Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part II.

Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part II.

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Frank Reade Jr.'s electric ice boat; or, Lost in the land of crimson snow. Part II.
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Frank Reade library.
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New York
Frank Tousey
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Frank Reade library..
n Vol. 3, no. 62 (November 25, 1893)
New York :
b Frank Tousey ;
650 Dime novels.Science fiction.Inventorsv Fiction.
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Iii N onallle!'s!'!' Latest and Best Stories Published in This Library. Entered as Second (}lass Matter at the Ne'l) York, N. Y., Post o.ffice, October 5, 1892. No. 62. {COMPLETE.} FRANK TOUSEY. PUIlT.TSR"'R. & 36 NORTH MOOR'" STR"'R'I'. NEW YORK. {PRICE} Vol III New York. November 25, 1893. ISSUED WEEKLY. 5 Ente1'ed accordin(l to the Act of . in the ver 1893. bll FRANK TOUSEY. in the o.fflce of the TAbrarian of Con(lre ..... at Washington. n. C. FRUNK REIIDE Electric Ice Boat; OR. LOST IN THE LAND OF CRIMSON' SNOW. :J?.A.:El. T II. :By "NON AME." The enurmous creature, goaded to fury by the wound of the harpoon, had a portion of its body upon the man, holdina: bim down, and its gaping mouth was raised over the pOOl' fellow's head. Firs, Barney, it is going to kill him!" cried Frank.


FRANK READE, JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. The subscription Price of the FHA NK "REA nE LIBRARY by the vear $2.50: $1.2.'5 per six mont.hs, post-paid. Address FRANK TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street. Box 2730. ELECTRIC ICE BOAT: I n OR, the Land of Lilst Crimson Snow. In By"NONAME," Author of-"Frank Reade, Jr., in the Sea of Sand, and His Discovel'Y of a Lost People," etc., etc., etc. PA.:Fl.T XI. / CHAPTER XXVI. With a sweep of their paddles they drove the "We are safely out of the cave now," said THE B REA KIN G ICE light boats into an aperture, and found that it Frank, securing a firm seat," but how under gradually widened as they proceeded, until it the sun are we to get down from FRANK and the professor remained at the botbecame another lake. Slide," se,ntentiously replied the doctor with tom of the f all tha t poured down from the aper-Down through the roof there opened several a ture that l e d from the main ice-cavern, and shafts that let in air and daylight, but the sur-'We can each secure a good-sized cake of kept calling for h e lp, until the inrushing waters rounding walls were smooth and unbroken by ice, hang on to it, and if we toboggan down drove them b ack. the slightest crack. this smooth place we'Uland in that snow bank Forced by the rapidly increasing strength of "There is no way to pass out of herc," said if we don't tumble off before we get to the the tide to retreat in their kyacks, they were the doctor, as Frank fiashed the light of his lanbottom." whirled further into the cavern, and found the tern around at the walls. "There are lots of pieces plenty big enough place momentarily getting darker, until it was "Nor can we retreat now, for the passage we for our purpose about up here that we difficult to see ahead. came is by the infiowing can easily detach, 'said v,:aneyke. "Doctor," exclaimed Frank, presently, "the water," said Frank. "Help yourself then, for I am going to cavern is filling with water." Do you observe that we are ascending:on the attempt it now." "Have we been lured into a trap by any water toward the roof of this "All right, go ahead; there's no help for it-" queried Vaneyke. querIed the alarmed professor. They each secured a good-sized cake of the ice "Remember, we came through the aperture "Certainli" Vaneyke, and it's lucky for us holding it witl:\,difficulty after they were once of our own accord." that we are. detached, and sitting down upon them, away "But why didn't the Esquimaux answer our "I fail to see where the good fortune comes they went like two meteors. shouts for in, Frank." With a rush, a scrape and a rattle the ice "They went back to the entrance of the cave When the cavern gets so full of water that cakes shot down the steep side of the hill, par to help the females in the oomiaks carrying there will be no room for us between the sur-ticles filing off in all directions. Barney and Pomp, that were stoven by their. face and the ceiling, instead of us drowning "Ohl gasped Frank, as his struck a sUght collision." like rats in a trap, we can climb up the shafts elevation. "So they could not have heard us, you and thus get out of here. That's plain enough'l It split in two, gave a sudden lurch, flung ain't itT' him up in the air and he spun around and Loud as the noise of inpouring water was. .. It's a ,chance, that's all, for the distance around before he landed down in the snow it must have smothered our voices, and thus from the ceiling to the outer air looks to be drift all in a heap, and sent a showp.r of the prevented them learning what peril we are in." nearly fifty feet, and that's a pretty long climb crimson IIakes up in the air around "Paddle close to me, Frank, so I won't lose up the steep and slippery sides of those shafts." about the spot where he struck. you in this gloom." "The climb up to heaven is still higher, if we The doctor was coming sliding down behind ,. Wait, doctor and I'll give you a good light. don't try it," ESaid Frank, drvly. him, and was less fortunate, for his ice block I've got a powerlullittle electric lantern in my Rapidlv the water kept filling up the cavern, struck the remains of Frank's and sent him pocket, and have only got to turn a thumb-until at fast the kyacks were elevated to the rolling off upon the slide. screw to ignite it. Hold up your kyack a moroof, and in order to maintain an upright posi-He rolled the rest of the way down. and ment." tion, Frank and the doctor had to get the boats brought a cloud of snow with him in which he on his paddles, Frank withdrew a under the shafts. became so envelo]1l'd that he was utterly invis-fiat bull s-ere lantern from his pocket, and Then they unlaced the skin boat covers from ible when he landed on top of Frank in the started the mcandescent stream of light. around their waists and began to climb up the drift. It streaked out of the lens far ahead, cutting Rhafts by pressing their hands and feet against For a moment they both floundered around through the gloom like a knife, and Frank the sides. in the snow, flinging it up in clonds, and finally 1 fiashed its powerful rays all around. Very few niches, protuberances and clefts covered with it from head to foot. ; They saw that they were in a tremendous were met with to aid their ascent, and they '-HurtT' asked Frank, gouging it out of his cavern. slipped back occasionally twice as far as they eyes. But the fast flowing waters were filling the advanced, but they had to keep on, for the ris" No. returned the scientist, clapping place, and rapidly lifting the two kyacKs up ing waters beneath were now lapping up into it off his clothes. nearer to the ceiling. the shafts. "Not even s(!ratched," said Frank, briskly "With a rise of fifty feet, as the Esquimau Panting and half exhausted, they both finally shaking himself. chief said the waters of the lake had," said reached the top, and got outof the holes on the "Quite a skate." remarke. d Vaneyke, glanc-Frank, gloomily, this cave will become filled summit of the icy hill from which Barnev fell. ing np at the hill top. and drown us unless we discover a means to get Appearing like two jacks-in-a-box. almost TQo much. But I wonder where we are '1" out of it soon." simultaneously, t.hey glanced at other, Mnst be in back of where we entered the "There are a number of crevices in the walls; separated a few feet apart as they were, and1cavern." let us venture in one," sugge!!ted Vaneyke. "It tCen hurst iuto a hearty fit of laughter, they "Look here, doctor! By jingo, here are blood may lead to an avenue of escape." both looked so comical. stains and foot prints."


! Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. "Somebod;r must have been here and got "Oh, Massa Frank, yo' kain't, nohow. De the ice blocks fell down into the lake beneatb hurt, Frank. hut am sealed up:' and the terrified natives on tbe ice boat began too. There. are two trails, one I wouldn't care if it was guarded by cast to yell for help. comlDg, and the other gomg." iron walls I'd get in!" Hurry uR' Frank!" shouted the doctor ex"How many p eople '1" The Esquimaux lighting the bear and its cubs citedly. "Tbe ice is fast going to pieces, and "Three men came and two walked back." were in his way just then, but he drove the in a few' moments we won't get away at all." "Strange! Where did the other boat over near the hut. "Barney is entombed alive Wait-till I save "No single trail shows that he departed, but Glancing down at the snarling and growling him." I these blood stains are evidence enough that one beast, he saw it knock one of the men over ana' "Alive I Good Lord!" .I of them hurt himself and that the two others prepare to tear him to pieces.' Pomp gave a yell of supreme delight and carried him away in the direction they came The spectators were horror-stricken for an sprang from the Doat. from." instant, but the fallen man's wife dashed up to By that time the aperture in the hut was "Let us follow their trail." it with the courage of desperation, a long knife large enough tor the hapless Irishman to crawl :' Decidedl:y, for they may have our clutched in. her and pluJOlged it t.he through and he appeared. friends, and If they. were will lead mOp':ster,. Its attentiOn from Its m A cry of pity escaped Frank when he saw us back to the Esqwmau Village. tended vlCtlm. Barney's white face all cut and scratched and With this determination they set out on the It turned on her, and she fastened a blazing the other evidences of his fall. trail, little knowing that. it was made by Barupon it,. an!i x:ecoiled step by step, bran-Catching hold of him by the arms. above his ney, Pomp and the Esqulmau chief. dlshmg the knife m Its face. elbows Frank pulled him out of the opening After a long. walk, they The cubs darted at the brave woman, who and grabbed him up. down upon the Ice of the lake agam, and III the was trying to lure the monster away from her "Oh bress de lamb he am alive I" yelled the distance descried the village. husband with her own body in order to 3ave delighted coon. off they bebeld the his life, and the great beast arose upon itR Then he made a run for the boat for thc ice sail, bearmg away to the eastward, m purSUit haunches. ltt d' d" 11 d of a female polar bear with two cubs, and at "Once its paws strike her she will perish I wasgroa!1 mg, sp 1 mg an grm mg. a aF?Un once imagined that Barney and the negro were said Frank, as he clutched a rifle," but by at aternfic rate. F.rank ran after him. on board managing the electric craft. heavens it won't have the chancel" They bare!y had time to get on board, when I wonder why they did not try to find out And up to his shoulder went the rifle in a the middle of the lake down, a.nd what became of said Frank, feeling slight-twinkling. kept smkmg ,lo,!er and lower until at last With 1yoffended. A concerted yell ealed from the Es uimaux an awful nOise It fell down. "Surely they can't be indifferent to our fate," when they saw the action and %hey let Fortunately the boat a'!ay ere observed doctor, a little .\Jit nettled. "It drive a volley?f arrows and harpoons at it that I don't seem like them to be so. stuck all over Its already wounded body. th" t th h Just then the bear and its cubs came run-Utterll ignoring its wounds, save to utter a ed ning toward them, the ice boat in pursuit, St. frightfu roar of agony, the beast was just upon d 1 0 ow '1 f Malo steering it and Pomp out on the forward the point of strikin$ the woman a blow when A tremen ous upheava 0 lCe and water deck v.:ith a rifte in his hand, with which he Frank pulled the trigger. flew 'n all directions steam foam was firmg. A sharp report pealed out. d I h I k I d The two ad venturers paused. The bullet crashed into the bear's brain. an vaDor arose over t e sc ene I e a vast c ou "What vitality that creature has got," ob-It fell to the ice and rolled over dead. !Lnd what had once be e n a smooth surface of served Frank, keenly watching the Glad was the cry of vi.ctory and satisfaction The darky had fired half a dozen shots at It that arose from the natives. fill d th fl thus far, it does not seem to be so much as They started on a t;u.n for. the cubs, iasrland rushed the Bnow Bird wounded! agely attacked the VICIOUS beasts, klllmg 1 He isn't firing to kill-he is chasing it back them with a hundred weapons. l a ong. . .. to camp," answered the doctor. "Don't you But thc ice began to break beneath their feet on mam she had dashed .wlth the Ice see how they are heading it with intonations of thunder and swayed with fairly fallmg under the gleammg runners, True; and there are all tJ;te EsqUlmaux, the fearful motion of an earthquake, causing a and by the skill and coql courage of Frank not armed to the teeth, and run-Blllg toward it. terrible tremor of fear to assail everybody. qnl! was the boat Its crew saved, but the Evidently Pomp is trying to corral the brutes Then they began to shriek out in affright and enbre bll;nd of EsqUlmaux were rescued from to make sport for the natives." huddled together in a frightened mass, too an appallmg doom. The bear and its young ones ran right in the terrified to run for the main to save themselves A loud, glad shout of trIUmph pealed from midst of the band of Esquimaux, who, sur-before it would finally cave in. every throat as the boat !Jore them all rounding it upon all sides, attacked it with a The tide was only half in. \ safely, to land, and a grim smlle over coolness of courage and a ferocity of Fully twenty-five feet of open space interven. Fr.ank s face as breathed a deep Sigh, and showed more than a mere love for the eXCltmg ed between the bottom of the ice that covered sa:f to sport. the lake and the surface of the rising water be-But two more delay would have The fact was that the beast had made a raid low, and when the cave -in of the breaking ice settled our fate. on the village, and having killed Ii. child, it came it would doubtless be terrible. ',' mll;n!lged the boat ,!Ith consumI?ate aroused the animosity of the whole tribe, who, "The ice is breakingI The ice is breaking I" skill III avoldmg the c,racks hllls, and creVlCes, calling upon Pomp to aid them to kill it, aroused they hoarselx wailed. Frank," warmly rephed the doctor, ': and" on the darky from his fit of grief over the sup" They can t reach shore before it goes down!" that accout;tt wholly we owe you our lives I posed death of Barney, and enlisted his ser-groaned Vaneyke. :: By savmg you,. I I?yseIf." vices. "Notone shall perishl Get them on the Frank and the doctor made a rush for the boat I" shouted Frank. !:tad if we fell III With that mass of lCe I Noth-scene of the conflict which the boat had reached He grasped an ax and sprang from the boat mg but powder would hav:e been left of us. ahead. Of. them, and a yell pealed from the and drove the terrified natives upon the deck th?,se Jagged cakes of Ice. darky s lips when he saw them-a cry of de-with a few sharp words. light that was taken up by all the tribe, who Then heedless of the thun. derous reports and InSide. P?mp!s slow .ly but surely gettlllg felt sure .thev had perished.. the swaying and shaking of .the he Il;t-him !ull of whlskv,}n the goodhearted effort to Mountmg to the deck of tbe ICe boat, our tacked the hut Barney was Imprisoned Ill' somf ellgooId. H t h I frien1is warmly shook hands with their colored with the ax. oor e;, ow e was mos gone w en companion, glanced around, and nodding to "I'll have the bodv of myoId friend," he him I ,.. the two Frenchmen inside, they asked: muttered, !$rimly, "if 1 have to perish while I'm Och, begorra, <:an t kill I!-n "Where is dragging him out of this ice hut!" sl!-Id Barney, hobblmg m. at that Juncture. With "Dead" said Pomp tears starting to his hiS face so patched up With court plaster that eyes" --but little of the skin was to be seen. 'Faixechoed both Frank and the doctor CHAPTER XXVII. hic:-I'm ther toughest that iver in startled tones. THE CIVILIZED WHITE CANNIBALS. -hlC-kem O?t av a fOl.ght wld01!-t ther "Dead an' buried I" sobbed Pomp, brokenly. SHOWER after shower of strong, sturdy blows schkmt out. av hiS an tall. I done seed it done I" rained from Frank's ax upon the side of the hut" Why, here!ld "In Heaven's name what killed himf' gasped in which Barney was imprisoned, and the ice and such a Why, hiS. left eye IS Fran k, tremulously. flew in all directions, until a hole was cut all bune;ed up, hiS nose a!ld ?pper lip arE! b1o!l-t-" .We went ober ter de ice hill fo' ter fish yo' through. ed, and It looks to as If hiS ear was hit With outer de cave. an' he fall down heah from de Heln I" groaned a faint voice inside, in gaspa Hal hal toR' an' done kill.hisself. Oh, Lor'I Oh, Lor'I" ine: accents. .Laugh at. me! BaJOlley, 'AhI The tracks-the bloodstains we saw," it Barney shouted Frank with a sudden, flask III al!d wild-exclaimed Frank. overwbelming thrill of delight as he recog1y ; bedad, a bit av me I t honght. it queer that they'd leave us to nized the tones of his old friend's voice. .. By courage I;' garn Wid me fatures. \ our fa.te withont making some effort to find out heaven be is alive." Whoop. 1 I II} allers to ther-hlc-fore. .Shure, I > what became of us," said the doctor.' "Ob, Masther Frank I Save me fer ther love coul.d Hck Ivery: wan av haythms, pot-Thev were both fairly stunned with grief over av heaven! I'm buried alive." be!hed If I bad nothm left out me fisht the news. "Mercy I This is terrible! Wait Barney ad toe-nails J.f 7ez doubt ther word av a Shea Whereabouts have you buried bim '/" asked I'll have you out in a moment, old fellow i come on, W8Jl an all av.yezl an' I'll-whoop I" Frank. preRently, for he was so choked with Look out of the way of the flying ice I" Pomp had caught him oy the back of the emotion that he could sca cel)' speak. Bang, bang I rattled the quick blows, neck. Oher da.r in dat igloo wif de American flag and the openmg became bigger each moment, Barney was reeling unsteadily upon his legs, on top wot I put dar." the of fresh air just in time to'and bemight have lurched forward and broken "Poor BarneyI Poor Barney! you sure save the life oftbe balf smothered Irishman. Isome of the Esquimaux' heads with his flask, if ne is dead, Pomp'l" Thundering and crashing with the noise of a the coon hadn't hauled bim ingloriously inside, "Kin swar to it, sah," sobbed the grief-strick-thousand batteries of artillery, the icy surface slammed him into a bunk and left him there en darky_ of the lake hegan to cave in all around. jfalling into a profound slumber. "I must see him once more before I part with Vast cracks split and radiated in all direc, The ice-boat dashed on under Frank's guid-him forever." tion, the splashmg of water resounded as the ance, and headed for the south, to find a neigh.


FRA.NK REA.DE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II . boring tribe to whom the Esquimaux on board Pomp was in one of the rear compartments And these cannibals cooked and eat them!" wanted to go for shelter and assistance. regulating the electric heat so that a genial shrieked the poor wretch. Crowded to its utmost capacity by the men, heat was diffused about the boat. and the bitter Another terrible blew and a dozen merciless women and children the Snow Bird sped along cold out of doors was not felt while Barney kicks knocked him senseless. under sails alone. as Frank had cut off the elec-remained on lookout in front of Frank. The men. at a word of command from their tric current. The boat was scudding over the glistening leader, covered Frank with their guns. The sun gleamed down brightlx. ice under bare poles. "Exposedl" the man exclaimed. "But I the crimson. lCe and snow glistened like mil" If we could only find some sheltered nook," don'd care. You can take us all mit you on dot lionsof flashing diamonds, and a sharp, cold said Frank, in wistful tones, "I'd throw poat, or by dunder ve plow off your het! You breeze bellied the sails and drove the boat on. over tbe ice-anchors, and lar. to until the gale head" Within a few hours they arriveP. at the enblows itself out. But I don t see any chance t@ "Never! you inhuman fiendsl" furiously cried caml?ment of the people for. whom they were do it yet." Frank, fIlle,d with and disgust. "I'd lookit;lg, and they out In.wonderment to "Port yer helm, SOl'," said Barney, suddenly, pertsh tban aid such monsters as you when the distressed trtbe was set upon as he peered hard ahead. the lCe. "Anything in the way" anxiously asked Den fire at him, poys, und ve dake diS ice ExplanatIOns then followed, and the boat Frank, complying. poat!" yelled the man. to pause. "Shure an' it's nuthin' more n some white --ThiS Village of a dozen huts, min." CHAPTER XXVIII. but as soon as the villagers discovered what White men was wanted of them, new huts were built. "Sailors begob" SOME HOPE FOR SALVATION. A man drew a circle in the ice with a stick, a "I can't see the'm BA.RNEY and Dr. Vaneyke, in the pilot house dozen feet in diameter, and while others cut There's a dozen' straight ahead" of the anchored ice boat, were the only spectasquare blocks of snow and handed them to him, "Oh yesl By there thev nvw!" tors of the hostile demonstrations of the twelve ):te!:lUilt up walls of the hut standing us too hegorra or' I'm as bloind mutineers who raised theirrifies against Frank, !nslde of the rmg, gradually ta,Permg the blocks as a bat!" '" stood out on deck. Illwa,rd: "They've "'ot a tent under the lee of those ice rhey saw: the castaways brutal of In the .domed, roof was blocks, toO!'F poor satlor who h,ad ef'Posed their canmbalthe bullder himself Ill, and at the ena "Haul to SOl' until we see what ther spal-Ism, and a,t on,ce realtzed that the men were up of t):te process, cutting a door to get out, after peens av hs." to some mlSc hlef, although they cOl,lld not hear which melted snow water was thrown over the "I wonder how they came to be cast away what was said. hut, where. it froze and thus left the b)lilding here" muttered Frank. .. .Alarm and the two and as hard as ICe., .. Luck out, or, bedad, it's pasht thim we'll be arm yoursl!lf! said doctor, hastily. They Frank had no deSire to remam there any afther floyin', sor." menacmg Frank. . longer. ." I can't stop the boat with the brake. Throw Begorra, spalpeeI?-s IS ,throym m. So, when all the people were disembarked out the anchors Barney" quare way tel' glt us tel' lind thlm ther helpm from the Bird, he called: chief o.f the Out of the hobbled Barney/ followed by hand," said Barnl!y, ,hu.rrying .out to obey. tribe up, and asked him m EsqUlmau: the doctor, and clinging to the rall, to prevent Frank was not mtlIDldated m the least by the Is there a,n,! of your number wh0!ll you the gale blowing them overboard, they loosened m?,n. ". could send witn us on the boat as gUIde, to the anchors and let them go at the end of the. Put ?-ownl.0ur arms! he exclaimed, holdsh,?w us the way to the south,ward 1 long ropes that held them. mR up' hiS han : Not one know: about the land They dragged along across the ice astern, arid you Will us away to safe quarsouth of here, he replted, It w01;,ld not do finally held fast, bringing the Snow Bird to a ters? ea!!,erly ?-em,anded the Dane who had good for anyone to,go Wit? you. pause close to the men. to kill hill!' , HC?w unfortunate! rhen give us the right Barney and the doctor came in covered with No! I you agam I won t do anythmg for directIOn." snow'" you for klllmg your poor, unfortunate mess" The sun hangs almost directly in the north Th I' ht bl' th h t th b t mates, and devouring them. to-day." e arc-Ig s azmg, roug ou, e Oil. "But,mineGottlvevhasstarfing." "By keeping it astern then, we will keep the men out on the Ice a clear VIew of the "There is no excuse for man-eating by civil-going south 1" mmates .of the boat. ized people. Besides, the poor fellow who be, "Exactly. For many leagues ahead you will, thell!selves m fr<,>nt of the boat, trayed you, has branded you all as murderers I am told, find rough and hilly ice. When you With nfles m hands, scant, tatter.ed of the captain and officers of the whaling ship Rass it, you will come to a great plain which, clothes ill the 'Ymd, and a look of mGolden Harpoon. You committed the heinou s tis s aid, covers an inland sea. Thence you can tense cur\oslty upon their faces, the strangers crime willfully and maliciously, in order to steer off at a right angle with your present stood gapmg Frank. steal the craft and its valuable cargo of whale course, and that will bring you to the eastern He. did not hke looks of the men at !1ll oil. But God's retribution fell upon you swift coast of Gre enland." !'hey had on SUIts such as most ordmary and sure, for here you are, wrecked, helpless, These directions were meager, but they were sailors wear, and some wore coats, but they all and starving in the heart of Green!and, where valuable in lieu of none, so our friends took had a .forlorn, ragged appearance. you have wandered in hopes of succor." leave of the Esquimaux, and started off, with Their faces were dark, and proclalme

