A marine in ebony

A marine in ebony

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A marine in ebony [slave interview,] Tampa, Florida, July 9, 1937
Frost, Jules A
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
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[Tampa, Fla
Federal Writers Project, American Guide
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African Americans -- Interviews -- Florida ( lcsh )
Slavery -- Personal narratives -- Florida ( lcsh )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent) ( marcgt )


Federal Writers' Project essay based on an interview with Uncle Dave, focusing on his years spent as a slave near Key West, Florida and his later life in Ybor City. Interview conducted and essay written by Jules A. Frost on July 9, 1937.
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Title from caption on PDF of p.1 (viewed June 24, 2010).
General Note:
At head of title: Stories of Florida prepared for use in public school by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration.
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by Jules A. Frost.

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A marine in ebony
h [electronic resource] :
b [slave interview,] Tampa, Florida, July 9, 1937 /
by Jules A. Frost.
[Tampa, Fla. :
Federal Writers Project, American Guide,
1 online resource (18 p.)
Title from caption on PDF of p.1 (viewed June 24, 2010).
At head of title: Stories of Florida prepared for use in public school by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration.
Federal Writers' Project essay based on an interview with Uncle Dave, focusing on his years spent as a slave near Key West, Florida and his later life in Ybor City. Interview conducted and essay written by Jules A. Frost on July 9, 1937.
Forms part of the Florida slave narratives collection.
African Americans
z Florida
v Interviews.
Personal narratives.
1 700
Frost, Jules A.
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida.
t Florida Slave Narratives.
4 856
u http://digital.lib.usf.edu/?f36.40


v fampal tloricla 1117 aWm o:r mmmA Pta!o4 (qr Ute &n tblio MQIJ.I .... by the . !!&hr' P!N,tsS at ."' l9flqt :n:omu A JWmm m IDOIJX lly Julee A. J'ro at i'rca a Vlrsinia J,aBtation to Illor14a, perila ot Indian wartare t llhl\ft8bale4 on a aovemmen\ Teaael and carr J.ed roun4 the wor14 1 8hlpneolr.e4 and drOJJped into 'Ule lap ot romanoe t.'leee are on1;r a few ot the oolortul fl-ea unwritten diar7 -Of Old UftOle Daftt as-elaTe and 80141er of fortune. The reporter found the old Dl8ll a1'\'1nc on the porch of_ hia Ybor C1 ty ahadk, thousbtfully ohewinc tobaQOO nn4 t1naer1na hie . home-made co.riea. At tirat he answered in grtliDp3' monoayllabloa, but by the m!lgic ot n he crnclually lttt himaelf' I minute detail a of a mou t rennrkD.ble aer1oa ot adven-turea. U18 11" a. queu ld.:dure of aea tormQ broad "a'e11 aoquire4 by lona aoaoo1at.1on with !l'aaeau oonaha." Uarr1o4 to Cl18 ot those, aapl.,..11t.ed wcmen, tho eret-1ib.11e nmbler and adTenturcrr proved that rolling atones eome. I \ times booome ouitab.le !'oundationo tor homoa .he lived faithfully w1 th the anme 'flite tor fifty-one years. "Sh1pp1n' 'f'or.e de nin' t no job to melt a tm n youngaterJ h1tte but I ain't novab. sorey I wont to aeaJ ott on n boy swine take to likbr an w1r::men, )l8 kin e1t plenty o both .at home, omrae ao 1n torn porta.


