Field manual of employment procedure

Field manual of employment procedure

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Field manual of employment procedure for the use of Project supervisory personnel
United States -- Work Projects Administration (Fla.)
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[Jacksonville, Fla.?
Work Projects Administration of Florida]
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Employee handbooks -- Florida ( lcsh )


Manual establishing rules and regulations for employment by the Work Projects Administration in Florida. Dated Jan. 15, 1940.
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Title from caption at head of p. 4.
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Works Progress Administration Tampa office records, 1917-1943 Box 1 Folder 14
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Work Projects Administration of Florida.

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Field manual of employment procedure :
b for the use of Project supervisory personnel /
c Work Projects Administration of Florida.
[Jacksonville, Fla.? :
Work Projects Administration of Florida],
49 p.
Title from caption at head of p. 4.
Manual establishing rules and regulations for employment by the Work Projects Administration in Florida. Dated Jan. 15, 1940.
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United States.
Work Projects Administration (Fla.)
v Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Employee handbooks
z Florida.
United States.
Work Projects Administration (Fla.)
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
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PREFACE By virl;u-of a.nd pursuant to the authority contn.ined il Prooedur E 9 issued July 31 1939 and rovisod to his dnte, the following rules ana re ulations govcrnine; mploym nt o.r.e hor by esto.blisied. These rtJe;ul tions al'e compiled in the forn of' a Fiel 1 'nua.l for the of Project 8upcrvisoty Personnel nd shnll bo used by them as n guidP ilt he proper per rormunce of' their r spective duti(s. I!' Ll.nd us chllllC:,es occur in pol iey or proc dure: revisions or supplements will be issue hereto O'ld Given th sume distribution. A1minisho.tor Dn'\.;o: J uo.ry 15th, 1940 dviser


: ection 1 Section 2 s ct:ion 3 Section 4 Soc.:tion 5 G Soc ion '1 Soc cion 8 s cl:ion g s ction 10 Soct;lon 11 ncc:tlon 12 Secti.on 13 f.i c ion l4 (' ctjon 1 v s ctlon 16 Suction 17 s d::lon 18 Srct;.lon 19 (' tion s bon iH s ct:ion 22 Gt;ct.i.on %3 24 IN DE X Introductory D.!'initions Functions Rosponsibilities c,f D'vision of lliploynmt C'tizenchip Hcguirem nts liov:lcw of the Cunent ;orking Load Hours of' 'lark for projcc t v aze s Homa o f vrork f o r pro,j ct supervisory em_ loy es Hu.king up lost time Assigrun nt o.nd Torm:ino.tion Functions Hc-quisi tion for Employees Uso of'\':, P .A. form 102, Notice to report for on Project Houtinc ol' l{otice to Heport for work on Project, 11, P A Ionn 402,e in Assigrun;;nt Sto.tus (R0 lnssificution) Use of rirld 'T'runsf'er L P A Form 4L Termlno. ion Th.Hl to Ei hteen Honths Continuous Employment Requ st tor Tcrminntion of !..-r. loy:aen P A orTI'. 419 Aba nee from Proj cts, Authorized or Lno.uthorized nd S\

Section 25 Section 26 Section 27 Section 28 f-ection 29 Section 30 INDEX Political Activity Colloction of Private Debts of Project ilnployees Appeals from Warnings Suspensions and Terminations fo r Cause Presentation a.nd Adjustme:1ts of Grievunces Orgo.nizationo.l Activities of Project Sup urvisory Employees Application of the &chedule of Monthly Earnings to Counties and Areas


FE ERAL WORKS AGENCY-i ORK PROJECTS AD?.UNISTRA"'ION Or' FLORIDA llELD WlANUA!... OF EHPLOYME!IT PROCEDURE For of Project Supervisory Personnel action I. Operating Procedure E 9 issued July 31 1939, contains rules un regulations rning mployment on proj cts of the lork Proje ts Adninistration an projects oper tcti by other Fe ernl A encies by transfer of WPA un a This Operating Procedure sets forth regulations with respect to the bns:l.c functions of the Division of fuplovment. These reculutions pr s rib polici s nnd pro dures pE"rtaining to tr.c responsibilities of the Di vi. lon of Er:tploym nt i th r spoct to el ... {:;ibility o.nd certification of persons n n l or t ; the mt intonr:\nce of cccup ,tional classification records of liz;i 1 p rsonGJ of the o.vnilabilit: of cartii'ied labor at in tlr.1.ti on of proj ct propos ls nrJ proj ct op"'r tions; the arninr;s anJ hours of work of asr.i;n mploy es; the ssig:nment, reassign.'nent nnd termination of ligiblo pursons, nd lobor policies of the !ork Proj .cts Administration. It is ir:tportu.nt thai.; there be ar 'ul ooserYt\.11ce of these r gul' Lions in order to insu1e compli .nco 1rlth th prov'sions of the Elnergency H li r Approprintion Act of 1939. Rul s nud regulations thnt 1r.2.y h e bee1 issued by State Work Proj to dministr tion \'thich in confli t 'tt t .ese regulations shall be r s ind d or mo

2 -in a great :nany instances th> Divisions operating the projects have certain respon i bili ties upon vhich -che r;.:_ -i sian of E:nnloyrnent has to den end in order that the rules and re0ulations ns outlined may be exocuted, therefore, this Hanual is issued for the purpose of outlining such duties as may fall upon the .ixision of Operations and Professional aud Service Division, and ontains quotations frol'!l Opt-ra ting Procedure E 9 'i.'ith elaborations, cle.rificutions, an:i interprcta tio.1s thereof. It is prepared for di stri to all project supervisory personnel.


3 Section 2 Definitions ThE' following terms used in this Manual are hereby defined: 1 "Project" shall mean projects or portions of projects financed from funds appropriated to the Work Projects Administration and to the Works Progress Administration by the current Emergency Relief Appropriation Act and prior &nergency Relief Appropriation Acts. 2 "Assigned Employee" shall mean any persons employed on project and paid from funds appropriated to the Work Projects Administration and to the Works Progress Adminis tration by the Relief Appropriation !ct o? 1939 and by prior Emergency Helief Appropriation Acts. 3 "Project wage employee" shall mean any assig.ned employee paid by means of a pay roll payment in accordance ri th the established schedule of monthly earnings, including such employees whose earnings may C.iffer from such schedule due to making up allowable lost time and in case of (a) an emergency involving the public welfare, or (b) to protect work already done on a project. 4 11Supervisory persom1el11 The term, 11supervisory personnel, 11 as used in subsection (b) of Section 15 of' thG Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1939 shall be construed to mean those persons comprising the supervisory group in charge of a project. T his group may include, when the size of the project so requires, such assistants to the (1) project engineer or (2) project supervisor as (a) Assistant Supervisors, (b) Foremen (c) the Chief Clerk, (d) the Chief (e) project safety inspector, and (3) the Chief Timekeeper. To the fullest exte:::J.t possible, this supervisory group whether obtained from relief or non-relief sources, shall be paid the monthly security wage and shall work 130 hours per month The number of supervisory persons who are to be permitted to work longer than 130 hours per month and who to be paid in excess of ti1e monthly security wage shall be limited to those positions where the nature of the duties and duration of the work make it impractical to apply these restrictions. 5 11Project supervisory employee11 shall mean all supervisory pE:rsons as defined under item 4 above who are not paid in accordance with the established schedule of earnings and 1'18.Y therefore be required to work in excess of 130 hours a month 6 11Pa.y roll period11 shall mean a. semi -monthly calendar period.


