Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 11 (May 15, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
May 15, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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' MAIL-AWAY EDITION; SEND IT HOME c;:: Liff VOL. l. NO. 11 Published Every F1 iday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida ---------------------------------------:Pay Boost Bill Goes To Senate Washington, May 13.-A ;big increase for buck privates and apprentice seamen to ):>ring their pay to $50 a month was voted tentatively by the house Tuesday, May 12. As passed by the senate the bill FLASH The pay boost bill is now in the hands of a joint committee, with action expected tl:t.is week-end or early next week. Tampa Mothers Entertained By Soldiers Friday; May 15, 1942 Noted Author Slams Nazis .In Lecture Konrad Bercovici, noted writer and lecturer, spoke in the big Assembly tent north of the Base Headquarters before the entire Base enlisted personnel. A number of ranking officers were also. present. Mr. Bercovici repeated his lecture before two groups, divided because of the limitation of space. The men stood in the open space facing the tent and listened earnestly to the well-informed lecturer, who is the author of more than forty books, including many novels, travel books and commentaries on world events. Mr. Bercovici, a sturdy looking man in his early sixties, built up a convincing case against the present Nazi regime. About fourteen years ago he was sent by his would have raised the pay of privates and apprentice seamen to $ 42 a month, but the house adopted, 102 to 40, an amendment by Rep7esentative Rankin (D., Miss.) boosting this figure by $8. The amendment also provided that first class privates and second class seamen should receive $54 a month, $6 more than the senate version. A part of the large crowd that attended the Mother's Day services at Drew is pictured above. Soldiers publisher to Germany. His priacted as hosts to Tampa mothers at a dinner served in mess halls following religious services in the mary purpose was to interview assembly tent. the Nazi leaders and find out what Mother's Day Celebrated While the major goal of the bill is to take care of privates and other service men in the low-pay brackets, it also wo'uld benefit officers by increasing their rental and subsistence allowances. It affects the army, navy, marine corps, coast guard, coast and geodetic survey, p ublic health service and nursing service. With Services And Dinner It provides base pay boosts -for men up to and including second lieutenants and ensigns, the increase for these officers being $300 annually in pay and a small boost in allowances. Drew' ,Soldiers Help Make Navy Relief Ball Huge Success On this first Mother's Day since our nation entered World War II, more than 600 people attended the well-arranged, non-secular program brought together by Chaplain William L Clark, Base C.haplain. More tha n one hun dred attractively gowned Tampa mothers, Protestant and Jewish, w ere g uests of Drew m e n at the services. The seats of the tent were packed to the limits, and soldiers stood in deep r anks on all sides of the canopy, .wearing red and white flowers as symbols of a living or deceased mother. Many ranking officers were also present at the services. Chaplain Amos L. Boren de-livered the invocation and led the They danced, they sang, they singing of the hymn, "Faith of made the welkin ring-more than Our Fathers," the congregation 700 soldiers, sailors and civilians substituting the word "Mother" -at a dance and held at the Tampa Terrace Hotel wherever "Father" appears in the text. Drew Plays. MacDill Sunday On Sunday The Dre w lntet c e]Jtors will meet the 1\iacDill Flyers on Plant Park diamond at 2:30 in a. \Vest Coast Jeag u e game. 'l'he Interceptors and Flyers have nwt twice this season with Ihe w winning both encounters by 4-1 and 9-1. This will be theh first meeting in the '\Vest Coast l eague. Transpottation will be furnished for men who attend the game Contact the Special Services Officer at once for reservations. The g _ame will be free to service Juen. Skating Act Hit Mail-Away l:d-ition To Folks At Home made them tick As a result of the interviews and his travels through Germany he came to the conclusion that the Nazi leaders could not be disso-Most of you men here at Drew elated from the GeJ:man people, come from homes that are a far but were a true reflection of the cry from sunny Florida shores. In German state of mind. In his anathis edition of the ECHOES we lysis of the Nazi chieftains he have tried to print news features passed over Hitler on the preof Tampa and vicinity that will sumption that his listeners were give the folks back home an idea well aware of the type of monsof .the country in which you are trous degenerate that he is. B ercovici's chief concern was with the four men whom h e considers Hitler's peers: namely, Goering, Rosenberg, Goebbels and stationed. After you have read the edition why not wrap it up and mail it home? Your people will probably appreciate it. They are interes t e d Hess. Goering, he pointed out, bein you and where you are so let longs to the Junker class A Prus the ECHOES help you tell them sian flyer who was injure d s e about Florida. (Continued on Page 20) Closed Stores Work Hardshi. p On Army Cooperation Needed To Maintain Training Schedule Scores for the benefit of Navy Relief on Col. M elvin B. Asp, Base Com-Saturday, May 9. This affair, manding Officer, made the wei___ The closing from Saturday r10on "However," continued Col. Asp, sponsored by Colonel Gimbel, Specoming speech to the mothers. unltil Monday morning of gr6cer"the War Department, r ealizing Before an overflow crowd of cia! S'ervices Oficer, Drew Field, "This Mothe r s Day," he began, ies, hardware, and general stores the seriousness of the situation was one occasion when "the Army 2 000 soldiers, squeezed tightly which do a wholesale business confronting O'Ur Nation, has or"fs a great day for soldiers, and together in the Dre w Field out-was the clover for the Navy which particularly for those on the eve often works a hardship on U. S. d ered a seven-day week training takes us over. for overseas door boxing arena, Anz' famous air fields and camps in the schedule, In keeping wilth this of their departure skating act headed a well-balanc-The affair was not only well atduty." He pointed out the im-area served by those establish-policy, personne l of Dre w Field tended, but the well-balanced pro-portant role tha t mothers are e d variety show on Monday, ments where thousands of men are e ngages every day, including May 11th. s d d S d 1 gram was keenly received by those playing in the present conflict, .in training and where emergency atur ay an un ay, m ong Pr t P t 0 z wh h Captain E. W. D eForest, Base n eeds art' stng dat'ly mus t be sup-hours of training activities. esen nva e 1te ead, and concluded by telling the of the Drew Field special services Chemical Warfare O fficer, was plied, according to Col. Melvin B. The Colonel, who spends long mothers that "your boy is the master of ceremonies. Other per-office, was master. of ceremonies, lrealtht'est best fed and best Asp, commanding officer, Army hours at his desk in the Drew -formers on the program included and his duties were shared by an cared-for soldier i n the best army Air Base, Dre w Field. Field headquarters, and who is, associate, Mr. Howells. in the world." AI Evans, comedian, famous head"The U. S Army recognizes the himself, an indefatigable worker, The program included songs line r of yesterday; Private John fact that there must be periods referred to the remarks of Lieut. A highlight of the services was Hessions of the 55 3rd Signal rendered very well by Private of relaxation," stated Col. Asp. Gen. Brehon Somervell, chief of John Hesslons of the 5 65th St'gnal the sermon preached by Chaplain Regiment, singer; Corp. John Du"In every military camp," he con-the supply service of the Army, Regiment rao-tt'me tunes rt'pped Clark who used as his text, "She chain, guitarist and singer; and tinued, "officers are assigned to on a recent vi silt to the Field, in stretcheth forth !J.er hand to the off by banjoist Private Thomas Mr. AI Coates who played tuneful the particular problem of provld-the following words: "Gen. Somerpoor and she reacheth forth her melodies on the saxaphone. Beckett, several solos by operatic ing all possible recreation for sol-veil stated that this war 'isn't Private Theophilus Stevens, and a This was one of the finest pro-dlers, even when these soldier& anybody's pink tea' and that until stirring monologue called "Valegrams Drew soldiers have see n in are engaged in their grim duties we realize that, we are nat going dictory" by Private Whitehead. (Continued on Page 4) the outdoor arena. in combat zones. (Continued on Page 17)


Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JL\1MY JACKSON, Publisher 215 Tampa Atmy Xewspapel's nus DUtdueHH Office: 'l'ER!UINAL UUILDING 'Jlnntt,n, l i'Jorida P. 0. Box 2::155 1:-bone 2171 All udverOsentents contained In thiH nelvsp.UJler nre ah"o contained in the MncDill Field Fly Lent. Minlmmn joint clrculutlon: 6,000 copies. Opportunity For Commissions In Sanitary Corps DREW FIELD ECHOES 314th TRANSPORT BULL-oney Hard Luck Hits 327th Friday, l\Iay Hi, 1942 Gas Rationing Hits Drew Field In keeping with the new gas --By p,-t;. Harold Ovis On May 1st Private David Poe, rationing regulations, Colonel Mel-Those soldiers who can fulfill Ah shame, Oh ignoble and in-a guard stationed at the East vin B. Asp, Commanding Officer the specified requirements have a glorious defeat. Arter a trying and Gate, pushed off for Chattanooga. at Drew Field, ordered the use of real opportunity to advance themtiring farce of softball, the Hq & But it was not with any degree of official vehicles cut to a minimum. selves in the Corps, ac-Hq Sqdrn allowed the 3 0 Trans-pleasure that Poe, attached to the The number of trucks in convoys cording to an official announce-port Sqdl'n. to ga-rner 2 runs so 327th Maeriel Squadron, hopped will be decreased b:y_.virtue of an ment by the Medical Administra-that they might go, .home happy. on the Chattanooga Cho-Choo, increase in the numoer of men alA.DVERTISING RATES FURNISHED tive Corps. Hq & Hq got tired of hitting and homeward bound. lotted to trucks. Men who can qualify for the running so they only setled for Granted an emergency furlough Officers already are doubling up ON REQUEST class which opens on July 6 and 3 8 runs. It gets so discouraging after receiving a ltelegram notify-on their driving to and from work, closes on Sept. 2 G will be com-sometimes to just hit and run, ing .him that his 19-year old bro-rotating the use of their vehicles. A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Dre w Field and devote d to military interests and the United Nations Victory. missioned as First Lieutenant ih with no one around to put you out ther had sustained serious in-The speed of Aimy cars had prethe Sanitary Corps upon success-occasionally. Better luck next juries in an automobile accident, viously been reduced to a maxi--ful completion of the prescribed time, 30 Transports. Poe was shaken badly by the news. mum of 35 miles. Opinions express ed in this news-H' b tf' l h lla!ler are those of the individual course. lS ro ler s lnJunes, w llC were The rationing program ma1ces writers and under no circumstances The minimum educational and This Sqdrn is going to get a critical enough to hospitalize him, no distinction between Army per-are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertise-experience requirements are: complaint shortly about Pvt. Poincluded the loss of an eye. sonnel who use their own cars and Poe's 'brother was on the eve of civilians. ments in this publication do not 1. A Bachelor's degTee, with a constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel of Science Major, from an approved the products advertised. weirza, a fhst class Liggett Liz-ard. Poweirza has been haunting joining the Navy, and before be-the soft drink emporium of said coming one of Uncle Sam's sailor College or University. Consider the Poor Company Clerk 2. A minimum of four years of Liggett's to keep his eye on his boys he ,had decided to do his The only bright spot in his life civilian experience in a responsi-girl friend who' works there. The favorite brother David a goo.d in the seat of .his pants. FLORIDA PRESS ASSOCIATION EDJTORlAL ASSOOAIION 1942 ble position ih the particular field manager there thinks Poweirza is service by bringing his automofor which the applicant is quali-a spy from th,e, home office and bile to him for his use at Drew fied, obtained while in the em-keeps quiet about it, but there'll Field. ployment of a state, county, or come a day. It is unfortunate that his good Investments, Residential Appraisals, Residential Properties Leslie H. Blank The Tampa Army Newspapers Printed by city health department, a hospital intentions miscarried, and mem-approved by the American Medical To settle the matter once and bers of the 3 27th eJ..'i:end their REALTOR Association, an approved Coilegefor all, that girl that Pvt. Taylor-sympathies to Poe en masse, sinPh. 3222 -:407 Tampa st. TONY SALGADO, JR. At VICKERS PRINTING CO. 1604 1\larion Street Phone 3645 Prescriptions Wines Liquors Home 1\lad.e Ice Cream DIETZ DRUG STORE Phone H-4384 for Rush Delivery 7:30A.M. to Midnight 913 S. Howard Ave. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart Or Friend Powell's Inc., Florist or University, an approved private son took home from that USO cerely hopeful that his brother agency, or of the United States dance was not the. ravishing crea-recovers from his other injuries. Public Health Service. ture he claims her to be. From un-.. Drew Field men possessing the impeachable sources we. gathered above requirements may apply by that the young damsel weighs in Another member of the 327th, Jetter to the Surgeon General, the vicinity of 200 pounds and Priva.te Benjamin Weinraub, one United States Army, Washington, talks enough in 5 minutes to last of the new recruits from BaltiD. C., for commission in the Sania normal man all day. Chances are more, lost his favorite uncle a tary Corps. Such letters should Taylorson's not normal. week ago. It was with deep sor-include an official transcript de--row that Private Weinraub, an in-tailing college .training and civi-A garland of orange blossoms to surance company official in civi-lian experience. The applicant's Pvt. Healey of Hq & Hq Sqdrn. lian life, received this news. commanding officer must forward F,[ealey, a re-enlisted man, is 44, such letters to the Surgeon Gen-but asks no favors from the The 50lst Plotting Company era!, appending appropriate re-younger men. He does all the hiklost two men from the single marks .regarding _the individual's ing and drilling the younger men ranks with Sergeant Osborne and fitness as officer material and his do and always tries to encourage Corporal Winston getting married efficiency rating as an en]isted the babes of the outfit to further on their furlough. __ .::.___________ endeavors. Sgt. Osborne lives in Great r --Falls, Montana, and his bride 412 Tampa St. -:-Pb. 15K Open 'TB 7 !P. M. Phone M-5588 Special Rates to Service Men LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 W. Lafayette Tampa, Florida SHERMAN CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY PHONE H-3556 602 S. Freemont Ave. For FRUITS & PRODUCE Adams City Hatters HATS FOR DAD ANf. LAD Hats Cleaned and Blocked 620 Tampa Street '.rampa, Florid!a Hostesses Dancing WONDER BAR your fun is ... ... 1210 Franklin St. -:Ta.mpa HOTEL HILLSBORO AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours T 15 Minute Service During Rush Ho11l'S PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. :M. Worship 8:00P.M. Shouldn't happen to a dog, the comes from Natchitoches, La. things happening to Pvt. Levin of Corp. Winston lives in Alabama the 30 Transp-orts. That little man and his bride also comes from is always trying to argue against good old Ala bam'. given facts and winds up putting Smooth sai'ling, boys. his foot in that cavity in his face. Won't you ever learn, little man. By the way, Levin. is a N. Y. justice of the peace. Does that cavity in Pvt. Fitzpatrick's face belong to him or is he trying to spit it out. He shoots it off so much lately, it seems as if he is trying to get rid of it. The CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks -Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 Berger & Rachelson, Inc. The Home of Pleezing Products 12th and Whiting St. Ph. 40U Pvt. Garand of Hq & Hq prides himself on the fact that h e can imitate a banjo. we're wondering I if that's all that keeps him to-'---------------__: gether, a f e w string s ;---------------. Let Oo-oo-oo-oo, those groans emanating from the bruise d lips of Pvt. Poweirza w e r e cause d b y little Pvt. Nelson. The boys put the gloves on the other night with Poweirza thinldng h e had an easy touch. His easy touch hit him with every thing but the tent poles, and the only reason he didn't use them were his fists were big enough. Look out Powefrza, here comes NELSGN. How come Pvt. Jacoby doesn' t pay any rent on that apartment in town? what is he concealing from his buddies? SADIE NICHOJ,S Prove She is one of the world's Foremost Wave Artist s by t est. Curls over dye d white, old dry waves or any kind of hair. 100-C Magnolia Ave Ph. H 3766 Meet Your Friends at ..... ROXY BAR -Beer 'Vii1e Sandwiches-203 E Lafayette St. Ph. 2456 DR. ALBERT E. BERRY DR. NELLE S. BERRY OSTEOPATHS 415 Tampa Bt. Phone 3921 BOB'S PLACE Beer 'Vine l\lixe(l Dt'inks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. Phone Y 1786 Caesar Ga1cia, Mgr. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Ouban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Frankl1n St. Cox Sporting Goods FlshJng Tackle, Baseball, Tennis, Gol!, and Athletic Goods 1106 Tampa St. -:PIUIIle ''"0 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobiacco, Candy Notions A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone 1\11861, Maas Office Bid. GILBERT HOTEL Phone l\1 1094 821 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, l\lgr. GULP LUMBER CO. "Everything to Build Anything'' Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:-Tampa Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. Johnson & Son Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Ma.n:ha.ttan Cafe Juri Exchange Bar Liquors -Beer Wines Cocktails 206 E. Lafayette Street PHONE 2003 -:TAMPA KEYS Jesse E. Harpe SWANGER, Realtor FHIEXDLY AND JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN For Farther Information Call 3286 9 I 3 Tampa Street Real Estate Rentals 4,417 Bayshore Blvd. at Lawn PHONE W-1871 McCASKILL CLOTIIING COMPANY 711 FRANKLIN STREET (Next to Tampa Theatre)


