Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part I.

Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part I.

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Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part I.
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Frank Reade library.
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New York
Frank Tousey
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Frank Reade library..
n Vol. 3, no. 64 (December 9, 1893)
New York :
b Frank Tousey ;
650 Dime novels.Science fiction.Inventorsv Fiction.
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1 "N Latest and Best Stories are Published in This Library. Entered as Seaond Class J.fatter at the New York, N. Y., Post Office, October 5, 1892. No. 64. {coMPLETE.} FRANK TOUSEY. Punusrr&R, 3! & 36 NoRrH 'MooRE STREET. NEw YoRK. Vol. III New York, December 9, 1893. ISSUED WEEKLY. Enteed according to the Act of Congress. in the yeur 1893, by l!RANK TOUSEY, in the o.(Jlce of the .Lib1arian of Conmes:'t at Washington, JJ. C. FBBHK REJIDE-Jll.'S Electric Cyclciiej OR, THRILLING. ADVENTURES IN NO MAN'S LAND. :I? T I. By "NON AME." He hastily shut the current from the netting, and. then opened the door in the netting. The Cyclone had been brought to a stop. Frank hastily dragged each one of the unconscious outlaws to the door and dropped them unceremoniously out upon the hard prairie.


/ 2 FRANK READE, JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. The subscription price of the FRANK READE LIBRARY by the year is $2.50; $1.25 per six months. post paid. Address l!'RANK TOUSEY, PuBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street, New York. Box 2730. Frank lleaae. Jr.'S. Electric .. OR, Thrilling in No Man's Land. By "NON AME," Author of" Frank Reade, Jr., and His Gre;fhound of the Air; or, The Search for the Mountain of Gold," etc. p A.:EI. T :I:. CHAPTER I. Indian Territory demanding that Madge rang. Pomp ran to answer the call but r& THE KIDNAPPING CASE should accept his offe!' of marriage _or she should appeared quickly with a salver in his hand. never gaze upon Emd's face agam. It seems A gentleman to see yo' sah." "HI, dar, Marse Frank, yere am de mos' that the brute knew well how to wring the Frank took the card and glanced at it. frightfulest ting I eber hear tell on in de whole suffering sister's heart. "DUNOAN SNYDER c_ourse <>,b life., Jes' yo' ar "The saddest of results are feared for the in-New York,' Detective,"/ t1Tf,g, an I tmk yo ll w1f me, fo consolable and devoted sister Madge, and only 'Eb, Pomp! What 1s the matter the best efforts of medical men have averted a The mventor gave a great start, and Frank Reade, Jr., a tall, h and"!ome 1!-nd mtel-fatal type of brain fever. TbQ case is a pecusa1d qmckly: lectual young man, turn.ed m h1s ch;a1r and liarly dreadful one to contemplate, in view of I wonder he. Is? Well, you can show cepted from the ebony-v1saged serv1tor. at h1s the fact that Coleman 1s believed to be identi-h1m up, Pomp.. elbow a copy of a news{laper. Pomp, wh1ch was cal with the notorious monster Black Carlos of The aarky gnnned and disappeared. A roo the colored s cog!lomen, placed his No Man's Land, who has at least six deserted ment later a of remarkable personal ap thumb upon a glarmg captiOn at the head of wives in various parts of the West. That be pearance came mt_o the r9om. the columns: would:Q,.ot hesitate to do fearful harm to little He was of medmm he1ght, w!th featr 1 "KidnaP.ped. by a F1endl Enid should his revengeful nature so dictate, and eyes. He w_as att1red m a fias!J.y A spemal to the Readestown. Her-there is no doubt. The sympathy of the whole of pla1d, and a:ffected Jewelry t.o a surpr1s aid Colville, Nebraska, conveys the mf.oris with Madge Weston, and if it lies mg extent. Certaml;r he was a umque charac, mation tJ;iat the most stren-qous of sk1ll-within human power to do so, Black Carlos ter, yet at the. sam_e time of the most ed detectives haTe resulted m a failure to over-shall stretch hemp and little Enid be rescued cessful detectives m Amer1ca. He toolroff hiS take or locate the Carlos Coleman. and restored to devoted sister." and bowed befe+e the young .a Tht: whole country about IS m a state of great Frank Reade, Jr., read this thrilling account .Mr . Fra_nk Jr., I and armed ban?s of m!ln are scourwith peculiar sensations. He made no clan:!J-ed, P.ohtely. I am honored w1th th1s Ill mg regwn about, avowmg purpose of comment for some time. tervle'!", s1r As yo'! !me by my card, I am a as soon as he 1s caught. H th F k R d t d detective. Necessanly I am, therefore, a man "The fiend, however, is cunning, has oute was e son .0 ran ea e, a no e !nof few words." witted his plirsuel'S. As near as can be learned, ventor, and was himself one of the greatest m"That is a sort I like," replied Frank, coolly. he has fled to No Man's Land, where he is said ventors the day. At. th!l moment our stor:y "I knew it. I will state my business at once, to be the leader of a band of outlaws. opens he. 1 s seated J;IY his h!:nary table. then." "The correct versiOn of the affair is now giv-Long smc.e !Ie hahiiRnthroptc anti heroic deJ:j'l and confer upon me the d 1 a am greatest of favors. Wlll yon do it? 1 will pay an the d_own the brutal T e only clew to e po ch1 e to expenses of the trip. Let me know by wire Rt once. h1s whereabouts was m the shape of a letter Before Frank could answer the street bell "NEr.soN NBVINs.t


I Part I. FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 3 Frank Reade Jr., read this epistle with Apache country, and thls,_you see, is the reason Snyder, with tears in his eyes, wrung the young strange emotion's. He knew Nelson as why I have made of the Cyclone such a mova inventor's hand, crying excitedly: a wealthy and philanthropic man, and he ad ble fort in itsel,f. Nothing but heavy cannon "You will have the assistance of a divi1;1e mired his noble qualities. No living person could destroy it, and I could attack the largest power. I have but one more favor to ask. W1ll could have a stronger influence to bear body of Ind1ans on the plains with impunity, you allow me to accompany you, Mr. Reade?" upon the young mventor than Nelson Nevins. so long as they c arried no h eavier arms than The young inventor hesitated a moment. He ]'rank Reade, Jr., walked briskly across the Winchester rifles." had always, on former trips, taken along with floor several times. The astute detective did "But how can you hope to travel over a him Pomp, the faithful darky already intro not inter-rupt him. Suddenly the young in rough country in such a duced to the reader, and a loyal Irishman by ventor paused and cried forcibly: "With the greatest of ease. Examine the the name of Barney_ O'Shea. He also contem,, I tis just the chance I want to try m7. new wheels. You will see that the tires are ad-plated invitinp; Dr. Vaneyke, a dear friend and Cyclone. Yes, I will do 1t, Mr. These are of steel, with sharp caulks, scientist, who had accompanied him on many Snyder. You may go back to Mr. Nevins and-and will be used for climbing slippery or rocky previous excursions. no, wait. there is a better way." heights or hills. These tires can be removed, Barney O'Shea was const;mtly in Frank's em-Frank seized a pen from the table and wrote and replaced by QJ:oad rubber bands for travelploy, but was at. present absent in the East vis-upon a slip of paper the following inn over smooth or boggy ground." 1ting some relatives. He could be quickly called Wonderful! You seem to have considered by wire, howe ver. But Frank quic)f;ly made up "To HoN. NELSON NEVINS, -Your man ts here now. and met every emergency, The motive power his mind, and r eplied: '' I am als o lntereated anti wn!. Wlll_selld of course is electricity?" "Yes, Mr. Snlder, I think it would be no later. READE. JR. Yes; by means of my secret process of elec-more than righ for me to allow you to go This message was to a servant and just tric storage, I am. able at all times to have along." . as the detective, Duncan Snyder, was about to of sutfic1ent power. to keep the. Cy. T!Je detecttve h1s thanks m. a express his gratification Frank interrupted him clone m motwn for an mdefimte length of t1me. JUbilant manner, and "hen went out to w1re by saying: But come inside and take a look at the machin-the Hon. Nelson Nevins of his great Come with me, and I w!ll sho.w you the ery.". . In a very sho,rt of th;ne the of prince of all my electrical mventwns. The W1th alacr1ty Snyder complied. Truly the Frank Reade, Jr. s new mventwn and h1s er Cyclone is the peer." Cyclone was the wonder of the present cen rand of mercy sped across the country like a "I shall be most happy," declared Snyder, turyl mete or. Intense excitement was created. eagerly. What an engine of war this would be!" he The papers were filled with glaring accounts With this Frank dis.patched Pomp for his cried, enthusiastically. "You ought to con of the perils of the orip into No Man's Land, carriage. It was at the door in a few moments suit the government with a view to construct-the province without law, and the resort of and mounting the box Pomp drove them down ing a number of Cyclones for military uses." numberless gangs of desperadoes and outlaws. to the machine shops. Leaving the carriage, "No," rephed Frank, tersely. "I am not. in There were many who predicted that little Frank Reade Jr. led the way into the high that line of business." Enid Weston would never be rescued. roofed and lo.i:tg the windows 9f which T4eY.. entered the Cyclone through the steel-The Hon. Nelson Nevins sent Frank a letter were sealed light being admitted only from woven aoor, and if Snyder had been impressed of thanks and assurance of fin)l:ncial co-opera the roof. ith the exterior of the wonderful machine, he tion. Readestown now became the great center The reason of this was that there were many was doubly amazed with its interior. of interest in the whole country1 and its hotels unscrupulous inventive hanging about "\'ere tilled to overflowing an army of in the vain hopes of gettmg at the secret of CHAPTER II Sightseers and cranks, all anxwus to get a Frank's inventions. It was well to observe glimpse of the Cyclone, and many presumptu-every precaution. MAKING THE START. ous enough to importune the young inventor for Once in the building, Frank Reade, Jr., shut THE interior of the Cyclone's hull was divid: a free :Qass through his shops. Of course Frank the door. They passed through the vestibule, ed into a number of compartments. All of refused this. and in the mam hall Duncan Snyder had the these were elegantly furnished and glistening A characteristic letter was received from honor of being the first outsider to view the with bright work, From one room to another Barney O'Shea. and triumph of Frank ReadE), they pas,sed.. "DEA R MrSTHHR}'RANK,-'l'be shamrock sthlll waves Jr s., mvent1ve gem us, the wonderful Cyclone. Franks pnvate room was marvel of eleand ould Oireland ts bound to be free. It's mesilr Snyder saw a long, cigar-shaped body made of gance and luxurious appointfnent. Next was will o e on hand whln the Cyclone goes out an bad luck the finest plate steel, some thirty-five feet in the scientific department and library, space be :.o Pomp the naygur. 1C be don' t tb:eet me with the length, mounted upon wheels. ing economized in the most wonderful manner. proper respect a v gintleman. Here's to yure. h e altll Both sets of wheels were adjusted beneath Every sort of a scientific instrument was kept an long Jlfe an the best regards av yure troo fnllll, the boiler-like body of the Cyclone, upon revolv-here. HARNEY O'SHEA.'' iQg circles, so that the vehicle could be made to The dining room came next and then the for-Frank smiled as he read this. He knew that turn in the smallest possible A series ward cabin which contained a number of bunks Barney and Pomp, both faithful servitors, while of cogs and bands connected Wloh the axles ex-where the crew slept. A small room beyond the dearest of friends were continually sky :plained their connection with the motive power connected with the prow where was the deadly each with the' other. For the fun of mside the steel-plated body. Each end of the electricgun;vyhich swee,P all before it in the thmg he handed Barney's letter to Pomp. ()yclone was molded almost to a peak, the end the Cyclones path, an 1dea whiCh had >mggestThe woolly-pated son of Africa read it and a small orifice, through which at each ed to Frank the very appropriate name of the his eyes stuck out like glistening diamonds. end fox: a few inches the muzzle of a invention itself. "I:iuhl" he grunted. "Dat am a'right fo' dat dynamite gun1 the peculiar in_vention of Frank they visited tp.e rear of the sassy Irishman braggard me when he am Reade, Jr., h1mself, and whiCh operated by vehiCle,whwhcontamedtheengmesandpowertwo thousan' m1les f'om here. Jes' yo' wait means of electricit_y. ful electric dynamos which furnished the pro till I sees him!" Midway in the Cyclone's body was a door of pulsory.power. Electric signals connected the The next day Dr. Vaneyke arrived. just from the finest woven steel network and a small engineer with the pilot forward. the Smithsonian Institute. gang ladder wa;; arranged for descent or as-Then a visit was made to the deck. Here, the He had his seological outfit with him and cent, ":hich cou1d be lowered or at will. Snyder ol!e could sit greeted F!ank Joyfully. At mtervals small loopholes pierced the w1th perfect 1mmumtyfrom the fus11ladeofany "I 'rece1ved your invitatwn to go with you metal sides of the cigar-shaped body, for the number of rifles, the network beinp; impervious in the Cyclone to No Man's Land "he declared use of small arms by the inmates in case of an to the leaden flails. "And I. am glad to-see that you' have not for: attack. Beneath the Cyclone a number of parThis finished the tour of inspection and they gotten an old friend. It is just the part of the allel steel rods connected transversely with the descended and were now driven back to the country I have been wanting to visit for a long steering apparatus, the wheel being located in house. At the door they were met by a trim, time." a pilothom:.e of dome. shape, situated not many comely little woman who smiled sweetly upon A special compartment in the Cyclone was f.t:om the ram-like pro':" of the 9yclone. them. . up to the genial scientist. But the next This pilot-house was faced w1th the thickest of "I w11! mtroduce you to Mrs. Reade, Mr. was one with whom Frank had a most glass, and by a bullet-proof network Snyder" said. Frank, politely. serious argument. of steel whiCh, however, was finel:r con The. detective aJ?.d murmured a polite A lady closelv veiled and dressed in black, structjld as not to ob;;truct the v1ew, wh1le yet s for such -she was, presented herself at the door of his residence in affordmg full protectiOn. replied m a mus1cal vowe and then flashed Readestown one morning. She sent in a card The top of the cigar-shaped hull for some a quick, penetrating glance at her lie!?ie lord. by the servant, and it read thus: fourteen feet was flattened enough to afford "Frank I" she with a little spas "Miss MADGE WESTON quite a roomy deck, which was roofed and cov modic cry. "Is it tr'ue that you are going away ered with a network of steel, the meshes being once l;llore to leave me7" Of course the young inventor could not refuse fine enough to repel a ritle-ball, yet affording "Now, be sensible, my dear," protested the the interview, though he suspected its purpose. an easy view about. young inventor with a cheery Jaugh, "Let me Madge Weston was shown into the library Access to the interior of the Cyclone was had tell you all about it." and lifting her veil, Frank saw her face revealed from this deck by means of a little stairway Mrs. Frank Reade, Jr., was a really sensible a.'! as that of a strikingly beautiful young girl. and a steel hatch, which could be closed and well as a sympathetic little woman. She listen"Mr. Reade!" she said, in a low and musical fastened down. ed to her husband's story of Madge Weston's tone. "I felt it my duty to visit you and thank Such was the wonderful machine or vehicle wrongs and her heart went out to the kidnapp-you in person for the kind interest which you upon which Detective Snyder rested his wonder ed child. have taken in my case. I shall pray to God struck gaze. For symmetry, beauty of finish "Oh, Frank!" she cried, clasping his arm. that you may succeed in saving my sister." and grace, the Cyclone far exceeded any other "It would be wrong in me to hinder you. Of "My dear Miss Weston," replied Frank in of Frank Reade, Jr.'s great inventions. course I shall worry, but I shall pray for you. a kindly manner, "I can assure you thap I "By Jupiter!" exclamed Snyder, with a whis-I know you will succeed for you always do." do my utmost," tie of amazement. "That is a marvel in its "Spoken like a sensible litt:e wife," cried "I can never hope to fully repay you" way, Mr. Reade. How ever did you come to Frank, heartily. "I knew lou would not seek "I do not seek reward. Your gratitude is think of such a strange vehicle, anyway7" to obstruct me in my line o duty.'' ample pay, so do not trouble yourself on that The young inventor smiled. So it was all settled that Frank Reade, Jr., score again.'' "It is an idea I have had in mind many should go in quest of little Enid with "'Then I must .and though it all I years," he declared. "I bad a fancy that I his new invention, the electric Cyclone. seems presumptuous, I dare to ask of you a should some day take a trip through the Preparations were at once made, and Duncan favor.''


FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. Part I. Frank instindively felt what was coming. the assailant was dealt a stunning blow upon of an important sort now claimed Frank's at" he replied qaietly. the head. He feU back ia a swoon and the rlils-ten,l.ion. "I am' not what might presume, a timid cuer, dropping_ an iron bar which he had picked :B'efore morning, however, things were set to and irresponsible girl, Mr. Reade. I am strong up, grasped Frank's hand, for the young in rights once more. Lumpkins, the crank who arui resolute and possessed of a mighty deter-ventor, not in the least harmed, was instantly was responsible for all the damage, was held mination. I have a great object to accomplish upon his feet. for trial in the Fan. and you will not baulk me." "What is this 'l" cried Frank Reade, Jr., exWith the coming of daylight a vast throng "I think I understand you," replied Frank, citedl;J:. "Barney! Pomp 1 aU hands out! began to gather aoout the machine shops. quietly. "You want to accompany us on board There s villainy afloat." The citizens of Readestown had organized the Qyclone." But Barney and Pomp had already come and decorated the city with bunting, in honor "You have guessed the truth." tumbling up out of the engine room of the Cyof the Cyclone's departure. The young inventor gazed wonderingly into clone in fearful haste and took in the situajion Flags were up, brass bands were in full Madge Weston's face. He saw what seemed clearly. and a reception committee waited on a remarkable in the slight young girl-resolution The whole angle of the east wall of the build dais m the public square to extend the fare and a firmness of purpose cr(lditable to a strong ing was in ruins and flames were mounting up wen of the Citizens to the renowned young in man. But Frank Reade; Jr., knew that it. to the roof. A terrific explosion was the ex-ventor. would be folly to encourage this young girl in planation. Dynamite was no doubt the agent, Dr. Vaneyke and Duncan Snyder, in full her hazardous purpose. and the purpose that of some insane machinist dress, were on the deck by pilot house. "Miss Weston," he said, firmly. "Our misto wreck the Cyclone. Fra!lk joined them there. Barney was in the. sion will bring us in contact with the most But by the most miraculous of fortune, the engme-room, and Pomp was atthe wheel. deadly of perils, involve us in the most thrill-dynamite had failed to demolish the whole Promptly at nine o'clock the wide gates of in?. of ad ventures and hardships." building, and while the Cyclone was badly the yard swung open. A bell tinkled, Barney That is what I seek!" she cried, with fever shaken up it was not seriously injured. pressed the key to the first dynamo, the rnaeagerness. Frank Reade and his rescuer faced each other chinery moved, and the Cyclone, a mighty tri It cannot be." in the glare of the search light. umph of inventive genius, glided like a bird "You will not let me go?" 'fhe young inventor saw before him a tall, across the yard and out into the thorolighfare. "No." straight youth, with smooth, handsome face, Cheers wild and tumultuous went up as the Frank knew the value of decision. effeminate in its beauty, yet daring in its exCyclone glided down the street tothe J>Ublic t "I humbl,v beg of you to let me go." pression. square. Here an ovation was held. Frank "No! no!' "'\;v'ho are he exclaimed. Reade, Jr., shook hands with his friends, em-"But--" "You may call me Arthur Wallis," was the braced and kissed his wife a.nd children, and "Miss WeSI:on, let us end the matter here. I, in a clear voice. then sprang aboard of the Cyclone. do not desire to be rude to_you, but I shall do 'What are you doing here 1 What does all He waved his hand to Pomp, the bell tinkled all in my power to rescue Enid. I cannot ac-this mean 1" in the engine-room, and the crowd fell back as cede to yourreq_uest." "It is lucky for you that I was here," dethe Cyclone started on her journey. This was equivalent to a dismissal, and she clared Arthur Wallis, forcibly. "Reo;t as Out on to the prairie the wonderful machine left the room., But Frank saw that a strange, qured I did not come here to trespass or do ran like a bird. In a short time the spires aad confident light yet remained in her eyes. It wrong. I O'l:erheard that villain formulating roofs of Readestown were left in the distance. puzzled him. a plot to blow up your Cyclone and I followed New villages were encountered, and every "She is surely a remarkable young woman," him here. I was too late to prevent his firing where throngs of :people gathered. On the lev he muttered. "But then it would be folly to the dynamite, but just in time to save your el stretches of prairie the Cyclone could aver take'her along." life." age twenty-five miles an hour, so rapidly they Two days more and the Cyclone was to start. "For which I am forever in your debt," ramade the long run to the banks of the Mis All preparations had been made,' the hull had IJlied Frank, warmly. "I shall repay you. souri. been stored with provisions, Barney had ar-But who is this insane crank 1" Fortunately the clever young inventor had rived and taken charge 1>f the electrical engines "I think his name is Lumpkins." foreseen the difficulty of fording rivers and and all was r eady. Frank bent down and scrutinized the uncon streams, and had provided the Cyclone with The night prevwus to the day set for the start scions man's face. pontoon sections underneath the hull, which, Frank ReadehJr., experienced a thrilling ad"Ay," he crid "It is that insane machin inflated with air, easily buoyed her up. It then venture, whic came perilously near putting ist-Lander Lumpkins. ,.He has once before became an easy matter to extemporize paddle an end to his career. tried to do this same thing. The law shall wheels out of the forward trucks, and a rudder It was quite dark and he had been hard at deal with him now." was provided for easy adjustment at the stern. work on some maps in his room aboard the Cy The explosion had been heard for a long disIn this manner the streams and rivers were clone. tance away and a great crowd had now col easily and expeditiously crossed. For days the Having finished the task, Frank arose and lected. Officers rushed into the yard and took Cyclone kept on her way to the South-west. started to lean the building in which the Cycharge of the murderous crank. Firemen ar-Then the country began to grow wilder, houses clone was stored. Barney and Pomp were en rived with tl:leir engines to fight the flames. were the exception, and they were soon rungao-ed in some duties in the engine-room. The Cyclone was safely drawn oat of the ning through the heart of a mighty wilderness. J'ust over the pilot house on the Cyclone's deck ruined building into the yard. It was a very Frank Reade, Jr., knew that they were rapid was a powerful search-light. This was now lit, narrow escape for the wonderfu'!. invention. ly drawing nearer to the boundary __ of that and its rays made a upon the wall of the The flames were soon under control. A guard region known as No Man's Land. Wild !'hi large building at its extreme end. of police patrolled the place, the crank Lump mals were common, herds of and deer Barney had just turned the current on so kins was taken away and the great excitement were-encountered. Slight skirmishes with In that Frank would have plenty of light in findwas over. dians were of daily occurrence, but the abor ing his w,ay out into the yard. Frank now turned to his young preserver, igines generally fled at the first ball uom the As the search-light's rays struck the wall Arthur Wallis, and said: deadly electric gun. of the building, Frank Reade, Jr., received a .You have saved my life. What can I do to The Cyclone }ust at dusk one day came into a thrilling shock. repay you r miserable minmg settlement at the base of a The door opening into the yard was open, and The slender youth's eyes gleamed like stars. mighty range of hills. A led through he fancied he saw a man's form flit thl"ough it He was silent a moment. Then he said: a deep pass in these hills and the of into outer darkness. The young inventor sus "The Cyclone starts to-morr?w for No Man's this was what Frank Reade, Jr., wished to pected that some of the prowling scientific Land does she learn. cranks, who continually hung about the shops, Yes," replied Frank Reade, Jr. The denizens of the town gathered had gained an entrance into the yard. Certain-"If you feel that you must repay me in any ly about the Cyclone. Frank Reade, Jr., mam ly the door had not been left open by himself. way, take me into your employ. Allow me to fested friendliness and essayed to gain his de-Instantly Frank drew his revolver and start go with you on board the C,yclone." sired information. ed on the run for the door. But his pursuit "That I cannot do," rephed Frank, quickly. "Yas, strawnger," one herculean miner con was useless. He searched the yard thoroughly, "I will do anything else, but that I cannot do." descended to reply. "I'll tell ye where that pa'ls but no trace of an-, one could be found. That is the only thing I shall ask of you," is. Turn that spur of the mounting and cut in "That is queer/ he muttered. I could have said Wallis, quietly. through the pines. Goin' through there ter-sworn that somenody was here a momen.t since. Frank gazed at the youth critically. moi-rer ?" It must have been my fancy." "Why do you want to go aboard the Cy-"Yes," replied Frank. Satisfied with this explanation he was just clone 1" he asked. "I'd advise ye not to." about to leave the yard, when the ground "There are many reasons," replied Wallis, "Why r heaved, there was a fearful thunderous roar, the evasively. "One is, that I am interested in the "Red Mike and his gang lay in that pass for air was tilled with sheets of flame and the enfate of httle Enid Weston." every stranger, There ain't a stage coach goes tire side wall of the storage building fell out "But you can be of no possible use to us through thar that ain't held up." into the yard. aboard the Cyclone," argued Frank. ";Better But Frank Reade, Jr., laughed. What was At the same moment Frank Reade, Jr., felt a remain quietly at home and await results." Red Mike to him 1 Should the robber gang at talon clutch at his windpipe, he was thrown "No," replled young Wallis, with an odd tern pt to attack the Cyclone they would very upon his back, and knew tliatt he was in the glittering light in his eyes. "I shall not remain likely get more than they bargained for. clutches of a murderer. at home. Whether I go on the Cyclone or not, I So the young inventor allowed the warning --. am going to No Man's Land. I shall see you to slip his mind. The next morning at an early CHAPTER III there. Good-night!" hour the Cyclone was under way. It was long Before Frank could say a word in remon-before sunrise and was yet pitchy dark. IN THE MOUNTAIN If Ass. strance the intrepid youth was gone. The young But the search-light cast a radiance ahead, '.IJHAT moment would certainly have ended inventor stood immovable for some moments. and the Cyclone picked its way along easily. the career of Frank Reade, Jr., had it not been He was deeply impressed with the manner and Soon the pass was entered, and a stupendous for the proximity of one who proved a rescuer. words of WalEs. cut in the mountain wall it was, too. He was in the clutches of a giant-framed man "It cannot be that he means what he says," The search-light threw radiance far ahead, in whose hand was uplifted a dirk knife. This he muttered. "Certainly he is a brave young and just as they were in the deepest and wid would have been into Frank's breast fellow. I almost wish now that I had allowed,est part of the gorge thrilling events came to but for a timely intervention. him to accompany us." the fore. The first warning came in the shape Out of the gloom sprang a slender form and But Wallis was gone and other matters,of a clanking sound like the manipulation of \


I Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. 5 chains, and the Cyclone came to a halt. Her nation to hector Pomp. He seized the tools They were now in No Man's Land, and all engines were stopped instantly. Frank proeured for him, and cried: gazed curiously 'lbout them. The mountain Reade, Jr., sprang on deck and a thrilling "Be jabers, if ye'd only ;ive me leave, Mls-range was fading behind them as the coach scene at that moment made all comprehensive ther Frank, it's weldin' th1m chains onto the ran on at a swift rate of speed. 'fhen the grass to him. naygur I'd be afthe r doin'. Whurroo! If he began to assume a greener, more natural apA half score of iron grapnels attached to heavy hed his just deserts, he'd be languish in' in some Eearance, and the .Plain to break into number-chains, which were m turn welded into the dee]) dungeon, that he would." ess small cliff, held the wheels of the Cyclone on all "G'long dar wi' you. you good-fur-nuffin' Afso, far ahead, the blue-crowned summits sides. The stro)igest engines in the world could Irishman," snorted Pomp, angrily. "Don' you of mountains were to be seen plainly. The sun not have moved her from that position. At gib me none ob yo' sass, or I'll fo'git my siti-had now arisen, and all nature seemed to the same instant a chorus of wild shoutR went vation as a gen'leman, an' frow you ober dat ar emerge from darkness into glorious life. up on the murky air, and the pass literally rail." "Wondtrfull" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke, as be swarmed with armed desperadoes. 'rhe situa"Begorra, ye'd better learn to sphell able stood on deck with his glass in his hand. Is tion was critical indeed. first," retorted Barney. "Mither av Moses! fer not this a wonderful country, Mr. Snyder?" -rhalf a cint I'd tache ye Irish manners, that I It is that, in more ways than one," replied CHAPTER IV would. Snyder who stood by him. "It seems strange "Golly! ain't yo' smaht? that ali these years this small strip of Uncle IN NO MAN's LAND. "Go on, naygur!" Sam's territory should have been literally a HELD as by a hundred giants .in clutches of "That is enough," cried Frank, authoritagellJ.line 'No Man's Land.' It is certainly a steel, the Cyclone was powerless to move. The tively. "This is no time for skylarking. Cut wonderful thing, is it not?" trick of the outlaws was certainly a most clever those chains as quick as ever you can. Day"I agree with you," replied the doctor, who one. light is coming, and I want to be out of the pass had taK:en a deep fancy to Snyder. What a Revealed in the glare of the search-light, by sunrise, Paradise this has been for rascals, thieves,,and Frank Reade, Jr., was unable to estimate their Pomp started down the gang ladder. Frank the like!" number. But he wasted no time in useless Reade, Jr., walked into the cabin. Barney's Cel-"I should say so." speculation. Action was what was needed tic nature was overcharged with mischief, and ,"I hope you will succeed in rescuing Miss n>w. such a good opportunity now offered to vent his Weston from the, villainous kidnappers. ;,n With a loud cry of warni;ng he sprang below spirit that he could not help but avail himself Mr. Reade you have a powerful ally.' decks and called to Pomp to go forward and of it. "I am aware of that," the detective. man the electric gun. A pail of very dirty water sat at-the gang"And it was certainly pliilanthropic in Mr. "Sweep the pass!" cried the young inventor! way landing. It had been used for washing Reade to yield his valued assistance.'' excitedly. "They will break the Cyclone al that side of the deck. The deck of the Cyclone was now quite clear, to pieces if we do not beat them off.'' Quite unintentionally, of course, Barney kicksave for the presence of these two. Pomp was This was true. Held as it was by the strong edit over. The contents, like a deluge, went in the pilot-house steering the Cyclone, and iron grapnels, the Cyclone could be badlv bat-down upon Pomp's head, just as he reached the Barney was in the engine room. Frank Reade, sered and injured by c:ose contact with heavy ground. Jr., was in his cabin looking over some papers. tledges or bowlders in the hands of the foe. For a moment the darky was Suddenly Dr. Vaneyke gave a <',luick start and While Pomp was gone to the electr,ic and seemed likely to float away. "But he a sharp cry. gun, the others with their Winchesters sptung emerged from the bath spluttering and gasp"By Jupiter!" ne exclail'l).ed. "Do you see to the loopholes. ing, and mad as a hornet. that, Mr. Snyder?" First however, Frank turned a knob and Barney haP, sprung from the ladder. They ',rhe detect1ve gazed in the direction indicated -charged the outer steel of the Cyclone were on even ground now, and Pomp lowered by the doctor's finger. _Far away on the dis with the powedul electric ftUld, his head and made for the Celt. taut l ; 10rizon a long black line was seen to Already several of the outlaws had gripped So sudden was the att!l:ck that Barney could spring up and mount upward into the heavens. these but they were hurled unconsciQus to the not get out of the way, and Pomp's catapult-like They were runnin{l at the time over the floor ground. head struck him full in the abdomen. For a moof a prairie which was covered with deep, mat But a score.. of the robbers were now close ment Barney hardly knew whether it would be ted grass. beside the Cyclone. These saw the fate of their expedient to even breathe again or not. Then This was as dry as tinder, and a match 'V\tQUld predecessors and avoided touching tl;le rail. he rolled over upon the ground, holding onto have started a fire quickly enb'ugh. The same But as :B'ran,k Reade, Jr., had feared, the:l' hurl-his stomach and groaning as if mortally wound-thought crossed the mind o1' each a.s Snyder ex ed heavy missiles at the Cyclone, wnich the ed. claimed: metal sides resisted, though the heaviest bat"I'll fix yo', yo' big !'ish loafah," sputtered "It looks like smoke 'I" tered them some. Pomp, digging the water out of his eyes with "So it does." At the same time, avoiding the rail, several his fists. "Golly sakes I Yo' eber frow anymore Again they scanned the horizon. sprung on deck, but Barney a:nd Frank Reade, of dat dir:y watah on l!le an' I'll spile yo' ''And it is!" cried Dr. Vaneyke,, e .. "I .Jr., greeted these with ratthng_yolleys from beauty fo eber, datI will. can see flames also. My God! the pra1rte1s on their Winchesters, and thus dr6Ve them back. And to give emphasis to this declaration, ti,re! I think we ought to let Frank know at By this time Pomp had got the electric gun Pomp gave expression to a wild African yell. once.'' trained. He drew careful sight and pressed This brought Doctor Vaneyke and Snyder, the "Nol" exclaimed Snyder. "Wait a moment. the knob which connected the vacuum chamber detective, to the rail to see what was the Which way is the wind?" of the gun with tlhe charged electric wire. matter . They laughed heartily when they saw "It is blowing this way," cried Dr. Vaney}j:e. In a moment the J?Ueumatic tube collapsed, drenched clothing and Barney's posi"Fires on these prairies travel 'lending the dynam1te bolt out with fearful t10n on the ground. tremendous speed. We wlll hardly have t1me force. It struck the ground just in the midst The two roysterers had, owever, their fill, to get out of the way I fear.'' >Of a group of the outlaws. and now with the sobriety of deacons proceeded He instantly sprung to the hatchway and Tile result was terrific. to work upon the chains. called down to :l!'ran:K Reade, Jr. The Y,Oung A fearful glare of light, a rumbling explosion, It was quite a job to c ut the big links, but inventor was on deck alruost instantly .and that group of outlaws vanished from view it was finally done and the wheels of the "The prairie on fire!" he exclaimed. "In forever. Cyclone freed. what quarter?" The thrilling work of the electric gun was This had hardly been done a It was easy. for him to see that flames what carried the day. Though they w e re bold, cry came from Snyder. The detect1ve porn ted were approachmg from the north. He mstant desperate men, the outlaws bad not the hardi-aloft and cried: ly called to Pomp in the pilot-house. hood to withstand such fearful bolts of 'death. "My God! look at that! We are doomed!" "Change your course, Pomp!" he cried. Again and again the electric gun thundered, All glanced aloft. Just on the verge of the "Bear otl' to the southwest.'' sending its destroying bolt thro1_1gh th_e pass. precipice above, a number of the outlaws were The faithful the 'The outlaw band broke and mcontmently engaged in toppling over a tremendous stone Cyclone went spmnmg away m th1s new fled. of many weight, and which must fall didirection. But what appeared like a It was a complete victory. In the glare of'rectly upon the Cyclone. bar of silver appeared in the. distance in their the search-light, not one Jive outlaw could be 'Frank Reade, Jr., saw the awful :peril, and course seen in the pass. Duncan Snyder was so elated for an instant his blood was like tce in his "What is that 1" cried Snyder. with the victory that he doffed his hat and veins. / Frank brought his glass to bear upon it and yelled : Then he made action. an exclamation escaped his lips of dtsmay and "Hurrah for the Cyclone! Nothing can de"To the pilot-house!" he cried to Pomp. "We chagrin: feat it.'' must save thE: Cyclone!'' "We're in a bad pickle!" he declared dubious Even prosaic Dr. Vam!yke attested his jubila-With a quick leap he went through the ly. ''That is a lake directly in our path. We tion over their success. As for Barney and hatch way and into the dynamo-room. He threw are between two fires.'' Pomp, they executed several lively antics in the the switch clean out, and gave the machinery cabin and then ..scampered forward as Frank the fuH force of the dvnamos. CHAPTER v Reade, Jr., called for them. The result was tremendous. The Cyclone The outlaws were beatel). off, to be sure, but leaped ahead like an antelope. It was not a A CLEW OBTAINED. the Cyclone was as yet unable to proceed. moment too soon. Those on deck saw the THIS was true. To be sure the Cyclone was The strong iron grapnel hooks so skillfully mighty bowlder come crashing down and strike so constructed that a river or creek could be -. contrived bv the outlaws still held the machine the ground in the exact place where the Cycross e d on the pontoons with which it immovable.' It was essential that these should clone had been but an instant before. provided. But a Jake which might be many be removed. Up the gorge went the Cyclone at a lightmiles wide and capablg of developing rough Barney and Pomp were commanded by Frank ning pace. A batHed yell came frpm the outwater was another matter. Reade, Jr., to go out with cold chisels and ham-laws. However, Dr. Vaneyke cned:.mers cut the chains, so that the hooks Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder tried a shot at them "I'll tell you, Frank., We can go out into could be freed. It was arranged that the oth-with quite good effect . But the Cyclone was the lake far enough to tl,void the flames. Let ers, with their Wlnchesters woult.l 'keep bac k now rapidly leaving the scene behind. them burn to the water's l.ine." any of the outlaws who woufd venture to make It was but a very little while before they "In 17he van of the flames," said Franl,, dubi an attack in the meanwhile. emerged from the pass, and now came out upon ously, "there will be very likely hundreds of Now that the scrimmage was over and the a wide plain, almo s t devoid of vegetatwn, wild animals. These will be forced into the lalj;e danger past, Barney could not resist his incli-which extended as far as the eye could see. and unless we get out beyond their reach I -


6 FRANK READE, JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I there would be great danger of swamping the They sprung to the rail and Frank Reade, "Well, we manage to get about," replied Cyclone." . Jr., gasped: . Frank, cheerfully. "Have some of the salad, Viewed from any standpomt the sttuatLOn "My God! Thertderhasfamtedandtshang-Mr. Cole. By the way, I suppose you are an was bad. But Frank Reade, Jr., wasted but a ing over the horse's; neck. They are going on old brief time in deciding what to do: to their doom." "Walli I reckin so. Forty years or more on He went into the pilot-house and took the "You are right." cried Snyder. ther catt e trail." helm from Pomp. He rang the bell for more "Can nothing he done 'f' cried Dr. Vaneyke, "Ah, then you are well acquainted in this speed and the Cyclone went forward like a excitedlr,. bird "Yes,' exclaimed the inventor. 'A little bit." The fire was every moment becoming plainer. Acting upon imJ;>ulse and wtth the sole idea "Do you know a man by the name of Carlos The heavens to the north west was becoming of saving the rider s life, l1e raised his W in<;hes. black as midnight and those on deck fancied ter and fired. The question was a sudden one and had a they could even hear the distant thunder of the The horse gave a plunge into the air, stag-curious effect upon Matt Cole. He dropped his flames. gered and fell. The unconscioue rider was knife and fork and bent a glance upon Frank The situation was truly a critical one. Should thrown several yards away. which almost made the young inventor shiver. the flames reach the Cyclone its career would It seemed like a risky and desperate measure "What 'f' exploded Co:nJ. be sjleedily terminated. But Frank Reade, Jr., for Frank Reade, Jr., to adopt. But it was, de"Do you know asked Frank, coolly. was .not one to be easily defeated. spite this, the only way in which to save the For a moment Cole looked steadily at Frank. A s they drew nearer to the lake now it was r1der. Then he replied : seen that it was a vast body of water many "Quick! lower the gangway," cried Frank "Wall, I've heerd of him." miles in breadth. Reade, Jr., as he sprung to the rail. "He is a desperado, eh Moreover, its shores were precipitous bluffs Barney and Pomp had come out on deck now "Dun no what you mean. He's a dead shot which the Cyclone could not easily and they hastened to lower. the ladder. Then Carlos is, and-that makes me think. He is Frank Reade, Jr., saw this at a glance; and at Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder accompanied Frank down in this region jest now. Did 1,e want to once decided uv.on a new move. to the spot where the horse and rider lay. see Why don't ye call on He ran hast1ly to the stern of the Cyclone Tbe horse was dead, but the rider moved As he spoke Cole bent a keen, scrutinizing and let out a long wire manJ>: feet in slightly as the;r came up. It was seen that he gaze upon Frank. Seeing that the young inPreviousto this he had given Pomp directwns was conscious. ventor hesitated, he continued: to change the course of the Cyclone in an But his face and person were badly burned. "Oh, ye needn't have no fears about me. oblique direction to the present one. Indeed, the clothing had been burned from his Carlos an' I don't love each other. If ye're out The wire dragging behind the Cyclone for back, which in places was badly blistered. here to do any bizness with 'him an' I kin help several hundred feet Frank speedily connected He glanced at his rescuers with half-open ye, let me know." with one of the dynamos. The instant the cur-eyes and groaned. Frank Reade, Jr., bent Frank Reade, Jr., believed that he bad hit rent was turned on, so powerful was it that the down over him. the' keynote. wire became red hot and the gra'3s along its "You are badly burned!" he cried. "You "Then 1ou're just the man we want," he de line sprang into flame. had a hard race." clared. I'll tell you what we are out here for, In a few minutes a half mile had been cov"You are right," replied the wounded man, and what we want of Carlos Coleman. If you ered thus, and a line of fire was moving in a husky voice. "But who the dickens are can hel_p us, we will pay you well." rapidly over the pra1rie toward the lake a mile Frank Read'e, Jr., stepped to the cabin door distant. Then the Cyclone was brought to a "We' are friends," replied Frank, simply. and called Duncan Snyder, the detective. As standstill. "Are you able to stand upon your Frank's back was turned, the herdsman partly The young inventor's purpose was easily The man made an effort to move 'his limbs . arose from his seat with clenched bands and a seen. "I think so," he replied. perfectly devilish light in his dark eyes. He The fire would travel toward the lake as His appearance was t,bat of a dark comwas himself, however, when Frank turned once rapidly as the fire in the rear could make its plexioned man, somll forty years of age, with a more. way up to the burnt line. -As the distant fire had notver_y !?repossessing oast of features. He was four or five miles. to cover it was safe to say dressed m a semi-Mexican costume, with a CHAPTER VI. that .the line of fire set by the electric wire richly spangled vel vet jacket. wo9Vl reach the lake first. "Then you were not hurt seriously hy the A .sHREWD TRICK. Tl'jis would leave a laroad space, which would fall?" asked Frank Reade, Jr. DuNCAN SNYDER entered the cabin in rehe a safe ground for the Cyclone to rest upon I think not, stranger. I reckon I'm a spouse to Frank Reade, Jr's call, and the until the larger fire bad spent itself. biu burned, that's all. Did you shoot my boss 1" young inventor motioned him to a seat. It was a plan based upon the idea of setting "I did." "Snyder," he said, quietly, "I belie:ve there one fire Lo meet another. It worked to perfec" Then I owe you mylife. If he'd kept on is a way for us to locate our man at once. The tion. I'd gone to my death. Shake, stranger!" sooner the better, of course." In a short-while a space several hundred feet Frank Reade, Jr., gripped bands with the "I agree with you," replied the detective. wide was burned off, and on to th,is ground the fellow. "How can ill' be done 1" Cyclone ran. The fire reached the lake long be"My name is Matt Cole, an' I'm. a stock herd"Mr. Cole here declares that he knows Carlos fore the larger fire reached the edge of the burnt er on this range. What':> yours 1" well, and of his present whereabouts, and district. "It is Frank Reade, Jr." agrees to help us." The scene an appalling one. The larger The so -called stock herder arched his eyeS.ayder gazed at Cole. The latter's gaze was prairie fire came on with the speed of a race brows and said: averted. horse. "I've heard that name somewhere before. "Is that he exclaimed. Before it there ran a varied herd of wild ani-But that ain't of any account. What's that "Wall, yes, I reckon .it's so," replied Cole, in mals, hundreds in Q.Umber. They were frantic curious looking thing on wheels over there 1 a careless way. in their rush for life. The flames were close Some kind of a new steam "Do you really know where Coleman is at upon them. That is. the electric Cyclol}e," replied There were buffaloes and antelopes, wolves, Frank. "I think I do." foxes and smaller quadrupeds in large numbers. Cyclone!'" exclaimed Cole, in a puzzled way. "And you can take us to the place 1" Frank Reade, Jr., caused the Cyclone to be "It looks to me like some kind of a new 'fan"I reckon so." turned bow on to meet them. gled machine to lay railroad tracks." "All right. You are just the man we want," Such a surging mass crowding one upon an-At this all laughed. cried the detective, rubbing his hands briskly. other, made it look likely that the Cyclone "Well, if you're able towalk,"said the young "ButI'd like to ask ye one question, ge1;1ts," might be badly damaged by a collision. But inventor, "and will walk over to the Cyclone, said Cole. Frank Reade, Jr., bad foreseen this and took we'll try and do something for your burns as , precautionary measures. well as explain the mechanism of the machine "What do ye want of The electric gun was trained and in readiness to you." Frank Reade, Jr., and Snyder exchanged and as the surging mass of animals, tons upon "Wall, I'll allow you're powerful !rind!'' de-glances. Then the detective declared: tons in weight came down over the burned clared Matt Cole. "I think I kin do it all right. Well, there is no use in beating about the section, the piece was discharged. I'll accept your invite." bush; we want him upon the charge of kidnap-There was a burst of flame, a stunning shock, With a little effort he got upon his feet. The ping little Enid Weston. At the. same time, and a line was literally mowed through the pain of his burns caused him to wince a little, we want to rescue the child, whom he holds for oncoming ranks. They as quickly closed up but he stood it well. a ransom." but again the electric gun threw its terrific Arrived at the Cyclone, they went on board. Cole drew a long whistle. bolt of death into their midst. Cole seemed dumfounded at the wonderful pe-f "And that's what ye're out here for with this The animals were killed in such numbers culiarities of the electric Cyclone, though his 'funny machine 'I'' be cried. "Wall I'll be that a veritable mound of them was formed. small, black eyes .surveyed things with that durned! Howsomdever, I'll help ye ail I can to It was a bulwark.i.or the Cyclone, however, for glittering, cunning light in them:, which c;aused capture Black Carlos. Yes, I will." the mass separated like the waves of t'!:ie sea, Pomp to remark' to Barney: The herdsman's wordb ended in a singular and went either side of the heap, leaving the "I jes' tole yo', !'ish, I don' like de looks ob chuckle. Cyclone unharmed. dat feller, fer He am got eyes dat done "Well, sir," said Frank, "whyprocrastinate1 The frenzied animals went on to the shore of take in eberyt'ing." If you will tell us the direction to take we will the lake and plunged into the waters. In a few "Begorra, I'm wid yer fer onct, naygur!" go right along." they had passed, the fire bad reached muttered Barney. "Black Carlos," cried Cole, springing to his the end of its run, and a mighty last column of Frank Reade, Jr., dressed the fellow's feet, "can be found at the old Dobe Ranch on black smoke rolled upward as it expired. wounds, and then kindly took him over the Cythe Big Trail or Cherokee Path, jest about The Cyclone and the thrilling dan-clone. After this was done, Frank invited him twenty miles over this perairy. Let yer ma-ger averted. to a dinner in the cabin. The young inventor chine out an' I'll go out forord an' tel ye how But the events of the day were not over had' a reason for all this. ter go." Out of the black smoke cloud dashed what Seated at a table Cole expressed his minl:l. It was but a few moments' work for Pomp, looked like a riderless horse. "Well, I'll be doggoned if I ever seen any-by Frank's orders, to turn the head of tlie A great cry escaped Dr Vaneyke's lips which like this before. You live right aboard Cyclone to the north-west: Then, with Cole, drew the attention of both Snyder and ]frank of tbts thing and travel arou11d like a nabob, the young inventor opened a door in the wire Reade, Jr. eh and went out forward of the pilot-house. \ \


, Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 7 Here the herdsman could give directions will parley with the I will try and keep CHAPTER VII. pla!nly enough, and the Cyclone cut across these two belligerents back." THE CRYSTAL CAVERN the tlre-swe.P.t; plain like a bird. "All right, doctor." Cole mamfested great delight over the novel Snyder went to one of the loop-holes in the AcRoss the prairie, in mad pursuit of Coleride and his keen eye took in every d etail of wire screen and said: man and his gang, thundered the Electric Cy the Cyclone's mechanism. Mile after mile was 1 I say, you, Matt Cole, if that is your name, clone. covered, and then, suddenly at high noon ra like to speak with you." 'rbe prime impulse was to overtake the vil Cole pointed to the horizon and cri ed: "Eh!" exclaimed thatworthyinaswaggering lains, and rescue Frank Reade, Jr. Pomp was "See that black speck 1 Wel.!J the old way. "You may call me by my rigq.t name if at the wheel, and held the Cyclone on a, straight DodeRanch. I hope we'll find varlos the re." ;youplease." course while Barney made dynamo hum. Everybody now became agog with interest "Whatthedevil'isthat1' Dr. VaneykeandbuncanSnyder, with Win as -they approached the ranch, which was a Carlos Coleman." chesterlil, were on deck and at the loopholes in long, low-roofed structure made of adobe bricks, The detective gave a start and then indulged the steel netting to give the villains a shot as after the M exiban pattern. in a keen scrutiny of the wretch. It was the soon as they should come within range. It bore a de serted appearance and in response first time he' had ever seen Black Carlos. The electric gun would have reached them at to Frank's inquiry, Cole said: 1 "Oho! Sq you are the man who stole away even a greater distance, but it wa" not d eemed "It haint be e n occupied much for some years. little Enid Weston, eh 1" safe to use it for fear that the bolt might harm The man what used to operate this range got "I reckon so," replied Coleman with an oath. Frank Reade, Jr., as much as his captors. unpopular with the boys and was found dead "And you're the whipper-snapper of a detect There was only one way, anli this was to run one morning." ive who has come out here on my track, eh 1" down the villains. This would have been an The Cyclone approached the ranch rapidly "I am a detective!" easy thing on a straight course, for the Cyclone and soon was within a few hundred feet of the '1 Exactly!" exclaimed Coleman, with a jeer could fly with the speed of the wind. main gate. And yet there wa::s no sign of life ing laugh. "Ye're out here in style ain't ye. Thehorslls would e a sily have been overtaken. about the place. But yer style ain't the kind what will capture But a circumstance, which was quite unfore The gate was open showing a broad yard be Black Carlos, you bet." seen, put a different face upon matters in quicro yond, and Cole cried out: "We shall see," time. "Run right into the yard. It's the best "Of course you will. That's a pretty fine rna-It chanced' that a large butte or hill was way.'' chine you've got there, ain't it 1 A Cyclone, eh 1 within a few miles reach of the Do be Ranch, Accordingly t .he Cyclone was J;"Un into the Well, will me right comfortable, to jog this theoutlawsseemed to bed_ir_ ect yard and brought to a halt in its center. A arpund m ovP.r th1s country. I ll troumg_tbe1r course .. They spurred and wh1pped high stockade ran around the enclosure, that you to door col!'e,out. the1r horses fur1pusly, for they _kne_w side of the hacienda or ranch having a spacious No! I doll t thmk you will, sir, rephed, Snyenough that the monster thundermg m the1r piazza. w1th sarcasm,, rear meant death. . But no living being was visible, In the cen,, Jou wont come The butte was wooded and cons1sted ter of the yard was a bubbling spring. "No. , of several small J;lills. these was a The windows were broken out and the doors "But ye re narrow pass, al!-d mto this outlaws dashed. were unhinged. There were shot-boles in the I cannot see 1t m that. ltght. On other _Pomp saw this .,and held h1s wheel firm. partitions, and the place looked as if a battle band,, we call on Y<;m to g1ve _up your, not stop Cyclone fear that the vil had once been fought there orwell blow you mto etermty-you and your lams would give them tb> sltp. "Upon my word!" exclaimed Frank Reade, thieving gang-with our gun. That is He reasoned that if the horses COJlld get Jr., in amazement. "Thisplace looks as if it what you can _depend on. tbro_ugh the pass, the Cyclone ought _to ffnd had been through a siege" "I don't believe ye'll fire on us while we have footmg of some sort. So he never Signale d But Cole only chuckled and said: your head man in our clutches," declared ColeBarne;r to abate speed, but let the Cyclone "Now, I'll tell ye about Carlos. He's on the m?;n . . shoot mto the : other 11ide there working a small silver claim, if .;. shall not, 1f you set J:ltm In between the htgb, rocky walls wh:tsked the he is here at all. Jest you wait a minute tUl I Bah! exclaimed Coleman, angnly. Do C.rclone,_ and an al)gle. "rhe wheels see." you take me for a fooli" w1th their metal grips went clattermgover the . "I take you for one of the greatest rascals on stony bed of the pass. Cole cltmbed down and ran earth.'' There was no time, however, for putting on across the yard. He vamshed mto the. rancJ:l. "Well, that ain't the point; Are ye going to the rubber tires, so Pomp held' the C y clone Iry. a moments he reappeared wavmg his surrender, or not 1 If ye don't, Frank Reade, steady. The outlaws were not two hundred arf:l exettedly. . Jr., dies." yards ahead, and suddenly vanished around a One ,?f ye come here! he m a hushed Coleman held up his band to give the word to bend. voiCe. Let Mr. Reade_ come. his men to shoot Frank. But Dr. Vaneyke The pass was a wonderful freak of nature. Frank Reade, Jr., <;lt!'flbed down the cried: The walls on eithe r side rose perpendicular ladder and went to. JO!ll the herdsman. He "Wait a moment. Give us time to decide." for many hundred feet. The floor of the pass stepped the of the deserted ranch Then the four defenders .>f the Cyclone ;;.eJd a was of stone, and as smooth and polished as when a thnllmg tbmg swift consultation. The result was that a dar-asphalt pavement. Matt Cole clutched hts arm, and. mstantly ing move was decided upon. There was nothing to obstruct the progress of the heavy gate to the enclqsure fell with a bang. But before they cou!d execute it Coleman the Cyclone. Straight on she ran to the angle From the ranch there bounded forth a score seemed sriddeply to have changed his plan of around wbic.b the outlaws had vanhsbed. of men. f?everal_ of thes!l the operations. Pomp took a long turn and they cleared the young mvent:or their repeatmg nfles. Frank Reade, Jr., was suddenly seized by the bend. But the next instant a cry of horror A hoarse, rii?-gmg laugh es_caped Matt Coles five men and bustled into the ranch. Coleman went up from everybedy's lips. and he cried followed, the other outlaws disappeared in-The horses of the outlaws bad disappeared, ha, hal th1s IS time I y_e! stantly, and iii a twinkling the courtyard was and not fifty yards distant the pass seemed Dt!ln t know who I was, dtd ye i So you re m deserted. to come to an end in a blank wall of sto:ae this _country to cage Carlos, MeJ:>be "Whurroo !"cried Barney, excitedly. "They as black as ebony. Pomp jingled the .bell for ye Will and mebbe ye wont. There s one thmg are away with Frank. Afther Barney to shut off power. young thBimtant' dthontt let a manhescaJ!el" f Bl k C tbBuCt th1 ere wa1 s n 1 otkbaldf ti!Jlf e in which to check Frank Reade J r was dumfounded at this u a a moment t e voice o ac are Y<: one. t ?O e as I she would be dasJ;ld d 1 t"' d h" f 0 tl b d t.... los rang through the ranch: ed to fimders agamst the blank wall, when It su en reve a wn, .an IS son oar .. e "I will h'old Frank Reade, Jr., now for ran-was suddenly seen that this was an optical illu hornfied, and for a moment, un-som .. If he' will revea,J to me the secret of his sion created by the lights and shadows of the 0 h b 1 tb bl t d db h mach me, and pay me a large sum of money he pass, and that the blank wall was. really th. e c one e e oma ouns. ave may go free. If not he dies." mouth of a mighty high-roofed cavern. In a Fr;ank, for sure!, cr1ed The next moment the ring and clatter of the Cyclone had flashed into this Fo de good Lor dat am so, cried Pomp, horses' hoofs were beard in the courtyard be-and was m darkness. wildly. yond .. All this was instantly comprehensive to Fortunately Pomp had presence of mind Then both of these devoted servitors grabbed the occupants of the Cyclone. enough to press the button which set the their Winchesters and made a rush for the "Quick!" cried Dr. Van11yke. "They're talv search -light ablaze. In an instant a wonder gang ladder. They fully intended to go to ing Frank away on horseback. Somebody ful scene was revealed. Frank's rescue, and no doubt would have sa.Gri open that gate!\ We must chase them." The Cyclone came to a halt. The electric ficed their lives then and there for him. In an instant Barney leaped from the Cylight dispelled the darkness and it was seen But Dr. Vaneyke and Duncan Snyder both clone's deck and ran to open the gate. that the Cyclone's bow was ten feet from a interposed and held them back; while the docBut the strength of twenty men could not pillar of rock, td have struck which would have tor shot the iron-screened door, and said, in a have moved it. However, Dr. Vaneyke was demolished the machine. sharp voice: not to be bluffed so easily. This pillar was only one of many, as perfect "Hold on! Don't do anything rash. Don't Barney back, and the doctor went bein symmetry and polish a.'! if fashioned by the you see that the first move you make will co t loW" decks. The electric gun was trained to bea.r hand of man. The scene spread before those Frank his life? They have the drop on him." upon the gate. on board the Cyclone was one of a dazzling "Massy sakes! da,t am a fac'," gasped Pomp, There was a brilliant flash, a deafening re sort. who would have turned ,Pale if he could. port, and the place where the gate bad stood For the floor of this wonderful cavern its "What am we going to do 1' was clear ground, Many yards aBout the ruins arches and pillars were resplendent as if m'ade "Begorra, I'd do something purty quick, I were scattered. of glittering diamonds. In fact the glare of would,'' l!pluttered Barney, fingering the trig-With a. cheer, those on board the Cyclone the searchligbt upon the mass ger of his rifle nervously. "Ocb, fer a shot at sprang to their posts, and the wonderful invenblinded all. the spalReens!" tion ran out upon the prairie. Then a great cry went up from the lips of all. "Don t be foolish!" vehemently exclaimed Pomp was in' the pilot-bouse. Far away Forgotten even was the mission which had Snyder. "W.e have got to compromise with across the prairie was seen a body of horsemen. brought them into this wonderful place. the villains in some way." The Cyclone was instantly /ut under the "Fo' de Lor' sakes!" Pomp as he "Be jabers, I'd loike to compromise wid 'em highest pressure of speed, an thundered in came rushing out of the pilot-house :, where wid the electric pursuit of the kidnappers. in de name o!J goodness am we got to 'now 'I'' "Mr. Snyder! saul Dr. Vaneyke, If you "Begorra., It's all the stupidity of yeself, ye


8 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. ebonized monkey!" cried Barney, tripping Pomp while those on deck keDt a sharp lookout and Frank Reade, Jr., and you shall ride' all the way up as he passed. "Take that for yer foolhardi waited for a chance to use their rifles. to St. Louis in the Cyclone," declared Dr. Van ness! It's in some hole in the ground we The chance came. Suddenly a number of the eyke. "Moreover, I will heal your wound for moight be now as loikely as here. Why didn't enemy were seen skurrying across an open ou." ye vmistleforme tostbop, yesunburnedheath space. Quick as a flash both Snyder and th,e "_It is a bargain," cried Walton, joyfully, en ye r' doctor fired. Two of the outlaws at once" Fust, I must tell you all about the peculiar Pomp measured his length on the deck. For dropped. ities of this cavern." a moment be saw stars, for his head came in But the others vanished and the Cyclone was "All right." contact with a coraer of the staircase. But he brought to a halt almost beside the outlaws "Quite contrary to the usual case, it does not was upon his feet instantly. who had fallen. It was seen that one of them extend downward into the eart\1, but comes to "Hi dar, yo' big l'ish Mickl" he yelled, roll-was alive and making motions for mercy. a termination a few hundred yards beyond ing his eyes up. till nothing could be seen but An idea struck Dr. VaneJke. here, and a narrow passage winds upward to the whites. Yo' dare play sich a trick as dat "What do you think, Mr. Snyder 1'' he cried. the summit of the butte." on I pay yo' fo' dati" "Why not take that poor wretch on board and "Indeed!" Then lowering his head, Pomp made for his force him to tell us all about the "I might add that the butte is practically hector. Barney tried to dodge, but he was too We might learn all about this place in that unscalable in any other way. The western late. Pomp's bead took him in the stomach, and way." side of it is a long and steep slope of smooth. he literally sailed across the deck and came up "All right!" unbroken ledge. There is not even a niche or ll In a banging heap against the steel netting. The do<;j;or cried to Pomp t o stop the Cyclone. crevice in all its surface to help the would-be The breath was knocked out of him ; but he But Pomp was already in the act of doing this. climber.'' gained his feet, and would have rushed again None of the outlaws were in sight. They The doctor and Snyder listened in wonder. at Pomp, but Dr. Vaneyke interfered. had evidently given up the fight and retreated. "Of course, one could possibly climb that as. .. Stop your fooling, you simpletons!" he The doctor opened the door in the ste.el net-cent, but he would be sure to be shot by the e;.ded, angrily. "Don't you know that this is ting and lowered the gang-ladder. Then, with guard at the summit. The small passage is no time for such Think of your master Snyder, he out, and lifting the wounded therefore the only safe way of reaching the top and his peril." outlaw, ca:r>ried h1m aboard the Cyclone. of the butte." This sobered the two skylarkers at once. He was almost a youth in years, with a not "It is a safe retreat," essayed Snyder. When they reflected that their beloved master, unhandsome face, and a manner which would "Yes, in more ways than one. The top of Frank Reade, Jr., was in fearful jeopardy, they not have betokened him an outlaw. His res'cuthe butte is .flat, with a smooth floor of stone. could trifle no more. Both in a shamefaced ers gazed at him with surprise. Around its edge Coleman has built a parapet manner skulked away, while Dr. Vaneyke and "Upon my word," muttered the detective, of turf, from wliich saplings have grown up, &o Sn:rder went on deck. .' "he is a fine-looking fellow, doctol'." that the outlawR are concealed in their move Did you ever see or hear of anything so "You are right,"al>reed Dr. Vaneyke, with aments from any one on the plain below.'' wonderful as cried Snyder, as he gazed critical glance at the1r prisoner. "Let me see. "Wonderful!" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke. "But about him at the brOJiant scene. "Why, it is Not so badly wounded. He is sure to live. .A. what do they do with their horses?" like a vision of Paradise. I should think we slight fracture of the thigh bone. .A.h! I can fix "Oh, the upward passage will admit a were in a cave of diamonsls.'' that so he can go about on a crutch at once.'' horse," replied Walton. "But the Cyclone "It is a wonderful work of nature," agreed "I thank you, sir," said the wounded outlaw, could not ascend.'' the doctor. in a d'eep, 'rich voice. If I escape from this .How long has Coleman had this stronghold "How lio you account for You are a scrape alive I'll go back to St. I.oms to my aged scientist and a student of such matters 'I" asked and sorrowing mother." For many years. It is a good one, for one Sn;rder. "Spoken like a man," cried Dr. Vane;yke. could track bitn here and thoroughly explore It is a womlerful formation of.9rystals," de-"Then you are not an outlaw from choicer the cavern and not find the upward passage.'' clared Dr. Vane,vke . "I have never seen so "I can assure you I am not, sir. I was "Indeed!" magnificent a display before. These crystals forced into the gang on threat of my life. I "For that reason, he has remained here long. are common in quartz formations. Truly, this have long looked for an avenue of escape." He could hold an army at bay from the top of cavern is one of wonders of the world.'' "What is your the butte.'' "How the crystals glitter in the glare of the "Howard Walton." "I should say so. But the little girl, Enid electric light!" "And you want to quit this life and get back Weston--" "Yes, it is a beautifu} sight. But practical to St. Louis to your mother'l'' " she is confined in a small hut on the matters now demand our attention.'' "That is my one great hope." tep of the butte. An armed guard is placed "You are right." "Upo,n my soul you shall do it-,upon one over her night and day." "There is no doubt but that Frank Reade, condition.'' "And Frank Reade, Jr.1" said Dr. Vaner,ke. Jr., was brought into this place by the outAn eager light in Walton's eyes. Will Coleman be likely to do him harm 1' laws. But, for aught we know,. this cavern "What is "Do you mean the prisoner Carlos got at the may extend miles underground. How shall we "That you answer some questions which we Dobe them 1" may put to you.'' Yes.'' This was a questwn not easily answered. "I will gladly do that," cr1ed Walton, eager.A. startled gleam was m Walton's eyes. The two men exchanged glances and were ly "I don't care what it is. I will tell you "Gentlemen!" he cried, earnestly. "If you thoughtful for some while. the truth." would save that man's life, you must lose no "Of course," the doctor finally C(:mtinued, Duncan Snyder drew forth his note-book. time. I heard Carlos give orders that he should "we might attempt to proceed further vvith Dr. Vaneyke 'began: be executed as soon as they reached the top of the Cyclone, butitwould,bewithgreatrisk of "Walton," he said, "how long have y'outhebutte. Ifyoucandoanythingtosavehim, losing our way in this wonderful cavern. There bee]). in Carlos Coleman's for God's sake lose no time!" is another way.'' "About one year.'' With an awful thrill of horror, Dr. Vaneyke "What 'i" ".A.h, then you can give us our desired infor-and Snyder sprung to their feet. "We can leave the Cyclone guarded by one mation. Did you know that Carlos kidnapped man and go forward on foot.'' a little girl named Enid Weston from her home "Even then we are apt to get lost." in Colville CHAPTER IX. "Yes, the situation is on all hands a dubious "I it well "replied the young out;law, A MYSTERIOUS DlSAPPEARANCE. one." eagerly. "That young girl is now at this READE, J&., must saved!" about to speak agam when a moment in this very cavern." :l'he forCible C'ry .escaped the hps of J!r. Vanstartlmg thmg happened to preent. Sudden-.A. cry escaped Duncan Snyder's hps. eyke. The detective Snyder seconded it. Both ly from the depths of the cavern arches there He hastilyJotted this down in his note-book, Barney and Pomp were drawn .from their came a thunderous roar. while Dr. Vaneyke went on: quarters by the announcement. Bullets by the score rattled harmlessly "Tell us all about this cavern. Is it the '' Begorra, docther!" -eried Barney, "only against the steel netting which shielded the stronghold of Carlos give me lave of absence an' I'll go out with me deck. The outlaws had attacked the Cyclone "It is one of many'' replied Walton. "But gun and save Misther Frank mesilf. Thim hay again, and it began to look as if a terrible bat-the girl is kept here: I know that well, for I thins shall niver ki..ll him, if I can do annythin' tie underground was to be waged: have seen her." to prevint." Every man sprung to his post and prePrt'ed "You have seen her 'I'' "Hi dar!" cried Pomp, shaking his woolly for defense. "yes." head. "J es' yo' lets dis chile git a chance to Sny.der was much excited. draw a line on dot ar outlaw Carlos. I spile his CHAPTER Viii. "Then you know where she is imprisoned?" beauty, dat am a Suttin' fac'. he cried. This-was all rip;ht enough. But the stubborn THE WOUNDED oUTLAw. "I do, quite well.'' fact. yet confro;nted our friends that Frank Reade, Jr., was m the enemy's power, ami there PoMP sprung to the search-light and swung "First" said Walton, steadily, "let me ask seemed no immediate or easy way of effecting it about, sending the piercing rays into every you a Who are you, and what is. all his rescue. I 1 p .enetrable depth of the cavern. But not one this to you 1" But Snyder hit upon what seemed like t:he of the outlaws could be seen. With this Snyder proceeded to detail to Wal-most feasible plan. The y were concealed the crystal :(lil ton the object of their missipn in No Man's "I have got it," he cried. "You say your Iars and at some depth m the cavern, whwh Land. patient can go on crutches, doctor 'I'' was the reason of this. Again they fired a vol He explained how Frank Reade, Jr., the "Yes," replied Vaneyke. ley at the Cyclone. wonderful young inventor, had been employed "Very well let him accompany ns in the dark Of course the bullets could do no harm. Bu,t with his marvel, the Electric Cyclone, to track and show us the opening to that secret passage the defenders of the Cyclone could not return down Carlos Coleman. that goes to the top of the butte. I'll risk but the fire for they could not see the outlaws. Walton listened with the deepest of interest, that we can in some way manage to sneak up At this juncture it occurred to Pomp to then he looked curiously about him. there and perhaps rescue Frank." forward with the Cyclone for some distance m "This is the most won 'derful invention I ever "I'm with you," cried Dr. Vaneyke. "Will the hopes of getting a better position. Accordhea.rd of," he declared. "And it is all run by you do that for us, ingly he gave Barney the signal. electricity eh 1 I can't \)elieve it!" "Of course I will," replied the wounded out-The Cyclone glided ahead and through the "You on.y to give us t .he _proper cue law, eagerly. cavem arches. Pomp guided it skillfully, whereby we may rescue Enid Weston and "That settles it," cried Snyder. "Shut olf


Part I. FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 9 the search-light, for we must have darkness to take-this message-to my mother-my dear, explanation of all events sihce the hour she work in. Do ,vou hear, Pomp'?'' kind. patienti waiting mother in St. Louis-was kidnapped, when the guard chanced to "Yas, sah 1' cried the lum11 of ebony. "I done tell her that am dead. Do not tell her that I hear their voices. do jes as yo' says, boss. But can't dis chile go died with the stain of outlaw upon me, but This ende d the colloquy for the guard en wid yo' 1" that my last thoughts were of her. That is all tered and caused a blind to be placeii over the "Whurroo 1 it's yesilf as will be stayin' at -it is growing darK:er-ah--" window. A moment later a file of men entered home," cried Barney. "It's mesilf as will be That was all. In that last gasp the noble the room. afther goin', naygur." young spirit went out. There was an interval "We want you," said the for(lmost. "Make "Jes yo' min' yo' own bizness, white trash. of secret silence. Had there been light enough your peace, for you are going to your death. I'se done gwine to go dis time I tol' yo'," cried to disc}ose the fact, it would have been seen It is the chief's orders to measure off fifty paces Pomp. that there was not a dry eye among the three and shoot you." "Easy-there!" cried Dr. Vaneyke, "or there survivors. Dr. Vane;rke reverently straight-Frank Reade Jr.,'felt a sickening sense of \ won't e1ther of you go. Pomp, you understand ened the dead man's hmbs. despair. But his features did not show' it. the working of the Cyclone best. You had betThen he arose, and with an effort said chokThey were iron-like in their mobility. ter keep guard." inRly: "I am ready!" was all he said. Barney turned a somersault of delight, while fellow! it was too bad. But we have He was led out of the cabin by the file of men. Pomp, crestfallen and disappa.lnted, said noth-our own preservation to look out for now, Carlos Col e m a n himself stood near, and barely ing. Arrangements were quickly made for the friends. We must get back to the Cyclone de_igned to look at the prisoner as he passed. expedition. somehow." I Frank R e ade, .Jr., was led to a spot near the The search-light was turned off and the cav"Then let us lose no time," cried the detect-edge of the long slope, which extended down ern enwrapped in darkness. Just a faint glimive. "Ah! I fear Frank Reade, Jr., has met that side of the butte over smooth rock. H e mer of light marked the distant entrance. with his death." noted this as he prepared himself for that or-After a long period of careful listening, and Dr. Vaneyke led the way through the deal, which might well make the stoutest heart making sure that the coast was clear, Dr. Vancavern arches. In the distance ahead the faint sink. eyke led the way, and they all left the Cyclone, glimmer of daylight at the entrance guided He wa. s face to face with death. Fifty paces with the exceptwn of Pomp, who remained be-them. But to the s'urprise of all not a sign of d tstant the outlaws wer e drawn up in line with hind to keep guard. the outlaws was visible. their Winchesters covering him. It waos no easy matter to grope one's way Thethreemencreptonslowlyandcautiously. Frank's hands were tied behind him . But through the darkness. The others would have Every sound, no matter how slight, called a halt, from the first he had kept steadily at work try gonecstray had it not been for Walton. nor was an advance made until it was satis-ing to loosen, them. Now they were b eginning He stole along quietly on his crutches, pans-factorily explained. to yield. The lieutenant of the file had begun ing every few moments to listen. Then he In this way they slowly made their way along. hi s order to fire. halted, and in a whisper said: 1 At length Dr. Vaneyke came'to a halt. "Ready! Aim!" "We are at the end of the cavern. "That is queer," he muttered. "This ought "One-two--" near the passage _which leads to the top of the to be the verr spot where left the _Cyclone." That was all. Frank Reade, Jr., in that in butte, and there 1s nobody on guard, We shall To all behef they were m the big cavern stant free d his hands and accepted a bol d succeed." chamber of crystal where the Cyclone was left. chance for life Dr. Vaneyke, in a hoarse un-B.ut.the electric machine was not there. Swift as a flash h e made a b ackward leap, Show;, us the way, Walton, and we d1d It . . and went ove r the of the butte. The ri Will be w1th you. A fearful chill of apprehensiOn seized Dr. ties blended in a stunnmg report but the blil "As rim lame, and can be of little service, Vaneyke. He said nothmg, but continued on. lets were wasted YO.? had go ahead without me." They were now almost at the month of the All rushe d to the edge of the long slide. "All.right. cavern and .could see the pass beyond. Dr. Frank Reade, Jr., went down that d e show you the entrance to the pasV?;nerke 11; deep breat?.. clivity with tfl.fe. Let us down. But an idea had come to the heroic doctor. dow. F,rank was glad q,o thts. He again lifted Walton's feet. The young inventor was It was I owe you my hfe, he sa1d. How can I "No, no," he cried. "We can outwit them. the sweet, beautiful face of a young al-repay you 1" HeFe, quick, to-the right." most a child in years, who gazed at h1m in a. '.'1 want no pay," Wall!s. "But how Into a f!mall niche in the cavern wall Dr. startled kind of way. IS It find you m th1s WJ:tere is Vaneyke led his companions. Lights were A sort pf divination explained matters to the ElectriC Cy.clonef' . flashing down the cavern and a few seconds Frank. Without doubt this child-faced young his s _tory Simply and graphically. later a score of outlaws went rushing past. girl was Enid Weston. Satisfied of this the Wallis comii_Ient until Frank It was a cleve!' dodge of the doctor's and enyoung inventor made an eager motion just as told of his meetmg_ with E_]md Weston, when abled them to really give the outlaws the slip. the prisoner was about to shrink away. he sprang up and cried, exCitedly: But the affair had turned out very seriously "Wait! Do not go," he said, in an under"MY, God! Do YOl;l mean to tell me that for one of the1r party. tone. "Are you not &nid Weston'?'' s stronj?:hold IS up there and that Emd Poor Walton had really received his death A swift light of eager joy and part comprets so near us r wound. The bullet of his foe had penetrated hension flashed across her face. "I do," replied Frank surprised at the f the abdomen and he was rapidly sinking. "Ohl" she cried, excitedly. "You have come other's manner. "Are yoti then also interest-It was a sad moment, when all gathered to rescue me. Yes. I am Enid Weston. My ed in the rescue of Enid .; .. about him, the doctor's small pocket lantern prayers are answered." "Interested!" exclaimed Wallis inachanged showing the shadow of death upon his hand"Yes, Enid," replied the young inventor. voice. I should say that I was.\' some face. . "I am certainly in this to rescue ):'OU. Frank Reade, Jr., could not help but notice fnends, he,said, with a weary smile. But, unf_ortunately, I am hke yourself, JUSt change of voice. Then another startling "My life has not turned out as I had once now a pr1soner." thmg happened. The horse by whose bridle hoped that it would. I have never committed "Then you can tell me of my sister-of Wallis stood, suddenly _llluitged. The move-any crime of which I need feel gnilty, which is Madge," she cried, eagerly. ment dislodged the latter s sowbrero. one bit of satisfaction to me in my d:ying hour. ''I can and will," replied Frank. Off it came and to Frank's astonishment, a But if you will do one favor for a dymg man-With this he was proceeding to give her an red wil' with it. Down over Wallis' shoulders.


