Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 8 (April 24, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 24, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VOL. 1. NO. 8. HERE IT IS! Published Eve1y Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Magician At: Vaude Show Fools Soldiers Houdini Protege Appears At Monday Performance Nat Holton, close friend of the late Houdini and an excellent magician in his own right, led off the vaudeville show for Drew Field men Monday night. Holton's FIRST BOND SOLD AT DREW Friday, April 24, 1942 Pu'rsuit:s Play MacDill Nine At: Plant: Field Drewmen Gunning For Second Win Saturday In what promises to be one of fighten'est games of the season the Drew Field Pursuits will battle the MacDill Field nine Satur day afternoon on the Plant Field diamond at 2 o'clock. it is, men! It's the new shoulder .patch adopted by the Army Air Forces. tricks, many of them learned directly from the great master of illusory effects, were styled after Houdini's work. Moore will probably start on the mound for Drew. I In their first game with Mac. Dill the Drew Pursuits beat their rivals, 4 to. 1, with Sgt. Fred The distinctive emblem will be worn by AAF personnel every the program, but they will have No soldiers were presented on where. important roles In coming shows. Four colors are featured in the Other acts were put on by sevSwindells turning in a six-hit performance on the mound. The MacDill nine will be out gunning new patch; white star with a red era! youthful aspirants from eentet, stylized gold wings, and a Tampa and a group of former field of ultra ma.rine blue. vaudeville entertainers who call one to even the series. After their defeat by Drew, stopped the Tampa Uni versity nine once and were beaten by them last Saturday. In their one game with Tampa University Drew was downed, 3 to 1. New Air Forces patches will be themselves the Headliners of Yes avai'able in quantity as soon as terday. These former troupers on the Service of Supply can issue the three-a-day circuit are comthem and will replace patches ing out of retirement now that now being worn in the AAF. Various units will be privileged to va.udeville is coming back and are 'Staff Sergeant A. R. Tatum, Materiel office in Base Headquar ters, was the fil'st Drew Field soldier to buy a War Bond under the n e w allotment plan. The plan allows s9ldiers to purchase War Bonds by setting aside a portion of their pay each month. Capt. Kenneth G. Baker, Drew Bond Officer, is pictured with Sergeant Tatmn as the Sergeant signs up. Incid' entally Sergeant 'atum is the Base Bond salesman, and h e'll be seeing you. (Army Air Corps Photo) Big threat or the MacDill nine is former Detroit slugger, .Sgt. wear distinctive unit insignias. brushing up their talents at sol-Hank Greenberg, who was held This is the patch that is des tined to be remembered for a long time by the A:ds Powers, after we have kicked their pants off. Danish Sailor In Army At Drew WH 'T TO DO IN CASE OF AN AIR RAID hitless in his last appearance tl against Drew. Since then Green-dier shows. Allowances Planned 1. As soon as tl1e bombs start dropping, run like Hell. For Soldiers' Families berg has been successfully bottled (It doesn't up by all of the teams the Flyers matter where, just scram). have met and observers are wait-2. Take advantage of opportunities afforded you when air raid sirens ing !or the day his big bat starts sound the warning of attack, for exnmple: pounding them out. According to information re-a. If in a bakery, grab some pie or cake, etc. leased from Washington this b. If in a tavern, grab a bottle. The game will be open to the week, Drew soldiers with families c. If in a thentre, grab a blonde. public. may soon have an opportunity to 3. If an incendiary bomb is f01md burning in a building, tlu-ow gaso-An admission charge of 25c w111 see their dependents provided with line on it; you can't put it out anyhow, you migl1t just as well have be made for the game. Proceeds allowances from the government. a little fun. will go into the athletic fund of In legislation placed before con-a. If no gat"oline is available, tlu-ow a bucket of water on it and Drew and MacDill Fields. gress this week 'all dependents lie down-you're dead. I b A convoy Is scheduled to leave wou d e grouped into two classes, P.S.-The ,properties of the bomb-free hyd"rogen from the water A and B Wives and children causing rather rapid combustion. (In fact, it will explode with a would come under Class A, par-helluva crash.) ents, grandchildren, brothers and 4. If you find au unexploded bom:b, always pick it up and shake it the Base Motor Pool to transport soldiers who want to attend the game, at 1:30 p. m. Saturday. P.X. checks will NOT be accepted sisters under Class B like hell. (Maybe the firing pin is stuck.) In the case of a wife but no a. If it should be a time bomb, stand by with a stop-watch. The in lieu of cash. children, the allowance (outright data you obtain this way should bling you surprising results. ..---------------. 5. Drink heavily, eat onions, Iimburger cheese, etc., bef01e entering a NOTICE! contribution from the government) would be $20. To this payment would be added $20 deducted from the enlisted man's pay check. crowded air-raid shelter. (It will make you very popular with the people within your :immediate vicinity, eliminating any unnecessary discomforture that would be. prevalent if people crowded too closely.) 