Tlw old -.a bit oft a ooneerva'\1v& ohew h' hie etnel1 lUSt oaretully wrapped the reme.1ndel" 1n hi a ., d abned. tb.oughttu111 tor acme time before he continued. "I waant bnwn 1n !'lorida, bUt I \)o'n here ao lons I reckon h1t 'bout do oame thins. I k1n remeabel' uy dartdy. an' DUU11V ant de odd.er -ohUlwl\blons a namet P!noknq. Jlllata ba'n bout lSGO er 1861, "'en Jlahatnh to worry 'bout what 8"1ne happen et'ten war oomo an do Vahainny elave-owno .. a e1 t boat ... Jio proooodod slm'lly, nnd in language alluoat un1ntel11g1ble at t1moa, ao ho tal.ke4, emoka4 ant wwect, all at the aame timeJ but here, tlle reporter rea11ae4, wore all the element ot a tru e story tlmt needAMl notebook an4 Q'pewriter to tranld'oi'JD it into readablo Antnaoniaa aroused by t1w red scott deo1dOD, nnd the turthor 1rr1 ta ti 011 oauae4 b7 tbe JUs! tlve Slave Jaw kioldns up plent_v ot trouble dUZ"ins Duabanan'e adm1n1etrat1on. south carolina. had alread7 oeoe4o4. MAJor An4eron lreep1na the Uri()n flag tly1na at lrca"t a-tor. but luteat report ea14 that I tbare waa no immediate ot h6et111t1ee Wb8ft Pierre riDoknl7t ... tbrU'ty Virginia p1Jmter pt ftenoh extraction, went into center enae '-'1 th hie ne1pbora nn4 4eolde4 to move 11ht1e the go tUnc-out lfnfi et!ll r;oo4e With aa little publlolQaa poadble, thq arranpd the 41apooal ot their r _eal eatate. t'o need. to Mll elaTctl _nn4 llveetookl would need both tn the new lcontlon. It they pul4 rnana:se to cot to Charleaton, thoy reaaonetl, thq


I could nrrn.nco tor a bM.t to st. AugUotine. 'l.'he Indiana misht bo troublesome but by settling neu.r the tort thtJY ohoul4 neror e tho ot oxaarta and heavy wasona w1 thin eidlt ot thlt o14 it became G'lident tlat 'iba7 ha4 . better keep to the wooc1e. Union ao14iera, alt.hoUf#l atill lnaot.lv . ,misht at aft7 t1JDI 4eo14e to oontiaoate their 'belondnsa. oo the)' J)Ushec! on to the ooutbwal'4. !.one week draged 1J7 botare they t1nally reacha4 !lt. Augustine. 'l"far talk, and the o:t' by ooa aaa.in o_.ueoct thern to their plnne. Po011nc thoir money, they olmrtcred e. bo!'.t a.'14 ambarla.Ht tor Y...ey weet. StlrGly they \1ould 'bu eo.re tlnt to.r I'OUth. One ot their Virginia neiehboro, Jl1el41ng A. Bromwt, bn4 settled thftre thirty yeare before. TaJdnt: advan ttt.ge or the periodic aulas ot ealvage4 soo'da vocka on the \ treaohoroua keye, he had bloOM w-.1-and to hold a. reoponoillle position Tv1th the o1t7 nvoryono tJaO 1n &cheerful mood as the blue outline ot Key "oot poepod ovor tho hoZ'1aon, nnd all oamo on deok to oatoh a ftl,!mpoe of their now hams. 41snay clutohecl at heart ns a Fo40l."al mn-ofttmr I1IU118 out or the harbw oteamed out to meet tt.-. !he 1ona-teare4 or1s.1a bad. oome. They wore priaonoro of war. Pinckney" nnd hie ne18hbora \Yore marche4 into J'ort Taylor. 7ho1r wivea, and alavee were a.Uowed to oettle in the cit,-and oa.re tor themselves ao boat they oou14. Pinckney' 1 alavoa oone1ate4 ot one family, David a.nd