Friday, May 15, 194 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 ARLINGToN HoTEL 1 First: To Wed At: Drew Field 314th l-lands Mrs Rae Jones, Mgr. Reasonable Rates lly Day, week or Month 1219 72 Franklin Street GORDON STUDIO Portraits Citizens Building Phone M-62-442 SAVE That Worn TIRE 1 GET NEW WITH A TIRE RELINER Everybody eligible for more 1 tire mileage Come in and get : facts. Only limited supply $3.9.5 i Official Inspectors for Recaps PIONEER TIRE CO. Tampa and Washington Sts. Gt and Centra-l at N. Blvd. An Outstanding Stopping Place COMFORT MOTOR COURT I 0 5 I 0 Nebraska Ave. Tampa CompHments From PALMACEIA Cleaners and Laundry Specializing in Officers And Service Men's Uniforms Mr. A. A. 1\fims, Prop. 2803 MacDilll Avenue Phone H-23-492 ILER GULF Service Station Cars Called for and Delive r e d Florida and Buffalo Phone M-7155 MACK TRUCKS ARE MARCHING WITH OUR BOYS ON ALL FRONTS MACK. INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUOK CORP. "Happy Landings" BEST WISHES ... To MacDill and Drew Men From BRANT'S BAKERY 2707 E. Broadway Ave. PHONE Y-1189 Keep 'Em Flying "BOYS \Vhe n you all come home and you want yotu mother to make you a real good ye1'low rice pass b y your n e i ghbothood !Store and get one package of pulverized "Espiga De Teresita" HAROLD VILCHES, Dist.' Greetings ... To The Service Men "A Good Place To Eat" FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT I 21 6 Franklin St. Phone M-1 085 I Sgt. and Mrs. Roy Ives, the first couple to be marl'ied at Drew Field, are shown h ere just their mmTiag-e resterday morning at 10 o'clock at the Assembly Tent. The bride is the forme r Hiss Ruth J ,ce \Velclon of Tam.pa. Chaplain \Vil:liam L. Clark p erformed the cer emony. Miss Helen '\:-t'ran se1ved as ruaicl -of-honor and Sgt. J. T. C r e n s haw was best man. Pvt. John Hartman of the Air .......... Ol '!!,'ttlliSt. Edward F. Sunderman, Plotting Co., 553rcl Signal Battalion, is cler, is planning to put tractors on willing to give a buck in cold cash his car due to the rubbe r shortage, "Dat's what dey to the m a n who finds his keys. Our C. 0 is a lso open to sugges-Y'know, sometimes I Sunderman lost the keys last tions about a s uitabl e .gift for his could read." Friday somewhere in Tent City. brother back home who is gra"Cheeze, H arold, dat last arBy COilJOral Harry Streger ticle yo u writ for the camp paper Lt. Ratliff, Company comman-was a pip!" Lost and Found Department ... 4tJ2_2 50lst.' Regiment t ell m e, wisht I Out Stripes "Something New Has Been Ad d ed," to many of the sleeves in the 314th Air Base Squadron. The squadron J1as just announced a promotion blitz for 11 men. Promoted to Staff Sergeants were, Charle s D. Baker, Ray F Farley and Clyde W. Abel. Going up to the grade of Ser geant were, Louis J. Aymond, Lawr enc W Holliday, William G Thomas, and James T. Byrd. M e n who are now wearing two stripes a r e George W Popp, Robert N. Allen, Clyde E. Armstrong -' and H erman N. Clark. Congratulations to you men on your new grades. You can bring a c igar or two down to the ECHOES! office moot any time and make a reporter happy. RECREATION "Don't you smoke "No, I don't smoke." "Drink?'' "Nope., "Neck?" "What do you do for fun?" "Throw eggs in electric fans. "And that, my son, was how h e first World War was won." "But, Pap, why did they need tll the other soldiers?" COZY HOTEL DAILY RATES $1.00 For Men Only 1922% E. Broadway -Tampa They Keep 'Em! Flying 'Ve Keep 'Em Eating JOE'S GRILL AND RESTAURANT 1638 Franklin Street HOTEL PURITAN Tampa's Modern Residential Hotel-Albert Wing, Manager Known For Its Congenial At-mosphere an.d Tasty-Foods Special Rates to Service Men Plant Ave & Platt Ph. H-4310 H e h as_ his clog-ta g attached to duatin g from hig h schooL the keys and a small silver knife. ON CLEARWATER BEACH Will the finder please return the Our Sgt. Eddi e is sure keys to hi s orderly room or to the p utting on a swell front nowadays. Public Relations offilce? And who would n t, especially after GREETINGS FROM CLAIRE GOWN SHOP Look For Our Beautiful New C.reatious Specializing in Large Sizes CLAIRE SEIGEL, Mgr. 716 Florida Ave. P h M-53-333 J{eep 'Em Flying G1eeU ngs to Men and Thei1 Families MAO DILL DREW POST OFFICE CIGAR STORE 316 Twiggs St. Mal'io Chavez Keep 'Em Flying .. DAVIS Plate Lunch 306 Franklin St. Best \Vishes ... To MacDill and Drew From Piston Ring Supply Co. 1317 Plorida Phone M-1309 Keep 'Em !<'Iring r eceiving four months back pay? It i s rumored tha t Lt. Martin contemplates takin g the final plunge into matrimonial waters. A ll of the m e n join unanimously in congratulations and best wishes, at the same time expressing a wish to get a looksee at the bride. T h e two Louisiana twins are sure working overtime to sweat t hose O.C S. papers in good orders. The r e w a r d should b e well worth the trouble We a r e promised a boxing bout between "Killer" Ruddy and "Powerhouse" Linds ley. Both appear to be in good shape for the encounter. May the best man win. "Preacher" Howe is holding a special "Gospel" at 3:0 0 a. m. for those men who are caught staying out late. The collections are good, according to the preacher. Co ngrats. are in order for the nomotion of Lt. Taylor from 2nd o 1st lieute nancy. "Tailor" Robell is a great s u c ess in his line. H e knows how to u t them down. DeLm:e Housekeeping Apartments $15.00 P e r \Vee k and Up RICHMOND APARTMENTS 605 l\fandalay Blvd. '"A n roof structure, all outside rooms. All rooms completely vateu. H.Ul1llillg \ V Le!' 111 Ulj. ooms. p .. ;.a',-, nncl nnh'i c baths Albertus Hotel Rooms B etter Than the Average 956 Twiggs St. Phone M-1339 Weekly Rates H. R. BRUSrr, Prop. Tampa, Florida BEST WISHES .. To The Army Service M e n from FLORIDA MOTOR & ARMATURE WORKS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. 9 1609 Ft!mldin Street Phone l\1-6777 J{eep 'Em Flying Welcome ... Service Men and Families THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs Clearwater Beach NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE Edson F. Folsom Keep 'Em F1ying ANCHOR APPLIANCE STORE 502 Tampa Best Wishes From ... OLD RELIABLE BICYCLE SHOP 20 I E. Lafayette Phone M-56-283 Keep 'Em Flying NATIONAL LOAN COMPANY Money Loaned On Anything of Value 1101 Franklin Street Corner Harrison Phone M 50-341


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES Interceptors Shut-Out Mana tee 14r O Interceptors : Downed Happy Landings From J. M. RAMSEY INSURANCE COMPANY J. Morris Ramsey 206 Madison St. Ph. 4424 Keep 'Em Flying LOS HELADOS CAFE 1814 14th Street Phone Y -3505 Keep 'Em Flying ... GODWIN'S MARKET 1102 E. Hillsboro Phone S-5396 GARY'S Best Food Store Grocery Market 3404 E. Broadway HAVANA CAFE Beer, Wines, Liquors 1014 Franklin St. Phone M-7281 MIKE'S GARAGE Keep 'Em Flying 15th St. and 8th Ave. Compliments from GEO. W. NEALE Domestic -Industrial Commercial Heating and Power Equipment And Supplies 404 :y:organ iSt. Tampa Office 4735-Res. 55 Smoke .. Nordacs and Coffee Pots and get full cigar enjoyment t Sgt. Fred Swindells pitched the Drew Interceptors to a 14 to 0 win over the Manatee Craters at Bradenton last Saturday. :Swb1-Lakeland Wins Tough Game, 2-1 dells limited the Craters to three hits. Lefty Brown threw a fou r hitte r at the Food Machinery nine Leading the slugging parade for of Lakeland to lose a heart-the Interceptors were Ruggles breaker, 2 to 1, in a West Coast with two for four, with one going League game Sunday. Two costly through for a double. Bakeza, Birch and Todd secured two hits errors by the Interceptors along The Dre w Interceptors were set back by the Orlando Air Base nine, 4 to 2, Tuesday in Orlando. Drew grabbed the lead by pushing over a marker in the first frame. McNulty skied to left. Tood was out on strikes. Boone caught a fast pitch waist high for a two bagge r and scored on the next play whe n the right fielder errored Klimczak's fliy ball. Orlando came right back to_ tie apiece. The Interceptors started the .run parade early by picking up three in the first inning. McNulty opened the 1st stanza by walking and taking 2nd on a pass ball. with two hits in the s i xth inning up the game on two errors and for .two runs were good enough a base hit. to win the game. The two. teams settled down at Drew shove d across their only tally in the eighth inning on a double, base on balls and a gro_under. Swinney, first man up Ruggles whiffed out. Todd hit a in the inning, drew a base on sipgle to center to score balls. Brown slapped a h ard donMcNulty and moved on to second ble to left-c enter to move the runon the throw in. Boone flew out this stage to play four scoreless innings, with only one. hit give n up. In the sixth, Orlando sent two runs across the platter on four hits to -break the one all deadlock. The Interceptors roared back ner around to third. McNulty hit to left. Bekeza shot a one-timer with a one-timer in the seventh to the infield to score Swinney to to score the second run to close the gap. Klimczak was from third with Brown taking of the inning and went to s econd :safe on an error when the, third third. Steib struck out and Todd on an error by the centerfielder. Birch produced the third hit of the frame to score Bekeza, Meyel' ending the inning by flying 'out to hoisted to the left fielder to .end baseman overthrew first with the runner taking second. Bekeza the uprising. promptly responded with a single the shortstop. Three of !,he Interc eptors hits to score Klimczak were good for extra bases. Birch, but was thrown from second out trying to Meyer and Brown collecting two-T .he Manatee Craters produced base blows from the offering of their three hits in third, sixth and Norris. Boone secured a single seventh innings. Swindells w a s in the second frame for the fourth poi .son to the Craters all afternoon hit of the day for the Drewmen. in limiting the losers to three Todd made a longrunning bin_ gles. c atch into. left-c e nter in the sev-Scoring in every inning but the enth inning to pull down a ball sevent. h, the interceptors picked hit deep in this territory. Second up three runs in the first, one in. baseman Swinney went far to his the second, .three In the third, two right in the second inning to make in the fourth, three i n 'the fifth and two in the sixth. a beautiful pick-up of a grounder and get his man at first by a step. Score by inni-ng: R H Brown pitche d a beautiful game E for the Interceptors but the ill 1 Drew ........ 313 232 0-14 11 Manatee __ 000 000 0-0 3 fate of luck was against him. He 8 limited the Food Machinery team Swindells and Bekeza; Underto four hits, all singles and collecwood, Douglas and Smith. ted a double for his part. Score by inning: reach second on the throw in. Van Wright struckout and Swinney grounded out to end the threat The Airmen from Orlando picked up their final tally in the eighth on three hits to end the scoring for the day. Todd, B ekeza and Klimczak each had singles for the Drewmen. Boone secured the only ex tra base knock, a double in the first stanza. Score by inning: R H Drew .. ... 100 000 100-2 4 Orlando .. 100 002 01x-4 10 E 2 3 Swindells and Bekeza; Plum mer and Straughan. R H E Sold.1ers I nv.1ted 1st LIEUTENANT Drew -----ooo ooo o1o-1 4 2 F. M. --oo o 002 000-2 4 0 To Tampa u Revue COMMISSIONED Master Sergeant Joe S H arback, a veteran of 23 years military service, was commissioned First Lieutenant, Air Corps, Thursday, May 14th. H e will b e assi g n e d to Barksdale Field, Shreveport, L a. Lt. Hraback was the first noncommissioned officer ordered to Swindells and Bekeza; Norris and Dull. MOTHER'S DAY (Continued from Page 1) blessed He p u t the congrega-tion in good humor with a;bout soldiers. Drew Field soldiers and their friends have been to be guests of the University o f Tampa when they present their annua l musical revue, "Two Shorts and quips One Long" Wednesday, May 20 at 8:15 p. m. The m usical will b e presented on t h e stage of the Drew Field, coming h e r e in D e -"Training camps are fill e d with cember, 1940 with. a detachment the flower of the youth of our Municipal auditorium for the sec-of 14 men. For the past several months he has been assigned to duties in the Sub-Depot. land," h e said. "The American heritage of justice and freedom is in good hands. Their mothers will be proud of them when they return." ond time this season. R 0 LLER SKATING An instantaneous hit at the first performance, the revue is b eing sponsored by the Defense Recreation Committee of the After benediction, mothers Hillsboroug h County Defense paired off with soldiers and went Council. together to the various mess halls The musical is in three acts and in pairs of fifteens. At the mess four scenes. The first act is en h a ll s they were fed a nourishing, COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30-5 NIGHT 8-11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Comer on F ranldin Street at 7:15-7:45-8:15 Diamond Cabs -lOc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK title d "Oh, This Army Life," sec-well-prepared meal including ond act; "Girls I would Love To frie d ehicken, ice cream and pine-Have Known" and the third is, apple pie. "The Evolution of the Dance Highli ghts of the ceremonies Band." for Catholic ser:viceme n inc! uded a Solemn High Mass at 9 a. m. at Sacred Heart Cathol ic Church. Critics agree t hat "Three Sl10rts and One Long" is one of the best shows the University has Among the column of 2,000 sol-presented. diers nearly two b locks long, lined four abreast, who marched to the Kee p 'Em Flying A. A. F ... church were 1,100 Drew Field men who jour neyed to Tampa in a convoy of 4 6 trucks. After parading downtown they crowded into the Sacred Heart church. U:ee p 'Em Flying Battle Creek Treatments Sweat Baths and Massages Dr. E. M. Gilbert, M. D. 6608 Central Ave. Ph. S-3103 Eddie's Florida Avenue LIQUOR STORE 2715 Florida Avenue to All Service Men From OLD GOLD GROCERY 1508 Nebraska Ave. Dial M-56-102 Keep 'Em Flying ... FLORIDA MACHINE & ENGINEERING CO. 311 S. Florida Ave. Keep 'Em Flying ... MILAM'S GROCERY 402 W. Fortune Friday, :M:ay 15, 194 2 l\lrs. Eva. Caddeit Ph. THE LENOX Chicken, Steaks, Chops, Home Made Pies, Good Coffee REGULAR DINNERS 2724 Florida Ave. Tampa SERVICEMEN Wh:i!e waiting for the Bus Stop At STADIUM INN SANDWICH STAND 901 W. Cass Street Beer : \Vines : Soft Drinks -Tampa Welcomes You! One of the most outstanding Hotels in the South Catering To All Service Men and Women, And SpeciaUy the Hospitality To Thei:r Fa:mil;ies, Relatives And Friends Visiting RATES Thomas Jefferson Hotel At Franklin and Washington Jackson Logan, Manager Keep 'Em Flying --LAMAR Grocery and Market 102.7 Constant CHARLIE'S BLUE ROOM Beer Wines 205 N. Oregon H-1797 FRANKLIN'S Market Grocery Florida and Waters Avenue Keep 'Em Flying Keep 'Em Flying HYDE PARK HOTEL All outside rooms with hot and cold water, some with private baths. Special rate s to Service men and their families Reasonable Rates, Day or Week 404 W. Lafayette Ph. 2112 Wherever You Go In Tampa For Entertainment You'll Find A Phonograph Operated By The 20 RECORD Phonograph Corp. PHONE 2020 Best Wishes From ... SUNRISE MARKET Groceries 3 1 1 6 Florida Ave. Phone M-61-931 Keep 'Em Flying .. SEMINOLE Mattress Factory 5206 Fla. Ave. S-7179 Keep 'Em Flying ... BILLY MOORE Liquors LaSalle & North Blvd. Phone H-3550 REY'S GROCERIES 1221 E. Columbus Drive Dial Y-4787 Keep 'Em Flying