6. Always get excited and holler bloody murder. fun and confusion, and scare hell outa the kids.) The allowance to a wife and one child would be $30, with a $10 7. (It will add to the per month additional for each ad-ditional child. Supplementing 8. this would be the $20 deducte d from the check of the soldier. If yon should be the victim of a direct bomb hit, clon' t go to pieces. (Lie still and rou won't be noticed.) Knock the air-raicl' wardens down if they start to tell you what to do. They always save the best sent for themselves and their friends, anyway. The Drew Field Private who l eft his camera in a car near Ocala, Fla., on Easter Sunday can recover it by properly identifying it at the Public Relations Office. The camera has been forwarded to us by Lieut. James Spencer, who gave the soldier a ride from Ocala to Drew, and he has asked the Echoes to see what could be done about locating the cam-era's owner. Army Pay Boost Is Now Certain officer in the Danish Navy, now of the Armed Forces! The Senate the bill: ficer, Drew Field, "regarding ATTENTION, SICK, LAME AND LAZY! Frode Andersen, former deck Happy days are coming for men I The following is a schedule o! S E. B-urns, Agent Finance Of:serves in Uncle San1's At-my here has approved the Army Pay Raise; Rating Present New the pay increase. We have re---at Drew Field. Bill by a 7 4-0 vote, and the War Privates ----------------$ 30 $ 42 ceived official notice of an Act When you answer s ick call Andersen came to the United Department has endorsed the Privates First Class... 36 48 which became effective March don't forget to take your gas States in 1938 befote the invasion Army p a y making speedy enact-Corporals ---------------54 66 .28." The Act of March 28 was one mask with you. Special Orders, f h h 1 d 1 H"tl St ment of the bill a certainty. Sergeants -----------60 78 to limit the initial pay of $21 per April 20, from the Office of the O IS orne an >y I et s orm m. H 1 ki The House of Representatives Staff Sergeants .... ..... 72 96 month of men in the Army and Base Commander, read "All sol.... oop ers. e Is now oo ng f d h d h h must vote on the bill and they First Sergeants ------84 114 Marine Corps to men in the 7th diers reporting for sick call will orwar to t e ay w en e can help drive the "Ratzies" from his went into session yesterday. Master Sergeants ------125 138 grade." This means tha t men who bring their gas masks with them. Under the provisions of the bill, The $10 increase for one year's receive a rating before the end of Except in emergency, no patients all enlisted men w1ll receive a service would be discontinued un-four months service will b e paid will be treated unless they are ac-country. Andersen hopes to put his of-pay increase. The $21.00 a month der the bill, and there would also the rate of pay prescribed for that companied by their gas mask." fleer's training to some use in the buck private w fll disappear. He be increases for some commls-rating. Formerly men who wer e In an emergency your company United Army. He has made 1 will draw, under the provisions sioned officers. promoted before the expiration of commander w1ll forward your application for Officers Candidate of the new act, a bountiful $42.00 "No official word has been re-four months service did not get mask to you, but this is only in School. monthly. ceived by our office," says Capt. an increase in pay. emergency cases.


Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JIMMY JACRSON, Publisher Tampa. Army Newspaper lluMI'neH,. Office: DRE\V FIELD ECHOES Starrtps, Stamps, Stamps, The Boys Are Writing Soldiers are writing to other 211; DUS TEilltiiNAL BUILDING Tampa, Florida soldiers more and more since the l-lardwick's Men Getting l-Iard P. 0. Box 2:>55 Phone 2177 free mailing law went into effect, Soldiers Name Festival Queen Soldiers in the Tampa area will choose a girl representative to compete for the title of "Tomato Festival Queen" at a dance spon-sored by the U.S.O. club at 214 All advertJHementH .,0ntnined in according to a statemenet from thi,. newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Field Fly Lear. !Uinimum Lt. R. H. R. Risley, Postal Officer, It'll be hell on the Japs when N. Brevard Saturday night. joint elrculutlon: 5,000 eopleM. at Drew Field. the 314th Air Base Squadron men The girl chosen byf the service "Letters mailed under the free tie up with the yellow "ratzies." men will go to the Tomato Festi ADVEilTISING IlATES FURNISHED law from men in foreign service The men are .going through a val at Ruskin, Fla., next week to ON IlEQ,UEST to Drew soldiers have also lieen thorough training program under compete with other representahandled through our office," said the direction of Major J. C. Hard-tives for the title of "Queen." A newspaper published exclusive-Lt. Risley. wick and Staff Sgt. Linn. ly for the personnel of Drew Field Saturday nig,ht's dance will be and devoted to military interests Dtew Ft'eld mail has shown an Legs are bei:p.g toughened and and the United Nations Victory. the first affair held at the Brevard Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or itR personnel of the products advertised. hips are getting leaner with hikes increase of nearly fifty per cent St US 0 on a week end night of from five to 15 miles scheduled since soldiers have been allowed three times a week. Soft G.I. The regular Thursday night dan-to mail first-class mail free. The waistlines are being whittled down ces will continue. free law applies only to letters and post cards which come under the o a memory. Instructions in the use of rifles, Men in the