wito, w1 th their tamil.y ot ten pickaninniea. Colonel XontcoMZ'J', Federal renruiting oft1oer, took advanilt otthe helpleeeneee ot tho alnve ownera to a ow disoori. among the blaob, 6!1d before clnye bla zave, father ot the aubJeot ot _thia aatch1 ha4 Jined do Yankees" aa color sergeant and ba4 be atnt north, where he waa killecl1n the. att.aok on :rort auatezo. His determined and energetic 260-pound wite eened Kra. Pinok ney fni thtull.y through the war and lone af'terwar4. Younc Dave, eon ot bil Dave, although onl;r in h1a early teene,. wae her chief aid. When the war e over arxl ur. Plnokne7 walked out ot Fort 'l'aylo!' a free man, the H.armab. pooh-poohe4 tM a nounoerwnt that ulle waa a t"ree oi tizen. liT' aU done brtmg heah,"' she blusteed with emphasis, an heah I' pine t e teq. soma years atter the war, I'ierre Pinckney died. When hia good \'7ife becu.me ill, frantic penaded eerva.nta'. quartera. As her ln.st momenta ctrn neP.r, Hrc;. Pinoknq oallecl the weepiq Hannah to her bedei4e a.nd lait a ba1 ot 1101117 in her han4, nTo you and the oh114ren back to o14 Vlrs1n1a1 slle whia. pered with her laet breath. When the beloved "lliarn1e W!'lll laid to reat by the side of i her hual>nnd in the Catho11o oemetery, the bewildered Hannah took tho money to a. 11h1 te nnn, an old t:riencl ot tnmily, and aake4 him to buy the tiol em. Houaee had been burne4, traea out clown and old landmarks destroyed. He that they take the hundred dollars in gold and buy a little home in Key West, whiCh tney d14.


Rooonatruction d&.7s were aa tryJ.nc to Xey Weet&re aa to .u.ll ov the devaetated. land ot Dixie. Slae cmuera, a\r1ppocl of U..ir poa1erusiona, taxed ''1tll a:1 1r:r4cmoe fi:U" dobt o.nd \Ji th no monq or GQ.U1pnon t to b acin th3 olow olJJDb bo.ok to UOl'tlOJ.Cy l101e patbetlO fif..urOO &0 they blist"red their hnnda at toil tlla t they had nover knonn bot oro lJmlY ot tho sl.avoa wore moro tlWl w1.1Unc to atq with thtil' tor.mor lllnatoro, but td. th no income, t.bo probl of toedina thorla,elTo 11na tho .main ioaue with wbitea, oo it wao out of tho queetion to try to fill i other taoutha, c.nd ox-alaveca 'otten had to ohitt tor them.oelveu, a hopelCJoa 'task tor a raoa tlat bad novo1 .bcJen called upon to oxcil't ini tiutive. Hannah Taylor and her tm:at.erou.a were a fair esof theoe 1rreapona1ble people. Lllm a lllhlp adrift lll':ipper or rudder, tl:l.ey wo:-e e.t the meroy ot nery -.ver-' wind . ot mietortune. I&Oh morntng the7 went out trantio anerlr to earn Ol' ln oomo way auetenenoe tor one mal"& day. Youns Dave hounded tho aponp tiehenen until thq gaTe him an extra Job. l!c made t11e round& ot the ttehing dooka, oa tho loolr.out to be ot anx1 C'.ll to do anythlna at time 1n excbD.nJ;e tor, o. tflfl artiolel ot too4 that ha oould homo to his motbol' "Dam -r;an try1n' tlmoe,' 1111aed the old nan, "an' 1 dont blamo rtq tor warmS.D xanta wllen ahe bad. 10 !!110h to WOft7 bout. mut bt\4 a way-c crabbin' mo 1J7 de yearo ant ehov1n' rv mid twixt her kneoe whilat ehe wlc on me 8UIIIp1n atul.


