat shoemaker wnx in de tube ter cotch mL !" ized steel plates, as was the lower part of the electric coach now?" queried the other man. Bal.'ney's grin spread from ear to ear, and he pilot-house. "No. We must get all yootr guerrillas together caught Pomp by the tails of hi!! coat and gently be-Within the latter was a :<:ey-board in front, iu a body, and start on horseback to find the Isle gun to pull the coon back, wht'ln the skin was alwith several rubber levers on it to control the of Diamouds, if we wish to get the vast treasure." most torn from his blaclt nose, and he howled, oomplicatlld mtlchinery, and over It were differ" Why you not tell me the story auout how you swore and did a war dance. ent dials that represented compass, barometer, find dat place out?" One of his big plantations cangbt Barney fn the thermometer, and gauges for the machinery. "I will. It is n.o secret. I doubt if Reade will jaw, and he was floored as if an army mule kicked 1'he doctor went lusi

4 AND HIS COACH. them, they go for one hundred cents on the dollar. gilded in and h!d in a !llo_set to wait for hfm, when llylng beasts, while the Irishman out on You sue tile fifteen cents difference made Is thr with a sharp the sprmg lock on tne of the cow-catcher through tile door Ill tile pilotprofit and as thousands are fiooding a certain secthe door snappea shut, and Frank found !urn self house. tion of the border it be a big profit tlley a prisoner. It was a race for hfe, liS the cattle would, and the authbrities here have been attracted A minutes, afterward the stateroom door Van('yke t? death once they reached _him_. and, at to the fact, and offer $50,000 reward for the appre-opened al!d two m ,en entered. the sam';' time, II .they struck they hension of tile counterfeiters." "Por diOS I'' the Mexican htss, "I have would pile up their carcasses on Itaud kill the four 'l'he doctor was amazed at the Ingenious plan, dat boy's life for. dis." , all together, wreck th_e machine, and wound, maim, and repllired t'> the house with Frank after the In "Yes curse htm, and I Jl help you! rephed the and butcher half thetr own number. ventor had warned the house watchman to be other. .. We couldn't fool him I" 'l'he doctor bad arisen, and as the machine drew extra vigilant against an attack from tho black'l'o Frank's amazement, he recognized speak-nearer, one 'of the levers, marked bearded stranp:er. er as Tom Hardy, the youth whom he saw, the No.2, and reversed it to speed. The prop:>sitlon was put before Barney and three other gamblers cheating. Tho thundermg cattle and ragtng storm were al Pomp when they came In, and the map and ex"We deed not put up datjob right wid you, so most upon them, when over Barney, he planations to find the Island city was consulted. dat we fieece him." grasped t_he doctor, him up on the cow It seemed to be genuine enough, and was plain "No. It started 0 K when to be catoher wtth a vl?lent Jerk, and seve!al the !ore to follow, 11 it were not a dMeption, and the four cheating me. I knew he'c;I see tt and mterfe;,e. but most JUSt grm>.ed _the Wlltrl wmd as she agreed Logo and test it tfie following week. you have let htm scoop that pile. spun around short nnd fled oefore them again I 1'he motive of going to find the diamond city "The young swindler!" thought Frank, in dis-It was the nnrrowest of escapes, and as Fr.tnk was a mere pretext with them, though, for they gust. "He Is in with the Where saw the two men coming up to the pilot house, he were not sure but the story about it was a fable, have I heard his votce before? It IS awfully fa-turned lever No.1 on the key-board around to the pure and simple. miliar." last. notch, and uude! her fullest head of speed the It wad their passion for roving and adventure "We not can help It now! growled the Mextcan Whirl.wlnd fiymg awny in a cloud of dust, th&y chiefly wished to sayagely. creepmg on m advance of her fearful pursuers Preparations were accordingly made the next "Do you know who he Is? asked Hardy. and soon lert them several day and although Frank's wife was not pleased "He's Frank Reade, Jr., the fellow whose elec-mtles behmd. at ths prospect of him going, she did not try to tric machine l tried to fire h:vReadestown." She was traveling at tl:e fearful rate of seventy hinder him, and In the allotted tlmtl the four were "Ah I" thought Frank, "so he was the tire-bug, five miles an hour, and oft at an angle to ready disguised by a false beard'." get out of the path of the storm and the beasts, The' Whirl wind, as Fmnk's latest wonder was "Maybe we get it yet," suggested the Mexican, when Barney and Vaneyke came iu panting and named was shloped to the Mississippi, with all in sinister tones. pale. their mid they followed after It, "Ay, it's on board, Frascuelo. Perhaps \'l'e "Safe!" gasped the doctor. "You were just In Boarding the beautifullllack Bird n.s the steamcould steal it." time 1 I owe my life to your nerve!" er was called they startea for New 'orleans, from "Why," gasped Frank with a start, "the Maxi-" I couldn't afford to lose so good a man as you whence they to take a steamer over the Gulf can is the noted outlaw of tho counterfeiting fa(Ile are, doctor." smiled Frank. to 'l'amplco, a distance of 750 miles to Mexico. whom I want to capture." : Bedad," muttered Barney, "I'm aft her wlshin' Tbe passengers on Black Bird 'yore made "Pot ml madre, How we get dedtarnonds wed folhed aould Frascullo an' _Hardy be up of all sorts of people, and that mght when unless?" satd the MexiCan. from New Orleans wstld nv laudtn' at 'l'amptco an' Frank sauntered Into tile smoking-room, he saw "We'll try, anyway, if we have to kill him to do goin' fer Gcadalupe on coach, if I've got tar several men sitting around one of the tables play it." save anny moJe docthors." lug poker. "How 'bout Ia Senorita Panchlta's uncle, de "But remember," saiJ Frank," it's a race between Two of them were evidently typical Texan gamalcalde of Guadalupe?" those villains by the railroad and our party on the biers but the other two were men of a different "He is the only man besides ourselves who Whirlwind. If they reach Don Mario Gonzllez stamp altogether, as their appearance indicated. knows where those diamonds are located. When first, they will murder him; if we get there ahead, One a burly. dark-skinned, middle-aged we reach Guadalupe he must die, so that only we we will put him on his guard." man with jet eyes, hair and mustache, sharp, re-shall have the secret, and you must do the job." "And we h11ve bnt a few miles more to travel," pulsive featutes, and woro3 very fashionable A sinister laugh burst from the Mexican. added the doctor. "If the steamer had not been clothes. "Carramba !" he cried coarsely, "I do it with dehtyed dur'ing her passage over the Gulf by rough The other was an American, nicely dressed, pleasure." weatller we would have been in Guadalupe two about twenty-five years of age, and hap. n smooth "Not if I can warn him In &ime," thc.ught !lays ago." face, delicate white hands, and smoked cigars inFrank. "An' thim two days is all thor spalpeens wants, c9ssantly. "I wonder," said Hardy," where Reade is goif they've gone be rail, ttlr bate us, pervoided 'l'l\ey were playing for hif"h stakes, and after ing to with his friends aud his elect ric coach? wuz11't kilt be dhrownin' whin they Jept troo ther Frank had been watching the game awhile, ;te Have you any Idea? Can it be to find the diamond windy av ther Black Burd Iuter ther .Mississippi." s aw th>tt the three men were tlagrantly cheating islantl? You know he stole Panchita's papers "I S>IW them swim ducks for the shore," tlle youngest. with marked c>trds, causing him to from me, and knows King's history." said Frank," and I sbouted to them that I'd warn Joe, deal after deal. "No. Como, we turn in. He not find us here. of his danger, you know, when Hardy Unable to patiently watch their dirty work any I hang dese clothes in de closet, and put on odder dellsutly yelled back that they'd get there ahead of longer, Fran!: suddenly exclaimed, just as the wans to-morrow, so dat he won't know me." us by rail aud kill him any way." lll exictn was aJ;>out to swindle the youth again: He tlung opeu the closet door as he spoke, "We must do OIIJ." best to tb wart them," said the "Excnse me for but you are not wnen Frank sprang out at him and caught the doctor," and since we put the Whirlwind together playing 1>\ir." startled rascal tiy the throat. at Tampico, all equipped, I've enjoyed the ride "What I" crie:l the fonrin chorus, as they bound-Tenitled, Hardy jumped out the window, and thus far." ed to tileir feet. as Frank aimed his pifi!tul at Frascuelo he tore She rides as easy as a oarriage,'' said Frank, "'l'hose cards are marked 1" exclaimed Frank, away from the young inventor, and lol-reducing speeJ, "obeys the wheel within half her quietly. lowed his companion in a twinkling into the river. length, au<.t the electric arrangements are perfect. "'l'hen I won't play any more," said the young I aru more than pleased with her. Ah, see, there man arising.. "I am much oblige<1, stranger. My CHAPT Ell III. goes the storm and the beasts." name is Tom Hardy. Call on me if you need a Miles behind they saw the gyrating, funnel. friend." THE RACE FOR LIFE. shaped cloud go ronriug along after the terrified 'l'lle three gamblers glaring at Frank, and "HELP, Frank! Stop the Whirlwind!" animals, and sooing :bat they were safe, they bead the Mexican exclaimed: This thrilling shout rang out over a !earful eJ for Guadalupe, which was looming up in the "Oarramba I Maybe you be so sharp, you play on a WAek later. dusky twilight ahead of them, the lights in the old better." Flying across the Mexican plain went the Whirl-city twinkling like star3. "Ob, I'll t11ke a band, with a new pack of cards, wind toward the distant city of Guadalupe, pur-The four adventurers were now attired in tight to aveuge the young man." sued by thousands of wild cattle, which in turn gray traveling suits and hats, and were full of life, The others were !!atisfied with Frank's remark, were followed by the low-hanging blaclt cloud of a animation, and iu high spirits. and the four sat down, a new pack was produced, frightful cyclone tliat carne sweeping from the eastFrank brought his marvel to a pause outside of and the game began. ward, a track over the earth through tree;; the city, left Barney and Pomp in charge of it, and From the beginning won stPadily, until be and rocks with a fury that was simply terrible. he and the doctor armed themselves with pistols had several hundred dollars in the heap on the 'l'he eartn shook with the pounding of the and hastened away on their errand of merey. tabla in front of him. hoofs, thAir affrighted bellowa vied with the roar-By dint of inquiry, as they could both speak Then he caught the two Texans stacking the lug and shrieking of the storm, the air was black Spanish, they discovered wh.!ire the alcalde (alder cards, and sweeping his stakes into his pocket, he with fiylng ro

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. any one enter the house the servants and Pan-Frank was wild. Crack, bang 1 went Pomp's rifle, at this juncture chita. He made a bee-line for the place where he left on ihe COiloCh top. Hardy and Fascuelo had reached Guadalupe the Whirlwind, and as he got on board, and rushed He was a dealshot. d b 'ld 11 d ahead of Frank's party, into the pilot house, be yell ed: There. sounded a lou ne1g a WI ye an as Vaneyko saw a light gleaming behind the cur".l.larnf!y 1 P<_>m!J 1 Stand by to aid me. Look Frank JUmped up, ran to rear door, and talus ol a window ut one side of the courtyard, ar.d yono!er-11 ve ru1le8 oti there, m the plams-that he saw Frascuelo 8 horse fall. hurried into the room a door. band of horsemen!" rhe. agile Mex.JCan s_Prang from saddle, Just M he did so a pistol-shot mug forth. He p1msQd, started the electric coach, and droppmg the terrified g1!l, landed on hiS feet like An instant later o 'ut or the room rushed Panchita, grasped the wheel, the machine alter the a cat, and the horse penshed on the spot. uttering a Hhriel.:, for she ba!" The doctor had a serious charge against him, was mpidly diminishing. "Of garroting," said Frank, meaningly. 11nd turned very white. 'l'hat was what made the spiked driving-wheels "What do you intimate by that?" Fmnk looked around just In tl!De to see the revolve slower, and gave the dOZf'll Mexican out"I am going to bring you baek to Guadalupe bouse-porter hurrying out in the street with the laws' horses an f>pportunlty of forging ahead just with me. This girl witnessed the tragedy in Mario girl in his arms, and put her in a carriage. as Frank drove the metallic coach almost M their Gonzalez's house, and will expose your share In "He is In league with the fellow who sbot Don heels. it.'' Mario!" muttered Frank, ''and to cover the "If I fail to capture Panchita froz:p. them," mut-"He is a false friend," exCitedly cried the fright culprit's guilt he means to carry the girl away, as tered the young inventor, in grim tones," herevi-ened girl, arising. "He robbed me oi some papers she can't appear in court to vindicate Vaneyl.:e. deuce as to who shot the alcalde, Gonzalez, which would lead to tha discovery of fabulous The rnscals calculate to make the doctor die for will not be anll poor Dr. Vaneyke will wealth, and then deliberately planned to assassi that villain's crime 1 Unless I bring the girl bnck pay the penalty of Frascue!o's Cl'ime at tbe hands nate my poor uncle, just he was aware of Vaneyke's life will pay the forfeit! Hal What is of the Jaw {n Guadalupe. The evidence of Fras what the paper said,ar.d might thwart of that?" cuelo's accusation is sure to convict my dear old getting it." A gliding figure brushed past him going toward friend, in conjunction wltb other circumstances." "Did you see tbe crime committed?!' eagerly the street door. 1 Slower and slower went the electric coach. asked Frank. It was the man who accused the doctor. The rattle of the repeating rifles -in the hands of "Ay. Pretending to be a physician, tho Mexican 'rhe light streamed out the window full upon his Bnrney and Pomp on the coach back of the ac.d this youth gained ingress to my sick uncle's face. house continued to peal out every mo bedrr>am, and just as your friend, the old gentle" Frascuelo !" shputed Frank, recognizing him. rnent, and many a groan and cry of pain from the man, entered the Mexican shot Don Mario, and Afraid of public betrayal the outlaw shot a out! attested to the fact that a.ll the shots this cowardly cur sprang thro .ugh a window into S!lovage glauceat Frank, nnd rushing out to the were not wasted. the street and disappeared, wpile I rau out." carriage be got in with the porter! and having Jn return the Mexicans sent back volley after "Thank Heaven 1" ferven,Uy qrled Frank. "You a captive they were whir ed away, just volley at the Whirlwinu, the bullets flattening cnu vindicate my old friend. He> was accused by liB Frank ran nfler them. harmlessly against the woven steel shell. Frascuelo, the Mexic an, and is held by the law for 1'he street followed by the carriage led straight "Barney," shonted Fmnk, as he turned lever the crime/' out of the city, and Frank dashed alter the vehicle No. 1 around to the last notch, nnd saw tbnt it "flladly will I prove his innocence and convict at the top of his speed, bat it gradually kept gaindid not increase the speed of the machine this wretch," cried the girl. ing on him, as tt.e driver was lashing his team "Come in here." "In said Frank, "I wiiJ restore tlle furiously until it was several blocks In the lead. "Are yez burled, Misther Frank, darlin'? God papers to you which this mnn stole." Fronk knew that he must rescue the girl to S!We forbid," demanded the red-headed old fellow, com-"Ah 1 Is It possible you have got them sir?" the doctor's life and doggedly kept on, despite his ing d'Jwn !rom the coach top through trap "Senoritn, here they are-wreoted from that losing ground so discouragingly. door into the p,ilotbouse. young ecoundrel," Frank, as he handed the On tlle outskirts of the city be saw, by the sllve y "No; come In and steer. The machinery is long envelope containing the valuable documents moonlight, thnt the carriage paused in front of au out of ordez. I must examine it." to the girl. 1 hostelry. The got. out, the vehicle "Howly S\lfl'erin' mac.kerell An' whin we "Ave Maria 1" she cried, grate!uiJy, as she away, nud the fugmve earned the senseless gnl nade all our speed," smd the old Inshman, dartpr essed it to her lips. "My poor dea:l father's around a corner. ing in and taking Frank's at the wheel. legacy to his orphan child. I can never make use Fl'lmk bad not gone m'?ch furthAr though when 'l'he young in ventor dashed into the coach, and of the paper now that my unfortunate uncle is a troop of a dozen Mexicans rounded tbe same began to lift the floor. dead, as I have no other living relative. But I nm corner into the street he was in, mounted on large, "Pomp, come down and hold these boards up," giRd to see that Tom Hardy's rascally desin is fiery Northern horses. he cried, "I'll Axamine wires." !niled." ", One of them was Frascuelo. "Golly, sah," the old coon replied. "Wha' fo' Barney and Pomp caine fr'Jm the no1v stn tionarv In his arms he l.Ield the now girl,, nnd yo' doan' ,IeabO me be? I done hab a lJA!ld on Whirlwind, and at_ FrnnK's order, bound tho groan among the other F:nnk recogmzed Tom Fmscuelos horse, Lemme pepper hzm fo' ing Hard:l:' hand and toot and carrie d him on-boan.. Hardy and Don Marzo s po.ter. ter frow hzm down. the electnc coach, where he wa; flung into a com1'he girl began to struggle and light to get away, Frank paid no heed to what the old darky said, partment. but sbewas as helpless as a child in the powerful bnt flung the boards !\Side, sprang down into th e 1'he girl was filled with wonder n.t the stran"'e hands of the huge outlaw. electric at compartment, and closely examined the contrivance and Frank expl ained its useQ to h;r "Heavens!" muttered Frank aghast. "Six wires. as he conducted her on board armed men to one I Yet I will go for the beggars Ah I Just as I imagined !" he exclaimed. "The He left .her in the watching Fras Ah! They see me now." and s.tress of currer.t bas nearly melted cuelo and his bRnd of horsemen in a He ran ahead, and .fired n .shot at the rascals, ?,ne 'Jt the wzres . In few moments it will part .. cloud of dust, off to the southward, ar:d then re when they put spqrs mto thezr horses flanks, and I hen the mnchme wzll stop, Mexicans turned to the melted wire, and repaired it. With a defiant snout they fted. wzil get away. But I can repo.1r It! When this was done, the machinery operated to


FR NK READE JR AND HIS ELnrYfRIC COACH. A ., .C.\. perfection and getting his wonder under power a craHh, as the Whirlwind sped up to tlle heap of .man's voice came from, he suddenly saw the Frank turned he1 glaring search-light to-boxes, and l!'ran)\ shouted as the coach stowell speaker. ward Guad,llnpe, and they sped back for tbe city. up: The man was dressed like a cowboy, and had a "What do you intend to do, on our return, now "Hold I hold I he IS Innocent I We have the long beard and hair, that your uncle is dead?" asked Frank, as he real culprit 1" . He stood amid a gtowth of weeds, in the water. stood beside the girl in the pilot-bouse: "Mercy 1" shrieked Panchttn frantically, as ;9he a few Y[trds from shore sunk up to his hips in the Tears started to Panchita'a eyes, and a troubled rushed out on the platform in front . :spare htm,! terrible I:J,uick-sand forming the bed of the strel\m 1 look crossed her face. I Witnessed the crime! I attest to hts mnocencel As sqoh as Frank observed him, and saw the I do not know, senor," she replied lc per"Panohita-the wit ness!" were the words that stag's actions, he realized the dangt'lr they were all plexity. "I am all alone, and h>Lve absolutflly ran from to m?utb among mob. ,, in, ror onct' caught in the tenacious grip o! the nothing but the love of a man who Is far away "An' beJabers, heres the r>)t. that ktlt tiler Don l sand it would be .matter of doubt if any of them from here." roared Barney, u.nd with one lllug he sent Hardy would get out alive. "The man whom Hardy tried to cut out of your flying up on the boxes out the door. The voracious sand was fast sucking them down affection?" A yell went up from the people, as in its fatal bed, and might ultimately_ Rink their "Yes-a young Englishman, who has a. horse the of the powerf?l search light heads bel.ow Its surface, and swallow tnem ur 1 ranch, miles \lPOn miles away. His name 1s Ger-shot m the priests and executwnet s eyes, they re"Hello, stmngar !" hailed Frank, as he made an aid Fitzgerald. Within a fell' months we were to coiled. etl'ort t9 turn the stag's ht>ad back to the shore. be married. He cnme here n year ago from Eng-Down sprang Dr. Vaneyke on tht' coach top What in thundei' Is this--quicksand?" land and invested u.ll his capital in a ranch. It I a trap In the roof, and Frank called P>mchtta I reckon. Kaln't gil out no bo1v sense that are he 1vill badlight, its peculiar appearance, In one Instant he vanisbed from tke sight of By hokey, lUll t .. mgh ez glads I am, as and its living inmates, frightened people and everyone on the Whirlwind, and was ca .rried flyserted Lasso Dune thought my goose beasts alilce, as it. came rushing along, scattering ing into the gloomy woods by the scare? animal, 3ooked fer l'nt up Y?r flipper, them in all directions, and as' they tearing through. bushes, plunging amtd vines, an Iemme how much1 } m obleeged ter deeper Into the city, the noise became louder. leaping oveF rocks and fallen tree trunks, grazing yer. a mt.,hty.close <'all. Thousands of hoarse-voiced 1>eople were yelling down hanging branches and nearly unseated by The) shook bauds. and tlw man the and talking, their e Whirlwind rushed Into the plaza, Frank's flanks of tha terrified beast, grimly resolved to lf yer II me ter cut dowr;, a lot o cedars, ter party sa\V it filled with thousands of excited, furlbang on until he chance to take Its life. make a bridge over ther sand. . ous people, all of whom were surging about the It was gloomy in the woods, pn!'rots, huml"{ling .Frank did not know what ius design was, but park in the center, upon a heap of boxes, in which birds and wild game birds orr all sides, mdeung cedars, stood Dr. V11.nuyke. while straight ahead through the tropical foliage and the man laid .the 'l,UlCk sand, making On one side of him knelt a priest praying with a Frank saw a silvery stream o! water winding a path out to the smkmg crucifix raised slcyward in his bands, in back through the trees. . 1 hen out he went on them With the tough v,lne loomed the horrible post of tbo garrote, an.d beRide "l'm in for a bath," he muttered. "The stag is':Whicb had saved his, life, and fal.'tening the en:. of the old scientist stood the public executioner with going straight through it!" 1t around the beasts horns, he got back to the n black mask over his face, and a piece of thili rope Be little dreamed danger he was going to sltore ere the cedar path sunk, an(\ he and Frank in his hands. encounter in lhe sparkling, innocentlooking water began to pull. 'l'lle turrible tragedy bad just begun. as the stag went splashing in. It was hard work to drag the stag out, for it was It evident enough that one and all sincerely "Help l Help!" roared a strange man's voice, a heavy bea>y made their way on them, the dense mass of people parted right one wictim, if be has got yours truly sunl,en up through tbe wood&. "How did It happen?" and left and fled with cries of alarm and woe in ter thAr bread-bask11t." "Waal, yer see, stranger, l'm a herder fer a En all directions. stag was plunging as if Its boors were stuck dish pilgrim na.(Ded Gerald Fitzgerald," explained A terrible stampede took place among them. in bird-lime, and the poor baast betrayed every Lasso Lury, "hn' this morn in Frascuelo an' his Not to be balked out of Ills prey, the executioner evidence of desperation and alarm. band made a raid on ther ranch an' captured me gr:tspt-d"'the doctor and a:ljusted the cord aronnd 'l'be water was very shallow, and haJ a silvery an' ther boss. While ther greasers wuz stealin' our his neck, to strangle him to at the garrote bosses, .Frnscuelo had Fitz tied to thPr back o' a post. Frank observed the stags' actions with intense tlery, unmanageablt'l big stallion, called Da)'e Devil, Down went one ofthe pilot-house windows with uneasiness, and glancing in the direqtion,. the gave ther benst a cut o' tiler whip, >Ln' away tber