10 FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. Part I. fell a wealth of golden hair. In an instant a noticed the dese:cted air about the Cyclone, and 1kept the wheels from slipping,_and the Cyclone err; of recognition escaped Frank's lips : cried: literally walked up the steep stde of the butte. 'As I live! What surprise is this 1 Arthur "Why Pomp where are the others1 Not The effect upon the outlaws was intense. 1\. Wallis-no-Madge Weston!" asleep I hope." wild yell escaped their ips. Several of them Pale and trembling, but resolute, the daring "Lo'r bress yo', Marse Frank, dey am in de raised their rifles, and a volley was given the voung girl stood before Frank. Her disguise cave,'' cried Pomp. Cyclone. had tieen good and she had :played her part well "In the cave?" Of course the bullets rjl.ttled off the steel mly to be betrayed by the stmplest of mishaps. "Dat am a fac'." sides of the Cyclone harmlessly. Frank Yes. You may wonder at my daring,'' she "Well, explain please. How does it happen ed to Pomp to hold the wheel steady, and then. simply. "But I can tell you it is tlie out-that you with the Cyclone are out here when ran into the gun-room in the bow. :ne of desperation. I am determined to res the others are in the cavern r It was but a moment's work to insert a bomb & my sister or die." "Jes' listen to me one moment, Marse in the electric gun. He sighted it, and pulled 'You are to dare so much," said Frank,'' cried the flustrated darky. "I didn't the electric wire up to the push-button which Frank, reprovingly. run off an leave dem for fear ob de outlaws, connected it with the current. "Perhaps so, out I know I need not ask you sah, 'deed I didn't. I was done afraid de rap-The connection Wliil made and, on the instant, not to betray me." scallions would capture de Cyclone datI was, the gun, with a vivid lightning-flash, exploded. Frank Reade, Jr., advanced and held out his being as I was de only man on so I jest The effect was_terrific, and grand in the exhand. cut out an' run." treme. "Madge,'' he said, kindly," you are a brave "And left the others in the cavern?'' --girl. But it is neither wise nor safe for you to "Yes, sahl Hab I done wrong?" masquerade_ Let us COU1promise. Dis"I can't say as yet!" cried Frank, excitedly. CHAPTER XII. gard your d1sgmse,_become yourself "But take the wheel. I'll start; the dynamos, THE APACHES. a.ndlou shall remam aboard the Cyclone until and let us get back to the cavern as quickly as is Heaven will let us. For all we know they may THE explosion of the electric gun blew anum. The darmg g!rl hes1tated. all be slaughtered before this." ber of the trees up by their roots, killed several "But where ts the she asked. Pomp nearly fell over himself in his haste to of the outlaws and plowed a perfect ravine "It is in. quest. of me," replied J!'rank. : We reach the pilot-house. It is needless to say that through the of grass-grown earth, which shall find 1t all r1ght. Ahl what 1s that r he had the Cyclone up to the points of the cOm.formed the rampart around the top of the Both .to behold a thrilling sig_ht. pass in quick order. butte. Across the prame the Cyclone was seen_ dasJ:!mg But just then an idea struck Frank Reade, Jr. It was like a bolt from the clouds, and the air at a tremendous rate _of speed. To 1ts Sides It was a novQJ and a daring one. for a few seconds was full of flying debris. clung.a number of outlaws, who were vain;;Hold on, he cried. In face of such a mighty destroyer no human ly tr_ymg to break way through the steel Yas, sahl force could stand. The outlaws were reckless 11ettmg. Fraak gave a and critical glance at the men, but even Black Carlos himself was awed butte. Then he satd: by 'this terrific exhibition of the Cyclone's CHAPTER XI. "Come and help me put on the rubber tires power. on the wheels, Pomp." And up and into their very stronghold that A WONDERFUL FEAT. The darky's eyes bulged out. dread machine of death was coming. To rePoMP was visible in the pilot-house guiding "Why, Marse Frankl" he cried. "Dere am main and attempt to fight would be suicidal. the Cyclone in its course. The truth was the no steep rocks to run over." A panic. seized the outlaws. outlaws had attacked the Cyclone in the cav"Aren't there, eh the young inventor. Black Carlos did not seek to restrain them. ern, and the frightened darky decided that the "Do you see that smooth side of the butte. He rushed to the cabin in which Enid was con only way to save the machine was to pull up The side -I took my slide over I mean. Well, it fined. stakes and cut out of the cavern. seems almost perpendicular, don't,it 1 I mean With the help of one of his men he dragged This he had done, and thus is furnished a to show you how the Cyclone can climb." her forth. Every outlaw in the band was getvery simple explanation of the mysterious disPomp's teeth chattered wildly. ting into saddle. Coleman's horse had been appearance of the Cyclone, which so puzzled "Fo' Hebbin's sake, Marse Frank, yo' ain't brought forth, and he mounted it, with Enid Dr. Vaneyke and the others. mad. Yo' (_lon't mean to try to climb dat ar' before him in the saddlE:. Frank Reade, Jr., caught onto the situation steep place 1" One unfortunate incident favored the out1 at once. He jumped up and waved his arms, "Yes, I do." laws. shouting excitedly. "Lor' bress dis nig. De Cyclone done fall The Cyclone had reached the small cut in the Pomp sa.w him, and the effect upon the terri-back an' git busted." turf made by the dynamite. Pomf had enfled darky was electrical. In an instant he "Not much," cried Frank, resolutely. "The deavored to use this as an avenue o entrance turned the Cyclone in Frank's direction, slow-rubber tires will enable the wheels to cling to into the stronghold. ing speed. the rock. I have electric force enough to drive But the earth was soft, and one of the wheels Frank seized Madge's rifle and began to pick twenty Cyclones up that height. It will place got temporarily wedged between two small off the enemy. The outlaws, seeing two men, us right in the heart of the robber's stronghold bowlders. This made a brief delay, but was as they supposed, and not knowing how much and we can literally clean them out witli the nevertheless sufficient time to allow the out-larger force might be at hand, began to leap electric gun--" laws to escape. from the Cyclone'& deck and run. "And rescue cried Madge. When the Cyclone was freed and glided onto In a few moments not one was left, and the "Yes." the smooth floor of the butte's summit, the Cyclone was brought to a stop but a few' feet Madge had now come on deck prettily attired was found deserted. Frank Reade, away. Pomp, excited beyond all measure, in a tasty dress which she had carried in a Jr's diSappointment was extreme. rushed out of the pilot-house. bundle at her saddle bow. Now that it was de1 "Well, that beats me1" he cried, in vexation. "For de good Lor', Marse Frank," he cried, cided that she should remain aboard the Cy-"They've given us the slip. How in the mis wildly, "dis am de funniest tin"l yet. I jes' clone, she had turned her horse froo, and he chief did they do happened along here lucky, didn t I? Lucky cantered away across the prairie. The truth was the outlaws had simply de fo' you, an' lucky fo' me, fo' as suah as I'se a To an outsider, Frank's proposal to climb the scended into the crystal cavern by means of libe nigger, dem hyenas would have busted butte with the Electric Cyclone was a rash one. the downward passage, and were now far out dere way into de Cyclone. It's good fo' sore But he knew the power of his machine well. on the prairie seeking safety in new quarters. eyes to see yo' once mo' free. How eber did yo' Madge clapped her hands with delight, and It required but little further research for Frank escap_e from dem rapscallions, anyhow?" Pomp scratched his head dubiously. Reade, Jr., to discover this fact. Pomp's eyes were as big as saucers. Frank Of co'se, Marse :Frank, if yo' really mean it Instantly he -sprang aboard the Cyclone and .laughed and made reply: -" gave Pomp orders to make ready for a descent "Well, to'tell the truth, Pomp, it was a close "Are you afraid, cried Frank, sharp-from their elevated position. This was a tick-@ll for me. I only escaped by just a pinch. ly. If ,YOU are, you can wait down here on !ish and dangerous task, but by keeping the I)o you see that steep side of the the :praine. I don't imagine Barney would be dynamos at full force and allowing the Cyclone I does, Marse Frank." afra1d for a moment." to drop gradually a few feet at a time, going "'Well, I slid down that, and escaped with That clenched the argument. Pomp's bosom down backwards, the descent was safely made. 't a broken neck." swelled and his eyes rolled. The rubber tires were removed and the Cy ..?omp gaped in amazement at this seemingly Sho' dar, Marse Frank," he snorted. I'se clone sP,ed away upon a new tack. Around the incredible feat. He1scratched his wooly head. never been outdone yit by dat I'ishman, an' I base of the butte it went, until the entrance to "I done tink yo' have mo' lives dan a cat, nebber will. If yo' say run de Cyclone to de the narrow pass which terminated in the crys-Marse Frank. Ijes gib yo' up fo' c:iead." moon, up she goes, an' me wid her." tal cavern was reached. "Notmuch,"laughedFrank. "Doyouknow With a quick move Pompshut off the cur-ThentheCycloneshotthroughthis and into this young lady, Pomp, who has been so daring rent and brought the Cyclone to a stop. They the cavern. ')'he searc)l-light was turned on as to don male were near the base of the butte, but just out qf and the place illuminated. Pomp stared at Madge. rifle shot. But it was deserted. The outlaws had fled "Dat young man wid de long hair'?'' he said. However, upon the summit of the in from ..i.t as well as our friends Dr. Vaneyke, N ebber seed him afore, Marse Frank." the fringe of trees, a line of the outlaws coula be Barney and Snyder the detective. Frank "But you are mistaken, Pomp,'' cried the seen. They fired inef{ectual shots at the CyReade, Jr., satisfied himself of this and then young inventor. "Don't recognize bed" clone at intervals. let the Cyclone run oqt again onto the prairie. Madge indulged in a Silvery laugh, and ex-Frank Reade, Jr., hastily, with Pomp's help, "They have outwitted us,'' he declared, disap-claimed: proceeded to adjust the rubber tires upon the pointedly. "But I wm not give up. I shall "I don't blame Pomp, for not knowing Cyclone's wheels. All the while the outlaws follow Carlos Coleman to the ends of the earth. me. But fortunately I have some female attire watched the operation with great interest, But first we must find Dr. Vaneyke and the with me, and I will don it as soon as I get never dreaming of the real purpose of their foe. others if they are alive." .aboard." In due course of time the operati-on was con-At this moment an excited cry'esc'aped Pomp's Pomp rubbed his eyes again. eluded, and all was announced in readiness. I "Bress rna haht !" he gasped. "Am it Miss The Cyclone was headed toward the steep as-'Lor' sabe us, Marse Frankl Dar dey are Madge Whateber brought yo' out cent, and the full force of the dynamos put to now alibe and well." .here to dis yereplace, honey?" work. There was no disputing this tleclaration. Madge briefly explained matters, and then The result was surprii;ing-the Cyclone adOver a distant knoll three men had appeared all went on board. For the first time Frank vancedstraig>htuptheincline. Therubbertires in view. Even at that distance they were


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 11 easily as Dr. Vaneyke and Barney ages to cut off the fugitives and kill and scalp young in_ventor, ashe now came deck. and Detect1ve Duncan Snyder. them. At thts moment a laughable mmdent oc-They waved their arms excitedly and joyfully "It was a critical moment and the savages curred. . at sight of the Cyclone. Pom_p needed no bidseemed likely to succeed. Something must be Now that the strtfe was over, t_he trrepresst ding but started the machine m their direction. done at once. ble Barney needs have a at Pomp. In a few moments t.he trio were clambering --The l_atter mdn:tdual standmg at a loop-aboard the Cyclone. They were overjoyed to CHAPTER XIII. hole m the nettmg, lookmg after th!' retreatmg meet Frank safe and well, and a mutual inter-. savages, Barney suddenly up a change of experiences followed. A FIGHr WITH APACHES. wet swab whwh had used.m scourmg the Pomp and Barney regaled each other with FRANK READE, JR., saw this at a glance. brass work, and at htm. Munchausen tales of their sel!arate experi-The Apaches were likely to cut off the three The swab took Poffi;p m the back of the neck, ences, and it was difficult to decide which could fugitives unless action was quickly made to and was such a s.urprtse t?at for a moment the elaborate the biggest lie on the subject. prevent. darky thought hts neck "Begorra, three av the biggest av the bloody Snyder and Barney were assisting Madge. A ye!l of agony hts lips, and he turn outlaws descinded upon me at onct," cried Bar-Barney fired a shot at the savages. All .on ed m ttme to see s mug. The ney, positively. "I jist made out to run away the Cyclone now were aroused. Qutck not keep mug from thim and then scrouched down and let act10n was what was needed. Fo de good Lor s sake! gasped Pol!IP the fust fall over me back. Be jabers, it broke One of the savages threw up his arms and "Was dat yo', sah, fired d3;t nasty_t'mg his neck. The second wan I give a boost in the tumbled from his horse, for Barney was a dead at ,m':lf dar! I Jes yo back fo dat, jaw with me fisht an' the lasht I seen av him shot. yo dtrty I tsh mucker, yo! . he was turning somersaults towards tbeetting "Bad cess to the varmints!" he cried, as be "Begorra, YE;Z'_Il have to catch me fust, 'crted sun. The third wan I caught by the scruff av threw a new c3:rtridge into the .breech. ," , th.e neck an' give him a with fut. He ye go ahead wtth the Ieddy, an I 11 Dat s Je.s what I se gwme fo to ctted wmt up twenty feet in the a1r, an' 'Y!Im he fell tbry and bold the _omadhoul?s b_ack. Pomp, makmg a dash, for Barney;, When I he drew his head two feet in the atrtb. If ye Crack! once agam Barney s rtfie spoke. But does, may ?-e good Lor help youse! don:t belave it, I'll show ye sthickin' this. did not check the demons, wJ:to came m retreat, flung open the door of the up m the ground yit loike a darnmg needl:. on hke a troop of fi.ends mcarnate, yellmg and nettmg. That's tbruel" brandishing their weapons and evidently in He sprul)g out on the forward part of the Cy" Golly dat ain't anyfingl" Pomp. tent on cutting off the fugitives.. cione's hull. . O "Yo' hev seen dis "fr,r chtle. Jes' as I But Frank Jr., bad no tdea of perm1t-And .now the laughable lll!ltdent came m. was conlln' out of de cavern jes a hundred of tlng them to do thts. 'I:he Jolly was J?1Cked up and flung dem ugly outlaws jumped abo'd of de Cyclone. He had sprung at once to the electrtc gun. from the Cyclones hull ltke a puff-ball. He Dey done bruk into de cabin an' 'tacked dis chile It was but a moment's work to train it upon h?wever, _upon the hard surface of the fo' all he was wuff. Kil yi! I jest grabbed one the saYages. prame wtth constderable more force. ob dem up by de boot-legs an' lammed at de oders There was a tremendous explosion, forks of Frank Rea,de, Jr.,_ had not yet discharged the so hard like, datI druv dis man's body right lightning seemed to till the air, and a path was st.eel hull of electrimty, and Barney, forgetting troo three ob deml Yo' bad oughter seed de literallr hewed through the body of horsemen this, got the full f_orce of the dynamos. oder outlaws run. I jes' yelled look out fo' in a twmkling. He saw stars wtth tl?-e force of the shock, and Samson, an' dey done skipped out ob dat cabin A jumbled up mass of horses and savages for several moments dtd not want to get up. so quick dat free ob dem dislocated deir spines. were heaped upon t.Be prairie. The ponies of This was rich meat for Pomp, who held his Dat am a fac'." the survivors shied in terror, and broke away sides and roared with laughter. It was so Pomp ducked his bean just in time. Barney in another direction. The next moment Pomp funny that everybody laughed immoderately. bad fired a bootjack at him and grabbed a pail and Dr. Vaneyke were l:).elping the fugitives on Barney came on board sheepishly. He did of water near. Souse went the water over the board the Cyclone. not attempt retaliation, but crept away with darky'a person, and then both went at it tooth Once on deck and the steel door closed, our no inclination further than skylarking that and nail. Only the sudden appearance of Frank adventurers were safe enough, and could view day. Reade, Jr., put an end to the squabble. the red foe with impunity through the steel Frank discharged the hull of electricity now, A conference had been held and it was decid-netting. and once more the Cyclone started on its way. ed to try and find the trail of the outlaws. The Indians had split ranks, and circling Night was coming on, but the young inventor Madge, while jn her disguise of Arthur Wallis, about again, came to the attack from the rear. had decided not to stop anywhere again until had learned that the butte and 'the crystal They were incited to attack by a tall, power-be had overtaken the outlaws, if such a thing cavern was only one of many strongholds that ful built savage. He was the personification of was possible. Black Carlos had. bravery, and led his warriors with the valor of It was not difficult to travel across the The one to which he had now gone, she fan a Murat. prairie with the search-light to illuminate the 1 cied, was upon an island in the Black Canyon of Pomp and Barney, with Snyder and Vaneyke, WIJ.Y a branch of the Canadian river. To find their were at the loopholes with their Wincbesters. Frank set his course just a.s one would on way thither would be something of a problem, The four of them .formed quite a battery, and ship-board, anll the Cyclone did not abate its but it decided to attempt the feat. as the savages came within range the four rifles speed although the darkness soon became in Accordingly search was made for the trail of spoke. Every shot fetched a savage. Yet the tense. the fleeing outlaws. Marks of the horses' hoofs tall chief seemed to bear a charmed life, and But before the horizon was shut from view, were found and followed for some ways. came on furiously. a distant range of bills was seen. Toward these But as progress in this manner was deemed The next moment the whole gang were upon Inventor steered the Cyclone. too slow it was decided to go ahead more rapthe Cyclone. Arrows and lances rattled harm While. Pomp handled the wheel Frank idly and trust to chance for keeping the rigbt,lessly against the steel sides of the Cyclone. Reade, Jr., went forward of the pifot-house direction. More speed was put upon the CyFrank Reade, Jr., had charged the steel hull with a night-glass and tried hard to locate the clone and they sped across the prairies. with the full ,power of the dynq.mos, and the distant hills. All that day they ran at full speed. It effect was wonderful and laughable in the ex He made the distance something more than seemed as if they should have come up with treme. forty miles. This would, considering the nature the outlaws by this time. But yet nothing of The savages desperately 8)2Urred their ponies of the make it near morning before the them was seen. to close quarters with the Cyclone. Cyclone could reach the hills. Just in their path at nightfall was a clumiJ of But the moment a pony or rider touched the On across the prairie the Cyclone ran with timber. In Phe verge of this Frank Reade, Jr., heavily charged steel, he was picked up and great speed. brought the Cyclone to a halt. hurled yards away, as if by a giant hand. But there were many rough sections where They were out of water and as it looked likeIndians and horses were flying right and left. speed had to be abated, and broad lakes of l:y that there was plenty of this to be bad in the The defenders of the Cyclone, at short range, water about which a detour had to be made. ttmber, Barney and Snyder volunteered to go poured volley after volley with destructive This consumed extra time. in quest of sorr.e. effect into the struggling mass of savages. Thus far nothing bad been seen of the outMadge desired to accompany them. Accord-In vain the tall chief urged them ori. The Jaws. For hom:s the Cyclone had run on unbin-ingly all three set out with receptacles to look electric force prevented the(r climbing aboard dered. for a spring. the Cyclone; and beneath the raking fire of the It was in the morn(.ng hours, and Barney Frank Reade, Jr., was busy studying up some Winchesters, they were obliged to retreat in was turning out for the last watch, when a of the country. Pomp was oiling the great disorder. great cry came from Pomp in the pilot-house. bearmgs of the Cyclone, and Dr. Vaneyke was The ground was literally strewn with dead J;Ie pressed an electric button, which set an studying some specimens of the flora of the Indians and ponies. The Apaches had found in alarm gong to ringing. region which he designed for his cabinet. the Cyclone a foe well worthy of their steel. At tlie same moment the Cyclone came to a ''What yo' tink Marse Frank'l" asked These nomadic warriors, the terror of the jarring, jolting halt. It wasa thrilling sur Pomp. "Will we eber rescue dat young girl herdsman and the emigrant, and generally in prise and brought everybody up from below to dat we am aftah vincible against an even force, were completely 5ee what was the matter. "I hope so, Pomp," replied the young indemoralized by their experience with the CyAt first nothing was revealed by the searchven(or. clone. light. But a series of demoniac yells from the "I done tink we hab a hard job ob it. But '!'be mysterious electric force which hurled darkness, and a volley of rifl,e balls soon ap yo' ueber got left yit, Marse Frank. I reckon them away from it at every attempt to clamber prised all that great dahger threatened. yo'll succeed yet." aboard was something beyond their limited in__ "I think we will, Pomp," replied Frank, tellect to comprehend. folding: up his maps. "Ah! what is thatr The strange-looking" wagon" was certainly CHAPTER XIV. A wtld chorus of fiendish yells broke upon very bad medicine. At least this must have INTO THE HILL,S. the air. Frank saw a thrilling scene at that been the result of the conference held by them "WHAT did you stop the Cyclone for r cried moment. out on the prairie, for suddenly, with a chorus Frank Reade, Jr., as he rushed into the pilot-The yells came from a troop of war painted of maddened, discomfited yells, they wheeled bouse where Pomp was. Apaohe savages, who came riding at mad speed their ponies and galloped madly out of sight. "Gollv, Marse Frank "cried the darky steers around the edge of the timber. Between the "That is the last of them," declared Dr. Vanman. ''I didn't stop it; It done stop itself." timber and the Cyclone, Barney, Snyder and eyke. "They didn't do much harm, did they, Frank glanced at the electric indicator and Madge could be seen running for their lives . Frankf' saw it twitching and jumping strangely. He It was, undoubtedly, the purpose of the sav"Not the least that I can IHie," replired the was mystified.


12 FR.A.NK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. "That's queer," he muttered. Frank Reade, Jr., gave orders for the Cyclone Pomp started the Cyclone in the of Then he examined the insulators and the to go ahead. the scene of action. In a fe'! mome?ts, It was push button. There was nothing to divert the The hills were now quite near at hand. In speeding to the rescue. At sight of It the sav current and it was on full force. some way the outlaws had seemed to have ages, with wild yells, fled. A few shots were The tottering motion of the machine now ex-got an inkling of the state of affairs, for they bestowed upon them, and _then Jfrank Reade plained the situation to the young inventor. were seen far in the distance beating a safe re-Jr., and Barney rushed out of thmr place of se-He turned a sman crank, which brought the treat into the hills. curity, and came aboard. search-light;. about so that its rays fell athwart They were galloping their horses madly. The It was not deemed advisable to follow the the wheels. Cyclone started m pursuit but the despera-savages. The outlaws' trail was the next obThey were clogged. gained the high ground in time to vanish ject, and this was slowly traced across the The clever trick of the foe was seen at a m a d e ep pass. valle,r. . glance. A number of tough, sprong nets had Into this the C;v.clone ran, but it became neeThis brought the pursuers can been drawn across the Cyclones path. essary to go slowly, for the way was blocked yon, with walls a thousan 1dea of permit-Those on board the Qyclone had heard the in' ob de old debbil at de las' ob it, Marse tmg the to remam m Its present helpdist111nt shots. Frank," chuckled Pomp. less conditiOn. It did not take them long to guess what was "Dhr;r up, yenaygur," retorted Barney. "It's In the darkness Barney and Pomp descended the matter, and Pomp with a glass managed shippin Purgatorr, an' going into the from the d11ck and began to remove the net-to distinguish the distant forms of the savages. red hot furnace yell be afther doin, I'll bet me ting. With sharp knives they cut it away and Instant action was made for the succor of loife on that." soon had cleared the tangled mass avyay. the beleagured ones. An exclamation from Frank now ended the Then they cautiously crept forward and, re"Marse Frank an' dat I'ishman am done got controversy They had come to a fork in the moved another net just a short distance ahead. into trubble!" cried Pomp, excitedly. "W e's canyon, which proved to be not the junction of By the time this was accomplished the gray jest got to to dere relief at once. Eberybody two distinct canyons but a parting of the one light of dawn had begun to illumine the east. look out fo de Injuns now." on either side of an island, as it might be calloo.


Part 1. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLONE. Here the waters ages before had separated Well, now that this is a settled question," "Hello! the Cyclone!" and worn their respective channels down to the cried Frank," I think we had better get back "Hello!" anilwered Frank Reade, Jr. depth of fully four hundred feet. Certainly a to the Cyclone as soon as possible, or we may "I want to parley with you." stranger island than this could not be imag-find ourselves in a hornet's nest." "Proceed." ined. Back to the Cyclone they now went. But "Are you Frank Reade, ]3 With its high walls of limestone the island before they reached it the illumination of torch" Yes." looked like a mighty pillar or column Iising es were seen far up on the! canyon walls, and I am Carlos Coleman. Come out and talk skyward in thecenterofthecanyon. Certainly they knew that the outlaws were up to some with me." it was a wonderful device of nature. new dodge. But Frank Reade, Jr., was deter-The younl'l inventor gazed at the flag of truce These walls being could not be mined to be ready for them. and then, without hesitation, opened the door scaled by human being. _J'he summit of the Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder had kept close in the steel netting and descended to the mighty pillar of rock or island, if such it could guard on the Cyclone's deck during their abground. be called, was crowned with vegetation. Its sence. As they neared the Cyclone now rifle He advanced to the edge of the canyon wall. slllrface..must amount to quite an expanse, for muzzles were thrust through loopholes, and They were now not one hundred feet agart. its length up the canyon several hundred the doctor' s voice was heard: Coleman, dressed in dashing Mexican gar re yards. "Hold! Who goes there 1" garded Frank Reade, Jr., with a lii ardonic :e'rank Reade, Jr., gazed at this wonderful is!"All right, doctor!" cried Frank, cheerily. smile. and in the canyon 1\;Vith certain wonderment" I think you ought to know me quite well." "Well, Mr. Reade," be said, with sarcasm, and a critical eye. an idea. had been suggested "Thank Heaven you have come back all have done well to track me to this place. to !tim. safe!" cried the scientist, joyfully. "We feared What are you going to do about itr The distance between the summit of the isl-the worst. We heard a rifle shot and had all "I will tell. you, replied Frank, coolly. "I and and tP,e verge of the canyon wall, both bewe could do to keep from going to your aid.': shall keep you prisoner where you are until you ing on a level, was less than one hundred feet. "You did wisely in not doing so," said see fit to surrender." What an admirable spot for the stronghold of Frank, as he sprang on deck. "Indeed! How are you going to keep me a the out)aws. Explanations then followed and the doctor prisoner "I wonder if that is where it he mutter-and the detecbive listened with thrilling sensa"The first man who attempts to leave that ed. ""It would not be difficult to cross over tions to the news that the new &tronghold was island will be blown to atoms with my electric there with a temporarf bridge," discovered. gun.'' "Golly Marse Frankl" exclaimed Pomp, with "Mercy!" exclaimed Dr. Va.neyke, excitedly. Coleman laughed scornfully. -distended eyeballs. "Yo' don't tink dem yer "How can we ever attack the villains in such "You and your gun cannot be in two places outlaws am up dere, does yofr' a place as that1" at once" he declared. ""You forget that we That is just what I am thinking, Pomp," "There is only one way to bring them to have a bridge on the other side of the canyon declared the young inventor. "It would be a terms," declared Frank. as well." likely place, wouldn't itf' "W'hat is that?" "You also forget,"retorted FraBk, "that my "Howly Mither!" gasped Barney, craning his "To lay siege to their stronghold." gun can cover both bridges. Beware, Carlos neck. "That's quare enough. Howiver wud "You are right,"chorusedDr. Vaner,keand Coleman1.ifichosei could blow you and your the blagyards get over Misther Frank?" Snyder. "Starve them out as it were. gang from the face of the earth before you could "Easy enough replied .trrank Reade, JT. had been standing nearby an inter-even leave the trap you are now in." A temporary drawbridge could be rigged. ested hstener. She turned pale, and hastily exgasped Coleman. Once they crossed over tbey could draw it claimed: "Yes, for sucl;l it is. I give you fair warn after them, anditwouldbedifficult indeed to "But what of Enid? Will she not suffering. Deliver up Enid Weston to me, safe and reach them.'' also r well, or I will blow you all to perdition. I de Barney made a -grimace of comprehension, "You are right," cried Frank Reade, Jr. man,d an immediate answer.'' and Pomp stared in wonderment: But at that "She must be rescued in f!Ome war,. But --moment, Frank Reade, Jr., cried out: There is a way, and I'll find it out.' CHAPTER XVII "Look! what did I tell The youn!>inventor now sprang to the search. Sure enough across the chasm a foot-bridge, light. Durmg their exploration of the canyon THE PARLEY-POMP s DARING FEAT. made 9f strong saplingsi was being lowered by darkness had settled down thickly, and it was CARLOS CoLEMAN, the outl. aw, seemed for a means of rope and tack e. The next moment difficult to tell the point!> of the compass. moment aghast at the stern declaration of half a dozen armed men were seen to cross it. But the rays of the electric light went stream-Frank Reade, Jr. He had seen the work of the So absorbed were our friends in the contem-ing_along the canyon wall. Tlien Frank order-deadly electric gun, and knew its power. plation of this remarkable sight, that they ed Barney to rewerse the Cyclone's engines and For a moment he was irresolute. Then, in a wholly forgot that their position was. an ex-let her run backward slowly. whimpering way, he replied: posed one, and simultaneous with a rifle shot In this way, by feeling their way with the "Oh, you can't scare me that WfliY That is a which rang through the canyon, Pomp gave a search-light, they were enabled to run out of bluff that won't work.'' sharp cry, then threw up his arms and fell. the canyon. Then Frank began to look for a "I want an answer," declared Frank, shortly. --feasible place to ascend to the top of the canyon "Will you surrender or not r CHAPTER XVI wall. "Surrended" This wa.S not accomplished that night, and "Yes.'' DEMANDING A SURRENDER. some time after midnight the attempt was "Do you take me for a fool r' THE three reconnoiterers had by the merest As nothing was seen of the out-"You will consider yourself such very quick accident stumbled upon the stronghold of Black laws all turned in except Pompd who kept ly if you don't give me an answer.'" Carlos and his gang. Of this Frank Reade, watch, to get some sleep. No inci ent worthy Coleman was silent a moment. He was Jr., felt assured. of note occurred during the night. doinl> some shrewd thinking. He gazed appre-But, in that moment of watching the lower-With daybreak Frank Reade, Jr., was on hensively at the Cyclone and the destructive ingof the drawbridge so far above, it was undeck, and search was at once made fora means electric gun. fortunate that they did not think of their exof ascent to the summit of the canyon wall. It was plain that he feared the dread work of posed position. By good fortune a horse trail was found the destroyer. Yet he was loath to surrender The rille shot and Pomp's fall apprised Frank which led into a broad and smooth path. Unso easily Readel Jr., of this. In an instant he sprung to doubtedly this was the road used by the outlaw "Look here, Frank Reade, Jr.," he said, final-the sia.e of the stricken darky. band. ly, "why can't we "My God!" he gasped. "Are you badly Up this Frank ran the Cyclone. After a cir"Ihaveofferedacompromise," replied Frank. hurt, Don't say that. How stupid of cui to us course they finally reached level ground. "What, me not to have against this." Not a hundred yards ahead were the precipit"Deliver up Enid Weston, alive and well, and With Barney s help he carried Pomp around ous sides of the chasm. I'll leave you in your stronghold unmolested. an angle in the canyon and out of range. The drawbridge was seen on the other side That is very fair, for I ought to make an exBy what was positively a stroke of forof the chasm, but no sign of the outlaws. It ample of you and hang 1on on the first tree as tune Pomp's life was spared. He opened his W seen that the isfand in the canyon was a thief and a murderer.' eyes and came out of his faint as soon as thickly wooded, and it was no doubt this "You talk as if you had the best of the situ-Frank and Barney reached a safe locality. growth which concealed the stronghold from ation," sneered I HehadheardFrank'sexclamation and cried: view. "So I have," averred Frank. "rse all ri"ht, Mars Frank. Dat debbil ob Frank Readel Jr. caused the Cyclone to be "Well, I'll accept your compromise on one an outlaw didn't kill dis chile dis time. l'se run up alongsia.e of the chasm. He was now condition.'' only stunned, dat's all." within speaking distance of the island. "Name it." "Be!'orra, dat'sa lucky thingforye, naygurl" At first the. young inventor had thought of "Some time J: laid my heart at the feet c.ried Barney, joyfully. "An' where was ye stirring up those on the island with the elecof Madge Weston. I loved her, and I still love hit me gossoon tric gun. her. I will give her a fortune and a happy 1 I done tink it was in de head," replied A bolt thrown into its center would shake home, and restore Enid to her the moment she Pomp. .them up pretty well, and it would have been an will agree to accept my hand in marriage.'' "Whurrool Yez are safe thin r cried the easy matter to have swept every vestige of It chanced that this declaration reached the Hibernian, wildly. J There's no bullet around vegetable and animal life from the place ears of Madge, who was on the Cyclone's deck here phwat would crack yer skull, me sunburn-with the deadly gun. But there was an im-listening to the colloquy. She instantly made ed frind." portant fact to consider. reRly: Frank made a quick examination, and was Enid Weston was,_without doubt, confined on Carlos Coleman," sh,e declared, resolutely overjoyed to find that J:'omp'R wound was one the island, and to bombard it, might be at the "You may as well have m> answer once and of little consequencehc;he bullet having grazed sacrifice of her life. Until she was rescued, all. No power on earth"would induce me to the skull, stunning im for 1!moment, and insuch stringent measures could not be adopted. marry you. I loath you !" fl.icting only a slight scalp wound. Frank realized this and abandoned the idea. The villain's face turned livid. "It's a close escape for you, Pomp," declared The question now was how to rescue At "We shall see!' he gritted. "I'll wring_your the young inventor. "I thought I'd lost one this Juncture, and while thus in doubt, a sur-proud heart yet and make you beg Madge of my best friends, for sure.'' prisingincident occurred. Weston. You will yet be glad to accept my "Don' yo' fret, Marse Frank!" cried Pomp. Upon thedrawbridgeqpposite, a man appear-suit.'' De buUet amn't made fo' to kill dis nigger ed .with a white flag. He waved it a moment Then he turned his gaze upon Frank. yet. I'se all right, yo' bet.'' and shouted : "As for you and your electric gun, I defy