4 -That is any consE"cutive fifteen-day period as dcsignatei by the Division of Finance Pr..yroll Section. 7 "Pay roll month" shall mean two co;:'lplcte consecutive se;ni monthly pay roll periods as by the of Fimmce. 8 The term "Pe r Iay" as used in this Manual shall mean an:y calendar day. However 1 no project waGe omployGe shall be permitted to work more than one 8 -hour sl1ift in any 1 2 -hour period. 9 The term "Pei Week11 a.s used in this ; .funual shall :mean seven consecutive days begiuningwith Sunday and ending with Saturday. 10 The term "Unit of a Project" shall mean thn.t portion of c.>-ny Official Project or Work Project op erating in a given locality whether or not it is under Supervision of one Superintendent or General Fore:rnnn or consists of s everal crews under supervision of different supervisors.


5 -The following quotation is taken from Section 3 of Operating Procedure E-9 and sets forth the responsibilities of the Assignment and Labor H.olations Section of tho Division of Employment : l Classification Activities (a) Classifying Fl.ll certified persons according to the occupation for 'hich they are best qualified to perform on the Work Program by ree.son of their training, experience and ability, physical condj.tion, education, etc. (b) Reclassifying certified persons when additional information received indicates that the occupational classification of such persons s hould be changed. (c) Reviewing allocations of occupations to wage classes, recom mending additions, exemptions or changes in such allocations. 2 Assignment (a) Making selection, assignment, chance in assigned occupation, nnd termination of employment of certified persons. (b) Completing of assignment and termination of non-certified persons. (c) Servine; as liaison with employment offices designated by the U'lited States Employment Service and other Federal f\gencies. (d) Reviewing and clearing of project propoGals and initiations as to the availability of labor. (e) Controlling of assignments to projects e.s prescribed by re;ulations (f) Revievfing and making reconunc1de.tions coneerhi:1g requests for ext.nptions from or chanr;es in the monthly earnings, schedules or hours of work. (g) periodic labor inventories by clP.ssifications and information c oncerning classifications available and unassig,ned or working out of line.


6 -3 Labor Relations (a) Maintaining uniform labor policies. (b) Meeting with representatives of the Work Projects Adminis tration. groups o r workers or their representatives for the purpose of discussing labor policies. (c) Meeting with workers or their representatives for the purpose of handling labor disputes and complaints. (d) Reviewing and adjusting labor complaints resulting from project operations, wages hours, working conditions, etc., including investigations and hearings where necessary on such complaints. (e) Being responsible for seeing that workers are informed of changes in program policies which may affect them (f) Anticipating possible causes of friction between workers and supervisory officials and taking such action as is possible within existing policy to prevent such friction. (g) Handling disciplinary suspensions and dismissals. (h) Participating in job and formanship training.


7 -Section 4 Citizenship Requirements No alien shall be eligible for on projects. To cnrry out the of this regulation, it shall b nee ssary for each person paid from funds appropriated to the Work Projects Administration to execute WPA Form 604, testifying to his citlz nship status. Persons unable to execute euch affidavit shall not b eligible for omploymont Th Division of EmploymGnt shall be responsible for securing YFA Form 604, as required, and to assie;n only those p .rsons who have file d such d'rldnv1 t in conformance with these rogulations. Under no circumstances sh1 11 p roo:u:; be o.soie;nod until after WPA Form 604 has bccsn e xC'cutc d and f'il d in h Division of


8 Section 5 Review of Current Workine; Load Emergency Relief Act of 1939 makes it mandatory that a review of the need status of each certified project employee shall be made at least once evf'ry six months and persons found not in need shall have their certification of eligibility canceled. This revievv will be conducted by the Social Work Section of the Division of Employment Project Supervisory personnel must cooperate in this review when requested The following notice to certified workers has been reproduced and is now available at the Supply and Duplicating Section and must be posted or othendse made available at the site of every project in a manner which insures that overy certified worker has been properly notified of its provisions. NOTICE TO CERTIFIED WORKERS The Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1939, Section 16 (f) provides that tho Conunissioner of Hork Projects shall oause a periodic investigation to be made of the rolls of relief employees on work pro,iects in order to eliminate from the rolls those not in actual need. In accordance with the provisions of t!1is Act, the Commi ssionor of r ork Projects has arranged for a review to be made of the need of each certified employee at least once every six m?nths The eJ:tployee s cooperation is requested in making this review and assurance is given tha.t care '.'rill be taken to conduct the review in a fair and impartial manner The Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1939, Section 28 provides that "any person who and with intent to defraud the United States makes any false statemen t in connection with any application for any work project, employ ment or relief nid under tho appropriations in this joint resolution shall be deemed guilty of a felony and fined not more than ;p2.000 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.11 It is the r esponsibility of each project supervisor to see that the Notice is properly posted.


9 S c ion 0 Hours of _t:o!.._Fro_j_e_c_t_::ar!'_ Em_plo: es Project Yf ge Employoef! hall be roq,.tirerl to work 130 hours d :-inr; each pay roll mon h end such mploye R shall not l e re ired to rork in excess or a hours p rl y nd 40 hours per week xcept: Whn 1 4 kinr; up lost time within the lirU.tat'ons set i'orth in c ction 30 of Operating Procedure E -9; 2 'ilion authorized by the State Adcin"strator or his a.uthorite rapresentati va in the case of e.n mergency nvolving th public w lCare, or for the pro ection of work alre dy done on a project; and :5. Wh n authorized by th State '/ork Projects Adr:l.inis tr tor or hio uthorizod representative in case of n involvinG the public or for the 'XC prot ction of' v:ork lready done on a. pro ct, provided such uthorh tion sha.ll not be effective for period exceed oons cutlve days (48 hours) for each emcrg ncy ion a 2 nn re authorized, there sh 11 e o ma.ximwn hours or work but the num or of hour a of wor-k allm d sh 11 o governed ly h cir umstfJ,nc involv d. Whn x. eption 1 is uthorized, the m xlmum hours of 1ork nhnll h 8 hoas por d y d hours per woe"<. Th rm "per tlYn uc d 1n this section sh 11 me a. ca.lendar d v llo; v l', no proj w eo employe Ehnll b uttod to ork mer htn on 8-hour shii't in OJ'IY 12hour cried, excep., e.:z thorized in .t m 2 nnd 3 of th's s ction. 'l'ho t :rm p r w k11 ns used in this section s all all SG"'On outiv cnlond r by the St d::rinistre.tor in Gon rul Bull tin No. 269 o.s 1.J ginning on Sund" d or-dL"'!g on he followin, So.turdn.y Th shnll be oonsid rod c a '' ork week' In ny o 'e whero xc ptions 2 nd 3 ar rized, the rojects r to b ro ch duled for op r tion in c ordanco 'tt. e ircumst1;1.11ces.