FRANK READE, JR., A.ND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 7 went thunderin' over tiler ph\iu with poor "Hull on 1" cried the !herdsman, whirling his "You are both poor and homeless then?" Fitz !1\Shed to it-back ter back. ' lasso with a vhistilng sound. "I'll ro;>e ther stai-"Extraordinary so, my dear fellow" 1 Robbed 1 Oh, that's too bad I lion an' throw Dare Devil down." "'!'hen I'll propOSIJ a p)an to you." He's..ruined then?" "No I" screamed Fmnk. "The beast may fall "Peg away. Blast it, I agree alre11dy." <"Every dollar he bed wuz Invested In his on Fitzgerald and crueh him." "Wait. It all with Panchita,'' stock." "And once be is down, the wolves may tear "Ave Maria! Me, senor?" "Poor Panch ita!" sighed Fmnk. "1 can't bring him to pieces before we can reach him," added "It is to ;0 in search the 1sle Of diamonds her to bet lover now." the doctor grimly. "Better shoot at wolved, -all o! us-m th1s coach. "Ah! Ye1 knows his gal toQ, by bokey I" boys!" "Carrambal" "Ye s-sb,e is with my pMty. But how about "Hurro forOireland !"screamed Barney. "Sock "You have "the plan to reach It, and enormous yours elf?" e m Pomp sock 'em I" w e alth awaits the lucky person who ventures there. "Frascuelo mebbe designed it-least ways he carBimg l Bang! B11ng I roared tho weapons, and What say you?" ried ms away from tiler ranch along o' him, an' down went wolf after wolf, while the horse's fear "Go by ail means I" exclaimed Fitzgerald, de when we got ter this place he planted me." by tbe and It rus. hed ahead iightedly. "To put the only witness of his theft out of tile wah loud neighs, tossmg mans, and d!lated eyes "I will guide myself by you, Gerald,'' said the way no doubt." >Lnd nostrils. girl. "Oh, yes, I reckon he thought poor Fitz wuz "Faster! Faster!" muttered Frank, still in-"'rhen I say 'Ye go, and if anything comes killed an' wanted ter finish me up. Yet mAbbe it creasing speed. "It the half-exhausted horse gets of it we will di':lde. wuz ter glt squar with me fer stlckin' him with my over its fright ?r stumbles, it will fa!l kill the "Agreed I" cned the rest m chorus, save Lasso knife ther wav I did up tbar at tber ranch afore he man, But I WiilBI\Ve hlm-I swear 1t 1 Larry. made me a captive "Excuse m e , pards," said he . Much ez I'd "Re Is 1\ and spiteful wretch.'' CIIAPTElt VI. like ter go, I'll hav e ter go no::: e.'' "Fenr!ui. He's down on Fitz 'cause he dlskiv-THE RAID ON THE MINT. we wll1 leave you at Guanaxuato," said ored whnr Frascuelo hes lo\lated a couuter!eltln' 1'HERE were scores of tht> wolves In pursuit of Frank. ranch, wot be an' his hull gang lsrunnin'.'' the huge white stnllion, and the um.chman secured By t ,his time Pomp had. prepared a savory suo" Making trade dollars worth eighty-five cents In to his bi\Ck Wl\8 half dead from h1s !earful ride; per, and when w11s they reached the the amount of silver and passing them as Jegt\1 his clothing wi\S in tatters from the woods be bad town where Lasso Larry took leave of tenders for a dollar?"' asked Frank. pnssed through, and it evident that the Whirland starter! .tor the on their trip "That are about tiler size on it, pard.'' wind was ranidly overtl\klllp: him. m search of the Isle of Foth Panch ita "I'd like to meet Fitzgerald and 1l1rd out where "Land o' Goshen I" exclaimed Lasso lm-and her lov e r were furnished With clothes at the the Mexican's den is lomited, for I have come down patiently; "I'm jest Itch in ter le' go this lariat, town; here for the purposd or breaking it up." cap pen; can't stand It much longer, nohow.'' All bnnds but Frank and Fitzgerald turned In "I reckon he's dead by this time,'' mournfully "'!'hen let it drive I" Frank, "Bet be shortly and as they stood in the pilot said the herder. "But. bow in blazes did you glt careful not to pull the hf?rse ott r;s legs. When bouse the young mve!ltor asked the othe.r: Inter these parts; yer am't told me yet, pilgrim?" get close enough, cut F1tzgeruld s bonds and hft "H;o'v wouhl you llketo avooge the InJury Fraa-Fmnk gave him an account, umuzing him, and him off." cuelo did you?" arousing his curiosity. Whiz 1 went the rope ere Frnnk finished speak-"I say, R eade," r eplie d the other, his blue eyes They soon reached the Whirlwind, the passening, and he steered fot the r.nimai. snapping. I am not a vengeful

8 FRANK READE, JR1 AND HIS ELEO!l'RIC COACH. One step more, and you die, I tell you I" the t

oys, as these scounI To-mor:ow we w.tll st.1rt for the City of knew of tt long before 1t appeared, and beard drels will show us no mercy for penetratinoo their Mex10o, put our pr1soners and the proof of their that its owner had captured the famous and den and trying to break them up.'' ., guilt 2 n the hands of the American COJ;l.SUI, and dreaded Frasouelo. "They 'have tackled the darky in the coach., then tJtart for the southwnrd, on our long journey Frank was heading for the Plaza Mayo1, on one said Vaneyke peering out. Into the wilderness. Is Frascuelo outside?". side of which once stood the temple de-It was onl/ one m an who attacked Pomp, but "No: 'aug it., ;te 'ad 'lm to the wire, up in by while. on side the crack sbot coon soon put him out of the wa the gotge, but e 1.\S escaped. the Governors Palace, m whtch the AmeriCan and with a wild yell, just as the Mexicans ." 1'bat is bad. He knows where this Isle of co.nsul Wl\8 found in one of the cabinets of the about to fire at the party in the entrance, he startts, and may yet cause soma annoymmistry. ea the coach. ance. Still, we have broken up thetr den, and can Hundreds of people followed after the strange 1 .. now secure the $50,000 reward for doing it, offered electric oonch, tl!e crowds momentarily t descubed around the and by the United States Government." lng, and the marti>l.l strains of music from a millthey bodtes enmeshed lD a tlltck cop'fithin a f

FRANK REA.DE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 9 "Wllut is the mutter? You seem to be suspi-terror swelled up from tlle swaying sea or people A yell of ngouy followed every detonation. cious. 'rbiA mob--" as they frantically endeavored to get out of tbe llfau alter_ tuan bit the dust until every one of "Many of the mob may be friends of the counway. the rasc:ls had voluntarily or involuntarily dis terfeiters." The was fairly choked up with people be mount e d from the mustangs. "1' rue, but how could they know we llave them fore and behind the ooncll, those nearest to it see Following their le a d e r's advice mingled held prisoners?" ing and he;ring what was transpiring, and the with tbo writhing, Ugllting and strugghng throng "Can't you tell by what remarks they drop tlltlt ones furtherest away in ignorance of it. until the lust man vauislled. they are aware of it?" people on tile outer edge were crowding forIt would have beeri extremely dangetous to have "'l'nen tile consul has spread the news." ward and pressing back tllose who were trying to fired at them in the midst of all those innocent "Such news would spread like wild-fire, doctor." get away, so that in a few m oments a moet terrible people, and in a moment the last man had disap" Undoubtedly, yet---" event occurred. peared from view. Hush I Here are the Be on tile alert The men in the guise of soldiers began to fire Frank's plan to drive tho crowd !lack was a sue-now, sir." upon the coach witllout doing any more damage cess. Witilalast martial roll of urums und tooting of than to frighten the mob, while Frank's party But as tile real guar1 worked its way up to tlle flies tne mounted men cluttered up to tlle within the Whirlwind shot from the rifle-ho!es,and electric coach a sad spectacle was to b e seen; the wind, the captain of guard riding 11head to tlle every tmllet, speeding true to its mark, hit the stre e t was strewn wi t h numberless bodies of men, open window of the pilot-llouse and saluting ::nounted men, killing anti wounding many, and wome n and children. Frank. increasing the mob' s consternation. Some were shot dead, otbe rs were wounde a "Senor," said the man, authoritatiYely," we 'l'hose in tho r ea r,pushing forward to see what numb e r were trampled into insen s ibility, a f e w come from the 15overnm:." was going on, were fie rcely o;;posed by those in were suffocated, and tlle rest were unconscious "To escort to the palace?" said Frank, lmlf the center, who wanted to escape the possibility of from blows received in the tight to retreat. mterrogatively. getting shot by a stray bullet or trampled to death Up went tho windows of the coach as aoon as "No, senor, but to 1elieve you of your prisoners by the mu!Stangs. the coast was clear, and as the perspiriLg cap-an:l spoils." The result was a riot, and hundreds were knocktain of the guard r eache a the Whirlwind, he punt-" You need not have troubled yourself. I only ed down, trampled and torn, a fearful upro ar ingly accosted FranK with: wil l aeliver them to tile American Consul,'' rtl arose on all sid e s, blending with the of "How have you fared? Frank curtly. "If you wisb to act as our rifles, and within a fe1v minutes the scene was "We ate all safe sir," replied Frank in Spanish. body guard to the palace, we would be glnd of tearful. And the pl'isoners?" your service, but beyond that we require no assist: 'l'he real guard approaching, drove the people "We have tb.em all in here." auce whatever." backward before them, crowding them the "What was the tr'.>uble-a rescue?" Parfion me,'' loftily said the other, the govcoach until they were packed in a. dense mass "Yes. Disguised as s o ldiers, the friends of the Elrnor has given me orders to carry away the prisaround it, and tbe would-be rescuers found prisoners came you to try and !!,ave ouers, and at once. I must obey; nud so must selves so hemmed in that their horses c o uld not our captives, but fail e d you 1 Pleastl deliver them up-we are haste." move a step. "And the mob?" Fr11nk shook his bead negatively. The denser the mob became around the Whirl"Was merely excited by curiosity of th:ill ma "I pnsitively decline," he replied coolly, wind the greater was the possibility that it might be chine." A dark scowl gatber<>d on the me.n' s face, for at thrown over and demolished, as the soldiets from "Are you reudy to go on to the prison?" that moment there came another distant sound or the palace advanc ed, driving the people back step "All ready. Il is too bad the consul spread the musie approaching. by step at the points of their swords and bayonews." He glanced back over th<> heads of the enormous nets. "He did not do it f)e rsoually. It came from tb" mass of people who surrounded them on all sides, t"nless the obstinate human wall in the telegrapll office. R egre ts are useless now, though and then turning fiercely to Frank, as he beheld a E\way soon before the awful pressure thousands -come, we wili escort you.' : large body of foot-guards approaching from the would get killed, It had been short, sharp and decisive work,and direction of the Plaza Mayor, he exclaimed: "Only a sudden movement can do it, and to save Franlt was glad enough t o put on po1v er and pro" If you do not deliver tt.em up to me at once, I them and ourselves from uttet destruction I'll try cee d unde r guard. shall be obliged to force them from you, senor!" it,'' muttered Frank d e 8perately, as he seiz e d a Th e y s oon reache d the c ity prison, Into which Something in the man's looks, tones and nccents lever on the switch-board and t-urned it around. the counterfeiters and the ir parapherna li a were caused Frank to glance 1 ather sharply at him, and tra nsf erred, and then m e t the consul at the gates, i.... lde the young inventor start. CHAP'.rER VIII. with the governor of th e city. "0111" he exclaimed. I thought you were not THE TRAGEDY oN THE RIVER SHORE. They examined the 'Wllirlwind in the deepest a Mexican-! I found a familiar look about TilE moment Frank turned the l ever a circle of wonder and admiration, whil e Frank w a s transyou, and now I recognize you I" he cried, 118 he ele ctril.l spnrks began to 1ly out all around the (erring llis cargo and pass enge rs. swept his glance over the man's foliowers. Whirlwind from the uninsulat e d ends of a num"I see that y o u nobly w ithst ood t h e mob I" said "Eb I What do you mean?" hissed the mounted ber of copper wires fastened to the dynamo casthe consul, after pre s enting Q;.r f r i e nd s t o t h e g o vman with a start. in g. ernor. The machine i s not even s c r atched." ,You are one of the two Te:pn who Every spark snapped aq_d cracked as if numb er"It is built to withstand bard 'usage," r e plied clleated me coming down the Mississipvi-one of less packs of tire cra ckers were going off, while Frank, with a laugh. the rascals I drove overboard I" cried Frank. the. ligllts were blinding and burnt. "Si nce your departure r have heard from Ww;b The man uttered a suppressed oatb. The on the Growd, r>S Frank anticipat e d ington." "Betrayed 1" he yelled in English. was magical. "Indeed I To wh a t effect, sir?" "You are Frascuelo's friend-these men are not 'l'hey yellod and pushl\d against the wall of hu"To report if your capture warrants there soldiers-tbe govflrnor did not send you I In short manlty so suddenly and violently that it had 10 war1 bave coins to rescue your friends_from giv e away. / "And what is your oplnion7" IS a bold move to make in broad daylight, right Ill Moreover, the muFt angs became so frightened "1'hat you deserve and will g e t it. I s hall re tlle heart of the city, but your plot is a fai111re, d e that tlley hegan to f e r o ciously kick and plung e port in a c corda nce witll the facts If you inte nd your quick, prompt action to frustrate me I" scattering the people and as the clamor intensified to remain here until the men ar e trie d and con" D elive r them up.-quick, or we will batter you the crowd begnn to s urg e away. vic t e d, I will see that you g e t the mone y at once." to S eeing tha t the y c ould not rescue the prison ers, "But snell a cours e i s s ir. We must, "Never I I hear the real guard coming!" or get their horses out of the fearful human vortex d e p art to-night. I will e s ta blish my claim upo n Curse them, yes. But ere they can get through in the narrow stre e t and finding tha t it was im-my return home." this mob we will wrest your prison ers from you." possible to get in th e conch to injure Frank and "But how auout your evidence against th ese "Fool r retorted Frank. his friends, th e T e xau renegad e sho11ted : connter!eiters ?" "Present arms I" cried the man to llis men. "Dismount, boys I On w e can b e Our affidavits will do to convict them, I li>e" Down with the shutters, doctor I" cried Frank. singl):ld out! Throw away your rifl e s l Mingle lieve ? Silently the steel covers to tho windows swung with the crowd I It is o ur only chance to escape "Amply. Come-here i s a n o tary in this room." shut. arrest and death I Quic k 1 The soldiery is upon The sworn proof was soon made out, sig n e d and "Aim and fire I" yelled the man otHside on us I" sealed, and Frank and his friends boarded the horsebaek, exciteqly. "Fire on them I" yelled Frank to his friends. Whirlwind, imd she rolllld through the beat

10 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ]i]LEC'l'RlC COACH. going for the outskirts of the city, to reach the "Then by ther powera I'll prove it." ed hands were clutched by the left hand of a mas open plains, people came flocking in vast multi"Do so, Barney." siva Mexican who Mtood beside him. tudes from all parts to see the strange llngine. "D'yer moind ther story av Shadrach?" In the Mexican's right hand was :l long, gleam-Like vast mountain torrents emptying into a "Who with Meshach and Abednego were cast in ing dagger. main stream came the crowds from every diracthe fiery furnace?" He held the arms of the white savage up over tion, through the side streets, until the Whirlwind "'fber aame. Shure there wasn't a red-headP.d his head by main force, and raised tha dagger to had a following of humanity as far back as the eye mau in Agypt on til they had their hair burned. plunge it into the giant's bared bosom just as Frank could 1each. We date from the wan that kern to Ireland, an' appeared on the scene. Frank's popularity spread 'like wlld-ftre throughthat's tiler raison there's so many sc!Jtrawberry For an instant Frank's blood fairly ran cold, for out the big city, and every one wanted to cp.tch a blondes In the ould country." in the burly Mexican he suddenly recognized hiM glimpse of him and his electric coach. "Your argument falls, Bt\rney, for it is chron-old foe .Frascuelo. He stood in the pilot-bouse, and whl.le steering lcled that not a hair of their bends was singed. "Hold I" he shouted, leveling his rifle at the the he eujoyed the cheers and cries Turn in, old fellow, turn in to sleep some of the bandit chief. that greeted him, but it was with the utmost diffl cobwebs off your brain, for you may "Carramba I" yelled Frascuelo, glancing hastily culty t!w t. he prevented the machine running over hnve to work lmrd." over his shoulder as the English word met his many people who persisted in getting In the alec Frank divided duty with the doctor that cight, ears. trio c ch's way. and the next morning found the Whirlwind flying '.'Stab him, and you are a dead man I" exclaim Po 's a.osiotance had to be called in, and the across a hilly country in pursuit of a herd of buf'3d Frank. darky &tood at an open window ringing the gong falo, at which Barney and Pomp, who were then on "Reade l" gasped Fr!U?cuelo with a start as htl and yelllng to the careless to get out of the road, duty were wild to get a shot. recognize:! Frank. while Barney went outside on the platform to aid The Whirl wind was running parallel with a river For an Instant a deadly silence ensued, broken him in the same duty. at the time, tl}o shores of which were overgrown only by Barney and Pomp, who came hurrying to The Irishman was amazed at the vast numbers with dense vegetation, and just as Frank emerged ward Frank from the Whirlwind. of people, and shading his eyes with his hand, he into the pilot-house after his breakfast he was The rifle in Frank's hand bespoke a grim com glanced back at the enormous body of men, women startled to see the river make au abrupt bend maud to F:ascuelo, but the tigerish look of fury on and children tro oping them, and remarked: ahead righ1: athwart their his face intensified. "Bajab9rs, I belave tliere's a flood av Mexicans! The herd of buiralo had to go plunging in, and If ther gang kapes on increasing thel e won't be Frank just had time to spring forward, shut off stan din' I"Oom ia ther street fer ther likes av a power and put on the bmkes to save the coach CHAPTER IX. flea!" from following the beasts, THE WHITE SAVAGE ISAAC. Fearful lest the enthusiasm of the populace might "Barney I" he cried, sharply to that scared inqi-" DBOP that dagger, or I'll fire at you, Fras do some harm, Frank increased speed, dro'ie the vidual who was the Whirlwind at the time. cuelo l" exclaimed Frank, as he pointed the rifle to Whirlwind ahead rapidly and she soon. lett the "Wher> are your eyes?" cover Lha bandits heart. crowd and the city far behind and dashed out on "Oh, bejabersl" gasped Shea, who was sitting Por el demouio I" hissed the Mexican, gnash the plains. down with Pomp and therefore had not been able ing his teeth with fury. Their course was now laid for the Isle of Diato see the water over the bushes ahead. "What's "I have to obey-I have to obey. Oh, oh, oh I monds. the mattber masther Fra-och, I sny-wather How you I do hate!" They had a great distance to travel, but the ahead 1 Holy putty, an' me dbroivin' ourselves into He dropped the dagger to the ground. coach knew no fl\tigue, and as it sped along in the it!" Then he recoiled several paees from beside the moonlight with Frank at the wheel, he to "Be more careful in future." savage. Barney who had come .in and said: Barney and Pomp had now arisen, and Just as "You are on your way to the isle o! diamonds . "We have rendered our government a great they glanced ahead of the slackening coach there exclaimed Frank. many services before, Barney, but none better than came a series of human yells that proceeded from "No I No l" hoarsely cried Frascuelo. what we just did." the direction of the river. "'l'hen what are you doing so far soutn "Falx, an' we've run manny a rishk fer tber Another glance through the foliage showed them are, with all those men equipped for a long '0111:< same, sor," added Shea with a wry grin," but bea strange scene in. the water just as the coach ney?'' dad, it's niver a greater wan than we just did! came to a pause. "Carrambal Can I not where I like go?" Shure I thought we wuz kilt be ther mob, so I A number of men, looking like Mexicans, must "Granted, but the fact of your being on the trail did l" have be!)n riding their mustangs along the river of th 'isle of diamonds proves your guilt. Who is "Have you got the map of the Diamond Islar:d shore on the other stde of the foliage when the this man?" with you?" herd of buffalo burst through upon them. Frank pointed a tne giant who had ansen wtth Barney withdrew the document from his pocket The beasts drove the men Into the river on their a look of unutterable amazement noon his face and handed it to Frank. ponies, for there sounded a fearful commotion of over his delivery from death. It was an old yellow paper on which a diagram splashing, neighs, yells,curses and the roaring of "He come from dere s, ... Frascuelo. was drawn wltb architectural exactness, while bison. He oointed in back of J!rank, and the young in there were explanatory notes appended. Men, horses and buffaloes were mixed up in ventor cast a glance over his shoulder, but failed Frank ::;tudied it carefully, and then remarked: chaotic confusion in the water, confusedly owimto see where Frascuelo meant. "H we go in a bee-line, the lake is at a distance ming in all directions, some vet plunging w . beastS Came from-" of over four hundred miles Jrom where we now with enormous woolly heads and short horlli!! !"l'nBut Frank did not finish the sentence. are. It lies in a valley, between four densely n!ng upon ponies and men alike. tmmTakep oU his guard by the cunning :Mexican, he wooded and rooky mountains, all of which are piing, goring and knocking tl:em down until the got a blow on the head from a stone Frascuelo in a state of volcanic eruption." scene on shore was worse than that in the water picked up and at him. "Be ther piper av Moses, an' must we cross of the river. Frank fell, stunned for an instant. ther volcanoes?" "Arm yourselyes, quick I" ejaculated Frank, 'l'he savage bounded to his side, and bent over "Close to them, probably. The map shows a "and follow me. Some of those men will get kill-him, just as Barney and Pomp dashed up to the trail through woods, swamps, plains and over ed if we don't help them I" spot, and the Mexica-n glided into the bushes where steep hills. Getting to the isolated plaqe is bad He grasped a rille, and S!)ringing from the coacp, he disappeared from view. enough, the people we will have to encounter he dashed through the bushes, and came into a "Hey!" yelled Barney, mistaking the savage for there are a. race of singular-looking giants, who clearing where a singular occurrence met his view a foe, and be leveled a revolver at bim. "Ye oome from South America. Dut it seems that that brought him to a pause. dirthy spat peen git up out av that, an' trow up yer I King is of the opinion that they are the last of Upon the bank of the river knelt on one knee an hands or bejabers I'll lay yez out!" an extinct race. He believes them to be the deenormous sized man in a head-dress of "Me good friend I" said the gi!Ult In broken En scendents of one of the lost tribes of Israel menengle-feathers, an:i a costume and blanket of russet glish, arising. tioned In the Bible." color such as is worn by the native Indians, al"Lor' yo' big fool," interposed Pomp. 'l Kaln't "Jist the Irish, bejabers! Shure we are though he was not one. yo' see his hands am tied?" wan av tber lost troibes, too." Hls skin was creamy white, his hair was "What ails Masthor Frank then?" Frank smiled Rkepticnlly. and tawny, and the mold of his feature!', which "Dunno, honey; but we soon see." It made a look of Injured dignity sweep over were hairless, was rather Jewish, and his eyes Just then Frank regained his shattered wits and barney's freckled face. were blue. arose. "Faith yer don't belave it I" he exclaimed. Jn a word the giant looked like an Albino savage. "Hello!" he looking around confusedly, "Certainly not," replied Frank. His wristS were bound together, and his clench "Where's Frascuelo?" \


