Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 6 (April 10, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 10, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. l. NO. 6. Published Ecery Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida APRIL 10, 1942 I ATTENTION TO DETAILS GETS REAL RESULTS Col. Asp Swears In Captain's As Cadet GLENN MILLER In addition to the distinction Major F L. El>ersole, Jr., has gained while serving as Adjutant, Army Air Base, Drew Field, the Major enjoys another wortihwhile distinction-that of :being one of the F ield's best dressed officers. Distinction in both of these lines of endeavor, so we are told, is aJttained only close attention to details. Take Saturday morning, for instance when the officers of Drew Field were formed on the hanger apron for inspection by no less a personage than the Inspector General lhimself. Creases were no unusual. sight that moming. Quite a few of the off.icers could be seen casting last minute glances at their freshly laundered cotton-khaki, faces reflecting a measure of satisfaction over appearances for the inspection formation. However, when Major Ebersole appeared on the field, expressions on the countenances of many of the officers denoted =azement at Col. Melvin P. Asp, Commanding Officer at s wears in Walte r F. Joyce Jr., as an aviation cadet while his father, Capt. \Valter F. Jo)'ce, Drew }less Officer looks on. Scene is in the Colonel's office the razor-edge creases adomeingh tJhe .spotless trousers and shirt -wom by the Major that rooming. Every crease in place! Not a wrinkle from the snug-fitting shirt co1lar to the hem of the trouser legs hanging just the right distance above the top of the lia_ntly shined low quarter shoes! Medicos Do Their Stuff Out Drew Field Way Every soldier who has The 503rd Medical Detachment e n leg was set and the splint apienced the difficulty of keeping had treated many a dog face, but plied. Then for two weeks he re-cotton-khaki free of wrinkles for ported for active duty around the it wasn't until a short time ago f t any length of time realize the re-various mess halls in spite o he markableness of this achievement. that they ran into the real thing. fact that the medical report con-We have it on good authority, His name: ROver Dog, Army ser-fined him to quar. ters. On April however, that tlhe sartorial ele-ial number OOOOOOOlh His injury: 2' the splint was removed and gance of the Major on the oc-Hemaoma of right hind leg at Rover. is bo-unding about as spry was achieved merely! b t d 1 to as ever. through attention to details-uch ankle JOmt or a us e eg I The full medical report has been details as dres.Sing after breakfast, you guys. filed away for niference by future and remaining more or less mo-Accustomed to !handling any and doctors faced witJh a like prob tionless in a standing position un-all emergencies without batting lem and reads as follows: Name til the inspection formation at an eye, the 503rd medico s went Rover Dog ; A:SN, 0000000%; Grade, ten o'clock right into action when one o f their Bo w Wow 1st CQass; Regiment, i We are still wondering whether men reported .that one of Drew Age 5 years; Race, tme sigh of relief said to have Field's fav01ite dogs had been run Brown; Nativity, II'exas; Injury, been heard as the Major entered over by a tl'Uck. Rover was im-Hematoma of right hind leg at his office foHowing the formation mediately rushed to the dispens-a n l kle joint; Injlli!'Y suffered/ in was 10ccasioned by the fact that ary, treatment for shock was ad-line of duty while soldier was runinspection was over, or by the fact ministered and the extent of his rung across street; Splints adminithat, at long last, he was a:'ble injuries was ascertained. stered and patient ordered conto enjoy the comforts of his of-Not a bNk or a yip did good fined to quarters. fice chair and c iga .rette. soldier Rover emit his brok-I" 'E ,.,1 --... eep m .., ymg--HUGE YELLOW TRIPOD In case you're wondering what that huge yellow tripod standing in front of the guardhouse is for we are \here to make with some inside dope. The device, painted a lovely Easter egg yellow, may p lay a n important part in your life if and when the Kraufs or Japanzies pay us a caJll, so .J:>end an ear. The apparatus is a warning device for gas attack. The operation i s very simple. All you do if you're the nearest man to do it and you s mell gas, is take the long spike furnished and beat upon the metal flang lining with great gusto. You, of course, should have yom mask properly adjusted before you start beating, because tJh. e warn in g should continue until everyone is hep to what is going on. Then when yom tongue is hanging out you'll k no w you've done yom duty and the day is saved. ---Reep 'Em Flying---Ammonia gas, containing nitrogen, is u sed to harden and strengthen steel crankshafts for many airplane engines. WILL SALUTE DREW APR. 18 The salute to Drew Field by Glenn Miller