Copy of field notes for Florida encyclopedia

Copy of field notes for Florida encyclopedia

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Copy of field notes for Florida encyclopedia
Borchardt, Bernard F ( Bernard Fendig ), b. 1889
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Tampa, Fla
B.F. Borchardt
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41 p. : ;


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Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )


Narrative of material on Tampa and Hillsborough County compiled by B.F. Borchardt.
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B.F. Borchardt.

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Copy of field notes for Florida encyclopedia /
c B.F. Borchardt.
Tampa, Fla. :
b B.F. Borchardt,
41 p.
Brief narrative history of Tampa from Fort Brooke days to date -- Early explorers (notes of an address before the Tampa Bar Assn. by Borchardt) -- Sinking of USS Tampa -- Points of interest in Hillsborough County -- Notes of a talk with Mr. Sim Sparkman, at his home near Dover, Florida -- Literature.
Narrative of material on Tampa and Hillsborough County compiled by B.F. Borchardt.
Tampa (Fla.)
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
1 700
Borchardt, Bernard F.
q (Bernard Fendig),
d b. 1889.
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
4 856


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0 w In 0 au 8 lori ie ) T lorida cow ot ield tor )'lorida Borah ly x lor -clia. inolea bad brilli nt le ra--uch as 1cano er and BOVIles oh ot the t i thy } thi their t pioneer 1 or d ho to e t th in bueh and on t r on p 1 t Ddings r oval ot the unta to the cold ll 1 oryhas al ays tl The Se 1nole w r as th ir no. imp,.ifltd c ro e ot Georgi d beoo ao a l farmers, bu t sport tion oith r he1 e a ol h t din and the do inatin raoe shouldered out the uoh O'V nt oing on in our day. ly istory ot t state ia contained or at l aat d in th rly Fl id upr e co t rsport w 11 as ne a ot r oorda. on o ert c. or eor y ot s tate. d t I r ith T ru Croo (I b 11 T it i SeTen or n 000 nt of w 0 TOy to lorida by ater. d1 hi and other e ly TOl eo, I ee t t e su cou t h 1 a ion t T t, Fen co In ot r words it n bul tory upr Th I r cl in in\ r t court dgr 1v taction. court. ry o t ao t d ur1n that ye t to be a th rn in t; e 1 g1alature of 1854, 111 9 introduced ot so legisla-It n i r tins to 1nt rvie t old ti r get th t 1 0 th 01 il riod and pi o h og th r. Ho T


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TAMPA The greatest single naval loss of the United states during tbe orld ar \las t 1e sinkinc; of the coast Guard cutter, the u s .s.-tampa ri atol ;han 1el, sentemuer 26, 1.918, i th the loss of all aboard There were no survivors. The casualties ere 131 lives lost, 10 officers, 4 :arrant officers, 101 enlisted men and 16 passengers, 1 British officer, lO ratings and 5 civilian employees. The au position is that the was torpedoed by a German submarine of the UB-type, although t is point has never been definitely cleared u The u s s tampa had been in constant active service from se 15 1917 when she had been ordered to leave the aston Havy yard immediately, ith her gun foundations not completely fastened down. In the Hew York lavy yard she vas hurriedly overhauled and refitted and on Seutember 29th with three other American ships, and with five Frenoh submarine chasers in tow she left for the Azores on a servioe expedition: From the date of arrival in foreien atera until her tragic exit from the scene, she was one of the most gallant vessels of the entire allied forces, acting aJ escort, rescuin the crews of torpedoed vessels, i ving chase nd firing on the lurkin r \ olves of the sea. A complimentary letter from the conm1ander of the Patrol .:::i uadron, Gibraltar, dated 5 Jeutember 19+8, 21 days before her loss, commends her Captain and crew for their valiant .or k pointing out that during her nine months of convoy duty she had never been disabled, had been under uiy an avera e of 50.4p of the total time, steaming an average 3566. 5 miles each month; that the s lendid record was an evidence


