Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 7 (April 17, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 17, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1. NO.7 High Goes HigherPromoted to Capt. Sergeant Rutherford High, Drew Field soldier and a veteran with 2 6 years army service, has been promoted to the rank of Captain in the Air Corps and will accept his commission on the 17th of this month. Born in Bainbridge, Ga., Ser geant High joined the Army when he was 19 shortly before the first World War broke out. During the World War he saw 15 months service in France with the 20th Engineers. Asked he received his Sergeant's rating, High said, "Oh, I got that several times." He was a Sergeant in France but had to come back into the service as a _private after remaining o ut of the Army for. two years following the Armistice. He was again made Sergeant In 1921 while seeingservice in the Canal Zone. I During High's 26 years as an enlisted man he has -been stationed at Souther Field, Ga Kelly Field, Texas, the Panama Canal Zone and various points in Central and South America. Published Every F1iclaAJ Dre,,; Field, Tampa, Florida 13th Pitches Promotion Party Drew Rookies Officers and Men of the 13th Transport Get Together at Squadron Party APRIL 17, 1942 Clearwater Lounge Open To Soldiers Soldiers from Drew Field celebrated the opening of a new service men's Lounge in Clearwater last Friday evening. Following the formal opening of the Lounge the -men were entertained at a dance on the beach. The Lounge, located across the street from the Capitol theatre, is the latest contribution from the Clearwater Recreation Council for the recreation and entertainment of service men. Furnished comfortably, and with good taste, tlie Lounge offers service men an ideal place to gather for games, reading I and wiiting. A complete library of new books including -fiction, mysteries, mag azines and biographies is available to soldie rs. The lounge also in:. eludes pool tables, a piano, radio and jook organ. Writing materials are furnished free to all service men. Mrs. Justus Ruppert! is honorary chairman of the Lounge with Mrs. James R. Dyar acting as executive chairman. Mrs George Flagg is the librarian fit and was all set to go on a fur-Are N_O __ E_XCepliOD April 15th approximately The big s urprise of the evening have two well filled cookie jars on 3 8 0 guests attended the "Promowas the floor show presided over hand for hungry soldiers with When the Japs struck at Pearl ""' Harbor, Sergeant High was just back from riianeuvers with his out-The ladies are now planning to lough ori the 8th of December. Roolcies have always 'been a tion Party" given by the 13th by Master of Ceremonies Johnnie si-bly fudge for everyone over the "The little brown fellows put the souice of amusement foi' old'ers s 1 Transport Squadron in the Club Martini. week-ends. kibosh on thaf," High said, "And Drew Field roolcies are no excep-Room of the Pol1'ce PI'stol Range. I'm st1'll wa1'ting for those 30 free Pfc. Lyle Neifert started the pro-The entire furnishmgs and tion. Rookies recently arrived at days leave. Guess we'll have to Dinner, consisting of fried gram with a sizzling harmonica equipment of the Lounge were the tent area on the base answered hi 1 t t 1 d b d win war fint, though.'' c c cen, po a 0 sa a 01 e eggs, solo. Following Neifert, Johnny 'donated by the ladies of Clear. everyone, includ!ing other privates, assorted sand'"I'ches, di'll p1'ckles, If f I f 1 Following the outbreak of war Martini mtroduced Floyd Winters water. comments o so d1ers owith a 'Yes Sir'. and ham salad, was served at 7 in the Paeltic, he was transferred To top it all off they were to Drew Fieid where he has been o'clock. saluting right and left. evening fo ur lovely waitresses as-with his Danny Dugan dummy. lowing the formal opening are an During the course of the Winters refers to his dummy as indication the Lounge will be one working 1'al! over tho Field," as he puts it. Some of the non-coms were so non-sisted by voiunteer waiters from plused at the sight of a soldier the 13th kept a steady stream of Charlie McCarthy's second cousin. of the most popular spots for Ruth Marie Perez pleased the service men in the Tampa area. Sergeant High is married has thtee children, two boys and saluting them they failed to re-beer, Seven-up, Coca Cola, potato and turn t'he anxious-to-please rookie's chips, cheese crackers and pretzels crowd with her num-bers and had -Talk-And Die!