Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tampa

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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 1 (March 6, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 6, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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:.. c::: :::: VOL 1 NO. 1 O.F.FICI'l'L DHE W ri_ELH E WSl'. \.l'EH. 1\IAllCH 6, 19 Drew's First FORMER COW PASTURE SCENE OF MANY RADICAL CHANGES Year Sho s Growth Col. Melvin B. Asp Colonel Wla It Asp P :rominent In Aviation World \ m e n Dre w Field and designated him as Commanding 0[ficer ot' the f i e ld still a sub-station of :!VlacDill. Colonel Asp, Former Commands At Army Air Base On August 1 8 of the sam e The g rowth of Drew Field, one y ea1, ceremonies celebrating the of the Army's newes t air bases, star ti n g of v /ork on t h e $6G3,700 11as been a source of comment "tmong both 'militaiy and civilian Jirmeri. Yesterday a cow past\1 r e, almost overnight a modern fly'ing field, and scqool humming wit. h acEiv ify. -Suc h i s the pictiue presented by Drew. runways, were hel d. Ali interestin g highlight o i t h e d edication was the buria l lJy Col. A s p of_ a I Its early histor y i s uneventful. Officers of Drew Field and their A private landing field, the pro -famil ies are invite d to attend the perty was acquired by the city presentation of several acts from of Tampa in 1928 for the pur-Ringl in g B r os. Barnum and B ailey of establishing a municipal circ u s a t the f i eld Saturday even airport At that time, Drew pre Doors will open at 7 o'clock. sentecl the dreary pros pect of Proceeds will go to the -j\rmy clamp marshy land, str-etches of Relie' f -Fund. sand covered ove r with a sparse growth of palmetto scrub. pavin g bric k each. from the cities Practically nothing was done toor" Tampa, St. Petersburg, and ward the developme n t of the proClearwater, in the first few buc ject until January, 1941, the l{ets of concrete poure d thus United States government took symbolizing t h e union of social over and plans were laid for the bus iness and recreation interests militarization of the site. Onl y of those praces with Drew Field clicl the story of D rew Field The selection 'of Co l. A s p as begin to unfol d. first. cmumande r o f the new ind ependent field had its sentiLt.-Henry M. Sallery, Engineer Corps, vas ordered _from Ma c -m ental as w ell as military aspect. Commanding D-r ew Fielcl Veteran Officer \Vas-Once Dead' for 15 Minutes A veteran of 23 years in U11cle Sam's fl yi n g service is Co l. Mel vin B. Asp, comm anding officer Drew Fie!Cl. In paint of 'service; Col. Asp, who i s a native T ampa n anu who g-r aduated from the Hillsborough Hig h School in 1913. i s one of the oldest fliers now stationed here. He won his wings at Kelly Fie ld, Texas, May 13 1918, the sam e elate he was commissionrd ., Second Lieutenant. Col. Asp was promoted to the rank of First Lieutena-nt o n June 20, 1920 at fiJ '' 1.n .ab9-ncloned f e l d for military use. borough Higll School. He began Colonel was involve d in a col. Under his supervisioii, aclministrahis army career in 1916 which If J D lision in mid-air and was officia l tive b uildings and barracks were necessitate d his leaving the city. an oOU lly dead fo r fiftee n minutes. -The erected. Jan.uary 16, 1941 Capt. H e had been a frequent visitor following year h e was advance having flown i n and out of the Til e of the boxine, t_eamlers at the rin; .. tlw officer on a Pan Amercina good-James C. Hardwick, Air Corps. old Drew Fiel d many times. The at Drew F ield flew clown w :.\I!allll tight was the wvst. e xcitit,g and will flight around South America. arrived, attached to 27th Air Base last "eek and knol'ked the G} !d e n colonel assisted at its dedication thrlling seen the fight fans. Col. Asp, the son of Mr. and Squadron and assigned to comGloves T t 1 r c eel l f B D t as Municipal F l ying Fiel d in 1928. 