Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 5 (April 3, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 3, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VOL. l. NO. ;;. Published E\ > e r y Friday Dn; w Fidd, Tampa, Florida APRIL 3, 1942 j COTTON KHAKI DONNED BY MEN: Flash front Glenn "Aliller 'DREW COPS. OPENE. R FROM PHOSPHATES i OF DREW F'IELD: Rumc r s said i t was Marc h 15. Marc h 1 5 1 :assed and it still hadn't Then every b:xl y said it ; ulcln t be unt il April 15. 1 The Florida sun kep. t r:ouring : 1 11'111'1' r,,,l/1 i,'lt llll lli!ll'r illf r unl' I I -' ill.'' sr-lu d llil'r/ / u u!l' l1'11 < ( ,'-.'o/u n ':ut. r/, rlil'llll'r/ / u /!r t'/! Fi;11/ 1 11/lsf /Ji { 1 /Js l {1 e r latest c hapeau and Overheard at a G. I. dance: : America's fighting men are spend-: Don' t look at me like E'at C o r ing a lit tl e time .them-' ] :oral. I only asked you what ycur: sel ves abou t a ten minute break' s hobby was!'' I \vcrth. Dance at Largo Saturday Men from Drew Field are to oe e 'ntertained at a dance in Largo Baturday night, the specirl Serv-, ices Office a nnounced today. One 1 hundred and fifty men guest s of the Cle arwater Recr=ation Council at the af.fair. Partne i s for the service men will1 be the lo ve l y Volunteer Girls of 1 Cle::>.nva ter. I Trans]:ortation fc : the Drew m e n will b e furnished. Men who w ish to attend .the dance are asked to contact t:1ei r Special Services O f ficer at c n c e 1 I Corporal Con foy Married! i I Coq:-oral Ju:k Ccnrcy, Plc-tting 503n1 heard wed-; d ing b e ll s uni o:m e lled u sual orange b le>sso1ns Tuesday 1 24 when he married Elsie L Bak-' er, Pomeroy, Cl1i:. The c:::remony, witnessed by a few cl os e fri ends w a s held in tl1e :.st c r 's study of the H y d e Par!;: Church. i Jack a n : Els ie were chil :ll1oocl sweethearts t : : r o u g h o u t th e i r 1 s chcol :la ys They a r e both gmd: uates of the P omeroy High S chc:;l. : Jack moved to Florida during 1940 and enlis te:l in t h e Ar m y in 1941. 1 CfEur Trcinir.g 1 -----------------Maj. Ebersole, Adjutant at Drew Field,-J\llakes a 'Blitz' Look MOORE AND EPPS STAR ON IN FAST 4 -1 GAME Drew ::"iei : de;eaLed U.S.P.P. 4 to 1 yesterday on the McFarland Park diamond in the first gam11 of the season for the sol-diers. : U.S .P.P. was last. year s Manatee. Hillsborough champio n s Behind the combined tossing of i Peyton Epps and Carlos Moore the losers were a ble to get only four hits I i The Drewmen picked up a run in the first inning and added three I more in v:1e fcurth. Putting two i hits, two errors and a fi e lder's : choice together in which the sol ; diers were able to shove across three tallies in the b'. g inning Epps a llo we d the U .S.P.P. team j one hit whil e striking out five bat ; ter s in the four innings h e work ed. Moore fo llowed him to -the mound and limited his opponents : to three with s ix going O\lt b y the strikeou t route. U.S.P.P. got their only tally in the sixth inning on a triple and a pass ball b y the catcher. M esda SOMETHING NEW IS ADDED-. (Continue d to Page 6 ) A .recent long list of promotbns' at the Third Ait Fotcc fina11y touchccl Fir'9t Lieut. Arthur .T. !joldiers T 0 Pierce, left, aide of M:1j. Gen. 'Wa.ltet H Frank, yestetday, ancl the genetal p tesented the captain's Shrine Sunrise Service bars himself. Captain Pierce, a : Service men in the Tampa area native c.f Montague, Mass, has are invited t:J attend tl1e Sunrise been in the Army nine years. Easter S ervice to b e held in Plant Run' J 1lert B rin{js Trouble for This Pri.vate Park Sunda y morning Apt il 5th, at 6:43 h : Egypt Temple Shrine, according to a letter receiv e d T u e s d a y b y Maj. Gen. Walter H. Frank Irc m Mr. James W. Wanen. Potentate of Egypt T emple. Text of the J ette! follow s : M a j Genetal W alte r H Frank, Commanding G e neral, Ti.1 it ;d Air Force. Tamp a Flori1a The air-ra'd a l ert last Satur1 "Egypt T ennle Slirine. ext ends da.y was reall y a soor;er-docper. It I a cordial in v-itation to the C om was o; 1 e o f those affair s which m ande r the officersand men o f make u s a littl e more consc iou3 : the Third Air F : rce and its bases that wah i s hea. h and Mahs i s in Tamp a t o attend the 20th An' really k icking the gong a round.: nua l Easter SU!1l'ise S e r v i ce to be I For covious reason s w e aren' t u s I in P lant Park a t T a;n1: a next ing h is name. but a certain priv Sm::lay mo: n i.