14 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. you!" he cried. "You dare not fire upon us the verge of the island, and carefully measured cut it," he declared. a chance it The first bolt may take the life of Enid as well the distance with his eye. struck the rope. What a ata I Y f 11 .. 1 as others. I dare you to execute your threat." It was near the hour of midnight when he "Indeed!" Dr. Vaneyke, h?pe u Y Then in hagrant violation of the truce Coleappeared on the Cyclone's deck ready for ac-don't see why we should as yet t1ouJP :Uit man drew a .I>istol and fired at Frank. The ball tion. for dead. Was not the other en 2 e aria whistled by Frank's head. He instantly dropPomp carried a small arsenal of weapons in very strongly secured to the stump ped flat on the ground. his belt, and was lightly dressed. He held a It was." It was lucky that he did this, for Coleman's long, strong lariat in his hand. Then, if he was able t? stand the shock of a. shot was the signal for a storm of bullets from Accompanied by Frank, Dr. Vaneyke and collision with the opposite and shoul_d the island. They were flattened against the Snyder, he left the Cyclone and walked to the cling to the I he might, perhaps, make h1s steel netting of the Cyclone and did no harm. edge of the chasm. The opposite wall of the way up it saofely." ,. d 1 d F k A wild cry arose from those on board the Cyisland could be only dimly seen. "That is my one hope, ec are ran clone at this treacherous act. A dismal wind was soughing and sighing in Reade, Jr. .. "Oh, Marse Frank am done killed!" cried the canyon. There were drops of rain in the air. Accepting this theory as a strong piotssJbihdty Pomp wildly. At times vivid flashes of lightning rent the all now looked forward hopefully. was eno!" cried the young inventor, still gloom. A storm, possibly a furious tornado, cided, however, to visit bottom opf the keeping his recumbent position. "I am all was threatening. yon at once, and ascertam whether omp right. You need not fear for me. Give the It had been arranged that Barney should, from the lariat or not. d If 't wretches a volley!" upon a given signal, throw the rays of the If he fell, his body must 'be foun I waS( His orders were instantly obeyed. A raking search-light across the gorge. not found, it would be safe to assume that he volley from the Cyclone drove the outlaws Pomp stood upon the verge of the chasm. had gained the island. from their position, and Frank Reade, .A1:., was At a word from Frank, Barney threw the Frank Reade, Jr., and Dr. qemded able to reach the Cyclone's deck. search-light across the chasm. Of course there to visit the canyon's depths. The stformths firtst It had been by nothing short of a miracle was a risk in doing this. fury was over now, and it was safe or em I> that his life was spared. treachery of There was the possibility that a f;Uard might venture out. Coleman was roundly condemned. be upon the other side and see their action. In Accordingly, equipped with rul;>ber garmi ents. Indeed, Frank had determined to prove to such a case the scheme might fail. and well armed, they left the_ Cyclone. t :was. the outlaws that he was master of the situation. In the path of the searcli-light the four men dangerous work.making their way down mtO> He trained the electric guu and sent a bolt were revealed, and also the olack pine stump the canyon. across the cha$m. It struck the nearest draw-on the other side of the gorge. Without a mo-But they finally succeeded, and were reward bridge, and for a instant the air was one sheet ment's hesitation Pomp whirled the latiat overed with a thrilling disappointment. The_storm of flame. ThE! next moment not a vestige his head. had converted the bed of the canyon mto & to be seen of the bridge Its length went flying across the gorge. roaring torrent. The Cyclone was within easy range of the The aim was wonderfully true. The noose set-It was impossible to make w&y through drawbridge upon the other side of the., island. tled down over the stump gracefully and Pomp it, or to learn Pomp's fate. If he had fallen Indeed, outlaws could be seen rushing to this drew the lariat tight. Its hold was firm and into the canyon, his body had been swept away to lower it and escape, for they evidently feared stout. by the torrent. that the young owner of the terrible Cyclone Then the search-light was shut oft' and in "My God!" gasped Frank in horror. "I fear was about to execute his threat and blow them one moment the four men were in darkness. the worst!" from the face of the earth. "Jes_yo' gem men hol' tight on de rope," de"We will not give up hope," said Dr. VanFrank saw the move, and exclaimed: clared Pomp, coolly, "an' I jes' go across dar eyke, grimly. "I'll spoil that little game!" in a jiffy." There was no course but to return to the CyHe trained tbe gun and pressed the electric Frank and the others complied. They grip-clone. But suddenly Dr. Vaney:ke clutched key. The next moment a pathway of flame ped the end of the lariat. Pomyat once stepped Frank's arm. swept across the island. When it ceased in the off the edge Of the canyon wal and began to go "Wait a moment'!" he said. flash of a second, the. second drawbridge was hand over hand across the gorge. What is it?" blown out of sight. So intense was the darkness that he was in"Wait for the next lightning flash. Then The last avenue of escape from the outlaws' stantly lost to sight. But they knew that he right above us you will see a tall pine tree grow stronghold was destroyed. They seemed now was on the lariat by th,e vibration and weight. ing out over the edge of the can'yon." wholly at Frank Reade, Jr.'s mercy. The scheme seemed likely to be a success. "I see it," said Frank, as a flasii lit up the In one sense this was true. In another they Frank Reade, Jr., experienced a thrill of tri-sky above. What of it 1" were practically safe. umph. I "I have an idea. That tree must be all of Having cut them oft' from escape from the But at that moment a feat:ful incident trans-eighty feet high. The chasm here is nqt over six island, Fr111nk was satisfied. He did .not at-pi red. The action of the four had been seen on ty feet wide, If we should lop off that tree at the tempt the further destruction of their strong-the other side. The darkness was broken by a trunk and let it fall across the, we would hold for the very good reason that it would envivid flash; the report of a rifle smote upon the have a good bridge. It is not likely that many danger the life of the young girl whose life it murky air. of the outlaws will be abroad to-night. They was his purpose to save. Some one upon the island had fired the shot. will not be looking for an attack from us and He now had the enemy completely besieged. By a strange act of fate, the lariat parted, and we can surprise them. At least, we can learn It would be an easy matter to starve them into Pomp's body -went hurtling down through if Pomp is safe or not." surrender. space. Frank R.eade, Jr., wassilentamoment. Then But again the case of little Enid was considhe exclaimed: ered. She must necessarily suffer herself. "Vaneyke, I believe you are right! That is Frank knew well the feelings of Madge upon CHAPTER XVIII. a capital plan. We can work safely undercover the subject, and he resolved to attempt the ACROSS THE CANYON of the storm." rescue of the captive child in another way. "I think so." Accordingly, he called Barney and Pomp into FRANK READE, JR., and his companions were "Let us try it.'' the cabin. hurled backwards with the suddenness of the Back to the Cyclone they now went with all He had much faith in the sagacity and lariat's breaking. Like a flash, a correct real-haste. Matters were explained to the others shrewdness of both these faithful servitors. At ization dawned upon the yqung inventor. and plans were fully ela:borated. once he laid the matter clearly and concisely be-He was overwhelmed with horror as he Then work was begun. With axes Barney fore them. thought of Pomp dead and mangled at the bot-and Snyder assailed the tree. Soon the mighty "Nowhwhat do you think of it?" he asked. tom of the gorge. monarch began to bend and then with a crash it "Do eit er of you know a good plan to res-Yet, he did not lose his presence of mind, toppled over. cue the girl 'I'' and shouted to Barney: The judgment of the choppers proved excel" Begorra, av I had a balloon I'd go over "Throw on the search-light! Quick!" lent . The tree was stretched across the gorge, moighty quick," cr1ed Barney. "Troth, it's ln an instant the fa-ithful Irishman forming an excellent bridge. only the question of crossin' the bloody deep the command. The lighli"fiooded the gorge, ut To cross it was the next move. chasm." no sign of the darky or the outlaw who ad The storm still raged through the hills. The "Huh!" grunted Pomp. "I'se done got a fired the fatal was seen. rain fell in torrents. There was no sign of life bettah plan dan dat." At that instant, with a fearful, thunderous from the island, and thus far all plans had work" Pwhat does yez say, naygur?" cried Barney, roar, the tornado, long threatening, broke ed admirably. incredulously. "P'ra'ps ye'll eloocidate it thin, through the gorge. The air was filled with flyAll now armed themselves. Madge alone was me foin birrud ?" ing debris, rain and sand, and the thunder left aboard the Cyclone. Frank explained to "I reckon I kin do dat, retorted Pomp. pealed the mountain crags with fright-her as a precaution some of the mechanism of "Jes' yo' let me take dat trick, Marse Frank, ful force. Its fury was beyond description. the Cyclone and also gave directions in regard I'll do it fo' suah." Human beings, in their exposed position, to the search-light, and a series of signals "Whurrool not' so fast, naygurl" cried Barney. could hardly expect to withstand its force, so The brave girl made reply: "It's me flrsht whack." E'rank led the way quickly to the Cyclone. "The foe will never capture the Cyclone as "I done leabe it to Marse Frank." Barney met them, with loud lamentations long as I can keep up strength to defend it "Begorra, oi'll do that." for Pomp's fate. Do not fear for me." "Well," said Frank, with sudden resolution. "Och, it was a black skin he had, but a thrue Barney led the way across the improvised "Suppose you try your plan .first, Porn!?,. Then heart!" he cried, in a wailing TOice. "Oi shall bridge. if it d.oes not work, Barney can try his. miss him loike me own brother!" The others followed one by one They asThus the matter was settled. Barney, of The breaking of the lariat had been a mystery sembled in a dense thicket and Reade course, envied Pomp the preference. But he to Frank at the time. But he had the end of it Jr., now assumed command made no demur to Frank's ruling. in his hand when he reached the Cyclone, and It was decided to push with as much The plucky darky went to work. in a cool he now examined it. rapidity and caution as possible to the center manner to carry out his plans. Whl'le in Mex-The lariat had been cut, not ten feet from the of the canyon isle where the was ico, some years previous, he had learned well the verge of the canyon wall. The cut was neat and supposed to be. trick of throwing the lariat. clean, like that of a knife. But Frank discov-Indian strategy was to be em lo ed and no Indeed there few more proficient in the art. ered a bit of lead in the fiber. This settled all open attack was to be made in of 'the out-He waited the coming of darkness. Previous doubt at once. laws' superior force to this he had located the stump of a pine upon "It was the bullet fired from the island that Thill was a daring "move, thus invading the


Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 15 foes' territory with only a precarious bridge as "Jes' all ob yo' foiler me, but yo' must be dref a means of retreat. But under Frank Reade, ful careful like." CHAPTER XX. Jr's., direction the little party pressed on. The darky now led the way through the CAPTURED. In the dense thickets ludicrous situations dense undergrowth. After a time, however, THE incidents which followed came in rapid were enc

16 FRA.NK REA.DE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. "Then, we are lost!" cutting out for himself. But as fate had it,[returned from the other side, and j!e that The sounds of pursuit could be heard. in thei_r Frank Reade, Jr., was the unlucky one of the you came a?rosMs a rear. To cross the chasm was a tlat 1mposs1-quartette. had left Miss a ge ti bility. It )Vas a species of trap and their fate He struck into the woods at an angle from the Cyclone pall?-s g.;;t 0 your eeemed sealed. the direction in which he believed the foe were retreat by tumblmg e ree m e canl_'on, In daylight it might have been possible to incoming. But in the darkness, in some manner, afte r he had crossed himself. He had aust vent a temporary way of bridging the abyss. he strangely misjudged tbe direction and almost reached camp when1 ife 1,"!Vas soun ed. But the time was now too brief and the dark-before he was aware of it dark forms were What a clever trap a, a, a ness too intense. swarming about him. ---Barney and Pomp had heard the declaration, He made a determined resistance, but the odds CHAPTER XXI. "ut did not evince fear. were too great and he was thrown to the ground TLA w's TRICK "We's gwine to die hard Marse Frank," de and bound. The light of a lantern was THE ou . the brave negro. "it we's got to fight flashed in his face, and witli a wild yell one of THE outlaw's mockmg, sardomc laugh Jarred 11e kin jes' show dem po' white trash what we's the outlaws cried: harshly upon :!frank's Too he saw !Ood fo'." "By Jupiter! luck is with us boys. This the folly of their move m visitmg the Island .. "Begorra, that.'s so," agreed Barney. is the old bird. We're in great foronce." Their movements had peen spotted by "My brave fellows," said the young inventor Frank Reade, Jr., looked up into the triumph-one of the outlaws. Th1s explamed the removal Pomp started the Cyclone in the direction of the scene of action. In a few moments it was speeding to the rescue. At sight of it the savc.ges, with wild yells, :fled. A few shots were bestowed upon them, and then Frank Reade, Jr., and Barney rushed out of tneir place of security, and came a"Qoard. "\'ith feeling. "I have no of yc;mrlant features of Carlos Coleman himself. The of the temporary bridge over the chasm. Alto s mc!lrity your bravery. But !tWill young inventor's heart sank, though he betray-gethe r it was an unfortunate affair. ply Impossible for us to hope for victory agamst ed no fear. But the climax was capped when the villain such odds." This was all that Coleman said at the time. Coleman continued: "What shall we dof' asked Dr. Vaneyke. The quest for the others was continued, but, "You have delivered the game right into my "We must make action of some sort." after a time, Black Carlos, with half a score of hands, my dear Mr. Reade. How easy it will An inspiration seized Frank Reade, Jr. his men, be now for me tn go over and seize the Cyclone. "There is but one plan which we can safely "Scour the island, and capture every dog of Tha t I shall do this very night. Of course your adopt," he declare d. "And that is to separate. them!" he cried, "This is the companions on this i sland cannot get otl'. I Ea<)h man take a different direction. Thm will time you ran your neck mto a pr\)tty t'rap, Mr. shall hunt them down at my leisure. I may puzzle the enemy can perhaps find some ;Frank Reade, Jr. You will not escape so easi-safely tell you now that there is a secret way of way of g etting back to the Cyclone. We canly as beforel" leaving the island which is known only to my not be so easify captured at all events." "I am certainly your prisoner," declared self. I shall go over and t,ake charge of the That i s correct," Dr. Vaneyke. "It Frank, wonderful Cyclone and the fair Madge this 1s our best plan. Wnat say you, Pomp and "How m the name of Satan d1d you ever get moment. She shall become my bride perforce, BarneyT' onto this island 1" cried the outlaw chief. and you shall teach me the workings of the "I jes' does what Marse Frank says," declar"Moreover, where have you )eft your wonder-Cyclone so that I can take my bridal tour on e d Pomp. ful Cyclone1" board it. Ha ha, hal What a lucky dog I ami 1Be jabershthat's me," Barney. "Those are questions which I am not bound How 'kind of you to play the game into my "Then lett at be the order," cried Frank. to answer," replied Frank. hands this vrayl" "Get back to the Cyclone the quickest way now "Indeed!" sneered Coleman. "It matters Every word uttered by the wretch Frank -separate all." little to me whether you do or not. I have just Reade, Jr., knew was to him a knell of doom. Tlie word was given and obeyed. The next learned the full particulars of your cleverly-Never in his life had he felt I!IO utterly dis moment the spot was deserted and each was planned invasion. One of our spies has just heartened as at this moment.


Part I. FRANK READE JR. '8 ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. 17 He deigned no reply to the taunting words of\ of it Jim Brown chanced to by the door and into the fire. And Frank felt with desP.air Coleman. The latter turned and gave orders saw it open. He went in an found the house h1s utter powerlessness to prevent the workmg to his men, who proceeded to lead !!'rank away em])ty." of fate. through the woods. "When was this 'I'' He had but a faint ray of hope. Would In a short while they came once more in sight "About half an hour after you left with the Madge stand her ground on board the Cyclone 1 of the fires of the camp. A few moments later gang." If she did Frank felt sure that even single-they were upon the small plateau. "Who was on guard!" handed could hold the foe at bay. Then Coleman, who was in the lead, gave an "Mike lileely," was the reply. 1 d t her the manexclamation of surprise. The cause of this was "Where is he now!" roared Coleman. I He had Cl!-refully exp a me . About the door of the cabin which want to see him explain this thing." ner of cbargmg the. steel hull With. electnmty, and even tbe workm of the electriC un. As ha been En1d s pnson, a number of men were By way of one. of the ontlaws lifted the he thought of this felt renewe!hope gathered. flap of a tarpaulin wh1ch lay upon the ground. . The door was wide open and an oath was The dead face of the guard was seen under it, But Carlos Coleman was a v1llam. ?e upon Coleman's lips as he rushed up to the spot. with a livid ga.qh across the temple. that 1t was not only .but qu1te "What's all this 1' he cried savagely. "What's "Treachery!" yelled Coleman. "Who bas certam that Madge was .posted m th1s :t;espect. up! Speak somebody." done this thine:! Ah! I see how 'it was done." He had, therefore, dec1ded UIJOn 3: different One of the outlaws ventured to say: The outlaw chief drew himself up, and turn move. Strategy was the agent wh1ch he deMadge just caugllt a glimpse of Frank's cap and ja,cket and suspected nothing. But the moment the door swung OPfiD strong hands seized her wrists, and she was face to face with her mortal foe. "She's ffOne, sir." ing to Frank Reade, Jr., with malevolent face, termined to employ. A cunning scheme had "Gone!' thundered the outlaw chief. "What he rejoined: entered his brain. do you say! Tell me the truth or I'll have you "Your crew may have succeeded in getting While Frank Reade, Jr., was engaged in quartered." the girl, and they did well. But I shall soon rumination in his prison chamber, the door "The gal, cap'en:!'' replied the trembling have Madge in my power. That will effect suddenly opened, and Black Carlos and two spokesman. "She is gone!" the score, so the triumph is mine all. You men came in. The oaths which rolled from the lips of Black and your gang have overreached, my famous "Well, Mr. Reade!" he said, with mock Carlos were hardly picturesque. They were inventor. Ha, hal this is my day!" suavity," I've come to ask a favor of yo u. I vile and horrible. Turning to his men with an authoritative want to borrow your hat and coat for a little 1 He rushed into the cabin. The truth was begesture, he said: while." 1 fore him. Enid Weston was gone. For a mo "Put the prisoner in there and guard him As he said this the outlaw took from Frank's ment he was a madman. well. ,If he is allowed to escape I'll have you all head the natty blue naval cap which he usually Frank Reade, Jr., saw and understpod all: In hung. wore. Then the young inventor was compelled that moment he gave Duncan Snyder credit Frank Reade, Jr., was pushed into the hut to give up his handsome double-breasted reefer. for more shrewdness than he had been inclined, and the door closed after him. Left to his own Black Carlos donned these. to hitherto. reflection in the darkness, the young inventor's With sinking hea:rt Frank realized the vii "How did she escape, you blockheads 1" thunthoughts were of a thrilling sort. lain's purpose. He felt at that moment that all dered Coleman, as he emerged from the cabin. It had been cheeripg news to know that Snywas lost. Where is the guard 1 By heavens, he shall der had rescued Enid. ''What do you think of me, for a big inventor pay for this with his life!" The object of the expedition had been accom and captain of the Cyclone 1" cried the ruffian, The villain's langua!Se and manner was terri plished, but at what a costt With Madge in with a jeering laugh. "Won't! pass for Frank fying. But one of tne outlaws ventured to the power of Coleman, though Enid was set Reade, Jr. t" reP.Iy: free, what was gained 1 Then he left the but. Frank gave up all hope 'If ye please, cap'en, the first thing we knew It seemed literally a case of from the frying in that moment. Black Carlos, upon leaving I