and his orchestra has now been set for Saturday, April 18, according to an announcement from Special Sery ices Officer. The salute, originally scheduled for April 4th was cancelled by Miller as published in last week's edition of tJhe ECHOES. The letter addressed to Special Service Officer says in part, "Con ditions which forced cancellation of the last two programs have been cleared up. Sorry that we had to change the date of ;the salute to Drew Field !but notify the men at your commend of this special salute to your Field on Saturday, April 18, at whiclh time your most popular selection "I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Baby," will be played." Should the tune selected by men at Drew be chosen as the m:ost popular tune of the week by the general radio audience the Field will l>e presented with a combination radio 'and phonograph console by the Miller ordhestra. ---Reep 'E m Flyi.ng---Drew Field Soldier Flies to Charlotte Pv.t. Richard Lyford, Drew soldier and a Disney artist, was flown to .the Charlotte Air Base last Friday to plan murals for the officer 's club at the Field. Lyford, who will work with Cpl. John C&bore, MacDill Field artist, and other Disney men stationed at Drew, on the murals, returned to Drew Sunday. The mmals will be done in the Disney manner featuring 1Jhe ifan characters for which the cartJoon genius is noted. Flying elephants and dive bombing bugs will r be painted to resemble the la;test model planes in the Air C orps. The artist will present preliminary sketches to Colon e l c. w. Howard, Chie f of Staff, 3rd Air Force, under whose direction the work is being done this week. Lieutenant Colonel Gimbel Is Now Base Inspector BILTMORE CAFETERIA Men in Hq & Hq. Squadron, 309th Air Base Group, refer to their new mess hall as tJhe "Bilt more Oafeteria". For goOd reson j too. They claim they are getting I the best chow in the whole Army.J Schwartz Cops Prize for Naming Volunteer Girls Lieutenant Colonel Gimbel this week was named .Drew Field Air B ase Inspector. Formerly a m ember of the Army reserve Colonel Gimbel was called to duty June 15, 1941, and since then lhas been s ucce ssive l y a member of the I staff of the Third Air Force and the Third Interceptor Command,! and Commanding Officer of all Drew Field signal units. A veteran of the first World War, Colon e l Gimbel joined the Field Artillery in 1916. A member of the R.O.T .C., he received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in 1918. After the Armistice he remained in tlhe Army reserve, receiving repeated promotions until he reached his present rank, Lieutenant Colonel. Before retuming to active duty in 1941, Colonel Gimbel was Presi dent of the Gimbel Brothers Department stores in New York. Hi s home is in Philadelphia. The usual custom is for soldiers 1 to .gripe aJbout chow when they 1 have notlhing else to bother them. When a n entire squadron starts raving aJl::rout the good C'how being served then it MUST be good Take a bow, Mes s Sergeant McGee, you've earned it! ---Keep 'Em Flying--ORCHESTRA Our orchestra i s coming along fine. The b3.nd even at 1Jhis point sounds very promising. The ad last week for sax players brought a '" violin :player (which we can also use ). The men we have now are very dependable and enthusiastic, but we need the encouragement I of more sax players. R ehearsals as u sual every Monday and Thurs-LIEUT. COf:. GIMBEL New Base Ins pector day evenmgs at 7 :00 P.M in the 1 Hangar. -Pfc. Glen Bitner WINS DEFENSE BOND Pr. Eric Schwartz A $25 defense .bond was prize awarded Private Sclhwartz of Drew Field for the Eric "V-ettes, the name he submitted m the contest spbn so red by the USO, wh ich will l>e used to identify ; girl s who have volunteered to help 1 entertain e nlisted men in the Tampa area. "The most important thing of t:he war is victory," Schwartz said "And I thought the girls should follow out the program v.ith a name along these lines." Private Schwartz recently qualified as an aviation cadet and will report to a training field shortly. ---Reep 'Em Flying---R A. F fighter pilots operating over the Ohannel and Germanoccupied territory on the continent carry no maps. They fl y entirely by compass and radio.


Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JDHIY ,JAC KSON, Publishe r Tampa Army Newspaper Jlmm SERGEANTS men of the 553rd Signal Company Charles G Ma.halick, Lee J. at Drew Field. The veteran, Earl Wyatt, Randolph H Dorsey, Clar J. Martin, 209 N Armenia Ave., ence J. Lewis, Francis J Penny, Tampa, was striken with a heart V ernon Mimins, Jess W. Robbins, attack early one morning of tJhis Marco Krivoul.mca, Marvin E. week while making a delivery to S mit h, Charles J. Kurchinsky, a Base mess hall. Marion Z. Bolin Frank E. Ickes, Quick to see the stricken man' s Woodrow W. Faircloth, Olander B. need of medical attention Sergeant Oden, Clyde w : Abel, and'. Ray F. .Ostroff gathered Martin into .his I Farley. arms and rushed him to the 553rd 1 CORPORALS dispensary. Through the efficiency John J Bun-oughs, Jr., Henry and alertneSs of Captain Mullins l K. Jacobs, Joseplhi W Go lden, and his staff the f ormer veteran Ralph s. Ackerly, Lol 'an M. Bran was quickly restored. non, John D. Fogle,' Henry B. HOWARD STUDIO 908% Franklin St. -.Suite 18 Open Nights Until 8 P. M. Across Street From Grants FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sanwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. When he is called off the Field his first tJhought is f:or the men stationed at Drew. He an-anges introductions of soldiers and civil ians. He is responsible for many < of tlh: e iil:vitations we receive for uv d ma. d e d uim g ot Saturday' s 1n. Tennis, Golf, and A1;hletic will !help to make Iif.e easier an a bit .happier for his men, the 1 Dear Private: spection. T h e s e commendations Goods. Chaplain is in direct contact with Some f ew days ago you gave were given officers 1106 Tampa St. -:Pho.ne 4770 persons interested in the welfare my daughter (who is at the jewel-of the units by Lt. Col. I'rtce, Inof the armed forc es. ry counter in Newberry's) $4.35 spector General, during inspection The next time you feel that the to ship a box of oranges to your of the officers of -the Post at ten world is against you take a walk Mother. It seems that both you o'clock. up to see Chaplain Clark. Unload and my daughter forgot to get Receiving the commendations your troubles, he's your friend and together on just who your Mother were Major LeFevre, Commanding he' ll listen and advise. You' ll sal-is, and just what town in PennOfficer 503rd Regt., Major Conk ute lh.im when you leave, hut you ll sylvania she .Jives in. I have the lin, Commanding Officer, Hq. & feel more likie shaking his hand oranges, ready to ship, and am Hq. .Squadron 3rd I. C.; Major and calling him 'buddy' awaiting your advice as to the Bennett, Commanding Officer, 13th --Keep 'Em address. Transport and 1st. Lt. Williams, FINANCIAL Yours truly Commanding' Officer 663r d Re.pt. Harry L. Stofer, Co., Frontier. The financial statement of Drew Field Welfare Fund as of March 31, 1942, discloses a balance on !hand of $934.68. 'I1otal amount lected since October 1941, when the Fund was established, is $1,205.92. Expenditures -from the Welfare Fund have been $271.24. Tampa, Fla." Our ;vote goes to Mr. .Stofer for his masterful 'stroke of irony, and we. eagerly await .fiurther developments. --Keep 'Em Flying--Says the \Vife? Mrujor Bennett, 13th Transj)(lrt, was commended for having the outstanding unit of the post. --Keep 'Em Flyi.ng-"Doctor," she murmured, "What is the .best way to get a wart off my hands?" The doc pondered. "Shoot him," he said, ... ... or! marry him." Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson .Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, REALTORS PHONE M1861 Berger & Rachelson, Inc. The Home of Pleezing Products 12th and Whiting St. Ph. 4041 Lafayette Hotel Special Rates to Men This story oan !be attributed to no particular camp. It' s just !been going the rounds in Army circles. A so1dier stepped up, to his commanding o f f i c e r and requested leave to go lho.me and .help his wife move into new quarters. The captain responded that he was very sorry, but he had just received a letter from the soldier's wife in which she said flatly she didn't need him at home 11or the moving. "She said you'd be more of a .bother than a help, so I guess you can' t have the pass", the captain concluded. The soldier saluted and stepped forward .toward the door. Pausing there, he .turned and said: "Captain, there are two fellows in this company that lhandle the truth very loosely. I am one of them. You see, I'm,.not maiTied." SELDOMRIDGE Photographer .. E. A. CLAY Manager 120 W !Lafayette Phone M-5588 Tampa, Florida Pipe Company 602 S. Freemont Ave. Phone H-3556 Tampa, Florida Compliments of GILBERT HOTEL George Brightwell, Mgr. 811 Tampa St. OULP LUMBER GO. "Everything to Build Anything" Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:-Tampa CRENSHAW'S For FRUITS & PRODUCE --Keep 'Em Flying-EDDY'S BAKERY 515 SOUTH HOWARD Special Pric; To Service Me.n poRTRAITS by Henley I 442 W. Lafayette St.-3rd Floor Phone H-3035 I For Your Convenience Studio Is Open 10 P. M. Tuesdays, I Thursdays, and Saturdays Meet Your Friends at ..... ROXY BAR -Beer -Wine Sanwiches 203 E Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Turf Exchange Bar Liquors -Beer -Wines Oockltails 206 E. Lafayette Street PHONE 2003 -:-TAMPA / 418 Tampa St. GroundiFloor, Opposite Gas Co. --Keep 'Em Flying-"Keep your eyes open. "Why?" "Folks'll fool if you shut. think you 're a damn walk around with tJhem Hostesses Dancing WONDER BAR your fun is }# *P{ our fun 1210 Franklin St. Tampa U-Drive-It Rent-a-Car DRIVE IT YOURSEL;-. 501 Jackson By Mile or Week Phone 3292 Let SADIE NICHOLS :Prove She Is One Of The World's Foremost Wave Artists By Test Curls Over Dyed White. Old Dry Waves Or Any Kind Of Hair. The. CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches -Drinks Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service During Rush Hours For Further Information Call3286 : 100-C Magnolia Ave. Ph H 3766 707 S. Howard Ave. -:-Ph. H3757 ___________


