Study of the Centro Español

Study of the Centro Español

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Study of the Centro Español
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
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[Tampa, Fla.?
Federal Writers' Project of Florida
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52 p. : ;


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Spanish Americans -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )


Discusses Spanish immigration to Tampa and a club established for immigrants in Ybor CIty, Centro Español de Tampa.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Study of the Centro Espaol.
[Tampa, Fla.? :
b Federal Writers' Project of Florida,
c 193-?].
52 p.
Discusses Spanish immigration to Tampa and a club established for immigrants in Ybor CIty, Centro Espaol de Tampa.
2 610
Centro Espaol de Tampa.
Spanish Americans
z Florida
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida.
1 773
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
4 856


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n od tor oooe ort or r1utual protection ror their health. The Co tro o;> nol and Contro Aoturi no ,;Jocial Club o.nd other bon cvolct t oociotico \70 o t c outcooo ilnd come h t tult'i loll tho moot nocdo. They ere, fot":lulat d by men th t h d xper1 need tho bonotita ot oioilnr institutions 1n Cub rounclocl .md 1111 ncrly ou 1poi't" d by all trom the bo 1 !.n111J tho "'panlarclo in :bor City o a t1 t to protect themolvco on not b )uruon to nyono. Thone Cl Lo provi

. "' ._, r Some touncl protectioP with their brothe:a, uncles, and. o ther mala relatives and friends, out others tound it hard to compot o with the older men tha t nero nlrcady here. However, almost all by their hurd ork nnd thrift tound their way t hrough into tho factories where they obtained tho most desirable poai tions. They quickly accepted th0 social clubs environment and became members participating in the bcnefita o ffered. -13-


. ... ........ A attitude prevailed in the tormo.t1on of the com::unity runon ,at the thr e nationalities comprioing this ooction. Thio utti tude T u s some 1hat direct d toward tho Spuniardo who due to different reasons \'Tere moro r auily ucce 'tecl nd better plr..ccd in tho f actories. This ant eonism could not but t,;encral harmful ol'f'ecte and from it tho po.nio.rde ouffctcd directly. Tho pooolbillty or with the Italian and Cuban girlo VI 8 :Onorn.lly frustrated by t ho 0.1i)OBi tion offered by tl e parents vrho muinly due to r p rejudice \IOUld only allo their

7 the and 4ttitude differences. Thoro are still to.1cll known Cuban oectiona und other sections ;>r,.ct.ioully composed families, as mnps beina nnde in this sur- vey \Jill show. Spanish section xioted in tho early tinos and known as "Lo. Pe:uena Asturias" or Little \sturius, hich extended al. the ay along 12th Avenue !'rom 21st to 17th Street and from 14th Stroot to lOth Street. H0vover, this has disappeared and today there nre rd3 many Italians end Cub!Ulo as Spanioh living in this dis.trlct. ::>o there is not a of Spanish in any part of the corn:nun1.ty; these are found scattered all over, living a:nonJ Italians or Cubans as well a9 oloewhere. This is not intendod to set a strict rule as today t!are are aloo faoilics of t.heoe tro later elcoonts living in diotinct districts or Ybor City. The attitude of race preju

r ..,___ .. conaiOercd o.dvlaable. In thio eom:un1ty, the more enliehtened this animosity ia tnst dying out. This tceling bus nearly disappeared :from the Spnnish element. Ho ever, pride is shown by t.."lo preference to have their oona and dau3htors oarry with the beat, the question or nationa.Uty not enteriru in the mattor. .\nother problem enlarged by this rae is prostitution. Youth and ignor:.lnce the Spanioh 1 migrants from foreseeing th obvious derived from their continuous visi ta to houses or prostitution. From tho very }}eginnine of the eGta.b lishmont of the Spanish and medical societies in this co!:lrnunity, it m1aht be said that tho treatment of venerenl dioenaoa has been one of their main practices. This same pro-. blem is still faced by these as io mentio.nod in the study ot the Centro Astur1ano o.nd will be 1nvoatieatod in tho etudy ot vice. There nre today middle:llJOd Spaninrdo in the comr.lUz:lity, tho some y oun.3 r.:en the\t enigr tc>d from Zpain, product of those o:u-ly condition. Tho,/ nro found l1v1n..: in in boardin; hoU:JOl3 a.nd hotelo unc1 are the stran.:;ac.;t su;>.>ortoro or the clu1 ) a and t. o poro P nL l a ttoml..lnto. so here io ono or t' h a rc:..1nono th.Jt led to the late tor-r ntio:1 of the f,t"'.11 1 c i L t; o t.y. A eondi tion still exiatiru 'but, or couroe, r uch c. .. clior ted by effocta Of Cort in fn.ctorG llG clubo, tioe, .'.r.Jcricnn Of the chil: .. cn, etc. .,... u -