Headquarters Co. revolvers, automatic pistols and first-class mail classification. machine guns are a part of the of the 50 3 Signal Regiment were Although many men have training. The Major believes Air surprised out of their chairs one FLORIDA PRESS ASSOCIATION 19-42 ceased using air mail to take adCorps men should know their day last week. when Buck Private vantage of the free law the fel-technical jobs but should also be Accardo busted in and wanted to lows from California and Wash-able to successfully fill in with in-know how to go about applying The Tampa Army Newspapers Printed by TONY SALGADO, JR. At VICI\:ERS PHINTING CO. 1604 Marion Street Phone 3645 Service Gary DRUG STORE 3103 .E. Broadway -Ph. Y3743 When you are lonesome & blue and you don't know what to do come to M. MILLER'S BAR Where she is friendly and true BE RS 1111 Florrda Ave. WINES Investments, Residential Ap praisals, Residential Properties Leslie H. Blank I Ph. 3222 REALTOR 407 Tampa St. First aid is also ington state continue to use the fantry units. given attention. faster method of communication. Mr. Jesse Stuart, SuperintenMen are being taught methods dent of the Base Post Office,. of attack, how to conceal themwants soldiers to understand that selves from enemy fire, and how "incoming mail is available at the to take cover under all circum A.P. O., located across the road stances. Regular gas mask drill from the guard-house. Stamps and supplements other work. Troops parcel post packages are handled move on the double to accustom at the Base Post Office, located on their lungs to the extra effort rethe first street past the small tent quired in breathing when weararea on the road to the east gate." ing the masks. "Further," he states, "post Says Major Hardwick, "We cards must be addressed the same have already learne d that men in as letters under the free law. The the Air Corps will be under fire. return address must be in the upOur job is to teach them to proper left hand corner of the card or teet themselves and fight back We envelope regardless of any printing that may be in this position. The address can. be placed in the blank usually provided for the purpose." Don't try to use the "free mail ing" unless you thoroughly understand how to address the cards and letters. You'll save the mail can' t win the war with typewriters and men can't be expected to use weapons of war without the proper instruction." Clearwater, St. Pete Hold Service Hops Drew Field soldiers will be enclerks and civil service employes tertained Saturday night at dances a lot of headaches by properly sponsored by Clearwater and St. addressing your mail. Petersburg people. The dance at St. Petersburg will be held at the Don't Forget Mothers' Day I May lOth There will be Sunday Vespers Pennsylvania hotel and 100 men P II' I fl Services for Drew Soldiers at the will be invited. A convoy will owe s nc., orlsl Tampa u.s.o. Club, 214 N. Blvd., leave the Base Motor Pool and 412 Tampa St. -:-Ph. 25241 at 5:30. There will be a speaker Post Exchange No. 2 at 7:30 Open 'Til 7 P. M. j and refreshments will be served. o'clock. The dance rn Clearwater will be SHERMAN CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY PHONE H-3556 602 S. Freemont Ave. Tampa, Florida Phone M-5588 Special Rates to Service Men LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 W. LafaJette Compliments of F emandez & Garcia 1 5 St. & E. Broadway Tampa, Florida Meet Your Friends at ..... ROXY BAR -Ueer Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. '-Ph. 2456 MADISON DRUG COMPANY Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service BAY VIEW HOTEL FffiEPROOF CONSTRUCTION -:-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACI{SON ST. BPtween FRANI{LIN & TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE M 5537 held at the American Legion Home and will also be for 10 0 men. The convoy will leave from the Base Motor Pool at 7 o'clock. N.C.O.'s COMMITTEE FOR DREW EXCHANGE The following non-commis-sioned officers have been named members of the Drew Field Exchange Non-commissioned Officers Committee: T/Sgt. William A. Dibias, T/Sgt. Leroy E. Fox, T/Sgt. Warhen B. House, 1st Sgt. Wade 'H. }ooge, 1st Sgt. Loyd D. Barbo.ur, S/Sgt. Harry G. Walters, Jr., S/Sgt. Lawrence T. Haddock, John De Simons, SjSgt. Gabriel T. Pereira, Sgt. Joseph H. Kiefer. SjSgt. Floyd E Pickett, S/Sgt. Innocenzio V. Granese, S/Sgt. Horace P. Higgs, SjSgt. Constantine P. saclaridges, 1st Sgt. Wiliam Y. Duyck, 1st Sgt. James E. Landis, 1st Sgt. Elmer E. Adkins, Sgt. George M. Cranford, Sgt. Charles C. Potts, Sgt. Victor J Anderson, Corporal Myron L Boone. for a rating. Hostesses Dancing WONDER BAR your fun is ... --*>'[ our fun 1210 Franklin .St. -:-Tampa Let SADIE NICHOLS Prove She Is One Of The World's Foremost Wave Artists By Test Curls Over Dyed White. Old Dry 100-C Magnolia Ave. Ph. H 3766 Waves Or Any Kind Of Hair. Keep 'Em Flying ... DONATO CLUTCHES 103 E. Lafayette The CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Sandwiches -Drinks -Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave. -:-Ph. ,B 3757 Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. Johnson & Son Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manhattan Cafe Turf Exchange Bar Liquors -Beer -Wines Cocktails 206 E. Lafayette Street PHONE 2003 -:-TAMPA Adams City Hatters HATS FOR DAD AND LAD Hats Cleaned and Blocked 620 Tampa Street Blue Moon Poultry 3729 Florida A venue PHONE 4550 For The Best In Poultry Haverty Furniture Co. 520 TAMPA STREET COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN COLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME i Friday, April 24, 1942 HOWARD STUDIO 908?2 Franklin St. -:Suite 18 Open Nights Until 8 P. M. Across Street From Grants FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sanwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Cox Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle, -Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Athletic Goods. 