2 Drew Field Echoes 1----------Drew Field E choes Friday, April 3 1942 ,J_-\( 1\.S i l .\. l'uhli,-h .,. .l'amtla N c "spaper i Drew ------------------------Uusi I H." !1:\C '1':1111 p:t. 1-'lttl'id:t 1 ... f\1 :,:;;;;:; l'hOlll' :..!1";'7 1-\ It :ui\'."di:aJHl"llt!"' nut:til_ll'd :11'4.' :dsu Ill tl-. ... J-'i(hl FJ,.. Lt:, r. 'tnutunt r.:jt(ulati;n: :;,non t."ophs. I :XC l l \ 'I' 1 :,I I 'll:\"' Ill: ll ():\ H t-:1111 :,-'1' A puhli:d1 td t \ r r thl" I H ... ur I ln\\" l :'it ... itl :_;:l'; t..:P\ "()lPrt t n intt r(:--:l:-: t:-:-: : ti"l P t'nirr fl Yit: lCIy. l J l tht indi\'idu;tl {: .... i11 thi:--: :tnd unci!" llt' : ; n i ttl bt ... _)r t h t i :lite d _\cl,-.... rtJ:-::.t""'-1 1 1 .:;:...:. in t h b pnhlit : t ti,,n d,, n u l <"O:::.:!!utC" :.1n h.\ th. i J lp;tJtnlP n n r it;-: P t 't:-: .. nlll\..'1 ul ir: : .:.: i:-:l d Priuted hy Thr:ComnwrcinlPrinters Pltonf' 2126 UfONTE" CHICKEN MARKET PHONE Y 3520 WE DELI'\'ER FREE vou a;t;e lonesome & blue o kno w what to do rome to I I MillER'S BAR \ \ ."'C'::te she is friendly and true -BE !C:rrlS 1111 F'riirlo .U.v P WINES DlETZ DRUG STORE i:"hone H--!38--! for Rns h ery, 7:30 A.i\ I. to Midnight 931 S H01rard A ve. Lafayette : Hotel E. A. CLAY Manager 12(() W Phone M-5588 Special Rates to Service Men Tampa, Florida CIVILIANS NOV/I IGO IN TR41NING from The Thirteenth" Cox Sporthig Goods Fishing Tackle, -Baseba,ll, T ennis, Golf, and Goods. 1106 Tampa St. -:PIHMie 4770 Special Price To Service 1\lc.n PORTRAITS by Henley 442 W. Lafayette St.--3rd Floor Phone H-3035 For Your Cimv.enience Studi-o Is Open 10 P. i\i. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS PHONE M 1861 0 Dancing WONDER BAR your fun is }<1<---*P{ our fun 1210 Franklill. St. Tampa Let SADIE NICHO.;LS Prove She I s One Of The World's Foremos t Wave Artists B y Test Cm' ls O ve r Dyed White. Old Dry Waves Or Any Kind Of Hail'. Ph. H 3766 CULP LUMBER CO. The CHATTERBOX FRUITS & PROpUCE SreminoJe Mattress. DON' T FORGET EASTER I April 5th Photograplter __ Factory Powell's Inc.! Florist 1 (} Phone S-7179 412 s .;il ; ;h. 25241 'Announcement Brings 4l8 Tampa St. Ground Floor, Opposite Gas Co. lraams Kennedy -J,lj Whiting and Jefferson HOWARD STUDIO 908\ Franklin St. -: -Suite 18 Tobacco, Candy Ope n N ight s Until 8 P. i\i. TamlJ'a Fla. i_j ___ A_c_r_c _ss __ _s_t_re e_t __ F__ro_r_1l __ G __ r_a __ nts Compliments of GaLBERT HOTEL 811 Tampa St. Bteifger & Racbelson, Inc. I THE SPAR FRt:Eb CHICKEN --SANWICHES BEER WINE 1 Flying Cadet "Shower" Pvt. Larry Dannenberg, 503rd Sig nal Reg., men t ion e d in last week' s edition of the ECHOES as havingbeen ar;pointed F I yin g C adet, 1 r.-as received congratulations and a wrist watch from friends I in the W arner c 1 u -b, Brothers sh1dios. I Dannenberg i s running in 1 He also rece ived a check week's sal a r y from the ccmpany. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sanwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Th-e Home of Pleez ing-Products Rubin's ALLGOOD & RYE 2713 Bayshore Bll'd. i ,Sherman ConcretePipe Company 602 S. Freemont Ave. Tampa, Florida .JfJ!:.. BPst Spanish Food in Tampa A .-d. A nybndy GJ'O<'Cril'S Meats and Yege-tuhles Liquors -and Wines .. KEEP, .'EM FLYING H03 T ampa S t. BUY MORE DEFENSE BONDS Phoae. > M l'l50 :___:. llol6: 4203 1\la.cDiU ... ve. -Ph .W 901-2 Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service Dming Rush Hours F01: Further Information Ca11.3286,


I Friclay, April 3, 1942 Open 6:30 A.M. Clo s e g P .?vl. Davis Plate Lunch 306 N. FRA:'\KLJ;-..r ST. We Serve The Best 25c Lunc!1 In Tampa. Only The Fin e s t Quality Foods Used Ala Carte. Compliments of RAINBOW CIGAR STORE Drew Field Echoes HK ?'[;' p "'d'' T\ II f eep Lin ar 1V1otto o : Floric !a weat:ler after haiing spent most of l1is life in his home state Connecticut. He is in charge of Finance the travel section. ervice Private Raymond Popp trans' ""' ferrec! to the Finance Department on March 24th from the 3rd Re porting Ccmpany, 503rd Sign a l The Drew Field Agent Finance an:l from su! :.)rdina tes Regardless Office made its first cash pay-of thi s mass of questions, lle usual-Regt, A W Private Popp comes t fr<;nn Ohio. ment on January 20th of this ly finds time to courtesly gwe au I11 kee 1 ) 1 .11. with the rules of the 'year. Prior to that date all finance information to any military per-game, no statement can be given :services were rendered direct thru sonnel and civilian pertaining to as to the increased volume of i the MacDill Field Finance Office. the services rendered and expected At the time the office was opened, of the Finance Department. ; work 111 Ele offrce, but from obSchwartz Qualities For Training A s flying i the staff consiste:! of one ofiicer, I servance of lights 111 the of.fice ::.._ _______________ i Capt. S. E. B:.1rns Staff Sergeant J As_ a result of the change. 'from after work hours it can be as-. J B 1 :l Pf specralist rat111gs .to the techmcrans sumed that this is one of the busLt.. DeForrest has los 111,-: '\lan Friday. Eric S2hwartz, thr: : 1 1 an. who gets around in the A & R tent, has passed his Flying C adet examination an cl will go i.ntG training as soon as possible .. If Eric can fly l\ke he can -rrTite we have a fl ying ace on the \\a.y. Look o.ut, Japs! 1\Ieet Your Friemls at ..... ROXY BAR Beer \Vine -Sanwiches 203 E. Lafayette .st. -Ph. 2456 l\lemhcr: V.F. W. l'lllpJ., Hearl E. P. Johnson & Son 'Vatchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P M. 214 E. Lafayette Tampa Next To Manhattan Cafe Turf Exchange Bar Liquors Beer Wines 'Cocktails 206 E Lafayette Street PHONE 2003 -.TAMPA Tampa Riding Club At The Yacht Club Stables PHONE VI' 3403 Phone Fo-t Appointment -Keep 'Em Flying--HAMILTON HEATH WATER CO. U-Drive-It csel-ll a am on c e. an. c., D t t n t t Speciali>t 3rd Class Weldon Devoe. I ratmgs m the Fmance e}:ar res o rces m propor 10n to 1 s One ro:m in the Base Head-: ment, We-ldon Devoe was 1ated s ize on the field. The office hopes ouarters Builc!i'.Jg was the first Corporal Te::lmrcran on March 1 to continue to render the most ef-1 t f ff. b t tl 1942. Techmcran Devoe 11as just ficient service possible under ex::Jca 10n c le 0 rce. u Je b t 1 1 t d t tl rctl.Jl' COI1.:ll.tJor1S. stay in this place was very short. a ou :.;come ace lma e o 1e ,, On or about the first of Fet:.ruary the office had an increase of perEonnel. Two men, Privates Creed Rymer and Jean King, were i transferred frcm the Air Base De l tachment to the Finance DepartArmy Arranges For Use Of Facilities For Communication DOUBLE (WIRE) CROSSCl:l> A soldier at the Air Cor}'<', /\.dvanced Flying S _chool at Vi;;toJ'ia. Texas, may be wondering his continued failure to a; ra11ge I a "elate" with a certain ";o. \\ ;ee!J : young thing" employed in tJ-:;:, Victoria telegraph office. Every time the scldiers phones, he -lea.