Thio race p:rcjuclico may be extonlled oo ew. iu t und in it lo to bo .coroid ct'ci >rov c of Lo.tin to.!lchcr o in American lli0h Schoolo''. Gu6h ot;ltc lCnto, h0\7Cver, l o'-;lc.J.l t.hc y r i jht b e urc certainly not v e r y 1 ntcll1 "\):1t and of couroo, .1ro rc:Jc::ted by the LatlnEh Another recen t r ncial ... t .tt: :ctlo tha t hurt th2 Latino, \ 1 .a t he in t 10 r.: .n.A. rolls Tl1C Cf 0 nf n t ... ivh.lC or t c non-!,ati l t iu CX)reao-t h l L orn a: d cd in -:eric n r 11 t 1. o 'J 1 .... ""' .. '""' "' '.1.'hlo l n rcrlorl ty co'".)l c x h:...D been .... o ) l :) o a ;od C n t t .10 -17-


\ ........ youn

,... -. ,.'"l T '"" l I !.ij) o 1 tio. into .\ ic .. :;t.urtcd fifty rs oao, tho pi'opo. .t1on und 1'or:1::.tion of fur:lilie!.t of 11 IJOtion 11 ty not erroctlvo u. tl.1 n. y YC.:lt'C l ... ter. Thoro aro fivo co.uoos or con<.lltiono uhich lad to tho co".tpcu ativo1y 1\to 1 orn .tion or tho .nloh .:1 lly in t c cor.tmunl1.y {1) Tho on soon absorb-1 ol. o lo':.y. cono: tlc co:1 1tl nc : c f vor .blc .. nd eo.)n ""', nlol f r .1 U :J \'l'C: .. 01' t.o ntly. ol' t':c c .. c r l 1 :_c v ..... r c t : iJ'l ..;en-

to ct tic or onl; t1o n tion 1ty i n thio 00'1:. t.1 ty To no. 1otty oft o yonn, noa.n1 h' o c onto oro neither non no huvo t oy ov r ooon t clr O i t \"Te huvo 1 ty t.1 o ., ar : i h .cnc tio o t o ori ;in 1 ono c ooo o t 1 c 1 ul t.? o y o ..:cr r r .o n t ono \ riic 1 i o (l u o o I'!Cr l ru.l o :;o n r e n a ( JOMC:t be 'hln t uot t 1 C oo vr1th 1 0 Cubun t I .J.llnno no lr oo t t:-> n n tir ty they c ur.o l ro 1 r m 1 y r.., 1 o "'horo u o or 1 v 1v o o L o t.Jo thr o vo l' o 1 r Cub d Ol' tl I 0 /i .,;: 1 t .to 0 t uu CO"'l r l oc e 1 0 ic 1 .;, .nioh unily i n hJ. h botl :"I; ont r o 1 .,in 1 1 y fro:t i 'r! 1 ro 1o n r;x t 1 .'c:r c n c o > O t .1 n p ro .:: nlo h 1:/ r c1 o n e 1 n hie. r H !' tl, p:1r ont ( : nor lly h 10 o ) 1 o nlltio -1llty. 'ho 1 .luo n unc r UD t l ., do n o t 0(') l I I tl '1c u .h r r. r tho for 1or. loo t oro io fee U:1 h t 1 \Ch !': n11 1 o .,ro tot co o h loro u ti 1.. H' t 1 ... conn! cr-. 0 \ l tJ o 0 0 t 1' f n lly. 1 c .,.... 1 cv 1 c : 1 a t.l li :-.c cl .. v *' r t\o o t c 1 7hl:J i or '-' .' t c t!l c o :. t .. : :ct: c ."' .ot'c t l l u 1 c : o t. l c t 1 ::c clc -:...0 -


