Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part I.

Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part I.

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Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part I.
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Frank Reade library.
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New York
Frank Tousey
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Frank Reade library..
n Vol. 3, no. 61 (November 18, 1893)
New York :
b Frank Tousey ;
Dime novels.
Science fiction.
v Fiction.
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'" .:S onaine's" Latest and Best Stories are Published in This Library. Entered as Second Class Matter at the New York, N. Y., Post Office, October 5, 1892. No Sl { } FRANK TOUSEY. 34 & 36 NoRTH MooRE S'l'REET. NEw YoRtc. Vol. III COMPLETE. New York, November 18, 1893. IssuED WEEKLY. ., I Entered according to the Act of C01gess, in the yeu.r 1893, by FRANK TOUSEY, in the office of the Lib1arian of Congress, at Washington, JJ. c. BONK REJIOE JR.'S. Electric Ice Boat; OR, LOST IN THE LAND OF CRIMSON SNOW. W'ithin a .few minutes their pursuers came up, and as Frank did not want them to destroy the boat, he went out to meet them with the others.


FRANK READE, JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. b th s "'2 50 $1 25 per six months, post-paid. Address FRANK The subscnptton Pnce of the FRANK READE LIBRARY Y e36yea.Nr 1th'IP M. 'street Box 2730. TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and or oore Lest in the Land cf Crimscn Sncw. By ''NONAME," Author of" Ft:ank Reade, Jr., and His Electric Air Yacht; or, The Great Inventor Among the Aztecs,'' etc. P...A.RT I_ CHAPTER I. and sent my clerk, Hans J ans, to ;ou to secure into the dense shadow the depot, from whence A FEARFUL TRAGEDY your co-operation, with the aid o one of your he watchei!all the act10ns red-bearded wonderfu flying apparatuses. I know that the stranger w1th the keenest curlO_!!lty. DusKY twilight had fallen over the landscape, task is tremendous, the field of exploration When the little man had gamed a few hun and a soft June breeze was rustling the foli-enormous, and the risk!earful; but any reason::!'ards in the red-bearded stranger age of bushes and trees, as the enormous bloodable amount of money 1s at your command, to flittei!out from behmd t::ee and follo"I_Ved r e d moon bega n, presently, to slowly rise behind undertake the work, and compensate you him hke a dodgmg mto the t h e hills far beyond Readestown. for your trouble. Please wnte me your answer. spots, lurkmg m obscure places, and otherwtse The biue-uniformed station-master at the "JACQUES RENAUD." evincing a desire to conceal his actions. r ailroad depot was just in the act of setting his The letter was from the prefect of the Paris"Can he be a Frank. signals for the seven g'clock train from the ian police, and was by the presi"I'll shadow him and see, for he 1s not doing East, when a man who came from the post dent of the Chamber of N otanes, who is a func-this for nothing. Ah, there goes the little fel office, paused with a letter in his hand, and tionary somewhat similar to the surrogate in low out of the city to the suburbs, toward my opened it in the light. of a lantern on the plat-this country. house." form. Frank Reade, Jr., was an inventor of marvels, He hastened after the two men. "Good eve ning, Mr. politely said the of aerial, l!lechanical and When he_ arrived at a midway station-master, upon seemg who the dark had been m every country of ctvthzattOn, and between hts elegant mans10n, w1th 1ts great clothed gentleman was. "Expect anybody 1" had undertaken to accomplish many wonderful workshop at the end of the grounds, he saw "No one on the train," replied the man. performances, but this one seemed to be a most the red-bearded man glide up behind the other "But I have just received an official letter from hopeless task. and clutch him by the throat! France, and as I have no correspondence with Two men leave the remote island of Spitz-Instantlya fearful struggle ensued between any one in Parisi! cannot restrain my curiosity berg in a balloon, oil the other side and at the them, and Frank saw the red-bearded man pull to see what this etter says." top notch of the world, dart up in the air, and a dagger from his brea<>t pocket and make ef-The station-master bowed obsequiously, for are carried into an unknown region. Yet Monforts of the most desperate kind to stab the he stood in great respect of the curly-headed, sieur Renaud calmly expects me to find them!" other. dark-mustached g entleman, who was the thought Frank with a grim smile. "Foul play!" gasped Frank, in horror. "He wealthiest man in the town, the greatest in-"Truly the belief of people in my ability to is an assassin!" ventor in the world, and a man whose good do marvelous things is very flattering; but ReHe ran up to the struggling pair and heard will was eage rly sought by heads of republics naud should exercise a little common sense and the short individual gasp : and kingdoms. give me something definite to do. How am I "Simon Grimm, you won't kill mel" "Frarik Reade, Jr," said the letter he was to know whether these two daring balloonists "Blow me if you'll enter Reade's house alive, reading: "By the transatlantic steamer which fell in the open polar sea, landed in Siberia, ter ruin me, Hans J ansi" carried this letter, I have dis{latched Mr. Hans Alaska or Greenland, or perished in the heav"You vollow me all de vay from Paris to Jans, a Dutch clerk from th1s office with let-ens1 perwent mei" ters of introduction from me, and the request Just then Frank's disgusted reflections were "Ay, now, an' I'll do it too. No un'll go ter to secure aid in a matter of vital importinterrupted by the arrival of the train, and he the r rescue o' Paul St. Malo. His fate must of which Jans will give you. I saw a short man with white hair, a red face, remain a mystery, so's I can inherit ther wast Will brtefl.y sketch the facts : PaUl St. Malo, and a foreign appearance alight. fortun' as 'e lef' in Paris. Once this 'ere inven the Viscount of Pontivy, was enormously rich, He wore a dark traveling suit and cap_,_ carried tor gits posted' 'e vill start off an' baffie mel had but one heir, named Simon Grimm, who is a valise, and had the appearance of a u-erman. You shan't do it!" an English: cousin and sailor, and the viscount He was a stranger, at a! events. "Murder! Och Gott! You-ugh!" was J?ad on the subject of the N:orth As soon as he alighted1 he left the platform The Dutchman's last words were choked off Pole m a A man named of and started off through tne town, followed by by the.c.ruel, relentless hands of the sailbr, and Brest, profe:3stonally an aeronaut, mduced St. a sharp glance from Frank. the keen glittering knife was raised aloft when Malo a balloon constructed, and two Some freight and baggage were Frank dasbed forward. went to Spttzberg, where they took to tbght, from the cars to the platform, and with a htssWith one blow of his powerful fist he knock since which seen o: heard of ing ?f stea1;11 and the clang!ng of its bell, the ed the would-be murderer down and the knife or thetr sh1p. Stmon Grtmm _now engme started, and the tram began to move flew out of his hand. ()l_a1ms Malo s fortune, !Jut. I refused to ahead. Scared, the Dutchman scrambled to his feethim, unttl the full legal exp1ratwn of the .tui_Je Before 1t gth.ered much headway another and ran away. absence allotted l:iy law, occurs. If "!'lthm man suddenly alighted. ). Up jumped Simon Grimm in a towering pas SIX months St. Malo does not appel!-r, or 1s not He was a of ordmary nmld, wearing a sion, a dark scowl upon his face his teeth gnash heard from,_I am, relu<;tantly,, obliged to pay blue flannel smt, a Derby hat, and had red hair, inff and his eyes over to Gr1mm v1scount s fortune. St. a fu!l red beard! and bushy r_ed eyebrows. Maledictions on yel" he roared furiously, as Malo detested wh? se.ems to _be a Hts C?mplex10n was flond, and his movehe made a rush for Frank "I'll teach yer ter man, bl!-t as th!J EnghsJ?sa1lor 1s the v1scount s lments smgularly quick. interfere wi' other eo business. Now then, _hetr, _desp1te _all wtshes to the he1 The m'?ment he got off the statwn he take this 'ere fer ouch!" will upon the !ast mstruct10ns1over behmd a. tree, where he stood crouChed a He had aimed blow' at Frank that mi!lht of. the m event. of h1s a cer-1momcnt, peermg o:ut at the first man to have felled an ox but the cool inventor arned .Penod !Jf t1me, I you to atd m fln9Frank was surpr1;5ed tJ;te suspicious act10ns it and gave him l!, swin in ri ht-handt that mg some ev1dence C?f hts life. or death: To of the man, and "!'lth. h1s mterest aroused, he caught him on the nJrl flattened it. end I have told Stmon Grtmm my mtentton, thrust the letter m hts pocket and sarik back It was instantly followed by I left-handed


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 3 upper-cut that blackened one of Grimm's eyes attending the coroner's inquest over the re-Just then Frank came in with Barney, and and spun him around, when up shot Frank's mains of Hans J ans, an elderly gentleman with after the first salutations the inventor explained foot and Grimm got such a stern ward kick that a smooth face, closely -cut gray hair, and a what had happened, and arranged on the spot he was fairly lifted up from the ground. quiet suit of black on, entered the immense for the projected trip to Greenland. "rake that with the compliments of Frank workshop of the Wizard of Readestown. I am not actuated esr>ecially by malice Reade, Jr., and do not remam in this town Jive He was known as Dr. Vaneyke, a celebrated against Simon Grimm," said Frank, as he ex minutes," said the angry inventor, "or I'll have scientist, who had accompanied Frank on many hibited the diagrams, map and written ex you tarred and feathered, you assassin!" of his adventurous trips, and was an intimate planations that Hans Jans had brought from "Frank R eade, echoed the sailor, utter-friend of the inventor's. Paris. "Far from it. We four have been off ly a ghast. A cry of surprise escaped his lips, and he in search of adventure so much that I could "Do not look so amazed. I know all about came to a :pause. scarcely live without it. In my idle moments you, as the Paris authorities wrote me your In the middle of the workshop stood a large, I constructed this ic e -boat, and as a fair chance history. And since I know what a mean queer ice-boat. has presented itself for ine to try it, I will take spirited wretch rou are, depend upon it I shall It was built on a singular modeL advantage of it now." embark on this JOurney, just to thwarb you. If The triangular frame-work of the running "I have inspected the boat throughout," said I can find any trace of St. Malo, I shall apprise gear had three spiked and graduated wheels on the doctor,_" and if I estimate correctly, it will the executors of his will!" each side and two in front; there was a covered be amarverof s peed, safety, comfort and utility. "Neyer!" hissed Grimm, savagely, as a bale-deck-house similar to a stage coach, with a plate now sketch out our plan of procedure, ful l'l:ltl'am shot from his sullen eyes. "Yer glass turret in front, while the rig of sails was and by the time you h ear from Paris again we wont foil mel I'll kill yer afore I will allow after the schooner style. will be ready to go." yer to! Mark me, I'll have spite on you fer wot Spring bearings for the three curved steel The four thereupon eagerly began to discuss yer jest did ter me. Yer a marked man! I'll runners admitted of their recoil up into the the project, and soon h a d the matter arranged foller yer all over ther world, but I'll avenge ends of the cross-beams of wood-covered steel; to their mutual satisfaction. mys e lf, an' baffle any attempts yer may make the wheels were capable of being raised or low-Then they dissected the Snow-Bird, as the ice-ter cheat me outer my rights!" ered by mechanism; the shape of the lower boat was calle d, for it was built portably, and Frank was rapidly losing his temper. part of the deck-house clearly demonstrated as they packed the sections away in the cases He saw that Simon Grimm was a malignant that ic would fioat like a boat in the water, and Frank had prepared for them, with their living man1 of strong passions, and a brutal turn of the spokes of the wheels were bladed with and hunting equipments, the doctor p aused to mina, who would keep his vow of vengeance. propellors. ask the inventor: Upon the ground at Frank's feet laid Hans "Frank has been inventing again," muttered "Why did you build the deck-house in this Jans' valise where it had fallen, during the Dr. Vaneyke, as he admired the graceful out-odd struggle, and spilt its contents. lines of the peculiar ice-boat. "It is as light as "Suppose we were to run off, or break There were some underclothes and a packet it can be made of thin steel plates and has a through the ice, into the water1" ofpapers,andthemoment Simon Grimm saw motive power of itsown,incase themasts or "Ahl them he uttered a stifled cry, and sprang for-sails meet with an accident. She steers by a "They will of ten encounter d e ep snow, and ward to snatch up the documents when he wheel in the pilot-hou e ; windows are must act like a sledge .' found himself confronted by a revolver in the guarded with woven wire shutters; there is an "I see. The whee l s can be raised when in hand of the inventor. electric search-light on the pilot-house, and a disuse-is that the "Back! Back! Touch them at your perm" railed platform runs around the deck-house, "Exactly. When in the water, they will act cried Frank, sternly. from which the sails are managed.'' like paddle wheels." "Don't fire!" gasped Grimm, recoiling with With his curiosity aroused, the old scientist "A good combination, truly, Frank." his hands up. stepped on board the boat and, entering one of When everything was packed up, a stock of "Go, or I'll blow your brains out!" the side doors, he passed through the invention. canned provisions1 all sorts of instruments, "Mercy! I'll leave!" Everything was padded to exclude the cold, liquors, fur. clothmg, and electric chemicals And with a shudder of terror Grimm _darted and heat was generated by electricity, for dis-were laid in, and extra ropes, canvas and rig-away at full speed. He paused some distance tribution throughout the rooms by a compli-ging were packed in a case away, and shook his fist at Frank. cated apparatus that was stowed in a small Then the entire outfit was sent to New York. "Remember my oath!" he yelled malevo-compartment under the floor. The four adventurers had only to take l eave lently. Then he sprang in amid some bushes There were three compartments illuminated of friends and relatives, and take their depar-and vanished. by electric arc lights. ture on the train. "That's an easy method of getting rid of a The end one evidently was meant for a comA cable dispatch reached Frank from France viper I" muttered Frank, as lie gathered up bined kitchen and dinmg-room, the next was just as he was d eparting. Hans J ans' effects, put them in the valise, and a general store room for provisions and equip-It said: started off for home with it. ments, and the one next to the pilot house was Upon reaching his library, Frank took out furnished with berths for sleepmg. "Grimm, a murderer will get gulllotined in stead of the packet of papers and saw that it was ad-All the electrical co:mections were controlled St. Malo's f o rtun e Bury H ans J ans tly a t any dr d t '-' -h b d 1 d -f t f ex.Pe nse, and g u ar d Ills e1fects. Our gr atit ude will be esse 0-';'im._ _ by levers on a oar 'Pace. in ron 0 great f o r an v wforma tton c oncerning the viscount. An exammatwn of theu contents gave him a the wheel, and besides every practical necessity All expens e s 'wm be u errayeu. RENAUD." detailed description of the probable course tak-being furnished for such a trip as the ice-boat en by the balloon St. Malo was in, based on a would be called upon to make there was a luxJans was buried already. scientific theory of the Polar air em-rents and uriousness in every detail that ascended to Frank h a d defrayed the expenses himself. other data that would give :Frank a fair clew as magnificence. Upon the arrival of the four in New York, to the localities in which he might probably "Combining the speed of the wheels to the they shipped the case s containing the ice-boat find some traces of the aeronauts. impetus given the boat the vast sail area." and their equipments on board the ship Pola r He had scarcely finished pormg over the pamutterell the doctor, "this boat ought, accordQueen, and took passage on her themselves, h e l pers, when a _old Irisbman, att!red ing to the records of these flyers, make a mile d estination being Port Manvers on the Labram an absurdly styhsh smt of clothes, ran mto in thirty seconds." dor coast. t.he room. Just a the doctor came to this conclusion, From there they would have to await their ile was a rollicking, belligerent, fun-loving the shop door was suddenly opened and banged chance to cro s s the Greenland sea and getup in old friend of Frank's who had often accompashut,_ and a black man rushe d in, shouting: Davis Strait to Fre derickshaab, on some boat. nied him on various voyages. ".t1ey dar 1 Hey, dar! Mobe on outer dat! The Polar Queen was lade n with a misce lla Barney O'Shea!" exclaimed Frank, starting C'm on' now, honey I I see yo' hidin' in dar n e ous freight of general merchandise and was up. "Why-what's the matter?" Doan' yo' try fo' ter fool dis chile, boss, kase I'se to bring back a cargo of furs ; her captain was "Faix ther hull town is in excitement, "pant-got a gun in dis yar pocket, an' I'se gwine ter a surly man strongly addicted tq drink, and ed Barney wiping the perspiration from his drill yo' wif a bullet-yo' heah !" the crew was a mixed one of Danes and Norbrow. "Shure a man wuz kilt in the road." "Iiold on, Pomp, it's me I" said the. doctor, the first mate being not much more "Who was he?" emerging from the rilot house. amiable than his superior officer. ",Aletther in his pocket wuz soigned Hans "Oh fo' de Lawd s sake 1 I done tink yo' war Frank took an instinctive dislike:to him from Jans." a stran'ger, doctah,"replied thenewcomer, who the first. GoGd Heaven I The Parisian surrogate's was a fat negro, attired in a terrific suit of He had a smooth shaven face, very dark comclerk I Who killed him?" plaid. plexion, and while his hair was closely cut, "Shure an' it's meself wuz arrested fer it, a He was another of Frank's intimate friends, and jet black, his eyebrows looked as if by witness asayin' that a red-headed man shot who with Vaneyke and Barney had gone with some accident they had been completely burned ther little fat Dootchman." him on his various trips, and like the Irishman, off. "Simon Grimm has accomplished his pur-he lived in Readestown with his wife and famiNor was the mate disposed to be friendly to pose I" murmured Frank. ly, but invariably could be found at the home Frank. -"But," continued Barney, ignoring the inter-of the noted inventor, helping him to construct For he chanced to be Simon Grimm! ruption, "whin I wuz brung up afore ther his contrivances. Fearing arrest for the murder of Hans Jans, joodge, ther witness swore that ther wan as "Where is queried the doctor. he had thus disguised himself and shipped for kilt ther Dootchman had ther l<;>ikes av red "Dunno, boss, out I reckon. But yo' been a foreign, unfrequented port, where_ he whiskers. An' as me own gob iS shaved as away doctah' l" to desert the Polar Queen, and remam until his clane as ther leg av a dook, _I wor "Yes, spending a few in York at crime was forgotten. Frank went out and apprised the authonties the convention of a geographiCal society, where The moment he saw Frank, all the rancid of what he knew about the matter, and then I've been gaining some points on the land of malevolence in his brutal nature -lfVas aroused, cabled to France: crimson snow, up in the northern unexplored for he argued that if it hadn't been for the ex" Hans Jans was shot dead by fllmon Grimm. I Anything new l;I'Oing on herer' istence of the inventor he would not have been have his papers. Within a fortnight I shall M on my 'Massa Frank am gwme ter Greenland wif in his present plight. way to Greenland in search or the missing balloonists. me an' Barney an' dis yere ice-boat, fo' ter hunt "Mebbe a time'll come when I can safely Our authorities are searching for Grimm, fo' two missin' balloonists." claim St. Malo's fortune," he whispered to him FRANK READE, JR.'' "You don't say 1 And hasn't he numbered self. "But 'twon't be so if this 'ere feller is al-me with the party 'I" lowed ter find 'im, an' aid to get 'im back in CHAPTER II. "Done said dat yo'd be shuah fo' ter go, sah." France. I'll have my revenge now fer sure, an' LOST BY A MAGNET. "Then the knowledge I just acquired of ter git it I'll risk my own life an' sacrifice this ON the following afternoon, while Frank was Greenland may be of great service to us." ship an' its crew I"


FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. d Over and over he rolled; then he scrambled Frank did not suspect that his enemy With a fierce cry the crew rushed towar to his feet and ran away as fast al'l .. was on board, and the vessel sailed up the Frank. .. NexT' shouted Pomp, brandishmg his coast with favorable weather until it reached -" wea on. "He done cheat me ?U,ter an udder Cape Rose off Newfoundland, when dense CHAPTER III. an' now he am dat he am fogs that region veiled the ship CAST AWAY ON THE 1 Th wine terharm me de sames Massa Frank, by like a shroud and made navigatio.n dangerous. "HoLD I,_ men,. wtth you e g oll !" . It was night when they weathered the cape, first"to advance will pensh I th w g TJ'e crew retreated, but the captam stood his and the mate was at tlie wheel all alone, the Cool and calm Frank stood facmg .e ere f ound and said: watch on deck all being up forwavd attending with a revolver in his hand, and the sailors 0 gr" Make him up that weapon, Reade, or It to one of the studding sails which had blown the Polar Queen came to a ns will go hard wtth him." l'ed Fr from its bolt ropes. Frank's three also drew t err weapo "He is his own master," CO?llY rep 1 . ank. He glanced a.round cautiously, but did not and crowded around him. "If ou want to settle thLes1 e you 1 1 hether they had any means of helping them-Grimm slid the little magnet beneath the com-Now I recollect seeing htm m the acJ, t!e :l ves our four hardy ad venturers opened case pass disc in such a. manner that the needle was ship was weathering Cape Race, o e e after case took out the contents, and rapidly mstantly diverged from its north pole several foundland banks." .the ioo boat together. de/?rees, showing thereby a false northing. "Impossible I My first fr ptThe astonishment of j;he crew of the Polar It's done," muttered the rascally mate, with Is an escaped murderer, C?m JUS Q was intense to see the large and grace a dark look upon his face, as he closed the slide tice, with his face shaved and re_d bait Bird assume its propor and hastily resumed his clutch on the wheel. his eyebrows burned off, hts.voiCe c ange, t ns before thetr ey_es until at last it stood Ins tid o' this wessel a.-goin' ter Port Manvers, I am on my way to batlle hts 9-estgns on s 10 plete and all 1ts 'equipage was stowed ther qua.rtermaster 'll drive her straight up fortune, and he has taken means o rym!il com 'b rd inter Davis Straight. Ther compass 'll play to thwart me. Believe me, str, I teGll: the trutt. MS!!-Y g;: had vanished behind an ice fal!!e. When we gits in ther ice an' death is "He lies like fury!" snarled 'rrmm, ve e-hilltm a-starin' us in ther face, I'll have my chance ter mently. u oin with that thing7'' git squar wi' Reade by helpin' ter hang him Just then the little cabin boy s!'d h are fr?,m a yardar:m, an--", luted the and_ a half ttml s of your flatly replied Good-evenmg, mate, mterrupted Frank, glance at Gnmm, he satd. R d F k "I wish you luck For our part we ju_st,then. : Bad weather?" "If,you please, sir, I think Mr. ea e IS a::better off than vou are!;, Ay, ay, strl growkd the other, hoarsely, as r.,.;ht. "A ad rr d manded Barney seizing he disguised the tones of his voice and averted 'What do you mean, you roared the re_yez ret hy 1 ed h f to h'd th d k 1 h. d k' the roam shee a yar s. IS ace 1 e e ar scow on ts rugge s IJ>per. . h "R ad r d Frank entering the pilotbrow. "I saw Mr. Gnmm put that magnet m t e e Y'p rep Ie "How long before we get out of this New-compass box too, but I was afraid to tell on hokuse. found land him for fear he might beat me." ta e care o e l 1 Y "I dunnol' snapped Grimm, sourly. "Why didn't you teli me about it at the main." . .. Frank stared at him with ill-concealed conUp fluttered the mam-satl, t!Ie Jib followed! tempt, and turning abruptly upon his heel, he "Because, sir, I did not know what the mag-and caught wmd, aw!'y glldea walked away, muttering in disgust so Grimm net was going to do." . ., th_e Snow Btrd under a billow of whtte duck, heard him' "Cuss the young swab, he's a-rmgm m w1 wtth the speed of a race horse. He's the most unamiable brute I ever spoke them fellers !" yelled Grimm. They wants There was no need of_ the so th_ey to." ter getter Greenlan', an' this are ther means as furled it down, and havmg the Jib and mawThere was a lurid gleam in the basilisk eyes they employed ter do it, knowin' our ship:d,stop sp.eet halyar9-s. to the cleats, the sheet of Grimm as they foliowed him. at Port Manvers, an' they not a-wantm ter lmes were tnmmed m and secured. "Add insultterinjury, cussyer!" he growled, wait in the port till a ship'd come an' take'em. Swift. and smooth went the boat, only shak in savage tones. "It won't be long, though, across." mg a trifle when the runners went over an )ill afore we are quits, my fine gentleman! The "How didlou know I want to to Green-usually and Frank, workwg cappen an' crew already is suspicious o' yer on land, if all said ain't qmckly asked the wheel, found that the stern runner steered account o' ther mystery yer have wrapped Frank. Every one on board knows that none her as good as any rudder would a ship at sea. about yer designs an' ther silence yer keeps of we four nttered a single word to any one that "Hurrah She is a success I" the inventor about yer business:" would betray our intentions I" cried delightedly, his eyes flashing and spark-Following out Frank's advice our friends had This was a telling shot, and the mate turned ling with pleasure. "But let me try the certainly been very uncommunicative to the cappale, and stammered: wheels !" tain and crew and their reticence and man"!-!-only-guessed-at-it." He grasped a small lever, turned it, and the '"' ner in which thev avoidedspeakingaboutthem"You see he is lying and captain I" wheels dropped to the surface of the ice, when ''-!!elves had aroused a feeling of intense suspi said Frank, turningvto the sktpper, "Who was a retrograde movement was felt. cion about them aboard the Polar Queen. intently studying Grimm's face. The spikes acted, held rigidly as a brake, and Several days passed by after leaving the fog "I don't know which of you to believe!" said stopped the boat, although there was every banks, hut no land was sighted, and the ship the skipper, in dissatisfied tones. To make danger of the wind trippmg 4er up with its was long past due, when a feeling of alarm took sure, I'll put you, your friimds and the mate in strong pressure against the sails. possession of every one, and the captain took irons, and carry :y-ou back to port for trial.", Frank pressed a button on the key-board, his reckoning. "I object I" satd Frank, decisively. and an electric connection was made with the To his amazement and fear he found that the "You have your choice of doing that, or being wheels, that he graduated to any desired rate vessel had overshot her destined latitude by driven overboard to stay on the ice. I won't of force with a lever and when the wheels several hundred miles, and that night the ship have you on board my craft at liberty." began to revolve the speed of the boat became became enmeshed in the drift ice coming down Frank glanced out over the broad expanse of so great, that had not the turret been round from the north. hummocK:y ice and saw that it was solid in front, the force of the wind pressure would In one night it froze around her and in the enough, looking to the eastward, in the direc-have broken the glasses. struggle that ensued to extricate her the ship tion of Cape Desolation, then a league distant. The wheels made a buzzing and crackling onlY15ecame more entangled, and finally was .. Shall we leave the ship 1" he asked, turning noise, owing to the propellor blades on the brought to a stop by the -shore floes off the to his friends. spokes and the spikes on the rims Greenland coast, south of Cape Desolation. "Bejabers, I'm in fer a ruction forst!" ex-Frank stopped the electrical In Arctic parlance the ship was "nipped." claimed Barney. "Give me a bit av a schtick, There was no need of extra speed at "But how, tor God's sake, did we get here 1" an' I'll break their heads, or dhroive ther hull The inventor headed for the coast and in ex the frantic captain demanded of every one as crew ashore, single handed I Will some wan actly three minutes after leaving the ship the they stood blankly upon the deck. "The com-give me a shillelah 1" Snow Bird was "!ithin a stone's throw of the pass was followed -true and yet we are far, far "If we could put the ice-boat together, I think shore, when Frank\, saw that the ice ahead was from our correct course." we would be safe to venture a trip to the land," rotten. : I'll tell :y-ou how it happened!" exclaimed yaneyke. Whirling around the wheel, he turned awav glarmg at Frank.. , I se gwme ,ter to?,k eah offer murder-from the shore of thF cape, and the boat fiashea Do lou know1 Out wtth 1t, man! er s head befo I go, satd Pomp, deliberately, across the ice floe on another tack that carried I He, said GrimiD;, pointi!lg at F,;ank, ":Put the. coon raised his pistol, took them along parallel with the shore. a .orseshoe III: the bmnacle_l qmck atm at Grtmm and The doctor went inside to examine the electric Great Hea,ven! crted the cap tam, m horror, The ball through Grtmm s ear, and left a machinery, and Barney and Pomp remained and a groan from the. crew. round hole m 1t. out on the d eck to attend the sails :: You lie!' Frank. , "Murder!" he yelled in agony, as he clapped By this time night was falling, and after a I seen ht_m, satd. Gnmm, firmly, an here, to wound., run of several mtles up the coast, we ice-boat he magnet so that atl T!l aro!ln a!lI de yodder one came up in the wind close to the rocky shore, saw htm do 1t, Is. proof o wot I Yer all km war rmgs m dem, chuc:kled Pomp. when down came the sails again and )eaving know how myil?er!O)l-S they an I knows he am de crackest shot m de whole them unfurled, Barney and Pomp went inside hates me and dtd thls fer sptte. worl. to attend to the preparation of su er Ahl" S)lddenly the He aim at the terr!fied Grimm q,gaini There was a great deal to do every man. "It ts Stmon urtmm, the assassml but wtth one rush and a flymg leap the rasca thing stowed away in its ro e; lace after they "H!J-ng cried the. half crossed the deck, and we'?-t over the weather finished eating, and sevefal goufs passed by. captam. Thllil treachery ments death! bulwarks, down onto the tee. Then a startled cry pealed :from Frank's lips.


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 5 Glancing out the pilot-house window, he The doctor, Barney and Pomp had a bead "An' yo'll drap dead fo' tellin' lies!" interbeheld a. thrilling scene. drawn upon the beast, and as the crack of their rupted Pomp, with a chuckle. "The ship is on fire!" he shouted to his rifles echoed across the ice, the bear uttered a What reply Barney might have made it is friends. fearful growl and fell over upon its side dead. hard_ to say, but he was interrupted by a fear All hands ran to the windows, and anxiously It was fairly riddled with bullets, and noth ful booming of the ice. peered out. ing but its tough hide saved it from destruction Reports like thunder were going through the, Far ip. distance a livid ma'\s of flames in the first instance. oe, and the great field of ice was shaking, was shootmg up to the sky, in the direction The Snow Bird whizzed on a short distance parting in fissures that shot through 1t where they had left the Polar Queen. past the captain, then Frank brought it up into with deafening reports and fearful p;rinding "What a frightful calamity!" exclaimed the the wind, and as the sails were lowered, it noises. doctor grav:ely. slowly glided over to where the bear lay. "The floe is splitting to pieces!" exclaimed "Begob, 1t do be retribution on the bastes fer Hastily scrambling to his feet, the captain Frank, in startled tones. i cash tin' us the Irishman exclaimed glanced first at the bear, then at the ice >boat, "What under heaven is the cause of severely, an' baa. cess to thim, they desarve and with a long drawn sigh of relief, he ex gasped the doctor. it too." claimed: "Look off there to the northward and you "Hardly," interposed Frank compassionate"Thank Heaven, the beast is dead! I thought will see." ., ly. "Just think of the ill-fated crew being left mr. doom was sealed." -"Icebergs floating against the floe!" foodless and without means of returning home 'We were more merciful than you were to "There are a dozen of them, carried by the on this bleak barren coast. They all may per cast us adrift here," said Frank, emerging from tide, only a few of which have struck. When ish like dogs." the turret. -the r est hit, this field will be demolished.'' "How de deuce dat ship done catch "You have returned .good for evil by saving There was every need for them to fly for their wondered Pomp aloud. mr. life admitted the captain. lives, for the enormous bergs, charginf' upon "We can soon find out," observed Frank. 'Weh, let it pass," carelessly replied Frank. the outer edge of the flow, driven by wmd and ''Let us go to their aid.'' "Wliere is your tide, were bombarding it in a terrible manner. "With all my heart!" assented Vaneyke "They have taken to the boats, and are waitWhen they struck, enormous masses were charitably. inR for me in yonder channel.'' flung up in vast hills broken into fragments, Perhaps they may be in danger from the 'How did the ship get and the towering bergs letting fall showers of fire, and we can save them or aid in securing "We caught Simon Grimm doing it!" enormous cakes, added to the devastation. some of their goods for them." "Ah! Now you believe in his guilt, don't Three of the bergs had collided with the floe "Be heavens,it's sorry I am for thespalpeens," in ra_pid succession splitting-hundreds of gapsaid Barney, bursting out of his cocoon of sever-"I am sure he put the magnet in the coml?ass ing fissures in it that in all direc.tions, ity, "and it's ther willin' hand I'm .alwuz to lead us astray.'' and then adhered to the S1des, while the others schtickin' out ter thim as nades it, so I am. Be "Where is he came drifting along, bent upon the same de ther poi per av Clonakilty, hurry, or they may "Fell through that hole in the ice. I hope he structive mission. perish, an' me not ahel_pin' thim.'' is drowned." "We must fly for our lives!" gasped the docForgetful now of the injury done to them, "He isn't clinging to the edge of the ice any tor.' "Already 1t. is hazardous to attempt cross the four brave and generous fellows hastily longer.'' ing those wide crevices, for the runners of the raised the sails, and away darted th now "Probably he has gone under, since he has boat may get wedged in and capsize the Snow Bird on its errand of mercy, its white wings vanished.'' Bird.'' tacking against the wind. "Weren't you and he shooting at each other "I'll run her in nearer the shore;'' said Frank. Her speed was something marvelous. when the bear He did so. It was getting very dark, and in fear of c:tp-"I was trying to wreak justice on him for Unfortunately the ice was thin and rotten, sizing over a in the ice, pl!lngin!' into setting my ship on fire.'' and-they had to tack out again, and exercise the a hole, Frank started the electr1c lights m the "I trust that he has got his deserts. But greatest care when they came to any of the house, and in the search light on the roof of what do you intend to do l yawning fissures, in order to avoid getting in the turret, when a streak shot out a mile "Embark in a boat with my men, and row trouble. ahead. through the channel to Cape Desolation. The :With a thunderous crash the fourth berg The light danced and wavered on the icy nearest town is Ju!ianshaab. There we may struck the fioe, and a groaning and wheezing crystals, making them sparkle and flash like get a ship to carry us back to civilization.'' sound came from the breaking ice. diamonas as they shot toward the burning "Out of pity for your distress, I am .willing Before any of the cracks could reach the s hip. to forgive your brutality,, and take you andSnow-Bird, she had swiftly passed out of the Within a few minutes they were near the your men on my icy boat to Lichtenfels, where way, and glided like a stre:tk of light upon a Polar Queen, but all of the hull was then in a you will be_ safe until some passing sealer or level field which extended many miles ahead. 1'0aring, seething mass of scorching flame that whaler picks you up.'' There her utmost speed was shown and in a was fast melting the ice that bound her fast to "No. I am much obliged. You are merciful. marvelously short time she left the battering the floe. After what I did to you, I must refuse to accept bergs and dangerous ground far astern. Nothing could be seen of any one on the ves any favor at your hands. You shame me, I'll "I have traveled in dangerous countries be sel, but the doctor suddenly pointed off to the admit. We will trust ourselves to the mercy fore," said Frank, as he brought the boat up left, and shouted : of the sea. If you will go along, I would be in a sheltered nook, under the lee of a huge and See there, Frank, see there!" glad to take you all, to redeem myself a little."' lfrowning cliff, "but this is certainly the most "Merciful Heaven, the captain and his mate, "Our misswn will carry us far north of here, dangerous I have ever been in before. We are shooting at each other l" into the Arctic," said Frank, "and we will regoing to get more than we bargained for, I'm Ha 1 There goes Grimm down through a main. Captain, a safe journey to you.'' afraid. Peril stares us in the face from above, hole in the ice 1 But he clutches the edge, and "Farewell, Mr. Reade," said the skipper,lfrom belo:w, and all sides.'' sustains himself." walking away. "If by chance it should trans There was a seal lying beside an opening in "Now the captain is in danger, for there's a pire that Simon Grimm is yet alive, and you the ice some distance away, and the doctor was bear-a polar bear." should meet the scoundrel, shoot him down like just about to comment upon it, when down / The huge white beast had come from behind a dog!" from the top Of the cliff there shot an enormorn; ice hill near the captain, and just as he was The captain reached the embarked rock. about to fire a shot at the helpless mate, the in a boat, and the crew of the Polar Queen row It flew over the ice-boat with a hum, and bear uttered a roar, ran toward him, and rising ed rapidly away to sea in the gloom, watching striking the seal on the head, it killed the beast up on its haunches, it made an attack. the ship until it burned to the water's edge, and instantly. Before the unfortunate captain could defend then sunk forever. The four adventurers glanced up at the clitl' himself the enormous monster caught him in "Pomp,'' said Frank, "skin that bear, secure top, and saw a huge bear standing upon its a tight embrace. the best portions of its meat, and we will start haunches, the beast having, these creatures Foreseeing that it would be impossible to off coastmg along here toward UI,Jernavic.'' have often been seen to do,) hurled 'down the stop the Snow Bird without trippmg it up in The darky did as Frank told h1m and when rock with such accurate aim. time to render the captain the1r aid, Frank everything was in readiness, the ice-boat's sails Upon seeing with what success it met, the shouted to bis friends: were raised, and she sped eff along the shore. monster got upon all fours and went lumbering "Arm yourselves, and fire at the bear!" -Ah:_nost the entire sh-ore is away to get down up?n the ,floe to securt; the Out on the platform rushed the doctor ed w1th floes, called "land-we," so the naVIga meal It had thus prov1ded b}' 1ts own sagamty. Barney and Pomp, armed with rifles, and clad tors had a clear field of travel for their sw1ft "It is wonderful how Providence imbues the in their fur clothing. boat. dumbest of beasts with the instinct toprovide As the Snow Bird went flying past the bear, In that region, day breaks.about two o'clock in themselves with food," commented Frank, three sharp reports pealed out, and thebrute the morning, so our friends were obliged to turn "There are blind fishes in underground caverns, dropped the captain. day into night, and vice-versa. that maintain their lives by hunting_ for food in Around came the ice boat on another tack, "Do you think the crew of the Polar Queen the lakes, and even a !'lew born child will nour-and again it toward the bear, when a will reach Julianshaab in safety, doctod" ques ish itself.'' second volley broke the stillness. tioned Frank, as they sped along. Barney and Pomp hauled down the sails, as Snarling and growling, the wounded beav "Provided there is not too n ;mch ice in the they resolved to stop there until six the nex. t dropped do:wn upon' all fours and went lumber way they will," replied Vaneyke. "It is curiday, and the doctor took out the plans and in2: toward the prostrate captain. ous that when Eric the Red was banished from specifications Hans Jans had brought from t-< Kill the beast with the next shot, or it will Norway and settled in Julianshaab, which he France, and glanced over them while Frank kill the man!" shouted Frank. then called Ericsfiord, there was not much ice turned off the electric current, to extinguish Once more the three rifles were aimed and hereabou,ts. The climate must have changed the light as broad daylight WIJ.S 'then 'streamfired as the Snow Bird went flying by the in much since the year 983.'' ing over the land of desolation. monster. "Shure, an' that spalpeen '11 be forgot in 900 They saw the bear down upon the ice, and --years more," said the Irishman, with a gri,n, after tearing the dea seal to p1eces, and gorg CHAPTER IV:. "an' it's Barney the Red th.!ly'll be talking ing itself upon the fat y meat. it dragged away BOMBARDED BY ICEBERGS. about up here. I knew me name'd go down in a huge piece by its teeth and 'l!isappeared amid BATHED in the lurid glare of the fiames from history since I wor' born, fer it's a noted family the roc:Ks on shore, probably bent upon the burning ship, the scene presented upon the I came from. Shure, me father wor thrans-its cubs. ice-floe was a thrilling one as the ice-boat shot ported fer breakin' a nagur's head, me uncle "The French people are ingenious," the doc past tbe polar bear and the prostrate captain. wor hung fer stalin' a goat, an'--" tor explained, presently, looking up from_ th& I


