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Perez, R
Perez, A. L
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
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[Tampa, Fla.?
Federal Writers' Project of Florida
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Superstition -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )


Two articles on superstitions of Ybor City residents. The first is by R. Perez and is 19 pages. It is undated. The second article is A. L. Perez and is presented in two slightly different versions, each two pages long. Both versions are dated March 19, 1936.
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Works Progress Administration Tampa office records, 1917-1943 Box 15 Folder 5
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by R. Perez ; A.L. Lopez.

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Perez, R.
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Superstitions /
c by R. Perez ; A.L. Lopez.
[Tampa, Fla.? :
b Federal Writers' Project of Florida,
24 p.
Two articles on superstitions of Ybor City residents. The first is by R. Perez and is 19 pages. It is undated. The second article is A. L. Perez and is presented in two slightly different versions, each two pages long. Both versions are dated March 19, 1936.
z Florida
Perez, A. L.
2 710
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida.
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
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au I By R. Perez Th purpo of thi study 1 to r count th T ri ou e sup r -1 ion nd ice practiced in Ybor City, their me ning and if poe ot or1 n All the tionaliti e here 11 th color d p ople li&Ye in eo form o:t n, tber co ly, unconeciouely or unwittingly. for oi into t bject, it 1 tinition of: the ord up r titio o in Ybor Ci y. at to g1 d to ct t of the (1) Su reti t1 on rrJ1J3 b defined object! vely e either ot rron oue bel! e and pr otic a ourr nt hich co bination ot err on 111, 111-oontroll d ot1on and 1gnor noe o co pl t or ny in le ct or b 11 t Which b ra th rka. SubJ otiv ly, it 1 nt 1 attitud 1 pnyl tic 1 t1not1Te desire to be1i e in c rt n o ua 1 r lat.1 one ich v not n nd cannot prov d it r nt 11 or 1 117 toe xiet. A in th trolll follo ing c ue I IgnoranceJ b o use of due tion of an nd hi of th r 1 0 u t v nta, he t nd to li things hicb r not o conn ct d Xhia 1 0 of y r atiti n x1 te in or Ci p ci lly 0 th 0 bl to find th c u tor ch p nin con ct v nt 1 0 u rn tur r. 2 Con I 'l' ndenoy of h L :tin opl to


b li t ot th ir r nta, v rea rT d ny u ratitiona from t h ot r country. 1 nd it elf to e cc pt no t ntion or expl tiona ar at te nte when no 1 v b c o curr nt. T d1t1on ny of the tolka follow u r tition th (1) liv ltho hott-H rzo no Vol II, J'unk ny or the yo lop di ot Religions, agn 11 Co., H Y 1911 eu r titione, o by habit th with the knowled of it. ie anoth r nt which baa caused ny, even due t d opla, to lie e in aueh unsupporte d b li ra. T dr d of t y n often arercomee their co on sense, o u ing the to do that which the y ll aitate to acknowledg in other circumeta.nces. otion of tear OYercome co on a nee nd ill, Dri a lor t t da th il1 to 1i d th r son tor b li vi both tmpot nt w h n d by a w 11 d velo d t lin to b lieve" 4 'i th ch y b lieT d th or duli ty or th m1 t mankind e c aused ny to practice peratition. To y thou nd of ople i t ia e aier to 11 v in sue things th to oppose them. veneration or th Host ar to ot auperetition, y t h r de or educated peopl li ve nd pr otic them In Ybor City many o f those ho pr ctice aup ratit1on do 'it to living, flo ri hing on the or d ity ot th ignor nt nd d lud d r on The Cubans tor the great r perc nt ge or this group. th ar round the lm1 ta, t rtun t ll r


., a rologi t but r th two apirituali t hich r 1c d ry t o Tl in gre ter nwnb r 1tchcr ft is not pra.o mu h to y it o, but spirit 11 1 th Cub n ll the b cka. ot i tchor. rt d piriti er ought to or Cit dir otly tr Ou her r of the 0 na b.o f'l uri 1ng by t 1r pl na of 1 nor nt ho int rpr t 1r on uno nt poe easi d other r it A will ot Ybor ... 0 in, c n fro th study, ny ot t u r titiona dir otly t rom Cu ro It ly, tho ri d p ci ly 'Yoodoo1 yp o ic uJ (wit chor tt) Voodoo! i not otic d in Ybar City, but y Cub p ent ill t k bo t it, d in y 0 es thy k p th ir yo childr n t ho by 80 ri t m a ying t if they go 11 cut ir h t out d e t them up. out th "bruj oa itohor tt is d b re either for r v nge on so enemy 11 in lov to t rid of aril spirit 1 ure rson end luck. Spirit 11 i p ctic d an ot oo io tion ith d p r ed r tiv or t:ri nd Be id he a t o, th re up etition ioh ither o use sorro ny ot r to ot t in, good luc t Th f 11 om of the up atitione pr cticed r ve under one t w chan 0 y


