Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 3 (March 20, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 20, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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GLENN MILLER'S ORCHEISTRA WILL SALUTE DREW FIELD ,. oVER HOOK-UP Dre w Fie ld has been chosen b y Glenn Miller to be salute d over a Coast-to-Coast hook-up of the Mutua l Broadcasting Syse m, Saturclay April 4, at 5:00 to 6:00 p n1., .Eastern vVa r Time. The Promotions Of Drew l'roniotions ofthe foilowing imme!l oiiieers Air C(irp, Drew ]field were announced Friday niorning'. To lle lliajor 1 < J J eslie Jr. G. l(ouldiu w; Fei:r s J oltn C. Bennett, .Jr .Edmnllll J. liiclUulleu 'C. :nayd Henry G. Sillec){ To Be Ca]ltain Charles Catlett III S:l.Jlt :B !\Ilc!ell; Jr. Paul : F. lllueller To Be .J<'irst Lieutenant L:trnihee C. Liliie : Andrew Loog Frank E. Herieiko Graduation Of West Point Class Sp.eeded Up broadcast will be heard locally .through the .' facilities. of R a di o Station WTSP, 1380 kc. St. P-etersburg. A g reat deal of interest in the b 'ioadcast has b ee n manifest among .t!J.e p(:lrsonnel .at Drew A poll. wa s tij,ken to chose the most popular t une. I D o 1i't Want to \Valk \Vitl!out You, Baby" was sel -ected a s the favorite andl will be featu1 ;e.d. A prize of a Console .Combina-. tion Radio ai1d Phonogiaph -and fifty recordings is presented .. by Glenn Millet: to the Camp or Station choosin g the number voted by .th e g ener a l radio audience a s the top ranking tune for tlHi week. Whe n eve r possible,' these chines are. presented directly the U SO clnbhouse nearest mato the The present war has its effects wil)ning Post for the enjoyment ..Of: on \Vest Point, and the 1942 the men during their I 'ecreation. cia.s s from the Military A cademy where no su9h c lu bhouse has yet been established, the machin-es will-be graduated May 29 instead are presented directly to the wilt-of June 10 this year. In nilig Field. ing the military. service, the cus---.---. tomary summer furlough will Promotions In also be discontinued. Medical Dent. We can see that this is a big nwment in the of Sgt .. J ohn Hiltenbietel of the Drew Field Quartel nta ster Co1ps. It ha]J]Jened at Plant Pcwk whqn Catclie1 DtClc W es t of the Cincinnati Reds 'took time out to a .utog mzJh ca.1 d for the Serge cmt who was an out standing H ig h School Football Sta1 in Cincinnati before enlisting in Uncl e A1"me d Forces. from Private FRIDAY, !\lAUCH 20, 1942 oREW FIELD WELCOMES BALL TEAM The Cincinnati R eds, baseball team which co l o r ful trains T ampa, p a'id Dre w F i e ld a visit la s t Monday night so a ll the sol di ers stationed h ere could see and meet the m p e r sonall y Hank Gowdy of ti1e Reds acted as maste r of ceremonies with his Lve l y c;1atter in introducin-g of the player s t o the men of Dre w Field. Eve r y member of t h e Cincinnati t eam receiv e d a rousing welcome as ht:l_ was brought to the platform. Attending the little get togeth e r with the playe r s ,\,a s none o ther than Gabe Paul, of the Cinc-innati team wh-o was instru m ental in getting the mt;!n ii1 unifonp an '<,Annie Oakley :to a ll the games here in Tampa \Vh e n introduced to the m e n of Dre-w. he received a bi g ovation in ap preciatio n of what h e had made possibl e for the m. The popular m anage r Doc Me_ Kechnie, of the Cinci'nna ti Reels on e of the g 'rand old m e n of base ball, was on hand to greet the men in uniform. Also _appearing with t he Reds was another for mer manager, Ray Blades,' w !1o m anaged the St. Louis Cardina ls a few years bac k. After all the members of the team had been introduced they mingled with tile men, signing autographs