Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 14 (June 5, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 5, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL J. NO. 14 P11 bl isli eel E-very P n:clay D rew Pic lc1, Tampa, Plol'ida Friday, June 5 1942 ------VETERN FLIER SCHEDULED FOR LECTURE JUNE 8 Officers' Wives Sew for Soldiers OFFICERS' WIVES SEW FREE FOR ENLISTED MEN On Monday evening, June 8, Drew Field will be host to Sedley Peck, noted lecturer on the subject of aviation. A graduate of StaDiford University, with both A B. and A. M degrees, he has spent most of the past 25 years in Europe as soldie;r, reporter, flier and general observer. At the outbreak of the first World War, Mr. Peck went to France in the Volunteer Ambu lance Corps, Shortly afterward transferring to the French Anny as a flier. When the United states entered the war, lhe agairi trans ferred to American colors. In 1919 he went to Czecho-Slov akia as a member of the Hoover American Relief Administration. He covered the Italo-Albanian war of 1920-21 for a group of Paris newspapers, and lfrom 1920 until the outbreak of .the present conflict Enlisted men at Drew Field can now !have their sewing done free of charge by the Drew Field Sew ing Circle according to an announcement from the circle, today. Sew' ing, mending and alterations can be taken care of iby these ladies. Men Wlho wish to have their clothes repaired are requested to take the clothing to Chaplain Clark in the Base Ohapel tent. Members of the Drew Field Sew ing Ci.rcle are wives of Drew Field officers mth Mrs. Melvin B. Esp, wife of the Commanding O:tificer, in charge. The Circle meets every Tuesday in the O fificers Club and works from 9 a.m. to 4 p ;m. Military Men Vote Absentee was coiTespondent for title New York Herald, Pan:is Times and I A member of the armed forces other papers in all of the capitals Old Glory gets minor repairs the busy hands of the Drew Field Sewing Circle wlhile two ladies sew who desires the Drew Field outdoor Personnel seotion of the 314th arena on last Fl.iday night. Transport Group. Ably assisted by the w P. A. A native of Tuscaloosa, Ala., Lt. Orchestra from Tampa and their I Free was a cadet colonel in the soloist, Mrs. Ruth Padgett; Private University of Ala;J::la.ma R. 0. T. C. Manny Zahroff of MacDill topped After g raduating he went to work a very lfine bill Private Zahroff, for Marshall Field's Chicago Sun master of ceremonies, exhibited ex-and later carried on his journalistic tremely c lever impersonations of work for a Washing-ton newspaper. Lionel Barrymore, Fannie Brice Soon after the United States en-and Fred Allen tered the war on December 8 Lt. Some very charming young lad-Free applied for a commission in ies added to .the lustre of the protJhe Navy but was turned down due duction mth graceful dancing to a mino1 physical defect. Later movements. Private Zahroff also presented some very interesting straight monologues. Contributions for publication in the ECHOES must be in the Public Relations Office not later than noon of the Wednesday before publication. Squadron and company reporters ihave been doing a swell I job. for thir units but we must have all eppy ready: for the printers on Wednesday. Thanks, fellows, and keep your outfit alive with a weekly column in our field paper. HUNKY-DORY REVUE PLAYS HERE THURSDAY On Thursday, J une 11, at 8 :00 P M. Drew Field men a;re sohedu led for a rare fare of entertainment when the USO Camp Shows pre sent the Hunky-Dory Revue in -the outd:00r arena. The Himky-Dory Revue is a !fast paced musical comedy straight from Broadway. Many star perfor-1 mers stud the company' s roster. In line with the policy of .the uso 1 camp Shows to furnish high-class I entertainment for soldiers, they I will perform f

Page 2 DREW FIELD E CHOES Friday, June 5, 1942 The Drew Field Echoes JDDIY JAC KSOX, Publishe r Tantpa Atmr N ewspapers O[a'icc: 'f'HUliHl, Florida P. 0. Box 2:'i::iri All in thiH nrc alsn contained in 1he 1U:uOill Field F 'l;'' L#.!a f. joint circulation: 6,000 copies. 1st Rept. Co. 503rd Regt. NOTES A REAL SOLDIER IN A REAL ARMY rran, lean, rawboned, cleanctut, finely chis elled lfeatures, Tech By Sgt. Harry Streger Sergeant Monroe Rippy, of ;the A certain Sergeant was in the 3271fu Materiel Squadron, has been 314th Transport BULL-oney By Pvt. Samuel Levin dog hous e when he dared to open likened to the movie idol Gary The three-way tie in the 314th his wife's letter. Better luck next Cooper. There is no doubt that he Transport Group's softball league time, Henry. bears a striking resemblance to the I was unknotted l:ly the galloping Flash ... f: Frrtst CoBmt-!handsome screen star, but T. Sgt. men of the 32nd Squadron's team pany wms rrs Pace m e a 1 ld which gained the loop s top rung talion competitive drill. That's not Rrppy rs a rea so rer. ADVERTISING RA'I'JJS I' LJH.rn su;,;n 11 .th "' tl R No toy soldier could have Pnby coppmg two more contests. a e1 er, uecause m 1e eg1" The league leaders vanqu1slh e d I ON REQ.UES'l' mental running this outfit came out I dured wh a t Rippy, born only 27 A newgpaper publis h e d e x clus ive l y for t h e p e rsonnr>l of nrew Field a n d devot e d t o n 1 i l itar y and the Unit e d Natio n s Victor y O pinions in lhis ne,vsp aper are those o f t h e individua l and und e r n o a r e t hey to l)e consicle r ccl Lhose o f the Unite d S t>ttes Army. A dvertise m e nte i n thi s p u blicnti0 n rlo nol c o n stitute a n endorsem ent by the W a r Depar t m ent o r its p e rsonne l of the p roducte n dvPrtisPn MEMBEl.'