-: ;;:; to his bewilderment tha.t tlhe ':S'itT'' ment 3rd Air F c rce at large and assigned to the office for duty. Private Rymer is from Tennessee, while Private King comes from Radia stations in the national maintains more than 60,000 miles accepted a. n ot her forests, telephones in Indian ter-; of telephone wire as well as a "just a few mi!wtes ago." ritories and telegraph facilities in' s .lort-wave radio network in its Until he hears this. soldiers :11a y isolated border customs houses will Forest Service. communi-not knG, w that if he would :r:"C a. be ma.d.e available for aircraft ca tiori facilities are operated by telephone other than the c:c i;11. Louisiana. Other men who came into the warnings and other military mes-! the Department of Justice in cont h e camp's Signal Office, he : :Yig;-ht oftice about this t im e were Privs ages as the result of a communinection with immigration and by have h2tter luck. Y'see thee's a ates c:larles Hoffman. Spencer cR.t.ions ma-rmaking rcoject t;le Treasury Depar.tment in con-certain friendly rival on d L ; y \ n Dmwnd, and Reuben Hawes. All ccmpletecl in the Office of the nection with customs. both these the Signal Office who su.specL s t -ile three of these men enllsted d!r-, Cl1ief Signal Officer, t:1e vVar De-service providing coverage of tl1e soldier' s intentions. So, whi!c: tlle ectly into the Finance Department: partment announces. nation' frontiers. The Department sc!clier is waiting to haw c t h e and are frcm Florida. I A survey by Signal Corps Of-cf the Interior llas raclio and wire phone connections made, tll: c rrvDue to the increased personnel. ficers begun last summer.' bas eC]uipment in the IndiRn reservaal rus:1es t11rough a teletype >'ri t .he office was moved soon after turned up a wea lth of seperate ti c ns, in the national parks, and ori ty'' to the telegrap.JJ -officL ( : i r t the Iirst of February to the old wire and radio systems opera ted in areas covered by its Fish and Darned clever, these Signal O ; J "p;s; Signal Headqtwrters Building and 1 by rrivat e companies and governWildlife Service and its Grazing men. now shRres tllis space \l'ith the mcnt. departments. Many of these Service. I ____________ Base Inspector. the Base Mess Of-systEms cover remote and sparsely. SignifieRnt communi cations netficer, tl1e Base SpecialityOfficer. section s of the country works are operated b .! railroads and tl1e Public Relations Office r. where regular p u J:, 1 i c telephone along L1eir own rights-ofway, by On February 13. tole office re-and telegraph channels are com-pipeline compani es eng a g e cl in joiced over the promotion of Staff 1 paratively tew. transportation of' oil and natural Sergeant Boomonde to the g rade I In. order to ma. ke emergency use gas. an:l by electric power comof. Techmcal Sergeant. Tech. Sgt. of L1ese facili ties. originally built panics. Baamond, a native of Tampa, se:Jarately for varying purposes, it. All these far-flung faciliti es are has certainly made a commendable was neccessary to correlate the in-now being made a vail able for use record since enlisting in the Reg-fannation concerning them This by Corps Area commanders in ular Army, June 24, 1940. As Chief project. made lJOssihle by the co1 sending word Jrom aircraft spot Clerk of the Agent Finance Ofoperation of other government de-, ters and isuing warnings of enemy ficer, Tech. Sgt. Baamonde never partments and of .private companraid, as well as ether military mes: has much time to concentrate on ies with cornmunication facilities, sages. They will a ]so serve as a any one particular assignment be-was iushed to completion by War' secondary reliance shcukl tllere be cause of t:1e innumerable ques-Department cartcgraphic damage to the regular networks tions arising :fro m personnel clerks, ers. :of the communications companies I The Department of Agriculture: and the Ari11y Signal Corps. Attend the Shrine NOTEs oF AIR FoRcE ... Sunrise Service Sergeant Steps Up BAsE coiVnvrAND To Captain Rent-a-Car Love went on a. rampage among men;bers of the 3rd Air Force Base Command recently. Fifteen :, men went on furloughs and five BELl B-AKERIES DRIVE IT YOURSELF Tec h se,geant Bledsoe, Head' of them returned to Drew as mar C]uarters 3rd Air Force Base Comried men. Maybe it' s that spring mand, recently received a well i s in the air .. maybe Cupid is 1 earned promoti<;>n. The Seroeant .-\tteud .Ea"tt>: :'i< vkc.,-. .-\ r the t :lllll'('h \\i!:.idt S<' l '\. ive1 :uatzos 1815 E OSBORNE AVE. PHONE S 5070 A SERVICE FOR EVERY FAi\'III,Y TRY OllR NEW ZURON DRY CLEANING Trial Will Convince You THE HE/,RT O F 'iBOR CITY" s1::c:: 19 0 -1"ccp 'Em F l yingEbe J. Walter 1f s Peter Grahn & StnJrD MEATS -:?RODUC:S -GROGERIES-._ 910 FLORIDA AVE. I'HO:'\E 3502 EL PALATING :liE:\ T 711.'\RKE'l' 1206 ith .-\ ve. B. M Prop. --h<'<'JI 'I-:111 Fl.ring;-Prompt, Personal Intert,; i Claim Senicc INSU RA NCEFor EYe r y ',::(,; D ependabl e T ime T c > PIIO:'\E 430i 4407 GOG TA::\iPA S T R E E I G.raund -:T.-\:HP.l, i !' L Waede Furniture Ga:-1422-24 FR.-\:'\l{LJ:-.;r S T' New and U se d Furni t w r : 805 GRAND CENTRAL AVE. Boug h t S o ld and Excha;::;ul I PHO:\'E 2320 Open Every Night 'Til 11 P. :i\1. 1,, .. ___ C .. '\. LUK ''"gr.