t1ho.t. co: .otttu t eotho :;p.:l:l t oh family, aml ,.;ho nxo tho nc.::lbOl'O or tho \ typical c>uli3h f..1::1ily i n 'r.Jor City. It:.::tccurito stat-iot.lenl r-ccord!l, have bc e : 1 o::>t:!lncd in r.1: .my cnccc i 1 tho. com r.m. 1 ty. Thcoc C l 'I'oro ar-c u1 t h tho S po.nie.1 and Cuolc ... o: t an-i._.:ltoro t!'lut many c ln!m t!:eir nat1on'111 ty na ..1nd prob o.l>ly arc o\rcn t. v o and three e-c .cr. : Ltiono ror :ovG. J rroo : c.ny o. tho Porto P.icnno and olem c nto ::mv York City do thio quite rraqucntly. ver-.:1 r cent rmd :.1oot o:Jviouo ol'ror in atutioticn l recoru:J ia :-.he one rccc:. tl.J co:-:111!lcd and d .-; 1 th the nunbor o: children L :ir-orott tlco attonclinJ the elementary .:lr in (;ity. 1'hio rccol"" oho-;1s 1007 ua the f uct t!1e Cu 'x:. n elon o l t io n t lo:wt th no tl co o.e lar ;e 1 r : of of thooo f .. cil l t ti:.; .. i:.r o r :.Lt t i o : 1 : .o tlw chil-cnly r ecorde d n o 1 -


':o c 111 o:-q tl .:lt tl1o pr1nc1pnl. roneon for tl:o i'oun ot t:: o Centro ::a:.nol W'13 tho ''.1 ,t:.bl1c foeti t::.o S ;nninrc1o nero ontr:!clr:c

cc". t to o cnt, nc':no: : l c :._ c::nnto by no

-3-t2:1o o utJ.! ::m1 1nnp1l."'Oilc tl1c o:.1c o:i.' tl'.o ten lo:Jt trJ.1JCD o: I ;:. c.l, .'. ::;;:: :ol:-. .. .. ...


-11-of t' o Centro lt 1o ouffico to ny t ;r'.t :-: 0 rrinci1 OinCP. t! o lorl.ncoo .-or nttom1cc1 or poor cl!" r;-:co t : c cl:tb r:o: o err 1.l troo t!'>c <1.?crr. !!cd cl."' '}!' < bf'!.'r .. n to O uir;. t!nruic:. b::.c ':'h,... ol( cr .1. _r, o 1 :: ::i;o_ Cit:_ : f'.nc1_ t 000 or f!n"nCi;'l.l ron -cl o a / o:l' t :c oltl oo:'"' c2 : oc. ....... "' 66 .... t"', ..... ,.., ., .. "r'! ,, -, -' J ... w


. n. f0',1 no t c .. or 1'1 r .. t1n :'n: 111c n ; t l 0 I'l' b l o /10 ntt"ncl l>CC' tlOC tJ:o Cor lo in t L c c on to_ o:' Y' ,o_ C t:r' o J:o1nc,o ccct1o "'IY1 ':.. : c1 r S1nco t L o on toe t o... : c c 11 t .. c_ c .r1.o Ll"'cn n t '".11 ooc_:l 1 mcU.o no t' c nc:t ty c oGa1 o .. ;] t.:.c o le:' ()Under-a ; o o. r nc.'l :.;; t:n:::c Lee t ::c ot :oor : n r' : ( -1. """., .. .... ... .., I"-,.. .., -v < c :.r:r:"" l>C". 1 j'1 n. L:lc .c:.c l n '11T

r "" c' ;:. C ...... > v .... 0. .... : .I .. -. : ... ... ... w 1 ...... ....., J '.'"') ..... '" / C -... '"' ,-_., ,... ., ""'.; A v to not.G t:CI.t t:.o tc c 1nn1nc tl. c JOt'-11: .. L ::.. .. \ : c.:-e r..ottoro 1.1.; c hoJoc )'o,..., ,..., ] 1 ,.. ... ,, ... 1 o ..... "'t'l_,.. t .. c ;.,c .,.,.,_ .... "', /'"\" .. ',, '-'' t ''r ,_.v ... u, u ._., _, __ ,:. ; ._ o:,TI ooc. r l [i.''onp. r;: rt -.-:I:;; r:::.rlo r:c r c r.O.vlocd o.a i'oj,""Ct. cr. r::l s :ere cor.ol(lc.,.,c u too cu e:: or n bee:, .oq t'!icy iC='O reno:.." ly o:' r'. E'Ol""O v.".':-' -;c crcup !:cc tr .1c!: ui( t:'U.::o t'1cr:1 to ,'). c : ocr-CL c:t. .ib! tionloto, lnt