1106 Tampa. St. -:Phooe 4770 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions Special Price To Service Meo PORTRAITS by Henley 442 W. Lafayette St.-3rd Floor Phone H-3035 For Your Convenience Studio Is Open 10 P. M. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS PHONE M 1861 GILBERT HOTEL 811 Tampa Stl'eet Phone M-1094 George T. BI"ighwell, Mgr. Berger & Rachelson, Inc. The Home of Pleezing Products 12th and Whiting St. Ph. 4041. GULP LUMBER CO. "Everything to Build Anything'' Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:-Tampa CRENSHAW'S For FRUITS & PRODUCE Mar;:mg Clark's Liquor Store 4004 Florida Ave. Air Base Bus Lines, Inc 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service During Rush Hours For Further Information Call 3286


Frictay, April 24, 1942 C. SCHIRO AND CO. FRUITS Al\'D PRODUCE Hillsborough and 28th St. Mr. Cy Schiro, Manager Keep 'Em Flying ... Unclerwood Elliott Fisher Co. 411 E. Cass KEEP 'EM FLYING STANDARD SCALE AND FIXTURES CO. "If It's Fixtures See Us" PHONE 496G 402 West Columbus Dl'ive Rainbow Cigar Store 624 Tampa Street Dial M1752 Keep 'Em Flying DR. ALBERT E. BERRY DR. NELLIE S. BERRY OSTEOPATHS 415 Tampa 1St. Phone Q921 PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELOOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. M. Worship 8:00P.M. REEP 'EM FI/HNG Princess Boot Shop Keep 'Em Flying Bios Field Grocery 3402 22nd St. Phone Y5261 Mrs. M. Blos Field, Manager Ship UNIVERSAL Via CARLOADING AND DISTRIBUTING CO. ... -V ... 81 0 Whiting St. Dial 2787 .. v ... W. L. Overton, Manager And Keep 'Em Flying DREW FIELD ECHOES "Slap The Japs," Says Shintaku 50 3d PILL-ROLLER N 0 T E S Page 3 Rumors that Army training serves a man in good stead in married life were confirmed in a lett e r received by friends of Corporal The first scheduled volley ball Alexander in the 503 Signal Regigame of the season found its end-ment. Alex wrote that he got ing with a clear-cut victory !or married while on furlough from the 503d Medics. The 664th Drew and his early K.P. training Frontier fell hard at the hands of came in right handy in helping the M edics by dropping two con-out the little woman clean up a secutive games by the score of .11 sink full of dishes. to 0 and 21 to 1. An additional game was a l s o played, and again the Medics held the upper hand. The Medics lost themselves in their victory and immediately called the 55 3d Medics for a game. Evidently the 553d did not show up-news of the 503d victory must have traveled fast. The 503d Medics intend to complete their schedule at the top of the list. A promising team will be offered by this detachment which bears watching throughout the season. Keep the pills rolling. Lineup: Miller, Captain; Fraley, l\1e1_1dicino, Grabosky, Kessler, McGinty, Wilson, Cannon, Leachs, Dean, Capone, Cpl. Schneider, Coach. The ineaning of subjective and objective symptoms has been changed by a member of the 503d Keep 'Em Flying BLUE MOON POULTRY SAFFOLD BROS. PRODUCE WASHINGTON -EAST DIAL 4628 GREETINGS R Medics. The following meaning aymond Shintaku, Japanese, discusses of the words were found on an ex-Palma Ceia Produce Mkt. Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries 2712 MacDill Avenue PHONE H-3187 with another Drew Field soldier how we will win the war amination paper: Objective symp-tom is a symptom which can be seen with the aid of a microscope; "We'll whip hell out of those I The recen t government order to subjective symptom is one that Japs, says Raymond Shintaku, a move Japanese into the middle cannot be seen even with the aid Drew Field soldie r now assigned 1 west has had its effect on Ray-of a miscroscope. to the Physical Training office mond s parents. His family was Never mind the microscope, Raymond should know. H e s an ordered last weelc to move into a student, you'll see all you'd want American-born Japanese. Maybe 9,overnment reservation to see on the b'attlefield with only we shoul d sa:_.' he i s of Jatn nese tl 1 d "I'd rath e r be in the Army than 1e n a ;:e eye. descent for he's certainly an outside right now," Raymond says. American in his b elie fs and ideals. 'I can imagine how otller Amer-He believe s. as all good Americans icans will question a person of do, that the Japanese are entirely Japanese origin." In fact he says in the and a r e fighting h e never goes into Tampa without a war to wm a last.mg peace for being. questioned by some civilian the peoples of this earth. j as to his race. Sluntalm carnes Raymond \\'ilS born m the little his birth certificate aud au affitown or Florin, California, about davit from his commanding offi seven miies from Sacramento. cer at Drew, in his wallet at all Educated in the public schools of times to prove to the skeptical Florin h e graduated from the that h e really is a native-born Elkgrove hig h school. American. Shintaku's parents have been in the United States for over 30 Soldiers at Drew Field do not NOT "\VHAT. A MESS" Why are meals in the Army known by so forbidding a term as "mess"'! Well, one explanation is the word "mess" is simply