11 '0 a 'K l"ndar the command of Lt. Mrs. A. N. A s p, 'Of Sarasota, was mane o ase e achment, Drew h t Field. He was accompanied by H e knew t h e fi eld in the clays R H R. Director of born in Pueblo, Colorado, April a force of thirty-one men, half when John H. Drew, contractor T;wo championships cn 111e back (Contiuecl on Page 3) (Contiuecl on Page 3) and real -estate operator, co-de-to Drew F i elcl under the belts of whom were.. detailed for g u arci p veloper, with Hu!?.h c. MacFarof at Patte rson and Ric h ard duty. lan_cl, the cigar ldng orwest T a m -Fusilier. Pat won from his oppon-An .extract from the o fficial t tl b t t 1 pa and adjacent sections, first e n 111 Je an am-we1g:1 c ass 111 BENEFIT, DANCE FOR ENLISTED Log Book gives the following in-. f t d b F .. formation: _!fought.-. the Janel a :nd turned a a of DREW FIELD BASE subclivisoin inta.: a private:.llt!. 1r!io .nrc at.' :lrtic:ill y inclined m f:ntl l!lll( ';l of in!cn''t in ti!C for the conling aecordilq to 11. H. H. HHey, A. C. Dir & Lr o f PhJ'-kal trn!nin:; <1t t :d1nn. Th('i'! !1! lJr hoxi;;g a n ;l 1Hes11iwr So:J.l:a l!, !J:1.s eha i I 1 Qi!ey b:1ll, m1d tr:-cli: errnts will h e among the T In('nf, it to _ltim-.l'lf and to his c f<;an i z:tt i on to see that ms arc entered iu the n1crts: Lt. n:,Icr offieers t;{) :ret out jheir ha.n.I hall an

J ,., -New lh's. ., : ... ;:F-ot Moth Bat._.,. r01Jpot'fum.yta;Men1'' Jimmy Jackson, I Maybe it's the food, we don't" Pvt. Alfr. ed Wertz, 327.th Mater.ia11 our rapidly ex,panding army ha-s : L I Business Offices '215 Bus Terminal Bldg. 'know, but the S ergeall.ts in the is the origi-just annciunce 1 a pr. ogr.am ,for j .. mess hall for the headquarters nal tough luck Ind. t-raining 15 ,000 new officers dur.in g and headquarters squadrons of P. 0. Box 2555 Phone: 2177 Tampa, Floiida Wertz had his family ship his the comilig year. These men will the Air Base Group and the Air civies do\vn to him last week. !Base Detachment, Drew Field He then pulled K.P. for =X weelc all be .drawn .rr_om the ranks for seem to have hit the jackpot in d l' 1 t 1 1 t specialized trammg and successful ,the 'blessed event' department. ,au c H no. lave a c 1ance 0 eandiclates will be commissoned I Last \veek S "taff se1 g eailt S e tl 1 wear .them. Saturday night was A 11 adve1 t 1seulents conta1 necl 1n as seco1Hl lieutenants in the army his last night of K .P. but Satur"111s 11e,vspaj)el' a 1 e also conta1 necl S Robinson became the proud 1 1 11 ld' of t h e United States. The restri c L fatliel of 1 )01111d, day was t 1e cay a so 1ers ] 11 tile l\"acD!'ll Fl'elcl Fly Leaf a s ix nine tions have b ee n lowered .. so that wer e ordered to wear uuiJVTinimtllll J 'oint circulation p,OOO ounce girl. The mothe r has name d after three months ser vice any forms at all timeg. 1,.., copies. the Ii t l e beauty Sy lvia Ann and so ldjer from 1 8 to 45 can appl y t h e sergean t says she is not large Pvt. Wertz wants .to know if any for this training. It is entirely but she sure l y is l o ud. one knows a civiliftn about six possible that a selectee can be 'Adve r t i sing rates furnished 9 n Not to be outdone staff sergean t feet tall that needs c lothing come an offcer within s ix months Ja!mes w. Lee this week ann ou;1c cheap. ed to the men that h e was a after his induction. T11ese leader s of tomorrow have an mportant mission and a special trust. They will b e selecte d pri marily fo:t: outstanding qualifications and qualities of leadership. A newspaper published exc lusive l y for t h e personnel of Drew Fie ld and devoted to military interests al),d the :United iVictory fathe r It's a bo y, name d Junior, and the mothe r and son are doing nice l y. Drew Cagers Take Opinions expressea in tllis new-; City Leag,ue Match (paper are those of the individual' In a with thri l l s, chills writ ers and unde r no circumand spills, the Drew Field