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Art Center--Bodega Notes--Supporting materials--Notes


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Art Center--Bodega Notes--Supporting materials--Notes
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Centro de arte--Notas de la bodega--Materiales de apoyo--Notas ( )
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Monteverde Institute
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Art centers
Sustainable Futures 2005
Fox Maple
letter   ( marcgt )


Design notes to compliment the Fox Maple hand renderings (Art Center--Bodega--Supporting materials--Technical drawings
Diseño de notas para felicitar al Fox Maple por las representaciones hechas a mano (Centro de arte--Bodega--Materiales de apoyo--Dibujos técnicos)

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[Centro de arte--Notas de la bodega--Materiales de apoyo--Notas]
[Art Center--Bodega Notes--Supporting materials--Notes]
c 2005
Design notes to compliment the Fox Maple hand renderings (Art Center--Bodega--Supporting materials--Technical drawings
Diseo de notas para felicitar al Fox Maple por las representaciones hechas a mano (Centro de arte--Bodega--Materiales de apoyo--Dibujos tcnicos)
Art centers
Sustainable Futures 2005
Fox Maple
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Born Digital
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t Sustainable Futures
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Fox Maple DesignExisting bodega would be modified to accommodate th e new uses of the art center. Some specifics would be the addition of mo re sky lights in the peak of the bodega (as shown on the drawings). Dark room w alls would be changed to ensure no light into the room. The dividing wall o f the clean room would be a glass wall and sliding glass door in order to keep dust out but allow occupants to see what is going on in the rest of the art center. New floors would have to be implemented for easy cleanup and durability. On th e second floor a row of windows would be added on both sides and would be p laced from floor to roof plane (from outside it would appear under the eaves ). East wall would have to be stripped down to main structure and modified so that the new addition can be connected. On upper floor, the east wall will get windows and a door system so that the multi-purpose rooms can be separated if ne eded (see drawings for more detail). New addition would be built with a focus on functio nality and a tranquil atmosphere to ensure good, well lit, working condit ions. The new addition would consist of 2 bays, one enclosed area, and the second an open covered concrete pad. The enclosed areas walls would have the main structural frame that mimics the existing Fox Maple construction and a secondary wood framing that would be used to fasten the “skin” to the buil ding. The “skin” or cladding for this area would be translucent corrugated plast ic (the same that was used for the skylights in the existing Fox Maple). This mat erial was chosen for a couple reasons. First are the light qualities in and out of the new art center. During the day the natural light will flood the space to creat e a warm and welcoming space. During the night time, the lights from the interior will shine out highlighting the


structural frame and make the new art center glow. Also as people move throughout the inside, their silhouettes will show on the outside and create an artistic expression which could attract passers-by. The doors on the new east wall will be of a similar construction to the doors on the existing west wall. There would be one window on each side of the doors As the two doors slide open they cover the windows. This was thought of a s a way to change the light qualities. With the doors closed there would be th e least amount of light. With one door open there would be a little more light bu t it would also create a striped affect in the shadow. Looking at the new east wall the striped affect would be caused by the pattern; window (light), door (dark), door opening (light) and door (dark). On the second floor of the new enclosed sp ace would be the second multi-purpose area. The walls would consist of win dows and translucent corrugated plastic. In this space the windows woul d wrap around the room on three walls giving a panoramic view of nature. Ano ther idea we came up with for the windows was to use the windows as a source for inspiration. During a drawing or painting class the windows could be used to frame a view and that could be what gets drawn or painted. Below the win dows would be the translucent corrugated plastic that would continue down to the first floor. Also in this section the roof system would be changed. The roof would change slopes and would create a more open space (more detail is shown in drawings). When this is done, walls are created to connect the exis ting roof slope to the new roof slope. The “skin” of these walls would be the corr ugated plastic once again to allow light in. The outside space would basically be a covered concrete pad used for deliveries and pickups and to make large s cale sculptures. The roof of this outside area would be of the same slope of the existing fox maple and have


skylights (as shown in the drawings). Lastly there was some thought put into the space underneath the bodega. Under the existing pa rt of the fox maple, this space would be used for the art center and the inst itute. The south side of this space will be corrugated plastic in order to still allow light into the space but make it secure and private. Underneath the new enc losed space will be room for one vehicle to park. This was designed in order to have a place for a vehicle to park in close proximity to the bodega. The drivewa y that leads into the underneath parking spot could also be used for vehi cular parking when the art center holds a class. There would be room for abou t 2 extra vehicles but this space would not be covered.