<. PRESS ASSOCIATION !'WJO, W EDJTORIALASSOCIAJJON 1942 Adams City Hatters HATS DAD AND LAD Hats Cleane d and Blocked 620 Tampa Street PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11: oo A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. l\1. Worship 8:00 P. M. h the 31st on Wednesday of las t J second Keep up good work, years ago in Monroe, La. as gone week, 12 to 4 and on Sunday galand next .time iit will be nothing through in his s ix years of soldierloped to an 18 to 9 triumph over les s then FIRST in everything. ing. For two years, eleven months, the 30th. The r Hq. & Hq. Sq. team On the Social Front .... Pvt. Conand fourteen Rtppy is jumped into second place by drop nal0'11 didn't last very long on a very prec1se and matter-of-fact in ping one, 4 to 3, to the 31st Squad cut-in at a certain U .s. 0. dance iJ:J.1s statements -be endured the ron and winning one over the 30th, last Friday. Could be the 1ar dy or rigors ohf .1the ththe Ca33nadl 4 to 1. Incidentally, .the 31st s vic-his dancing? Spea;king of "Killer Zone w 1 e so lermg 111 e r tor y ov th H & H s t h' er e q. q q earn Dillers" Chicago Hennessey sure Infantry .. He was a mac me gun-was ts f' t r 1 t : f d ..... l u s m rve oop nes. The can prck hrs partner. You should ner when 1n .the 111 antry an tuas I 30th dr op d to tJh' d 1 b t t k' 'th pe n Pace ecaue have seen the lady in red that con 1 r:ued O enJOY wor mg. Wl of its two defea ts. I graced the floor and almost burned machme guns ever smce. "' sim to a cr1sp. "Paired Haired" He had a roug h time of it w l hile Sta.ndmg the Teams: Oberg must lh ave lost all his tact. a t Fort Cl'ayton where he had W L Pet. He didn't even g e t a l bite. Try _more than his share of long hikes 32nd Tmnsport Sq .... 4 1 .800 again, Russell. through jungles and mountainous Hq & Hq. rSq ....... : 3 2 .600 Pfc Olashaski, :a specialist in tenain, black panthers, iguanas, 30th Transport Sq .... 2 3 .400 acrobatics, must ihave worked h1s and. lovely senoritas. Once he took 31st Transport Sq .... 1 4 .200 way across on a staten Island fen-y a 24-mile lhlke with h1s outfit; with. The only thing that seems able boat. Pvt. Kutcher, always the hike only a sandwioh. to eat, and at I ,to stop the mad chow rush 1s pay and cal1s thenicsman, didn't feel so end of the tmrl he took oflf hiS day. There was hardly a line on hot when he heard of .the apshoes and, as he it, "the Monday at suppertime just a few i pro aching new road marclh Keep meat eve:ything came off with holirs after pay. No doubt, after a J 'Em Walking, Elwood. Pvt. Yarnena them. He hked the Canal Zone few days when .funds start running 1 must have been a barker in the old well enough, however, to emend lh1s low, t Jhe mad rush will be resumed. days; he done tiarked up the wrong stay there hy nearly a year when Congratulations to ibhe 30th tree last sunday night. You would he could have had a short di?-Squadron and its topkick, Ft. Sgt. think tha-t Pvt. Bareis was pulling charge at the end of two years m Barbour! !Following Sgt. Barbour's that Sally Rand Act without the foreign service. example, all of the men purchased fans, .the way 'he struts !his stufif. In October, 1939, he moved on to War Bonds. As far as could be "Cleanliness is next. to Godliness," Barksdale Field, La. years ascertained, it was the lfirst SquadPvt. Dunbar can tell you tha;t; he ago he was the frrst man ron on the Base .to have a 100% takes one bath in the shower, and I to on MacDrll F1eld, itlo.nct_ sales record, with men pursoon after takes .the second one in on anrvmg he found no .thmg chasmg $25 .to $100 rbonds. Many the rain. Nothing like keeping I but a sandy JUngle oveiTun by) are planning to get more as soon clean. Pvt. Babcock must have been rattlesnakes and shrubbery. Black as .they get their pay raise. pulling a "Ghandi'' act with tlluvt loam covered the bunks in the Say what you want of Pvt. Guill loin cloth of his. he had one of a of the 31st sq. but you can't deny Guill saw service in the first World War. THE CLIPPER Tamales Chili -Sandwiches BEER Plate Lunches 5021 Bayshore Drive H. J. SMITH JEWELER Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches Dial 4371 826 Franklin Street It' s ibad enough to stand at attrme around h1s : bunk. that lhe is a firstclass carpenter. tention, b11t when you are ordered When rt ramed, a soldrer literally Just give !him some nails and to sit down, well, that's the last sank into the earth as he .trudged bricks and we'll wager that he'll. straw. Ask our First Sgt .. he can through the mud on tJhe march. At darn near build you a home. Pvt vouch for ;that Len (das'h) Nertz MacDill Field Sgt. Rippy 1--------:::--:--:-:::---:----.:__::_ _____ __:========:. is doing his :best to get tlhat sewing ed as .a propellor mechanic B A Y V I E W H 0 T E L circle of h1s orgamized. H1s latest later prcked up aeroplane engme FIREPROOF CON.STRUCTION -:-EVERY ROOM W'ITH BATH attempt was to ,try and get the repairing. out stalff K.P.'s in the Mess Hall interested sergeant at MacD1ll Freid. W B SHULER, Manager in playing badminton. Mter all, On February 8 of th1s year he 208 JACI\:SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA he's only the A&R. representa-moved to Drew Field. Soon afterTAJ\-IPA, FLORIDA -:. -PHONE M 5537 tive. wards he was made Tech Sergeant, Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANI{LIN Dan'l S. Bagley We hope that Lt. William doesn't although it was on;Iy recently that tl;link that we planned ;tha,t wel-he ohased up lhis wan-ant. come ;for him on lhis first day in the T Sgt. Rippy has won his way foremost company; we lhope that ir;rto the of the men assothe absentminded one that wal'ked cu1,ted wrth hrm as well as those into h1s car will return the articles recruit:> .who were placed under ?::::============== he purloined. superviSion many weeks ago. He Glad to see Capt. Young mck has a wry sense olf !humor which is after his quick recovery ;to health brought out clearly in his quaint Keep 'Em Flying .. Louis' Cash <;;rocery Full Line of Groceries Meats an dCold Dtinks Pvt. Mormello (ex-libris of thi; of getting volunteers for decompany) will soon be .the proud tails. father of a bouncing :baJby. Will it Once, while his recruits lined up be a boy or a girl? Must be tough i!1 formation in front -of him, he on the fatJher. a s ked "Who wants ,to go up in the 1502 Tampa St. Ph. 4386 i=======::;::;:=::=:=====!...:.::.::._:::_.:.:=:.:.