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- JOtmc boyo bee tho p oo chec!:o, they uoo l::nQl'1GO th:l t 1o 1'oul .nu Vile, MU bOmlUOG tJ.lOY a.... o 1nou1 tine to the r ; oiJon nnd VC!"'J little trn1n!nr., .'"'.nd the n0.jor1 ty o.n t h o otJ1cz-r tJ1o con C i t1n n ot t:1oir .. onm;, r.ontr.l r>..b111 ty outlooJ: nr>c of ouch o. co t-!10 othcro th r:.orc !ntcllir:cr:co anc, loco t one o:: t i ccc lx>Y:J vod. 1',..-, injur1oo c .r.c: to ji..ll.11) t.o t.: c < : : .. c ::.0..: :. b'u.t hio t2. ooo b o:;a cii:cc c).v-..... /" .. .... ... .J


- r ... ur.: n1'\l"t1 ua t' c crmo:."'c.-..1on / 1 ooo 11 v .. been :: t.o tr -n Llr.1 p .. "'opcl .... ly t 10:0 "Jl 0 1)001. 100 Of lOr. h0Ur'3 O :ori [):oat O'lCY.'1-1"1co r.<. otriqt coonoo.7 .. vc 1;ocn .. blc 't.1 l:c onouC}.1 r.oncy to 1 ut bovo r.:odor:1to ... 1 oi.:.--ct not,ncoo; a.:1c'l r..ot 1t ccrt.,. not lc-.ot, o rc co-o llo o. omlt.'u:to, 1P'..;""coono!blo unrol1 ..,.b,c .It lJo o ;.1<.l l': b:.llo 1o not n pr-oc11 ct tT.o cltti) tmt o:::: loc:_t,...( 1 b0c:: :c 1'ror:1 to c;. Y.bor ::;.ty o b1 a :coo ccotion rnc1 do /


... I 7ho bonof'it th-:.t tha Club ma on youn.:: men, mostly of poor onv1rouont::s section. ie to houoe thom. copina tl 0::1 out or tl e otrect-o :-.nd poo::sibly out of grcrttcr dnn,.,.or of boinc cant by bLld t.ncl per-nioicuo i,nfluonceo. ,A.loo einco onon ore seon in the rocrco.tion room or the club the oox-urce io in part o ublim:. ted. In ;::.trt bcc<:woe thore ic nl:ayo some o}Joccno atorioo an'l lnneu in their conv o n tion. 'l'ho majority of thcoe non-!.!ombcro nro not of 3pan ioh 1 omoo but the procluct of i!:l rcedinJ f'.nd 1 t in quite difficult 10 nccc t in tho true of their ncoona.t 1 v 1 ty. l'hooo pcroon:J 1n tlto 1 IJ ori ty not to be blmod nor ci \.'110 h:tvo rovidc tho tr '\"lhich rn:tJco then u they ro. l'.1oir con11 for .con-r : ti ono h : .lo buo11 tln t or a :ioor or :in c l:J U.ovoid or' all JOOd nd v i h only tlc ncccoa iti o of lifo :nJ nr t u r lly };, \c b*cn r. to : man 11 t d lifu, uor in I 1 rich0 but in c c ult.rc It l.:u:Jt be tl' \ tl: t :1lc t o C tro i u not n. l rc;u incu:-:u fl' "": t ill..;:-:> .:-!. :. t. l c .nt it i c u'lo to uoc t.,l., ti:c Centro


,... bna had to discard all but one. The writer poraonally Cfl.V: on a woelc d...1.y in tho e arly o.ft crnoon two of ita four tableo uood. who woro not members Tho thn.t thooe tic a uaed, cun be accounted for in tho follo-;:ine; l!l!'..nnar. The Club is in the buaineao eoction of City, very eentrQlly lo cated, Poroon w}lo wieil to play billurde or pool cn.nnot oloev :hcrc in that oection of .;(!Jor City, nlao that the prico af these facilitico h..'lB bean lov;ered co:1 o1dorc.bly in tho lnat feY7 years of e c cnomic unnt. The present r ate 1o 20 per h our. /'.1 it is gonero.lly round that pernons who pntronizc public billin.rd n nd pool roLI:J.s nrc of a. vc1 .. y low class or indigenta undooirnblc a in t.h e 0 lub we find c o.ridi ti ann are not oinilnr. T hone who nrc indiccnt are too poor and cannot .afford to r l Y thc:::>o c::'.!Iles. \':hare-ac t!'le undesirables find the onviro:nonts of tho public pool mora con<.lucivo to tl10ir bettor ot .te of boi;'-1.:-: buaines.J men o of:".O of \-:hom nro not r.10mbors thc:-rmolvc3 of th, .:oc f;:cili t of the o lub d:.u-poriocls or rocrc:tion nlr., n t tir:: o .!1cn tlletr rork pcrrni ta thcr.1 to i nU.ul..:;c in n. fat h oura of c.r.uccncnt. They plt y billi:rJo nU. pool t.lw:,r ,.ot1l d :.t Cwir or:n ho::1c !)rovidod they h J cue: !l o oti: ; .:t in