18 :FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part r. the prison hut called for a horse. It was pro"Curse my stupidity!" he gritted. "I ought and triumphant accents. "The tables have cured and mounted men accompanied him. to have known better nor that. S'posen I had turned within a few hours. Who is top of the Striking into a path he rode toward the upper smashed the thing! I'd. fouled my own heap now1" end of the island. Suddenly pushing through nest. I'm a condemned tdJtt. Frank gazed coolly and calmly at the vtllam. some trees he reached the base of a little hilWith this conclusion he sprung again to the "Well, you seem to have the best of it just lock In the side of this was a black hole yawn-deck. Madge was held in charge by the two now,'' he admitted, quietly. ing outlaws. Coleman's face lit up with a fiendish ''I should say so. Let me enumerate. The It was the mouth of a large cave treading as he went up to the young girl. girl I have sworn shall be my wife is in my downward 'With a torch one of the outlaws Aha, my beauty!" he cried, exultantly. power. You are my prisoner, and your famous led the through winding passages _until "What do you think of tryh_lg to b_eat Cat:los C:rclone is mine by right of. conquest. Your. suddenly they emerged again into open atr. Coleman Thought ye d:td a brtght,thtJlg ft:tends are at my mercy, and, w short, I am the If it had been daylight it would have been when ye got this young chip of an invenwr to vtctor." easy enough to see that the cave came out into chase me over the plains with his Electric Cy-"That is all very true,'' agreed Frank. thecanyonfarbelow. Itwasawonderfulfreak clone,didn'tye? ButyeseeNoMan'sLandi,s "If I were to follow the dictates of pruof nature, and was the secret means of exit and my native soil, an' when ye try to beat a man dence," continued Coleman, "I should l:iave entrance to their stronghold used by the out-in his own dooryard, Ws ten to one ye'll get so1 slippery a fellow as you shot at twenty laws. beat." paces. But I have decided tospare yo\lr life on Reaching the canyon bed the outlaw chief led Madge gazed coldly and unflinchingly at the one condition." the way at a gallC\1). Soon they.passed out of villain. "What is thatf' asked Frank. the canyon and up the mountain side. At "The end is not yet," was her firm and un"That you will teach me the secret of runlengtl:l he drew his horse up. daunted reply. ning the Qyclone." "Walt here," was all he said to his com pan"Now ye're right there, puss," continued Frank Reade, Jr.'s mind was actively at ions, and dismounting strode away. A moment coarsely. "But the is work, A most daring plan was uppermost in later he came out upon the brow of the canyon mine ann I mean to make use of it. Ltsten! his wall, and the Cyclone was before him, the elec-You refused my offer of marriage and fairly in"Very well," he made reply. "On condition tric search-light flooding the canyon. suited me. I swear to have revenge. More, I that you spare my life I will show you how to Boldly the outlaw chief went up to the gang-swear to bring you to terms. It begins to look operate the Cyclone.'' way steps. A female figure was back of the as if I was a winner." steel-woven door, and Madge, for she it was, "Frank Reade, Jr., is on my side and you CHAPTER XXIII. hailed him. cannot defeat him," Madge retorted. "Who comes there f' "He is already defeated,'' Coleman. A STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE. "Frank Reade, Jr., replied Colei:nan r imita"He is a prisoner in my stronghold. At a ITwas a daring act indeed' which Duncan ting Fran_k's voice. the door, Madge." word from me his life will go out like Snyder, the detective;-Itad J:?ade in effecting Madge JUSt caught a glimpse of Frank's cap a candle." the rescue ,of Enid Weston m the manner he and jacket and suspected nothing. Bu't the "A prisoper ?" gasved Madge, with a wail of did. moment the door SWJing open strong hands despair. "Then allts lost!" There was no little risk in attacking the seized her wrists, and she was face to face with "That's the size of it," chuckled Coleman. guard in the very heart of the outlaw's strong her mortal foe. "But ye needn't be afraid. I don't intend to hold, but he was successful in vanquishing kill him. I have uses for him. lf he agrees to him. CHAPTER XXII. teachme how to run the Cyclone I shall spare When he so suddenly burst in upon the girl his life.'' prisoner she was at first alarmed. But in a COLEMAN's HOUR OF TRIUMPH. A low moan was Madge's only answer. few brief seconds Snyder had allayed her fears' THE sensations of Madge Weston cannot be "With the Cyclone in my possessiOn," saiD. by explaining his purpose and identity. aepicted in words. She gave utterance to a Coleman, modulating his voice, "I shall be This was the first time that he had ever seen wild cry of horror, and tried to wrest herself a power on the plains. Things have changed, Enid Weston, but the light was dim he from the griv of her foe. Madge, and I think you would do well to con-beheld a slight, child-like form, and a sweet "My God! It is Carlos Coleman!" she shrieked. sider my old proposition of marriage. Only face, wonderfully mature ror a girl of her years. "Treachery! Help! Help!" think, we could live like king and queen with Yet Enid was not of that wondrous mold of But who was there to help bed the Cyclone for our palace. Think of it." beauty possessed by her sister Madge. At a whistle from Coleman, th_ e two com pan-Madge recoiled ,as ,if from a poisonous ser"Oh, I am so glad that you have come to-ions of his were upon the spot instantly. pent. rescue me," Enid cried, clingmg to his side. "I "Bind her!" he cried, with insane triumph. "Don:t dare to insult me with such a pro-shall be so happy to get away from this awful "My fine bird, fate ,l'le.s given you into my ppsal again, Carlos Coleman!" she cried, with place, and to see dear Madge once m bring Frank "Ah! That I cannot tell. My eyes were conquest this is! Eh, boys, we have now a fine Reade, Jr., with you. I will a :wait reblindfolded;" on wheels. All mine! ha, ha, hal all turn." "Do you that you crossea a mine!" The two outlaws proceeded to obey their asked Sntder, eagerly. Leaving Madge in the care of his compan-chief's command. Coleman shut the steel "No. think that we were for a lonll: while ions, the outlaw chief sprang -down into the door after them, and then proceeded to make in a cavern. I could hear the horses' hoof beats Cyclone's cabin. He was spellbound with the himself at home on board the Cyclone:Until they echoing hollow and deep as if we were under-neatness and elegance of its furnishings. should return. ground. But I could see nothing.'' In the engine-room he beheld the brightly Madge was placed upon the horse rode by "I will wager my life,'' muttered Snyder. polished work of the electric engines and saw Coleman, and, a captive between the two out-slapping his llands together, "that there is a. what a marvel of skill and fine workmanship laws, she was transported by means of the cav-secret passage or way of leaving the island. I the Cyclone really was. ern to the canyon island, and securely confined must find it.'' He was elated beyond measure with the con-in the hut where Enid had been kept a pris-These words bad been hurriedly exchanged sciousness that the wonderful Cyclone was oner. in the hut, just after Snyder's entrance. Enid really in his possession. Frank Reade, Jr., was at the moment a pris-was now ready to accompany him. "With this machine I can become the terror oner in the other part of the hut. He did pot The detective, with the young girl by his of the plains!" he cried, triumphantly. N oth-know of Madge's cal?ture, nor that. the Cyclone side, glided out into the open air. The body of ing shall bar my progress. I will invade had been taken, unttl a file of the outlaws en-the lay near and they passed by it. Mexico, and bring the nchest cities there to tered and requested him to accompany them. Emdgave a little shiver, but regained her terms, for with the terrib,le elec .tric gun I can Wondering where he was to be taken,' Frank spirits as they gained the cover of the shrub-sweep an army out of existence." suffered himself to be led out and placed upon bery near. In a few moments they were safe With some curiosity he began to examine the back of a horse. In the midst of t)le guard among the trees. the electric engines. Inadvertently, he chanced of ten men he was taken through the under-Snyder kept on at random, only pausing to place his hand upon a small metal disc. It ground passage into the canyon. t!o'rest once in awhile. He knew that he was chanced that this was one of the heavily From thence he was taken to the cliff, and, confronted with a tough problem, and was en charged indicators, and the result was terrific. to his surprise, saw that he was t'o be taken to deavoring hard to work it out. The k:ick of a horse furnishes no comparison the Cyclone, which was now in sight. A chill If he did not leave the canyon island that to the manner in which Coleman was hurled of apprehension seized him. night there was no doubt but that he would beacross the room. Stunned, he picked himself "What I Has Coleman captured the Cyrecaptured by the outlaws. Yet there seemed np. clone 1" he asked of the outlaw nearest him. no way of leaving the elevated islet. Every vein in his body tingled with the "'fhat is a fact, stranger," was the reply, To descend its steep sides was out of the ques-awful current, and there wa's a stinging burn Frank was almost overcome with horror. ti.on. There was no bridge. Snyder had in the palm of his hand. His fear that it. would become Coleman's pur-thought of reaching the verge in sight of the It was a sheer wonder that he had not been pose to destroy the Cyclon_e was, however, Cyclone and of signaling to those on board. illiltantly killed. It was a narrow escape. speedily dissipated. / But in the darkness he was at a loss to know The outlaw's first impulstl was that of anger. It required quite' a length of time to bring what direction to take. He seized a heavy hammer and made a crush-Frank Reade, Jr., from the canyon island, and The position was a most dubious one, and it ing blow at the disc. But the disc was of it was broad daylight when finally the party was only by the merest chance that he discov-stanchest steel and, fortunately, did not break. reached the cliff. ered a way out of the difficulty. To the contrary, the hammer was hurled Coleman was seen on the Cyclone's 'deck. By good luck he struck into an obscure path :lrom Coleman's he was tumface was the mirror of evil exultation and follow_ed it blindly, It was really the path bled end over end. This ttme the VIllam arose trmmph as he greeted Frank Reade, Jr., who whrch led mto the cavern and very quickly the to his feet trembling with rage, but somewhat was brought aboard the Cyclone. detective walked directly' into it. cooler. Ha, my line inventor!" he cried, in mocking Scarcely knowing where he was, or whether


Part L FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. 19 it would be we to go further or oot, Snyder lit us all to git hack to the Cyclone the best way seated upon a bench made of plates of steel and a match. A dey fagot lay upon the ground. It we Arrah! that's obey in orders. It's a which was an adjunct to the steel netting. chanced to be redolent with pitch, and, lighting safe bet that he's back there hisself long afore They were enl>aged busily in conversation. it, Snyder had a most admirable toreh. this toime." Frank smiled grimly. The glare of the tor$ i.lluminated the roof of "Barney is right," agreed Dr. Vaneyke. "If He made a pretense of ecuring an article at the cavern, and the detective saw th.U it tended we go exploring around again we will be apt to the pilot-house door. Quick as a 1 1ash, he had downward. He was thriUed with a wild hope. fall into-the hands of the enemy." connected a small wire with one of the sup" You feel quite positive be asked, "That's roightl" cried Barney. porting rods of the netting which connected "that yon were brought here through a cav-Pomp yielded beneath this pressure. But the with the steel bench. question now arose as to how they were to get "Now, sir, he said to Coleman, as he placed "Yes, sir,'' repfied the young girl, readily. off the island. It was a problem speedily sethis hand upon a small grip lever near the wheel, "I may be mistaken. though:' tied. "I will snow you how to stop the Cyclone. "I believe you are right," cried Snyd.el-, ex-Pomp foreseeing such an exigency as this had Place your hand upon this grip and turn it .ultantly. "And also that we have found the taken care to provide himself with another It will take strength." secret avenue of exit from the robbers' stong-good lariat before leaving the Cyclone. Tbis Frank removed his grasp. The outlaw could hold. We are in luck." now came into gqod play. suspect for Frank had just handled Oh, that is good luck!" cried Enid. The darky adroitly made a cast and secured the grip lever himself. He did not see that the "At least we will explore this cavern for a the noose about a crag on the opposite side of famous inventor's other hand was near a small ways. One thing is certain. There is a well the gorge. Then securing the end in his hand push-button. beaten path which leads into it. It is used foi' to a tree, he proceeded to cross his improvised Coleman took hold of the grip and tried to some purpose." bridge with agility. turn it. It would not yield. A hushed exclamation escaped Emd. She The others followed and bad just effected the This was Frank's chance. clung to the detective's arm. crossing when chancing to gaze down the "You have a weak wrist," he said, coolly. "Oh, somebody is coniin"'," she whispered. mountain side Dr. Vaneyke had seen Snyder "Take both hands." -"Where?" and Enid. "I ought to have a stronger grip than you," l "From up the path." "By the planets!'' he gasped. "There's the growled the outlaw!. The detective now heard the sounds of some detective, and he has tne girl with him." I With a curse, placed both hands upon the one approaching just as Enid had. It sou.o.ded This brought a cheer fwm Pomp and;Barney. grip lever. Frank Reade, Jr.'s moment had like the beating of horses' hoofs. There was no In a few moments Snyder and E:( had joined come. time to lose. them. Quick as a flash, he pushed down the electric Snyder cruRhed the blazing torch beneath his Experiences were hastily exchanged and outton. With a convulsion, the villain leaped feet until every spark was extinguisb'ed. Then then the one query was raised: in the air, and tried to remove his hands from he drew Enid quickly into the shadows near "What of Frank Reade, Jr. 1" the lever. But he was held as by a hundred and waited with bated breath. "Don't worry about him," said pr. Vaneyke, giants. Nearer came the sounds of horses' hoofs beat-' positively. He is likely on board the Cyclone Too late he saw the trick. Curses, shrieks ing upon the dry ground. Then along the path now.'' and yells of pain poured from his lips. Then a and into the cavern galloped three men, "I don't see how Marse Frank gwine tO' him. It was too dark to distinguish their faces, but to git dar,'' demurred Pomp. "Pierre, Miguel Juan, help!" he yelled to Snyder felt sure that they were of the outlaw "He'd get there," asserted the doctor. "If he his men on. the deck. ''Quick! kill the devilish band. had to invent wings he'd get across that gorge wizard!'' Soon the sounds of their horses' feet died out where we couldn't." But Frank Jr., had belm p:repared for in the cavern depths. Thedetectivewas thrill"Then, Jet us go on to the Cyclone," cried this. The very instant that he had charged ed with the force of a joyous conviction. Snyder. the grip lever, he had touched another button, He felt sure now that he had discovered the With inspiration the others followed. It was and the fearful force of the dynamos was underground exit. not a long climb now and soon they were at thrown into the steel rod connecting with the He pictured the triumph over Coleman's rnar.he summit. seat upon which the outlaws sat. licious scheming. He made, no doubt, that the Now they had reached a point from which 'rhe result was terrific. others had safely crossed on the fallen tree to they should be able to view tile Cyclone. There Every one of them was stunned into insensi the Cyclone. It would be an easy matter for was the spot as all were willing to swear. bility, and, hurled from the bench, lay like a l1im to find his way to the Cyclone with Enid. But the Cyclone was gone. pile of corpses upon the d._!Jck. It seemed to Snyder like a glorious victory. For a moment the startled quartette of men They were qUite unable to go to the aid of But how deceived he really was, time was to stood and gazed blankly at each other. What their chief. Frank Reade, Jr., was once more I tell. did it mean 'I All experienced a dread con vic-the victor. i Hurrah, Enid!'' he cried, after the three tion that something was wrong and that harm But the young inventor did not pause to ex outlaws had passed. "We are sure of escape had come to Frank Reade, Jr. Otherwise, he ult over his triumph. He hastily shut the cur-now. Let us lose no iimel'' would certainly have kept his part of the ar-rent from the netting, and then opened the "Oh, I .11m so glad!" cried Enid. rangement. door in the netting. "In a ver:y short time we shall be aboard the The Cyclone had been. brought to a stop. Cyclone, and safe from any harm that Carlos Frank hastily dragged each one of the uncon Coleman can do you or your sister Madge." CHAPTER XXIV. scions outlaws to the door and dropped them With this, Snyder again lit his torch, and THE FOE OUTWITTED unceremoniously out upon the hard prairie. they started to traverse the cavern. As thex Then he closed the door and went back to went on, it kept trending downward, until FRANK READE, JR., had a daring purpose in the engine' room. He picked up a rope andre after a time they came out at the bottom of the view when he promised Coleman that he would turned to the pilot-house. canyon. show him how to operate the Cyclone. "I I cave!" yelled the ago;nized Daylight was dawning in the East, when "I will spare your life," the outlaw declared, Coleman. Only take my hands off this cursed after an arduous climb over rough bowlders, "if you wil do that.'' thing. I shall die! I shall die!" they at length emerged from the gorge, and "Then the bargain is made," declared Frank, "Oh, I guess not," said Frank, ironically, as Snyder saw the steep side of the mountain be-quietly. Untie my hands." he bound the villain's wrists. Then he shut off fore him. Coleman drew his hunting knife and cut the the current. Released from the electric grip. He knew that another hour's hard climb thongs. Then he turned to the ten men who Coleman sank exhausted to the floor. must bring them to the spot where they had were with him and said: Frank, believing his prisoner hors du combat left the Cyclone. The detective had no doubt Now, men, stand in readiness to answer sprung to the wheel. The Cyclone was started but that it was there yet, and that all were when I call you;" to Frank Reade, Jr.," at the on the return to the mountain, and Frank was anxiously awaiting his coming. first sign of treachery you are a dead man. regulating the wheel when a startling turning Enid bad 'not as yet complained of any exSee 1" of tables occurred. haustion. Her joy at gaining her freedom, and Coleman held a revolver in his hand. The With his back turned to Coleman, he did not the prospect of seeing her sister Madge, buoyed young inventor smiled ironical![ and said: see that the villain had in some manner quick-her up wonderfully. "That's all right. If you wi! come below, I ly loosed the rope about his wrists. Snyder assisted her over the hard places, and will show you what I can of the machinery." He bad no warning until with a tigerish cry, they chatted gayly as they went on. Entering the engine-room, Frank, an unobColeman leaped upon him and bore him to the A great surprise was in store for them, howserved moment, started the dynamoJI. Then he floor. As tbey fell, the outlaw's fingers;gripped ever. sprang to the wheel and the Cyclone began to Frank's wind-pipe. / Suddenly Snyder heard a sharp cry above glide smoothly away. "Curse yel it's your life I'll have this time," hiJP.. He up and saw three men waving Frank set his course down the same path by gritted the brute with murderous intent. their arms exmtedly. which he had come. When the base of the __ They stood upon a spur of rock, and it did mountain was reached was a level strip p.ot t:equire a second glance for Snyder to re-across the valley and here the young inventor CHAPTER XXV. togmze them as Pomp, Barney and Dr. Van-let the Cyclone ONCE MORE UNITED eyke. 'l.'he outlaw's hair almost stood on end as the We left the three adventurers in rather a Cyclone raced over the plain. FRANK READE, JR., had no time whatever to perilous predicament. After separating vyhen "Whew!" he gasped. "This beats anything prepare for the unexpected onslaught of Cole pursued by the outlaws, as advised by Frank I ever experienced. Why you can beat a rail-man. Consequently the outlaw had a great Reade, Jr., they had wandered about in the road train.'' advantage in the first of the struggle. underbrush for hours, and finally by a remark"Easily,"'replied Frank, quietly. "So you But the grer..t inventor knew that his life was able coincidence all met at a point near the like the Cyc_Jone, eh in the balance, and made a mighty effort to verge of the canyon. "She's a dandy," cried the villain, exultantly. overcome his foe's grasp. 1 Of course they did not know of Frank's cap"Now show me how I can work her myself.'' Over and over tl:iey rolled upon the floor of ture by the outlaws. A discussion was held Its Frank proceeded to describe but not accur-the pilot-h 'ouse. to the best move to make. ately by any means the mechanism of the Oy.All this while the was flying across Pomp was in favor of searching for Frank, clone. the plain with no guiding hand at the wheel. Reade, Jr., but Barney demurred. But all the while his brain was busy. If it had not fortunately been a clear level "Begorra, lave Misther Frank alone for git-'rhrough the glass windows of the pilot-house1course the result might have been disastrous in tin' off the island!" he cried. "Didn't. be tell he saw the outlaws on the deck, All were now,the extreme ..


20 FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. Part I. As it was, the C_yclone was joy went up from the lips of all. They broke those on board the Cyclone were 1earing the moun tam wall and a colhswn, mto a run toward the Cyclone. petrified w1th horror. JVhich would demolish the machine would cer-Frank saw that they were in imminent dan"De debbil!" gasped Pomp. "We's gone for ;ainly ensue if immediate steps were not taken ger of being shot down by their pursuers, so-he now." iO check the engines. stepped into the forward cabin and trained the "We are lost!" groaned Dr. Vaneyke. Frank Reade, Jr. was well aware of this electric gun up the mountain side. The others could not speak. But Frank \hreatened peril, and he therefore exerted his 'The result was terrific. The electric bolt Reade, Jr., made sudden and determined ac.ltmost strength to terminate the contest. struck the mountain a hundred yards in ad-tion. But Coleman had got a grip which he could vance of the outlaws. He sprung-to the forward cabin and into the not break, and the famous inventor was con-Frank did not intend to kill them. He gun chamber. In an instant he had sighted strained appeal to the good sense. merely desired to give them a fright and he the ele<:tric g;un and discharged it. "Give m, Coleman," he sa1d, sternly. "Both succeeded. The hghtnmg bolt met the oncommg land-of our lives are in danger. 1'he Cyclone is For a moment therle was a tornado of flying slide. For a moment the air was filled for a running wild!" earth, stones and debris in that vicinity. When hundred feet in height with flying stones, earth "Let her ri:p!" the outlaw, savagely. the air had cleared the outlaws could be seen and shattered trees. Again the young in" I can stand 1t if you can." far up the mountain side running for their ventor fired an electric bolt at the same spot "You might as well yield," declared Frank, lives. and again. "for it will avail you nothing to overcome me. The next moment the Cyclone's party reach-It was dernier ressort, the only chance You could not stop the 'Cyclone, and we shall ed the gangway where ]'rank Reade, Jr., met for salvation. ( dash into the mountain with such force as to them. Frank had calculated rightly upon the effect kill us both." It was a scene of joy and triumph and none of the shots. Striking the oncoming mass the But Coleman was reckless and only replied were more elated than Snyder, the detective. electric bolts had piled up a heap of debris with a jeering laugh. He had indeed effected the rescue of Enid which towered fifty feet m from the "That trick won't work. Frank Reade, Jr., Weston, but now the question was asked: mountain side, and this obstructiOn split the you are crafty, but you caJ\t fool me. I mean "Where is Madge 1" landslide. to make yo u illY' prisoner 'lLgaln. You will be Frank Reade was the onl:y one who could an-To the right and left flowed the mighty sea glad to stop the Cyclone to save your own life." swer the query. He was qmte sure that Madge of earth, and stones, but the barrier raised by Frank saw that it was of no use to argue had been taken to the outlaw's stronghold on the electric bolts stood firm. with the fellow, so he renewed the contest, the canyon island. This was a dampening re-To be sure the Cyclone was hub deep in loose bending every energy to win. flection. dirt, but this did no m11terial injury. Only the Fortune favored the great inventor. By a The spirits of all were in a sensible degree incalculable force of the awful electric light mere chance he gained a foothold on the doordeRressed with this conclusion. ning bolts bad saved the day. It looked like sill, and bracing himself against the frame, he Well," said Dr. Yaneyke, sententiously the mighty work of a Jove more than the ac was enabled to break Coleman's deadly grip. I cannot ee then that we have any complishment of human power. 'f)le contest speedily assumed a different as-whatever for congratulating our:;el ves. We In a less space of time than one would reckon pee't. havE! merely transferred from the frying UJ>

Part I. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLONE. 2 1 lip, na.ygur," threatened Barney, with a show finally said. "He merely wishes you to sparelclared, grimly. "On to the canJ:on Pomp. of pugnacity. "I don't allow anny such misfit his men. He will likely di e himself." We will rescue Madge now or sacnfic e t h e C y ba.boons as yez to insoolt me." "Very well," rejoined Frank. "Convey to clone." "Huh I Yo' can't hurt noboddy. I ain' 'fraid him the intimation that I am in haste and tha t The famous inventor's orders were m stantly ob yo''rl'ish. Yo' am de po'est bit ob white the young lady must be delivered up immedi obeyed. The Cyclone quickly ran back t o the trash eber did know. Yo' better go back to ately." canyon. Ireland, yo' had. Mebbe yo' could set her free." "Y eJ:i," said the truce bearer, hesitatingly. Entering this, after some little search the en" Be the powers, if I had me rights, I'd "But he desired me to ask you to come to him. trance to the cavern or upward passage t o the moighty soon do that," cried Barney, grandiloRe has some to say to you before he dies." island 1above was found. To the gratifica\ quent!y. "The O'Sheas are the lineal descend"Where is her asked Frank. tion of all it was found thai{ the Cyclon e equid ants av the ould Oirish kings, an' it's proud I "Not more than a mile over on that side of easily make its way through' the ca v ern. 1 am av me name." the mountain," replied the truce bearer, eaThe search-light was turned on and theca> "Shoo dar I what good am datto yo' now, I'd gerly. ern arches lit up. Without any difficulty the like to know?" "Can the Cyclone run over there?" Cyclone followed the upward windings o f t h e "Shure, an' ain't a man the roight to be There is a smooth course all the way. I will passage. proud av his ancistry? Phwat about yures? go ahead and show you the way." Had Frank R e ade, Jr,, pau;;ed a moment t o Bejabers, it's loikely yure great grandfather "All right, agreed Frank. "Come aboard consider one startling possibility, h e w ould was a monkey, around on the and I will go over there at once." never have entered the ca vern wit h the C y clon e trees by h1s tail. It's a mmghty hard time yez But the outlaw shrank back with a shrug of But in his eagerness to invade the s tronghold, wud have getting into foine society with such his he naturally ov erlooke d a mighty risk. a tail as that to yure family history, naygur. "No," herl\plied. "I will walk." The Cyclon e was m aking rapid progress upWhurrool don't yez talk to a dacintlrish gin"Why not ward when the startling climax came Sudtlemon loike Misther Barney O'Shea." "I don't care to. I wouldn't trust myself denly a muffled, thunderous explosicn occurred. And Barney thrust his hands in his pockets aboard that concern for a fortune. Oh, no. I far ahead of the m. The ground tremble d and and strolled up and down the deck with his will walk:' quantities of dirt and stone from the ca v nose in the air at an angle of forty-five degrees. And this he insisted upon. No argument was ern roof desc ended upon the Cyclon e. The Poor Pomp was quite sat UJ?On. avail. shock was quickly followed by anothe r one i n Little Enid laughed merr1ly at this comical 'All right!" cried Frank, finally. '' YoQ. go the rear. There was not on e soul on bo ard the set-to between the two faithful fellows. But ahead and we will follow." Cyclone but comprehended the awful ca l amity Frank Reade, Jr., interrupted the farce. He sprung aboad the Cyclone. which had d escende d upon them. "There is onll_9ne way to trick the enemy," "Ah, gentlemen!" he cried, triumphantly, as "MyGodl" gasped Frank R eade Jr., w e a r e he declared. "We must invade the enemy's he met the questioning gaze of all. "We have lost! The outlaws h a v e clos e d up the m o uth o f stronghold with the Cyclone." gained the ends of our expedition. The.;foe is the passage with those e xJ.llosionsl Why did I "With the Cyclone1" exclaimed Dr. Van-dying and' has capitulated. In a very not think ot that possibilit y Probably man y eyke. time, Miss Enid, you and your sister will be hundred feet of earth. a r e b etwee n us and day" Yes." united again, and your enemy can never do you light now. We are burie d alive!" "Can that be done r any more harm." --"I think' so. I think the Cyclon e can pass The joy of Enid was beyond description. through the cavern by which the top of the Pomp and Barney started to dance a jig, but CHAPTER XXVIII. canyon island is reached. If so we can com-Frank waved them to the pilot-house, saying: IMPRISONED UNDERGROUND pel them to surrendeF." Start the Cyclone slowly. Follow the "That is a great plan." guide." FRANK READE, JR.'s word s f e ll upon the "I think so. At least, it will never do for Pomp went to the wheel, and Barney started oors of an like the kne ll of doom. It was a us to divide forces again and leave the Cyclone. the dynamos. In a moment the Cyclone was most horrifying reflection. We came near losinf!; our lives and everything following the outlaw guide over the hill. Buried ali vel The very words implied the else by that venture. Our only way is to For some ways the guide led the way. Then most horrible of suggestions, the most h o p e less follow them with the Cyclone.'' suddenly he halted near the face of a cliff. Up of thoughts. That such was the ca s e the r e was "Right I" agreed Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder this a narrow, faintly defined path led. not the least particle of doubt. in the same breath. The O.Jltlaw guide pointed up this and said: The two exrlosions and the eff ect upo n the But before another word could be spoken a We must go the rest of t!:le way on foot. walls and roo of the c a v ern told t he story. startled cry from Barney who was in the pilot-The Cyclone cannot go up there." It was an easy matter for the outlaws house attracted the attention of all. The next Frank Reade, Jr., opened the door in the close the entrance and exit of t h e cavern b y moment a great surprise was in order. steel netting and descended the gangway m eans of a couple of barrels of gunpowder. stairs. Not until he had actually set his foot This had certainly b ee n their game upon.the cliff path did any suspicion of possible Dr. Vaneyke was the cool es t p e r s o n o n board CHAPTER XXVII. treachery dawn upon him. tl;le Cyclon e Sny der, the detective, was fearA TREACHEROUS DECOY. Then he started as if stung. great fully excited. wave of comprehensron swept over h1m and "There must b e some way of Mcap e,'' he BARNEY, while in the pilot-house, had quick as a flash he whipped out a revolver and cried ; "We mus t no t up t o t h is fat e. Can chanced to glance up the mountain side, and covered the guide. you not blow our w a y out with y ou r electric to his surprise saw a man advancing boldly to "Hands up !" he cried, sternly. ,. gun, Mr. Reade 1 ward the Cyclone, carrying in his right hand a The outlaw turned white as a sheet. He com"I think not," said Frank, s h a kin g his head. stick upon which was tied a white handker-plied at once. "'):'he shQck mjght i mpact us in a s olid cave-in. chief. "Don't shoot I'' he cried, imploringly. "Spare The situation i s dubious ." It was a :6ag of truce, of course, and Barney mr. life I" "We are lost!" groane d Snyder. refrained from picking the fellow off with his 'Spare you I" repeated the young inventor, "It certainly looks as if the enem y h a v e the rifle. in a voice of steel. "Why, you miserable falsi-best of us," decl a r e d Dr. V a n eyke. He gave the shout which attracted the atten fier, I have found out your treacherous game. "Golly, M arse Frank!" cri e d Pomp, "I do n e tion of the others. Some excitement was the You are leading me into a trap.'' reckon we kin dig our way out o b dis ye r e result. The fellow's teeth chattered like castanets. place. Jes' you g ib dio chil e a goo d s ho bel!" Frank Reade, Jr., went to the door in the Frank read the truth in his face at a glance. "Begorra thrust me f e r that, t oo!" c ried steel netting and opened it. "No, no!" he protested, feebly. "It is not so, Barney, eagerly. "An Irishman ca n bate a The bearer of the truce paused a few hundred I assure you." naygur at shoveling any d ay!" yards distant, and waved the white handker"It is a clever game but it won't work,'' grit"Well,'' said Frank, arousing himself w e chief. Frank drew a similar one from his ted Frank. will try the scheme At least we will g o o n pocket, and answered the signal. "I assure you," began the guide. far as we can. Fortunately, we have Then the truce bearer advanced within speak"Hold I" said Franll:, affecting a blQod-thirsty for quite an extended period." ing distance. expression. "I can read your mind through "Wait a moment,'' said Dr. 'Vaneyke q uie t That he was one of the outlaws could be seen and through. Tell me where vour master is ly, "Let me examine the walls of this ca vern, from his personal appearance. He made a now, or I wi11 tie you to the muzzle of that I would like to ascertain the stratum." salute, and spoke: electric gun and blow you into :P-erdition.'' The scientist de$cimdedfrorrr the Cyclon e and "Cau I speak with Mr. Frank Reade, A wail of terror escaped the VIllain, He sank examined the cavern walls. When he returne d "I am that person,'' replied Frank, quickly. upon his knees. he said, ctuietly : "What do you want1" "Oh, spare me! Spare me!" he whined. "I "The deposit in this drift is of the tertiary I have a message from Carlos Coleman," rewill do anything you ask.'' period. It fs my imyression that the upper part plied the truce bearer. "Then tell mel" demanded Frank, sternly. of this cavern wil furnish good digging In "What is it?" "Where is your master?" that case we may be able to get out ourseives "He you greeting, and desires to state "He is over the cliff there." even if w!l don't get Cyc!one out." 1 that he IS mortally wounded. He asks for terms Then he sent you down under cover of a "That IS encouragmg," sa1d Frank cheerfulof surrender." flag of truce really to decoy me into a trap?" ly. "Let her go ahead, Barney." This statement was an astonishing one. All The trembling wretch nodded his head. The Celt obeyed the injunction and the Cy on board tbe Cyclone experienced a thrill. Frank laughed scornfully. He replaced his clone moved forward. For way no ob-1 Frank repliedtcoolly: revolver in his belt. struction was met; then they came to a dead j "I thought 11e would come to his senses. My "Go back to Carlos Coleman," he said, conwall of earth, which completely blocked the terms are, the surrender of the young lady, temptuously, "and tell him that he will have cavern. M_adge Weston, and a solemn that he to employ means to get me into his There was no way of estimating how far i t wlll cease to persecute her further. clutches. Now, get up and ge11" was to the outer a)r. It might be several hun Ahl upon that condition you will spare the The treacherous truce bearer needed no other dred feet, in which case it might take weeks to of his men r adjuration. Ue started full speed up on the dig the way out. "Surrender Madge Weston to me alive and mountain path. There was a good likelihood of our uninjured, and [ will turn the Cyclone's head Frank Reade, Jr., with an expression of fierce ers tunneling a way out for themselve s but it homeward," declared Frank. resolution upon his face, returned to the Cyseemed as if the Cyclone was doomed for per The truce bearer was silent a moment. clone's deck. petual imprisonment .. I think he will accept those terms," he "There must be no further trifling!" he de But here Dr. Vaneyke's scientific knowledge