the EngIish form of the highly respectable: French word "mets," m-e-t-s, pronounced "meh," which means literally "that which is placed on the table; all the food served at a meal." Southeastern Natural Gas Corporation 36th Street and 13th Ave. Phone Y1140 ... -V ... -R. P. THORNTON CHEMIS'l' 1145 El. Cass Phone 4775 KEEP 'E.i"l FLYING ... -v. .. -years and were married in Caliappear concerned about Shintaku's I fornia. Raymond lived on his racial descent.'' They accept him father's farm with his three for what h e is, a soldier in Uncle brothers and one sister. The enSam's uniform, working alongside tire fan1i!y worked on t h eir farm other soldiers learning how to where they r aised grapes, straw-whip the Axis powers. SHORTY'S MARKET berries and vegetables. When asked what his feeling might be if he was in a n engageMANOR HILLS ment where he faced Jap troops GARAGE & MACHINE ,gHOP Raymond replied, "I'd do everyCrank Shaft Gr41ding Motor Rebuilding 8802 N. Tampa Ph. S55-622 TEST ASECCA BROS. BAKERY 1907 11th Ave. Phone Y5225 J(EEP 'EM FLYING WELCOME, SOLDIERS .. JESSE McLERAN SERVICE STATION Rome and Watrous Ave. Phone H3886 thing I could. to whip them in a hurry. After all, I want to get this war ove r so I can g o back to our home in California." Tampa Au to Haven accepts no "party" business. Tell your family they will enjoy its serenity.-Adv. ... -v ... -L. B. CHAPMAN GROCERIES 2112 7th Ave. Phone Y-1153 Palma Ceia Cleaners AND LAUNDRY 2803 S. MacDill Avenue Welcome New Comers PHONE H23-492 Best Wishes TO THE MEN AT MacDill and Drew Fields From WELDON AND GRAY WHOLESALE CANDY GROCERIES 117 W. Columbus Dl'ive Phone M-1422 Let's Take A Nip At The Nipponese MARTINEZ & CO. FILLING STATION 22nd & E. Columbus Drive Dial 1146 MARKET GARAGE 28th and Hillsborough A venue Dial 7598 Mr. Dillard White, Manager REEP 'EM FLYING Somay-Prods, Inc. PAINTS WHOLESALE 411 Hampton Phone M-1416 J(EEP 'EM FLYING THE TERRACE GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP 201 Franklin Street Phone 2532 Welcome, Soldiers, From Royal Venetian Blinds Mfg. & Refinishing Co. Connecting Directly With the Tampa Terrace Lobby Corsages ..,..-Cut Flowers And Plants For Mother's Day OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS 406 E. Lafayette Street Phones 3022 or M 5561 KEEP 'EM FLYING ... v Keep 'Em Flying 2809 Nebraska Avenue Phone M-52-641


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES 1711 Ysollno Ave. Ph. H-33941 DURATION Glasses Free to Army Service Men S. E. S. GARAGE L. Rodriguez, Prop. "EYI"rything For The Car" Rear West Tampa Post Office lJ MARION AND ZACK STS RE.\1 M A.RSI-IA L.l. wOODSON, Tk. D ., PASTOR CI-!ORUS DIRECTE.O Bl' LYMf:l.N WILTSE Attend Easter Services At the Church Which Gives Service Men A Heart-Felt \\'elcome 11 A.M. -8 P.M. Drew F i eld service men may now secure spectacles by calling at the Base Infirmary for examina tion. Several days are required to secure spectacles after examination. Due to the fact that one of the optometrists assig n e d to the Base Infirmary is ill in the MacDill Field Hospital, it is impossible to carry out the fitting of glasses as rapidly is desire d. Only those men having acute need for glasses are being examined. Capt. Mueller, of the Base In firmary, states it is hoped that within the next week or ten days sufficient personnel will be avail able to expedite the fitting of all who need glasses. Glasses broke n in line of duty will be replaced, however rimless lenses will not be replaced. If examination shows new glasses are nee_de.d, these glasses will be fur nished free. "Always tell your latest story in a loud voice while you'ie on the bus. AftE. t all, the lady seated near you may not have the opportunity of hearing it again." OFFICER CAl\"DIDATE Pvt. Robert A. Udelsohn, Air Base Detachment, left Drew Field Tuesday, April 21, to attend the Engineer Office r Candidate School at Ft. Belvoir, Va. Listen Fellows Snap Shot Board At USO Club Pvt. Udelsohn enlisted in the MAJOR'S Laundry & Cleaners Will Give Your Uniform That Spanny Appeatance Sgt. Harry Baedeker, 690 Frontier, finally broke down and got 1t G. I. haircut this week. Veteran Army man that he is, Sgt. Bae d e k e r h a d never before The USO Club, 506 Madison, un-Army Air Corps in h a d his ear s set down a t an Army der the direction of the NCCS has T enn., January 21, Memphis, after comECONOMICALLY B arbe r Shop. installed a 'bulletin board for camera fans. The board may be An informa l Musical and Art used by service men for pleting a course in Southwestern University. A native of Boyle, Mississippi, Bob graduated from the Boyle High School. E. Idlewild and 19th Dial 55-654 Exhibi t ill b e held every Sunday ing snapshots or other pictures afternoon at 3 0 5% Waters St. taken of soldiers at city and state Build those bridges, boy, but Dre w soldie r s are urged to attend. tournaments. Pictures of men en-good. illiifl!!'llilljjlllil!""''"'"l!' iiiiiiiiiliil!il 1111! ililli!!!!liiiii I !!iililiiii iiil!!lllllilli!IlilUl1!lliiJUU:!Illt:;rrmniiiiiliiiii!i !!'"!!"