---------China Clipper? Some of the men jumped eagerly at the chance, only HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service SHORTY'S.' MARKET 117 WEST COLUMBUS DRIVE PHONE M-1422 -:-FOR PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE -KEEP 'EM FLYING-SPECIAL STORAGE RATES For ENLISTED MEN'S CARS JACK SHEPPARD l407 S. Howard Ave. HENRY HOW KEE HAND LAUNDRY Reasonable Rates uaAJD uonuanv reFJads To M e n in Service 307 Tyler Street Dependable Photo Finishing Service FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE 604 Madison to find t,o their d1sa;ppointment tJhat the Ohina Clipper was a d1sh washing detail. On another occasion he asked "Wiho can run a typewriter?" Two men stepped out of ranks, and as a reward .they / were detailed to cleaning r : ifles It has gotten so tha;t nobody steps fon\rard even when the sergeant asks "Who wants .to take the afternoon off?" The men, nevertheless swear lby him, &ppreciative of tJhe good fellowship which he always displays: Sgt. Rippy is an able instructor in drilling ro11tine, machine gun, rifle and pistol shooting, and his matter-of-fact, pleasant drawl aids him in putting ihis instructions accross to h1s students. He is able to get the most out of h1s men and at the same .time still command respect .from all of .them. The sarge used to be a lion w1th the ladies, biut he !has been tamed lately by a Tampa girl. Happily manied, he lives in a snug hunga lette .in Seminole Heights, Ta;mpa, with his very pretty wife. Even in his domestic life he carries his army hwbits with him. He pre pares a menu daily and pins it above the stove "No lunclh," it reads. Lunch he eats in Mess Hall No.5. BUY BONDS Out THE TERRACE GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP, Flowers for Mother, Sweetheart and Friend Connecting Dil'ect.ly with the Tampa l'errace Lobby FRIEJ\'"DLY AND JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN McCASKILL CLOTHING COMPANY 711 STREET (Next to Tampa Theatre) ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8-11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -I Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


Friday, June 5, 1942 .. MR9. SHERMAN'S WAYSIDE INN FRIED CHICKEN & STEAKS Hot Biscuits-Fresh V egetables Suawberry Shortcake 10 Mi. East of Tampa on State Road No. 23 Harold McGucken' s LIQUOR STORE Prompt Courtesy Delivery PHONE H1637 601 PLAT!' STREEIT 'Ma' William's Place SOLDIERS & SAILORS Welrome 9000 Florida Ave. All Night Entertainment Keep 'Em Flying "KEEP'EM FLYING!" WE KEEP 'EM EATING l\1AC DILL DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs FLOWERS ..... Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 "La Casa Valle" NOVELITIES & GIFT WARE PRODUCTS OF CUBA -Specializes InBRIDAL VEILS & TIARAS Wedding Cake Orname.nts PHONE Y -4307 1829 E. BROADWAY Private Gullible Writes A Periect Stranger Private a member of an air base squadron, lee.t"'ling :ihe hard way why the exchange of letters between soldiers and civil ians strangers has received a stern frown of disapproval from the War Department. "Under no circumstances will any plan to encourage or promote such -correspondence be approved," !t terse announcement stated. "However -kindly the mo.tive behind tlhem may be, the department believes that such a plallS are liable to abuse cy unscrupulous peroollS." Private Gumble got -into !hot water beeause of. such an exchange of leters In fac-t, he almost got scalded. He ihad first stepped into it while at the bar of. the Scaramoche. The juke boxes were clanging, the atmosphere was stuf lfy and rancid with tobacco smoke, intoxica;ted men and women were laug1hing and snickering, when a tall, blonde-haired man in his mid dle forties stepped up besides him. He ordered a scotch and soda and then .turning to Private Gullible, invited him to a drink. "What'll you have, soldier?" A bit hesitant at first, Private Gullible finally said, "Oh, a beer, I guess Before he knew it, while treated to beer after beer, the soldier was being drawn subtly into a net of l::iaffling questions. At first 1ihe questions were harmless and petty; but then the blond giant began to shoot questiollS a Jbout the air base at him. By that time the unsus pecting soldier was potted and his tongue was loose. He spoke freely, telling the stranger about the number of the men in the !base; tfrJ.e numl::iar and types of planes, the number of hangers, the morale of tl1e men, etc. Mter this chance acquaintanceship, .Private Gullible got a bit thicker and chummier with 1ihe blonde stranger and continued to see him at the saloon. After all, the man seemed to ibe a prety good TOWNE'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COMPLETE SERVICE Special Attention Given To All In Uniform Downtown Branch -508 Florida Avenue 1107 Fifth Avenue Phone 4663 Blanche Beauty Shop Nea1 Dre w Field SHAMPOO SET DRY 50c PERMANENT WAVES $1.50 UP MANICURE -35c Expert Hair Dresser At Your Service WELCOME SOLDIERS ... o o MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES DREW FIELD:....=E;..::C:..:H=-0=-E=j .=S ____ ....,.--------:-----------P_a.;;;:.g_e 3 skate, a good mixer and pretty 30 for .the Army Medical Center atfB liberal :with his cash. Washington, D.C. for a months U y Several weeks later the man was course in medicine and surgery. Bonds called away from the city and Pri-Also -in the group were Pv-ts James r---------------: vate Gullible began to correspond T Kaine, Thomas A Buick, a.nd with him. A lot of harmless gossip, John T Prasnoski, Medical Detach that's all it seemed to the soldier, ments 553 Sig. Bn., 503 Sig. Reg;t., the stuff he wrote in the letters. I and 309 Air Base Group resperBut -the matter was far lfrom 1 tiveiy. O:Jarmless, judging from the de-. velopment of events. It included Typical toJ?kick IS discussion of the aiTivals and deHalT[ partures of outfits, snapshots of gean e e Ica e -planes and men against ibroad Tough, efficient and backgrounds, a repetition of what -lts a wonderful Actually he the men were saying about the has. a hea.1t as big as a a.l'my, about the food, a;bout the Incidentally he ougiht :.O equipment, a;l::but the war, etc. off pretty soo n for Officers Candi-I One to his Pri-date School. I vate Gullible was called mto the How come Nelson and his priori-. office of fue Base Intelligence Ofties board overlooked Clayton' who had some letters open "Lightenin' Coulson and lhis rubI m front m !him on -top of the desk. ber fingers? He's ;the mailman exThe soldier became a bit uneasy traordinary who casts sheeps eyes I wlhen he noticed that the top one in feminine directions. looked as though it was in his handwriting. President Roose v e It may ble The officer spared ihim any delay amazed at the illiteracy o f the when he asked "'Was this written draft reJeutees bu. t the men m the by you, Gumble?" He lheid Base. Medical Detachment a:e exout one letter to him and the sol-pressive enough. Overlleard m the dier acknowledged a bit hesitantly dressing room: "I'm oo if that it was his. overcoats for cost a,.mckel I couldn't -buy leggmgs lfor a 'How did you happen to meet ca.na:ry, this