Friday, April 10, 1942 Drew Field Echoes Page 3 Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E P. Johnson & Son Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manhattan Cafe EXPRESS CAFE AND RESTAURANT CUBAN SANDWICHES A Specialty Wines -Beers 1807 16th STREET WAKE UP! On Sunday mornings in time to hear Roy Mason and the Buffalo Singers, over radio station WDAE, 8:15 to 9:00. Then attend church at the Buffalo Ave. Baptist Church "Tampa's Livest Ohurch" Florida Citrus Juice COMPANY FRESH .FRUIT JUICES Orange -Grapefruit -Papaya MADE DAILY 1611 Franklin -:-Ph M54-871 BORED AND BLUE? JUST NEElD MORE Bl? SIMPLE -Keep a can of Chidlow Wheal Germ And from an envelope in your pocket, add' not only Bl hut the whole B complex to what ever dish you ohoose. Best grocers carry it, or call Hl987. Finman,s Kosher Markel The Only Kosher Market in Tampa, 928 E. Broadway PHONE M56-153 "h Block East of Nebraska Ave. American Beauty Grocery 2014 NEBRASKA AVE. --Keep 'Em Flying--Charles W. While 110 WEST FORTUNE DONNELLY'S YELLOW BOOK Criss Cross Telephone Directory Furnishes You With Desired TELEPHONE NUMBER INFORMATION Dial H 3060 For Details Donelly Publishing COMPANY MacDill a;t Palmira -WELCOMENew Army Airmen To Tampa Fruits -Vegetables Meats -Groceries Burns Bros. Grocery 3002 Nebraska -:-Ph. 3424 I WE'RE ALWAYS FIRST Streamlining Ideas 66lst Sig. Rept., Co. F Adopted by Officers NEWS LETTER Latrine-0-Gram Z 4582, Series' 'Bay wind 0 w s', spare tires 95, that forcast stripes for acting aroUnd .the waistline, and excess gagets in the 661st finally came avoindupois will be a thing of true last week with the following the past for Drew Field officers SiPJ>?intments: in the near future. Orders from Frrst sergeant (youngest, at 25, the Commanding Officer, effective in Drew Field) is Russ e 11 K. Aplil 8, directs all .officers at Wlhartenby, promoted __ from pri Drew to participate in vigorious vate. Pfc. .Elmer W. Plowey goes physical exercise. up to Staff Sergeant; Pfc. Edward Officers will have regular ex-c M31ther L. Gaffney, ercise periods each week and will William G. Kloch, Lawrence J. be grouped under team captains Palen, George M. Crawford and Kenneth M. Last are now Sergfor compet1t1ve sports. Volleyball, eants d p ts William' H bo ling badminto fto n h d an v ender-w n, so a an -son and .Phil F. Seli t !ball, tenms, mt and paddle tentihe Ser ea gman go 0 nis are spor.ts in which officers g nt grade. Pvts. Troy will take part. iHIOrseback riding yv. Burnett and Bernard A Phelps is offered for officers wlho rprefer have >been advanced to Corrpor-their sports solo. .a --Keep ;Em Flying--;---------------: Traveling Library Visits Drew Field' Tlhat traveling Library truck you see parked iby Regimental Headquarters every Tuesday and Fri-day is a service of the Tampa public l.il::irary. Here are some facts and figures: The obliging lady in charge is Miss .Chapline, and she BuHer Krust Bread Marching To Clark's IJquor Store 4004 Florida Ave. Pvt. Charles \V. Thompson, Dx-ew soldier, 'Wil.S quick to take likes her work because she "likes advuntag e of the new free ma.ilingiaw. Thompson was the first soldier to see soldiers read. Tlhe truck in the Ta.nipa area t{) post a. lette1 ;' downtown Tampa postoffice itself belongs to the WPA and car-after the law w ent into effect. ries a load of 600 volumes, 75 per Soldiers will !have no excuse for not writing the !folks at home. The new mailing law, whjch went into effect Friday, April 3, al lows you to mail any letter, Which would require a three-cent stamp, absolutely free. Air mail letters and parcel post Horne's Pharmacy Registered Pharmicist on Duty At All Times Presc1iptions Carefully Filled & Reasonably Priced Low Prices on Nationally Advertised Drugs 2709 MACDILL AVE. PHONE H1925 Welborn's Service STATION General Auto Repairs BA'ITERIE9 -.-TIRES RioadSer vice -:Ph. S 3036 4800 FLORIDA AVE. GREETINGS From. Independent Ice & Cold Storage 602 N. ALBANY AVE. PHONE H3638 -GREETINGSARMY Am MEN Gulf Life Insurance COMPANY JOHN C MILLS, Manager --Keep 'Em Flying--1st National Bank ------'----------cent of which is fiction. Books I packages still require postage so don't write that sweet young thing an air mail letter and .try to get it -there free. Our main post office has issued the following instructions for use of tlhe 'free mailing service: Write your grade, n am e, orga:niza tion and Field in the upper LEFT hand corner of the envelope. In the upper RIGHT hand corner write or print the word FREE. Address your envelope as usual and mail it. Be sure the retum address is On the front of the envelope. Our Base postoffice offers a11 the