May 15, 1942 HAROLD MeG UCKEN 'S LIQUOR STORE Dial! H-1637 For Prompt and Courteous Delivery 601 Platt Street l\ffiS. SHERMAN'S WAYSIDE INN FRIED CffiCKEN & '3TEAKS Hot Biscuits-Fresh Vegetables Strawberry Shortcake 10 Mi. East of Tampa on State Road No. 23 Phone Y -5562 Central Quick Lunch Geo. <'3tanm & Peter Atgerions, Ptoprietots SANDWICHES OF ALL IUNDS Soft Dl'inks, Beer and \Vine 1339 Central Ave. Cor. scott I Best \Vishes to the Army Air Force Ftom Royal Palm 1708 14th St. Dial Y-1764 Keep 'Em Flying SUPER SERVICE PARAMOUNT Barber Shop 312 Franklin St. lftJ' FLOWERS Telegraphed TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 HAZEL AND ANN'S Beauty Shop Phone H-3775 215 Hyde Park Ave. HARRY'S COOKIE CO. 1521 Garcia Ave. Tampa, Fla. Best of to the 1\-len at 1\-IacDhll And Drew Fields Albany Drive In Market MEATS AND GROCERIES Beer -Wines 944 LaSalle at Albany DREW FTRLD EC'HOER iT AMP A CITRUS TO YOU .... (Courtesy of Florida Clipping Service) lntel'ior view of, the Waverly Packing House at Florida, one of the state's largest and finest citrus fruit packing plants. T ampai l-leart Of Florida's West Coast Tampa Chamber of Commerce the middle of one of the most officials are surprised and likescenic areas in the country. wise d elighted at the l argest mobile, rail and air travelers. seem number of inquiries. they have to like the idea of making Tampa ever received from people all over their home away from home while the United States who are plan-visiting the world-famous attracning to visit this heart of Florida's tions adjacent to Tampa Bay from west coast this summer. Silver Springs to the north and vVhile Tampa itself has its many Fort Myers to the south. headline attractions, it must not Tampa is a city of great cllarm be forgotten that the ciy tlies in in addition to its interesting in dustrial life. The city fathers are SOLDIERS & SAILORS Welcome 'Ma' Williams Place 9000 Florida Ave. All Night Entertainment Keep 'Em Flying continuing their beautifying cam paign which llad as its 19 3 9 high light the completion of the outstanding Bayshore Drive. Tampa has a permanent population of well over 100,000 and this number is being added to every month. In July of 1941, there were 177 more families taking up p erma nent homes ii.bove the number during the corresponding period in 1940. Not "What A Mess" Yes, if its what )'on don't need !See Us WE BUY AND SEhL CLOTHING Shoes, Luggage, Jew01lry, Etc. NOAH'S ARK 960 Twiggs Street \Velcome to Ballast Point Pier Fot l<'ishing, Beer, Sandwiches A:Jnusements Street Car Service to BALLAST POINT KEEP 'EM FLYING ONTO vVhy are meals in the Army known b y so forbidding a term as "mess''? W ell, one ,explanation is the word "mess" is simply the English form of the highly respectable French word "mets," m-e-t-s, pronounced "meh," which placed on the table; all the food served at a meal." Indian Beach Home NEAR OFFICERS CLUB For Rent RJeasonable TO ST. PETERSBURG AND BEACHES GO Gandy Bridge THE SHORT ROUTE Best Wishes ... TO THE ARMY AIR FARCES From BROTHERS TOFFALETTI GEl\"ERAL MERCHANDISE Plant Avenue and Mascott Port Tampa City Keep 'Em Flying ... LYKES BROS. STEAMSHIP COMPANY Inc. 209 Franklin St. 3 Bedrooms, 2 large screened porches, newly furnished. Kit chen electrically equipped. New hot water heater. Immediate possession. Mrs. J o.hn Freel. Phone l\-1-8096 ENGRAVED OFFICERS CARDS WEDDING INVITATIONS Phone M-1498 THE BRADLEY CO. 100 E. Lafayette Where Quality Is Not Expensive SPECIAL STORAGE RATES For ENLISTED MEN'S CAUS JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S. Howard Ave. l K 'E Fl. eep m ymg ... La Union MARTI MACEO SERVICE MEN SPANISH LUNCH 4106 Nebraska Ave FINE FOODS Keep 'Em Flying Phone l\158-592 J. l\1 H:irk Kirk Top & Body Shop Expett Top and J3ody \Vork Seat Covering All Rinds Auto \Vood \Vork 3904 Florida A venue HOWARD STUDIO 9081h Franklin St. -:-Suite 18 Open Nights UntO 8 P. M. Across Street From Grants Page 5 Keep 'Em Flying ... SAM O'DELL Groceries 1911 Tampa Street n:eep 'Em Flying R. W. VanDervort & Son MERCHANDISE BROKERS 305 Morgan Street Keep 'Em Flying ... Primo Hardware Co. 1721 12th Avenue TUNGOLITE Anderson's Laboratory 1\ffl.Imfacturers of Insecticides, Germicides, Cleansers, Exter mination an come to -_. M BAR Where she 1s friendly and true BEI;.RS 1111 Florida Ave. WINES


.l. Page 6 PLANT PARK IS TOURIST CENTER DREW FIELD ECHOES Retired Pensioners Urged To Settle In Tampa Sulphur Springs Is Tampa's Playground Sulphur Springs can rig.htfully Friday, May 15, 1942 be called Tampa's Playground not of Tampa visitors is an attractive Tampa, Florida is proving an cases, fixed incomes can not be in-only for the tourists but for the club house on the bank of the ideal place in the sun to more and creased and as a result the only natives themselves, and offers Hillsborough River. This is the more retired pensioners from 'all manner in which they can enlarge them many attractions for play tourist center in Plant Park where over the United States according and l'elaxatlon. The focal point for recreation and it is a very popular spot for Service Men and their families. Also there is roller skating every afternoon and evening and a n 18 hole carpet golf course that always gets much play. During the winter season Sulphur Springs is the scene of 90 days of Greyhound Racing, the their purchasing power is to move out of the high cost areas and set-to Am bier Liggett, president of thousands of visitors gather each the Tampa Chamber of Comyear to play games, pass the time tie down in such civic-proud cities merce, that very active as Tampa where living conditions of day, dance, have picnics and tion which has been so successful Now the famous sport of queens, which attracts thousands of Floridians and Springs Swimming Pool. is open visitors. are far from exorbitant. in encouraging families from all Welcome Soldiers To St. Petersburg over the United States to settle "People who are able to settle parties. The very modern shuffleboard permqnently in "The Gateway to Latin America." permanently in Tampa form a class that provide a year-round benefit to our city and Hillsborough County. In addition to club with more than 2,500 members, holds tournaments each week and keeps competition alive among the expert and less expert guests of Tampa from all parts of the United States. Millions of pet!ple all over the country are learning, says Mr. the. inflation angle, we have the Liggett, that .due to rising prices world's best climate and are the thefr money is not buying as heart of the lower west coast of much as it formerly did. In most Florida. T aimpa :nestles on the GRADY'S LUNCH Opposite Bus Station A Good lOc Hamburger Open Day and Night SARATOGA BAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night ni the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS OR.CHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 TOWNE'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING OOMPLETE SERVICE Special Attention Given To AU In Uniform Downto-wn Branch 508 Florida Avenue 1107 Fifth Avenue Phone 4663 Haverty .Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 520 TAMPA STREET BRYAN-ALAN STUDIOS FOR YEARS "SERVING THE SOUTH" NOW-''iSERVING THE SERVICE" Stovall. Office Bldg., 2nd Floor -416 Tampa su:aet, Tampa Webcome To The New Army Men arriving in Tampa during the past week. BAINE<;; GROCERY OLIVER C. MAXWELL SYLyAIN POULTRY FARMS QUALITY FOOD INC. PENINSULAR NE'I' & TWINE co. DR. HENRIETTA WHITE. BURNETT BROS. & HAt'\ULL INC. A. C. McLEAN McU:AY'-CLARU: INSURANCE 00. COLIN F. BARER v TOD'S CASH REGISTER MART WILLIARD THOMAS DR. J. RAYMON POWELL SOUTHERN IRON & BAG CO. DR. FR.EDERICK LENTJES GOULD EREC'l.'ING & WELDING co. HAWKE l\10TOR ,<;;ALES DR. JOHN J. HELMS WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC co. ACADEMY OF THE HOLY McRAE DONUTS NAMES l\1ARY L. lillNT BELMONT LUMBER CO. AMERICAN TRANSFER CO. LATIN AMERICAN QAHAGE LORAINE B. HARTUNG JENNIE'S GROCER.Y W ALU:ER CASKET CO. W. C. STEVENSON GAHLAND STEWART AMERICAN BUREAU OF LeROY R. MOTE SHIPPING REV. LOUIS TWOl\-IEY S. J. POLLER'S FASHION SHOP M. L. CURRY & SON JOE'S MARKET LA REGULODORA. COFFEE CO. I. W. PHILLIPS CO. BOULEVARD SANDWICH ,<;;HOP JOE MORAN JR. CHA1 S. L. CAMPBELL l'IURE ROSENBLATT JOHN \V. WHATLEY PRATT FOOD 00. DeSO'i.'O HOTEL .'3T. PETERSBUltG MOR.RISON C. SCHIPPER'l.' HON. HERBERT L. PETERSON A FRIEND DR. EARL E. OSBORN TAMPA FORGE & ORNAMENDR. S. H .. LOVE TAL IRON CO. DR. A. D. GLASCOCI{ CARLOS LOPEZ E. W. SPENCER DELCHER'S DR. 0. P. DAVIES DR. J. DREYTON CAHII.J, A FRIEl\']) HOUSE OF. A l\'LLION AUTO DR. FLORENCE MAY TOWN PARTS A. E. OLSON EDWARDS MOTOR 00. BZELMONT LUMBER CO. DR. L. 0. HOWELL SUPPLY DR. MASON W. PRESSLEY A. TICK & CO. E. B. STANLEY DR. W. H. ELLISON DR. W. W. JENNINGS DR. 0. C. WALlillR L. C. HAILE SR. RUPY&RUBY M. C. FOOD STORE SOPHIA BROWN BEAUTY .'3HOP PRINCESS BEAUTY SALON PRINCESS M.\RTHA BEAUTY warm Gulf coast with an average yearly of 71.8 de grees, warm in winter and cool in summel'. For diversion we have golf, tennis, shuffleboard, .horseback riding, fresh water and deep sea fishing, skeet shooting,. hunting, sailing, boating, dog racing,, and swimming." Among the famous annual events taking place in Tampa and Hillsborough County is the worldrenowned Gasparilla Carnival in February which is the climax of the Flol'ida Fair. Last year three quarters of a million visitors attended these festivities the largest mid-winter fair held in North America. Then there are the gatherihg of the Tln Can Tourists, the Outdoor Horse Show, La Ver bena del Tabaco (Latin Cigar Fes tival), the National Midwinter Pistol Tournament, the Tampa Tribune Tarpon Tournament and the Annual Dixie Tennis Tourna ment. Many other events are planned, details of which will be announced later. Included in Tampa's imposing list of chief industries are .citrus fruit, ship building, phosphate mining, cigar manufacturing and cement manufacturing. Hillsborough County, rich in agricultural products and significant for its Strawberry Festival in March, is America's winter market. Tampa is the greatest citrus canning area in the world, .during the past year producing more than 316 ,0 0 0 cans of citrus fruit, 380,000,000 hand made and machine made cigars and over a million and one h1l.lf tons of phosphate. Playing its part in the defense program, Tampa is training men and building ships. MacDill Field, completed at a cost of approximately $25,000,000, quarters about 6,000 men and officers. Tampa's shipyards employing about 2,000 employees are w 'orking night and .day under a $16,000,000 Government contract. Tampa is also the home of the Third Air Force, United States Army Air Corps, the T .hird Wing Bombardment squad, and the Third Wing Interceptor Com mand. Lying south of Ocala, which is 100 miles distant, there is found more than two thirds of the population of Florida. Due to this fact and the geographical location of Tampa, it is considered by business in general as the finest distributing center in the State and for this reason has developed many warehouses and branch establishments serving this rich trade area. During the past 1 2 months Tampa has been cited by Forbes Magazine ten times as one of the best locations in the United States for sales, collections, and business promotion. So, for the retired pensioner, Tampa and Hillsborough County have a great deal to offer for play, restful relaxation and for those L & L DIS'l'RffiUTORS CLYDE HENDERSON! THE PULLMAN 00. SHOPPE who still have a desire to interest SILVERMAN'S CASH GROCERYthemselves in the business world. THE SUNSHINE CITY WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG .. LAKEVIEW APARTMENT HOTEL (Just Two Blocks to Bowling and Shuffleboar. d Courts) LOW ATTRACTIVE RATES FOR THE SUMMER Special Rate to Airmen $1.00 Daily $5.00 Weekily COOL CLEAN QUIET COMFORTABLE 663 First Ave. No. St. Petersburg Phone 72502 Welcome To St. Petersburg ... THE WILKINSON Beauty Boxes ... St. Petersburg, Florid"; Welcome Army Air Eagles To Our City POINSETTIA HOTEL "In The Heart Of The City" Adjacent to Simpson's Formerly Poinsettia C.offee Shop SPECIAL RATES TO MEN IN UNIFORM 450 Oentral Avenue Phone 7861 PRODUCING LOVELINESS IS OUR SPECIALTY NINTH STREET BEAUTY SHOPPE EXPERT IN ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE EXPERIENCED OPERATORS EFFIE INMAN, Owner 623 Ninth Street, North Dial 68..083 St. Petersburg, Florida In The Heart of St. Petersburg Poinsettia Hotel And SIMPSON'S COFFEE SHOP .. Courtesy To Army And Navy Men VIRGINIA-MAE BEAUTY SHOP Beauty Service 608 Central Avenue Phone 5712 St. Pe tersburg, Florida YOUR SERVICE PHOTOGRAPH SEND IT BACK HOME TO YOUR p .. FAMILY SWEETHEART AND FRIENDS Franklin Studio Of St. Petersburg Offers 2 8X 10 For $2 50 PHOTOGRAPHS TO MEN IN UNIFORM ONLY 4 Proofs For Selection (THIS IS OUR REGULAR $5.00 VALUE No Appointment Required -Prompt Service FRANKLIN STUDIO 621 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Fla. 22 Years Making "Photos That Please"


l"rld a y May 15. 1942 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WILLIAM A. SM.TH INDEPENDENT LWE & ACCIDENT INS URANCE COMPANY 21-1 "KEEP 'EM FLYING PURITY SPRINGS. WATER co. FLORIDA A\'C. Phone S 7160 BEST WISHES TO THE AH.l\IY AIR FORCB From DANIEL P SULLIVAN ROOMS and APARTMENTS 205 HYDE PARK AVE. Dial H 2104 Men's Wear F emandez & Garcia 15th and Broadway I WOODWARD HOTEL 211 Fifth Ave. North-Tel. 85-15:Z 75c and UP "KEEP 'EM FLYING" \Velcome, Army Eagles teo the Sunsh ine City Thomas Drug Store THE BEST LUNCHES IN THE CITY 100 Fifth St. South, Phone 6926 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE CITY SIMMONS LAUNDRY 1220 1st Avenue North Phone 4382 "This is our battle. and it's up to us to fight it" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" (Courtesy of Saturday Eveni ng News) H ere is one that didn' t get away. The Sunshine City's waters offer ;ome of the finest game fishing on Florida' s West Coast. TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER ST. PETE BOASTS BEST CLIMATE IN WORLD St. P etersburg bas the mos t per_eLt dimate or any city on earth. l ac<.s, s ub stantiated by the U.S weathe r Bureau, prove this state.. u ;ut. The hi g hest t emperature aver recorded was 97 degrees in and the l owest, 28, was recorde d once in 1917 and once 'in 84 0. Averag-e t emperature the J car round i s 7 2 Av erage rainfa11 s 52 Jnchel:l, mosl of whi c h come' s til the ;;ummer in p eriodic sllowe! s v llich n ev m last more than five or Lr, n minutes. These s h cwers cool the ho t summe1 s un and make the dimate ideal at a ll time s. The old rumor about Gull Hurri canes i s largel y dispelle d by the fact that New York, Chicago and ol!J e r JhJrth ern cities have recorde d greater wine! v e lo cities St. Petersburg. Look at a map of F lorida. No tice that the Pinellas Peninsul a is just about halfway down the co-ast and St. Petersburg on the tip of the peninsula is threeq uarters surrounded by water. The G ul f Stream sweeps her western shores, bring warm waters from. the Car ibbean. 'l:'ampa Bay is deep, retaining th::.> heat of t h e sun far; into the winter. These large bodies of water h elp to temper the c limate of St. burg like a huge air-conditioning system, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. 40 MUNICIPALLY OWNED PARKS OFFER REST, SPORTS, MUSIC A syste m of some 40 municipally ed into the baseball field at First owned parks, covering more than Street and First Avenue South and 300 acres in St. Petersburg, offers rest and recreation to young and the section north of the grand-o ld. stands between Centra l A venu e and First Avenue South. The oldest park is williams The b a ll field is used by the St. Park, which covers 'an entire -city Louis Cardinal s for Spring train block. ;Shaded by large oaks, it is situated at First Avenue and 4th ing. Street North, -opposite the Post The other section of the park is Offi ce. In the center is a fountain. the location of the Sunshine PleasThere iis a band shell at the north ure Club, which offers horseshoe end. Green benches accommodate pitching, shuffleboards, and the approximately 5000 persons. facilities of the Chess, Checkers Park C ost $300,000 and Domino Club. Bartlett Park, at Fourth Street South between Eighteenth and Twenty-second Avenues, recently was built a t a cost of about $300,000. Located there are the St. Petersburg Tennis Club, more than li' GAME FISH SWIM INTO FISHERMAN S HOOK AT ST. PETE I 20 shuffieboard courts, a cricket pitch and a ball field. f========il Rod and reel enthusiasts will Mirror Lake Park, Fifth Street find plenty of tarpon, kingfish, am, and Fourth Avenue North, lies just berjack and other game fish in St. north of Mirror Lake. It is the Petersburg waters. WELCOME, EAGLES OF THE AIR -Pinellas Printing & Stationery Co. most popular recreation center. Covering several b locks, it contains the largest lawn bowling, shuffle beard and roque clubs in the Unit-ed States, concrete tennis courts, the home of the St. Petersburg Soldiers who wish to fish from boats will b e required to secure a special fishing pass from the the Coast G uard. The Sunshine City's _waters offer Chess Club and many ta.bles for some of the finest game fishing O!l AND for outdoor bridge.Yankee s 'Home'Grounds Florida's West Coast.' In recent years record catches have included Pelican Book Sh.op a tarpon weighing 189 pounds, amC t escent Lake Park is the home berjack weighing 106 pounds (the 263265 CENTRAL AVE. S T PETERSBURG, FLORIDA of Summer baseball, and the Win ter headquarters of the New York ; Yankees. It is located at Twelfth A venue and Fifth Street North Waterfront Park (No. 1) i s dividWELC0:.'11E EAGLES OF THE AIR WHITEY'S CHATEAU 1801 FODRTH STREET NORTH PHONE 6158 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" L et's Stop Wishing for Victory-Let's Be Victorious world's record for amberjack), a 48-pound kingfish and a 35-pound red fish. The U, S Bureau of Fisheries states there are 'approximatel y 600 varieties of fish in Florida waters, of which about 20 species are game fis h Welcome to the Sunshine City SUNSHINE BAKERY PIES-CAKES-PASTRIES 1064 4th St. No. Phone 72-632 St. Petersburg, Florida Page 7 ST. PETERSBURG THE SUNSHINE CITY Invites All Service Men and Their Families WELCOME AMERICA'S EAGLES T I P TOP BAKERY BREAD PIES CAKES FANCY PASTRIES WEDDING a nd PARTY CAKES 31 G CENT I:A L A \.'ENUE "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Phone 7155 ") 0 (',r'JS &!;;; ; s:;1 ... WELCOME EAGLES OF THE AIR MASTRY'S WINTER GARDEN GROCERY CHOICE WESTERN MEATS GROCERIES-FRESH VEGETABLES-FREE DELIVERY 73-iS CENTRA L AVENUE Phone 3146 "Our Forefathers di e d for the right of a Man to bow to no Master but God" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE CITY, EAGLES OF THE AIR AMIN BEDER & CO. MAKERS OF WOMEN'S APPAREL 710 CENTRAL A VENUE Phone 670i "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "Let' s Avenge Wake Island" WELCOME ARMY AIR MEN TO THE RECREATION CITY LAWTON SWAN INSURANCE AGCY. FIHST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Let's Take a N i p at the Nipponese WELCOME AMERICA'S EAGLES Phone 6707 O'NEAL-AUCREMANN FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Where Homemakers are Satisfied Ninth Street and Third Avenue North St. Petersburg, Fla. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Welcome Air Eagles to the City of Recreation and Sunshine ICE SERVICE CO. 123 TENTH STREET SOUTH Phone 8455 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "Remember Wake Island" WELCOME TO ARMY THE SUNSHINE EAGLES CITY DEW FURNITURE CO. Entire Fourth Floor WILSON CHASE BUILDING ."KEEP 'EM FLYING" A poor Freedom is b etter than a rich slavery \VELCOME AIR E :\GLES TO THE SUNSHINE CITY TROPICAL GROCERY CO. Wholesale 1 825 SECOND A VENUE SOUTH Phone 8271 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" r


