Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 13 (May 29, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
May 29, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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YOJ_,. l. NO. J 3 Published E vf'riJ F'l'1:clay Drew Field, Tamp a, Flol'ida Frida y, May 29, 19!2 Star Mothers Drew .. and America Invited To Drew s I t G n )ttl For Memorial Day l a U e en. 00 I e Ou the fir s t Memorial Day world War II, Drew Field men w1ll b e hosts to about 150 Gold Star mothers from Tampa. Services will be held at 11 A. M. on Sunday in the big Assembly Tent north o the old Base Headquarters. Chap !;:ti n William L. Clark, Base Chap lain, will the sermon. There is, indeed, muc h to com rnem01ate on this Memorial Day. The superhuman sacrifices made b y the. valiant defenders o f Corregidor and Bataan, the hardships endur. e d by American soldiers in Australia, Europe, the Pac ific Isles and Aslli under adverse conditions are wort[).y of remembrance.. Memurial Day this year is a rallying point for the st'ruggles to come,. the bat t i e :to ... blot barbaric Hitlerism anrl Japanese imperialism from the face of the earth. Following the services, the Gold Star mothers have been invited by Captain Walter F. Joyce, Base Mess Officer, to be guests of the Base Mess Halls for dinner. Clearwater Yatch Club Plans Hop Saturday Eve Drew Field soldiers will be en tertained at a dance in Clearwater Saturday night. Provisions ha, ve been made to take 100 soldiers, so if you're interested, contact Ser geant Reeves or Pvt. Whitehead in the Morale Tent, located in tent 2, row 5, tent area. Brig.-Gen. James H. Doolittle fliers skimmed over the hou s e tops of Tokio and dro. pped bombs Japanese. docks, ships and mu nition plants the first instaU.mimt was paid in avenging the treacherous attack on Pearl Har.bor. For two days the fires from Doolittle's bombs devastated Tokio's war industrial plants and those of other Nipponese cities. Tojo's propagandists attempted in vain tEl stein the panic of the people by trying to belittle the importance of the a ,ttack. But the war lords of Tokio know that attack will be repeated-that American .bombers will return again and again and the day of vengeance. for Pearl Harbor is in si ght.,. The Medal of Honor for General Doolittle and the Distinguished Service Cross for each of his intrepid aviators, b estowed by When Brigadier General James H. Doolittle and his 79 American President Roosevelt, represent every loyal American citiz en's gratitude for this most brilliant, exploit in aviation history. OK for Shirts STOLEN BULBS PUT SERGEANT ON THE SP01 Shades of DeMaupassnt! Wha t will soldiers think of next? )fl J M D H niisteu ten at rew ave Opportunity for Commissj9ns Monday's Show One of the Best Sol<;liers agreed that Monday's outdoor show was the best th':)y :have seei1 in the outdoor aren'l. Produced by Private 0. Z. White head, unde r the direction 'Of Col. Richard Gimbel, the show ran over two hours. The The seating capacity of the aren:J. has been .more than doubled cently but only half of the audience were seated. The remalnder stood throughout' the show without 1 grumble, for the entertainment was fast and good. Pvt. o: z. whitehead introduced Col. Gimbel, Base SpeCial Services Officer who informed us of the show MacDill Field is bringing to Drew tonight. The following Fri day night we will give a retum show at MacDill Field. Master o f ceremonies, S!?i. Seab Reeves, in troduced the following program: Tony Cano .............. .. ............ Accordion Ruth Marie Perez .............. Singer Evangeline Lopez ... Spanish Ray Keho, P vt. .. ...... Whistler Estelle Weeks and Mary vVilliam s, Harmony Singers Virginia Denham ............................. .Singer Accompanist, Mrs. Stanley Pvt. Harry Ziggum ... .... Violin Margaret Craig ................ T a p Dancer Pvt. Julius Schnapp ....................... .Singer Pvt. Leonard Stanley ............ .Imitator Betty Cox ................................... .Singer Pvt. Dick Tucker ....... .................. Singer Pvt. Ha.mme r -Violin Mrs. LopezSinger of Spanish Songs Drew F ie l d en:iste d mE'n desiring t o become officers m ay greatly en hance their opportunities .. .Cor rn a 'lcing the grade by a thorough paration. Any man w ho possesses the qualities of leadership, who is intelligent and alert and who 3 within the maximum age limits for commissions in the Army of United States, is e xcellent for Officer Candidate School s Suc h a man who has a firm of information and genera l knowiedge prepared by study will the way literally paved for him. Courses Greatly Condensed Intens ive sti.1dy is necessary as evidenced in the time an officer candidate is the school. N prmally four years ar e required.: to qualify. N 9w the course is condensed into three months Such a cond.ensation. quires that the hidividua l be intelligent, wellinformed, with an excellent background o f information, and capable of assiduous: study. In brief, he must b e prepared before he enters. Manuals Necessary All unit commanders can make avail able to candi dates Army manuals on tech nica l subjects. T w o v e r y helpfu l manuals for prospective officer candidates to study are TM 12 2 5 0 and TM 11 Men may also im prove their technicar knowledge b y borrowing available books a t the. Base Library. In addition to such studies the soldier should be a l ert as to the present world situation and as to,. the troops involved. 'fhe dance will be h eld at the C learwater Yacht Club and is be ing sponsored by the Recreation N e w shoulder patches began to Committee of the Clearwater De blossom out like the flowers of May Sergeant Edward Sunderman, of Kitchen No. 1, Drew Field, was hav ing trouble keeping light bulbs in his kitchen. His company comman der was getting a little fed up with the kitchen foreve r requesting naw bulbs. AnHde the sergeant was stumped. couldn't catch the Pvt. John Hession Qualified Men Urged to Apply ... Qualified men are urged to take ....... the steps necessary and to fil Smgn 1 e m fense Council. on Dre w Field last week-end. Convoy will be furnished and N 1 t ew regu a wns allow the patch will leave from P. V. No. 2 at 7 l to be worn on the shoulders o f S W t d shirts. All outer garments should w1mmers an e have the patch on the left shoulder M e n interested in e.ompetitive onehalf inch below the seam. Pre swimming are requested to vious regulations had limited the the Morale Tent in the t ent