10 -At the expiration of work und0r such circumstances, the normal schedule of project opcrationc shall bo resuned and t.1e nor_JP_l hours of work shal1 not be rescheduled in order to reduce in subsequent pny 1 oll periods to offset the excessive a.mmmts earned during the period involved in such cuses. Tho schedule of hours of work for a. project shall be arranced primo.rily in th intorcst of effj,cient project operation but shall not be scheduled oo as to c:Auoe undue or unrc.;asonablc hardsLip on project wnce tmploy us. Rvcpona ll.Jili ty !'or oniorconH:nt of the provisions relative to hours oi' work by dnys und wooks shall rost upon the division operating tha proi c1.s


11 -cction 7 Hours of Work for Project Suporvisor'l>loyecs '!'h{;l hours of work r quired from project supervieor e:.ploy s as efin 1 in S ction 2 of t:his 1ianural has bt.Jen established by "Schedule of' rJnlar os and Hours of i'lork f'or Projoct Supervisory E.nplo.rc s11, VfPA Form 420 s a runirnUPt of 130 hours per month Pro,j Jet Su rrvisory l:.mployoes sho .ll not be paid for ovcrtimv, nor ah 11 uny deductions bo mndc for o.ny d Vlork day(s) whon uch mployo0 is not roquirod to bo on d..1t D ductions for volunt ry a.l t:f.!ncl3 shall bo de on the bnsic; of on -thirtiiJth of the employ 1ti monthly actlary fo.r nch day of a.1:ser e


12 -Section 8 Making Up Lost T ime Project employees shall be afforded every reasonable opportunity to earn the full scheduled earnings for the occupntion at which assigned, Pnyment shall be made only for tiine actually worked, However project wage employees paid in accordance with the applicable schedule of earnings shall be given every reasonable opportunity to earn full amount of such earnings. In order to do this, such project vmgc employees shall be allowed every reasonable opportunity to make up time lost due to the following circumstances, p rovided that in no case shall any project vmge employee be allowed to allo>vable lost time in excess of fifty per cent of such employee' s assiGlled hours per pay roll month: 1. Vv'hen tho project does not operate because of weather conditions or temporary interruptions in project operation beyond the control of the project wage employees; 2 Yihen the V\ragc employee is unable to work because of: (a) Illness, including illness or death of a member of the employee' s immediate family, (b) Injury sustained in the perfor mance of duty, (c) !lilitary service, (d) Exercise of voting 3 When the project vmge employee is absent from the project; and (a) In the opinion of the State Work Projects Administrator or his authorized representative the cause of absence was reasonable; and (b) Such tline lost can be made up without interfering with the efficient operation of the project; and (c) Application for permission and authority granted to up such lost time has been made in advance, or if application was not made in advance, tho circumstances are such as to warrant favorable action.


-13 Pro. ct wngo, eJ,Jploye s ohall not be req 1i e o or on logal hol tYS 1 and titn ao lost by project v; ge eraployecs sha 1 oo .egarded a3 temporo.r.t interruption in project operation" to be made up in uccorl nee with th0 o.bove 'nco projocb wnje mployoeo may have to t nvcl a n nom c ceo o roch a project, eve effort should be m de to uo if,'! ... uch ompl udv nco s soon s it s clot r ne the pro."ect co.nnot; op1 r t In ,tch eM s it is not 1 ece ... n r:r for the reject v:o.t;e on1 lor 'or orb to ho proj ct n ardor to e giv n credtt fo llownh mo. A llo ro.b lon t; bo :rt'f\dO up du it"" cur: 't nnd roll periods. Evely rort shall to ul< proj b op r tions to pcrr:Ut r o e., loy es to ::nn e up 1 o L t;:i mo during t! current prq ron p r od. Los:1 f n.rn:\.n.g, ro ult;infS .!'rom injuri sus n d in tha purof' ty m y b r1 cover d r. a .!'ollovr .. : 1 o plo;ee doeo not o n s 11 be 2 exceeds o ct


-14 Conpensation Section of the Divisi.on of Finance. However it shall be clearly establish0d by the State or local Compensation Officer that the injured worker has entirely recovered to pormi t reemployment without danger to h ililself or other workers and that tho injured worker shall bu able to porform normal duties required without special consideration or creation of a special job.


-15 Gection 9 Assignment o.nd Termination unctiom The primary assignment functions of the Division of Employmer...t are the prcpa1ations a.ncllnaintcnuncc of occupntional classification records of persons eli gible for and sceldnr; VIPA Gmployment and thA selection of persons for o.ssic;nmcnt to und r uov:1l from projects. Ass i&une:nt rrJcponsi bili ti s of the Division of t.1 ploymc-:1t include bh rcce.lving n.nd reviewing of REQUISITIONS FOR ORKERS, iiPA Form 4011 th s lection of peroono to fill such requisitions, and the issuance of ssiGrunent noti os to th pe-rsons selected. instructions re latinG to u.ssie;nrncnt responsibilities und procedure are contuined in the followine; sections 10 throue:h 14.. 'l' rm1Mtionu or the employment of ussigned employees shRll be made by t.h Division of Employwmt upon the basis of r quests und notifica tions f om the oporat5ng divisions on REQUEST FOR TER:.ITHATION OF EMPLOYEES, WPA Form 419 or NOTICE OF WARNING OR SUSPENSION, 1'"PA Forn 418 or upon d 'Gl l!llnntion that th ontil'lUOd employment of 1. assigned enployee is conlr ry to r.or;ulu.tions Detailed instructions relating to tl e termine.-icn i'uncl::ions or ho Division of EJnployme1 t are co!!.tained in sections p: :;! rouGh 21.


16 Section 10. Requioi_tion fox:_ Em1Jlo. In every insto.nce where emplo. ees o.rc 'teeded on o. project or a unit of a. p. o:cct, REQUISITION FOH WORKERS, 'fPA Form 4011 nho.ll be subr.;ittcd by tho des:ignated re quisitioning of.f.icer of tho op9ra.ting divi:.ion or agenc: having supervision o!' the pro,ject to the Division of Employment. Requisitions shall be svb d for (1) additional employees, a.nd (2) for cn,.nge in status of a.n mployee. When an nosizned employee is no longer required on the project to which he is asnigned, REQUEST F'OR TEJUHNATIO I OF E !PLOYEES, '\VPA Form 4J 9 sh 11 be submitted in a.ocordanco with section 16. Copies 1 and 2 of bheso !'ormo sh 11 be forwarded to the Division of Er. ploymont and copy 3 be r tained in the fil s of the requisitionin0 officer. ]?_ ..::9.9-u:tsi b]L occupational _tj_t1 .es __ How ver, so fur as possible, complete infor:nn.tion be given rega.rd:lnr; W1Y special r quirenents of the work to be done Tho number of employ s nd tho occup tional titles requisitioned shall, so far as consis tent wii.;h efficient pro,ioct operation, correspond :ith t .o schedule of l1bor reqniremonts uo outlined in section 27 of OpcratirtG Procedure No. E 9 Tho c;eoc;ruphicnl zono in which the project is loco. .. ed shall also b shown on WPA Form 4 01 Tho election or occupations to bo used on projects shall be based upon standn.rdized occu ations, titles and job descriptions set forth in the Manual sec_tio.E__2_3 __ o.i__Operat_: .!_ng E 9 lt will bo noted thnt this Section provides that the geographical zone in which the project is located must ahr ys be upon all Requisitions for WFA Form 401. Since the Arer. Er"lplo .. er.'t Ofr ices have not omploted their zoning procedure, this in2or:r.ati "1 dll not be P.Vailnble 1 but t such tlme ns each Cm.mty il'l the State is divided into zones, that


17 information wiJ 1 bo furnished project supervisory person.11.e1 at wHch time they mtl.y confor1n to the regulation o.bove stated. It will o.lso be noted that this Soction requires the usc of M.'1nua.l or Occupationul 3pocifica:Cions in the seloction of OC0Upa.tions to be used on projects. Since this Manual has not been received in sufficient qunntiti(.}S to bo dlstribut d to project supe1visory personnel it will be nva.ilablo only in tho Aren Offices.


