Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part II.

Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part II.

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Frank Reade Jr.'s electric cyclone; or, Thrilling adventures in no man's land. Part II.
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Frank Reade library.
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New York
Frank Tousey
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Frank Reade library..
n Vol. 3, no. 65 (December 16, 1893)
New York :
b Frank Tousey ;
650 Dime novels.Science fiction.Inventorsv Fiction.
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"Noname's" Latest and Best Stories are Published in This Library. ""To 65 { } FRANK TOUSEY. PUIILISRER. 3! & 36 NOR1'H MooRE STREET, NEW YORK. { )'ltiCE } vol. III .&,-,. o t COMPLKTE. New York, December 16, 1893. ISSUED "YEEKLY; 5 CICNT!l. Enteed according to the Acto( Congress, in the yeur 1893, by FRA.NK TOUSEY, in the o.ff"tce of the Librarian of Conyress, at Wa.hington, D. C. FRONK REJIDE JB.'S Electric Cyclcnej OR. THRILLING ADVENTURES IN NO MAN'S LAND. "Begorra, it's thick-headed I am to be sure," cried Barney. "Have at the blasted omadhouns." All a volley at the gunners and not without effect. Two of them threw up their arms felL


2 FRANK READE, JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. The subscription price of the FRANK READE by the year is $2.50; $1.25 per six months. post paid. Address FRANK . TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street, New York. Box 2730. Fran& lleaae, Jr.'s Electric cucione: OR, Thrilling Adventures . In No Man's Land 1\ ::Sy "NON A.ME," Author of "From Pole to Pole; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Strange Submarine Voyage," etc., etc., etc. I CHAPTER XXXVII. coal," cried Barney, excitedly. I 'ave it in With wild yells, they broke ranks and gal A BATTLE WITH APACHES me moind that :yez _put up a foine job on me, loped to a safe distance out on the plain. Tliere \ whin ye electr1fied them sthairs. Whurroo l they halted, and made the air htdeous with THE attack of the Apaches on the Cyclone Now, I'll have me revinge." thetr baffled yells. wafl a furious and well -directed' one. So sud Barne;v: made a dash for Pomp. Bu. the Dr. Vaneyke aJ?plauded Pomp's success and denly did it come that its defenders were undarky d1d not retreat. On the contrary, he the was htghly elated. able to make action before the deck and hull lowered his head quick as a flash and met "Didn ti tell yo' Marse.Yaneyke! Dis chile Qutside the steel netting fairly swarmed with Barney full and fair in the stomach. am no fool on de Injine I done fix the red foe. The result was that Barney, very mu_ch sur-dem chaps rignt off quick.' Some of them even tried to scale the netting prised and breathless, sat down suddenly upon The were making a wild tumult, and showered blows upon it with their battle-the deck. He was upon his feet quickly, but Dr. Vaneykesmiled grimly. axes. The attack was made with a daring and Pomp had skipped. "I'll soon stop that!' he muttered. a vigor s eldom practiced by savages. Barney rubbed his stomach in a discomfited He gave orders to Barney to the CyBarney and Pomp had rushed to their re way and cried . clone about so as to bring the electriC gun to spective stations. Dr Vaneyke and Snyder "On me loife I have it in fer that naygur now, bear upon the redskins. This was done and had seized their Winchesters, while Enid, teran' may I never live to see the ould sod agin, if then Dr. Vaneyke carefully sighted the grin rifted, fled to the safety of the cabin. I don't come square 'wid him. That's Barneey A bolt wa$ thrown almost at the feet of the Whurroo!" yelled Barney. "Oi'll soon faix O'Shea's worrud on it." yelling horde. The air was filled with lightthem omadhonsl Jist hould yer bosses one mo Barney went down to the engine room inning flashes and a literal mound of earth was ment an' O i'll give thim a taste av phwat they quite a huff, while Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder raised. won't loike.'' . st!ll discussed the best way to settle affairs When the smoke and dust had cleared away, Barney had sprung to the. electric wtre w htch wtth the savages. the terrified horde of barbarians could be seen connected the dynamos w1th the steel hull. Both averse to slaughtermg them w1th in the distance, fast becoming a speck upon the He pressed the button and the result was the electric gun. Of cU permission, Pomp," declared well as the dragons themselves, sailing down explained by Alvarez that this was the border the doctor. "What is your scheme?'' among the savages, gave them a superstitious of the Miaco Swamp. "Be me sowl, ye ugly bit av a piece av char-fright. Darkness began to shut down rapidly now.


' Part ll. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 3 When the timber line was reached the gloom quite possible that they were the cowboys of CHAPTER XXXIX. was thick an'd impenetrable. Hernando: s returned, or even a hunting party MORE WITH FRIENDS. The rays of the search-light beld the gallop-of Apaches. . IN the excttement attendant upon the rescue ing cowboys al"'ays in view. They dared not In any case, it wds evident that they would of Frank 'Reade, Jr., nobody J:iad given the break away for they feared the lightning ride over him. The next moment the flying cowboys a thougQ,t. Receiving no orders to bolts behind them. hoofs were all about him. Frank waited for halt they had kept on, and were lohg since out Pomp was at the wheel and kept a good the blow which was to take his life. of sight and hearing. watch of the prairie ahead for obstructions. To But it did not come. The entire cavalcade No doubt they had taken advantage .of t.he strike a stump or a bowlder might disarrange passed directly over him. There }Vere times opportunity to escape. This theory found easy the Cyclone's machiner_y. when the flying hoofs came perilously near his verification, when, upon looking for Pedro Al-Quite a clear space mtervened between the face, but happily they did not strike him. varez, it was found that he was also missing. Clclone and the cowboys. Pomp kept watch The horsemen had gone on. Frank's heart The steeLdoor in the netting had been left o this. Dark, gaunt forms of wolves were sank. open, and he was, doubtless, ere tb,is! deep in seen shooting in and out of the timber, and But now a new and thrilling surprise await-the forest and beyond pursuit. suddenly a sharp, startled cry burst from ed. him. To his surprise the light about him Dr. Vaneykelooked blankly' at Snyder. Here Pomp's lips, and he jingled the bell in the en-became like day. A thundering sound in his was a pretty how-de-do. gine-room. rear struck him as familiar. In a moment be "Well, I'm .beat this time!" exclaimed the lnstantly the Cyclone came to a halt. had grasped the situation. scientist, disgustedly. "I really think l am "The Cyclone!" he gasped. "They.are in pur-losing my wits in my old age." CHAPTER XXXVIII. suit of the horsemen. Oh, if Pomp could only ::It is your fault than mine," de-see mel" clared the detective: 1: He made a: herculean effort to twist his face Bejabers, a mo ,ind to go afther most v1v1d of hardly about. For an instant he saw the Cyclone, for now, declarelly opporta!lity _for a lark, and he dtd not But he thought of hts "Great Heaven!" exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke and Barney saw a opportumty., mtsst?n, ones at home, Snyder in the same breath. "Pomp is He had_had 1t m for. Pomp ever the !at-of hts proud _proJects m hfe, and he felt horror-There is a human head out there on the pratriel ter the engme-room stturs. struck and siCk at heart. 1 What can it '' Whtle Frank's back.was tl!rned to welcome He could feel_ the fa_ngs of his destro:y-"Let down the gangway!" cried Snyder. Enid, who had come o_ut of the cabin, Bar-ers even now smkmg mto hts temple::; .. Thetr "I will go out and investigate." ney _drew a susptcwus-lookt!lg black ble to him "You my ti!fie had not come," declared pungent ammonia and the effect was terrific. as a ltvmg bemg m hts present posttwn. He Frank wtth a smlle. "But these horsemen-The darky thought his last moment had tried to turn his head ana shout. were they not some of the cowboys whom you come. Wholly unable to get his breath he But his voice was a faint whisper. The horse-were chasing1" went off as if struck by a .cannon ball. men con;ing _directly down. upon him. "They are our prisoners I" declared Dr. VanThen. the' raw ammonia, getting in its They m1gl!t r1de d1re?tly over hl!fi. A blow eyke, he shot:t as a su.dden apVfOrk m hts mouth and nostrils, by the from a passmg hoof m1ght crush h1s skull. prehensu:m h;1s romd. He mstantly .t1me he had caught his breath he gave Al_l these thoughts pas_sed over Frank sw1ft mves_ttgatwn. . o_ne long howl and 'tore up to the deck Jr., m a short space of t1me. Another chtllmg Th1s resulted m a startlmg d1scovery. The like a madman. With frantic howls and thought stlruck him. .. r wh

4 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II, "WhatoRearthisthematted"askedFrank, Hebeganworkuponthenettingclosebeside:will make sure of you. You are my lawful as the doctor and the detective held Pomp the door. The saw noiselessly separated the prey now." .firmly in their clutches. What has happened links of the netting until a small orifice was He crept to the door of the state-room. The to you, Pomp 1" made. Through the daring invader thrust knife was In his hand and murder was in his But Pomp could not open his mouth to reply, his arm. In a moment he had undone the black heart. so fearfullydidhislipsand tongue smart. Then bolts and the door swung open. At a motion Under ordinary circumstances Frank Reade, Frank smelled the ammonia about him and from him a dozen dark forms flitted out of the Jr., might easily have been murdered right guessed the truth. gloom and sprung aboard the Cyclone. there in his sleep. He seemed wholly at the Barney!" he shouted. "Come up here!" mercy of his foe. The Celt came meekly on deck and regarded CHAPTER XL. But this was really not so. When he conPomp furtively, as he stood sheepishly before structed the Cyclone, Frank had foreseen a his employers. I A BoLD ATTAcK possibility of this sort, and made an invention "Yis, sir," he said, with a scrape. LIKE silent phantoms the invaders crept up-to guard against it. "What did you give Pomp1'' on the deck of the. Cyclone. The man who had This was a secret wire which rang a tremen" Shure, sar, I had a bit av good ould whisky sawed his ay through the steel netting gave dous gong at the head of the bed the moment an' the pagur had a bit av a ch ill, an' 1-:-I thiak whispered orders to them, an intruder put a foot over the thres!wld. it was a bit too sthrong, sar." Once in the light, his face was revealed. He There was skillfully concealed beneath the "Whisky!" exclaimed Frank, forcibly. "It was no other than Miguel Hernando. planks an electric batt.ery, and it needed only smells like whisky, don't it 1 Barney, I am The truth was, the ranchero had returned to the pressure upon the board. to set the machin ashamcdof you. If that ammonia had struck make sure that Frank Reade, Jr., had met the ery of alarm working, It was :a [clever(inven into.Pomp's eyes, the result might have been fate he had allotted to him. To his surprise he tion. serious." found the Cyclone upon the spot. So it happened that the moment HernandO> "Shure, sar.l'll nlver do it _gin," sputtered He fell in with Pedro Alvarez, who hatl been set his foot over the threshold, the gong rang. Barney, "but the nagur roastild me a bit ago in the forestall the while. From him he learn The ranchero guessed at the trick, and was in the ingine-room, sar, an' I had jist to get ed the details of the famous inventor's rescue. ready to spring upon Frank Reade, Jr. Had square, sah." "Curse the luck!" he gritted, angrily. "That he reached him with that deadly !knife in his Pomp had by this time regained his voice chap has the lives of a cat. But you were aboard hand, that hour would ha\"e been the young in-and his' pugilistic ability also. He made a whack the Cyclone, Pedro; what did you learn 1" ventor's las f. at Barney. Enough to satisfy me, Miguel, that we can But it wa,s not ordained that Frank Reade, "!done paUyze you, yo' good fo' nuffin; I'sh-get aboard if w:e go to work right." Jr., should thus come to so summary an end. man!" he yelled. Yo' neber want to play 'no Ah, say you so 1" A merciful Providence watched over him still. mo' such tricks on me. I tell yo' dat fo' a sut-It was the plan of Alvarez that a saw and oil Very cleverly Frank had taken precautions tin' fac'.'' be used to mak!l a hole in the steel setting. which would insure his safety were he ever at-Barney retreated precipitately ,to the engineThen he described the manner of bars and bolts tacked unawares, as in the present case. Just room. Pomp went after him, but Barney upon the door, and how they were to be undone. at the foot of the berth a secret wire was con closed and bolted the door. They contented Hernando, thus guided, effected an entrance cealed in a little groove extending across the themselves with calling each other names beto the Cyclone. floor of the state-room. All this was so clever hind the barrier. Once upon the deck of the electric wonder, Iy arranged, that, upon retiring, Frank could Frank exchanged glances with Snyder and Hernando held a whispered consultatlon with set the alarm, which would ring if anybody at-Dr. Vaneyke, and with a laugh, said: Alvarez. tempted to enter, and in the same instant, by "Wei!, I don't see how we are going to keep "I want to strike a blow at the old fox first," an I).Utomatic arrangement, would elevate the those rascals from maltreating each other. Let he declared, sibilantly. "If we don't settle wire from its groove two feet, and. also heavily them go it.'' him fi:t;sthe will be apt circumvent us with charge it. "Shall we go on further to-night1" asked some one of his electric appliances. Do you Contact with that heavily-charged wire was Dr. Vaneyke, as they descended again to the see1" a serious matter, and Frank could not have cabin. "Ay," replied Alvarez, eagerly, "You are raised a better barrier of defense, "lthinknot,"repliedFrank. "Wecangain right. Goahead and we will watch. Do not TheresultwasthatHernando,not knowing nothing to-night. With daylight we will try fear." of the existence of the wire, in trying to spring and invade the swamp." "But where shall I look for him 1" cried upon Frank's sleeping form, was hurled across All on board the Cyclone were glad enough Hernando, hoarsely. the state-room with such force as to stun him. to rest that night. Even Barney and Pomp "That i<> his cabin, just amidships. He The next moment Frank Reade, Jr., was became reconciled and went to their berths sleeps there. Strike home, Miguel!" thoroughly arousl!d. He sprung out of the peaceably. "Leave that to me." berth and touched an electric key which illuThe Cyclone was put in readiness for the "One word more.'' mined the Cyclone throughout. night. The steel door in the netting was "Well 1'' He saw the true state of affairs at once. It locked and als9 the trap in the steel hull was "As soon as you have driven the knife into was but a moment's work to press a small barred. his heart, whistle, and we will rush in upon knob which shut off the electric current from A guard or watch seldom did duty on board the others and quiet them." the guard wire and returned it to its groove. theC_yclone._ The electric was consid"Very well, Pedro." Then, grasping a piece of rope, he sprung upon ered Imperv10us to a prowlmg foe, so there did "You will not fail1" Hernando. not seem to be any need of a watch. "No." Before the ranchero could recover from his Frank was indulging in mucli needed slum And while -this deadly peril menaced them, stupor the young inventor had him bound ber in his stateroom. Enid was asleep in her the defenders of the Cyclone _slept the sleep of tightly hand and foot. Then Frank sprang out chamber,_ and Dr. Vaneyke and Duncan Snye;hausted nature. The invasion by the foe upon the deck. der were m the land of nod. had been so quiet and easy that not one had Here he found a thrillingstate of affairs. Barney P?mp in their quarters forward been disturbed. The cowboys, waiting for the whistle from Herwere swearmg hke troopers. The search-light Had they known of the real state of affairs, nando to spring the surprise upon the defenders was extinguished, the dynamos were idle, only they would have trembled. It seemed that of the Cyclone, were the recipients of the sur sufficient current being maintained to keep the they were really at the mercy of a murderous prise themselves. watch-lights in the pilot-house going. foe. The same alarm which aroused Frank Reade, i o So It happened that none on board saw a dark Hernando, with a deadly knife held between Jr., also the others, and ins tautly Bar form glide out of the darkness of the timber. his white teeth, crept to the stairway of ney and Pomp, Dr. Vaneyke and Snyder rushed It was a man closely muffled. Frank's cabin. He moved cautiously and siout upon the deck. There were other dark in he forest Iently. In the glare of the electric< lights they saw but they remained there. This one man ven-An electric light burned dimly in the cabin. the situation at a glance. The cowboys drawtared to stealthily climb upon the hull of the state-room door was open and the asing their revolvers fired at them, but tortubyclone. sassin saw him plainly reclining in his berth. nately without doing any harm. He tried the door in the steel netting. It Hernando's face lit up with an evil exultation. Pomp and Barney retreated into the engine.. would not open. Then he drew from ht,s "Ah I" he muttered to him&elf, "Per Dios/ room, Dr. Vaneyke went to the pilot-house, and pocket a number of steel files and a saw, with nothing could have worked better. You esSnyder slid in behind the support of the searchA bottle of oil, caped the wolves, Senor Reade, but this time I light.