No wonder I wae oairt o dese trammirlS. I reokon dat wae de cause o me goin' sea Ah mu tell 70u 'bout r. fne day my .giae fifteen cents aJ1' say 'Go down to de ma.bket-and me ome tiah. An' 11esel't don't you let no graaa unda 70' Go on de run an' came back on de jump. Does you fall down, joa' keep on acoin' aome-how.' "Wid dat she turn an' spit on de step. 'You see dat spit,' she say. 'Et hit be dry w'en you git back, I gonna beat de meat often yo' bonae. Gi t goln', now.' "Well, I etahted, an I eho' wasn't losin' no time. 'Bout baht wayto de ma hket, I meets a couple o stewards tm a u.s. navy cutter anchored oft de navy yard. "Hol' on. dar, boy:,' dey sing out.; wha you nine so tas? Grab die here b&haket an tote bit down to de 4ook.' "I knowed I couldn't sit back home tore dat spit dried, an I ben figgerin' how I could peaoify to mise dat beatin'. I figger et I mek a quarter or .tlahf a dollar an gin it to er, she mebbe torgit de pa.ddlin'. -So I take de baheket an toller em down to de water tront. wen we git dere de7 waa a sailor waitin' fer 'em wid a boat tm de cutter. I sot de bahaket in de boat an stood waitin' to' my mone7. You ain't finished yo' job yit, dey say. ''Git yo1oet \ in dat boat an put dat atutt on bo. wen I gita on deok a oullud boy 'bout "'lr:f size say wanna look about a bit?' So I toller him below an to I knowed it, I feel de boat kinda shakin.' I run to a porthole an look out. Dere was Key West too far away'to swim back to.


nr, r -m tap on ,dock, att t aor e d() etew&ld wat t: :1n me de r., 'W'at th't3ll ;vou doin.' ol\ bo'd ah1p.- be a.hsk 11! tflllrt '1m I ainft w::.nt1n' tt stay no m.o'n he wnnte ae, an: he mo to de flaptrr . II rckon he btlong to do MVJ ttc"11 sn;:-;.. en t fO f.lx aomc papel' ant I Jl ltall r!IY "Aii:'tah a bit I find we bound fo' 'f'Orloontl. r 1 0 1 we c:rr 01 .I'!. sh!p b.OVtl 'lon: 'Side !\l'l f g1n US G !GC88Ac 0 t o put atotit. I al!sk: a 11 I!!nhrmn, Jack, wo cwtnn, a-it ho "'J&I'.l8 'l'Gp' '' t aay, ':ny tbiftk x be daide' I c"ulcn't 1.1:' 1t;&1 &Yl' know how to toll l\oboec'7 bow to l;ack U e r t o r\.f umy, eo I jeet let hit f 0 1 ant ve de way we :;ome. 114 !Jit bo n eto.t zn:t; t all do t1tr."l1 but w en we p!:.llll d;.; ida :C r.oe wat a tcHUe J.ike. I t l::nvrr, ont"ll ve llo.i.'..t' 'fi&'J down South oooat, ho:.:.e.tn i'e1 .31):1\1 dat dono pah:J Ke7 l\.'ent, but I oovldntt oft: 1 :.' I'd WU'lte. 't_ to. tcause Ifd done J!raed do. 't'lllvy. h:l.t ::eem lfi:l: montha t.i'o r : o we r ount de GnP tift' head back th on de Pac1t'1o J al\' h1 t sa$n lsk s yea 'foro we drop anci.lOP 1 , llO'!'lg !loy toll l!lO d.O 0dr, l1l'a:!. WC.O det-G an' dl) cap t::.i. had to r opo r t to n lm. W ilo he wna do1n dia,


J f, Fl' OfJt -;:ampa, lorida P&.Le a an cUey, then into a L:ls 1 oom liG).l\.&d color fJd .::tl!pe:r tl., ':nl. On de tlo' au sOld talks alcep!nr wit sot?.O :J.iJ. : (::-iltestocla 1\)ut, a > 1 ..Jomc oi' om \tal lone-a I :uet .bt de7 go1n' ;1ut us to sloop a'l\' lMoolt ua iT\ de ha1d. I loolt back a"ft t see de do' shut, alow like, eo I 1 un t.aok t atlck m; in : .tit wtd f1n