f I. ( Lf I wer tr naported from th moth r country, whil others have b n inherited tr the American and modified somewhat. Still others ve b en born here in Ybor City. To trace the origin o each custom and belief is a.. t ask t will take many months it not y years to do so. Some ot the li fa are so old that it 1 tmpossible to trace their origin. For this reason, I T olaasltied from where the aupe .r-.titiona were brought to Ybor City rather than to try to fipd their actual origin. I have lao giTen a few parallels to show that ny or the eupersti tiona ln practice in Ybor City today r deriTi tiTes of v y old Europ an d r1can ones. The capit 1 1 tter rter each belief shows from re th cu tom w a brought. CCubaa SBpaina glanda u-urop 1 sc-Scotlanda I-Italya -Nas ua H-Haitia AAmerio a c.x c ry Ialanda nd Y ich at nda for those sup rstition hich re ori inated or changed in Ybor City There re ny Cub n su perstitions ich, however, ere tirat brought to Cu by the different nationalitie that ettled in the Island, and w re later transplant d to Ybor City A great ny of them were modified or changed in Cuba, but from the T riou parallel found in hi tory, novel, etc., one o ae that their origins come from th Such ouperatitlona are the followin which ar derivatives or v ry old rope n on ia SALT


/ l t 11 b lleved by ny to v: parnatural power Wh n a p r on nts to b rid of his over-stayed gue1t, h p c a br o up ide d behind th door ani 1prinklee salt o n it. (C) another c u ortune d troubl This ie one of t h rea na hy so ny c g a 4 p p r ge ot ea.l t are f ound in mpty houaee in Ybo r City. ( C ) Spilling alt on th tloor ia sign or misfortune. (C) An ic n llel to this one ia the throwing or salt or er the 1 t boUlder h l t is spill d to prevent misrortu 80 ua d to c at a apell on the 01rner of th house 0 s 0 ed the r nter to 0 out. T lt i spread all ov r th in id or the house, thus causing the owner sorrow nd sf or tune. ( C ) An old rall 1 wnicn ow th m.ratic pc:wr er or al t and broom il lho b;y He write --In Thuringia three hoape of a lt e pl ced on. the floor ot hou e 1n ich p rson ma dieda the roo ie t n 1wept out, ttd the broom nd. the aw epinge r c rri d to th church rd or to th field nd buried". This pr v nta the ghoat trom returning. H also t a t d that s lt is us d re larly ong all p opl in purifying rit Sw ping or llalnmering t night 11 bri d luck. (S) z r The a t 1 of Ovid, V o l II, 27


( h c h 11ca 11 t night 11 Vir i Th p of n 1 of d 1 t r p t iti n. (C) T not 1 n to 1 od luck It th d pon 1 into n r hou t ( ) 11 th t th 0 of th 1 ot ra b 11 t tr nt d or 1 1ucka oth r b 11 t :front oor r1 11 p1r1 (C) It ia c d r d to brin d 1 0 0 in t ot t. (I) 0 1 d hou 1 oro ly, t n tran 0 fell t bro nt it. ( ) 0 t t of g rri d I t d n of 1 r. llela on thi cu to 1 pol 011 -hr 0 niti r h 0 11 u nt r in th n1 t nd r ndc ld; nd r1 b o, 1 1.


{ t o n of tho r i n diviniti hr by ni t d ir t tri it ith it ott th broo t by, g1 i n of 0 d 1 1 y pt fr or tr r not c t n o r prun d without iron a nor 1 1t p tl I nor 1 grin 11 u w1 ou bro t d thr 41 in1t1 Int reid n fro t t t r 1 a1o ot th o I P11 u tr "pil rr tr t pin of th nd by th prot n W orn r r d in t 11 pin d in th1 11 fro th obild. t t d for pi of th hou 0 n d d1 d t v out il tht 0 u d hi t tro r turning. Th n of ct d rly ti n h r f t ly t out ru hu t i th vil piri or t 1 8 t 0 t ou or, n1 tl to b tr t (0) io of 0 cu 1 11 1 t 0 ot


a ... ,.. l'1114 oa le4 aa4. aa the baooa ro !lua l'lllcl of bao a la wlU 4laappear. (So) otiaa ... haa ....... In 1b11 a ... pi 11 n'bbecl OD oTer it, 41 p ( ) .dDA:LI aok oat Ro las .. ,. t.baO e 11 tllle ... J&th of ,,, luk 11 llr of tll which poe1111 a laat at at ho la a a !at Jdll a oat 11 clue to (I) ple. 1M llnllD& let Jl1 11 101111 ue are the ua 11 Uac tile ( ) ire.. ot c. a tog Alaine t r aoMtld.JII t ie 4 it 11 t