\ \ \ Part n, FRA.NK READE JR:S ELEC'l'RIC ICE BOAT, 5 The darky did as he was directed, and when They soon rallied, however, and clllbbing the rear compartment, where Barney met them he joined Frank he carried a spade and an ax, their' rilles, they attacked Frank and Pomp with a scowl, and asked of Frank: with which to make the grave, with such overwhelming determination, that "What shall we do now 1" Disembarking from the anchored boat they they were both knocked down and made pris"Recover the anchors a:nd remain here," faced the powerful wind, and with fluttering oners before they could defend themselves. "It. these bastes harrums yez, let us know, clothes made their way through the blinding "Le' go ob mel" roared POmP, as he rolled sor." snow to the place where the half-covered body and kicked and punched at his "Have no fear. Only look out they don't get of thp. dead sailor lay, close to one of the ice-furiously. "I ain't a-gwine ter gfb In, yo' entire possession of the boat," hills. heahl" "Its not a wink av schleep I'll do onti! we He was as rigid as iron. "Hit dat feller on de head mit a gun I" growl-are rid av them, sor." Matks of. malt!eatment all his body ed the Dane. "Go away from here!" said the Dane, with a showed .plamly wIth what brutahty he met at "Yo' break yo' gun ef yo' dOl" threatened dark scowl. the hands of the mutineers. Porn "Wid pleasure," replied Barney. "-.Shure, "Poor said still, as long as they've got us," said ther !ucks av yez makes me sick." as he sadlY Vlewed thE\ prostrate body lymg beFrank wisely He left the compartment and went out to find fore him. "It scarcely needed the cruel blow "Oh' Lawdv how kin I when I'se so billn' the anchors, all the mutineers crowding into they dealt to end his unhappy life he was so far sah 1" the kitchen." .." The sailors bound the two captives, and then "Have you got some food here 1" eagerly ,Heah am a In de ICe .. sah, said Pomp. the Dane exclaimed : the 1?,ane. ". I 11 out de plepes ob an den, we km "Take dem avay from here, into de Ple,J?-ty, replied Frank. Look In that port lay him In yere, an cober hIm up, wifout de or dat boat vill come back putty soon qUick an' locker. trubble ter cut a hole." mebbe dey wbip us" "Goot. Get it oudt, poys," said the Dane, in He excavated the indentation) and they lifted "What do you to do to us 1" asked tones of delight. the dead man up and laid bim In bis last rest-Frank The hungry men complied, while Barney fast ing place, then Frank covered with a "I you. Ve must got on dot poat. If ve :ned the ropes to the which he shroud IIf soft snow, on top of wblCh Pomp schtay here quick ve die mitout some food If Just then had succeeded m flndmg. heape!1 a lot of broken ice in a compact dose landsmen of' yours don'd make dat v'e go' "Have you got a compass with you 1" queried WhIle they were so employed, they did not on ooard ve kill you-if dey let us go ve Frank, eagerly. see several dark shadowy figures stealthily don't." , "No, we lost it," was the disappointing reply. creeping up behind the boat, where no light "You mean to use us as hostages: eh 1" "Pshaw! we can't do you any good, as was reflected from the WIndows.. Ve use rou so dat :ve safe our own lifes." have none. They were some of the castaway mutIneers. The mutIneers thereupon dragged their two Vot! Are you lost, too 1 Two anchor ropes were !,ut astern captives into a grotto where they had been liv-::We have for nearly a year." of the boat, .. to I!-tight by the ing, and a couple of them brought in the fellows Mebbe dere IS!; von yet on board of de ship fo!ce of the WInd li,lowmE$ agamst the Snow who had been injured in the fight, while several Harpoon., ,,' Bird, and the skulkIng sailors clung to them remained outside on guard to watch for the Could you gUide us to her1 as if to prevent the hurricane blowing them boat's return. "Yah. Ven de storm plows avay, ve show away. The wounded men began to rave for vengeance you de vay dere." Hardl:y had the m'!und over the body of the upon Frank and the coon as soon as they saw "Then there is yet some hope for us," said dead sailor been raised, however, when the them lying bound upon the floor in their midst Frank, gladly. sneaking men at the ropes slashed their knives and one of them was about to hurl a block of The food having been produced by this time, over the cables and severed them in two. ice at them when the Dane stopped him. was distributed among the ravenous men who the boat suddenly dashed away "Vaitl" s'aid the man, warningly. "Youkill began to. eagerly devour it, interrupting the With the wmd, and left and Pomp alone him, und his vriends von't dake us avay, but conversatIOn. at the mercy of the . kill us all. You vill haff rewenge for dot crack In a moment electriC boat valli shed m the on de het pruddy soon quick." CHAPTER XXIX. veil of downfallmg snow, and the two startled The man grumbled and growled, and our two men looked up. friends felt much relieved at the intercession A DESPERATE MAN S STRUGGLES. ,Back of sto?d, the di;n, s.hadowy out-for they were so bound that had the spiteful "WHoopl give it to th!ml Pound ther spal hnes of the sailors almmg theIr hfies at them low flung the ice it would have struck them peens well, docthor dear. Now, St. Malo, ye with deadly precision. as they would been powerless to have aould bullfrog aiter, pulverize ther bastes." "Hands upl" yelled the Dane, who command-caped it. Bang! went the door open that led into the ,,_ Half an hour passed uneventfully by then kitchen.. We are caughtl exclaImed Frank, m diSone of the guards ran in and announced that he Half of the ;nutmeers had been sleepmg had seen the search light of the ice boat bear-when Barney maugurated an upon Oh, gollyl Dey done cut de boat loosel ing down upon the place occupied by the grotto-them, and they were by surprIse. Pomp.". Instantly everyone was upon the alert. Some of them were lymg on the floor beSide Surrender 1 contmued the Dane, In threat-The Dane went out, and stood like a statue Frank, Pomp and the men, 0l:\ly the tol!es, . I" before the grotto, watcbing the beat, as it came two fellows on guard ,bemg. upon theIr fep;t Doan yo glb In ter dem, Massa Frank, excreeping up to the spot, in the teeth of the gale, when B!lrney, ,St. Malo and Beauvais Pomp. . ".. under the propulsion of its driving wheels. rushed lJ,rmed WIth pIstols, to Wrest Frank Tbey us SIX to olle I saId the mPresently the gleam of the search light fell from power. Vi>ntor despaIrIngly. . h' d h h b t h T They Jumped up and made a confused effort "I doan' care a blame if dey am sixty ter upon 1m! an w en t e oa llame III mg to defend themselves but our friends were de" dIstance, It paused. t d t dr' th' ff th b t "Hello, tlierel" shouted the doctor, through ermme 0 Ive em,o e oa. "Brave I II give them a then. the open window of the pilot-house. "Did you Barney was armed wIt,h hIS blackthorn stIck, Hab yo got any weapons, sah 1 cut our anchor lines 1" and the way he swung It around and banged :: put this POII?-P'" "Yesl" repJied the Dane, coolly. the mutiJ?ee,rs over. their l?-eads would have "An I am t got nuthm but dIS a,?" '.' What did you do it for 1" done cre!1lt to the WIldest Irishman at Donny. I Mofe hant or foot, an ve fire ad So dat we catch your two men without your br20k faIr. you! shouted the Dane. interferenc Hurroo! yelled he delightedly, as he let "Shoot away, you treacherous hound. Come "Ahl Y have got F k a d Po p drive a welt that knocked the Dane down like on, Pomp i" "ran n m m a ten-pin. "Over yez goes. Arrahl but it's "Ki, dar 1 Clarde track 1 De ole bullgine am d's c f aisy an' gin tie I am wid yez. Plug the divil acomiu'l" "E L I h I a e. '1 out ay thim, docthor. Faith, there goes anWith a run, carried along by the lIe ease t em at once, Ol" we WI 1 attack other wan. Who'll thread on ther tail av me of wind, they both made a dash for their eneYO'?yl d k coat 1 Give me the hardest head, an', be heavmies, right in the very thickest of them, and diou ,r; e us on dat poat, or we will kill ens, it's in two I'll crack it wid wan thump." rectlY,' ill the face of the worst danger. is your game eh 1" A fearful se,ene of cO,nfusion was ,gOing on, !'Fire!" roared the Dane. "D t t' d dd'" everyone mixed up m a struggling mass, Every mall pulled the trigger, and a dozen re-"B a, IgS sR e?te ei' I t. and our friends drove the panic-stricken crew ports pealed out, when down went Frank and "rm r. ea e ou so can ques IOn back against the door.' his black friend, p,rone on the ice. him. One of them opened it and rushed out on "Dey are shot l' gleefully shouted the Dane. "Werry goot. You soon vill see dot I dell de deck. "Not yet," answered Frank, as he and Pomp truth.". That was all that saved the rest from utter arose. TJ;te man spoke m Danish to of his com-annihilation, for it gave them a chance to o-et Their enemies were amazed, for they did not pamons; who at once dragged Frank frem the away. '" suspect that the two .cute adventurers had caJe, wnere d,?ctor could see him. They jumped from the boat, one after an fallen to escape thll flYIng bullets, as soon as Fra!lkl ThiS IS unlucky 1 What shall we other, followed by several harmless pistol-shots the command to fire at them had been given. do 1" said the doctor. and the victorious aggressors seized upon "Broke dar heads, Massa Frankl" relIed the "Take the miscreants on board. They have fallen rascals and flung them all off save the coon, charging on the startled men w .lth his ax got the upper hand." leader of the mutineers, after their' companuplifted. "Shovel dem off de earf I" Have they hurt you 1" ions. Frank and Pomp were set free. They struck the mutineers like an avalanche, in the least. They are only actuated by "Bully fo' usl" yellen the coon wild with and in a moment their weapons were fiying self delight. "Gimme a club till I hit some onel about, creating as much deva.station in tbe :: All rIght-let them co;ne,?n board." Barney, yo' can't kill dem wifout me!" ranks of the ruffians as loaded pistols would. You heard what he saId 1 remarked Frank "Faix, they're all garn but ther ringleader Right and left they struck out, and every to the Dane. . an' he's that sin' seless it wouldn't be felt if i time a resounding blow was' struck, a man Remember dat you dIe, if dey dry to hurt wuz ter punch him in ther jure" went down with a groan. us::' said the Irishman_ "Och, but shmdy wor The onslaught was fierce and irresistible, the .. Don t be alarmed. I,r;m aware of the con-too short an' schwate ter last, Does any wan coolness and coura.g!l of the two men was wonditIOns. G,? ahead now. want a baitin' 1 Shure, it wor rusty I wuz I deriul, and the mutmeers for a moment haD. to Th:y carried Frank, and theIr woundgittm' for ther want ava ruction." retreat to save themselves. ed frIends on board the Ice-boat, and entered, "A complete victory,"laughed Frank, an ad/


6 FRANK READE JR.'S EIJECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. miring look in his slJarklmg blue eyes as he "I am p,ositive that you have deceived us some means .managed to get rid of the ropes bent his glance upon Barney. .. I didn't expect somehow. that bound hLm and attacked Frank. :t. But I'm glad you drove them away." "Och, vot makes you t'ink dot?" "Hellol" gasped the amazed doctor, "look "What dOJou want us to keep this Dane "Because it looks to me as if we have been there I" ,,, fod" asked Vaneyke. running around in a circle and have come back "Be heavens It s free he s gotl He can guide us to the Golden Harpion." to where we were several days ago." Pa.rbleul" St. Malo. "Ze boat .. Ahl you hope to find a compass on board "VeIl, you vhas righdl" eez gomg-look-lookl the whaler?" "What! You dare admit that you have led The Snow Bird had ?egun to slide off side ) "Precisely so, and this rascal knows the way us astray?" wise to the edge of a clIff they were on, fOl''.lled back to her." You vhas been going in some directions by a leve l plateau that arose abov e the crevLced .. The n I'll bind, him so he can't get away till vot I don'd know something ot." ic e far down them. we make use of hIm." "Do you mean to sar, that you didn't know Pomp saw theIr danger and grasped ihe "Good! The storm has almost spent its fury where we were going?' wheel. now. " No. I didn't know dat mineself." "Gollyl" he muttered. .. In less'n fo' minutes II By to morrow, FI'8.nk, we can get under sail "Then what did you misdirect us fod" we' d abee n oberl" again." "So'you been worser off as you vhas before." He gave the wheel a tur!l, puttmg the boat .. Do you see anything of rhis fellow's "Is this malice-spite-vengeance on your before the wind, and drove It away from that friends?" part?" dangerous location. "No; all have disappeared but the wounded "So dot I git schquare mit you for vot you Frank was fighting hard out on deck, for the men, and e v e n they are crawling away after done by mine friends." Dane struggled with the ferocity of a madman their friends." "You are rash-reckless-mad to trifle with to get awa y, as he knew t,hat his life would .. The ravenous wretches have devoured most us this way." have to pay the death penalty for the various all ourfood. But never mind. Set a guard and "Dot vhas 'cause I don't care vetter I lief or crimes our friends knew he was guilty of. we will turn in to get some res t. We have hard vetter I die now." Back and forth, to and fro they fought, stag work and a long journey before us, doctor." Frank and the doctor exchanged blank looks gering all over the deck, up at one St. Malo and Beauvais went on guard and the of utter dismay. down the next, straining every muscle, ana rest turned in and slept until the storm had The wily Dane had cleverly tricked striving by every means to gain t1!e advan all cleared away. \ under the pretext of saving their lives, ana taffe. On the following day all the mutineers had now, instead of improving t lieir position, tbey You may fight and fight," panted Frank, vanished, the sun shone out from a clear sky, were just bad off as they were beforel grimly, "but you will have a tough time of it the ice was covered with deep snow and the A hard, stern and remorseless feeling of anger to get away from me. gale moderated to a gentle breeze. came over Frank. I break your back on de railing," hissed the The Dane had recovered his senses and found "If we keep you with us any longer," he ex Dane. himself chained up in the kitchen at the mercy claimed fiercely, "there is no telling what you He had. gotten Fr.ank agail!-st tl;1e rail, andl of the ice boat crew. may np-xt attempt to do to injure us. I will pushed hLm over WIth all hLs mIght, He was savage over the prospect, but his rage soon decide your fate for this last piece of Frank let himself go, and they both fell from did him no good. treachery." the boat down to the ICe, where they rolleod Barney and Pomp started off on the trail of "Vhas you goin' tel' shoot me7" tremblinglyover and over, locked in a tight embrace. a moose which one of the Frenchmen had dis asked the man. The doctor and the rest ran out on deck. covered, to replenish their larder, and Frank "I shall leave the decision of what shall he. "Look out, Frankl" shouted Vaneyke, warn went into the kitchen, and accosted his prison come of you to my friends. They shall be your inp;ly. "You are close to the edge of that prec er with: jury, and I your judge, after they have passed ipice, and may fall over.': .. The tide of war has turned in my favor, sen'tence upon .you." Alarmed, he and Barney jumped from the Dane. You now are my prisoner. When I was "Have you all heard what has passed '1" asked boat and ran for the struggling pair, who, by yours you threatened to kill me if I did not the doctor, turning to the rest, who stood lis-this time, were updn their feet. meet your expectations. No doubt you meant tening and looking on. Frank glanced around. to keep your threat. Now it is my turn. Un .. We have," replied Barney. He saw that the doctor's warning was alarm less you guide us to the wrecked whaler I shall .. Then let us retire into yonder room and ingly true. c ertainly blow your brain$ out. You now have agree upon a verdict." He was struggling in dangerously close prox your choice: Obey m" or die!" "You shall be the foreman, doctor." imity to the edge of the ledue, and already the .. I do vot you vantl" sulkily growled the "Very well, Frank. Now, friends, come ice was breaking and crumfifing beneath their man. on." I feet. "Very well. As soon as my friends return They all wp-nt into the back room, leaving .. Back with you I" he cried, sharply, trying to with food for our breakfast we start off under Frank and the prisoner alone together, the force the Dane away. your guidance. Woe betide you if you practice boat standing up in the wind. No! If I must die, it may as veil be dis vay any treachery upon us. Do you understand?" When the two Frenchmen, Barney and pomplaB any other," was fierce reply, II an' I hat "You can drust me," quietly replied the cap were seated, the doctor said: de satisfaction of takin' you mit me." tive. "You are all aware of the treachery practiced Struggle as' hard as he might, Frank could Within an hour Barney and the darky came upon us by the Dane, and know that he is not drag the man away, and with dogged per back with the moose. not only a cowardly murderer and cannibal ,severance and a devilish persistence, he kept It was a fine, big and had given them but that he has also made every effort to kill dri!cgging Frank nearer and nearer the abyss. a good deal of trouble, Dut a shot from the and injure us. Now su<'h a man js too danger With cries of alarm the crew of the iceboat darky's rifle brought it down. ous to leave at largei carrying on his infernal saw his purJ!ose, and Vaneyke and Barney Pomp cooked them a good breakfast, and practices, and it devo ves upon us to get rid of rUlilhed toward them. then the Dane was brought into the pilot house him." But they had gone a dozen ,Paces, a cry and secured there. "Mr. Chairman, may I have ther flure 7" burst from Frank. The canvas was hoisted, and Frank steered asked Barney arising. The ice gave away from his feet, the boat away after the anchor had been taken "Take de wall an' ceilin' too, while yo' am at and went down in the gulf with a loud UJ!. on deck again. it," said Pomp with a grin. Locked in his enemy's deathly embrace, Frank Pointing to a heap of icy hills of peculiar for "I am anxious to hear from each one as to our Iell over with the ice, and the next instant the mation, and keeping the northern sun dead disp,0sal of him," said Vaneyke. struggling pair vanished from the sight of the astern, the captive told Frank to go around the I Then begorra, I'd hit him wid an ax," said horrIfied spectators. base of the hills, follow that track to the right, Barney, sitting down again. __ Il.nd ultimately they would reach the sea "Any other suggestionsf' queried the profes-shore. SOl'. CHAPTER XXX. It was a long, roul!:h run to the foot hills of "Le' me butt him in de stomach jist once-I'll ice, but the boat ultimately reached them, and knock him tel' glory hallelujah wid one bunk" AT THE STONE WALL. around as. the directed. sa!f .. HELP I Help, or I will perish !" MIle after mLle. ?f WIld, barren country was That s two, smLled the doctor. II Now, St. This wild appealing cry rang out over the icy gone over, no sLgn of the sea was seen after I" scene in thrilling accents. nearly a,day s MonsLeur, eet great sorrow zat I say It brought a sensation of glad surprise to the Frank s suspICIOns Qf the Dane became eet, but eef me, open ze back of minds of the crew of the Snow Bird, for iteame aroused.. hees !l'eck."':lz a an mtroduce one of ze from over the ledge where Frank had fallen were m a granQly-wIld and ,pIcturesque WlaLrs ovatr ze medulla oblongada, locked in the arms of the desperate Dane with locality, but as they proceeded t4e surround WIZ wong shock of ze battery I will reduce ze whom he had been fighting injfs began to take on a loo!'. to one-vat you him-ze stifl', by garl" II Bedad, it's the voice Frank himself I" Do know, doctor, saLd Frank 3:t last, mode of pumshment does Beauvais shouted Barney gladly. t!Iat ihLs place looks .very much to. me like tl;1e propose II There can be no mistake about it." assented neLghborhood of the hills down shd St. Mal? questIOned frLend m French, and Vaneyke. foHowed by avalanche some time ago. Pomp and the two Frenchmen were yet on Just the Ldea that occurred to me, Frank, BeauvaIS say zat ze best way eez to blow the d ecK of the ice-boat which was tackingup assented the head wiz. a revolver.". and down under full sail. There was an smile the Dane f.ace: And I am m favor of the Running to the edge of the ledge, the doctor Frank detected It, and hIS former SuspICIOns Now each ?ne of us has a dLversLty of opmlOn flung himself flat on the ice, and peered down on the subJect. Let us cast a ballot as to which into the yawn in ab ss below. See you you have been playmg moC\e of w.e follow, as you all seem 'II There he is [ried. me false I he exclaImed. anxIOUS to B;Lll hLm. "Safe?" eagerly questioned Barney. The Dane started, and the color forsook hLs Before thIS plan could be put mto practice II A v but our trial of the Dane is now need face for a moment. they heard a scuffle out in the pilothouse and les s ,,' He looked as if he wanted to .refrain from they all jumped up and ran in. 'II D'yer see tb,er s al een docthor dearf but he could not the The room was empty, but the door stood "Yes Fardo 'Heliesdeadonthe to say what. was on"hls mmd. open. ice.'" wn e ow ou t mk I fool mIt you 1 he asked sal" on deck Frank Jl.nd the prisII I'm glad av it, Heaven fergive me fersayin' dODlcally. oner m each other s arms, for the Dane had by ther same."


.. --Part II. FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. ,. "Frank did not fall all the way down. He is other side, and the sound seems to be on this" an' it's only an encyclopedia as could undher on ajutting ledge.'" end." stand him." "Wait, an' I'll giL a rope to pull him up, so I The moraine was nearly half a mile long. "What is the matter, Frank1" shouted Van will, sor." As they started off on the side designated byeyke from the iceboat at this juncture, as the Make haste. He is in a slippery, dangerous Frank they were suddenly startled by hearing Snow Bird glided over to the moraine. spot,. and may fall off." a human voice shouting, and they came to a "Steer around the stone wall and you'll site," "romp I" yelled Barney, waving his arms. pause, and glanced at each other. replie d Frank. "Come here widye I" Thedarky drove the boat "Wot ther deuce is itr' Dluttered Barney. "Faith, ther boat'll git forninst these over to where the Irishman stood, and Barney "Certainly not the voice of an Esquimau," schtones afore we could cloimb down onter hastily climbed on board, exclaiming: replied Frank. ther glacier agin," said Barney. "Give us a rope till I save Masther "Begarra, it's in throuble ther spalpeen isl" He was right, for the boat sped along very Frank." "Hark! There, he's yelling again I" fast while they began the slow descent over the Then he dove in through a door, procured what Once more the frantic appea.ling cries pealed slippery stones. he wanted in the storeroom, and swearing at out on t.he other side of the stone wall, and it Before they got to the bottom they came to a the Dane under hL'! breath, for so treacherously was accompanied by a loud clatter of ice, and circle of the stones, and were going over an luring them back to the place where the ava the barking, snarling and growling of dogs. oval top to i.t when it fell through. lanche had pursued them, instead of showing The voice of the seal was now changed to a Down they went into a hollow space among the wav to the wrecked whaler, Golden Hal" hoarse growling and roaring, and Frank glanced the rocks, and to their amazement they found poon, he ran back to the doctor. off at the end of the moraine. themselves within an artifiCially made cham They lowered the rope down to Frank, and "It is a sea lion!" he exclaimed. "The beast bel' of stone filled with boxes and barrels. shouted to him. and'the man must be tlghting. Just hear what The light of day streamed down in the place He caught hold of the rope and came up hand a racket they are making. The end of the mo through the hole in the broken roof and dis over hand, not waiting for his friends to pull raine is a long distance off. Before we can closed an American fiag flung on top of a heap him up, for the distance he had fallen was not reach it, and get around to the man's aid, it of boxes standing piled at one side. more than twenty feet. may be too late." "WhX, we are m a cairn, or stowage place To the amazement of his friends, he was not "Faith, ther man ain't a Yankee." for food, left by the crew of some American iniured. "Nol Come-follow me. We'll take a short vessel, as this flag testifies," said Frank. How do you account for your good fortune r' cut." "Wot in thunder's in these boxes an' bar'ls 1" curiously asked Vaneyke. "How1" queried Barney breathlessly. queried Barney. "Locked in each other's arms we fell down on "Up over the stone wl1ll." "Canned food. Just what we needed." the ledge," said Frank, "and by extreme good And so saying, Frank went clambering up on "Then, bejabershit war ther grub that furri luck the Dane was underneath. He got a hard the rocks. ner war afther w in ther sea lion got onter blow, and the breath was knocked out of me, It was a hard climb for them, as the stones him," said Barney sp,eculatively. but his body saved me from serious injury. I were covered with a coating of ice and snow "Undoubtedly so, assented Frank. "It is a rebounded from his body, and he fell off the that made them as slippery as glass. Godsend to us, for our provisions are nearly ledge down to where he now lies dead. Formy But by persevering and paying no attention exhausted. But we are in a trap." part, llanded on the ledgel clung to the ice, and to the bruises they got, after a struggle they How d'yer mane, recovering mr breath I called for help." reached the top, and peered over. "We can't get out of this welllike place very "Shure, an he's as dead as a door nail," said Below them was a smooth plane of ice. easily. The door is sealed up on the outside Barney. At the base of too moraine a gaping fissure with frozen ice, and the top IS so high up that "N a wonder. for he fell a great distance," reo was seen. we can't reach it, unless you can stand on my plied Frank. On one side of it stood an Esquimau sledge shoulders." "What are we to do now1" queried Vaneyke. and team, while close by lay a man in fur cloth "Faith, our friends'll dig ,us out;' said Bar ,. Start off in search of the sea shore and find ing, struggling to get aWI1'y from a huge sea ney. the wrecked ship." lion, into the baCK of whICh a harpoon was "They didn' t see us fallin, and so don't know "Then come-let us get on board and retrace thrust deeply, the beast evidently intent upon where we are." our course." killing the man. "Won't the furriner tell thim?" Getting on board of the Snow Bird, the rest He was a short, fat little fellow, what little "Maybe so," assented Frank. warmly congratulated Frank over his lucky es there was to be seen of his showing a dark "If he don't, faith, we can't schtarve ter cape, and the electric iceboat )Vas turned complexion, and he was evidently unarmed, for death here." around, and sailed away back the way she he was vainly using his hands to force the sea "Harkl He is yelling outside in terror again." came. under a full head of billowy canvas, and lion away from him. "Shure. it do be sound in' as if he wor howl with a spanking breeze blowing. The enormous creature, goaded to fury by the in' at his dogs." Returning to the hills around which she had wGlund of the, harpoon, had a portion of its "Yes. There is the sound of his sledge grato come, the boat was sent off to the westward, by bodr upon the man, holding him down, and its inl? on the ice." keeping the northern sun on her starboard gapmg mouth was raised over the poor fellow's 'Och, ther spalpeen is mebbe afeerd av ther quarter. head. oice boat." The ice was very rough and broken for anum "Fire. Barney, it is going to kill himl" cried Here, let me get upon your shoulders and ber of miles, and then the boat descended a deep Frank. look out." valley, through which ran a tremendous gla. "Bad cess to its sowl, here she goes." The Irishman braced himself and Frank cier, covered with moraines of semicircular The two rifles belched fire, smoke and lead, climbed upon his body, caught hold of the top shape. and the sea lion rise he saw the man sitting in his on this glacier are nothing but walls of stone, "We have hit itl" said Frank. sled$e, daehmg away at full speed across the and do not contain any rubbish and dirt like "More power to our elbows, we have that." glaCIer, on his dogs with voice and the ones in Switzerland. They are formed like "The man is getting up. Give it another lash. whIle ever and anon he glanced back over the froth on a glass of beer, no doubt. the for sHot!" his shoulder at the iceboat, which was in pur ward movement of the glaciers bringing the rn. ventilate its brains this toime. so I will." suit of him. stones and rocks up through the crevices to the Bang, bang! thundered two more shots in "Doctor!" yelled Frank. at the top ef his surface from the bottom of the glaciers. They quick succession, and as the roaring animal fell voic.e ... "come back!" look much like stone walls built by the hands over upon the ice, Frank cried: "tlurrahl Dar he am on top ob de stone of men. There is an unusually big one ahead "Well done I We've nearly finished it. How walll" shouted Pomp, who stood on the deck of of us now." strange to find that creature herel They are the boat. "Turn back, doctah, turn back, sah." The boat was sweeping toward a curved wall only common on the other side of the contment Tqe boat went around in a circle, and return some ten feet in height composed of massive off Alaska. And how this fellow got here is a ed with a free wind to the stone wall, down bowlders and stones that varied in size to the mystery, unless he came up out of that hole in from which Frank had climbed. dimensions of mere pebbles. the ice below us." He told them what happened, and called for When the Snow Bird came within a dozen When the man got upon his feet, he glanced an ax, when he cut open the cairn door Qf ice, reo yards of it the crew heard a peculiar bellowing up at the two men on top of the moraine in leased Barney. and they all went to work and and roaring sound, and Frank brought his boat blank astonishment, and the dogs began to transferred the boxes and barrels of food to the to a pause, with the exclamation: bark at them and show their teeth. boat. "That sounds like the voice of a seal!" Hello, stranger," cried ,Frank, "are you all The man in the sledge was yet in sight. "Such creatures are not genllrally found upon right now 1" "After him," said Frank, pointing at the glaciers," said the doctor. The man answered in a strange language, stranger. "He may lead us to the coast and "I know it, and that's what arouses my curio gesticulated to signify that he did not under prove to be our salvation. He is afraid of the osity." stand them, and seeing that the sea lion was boat evidently, but we must catch him. Crack "The noise came from behind the moraine, noL yet dead, he ran up to it and grasped the on t0p,.sails and sheet home the fore stay sail, didn't harpoon. bars! "Yes. I am goinlf to alight and see what He was in a towering rage at the beast. Up fluttered the extra canvas, and away shot sort of creature it is. Withdrawing the weapon from its body and the boat to overhaul the dog sledge which was He tendered the wheel to the doctor, grasped uttering a furious exclamation, he drew it back rapidly s.peeding on far in ad vance of them. his rifie which hung' on a rack in back of fiim and plunged it into the expiring animal again -on the wall, and left the boat, which stood up and again. CHAPTER XXXI in the wind with fluttering canvas. The sea lion fell over dead. Hearing a footstep behind him, he glanced Then only was the man's anger satiated. THE GOLDEN HARPOON. back and saw Barney who had followed after He glanced at the beast which had nearly SLACKEN away the foresail, trim in the jib him, armed with a rille. taken his life, and then, shoulderinll; his har sheet, and let go the mains'l!" cried Frank to "Shure I thought yez moight want com poon, he walked over to the stone wall and the negro and Irishman who were out on deck. Rany," said the Irishman, half apologetically, motioned for Frank to come down. We are close up with the sledge now, boys, 'so I thought I'd folly ye, sor." "Perhaps he can show us the way to the and must not run it down." "Then come around this end of the moraine," coast," said Frank. "What do you intend to asked the said Frank, who was skirting the base of the "But, bedad it's ther furrin language he doctor. stony wall to the right. "The ice is rough on the schpl1kes," said Barney, with a trouoled look, "Let hill). just keep his lead and no more. In