pl, d u p on pcroono ... ho enjoy billiards e.3 it is considered a c;c:1tlomena lJi''rno if pl yed o.t the club. Tho Centro baa never been inter cotod in o porte e nd o. thlct1co no will. bo eo en in t h e folloYJine ox mi1l co. In the younc men of tho club deoit'od to build n. c;:,mt o1wn o1 th..:r in th.c portion of tho roof ot t i'J.O Ybor C1 ty club houae or ouy the prop.::rty adj c ont to tho c l.ub thoro build a. T h o di-re:ctoro could not the n eccsoi ty of' o c h n n exportdi turo t:1nd t h o \?ore vetoed. At vo.riouo timc o in the l :lst do t ll e !.ccrciltion oom:.ittoe of tho Ci-ty or T:mtn h a o c.:tllc d upon thio' C J.ub to m : e or c1 ty o t '1pot1 tion t ho thur clubo. L<.muuoo h :wc b ... on to 1 n 1 u o tho f our Lnt n but theca h nve :f'oilou b o c uoo of tho l ot intort:ot on 1 1 0 p rt or h i o o lub. To tho r; "ni rd .. ho c : no frv n ..:::in lifo nno all cxc rc1o o in t h o !io l l o pl sew1..6g, n nd l o: : ucc bc c : u tta of 1 c c.r vc J I n ... 10n llo c rive h o h .:J. t o t oil l o!. :..!0 ll"J ln c Glocury t o r :>, cj.:; .. r !' ctor .r o: oo : .c 1 i o 1u.on t tlll .__ r tor yo, r3 of r cnticu c h 1 i l:e o lificd t o ..: .o n n or'i '1:t'j' tr::.. co. : nor i f !::ore.; for t r b to1n c .:; r n.


I such houro of provided ouffic.nt aubetitutco for exercise. Tho Spnniard hao never lel'rned the vnluo of orc:::nizcd culture and \"lhcn n. propoood by. the .moricon born 3pnnim-do the older men replied "nork 1-t.":.rd Rll do.y and you'll need no oxorcioo." Tho rocretion corn."llittco me at various time orennizcd bnoob:...ll tcomo v:r1 thin 1 te o-.m oo:wmi ttee point:ncnta to :-::oct tlloL'e fror!l .;atur .y to : ;:.tu.rd[!Y Youn 3 eirla rcotricto d by otlLr-: i1JO are


__ pormi t tod to to 7th venue 11th eirl fri!3nds. Thoro they moot 0011 nd e pe k to youn3 men. Tho younc man of courao nloo seck the y o ung lad1oo or their 1'llo !o.vorito loc:,.tion to vie 1 thio aeomo tu be tho Centro Eapnnol for 1 t ia c l 03t im)oeai lllo to llO.O 'uy thi o 0 lub on ouch ni(;hto. he oteps, aide \'iClllte nd otrcot nre jt1J!!!"1.1.d ,.,.1 th nembcrrJ o .nd (;Ueste t o such an oxt<.'nt tlv t ontrn nco to hcOClub 1o difficult.


.. :::1o tio: 1 c! clcll io ill cll.'lrao of o. 'bo:1:rt1 of ooopooca of n proo1dont a vioo-pxoo1dont, a ocoona v1oQ-l) roo1ucnt, trouourcr, a ana 33 ':t:'ho ooobo:ro oZ tho bonl'O. oZ Clircoto:ro nl'o o. pol'1ou o:Z tuo yoc.:ro, lnJ.Z of unoo nro olootod ovory in Jo.nt.Ul;zy. Tho tt ::\ t roy oootl% 1n tho 'bo[tl'd of di:rootoro filled in tbo conornl oootinc by opoc!0JL eloot1cno. Tho oooto t!1o t1rot ton