area wearing of shoulder patches to of Lt. R. H. R. Risley, at the Base jackets and blouses. Physical Training Office. New Air Force patches will b Plans are being made for a swim-available in quantity as soon as ming team to be selected to reprc Service of Supply can issue them. sent Drew at swimming Until that time it is necessar y for throughout the summe r months: m e n to bu y t h eir own insignia. Charge of the Light Brigade Has Nothing On 314th Chow Rush The avalanche of sound, the planted betwee n the street an.! thunderous noise of hundreds of mess hall quiver with fear as ea('Jl pounding feet heard nightly, im mess call nears. Organization s [iv ing nearby have learned-the har 1 mediately after retreat, does not way-to take cover and g ive the sign a l the approac h of the Japs or 314t h a c lear r o ad. a herd of loose elephants. It's just the 314th in their mad dash to the mess hall. The men risk disaster, mayhem and murder, but to date no casual ties have been recorde d It's all in g ood clean fun, but the palms An officer. after witnessing the mad scramble one day last week, was heard to remark, "If they'd just give those men sling shots tell 'em they could be fe d in Tokio, and turn 'em loose, the war woul u be over in less than a week. c ulp1it. Finally the sergeant decided to mark every bulb in the kitchen. He file d a small mark on each bulb base and asked his officer to hold a monthly inspection of a ll bulbs in the company. The officer agreed to the plan and both men Iook

Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JIMMY JACKSON, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers 350th Material ... NEWS DREW FIELD ECHOES where he gained the rank of Cor poral. But he was destined to see very little of MacDill Field, for ha was soon boarding a troop ship 3rd Interceptor Friday, May 29, 1942 Let SADIE NIOHOLS Prove She is one of the Worr!s Foremost Wave Artists by test. Curls over dyed white, old dry 11 headed for Newfoundland. The dis tinct.ion of being one of the first Bulllue&ll ortlceo _____ ___:. ________ American soldiers to set foot on By T. G. Carlton waves or any kind of hair. 100-C Magnolia Ave Ph. H 3766 111a FLORIDA A [ By Pvt. Christ Behm Tnmpn, Florldu this island is his. And if you should P. o. Box 2."il'il'i Phone 2111 At the age of eighteen Vernon care to hear tales of hardships, a;; It is rumored that Sgt. Cecil CULP LUMBER CO. All advel"tlsementK contnlnt'"d ln this new.,pnper nre conlnlned In the MnrDIJI Field l'lv t.eaf. M inimum joint circulation: 6,000 copieH. Mimms lett his home in ChattJ.well as amusement, ask him about Myers is still trying to sweat out nooga, Tenn., and entered the ser-his experience at this frigid out-that fourth stripe. It seems that he vice of the United States Army. post. is doing so for the express purpo.;-" Coming back to Florid-a some five of marrying a little gal. It all d()-Starting from New York City, Pvt. to BaU AnJtlabl&"' Millwork Made To Order Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa ADVERTISING RA'I'ES FURNISHED Mimms was shipped to Honolulu months later, a hardened d f h th -pen s, o course, on w e er or nJL ON REQ.UES'l' for two years with the infantry, where he attained his valuable M1mms was assigned to his present station-Drew Field, where he rap idly attained the rank of sergeant, he can possibly find one that wiii consent to take that final pLmg ... Anyhow, the men wish the sergeant the best of luck. The CHAnERBOX A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Dr<;W Field and devoted to military mtereets and the United Nations Voctory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. AdvertlsemeRts in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or Its personnel of the products advertised. FLORIDA PRJ;SS ASSOCIATION !IIATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOOAJION 1942 knowledge of guns and general army work that he is now drilling and later staff sergeant. into our thick skulls. The men who have worked and Obtaining an honorable discharge drilled under Sgt. Mimms will read-Hq Squadron, 3rd I. C., has on'3 at the age of tw.enty-one, Citizen iJy attest to the thoroughness of distinction-four men with the Mimms once again sought the his teachings, and to the willing same last name, Williams. There peace and tranquillity of civilian manner with which he goes out ot is a small Williams, Tech. Sgt. life. But after three months the his way to help those that seek his Clyde F.; a medium sized Wil old urge overcame him and once aid. Iiams, Pfc R. C. ; a slim Williams, again he entered the service oJI his One thing is very noticeabile Sgt. George; and last, but far from country. in his manner is that when he is least, a big Williams, Pfc Lewis T Enlisting in San Francisco, he on duty it's strictly duty and noth-Top that if you can, you other was sent to MacDill Field anti ing else. And when he relaxes from squadrons. Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks -Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 For FRUITS & PRODUOB Member: V.F.W. placed in the air-corps supply, his work, a good time is surely The Third Interceptor Commantl ------------------------------. scheduled. is now regarded as the Third Purple Heart ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILl'l'ARY GUARDSMAN SHOES FOR MEN 508 FRANKLIN STREET Turl Exchange Bar Liquors Beer Wlnea Cocl*lls 206 E. Lafayette Street -PHONE 2003 -:TAMPA PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. IU. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. 1\1. Worship 8:00 P. l\:1. TAMPA, FLORIDA Starts Sunday: World's Funnist Twosome in the Year's Biggest Jubilee of Mirth and Music BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CON.';;TRUCTION -:-EVERY ROOM WITH llA'l;H W B. SHULER, Manager !:08 JACRSQN ST. Between FRANl{LIN & TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE M 5537 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'l S. Bagley Keep 'Em Flying Louis' Cash Grocery Full Line of Grocel'ies Meats an , Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN-COLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME Featuring Oorsages and Out Flowers THE TERRACE GIIT AND FLOWER SH09 Connecting Directly with the Tampa Terrace Lobby 'Vhite Flowers for "The Mother Who Has Passed On," Rf>d Flowers for the Mother Wbo Is Still With Us l<'RIENDLY AND .JARMAN SHOES FOR 1\IEN Hq. Co; Rept. Bn. 503rd McCASKILL CLOTHING COMPANY I 711 FRANKLIN STREET Congratulations to these men on (Next to Tampa their promotion : Charles C. Alex =.