Eric Kunze?" he was asked 1 sternly. J Greeted with many clhoruses of While Private Gullible nervously "An apple for .the teacher" Pvt. bold the officer the circumstances James Reed huiTiedly explains tha,t under which he lhad met the he taught the primary grades at blonde man, ;the latte11 listened Van, West Virginia and never kept attentatively. At last he cleared anyone af.ter sohool. !Pvt. Will awoy the mystery of the question-Hayes disclaims any connection ing. "Private Gulli!ble," he 'I::Jegan, with ;!)he Hayes office a:nd thor "! believe your story. But that oughly approves of sweaters lfor doesn' t excuse the fact that you girls. were very ca.1oeless in getting so friendly with a perfect stranger. Sgt. T. R. lhas a Vrrgm1a This man Kunze has been arrested I accent so thick he regularly uses and .found -to be a Nazi spy. We an interpreter .to ma:ke ibis pur found your letters on !his person chases at the P.X. and you were naturally placed unCorp. Dominick Palaia will sub.: der suspicion. I know that you a.J:e stitute for Sgt. McGraw as the new .in the. army .and I was almost j official whistle tooter for .the"pa.int convmced liillnediately that you 1 'em with iodine mark 'em fit for WELCOME SERVICE MEN Victory ... Shall, and WID be Ours Thr Your Relaxllltion Refreshments and Entertairunen t Remember Life Begins At LARRY FORD'S OFFICE BAR 610-6'12 Tampa Street TAMPA Now Playing were an inocent victim of

P age 4 D::::EW FIELD E CH OE S "; SERVICEMEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER FROM Federal Bake Shop 526 CLEVELAND --Keep 'Em Flying-HELLO ARMY WELCOME TO CLEARWATER Public Fruit & Vegetable Markel EVERY'DHING IN SEASON 629 CLEVELAND DIAL 2878 --Keep 'Em Flying----Keep 'Em Flying--GREEN BROTHERS TRANSFER SERVICEMEN Wl!JLCOME TO CLEARWATER' FROM Hill Top Pharmacy SODA FOUNTAIN 542 S. FT. HARRISON AVE. --Keep 'Em FlyingSERVICEMEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER FROM IMPERIAL DOCKS DAILY DEEP SEA FISHING TRIPS Leave 9 :00 AM -Back 5:00 PM CAPTAIN LOWE Clearwater DIAL 2856 -Keep 'Em Flying-SERVICEMEN Wl!lLCOME TO CLEARWATER FROM PELICAN RESTAURANT -BAR LIQUOR STORE LUNCHES & DINNERS SOc up DIAL 2775 -:-CLEARWATER --Keep 'Em Flyi.ng-SERVICEMEN WELCOME TO CLEARIWATER FROM J. W. SUTTLE GROCERIES WESTERN MEATS BIRDS EYE FOODS 501 N. FT. HARRISON AVE. --Keep 'Em Flying-Visit the Gulf Beaches ... .:: ;: M e n a t Drew Field who spend a n at Clearwater Beach in Clear water, a ccording to P fc. Artl hur Gismondi, Medical D etac h of a r e m issing a real treat if they don't stop at the S ervice Men's Lounge the 309th Air Bas e Group. The Loung e consists of a spacrous, b eautiful roo m and library, with all the conveniences of home plus some extras. One can e ither sit and r eadl at l e i sme or play bridge, e i t h e r shoot po ol or play ping pon g Al s o avail able for music love r s are a piano, a radio and a record playing machine. Cookies b a k e d b y Clear wate r mothe r s are a l w a ys plen tiful. The men' s room c ontains complete facilities for sprucing up, and in i t a tired solde r may even s teal a snooze o n one of the comfortable cots provided by tJhe ladies. Certainly, no more need be said to attrac t Drew Field men to the S e r v ice M e n s Lounge whe n in Clearwater. It is l ocated on the M ain street d irectly across frc m the theatre. 564lh Plott Co. I M cLaughlin is wearing a cor:t ag-Wlho likes home cooked meals?. ious smile nowadays. Everybody does. His kitchen was a w arded the When you are a tJh.ousand mileS Best Kitchen Fla g Saturday fur from home, i't's impossible to obtain having the Best Kitch e n in Tent a home cooked meal. City for the week of May 24 to iHo w ever the boys of 564th, are. May 31. not complaining about their Dressed in their military best A s a matter of fact, they are pra1s ing the good meals served by more than 200 s t alwarts of the Kitchen No. 7 of the 564 t h Plotting Compa n y, w el comed their The boys of the Plotting Company new commander, c a ptain Reuben D a r e p articularly enthusiastic Caudle, las t week. their m eals. The Captain was deligfrl: t e d with One young cha,p of the Plotting the grea t ovation given by his C ompany said: men. "Them mea ls dished outlby Sarg e A cting 1st Sgt. Willia m E. JdhnMac is almost as g o o d a s Ma's." s on, o f tJh.e Plotting Co. would S a r g e Mac signs lhis payroll sheet rather pla y pinochole, tha n eat, s o Staff S g t Monis D M c L a u ghlin. they say WELCOME DIXIE'S Well's Drug Store El Garden Grocery 325 N. FT. HARRISON 701 N. GARDEN ST. Friday, J nne 5 1942 BAY HALL GUEST HOUSE ON CLEARWATER BAY -:-3 6 N. OSCEOLA AVE. MODERN COMFORTS SPACIOUS ROOMS PRIVATE BA THiS ONE BLOCK FROM TOWN ALICE V WATSON -:-. MARTHA A. \BLAIR TELEPHONE 795 2 SQUARE MEAL -PHONE 29-69 3 -FANNIE WALliS, Prop. HOLLYWOOD GRILL 1 2 15 N GREENWOOD AVE CLEARWATER, FLA. WELCOME TO CLEARWATER BARLOW'S CASH GROCERY STORE CORNER GARDEN & DREW STS. -PHON E 2325DRUGS -LUNCHEONETTE FOUNTAIN SERVICE FUSSELL'S DRUG STORE SCRANTON ARCADE PROMPT SERVICE EFFICIENT WORKMANSHIP WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED SANITARY CLEANERS & LAUNDRY J. B. HENSLEY, M g r 11 N OSCEOLA PHONE 2875 CLEARWATER, FLORIDA BARD'S ON 'I'HE BL'AOH SANDWICHES COLD PLATES BEER & WINES WELCOME! MEN OF THE ARMEDFORCES ----KEEP 'EM FLYING---WELCOME TO CLEA!R!WATER BEnY LANE RESORT APPAREL Adjoining C apitol Theatre PHONE 2676 ATKINSON'S Groceries and Meals "THE CLEAN STORE" FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES A SPECIALTY 125-127 N GREENWOOD AVE. PHONE 2024 WELCOME TO CLEARW A TElR BEACH THE ANCHORAGE COTTAGES AND APARTMENTS PALM AND POINSETTA -:-CLEARWATER, FLA. PALM PAVILION WELCOMES SEJRVICE MEN BATH HOUSES REJFRESHMENTS CLEARWATER BEACH ----KEEP 'EM FLYING---HELLO ARMY! WELCOME TO CLE.ARWATElR ALEXANDER FUNERAL HOME N-E CLEVELAND AND GROVE -DIAL 202 3 -----KEEP 'EM FLYING---MILL: .WALSINGHAM STATION, S A.L. RY. -PHONE: LARGO 4172LEVERETT LUMBER CO. IJONG LEAF YELLOW PINE P. 0 ADDRESS L ARGO, FLORIDA WELCOME TO CLEARWATER FROM THElMA'S BEAUTY SALON 1719 N FT. H ARRISON AVE. -DIAL 2476------KEEP 'EM FLYING----