J \ .r. G1noe tl 0 Otlt:;,ot or 1 ::l 0 I b 1 t ::; 3 )1) ''Q rer a l lt1 1 l 1\l d d 1Urt.:.o t U .ttill;J03 lt., chte .. t' ::1) 1on \'1\. +.o tl!. ._ll 11! nocHoi:tC:h 1\::; :J of oharlt;r. pr.,::; day th1:; .tn:l b : or '.! ., Jill f 1 \ : t t1on rtf titl ..ll tl b T'ts z:cJlo.>. l ()f o c.rtt1on .;h\u \ '''.t 1 l '1, 7 131 ;lnt1GI :.; >tt c 't1oh l,62 hnvo ";'ll1o 1 'J r t .. :vat h> lt. 1 ;,.,, ,,': .-1 m)vtdo::; J ioi or. t 1 1; 1 ,11 ex r not.n / Tho llo. ofio J.;o J\. tt.tcl d b./ l.>olur ,w lello, ti1vas t.hf.l c !' ,\ ,1f b :\t'o\ :1 r 1 ll"c. to ;,.,. :. lt' Tlil Ill to 1'1 I 1 ''J 1 11 : l 1 r ':'I t tlll., tt n:d 1\ oa.l 1:-eot w .,tlt> -l\


to tho m od 1 oo.l n i d who 1 n tut n d':ll'ives its nuth o r 1 .ty f'1om t.h c bo!lroJ:;o of tlw l '.:>e !:tod eru h o: ;.>1 tul$ n.nd ... ot.llJib o w used in ther11peutio n a d sut.,ery. thlu r cu:;on tho noJ!.o1ll has aot. u pproved this u nnnto riur.1 ns ll oln:::!::l A h<> t n l loc tlo. 1 M ft::-1\!l ot :\10 tol'lt.:_J i n oono o r notl, 1 s fnr rou.:>ved iror.\ l':bor -Z.-


rn ortier to n.vold th13 1nool\VI)a1enoa tho olub hao arrnnGnd wl th tho Denef'lon l <'spnnolt to attG:td the ill tlt th ls ol1nio nnd nl!3o uo .11lS 1 ts dootors to Ute patlont s ho::.e. In on3a of soriot tS Ul!lesa or zatlon need:J the patient hilS the to U!lO tho SllM.torium. The lurga t:lujor1t;r, t'lo n t;h prefor the1r ovm homes boonusa tholr !n.t1tllies and frle1ds onn visit thoro oaslor and with less l noonv<'lnleJtOe For this roll30ll lho olu b pet: J i ts 1 t!i r.lO!:ll>ero in case of' tlll hosp1tnl1znt!.on ln tho Bonefloa Espa.nola olla1o looa.ted on 9th Avenue .\S the olu b h!l5 tenlly only r.lorHoo.l Ill d bone.1'1 ts tho youn, man of Spanish pnrent3 :1ot beoomlne; lilornboro of thls olttb as 1t should be ?!'Ia youn.; rnon o! Ybor C1 ty booo :ilo nembo .s of thGse -... ta.tiu Clubs for ot .et" varlo,13 retl.!3ons. The t".cn o! S;,:.e.nlnh flad that tho s of the Cent:o Espanol ull. ln the of onsos, ol o c t !dn j >itftdls for tho ulub tlnd t\lone t IIl MOl) :.h 1 oh Clll. t o r to


or tnlo olub 't tul!f r.:c \.1 r w o clo o not pay t .o oo a, outl'lo rno hly rcoolpta r;J nll bo n toa t1oall:t dru) e !rum r. Q:n er h1; !tho t Y to tJ.I\'J :'11ornbo.:Jb1? u.ot1v1ty nt lt ::utot bo t tad !l t rnor.tbllru of thlA olttb e1 hte n ooat s ln rours hlVO reo 1vod : e 1oul 1\t tho olt tb o ho::pltu.l ln t1:-es ot dlntrooa ; d 1 u h 1 llr bl to d omploy ont hn7e b t lk n ill. tn u.ll o! tho:lo Of.UlOO, thO!ln pnroon:J wo l l htlv; b d to r oolve 11 lolll 1 !'ror 1 tho o1tya ohtlrlty 1lt la ru d o kt '"' t lmt th StJ11nhr hut e ollrut;t rrvon th tlll) ol b cltoo hi, uedlo l llid in ouoh otro ... fjtmo 1t l:mt oharit;t for h 1s ox 1ootet to ro ll!lornte th ol b \1h .n bl to do ao. Thla 1\ i rtw 1 t llll8 u ore; nht t1on ntt111nt wlth it loh l,)ro-v1 ro th mb t s !or 11 udd1tlonul f1ft;1 oents a :on tn.ry 1d of ,. wo :c. to 1uot not lo r thtln oi ls us:;1sts the p on ill v1th th 1:114Htl l" tll i\.:'o.ll;t 1 rur hu:nt l.l W) 1 v 1 t:t 11 o CGLI.q( 1ronoy u 1 1 ble to ollrn ct in t la Th 1J Y"l Kn1 ht.a of n ul.;o 1alp ho o 1 b : J bc:rs. lt ls a 1'r tc!'.tt\l or,}l!t1 111t1un oor .. 10 1 r vot.lJ of .. ,, n1 d B ut d itt. ,;rlncl: 1 l .. tuvl es tl16 1 : th t\r'dJI': .hll 1!\l u l 1.1 tll1o 11 .,. '1 t't l Tlll 'If'' nf h :.> .hl"Jo 1:; ::'('! t;o: ttb. tlo l-

