Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 15 (June 12, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 12, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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c:::::: VOL 1. NO. 15 P1tblished Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, .June 12, 1942 A RAi5E DARLirfG. AND l'U TAl( '{OU AL.LllliSI '/CJRK 5/

Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JDnfY JACI(SON, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers Office: 111:1 FLORIDA AVENUE Extra Dollars DREW FIELD ECHOES says, "I think it is nice that the m e n will get the extra pay. Per-L T bl sonally, I'm gonna' bank mine eSS fOU e until I have a surplus. Then I'll Says Sgt Bodo I take the extra money 'and buy War Stamps and Bonds. Watch Your Snap-shots Warns S-2 Tampa, Florida Master Sergeant Bodo, who (Continued from Pag e 1) P. o nox 2.555 Phone 2177 oughta' know ,says, "To the lower grades, and to the Army in gen-Al! advertl>

Friday, June 11, 19 freshen 11p,Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you've got to be in the armed forces to really appreciate how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean. Man, how it helps to chew gum when you're tense, tired or thirsty! Cools your mouth-moistens your throat-seems to give you a refreshing lift. Aids digestion, too. Enjoy chewing delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum during strenuous flights-after hard work-when you're off duty-at other times, too. It does things foryou.-DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 TO THE LATRINE COLONELS Absolute knowledge I have none, But my nieces' washerwoman' s DREW ROPS so n Heard a policeman on his beat Say to a l aborer in the street That h e had a letter last week Writte n in the finest Greek From a Chinese coo lie in From the 314th A. B. Sqd. By Pfc; William Gteenberg Romeo Theophilius Stephens i s doing alright-by himsel f. Three Timbuctoo, d a mes he had the other day ... \Vho said that the natives in a ll by his lonesome. If he makes Cuba knew this speed as a gadget whatinhell Of a colored man in a Texas town will he do w hen he wears his Who got it straight from a circu s wings? clown That a man in the Klondike heard the news From several South Amercian Jews, heard of a society f emale rake \Vhose mother-in-law will undertake To prove that her husband's sister knows -As stated in a printed piece That she has a son who has a friend 'Vho knows when this war is GOI NG TO END. (And the latrine colonels will spread a rumor soldieis get out of humor.) 350th Material NEWS The miiitary voi ce of First Sergeant Harris nearly wal,es the men at calestheni.cs every ing. Don't do it sergeant, wait for the chow rush that'll wake the most ardent bed-lover. The c losed hours of the P. X. got Pvt. Paul Murphy p lenty upset. He missed his ice c ream of a morning. Came a box four feet q uare from home the other day illed with the d e li cious stuff. Wlrat a capacity or did your barracks mates take part in the feast? W .ho is the man in B-10 who nutters, "Ise so tired" affer each f his round-trips to the m ess hall? I .The fi rst echelon of men took I to rifle practice like ducks to water. Some of them w ere wreathed in smiles after their first fir-in g but some of them Joked as if By Christ Behm The socir1 l h eld ror thirty men t hey had served as targets. of the 350th at the Serninole Pres--Allan Basnight finally Ch urch last Friday, turned out to b e a pleasant sur-. gave up. Four years of courtship t her complicated but your correspondent feels certain that a certain private whose first initial of his last name is Jesse Zimmerman wil l fully understand. 'Ma' William's Place SOLD I ERS & SAILORS Welcome 9000 Florida Ave. All Night Entertainment Keep 'Em Flying "KEEP'EM FLYING!'' WE KEEP 'El\f EATING MAC DILL DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairiilg Sound and Inter Communicating_ Systems Authorized Cape hart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central HAVANA CAFE Known For Good Spanish Fooji Reasona;bly Priced BEER WINES 1014 Franklin Phone M-7281 Rubin's Restaurant FINEST SPANISH FOOD IN; [['AMPA 1403 Tampa Street prise to everyone. The novel .1ended at. the altar recently. dances and oames p leased all. And the way It goes ... you chase em Buy More B'onds liearing the; talk about the swell ... and they catch you! AIR CONDITIONED time made t h e boys who were l eft --:-___ __::.