facilities the downtown office has to offer with tlhe exception of postal savings. Defense stamps, parcel post, registered letters and other regular postoffice services are availa-ble. The Base :postoffice is located just off the main street to the East gate immediately past the small tent area. ---Keep 'Em FlyJ.ng--ELMER L. SEATON We are glad to learn Pfc. Elmer L. Seaton, formerly of Drew and now stationed at Barksdale Field, La., is well on the r031d to recovery. Seaf-9n has been suffering from a Clot on a lung. iPfc. Seaton is in ward 2, Base Hospital, Barksdale, in case you guys in :tJhe 3rd Q.M. Corps want to write. We -understand he would like to hear from Drew. Dr. Nellie Stewart Baver PHYSICIAN OSTEOPATEITC SURGEON Era (Radio-Diagnosis) and Treatment 818 S. Rome -:Ph. H 32-253 Ladies of the Army Ph. H23-224 KilGore's Bon-Ton Beauty .. Salon Central may be kept a week. The largest number of ,books that have been out at one time is 65 and the lowest 20. In the last three months 2,000 bo o ks have been borrowed by local soldiers. --Keep 'Em Flying-To .accelerate the age-'hardening of the teeth of pinion gears used in air plane engines, tJh:ese parts are sometimes packed in dry ice. --Keep 'Em FlyingShe: "A man has more sense after he's married." He: "Yup, .but it doesn't do him much good then." A. A. ADAMS MACIDNERY & SUPPLIES WATER SYSTEMS FARM MACHINERY Plb. Y 3535 -:-2312 Seventh Residence: 3506 Arlington Ave. PHONE M 56643 New Arrivals of the Army We Salute You. Your Business Appreciated KENNEDY'S SERVICE STATION Grand Central & Brevard HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET FRANK J. HYiNES, Mg'r. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME ANHATTAN CAFE Good, Food at Reasonable Prices OPEN ALL NIGHT No. 2, Tampa Wholesale Produce Market Same Location Sinco 1907 --Keep 'Em Flying-From CITIZENS BARBER SHOP 2nd Floor, Citizens Bldg. ARMY MEN WELCOME J. L. Caruso & Joe Montero Proprietors --Keep 'Ein Flying---From Toney's Meals AND GROCERY 2107 MACDITL PHONE Hl977 210 E. lafayette St. : Tampa MY BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY AND NAVY Cesar lkero Mas ACTING CUBAN CONSUL TAMPA GREETINGS To All Our SOLDIERS CALL FOR AUNT LUCY'S SANDWICHES AT DREW FIELD AND ALL DOWNTOWN PLACES 801


Drew Field Echoes April 10, 1942 Drew Beats Mac Dill In Army Day Game Sgt. Fred Swindells, former star of the Orlando state league base ball team, is the toast of Drew Field. Pitching the first game of a series between the baseball nine' s I CHOW CALL j At I Green's Wines [ Beers !Fried Chicken Plate Lunches Phone 4432 1222 Nebraska Ave. DROP IN -'!1 For -. t/a 0' GAS OIL SERVICE Art's Texaco Service 900 Gr. Central -:-Ph. H 3127 Desoto Park Sundries 22nd ST. & STUART PHONE Y4673 --Keep 'Em Flying-I Pictured Abo"e Is the Drew Teum That Blasted MacDill's Championship Hopes Dr. W. W. Garcia representing Drew and MacDill pitched superb ball an. the W&Yrthe path in this inning. I Balks: Swindells; Losing pitcher fields Monday, on the latter team's in striking out ten men and alRuggles and Koumrian led the Stewart. d i am on d he held Sgt. Hank lowing one walk. hitting for Drew with -two hits a;nct his mates six Greenberg, who once apiece. I On first trip to the luts m WHmJI;lg' a 4 tJo 1 dec1sion. Babe Ruth's home run record and 1 Drews mf1eld came up Wltihi plate he struck and missed the NEW ARRIV ADS WELCOME TO OUR CITY Swindells, a 24 winner in the was the highest paid in several plays that cut 1 first pitched ball. The Drew fans Florida state league last year, the history of baseball, with off hlts. went nuts. At the height of the We are proud of you and wish your stay in Tampa a Happy one. Ni8k The Tailor exception of Ruth, failed to get I Big Mlke Ruggles mru:re two noise Hank .turned to the Drew a hit in four times up off the long runs catches off hlS shoe catcher and asked, "Wlhere the slants of Swindells. strings to spark the outfield. hell's our rooters?" General Lumber Co. 1012 S. Howard -:-Ph. H 3007 Cleaning Pressing Repairing EXPERT TAILORING 2(}8 Harrison Street The game was played as. a part He hit two flies to the outfield, of the Army day celebration and .--------------; got a walk and fanned on his 1 was witnessed by a large crowd Protective Life other appearence at the plate. He of soldiers. scored the only MacDill field run, Insurance Co. ---------------' however when !his walk was fol-Drew 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 04 lowed by a balk and Sc:renar's MacDill 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 of BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Dr. George E. Lyons single. Errors: Chrisman, Zukas 2,. OPTOMETRIST --Keep 'Em Flying-M.W. Law & Co. D:US'I1RICT OFIFICE 402-3 W Al.JLACE S. BLDG. TELEPHONE 3555 GENERAL INSURANCE RENTS 316% Franklin -:-Ph. 2313 706 Fra.nklin Street Citizens Bldg. -Rooms 301-302 PHONE 4402 Three 'singles iby Matovsky, Swinney 2, Meyer; Runs batted !Burch