PAGE 45 of tho ol11b, to h elp thos<'l l.terab:rs v ho find thcnselve!3 !1nrm-oitlll:f u nr\b l o to ptl.'J thdr rites aw l 111. Th e .'rooedure 1::; suoh thnt tho member dooa not fool hurt to rooaivo t:11.s help slnoo he is expooto I to eturn the su m to the !u d!i of t:l18 Another f11.ot. 1n th11t tho Ce ntro Espanol s nedioul aid deiHl.rtr :JOnt 1a ni th tho Cubo.n r1.1d Ital1tul oluba to hosp1 tfl.lhe all tho me1 bors of ther-e respeotive o l ub s Tod!ty thos6 two olubs 11tend their .members 1n vo.r1oua hos p1tnls in Tru:.j?O. Tho olllb'a due to tho !flot t i 1 1 t it 1::> no t r unked hfl.Ve tho o.s other hosp1 tala in o rdo1' to -:oel> tho1r stnnd1ng 1s able to o ffer those olubs ll mnoh lllorc ooono miol r ato. T !1is will ten:t to bdn(t nore revenue to the olub. Tllio club's dnoa uro po r month, while othct olubr.; h 'l .Ve due3 Gomewhnt hi This nnd thG fo.ot tll11t the hospita.l to the Centro E'spa:10l. v11ll tend to ':.he / Number of po.tients nssistod in tho Ce .. tro J;::;pun>l E ospH; u l a1noe its; u p to t he -nmo.1t ls &ivon ln Ulo follo\ 1 !\r; t n b ulntion. ;(''. \,' T .\"'1) 216 1:107 !15 HJOO l :n o 1 010 f")f f p -.. '-J. ) l9ll 1012 33G 11>13 310 297 1 915 1916 313 1n1 !!o3 1010 374 l : >l!l Zt9 1 :! W -.1-


tro. A S .. .1921 192 1922 1923 261 1924 l a 5 1 9 25 215 102a 2 6 5 19 2 7 202 1928 2 3 5 1929 151 l!J30 179 l9J l 2:31 10 3 3 243 1933 204 1934 198 1935 (1 to 4-:35) To till 7 .9!.;9 ot t his totnl 7,7o 1 were rnembars nd.l78 paid servioes. Toto.l modioRl opetat1on porfortaod 1n this hoop1 tal by d1!J:"erent dootors ware l.aoo l.G23 wore pe for. od o : l cor.tbora ru:d 177 wore serotloes. / -


( 7h lto or t 11n cl to th'l co'"': 1 .1ty c o .. tod noonuoo or tllio 1.1 t!tutlon V tln lifo han h n tichor in t! t.o tlt t co j 1tuto CL 1 "l;)j lift ... 10 :":"l nie'ri r.o a roc ... o tion and n r, 1 od ro po .. 1 1111. cy !'\oo:t.o:l to ntc1 'l : o t lo t10?l bto a colitJ r .. t :..1 1 objoc ';.'1.1:. lov : t1 tc: o 1 r .to 1 o.1 :: about .tl o ;>o 1: 1 nncl co t 1' J od ni 1 h1n 011 fo l1 r' 11 ":.' n in t 1 .. r l i t; llro Cl\.tff1C10' !.Jy ''::':>:1 tO c :,:> .,1' 0 1 1 ('G. 0 t r t'l '';l' : :l '": 1 C l lX> "n 1 r: .. n c L:1 1 or 1 t> .':'\ f :1 t: .. 1. nt. _. o t :1to:;e o !' club t n'10 .11 mfo o ot h t .nl ov .,. -roc: \" : '..tini': c .. lc n to t 10 : \ ) ( ,... l : .... n ('. 1.. ; ... t '), c l:o !.' 'J lt I 1 ,,, 1. '.' {' or:;r t 't: t ... t \'I t t i 1:0: ; '''0) r ':11 co ..... i l t' ('I'\ i ':! 'l 0 :" 0 l11 \ to {.'I' f_t t'. : 0 .t' :.: vo "''., J L