6 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. 1 a Doan' wanwr fool wid dis papers he was perusing. "In reference to their In a moment the wind carried her far [t 0 wanter sabe 'spenses !' Impression about the landing of the two balfrom the ice floe and they lost sight 1J/hol 've ebonized It's yer loonists, St. Malo and Beauvais, of Brest, upon of it in the blinding snow, and. drifted far muddy-tn be havin:!'' the Irishman roar. the northern shores of Greenland, they offer a upon the water before they fairly knew w a d and scrambling to hts feet, he dashed in most plausible theory for imagining that was haj)pened. 1 t :fter Pomp who retreated to the kitchen, and the aeronauts' fate." Within a few moments more they were 08 oment afterwards the sounds of a terrible You mean the wind questioned on the water! fl k ming1ed with the crash of overturned Fsank. So dense were the clouds of fallmg a es s { and clattering dishes came out of the "Exactly. Here is the way their meteorolog-they could not see. a dozen feet beyond the bend ical expert figures it out. Calculating France of the bowsprit. Schto boitin' me nose !" yelled Barney. as the starting point, the aeronauts reached the It had been impossible to avert the Den :foan' yo' kick my shins!" replied island of Spitzbergen. Due north of it, going trophe, for the Snow Bird had spee over the north pole, is Alaska, west of it along for several hours before tJ;te bitterly dol them doctor adJ:p.onished Frank as is Greenland, and east of it lies Siberia. Not wind and driving flakes, and had gathere an h turned a le.;er and put an electric current in reaching Alaska, the supposition is that the appalling velocity. d'd t 'k side wheels "Thev'll .break everything winds were unfavorable. Winds were all the Indeed, it was fortunate that she I s rt e e, balloonists had to depend upon. Strongest an obstruction with her long bowsprit mstea\l upTh doctor went into the back room to do as winds would be encountered coming from the of plunging into the sea. . e tor asked east. That would be Siberia. Such a wind the mven found that the wheels acted admir would carry the balloon westward. That would to ride away from the storm, for tt was Impold the runner arms held above the sur be to this country. A noted scientist advances sible, and once caught in its midst they cou a y, h lwater and the boat shape of the the theory that all winds blow with equal force not see where they were going, could of ethe Bird act like a side-wheel from each quarter of the globe up here, and, the boat and unable to find shelter had to nve ma e meeting at the pole, scatter and rush off in all along like lightning. s amer. directions. If the balloon was caught in the Instead of bewailing their misfortune Frank She went through the water by the vortex of such a meeting of the winds, nothing laughed. force of the so fast tJ;te wheels had would remain of it, for it would be torn to "We are in luck," said he, ruefully. "Luck to be reversed, m order to drmmtsh SJ?ee!l. shreds." of a peculiar sort." It was warm and comforta!Jle WitJ;tm the "Our only inference then, as the French This is much more !?referable to rushing boat, but outside the fine of that figure it," said Frank, "is that the balloon, headlong through the and not mingle d with the snow made the atr so mten:se struck by a strong,Aasterly air current, must knowing where we were gomg,. -yaneyke. ly cold a hoar frost formed upon the thtck have been swept to Greenland. Our own judg-' Bettah git down dem yere sails, said Pomp, glass wmdows. ment, as well as the theory of the men who fig-"or dey blow cl'ar outer de bolt-ropes, sah. It was probably owing to this fact Frank ured this thing out then teJls us to prosecute Dar am mo' resistance in de watah." I did not observe well where he. was gomg our search here, as the most probable place in "Shure she schwims loike a dook," said Barhe suddenly beard the sound of breakers. which to find the two missing men, in case :they ney, with a relieved look. "But be heavens I "Must be land ahead!" he muttered. "I'v-1 are yet alive and to be found." thought she would float like a cannon ball." kept her due east." "You are right," said Vaneyke. "She can't capsize, even if all sail was up, For an instant he was puzzled how to act, "No other theory could have brought us on account of the runner-arms," said Frank. for it would not do to run the ice-boat into the here," said Frank. "Still, to prevent her go1ng through the water breakers and get cast ashore. "Then we must search the most northern lattoo fast,.you had better lower away the jib and He gave the wheel a sudden turn and thrl itudes. There must be inhabitants up there, mainsail and I'll put powe. in her wheels to boat curved around, when out of the mist there and white men as well as Esquimaux.'' carry us along.'' suddenly loomed an enormous wall of ice that White men 'I'' echoed Frank, incredulously. Barney and Pomp hu'!'l!ied outside, and towered fully two hundred feet above the "Ay, white men," assented the doctor. "Recdropped the mainsheet. boat. ollect the history of Eric the Returning The wind flapping it fearfully as they "It is an iceberg!" flashed across Frank's from his three years' ba;nishrnent Iceland, be got up on the boom to furl it, and a swell in mind. brought twenty-five ships laden wtth adventur the canvas caught Pomp a whack on the ear. The boat was going along so fast the same ous people away to settle in this country. Only "G'wan, stop dat now, Barney," he yelled way the berg was floating, that be just had fourteen reached destination-the others as he gr.abbed a t? prevent time t.o swing it around to av<:>id a collision. we;re lost. Norwegians, Danes1 .Icelanders, h.Imself, fron;t ove;rboard. pis am no The Snow Bird the side of the berg. Britans and people from the Henrtdes came; ttme fo foolm chile, :r,o heah 1 Tte down de Had the bowspnt struck it would have been I new towns were built, farms flourished, and leech dar, tie it down.' splintered ambitio'us men searched up and down. the coast "Slacken off the jib!" shouted Frank out the On dashed the boat beside the berg when to di!iplay their enterprise, some going as far window. "It is fairly bending the bowsprit, Frank heard the sullen roar of breakers the north as latitude 75 degrees. Upernavic lies and may break loose from-" other side almos t as close as those on the berg in latitude 72 50, and a stone was fonnd near Crash-bang-boom! went the jib just then. His hea;t began to flutter there in. 1824 by Sir Edward Parry, un which The fierce of wind that struck it tore it He almost knew what the trouble wa.s. was cut m Rumc letters out of the thtmbles up near the block, the The next moment his wor15t fears were re Erling Sighvatson and Biorn Thordarson began to beat to and fro, threatenmg to alized. and Eindrid Oddson on Satwtday before tear It to shreds. A th b h t t f th t Ascension week raised these marks L.eavi:ng Pomp to struggle alone with the no er .erg s 0 ou 0 e mlS and cl eared ground-1135. mamsail, Barney sprang down to the deck, and mad!Y whulmg toward the first one, rushed up forward and loosening the jib-sheet the ICe-boat l ymg between them. Scattered broadcast all this. land line, he let it fly. will get crusJ;ted ween the two as the adventurers It !S as hl,ely as not He was just upon the point of clutching the Frank m horrified accents, as some of them se,.tled m the north, an.d down haul to brmg the canvas to the bowsprit, With sta:rtmg e ;re s he UJ? at two yet live, as a monument of their when the lashing sheet-line struck him a of ICe towermg on either stde of pl!!ck. . u: stinging blow about the legs, a ,bight of it him. would be a strange revelatiOn to CIV IZIJ;; wound around him, and as the sail flapped The bergs certainly were rushing togetbet, we could find such a lost race of people, back he was dashed into the water. and the shock of two such enormous -bodie>1 Frank. "Howley ham?" he yelled. "Will somebody meeting wa.s sure to prove fearful. And I sure we wtll, satd the doctor, save mel Ther nagur chucked me overboard Only one course remained for Frank fo. confidently. . fer spoite, be ja.bers!" low. afterwards they turned m and He was dragged along through the icy water H e turned the electric lever all the wa)' ed SIX sleep, ?ut whe!I they awa;kened, It as the line was firmly wound around his legs: around, and like a streak of lightning the boat was snowmg hara, .and furwusly, a fear and the doctor ran out. darte d ahead through the waves. ful gale wa.s sweepmg up from the Seizing a boat hook from a rack, he cau ht Nearer and nearer came the bergs together, To remam w:here they were was the hapless Barney with it by the slack of and they almost touched the runner arms and tbe.chance of bemg snowbound an mdefimte pants, and hauled him out of the needles of ice flying wheels, when past them darted the ice perwd, and Frank suggested drt vmg the that floated in the water filling h th boat. gale to run away from the storm, to whiCli the tm WI rest assented. agony. . But she was not yet free from danger, fat While Pomp was preparing their hot break The moment the shtvermg Irtshman was safe hardly had she cleared the bergs, when they fast they set reefed sails and away dashed the ?:U deck, Vaneyke hauled d9wn refractory came together I ice boat to the northward, enveloped in the Jib, 1!-nll: then went to Pomp s crash followed, mingled a dangerous veil of whirling snow flakes, and all Witbm a few moments mam:sail was grmdmg and splitting noise, was deafenms, hands on the alert. furled, and the coon was Just commg down great blocks of ice were torn off and tlte atr from the boom, when he saw Barney. became filled with the flying that fell in They both blamed each other for the accithe sea all around the fugitive boat like so many CHAPTER V. dents that befell them. cannon balls T_HE ICE BOAT GOES Give me a roared Barney. I wanter Out into the pilot house rushed the doctor, UP wtth your quick, Frank, and kiH ther nagur! Barney, and Pomp fearfull startled. and they brmg ber about, or--Heah you am den, shouted Pomp, duckmg fairly shivered wh th Y h t they came a sound of breaking ice, interhead. "I gib yo' a de bread basket had passed 8 ruotmg the doctor. yo onary ole slob. Take dtsl "Och worra, worra fr t 't' ainin' bail '!'here sounded a loud splash. And he charged on Barney like an enraged schtone's as bi as a h' u I s r d Barney The boat shot from the edge of the i<'e into bull, butted him in the stomach, and ran into as a rattling 'i[oane the boat an open sheet of water which laid hidden in the pilot house. makin it sl:iak a S ':"1C .a over the snow storm !loth wart !:ter course. Down .went the Irishman, bent double, utter-Boo: 1 Boorne' aBo qj ver The broad, wide-reachmg runner-arms and mg a dtsmal groan, and he struck the deck together again om eras e w the &t bottom of the ice-boat prevented its with a thud that made him see stars. Anothe ll. d sinking below the railed footpath that encom-"Save me remains," he gasped. "Shure I'm the air a r ;{0 ey of 1ce-c!Lkes were scattere m passed the deck-house, and she floated like a pulverized entoirely." t f' f n11. came m showers through the kl y h h h !" d p mls o a mg flakes cor a ya ya roare omp from the ",Put on more speed !" cried the doctor.'


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE :BOAT. "' I Hundreds of flying particles again struck the But just then the boat suddenly swung furious on 'an sides the wolves began to weaken boat. around, to encircle a rock and Barney went fly-and retreated further. "I can't; fullpoweris on now," replied Frank. ing head over heels from his perch on the bow"A fusillade of hand grenades will send Crash l went the boat just then. sprit, down into the soft bed' of snow on the them further away!" cried Frank. "We'se done struck de ice-floe agin," cried ground. It followed the wolves a moment later. P?mp falling headlong. He tumbled over and over, scrambled to his time the dense of beasts bJCoke int? The boat came to. a sudden although feet, and just as the frame of the boat was a lo"{nng and scattermg they fled m all dt wheels furwusly revolvmg, and churn-whizzing past, b,e seized the port arm of the rect10ns, fa1rly beaten. mg the wateJC mto . forward runners and leaped up on the board A cheer burst from our friends, that. was "She has h1t agamst the fr6nt wheels," satd like an acrobat ech6ed by a hoarse, guttural cry of VICtory Frank, peering out the window. "Out on deck, "Bull fer 1 chuckled he. "Shure it's from the triumphant Esquimau:x;. everyone, !Lnd ge.t ash from the flun them am on the wolves were mingled and huge stalactites ana stalagmites of end of the bowsprit, b1s revolvercreatmg deadly withg the expiring felp of those they killed and while the walls were honeycombed w1tb havoc among the beasts. the agonizing howls of the wounded thousands of holes. anq the. doctor had a_rmed themselves Here there and ever where circled the Snow He scarcely had time to not'e the beauty of w1th repeatmg r1fles and statwned themselves Bird down uie horde of evil beasts the vast cavern, when he was startled to hear out. on the p!1l.tform1 from whence theyS shot the and revolvers of her crew dealing a fearful roar behind him, accompan!ed by the arrudst the pack, whlle Frank kepdt thhe. hntohw death and destruction among the wolves every-rattling of the old rust>: anchor cham. Bird on, foF the rocks, from am1 w lC e where she went. Wheeling around swiftly, to h\s consterna-shouts of came.ahead like a meteor all With their courage revived upon thus unextu?n he a huge :walrus whwh be!Jn The Snow Bird shot I I !dl pectedly receiving aid the Esquimaux rallied lymg beside the openmg, now dragging lts sa_ils down, t.he whee s vmg rap! Y their forces, and the women doing as good body across the doorway. With a whl:rmg d te ted work as the men they on the wolves Franks retreat was cut off, and he clapped The cliffs whwh they JUS passe pro c d d th b h his hand to his belt this part of the shore from the worst of the wrth renewe zeal an ki led em Y t e He did not have ;. weapon with him. storm, and the four were thus en. . To avoid the tusks of the monster, he rushed abled to see some d1stance m advance of the W1thm a short space of trme the village into the cavern further. boat. resembled a slaugh_ter-house, and_ the number Unfortunately he did not observe a round "Barney, com.e in from the bowspr1t I cned of wounde!l and slam wolves was Immense. hole in the fl<'or ahead of him, in which the Frank, out a wmdow. Frank d1d not pause tbougJ;l. walrus probably swam, for it was covered by a "Arrah, be aisy, it's on ther luck out I am, at. them, boys, unt1l we drrve them film of ice. renlied Shea. a';,ayJ he erred. . But the moment he stepped on it, he fell 1'We need you in here! Watch me 'kill tm wrd wan shot! roared through and in an instant his body disappear" Badluckterme bones, is it ther bitav a rue-Barney, for he was in his happiest ed below the water. tion we're agoin' ter If RO, sa1 so. Be-mood when fightmg. "ob I'm red hot fer a shindy, an'--" As the'destructive shots pealed out fast and -I


f I / 8 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. t oung and its neck was smaller. Growing CHAPTER VII. cult climb he could have reached the op 'l:dily until it reached its present increased DESPERATE ENCOUNTER WITH A WALRus. by the shock of. his fall for chain collar became overlapped by its FRANK sank down under the water so sud-an instant, and then scrambled to it's ther dacent raisinin' that is denly that he was taken by suJlrise, and did not to find the walrus within a few yards of .m, ticed it meself." fairly comprehend what had happened to him and advancing with its ivories ratse!l to stx:ke. returned to the ice boat, went on board, until he arose to the surface again. Darting to one side, he found btmself m a t u debatin!'.the subject t.ntil Dr Van Then he caught hold of the edge of the circorner, and broke off an enormous ic!cle, fully ang s!nd reheved them of their watch cular opening in the floor of the cavern, and twoyardsinlengtl:randsix inchesthtek. 1 theyturnedin glanced over at the doorway. It was well he secured it, for the wa rus en toward dayllght Frank and Barne The huge walrus lB:id across opening, slipped toward him so fast that he was by the sounds of a fearful tornl. but as he was_watcbmg 1t the roarmg monster and would now have to fight for lS over the boat, and by hearin&' the began to drag 1ts great body over toward Frank, hfe. t d dful reports shaking the floe as if h and again be beard the clanking of the heavy Frank felt nervous, but watching his oppor-mos rea uake Y rusty chain attached to the anchor. tunity, as the beast flung up its ugly hea1 d to voices of the old scientist and A second look showed him that it was fasten-vent another of its roars, he jammed the ong e Hi them were beard and th ed around the neck of the walrus, for the moonicicle into its mouth, and down its b t rushed into thepiiot-house.ey light streaming in at the entrance revealed A fearful wound was given to the u aA} Y 1 scene met their startled glances every outline of the monster. with a toss of its head, it tore Frank's 1m pro-ear u tornado ragin Looking out through the opening when the vised weapon away, broke it in atnhd b' There raining downg'upon the ho;ts beast's body was out of the way, Frank saw the while its flippers and tail were beatmg e as w 'bl shriekin wind was driv' stati_onary boat some distance B.arney floor with agony, it made another plunge ford" tie tfe that yet m the ptlot house on watch, thmking of ward. own c. ou their expected stop at Sukkertoppen. Be-fore Frank could l!lap out of the co.rner he from vtew. was s littin in fr "I'll get up out of here just as fast as pos-was in, the beast was so close up to htm that All over_the tee tbeg eat sible," muttered the inventor, "for that beast its ivory muzzle-bristles touched him. d th'd thh "leadsff' in th'f floes looks formidable, and without a weapo_n to de-"Good heavens, "l am lost!" he groane ilong to the northward. mg fend myself I am placed at a fearful dtsj\dvan aloud. k F k h observed the storm whe tage." "Ther deuce yuz are!" shouted Barney, ma ran a k that fair! au .n He made an effort to climb up out of the hole in{l: Frank start. wttb a crac h' h th Yb m e hs but slipped back into the water repeatedly The Irishman sat up on the ice block in the bead swtm, the tee uJon w fu.C: e oat stood and then, to his dismay, he saw that the entrance, with a rifle at his shoulder, and he became detached an was tven away on the was dragging its gigantic body over toward bad scarcely spoken, when8 B' d was carried off on th b' him by digging its long, sharp tusks into the Bang! went his weapon. 1 e now r. bt 1 e g icy floor and thus pulling itself along. "Shot !" shouted Frank, as the walrus recake, but the wmd ner, near Y flung The creature means to attack me, for it is coiled. her over, and began to ve her to the edge. evidentlv enraged at my intrusion upon its "Musba, my Loord, but its name. is mud "All bands outstde ,and anchor her! domain,r. flashed through Frank's mind. now 1 Whoop !" yelled Barney, as wtth a fly sboute!l If d on the crest of a breaker upon an tcy shore. out on the ice, Frank waited until it had Frank. They had been two days of terror, tossed at emerged, and then catching hold of its flipper, "Bully fer me! Faith I'm ther wondber ::-:the mercy of the tempest as they were, in the he helped himself out. ther wurruld wid ther sharpness av me soight midst of the blindmg snow-storm, colliding But the contact of his hand made the young an' ther schtiddyness av me arrum," said with bergs and floes, until the block they were one bellow and struggle in frantic fear to get Barney with a !'rin. "Och, whoy didn't I toy on was ground and broken off along the edges away, upon bearing and seeing which the big wid it be pullin its teeth wid me hands whoile so that its size was diminished one half. beast's rage became something frightful to wit-it wuz livin'1 There never wuz a baste I yet Up into the air shot the cracked and broken ness. feared." cake bearing the ice-boat, as a raft does the It -came rapidly forward with a half hop and He approached the prmtrate walrus, and shipwrecked mariner. f!ilide, striking out savagely on either side with caught hold of its magnificent tusks, when it The loud and furious roaring of the white line 1ts tusks at imaginary enemies, the muttering gave its bead a sudden wrench, and sent Barney of surf that tossed and curled in on the bleak, thunder of its roars resounding with deafening sprawling. frozen shore of the far north Greenland coast intonations all around. "Murdher !" bowled the startled Irishman. mingled with the fierce screaming of the wind Frank's fur clothing aided him in regaining "I'm stabbed ter the-r heart!" in a terrible concert. his feet, and as the suit wasmaae of waterproof "Look out, it's after you!" laughed Frank, Only for a moment the cake of ice was poised seal-skin, the brine did not penetrate it. who saw that the last spasm!)dic movement of and trembled on the crest of the breakers, and Once u:pon his feet, he ran around the open-the creature was the end of its vitality. then with a forward impulse that burled boat ing, puttmg it between the walrus and him"Oh! Save me loife 1 Back, ye rapscallion, and floe through the air like a cannon ball, the self, the water freezing on his clothing. back I say !" yelled Barney as be dropped his surf let them go and recoiled with a gurgling Then he glanced at the walrus again. rifle, and made a bee line for the door. rush. It bad reached its cub and paused. With one tremendous spring be caught hold A fearful shock followed. A second glance gave Frank a start of surof the top of the block of ice that barred the Into a thousand particles the cake was shiv prise. passage, and pulled himself up. ered. The chain that was fastened to the anchor Frank picked up his rifie, and fired a ball into Amc:ng the shattered remains fell the ice was securely padlocked around the neck of the the creature's brain ending its life on the spot, boat. walrus, he now observed. and so frightening Barney that the Irishman Strong as the spring bearings of the runner "By Jove!" be exclaimed, in astonishment, toppled over backward, before he saw what steels were, they almost br<*e from the via"that is queer. Some sailors have been here happened, and fell to the ground outside, lence of the blow. before me and done this. But whv did groaning and yelling for help. Yet they saved the boat from utter destruc secure the beast here, like a dog to its kennel'/' By the time FranK got out of the cavern, he tion, for they gave away under the pressure1 There was some mystery about the matter found Barney sitting on the ice with a sheepish caused the body of the boat to rebound ana evidently, but Frank could not fathom it then, look upon his face, where he fell. lessened the force of the shock to a gren:t de for be was anx_ious to get out of the cavern. "Devoured 1" asked, with a hearty gree. Only one was to be seen, that was "Devoured wtd shame, sor," admttted The foui,inmates of the boat felt as it;thesoles the one at whteh the walrus was chamed to the Barney. of their feet received a blow that sent big, rusty ship anchor. "You ought to be. The beast is dead." a tingling sensation coursmg up through every He kept his glance fixed upon the walrus, and "Heaven rist its sow!, I knowed I kilt it." nerve in their bodies and half stunned them. its young one back to aperture, "You didn't; I did. If you knew you killed Glasses were broken and camejinglingdown, m wh1ch 1t doubtless fed on the fish, 1t, what_ have you got to be ashamed of, you crockery was cracked and demolished and ev small seals, and such vegetable dtet as the sea erythingthat received the brunt of the'collision afforded thereabouts. Fatx, I have no more ter say; 1t s complately went to pieces as if a trip-hammer struck the It fell clumsily into the water with its cub, stumpe-d I am!" boat. an_d left tJ;le :young one to sink in the protecting :: T?en comeo_n back to the Snow_;I3ird." For an instant everything was in confusion. brme, 1t swam toward Frank. Dtd. J:OU cham up tber crathed asked BarThe boat had been pitched upon an icy cold The ex1t was unpr!)tectednow, and Frank ar1smg. . shore, and she might bave glided back, /lown made a rush for 1t. . No, I t,ound 1t so. Somebody else did 1t the shelving embankment int.o the sea again he reached 1t, he t.r1pped over the long ago. had not the wind caught it and swept it out of cbam_and fell down. Och, but ,pow dyer know 1t wor years ago, the demolished ice and carried it over the fro. An mstant afterwards there came a crash m may I ashk? zen embankment sidewise the openinJZ, and a big _block of ice became de "The chai_n end around its neck, By that time Frank partly recovered his fac and fell down mto the aperture, ch_ol!: deeply 1mbedded m1ts flesh. Consequentulties. mg 1t up so that Frank would have had a dtfli ly 1t must have been put on when the walrus Although yet scarcely. knowing what he wll8


FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. doitng, he clutched the wheel and with every verthisstrange,unexplored "Thatlooks as if they had an abundance of "No! Fasten his wrists and ankles," said island, it would be folly for us to attempt now food here," said he. Frank. to go in search of the two lost French balloon"Shall we remain and question them further "More's ther pity, bedad 1 Shure, I niver ists, St. Malo and Beauvais of Brest." wanted ter be a hangman till now," said Bar" Absolutely so," assented the doctor emphat"By all means. See-every one has retreated ney, dexterously .securing the swearing ically. "Let us consider .ourselves lucky to be into his igloo." wretch. safely ashore. I shall never forget the appalling "A few are peeping out of their entrances at "What are you going to do with the danger we passed through, riding on that cake us though," said Frank. queried the doctor, who1 with Pomp, was lend of ice in ihe midst of the snow storm, colliding They did not discuss the matter much longer, ing his aid to hold the vtllain down.


,.. I \ 'i 10 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. CHAPTER X. "Take him with us to Upernavic, and give At the end of the :;econd day it was impossi-him a trial for banging." ble to go any further, for a snow storm had set GETTING A SHOT AT A REINDEER. "No I no I I won't go!" yelled Grimm, in and they came to a pause. 1 t th gnashing his teeth with fury. They were many miles from th!'l coast, and FRANK, we ar!l 1worse an now, "You will go, for you are my prisoner now!" were so turned around that they dtd not know quietly said Frank. "You murdered Hans now in which direction it laid. ow 1 0 t b d IS snow storm Jans; you lied about me, attempted to take my 'fbe perpetual Arctic night bad set in upon contmues.we may gel life; sent the Polar Queen to her destruction, them suddenly, and to their intense ama;ze-"yve have to 00 out the scurvy set her afire, and tried to kill her captain. The ment tb ey d1scovered that the surroundmg do:q. t break out among us, Frank. category of your misdeeds is big enough to consnow' was of a strange crimson tint, such as True, trute, 1 f 1or our n;\eat and vegeta viet you." crowns the Alpine Mountains. bles are mos a oc or. "How under heaven did ht get away up As soon as this discovery was made Frank "Have you a_ny tdG ?f our,;whereabouts now, here?" asked the doctor. turned deathly pale. s1r;_ce "Ye left Sunon rlmJ?? "I'll tell yer,"voucbsafed Simon Grimm, with "Doctor," said be, in tones of distress, "do Wttb no stan: to us, compass a lowering scowl and a cruel, vindictive glance you know the meaning of that snow?" . gone1 no_landmarks, notbmgbut this perpetual at Frank. "An Esquimau,Prung me 'ere on 'is "Crimson snow can only be encountered m Arcttc ntght and the end.Jess storms, how sledge, an' I set ther hull tribe agin yer." very northerly latitudes, .Frank." ca:n I tell? We have been runm?g at random "'fhat accounts for their queer actions!" said "Then we are further north than we imag-wtth the ;;torm. We must be g_omgno_rthward Frank ined all the t1me. The constantly mcreasmg cold "Ho. bo 1" chuckled the captive. "Yer seed "How can that beT' proves it. But we cannot get awa1 from the it, eb ?' Remember-them 'ere coves is all my I am convinced that the Esquimau deceivstorm, a?d now w.e are snowbound.' friends, an'll resc)le me afore day's dawn.'' ed us." "He Vaneyke1" led by an old, well-trainea dog, to which the me speak.'' "It seems so, confessed old scientist. drivers directed most of their cnes. "You incited:Koodloo to do it to lose us here" At any rate, if we emulate their example we out of ,reyen-ge?'' asked Frank, no.ticing bow yvill do more to help ourselves than by mop short-handled whtps, wttb whteh .. they manBarney s Jaw dropped upon learnmg what a Ill" aged their beasts, a deterous flick of the snapmistake he had made. Stop dati" roared Pomp just then interruptper easily ta)dng a sliver of flesh and skin out "I won't deny it. But I'm as bad off as ther them. of any dog aimed :;t. . rest o' yer, I'm sorry ter see.'' What tber divil d'yer mane, yer gorillar One of the Esqmmaux drtvers h1t an off-s1de "Blame yourself for our per1l. And now go! chuckled Barney's voice. dog, which immediately turned upon the nearIt is our turn for vengeance.'' -"Yo' am jab bin' de end ob yo' fiddle stick in est dog, a fight ensued, the rest piled on, and 1 "'What! Would r_e cast me adrift here?" mv eye chile! G'wayl" the sledge was while the driver tried to fairly yelled the terrified man. r, A rd. I now?" replied Barney in tones of separate the com atants. . "You had no mercy upon us. I will have surprise, as he scraped away. Dogs and men "!'ere no fr1e.nds, the latter none on you. Go, I say!" 'Spec yo' knowed it afore, honey," sai.d starvmg and merCilessly beatmg the brutes Frank opened the door, pomted out sternly Pomp keeping time to his banjo with h1s when they became refractory, so no sympathy and with a groan the wretch slunk out of it in heel. was lost. the storm. "Ouch!" yelled Barney a moment later. The ice boat soon outstripped its pursuel;'s goI lives an' .we meets again beware o' mel'' "Y e ha.;e welted me on corn wid yer big mg through the valley, and finally our fr1ends he cned, pale Wtth fear. plantation! Sufferin' jim-jams let me hit yez lost sight of them entirely in the far distance. He shook his clenched fist in the air over his wid an ax!" "Thez! are gone," exclaimed head, cast a bale:fu} 'glance at the four men He dropped his fidd.Je with a clatter, and. back. Now, boys, get up all satl, an!l I will whom he had lured mtO that death-trap strode nursed his mjured foot tenderly shut power off from tlie wheels. We wtll travaway and "Did I now r blandly queried Pomp, with a ,el on for two near t)le coast, and once we The.fourpomta of the were lost to very sober look of interested surprise, a.'! he 1 reach we w11l stop theret replace our fr1ends, they knew not wh1ther to go for on plunking the strings and kicking t1me. ?Ur naut.tealmstruments and then contmue ?ur and a thousand perils menaced them on Ye knowed it!" raved Barney with a JOurney m search of the two lost balloomsts all s1des. scowl further. to the no!thward: "Treac_herou!l man!" said Frank, bitterly. The'u Pomp roared with laughter. N othmg transp1red durmg the followmg two ?e hts own trap .. We have executed It was so infectious that Barney had to laugh days. a Just pumshment upon h1m by sending him too. The boat sped along when sbe.had forti!, for by his perfiay we are lost in this land "Hoss an' boss chile" grinned the coon. clear gr?und, kep.t gettmg further and of cr1mson snow.'' "Cry quits.'' ' further a ":1ld regwn. "Begorra, it's aven up we are," replied Bar It was 1mposs1ble to get near the coast, owney, restored to good nature. mg to the rugged nature the country, and "Sing us a song Barney-yo's a scrumptiOUS they met more frequently wtth snow storms. warbler.'' = ...


y Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'l'. 11 "Be heavens, I belave yer," modestly replied Frank ran again with renewed zeal, for he now "Yessah. Heah she goes, Massa Vaneyke." the lri'lhman with a faint pretense of blushing, had some encouragement and hope of getting Every time they fired, they listened to hear a as he coughed behind his hand. "Listen ter it. responding shout or shot, but none came on the this." On, on, on he went, and when again he came dreary, whistling wind, and they grew impa-And he began to roar to an Irish refrain, in sil;l'htof the poor creature, it had arrived at tient. Pomp accompanying. the stde of the lake and plunged into a deep Then they became restless, fidgety and snow-drift, where it was wildly floundering, alarmed. "Sure a nate little wlddy, wuz my aarlint, Biddy, unable to get out. "What can be .keeping them so anxl I _coorted her s,tlduy, swate letthers I wrote. Up Frank rushed to it, and a second shot iously asked the doctor, around and Fai:t. she hadn t much money, her tlm.!)er wuz sunny, brought the creature to its knees in a violent around the platform surroundmg the deck An' what wuz rate funny, she had a pet goal. h d h d th ff t A hig Nanny goat, wid a beard, and wholte coat, stxuggle agamst death. . ouses, an ere an ere mane or A uncker, a foighter a tough Nanny goat! Its tongue lolled out of the stde of 1ts mouth, to penetrate the m1st. Well, 1 called wan cold nolght, In a terrible rrlght a patheti_c came into its soft brown eyes, '. Hope nuffin' !lone happen dem, doctah," Fer ter ga1n Lher swate rolght ter callllld, out their larder, he snatched up hts rifle and ran "Perhaps after all it will be better for him to poured a thick jet of sparks, and away up into out to get a shot at it. have company," said he. the cold dark sky shot the blazing meteor, to a Frank was warmly muffled up in seal skins, "Then bedad I'm pff," exclaimed the Irish-height of several hundred feet ere it burst. had on a mask to protect his face, with eye-man. At intervals of every five minutes, the doctor holes in it, and wore gloves to protect his hands, And away he ran, following Frank's trail. sent up a rocket until half a dozen had thus else he could not have held the metal rifle, for Pomp kept glancing wistfully back toward been used without any result. it was so cold that his uncovered hands would the direction of the boat. "I am afraid the case is hopeless !" he ex-instantly have been frozen by touching it. "Ef we done stay yere much longah, sah,"l claimed dejectedly. The big: beast, w:ith towering a:ntsaid he, after awhile, "de snow cober our "Wha' we'se gwine ter do now blankly lers, had vamshed m the veil of down-falhng heads, aoctah. Reckon we bettah go back to asked Pomp. flakes when he appeared, but he saw the direc de Snow :Sird, sah." "Really, I am at a loss to determine, as we tion it had taken and ran after it. "True; it will do us no good to remain here cannot track them." enough, as it did, to keep out of the any longer, Pomp." "Den s'posen we wait till de rain stop an' deepest dr1fts, the reindeer followed the shal"Doan' wanter leabe de boat widout a watch when ebery ting am froze den we kin start off lowest course through the snow, and Frank, aboard, sah." de boat, an' scour aroun' fo' dem, sah." only knee deep in the crimson carpet, made "Let us return, then, and we can fire off our "Pomp, that is the only plan to be followed. fair progress toward the creature. guns occasionally, shout, and keep the electric Heaven help them, I do sincerely hope no It led him on, further and further away from burning to guide Frank and Barney calamity has befallen the brave fellows.'' the boat every moment, sometimes appearing back, in case they are at a loss to locate the "Amen, sah !" groaned Pomp with due like a specter m the mist, then scenting or see boat.'' solemnity. 1 ing him, taking fright and bounding away ere They returned to the ice boat forth-Just then something hit the boat a violent he could fire at it. with, and started the lights, but the rays failed blow. Made eager and anxious to capture the hand-to penetrate the dense fog of flakes very far. There followed a metallic sound, then a scrapsome beast, Frank forgot that the downfalling In the course of an hour they began to dis-ing noise. flakes were obliterating his tracks and losing charge the rifles at brief intervals, the reports Both of the watches started, and glanced the boat to his view tlie further away he got breaking dull and smothered on the frosty air. around keenly., from it. "Do you notice that it is stopping snowing .A_ loud bump succeeded the second noise, Presently he came to a large sheet of ice covasked Vaneyke. which was followed in quick succession by a ering a lake. Clar ter glorr,, sah, dis chile wish it would series of bangs and thumps that made the boat The wind kept blowing the snow from its surstop altogedder. shake from stem to stern. face so that a good footing was obtained, upon A slight rain is falling now." A long dark object, looking very much like a \vhich he could run ahead faster. "Gwine ter wash de snow away, sah." rope with a grapnel fastened to the end of it The graceful deer had gone bounding away "No. It will freeze the upper crust as hard hung from tlie atr, close to the side of the cliff, over it with remarkable s_peed, and might have as ice." as if some one let it down from up on the top of vanished forever had not Frank ran swiftly. "Den we kin go skatin' out ob heah on it in the precipice. He came in sight of it again by following 1ts de boat, kain't we1" Vaneyke grasped Pomp's arm, and pointed tracks, and it stood, curving its neck, glancing "I hope so. Do you hear .Frank yet 'I'' at it. back at him when he 1Tred. "Nary a soun'. 'Specs dat he ain't come "See there!" he exclaimed, excitedly. "What The ball wounded it, but did not kill. back yit, sah." does that mean 'I'' Away it bounded again, leaving a trail of "Keep on firing;, any;way. They are bound "A rope wif a anchor on de end, sah," mut-blood behind which was easily followed, and off to hear the shots. tered Pomp.


12 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I, Looks as if some one was letting it down himself unable to pursue the trail any further, the whirling snow flakes, yelling at the beast over the edl?.e of the cliff." but he also made the discovery that he was to go faster. on began to overspread "Shuah nough, doctah. Yo' fink it am himself lost. A wry express10n so Massa Frank huh '1'' "Bejabers," said he, with a long drawn his face t1;10ugJ:I. as as shar "Very 1ikeiy! How the wind sways it. Look whistle," I'm rattled completely." The ammals backbone w P as a out. It is sweeping this way!" Then he made a frantic effort to find his own razor. d t B He pulled Pomp aside just as the ro)?e trail to retrace his steps to the boat, but even Bumped up a:t;td own upo?I r soon whizzed by them, out to his amazement it did at this attempt he signally failed. bega!l to feel as 1f he wru> getdt'rt sp Itlp. halvtesl not swing back to where it came from. By the time the unlucky fellow had made a despite every effort he ma e 0 remam sea ea Pomp sprang forward and seized the grap-circuit of that end of the lake, he was so turned firmly. d "H ld 1 L t nel, but it suddenly arose, caught in the railing around that he didn't know where he was. "Whoop I }.e t l'fW on e me on the front of the deck and the rope became He heard a strange voice on. the eastern side get off I I'm IV lU wo mk ox to 0 f te taut, began to bend out at an angle, and to the of the ice. But his voice caus!l em as r, utter amazement of the two men, the rope It sounded like a cross between the lowing of and with an ag;ond1zfed IS dragged the boat along. a cow and the bleating of a sheep, and it brought Barney was carne ar rom. e a e e It was pulled away from the cliff. him to a pause, with an interested expression. surface of an glacter, not darmg to Out on the frozen snow. glided the ice boat, "Faith I do be hearin' somethin' familiar!" he leap from t;he creatures l:lack, for fear of break-and in another moment it shot along over the muttered. ing his bead. frozen crest with wonderful speed. Above the noise of the wind he faintly distin-Most of th!l racmg herd keJ?t tog;ether, and Pomp and the doctor cried out with astonish-guished several more of the sam!) kind of sounds after m1le wast covered n ment. accompanied by the patter of ntany hoofs. until at last the crea ures wen P gmg; m o Then the truth of the matter dawned upon "Shure it must be a drove av pigs!" ejaculata.snow a cloud of flakes Jden\ up hm the Vaneyke. ed the Barney. arr, and the1r race was su en Y c ecked "This rope is hanging from a balloon?" he He had given up all hope of finding Frank by them tumbling over each other. exclaimed, as. he glanced upward, in the vl!-in since he lost h!mself, and with. his interest in pver went the bea!!'t by the endeavor to pierce the Stygian darkness with the strange n01ses aroused, he suddenly made Irishman was sJ;Iot up m the 1!-lr, and m a mo-his vision. a run in the direction the sounds came from, menta scene of mtense een crushed mt

, Iart I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 13 He didn't know where he was, and finally mosphere became clearer, he imagined he through, and a sharp stinging pain assailed concluded that the companionship of these might be able to locate himself, but soon dis-him wherever his skin was exposed. men was much better than wandering covered that it was impossible to do so. All the torture he suffered was mercifully alone m the storm. Inactivity will not do me any good he blunted though, by a dull languor that was There was something exhilarating in the ride concluded at last. "I must shake of!' this op-fast stealing over him, and taking his senses. that followed, for the foxes went along swifter, pressive feeling of desiJair and be a man!" It was a fatal sleep. more orderly, and straighter than Esqu\mau Just then he beheld the outlines of a vast few Arctic travelers ever experienced it,, dogs.. moving body approaching him that looked like and lived afterwards. Ram gave place to the snow after a while. the undulatmg swell of the sea. What is it that makes m:e feel so After the lapse of an hour, during which the It was a dark color, and made him think for he muttered, drowsily. "I mmm't give m to sledge ran over the top of the frozen snow drifts a moment that the ice of the laKe was melting it, for if I do, I'll freeze to death here1'' they came to what is called a nunatak, or is gradually, and the water coming toward him. He made an effort to arise, but fell back land of verdure. But he soon heard a strange creaking sound helplessly They a;re.fou.nd in elevated spots. where the in shrill tones emanating from the mass, and His blood was chilled through and through; we has hcked m and surrounded, but not yet saw that it was comP.osed of a vast army of his limbs were getting numb and lifeless; his covered ground, and these oases in the what looked like heavily formed land rats with breath became stentorious; he could hardly deserts of 1eeare all that the browsing animals short tails. keep his eyes open; he had an irresistible de have depend upon for food. "Great heavens, there are millionfl\.of them sire sleep._ The Island bla;ck by with moving this way in a compact mass," muttered This stupid sensatwn got worse ever:y mo-the s'!-rroundmg crm:tsou lCe1 co':'ered With moss Frank, his eyes opening wide as he fixed his ment.. . an.d.llchens, dwarf _birch a;nu Willow tree:, .and glance upon the creatures. "Now I know Agam he essa:yed to stagger blmdly_ to his a;rismg_ from the of It Barney s_aw a sma.ll what they are! It's an army of migrating feet, but the effort. wa:s too much for him, and City of iCe houses built after an anCJent Rumc mings. The harmless little creatures are on he ft:ll th\s time. style. . the march back to where they came from be Still figJ;lt!ng ag;amst the languor that HesigJ;Ited Isolated c\tY long before they fore the approach of winter no doubt, but they was depriymg him, of Frap.k reached It, for It was surrounded by ! towers look mighty gaunt and hungry to me." hm\self. over to a;n lCe of rude masonry upike that, so I ain t, an' it's swarmed all ?ver him. like himself again. a black oye I'm aftJ:fer givin' yez !" F{ardly an mch surface of the deer was to be "Can you speak he askad of the The man uttered a fierce cry s.nd recoiled seen on account of the treD\endous horde of Esquimaux. _..-/ gnashing his teeth as he x:eceived the blow in !Jeas_ts that .were now s:w!lrmmg all overi tear The man shook. his head and gestured, to Bighis face; then he sprang into the house, and It to. pie<;es and ra1smg a fearful c amor nify that he did not underetand what Frank jumped toward Barney, who thrust out his foot With their VOICes.. meant. and tripped him up. fought like a .madman to drive Nor could the inventor speak the Indians' All the onlookers became excited and in lemmu;Igs awayl but their. sharp pers1stanguage. censed against the Irishman fpr resenting what ripped tore at his clothmg, and re!!t He around the ice h.ut from the roof their leader did, and a dozen of the men rushed !t to while e-yery f_ew moments t!:Iey bit of which water constantly dripping down, into the big room. h1s flesh, _causmg him the most mtense melted by the smoll!y flame of a queer lamp Up jumped the chief to his feet in a towering paWm:th' h t f t h' that illumined the i;tterior, and observed how passion, his dark eyes flashing fire, and his I m a:r;t s or space o Ime IS warm it was there. bulky figure quivering all over. skm was laid bare m .a thousand places, the In the middle of the floor a circular trench He pulled the heavy battle-ax from his belt, n;task was torn from h_Is and he. was get was excavated, an<;!. on the shelf all around it the rest of his men forming in a line behind him exh!lusted from hiS VI