-trouble getting away. soldiers a, girl. know when they hear something Ask_ed how he felt abo, ut his salute. flowing from the kitchen to the good. One rookie was heard to repromotlon to Captain, he !laid, mark, "Darned if these here tables. The lovely Latin from Manhat"As an old soldier I think it's o. k. stripe officers at Drew ain't The ballroom was attractively tan, Chinita Gonzalez, knocked the The old timen need a break once decorated with colored balloons crowd for a loop with her Ameri-snooty. They ain't but four of 'em iii a while." Fcir all_ of his service and to the satisfaction of everyone can version of the famed hula Soldier's Presence Saves Mother's Life saluted me back this morning." Sergeant High is only 45 years old, .-Talk_.:._And Die!--the -bright lights were dimmed dance. Half the outfit wanted to This is the story of a furlough and says he has a lot

Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JDL'\lY JAC I{SOX, Publisher Tampa ArmY Newspaper Dusinel

Friday, .April 1/, 1942 Compliments of the ... White Way Laundry 2806 Armenia .'\yenucial atten tion to the setvice men of Drew, MncDill, and Be'njamin Fields, as well as the local l\1aritinie and Coast Guard bases. Th<> M:aid's" of broadcasting "iill be uitinmte and chatty, inters}xwsed with the kind of singing that is a sure cul'e for home sickness. The Mystery Maid is small and shapely, with animated bright blue Her ma-in ambition in life is to make service men harppr. In return, all she wants to know is this: \Von't som'one give het a nrune? Camp Roberts, Calif.-To outwit ;'them varmits thats been rustling' rubber tires ... the West service station has begun branding the "priority critters" by burning license plate numbers on the side walls of tires. --'l'alk-And Die!--13th Pitches Promotion Party (Continued from Page 1) TIPS FROM THE 13th Sidelights on the 13th Brawl of the 15th T ech Sergeant Rinaldi could get a job with LIFE if he would cover every assignment as well as he did the party. We personally have never seen a more active photog rapher. Pvt. 'Nelson Eddy' Greenberg did all he could to help Marie Perez with her singing. Where has he been hiding all his talent? Captain Smith, Special Services Officer, can sur e sling a wicked foot on the dance floor. Glad you came to our J?arty, Captain. believe everybody got a kick out of sii1 ging "God Bless Amer ica" for the grand finale of the party. How about _"Auld Lang Syne" for the next blowout? The party got awfully quiet when Chinita Gonzalez d!-d her hula dance. Both officers and men were wide-eyed at the grace ful 'gyrations of this lovel y Latin 1\fiss Who was the rubber-leg pri'Vate doing the conga with such gusto irt front of the bandstand? Sergeant Grubbs gave the rather heavy singer a good work out on the dance floor. The ser geant dances as well as he plays basketball ... and that's saying something. Sergeant Jacobson couldn't make much time with the females because his microphone activities kept him too busy. Don't kick, Sergeant, we didn't have a mike and we still couldn't get to first base. Page 3 good wife. He certainly knows this cooking business. Congratu lations on a swell feed sarge. Sally Rand had better look to her laurels. The private _doing the bubble dance after blitzing the balloons was pretty cute. When the 13 t.h throws the en ergy into a battle that they throw into a dance, the n God help the Japs. Lt. Szafir's got a lot. to live up to now that his hypothetical en gagement has been announced. Who was the dream in a white slack suit who waited on the ta bles? We danced with her but she says her name and address are a military