8 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. that manner we can bring up at some definite! "He will get cut in two by the runners I" ex. M.ur?ll;h!" .yelled Pomp. "Help, helpl help! destination, as he will doubtless head for 1> claimed Frank, in startled tones, as he saw the I se sk}nned! All de front am toren offef. place of safety he knows of to get away from coon vanish under the boat. m)' cos. Yo heah! Ph, gee! me! the boat in which he in awe." He gave the wheel a sudden turn. ., There was a belaymg-pm agamst the "Barney yo'le' "0 de fo'-s'l sheet line, an' I It jerked the boat around at an angle With Its side of deck house, on. whlCh. some ropes d th '. 'I Ii' exclaimed the darky run. course were Called, and Barney seized a piece, dropped gwine fo' ter run undl!.h de Had 'he not calculated so quickly where the it ,?ver the stern and yelled: ,.. jib alone, I 'specs, on less she doan' git steerage coon fell, one of the stern most runners would Grab Ir?-I}t, ye" spalpeen, an It s up III be way. Gosh a'mighty, we'se a'most atop ob de have. gone over body. afpther one hand and wrappin t sleigh." It Just grazed hiS heels. ., Om!.I. ..' g I Shiver me top schlack it is," reo Then the boat was gOlle from over him 10 a a dead nig ah!" plied the Irishman With a grm, as he unfasten-flash. . IS away d d t ed the sheet rope from the portcleats, and sent The coon's raised han? came in contact wlt.h haule away, an soongo 1m up on the boom swinging off to leeward. the rudder post, and hiS fingers closed over It deck. Frank and Vaneyke began to paddle. But only a few strokes. The kyacks fell over sidewise, and the next instant float ed keel upwards, Frank and Vaneyke hauging head downward in under water. "An' heah go de gaff," said Pomp, letting like a vise, when with a sudden jerk he was The poor coon was a pitiful sight, for the down the big sail. dragged along with the fiying boat. front of his clothing was torn to shreds, and They both darted up forward, hauled away "Stop de bOat I" he yellen, ashe went skating his flesh would have been in the same state if on the jib.line and making it fast, loosened the along over the smooth ice upon his stomach. he had been left much longer dragging over the staysall, pulled on the down.haul, and the for "Yo's arakin' me from bow ter stern. Oh! ice. ward canvas came fiying down. Och! Lord amassy! rse gittin' tored ter pieces, "Why didn' t yo' yank me right up outer Only the foresail and jib were left standing. I is!" he roared, shivering with cold and glar-Pomp went out on the bowsprit, and furled "Och it's ther illigant belly whopper yez balefully at the grinning Irishman. the stay 'lail, while Barney fastened down the have taken," said Barney, with a broad grin, as Faith, it wor a shame ter spile so good a. main sheet. he leaned over the tafl'.rail, and glancing down circus," chuckled Barney; "an' if it wasn't They already had topsails down. a t his friend, saw that he sustained that I wanted a good sucker ter belt in ther Th e boat ran along slower now, only the jib n6 fatal mjury. gob now an' then be way of divarsion, shure drawing, but the boat made so much leeway "Help me up out ob disI" roared Pomp, fran I'd a left yez there fer an Esquimau wake." that Frank had to cry: ticalIy, as a lump of ice he went over made him "Yo' did, hey Den j es' see how yo' like L e t go the jibI The wind is shiftinw around feel as if he was being cut in two. "Fo' de lan' gittin' frizI" growled Pomp, as he seized a. to the north and we can run free now. -oh-gakes, cawn't yo' see rse gittin' scraped bllcket of salted water from a rack and fiung Barney let the jibsheet fly. t e r deff 1" it all over Barney, who sputtered and danced As it sprang out ahead of the boat in a great "Bedad, it's sorry I am fer yer. Give us yer and raved wildly: bulging mass to the starboard, the foresail hand." "Be heavens, it's an' oicicle yez will make av jibed over to port and she ran wingandwing, "How kin I reach 'way up dar, honey! Frow me!" hotly in pursuit of the dog sledge. me a rope." Yah, yah, yah!" chuckled Pomp delightedPomp was directly in tlie way of the jib as it Shall I dhrop it aroun' yer neck an' make ly. "Want anodder one, wel!lt out, and the leech caught him a whack yer lave go yer han's 1" "Man overboard!" yelled Barney. It's that sent him flying overboard. lIey, yo' blame ole chimpanzee, why doan' dhrownt I am!" "Murdah!" he yelled, and then he struck the yo' do someflnT' .Pomp took three more pails of water one by ice directly in front of the boat, and it passed "I will. Ter ind yer misery it's a. bar av iron one from the rack, and let the fly all over him. I'll dhrop on yer head." over Barney in quick succession.


Pal't II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. I} "Swim outl" he roared. "Yo's ober YO'\ He made an effort to get up, but he stuck fast1suit of the man in tl\e dog sledge" who kept headl" bY' the seat of his pants. urging on his team in the effort to get away. "Bad cess ter yerl" howled the wild Irish Then he made c.nother effort, but it was a The boat ascended an elevation presentlYi man. "Irs hash I'll make av yer gorilla's failure. giving them a clear view of the country severa face, so I wIlli Shtopl ferther love av terbaccy'l "Och its glued here I am," he wailed. miles in all directions, and Frank's face sud shtopl or it.'s a livin I'll soon bel" "Reckon dar's gwine ter be fun den," laughed denly lit up with an eager smile, and he cried: "G'langl d'ye fink I'se gwme ter miss dis yer Pomp. "Look, doctor, lookl There is the lSea shore treat T' He went inside, attached two poles of an ahead of us." Then, bedad, it's a corpse I'll make av yerl" l clectric current to the metal roof, and turned "So it is, and the fellow in the sledge is roared Barney, as he broke off a number ot on a current that made Barney jump. heading for it, too." icicles from the boat, and began to bombard I "Whoo,l' I" he yelled, as his legs flew up in "Do Y'ou see that ship standing there amid the coon with them as fast as they could be the air. I'm kilt I" the ice" fired I He struggled and squirmed, twisted and "Can it be the Golden Harpoon'l" As one of the missiles caught him on the turned, and tore with might and main in a mad "Very likely. The dogs are going toward it." Grouping themselves in front of the boat, with rifles in their hands, their scant, tattered clothes fluttering in the wind, and a look ofinttlnstl curiosity upon their faces, the strangers stood gaping at Frank. I nose Pomp utt.ered a bellow and galloped effort to tear himself free, until at last he "Then we may find a compass on board of away around the, followed by Bar ripped the seat out of his pants and toppled her." ney, who pelted him at every step until he from the roof. "I sincerel y hope so, for if we do it will be sought inside. Down on the deck he went he landed on his our salvation." Onc e safely out of Barney's reach, Pomp feet, and taking a head e r he landed "We can follow the shore-ice, anyway, can't '\:banged his clothes. on the ice, bruised, mad and we" { Left to himself the Irishman went up on top ," Shtop ther bO,at!". he, y e lled, scraml?ling to "C!lrtainly; that 1,s the only means we have of the c abin and sat down to view the dog his feet aud pursumg It. 'Beheavens, will some of gomg southward. sledge they were pursuing, while he grum-wan kill that nagur for m e Shtop it, sayl" :' L,oat up ll!to wI,nd, The roof was covered with ice and so was denslvely at Barney, and the Jib and fore saIl swung m amldshlps, Barney's clothes. He ran after the recMing ice hoat as fast as II:nd b egan to lasl,l to and fro, when He couldn t get to his locker as long as Pomp he could tear along: the grinning coon yelling Ime of the foresail caught on the belaymg-pm. had the door shut, he knew very well, to change encour,agingly ,to lim, and so exasperating the ; shouted Frank. "Loosen that his wet clothing so he waited for Pomp to half wmded IrlShman that he began to swear, Lne. come out, Pomp had turned the tables on Barney with He no answer, and held the boat up m a vengeance the wllld s eye. Wh,lle he s!lt there rummahng over the m!l-t-, "Pompl" cried "Where are you '/" ter, hiS clothmp: 'began to freeze fast !;o the ICy Several ,nllies. 'Yere thus passed over, the Still no answer was vouchsafed. roof upon which he w8;s seated, and Pomp, hav-boat stea

10 FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. Part II. . h' f t gan to puncture his skin before he recoiled and l)lllg for the boat helter skelter, at the top of Frank scrambled hastily IS ee. ed a fatal cut his speed all;d rapidly coming up with it. He recogni.zed the. electrIC glare hat d rce ou are becoming murderous '" panted the .. My gracIOUS, has oeen the the search light th!l ath ':lr: ventor "Give me that knife, you rascal or gaSI>ed the doctor m amazement. "Could Bar on from the Snow Bird to Illummate e III r b eak our arro I" ney have fallen overboard?" ior of the wreck so Frank could see. r Y' th b th t db t h' "Doctor, is the sheet.line all rightr' shouted Standing in its broad glare like a statue, the He caught e man Y e wrlS an en IS Frank. inventor raised his rifle and began to flre at the arm Up. lik a vise "Yes: but wait. H.old her up in the wind a dogs which had attacked him. The griP wa':nane roan ain is overboard, and is com Every time his rifle pealed out one of the tg: the lnite pluckify he could lllg up with us fast. brutes fell dead. t ta d th f I strain brought to b Soon the Irishman reached the boat and H e heard the man whom they had been purnp s n e a'IV u ear clambered onboard. suing run to the after part of the hold, and call upon hiS muscles. h ld Where's that bottlenosed nagud" he roar the remainder of the dogs, but they to Slowly but gradually hiS 0 on the kDlIe ed, glaring around. . obey, as th'.lir animosity was aroused agamst begaln tko reflax. settled over his dusky fac .. Pomp 1 Has he been up to auy mischief Frank A 00 0 agony e, a o-ain l" Th: t bb t t t th' I' f his armjoints cracked, and terrible pams shot "'.,' 61r s u orn emerI y cos ell' Ives, or th h his body Begorra, I ve froze all ther fat off av me as they continued to circle around the inventor, Trohug I I sted a ml'nute I 0 ccount a h' .., h k t e suspense on y a e?sw'b ad t v t dmci r' d P barkmg, snarlmg and snappmg at him, e ep Then the knife fell to the deck with a metal 1 h' hne sd ar beth edrow gaspe omp, firing at them until the IMt one fell dead. lic ring and Barney snatched it up with the po nng IS ea ou e oor. 1'hen Frank started on a search for the man. "I did'" shouted Barney angrily as he aim He 'had retreated toward the stern, !!,nd was If ill ka e char e av this toad. ed"apunch at the coon", enveloped in the gloom, but Frank Withdrew s w P g Den I pay on:' said Pomp, duckmg the little electric bull'seye lantern, which he schtlCker I b t worn b the combatants reo hiS head, and buttmg him down. had used in the cave of ice where he had been The fur 00 s ., Y h' d k P "Tare an' ages, d'yer moind tbe assassin' d 'th D t V k vented them from slippmg on t e ICY. ec -, and d th?" ted B ,unprlso?e WI oc or aney e. Frank kept tbe same pressure bearmg upon I Q:tiV' our foolin "testil Flashmg the :ays of the lantern around he the man's arm, bendil?g him over l:>ackwards I d V' k "Sh k Y h d" g, Y saw the man gomg up a ladder at one of the steadily until his pantmg and groalllng turned ;rep Ie I!pey; e. a e, .an s', after hatchways toward tbe deck. ., .. I will, said arlsmg With a scowl, By that time Barney had left the ice boat, mto a .shrIek of pam. th d k F k as.):le J;lIS rlg;J;It .. and come into the hull of the ship to see what Then J;le fell prone upon e ec, ran on An I se satisfied, said Pomp, graspmg It occasioned Frank's firing. top' him. f '" t d F k firmly "I I" h tedth I' h "I th ted Glvemeapleceo rope pan elan, "B 't I'll t' b' th D' il' T tt f t say s ou e rlS man. Slur "He' e lOU are" was Barney's reply before u IP, u;n er s, a 00 ors, yezare, sor?" l' sa!?kICkmg Pomp s ," The dogs came near tearing me to pieces," r e o spe!!,kll?,g. Wow I roared the coon, With a convulsive plied Frank as he glanced dt>wn at his tattered Aid me bllldmg him. , jump a sudden tightening of his l;P'ip opo clothing. .lBut the light drove them off." "1!'aith I'll pound kidneys out av him, if Barney s hand, that almost crushed Barney s .. What's became av ther hathen gossoon r' ye gives ther worrud. ftnpers, .. There he goes up that ladder now to t'"e Between the two they managed to secure the MilIa murdher; lave go av me fisht '" yelled deck" man and lowered him down to the the Irishman, dancing up and down with Pomp, ,,' "groundwltharope, to tbe doctor who bad de wbo clung to him with convulsive tenacity. Come back bere, ye blackguard I Barney scended from the ice boat. They both kept hopping up and down, and yelled at the man. , "See if you can find out wbat nationality he the doctor was unable to refrain from bursting The strange fellow not reply, but contm is," said Frank. into a roar of laughter at the comical aIlpear ued on upwarehllld one stance to get a reply. wrecked ship, where tliey saw it disappear. of masts, and drawmg back hiS harpoon, The man then spoke to the doctor, but a Fmnk sent the boat down the bil after it, as,!f to hurlIt"at _". puzzled look swept over Vaneyke's face, and he and within a short time came up to the Golden L.ook out I cried Frank, desperate r emarked disappointedly: Harpoon, which I!roved to be a large vessel, at bemg c,!rnered, and mean!! If that I can understand most all the current Ian w i t h a hole stov e m the port bow. bits lOu, down 11 g!ll g u a g e s in the world, but I'll be hanged if I can She laid up on the ice, heeled far over, her 11 put a ball 1D him he fO.lres comprehend the tongue spoken by this queer masts and gone, and her hull covered Shure It s .the ongrateful baste h!l individual." with a coating of Ice, ter thry kill ther wans as s!!,ved hiS life I "What do you take him to be 1" asked Frank, "The man and' his dogs must have gone in The i?an shouted somethmg to tbem wh.ICh curiously. through that hole in the bow," said Frank. they did n?t un.derstand, but the, threatemng "It is hard to define by his language, for it .. I'll alight, go in and pacify him." tones of 1?1S. vOice them plamly that be seems to be a certain dialect of some northern "Look out he don't mistake your friendly meant,to mJure them if tbey approached too tongue. His features are somewhat like those intention," warned the doctor, "and play some near him. of the Icelanders though." scurv;y trick upon you," :r!arney aimed hiS rifle ,the man. "No use can be made of him at present, but "I don't believe there is any danger to be T.row up yer hands, or It s a coorpse yez we may find a means of utilizing him later on feared, after I saved his life from the sea lion," he Cried. "so we had better keep him on the boat," said laughed Frank. "At any rate I am armed with :rhe word;; had scarcely left hiS lips, whepo Frank. "Take him into tbe kiLchen, and Bar a rifle, pistol, and hunting knife, so I am amply With a whiZ the ha!poon left tbe strangE;r s ney and I will search the wreck to try and find pr(lpared." hands, and tlymg toward Barney With a compass." He left the boat as he spoke, filled with anx The doctor and Pomp carried the man on iety, for if there was a on the ship Whoop' yelled the Irishman, then he board of the boat, and Frank turned around, they would bavea means ofgUldmg themselves sIlrang aSlde, and took a survey of the wreck. homeward again from that bleak, desolate It was lucky for him that be acted ,so prompt. All the skylights, batch way covers, deck place. ly, else the weapon would have plerced him houses, masts and rigging were gone and every. Approaching the gaping hole the bo'1l' of and through., thing was coated with ice. 'the boat, he coldly entered in a stooping post As It was the sha!p stone pomt, of the spea: r Deadlights, doors and windows were smasb. 'ure, and found himself in the dark hold. flew so elose hiS body that It scraped hiS ed, and the bulwarks were broken, a hole was But no sooner was he well within the gloomy clothes b!lfore It went on and struck the bul-stoven through the deck amidships and the place, when be heard tbe muffi.ed tones of the warks With a: thll;d. wbeel and all the metal work was gone. man, and a moment afterwards the whole Ilack It was bp-rled m the woodwork and stuck "It looks to me as if the Esquimaux bad of dogs sprang upon him, and knocked him thFere shkadkmlig'd t th d' t O h tbeen here," said Frank to his companion. "You ,down. ran as e mae man an ,seelpg a know how they prize all kinds of metal. Just With a ferocity that was overwhelming, the he was armed, he dropped hiS rIfle and see how the iron and brass have been ripped beasts, faithful to their master, began to tear grappled him. .. away. Not one of the boats remains and even at Frank's clothing, and manifest every inten Out from behmd the strips of the brOKen the davits bave been torn out of the deck." -tion of tearing him to pieces. mast be the man, an,d a fierce In that case, shure it's ther schmall chance Assailed by.fully a dozen of the ferocious on tbe slippery, slantmg deck. we fer foindin' ther loikes av a compass," brutes, and lymg prostrate, although Frank Shall I lend yer thE;r loan av me arrums r gloomily answered Barney. "There's thercabin "made every effort to beat ,them off; he soon sh.outed, Barney, runnmg over to the strug dure open. Let's go in." 'found himself inadequate to resisting their un ghng pall'. They crossed the deck to the after part of the 'Seen assaults. "No, I can manage him alone," replied ship and went into the captain's cabin. A despairing cry pealed from his lips when be Frank, trying to throw the wiry little fellow Upon the floor laid the bodies of several 'fouud how helpless he was in that stygian over. "Look out of the wav." men. gloom to cope with the beasts, and panting and Barney drew back and fonowed them about, They were the officers of the ship as was exhausted he resigned himself] to his awful bent half over watching every move, with his plainly seen by their uniforms and they were fate. hands on his knees. all shot dead, --Frank and his opponent struggled back and Horrible!" ejaculated Frank with a violent CHAPTER XXXII. forth, the stranger fighting with great prow shudder; "this is proof enough 'Of the guilt of A BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT. ess, and evidently actuated by tlie fear that the Lascars Danes and Swedes with whom we THE Fr,!-nk gave to that some personal barm was intended to him.. ha:d the fight. Tbey killed poor fellows cry of distress, a light -flashed lD through the Suddenly he made a snatch for the kDlfe lD Without the least doubt. There are no signs of aperture in tJ;le of the Golqen Frank';s belt, p)llled it a!ld aimed a lung-e resistance, no confusion, and none of the men It .was.a blmdmg glare, commg lD a steady, mV,entor s l;Ieart wltn It before our hero look as if they had been armed, so they must bewildermg streaK, and caused the savage Es-dlvmed, hlS intentIOn, have been assassinated-shot down m cold quimau dogs to leap away from the fallen in The point of the keen blade had fairly Jlene blood} before they could defend themselves." .. ventor with snarls of intense fear. trated the jacket over Frank's heart, and' be Tuen, begor, it wuz a just retribution thlm


Part II. FR.ANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. 11 spalpeens met wid whin we left 'em to their Work, lads, work, and we will all go home rich .. Oh, I see. You want to. protect your dis fate on the oice." men." covery. Well, 5ince you won't any "We should have them." other way, won't you give us our beanngs, so They searched the cabm through but found CHAPTER XXXIII. that we may know how to steer, to get away no signs of a compass, and then ransacked the I from here." rest of the vessel. THE. S L.E 0 F GO L D. "Oh, no. I'm sorry to refuse you, stranger. It was a hopeless task, for there was not a and hiS friends were very much as But such a piece of information would give single loose article in the form of metal to be tODlshed at what they for up to that you the exact location of this isle. You would found. moment th;ey could what the men know just where to find it, if you ever get back That proved conclusively that some Esqui. were workmg at so assiduously. to civilization and wanted to return to carry maux had been there. They: had often of gold havmg: been off some of our treasure." is of no use looking any further," said found m Gree!lland, !los early as m the Frank was in despair. Frank at last, "for the Esquimaux haven't left year of 1575, Sir Mart!n FroOisher had brC!ul>ht It was utterly impossible to get help from s o much as a tin tomatocan on board in their back to. England a piece of quax;tz contammg these men he saw. greed. All we can do now is to follow the precIOus ore, wliich one of hiS seamen had Instead of pitying their forlorn situation, shore line, and trust to luck to get out of the up on the shorJ' tl A "h' this man seemed rather to be delighted at their latitude." ese men eVI. en y "merlcans, w IS, being lost their ignorance of their location, "Och, but where are we at all at all on the pered Frank to h, frlen4s. 'l;'hey must .h.av.e and looked as if nothing would please him bet coasht 7 Shure we may be close ter ther north la;nded here durmg t,helr flshmg expe!Iltlon, ter than their death. pole, an' we may be near ther south av this on dlscovere

12 FRANK READE JR.'S EIJECTRIC ICE BOAT. PUl't II. ". dl d Barney Shower after shower of bullets struck hilll "If he WUZ, I wouldn't a got ther best on ." BotheratlOn! .y, sal yez are' harmlessly but he paid no attention to them him" chuckled the man. hiS face elongatmg. 'It s c atlll me,,, and went on the anchors. "Now you hold up your handsl" said Frank, out av' breakin' a dozen ed his He had instructed hiS friends to protect their in deep "and if you qon't within Pomp gave a grunt Oft ISleita owe{he hill heads and bodies in the same way, and when one mmute, III blow your. out. and the four re rea own the anchors were up they came on deck again, He covered the man With hIS weapon as he to the Ice. h' d made targets spoke, and the fellow started back, with a look They were followed by thJ crl!t1 of. tfei s the amazement of the sailors ta :boysl" :ome see the balls strike the four men without doing d' I to F k d h' f thft them the least harm. com man was a signa ran an IS ew WI rl es. Loosen away with the jib and mainsail hal. friends, and they tired at the goldseekers ere The sailors tired after them.. r d" d Frank as soon as the anch they could fairly touch the triggers of their Some of the singing bull!ltsdwhhlzztedthso Sstoc;:d on the deck. "We must get weapons. comfortably close to our frlen 8 t a ey e w. Th hi in the lead is on th h Four of the men fell to the ground wounded, sorely inclined to return the shots. sail at once. e s p e ot The ice gave away from beneath his feet, and went down in the gulf with a loud crash. Locked in his enemy's deathly embrace, Frank fell over with the ice, and the next instant the struggling pail' vanished from the sight of the horrified spectators, and the other two ran away toward the rest of "Don't fire back," said Frank, warningly. er side of the island, and we have lured them all the crew, who, having been alarmed by the" It will ,only enrage them worse. Matters are away from it. We can get to her half an hour voices 0 our friends and the shots, came bad enough now." before they can, ransack her from stem to stern rushing forward. "Have you got any plan in queried and get away with a compass before they can There were over twenty men, including of Vaneyke. come up." ficers, the crew.of the wha!er was a large :: and one, too." Barney grasped the throat halliardandPomp owmg to the size of the ship.. s hear It." the peak-of the mainsail, upon which they be-Several from the tlrst SIX attack "First, to escape"them. gan to lustily hoist away, while Frank and tbe FraD:k and hiS friends, had gon!l flymg about Yes, and then 1 . doctor ran up forward and began to hoist away the ICe boat's crew, but so Wildly were the Steal on board of their shIp and rob them of on the big jib weapons aimoo that none of them were hit. a compass." "They are all armed!" exclaimed Frauk, in "Splendid. Ahl there is the boat now. All ,?ut swung the boom, and away tilled. the stay troubled tones. aboard." 'sail :vhen tlie:y were sheeted home, while Frank "We can't cope with such numbersi" cried Fortunately the boat was close by and none ran the pilothouse steer the vessel, and Dr. Vaneyke. of the flying bullets struck them, and they the sailors made a rush a compact mass to "Faith, it's a roarin' shindy we'll be afther hastened to get on board of her. up on the of the ICe boat. \ havin'!" delightedly yelled Barney, his eyes and One inside of the Snow Bird they were safe, StoR roared the first officer of the face all aglow with excitement. for they soon had the bullet proof shutters 11 get away and betray our secret "Doan' yo' run," howled Pomp, aiming his down over the windows, and when the crew in If you don t. deadly ritle at the oncoming sailors. "Dar am pursuin paused near the ice boat and began to "Stand by to repel boarders!" cried Frank, fodder fo' de grabe yard acomin'!" bang at it with their weapons the leaden meso as be turned the wlieel and sent the boat /lying "It isn't wise to stay and fight," said Frank. sengers of death flattened harmlessly against off on the starboard tack. "We have no object in killing them, or risking the metal hull. Barney, Pomp and the doctor attacked the our lives. Retreatl" The anchors yet held the boat fast, but Frank men who were trying to get on board with "A s.ensible plan," acquiesced the doctor, put on his suit of fur mail, went out, and began boat-hooks and belaying pins, and after a complymg. to loosen them. sharp tussel, drove them off on the ice agalD. /