and chattin g with the p e r sonnel. Graduates will report son after T La t t The followin_ g _PI:omtions in De-1i 0 1e111 e nan their graduation to the service U tachment, M e diCal Department -1 Boxing Features Drew Field Athletic Program All m e n of Drew Field are wel come, free of charge to the games of the Cincinnati Reds in Tampa. schools of their branch. Honor graduates of the ROTC will be have been am10unced by the Pubole! One of the weekly sports featFollowi"ng In Alfred Brotman, 24 year I lie Relatiqns Officer" : ures at Drew Field will he box-, F th F t t Pf Cl I J s I to Cpl. private, Medical D epartment, staI a er s 00 s eps sent with the West Point cadets. c. Jar e s en.eca ing every Wednesday night in a Pfc's Jerry S Kovler, Georae tioned at Drew -Field, has just to assignmeiit at service .schools, "' 1 1 bi g intramural program of ama-The promot10n of Ralph A. H McGrew, Harold H. Morns on; 1 been commissioned firs t li e u ten-H d f D F" ld and other. ROTC men will be as-. t eurs in the athletic arena. I a I ee 0 r e w I e from pri-and ow Resch, to techm-_ 1 ant, Dental Corps, Army of the vate to secind li eutenant of in-signed on varying dates through-cian, th gracje Some of the ou t standmg am a--I] .!. United States, effective :March 5. 1 fantry has b ee n announced. He Pvts. Dominic Palaia a cl Ha1 y t e m f1 o o e t1 o t m vI 1 e c un1y pai-jwill assume hi s new duties about S Lyerly, to Pfc. Lt. BIOtman attende d Lle Um-1 ticipate in these bouts which: M.arch 20, at Camp C roft, S. C. out the S!Jm.rner. Private Sergeant. --v ersity of Maryland a nd was 1 I S I U c 1 aw I a I ge among the en-Lt. Hardee 1s the son of Lt. Igna nit Enjoys gradi.wte d from the dental college listed m e n and produce a brand Col. and ;\'lr s. F. W. Hanlee, 720 Dinner And -Dance .,. in 1941, passed the state board. of fighting that can be found I Walke r Ave, College Park G a. Staff. Sergeant Willis D. Bum. and practiced d e n t i stry at Balti1 tl r anks of the I E ducated "'t Gordon Military et( D1:-Eiw Fie ld T ampa, Floriua, .The Sio-na l Hq and Hq Co 011 ) m Ie simon c 11 1 1 t 1 1 "' '. more for on e w ee k before h e was 0 ege. w J e r e Je '"as a ppo m ec \ b elieves-in doing a job in a big Av\ S ntertamed w1t h a compan_y 1 1 Plll e 1 battalion adjuta n t, an:cl late r at way. Tl1e Sergeant has ]ust. been dinner a1id dance fin the Am en-mducte d m t o the D ec. B,; This i s on e of the many varie d The Citade l. C li arleston Lt. Harproinoted from private: first c lass can L egion Hall at Clearwater, 1!l41 the day t h e U nited States athleti c programs of Dr. e w Fi e ld 1 d ee rece iv e d R. o T. c. train t o Staff .. He has also declare d war on Japan, Germany, thaht i s set up with but one ing at the latte r in stitutio n and been appointed Sergeant Major -of Dmne r se_rve d at 7:30 p. a nd Italy I s p ent the summerof 1940 in R. 0 the 309th Air Base Group. The m., followmg wh1ch the company j 1 eason 111 nund, that of d e \ e lop : T. c. H e enlisted Jan. jump from private firs t c lass to officers m e n their I IVhil e a stud ent at t h e Univer-1 in g the me_n physically in the uary 23, 1942 at Fort McPherson Staff Sergeant is quite a jump in ycung laches dance d nnt1l nnd-, s 1ty of :.Vlaryland Lt. Brqtma.n svort they hke. most. coming to t h e Tampa post for l!ncle Siim's Army. nig hL 1 was a member of the H onorary I Boxing t eaches the m e n the a r t duty .Bl!rnett. e!J.U stecl the 1 the were. Lt. Col. I Military So c i e t y o f P e r shing. of self d efense, to think fa s t and J The Har_dees are a military l1.1my Ill Decembe1,1940. T1ans-, and MIS. B en]a!mn Ste1n, Capt. l''fl Tl t l B to be alwavs on the alert A I fa.m1l y havmg