. un14n' t lnk :for tolJ'.e to call h1m Irish. 'Me faclder -.a I .!!:lt!h : ::nc1 me mudder American, ho say a '! be'n born aboard a. I br1e in r.ronch ttt.teJro. HO'ff tell r1e '\:fh.a.t tlat:; l b' longs undah. 1 "W'en we aitf' baok to 4e aldp, de boya tolls me aomo EnclSah eailors l)eat .Jaok up in de aportin' houso. :orwbuddy sing out neat 1t-do tnRrinae oondn' 1' 1 an' ie; J.,1r:.ey etabndin' wid his arma broot de do?, 'All dem 1n, eta;y in, o,-,, nU de o .tay out,' !.-e ony. I "!7ow I be'n trained ron;:Jeo1 \1h1te folJc:a-whnt !! w1li te folkn, ever '!. hMm r but "' I thbi.V. : . on t 1 n ln.ht f\ond, Mcl,l:.e, loolt nol1e too 'ihite t i"l i-Je, L!llro a run-I otn.ht but\ 'int 1n tle L-olly t!id my ha!d,. do' wu.a look(Jd, an I 1Jua hit down. D ro wae ,JaoJc, 'bout hn.hf' (lone f!. -lllood n:ll ave : f.1o'. :r.:vthing 1n room bunted u.v Ell' tipped over. I 1.1.aule '1m to a .:k co', h'J. t looltocl. ldc!: ont n. winder, hoevee im onto tlY ohouldor, nn' rur.o 1mck ta sl: .ip. blue eyes l<>ok lak ho lovo to kll! un. I


anye ty dld..,'t ataht no 1 goe e into a sal,on1 P' like, rr' a d .am-t aays, po1ttt1"1 t to a flrt . O'lm f!hip, 'You see dat flag?' "Aye1 t .::aclt1 -tan'. st:Lll r. don't aoo nul. !1.tn.' !'f: I b < {" eeven seas, aa;ys do an t I aoo clat ol' f ll\t5 miz l.i:r s e o cll or "rn. t :it>u bo 'n & r vund J tck, 'but r done o. lit 1 aa!li'.-'1' t .t' I we., i.. lfllS to a G tHlil look ll:!.t r.ooc!. l 'ain.' r.o toU.c dLt .l.irne;; wt..at !lo llone. fct .hit). ,, ll Tex l: cooa ,,l rnr11y 1 h1 sny&J 'c:ound. no e;ooc!J need !"el ''l:tr;er.' h(', ::.ellll tJ.,I'! tiLa.t he done Ol'\ soil). "tAtter ctat I ehips fot Ih .. 'l.&ad1 Jaok tella de Limey, lOOk I in' '1M stroJ.ght 1!1 do eye. tJiast I eee wten we iand 1s aat Ih 1 tilh flag wat JOU bern b1 a .sa;in eo louo. about.' (ao he teUs flAt wtat 'e waed de flag fer). I rq ( Ol'C} Goo' Cllp ' I say .ratlk, t da t L1t181 . l&n' on rr;.c Y.ld bofe rcot t i'Ol'e I &fly anotl111 wo:'d e;ct b liok. Fnck ia, I n1n h ; ben d.o1n' rto t16httnt eence I dono din ho-; e oh1p.t nt(lO below,t de-la,t Cltan yoteotf' up. 1 118 dO lahat time JOU two gw1ne g1t SlJOl' G lttave o, die trip. t He tr7 . . to look Dl&.d1 bu, aoe ht want1n to J.aht. 11te nex day,,. Uftcle tave 1 '1n18hcd, witll a Tlh1ma1oal smile, . nl see do boen rctid.in' 1n de paper 'bout de 'twixt l\l!lurica an. lJit was bo :lt ou J 1111 nr-what ftG:Y: stahtcd an' wo 1 .. l1ohed." -