P a .ge 4 K\STER & AR:\IY DAY GREETINGS --Keep 'Eru Seminole ice Co. LOTJISIANA & TAMPA NORTHERN R. R. We help the Nation .put up a good front. We've enlisted our service b y o f f e r i n g the best cleaning service obtainable for anything from a uniform to a woman's chiffon blouse. Ask the boys at the fields 1\.::o give u s their work exclusively. Golf View Cleaners and LAUNDRY 1516 l\iacDill Ave. Ph. ON GREETINGS EASTER & ARMY BLUE MOON DAY suPER POULTRY MARKET --Kee p Phone 4550 'Em Flying--3729 Florida Mary's Tavern DINE & DANCE "WELCOl\iE SOLDIERS" Beer -Wine Cold Drinks 4511 E. 7th Ave. -.Ph. Y 1762 --Keep 'Em Flying--J. H. LANGSTON Tower Trailer Court TAi\'IPA'S ALL-YEAR PARK A Home A way Frcm Home" FLORIDA. & WATERS AVE. of !s ow at Friclr.y, April ::l. 19-12 ------------------juvenil e lcoa:i pbying Oj;pcsite f" d Lillian Gish. T i 1e play had an 18 .L:Eb.l.J l'G" run in New York and Cl1i c -Go To Otficers School "i't 1 ag o r i e I (! H e got hi<; movie role i:l 'Grapes c f Wrat h through a meeting of ; Jchn Ford. rlireetor at. the Hep burn !1cm e. The following men of Drew Field ; Last fall he was under contract. have been sel ected to attend the ; with Twenti::th Century Fox for a Signal Corrs Officer's Candidate : ):'art in "Ten Gentle m e n from West at Fort M:mm10ulh, New ; Point."' with George M ontgomery Jersey. and John Payne. Before the pic-: Master Sergeants-Willi-am L. ture went into poduct.icn, how : \V.1ite, William c. Weimer and ever, Pearl Har. :::or was bombed: Charles A. Dews. and AI J cad became Pvt. 0. Z. First Sergeants-Luke L. White, Whitehead two days later, Dec. 9 Harold Cristill and Charles A. in the Air Corps : Hc.wer, Jr. ---Keep 'Em Flying---StaH Sergeants -Howard C. Many Requests But Few Fly Maybe it's because srring is in the air or maybe it" s b;cause m e n here at Drew are getting furloug;,s j but Base Operations are answering hunclereds of requests for flights. Making a flight is mere invcJ.ved ti1an the mere askin g F'irst there must b e a flight ] : l anned. Operat ions cannot give out information : Ang:8, James D. Bt\r ns, and James 0. S:::ott, Jr. Sergeants -James Spann Jeff ers, Woodrow lVI. Yamini, Harold M I<,ay, Stanley E. R obby, Robert R. Du. ffy, Ja1i1e s B. Smith and James W H a r.Jan. Steven Nevada. Joseph G. R ebman and Lawrence E Williiams and Allen Benz. Privates Dow B. Wallace, Ro-. OAIUE IN THE ARJ\'TY-0. z Whitehead, who w as AI Joad in ill advance of planned fligh.ts so l : ; r t H. Velta, Frank L Lange, 1 t k Hug h D. Burch, Robert M. Keit \ "Grapes nf ''Vrath", (left), is now a soldier in the morale section of. JOU are more or ess s u c at the Drew Field. l beginning. If you are lucky and Rufus Z. Johnston, Philip C. GrL j get a flight you must get the fith, Raymond D. Winter, Lloyd Frank Longo & Co. PRODUCE TAMPA WHOLESALE PRODUCE MARKET MARKET PHONE S 7563 PRODUCE FLORIDA George Youdal CARS BOUGH, T & SOLD NEW AND USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS 129TH ST. & NEBRASKA AVE. Remembel AI Joad in "Gra j:e s i pilot's permission to acc:nnpany A. Somes, John B. Southard, Troy or Wrath "?"" H e was the-fellow!1him. W Burnett, Horace R.Cook, Solowho drove the .Joad jalolcY from Next you mus t wear a pa.rachute. mon P. Glickson and J. T. Waller. ---Keep 'Em Flying--OkJa; ::oma to California and was If you -bcrrow o and lose it: always dashing off after the girls.' you are out one and. Well. he' s in Tampa now, a soltwenty dollars. Before you are alWELCOME TO THE NEW die r at Drew Field, whose real !awed to fly in an Army plane name is Ootl1 cut Zabriskey

April :), 1942 SURF RIDER NO\V STUDYING \VAVES OF A!R AT DREW Featured i n a reeent maga-Ore\-\' Field Echoes Of Arrny Nurse Corps fmd Mer Assistant Are Promoted Can pre:::ce earnest. Flikke's rdative rank in the Nurse F 1 -1111 ... 7_.3 0 P.M.' And the grave is not its owner cf San Diego's campbell- C :::r.:s has been that of Major, 'eek Days Dust thou art, to dust returnest, A cres ," one of the s!10W]:la8es vf \" 1 an:l l\1 iss BhElchfielcl' s t:1at o; M orning Devotion s every morn1 'vas no S ] :o.;:e n of the soul." the West Coast. also worked i n Captain. ing at 8:30 at the Base Chaplain's the make-up department of Metre .. Tent. i ---.Keep 'Em Flying---G oldwyn-Mayer and has a fm-m.i' Col:mel Flikke i s a native o r Wednesday Bible Study number of tales and pic: Viroque, W isconsin,_ Slle entere::l; P.r:J.yei and Sono Service and Re-Guards aLthe gates say civilian s lures o f life among the stars. T o the S8hO:Jl of Nursmg of A ugust11.0 _1 .0 l l S F1 1111s "' 1 inevitably ask for mister so-and' I-I t 1 1 o so instead of referring to sol d iers round out the picture Campbell ana ospl a Cllicag:J, I Ji.nois. in" The c I IJ'I.Stl.all Sclellce c a JlllJ 191" 1 b L'>J their rank or grade When also did a bit of flying. wncn s 1 8 ecam e a widow, Vl e lfare Worker, Mr. Franklin H. l 1 t t k t :1 t k questioned for the sol:iier's rank: surf board riding, anc a e r ::;:; pos gra e WJr-Murrell.. will be in the Base a Coll'mba u t Sl the usual re]:ly is, "We don't know "''llaplane stunting and Sj:ee :i boat 1 nlvcrsl y 18 .lOill-ever. Monda.