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' ander and Leo S. Taylor, to T /Sgt.; Johu R. Barron and Kenneth W. .i..'\.:ork, to S/3;-t.; John Scharn ke, to Sgt., a!lll Edgar R. Parl;: an_ Herbert Morgan, to Corporals. Also 'on;_,ratulaticns to those ... en, 1:i:1cteen to be exact, who were prcr.; otecl from pri-. ate to 11r1 first class. Pvt. Giust:zia of Coney Island: Tlmt's a pretty boid, isn't it, Ser geant? Sgt. Miller: Tl1at's not a boid. t hats a bird. Pvt. G. again: It must be a boi-1, it choips. Our company softball aclminb tered a lacing to the 503rd Thir; l Reporting Company on Sunday a[ ternoon. Our athletic non-com., T /Sgt. Alexander, hit two .homers that proved to be the undoing ot our competitors. IF EXPERIENCE COUNTS A few weeks back the Reception Center of Camp Walters, Texas, got a pair of new enlistees-one used to train chimpanzees and the other was a lion tamer. Discover ing this, one bright private ob served: "Now, those guys are born sergeants if ever there was one!" ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30-5 NIGHT 8-11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's. Comer on Franklin Street at 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


Friday, Ma:v 29. 1942 f) BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF GOOD LUCK FROM Ell WITT CIGAR CO. EUNICE & JEFFERSON --Keep 'Em Flying--Lazzara & Valenti WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO. 1701 23rd AVE. Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Ra,clios and Repairing Sound And Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and! Seott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central WELCOME SOLDIERS .... MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. '7th Avenue BEER WINES Blanche Beauty Shop 1904 North !Howard Ave. Near Drew Field Sba.mpoio Set Dey 50c Manicure 35c Permanent Waves $1.50 Up Expert Ha.ir Dresser At Your Service HAVANA CAFE Beer, Wines, Liquori 1014 Franklin St. Phone M-7281 iBElST :wLSHES FROM 'l1HE Southeastern Natural Gas Corp. 36th & 13th AVE. DREW, FIELD ECHOES Page 3 Nothing Daunts Fighting wST 314th Air Base Squadron ___ ._ .. _Th_e_su_ns_hi_ne_c---=,ity A few scattered chairs, a filing c abinet, and a lonesome telephone sitting forlorn in the middle of the tl.oor were all that remained of the usually clean, precise, and military appearing orderly room of the 314th Air Base Squadron Saturday afternoon. Some of the soldier ,,-,ne cling ing frantically to their shirts and ties, others held the famed 'worry ing stool' in a grip of steel, which other men stuffed their pockets with any and a ll office articles throy could lay hands on. A tornado had not selected the orderly room for a havoc-raising visit. Nor had a hurricane breezed through the domain of Major James C. Hardwick and his 1st Sergeant, Wade H Goo g e. The Air Corps Supply merely Communications Co. COMMUNIQUES 503 Sig. A. W. Regt. Have you noticed the increased activity in our company streat lately? Congratulations, Lt. Kroem melbein, for a: job well done; keep up the g ood work, as the boys are with you a hundred percent all the way. Welcome to St. Petersburg ... WONDER BAR HEADJUARTERS FOR ALL SERVICE MEN BEER LIQUORS -WINE 172 CENTRAL AVENUE I WOODWARD HOTEL 211 Fifth Ave. No., Tel. 85-162 ROOMS 75c and UP Keep 'Em ]! 'lying PHONE 6133 Welcome Army Air Men To THE SUNSHINE CITY Hank's Insurance Agency UOl First Ave. N. Phone 5593 Keep 'Em Flying Orchids to Lt. Knox, the new THE SUNSHINE CITY DANCE. Welcome Army Air Men to Regimental Mess Officer. Since he HANK'S INSURANCE AGENCY.' has taken over the responsibility 601 First Ave. N .....:. Phone 5593 of the Mess, we have received Keep 'Em Flying tiag for the best kitchen twice and ______________ _:_ _____ __;_ _______ a! services such as cleaners, dries, etc. the chow has shown a marked im provement. Keep up the good work, Lieutenant, because the way collected thei r equipment. to a soldier's heart is through his Information Booth For Service Men In other words they will try to answer all questions asked. If the answer is not on file they will know) how or where to get it. In spite of the practically naked stomach. If you have noticed a queer look office, Army work in the 314th went on though not as usual. tlfterllri and office men took turns holding in the. eyes of Sgt. Hardie, the The Recreation Committee of the Company Orderly Clerk, don't be Hillsborough County Defense Coun typewriters and broad backs were alarmed because it is due to the cil has set up an information boo h drafted into use as writing fact that his wife has been in town lor_.Service Men in the lobby of the How're 'ya gonna' stop an outfit recently and the poor boy is in local Y. W.C. A 314 Zack Street. like that? quite a state of confusion. "Ain't It will be open daily from 3 to 10 love grand?" P. --M. and on Sundays from 2 till Who started calling the Drew A, vote of thanks to Pvt. Mueller 10 P. M. Interceptors the "Bungling Bums"? for the little gadgets and things Information on such things as At least the team is consistent-that he has built around the com-transportation, including train, bus they either lose or win 'em all. pany street to make things a littJ e and street car schedules and routes. Lately it has been lose! better for the rest of the boys. This as well as cab fares; location of -----has been done on his own time, points of interest to service Did you know an M.P. can arrest and he has certainly done an toxsuch as Homes Registration Office, you for not saluting an officer? He cellent job. Hotels, Churches, Lodges, U.S. 0. can-so be on your toes. Corporal Wrigley is the man that Clubs, Army clothing stores, and you want to see if you are worried restaurants; what outdoor recrea A about that soldier's dream com-tion is available and where; the Houses for Rent FURNISHED 716 So. [)EIJA!WARE -3 Bedrooms -Sleeping 1311 So. HOWARD -3 Bedrooms $100.00 Porch $65.00 4200 OULBRE.A.TH $100 .00 3 Bedrooms -2 Baths UNFURNISHED 3416 EMPFlR.ADO $45.00 3 l3ed!OOms 3707 GRANADA $65.00 3 Bedrooms -2 Baths -NEW Warren-Henderson I DON'T THROW AWAY WORN TIRES -GET. TmE RELINER I New miles and new strength monly called a furlough. He has a same for indoor recreation; person-Ph. -:-112 E. Lafayette for worn tires. Everybody eli1 gible. Limited supply. $3.95 Come in today ....... I Official Inspection Station for RECAPS and. RETREADS I PIONEER TIRE co. I Tampa. and Washington Sts. Gr. Central at N. Boulevard .