.. Part II. FRANK READE JR,'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'l'. 13 Then.away flashed the boat, skirting the isl"We are in deadly earnest, though," said "All right, Frank. I'll drop a mattrass on and. Frank. the ice so it won't break." "Back fDr the ship!" yelled the mate, seeing "LDr'! What hev we done 1" He went inside A and the sailDrs down upon which way the ice-boat was going, "There's N Dthing wrong." the ice began to nre shDt after shDt up at the Dnly two men aboard of her, and they are go" 'fhen wot be yer athreatenin' us fed" two. men on the deck Df the Red J<'ox, but, none that way. They may set her afire out Df So ;rou can't dDwn us. Go on aft, into that of the bullets penetrated their helmets or spite." galley. clothes. With a yell the men rushed up on the island' "Wot be yerup tel', anyway?" A moment afterwards the doctor flung a again to cross it, and the ice-boat went alDng That don't concern you. Make tracks now." mattrass upon the ice beside the boat, and tlie margin Df the land. The two startled and mystifled men walked Barney let the binnacle drop down on it. Up, foresail! ,Up topsails, and over to galley with their hands held up The lamp glasses and the observing-aperture sta,fsails!' cried Frank, hiS eyes With over their heads, and entered. glass were broken into. a thDusand excitement. "We must beat them in thls race, Frank shut the dDor after them, and bolted it while the top Df the brass cap was battered ana bDYS, Dr we may not even get away from this Dn the outside. dented, but the compass was nDt injured by the frDzen land!" "They are disposed Df. NDW, Barney, to fall, Up rDlled the mDuntain of white canvas over search the ship." It bounded frDm the mattrass to the ice. the ICeboat, and it rushed along with the speed "Rummage ther captain's cabin, sor, an'I'll As soon as the sailDrs saw what was being of the wind-to win or to lose 1 look elsewhere," dDne, they made a rush to recovur it, jJ!.st as the "If we don't find a loose compass, we must dDctDr sprang down upDn the ice With a rifle in CHAPTER XXXIV take the one in the binnacle. Hurry up nDW, his hand to secure the cDvetedprize, old fellow." "Thetre steaJin' our compass!" yelled the FIGHT FOR THE They separated and began the search, and m!lte. '. We can:t ever get away from here THERE s the sealer! See, It s ,named the Frank succeedild in picking up a small brass Without It. D?n t let them dDOJ?lus ,tel' tJ;1er Red FDX! Lower away t,hose tDpsalls! Barney, pDcket cDmpass, but the neeule swivel was worst 0. fate, boys" Fight em hke let go. the PDmp, IDosen the brDken and it consequently shDwed no. defiecdemDns !. fDre and mamsall halhllords frDm the cleats, tiDns The doctDr's rifle pealed DUt spitefully, but Quick, bDYS, Dn y?ur lives, fDr the crew vyill He 'put it in his pDcket, however. d,id nDt check theI!l, PDmp ran Dver to that SDDn be across to. prevent us gettlllg Then he went on deck and met Barney up Side of the bDat With hiS grenades, on bDard Df their ship, as they fear we may fDrward Frank and Barney up Dn the deck were held fire it!" "Any'luck'I" he said eagerly in painful suspense as they watched the strug-The clarion voice Df Frank peeled DUt sharply Plinty-bad lucl" ,," gle going Dn fDr possession Df the binnacle. on the crisp cold air, as he sent the bDat flymg "What'" gDne PDmp aimed a grenade at the sailDrs and sealing s!Iip lying anchDred in I fDund no. cDmpass at all, at all," fired, it. . the lead, south Df the Isle Df gDld. "Then we must get the Dne out Df the bin-With a loud explDslOn It struck the Ice, and The negro. and the Irishman Dut Dn nacle," ripI!ed it all up. .. deck, and Dr. yaneyke let dDwn the Ice brakes "Shure it's a wrinch we must be afther havDf the flymg IrDn hit the bmnacle, and to stop the flymg bOat. in' ter !Zit at it." tDre It to fragments. There were Dnly two. men Dn watch 'UpDn the Aill't there a tODI chest dDwn in the foreThe compass was utterly destrDyed. Red Fox and Frank did not expect to. have castle1" A cry of cDnsternatiDn pealed from all Df our !Duch trDuble with them in bDarding the ship There is that. I'll go. down an' git a wrinch," friepds upDn witness,ing the ruinatiDn of all m search for a compass. Barney was just abDut to do. so, when there their hDpes fDr salvatIOn. BDth of them lea!lmg Dver the bl;llwarks suddenly sDunded a yell, dDwn Dn the ice bDat, r,rank .and Barney staggered Dn the ,leewa,rd SIde watchmg the follDwed by several piStDI shots.' That s th:e, end of all hope! SnDw Bird as it came rushmg Dver toward the "Frank! LODk out! Here are Dur enemies!" Frankh des p all'1n g ly vessel, their curiosity g;reatlyarDused: shDuted Vaneyke. "qc but is ther lunkhead Down fluttered the DlllDWY mDuntam of can"Barney-corne-over with YDU!" entOirely, I2;rDaned Barney, vas to the of the ice boat, and St. Malo. "NDt afDre I gits that compass." "LDDk Dut! ,SDme Df the are cDming and of Brest ran Dut and helped the "The'rope ladder-I must cut it ere anyone up theforechallls Dver the bDW .' negrooand to. tie it !'lDwn in stops so. can climb up. If that means Df boarding the "Tf1e,n dDwn ther rope we'll be afther that the wmd would nDt tear It to. shreds. ship is cut Dff we can hDld it against an army'" schlDldm. The of night; had CDme on frDm the base Df the pedestal to. break the irDn PDSt So dense was the fDg that it was with diffi the east before the wind, envelDpmg every-so. that he cDuld carry away the brass glDbe at culty they cDuld see three yards in advance of thing, the top, where tbey were. As SDDn as boat came to. a pause Frank dashed Dver to. the leeward side Df the Frank had the located., hDwever, ,and anchDred ShiP, Frank saw the fog and said ship, where the rDpe ladder hung, with his made dash fDr It, when they ,went m, sO,me alarm. , knife in his hand and just as he reached the mtD the Df a crowd of their ,enemies, 'I m sorry thiS came up, bDYS, It Will hide bulwarks a man's head appeared cDming up, a terrific struggle began fDr an the appr<;lach of the crew Dver the, island. He was the iirst Dfficer Df the ship, P!cks, crDwbars and spades were Wielded never m!nd. We must endure It. DDn t tie "They're aboard'" he yelled upDn seeing the agalllst the two,' and many 1,\ palllful blow thDse salls dDwn too fast, fDr we may need inventor struck them, but they fDught WIth cDDlness and them to escape in a few moments again." ,,', '" fDrced their way thrDugh the crovyd "We are in a bad place to get caught in the. D?Wll ynt!I you. sh,Duted and ran DO. fDr the bDat, upon the deck Df whICh fDg," said the dDctor, "fDr there are so. many mg hIS kmfe m the S YDU can t set the dDctor bad returned with the mattrass, be-Dpen leads arouud here that we might run into Dn th';l. deck of thiS ship! side the chagrined PDmp, one in the mist," sh.outed the <:lingmg: to the ThemDmentFrankandBarneywere upDn thc "Ship ahoy!" yelled Barney, as soon as everyladde: w!th Dne hand almlllg a at ice bDat, the fDrmer went into. the pilDt-hDuse, thing was in readiness, and he and Frank de Frank WltJ;I the other. Die, blast, you, with the remark: scended to the ice, He was Just about to pull the when "We may as well go. If we remain here, it AhDY, thaI', messmate!" replied the watch, cut the ,rDpe ladder, and dDwn It went 'will Dnly lead to a perfectly useless fight. The "WDt queer kind 0.' craft d'ye call that" 'ere With the mate a eh<;lt. compass is Rmasbed to pieces, and we have no skimmin'-dish 1" He the Ice all m a heap, l!

I I J 14 FR.ANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. One by one they were knocked overboard terfreeze ther whiskers av a brass monkey, an' scannedb the butthe fog until the last was gone, and our friends held bedad it can't move it aither.'d' F k th 0 0 VlBlon. undisputed possession of the boat. "How is she o3;t, and drive her order. I've examined all the Frank, said the after him! muthered. l'he mventor had to slacken speed now that he "and I see that they Will rust soon for Strange dlliI! t answer. s about the their enemies were disposed of. and the boat want of lubrication." only way m whICh I can hope to find him crept away in the mist like grim, shad "There isn't a drop of oil left," said the in again." 1 t F k 1 owy monster. ventor. With thIs reso u. IOn ra;n ran.a the But the wind, which had been strongly blow What is to be done then i edge of the lead agamr back m the directIOn in ing without dissipating the fOIi$ kept increas "Make some, of course, out of seal oil." which he had left the ICeboat. ing, driving the banks of fog aiong in heavy "Oh! There are plenty of the creatures Re felt pretty that the doctl?r had man clouds. around here." aged to support himself -.:pon an ICe floe, and It gave the boat an extra momentum that "Do you want to go after a few with tliat he would soon find him. was not noticed until there suddenly sounded "Nothing would please me b e tter." On, on, he ran fleetly as a deer .. a violent shock In the ice under the boat, and "Then take your rifle, and we'll go Presently be arrIvcd at one of the iCe anchors, J rrank stopped the driving wheels. We can't do any more h ere now until this d ense which Barney had planted to hold the boat But the boat rushed on at a high rate of fog blows away, doctor." against the shore. I\pe e d propelled by the wind, and before Frank B arney was left in care of the boat, and -But the Snow Bird was gone! put the brakes on, it rushed into an open Frank went ashore with the and walk-A frayed pIece of rope was attached to the and ;plunp;ed into the sea! amid a mass of ed away the edge of the leaa. anchor lookmg as if the line had broken under fioating iCe blocks upon whicn were a swarm "The ice is rotten and badly cracked," said 1\ severe strain. flf seals. the inventor. "Look out you don' t tumble In, Frank paused, and a cold chill pas!>ed through doctor." him. "We've got to keep close to the edge, if we "Gone!" he gasped, in blank consternation. CHAPTER XX'XV. want to see the seals." "But where '1" LOS TIN THE FOG. "J'rue. Ah, there comes a floe with several was no of finding out except by on It." attractmg attentIOn. "WE can't get out of the water, boys. The They had gone some distance away from the He ran along the ice and shouted loudly. runnerposts are in the way, for the shores are boat by this time and lost sight of it in the fog Fully a mile back the WQ,y they camewent steep and the ice is cracked all along the edges." bank, and now saw a large cake of ice coming Frank without gettinli$ a reI?ly, and then ne reo "The boat !Foes along just as well in the down the lead, impelled by the wind, on which traced his steps two miles "WIth no benter result, water, Frank.' laid several seals of the wandering species. and at last came to a pause in utter dismay. "Yes, but the gale is tossing the ice cakes They both took aim and fired. Where can the boat be 1 What will become pretty hard, and evey one that strikes the boat Two seals were killed, ana fell over on the of the doctor i" ne thought bitterly. I am may sink us." floe which by this time had drifted close to the lost in this fog, for I don't know which way to "Faith, then it's betther ter anchOr than folly shore. turn. Oh, what shall I ther lead," said Barney. Frank reached out with his gun, and touch Restless and anxious, he kept moving about, "We would be less exposed to the shocks of ing the ice cake he gradually dragged it over to hoping and praying for the thick veil of mist to the ice if we were tied up to the shore," ad ward him. lift, but it obstinately remamed hour after mitted Frank. "I'll steer the boat over to the While he was so engaged, the ice upon which hour, until at last, overcome by wearmess and left hand side, and you can go ashore with an he and the doctor were standing suddenly exhaustion, Frank sank down on the ice. anchor, Barney. Stand by now to fend her of!' cracked, and broke from the main fioe. Soon a drowsy feeling overcame him. with poles." "Run, Frank, and jump on the shore ice!" He slept. "Done wanter put out a bow an' starn line," cried the doctor. All alone in that vast field of ice, and en said Pomp. .. Ah! Wehave broken loose, and are afloat veloped in the of the frosty fog, he was UJ; .. 'l'hen you go with Barney to help him," said now, driven by the wind! This is bad, doctor." utterly lost as If in the Sahara desert. Frank. He was startled, and let go the cake on which * * * The two men went out, and taking down the laid the seals. ice poles they each went out on the port runner Then he and Vaneyke ran for the back of the A few minutes after Frank and the doctor arms and stood there, ready to fend of!' the cake they were on, to jump from it, when to left the ice boat Barney, who stood upon the boat if it threatened to bump too hard against their dismay they saw that the breach was too ice, was startled to see a number of shadowy the shore. wide to be crossed at a leap. figures approaching. The wind was driving the boat rapidly along, Moreover, the wind was fast driving them "Bedad it's thim schpalpeens from the Red and Frank had to exercise the utmost caution, out into the middle of the lead, and hurrying Fox!" he cried. "Shure they've follied us for they were allt to strike the shore before they them along the channel 'away from where the clane from whel'e we left 'em be doggin' our expected to in the fog. Snow Bird was anchored. thracks, an' it's death ter ther oice boat they'll Barner was the first to see the ice. "We can't help ourselves, now, in the teeth be if wanst they overpowers ther loikes av "Be he shouted to Frank, "we're close of this said Frank. us." in, sor." "Let s shout for help, or we may get tangled He s{lrang toward one of the anchors and, "Do you see the shorei" called Frank has up In great trouble." lifting It up, he hastily carried it on board of tHy. .. There's nothing else for it," assented Frank. the Snow Bird. "Faith, it's only tin feet away." Then they both raised their voices, and began Before he could return ashore for the others, "All right. Now, Pomp, keep your eyes to shout. the sailors who followed them had reached th e peeled astern there." No reply came back, for the wind was blowshore brandishing their weapons and loudly "Yaas, sir," cheerily responded the coon. ing their voices a .way from tbe ice-boat, and threatening the ice boatmen with dire punish-A moment later he gave a yell and thrust out they soon lost sight of the shore. ment. his pole. The channel was several hundred feet wide, "Whoo}?!" yelled the Irishman to alarm his 'l'he iron point on the end stuck in the ice, and the ice drift was tossed roughly by the vi' friends. 'Be on ter thim! It's a raid they're and he held the boat stationary by main force olent wind, cakes of it often striking against amakin on us fellies!" of strength. the floe they were on with such shocks that He rushed into the pilot-houFle and started Barney caught the ice at the bow a moment they were cast in a dread that each successive the eiectric current, reversed the wheels, and and hauled it over until the runnerarm one might break their fragile foothold to tho boat starting back gave a violent tug at was close to the shore. pieces. the remaining anchor cable and broke it. "J oomp ashore wid ye an' grab this rope, The'y kept on sh,outing for assistance at inter The boat darted out into the channel before Pomp," he shouted. vals, but no reply save the mournful of any of the sailors could get on board of her, The negro did so, and' Barney flung him a the wind was borne to their anxious listemng, and in an instant the two crews were lost to line as tile wind was in the act of blowlng the and they soon gave up all hope. each other's views, swallowed up In the fog. boat out In the stream again. Half an hour passed monotonously by. Barney grasped the wheel and started the Pomp the bow of the boat to the ice by Then a large fioe, on which lay half a dozen boat ahead. main force of muscle, and his feet began to slip large seals, was dashed against the one they It was all done so quickly that the boat was when he yelled for Barney. were on, and with a loud noise the two cakes fairly flying down the channel before the rest C'm out yere on de bowsprit!" he shouted. of ice were broken to pieces. of the crew fairly knew what hap{lened. "I ain't no Samsom!" Frank and the doctor toppled into the water, "De boat's broke loose!" exclaimed Pomp, Howld on, ye tarrierI" shouted Barney as their rifles strapped on their backs. wildly, as he ran in. ran in to the deck with the ice anchor In hiS There was a seal near the inventor, and he "Faith, it's looky fer us she did. Thim Red hand. "I'll be wid yez in wan minute, ter caught hold of it, and the frightened creature Foxes wuz forninst us ther minute ago." reo lend yer ther loan of me muckle!" swam swifty away. plied Barney, seriously. Didn't yez see He went out on the longbow-spritwhichnow It-slipped away from Frank presently, but thim '1" overhung the ice, and nearly fell several times, he caught hold of its hind flipper and was "G'way! Yo' doan' tell me so" skeptically as it was coated with ice.. after it again. rep'lied Pom/? But he dropped down beSide hiS old friend Within a moment Frank and the doctor were 'Begob, it s afeered they bes as we'll escape after a few momel}ts a;nd planted the anchor at separated from each other's sight, and the seal wid our lives ter tell some wan where their isle the full length of Its Ime. carried the inventor to the shore, av lies an' schtart up an opposition dig The boat then held fast. which he lost no time in seizmg. gin party chait them ., said Barney-. A second anchor was then taken out. Then he pulled himself upon it, and the seal Zey are ver desperait I, commented St Malo, "Faith it's Goorge Washin'ton an' all av his dove under the ice, glad to make its escape gravely. army couldn't move it now," said the Irish-with its life. "Begorry they'd be after aitin' us if we'd Jet man. "Let ther wind blow schtrong enough Standing upon the shore, Frank eagerly 'em, Frenchy."


Part II FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. .. Vich vay ve go now, Monsieur Irish T' St. Malo caught a glimpse of the dim figures, Before the hours of night came, they were in "Shure an' I don't know, Bullfrogs." and saw at once that they were some of the the shadow of an enormous mountain of snow "Eef Monsieur Reade returns, an' find us crew of the Red Fox. and beheld a small house nestling down in a. gone, vat he do, Potatoes T' The man who was crouching behind the hil valley below. "Wait ontil we comes back, Parleyvoo." lock glanced around. This residence was the most northern habitaI Just then they. heard the shots from the rifles Ahoy!" he cried. "Haul to!" tion of any white man in the entire world, and of Frank and Vaneyke and knowing it was Eet eez Monsieur Reade!" shouted St. Malo. the sight of it filled our friends with the utmo"t them that fired, Barney steered the boat for thE) Haul to!" amazement. direction the reports came from. "He's found!" shouted Barney, stopping the There was clear ice leading straight down to A few moments afterwards, they heard Frank boat. it and Frank steered-the boat in a direct line calling for the doC?tor, and would gone 'fhe next moment Frank got aboard the boat, for the place. over to the sh

16 FRANK REA.DE JR.'S ETJECTRIC ICE BOA.T. Purt II. natives despise me more' than I care for, and if Right and left he struck out, he that opened on I onceJose roy power over them, they won't do found that his enemies had put h onfl s es, OOj witch is escaping 1;' he cr' ed much for me in the future." and were pressing him hard, e re severa t e I, runnmg "Have no fears. I'll carry her off in my shots back at. them. dl h II I" "'asped Pomp folio' h' boat." Still they dId not stop theIr hea ongrus '" 0 ,y '" wmg 1m. "Take her to Upernavik and put her in the aud he then strained every muscle to' dIstance Dar. I ,se gwme an lef unlocked, arter hands of the missionary. I'll direct you,howto them by fast skating. al?ckm up all ob, ae get there," said Jensen. Foot by foot he edged further and further L?ok how wily IS for such an old hali!" "You shall do nothing of the kind!" hissed a away from them, until at last he was a hundred exclaImed Frank, at her, as she ntm. sibilant voice in the window. yards in advance. leaned o",er rallmg to the Icy groun? The speakers all started, glanced around and The ice boat had come to a pause upon its in f 1 m sgrry I ve off my skates, but III there, f!amed in the ';Vas the face of mates seeing the jeopardy of his position, an: d \Vh doan yo' I ab d I h the ugliest old woman WIth dIsheveled gray he made a bee line for it as he knew that hIS a 10 d pee eo e ussy hair that had ever seen in life. only safety laid in gettiltg on board ahead of go.r grlowShe It b k to T k "The WItch!" gasped Jensen turnmg pale. the an r natives No !3 WI 0 ac and "She speaks Danish weil," coolly said A ar;ow passed his head when he bother tha hfe out.of .r::eter Jensen If sbe gets Frank. .. arrived within fifty yards of the boat, and he away, and,r I d her so away "Yes, she IS a Dalllsh woman, I beheve. It turned to fire another shot at his followers, she could.n t reac film a hurry. is said that she escaped ashore here from aship when his foot struck a projecting lump of ice, FranG: Jumped down hto tht ICeldand. followed with a criminal wlio was her husband. He has and he itched over headlong, flat on his face. the old woml!-n upon w: ose s OU er the raven mysterio.usly, disappeared." His rffle flew out of his hand, and slid along haa perched Itself, ff!r It had formerly been her The WItch s head had vamshed as soon as she the surface of the Ice some distance away. pethalld now.recognllzed hher'd f h had spoken. A ell of delight burst from the savages. S e ran SWIftly a ong tee ge 0 t e stream, "She will go and alarm the Esquimaux came fl ing up to him and in a moment IlJld dId not. pause untIl. she her aban. against us, ,,:"on't she 1" Frank. "She the whole were the fall'ln man. doned but, Illto the low door of whIch she dove seemed to be III an uglr mood. Frank had struck his forehead.upon the ice and vanished. . "Yes that is what I fear,". said Jensen, in and was momentarily stunned. but he pulled Fr/tnk !?llf!wed at her heels. troubled tones,j "and there wIll now be great liis wits together and jerked a pistol out of his The sohtary room III the dwellmg trouble for m.e. .. belt just as a dozen spears were drawn back was the "Well, I have discovered that the Danish pursued by all the natives of Tessuisak, who fall, and beneath the glaCIer the government him. twentyfive dollars a also wore steel.runners on their feet. witch had years before taken up her resldence and five per cent on the productions of The Esquimaux were skillful skaters, but and from tJ;tere she sent her supernat.ural the place, which amounts to five thousand Frank Reade, Jr., was equally as smart with decrees whICh had such an efi'ecton the natives. dollars a year." them and being encumbered with less bulky The natives called the glacier" The Devil's "Then his commission is two hundred and clothing, and having longer legs .than the' Castle!" the itself" Th!'l Valley of fifty Q.ollars a.year1" northern Indians, he not only kept hIS lead on the Wlllds, naming It the WItch. "Yes, that IS two seventy five with his sal. them, but was .' The wind, accomp!tmed by fltful of ary." He'held his nfle grasped In both hands, was snow howled and shrieked along the. cliffs, aI.1d "Don't he make any more1" half bent over, and cam\) along with extraordi as. the boat came to a an ancIent raven "Outside of that he makes about two hun. nary WIth a ragged coat (lawn on a !!earby dred on his :!wn speculations." Iri. the first attack at the settlement Jensen rock, and set up a di I while the .. That is four seventx five. Now how long had snatched him up, carried him bodily into snow beat down aroun ab,out him. has he been doing this l' his house, strapped the ska:tes upon feet, Th!'ln he walked. olf. deliberately, muttermg "Five years, and never spends a penny, but ; and let him out by a.back wlp.dow to go III p.ur to hllIl:self the w:hlle m mournful and saves his money." : suit of the boat, whIch he had seen speeding mountmg ruined wall 0; the Witch shut, "H\O must have $2,375 in money, hidden in away. . he cocke<;l hIS on one Side and looked at his house." The Esquimaux were furIOUS over the abduc the boat III a Sllllster way out of one eye, after "That is just what I calculated." tion of tl:ie witch. for they expected n<;>thing which he hopped over to the edge of. the fall, We must wrest it from him." short of the,direst misfort11I!-e to fall upon them on one leg, and peered over IlltO the That; is easily done. Start an upriqing of as a result of it, and determmed to rescue her. foamlllg abyss below. the natives, and they will kill Jensen and his She had explained to them that it was Frank 'There was a double echo from his voice, and whole accursed brood. We can then take pas. who designed the deed, and thei!' anger was it from cliff to until. it session of his house, and search it until we find consequently turned wholl,Y upon him. as if the air was peopled With the Imagmary his gold. Then we go to Up,ernavik and leave Yellillg and hurling mIssiles at him., they spirits that infested the witch's quarters. Greenland on the first ship' came sweeping on over the ice at a terriflc rate, l'\one of the Esquimaux approached nearer "Annorasnak you have done well We can and mad.e to catch him. within fifty feet of the place, as they held return to from whence came, by Never III hIS hfe had Frank ever skated so It m such great awe. ,breaking from jail and stowing away on the fast before. The boat had Ifardly come to a pause, when whaler which we from off these shores


Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA,!,. 17 t ,wo yeaI'!\ ago. .one will .us. ." Shut up, you hag!" panted Frank, getting "Then &0 like the admonished the Jensen's money Will give us a new start III hfe, hiS knees pressed upon his enemy's bosom. doctor. "That couple IS one of the most ma until I meet with myoId friends and get back "Get out of here, else when I am done with lignant I ever had the misfortune to meet, and into my good profession of cracking safes, and this scoundrel I'll attack you!" as they have a potent object in view to outstrip stopping stage coaches." "Hewon't awayl" hissed the man, fightus in this race, they will make every effort to They both laughed long and loud, and the ing with all hiS might to free of Frank's win the game." raven croaked dismally. clutch. "I won't let him!' Frank increased the speed of the boat until Frank was greatly edified by their dialogue. With a violent effort he rolled Frank over the buzzing of the spiked whee!s was. fairly It gave him an insight to the history and pur and, getting him underneath, he eagerly picked deafening, and they fled by all obJects With the poses of the evil pair, and showed him why the up his helhVY club from the stony floor and speed of the wind. woman had gained for herself the reputation raised it his head in. 'Within a short time they reached the settle-of being a witch, among the superstitious Es-But just as he was al;>out to bring it down ment. . quimaux. the door flew open, and IlltO the passage sprang There were only a few women and children III "I won't bother them now," thought the inPomp! the place, and the house of Peter Jensen was ventor. "I'll quietly go away, return to Jen-He had followed Frank from the ice boat in deserted. sen's house, alarm him, and catch the villains his pursuit of the witch when she made her es-Frank alighted and approached one of the in the act of robbina: him. With such direct cape. women. evidence of their gUilt we can justify severely The darky was armed with a brace of revol')he was inclined to run away from him in punishing these two escaped convicts." verso fear, but ,a few words from him soon allayed He was just about to silently retreat when He uttered a cry when his glance fell upon her alarm. the raven espied him, uttered a hoarse croak the thrilling sight before his gaze, and he came "I want you to tell me where Jensen is," said and fiew at him with extreme anImosity. to a pause, drew a pistol out of his belt and Frank. Frank aimed a blow at the savage bird, but aimed it at the startled convict. "Hewentawaywithhisfamilyan hour ago," ere it fiuttered awaY' from him it caught his "Stop, or I'se gwine ter fire!" he yelled, franreplied the woman. handkerchief in its sharp beak, and pulling it tically. .. Do you know where he'went toY" out of his pocket it flew back to its mistress. Edmond lowered his club, sprang to his feet, "Yes. He said he was going to ,upernavik The two conspirators were at the and knocked the lurid fire brand from the hands in his dog sledge." black bird's actions. of the witch woman, who recoiled with a loud "Has Annorasuak Ilome back yetY" When they saw it come back with Frank's shriek. "No. But look, there she is now, with a handkerchief they knew that the inventor was It was extinguished, and the passage was man." ia watching and bathed in gloom. .. .. The witch and her companion had suddenly The hag pomted at the aperture m the wall Frank felt Pomp asslstmg.hlm to hiS feet. appeared from behind some distant hillocks, with one boney finger. "Scoot, Massa Frank!" whispered the darky, ana stood pointing at the ice-boat. "He is there!" she shrieked, cowering back. hurriedly. "I'se wif yo' sah!" I They had taken a very short cut back to the "I wi!l his l!fe him warn, "Don'tletthatcoupleescape!" Frank. settlement in order to have arrived there so Jensen! cried t,he big man, selzmg an enormous 'They are husband and wlfe-convlCts from soon after the fast-going boat but having seen club qf branch England-cscaped from some ship! Ther have that the Snow Bird was the;e ahead of them, FraDkclapped hiS hand to hiS belt. planned to rob Jensen. We must pnt him on they did not dare to venture in the settlement. He had left all his weapons on board the ice-his guard!" For a moment Frank was in' clined to drive boat. He lit a match as he spoke, and the passage them away but upon second thoughts he re-It ,,:ould be a matter to cope with was faintly illnmined. membered that they could not do any harm to the Witch's companIon he saw, and as there de-Edmond and Annorasuak ran away. Jensen so he returned to the boat.: pended the lives of Jensen and his family upon Frank and the darky ra, n after them, but they Dane has doubtless taken '. his money being warned in time Frank resolved to re-passed through. the cavern,. plunged through a with him," said Frank to the old scientist, treat. doorway, and disappeared m a passage that led" and very likely won't return in a hurrY'." The convict dashed toward the passage and up on top of the ice cliffs. "Shall we follow his It is the only Frank turned around and ran back the way he "It is useless to follow them," said Frank. way we have of getting there, since no one here had come. They are bound to escape us now. Come on will guide us to the place." ,,' He heard the man on rapidly, and ac-back to the boat." "Your suggestion is a good one, doctor, and cellerated his pace to a swift run back to the They left-the cavern, went through the paswe will follow it." door. . the witch's hut, and e!llerged Barney wlfllsent out to find the trail at the When he reached It he was cut, brUIsed and mto the sunlIght at the base of the glaCier. house and as'lloon as he had it located" he cal1scratched from against the walls of The.natives who. had pursued the boat from ed Frank over with the ice boat, and getting on the dark passage m hiS flight. TessUisak had vanIshed, and Dr_ Van-board, he pointed it out. All out of breath he pushed against the mas-eyke, and the two French ballooDlsts stood out The Snow Bird then darted off on the trackA sive door. on the deck of boat. which were plainly marked upon the snowy But it refused to move. Frank told hiS friends what occurred as soon surface of the ice It was caught by a latch on the inside, and as he got on board, and then concluded by say-As soon as the' boat left the settlement the he did not know by what means to lift it, as he inff: .. witch and her companion entered the village, could not find the handle. Peter Jensen said thap Upernavlk IS only but only to find themselves foiled. The footsteps of the man in pursuit of him fifty miles south ?f here ?n the coast. we.go Sails were raised on the Snow Bird, and the drew!learer every moment, and Frank braced back and warn him of hiS danger, he Will give electric current was shut off Pomp was posted himself fOT a hard struggle, in his narrow us directions to get there. If once 'Ye caI\ reach on lookout, and Frank quarters. the settlement, a whaler or sealer Will ultlmate-A dark, leaden hue had been overspreading ly come along and we can get passage on it the sky XXVIII back to civilization." I d th 1 f b te St CHAPTER X. Monsieur" said St Malo "I have repaired Frank g aJ?ce at e g ass 0 a arome r BURIED UNDER THE SNOW. ze leetle compass zat you dee'd geet from ze Red M:!'ITohgave hlID. d' te to"'d th . f' d f th 'tch F .. t e mercury In lca s a s rm, Sa! e THE mom.ent the gigantiC rlen 0 e WI ox, an ere ee eez. inventor uneasil, met m the the latched door He handed the compass to Frank, and. the Ill" Just our luck!" exclaimed the doctor, et!Ie felt hiS contact 'Yith themventor\ and.dra'Yventor saw at a glance that the magnetIC need-tishly. "We no sooner are in want of crear Ing back a step he aimed a blow at him WIth hiS Ie d' weather, when fate turns against us. club. Y ou cOlIl:mente mvt;n-"If it snows hard," said Frank, "these tracks Frank expected it and dropped fiat on the tor, admlrmgly. B.y the aid of thiS lIttle Illwill be obliterated" floor before the man's ",:eapon cleft the spot we can easIly keep to the southward "Then to Upernavik," said Dr. where he had been standmg. ,now. . Vaneyke ' The club struck the wall of the passage, alld Just then flymgdown The be an to rise, and sigh and moan stung the man's hands so'much that he nearly from the top of the clIff over their heads, and through the rilging the boat shot ahead faster let it fall. fell close to the b?at. and hail began to beat down. Before he could the use of It Frank Glancmg up they saw the Witch her hus-Frank found it difficult to manage the boat darted between his legs and arising with the band standiI\g o!l the edge.of the clIff, and ht)1e for the gale was coming from the northwest' convict stra4dling his neck he pitched him over raven fiutterlllg Its sable over them wile and took a three.quarter sheet. head the fioor.. they hurled the blocks down In an effort to de-He opened the window. In hIS fall hIS head struck vlOlently stroy t t ." "Take two reefs in the jib and foresail!" he {,he hea'l'y plank door and the club fell from hiS "This locat!?n IS too da,ngerous s lI;y In, cried hands. ' said Frank. If we rernam they Will kip "Yassir," replied Pom. Frank turned around swiftly, tripped over Let us hasten Jensen andhwarnhhllm. d "Single reef the Barney!" continued the (;onvict's body and falling down on top of He put on electriCity, grasped t e w ee Frank. bim he grasped the fellow by the throat. turned the boat. .,," .' He had to depend wholl upon his hands for As it shot away out of the gorge, leavmg Anay, sor, answered the Irishman. defense as he had left his weapons on the norasuak and Edmond in a cloud of They both slackened the canvas, and tied it Snow Bird, and as the man began to violently fiying frakes in the roaring wmd, they went down with the reef pOints. when struggle he had the utmost trouble in prevent-down into the valley and dashed through. an ment of the boat berame she glIded along ing the fellow from getting upon his feet. ambuscade of natives who had been pursumg more slowl:y, I!'nd less stram bore upon, her In the midst of tb:e the witch ran them on skates. , masts and into the passage from the cavern with a flaming Their weapons did no harm to the boat, how"The trail IS slowly, but surely gettlllgwiped firebrand in her hand. ever, and the Snow Bird fied on and ou,!-" said ,,'._ : It cast a shadow low upon phe fiercely made for the When It IS gone entirely, said doctor, struggling men ana ite old woman began to The Witch and her compamon then dlsappear-we lhave one resource left. That IS, to Shriek to her in Danish. ed from the top of the cliff, for they went to over to the shofe again and make use of the ICe "Throttle him, Edmond! Don't let him es-take a short cut to TessUlsak. there. no way can we to find cape! Once he gets back to Tessuisak and "It is going to be a race between. us and the fqr It lIes on coast. tells Peter Jensen all he overheard us plotting witch," said Frankil." t?, see who WIll get back .There Isn t apy shore Ice dO,rtor. The \Ve will not secure his gold!" to Jensen's house rst. entire sea front IS made up of ley clIffs at the


18 F RANK READE JR. '8 EI.ECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. ... . l'ff th t down He and Barney then entered the tunnel in base of whlCh the sea IS rollmg m a heavy surf. upon the top of a glaCier c I d a rll;n 'the snow returned to the boat secured som Can't you see it off there 1" sheerto the water, and there ma e an Impassl-d' d with it' e .. What are we to do then 1 Ahead there ble barrier to the sea. . an to in one len th F .along the shore are rugged masses of ice over Below them severalmllesaway,afullrIgged Y1ll9t epljcertf t. S:' rank which travel in this boat is a sheer impossibil ship was bearing toward the and found d ity, for I can see from here that it is split up by itself rebuffed by the heavy,pack,lCe. h h d ant rds the sea I chasms, ravines, and crevasses." It was the flrst encouragmg sIght t ey a own. owa d th h If t .. Nor can we go over the rough hills," said met with throughout the entire time they were It dId not descen more an a way 0 the Frank with a sharp f?;lance at the distant ice. lost in the land of desolation. uld fl din All I can see is a trIP around the base of those The cliff towered up a thousand feet, and Its Is thIS all the rope you co n asked m elevations. By skirting them as closely as image was darkly reflected in the icy waters far .. dB" possible, keeping on what smooth ice we can below where the castaways stood. . sail, ,rephe arney, except the find, I have no doubt that we will be enabled Its face was fractured here and there horl after a while to get down to the coast. Look zontally piec('s of ice having splintered off 'Can't you get some of the halhards or sheet it is snowing hard now. from to time leaving a series of narrow hnes 1" .,' " And the trail is hardly discernible." steps which extended from the top to the bot"Not wldout burrowll1 fer em. "I'm to keep on awhile, longer, until tom. '.' Vf.e must have them to get down to the we can get: m under the protectIOn of one of These ledges were the roostmg places of myr-shIp. n' those cliffs for shelter." iads of lumme birds, popularly called" di.vers," .. Then It s .back we go fer em.] s.or, said "If we don t anchor soon we'll get lostlin this whose loud screams and the fcarfal fiaPPlllg of BarneYl !'tartmg: off WIth X'omp ana dIsappear. blinding mist." whose wings raised Iluch a great noise .Frank ing Wit.D,lll the shaft. Frank steered the boat toward a rough mass and his friends had to elevate their vOices to Frank and the doctor saw German flag of ice a few points off his port bow, and had a make thembelves heard. tIoating at the truck of the ShiP, and assured hard job to keep the enormous mountain of The birds were sitting bolt upright on the that the crew saw. them would lend them crimson snow in view through the obscuring ledges, packed close together facing their aid, they waited for Barney and veil of the down falling flakes. looking like soldiers with white coats ana the darky to return Wlt!I the rope. Within a few minutes the boat reached the black caps standing shoulder to shoulder on Five minutes of inactIvity thus passed by, jagged ice hill and rounding up into the wind, parade. Then Frank gave a sudden start, .turned pale, close to thej face of the cliff on that side, the This peculiar attitude was owing to the fe grasped the doctor's arm, and pomtmg off to the brake was put on and she came to a pause. males laying but one egg which they plaoed on northeast, he cried: Then Ol,lt ran Barney and Pomp on deck, and end on the ice with their long bills and sat on "See there! Here we are to be agam." loosening the halliards, they sent the tIuttering to hatch it out as if seated upon a stool. What is anxiously questIOned the doc-canvas down to deck with a rush, and made As the ship drew nearer to the cliffs our tor, glancing around . haste to furl it up. friends began to shout, wave signals to the "A sea fog coming." Then the anchors were hove. crew, and 'fire off their weapons to attract at .. It will soon. reach us." By the time everything was in ship-shape 01'tention; but at the flrst shot of the tIre arms, "Fearful of wreckage on the shore, the ship der, the snow was falling in such dense clouds the scene changed. will put out to sea." that they could not lIee a yard in any direction The Iumme's were frightened. "Then that will be the end of our chance:' from the Snow Bird. Every voice was instantly hushed. "Without .. doubt, doctor." A thick carpet of it was laid upon the boat Then every bird leaped into the air. "Oh, why don't Barney and Pomp return !., and all around it. The wild tIutter of their wingst was like the "It takes time to accomplish what they have Deeper and deeper it grew as the hours went rush of a cyclone, a dark snaaow from the got to do." by until at last it covered the decks, and then a millions of bodies was flung upon the water, "Frank, I can hardly restrain my im-watch was set and all hands turned in. and thousands of their eggs becoming loose, patience." Frank was in the second watch. went down the face of the cliff in a shower. They both cast eager glances alternately at He was called at three o'clock in the mornThe noise thev made was so deafening as to bhe snip down below, at the fast approaching ing. drown 'the gun shots. fog-bank, and at the snow shaft. When he looked out he saw that the snow They lit upon the water, tIuttered in the air, Long before the negro and Irishman put in an had drifted up around the boat as high as the screamed loudly and fought each other with appearance, the dense vapor went pouring over windows, and was heaping still higher. singular ferocity. the edge of the cliff and rolled out on the sell, By the time his watch was over the windows "The infernal things are preventing the crew half hiding the ship from view. were all obscured. of that ship hearinp; us, Frank." Frank and the doctor were filled with dismay. He turned in again for three hours sleep. "True, doctor," shouted Frank to make him-for they saw the ship wearing about with all It was ten o'clock when he arose. self heard, "but you forget that the tremendous speed to get out to sea. By that hour the boat was entirely buried, movement of that host of birds has attracted It was too dangerous to remain so close to only her two masts protruding above the snow the attention of the whole ship's company up shore. to show that she was there. to this cliff, and when the birds settle back In the partial gloom of the fog, the vessel was A trapdoor was opened in the roof of the upon their nests, the crew of the vessel will be apt to run against the ice barrier, and, become a cabin, some snow fell in, but a clearing was sure to see us." hopeless wreck. made and Frank went out on the roof and "The birds are over their fright now With plenty sea room they would escape that glanced around in amazement. and are returning. danger, and seeing that they could DOW do no It was still snowing hard. "So they are. See how they are fighting each good, and baving more regard for their own The depth of it everywhere was over ten other down on the ledges. By doctor, lives than charity toward the strangers, whom feet. they are stealing each other's eggs I The ones they were willing to help under ordinary cir"We are buried alive!" he gasped. "We who lost their solitary egg by leaving them cumstances, they now chose to protect them can't get out of this in a hurry. What is to be roll from the ledges have come back and taken selves. come of us now, I wonded" possession of the first .egg they met. The "They are deserting us, Frank," said Dr. He descended into the cabin and shut the real owners return, contest the and Vaneyke aghast. trap. that sets them screaming and nght"I see. We can't blame them for looking out His three friends met him with anxious, inff each other.' for themselves first." questioning looks. Queer birds I" commented the doctor. "No. Ah, here comes the boys with'the rope .. Well r' asked the doctor. .. You look de" Very I Ah, the men on the ship see us, and now." spondent, Frank." are I" "Too late. However, we'll add it to the "We are buried in ten feet of snow. The "They can t get close up to the shore on ac-other, and wait for the fog to clear away, as depth is uniform all over." count of the pack ice out there." soon as the wind springs up. We may yet be .. Isn't there any way to get out of. it I" ".Nor can we get down ,to them, to able to get on board of that ship:' .. None whatever. We must rernam here un-theIr ohip unless we scale the face of the cliffs, "You are very hopeful, andcheerrne wonder-til it melts,or--" for there is a barrier line high as this, miles fully." "Or what r' upon miles up a.nd down the coast, doctor." "It don't par. to despair until all hope is ab"If it rains on the snow, stops, and freezes "Good heavens I You tell the truth, Frank." solutely gone.' we may never get awar.. but starve or "Rescue is almost within our grasp, yet we Barney and Pomp now ranged up through the perish, frozen under the snowl' cannot take advantage of it, as the crew of the fog to them with the extra ropes silently ship can't reach us, and we can't reach them. swearing at their ill-fortune. CHAPTER XXXIX. ThiS is The pieces were tied to the rope already down. THE B R 0 KEN ROPE. :' Can t we drop a lme" dowl,l the face of the By this time the ship disappeared in the fog clIff and try to descend1 anXIOusly asked the which now became very dense down upon the "A A Sail I We are saved, Frank, Old. doctor. "There is no sign of a by water, as well as on the land. savedr whICh we can get the boat out, and a.t thiS rate Long and anXiously the four castaways stood "It is a sh,!p coming this way, doctor, under we will reach Uperna.vik;. Besi!'ies, upon the brow of the great ice-cliffs wa.!tingand fuN .. ShIP may ney,er come wlthm our SIght watching for the fog to clear away, and hour Dlqn t I tell,yez I seen It ;wommg beyant away up here.. a.fter hour of painfUl. suspense and eager hope th,l,m .0Ice bergs r, ., " w e try the experiment," said Frank. passed by. G Barney, yo.s acl&1mlllg de The 11&8 to. and tJ;1e people.onher wind began to rise, and sigh among gl::!ry. Twuz me seed It fust. deck ale w:atchmg uS,?y the aId of theIr spy-beethng crags of ice, and as it increased lD No matter wh

\ port II. FRANK READE JR'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA,!'. 19 am wid ,it entoirely, an' it luoks tel' JJle as If It wouldn t go away at all at all" CHAPTER XL. He secured a lot of blankets, moistened them "A current of wind sweeping over the SCALING THE CLIFFS well with water, attached the poles of the elec fs.Ce of the sea lifted it," said Frank, "and it TId . tric machine to them, and started a current, aY.. not rise any higher in some time." the HE e ge upon whlCn Frank struck when after he had laid the blankets upon the snow. JJl" This is like hovering in one of your fl in th broke twenty. feet below him, but A tremendous current was generated, aJIld sbiQS over the clouds, Frank," said Dr Van/Yk; en;d on soft thawed the snow under the blankets so fast ,'-w ben couldn't see the. earth they not gc t: wou ave stunned him had th!'-t it was not long before they melted the "What IS the matter wlth going below the From th eef d th drift all around the boat, and then a passage fog banks then, to see if the ship is yet there thirty f tee ge 0 e sea was a distance of for it was started. nagive it a hail '/" suggested Frank J?or!l' The doctor managed tho electric current i n a "How-by sliding down the rope1:' no h e the breakers did him the pilot, house, and Barney and Pomp worked "Of cou.---se. If you will steady it, I'll go lle f mtlo, the .water in f!Jll :apidly with the blankets, water flowed away dO-WU'" and st'l a. IS acu ties Without a pam, mstreams so warm that the surrounding snow Eagerly anxious as they were to find out if Wh I 1 broken rope. was undermined and caved in all along the the ship was yet beating about there to take and t:ed partetdhBarne y Pomp, passage, and the boat was forced ahead theIll away, and seeing no cause for 3J.arm in h f 11 or n!lwa once at Frank must Slowly but gradually the Snow Bird was -what Frank proposed, they all assented. i 8: en down mto and the direst forged on until at last she reached a shal For security's sake the three caught hold of te g vmgs thronged their mmds over the mat low snow, and went through it like a the rope, and the inventor slid down upon it th plow. -w'th the agility of an acrobat s f!i upon e rope as they had been, as She had not been out of her anchorage au Down, down, down went Frank from that a7feff relteved of Frank's weight they h

20 FRA.NK READE JR.'S EJ,ECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. Purt II. . "t" d ed upon They have become weak from starvation a!l glass, that was covered with birds' eggs, de Then the truth of hiS POSI IOn awn he muttered "and unable to go about 't oorted by tbe lummes. Barney. I h h ve lain do'wn in the boat where the' :us There he paused to rest. "Begorral updher a ccld froze them to death. ill nse It was, a very long ledge, and. ran two bodies that the unfortunates were Ger-had a fOine: tussle wid ther waves, so I did, but of the great c.avern, and l?resently. came to the mans, or Swedes.. I got back m the place where ye picked me up of a rapId. narrow rIver, thav came. flow He a close exammatIOn of everything, an' there I clung like a floy on the wall so I mg from a large, arched pas3age hack m the and IIftmg the men out of the boat upon the did." cave, and towar? the transparent wall. Ige he searched tbeir pockets to discover if pos"Have you been there long 1" Barney !ouowed It, and dull thunder of sI}!le wbo they were, but did not learn any-"Iver smce ther breakers schlammed me up surf met hIS earq on the out-Ide of the wall. by thmg. ag'in ther wall But ho ld 'I'll be afther which he knew that, he was down, to sea: They ?nly had a tr!fling articles sucb as tel lin' yer wha:t hap] en:d an The out of, an ?pemng the most saIlOrs have m tbelr pockets, but Frank They quickl ed stories and mto the brme on a Ime W:lth noted the absenc.e of matches and food, and By the timeYthey finished 'the arrived surface, the surf often dashlllg that the Jaws of both men were very opposite the ape t th l"ff' t y f which 'ln through the aperture m foamy masses. much wasted. the river was e c 1 OU 0


Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. 21 "Shure, ant.' ther-':" ther place now," said The point of its formidable weapon grazed Frank was amazed at the size of it, and Barney ID$ a I. Frank s leg. would have given vent to his impressions of "We Will go m, and to get up the chff there it stuck! wonderment, had not Barney cried in dismay: the way you a hard '11 W t Ildly the narwhal fought to get its tusk "Bedad, 1 don't know which way I came, "pull.away. ,I row yez WI ou. down here!" bave agmbthe 'U hi" But it. held firmly imbedded in the wood. "You don't Then how are we to get away 'I" ,WI e S us some. rl.!-ised one of his oars over his head. quicldy asked Frank. ",raith, It s ag m ther wa 1 they may schlamm I!Dgomg to break that horn in two," he "Shure an' it's a dozen paths I see, exactly us. . ex:clalmed. .. If we let the creature l:!truggle so loike ther wan I came down." Frank aimed the boat for .the openmg and ]:le. the 1?,oat, it will Boon capsize us." He pointed around the sides of the icy cavern, gan to pull hard, when a big. breaker roUed m, BI.!-ngl came the oar down as he finished and Frank beheld a large number of sloping' caught the. boat, aJ?-d drove It headlong upon speakmg. ledges that, wound away up to the heightsthe fierce .tlde runnlDg The tusk was hollow, and the blow was so above. Buried ID a mass of fi:png spray, the whale that it broke the tusk in two as cleanly as .. There is no use of us dallying here," said boat darted ahead and might have shot through If It was done with an axe! he energetically "If you have lost trace of the opening, had J?-ot .the swung. the .Instantly the narwhal began to recoil, drag one you desc'ended, choose one which you bow around, when It hit the Side of the orifice the boat with it, and with a sudden shock think to be the right path and we will follow with a crash. It pulled its broken tusk out of the boat. it up." The tide ca.ught it abroadside, spun it around, A gaping aperture was left, through which "Let's throy this wan," said Barneyhafter a and out it hurled the boat <;>11 the sea again be the water began to spurt. moment's survey, and they went up t e path foPe another breaker came m. .. Stop up .that hole with:J. piece of rope," said he indicated as fast as possible, dragging tbe Barney picked up the old harpoon. Frank. sheet lines after them. "I'll howld ther close ter tlier if .. Begorra it's dhrowned we'll soon be now!" But presently it branched away from the yez will be afther pullIn mter that hole agm," ga_sped Barney. transparent wall. said Re, spitting on his glov:es and rubbing them ,He made an effort to do as Frank said, how "This can't be the right road," said FrAnk, to*ether. ever, but the narwhal having drawn back a few upon it. Get up in the boat, then," said Frank, "and yards, suddenly dashed at the boat again full "No, it isn t," acquiesced Barney, gloomily. I'll turn her around and--" tiltj and struck it below the water line with its II Well, there's no use going back. Let's fol But he ended the sentence with a cry of bro ren tusk. low this one." alarm. There came a terrific shock again. "It'd be loike huntin' fer a n'ledle in a hay For, without any warning, the water ahead of Up out the water .the boat was dashed, schtack. Come on.". the boat suddenly parted and up from the and over It went on Its port ,gllllwale, the They pursued the crevICe a long dIstance, but depths came a tremendous body the upheaval water pouring into it in vast volumes. it kept going upward all the time, and as Frank of the water rocking the boat so that it nearly Frank and Barney were flung into the water had his little electric lanteru t)le .darkness that u set and sank. began to envelope them was diSSipated. urasped the gunwale to prevent him. With savage ferocity the narwhal rushed at Within fifteen minutes they emerged from self the sea, and it was with the the now. boat and butted. it. again crevice into the light. of day on to}, of the greatest difficulty that Frank prevented the and agam WIth ItS broken tusk until It was not far from the Ice boat; amid somli' ooat going over by balancing it with the oars battered and broken beyond all use. pmnacles. "Mother av Moses, wot is it 1" gasped the Krank aro;:e to the surface. .. "Hurrool" r,elled Barney, beaming with joy. scared Irishman Barnell he shouted. Luck there! A fish and a 'monster at that" II Here,' replied the Irishman near by. The boatl" gladly cried Frank, running to "Is it;' whale .. 0l!r is broken to pieces; we will have ward it, still dragging the ropes. "No. Let me see-no' it's a narwhal or sea to sWim. .. But they had not gone a dozE)n steps unicorn." '. .. B.edad It's alll}ost more'n I kin do ter schwlm the knee deep snow when they heard a wild "But ther baste is fifteen feet in len'th, an' cracked olCe. shout, and glanced off to th.e left.. it's got a tusk ten feet long." II The,re the nar,,:hal below the surface. w!l-s Dr .. Vaneyke.m a clearmg 8imld "That's because it is allied to the whale fam. Let s t schwlm fer ther shore, Mas the ICY hills, firmg hiS pistol at a of ily. Only the males have such a tusk." ther Frank ear. ... wolves that came down ihe mountams. 1 The creature resembled a porpoise, and was ;rhey struck out ff!r It by SIde, sWim The doctor expended aU hiS shots and ran. marbled brown and whitish, and began to blow mmg was exbaustmg III broken Ice, and He could not run toward the boat, for too a jet from the single spiracle on top of its they felt the!llselves tmng out. of the lean, brutes slA?od between head To mcrease theIr trouble the narwhal came him and the Snow Bud, so he ran m the oppo . up suddenly in front of them, and catch site direction. 'PtEl;'!e fishes are. considered the ing Sight of the two swimmers, it sent its enor "Heaven help him," muttered Frank. oslty ID h.lstory, II:nd the one m question mous body dashing toward them at full speed. "They'll devour him!" ":lth a gIant cl!, upon "Look out !" cried Frank, ,. The monster is "Come fer ther boat, Masther Frank, an' whICh they lIve m the cold ArctIC seas. going to attack us." we'll be afther savin' him." Barney let the harpoon fly at the "Ibave nothin' but a knife ter defind meseIf, They ran for the Snow Bird and sprang on "Take that, I?ad cess ter yer, an' glt out av as me cartridges is garn," said Darney drawing board and drew in the ropes. me way I" he Cried. it out. "But I'll do me besht wid it I" Pomp and the two Frenchmen were .. the The barbed end!l spear struck the;narwhal diningroom eating, and came rushing out 10 the back, and It mstantly ended Its fight CHAPTER XLII. when Frank and Barney dashed into the pilot with the cuttlefish, which thereupon sank. house. A treIpor passed through the nar,,:hal: ON A ROCK. Frank did not waste any words in explana Then. It began to la:sh the water With Its THE narwhal had dragged the whale boat tion just then . Beatmg about furIOusly a few moments, It nearly a half mile from the opening in the base Arm yourselves and go out with Barney!" Circled around and around and then darted of the cliff, out of which the river poured un he cried. away parallel WIth the shore. der the spot.where the ice boat had been stand They obeyed him without a word, for they reo The rope to the harpoon began to ing. alized at once from Frank's hurried manner PISaYdoudt rapidly. Frank had a knife, and keeping close behind that something of vital importance was occur u enly. there came a violent jerk at t,he Barney, they faced the sea monster untiinch ring. boat, and It dashed away through the ICY ingly now that its tusk was broken off. Frank started the electric current and away water after the narwhal. Had the wa.ter been free of the cracked ice, went the boat after the doctor and the woh:es, The rope was fastened to the whale boat. they could have managed to move around much while everyone else went out on deck wrth Ahel',d went the fish, and after it raced the easier' as it was, they had the utmost diffi their weapons and opened fire upon the beasts. boat. culty to attempt swimming to the shore. The poor doctor was plunging desperately "Hello!" exclaimed Frank jumping up. The moment the narwhal was almost upon knee deep through the snow, and the puck of "Are we fast to the them, they separated, Frank going to the right, ravenous beasts surrounded him and snarled "Shure ther ind av it is tied ter a ringbolt and Barney to the left. at his heels when the firing began on the in ther bow," said Barney. . The angry fish dasbed betw.een t!lem.. It scattered the beasts at once. "Cut it. The narwhal will carry us away Inst!tntly tJ;1ey plunge!i their mto Its Help! help I" shouted the doctor, as he shp, from the OPening in the base of the cliff. We body, m passmg, and With a convulSive move ped and feU. may not find our way' back We will lose track ment it dove down below the surface. With a rush and a I:)uzz the boat reached of our friends. Cut It! Cut' it I say I" .. That's the end of it!" said Frank. him ere the last echo of his words died away in "Nol" replied Barney, "if 'I do we won't git "Bedad, it x;nay come up again," said Barney. and the wolves scatte!ed and fled out av this cracked ice Let ther spalreen pull "I don't thmk so. Let us try to force our m all directIOns before the Snow Bird. us through it now as i't's got us into Itl" way through this ice again. We must get back Up jumped Vaneyke, struggling with the' A rattl1ng sound at the bow of the to the cliff and try to get back t.o the boat by most daring of the beasts that ventured to boat showed into what sort of water the har the way you came down through the cavern." spring at his throatl and Pomp jumped off into pooned fish was then pulling them. They swam leisurely, in order to reserve their the snow with a kmfe in his hand and dispatch The sea aU around haditsoosom frosted with strength, and finally managed to get out of edit. cracked ice and Frank saw that it would be the pack ice without accident. The doctor was badly clawed and scratched J lIa.rd work 'to row out of it From there to the foot of the towering cliffs by the beasts, but otherwise he suffered no "Let it go, then," he exclaimed. "It is not was only a short and serious iniuries from his tussle. more than a half mile to the other side of this drew near the openmg out of whICh the rIver He and Pomp got on board oftbe boat as hasdrIft, and we will soon be through it." gushed. tily as possible, and Frank sent it flying aftelT But When they got in the middle of the bed The fallen sheet lines of the boat were found the howling wolves that were leaping in terrol!' \ of ice the narwhal came to a pause, turned floating, and they dragged them with them. through the snow, and those upon the deck around abrnptly and swam back. A smooth, slippery, shelving .who yet had any ammunition left in their It ijeemed to know that the inmates of the was found, worn by the actIOn of the weapons kept up a constant fire upon the boat were responsible for its misfortune, for it waves, upon which they managed to get, and beasts. U came for it full tilt and with one fearful plunge then, after a laborious creeping process, they In this manner over a score of the ravenous It drove its long tu'sk through the boat! got inside of the cavern with the ropes. brutes were killed.


22 FRANK READE JR.'S ELEOTRIC ICE BOAT, Part II, "How did IOU get into such a scrape, doc "Yes. It is losing its crimson tint. Only room. Connect a piece of hose with it and tor?" querie Frank, when Vaneyke's first patches of it here and there appear." the hold of the boat. I'll start the pumps from transports of amazement were over upon seeing Frank took a spyglass and leveled it at a this switch board just as' soon as you are Barneyand the inventor safely back again. distant lofty line of cliffs and hills far off to the readr,:." I went after a deer," reJllied the doctor. "It south ward of where they stood. "'Ihe influx will be greater than the output and the wolves suddenly appeared and "Doctor," he exclaimed "I have seen that I fear." ,attacked me." land ahead there before. it it isn't Disco island "You can cover the hole with a board, and Frank then explained to the rest what had I'm very much mistaken I" hold it there." befallen Barney and himself, and then the boat "If we are south of Upernavik we ought to The doctor rushed Inside with St. Malo, and made a detour of the vast hills in order to get be near it, Frank." a few moments later Frank heard Vaneyke around to the coast again, whill' the sheet lines Then we will not go but proceed on shout: were rove again. to the island, and try to finn Godhavn. We "All right! Start the machinery," They had to go slowJy and carefully, for the are bound to get succor there. All the Danish With a brass connecting plug in the key snow had filled holes and wide crevices in the ships are obliged to go there to receive their board, Frank put a battry on the donkey. ground athwart their course\ into which they orders from the inspector, both upon their ar pumD, and in a moment more it was throw were apt to plunge before tney saw the dan rival and departure from Greenland waters," mg gallons of water out of the hold .ger. Anything you say I'll agree to." The doctor and the Frenchman were soon In this manner they ultimately got around The ice was good ahead. Frank-put the boat strulSgling to diminish the amount of water to the again, and to everyone's happiness before the wind again, and she went spinning commg in as Frank directed, and within a saw that there was a vast field of shore ice lin away at a lively rate, marvelously short space of time the pump ing the embankments, with very little snow Upon a nearer approach to the granite emi emptied the hold. upon it. nences, however, they found that an open sheet The infiux of water had by that time been When the smooth, gleaming runners,of the of water intervened between them and the so much reduced that the pump kept the hold Snow Bird went gliding along over this sheet mainland when they got within a league of it. free, and the boat went speeding on. of glassy surface, under a cloud of billowy can Moreover, the main shore presented an un It soon reached the icy shore, 'vas, Barney got out his old fiddle, and Pomp broken barrier of icy cliffs which they could Frank located a shelving embankment of ice Il:ot his banjo, a rattling tune was struck up, not possibly expect to pass over. and snow, and sent the machine forward with and to the strains of McLeod's reel, the boat Only one course remains for us now," said such impetus that it glided up out of the wa swiftly bore the travelers away to the south Frank with a look of disgust at the predica. ter on the island witliout the least hesitation. ward. ment they were in. "We must either drive the As soon as they were free of the water, the Upernavik was fifty miles from Peter J en boat into the sea to reach the island, or else we doctor made a critical examination of the sen's house, and Frank concluded that they will have to go back the way we came from." damage. ought to reach it within a very short time. Shure, she shwims loike a dook, so what's "Besides tearing a hole in the plate in the Unfortunately, however, he did not know in theruse av going back 'I" asked Barney. "Faith midship section," said he. going into the pilot which location it laid, save that it was upon it's doyin' I am fer a sail." house, .. the Snow Bird has only had a few the coast to the southward. "But de watah am berry rough," objected rivets and bolts started." "Barney, give us a song," said Frank, to Pomp, who had sore visions of sea sickness in "I expected she would suffer worse' tha break the monotony of the everlasting thump view, and didn't fancy the prospect. that," said Frank. "However, it is not at all ing of the coon on his banjo, and the heart "I don't see where we can);1;O to a pas likely that we will have to go into the wate-r reading shrieking of the agonized :fiddle. "We sage southward by going back," said Dr. Van with her again, so the damage can do us no haven't heard from you in some time." eyke. "I'm for going ahead." harm." "Hab I got toplayfo'dat ole "Thenhereshegoes,"laughedFrank. "Low "If this really is Disco island," added the asked Pomp in disgust. er the sails." doctor. 'Fa.ith, it's ter aould dish'pan av He started the wheels, and as the boat, shot "Hoist away the mainsail and jib, hoys," a musIc me warblm'll do. along toward the edge of the water, Barney shouted Frank out the open window of the "Golly, wha' ye call dat ole brokenwinded and Pomp went out, and lowered away the turret. "We'll go under sail again. My fing yo's ascrapin'?" canvas to the deck. stock of chemicals is giving out, and I must .. Arrah, go soak yer head, it's softinin' av A few moments afterwards the boat went husband what I've got left as carefully as pos ther brain yez have entoirely, if yer can't tell splashing into the water and plowed her way sible, in order to be ready for any emergency." ,g ood music whin ye hears it." along through the high, choppy waves toward The negro and Irishman obeyed. That will do," said Frank. "Go on with the three miles distant shore. Then the Snow Bird's machinery was stopped yonrsong." The surface of the water was full of floating and the brisk wind filling away the canvas, she . What'll it ice cakes, that dashed against the side of the fled along the eastern coast to the souDhward in "" Anything you like." boat heavily, but they rebounded harmlessly search of Godhavn. C( Then whoop her up in K minor, Pomp, an', from the thin steel plates of which the Snow Most of the shore line was smooth, and cover be heavens, I'll set yez crazy wid wan av ther Bird was built. ed by a thick coating of ice and snow, but here daeintest chunes yez iver heard." EV,er and anon a rolling wave broke over the and there in the cold gray misty morning there Pomp played the prelude to, a song Barney deck, and cast its burden of ice upon the boat, cropped out the most superb hnes of cliffs of mentioned, and the Irishman stood up and sang but Frank kept her steadily on for the fast trap rock ever seen, with occasional snurs of in rollicking tones: nearing shores of the big coast island. granite. BarneY' and Pomp had hauled down all the "Godhavn means good harbor," said the I'm a rattling Irish Ian; yon'll never toind me sad; canvas, but they remained out oli deck, in doctor. Be a lurn av me wr:st me sclltlck r twist, readiness to be of service, and watched the It lies on the south side of the island, don't I'm In for a toight. bedad! wheels churning the water into a foamy wake. it '/" asked Frank. A!! o'er tner world I've been, an' all tber sOlgllts I've Presently the boat came within a mile of the "Yes; in latitude 69 degrees. There is a low l\I.e wti'rsek'!iy I dhrlnk. wid nlver a wink:, shore, .and Frank fixed an intent, eager lo.ok !lnd ragged sP.ur o.f granite rock, a mile I schmake me Rould dlludeen. upon It,. and saw that. there was plenty Ice m which a fine lIttle harbor. over whiCh the Snow Bird could run, once they There s where Godhavn lIes. The rocky spur is I married Bid' McGee, years past, in ther aould COUll gained it. a peninsula at low water, and at high tide an try. The iceboat was going along rapidly. island. On the north side of it, facing the great Faith sbe powdered her nose, an' such foine Its crew did not see tlie danger lurking in its trap cliffs which tower up two thousand feet Sh CIOWes'd tl I way. above the'harbor, stands the town-the metrop. shure she bas a sore There suddenly came a terrible crash! olis of North Greenland." heart, Shaken from stem to stern, the hoat came to :: Who is last inspectorl doctor 1" J: have l!cr money: i.n't it funny a sudden pause, and every .one was knocked At the time we were In Readestown, a That I was so very S!IlII.rt 1 down by the awful s hock. young fellow of thirty named Krarup Smith. I Upon his feet scramhled Frank, and he am posted on this POInt, because he has a fond "i've been In a county J:tI1-l've been let out on bail; glanced out the window, but nothing in the ness for scientific discovery, and being obliged head of a walnut water met his startled gaze. every year to visit each of the districts and sta. J.'ve beeu In a fearfnl !light, from morning until Then the appalling truth dawned upon him tions under his charge, he nas made manyvalu nlJht in a flash. able discoveries and observations, and collect A tl'yln' ter '(010t1 bv tber aid II.V a blolod "She has struck a sunken rock!" he cried. ed rare and curious specimens, among which A. window let In tile light. With .an. exclamation the doctor arose, and are the remains of limestonel coal and dashed InSIde. slate depOSits. A report of his worK was pubThe moment Barney paused, he began to He returned within a few moments, pale and lished world wide and reached me at home" dance a lively jig, and when it ended a storm breathless. "Then our destination is the southern coast of applause greeted his efforts. A large hole is stove in the side!" he shouted. and as this island is one hundred miles long' Pomp then sang a camp meeting song for "The boat is filling with water, and threaten and we are at the northmost end we have them, and thus the time passed until the hour ing to sink at any moment!" a lona journey ahead of us yet to reach civihza to dine arrived, when the little concert was tion.''r '1

Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOA'!'. 23 'd with his rille as the Snow Bird went .. You ar Id bl od d ., outSI. e to the deer!. Fr k e a co 0 e asSasSlll,' remarked .. He was badly stunned by our fall, but he ne ke went out with him , yet breathes Barney." Doctor the deer looked at on-com-reind es. to 1 you for butchering my Where's Pomp Has .he been For a. roo II' Lt d th 't IS aw. .. I haven't seen anythmg of him He was jng boat 1D a ,an en away 1 ran as ,: The beast is mine since you failed." out on deck when the boat fell." fieetly his' rifle to get a shot at it but F beadr ah.charmed life 1" .." Shu!e, there's wan kilt, anyhow, who we Fran r .t . t th 't ran s rugge IS shoulders, and stoopmg km see IS dead" had to rasgoing to drag the deer away, "Yes. Beali'l"ais of Brest has lost his life, with one shot' h' en e. reacJ;lerous Dane. rushed at him with but St. Malo yet lives." brlOg was going along fleetly but the mtusketbl raised over hiS head to deal tile The docto.t: and B!lrney at the bottom The iCe t 'ft d k t d' ien or 3. ow. of the gorge mto whICh the ICe boat had fallen deer went JUS as SWI ,aI?ep even IS-... Back I" exclaimed Frank, starting up. an hour,after the accident ha}lllened. tanee between them, ShOWlllg every sign of fear You have broken your word you coward !" Beside them laid the Snow 4Jird. of the The man paused recoiled, glaring baleful-It was a wreck I In manner It them on 8: rugged IJ: at Frank! for the mventor held a revolver in Striking upon a snow drift, it plunged mass of ICe and ro<:ks a short dlst,!-nce III from hiS hand pOlllted at him. through scattered the snow in every direction was Just upon thepomtof bound"Don' t fire!" he. frantically, a look of strucK the hard ice underneath, and was lDg lD among them when Frl!-nk fired. overspreadmg hiS face. "Don't fire at smashed and dented beyond all recognition. The shot sped so. true to. Its mark. that the me. Both masts snapped off close to the deck beast bounded up In the lnr, was ,I)qlsed thl!re :: I own your life, according to our contract." the with them, and the an instant and then fell dead amid some pmBut be mercifull" implored the sprit broke oft', taklll/p; the headgear; the run-naeles. trembling man, ner-arms split in two close under the body of "Bravo I" exclaimed the doctor smilingly. "Had you any mercy upon me'/" the boat,and the bottom of the hull was stoven "That was a good shot. You killed it with one The man was slient. in. bullet Frank 1" He felt guilty. The delicate electrical machinery was shiv"I Iheant to, doctor." Frank pointed at the carcass of the deer. ered to fragments, every glass was ,broken,' and pomp steered the boat over to the vicinage of "How much did that beast .cost you r' he every fragi1e object inSide of the hull wellt to where the deer fell, and Frank left his gun on asked. pieces from the shock. deck drew his knife out, leaped aground as the h"I gave a pack of dogs for it," sulkily growled Barney and the doctor were theonl! ones un-boat'hauled to, and ran around the hummocks ternan. injured. Pomp .had vanished, and St. Malo's and pinnacles that stopped the further progress "How many were in the team?" companion was killed outright. ()f the boat, to bleed hiS game. "Ten." The miracle was that everyone had not per-The next moment he was out of sight of "They were worth one dollar ished in that frightful leap of the doomed ice-those npon the iceboat, and saw the carcass of "Yes." boat from the gorge into the chasm where the the beast lying prostrate in a small clearing, Then I will pay you ten dollars for the treacherous Dane had lured it. and then sprang toward it. deer." Dr. Vaneyke gave his attention to the in"Haiti" exclaimed a voice in Danish. "I "can't get another one anywhere near and did the best he could for but Frank paused and looked up at the speaker III here. It proved to be a hard matter to reVlve Frank surprise Do you live in this neighborhood 1" to consciousness. He a large, heavily-built man, with a I live in Godhavn. I came here on a Ma.lo reco,:ered flrst. brown beard, wearing a blouse, pants and boots h'!p-t. ... H!s gr!ef was mtense over the untImely death of seal skin and wore a cloth cap. Ahl Then thiS IS DISCO Island 1 of hiS friend. In his he held a short-stemmed clay:: Of cour:se_ Didn't you know that '/" Sacre tonnerref' he cried as he pipe and up to his shoulder he held a musket No." PICk up that deer and carry 11; to my glanced down at the pale face of hiS dead pointed at Frank sledge.' friend. "Vy 'e was keeled zis wayl .A.b, par-.' tt.t d f h h' "Where is bleu we were so near ze end of our journey to The a I u e 0 t e w Ite man "On the other side of the hummocks. You Godhavn, too, an"e deed pass through so many tJ;ie Inventor.." must guide us to Godhavn. You are my worse dangair wiz me in our balloon trip from Whats the matter With you 1 he asked the slave. According to our contract I own your SpitzberlZen in search of zenor.thpole! Eet eez petulantly." body. I am going to make use of you." terreblel'" Did yo.u shoot that deer1 demanded the "But my objected the man. "Monsieur," said Dr. Vaneyke gravely, "it a,ngrlly.. ." "Get it. We will take it with Us for you." is fate. FoI'tunate are the rest of us that we "I did, Il:nd I am to It Then I'll drag the carcass to your sledge on did not share his doom. Recollect what a nar"You will 4,0 nothIng of the sort. it." row escape we have all had from a similar Why not ,," Hand me your musket and hunting knife." death." "Because that beast belongs me. The man obeyed reluctantly. "Llocthor-docthorl" cried Barney excitedly. "How do you figUl:e out} He then got his sledge and harness, put the" Luck at Frank I" The deer tame, I used It for my sledge. l:tody of the deer upon it and directed by " He is recovering at lastP' t b d I k'll dt I b Frank, dragged it to the Within a few minutes Frank was entirely re1 IS 00 a I e 1. eg His astonishment at the boat was no greater\ Vived. . 't. b k th l f f than that of the rest of Frank's crew upon be Mournfully he' 'viewed the destruction of his po ogles won give me ac e leo my holding him.' beautiful boat. Frank sOO. n explained matters, however. "This is the end I" he exclaimed sadly. We Very true. But rememJ;>er, I found It roamThe' deer was cut up and stowed away, the have no ho:pe left." mg at as I was III need of food, and sledge and the harness were taken on board,l "Arrah, It'S despairin' yez are, sor," reproach I naturally thought and with the man in the pilot house Frank fully said Barney.. Wild started the boat off inland. "Have I not got cause Was anyone There are no wild deers left on thiS Island. They presently struck the trail traversed by killed 1" "I wasn't aware of the fact before." the Dane's rig and began to follow it over a "Beauvais ,. replied the doctor "Yon krww it now. How can you replace gleaming, white country of smooth ice plains "Where is'Pomp1" that beast and rugged hills He fell from the boat as she came down" can't." .. All of the were singularly happy, for "Dead, too, no Then I shall have to take satisfactIOn out they felt as if the hour of their deliverance was Every one was silent for they mistrusted of rour hide," at hand, that Pomp was dead. Don't be too hasty about that, I advise Mile after mile was passed over, and then Frank arose presently with a bruise on his my friend," the boat shot over toward the coast again, di-head that had rendered him senseless, and saw .' up your hands as a token of submis-rected by the sullen Dane, whom Frank had that St. Malo was badly cut. slOn. paid for the loss of his deer. Vaneyke and Barney were not even scratched, .. I won't do anything of the kind." He was inclined to be ugly over the matter, strange to say. Oher, me, or I'll blow your heart out 1" though, and kept a restless, impatient glance "I am fortunate at escaping with my life," "Don t get too murderous, old manl or--" fixed upon the road ahead. said Frank. "Now let us examine the boat, "Shut up! Do as I say, I tell you 1 The boat glided into a narrow gorge with a and see what can be done with the wreck," I won't do it." turn at the end, and jllst as it came to the bend Already I have done so," explained the doc "Then take the consequence I" hissed the the man sprang out one of the open windows tor. "It was useless," man. on deck, and leaped to the ground. Is Rhe so far gone T' He pulled the trigger and a report rang out. Treachery.I" shouted Frank, in alarm. "Nothing remains but her battered hull," The bullet struck Frank over the heart. He caught hold of the lever and shut off "Horrible, horriblel Can we get out of this But he merely laughed at the furious Dane. power just as the boat shot around the bend,. gorge r: For he wore his SUIt of mail. anticipating trouble. "Easily by a cleft in the south wail over "Fire alZain You touched. me over the heart Then he grasped the reverse lever. there," that time

24 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC ICE BOAT. Part II. The hole was then covered over, and St. Malo, ed that he was not seriously hurt, although he trouble to on through that" field of humhaving made a rude cross out of some of the received several bad cuts and bruises. mocks and pmnacles ot! yonder. broken planking, he marked an inscription Falling into the snow-drift saved his life. "An' begob there's dirty weather acomin' upon it and planted it at the head of the lone He must have lost his senses, howeverhfor on over yonder, sor," added the Irishman, grave. he declared ,that he did not ,know anyt ing pointing to the northeast. It marked the last resting place of a celebratfrom the time he fell up to the moment when "Yes so there is Great dark cloud banks ed French balloonist. they saw him plowing himself out. are rou'ing along this way. Soon a storm of the lost crew gathered some a'!llost had much to be for, violence and probable duration will sweep mumtlOn, fooll, and a few actual necessities III despite the misery they were D:0w for they down upon us. Within an hour we had better a and mad.e a rough sledge upon had fallen from such a great height m the boat awaken the sleepers. We are in too exposed a whlCli the th.ngs were tied. . that wonder"!'as /!-ll escll:ped death. place to stay in the blow." At the moment when everythmg was III everythmg m readmess, they left the readiness, the'/' were all startled to see a heap Snow Blrd's remains where they were IJ'ing, "Do you propose ter push ahead, sorr of snow close by ltegin to fiy up in the air. and with a parting look at the wonderful boat Such is my plan." 'l'he enormous creature, goaded to fury by the wound of the harpoon, had a portion of its body upon the man, holding him down, and its gaping mouth was raised over the poor fellow' s head. "Fire, Darney, it is going to kill him!" cried Frank. Showers of it splashed in all directions, as if that had rendered them so many good services, "Well, mebbe we moight foind a shelther in a volcano were bursting up through the center they seized the rope of the sleage, went up thim hummocks." of the drift. through the cleft in the cliff, and reaching the They watched the coming storm distrustful-Around it whirled and dashed, up in fiying hlvel ground again, they started off. ly. clods i t Jarted, and then with one Heading for the southward, a?d pulling the The wind soon began to rise and moan over upheaval out of the center of the agitated mass after them, they the IDldmght sun at the icy landscape, and a cold, penetrating frost Rody of Pomp!. their b!l-cks, and by makmg tracks to the west sprang up, bringing with it a mist of those Al