Part II. FRANK READE .JR. '8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 5 \ All had their Winchesters and at once open-Instinctively he began to work upon his Frank, dubiously. "And yet I felt sure that I ed fire OR the cowboys. Three of them were bonds. To his great joy they began to yield them secure." wounded, and just as Frank Reade, Jr., sprung and the hempen rope stretched. "I done tink we better gib de chap a run in from his state-room they repreated through the He could hear the conflict between his comde dark," suggested Pomp. steel door in the netting precipitately, and dis-rades and:the:arous ed defenders of the Cyclone, "I'm av the same mind1 cried Barney. "If appeared with wild and baffled yells in the and knew that the former were getting the ye'lllave me an' the naygur. go out we'll soon darkness. worst of it. fetch him back." Barney turned the search-light after them, This nerved hi111 to desperation and he made "No harm come of giving the fellow a and shots were exchanged, but with small a mighty effort to free himself. The effort chase," agreed Frank. "But I have no idea that effect. proved successful. we shall be able to recapture him." The door was closed in the netting of steel, The bonds slipped from his wrists and he "At least, we can try,'' cried Snyder, as he and then the startled of the C:wclone seized a knife which lay upon table,.. and slipped some fresh cartridges ;into his Win were abletoseehowthe foe had cleverly gained severed those which bound his feet. He was chester. "Come on, Barney .and Pomp, I am entrance. now a free man. with you." "By Jupiter!" exclaimed Snyder, in amaze-But how was he to escape from the Cyclone 1 Frank and Dr. Vaneyke to look ment, "that is as pretty a job as I ever saw. He glanced through the door and saw that it Enid and calm her fears, while the three The chap who sa wed those wires is a clever would be madness to attempt to cross the Cypursuers left the Cyclone. An hour later they hand' at it, and he has done the same thing beclone's deck. returned after a fruitless quest. fore I'll warrant." In his. extremity he looked for another means To be sure, Barney had run into a number of "It's a pity they escaped," declared Dr. Vanof exit. A narrow door led down a flight of the cowboys in the verge of the swamp and eyke. "We ought to have had them in dur-stairs to the lower cabin of the Cyclone. Her-shots were exchanged. But the foe had re ance vile." nando this and passed down the and all efforts to ferret them out were "Never mind!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., triquickly. This brought him into the lower cabin fruitless. umphantly. "We have the ringleader in where he was accorded a thrilling surprise. This ended the excitement for that night. limbo, anyway." It chanced that Enid's state-room was just off Frank took good care to place Barney on guard This was news to the others, who did not from this cabin. The young girl had heard the until daybreak. know that Hernando had been entrapped. rifle shots and the rumpus overhead .and nad It is needless to say, however, that very little Frank detailed the little affair in his state-come out of her room. sleep was indulged in by any. 'With the com room, then said: Just a.s she did so, Hernando, in a terrified iiig of daybreak, all were astir at an early hour. "Let's take a look at the sleek rascal." .and stealthy manner, came through.the cabin. But at the breakfa::.t hour Frank Reade, Jr., But before this could be done, a wilrl, terri-In an instant he caught sight of her, and sprung did not appear. fied, feminine shriek rang through the Cyclone's towards her. He had been locked in his state-room with the cabin. In his insane terror his only thought was blinds closed. When Pomp rapped on the door that she would betray him, and his impulse was to call him, the faithful aarky heard him CHAPTER XLI. to silence her. Therefore he seized her in his moving about, ann the reply came: HERNANDo's ESCAPE. powerful al'ms and endeavored to clasp a hand "All right, Pomp. I will be out soon. Do THAT scream all knew could be uttered by over her lips. not wait for me." none other than Enid Weston. Moreover, it But Enid resisted him stoutly and a ";A' right, Marse Frank," replied the puzzled was a signal of distress, and at once aroused wild scream of terl'or up on the air. This was darky. every man. heard by those on deck, and the shuffling of It was some while after the others had eaten "What is the matt.ed" gasped Frank Reade, their feet was heard as they came to the resthei\' breakfast that the famous inventor came Jr. "Has anybody 13een Enid since .the attack cue. on deck. There was nothing in his appearance of the foe 1" Hernando was in a _guandary of doubt and that would indicate that h e had spent the "Her state-room is forward," replied Dr. terror. He was hardly able to decide upon a whole night in the hardest kind of a study to Vaneyke, excitedly. "Perhaps some one of move. But the foe were coming. Something devise a way for routingtheoutlawsfrom their the scoundrels has found his way thither." must be done. stronghold in the swamp. Golly! dis chile dat am a fac'," cried With an impulse he hurled Enid from him But this was a fact Frank Reade, Jr. meant I Pomp. and dashed through a door at the far end of to accomplish his purpose, and he was certainly Barney grabbed his Winchester and sprang the cabin. This took him into the gun-room. possessed of the natural' ability and ingenuity after Frank Reade, Jr., who had gone into the As chance had it, the electric gun was drawn to do it. the subtle mechanism of his cabin with a couple of long leaps. The others back on its runnions away from the port. This brain was set at work no obstacle could stay followed. was an avenue of escape, and the villain did its execution. When .Frank bou,nd Hernando with the rope not hesitate to seize it. 'It was only after breakfast that Dr. Vaneyke which he found in his13tate-room, he did so hur-In a moment he was crawling on his belly ventured to approach him on the subject. riedly. It did not enter his mind jn that brief through the aperture just large enough to al" Well, Frank, he said, quietly. "I presume space of time which ensued that the villain low of his passage. Then he dropped down to we shall endeavor to in some way rout Cole could liberate himself. the ground, and picking himself up made good uian out of this new retreat. But I don't ex At. first the ranchero had been stunned with his escape in the gloom. ac.tly see how we can do it." the force of the electric shock. Hp had been Frank Reade, Jr., was the first to leap down "The plan is very simple," replied Frank unable to resist when bound by Frank, but as into the cabin. He met Enid, half fainting, and Reade, Jr., coolly. "I have worked it :au out soon as the young inventor was gone he recov-caught her in his arms. 1 to my complete satisfaction. It will be but a ered quickly. "What is it r he asked, quickly. "You question of time, and that time will be short." He realized that his clever scheme to capture screamed for help 1" the Cyclone had failed, and that he was in the "I did," replied the young girl, breathlessly. power of his dreaded foe. "It was a horrible man, who seized me in his CHAPTER XLII. Hernando was a merciless brute, who set no arms and tried to choke me. He has gone into MAKING OBSERVATIONS. value upon human life, and he judged Frank the gun-room." D:a. VANEYKE was astonished. This declar. Reade, Jr., by himself.. "You are not hurt, then 1" ation not onlr SUJ;prised him, but aroused his It was his. belief that Frank would execute "No." curiosity. him summarily, and at once the love of life, so "Go to your room, then. We will look after He was far too polite to bluntly question the strong upon the vlllain, made him desperate tbe fellow," cried Frank, dashing into the gun-great inventor. So he employed skillful theor-beyond measure. room. But the escape of Hernando was soon izing. "Per Dios f' he gritted. "Curse the b:astly made apparent. The famous inventor's chagrin I can't quite see how we can take the Cyluck! I shall be lucky to get out of his scrape knew no bounds. clone into the swamp," he said cautiously, "on alive. This Senor Reade is surely a wizard, All were now congregated in the gun-room. less we have the good fortune to discover a when one cannot approach him without>eing Barney made haste to place the electric gun in road." 1 knocked over by something invisible." position, so that the port was closed. "Which is possible, but hardly likely,,. agreed The fellow's superstitious fears were arous"This is the hardest kind of luck!" cried Dr. Frank. First of all, we must exactly locate ed. He knew little of the powers of electricity Vaneyke, disappointedly. "We may never this stronghold." .and did not ascribe his defeat in any measure succeed in getting 'the villain in limbo again:" "I concur in that," replied the doctor. o that force. "He must have slipped his bonds," declared "That matter settled, we can then quickly ;


6 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. decide upon a method of reaching and attackwas rapidly distending \Vith the volume of creants may have a magazine rifle, which woulti ing that stronghold." gas. easily throw a bullet up here. We will go "Ah but there's the rub. To locate the Frank Reade, Jr., and the doctor watched the down." stronghold would seem like looking for a needle proceeding until the bag was filled to its Frank leaned over the basket and signaled to in a haystack." \ utmost. Then they prepared for the asc'enBarney. The balloon began to descend, but "I:Iumph 1 that is the very easiest 1>rick of sion. sudde nly there was a sharp, whiplike crack, all. It required the combined efforts of BarneY and Frank saw the bag collapsing. The aged scientist looked wonderingly at and Pomp and Snyder to keep the monster un-He saw a sharp rent in its side, and realized Frank. The' famous inventor had spoken with der control until Frank and the doctor could that his fear with regard to a stray bullet had much assurance. The doctor had always given clamber into the car. The balloon was not one found verification. Some one of the foe had, Frank Reade, Jr., credit for a vast amount of of the largest size but would easily support despite the distance, sent a bullet through the ingenuity, and while he did not doubt the sue-two men, being of the kind used by the army body of the balloon. cess of his plan, he wondered much what it corps. might be. Plunging and leaping at its tether, the hal-CHAPTER XLIII. Frank Reade, Jr., read his mind quiee easily, loon was eager to ascend. The two men were and smiled quietly. He was silent a moment, now in the basket, and Frank in a sharp voice INTo THE swAMP and finally said: cried : To a novice, the thought that the balloon "There is no reason why I should n:ot reveal "All ready, Barney! Let out on the' rope! I was collapsing would have been terrifying. To my plan to you, doctor." , 1 will signal you when we are up high enough." Frank Reade, Jr., and Dr. Vaneyke, however, Dr. Vaneyke's face flushed with delight. A windlass had been rigged for the paying who were skilled aeronauts, there was little "Indeed I shall be happy," he declared. out of the rope, and now the balloon rose thought of danger. '.'It will be 1easy enough to locate Coleman's steadily upward. At an attitude of dive hun-At that altitude the gas could not escape hiding-place in the swamp, but not so easy to dred, feet Frank judged that they were high from the balloon with sufficient rapidity to ad reach it. I will not disclose my plans for the enough up and signaled Barney. mit of a dangerous fall. The balloon would latter exigency. As to the former, just wait The balloon came to a stop, being suspended reach the ground quickly but with a gentle one moment." h)gh in the air. Those below waited and shock. Frank touched a knob, which rang an elecwatched for the signal that was to lower the It was _no of the fall that thrilled tric bell. In a moment Pomp came tumbling balloon. . Frank wtth It was the up from below, and Barney came out of his As they went up m the air Frank apd the the bullet had serwusly damaged the atr-ship; quarters. doctor saw unfolded before them a strange and "Confound those miscreants!" muttered the "Barney and Pomp "said the famous invent-wild panorama of wilderness inventor. "They have spoiled or "you may go the store chamber and To the eastward were the broad plains, with the balloon. I would like to spoil their den bring me a steel-bound chest which you will mourrtains_far beyond, the _was with a from electric gun." find there. B ring it up on deck." a Which at once claimed their undtvtded : You w1ll very hkely soon get the chance," The two faithful fellows ducked their heads ateentwn. crted Dr. Vaneyke. and vanished Then Frank turned to the docThe mighty swamp land lay beneath them, "l hope so." tor again with an expanse of many square miles. Its Barney and Pomp and Snyder from below "1 feel that a very short time confines extended to the edge of a vast plateau, had seen the collapse of the balloon. The !at will end our quest. 1 believe that the stand which were ranges. It was ter was for he _expected to see the two Coleman makes in this stronghold will be his a Wild scene. men dashed mto etermty upon the ground at last We must take care to kee him hemmed Tangled forest and miles of treacherous mo-his feet. .. P rass extended back from the prairie floor But this did not happen. The balloon gy-m. Through all this mighty wilderness there ran rated and collapsed and sank slowly down. "Ah! that looks declared the a small river, whose current in places seemed When it touched the ground, Barney and doctor who was awattmg the partly choked with weeds and grass. Pomp secured it, and the two aeronauts leaped of Pomp and Barney wtth the mysterwus Frank and the doctor, in silence for some mo-out. chest. ments, studied this scene with their glasses. "Now for business!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., In a few m _oments they on deck, pant-Then a sharp cry escaped the young determinedly. "Before twenty-four hours we mg and tuggmg a';ay at thetr ?eavy burden. lips. must lay siege to the foe in his stronghold." The box. was depost.ted at Frank and the "Hal" he cried, "I told you so. Look there, "Golly! Marse Frank," cried Pomp, excited famous unlockedtt, and threw doctor!" ly. "Yo' don' say as how yo' hab foun' out jes' back the ltd. But the scientist had at the same moment seen whar' it am, do yoT' A great mass Of otled Silk and strong Silk the cause of Frank's exclamation. A thrilling "I have," replied Frank; "just exhaust the was sight it was, too. balloon of gas, Barney and Pomp, and stow it L1ke a, flash the Idea mstantly upon Not more than a mile from the prairie, in the away. Then report on deck, we have got work Vaneyke, full force. He drew htmself up depths of the morass and upon the bank of to do." a shari> cr1.!: the river, was an island high and dry. >,Along "Ay, ay, sorl" cried Barney, with a E:enian A balloon. he .cned. "Well, I never the river side of this there extended a high whoop "Shure we'll show the omadhouns a thought of that. parapet or breastwork of logs. thing or two, or I'll niver be called Barney "I told you the idea was a simple one," re-Upon the eastern side, and in the verge of O'Shea agin." plied Frank, with a laugh. "But I did not the cypress growth, was a palisade or btockade Snyder was listening to Dr. Vaneyke's ac study all night to formulate it. I told you' it which defended thE; island from invasion in count of the view from the ballooa. The de would be easy enough to locate the stronghold that direction. One large log-house and nu-tective was overjoyed atthe prospect. Even of the outlaw, but not so easy to reach it." merous smaller ones were scattered about. Enid listened eagerly. "So you did!" cried the doctor, who was carThis was the stronghold of Coleman, the out-Meanwhile, the balloon was safely stored ried away with the idea. "Will you make the law. away ill the hold of the Cy-clone, and Barney ascension, Frank?" Indeed, a large body of men could be seen and Pomp reported to Frank Reade, Jr., on "Yes, and you may accompany' me if you excitedly gathered in the center of thE) inclosdeck. The famous inventor at once broached like. I have a long silken rope which will ure. It was evident that they had observed his plan. regulate the height to which we may want to the balloon and were greatly excite9, over it. "It is necessary to get the Cyclone near ascend. We shall need to go up high enough "just as I thought!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., enough to the stockade to attack the foe," he to look down upon the swamp at all events." 'triumphantly. "We have found the "Now, there is only one -way to do The doctor was delighted with the pl'l!.n, and hold bf the foe. Why, Coleman could remain that. Just here at this point there is hardly a it was decided to waste no time. Accordingly, buried in that place for years, and the world quarter of a mile of woods before you will come Frank caused a chemical generator of gas, one would be none the wiser. Of course, they must to the river. of his .many inventions, to be brought from the have some secret way of reaching that island "My idea is to cut our way through these hold. with their horses, but f do'ubt if it would be a woods. Once upon the banks of the river, we This with the balloon was conveyed to the broad enough path to allow of the passage of will speedily construct a log raft which will prairie, after making sure that none of the the Cyclone. Well, we have sttled the quesfloat the Cyc l one. We \vill then have a float enemy were in the vicinity. Barney and Pomp tion, doctor, now let us descend and plan for1ing battery, as 'it were, and if we do not drive were set at work filling the balloon. Soon it the invasion. I fancy some one of those mis-the foe to the wall, it will be our fault." ,


Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 7 "Dat am a grand id'eel" cried Pomp, cutting of time as would be required to attack the outThere was a brilliant series of lightning a pigeon wing. "I done reckin Marse Frank Jaws' stronghold. flas)les, the air seemed full of forked lightning, could capture Ireland from de English, if hejes' The Cyclone was now really a floating bata terrific roar, and when the smoke cleared made up his mind to." tery, as after the launching she moved a,way away the place where the threatening cannon "Whurroo!" shouted Barney. "Frank Reade, into the stream. Hardly a week had been conhad been was a tremendous hole in the ground. Jr., ar' jist de man that cud do that l:!ame. sumed in all this mighty work. A large section of the stockade was blown 4 Oid loike to take the Cyclone to Hirelail.d an' The paddle wheels and rudder worked adaway, and a number of the foe were seen run dhrive out the blasted usurper of me ancisters." mirably, and the raft was easily managed. ning for their lives across the island. But Dr. Vaneyke looked puzzled. There was now nothing to binder an attack what folly for them to think of battling "I have no doubt of your success, Frank,' upon the stronghold. against such a terrific destroyer as the Electric he said, quietly, "but may I ask you one ques-It happened that the launch took place in Cyclone. tion 'I" early morning. Satisfied that the Cyclone w"as A wild cheer went up from Barney and "Well1" all safe to proceed to battle, Frank decided to Pomp, and the raft glided down to the spot "How can we hope to make a sufficient roadlose no time. Accordingly, he gave the order where the breach in the stockade had been way for the Cyclone to the river, through that to Barney to start the dynamos. made. fearful yielding morass 1" \ T,he Cyclone started away down the river Once again the electric gun sent a bolt acros1. The young inventor laughed. buoyed up by the raft. Everybody on board the island. It fell directly iu the van of a ".It must be that you never beard of a cordu-was on the qui, and armed with their rifles, number of fleeing outlaws, and raising a great roy road, doctor'/" be replied, pleasantly. were on deck. mound of earth before them, caused them tore" I must confess that I never have," replied Down the river went the raft rapidly. Bend treat in dismay. the scientist vaguely. "We are never too old after bend was made, an(l after some time they The Cyclone was now in an-.a

' 8 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. theconditionthatyouallcomepeaceablydownoners1 We cannot keep them on board the CHAPTER XLV. here and lay down your weapons. You will Cyclone." PURSUED BY FIRE. then be expected to take an oath to leave these "By no means. Make them take an oath THE dismay and surprise of Frank Reade, parts forever." never to fight with Coleman or Hernando Jr., was great when he was confronted with We will be only too glad to do that," was again. this new peril. Of course, he at once under-the eager cry of tha truce-bearer. "They will break it!" stood its origin. He hastene d away and very soon half a hunThere is no other way, though. Allgaaed aghast at the flames swiftly mount;. tir e d rough men came down to the river bank If we can cut them off from their leaders effecipg upwards. Through the forest the fire was and laid down their weapons. Barney and tually, we may fear nothing more from them." running like mad. Pomp went ashore and held guard over them . "You are right. Our best plan is to return It would be easy to blow away the obstruc-Dr. Vaneyke remained aboard the Cyclone, to the prairie. No time is to be lost." tion with the electric gun. But this did not while Frank and Snyder, the detective,:proceedTllus decided, Frank moved expeditiously. In settle the question of escape. Already the e d to scour the island. a few moments he had compelled the prisoners forest fire had cut off ltny return to the prairie. Suddenly, and with a resistless fot"ce, the Cyclone swept down into the midst of the battle, separating the two forces like a dividing knife. The effect was thrilling in the extreme. I AHer an ine:tlectual search they came to the to take an oath never to serve unaer their forThere was but one avenue of escape, and this eonclusion that the truce-bearer had told the mel' leaders again, and then dispersed them was in the direction of the river. Altogether truth. Hernando and Coleman, with Madge, unarmed into the swamp. the situation was a desperate one. had gone. Once more on board the Cyclone, they made It was likely that the fire destroy the "If I thought they intended to return," said their way back to the corduroy road. Here corduroy road. In that case, how would the Frank, with an inspiration, we would remain Cyclone was removed from the raft and started Cyclone be able to return to the prairie 1 here and trap them." for the prairie. Of course, a new road could be built, but this "I b l'ttl f 'th th t th .11 t ,. The distance was only a quarter of a mile, would require time, and just now time was ave 1 e a1 a ey w1 re urn, . affirm e d Snyder. "Some warninp; will reach but b?fore 1t bad been half cover&a, a thr1llmg valuable. them before they enter the swam Our eest surpr1se was revealed. Th? road was suddenly But there was no other alternative, so Frank t tte th' b d f p 1 d b found to l1e blocked to a he1ght of twentv feet ran the Cyclone back to the raft. Aboard of move 1-S o sea r 1s an o rasca s, an e off in hot pursuit of those whQ have escaped." w1th fallen trees, logs and this_ t?ey put out int11 the river and returned to Perhaps you are right,'' agref>d Frank. "It What was worse, these ';ere d1scovered to be the 1s.and. is certain that some of the outlaws escaped be-on fire. Also from the d1stance through Not one of the outlaws was Lon.g fore I got the Cyclone in position to rake the forest the of fian:-es could be beard. smce they had undoubtedly reJomed the1r Ia d ,. among the resmous pmes. It was a darmg trwk leader and comrade beyond the con.fines of the \ 1s" n . of Coleman's. Returning to find his stronghold swamp. Of course. w11l be outs1de to warn captured, he bad adopted this means of retalia-In this event what had been gained by the Oh, he Will not come back here, rest tion. It meant destruction to the Cyclone, and expedition into the Frank asked assured. was a position from which it seemed not easylhimself this question and was inclined to pro "But what shall we do with all those pris-to extricate the electric wonder. nounce the expedition a failure.