-Keep 'Em Flying'--Sherwin Williams Paints 713 FLORIDA AVE. way of all his own of giving you information about them. He keeps you in a state of uncertainty right up until the last minute. A few of the fair hearts in Tam pa will be at ease since S/Sgt.l Howard Jenkins has returned from a five day convoy. Reports have reached these ears that his affairs have been ably handled by Pvt. Reeves during his absence. I WE ANHA TT AN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. ..;.._ Tampa GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DIN:NERS 30c, 40c, 60c Try our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner with all Tl'immings or Fried Chicken Dbmer. Three Vegetables, Dessert and Drink 50C Berved Friday 11 _A. M. to 9 P. M .......... .. OPEN DAY AND !II.'ITE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS Not to be outdone by other ganizations on the field, our Com-::= == = ======== pany has also acquired a mascot. n sl M We. claim the distinction of being BEST iWLSHES e I ver oon different as our mascot is a bab:v c R fi C Lu l S I alligator. 1t is approximately two Ily 00 mg I 8 aYOJ feet long and has been named TAMPA & BUFFALO BAR ROOMS "Short CircUit." He was captured PHONE S-5177 Colored Soldiers Recreation after a hard struggle by Pvt. Mueller in the swamp lands of Florida. WELCOME: TO ST. PETERSBURG .... WONDER BAR HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL SERVICE MEN BEER LIQUORS WINE 172 CENTRAL A VENUE :Wood Wo:-k Our Specialty Standard Scale & Fixture Co. W W. COLUMBUS DRWE PHONE 4966 PHONE 6133 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Bandwfdles A. Specialty 1216 Franklin Street "'FFR OUR ARMED FORCES" ..... We Have A Complete M1llta.r7 Deplal1ment NATIONAL SHIRT SHOP AMERICA'S LEADING MEN FURNISHERS Coast-to-coast 611 Franklin Street GEORGE STEWART B()U.ER REPAIR SERVICE PHONE M 60-111 NIGBT PHONE M G0-151 Dealer In Boilers, Pumps, Pipes, All Kinds or 1UZ LOZANO AVE. Phone M-&773 VISITORB WELCOME TO POWDER PUFF Beauty Saloa Call M 619-523 For Appointmeat The following promotions were announced in the Company, effec tive -as of May 1942: To Be Sergeant (Temporary) Chester L Patterson P. F. C. Spec. 2nd Cia William H. Mohr P. F. C. Spec. 3d Cia .. James F. Trawick PQillip E. Cota Orville 0. Hansen John R. Snyder Grovr E. Nesbit Arnold L. Mueller P. F. C. Spec. 4th Claal Daniel B. Collins Clinton E Rogers Edward E. Daehne Henry V. Currier Thomas C. Hutson James W. Thomson Raymond C. Boone Johnson R. Richardson Marshall G. Hinson McKahah Minchew P. F. C. Spec. 5th Claea Sylvester C. Daniels Richard T. Savell August J. Weidel John P. Tomlin Elmer C. Spencer Clarence V. Townsend VICTORY MUST BE OURS The A:m.erican Soldier is equal to t1wJ task. 01ll'lilei.'Yes let ov.r motto be that of tbe cDDstitation ot the United States Every solclier b cttizeD ot race. CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY J.t16 NORTH BOULEVARD Tampa, FIOricJa SOLDIERS WJili.()()MB TO On 1HE PEPPFR POT GRILLE TRY OUR OIIICKEJi DDniDIS Good Home 11_.. JllrleadJr Atmoapbere The Corner Where KaeDUl and Drew Fielcl Buesea ION OeiiCnl .A.ft.aae Hotel Rogers= Florida's Finest Negro Hotel Located Corner Central and Harrison Phone 3566


Page -t 1st Rept. _Co. 503rd Regt. NOTES h e re; we have a Sammy a n d f o r the past few days he has been running a ll o ve r tli1e pos t. The moral hi s f r a u has a rriYe

Friday, ::\Ia y 20, 1 9 2 Gr-llins Barber & Beauty Shop 8141 NEBRASKA Let US Repair Your Watch We Are Reasonable and Fast Nicodemus Jewelry Store 708 Franklin Street Phone M 52-923 TOWNSEND SASH DOOR & LUMBER CO. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 N. Rome & Fuller Street TAMPA, F'LORIDA WE'RE WITH YOU ALL '.I1HE WAY Burns Florida Corpi CITRUS PRODUCTS STOVALL PROFESS ONAL BUILDING. SOLDIERSREALLY GOOD FOOD AT JAKE'S 1301 Frankli.n -Ph. M 61_:524 Florida AveJue Niarket -Fancy Fruits .. ,. Vegetables4805 FLORIDA AVE. WE DELIVER PHONE S-4929 "La Casa Valle" NOVELITIES & GIFT WARE PRODUCTS OF OUBA -Specializes InBRIDAL VEILS & TIARAS Wedding Cake Orname.nts PHONE Y -4307 1829 E. !BROADWAY nNE WATCH JEWELRY REPAIRING WE REPAIR YOUR WATCH While You Wail ALL WORK GUARANTEED JACOB MlLCHMAN 1419 7th Ave. -:Ybor City Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQl.j"ORS -CIGARS F1REE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'Em Flying-RUBIN'S Famous For Saiu.sh FOOds DrN'NERs FROM 75c up -'-AIR CONDITIONED-. FINEST. J3,AR, IN' TOWN 1403 TAMPA .STt PHONE M-1146 WELCOME TO. ':!lliE, OF 20th Century Colony BEER GARDEN 813 SCOTT ST.. .::i. LIBERTY. BAR Toi}Y WineS-Beer-Soft; ))rinks 717 Gra.nd Ph. H-3169 DREW FIELD E CHOES Gen. Frank Principal for Memorial Exercises Saturday Military and religiou s ceremonies I who als o will place a wreath of commemorating Memorial Day w tll flowers at the bast.of the post flagb e h e ld at Third Air Force Head-pole. into an extra game in the finals by Private H G Phillips, a lso of Drew Field. The coming week's tournament will be h e l d on Wednesday night, starting a t 8:30 P. Ivi. Prizes w ill be hande d out to the winners in both the men and V-ette divisions Sergeant Hunter Takes A Bride, P age 5 Windroughened, "sandpaper" wont get you to first base with the girl friend-get wise to Chap Stick! Protects lips from sun, wind-keeps 'em smooth always. Brings quick relief if already sore and wind ... burnt The ceremonies will b e under quarters at 10:40 A. M. Saturday. the directioi{ of Chaplain E J That cherry smil e, the jaunty On this day, when America pays senior the Third air, and puffed-out c hest worn b y Tespect to its war ci.ead, Memorhl Ai r Force, ai1d Chapla1n J P FitzStaff Sergeant Hunter around the Day takes on a lnore profound simmons. base l a t e l y i s caused by his recent meaning. For this yeat : the Unitetl General Frank has directed that marriage to Miss Ruth Bowden of S t ates hono r s the memory of men a ll m e n who can be spared from Charlotte, N. c. AGNES BEAUTY STUDIO who recently have giVen their !iv