-18 FORM 102 All a.ssignr;u.mts c.nd reo.ssignments of persons to projects, includinr, tho roo.ssign.>ncnt of an assigned fron one r.'PA proj ct to another t\lld cho.ngcs in the c .ssignnt..nt status of o.n assigned employee who is to rcmnin on tho so.uc. project, shall be accomplished through the, execution of NOTICE TO l{EPORT FOk :or:K ON PROJECT, 1PA r'orm 4021 Hevi d July 28 1939, by the Division of Enployment. No b en asOiCjned to Division cf>loynent at tU;l to be perforr.ed. No prJrson slUlll b, o.sci.gned to work on projects unless tho Division of' ploymonb h s i.n its file WPA Forttl 604 executed by the p rson as out-lin d 'in ction 4 fl'1d no shall be aasignod to work on projects in t nup rvi sory ity unless such person has e;: cuted Oath of AlleglO.l'tCe, WP.A Form 607 WPA Form 402 s r vi. .. cod o.lso provides a s tenent to bo certified to by th l'Son assi d o the e i'fect that he doc s .ot advocate or is 110 \; 1'1 m mb1 of nn orguni zntion tho.t o.dvocates t h e orerthrow of the r.overrunl;nt thxough force or vio1oncP. Such certification is required by S ol:;ion 18 (b) of' th &nergency Relief Approprir.tion !.ct of 1939 which r o.ds ns follows: 11No portion of approprio:\;ion unr'ler this joint ro elution sl !'1.11 u::ed to puy e.':l. c o:-:_ e::lsation after Se 'torn. or 30 S39, to nny p erson "he r ... vo atrs, or v:ho is r.\ht. r of an orr.;unization th:...t a d -.rocatPs, tl e over-throw ol' tho Govonun0nt of the Uni ed Sto::;es tr.rough for e or v:ioJ e.1ce As provided in section 10 ussigl1.!'lents rn ss: f;D-"'1er-ts of pt::rsons to projr.cts are by the Division of Employment o :-.e basis of requests from thu op ratinG r1ivision on REQUISITION FOR ;,'P.A Forr.. 401 In


-19 making; t1.ssigrunents and rea.ssic;nmP-hts it is the responsibility of the Di v i s.ion of Emp] oyment to first determine tl.ut can be nw.d e within tho limite.tion of the authorized quo t a and in accordance wit.h he p;o

20 -In an asaign0d P.mployee fro:n one ;;p_ project to another without interruption of e111ployment, it is not roquire:i that NOTICE OF TERMHU1 TIOl OR El!PLOYMElTT, 'v'PA } crm 403 be executed to separate the mployco from the projnct to which he is currently assigned. However A 1 orm 403 clll.l.ll b c;:ocuted to terminate o.n nssif:!1ed onployee on a Vn'A project whon such cmpl0y0e is to be to a reject of another r'cderal Agency Instructions relating to tn routing o1 PA 402 s o t forth in S(:)ct.ion 12. Instructions relating to chnnc;es in the assignnent status o!' tm o.osign d nployec who is to on tho sam project are set forth in s ction 13


-21 12. Routing of NOTICE TO REPORT FOR WORK ON PROJECT, VIPA Form 402 Instructions relating to the routing of Form 402 when executed (1) for a person not currently employed on a 'VYPA project, (2) to effect the reassignmeat of an assigned employee from one lJ\IPA project to another, and (3) to effect a change in the assignment status of an assigned e!'lployee who is to remain on the same project, are set forth in the following items 1, 2, and 3 respectively. 1. Hhen executed for a person not currently employed on a YfPA project, copy 5 shall be sent to the J:>erson e.ssigned, copy 4 shall be retained in the files of the Division of ment and copies 1, 2 and 3 shall be sent to the project supervisor. Upon the reassign.'llent of a project wae;e cmployoe >rho is not currently employed on a r."PA project, the Division of Employment shall forward to the project to which tho employee is being assigned, TRANSFER RECORD OF EMPLOYEE' S UPON TRA.NSFER OR REASSIGNJ;IENT, Form 513 or temporary equivalent, which was submitted to the Division of Employment at the time the employee's previous employment was terminated. In the case of the reassignnent of a project wage employee from o:1e YlPA project to another, -vrhere there is no termination of the current time record of the employee shall be transmitted to the receiving 12roject by the timekeeper of the releasing project. fuen the person assigned reports on the project, he shall be required to present copy 5 and shall sign copies l, 2 3 and 5 The project supervisor shall witness the signature of the person and then enter on these copies in the space provided, the date on which tho person assigned begins work and shall himself sign these copies. Copy 5 shall then be returned to the worker, copy 1 sh'.11 be forwarded to th0 Pay Roll Unit of the Division of Finance, copy 2 shall be returned to the Division of and copy 3 shall be retainod on the project. If the person assigned fails to report, refuses the assignment, or is rejected by the project supervisor, the supervisor shall write "Failed to report", 11Refused assignment", or "Rejected11, w-hichever is appropriate, across the face of copies 1 2, and 3 In instances


-22 vmere the employee is rejected, the ,rojoct supervisor shall oet forth in de"':.ail the re son i'or such rejection. In case the person assigned fails to report or refuses tho aosignment, the supervisor shall state "';he reasons whenever knovm. In such co.scs copies 1 and 2 sho.ll be returned to the Division of Employtr.ent togeth r wibh copy of WPA For!TI 513 and copy 3 she.ll be rvtained on tho projoot. In co.:;os where the person assigned "Fe.ils to report", tho proJect Supervisor shc.ll hold t e form for 5 d>.ys and t1cn o.fb r writing "F::-.ilc.d to repor-t" n.croos the roburn thom to tho Division of Er.lployo1iGned nnd copy 4 shall be ret ined in t .. e fil s of tho Division of Employment. Upon of copy 2 the r cle11Si!l!; projuct supervisor sho.ll noto tho date of the em:lloyee' s oloasJ on this copy and on tl,o project records 1 and this copy shall bo t;ivcn to the emplo:roo for dclivor:r to the receiving project, toGothor with tho TRAJ!SFER !lliCORD OF EMPLOL ... E S TWE UPOJ! TRANSFER OR ';pA Fo 513 'l'h' p ooodure on the recel.Vl.n0 project v:ith respect to copie:; 1 2 3 IUld 5 sho.ll be e.s outlined under Item 1 above. 3 Whon xocutod to effect a chan{;e in ... he asipm:.ent status of nn u.ssig;nod employee who is to rer:. in on the co)y G sho.ll bo sent to the o.nd copies l 2 ond 3 shall bo se!lt to t'l-to 'reject supc:rvi::;or. If tho clo1ge is accuptn.blo to th reject su,e:rvisor, he s:1nll the worl er s:it;n the four co ::.os "'.nd sh 11 also those copies himscJf