been r epresente d d es. r e I S ;e so n ot e n] a J ferred te the Army An Base, and Mrs. Robert. E. Lowery, Jr., I i oood boxer must be m entally in every "ar in w hi c h tl1e unit('d D F II N b 1 c t 1 J 1 p 'nnn Brotman 1003 :\Ic,\l"e r Court "' l / rew 1e c. Ill 1 ovem e r 1941,1 anc a p anc o 111 awake and so does a g ood solStates has engaged s in ce the war the then private, ,Burness showed Schrader Ba l timore On last Au g u s t 10 he. dier. of 1812. his aptitud e for le a d e r ship which Thanks are due to Lt. Emmet m arrie d :\liss Shnlee Glassman, 1 l e d to his promotio n. A. Parris h Compan y Commander, 1 a l so of -------------------------------Tile Sel ;gealit i s t ll e son of Mr. for arranging such a fin e i n q Eill R DDftCD __ l!._:,. u and Mrs. E. D. Burness, Greer, I and to Mess Sg t. Blanc!1ard for\ tf ftt!'JIU r-hi! IV! South Carolina. 1 his caterin g j {oi.\i{):','''i GOE s TO OVERSEAS UNIT DREW FIELD FIGHTER MAKES GOOD SHOWING IN NEW YORK Pat Patterson. popula r Dre w hi s colored op ponent. Field b antamweight, representing Before t h e York-tourna the :Vliami Golden Gloves in the ment Pat had a SJ1l e n did r ecord Tournament of Champions at of si x wins against one setb

PAGE 2 Drew : Fielil Echoes Tjps From The Thirteenth Jimmy Jackson, Publisher OH! HAPPY DAYS! At last Business Offices 215 Bus Terminal Bldg. P. 0. Bo x 2555 Phone: 2177 Tampa, Florida t h e goo d o ld d a)s !Hive retui'hed and furl o u g h s are t h e styl e again. As usual, the was the first to take advantage of a ll the sp ec i a l privileges offered b y the A ll advertisements contain e d in Army At the present tim e w e this n e w spape r are a lso contained have twel ve m e n emjoying "va.ca j n the MacDill Field Fly Leaf tions" at home and vari o u s other Minimum joint circulation: copies. A dvertising rates furnished )'equest. 5 000 p laces, but we wond e r i f they a r e enjoy in g those mornings af on ter. The length of tim e w e will b e abl e t o secure furlough s is a 'milita r y secret," b u t iet's h ope A newspape r published exclusivethat t h ey will stay in effect un-1 y for the personne l of Drew til every last l o n g-John' of the F ie ld and devote d to military in-Air Corps gets to see h i s sweet terests and the United Nations h ea r t again. ,Victoiy 'fhe. biggest joke of the weekOpinions expressed in this newsSgt. Jacobson at t h e US O ipapei are those of I the ind_ i yicll.ia! day night trying to play ping ;writers and unde r no ci rcumpong .. witl1 a very beautiful young :stances are they to b e considere d l a dy but from t h e si d e lin es we, DREW FIELD ECHOES 1-. those of the United States Army. cou ld see that "Jai(e" was so \Advertisements in this publication fl uster e d that h e missed every do not coi 1stitu :te a n endm;sement other ball. The odd part i s tlutt ;o..Y the War "'e p rtment or its 1 GA5 U"RILL hasn't can e d the g11 :persoime! of the products adver-since that unluc k y night. What's ; U sed Promoted To ?r Sergeant wron g Sergeai1t : was she 'vas too goo d for yo u ? Speaking of p ingpong we heai that a certain cor poral b y ti1e n a 1 'ne of McNe il got so mad the. othe'r night dudng a Staff Sergeant Russell J. N. pi.ng-pong. gall.1e u{at h e had 'to Dean, has jus t been appointe d to stom p t h e ball into :teeny. weenr the grade of Technical Sergeant./ bits.. Now we asl t will continue in his duti'es a mce way fo1 a b1, s 1 x foote 1 s t Sgt. Med ical Detachment to t reat a tiny ping pong baH?. !at that station. Suprily Notes BY KOSinE I vVe Americans might not have "Coats of Arnis'' but w e have lots of An11S for Blouses and Legs 'for Trou s e r s. II Wohder if Capt. Salley i s gonna be the Mayo r of