P age 6 DREW, FIELD E CHOES emona ay, We pledge allegiance to the United States of America, a nation in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all me.n are created equal". T.ho clocUiDes of that nation were proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, were tesiN at Valley Forge, at Gettysburg, at Verdun. Now, once again the validity of i" principals have been challenged ad -' be vindicated. We hereby pledge our allegiance to the cause of Liberty and .Justice an.di Democracy. THEY SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH. Ladies of the Army Ph. H23-224 for Reasonable Prices KilGore's Bon-Ton Beauty Salon GRAND CENTRAL Jon's Laundry and Cleaners 1624 GRAND CENTRAL -Keep 'Em Flyinr-SERVICE Warehouse Co. 11th II& WASIDNGTON -Keep 'Em Flying-. A. I ECKART MONEY TO LEND WATCHlElS : -:.JEWELRY 409 TAMPA ST. -Keep 'Em Fiyinr-South Florida School Supply Co. INCORPORATED TAMPA '11HEATRE BLDG. -Keep 'Em FlyinrSCAG QUALITY RETREAD TIRES 713 MORGAN ST. -Keep 'Em Flyin&'LERA Grocery 1 Market 2410 12th STREET -Keep 'Em Tampa. Tire Co. 1%%1 FLORIDA AVE. -Keep 'Em Flyiq-TIIIIpa Crate Couse COMPANY IIILLSBOBO II& 28th lareaco Plumlc COMPANY GENERAL PLUMBING I& GAS FI'ITING Repair Work: A Specialty 601 E. OOLU'MiBUS DR. PHONE -Keep 'Em Flying MACDILL & ill & Drew Southern Diaper Service 12.02 33 AVE. Hawerty F1rnitare Compa1y \ TAMPA lc TWIGGS Strickland FeriiHzer Standard EcoliontJ Furniture Co. SAM'L SHONBR:AN 1319 FRANKLIN 8T: Smith's Bicycle m.op WE Rl!%PIA.IR ALL KA.KES 9e7 Tam.. -:.:. Ph. W!l KEEP 'Dol R.OL.t.lNG' Compa1y 8th AVE. ST. Reina Bros. I Co. 1517 9tli STREET Rm THEATRE ... 1Mb E. BROADWAY -Keep 'Em FlyingCharles M. Price Steel .strSIPl)ing & steel Strapping Tools 132 13th S'ffiEET PHONE 4493 -Keep 'Em FlyingBEST WISHES TO THE BOYS AT MAOD:IIL & DREW FROM Tampa Roofing & Metal Works 2907 FLORIDA AVE. John D. Jordan Vinegar Co. 417 EUNICE ST. BEST WISHEE TO THE MEN AND THEIR iFAMILIES AT BO'I1H MAOIJIIiLL & DREW FROM A FRIEND -Keep 'Em FlyingLighting iFixtures -Lamps E.LECTRICAL SPECIALTIES WHITACRE'S 1U E. Cass St. -:-Ph. 3553 "Fast Se!l1ng lfovellties, Trade Stimulators, Business Builders" Tampa Nowelty Co. NOVEL'I'lES lAND SPECIAJUI'lES 622 TWIGOS S'I'REET PHONE M 56 Alman's Market 5119 NEBRASKA MADRlLLON RESTAURANT 915 TAMPA STREET Florid a Hatcheries 4303 FLORIDA AVE. THE Hofmann Schooley COMPANY Complete Supplies 2809 FLORIDA AVE. rRONE JI-m' J. REX FARRIOR -Keep 'Em Flyfn&'-Tinman'S Flowers 316 MADISON, AVE. Florida Electric Supply Co. 317 S. FRANKLIN ST. -Keep 'Em FlyingTampa Armature Works, Inc. 401 S. MORGAN ST. BEST WISHES FROM THE EXPRESS GARAGE Aristo Biaulf Salon (BEAUTY OF TOMORROW) All Types Of Beauty Work BILLY MAY, Prop. 1208 ORIMID CENTRAL PHONE H-3073 Grocery I leal Markel 1503 NEBRASKA Allis Chalmers l\UNUFACTUJtDiG CO. 405 So. MORGAN I. I. MILEY FURNITURE %06 E. BUFFALO Hyde Part Methodist Church Dr. Harry H. Waller, Pastor Extends a. cordial welcome to all service men to attend serv ices. Sunday 11 A.M.8 P M. 500 PLATT STREET Florida Druc Store THE ltEXALL STORE 22nd ST. & E. BROAD?/IA.Y PIIONE Y-1%01 'DAMP A 1F'LA. Friday, M a y 29, 1942 WELCOME ARMY MEN Llnl.E KATZ DRY GOODS 172( E. BROADWAY -Keep 'Em Flying-. CALVIN TAYLOR RADIATOR SERVICE 10i W. 7tih. AVE. PHONE M 64-831 WIVES A!ND FRIEiN!os OF SERVICE MEN Call 3933 For: Appointment Leonard's Beauty Shop 315 ZACK ST. -Keep 'Em Ford Plumbing Co. 3807 FLORIDA AVE. -Keep 'Em Flying-Tony's Grocery and Markel 1713 GARCIA AVE. Fred McClendon SERVICE STATION &f:U PLORiiDA AVE. laster Upholstering COMPANY We SpeclaJ1ze In All Kind Of Wood Work, and Re-Finishing. A:UTO SEAT COVERING 904 Scott St. -:Ph. 11152-!14 c. L. cO:LEMAN. Prop. Alicii Salon of BeallfJ 209 TWIGGS ST. STORE YOUR CAR FOR 'IIHE DURATION H. W. Powell Garace 1216 So. HOW ARB LOdato's PhanniCJ 171$ E. JIJI.OADWAY


Friday, May 29, 1942 Depe11dable Photo Finishing Service FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE 604 Madison DREW FIELD ECHOES J.-----------: ___ 1_3_o!'l_th _Air_B_aseF_Gr_ou.::..._p _O ___ _J,I 533 Sig. A. W. Regiment HQ and HQ Squadron By T G. Meo By" Pfc Andrew Paterson 327 Material Squadron We are a little late with our conOur loss was MacDill's gain. It Page 7 --Keep 'Em Flying-SAFFOLD BROS. PRODUCE CO. WASHINGTON & EAST BEST WISHES TO THE MEN AND FAMrnWrnS AT BOTH MACDIT.L & DREW FIELDS FlROM gratulations to our newly-weds: was with much regret that we Pvt. and Mrs. Joseph S. McLe on, learned we were losing our Doc."' and Pfc. and Mrs. Lee V. Teller. Capt. Malins, our Group Surgeon, Sergeant Richard Burke, who comes from South Carolina, has just-----------------! d h. I receive IS appomtment for Offi 1 SPECIAL STORAGE RATES For ENLISTED MEN'S CARS JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S. Howard Ave. l We enlisted men aiso want to has bee n transferred to MacDill extend our congratulations to our Hospital. We enjoyed working with recently promoted officers, Major the captain and are going to miss L. Kingsford, C apt. Mack C. Jay, him. We wish him the best of luck 1st Lt. John R. Henderson, and h;t in his new assignment. Lt. George L Wilson. j That great sigh of relief heard cers Training School. Sergeant Burke joined the army J a n. 13, 1941. Before coming to Drew Field he j completed an armament course :tt Lowry Field, then landed in the 1 ----------------' The Tampa Gas Co. 415 TAMPA ST. Our Regimental Kitchen is really in the tent, area the other day was looking swell these days. We traced a t last to Captai n Turner. very proud of It, but would be a W e wonder if it could have been 37th Material a t MacDill Field. It will be a hard and tough course, but we know that he will make the grade and we wish him the best of Harold McGucken's LIQUOR STORE !Prompt Courtesy Delivery PHONE Hl637 601 PLATT S'ffiEE:r lot more proud if the food came the receipt of the long awaited luck on his n ew venture. We arP:----------------,1 out more suitable. Lt. Knox is safe? Looks now as if those bulg-sorry to lose him because of his ing a fin e job, and we take our hats ing money bags are fin ally secure fine work with the 327th. But our MRS. SHERMAN'S off to him. under lock and key. The sight of loss will be the army's gain. WAYSIDE INN FRIED CHICKEN & STEAKS Hot Wscuits -Fresh Vegetables Strawberry Shortcake 10 Mi. East of Tampa on State Road 23 Kec p 'Em Flying -SUI'Efi SER\'lCB PARAMOUNT Barber Shop }i'tanklin St. The double-decking of bunks is those money bags brought to mind We are glad to see tha t Clarence easing the housing situation, but the good old stage coach days, and Templin has recovered from his ill increasing the sleepless nights of w e don't blame the C. 0. one bit ness and has returned from the the guy upstairs. What we need for that sigh of relief. MacDill Hospital, ready to swing now are ladde r s like those found If you have wondered who are into things again. in the Pullman coaches. Just u