and Koumrian were good in: Screnor, Koumrian 2, Burch; for a run in the third inning to Two ,base h!its: Koumrian; Double put Drew out in front 1 to 0. The plays: tJo Zukas .to Nolan; Life Insurance & FHA Loans Fliers oame 'Clack with a run in _Bases on blalls--off: Swindells 1 -:=============::::; the fourth to even the game at 'stewart 5, Wallace1; Struck out --Keep 'Em Flying-Compliments of HUNTER'S REST one all. by; Swindells 10, Stewart 8, WalLastinger & Gray FURNITURE CASS AND FLORIDA Drew forged ahead in the fifth by sco1ing a marker on a hit by Swinney, base on halls to Burch, error and a fielder's choice. Home Of Good SERVICE MEN WELCOME Stewar.t, ace hurler for the Mac---------------= Dill team was relieved hy Wallace r---------------------------in the eighhth after growing wild. HERBERT GRAY, Pres.-Treas l'.mS. JEWELL L. GRAY, Sec. lace 2; Hits off: Stewart 6 in 8'h innings, W a 11 ace 1% innings; Service Gary DRUG STORE -Ph. Y 3743 --Keep 'Em Flying-WHITE HOME. SUPPLY STORE 50th & E.BROADWAY C I R C L E He allowed six hits and five walks Mama & Lena in eight one-t'h!ird innings he worked. In this frame, the DrewBeer Wine Sandwiches Dancing I men sewed the game up by scoring .__s_lx_M_i_le_c_r_ee_k...;,_R_d_. _2_3 ____________ P_h_o_n_e_Y_1_7o_s_.J .two more tallies on double by VETERAN ARMY TAILOR JERZY HRYNKIEWICZ BLOUSES PANTS SHIR'I1S MADE TO ORDER. All kinds of Alterations, Remodeling, Cleaning and Pressing WHILE YOU WAIT Khaki Caps--65c to $1.00 906 TAMPA STREET -:CORNER CASS PLEASE PATRONIZE ME Keep 'em Flying! Gulf Fertilizer Company Koumrian, single by Meyer and free .passes to Ruggles, Wright and McNulty. Three men were left on Hyde Park Methodist Church Dr. Harry H. Waller, Pastor. a cordial welcome to all service men to attend service. Sunday 11 A.M.-8 P .M. 500 PLATT STREET Open 6:30 A.M. Close 9 P.M. Davis Plate Lunch 306 N. FRANKLIN ST. We Serve The Best 25c Lunch In Tampa. Only The Finest Quality Foods Used Ala Carte. INVITING We Salute You Iris Cafe 1806 14th St. Cuban Sandwiches Beer -Wine -:OLEAN SAM BLACK Wine -Beer -Sandwiches LUNCHES Filling Station Six iMi Creek FASHION DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY For prompt & Courteous Service PHONE H27-7'74 Your Call Will Get Our Individual Attention Pete Palori -:104 N. Howard ------.KEEP 'EM FLYING-----SUPERIOR FERTILIZER COMPANY FACTORY AND OFFICE EAST BROADWAY AT 47th STREET FERTILIZERS INSEJCTICIDE3 PHONE Y -16%3 -: P. 0. BOX 1021 TAMPA, FLORIDA /


Friday, 1\pril 10, 1942 Drew Field Echoes Page 5 Sidelights on Drew Field T earn Entered In Bob Legal Stars As Drew-MacDill West Coast Baseball League 1st Rept. Wins, 8 2 FLAMINGO LOUNGE FLORIDAN TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY Game Monday >Spectators didn' t have to be mind-readers to see that two soldier teams were playing. G. I. belts held most of the uniform pants at regulation levels. Drew Field entered iJhe West Coast baseball league this week with play beginning on April 26. All games will be played on Sunda;y afternoon. Clearwater Opens Soldiers' Lounge The 1st Reporting Co. of the 553rd Battalion defeated the 553rd Medical Detachment softball team 8 to 2 ibeihind the pitching of Robert Legal. The Air Base has a well balanced club and will be a leading contender for loop honors. In four games played to date, the Drew nine holds wins over U S !P.P., MacDill Fliers, a tie game with U.S .P.P. and losing their only game to S & F. Grocery of 'I1ampa The Clearwater R e c r e a t ion Council announces the opening of a Service Men's Lounge tonight at 8 : 00. The lounge, located at 410 Cleveland St., Clearwater, will have a Senior hostess ori duty from 4 until 9 :a.m. eaoh day. Legal also gave a hand in the hitting by getting a round tripper alon:g with Norman Woijeck who secured three for four. NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT Score by innings: -Things we will always remember department: The expression on Hank Greenl:i=rg's face when he fanned air on that last strike in the sixth inning. RHE 1st Rep. Co. 001 130 3-8 9 0 553rd Med. Det. 000 101 0-2 2 1 Wonder which outfit is miSSing a G I. broom? Umpires used the article to sweep the plate clean. that compose the West Coast league are from Tampa and surrounding territory. Fitted with a reading room, writing desks with stationary f urn ished, 1books, billiards, card tables, and a recreation room, the lounge is an ideal gaiJhering place for soldiers alone and with dates. The 1st Rep. Co. of the 553rd would like .to an-ange games with any' of the other soft ;ball teams on the field. Conta6 t Pfc. Zuoh owski for games. HOTEL FLORIDAN JAMES B. PICKARD, Mgr. What beCame of the bleaohers we were promised for the game? Inside story of the swell game pitched by Swindells: Freddie bet a carton of cigarettes on the game before he knew he was 1Jo pitch. If he had lost it would have been for the l::al ance of tlh.e month. The game would have been as