__ ______ ...,.... _______________ ___, JSehind very unhappy. Major Kaep-The orderly room was shot to pel was very pleased with the en-pieces last Tuesday aftE)rnoon. A thusiasm with which the social lovely visipn of femininity in the Max's Liquor Bar VICTORY MUST BE OURS The American Soldier is equal io the task. Among ourselves let our motto be that of the clonstitution of the United States Every soldier is l!n American citizen regardless of race. CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1416 NORTH BOULEVARD Tampa., Florida G. D. ROGERS, President TOWNE'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COMPLETE SERVICE Special Attention Given To All In Uniform Downtown Branch 508 Florida A venue 1107 Fifth Avenue Phone 4663 was received, and promised to see person of Miss E sther Howarth that we receive d more invitations came into our lives and the work went haywire. Some of the sergeants have all the luck. Who said we were forgotten? The trip that !was planned for those who wanted to go deep-sea Pvt. Berry is our idea of a five foot bundle of dynamite. fishing has been held up due to the -current changes in the squa-dron. ED. N_QTE-Aftei: this last paragraph we gave the Greenberg Sgt. L J. Wyatt will replace i a n aspirin and put him to b e d H e Sgt. Aulabaugh as 'top-kick., This s restin g comfortabl y as we go to strikes us as an excellent choice press. What private felt not so private for that position. Sgt. Wyatt knows the squadron and realizes tl:).e duties that have to b e perwhen someone s uggested that a WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'Em Flying-Liberty Bar Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Drinks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3Ul9 TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. formed. with you, S g t. private is not so private in fact h e ____ is not a private at all. Sounds ra-LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-489i N. Home & Fuller Street "FOR OUR ARMED FORCES" We Have A Complete Military Department National Shirt Shop AMERICA'S LEADING MEN FURNISHERS 611 Franklin Street to-Coast Phone M-6773 Let US Repair Your Watch We Are Reasonable and Fast Nicodemus Jewelry Store 708 Franklin Street Phol}.e M 52-923 GILBERT HOTEL M-.1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, Mgr. Keep 'Em Repaired Needlecraft Servie_ e Shop-Reweaving & Altera.tio.ns Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. ---Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. THEY'ER TOPS DALI-FRESH POTATO CffiPS 108 W. Fortune -:-Ph. M 53-752 SOLDIERS Fo.r An Enjoya;ble Evening VISIT MILLERS BAR BEER HOSTESSES -WINES 1111 Fla. Ave. Ph. M 7215 Pvt. W. Benson i s the target of envy from the whole group. How nice it must b e-Two letters every day from the little woman. Benny Says :-M,ajor Kaeppel may not be the best speaker I have ever heard, but h e Is the most convincing. Every word seems to be carefully chosen and they strike home with meaning. Pvt-. Michalick is breathing easier now that a certain Ser:seimt has left. Fine thing. Y<'ll sure pick on the big boys, private. The personnel inspection turned out to be very satisfactory. Strut your stuff, fell ows. Boy, i s this outfit solid! A mystery in four parts: Pv.t. I Bittner receives letter. Reads same. Tears up object angrily. Re-. ANHA TT AN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. Tampa GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DINNERS 30c, 40c, 60c T t y our SundayeRoast Turkey Dim1er with all Tl'immings or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three Vegetables, Desset t and. Drink 50 Served Friday 11 A. M. to 9 P. M. ........... C OPEN DAY AND 1\"'TE WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Hair Cuts 40c Alma Williams -Marion Drumm P ermanent Wave Specialists Tinting and D ying Investments, Ap praisals, Residental Properties Leslie H. Blank REALTOR Phone 3222 407 T ampa St. NATIONAL. LOAN. COMPANY ."TAMPA'S .. _. .. .. --_ PAWNBROKERS Money,Loaned On An.ythlng.-of Value -11-01 Franklin ,< Corner Harrison -.-.: Phone M 50-341