secret. Any help. on this question would b e appreCiated by mim in the orderly room. For Diamonds at Lower Prices Visit THE PALACE 1520 E. Broadway "Ybor City's Friendly Jeweder" Keep 'Em Flying Tampa Qental Laboratory 442 W. Lafayette St. Open 6:30 A.M. Close 9 P.M. Davis Plate Lunch 306 N. FRANKLIN ST. We Serve The Best 25c Lunch _In Tampa. Only The Finest Quality Foods Used A Ia Carte Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan': S. Ba.gley G. Cloetelis, Prop 204 \Vest Lafayette Street Phone H-3141 They say if you get sand in your a few conga steps in the good old Earl Carrol missed a bet by not Keep 'Em sh_oes you'll want to return to American fashion. attending our party. Did you ever Keep 'Em Flying Tampa Brokerage Corp. Florida. ]1f this is true Florida can Captain Mueller and his charm-see so much pulchritude in one look forward to the men at Drew ing wife were introduced to the ball room? E. L. ROBINSON Merchandise becoming permanent residents g uests. Captain Mueller being the after the d uration and six months. latest of the bachelors of BOQ 29 H. S. Dawson, Pies., Tteasurer --Ta.ll;:-And Die!--to join the matrimonial ranks. Hugh \V. Britton, 'lecretary A drew Field private's girl marCaptain Tully and Lt. Lillie now Tampa. Union Terminal Bldg. ried a Captain in India via cable-remain as the only members of this PHONE M -SSG4. gram. Happy day ... lonesome bachelor Lt. Lillie pre'-==============::!.:...:n:i::g:,h:,::t.:_. ------------. sented Captain and Mrs. Mueller :with a beautiful gift giyen by MADISON DRUG COMPANY Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service BAY VIEW HOTEL FIHEPROOF CON,13TR.UOTION -:-EVERY ROOM WITH BA'l'H W. B SHULER, Manager 208 JACU:SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAl\iPA T _-l:\fPA FLORIDA.-: PHONE l\:l 5537 .FIUEXDLY AND JARMAN SHOES li'OR. MEN McCASKILL CLOTHING COMPANY 711 li'RANIUJIN STREE'J' (Next to Tampa '11heatre) WEL'COME.:. Yon will always find a wekome At The Tampa Gospel Tabernacle 2310 JEFFERSON ST. John Mind er, Pastot SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday SchoollO:OO A. M. Morning Worship 11:00 A. "1\'1. The Gospel in Pictures and song 7:45 r. M. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY WELCOME REV. A. A. -SMITH, Pastor Tampa Gospel Center Tyler and Stteets Major Bennett, Major Kaeppel, Captain Forrest, Captain Tully, Lt. Lillie, and Lt. Szafir. The committeemen S/Sgt. Smyth, S/Sgt. Grubbs, Sgt. Z echar, and Sgt. Steele were introduced and received a great o1ation fo r their excellent worl;:. During the evening Sgt. Urmson announced his e ngagement to Miss J-eanni e Darby, and Sgt. vVol b e r t announce d his engagement to J\Iiss Belt> Mulvain of Marion, Ohio. --'l'alk-And Die!--Tampa .Auto Haven a nice plac e for your family to stop wheH visiting you.-AdY. STAR DELICATESSEN ANI) GR.OCEHY MAX STAR, Proprielor 1\:os lw Dt>li<'atessPn. Dairy Pro ducts, Staple and Gro-ceries, Imported .-\.ppetizets Tty out hot canned Beef, tongue 805 GRAND CRNTRAL A V.E. Open Every Night 'Till 11 P. M. Supt. of Schools Sergeant Steele oughta' make a VETERAN ARMY TAILOR JERZY HRYNKIEWICZ BL.OUSES -PANTS SHmTS MADE TO ORDER All kinds of Alterations, Remodeling, Cleaning and WHILE YOU WAIT l(haki Caps 65c to $1.00 -:CORNER CASS PLEASE PATRONIZE ME 1\:eep 'Em Flying .. TO ALL SERVICE MEN Don't forget your Mothe r on Mother's Day liTOTHER\g DAY MAY lOth 1942 we telegraph flowers everywhere. Bonded m embers F.T. D. Association TINMAN'S FLOWERS Madison in Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Keep 'Em Flying ... J. W. PEARSON Lady Ellen Beauty Salon (Colored) 500 S. Packwood 1111 Scott Street M52-272 NATIONAL LOAN COMPANY "TAMPA'S --. ,, -. PAWNBROKERS Money Loaned On Anything of Value 1101 Franklin Street Corner Harrison : Phone M 50-341