\' evenine: fronl 6:00 ?" d t l A N c 1 tJ wllat h e i s. We just know he' s in 1 g \'.'2r e all clone simply fo r e, .le rmy 1 -urse 5 10 r Y to 8:00. All Chr1'stia11 S "1.e11t1sts ft A t d tl t" t -the Army". ... ,_ 19rt. "Eve r y b o cl y was a lways' a. er men:::a en ere. Ie us and others iriter estecl in the sub-wanting 1:ictures and calling us \'i'orld Wa!. A month later, s:le' ject, are r equested to meet with Thompson & I:\ CO RPO RATED FINE H.-\ VANA CIGAHS FACTORY. FRESH D:(P vEC T TO YOU BY ?/IAIL :WO N. EDISON AVENUE TA?v1PA, FLORIDA cla r e-devil s and g uf like that ... was 1 ::om:tecl to Chief Nurse, and the Worker a t-hat time. : he said, 'But we never thought of s:Jon afterward was ordered overI anytlling muc h accept having a seas. She was appointed Superin-CATHOLIC I flAMINGO t d t [ tl A N C Chaplain Arthur A. Nol'th 1 LOUNGE 1 lot of fun riding the "Moboys'. e:1 en c !e rmy urse orp, "Moboys," c a 111 p b e 11 explained, with the relative rank c:f Major Sunday "are the whopping Ug waves from. in 1937. In addition t o her serv-Mass .. 7 :3 0 & 8:30 A.M., 50 to 60 feet high that everybody ice in France and at various stacalls I don' t kne-w when the tions in America. she has served name was first applfect to the in Tientsin, China, and in the waves, but wnen you see one of the big ones toweting over you it Lieutenant Colonel looks Eke Moby Dick just swi s:1e d :.>as been on staff duty in the Ofhis tail. fice of the Surgeon General, "The trick to surf board riding" \Vhich the Army Nurse Corps is C am]:befl said "Is knowing w hat attached, since 1935. She was nam Moby to 1 : i c k for a. ride and how, e d Assistant Superintendent in to keep ahead of it. If you pick February. 1939. Bqrn at Sheperclsthe, wrong one or fail to icick the: town, West Virg-iilia she entered board a way at t h e right angle the Arrhy Nurse Corps in 1917 when the wall of water over you from Pittsburg. Pennsylvania, after starts to break. yoi1re to graduat ion from the Southside lose a hundred bucks wort-h of bal-Hospital of -that city. Her p.:Jst sa board. net to meation your graduate work was clone at Johns life. We h a d cne lad let a Moby Hopkins Hc.sjJital. Baltimore. Mary fall on >i m and he ended up land. S :le has served in. France. a t.:cken bac k ''. :in China, and twice in the Philip-The longest surf bCJaTd ride on ;inzs. record, acc:::rcling to Campbell was: a mile-an:l a-half. "The ones we. RINGLING SHOW L.EAVES took averaged al:out a mile and, FOR NEW YORK OPENING we traveled at a gcod twenty: i I I FLORIDA:-. TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY NO ::1-IL\TIHDI NO COUVERT HOTEL FLORIDAN JAMES B. -PICKARD, Mgr. : Banks Produce 1 CbMPANY Dealers in All i{incls of Rcliai.Jlc Commission i\'lcn:hant S 7549 !'HOKES S a303 ; STALLS No.-125 127 T:\i\IPA WHOLESALE I i PRODUCE IIIARKE'I 1 1 PRODUCE FLOR-IDA I 1 : I \ ----Iieep 'Em Flyif1g---===========: BOILER MAKERS HUNTER'S REST CASS AND FLORIDA Home Of Good Eats SERVICE l'viEN WELCOME LOCAL No. 433 knots an hcul' at the peak of t h e -The "bigges t show on ear t h i s ride. Every once in a while we' d heading north. ==========_;:::_ ====:..-=::::= pick a l::acl beach and somebody: Fifty-five freshl y 1:aintecl silver: en: l u p on a lot of ro8 k s, and reel cars loade d with all cir-' but w e always f i gured that was cus stars, person q e 1 and 1:ara-, SPECIAL KOTICE i the guy s own fault." phcrnalia 1 :ulled OUt of Corporal Campbell refers to all Bros and Barnum & Bailey ciri people who W2ren t b:rn near the cus' winter quarters in S a rasota sea arid reared on a surf board, Tuesday noCJn fo r New York where "Flatlan:!ers," but h e uses the word the 1942 summer seas:Jn will open in a kindly fas .:ion. They just 1 at Madison Square Garden April 'l. don' t know any better,'' he says, The circus will show t here thru laughing. "Give any game Ameri-May 10, then w ill go to Boston. can kid a bJarcl and a ccuple of The remainder of the circus, in-' llfiles of beach, and he'll turn out eluding all tent equipment, will to be a top flig ht M :l::y rider." leave S arasota earl y in May for Due to the fact that i t i s I to c:Jntact individuals at the Field. i will you please get in touch \\'ith i u s if you want your automobile I ins urance renewed. Our rate for GREETINGS TO m.