black in th" on cclnuarvtu.J,n, t:.nd. 111lowly ;iJ"appud it. \ll-' ag< .... iu. l:JOJ)jae unleril ft'Oin de in Hont Kollt; to fer F1o Janeiro. 1.'*-' we dror c:..nohC\2", del'\\! ''' d9 r :f.t-tres'lc.ol,1n' wh&lrf r ;tk r $C:e. Killers, day\.\ f:tlil, -v:illir;' tC' tto Ji ttr flll' ;'I "Cn I !!&O 1&1\ runnjn1 'T ? long !IP' all de I "(3o ,;ey gin n:e my di Rohn:t.e an a Clew 'rn?.n t F on J,.. 1 Jo ry lint:l' Clvdu. ten 1 gits to Key rrt.':."t, f\J,::t ; T 17.'-''t'i'l tel d$.t \ !lah wurtl my ftl::tiiMY ci.OJif.:i rH'. t re.n y .<1.:: )1X rr.i..: \'J.ths ter:o. }').1.y fifteen t::ent.s wut. h c' i.':i.0h tc c.m wan I ;:i. t '6fl.M jes1 aet.tin1 d1.nnar. tait,' Ah .A&y, '!n. t on cne znCI' -My mammy lool': at lr.c) lak 1orn IH'e e. :-1n1 'gin bu',tin' on me. "'Hc).i.' on,' Ah toll!l 1Cil, 'YNt C\:in't. .rorgC't y1tr I d('lr.' Yt1' fish,' an' 1. gin 'F..:r rahoel.


,J. J. Frost, :1, Fln. Pe.f;e l.a 'boy, ooy, ahe 'Jh beat1n' on yuh Ah Be.' preud t see yuh. Hftlth .Ah done "ear bla.ok Jlth, '!In 1 gin f'n: 1e grave. "Ah r9tc h ('toWJ! in m r 1 o<,ret !'.J\' rull r:tr. J.ay hit in J thre hunnert. s"'!' :ftm ty-e1 ght d .ollP. he all d$ mc n ey Put. de MHt H .ter st!ok tc 1 me--. Ah aClult.1.ntt. nt5-y orl're. H<) Ah vbd. t, wid e., a r.1: ell, Ah r,o()n don t('l do for o .etails ct' o f on th1o fltioon l: V (")'t.get Unole D:: .ve RaC'.tar.d. 1l" d .oep t .hnugt.t, & .nd f in1l l l y id l 9H.Ch one 11 : t thtur,ht ht1 ( m d s i.r.. 1'frm.l'b}fl_ .-tz t i:, :S.t5;"J ... . n' I \


'fore wa ours. U'!fata Ah r : ? y t.o de rr.e.. n a.head.. o' wl't, 'huccornll dat srhitu mal\ don't .dat ewu.b npen?' nata n,,ut'seau, c U!t!'tq 1A1Ji1t nt.)btn dft t:!'.il end o de line. I '!.tl1 \lp g\.,Qd., ' Tt-ttl 'Ht. l gb Ci, dey tella re, o.n nobu;Jd.y luoky r.\tfC tt't lay 'h' t.'t\t. 1Cord11l1 t ahi1 r.iey ao .. ldn't e,,,ng up M 'im. Bar'" evtyh\1.7/d)' .tnale. Wt:.nt 8inh tfZ quutrelia'. Effe>n t'.r .. .c ln ctRy r1re '&a \.lp 011 \!G rnaiu a ad: ,. to l 1hll t l f Jm rror t.,.,r a a nPi,,e asr. "UI--d bl.'o'ft a h11t1 an call ,,.., in t 1 t : (iUt, ..: 1le othaa watch de tua. Den dey gotta j han'P, an' hlt done settled. "roll, A.h ae" die htr8 Hn1ti nigl(lh be e. li'l me1 .t.h flge;a;1 l gwJ.J\ girt '1m 11 chahrtCJe to fJt.a.llt sttrr.: '!t <1cl ntJX1 a.n' t). t'ur.t in d01 lint ShC" 1Jluff, cOit1Gfl ''l' g,n' d.:owd fl (l. I ino. lh !'Uhtt biWI to on e1de' PLD1 'e1 " e.d C lli111 : 1 T$.1. 1, b\l t by (la t tttte, de Cap 'm h : lt"l i.o ey on ua. 1Pee-e-e-t\-p, gu d.e h. t e tle i 'rrnr-lor-r-:r-1' df! bo n aing t>H t. "'Taylo'r1 I uhlulwar. tc de , I tc lls em how 1 t wae, how I tlxiD' to T.nook d&t r1i \