Page 8 Phone Y1161 KEHOE FURNITURE & STOVE CO. C. H Kehoe, Owner WE BUY and SELL NEW and USED FURNITURE Oil, Wood and Gas Stoves Al s o Complete Line of Repair Parts and Wicks Cor. 23rd and 7th Avenue BEST WISHES to the MEN AT BOTH FIELDS From Plant Park Pharmacy 446 W. LAFAYETTE Phone H 1451 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" RIVER HEIGHTS BOAT YARD North of Columbus Drive on Hillsboro River Phone M 65-511P. 0. Box 3 Louis Dron -George Dron HAPPY LANDINGS From Sanitary Fish 2309 N. OREGON AVE. Phone H 41-351 Hotel Rooms $5 Week Up Furnished Apartments CITRUS FRUITS There are still a few people who have never seen oranges grapefruit growing on trees, this sight also always thrills habitual Florida visitor. In Tampa area is grove after grove of orange and grapefruit trees. About 20 years ago a few far-see ing people began to put g rapefruit in cans and started a n industry which is one of the largest in the United States. YBOR CITY ATTRACTS VISITORS Most visitors to Tampa, Florid,<, are well aware of the marvelous restaurants in Ybor City, the Span ish section of the city; but few know that there are several Latin Clubs, each of which has a tre mendous membership. TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER FLORIDA'S CITRUS QUEEN (Courtesy csf Florida 'Clipping Service) Rand, past president of National Editorial Association c,rowmng Florida's citrus queen at beautiful Cypress Gardens Winte; Haven, Fla. Friday. May 15. 1942 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Fonte Chicken Market 2002 E. Broadway COMPLIMENTS -FROM SLOOP MONUMENT & VAULT CO. Bryce Sloop, Owner-Prop. EAST LAKE AVE. & 34TH ST. Phone Y 1475 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" MARLBORO HOTEL 707 TAMPA ST. Phone M 62-444 Have Your Relatives Stop Here "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Special Constructions Preservations of Antiques. Cecil R. Bagley Co WOOD, METALCRAFT and FINISHING 5181h Tampa St., Phone M 59-974 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" r Week, Month or Year Sulphur Springs Hotel These Clubs have their own buildings which are equipped with dance floors, bars, libraries,. read ing rooms, gymnasiums, and out side :a,atios for entertainments. The Centro Espanol is the oldest Latin Club in Tampa. It was or ganized in 1891 .bY a few Spanish settlers-who pooled their resources for mutual benefit and today 6 ,000 Tampans are afforded medical care, hospitalization, and recrea tion through this Club. The Cen tro Espanol also has a beautiful hospital overlooking Tampa Bay on Bayshore The Centro's NATUROPATIC BATHHOUSE Russian Baths, Electric, Turkish Sulphureous, Body, Hot and Cold Showers and Different Forms of Massages. facilities are now valued at $400,-visit the Park to enjoy the natural FERNANDEZ BATH HOU.SE "Reasonable Rates" ARCADE BUILDING SULPHUR SPRINGS 000, all made possible through vol untary effort of its members who consiqer the Club a necessity of "KEEP 'EM FLYING" SAY SEAGRAM'S BE SURE! Crown Distributors WHOLESALE LIQUORS MIGUEL DIAZ, Mgr. 237 WATER STREEJ'l' Our Kindest Greetings to the Men in Uniform. We Hope Your Stay Here in Tampa Will Be FuU of Eenjoyment LA POPULAR BONDAD HOSPITAL AND CLINIC DR. JORGE A. TRELLES 1512% EIGHTH AVE. PHONE Y1604 -...... TAMPA, FLA. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Centro Austuriano, like all Latin laden trees, and to watch the birds. 2114 13th St., Corner 11th Ave. Clubs, closely links Tampa with beauties of the rapids, the moss Phone Y 3566 Latin America. The membership of Centro Asturiano is 8,000 and i"s an outgrowth of the famed Centro Asturiano of Havana, Cuba. One of the most interesting features of this great society is its library which has many extremely rare books dating back to the 17th cen tury. Five big dances comprise the principal social functions of the Club during the year. They are the New Year' s Eve dance, the Masquerade Ball in February, the Flower Dance arid Dinner Dance in May, and the Social Dance in Sept ember. Other dances attended oy "Keep 'em Flying" O'BERRY & HALL Wholesale Groceries COMPLIMENTS FROM FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS, INC. DISTRIBUTORS of GOLDSMITH and RAULINGS SPORTING EQUIPMENT Wholesale and Retail 711 TAMPA .STREET "KEEP 'EM FLYING" PHONE 677Q members and tourists are held '===============--------------- ;==============::::;::==============-, about every two weeks. WELCOME ArR MEN WE'LL BU.Y 'EM YOU FLY 'EM "KEE;P 'EM FL Yl NG" COATES STANDARD MFG. COMPANY Sprinklers 1111 JACKSON Where All Good Fellow's Meet! 213 BAR 213 E. Lafayette Phone M 7203 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" BEST WISHES From BRYAN-KEEFE & CO. Wholesale Groceries "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WALTON SMITH I 0 I E. Lafayttte Phone 3610 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" J. M. REY Main and Howard WHITE'S PHARMACY Prescriptions Sundries Sodas Sandwiches 1017 FRANKLIN STREET BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY AIR FORCE From WM. I. SULTENFUSS Contractor 703 JAMES ST. Dial M 1784 RAINBOW TAVERN Offering Yon a Clean and Pleasing Atmosphere at All Times DINING -DANCING COCKTAIL LOUNGE Spanish,. Italian and American Dishes Curb Service Orchestra Nightly 807 MEMORIAL HIGHWAY PHONE H 3121 Centro members have o ffered to the government the use of au its property, including the hospital, for the duration of the emergency. 209 DIFFERENT BIRDS IN TAMP A AREA TO TAMPA BEST OF GOOD FORTUNE From Raie Lumber Co., Inc. LUMB.ER -PAINTS HARDWARE Donald W. Rais, President 5801 FLORIDA AVE. Phone S 3185 It is surprising h()W many tour-ists in Tampa are interested m :============== birds. A visitor from the Middle West said yesterday that he had counted 209 different birds in the Tampa area. The fastest bird noted was the bluewing teal. This small bird can GORDON HALL TRANSFER & HEAVY HAULING Phone Y 1259 3010 4TH AVENUE TAMPA FLORIDA speed' through the air at 70 miles ;:::=============; an hour. The white egret, reaching Welcome To PETE'S PLACE 1302 MAIN STREET a height of five feet, has the long est neck. The funniest bird is the bluejay, which chatters and scolds all day long and makes more noise than all the other birds put to gether. The smallest two birds are the humming bird and the bluegray '--------------___.: gnat-catcher. The kingbird, or "bee martin," is the bravest. Spectators have seen the kingbird chase hawks seven or eight times as large as they are. The hawks know better than to fight the king bird which is about the size of a. mocking bird. Swindall-Powell Co. Wholesale Furniture Tampa Most of these birds are in Hills borough State Park, a few miles from Tampa. Hundred of visitors !----------------..! Sandwiches TWIN PALMS HOWARD A VENUE and COLUMBUS DRIVE A FRIEND Shell Producers Co. Contractors CONTRACTORS A. B. C. Mattress Co. 461 2 E. Broadway PHONE Y1575 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" COLUMBUS PARK DAIRY 1903 21st Street MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. HOSPITAL INSURANCE C. B. Pepper, Manager Phone M 1109 611 WALLACE S. BUILDING "KEEP 'E M FLYING" MOORE'S MARKET Groceries 1906 Mac DILL A VENUE Phone H 3761


J<'riday, 1\Iay 1 5. 1942 WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG wel co m e Army Air Men of :l\'IacDi ll a nd Dre w Fields MATHER of St. Petersburg 1 3th a nll Central Ave Phone 7 552 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "AVENGE BATAAN" \Velcome Army Air Corps E. J. FOSTER PAINTER -PAPER HANGER DECORATOR 710 THIRD AVE., S Phone 54-232 If \ Ve Pus h Our Sleeves Up and Go to \Vork, \Ve Can Win "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" TO THE SUNSHINE CITY CUNNINGHAM BROTHERS HARDWARE and BUILDERS SUPPLIES 861 CENTRAL AVE. Phone 772-4 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORID.\ "Remember Pearl Harbor" HEA DQUARTERS FOR ALL S .ERVICE MEN MARINE BAR Beer Wine Sandwiches 413 NINTH ST., S'). Phone 6130 Welcome to St. Peter sburg TRY W.& W. Root Beer 635 14th Ave., So PHONE 48-014 Welcome Army Men TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER (Courtesy of Florida Clipping. Service) .... .. Miss Sugar Cane and Hon. Nathan Mayo, Commissioner of Agri culture, inspect exhibit of sugar products produced by the United &tates Sugar Corporation at Clewiston, Florida. Florida grows 90 ,000 tons annually, could grow enough to feed nation if quotas were lifted. Sf.. Petersburg Pier Offers Dancing, Fishing Facilities MacDill's new Enlisted M e n's. Beach Club is located at St. Petersb .urg '!i. famed Million Dollar Pier. The piei \vas bui:" i il 1927 and s.lnce t h e n h a s been a have n for visitors It extends int o T amp.a Bay more than 2400 fe e t. Enlisted men who wish to leave the beach club will find splendia fishing facilities o n the pier. Wide sidewalks and fishin g balconies conveniently spaced along the h a lf-mile road m a kes it ideal. Lights are ample for night fishing Soldiers Dance at Casino At the head of t h e pier which is 300 b y 400 feet, there i s a doubl e deck casino, whi c h is used ever y Saturday nig h t for dances for MacDil! Field enlis ted neiL tration offices and a lunch room. The girls at these dances, are The upper floor houses Station members oJ the Pinellas County WSUN. Defense Council Recreation C om-Use Street Car or Auto mittee. Men who a ttended The street railway system ex-St. Pete d a nces know the excellel!t tends to the head o f the pier and work of the g irl s and the mot h e r s the drive on the pier a nti around who arrange the affairs. the casino accommodate the parkThe lower floor of the casino in g or hundreds of cars. No charze contains an auditorium, adminis-is made for t h e use of the pier. The mun icipal so larium was the \Velcome to St. Petersburg first to b e owned b y a city, and i s ASK FOR Candies MADE BY WALT JONES ST. PETERSBURG SINCE 191 6 Welcome l\'IacDill and Dre w !Field Men To the Sunshine City SOURELL'S SUWANNEE b e lieved to b e the l a rgest instita tion o( its kind in the world There are facilities fo r both men anrl women s u n bather s. Registere d n urses in attendance see that the patrons get t h e most benefit from the sun' s rays without painful, injurious results. The two separate compartments or the s ol arium are e n c losed by hig h walls. A s m all c harge i s made fo r the use of the sol arium, its lockers, show e r s and o ther facilities. HAGEN DESIGNED ONE OF FIVE GOLF COURSES St. P e te's fiv e attractive golf courses have attracted s t ars from ST. PETERSBURG THE SUNSHINE CITY Invites All Service Men and Their Families COLISEUM. Page 9 DANCE Monday Wednesday, Saturday St. P e t ersburg, Floi'ida PALAIS ROYAL Thursday, Friday, Saturday Admission 40c-9 P M. WELCOME AMERICA'S AIRMEN TO ST. PETERSBURG PINELLAS WASTE MATERIAL AND WOOD COMPANY Oscar D. HEY, Sole Owner 2331 6th Avenue South "i{EE P 'EM FLYING" Phone 58-934 "AVENGE BATAAN" vVEL COME MacDILL AIR MEN AND THEIR FAMILIES TO' THE SUNSHINE CITY MciNTYRE'S Ladies Apparel 460-462 FIRST A VENUE NORTH PHONE 8 657 THE PASADENA GOLF COURSE lS FREE ..... ....,.,.---To any man who wears the Uniform of the U.S. A. WELCOME, BOYS OF THE AIR CORPS 130 Million Ame 1 : icans are Behind You NAFFCO LINOLEUM STORE FINE FLOOR COVERINGS 212 N I!'\TH STREET NORTH "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WELCOME AHMY AIR CORPS -HURST LABORATORIES Research in Luminous Materials DR THOMAS F. HURST 413 TENTH A VIT.,."'l'UE SOUTH PHONE 5 986 "Let's Stop Predicting the Future-Let's Make It" "KEEP 'EM. FLYING" Let's Stop \>Vishing For VictoryL et's Be Victorious HARRISON'S W E LCOME, AIRMEN-KEEP 'EM FLYING 357 CENTHAL A VENUE PHONE 772 8 ST. PETEHSBURG CHUP.CHILL'S SHEET METAL Works all over the country. Pasadena course, designed by 1027 BAUM AVENUE 33 Years in St. Petersburg "Save the Scrap to Sock the Japs" DAIRY 1129 FOURTH ST., N Phone 9519 WELCOME, ARMY AIR MEN ATHERTON BROS. OIL CO. OIL FOR ALL TYPE BURNERS Phone Day or Night 5543 J53 13th Avenue South St. P etersburg, Fh. Think of how good it i s to live in the Land where there still is Liberty to Defend. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Walte r Hagen, is located on the shores of Boca Clega Bay, in the southwestern p art of the city. But terfly layout; 6 260 y ards; par 71. Shore Acres course is located in Shore Acres section north of Snell Isles. 5,845 yards; par 70; (9 holes. Cl ark's Sunset course on Snell Isle is the closest to center of town. Clubhouse is an outstanding example of Moorish architectu!e. Butterfly layout; 6 000 yards; par 71. Lakewood golf course, a private club located at Lakewood Estates in the southern part of the cit.y Butterfly layout; 6,387 yards, par 71. GHEETINGS AND WELCOME TO OUR BOYS CLYDE J. KEYS Contractor ST. PETEHSDURG FLOHIDA "KRE P 'El\T FLYlNC:" WELCOl\IE AMERICA' S 1\ IT\. TO THE SUNSHINE CITY BARGUSSHOP 214 FII1 S 'I' STJ:J ,Jo:'l' NOH'I'Il ST : PETERSBURG "Remember Wake Island" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" ....


Page 10 TAMP A ARMY NEWSPAPER F'riclay, l\Iay"l5, 19 42 Know Your Country's Fighting Ships ., (1) The now famed P-39 Bell Airacobra is the first pla.ne in the world to ever carry cil.nnon in its snout_ This purely Am<'rican inovation has given our pursuit pilots a striking advantage which makes this little buggy of thunde r one of the most death-dealing ships in the air today_ Incidently it will move at a speed of 400 miles or better_ (2) Now watching the sea lanes of the, vital Atlantic area is this giant patrol bomber to sink any U-boat that dares to stick its periscombs when it reaches its vital objective_ (5) STREA' K OF "LIGHTNINGS"-Fiying in mass formation, a group of Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" interceptors of the u_ S Army Air Force trains for combat duty against the enemy. Amer;ca leads the world in the d esign and production of interceptor and pursuit fighters such :::as these. (6) The Curtiss P-40F latest of the P-40 series now in quantity production is powered by the Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin liqu' d cooled engine delivering greater horsepower at higher altitudes_ This highly maneuverable fighter carries 6J2/3 times greater fire power and 70% greater ceiling than the original P-36.