23 -.P.fter entering the date on which the employee begins his new duties, copy 5 shall be returned to worker, copy 1 shall be sent to the Division of Finance, copy 2 shall be returned to the Division of Employment, and copy 3 shall be retained on the project, If the project supervisor rejects the chance, he shall write "Rejected" across the face of each of the copies, set forth his reasons for the rejection, and return copies 1 and 2 to the Division of Employment. If the employee refuses to accept the ehange, the project supervisor shall note this fact on copies 1, 2, and 3, together with the reesons, and shall return copies 1 and 2 to ths Division of ment. In such oases, the Division of Employment shall take whatever action is appropriate. Speei 1 attention of all project supervisory personnel is called to ParaGraph 2 of this section, on the subject of Transfers. .fuen it beoom s necessary to transfer a worker from one project to another the officer should establish the effective date of this trans-r r nt ll dat h t will llow the employment office sufficient time to xecute the documents distribute the several copies to their respective des in tions, b aring in mind that a worker should not be allowed to luov he role sing project and must not be allowed to begin work on the roc i ving 1lroject until tho worker has received his copy and both rel aslng nnd rec iving projects received their copies.


2 1: S tion 1 3 Change in Assip-7'li:tent i:tatus .. PJ. 402 si all be u s d when it j:; desired to ch".ntc t h rlsde;n':!ci o ccupo.ticn of an employee o n th project to which he J.s esaignod, or t'n it :!.s desired to assign o.n mploy 'J to ano bh!)r pro;j< .ct at a clifferent or;cupation. Jn c lOYJtWnt, tle1o ure !lerso::; already rap loy on the proj1 ct who a rr; working at othe r then the.:.r L 1SU'.l l o r o r q u lifi for occupr..tio n t iw Division of .E..nploymc t y chnngu t he o.o 1 occu) t.; i.on o f r,uch ptJrson.s p roviuod unlifi e d to per f orm "Ll duties r quir d li' thE r(j flrC no such p (rs01.s alrca y working on tho Pl'Ojr.ct, thE Di vi cion of' nll).y us sig n such persons from other proj1 <;cll or fl"om th'!l awu.itl:ng assigrunent i'ile. Jn cl n it.: is d tern lncd to be !'ea.sible e.nd consiste t Hith good non illO t \.;ir.e to sel ct unassigned persons to fill h<' requisition, IHI ignm nts :;t, l l bl3 mn.:l in ucool"dnnce with regul r prcc dure. i hr rc YvPA Form 402 i s issued chanc;ing t h assiouncnt status of an rnploy G on th p r o jr1cl: to w 1.i.oh he i"' e.ssigted, the follo ring n otnL: ton shtdl b made onWP A Folm 402, Cha.nge i Assign.":lent Status.


14. TSE OF .... ,,F ,R, nen it is deemed de11ir blc to retain tho omrloyecs in e .ploynwnt on continuing, superseding or consolida.tine; project 'Hithout changti in assicnrJd occupation, loc tion or carnincs, nd when there is not more thrn five days lopsc o f timo botvoen tho closing of the old offici 1 ct e:::d tee conunencemcnt o r th new of'f ici 1 p rojec b employees shall be assigned to the new officie. l p roject by use of lffPA Form 411 as set forth in this section. The use of Y.TPA For m 411 shall be restricted entirely as outlined in this section. All other chr.1n gc s in assignments sh 11. b e effected oy use of A orm 402 WPA For m tlll shAll be prepared he designated representative of the op r n inc dJvision hnving s u pervision of the project in an original and four copies. The name ndd reas und identific tion nu.'=!ber of each emplo yee assigMd to the n'3w ofi'iolal p roject shr.\11 be listed thereon, as well as the o l d of'l'icl 1 p roje t munbe r and the new official p roject number. The orlc;.i.nol shell be f'orw x-ded immediately to the Division of: Finance, the s cond copy to Division o!' Empl oyment the th.rd copy to the project supervioor, ncl the fourth copy retained by he r.itiating office. Upon rcct.. pt of ;pA Form 411 the Division of Zmployment may change the p rojet-t number on "IP/. Form 402 U t wes sed to effec the essignment to the o rit;inal proj ct y drawinc; P line throueh he old numbe r and in!lo r inrr, the new number and its effective dllte.


26 Section 15 Ten1Lino.tion due to V.ith the exception of vot(lre.ns, nll cortif'icd employees who ho.vo beun <.;ontinuously cmploycd on projects !:or nore tha:.1 cightt..:en months shall b_, rm.tovt..:d rrom such omplo;ymo11t. Th rol of' persona a:C'f'.::r.Jtcd by this provision ill bu !':lade by t;hv Div lsi on 01 t nploy;nent advico of tho Di'7isi.on of Fincnce. No Ltction is r(;qulrcd of proj0ct su,,crv.isory pcrso:tr el in this connection prior to thG rr;coipt of ex Forn 403


-27 TERMINATION OF EMPLOYEES, WPA FOID.1 419 shall be used for the purpose of requesting the termination of employment of employees in all inGtances, except as outlined in sections 15 and 18. a project or a portion of a project is completed, discontinu0d, or suspended, or when it is to reduce the nunber of employees on a project, the Division of Employrr.ent shall be notified by the use of REQUEST FOR TgmnNATION OF EMPIJOYE;ES, WPA Form 419 'TPA Form 419 provides space for identifying informa.tion rer;arding the p roject, name and identifi-cation number of each employee to be; t e1miLated, the reason for such request and the effective date of sepc.ration. Form 419 rno.y be i nitie.tod by the of..'j.cia.l in the operating division ha.ving cho.rge of pro:jects in the locality. If nt the tiJ!le employees a.r e terminated from employment on a project in tl1is manner, additional employees are needed on other pro;]ects, the official in the operating division shall' prepa r e REQUISITION FOR "\II.'OHKERS, 'WPA Form 401, requesting assigmnent of the number of employees needed on tho other project, in accordance with regu) lations set forth in section 10, and submit it to the Division of Employ -mont together with the REQUEST FOR OF EfiPLOT.GES, lfPA Fo r m 419. Upon receip-t of WPA Form 419 the Division of Emplop.ent may either terminate the employment of such employees by use of ':VPA Form 403 effectiv e the d.ate r equested or may assign such employeo..;s to another project by use of WPA Form 402 Certified employees listed on the For.n 419 for termination shall bo considered equally with other certified persons who are available, taking into account all of tho factors governing the solection of Ol:'.ploy oe s for assignment to work on other projects.