quiet as the inside of a tomb had it not been fior the rabid fans from Drew. Softball Hits Stride With Keen Interest A piano, mechanical music box ( jook to you), and ping pong tables make this new recreational facility of Clearwater an outstanding contribution for the soldiers of Tampa and vicinty. The Red, White and Blue softThanks a lot Clearwater, we apball leagues will ctmtinue play precate your thoughtfulness, and this week with competition grow-we'll all be seeing you. ing keener between the organiza---Keep 'Em Flying--tions in each league. All managers will report to the Physical Training Office on the day of their game,. to find out whiclh diamond they will play on Persons with physical 4andicaps, such as the loss of an arm or leg, fly most light :planes with as much ease as physically norn'lal pilots. --Keep 'Em Flying-The Savoy Tavern Liquor -Beer W.i.ne VISIT OUR TROPICAL ROOM A .GDod Clean Place For Entertainment CHA!RLES VANDERHORST 1340 Central -:Ph. 7973 --Keep 'Em Flying--John D. Jordan Vinegar Co. 417 EUNICE ST. --.Keep 'Em Flying Seminole G 'arage & SERVICE STATION CARL YUSTAFSON, Prop. 1901 G!:and Central Ave. PHONE H1902 MacDill had one very excited fan .... he was the small colored boy on top of the dugout. he darn near fell off several .times. .Schedule of games f1'0m April i1 c k oo : 'We found a mouse in through April 18. the kite/hen." BAY VIEW HOTEL WIIT'I'E LEAGUE -April 11, 662nd Sig. Rep. Co. (Front) vs. 1st Rep. Co. 501st Reg.; April 13 Air Base Det. vs. Medic!M Det. 553rd Bn.; April 14, Hq. & iHq. Co 503rd Reg. vs. 1st Rep. Co. 501st Reg. ; April 15, Air Base Det. vs 1st Rep. Co. 503rd Reg.; April 16, Medical Det. 553rd Bn. vs. 13th Transport Sq.; April 17, 1st Rep Co. 501st Reg. vs. 3rd QM Det., April 18 Air Base Det. vs. 662nd Sig. Rep. Co. (Front). Mes s Sarge: "Didja kill him?" Cook: "Nope. He's such a big fat mouse we're watching to see where he eats." FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W B SHULER, Manager The staff of the ECHOES has been in quest of crows thds week. We wanted one parboiled. for the staff of the MacDill FLY LEAF. 208 JACKSON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE M5537 --Keep 'Em Flying--Drew, U.S.P.P. Game Ends in Deadlock, 1-1 RED LEAGUE---t .two hits ar;J.d a. run. Both Con. OYSTERS IN SEASON-SPAGHETTI A SPECIALTY THE TAVERN BAR AND GRILL HOT AND COLD LUNCHES SANDWICHES LIQUORS -BEER WINES pitchers kept the hits well scat--Reep 'Em Flyi.ng--311 FRANKLIN ST. -:PHONE 3940 -:TAMPA, FLORIDA tered and did a fine job on the mound. FIRST LOSS IS TO Uc IDEAL COTTAGES The infield and outfield played fine defensive ba.ll with several nice stops. Drew Field U S. P .P. 0000001-1 0000010-1 S. & F. GROCERY 6-3 OVERNIGHT WEEKLY MONTHLY -HOUSEKEEPING FACILITIES-SUMMARY: Game called at end of 7th inning. Errors: Gonzalez, Joseph 2, Koumriam; Runs bat ted in: Jones, Fultz; Hits off: Despite the 10 strike-out hurling of .three Drew pitchers the S & F. Grocery nine of Tampa 3402 E. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. PHONE S 7512 Brown 3, Epp5 2; Umpires: Ketchel and Thompson. --Keep 'Em Flyi.ng--MUM'S THE WORD HERE managed to top 'the local club w I t t}, N A M e come 0 ew rmy. en Costly errors and too many men left on bases were the key factors in the Drewmen's defeat. Each team garnered six hits, !but tJhe arriving in Tampa during the past week. hope you will enjoy your stay among us. Grocery team c a pitalized un lL\RVSBEAUTYSHOP AFRO-AMERICAN LIFE The Medical Detachment of the bunched 'blows to score their men GROCER & BUTCHER MACHIN: E JNSUHANCE CO. McNulty banged out two hits EXCHANGE H .ENRY C. TILLMAN 553rd spanked their brotJh.er mediJOHNSON PLUM! I'' G CO "1 Ll>ICH for .the Drew nine with Burch, r 3 .i DB. HEH1 AN 0. U cos of the 503rd in a volley ball Jones, Swinney and Koumrian JAUDON COFFEE CO. FIU'L Z ECI\:ERT game this week. ATLAN'l'JC LIFE INSURANCE LIVII\"GSTON FOOT SHOP We Using t:Jeir second teams as their ea.G_h getting singles. CO:WPANY DUPREE GAHDENS first string was in school, the 553rd Score by innings: HYDE PAHK GROCEHY HENBY l\tl'l'CHELL SCHOOL trounced their opponents so bad R H E S. B. CARRELL & CO. D. H. IJANEY that Captain Mullan remarked S & F 300 210 0-6 6 4 LATD1EH.'S SERVICE STATION WOODHOW WILSON HIGH v JENNIE'S GROCERY SCUOOL that we must make certain that Drew 011 001 0-3 6 3 CEN'l'RAL CONTRACTING CO. DR. J. 'r. COWAR'l' we get the scores in the Echoes---Keep 'Em F'.1yi.ng--JIMMY'S