'1' mp lorida .copy ot i ld no t tor lorida noyolo n Bor rdt. Sinking of USS T of high at t t tti o1 nay, n xoell rr\ ships spir 1 t." tw nt.feix to thir y of the hip' s office r s and ore er fr T d vicinity;. an ny others re from the s tat of lorid C ptain Charles atter l n. c G c ommanded th f T pa has no On the 26 h of flo off r d, and t Cl s rel tiv occa i n LOCAL CO n illin WRAT IVE S VICES o target the a orifice of her sona. the nniv r ary of tl inking of the ip leaves the port. Prayers nd invoc tiona flow rs ar strewn on the Tiaters. of th perished se n aro honored guests of the T. e u s T pa Po t -o. o o! the Am rioa.n Legion o.s n d in hono r of cutter and there io 31 o a Legion Poat in No r City ot hia n lleW T ha be n c iosi o:1ed in the coast Guard rvio nd bears a bronz plaque w the of it pr deo or' or VOL TARY C su: T T a To case ,t., ..1.Bl!l Fl for ny years Adjut nt of the u s s. n search of war record A copy ot his bri f is ppond d or filed here 1 th.


meaning af lea north-east of Tampa There are so placing Thonoto1aasa beautiea in The town ia ai tuat ed on the b autitul Lake Thono't4tlfliN u .. ,,au white lane ot t:be beach il a't'traotiTe to bathers, who enJoy the aha4e of the huge oaka bordering the eeque majeati oake, bay and pine trees, w invitation to tographere and artists. have been inspired by this ia one at the beat orange growing section Other oitrua trees flourish, but Thonotpaaas treea are eapeoially noted tor age, size and qualit7 1835 K-.1 or J'rancie Dade, commander ot an ill-tat ed. near Thono oa ssa and one ot hie an planted a few oranae the camp llarly aettlera in the region found planted the trees around their homes ot carloads of oranges are a:bipped each year tr background ot Thonotosaaaa b a 1 when the region gathering plaoe tar vast numbers of Indiana attending the Gree Thia danae was iven once a year as an expression ot


Tampa, Florida Decer iber, 1938 co y of ield notes for Florida ncyclopedia B F Borchardt. Thonotosassa. The first white settler at Lake Thonotosassa was G iley. This pioneer, with 'ife and family braved the arduous hardships and dangers of the journey by ox-team from labama to Florida and in 1846 settled on the shore of Lake Thonotosassa. Next came the pollocks, Hopsons and Bakers. By 1880 Thonotosassa was a thriving settlement. It w a not until 1894 that the railroad linked Thonotosassa with the outside orld. The towering old orange trees in the many large groves of the Thonotosassa section owe tl1eir origin to a few seeds, planted by the s ole survivor of Florida's most tragic Indian massacre. In 1835 ajor Francis L Dade with his detachment of 117 men camped about four miles from Lake Thonotosassa for a few days, then continued their march, v.hich ended in their massacre by Indians near Fort King, the present site of Ocala. One man, terribly wounded and left for dead, made his way back to Tampa In recounting the events of their fateful trip, he told of plant-ing orange seeds at the site of their camp and protecting them ith a crude inclosureo Early settlers of the Thonotosassa region found this little nursery and took a few trees to plant around their homes From these treesfruit was raised, other nurseries set out and thousands of trees propagated, u:qtil today the orange industry of the honotosassa region covers several hundred acres and hundreds of cars are shipped each from these trees, rated as among the largest and