Page G Drew Fie ld Echoes Friday, April 3, DREW FIELD PLAYS MacDILL CHAMPIONS NIONDAY Cor. Broa-d and Nebraska PHONE S 7568 Morgan Cigar Co. 1\Ia.nufa.ctmers of BONDED HAVANA CIGARS JUAN DE FUCA AND F. LOZANO Gary's Best Food Store 3404 Tth A VENUE PHONE Y3222 EASTER GREETINGS --Keep 'Em Flying--I Senner Food Shoppe BAI<:ERY 2705 Ma.cDill Ave. PHONE H 41-361 Where Quality Rules Armenia Floral Gardens REALLY FRESH FLOWERS CORSAGES & EVERYTHING 450 0 N. Armenia -.-Ph. 55 341 Grocery FANCY WESTERN lVIEATS WE AIM TO PLEASE 2016 DEKLE AVE. PHONE H1610 Davis Service Station GAS OILS TIRES REPAIRED WELCOME ARMY MEN --Keep 'Em Flying----1023 Memorial Highway PHONE H 3123 Tropical Markel WE DELIVER H 1833 PHONES H 1834 LISBON & MEMORIAL Marlboro Hotel GEORGE B. SPENCER. M gr. Transients $1.00 Per Day : Pll. 1\' l 6w2_E4 E 44KLY RATES i I -.707 Tampa St. EASTER GREETINGS! Fron1 Flamingo Concrete PIPE COMPANY 3613 E. LAKE AVE. Boyd E. Hornor, Jr. P. 0. BOX 5288 -:PH. Y 1289 TAMPA, FLA. Barcel'ona Cafe 4714 NEBRASKA AVE. GREETINGS-will serve as one of t h e pitchers' D on the Drew Field team during the 1 rew commg season. Takes Opener S t a r tin g with the Orlanao Sen a tors in 1940 Swindells 1i1ove d I !Continued from Page 1) to the Lookouts where he worked was the big noise for the losers under Joe Engel, the B arnum of basebalL Fred pi t c h e d for the Lookouts until the latter part of the 1941 season w h e n he was pulled up to the Washington Senat ors. While with Washington, Fred I faced tl1e formidable -bat of the great Joe DiMagg io and though he !'lipped one strike past the hardhitting Yankee Joe 1i_lammed the next pitch for a line drive into Fred's knee. Fred left t-he game. Swindells enlisted in the Army 1 D ece.mber 1941 in Lowell Mass. ; and says the Army is like baseball; you 11ever know where you're goi n g ---I<:eep 'Em Flying---New personn e l has been assigned to the A & R tent according to an announcement b y Lt. DeForrest today. Clc-1. Reeves will be in charge of at-h letics, Pvt. 0. Z. WI:Jitehead, and Alex Markowitz, Recreati o n and Pvt. Schwartz temporary c lerk. Flying-From t11e BOMBSIGHT, AlV1-with a triple and single. Burch, Ruggles and Epps each secured blows for the Drewmen. THE BOX: U.S.P.P. Norona, r.f Mesda, 3b Goodale, 2b Flowers, lf Britt, 1b Contera, c Lab1ndro, c Fultz, c f Hernandez, p Dickman, c TQtals DREW FIELD Swinney 2 b Bmch, 3b DREW Ruggles cf Wallace, c Koumrian, If Giruric -:1, c Marvitz, c McNultz, 1b Smit h rf Jones, rf lVIeyers, ss Jo5epll, ss Epps, p Moore, p Totals AB R H 4 0 0 3 1 2 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 1 3 0 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 :,:>, 0 0 1 0 0 26 I 4 AB r''i 103000x-4 1 2 1 2 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 form erly of t:1e Cllattanooga Look. outs a n d Washington Senators, h a d [arrived at Drew Fie l d. querque Air Base: I s it true P v t. John W AHen answered .the phorie t-he oth e r as. follows : 9th Materiel Orderly -Room. Pvt. Allen recommended for Corpor a l speaking?" Bonelli, 3b U.S.P.P. Errors'-Mesda, 23 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01 L a bandro; Runs batted in-Ruggles; Two base hits -Mescla, Britt; Three base hits Mesda; Stolen bases-Fultz 2 La J:,mdro, Koumrians 2; Bases on balls 3, Epps 1, Moore 1 ; Struck out b y Hernandez 7 Epps 5 Moore 6; Hits off: Epps -1 in 4 innings, Moore-3 in 3 inning; Passed balls-Giurch; Win,:. ning pitcher-Epps; Umpire-Ketc:lelL I Fred has had a short but promising career in po basel'o:tll and HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN--COtONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR CORNER OF FORTUNE & FRANKLIN Dancing Ever y Nig:l1t in the Blue Roo m BEER -WINES -LIQUORS PHONE 7988 ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY BRAN ALAN STUDIOS FOR YEARS-"SERVING THE SOUTH" NOW-"SERVING THE SERVICE" StovaU Office Bldg. 2nd Floor 416 Tampa Street, T ampa SGT. WALTERS IS RECOVERING The likeable Staff Sargeant, Harry A. Walters, of the Base Medica,! Detachment is now recuperating from 'Em Flying----HOWard_ Grain Co. TRADE NA_,"\IE GENERAL lUILLS, IXC. JACKSONVILLE TArviPA ORLANDO MIAMI FLORIDAN IRON & METAL COa EXPORTERS OF SCRAP IRON & METALS 43rd St. & E. Broadway PHONE Y 1 25 0 Machinery Tin Rubbe r Dealers In Scra p Iron Metals Pipie JIM REYNOLDS House of Colors I l We -Chai1ge Colors Like a Lizard I Wallpaper -Hardware Paints 4008 Florida -:Ph. S 1655 PHONE S 76-533 GREETINGS TO OUR BOYS OF MacDILL & DREW FIELDS FOR EASTER --. -Keep 'Em F l ying---B u y More Defense Bands and S t amps HOOK MATTRESS FACTORY 1 3 10 GRAD ST. PHONE H1426 Our Thoughts and Best Wishes a n d Those of 1 30 Million Other American s Are With You. J. Fs Caldwell & Son Fmits Veg-et ables -Containers Tampa Wholesale Market Florida Avenue Market THE HOME OF FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES FULL LINE of GROCERIES I ancl WESTERN MEATS "'Always The Best for Less 1 805 Fla. A ve. -.Ph. S 492 9 --Keep 'Em Flying---W. J. Houlihan. MASS OFFICE BLDG.