\ I or h r (0) ple, ap o lly t young ones, believ th t it wish is de en 1 e n, and th 11 ing ord eai hit 1 neoualy, bringing h1 foretin r to hi 11pe nd th n hitting hie lm th it, th i 111 co tr (C) The cr eching o t th 1 r any other nocturnal bird i a ign th. ( ) n ion of the ord .. i lieT d by ny to 0 11 tho o say or hear th word To pr T nt th Jinx t ffect the fingers r oro aed or th word "liz rdl li ardl ar cried out. So peopl kick th ground though they r et pping on t he and t cry out "at p on it.l" tap on itl (S) SoDJD t of th die e ble tfeote it hae on othere t the ntion of the u e it oft n to that p r o Thi J k tt n c d rioue troubl This li t 1 of ori n It a 8 ana be mu t k the sign of tho oro tor t h c id r d to be the devil reincar ted. (I). To kill en ia i'gn of good luck. (I) SIG 0 GOOD ND LUCK r r ich 1 nify i ther goo d or b d luck. OJ! T ry lit l tiel t n to. t r to ao e crt of ttao d to it. of th moat co II ot d d ood uok re a follo 111


I oroaeea p th. It ie b 11 d t b7 eq th1a, the Til will v n1 !he orl D ot thle phr tho a t t u it a a ah rm n th 7 ioh th y ooneid red c1 or ry 1n ita y ei t ( ) It on atrl 8 hunch k wi.U be o eider d to ve t.l 4 luok. (I) It a hunohbaok a pri at an a hite horae or J ea re to ae n to ether o in on cl1 otion on a luok (I) I It le luck: to let p 1 or tree c b tween two triend.a 1dl e lking to ( ) In rio thia auperat1t1on xi e, but tb 31nx 1 p v nted fro t k1 e w lki ok around th obj t ollow.l the tootat of o h r To lho ( ) on th a nd the oetl tning at ot 1 ot th 'bri and an 1 ia 11 t ot ood luck. Burfti ot tt r nt kinde lao 111 ot ood luck. lad atone ia u ed b7 n7 aa Thia ua pr1 eta 1 pi The prieat u t lod ton 'e power t u r1oua t otion twe n dlron 1 ot V n a mde of lo atone (A) of a rlaa, "T oo,


I I { Chalk d luck, d b n on l it fortun (0) It thin we tb 11 w t r, h1 bad luok 11 charl to ood 1 ck. (C) The Cu n poker p 1 r b 11 8 t he can change his luak in a g by 1ng thr turns clookwiae around hi abair. (C) h 11 h par 11 1 to thi a cuato mong the mbl is turning th ch ir around no to o h a luck. ( ) !h turni or tb chair n one leg ore n on tim I 18 a 1gn ot d luak. ( ) To op n n umbr 11 inside the hou 1 lao d luck. (S) 't out a ell" a top f Laying a or c p on a d i lluok. ( ) n. (C) It 41' Ti it her girl tri nd, a t e8 ood c re of not 1 tting on e f rien bed hich might b oonsid red to indio te that is t ry1ng to th ot rs hu nd or 8W th (S) A aupersti t1 on ioh is univ ra 1 a the b l1 t tna t br akin mdrr r 111 u e a ven y are of b luck. In c b r 1n1 g, 1 rr rs r d to prv nt m1 far tun (C) If th rlgh p 1m ito a, it 1s a sign f goOd luoka whll it t 1 ft n 1 tohe the sign 1 d luck. ( A ) Pae ing under It on apitti is al o a sign ot bad luc (S) aliT& falls on th r on, i 111 oau md rortun a. (I)


I 1 ( ) ( 11 ( l (I) t 1 1. ( I 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 (I) 1 1 r 1 1r 1c c 1 (I) l o"' (I) G ( ) t1 l f (1) 1 ( ) in h


( ( ) 1 1 1 1 1 } 1 1 ( ) 111 1 n


( 1 r ( 1 1 1 ) ( ( ) I ( )


IIID c leto ord n


t 0 r to h 0 r


r J f t 0 p1 0 0 0 t -




I h 1r 1 h 111 no I 1 r rln 1n 1 n If nol 1 t th lt r. 1 1 1 t r


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