1.4 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'l'. Part I, w miles away to death, and brougJlt. began the light complexioned He 1wadsdjustot upon tg:t thet m home to revtve htm. man m French. rope a er see w tpg a Explaining the location of the ice-boat, he "G'wan !" interposed Pomp. "Dis chile don't wheWn S\ Malo Jame 'I'' queried th d k lkedifthemancouldbringhimthere,towhichpollyvoo,nohow,St.Malo.' t -d h r e ary. 11e other readily assented, and as Frank was "St. Malo Parbleu! You know me 1" cried Yes, monsteur, re urne t e po tte Frenchuxious to set off at once, the Esquimau started the in amazement. man. 't h ... ) 'ith him. "Why certainly" chuckled Pomp. "An' "How wuz 1 sa The brisk walk that followed entirely restored dat gem{uan am Be'auvais ob Brest!" 1Frank's vigor, but wl).en they reached the cliff "Sacre tonnerre I Here ees wong meestery to "H'm, h ml t d t h h t -t b t S at the base of which the b6at had been, they me, Monsieur.'' Pomp.e.x:pec o ear w a 1 was, u t. found that the Snow Bird was gone, and left no "Am Lawks amighty, 'tain'tnuffin' ob de Malo satd 'd th d k "h trace behind. kine ter dis chile.'' ".Looker yere, sat. e ar, y, ow lS I Frank was overwhelmed with despair. "Ees ze balloon to ze ground r gwme get back to What am I to do now 1" he blankly asked "Sakes alibe, no. We am afioatin' in de sky, "Ve look for eet an breeng you zere," satd the Esquimau in Norwegian. sah,'' St. Malo. _ , "Return to my village, and stay with us," "Zen how you deed geet here?" satd the reheJed coon, an yo help us renlied the man. "Clum up de rope." ter fin Massa Frank1 f'Ishalldoso. Butiwillleaveanote here, "All! Par dieu! Zat eesver strange! Ex"Sairtainly,"assentedtheaeronaut. "Your apprising them where tp find me in case tj:J.ey plain, Monsieur, explain." friend Barney, too.'' , . should come back," said Frank, taking a pencil "Dar am not mueh ter tole yer, honey. We'se "Bress yo' heart fo dat_ I se a mg and ;paper out of his p9cket, and rapidly inbeen alookin' fo yer fer some time pas', an' g3:h now. De. mt;,s fink Ise tooken a scribmg a few lines. bres de lamb we'se foun' yo' at las'.'' trtp sky-scrapm fo s_uah. He left it in a conspicuous place, and started say 've'-who eez 've', may Just then Beauvats of Brest shouted ?-own off then he paused. I inq11iair r through the traps and St. Malo arose to hts feet "See I There is the boat now !" he cried ex"Frank Reade, J r_, an--' and said: citedly pointing ahead_ "Ahl Zat eez enough 1 I now do undairstang "He tells us to come up. We air ovair eet Clearly outlined on any icy bed in the brilliant all. Renaud, ze prefect of ze police of ze Paris now-" star an,d moonlight lie saw the boat. deed send Meestait Reade up here, eh 1" "Ober what 1"" Then he rushed-frantically toward It,when "Alqld im ter do it, an' we 'bliged," assented "Ze flair.'' like thin air it melted and vanished. Pomp. "But I'll tell yo' all de res' when yo' "Fire! Up in dis yere climate1" "My God I What is the mean in iii of this f' he gib us yo' yarn. Wha:. ailed yo' a minute ago, "Follow me an' you weel see, monsieur!" cried hoarsely. "Was it B., dream 1 sah 1" With his mind very much relieved Pomp "It was only a mirage," replid theEsquimau. "Ah, such a tcrreeble time ve deed 'ave, went up the ladder after him, and peering down Deceived by a reflection of the boat upon the Monsieur. Up i'n ze sky we was shoot so 'igh at the eartn below he was amazed to see a atmosphere, Frank had only seim its shadow. by ze fearful wind-currents zat sweep ovair ze tremendous ring of blazing fires, down toward But where was the boat itself1 north pole zat we sink ve nevairrcome down which the balloon was rapidly descending under again, an' lose all control ovai.r ze balloon. Zen Beauvais' CHAPTER XIV we can hardly .breathe up zere, an' we lose our In the mtdst of these fires stood the Russic senses. Zat eez how you deed find us zis vay, city of ice houses to which Barney Shea had ADRIFT IN THE SKY. Monsieur." been brought a captive by the men with the CLINGING to the rope of the balloon, the "How war it youse didn' cross ober de norf blue skins, and the 1 fires burned on the grapnel 9f which had been released from the pole 1" ask;ed Pomp. towers. deck raihng of the ice-boat, Pomp was swept "Monsieur, eet eez ovair one month ago zat The balloon had hardly begun the descent, along through the rain, leav_ing t?e Snow B.ird ve left Spit;bergen to eet-'' : when they the discharge of. 3: rifle and to dash ahead out upon the we brtdge spannmg "Hab yo se been up m de au all dts ttme 1' saw a man runnmg through t -he etty, pursued the ravine, which began to break beneath its "Evairy hour, fighting against ze head an' ze by a band of the natives, who were shooting weight. cross winds.'' ,' arrows and flinging spears at the fugitive. The darky :pad a tenacious grip on the ice "De win's obercome yo', and dribe yo' ober Pomp had hardly .seen the fugitive when he coated rope, and a thrill of terror passed. over on Greenlan' den?" cried excitedly: him upon finding that it had broken free from "Oui, oui. 'But, parbleu, ve vas ovair ze cen. "Golly I It am Barney I" tbe ice-boat, and that the balloon was carrying tair of ze pole." "Your friend 1" hastily asked St. Malo. him away. "Bully fo' yo'!" "'Deed it am I Sabe him! Sabe llim !" Moreover, the had arisen on the strong "Eh! Vat eez zat bully', monsieur, I not "Wiz all my 'eart I Look I Ze natives see wind, I ifting the darky so high from the icy do comprong 1" ze balloon, an' are frightened !" ground that he was afraid to let go and drop. Oh, we Yankees hab dem kine of expres" Barney: Barney !" screamed Pomp. So he climbed 'ul? the swaying_ drag-rope. sions, dat's all_'' The fugttive looked up and paused, while the "If St. Malo, an Beauvais of Brest am in de "Ah, pardong me. But where is Monsieur natives recoiled and fled upon beholding the carob de balloon," he muttered," it am mighty Reade?" strange-to them-object that was sweeping queer dat dey didn't answah when I done gib _Pomp thereupon told him all that occurred down from the sky toward them. dem a hail. Reckon I'll go up dar. Might slip to them from the time poor Hans J ans arrived From a distance they fired at Barney, who off yere, an' crack all ter pieces on de ice below in Readestown, up to the present moment, to thus far had escaped any fatal injury, and he if my han's slips off.'' all of which he attentively listened. returned their fire with S\j.Veral shots from his Pomp had often navigated the air with Beauvais of Brest did not understand .Engrifle, that toppled as man)' men over wounded. ;_][rank, 'YI'as not. alarmed his 1\sh, so he pa!d no. attention con versa: / Madj:l.ened, some of the more venturesome present pos1t10n; bestdes, he could chmb hke a twn, but,busted the ballopn, ones recovered from their momentary fear and monkey as he l:sasted to Dr_ Vaneyke, and took observations, and posted htmself gener-made a rush for him. wen,t up rope at an astonishing rate of ally. . But before they reached the brave fellow the speed until he reached the car. He was a !lme.t, uncommumcat.tve man, drag-rope of the. balloon swept by and he It was a tremendous square w!cker. wor)>: tJ:at hts f.nend would explam everythmg snatched hold of tt and was carried away from basket, with s.teel frame work msurmg 1t to htm m due ttme. reach of the crowd. absolute rigidity, and was over, and Th.e balloon was in a strong current of wind Out went some ballast bags, and up in the made impermeable to water, hke a boat. On flowmg from the southwest, and rode about atr darted the balloon carrying Barney with each side were small wings. two hundred feet above t-he ice, the long drag-it, standing on the grapnel and clutching the There was a door at the side, and Pomp rope balancing andsteadyingitsmotions. rope. pushed it open and entered. Above them the darkness was yet too great The interior was padded,, he saw by a burn-to give pomp a view of the balloon, but the ing lamp and was fitted up with two ham-rain had ceased to fall, the clouas were dispers,CHAPTER XV. mocks, a iight table;, calp stools, ing and the moon and stars were struggling to THE FATE OF THE ICE BOAT. apparatus, other setenttfi<: and optlcalmstruburst out. . THE Snow Bird was threatened with destruc-ments, arms and utenstls, a canoe, sledge, By the ttme Pomp fintshed hts reettal the twn in a manner that was sure to put an end ropes, motor, and an oil stove, while the doors earth was fioode's face changed, he sprang to his feet From the verge of one preetpice to the other thetr senses, and soon succeeded m gettmg and exclatmed: was a distance of several hundred feet and the them aroused from a theJ: had been in. excuse me, I must go out and !ce bridge sagged down in the where Both of the men were atttred m heavy gray see. 1ts general width narrowed one half to about woolen traveling: had their faces ;; See what 1" demanded PomJ?, in,surprise. twent:y: feet. shaved clean, thetr hatr cut short, and were Ze vat you call a conflagratiOn. Had 1t been much narrower the wide reach evi

I i I I 1 r Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'r. 15 There a fearful splitting and grind"Ter be aure One o' them picked up Reade, "Doctor! he gladly, as. h e flung open of the we, and the doctor felt the oridge frozen stiff:' the pilot-house door. a 'Yay hbeneath the boat. '"Ha 1 Frank!" interposed the doctor with a Then be sprang in, came tq a pause, andre. eavens I W'ill I reach the other glad look. coiled with a cry of alarm. s1de tltl_ll6 lb he tmuttered, as a. cold, clammy "Thawin' 'im out, Reade lef ther village afore He had just recognized Grimm confronting persprra 10n urs out over him. I could set ther Esquimaux on 'im witli a pack him. It almost seemed as If the graceful boat was o' lies,. an' we follered 'em. ahead of us Quick to act, if he wishe d to succ eed in his scaredthat !1-nd darted ahead faster, now some'eres, an' when they meets Reade, 'e evil design, Grimm struck Frank a sudden blo w for liS e ri g_e e l1t reached the other side dies, sure as fate." with the stock of a rifle. and glided straight out of "Your accursed lies must be potent" said the It came with crushing force, and f elled the Down into. ravme fell the br1dge, tons doctor angrily. inventor like a stricken ox. He struck upon upon tons of ICe !n the fearful cave-in, a terrible "Ay, ay. It was me wat planted a knife his knees and rolled over stunned. concussion rep.dmg the air1 and a dense cloud Reade carried, inter ther heart o' their chief las' "Pitiful Heaven, he ba.S killed mel" he of snow dashing up tne be4 of the abyss night, an' I sweared as Reade did it an' said I groaned. the broken o! the bndge struck it. seen 'im !" Then his senses deserted him. Heaven be pra1.sed eJacul!!-ted Vaneyke. "Scoundrel! So tthat is the way you incite .A look of triumph flashed over Pale, and w1th exCitement, he sank them on !" S'tmon Gr1mm's face as he glanced at the pale down upon a settee m back of the wheel, so un-"All's fair in war." \ inanimate face of and started the boat. nerved by th.e fearful ordeal that he was unable "Thank God, Frank yet lives." "Victory!"' be hissed. "Both are in my to. move, th1nk or speak for the space of a "Sure 'e live werry long now. I don't power. I can git back ter ther South in this mmute. fergit ow yer all left me ter my fate in ther craft. But afore I leaves 'em in this frozen When he finally recovered his'facultieS, he midst o' a wild storm in this lone, desolate country they'll bo'th be stili in death. I swear looked out_ the windows and saw thdt he was waste!" it!" '- gliding over the surface of a vast glacier. "You deserved an_y harsh treatment we gave The fast diiD:inishing rain ceased, and the you." and stars appeared, the doctor : That'll do yer croakin '. Come in here till CHAPTER XVI. an Immense amount Of rehef. I tieS yer hup. FROZEN STIFF IN THE GLACIER "I can see where I am going now," he Dr. Vaneyke had to obey, for the revolver thought, "and can go .off on a hunt for Barney pointed at his hl(ad was bound to blow his WHEN the sand-bag ballast was fiung from and Frank. But I wonder what became of brains out the moment he refused to comply. the balloon by St. Malo and Beauvais of Brest1 Pomp I" Grimm brought the boat up in the the globe mounted to an altitude of several He the surrounding ice and sky, but w!:!Yl. .hundred feet, with Barney standing on the saw no signs of the negro or the balloon, and Then he marched the old scientist into the drag-rope grapnel. finally came to the conclusion that the aerostat state-room, tied him hand and foot to a ringThe entire scene was ruddily bad carried the darky up into the clouds. bolt in the wall and gagged him. the glaring lights on the ring of fire to rs. "What the poor negro's. fate will be puzzles "Now ther is mine!" exclaimed the En-that srirrounded the ice-houses 9f' the o ueme," he muttered, with a shudtler. "Still glish sailor. 'Yer won't go no further in rer skinned people, and the men who had been in Pomp knows how to manage a balloon, and wild goose chase arter ther Viscount of Ponttvy pursuit of Barney came to a pause, with crie s may get up into the basket and be.,enabled thus an' Beauvais of Brest. I'll make yer all knuck-of amazement to s e e him earned. away. to Jielp himself." le afore I'm done wi' yer fer ther way yer treat-It was evident that were new to The doctor stopped the boat, went outside ed me. Never do I go unavenged." them. hoisted sail, and went tacking around and He'then returned'to the and start-The Irishman had heard Pomp call him, and around in vast circles on a hunt for Frank and ed the Snow Bird again, instantly realized that by some means the coon Barney without finding any trace of them. The Esquimaux, who had been accompanying had passage in the aer. ostlat; he also It was during this search tl:iat the image of him, were ruthlessly left where they were, and surm1sed that the balloon was the one they the boat was reflected on the clouds in the form Grimm got the boat upon the trail of Frank came in search of. of a mirage which Frank had seen. anrung me. fornmst the black-,._. f b h d hb village guards, afore thetr axes raiChed ther schpot I rom e m some nelg ormg But the keen eyes of the sailor soon fell upon left, an' they hit ther wall. Sure thim axes They to the Snow Bird and one a piece of white paper weighted _by a stone, fiut-wuz flfing wid an' as thrue as a of them sprang on board pulled lip the jib tering against the wall of the cliff, one end of shot, fer they all hit m ther wan place, an that hurried through the pilot-house door and the note which Frank left for his friends restwhere I'd been B eg

16 FRANK READE iR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I, inter one ob dem cracks r muttered "Can't yo' keep de ole machine agoill' r edication is that neglectfulated, it's pity I celerefl.ectively .. "Dey am fi_ft;r wide." "Eet s'all be bettair zat we descend." brate fer yez." ure It wouldn t fallm till land-By managing the ballast skillfully they "Wha' yo' insinulate r demanded Pom in. ed at Sout)l ?ole, replted Barney. What brought the silken globe down slowly and the nocently p, wakes th1m opmm's I wondher1" rh "Ze icy rivair eez moving all ze time toward anchor grapnel caug t m the we. .Widdhraw yer momd ter ther crevasses" lte sea," explained St. Malo, "an' ze strain in ze When the balloon co!ltinued its fall it ho.ney, I 'membulate dem.,'' middle, where it moves fastest, cracks eet scended at an angle w1th the place where 1t owe melt here as well as m Afriky an' across ze top." was anchored. Ireland 1 "Ah, go along wid yez," skeptically replied Indeed, it was fortunate the grapnel caught "Reckon it do, chile." Barney. "D'yer mane ter sehtufl' me wid fairy and held, else the wind would have swept the "Where do ther wather flow then 1 Shure stories 1 How kin it move widout no wather balloon out into the ic;r sea. it ain't ter be observated atop av the glacier." ter on, a solid body av oice loike that, beIt fell upon the shore, close to the end of the "'Specs it sink den." 1 glacier, which there looked like a huge, icy "It roons away troo ther crevasses, impties Yet eet eez proven," asserted St. Malo. cataract, pouring into the water between two inter wan schtream, flows undher the oice, an' up in the air darted the balloon, carrying Barney with it, on the grapnel and clutching the rope. "Ze ice move six inches a day. At ze end gleaming cliffs of c 'th d' 1 where, eet runs i,nto ze sea, great blocks keep abutting on the perpen Icu ar walls ther. glamer .. schpits it out here. Rats, ye breakmg of!', an float away. Zey are zen ice tarrier, ra:ts I bergs. Zat eez ze way ice bergs form." . There came a gentle, sh

part I. 1 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE -BOA.T. 17 fter waiting a few minutes and seeing n U h' a_ f the luckless coon "B d 0 pon reac the shore they were so exNeither Barney or Pomp ever knew how stff0.? e ad, he may be hausted by their 11truggles that Pomp laid they swam out of the vent of the river; but kt t. d_own resting on his elbow, and Barney sat be-presently they discovered that they were upon Barney maff into an iceberg, and the two ice. is clane gone! Oh, o{tch me backi It's a curry fellows made an attempt to spring to "Pomp I Are yez dhrowned or are yez kilt combin' Tm havin'! Schtop me floi ht some feet and fl..v.for their lives, as great cakes -wid ther fallin' shouted Barney, as he wan or be heavens I'll knock a hole in gther cliff 0thf 1!le were cras'fung down all about them. 'fo gained a footing upon the berg, caught the wid iue fut whin I schtroike-ughl" Te1r horror they could not move. nigger by the wool, and pulled him up out of 1 t' he water had frozen their clothes so hard the freezing water. The latter exc ama Ion was wrung from his they felt as if they were in a vise. "'Specs I'se nig4 dead!" returned the shiver-Within a few minutes their pursuers came up, and as Frank did not want them to destroy the boat, he went out to meet them with the others. lips by finding himself flying into the aperture "Pomp I Pomp I Help me ter thaw out! ing coon, when he got out o. the water ana where Pomp disappeared. Faix, I'm as schtiff as a pulled the hood of his coat up on his head It was very dark, and the Irishman did not "Kain't budge a inch, Barney!" gasped the again. see the stream of water athwart his course un-scared darky. "Where's ther balloon 1 Is it wid til he tumbled in, head over heels. "Bad luck ter me, we're frozen inter "Dar it am, ober yonder, St. Malo an' Beau-Pomp was floundering around, trying to find schtraight jackets !" vais ob Brest in de bas tick." the shore, when Barney collided with him, and "Murdah! Police Help !" yelled the coon. "Begorra, we're afloat !' a wrestling match ensued between them. Bar_ney joineil; in. his wild shouts, but "Hi,_ dar, ho.ney, how am dis?" Both were chilled, but the water could not of fallmg we their "Faith, an' It' s fifty fut from shore we bes." penetrate their sealskin clothes, and they both vowes, and they felt the ICe shake VIolently as "Oh, lawd amassy, Barney-wha' happen Imagined at firsL that each was some Arctic several deafening reports rang through it from chile?" beast, intent upon ending each other's lives. all sides. Barney did not reply, but made a rush for But they undeceived one another, when Bar-Then there sounded one awful clap, much the balloon, which the two a eronauts had parneyyelled: heavier than the others; they felt the ice sink tially inflated during t4eir absence with new I'll not only kill yer, but I'll schtuff down, and a moment later they were under gas1 and were now preparing to use to make yer hairy schkin aftherwards." water. ,., their escape. Fo' de Lawd! Dat yo' Barney 'I" gaspe4 the Caught, like rats in a trap, .the two When the berg sank, they brought the bal coon. fellows felt themselves drownmg when the Icy loon up near the top of the ice. "Och, it's ther nagur, bad cess ter him_! Get waves came rushing i_nto the cavern. Now a new danger began to threaten them. out av this ye blackguard an' schtop pullin' me One end of the glaCier had broken off. The berg was about to turn a complete sum-nose. D'yer take me fer a bottle an' me nose a The navigators then were upon an iceberg. mersault, for it was much heavier at the top Its own enormous weight was sinking the than it was at the bottom. "Den yo' quit pun chin' me in de ear wif yo' under part of it which they were on. Rocking with a motion that sent the spray foot," growled Pomp. But the influx of water, combined with their flying up all over it, the Cyclopean mass of ice The water was splashing furiously with their struggles, made their frozen clothing more made a lljrch and then regained its equilibrium, struggles but they made a united effort to get flexible, and gave them freedom of motion Warnell of the danger that menaced them, out of it and succeeded. again. Barney and Pomp scrambled with all speed to.