!I "Keep 'Em Flying A A M rmy Ir en Says Dr. To keep 'em flying -it takes good eye-sight! If you want to fly,be safe and be sure. Give your eyes expert attention at regular, frequent inter vals. For only the most cate is good enough fot a priceless possession -your eyes. To keep e m flying-keep 'em seeing. YOUR OPTOMETRIST Lyons To keep 'em flying-it takes good eye-sight! If you want to fly, be safe and be sure. Give your eyes expert attention at regular, frequent intervals. For only the most expert care is good enough for a priceless possession-your eyes. To Keep t em Flying-Keep 'em Seeing TO SEE BETTER-SEE DR. GEO. E. LYONS OPTOMETRIST 302 Citizens Bank Bld _g. Phone 4402 i!!iili!i!!ilii!ih!iill!i!l!i!lliili!!llfll lii!iii lii! iiiiill!!liliiifi!!ll!ii!ll!lll!ii!Ji!li iiiiiii Iiiii i!!ii!!!i,!lliii!Jil!lillillllliUIID gage d in special game programs may also be posted. If all the orange trees being The club hopes many service planted around the Base bear fruit m e n may meet former friends the vitamin D problem is solved from their own communities for next spring. through the new service. Private Yesterday Lieutenant Today Japanese dive bombers might be a pleasure after sleeping in an uuscreened tent and being the tar get for Florida mosquitoe s It's "Lieu tenant" Floyd M. Men in the 6 6 3 Signal Report-Bailey now to thel -boys in the ing Company are a happy .bunch 662nd Signal Reporting company. these days. Their new table of The young Texan is one of the organizations is out and most of few, if not the only reserve of-the men have pay increases. ficer who has been serving in t .he Army as a buck private. Lieut. Every enliste d man in the Army Bailey's commission was only re-is 'sweating it out.' W e don't cently approved, about three mean promotions furloughs months after he had enlisted. .. or passes ... but we do mean H e leaves today for Fort Mon-the Army Pay Bill that' is now in mouth, N. J., for additional the House of Representatives. If training. the men we electe d knew how we Will Women Never Learn? Pvt. Richard J effrey became top sergeant of the 662nd Si gnal Reporting company recently. One of the first person's to hear of the promotion was Sgt. Jeffrey's lit tl e woman -back in San An tonio, Texas. She was pleased and properly congratula t e d S g t. Jeffrey, but to the congratulations she blithely appended: "When will you become a staff sergeant?" Top Sgt. Jeffrey is still search ing for an adequate answer. M.&AGARAGE need tha t extra dough they would certainly kick the bill in t o the 'President's lap without dela y EAGLE DRUG CO. Prescl'iption A Specialty FREE DELIVERY 1709 No. Howard H-1405 PHONES H-1501 Keep 'Em Flying ... Friday April 24, 1142 : Louis Cash Grocery MR. JOHN OIMINO, Prop 1502 Tampa Dial 4386 We Deliver NOTICE Personnel of MacDill & Drew Move your family to St. Peters burg Beach. Large, 5 Rooin Bungalow facing Gulf. Com pletely furnished. Tn;in lleds. Electric Hot Water Heater, Range and Refrigerator. Oil Buiner Heat, Latge Porch, Garage, Maid's Apartment, Bath Houses. Walking distance to best shopping district and Nite Club on Island. One block from Transportation. Corner lot. $40.00 month by the year. Call or write owner: J.A.HAILEY 662 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Phones 7333 or 5790 Lincoln Sundry Store 1236 E. Broadway Avenue Telephone Y-1156 10% Disconnt to Any Service Man Bringing This Ad VIVIEN'S Beauty Shop 6103 Fla. Ave. PhoneS 3588 KEEP 'EM FLYING MAY BROTHERS WELL DRILLING CO. 4200 E. Broadway DIAL Y-1360 Samson Concrete Products Co. CHM3. 0. KLEINER 3007 15th Ave. Ph. Y-4893 UNIFORMS Made and Alte-red EXPERTLY Peter 0. McNeill 102 Cass \ Best of Luck To The 1\mN OF BOTH FIELDS GEORGE STEWART Boiler Repairs 1412 LOZANO Phone M 60-111 : The Ubi co Milling Co. 1800 No. Rome FEED Appreciates Soldiers Business 2502 Main Angelo La Hoca Phone H-3727 SUPERIOR FERTILIZER COMPANY Telephone H-1276 W. M. POLLARD RUTKIN GROCERY & FEED STORES 8901 Nebraska Avenue 7305 Florida Avenue Best Wishes From GULF MOBILE AND OHIO R.R. Factory and Office East Broadway at 47th Street FERTILIZERS -:-INSECTICIDES Phone Y -1623 P. 0. Box 1021 Refrigeration Service NIGHTS AND HOLIDAYS 818 W. Platt Phone H-1475 Tampa, Florida First National Bank Bldg. KEEP 'EM FLYING


Friday, April 24, 19 42 SOUTHERN PUMP &SUPPLY CO. WATER SYSTEJ)fS 902 TWIGGS STREET DIAL 2247 WORK DONE BY EXPERTS Sales and Service KEEP 'EM FLYING BEST OF LUCK To The Men At Both Fields From KIECKHEFER CONTAINER COMPANY BOXES 1011 Twiggs Street Phone M-1040 SUDDATH MOVING AND STORAGE Local & Long Distance Moving PHONE H1217 Household Goods and Office Ftunitme Moved, Stored, Pv.cked and Shipped R. B. Suddath 119 ,so u t h Oregon Avenue SANDERS DRUG CO. 8 I 24 Nebraska Ave Phone S5064 Keep 'Em Flying Best of Luck ... TO THE MEN AT MACDILL AND DREW FIELD.S From FLORIDA CITRUS EXCHANGE Florida and Oak Avenues Dial M8161 Keep 'Em Flying HARLE-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES TONY MOTORING CO. Sales and Service 119 S. Franklin. Phone S303 TURNER MARBLE & GRANITE CO. 2601 E. Broadway DREW FIELD ECHOES Pu.rsuits Top U.S.P.P. 664TH REPORTS With Second Win, 5-1 On Friday, April17, the men of April lOth Was ---the 664th Reporting Company In the third meeting of the sea-bade a sad b'ut proud farewell to son, the Drew Field Pursuits de-their company. commander, Cap feated the U .S .P.P. nine, 5 to 1, t ain Daniel M. Harvey. Captain 1-1 is Lucky Day ___ on the East Tampa diamond yes-Harvey has been with the com-When it rains, it pours, and in terday. The Pursuits have beaten pany since its activation. Starting this particular incident the pour-the Phosphate team twice with with only a small group of mm, ing was of luck. Pfc. M elvin one game ending in a one-ail h e has guided the growth. of L. Stone, Hq. & Hq. Squadron, deadlock. company, both in efficiency and 309th Air Base Group, was A big four-run splurge in the spirit. Ask any man of the 66.4th granted an Easter furlough. He third frame along with the four and