22 FRANK READE JR.'S ELEOTJ,UG CY('JL()NE. Part I .. 11,gain came into play. He alighted from the safely and soon bad reached the lowel"en-d> of10f the Cyclone, it had\ its disadvantage in. the Cyclone and made another exlftllination of the the cavern. jfaet that the trail of t&e outlaw& could. not be cavern w&lls. To the joy of all daylight was seen ahead . deciphered. For some time he studied the character of Then as the search-light's rays flooded the Here was a dampenmg realization. Wh&t the soil, and finally declared: spot it was seen that the mouth of theeavemi was to be done1 "We cannot be more than twenty feet from was blocked with huge piles of Frank Reade, Jr., however, Buney the surface, for this drift is of the glacial epoch." various sizes. and Pomp to run the Cl'\w to the prairie soil, it was decided to to aid them, they "!'orked like beavers. It is -stop and search for the not an enormous Job, as one knows, to CHAPTER XXIX All exceJ'It Dr. Vaneyke and Emd left the Cytunnel through twenty feet of earth. In less cla.111e and l!legan to examine the gvound.. Fol.' than three hours half the distance had been IN PURSUIT. some time. a most assiduous. search. wasmade. covered. THrs statement of Dr. Vaneyke1s w:as p .er Then Ban;ney suddenly gaveashar.p ecy. After eight hours of steady work Pomp's featly correct. ''Whurroo! Bad cess to the omadhounsl shovel went through the last layer of earth. "Then, you have examined the cavern walls Phwat's fuis but the futpri'nts a,v the divils With a cheer all began to dig until the opening cried Frank. thimsilves,. 0rr rayther, their bosses'., Wud. r,ez was large enough to permit them to crawl into "I have." come here, Misther Frank, an:di luk at tliiml' tha open air. "Hurrah!" cried the world famous.i:n.ventor. fu a mement Frank was. by Baraey'Sside. Dr. Vaneyke's J>rediction had come out "We shall soon be at liberty to pursue theou.t There was. the trail fast enou!fh. right. There was hardly twenty feet of the laws once more." fu the soft soil the horses hoof-prints were cave-in. Without a moment's hesitation, Frank quiteplain. It was a cheering reflection that The first act of the underground prisoners Reade, Jr., syrang down into the gun-room. the trail bad been found. was to look out for the enemy. But not an He knew wei the force of the dynamite, It tromded to the a.ndl dfrectly outlaw was in sight. jectiles. 'fhe strongest wall of masonry or across the plain. All returned> to tfie Cyalcme, The vicinity showed the terrific force of the bowlders could be battered down with ease. and. Frank directed Pomp to. hold the Cyclone's explosion which had C'losed the cavern's mouth. It waR but a moment's work to. train the head to the west. Huge bowlders, weighing tons, were hurled electric gun upon the obstruction. The: Cyclone "'Have you any idea, Mr. Readehas to where about in every direction. was run back a safe distance into the eavern the outlaws will fetch up 1'' asked t e detective, "Now Wll have dug ourselves out," cried and then Frank discharged the gun.. Snyder, as. he joined Frank. Snyder, "let's all take hold with a will and With thunderous force the bowlders were "I haveadaint inkling as-t61 : the exLstenGe of dig the Cyclcne out." split and cracked and crumbled into!fust along stronghold somewhe11e in the western But a sharp exclamation escaped Dr. Van the path of the projectile. Quite a. 'breach was part. of No Man's Land," rs e the lower entrance was a fatlure?' h!l what move 1t was best to South Pole, I shall follow Coleman.'' 1 The outlaws had decamped, bag The plain was so level and smooth that the "Exactly: replted s.Clentts .t. and, baggage,. What dn:ectwn they bad taken Cyclone was enabled to develop great speed. If that 1s the case, crted Frank, h!ld a q!lestwn not. eastly was[Mile after mile was sped over until the range better accept the ave,';tue of escape whtch 111 tmperattve that th1s should be tmmedta.tely of hills that they had just left bad faded out of volve s the least work. learned, however. ht in tb ir r "Then we are to go asked Snyder, Frank Reade, Jr., was in a quandary. g e earp disappointedly. "What shall we do?" he asked of Dr. Van All about them was one vast level expanse. "By no means as yet. We are here, and let eyke. "You have helped us out of many a It was a wonderful spectacle, and save for the us first reconnoiter. Maybe we can surprise tough problem, doctor.' green t,nrf close cropped by buffalo and the foe.'' "Well," replied the scientist, deliberately, droves of stock, m1gb.t have C,?m This settled matters to the satisfaction of all. "judging from the formation of this valley, wtth the Great DP.sert ?f Asta. . Dr. Vaneykeagreed to remain with the Cyclone there would seem to be but two avenues by sat upon deck and enJoyed the mvtgo.r and Enid. Pomp and Barney, Sn.yder and which it can be vacated with any degree of atmg breeze. Dr .. was m Frank set out on the reconnoitering tour. ease. Those are, the pass by which we entered her .company, and m hi;> way dtd much To their surprise they speedily found that the and a p'ath which you may see by looking to to hghten the young gxrl's mmd of 1ts burden stronghold bad been deserted. Not an outlaw the northwest. of doubt sorrow. was on the canJ

... Part I. FRANk READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLONE. 23 "Yo's a big stuff, an' dar;m't up yer. I This meant to shut off the dynamos, and BarCHAPTER XXXI. kin break yo_' head fo' -yo' r : ney went back to his post in the way. THE RANCHERO'S CLEVER GAME. The astomshed Celt m the engme-room turn-The Cyclone came to a halt. I! rank Reade, ed quick as a flash. There was a surprise in Jr., sprang out the pilot-house and met THE feeling which passed over Frank Reade, store for Barney. Snyderhwlio was very excited, and who had Jr., so singularly was like an icy bath. It was given t e shout which caused Frank to stop with an effort that he dispelled it. the Qyclone. He followed the ranchero into a small room, CHAPTER XXX. "Well, Mr. Snyder, what is it?" asked Frank, in which was a table and chairs. With po-quickly. liteness the Mexican waved him to a seat. THE PRAIRIE RA:;'CH. The detective tendered him -his gla>s 3.lld "Make yourself easy sene our best friends. "I drove h.lm from that place.'' deck. Until he could remove the connection They will help us to run down Carlos ColeThe ranchero looked surprised. he was imprisoned. man.'' "It was always considered an impregnable It was Pomp's advap.tage now. He returned At this moment a tall, broad-shouldered post," he declared. to the attack with 'aerisive shouts of laughter. swarthy-comolexioned man came up to the "Yes, but it yielded to the Cyclone," declared "Huh! Yo's a smaht I'ishman, yo' is!" he Cyclone's side and saluted Frank, courteously. Frank. "Why, I could batter down the walls cried, tauntingly. "Why didn't yo' come up "We have seen railroads, senor, but never of the City of Mexico with my electric gun.'' dem stairs? Yes, jes' yo' trJ it once morel before a locomotive which goes without smoke The ranchero was thoughtful and qmet for a Yo's a old stuff! I jes' dar yo' to or without Tails. 1:'ou are from the East1" moment. Theri. he said: come up_yer. Yes, I does!" "You have guessed rightly," replied Frank. "There was anotl:).er stronghold. Across this Then Pomp went off into laughter. The ef"I am Miguel Hernando, ranchero, and ownrange there are hills and a deep canyon. In feet of this upon one of Barney's fiery temperer of this range," continued the Mexican. "I that canyon is an island, high and alament can be cordially invite you to make yourself welcome most safe from the efforts of man to its He could with difficulty restrain himself. at my ranch. Enter, and have a glass of wine heights.'' "Be the harp of Tara!" he cried, furiously. with me.'' "Exactly!" replied Frank. "I have been "It's a different shmoile yez will have on yure "I thank you!" there, and Coleman has been driven from his face whin I do get up there, me foine babbonl Frank understood Mexican customs well aerial retreat. It is from there that I have jus t I can see yure thrick.'' enough to know that it would be regarded imcome." By chance Barney's gaze lit upon the wire polite to refuse this invitation. So he descend"What!" exclaimed Hernando, with apparent which made the connection with the staircase. ed from the Cyclone's deck. stupefaction. "You don't mean to say that It was but a moment's work for him to close "May I ask Senor Americana your mission you have driven Carlos from the canyon isl a valve and shut the current from the search-in this part of the country?" asked Hernando, and?" light wire. This discharged the current from as they walked toward the ranch through the "Yes," replied Frank. the stairs and the infuriated son of Erin went crowd of cowboys. The ranchero pursed his lips and whistled tearing up them to the desk. "Certainly," replied Frank. "I am on the shrilly. A lively scrimmage would have ensued had track of Carlos Coleman the outlaw.'' "I don't see how you did it, senor," he de Pomp stood his But the wily African Hernando gave a vio'lent start, and Frank clared, in way, "You must be more was too shrewd for this. noted a queer change of expression in his face. than an ordmary general. Why, that place was He beat a hasty retreat. Into the galley he "Indeed Senor Reade I know the rascal almost unassailable." went. A stee1 door was provided to this. He well. I can give you aid .I have no doubt." "Very true," agreed Frank .closed it and Barney was unable to reach him. "You will confer a great favor, rest assured!" "But that is not answering your question, The baffied however, in a tor-cried Frank, eagerly. Reade. There. is anot't!er stronghold rent of personal abuse from his positiOn on the But at this moment t.hey entered the ranch. whtch Coleman occupies sometimes. Not far 1lther siqe of doo_r. P?mp_serenely on And on tpat instant, why, he 'hardly from. here is a mighty tr_act of swamp ).and.. It about his cookmg, Ignoring It all. This time Frank experienced a sudden swift and chill Is thickly overgrown With cypress, with clmg the colored had the best of the a rn;Iisgiving. The sensation was so powerful that ing vines. and It i1! thickly in-gument certamly. he was nigh impelled to turn back. fested With wild ammals and pOisonous rep It is likely that Barney would not have:raised tiles. In the very heart of that swamp Colehis siege at the door for some time had it not man has a retreat. There are two ways of get been for an incident. A loud shout was heard ting to it, but they are known only to his upon deck, and then a bell tinkled in the en-gang.'' gme-room. Frank listeaed deep interest.


24 FR.ANK RE.ADE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. Then he said, forcibly: Cyclone, I shall be :pleased to in a measure re"Traitor I I see your game. Stand away "Enough! I wish you to show me the way ci.p,rooo.te your hosp1tality." from that door." to that swamp." 'Not yet, the po"I sel}p!'/' replied Hernando,_ with a The ranchero poured a glass of wine from the ltte I m ,stst that you spend smtle. .No-do not vtole!;!ce. bottle. The flUid looked like liquid fire in the more ttme me. It w1Il tie of no use: You are my pr!soner. peculiar light of the room At that mstant a strange sensatiOn passed A hoarse, gurglmg cry rattled m Franks . d 1 over the great inventor. His head swam, his throat. He felt the effects of the drugged Of I wtll, Senor _Hernan _rep ted, eyes seemed likely to buiJl:e from their sockets, wine now and his senses were leaving him fast. I trust you wtll not !JOnstder me and a cold perspiration broke out upon him. He grappled with Hernando, but it was a fumqUlsltlve lf I ask you a 'Yhat For a moment it seemed to Frank as if he tile effort, for the next moment oblivion came you out here on Coleman s. track 1 must sink to the floor. It was only with the over him, and he sank down in a heap upon I am here to rescue a. young gtrl he most powerful effort that he controlled himself the floor of the ranch. abducted from her m Nebraska, replied and recovered in part from the fearfpL senila-rank .. "J;Ier name,1s Madge Weston, and she tion. CHAPTER XXXII. 1s now m hiS power. Senor Hernando affected solicitude. B A R N E Y o u T w I T T E D "Diablo!" exclaimed Hernando, with force. Diablo! Are you ill, Senor Reade 1" he cried. MEANWHILE, Frank Reade, Jr.'s companions ''The trick of a fiend. Enough! I am with you You are faint.'' on board the Cyclone bad been patiently await-He hastily shut the current from the netting, and then opened the door in the netting. The Cyclone had been brought to a stop. Fr<1.nk hastily dragged each one of the unconscious outlaws to the door and dropped them unceremoniously out upon the hard prairie. heart and soul, Senor Reade. Let us drink to "Just a slight faintness, that is an,; said ing his return. As time went, and he did not our success." Frank, rising to his feet. appear, Barney, first of all, began to feel some-Frank was Instinctively averse to taking the I Havt:, some wine1 That will dispel what worried. . wine He was not over fond of the beverage the famtness. Fortunately, Irtshman had mststo but be knew well that it was the only way to "No," replied Ft;an,!', firmly. "I believe that ed keeping the steel door leading to the Cy avoid offending the ranchero. ts ma?-e .me ill. clones deck c)osed, so that none of the crowd of Accordingly be drank the wine down quickly Imposstble, senor. It 1s the purest of our cowboys ou.tstde could come aboard. and placed the glass upon the table. But be-Mexican Oh, no, do not think that, Nobody felt like leaving the Cyclone, that 1 fore Hernando could drmk his he leaped up exSenor Reade. the treacherous foe had no chance to sprmg a claiming "I-I think I will return to the Cyclone," surprise upon Frank's fellow voyagers. "p d S 1 I said Frank, staggering toward the door. If it had not been for these wise precautions ar on W8 senor. orne one cal s me. With a bound. Hernando reached it and placed there was no doubt but that the Cyclone and w 1Hll retutrtnh. 1 d th tab! d his back it. all on board would have fallen into the hands e se !l g ass own upon e e an "No, you mu,:;t not go yet." of Hernando. made his ex1t. He returned almost mstantly, All in one swift instant the truth flashed But Barney was by far too shrewd for this. however. across the mind of Frank Reade, Jr. He saw He had traveled the world over with Frank "It was be commented carelessly. his position a glance. He was in a trap. Reade, Jr., and he was wise enough to regard "A lazy peon askmg for a peso. They are inThere had been something the matter with the all strange people in a strange land as foes, veterate beggars. V !lry well, Senor Reade, the wine, and the urbane Senor Hernando was a until there was unimpeachable evidence that compact is made. We will help you extermi-treacnerous foe. they were friends. nate Coleman and his gang." Realizing this in one brief second, Frank The cowboys, rough fellows, all thronged I am g!ad of your co-operation/' replied knew that his only hope was to get back to the about the Cyclone and made some cheap talk Frank. "Now, if you will come aooard the Cyclone. Therefore he cried: with Pomp, who several times, with his African l.l


Part I. FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 25 wib, shut bhem up effectually. Barney totally "He is very busy and desires bhat you come the Irishman see that he had put his foot in it, Ignored any approach at an acquaintance with at once: so to speak. p.ny of them. This settled all doubt in Barney's astute 9f course the ranchero d1d not re-appear Dr. Vaheyke Snyder, mind. He was finally convinced that treachWith Frank. seated near the p1lot-house. Emd was m a ery was a.tloat Snyder now exclaimed: )lam mock at the lower end of the deck. . "Whab did you let him off for, Barney'?'" As time went by Barney began to speculate was qmck to hit upon an expedient. In "Be Mither Murphy's pi?s!" exclaimed the J.nd as usual, out an mstant he had thrown open steel door Celt, scratching his head, why didn't I iver "Begorral it's moighty funny what"s kaping and covered the ranchero With hiS rifle. think av its bein' as for ther spalpeen to Misther Frank. Be me troth it's not like him up, yez yaller Mexican," in there as to come out wid Misther to sthay away so long." forc1blY,: "Av yez don'.t I'll dayhgJ;tt tro rank. Oi'm sold this toime, an' Barney Dr. Vaneyke overhead this remark, and yez. your htt\e ye h!Jlb of O'Shea's a big fool." said: the d1v1l, an 1f yer don t M1sther Everybody laugped at this comical version "Barney, I share your wondermenb. It is Frank Reade, Jr. safe and al01ve, 01ll have the of Barney's error. But the situation was a curious what is keeping Frank." hearb av yez. Whurroo !" critical one. It demanded immediate action. "It's moighty quare, sir." Hernando was dumfounded by this sudden "I reckon some one mus' jus' go in dat "Do you suppose-anything has happened r' turn in affairs. He gazed into the muzzle of ar ranch and see what am de mattah wif Marse Quick as a flash he whipped out a revolver and covered the "Hands up!P he cried, sternly. The outlaw turne.d wnite as _a sheet. He complied c.t once. "Do11't shoot!'' he cried, imploringly. "Spare m:y life!" No one spoke1 but all exchanged the Winchester which covered him, and con\Frank!" cried Pomp. "Yo' jes' open dat do', Barney his shoulders, and said: eluded not to move. I'isb an I'll go m'self." "On me lotfe, I've a moind to go in there an' But his cunning, villainous nature was not "Don't be a fool, naygur!" said Barney, see for mesilf. I don't loike the looks ov it at M a loss for an expedient. He feigned terror sharply. "Bejabers, they'd hang you for a all." and amazement. sthove poipe, if vez went in thar. There s only "Nor II Barney," chimed in Snyder. "Caramba! You are mad, senor!" he cried. this about it-Misther Frank has got to be pro-It was ikely that action of some sort would "Put down your gun. 1 am your friend." jooced." have been made at once, but for an incident. "It's a foine, loikely frind are" retorted Barney shut and barred the steel door. The Hernando himself appeared at the door of the Barney, contemptuously. "Now, 1I'll thank cowboys who had thronged the yard a moment ranch, and beckoning to Barney, cried: yez to walk down from that piazzy and walk before bad scattered and disappeared. Senor Reade desires all of you gentlemen up here to me. I want to talk a bit wid yez, What to be done 'I" cried Dr. Vaneyke to come in here. Come at once." me gossoon." in great ag1tation. "Can no one suggest a This was an astonishing summons. Barney "But I haven't time," objected Hernando. of some sort'/" was shrewd enough to doubt it. Fora moment "Put up yourgun,, man, before I call Mr. Reade "Fire upon the ranch with the electric gun," he was and then his native Irish wit out to compel;y:ou to do it." cried Snyder. "Batter it down." !arne to his aid. "Now, tbats jist all I ask of yez," cried "Don' yo' do nuffin' ob de kind," interposed "Did Misther Frank say that 'I" he asked, Barney. "If yez will call Misther Frank out, Pomp, excitedly. "Does yo' want to kill Marse coolly. I'll let up on yez and ask yure pardon." Frank too 'I He am in dat ar ranch don' yo' "He did," replied Hernando. "Al) rtght," said Hernando, starting for the fink 'I" "Well, plaze to tell him that I want to see door, "I'll call him out." "Bejabersi I'd loike to give the nlace one him fer one moment. If yez plaze !" Irishman-like, it did not drift through Barsalute," (lee ared Barney, eagerly. 1 I don't A strange cloud passed over the ranchero's ney's thick head that this was a clear trick of belave that Misther Frank are in that place at face. He hesitated and then rejoined impa-the ranchero's. Not until Hernando had really all, at all." tiently: passe.d into the ranch and was out of range did "Nor I either," agreed Snyder. "Give 'em /.