18 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. I balloon and gave utterance to cries he saw that it was now useless to try to reach "Su,ppose we falls into one o' them gapin' fis-of warnmg to the two aeronauts who were the coast as the four points of the compass sures. h Th awaiting a chance to get away. were haid to be found, even by the stars or "We must r_un oburt c ances. f ehre are nar. Then men saw them moon row roads leadmg e ween some o t em. They But too. late. He did not say another word, but ransacked are the only clear spots where.;o,ye can run with Up rose the balloon, and Barney caught hold the boat in quest of a compass, and failed to any degree ohf Ti;\ fisof the drag-rope near tbe end, when Pomp with find one. sures on eac s1 e pro c o e1r ap equal speed made a snatch for the Irishman. Then he went in the kitchen to-prepare some proach. 10fft course to 1 tile He just had time to seize Barney by the legs, 'slipper. !-'ight or e. means ea ,--;-w ou go p ung-when the was whisked up into tbe As soon as he looked into thestore-roomsand !n* down II/-tl!e I d air, and the two were thus carried from the saw that the food was almost all gone 'Dqn't 1t then shoute the frightened berg. rushed out to Frank and : man, Implormgly. ., Hardly were they off, when with a fearful "What 'ave yer done w 1th all ther grub1" ::Coward I There, IS no other recourse,!, upheaval of the water it toppled over, sunk far, "It's eaten," replied the inventor. May tJ:Ier Lord elp us then I Go below the surface, and then arose, bottom up"What 1 Ain' t none left but what's in 'ere 1" Frank did not trust to the sa1ls, as they ward. "No." would be apt to swmg the so he grasped The wind caught the balloon and swept it up "Dash me but that's bad-infernal bad I" the wheelh lowered, the propellmg wheels, and and over the glacier. "If you to save your life, you'll have to t e electnc current that sent them Along it sped until' it swept over the yawn-hunt for some food." buzzmg around. ing crevices. "Ay ay 1 That's plain enough to be seen." Away darted the stra1ght for the ere. The negro and the Irishman were only a dozen He from the room, cooked himself vasses. feet above the cracks, and saw their gaping some food, and ate it. Frank selected a path between two of the jaws radiating dangerously beneath them. "Don't you intend to let us have anJI'-1" enormous cracks, and the Snow Bird as On, on, on whirled the balloon. queried Frank, who was hungr;r. straight as an arrow for It. A choatic mass of ice arose ahead, and a cry "No I You an' that ole cove IS ter starve ter The peculiar natives set up a shout, and came pealed from Barney as he saw the drag rope death," was the brutal reply. rushing toward the singular boat, upon seeing aiming directly at it. !'Oh! So that is the formof.yourrevenge, eh1" it dash away. The next moment the rope str11ck the pinThe sailor scowled, nodded, and went out to "Shall I fire at demanded (l:rimm, rais-nacles a fearful blow. examine the ice and see if there was any means in* his revolver. Barney and Pomp were knocked from the of crossing its corrugated surface. 'By no means. If they capture us by chance ro11e and fell. When he was gone Frank whispered to Van-after wounding any of their number, they 'Heaven help us. It's inter ther crevasses eyke: would have no mercy upon us." we're afallin'l" yelled Barney, despairingly. "Can't you work your bonds off, doctor1" Grimm hastily lowered his weapon, and the The balloon, relieved of their weight, shot up "It ts 1m possible, Frank," replied the proboat buzzed out on the long level when into the sky. lessor. the blue faced men fired a volley of spears. "Nor can I, although I've nearly torn my Darkening the gloomy sky for a moment, so CHAPTER XVII. wrists in two in the effort." great was their number they rained upon the "Frank, we will soon perish if we remain in boat, but failed to injure the metallic shell. BESIEGED BY AN ARMY. that fellow's power." The yawning chasms on each side prevented KNOOKED senseless bythe blow Simon Grimm "I don't see how we are going to get out of them closing in on the boat, those ahead leaped dealt him with the stock of a rifle, Frank had it." out of its way as it rattled up to them, and a fallen prostrate on the floor of the pilot house, They heard the discharge of Grimm's rifle moment afterwards the only meaus they had and the Snd\v Bird glided away from the Esjust then, and a short time afterwards he came of approach\ was to run after it. quimau. m with some birds he had brought down, Frank haa foreseen this with admirable saga. The kind hearted native who had revived which were fluttering in tlie glare of the eleccit.y, and therefore knew that if any attack was 'Frank was vex;y much amazed at the abrupt tric search light. matle, it must come from the rear only. manner in which Frank left him, and he re"Eider ducks!" exclaimed he, with a chuckle1 The boat soon outstripped the natives. to his vill_age. wl!erehe learned t_hat the entered. ".Thar's millions of 'em aroun On either side yawned a bottomless abyss. ch1ef had been k1lled w1th Frank's .kmfe and ere, so I don't tlunk asI'll starve 1" At times, so narrow was the path, the widest. that Grimm, whom they also had picked up, "what do you intend to do-remain herei" spread runners nearly went in. !>Wore did the deed. queried Frank. But Frank's cool nerve, and indomitable Such a crime on Frank's part was impossible, "No; I'm a-goin' ter run chances drivin' the pluck kept them from destruction. the weH knew, as the frozen inventor had boat a'ead."' On they fled and it seemed as if they woul southward. that's fair enough." their own tongue. He meant to reach the shore ice in Davis "Promise yer will try ter get us out o' this Sledges and fox teams were found, and carryStrait, and follow it down to Upernavic, from ere danger." ing their prisoners with them the who!e party whence he could get P.assage on some whaler or "If I'm sharing it, of course I will.'' set out for their settlement. sealer, back, to civilization again, and leave "Then there:...rn cut yer bonds!" Frank a.nd the doctor were on one sledge to-Frank and his to perish in the He seyered bonds, an_d the inven_tor gether, and Simon Grimm was upon the _other zone. rushed mto pilot house, Gnmm followmg as they sped along over frozen snow and we. Grimm had no idea what had become of after him with a drawn revolver in his hand, "What queer race can this be, doctor1" quel"Barney and Pomp. with which to shoot him down, in case he tried ied the amazed inventor. Nor did he trouble himself about them. to make his escape. "It is hard to say; but their conversation is During his former confinement as a prisoner One glance revealed the whole scene to made up of a mixture of Danish and Esquimau on the boat, he had learned how Fra?k ml!-nFrank. which I can readily understand," replied Van-aged it, and now operated the Snctw B1rd w1th He was startled and amazed. eyke. _skill.. There of the queer north,men "What are they t,alking about 1'' The prov1s10ns, 1t may be :remembered, were appr.oachmg, the1r spears! axes and sh1elds "Us, of course. They imagine we. are super running very low, but he d1d not know any-lendmg them a queer, anCient Roman appear-natural, say we came down from the sky in a thing about it until some hours later, when the ance. contrivance which I take to be a balloon and ice-boat ran up to the dangerous crevices in the some str_ange tribe who inha,bit this declare that one of our number, whom they glacier. regwn! he excla1med. captured killed their chief Olaf and then went Grimm then brought it to a pause, and "No I J':'o! They ain't human,!" averred the up in the sky again in the air ship." into the stateroom. scared sailor vehemently. Frank and the doctor exchanged very signifi "Whar's your compass 1" demanded "Nonse!lse I C_au't you see that big fel : cant glances. brusquely _of Frank,,who ! re':'Ived. lows are like us m, all respects exceJ,>t m colon "I see," said the inventor, presently, "that "Haven t got one, rephed the mventor. Be a man. We will fly from them. you share the idea I now have in my mind, "Then how are you agoin' ter git away from "Ay, ay I They look aggressive!" which i.e that St. Maio and Beauvais of Brest ere1" "Then by.'' must have recently landed in Greenland, and "I don't know. We are lost." "What s your course 1' fallen in with these people 1" drli:P.m's {ace underwent a violent change, for "In.among the crevasses.'' "You are right Frank Such is my beliet. 0


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 19 These is hal-hnto, bh bei!lg carried below sea with the of the glacier beyond the wrinkles of crevasses,' are a w jn .It sunk upon breakmg from the end they ho!sted the. sails and sta:ted off with tJ:le en In t th 1 o e g amer. search light blazmg ahead to light up the trail, Very. many s ey are ike the Only !1 dozen feet intervened between the There was a cold wind blowing fine, needlethem to keep so sh f th ttwh men and the f?Urface of the ice, so like particles ice in their faces_, and they had Yo e a w .. e!l they fell they did not have far to go. to shut the wmdows for protectwn. Snow Bird I h 'f th . It ter:Ifled theD;l to see the gaping cracks in Over glassy plains, amid great hummocks, :rear of 1 ey touch It, We are cunthe glamer for they expected nothing less attd through labyrinths of icy hills sped the boat, osities to them. . than to fall mto one of them. tenaciously keeping on the trail of the blue" :a:ave discovered what they mtend to they were disappointed agreeably skinned men, which Barney and Pomp imagindo,with us.! 't 'd m this respect1 for. they fel) upon th: chaotic ed was made by ordinary Esquimaux. Not But I IS ev1 ent that they are mass of. the pmnacle, and clung to 1ts spurs, "Faith, it's ther'long road they've taken I" athus. t done any thin t . th pretventmg themselves going rolling to the growled Barney, never suspecting for a moment We aven 0 lllJure em. bo tom. that he was driving the boat straight back to Bl!t us collect1vely for the death Then, locating a clear spot between the crev ward the people who were thirsting for his life. of their chief. ICes, the;v made their way down to the top of "N ebber knowed dat de Esquimaux wuz ene" Ohl I I that they wont try to glacier; all out of breath. mies ter whites afore," said Pomp. "Dey allers avenge Shure an' we didn't go troo ther earth done treat us well." "There IS no tellmg what the barbarians may afther all," dryly said Barney. "Mebbe they raised ructions an' Frank had do." . "Le's git away from yere," said Pomp, whose ter break their heads." "AJ3 Pomp was earned 'Y,tth the balloon teeth chattered like castinets. "Reckon dat am about de size ob it." he must know about the affair: They made a bee line across the i6e between Ahead of the boat there was a jutting wall "Yes, no .doubt the dl!-rky IS now with the the cracks, but had not gone far when sudden-that shut off their view of an immense, smooth lost balloomsts we came m search of." : ly paused, pointed away to the right in plain beyond. "I wonder whether poor Barney per1shed m the partial gloom and cried excitedl;v: The moment they rounded it a strange scene the snow storm!" "Be heavens, there schtands ther ICe-boat!" met their view. W3.!' the do?tor'.s c]:eerful reply. "Oh, gollY.!" gasped Pomp. Hundreds of Esquimaux with sledges and "It seems Impossible kill A short distance off stood the Snow Bird, teams were gathered there forming a complete "If these fellOVfS will only nd the earth of where Frank and the doctor had left it when army, every one of the men armed to the teeth Grimm I'll be satisfied." captured by the blue-skinned tribe who then with their native weapons. "And shall II" held them as manacled slaves aiding the Es-"Hello!" gasped the startled Barney. "What's Conversmg thus, they reached the City of Ice, quimau prisoners to build the ice wall around this-a target excursion, or a political I;neetin' and there were confronted by th(il eldest son of their city. ter ballot for an Esquimau alderman!" the dead chief Olaf, to whom the rest told who The negro-and the Irishman hastily made a "'Spec's dar am war in de camp," said Pomp. our friends were. detour of the ice cracks and reaching the place "Luff up! Luff up dar!" He seemed to be more intelligent than the where the boat stood, they went on board. ":Faix, it's among 'em we be's. Dhrop ther rest, for he discovered that the three prisoners Of there was not a soul there to greet sails." were just as human as he was. them, and a fearful foreboding of trouble took Out ran Pomp, and as he loosened the halHe ordered the men to lock them up in one possession of the two. \ yards, down fluttered the canvas, and the boat of the houses, and there they were kept con-" Shure an' it's moighty: mysterious ter me slid among the Esquimaux. fined for several hours. where they're garn said Barney. Many of them were startled at sight ot the Then a man came in with some heavy chain Dey-yo' ses 'dey,' chlle, when on'y de docpeculiar boat and scattered right and left; but shackles, which looked as if they might once tah wuz on board," said Pomp. those who had seen and heard of the boat held have belonged to an old ship. Faith, it's bloind yez are--luck at ther loikes their ground, and quelled the panic and shout-They were fastened to the ankles of the three av this roifle." ing that ensued. holding them together, and they were then led "Oh, jl:Olly! Dat am Massa Frank's weaping, Barney and Pomp armed themselves with out of the ice house and conducted to the outain't it 1 rifles and stood on the defensive at once, re skirts of the city, where, by the lights burning "Indade an' it is; his name's on therschtock1 solved to sell their lives dearly in a possible on the towers they saw a number of Esquimau an' he had it wid him whin hewintoffa-huntin fight. prisoners hard at work. fer that reindeer in ther schnow storm." they could fire, though one of the men They were cutting ice blocks, and erecting an Den he mus' hab come back!" who seemed to have command of the immense enormous wall to enclose the entire city, proba"It's evident, that's ther whoy I said 'they,' force, approached with his hands raised. bly as a protection against enemies. ye spalpeen." "Shure an' it's a parley he wants wid us," There were fully one hundred manacled pris"But whar am dey now!'' said Barney. oners, divided into groups of a dozen each, and Among ther missin', as yez can see be shut"Den 'speak wif him, honey." every group was supermtended by a keeper, tin' yer oyes." Barney lowered his rifle, opened a window, who was armed with a cruel walrus hide whip, It was evident to the two rnen that Frank leaned put and demanded.: the lash of which was frequently brouRht down and Yaneyke could not have gone ahead, on "Well, ould yaller-face, what's wan tin'!" upon any of the luckless prisoners w1th whom account of the icy barrier that intercepted the "Me no fightee yo'," said the man, in broken fault was found. ad vance of the boat, nor could they have gone English, to Bainey's surprise. The three whites were shown by gestures off on either side on account of the yawning ".Dch, but it's a Christian yez are entoirelyl that they had to work with the rest, and a decracks on either side. Wl'rere did yez learn English!" spairing feeling stole over Frank, and he re-"Consequencelr,," said Barney, "it's back"De seal mens, from dere," pointing south-marked: 'ards they wint, like crabs." ward. "Vaneyke we're their slaves!" "Yo' spec dey done lef a trail we could fol "Is it paiceable yez are, at all, at all!" "Heaven help us then!" brokenly replied theler'l'' queried Pomp. "No fight yo'-fight de Goths.'' old professor. Go out an' see. Shure I'm no bat, ter luck Goths, is it 1 Shure that an ancient "I have a feeling that we will never escape through the darkness." thriobe entoirely." these people "G'wanl Doan' be so sassy, honey!" said "Blue face." "And I a{n perfectly confident that I shall Pomp, going out. "Whist!" said Barney. Thims be's ther die here too Frank." When he got down upon the ice, he saw hun-wans, hey!'' "Ther o' yer'Il die afore yer time, if I can dreds of footprints in the crackling "Goths. hate me hate dem. Dey git a chance ter tix yerl" hissed Simon Grimm I snow that the of the kiP, . , malignantly "You're ter blarv.e fer me abein' Barney, m the meantime, hastily exammed An IS It a battle yez IS gom ter g1ve em here!" the boat, and found that everything was per wid this gang r were all furnished with axes to cut the fectly ::Sure. Berry good. Now all we go:" we out in blocks, and the way the sailor han-Pokmg h1s head out a wmdow, he accosted Hould on. Afore yez toots f01fes and died his while speaking left no doubt in our Pomp_ w1th: bates yer dhrums, fork over me frmds wot yez friends' minds that he use it on their "Well, me lad, have yez lit upon ther thrail hooked off av this boat-d'yer savvy I" heads if he had a chance. yet!" ::White ., A cut from their keeper's whip that almost Millyums ob footsteps yerel roared the Two of thrm, begorral $ashed their flesh reminded them to stop talkcoon, excitedly. "We no get em-de Goths take. Me seedem." mg and set to and they began to toil at Esquimaus or woild bastes, which, be ther "Sutl'erin' Isaac D'yez hear that, Pom,r !" a labor that was destined to last many many same token, is ther same!" "De blue Injuns done steal dem, chile long weary months! Mens. Oh, golly, dar mus' hab been a orful this spalpeen ses, an' it's honest he do bes lot." luckm'." CHAPTER XVIII. "Is anny blood spilt!" "De same blue niggahs wot done stole yo', "No sah ; doan' see nuffin like it 'cept de Barney!" THE ARMY OF ESQUIM.A.UX. color oh de snow." "Bedad, it can be no other. Now what are PoMP was clinging to Barney's legs when the "Then no scrap they had. Let's folly ter ,do!" . . drag-rope struck the pinnacle of ice that arose ther thra1l. , Yo the queried, pomtm.g the crevices, and they fell together, caus: How yo !SVI'me ter de boat .around at Barneys rifle, With an eage: l<;>ok !JPOn h1s mg the balloon to shoot up in the air. w1foat m de cracks 1 . face, as th_e hope sprang w1thm h1s Neither St. Malo or Beauvais of Brest, in the "Don .t nade Shure we. km J?ulli.t )JB:ckthe assistance of car, knew that the negro and Irishman had ward;> a1sly, ont!l1t son a rmk Is It,!nv01tm meter have a ructwn w1d yer caught hold of the rope ana were carried up on gitf? .an then, begob, 1t s away we km go are I ., . the glacier from the iceberg before it toppled wid ag1hty, upon ther thrackavther pug-nosed No fi$ht me I Fight Goths, hastily said over blubber-aiters wot evidently schtole away ther the Esqmmau. They therefore vanished the dark sky igno-dacent ould doc thor 1!-n' Masther. Frank." : Arrai?-, it's wid yezwe an' sowl, rant of what had taken place benE!ath them, This plan was