Part II. FR.ANK READE JR.'S EIJECTRIC ICE BOA1'. 25 lVent along, but they searched in vain, for no gasped ... Nature is al'ainst us. This is the last party when they saw the beautiful stars and such place appeared. struggle for life or deathl" stripes on the vessel. The storm overtook them. And as a flying block of ice struck him he A ship to bear us home I" cried Frank, ema lt began to blOW and rain. fainted. tionally. Snch gusts of wind that came first were ter "God bless us," said the doctor, "she just rible, and as a dense rack and mist settled down C E XL V came in right season." over the gloomy scene they lost all track of HAPT R. "Fortune favors you, gentlemen," laughed where they werll going. CONCLUSION. the governor. "I have saved your lives-ar The wind rapidly increased in force. A SHIP I A ship I" rived just in the nick of time to carry you away Soon it became so strong that the lost men This welcome cry rang through the littIe from the storm, and now here's your ship to were not able to withstand its fury, and had to town of Godhavn. take you home." cling to the ice to save themselves from being All the residents in the frigid Greenland set "Faith she's a whaler," said Barne}':; .. an' blown away. tlement flocked out of their houses upon hear it's a rough look she has, much as if she a been Loudly it howled and shrieked over the ice, ing the announcement. on a long cruise north'ard." Stand by to repel boarders!" cried Frank, as he turned the wheel and sent the boat flying off on the starboard tack. Barney, Pomp and the doctor attacked the men who were trying to get on board with boat-hooks and belaying pins, and after a short, sharp tussle drove them off on the ice again. Then away flashed the boat, skirting the island. I tearing up great' blocks and whirling them Looking from the town across the harbor one .. An' dar go her anchor," said Pomp. the air like veritable whisps of straw; could see the lofty cliffs of trap rock which ex St, Malo watched the ship haul to down It flung huge pinnaces, them to tend right and left for miles, capped above by without utterms: a word. fragments as flne as dust, and along It rolled snow, below, the waves breaking upon them "It is mv habit to board all incoming ves hlocks of ice tons, like so many liercely and many majestic icebergs ground to sels," said the Governor, "and extend the oill only to dash them mto the hummocks ana pieces on their sharp angles, cers and crew the hospitaHt,r of Godhavn, shiver them to atoms., The bay was only half a mile wide, "Can we accompany you 1 asked Frank eag It was a regular cyclone. Coming in, under shortened sail, was a huge erly. Accompanied b)' a fearful cold blast from the whaling ship flying the American flag at her "Certainly. Here-we will drive down to north, it froze the rain upon the clothing of the mast tru!!k. the water now." Door struggling wayfarers, making them look Frederick Hansen was the Governor of God "See everybody stare I" exclaimed the doetor like men of ice, and so encasing and stiffening havn. laughingly;" our advent here is as much a sur them that they could not move their limbs. He occupied a mce comfortable house and prise as that of the ship." ( Their boat and utensils were blown away, was a grE;at hunter.,. The team of reindeers dashed down to the tbeir weapons were dashed about and broken It was Just as the ship ca!lle III th,at he re, bay, where the boat of the governor was an. to pieces, and they themselves ha.e-to keep up turned an extended Journey III a large chored, an attendant took charge of the beasts, a desperate fight to prevent themselves from f d 'ftl bo our friends all alighted, embarked in the boat, being whirled off by the storm. M HI a I de a l m 0 f eethrs sdl {of re and away they went, out to the ship in double S I b b t th f f th r. ansen sse ge a ong,or e a ven a quick time evera passed y, u e ury 0 e ship is the signal of great excitement and re tempest did not abate, and, the unfortunates joicing in Godhavn, and the governor wanted Upon a n,ear approach they saw that It was fou!ld th,emselves fast gettlllg exhausted by to meet its captain on board as always did. the Gold Fish, of Boston, ana a rope ladder was their terrible struggle. But he had his sledge heavily freighted. dropped down over tpe bulwarks when the Feebler and feebler became their strength. Freight he had found. boat ranged up A groan at last burst from Frank's lips. Human freight, They made the skiff fast, and ascended the "It is useless to keep up the .fight for safety Frank and Jiis friends. ladder. any longer, with all our strength spent," he A cheer burst from the li"s of the rescued A goodnatured looking, bluff old captain


26 FRANK READE JR.'S FiLECTRIC ICE BOA,!'. Part II. met them, and greeted the governor as an old "Well?" Up came the man a moment later and he friend. "To attain his ends, he murdered a man swam oJ!. "We've been on a whalin' cruise, up as far's named Hans Jans who was sent to me from not gO,far, however: Smith's Sound," said he, "an' have got more France by the President of the Chamber of No]j Imgmg up hls arms despamngly, he yelled: oil an' bone than we ought to carry. On our taries and then tried to kill me." "Save mel Save me! I'm drownin'l I've got home'ard trip we concluded ter stop in here save us! Is that so?" cramps!" though, an' see' if we .could do anything fer yer, "He set fire to the ship Polar Queen up in The next moment he disappeared beneath Hansen." these latitudes, and burnt her up, leaving the the surface. "I've only got a few passengers for yo ," crew to take to the boats to save themselves He never rose again. laughed the governor. from destruction." Several bubbles ascended to the surface. "Passengers 1" echoed the captain, glancing "An' I've saved sich a curse as That was all; he was drowned I at our friends. "Since then he has tried by every demoniacal "It's a good riddance to a bad man I" exclaim"Castaways." method a diabolical mind could suggest to kill ed Frank. These men?" me and my friends." Let's hear what the lubber did," said the Yes." ,. I'll strmg him from a yard-arm." captain of the Gotd Fish, and for the benefit of I'll take 'em." "We escaped him. And now, that justice the whole crew who were assembled on deck, Thank you." max be done, I beg of you to carry him back to Frank told his story. "I've got another one." civilization and put him in the hands of the Before he finished every man on board was "What-a castaway r' authorities." glad that Simon Grimm was dead, and felt the Ay, ay. A lubber I picked up in Smith's I will, by thunderl" utmost svmpathy for the unlucky castaways_ Sound." "These gentlemen have told me their story The captalU then assigned them to quarters "Sailor from a wreck?" and I'll vouch for their veracity," said the gov on the ship, and when our friends had been "An Englishman. I don't like him. He's ernor warmly. "When you hear it later on made comfortable, all hands went ashore to a sulky beggar. Ah, here he is now. I'll call you will feel satisfied that this man Simon spend a few days on land. him. Hey! Simon Grimml" Grimm is one of the greatest rogues ever left The Governor entertained Frank, his friends "Simon Grimm 1" echoed Frank in startled un hung I" and the captain at his own pri vate house, and tones. "Y ou hold up your hands," said the captain, a most enjoyable time was spent there. Ayl That's his name. Do yer know him?" to Grimm. When the hour for departure came, they were The castaways exchanged glances. .' No, I won'tl" he snarled, recoiling. all sorry to go, but last farewells were finally They ought to know the scoundrel. "Hey, Riderl Hey, Murphyl" spoken, and everyone went aboard of the Gold He approached at the captain's call. Ay, ay, sir," responded two of the sailors, Fisl.t. His red hair and beard lent him an ugly look approaching. The sails were shaken out the left the had grown long again, since his advent. '. down in ther hold an' put him harbor and away they went'on the lU .. '" cruise with fine weather, a spanking He dld not our frlends at once. Ay, ay, slrl a calm sea s some, more castaways like They strode toward having overheard The voy,{ge to Boston was uneventful. yourself, sald the tJ;1e charg, e agamst hlm, J:>ut he pulled a Not an undue incident occurred to mar The man l?oked up wlth a scowl. out of hls pocket, aimed It at them, and pleasure of the trip, and there our friends He recoglllzedFrank and hls frlends now. crled: barked and took feave of the captain and A cry of consternation pealed from his lips, Stand back or I'll blow the 'eads hoff youl" of the Gold Fish ';ith many regrets. his eyes flashed .furiously, he pale in .The ,sailors paused, and Grimm then St. Malo took the first ontward th!'l face, and reelmg back, he crled, ill hoarse, aimed hls Plstol at St. Malo, shut one eye! and steamer to France, and Frank and his was about to pull trIgger, when wlth a boarded a train, and went back to Readestown, By Eaven, we meet agam! bound Frank reached hlm. where they were met by an ovation. Ayl" exclaimed Frank, ringingly, "and to He struck the weapon aside. Everybody was glad to see them safely back, en,d our '." None 9f you assassin !" .he their families most of all, and the dtory of their 'Monsleur, exclalmed St. Malo, castmg a An exclamatlOn burst from Grlmm s hps. exploits with the electric ice boat became a dark frown upon him as he advanced a step "What did yer do that for?" he [elled inritradition with the whole town. toward the amazed rascal, "you know me '/" ously." You're allus interferin' ho me. But It was not long after St. Malo's arrival in "The Viscount of Pontivy," gasped Grimm, I'll fix yer fer good now I:'. France that Frank and his friends received a ill horror. He drew back and almed hls weapon at princely remuneration from the Viscount for "The man whose fortune you were striving Frank. their gallant rescue of him and his friend. to get!" cried Frank. "The man whom you Look out !" shouted the !ioctor, warnmgly. Frank was sorry to have lost his ice boat. strove desperately to prevent me finding!" "Die, cuss ye!" yelled Grlmm, as he pulled Bllt he had so freguently met with similar He shows his guiltl" said St. Malo, sharply. the trigger. disasters that he did not let it trouble him "Well he may!" cried Frank. The ball whlstled by Frank's face. long but set to work at inventing other con"Say, wot's thf:r meanin' of all this r' asked He sp,rang at Grimm and knocked pistol triva:nces such as he was celebrated for the amazed captam. from .hls hand,. and then grappled wlth the And with Barney, Pomp and Dr. Vant'yke "Put that man under arrest, Slr!' sald Frank. chagrmed wretcn. happily aiding him with his wonderful plans, "Wot'shedone?" But Grimm tore himself free from Frank, we must leave them for the present satisped "He is a relation of this gentleman." and ere anyone COUld. stop him, he dove over-with having accomplished what they had set W ell board. t to d "He has been trying to swindle him out of Everyone rushed to the bulwarks and peered ou 0, his fortune." over. [THE END.1 Usef-u..1 and. Instr"U.cti ve :E3C>OKS. NAPOLEON'S ORACULUM AND DREAM BOOK. ContEtlning the great oracle of human destiny; also the true meaning of almost auy kind of dreams, together \vith charms. (!eremonies, and curious games of cards. A complete book. Price 10 cents. For by all newsdealers in the United States !l.nd Canada, or sent to any ad dross, postage free, on receipt of price. Address Frank Tousey, publisher, 34 and 36 North Moore Street, New York. 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I.."IST -OF THE JAMES BOYS STORIES BY D. W. STEVENS. --.....:..-Published in DETECTIVE' Each Number Complete in Itself. -Price 10 Cents Each. No. M2 Chasing the James Boys; or, A Detective's Dangerous Case. S48 The James Boys and the Detectives. S56 The James Boys; or, The Bandit King's Last Shot. 358 Sam Sixkiller, the Cherokee Detective; or, The James Boys' Most Dangerous Foe. 359 Old King Brady and the James Boys, by a New York Detective 364 The Man From Nowhere and His Aaventures With the James Boys. A Story of a Detect ive's Shrewdest W.ork. 368 The James Boys as Guerrillas and the Train Robbers. S'I3 Old SaddleBags, the Preacher Detective; or, The James Boys in a Fix. m The James Boys in New York; or, Fighting Old King Brady. 382 The Double Shadow; or, The James Boys Baf tled. S86 Jesse James and Siroc; or, a Detective's Chase fora Horse. S87 The James Boys in Boston; or, Old King Brady and the Car of Gold, by a N. Y. Detective S89 The James Boys in Texas; or, A Detective's Thrilling Adventures in the Lone Star State. S93 The James Boys and the Vigilantes -and the James Boys and the Ku Klux. 396 The James Boys and Pinkerton; or, Frank and Jesse as Detectives. The James Boys Lost; or, The Detective's Curio ous Case. W4 jesse James' Last Shot; or, Tracked by the Ford Boys. {{J9 The Last of the Band; or, The Surrender of Frank James. The James Boys Captured; or, A Young De tective's Thrilling Chase. ru The James Boys Tricked; or, A Detective's Cunning Game. ol19 The James Boys in Mexico and the James Boys in California. i21 The James Boys Afloat; or, The Wild Adven tures of a Detective on the Mississippi. No. No. 425 Thirty Days with the James Boys; or, A Detect508 The James Boys' League; or, Baftled by a Keen ive's Wild Chase in Kentucky. Detective. 426 The James Boys' Cave, and the James Boys as 511 The James Boys in Arkansas; or, After Con. Train Wreckers. federate Gold. -!l28 The James Boys at Bay; or, Sheriff Timber 512 Jesse James Avenged: or, The Death of Bob lake's Triumph. Ford. 430 The James Boys in Court and the James Boys 514 Quantrell's Old Guard: or, The James Boys in' Longest Chase. Missouri. 433 After the James Boys; or, Chased Through 518 The James Boys' Knights of the Road; or; The Three States by Day and by Night. Masked Men of Missouri. 438 The James Boys in No Man's Land; or, The 520 The James Boys' Mistake: or, Carl Greene the Bandit King's Last Ride. Detective's Clever Ruse; 442 Mysterious Ike; or, The Masked Uriknown. 522 Jesse James, the Midnight Horseman; or, The 446 The James Boys in Minnesota, and the James Silent Rider of the Ozark. Boys and Timberlake. 526 The James Boys in Danger; or, Carl Greene 453 Jesse James' Pledge; or, The Bandit King's the Detective's Cunning Scheme. Last Ride. 5'1:1 The James Boys' Island; or, Routed by a Game 461 The James Boys'Trip Around the World; or, Detective. Carl Greene, the Detective's Longest Chase. 529 The James Boys' Boldest Raid; or, Foiled by a 464 The Ja.mes Boys in New Orleans: or, Wild Ad Brave Detective. ventures in the South. 530 The James Boys Jailed: or, Carl Greene the. 466 Thll Life and Death of Jesse James and Lives Detective's Clever Capture. of the Ford Boys. 531 The James Boys' Signal Lights; or, The Cavern 467 Frank James, the Avenger, and His Surrenq,er. of Mystery. 470 The Man on the Black Horse; or, The James 533 The James Boys' Longest Run; or, Chased a Boys' First Ride in Missouri. Thousand Miles. 474 The James Boys in Deadwood; or, The Game 534 The James Boys' Last Flight: or, Carl Greene 6 Pair of Dakota. Greatest Victory. 484 The James Boys' Blunder; or, The Fatal Mis-535 The James Boys'Treasure Hunt; or, A Thirty take at Northfield. Days' Race With Detectives. 491 Pinkerton's Boy Detectives; or, Trying to 536 The James Boys Run to Earth; or, A Detect>Capture the James Boys. Ive's Desperate Game 492 Young Sleuth and the James Boys; or, The 538 The James Boys' Reckless Raid; or, Sheriff Keen Detective in the West. Timberlake's Blind Trap. 496 The James Boys on the Road; or, The Bandit 539 The James Boys and the Dwarf; or, Carl Kings m a New Field. Greene's Midget Detective. 499 The James Boys BatHed; or, A Detective's 540 The James Boys' Ride For Life; or, Chased By Game of Bluff. Five De,tectives. 5O

* TOUSEY'S Hi\Nj) .1300Ks. Containing Usefnl Information on Almost Every Snbject Under the Snn. Price 10 Cents Per Copy. No. I. Napoleon'!! Oraculum and Dream Book. (Jontaining tbe A'l'eat or&cle of bnman destlD1: &Iso the trua meaning 01 almost any kind ot dl' eams, wlather with charm8, ceremonies. and ourioua aamea of card.. A. COUlplote book. Prioe 100ent& No.2. HOW TO DO TRICKS. I'll. creat book of mAlrio &nd oard tricks. contalnln, foil iaatructiOD ot all the rellldiDfi card tricks or toe day, a)ao will beth amnse and Inltrnot. Prioe 10 centa. No.3. HOW TO Jo'LIRT. I :::J.01UJIII You can No.4. HOW TO DAN(,'E l.I tbe title of a ne" and handsome little book jnlt I .. ned bJ' Frank TouBey. It contaJol!I fuJI instruotions in tbe art of danoing, etiquette in the ball-room and at pal'ties. how off in aU pOpUlar No.5. HOW TO MAKE LOVE.' man1 ourion. aDd iDteresting thiDgl not ,enerall7 kno" ... l'rtce 10 oente. No.6. HOW TO BECOME AN ATHLETE. Dlnnll full Instruotion for tbo n.e of dnmb-bell .. Indl .. .. er ai:l:ty Ivery boy ,oan ltealtby by fOUowlDg the iDstractlons oontatned 10 thi _tie book. Price 10 cent .. No.7. HOW TO KEEP BIRDS. H andsomely iIlnstrated, and oontah.iug full lnetmotlons err the sna training of the clnary, mocking 'J';,'!;ntbol' blackbird. paroqnet. etc. Price No.9. BOW TO BECOME A VENTRILOQUIST. S;, Hal'r7 Kennedy. Tbe .eoret given AWar. Everr Intelll. .. nt boy t bis book of instruotions, by a Ihraotioal amonnt of Inn for bimself aud friend.. It Is the greateet book publlabod, and tbero. mlllloni (of fun) iD it. PrIce 10 "eat&. No. 10. HOW TO BOX. fte art 01 .elf-defonse mado e&81. OontalalD, over tblrty IllUitration. of ard8, blow8 and the dUferent positions of out an instructor. Price 10 cente. No. II. HOW TO WRITE LOVELETTERS. A most oomplete little bock. containing fnll direction. for No. 12. BOW TO WRITE LETTERS TO LADmS. Glylng complete Instrnotion. for writlnlJ lette .. to ladie. of lntroductlen. notas and re .. No. 13. How to Do It; or, Book of Etiquette. Ill I. a l!"8atlife aecret. and one that 10nng maD de. it &bent. Send 10 centa an ,.t It.'. No. 15. HOW TO BECOME RICH. Th,. wonderfnl beok pre.ente 10n with the ezample and life ezpertence of some of the most noted and wealthy men the present. age. "hosd own example is in itself enoulrb for those who aspire tn fame and moneTt The book will alve JOou the seor.t. Prio. 10 cente. No. 16. No. 28. HOW 'l'O 'I'ELL FORTUNES. Every OD9 is desirous of knowing wbat bis future lif. d brio. forth, ,,bethel' happiness or misery, wealth or po.-::'t: une. of )'our friend.. Prioe 10 cents. No. 29. HOW TO BECOME AN INVENTOR. EverT boJ' shonld know how Inventions originate I'll" book eJ:plains tbem all, givin&, examples in eleotricltJ. b.rOontaining fall instructions for construoting a window draulica. magnetism. optics, pneumatic8, mecbanics, eta.. t(arden either in town or country. and tbe most etc. T I .. mut. iutractive book published. Price 10 OIDIa. HOW TO KEEP A WINDOW GARDEN. No. 17. HOW TO DRESS. QontainlDg fnllinstruotion In tbe art of dre.sing aud ai>. peariDI' well at bome and abroad. givIng the selection. of colors, material. and how to hAve them made up. Price 10 cents.. No. 18. HOW TO BECOME BEAUTIFUL. On. or brigbtest and moet val"able little beoks ev r. simple, and almost costlesa. Read this book and be 000vlnoed bow to become beaDtllnl. Pric.l0 cent& No. 19. FRANK TOUSEY'S United SlafAls Distance Tables, Pocket Companion and Guide. GlvlDllltbe omolal dlstanc on all the railroad. 01 tbe United and Oanada. Also. table 01 di.tances bJO water to foreign porte., back fares in the prlnoiral oitie .. most No. 20. How to Entertain an Evening Party. A ve,., valuable little book jnst pnblished. A complete compendium of gamea, flport.s, ca1"doodiv8raionl, comic book pnblished. Price 10 ceat No. 21. HOW TO HUn A.ND FISH. The moot oompl.te hnntlnlf aDd asblng gnlde .... pab... liahed. It containa i ull instruotioDs about ButtS, buntinlf with deecripNo. 23 HOW TO EXPLA.lN DREAMS. ''-erybody dream .. from tbe little cblld to the ap4 l1l&1I. and woman. Tbil little book tbe explanatloD to all oenta No. 30. HOW '1'0 COOK. One of tbe most InstrDotive books on cooklnlf .ver pnbo Jisbed. It CloiltaiDI recipes for cooking meatl. fish, crame.. and oysters: also 111681 pU4"ling8, cake. and all khida of bT one 0' our mOlt No. 31. HOW TO BECOME A SPEAKER. Oontalnlnr fourteen illustrations. alvin!! tbe different poI.tlonl requisite to bttOome a good Ipeaker, reader _04 elooutfnniat A1so containing gems from all the popu'" mOlt simple No. 32. HOW TO RIDE A BICYCLE. HandoomelTllluetrated. and oontaininll fnll directions f. di::::l::' a maohine. Price 10 cent . No. 33. HOW TO BERA YE. Oontelnlna the mlel aDd etlqnette of ,ood lOol.t, and the easiest and most approved metbods of appearin,:c to.oodI theater, oburch, and in th No. 34. HOW '1.'0 FENCE. Containing fnll'Dltmction for fencing and the use of tbll broadsword; also instruction in arobery. Desoribed willa p08itiou No. 35. HOW TO PLAY GAMES. A complete "nd uleful little book. contalninl' tho mi. bacqanunOIl,_ No. 36. HOW TO SOLVE CONUNDRUMS. Oontalning all the leading cODuodraml of theda" riddle .. ourious oatches and witty .&;-;::81. Prica 10 clnll. No.38. No. 24. HOW TO BECOME YOUR OWN DOCTOR. HOW TO WRITE LETTERS TO GENTLE-MEN. Oodtalnlng mil direction. lor "rltlng to gentlemen OD all subjects: also ginn8 sample letters for UUltrQctioD. Prioe 10 cents. No.2!5. HOW TO BECOlllE A GYMNAST. Containing fnll Instruotlons for .n kind. of lIymnaotlo svorts and athletio exercises. Embracing tbirty ... five iUu&Macdouald. A bandJO and 118 .. No. 26. HOW TO ROW, SAlL AND BUILD A BOAT. FnllTl1Instrated. Ever, boy sbonld know bow to row and nil a boat. Full tuetructl0n& are given in thielittle book. together with instructioDs on BWlmming and riding. pAniou sports to boating. 10 cents. No. 27. HOW TO RECITE AND BOOK OF RECIA wonderful book. contalnlDI!' neefnl and practical Inr ... matiQJl in tne treatment of ordinary diseases 3.nd AilmeDtI common to every family. A boundinlt in Dsefnl ftnd .ffective reoiV8s for general complainu Price 10 c"' ... No. 39. How to Raise Dogs, Poultry, Pigeons an' Rabbits. A. usefnl and Instrnotlve book. Handeoml11 DlDltratt4. By Ira OrofrAw_ Prioe 10 cents. NO. 40. HOW TO MAKE AND SET TRAPS. Inclndlnl!' blnte ou how to catch Mol.s. Wuso'o. OttoP. Ra.ts Sauine1s And Birds. A Iso bow to en,. tikinl. QG;. pionsly ll1netrated. By J. Harrin,ton K.en.. Prl Clllnt ... No. 41. Tile Boys of New York End Men's Joke Book. Containing nlff8&t variety of tbe latest jot .. ased by the most famous end men. No amateur minBtrel! Is complete witbout thie wonderful little book. PricslO .ente. No. 14. TA'l'IONS. HOW TO MAKE CANDY. CoDtalDlug the mo.t popnlar seleotlou.ln uee aompriSlnll Aeomple'" band.bookfor m&lltn, all klDd. Df c&nd1.1cIIDntoh dlaleot. Freucb dlaleot, Yanks. and irish dialect .,rnp" ..... D etc., ete, Prlo. 10 C.Dt&. to,etll.r with man, ltandard .eacUnll" Price 10 For sale by all newsdealers In the United States and Canada, or sent your address, post.pald, on receipt of price. Addreea BOI 2730. FRANK TOUSEY, Pnbllsher, It 18 Nortb looro Street, Now York.


43. HOW TO BECOME A. M:A.GICUN. oantations, eta. Price 10 cents. For sale by all Or sent to your address, postage freo, upon rece!pt 0 Price. Address Frank Tousey, publisher, a. and 36 Moore atreet. New York. Box 2780. 44. HOW TO WRITE IN AN ALBUM. Oontaining Seleoted Verses suitable for any time or occalion; also, Acrostics and Valentines. Price 10 cents. For lale at all news-stands. or we will send it to you, J!f)stage Ine! upon receipt of the P!,iC8. Address Frank kTOU:'!,.! North Moore street, New Yor UVA 45. THE BOYS OF NEW VORK JlINSrnEL GUIDE .A.ND JOKE BOOK! aD amateur miBstreJ troupe, And will cost'you but.lO centsl sent For we evel'1l1ews<;lealerl or will be to your addreos on receIpt of thQ. 'pnce. Address FraIik S& aDd 36 Nortb JIOOre &treet, New yom. HAND 52. BOW TO PLAY CARDS. th:. rtt6:!sFn: Rounce, edro Sanc ho, Draw Auction All lfOurs. and many othe r popular games of cards. PrIce 10 cents. For sale by ev e ry n ewsdealer in the United States and Canadat or we will send it to your addreBB, free of postage, on receJpt of the price. Frank Tousey, pub .. \IaIi .... 34 and 36 Ncrth Moore street. New York. Box 2T.n :SOOKS. 58. HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE. By Old Kibg Brady. the world known detecti... In he lays dows some valuable And sensible rules for beginners. and also relatea some adventures and experiencea 01 well-known detectives. Price 10 cents. For sale b, u newsdealers in the Uuited States and Oaullda. or sent to ir0ur address, post-paid, on, receipt of grice. Addr ... S4 and 36 Nort Moore Str8elt 60. HOW TO BECOME A PHOTOGRA.PHER. 53. Containing useful informa.tion I egarding the Oa.IHera and HOW TO WRITE LETTERS. A wonderiullittle book. telling you how to write to yom iIIustr.ted I:Ir Oaptuiu W D e W Abney. l'rice 10 cent .. your father, mother slste r, brother, employer; For at 81 news-stand'!". or sent.J)(Jst:-p&id, on receipt: and, In faet, everybody a.nd anybody you WIsh to write to of "PrIce. Addre88 Fr:Ank 'loI18ey. Pubhsher, M and a5 46. Every man and every young lady in the land should North Moore street. New York. BOI2780. How to vake and Use Elec'.iclty. have t is book. It is for sale by all newsdea:.ers. price 10 JlL (il. cents, or sent from this office OD receit of price. Ad .. t 61 and 36 North Moon HOW TO BECOME A BOWLER. I A comttlete manuel of bowling. Oobtalsing full inBtruo-!!ie M. lent to your address, post.."c free, on receipt of price. AaHOW TO KEEP -..rn ,.... ""A.GE PETS, the principal bowling in the United State . B1' dr88lFraDkTollB81,, 34&a6NorthMooreStreet, .iI..J..'V .I.1I..A.J., I Bartholomew Batte1'son. PrIce 10 cents For Ealeb,all York. Bo.I 2730. GIVing compJe.te infon;nation to the manner an4 n8w bdealers in tbe United States a.Dd Canada.