ncte to those guys upstairs-make sure not to tllrow those a. I. slJ.oes llown; the o ccupant. downstairs may not .be completely in bed." \Vhat with the seven day week : td t lte gasoline rationing, the con those men you:ve seen walking around the tent area with what looks like yellow jaundice, don't worry about .them. The y are what we affectionately call our "Cammafloogers," the little men who spray the tents. Private Earl Miller and Private Joseph H abor have just been con fined to the MacDill Hospital. We hope that their stay. won't be a long one. (You can't keep a good soldier down). Our sympathies lie with Private Frances Devine for the recent death of hi s Miss Lindsey, of Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. We --Keep 'Em Flying-BEST 'WISHES TO THE MEN AND 'I'HEIR. FAMILIES AT BOTH MlACDILL & DREW FIELDS F1ROM THE Margaret Ann Stores oys out of camp are getting very The boy s are doing a swell job, Just one point on that but one of the men who has been 3 tbject if yo u sign up for a convoy on guard almost brol{e their hearts o{ one kind or another, make every the other day. He had not been i J >cssible effort to be there and gfJ. the tent area for quite some time want to acknow ledge the fact that the flowers sent to Miss Liudsey .._ __ ,..;_ __________ .J SOLDIERS & SAILORS Welcome 9000 Florida Ave. All Night Entertaiiunent Keep 'Em Flying Patronize Our Advertisers \'.'ho were the two corpo:rals and and evidenced his surprise when h o from the boys of the 327th were re 'te one pfc who were swimming asked, "Say, how come those tenLs ceived with gratefulness from the night and had their shirts faded so soon." The gnashing of rest of the family. borrowed? After all tha t Basic teeth was plainly l:eard throug hoJt If any o f you are out for 'Trafning, they didn't know enough the area. a walk with your love and y ou smell to post a guard over the clothes. That dense cloud o f smo:,e sem1 the sweet essence of rresh cut hay They w ill learn the hard way. hanging over the air in recent days I in tile air, it i s uo time tv ;;et rom was not a rubbish fire, but just antic as it may Le Phosgene Ga->. some of the boys enjoyi:lg the So run : or :. our gas mask, remem"promotion cigars." We were a'l bering to briug t ';e girl friend glad to see the boys step up anothalong. Yes, if its what you don!t need See Us WE BUY AND SELL CLOTHING Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry, NOAH'S ARK 960 Twiggs Street Etc. er rung in the Iatlder from Sgt. to If yo!.t pass kitc hen number 5 and Madison Drug Company 8 /Sgt., John Gedderell a, Joseph hear a noise that sounds like busy Kiefer, William Maple, and Walter bees, don't think that they ar':'l Reeve; from Cpl. to Sgt., Hemy making honey. It's our K. bu;.;:,. Duda and Novel c Melton; from a t work on t h e pots and pans, mak privates to cpl s., James Smith, AIing sure that everytlling is kept vin Vaughn, Clarence Stephen, a n 1 spotless. Keep up the good work, Edward Thompson. boys; some day a K. P. w ill receive W I rccognit on. Franklin and Madison Street --Keep 'Em BEST WFSHES FROM Knight Bros. Paper C .lmpany 612 BELL STREET BEST WISHES FROM THE Tampa Wholesale Produce Market \V'here the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service e can JUS t as well forget tha t I II "M I Attention, Hollywood. Private o ( song, 1 a, miss your appl e pie," because we've got the be;,t I E _dmond has just been '--------------...l d b I P I PICked as havmg the best photo SHORTY'S MARKET 117 WEST COLUl\'IBUS DRIVE PHONE M-1422 : FOR PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE --KEEP 'EM FLYING--ALL WE ASK IS A TRIAL ... GOOD (Homelike ) MEALS Reasonable Prices LAFAYETTE RESTAURANT 1!::2 \\'. Lafarctte On the Uivet Bank United Optical Dispensary Mc.nufacturing Opticians 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 arn a {Cr lll camp. rivate Rav D'Cell f t h d t graphic face b y Tampa n, 0 I s squ a ron, p u s out I Oh, for a Barrymore rofile' pies that-well, you just can't beat P th Th t b h Pnvate "Muscles" Cummings has em. a oy oug t to make JUS. t received his questionaire from I some woman a darn good cooK. his local board in Norwoo d, Penn Just let him keep on baking them, sylvania. I wonder if they know and we' ll eat them. that we are at war. "Muscle.;' You just have to hand it 1o S /Sgt. Gennerella; h e certainl y i>; doing a fine job, acting as 1st while 1 stl S g t. Miller i s taking t hat long-earned furlo u g h "Genny" p.as onl y been on the verge of six ner vous breakdowns, but we think he 1 will b e able to hold out until Iron M an" Miller returns. The boys are all wondering if "Iron Man" w ill take the step while he is home to inform his local board .''3 are. Who was the love l y Southern Bell e that P rivate Bill Cummins was talking to in Chi ld s restaurant last Friday night. How about an introduction, Bill, or must we se>. the "Deacon." Who was the goo d looking girl we saw Private Benjamin Weinraub walking with the other night? vVe know that there are a.t lea,;t Shhh-it's his wife. --Keep 'Em Flying-KNOX HOTEL TOM BRYSON, Mgr. Comfortable Accomodations at Moderate Rates LAFAYETTE & JEFFERSON "AMERICA WILL WIN" CARL P. FISH CANNERIES WESTERN UNION BLDG. TOWNE'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING two of the home-town girl s just 1: .. : .. : .. !:-: .. :-::-: .. waiting for him. Onl y time will tell, but you just can't blame us War Department follo w in g a study ----------------of medical records. COMPLETE SEIWICE Special Attention Given To All In Uniform Downtown Branch -508 Florida Avenue 1107 Fifth Avenue Phone 4663 HOSTESSES DANCING WONDER BAR Your Fun Is Our Fun 1 21 0 Franklin Street Tampa for wondering. American Soldier Is Larger Today In 1917 the average man enterin;; the Army was 67.49 inches i l h e i g ht, but the records show the present soldier i s 68.19 in c h es tall. This constitutes an in c rease of .7 of a n inch. The average weight of the 1917 An increase in both weight and soldier was 141.5 pounds, whereas stature distinguish the moder!1 the man enterin g the Army today American soldier from the average tips the scale s at an average of citizen-soldier entered t!te 151.3 pounds, an increase of 9.8 Army i n 1917 by the "KEEP'EM FLYING!" ****.,.** WE KEEP 'E:\1 EATE\' G l\IAC DILL DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs NATIONAL LOAN COMPANY Money Loaned On Anything of Value .. L1'ot Franklin Street :Corner Harri.son. c. Phone M 50-341 4 .,.