Page 4 DREW FIELD SWIM MEET WON BY 564th SIGNAL TEAM spot was garnered by Hog g, a I eammate who swam off with two first places. Summary of events follows: 40-yard free style, Hogg StaThe 564th Signal A W. regi-tham (SB4th); Howell (553rd). DREW FIELD E CHOES BULLETIN BORED ment swimmers won the Drew Time: 0:22.5. 1st Rept. Co, 501st Regt. Field swimming meet held in a 40 -yard breaststroke, Hyland, 1._ _____________ ..! By Sgt. Harry Streger Friday, J uu e 12, 194 2 Our True Love Leaves Us Flat She's gone. The secret love of Sofia. She came to him from the the Public Relation' s staff is no ladies in St. Pete who are furnishmore. ing the day rooms. He gave her Daily we all looked forward to to us. sl:eady downpour -at Cuscaden pool Costa (56 4th); Shannahan tln Tuesday night with 43 points. (553rd). Time: 0.35.0. The 503rd Signal A. w. regiment 120-medley relay, 564th, 503rd. Our one man amateur band got seeing her in our office. We were Today h e took her away and we Time. 1 3 5 4 v ery hot the other day and when 1 t Sof' Sh are unhappy. team was second with 22 points c ose o 1a. e meant a lot to I while the 553rd Signal A w outDiving, Hyland, Reeves (503rd) c b d us. When we were low she boosted She's only across the office, but I the fmal survey was made, SjSgt. H 1mmo was nursmg a rmse h fit finished third with 14 points. owell. 1 nkle H .d 't th 'fl our moral When we were gay s e may as well be in Shangri La. T f t 1 b 80 d a e sal 1 was e n e, I I How 1n heck can we walk into wo us p aces were copped y -yar rree style, Hogg, H 1 d but we know differently. (like the time we scooped Mac1 another soldl'er's domaln and use Y an of the winning team. He Howell, Reeves. Time: 0 : 58 .1. I also finished in another event and 40-yard backstroke, Welsh lst. Sgt. Watkins is nursing a JDill on a story) she shared our Sofia. Guess we'll have to use the swam on the winning relay team (503rd), Hyland. Time: 0 :21.5. hoarse throat. He (blames 'the enthusiasm. G. I. steel chairs from now on. in two races, to cop individual 160-yard relay, 564th, 553rd, cadence count, but yours truly Col. Gimbel was responsible for Sofia, our divan, is no more scoring honrs. fhe ;runner-up 503rd. suggests that he chang e his brand. Spend Your Leisure Time at St. Petersburg Swimming -Fishing -Boating WE'LL BUY 'EM Welcome Army Air Men To THE SUNSIDNE CITY Happy birthday, dea.r Johnson, -etc. 'Here's hoping for many more. Pass the r efreshments around, H. B Anyone visiting First Reporting Company last Friday could have seen the hustle and 'bustle that was evident ... Guess what? Inspection preparation Inspection note: Wonder what happened to all the water in the canteens when the inspecting officer made YOU FLY 'EM Hank's Insurance Agency his rounds? Mrs. H. 0. and Son 601 First Ave. N. Phone 5593 j Here' s one for the books: A : Keep 'Em Flying certain NCO devoted four hours WOODWARD HOTEL 211 Fifth Ave. No., Tel. 85-152 one morning trying to teach some soldier the flank movements It was fine up to the finale, when he found out that the pupil was assi gned to another company. It could only happen to Lee. On the Gulf St. Petersburg The Sunshine City The cARR HOTEL Nick',. Liquor Store 161 2ND AVE. NORTH 38 9TH ST. NORTH PHONE 4958 PHONE 61'76 Dry's Pharmacy TAMIAMI HOTEL 240 FIRST AVE. NORTH 2805 9'11H ST. NORTH PHONE 6558 PHONE 4758 Special. Rates To Servicemen Produce ROOMS 75c and UP Keep 'Em Pvt. West, always so eager to I entertain, was surprise d to find r=============::: the quarters empty. Could it be 1080 4th AVE. NORTH ST. PEl'l'ERISBURG HARLAN HOTEL 1'7 8th Street, N. Notice to All Service Men! We Solicit Your Patronage When in St. Petersburg. IMTES--$1.00 PER DAY GOODY -GOOD SANDWICH SHOP Open 24 Hours BEER and WINE -PLATE LUNCHES 1100 Central Avenue Phone 6182 THE PALMS AMBULANCE 649 2nd Avenue, S. Fhone 4112 VALDEZ BEAUTY SALON Ladies of the Army let us be y;otir hair stylist Specializing in the las t word in Permanent Waving 557 4th Avenue, N. Phone 7134 THE EVANS St. Petersburb' s Finest Guest Home 825 Beach Drive Phone 94-323 JOHNSON BROS. FUEL SERVICE 2143 FIFTH AVE., SOUTH DIAL 7763 PRATHER HOTEL European l!ll1ld Anlerfcan. iPlan SPECIAL RATES TO SERVICE MEN 133 Central Avenue Phone 88-242 the tune or the ... ? B etter luck next time. C a n t figure it out-,vhy cook Francisco roams around in .his shorts. Is he trying to sport his monagrammed underwear? We're not mentioning names, but a certain