I I FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECI'RIC COACH. 11 "Frascuelo !" eoho_ed Blrney and Pomp tothat invariably leads every band in this instance Deuced strong cove, 'pon hon-or. Then 'e ea,id kept his followers in tho water. somethin about Pa.nchitl\ being 'is affinity-the "Yes, he just hit me with a stone." Whill' Frank was eying the men across th!l gQddess for Whom 'e 'ad been in quest all 'is life to "Shure he'd be a fool to remain alther doin' stream hs saw Frascuelo go swim across the that." river and approach the other side, "'rhe treacherous hound I And he has carried I True, Barney, the rascal made his eecape." Lifting his rille to his shoulder, he took del!ber: her off l" cried Ftank, In exasperated tones. "Who am yare white Injun, Massa Frank?" ato aim at th03wretch and pulled the trigger. "Unfortunately.'' asked Pomp. "Cindado l" (have care) yelled one of the Mexi-"Who has got n weapon?" "Ah, yes. I say, stranger, who tho deuce are cans, ere he lhed. "Bedad, I'm wid out avena tooth-pick.'' you?" As the sharp crack of the rifle pealed out Fms "'Deed, an' I'se got but an empty oar" Isaac" replied the giant who was watching cuelo dove down beneath the surface, the ball trldge.'' them and. seemed 'to not only his bead. . :: t d E 11 h b t k it Uttl Missed I exclatmed Frank, m disgust. I ve left my weapons in the coach. ban some ng s u spo e e . c k 1 Frank was in despair. "Who and what are you-a wh1te man Ill d1s-rae ?" Crack l He shot a quick gi'Ylco at the canoe, glllse It was both Barney and Pomp who fired this time It was quite close to the opposite shore by that "Me white man," gravely replied the gmnt, 1\t the men on the ponies, and one of the mustar:gs time. shaking his fell from beneath its rider, while the whole band ")3efore we can get a weapon put of the coach Fmnk. crlt!Cally eized up. Rcattered and took to ftight. he will land with her' out of range," said An idea .dawned upon hls mind, and he asked They reached the cover of some trees befor e "But what is to be done?" despairingly asked llagerly: Frank's friends could fire again, and Frascuelo got "Didn't you come from the south--from the ashore amid some sheltering rocks, and breaking "Follow Isaac. He will doubtless head for his 1sle o! Diamonds?" from cover after a few moments, he ran at the top Island retreat. We must try to intercept him. man po. lnted southward an? of hls"peed to join bis friends. Cornel Into the coach, all bands and before the .M.y home IS dere-;-two moons walk. "I'd like to drop that scoundrel," muttered fail of night we will rescue the girl or it will be :tie then held out h1s bound hands, and Frank Frank, as he drew a bead on the flying man. "But very strange I" O!c bonds. it seems almost as if he bore a charmed life." "Hurrah I" cried the others, filled with nope and "Bow came you a prisoner?'' he asked in SpanBang 1 ,vent his rifle as he spoke, but the slippery courage by Frank's enthusiasm, and they now ran Ish. Mexican gained the shelter of the befor! the for the Whirlwind, boarded her, and away she "Ah," sa10 the giant, in gratified tones, in tile bullet came whistling along. dashed o her errand of rescue, same tongue, wlllch he spoke as fluently 1\S if "Begorra," said Barney, in disgust, "I'm wish it were native with him. "These Mexicans met in' 1 wuz In tiler middle av that gang wid mesprlg CHAP'l 'ER X. me. We fou2'ht. 1 am strong, and several of av blackthorn tn me fisht, ins tid av throyln' ter ovER THE ABrss I them perish e... ;;re they laid me low with a co1v-play ten-pins wid 'em this way.'' "HoLD! If you move another step you are a ardly blow behind the back. Knowing from whence "Let'.s return to the Whirlwind," suggested dead mun l" I came they strove to force from my unwilling Fmnk. "We cannot do anything with them 'l'bls thrilling command rang out in the clarion lips a confession ot information my way, boys. They ar!l on the same trail as ourvoice of Frank Reade, Jr., over a most singular !Jeople. I refused and was about t o d1e, wlHlll selves it is verv evident, and before this trip Ia scene. vou saved my life.'' over will another brush with them.'' Far up on the slope of a mountain there lay the "So that Is why Frascue(O tried to kill you, "Mote power to our back bones whin we do," ruins of an ancient Azte c temple bathed in the oh?" said Barney. moonlight, the gaunt brok e n columns rising senti"lsnail neyer forgive him, and'sometimei may They returned to the Whirlwind, and found tbe nal-hke In a rank growth of palm trees ii:nd tropi show my gratitude to you. ln my tribe we have doctor seated alone In the pilot-hOUS.:l smoking a cal vegetation that half bid the fallen pillars and a belief thai every soul is created an pipe, and told him what happened. crumbling walls .. Ench man has a soul, and its affimty may be m He expressed it his opinion that Isaac was one The ruin was m the form of a vast circle, with that of woman or man ir In a ':!e marries of the tribe of singular giants who inhabited the one broad in which stood the giant, Isaac, her, if in a man, he and that man "' hisle of diamonds. with Panchita clutched in his arms, while close by era. They are brought together by late, and sac"wire are Pancbita and Fitzgerald?" asked was the electric coach wi:b its armed inmates at l'ifice everything for each other-even life." Frank. the windows. "That is a strange> poetical Delief." "They went out just n,w," replied the doctor. Frank was alone in the pilot-house, looking in" It is a true one. 1 am convinced that vou are "The girlie passionately fond of flowers, and her tently beyond where the diamond islander stood part of my soul's affinity. 'l'he day will come when lover offered to escort her to---" like a huge statue carved onto! mabie, Ws plumed [saac can show his respect and love, gratitude and Help l" bead gear fluttered by the night l:reeze, for witllin aitb In you. I will now go on my way, for I have The piercing cry of distress came from Panchlta, the silent ruin the young inventor had seen evl mwrtant mission to perform for my tribe.'' and the sound emanated from the bushes not far deuce of a lurking danger that menaced the white cast an earnest, grave and searching from where Frsnk had encountered the Mexicans. savage's life ook upon Frank, as if to indelibly stamp the "B.elpl' Not that Frank cared whether the man was killed young Inventor's image upon his memory, and This timE; 1t was Fltzgerala's voice, fraught with or not after so treacherously stealing Panchita, with a graceful bow he plunged in amid the bushes anguish. but be did not want to see the young girl share and suddenly disappeared. 'J'he quartet on tne Whirlwind was thrilled. Isaac's d anger. "What the dickens did he say?" asked Barney. "What has happened?" gas {>tid Frank, in alarm. His cry had brought the giant to a pause. Fmnk told his two friends, and they burst out He started the engine toward the spot the cries glanced in terror at the coach, for he had laughing came from, and as the coach dashed into a clearne1er seen It before, and to his primitive mind it "Golly, dat te.ller mus' be looney," chuckled itig, there thf'y saw Fitzgerald lying on his back savorell of the infernal. Pomp. with the trunk of a fallen tree lying across his As soon as he recognized Frank as the one who "Garn clans off .tliS schtumps !"added Barney. bosom, while out from the shore darted a dug out saved his life from the dagger of Frnscuelo, he be I don't agree with you," said Frarik thought-canoe. gan to imagine that the young man was not a be fully. "It is my firm that he came from Isaac sat in it with a paddle in his hand, and lng of this world on account of his complete con. the Isle of Diamon

12 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. the ruin, and run his chances of evading the mon"Falx," said Barney, "it's no betther off we are CHAP:rER XI. ater by hiding. r:ow than wor before wid ragard ter captherin' A WILD BEAST IN THE _CI'LOoM. As soon as this resolution was formed, he started ther gurrul, so we ain't." "FBANK I Look out, or we WlU sllare tlle fate ln. "Ain't yo' gwine ter foller dem, Massa Frank?" of the horses I" But only a few paces. asked Pomp. It was the doctor shouted this warnll;g, There a tllunderous clatter in the am phi" Of we cannot abandon them in that po-Aroused from a of blank theater. sition," replied Frank. "How they will get off swept a keen glance around, and saw btL one One quick glance Isaac cast within the enclosthat wild beast is a mystery. Dut the Whirl winrt chance to escape. . ure, and then a hoarse cry of horror burst from his can outstrip them on lave! ground in a raca Already the electric coach was Within a dozen lips and he recoiled. and /out-tire them. As !ong us we pursue the yards of the chasm, and it only a moment Too late 1 troops they will be afraid of, us and J.;.eep on, as we to send it flying over with the falimg horses, Out rushed an avalanche, have learned with other animals. Evflntually In that one quick glance Frank saw an opening He turned to run, but his pursuers came exhaustion will o\ertake them. That will be our to the right, and bracing his he the Ev ery one on the coach uttered a cry of alarm. best chance to stiVt> the girl." wheel with b o th hands, and wrenched 1t around It was a troop of wil1 horses. He turned lever No. 1, and regulating the brake, with ali his might. They bad taken refuge for the night within the the Whirlwind went l'Oiiiug down tb.e declivity It was a short turn. colossal ruin, when the invaders came, startling 11fter the wild horses. But th e coa c!J ch"cled, and rushed off at an and alar log them. .!!'aster and faster she sped nlong until at .last angle with its course, sweeping athwart the flying S centing danger, and lead on by a fierce-eyed, big the cow-cll.);cher was almost at th e plunging heels hoofs of the horde of b easts that had baen comiug coal black stallion, out they rushed in a body. of the last horse of the troop, and as its neigh of on behind it. The giant clutching the in his arms was warning pealed out to the r e st, it seomed as if So close were they, indeed, that their l egs directly in their path, and was threat.ened with they accelerated theu speed. grazed the coach, as it sped by in front of them. danger or being mangled to a jelly beneath that Faster and faster went the coach, and now it Up flew the dirt and gravel in showers, unJer army or hoofs 1 plunged right in the ranks of the flying the broad, cogged wheels, as the coa c h whizzed Out, out, out they poured, each moment swelland opened a path, for the sharp scythes had been around, off she rushed like wildfire, on a Hue !ng their a umbers, a fearful wild cavalcade, led on !liStened to the hubs of the wheels, and their keen with the cliff tops. by a mighty general who marshaled his troops edges ga.!lhed the legs of the beR!Its that ventured A sigh of intense relief burst from every one, with consummate skill. too close, and sent them scattering. For n moment not a soui expected to escape de Then, with a rush, they went thundering down A broad path was mown through the ranks of struction. the mountain with Jlying mnnes and tails, dilated the animals in this manner, but as the Whirlwind "Good boy!" ehouted the doctor, delightedly, eyes and nostrils, and b11t one common tl{ ought, adyanced further into the center of the troop, the as he wiped the cold, clammy perspiration from of escaping by flight. behind closed up again, and the coach became his brow, and patted Frank on the back. "Well 'l'he giant paused and glanced paling cheek surrounded on all sides by the beasts. done 1 You have saved us." at the mighty horde sweeping down t1 pon him, for "Frank I" exclaimed the doctor in amazen:.ent "But de gal am lost I" said Pomp, sadly. he saw that he could not get out of their way in as the coach went rattling along down the steep "God 'alp 'er I" groaned Fitzgerald. time by running. mountain-side in the midst or the compact mass "If I had me fingers an thnt sheeny savage's The spectators on the electric coach, which had of horse-flesh; Thii is foolhardy-why have wlndpoipe," exclaimed Barney, savagely, "shure come to a pause beyond the line of danger, held you run among them? Should the leaders stumble I'd be afth e r makin' short work av him for schtaltnelr breath suspended. those behind would go pitching head over heels in' ther poor gall" "He is lost!" gasped Frank in ,horror, as he over them, and we would go to destruction in .Just then the Whirlwind came to a pause. watched the enormous body of horses go tnunderthe heap. Slacken up a bit." The last of the wild horses wt>nt over the cliff a t lng down the slope. Frank did not reply: the same moment. poor Panchltn !" wailed Gerald Fitzgerald The doctor peered around in his face. "We cnn do nothing more," said Fmnk. "I'll In angulshed tones. He was nelpless to aid his It was deathly pale, repair the bmke. H any of you like you cau tak e aftlnnced wife. "Frank, Frank 1". he cried, In alarm. "What is the silk from the store-room and llnd a and Pomp were dumb-stricken fear matter?:: . means of getting down in the g orge,' while I am for the gul, and old Dr. Vandyke looked the picture Doctor, rephed the youth, m suppressed thus employed. If any trace of the poor girl c a n of despair. toneR, "I did not waRt to frighten any of you be-be found b e neath that mass of dead hors e s 1ve c a n The wild, appealing screnms of the girl rang out fore, but I may as well admit the truth." at least give her a decent burial before w; go any above the clattering or the horstls' hoofs. with start"'l'he truth about what?" further." ling infioctlons. "The brake is broken." The tragic en!ling or poor Panchita cast a glo o m "Gerald! Save me!" was hsr t,leseeching cry. "Well?" over every one of the party and no one offered t o It made the rsnchmau writhe and burst Into a :Don't you see I have shut off all power.". undertake the task mentiou'ed by Frank, cold sweat for he was 1\elpless-powerless to aid 'What 1 Stopped the machinery?" They did not have tile heart to do t his affianced. "Yes. But it avails nothing with the momenFrank busied himself the the The giant' s agitation was only momentary. tum we have gained going down this steep grade." doctor aiding him and poor Fitzgerald ret i red to His keen blue eyes were fastened upon the ap "Then you can't stop the coach?" his bunk flung down upon his face a nd proaching as they thundered : No.' ,All I can do, and have been doing, Is to gave wa; to his grief. up to him hke a huge billow, and were almost urou gutde 1t. 'Barney and Pom 1 d at h 'h p g ance eac o. er. him. Good heaven I They both felt. pretty glum His coolness was wonderful in the face of that :: HTha I is thad. t-ha sdcream?" "Bedad, I can't stand this. I" exclaimed Sh e a at danger. e g r gaspe t e octor. last. 'l'he huge the 11est swerved to glanced ahead, and nearly fainted. "Gwine ter take a walk I" said Pom rum 1 the right :1. tr1fle as 1t swept up to the big fellow "My God, doctor I" he groaned. "See, see 1 ly. p, g p and, as 1t was dashing by, the giant .grasped its 1'here is a yawning chasm ahead of the horses"I'm wid yer, Pomp." mane w .lth one hand, and at a single bound as they cannot stop-they rush on t'l their doom I .. C'mon ober da 1 1 k d quick ns the horse's movements, he vaulted astride Now the stallio?" is on the brink-look, it rises on pered Pomp. r,_ an e s 00 own, whJsltt: back 1 tts haunches w1tll the savage and the girl on its .. Sh I d 't t A wild yell of exultation pealed from his lips. back! It paws the air I Oh, there it goes-a wild h"sh urtehan on hwan to1_clap me oye on th e r av er poor sc wate tttle crather but I 'll lt was echoed by a cry from those on the coach. leap, and now they go over tha edge, with the 0 'd d B, Saf h I g WI yer, sat arney. \ e I" gasped Frank, a& the man and the girl w o e troG;: .madly followmg them to their doom '" Th lk d wen swept away at the head of the troop of flying A cry of terror pealed from every one as the th hey wa e tway together t the spot whe r e horses. stallion went over, followed by there6t of the rearoraes over, and saw that the e dge of the "His enormous strength and macrelous agility ing plunging beasts c 1 was poun ed and broken there as if a cyclone had hit it. stood him in good stead that time?" remarked Madly the Whirlwind rushed on toward the edge 0 1 d ne g auce o wn ward sLowed them that the the doctor. of the abyss, sharing the general danger for they t "By Jove I" gasped Fitzgerald, "I can almost could not stop its filght. am gorge had steep, precipitous sides, and forgive the beggar for lifting the end of that tree tha_t It was fully one hundred feet deep, much trunk across my body, oack by the river. Such as If a ll_ ouvuls!on of nature had rent it. muscle I never saw before, you know.'' The Sides here there were by ledges The last of the horses passed by just then. and overgrown wtth moss, trees and saplings. Barney reluctantly laid down fiat on his stomach,


FRANK REA.DE, JR., HIS ELECl'RIC COAQH. 11ad drawing bimsfllf to the edge, he peered over. But he cast a malignant scowl at the two, and "There's only jagger& ]n this counthry," panted Far down below where he lay was an enormous, crierl, in Spanish: Barney. wangled heaps of horse llesh, showing wllere the "Were I armed! ohl your victory would be "Wbar am it?'' brutes fell. sadly incomplete." "Over agin ther wall." At one side of the dead animals, he beheld the Talk Irish or English, so any wan can undber "Look out I Heah she am I" of a huge stallion, upon which lsnac had stand you," said Barney. "Shure, we are r.ot fur As Pomp spoke, a monster specimen of the been mounted with the girl. riners." jaguar leaped out into the middle of the gorge. "It laid beside a narrow, swift stream that sped "It you rob rno of my afilnity," proceeded the "Masther Frank!" yelled Barney at the top uf I through the and was as lifeless as if begiant furiously," there not a corner of the earth his voice. naadijd, I wonld not search to find her and get her back, "Shut up, yo' big cow I" scornfully crieq Pomp, 'l'bere was not a sign of Isaac or the girl, anyAs soon as I saw her, I knew that she was the idol t11king aim at the crouching beast. "We kin git wnere. I dteamed of while sleeping or waldng, and now nway wif it!" "Shure, that's quare," muttered llarney, scratch that I have got her-to be robbed of ber-oh, it is Bang 1 went his pistol, as be spoke. lug his bend;" it can't be possible that they wuz too much, to-" With a terrible yell the bedst bounded up in the knocked clane through tor Chaney. I wondher if "Shut up, be jabers, or we'll be afther dhrop \\lr. '-bey hes undber ther dead horses?" pin' a. bullet in yer hide," advised Barney. The bullet sped true to its mark at the bauds "Doan' yo' see nuffin' ob dem?" asked Pomp. The savage becamd silent. of the dead-shot coon, and dealt a mortal wound. "Faith, they must have been pulverized," "Barney, chile, IVhile tlls coon hold de Injun Down came the agonizfld beast a few feet away, "Le's go down dar an' see, Barney." heah, yo' g'wan ober dar an' fine de gAl," said and it rolled over on its side writhing in a.g ny. "How In the blazes can we raich ther bottom, Pomp. "Bull's-eye I" roared Pomp, with a grin. yer iujet." Isaac glared ferociously at Barney a.s he com But an instant later the mate to the wounded "Looker dar 1 Whar an yo' eyes, you ole gor piled, but he dared not offer to molest him, for he beast appeared and leaped into view beside the ilia:'' knew thai: death stare:J him in the face out of the other, Pomp pointed to a. 4Jleft in the ground, some pistol wielded by the black man, as he had expe " Hey!" Barney. "Pon:p 1 Here's the distance off, by means of which they could des rience with them before. spalpeen's brother!" cend into the gorge from where they then were, Barney went over to the wall, and guided by the He laid the half senseless girl dowvn on a flat and together they went to the opening, and alter a girl's groans, he found her .lying Oil. the ground rock, ani, aiming at the second snarling beast, Juud climb, they got down.-in the gorge. just recovering from a dead faint. which was just then preparing fora spring, be llred. It was 118 silent as death save for the rippling of He stooped over to lilt her up, when there cau:e .-Tfhe ball wounded it. the water that babbled ever the rvcks, poured >\ terrific scream _close be8ide him, a.nJ as be With a rush it came for Barney and Pomp, who nronnd gnarled roots, a.nd broke in a thousand leaped back, uttermg a startled exclamation, a stood close together, and they retreated. tiny where it wa.s shallow and obstruc dark body up out of the It was unfortunate that they did so, for it gave tiona crossed its silvery course, and whizzmg through tbe tur struck him a. VIOlent the monster a chance to spring upon Panchita.. The negro and tlle Irishman g!fnoed up and blow. By that time she realized what was transpiring, do.,n the gloomy canyon, and then at the mangled knocked Barney down. and a shriek .Jf terror burst from her lips, and remains o! the horses. The huge beast, lor such he knew it must be, she strove to get up, but a single blow from the Still no signs of Isaac or the girl met their view. landed beside him, and he felt two of its enormous paw or the beast leveled her agnin, tore her dress, "Shure they're garn I" exclaimed Barney. planted upon his boRom. and lacerated her tender flesh. "I donn know 'bout dat, I" said Po:np, A thrlU of horror over the Irishman, Gosh blame it, wha' fo' yo' Ieabo de ga.l dar, "Hey 1 What d'yer mane?" Barney?" cried the coon. "Jes' yo' looker dar I" CHAPTER XII. "Shure, an' bow wuz Iter know that tile baste Pomp pointed at one side of the canyon in the A TERRIFIC wuz goln' ter tackle her?" sbndow of one of the scowling cliffs where the Pomp, ye blamed nagur 1 yelled the terrified "Ob, save me I" screamed the girl. moon's rays failed to penetrate, and Barney saw Irishman, "sock 1!,1e Galway giant in thor jure an' Rendered despernte over her plight, Barney a.nd the massive outlines of Isaac. come tor me help! his friend aimed to fire again, when, to their disHe stood silently glaring at them as i! carved out T!: by the beast had may, they discovered that they-bad no more car-tf the dark stone in back of his towering body, to staTh 6 f ot t 1e nelgro ani! thle whidte savahge. tridges left in their pistols. e ormer nvo untar y g ance In t e direci IIJ.lappearancesilently hoping they would pass him t1 th d r d h . d "Oh, Lor I oh, Lor 1 wha' we're go n' ter do hy unoheerved on e soun came rom, an t e native realize now?" gasped Pomp. at once what sort of beast II was &hat vented the Barney JUmped as this unexpe3ted apparitiOn "Saints av glory, It's devoured the purty crather th" cry. "llbs!'' o dB me IS V)ew. He shuddered and the moment Pomp's WI gr "Isaac 1" he exclaimed. "God bless us 1" , Hab yo got a kmfe Wif yo'?" .. W 1 I d 1 hll 1 was off him he turned around and precipitately N b b aa one to e yo c e. fled. o, eJa ers. "But where's ther colleen?" Whetb 't was th 1 t tb t h d "Needer am 1." .. If b b b er 1 e ac a e was unarme T k t th b 1 e all e, she mus e too. fl.nd feared capture, or that he dreaded to meet the hen peg a roo a er aste Hurroo I wild beast is uncertain but he rau up the gorge at They hcth began to bombard the Jaguar with :: 'S'pec' de horse done break dar fall." the top of his speed. rooks, every dull thump eliciting a savage snarl Hohny 1 Ye tarrier, there I Peek-a-boo I Come Pomp was mortified over his fll ht from the monster. out! We_ see yerl" .. Come back yarl" he yelled, a. shot over It served todistracttheacreature'sattention from Isaac did not budge. lhe man's bead to frighten him but Isaac refused to the girl, though. "Gosh a mighty!" roared .Pomp. "Yo' kaln't fool obey. Shower after shower of large stones :flew through us. G'long now an' perduce dat plckaninny. Yo' He ran straight ahead the air until the jaguar suddenly snrang for them. beah dat, Isaac?" Pomp had no time to on bim. They both turned tailaud ran for their lives. The giant advanced O.)lt Into the moonlight. He was startled al his cry for help. The other beast was dead. saw that concealment was .. Wha' de mattab dar?" he yelled. Panch ita. scr11mbled to her feet, What you want? he asked, tersely, For ther love of St Patrick come here wid Before Barney had taken ten steps the lithe "De gr.ll" Pomp. yer I" roared Barney. brute struck him. "She no longer hv--" He. dimly saw the outlines of a. monstrous cat-"Murdher !"he yelled as he toppled OV13r. "M,. be could make his false assertion it w:aR liil:e body crouching over him, switching its boces Is picked I" by a deep groan that came from the girl, with its tail, and managing to pull out his pistol he "Golly I git up an' run 1" roared Pomp. back IU the gloom. tl ed up at it "IIow can I wid this baste holdin' me down "Oh I '" ho ted B i h b 1 r ye Oiar 8 u arney, w t a ow as With the report of, the pistol there sounded a wid Its breath?" he Jumped up and elicked his heels together. fe>Lrful scream of pain from the beast and it darteJ l'he jaguar's ugly face was olose to Barney, it& "We've caught yez In the act." aside. hot respiration fairly sickening the Irishman, ns Th? giant muttered something Impatiently in Up jumped Barney In a twinkling, and he seized it glared murderously in his eyes. Spamsh. upon the girl and rushed over in the moonlight toPomp was wild over his friend's jeopardy. "Reckon yo' don't like ro ter hall us cotch yo', ward Pomp who had just started on a run for He rushed up to the beast and catching bold of eb?" grinned Pomp, as he pulled out his revolve! l1im. its tall, he braced his feet began to pull with antl aimed it r.t the big man. "Now yo' jes' hoi' up "Luck out!" he yelled. "It's a big cat." all his tremendous strength. yo' hands dar. Yo' heah me?" "Oh, Lawd 1" gasped Pomp with starting eyes. The jaguar became More infuriated as Pomp The sa,age did so with a bad grace. Wha' kind?" dragged it back, and, turning its attention to the