Tho "1:oponol in n counh'y ;;oul' 1 h .. vo boon a pu' lie thrirty on< 1 (I c ond ::-::'OJ i'1cr I n or1or to avoid br;i'"'C 1n a ot tc o r (11r1 o no nho:'i h J.ounllod tho club t,., pmtcot hi1 olr un n.-:n in thOGO tii""'u ot diotrooo. :'!.l" !Jrovi' ... 1c l nl : trJ. in <.:uoe o f ill: .. r.: .. > .-(b or r.:drc. <.uot:i Lhn c1u ol .. o / ly (0-p"'l'Cent O f 'uht'.l r.Vnborr ill c1ttrb_ thlo : > :--io.:l O f 1lopr0:0i

nnt c u r b'1Cl. r coultc .:oul: h c vo uoen (]! t:ClOtmu AnCl loot out .1ot cluo ,.,g L 1to cluu lxm:oo r..n1 110. pltn l 1 o an a:l!lot to co. l nHy. '.i.'llO co : n m1 t 1nn r1 Vt')n th. n f:h1 r cr ::v : c t i t ortor ito :10,1 O l"f'll 0.0 J:t 1' COI:I cl Q o t n 'l)lo bstit.ut1on nnd it, n !'u!1ct1on o nrc 1'1')t o.-l:r 'h7J ito m m, -ra ut: l')y ut.1.ori tioc ntHl oth'r h i c hJ.y r o : Cit1 :':Clio. , i n tha cori"U:l!ty t : 1 r l : t hn t t h'1 cluh 1.:1 roud t ..n(l .:.u: :1ty h vo to conc e de i:: o vnluo t o tho co-runit,y. 01' cou;:. o, at; b tu l i! n t.ctivi t1os t!.ol'O : r o tho p "tt:l j o alnu: 1oo o!'.U :mrtic nr' 1.:> : o n t uroll y tho cluh onor:1ioo. Hivalcy ol.. o rxl:;to bot .. oo-1 <'lull c.-""ld other to ttl pz.-ooont, \'1h 1cll to u. ocrtuln OJ{to..t,t 1. b:1:.cftc1o1 y only to th'' club .ut ol:o to t!v J !Hli'!'1onr. 0..1 or!' ... lro nro so /


1 n_, r C ... ... !'' .. r "' ------- ''1 )()o. ::a, 1001 100:1 lDO=s I .. l005 JIJOO 1807 rooa lOG .rsa 1000 Gt!7 1000 1001 GOO 1 000 1000 010 100!5 l ,C!i2 lflOO l ,G71 1007 l ,CO? 1000 J ,?':"! 1'."10 101'1 f ,, 7 101:..: l Ol!l 1010 1 017 lfllO 1 c n 10;"() 1. l l b77 10:->5 1 ,CC2 1 CC:J 1 000 lo:..g 1 1 .J, l ; 7 / I I


0 .' G':'?HO .. ,..n:.o1. .,:-; 101:' .. ---------. (" .,.., lf, I 0 T''!"l C .T>IT:\ .. ) -----Doo. 3 Dl!3 OO,?UG.lO lOlG <.G,Gl! .04 M .ro 1.01'1 .lO .lt> CG.ZO 1n2o <.o,:;t. n nl / il:J, r;3. 00 1 0 0 :;!j .J.r; 10:31 :::1.?0 ... .:::o .. l""' .... (:"!,c,. .. :'0 10


y;::., l!Y .,._ .. ,-.... ,., ._..... or :'1 r: C ': 1':10 '01 1 0 1!3, .. .....:. J ------. !JIC .. "J. Pl:rl C APITA ..., _______ .. __ Doo. 31, H>W (,19,5:10.24 .. 7.00 .., lDlC 1.1.15 1017 10.35 10lD l0,:::00. 4 G 11.00 1010 17, non. 41 n.w 10,::'10.10 1021 l!i,O'lG. 4Z o.eo 1?.::!3 10,008.87 o .. nG 10M H,KO.:i0 a.M lO,()(i 03 u.oo 12.00 1007 2n, JZ.?O lO::tl r-1!,?0!1. :'.8 / u .oo jl It' I :::o, l:-". 00 (.. ( ..._ _...:--"' .... l\YiO l.O.lO J .) I l0:il u..oo l oo 1:1. n 0 t -..;,., 1f'l" .; J.n, : o 1 .. r .0:1


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