Page R DREW FIELD ECHOES Fiiday; May 29, 1942 JINX IS BROKEN AS DREW WINS 11:5 Interceptors Wallop T asco After 6 Loses The Drew I n t e rceptors after l os in g six strai ght games, finally brokll into the winning column w;hen th, ey soundly thumped Tasco in an exhibition game. at Regan Park. The real feature of the game was that for the first time in a long while the Drew Fie ld te.am hit when hits were needed. their. twelve hits. to good advantage the soldiers scored e l e ven runs. The final score read Drew Field 11, Tasco 5. Bekeza. with three hits led the attack but he was abl y assisted b y Burch, F .11rkiser and Klimczak with twG apiece. 1 CHURCH CALL 1 ROMAN CATHOLIC Chaplain Francis O'Brion Ea.rly Mass, 6: 15 A. M Base Ch apel Tent Mass at 11 :00 A M Placed to b e announeed JEWISH Mr. Harry Hymanson Service a t 11 : 00 A. M. Chapel Tent, 501st tent area, 117 PROTESTANT Chaplain William L. Clark Base Chaplain Service at 11 :00 A. M. Base Chapel Tent PROTESTANT Chapiain Amos L. Boren row Duration Manners Always form a column, lads, Never walk in pairs, Push 'em off the sidewalk, lads, Keep that military a ir. Open Golf Tourney Play_ Starts .Tuesday P lay in the first Drew Field Open Golf Tournament will start nex t Tuesday, June 1, at the Airport Golf Course. P layers will b e furnished clubs free of chargg. The only expense will be b al'ls purchased by co ntestants' M .en who want to coap.ete in the tournament are requested to con tact Sergeant Reeves s.r Pvt. Whitekead in the morale tent l o Gated In t.he tent area. Men at the base may enter their n ames at the Base Physical Trakling Office. .Play in the tournament will be medal or stroke for stroke. Ovei a thCIIusand Drew Field s ol diers have p layed the Airport course since p lay opened early this year. Charles Moore was the winning pitcher and the team heads up b a ll even though errors are still being made much too often. The infield c omp0sed of Ferkiser, 1b, Klimczak, 2b, Howell, ss, and Burch, 3b, played their best game si'nce ti1ey wei:e recently thrown Chaplain Boren will hold services with his men in the field. All mPn of the tent area are. invited to aj).. tend the service at the Base Chapel 314th Transport Cuban All-Stars Walk Softball League Over lntereeptors, 10-4 The Cuban All-Stars defeated the Plant Field Soldiers Tent (J Tied Three-. Way Drew Field .Interceptors 10 to .; Saturday at Cuscaden park in a together as a unit. the ----hotly contested baseball game. Weak fielding has been I t t t ''14.. ftb 11 30th T t S d n eres m ne tn sq a Althqugh the score doesn' t in<;li down-fall of the Drew Field team ranspor QUa fOD leagu e is waxing hotly since com cate it, the game was a nip and and if the team can overcome their t "t' t t I Th d f 1 t N E w s pe I lOll S a r e( urs ay Q a:o .tuck affair Up to the eighth inning faults in the field the fans can look week. So much so, in fact, that when the All-Stars pushed across for a n .increase in victories as the 'th h f th t h wr eac o e tour earns avmg four runs. Drew ()Uthit the win hitting has been of the highest played three contests there is now ners, 11 to 6 quality. By Pfc John Dmitrzak a three-way tie for first place. Lefty Hallahan started on the Batteries fo r the Tasco game Sgt. Foster would like to know The teams t ied are. the 39th Sq., mound for the Interceptors but was were: Whitman, Wood and Cor.. 32nd Sq., and Hq. and Hq. Sq. The r elieved by Moore in the first with Moo r e and how h e can .go to visit his girl ev. trera for Tasco. t d 1 t th h h t ery night on his allotment of 3 .gal vaun e v s e team w ic b .tl wo men away and two runs across. fo r Drew Field. f M 1 Ions of gas a week. I'd say-buy ore the start of the loo p games oore imited the All-Stars to four a horse. (She lives on the outskirts beat all comers, with the .hits in the eight and one-third in of town. ) of the departed 13th Transport nngs he wo-rked, but his wildness See Drew Lose, 5-3 On Sunday, at Plant Fie ld, Ship Builders pinned back the ea:s of the luckless Drew Field Inter .ceptors by a score of 5 to 3 in :-t West C oast league baseball game. _The game was witnessed by a large number o f so.Jdiers stationed ::.t Plant Fieid. The Tasco ninl' touched Epps of Drew for 11 hits, winning th:eir third league game against t'wo losses. Drew has one win again.st four setbacks. BULLETIN BORED 1st Rept. Co, 50lst Regt. _The boys in the 30th would !il;:e Group's team, lost each o f the brought about the loss of the game. A triple by C lementi arid a single to know when they will rate a ride games it played. He walked seven, and was always by Gonzalez put t h e Ship Builders in a bomber. What does the 350th Hq. and Hq. tea m started the I in trouble. out in front in the first frame. Af Material have that we haven't? ball rolling last Thursday by down Birch had a perfect 'day at bat ter two were out in the first h alf Nothing. So w h a t do you say, Sering the 30t h 11 to 6. That same l for the Soldier s in banging out of the first inning, Boone of Drew geant? How about fixing it up? day the 32nd garnered its first vicfour for four, getting a triple, slammed out a walloping home run tory b y overwhelming the 31st, 18 .double and two singles. to the 4 1 2-foot marl;: in centerfield If anyone is interested, Sergeant ;,A litt,e cinnamon makes it taste Barbour has a horse he want s to better." Ask Cook Bonnilla he sell. He claims it has plenty o f to 2 The following day the 30th Beasley, first man up in the in to tie the game at one-aiL knows. Our Mail OrderlY, Robinson, horse sense. Pvt. Robinette i s still bouncing nosed out the 31st, 7 to 6. 