/ -4Tampa, Florida December, 1938 Copy of Field notes for Florida Encyclopedia. B F Borchardt. Thonotosassa. Thonotosassa is one of the oldest settlements, fifteen miles north east of Tampa, located on Lake Thonotosassa. The meaning of the word. is "Lake of Flintso" It is one of the oldest settlements in the county as the oaks bar-dering ita roads will testify. One hundred years ago it was the annual gathering place of the Seminoles or other Indiaps for the Green corn Dance This fact also testimonial to the fertility of the s oil as the dance was undoubtedly held where the corn grew best. The lake i s acres in area and has a fine white hard sand beach which wi t h -the ---grove of trees on its border makes a very inviting place for picnic ke r s and also for the residents who have cottages and groves bordering the beautiful lake. (Give depth of lake and game which is to be found there) It is one of the best orange growing sections of Hillsborough county and the oldest trees are to be found there which are show places as far as the citrus industry is concerned. ALAFIA Alafia is on the lafia river miles from Tampa Was a great ---Indian center and I think there was a block house there or log rort. (Note: The following copy of clipping from what we suppose was The of September 21, 1934, Plant City L: No. 104, (the name of the paper is not shown) was attached): THONOTOS SSA HAS COLORFUL HISTORY DURING DAYS OF THAT BEAUTIFUL SECTION (By Mr. and Mrs O .VI. strait)


\ Tampa, Florida December, 1938 Copy of Field notes for Florida Encyclopedia. B F. Borchardt Thonotosassa Thonotosassa is fifteen miles lTorth East of Tanpa and is on Lake 'rhonotoaassa from which it derives its name Thonotosassa is an Indian name and means Lake of Major Francia L Dade with his command of one hundred and sevent.een men on march from Fort Brook (now Tampa) to strenthen the command at Fort King, passed by Lake Thonotosassa on the Fort Ring Trail in 1835. Major Dade and soldiers camped for some days about four miles from the lake, then continued their march and when in sight of Fort King the Indians massacred the v1hole command with the except ion of one, who told of planting orange seed and building a crude inclosure around them, on the site of their camp 1 This was the starting of the orange indus try nt Thonotosasua. The jxly settlers procured trees from this nursery, planted under such p culiar conditions and planted them around their homes and from the few trees large quanti ties of fruit were grown and thousands of trees propagated, until today the orange industry of this section grown to several hundred acres of groves and oranges ere shipped by the hundreds of cars each year. :E'ir at Settler The first white settler at Lake Thonotosassa was Mr. w G Miley in 1846. He with his wife and five children from labama, were traveling through the country in an ox team, when they came to the lake. It was beautiful in its wild state with the white sand beach and heavy wooded region for miles around, so they settled just off the shore of the lake. The Indians were here theno Next came Mr. John Pollock and Hopsons; later Bakers, Martins and otherso In the seventies--Davises, Lalberts, damses, Eliots, Staceys, Jeffersons and others. In the eighties--hazens, Weeds, Simmonses, Clendennings, lfongs, {oplinses, Hitchcocks, 1inons, Godfreys, Davises, Coopers, Morrises, Pecks, Endicutts, Moores, Dorchesters, Norrises, DeHarts, Johnsons, igbys, Lewises, Snavelys, Holmes, erriams, Crumms, Garrette, l{eddells, twoods. Came in Buckboard Dr. Snavely relates that in 1882 when they arrived in they traversed to Thonotosassa in a buckboard drawn by an aged mule and required about twelve hours for the trip t:P..rough the wilderness of only fifteen miles. Later better roads made it possible to make the round trip in a day, a long dayo Not until February, 1894, did we have railroad facilities. Mr. G w Adams came to Florida on a stretcher, not expected to live