. i SEUVICE CROSS' The Di at In&' u Is hod CroM i8 1\Wl\l 'dod to 'Nhv, whilll llt'l'Ving In nny CIII.Hlcil:y wi.:h tho Army o! tho Unitod Stnteil, distinguished by trnordlnnry heroism in c onne e Hon with military operntivn!l ngninst nn armed enemy. This decoration wns instituted by ut.ivo ord e r i n January, 1918, nnJ confirmed by Congress July 9, 1918. It is a cross of bronze with nn engle in the c ente r nnd a scroll bt11 camouflage color photography was introclucecl in aerial work. CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR This, the highest decoration a warded by the U. S. ment, can be given to any officer or enlisted man of the United States Army who shall "in action involving actual conflict with an enemy distinguish himself spicuously by his gallantry and intrepedity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call to duty." It was first authorized by a'ct of Congress in 1862, and pre sented "in the name of Congress"; hence the frequent al!u. sion to it as the "Congressional MedaL" The present design was udopted in 1904. A bronze star, surrounded by a laurel wreath in green enamel, pended by two links from a bronze bar bearing the inscription "Valor," and surmounted by an eagle. In the center of the star is the head of Minerva surrounded by the inscription "United States of America." Each ray of the star bears an oak leaf in green enamel. On the reverse of the medal is engraved the name of the recipient. It may be worn with a neck band. The ribbon is of light blue watered silk. Midway Page 11 between the. ne>ckoand and on the ribbon supporting the medal are 13 white stars arranged in--tile-"" form 'lf a triple chevron. SMITH statuesque, blue-.eyed and -pays her weekly visit to boys I 1n a camp near Hollywood. 1s talking w1th Sergeant Simon Darrol, Robert Brighton, P.F.C. and 1 Bakerwhde th,; rest ?f the gang looks on. Miss Smith will play a role in The Constant starnn)l Charles Boyer and Joan __ ___ .-____________ __________________ _______________________ B-25 Milchells Prove Axis Ne. mesis This is a sister ship of the North American Il-21i MltcJwll LJo mbti\'5 which have been attacking the Axis on all fronts. First American Army plano to \ CIN'mi\n Ubont ln the Atlantic, ten o! this particular type participated in the 4000-mllo rnld on thn Phlllpllh. H:.s AprU 13. A few days later Tokyo ldenti!led the planes which bombed four Japanese cities as D 25's. ; ,.


Page 12 ST. PETERSBURG THE SUNSHINE CITY Invites All Service Men and Their Families Welcome MacDill aiHI Drew Field Men to St. Petersburg JONES JERSEY DAiRY LEEMAN AVE. and 43R D ST. NORTH PHONE l\1 83-855 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "LET S AVENGE BATAAN" Welcome Men of the Air Corps and FamiliesV i sit t h e ANNA MAY DRESS SHOP LADIES and MISSES WEARING APPAREL and DRESSES 20 SECOND STREET ?\'JRTH ST. PETERSBURG KEEP 'EM FLYING" "LET'S TAKE A NIP AT THE NIPPONESE Welcome to Our Boys of the ArmyMacDill a.ncl Drew Field CITIES SERVICE OIL CO. 26TI} STREET and CENTRAL A VENUE "REMEMBER WAKE ISLAND" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Phone 4907 Welcome Boys of MacDill and Drew Fie ld s to the Recreation City SWIFT & COMPANY EMPLOYEES 100 TENTH STREET SOUTH Phon e 77:::1 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Let's Take a Nip a t the Nipponese" WELCOME BOYS OF DREW AND MacDILL BENTON & CO., INC. SAND and SHELL 3rd Street antl 9th Avenue South Phone 8621 "KEEP 'E!Vi: FLYING" "REMiEMBER WAKE ISLAND" .. of GULF OIL CORPORATION and Good Gulf Dealers 31st Street and lOth Avenue South "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "REMEMBER WAKE ISLAND" Phone ,1915 COME O N BUDDIES TO THE SUNSHINE CITY LEVERETT SHELMERDINE AGENCY TAYLOR ARCADE Phone 6959 "Let's Take. a Nip at the Nipponese" WELCO ME, FELLOWS TO THE SUNSHINE CITY WEST COAST OIL DISTRIBUTORS ST. PETERSBURG, FLORID A "Let's Take a Nip at the Nipponese" WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE CITY WHITE'S MUSIC STORE CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS-GRETSCH DRUMS "St. Petersburg's Only Exclusive Musical Instrument Store" "KEEP 'EM FLYING" 92'3 CENTRAL A VENUE Phone 58-199 Welcome America' s Air Men to the Su11shine City SCIO CHINA CO. 900 CENTRAL A VENUE Phone 7304 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "Take a Nip at the Nipponese" WELCOJ\IIE T O ST. PETERSBURG TWIST TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" 825 4th Avenu e South Phone 4567 WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG BROWNIE'S TIN SHOP "KEEP 'EM FLYING" 735 17th Street North Phone 4519 TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER tCourtesy of Saturday Evening News) The to your amusemerft problem is simple. You decide what you want to do and then do il. All manner Jf out-door and door sports, game:; and amusements here for yo.Jr enjoyment th-:! year round. SUNSHINE COMMUNITY OFFERS NUMEROUS played at variou s clubs, hotels, lodges and the Tourist Center. The St. Petersburg Bridge League is a member of t h e Ame r ican Contract Bridge League and St Petersburg likes to play! The it allows master points. Non-bridge I OUTDOOR GAMES majority of its winter populace are players are entertained by the pop. sports enthusiasts and an abund500 and other ular penuchle bingo, ance of convenient facilities for card games. recreation have mac! e the city famous. Mirror Lake Park is probab-l y the most noted sports center or J Ibt1s k1ind--l.f.ntl the1 wotrld[: ft.oht:r ... oc {S o 1e 1ear o 1e c1 y ,:; is easily accessible. Shu tl'leboaJ:d.: -.. St.---Petersburg Nine Movies In St. Pete Shuffleboard C lub, largest in the There are nine motion pictrlr e world, i s located at Mirror Lal'e theaters in St. Petersburg. The Park with more than 103 courts fe>r latest productions may be seen at clay or night play. Many natimnl t h e downtown theaters, and sec and international championsh;p ond showings are inade at reduced tournaments are h eld h ere. At prices at some of t h e Sunshine P leasure C lu b there a r e houses. Friday, May 15, 1942 Welcome Army Air Corps BRYAN'S Laundry & Cleaners 716 21st St., No. -Phone 8953 It's Our Cou.ntry at War Don't Wai t Until the Blackout "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Welcome Army Air Men to the Sunshine City CLARENCE SEARS SERVICE STATION GAS -OILS -GREASING SERVICE 300 4th St., So. Phone 9584 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Welcome Army Air Soldiers NORTHSIDE DRY CLEANERS O 'ur Modern Process makes Garments Spotless Special 3 Hour ServicePh. 4719 2053 CENTRAL AVE. St. Petersbura "Let' s Take a Nio at the Nipponese;, WELCOME :OREW AND lVIac DILL AIR MEN STAR FISH MARKET 700 4th St., N. Phone 5703 Euclid Fish Market ';1911 9th St. N. Phone 9082 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "Let's Tc>.ke a Nip at the Nipponese" WELc'OME AIR MEN To the Sunshine City INTER-CITY Coffee & Tea Co. 967 CENTRAL AVE. Phone 8421 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "AVENGE BATAAN" 30 courts and at Bartlett Park, 22. They are the Florida, La P laza, Roque: St. Petersburg Roque: Roxy, Cameo, Ninth Street, Capi Ciub host to inany national tal, t h e P layhouse, Park and the championship games played on ne\\est theater in to"n, the Drive both open and iucloor courts Ii1. whieh are plentiful, w ith 8 open lanes and 4 90vered lanes at l\1ir ror Lake Parle Lawn Bowling: Brought to St. ST. PETE WATER St. Petersburg's supply of water is one of the purest, softest and most palatable in the state. Weycome to Our Boys to the. Sunshine City READY -MIX CONCRETE CO \ Vm. J. Knaue r 700 31st St. S Phone 8634 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "AVENGE BATAAN" Petersburg by Canadian visitors, Lawn Bowling i s now a favorite sport and the largest and fine :;t rinks in the South have been pro vided for the local c lub National Through large seal ed pipes it come from the CosmeOwesr,a water sheu, one of the largest un-tournaments and competition for dergrouud fountaiu s i n Florid.t, internationa l honors have been which is thirty miles northeast ot h eld The r e are 21 men's lanes t h e city It i s fo rced iuto the c i ty and 6 ladies' lanes at Mirror Lake. mains b y large, electrically driven pumps which are capable of d2Ten Pin Bowling has grown in livering twenty million gallous ::; popularity with both men and 1 day. men p layers and t 1er e a r e nume:. ous keg l e r leagues here. Tennis: St. Petersbur;; Tenr club has its home at Bartlett Pari' GANDY BRIDGE The Gandy Bridge, a seven-mile with 1 0 clay courts suitable for rlar structure of concrete and steel, or night play. Some of the nation's top ranking amateurs during the season spans Tampa Bay to connect St. p lay here Petersburg and Tampa. It Horseshoe Pitching: Faciliti8s for horseshoe pitching, o n e of the a utomobile route between the two cities by 25 miles: The ap-proaches on either side were built first tourist pastimes, include a on land dredged out of the bay and grandstand and 11 lanes at Water-are lined with Australian pi n e trees front Park No. 1. Horseback Riding: St.. Peten;burg Riding Club, ope n both to lo cal and visiting riders, meets at the va1'ious stables the first Wednesday of each month. OUTDOOR BRIDGE Bridge, the national indoor sport, is also a n outdoor game here. Bridge players from a ll states and Canada pass away many hours en joying this pastime. Both social games and duplicate games requiring hig h skill are set out on either side of the road. WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG SUPERIOR KIST BEVERAGE co. 5908 5TH AVENUE, No. Phone 42 741 WELCOME AIR CORPS TO ST. PETERSBURG Southward-Ho Trailer Park and Motor Court 1850 5th Ave. N.-Phone 4997 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "ON TO VICTORY" WELCOME BOYS OF THE AIR CORPS THE OCEANNA A good place to eat and drink. DRIVE-IN SERVICE On your route in and out of St. Petersburg 2407 4th Street., N.-Phone 6168 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "Remember Pearl Harbor" WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE CITY E. N. STAPLES General Contractor REMODELING and REPAIRS Phone 40-852


Friday, May 15 1942 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" MESSINA BROS. WHOLESALE GROCERS 1302 E. BROADWAY "KEEP 'EM FLYING" PHELPS CLEANERS 5407 NEBRASKA A VENUE Phone S 3117 107 OAK ST M 1127 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" From STANDARD CLEANERS and DYERS 4610 FLORIDA -Phone S 4574 McRAE'S 208 CASS SPECIALTY Steaks and Chops 1c-1c-1c .:_ 1c-1c-1c McRae's Special Wester n Sirloin SteakFrench Fries Salad Bread and Drink 0 $1.25 With This Ad-Two for $1.26 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE 916 S. ROME APARTMENTS MANY AMUSEMENTS OFFERED VISITORS From morning u.ntil night recre ational activities a r e daily enjoyed by visitors and Tampans alike. People are playing tennis, go lf, and; fishin g and everyon e seems to he I! enj?ying themseh es in this area which IS one of the least affected by war. I Dances card parties, s huffl e bo ard tournaments, and basketb a ll games are, a nd will be, staged a t the recreation center throughout the spring a nd summe r. Because of its three great air fie ld s Tampa i s ho s t to parents a nd r e l a tives of the soldiers who have been sent here from a ll sec tions of the United States. The Tampa Chamber of Com merce is backing a plan to haY e regular bus trips between Tampa and near-by beaches so as to con serve civilians' tires. Year-round mild weather i s one of the chief factors that makes Tampa the "year-round city" for economical and comfortable livin!5. Because M the city's comparativg nearness to the equator, winter days here are longer than in sec tions farther north and summer days are shorter. While hosts of TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER COTTON FOR DEFENSE (Courtesy of Florida Clipping Service) Florida grows Sea Island Cotton for Defense, Governor Holland (center) sorts a sample as Market Commissioner William L. Wilson, (left) and Chairman State Defense Council Carl Brorien look on. Tarpon Tournament Underway The tenth aimual Tribune Ta!'-DUPREE GARDENS BLOSSOM CENTER tourists follow the sun to Tam1.a pon Tournament is now under way for winter comfort, m any spring and will continue through Aug. 31. and summer visitors are learning that comfortable nights, coolOfficials expect a record field Th with competition i n c e as i n g e gardens are in full bloom, ing sea bree zes, and air, as well as conditioning showers throughout th!'l summer. The first the electric boats and dining room make vacations here very enjoy-school of tarpon has been sighted are in operation and many acres able. Unlike many northern cities in Tampa Bay and anglers from a ll of beautiful flowers are to be seen. that have frequent summertime Dupree Gardens 1 s a ma 'fi t over Florida are planning to try gm cen readings of more than 100o the 900 acre estate, a few miles north highest temperature ever exper-their luck and ability to win this T t of Tampa on u S No 41. J. w. Page 13 public. His gardens have proved so popular that every year he is planting additional flowers and making the estate more beautiful. Althoug h many thousands of trees and plants from all over the Unit e d States have been planted ther'.l, none of the natural chann of sub tropical F lorida has b .een lost !n the masterful l andscaping. Approximately 15,000 azaleas, many of them more tha n half a century o ld, waxy camellias, snowy gardenias b y the thousands, great bed s of spring flowers, rose gar dens, magnolias, holly, dogwood, and orchid trees are here for the visitor to see and rave over. The electric boats take the tour ists a lon g a mystic river of and through a typical Florida cypres swamp. From singing bird houses the music of the old mas ters follows the visitor softly through the gardens. COMPLIMENTS OF THE WHITE WAY LAUNDRY 2806 ARMENIA Phone H 3898 Welcome To AL'S PLACE 2212 Florida Avenue ienced by Tampa was 9 7. famous cmrnamen The winner last year was' Robert Dupree, prominent Tampa attor:=============:=: TAMPANIA Lassing of St. Petersburg who ney, decided two years ago to nabbed a 160 pound t arpon. In share his gorgeous garden with the second place was Miss Ruth Steph-BEST WISHES To the Men at Both Fields Apartments "Keep 'em Flying" Reasonable Rates 4213 NORTH A SERVICEMEN SULPHUR SPRINGS SERVICE STATIO"l 8201 Nebraska Ave. -Ph. S-6594 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Best Wishes To the Army Air Force From UNCOLN REALTY Co. 1424 CENTRAL Dial M 53-894 "KEE. P 'EM FLYING" WELCOME For Good Food, See CHILD CAFE 501 FRANKLIN Greetings to Our Bo'ys of MacDIII and Drew Fields HOOK MATIRESSFACTORY 1310 Grace St. Phone H 1426 BUY MORE WAR BONDS REMINGTON RAND INC. Kardex M Safe Files 91 3 FLORIDA AVE. FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE PHOIO FINISHING fJ04 MADISON TAMPA GUDDEN PAINT 815 FLORIDA FINE SHOES BARKER & TULLY 111 0 FRANKLIN SERVICE MEN For Healthful Relaxation DAWSON'S FISHING CAMP Boats, Bait, Poles for Hire at GANDY BRIDGE Phone H 26-173 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" America's Greatest Shirt Value Piedmont Shirt Company Phone H 3752 P. 0 Box 4165 TROPICAL SERVICE STATION PALM and NEBRASKA ens of Punta Gorda and her 159 pound tarpon. Any amateur angler is eligible. Professionals are barred from the Tournament. Tarpon must TWIN PALM SERVICE STATION 2149 W. Columbus ATLAS LIFE INSURANCE CO. HOME OFFICE 4th A venue and 21st St. Phone Y 1194 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" be landed in Florida West Coast '-:=============I waters and by rod and reel. Comi ;::============:=! petitors must land their tarpon un-aided and the fish must be weighed and its weight attested by a Tour nament official, or public notary, or by three reliable witnesses. No angler must possess or kill more tha n two tarpon in one day. The Tribune Tournament is not Cleaning-Laundering Repairing VOGUE CLEANERS HOWARD and MORRISON "KEEP 'EM FLYING" TAMPA AUTO MAINTENANCE 1 05 N. OREGON held in competition with any Tournament and entry in it does not bar the fisherman from win ning a prize in any other contest. COMPLIMENTS FROM. TWIN LAKES AND OAK GROVE SCHOOLS METRO POUT AN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY M. R. Williamson, Mgr. PENINSULAR TEL BLDG. BATTERIES One-Year Guarantee As Low $4 SO 39 Plate As Exchange See Your Garage or Filling Sta. DeSOTO BATTERY & ELEC 1616 Tampa St. -Ph. M-1134 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" ALFREDO Y FAMILIA GROCERY 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. UGGEIT'S DRUG STORE Franklin at Street --. MEN IN THE SERVICE iLWAYS WELCOME Air-Conditioned for Your Comfort ( J FELLOW AMERICANS KNOW DYNAMIC ENERGY-BUOYANT HEALTH NUTRITIONAL MINERALS, INC. BOX 1156 PHONE H 1446 TAMPA, FLORIDA A Health-giving Supplement to Our Daily Diet (In Capsule Form) Literature Furnished Upon Request TREES Trailer Park MEMORIAL HIGHWAY AT WESTSHORE BLVD. Dial H 3146 .KEEP 'EM FLYING" MURPHY -McDONALD BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Building Materials M ississippi and Carolina Aves. Phone H 3082 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" GARCIA'S PLACE GROCERYMARKET 2009 TAMPA BAY BLVD. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" MARTIN'S HUT 4806 Bayshore "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WEBB Brokerage Company 115 WHITING