Friday, Jm1e 5, 1942 SERVICE MEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER PHONE 2221 O'NEALS TAXI-IDe 35 YEARS IN CLEARWATER CLEVELAND AND GARDEN ----KEEP 'EM FLYING---MYONE BEAUTY SHOP HAZEL LYONS, 0\ll!ler IF YOUR HAIR IS NOT BECOMING TO YOU-COME TO ME GREY MOSS INN BLDG. -:PHONE 2114 SERVICE MEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER FROM MOSS FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 802 N. FT. HARRISON AVE. -:-DIAL 2575 REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR ----KEEP 'EM FLYING---ORA S HART, l\'1gr. -.PHONE 2343 SERVICE MEN ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT FRENCH DRY CLEANERS CLEANING -PRESSING -TAILORING -HATS 126 SO. GARDEN AVE. ONE BLOCK EAST OF FT. HARRISON HOTEL DREW FIELD E CHOES Page 5 Welcome to Clearwater .-Keep 'Em Flying-WELCOME TO CLEARWATER 1st Rept. Co. 503d SA WR Pvt. Ashton has won this company's admka.tion. We believe he is tJhe one most likely to succeed. For the past three weeks he has been on K .P. and still is smiling. That, my friends, is something. Sunday afternoon we had what was the nearest to an attact that we ever hope to see. Steel was in the air and wood splinters were flying everywhere. Pvt. Pascucci was playing :horseshoes. Korones Jewelers A Discount To Service Men 617 Cleveland -:Clearwater GULF SEAFOOD MARKET 705 N. FT. HARRISON AVE. CLEARWATER, FLA. he can render he does. He collects ----------------' friends wherever he goes and he :--------------is always on go. Fm: an all around guy and one swell private it is my privilege to say that I share his friendship with the rest of this company, the friendship of Pvt. Stark. The men in our company were more than happy to hear of tlhe promotion of Pfc.. Chicoine of the Second Reporting Company to the of Seageant. He is an instructor in the Radar School and we know that he is doing one COMPLIMENTS OF ATLANTIC ICE CO. DREW & ACL R. R. Saaaaaaaaay, did you see the girl swell job. He must be, as we all that Pvt. Poe Quinn is asparking passed tJhe first exam. a.t that thar shindig at Clearwater There is an old proverb that last Saturday evening? She is the says: "All the grea.t people are personification of loveliness, a1'ld the most .modest, and we find that is right from Hq. i that proverb still holds good. Your SERVICE MEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER BEACH CLEARlMATER BEACH GROCERY AND U. S. POST' OFFICE OPPOSITE CLEARWATER BEACH HOTEL WELCOME! CLEARWATER LAUNDRY WELCOME TO CLEARWATER CLEARWATER MATTRESS FACTORY INNER SPRINGS -.-NEW AND RE-MADE WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED 500 So. MYRTLE AVE. CLEARWATER, FLA. PHONE 2611 B & B SUPER MARKET 12 NORTH GARDEN WELCOME TO CLEARWATER BEACH SEA COURT APARTMENTS NEW & MODERN COMPLETELY FURNISHED COTTAGES ELECTRIC REFRIGElRATION DOCK & FISH:DNG PIElR 300 FT. TO BATHING BEACHES RENTALS AT YOUR CONVENIENCE 495 MANDALAY DR. : -MRS. H. NICHOLSON, Hostess PHONE 29-922 .WELCOME TO GLEARWATElR BElACH NEWC ORONADO HOTEL MODERN -:FIREPROOF Overlooking both Clearwater Bay & the Gulf of Mexico REOSONABLE RATES TO ARMY MEN OPEN YEAR ROUND SCOTT WIILSON, Mgr. POWDED PUFF BEAUTY SHOPS -AIR CONDITIONEDTown Shop-22 Scranton Arcade Phone 2724 -:Clearwater, Fla. Beach Shop-459 Mandalay Blvd. Plmne 2853 -:Clearwater, Fla. We Specialize in Subscriptions VISIT OUR 1JP-TO-DATE DRUG STORE FOUNTAIN CURB SERVICE TOLIETRIElS TOBACCOS MAGAZINES GANDIElS Arcadia Drug Store BAY DRIVE Phone 5-4431 -:-Largo My friends! Occasionally, or raving reporter, thrQugh his many should I say rarely, one gets the and secret ohannels, found out privilege of meeting or knowing that Pvt. Red McCrary is one a person who -is blessed with tlhat mean boxer; he had the golden undefinable something that sets glove championship of the Carohim apart from his fellow men. linas and was due to represent This particular person is gifted them in New Yo -rk when the Army with that quality that makes him i intervened. A superb puglist and priceless. He lives and breathes not one word about it from him. that policy of sharing with !his fel-low men. He does it not with any SWELL? HAVE A DRINK! commercial attitude or with any I was shot through the leg in mercenary thoughts but because It th is his way of living. It is natural I e function with him to help others.[ "Have a scar?" Half of his is yours; any favor tJhat [ No, thanks, I don' t smoke." WELCOME Marinello Beauty Salon 611 CLEVELAND WELCOME OHS 11 PRUITT SERVICEMEN WELOME TO CLEARWATER FROM Hill-Bill Awning Co. SUNBURST APT. BLDG. DIAL 2814 --Keep 'Em Flying-WELCOME AIRMEN Typewriter Equipment Co. WELCOME TO CLEARWATER Red Dragon Gift Shop 22 N. FORT HARRISON WELCOME MEN OF DREW FIELD TILLIS' IGA STORE WELCOME TO GLEARWATElR Poul Randolph INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE -:BONDS INSURANCE 424 CLEVELAND STREET Dr. J. G. Mathews VETERINARY SURGEON DOG & CAT HOSPITAL BOARDING KENNELS Phone 29-264 Clearwater Road LARGO, FLA


Page 6 N F DREW FIELD ECHOES debut in them Tuesday evening at Palm River, where we play the 1 st Rept. Co. Palm River Club under lights. Now is the crucial test. Do clothes make ON THE BALL a team? We shall see, we shall see. Galling all 'First Tenors and 309th Air Base Group I 0 HQ and HQ Squadron By Andrew Paterson Well, at last we had our phones moved, and the Orderly .Room ill now located in .tse second !hutment on the first company street The SOLDIERS Ask Fpr First Basses in the Squadron. Do hutment is quite an improvement you have the urge to burst in song? 1 553rd Sig. Bn. over the tent;; it is cooler and we Would you like to compete the !-.-------------....! don't have to fight the sand storiD8 makings of a good quartet? Well, The men of tfrlis organization as much, but it was pust like losing I then, get in touch with Pvt. S wish to eJGI)ress theor heartiest apthe Old !Homestead .Somehow or Petrilak through this Orderly .preciation for those swell pies the other we had ibecome quite at-Room. It looks l:iarmoney will be cooks of the battalion kitchen have tached to the .tent. Oh, well. we floating through the still air in tJhe been }&reparing for the 'l:loys these should be used to moving by this next few nights. Just don't let us past lfew days .... This past weektime after what we have gone down, feliows; you know there. are end was a very "SAD" occasion. through irl the past month. J quite a number of G. I. .shoes hanmen just laid around on tJh.eir Pay day is not only a h81ppy day J dy. bunks OJ> sat on the floor thinkirlg Friday, June 5, 1942 going steady with a soldier from MacDill .... 