'l'he 31st n i ng, singled. Alvarez moved him Drew scored single runs in was administered its third succeR down a notch. with a neat bunt third and seventh innings, while sive defeat b y Hq. and Hq on Sacdo"'11 the line. PtJlido walked, a n d the Ship B uilders picked up t wo can' t fig ure it out. Others get mail from the ride he got into Tampa urday. Final score, 4 to 3. Schi ro slapped out a single to score more runs in the fourth inning on .and he doesn' t. on the rear end of a truck. What A On Monday the 32nd played two a run and moved on down to sectwo hits, an error and a base on We're not mentioning names, but ride? I ought to know. I was there games. In the morning fray, the ond on the throw-in. Leavine stru(;k balls. a certain Sergeant's wife, too ex with him. 32nd laid low Hq. and Hq. Sq. by out and R. Fernandez sing led the cited fo-r words on his recent pro Pvt. Boxheimer's parents were the lopsided score of 1 8 to 8, but second run of the inning home. motion, sewed those stripes in a down to visit him l ast week. I hope in the afternoon was taken over b y Interceptors Score patriotic manner. V for victory. they like d Florida as much as w e the 30th, 8 to 7. In their half of the inning, the Not a cough in a truck load, d Interceptors roared right b aclr with o. 1 loop is producing some lusty that's the First Reporting Company Congratulations. to all the bo-ys willow swingers. T w o men, both 1f two runs on three hits. Birch led fo r yo u in the 30th who received promo the 32nd Transport Sq., slammed off with a triple to deep right and Cp l. Carnahan almost choked tr'ons. scored a moment. later on Klim out ciicuit clouts since the start of when he consumed tha t milk higli-Sgt. Barbour led his Squadron the loop games. They are Sgt. and czak's one-timer to lef t center, ball. ., softball team to victory against the Pvt. Hrycaj. moving on down to the keystone Believe it or not-Pfc. Dillon has 32nd Squadron by the score of 8 to Standing of the teams are as sack on the throw-in. A pass b a ll a twin brot her in the Army anil 7 This is the second time we have follows: alo-ng with an error b y the catcher onl y 7 5 miles from here, too. beaten them. Pfc. Kosmoski always takes the We believe that one of detours. Shortest distance is the days Sgt. Foster is going to take straight line. off, doing the side-straddle hop, in those loose blue overalls he wears. w 30th Transport Sq ....... 2 32nd Ttransport Sq ... 2 Hq. and Hq. Sq ................ 2 let the second run score. Pet. The Drew nine forged out in 667 front in the last half of the second .667 with a singl e run. Four consecu tive base on b a ll s forced in a run. Epps and Birch each hammered out two hits for the Interceptors. L ee, Guerra and Contrera each hit safely twice for the Ship Builders. Six miscues were charged against the Interceptors Score by innings: R H E Tasco ................ 100 210 010-5 11 1 Drew ....................... 1 0 1 000 100-3 9 6 Fernandez and Contrera: Epps and Bekeza. By the Dawn's Early Light It doesn't pay to have a sweet tooth. P fc. Friedericks can prove that with his recent visit to the dentist, 31st Transport Sq....... 0 L 1 1 1 3 .667 000 Two guards, while patrolling the The All-Stars came right back in 309th Air Base Group area in the the .third with two runs on no hits Drew lsoldler wee hours o f the morning, crosseu 7 h A B PI Q to take the lead again. each other's path. One asked the f AI t lr ase atooll t S Drew secured its last run in the Heads Or tar other, "Hey, Jack, did yo u hear any amazing experiences that he went fourth on hits by Birch, Klimczak, noise?" Pfc. Penhale sure does tell some through ori his furlough. Among and Boone. The Cubans picked up those was the .one about not sleep-Staff Sergeant William D. Rivers, We wonder who is the Tech Ser singl e runs in the fourth, seventh, "No. Pete," the other replied. "I ing in ten days. Some record, Jr., has just 'presented his lovely geant in the 7th Air Base Platoon and four in the eighth to put the can't say t hat I did. Did yo u ?" thanks to Baby Penhal e. bride-to-be with a beautiful engagewho wears hi s shirt with chevrons game on ice. The other, withou t cracking ment ring And does it sparkl e on it in the showers? smile, replied, "Sure, I did. Dawn E l inore has Pvt. Heyman coming Play Again Saturday jus t brokP,. and g oing. This time it is mostly The lovel y bride-to-be i s Miss We are interested to know in Leavine and R. 'Fernandez each going. Ball and chain has been Myrtle Page of Homeland, Florida. what Sgt. Lawrence D Saggus was secured two fo r five fo r the Allattached. Sgt. Rivers hails from Fort Meade, so busily engaged Sunday after Stars. Klimczak b anged three fo r WHAT'S IN A NAME? Oddities in the News: The fol Fla. The wedding will take place noon. We only hope that h e found fom' for the Air Base nine A private was waiting outsi d e lowing doubles present in this sometime in June. Smooth sailing Sgt. Stricker and Fred Marlowe. The same two teams will meet the dispensar y for his turn a t the company: Sergeant. Only thing we envy about these S aturday at Cuscaden park at 3:30 iodine swab. "Hello, and how is 2 Johnsons quartermaster boys who work at. o'clock '"ith a ll the proceeds going everything?" h e spoke to a cotpor 2 Baileys 2 Rhoads the East gat e are those beautiful to the Drew1 Field athletic fund. a l sitting next to him. 2 Dalys 2 Smiths girls they have to work with. Some Score: R H E "Not so go od. I'm aching from 2 Browns 2 Walkers people have all the luck. Cu A ll-Stars 202 100 140-10 6 ...... 1 n euritis, the corporal grunted. 2 Christians 2 Wolfs Who was that blonde, or was it a Drew Field ...... 210 100 0004 11 4 "Glad to meet you," beamed the 2 Mills Ed's Note-Only 2 Wolfs brunette, whom we saw Corpora l Leavine and Pizzolto; Hallahan, private. "I'm Rosenberg from Cia 2 Nelsons Sgt. Harry Streger. Brown with the other ni ght? Moore and Bekeza. cinnati."


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