. "P.C'ut"teeau in,, :':.no df! IISd 1hr,1 t dt f i t:ht / "'ru:; l off yHr Ray" dH 1111, ,.e c1ont 1 t. de l":(lfttn; de cleek jfiR1 dt1wn-;. why ':';lccdy up, r.arrd Rr-.\ 'bot't l.att.irt' f1gh1'; on re?' "Dey a fla_tfoTm bui.ldhl' ner..' to de ltf&t.er. Dtly nll line dfl raS l nn' go ashorfl t' t'Cra: flit c;.ut. DcY, C\S.t Wil.A tlgltt 1 vro fout o:nt.ell w.a ioll&a li..k \two. Jlrr.e t.irlld ( .ut, but still ufttd:Sl'\' i' kllop g<1in' 1'o fltr,n dere, ou etaeh iOtha'' e lc;tc:,kln' ht.C' .-LJOt :otha"s; eyee., hl.:"od runnin d o .-n to our tl.)fHit rretty & : t>J\ hi h. alc Clff a"' t.ry tc ruah .., I ;,.id u.n Site iii t. ltwlcy lick d9 '-trl'.rtt t.o hh1 rolla <,n hFr.k, "Allir, 1 htl' 'Yi'ls lak dyh''. '11'1\ tel but el r:t 1'1 ght an.. D"' raSJ 1 go OU.ok to rn.aaa lint, ttll hut hor,grJ. ts nex t &J t3 ..-111 ea.rl-y, tut dey no HiJ.lti aiegah t muacla itl b' .-.:1.., \ ., ... I >"" ...... .I ,,)\,tld. h!irdly ha onc.r. 'J rolli Hh fL:-ttn mRl)cd ;p, Cld I'avA dltt.1f\tlly \ .1 to\Jdly. L&b1 \n '1il life. r:tHm .t'reasad for an expl&\nf .. t.lcn of t:ht c.-phenor:>-


oooa Atook breeder wit a put '1m oil tlnolt Dave atrcdtlt'\g hlA fc,r fe'll tl(on !HJ.ii.ad n'il.l.D'I!'JIY nnn ni.f,h o.u tie;, an nevah. in her ltffh ,;1t. a l::tk hit ain't I w en be oone, I d he! fer one, an dey t.a ke <'ff 1 n de an 1 UJ set hfJr toye. When the come bnc'k, nhn te her/ 'Vili' n.ad, an' at.t.Jht beutin !r.O. da t 1 I don t she say, ll him t<-' de'1 th, Em' "I'd lC'll t'rl cie flo' an ltlt,d, u.n' r:-et-en' at:P hUl' t !''0".1 1 ful hticl. Ry I fl: hy, '\J}lttf' A he P.;i t. (lVi\h hiT 1!111'; \ it; e 11' Thr ol n' f\ in ed. "D!l t l : ._. r t