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. d 1 1 1 t r glory kain .. see de gosh blame ting kase coon it made several frantic efforts to reach him blankly a' each other while the fngutene g r c ar e . F k ' 1 "d d h k t F he am b1d 1n de swamp, Massa. ran with its teeth, all of whwh Pomp east y avo! e s ran up o ran... "'' I wonder how he ot there?" The jaguar came around sideways, and Barney "Oh, do not let that savage take me I she crted, I hat 8 queer .1 T t .t t ,. a piteously. "Doan' kno1v, ch1 e. rJI er g1 10 o 1m n arose. sink knee deep in de mud." Around ran Pomp, and ar?und m a circle r ush The little beast broke out again with a furious ed the jaguar,. the gy_ ratmg thus several ttmes CHAPTER XlU. bawling at this juncture, and Frank arose im" pa w"th extreme veloc1ty w1th no advantage on the 1 THE SWAMPDWELLEBS. tiently and put on Ius cap. Ir was evident to Frank, Barn e y and Pomp that "I could hear-to s_ee a iu St tled a the soene that met his view, he felt Isaao could hold the pass, prevent their ascent, as distress I he exclaimed, gomg out, ar he was above them and could crush them with helpless. I'm going to ffnd out where It an I a bunting knife in his belt the loose bowlders iyicg all around. the poor thing is stuck in the mud I'll try to get it t moment's hesitation he withdrew It, "REIIreat :down into the canyon," said Frank, ad-out." b d 1 . led o: the a u&r and burled the kee n blade visedly, to the others. I "Shure an'lt's me own e n.toue,y :nsh p J g An' let thnt spalpeen crow over us?" demanded for tber cratber," said Barney, an bedad I m wid Its neck. ave a roar and a mighty bound tearBarney. .. Niver, bejabersl'' rer ter tlnd tber heft av me hand." f p p's clutches and with its "Ob golly, H dis chile only hab one cartridge"Lord amassy," grinned Pomp. "Blood allers lng tse o om d, it t' ru" ck the J'est I" vroane:l Pomp, tells, Barney. One jackass done help de oder one blood 'pourmg from a gapmg woun s 0 y h r y h 1 y h '" F. k "l'bat white savage will murder us!" timidly ebery time. a a. a ground again close beside ran "d p h t Had Frank not been outside, Pomp would not I a 1 stant be was beside it and drove the sm anc 1 a. d t n n n d "Wait I" said Frank. "I'll put an end to his have made this remark; but he no sooner ba he kmfe again and again Into Its beautl.ful bo y. d bravado Retreat I say!'' words of his mouth, when Barney emptied the Weakene d from loss of blood, the Jaguar roars d h b" b aud ran out alnfull and as Its sbar cries pealed through the Seeing that he had some deep purpose in contents of a soup IS on IS eua, p y, p h h they obeyed him and as soon as they turned mtO Frank was prospecting or a chance to g e t Into gloomy canyon it went down upon 1ls aunc es B d b the canyon again Frank raised a whistle to his lips the swamp, and JUSt as arney appeare e came weakened and groggy. b d t F k t d and blew a shrill ,blast. across a ridge of turfy ground, and darted ln amid Barney and Pomp rus e up o ran o reo er d h th dl tl f the blm the!rlt ssistfmce; but it was not needed then. It was a signal previously agreed lipon, he the _dense un ergrowt m e rec on o The a uar fell over on its side. needed Dr; Vaneyke's help, and it made the_ gmnt braymg. The;e a expression of ferocity in st a rt, drop the rock glance around Wlth .an He bad a solid footing thrqugh the oozy ground Its I a rin eyes as It looked at Frank, and they uneasy expression on his face. and hi! a large number of gth t ?t d Frank advanced toward the big fellow fearlessly; trees bad fallen, tearmg dut the1r roots from the saw a I was ymg. h h ted . d tb f d l d lk An ins t ant l a t r Its bead sank to the ground, a but soon as Isaac saw him alone, e s ou m m1re, an ere oun n so 1 wa viole n t t remor shook It's carcass and it was dead. Spanish: It was surrounded by tall, tat;gled bushes, That's the end of the grimly said "I cannot hurt you; I would sooner die first; ered with vl_nell and the mid?I" stood the little Frank. I remember my debt." bellst, the cues of which drew him there. "Falx It's jist In time ye arruv," said .Barney. And wheeling around, he sprang up the rocks, One of its hoofs was in bedded b e tween two "Glmme yo knife an' I get de pelts, Massa with the -grace and ease of an antelope, .and vanprostrate t1se trunks, and wedged so tightly that Frank 'said Pomp. ished from view ou the plateau, 11 mon.ent could not getaway. "Why, jingo I tberR's Panch ita-alive!" Vaneyko and Gerald Fitzgerald came running into There was a h uge Mexican saddle 'Jn its back, but "Shure it" wor nearly dead she wor a moment the pass, to learn why Frank whistled to them. there was not tbe1remotest sign of a human being ago." They had not seen Isaac, who dodgad behind anywhere near. "J>own dis yere feller's belly, sah, only ferns." the outcropping rocks, and got out of sight aud Frank looked at the little beast in am11ze ment. Fmnk shook both bands of the girl, as she came away before Frank came up. He was mystified over "its presence there all up to them. The others were called up from the ravine. alone. "How in the world did you escape death Itself Frank then told friends what had occurred, But he soon found that the burro was merely a when the horse came crashing down in this gorge?" and they returned to the Whirll'{lnd, the brake of bait, secured there s.> that its cries would bring he asked, smilingly. which ba

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 15 It was tipped with a massive !lint and the wall, and the room hl!d but few articles in it, windows, when a throb of j:>y passed over him tO glancing along the sidu of his bead, it knocKed him of a strange, unique pattern. see Barney, Pomp, Vaneyke and Fitzgerald each senseless. Near the huge, circular doorway there stood occupying a window apiece, aiming their rilles at He uttered a sharp cry of pain, !lung up both two massive jars, in the middle of the room arose the Aztecs. bauds and fell over upon his just as Barney a square stone altar, upon which n fire was smol Vaneyke fired at the man wh.o was about to stat) appeared. dering, giving out a stmnge odor ol fragrant in Frank and the Aztec uttered a moan, clapped one 'l'be Irishman uttered an ejaculation o! alarn::., cense, and ranged about were several earthern hand to his bosom, and dropping-the knife to the for he saw the sw>et touched the ground, the sharp A fearful yell ans\ven'd the shot, and one o! the inventor, and peering at his bonds, to see if they crack of hi'l vigilant friends' riQes rang out In tbe men fell. were safely secured, he walked ovet to one of the room, followed by three shrieks of mortal distress ''WanferpoorMastherFranlr,mayGodresthis hugejarsbytbedoor. from the men whom the bullets pierced. A sow I," the furious !tisbmaa muttered, grimly, as Across the top of it was stretched some sort of shower of spear3 and arrows came !lying out the he raised his weapon. skin, and he seized a crude drum-stick and began windows, the three guardsmen just ducking In Again a 'volley or spears and arrows came toward to beat on it. time to ilscape getting shot. Barney. A strange, qui! pealed through "Go!" shouted Barney. "Shure they've called He doggedly stood his ground, and the scream-tbe room and went echoing through the building; in an army ag'in' us I" lng weapons !lew all around him like hail, a spea1 and its reverberations iiad hardly ceased, when "Wbich way?" panted Frank. darting between his body and his arm, an arrow into the room troo!led a -large number of peupl!l'. "Along tnis road I" snid Van'eyke, pointing at a piercing his coat, and several grazing his flesh so Tiley were all attired in flowing gowns made of broad path that wound in amid a dense woods closely that they lacerated his skin. some material woven by hand from the fibrous ttmt surrounded them. Bang I bang! went two more bark of certain trees, and dyed different colors, 'l'hey fled along the road, and Frank glnnced Not a bullet was wasted, for the Aztecs were ranging from a bright crimson to a deep azure back over his shoulder. He saw that be bad been grouped in a bunch, and two more of their nnmdhade. confined ina huge abode building, ha)[ of which ber fell never to rise again. They formed in a group near door and set had fallen to decay before the ravages of time and The whole band burst into a simultaneous yell up a weird, dirge-like chant, while the eldest one weather. of rage, and as a second raft emptied its crew amid advanced, and, standing in front of the stone alIt had once been an imposing Aztec temple, b9t the bJsbes more weapons reached Baraey, and an tar, he stirred up the fire with a short rod and said now was a ruin. ' arrow went through the fleshy purL o! his arm. something to the man who had been _guarding On all sides save where the road approached it He did not !linch. Frank. IVtiS surrounded by water and mire that made" up He wanted to drive the yellow-skinned horde That Individual approached the youth, liberated the swamp in which the Aztecs dwelt. back so that he could gain possession of Frank's him or the heavy chains and lifted him bodily In the windows of the one-storied, spread build body, but they would not move. upon a flat stone on top of the altar in front of the ing there appeared a vast number of the Aztecs, Bang I bang! bang! rang out the pistol again, aged man. all'of whom were shouting and tumbling out, to and he had but one shot left, when the Aztecs Frank was lying upon hiE back. come in pursuit of the 'fugitives. made a rush forward and several of them se!zed The sentry tore open his cle>thing, baring his On either side of the foot-road the rafts were upon Frank. breast: moored, and a.s the live sped Into the gloom of the Barney's heart sank like lead. Instantly the horrible truth dawned upon rain-soaked trees. Frank asked Fitzgerald: "Be heavens, got him!" he groaned. Frank. "Ho1 under the sun did you manage trace "It's no good I can be afther doin' here now,so it's They mean to make a human sacrifice or me," me up to this place?" back I'll go ter ther an' warn the resht ter he thought. "We came in the Whirlwind, don't you know. come wid meter save Frank dead or alive." This !;!Uspicion was veritled when he saw the old Barney came back and told us you were captured, He turned, tlre

16 Fl{.ANK READE, J}t., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. unless I manage to steer carefully we may run of!' the coach, dashing everything out of its relentless The four men In tbe carriage section opened into the marsh. Not one of those swamp-dwellers way. on the savages, but as soon as one man fell tn oares a fig for his life, and it they find that their She spun ahead and went around a long curve, their ranks, the gap was filled by a dozen oth w eapons are of no avail, they may try to run us in and a cry pealed from Frank's lips, and he con-ers, eager to talre his place. the mud, when we would be helpless." vulsively reversed the lever and put on the brake, "By jingo, they are brave men I" exclaimed Panchita remained In the pil:>t-house with for there was an obstruction ahead that threatenFrank. Frank, while the tour others stationed themselves ed to smash the Whirlwind to pieces once she .. Not lirnve," said Panchita, "but of :a. maliat the windows of the c a r with tt:.elr repeating struck it. clous, animal brutality." ritles and be gan to blaze away at their purs uers. Some more of the natives had landed from the h h if tb t M any of the Aztecs f ell, and some of them rafts before the coach reached the spot by taking a "They will destroy t e coac ey are no spr ang on the rtt.fte and poled a way, disappearing short cut, and a score of them were piling up a lot stopped!" in the rank w ee ds of tree trunks across her path. "What can be done, Mr. Reade?" Up flew the dirt and gravel in showers, undexthe broad, cogged wheels, as the coach whizzed around, and off she rushed like wildfire, on a line with the cliff tops. A sigh of intense relief burst from every one. For a moment not a .soul expected to escape destruction. Frank started the machinery and the Whirlwind They were caught in a trap theu, for they could "I will show you I" exclaimed Frank, in grim rolled away through the glo omy arcade of tre e s, ot surmount tile barricade in front, and a verit-tones. the undaunted savages pressing on tigerlshly, denhlearmy of the frantic sun-worshipers were rush-He ran into his store-room, hastily donned his spite the havoc created in their ra!!ks, senaing ing t\fter them in the rear, intent upon butchtJrlng suit of chain mail and filling a small ba.sKe t with v o lley after volley at the electric coach. them. dynamite htmd-grenades, he opened the door In The weapons Htruck harmlessly against the shell, the pilot house, and stepped out on the front plat broke, and fell to th e ground. CHAPTER XV. form. Not two hundred yards ahead Fmnk saw that THE AVALANCHE. A hail of rocks came flying toward him. some of the Aztecs bad landed from the rafts to in T.eE moment Frank saw that their further progOne of them struck him on the side and knocked tercept the coach. ress was stopped he brought the Whirlwind to a him against the closed window of the pilot-bouse, f ormed in a compact mass across the road pause, within a dozen pa ces of the barricade, and but did him no harm. to bar the Whirlwind s passage, and a pitying look relinquished his grasp on the wheel. He took a grenade from the basket, and flung it crosse d Fr11nk' s face. The men who had thrown tree-trunks across at the barricnde. H e turne d l e ver No. 1 around to its fullest extent, their path mounted the barricade, armed with huge It burst with a tremendous report, and hurling and under a fearful pressure the coach dashed stones, with which they began to bombard the several of the logs aside, it tore a breach in the headlong into the mass of men. conch with resistlflSS fury. ranks of the men opposing him. keen-edger! coweatcber tossed, SCI\ttered As the pelting rocks came thundering and crash-Again he let one drive. and cut them, while the scythes attached to the ing against the conch, it shook unqer the fearful It struck the ground in front of the logs and wheel-bubs mowed them down like hay. concussions, and an wa.s begun by the m.en burst, throwing up a cloud of dirt and stnnes that 'l'he cries that arose were frightful. in tbe rear almost at the same moment, with their envel9ped the rock flying, while its ftyiug particlea 'l'hrough the muss of destro)'ed humanity rushed weapons. struck fearful havoc in their midst.


FRANK READE, JR., AND HiS ELHCTRIC COACH. 1'7 A third grenade tore the barricade apart, and Well?" came the voice of the girl within the tumult, as Frank continued to hurl the bom!J.s the few remaining Aztecs beca:ne so terrified at pilot-l:ouse. the midst of the scattering -.rowd of Aztecs. the fenrlul, destructivt> engine of war employed "Turn lever No.4 all the way around." At first the natives stubbornly hflsitated, as If by Frank, that they fled to their raft and de-.. Very well!" \ bent upon trying to resist even the fearful enginEIS parted. of death and d estruction In Frank s hands, but One more scattered the remaining logs, "And do no. touch any of the metal work, on when they saw their numbers going down by the <>pened a clear passage ahead, and although n your life I" scores, they began to waYer and tlinch. huge hole was torn in the ground that rapidly "It is done 1 A few more explosions in th eir midst determln-fllled up with swamp w:1ter, Frank saw that the A terrible cry of woe burst from the lips of the ed them to 11 and pursued by a terrible fusill a de, coach could go through 1t In safety. men who h11d hold of the coach, and they were th b k Y d He was just upon the point of going inside, when hurled do"''n as if they were struck by lightning, ey ro e nn ran. with a t e nible rush savages who hnd been for by turning the lever in question the entire Frank followed them a short distance, sending He took a grenade from the basket, and flung it at the barricade. It burst with a tremendous report, and hurling several of the logs aside, it tore a breach in the ranks of the men opposing him. Again he let one drive. -coming on In the rear surged up to the coach, coach body became electrified by a powerful cur-seve ral parting shots aft e r the m to k e ep them movand surrounded it by hundreds. rent. ing. Their yelling and the rattling of their weapons Some of the more daring of the savages took the Then he returned to the coach. against the metallic body of the Whirlwind created places of those who w e re shoo ked, but their howls Panchita had shut off the electric current. a fearful noise. and cries were sufficient warning to the r est to Jet 'rhe coach w a s b a dly a nd .bruised, but A large, heavy speat came flying toward Frank, the coach severely alone nothing was broken, and whe n Frank re-entered him a violent blow, and knocked him over They were in 11 panic. the pilot-hous e and starte d her, she went along as the railing to the nd. . Then was Frank's time to au ent it. good as usua l: He landed on h1s feet hke a cat, n spr a ng A number of the m e n were ominoo t o ward him The m the g r o und was s a f e ly cros s ed. bnck out of reach o.f a score of spea rs that were h h 'thd d ft "' d f tb' It occ upt e d fully q01u t e r of an hour for tha . w en e w1 tew grana e a er grana e rom e rms e d al>ainst him. basket and hurled them In the midst o f th e erowd 'Yh1rlwind to g e L out swn m p on the south blazing rifles In the ports did not make the devastating the ir ranks in 11 fri htful m a nner, and side, the y !ost no t1me ID getung as far awa y mfurmted men tllnch, for they rushed at the con cli d . th h 1 1 d th 1 from It as p o s s tbl e in a body, and seizing hold of it, they push e d, nvmg e w 0 e .or e awa y rom e coac A ten mile run up 11 mount a in to the banks of a pulled, tugged and tore at it, with the evident in"A mor o ," Frank, "and their rive r f o llow ed, wh, e n they came t o a pause for the tention of throwing it into the swamp. fright WIIJ. be uomplete. We will win the tight night; an examination of the c oa ch showed that It began to roll on its wheels, and a chill pas s ed with these things alone." beyond 11 sev e r e b a ttering, she suffer e d no dama ge, <>ver Frank as he saw that once they swang It Sparlts were flying and crackling all over the and aft e r a savory supper had been partaken of around or upset it, the Whirlwind would be ir-coach, the glaring search-light dnrted its p enet111tthey turn e d in. revocably lost. ing mys ahead thr o ugh the gh>omy arcade of l'he following day dawn e d and clear. "Panch ita!" he ehouted at the top of his voice. trees, and the gollg began to ring, adding to the Our friends held a c o nsult a tion, and cat.Ot> t o the