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, April 17, 1942 PURSUITS TAKE ON TWO SATURDAY LT. FEIBEL DIRECTS WRESTLING GROUP An enthu siastic group of wrest lers has been turnin g out for mat practice in the tent a rea under the direction of Lt. Robert Feibel. Lt. Feibe l Is a former Ohio State University wrestling champion and the grunt and groan mE-n are picking up a number of the fine points of the game from him. Practice is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights, weather permitting, and embrionic wrestlers are urged to attend. --Talk-And Die!-Special Rate to Service Men at Buy Bonds The War D epartment i s making the purchase of War Bonds easy for any soldier in the Army of the United States by providing for d eductions on the monthly payrolls by Army finance officers of the purchase price of the bonds in monthly instalments. Enlisted men may make an allotment of $1.25 per month or any multiple of that amount. Officers may make an aliotment of $3.75 per month, or any multiple of $1.25 above that amount. Deductions of these allotments will be applied on the pur" chase price of war Bonds, bonds to be delivered to the person named b y the soldier when the last instalment is paid. VAUDEVILLE SHOW MAKES HIT WITH DREW SOLDIERS M e n in the tent a rea were entertaine d at a soldier-civilian vau deville show Monday night, April 1 3. The show was t h e regular M o n d a y night entertainment brought to Drew Field by the Specia l Service office under the direction of Lt. D eForrest, assisted by Privates Alex Markowicz and 0. Z. W :hitehead. Soldier artists on the program included three guitar playing Privates, Ricki, Pix ley and Good; 'operatic selections by Sergeant Caesar Longo; harmonica p laying by Private Thomas Leo, and piano numbe r s by Corporal Pompeo. Working with the Tampa D e -Hq & .Hq T Meet Tampa U. Wtns T wtn B1U A d M .1 N -n an 1me 1nes The H q & Hq Squadron soft ball team journeyed to F airview Park Wednesday night to win a double header from Sears & Roebuck, 11 to 10, and the Sheet Metal Workers, 12 to 10. The Drew Field Pursuits are scheduled to play two games Sat urday afternoon. The first game will b e with the Maritime Training School at Macfarland P ark a t The hig hlights of the game with 2 o'clock. the Sears-Roebuck team included The second go will be with "Iron Man" Miller's moundwork and "Smiling John" Smiljanick's Frank Merriwell catches in center field. Tampa University in the Tampa stadium at 5 p. m The strong Tampa club holds a win and a loss with the MacDill nine. Miller gave the Roebucl' club a Pitchers Epps or Brown will total of 10 hits w ,hile his mates probably be called to start the were banging out 11. initial encounter with Swindells or More hurling the night-ca p In the second game against the M e n who want to see the two Sheet Metal Workers Miller again games are asked to contact the reuse Recreation C,ouncil, Johnny worked on the mound dishing up Physical Training Office at once. Martinez, a note d South American on:ly a few scattered hits, while ROCKY POINT GOLF CLUBS Transportation will be furnished Capt. Kenneth G. Baker .has rhumba d a n cer, 'brought a sterling the Air Men blast e d the opposing --'l'alk-And Die!--been appointed Bond Officer for cast of civilian entertainer s to chucker,for as many as seven hits the Drew Field Air .Base. H e will Drew Field for the-show. They in-in one inning. TAl\'lPA' S OLDEST AXD MOST BEAUUFUL GOLF COURSE Close to Town -Good Gre'ens be assisted in the iVat Bond sales campaign by Staff Sgt. A. R. Tatum, of the S-4 section. elude d singers Betty Petilla, Eu-Keifer's home run in the fourth nice Dious, C a r m e n Diaz and Ruth with the bases loaded highlighted M a ri e P e rez; rhumba dance r, Rothis tilt, along with Miller's power situ; contortionist, l\f a r tha R eid; ful hurling. Boxers Don Gloves For Future Battles -Best Fainvays ill Tampa 18-Hole Golf Course Open To The Public Out Memorial Highway To R ocky Poi;1t vll a r Bonds are sold. in the fol lowi n g denominatioi1s: $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1 ,000. Eac h bond i is dated the first of t h e month in :whic h payme n t i s l 'eceiYed 1 and matures 10 y ears from issue d a t e Hawaiian dance r Cllinita, and casta net dance r Kiki l\I e n endez. The Sp e ci a l Service o