he'll say with an assurance returned to spend his free time hit twirling of Fred Swindells discouraging any argument that with his .in High Point, never gave the Phosphate. team a it's the "best dam' company hereNorth Carolina. chance to get in the game. abouts." The Commanding Gen-The love bug blitzed him and he The Pursuits' infield made era! Staff School at Fort Leaven-was married in Hig h Point on three fast twin killings to keep worth, Kansas, is the immediate April 10. Unknown to him, the paths clear. destination of Captain Harve y, Stone, on that same lucky day, Matosl}Y and BeKeza each sewhere he will further his study. was promoted to tl:he grade of cured three for four in leading You can well see why the 664th corporal. the hitting attack for the Drew..: I s proud of its 'Old Man.' He returned to Drew Field with men, two of Bezeka's being of the Among those. present Friday a bride, a corporalship, and a G.l. extra base typ e. were Lt. McKeon, Lt. Ray, and Lt. shirt tha t was bustin' at the seams Boone made four long running Kelley, who is to assume command over a manly chest swelled with catches in left field to save of the outfit. Acting as M.C. was pride. would-be hits as the outstanding 1 s t Sgt. Roy Ives, who was .. r e -fielding star of the day. sponsible for the organization of I Matosky started the ball roll-h e p arty. H. J. SMITH ing in the thir d by slashing a sinOn behalf of the officers and Jeweler FOUND-One pair roller on Air Base bus. : have same by calling a( Air. Ba bus lines office. .,. PARRINO'S GROCERY .. Mr. Joe Parrino 3001 22nd Bt. PhoneY-8089 KEEP 'EM FLYING MARJORIES CAKERY ''UNUSUAL GOODIES-UNUSUALLY. GOODU 219 MagaoHa Avenne Phone Hl288 KEYS Jesse E. Harpe 9 I 3 Tampa Street SILVER RING CAFE 1832 E. BROADWAY Phone Y9921 WINES BEER gle through center and then pro-the men of the 664th: "Good luck, I ceeded to steal second. Bekeza Skipper." s l ammed a mighty t riple to. left ===:.._ __ ..:...._ _______ JEWELRY, DIAMONDS AND WATCHES Phone 4371 826 Franldin Street CUMBERLAND AND LIBERTY MILLS CO. MORGAN AND WHITING PHONE 4671 SWANGER, Realtor Heal Estate -Rentals 4417 Bayshore Blvd. at Lawn PHONE W-1871 "Harold" McGUCKEN'S Liquor Store PROMPT AND COURTEOUSDELrvERY PHONE H1637 601 PLATT STREET Keep 'Em Flying Special Rate to Service Men at ROCKY POINT GOLF CLUBS TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL GOLF COURSE -Close to Town -Good Greens _Best Fairways i n 'l'ampa -Sporty 18-Hole Golf Course Open To The Public Out Memorial Highway To Rocky Point field to score Matosky and scored a minute l a ter on a fly to l eft by Meyer. Todd was safe on an error, moved down to second on a sacrifice and scored on two errors by the pitcher. McNulty was hit by a pitched ball, stol e second. An error by t h e pitcher a long with a passed ball by the catcher per1 mitted him to make the circuit for I the fourth run of the inning. --Talk-1\nd Die!--Goode Earns Promotion 1st S e rgeant Wade H Goode, 314th Ai r Base Squadron, came up in t h e A rmy the hard way. The sergeant was promoted to 1st ser geant March 21, after six years service. Three of the six years were s pent with the 8th Infantry in Savannah, Ga. November, 1939, found Goode t r a nsferred to the Air Corps and assigned to Barlrs dale Field, La. He worked as an engineering clerk at Barksdaye until June, 1940, when h e qualified for the air mechanic course at the Air Corps Technical School, Chanute Field, Ill. After graduation from the school he was assigned to duty at Drew and MacDill Fields. The sergeant returned to the school for the specialist course in aircraft power plants on December 15, 1940. Since that time Goode has been rated Air Mechanic First Class. The sergeant is a native of the deep, deep south. His home is in Baxley, Georgia, where he graduated from Surrency Hig h Air trael no longer thrills the n e w 1st Sergeant as he has traveled extensively by plane since coming into the Air Corps. Although the promotion t o 1st Ser geant is liable to make a man l<'HIENDLY AND JARMAN SHOES I'OR MEN McCASKILL CLOTHING COMPANY 711 FRAI'<'l{LIN STREET (Next to T ampa Theatre) Keep 'Em Flying ... Hillsboro Welding Co. 308 W. Fortu ne Open 6:30 A M. Close 9 P.J.\1. Davis Plate Lunch 306 N. FRANKLIN ST. We Serve The Best 25c Lunch In Tampa. Only The F 1 n e s t Quality Foods Used A la Carte f r:-:-coinpuments from The Gulf Fishing Net. Co. 201 Oass St. Arcade Building Welcome New AITivals Best Wishes .. To All In The Service Of The U.S. A. SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS St. Joseph's Hospital Tampa, Florida Good Health Is Essential To Ds:FENSE Drink Milk TAMPA STOCK FARMS DAIRY Pioneers of Pasteurization DIAL4983 -:---------------.!...::::=============: walk around with his head in the On C learwater -Beach, DeLuxe Housekeeping Apartments $15.00 PER WEEK AND UP clouds, you can b e t your last P ,X. check the sergeant's feet are still firmly planted on !f,OOd old terra firma. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE RICHMOND APARTMENTS 605 MANDALAY BOULEVARD PARK HOTEL 212 W. LAFAYETTE Quiet, clean, comfortable rooms Exceptionally low summer rates Tom Bryson, Mgr. Ph. H 4378 ---J['alk-And Dle!-The Echoes sports department is in high gear again. Pvt. Baggatt, known as "Sergeant" to Tampa sports writers, i s back on the job after a hectic furlough in Charlotte. Charlotte too is getting -back into shape. Have you noticed the sign on the doors of the Hq. & Hq. Squad ron, 309th Air Base, mess hall? Reads 'Old Men Only' ... that's for us! SARA TOGA BAR Corner Fortune and Franklin D ancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 SERVICE !\'lEN'S RETREAT ELLISTON'S DRUG STORE Lunches, Dinners, Sandwiches, Beer, Ooid Drinks Lafayette at Parker Street Park Hotel BulldfnS