-28 -to request the clismisse.l of clisciplir:.e.ry reasons, see section 1 8 'fPA r'orm 419 cha.ll be preporecl in triplicate, ori ginsl and one copy to be submitted to the employment division snd 2nd copy retained for project files, This form ohall not bo used to Termination of persons who hove had 18 months continuous emplo,'ltlent (sec section 15)


-29 Employees shall be required to report for work on each day the project operates unless otherwise notified by a designated official. On davs ,J that the project does not operate beeause of temporo..ry j_nterruption beyond the control of the employees, every effort shaH be made to notify such employees in advance. In such cases it is not necessary for employees to report to the project in order to be given credit for allowable time. Procedures to be followed in the cases of (1) absence without notice. and (2) absence with notice are set forth in following items A and B of this section. A Absence vri thuut Hotice fuployees w!"Jo are voluntarily absent from the proj.. ct-for five consocutive days on which the employee is scheduled to work vrithout notifyint; the projoct supervisor or for$mr-.n as to the cause for such absence shall have their employment by the is1.mance of NOTICE OB' TERiviTNA'l'ION OF' I:liPLOYMENT, Form 1:>:0:3. iiP.A Form 1 shall bear as explanation: "-Absent 5 consecutive; days without not.l.ce of cause. 11 B Absence with t1otice N:tployees nho notify the project supervisor o r foremn of absence from the -project because of illness, temporary private military leave, or other valid reo. so:1s acceptable to such official, shall not have their employnent terminated until they have been absent for a full pay roll pe-riod. In the 0ver.t, ho1'.-ever an employee notifies the project supervisor or forl3man that he 1rill bEJ absent from the project in excess of a full pay roll p0riod due to the above circunsta.-rJ.ces, vVPA Form 403 shall be propared i!Tilaea a.toly by thv Division of Eknploynent al1d tht: reason shall be stated thereon. No employee shall be continued in active employment status after he has been due to any of the above circUJ.'Jlsta.nces for a full pay roll period. In carrying out the provj_ s..?::2E-s of i B of ti1is section, REQUEST FOH TERMINATION OF EMPLOYEE, VVPA Form be used to notify the Divi-sion of Employment of the absence. Injtrred employees unable to report as the result of a disabling injury sustained in the performance of duty shall not have their employment status terminated until they have been absent thirty (30) calendar days.


30 Soction 18 Susp6_!lsions. Project w ege e1:1ployees w ho shirk their duties or otherwise violl'l.te :ork Projc:cts Administration regulations shall be subject to d :i.ocipliner y action as outlined in items A and B o soction. Froject_war,e_employces shell not be reduc e d in Clnssifica.tion or otherNise demote d as a disciplinary measure. A Warninfi NOTICE OF W.AHNUTG Of. SUS?E:'SION 1'iPA Form 418 shall be usod for this purpose. This form sho.ll be u repered in three copies on the project and cicned by tho supervisor in chcrge of the project and tho employuo, If the employee refuoes to acl:nowledge th, receipt of warning notico the signfJture of a witness shell be secured. The employee shall not be subject to disciplinl'l.ry action because of refusal to sign e warning no L.i co. Thf;J original shn 11 be deli v o red to the.;. employee, one copy fornr.rded to tho Division of Employment end one copy rctcined on the project. 'ol/hen the form is issued as r warninc;, it is not necessary thot it be approved by tho Division of Employment ; hm;cv er, e. copy shnll b e filed in the employment records of the employee concerned and shnll becone a part of his work record. A WHrnine; ls to be issued only nfter efforts h"ve failed to induce the employee to perform his duties in accordance with regulations end when it is necessary to warn him thtt n suspension will follow unless improvement is shown. It :;hall be the responsibility of the supervisor issuing the w arning to inf'orm the employee, when requested, '"'f his rit;ht to ap?eal to the Division of ID-nployment. Jf the employee feels that the wa rning is unjustified, he may make such o.pponl in nn nffort to clear his vork record. B, end Discho.r.E In the event thf1t the issuance of c werning; nol;ioc s ontlined in item A of this section fails to induce the employee to p0ri'or m his work in accordance with the reguletions o r when the e;rovi ty o f the off'en:;e warrrnts more than a wa rnir.[, the p roject supervisor mny p:repu:re ll\JTICC: 01'' v\APNWG OH SUSPENSION, rorm 418, suspending the employee foro pe:rjod of three days o r less. In U:!.s case, tho project supervisor shall submit the originrl copy of the forr.1 to tt.e Division of Employ ment r .nd one copy to the suspended employee and;e the employee of the Limo to r eport book to work. If the susr'ension is for n period of three days, or l o s, the Division of Employrmmt will not revie t the e.ction tnlcen by the sup rvisor unless the suspension is or o.p,eo.led by the employee. I:n c ses w rrnnting more th n o. three de:; sus;.oension, the project sup ervisor shall 01<' WARNHiG 01\ 2USPENSI01! '"Tf'A Form 418, Hnd suspend. the indefinitely, pending notice from the Division of Em ployrnont of i..ho disoi;Jlin ry Jction tekon. In such cases, Form 4.18 shall be prepnred ln throe copies forth in dotril the circumstances necessi otinc the Thu ol'igin l shPll b.; to tht. Di. vision of Bmplovment; th' i'irst copy to the employee; ",1d the second copy r etained by tho supervisor. In order to avoid any question as to whether the foremun


31 sustained o ov rrulod., he shall not :a-e P'. st te. ent to tho .n l oye nato w)1 t ctj.on v:ill e t; ken in o cer, tL fore en aho.ll in1'orl'n he in presc lti. g to i!!: his co.. of 1 TA Fo m 118 t ltl t he s be in aus.,onch:d nd that he can..''lot mk on tho roject in until noti 'ie tho Divir,il')n oi' F.mployrnent Tho ivi'. on o ... .!,H loyn, nt, upon 4he of info .. t'on contninod. on : Porm 118 '' d othor nvn'lable, n.!'te. consulto.tion v:ith tllo ap.,ropricd;o opsr til civision whOl'G o!wible, endcr n decision to the o.pr1op.rinto rliso'plinnry act'on to b t inc ch where 01 p l yo ho.v b o. ou panclcc indofin'te y The iv:.sion of E:-:JJloyment lLO.,' f' d orn d dv'eblo, co.uoc a.n invo icntion to be ol tho circumstc.noos tL nd nc tho G wpono ton bof'orc ro ldod c. doc:t.sion If tho cr.ployc ... .feels Lha.t; th c .a.t mont; 110. o ry tho eu,., rvir,or or 1. or.n s unjust ho mry ron. ctpp rting evtd nco to the of The of Ero}11 oymoz uftor onsj,doratio:l of nll info r. tion & n. 'luble, susred the < mpl oyoo for o. p rlod of' not l sa tho...'11. rork' g not roro tho.n y roll 1 er iocJ, dopond:\. g up or: tho na.L'ttr of tho circunst r cr s or the r n l y o rfl{,iy be d., because o ho r isch reed, the Di .i. .:.on of EmJ;l t sh 11 o b routed i. e r gular nd tho shall he plc.ced in the sho.ll be con::;ich:r ow v r tl F>rtifica.t.:.on t f'or mi sco ct or l:o tho hl\vo f i cd.