ffice i s in need of more entertaine r s among the enlisted m en. Any soldie r wh0 can s in g, dance, act o r play an instrume n t i s urge d to contact Lt. Any soft ball team at Drew If you a r e in t e res ted in the wi s hing game s with this formidam anly art of self d e f e nse now is bl e outfit can m a k e arrangements your ch a n ce The Physical Tra i n by calling 2G7 and asking for in g Office h e r e a t Dre w starts the Paters o n. training of a boxing team. l\Iond a y. If you can fi ght, if you want to ,. learn to fight, or i f you think you c a n f i ght, g o to the P h ysical Training Office i\Iouday and enter name M e n of a ll w e i g hts an; n eeded for our team. of the bond. Dr. Nellie Stewart Bauer Physician Surgeon Era (Radio-Diagnosis) and TI 'eatment -Inv est in StampsSkating T A roller-skating tournament is scheduled to be held in the near future for the men at Drew according to au announcement from the Physical Training Office, today. 81815. Rome-:Phone H 32:253 WE ANH.ATT AN CAFE USE 210 E. Lafayette St. Tampa GOOD FOOD REA!SONABLE PRICES DINNERS SOc, 40c, 60c Trr our Sunday Roast 'l'urkey Dinne1' with aU 'l'l'immings or Fried Chicl;:,en Dinner. Three Dessert and Drinll;: 50 S e tvell Fnday 11 A. l\I. to 9 P l\.1. ..... .. .... C OPEN DAY AND NITE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS Haverty Furniture Co. 520 TAMPA STREET COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HEADQUARTERS FOR MILITARY MEN The Hq & Hq Sq u adfon line-up include d De S anto, 3b; Hahn, D eForrest at the Special Service c; Jarvie, lf; Keifer, 1b; Ray, rf; t ent n ear the Regimental H ead-Gismondi, 2b; Hayes, ss; Smilquarte r s ,ianick, cf; Miller, p Incide n ta 1\y those eye-ca telling posters you' v e s e e n up advertis in g the !.\Ionday night shows are done by P vt. John A utre y a former m embe r of the iVashington Post a r t sta ff. --Talk-And Die!--WE NEED SPEED IN THE ARMY --Talk-And Die!--Instruction and tra iuiug will b e FORMER FRIENDS MEET unde r the direction of Lt. R. H. R. AGAIN AT DREW FIELD Risley, Physical Training Officer, who has had consid e rable ex p erience in the training of boxers. It's a small worl d, after H e will b e assisted by Pvt. Harold all. Ovi s, forme r pro fighter. And the Army is one place to prove Dre w fighters have b ee n very it. Take the case of S ergeant G cu-siJCcessful in t h e past. Two chamn eralla of the Hq. & Hq. Squa.piouships were won at the Golden dron, 309th Air Base Group. 1 s t S e r g e a n t J ohn W. Mil l e r Hq. Gloves tournament in Miami. Pat Patterson, our bantam-we i ght, Eightee n months ago Johnny & H q. Squadron, 309tlt A il' Base als o competed in the East Coa s t l eft his .home town of Pottsv ill e, Championship fig hts in New York H i s City. the squadTo n s oftball team, tl t e f ri end, T emplin, who lives Group i s a f a s t man. Pitcher o n P a; to come into t h e Army. --1\:eep E m li'I Jing -ser g e ant i s the f a s t est' m a n t h ey a cross t h e street from_ Johnny in DANCES PLANNED h a Y e on t h e bases. His s p e e d i s not Pottsv ill e bade him adie u. Johnny told Franc i s h e d see him afte r confine d t o t h e a thleti c f i eld, h o w the w a r w a s over. But the friends Catholic girls. of Tampa a n d ever A Corporal in M a r c h, the S e r g e ant was promoted t o Staff S e rgeant on March 17. A w eek late r cin the 22nd, h e .was rate d 1st S er geant. At t hat rate h e shoul d b e a didn't have to \vait t h a t long vicinity h a v e fonuecl a CClub to Sunday morning Johnny was entertain s o l di ers with dance s and waiting in the chow line H e r e -o t h e r forms of r e c r eation. _The girl s g i v e a weekly d ance in the Kni ghts of Columbus club room e v ery Thursday e v ening. The club room i s l ocat e d in t h e A ll i e d c e iv e d a t errific wha c k on the back an. d was greeted with, "Well I'll b e darned, Johnny what are you dofng here?" Y e p it was General before the duration and Francis, h e'd joine d the Army building, Cass and 'l'ampa Streets. A ll service m e n are cordiall