10 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. "To make sure of the thing," continued Coleman la!ghed at this bloodthirsty declaColeman the inspiration. Frank, "take an ax along with you. H is easier ration. "Good!" he cried. You will do that for me, to cut down the tree than to file the chain. Do "Pshaw!" he exclaimed, contemptuously. Hernando7" you see the point 7" "It is nothing but electricity, and if I only "I will, senor." "Prezactly, Marse Frank. I done see it jes' knew a little wore about the mechanism of the "Enough! I wlll go with you as far as the as plain as dat I'ishman':> nose." Barney scowl-thing I could run it just as well as he does." base of the hills.'' ed. I jes' break dat chain mighty quick.'' Hernando's eyes bulged. The outlaw at once gave an order for the sad-The next moment Pomp was in the water "If you only could, Carl," he exclaimed, ex-dling of three horses. Then Madge was with the ax strapped to his shoulders. He citedly, "what a trick it would be for us. brought forth from her prison quarters. swam straight to the tree in question and soon We could capture the whole of Mexico.'' Though pale and a trifle _worn, she did not reached it. "Rest easy," said the outlaw, coolly. "We look much the worse for her confinement. She "De chain am yere, Marse Frankl" he shoutwill yet find a way to the tables on this vouchsafed no speech or sistance as she was ed, cheerily, and be gan work at once with the ax. Mr. Frank Reade, Jr. But just now we are lifted upon the horse and bound_ to the saqdle. The heavy blows told, for as the chips flew the in a bad box." When this had been accomphsbed Coleman forest monarch began to groan and tremble. "Eh 7 How so7" and Hernando, with two of the outlaws for ex Frank turned and looked anxiously at the "Well, we are on this condemned island in the tra escort, set out for the pratrie. great wall. of fire and smoke in their rea r. swarup. If he succeeds in getting down here Coleman's directionto his men were to await "It looks dubious, Frank," ventured Dr. Van-on that raft they're building, he can jest blow his return. He did not anticipate an immedieyke. "If we escape from this predicament we us to perdition.''_.... ate attack from the Cyclone, and fully expectwill lie lucky." Hernando nodded his head. ed to be back before it was made. As we have "We shall escape," declared Frank. "Per Diosl, he will succeed" I" muttered. seen, in this he failed. "Do you feel sure of that 1" "The devil aids him." Threading the bridle path through the "Yes.'' "'\'\reu, then I must

Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLONE. u to the worst and was resolved to bravely meet went down after Barney, both landing in a stroyed had it remained in the swamp. It was her fate. tangled heap at the foot of the stairs. a lucky escape. In a twinkling both were prisoners in the Dr. Vaneyk and Duncan Snyder, as well as "The next question is to get ashore!" cried center of a triumphant concourse of savage Enid, had seen the whole affair. They laughed Frank Reade, Jr. "That looks like a good Apaches. This was hardly an improvement immoderately, and even Frank Reade, Jr., join place to land. Pomp,_ Barney, turn the raft upoa Madge's hard bte. It was literally from ed in the laughter as he came out of the pilot into that little cove. Steady, all, with the t4e pan into the fire and her heart sank. house. poles." What be the end 1 Had not Barney and Pomp been two tough The famous inventor's commands were quick and elastic bodies they would have been seri-lY obeyed. The raft swung into a little cove in CHAPTER XLVII. ously injured. As it was they bled to the banks, and then Pomp aud Barney sprang their feet, and fearing a reprimand from Frank, a s hore, and made it fast with ropes. DOWN THE RIVER, glided away to their duties. It was an easy matter to rig a gangway for THE instant that Frank Jr., saw The raft was now drifting down the river. the Cyclone to run ashore on. In a short time Pomp pulled under the water by the heavy The water thus far had seemed deep 1lnough, the wonder was on the smooth prairie, chain, a wild cry of alarm pealed from his lips. and no trouble was encountered. By means of ready for another cruise after the outlaws. "Help! come alll" he cried, excitedly." Pomp poles collision with rocks or fallen trees were "It seems good to be once more on terra must be saved." averted. firmaf' cried Dr. Vaneyke, joyfully. "I will But Barney had seen the catastrophe as well The fire, meanwhile, was roaring like a thouI felt shaky the while we were as Frank Reade, Jr. sand thunders in the rear. To be overtaken by 10 that mfernal swamp. I'll save him too!'' the whole-it meant certain destruction. Yet tpe raft "Onre more we .. can run on level souleJ Irtshman, as he off h1s coat., But made but slow agreed Frank. I share senttments, happtly he had no occas10n to go to Pomp s res"SQmething must be do,ne," cried Frank doctor. Ah, what was that r cue. That sable-hued gentleman suddenly Reade J r desperately "We must get ahead Both gave a start and exchanged glances bobbed up from the river's depths like a cork. faster 'or .;,;e shall certainly be overtaken, They had come out at the base of the hills A cheer went up from all as;th,ey he was "Wait!" cried Dr. Vaneyke, suddenly. which the river skirted on emerging from the safe. In another moment he was bemg helped "Listen to that swamp. aboard the . From the distance down the river, sure The which had the startled The hold whiCh the cham had on htm was enough there came the sound of roaring ap. ds attent10n of both was a senes of sharp r4Worts broken when the bottom was reached, and It was tn one sense welcome in anoth r 1 up in the hills. They were quite comprehensive Pomp came to the surface. It was an almost it' foreboded disaster er sen to their practiced ej!.rs. miraculous escape. If the raft could in running the rapids "Why, it is the rattle of firearms!" cried heavy chain now lay at the bottom of safely, well good. But there was great Frank Jr., in surprise. "What does it the nver. There was no reason now why the danger that it would not. mean1 Cyclone should not proceed. Soon the current became swifter and the "It means that some sort of a scrimmage is "Golly I I don't tink my day had come," raft gained greater speed. going on up there." cried Pomp, as he shook himself like a New-All hands were now out 00 the raft with "'You are right." foundland dog. This in giving Barney poles al\d Frank Reade J r shouted shall we do 1" a sudden cold sprinkling, but from the mis"Stand by every one' Keep the steady "Investigate, of course. All aboard! Bar chievous twinkle in Pomp's eye it was easy and we will trust to to run the rapids ney, set the dynamos at work. Pomp, set your enough to guess that this was not accidental. safely.'' course for the hills. We shall soon find out "Begorra, but ye've a bloody bit av cheek to what is going o'n up there.'' shpill all yer dhirty wather over me," cried On swept the Now It sw_ept around a The orders were given sharp and quick and Barney angrily. "I've a moind to tache ye bend and a good v1ew of the raptds was hail. were quickly obeyed . naygur.'' To Frank's h_e saw a good in the Huh! Yo' 00 need to be in de way, I' ish," center, and mto thiS the raft was _gutded. CHAPTER XL VIII. retorted Pomp, mock seriously. "I jes' gib yo' The safety of the Cyclone, the hves of all on THE WOUNDED couRIER. fair warnin'. Dat's a' right, amn't it 1" depended upon the safe passage of THE Cyclone was almost instantly got under "Bejabers, it ain't roight, me foine birrud,'' raptds. Every was on the alert, and 1t way. Speeding rapidl:r over the intervening cried Barney. "Luke at me shirt, now, an' wa.s a suspenseful ttme. prairie, the hills were soon reached see the dhirty wather all over it. Oi'll have Down into the surging, plunging waters the The sounds of the firing were now quite satisfaction, or me name ain't Barney O'Shea." CJclone was carried. Now the raft was carried plain, and it was certain that strife of some "Huh! I done tink yo' name'll be Dennis, pon the top of some high wave to be-sort was going tm, The curiosity of all on I' ish, if yo' touch me.'' tween jagged rocks, to grate and grmd over board the Cyclone was aro used. Barney however was determined to get some obstruction. Onceoneendswung around "Do you imagine that it is the outlaws and square wlth Pomp, 'and he seized :first opit seemed as if it would the shore the Indians1" asked Dr. Vaneyke, as he joined portunity. As Pomp turned to go below, Bar-and mcur the force of descendmg waste of Frank forward of the wheel-house. ney threw out his foot and tripped him up. water. "I can hardly venture an opinion,'' replied '!Pomp went down like a barrow of bricks. But by good fortune this was cleared, and the famous inventor, slowly. "It is all a mys He scraped his flat nose on the Cyclone's deck, the next moment the raft, with Its precious tery at present.'' and brought his head up with terrific force load, glided down into clear water. "We shall soon ascertain.'' against" the hatchway. But tbis did not hurt The rapids were safely passed. This danger "Yes, and until tben we should wait pahim in the )east. was averted, but what was ahead none knew. tiently.'' t!' It had the effect of maddening him, however. The current was swifter at this pgint, and "Begorra, Its a foine racket they're makin' In a moment he was on his feet, and lowering the country less swampy, behJE more of a foro up there,:anyway,' put in Barney who had come his head, made a rush at Barney. est, with high banks. The rall; was carried on up from the engine-room. "Whish); now! Had the Celt been wise he would have gained rapidly, and as time passed, gradually they phwat would yez be afther calling that,' Mis a position of safety long before. But he had began to emerge into the open country. ther Frank 1 Shure, it luks like the smoke av paused to indulge in uproarious laughter and Soon the plains were about them on either thtl battle, an' be jabers, it's comin' this way, so got caught. hand, and Reade, Jr., with a glowing or me name ain't Barney O'Shea Pomp was quick and his attack con not be face, Barney pointed to a narrow pass in the hills avoided. Straight as an arrow he ru ed at "Fortune is yet with us, friend!'. We have as he spoke. A white cloud wastrolling up his tortnentor. His head took Barney full in certainly crawled out of the very jaws of into the air, and Dr. cried: the rear, just as the Irishman had turned to death.'' "Sure enough, Fran!> I What does that flee. "I should say so!" cried Dr. Vaneyke. "Just mean f' The result was Barney was impelled look back where we came from.'' Frank Reade, Jr., gave one glance at tfte dis forward like a stone out of a catapult. He was Truly it was an appalling scene to view. The taut cloud and 'ejaculated: utterly unable to stop or change his entire forest, land and swamp region, was one "That is not smoke-it is dust.'' As fate had it the cabin stairs were just be-vast, thundering mass of fire. It was a most Dr. Vaneyke looked surprised and Barney fore him. He could not even lift his feet to hit eublime and awful spectacle. High in t.he air rubbed his eyes vigorously. the stairs squarely, so was hurled their full rolled mountainous clouds of smoke and flame. "Be jabers, it's losin' me eyesight intoirely, I length. Pomp had not seen the trap and he The Cyclone would certainly have been deC ami" he cried. "Shure I should know the dif-(


12 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC. CYCLONE. Part II. ference betwixt an' bechune shmoke an' "Do you mean CHAPTER XLIX.; Of course I do." REPULSING THE SAVAGES. "It certainly is dust," agreed the doctor. "But-the reinforcement will small. There ed th "It is a horseman!" cried Frank. "He is 'are but few of you, and the Indians are half a THE appear upon 6 coming this waf." thousand strong." scene JUSt m the mck of time. That of A gust of wind had lifted the dust cloud and I don't care if they are ten thousand strong. the savages was a one, and. I't WQllld revealed the forms of man and horse. The I can whip them. Come, wa:ste no time, ser-have carried destruction into the of the animal was racing with all speed, and to the g!)ant. Lead on!" cavalrymen, who were of ammumtwn. surprise of all on board the Cyclone, the rider The wounded co.urier hesitated no longer. But Frank. Reade, Jr., ill tramappeared to be completely exhausted and hung "I will not come aboard!" he cried. "I willed the electriC gun and awaited t?e right rnawearily over the pommel of his saddle. lead the way. Now, follow me, and Heaven ment. Then he the "Begorra, an' it's nigh done out he is, too!" help you if you do not carryout your promise!'' The result was subllmeandmdescribable .. It cried. Barney. "Phwatsay yez, Misther Frank. He put spurs to his horse and roae back into was as if the bolt of a Jove had been hurledmto Shall I tell the naygur to stheer for the poor the pass. The Cyclone followed with all speed. the midst of the savages. ; Through the pass the electric wonder dashed, They were swept away before that mighty "Yes," replied Frank, "and be quick about and then came upon a thrilling scene. Ina small electric bolt like chaff before the wind. For a it, Barney.: crevice in the mountain wall the little cqmpany moment they wavered, but' again came on in "All right, sorr." of ca alrymen were holding at bay a force a yelling horde. Barney vanished into the pilot-house, where many times 'their number. The shots were Once again Frank trained gun. Once he was heard haranguing Pomp, but the flying thick and fast, and the rocks behind again the terrific bolt swept away scores darky had heard Frank's order and had al-which the devoted soldiers lay were crimsoned of the terrified toe . Terrified now, for without ready changed the Cyclone's course. with their blood. further hesitation they broke ranks and fled Swiftly the Cyclone approached the rider, All sprung up as the Cyclone The precipitately. The field was clear for the time who did not see the electric wonder at once. courier dropped from his horse and saluted a being, and the command of Lieut. Lane was When he did he reigned up his horse in a tall, handsome young o.fli<;er, who regarded the saved. startled manner. Cyclone in amazement. But the .A. aches had not abandoned the con-It was then seen that he was a man of me"Well, Sergeant;Wallacel" he cried, sharply. flict. They still waited at a respectful distance dium IM;ature and dressed in the uniform of a "Where are your reinforcements r and in excited U.S. cavalryman. He wore the stripes of a "Here!" cried the sergeant, sweeping agesThe appearance of the Cycl_one, however, had sergeant upon his sleeve. ture toward the Cyclone. "Here is a man who awed them, and somewhat dampened their The dyclone came to a halt not twenty yards says he can whip the whole Apache nation." ardor. They preferred to hold a council before from the rider. Then it was seen that he was "Thunder!" exclaimed Lieut. Lane, for he it venturing another attack. pale and ghastly and covered with blood. His was. "What kind of a machine do you call 'fhe cavalrymen had witnessed the work of sword arm hung limply by his side and there that, the electric gun with amazement. It far ex were shot holes in his broad brimmed hat. "I don't know, sir," replied the sergeant. celled any agent of destruction which they had He gazed in blank amazement at the Cy-"The man who owns it calls it an Electric ever seen. clone. Frank Reade, Jr., stepped out onto the Cyclone. I believe it is run by electricity." "By Jupiter!" cried one of them excitedly, gang ladder and cried: At this moment Frank Reade, Jr., ai>peared "I don't wonder that Uncle Sam is willing to "What is the matter, You look well at the door in the netting. It chanced that pay richly for the secret of such a gun. It played out." there was a lull in the battle just now. Frank beats the world." "Who are you r cried the cavalry sergeant, in saluted young officer, and said, politely: Lieut. Lane, quivering witlf joy and grati-astonishment. "What kind of a railroad on "Whom have I the honor of tude. came to the gang-stairs of the Cyclone. wheels is that you have "Lieut. Lane, of the U. S. army," was the Frank met him there and asked him aboard. "Well, I am Frank Reade, Jr., and this is quick reply. "Wonderful!" cried the handsome young my latest invention, the Electric Cyclone." "I ain glad to meet you, Lieut. Lane. I am officer. "I tell yqu, Uncle Sain ought to have "The dickens you say! What are you doing Frank Reade, Jr." the secret of that gun, Mr. Reade." in t]).is part of the "What!" exclaimed the amazed officer. "And Uncle Sam shall have it, if ever the "Pursuing a gang of outlaws. But what is "You are not the wonderful inventor of the hour of necessity comes," declared the famous the matter withyou ?" electric gun, for the secret of which the governinventor, candidly. "Neither shall he pay folj The sergeant gave a start, and spurred his ment would pay such a fabulous it. If the hour ever comes that my country is horse nearer, crying: "Yes, I am," replied Frank, modestly.. in danger, you will find Frank Reade, Jr., and "My God! there is not an. instant to lose. "And I have that electric gun with me. You his gun at the front, depend on that." One:hundred men, Lieut. Lane's command, are are in a tight box?" "You could sweep an army out of existence," hemmedina small hole therein the hills by "My God! w e are ih the jaws of death. IdeclaredLane. half a thousand fierce Apaches. Their ammu-don't see what'9an save us." "Possibly. But I did not invent the gun for nition is giving out, and they will all be mur"Do not borrow further trouble, I can save nations to fight over. It was for my own uses. dered in cold blood unless I can get reinforceyou." If my country ever needs the secret, I shall give ments in time." "You I" cried the lieutenant with surprise. it, free of c)large." "And where are,you bound for help r asked ".A.h, I forgot your wonderful gun, Mr. Reade. "That is becoming in a loyal citizen," said Frank, quickly. You are a hero to thus come to our rescue." Lieut. Lane, with a bow. But-this Wl)nder" To our post some mi!es from here. I fear "Do not mention I will teach those ful carriage of yours-the Electric Cyclone! will never be able to get 1\ack in time." murderous Apaches a lesson they will not truly a fit name for such a wonderful inven" Hold!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., in a voice of soon forget." 1 tionl" ,thunder, as the sergeanp was about to dash "They are the turse of the south-west!" cried Frank gazed apprehensively in the direction away. "You need not go so far for reinforceLieut. Lane, forcibly. "Ah, there is their of the distant savages. But they did not show merits. Just show me the way to the scene battle yell. They are coming to a fresh attack." any inclination to make an immediate attack. of action. I can wipe out the whole redskin Frank gave hurried orders to Barney and "If you will come abpard," he said, politely, gang with one shot from my electric gun." Pomp. The Cyclone was run up to a breach in "I will show you the workings of the C:r.clone The wounde courier paused in doubt and the rocks. Here an easy view bf the position with great pleasure." / a:mazement. of the savages was had. I thank you," declared Lieut. Lane, 'What's 'that?" he exclaimed, in surprise. They could be seen swarming like bees over with alacrity. "It will give me great pleas I see you have a big gun there. But what do the rocks below. They formed a splendid ure." you mean by saying that it is anelectric,gun target, and Frank Reade, Jr., smiled grimly as Frank took him over the Cyclone and showed "I will soon show you," replied Frank. he went into the gun-room. him its wonderful mechanism. The young offi" Just drop from your horse and come on "I will give them a surprise party," he cer was delighted. board. You are wounded and need care." muttered. "It is simply wonde:ltul, and reflects great "No, I must decline. Until mY: comrades are He speedily turned the deadly gun upon the credit upon you as an inventor, Mr. Reade, he reinforced I can stop at nothing." mass of savages. A surprise was indeed in declared. I will rescue them if you will but lead the store for them. ''I consider it a good piece of work," said. way!" cried Frank. I Frank, modestly.


Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLOXE. 13 "I should" say it was. But, may I venture to Fora moment they wavered, but a giant chief seemed to bear a charmed life, for none of them ask, what mission has rought you so far from in their van rallied them savagely, and they struck him. Several times Frank drew a bead !tome and into this great wilderness of No came on again. Frank smiled, and once again on him, but without avail. Man's pressed the key. The yells of the savages and the crack of fire "Certainly!" replied Frank. "I am here in This time the savages were mowed down by arms made a ,horrid din. Lieut. Lane proved pursuit of a g!ing of outlaws, led by o e e Carlos dozens. Nothing human coUld stand before himself a hero, holding his men to their poRt in Coleman." ,.. such a terrible repulse, and with mad terror the very teeth of the overpowering foe. "I have heard of him." they l:!roke and fled in wildest disorder to the Frank Reade, Jr., was so intensely interested "He has in his power at present a young cover of the rocks. in the contest that he bec h me careless of his lady named Madge ton, whom I am trying This terminated the battle. The savages did safety. The result was that he soon found to rescue. Ahl here is her sister now. I will not return to the attack. The struggle was himself cut off from his companions and liter introduce you." over and the Cyclone was again the victor. ally surrounded. "With much pleasure," repli6d the lieuten-Lieut. Lane rode up to the Cyclone's He then realized his impudence, but it was ant, gallantly. pide, and saluting Frank Reade, Jr., said: too late. The savages swarmed about him like At this moment Enid appeared on deck. "\Ve are ready to go now, sir." bees. Frank led the YOJing officer forward and intro"All right," replied Frank. He shot several of them, but they closed 1n duced him. Enid seemed much impressed The Cyclone was turned about and started on him and he was disarmed and made a pris with Lieut. Lane's gallant manners, and the out of the pass. The troops were galloping on oner in the twinkling of an eye. All this was young officer seemed charmed with Enid's ahead. Soon they were out upon the prairie done by the command of the tall, powerful childish beauty. and w'ith a clear course before them. chief. Frank left them for a few moments. When The Cyclone kept an even pace with the Frank was hurried away through the swamp he returned, Enid excused herself and returned horses and in due course of time the swamp by half a dozen of the redskins. In a. short to the cabin. 1 was reached. The place of entrance used by while they had come to the banks of the river, "By Jove!" exclaimed Lane, drawing a deel? Coleman and his men was the stopping place. where a number of canoes were found. breath ; "she is a very entertaining little miss, Frank left the Cyclone in charge of Dr. VanHe understooct now that the Indians had Mr. Reade. You say her sister is in Coleman's eyke, and accepting the loan of a horse, with come up the river, very likely from the. hills poweH" Lieut. Lane and a number of the cavalrymen below. Landing upon the island they had col" Yes." rode into the swamp. lided with Lieut. Lane and his men at once. "Well, I am "{ithyou in your effort to rescue They followed the path used by the outlaws Frank was held by two of the savages, while her. Myself and my command will co-opera,te in way to the island stronghold. They the others returned to the scene of the fray. with you, for it is incorporated in my orders had nearly reaehed the island when a thrilling Rifle shol!s and loud yells now indicated that that I wipe out any rascally gang of thieves thing happened. the reinforcements had arrived. which I may find in these parts;" Suddenly a warning cry came from one of In a short while the entire body of savages "Indeed, I shall be glad of your co-operation," the soldiers. The next moment a flight i;>f arcame down to the river's edge in retreat. The replied Frank, readily. rows hprtling thr.ough tree.s. Frank big chief directed their movements and all em "All of my command are not with me," purs horse sank under him with an ar-barked in the canoes. sued Lieut. Lane. "Almost one hundred row m Its breast. Frank was a passenger in one of the canoes -of my men are stationed at our camp, some which were allowed to drift down with the fifty miles from here, at a place called Red CHAPTER L. current. Rapid progress was made down the Butte. When I say place I do not mean that river arid the p1111suers distanced. it is a city or a town or settlement, but simply A PRISONER. It happened that Reade, Jr., was in a wooded eminence. You understand" IT was a startling moment. The attack was the same canoe with the big chief, who regard" Quite well." so sudden and unexpected that for a moment ed him curiously and triumphantly. Finally, "Have you any idea as to where Coleman is the little party were thrown into confusion. the Apache leader bent ov{r, and fixing a keen a't present 1" As a result, a second flight of arrows killed {aze on Frank, in a guttural voice exclaimed: Frank proceeded to give an account of their three more horses and one of the soldiers. Then "White man heap fool. Come out of tepee adventures ill the Miaco Swamp. The Jieuten-as Lieut. Lane and'Frankwere both dismount-on wheels, get caught by Injun. Ugh!" ant listened with deep interest. ed the lieutenant gave the sharp order to the "That's said Frank, in

14 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. cued by his friends on the Cyclone. Yet he Had Coleman and his band encountered the in a group of squaws. Her han

Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIU CYCLONE. 15 joy. Frank Reade, Jr., 'turned his gaze away, Those at the lower end of the line, who had not uplifted hand and white face of Frank Reade horrified and sick with the spectacle. been given a chance to stri'\{e the unfortunate Jr., in time to check it. a the braves tire of victim now raine d blows upon him. "Madge!" exclaimed Frank, in a loud knife.hrowmg contest. They ret1red from th1s Madge Weston fortunately had been taken per, "Are you alone? I did not know that you and another dance was indulged in. Then into her tepee prison and did not see this hor w ere imprisoned so near me." preparations were made for another ordeal for rible tragedy. Frank Reade, Jr., turned his "Mr. Reade!" exclaimed the brave young girl the unfortunate Hernando. gaze from it with awful horror. in joyous accents, "I am so glad to see you. Frank .did not congratulate himself that he But it was nowhis turn. He felt the glare Yes, I l!m all alone. My guards have gone, for was not m Hernando's place, for he knew that of bloodthirsty eyes fixed upon him. He knew what reason I do not know. Can we notes he was only awaiting his turn. that lie must be the next victim. cape?" The arrangements now being made by the Alreadv several of savages had started "We must," muttered Frank, rigidly. "You savages were comprehensive to Frank and he for him. was led to the same tree at which are sure there is no guard on the other side of shuddered. Hernando "ljad stood. this tepee 'I" Two long lines of the savages were placed Big Buffalo st. ood near with folded arms. "Quite sure," she replied. five feet apart, leaving a lane of death betw:een, Frank was led to the tree and the t) : 10ngs were "Shl what is that?" 1 for each savage was armed with a war-club. ma

FRANK. READE JR.'8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. l:'al'L 11. J\udging from that firing," replied the detect-They made a stubborn resistance but the J..ane. "I will go to the head-waters of the lve. "I think, however, that Frank knows cavalry drove them back steadily, forced river, or that point where it the swamp. bow to take care of himself." them to take to their canoes. You, with the Cyclone, may 1 Ill the t "Yes, but perhaps we had better send some Victory was with the pale faces, but Frank site direction," Then we shal e sure 0 cu of the cavalry in to their aid 1" Reade, Jr., was among the missing. Barney off the enemy. 'th "It wouldn't be a bad idea." and Pomp were in a frantic state of mind, bor"Correct!" cried Dr. Vaneyke, Wl approval; But before Dr. Vaneyke could do this, the dering upon insanity. "that is certainly the proper t th b two messengers sent by Lane for reinforce''.Fo' de good Lor' whathab become ob Marse "We can then join forces t e / ments appeared: cried Pomp, wildly. "l'se afraid dat of the hills," the lleu enant. s This settled the question. The doctor agreed he am killed fo' suah." this agreeable to you 1 to remain in charge of the Cyclor.e with Enid, The faithful darky evinced the deepest dis-Barney and Pomp !!Igmfied thmr approval while Pomp, Barney and Snyder joined there-tress and his eyes filled with tears pain and with a cheer. !Jr. and were lief party. sorrow . Barney was equally distraught. of the same mmd. Emd had been an mtent ".Hegorra,' it's t.hick-headP.d I am to be sure." cried Barney. "Have at the blasted omadhouns." All fired a volley at the distant gunners and not without effect. Two of them threw up their arms !1-nd fell. Is to the swamp they plunged with all haste. Lieut, Lane caused the most thorough search listener to the conference, and now clasping The firing was now rapid and quite near at to be made. Not until the heel prints of Frank's her hands, murmured : hand. boots were found upon the sandy shore of the "Obi I pray Heaven that Mr. Reade may be Lieut. Lane was presently encountered. river, was any satisfactory conclusion reached. rescued.'' Barney rushed up to him, crying: "Mr. Reade i!j a prisoner," declared Lieut. "Shure :yve'll do it, dar lint, or die in the at"Where is Misther Reade, at all, a tall 1 Don't Lane, firmly. 'I Of that I feel sure. If he had tempt," declared Barney, firmly. "Niver fear yez tell me he's or, bejabers, I'll spend b en killed we would be very sure to find his1but we will." me loife in avengin' him, bad cess to the blagbody. It is worth something to know that he Now that the plan was decided upon, no gards of redskins!" is alive." time was lost in making the-start. "Mr. Reade!" exclaimed Lieut. Lane; "he With this plausible assumption the spirits of Those on board the Cyclone waved a farewell is olf there to the right, I think. We were set all arose. Barney and Pomp went back to the to Lieut. Lane and his men, who galloped away upon very suddenly. We had little time to deCyclone and a conference was held. to the southward. fend ourselves. I think he is safe." It was decided to 11tart at once in pursuit of Then the Cyclone was put under speed and Barney and Snyder heard this, and daahed the savages an

Pat't II. FRANK READE JK 'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE 17 left river and started for the hills with Ius must go at a time on any the air. In an instant Barney and Snyder the1r pomes. tour.'' threw back the hammers of their rifles. "Niver moind!" cried.,. Barney, as Dr. Van-"Shure there's only the two of us," put i "Pwhat the divil was that 1" cried the Celt, in eyke looked disappointed, ken moighty Barney, eagerly. amazement. The answer was a harsh, mocksoon run the blaggards down. Begorra, the "Ah, yes, but that is not fair. What about ing laugh. trail iS' fresh an' aisy follored." Mr. Snyder and myself1" Then, from behind bowlders and trees, about But darkness was coming on rapidly now. Shure yez kin go out afther we come back," fully a score of men stepped forth, and gleam This hindered following the trail as rapidly as argued Barney. ing rifle barrels covered the two reconnoiterers. might have been done in daylight. "No, a better way I think, is to draw They were the outlaws; and, grinning with tri-'l'he search-light of .course was employed, yet We can then settle the affair amicably." umph, Carlos Coleman himself was visible in the tracing of the footprints was difficult in At first Barney demurred. But finally it was the background. the extreme. It was near morning when the decided to draw lots to see who should go upon It was a trap of death into which they bad Cyclone finally reached the hills. the recol}noitering tour. unconsciously stepped, and Snyder's and Bar-The Cyclone came to a halt not twenty yards from t;he rider. Then it was seen that he was pale and ghastly and covered with blood. His swor arm hung limply oy his side n.nd there were shot holes in his broad brimmed hat. He gazed in blank amazement at the Cyclone. Frank Reade, Jr., stepped out onto the gang ladder. And here, in the hard, flinty soil, the trail The lucky numbers were drawn by Barney ney's sensations were not of the most comfort. was lost. and Snyder. This left Pomp and Dr. Vaneyke able just then. "Well," exclaimed Dr. Vaneyke, after a few to defend the Cyclone. Pomp felt a trifle dis-hours of puzzling quest, "there is just one appointed, but accepted his fate with very CHAPTER LIV. ., thing about it. The savages are somewhere in good grace. A WONDERFUL LEAP. these hills. The search may be random one, Barney and Snyder, well armed, left the CyTHE sounds of pursuit in their rear warned but we cannot afford to waste t1me here." clone a few moments later. They plunged into Frank Reade, Jr., that they were by no means "Rolght yez are!" cried Barney. "Bejabers, the fastnesses of the hills, and were quickly as yet out of danger, and he fairly carried I say let us go ahead an' thrust to luck to foind swalloped up from sight. Madge up the mountain side in their flight from the spalpeens. Come on, naygur, we'll moighty Fo hours they tramped 0 clambering over the Apache village. quick t?e" . skirtin hi h treadin dee The start obtained was a slight acl.van-"Dat h1t d1s mgger Jes r1ght, yo' km bet," go ges va f;r some t:ace tage, yet Frank managed to g1ve tl!e put>!uers cried Pomp, readily. "Yo' jes go ahead, !'ish, tb r se m the slip for a time, and paused to res\ rlnally an' I'll faller yo' anywhars." e savages. in a sheltered nook in the mountain wall. N o-nol" interposed Dr. Vaneyke. "That Not even a footmark could--be found. It _wa, s He was quite exhausted, as was Madge. But won't do." . after th.e noon h_our when they. came mto both recovered themselves and were overjoyed ''An' pbwy not, sar Barney. a _dell: the midst moun tam firs, and in the consciousness that they had escaped. "We are In a dangerous locality. We must a thrillmg mCldent transplr!Jd. has favored us," declared Fran!J', not leave the Cyclone in a bodY. Only two of A shrill treble whistle broke the stillness as he seated himself upon a shelf of rock. '' [