Page S B k SHOES ec GUARDSMAN MILITARY ALLONEA PRWB SHOES FOR MEN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA ANHATTAN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St.Tampa GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DINNERS 80c, 40c, 60c Try our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner with all Tdmmings or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three Vegetables, Dessert and Drink 50 Served Friday 11 A. M. to 9 P. M. .... ..... C OPEN DAY AND 1\'lTE WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS HAPPY LANDINGS From SUNNY BROOK DAIRY Pasteurized MILK AND CRE},. J. Dial S-525,. 1006 E. Osb' ne Avenue l HEADQUARTERS FOR MILITARY M .EN 1\:baki Shirts, All Sizes $2.50 up Khaki Army Twill Pants $3.25 1\:haki Oa.ps From $1.00 to $1.25 All Kinds of Braid and Chevrons Also Technician Chevrons All Alterations Made Free Larries Men's Sh HABERDASHERS 506 Franklin Street Tampa, Have Your Made On Our PORTRAIT Servicemen's Special I 4 Pictures For $6.96! One 8xl0 and Three 4x6 Prints, Finished in Beautiful Platinum-toneReady for Framing Sittings made on or before April 28th will be Finished before Mother's Ray Bryll Studios ..... .... 4 I 6 Tampa Street Second Floor Opp. Gas Co. Phone M-1439 Tampa, Florida DREW FIELD ECHOES TIPS FROM THE .13th Wonder why Lt. Szaflr has gone to New York for ten days leave? Is it. to live up to his hypothetical engagement? Cpl. McNeil has been sticking close to the ba:Oracks latelY'what's the trouble, "Mac", has she CHURCH CALL PROTESTANT Chaplain Amos L. Boren 501st Regt. Chaplain Service at 11 a. m. 501st tent area in Chapel tent in row 117. PROTESTANT Chaplain William L. Olark Base Chaplain Friday, April 24, 1942 .... FLAMINGO LOUNGE FLORIDAN TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT done you wrong? Sgt. Dolney has Service at 11 a. m. Base Chapel tent. been noticed in the barracks every night !or the past few weeks. We vonder if he is married. JEWISH Rabbi Davi" L. Zielonka ---Service at 11 a.m. Motor TransHOTEL FLORIDAN The 13th has a complaint to port School tent on Limit Street make-last week an ECHOES in 503d tent area. JAMES B. PICKARD, Mgr. article stated that Sgt. Miller, 21, was the youngest first sergeant at Drew Field-now this is where we disagree-we claim that Sgt. Lloyd D. Barbour of the 30th Transport Squadron, attached to the 13th, is the youngest first sergeant. Barbour is twenty and has three ye.ars service to his credit. Congratulations Sgt. Barbour. Seems as tho' all the men !rom the 13th who go on furlough either get engaged or resort to drastic measures and get themselves married. The latest addition to the ranks of "furlough married men" is Cpl. Harold C. Myers who married Miss Louise Groce of Worthville, N. C. Cpl. and Mrs. Myers will make their home in Tampa In the near future. OATH OLIO Chaplain Arthur A. North 508d Regt. Chaplain Early mass at 6:35 a. m. Chapel tent. Mas at 11 Assembly tent north of Headquarters. -Talk-And Die!--WHERE YOU FROM, BUDDY? Some of the physical charactersties peculiar to residents of diferent sections of the country are .oming to light in the Army. The Quartermaster Corps has discov-ered that soldiers from the Deep South have the biggest feet, while heir Northern comrades have a wider girth. And, according to ,ccepted form, Texans are the allest. But. on a basis of appeite, all sections run a dead heat. Pfc. Robert A. Doberstein an-NOW PLAYING nounces his engagement to Miss Nellie Delgado or Tampa. Believe me fellows, she is really beautiful. Maybe we will publish her picture before long. The 13th is glad to welcome Pt:c. Douglas L. Powell to its ranks. Pt:c. Powell has been trans l ferred to the best outfit on the field. T /Sgt. DiBias says he Is falling in love more every day. Her first name begins with "T." When's he wedding Sgt.? Lt. Lillie will have to work fast unless he wants to be the last bachelor in the 13th. Maybe the Lt. had better take his leave In the near future. Pfc. Killebrew isn't waiting for General Frank to act upon his announcement of making the men under his command leaner and stronger, Killebrew has already started taking exercises to rid of excess weight. The 13th Is beginning to won' der ,how much longer we will have to "sweat-out" this new pay bill. Why can't we have more girls in Tampa like the "The Mystery Maid of Melody?" This reporter suggests the current name "Miss Spirit of '42." Have you heard the rumor ot: General MacArthur returning to the Philippines? That means hari-karl will :become a popular pastime among the Japanese gen erals pretty soon. One guy In the 13th calls his best girl !'sugar" and since she weighs 175 he thinks a little ra tioning might be a good thing. Which of you sergeants said that whim he got in a little late Saturday night and his wife told .him it was nearly two o'clock, he didn't have to ask her by what time, he knew it was war time. --TAMPA THEATRE MIDNITE SHOW Saturday 11:30 P. M. "THE SPOILERS" Keep 'Em Flying R. Calvin McNab Jr. R o II e r :s k a t i n g COLISEUM EVERY AFTERNOON 2:30 to 5 Night 8 to 11 EXCEPT MONDAY Sc BUS FARE TO DAVIS ISLANDS COLISEUM Tuesday And Thursday Nights Special For Men In THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


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