C. Q. was a pal to a certain soldier when he reported him abl!lent from bed check. We are still wondering-was the C.Q right? Ask Raymond-he \mows. Speedy recoveries are wished for Private s O'Dear and Young who are present confined to MacDill Hospital. You should see P f c Margaritonda dot-da.sh that g a s pedal on that truck. He still thinks he's n the 1code class. From confide1itial souT.ces it was revealed that a c ertain fel low is trying to g e t the low down on a certain g a l at Tibqe t s The Louisiana twins are on the alert now. Pfc Loftus is t r ying to crash into "Instructors, Inc. The latest strnw vote shows tha t h e will be a ccepted for m embership. Pvt. Rokotz, a v ery amiable : ff'!low, can always b e d e p ended a por. to do his bit. Keep up the goad work, Peter. Our "Boy Elme r too excite d for words b e c a u .se he's going on t h a t Bivouac, brushed his teeth with shaving cream ins tead of t o ot.h p aste. I E xtract: "Dear Mom, feeling fine, send $10, P S Feeling bet ter" Ask Jack, he knows. Romance: In the Spring time, wl1en a young m a n s fancy turns to ... etc. "Don Jua n Fra n c i s X. I can vouch for that. Y our truly knows tha t "Jackie feel s the s a m e about it. W atch this column for startling r e v elations. Flash: Pvt. Downs expects to be a father soon. Boy or girl? Tale n t : Pvt. J. Rhoad s was an artist in civilia n life having studied on a four y ear scholar-ship. We're looking forward to seeing his mura l s The Bond D ept. in this com pany is swampe d .with a p p licants. B ette r g e t on the bond wagon before she rolls off. The SHERMAN Dr. R. C. Wunderlich OSTEOPATmC FHYSICIA.N 115 2ND AVE. N. E 807-8 First Federal Bldg. PHONE 5386 PHONE 7581 -Welcome to St. PetersburgHOWARD'S BEAUTY SHOP Esta:blished 1910 142 Cecond St., N. Phone 4942 Sun Cab Company WONDER BAR Headquarters for aJl Servicemen 108 FOURTH ST. SOUTH Beer -Liquor Wines PHONE 8 191 or 5555 172 Central Ave. -.Ph. 6133 SERVICEMEN! THE FOUNTAIN TEA ROOM ON THE MUNICIPAL PIER Is Ideal Place Fo1 Good Food and Relaxation HELLO SOLDIERS Morgan Teneyke Hotel St. Petersburg has every. tJhing to make your stay a happy one. In the Heart of the City Open All Year-o.n the Shores of Mirror Lake I Phone 5972 BARNES Beauty Shop 35 5TH ST. NORTH Ph. 8638 I HAPPY LANDINGS SOLDIERS WILLOWAVE BEAUTY SPECIALIZING IN PERMANENTS 314 4th STREET, N PHONE 6981 GENERAL MATERIALS COMPANY HAULING CONORETE __ ______________________ P_H_O_NE--4-39_7 __ 1


Friday, June 12 1942 501 st. Regt. Plant Field REPORTS By Pfc. Hat-ry J. Zigen cently. Here's wishing them the b est of luck. WE DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL NOW: Sergeant Major Cornelius J. O'Shea was once a jockey of note. In 1922, when known as Neal O'Shea, he rode on the Empire track and in 19 2 3 raced in the Kentucky Derby. He (Continued from Page 1) DREW. FIELD ECHOES :----------------: betts, Grace Moores, Carmen Mi1st Rept. Co. ON THE BALL 553rd Sig. Bn. randas and Sophie. Tuckers. Post Exchanges the country over reported a tremendous sale of Lilac Vegetal as the Soldiers stormed the gates in preparation for "big deals with" "Little Chicks." Before the word was out five minutes millions had been spent ferent reasons. The lieutenant's Buck private, wife was blessed recently with the present, $30*; warrants so many volunteers. Could it be the sterling, whirling I dervish :they call 'Cookie'? Med. Det. 309th Air Base Group Speaking of "lost battalions," I new, $50. arrival of a baby girl. Private first class, present, $36; After confinement in the hos-new, $54. pita!, Captain J. M. Mathew, Cap tain C. W. Young and Lt. R. W. Goff are with us again. They have Corporal, present, $54; $66. Sergeant, present, $60; 'where does the 553rd live? This p t new, organization regrets the loss I rescrip IODS TjSgt. Elmer Fryar. No more will new, we hear "Where's Elmer,?'' 