32 EMPLOY.MEi1T, HPJ\. Form 403 NOTICE OF l'ERMINATIO: OF V\rpA Form 403 ahull be prepa.r d by the Division of Emplo:nne t a.nd rotted as outlined Copy 1 Forwarded. i:rundia.tely to the Division of Finance. Copy 2 Forwarded to project fro :1 e!"lployment is being terminated. Tho project foreman or s tpcrvi.sor shall sibl'l in the space provided, a.ckno receipt a d return cop r 2 to the Division of 1.\mploYl;Lent irnr:ediately. Copy 3 -Forwarded with copy 2 to tho project for the project file. Copy 1 Rotoin d hy Division of EmploYlnent pending return of copy 2 from the project curervisor. Copy fi J.lniled or deli v rod directly to the worker. SJ?UCe is provi d d for th sj gne.ture of tt,e re:_:>resentative of the Diviclon of FinpJ oyr.vmt i.osuing the NOTICE OF TER! I .TION OF EL1PLOY:\1ENT and for uoknowledgm nt or by the forerre.n or oupc.rvisor of the project. Project Supcrvi sors should take esp cial care tha-t no worke r is allow d to work b yond th, ffective dute of' his 40:5. Th origin 1 oJ.' i\IPA Form 513 in each c r.e nust be attached to the 2nd copy or t11 wt en tro.nsmi tted to the Di. vis ion of Ehployment


-33 Section 20 Private Employment Certified project employees and unassigned certified persons shall be e:xp<;cted to accept bona fide offers of private employr:wnt whether of a permanent or temporary nature, provided: 1 The project employee is capable of performing such work. 2 The wage for such er'lployment is not lese than the prevailing wage for such work in the comm.t::1i ty Hhere the employee resides 3 Such employnent is not in con:C'lict v:ith established union rela tj.onships. 4 Such employment provides reasonable working conditions. A certified project employee who leaves project employment to accept such private employment shall, at tho expiration thereof, be entitled to im-mediate reemployment on a project if he is still in need and if he has lost the private employment through no fault of his own, and if he has first drawn a l l the benefits of unemployment compensation that shall h2,ve accrued to him during his term in private employmE-nt and which nrc avail::tble to him. Certified project employees and certified persons awaiting assignment who refuse to accep1; privo.te employment meeting the conditions cited above, shall be ineligible for employment on projects during the period for nhich such private employment would be available. ) The provisions of this section be aJplicable only to those persons who leave project emplo:y:mont for the purpose of private employment on and after January 1 1939. A neutral policy shall be liW.intained by the 'Vork Projects Administration in all disputes between employeGs and employers in private industry. Employees may not be discharged from projects or otherwise denied ernplo-y1nent on projects for refusal to accept employment where employees are locked out or on strike.


34 .....!!...2!'der _that e.ll pro,jcct _:I_ .. ._,. __ :.. o' of .pl_oy:ment. zrovided in each_ t....2_ ite.


35 -Socti on 21. Elnployrr1ent In orr er o avoid com!_)etition between 'Nork Projects fld'n.inistration and other Federal Ell)enciez, no certified person shnll be elit,ible for employment on on:r pro.:;ect i'inr.noed in whole or in part with funds P.ppropriated to the Projects Adl'll.nistrati on who refuses to coopt emnlo;yment on I'! pro,ject of er.other c gency, whether prusecutod by contr 10t or force account, at earninr;s cor:.rar!'!ble with or higher ht n th1'3 earnincs estcblishod for sir.1ilar o:t projects of the Projects Admini otration, /my certified employee vno hn.s been ent;eged on n pro,ject of nnoLh r l'ederal and whone service h s been terminated through no !' ult. of hls own, shall not lose his eligibility for reemployment on any project or he '"fork I'rojecte Admtrliotr tion or account of Buell ptevi.oue elrtploymt.lnt. other Fderal agency on


36 -Section 22 Labor F:ela.tio:ns Functions The Division of Empl oyment and tne operating divisions are directly resf!onsible for mnintaining satisfactory relations with project employees. A complete file of regulations, o r de r s and generf.ll letters published by the Work Projects shall be mai n tained in each adr.unistrati ve field office and information contained ther e i n reg0rdine; lebor relations policy that mRy be :tertin'Jnt to the interest or jurisdiction of employees shall be made avoilr,ble to employees for examine. tion upon roqucst. The Labor Relations functions include the maintennnce of 1.miform labor policies as interpreted by the Division of Employment These policies shall include the riGhts of project employees, rela.ti ons with the operc,ting divisions and the workers in the hendling of investiGations, warnings, suspensions end complaints. Every effort shall be mnde to eliminr-te legitimate causes for complaints.


'::J7 S ction 23 Discrit: ination Projl:lct C!'1..,loye s :.o o qualified by occupational o.nd expari nee for ns'"i rune. t to \:ork on proj .. cts oh 11 not b diocrimino:t d t e;ninst because 01' organ z.a.,io:\9.1 uctivity, rncrnborohip or. non tn;lnberohip in a lA.bor org nizatioJ or for 'tnY other r eaoon wh teo ever, nor nho.ll thvir jobs be in eopardy bccuus of f ilure 0 0 con r uti on to collections of mon y f: r [my pur :o poraon employed by or arJoking omployl.lcnt with he or1 Projects Ad-ninin t r \;ion .hulJ b i nir d such o mploy;nont op )Ortunity bcccus .:.s. or is n ot; 1 m

38 C ction 24 l!ai.ntrmo.nce of :Jrdor The f'or the n

39 Section 25 Political Activity ca. ses involving political activity shn.ll be treated in fi.Ccordance V'rith tte Rnergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1939 a.nd regulations J.ssued by the of the Vork Projects Administration, )


40 Sec tion 26, Collection of Private Debts of Project Employees The Wor k Projects Administration shall not act as agents for or take any part, directly or indirectly, in the collection of private debts contracted by p r o -joct wage empl oyees In accordance vrith Federal statutes, assignments of wages o r salaries made by such employees o r judgr.1ents rendered against them s ha l l not be recognized. Their wages or salaries shall be paid to them in full n otwithste.n ing the existence of such or judgments except w he r e employees a r e indebted to the Federal Gover!l!llent e.s e. result of over p ayments subsistence in wor k camps etc, In order that the po licy of this Administration regarding the payment o f debts by project employees may be to the project employee and others, the following notice shall be reproduced in each state and posted at the site o f project: NOTICE TO A L L WPA PROJECT The Wor k Projects Administration was established for the purpose of givine employment to persons in need, in order tha.t they might be able to maintain themselves and their families. Employees m1o establish credit with local merchants on the ba">is of employ:Iaent with the Work Projects Administration have a definite responsibility as substantial citizens to meet their obligations. lflhile it is not the responsibility of the Work Projects Administration to take disciplinary action in cases of non payment of debts, enployees are ex pected to accept the responsibility of their own obligations and gove r n themselves in a creditable manner Abuse of cre dit privileges extendod by merchants b ring ut1just criticism on their fellow and the Work Projects Administration.