I 20 FRANK 1 READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part I. In the J?oat and its the hands of the it. Barney saw by the glare of the search light "So be it coolly replied Frll;nk. two .men, the Esqmml!lu addressed his that there were some men running ahead. Gnmm s :veapon for the men m theu o':n tongue, ana held a long haThey were the blue skinned people, and prob thud time, and ere It reach him dealt . ably had been guards of the pass who it a blow th:at It fiymg out of his hand dar am fun IIi gom grafted to de ing on to alarm the people of the City of ce. across the shpperyiCe. . WB:h I said Pomf who was watcning the Es A broad plain stretched way in front of he Unfortunately, Frank hit It With force Qll1mau. _done tole :fO', honey, if dem Snow Bird, and at the distant end of it Barney that the blade was broken from h1s own yere pot-bellied mggahs gwme fer ter march descried the fire towers, their blazing lights weapon and fell out of his reach. dat wa:f, dey illumining the glistening houses and the great !te flung away broken . .. F,a,u sa few I II be afther wall that the slaves were building around the. Follew my actwns, doctor! he cned, thrill-glvrn em m army tactics, said Barney and city for protection descendi_ng from boat, he called the It recalled to mind the time he had '_Go ahead, Frank!" responded the old sci!>f the tr1be, pold what he wanted to do to been taken there a captive. entlst. . Improve their abilities to win a battle against While they were scanning the city, out of it Frank then grappled With hLS and the and soon was drilling the men. poill-ed a host of men almost equaling the Es-they bega.J?a tierce struggle, wbile a clamor of The cl;uef translated everything for him, and quimaux in point of numbers. excited voices from the spectat<;>rs arose upon by the time he got through with the men he They were all armed and long before the ice all sides, and several of the whip-armed keep had them fa;irly well drilled. boat had sped half way over the plain, they ers came rushing up to them from all direcThen, tellmgthe cbiefphathewouldcertainly were drawn up in menacing battle array_ in tions. . lead thern..on to a sure VIctory,Barney returned front of the city, ready to repel the oncommg got !1 grip 1:1pon his enemy s throat. to the coach. Esquimaux. Sho.vrng his foot m back of the man, he gave "Bedad it's ginerals we bes n.ow fer ther him a push, and slipping backwards, just as be gang," said he with a grin. CHAPTER XIX. aimed a punch at Frank's face, Grimm fell upon "Sbo's yo' am bo'n, assented Pomp. "Am THE .ARMY oF GOTHS. the ice on the broad of his back. we all FRANK and Doctor Vaney ke were horror-Frank fell on top of him. "Yis. An' it's ballyhooly we'll be afther stricken to find themselves doomed to a life of Accommodating himself to his friend's raisin' wid ther blue nagurs ter rescue Frank slavery with the poor captive Esquimaux, actions, the doctor followed up Frank, and thus and ther docthor." among the cruel-natured Goths, by whom they did not let the ankle chain impede his moveThe Esquimaux were marched in files, and were captured. ments: divided into different companies with a cap-Nor was their confidence increased by the Over and over tey rolled upo1_1 tlie ground, tain at the head of each one before boarding dire threat against their lives which Simon and the powerfulmventor held h1s adversary's their sledges again. Gdmm had made. thrpat as if it were in a vise. Then they were given instructions as to how "It will be war to the knife between us now," Grimm wai no match for him in point of and when to fire. said Frank as they toiled away, under their strength, agility or an:y ot! athletic requisite Barney and Pomp then shortened sail, in whip-armed keeper, the three linked together to win a struggle of this kmd. order not to keep too far in advance o{ the by one shackle-chain. "Le' go! Yer astranglin' of mel" he gurgled, dusky warriors, and put _the boat at the head "To circumvent the designs of this fiend," turning purple. of the procession, with the Esquimau chief in said the doctor, "we will take turns watching "Cry quits then, .and swear to behave in the pilot house to guide them. him, since we three are linked together." future," grimly said Frank. Everything thus arranged, they started off. Grimm bent a scowling liJlance upon them. "I've got enough." It-was a strange procession, not one man in "Watch or no watch, he hissed malevo"Get up then." the entire army uttering a syllable, yet all bent lently, "rii get ther best o' yer, see if I don't 1 "Look out for the keepers, Frank!" warned upon a fearful destruction, and they went TherfuRt chance as turns up, I'll bury this ax Vaneyke. along swiftly and silently over the lumpy ice blade inter yer head, up to their handle !" A moment later the inventor and his in their sledges. Swish I came the keeper's whip. with a loud onist were upon their feet, when the There were hundreds of these vehicles, and snap. consummate treacherv made another thousands of wolfish dogs which the drivers It struck him on the back, and wrung a Quick as a flash in all hi.s actions, managed with consummate skill. growl of fury from him. dealt him a terrific right-hander 8qUare "Begorra, it's many'l:l scrimmage I've "Flog me !" he yelled, glowering at the burly, face that knocked him down again. / bad in Donnybrook Fair and on market days in blue-faced man. "I kin stand it. But mark His hands came in contact with a swate Clonakilty," said Barney, glancing back me as 'ow I'll get even wi' yer !" sguare block of ice, when he them at the army of dog-sledges ski;nming over the Swish-crack I came the merciless whip again. h1mself, and when he arose to hts feet ice in pursuit of the Snow Bird bristling with The keeper said something sternly in his own ond time, he had it clutched in his furry natives and their primreval weapons, tongue which the doctqr understood to be an raised it aloft to bring it down upon "but it's a schtuck pig to a roast duck that I order to be silent, but Simon became so mad-head. niver witnessed ther loikes av sich a fif.Jht as dened with pain, mortification and rage that While it was in the air, we'll soon be afther bavin', Pomp, agra.l' he lost all control over his temper, and made a sounded a dozen sharp noi,ses, and "Dat doan' make me feel sorry, chile. All leap for the man. number of lashes shot toward Grimm. dis coon wants am fo' ter git dis ole billy-goat Instantly seeing his danger from the uplifted They hit him on all sides, searing his flesh cocoanut ob mine abut tin' de blue skins in de ax, the keeper recoiled, but not quick enough if he had been burned by so many red-hot breff-bags, an' yo'll see some fun!" to escape getting the fearful blow upon his bars. 1 "Ther blue nagurs it saims is inimies right,arm, which he had thrust out to protect An awful groan of agony pealed from wid these gossoo'D.s, an kills wan ivery chance himself. ashen lips. they gits, fer ther spoort av ther trick, an' now It dealt a terrible wound. The deadly block of ice fell crashing the Esquimaux is turnin' an' manes ter bate Intending to follow it up with another blow, from his nerveless hands. 'em, and woipe.'em off ther earth complately." the man started to follow the keeper, but was "Jump back out of the way, or I done hope ter glory dat dey won't harm suddenly checked by reaching the length of his keepers will hit you!" the doctor ex,claiimEld,l Massa Frank an' de doctah." chain, when he was held back like a wild beast upon seeing the lashes coming. "Shure, an' it's ther same game they played at bay, glaring fel'Ociously at his victim, and "You spoke just in time; I didn't on me I'm afeered as they'll be afther spring-gnashing his teeth. them," said Frank, obeying. in' on thim, wid their oice picks an' battle "Come here!" he yelled like a madman. "Merc;yl" yelled the tortured Grimm, axes!" "Let me get in reach o' yer. Oh, I'll tear yer "Mercy!' "S'posen de blue men ain't got 'em, an' dat limb from limb l I'll ribbon yer flesh on yer Swish! Swish! Swish! came the de Esquimaux. am !yin' 'I'' bones I'' again and again, and each time they "We'll soon see, an' begorra if it's chaitin' us So hard were his struggles in the effort to him they ridgeli his quivering flesh. they are, jest ter git ther loan av our spunk an' reach the man that he nearly dragged Frank He fell down his .laiees, tears gun powdher, I'll give this chief rats, moice, and the doctor along with him. streaming from held up his roaches an' bugs, so I will!" "He has sealed his own doom bythat blow 1" bands and be It was mysterious to Baruey and Pomp how exclaimed Frank. But the keepers were and the Esquimau knew bow to guide them over "Shut up!" raved the infuriated man, turn-orable. those trackless wastes of crimson snow, but inP. upon the inventor. They had witnessed his attack upon one the man never faltered, did not seem at a loss, 'Fool! You have only made matters worse their number, and meant to crush him and never told them to turn to the or left, for yourself!" subordination and aven!1,'e his crime. unless it was to avoid some obstructiOn. "Blast it; I'll give you one, tool" roared "I told you that you'd catch it!" said Only the sighing of the wind, the crackling Grimm. pit!.ingly. of the snow, the crash of falling or splitting ice, He turned around and aimed a blow at Frank Oh, God, Reade,stop 'em or they'll kill and the yelping of the dogs broke the stillness, with his ax, but our hero parried it with his beseeched the man. and mile after mile was covered, constantly goown, and dealt him a blow with the fiat of the How can I would turn upon me." ing northward, in a temperature of over sixty blade upon his shoulder that almost felled him.. "'Maledictions on 'em," he screamed. I degrees below zero I With his temper now aroused to its height, can't stand this much longer." I Over an ho)lr passed by before the Esquimau Grimm fairly frothed at the mouth, and fasten"Doctor, can you do anything for chief indicated that they were anywhere near ing his blazing glance upon Frank like a hunted "Don't refuse! Don't let 'em torture me their destination, b;y saymg hoarsely: beast at bay, he recovered his grip on the ax, way!" shrieked Grimm. "Now! Lookee !' and made another pass at the owner of the "I'll try to help you!" gravely He pointed ahead, and Barney saw an icy raSnow Bird. Vaneyke. vine which they would have to pass, Again Frank turned the blow asi'

part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 21 vaneyke heartily indorsed "Against whom 1" way, and wuz agoin' ter p;ive me away, I Thereupon theL ceasdd bel!-tm\ Gnmm, un"The Esquimaux from the south." up wid me bit av a schtick an' hit him a belt in locked httes hde t if it would improve our conditJ;ter gob that told as,,Plain as day ter kape ;va.s loca 1 ld t r!l-n an 10n. h1s tongue from waggm'. the doctor 1 tgeU" labors "You shall soon have a trial." "You are lucky in having the scoundrel un-withtheresto esaves w 0 a pausedto "Why-howisthat1" deryourcommandint4egangofslavesyou witness fight. 1' d 'th . "My guards have just come in and told me have been superintending all winter," said Our frtends comp le WI out demurrmg m that there has been. an uprising among them, Frank, "for we now can keep posted on all the least. and that an army IS approaching headed by movements the rascal makes." None of the prisoners to con-some strange monster." "Shure it's monny's ther fine baitin' I've verse with each oth;er. durmg WOJCkmg h!lurs, "And you mean to give them battle 1" given crather jurin' ther ./ which lasted from m the mornn_1g un ttl SIX "With every man in the city of ice." toime King Thorwald made rapers av us, out of at night, It was lmpossll:lle to tell "You can depend upon us to aid you." .gratchude ter you, fer gittin' us ter turrun upon time, as. therr watches as _well weapons, and "Do so, and you will win my esteem. But ther Esquimaux wid ther ice boat an' lick 'em, everythmgelse they had m thell" pockets, were any treachery--" whin we led 'em here ter woipe out ther blue takenfrom.them. "Wedo notplanany." skins." These. thmgs, had been apSropr1ated by the ::It. would result in your instant death." ".A.h!" sighed Dr. Vaneyke, regretfully; "the dead chtef Olaf s son/ Thorwa "G1ve us back olil' flre-armnd test us." vast number of skeletons &cattered Fortunately for tnem he dtd not sacrifice I ahall do so in a very short time." around here tell a tale of fearful woe. It was a their lives. Hestrode majestically away and the doctor terrible battle that raged between the brave They were fed ":'alrus h1de, so they translated what was sa1d. Esquimaux and the Goths in this spot! For could hardly chew 1t, breakfast, dmner and Frank was disgusted. many hours the war between the two '!l.rmies supper, washed down: w1th snow. "Our plan of escape is frustrated now," he went on, and the northern Indians would have Then they to thetr all exclaimed. won a victory at the expense of half their the slaves sleepmg m one long house wtth a "Temporarily only Who knows what may forces had not Thorwald gained our aid with semi-circular roof,_ mu!Jh like an igloo inside, turn said the the pi;tols and rifles, and thus turned the tide the keepers_ going m wtth them. Half an hour later Thorwald gave them back of victory in. his own favor. Not one of the all thatha

22 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT Part L : _it's a schpoy as must be afther where my ice boat is stored. I have it on J:>oard "Golly, Massa: gr,ab de wheel, an' I m us, said Barney. of her. My friends must aid me to prepare it." stan' on guard wlf rmel Frank looked troubled and anxious for an in" Summon them at once then and we shall Pomp scarcely fimshed speakmg when Frank stant; he ran toward the ice, hurried be there,'' said Thorwald. turned the levers, and as the spiked wheels around rt, !J-nd saw a man lying prostrate with "Fool!" muttered Frank, in English, as the dropped down and revolved, the boat sped a block of 1ce upon one of h1s legs where it had young chief hurried off to dismiss the hunters. away. and hf!ld hi,J? pinioned down. "I'll drug you so you won'.tknow v:-hat you are Barney_and Pomp rushed out on deck andbe-Stmon Gnmml eJaculated Frank, m amazedoing. And now to appnse my fnends of our gan to ho1st the sai1s as the boat dashed among good luck." the drugged on. to broad -A;hl I?ash rt, Im caught!" growled the Walking away, Frank found his com pan-avenue, down wh1ch rt sp!'ld like hg:htnmg. sailor savagely. ions, and arranged a plan of action with them, Away went t!:te our fnends wildly :E rank walked over to his side, and stood while the chief was sending the hunting party anxious for the1r hberty, ana Frank guided her looking down at him. aVI'_a_y for one of the gates in the wall. "How did you happen to get here, caught in Within half an hour the city was almost de-But just as she passed through she ran into that trap?" he asked. serted and Thorwald bade Frank and his an army of men . "None o' yer bus.iness !"snarled Grimm, tryto follow him to the place where Frank Simon Grimm was leading them on. to remove the ICe. stowed the ice boat. They were the hunters who had gone of!' an 'Oh, I can see how it occurred," smiled It was in a high-walled courtyard in the hour before. Frank. : You followed us and while lurking heart of the city, guarded by sentries to pre-It was evident that they found Grimm there behmd that hummock the block of ice vent Frank taking the boat away, and to warn liberated him, heard of the plan to escape, and have became detached, and fell down, people off, as the natives held the boat in such returned to baflle it. holdmgeyou fast." superstitious dread they feared to go anywhere Grimm something angrily and by near it. a strenuous effort he dragged his leg from un"Remember/' said Thorwald, impressively, CHAPTER XXL der the block of ice._and made an attempt to when Frank mduced him to go al:ioard, as a THE INLAND WHIRLPOOL get upon his feet. .!"rank pounced upon him. dark look settled upon his blue face, "if any "No, you won't!" he exclah;ned. "Stay harm befalls us from taking your medicine, my "Arm yourselves, and fire upon them boys, where you are, sir!" people will kill you." or they will recapture us!" "I wanter go back ter ther city!" growled "We mean, no treachery,'' said Frank, going This thrilling cry pealed from Frank's lips as Grimm. on board after him, with Barney and the doctor, the ice boat went rushing m among the blue "To inform the natives of what you over-and watching the other natives coming. skinned men at full force. heard? Oh, no l Not if I can hold you here The doctor brought out a demijohn of rye So furious was the charge of the boat that the Lie still, now, or I will hurt you, Grimm!" whisky1 and a vial containing a potent drug. Goths were knockbd over like ten pins, and a "I won't!" snarled the man, struggling to get "Eacn of us must take a grass to inspire con-wide breach was torn through their ranks. away. fidence before we drug the liquor,'' said he. But so compact was the mass of humanity "Then I'll use force to comp 'el you!" said "Bedad I'll take a dozen;' said Barney, with ahead that after a few moments the advance Frank, determinedly. He gras:ped the man, a ?orin. of the boat was checked, and it came to a and a fierce struggle ensued, durmg which the 'Dis proved dat it amn't pizen, Thorwald,'' pause. inventor's friends appeared upon the scene and said Pomp, drinking a glass. The canvas was all bulging and drawing, the saw what was transpiring. It amazl'd them "There are a dozen men-all who remained-wheels were buzzing around furiously, and to see Grimm there. watching us,'' said Frank, drinking. tearing at the j.ce, and bright blue electric Grimm fought like a madman, but he was no "Are you satisfied that the medicine is good 1" sparkS flew out oi the joints in a steady, glar match for Frank, more especially since the asked the doctor of the chief, as he interposed ing stream. block of ice .had hurt his leg, and after a brief, his body so that Frank could drug the liquor A fearful uproar arose from the Goths. sharp contest, he was presently flung down unseen. They saw at a p;lance that the prisoners were upon his back and FranK got on top of him. "Perfectly," assented the chief. "Give me escaping, and as they had come back for the "Hand me your whip lashes, untiL I bind some." express purpose of thwarting any such design him !"he exclaimed. Frank handed him a copious draught of the they opened fire upon the boat with their "Let me help you,'' said the doctor, and now drugged liquor, and it choked him for a spears, bows and arrows. 1 within a few moments Grimm was rendered moment, and made him feel as if he was on fire The adventurers hastily armed themselves, [ perfectly helpless. inside, but this effect soon passed away, and and while Barney and Pomp rushed to the side "Wha' yo' gwine ter do wifhim, till we op-the drug and spirits to work on him. windows, and o:pened fire upon the Goths, the erate yo' plan 'I" asked Pomp. He became groggy, hilarious and frenzied.. doctor began firmg out through the pilothouse "Shure we'd betther toi him ter ther hum-He sang, capered around, shouted, staggered, window. mock, an' it's out av Ivery wan's way he'll be, hiccoughed and soon became so boisterously "Success was almost within our grasp!" ex an' his own way ther same,'' suggested Barney. talkative, that his people stared at him in claimed Frank bitterly. How unfortunate Your plan is as good as any:, we'll follow amazemerrt. that we met them after so easily from it,'' observed Frank and forthwith they bound They all agreed that the white men's medi-the fellows whom we tricked in the mty. the captive to an ice pinnacle and walked away cine was magical. "We can blame Grimm for this!" savagely leaving him there raving at them. The guards came in and joined the others cried the doctor. Returning at once to the City of Ice, they but all hands kept a respecta!)le distance from "The scoundrel Las been found and liberated saw that no one had observed their actions, the dreadedelectrial boat. by the Goths, and he has told them all our a1id went at once to their quarters. It was fortunate they held it in fear, else durplans. Unless we OJ?en a passage in their ranks There was no darkuess and light alternating ing the time it had sto_od t_here they might have ahead there, w1ll get the l:iest of us." between night and day but when the hours oi ventured on board, stolen 1ts contents or broken "How can rt l:ie done f' morning came, the blue skinned tribe began to it. "I'll go out and bombard them with dyna rise and prepare for the great hunting expedi"Is not your ailment betternowf' demanded mite grenades." tion they were going on. Fr11-nk of the chief. "No! No! It is as much as your life is worth." People thronged the streets, armed for the "It is well!" shouted Thorwald gleefully. If I don't, we are lost!" chase, foxes and dogs were fastened to sledges "I feel no pain-only happiness." The doctor remonstrated and offered to go and as soon as a hasty meal had been partaken "Shall I give your people some of the magical himself, but the bold inventor snatched up a of, everything was in readiness for the start. liquid f' basket of the deadly missles and ran out. Frank stood in. one of the streets watching 'Every one! every one! But slight a child, The Goths were then swarming up on deck on them, when to his alarm, the young chief, and I will slay you, slave!" all sides. Thorwald, strode up to him, and asked in the "Depend upon it, then, that all shall partake In their rage at seeing our friends escaping queer language they spoke, a smattering of of it,'' said Frank. with the boat, they overcame or forgot their which Frank had learned: The chief was soon in such a mellow condi superstitious fear of the ice boat. "Wouldyouliketogohuntingwithmymen'l'' tion that he was not able to stand upon his Frank gained the front of the deck, and let "No !" quickly replied the inventori assum legs without clinging to Pomp, who the grenades driJe fast and fur!ously am?ng ing a woe-be-gone look1 ''I am not wel-l fear left the boat, and seemg that he would soon the Gothshexploswn after explosiOn followmg. I am getting very sick. fall down helplessly drunk and drugged, Frank Everyw ere the deadly missiles struck, some "I am not going myself,'' said the chief, "for hastily called up the crowd and began to delve of the men went down, fragments of ice were I do not feel very well." out the liquor to them. blown up into the air, great holes were rent in "As soon as they are I am going to Not one of the Goths refused to take it after the ice, and the Goths scattered like sheep. take a potent medicine wh1eh is commonl,r used hearing what Thorwald and seeing what Men climbed up on deck with shields and by my people. The effect is magical, said an extraordinary effect it han upon him. battle-axes to strike Frank down, but the rl Frank in mysterious tones. "It is a wonder-Within half an hour they were all intoxicat-volvers in the hands of Dr. Vaneyke knockea fulliquid, and will cure any ailment." ed and drugged, and reeled and staggered them over as fast as they came up, showers of "Can I too try itf' eagerly asked Thorwald. about the inclosure, singing, shout-arrows and spears whistled through the air "I have seen you and your companions doctor ing and fighting, accordin!;l' to the mood m which and struck him all over but the impenetrable yourselves for wounds, sprains and sicknesses the whisky left them individually. suit of armor protected' him and every effort before The effect of your unknown medicines TheJi:nclosure bP.came a wild scene of confusion was made to :Kill him. But' he withstood all was always strangely effective. I have great and noise, but it soon subsided when the drug the shocks as if he bore a charmed life, and it faith in them. Do not refuse to cure me." made one after the other fall and lapse into a filled the natives with superstitious dread. You shall have some,'' said Frank gravely, deep _slumber. They began to retreat in wild disorder. and a thrill of joy passed over him as he re. al"Now is our chance,'' said Frank to his Vai.DJ.y Grimm yelled to them to keep on jzed how innocently Thorwald was falling into friends, as he put on a suit of fur-covered mali, fighting. the snare he bad so adroitly prepared for him. and they all armed themselves. "Thorwald is Frank saw his advantage and kept up an in "Moreov;er," be added earnestly, yol!r lying there in a state of inebriati:;>n and cessant firing. people w1ll partake of some of my hqmd 1t w1ll stupor, and there IS no one to o;ppose us. Several of the Goths who had gained the deck prevent scurvy breaking out among them." "I've started the machinery, announced the assaulted him in a body but with his weapon "Then come to my house with it when the doctor. "Hear the wheels buzz." less fists he knocked the'm off the boat agam to bunters go away." "Shure; and we'll git up the sails, too!" said the surface of the iee. "No, you will all have to come to the house Barney, excitedly. "Fire away, boys!" he shouted cheerily. ;


