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Los Llanos, Costa Rica, 2030: Narrative


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Los Llanos, Costa Rica, 2030: Narrative
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Los Llanos, Costa Rica, 2030: Narrativa ( )
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Bradley, Christina
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Forecasting--Costa Rica--Los Llanos, Monteverde, Puntarenas
Sustainable Futures 2007
Scenario planning
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Future scenario of what life might be like in Los Llanos in 2030.
Futuro escenario de como puede ser la vida en los Llanos en el 2030.

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University of South Florida
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Christina Bradley 25-07-2007 Setting: Los Llanos, Costa Rica Apartment, located above a small Organic Market Living room The year 2030 Setup: Rosa, a single mother of two is sitting in her living room watching the TV. She is expecting her sister, Sophia, to be visiting from S an Jose. They haven’t seen each other since they were kids 23 years ago. Since then, the town of Los Llanos has implemented a more economically diverse planning solution. The weather man’s voice comes in on the TV over the sounds of the children giggling and wrestling on the recliner: There is a slow moving system has developed on the Pacific Slope this evening, coming through Puntareanus and over the Mountains past Mon teverde. Heavy showers can be expected following dusk, and continuing on and off through the morning. Rosa: You’re both skinny enough, why don’t you just share the seat instead of fighting over it? (The children stop fighting, place their hands in t heir laps, and smile back with menacing grins. There’s a knock at the door.) Rosa: (Thinking to herself) That must be Sophia, I thought she wasn’t due for another hour. Kids!! How about you go down to soccer field and help your Grandmother with the concessions. (She lets their Aunt Sophia inside while the kids e ach throw on a jacket and head out the front door and down the stairs. Rosa watches throu gh the window as they race each other past the greenhouse, across the courtyard, and beyo nd the soccer field to their Grandmother’s store to help move things in boxes fr om a small row of kiosks located along the side of the soccerfield to the inside of her store. Sophia comes in and collapses on the couch while Rosa takes a seat in the recline r.) Sophia: That bus ride was actually much better tha n I thought it would be! It’s been so long since I’ve been up this way! The roads are s till as scary as ever, that sure hasn’t changed, but the paving… it sure saves time! Rosa: It really is a shame that you don’t make it up here more often. The area has really changed. Some for better and some for worse… Sophia: I saw the market downstairs, how does that work out for you?


Rosa: The location is perfect actually! The store s all close at 8, and are usually done cleaning up and rattling around no later than 9, so it’s never a problem at night. There are sometimes people out in the courtyard at all hours, but that makes me feel safe. I think the density is good for keeping away criminal curio sity. Everything is well lit and the guards take care of the belligerent people spilling out of the bar, making sure they get home safely by taxi or walking. Sophia: I know things in San Jose aren’t like this The park is so far away from my house. It’s really nice that you have the courtyar d and small parks around here for the kids. Do the wandering tourists bother you at all? Rosa: They’re a necessary evil. I’m working the r eception at a hotel now, just a block away. They used to really take up the road. They would something interesting and cross the road without hardly looking! But now with the shops all located on the outside of the courtyard, they are mostly just crossing on the blo ck corners, and cars park along the business side of the street, so it really helps the flow of traffic. It also makes it easier for kids walking to school and for me to get to work wi thout worrying about the vehicles as much as we did when we were kids. Sophia: I remember that all too well. We were alw ays unintentionally playing a game of chicken with every passing vehicle. You just had t o hope they saw you in time to swerve out of the way. I do like the wider streets and si dewalks. It looks like a good night for a stroll. (Small rain drops begin bouncing, mellow, off of th e roof.) Rosa: (looking up to see the rain through her skyli ght) Doesn’t look like that will be happening tonight. I remember hearing something ab out a storm tonight. It’s a good thing that soccer game just finished up. Sophia: Oh the rain must be awful with all of thes e paved surfaces!! Rosa: Well, of course an amount leaches into the g round, and some into the streams, but for the most part all of the runoff from the street s are held in storage and treated up at the local AYA Water Treatment plant. Ever since that h as been there, families and businesses have been so much better off during the dry season. Before, oh… you remember! Sophia: Nights when we didn’t eat until 10 just wa iting for the water to return so Mom could prepare dinner! Oh I remember…

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Bradley, Christina
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[Los Llanos, Costa Rica, 2030: Narrativa]
[Los Llanos, Costa Rica, 2030: Narrative]
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Future scenario of what life might be like in Los Llanos in 2030.
Futuro escenario de como puede ser la vida en los Llanos en el 2030.
Forecasting--Costa Rica--Los Llanos, Monteverde, Puntarenas
Sustainable Futures 2007
Scenario planning
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