team stances are they to be considered I scuttle d the Bomb e r those of the United States Army., m_and of. MacD1ll Thurs:lay _to 1 tl bl' t' Will the C1ty League Champ10nslup n a co m s 1ppery as 1 ce, What's 49 M in:utes Among Forecasters Four m .en from the weather Tiuluction as a private is mheiy sq.uadron at r ew Field decided the first s .tep to1vard lJecoming to piay a round of golf recently. au officer. Th'e weather looked threatening The exceptional opportunity of-so they consulted !)harts, maps and other data. A careful check of the wind velocity was this program will be explained in detail in a lJroadcast 1)y the Honorable John J. McCloy, AssisCOAST IT'S HOTEL TAM P A TERRACE. "AND THE' Terrace Lo,unge PRESENTING FOR.LUNCHEON DINNER AND LATE SUPPER DANCING Lew Fidler AND .HIS ORCHESTRA WITH, RITA RAY Singing anrl Playing Your Favor:ite Songs I :Ac vert1sements 111 us pu 1ca 10n I 0 t 1

. -. ,/'''-. i Compliments of A. T m R 'OLLINS Mayor' Port Tampa City _..,.,._.._ .. \Da:ew (Con.tinued fi'OI'? Page 1) --------------,-Private 'V\'illia m L. Aiken, Head-. Physical Tl'aining, the group of .ceptor command, Drew Field, -is S o : l:dier Adopted fighters witb. the M edical Officer the envy of his buddies. In fact i B ... d .. aa 0 T.-rt., b : e.: Lt. M. L. l\1alins, and the trainer 3 u Private Aike n -is one of the hap' ... ..... ..;..,;.;.. ...,;..o.....-., ........ ....... --....;.." 3807 Florida Ave. Phone 3355 1 :E; F-bnd Plumbing Heathig Repaks : t Foret Plumbing : 1-Iarold Ovis. left Drew Field 'last Wednesday and returne d Saturday a,fternoon. Lt. Risley anq his c rew certainl y deserve the congratulatian s of .tile personne l of Drew :Field for their Spl endid showing piest men in Uncle Sam's army. Her .e's the longest n a m e at" Recently his former employer. Drew F'ielcl. It's Wa-be-ohe-keGenuine Flct. Cyp1es s the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co me-se-ge-was and the Indian Souveni1 Post Cards Private Aiken that :translation means Great White 12 Beautiful Subjects in they woul d pay him a percentage Med i cine Bird That Flies Above In Handmade in oil paint at M-iami. I I t 1 WI t at nearly all Gift Shops' Of. l11s 1110nthl y sal a r y whil e he T 1e I--eavens, or JUS p am 11 e Made exclusively by 1 is in the armed forces. Eagle. Bowman Studios Tarnpa, Fla. Miamians and sports fan s showPvt. Bob Johnson is the man .er e d t h e boys with attention aft e r On the first o f every month who struggles around under the ---------------now Aiken not only receives his weight of the mOI,icker but the. the fights. Eating at the pest pay from the army but also looks cafes, visitin0o the do g races and name is honorary Pontiac, war forward to 'mail call' and his swimmino"' among the p lea-chief Of the Sac and Fox tribes check from his former employer. sures enjoyed b y the group. of the Ottawas, gave Pvt. John-Frank E. J am es Service Station: To !l}aks li fe easier the company s on the na'me w hen he made Runners up in t h e fights inhas also promised to continue the Johnson a ,present of a trade clucled Forrest Fisher who lost premium on his group insurance tomahawk that is over a hundre d I to the f ighter who had won and to pay the premiums on his 'years o ld. Texaco P .roducfs COMPLli'UENTS OF Fer-nande z & Garcia Men's Shop_ 15th S. E. Broadway fi; When You Want Fr-esh Vegetabl es, Fr ui ts, cmcl Produce, Do Not Forget SAFFOLD B \ROSs PR. O D U .CE :CO -Washington & East Sts. Tarnpa, Florida ancl Quality OuT Motto M &:. A Service Stcdion. Main and Armenia Ave. Phone H-3727 Gas, O i l, Grease, Acessories Y. S. Polo I :A-tlantie Marble And 'File Co .TILE; ASP.Hki-T TILE, A'ND LINOLEIDI WORK For A ll Purposes .!'"--PHONE R-167'(_ 71'8 CaSalle St. Establi shed 1915 Post. Shoe Shop and Hillsboro S l10e Hospital Louis Carast:ro, mgr. Phone M-7280 I the last two years. He was luc:;:y additional li fe insurance. 