t h e c ity h e is :building just outside the gate. Sgt. : DiBias was seen nearly Sgt. D ea n has been in 't h e III every night 'paiiitiiig the Latin FOJ'n1 No. nn en IeJUOJ'al1C'Ul11 R e A r ,my a littl e more t h a n eight "" Carnival red.' We understand mohths. His rapid promotion is ce ipt) is supposed to be a gam e h that h e i s elat e d up for the next of Give and R eturn," but just 1 Optometrist Now Assigned To Base Dispensary The Base Dispensary now has a li ce nsed optometrrst, PFC Max Weis, jr'., who has just from the Slg. n a l Corps. Weis tended Western T eni1essee State Teachers College and i s a grad uate of Sollthern College of Optom etloy. He was practicing at Mem_ phis his own offices whei1 he was inclticted. into the servi c e indicative of t h e valu e Of IS two 111011tl 1 s 011! How the girl s 'IT in t h e opinion. of his try to get it back. capabi 1 Ies went for our dear' First SergI V Refractioi1s whic h heretofo'1'e w eie b ei n g don e only at Ma:c Detachment Dill Base Hospitai, are now b eing officer s. ean t ..,,jWe have a Q. M but w here i s the mule? "FONTE" CHICKEN MARKET PHO'NE Y -3520 W e are glad to welcome two. of our men home again. Pfc K ill e biew mid S heri'ill J 'e h1i ried froin Form No. 8 1 (Storage Charges ) is like a Confederate D ollar. It simply i s n't co in e d right. d o n e h ere. To Organize Skating Classes FRIDAY, : UAUCH :2Q, 1942 H01'vi:ud Photo Studio 9os tf St.-Suite s Ope n Nig;l1ts Until 8 P. :u. A c ross Street From Grants FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT. Cnliaii. SaJnlwiClui s A S}lecialty 1216 Franklin St. E. P. Johnson & Son WntcJi.ni.akcfs .a1ul Higllest 'Pric. es Paid For Old Golll 214 E Lafayette St. Next To Manhattan Cafe Flamingo -Lounge Flriridan Tria Playin.g Nightly No Minimum N o Couvert Hotel floridiJn James B. Mgr. Cox Sporting F-ishi!JgTackie. Ba selia ll, 1'euni s Golf and Atllletic Goot l s WE DELIVER FREE school last week. \Ve gain tw?. The philosophy of 'Major Hardand lose one-Cpl. Coombs left I wick is not understood by all of A noth e r fine r ec .reation prog r a m .:......... .;; ;;. .. --M a r c h 17 for Officer s Training "his b oys. First h e build' s llp t_he has been a dded to the alr e'a d y ..... .;,;.;,;.;.;;.;....._;.;..;;;.;....;;.:. ;.;. ;,;,";.:.";.:..;;.-"";,;,' .:.' 1106 T a1i1pa S t. Ph. 4770 Wheri you a r e ronesoine & l;Jlue And yo u d ont know what to d o S c h oo l With the departure of fe llow's mid-rift and t h e n 11 e l'on g list of activities at Dre w : Cpl. Coombs the p e rsonne l office hikes it off exp l ai n Sil:.' Fie ld the s p .o'I' t -or iollei skatin g come to M. MILLER'S BAR Where she i s friendly and true_ BEERS WINES 1111 Flo1ida Ave. iost .. oi1e of its most valuable Fifty p air of little four w h e e l l c lerk s. railers win arrive a t cari1p this Softball Schedule ,v ee k for t h e per'i>olil1e i of tire : Special Price To Serxice ]len Po:rtr,aits ., .. -! Pre:tcriptions Wines Liquors Home :M::ule. Ice C re.a.m DEITZ bRUG 'STORE Phone H-4384 for Rt!sh Delivery, 7 :30 A.M. to :\1iduight 931 ; S .li .O\Yfl)JI .. Dmit Foni:ct :.:lfothe r s Day 1ra:.y-sth Powell's Inc:, Flo rist Open 'l'il 7 P. 412 Taml?a St. Ph. .Meet t11e "Giii1g.l'' At Liquor Annex 1 004 Franf;:lin st. Phone H-2114 Charlie's SundrY' Store ToH!lt Melli' cine-.1.Ea ga.zii1es-Can fly_, W hie B(;er_:._Colll Drinks--San1ln ; iche s C ig(lrs all(l Cigarettes lllO Gr Central 'Ave FLORIDA SEA FOO D MARKET Wholesale-Retail 2019 Grand Centr a l Phorie H-28-72 3 'Jeve r -notice the military bearii1g of 1st Sergeill1t Bray? The re's :a nial) vho knows how to stand : and 'valk correct1)' The Sergeants Cf)n stop their sweating. The rugged in spection of last Saturda y seems to have agieed eve r yone. RUBIN'S Best Spanis h Food in T ampa-Ask Anybody Liquor and 1403 Tampa St. You Are Alway s Welcome At Florida Sporting Goods. Headqltarters For Softball and B aseball Equipment Fishing Tackl e 711 Tampa St. LAFAYETT E E. A. CLAY, Mgr. .. SPECIAL RATES l'O SERVICE MEN 120 W. Lafayette _________ Phone J\1:.11588 ___ ---___ Tamp-a, Fla. Investments, Residential Ap praisal s Residentiai .. Leslie H. Blank REALTOR Ph. 322 2 40-7 rartrpa Street Semin ote :Mattress Factory Phone S7179 Opens This. Week fi'el