'Pvt. Stellato on waking one moming, said "Boy, was I eatin' last night." Pvt. Narvet, who is known to be a "clhow-hound" asked "what was you eatin'?" Pvt. Stellato replied, "I was eatin' bY mosquitoes" .... Our company has "Latrine Duty" this month and I believe we are all familiar with that. One moming Yours .truly called the company out a.nd 'asked for volunteers for the same-tp his amazement there were more volunteers than "posi.-tions" ..... Pfc. Howard Hirsch seems to be the !happiest man in .the company .this week. Rose is coming to Tampa ..... VINOENTS ORANGE SODA-IT'S TOPS Cherry Blossom Bottling Co. 201 E. Amelia Ave ... M 56-171 !or all of us, but it certainly brings/ of us don't know yet, but and dreaming of .that sweet gal or out some funny sayingE and doings. we are oing to lose our Postmaster, a nice big beer they' could be en. For example: Capt. Turner is fc. Frank Slesnick, on a ten day joying if only the "Old Man" had .---------------. ing of.f :tJhe men. Pvt. Paniczko, furlough beginning the fifth. Don't come through, but such was no.t Let US Repair Your Watch Sir." The Capt., thumbing throllg'h worry, fellows, you will still get the case and the men went on We Are Reasonable and Fa6t the pay envelopes, inquires, "Medithe same good service with Pvt. dreaming. But on Monday the old N d J lry St cos ) iPaniczko?" "No, Sir. K.P.'s.' O'Donnell and Pfc Jarvie taking amiable smile began to prevail once ICO emus ewe ore Pvt. Paniczko must be lal:loring over. We are !happy to see Frank more. P.S. we got paid. 708 Franklin Street under the impression that he has get that well-eamed furlough, but Furloug!hs are in 'bloom again Phone M 52-923 been transferred to the ki.tchen; we think we should wa1'11J. Nellie, "Sweat" .... Will I get one, will I .===============-i SOLDIERS .permanently. Don't blame him; his wife, that if suddenly some get one...... GILBERT HOTEL two weekS seems a lifetime. night she wakes up and hears F T. Sgt. Elmer Fryar has quit Plant Park Sllda ountain Well, we have .two l boys in Hq. Frank yelling at the top of his "GoMbricking" .this week. Being Squadron who won't have to worry voice, "All right, you fellows, keep S S d h Chili' lion-com. in c:h<>'t'O'e of the issuing oups -an w1c es -about Wlhat they will do when this to the left or you won't get your Spaghetti A Specialty is all over. We point wioth pride to mail," not to poy ariy attention. of furloughs a little work has come BEER WINE his way ... Talk rubout being one of Phone M-l094 811 Tampa Street George T. BrightweH, Mgr. -our cabinet makers. Corporals You just oan't expect a man to 422 w. Lafayette. H-3131 1::'1l t the "Jones this? We Stone and Vaughn. Give 1th'OSe two break a twice-daily IP31 n m en have :five members of the Jdhnson Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & .Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:TamJil' Next To Manhattan Cafe boys some wood, nails, a hammer days. d t 1 t th 1 clan, namely: A.R., G.H., R W., an a saw, JUS e em a one, H.E. and the celebrated goldbrick, I and presto, anything you may ask A.D ...... for is in the making. To the skep-327 Material Squadron It looks like "Casanova" Kinsala tics, may we suggest a visit to our is going around with that love light Orderly Room to gaze at the !hand-By Tom G. Meo in his eyes. We wonder who the made desk the : boys just finished 7th had h to lucky gal could be? I think her last week. Chippenda]e ,rnd nothing .. The 32 a c ance VIew on them. the suburbs of Tampa by means name starts with a "K" It is rumored that 1st Sgt. Hardy Tuesday ii.s going .to be a red let-of a convoy to MaoDill Field last and Sgt. Kessler are 'brotJh.ers "in-ter day for our soft :J::Jall team. We week. om v18 1 t was strictly bus-cognito.'' They seem to have that have just received our new uniiness, confining us to the firing l:irotherly "LOVE" and look someforms and are going to make om range. There we engaged in a few what like twins. Congratulations '11HEY'ER TOPS DALI-FRESH POTATO CHiPS 108 W. Fortune -:-Ph. M 53-752 SOLDlERS For An Enjoyable Evening VISIT MARY MILLEM BAR BEER HOSTESSES -WINES 1111 Fla. Ave. : Ph. M7215 NICK THE TAILOR Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend practice rounds of rifle shooting. on. your extra stripes, men-iFrom l t Sgt. to S. Sgt. Sgt. Durrette, Our trme was 11mlted, so we s 10 Sgt. Mathews; from Corps to Sgts., MEET ME in prone position, sitting, kneeling. I Corps. Briggs, Largent and Titus AT Expert Tailoring Cleaning and Pressing POWELL'S INC.1 FLORIST 412 Tampa St. Ph. 2524 We Alter Army Uni!f'or:tJ> 208 Harrison St. Tampa Open 'Til 7 P M. WE ANHATTAN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. Tampa GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DINNERS 30c, 40c, 60c Try our Sunday Roast Turl;:ey Dinne1 with all Tdmmings. or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three Vegetable s, Dessert and Drink s o Served Friday 11 A. M. to 9 P. M. ........... C OPEN DAY AXD l'HTE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS Grady's Lunch Opposite Bus Station A Good 1 Oc Hamburger Open Day and Night Dependable Photo Finishing STAR KOSHER Service FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE 604 Madison Street "" DELICATESSEN Open Evenings 'till 11 P .:!\[. 805 Gr. Central Phone H 29-842 Purity Springs Water A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE COMPANY, Inc. 4823 Florida Ave. --Keep 'Em Flying-Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone M1861, Maas Office Bid. The logical and BEST place to buy Mil-itary needs for officers and enlisted men. OPEN TUESDAY 917 FRANKLIN ST. TAMPA 531 CLEVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL ST. PETERSBURG Most of the 327th took the recoil from P.fc. SP 4CL. to Corp., G R E E N S of the rifle like old veterans, hit-R. White...... ting the bull's eye often. T-Sgt. Sgt. Stu Gessford is rather forGOOD FOOD Rippy said that our success in lom these days. A certain young 1222 Nebraska Avenue many cases were higher than av-1 .. erage and that a marksman would 1 !have to go some to beat them. 1 wop.der how om scoring would have .1:1een if Hitler's face was our target (You guessed it perfect). United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians. 