I TltrJ Q! ;;.t life at sea are not a=.l creat !:l.'3 ficth' n writt;r J indi. c r ..1.te, t.C\ thii. old. uea dr.,g. He wrC)ck. Tltat g;;;. ; em & re,c=f of conl.l keyn off the Bahamas. "Dc.y aay dey ain't no wind so bad hut. hn t 1 t blo\Va soDte Ah r !l.P )on. He. cho?Jt'd a lo.,ly, ao he out dingy toward t L e rttrtss of teat. hery cl 0\ldS, ., hi 11h t l'a ve bl3 fln tln& ovfr rocky Rhcml.9 o .ft Nanaau. vma do o' da Wrecl .. \ n miJ.tH,t.er, a Nt'.Bl'9.tl ni e-gah by d(l nu.me o' .Aleck Oat:or. W1en orew .1Mt4 t:<'t. ttA ('Iff de nfl d 'fltllft tnwln' 'n, t'\htl WS.R, 1 on de doc:. for hftf' ctacdy. Rig, ovt"l'tJTC'Wl'\ !',i'll, hlaC'k B.J\1 handRCHr.ftJ h\\t IOiltho I nouhln't koer mY"YfltB o!f'en htr.. I notioR Rhtt eyei.n' ins, too. wen we gits aohore, I didn't no till\ gittin' in ll l zood "ord f' lfl!L!Hut r 1FClT8 I kruwrect it, we W?..il tal'Yin I oout time to 11th1.k to one wor.tu, w1tn :rou lockin. ovcx: mony rcre rr.e.ki:n1 u r m1nd. ttn('lle DR.,. extE'nded a t1nt.f'Cl phot.ogrrh Hie t1D, g ere tremt)led a.'-' handed 1 t (.)Vflr, md. there was a suI' i oil,ue in the linea of hiP C'lld fac, lt\<.'Xtd fondly Rt the likenoaR of thtt 8tolid, ::!'!.rk ftu; .tttlt

t : ;.a' be'n mte-,hty loneaome aenoe ehe done lef' die worl' to' year ago" he said with feeling, as be oa:refully napped up I the p1 oture and put 1 t _,. Unole Dave has def11)\te 1deae of b1o own regarding domes. tto eoonomy. '!'rouble wld young folka nowadayr. tr. dey don't bnve ::o good unno::atabnd1n'. 1 fore d9y g1 ta mar:r1a4. 1 Fora wo evar faooH ia I tells her she' a1n 1 t g1 ttln no mo4el man fer e. buebant. I laka u-y an r,.-ir e have it 'n i : 'i'.ow l1ea.,n, I tells er, 'effen r. oouee hmne tirunk, don't .\" ,1u go t' bresain' me :>tt. f'C'n 1 t y )tt nver. l!tch. ce; jea' gi '1\l-9 a. 11 '1 plller an1 go dc.m .-m de fln' eona-wh:-'rtn:h At tel' t dre.p off t' al you kin tea.r de h uee down, and b1 t don't botha me none. w en I up, t t l e a.ll :r1gh1. "l7ell, de fuet time I come bOi:i ll tul1 o' llkkar aba done fergot wat I tell her, an' ata.llt shovln' me. I done bus 'e:r on de j nl! sQ po.w ful babd hit llt her feat off en C!e f'lo an' abe lan' ih de cornu:r on ber baid.. w en I wo.ket! up an' seta w e t 1 ctone I .,,1sb I oould hit 'mabae'f de aame Y dat uay on. we had no roo' trouble 'bout de l1kke1." _.,. ThQ 1rf 'tght of years hli e e;t lr.Rt the hot bJ cod, but e. hint/'ot :deputed nubQUckl11'4\ oaya aiill gliatenA in the ,' I old eyeR lUI t::i ta on .. hla. narrow porob and .J'eonll!:\ ot tha old/ 'l'o (h,e intoreatec.\ in the of thl:) this ah:r1v ei,ed old man, witt! h19 ,. att1 tude I oftf,ra an g '1tudy. Borroned fror.t a of


.,l "} 1 .(I,..., u . ....


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