1 Yours truly would like to know : By Pfc. Arthur A. GJSIDOndi returned to the Base .and we ex-$ 78 tend our best wishes to them. Staff sergeant, ip.resent, Pfc. Thomas Flynn and Pvt.1new, $96. Harry A Best, both of the Com-First sergeant, present, munications Co have taken the new, $114. $72; who the beautiful blonde is that i We welcome as a group the ap-lst Sgt. S. R. Hardy was escortpointment of tt. Richard Rice as ing down Franklin St. last Satur!o\u Commanding Officer and day night. Whenever you confront Surgeon. Although new to :Sgt. Stu Gessford, ask h_im to tell larmy life we know that it won't you about Sulphur Spnngs pool. lbe long untir this cool, calm and .Flash! K. P. was cut from 14 days efficient officer will become a real to a one week detail-that's someheader of the medical commandos. thing to smile about, men! From !Already he has the men organized dust clouds to rain puddles !so that some of them are getting can't Florida offer its service men J practical experience at the Base any. better? Why .does S/Sgt. Will .1 Dispensary while the rest of the Owmgs. take off every Wednes,men are getting advanced medical day? For the past two Wednes. deep plunge into matrimonial Master sergeant, present, waters. Both were married re-new, $138. $126; e KeysMade .. Scissors Sharpened S> '" FLORIDA Repaired GUN & LOCK SERVICE PH. MSl-251 705-A FLORIDA AVE. THE RED MILL American And Latin Food LIGHT LUNCH -DINNERS 11 A. JU. Till 4 P. Daily ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT 111:; Platt St. at Packwood RE uuRREGIDOR When in Ybor City Shop at the 17th St. News Stand All the Latest .Magazines OURB SERVICE Corner 17th and Broadway SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia: Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 *First four months for private, $21. buck T .he pay of second lieutenants will be raised from $1500 to $1800 a year. Other commission-ed officers will receive increased allowances for subsistence and quarters. 503 REG'T WINS BEST KITCHEN FLAG ONCE AGAIN days, conditioning marches have __ be.en on the training schedule. Pvts. Anderson and Goins are Greetings .and salutations to new planning a short sojourn home S / Sgt. Joe Durrette, who is and we iall hope that the boys are a 'bang-up' job in 'ye old shan-not disappointed again. Pfc. Mor-Men in the 503rd Regiment ty.' By the way, who is this young ris just back from Philadelphia want to know how many times Gal from Tampa uiat Sgt. Kessler where he celebrated his first anthey have to win the Best Kitchen raves about so much, and when niversary with his wife. He has flag before it comes into their will the bells clang, Buddy? Pfc. been doing quite a bit of "flying." posession permanently? Howard Hirsch has set the date Could it be the weather? I wonThe flag -waves proudly atop for June 21, of next year. Let's der why Pf.c. McGlade and Kozthe 503rd kitchen. Men are ac-all be optimists and wait for those loski are not interested in furcustomed to seeing it. Mess ser-corona-coronas. Yours truly wishes toughs. Maybe they have sand in geants point with pride and K.P.'s to express his fervent apprecia-their shoes. feel their labor has riot been in tion to his Washington Pen-Pal vain. who corresponds with such unique Pfc. Bloyer and the other men Lieutenant Knox, Mess Officer, nicety. Will it be an 8xl0 gold in the 327th Mat. Sqdn, are doing is proud of his men. And rightly tone? Praise be to the hash slin-a fine job and we hope they keep so. In the 5 weeks of. competition gers of the BN Kitchen for the up the good work. All the men the 503rd ha smarched off 3 times extra delicacies which they have send their regards to Pvt. Skorupa with top honors and the flag. been dishing into our tin planes. who is at MacDill for an opera___ .:_ ________ :_ __ In Brooklyn, they call them 'Drug tion and wish him a speedy MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY YBOR "CITY Try Our Quality Steaks Spaghetti A Specialty THE TAVER: N BAR AND GRILL Hot and !Cold Lunches 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 Trumpa, Fla. Store Cowboys'; here at Drew, recovery. they are called 'P. X. Tommies'. Who are they? Au Reet! We are all very proud of the fact that Pvt. Schultz, our dental "Joyous Tidings" Rang Out: technician, is a mem'ber of the Hq. & Hq Sqdn. soft ball team Soldiers' Pay Bill Passed Newspaper business boomed. Beer went like snowballs in you I know w .here. The man on the street screamed "Halleluja." Buck \Privates made their official de-and is sporting one of their new 1atty uniforms. One of our more rersatile soldiers is Pvt. Casey who besides 'being a barber is an experienced male nurse and fair typist. !.