y in-six months have elapsed. l a s t week! vi ted. VISITING WIVES AND FAMILIES FIND IDEAL TAMPA HEADQUARTERS Khaki Shirts, .ill Sizes $2.50 up Khaki Army Twill Pant s $3.25 Khaki Ca,ps Fro m $1.00 to $1.25 \ MOTOR COURT CATERS TO FAMILIES ONLY All Kin:ds of Braid and Chevrons Also Technician Chevrons All Alterations Made Free Larrie, s Men's Shop HABERDASHERS 506 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida Combines Luxury With Economy Wive s, sweethearts, parents and friends of officers and men at MacDill and Drew Fields have made a discovery in Tampa. Score s of them have found how to spend a visit with their r e lativ e s in uniform without spending all their "cash on hand" fo r lodging. Unknown to many a servi ce man out on Nebraska avenue (US 41) at 124th Street is Tampa Auto Haven. This Motor Court partakes of none of the undesirable features often associated in our minds with "tourist camps." Local custom and "party' business are rigidly e x cluded. No jook orga:n d lsturbs the sle-eping hours. No b a,r encourages c e l ebration b y other guests when they wish to rest. -The boisteTous conducts almost invariabl y f

Friday, Ap r il 17, 1 942 DHEIV FIELD ECHOES Page 5 Don't Forget Mothers' Day May lOth P-39' s Punishes Axis Powers Soldiers Should Know 'Mail Rules'. Powell's Inc., Florist 412 Tampa St. -:Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. The CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks -Liquors Abba Da.bba. & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave. -:Ph. H 3757 Turf Exchange Bar Liquors Beer Wines Cocktails 206 E. Lafayette Street PHONE 2003 -:TAMPA WAKE UP! On Sunday in time to hear Roy Mason and the Buffalo Singers, over radio sta tion WDAE, 8:15 to 9:00. Just in case you've had any ar guments about what kind of mail may be sent free of charf?e the dope again: free mail may be sent by anyone on active duty with the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard. Letters, in order to be sent witlt out charge, must bear in the upper right hand corner the wortl "Free," and in the upper left hand corner the name of the sender t.ogether with his rank or rating and the designation of the service to which he belongs. The new service applies to all parts of the United States, itA possessions, and in any other place ,outside the U.S. where the U .8. mail service is in operation, in eluding Army and Navy bases, Then attend church at the Buffalo Ave. Baptist Church "Tampa's Livest Church" Naval vessels, etc. Postcards come A death-dealing demon is the P-39 pictured above. This is the plane that makes Hitler and Hirohito agtee with.Sherman that is hell'. under the ruling, but air mail, packages and parcels do not. BRYN-ALAN STUDIOS FOR YEARS-"SER-VING THE SOUTH" NOW_"SERVING THE SERVICE" Stoval!l Office Bldg., 2nd Floor 416 Tampa Street, Tampa OYSTERS IN SEASON SPAGHErl'I A SPECIALTY THE TAVERN BAR AND GRILL HOT AND COLD LUNCHES SANDWICHES LIQUORS BEER -WINES 311 FRANKLIN ST. -:: PHONE 3940 -:TAMPA. FLORIDA White House Cafe SANDWICHES SPECIALST-HONE STEAKS -:Cor. Twiggs and Morgan FONTE MARKET LIVE POULTIY 2002 E. Broadway Y3520 -l(eep 'Em Flying-Phone for Evening Appointment La Bonita Beauty Salon AJll Branches of Beauty Culture .PeJ.manent 'Vaving a Speciality La Rosa -1727 Seventh Ave. HALF FRIED CHICKEN Opp. Bus Station GRECO FLORAL SHOP 1423 E. Broadway FRANK'S Dry Cleaners 2023 E. Broadway Phone Y -3008 Hotel Rogers FLORIDA'S FINEST NEGRO HOTEL Located Comer Central and Harrison PHONE 3566 GROCERIES .MEATS VICTOR REY 3912 Nebraska Avenne Phone M 52-404 HUNTER'S REST CASS AND FLORIDA Home Of Good Eats SERVICE WELCOME South Florida Boxing Officer Candidate Letters sent from civiliana to members of the armed forces mus t still carry postage. Tournament Planned Schools -Tough go, yet we realize the Army has a lot to teach us befoTe we can step out with those little gold bars." In a letter to the Drew Field Physical Training Officer, Mr. A letter to the ECHOES from Carl Dillon, Sports Editor of the William Grant, recently selected Miami Daily