26 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. one volley anyway, Barney. Take that wing of tJ:tink clearly and calmly and act with great ible, a dtep furrow being made where they had ranch." , dragged their victim to such a frightful death. Begorra, I 11 do 1t. I here ts only_ one way to save Frank, deNow a of hills suddenly began to rise Barney down to engme room. detecttve. to view. A long series of plateaus seemed to Before trammg the gun upon the ranch the "How? appear to the westward. Cyclone would haye to be _brought about. But We must, first of all, :plan some to Pomp was at the wheel, while Dr. Vane ke now a great surpnse was m !!tore. liberate the runnmg gear of the Cyclone. was keeping a sharp lookout ahead, when i'udBarney started the electnc engme. There Dr. Vaneyke was thoughtful a moment. He denly a warning cry from him caused Pomp to was a Jiuttering of the i.Jl.dicat?r a show!lr was about to speak wpen a loud cry fro'"? Bar-shut off the current and stop the c clone. of sparks from the dynamos. The Cyclone d1d ney caused tJ:te _attentwn of all to be dtrected Just ahead a dark heap, to which las attached not move a peg. t8ward a thrtllmg scene. a number of lariats was visible in the rairie Barney was astounded-. It was the first time Some distance out on the prairie a gang of g_rass. It was the 'victim of the vengefnce of that the machinery had refused to act. the_cowboys could be seen galloping apout on .j:t.ernando. What could be out of thetr fleet bronchos. Foremost among them With a fearful sense of horror all clambered It SE,lemed like the working of fate tha_ t was the tail form of the ranche ro, Hernando. down from the Cyclone's deck, approached machmery should be out of order at th1s 1m-Between two of the cowboys rode a. man that dreadful object in the grass A fearful portant time. The faithful Barney was nigh who was bound to his horse with his hands shock was in store for them distracted. tied behind him. A deep groan escaped simul"Phwat the divil is the matter' l" he mutter-taneously the lips of all. CHAPTER XXXIV. ed. "It was all right a while ago." "That is Frankl" cried Dr. Vaneyke, "and THE FIGHT ON THE PRAIRIE But failure of the Cyclone to start had they are taking him out to his death.'' DR. V ANEYKE was the first to down been by those on deck. was. Dr. "Is there no way to save him!" said Snyder, over the dark object in the grass. There were t Vaneyke s first thought that somethmg m1ght hopelessly. the outlines of a human form but the moment be the wheels. '!'hen all were held riveted to the spot with his hand touched the so torn and He had mstantly went to a loophole, and, by horror. The mustang, upon which was the soiled the doctor gave a thrilling cry craninfii his neck, he see the rear running prisoner, was seen to cut loose from the others. "Duped !" be cried. "This is ali a sharp gear . rbE,lre, plamly VISible, was the cause of The s_eemed_Ii_mp and in a half faint, dodge to off the track. They did not the mtsch1ef. unsteadily dtd be s1t m the saddle. drag Frank Reade, Jr., at their horses' heels. unobserved t;me, the cowboys hadsuf-The next moment a half score of lassos were It was a harmless dummy. See?" fered several of their number to creep seen circling through the air. In nearly every This was plainly the truth. The supposed the Cyc _lone and clog _the an,d dr1vmgcase the nooses seemed to settle down over victim of Miguel Hernando's vengefulness was shaft wt_th toll;gh rawhide the neck and shqulders of the prisoner. but a cleverly rigged dummy. A suit of cloth woun_ d mextriCably about, With their Then a loud whoop went up from the mur ing bad been stuffed with hay, and at a dis combmed a force wb1ch the most derous gang, and they wheeled their horses and tance had served well the purposes of deception. powerful engmes m the world could never have galloped madly across the plain. The little party of would-be rescuers stood overcome. The 1\j-nat_s became taut instantly. The prisat the with mingled No sooner bad Dr. Vaneyke made that d1s-oner was literally torn from the mustang's feelings of chagrm and mystification. co very than a loud shout came from the ranch. back and dragged over tile rdugh prairie. On "A dummy I" exclaimed Duncan Snyder --and on, until the horizon shut tliem from view drawing a deep breath. "In one sense I went the cowboys, dragging their victim afte; mightily relieved to know that it was not Frank CHAPTER XXXIII: them. Reade, Jr., whom they dragged at their horses' .A. FEARFUL FATE And the witnesses of this fearful thing those heels." on board the Cyclone, stood petrified with hor"Fo' goodness sakes I" was all Pomp said, u.s THE shout from the ranch was in Hernando's ror and utter helplessness. Not until the hori-he stared at the dummy. voice and was accompanied by a mocking zon shut the scene from view did the dispelling Begorra, that's a foine sell on us!" explod laugh. of that horrid fascination, which held them ed Barney. "But it's mesilf as is moighty Ha, ha, hal Why don't you train your gun spellbound, come to their relief. glad that it was not Misther Frank after all." on the ranch 1 A very good reason, eh 1 Ob! Then Dr. Vaneyke, half fainting, reeled back "That is just the way I feel," cried Dr. Van I tell you Hernando is a hard man to beat, and with ghastly, white face and cried in a voice of ey:ke. "But what is the of the 1 I will tell vou right here that. the man who fearful sorrow: Why have they played thts trick upon us 1 It dares to show himself outside of the cigar case "Oh, I cannot bear to think that Frank has is all for some purpose, be sure.'' of yours will be a corpse instantet. A dozen of gone from this life. Such a noble brain to be "You're right," agreed Snyder. "And they my men will hold the drop on the Cyclone. stilled thus early in life. Oh, w.hat shall we have fooled us well. It was all a clever dodge So beware!" do?'' to divert us from the ranch. Very likely Frank "Coward!" cried Snyder, defiantly. "You To describe the scene adequately on board may be there vet. Let us go back at once.'' dare not meet us in honorable fight in the the Cyclone would be impossible. The grief of "That's rofghtl" cried Barney, excitedly. open." Barney and Pomp was uncontrollable. Little" We kin blow smithereens out av the ould "Save your breath!" retorted the invisible Enid was also nistraught. barricks.'' Hernando. You will need it. Let me tell What fools we were to stand here and inac"It is hardly likely that we will find Frank you how well I fooled you. Carlos Coleman is tive see him murdered I" cried Snyder, in self-rethere," said the doctor, with careful thought. my partner and best friend." proach. "They have diverted us from the nght pursuit. "I thought as much," cried Snyder. "Oh, ain't I done gwine to see Marse Frank Without dou'lit they have spirited Frank away "Ohl I duped you well. We are"llot real cowno more," cried Pomp In an outburst of grief. from the ranch many miles.'' boys, nor do we herd cattle on this range. We "Oh, dis darky would jes' rudder bah died his"If they have spared his life," rejoined are always on the lookout for the poor fo?ls from the east who dare to comll out here w1th "Och, Mtther av Mercy," cr1ed Barney, m Whwh I believe to be true, declared Dr. money. Occasionally we hold. up a stage or wild abandon. "I can niver be mesllf agin. Vaneyke, positively. "There is no doubt but even a raqroad train. So you can see what Ocb, that iver I should see this day.'' that Frank Reade, Jr., is still alive. W'e must gopd friends you hae fallen in with.'' Dr. Vaneyke had been the first one to calm and will rescue him." The end is not returned Snyder. himself and he now came forward and in a man-A cheer burst from the lips of the others. It W No, but it is close at band. I was warned ner which impressed every one, said: was decided to return to the. ranch and investi of the coming of this Frank Reade, Jr., with "But it is folly to waste time here in useless gate, and in a few moments all were quickly his wonderful several days ago. So grief. We should not think of the past now, on board the Cyclone. you see I have been on the lookout for you ever but look to the future and Pomp went to the wheel and Barney soon since. It was a neat little trap I prepared for "Ay!'' cried Duncan Snyder, forcibly. "Let had the dynamos humming. The Cyclone you." us liberate the Cyclone, and if we have to purrapid time over ti;J.e hard floor of the "Begorra, so it was," muttered Barnev. sue Miguel Hernando to the end of the earth, prame. "Now I have the famous Frank Reade, Jr., we will wreak vengeance upon his head.'' It was not long before the ranch came again in my power. I propo11e to make a fine spectaBarnev and Pomp greeted this declaration !n view on the horizon. The was rap cle for you. Just out on the prairie there, out with a cheer. At once, with \l.eadly determin-1dly lessened, .soon the Cyclone was of range of your Winchesters, we are going to ation to avenge Frank Reade, Jr., they went to brought to a stop m the yard of the ranch. play mad steer with your valiant chief. Do work. But every one was instantly impressed with you know how we do Well, we cut him Barney conceived a daring plan of crawling th!l deserted _appearance of the ranch. Everyloose and let him run over the prairie. Then down among the cog wheels and driving bars thmg was still as the grave. The cowboys had we go after him and lasso and drag him to of the Cyclone through a trap-door in the doubtless abandonedthe place. death behind our horses' heels. You shall see dynamo room. He was here screened from the pr. V and Barney, however, armed the whole fun! Ha, ha, hal Be patient." a1m of those in the ranch, and he was able to wtth Wmchester5, left the C_yclone and ap" Fiend!" shrieked Dr. Va,neyke. "You work upon the tightly wound lariats. proacbed the s_tructure. The Cyclone's electric shall never do such a thing as that. If it With a sharp knife Barney speedily made gun bearmg directly on the.ranch ready takes my life Frank Reade, Jr., shall be shoe strings of them. In a short while he had for use m case of an emergency. saved." freed the running gear of its impediment. But there was no call for its use. The doctor The scientist made a rush for the steel door. Then, returning to the dynamo room, the and Barney met with no opposition and in a. But the others held him back. machinery '?"as started. The Cyclone instantly very few moments had thoroughly explored the "Calm yourself, doc.tor," admonished Snymoved forward and was allowed io speed out whole place. There was no manner of doubt der. "You will gain nothing by such a move. upon the prairie. !>ut the cowboy_s with Frank Reade, Jr . You would be shot down as soon as you No _attention wa:s paid to the ranch or whatm their had sktpped the_place. step.ped outstde.'' ever mmates it m1ght have. The one thought The questwn now to be constdered was their Y!'ls," protested the doctor. "But we must was of down Hernando and his mur-whereabouts. idea occurred to Barney, not gtve Frank up . He must be saved.'' derous gang. The Cyclone was let out to full and he expressed 1t. "Wecannot save him if we throw our Jives speed, and fairly flew over the level plain. "Faith an' it's my belafe that the omadhouns away needlessly." On and on thundered the electric avenger. ha:'!l gone to the westward Misther Frank "You are right," agreed the scientist, sud-Still no sign of the cowboys was to be seen in to Jme Carlos Coleman and hts gang. I'll bate denly regaining command of himself. "I am the distance. me loife an that." carried away with a mad impulse. Let us The trail through the grass was plainly vis"Certainly that is a reasonable theory,"


FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 27 s,greed Dr. Vaneyke. "Why not start in quest Cyclone. It was not in their power to resist the truth,_ I will blow you all to perditi9n with of Coleman's strongh'old, which, it is said, is in the monster which literally hewed its way the electnc gun." the depths of the Black Swamp so called 1 I through their ranks. The fellow trembled, and a came feel sure we will find Frank ther'e." For a moment the tide of battle surged back-from the other cowboys. was plam that Conference with the others resulted in the ward. Then the recovering from their they greatly 9-readed the ternble destroyer .. decision to go on 'to the Black Swamp. surprise, and a new fo e descended "Well, I will tell you all I know aoout It, Accordiugly the Cyclone's course was set to upon the Cyclone m a fierce onslaug)lt. senor," he replied, abJectly. the westward. But Barney conn\cted the current with the "That is all right," rejoined the doctor. "Oul; In a short while. the ranch and it-s outbuild-steel sides of the Cyljlone, and charged the hull with it, then." ings had vanished from view. But thrilling with the electric fl.utd. "We left the ranch some hours ago. ViThen, events were close at hand. The result was, that every Apache who came we left the Senor Ame ricano was there, with Dr. Vaneyke and Duncan Snyder, who were in contact with the Cyclone was hurled back Hernando and six others. We had o:ders to. r very anxious, were forward of phe pilot-house with crushing force. Savages and ponies were corral some cattle on the That IS all we on the lookou t. Suddenly the doctor gave a piled up in a heap. know about it." violent start, and cried: But the cowboys seizing the oppo.rtunity, The doctor was convinced that the fellow "Look! what is that 1" broke away in wild flight across the plain. spoke the truth. He w as not a little disappoint-', Snyder strained his vision a.t a distant object Dr. Vaneyke during the melee had not been ed, but believed now that h e saw through the on t).le h:>rizon. At first it was a long, dark, idle. scheme p erfectly well. . movmg lme. . He had vainly endeavored to identify Frank had done th1s to mislead Then another hne of the same descnpt10n Reade Jr among the wounded and slain upon pursmt. be s!'len just beyond. In a few n?-oments the prairie. While thus engaged he did not He knew that those on the Cyclone the owo hnes seemed to merge one mto the notice the action of the cowboys, until his at-would r eturn to the ranch .. 'I hey would then other. tention was attracted by Pomp. undoub_ te9-IY look: for the _tratl,_ and. he sent The!l a puff w'hite smoke :was seen to as"Hi, Dr. Vaneykel" shouted the dlljky, "does the maJont:l:' of h1s men m th1s d1rect10n purceJ?-d mto. the ,a1r. In fac.t,, qmte a volume of yo' see dem yer cowboys jes' givin' us de shak:e 1 posely to the dre ad th1s pecu.har smo)l:e was VISible. I done tink dey should lie stopped fo' dey g 1ts Wh1le w1th a few and h1s pr1soner Pomv m the pilot house handed the doctor awa bad gone m another duect10n. Probably before a the distant scene with cried the scientist, excitedly. "Nevthis they were in the depths of the M1aco, or th1s sCientist c:1ed: er mind the savages. They can do us no harm. Black "It IS two of horsemen, and they Pursue the cowboys, Pomp!" A_ll th1s.fiashed across the mmd and seem to be fightmg. The faithful darky needed no second bidding. deCided h1m upon a plan of actl?n. can they be 1" cried Snyder, He had quickly set the Cyclone's course in "Look here, fellow," he sa1d, s_ternly, "I cowboys and the o_utlaws, eh 1' pursuit of the cowboys, and once more the want you to that your hfe No, replied Dr. Vaneyke w1th a sudden electric wonder was thundering across thelupon your tellmg me the truth. If you he to conviction. looks to !De 'as if one of prairie. m!1 you shall 4,iel" . forces are Indtans. I thmk I can see the1r They have got quite a on us," declarAy, senor, the cowboy, man ear lances and plumes. It IS the largest party, as ed Snyder. "Their horses are certainly very manner. I Will swear by,my patron near as I make out." fleet.'' samtthat I have spoken. the truth. "Hal" cr1ed Snyder, excitedly, "without "Now have you any 1dea as to where Her doubt the cowboys have encountered a gang of But we will overtake them, averred the nando has gone with his prisoner1" Apaches. Crowd on the current, Barney. Let confidently. "Yes." us get there as quick as possible.'' This beyond qll;eStlOn, yet, at t,hat !ll0 "Ahl Where, may I ask 1" "Ay, sir, that I will!" cried Barney, with ment, an. Idea came mto doctors mmd. "TotheMiacoSwamJ?." alacrity, as he down to the engine-room He conceived the pl_an of foe to a "Then he is really m league with Carlos again. "I hope wen give the spa! peens a halt by a summons, JUSt as a sh1p IS compelled Coleman 1.. bit of a lesson this toime, and resky Misther to heave to at sea. . "I may say so, senor." Frank." He sprung, down n:to the cabm, and went "Enough. What is the way to that swamp "Do you think Frank is with them 1" asked forward to electnc g_un .. It wa,s a favor-and how far is it?" Snyder, excitedly. able opportumty1 an9-, Slghtmg thll gun, the The cowboy looked to the north-west and "I cannot ten at this distance," replied Dr. doctor :;ent an electriC bolt over the heads o made reply: Vane)'ke, continuing to study the distant the ghng. . d d "From here you should keep to the north scene with his glass. "I hope, however, that It-struc t e prame two hundre. yar sahea_d west, senor. In distance it is a matter of forty he is." of them and was ternfic .. The. air miles or more ; but you c annot enter the swamp I "So do I. We will be sure to rescue him if was filled With dartmg forks of hghtnmg, with your wonderful carriage." he is." earth and Every horse bolted and "Ah!" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke. "Then it is The Cyclone literally flew over the ground. came to .a terrified halt. a bad place to penetrate? In a very short space of time the two contend-In their rear the Cyclone was "You are right, senor. No one has ever yet ing parties became quite distinguishable. and _before they could break away m a difound the stronghold of Black Carlos in that It wa:s then very readily seen that a c!l-_ valcade a stern voice smote upon, tbe1r hearswamp." of the cowboys had encountered a rovmg band R:H: ld 1 d h Dr. Vaneyke turned and consulted with of savages. A hattie was the certain result. all be f0tt got! erd or J'0u will Snyder a moment. Then he again addressed The crack of firearms was plainly heard, and a el, n e rm Y an w ere you the cowboy spokesman. the contest was a savage one, for men and r "I have a request to make and can listen to horses could be seen mixed up inextricably. But the wild terror which bad possession of no refusav.'' ;r,oua yells and shouts and curses alternated the C?wboys influenced then;t to disreg;ard "What may it be, senor r w1th the volleys of firearms. The ground was warmn_g. They broke away m a new directiOn. "That you in a body accompany us to the strewn 'Yith dead and wounded horses, cowboy6 The fleet were making rapid progress swamp. OI:le of your number shall come and Ind1ans. oyer the prame .. But Dr. Vaneyke once more aboard and direct us how to go. When we As the Cyclone drew nearer the contendmg sighted the electriC gun. have reached the swamp then you will be alforces, Dr. Vaneyke looked sharply for Frank Another bolt in front of them, this time much lowed to go free." Reade, Jr. But among the cowboys he could nearer, had the effect of bringing them to their "We will do that senor" replied the cowboy not distinguish him. senses. The darting lightning flashes and the readily. "I will coine abbard and--" A faint horror came over the scientist, as he terrific upheaval of a mound of earth was oosHe did not finish the sentence. At that mo reflected that the great inventor might possi. timony that those on board the Cyclone really ment the floor of the prairie shook with the bly be among the slain. Yet he clung to hope. possessed.the power they claimed to hurl them thunder of hoofs, and turninjl; his head Dr. The battle raged fiercely. The combatants mto etermty. Vaneyke saw that the savages were returning did not seem. to. heed the approach of the CyWords cannot describe thelfr}ght of the cowto the attack with great fury. clone. At th1s Juncture the cowboys seemed to boys. In a moment they had d1smounted from The next moment they descended upon the have the best of it. their -ponies and had drawn them up in a circle, Cyclone like a thunderbolt. Their deadly revolvers, so. effective at short standmg behind them and sighting thei!' Win-range, worked havoc a!llong the savages. Yet chesters at the Cyclone over the saddle bow. CHAPTER XXXVI. the latter far outnumbered the former. Pomp brought the Cyclone to a halt not fifty In vain Dr. Vaneyke looked for Frank Reade, yards away. Then Dr. Vaneyke appeared on '-FAcrN:,a A FEARFUL FATE. Jr. He was not to be seen. the-deck and hailed the cowboys. FRANK READE JR had just time to realize Hastily it was decided what was best to be there!" he shouted. "Who is your the appalling truth that the wine which he had done. . drank was drugged, and that he was in a trap Barney and_ Pomp 'Y'ere m of d1scharg. I am, replied. a step-when unconsciousness ensued. mg the electric gun mto m1dst, but Dr. pmg beh1t;Id h1s pony. What uo you .A wild, mocking laugh rang from the cun Vaneyke concluded that th1s would be unnecwant1 nmg Hernando's lips and he suffered Frank's slaughter. "We want you to up to us, safe and insensibl'e body to f an' to the floor. Put on a slow current! he cr1ed to Barney. well, Frank Reade, Jr. "Per Dios' what a success!" he cried ex "Po_mp, you may run the nearly as "Do you tlfe chap went into the citedly. "Leoni Pedro! fetch out the poss1ble between the two part1es. ranch to talk w1th :9:ernando1 We must le ave here post baste" Pomp needed no second bidding. Suddenly, "Yes." It was then that by direction the and w:1th a resis.tless force, the Cyclone ::well, with us." wheels of the Cyclone were clogged, and the down mto the batt_Ie, separatmg IS he1 scheme to divert Frank's friends was enacted. the two forces hke a. .kmfe. You II have to ask Hernando that. The drug which Frank had taken was not The effect was thnlhng m the extreme. Dr. Vaneyke experienced _p. sharp thrill of one of long duration and he was already be dismay. Yet he believed that the cowboy was ginning to revive. CHAPTER XXXV. falsifying. But his hands and feet were securely bound BROUGHT TO BAY "Tell ,me the truth," he said1 sternly. SO that if be had had inclination he could not Where IS Frank Reade, Jr.1" have attempted escape. INDIANS and cowbo:vs were hurled r1ght and "I told you that I did not know." By this time the Cyclone was thunderin far left, and fell back before the advance of the "I do not believe you. If you do not tell me away over the plain i:a pursuit of the


28 READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part I. When Frank came to be saw Hernando giv-"Very well, we are enemies!" said Frank, "So that is your plan r' he said, with an ing orders to a half score of men. He was ly coolly. "Remember, that I deal summarily effort. "Ah, well, it only proves my assertion ing upon the floor of the ranch, bound hand with enemies of your stamp." that you are a coward. A brave man will kill and foot. "Your bravado is ill-timed. At present your his foe, but never torture bim to death." In a few moments all but six of the cowboys vengeance amounts to little." -"It is death just the same!" eried Hernando, left the room, and tl;ten the clatte of their "Perhaps so, but you say you are not with a jeering laugh. "A little different mode, horses' hoofs were heard as they rode away. to kill me. What fate have yquin store for that is all." Hernando turned and saw that Frank bad re"A very tender one I assuii'e you," replied the By this time the cowboys had dug a deep covered his senses. ranchero, with a contemptuous laugh. "You hole in the ground. Into this Frank "Hal my fine inventor," he cried, jubilantly, shall see very quickly." Jr., was placed standing. His chin was JUSt "you see that you have run your head into a With this the colloquy broke off. Hernando on a level with the ground. fine trap. You are a man of brains, but not gave several sharp pex:emptory orders. In a :I'hen the dirt was filled in about him and in shrewd enough for Hernando. Ha, ha,.ba!" few moments the tramp of horses' hoofs was a brief space of t\me he was literally buried Frank's head yet swam with the effects of heard in the ranch-yard without. alive. 'He was powerless to move a musclejn the drug, but be managed to reply: Then two of the six cowboys seized Frank his body, except those of his face. I do not exert my 6rains in the practice .of and bore him out of the ranch. In a few mo-The villain Hernando stood over him with trickery or miserable treachery. I may be your ments he was bound tightly to the back of a demoniac glee. prisoner, but I do not fear you. I defy you!" mustang. "Now, my fine inventor," he cried jeeringly Hernando's facfl flushed. Then, a prisoner in the center of the party, he "you can meet death with that which Take ca;:el" he gritted. You are at my was carried away in this fashion acrobs the you claimed a short while ago. Let me tell you mercy." plain. of the nice fate in store for you. Do not think "Bah! You are a cow;ardly dog." For hours the little cavalcade rode on swiftly. that you will starve to death. Oh, no! see, Hernando drew a keen knife, and stoo by all newsdealers In tbe United States anll C:umda, or seut to your address, postage free, on receipt of price. Address Fran!< rousey, publisher, M a,nd 36 North Moore Street, New York. Box 27ao. Ho\v TO SOLVE CONUNDRUMS.-Conta.ining all the leading conun drums ot the d:ty, riddles, curious catcbAi! and witty say ings. Price 10 cents. For s"le_ by all uewsdealers in the United States and CanR.da, or sent to your address, post paid, on receipt of the price. Address Fmnk 'l'oney, publisher, 34 and 36 North Moore Street, New York. Box 2730. HOW TO WRI'l'E LETTERS 1'0 fJlll dl rections for writing to gentlemAn on all subjects; also giYing sam ple for introduction. Pl'ice 10 cents. For s11le by all news dealers in the United 8tates aucl Can,Lda, or sent to your address, postage freo, on rAaeipt of price. Address Frank Tousey, publisher, 34 and 36 North Moore Street. New York. .Box 2730.


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Sunken Ship; or, Workof Uhicage. '"' 36 'l1he Shortyd' Trip Around the World. IJy Peter Pad ing for tile Gttvernment. 41 Young Sleut.b's Pittl!burgb Discovery ; or, Tbe Keea 16 Rildebrandt Fitzgum r or, My Quiet Little Uousin 43 Lost in the JJand of Fire; or, Across the Pampas in the Detective's Insurance Case by TGm Teaser Electric Turret. 4.2 Young Sleuth an1i the King of Crooks; or, 'l1rackiog 37 'l1ommy Bounce, Jr. : or, A. Chip ot the Old Blo ck, 44 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Queen Clipper of the OJouds, Down the Worst Man in \'ork. by Pater Pu.d Part I. f 4.3 Young 81euth in the u Lava IJeds" of New York: or, 38 Twins: or, Which Was the Otber? by Su1iley 4.5 Frank Reade, Jr. and His Queen Clipper of the Clouds, TIJe renderloiu Distriet by Nigbt. :J 4.6 in tbf' Great or, Strange Shau us; or, The Keen De-'1 l' ommy Bounce, Jr., in by Peter Pad urea in & Subtnarine Boat 45 Young Sleuth and the Bryant Park Mystery or, 'l'be 62 1'he Sbortys Out for Fun, by Pet-er Pad 47 J.i'rank Re4de, Jr . and His Monitor of the Air; or, Queen of the Queer in York. U lliUy Bakkus, tbe Boy ,With theb ' Ah-Look Helping a Friend ia Need, 46 A 50 to 1 Shot; or, Sleuth as & Jockey. 47 Young Sleuth and the Express Robbers; or, Ferreting U "'Whiskers;' or. One Year's Fun at of a Lost People. 48 Best Race. 45 The Sbort;,s Out f.1'isbing, by Peter Pad 60 Chased Across the Saban; or, The Bedouins Captive. 49 A Strai&ht 'l'ip; or. Young Sleuth at tbe Amerloan. 4S 'l'he Shorty, Out Gunnin.R', by Peter Pad 61 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Electric Atr; or, Tbe Derby. 41 Bob Rollick, the Notion Drummer by Peter Pad 52 of the Air; or, Sam; or, A Bootblack' s Around the the Search for the Mouatain of Gold. Tracing a Strange 'Eragedy of a Broker's Oftice World, by Cowmodore Ab Look 53 .. rom Pole to P ole; or, Frank !teade, Jr.'s8trangeSub62 Young ::ileutb and the Opera House Mystery; or Mur49 Tbe Shortya' .Farming, by Peter Pad marine Voyage. dered Behind the Scenes GO Muldoon e Night School. by Ton 'feaser 64 The Mystic .Brrtnd: or. Frank Reade. Jr. and llisOver-53 Young Sleuth Under the Docks of .New York; or, The Gl Dandy Dick, the Doctor's Son; or, Tbe Vili&R:e land Upon the Staked Plains. Rher 1.'hieves llnd the Keen Deteetive. Terror, by 'l,om 'l'easer 55 Frank Reade. Jr . jn the in the Far West; or, The Search 54 Your.g Sleuth and the Mysterious Doctor; or, A Medi62 Sassy Sam Sumner. A. Sequel to" Sasst Sam." for a Lost Gold Mine. tal Student's Dark Plot. by Commodore Ab-I,ook 56 Frank Reade. Jr. With His Ship in Asia; er, A 55 Young Sleuth aad the Rival Bank Breakers; or. The 63 The Jolly 'travelers: or, the 57 Torpedo Boat.: or, At 56 The Dark Mystery of a M 1'he in the Wild West, by Peter: Pad War With the Braziliall Rebels. W113dding Eve. &5 Muldoon, the Sport, by Tgm Teaser 5R Frank Re.ade, Jr . and Hie Electric Coach; or, The 57 Young ::neuth aDd tlle Murder in the Sta.te .. Room; or, 66 Oheeky and Ohipper; or, Throoib Thick and Thin. Search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part I. A Mystery of tne Ocenn. 57 Two Hard Nuts; or, A Term 69 or, The 58 or. The. Keen Am's Academy, by Ham Smile-y 60 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Magnetic Gun-Ca.rriake; or, 69 Young Terrible Dilemma; or, One Chance 10 : Store, 61 Boat; or, Lost Jtl the 60 thf!l at the Masked Ball; or, f:::; Left,. 62 or, Lost in the 61 Out the 62 Joseph Jump H1s Old Bhnd by Peier Pad Land of Crimson Sno,y, Part II. Thugs of Hj>.ltimore All the abave libraries are for sale by all I)ewsdealers in the United States and Canal'ia, or sent to your address, post-paid, on receipt of price. Address P.(}. Box 273'0. :FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, New Y _ork.


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