Page 14 Louis' Cash Grocery FULL LINE of GROCERIES MEATS and COLD DRINKS 15 0 2 TAMPA Phone 438G VALUABLE COUPON to men in Uniform-Health Cabinet. Shower and Massage-Any day up to May 22, 1942-AII for 50c. Massar;e Department, SINUOTHERMIC INSTITUTE Phone M 1286 307 W. Euclid Tampa Bring This Coupon. I CALTAGIRONE Groceries Market 2001 lOth A venue Phone Y 1331 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Perry Flower Shop 5 1 5 S. Howard GATORS RAZOR BLADES Unconditionally Guaranteed Buy the Best Fcrget the Rest P S. For Perfect Shaves Standard Sales Company no TWIGGS BEST: WISHES TO THE ARMY AIR F'ORCE STANALAND'S 1631 SNOW AVE. Dial H 1454 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" Greetings to the Families of MacDill and Drew Fields Hardee's Beauty Shop 210 POLK STREET Mrs. Lottie Adams THE CLIPPER Tamales -Chili -Sandwiches Beer Wines Plate Lunches 5021 BA YSHORE DRIVE H. J. SMITH JEWELER Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches Dial 4371 8 26 FRANKLIN STREET FREDERICK'S SUPER MARKETS v Cor. Grand Central and Albany 4403-05 Florida Avenu e Our Success Depends on Pleasing You Greetings to the Service Men of MacDill and Drew Fields Gator Bar and Grill LIQUORS -FINE FOOD 502 13th Street "KEEP 'EM FLYING" PENINSULAR FERTILIZER WORKS 45th Street and Road 17 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" E. F. GATES RADIO SERVICE 1701 FLORIDA AVE. Phone M 51 TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPER RECREATION IS A NECESSITY \ DuPREE GARDEN'S INVlTES YOU Florida w ill be the training ground fo r civilian population from tlOW on according t o Tampa Chai:l. ber of Commerce cfficials who b e lieve tha t due to the p roximity of the state to all sections o f the country more and more p eople will s p e n d from one week to a monch in the "land of sunshine." Peopl e can work s o hard thdt tller e is a limit to e v e r yone s en durance and the 'l'ampa area ar iords a. spl euclid r etreat for seeking r est, relaxation, and pl ay. This Old World city i s note d for it facilitie s for sport. The D avis I s l ands t ennis club, operated h:> the city of Tampa, has some of the finest courts in the South, while Tampa' s nine gol f courses a r e not e d fer their beautiful surrounding s and sporty play Sul phu-r Springs swimming pool b eautiful bridle paths, sail-boating and shuffleboard will leep people in trim for the defense program. Tampa is an economical place to 1 spend one's. vacation. It is a lso 1 th!l hub of an area reaching from Silver Springs on the north to Fort Myers on the south. The splendirl beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are a lso but a few minutes away from Tampa. Spanish restaurants and other cafes offer appetizing food at reasonable prices. (Courtesy of R. E. Mc<:::.arthy Adv. Agency) Dupree Gardens, Blossom Center of Florida, is a maQ:fiificent 90':> acre estate, a few miles North of Tampa on lJ. S. No. 41. The electric boats take tourists along a mystic river of beautiful flowers and trough a typical cypress swamp. Tampa is very optimistic a bo ut the part" it i s playing in helping the nation maintaii1 a sober mien during the present wartime days. The focal point fo r recreation of Tampa visitors is an attraf!tive club house on the bank of the Hill:>LEARN SPANISH FREE Vi'hat will probably prove to b e one of the g reatest drawing cards for Tampa this fall and winter are the free Spanish c lasses for tour ists. These c lasses, under the di borough River. This is the tourist rection of competent teachers are center in Plant Park where thou-now under way and any tourist sands of visitors gather each year can have a n opportunity to learn to play games, pass the time ,Jf conversational Spanish without day, dance, have picnics anrl charge, At the present time the parties. classes are being held at the Seminole Garden Center every Thurs-The very modern shuffleboar-rl day evening, sponsored by the club with more than 2,500 mem-Tampa branch of the Pan Ameri"KEEP 'EM FLYING". Leone Bros. Grocery GROCERY and MARKET BEER -WINES 1214 N. HOWARD AVE. Greetings to Service Men at MacDill and Drew Fields. G. J. GILLETIE LUMBER N. Willow Ave. and Nassau Friday_ May 15. 194Z" HENRY HOW KEE J HAND LAUNDRY REASONABLE RATES Special Attention Given To Men in Service 307 TYLER STREET Dependable Photo Finishing Service Florida Photo Service 604 MADISON BEST 'WISHES TO T H E ARMY AIR FORCE From A. L. STRICKLAND Fetilizers 8th Avenue and 25th Street BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY AIR FORCE FRANK'S BAKERY 2107 Grand Central Avenue Dial H 27-681 DELICIOUS Cakes Bread Rolls BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY AIR FORCE TARTLER'S BAKERY Good Things to Eat 716 Grand Centra l Ave. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" SEABOARD RESTAURANT 1901 2nd Ave. bers, holds tournaments each wee k and keeps competition alive among the expert and less expert g uests of Tampa from all parts of the United States. can League. Later on the Tampa Chamber of Commerce will also offer free classes in Spanish. SHORTY'S MARKET 117 WEST COLUMBUS DRIVE Phone M 1422 FOR PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Travelers from the North who are attending these classes all agree I that Spanish i s a language worth I I knowing. This great interest in "KEEP 'EM FLYING" DIEZ GARAGE 2606 1 2th Street "KEEP 'EM FLYING" LA COMMUNE GROCERY CO GROCERIES and MEATS 1904 12th Avenue Phone' Y 3210 ARMANDO BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone H 1404 407 GRAND CENTRAL Tampa, Florida "KEEP 'EM FLYING" PRINCE CASH GROCERY 323 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE Phone 2065 '"KEEP 'EM FLYING" C. SCHIRO & CO. Produce Hillsboro Ave. and 28th St. PRODUCE, FLORIDA "KEEP 'EM FLYING" TUXEDO For Colored NITE CLUB AND HOTEL 15031h 6th Street the language .. is possibly due '"to America' s friendship for our good neighbors in Latin America. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" FERLITA MACARONI CO., Inc. 2001 N. Tampania Ave. STORAGE Special Rates to Enlisted Men on Car Storage JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S HOWARD "KEEP 'EM FLYING" WEAVER THE RUG CLEANERS Carmen and N Delaware No More Rugs for the Duration. Save Yours Now. Phone Weaver the Rug Cleaner-H 1241. BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY AIR FORCE FROM LAFAYETIE RESTAURANT REALLY GOOD MEALS 1 22 W. LAFAYETTE Phoi1e M 56-583 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" TAMPA'S LEADING FRUIT MARKET AMBROSE BROS. 1401 Frank lin Street "KEEP 'EM FLYING" ATLANTIC MARBLE & TILE Co. 718 La Salle Street "KEEP EM FLYING" SAM GLORIOSO Used Cars 1312 FLORIDA AVE. Greetings to the Men and Families at MacDill and Drew Fields Bay to Bay Market FINE MEATS -GROCERIES 3204 BAY to BAY BLVD. ALLGOOD & RYE Grocery 4203 MacDill Ave. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" EDGEWATER HOTEL REASONABLE RATES BY DAY OR WEEK Magnolia Ave. a t DeLeon TAMPA Most Convienient Hotel to MacDill and Drew Fields "KEEP 'EM FLYING" ABE HYMAN GROCERY 6110 INTERBAY BLVD. Phone W 1293 GREETINGS SERVICE MEN "KEEP 'EM FLYING" La Nuova Vita, Inc. Groceries 2011 N. HOWARD "KEEP 'EM FLYING" GENERAL LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER and MILLWORK 1012 S HOWARD AVE. "KEEP 'EM FLYING" THE DIMOND COMPANY Produce Hillsboro Ave. and 28th St. Tampa Produce Florida


Friday, May 15, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Come To -SULPHUR SPRINGS TAMP A'S SMARTEST Pl.A YGROUND Served by Tampa Transit Company Busses --5c Fare --Frequent Service (Courtesy of Saturday Evening Newt!) been asked to aid by sending contestants and it is expected thl!-t boats, motor, a,no racll:Ie may be had at any time. Florida Photographers Assn. Convention In Tampa June 4-5 Tampa, May 15-Florida is At the Nationar Convention in ANYTIME IS FISHING TIME participate. Inland salt water can be fished with a light casting rod or fly Tampa has fishing as one of its rod. The best lures for the inThe state's outstanding artists greatest attractions. Black bass land salt water are the Convict the utmost in charming girls will a n d photographers will pose them are to b e caught. throughout .the Dillinge r and similar type& of photographically in the national C,hicago three Flol'ida photogra-d 1 d and take plenty of pictures, and year except urmg the c ose sea-floating and sinking baits. limelight and has enjoyed more phers were chosen to give demon-son from March 15 through May strations because of their out-news agencies and picture serv-photographic publicity in the 19. Perch c a n be caught at any newspapers and magazines of the standing accomplishment. ices are looking forward to se-time, while t arpon are at their n ation than any othe r state, a c-Newspapers and nation a l maga-curing_ a wealth of material as a bes t from May through August. cording to AI Burgert, president zines are crying for more pictures result. The biggest\ mackerel runs are of the Florida Photographers As-and Florida material is extremely The convention is scheduled for in the spring and fall, while the sociat!on. PORTER'S Cooper's Dry Goods Co. 8535 Nebraska Ave. Sulphur Springs, Fla. SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS THE WHITE SPOT Beer Wine Cold Drinks PLATE LUN

Pf,ge 16 The Sunshine City ST. PETERSBURG Welcomes Service Men WliLOOME Drew and :MacDill Men McPHERSON'S CAMP R()OJ.\.IS & APARTMENTS 8300 Fonrth St. N. Phone 54-224 'Em Flyiilg "Avenge Bataan'' WELQ0..'\1E BOYS ... To The Stmshine City REED-MARTIN LABORATORIES :Hanufacturing Chemists 1614 Central Ave. Ph. 8962 Sirell.i may. s c r eam warnings of An Air Raid Some Day Keep 'Em Firing Welcome to the Sunshine City CUnningham-Sumner Market A COmplete Service Food Store 862 1st Avenue North Phone 7739 For P1otection Today and Progress Tomorrow" WELCOME ... SERVICE MEN ACE LIQUOR STORE Phone 4504 Prompt Delivery 15 6th Street North At Trolley Tran s f e r Station Keep 'Em Flying WELCOMB ... Boys of MacDill Field BARKER'S GARAGE STORAGE Gas, Oil and SerVice : 425 2nd Avenue South KEEP 'EM FLYING :Weloome Eagles of the Air LINCOLN MARKET PHONE 4738 521 9th Street QUALITY MEATS Al\'D GROCERIE'3 Our Planes WiLl Smash J The Axis Let 'Em Fly DREW FIELD ECHOES (Courtesy of Saturday Evening News) l\:lmrlcipal Pier, St. P etersburg, Florida St. Petersburg Has Many Parks Major League Teams Use Two The green b enche s for w .hich v alue of this scheme and beg a n St. Petersburg is famous have a furnishing b enche s in front of very interestin g history. t heir places of business. Soon Back in 1908, whe n the co r n ers C entral Avenue, while having of Second and Third Streets were p lenty of places for v isitor s and the principal gathering p laces on residents to sit and chat and bask Central Avenue, Noel A Mitchell, in the sun, was far from attrac had a. real estate business on tive, since the b enches were of all the corne r of Fourth and Central, size s, shapes and colors. where t h e W a l g reen building now The city, seeing a chance to imstand s, decided that he m ust fur-p rove the appearance of the street .ish some inducement to get the without detracting from the has -people to come to his corner. pitality t h e benches offered, He built fifty l a rge b e nches, passed a n ordinance making all painted t h e m a 'brilliant orange, benches g reen and o f a s t andard covered their backs with advertis -size. ing and placed them. on the street Oity Owns Benc!Ies in front of his office. The crowd At present there are 3,500 soon began to make his corner g reen b enches in St. P etersburg, the mai n gathering place of the of which 1,500 belong to the city city. and are placed in c i t y parks. The Other merchants soon saw the others are owned by merchants. !!:Jany Interesting Sights T o )Attract: St. Pete Visitors At Eighteenth Avenue North, More than 1000 animals, birds just east of-Fourth Street, is Tur-and r eptiles are on exhibit, inner's Sunken Gardens, a tract cov-c l uding h erds of. alligators and ering four acres and plante d with c r ocodiles as w ell as a complete all the trees, flowers and s .hrubs collection of nativ e animals. popular in Florida, and m any "Great Horned Bird" others which are rare to this Here may b e seen the cassos t a t e. warp, or "Great Horne d Bird." One i s amaze d to find s uch Standing nearly s i x feet tall this l a rge plantings of azaleas, camel-monarch of all jung l e birds comlias, gardenias, roses and tropical mands the attention o f all visitvines, such jungles of tropical ors. Scores of funny monkeys trees, s uch beautiful streams and and interesting animals, from all lily covered pools within t h e city parts of the world, combin e to limits o f St. Petersburg. make this Florida's' grea test outM u c h Natural Beauty door show. Over artistically winding con-crete walks and arched bridges, LARGEST SHORE LINE visitors walk through this ever Florida has a longe r shore line changing panorama of natural than any other Sta t e. St. Peters beauty. Features are a 150-foot burg alone has 38 miles of waterbank of gardenias eight feet high, front. JACK WARD & SON Grocery 1928 28th Avenue,. North PHONE 85233 "We'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees." l{ee p 'Elm Flying This is our Battle-Let's fight it-Keep 'Em Flying SWEET'S GROCERY & MEAT MARKET 732 5th Street South PHONE 40788 GROCERIES. WESTERN MEATS, VEGETABLES several avenues of palms includ-ing som e of Florida's fines t Roya l DUE SOUTH P.alms and several beautiful speciSt. P e t ersburg is almost m ens of the Traveler Palm. straig.ht south of Cleveland. George Turner knows the history of every plant in his gardens and is g l a d to answer questions about them. Auinials, Bitds, Reptiles At 48th Avenue and 4th Street North is one of St. Petersburg's oustanding attractions. All specimens are exhibited in spacious outdoor cages and may b e photographed at will. Keep 'Em Flying ... PILCHER'S DRUG STORE 3019 6th Street S. WEWOME Airmen of MacDill and Drew Make Mas try's Bar and Grill YOUR MEETING PLACE Close to yont R e c teation Center BEER LIQUORS WINES 152 Central Ave. Ph. 4354 Friday, May 15, For Real Pleasure SPEND YOUR LEISURE TIME IN ST. PETERSBURGWelcome Army Air .Co.rpti To The Sunshine City WEST COAST DUNBJUK COMPANY Welcom e Air Corps of MacDm and Drew Fields To The Sunshine City Visitor s A lw ay s Wel come Enjoy Our Beaches and Recreation ST. ANTHONY'S HOSPITAL 600 Eleventh Street, North Keep 'Em Flying Let's Take A Nip At The Nipponese DEFEl\'DERS OF LIFE, LffiERTY AND THE PURSlJIT OF HAPPINESS We Welcome You To S t Petersbmgf E. M. BERRYMAN KEEP 'EM FLYING Power and Light Building Phone 4353 WELCOME ARMY AIR MEN TO 8T. PETERSBURG THE SUNSHINE CITY WARDELL'S DAIRY Haines Road Phone 83871 Keep 'Em Flying "Let's Avenge Bataan" WELCOME TO THE AIRMEN OF MAC DILL Al\'D DREW FIELDS, COX BROTHERS MARKET FANCY GROCERIES OF ALL Kll\"DS J{eep 'Em Flying Let's Take A Nip At The Nipponese WELCOME .. MEN OF l\fAC DILL AND DREW FIELDS EUCLID MARKET Quality 'Western Meats -Fruits and Vegetables 1232 9th Street North Phone 5316 JillEP 'EM FLYING WELCOME AIRMEN TO ST. PETEMBURG ... EIGHTH STREET MARKET A COMPLETE HIGH GRADE MARI{ET 405 8th Street North Phone 56 KEEP 'EM FLYING WELCOME AMERICA'S AIR EAGLES BROQUINDA, INC., OF FLORIDA Patented R efrigerating System To Kee p the Boys' Food Ft'6Sh In Transit 19th Street and 2nd Avenue South Prepare For The Ftlt1ue 'Vith Secmity WEWOME EAGLES OF THE AIR .. Phone 7330 Kee p 'Em FJylng To The City of Recreation And Sunshine D. B. DITIY Groceries, Meats And Vegetables 5909 Park Boulevard Phone 6190 Americans Have a Passion for Justice and a Genuine Passion For Liberty Reep 'Em Flying WEWOME SOLDIERS .. '.rO ST. PE'l'ER '!!BUltG FROl\1 A NAVY VETERAN MOLTS BETTER LAUNDRY 10% CASH Al\'D CARRY AT PLANT PHONE 4761 12th Street a n d 5th Avenue North Remember Wake Island Keep 'Em Flying