part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC ICE BOAT. "Don't stop! .They are now "Oh, .I'se a ter dance, an' sing, an' clap arne was dressed and stored away; but St. and h! t f mhy han's, an'-but whar am I, chile 1 Yaas-alo and Beauvais of Brest did not put in an Bang e s o s rom o yaas 1 Didn' yo' seed it 1 Didn't yo seed it aJ>pearance. the boat. . up yander 1" Frank became uneasy and started off alone Loud !tnd fierce crtes of. rage and pam arose See what, you black lunatic 1" in quest of them. on stdes, and the nattves began to gather ::De balloon, ob course, honey.'' It was utterly impossible for him to cope huge ICe blocks to _hulll at the boat. What! St. Malo's balloon 1" with them unaided so he hastened back to the Upon se.emg thts maneuyer; Frank dashed "Prezackly, sah, an' it am a-comin' down boat and apprised' the rest of what had oc-into the ptlot house, an!'l up the slum-astarn ob us now!" curred. bering, drunken Thorwal 1Z: hts for he ::Can it be possible 1" cried Frank. "Come, we will follow them and save the bad ventured on board to ta:ke the whtsky, he Swar to it, 'sah. Done seed it outer de back balloonists before the savages murder them!" hastened out on deck With _him, aJ?-d shouted: wmdow fo' shuahl" he exclaimed as he started the boat off under "Doctor, get gomg qmck, and we'll we are at the island now, luff up!" electric soon get out of . satd Dr. Vaneyke. Within a few minutes the Snow Bird came in He held. the chte. of Goths m su,ch a postAhead of them was a small island of verdure sight of theEsquimaux. tion that tf any of the tee blocks w.ere hurled at in the midst of the wide waste of crimson snow The moment the savages saw them, they the boat, they wou.ld be sure t? htt .Thorwald, and Frank shut off the electric current and started off at a run with their prisoners, and whereu;Pon t!J.e na:ttves. Irresolutely. brought the boat up into the wind just they around a heap of rugged ice, they vanHoldmg prtsone_r wtth one arm Frank reached the edge of it. 1shed. employed hts by hurimg the Tl!_ere was a circular elevation a mile in On dashed the boat in pursuit, and as it shot rest of the grenades m the mulst. of the. Goths. diameter, covered with grass stunted around the ice hills it went plunging into an There we're great gaps made m thetr ranks bushes and trees and a few vmes. open sheet of whirling and lashing water. ahead,andtJ?.eywaverednolonger,butfiedout _As soon as the boat came to, Barney and "Oh,myGodl Weareinawhirlpool!"cried of the way rtght and left.. Pomp went out, and they brought the sails Frank: aghast. "Go, go!" screamed Frank. "Drive down with a run, and furled them. The curve around which the ice-boat had her ahead! Frank and the doctor 1 then emerged, and gone was so abrul?t that they went into the needed thts admonition, for looked up. whirling lake of spmning ice-blocks and foamy he saw the openmg ahead, and drove the boat High above their heads floated the French water before the boat's flight could be chec.ked, through it at full speed. balloon, surrounded with a belt of small bal-and were carried around with the current. On rushed the Snow Btrd, but as it shot be-loons. In the middle there was a deep roaring and tween the of the q-oths they paused, and But it was evident that some accident 'had gurgling down into which ice, water hurled the ICe blocks at 1t. befallen the big globe. for one side of it was and drift seemea to be sucked by some irresist A fearful rattle of blows pealed out, and dented in, and it only seemed to be depending able power beneath, and each revolution the some of the woodwork was 'shivered to frag-for sustaining power upon the ring of little boat made brought it nearer the center of gyra-ments by the heavy contusions. balloons. tion. No serious damage was done, fortunately It was rapidly falling earthward. A loud, triumphant shout arose from the and as the boat went on a last volley pealed The globe has blll1Stl" exclaimed Frank, Esquimaux, upon seeing the boat dashed, into from the rilles in the hands of the expert shots. critically. the gulf where they lured it, and they hurried Frank did not have a tight hold upon Thor"It looks to me as if-they would fall in this away with their two he ice wald, and when the volley of ice blocks came, oasis observed the doctor. boat and its inmates to their fate. one of them struck the chief. "So much the better. We will meet them "Do0tor," gasped Frank, pale and bathed in He was knocked flying out of Frank's arms, sooner. Look! There are the two aeronauts a cold, clammy perspiration, "that whirlpool and struck in the midst of his men, close to now, leaning out of the car, signaling us with will suck the boat down into its vortex, and where Grimm was standing. flal?s.'' tear it to pieces. There seems to be no escape In one minute more tlie boat was past the Then, as_ they see us, we will soon meet!" for us. Death stares us in thtf!' ace. I can't horde, and went racing across a vast open said Vaneyke. steer the boat away from the fearful abyss, plain the ravine by which the EsquiDown swept the balloon, and while Barney We are helpless-helpless!" . 1 mauxhad formerly approached the City of Ice. a,nd Pomp were securing the ice boat where it And with a groan of anguish Frank covered The Goths had recovjlred' from their panic, stopped, Frank watched the aeronef, and sa.w his eyes with his hands. urged on by the infuriated Grimm, who it descending far in the interior \Of the island. -' did not want to let Frank escape, they I see a)Jout where they will land, if they CHAPTER XXII. / flying after the speeding ice boat, intent ii'pon don't drag!" said Frank. "Coine on, and we THE FRozEN sHIp; recapturrng it. will go to meet thetQ.!" THE whirlpool into which the Snow Bird had Just as Frank entered the pilot house Dr. "As a matter of precaution," said theaoctor, been lured b_y the Esquimaux who held St. Vaneyke uttered a cry of alarm. we.had better go armed.'' Malo and Beauvais prisoners, was in the mid" What is the matter T' asked Frank eagerly, Good! You, Barney and fomp, remain die of a large lake. as he grasped the wheel. here until we return.'' The basin was an oval indentation in the ice, "Look ahead there!" gasped Vaneyke. "The The two gentlemen aforesaid had become en-with a hole in the bottom formed like a funnel. ice is rotten!" gaged in an interesting wrangle upon some and several streams kept pouring into it, the "Good heavens, doctor, the boat will go disputed point about double bow-line and only means for t -he water to escape being the through it !" Mathew Walker knots, and both seemed ready ap-erture underneath. "We can't turn rij?ht or left, nor can we stop to remain, to end the discussion. That why the vortex of the whirlpool in time to avoid it. "It's schta;r I will, if only ter break ther was formed, for the water ran away in an "And here come the Goths in a body, in back nal?ur's nose,' asserted Barney. under-ice stream to the sea, as fast as it poured of us!" G'wan, Massa Frank dis 'coon doan' wan' in. "Then all we can do is to go ahead and run yo' ter see. me bust dat oie huckleberry blonde The tremendous suction created by-the esca,chances, Frank." in de bread-basket wif my bead, an' loosen his ping water was rapidly dragging the ice-boau "Our boat will float, but we will 'be at the teef." toward the center of gyration. mercy of the-oh !" Frank and the doctor left them squaring off "Frankl" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke, sharply. Just then the Snow Bird struck the rotten at each other, and circling around and around "Well, professor 1" asked the in>entor, lower-ice, and the runners went in. -like Tom-cats on a wood-shed roof. ing his hancket a welt av me fist I" seen some remdeers browsmg the scant herbsttck, and fired 1t at a rugged mass of tce on "Oh, gollv 1 Oh Lor' amighty 1 Oh, Jan' age of the island, and suggested a hunt for shore. sakes aline 1'1 roar;! Pomp at this juncture as them. It fell, and the moving boat dragged 1t along he rushed in from the rear compartment 'e;x:This plan meeting with assent, all hands over the ice. citedly. off1 in couplef!, and dispersed Th,en caught and held fast, stopping the "What's the matter now-any new trouble 1" m dtrectwns, after plannmg to keep coms fhght, suqdenly. , hastily asked Frank. pany wtth the boat and balloon, and. try. to find Hurrah!, Barney. Shure, an 1t $ "Bress de lamb! Glory be ter Abrahall}l" their,way Q.ack to the south agam m .. ,. continued Pom deleriousl others cow-pany. . q'olly, ch1le, wait n see if 1t ll hold, "Have you tfken leave;;[ your senses 1" Several hours passed by, durmg which the cautwusly admomshed


' 24 FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'J'RIC ICE BOAT. .. Part I. ,.ul t:way carefully upon the rope," calmly find it. The;y would tear it all to pieces, of ply, and Barney went out on the port runner pure malice.' arm and sat down. in a you steer her," said the doctor, "I doubt if they will pursue us, professor." Left alone Frank kept a steady glance fixed Sl 1 nes. "De trail ob de Esquimaux am plain 'nough upon the of the Esquimaux, and steered owl{ and carefully they pulled on the line fo' ter foller," said Pomp. the boat toward .some jagged icy hills. and foo by foot S now Bird was dragged "Shure an' it's hard roots fer thim Frinch-The boat was rushing along with great a hay from the peril tt was ln, the mint sympathetically said Barney," fer if thim velocity and bid fair to soon overhaul the fugis . banay-legged gorillas be's ther same wans ti-ves when there sounded a fearful report . e anxwus suspense dehcate qautwn, and from wl:iom ther balloonists escaped, afther . d k d stramed nerves of the hardly breathing navikillin' schlathers av thim they'll put an end The ICe spht a tremen ous crac an the .w:as painful to witness, as they fastened ter ther Frinchmin's heart beats wid their t he stde Barney was on, went down :1g1d upon the fragile. and brittle walrus spears." mtL, keelmg the boat far over. !Ce pomt, to whtch the rope was attached, hold"Let us lose no time in pursuing them then," With a wild yell of alarm, as he felt. htmself mg them between earth and eternity. said Frank "an'd we may yet be in time to from the runner-arm down mto the Soon they were close up to the embankment. save the li.;es of the aeronauts.'' yawnmg abyss, the flung out his ;Many of them were startled at sight of the boat and scattered right and left; but those who had seen and heard of the boat held their ground and quelled the panic and shouting that ensued. Frank sv.rang ashore with another hawser, The trail was plain, and the ice-boat was hands to save himself,' and caught hold of one and made tt fast. started off on it rapidly under a full head of of the steel bars. "She will hold safely now until we drag her canvas, for Frank never used the electric cur-There he hung by one hand over the dee p pit, out!" he exclaimed. rent unless he had to, in order to economize the and despite the thickness of his fur gloves so "Then let us do so immediately" said the sup,ply in his . intense was the cc;>ld, that it felt if the flesh doctor 'The fore and mam sails draw hke !nxty, but on the palms of hts ,hands was bemg burned. . she will stand more," said Frank. "Trim in He felt as if he could not hold on, so great The y all went and the jib, Barney, and set the main top-sail.'' was the pain. they had no trouble m pulhng the ghstenmg "Ay ay sorl" replied the Irishman who was p h f th t k th runners of the up on ice again. out on dec'k with Pom:f. omp s ot. rom e crossrf;leS, struc e All of the Esqmmaux wtth St M alo and S .1 1 h 1 to the wt'nd the S 0 forestay on hts stomac)l, flung hts arms around B t' d t th t h. d h d at mg c ose au e n w it and slid like a shot down to the end of the eauvats te o e wo crosses a vams e Bird glided over a smooth sheet of ice with reb 't h h k h h k in the south, and in the north they saw the markable speed and it was increased when the thowt-shprft wl ere e struc wtth sue a s oc verdant island in the niidst of which laid the "b h t h' 1 d d th b' t 1 a e au Y saw stars. I 11 db 11 f th F h t l 1 s ee was au e m an e tg op-sat the violence of the shock drove the professor in ca apse a oon o e rene aeronau s. went aloft She is all right now, said. Frank, when the "Pomp go to the mast-head on lookout" said through the door upon the floor best de htm, hawsers were cotl e d, and stored Frank. ' head first. on board of the JCe boat. Let us start Up the shrouds ran t\te coon with the agility. The came tc;> a pause, bu_t off. of an old sailor and he did not pause until he mg the sails kept rockmg: 1t s1de "Are y

part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRI C ICE BOAT. '25 C'mout yere!" b!)-wled Pomp. "C'm out, or the bottom and feared that he would slip off at. "Look there!" he said in astonishment, point-we fall froo de earf! any moment. wg ahead. "Be)p! Help fer ther love av heaven!" came After he got hold of Barney he could not lift His three f!iends .saw. a "16!1-d," or open chan-the voice o! Barne_y. him, nor could he climb up the steep incline of n_el of water '? the Ice, floated a small "Where IS the quer1ed E:rank, look-the runner arm as he had only one hand to s1zed berg, flat, polished s1des. ing around He has disappeared. help himself Encased withm the transparent berg was a 1 hear him calling for help. He must be in full-rigged ship. blel" Doctor! Fling me a noosed rope! he shout-The sails and ropes were intact, and on the both h'!-rried out deck, and found ed. deck and in the rigging they saw several men Pomp industriously lowermg the sails, to Vaneyke ,and Pomp had lowered the sa1ls by in sailors' costumes, so well preserved that Prevent the wind upsetting the boat entirely this time, and leaving the darky to furl them, they looked as if they were yet alive in the 1000 the crack and Dr. Vaneyke rushed to his the old scientist obeyed Frank's execution of their duties. assistance. \He held on to the end of the rope, and when "W onderfull Wonderful!" exclaimed Frank. "Bowly jim-jams, will yez pull me out 1" the noose reached Frank, he slid it over his "Golly I How dey done git froze up in dar1" roared Barney. head and under his arm-pits. gasped Pomp. The curve around which the ice-boat bad gone was so abrupt that they went into the whirling lake of spinning iceblocks and foamy water before the boat's flight could be checked, aud were car1ied around with the current. "Where are your' shouted Frank. ."Are you !I'll right1".asked Vaneyke, bracing "They l_o?k like Americans, too," added the "Up ter me neck in nothin'l Och me fingers h1mself agamst the ra1l. doctor, cnt1r ally. isburnin' off entoirely an' its I'll dhrop "Haul away!" replied Frank. "Faith, it's roight yez are," said Barney, tertherSouth Pole in 'a minnit, begobl" He got a firm grip on Barney, and as the doc"fer there's ther name." Guided by his frantic voice, Frank ,saw him. tor pulled he hauled. :Upon th.e st!lrn of the frozen vessel they saw It was hazardous to attempt going on the Up came the Irishman until he got astride of the nafne m gilt tilted arm of the sledge, bent down as It was, at the runner, and then he climbed upon the arm "FLYING MIST NANTUCKET, U.S. A." sueh an acute angle, for the top was beside Frank, to whose leg he clung 1 b d k with slippery ice; but Frank resolved to try It. Aided by the doctor, they got back to the "She looks like a sea er, 0 "If I don't, he will let go, and fall to his deck out of danger, and the four then made I know,?rher name that she said Dr. doom" he muttered opes fast to the boat went ashore and pulled Vaneyke, for I read on the surface of the Green" Faith, it's loike glue I'll shtick ter yer!" Lumpy ice covered the ground, grottoes and land sea with its manimate crew. panted Barney. were to be seen on all sides, a_nd afar "I'll the boat ahead again," said Frank He was bathed in a profuse perspiration, and m the distance towered a great. mounta'':l pr:;sent!Y . as Frank glanced down into tha yawning abyss Frank brought the boat up Ill the I saJd holdrng up hiS fin. below them, he shuddered, for he could not see wmd. ger. Dyer hear tbat 1


26 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT Part I. "Lawks I Dar am de Esquimaux woices !" "They are safe!" exclaimed Frank. "Come, Crack! went the long-lashed vyhip uncoiling eJ?fUlated Pomp. and cut them down !'' itself over the pack of long;ha1red d?gs, and must be only a short distance "Go on! Barney and Pomp are driving the away they scampered, y_elpmg, snarlmg_ a:nd ahead, sa1d. the rest out," panted Yaneyke. barking, over the glassy the sledge_ghdmg The four listened mtentlyl and borne the They ran up to the two crucified men, who along as easily and smoothly as the 1ce boat br':'eze there came the faint tones of Esquimaux were groaning with pain and bleeding from went. . shouting _in the distance. their wounds, whipped out their knives and C)lt Loud and pe!-1-led the man's cnes to the ; as if they were behmd yonder ice their thongs, when they were enabled to lift dogs to hurry, like p1stol rang the hills, said Frank. them down. of the cutting lash, and a h1ssmg and cracklmg "Ar,, and they are evidently up to some misBoth ol' the poor fellows were in a half sensenoise arose under the wooden runners of the chief,' said the doctor. less state as they laid upon the ground, sledge, while the nipping wind past "Here's our weapons, shure," said Barney and the doctor made a hasty examination of their faces, and the shar_P m t_he handing them around, "an' if thim spa! them. frosty air nipped and pricked the1r skm pam has hurted ther two Frinchmen, faith we'll "Painful wounds," he commented presenti;r, fully. wa:c _'e;n :wnll, a!l' a_ven ther matther be "but none of them are necessarily fatal., Ill Away scampered the dogs at the ends of the WO!pm th1m out mtmrely! extract the and b

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