-----------------------------...: 1 buts: the showers as Tib-That is all. Page 5 Ph. Y-1715 -:Private Rooms DINE & DANCE AT COOL SEA BREEZE V. LICATA, Prop. Spanish and Italian Dinners Seafood Crab Ench.iiaclo Soft Shell Crabs NO OHARGE Located at .22nd St. Causeway Tropical Garment Manufacturing Corp. MAKERS OF THE ROYAL PALM BRAND JEFFERSON & PLYMOUTH BOB'S PLACE Beer -Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARciA, Mgr --Keep 'Em Flying-. ARMOUR & Co. Lodato's Pharmacy A Complete Quality :prug Store Ph. Y -1538 1727 E. Broadway WE-ALWAYS WELCOME MEN IN UNIFORM & RELATIVES Close to Air Base on Bus Line NEBRASKA HOTEL -SPECIAL RATE&2815 -:-Ph. M 53-631 .. :-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!!:-: WELCOME SOLDIERS !Sulphur Springs Swimming Pool! + Natural Springs Steady Temperature 72 t y :!: Skating Daily: 2:30 to 5:30, 20c; 8 to 11 P. M., 30c. Carpet Golf, 18 holes, 15c first :!: round, 1 Oc additional rounds. Sandwiches and Meals In the Park. = Sulphur Springs Bus or Sulphur Springs Car, 5c Fare to Pool Here To rvtake Your Off-Duty Hours Enjoyable and Relaxing I X 9 ..


Page 6 FIEI..1D E CHOES A F h s I purpose by using French tanks mer1can Ig ter ays taken in a previous. engagement 1 and kept in a safe place for just "It c H H '' 'thi s occasion an appen ere I H e told the Fre nch were ------------,.----, taken in by propaganda at Rheims Major S edley Peck, who served acquainted with the imponance of !and how m eticulous l y the G ermans with the French anLy during the the bridge at S u d a n TI"Jey realized i plan every niove s p ending as long IWesent war visited Drew Field the important part which it played as twelv e years in the p reparation ?vfonday and made an unusu ally in World, War No. 1 and they of t aking one objective. He a lso interesting talk to tbe servic e men kne w that t h e security and the recalled for his listeners h ow, dur01 Drew Field. safety .of the Frenc h p e op l e d e in g t h e b attle for Paris, French M ajor Peck introduced himself paneled largely on contr o l of the .soldiers, armed only with wine as an American am1)ulance drive r bridge and othe r key positions /bottles filled with gasoline atwho volunteered tc serve the close by. Anyone can readily uutacke<4 the 7 2 ton German tanks wounded of t h e French Army d e rstand w h y the French enj throwing their bottles of .gasoline However, it was necessary for engineer s blocked this position as they charged. Such a display of him to join the Fre1H:h Army if he fro m attack with concrete paraI courage and bravery will be difwas to continue i n this capacity. pets mines spotted strategicall y :ficult to duplicate. Afte r the problem with and guns placed according to a n 1 Major Peck ca u tionecl that not h e and fu:l: j exact plan. 1 body should ;he of that his Amenc. a!l citlzenshlp While 118 was narrating the im-compla.cently sittm, b y w1th the would be lost if L.e joined the portance of this position at Sudan, idea that 'it can't happen h e re.' French Army, l'.e d eeided to cast h e reminded his audience that in H e reminde d his audience that his lot with French Forces, the valley a. battle was raging and m a n y Frenchmen f elt safe and sa reasoning that to a that the valley was filled with cure behind the Maginot Line but slave ruled by! Germans was al-dead and wounded. Administering France was humble d in defeat. most insignificant. to the needs of such unfortuna tes H e repeated during his lecture Major 1:-eck witnessed the major could 'be seen priests in their black that the Germans are well-tra.ine d battles before and at the fall of robes a .nd matronly women in long in all military tactics, especially France. H e spoke unhesitatingly gowns. Suddenly there was a lull in the task of occupying villages, and with a great deal of fervor s h ell fire ceased-the sensation towns, cifies, territories. Make no and emotion concerning the brave-was terrific, n e rves were tense. mistake about the ingenuity, the ry and the spirit of every French-The n at the head of the bridge apintellect-uality, the craftiness or man who took part in those bat-peared rriany French tanks. Rea-the ruthlessnes of the German ties and who are still waging a soning on the theory that the soldier. war. fpr freedom. 