18 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part. II. never expected to escape from that den of Frank Reade, Jr.,acted none too soon. Helioasmallglade. Heheardthesoundofvoices, death." started down the opposite side of the peak and and gaining a point of observation was electri Madge covered her face with her hands an s he reached level ground his pursuers burst fied LO see two men by a: dozen . shuddered : upon him. / More than this, he e as1ly recogmzed Carlos "Oh, I am indeed thankful that at last I am They were so near that one of them grasped Coleman and his gang, while the two men in out of the power of enemies," she cried, earnhis coat sleeve. If Frank had not acted quick the center of the group were no others t4anBar estly. "And I owe it all to you1 Mr. Reade." ly he would have heenmade a prisoner ae that ney and Snyder. "Not a bit of it," protested Frank, modestly. moment. It was all rare good luck." But quick as a flash he let his right arm out, CH!\.PTER LV. "Do not say that. But for your daring feat and his fist came in contact with the savage's THE O,UTLA w's DEFEAT. of strangling that Indian sentry, we would yet jaw . The aborigine dropped as 1f struck by a IT was a strange working of fate which had be c aptives." thunderbolt. brought Frank Reade, Jr., to the spot jus t ru; Fortune favored us," said Frank, evading A way Frank ran like an arrow. He was a Barney an_ d Snyder entrapped by Colethe compliment. "Now, if it does not desert good sprinter, and speedily secured a good lead. man and h1s gang. us, we shall succeed in reaching the Cyclone. But the Apache Indian is no mean athlete, so He stood for a a startled of Once both of us are aboard the Cyclone, your the whole gang bung on his heels. For over a the scene. He saw thel_r peril, and troubles are at an end." mile this state of affairs continued. knew that unless somethmg was 1mmed1at ely Madge clasped her hands joyfully at the Frank had good powers of endurance, but be done to rescue them, they would meet a fear-prospect which was so joyous. knew that iii was necessary for his own safety ful fate. . Oh, I pray Heaven the moment is not far that the race should find a speedy end. He knew that they were m the h1lls lookmg distant!" she said, fervently. But how to accomplish this was a conun-for him. He also knew that the Cyclone could Frank arose to his feet . He was now in a drum. He looked in vain for an avenue into not be far away. m'asure recovered, and he knew well the danthe forest, where he could blind his pm:suers. Barney, with his Irish wit, was ger of tarrying long in the vicinity. No chance presented i1lself, until suddenly he parleying with the v1llam. however, There was no sound of pursuit from below came to a wide chasm, through which dashed a was determined not to be taken now. The locality seemed deserted. mountain stream. So, as the _ganf;> closed Ill on the_m, But Frank was a little befogged as to where The walls were sheer in their descent for over be opened fire w1th his pistol. It was w1th he was. He was wholly at a loss to know what one hundred feet. On the edge of tbjs Frank deadly effect also. direction to take in his quest for the Cyclone. came to a halt. "If I must die, it may as well be with my An idea occurred to him. The young inventor measured the distance booj;s on!" he cried, heroically. "Come on, you Madge, I will have to ask you to wait here across with his eye. He was a famous jumper, dastardly crew." a few moments for my return," he declared. in fact, he had never found his match at long His revolver cracked again and again and I am going t\') climb up that peak there to get jumping. At once a daring resolve entered his several outlaws fell. Coleman was furious and a better view. I will return soon." mmd. cried: "All right, Mr. Reade," agreed Madge, Frank did not believe that there was a sav-'Close in, men, take 'em alive at any cost! readily. "I will not stir._!'rom this spot until age in the Apache nation who could leap that Don't kill 'em!" you come back." gorge. It was really a longer leap than be had Both Barney and Snyder knew that that Frank disappeared, and Madge, left alone, ever taken, but it seemed to him at that momeant a fate far worse than death. shrank further into the cleft in the cliff. The ment the only chance for life. "Be me sow!!" cried Barney, excitedly, "it's moments passed slowly, and it seemed as if He was notlong in making up his mind. mesilf as will niver be taken aloive by the hours had passed, when a startling incident Going back fifty feet to get a good start, Frank loikes av them blaggards. Whurrool jist fall occurred. began his run. Like an arrow he bounded forback as ye foight, Misther Snyder. Onct we Suddenly Madge heard a guttural exclama. ward, his feet left the verge and he was in mid reach that big rock, bejabers, we'll make a. tion, and a clump of bushes to her right was air. break for it." parted. It revealed a copper hued face, with a For one brief instant he was in space. The Snyder saw the point and was not slow to demoniac expression upon it. The small, slightest miscalculation, the least faltering takll advantage of it. The ne;xt moment the snake-like eyes of a savage were fixed upon movement, meant death. It was a tremendous rock was reached. Outlaws were pehind them, her. space to cross. but they broke the line with a couple of shots. For an instant Madge was powerless to move The savages had come in sight and they were Infuriated, Coleman, fearful that they might or act, so great was the spell of horror upon just in time to see the leap. indeed escape, cried: her. Frank's feet struck the opposite verge. He "Close in, men! Don't let 'em escape. Take Then she sprang up like a tigre8,1! at bay, and stumbled, slipped and hung half over the edge. 'em dead or alive!" a thrilling scream pealed from her lips. There had not been an inch to spare. The .At this command the outlaws began to use The Apache, for such he was, at once leaped next moment he sqambled safely over the their revolvers. Both plucky men would have out of his concealment, with tomahawk upverge to terra firma. Behind the shelter bt been riddled with bullets but for quick" action. lifted. The light upon his face was devilish, some Tocks and be was safe. Quick as a flash Barney sprang behind the 11-s he hissed: It was a marvelous leap. Frank had some rock. Snyder followed him. Then using it as a "White girl no make noise. Injun kill curiosity to know whether the savages would shield they dashed into a small pass among quick." attempt' the feat or not; the rocks. Madge ignored the threat a .nd screamed So he paused in a secure position anq watch-Frank Reade, Jr., saw that move. He could wildly .. Up the hillside sprang a half score of ed them. contain himself no longer, but sprang down the pam ted demons. She was once again They advanced to the verge of the chasm and the rocks to meet the fugitives. He let out a hopelessly a prisoner. halted. Then a quick excited conference was yell which caused both to turn their heads. Frank Reade, Jr., had heard her call of alarm held. Finally one of them threw of!' his head-At sight of him alive and well Barney was and had started to her relief. But fr9m his p.>dress and essayed the leap. almost beside himself with joy. sition on peak he saw that she was a prisGoing back to get momentum the Apache "Whurroo!" he yelled, dancing wildly and oner and though he had no lack of courage to started for the chasm. Evidently he fancied waving his arms like a maniac. "It's Mistber attack the savage ga"Ilg_ he paused. that he could make the leap safely if the white Frank hknsilf an' may the Howly Vargin kape If he attacked them, there was not the slight-man had done so. His error was speedily made us. We're all roight onct more." est chance of effecting Madge's rescue. He manifest. He rushed up to Frank and in characteristic would only be recaptured himself. Out into space he launched himself. Then a exuberance embraced him. Fortunately a Therefore he adopted the most sensible move despairing death shriek pealed from his lips, great pile of bowlders protected them from and decided to refrain from such foolhardiness. for he missed the opposite side by several feet, the bullets of the foe. "My liberty is worth more to her as well as and went down to his death at the bottom of "Och bone, an' yez don't know how glad 1 to myself I" he muttered. "They will not be the gorjl:e. am that yez are aloive onct more Mistber likely to do her harm at once and the chance is Frank" Reade, Jr., waited to see no more. Frank. We all thoughtyez warkiltlntoirely." good for her rescue." He knew that he had erected a barrier which "I am as good a8 two dead men, laughed He had no sooner made this resolution than his pursuers could not cross, so he went on Frank. he was "confronted with a deadly peril. In some more leisurely. "Mr. Reade, you don't know how glad we are way the savages had located his positioh and For' some while he went on, looking for a to know that you are safe!" cried Snyder. now they swarmed up the cliff after him. way out of the hills, when he suddenly came "It does nelt look as if any of us were safe


Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELEC'rRIC CYCLONE 19 now," replied Frank. "Coleman has us corner-Pomp and the Cyclone was speedily put in She was surprised to see that all of the tepees ed. Have yqu got a spare pistol, Mr. mbtion. had been struck and were fastened on the backs "Certainly," replied the detective, handing Nothing more WitS seen of Coleman and his of ponies. The general appearance was that of. the weapon to Frank. gang, though doubtless they were ensconced be-moving. "Good! I can help to keep the foe at bay. hind some craggy height watching the move-And such was a fact. Big Buffalo, for some But where is the Cyclone1" ments of the Cyclone at the moment. discreet reason, had decided to change his "Not far from here," replielt Snyder. "But Slowly winding its way through tortuous headquarters. Perhaps he feared that the we could not bring her over on account of the defiles the Cyclone gradually crept out of the white man's wonderful "thunder wagon," as. rough ground,'' hills. Soon it was speeding over the plain and the savages designated the Cyclone, would de An' have yez been all this toime, skirting the base of the hills to the eastward. scend upon and destroy him and his village. Misther Frank 1" cried Barney. In due course of time Frank Reade, Jr., The whole encampment was on the move. "I have not time to tell you all now," replied located the pass which he believed would lead The tepees and equipage of the camp were left Frank. "After we get out of this scrimmage to the Indian village. It was a broad canyon in charge of the women and a part of the band, we will have a talk." with a level floor, over which the Cyclone easily while Big Buffalo, with the others, mounted This ended the conversation and all gave passed. their ponies and rode ahead. their attention to the foe in front. Rapid shots But after a time the canyon merged into a The chief caused Madge to be tied to a pony's were exchanged and Frank Reade Jr. and his valley and then the Cyclone was obliged to back, and she rode in their midst. ln this way companions endeavored to fall' under d it way along the base of a height. they struck into a pass which led out of the cover of the various piles of bowlciers. While creeping slowly along in this way, a hills, and were soon upon the prairie. In this they were quite successful. Coleman, thriaing incident happened._ For some Big Buffalo's band galloped infuriated, and fearful that his prey would es-Barney had been sweepmg the Cyclones on. It was h1gh noon when they finally drew cape him, urged his men on with savage oaths. deck and opened the suel door in the screen to rein. Coolly and steadily the three fell back, keep-throw the out. The door remained open, the edge a clump of timber the Apache ing up a telling fire upon the outlaws. Over nobody havmg a_ thought of. ch1ef halted h1s men and proceed_ed to camp. the rocky ridge they retreated, and suddenly The was a w1ld, scre{l.m A fire w_as made, _one of t?e hunters coming around an angle in the mountain wall from Emd slips, followed by a snarlmg cry. brought m a fine buck, and 1ts JUICY meaJ; was they saw the Cyclone far below. From a limb of a mountain pine, a huge pansoon cooking over the coals. "Hooray!" shouted Barney, wildly. "Howther had ,through the open door and Madge was released from h ,er. bonds and al iver did the Cyclone show up in that place 1landed fa1rly m the center of the deck. lowed the freedom ot .the camp. The savage Bejabers I can see the naygur himself be the Enid at the moment was not ten feet distant captors did not fear that she could escape, and and the glaring eyes of the savage beast were little watch was kept upon her movements. . fixed upon her. Except by Big Buffalo. The Apache chief Sure enough, Pomp was VISible on the Cyh d ed to become enamored of the white clone's deck. seen the three CHAPTER LVI. presently this led him to rise and and was lgnals them. Havmg MADGE PROVES HER couRAGE. approach her. hea:rd .firmg thereby that WoRDS cai:mot depict the despair and terror "Wagh! White F:irl very pretty," he said, their friends were m trouble, Dr .. Vaneyke and of Madge Weston as she realized that she was in an unc6uth attempt at a compliment. "Me !'omp to work thelr way further again in the power of the Apaches. like white girl. Me kiss white girl. She be mto the hills With the Her screams did not bring Frank Reade, Jr., my squaw. Ugh!'' It proved _an thmg, for now Pomp to her rescue. The fact was the famous inven-He essayed to throw an arm about Madge's Signaled his and then threw a bolt tor, as the reader knows, was unable to aid waist. The young girl recoiled with an attitude the electric gun up among the rocks to her. of scorn, and cried: drlve back the foe. . In spite of her struggles she was lifted bodily "Hands off! Ddn't you dare touch me, you The shot made executiOn. and carried down the mountain side. In a reptile." bowlders were split mto fragments, the short time she was once again in the Indian This .made .the chief ugly. and the outlaws fled village. "Ugh! Whitegirl no dodat," he grunted. m dismay. Big Buffalo, the chief, came up to her with a Heap foolish. She prisoner. Do dat, Big Frank and Barney and Snyder inqulged in a leering, triumphant expressi.

1'1 l. .. 20 FRA.JSK JR.'S ELEC'l'RIC CYCLONE. Part II. already Madge was among'the tethered ponies. house, Barney was in the dynamo room and small wire across the door about a foot from She pulled up the tethering stake of the near-Pomp was the only person near Enid. the threshold. . est. A born horsewoman, it was an easy mat The faithful darky had been engaged in This he extended aown-mto the engme-room ter for her to vault upon the animal's back. shining up some bright work at the lower end and connected with one of the dynamos. Chuck Like an arrow the pony sped out on the plai-n. of the deck. He.; :saw the panther leap and a ling to himself, he wt>nt back upon deck. But the Indian braves were mounting in pursharp cry escaped him. e There was a large, round tub in the hold half suit. "Fo' de good Lor', I done leabe dat do' open filled with dirty water. Barney brought this It was possible that they might have overfo' dat critter to come in!" he cried. "An' now up and sat it down just in front of the door. taken her. But just at that moment from beyond he jess goin' fo' to chew up dat lilly gal. No, Then he pretended to busy himself about the the timber line there swept into view a squad no, no! I'll ueber see him do dat, fo' I'll diem' deck with .a scrubbing brush. Pomp looking of U. S. cavalrymen.. self first." around once saw the tub and concluded that The tall, handsome young officer in advance, The brave darky meant every word he said. Barney was doing some washing, but he did with an eagle eye took in the situation. The He knew that there was but the briefest of time not see the wire. young white girl fleeing before the horde of In for him to act. Barney waited for a favorable moment, then dian braves told its own story. He knew that he alone could save Enid. AI. he hustled into the pilot-house, carefully step-It required him but an instant to act. Down ready the panther was prepadng to spring. ping over the wire, and cried: into his saddle he sat. Up whirled his gleam Pomp had no weapon but his bowie knife. Begorr!lo, if yez will go roight down now, ing saber, and he cried: This he happened to have in his belt. It was quick, an' see Misther Frank, I'll howld the "Draw saber I Charge I" not a. very efficient weapon with which to meet wheel for yez until yez get back. Don't wait Down swept the botlt of United States a panther, but he gripped Jt tightly in his hand. for him to call yez agin." Jl !i cavalrymen like an avalanche They were not Quick as a flash he let out a terrific yell and "Marse Frank want to see me?" gasped the seen by the Indians until almost upon them. sprung straight for the moneter. The move surprised darky. "A' right, !'ish, yo' kin hoi' 1 Then what a scattering there was. had its effect. de wheel. I'se come right back." With yells of dismay the savages broke and The panther's attention was instantly di. Barney had hard work to keep his mug fled. Hearing the tumult turned her verted. He wheeled and made a savage spring straight, but the instant Pomp's back was I head. at Pomp. The negro lowered his head and turned he set a straight course and stayed the She saw the gleaming uniforms and knew struck the panther full force. wheel with an appliance for that purpose. she was saved. She reined in the little Indian The shock would have brained a white man. He had no sooner done this than Pomp walk pony, and the next moment Lieut. Lane, tall, But Pomp's head was as hard as lignum vitre, ed into the trap like a lamb to the slaughter. handsome and gallant was bowing low before and the panther was fairly hurledback against 'fhe darky's ankles struck the wire. He re her. the wire netting. cei'l'ed a terrific shock, which threw him for" Miss Weston, I believe," he cried, in a rich "Ki, yi!" yelled the plucky Ethiopian, as he ward, and-splash! right into the tub of dirty full voice. "This is an honor." rushed in upon his adversary with the knife. water. is my name," replied Madge. "But" Yo' jes' tink yo' eat gal: Barney burst into a roar of laughter and how d1d !ou ... e.h Not fo' d1s mgger km spml yo dashed out of the pilot-house. The scene was "That 1s eas1Iy told,' replied the lieutenant. game! 1 th t .. comlCa m e ex: reme. t I have the. story from -Mr. Frank Frank Reade, Jr.,,and Dr. Vane!ke had seen Porn emer ed from the tub, spluttering and Jr., w1th whom I have been co-opera Pomp's brave act and were electrified. gas inp and gmad as a hornet.. He compre1 tmg man attempt to effect your rescue. The At first they had been unable to act, but now h pd dgth t k t d as both di's h b' en e e riC a once, an w honor has fallen upon me. Frank sprang tot e ca m, crymg: co fit d d d He fa'rly shrieked in Madge blushed beneath his warm gaze. She "Get your rifles! Turn out, everybody, quick, h' m ethan h enrage d f t 1 h tub h ht h h d bl p l'f 1s wra as e-emerge rpm e t oug sea neverseen ano erspemmentosave omps 1e. 'D 1 h'd! y I'sh mucker!"he ot in her life, and' on the other hand Snyder was the first to reach the deck with 11 darn yko' 0 e 1 eh. f 0Bar ey "I'll J'es' d b . p h d b d ye e rna mg a rus or n Lane he ha never seen nfl?. ?IDP a the o Y show yo' dat yo' can't fool dis nigger dat way young w1t h kmfe, but the was closmg man' lib to tell ob it. I'll es' hab o' skin fo' lt was mutual attractwn, and afterwards upon h1m, when the detect1ve rushed forward d' !" J y they were pleased to look back upon that first and gave the brute a at point blank range. . 1 meeting with a thrill of pleasure. As soon as The bullet went crashing through the pan-Oome on, ye misfit gorilla. roared Barney, she could get command of herself Madge said : ther's brain, and the savage animal fell to the into dynamo room. How did yez II' "I owe you my life, Lieut. Lane. Your deck, deaq. It was just in ' the dhlrty An do yez I ri coming was quite opportune. I shall hope to Beyond'\ few scratches, Pomp was all right. a?counts , ,. repay you some day. But-can you kindly tell He had saved the life of little Enid, and was a I 11 Jes bteak yo If I get ob Y? I me how I am to rejoin my friends on the Cy hero in the of all. screamed Pomp, rushmg down the "Pomp, you have covered yourself with But Barney shut the to dynamo t 1 ;:; "Certainly!" replied Lane, with a gallant glory!" cried Frank Reade, Jr., warmly, as he room,. and P?mp sa': JUSt m act of bow. "You shall go with me now to our post gripped the faithful fellow's hand. chargmg the 1ron staus w1th electriCity. The. which is near here. There I will leave you, and The others joined in this praise. Pomp was darky etreated to the deck. as soon as I can hunt up the Cyclone, I will quite overcome. He scratched his woolly hea.d, "Erin go braghl" cried Barney, in jubila bring your friends to you. In the meanwhile perplexedly, and cried: tion. Oireland's aheaq,..av Afriky this toime. you can make yourself comfortable." "I don' jes' know 'bout dat. I lea be dat do' Go an put yure head in soak, naygur. Yez are Madge experienced a delicious thrill of pleasopen m'sef, I 'spec, or de panther would neber no good phwatever. Whurrool" ure. It seemed as if all her trouble,had come hab come in at all." .Pomp fumed stormed as he the to an end and the paths of happiness and con "That don't make any difference," cried d1rty water out of h1s clothes and shook 1t from tent were before her. Frank. "You proved yourself a brave' man. his wool. .But he was powerless to get square You are a real hero, Pomp." with Barney just yet, and was obliged to go CHAPTER LVII. With this the young inventor devoted him to the wheel, for_ the Cyclone was coming self to quieting Enid's nerves which were quite to rough ground again. POMP's BRAVE DEED. upset by the inctdent. She was very grateful Barney did not venture to from his IT was a thrilling moment for little Enid to Pomp, howe\rer, and eagerly made this manretreat for some time. The result was a com-Weston as the panther alighted upon the Cy ifest in an earnest manner. ical incident. clone's deck and fixed its glaring orbs upon The darky was quite flustered with the He heard some sort of an excitement on deck, her. honor showered upon him, and Barney with and thought he'd take a peep up and see what ; The savage beast, lashing its tail furiously, his astuteness was quick to notice this. it was. Irishman llke, he forgot that he had was not ten feet from her. Enid, overcome The Celt's eyes twinkled roguishly. Secretly charged the steel stairs with electricity. with horror and the awful fascination of ter he admired Pomp's valor, but it was too good The instant he put his foot upon them, he was ror, could not moTe. an opportunity to rattle his friend, and he .was given a somersault in the air. Scrambling to Frank Reade, Jr., was just coming out of determined not to lose it. his feet in chagrin, he hastened to shut off the the cabin. He saw the child's peril, but had He watched his opportunity and, when he current. no weapon in his possession, so was powerless was sure that Frank was in the cabin and "Begorra, I have the family record ov the to help her. Pomp was at the wheel, Barney crept up to the O'Sheas for tin cinturies, an I niver heerd tell Dr. Vaneyke a:nd Snyder were by the pilot door of the pilot-house and quickly fastened a e.v one fool among thim,"'he muttered, in dis-


.Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 21 gust. "But be the 130wers, I belave the record There was absolutely no choice. At length, "I don't think she is. I belie"\"e she is with the is broken.' Frank concluded to follow the trail to the westother We made a mistake in taking this There was considerable excitement on deck. ward. He would overtake that party, and, if trail." Frank Reade, Jr., Dr. Vaneyke, and Duncan Madge was not with them, then he would over"!t looks o," said Dr, Vaneyke, disappointSnyder were all forward. The Cyclpne had tal?;e the other party. edly; "then we had better not waste time here. reached the Indian encampment. ., < Accordingly, the Cyclone was put under Frank." But to the surpris. e of all, not a tepee was highest pressure and went flying away across "You are right," agreed the young inventor; standing. The Indians had folded their tents the level prairie. "we will go bac;k at once." and stolen away like the Bed9uins ot theAmer-At a forty-mile gait the Cyclone ran down "Eagle Feather," he said sternly to. the ican wilds that they were. the party of savages. Dr. Vaneyke was keepApache. "You and your people have had a. They had left little behind but the ashes of ing watch forward with a powerful glass. narrow escape. I could have blown you all into their camp fires. Of course they had taken Sq_ddenly he caught sight of an object upon eternity. But go! You are safe." Madge with them. Frank Reade, Jr., was both the distant horizon. It was a black speck, yet The young Apache warrior only smiled conchagrined and disappointed. he felt sure that it was the object of their pur-temptuously. Then he turned with dignity 'suit. -... an!) rejoined the others of the party, who were CHAPTER LVIII. He called the attention of Frank Reade, Jr., all watching the Cycloz:e with curiosity if not TRAILING THE RED FOE. to the obje

22 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. such it could be called, was in plain view. It men. They could be seen to be half a hundred down in cold blood. Strong men seized Madge was really a temporary camp, Lieut. Lane's strong. and bound her. She was once more in the pow men, being a detachment from a government "They are cowboys," finally Bliffins declared, er of her dread foe, and carried away on horse fort, several hundred miles to the south. "they will do us no harm." back across the plain. She looked back in the .A deserted ranch had been converted into a The post was almost daily visited by roving dim light of evening to see the outpost in habitat ion by the soldiers. Here the officers parties of cowboys. ,. flames. The villain had again the ascendancy. found quarters, and in case of emergency it Bliffins had never seen them in so large a could be used as a passable shelter from the party before, but the fact that they were not CHAPTER LX. arrows of an attacking foe. savages $eemed to settle !any question of their .AN .APPALLING DISASTER .A hundred white tents dotted the river bluff. being enemies in his mind. FRANK READE, JR., careful!ly examined the .A small detachment had been left ou guard, But Madge experienced a strange feeling of two trails andthe ground about. It was easy and these were drawn up in a line and presentuneasiness. remained upon the piazza to see that there had been a conflict here her ed arms as Lieut. Lane and his men rode in. scrutinizing the party as they rode up. tween the troops and the Indians .A short, genial-featured sergeant eame up On they came at a swinging gallop, their That the former had triumphed was a fore-and saluted as Lane dismounted. broad sombreros flapping in the wind. They gone conclusion. It was then more than likely "Well, Bliffinsl" exclaimed the lieutenant, were rough, desperate looking men, and as that Madge had been rescued. pleasantly. "Has the enemy showed up since their features became plainer, :rv.j:adge sank "I will wager this was Lane's command," de I have been gone 1'' back on her seat half fainting with horror and clared Frank, positively. "If so Madge then, haven't seen an Injun squaw," replied recognition. let us hope, is safe in his hands." Sergeant readily. "Indeed, all of my In advance of the cavalcade rode a man A wild cry of. joy escaped Enid, who had left boys are chafing for a scrimmage." whose evil eyes seemed suddenly to become the Cyclone anq joined the searching party. Lieut. Lane laughed. fixed upon Madge. "Oh, do tell me that my dear sister has been "You'll have a chance some time," he cried. It was Carlos Coleman. rescued," she cried, exuberantly. "Oh, that "Maybe you won't like it so well then." The supposed cowboys were really the out-will make me so happy." Sergeant Blitlins glanced at Madge and lifted law gang. "I feel almost warranted;in telling you that," his hat. Lieut. Lane assisted Madge to dis-Leaving the hills, they had followed the trail declared Frank Reade, Jr. "Butweshallsoon mount and then said: all the way to the military encampment. ascertain." "Miss Weston, this is Sergeant Bliffins. I Coleman had not dreamed of finding Madge "The Indians have gone to the east here," shall leave you in his charge while I go to hunt here. But now, as he her sitting on the declared Dr. Vaneyke. ".As near as I can up the Cyclone. He is a gallant soldier and piazza of the ranch, he involuntarily drew make out this trail to the southward is that you may feel safe with him as a defender." rein. of the soldiers." "I have no fears,'' replied Madge with a He swept the with a quick, "Exactly," replied Frank. "Which is only bright smile which won the sergeant's hejl.rt. critical glance. Had the whole command been another proof that Madge has been rescued, "We shall get on famously, Lieut. Lane. I present he would have been placed in a serious else the soldiers would have pursued the In-shall pray for your success." if not fatal predicament. dians." "Have no doubt on that score," returned the But it required only a glance for him to perThe spirits of all arose. It seemed as if the lieutenant, springing again to saddle. "Come ceive that the post was in the charge of a small Cyclone's mission was 'near its end. With m e n, to saddle once more.'' guard. .At once a devilish and daring resolve Mad!l;e safely on board they could at once start The cavalrymen responded, and very soon entered Ws mind. on the homeward way. Lieut. Lane and his hundred brave men were He started forward again and rode right in-.All were getting a trifle homesick. The riding away the prairie. Madge was to the encampment. Sergeant Bliffins Ra-luted rough experiences and dangers to which they l eft in charge of Sergeant Bliffins and twelve him in a hospitable way, believing the gang to had been subjected in this uninviting country, privates at the encampment. be friendly cowboys. Madge, however, in ter.led all to hope for a speedy leave-taking. It did not occur to Lieut. Lane that this ror retreated into the ranch. Even Barney and Pomp had begun to think of guard was by any means too small. The Coleman bent a scowling gaze upon Bliffins, dear old Readestown and its comforts. cavalrymen with their Winchesters could hold and c .ried: Evening }Vas rapidly coming on. .All return a large force of Indians at bay for several days "You have a gal here named Madge Weston. ed on board the Cyclone, and preparations and certainly until' their comrades should re: I want her." were being made for following Lieut. Lane's turn. The sergeant was astounded. trail. This was Lieat. Lane's reasoning How he "Who are you 1" he exclaimed, realizing that In truth, if Lane had remained at the post was deceived we shall see. h? had been deceived, and seizing his that night the Cyclone would have put in an Madge was made at home at ;the post. Ser hilt. appearance the next morning and a great geant Bliffins gallantly placed all the comf t "I am Carlos Coleman, if you want to know!" calamity been averted. of the place at her disposal She sat upon o:h s cried the outlaw chief, savagely. "Give that But th!s was not to be. Barney, forward of Piazza of the ranch and w' atched th h e gal up or I'll burn your ranch down!" the pilot,house, suddenly shouted : e onzon "E th t t ted Bl'flin "B b for some sign of the return of those who were asy, ere, s ranger, re or I s, egorra, I elave I kin see the sogers com-searching for her friends. coolly. "Remember you're fighting Uncle Sam in' this way. ,Av it ain't thim, it's their ghosts, Thus the afternoon passed and th sun was when you talk that way." be me sowll" just sinking below the horizon M d "I don' t care a hoorah for Uncle Sam, nor Great excitement was at once created. l!lvery called to Sergeant Blitlins wa pas: ge you, either!" roared the villain. ".Are you gobody rushed to the Irishman's side. Sure In a moment the officer upon ing to bring out that gal1" enough, a body of horsemen were approaching by her side. :No!" Sergeant thundered back. "_I across the plain. will give you one to get out of this Nearer they

Part 11. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. "Heaven be praised!" cried Frank Reade, Jr. gauntleted hand. Then giving his horse spurs Jr.'s request, he was taken aboard the Cy" Then our chase is ended." he rode forward. clone. This was echoed by the others on board the "Forward all!" he shouted. "Something is A quick consultation was held. Cyclone. Enid was dancing with joy. wrong at the post. Do not spare your horses. "Mr. Frank Reade, Jr.!" exclaimed Lane. Of course you will go along with us to the Double-quick I" Will you join me in an attempt to hunt down camp 1" asked Lane. With a cheer, the soldiers swept on faster, this "Of course," replied Frank. "Did you reand the Cyclone thundered on behind. Nearer "I certainly will,'' replied Frank, firmly. "I pulse the savages every moment they drew to the outpost. only hope that Madge is alive. If so, we will "Well, we scattered them with some loss," "Queer!" muttered Lane, as he rode on with rescue her yet.'': replied the lieutenant. "The next party we blanched face. "Bliffins a brave fellow Enid was in a paroxysm of grief and terror. tackle must be Carlos Coleman. But you will and no ordinary force of Apaches could capture It took the combined efforts of Frank and Lane not remain in this region to hunt him down, the ranch. My God 1 I fear the worst.'' to quiet her. Mr. Reade1" Nearer the smoke pall drew. But long beA dej!-dly resolve for vengeance was the sen" No, I think not," replied Frank. "My fore they came to the river Lane knew that all in the troop. They would avenge mission here was simply to rescue Enid Wes-the worst had happened. their slaughtered comrades at any cost. ton. I shall start for home at once. He groaned and seated himself deeper iu his Carlos Coleman should be hunted to death. "I wish we coQ.ld depend upon the co-opera-saddle. With this decision a plan of procedure was at tion of the Cyclone.'' "Poor Btiffins," he muttered. I will wager once discussed. "I would like to see Coleman brought to justhat he died game." It was decided that the Cyclone and the cav-tice," said Frank. "But I feel sure that you Now they rode down upon the scene. It was airy should separate. It was believed that are quite able to do it without my assistance, a pitiable one. The ranch was a smoldering Coleman would now strike for the Loon Mount Lieut. Lane.'' heap of ashes, the white tents all down ains, a range one hundred and fifty miles due "Well," said Snyder, who had been waiting and the charred bodies of many of the soldiers west. in some impatience. Shall we go on to the were protruding from the ashes. "If you will strilre into the range to the post Those on board the Cyclone were not less northward, Mr. Reade," said Lane, "you will The lieutenant exchanged glances with horrified than the soldiers who had lost their find good safe passes for the Cyclontl. We will Frank Reade, Jr. brave comrades. invade the hills from the south and thus pen "I am ready," declared the young inventor. "My soul!" gasped Frank Reade, Jr., casting the villain in. Once we get him cornered in "With the search-light we can go anywhere in a pitying glance at Enid's pale face. "I fear the hills, we can besiege him if nothing else, un-the darkness, you know.'' that Madge Weston has met her doom." til he is forced to give up." "Certainly," replied the lieutenant, but with "Now, I would give my commission," cried Very well," agreed Frank. "I will pursue a dubious expression. "I fear, however, that Lane, in bitter anguish, "if I could but know the course you suggest. I propose that we my horses are worn out. I would rather camp w.b.o has done this thing.'' start at once.'' until morning. 'Wie can then go on together." A groan was heard and from beneath a heap of "I agree with you," said Lane . "My com How far is it from here to the asked debris a man, broodstained, era wled painfully mand shall go forward this moment. I shall Frank. out. It was Sergeant Bliffins. hope to see you in the near future." "It is a matter of twenty-five miles." Lane leaped down !rom the Cyclone's deck "Ah, then you are warranted in p;oing into CHAPTER LXI. and mounted his horse. He waved an adieu to camp. So be it. We will wait for daylight Frank Reade, Jr., and the detachment rode and go ahead together." IN THE LOON MOUNTAINS. away at full gallop. "Very good," replied Lane. "Of course SERGEANT BLIFFINS, whiw and haggard, Frank at once gave orders to Barney to start Madge is all safe. We shall reach, the post be and bloodstained, but yet alive, crept out from the dynamos. The Cyclone was soon bowling fore noon to-morrow." beneath the debris. on her way. This matter settled, preparations were at He had been '-shot down, as we have seen in a Bliffins began to recuperate rapidly. once made for spending the night upon the previous chapter, by Coleman, and tumbled unHe took an active interest in all that was go spot. Duncan Snyder was anxious to-go on that conscious down the ranch steps. ing on about him, and was lionized for his brav night, but a little argument settled his mind. But fortunately the wound had not proved aery by all on board the Cyclone. The soldiers made camp, and corraled their fatal one. It had merely glanced along the "I wish I was able to be with the troop," he horses. In the timber water was found, so that skull, producing a cencussion and consequent exclaimed, longingly. "I'd j.ust like to be with proved a very good place to camp after all. insensibility. Lane vrhen he comes down on Coleman.'' The Cyclone's search-light threw a radiance He had come to after the outlaws had gon'l, "Carlos Coleman is near the end of his rope," over the camp which was like daylight. A and just in time to escape falling a victim to declared Frank Reade, Jr., positively. "You short while later the camp was in deep slum-the flames. He crawled beyond their reach and hall very soon see that I am speaking the her. under some debris. truth." 1 The night hours passed; and with the first Here he again relapsed into unconsciousness. "I hope sol" cried the brave sergeant. gray light of dawn in the east everybody was When he came to it was to hear his lieuten On bowled the Cyclone until after a time a astir. ant's voice, and looking up, he saw his com-range of hills began to rise to vie.vr on the hori The horses were grazed and cared for, then rades and the Cyclone. zon. saddled, and the order to aq vance was given. Summoning a:ll his strength, he crawled out '' There are the Loon. Mountains if I am not The cavalry rode ahead and the Cyclone fol from beneath the rubbish. mistaken," declared Dr. Vaneyk-!l, examining lowed. Everybody was upon the qui vive and In an instant Lane was at his side. them'through his glass. "As near as I can greatly excited. "Bliffinsl" he cried. "Thank God, you are make out from the chart I am right." IIad the Cyclone gone aJJ,ead, it could easily alive!" "No doubt of it," agreed Frank; ''but we have covered the twenty-five miles in an hour . "Y-yes," weakly exclaimed the wounded shall soon reach them and then we shall know But the cavalry horses were nearly three hours man, "but the others-are they all for certain." / in doing it. "They must be," declared Lane, "for there The Cyclone was put to the highest speed for Lieut. Lane had fallen alongside of the Cyare many bodies strewn about. But tell me, the prairie was smooth. Like a meteor the clone with his horse and was talking with in the name of God, who hasdone electric wonder fled across the plain and mile Frank Reade, Jr., through the netting when a after mile was left behind, until finally the sharp cry came from the advance guard. "That murderous outlaw, Carlos Coleman," mighty range of hills loomed up near at hand. One of the officers waved his hand to Lane. replied the sergeant. Soon what seemed like a good means of en The lieutenant and Frank Jr., as well "Coleman!" cried .lfrl),nkReade, Jr., exchang-trance to the hills presented itself in the shape saw the cause of it. ,ing glances with Lane. "My mission is not of a deep canyon or pass. Into this the Cyclone Far away on the horizon was a black pall of ended, Lieut. Lane, for I shall stay and hunt made its way. smoke. The lieutenant scrutinized it intently that monster down." For y. mile or more rio difficulty was encoun and his face paled. But the asked Lane. tered. The floor of the canyon was as sm<1oth "That is queer," he muttered. "It comes "I-I do not know," replied the wounded and hard as could well be. But after a time from the direction of the ranch. Can anything sergeant. "They must have taken her away obstacles were encountered. have happened?" with them.'' 4 Huge bowlders qlocked the pass, and the CyA chill, horrible fear swept over For a Some brandy was forced between the lips of clone came to a halt. It was quite impossible moment he clutched at his breast with his the brave sergeant, and then by Frank Reade, to go further. What was to be done?


' 24 FRANK ,READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. At first the idea suggested itself to Frankl "No,n replied Frank, shaking his head. f"ItiPomp an

Part II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE 25 "It plausible, Barney," replied Frank "Nonsense, Barney!" exclaimed Frank, understand the peril and grasp the situation, Jteade, Jr., thoughtfully, as he studied the face sharply; "None of your superstition now. cried: of the "I think we can get a This is no time for nonsense.'' "Don't cry out or move, Barney. Feign better pomt of vtew: JUSt above here.'' "Shure yez are the boss, Misther Frank," death. I will save you." "All roight, sorr. Jist lead on," rejoined Barney, plucking up courage. "I 1'he brave Irishman was suffering from sev-Frank had to lead the way around1needn't fear the divil wid yez on me side:" eral painful wounds inflicted by .the bear's the of a htgh peak when Barpey stopped "Come along then ;vithout further nonclaws and the shock of his fall, but he nobly short wtth a sharp cryf sense.'' restrained even a groan, and lay still and in me sowl!" gasped, "wud. yez luk at was silent andJollowed Frank on up animate under the big brute's weight. the lotkes av that! "' the hetght. They had 1oon skirted its base Frank Reade Jr. fully comprehended the "What i" and saw the whole upper length of the canyon. peril of the Frank Reade, Jr., turned and saw his faith-In a moment more they would have reached He knew the deadly and character ful ervant standing with chattering teeth and a poin from whence a view of the territory beof the grizzly bear full well. He realized that The panther alighted upon the Cyclone's deck and fixed its glaring orbs upon her. The savage beast, lashing its tail fur iously, was not ten feet from her. Enid, overcome with horror and the awful fascination of terror, could not move. eyeballs gazing. in the direction of yond the rfdge could be had. But a startling. it was a foe of no mean s-ort, and that there the peak. thing happened. was ver4 little chance of saving Barney's life. The young inventor turned his own gaze in Frank had passed almosli without noticing But he never once lost his nerve or forgot him that direction and gave a mighty start. What it a deep aperture in the rocks. Unnoticed by self. He proceeded with the utmost discretion did it What' strange thing was this i The him a deadly peril lay concealed in that a per-and yet celerity. red flag, staff and all, had disappeared like a ture. With fearlessness Frank took a step nearer flash. Barney came along just in time to catch it. the grizzly, making menacing gestures. His There was nothing left to indicate that it had A huge black shaggy form sprung out of the plan was to entice the.bear from his helpless ever been there. little cavern with a savage growl. victim and it was a success. "That is queer! ejaculated the young inven-The bear, for such it was, a monster of the The grizzly growled savagely and shook his tor. "I'd like to knnw what sort of hocus-grizzly species, was upon Barney in an instant. shaggy mane as Frank tanl;alized it. Then the pocus that is, anyway." The Hibernian was attacked so suddenly that brute thrust his nose into Barney's face, and "Be me sow], I belave it's the divil's own he had no chance to defend himself and was seemingly satisfied that his victim was dead, worrukl" chattered Barney. "Shure no man crushed to the ground. took a step toward Frank. could iver have cloimbed to the top av that The grizzly pinned Barney to the ground This was what the famous inventor want. slippery place to put that flag up, anyway! with its huge paws and turned a savage glance ed. He wit,hdrew a step or two as the bear Whurroo! bad cess .to the whole thing isjtoward Frank Reade, Jr. .A sharp, quick cry made a slow, cautious move toward him. phwha.t I say.'' had escaped Barney's lips, but Frank, quick to Not until the grizzly was well clear of Bar.