Friday, April 3, 1942 Drew Field Echoes :: } i one o f t h eir farmhands ',\'l't J 1 i Softball Leao-ue vs. Medical Det. 553rd Bn. I CORPORAL VUNK ACTS Playing ] : a r t o f t h e season t) RED LEAGUE-April 4 Sig. HL. AS ATTENDANT this c lub. h e mov e:! over ttoo itll l 1 1 (' -Gets Under Wau Co. 501st Reg. vs. 661s t Sig. Rep i Corporal Glen R. Vunk, 501st Cambridge. M a r y l and. club JJ Co. 1 Front) .; April 6 3rd Rep. I 'Signal Reg acted a s attendant i s h the H i39 season. Drew Fie l:l s R e d. -;-n1ite and Co. 50 1st R e g. vs. S1g. Hq. Co. 501 ';t, to accompany the remains of the In the spring of 1940 he rer:ortBlue Sofbball leagu e s got unde r -Reg.; April 7,. Hq. & Hq. Plotting; late Corporal Lawrence C. Zefers eel t o the Collum bus Red Birds of way this week with every organii Co. 50 1 s t Reg .. vs. 3rd Rep. Co.[ to Springfield N Y. on Drew Field Nine Columbus G eorgia, where he did. zat i o n on the Field represente d 50 1st R e g.; Apnl 8 Com. Co. 503nl in the three leagues. 11 Reg. vs. Hq. & Hq. Plotting Co. 'I C 1 V --k--1 f d not t a k e p a r t i n a game befo r e orpora un was a c ose n e n te was s ent to anothe r Cardinal C a p tams of e a o : 1 team are reReg ; Apnl 9 Med!Cal of Cpl. Zefers and went thlouo h farm, Cooleemee o f the North quest e d to g e t lll t o u c h Wlth Physl-: ;)031 d Reg v s Hq. Hq. Sq. 309 t11r high school with the deceased o Carolina S tate league. While with c a l Training o : fice eac;1 ; B. GP.; April 10 Sig Hq. & Last Sunday was too cold. for this c lut Moore won four game s game to fmc! out w!Hch dmmondl q. Co. 3rd I. C vs. 661st Sig. swimming at Clearwater beach but agains t five defeats At this june -the y will play o n by 5 o'cloc k, the Rep. Co. I Front) Staff Ser eant Burnette and 1 s t d a y of tl1en game All games w1ll s t Gg 1 11 ture. Moo r e 's flipper picked up a t t t 6 1 r. I ergean ooge were 1n a 1e uv::. little sore ness due to b e ing over-s al a :J. Tech. Sergeant George W Smith, rush to get there for some reason. worke d Pitching nine g an'les in S c h edule cf games from Apnl 3 Air Base Detachment. has every 1 What' s the 'reason men? Blonde or 1 3 days was the reason for this thro u g h Apnl 10 right to request a furlough we' l:cunette? Afte r a few week' s r est he was I BLUE LEAGUE-Hq. & Hq. Co. believe. The Sergeant wiU f 'inish I I,---------------. .. Rep. Bn. 501st Reg. vs. Front1er not1f1 e d to report to the Fostona, out l11s enl!stment Saturday but Ohio. team of the Ohio State. Cons r.ol!clated;o 4 2nd Rep., due to J'egulations he is in for the t 40 Co. :J01st 1 s Hq. & Hq. Rep. I dtll' atl.Oll He say 1 d t d I league w .1ere he fn11shed he 19 o s 1e oesn mm eason iBn. 50 1st Reo Apnl 6 2nd Rep.' staying in the service but he sho' 5 1 Co. 50 1 s t Reg vs. Plotting Co. 50 1 s t n ff a Moc r e re]XJrted back to the Fos R o A '1 7 PI tt' 0' c 503 d I u \\OUlud llke a .fu!IOUoh so he! e,., P 1 o 111o 0 1 can take that trip to Georgia and: G & M GROCERY 170 3 E. BROADWAY tona club 111 the spnng of 19 41. Reg vs. P!Gtting Co. 50 1st Reg.; Viro i I From h ere he was to b e solei to ApiJ s. Plotting Co. 503rd Reg [ o ma he s been plannmg. the Vi'ashington club along with v s 603rd Sig n a l C o 1 Front) ; A pril i anothe r playe r. This d e a l fell thru 9. \Fro n t ) vs. Hq. & and Moore was sold t o the CinHq. Sq. 3rd Int Com. ; April 10 1 cinna ti club from where he was Com. co. 50 1 s t Reg. v s Hq. & Hq. sent to the Birmingl;am club o.f co. Rep. Bn. 501 s t R e g. the Southern association. WHITE LEAGUE-April 4 1st Finishing the 1941 season with R ep. Co. 501 s t Reg. vs. Medical Birmingham where he won four D e.t. 553rd Bn.: April 6. Air Base and l o s t six games. M core traded Det. vs. 1st Rep. Co. 501st Reg.; his baseba

CHARLIE'S !BLUE ROOM DA:".'CIKG EVEl{Y NIGHT P.EER -.-WINES :\'. Orcgon Cor. N. A St. FV)WEJRS FOR EASTER FENNELL'S ZACK STREET Y ibor Jewelry Co. 1 114 E. BRO.-\DW.-\Y Compliment;, of Buzzelli Floral Co. 2011 NEBRASKA AVE. PHONE l\'1 10 56 Have You Vi sited The Rainbow Tavern One of the Finest Taverns in the Sout h Specializing in Spaghetti and Steak Dinners ( Sl:aghet.ti Naj:les Sty le. Fines t Anywhere) 1!1 Drive-In Service II Cocldnil I .oungc OPEN ALL NIGHT No Minimum -:No Cover I 807 iYicmorial HigJn1 ay ALESSI BROTHERS BAKERY Wedding and Birthday Cakes A Specialty Phone H-45842 1820 No. Howard Ave. Drew Field Echoes Friday, Apdl 3, 19!:1 Chinese Anxious !BARKER TULLY SHOES FOR THE FAMILY -Keep 'Em Flying-Qua li c y at Reasonable Prices : 10 FRANKLIN ST. PHONE 4125 Lenfesley Supply Co. TWIGGS & :MERIDIAN AVE. Compliments of TAi.