Friday1 M ay l.'i. 19:3 Welcome To All Out JJoy s In Uniform J. B. JEFFRESS & SON Millwork JESSE B. JEFFHESS B. JEFFRESS 3425 E. PHONE Y -1303 Happy Landings The New Enterprise Hardware Company Incorporated General Hardware, Paints and Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle a Specialty PHONE S-4422 814-16 E. Buffalo at Nebraska Use DIXIE CRYSTALS SUGAR Courtesy ... Bien Publico Clinic Inc. 1913 14th Street Tampa, Florida Tobacco Stmdries Sodas A Ooniplete Drug Store Whitehead's Drug Store H. R. WHITEHEAD, Registered Pharmacist Compounding Prescriptions is the most important part of our business Ph. S-5105 Prompt DeliVery Our Soldier Friends IN TAMPA We Salute You! O'DELL'S GROCERY SAM O'DELL 1911 Tampa Sttee t PHONE 1 H-G4-011 Welcome To Tampa .. For Y01u; Assistance \Vc Have Choice Rentals and E x cellent HOME VALUES M. F. ZERFACE Ex-Ait Set\ice Office r Real Estate Broker 7605 Nebraska Ave. Phone S-3979 Greetings from La Norma Coffee Mills JOSEY, ALONSO 1807 15th St. Phone Y-1362 Greetings Airmen ... AND ALL IN UNIFORM NICl('S CASH GROCERY NICHOLAS ALBANO, Prop. 1502 Central Avenue Phone M-50-004 Keep 'Em Flying GotNG UP I 'l'o Be Staff Setgean t Vernon Mimms Frank i\Iitcl!ell, Jr. Jeff W. Robbins Lee J. Wyatt H enry B Schlomer To Be Sergeant Loran i\'f Brannon Harold J Krueger To Be Corporal Clyde J. Bolden James F. Fry Robert L. Green Joseph L Stroble Hq & Hp Squadron IC NOT ES Don't call us sweetie-puss eYen tho' we are sweet looking. Major Conklin received five pounds of chocolate fudge the other .day from the Ladies Auxiliary of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club and cut us in for a share. Corporal Prince should l ook sweet. He came back from a trip to Philaelphia with a sweet young-thing on his arm. She's the bride. Congratulations! DREW FIELD ECHOES HQ & HQ SQUADRON POP OFFS 309th AIR BASE GROUP By Pvt .. Jesse Zinrmoel'Dlan Closed Stores Work J-lardship On Army Cigar manufacturers are having a field day in our outfit. Everyw here one turns, one is apt to (Continued from Page 1) bump into a soldier puffing spirals to win. The war can't be won of smoke into the air from a fat, without the complete, unselfish juicy cigar atilt in a corner of his cooperation of every 4-merican mouth. It did not take me veryback home. All of them must long to solve the mystery of the help to the ut1termost of their en-cigar brigade. I discovered that durance." Brigadier .General Going-Up has "Gen. Somervell also stated to been very active in Hq & Hq Squaa press conference the past week: dron of late, and the men who 'I'd like to say a word about the were promoted didn't mind at all officials of the big companies who passing_ cigars around. are out playing golf when we try get them on the phone. We've got to have the same devotion to Among the promoted was duty from these. men as manage-Private Edwards. Learning that ment expects from their employes he had won his corporal stripes, if we expect to put this thing accosted him as he walked past me over'. and asked him his first name for "We are not suggesting that the Going-Up column the the wholesalers supplying the re Echoes. quirements of Drew Field remain Private Edwards, whose first open to serve 1the general public name I learned is Louis, replied on Saturday afternoons and Sun unwittingly, "Corporal." Evidentdays," concluded Col. Asp, "but ly Corporal Edwards has let the we do feel that those places of title of his new stripes become his business should maintain suffi first riame. At any rate Corporal cient personnel on .duty every day; Edwards deservetl the promotion, including Sun.day, to s upply emer working plenty hard with the new gency requirement of our milirecruits who have come to Drew tary forces." Field during the past month or so, Will Richard Mataya please tell Good luck, Corporal Edwards! us when what blond blizzard in New Orleans will receive that set of red hearts. Mystery of the Big Orange ... How will Corporal Jimmy Robin get to that certain place now that he can't get gas for his Plymouth ... and does he have a pass with the brunette or does he just make then1 at her? Free Advertising column soldiers may purchase five pounds of sugar for 12 cents! AU you Paging Byron Nelson: Men on the Base who believe they are the eat's miaou on a golf course should get in touch with Pvt. Eddie Forbes of Hqs. & Hqs Squadron if they want to meet their match. The other day Pvt. Forbes, a for mer Philadelphia pro, exhibited his mastery while playing golf with Pvts. Bill Wolf and Sam Lazisky by sinking a 50-foot appr'oach shot on the ninth hole, using a No. 7 iron. Golfers know the unusualSOlat Regiment We want to go on record and state that Hq and Hq Company Plotting Battalion is on! the way to the outstanding company in 501st. Under the capable leader ship of Lt. Jamison, our splendid Commanding Officer and his ex-. cellent personnel, Lt. Kitain, Lt. Abbit, and 1st Sgt. Pratt, we will accomplish our task. It can be done. Just a little more effort gotta do is take a wall;: to the ness of the success of such a shot and we will reach our goal. grocery store ot S gt. Jack Guz-without putting. zardo the store is located 'way, 'way down in the heart oJ the bayou count1y of southern Louisiana. SERGEANT SABOTAGED One of the Hq men working in Base Headquarters stepped out of line on .Saturday night. Because he is usually a sober, sedate indi vidual, it i's best that he remain anonymous. Many of the soldiers would like to know who is the "Atlantic City Hipster." 1st Sgt. Godfr-ey, can you help u s out? ... By the_ way, a certain Chapter in this com-pany leaves his heart at the Alamo DURING DRILLS At any .rate this soldier went to most of the time ... Pvt. Tony ---Tan1pa ,vith SOinel of his buddies Cuva c an't understand 'vhy .he A drill sergeant at the air and got pie -eyed drunk. H e found must go to motor school whe n h e corps training school in T exas himself a sweet m a m a and wan-has drive n a truck for 1 0 mouths. was sabotaged during cadence-dered off with h e r whil e his bud-drill for rookie mechanics. dies proceeded to a USO club While teaching t h e m orders in w h e r e the motion picture, AlexMost of the fellows are attend ing the various A. W. schools and their basic drilling Course h e d an er's Bagtime Band, was being shouted: "Count cadence; screened. h e r e is a bit of advice. The tradiCount!" I In the course of time his sweet tiona! spring fever has already "Eins, swei, dre i vi e r answered a d evilis h voice in Ger-mama's company began to pall gotte n some of t h e soldiers' in the upon him, s o h e left h e r and re-school classes. But there's some-turne d to the USO club in search thing new in this wartime spring. Swiveling around w ith hio It doesn' t c reep r n. It confron t s us of his buddies. ln the darkness of hands spr e a d fan-wise on his hips all It's t!1e spr1 1 Ht the auditori-um, in the middle of tile irritate d sergean t cocked his right eyebrow, unleased a -withe r-ing g lance at the rookie, and exploded w i t h : "Who's Latin?" the g u y countiu' Keep 'Em Flying MARTIN'S SUPPLY 2508 E. Columbus Dr. Compliments AMERICAN PIPE AND METAL CO. "Pipe For Every Purpose" 1813-19 -Nebraska Avenue Phone M-8841 Tampa, Florida in the showing of the film, h e coldn't find his buddies. Stepping ov e r to the motion picture operator, he explaine d his predicament to him. Would the operator kindly run. a slide on the screen, notifying his friends to meet him after the show? The operator, being au obliging soul, said that he wasn't in a posi tion to run a slide, but he would be willing to stop the film and turn on the lights. And so h e did, with our sinning soldier presenting quite a spectacle as he stag gered up and down the aisle until he found his buddies. It would take a non-habitual drunk to stop the show! Happy Landings From Eleanor Shop 408 Morgan Dial M-5708 Keep 'Em Flying offe n sive d e m anding that we annihilate the ancient for the achievement. W e are preparing now so that we can be confident of victory on the future field o f battle. Exams are scheduled e a c h week; in your school. Prepare by d aily maneuvers in the library and at your tent. Be confident of victory on your major battlefield. Serving South Florida LYKES BROTHERS INC. Florida's Most Progressive Meat Packers P-age 17 Our Most Sincere Compliments STONE AND WEBSTER ENGINEERING CORP. Known From Coast To Coast Lee and Parker Phone H-1562 Keep 'Em Flying SEMINOLE FURNITURE COMPANY ..... '" .: .. Everything for the Home: Lafayette and Hyde Park, DIAL HA888 Keep 'Em Flying TO MAQDILL AND DREW From GEORGE B. SHAW PLUMBING 1523 Gr. Oent:ral Ph. H-1221 Keep 'Em Fiylilg Keep 'Em Flying ... MANGEL'S 606 Franklin St. Keep 'Em Flying .. DALI-FRESH FOODS Potato Chips 1 08 W. Fortune St. Welcome Air Men ... May Your Stay \Vith Us Be A Pleasant One SOUTHERN PHOTO & NEWS PHOTO SERVICE MALLORY, Owner 307 Jackson Stteet Phone 3761 Keep 'Em 1\:eep 'Em Flying ... Best Wishes from Yo:m Friends LA MONTANESA GROCERY JOSE VENERO 1410 East Broadway Avenue InTamp81 Hello Soldiers ... GREETINGS FRO.l\-1 BERT'S USED AUTO PARTS BERT L. HERMAN 607 Nebraska Avenue Phone B-5094 Keep 'Em Flying


__ E_C_H __ __ 1942 K. P. War Bond Sales Meet Succ ess At Drew On the whole the personnel of Hq. and Hqs. Battalion, 503d Sig Drew Field has responded well to nal Regiment, while eating in a the pay-reservation plan for the signal corps mess hall, overheard purchase of War Savings Bonds, one disgruntled recruit beefing having become the center of a about the Bond drive. His comhuge drive designed to enable ment was exceptionally acidulous. avery private. non-commissioned "That's some more of the old officer, warrant officer, and com-Army baloney, that stuff about missioned officer on the field to buck privates buyin' War Bonds," participate financially in our na-he growled. "How the hell can tlon's war effort. they expect a guy who's maldn' Many of the men in the base only 21 bucks a month put out for squadrons and regiments report a Bond, too?" The rest of his that they have arranged already remarks were unprintable. for the purchase of the bonds For such individuals it is our through pay reservation. The im-intention to indicate ... just as portant feature of the plan, ofSgt. Bromberg, disgusted by the fared alike to civilian and mili-rookie's attitude, pointed out ... tary personnel of the post, is the that the purchase of a Bond is not arrangement by which purchases compulsory, but voluntary. At the may be completed in small same time the buying of a bond monthly Installments of $1.25 is a gilt-edged investment in the multiples deducted from the pur-safest bond on the market, and chaser's pay. A $25 bond, for ex-not a gamble. ample, may be obtained by ar-It should be considered a privrarig!ng for 1.5 deductions of iJege to buy bonds after reading $"1.25 each at a total cost of day after day of the almost super $.18. 76. human efforts which were made There are a few men, however, by the valiant defenders of Corre who are always beefing about one gidor and Bataan, and when we thing or another, and at this time think of the hardships endured by of them is the War Savings American soldiers in Australia, Bond .drive. Europe, the Pacific Isles and Asia One day last week First Serunder adverse conditions, of the geant William Bromberg, of the three members of a bomber's crew "WE oSELL WHISKEY" GAYVILLE LODGE And Cocktail Lounge Our Specialties Fine Foods" Steaks, Chicken Dinners We Welcome Our Soldiers And Their Dates who spent days ou a rubber raft, most of the time without food or water, not knowing whether or not they would be rescued. Heartened by General MacArthur' s announcement of a few days ago about the hurling back of the Japs _in the war's greatest sea and air battle at "relatively slight" cost to the victorious defending forces, chiefly American, in the battle of the Coral Sea, it should be considered a privilege TIPS FROM THE 13the Where' s Your Plane Soldier I think that I shall never see A job as sloppy as K. P. K P where greasy arms are pressed By Pvt Samuel Levin With pots and pans against the Although no league has been Civilians have some strange idea s chest; forme d, rivalry among the softaboult soldiers and soldier's equipb a II pI aYers of the Hqs. m ent. Last week a member of the K. -P., where stand the chefs all and Hqs. 30th, 31st and 32nd ECHOES staff walked into a d a y, Squadrons is such that the forma-B 1 d rs at their prey tion of a loop would not be amiss. downtown newspaper office wear-ar ong or e Actual playing by these squadrons ing his gas mask. He was a fre-K. P.'s who may in evening wear only started last w eek, but inter-quent visitor to the office but had A spot of gravy in their hair; est among the men is such that it all appears like mid-season. It all started Wednesday of last week when the 30tn trounced the 31st to the tune of to 5. Came last Friday when the Hqs. and Hqs. team trimmed the 30th by the onesided score of 38-2. On Saturday the 32nd bumped the 30th, 10-5, On the same day the liqs. and Hqs. aggregation administered a 9-3 defeat to 31st. never before worn his mask downtown. He talked with the various editors concerning the publicity from Drew Field. As he was leaving one of the charming girls in the office stopped him and asked, "Is that your 'parachute you are wearing?" K. P., where all the yardbirds hop To nonchalantly wield a mop. Poems are made by fools like me And so's the list for that darned But the real fracas, and believe you us, it was a fracas, was played Monday afternoon between Hqs. & Hqs. and the 31st. This game was dead-locked at 0-0 until the last frame when S /Sgt. McCauslin broke it up with a circuit clout into deep right field. He brought in Pvt. Novak ahead of him. The losers tried desperately to even matters in theirhalf of the inning and almost succeeded but for the fine-fielding of the victors. A short rally netted the 31st. a run --Keep 'Em Flrng-Wedding Bells Again In 309t:h Although the date is tentative the plans are not for Pvt. Vincent dePaul McGarry, Hq. & Hq. 1 Squadron, 309th Air Base Group. Pvt. Vincent tells all who will listen that he is to be married soon to the most lovely girl in the world. She is Miss Eleanor Anne McCullough, and they are both from the same home town, brought in by Pvt. Zekas but the Norristown, Pa. outburst was quickly squelched. This Hq. & Hq. Squadron must Members of the other two squa-have something. The men are all drons were interested spectators, falling for the old gag that two Some lost some money on the out-can live -as cheap as orie. And come. the girls are all falling for the ---men in the Squadron. W .hat's the Pvt. Frank B. Ticknor, the 31st's poet and philosopher, penned the following, shortly after waking up one day last week: A MORNING THOUGHT secret, 'men? NEBRASKA HOTEL Special Rates for Men in Uniform K. P. --P;: D. D., in Brookley Bay Breeze. Remember Home Sweet Home! Give 'Em Hell And Hurry Back For Your Relaxation Refreshments and Entertainment LARRY FORD'S Office Bar 610-612 Tampa Street Drink When you Like But Drink Moderately We Can, We Will, We Must Win This War Keep 'Em Flying ... VILLAZON & CO 5 Miles North of Tampa on 41 and 541 At .The Apex Eat HOLSUM to help our nation's war effort in Each man a home and fireside seat dollars and cents as well as serv-Each man a mother living there ice. It was a roaring, flashing, E 'ach mother's son enough to eat swirling combat spread over six And all smewhere held dear. 2815 Nebraska Avenue Phone M-153-631 Tampa, Flolida Tampa .. Enriched Bread For Better National Health DEESE STUDIO PHO'l'OGRAPHERS E Colum:bus Drive at 29th St. For Appointment call Y-4655 Of the What more can man then better days and great reaches a!lk waters just northeast of Austra-Than this and hopes of future lia, and it is up to us to see to it peace that we can keep the roaring, So to your well-directed task flashing combat going until the Until the warring nations cease to war is brought to a victorio-us conclusion. CUBA CAFE 1 3 0 1 E. Broadway ManueL Diaz, Manager quarrel. Monday was a happy day for those men who arrived at Drew last month. They received their first pay. All were happy, that is, I all those who received money. for 1 the days they served the latter 1 part of last month. One fellow had MADISON DRUG COMPANY no pay and was told he owes the government about 40 cents. He enlisted April 20 but having taken out $10,000 worth of insurance, the money he earned in April went for paying the first month's premium. Tough luck, soldier! Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Aimed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service Best Wishes Joe's & Son, Grocery AND MARKET Nebraska an.d Henderson Ave. Phone M-1742 Keep 'Em F1lying Full Line of Hardware 3914 E. Hillsboro Ave. Phone S-76-545 Keep 'Em Flying ... MILLER FURNITURE CO. Howard H. Heald 1431 Franklin We'll Buy 'Em, You Fly 'Em BROCK'S BEAUTY SHOP END QT]:RL$ 1. 50 .'-OIL WAVE' S $2 .50 4807 Central Avenue Keep 'Em Flying ... Compliments from W. R. AMESCO Florida Irrigation System Alex R. Cameron, Mgr. East Broadway at 40th Street Tampa, Florida Phone Y -1255 "Happy Landing" LIDO'S Retail Liquor Store 1930 E. Broadway Ave, 1 Phone Y-9031 Keep 'Em Flying FLORIDAN GARAGE Inc. Marion and Cass St. RAUL VEGA INC. Ladies Read-to-W ear 1506 E. Broadway Ave. W.B.GRAY Real Estate 221 E. Lafayette Phone 4883 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANlffiiN Dan'l S. Bagley Keep 'Em Flying ... Florida F umiture Co. 1 3 1 6 E. Broadway Henry Bauvista R. L. MOORE Used Cars 3010 Florida M6781 'Ve Welcome Our Soldiers and Sa.flors at tl!e 41 SANDWICH SHOP Specializing in Fried Ohicken Dinners 55c 8127 Neb. Ave. Sulphur Springs Keep 'Em Flying ... Albano & Arcuri Groceries 2602 18th Street We Salute You! ... May yom stay here with us Be A Happy One Greetings From La Naviera Coffee Mills "Happy Landings" FLORENCE GREEN SPORTSWEAR INC. Manufacturers of "Sportogs" De Soto HoteJl Phone 61-854 We Wedcome Our Soldiers And Sailors at "Ma" Williams Nite Club All : Nit.e B'ntertainment 9000 Florida Avenue Welcome MacDill and Drew Field Men and F amities Walker-Hood Furniture Co. "Complete Home F umishers" 1417 Franklin Street Telephone 2866 Best Wishes From Ruskin Tomato Growers Inc. RUSKIN To The Air Service Men ... Keep 'Em Flying