26 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II ney's prostrate form did Frank act. Then he mand after the destruction of the military disarmed, while his two remaining compan sharply: camp. ions were shot down in cold blood. "Now Barney I am going to give him a He firmly believed that Coleman had sought It was Coleman's orders that he should not shot. If you are to, after I fire, jump up shelter in the Loon Mountains. .If so, no stone be killed, and the cunning villain had an and give him another in the back." should be unturned until he had run the villain adroit purpose in this. right, sorrl" cried Barney, forgetting down. The remainder of the troop, upon heal'ing the his risk in making speech. But the grizzly had Moreover, the brave lieutenant was thrilled shots, had. at once started to Lane's relief. made ready fo:his spring at Frank. with the thought that beautiful Madge Weston But they encountered! determined resistance Just as he made it, Frank' s rifle rang out. was iu the power of the unscrupulous brute. from a concealed band of the outlaws and were The bullet was aimed for bruin's heart, but Down deep in the lieutenant's heart there driven back. tore a great hole in his side. It did not prove was a smoldering spark all ready to b&..kindled ".Ah, my fine soldier!" cried Coleman, in a. fatal or stay the bear in his onslaught. into flame; . leering way, as he confronted Lane, '' ye've run Straight for Frank Reade, Jr., he made wrth He could admrt only to hrmself that he was your head into a fine trap, haven't I a terrific roar of pain. The young inventor's in love with Madge Weston, but such was the haven't done with ye yet. I've an end to serve rifle was dashed from his grasp and a blow of case. He would give his life to effect her reswith you." the bear's tremendous paw sent him tumbling cue. Lane vouchsafed no reply. By Coleman's severa.l yards away. passion, of which none but himself orders a couple of the outlaws advanced and The bear was right after him. That moment dreamed, spurreil him on to desperation. He seized by the arms. In passing one would have been Frank Reade, Jr.'s last but was confident that his liking for Madge was the outlaws, Coleman said; the brave Irishman was upon his feet now. reciprocated. Madge had betrayed by both I I'm going inter camp with this chap, Barney was a splendid marksman, and quick word and look that she returned his regard. Smythe . See to it that you keep 'those soldiers as a flash had drawn a bead upon bruin. His Lane was a brilliant young West Point gradback." rifle cracked and this time his shot told. uate. I will t!>at," was the surly reply. Straight to the gri:?:zly's heart it went, and the He caJ;lle of a fine family and had spent much Coleman led the way through a rocky pas monster fell in the throes of death. of his life in gay1rociety among beautiful worn-sage and soon they were over the ridge. .A Frank was instantly upon his feet and re.en. But he escapeci. the, fire, passed through scene was here revealed. uovered his rifle. He wiped the perspiration all with immunity, only to lose his heart to de-Upon a sort of rocky plateau there was a colkom his brow and coolly remarked: mure little Madge Weston. lection of log hut&. These were occupied by "That was a close call, for both ot: us, Bar-She was just his t;rpe of a girl, he told him-the outlaws and this was the Loon Mountain ney." self. He could not exactly define why, but he retreat of Coleman. .As they crossed the pla" Shure, an' it was," cried the excited Irishloved her. That was enough, If possible, he teau, a number of the gang lounging about man, kicking the bear's inanimate form. "It's would win her for his wife. rushed forward. a foine skin the brute has, Mr. Frank. If I The little troop of cavalrymen rode on >yard. ''.Atte t' ,, d c 1 man com andhad the toime I'd rMave him av it, bein' as it In due course of 'time the Loon Mountains were. 1 .. c;re t:p r m fift won't be av any further use to his highness." reached. Unhesitatingly Lane entered them. mg Y; fr w::' srx 0 /{h r: a th"y "Perhaps you'll have time to do it on our reBut of course he did not do this without first paces 'tohmh_ be rkeator 0th a md. tu dis .. . . ; man wr rs ac e ca. m an ge rj,la y turn,_ Frank. no trme to throwmg out a !me or advance sc?ut to blaze at him.'' lase JUst now. Let us go guard. .After a tun. e, the country became rmThis then was to be Lane's fate. The young: Barney gave the dead grrzzly a farewell passable for horses and a halt was called. lieutenant's heart sank, but he did not betray then followed Frank up .the Thus far no sign of the outlaws _had an fear. orders were quickly Side. The next moment a startlmg s1ght was ;:;een. The region was rocky, and hrgh precr-q Y d 1 awarded them. pices and deep defiles were upon every side. 0 :Je s placed with his back to one of the were at a point now from whence the Lane conferred with his scouts and it had the file of men with loaded rifles entrre upper course of the canyon could be seen. been decided to go forward on :foq_!;, leaving a took their position. It was plain thatColemaa It to be the overflow outlet of_ la:ge guard with the horses, when a thrilling inci-meant to summarily execute his prisoner. ':hrch also seemed held from precrprtatmg dent happened. But the villain's purpose soon became ob rtself mto canyon by a It was now From far up the mountain side there vious. He motioned to one of his men. The seen th1s dam .was artJficral. Indeed, to the sound of fire-arms. Then one of the skrrmdoor to one of the cabins was quickly opened Franks and Barney s hor.ror, ish guards came rushing into camp. and Ma.Cge Weston was led out. a score of men workmg wrth prcks "We've hit the foel" pe excitedly; The oung girl gave a start and a little cry of and axes to demolish 1t. "there's half a hundred, of them JUSt over the te Y h saw Lane Then her face turned "Wud yuz look at the loikes av cried mountain wall there. They're coming this d rrdolr as sl e B 'ldl Sh th t t ea Y pa e. arney, wr Y ure, ey 0 urn way. . There was a mocking smile upon Coleman's the wather down upon the Cylcone. Lane hastily formed h1s behmd the 1 t h 1 ht h' "M G:J dl" d F k h "Th h d'd 1ps, a rmmp anJ 1g m rs eyes. y o crre r .an m orror. ose cover of some bowlders. But t e ene)ny 1 .. L" t L ,.. d M d "and a pris are Coleman's men, and it is a horrible trap. not show up. The skirmish line came in, but ane. gaspe a ge, If that flood descends in:to the canyon, the Cythe foe not pursue. After a per'iod of wait-oner. clone is lost." ing the brave young lieutenant decided to go "Just sol" .. with a It's back I'll go an' warn them," cried Bar-forward a reconnoitering tour. mg laugh. .And hrs lifers m your hands. ney. But he could make a move the "You are sure they were Coleman's men In my hands!" exclaimed Madge. outlaws retreated from the dam, there a he asked. The young li?u.tenant's ardent gaze was bent mighty explosion and then the whole vast flood "Yes, sir," replied the sharpshooter, who upon her, rt seemed to her. _Cole surged down into the canyon, to sweep the Cyhad brought in the news. saw thrs, and. closed h1s Jaws wrth a clone out of I This settled the matter. Lane at once selectvrcrous snap .A wild yell from the outlaws arose above the ed four brave fellows, and leaving the squad in "I have said so," he declared. "Let us have thunder of the water. But Frank and Barney charge of a competent officer, he started over plain talk. I know that you and this officer were speeding back to the poin.t from whence the mo\mtain wall. It proved a fatal move. are in love. Now he is my prisoner. You they could look. down upon the Cyclone. They had not gone far when they were met would sacrifice much to save his life. I fe e l They arrived there a moment later, but sick by' a volley of rifle ;balls. Two of Lane's com-sure of that. .At my word he will die. It re with horror, beheld the gorge filled with the pan ions fell. mains withyou whether I say that word or. thundering flood. Not a sign of the Cyclone The bullets came from a covert above, and not." could be seen. the young lieutenant found to his dismay that "Hold!" cried Lane. "r" wUI not consent to It &eemed a certainty that the Cyclone and they had unwittingly stumbled intoa,n ambush! that. Miss Weston shall make no sacrifice for all on board had been overtaken by the flood He essayed a retreat, but this was cut off by half me. I am not afraid to die." and carried on to destruction and death. a score of armed men. These closed in upon Madge felt giddy and faint, but she managed him. to say: CHAPTER LXIII. Carlos Coleman's voice was heard: "To save your life I will sacrifice mine!" then A FEARFUL SACRIFICE, "Surrender or ye'll die!" to Coleman, "what can I do to save the pris-LIEUT. LANE was possessed of a strong de "Better death!" cried Lane, bravely, as he oner from your sentence of death 7" termination to rescue Madge or die in the atdischarged his revolvers at his fo'e. But they The outlaw smiled in an evil, triumphant tempt-when he galloped away with his comclosed in upon him and in a twinkling he was way.


Pal't. II. FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE 2'l "You can guess," he replied. "It is your kept on at a tremendous rate of ThenitcouldbeseenthathewasoneofLane's sacred promise that you willwarry me." speed. men, and that he was pallid and blood-stained. "Never!" she cried, with flashing eyes. With hungry rush and roar the mighty mon; H.e sank half fainting over the pommel of his "Then the man dies!" ster came on behind. Steadily, but slowly, the.saddle as his horse stopped. Coleman spoke savagely. flood gained upon the Cyclone. "Give him a stimulant," cried the doctor, as The file of armed men raised their rifles. E,ventually it must have been overtalren, but he leaped down from the Cyclone's deck. "I will give you but one minute to decide!" the course was not over a mile in length, and Pomp brought a flask of brandy the he cried,:harshly. ",Say yes or no-quick!" suddenly emerging from the canyon, the cabin. The doctor held it up to tl}e exhausted "Miss Weston!" cried Laue, writhing with Cyclone went speeding up an incline opposite. !:?an's lips. H.e thanked his benefactors husk his bonds, "do not sacrifice your happiness for The waters were here diverted to the right ily and drank of the stiii\ulant. my wretched life. Let me die, and remain free by a deep channel, and went thundering away It revived him and in a few moments he was from thefoul disgrace of becoming the wife of down to the plain b.elow. The Cyclone was to talk. His first move was to excitedly that monster!" saved. wave his arm toward the hills. "Ready-aim!'' cried Coleman, who saw that Not until the top of the incline was reached "I have come for help!" he cried. "Lieut. the nail should be clinched at once. did any one venture to draw a breath of relief. Lane is dead and the troops are beii)g cut to A fearful wave of emotion. seemed to over-Then Dr. Vaneyke shut off the dynamos, appieces by the outlaws. They are hemmed in whelm Madge. She raised her eyes Heaven plied the electric brakes and the Cyclone came and cannot get out." ward, and seemed to be praying. Then she to a stop. The effect of this information was startling seemed to be gathering strength, and turning "Fo' de good Lor' I" gasped Pomp, emerging in the extreme. Dr. Vaneyke gave a cry of to Coleman, in a constrained voice she said: from the pilot-house. "Dat am <;le wus' ride horror. "If you will set him free, I will promise." dis nig@ier eber had in his life. Sb,uah fo' good'1 Lane dead I" he gasped. "That is too dread-Every vestige of color was gone from her ness, I done finked c;lat we wus all goners dat ful. Where are your face. She was like a marble statue. time." "They are hemmed in by the outlaws in a A hoarse cry of protest rang from Lane's' lips, "I sliould say so, Pomp," exclaimed the small pass in the bills." but by Coleman's sharp orders he was hurried scientist, breathlessly, as he ttung into "In what direction is this out of the camp. Once beyond its lines, his a seat. "I thought. it was the end of the The courier pointed directly to the west. It bonds were cut, and one of the outlaws said: Cyclone, sure." was in the same direction that the red flag had "Now cut for tall timber. You're lucky to "I think we have reason to be very thankbeen seen some time previous. There was no get off this time alive. Get-lively!" -, ful," ventured Enid, the color coming back to doubt now but that that flag had marked Cole her face. man's camp. CHAPTER LXIV. .. I wouid like to know where that flood came "All right !"cried the doctor, excitedly, Of OUT OF THE CANYON, from," declared Snyder, strongly. 1 believe course we w'ill go to your comrades' relief. But AFTER Frank Reade, Jr., and Barney left that it 'was a trap. Human hands had some I wish Frank Reade, Jr., was here." the Cyclone, Dr. Vaneyke experienced a strange thing to do with it, be sure." "Suppose we lirst run back to the canyon presentiment. It seemed. to him as if some '"Mr. Snyder, I believe you are right," cried and see if we cannot find Frank and Barney," evil event was impending. Dr. vaneyke, with inspiration. "I will wager suggested Snyder. He could not rid himself of thi11 conviction, that the upper end of the canyon had been Oh, do not waste tim:el" cried the courier, and so he kept constantly on the watch for dammed up for this very purpose. It is Carlos with agitation. "I fear the brave boys have all danger. Coleman's work!" laid down their lives before this." It was fortunate that he did this. They were "'Clar' to goodness, I jes' beliebe dat ar' t'ing The doctor hesitated. all unsuspecting the existence of the trap until m'se'f," cried Pomp, excitedly. The inclination was strong within him to a first inkling of the mighty peril manifested "Well," rejoined Snyder, with a laugh, send the Cyclone thundering to the relief of the itself. Thls was in the shape of a small rivulet "perhaps we are premature in chal,'ging all troops. Yet he disliked to abandon the vicini which came down the canyon and flooded it to the deviltry in this country to Colemap.. But ty before the return of Frank Reade, Jr. the depth ohm inch or more. I really believe tha, t he is at the bottom of He had really no right to do this. Yet he felt The doctor was startled at the sudden ap this." sure Frank would sanction the move under the pearance of the water, and like a flash the pos" See!" cried the doctor, starting up, the circumstances. But time was most preeious sibility of a flood came over him. flood is nigh spent now. In half an hour the and should not be wasted. He did not stop 'to investigate where the wacanyon floor will be as dry as before. If I was "Are you sure the Cyclone can reach the ter l:ame from. He was disposed to accept it sure that there would not be another flood, I spot where your comrades are b'esieged he as sufficient warning. would gp back there and make rigid investiga. asked, sharply. "What is the nature of the "Pomp!" he cried, rushing to the pilot-house. tion." "Do know where t e water comes from f' "We jes' orter go back there, 1!-nyway,'' cried "I think it <;an,'' replied the courier. "It is "Fo' suah I does not," eplied the darky. Pomp, with dilated eyes. "Marse Frank an a smooth pass. I will show yow the way." "Ah, what is dat I'ishman am mos' suah to come back dar. "All right!"' crie'd the doctor, as he sprang A distant, booininll: noise' up the canyon de Whatebber will they do, if we don' go back 'I" aboard. "It is our duty to rescue those be cided the doctor. There was no longer any "Pomp is right," agreed the doctor. "As leagured men. We will then return for Frank doubt in his mind. soon as the flood is spent we will go back," and Barney. Take the wheel, Pomp." "Let the Cyclone fly, Pomp!" he cried, exThe Cyclone was turned about, and made But the darky had been engaged in scrutin citedly. "A flood is coming." ready for thereturn. A sharp watch was kept izing the canyon and its approaches, and now And before Pomp could fairly get a grasp on for so,me sign of Frank Reade, Jr., and Barney, a sharp cry escaped his lips. the wheel, the doctor had set the dynamos and while thus engaged a sharp cry broke from humming, and the Cyclone started down the Snyder. CHAPTER LXV, canyon. "Look!" he cried, pointing to the plain beA TIMELY WARNING. This proved to be none too soon, for swift low. "A horseman! Who is he r FRANK and Barney were overcome with the upon their rear came a mighty mountain of Every eye was bent upon the new-comer. He fearful force of the reflection that the Cyclone water. Down through the canyon sped the was riding furiously, and it was plain that the had been overtaken by the fitod. Sick and Cyclone, with the flood after it. ,. Cyclone was his objective point. As he drew faint with horror the young inventor cried: It was a race for life. All on board the elec-nearer he made excited gesticulations. "My God! they are lost, Barney I The Cy tric wonder were in a paroxysm of suspense "Who is he T' cried the doctor. clone is and terror. If the water should overtake the "Fo' goodness sake!" cried Pomp. "It am "Bad luck to the divils fer iver doing av sich Cyclone, it would be wrecked, and all would one ob dem soldier men." a thing," cried Barney, with a wail. "May be lost. This was a fact. The rider was dressed in the fiends pursue thim. Whativer shall we Pomp hung to the wheel like grim death. the blue uniform of the cavalry. He drew his do, Misther Dr. Vaneyke charged the dynamos to their saber and waved it. Frank Reade, Jr., with an effort composed highest capacity. Snyder stood ready to assist. "One of the lieutenant's men!" t\ried Dr. himself. His was one of those dauntless Enid, frightened nearly out of her wits, clung Vaneyke. "Something has happened." spirits which no reverse can ever break. to a railing on the deck and watched the'water With suspense now those on 'board the Cy-"There is only one thing to do, Barney,'' he with white face. clone waited the arrival of the courier. Soon declared more calmly. "The Cyclone was, in a Fortunately, the course was a clear and he topped the rise and dashed up to the Cymeasure, a water craft. Being buoyant and smooth one. The Cyclone encountered no obclone. with a hollow shell, she might float safely out.