Tampa Florida December 1938 -6Copy of Field notes for Florida Encyclopedia. B F B orchardt. Th o n o t osassa. l on g He had T B but regained his health and lived f orty-five years. Mr. Adams o f and Mr. arner Eliot o f Iowa and families in 1877 drove through the country from Jacksonville expecting to settle a t Brooksville but did not like the country there so were go ing on to Tampa Their road brought them through Th onotosassa. They thought it s o beautiful they settled here. Mr. c c Jefferson was told by the docto r that if he wished t o have his wife live to raise his children, he must bring her to Florida. They settled here in 1878 and she lived many years. She lived to see all of her children married and settle down G e neral came to Florida in search of health. He, with h i s w ife, Mrs .. 1 Mrs Godfrey arrived in Tampa in 1880. After looking over the est Coast for some time, they decided this was the most beautiful spot they had seen and settled here in 1881. The general bought large bearing trees to set out a portion of his grove thinking he would not live to see young trees bear, but the wonderful climate did wonders for him and he lived about twenty years. He paid as high as 10 t o $15 each for the large bearing trees. came Fifty Years Ago Mt. Charlie Clendenning came here fifty years with T B He regained his health and is living today at Huntington, w va. The first a ailable school for the children of the early settlers was at Simmons Hammock four miles away and was taught by Ex-Governor Mitchell. The next was near where Clarkvvild now is and was taught by Mr. Keen The first school here was a little log building and Miss da Davis was teacher for two terms. I n 1883 Mrs Florence Godfrey (noVJ Gresham of Tampa) solicited from everyone in this part of the county and raised twelve hundred dollars t o help buildi:Kg the little Episcopal church First Store in '83 Our first s tore was built in 1883 by Mr. c Moore and operated several years. To accommodate residents of the community prior to the establishing of the post off ice, he had his teamster carry mail between Thonotosassa and Tampa on his tri-weekly trips to procure stock for the store. r H tacey, Mr. H E Teed and Mr. c M Davis relate that the residents subscribed money enough and had two mail sacks made in which to handle mail and at that time Thonotosassa received more mail than any place in Hillsborough county except Tampa Our post office was established July 1 1887. Mr. 'eed was first postmaster and is now living in Tampa


Tampa, Florida n ecember' 1938 7 -copy of Field notes for Florida Encyclopedia. B F Borchardt. Thonotosassa. October 31 1913, our Board of Trade vtaa organized with a charter membership of seventeen and it has continued through the years w ith ita ups and downs On October 31 1933, it celebrated its twentieth anniversary an attendance of more than one hundred a n d fifty. l.


Co y of field or lorid'"' .J.ncyclo edia ... Eorch dt 2 .15.36 HISTORICAL OT "o OF T I ITH IM SP T' at his home near Dover, Florid S}Rrkman was born in Hillsborough county in 1851. His father, Byrd parkman, h d moved to the home site Christmas eve, 1845. His mother' s name was izell. In 1842 the Armed Occupation La waspassed, giving to everyone settling below the ithlacoochee River 160 acres, and his father took advantage of this. The land had never been surveyed before. Rigdon Brown al o took up land at the same time --a hard-drinking and hard-swearing man, nevertheless with political aspirations. He became a candidate far legislature and his friends told him he could never be elected because he uould never be sober enough. Rigdon answered that he ouldn' t get drunk after he had passed the suwanee River. He \las elected and 'ent to Tallahassee, and Tias drunk all of the time he 111as there. He defended himself to his constituency by saying that he did not get drunk after he had passed the suwanee becaus e he was in that shape when he crossed it and stayed that ay. (Mr. parkman related this anecdote to show that legislators traveled f rom H illsborough County to Tallahassee by horseback--an arduous trip. Th e question'! raised was vlrether they went from Tampa by boat. I heard, and it is confirmed by mru1y, that the legislators froo onroe County before the days of railroad transporta.t ion traveled from Key est to Tallahassee via :New York City by steamer and from there to the state capital by rail. However from TamDa apparently tne trip as made on horseback. This question of travel requires still more investigation, ho ever. )


Tampa, Florida December, 193 8 -2Copy of Field notes for Flori a Encyclopedia. B F Borchardt. 2/15/36 -otes on Mr. Sparkman. came to Tampa after the Civil ar. He and 1 B m ON went into the general mercantile business.