18 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. conclusion that by the following day they would Whirlwind and be brought the electric coach to a vnst lake down In the valley, and came to the con arrive withm sight of the Isle of Diamonds, lf>r the pause the moment he saw Frank and Barney elusion that it contained the isle of diamonds. coach was then in a valley between two of the four rushing toward it. Consequently wh"n the Whirlwind crossed the mountains in whose basin. the wonderful island In an instant they were both on1tbe platform at sandy desert, he kept it in the direction of the was said to lay. a bound and the profeijsor did not wait to come in, lake, and they passed into a. canyon which had the The of the river afforded an abundance but be turned the coach, and putting on speed, he appearance of once having been a waterconrse of fish, and in the afternoon FLank took a line and sent it flying down into the valley again at a fear-that was now partly dried up. went off with Barney to spend an hour angling lui rate. By that time night began to fall. before the coach was again gotteu: under headThe avalanche came with a noise and fury that "We will not venture any further, doctor," said way. was fearful just behind the cgach, stonee and Frank, .as he the Whirlwind pause They followed the course of the stream up the striking against the wheels with a dangerous some distance w1thm the gloomy gorge. It mountain for ball an hour, and finally took up 4'1 mttle that showed them they were not an instant be dangeroiAs. We do not know what lurkmg mispos!tion belo\v a huge cone, which looked as if it too 800n at escaping. chief may bese1 our ahead. Moreo;er, we might at on" time have been the crater. of an ex-Indeed, had it not been for the fearful speed at are close upon the hostile ground of the diamond tinct volcano. which the coach \Vas dashing the W'llrst of islanders." Ensconced in a rocky retreat, they cast In their the avalanche would h!\ve overtaken them and de"This gorge ought to lead us t;> the lake, lines, and within a siiort time discovered that etroyed the Whirl wind. Frank." place could not have been better selected to tempt Tho voluanic thunder and shaking of the moun"n it goes straight ahead it would, but it may finny whicl1 to lan.d. tain continued to get worse momentarily, the be winding." . I never enJoyed better flshmg m my hfe, Bar dense volumes of smoke pouring from the moa(h "Well, as we are surrounded by high hills, and nay," said }'rauk; as l:e. darted ,'J. up the of the crater kept Increasing, and all around them the canyon Is the only opening. in .them leading mountain, but I m afraid we. are gomg to have dirt and rocks were loosened and went rolling toward the lake, we ChOice Ill the matter trouble we from,here soon." down to the valley with the flying coach. but to follow it." .. IS1 t. SIInte, an 1-.ha I The afternoon sun wns declining, and it shed a Just then Pomp opened the door and announced D1d ) ou feel the earth tremble then? golden veil over the basin between the four mounsupper. "Och but it's legs te J dance on ther world is . h f d' . . . tams, down mwhtch reposed t elsleo mmonds, Fran! and the doctor passed into the'," Barney, sprmgmg up and glancmg of which they were In search. room in the coach whero they found Panchita around w!lb an amazed look. F d h 11 h ' N . 1 h ran it and Barney entere t e p ot-ouse. Barney and Fttzgeraldseated, while Pomp bustled o, it's an msH e convulsion-an eart quake." The Irishman yet clung to his string of fish, but about, waiting on them. "Bedad, we'd betther run." 1'hat won't do us an ood. I've felt the Frank bad left his nt the stream, There was a tiny stream running from a spring . Y g Barney's arm pained him to'l, ns tt Will be recamid some tall palms near where the coach came sbakmg since we. 1\rst sat down here. These ollected he got an arrow through it by one of the 0 a pause and the coon look a pitcher and went mountains ate volcanw -' 1 swamp-dwell era, but be was so much exmtedltbat out to get some water from it. An lo?k this wan IS schmokin It he paid no heed to his misery. As he bent over the s rin he sudden! felt p01pe I" said Barney m alarm pointing up at the T h 'd F k b b b d p g y . . . be docto. r t en to. ran ow e c ance to something come down on hts head with the force eone above them, which a thm, appear with the coach. of a cannon-ball. of vapor was now ansmg skyward. "At the first !ndieatlou of the earthquake "said It hi k th t f I bl' ded h' f .. 'l'h 1 r d F k ft 1 1 tb gave m a crac a atr y m 1m 01 a rep 1 e ran a er o. g ance, s 6 he," I. anticipo.tod an avalanche, and k 'hew your 1tn instant, and knocked him heels over head into of ap eruptwu .. At any moment the dangl3r would be lt.arful. So I started up to meet the stream. vo1cauo may forth w1tb fire ar.d smoke, you and--" hurling up ct_irt and rocks, and vomiting fiery IiLVa "Yah I Hole on dar, gosh blame yo' I" he yelled,, Boom l lloom I came a thunderous report, in as he picked himself up, drenched, and cavorted Whist!" terrupting hlin. around, striking out with his fists. Boom 1 A great fissure in the earth opened behind them. To his amazement he did not see any one, but a A report like smothered thunder suddenly It ran for miles mountain side, the in-broken cocoanut on the ground, and his wool rolled beneath teet and a sickening sensatarnal gases esco.pmg a roar: trees sticky witp its slimy unripe inside ar..d juice showed tion passed over them as the earth moved. and rocks. were blown high In the stlfimg atr, and him that it had come dow& on him from tree Huge bowlders loosened from their beds began a cloud of nod arose. overhead. to roll down the steep Incline, aud threatened to On, on 1 Faster-:-faster 1 gasped the Instantly his fears were quelled. crush them. shock flung btm and Frank over. Other "Wouldn't er happen ter nobuddy else!" he "Barney, tollow me for your life I" cried Frank, yawnmg chasmu may open ahead!" growled, as he glared up at the umbrelltt shaped making a 1:\reak for a growth of timber, which be Frank lncr"lased the speed of the coach and top of the tree. Golly, lf dis chile didn't bab sich perceived might &halter them, and they ran at the glanced back. a tick &lmll, war he be now? De Lawd knows! top of their speed over the trembling and shaking "Thank Heaven the earth was rent in back of 'SJ:!eC l'se gwine ter stan' dis all alone? H'm, h'm! earth. us!" he gasped. Whar am Bnrnoy? I'se gwine tedotch de ole A terrible din arose from the rocks, stones and "Ab-you mean--'' lrlsher out yere, an' make 'em peg a stone up a t bowldera that began to come down in o.valanches "I mean that the flying stones an d rocks now demiYere cocoanut!!, an' ifftey doan' break his bend after them. They he!\rd the dull reports growin'i fall int? the great crevice that yawns across their dis niggah's a liar, ter glory?" louder and fiercer under the earth's crust, aud as path down ward in pursuit of us, and no longer Pomp chuckled over the prospect of having thicker volumes of smoke poured from the vent run the risk Of being crushed by them." pauy in his misery, filled the pitcher, and ruefully of the volcano, streams of water hurled up from Frank told the truth. rubbing his sore head, he tried to put on a careless river beds flooded over thflir banli:s and carne The down-coming landslide and rocks had their air, whistled a tune, and returned to the coach. down. furious rush arrested nt the yawning fissure, into Barney had finished his supper, and as he came It seemed as if everylhiug at the top of t!Je which they: fell with a tearful crashing n.nd pound-in be bailed Pomp with: mountain was coming down upon Frank and ing could be beard for miles around. "Come, come, nagurl Be afther hurryin' up Barney as they rnu. It was a grand but terrifying sight. wid lher wather, fer shure I'm that dhroy I cud Down in the valley Frnnk feared that tue coach Yet they soon lost view of It, for the rattlir!g, dnrlnk tiler lakes av Killarney impty, so I nud." would. be overtaken unawo.res by the downbouncing and ll.ying COf\Cb quickly reached the val"Lawdy, Barney, den yo' oughter hab what I sweeping rocks and buried with its inmates. ley, and plunging into n sandy plain thn.t might jest bin driukin'," replied Pomp, rolling his eyes '!'his impression bad hardly occurred to him, once have been the bed of a dried-up laKe, she went and smacling his lips. though, when tiie whirlwind shot out from amid along as smo'l_thly as if on a macadamized road. "Is it whisky, ye rapscallion?" the trees just abeaJ of them I Her wild flight bad severely shaken up her "Better'n dat. Cold's Ice, sah, an' jes' scrnmp Barney!" f?houted the amaze

FRANK READE, JR., AKD HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 19 Barney knew how delicious they were, and went each other as the lovers strolled away, with the Then they glanl!ed nt each other, and both had out to the trees. pretext that they wanted to watch the reflected to burst out laughing. It was only 11 moment afterwards that Pomp 11ames th&t were then arising from the \'olcano, "Dar am no use, kain't stay mad at yo', Bar followed him, with a broad grin on his lace, exand spreading a lurid crimson glow over the sky. ney," said Pomp. pectlng to see Barney get pulverized. Bejabers, it wuz young we wanst wuz our"Then schtrlng up, ye blackguard, an we'll Sh .. ke de tree, chile, shake de tree!" he cri e d selves," said "an' be ther poi per av have a duet." encouragingly as the Irishman .got under the Moses, I'm afeerd as it's little av any other spark-A few moments later thA violin was venting a jig, spreading leaves. in' they'll see but what goes on betune the two av and the old coon was thumping anaccompanimeut "Howld yer wist; sure, yez .can't talch an Irish-thilhselves I" in masterly style on the banjo, manter pick cocoanuts," said Barney contemptu"Kinder lonesome heah now, chile," said Pomp. The ratt!in,; refrain was turned into a song a ously. "Shure, I wuz brung up tor gatherin' thim "Then lPl's be aftherctmusin'ourselves, shure.'' few minutes later, and ftlled with ecstacy, and ear in schwate Cionnkilty. Watch me, ye nagur, an' "S'posen I git out de old banjo, Barney." ried away with the music, Pomp began to roar: I'll sbo": yet. grip!" . "Falx, an I'll saw me fiddle wid yer, on a bet." "Lnbed a little yaller gal, ani>Ltogo was ber name, He sp1t en h1s hands, gave a ho1st at h1s pants, "Bet, honey? Wha' yo' mean, h'm ?" 'Nodder nlggah came along an' tubbed her jes' de and grabbed the tree trunk. "That I play me ftddle an' bate yer wldout a same, Then he gave It a jerk. jury." way down In Alabam. It did uot quiver. "Yo' play bettern me? Sho' 1 Glory dar, chile 1 Nlggah had a razor an' dis coon he hab a club, He tried agam, and pulled so hard his face nearYo' can't do it." Swar he'd cut my gizzard ou&, to steal de gal I lub, ly exploded. "Then, begob, it's put up or shut up wid yer i" 'Way down In Alabam. But a cocoa palm, though slender and tall,Js as .. Name :le conditions an' I go yo'," Raid Pomp, come tergeder, holy smote, de wool did firm as a steel rod. ttl d ".B 1 b t d B "It' t d u ge ng n e Niggall out me deep, an' den I socked him tn de e ye, e a grun e arney, s pe n e Jar "I will. It's aven money that I can getter me way down In Alabam'. tree Is entmrely." locker, grab me fiddle, chune up, an play folve Lingo drawed a an' she put der coon ter sl e ep "Den fro;; up nstone," grmned Pomp. pieces afore ye can get yer banjo an'. thump out Couldn't stay dar longer, in de Nor! we had ter d1d not want to make a. fool ot himself, wan a.v yer camp-meetiu' songs," keep, so he up a stone and let it fiy at several Pomp stood on his dignity nt once, for he pulled Let' ole Alabam'l" dark, clustermg objects whi.Jh he beheld up in the out a ten-dollar bill ;t down on the table The tremendous noise d b th d k dark green foliage. ma e Y e a.r Y s Biffl went the stone, and a terrlftc chorus of and smd, vehemently: voice, the scraping of the violin, and the thump II f 1 k h hi d "Done, done 1 Cover de green-back, an I take ing of the banjo drowned every other sound and ye 1'1 arose rom severo. mon eys e t, an ere d 't t b '!" they could get out ef the way the spiteful little e conceJ ou 0 yo left the tw.o men In blissful ignorance of the fact be t I t d I h t th Down went Barney's money on top ot it, and he that the distant voices of P anc!Jita. and Fitzgerald as s e I ve as ower o s at em, 1 1 d They were up in the trees and having plAnty of exc a me i had been crying for hlllp. Whln I say three roon Th 1 d II d th missiles, Baruey and Pomp bombarded un-.. ;, e w n owe were ..a open, an so were o G wan I doors. merCJ!ul.y. W t tb I" They yelled and roared and danced as nnt after an-wo-ree Barney sat near the rear door, and as the son)lr nut whacked them, for the monkeys They. both rushed into the next ended he happened to glance out, be gave a fired witil remarkable precision, and Bnrney hauled ftddle, which he violent start, and bending over be peered thro ugh "Babe me I" bellowed Pomp wildly, as he real usually carried with him on his .ravels, out of his the gloom harder. tzed that he was caught in his own trap. "Oh 1 locker, and darted baok again Into the dining-room, "A movln' sha.dder I" he exclaimed 'dropping Ouch 1 Stop dat, yo' little-ob, oh, ob !" where he sat down and tuned his violin. "B b I' d d 1 F h 1 A moment latera way scmped .he bow across the .. Hub? Wha.' yo' say?'' asked p mp t tl 1 e eavens, m a ea mnq er t er ove av strings and he rattled out the Widow McCree the 0 m s ar e God spake to yer ancesthors an' tell 'em It's us!" I h w' d K hi M 1 tones, as he laid down his banjo and peered ove r dB ns asberwoma.n,an at een a.vourneen n Barney' ho ld r rom e arn"Y quick succession. 15 s 0 e They could not stand the bombardment mueh "Clap yer oye beyant ag' in' the oppoe1te w all." longer, nor could they retallate, they took to Pomp, was in other room swear''Lawd a.massy-what am dem Ungs amovin' their legs and fied, leaving the monkeys masters ing and fur10us, as he frantically 1-ummaged In his dar, Barney?" .. of the situation and pleased at the result. locker for the banjo, "Sbure me oyes don't be's gimblets, so the y Into the coach they ru<;hed a moment afterward, He could not find it. ain't, an' can't bore troo ther gloom, yer see, b ut, ar..d its Inmates into the belief that some Fast nnd furious sa\ved the rollicking Irishman's tJegob, I have me suspicions." great danger threatened them. bow, commench\g on the fOurth tune, and Pomp "H'm 1 Looker dar, mor e ob deoi I" Oreritfallen M they were, daubed with green co-broke out In a cold sweat. "Shut Ivery thing up, quick; an' I'll be a.fther coanut slime,' sore from tlt;, pelting, and angry at "Hull on dar, Barney 1" he yelled. "Yo' done tum!n' ther sea.rch-lolght upon tbim. Mnn or each other, they both were shrewd enough to re cuttin' de pieces short!" baste though they are, shure an' it' s ther quare train from what happened, thereby savh,Jg "Git out wid yer," chuckled Shea. "This is numpercess!on av shadders tpey makes in ther a. laugh nt their expense. ber four, bedad, an' it's on ther ftfth wan I now am, gloom." be tber same token." It was so d ark across the canyon that they coul d CHAPTER XVII. "Wha.r am dnt banjo?" howled Pomp, frantically, not well distinguish anything entirely, but they A TnooP OF SHADows. Tweedle-de-de, squeaked the violin, and as the faintly made out what seemed to be a string o f "DoC'XOB," said Frank, after supper had been last tune came to till end, Barney burst into a roar shadowy forms passing by. partaken of, "if you will go with me, I would like of laughter, paused, seized the stakes, and shouted: While Pomp was hastily closing up windows to take a trip on foot through the gorge a short "Done Ther money Is mine, an', bejabers, and doors Barney .ran Into the pilot house, and dlstaace, to see how the land lays ahead." yer'll foind ould lnstermlnt undher ther flure, tur11ing a lever' he started the powerful search Certainly I will go,'' replied Vaneyke. "It Is where I hid it, yer gorilla." light and it shot a streak across the canyon. a goop I" roared Pomp, collapsing. "I'se done The radiance was as powerful when It struck danger we have to apprehend." fo' agatn, by golly I" the wall' as if the noonday sun was gleaming. "Will yon remain with Barney and Pomp to He got it out, came Into the dining cor!Cpart Just then Pomp ran into the pilot-house. guard the coach, Fitzgerald?" asked Frank of the ment: solemnly shook hands with Barney, a A cry pealed from the lips of the two watchers. Engllshman. sickly grm on his awful mouth. Stalking along with mage stlc mien and stately "Assn1ediy," responded the ranch man; "and at "Ain't gwine ter say nuffin," he announced, grace was a. band of gigantic men, in appearance the same time, I can keep an eye upon my future "but I done git squar wif yo' honey. De bank exactly like Isaac was. bride, to see that no more giants come along, fall note am yo's." There was not a man In the party who was tesA iu love with 'er and carry the lady away." "Shure I .have it already," interrupted Barney, t han seven f eet In height, and as the terrible glare Frank and the professor then armed themselves with a broad grin. ot the electric lig!Jc flashed blindingly in and left the coach, followed the course of the m-"But," added Pomp, sadly, "It am a counter e}es they ali involuntarily paused. vi11e, and soon disappeared from view around a felt." It was evident tl::at they were excessively start-bend some distance ahead. Barney's jaw dropped. Jed. Finding that he would prefar to be alone with He glanced at the But no more so than Barney and Pomp wer6. Panci.Jtta, the young ranchman proposed a stroll It was on the anne Bank, New Y?rk, letter A, For they saw that savages held Pan out to the sandy desert, to whic!t the girl readily dated July 1st, 1865, chlta and Fitzgerald captives, nod were c \rrying assented, to view the eruption. "Shure an' it's quits we are," said he, glumly, them away through the canyon, The and the coon winked knowingly at for Pomp had not lied, "Isunc's throibe," involuntarily cried Barney.


20 FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS ELECTRIC UOAUu. "Golly, de white niggahs hab got de gal an' de "Then, 8.i! you perceive, our journey is fruitrolj-m the surrounding hunting grounds alld keep rancllman." Jess." our houseH provisi<>ned. But woe unto him who "Luck at ther soize av thim." "Pause, doctor, and recollect Frascuelo, the dartJs moleHt or cross us I" "Wha' we'se gwine ter do, Barney?" bandit chief." "Then Fruscuelo can exptoct a warm recep"Do? Tackle thim, be jabers." "I do not forget the Mexican wretch." tion?" "Urn 1 um 1 See dar, dey am talk in' an' point"You know that he and his men are on their "Since you warned me in time, yes. I thank in' dis way." way here.'' you for tellklg me." "Is iverything close(! up?" "But what cnn they hope for?'' "And as we are mortal foes of the Mexican, we "H'm, h'm !" Nothing, when they see what they will have to wlll aid you to repel him." "l'hen get yer gun an' stand ready ter lind me a assail." "You are kind; t;.ut you will want an ample reband." "You speak meaningly, Frank." ward for this?'' As Barney spoke be turned lever No. 1 and "Of course I do. We will capture them.'' "Nothing more than the oody of Frascuelo, grasp e d the wheel. "Oh I Aid the islanders, instead of mo!:esting alive." The coach s tartec!' toward the natives, and the them?" "For what purpose?" moment they saw that the strange object was com"lllt becomes necessary." "To deliver him up to the law of my country." ing they fled along the ravine at an ama'l:ing rate "With all my heart, 1f we can let the savages "Good 1 I shall keep faith with you upon that ol speed. know our intentions." score." Tile road-bed was so rocky that Barney di:l not "And that will qot be ditneult If we can meet "Let us take leave of you now." dare to put on much and the giants grad"Where are your wagon and your friends?" ually forged ahead until they were several hun-It seemed almost miraculous, but the last words "In the gorge, and there we will remain until dred yards in advance with thd prisoners. bad hardly left .!!'rank's lips when a shadow fell in Frascuelo comlls." The search iiglo!t would l'eep them in eight for a front ol them, and glancing up they were both "Would you not like to go with me to view my mile, though, and the moment Barney saw an startled and astonished to see Isaac standing dpmain?" opportunity of dashing ahead he made up his there. "Yout's?" mind to run them down. His approach had been as silent as death. "I am the chief ol the tribe." "Shure, it's cowld mate they may make av ther The in his head gear nndded fra-"Indeed? You amaze me. Lead on, 1ve wlll young couple," he muttered, an' I won't admit grant breeze, and he 1egarded them silently with follow you." av that, it I have ter shoot thim down foldad arms, looking more like some mighty T d d k h f 11 wid me own hands." statue carved out ol marble than a hun:an being. heFglant stro 6 own to the Ia e ore, 0t otwh ed by rank and the doulor an!l gomg on o e A clear spot soon showed up ahead, and with "Isaac, by heavens!" exclaimed Frank. b _d d h 11 f d nearest r1 ge as they advance t e gure o a :h1s chance in his grasp Barney started the coach "He is a demon I" eJaCulate the doctor. d '_ h dd 1 d t Lhead at fulls peed. The savage did not say a word, but there was sednltry armeedwlt aspearsn en Y anh unehxpebcd. e y emanat from an aperture w ere e a an mtent and querulous look 1n his blue eyes, as b h-dd d db f h he fastened them on Frank. e:n 1 en an stoJ e ore t em. XVI "Where did you come from?'' asked the young You how well every to ON THE IS. LE OE DIAMONDS. t S h our city IS," said Isaac, turmng to Frank. Were mven or Ill pams 1 t 'th b th f ld -h FRANK and Vaneyke had gone on their way un"I have been following your strange wagon," no WI you, 0 0 you wou conscious of the trouble brewing in the. vicinage replied Isanc. He ma_de a gesture to the sentr_Y the ma!l of the electric coach, and followed the tortuous "You !olloweJ. us from the place where we st?od aside such a submissive air that onr wilfdings or the gloomy canyon for fully a mile. killed the jaguars?" fnends could not doubt that baac was a potentat& J Then they emerged upon a level plateau, below "Ev9ry step, on foot. Why did you come here?" of this strange place .' A which they saw the gleaming surface of a huge "To n tat vour city, Then the three oontmued on, and a second seab o dy Of water. darkly. try was met at the terminus of the bridge, whormore than hnlf a mile from the mainland. life.'' ed along the shores of the lSlaBd, were nur.1erous "The Isle of Di a monds!" exclaimed Frank the "His name was King?" gondola-shaped boats. moment his glance fell upon it. "See, "Yes. Did you know him?" '.rhey were doubtless used for fishing pursee I Our journey is ended!" He is the father of the ..:irl you stole." poses. "Marvelous-wonderful!" ejaculated Vaneyke. "Ahl What strange fatality is this?" As soon as the trio from the bridge they His expressjons of wonderment were called "Time alone will tell. We will warn you n'Ow foun:l themselves in a. :raved, narrow street of tbe forth ,bY t.qe the Jake was bridged over at __ 1 city. 1 intervals by masonry of ancient Egyptian style of what?" It had a most Oriental appearah.Je. ar c hit ecture b e autiful to behold, while the shores "Frascuelo and his men." Not a sign of an animal was to be seen, nor of ;he island itself were seen to be walled up all "The Mexican from whose knife you saved my was there a soul in the silent street. around with stone. life?" Frank and the doctor bent the keenest glances On the gracefuj undulations on one side of the "Yes. He is on his way here to rob your city." around, and as the silvery moonlight g lanc e d bill the newly risen moon slanted its rays upon The dark frown upon Isaac s brow intensified, upon the pillars and porticos of the houses, the a city of pure white stone. and he asked, after a pause: most brilliant scintillations were flashe d b a ck The architecture was massive great pillars and "Why do you tell me this?" from the diamonds incrusted there to embellish collfmns rising, clearly and here and "In truth, we came for the same purpose," said the carved tracery. there turrets, domes and spires arose above the Frank, but I will admit to you now that since Every house they passed was thus adorned with rest of the buildings, lending it a strange effect. we have just seen the barbaric sptendor of your the most magnificent jewels, rendering a sublime "There is something strange in the fact of wondllrful iSle, we cannot help feeling that such a efrl'ot, and clearly demonstrating that theft in this uucivillzed savages exhibiting such wonderful course would be wanton robbery." isolated city wns a crime that was unknown. skill i u building," said Frank, "yet the scene pre If you could ac'.lomplish your purpose, you led them to the largest and most imposing sentea to our glance only verifies the account mean," said Isaac, with a significant smile. edifice in the city without saying word, but given by Mr. Kil\g, the father of Panchita." "My friend, we are llisappointed. We started in covertly watchiag their looks of evident admira" True, true, Frank. It is undo"Gbtelily the Isle expectation of with savages in their prim-tion all the while. of Diamonds-the strange abode of the giant race itive state, ignorant, blood-thirsty and unscrupu-As they came to a pause at the entra.ilce of the to which Isaac belongs Jous. Instead, here we find your people to be building, the clatter of many footsteps r.nd the "But how under the sun can we penetrate such in advance of the native Aztecs. You have built voices of a number of men were heard approachtl wonderful city, teeming with a powerful race of bridges, palaces, houses aud temples with the ing. people, who would guard their treasure with their wonderful skill of the ancient Egyptians. Isolated Frank and the doctor glanced hastily around lives, and hope to wrest from them an iota of the from civilization as you are, it is no wonder to me just as a dozen giants looking like Isaac rushed diamonds without falling victims to our own that your people retain their native habits." up to them. temerity?" "You speak well of us," llravely answered the They had Fitzgerald and Panchita. "To deliberately attack these people with the white savage. "We keep to our inherited, time"Hal What treachery is this?" cried Frank, purpose in view of taking their diamonds is simhonored customs, and though but a small race recognizing the captives. ply and purely rank robbery.'' of people, we are powerful, and dislike all other The new-comers spoke to Isaac in some strange "Dec1dedly so," assented Frank, "and I will tribes. Here we live in peace and happiness, the language, In hasty tones, and Vaneyke turned not do it." bridges giv -ing us access to the main, where we to Fitzgerald, and asked:


FRANK READE, AND HIS ELECTRit COACH. 21 How i.s it you are prisoners. in the bands of He could not realize what occurred ; it all In 1452 B . C. there was an Amorite chief, ruling these people?" happened so quick. from the Jabbok to the foot of Hermon, and his "We left the coaoh far a stroll, whim they cap And before he recovered from his amazement, name was Og. He was one of a giant race of tured us In tbe gorge," replied Fitzgerald. Tbe Vaneyke had cut the bonds of Fitzgerald, and Rephaim, whose stronghold was a remarka?le negro and Irishman pursued us in the Whirl-thrust a revolver in his hand, while Frank district called Argob by_ the Hebrews, whwh wind." liberated Panchita, and assisted her to her feet. means the stony. His iron bedstead was nine And where are they now?" "Fly I" exclaimed Frank, glancing around. cubits long by four wide. I'm under the im" Fully a soore of the giants were fighting them "Do not lose a moment. They will get help. pression that the tribe on this isle are descendbut escaped," Once surrounded, we cannot cut our way out." ants ot his race." I Isaac I sternly exclalmesJ Frank, who beard Just then there sounded the braying of a reed "Perhaps so. Ah, here 1s a clearrng, replied whM was said. "Release them l" horn, and the muffied beating of drums all over Vaneyke. No I" vehemently ,<:riod the giant, his eyes the sleeping city. Fitzgerald had been supporting Panchita, and sparkling as they reste:l. upon Panchita. "Fate "Crowds are swarming to the bridges!" exwas going on ahead, when they emerged into a has given the girl whom I love better than life claimed V aneyke, whose keen glanci'l was cluster of tall, stately palms. to me!" fastened upon the water front. Just beyond the trees a mountain stream You refuse?" sharply questioned Frank, drawIsaac's face was convulsed with ungovernable went rippling over the stones in a wild, rocky ing his revolver. rage. section, and from there they had a clear, unin" I would sooner die I" passionately exclaimed He raised his bent arms up over his head, and terrupted view of the entire city below them, as the giant. while his gigantic frame shook and tremqled the streets ran parallel and horizontal. '.rhen so be it I" cried Frank, covering Isaac with suppressed excitement, he cried in deep, The scene that met their view was discourag-with his pistol. hoarse tones: ing. Seize these men, and make them prisoners I" "May the curses of a king blight you 1 Es-Torch lights were fiashingto and fro in almost the giant cried to his men. cape is impossible 1 Every bridge is guarded. every street, and thousands upon thousands They started toward Frank and the doctor to Every avenue of flight over the lake is cut off I of people were to be seen flitting about, while carry out their oilier's command. You are bound to fall into my power 1 I swear here and there they beheld lights glowing in the it I" gondola-like boats on the lake as they were CHAPTER XIX. "But not yet I" said Frank. rowed out on the water, and began to go around THE FLIGHT UP THE MOUNTAIN. He strode over to Isaac, and grasped him by the island. ALTHOUGH there were a dozen giants opposed the throat. The wholE.\ city is aroused," grimly com-to Frank and the doctor, they did not flinch, for Before the astonished man could resist, the mented Frank. "They will get up a hot hunt it was evident that the fanatic love Isaac en doctor and the ranchman ran to Frank's assist-after us soon Eventually we may be taken in tertained for Panchita would impel him to ance, when they overpowered the giant, and captivity Therefore, should we be obliged to hold her. tied him to a postwithstripstornfrom his own shoot them, friends, be careful not to kill any-Fitzgerald and the girl laid on the ground, clothes. one, for they would be apt to avenge a death b::!" utterly helpless, and although Isaac knew that The next moment they fied, leaving him sacrificing our lives." death stared him in the face when he saw vainly striving to burst his bonds, for they saw my part, I don't care, you know," said Frank's pistol pointed at his head, he showed that the city WitS becoming alive with men, Fitzgerald, with a frown. "It's deuced awk no signs of fear. women and children, all of massive proportions. ward, me dear fellow, to love a girl and 'ave an "Stop your men, or I will kill you I" cried "Follow mel" exclaimed Frank. "There is infernal white savage try to steal 'er bodily. Frank. no escape to the main but we can get up on the Positively, I will kill the beggar before I allow The men evidently understood Spanish, for mountain, and there perhaps may elude them, 'im to do it again." they did not wait for Isaac to give them a com-or hold them at bay. It is our only chancel" "I wouldn't blame you a bit," Frank, mand, but paused of their own accord. They turned through a narrow, dark street at "but by the use of a little discretion we may A proud, disdainful smile crossed Isaac's face, the side of the palace, and saw that it ascended get out of this scrape unhurt." and he made a gesture to his men, and said to the hill. "Oh, it's of no use. I can't restrain my feel-them, calmly: \ Fortunately it was an unfrequented street, ings, don t you know. A chap that loves as I ".Obey me I I have no fear of death I'' and they reached the end of it without being love Panchita must 'ave 'is girl or di e " Of what avail is this girl's love if you are a discovered. "Hang Isaac I" muttered Frank. "If I was asked Frank, in contemptuous tones. There was a dense jungle at the suburbs of in poor Fitzgerald's boots I'd shoot the fanatic "You do not speak with reason." the city, and as they plunged into it they could wretch any way." "No power on earth shall gainsay my com-hear the tan-tivvy of the horns and the rumble "Hark I" exclaimed Panchita, up her mands I" . of the drums down in the city mingling-with finger and bending over in an attitude of listen "See here, Isaac, you must obey me. Liber excited voices that created a veritable ing. "I hear footsteps coming." ate my friends and let us return to the main. monium. "Scatter behind the rocks I" exclaimed We will go away and you can then fight off But for the present they were safe. Frank. Frascuelo alone when he comes." Buried in the tall, waving grass that was They dispersed like so many shadows, and a "I cannot let you go. The girl I must and higher than their heads, they could see the sky moment after they were all conc ea led behind will espouse, and then you all may depart in illuminated across the lake where the volcano the bowld ers. peace. Attempt to thwart me, and you will ftung up its crimson glow to the clouds. Several minutes passed by.of utter silence. make me an enemy. You saved my life, and "We had better push on," said Frank, when Then the jungle grass parted at the exact you have rendered me another favor by Waruin!I they had rested a short time. "No doubt the spot wher e the fugitives had come through, and me against the Mexican bandit. I am very direction of our flight will soon be discovered as Frank peered over the top of the rock behind grateful. Yet my love for my affinity is greater or suspected. Then they will pursue us. A which he lay, he saw half a dozen of the giants than my immense gratitude to you." fight in this jungle would be disastrous to us come out amid the llrees. Then you are determined to hold us, and ex-all.!' "They have followed our trail tlmough the cite my "You are right," assented the doctor. "This grass!" thought Frank. "The beaten down "Nothing will alter my resolve I" must be a volcanic island, lying between the blades l eft a passage which we came through, Very well, it shall be war to the knife four mountains as .it does." and it was easy for them to follow it: between us henceforth l" "But race of giants-what of The men grouped themselves in a bunch and Isaac made an impatient gesture to his men, asked Frank. held a whispered conversation for a while, in and again they started toward Frank and the "It is a matter of mystery to me. That they the meantime glancing a1:ound much as if they doctor, when they both swung around their are a distinct race is evident, for the men, wom-were at a loss to know exactly in which direc-weapons and opened fire on the giants. en, and children are all giants. Moreover, they tion to go, now that the trail was lost. They did not fire to kill, but not a shot failed afe Jews. You can see it in their faces. BeThen they separated, spreading out in the to wound a. man, and although spears stdes that, Isaac spoke to his men, he ad-form of a half circle, and came through the were hurled at our two plucky friends, they dressed them m Hebrew, and called them by trees toward the rocks. escaped with the most trifling fiesh wounds. old biblical names, such as Ishmael, Balak, "In a moment they will see us!" thought Ten of the giants fell befo;re the rapid firing Saul and Og." Fran)!: despairingly, "and then a fight will be of the weapons, and two ran away to summon "Og'l" echoed Frank, thoughtfully. "By inevitable!" assistance. jingo, I've got the key to explam their size, if He gave utterance to a guarded hiss to warn I-saac stood as if paralyzed. they are descendants of the ancient Israelites. the others to be on their guard, and drew up


22 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. his repeating rifle prepared to fight to the bit-toned gong began to ring and clatter, and the The higher they ascended, the nearer the shots ter end rather than submit to capture and enbroad wheels fairly buzzed 11:8 the coach sped sounded, :and the rougher the wad became, dure a fate that might be worse than death. along. and g1ancing back, they saw hunureds of the The others heard his warning and looked up. When the island end of the bridge was nativllS going up the hills by roads at The natives saw them, uttered a cry, and reached, the other sentry darted out in front of full speed. dashed forward. the flying coach. They hears ther shots too, an' bes goin' ter Three reports pealed out, and with the cries of He was found afterwards lying senseless in take a hand in ther ruction," said Barnes ''but the men who were wounded, they went echoing the street. be heavens if we foinds as it's Frank an '6her down the mountain side to apprise the whole Thousands of glaring torches were flickering professor, it's an illigant licken' we'll be city of where the fugitives were located. all over the streets in the hands of the startled givin' thim." islanders, and the people .fled with wild cries in A few moments later the road made a sharr CHAPTER XX. every direction as the glaring search light of the turn, and they came in sight of their besieged A vir AR-CLOUD APPEARS. coach. flashed blindingly in their eyes. friends. BARNEY and, Pomp were cast in a fever of Along the central street tore the coach, every" Dar am Fitzgerald an' de gal!" exclaimed upon seeing Panchita and Fitzger-body terrified at its fearful appearance, and Pomp excitedly, as he pointed at our friends sld in the hands of the diamond islanders, disBarney and Pomp laughed at their terror, who were crouching behind the rocks ahead and lancing them, and opened fire on the running watched everything they encountered, and lis-blazing away at the white savages whose num-men. tened for some token to guide them to their hers were fast increasing. But the giants suddenly vanished behind a friends. "Me blessin's be :mon Masther Frank! rocky ledge in the ravine, and Barney brought When they reached the palace, Isaac saw Shure the young buck ID," groaned Pomp dismally. Such a lavish display of wondrous wealth Hundreds of the weapons harmlessly "But luck beyant there; what is that-ther could only be dreamed of as some fairy vision against the coach and broke. wather 'I'' of another world, for no matter in which direc-The moment the Whirlwind was close to Golly, mns' be de end ob de canyon." tion they turned, the same dazzling glitter met Frank's party, it stopped. "Then it's ahead I'll be afther goin' wid ther their view. Open wentthereardoor, and in came the four. coach, an' it's at the ind av ther ravine we can No other ornaments adorned the persons of Safe!" exclaimed Frank breathlessly. schtay on til Frank comes back." the white savages, and the same marvellous He felt as if he were behind the protecting "Dribe her on den, honey I keep my weddisplay on a much grander scali must have walls of a fort in the coach. der eye peele d fo' de white niggahs wid de In-been seen within the massive white stone Assuming command of it ,;at once, he posted j un top-knots." dwellings. the rest at the rifle holes in the windows, and as Barney turned the lever, the electric current "Begob, ther wealth av this people is terriall the shutters of woven steel were down to started the coach again, and seizing the wheel, hie-terrible!" gasped Barney. guard the glasses, he had no fear of injury to h e steered for the opening. "An' dar am mo' people heah den we kin any of the party. They arrived there just as the giants reached lick ter git it, honey," said Pomp. Their enemies evinced their chagrin and rage the city, and wh, m the lights began to flare up "Be St. Pathrick's pig, there's Isaac schtan1 by the fiercest cries, but immense as their num they saw that some unusual excitement was in' in ther dure av that palace l:>ers were, they did not dare to approach the g oing on. "Sho' 'nough, an' he am sickm de hull crowd "There's wan thing sure in me moind," said at us." The) uad already seen what its terrible power Ba rney, "an' that is that Masther Frank must The stately chief had been liberated from the was. :have crossed wan av thim bridges." post to which Frank and his friends had bound Frank tUi"lled the W around. Bang! Bang! sounded the shots in him, and was then trying to quell the fears of "We will retreat by the same path you came the city just then which Frank and Vaneyke his people for the lllazing coach. up!" he exclairn;;,d. "for it is simply useless fired in front of the palace. To show them he was not afraid of it, he set us to give battle tc these people 11 "Ki dar! Yo' heah dat'l'' demanded Pomp. them an example by darting out toward it, but "A needless sacrifice of their uvea," assentt ; Roifi es, or I'm a Guinea!" the coach flashed by the big fellow and, strik-Dr. Vaneyke. "'Tain't Fitzgerald, chile, 'kase he didn't hab ing in the midst of the crowd, the giants were "They are still coming up :trom the city b) n one." moved and scattered like chaff before the hundreds," exclaimed Fitzgerald, who was "Then, be heavens, it's Frank an' ther docwind. watching out a rifle-port, "and if we remain t hor, God save 'em!" The whirlwind cut a passage through the longer, the crowd surrounding .;he coac1 "Ye gwine ter stay yere, an' le' dem git ing mass, and when the rest saw how irresist-will become so dense nothing could cut tbrrmgr k illed, able it was, they scattered and fled. it." "Be fiber powers, no! We'll dhroive Straight through the rushed the coach Frank started the coach. eoach over the bridge yondh er." like a demon, carrying terror everywhere it "Do not fire at them unless they get too danAnd away started the Whirlwind again, went, and the two occupants saw no sign of gerous," he cautioned. down the incline to' the lake shore, and with a their friends, when the gravest fears began to A moment afterwards the Whirlwind went rush it went out on the bridge; the plucky assail them. spinning down the hill pursued by a large body negro and Irishman resolved to sell their lives "Shure, an' I hope narthin' has happened of the diamond-islanders. to save Frank's. 'em," said Barney. They did not seem to be anxions to do anYthing The sentry rushed out of his covert, and sped "Mus' be heah," added Barney, hopefully. save to keep it in sight, and as Frank headed 11long in fright, but with a yell of delight Bar"We done heah de rilles." for one of the bridges, on the side of the island ney put on more speed, and the Whirlwind "Hark! 'Vhat's that firin' up on the hill1" that laid in back of the city, he suddenly des gained on the man, and the cow-catcher struck They heard the reports of the weapons in the cried a band of horsemen approaching it .from 'him. hands of Frank's party as they fired at the men the main. His body flew up in the air, he S.Pun around who had tracked them. A long, earp.est look showed him that they and around, and striking the water, he disap"Nobuddy but Massa Frank an' de doctor were Mexicans, and that they were armed with peared beneath the surface. hab guns," said Pomp. rifles. "Hurroo !"yelled Barney, delightedly. "Give "Then shure it's thimselfs we hears be ther There were several hundreds of them, to all llS another wan loike him, an' bejabers we'll same token!" appearance, and it did not take Frank long to .have a nate meal for a brace av crocodiles !" There was a well defined road going up the surmise who was leading them on. The electric sparks gushed out of the driving hill in continuation of the street they were on, The door leading from the pilot-house into rods, and snapped and cracked along the conand by following it, they soon found themselves the coach was open, and turning around, Frank oections under the body of the coach, the loud fast approaching the top. pointed ahead, ana exclaimed:


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 23 I "There is going to be some terrible work hereiFrank, "not much will be left of this wonderaid, who to allay her fears, and and soon, for I see Frascuelo's band approaching, to ful place." Pomp satd. not a word, b_ut kept glancmg a.t attack the island." People were' rushing into the city now, and Frank anxwusly as he whlSpered to the doctor. The giants had evidently descriea their ap-the cries all over the island that arose swelled "Shall we remain under this roof, proaching foes for the reed horns and drums into a mournful hum like the dirge of a storm or risk a dash thl'ough thatdown-pourmgstorm pealed out their warning again, and the hillside sweeping over the ocean. of fiery :ocks. and ashes to get Frank became alive with the natives all of whom It was not long ere the entire population was askmg the doctor. seemed l:)ent upon reaching the 'bridge toward swept into the city. all over blazing "It is an awful position," returned Vaneyke which the Mexicans were coming. torches were glaring fitfully, anc:'i. then like an uneasil!. "You can see for that The coach was scarcely thought of in view of avalanche came the fighting men. people m the street who are bemg the greater danger that now threatened them, The din of the battle was fearfuL. pelted to death by the fiymg mtsstles, and that and it went on to the foot of the hill. The streets were overrun with people. those who are flying for their lives find no safe.1 Fires sprang up in the,houses that were fitted ty in with woodwork, and cast a lurid crimson glow '' J:liot a soul will survive, of the natives or, CHAPTER XXI. over the doomed city. Mexicans, unless they find a shelter as durablt. RUNNING A TERRIBLE GAUNTLET. The Mexicans fought iike demOSJ.S whell they as this palace," As the gloom of night was intensifying by the beheld the wonderful riches spread out so lav"No, for those awful noises we hear come approach of day, the moon disappeared and the ishly on all hands, and the battle might, have from falling buildings that qa.nnot stand the stars paled over the island. gone on until there was not a living man left, bombardment. By heaven, it s11ems as if the A storm of wind and rain wailedover the had not Dr. Vaneyke's prediction been fulworld was coming to an enu I" scene, and availing themselves of the darkness filled. Like the roaring of artillery the rocks came and uproar of the dark tempest, the Mexicans, There suddenly sounded an explosion. that down thrbugh the roof, and they realized that under Frascuelo, reached the bridge by which shook the earth to its center, which hurled soon even the palace would not afford them they hoped to reach the island to wrest the down buildings, threw every one off his feet any protection. giant's treasures from them. and overturned eyerything standing. Indeed, a more terrifying danger soon showed As loud as the heaviest thunder, a yell of ex-The volcano had burst into violent eruption. itRelf. ... ultation arose from the black, storm-lashed An enormous cloud of dust was blown ten The dust began to fall and settle thickly upon waters of the lake on both sides of the bridge, thousand feet in the air, and as the fiery lava the city. which seemed alive with the native's boats. gusned up and illuminated the vapor and smoke There was a probability of it burying city The Mexieans were assailed immediately by that accompanied it,..there was an appearance to a depth of ten or feet, when they the swarming multitudes, who in the fierce and as if 1lames were flashing their forked would smother, and the heated lava streams maddened strife set all danger at defiance, for tongues hign J!"vward. were gushing toward them across the lake no sooner was Frascuelo's whole band well In reality the!:!e.,;upposititious flames are only threatening to dry up the water and burn them u.pon the bridge, when the natives opposed the reflection of the burning lava, and not, as to death I their advance, crowded their rear, clambered most people suppose, genuine fire. As soon as the fearful condition of affairs be up the sides of the bridge, attacking oiJ. each The sky was blackened, but the earth for ten came manifest to all, and they saw that they flank with awful fury. miles around was illuminated as if by daylight, could not possibly remain where they wer,. Fresh warriors instantly rushed into the and while a stifling heat rendered the atmo-much longer, it was decided to venture out. places where their comrades fell, and those in sphere unbearable, the gases that arose were risk a run through the storm of flying misslea. the rear of the tumultuous mass crowded their frightful. and try to leave the island. companions in the front ranks resistlessly upon Instantly the fight between the Mexicans and The coach was sent over to the portico, and the compact ener.:.y. the natives stopped, and they fell upon their its inmates shuddered at the terrible scene that It was with difficulty that friend co.tld be knees in the streets with blanched faces, cries met their view. distinguished from foe in the darkness, a hornf fear emanating from their pale lips, and Not a soul was seen alive in the deserted rid clamor of clashing steel, the reports of fire-supplications to God rang out on every hand for streets, but everywhere their eyes went they arms, and cries of pain, rage and exultation their salvation. beheld multitudes of dead people. arose all over the bridge as the two hordes It was in vain. Many of the houses had fallen in ruins, and fought-desperately for the supremacy. A shower of dust and rocks, flying lava in a while some of the bridges were half demolished Hundreds were struck down and hurled hfto burning state and heated ashes began to fall all the waters of the were roaring, steaming the lake,.some were seized on both sides and over the island, while the earth shook and rum-and boiling as if set over a fire. borne away captors, a few succeeded in break bling noises like muttering thunder aroSe from The woods on the mainland were in a blaze, ing throUgh each other's line(' and the remain-beneath its crust. the volcano was vomiting forth flaring lava, der who were not fighting,. dying, wounded or "The volcano-is-upon-us I" gasped Frank. smoke and ashes, the air was filled with meteordead, clung together, exhausted and despair-He drove the coach through the broad portico like particles and clouds of falling dust and ing, hoping and praying for victory. of Isaac's palace and saw the giant in mortal ashes, and the earth was in a constant tremor The first gray of the lurid morning dawned combat with Frascuelo in the great flagged from the quaking shocks. upon a frightful scene, and the giants were cortidor, the roof of which was upheld by mas-A dull pall, and the silence of death overhung driven back despite their fearful fight, while sive carved pillars. the houses, but at momentary intervals fright with but half his men alive, Frascuelo drove Like two ancient gladiators of Rome in the ful concussions thundered out as rocks and them-back to the city, and there resumed the time of Nero fought these massive leaders of bowlders came screaming down from the murky fight. two strong armies, each armed with.knives, sky and struck the streets and houses, shatter-The storm had passed away, and the placid Isaac bad hurled his enemy d