28 FRANK READE JR.'S ELECTRIC CYCLONE. Part II. n uld be one chance in five Then he recounted hastily his and Barneyslstanding on the brow of the cliff and excitedly of the canyon. ':0 li W .11 h adventures ..adjuring them. The young lieutenant had just hundre d but yet 1t 1s a c ance. e WI ope. h tl d t h -t ch force to th1'm "You cannot know how overjoyed I was come from t eon aws camp an was JUS m "BeJ'abers teres oo mu b t fth C 1 fth k" d B when I saw that the Cyclone was safe." t1me to warn t emma es o e yc one o e waves M1sther Fran groane arney. . .. S th' m would break the Cyclone "Then it was all a trap after all? cr1ed the 1mpendmg danger. hure, wan av 1 doctor A yell of defeat came from the outlaws, fol-in two the first whack. d th "Of 'course But for your prompt and saga-llJwed by the crack of rifles. Brave Lieut. Lane "It that mcious action .the Cyclone would have been past threw up his arms and sank out of sight. ventor ut we won 1 "M G d I" d F k 'th It' d th 'll all use now y o gaspe ran overcome w1 "All s.?,r s own e canyon we ''But shall we do in regard to Lane's horror. "They have killed him," be afther gomg' "Yes,, men 'l" "Go to their assistance,'' cried Frank, CHAPTER LXVI. Barney strove assume _a cheerful promptfy. "Lead the way, courier, and we coLEMAN's DEFEAT-THE END. sion, even v enturmg to whistle, and followed will follow. If we can once get the range of FoR a moment Frl.tllk Reade, Jr., was quite Frank closely. Coleman's camp with the electric gun, we will overcome with the fate of Lieut. f,ane. Then Along .the canyon wall they went. spoil his game forever." he aroused himself.' The flood had reached its hmght, The courier, with a glad cry at thus securing "Lane shall be' avenged!" he cried, with flash the waters were now begmmng to substde. reinforcements, spurred forward. The Cyclone ing eyes. they sank lower and followed quickly. Down into the cabin he sprang and went for In vam Frank looked some Sign of the It was quite a. long run to the pass py which ward. He could see the huge bowlder totter Cyclone. At every turn m the canyon wall Lane had entered the hills. But it was reached ing on .the brow of the_ cliff, though the men be expected to come upon the wreck. But he did and the sound of firearms was evidence that the hind it were invisible. not. battle was still on. "I'll soon settle their fate," he muttered, with Indeed, the waters went down so that only a The Cyclone was allowed to quickly set teeth; "they shall expiate their crimes in rivulet was left. The oanyon floor :vas through the pass, and, in a few moments, it short order." and he could see the whole length of It. was up6n the scene. The soldiers were en-He drew a sight upon the bowlder with the The Cyclone was not to be seen. sconced behind a pile of bowlders. As long as electric gun. There was a roar and lightning heart gave a leap. they held their position they were safe. flashes. Then the huge bowlder reduc.ed If 1t lived to get out of the gorge, he mutBut their ammunition must soon give out, to powder and the outlaws behind 1t were m tered,_" I ma_y feel it. all safe.'' aud then it-would be an easy matter for the stantly kiiled. Thrilled With this he hastened outlaws to close in on them. Frank Reade, Jr., It was a terrible act of retributive justice. along the verge of the canyon In course saw t:l:te situation at a glance. Wild yells of terror were heard from the other of time he descended to the pomt where the The Cyclone was pushed forward and shots outlaws, and they began to beat a retreat. gorge ceased. were exchanged. The outlaws' bullets rattled Frank again sprung on deck. Just as he did Barney was close 11pon. his heels. The tor harmlessly against the Cyclone's steel sides. so a man rushed up the pass. All gave a wild rent had spread itself into a lake upon the Barney .and Pomp were right in their elecry. It was Lieut. Lane. plain far below. But its surface was smooth ment. In another moment he was by the door in tht> and unbroken. There was no sign of the Cy-Give it to the blasted omadhaunsl" cried netting. Frank sprang to the door to meet him. clone Barney, as he peppered the foe with his Win"Lane!" he gasped. "I thought you dead I" Again Frank's heart sank. Probably the chester. "It's a good lesson we'll give 'em, be"Not much!" cried the plucky 'lieutenant; electric wonder had been carried down .there jabers.'' "that was only a ruse to deceive the outlaws. only to be engulfed beneath that expanse of "Hi, dar I" cried Pomp, ex:citedly. "Jes' yo' I am all right!" water, bet on dis nig. We kin jes' clar dem stuff out "I am glad to hear it. Won't y:ou come "I fear our hopes are dashed,'' he said, with ob dar double quick time.'' a deep groan. "All is up, Barney.'' The seemed seized with consterna"No, I am going to join my )\IOU and lead But the C elt had been gazing in an entirely tion at the sudden appearance of the Cyclone. them in a charge. I believe that victory is different direction. His gaze had wandered to They kept well under cover of the rocks, and mine.'' the summit of the incline just in front the Frank saw no chance to use the electric gun. Away dashed the brave fellow. Frank canyon. But at this juncture a white flag was waved. Reade, Jr., sent another bolt from the electric He his eyes to sure he ,, A flag of truce!" cried Dr. Vaneyke. gun up among the rocks. This effectually not mistaken, and then with a genume Irish All ceased firing. Then a man appeared to routed the outlaws. yell, cried: view on the brow of the cliff with the flag of With a cheer, now tbat their young leader "Whurrool wudyezluk at theloikes avthat, truce. It wa.'! Coleman. was with them again, the troops rushed in Misthe r Frank. There's the Cyclone al' roight The outlaw waved the flag, and shouted purruit. Ashe rushed on Lane thought only of an' tip-top, an I kin se e the naygur at this loudly: Madge Weston. minnit a-standin' on the deck.'' "A truce! We want to talk with ye." Over the ridge the soldiers went. They were \Frank saw the Cyclone on the eminence and Frank went quickly forward of the pilot-right in the outlaw camp now. Lane saw Colea cheer burst from his lips. It was the most house : man rush into the hut, and then saw Madge welcome sight he ever was accorde d. "Well, what do you want 'l" he shouted in struggling in his arms. "You're right, Barney,'' he cried. "How did reply. Fired to desperation, Lane rushed toward they get there?" "On what terms will ye quit our trackf' the hut. I;Ie reached it, and burst in upon the This was a puzzling question to Frank. He cried the outlaw chief. "If I'll give up Madge would-be abductor. The outlaw saw him and finally reasoned, however, that the doctor had Weston, will you, witb the soldiers, withdraw turned upon him. in some way got warning of the flood, and es-and leave me r In doing this, he was obliged to release h1s caped with the Cyclone just in time. "Yes,'' replied Frank. hold upon Madge, who turned and fled from But Frank was puzzled to see a horseman by "I can't hear whatye say. Ran yermachine the hut. She Ba.w the Cyclone at the summit the Cyclone. "ji'ho was he, and what had hapup a little nearer" of the ridge and rushed for it. pened 1 The only way to get an answer to this "Jes' s'posiq' yo' comesdown," retortedPomp Coleman drew a brace of revolvers and re question was to go thither at once. This he with a grin. treated to the further end of the hut. The proceeded to do, followed by Barney. "Hush, Pomp I' cried Frank, sternly. "I structure was surrounded by troops. Not one of Pomp had been the first to see them ap-am doing the talking. Run the Cyclone up a his men was with him. At last he was cornered. proaching, as we have seen at the close o{ a little further, Barney.'' His eyes were bloodshot and his evil face con preceding chapter. Dr. Vaneyke felt a great Barney sprung to do Frank's bidding, but at torted with hate and fury. Lane stood calmly load lifted from his mind as lie realized that that moment a loud voice of alarm came from in the center of the floor. Frank Reade, Jr., could now take the responsi-the cliff above: "Hands up, Carlos Coleman!" he cried, stern bilityof action in the case of Lieut. Lane's "For!feloveofGoddonotdoit, "You arecornered. Ataword fromme command. If you go furthe.r up the pass, a dozen men are you are a dead man." Of course all were delighted that no harm behind a big cock on the cliff which they will Cornered I" gritted the villain, with a sar had Frank and Barney. In a few moroll down upon you.'' donie laugh. Curse ye I the rope was never ments the young inventor was made acquaint-Frank and all on the Cyclone were petrified made which will stretch my neck. Ye'd hang ed with the state of affairs. to see the speaker, no other tqan Lieut. Lane,,me if ye could, but ye never wilL"


FRANK READE JR. '8 ELECTRIC CYCLONE. 29 A sardonic laugh rang from his lips, and be "Just as straight as we can go," replied the than the amount of his expenses, in the neigh-fore an effort could be made to prevent, he young inventor. borhood of one thousand dollars. raised one of the revo_lvers. and deliberately "Ki-yi! I'se jes' glad ob dat !" cried the The philanthropist rode the rest of the way lll'ed a bullet through hts bram. darky, delightedly. to Readestown upon the Cyclone. At every He fell to the floor dead. Lane stood for an . city and town they might have been feted if Jnstant regarding the body, then left the hut. body thts sentiment. they chose, but Franlt was anxious to get was, afLer all, a fit ending of a crime-stained hankermg for wtl_d and thnllmg home. The Nelson Nevins was becareer. scenes were for a time sattated. All longed for witched, and offeNd Frank one hundred thou-The outlaw band, without its leader, was dis-home and rest. sand dollars fol' tbe Cyclone. persed like chaff. Carlos Coleman's reign of Cyclone made quick time across the This was promptly refused. ruffianism ana terror was at an elild. The great plam. The days passed and soon they were "I should have to give you the secret of its quest upon which Frank Reade, Jr., and his beyond borders of No Man's Land. mechanism; declared theyounginyentor, \'and Electric Cyclone had been bent was at an end. Here Lteut. and the took that I could betray to no man for any price." Madge 'Weston and Enid were united But not until Lane had gtven Madge In due course the Cyclone reached home. Jy aboard the Cyclone. qUiet assurance of. a Jea;e of absence before Frank Reade, Jr., once more clasped his over-The victorious troops returned, and drawn up many which fur ough he proposed to joyed wife and little son in his arms as well as about the Cyclone, gave ringing cheers. spend Ill Colnlle. embraced his father, who met him with great Sergeant Bliffins was once more able to reAs they now reached the confines of civiliza-joy at his safe return. and they escorted the Cyclone out tion, great awaited them. The news The Cyclone needed many repairs and was the hills. 9f the Cyclones wonderful work was trans-at once put into the shop Frank Reade Jr Once upon the open plain, Frank Reade, Jr., mitted by wire all o ter the world. once more retired in the of his quickly set his course. Every newspaper took up the subject, and to gain much needed rest. Before many we are really hon:{eward bound, profuseencomiumsofpraise were showered up-months a pleasant surprise was accorded him. Frankf asked Dr. Vaneyke. on Frank Reade, Jr. This was in the shape of cads for the wed" Certainly'" replied the ung t -"Th llf .Y? ;ven <>; A less sensible and resolute man would have ding of Lieut. Lane and Miss Madge Weston. L oManshad his head turned . But it did not affect The young inventor &ent them a handsome an any anger. e ave accomplished our F k present and his best wishes mission. At the nearest point I shall wire the ran . . philanthropic Han. 'Nelson Nevins of my sueA.t Colv11le, were left at and Pomp went back to t.heir p?si cess. The world will soon know of the rescue thetr own door. Their partmg from Frank twns m the shop to work on a new mvent10n of little Enid-Weston." Reade, J-r., was of thf most affecting descrip-Frank Reade, Jr., was developing. Duncan Pomp cut a pigeon wing and Barney's broad tion. Snyder realized large reward' offered to the mug expanded. "We shall never, never forget you, Mr. detective who rescued Enid Weston, and re. -"Begorra, Misther Frank, I'd loike to see Reade," protested,_ with tears in her turned to New York. phwat yez couldn't do when yez starts out to eyes. "You have our undying gratitude." Dr. Vaneyke went back to his books and: do it." Frank felt well repaid for his trouble. Hon. scientific work. He ha.,.d gained many valua" Spare your compliments, said Nelson Nevins had come on fl:om the East and ble specimens during this trip, being well re Frank, with a laugh. "Perhaps we may not here joined the Cyclone party. He was as good paid, and this announcemeht, dear reader, be so successful next time." as his word,.and insisted that Frank shoulqlbrings our story of the Electric Cyclone to "Am we jes' gain' back to Readestown, take his check for the ten thousand dollG.rS Marse asked Pomp. offered, but Frank would take nothing .more [THE END.] r U"sef"1..11 a:n.d :J::n.stru..oti ve :Books. 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Ad ... aging all kinds of _pets; alSo -riving fuiJ instz:uctiens fcl: ma.k.. dress Frank Tousey'"", M and 36 North Moore ing cages, et.,. explaiDed by 28 bar. :isome illustra-Street, New York. .oox 2730. riQns. the most complete book of the kind ever 55. HOW TO COLLECT STAMPS AND COINS. ContaiAin'ir valuable information regartling the .collecting and arranging of stamps and eoins. Handsomely illustrated. Price 10 cents. For sale by all newffdealera JD the United l:)tates and CAnada, or sent to your addrsss, post ... a. 56 HOW TO BECOME A.N ENGINEER. Oontaining full instructions how to proceed in order to become a locomotive engineer; also directions for building a model locomotive; together with a full description of Ef\'erything an engineer should know. Price 10 cents. For sale by all newsdealers or we will send it to you, Box2730. 57. HOW TO MAKE MUSI;CA.L INSTRUMENTS. 62. How to Become a West Point Military Catlet. Containing full explanations how to cain course of Study, Examinations. Duties, Staff of O:fficel'l l'ost Gu&rd, Pel ice Regulations, Fire &nd all Oadet." Price 10 cents. For sale by every newsdealer in the United States &nd Oanad&{ or will be sent to :vonr ad00 York.' B,ox 2730. 10 (53, t H{)W TO BECOME A. NA.V.A.I, CADET. Complete instructions of how to gAin admission to the torical sketch, and ever)'thing a boy: should know to be come an ofli cer in the United States Nayr. Compi1ed and written by Lu. Senare ns Author o f How to B e come 1 :::: 0Sl Street, New York. Box 2730. 64. How to Make Electrical Machines. Full_ dirtJctions how t.o a Banjo, Violin, Zither, Harp, Xylophone and other musical instruments witn a brief description of nearly every mnsioal Containing full direotions for making electrical m&ehinll used in ancient or modern tinies. Profusely induction coda, d7namos. and many novel to7a to be B_y Algernon S F1tzgerald for 20 years band. worked by electncity. B:v R A R. Bennett. FuliT !Imstber of the Royal Bengal Marines. Price 19 cents For lustra. ted. Price 10 cents }"'or a&le by all newsdealers iD sa e Y all newsdealers in the United States and Canada, tbe United States and Canada, or wiU be sent to your ords3nt to-1,our address, y,ost paid, on receiR: of the address, post-paid, on receipt of price. Address Frank ubhsber, M and ti?rth oore J 34 and 36 Nqrth Moore Street, !! TO EUROPE BY MISTAKE . JOJ.NING THE -FREEMASONS. -:o:By "BRICK.TOP." By "BRICK TOP." -:o:--:o:-Telling all how it happened. Containing twelve illustrations by the great comic artist, THOMAS WORTH. Price 10 cents. A humorous account of the Inliiating, Passing, Ra1sing.. of the Candidate, togethdt with the Grips and Signs. Fully Dlustrated by THOMAS WoRTH. ; 1 Price 10 cents. and For sale by all newsdealers, or we will send it to you upon re eeipt of price. Address FRANK TOUSEY, ,Publisher, P. 0. Box 2730. 34 & 36 North Moore St., New York. OUR SERVANT GIRLS. -:o:By "BRICKTOP." -:e:-This book cannot be surpassed for Fun, Interesting Situations, and the humorous side of Home Life. Abounding in illustrations by THOMAS WORTH. Price 10 cents. For sale by all newsdealers, or we will send it to you upon re eeipt of price. Address FRANK TOUSEY, Publislier, P. 0. Box 2730. 34 & 36 North Moore St., New York. For sal,e by all newsdealerl!l, or we will send it to you upon reo Ceipt of price. Address FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, P. 0. Box 2730. 34 <'!; 36 North Moore St., New York. MULLIGAN' S BOARDING HOUSE. -:o:By "BRICKTOP." -:o:-Profusely illustrated by THOMAS WORTH. This book illustrates the Comic side of Life, fun of funny Ad ventures and Novel Situations, abounding in Jokes and Original Sayings. Price J.O cents. For sale by all newsdealers, or we will send it to you upon ,.. ceipt of pt"ice, Address FRANK TOUSEY, Pu]Jlisher, P.o. Bo:z: 2730. ,. 34 & 38 North Moore St., New York.


.A.::R.E The of The best weekly pa.per for boys published. Send us your na,me a.nd address for a. of sample copies FREE. It conta.ins better stories a.nd better illustrations tha.n a.ny other boys pa.per in the world. Read the following array of brilliant writers who contribute to it$ columns: SAM SMILEY -GUS WILIJIAMS-ROBERT MAYNARD-ALBERT J. BOOTH-GA8TON GARNE-'' ED" J. G. BRADLEY-PAUL BRADDON-R. T. EMM}<)T-C. LI'l'TLE-"NONAME "-POLICE CAP TAIN HOWARD-N. Y. DE'l'ECTIVE-N. S. WOOD-ALEXANDER DOUGLAS, (Scot land Yard Detective)-'l'OM TEASER-H. K. SHACKLEFORD-D. W. STEVENS-FRANK FORREST-CAPT. GEO. GRANVILLE, (U. S .A.)-JAS. D. MON'l'AGUE:_AND MANY OTHERS. that on receipt of your name and address, we will send you a package of THE BoYs OF NEW YoRK containing the opening chapters of interestmg stories. .Address P. o : Box 2730. FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, N.Y. Latest Issues of Latest Issues of J,atest Issues or the rr 0 M I ITHE LtBRA RY. F YouNG .... No. 1e Touchemup Acay Peter Pad 18 l:lildebrandt lfitzgum: or, My-Quiet Little ()ousin by l'o m Teaser 37 'l'ommy Bounce, Jr.: or, A Chip of the Old Block, S8 Twins: or, Which Was the Other? 39 Bob Rollick; or, Wba1 Was He Born For? by Peter Pad 40 'fbe Shortys Married aud :Settl


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