ri t n h r in lu 1 :rh sons of n ot r lit r y 11 t who 0 1n pir tion 11 r 141 in Tho p on. It w r port ha bi1 h wro thi no el, 1Ch 1 oo. In 186 Jul V rne oh or h bi cen of hi t t t 1 o n av e1 It on a pot n r o 1led 11 sho la that uthor pl oed his h cannon ot h columbi 4 ty 900 e 1 fro wbioh a fir 4 a proj otil oon ainin thre n n d 4 on rooket-11 trip to th oon. In hi tirat ver ion th nov 1, due to alou1 h o nnon w not 1 o p r1 d th oj til wi h ita re r hir11 in v t r i ro on, h re uthor 1 t th R 11 1 o in 1 t r dition h bro t xplor r ly b c 0 th. It a a v n 10 ti in b or hie in1v a ory. ioh dH din D via, ar oorr pond nt, 8 nt r 1 ek in u t b for p nin of th s nih rio rut 11 0 ty u. h qu r hobnobbi ith Col. Th ore Roo eve1t and other ottic Hot 1. e tim he corre s pond nt or th London T and orld. He aleo wrote artiol a bout T and the war tor


Oit7t WMl't he hal i in hi.l &0 1T1t I 1aou wh 11u a wt K1 wri t.ap :llaTe ..._.,_ ....,J wuae ... J.7 a ehe iq1i


t H On ut 0 111p in 11 h r, ot h qu r ound1n pl o n 1 ll h ck o 1 r d hi c I r i J d dhi d o d N coo ee ... r_.--... J.,,uo, C rro Gordo, Still i n, i ini 11 you n 18 4 l T t r n 1 l 1


L onor ok 111 0 11 d b n Sh p oi liz but 1 t n :t'1ot1on tori Hr z1n e, 1no1u d 1n b rn in -T pa Guid Jun 1938 e is Li r tur in T haa in t c u rticl a or r d in ntury, d 111 ,(n rit r, h 1 otu r don 11 r tur b tor n olu in lorid nd other e x 03 c in '1' 00 t n 0 0 id r, ti d wri .r, or r1y tr v 1 d in Atria 111 tr v 1 or1 b n b11 d in zin n oth r riodic ti ri r th d r 1 i t r n co-uthor 1 h D vi b ed upon L1dd1 1n outh Amer1c Th 00 ork obineon utlor ot in 1 07 d lt in i in Tun c hi, xp ri nc 0 pu 11 h d in 1933 by 1 tory ot (1 3 ) of o in on 1i or 18 y conn otiout in until th p r n t ti inci 1 of ill b :ro ven y u r 1 or of high choo1 i n h i colm y, inc 1 32 ha b n u rint nd n of pu blic in true 1 n f il.l orou h county. He p hi tory hr or four in 1928 by h R cord c ny, t Au ti u ho n lol hie ubli h d in due tic 1 Th T


1 or n o n publi publi a orr 0 d fo not bl ri 0 11 n, noltdin n yar. a tb c ion 11 --Guid viae tur 1 d1 d ly hich has be n n hi tionally lin i t notoriou oocurr d h r in 1935, and th t 1 d up o th or In th ae offio r conn o ion ith th idn pin nd 1 i t r of the i y ho of n 1y for d oli ic 0 bout hon 1 a 1 n in roup ho I urdr ounced d h n on o tl v1ot1 di nin d y r ul of hi 1njur1 /11 t oou d 1 r oqui t d in 1 38 fter 0 d n h lt y conviction po pon nt ci ion of th upr co or tional ori t n d in n p p r throu out th ooun ry. nt t r 1 t n t t 0 d oup ot n 1 d apport to o in 11 r o 1 111ty h r d to clear th T nd h t ori y of i 1 tiz n of y o o n cti on 1 th or 1 o h outr or oo to il y t rn n ho by th toll i 1 tio a r port r 1897J l ter copy r 1 oorr pond ntJ city ditorJ ditori 1 omin ntly conn o ed ou lin of hi j ourn 1poll io 1 nd 1 1s1a-it r on iou Phil delphi


9 T Gtiid June, 1938 vise Li r tur n p r Public L d r 1906 nd 1 a oity ditor, 1 102a ditori 1 rit r r tic edj or ven 1 Bulletin 1Ql2-16J nag in editor u lie Led er 1916-18; ditor in chief eni ubli o ditor in chief or 1 edition of ,ublio Led r 1923 6 1 1 o ditor in ohi f of l York venin Post 19 4 26 d ot h Illu trat d un, hila., from it inception y 1925 to rioan Iewspaper lli nc l92?-3 0J avy evi Ina., 193 A 1 938 I n p per item told of another author ho liv d i n th I 1 ortun You, I boo uritten by Charleo Collin h o born in hn b en ept in t ady circulation inc it t e :pu in he T public library ye a o a libr 1 aid y at rd y. It' 0 con ribut a fr qu ntly to e kly.'