.Frida,:r, May lii, 19 42 350th Materiel NEWS By C. llehm Personal: DREIV FIELD ECHOES Service Men's Center Opens In Daytona Beach Under the auspices of the local churches, a Service Men's Center Former Councilman In Drew Field Ba.nd We hate to contradict the 327th. has been opened in booths two, But their column lays claim to the three and four on the Broad Walk at Daytona Beach. 553rd MEDICOS Sound Off From the halls of the borough council in McKees Rocks, Pa., to the band platform of the new Drew Field band, such was the jump made by Private John youngest member in the army. Gentlemen the 3 50th .has beyond _doubt, the youngest member_ in the whole Drew Field Roster, in the person of Pvt. (Short Pants) Hall, who is but sweet fifteen. Will someone please write a letter to Pvt. Pete Szeman, he is wearing out the ones he has by By Sergeant Pete Suszynski in a matter of a scant The camp loud speaker blasted few weeks. thunderously, "Attention! Atten-Now a member of the Hq. & tion! A box, twenty feet by two-Hq. Squadron of the 309th Air and-one-half feet, has been lost. Included among the center's facilities are a ping pong table, dart boards, checker games, and a piano used for accompaniment for community singing. Men from Drew Field who, while in Daytona If found, will the finder please re Beach ,want invitations for Sunturn to Pvt. I. Los teet (or maybe day dinner might avail themselves Base Group, Private Suszynski was starting his second term as a borough councilman in the small John Doe)." of the registration at the Center This anno-uncement steel city when called to the col attracted reading them over and every opportunity. ors. Among the achievements of this dignified, graying, 32-year-old veteran. of the political arena with on Saturday afternoons. In addi over at lion to the routine l'ecreatlonal numerous comments, chiefly of a wisecracking nature, until the activities, free refreshments are Benny Says : Laugh 'boys, but the 350th will be in barracks when you'1e pick ing sand out of your mess kits. Does anybody have a corny joke that refuses to draw a laugh? Take it to Pvt. (Old Bean) Lo pachansky. He will tickle your ears with his appreciative laugh ter. Perhaps poor Mike was drop ped on an old joke book when he was a child. We don't get it. 1Sgt. Sacra gets a two sentence letter from his girl asking why he hasn't written late ly. Immediately obtaining a fur lough, he rushes out of camp and marries the girl. Oh well. Best of luck old top. You might have let us know, at least. Billy Ditty: Mary has a great big boil Where boils should never be The poor girl has to stand it She can't sit down, you see. -Talk-And Diet--served. to men in 111niform every saturday and Sunday afternoon. Open house for service men: is held every Saturday night in the social rooms of he Calvary and Ffrst Baptist churches. Special in formation concerning acti vities for servicemen is available at the Center. Mrs. Elta Williamson, noted Daytona Beach personality, is di was the starting of housing and blast number two: "Correction! sewer projects which added much COI;rection! Box is twenty inches loudspeaker sounded off to his constituents. by two-and-one-half feet." Who, after all, other than a The possessor of an unusual signal corps soldier, could lose a dispositi0'-1 for a politician, the former councilman does more lis tening than talking. When he box that size? Something in a bulletin, me-speaks about a dozen words, it morandum, circular ... or was it amounts practically to General Frank's letter_ on physical speech-for him. words, what little howling here-. training? ... stated, "Develop a rector of the Center. ted t a 1 a estr t d to competitive spirit in your athletics. sor 0 w s a w YS r lC e dicoes challenged all comers. We he earned his living in the Regis-Get that old college football feel-the benefit of his constituents, lug. Get tllem on that fighting w.ho showed their appreciation of I edge. And get that team work his efforts in their behalf by re electing him to the clicking." Well, in effort to follow these instructions, teams council. were formed and the 553rd MeIn addition to his public duties 3rd Interceptor SHORT-SHOTS licked some of our rivals, we also try of Wills office in Allegheny I By Pvt. ThOIIIfls G. Carlton got licked, and reports in the county, and also as marriage Congratulations to Pvt. Heller. Echoes ran into some rather tall license clerk he witnessed many He pased the Officer's Training propaganda on both sides. In fact, soldiers buying the legal right to School Exams. Enjoyed a 'furlough this writer's life was threatened wedlock ceremonies. and is now raring to go to Miami! and the 503rd pill-rollers kicked Originally Private Suszynski the stuff!n's out Of our crew after was placed in charge of the in And, also, congratulations to our little Echoes' item of last dices and files of the 309th Air Corp. Prince, wno was marrie d week. We can report, at any rate, Base Group headquartters, but May 5th. Good luck, Corp. that the 553rd Medicoes and the since the formation of the Drew 503rd Pill-rollers have definitely Field band his services as a OVERHEARD And here is a little surprise for got that called-for competitive pianist were considered more es-Drill Sergeant Dud a to Rovkie: the 3 I. C. Sgt. Goodman has final-spirit. sential. It is said that the former "Wipe that opinion off your ly been hooked. Wonder who that councilman is quite adept at the face!" man is hanging around camp with a shot gun? Men, be prepared when you tickling of the ;vories. Keep 'Em Flying .. FRANKS. FELLOWS 310 Twiggs St. Visit ... Seabreeze Restaurant 22nd Street Causeway come in and ask the captain for t hat three-day pass. The other day we wonder if it's love again for Pfc. Gossett had convinced the Corp. Melancon, w110 has been captain that he had 'been a good seen with a new giri lately. Aww boy and was just about to get his Love! pass signed when the captain "I just told Topkicl( where to get off." "Did h e get off?" noticed that there wasn' t any adMiller dress on it as to where he was going. "What' s the address?" he asked. "VVhat are you, a \Vise guy?'' "\Vhat's the telephone number?" The Pfc. looked bewildered. "I .May Youl' Stay Here in Tampa dunno, sir," he mumbled. Be a Happy One "What's' the name of the people O'Brien's Drug Store who you're going to visit." H. Y. l{eith Mgt. At the moment all that Pvt. Keep 'Em Flying Go s s ett could recall vtas that she was a brunette who lived in Largo. I At length he produce d the address Tampa Ideal Cottages and Coffee Shop Clean and Comfortable Enjoy Our Good Food Modern I 2 & 3 rooms with or without kitchenettes 3402 E. Hillsborough Avenue, on Road 92 By Day or Week GULF BAG AND BURLAP CO. 3 I 06 E. Broadway Greetings fl'Om IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP !\-Irs. Betty L. Jett, Prop. 8135 'Nebraska Ph. S-5230 Happy Landings Best Wishes To" The Men At Both Fields From DESOTO PARK OAMP. On The Waterfront Have your relatives stay here for real comfort and Economy Keep 'Em Flyfng IF YOU HAVE :\ CERTIFICATE TYRESOLE YOUR SMOOTH TIRES Tyresol:ing is the only process that applies new treads WITHOUT Cooking or Bakilllg your Tire Casing 4700 Florida Ave. TAMPA I and, as a r eward rece iv e d the pass. For a while, however, h e was really in a sweat. A brunette living in Largo? Tsh, tsh, such a business! From the Bragging Departme n t : Cpl. Zeigle r reports that our vol ley ball cre w didn't eve n have to apply 1iressure to trim the 6 64th Signal outfit a couple of days ago. The scores were 21 -7 and 21-5. "Wasn't even a good workout," the boys say. For those volley ball teams who want the boys to give them a few lessons in volleyball playing, just call Tent City Ext. 118. Table Supply Stores Tampa A. B. C. Employment Office 620 Twiggs Keep 'Em !<,lying Anderson's Market l\-:1. HESCHEL. C. A.NDEHSON President East Broadway AYenuo And 40th Street Keep 'Em Flying ... A.A. ADAMS Machinery & Supplies g ; "\VATEH SYSTE;\-fS li'AR:U EQUIPMEXT 2313 E. An Phone Y -3535 Alton A. Adams Fine Foods MARCUS GROCERY 3707 Nebraska Ave Reep 'Em Flying .. FURMAN HOTEL Mr. and M-rs. J. A Jones, Opt'S, $1 Per Day Per Person First Class Hotel. A Place Fit For Y'our Relatives and Friends 930 Twiggs St. Phone l\1-50-312 Greetings ... TO MAO DILL AND DREW From SECURITY FEED AND SEED CO. 710 Ashley Phone M-1591 Keep 'Em Flying Page 19 Are You Seeking Peace? Whether you go in for a merry life of pleasure or try ha1d to maintain your moral standards, what JOU teally waut is a deep aiding peace. Search where you will, this can only be found in Jesus, who said, "These things have I spoken unto you that IN ME YE HAVE PEACE" When you need a friend caN us. MRS. ED. CUNNINGHAM 5402 Seminole Ave. Ph. S-1812 IDSS ESTHER SHELHAMER. 3504 18th Street Ph. Y-5555 Best Wishes from ; Hillsborough Packing Co. FRUIT PAOKJJlRS State Road No.5 Phone Y-1290 Keep 'Em Flying .. SAMSON CONCRETE COMPANY 3007 I 5th Avenue YBOR FURNITURE COMPANY GREATEST V AI:,UES FOR THRLFTY BUYERS Cash Or Credit e 1313-lG E. Broadway PHONE Y-1440 Ybor City, Florida B. Valero, Jr. We'll Buy 'Em You Fly 'Em AL & F GROCERY 1603 E. Columbus Drive Complilnents To Our Good Friends In Uniform .. ANGELO GRECO AND COMPANY "Tomatoes A Speciality" 28th St. and Hillsborough Ave. Phone 8-7573 Keep 'Em Flying BeSt. Wishes to MacDill And Drew From Royal Venetian Blind and Refinishing Co. 2809 'Nebraska, Ph. M-52-641 Keep 'Em Flying


Page 20 CHURCH CALL CATHOLIO Chaplain Arthur A. North 403d Regt. Chaplain Early mass at 6:15 a. m., Base Chapel tent. Mass at 11 a. m Assembly tent north of Base Headquarters. JEWISH Mr. Harry T. Hymanson Service at 11 a. m. in 50 1st Chapel tent in 501st area, row No. 117. PROTESTANT Ohaplain William L. Base Chaplain Service at 11 a. m. Base_Chapel tent. PROTESTANT Qhaplain AmOs L. Boren 501st Regt. Chaplain The Chaplain will not 'hold his regular Sunday services. Instead he will hold it with his regiment in the field Sunday, May 16. All WARRANT OFFICERS Tech. Sgt. James F. Kearney DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, May 15, 1942 Top Honors Go j1ye, window sills and windows cleaned to a dazzling brightness, cooks checking to see_ that not a thing was overlooked. Comes 9 .... 10 .... 11 o'clock and you. survey your worl{ and are allowed to hit the hay. To Kitchen No. 3 B y Pvt. Robert Marinaro cooks screaming to .hurry up, mspectwn day, and As you stroll bY Kitche n No. 3 K. F.'s screaming back that they as you go by the kitc!1en, you rub are not super-men. Then like a your eyes, can it be possible, then cyclone a gust of hungry soldiers realization sweeps over you, your take the kitchen by_ storm, and in kitchen won the flag. The word a few minutes that lovely kitchen was spread, soon the whole squa looks like the wreck of the dron came by to pay their res Hesperus. pects. Then the flag was trans-you'll notice a flag in two deli cious flavors, red with blue letter ing. Inscribed thereon are the let ters "BEST KITCHEN," and therein lies a tale. Ah! The blood and tears it took to get that flag. Think of the Then grim lipped K.P.'s grab ferred .to a position of honor, brooms and rags and away they just outside the General's window K .P.' awakened at the gruesome go again. Tables reset, everything so all he has to do is look out the ho-ur of 5:30 ... still dark yet .. then make their way to the kit-cleaned up, ready to go aga'tn for window and h e sees it proudly chen to be greeted at the door by the next onslaught. This goes on flying in the breeze. the cook, asking what the H .. 1 for three meals and after the last So to the other kitchens; be of took tliemso long to get there one this brave little army of men stout heart and some day you Then it really starts, sweep the set out to make their kitchen im-may get this precious bunting. place, get the food on the tables; maculate for tomorrow's inspec-Well, good-bye now I've tion. got to get some sleep ... I'm on The floors are scrubbed with K P. tomorrow. CAPT. EARL SMITH THE SAVOY TAVERN men of the tent area are invited Tech.Sgt. James F. Kearney, to attend the service at the Base of Hq. & Hq. Sq. 309th Air Base Chapel tent. Group, was appointed Warrant CHANGES STATION Liquor Beer Wine VISIT OUR TROPICAL ROOM A Good Clean Place For Entertainment CHARLES VANDERHORST For Olean Recreation Always Cool and Comfortable Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere at MACK'S POOL ROOM Chaplain Francis O'Brien has Off. (j ) M 15 1942 1cer g on ay Capt. Earle R. Slmith, who, for alTived at Drew Field and been after passing the examination the 0 past several months, has assigned as haplain of the 503rd last March. He has been Regiment. served as Special Services Officer ----------------the Sergeant Major of the 309th ed of Drew Field, has receiv Air Base Group since its activa-Welcome to ST. PETERSBURG :w;ELOOME AMERICA'S AIR MEN To The Sunshine City PARKER PAPER COMPANY Home Owned and Home Operated 866 First Avenue So. ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Phone 5144 -Keep 'Em Flying Let's Take a Nip at the Nipponese Welcome ... AMERICA'S EAGLES GO RIDING At The tion and prior to that time was Personnel Sergeant Major of the Base Personnel Unit. another assignment and is now serving at another post. Capt. Smith came to Drew Field Sergeant Kearney has had a from Headquarters of the Third varied career since enlisting in Air Force during July of last the Medical Department at Fort year. During his period of service Niagara, New York, over five as Special Services Officer he won years ago. He served in the many friends among both the ofSecond Corps Area Adjutant Gen-ficers and enlisted men, all of eral's Office, Governors Island, N. whom regretted to see him leave. Y., Hq. Second Military Area, NewYork City, and was on man-next war will be different. We euvers for-two months last sum-have propagandized them about mer with the 38th Materiel the German peop'te being the masSquadron in New Orleans. te-r race.'' It was Goering who Sergeant Kearney was one of put together the German war the first men at Drew Field to machine, an it is Goering who is receive an -appointment as War-the real master of Germany, in rant Officer. Bercovici's opinion. Tech Sergeant Rex G. Roan, The lecturer described Dr. Al-327th Materiel Squadron, re-fred Rosenberg as the theoreti ceived his notice of appointment cian of the Nazis who advan:ced as Warrant Officer, Junior Grade, the-theory_of German race supre at the same time Kearney was macy; Paul Goebbels as a small, notified. clubfooted degenerate with the face of a monkey, an intelligent man and a great speaker; and Ru dolph Hess as a sadist, known throughout Germany as Fraulein Hess because there was no secret as to his relation to Hitler and with Hitler. 1340 Central .... Ph. 7973 205 w. Fortune Street 'Come over and meet the Boys' VICTORY MUST BE OURS The American Soldier is equal to the task. Among our selves let our motto be that of the constitJUtion of the United Sates. Every soldier is an American citizen regardless of race. CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1416 NORTH BOULEVARD Tampa, Florida G. D. ROGERS, President Welcome All In Uniform 'To The. CENTRAL THEATRE Only a few blocks from the MacDill and Drew Field Bus Stop 1201 Central Avenue Hotel Rogers Florida's Finest Negro Hotel Located Comer Central and Harrison Phone 3566 Noted Author Slams Nazis In Lecture The German people, Bercovici Welcome Soldiers To St. Petersburg ... S .UGDEN'S Riding Academy Special Rates To All Service Men 5900 Fifth Avenue No. Phone 42743 Keep 'Em Flying VANITY BOX BEAUTY PARLOR 2154 Tangerine Ave. So. PHONE 85134 stated further, were ruined by the THE SUNSHINE CITY Prussians who took control in the nineteenth century not only of the (Continued from Page 1) military, but the educational sys-riously in the First w _orld tern as well. Since 18 7 0 the Ger War, he 'became a dope fiend man p eople have been dehuman and devel-oped other degenerate ized, according to the lecturer, habits. He was imprisoned for his and the whole nation follows the crimes, and was later released Hitler regime. There is, however, with a dilapidated bowel system. no trace of the barbarism that has In plain words, he has no control transforme d the German people over his excretory system and that into savages, in the German-Am is why he changes his uniforms erican people because they were so frequently. When Bercovici sensible enough to break loose approached Goering for an inter-from the yoke of Prussian rule. view, he felt as if he was nearing Any intelligent German knows, a hundred latrines that had been in Bercovici's opinion, that the stopped up. war is lost, that it is only a mat-The gist of his interview ran ter of a year, maybe two, maybe along such lines as: only six months of fighting, but Goering: You are an American? Bercovici: Yes, I am. his pride in the myth of Nordic supremacy keeps him going. Goering: I love America, too. "We made a mistake," Berco Bercovici: How can you say vici said, "at the end of the last that? You have never been there. war. Hitler and his Nazi gang Goering: Of course I love it. were permitted loose rein and And I have a habit of taking what they told the _German people that I love. I hate American architec-the war wasn't lost on the battle ture and what I hate I usually field, but that they were betrayed burn and destroy. by the Jews and international Goering went oJi to say that he -bankers.'' would have no difficulty in con"We should send an army of quering the United, States. When education into Germany after this asked how that was, he replied war is over," he concluded, "in that twenty-five million Germans stead of an army of occupation are in America. that we might re-educate the Ger"But those Germans helped to man people to become human lick you in the last war." beings, to n,o longer remain Goering smiled, saying, "The beasts.'' SOLDIERS _WELCOME TO .. THE PEPPER POT GRILLE TRY OUR CHICKEN DINNERS Good Home Cooked Meals -Friendly Atmosphere On 'l'he Corner Where MacDill and Drew Field Busses Stop 1004 Central Avelme WELCOME ARMY MEN AND RELATIVES ... THE TURNSTILE MOTOR COURT (Opposite Beautiful Bartlett Park) Cool Comfortable Rooms \Vith Bath With or \Vithoot Kitchenette MARK DIXON DODD MANAGEMENT 2000 Fourth Street St. Petersburg, Florida PHONE 54233 STEM! HEAT 644 DUKE APARTMENTS J. J. LEVERICH, Manager Close In And Strictly Modem RATES BY WEEK, MONTH OR SEASON Fourt;h Avenue, South St. Petersburg, PHONE 98-989 Welcome to All Army Air Men ... THE WILLIAMS AND MARY APARTMENT HOTEL 811 Jackson Street, No;th Phone 5993 OPEN AU. YEAR Air Conditioned Pullman Kitchenettes Lounge Games Ball Room


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