:DREW FIELI) ECHOES PAGE 3> manently, and he went on with Hostesses World War Ve'teran Dancing Donates. lnstr. ument. you, and fiiially, peace came, and we. came home and he gave you Out With The Chute WON.DR: BA R -"Your Fun Is Our Tb Band to me. Then we got lonesome. This may sound a little stretchy All the members of till's \Ve re-enlisted, this time in the of plans on _f'ho\ to Coast Artillery Band at Ft. but it's supposed to have_ hap-ization are being the op gamze a band at Drew Field, a. Sherman, C z., and we were 1)ened .at Maxwell Field, A labama., J!Ortunity to the exhibition: vetehfi1 of World Wai No. 1-Mr. there for the next t .hree yearsOne of the aviation cadetl'; there baseball games played ])y the from 1919 until 1922; then we Jo e Colhouhl. Hendeison Airport climbed ih_!:.o a Link Trainer-a _Cincinnati Reds. Fifteen percent canie hon1e again. You have lie-en -infonli"ed th1, l't1bhc R.eiations sort of dummy airplane that can of the squadron are b _ein_. bo al with me ever since, 12 10 Frankiin St. Tampa office by ph0ne that he wished AGAIN! simulate the. 'actual motions of lowed to attend each game; Capt. to give a. ti;umpet for use of the So. Old Horn, I am sending you flight-to receive some routine in-R. G. Conklin, plans to continue new band. When one Of the staff out on duty again, and this ti-me .,struction. For several militites this policy dtlring the enttrre Meet iv.I:e For A steak Fortune & Franklin .., ___ -.l Valencia, Poultry Market members called on the. veteran he yotl are going after Schickelgrub-the instructor had a.ttem!)ting ''Gra.1) efi'uit League Schedt{ie." I er and Hirohit o. I wish I could to bring the cadet in for a laircl receJved m adchtwn to the trumpet .tl b t t l 1 go WI l you, u ley say am ing. The results weren't so good G w "II the followi'ng writen fribute,. 'a too old. Heck, you are old. too, The cadet just couldn't get on: OVernfnent I tribute which can be easily underc Old Horn, but th'ere is plenty of the beam. A little disgusted, the F stood by ari y musician on the oc-se'hice in yoit yet, a1id I hope ii1structoi told him through: the f t .tl f t t t' 1 _The war Department bas Jt1se caswns o par mg WI 1 a avon e some other _good soldier can get 1n er-commumca. 1pg nucrop r-oue: musical just as muc}1 eJ\jbyment with "No need to bring the plaiie iti issued instruc.tions that clothing; Hen(,erso\1 you as I have: now. You a re at 2 000 l'eet and : leTt behind irl the laimdry, by Tampa, .Fla., .Wbo says I alnto'o old? I out of gas. The best thing is listed men who are transferred to March 10, 1942. don' t b eli-eve it, and, 'lvho knows to bail ant and let th e other stations, may be forwarded Old Hoi'I),. yon are enlistilig ili )liaybe 0 I wi!'l 'catch i.lp \vith you ciash." to them at their. new IJlace of Fe. h1iii1 <(' 'aiida, Prop. the good old u. s. Anny again somewhere betvreeii. here and Much to the instructor's conservice, at -government expense. Phone Y -4368 1906 i'6tl1 St. You going aftel-Sch-icl t e l giu" Tokyo: Qtii'Eni s abe? sternatibn, the. cockpit cover st;cl No sta.tement of charges-._yvill be ...... ber and-Hiroliito this. tin1e, just So, Old _Horn, I. am s ending you clen1y flew opei1, -the cadet unissued in such cases. : ....... '""'. .,, ... ... I as' yq;l went after the K : : HARRI' S c en In your sma u mg JUS JeL 'es Mann, Hauk Gowdy a n!i other Ga}{ r E c E.:i P a.