24 FRANK RE.ADEf JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. I through the fearful volcanic storm, it reached a "For when this eruption is over," said Frank, giant did wid us. _Shure I :wouldn': be point of safety on the main. "and I have repaired the damage to the coach, afther wa1tm ter see who IS the heirS, but pon But the flying rocks and other missles had we must return to the isle of diamonds and see me worrud I'd nail ther an' l_ave ther t>attered and dented it almost beyond recog-what its fate is." successors ter come back an break their hearts nition. The rest readily agreed to this proposition. over what we moight be afther takin:" The inmates were safe, however. A watch was posted for the rest of that fearful Couldn' spec' mo' from a bah It was the most trying ordeal that Frank night, and worn out with fatigue, the tired adboon," 1laid Pomp, m aggravatt;ng tones .l':teade, Jr., and his friends had ever passed venturers had turned in t o get some much" Nebber see a man wif a pug nose y1t wot hab through but the coach was built to withstand needed rest. a conscience I Only de rest ob us gemmen got the treatment and to this fact alone The volcano was still in an active state of finer feelin's, an' wanter do wha's sa.uar an' fa'r. was their present safet; due. eruption when daylight came, and as they could I done hate a thief I" 1 The coach came to a pause, fully ten miles not go anywhere near it until it subsided, they "Then why don't you return Barney's bag of 'fhe co ach s tarted toward the natives, and the moment they saw that the strange object was coming they :fled along the ravine at an amazing rate of speed. The road-bed was so rocky that Barney did not dare to put on much speed. from the shore of the boiling lake in a canyon mapped: out a plan of procedure over smoking tobacco which I saw you pilfe r from that shut out the view o f the eruptions of the breakfast. his pocket a while ago" asked Panchita. volc ano. "If the entire city is not enveloped, Pomp's jaw dropped, as the others began to H e r e not a p article could re a ch them, and as buried in the ashes and stones from the vol-laugh, and Barney's comical mug had a serene the sun aros e on a new day, and the y found cano," said Frank, 'we can find it again, and expression, as he said: the m s elves safe, they alight e d from the coach, as the entire race of giants seems to have been "Worke d me terbaccy, did Shure he and returned fervent thanks to God for their swept out of existence, no one but ourselves will must have been dhrinking tar-heel rum, an' miraculous salvation from what certain ow,n the treasures of the Isle of Diamonds. mistakin' me pocket fer a chicken coo,p, he kep' destruction There fore, if it is possible, we will return there, up his repertasion loike a ruffian. Faix, it d() The diamond city was in ruins. and exhume as much of the treasure as we can, go ter show yez ther hypocrisy av ther nagur; Its inhabitants must all b e dead, and Fras-and carry it away with us." he. wouldn't stale a wathermelom, bedad-if cuelo 's band of M exican bandits doubtless un"But if some of the people are left T' queried ther owner wuz a lookin'. Take ther down derwent the same fate. the doctor. throdden Irishmon fer a sample av honesty is Still there was no certainty of the deaths of "Then we can touch nothipg, as the survi-ther best policy 13hop-shure a son av the aould either the bandit or the giant yet, as they were vors will own what is left. we can learn the sod is so' honest, that as soon as he comes to the last of their respective parties seen alive, truth of that later on." Amerijry, they makes a cop av him ter catch during their combat in the palace portico. "Deuced awkward position to be placed in," ther dishonest nagur,s, so they do." Isaac had rushed out into the street, and they muttered Fitzgerald. "We really can't t;ell "De law am great," said Pomp, grinning. leftFrascuelo in the' building when they fled in what to do now, don't you "I know dat deyhab to set a thief fo' ter catch the coach. "Bedad," said Barney, "it's schtandin' on a thief. Kidar, chile, whar am yo', The future alone would decide their fate. foiner feelin's in ther matther we are than thim Leaving Barney and Pomp blackgua;dlng


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. 25 each other Frank took a spy-glass, and climbvalley, taking his bearings, and selecting a Frank left the doctor laughing at their antics. ing up on a high, rocky eminence, he directed good place for encampment. and passed out of the canyon, intent upon the glas s in the direction they came from. The valley was verdant, and full of streams, reaching the summit of a lofty cliff that tower Afar in the distance he saw the volcano ponds, woods, and outcropping rocks, but their ed up some distance away, to a height of several belching out a luri d cloud, up into which flames present location was as good as any to stay in. hundred feet, presenting a wall as unbroken seemed to leap and touch the sky, while down When l)le descended to the coach, he heard and smooth as glass. the side of the mountain prept the broad stream Pomp playing his banjo, and Barney was dane-It was a moonlight night, and the dense of crimson lava, rolling into the valley toward ing a straight jig on a fiat rock while the rest tropical foliage was resonant with the sounds the lake. were playing cards. of insects, as Frank plunged into the shrubbery, Not a tree or shrub was to be seen on that He told them what he had seen, and then all and began his steep climb up the rocky path side of the mountain, but the blackened and hands set to work at repairing the damage to that led to the precipice top. charred remains of some told where the fierce the coach. As he was pushing his way through the Along centr a l street tore the everybody terrified at its fearful appearance, and Barney and Pomp lltughed at thetr terror watched everythmg they encountered, and listened f o r some token to guide them to their friends. fires had been r aging the night before, burning 'llile flying missiles had battered "tall up, btit tangl e d undergrowth he sudd e nly became them down. nothing was broken, and by the afternoon, al awar e that there was a flitting sha dowy figure The waters of the lake were going down, al-though the Whirlwind did, not look as new a s not many yards away going in the same di though the surface was turbulent from boiling she did before, she had resumed hef wanted ap recti on., yet a s the internal fires in the earth heated it pearance.. . "Hello-Barney, Pomp, doctor-is that you 1" to a high d e gree, and while evaporating the The dehcate electric machmery was taken out he call e d, pausing; ,lake in steam, it threatened to dry it up enand cleaned, the whee l s b earings and joints No r e ply was vouchsafed. tirely. were oiled up, and by night-fall the coach was Frank k eenly peered throu g h the tangled The city of diamonds was out of sight. in perfe?t working. ord e r v ine s W . "I thmk that w1ll do," sa1d Frank, when the h ethe r 1t w a s on the other stde of the hill fin' h' t h h d b t th k The shadowy figure he had see n was now h . d b 1s 1ng ouc es a een pu on e wor ; on t e I s land, or burted m the e ns from the d I ff f t ll It th 1 gone. 1 F an now am o or a s ro ts e on y vo cano, rank did not.know. way I really rest my mind." 1 "Perhaps it was. my own shadow," he mut-H ? that locality wo_uld be t1me "Shall we start off to morrow 'I" questioned tered with a laugh. suffiCiently to of mspect -the doctor. The silvery rays of moonlight streaming down mg 1t after the volcano ?ubs1ded but "Yes. I want to explore this wilderness." through thq trees and bushes could have cas t a s the re was plenty huntmg, trappmg and fish-Barney and Pomp were making it unpleasant such a shadow and as it seemed ab surd to ex to be had in vicinity! time was not for Fitzgerald and his .swe etheart by following pect to meet in such a lonely, unfre likely to hang heavily _upon hands before them up mischievously, and keeping them from quented pl ace he accredite d the shadow to the they returne d to the d1amond City. being alone, as they wished to, after the manworking of his imagination a nd w ent on. He then swept the glass around through the ner of all lovers. By the time he reached the top of the cliff he


26 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTR'iC COACH. was out of breath and perspiring, for the eli ".And the giants r terposed Barney, with a sly wink at Pomp, as mate he was intolerably hot. "Dey a.lJ die too I" he ranged up alongside of the exasperated There were no signs to be seen of the shadow "Are vou going to fire at me r young Englishman. "There's no law in Ire up to then, but just as he was starting for the "Hold. up de hands an' you see." land fer ther Irish, an' begob that's why we edge of the cliff which faced off at an angle Frank raised his hands over his head, and have agitation an' ther loike." from where he ascended, he fancied that he with glistening eyes, the swarthy ruffian ap-"'Orriblel 'Orriblel" gasped Fitzgerald. sa.w the figUre of a man again, and paused. proached, him and added in malignant tones. "You people are never satisfied no matter what It flitted across his path as swift and silent "I am going to kill you 1'\ you 'ave, and that is the main reason your race as a Will-o-theWisp and vanished in the "That is no more than I expected." is always in 'ot water. be jove."' shrubbery as quickly as it appeared. "Turn aroun', an' jump off de .rocks." This sort of conversation did not flag all the This time, however Frank caught a better "What I Leap down into the way to the lake, Barney sticking !ike glue to view of the object, and was assured that it was "Senor, dat is to be your fate I" his victim, so that he could not talk to his girl, a man, and no shadow. .A. feeling of intense l.lorror took possession of and Pomp similarly engaged with Panchita. Some stray Indian, maybe one of the MexiFrank. The Mexican girl was as demure as a door ClLllS, or perhaps a giant who might have esHe saw that if he did not obey, Frascuelo mouse though, and when they came to the lake caped destruction on the isle of diamonds I" he would shoot him down like a dog in revenge she said, quietly, to her tormentors: thought. "At any rate, the fellow is either folthe trouble Frank caused him. "I would dearly love to have some of that lowing me or dodging me, and I'd like to fin9. "Is there no alternative 1" he asked coldly; fruit on the other side of the entrance to the out which." "None I" was the Mexican's remorseless ravine. Will you both and get some for me, Frank had a pistol and a hunting knife in reply. while I climb up this hill with Gerald1" his belt. Frank turned his back to his enemy, and Always gallant, and willing to oblige a lady, He drew out the revolver, and fired a shot at stepped over to the brink of the chasm, with a the two sly rogues were willing to forego theh the spot where the mysterious dodger had been cold feeling of despaiT. teasing for a few moments, expecting to resume lu.r'king, with the hope.. of scaring him out of He was alone, unaided, unarmed, and i.J;teviit on their return, and readily assented. his covert. but no sound came back. tably at Frascuelo's mercy, with death in Tbe canyon ended at a sort of hill, in which a Frank replaced his pistol in his belt and went two forms in front and in back of him. lake of considerable dimensions was impoundon. He began to debate which was preferable. ed, and out of which a small stream flowed "Whoever he is, he has escaped me," he "I count," said the Mexican cruelly. "Den through a mass of fallen trees, vines and mud, thought, "but as he has mad& no hostile demonyou go, or get shot I One I" which had formed a natural flood gate near the trations yet I need not alarm myself. Still I'll "'\Uhich is the most merciful death r thought .top. keep a sharp lookout:" Frank. Had it not been for the rubbish the lake When Frank reached the edge of the cliff he "Two I" continued FliU!cuelo as a diabolical would have emptied itself into the canyon in glanced down the yawning abyss, and shudder grin stole over his face. the form of the stream that always had fed it. ed at the fearful gulf gaping below. "God help me 1" muttered Frank, bursting On both sides of the hill was a dense growth There was a flat table rock upon which he into a cold sweat. of shrubbery, and the moment Barney and stood, that led tO the very edge of the cliff, and "Three 1" roared thett Mexican taking steady Pomp had their backs turned, the two schem he flung himself down upon it and bent an aim at Frank's brain. ing lovers darted into the concealment of the earnest glance upon the volcano and the dia foliage, and stole back into the canyon, laugh .. mond isle. CHAPTER XXIII. ing heartily at their dupes. He saw the city from this great elevation. FOLLOWED BY A FLOOD. Then, encompassed by the shadows on the It was leveled to the ground. FULL of fun as Barney and Pomp were, they gloomy side of the place, they made their way Not a solitary house stood in the place, and had no idea that t .heir practical at the slowly back to the coach, now enabled to carry every dome, spire and turret had fallen in expense of Fitzgerald and Panchita, was going on the style of conversation and actions com-heaps of ruins; nothing in fact now remaining to end in a serious catastrophe. mon in a case like theirs. of the white city but a few broken pillars and 1/he yoling Englishman was nettled at the When Barney and Pomp returned with the walls; and a bed of dust covering the fallen manner in which the Irishman and the negro fruit to where they had left Fitzgerald and debris several feel thick. hung on to his lieels; as he and his sweetheart Panchita, they missed them. "It is the end of a thriving, ancient nation," made an effort to get away by themselves, to "Shiver me timbers, as ther sailors sez, if Frank thought, "and beneath the fallen stones enjoy the seclusion of their own society. they ain't gam I" said Barney, all the grin taken and'pillars there now reposes nothing but a Panchita had all the keen, ready wit of her out of his freckled face. legion 'of bodies cold in the hands of death. sex, and was not long at discovering that the "Wha'-wha' dat yo' say-done gwine r ex How fearful and sudden their ending was, and two old f!lllows were making them the butt of claimed Pomp, letting the fruit fall to the ground what an army of souls death claimed at one an innocent, but aggravating practical joke. in disgust. fell swoop I Heaven, pity them I" "Gerald;" she whispered, as 'got away "Shure an' it's ther fools we wor ter lave thim. As the last words emanated from his lips he from their two old tormentors for a They've got on to our plan, so they have, an' felt two hands thrust. between his arms and "Don't get angry at our friends, for they are it's ther schlip they've given us entoirely body, saw one clutch his knife and the other ouly doing this for fun." "It am yo' fault I" said Pomp, picking up his his revolver, and as the weapons were torn "But I don't enjoy it, don't you know," exbananas. from his belt, he made an effort to save them, postulated the young ranchman. "Really, a "Divil a bit, it's yourn I" retorted Barney, fin. but was not quick enough. \ fellow can't get along without some privacy gering the mangoes. With a bound he was upon ,his feet. with 'is girl. It's a deuced shame, 'pon, "G'way dar, 'taint I" He glanced around in back of himself and word." "Go on wid yer, 'tis I" saw a man. "Let us turn the tables on them, then." "'Taint I" It was his shadow, no doubt. "'Ow, may I arsk. I'm at a loss, a beastly "'Tis I" The moonlight; was streaming squarely down loss." "Give me none av yer lip." upon the fellow, and Frank saw that he was "Goodness me, where are your wits, you big "Doan' yo' git too sassy I" covered with his own revolver, while the knife goose 1" Biff I went a mango in Pomp's eye. was clutched in the stranger's left hand. "Gone I Never 'ad any. Plan out. a way to Bang I went a banana on Barney's nose. One glance at the fellow was enough for escape them, for 'Eavens sake." And the next instant they spit out their chaFrank. "Let us go on up the ravine, to the lake at grin by bombarding each other with the fruit "Frascuelo, the bandit I" he exclaimed, recits end, which Mr. Reade said he had seen beuntil there was none of it left. ()gnizing the man. fore he went away, and as there must be plenty "Give me an ax," pleaded Barney. It was truly the burly Mexican, and he was shrubbery thereabouts, we can double on them, "Somebuddy kill dis yere gorilla fo' me I" en aiming Frank's revolver at him, as if upon the and steal back here to the coach. By turning treated Pomp. point; of firing. the tables that way, we can leave them hunting "Dhroy up, ye spalpeen, it's a monkey yez "Senor," said he, with a darK smile crossing for us there, while we are back here enjoying be's afther makin' av yerself, foighting wid a his ugly face, we meet again, and disa time I ourselves and laughing. It will teach them to dacint indervldooal1ike me, whin ye moight be hold de winning hand I" let us be in future." betther employed luckin' fer thim." "You escaped the fate of your "By Jove, that is good! Come on. Blest if "Yo' spec I'se gwine ter gib upf' uttered "Evtlry man die like de dogs, carramba, but I can--" Pomp, indignantly, as he gouged half a juicy me." "Bedad it's jest as I wuz asaying afore," in-ma-ngo out of his ear.


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRI COACH. 27 "Faixl'llfoind'emjest fer schpoite,if they're vines and logs, which might tear him to threatening to overturn the or in thim bushes, an' it's not a worrud they'll git pieces. break a wheel._ edgewoise" returned Barney as he wiped a "Isaac!" gasped Pomp, reeling back in ter-It was a terr1ble race for life, and the two anx of ripe banana out of his ror. . ious men were cast in a state of suspense that Pomp pulled a hand grenade out of his "We've broke a dam! sa1d Barney m horbordered on madness. k t ror On on on-only a little further and then th.ey poe e. . , m1 ht 'd h h d t I uld "An' de flood am a-comin', chile." would be safe. "Gosh a g e, tk "Be heavens it will wash away the coach But fate was against them, for the search make S1 own ?n s 1 .e r1p an' our friends!: light was not turned on. hamme:, blow d: coat-ta1lst ?,ffer hlS Jacket "Den run! Run! Mebbe we kin git dar be-With a rush the coach came upon a solitary gettrn de best 0 nea z have fo' de watah." tree that was 11tanding ath':l'art their path, and, Then ?e ther chance ye "It's fast breakin' up, is ther dam, an' it's a although Barney trie d to avoid it, the long, now ter gtt aven, sh e. r race fer life we'll be afther havin 'hut come on sharp ram over the cowcatcher struck it. "Wha' yo' mean Barney "' an' be ther help av God we'll git ter ther coai:h There came a t errible shock. Slmg oye up there r before the hull barricade gives away!" The ram was plunged into the tree trunk, "Whari' th / 1 'd B Away dashed Barney and Pomp into the cansplitting it, but not it entirely, and "Atop av t ther sluicewha.y, tshai d yon imagining that Fitzgerald and Panchita the two were violently flung down. pointing up a e p ace w ere e e r1s a h 1 k d Th h t h ld th as firm 1 d the little stream to tricKle out of tbe were out of harm's way, up near t e a e, an e coac came o a pause, e ere I owe d th h th only fearing for the lives of Frank and the docas a rock, and Barney sprang to his feet and lake, and run own roug e gorge tor shut off power to stop the flying driving wheels. Pomp 1 ,ooked '!" 'd h They were fully half a mile from where the which were buzzing like fury and throwing up Doan see tnt n .:a-1 e. h. 1 th coach stood and they ran like deer through the the dirt in clouds all around the coach. "Howly pu h Y 1 ;n ye si-t yrn ere gorge for they could hear the dam breaking The next instant the bellowing waters struck "Sho' th arle amth1 zyb. te neg behin_d them the waters rushing with an awthe coach and engulfed it, and the two men ut"Slaaprn on er ogs, er as an d f te 1 lectin' his colleen." ful rumble, and the logs crashing .like thunder tere a cry o rror ba h t f on the rocks. I On top of t ey saw 0 a The tiny stream was suddenly br?adened, as CHAPTER XXIV. man's body lymg rn the thtck bushes, htding the the first influx of water entered the gorge and most of his went rushing by them, and the sight of it THE MEETING OF THE GIANTS. A broad grm overspread Pomps face, hlS caused them their speed. "DROP that pistol or you are a dead man 1 enormous and a tremendous Boom! boom 1 boom 1 came the dull, heavy It was a command uttered in tones that Jeft ; hole filled With wh1te teeth was shown. intonations behind them. no doubt of the speaker's stern determination to He uttered a suppressed chuckle, for he had The coach was now only a short distance carry his meaning out. I an idea.. ahead, a,nd as they glanced back over their Frascuelo gave a violen t start and glanced "See heah, Barney, will I scar' him Inter a shoulders, they saw a great wall of debris give around monkey flt1" away where the dam was. Behind him stood Dr. Vaneyke with a rille "That depinds upon whether yer can." Out poured a tremendous body of water. up to his shoulder, his keen glance sweeping "I'se ter frow dis bomb, a ways below It came hissing and roaring into the gorge in over the sights and his finger upon the trigge r him, an' when it busts, yo' see a smarty tumble an immense wall and the two desperate men ready to pull it at any instant. off dat log, an' come tumblin' down de hill, right knew that they got out of the other end A startled cry pealed from the swarthy b a n in our arms again." of the ere the water reached them, the dit's lips, and he reeled back, deathly "Be the powers, I'm doyin' ter see it." fiood"Would carry them off with it. pale, and trembling like an aspen. Pomp had extraordinary long arms, and Not a soul was to be seen near the coach. Frank felt a sudden thrill of joy. enel'IDOUS strength. "Fitzgerald 1 Panchita I" shouted Pomp at He was just about to leap from the top of the He drew back the grenade, and aitned at the the top his voice. cliff when i;he Mexican counted three, rather logs below the man's figure, upon which it "Frank 1 Docthor !" supplemented Barney, than get shot, when his intention was arrested would easily explode. as loud as he could yell. by hearing the professor's welcome voice. Then he let it drive, with all his might: No reply save the echo of their voices was re "Just in time!" he gasped, retreating a few The distance was long, and the bomb struck turned. steps. square on the logs. They did not pause, but sprang into the The Mexican's murderous attempt at venge-There came a terrific explosion. coach. ance was foiled, and the dark look of malignant The bomb tore through the logs, rending a Already the wall of boiling, foamy water fury upon his face shQWed what a storm of evil vast breach in them, tossing timber, was half way through the canyon, coming on passion there was raging in his brutal mind. dirt and stOnes high in the air, and the barri-with maddening speed. "Do not shoot!" he cried in tones of terror. cade of the water-course was torn to pieces. To grasp the lever, start the coach, and seize "Then do as I tell you!" hlSisted the doctor, A huge volume of water began to pour out the wheel to guide it, was for Barney but the never swerving his weapon a hair s breadth, through the enlarged aperture, and rushed work of an instant. for he saw that he had the ugly bandit at his down the hill into the canyon, while the two Away dashed the Whirlwind in advance of mercy, and meant to hold him so startled mischief-makers saw that theva.stbulk the flood, which fairly choked up the ravine, "No, no I I not will fire!" hastily assured of water in the lake was bound totea.rtlleopenand Barney gasped: Frascuelo. ing bigger. "Ther docthor must have garn out. Watch "Why don't you drop the pistol, That meant a flood! fer him, Pomp." Frascuelo glanced at his revolver nervously, Already the devastating work began. There was a wildly anxious look upon Pomp's then at the rifle, and saw that he would fall a Soon the whole barrier would be swept away, face as he stood outside on the platform graspcorpse just about one second before he could and tllousands of tons of water would gushing the hand-rail, peering ahead for Vaneyke, raise the weapon and sight it. eut, rush with maddening fury into tM can-and glancing shudderingly back at the a val His face underwent the most horrible contor-yon, sweep down upon the coach and its pas-anche of water that was racing alter them. tions, the muscles twitching convulsively, and sengers, and probably carry them all to de-What has become of the old professor1 the veirlS swelling on his forehead and temples struction. They had not the faintest idea. until it se e m e d as if they would burst. As Barney and Pomp realized this there If he was overtaken by the flood, he would Much as he hated to find himself thwarted sprang to the top of the fast bursting barrier perish. and forced to obey the doctor, he had to let 1he the immense figure of a man. Frank, they suspected, was out of danger up revolver fall to the ground. Clearly outlined in the silvery moonlight, in the hills. "Dere 1 he snarled, with a satanic glare at : they saw that he was not Fitzgerald, as they With the speed of the wind the coach dashed the C!Jol doctor. "I hopa you satisfied now, supposed at first. on, but upon teeing that the roaring stream senor. Lower de rifle." He was Isaac, the giant! was fast overtaking them, Barney put on more "Not yet 1" coolly replied Vaneyke. "First Like a mighty statue b:'e stood there over the power and they went faster. drop that rifle too." breaking logs, glancing down at the two scared The rough bed of the canyon was covered with Carramba I I not can do." men, and tllen, as the timber upon which he rocks and stones that rattled and shook the "Drop it, as you value your life!" was gave away, down he was hurled into the coach, and Barney had the utmost difficulty in Down went the rifle from Frascuelo's nerve seething waters, and vanished, engulfed in the avoiding the bowlders that lay in their path, less hands.