--41 Section 27 Pppcalo from Warninrs, Sus Pnd Termin,tions for An employer; who r ceives n 'ritten urning on NOTICE OF WAHNING OR SUSPENSION, WPA Form 418 or who is or terminated for en use mny pponl, if ho feuls thrt .tho l'.ction tcken is unjustified, for r e considerrtion of. the ction tc.ke11. In Duch, the procedure set forth in scctl on 28 with respect to the presentation .ond adjusb.ent of g;rievcnces sh 11 be followed. Instructions relo.tin to the procedure to be followed in wnrning, suspending or terminr.ting r.n employee for fre set forth in S(IO ion 18. As provicl d in section 18 pro,ject wr.g;e employees shrll not bo reduced in cl ssific .l;ion or otherwise demoted L disciplin ry r.terlsure. Wr.rning notio s on WPA Form 418 shall be filed in the employment records of the em ployee concerned und ahnll be a port of his work record, unless it is determin d upon review thnt the warning wn.s not justified. Sirni1arly, when it is determined upon revie that the sus pens ion of e.n employee w s not Justified, the suspension sh 11 be revoked irrunediately, and the mployeo (if projnct. w c;e employee) shell be credited with alloHe.ble J ost time for 1 the imc lost while the s JSpension was in effect within the 1 iml t tl on c t forth in seoti on 8, If the termination of an employee for nll cause is found upon review to have been unjus ified, the employee sho.ll be entitlod to iTlUledinte roe.saignment to available .rojeot positions for which he is quo.lifiod. E:x:copt in of gross misconduct or where reasonable effort to adjust th employ e o tho proe; ram has f iled, no person, who is eligible and quali fi d for WPA omploym nt, shall be permanently barred from project employment


42 -Section Preoentation and of Grievances Grievances arising on o. project should, whenever possible, be adjusted at the time they occur or at a tine co.ilvenient to the; complatnant and the project supervisor; it being understood that tho bearing the grievance had the right to be represented by any person or organization he may chooso. Supervisory and ad.m.inistra.tive officials of tho work Projects Administration shall make every effort to E>.void unnc:cessary delay and to expedite the adjustment of g rievances. It shall be the duty of all officials of the Work Projects Adr:linis tration who are authorized to adjust grievances to inform complainants of their how briovances be appealed for r eview if they are not satisfied 1'/i th the decisionG rendered. In no case shall the employee's security in project employment be placed in jeopardy because of such an appeal, All grievances (with the exception of those arise simultaneously on more than one project and which need not be governed by the provisions set forth in 1 below) will be adjusted in accordance with the following procedure: 1 The complainant or his representative shall submit the grievance to the officials on the project site. FaHing a mutually satisfactory adjustment on the project, the grievance may be to the District Ernploym.ent Officer. In the event, however, that the grievance is presented for the complainant by his authorized representative not on the project it may be advisable that such grievance be presented in the first insto.nce to the District Employment Officer. 2 On the presentation or the appeal of e. grievance from the project, the District 1)nployment Officer shall review the grievance and attempt an adjustment.


-43 -3. Failing a. ntutually satisfactory adjustment, the grievance may be submitted t o the State ''fork Projects .Administration, Division of Ern.ploynent where the final review and decision of the State Administration shall be on the basis of the facts accumulated or a hearing may be held. The decision of the State Administrator or a properly designated officer in the Division of Employment shall be r.tade to the cor.tplainant o r his representa tive in writing. 4 If the decision of the State "'for k Projects Admiriis tration is not se.tisfactory the grievance mew be appealed to the Assistant in charge of the Division of Employment of the Work Projects Administration at "Jashington, D. c No case on a .ppeal will be nccepted for review by the Assistant Commissione r until final decision has been r endered by the State Work Projects Administration as set forth in 3 above. Upon receipt of an appeal, the Assistant Comnissioner may request the Stnte Administrator to forward to a cory of the final decision in the Ste.te on the case, together with pertinent supporting documents and whatever addi tiona. l information mP-y be necessary in reaching a decision. In the Elvont the. t the Assistant Commissione r dee1 a s it expedient in ) reaching a decision, he rnay obtain o r re'}uest .'\ddi tione 1 information, o r if necessary he may hold henrings and avail himself of tbe services of the Regional Division of Employment, or of such other p ersormel necessar y to secure the pertinent facts. The responsibility for efficient r.nd srtisfc.ctory project operntion rests entirely with the Strte Work Projects Administrc.tion r.nd the Assistent will not for review opperls from project super-visory employees und non-certified employees except in cuses of ulleged discriminttion, in which cnse the procedure outlined shell be followed,


44 -Section 29. Organizational Aotivitien of Project_Supervisory Employees It sha).l be the respo,.1.sibility of foremen and other supervisory officia] s in charge of projects of the Viork Projects Administration to maintain fair and equitable labor relation s on projects under their supervision. Foremen and other supervisory officials having supervision over project employees have the right to become merabers or to retain menber ship in any labor organization; however vvhile employed in such supervisory capacity they shall not a:t the same time engage in any organizational activities involving WPA project wage ew.ployees. Supervisory officials on \iiPA projects may not receive instructions relative to project operations from the officials of any labor organization nor enter into agreements with such labor officials regarding matters pertaining to project op erations or their relations with project employees under their supe1 vision. Such matters shall be referred by the supervisory officials to their immediate superiors or to the proper official of the Division of Employment


-uection 30 .. i!rl.str a or' s Orde r lo. 1f/80 .hPPLICJ TION OF THF. SCEEDULE OF 0 'THIY I lGS TO CCUt-ITIES Al1D A EAS of r'lorid -------T n f\ccor r nc wl th h provisions of Gencr: l ;r 1 of the 'fork Proj o sA mi 'stration esL blis l ing the schedule of :nonth1y eo.rninr;s effectiv e S f (mb r l 1030 I e r by n u horize the plication of such schedule of m o t.hly o oun i o nd ross as se f rth herein. Th r ings hown lJelow r e so o. 130 hours of rork. r '11 1 th populntion of he 1 municip lity w fl 100 000 d v r Ins \1) t.l ( tr ) Un lll d (UA) Inter-(I) .:'1led (S) Professional & B uAu mecli t 1echnic 1 ( P ) 80 '# 0 70 1.!0 79 .30 do Duv 1 Hills oroueh Counl a in h r 1930 popu1s. 'on oft o rg s municipality wnu 2b,OOO o 10 ,OlD. t l 1 I d ( t1R ) u l kill d ( u ) H "fi" S '1 ed (s) Rrofessional & Technical ( P ) 2 JO 48 10 h7. 20 7 .10 '75. 40 E mb1 Or nge F ln Be h Pinellas


46 Counties in which the 1930 populo.tion of the largest municipality was 5 000 to 25, 000 Unskilled (UB) UnskilJ.ed (UA) "B" "A" Inter-(I) mediate Skilled (s) Professional & Technical (P) $36 40 Alachua Bay Broward Gadsden Lee Leon U.anatee f.ilarion Monroe Polk Putnam st. Jolms Sarasota Seminole Vol usia Counties in which the 1930 population of the largest was under 5,000. Unskilled (UB) Unskilled (UA) Inter-(I) Skilled (S) Professional "B" "A" mediate Technical (P) $31.20 90 ;i;55 90 Baker DeSoto Hendry !...evy Saint Lucie Bradford Dixie Hernando Liberty Santa Rosa Brevard Flagler Highlands Nladison Sumter Calhoun Franklin Holmes Martin Suwannee Charlotte Gilchrist Indian River Nassau Taylor Citrus Glades Jackson Okaloosa Union Clay Gulf Jefferson Okeecnobeo Wakulla Collier Hamilton Lafayette Osceola 1Nal ton Columbia Hardee Lake Pasco Washington This Order shall bocomo effective on September l 1939. Approved: 8/22/39 /s/ Roy Schroder State Administrator &


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