1 this year for Forrest gave him Johnson was a student of In-. a hectic time of it. Max Pixley 'dian lore before j oining the lost to a sailor from the M ariCol Asp Promirmeni: Armed, Forces. The mora i e tent time school in a d ecision fight for the Headquarters and Head-which could have been called (Continued frol'n Page 1) quarter_s Squadron of the 503rcl is either way. Also in the group line d with. ceremonial objects and were A lbert 'Bucky' Kent, John 1 8 1 893 He cam e to Tampa to native Indian c lothing. A few of DeLee, Frank Falvery and Lin-;!ve in 1907 :the costumes a T e authentic r e woocl Remington. Joining the United States Army productions but Bob has over Hills boro an.cl Florida Ave Phone S-7530 SteTling CleaneTs. Q un ut.y "'Y or]( Efiicient Scnice f p 1 20 Florida Ave. t.R. J:'!lon e S 7176 The winners of the Miamii fi ghts at Minneapolis,-Minnesota, on the fifteen hundred dollars worth of a r e now e ligibl e to go to New 18th of June, J916' the Col _onel real American -Indian l:Ianclicraft was transferied to the Air Corps Y.ork on March 14th for the in the tent. If the .men only had shortly afterward. Before enterEast Coast Championship fights 1 g. with them the int erior Go 2:et 'em boys! ng the--army .he had attended woulc1 look like an India n chief's the University of Minnesota. In Pat Patterson, Drew Field bant epee. 19 39, he graduate d fro' m the Ail tamwei g h t. who won his spurs in Tactical Sch oo l at Maxwell Fiel d, t h e Golden Gloves tourna.ment in AJa An interesting bit Of inferMiami last week, will leave on mation regm' cling the Coloi i e l is 'the 14th for New Y.ork where h e Johnson, by adoption, a mem ber of t h e Eagl e Clan of t h e Ottawas, invite s any of t h e men at Drew to. c01ii.e clown and have a look at his As he t h e fact that he designed the firs t will enter the Golden Gloves s uccessful light plane, the Asp-tournament for tlle amateur sws in IIHlian ''Nah 11au yah iane, which h e flew from Elling' champions l 1ip of t h e Eastern ton Field to Kelly Field, Texas "kodah," which means, "Welcome dast. my friends." 1 Fl.eld, on its initial fli ght. Since coming to Drew 1 Since entering the service, the Patterson has fo ught six bouts, Colone l has been statione d on the 'Vl.lln!'!l!!' fi 've and l osine: onl y one SI"gnal Gro"up Loses border, 1916-1917; Fort decision. p 11 Qff" Patterson lost little time in dis-Snelling, Minn., 1917; University OpU!ar 'J.Cers of. Illinois, 1917 -1 8; Kelly. Field, posing of his opponent in Texas, 1 9181 919; Ellington Field, Capt. William W Dead y, who finals of the :Mi ami tourna m ent, Taxas, 1919-1 923; iVlitch ell Fiel d, has b ee n Co 'mpany Commander flooring him four times iii the L I. 1923; Panama Ca nal, _1923Ist Signal Reporting Co., sinc e first round of the scheduled three 1 927; Dayton Ohio, 19271932; the Compan y has been fon11 e d, is llirs Em Ca11<1eu The Lenox Chicken Steak Clto}ls Homel Ua!le Pies Goo

PAGE 4 Transport Squadron. Drew Field Offers tfolds .Rating Pa:t:tY New Radio Program DREW FIELD ECHOES CHURCH CALL Com e unto m e all y e tha t labor and are heav y lade n and I will Soldiers May See Reds Play -FRIDAY,_: MARC H 6, 1942 grand stand, should secure tiqli:_ ete in advance f rom the u. s. o Club. Ble a c h e r mayb e On February 23rd t h e 13th Tra'iisport Squad ro n h a d a party at t h e Am e r i c a n Club. The : p a r ty was given b y the old e r m e n and newl y p romote d Non-Co mmis sioned officer s. -Beer was p resented 1 Jy the m e n w h o h a d receiv e d a rating increase. The m u sic was Acconling -to announcem e n t secure d from the-t i cket o ffice a't g ive you rest." Matth e w 11:28. from tll e business o f fice of the .the 'park at !r'anle tr m e A littre rest in the hous e of the Lorcl on Sunday morning after Cincinnati R e d s, soldie r s in m1i a hard week o ( work, i s good fm : m will 1Je -adn)itte d fr:ee to


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