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 Keep 'Em Repaired Needlecraft Serviee Shop Reweaving & Alterations Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG. CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Hair Cuts 40c If you see .two of omprivates walking around with wound stripes don't be surprised. Our mishaps were limited to two casualties, while at the MacDill ra:q.ge. Pvt. "Muscles" Cummings received a Minor cut from the sight of his rifle which hit him on 1Jhe nose on the recoil of the gun. Pvt. Wm. Cmnmins was the other private tol be implicated in an accident. He Alma Williams -Ma.rion Drumm Permanent Wave .Specialists Also Tinting and Dying was struck on the shoulder PY a aunt while working in the pit. One I of om-marj,{smen split the bolt 1 that what I call shooting. .in two at two !hundred yards. Boys, I Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Gtoceries, Toba.aco, Candy Notions Do you think that S-Sgt. Bryce is in love? WE wonder what be,.. came of his class ring? Could it be that his little coed is wearing it? I DR. ALBERT E. BERRY Everything is ihumming and moving right along ln the 327 .tJh. ,We have been, assigned to our special duties. Everyone is raring to go. Being happily manied for the past six years Pvt. Arthur Schus terman had to part from his wife due to the outbreak of the war. He thought tlha.t is was his duty to revenge Pearl Harbor. His wife is now in Tampa. Don't tell anyone, but we think she may become a native of Tampa. We were glad to hear that the boys from the 350th enjoyed tJheir .airplane ride and that no one got airsick. We just don', t get seasick. CAre you all receivin g "Flying Pay?") Our St Petersburg soldier, Pfc Carleton Raymond, seems to be hitting the jackpot. He receives a letter ;from a sweet little girl in St. Petersburg. Carleton spends four nights out of the week visitingNeda Thomas and the other i three at campf catchi-ng up on ::: lost sleep. They !have known each other for 17 years. At last Carle-i ton remembers Neda all those ::: years. Lots of luck to both of them : in the futm-e. Who knows that :!: June will bring. DR. NELLE S. BERRY OSTEOPATHS 415 Tampa St. Phone 3921 All Kinds of Magazines and (News) Papers Films Developed Central Radio and News Ph. M 63-442 1406 Central Av. TELEPHONE M 54-572 ----REMEMBER CORREGIDOR When in Ybor City Shop at the 17th St. News Stand All tse Latest Magazines CURB SERVICE Comer 17th and Broadway FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE 1324 No. Franklin St. Beer -Wines -Hostesses Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V.F. W. and American Legion Investments, Residental Appraisals, Residental Properties Lesl'ie H. Blank REALTOR Phone 3222 407 Tampa St. Berger & Rachelson, Inc. The Home bf Pleezing Products 12th a.nd Whiting St. Ph. 4041 Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service During Rush Hours For Further Information Call 3286


Frida y Juri e 5 1942 DREW FIELD E CHOES Mediq,al Dispensary Moves To New, Shiny Quarters Every man of the base medical detaclhment is as busy as a fly on a stein of b eer these days as the dis pensary is being moved to its bright and shiny new quarters. The new location 1S off Eight Avenue in ,the new area, and it will take at least two weeks to complete the transfer. 'I1he personnel section has al ready :been installed in its new ad ministration building. Two new banacks, complete with day rooms and noncom' s alcoves, were readied for occupancy iby tne men of the medical detachment. The Dental Clinic and Flight Surgent's Office will remain in the old building. A BUCKETFUL OF 0 PASSION JUICE Private Ben WelnraUI} of the 327th Material Squadron, is a very !happy soldier nowadays. Formerly an insurance man from Baltimore, he is wearing a :broad smile and a contented look on ihis face due to the extended visit of his wife, Kitty, who is staying in Tampa. And those of us who have met her can' t blame him in the least. She is a very attractive woman with a pleasing personality. At any rate the effect of her presence must be very noticeable to strangers as wei] to lhis 'buddies. One night recently the Weinraub couple were ordering sodas in Lig get' s Drug Store and the missus was somewhat uncertain whrut sort of drink she wanted. The soda jerker, noticing how attached they :are to one another, started to oftfer suggestions. "How a;bout some Passion Juice?" she recommended. Squeak, Squeak It's Only G. I. Shoes By Pvt. FRANK FOCHT I met them at the induction station and tried them on hunied ly. A fat man with stripes handed 3queezed my corns and hollerect, 3rd Interceptor SHORT-SHOTS By Thomas G. Carlton Members of the 3rd Fighter Command are trying to live up to their name. There have been five "OK, next!" That initiated my as-fights since the name was changed sociation with two loud G.I. shoes. from the 'I1h:ird Intercepter ComThey're natty, roomy, and faint-mand to the 3rd' Fighter Command. ly resemble streamline, but tJhey Look out, Japs! squeak. They squea k in the quiet FLASH! It has finally dawned. library, tJhey squeak as I follow a Pfc Staiger .i!s simply flattered by tiptoeing usher down the aisle of the thought of being called Corpo a movie, and the outsqueak my ral. Keep bucking, Staiger! ostentatious patter at the U.S. O. Pfc Rosche is sweating out a club. cm1poralcy. The other day ihe said As romantic couples tinto a Lieutenant, "Sir, may I shine der hushed lights over a wooden your desk?" Rosche, keep Shining, mirror or c h est r a leader looks you'll get it ... around to locate the new accomSgt Kriota:k. is sure glad to see pay paniment-my G.T. shoes. And al-day come around. Now he can af ways as I walk a .pleasant com-ford to buy his girl some false panion homeward, it's easy ,to dis-teeth. "Whistle, whistle little bomb, How I wonder wlhere you're from." Up above the world so high There's a Fortress in the sky." cern lh.er thougsts as she glances Can you imagine .that the dlown. "Yokel!" Would that I pion otf the Drew Field Pie Baking Private Weim,aul:l looked at her could burrow in the good earth! Contest was once emplo:','ed as a in amazement. "Passion Juice?" ihe Ironically, with Satuii!ay's in-bus driver in civilian life? Meet Your Friends at ROXY BAR asked. His eyes t winkled. "Give spection, that infernal mouse lies Sgt. Goodwin has now set the me a bucketful." stili between my toes hut only until wedding date. The :big event will -Beer --Wine -Sandwiches203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hostesses-Dancing Passion Juice tmned out to be the noncom examines their gleam-take place on June 6. Everybody nothing more than a cherry sod a. ing countenances. Then-the traican relax now, for the suspense is Priva.