-,'.Es M GFr' L-oy_._. ,Icl N : e Gry low you! mouthpiece pu't major leagu_ e players will s -erve .In I thel'e ;as a. _ .. there lily a spei1t bullet,-and the as instructors-.. 1 famous Divisimi called the "Rai-i1same day, Gpl. Laudeida-le -got. a bo_' w Div_. isiOii:" Th.al di.;,_i'sion : w e n t1 piece of high explosive .. shell 1n Basket-ball :for Drew, at City Y. M. c A. s: oo p. m. down in histO'i'y as one of the AND HIS zORCHESTRA" Lu-ncheon : 1817 E. Broadway his left temple, It -!mocked him Dancing class at clubhouse, 9 :00 greatest g'ro'up s o f figl'Itei s iii the out for some time, but not .. pei_United s tates it was blade up of1 :niimer : and Late Supper .. -p. m. _..;_ ____ ....... -.--... ...... \Veclnesday: Glee Club rehearmen fr-oin several states. _, : Piwi-ie Y-3204 Cosni.opollta n Garage 2-2pd St. at 8th Ave, Auto and R:idio Senice Station Aurora's Beauty Salon 1 sal; c!uohouse, 8 :00 p m Prof.: Recently a R.ah'!bo\v C01i1pany Geo1:ge Wiltsie, Tamp a University, was activa'ted af nre\v Field, iii charge.. Amateur night, at Tari;pa, Fla.; a Signa'! Reporting c l\tbhouse.,. 8: 1 5 p m. All Drew Cinhpa. ny: 'This e omp,any has for Field men havi-ng taienf suitable its Commanding Officer, Captain .:....-.... ....... -... _______ ..._ ...... _..;, for stage presentation are invited Cyrus S. Griillslia:,v from Illinois. ';-" ___ ...;;"""" "' .o:.".;;..;: ..: .;.:;; -..:....;...;;..;;;..-..:.........;;;...;;..;....-..:...;:;;.. .:O" ...; .. .. ...._, __ ....;.... __ ..;_ __ --:to take .part: Tlui secO'nd iil c i nnll1ancl is 2d 1533 7tll Ave. TOPS .N TAMPA-Italian-Foods= A Thursday: Regula!' weekly Lieutenant Richard D. Kelly from dance at clubhouse, 8:00 p. m. The fttst s e rgeant Frida.y: Basketball Class, to he hails .frmii Tennesse e ; and the held at Drew Fie. ld 8:00 p. m .. bala11ce of this rough and 1'eacly Movies, "T-he Cat and the Ca1iad Dtitfit comes: from Peiinsylvania with Bob-Hope a1id Pailre-tte GodTexas, Mar_yland, : Ne\v Mexico, da:id. at clubhouse, 8:00 p. m. Coioradb, Missouri, 'Florida. and Dancing A Great Bahd-New _--To The.-Terrace Featuring I GEORGE VAN TAMPA :TERRACE. A COLLIER FLORIDA COAST ROTEL GEO / H. MlVIASON Pres and Gen. Manager Satmday: games. Pi1ig -GEWJ:gia-J. W. T. --pong; darts; ,.bridge; chec.ke. J's; etc._ Patio g a .. incl'ucl-l Ha}i-py Biii!JI'ilay mg goa.J" lll and volley-ball. I r 1 t l n e are 1appyo u1ow Sunday: Vesper services and c N 'z: 1 orp. onuan1nser 1as refreshments. prmcipal celebrated another birthday. Louii.ge .that just We D i'NJ:r\r'G. YBORCITY speaker w ill be t11e Rev. Niartm Epishope he has many happy Tetu l '!Hl. Bram, Rector, St. Ancli 'e\v's copal Church, Tampa. LOUIS WOHL. & SONS 16th & 6th a've. Adams -Kennedy We've noticed several groups of Whitin-g & Jefferson men in :the First SigttaJ sp&king Tampa, Fla. Fren<;h. Do they have a I Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Speaking Club or where they "just Notions fa.lking? SHOE .REPAIR SERVICE 705 Fla. Ave. Opposite YMCA S lioe Repairing Is Our Business Office Supply Co-.-"Office Necessit i es" Phones M-5780-M-1 762 Franklin at Jackson Tan1'pa, Flifrida ........ ..... ...... BERGE-R An u RACHELSON, Inc. The Home o( Pleezing Products 12th nnd Wltitfng St Ph. Open 6:30 a. m. Close 9:00 p. ilL DAVIS PLATE LUNCH We Sene 'fhe nest 25 tent Lnnclt In Tam}J:t-Only The Finest Quality or Foods Used ALA CARTE Com}Jliinents Gi'lt)ert 'H otel Geo1;ge Brigth.wen; i\Ig-r. 811 Tampa St. .. sAoNvr. RN sPAG-HETTI .. ;.,. sPEicrAL TY .._ AN, D -GRILL .. H:Jt and Cold Lunche s Sandwiches-'-'-Liquors-Wine-'--Beet '311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 Fla. J:OE'S & SON Gro-cery -and. 1\Ieat .Market We Deli-ier 161 4 Nebraska Ave. Ph M-1742 ldeal Cottages& Coffee Shop iDus t e r 1\'Iira :bella, Mgr. Phone M-6704 J. L. MASTERS, MGR. 1 : Phone 3858 l Telephone S-7512 ----------.;;.;;...,_C R_Y ... _S_T...,A.;..L....;S_P .... R"""'I..:.N-G--.;. ....;.,;_3_4_0.;,;.2_H_i1-sb_o_r_o_A_v_e_. ___;. M -irabeUa Fish Co. POLAR wATER co. 233 Water St. Tampa, Fla. Cleari'ield Ave. Tampa, Florida Air Bus ; 8 -lls .,: Lines ; Inc 0 0 30 M inute S e r v ice to Both Fie lds A t All Hours 15 S e r v ic e During Rw;h Hmus Fo1 P u1the1 Information : Call-3286 FLORIOAJ., FURN ; fTURE CO 13l6 E. Broadway '-R_e_s_t.__:.l. ... _. __ Cass and Florida H

PAGE 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES .. -. i. Chow Line FORMER S .ERGEANI, .Chuckles .. The' ecstatic 1Jac]\f(ips of ., IN S 'IGN-AL. WARN1Ntr UNrr ._:. "'?bor,_" the collie \vi th.the I The desire_ to : serye h is .. mfectiO u s gnn who n eve r m1ss es Help. !_ He lp .. a c h ow line at the batta li on kitl e d Robert M. L e dbetter 11ow a c h e n I soldier at Drew Field, to arr_ange --. his discharge from the Royal Can! And Ius swaggenng brown1 adian Air Force, where he serveJ:f coated partner who growls greeta s a sergeant. "New s from your o rgnniY.a.. tioits 1iwk es this pape r worth ]H:intiJig wort h r ea. tling .. ]Jorter. write np the interestings to budi e s in the lin e : .. I n)b :ued _witi<"the i .ove .of adv en-.. ture; L er lbetter" "ive rit to CaiHi.da' "1f J O n .Jiin e 1io WEJCO.ME> :-..... :. To .the iiew Arn1y M-ert v ing: hi. Tan1pa du.rirrg, FIUDA_Y, NAFQH 20, 19!2 1 wee k. lViay yo u r stay" be-a. ; . .. -. ... ___ .. .... J .osephine Gioven co Grocery and Ma1:ket .Tampa Who lesale Florist F lorida .Highway Express -Orange State Motors E. L Robinson Sampie Shop A _Patriot. wm. A. Mea r s Dr: John T: Moo r e .. Dr. Mina. G. Raffenberg .. .. Dr.--w. B. Hopkins Ossie B. Crump James D A. Holley -. J)r: H. B: "L"ott 'Lady". f eeding_ h e r : ]:Jllppfes 1 1 1 O.cto!Jel, 1 .940. I .Je .. Y illll s .el( and: s e __ !Hl the1i1 in. to.: earl y chow b ehind _tl!e kitchen )os E \yiiliams .. eel in t _he .48th canrLcli a n Hieh2 J I ti! ... _,rrcr'll_ e Jtt oi'. tlt e e e k .. ea_ c b one of ti I e __ m n _early half her_ .. .. .. DL A. L. Co,va rt .' b;._ G. C." .-: .... ,. l aii_cle rs. an. -'in.fa __ nfry .reg.in I __ e _I_it_-1 .. .. .. Edwards a n d Roes. cbner size nor havinn any other family t h e. l'uhli(! ltela.tiou s ,O.fi'Jce winc h drstmglllshecl m Haqy .McDo n a ld N9rv,a l E J:lrown .. m. c A Dr. w. p "AclamsO:i:i resembl a n ce to their ma ... ,-,.1 0 1 :1cl ,va-1 I 1 1 y t!J e _11.11 e througlt ;Jonr fit$t _o ttci r>: s ta_ lli iigs I .. .. .. H r e '1' ill g_ la 1). t .lt_ e at ypres foi"" seven horribl e days c o Pvt. I C l .Terry De of.1 wh e n tl-ie the : materi .al :fo: r JH"eSeJita_ Martin. cai ab .allo J 0. Comelius W. B. Di'ckenson Tai i :'s Inc: Dr: R. c. :. :DI'. Gilbert-A: .. Day .. the who makes eve n chow: first gas \)f t h e wa;. : : t ion. forget fo 1 : a I .I n April ; .19:41,. Leclbetter t r : a Jis: : social Dr: A. S. -Weekl ey_.:., ...... :Hh l11s ang.ry _and feiT e d to tlie I 'lciyal A.il:. it; ies aJ_Hl s _(ltf1li e rce .. Gandy Boulevard Service station H. S. .... ... "--. there i s to it. Alonzo B. -McMi.tll e1i The fo llowing Drew Field : 1 :acli Dr: E. A : El)' pro!