\IPA, FLORIDA Antonio Garcia NOTICE Cdense \Vorks and Personnel of MAC DILL and DREW FIELDS 23 HOUSES FOR RENT L oC':ti ion: San .Juan and ( 1m I abo llay \"illn ALL STATES LUMBER CORPORATION 1 ::1 h Strttt and :Znd \ n-'niiP Chint>se Statinned a/ Drew / F un/ Actinn :iguii1s l ]aps "Don' t wcrry. w e 'll win Just s i sters and brothers li ving in New. ------1 I I ECHOES STAFF ARTIST i give u s a few m ere b:g guns in j York. Bot h Pvts. Smg and Bo_w 1 BACK AT DREW FIELD i China and we ll -take car e of the we,e d1scharged from the army 111 AnI c W e r r e glad to have Pvt. Ja1:s.' were the determine d O:::tol:o;r 1941 but were more t<:Jan, thony J. Strobl, staff artist, back words of Pvt. H im r y B ow. Anuiri-! willing to come back into service with us on the ECHOS. Anthony can-born Chinese now assigned to 1 wl1en the Japanese blow was was called to his home in Cleve: Drew Field c 0 m m u n i cat i 0 11 s : : lan:l when has grandmother pass-. : awgy Com]:::my They were echoed by 1 The pa1ents of Pvts. Jce I 1 St1 '1as our symr-a thy in his three cf his Chinese friends, Pvt Nan ancl Tin Ring Ng are living: l oss. v-. Joe Yee Nan. and Pvt. Tin Ring in China, but neithe r has had/ ----------------: Ng. Plotting Com1:any members w ord 111 a g:od many montl1s con-, and Pvt. Fong Sing, Communicacerning them. The last letter Ng' 1 : 11ad from his father took seven I I twns Company. to travel frcm. Ca11ton to: DELUXE. DINER l All fcur lads were inducte d at i New York. Pvt. Ng is 25, came to' i Fort D1x and have s"rved an ever-1 New York \1 :1en he was 17 and has age of mcnths. Ea:::h 1 s been m the army s1x months. [ : wus t o flms h h1s trammg m th1s The artistic member of the quarMARION & ZACK STS. Davis Island Garage STORAGE GASOLINE OILS Was hing, Polishing, Greasing South Florida's F'inest Garage 6 Columbia Drive PHONE H3928 of Eagle Drug Co. 1709 N. HOWARD :<::ASTER GREETINGS :o The Anne:! Forces Adjoining The Hotel F lorirl a.n PHONE 2054 Dep e :1da bl e One-Stop Service Cass at M arion Sts. C F HENRY. Pres.-Treas. C. E HENRY. Sec'y If. T. BLOUNT COMPANY A:\rBULANCE SERVICE 409 Tyler St. :PHONES 3985 Tam1:a. Florida Compliments o r W. J. DRIVERS 305 MORGAN ST. -Keep 'Eiu FlyingTHE POST EXCHANGE TAILOR FICCIO : country and take a n active part in' tet is Pvt. Jce Yee Nan, 27, who' Regular 1\leals &: Short Orders 1 lighting against v::e invaders of j has and ama1eur photo-j h1s h omeland. I gTaphy for h obbies. Nan was also WE NEVER CLOSE Bow, the eldest of the quartet. ; born in Canton. coming to the 1 i s 3 7 and has bee n in the army 1 Un:ted States in 1932 where he! eight Born in San Fran-J worked as a bookkeeper. He has ; 1 cisco, he was living in New York at, l'o)en in the army six mont< >s. Nan's! ;:-:=-=-=-=-===========:::::; :the time of his induction. 'I lmcther and father were in H :mk i First Congregational worked in several Chinese res tauKong a ccording to the last news rants Bow said, "and natur1 he had frcm that 1:art of the a ll y I'm anxious to get back. But: wo;ld ; and h e had a brother at-: CHURCH 2201 Florida Avenue first we must win the war." i tending high school i 1 SPECIAL EASTER SERVICE Pvt. Fcng Smg, 3 1 w as born' in. None the lads speak a great Can ten. coming to Boston Mass .. deal. "We will win", they A Heart y Invitation i s extended when h e w:1.s 16. B8th his mother determinedly as they go quietly : t:; ycu to attend the services: ab:JUt the business of learning the 11. a. m and 8 J ).m. mcst effe::tive way of m aking their Yeung P eo:: l es Friday at 8 p.m. MADISON DRUG CO .. Franldin and Jladison S t. "Where the Men of the Armed Services Shop and Eat" \'r t' Are .-\ nxious to lle of Sen ice" Friday O'Neal WHOLESALE FURNITURE 154 8 Green S t. Cor. Rome Ph. H 1940 -:-Public W e l co m e TAMPA. FLORIDA Com1 :liments of Murphy McDonald COi.\'11'.-\NY DESOTO P.-\JN'l'S -LUMBER BinD ROOFING i Pho1il H ::OX I Phone H 308:! T.-\;\I PA. FLOPviDA First United Brethren CHURCH 3300 Nebraska Avenue "THE FRIENDLY CHURCH" INVITES YOU Florida Mattress Fcmlory INCORPORATED OF TAMPA At Rome and Chestnut. Streets .EST.-\BLISHED IN Tr\i.\'11' .-\ THIRTY-ONE YEARS POSTCFFICE BOX 286 TELEPHONE Jl words goo:! I I OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Florida Avenue and Pclk Sti ee t Telephone M 8377 E as t e r Cards Gifts Atlases "OUTFITTERS FROM PINS TO SAFES" fielder & Mitchell AWNING CO., INC. 1119 S Frankiin Strccl TAMPA. FLORIDA VE:,!ETif'IN BLINDS EVEHYTHING IN CA N VAS GROSLEY CARS WORLD' S l'viCST E:)CNCM::CAL CAR Sales 17:!7 Grancl C entral P I IONE H 3818 1 .-\gents For U. S. Gov't Chal'!s Comj:liments or P. 0. Box 1501 Ph. 343-1 lgi!acio Candeleni i\-IRS. W. :\f. FIELDEJR. Pres.


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