. Page 6 JEWISH Tuesday nights at 7 : 30 me Jewish Service is held at the field in the Base Ohiapel Tent hy Ra:bbi L. Zeilonka. Friday night there are convoys sent .to the two Syn anogues in Tampa, when there are men who desire to go. CATHOLIC Chaplain Arthur A. Sunday Mass .......... 7:30 & 8:30 A.M. Confessions preceed Mass Week Days Mass every morning at 6:10 Thursday night at 7:30-Holy Name Discussion Club. Confessions in Ohaplam's Tent in tent area every Saturday. PROTESTANT Chaplain William L. Clark Sunday Sunday School ........ 10 : 30 A .M. Preaching . 11 :00 A.M. The young peopJe of the .Palma Ceia 1Presbyterian .Church will ;be in the Service with us morning. Morning at 8:30 Tent. Week Days Devotions every morning at the Base Chaplain's Wednesday night-Bible S t u d y, Song Service, and Religious Films. The Christian 1 Scierice C a m p Welfare worker, Mr. Franklin H. Murrell, will be in the Base Chap el every Monday evening from 6: 00 to 8:00 .A!ll Christian Scientists and others interested in the ject are requested to meet the Worker at thaot -ime. All Services Are Held Chapel Tent Unless Stated. --Keep 'Em Flying-Choose Up Sides Girls at the University of Missouri, all set to entertain a group of visiting soldiers, devised a new scheme of pairing off with the visitors. The opening feature of the get-rogether was a dance. At the start of the function all the girls took off one of their shoes, threw the loose footwear into a stack in the middle of d ance floor. Then the men were given the go-a-'he3id signal al!ld rushed out to grab one shoe apiece. soldier's par.tner for the was the girl whose foot fit shoe h e had retrieved. --Keep 'Em Flyi.ng-PVT. WILLIAM DUFFY P vt. William Duffy, derk in tlhe Motor Transport Department, spends some of his time chuck ling over strange answers that. appear in the motor school's examinations, and the strange responses that are received when individuals request specific assignments. One o f the students gave as his answer to a question, that he would "insult" his manual". AnotJher student, probably a of Erin, stated that he would to be a "Mickinick." And a ambitious chap in giving his cuupatons before en t e r in g the Army said he had done "loggong, millwork and rum-running, lots i t --Keep 'Em Flying--you troubled by Drew Field Echoes Friday, April 10, 1942 two training under ofJ Welcome to the ficers who will be selected from military 'POlice units in corps New Army Men Airborne Command Set Up For Military Police At Fort RileyArea Service Commands; from t.Jhe arriving in Tampa during \Provost Marshal Generaol's School, The creation of an Akbome Command of -the Army Ground Forces was al!lnounced today by the War Depal'tment. The new branch will be commanded by Col onel William .c. Lee; Infantry. Headquarters for the Airbome Command will be established at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as soon as practicable. Five units of .the Army Grormd Forces aJ.ready have :been assigned to t.Jhis Com mand. Further expansion immedi ately is planned. Training wi11 be conducted at Fort Bragg and Fort Benning, Georgia. One of the most important activities of the new Command will .be .the use of glider units. These nnits will :be made available from the Army Air Forces for special training. under the Airl:mne Com mand. The immediate concerns of the Airborne Command will 1be the ifiOI'lnulation and development of tactica-l and training doctrine, the development and standardi..zmg of material and equipment, and changes in the tables of organization and tables of -basic allowa-nces. at Fort. Myer, Virginia; from com-the past week. bat nntts; and field officers whom SA:t\-1 BUCiffiEW JR. the Prov.ost Marshai General wi.H DR. RAUL L. GLOGER designate. G. J. GILLE'.I'T'E LUl\ffiER CO. The center will accommodate 20th CENTURY BOWLING 1,880 trainees IRE SERVICE S'l'ATION he IS 5 feet and 11 mches tall, CASTRO y PEREZ wears size 11 shoe, size 11 ring, ALBERTU.'3 HOTEL has 11 letters in his name, and AMAN PLUMBING CO. tent no. 11. WARREN A 4..DAMS NOW PLAYING John Randolph PAYNE SCOTT "0UH. NEW ARMY"' MARCH OF TIME PLUTO, JR. FLORIDA AUTO & GAS ENGINE H. u TRIGG LA 'WHENCE HER.N ANDEZ DORRIES HARDWARE RIVER HEIGHTS BOAT YAHD S A FREEL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY l<'ESSLEit'S DENTAL LABOHA'l'OR.Y GEORGE E. CLYDE MALLORY LINES Dlt. JERO:\IE A. PINLEY !'BANCIS A STEARNB E'DtA J. O'BIUEN i\. A. l<'fNIUJESTEIN CITY HALJ, S 'iOHAGE GARAGE J P. DHIVER SAND & HOC J{ CHA Wl'ORD CA.F'E RELL\NCE J,U'E INSl:RA:'IiCB COMPANY DH. H.. RENFRO Dl.'KE .-\CJ,JW 'l'IUNSPOH'l'ATfON DEPAH'l':\mNI' H. G. 'l'l'l'TSWORTH DH. ,J. C. CH:\N})!Jlit DR. :'IIIGl'EJ, P DIAZ E. B. DRCIIHIGHT R. J. Dt:FJi' JESSJ!J F.J. H:\HP!<::; \\'. H. Ji'RECKEit JH.LI-FHESH FOOD PBODl'CTS DB. 1\:.-\Rl, K EYECH:\NEH. J 'l.:B;\IAN CHE\ 'HOLET f'O. I 'HI'l'll.: & Hl'GO AL''l'O P : \L\'1 SHOP lliW:\'X B:\R C V. DJCJ(E\', g HKU. .\IODEI, C:\SH GIWCERY HABRH'S L.-\DIES-HK-\.D-'1'0. WK-\1{. HOUSE OF :\ :\ULLION .-\ l:TO PAHTS Chaplain: "Are thoughts?' Recruit: "Nab, thefu." We didn't have an excuse for running the picture of this lovely, I kinda enjoy lucious, lovable lady. After a seco.nd look we decided we didn't need one. She's a barracks-bag beauty for you to clip and file. liLAMI [ JIPA T JHDE A lf ] Q J E HERB THE T ,liLQl{. T. H. :lfcC )\LL S :\f. ,JETT Hl.:.\IPHHEY & BBOiillRS


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