>te Weinraub didn', t drink a tors! CarefullycreepingtOmyupper over. The fatJher finally consented. bucketful. bunk long after "lights out," forty B-1-Downstairs: "We re stentorian grunts curse my Social solve to make : bhis Squadron stand SARATOGA BAR iife and two dogs. out before all other squadrons. We But with darkened skies comes will not tolerate any such foolisha gladdened heart and despite the ness as short sheeting, .putting Obamber of Cominerce it begins to crackers in bed, coming in a t night rain. Gleefully I rush to the near-intoxicated, and aJbove all, not to est puddle and allow the l:oots to disturb ariyone af.ter lights are out." soak gluttonously. A squash afiter Of comse, being restricted to the all is better than a squeak! Post for one week had nothing to MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and Frankli.n Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 HOSTESSES WONDER. BAR YOUR FUN IS OUR FUN "See TheLongest Bar in T .own" 1210 FRANKLIN STREET DANCING TAMPA TWIN PALMS WELCOME SOLDIERS Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL -RESTFUL Howard at Dr. i CRAWFORD CAFE BEER-WINES 1110 Central Ave. M62-462 MAJESTIC CLEANERS A Modern Equipped Plant "We Please Where Others PromiSe" 1711 10tlh AVENUE PHONE Y -4363 AW, IT'S NOTHING AT ALL! A recruit was being interviewed at the reception center of a camp in the South. His hobby he listed as "inventing gadgets". The inter viewer thouglht such a general entry should be investigated, so do with it. Civilian to Recrutting Sgt.: "Could r lead a good Clhdstian life on twenty-one dollars a month?" Recruiting Sgt. : "My boy, that is all you could do." A SERVICE MAN'S PLEA se inquired: "What kind of gadgets Heavenly Fa.ther, up above do you invent?" The recruit thought a minute, then replied, Please protect the girl I love ; Well, .the last thing was an air-plant engine!" Keep her always safe and sound JUST LIKE COLLEGE No matter with whom she is Jound. or where Being in the Army is like at-Help her to know and help lher tending college says one officer. to see 'I1he first year you know everything. In yom second year, you begin to That I love her-and hope she admit there's some things you loves me; never knew. By the middle of the third year you realize there's plenty And then dear Lord, help me to be you have missed. And by the fourth year you are ready to admit you haven't begun to learn. 309th AIR BASEThe boy that she'd expect of me. By Cpl. Dan E. Grim 553rd Sig. Bn. Page 7 COME TO ST. PETERSBURG "The Sunshine City'' Welcome Army Air Men To THE SUNSHINE CITY Hank's Insurance Agency 601 First Ave. N. Phone 5593 n:eep 'Em Flying WOODWARD HOTEL 211 Fifth Ave. No., Tel. 85-152 ROOMS 75c and UP Keep 'Em Flying HARLAN HOTEL 17 8th Street, N. Notice to All Service Men! We Solicit Your Patro.nage When in St. Petersburg. RATES--$1.00 PER DAY Bootblack Rudolph Sounds Off On Musical G. I. Shoes A story emanating from Camp Blanding, Florida, tells S!bout a young

DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, June 5, 1942 CHURCH CALL Drew Field Soldiers In Action JEWISH Mr. Harry Hymanson Service at 11:00 A M. Men to meet at Base Chapel Tent for announcement of place PROTESTANT Chaplain William L. Clark Base Chaplain Services at 11 : 00 AM. Base Chapel Tent ROMAN CATHOLIC c::lluliplain Francis O'Brien Early Mass, 6:15 A.M Base Chapel Tent Mass at 11:00 A .M. wa.rehouse in new area Chaplain Hewlett, who arrived at Drew Field this week and is attached to the 553rd B'n, will hold a joint service with Chaplain Clark this Sunday. 350th MATERIEL SQUADRON NEWS By Pvt. C. Behm I "You're Out!" In the above shot, Catcher Bekeza of the West Coast All Stars and Drew Field has We are very happy to repor t that just tagged out Benito of the Inter-Social All Stars in a close play at the plate. The Inter-Sooia.l Lea Pvt. J. C Hudson is well on the DREW MEN PLAY I gue All Stars defeated the West (A)ast Stars, 9 to 4, Sunday i.n a Navy Relief game before SOIJ!.e 4000 road to recovery He has a slight fans at Cuscaden Park. concussion as a result of that un-IN NAVY RELIEf !fortunate spill in tlhe shower room .-----------------; But rthe hospital at MacDill Field BASEBALL oAME has informed us that John's condi-D R E w Signal Hq. & Hq. Co. tion has considerably improved. Drew was represented by Moore, Hurry iback, fellow, there is a swell Brown, Swindell, Bekeza and BroR o p s 3rd Fighter Commanp tent, with your name on the lfront, wn in the hig Navy releif baseball By Schultz waiting for you. game which was played last With as nip and tuck a game The squadron wishes to a day 'between the West Coast All from the 314th A. B. Sqd. as has been played in the twilight hearty welcome to the new group Stars and the Inter-Social lea.gue for many a season, Sig. Hq. & Hq. of men that have recently joined strus at Cuscaden park before some co. 3id r.c., defeated MacDill Field the best "Gosh-Durn" outfit on rthe 4,000 fans. The Inter-Social stars SometJ.'ling new has been added to take the lead in the T;unpa All field. Boys, you'll find the men here won the game bythe score of 9 gradually to the u:t:t---er lips of City League. quite willing to help you in any to 4. Drew is a member of the some of our flying gadgets'. The MacDill came to the post in the way, so don't hesitate to seek their West Coast league. first inning to :!::lat. out three runs .men a .re sprouting .tiny growths aid. Birch started the game at tJhird only to have the clhamps tie the Wlhen Major Kaeppel was ap-for the West Coasters and went to of hair .. wonder if it is to conserve score in the second .... The third proached the other day, with the bat one time offici ally without a razor blades in a minor sort of inning again found MacDill makrequest for a program of social hit. He walked on his other oc-way ... or is it a :bet of a case of ing a bid for three more :runs, activities to benefit the 350th, he B c 1 M f D H ted immediately took time to arrange came in to take over the pitching furnishing the b everages? the score m the fourth .... Cohen casl


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