-T l G id J, or 0 .1 lo1 1 rc n t p oi liz in ot 1 t n f'io ion. Her ntific tt r portn' 111 born in tl G or 1 h on lit r ur f 0 n club in lori r th r, T d .ri r, rly ro.v l in ic v b n pu lio d in in nd c l o fo r oj a oo uth 1 D l d n u b u on Li 1 n t rio 00 publi h in l 33 ny, y 0 n t L. obin on, ut an ory at conn c icut in 1n 1 0'7. 110 1 of th ohoo1, r 1 or hi chool n n u truction of Hill -county. Hi hi ory publi h in l 8 by t cor c u tin D vi ri r of yn ic fie io li d in inc 1 }{ born in 18 7. Hi la v r d in n p r by Chic 0 Syndic t d th


1 r-ribun yn D 1 1 it r o ot d to ( i ) L t ri r or n or 1 in 1862. th Yor n. 0 inc1u 1 l r n l 0 no or o p ny) 1 1 0 1 :0 1d bo ry. r r no 1 1 journ 11 t ho orn in n t o n r 0 th A no bl ohi publi b of 1o t 0 oi I Hi .if, lyn v 0 ark p in r a.zin cL len r i nt of J n ern on Th Hill t UBU t r f ur r on rot llort fiction ri 1 nd oth r or. Cain (Li pinco t, p 11 .); L hrop Co ny, Do ton); id of d Four Undcrbr h (Litt Brown r1 un r h n of RU ll r nt of T 1933. 0 h r r publ1 y ori p eatbroo rn in Chic 0 ru'ld b an her ort r on th OD ily e.o. In 1938 d !tor nd nt of t T or r c n ion 1 r co nition. 1 79, 0 in 1933 a dit or of S 11 Y' in hi ion lly rtiol in 193 d l ltb h notoriou idn pin flo in -murd r c 88 t t occurr hr in 1935 nd th


-s-Guid uly, l 38 vio Lit r t r cor u oli io t c ion 11 l p to th In th ll n, 1 polio ffic r r indicted in c h n pi f' l in thr r id nt of t oi y ho f' li 1 l u p to t c ion ur r 0 0 1 i c 1 1 ll th oou in l 38 r o f ri l con io io n nd 1r c d r 1 or ft r n 1o 1 cr h n ion 11 Y' 11 hed r hrou lOUt h h t r t 0 oup o b i t 1 1 d u 0 t h on 1 l o o ol n Jority of i t citi onn ction 11th h rn r 0 0 Jour 1 tic 0 n n r 1 8 7J l t r oo y r r, pol! 0 1 1 ty edi ora d1 or1 t r on io hil d 1 ci y di 1 10J i 1 0 1 or 1 9 1 -1 J na -1 1 r lie L ; d1 1 0 n i u lie L r l 18J ditor in chi ot ll 1 ion f u lie L r l 23-26;


... / T Gui July, 1938 cvi Lit ratur o di tor in chief of N ni Post 1924-26 nd of the Illuatr t d un, Phil ., rom ito inception ay 1925 to Nov. 1926; u. vy l 38 T in th ci tyc Collin ho I' corth rioan p per Alliano 19 J-30; published vie Inc., 1931. sp p r it 1dent1 i d 1oth r uthar ho lived Before You, n book itt n by Charl born in Ta.r.1pa., ha b en k pt in dy circulation inc it a put in h Tam public libr y yo go librarian rd y. It' ub-title 'Tod Inve tment Opportunity. The uthor o contribut fr qu ntly to B ron ekly.'"


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