\"rams announced. for the H D: Wentworth coming.w _eek: WFLA, .. da i l y except Sunday, Dr: W ... p,. Wood' Dr. c. C. Evans 7: 00 to 7:25 a. m WFLA; Friday; 9.:00 to 9:30' p. L(:niise Hollaiid Mor .ris E White 6 :Hi to (30_ Frank .J. Falsone _Thur_ s day, s :).j) _to : s : -30-_:Dr.,. _Louis Rosen. W. K Zeiwadski CH\iRCH CALL Tampa }\rmature' Works Hajoca Corp Guaranty Title Co. Metropolitan Life Ins Cci, PROTESTANT Dr. G. A. Meighan Chaplain William L. C l ark Cameron an.d Barclay W Lockhart,_,.," ........ : .. ... : Judge Wa)ter. Il. : Tuiner .. c. E. Yoc an'i do:;::. ;\ Otto J o l u1snn, ... Inc .. c o HillsbO"ro Beaut:( Salon y .. Ficci9 _J'ai lor Da\vsori .. Busiiui"s s.-. b.oll"ege G-iVT Central Mech anical Shop Furman. Hote l 'Ac1i1e Tire and B"attery' C o Gabe F. Ayala andca. Samu el La B enefica Dr. Jose Dominquez A Friend Sunday F lamin go Truck Lines Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc. Su nday School ___ _: 10:30 A. M. Louis Obliliger Tainpa Theatre Barber Shop Preaching 00 A M : Lykes Bros. C01ifi dential" Loan atJ,d :: We.ek_Day Bros Canning Co. Dr. G Hudspeth Morning Devotion every morning Sou.th ern Life anq Health Co. Matt .(}. Re. e _ves .Qo at 8:30. Wedi1esday night-Bible Study, ___ .;_;__-'___ .;....._...;.._:._ ______ Prayer. and Song Service. JE\VISH wher e his f amily still _lives H e at' Convoys a r e sent to th' e two Syn tended the University of. T ennes-. agogues in' Tampa: \vhen the r e see foi two years, leaving his' aie m e n who: desil'e to go. studi es to j o i n tl1e Ca i}adi a n s. "If : e n ights at 7:30 the Jew is a quiet likeabl e fe llo w, with i s h service i s h eld at t h e f i e ld little about him to mark hiin as in t h e Base C hapel Tent b y RENT-A-CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF .... Eugenio Lera, Pro_r,. .. El P-rogreso de Ybor Wholesale and R etail Grocer 2410 1 '2tli St. I : National Furniture Company an. adventurel'. Rabbi David L Zeilonka. He says that" in many ways he' CATHOLIC r finds .. se;_vice in the America11 A1': p l ain A;th m -A: North mot: e than his. .. .. Suiidiry mer service .. He cites _foo d, M.ass+.--7: 30 /and 8 :3o .. M bette r h o using, warmer c lothil 1g, p r ec .eed each l'i Lass. and generall y more consi'derate Days t reat met as among the advantages Mass-Every moi'ning at 6: lO. 1427-1429 7 t h Ave .. P h Y-1427 .. ,,1 1 1 leave the Motor of Amencan service. A convoy Pool. each W ednesday night for Sanitar4f{ Market 1221 E. Broadway ::U:eet Yonr Understand Lt. Caldwe ll has F d e nd s At The Saratoga Bar cornPr of Fortun e and : Frnnklin S t s Dancing Nite in the Rlne BEF.R-Wn'ES-LlQ U ORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC N I GHTLY L. M. Anderson Dental Suppl y Company Tampa, Florida Bob Hewlett City.. Markets Booth 15 Packers .and Shippers of Fancy Fla. Citrus Fruits Phone 3053 Mexican Petroleum Corp Goat Milk saul's Goat Dairy Phone M 1169 Hardee's Beauty Shop EYery R equire m ent For Smart Groontin15" 210 Pol k St. : Lenten Devotions at the Sacr M Heart Ch urch. 'time. .Fte i ght Sen-ice Twice Daily To A n d Fron1 TmnJHL Green Brothers Transfer. 408 Eunic e St. Tanipa, F l a Phone M-5741 Shaddic k Machine Co. C H. wood, ProTJ. General Macltine Work Welding-1709 Tampa St. Ph. 3870 -BY l'liLE -OIL WEEK 501 Jackson \ Pbone. 3292 ANHATlA]t CAFE G ooll Food At Reasona:hle 1-'t'lCe. s OPEN ALL NIGHT 210 EAST LAFAYETTE ST. No 2 Ta4npa Wholesale Produce }ltaikt Same Location Since 1907 Adams-Magnon Jewelry Co. Diamonds-Watches-Silverware 510 Franklin St. Phones 4303--4137 Tampa, Fla. Baker's Barber S hop And Billiards Parlor 109 W. 7th Ave. Tampa, Fla Phone 1\1-54-754 Lincoln Damp Wash L a undry 1910 22nd $ t. Phone !1-I-1219 Parrin o, i'\Igr PARRINO'S Pou ltry and .Egg Mkt. :.Vlorgan and Zack St. Tampa Diamond Cafe 262o 17th :st.


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