News, expresses ap-from Drew soldiers to attend OfBill also tells .us the officers in charge keep the students busy every minute of the day. Exerciser'!, drips, and class-room work take most of the day. Students are not allowed out in the evenings but according to Grant's ltter they are so tired after a day's work they are more than happy to return to their rooms. preciation for the co-operation given the News during the recent Golden Gloves tournament. The letter follows: Lieut. R. H. R. Risley, Physical Training Officer, Drew Field, Tampa. Dear Sir: Pudon this long delay in writ ng you since our trip to New York, but I ,have been so busy at the Office, I have not had the op-portunity. Now with the season over, I am able to catch up with my correspondence. I wish to thank you for allow ng Pat P atterson to make the trip, and I am very well pleased with the showing he made. He really fought better in his second fight, which he lost, tha n in the first which he won. However, he just didn't have the experience to compete with hls second ;round opponent. He went down fighting and put up a very good exhilntion. His conduct was exemplary on the trip, and I am sure that he had a good time. I haven' t forgotten those pictures you asked for, and I will mall them to you some time this week along with a picture of Pat terson in his New York fight. Give my regards to Pat and please accept my very best wishes or yourself and Drew Field. I .ope that we can get together again on an amateur tournamen!. I have been giving some thought to putting on a tournament some time later for servrcemen only in South Florida with the entire proceeds to be divided equally among he camps competing, the money to go to-the athletic funds. I be ficers Candidate School, praises the Army for choosing Miami as a .raining site for potential officers. Grant describes the school as "a beautiful place in which to take training. Our room faces the ocean and the rooms are palatial. We eat' at a popular' Miami restau rant, but we still have the balanced G.l. diet. We are constantly on the Hurry back to Drew, Blll, and bring those bars with you. GRADY'S LUNCH Opposite Bus Station A Good 1 Oc Burger Day or Night Compliments C. N. SMITH, Atty STOVES HEATERS LAWNMOWERS Re1paired and set up like new Pioneer Stove Works 1506 Franklin Ph. 54-142 Keys Made Guns Repaired FLORIDA GUN AND LOCK SERVICE By Master Gun & Locksmith 705A Flol'ida Ph. M 51-251 Keep 'Em Flying Pulardy-Watrous, Inc. SEMINOLE PUMP CO. Dayton & Jacozzi ORIGINAL JET TYPE WATER SYSTEMS SALES & SERVIOE "' Easy Terms 4034 Nebraska Ave. 84008 ANTHONY DISTRIBUTORS Beers and Wines 1701 20th Street Dial Y-1244 -Keep 'Em FlyingCHOW CALL At Rogers Transfer Co Local Hauling and Distributme Tampa

Page G Glenn Miller To Salute Drew Field That swingin' jivin' man, G lenn Mlller, and his band will salute Drew Field Saturday, April 18, from 5:00 to 6:00 P M. Eastern W a r Time. The program will be heard lo cally through the facilities of IJITTSP, 1380 kc., St. Petersburg. Each week Miller .and his band flelect a Field or Camp for a sal-ute The broadcast, postponed from April 4, is on a coast-tocoast hook-up of the Mutual Broadcasting system. A poll of the Field revealed "I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Baby" as the most popular number with Drew soldiers, and if this number is selected by the DREW FIELD EC HOES "THIS IS A HEJ;L OF A 'l'IME FOR HThl TO PULL RANn:'' gen eral radio audience as the mos t popular of the week, Drew Field Soldiers Entertained At St. will b e presented with a Console Petersburg and Clearwater Combination Radio and Phono---graph. The Defense R ec -reation Councils Miller has promised to feature 1f St. Petersburg and Clearwater Variety Spices Life of Western Union Operator the -tune selected by the m e n at entertained 250 Drew Field sol--Drew; so-make your plans now to die r s a t d ances Saturday night, "Of course we enjoy our work, 'be near a radio and enjoy this April 11. and we'd rather wait on soldiers 'nar\ie band' concert. The dance in St. Petersburg