28 E'RANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. He did it with a poor grace, and Frank's pale around his waist, and standing him up against "Dey mus' be hidin' in de bushes up by de face resumed its natural color, and he laughed a tree, tied him there securely. lake," said Pomp. at his enemy's discomfort. "His claws are nipped now," s4oid Frank, "Is that wher? you left them last 'I" "Now you leta me go, fienor," growled the when his task was completed, "and if he can "H'm, h'm bandit, uneasily. manage unaid'ed to get away from this lashing "How did the dam happen to break 'I" "Take that pistol from your sash and drop it he must be a magician." "Specs it done busted," replied Pomp with a with the other." "How did he happen to get the drop on you, perfectly innocent air, for he was not going to "For dios/ Dis is hard-hard-hard!" groanFrankl" the doctor asked as he lowered his confess that he had blown it open with a hand ed Frascuelo. rifle. grenade, for fear of Frank censuring him. "I know it hurts your pride, but you have got The inventor explained the case. There was no way for Frank to reach his two to do it. "I left Fitzgerald and Panchita in the coach friends, and they could not go over to the rock Frascuelo drew his own big navy r e volver over some joke they played on Barney unless they swam over. a.nd muttering an expl etive, in his ill humor, he and Pomp," said Vaneyke, when our hero fin. "You had better stay where you are, though," violently hurled it to the ground. ished his story "and came after you for a quiet said Frank as they debated the question awhile, "Next, the long dagger I see peeping out of little chat our future movements, when I "for I want to keep the coach located. The your sash I" doctor went on, in decided saw what was transpiring." water in lake wills_oon all and then tones, as he notwed the weapon. Just then the sullen roar of the flood down in the flood Will end. It IS spreading all over the Frascuelo began to savagely gJ;"umble, and a the canyon reached their e ars, startling them, country as it. goes out of the canyon, and will dogge d look crossed his face for a m01; nent, as if and caused them to glance at each other. run down the hill to the lake that surrounds he was going to resist. "Hark 1 What is that 1" muttered Frank the isle.,10f diamonds. "I must have something!" he snarled. anxiously. as I told you." "Outwithitl"saidthedoctor,withafrown. "It 'dsl'k te .. 1 dth d to Frankfeltan.xiousaboutthefateofthemiss-F 1 l 'd h' bl' h d h h soun 1 e wa r, rep 1e e oc r, m-. 1 rascue o a1 IS trem mg an on t e aft, 1 t il 1 to d th t' 1 mg coup e. d 'thd 't h' bl k bl rk li vo un ar y g ancmg war e ac 1ve vo cano "Sh ll I h 1 1 an w1 rew 1 IS ac azmg 1 e ve as if half expecting that it had something to do a go up w ere o was and coals of fire and he gnashed his teeth and hurl-'th th t peer over the edge of the chff for some s1gn of ed the knife down with the pistol. _rJJ.dnge 'd F nk them '/" asked Vaneyke. H th t 1 nl 1 lB own m e sat ra "I h d e was en en rre y weapo ess. t 'd' to th d f tbt l'ff d w1s you wol}.ld, returne Frank. His fury knew no bounds, and his fingers bes rt mg e e ge 0 e c 1 an peermg The doctor said no more, but hurried away, gan to work spasmodically, and he crquched over. . and Frank was about to turn his attention back as though he would have liked to s pring The scene that _met ht_s view wrung a again to his friends, when the bushes beside the at the doctor and tear him limb from limb. startled fr:om hJS hps, whiCh brought the rock he stood on parted, and to his utter amaze"Now I h a ve nothing I" he cried, in suppress doctor to hts Side. ment he saw Isaac emerge from the water. ed, trembling tones. "See I See I The 'dam above the canyon at The colossal giant was drenched and pant-"Then hold up your hands over your head." the lake has given away, Vaneyke, and a terriing. The bandit obeyed. ble flood is pursuing the coach, in which I can Evidently he had been swimming with the "Retreat a few paces t" was Vaneyke's next see Barney and Pomp racing for their lives." tide. order. "Where are Fitzgerald and the girl T' hastily He paused doubtfully as his blue eyes rested Frascuelo did so, meantime glancing longing-asked the doctor. upon Frank, and seemed to be hesitating ly at the weapons. "They must'be inside of the coach." whether to advance or not. :.1 "Frank," s a id 'the doctor, when he saw that He was The inventor beckoned to him. the bandit was well out of the way, "you had They were not m the coach. "Come over here, Isaac!" he b etter take tho s e weapons." In fact, they were not in the canyon. Spanish. "Doctor, I would have p erished only for you," Soon after the doctor left the Whirlwind, "What would you have of me 'I'' queried the said Frank, as he took possession of the two they had gone out together, leaving it standing giant. :pi stols and hunting knives. alone as Barney and Pomp had found it. "Nothing now. Since we are in the same What shall we do this chap 'I'' asked Oh I" exclaimed Frank, as the ram on the trouble, we cannot afford to be enemie s any Vaneyke. coach struck a tree and the avalanche burst longer. I do not kno1"' how it happens that "As we don't want to be bothered with him over the "They are lost I" you are in this situation, but I pity your disln. the coach, and he will consummate more Forgetting Frascuelo in the excitement of the tress." mischief if we allow him to roam about, the they went dashing down the steep Isaac's face had a haggard look 'his eyes best thing we can do with the brute is to tie hill toward the canyon through the dense burned and sparkled with a feverish g!al;!l piti him here to a tree with his sash, and let him foliage, and when. they reached the bottom they ful to see, and it seemed as if he was fairly run chances of some friend coming along to lib-saw that the canyon ';as crtlShed and spirit broken by the weight of his erate him," replied Frank. The coach was bur,ed m the rushmg water, woe. "That, the n s hall be his fate \" but Barney and Pomp had crawled up He strode forward impulsively, and grasped "Mercy I No l M e rcy I I will die l yelled the trap-door onto the roof, and stood clmgm Frank's outstretched hand with such a change Frascuelo, in horror. to the railing, t.heir bodies half inundated. of countenance that it seemed as if a ray of "The sooner the better," coldly replied Frank. Had it not been for the railing the swift cur-sunshine had swept the clouds away. "Starve!" rent :'Yould have swept them away; indeed, it "God bless you, my friend," said he emo People have lived forty days without food." was then a hard job for them to retain their tionally, "for you are a true man. We will "De wolves--

COACH. 29 and a battle between them for life promised to over a level plain at an.easy rate of speed, andl Nothing remained but the locomotive and its be a terrible conflict. all hands began to feel more cheerful at the small tender. Instantly apprehending his danger Frascuelo prospect of once again getting into civiliza Thinking that his enemy might be in either leaped back, uttering a startled exclamation, tion. Frank went over on the tender, and just as he and turning around with the utmost rapidity, The scene of their recent exploits was so reached the coal bunker he heard a cry. he plunged into the bushes and fled. fraught with terrible memories that they were It was suddenly stifled. Frank raised his pistol to fire at the wretch, glad to get away from it for awhile. The tones were evidently those of a female. when Isaac arrested the action by lifting his It was l:ate in the afternoon when they reach-Frank hastily glanced around and leaped into .band, and exclaiming: ed a small settlement on the railroad that runs the tender. "No 1 Leave him to me I He shall never es-from Minatitlan to Tehwantepec, and thence to There he received a shock of amazement. cape me alive." the Gulf, where it ended at El Carmen. "Panchita I" he gasped. "She is Frascuelo's "As you please," returned Frank, lowering There were not many inhabitants in the place, prisoner I" his weapon. but the few who were there were crowded in The girl was bound hand and foot, and lay in "Farewell! We shall meet again!" exclaimed the public square around a man who was sellthe tender, but just as Frank boarded it he saw Isaac in prophetic tones. When we do, the ing a magnificent horse to the highest bidder. Frascuelo lifting the girl, and holdfng her with ruins of my once magnificent city shall be yours. At the railroad depot stood a train of cars one arm, he rushed toward the engine cab. I go to do my duty I" east bound, taking on a load of milk and garden In his right hand he clutched a revolver. He waved his hand to Frank and the doctor, truck, the engine, freight car and passenger car "Off! Off!" he yelled, aiming at the fireman. and as a set look of intense hatred clouded his being small and old-fashioned, as is the case on "A madman!" gasped that scared individual. face, he dashed into the bushes in pursuit of most of the Mexican short lines. "Leave the cab!" ordered Frascuelo, as he the Mexican bandit to kill h,im. The coach came to a pause near the railroad, boarded the engine. outside of the village, and Frank alighted and "Directly!" returned the fireman, and he CHAPTER XXV. passed down through the main street, intent leaped to the ground. RESCUED FROM THE RAIL. upon questioning somebody as to the nearest Frascuelo glanced back and saw Frank pre-WHEN the light of day dawned, the flood was trail to Tabasco. paring to fire at him. ended, and the coach was liberated from the He came upon the crowd around the man in It made the ugly rascal start, and he sudden tree into which the ram was stuck. the square, and peering through the mass of ly screened his body with that of the half faint The Whirlwind had not suffered any evil conheads he was amazed to see that the feU ow who ing girl, and shouted, defiantly: sequence from its submersion, excepting that was attracting attention was Frascuelo. "Fire, and you will shoot your own friend!" the interior arrangements were drenched. Frank elbowed his way through the crowd. "Coward!" contemptuously cried 'Frank, low-Frank, the doctor, Barney and Pomp scoured In a moment he stood before his arch enemy ering his weapon. the surrounding neighborhood for some signs and their glances met. "Put on full speed, you accursed dog!" fierceof Fitzgerald and his girl, but in vain, for they Frascuelo !" ly gi'OWled the bandit, turning his lurid glance had vanished, leaving no trace of their where"Reade I" upon the frightened engineer. abouts. Those werE\ their exclamations. The man dared not disobey nor desert his The four friends finally had to come to the Then their revolvers leaped into view. post, as the lives of all hands on the train were disagreeable conclusion that they perished in The crowd scattered. at his mercy. the flood. Bang He gradually did as he was ordered, and Fras" We will at least search for their bodies," Bang! cuelo's face iighted up with a smile as he saw said ]'-rank, when breakfast was partaken of in Two reports rang out. the coupling-pin in easy reach. lhe coach, "and if we find them, all we can do 'Frank remained uninjured. He caught hold of the chain that held it. is to give them a decent burial." Frascuelo staggered and fell. With one jerk he drew it out. The Whirlwind was started. "I am killed!" he gasped. The locomotive leaped away from the tender They followed the course taken by the flood "Good enough!" was Frank's comment. and cars, and with a rush it left them far be-when it spread out upon leaving the canyon, He walked up to his hind, Frank still on the tender. and although the whole day was spent, not a Frascuelowas wounded, but not dying. "He will escape-he has outwitted me I" mutsign of them was found. He was merely shamming a fatal wound. tered Frank. When night fell again, they gave up the As soon as Frank was near enough, he raised For au instant he did not know what to do. search in despair and resolved to the val-his pistol. The cars were going slowly along from the ley by the eastward, and not come back until "Die 1 die I" the dark faced wretch hissed, impetus the engine had given them, and jus, t the action of the volcano ceased, and the Isle of taking deadly aim. then arrived near where the electric coach stood Diamonds cooled off -enough to let them ap"Treachery I" muttered Frank. containing Frank's friends. it comfortably. He was dismayed, but did not lose his wits. "Ah, the Whirlwind I" muttered Frank. I'll \lP on the elevation, Frank had located With one kick he sent the revolver flying jump off, and pursue the runaway locomotive of which he could make use, and, from the Mexican's hand. with her. I am sure we can overtake the enknew in which direction to go. Before he could seize upon Frascuelo, he gine, and wrest Frascuelo's captive from him." "We will head for Tabasco," said Frank to bounded to his feet, and rushed over to the railWondering where Fitzgerald was, Frank rest. "It must be within one hundred road depot, behind which he ensconced himself leaped to the ground. of where we now are located, and I can ere Frank could fire another shot. The coach stood only a sho.rt distance away, get some chemicals I need there, as the water "He shall not escape me that way I" muttered and as Frank ran for it and got on board, he spoiled what I had. By the time we return it Frank. shouted to the rest: is likely that thjs place will look different." And so saying, he ran over to the depot after "Get ready for a race a.fter that engine, "We can do absolutely nothing about the the bandit. boys." Isle of Diamonds now," said the doctor. The whole populace of the village had sought "What's the matter, queried the "Everything is too hot." shelter within their hovels by this time, feardoctor, following him into the pilot-house, "Isaac made a strange -remark to me. He ful of getting shot, where he was turning the lever to start the said that when we meet again, the ruins of the Frank made a circuit of the depot. coach, and grasping the wheel. "Has anything Diamond city were to be mine." But his enemy-was nowhere near it. unusual happened 'l'' ."His race wiped out, he is now a disconsolate GJ'ancing around, the inventor saw that there "Frascuelo has Panchita a captive on that wanderer over the face of the earth," said the was no place where Frascuelo could hide, un-locomotive." doctor, "and as he knows that he will soon less it were on the train of cars. "By Jove I You don't say!" have no use for the vast treasures buried in the "That is 'Where he must be," thought Frank. "I was after him, and he uncoupled the cars, ruins of the fallen city, he probably means to "I'll search them." leaving me behind." let you have them." Just then the bell on the locomotive rang. "And you are going-to run after "It was as I suspected," returned Frank, Tb_emaohinerybegantosteam and hiss, and "Wecanoverhaulthelocomotivewithease," thoughtfully, "and should it prove so, after all, the train started. replied Frank, as he sent the coach spinning off our journey here shall not be in vain, but we Frank boarded the pastenger car. in pursuit of the engine, over a level plain will bring the coach home laden with jeweJ.s of It was full of people, but the one ;he sought through which the. tracks were laid. "I doubt the first water to reward us f0r our efforts." was not there. if yonder little engine can make more than On the following day the coach was over sev-Passing on the freight-car, he found no evithirty or forty miles an hour under high enty-ftve miles from the four mountains, going dence of the Mexican. sure, while we can do seventy-five."


FR.ANK READE, JR, AND HIS ELEC'l'RI9 COACH. "Was Fitzgerald with them r asked Vanand as the doctor kept the coach runninj.!; close "Yes-starving to death." eyke. to and even with the cab, Frank reached over "Go on with your story." "No; I don't know what has become of him." the railing, and seizing hold of Panchita, he "I was tied up, He went away. Sotne Barney and Pomp busied themselves with lifted her off the engine onto the Whirlwind. time later he came back weaponless and With. the machinery, seeing that everything was in This was hardly done when Vaneyke uttered out his red sash. He was in a rage and said he order, and the coach shot ahead like a meteor a warning cry. would avenge the injuries our party did hitn. in pursuit of the flying locomotive. "Look out, Frank, I must stop the coach!" Leaving Gerald lying there helpless to star"e to Slowly but gradually the Whirlwind began was his cry. death, he carried me away, saying he had eluded to overhaul the engine, and within ten minutes "What is the matter, Isaac who had been on his trail." it ranged up to it. "Glance ahead there!" "Yes-we know when thegiantpursuedhill"l, Frank ran it alongside the caboose. As the doctor spoke he shut off power, put Go ahead." Inside stood Frascuelo, aiming his pistol at on the brake, and twisting the wheel he sent '"He had a horse tethered some distance ott: the engineer's head, and upon the floor laid the coach off at an angle with the tra:cks. mounted with me and rode night and day untu Panchita unable to move. Frank saw that in one minute more the coach he reached a little town only an hour ago. There There was a look of woe on the bandit's face, wouldhavedashedintoaswamp through which he secretly thrust me in the coal bunker of an upon seeing with what ease the electric coach the were laid. engine while he strove to sell his horse, and-overhauled the engine. But our hero had the girl from the cab. and-well, you know the rest." He suddenly aimed at Frank, whose figure he As the coach and the engine parted company "And do you mean to say that poor ll'itz. could see through the glass front of the pilot Frascuelo waved his hand defiantly to them, gerald has been lying over two days in that house, but ere he could pull the trigger, down for although they had rescued the girl he had cavern without food or drink, helplessly bound slid the protecting screen over the whole turret, been able to make his escape. hand and asked Frank. and the ball was flattened against the woven Cutting Panchi)ia's bonds, Frank went inside "It is indeed so," replied Panchita, bursting steel netting. with the weeping girl. into tears. Barney drew a bead upon the wretch from a "In the name of Heaven, how came you here "Then, by heavens, if he is not already dead window in the coach, and fired a shot that in Frascuelo's he asked. we have no time to waste returning to him would have ended Frascuel o's career, if the "A few words will explain all," returned the set him free." coach had not swayed just then, spoiling his frightened girl, to the four who were now all in "Do so, in Heaven's name," entreated the aim. the pilot-house with her. "We left the coach girl, pathetically, "and you may arrive in time But the ball struck him. in the gorge, Gerald and :{, and strolled up in to save him." Dr. Vaneyke grasped the wheel, and Frank the hills. Thei:e we came to a natural cavern "Th4)n we're off, for life or death, to poor darted out on the platform, just as Barney in the rocks. In front of it we encountered Fitzgerald, boys," cried Frank, and he put on wounded the Mexican. Frascuelo. He knocked Gerald senseless, and power and grasped the wheel. It had been Frank's intention to jump on the thrust me in the cave with him. There he bound Away dashed the coach over the plain at full locomotive, and fight the bandit, in order to get us hand and f<>ot." speed. the girl away from him. "Where is Fitz now 'l" asked Frank. It was a desperate race for the unlucky man's Now, however, there was no need of doing so. "Still lying in the life, but if there was a chance to save him Frank Frascuelo had fallen back against the wall, "Without food orwater1" would do it. (END OF I'AR"l' I.] ; The continua.,tion and concluRion of this story can be found in the FRANK READE LIBRARY, No. 59, entitled "FRANK READE, JR., AND Hrs ELECTRIC CoACH; or, THE SEARCH FOR THE IsLE OF DIAMONDS," By" Noname." Part II . MULLIGAN'S BOARDING HOUSE. By "BRICKTOP." Profusely illustrated by THOMAS WoRTH. 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Shadowing Stolen 24 'l'ommy Dodd or Bounced Everywhere, by Peter Pad 29 Prank Reade, Jr.'s Gr'3at Electrac Tracycle, and What Diamonds. 25 Sweet Sixteen'; o.;, The Family Pet, by :Sam Smi ley He Did for CharitY. 31 Young S leuth's Uoston Haul; or, Tlle Keen Detective's 26 Shor.ty and the Count; or, rrhe'rwo Great 30 War-32 San Francisco Deal; or, 'I' he Keen De-27 Nip and Flip: or, Two of a Kind, 'l'om 'l'easer 31 Frank Reade, in the Olouds. tective in Ca l ifornia.. 28 Not a lJeot;,or, Across tht' Oontinent on' byig:m Smiley [i for 33 D:nver Divide: or, For Half -e: Great. 29 London Bob; or, Afi EngJish Boy in America., ::iunken Gold. f 34. Young Sleuth and th&Lady Ferret; or, The Girl Detect-by 'l'om Teaser 34. Across the Uontineut on W inrs; or, Frank Reade. Jr.'s 1 ive in Peril. 30 Ebenezer Crow. . by Peter .Pad GreateSt Fliebr.. 35 Young Sleuth,s Cincinnati Search: or, Working a.. 31 Bob Short; or 'nOne of Our Boys, by :Sam Smitey 35 }'r&nk Keade, Jr., Exploriug Mexico in His New AirClew. 36 the Slave Hunters; or, Frank Reade, Jr., in 36 YoL::t Great Circus Case; or, Bareback Hill's Around the World. 37 or, Frank Reade, Jr. in Australia. 37 New or, The Keen Detective's 36 Hildebrandt .lfitzgum; or. My Quiet Little CJousin. 38 'l'be Electric Horse; or, b""rank Rende. Jr., d.nd Fs.S8 Young :Sleuth's $100.000 Game; or, Monte Carlo in New by Tom Teaser ther in Search of the Lost Treasure of tbe Pel'uvians. York. 37 'rommy Bounce, Jr.: or,..\.. Chip of the 39 Hie Electric 'l'eaw; or, In t:iea.rch 39 St. LouiR Capture; or, Spreading a. 38 Twins: or, Which Was the Other? by S!Ltn Smiley 40 Around tbe World Under Wate r ; or, 'l'he Wonderful 40 Yonul! !)leuth at the World's Fair; or, Piping a Mystery 39 Bob Rollick; or, Wba; Was He Born For? by Peter Pad Cruise of a Suhmurine lloat. of Ohicago. Dowu9 g: Workor, '1'be Keen 4'2 ')'be Sbortys Out for Fun, by Peter Pad ingfor tbe Government. 4'.l Young Sleuth an1i the King of Crooks; or, 'rl'acking 43 llilly Bakkus, tbe Bo.v With the Big Mouth, f3 Lost. tn the Ln.nd of Fire; or, Across the Pampas in tbe Down Wo st Man in Vork. by Oommadute Ab .. Look E lectric Turret. 43 Young Sleuth i u the ''LaVa Beds" of New York; or .. 44 "'Whiskers:'' or, One Year's Fun at Bell top Academy, 4.4 Frank Reade, Jr. and His Queen Olapper of the Olouds, Tl..h:t Tenderloin District l.Jy Night. 45 The Shdrtys Out Fish i ng, 45 Jr., a n d His Queen C li pper of t h e Clouds, 144 Sbarvs i or, The Keen De46 'I' he Shorty'3 Out Gunnin2', by Peter Pad Part II. 45 Yonug Steuth and the Bryant Park Mystery; or, 1 'he 47 Bob Ro1Jick. the Ynnkee Notion Drummer, 46 Six Weeks in tha Great Whirl pool; or, :Strange Advent-Queen of the Queer tn New York. by Peter Pad ures in a Submarine B;s; or, 52 the Air; or, 52 House or, Mur West, m or, Jrrank !teade, Jr.'s Strange Sub53 :g: or, 1'he 56 Oheel;:y and Chipperi or, 'i'lLJ:ook 54 and His Over-54 Doctor; or, A JU:edi-1'wo Hard Nuts; or, A 'ferm o f Fun at Dr. Crack55 l irank Reade, Jr., in the in the Far West; or, 'l'be Sea.rch 65 Young Sleuth and the Rival Bank Breakers or The Am's Academy, by Suw Smiley for a. Lost Gold 1\-line. Keen Detective's Girl Decoy. All the above libraries are for sale by all newsdeale r s in the United States and Canada, or sent to y ou r a d d re s s post-paid, on receipt of price. Address P. 0 . BQX 2730 FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher 34 & 36 North Moore Street, New York


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