THE FIVE ----.. .... 833 The VlIBtIldon's Cave; or, Two Wide Awake Boys in the Far West ............ by Percy B. St. John 884 The Boy Stage Driver; or, The Hero ot RockY Pass .................. bf_ P aul Braddon 835 From Newshoy Up; or, A New Boy in BusIness ................................. .. by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 836 Alone in the Wild West; New York Boy's Search for Buffalo a T. Emmet 83'T The Secret of the Sealed Gold Mm e s .... by "Noname" 833 IJttle Blondin, the Tight Rope W8Jker ... .. 839 From New York to San Francisco inbi maran ....................... by John Sh erman 846 A Young Jay Gould; or, A Boy Among t he Money Klrigs ..... . I)y H. K Shackleford Only an Errand Boy; or, Getting Up in the World ........................ by a T. Emmet &2 Jack Reruly's School SCrapes-comio ....... by Peter Pad 843 The Ice-Boat BOf!l; or, Crulsing on Frozen Waters in the Northwest ......... by C. Little 8 IJttle Blind Joe; or, The Sharks of New york ..................................... .. by N. S. Wood (The Young America.n Actor) &5 Young Ironolad, the Boy Gunner ......... .. bf John Sherman 846 The Boy Gold Hunters; or, Young_New York fuCalifornia ..... ....... by a T. Emmet 8 The Shortys in the Wild West-Oral Morgan Rattler 8M Ned. the Bound Boy; or, Through 100 Miles of Foes .... ...... .. ................. by C. Little 855 Frank Reade, -Jr., and His Electrlo Team .. by "Noname" 850 The Shortys' Christmas 'Pad 857 Two WaIfs.u>r, Afioat iu New york ....... by N. S. wood (The Young American Actor) 858 Fearless Phil in_ Disguise; or, The Tiger's Last Plot .................. .. by Paul Braddon 8a9 A Southern Boy in New York' or Bound to Make His Money ....... by it it. Shackleford 860 Steamboat Bi!l:r' or, The State-Room Secret 861 The Boy Lion .Tamers; or, Adventures in Africa .................................... .. 862 Out With Kit Carson. A Story of the Early Daysot Ka.nsa.a ............... by a T. Emmet 863 The Boy Samson; or, Taking care of Him aeif ................................. by O. Little 864 The Boy Jl'rom New York; or, A Fi.Eht for Five Milllons ............ by Percy H. St. John 865 Smart &. Co., the Boy Peddlera-eomio . . by Peter Pad 866 A Chicago or, Up From the LOwest . by John Sherman 88T AR Old Boy; or, Maloney After Education-comic ....................... ... Tom Teaser 866 The Bo," Tl1leg:rs.Jlh Qperator; or, The Mystery of a Midnight Message .............. by Col. Ralph Fenton 869 Diok Boldhero' or The Strange Adventures of a Young yankee Sailor ................ WrltteJ) by Himself 8'10 Garry the Greenhorn' or, From Stowaway to Senator ....... by COrporal MO!'8"an Rattler 8'11 From Errand Boy to Lawyer; or, Bound to be at the Top ................. by a T. Emmet 8'12 Bob Allen's Ranch; or, A .cattle King at 17 by C. Little 8'l3 Behind the Scenes; or, Out with a New York COmbination-eomio ...... by Peter Pad 8'14 A Boy AmOl!g the White Caps; or, A Vic tim ot the Lash .......... Paul Braddon 8'15 General Washington's Boy; or, The Young est Soldier in tlie Revolution ... ........ by Ralph Morton 8'16 Pawnee Bill and the Oklahoma Boomers ... by Geo. W. Goode 8'l7 Frank ReadI1. Jr.'s Search for a Sunken Ship; or, Working for the Government ... bt;l Noname U !!'IS .... by the Author of .. C aptain Tom Drakez" etClJ 8'l9 A Bad Boy's Note Book-(Jomic ....... by Ed 880 The Young Railroad King; or From Bt"ake-man to President ....... by COL Ralph Fenton 881 Joe Junk, the Whaler; or, Anywhere for Fun-eomic .................. . by Peter Pad S82 Lost on the Atlantio .... .. by Howard De Vere 883 Monitor Matt; 0!J The Gi ant of the Waves. A Story of the \:treat Rebellion ........... by Ralph Morton 864 The Boy Rovers; or, The Adventures-of Two Plucky Boys ................. by C. Little B85 His Own Boss; or, The Boy C!!ptain of C at head Lake ............... b:\'. Percy B. St. John 886 Braving the Flood' or, The Pluc ky Fight ot Two Johnstown Boys ........ by R. T. EmJllet 88'l Muldoon the Solid Man-eomic. by Tom Teaser 888 The Boy Star; or, From the Footlights to Fortune ............ ............ b:y: N. S. Wood 889 The Young CommandeF; or, A New York Boy in the Southern War ... by Ralph Morton S90 'fwo in a Box; or, The Loni and Short ot it -eomlo .... 00 ................... by Tom Teaser CENT WIDE A W AXE LIBRARY. 891 The Soldier's Son; or, The Secret of the House of Eight Pines. A. Story of New York ............................... by C. Little 892 Satin Sam, the Young Western Sport ..... by Paul Braddon 893 The Funny Four-comic .. ..... by Peter Pad 89! The White Que e n of the Aztecs' 0!J. Two Y anke e Boys in Mexi c o ...... by Ii 'J.'. Emmet 895 The Deaoon's Son; or, The Imp of the Vil lage-comi c .................... by Tom Teaser 896 The Boy S lave of the'Galley; or, The My"s, tery of the 'pe roy'ji:si-.: 'john 8!1T A B a d Egg; or, Hard to Crack-comic . . by Tom Teaser 898 Two Years Wit h a Pirate; or, 'lhePhantom Ship of the Gold Coast ....... by J. G. Bradley" 899 Muldoon's Boarding House-comic .... . by Tom Teaser 900 The Boy Diamond King; or, The Young Monte Chri sto of New york ....... by C. Little 901 Ikey; or, He Never Got ....... by Tom Teaser 902 The Armoret"s Son; or, The Mystery of the Tower of London ............ by Allyn Draper 903 904 Dick Getaway; or, Fighting for a Fortune by Corporal Morgan Rattler 905 Tom Quick, the Avenger of the D elaware .. by a T. Emmet 906 Sam Switoh, the Boy or, Begin ning at the Bottom ..... b:\'.1ib ert J; Booth 907 D aring Dave the Diver; or, The Prince of Swimmers ......................... by C. Little 908 Sam; or, The Troublesome FoundlingcoOOo .................... by Peter Pad 909 Velvet Van; or, Deadly Grip and His Demon Band ................ by Paul Braddon 910 A Smart New York Boy; or, From Poverty to Wealth ................... by John Sherman 911 Foretop Tom.;. or, A Yankee Sailor Boy AmonE the malay Pirates ... by J. G. Br8.dley 912 Bulger Boom, the Inventor-comio ....... . 1>.7 Peter Pad 913 Out in the Streets. A Story ot High and Low Life in N e w york ................... .. by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 914 The Swamp D,emon; or, Lost For Two years ......................... by a T. Emmet 915 Denver Dan'l Jr., the Stage Driver; The My:ste!l 0 Golden GulCh ...... by .. 1" oname" ,,16 Muldoon s Brother Dan-comio. b1 Tom Teaser 911 Buffalo Bill's Boy Broncho Breaker; or, The Youngest Hero on the Plains ........... by Paul Braddon 918 A Sailor at Fifteen; or, From Cabin Boy to Captain ........................ by J. G.Bradley 919 Henpecked-eomic ................. by Peter Pad 920 Homeless Hal; or, A Poor Boy's Life in a Great City ............ by Captain Will Darton 921 Wild BUl's13oy Partner; or, The Redskins Gold Secret .................. by Paul Braddon 922 Muldoon's Chrlstmas-comio. ... by Tom Teaser 923 Ca.ptaln Jack. the Pirate's Foe; or, The Devilfish of the Indies ... by Roger Starbuck 924 A Bad Boy at School-comio ......... .. by .. ..Ed .. 925 Mr. McGinty-eomio .... .. by Tom T&l.ser 926 LIneman Joe, the Boy Telegraph O1imber .. Little 927 Shipped to China; or, The Life ot a RUJl8,. waf Boy ...................... by J. G. Bradley 928 Searching for Stanley; or, Tom Stevens' _Ad ventures in Afric a ............ by a T.$mmet 929 Boarding School i or, Sam Bowser at Work and Pl a Y-(JoIOlo ..... ... .... by Peter Pad 930 Young Magic; or, The Boy With a Charm ed Life ....................... by P aul Braddon 931 Muldoon Out Wes1i-comic ...... by Tom Teaser 932 The Boy Treasure Hunters; or, Searching for LOst Money .............. by John Sherman 933 Senator Muldoon-comic ....... by Tom Teaser 934 Sam Johnson, the Negro Detective ......... by Harry Kane 935 Frank Reade, Jr., in the Far West; The Search for a Lost Gold Mine .. by .. 1"oname .. 936 The Waif of MysteryIsland; or, The Ad ventures of a Boy Who Was Kidnapped.. b'y Roger Starbnck 937 The Mystery ot the Sealed Door;,." o!l The Oldest House in New York .. by 1<. T. Emmet 938 Island No.7; or, The Pirates of Lake Mich igan ......................... by Geo. W. Goode 939 Our Landlord; or, Life in French Flatscomic ............................. by Peter Pad 94(} From Jockey to Judge; or, the Boy Who Was Always Ahead ............... Of C. Little 9U Alonein New York; or, Ragged ROb, the Newsboy ........... ........ .............. .. by N S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 942 The Boy Express Messenger' or the Train Robbers .......... by john Sherman 943 Next Door; or, The Irish Twiris-(Jomic .... by Tom 'I:easer 944 The Limbless Hunter; or, Si Slocum's Revenge ...................... by Roger StarbUCk 945 The Boy in Red; or, The Czar's Masked Mesaengers ................... by a T. Emmet 946 Adrift in the Antarctic; or, Two Years ona Continent ofIce. ................... by C. Little 947 The Aldermen Sweeneys of New York-comic ........................... by Tom Teaser 943 Pawnee BiU; or, the White Chief's First W a r:Trail .................... by P aul Braddon 949 The Boy Showman; or, .AI Circus Manager at Sixteen ................... by John Sherman 950 Tip Top'l'eddf the Young Foretopman' or, Four Years Before the Mast. by J. G. Bradley 951 Mrs. Brown's BoardingHouse-comic . . . by Peter Pad


I I ............. : ............. by TO.m Teaser 1066 Pawnee Bill s Gold Hunt; or, The Lost by R. T. Emmel CO llrow,.the PIrate; or, The CrUIser of Treasure Train .............. by Paul Braddon 1118 The Young Rip Van Winkle. by Allan Arnold 1012111aeJJaJ'k River ............ by Roger Starbuck 1067 Icebound; or, Among the Floes............ 1119 The Lost Gold Raft; or, A Perilous Cruise We "fankee Yacht Club; or, Around the by Berton Bertrew For a Floatiog Treasure .. by Roger Starbuck 1013 by Water .......... : .. by Ge,? G. Small 1068 Stowaway Sam; or, A Cruise to the Sea of 1120 Sharp, Swift and Spry' or Three Jolly "':g.n.k Reade, Jr., Explormg a of Doom ...................... by Roger Starbuck Peddlers-comic ........ : . : .. by Sam Smiley 1011 ';rystery. A Strange Story of AfrICa ...... 1069 Johnny Brown &, Co. at School: or The 1121 The 'FortyNiners or The Pioneer's 1 U by .. Noname .. D 'B t Hi Old Tr' k '. D hte b Tri Ar d th WI' eacon s oy a s IC s-corruc... augp r.. .. .. .. .. .. .... y T. W. Hanshew duidOOn s P oun e or d-comlC. by Peter Pad 1122 Dick Deadline the Young Revenue Cap 1015 "hrt 1 ...... ,' .. .: ... by Tom 1070 Frank .Reade, Jr., and His Greyhound of taio; or, The Pirate of the Gun Brig ...... .ruldoon s TriP Around the World-comIC. tl?e AI!:j or, The Search For the Mount br, Roger Starbuck 1016 "ptLft 11 ........................ by Tom Teaser amofuold .. ................... by .. Noname .. 1123 Young King Crusoe; or, rhe'l'reasure a t Boat Freq;. or, The Young Swamp 1071 Dandy Dan of Deadwood, and His Deal Trove of Fllicon Key .............. by C. Little 1017lQ,.unterof LoUISiana .. : .by H. K. Shackleford With Death .................... by" Noname" 1124 Hook and Ladder No.2 ... by Howard De Vere on8:..the S.un Worshipers; or, Two New 1072 Go-Abead Harry, the Boy_ Who Got There; 1125 S a m Sureshot, the Skeleton Marioe; or, 1018 4fork ]:loy.s m Peru ....... -by Berton Bertrew or, Where There's a Will, There's a Way. The Lost Frigate of the D e mon Isles ..... tICk MagIC, the Boy Wonder; or, by C. Little by Roger Starbuck 1019 on the Stage .... : ........ by C. J;,jttle 1073 Old Sixty-Nine; or, The Prioce of Eng;-1126 Billy Bu. tton, the Young Clown and Bare"'" Reade.l,hJrG' and HIn,s ElectrIC Air neers .................... . by Howard De Vere back Rider. A Story of the Circus ...... lu," "facbt; or, T e reat ventor Among 107i The Boy Mate; or, Cast Away With Conby_Lieut. E. H. Kellogg the AZtecs ...................... by "Noname" victs . ...... ... ........... by RQger Starbuck 1127 The Orphans pf New York. A Pathetic TWO BoY Wanderers; or, The Chums of 1075 Jim ... Jack and Jim; Three Hard Nuts Story of a Great City .......... by N. S. Wood Ill'll the Lost Island ............ by Roger Starbuck to urack-comic ................ by Tom Teaser 1128 Young Capt. Perry, the Hero of 1812. An ,:,., The Wonder of Wall Street; or, A Boy 1076 Colorado Carl; or, The King of the Saddle Excitiog Y(\rn .by Georg e G. Small I",. .AJIlong the Bulls and Bears............... by J. G. Bradley 1129 or, Two New by H. K. Shackleford 1077 Dandy Dan of Deadwood and His Big BoYork Boys in Mexico ...... by Berton Bertrew ()23 The Vnknown ................ by Paul Braddon nanza ......... ................. by" Noname" 1130 The Actor's Son. A Story of Trials and The Comical' Adventures of Two Dudes-1078 The Lost Diamond Ship; or, A Search for Triumphs On and Od' the Stage .......... I comic ............... ............ by Tom Teaser an Unknown Lake ....... by Roger Starbuck IlY Gus Williams Ill' cast Adrift; or, One Year on a Raft....... 1079 Benny Bounce; or, A Block of the Old 1131 The Ocean Wolf. A Story of Privateering 1!D by J. G. Bradley Chip-comic ...................... by Peter Pad in 1812 ..................... by George G. Small 02Ii The Rival Boat Clubs; or, the Hoss School 1080 Nozzle Ned, the'Boy Fireman of Madison. 1132 The Witch's Secret; orl The Hidden I at Beachwood ......... .. by Howard De Vere by Robert Lennox Crime ...................... oy T W. Hanshew 1027 The Demon Calltain; or, The Doomed Boys 1081 The .Two B.oy, Cattle Kings; or, An Indian 1133 Bound Boy Ben; or, Sold Into Slavery ...... of the Gun-ShIp ... ....... by Roger Starbuck Mail Carrier s Oath ......... by Paul Braddon by C. Little 10'J8 Reid by Sitting Bull; or, the Siege of a DaNick, the Boy of Nerve; or Fight: 11M Reade, Jr.'s Ice Boat,;. or, kota School-House ........... by Paul Braddon mg His Own Battles ............... by C Little Lostm the Land of Crimson Snow. J:'art IO'l9ll0b B right.;., or, A Boy of Busioess and Fun 1083 From Pole to Pole; oJJ Frank I ........................ ........ by "Noname" _comic. J:'art I. .............. by 'fom Teaser Stranf!'e Submarioe voyage ... by" !' ... ..... by Roger Starbuck by Albert J. Booth to aerchant ...................... by C. Little 1101 Newsboy Ned; or,li)-om the Pavement 1146 Adrift in a Haunted or, The MysIOU A Ship on Wheels; or, The Wonder of' aPalace ................. : ........ :.byC.Little teryofaLOstWarShlp .. byRogerStarbuck Hurricane Coast .. . . .... by Roger Starbuck 1095 Frank Reade, Jr., and HIB ElectrIC Coach; 1147 The Arkansas Scout ......... by Paul Braddon 1012 Truthful Jack; or, On Board the Nancy or, The Search for the Isle 6f Diamonds. 1148 The Wolf Boys of Michigan .............. .. Jane. A Story Full of Lies-comic....... Part I. ......................... by" Noname" by Jas. D. Montague by Tom Teaser 1096 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Electric Coach; 1H9 The Boy Nihilist; or, Young America io 1012 The Gold Arrow; or, The Demon. of the or, The Search for the Isle of Diamonds. Russia .. by Captain Geo. Granville, (U. S. A.I C a scade. A 'I'hrilling Story of the Wild Part n .. ........ : .............. by ... N 1150 Daniel Boone's Bes. t Shot; or, The Perils Northwest .... . .......... . by Paul Braddon 1097 Rob Ready, the Life Saver; or, The Pirate of the Kentucky PIOneers .. by JohR Sherman IOU Th!, Boy Lion King; or, The Secret of the Wreckers of tile Bahamas..... ....... ... . 1151 The Pars,?n's Boy; or, The Innocent One of Diamond Caves ............... by R. T. Emmet by Roger Starbuck the Family-comIC ............ by Tom Teaser I 1015" 7" of Dismal Swamp. A Story of the 1098 Captain Tom Seymour, the Game Cock of 1152 The Game Cock of Deadwood. A Story of Great South .................. by Gus Williams the Coast . ................. by Ralph Morton the Wild Northwest ......... by Gao. G. Small 1015 The Castaways of Iceland. or The Fiend 1099 Dandy Dan of Deadwood Betrayed; or The 1153 Randy Rollins, the Young Fireman. A of the Lava Caves .... .... by ROger Starbuck Vultures of Montana .......... by .. N'oname" Story of HelOic Deeds . . by Robert Lennox: ",7 Billy Moss; or, From One Thmg to Another 1100 The Black Fiend of the Red Sea; or, The 1154 Little Buffalo Bill; or The Boy Scout of -lahoma ............. by Paul Braddon Sea ......... ; ................... bX J. G. Bradley ,!cer Dane the Senate Detective' or, Be1106 The Boy Scout ................... by N. S. Wood 1162 A Poor Boy s FIght; or, The Hero of the the Scenes io Washington. Little 1107 Muldoon in Ireland; or, The Solid Man on SCh<>

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'J'he Search for tective in O&lifornia. 23 \Hm Jams: or, Jack of All Trades, 34 aD Win2s; or, Frank Reade, Jr,'s 33 Denver Divide; or, For Half a. Great. 35 EIp)oring Mexico in His New Air34 and tilEs Lady Ferret: or, fbe Girl Detect2G ::illort, and tbeCouot; or, The Two Greu.t Unroasbed. Ship. 35 Young Sleuth's Oincinnati Search; or. Working a by Peter Pud 36 Figbtfng the Slave Huoters; or, Frank Reade, Jr., in Olew on Teaser 37 or, Frank Reap-e. Jr. in Australia. 36 Y0.E::" Great Oircus Case; or, Bareback 11ill'. by :-)aln Smiley 38 The Electric Horse; or. !tirank Rende. Jr., and HIS Fe.... 37 Young'Sleutll io New Orleans; or, The Keen Detective'. 29 London Bob; or, An English Boy in America, ther in Search of tile Lost 'l'reasure of the Peruvians. Quick Oatcb. 30 Elfenezer Orow. 39 His Electric 'ream; or, In Search 38 $100 .000 GalDe; or, Monte Carlo in New 31 Bob Short; or, One of Our Boys, by Saw Smiley 40 Around the World Under Water; or, 'rhe Wonderful 39 YounJZ Sleuth's St. LouiA Oapture; or, Spreading a Suspected, Work40 the World's Fair; or, Piping 8 .Mystery ,k Around the World. jng,lor tbe Government. of Ubicftgo M 16 Hildebrandt lfit1.gum; or, My Quiet Little Uousin. 43 Lost in the of Fire; or, AoroBs the Pnmpasln the 41 or, Tbe KeeD: by'j'om Teaser Electrici{'urret. 42 Young Sleuth a011 tbe King of Orooks; or, Tracking 37 1.' ommy Bounce, Jr. : or .A. Cbip of the Old Block, 44 Frank Reade, Jr. and His Queen Olipper of the OJoods, Down the WOlst Man in Vork. by Peter Pad Part 1. 43 Young Sleuth ;n tbe .. Lava Beds" of York; or, 38 Twins; or. Whicb Was the Other? by S"m Smile)' 45 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Queen Clipper at theCJouds. Tbe Tenderloin Djetrict lJy Nlgbt. 39 Bob RolHck;-or, WhalWas He Born For? by Peter Pad Part H 44 YOUDg SJeutb And the Bunco Sharps; or. The Keen Da-,. oW Tbe SllOrtys Married and lietded Dowu. by Pet,er Pad 46 Six: Weeks in thA Great Wbirlpool; ort Straoge A'i:h'enttectlve's Hand. 41 "'ommy Bounce Jr. in Oollege, by Peter Pad ures in a Submarine Boat. 45 'Yol1ng Sleuth and the Bryant. Park M),stery or. The 42 'l'he Sbortys Out for Fun.' by Peter Pad 47 Frank, Jr., flnd His Monitor of the Air; or, Queen of the Queer In New York. 43 Billy Bllkkus, ,With dd . .. "I .On'dM aY8,.t.en'Y,"scov'.ry ::d Ferreting ., 01 Whiskers;" or, una Year's Fun at of a Lost People. b ... ... 48 Best Race. 45 The SbortY8 Out it'ishing, by Peter Pad 50 Obased Across the Sahara.; 01', The Bedouin's Oaptive. 49 A Straight 'l'ipi or, YOUDg at tbe AmertcaJl 4f Tbe Shorty'3 Out GunuinE, by Peter Pad 51 Frank Reade. Jr., alfd His Electric Air Ya<; or, 'J'be Derbr. 47 Bob Rollick. the Yankee NotIon Drummerby Peter FAd 62 of tbe Air; or, 48 Sam; or. A Bootblack's Voyage Around tbe tbe Search for the Mountain of Gold. Tracing a Strange 'Tralledy of a. Broker'lS Office World, by OOlOmodore Ab 53 From Pole to PoJe; or, Frank !teade, Jr,'sStrange.Sub-6'2 Young Sleuth and the Opera House Mystery; Dr, Mur49 'J'he Shorbe' Farming, by Peter Pad marine Voyage. dered Behind the Scenes. 60 M.uldoon's Night SC' bool. by 'ro'n 'reaser 54 The Mystic Brand; or. Frank Reade. Jr., and I1isOver53 Young :Sleuth UDder tlle Docks of New York; or, The 51 Dandy Dick, tbe Doctor's Son; or, 'llbe Village Jand ::ita2e Upon the Staked Plains. River 'l'bieves 8 .bd tbe K,eeb Detective. 'ferror, by Tom 'feaser 55 Frank Reade, Jr . in the in the Far Westj or, 'l'be Searob 54 YOUlig Sleutb and the Mysterious Doctor; or, A Medi52 Sassy Sam Sumner. A Sequel to" SaBs}, Sam." for a I.ost Gold Mine. cui Student's Dark Plot. by Commodore Ah-Look 56 FrAnk Reade, Jr . With His Air Ship io Asia; or, A 55 Youna Sleutb and the Rival Bank Breakers; or, The 53 The Jolly 'rrave'er,,: Arpund the 57 Torpedo Boat; or, 56 Dark Mrstery of. 64 ,'he lShortys in the Wild West, by Peter Pad War With the Brazilian Rebels. Wedding Eve. 55 Muldoon, the Sport .. I by Tom 'feaser 6R FrAnk Reade, Jr., and Hit! Electrjc Coaoh; or, The 67 Young Sleutb A['Id toe Murder in the State ... Room; or, 56 Cheeky and Chipper; or, Through Thick and 'rhino Search for the (sie of Diamonds. Part I A Mystery of tDe Ocea.n. .. by Commodore Ab ... Look 59 Frank Reade. Jr .. and His .l!:lectric Coacb: or, The 58 Young ::;Jeutb'a Long 'l'rall; or, The Keen Deteotj,e 67 'I.'wo Hard Nulls; or. A Term of FUD at Or OrackSeat'cb for tbe Isle of Diamonds. Part J J. After the JameB Boys. Am's AcademYt by Ham Smiley 00 Frank Reade. Jr., and His Magnetic; or, 69 Young !Sleutb s Terr,ible Dilemma; or, One Cbance in 68 The Sbortys Couotry Store, by Peter Pad Work'lDg for the U. S. Mail. One Hundred, 69 Muldoon s Vacation, by TOp" 61 or, Lost in the 60 Young Sleutb and tbe-Murder at the MAsked BaU; or, :l Left., 62 Frank Reade ,Tr.'s Electric Ice Boat; or, Lost an the 61 Out tbe 62 Josepll J 'ump and His Old Blind Nag, by Peter Pad Land of Crlm60n Soo,v. Part 11. Thugs of Baltlwore. All the above libraries are for sale by all lers in: the United States and Canada, or sent to your address, postpaid, on receipt of price. Address '. P.O. Box 273f)' 'FRANK T USEY, Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, New York.


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