was than anyone else," says Mary VICTORY TIE h eld at the William and Mary Shaw, the gracious young red-head Hote l and the 150 men who at-a t the base Western Union office. to push our boxe r s to the top in Harold O v i s, the lad who helpe d Shave,. Shine, Shower 'Af' local U. S. 0. tended the affair r eporte d having Mary, Jean ette Rivers and Mrs. a g reat time Tl1e C learwater dance Helen H eyd are the three comefy 1he recent Golden Gloves tourna-h ld tl A L men t, returned from his furlough was e m 1 e m encan egwn lasses who take those hurriedly H 11 d 100 ld. t t d t t o New York Thursday a a n s o 1 e r s s a e o a written wires and prepare them O v i s not only bro u ght back the m a n that they'll b e looking for-for transmission. The office main-d t tl t 't t latest 2:ossirJ from the main stem war o 1 e nex mv1 a JOn. tains 24-.hour service, being 'l'he U .S.O Club at 506 Madison These d ances will b e h eld every ated by Civil Service employees but sported t h e last word in neckwear. He i s wearing a G I. colored week if plans,of the Speci a l Service during the day and by men in the i-s certainly doing its part in keep-Offi'ce ,.,011 out. s C h tie with a hugh 'V' in the center 1gnal orps at 1ug t. crosse d with the well known dot, ing the soldiers in Tampa neat and cleiw. The Club, operated by tiie N:c.c.s., has il!stalled shave --Talk-And Die!--BAD HAT "Our biggest job," Mary says, "Is answering questions and most of the m are about why a money A garrison h a t with a bad repu-order hasn't arrived." Drew soltation is owned by Pfc. Gene Ry-diers do most of their telegraph nervice men. The facilities are bicki of the 50 3 Signal Regiment. b usiness ove r the money oi der and shower facilities for use of free to all soldiers and include A few weeks ago Pfc. Joe B anks counte r, according to the girls. r azors, .btades, shaving soap and borrowed it to wear into town on This i s especially true when furtowels. The Club is also install-a date and the next day Joe came loughs are granted, the usual proing a shoe shine box where a fel-home married. Two weeks later cedure being for the lucky lad to Pvt. Ed Park decided he knew a dash madly to the Western Union low can shine his G .I.'s until they dazzle the eyes of the local citi-good thing when he saw it, so he office and wire .home for some of tiorrowed Rybicki's hat to wear that happy cabbage-collect. Re zens. Shoe polish and cloths will while visiting his girl. Sure cruits seem to be the only ones tle avallable to soldiers. Better enough, Park came back a married who have the money for stay neat, men, the M.P.'s know man. Rybicld is considering rent-wires. all about these services that are ing the hat out to wife-seelcing When a money order arrives, free to you. soldiers. the recipient must get it at the :welcome to the Army Men arriving in Tampa during : the past week. DR. ER-NEST GUDATH DR. o, W' MAYO A. C. WESTLAKE downtown office in Tampa, although notification is g iven upon its arrival. Money orders may sent from the base office, but to date the staff has had little work along this line. Besides the numerous requests for dates, the girls like their work because of the amusing things that happen during the day. Re-cently a soldier came to the office and requested a blank. After some two hours of dee p thought dot, dot. dash. That's w .hat we call all-out with the victory sign. --Talk-And Die!--ADVICE Kee p mum, chum. Tie your gum. Hibernate Don't debate Information Of our nation Consequential. Leave to Winchell All the chatter Of the matter Military. Hari-kari, Spike the hearsay Tossed your way Today. Keep mum, chum. Tend YOUR tongue. (From Mather Field Wing Tips) --Talk-And Die!-Photo Lab Men Need Anchor Men in the base photo lab are in I DR. A. MAlidoLM SMITH 4,. R. N. J)R. j: 0. M.iuiTIN he handed the girls an Easter mes-search of an anchor. The men sage addressed to his mother and constructed a sniall bridge to cross the drainage ditch located north E. O. PALERMO l!NASH IDGGINS lDR.


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