'Throughout the tanks had broke n throug h and ---------lecture, ,the Major reiterate d again Jwere returning to take up the More Plates, Dearie! and agam the fact that any nation, stand at Sudan and strengthen this ---anywhere, and under the same !position, the engineers removed A colonels' wife a t Paine Field, prevailing. conditions which f a c e d ali hindrances and permitted the Washington, sent a note to a capFrance in those hectic days of tanks to cross the bridge. seige and battle, would have tastJus t as soon as they reached the tain on the post. "Colonel and ed defeat. other side, these French tanks Mrs. Browne request the pleasure He recounted briefly several of spread to the control posts and of Captain Green's company to his experiences, one of which was towers o pell'atirig the mines whic h dinner on May 15th," the jnvitaduring the break through at Suwould blow the bridge to bits with tion read. Shortly she received a d a n At this particular time, he a single stroke. At the precise courteous reply. It went like this: was attached to the Medical Corps moment, the French tanks at"With the exception of five men and in such a capacity had a ring-tacke d the dead in t h e valley were on leave and three on sick list, side seat M the show of terror r evive d, the priests' a .nd old wom-Captain .Greene's company will and destruction. The French, ac-en were armed German soldiers. take great pleasure in accepting cording to the Major, were fully The Germans had achieved their lyour invitation.'' Friday, June 11, 1942 Star Light Club SAT. NITE -:ADMISSION 35c Two Popular Orchestras EDDIE WILLIAMS 9 to 12 YOUNG RAYMOND 12 to 3:30 Free Dance Every Thursday Nite With Orchestra ANTHONY & NEBRASKA AVE -Sponsored byAmerican Legion Post No. 108 THE BEST OF LUCK Centro Asturiano HOSPITAL For Lease or Sale BRICK BUNGLOW Pass-A-Grille Way, Pass-A-Grille Beach Private Pier Outboard Motor Boat Sun Parlor -Living RoomKitche n -Breakfas t Nook -Bath -2 BedrOOirul WILL RENT BY YEAR or SELL J PRIVATE OWNER Cali!. .fo r Appointment, Pass-A-Grille 2 2881 De!Luxe Laundry FOR BEnER SERVICE For your convenience we are located near all the Airfields-Thus quick service. Speci2<11zhlg 1n all types of uniforms, shirts, caps and linens. GuaraJD>teed Satisfactory Work. Special rates to bhe Service. SERVICE MENOFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-VISIT The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA Victory Dance At The Cuban Club 14th Street and 1Oth A venue SATURDAY, JUNE 13 10:30'Til(5 A.M.) Entire Proceeds To the U S 0 LABOR TEMPLE LOCAL No.500 Mario Azpetia, Secretary CIGAR MAKER'S UNION }.g}4 8th Avenue


June 11, 1 942 TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at ColUlllbUS Dr. The CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Italian S_Qaghetti Sandwiches Drinks Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Meet Your Friends at ROXY BAR -Beer -Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. Ph. 2456 !Hootesses-Dancing DREW FIELD ECHOES N F 0 I 309th Air Base Group HQ and HQ Squadron 327 Material Squadron Pfc. Andrew Paterson By T. G. Meo Well, fellows, we waited a long Did you notice the military while, and somet'imes we were manner in which Private William ready to think that it would never WasUco walked his post recently? go through, but deep in our hearts Everything was fine until he had we knew the Government would to change his gun from right to not let us down; and, sure enough, the left shoulder arms. That was yesterday we received U1e good when he proved to be a rookie. news. Our Increase in pay went Don't give up the ship, Bill; Rome through. Already plans are afoot :wasn't built in a day. on just how we are going to spend ---it, but most of us know exactly Have you woncrered why the where the increase is going: War boys of the .327th are taking such Bonds. So far the squadron has good care of their gas masks and made a good showing in taking treating them like babies? Well, advantage of the War Bond Pay I'll let .YOU in on a secret. Last reservation plan, but now with Friday our Commanding Officer our increase we should and will convoyed us to a field which .had be 100% by the end of this week. a gas chamber in order to acquaint SERVICE MEN!! ___ us with the smell of various gases .. :. :!: Meet Your Friends at.... When S/Sgt. Gennerella went I and to check our gas masks. The : VICTOR CAFE on his furlough, we all said a test proved successful. If yqu care : t f h G 1 ad to obtain any more information :i: 1324. Franklin Ph. M-7240 SI en prayer or Im enny 1 I b t k tl. 327th .:. Beer -Wines -Hostesses been in a stew for some time, I a ou gasses, as le 1 h to be Whatever they tell yo u about its Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V .F.W. worrymg 1ow e was gomg : and American Legion abl e to get the "Ark" back home. effects, believe them. "A word to the wisa is sufficient." Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Ma.nha:ttan Cafe After many calls at the gas ra-tioning board, he finally obtained enoug h cards to make reasonably Congratulations were ready for certain the comphition of his misStaff Sergeant Roney when he resion. "Yes Sir, Boy, I'll just turned from his home town in burn up the roads. Heck, I can Alabama. Last week S/Sigt. Roney make it in a couple of days." Now left Drew Field. with one thought comes the sad news via a post on his mind-that two could live card to Capt. Turner: "I am 500 as cheaply as one. Upon his armiles from Tampa, 600 miles from rival he was greeted by a beautihome, my radiator is all shot to ful Alabama belle who was to be-l Ptl!e d evil. Wish I never had ap-come his bride. He silenced our lied for the furlough." By the congratulations, however, when he time Genny gets home, it will be informed us his girl had decided time for him to start back for the that duty came first: She is a field. Well, Genny, at least you member of the Women's Auxiliary will have accomplished what you Jf the American Red Cross. Air Base Bus :Lines, Inc. started out to do, get your car home-we hope! I We wonaer why the boys of I All Kinds of Magazines and > (News) Papers Films Developed Central Radio and News Ph. M 63-442 1406 Central Av. TELEP!HONE M 54-572 Page 7 Berger & Racbelson, Inc. The Home of Pleezing Products 12th a.nd Whiting St. Ph. 4041 DR. ALBERT E. BERRY DR. NELLE S. BERRY OSTEOPATHS 415 Tampa St. Phone 3921 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Glroceries, Tobaaco, Candy Notions RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Douay Bibles Rosaries -Prayer Books MEDALS STATUARY CHAINS FULGHUM'S 314 TWIGGS ST., Opp. Steps Hillsboro Hotel 606 FLORIDA Ave. Opp. Post Offlce Steps SOLDIERS Plant Park Soda Fountain Soups Sand'Yiches -Chill Spaghetti A Specialty BEER -WINE 422 W. Lafayette H-3131 GO YIN RUBBER STAMP MFG. 1905 FLORIDA AVE. WELCOME SOLDIERS .... MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN Also A Full Line of Open Evenlngs 'till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central Phone H 00-842 A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone M1861, Mans Office Bld. FLOWERS .. ; __ Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Welcome Soldiers to THE MARJACK TAVERN IN SULPHUR Sl:"'RlNGS Good Food-Cocktails and Liquors All at Moderate Prices 30 Minute Service to Botlb Fields At All Hours Congratulations to Pvt. "Barbershop" Kasprzak in making the plunge. The lucky girl, Miss Agnes Heltshe, hails from Columbia, Penna, and the happy couple met Tent No. 3. Row No. 4, are lng out "P ayDay." Could it be that Lady Luck forgot to visit SARATOGA BAR 'them last pay day. What do you I think? 1 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE I Cotner Fortune and Fra.nkli.n -Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room I at a Hairdressers Convention in Why does Private Bernard Bieri BEER WINES LIQUORS New York City, February of this greet the morning with a smile ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 15 Minute Service Doring Kush Boars For Further Information Call 3286 Houses For Rent FURNISHED 716 So. Dela\vare --100.00 3 Bedrooms, Sleeping Porch 1311 So. Howard -65.00 3 Bedrooms 703 Bay Apat1:ment 1 Bedroom -35 Warren Henderson 112 E. Lafayette Phones M8311; H3617 MRS. SHERMAN'S WAYSIDE INN year. The ceremony took place in and dread the thought of 5:00 Tampa, with Pfc John J Gallagher o'clock? Could it be that all of :as the best man, and we know that his interest is over his left shoul. i June 2 will ralways be a red-letter der? Don't blame you a bit, Bieri. I day in both their lives, but the Some of us lonesome recruits I p arting must come. The bride would like to be in your shoes, leaves for home on the lOth. With two hairdressers in the family, we So the 350th w ent on another assume the heirs win all have party. Did you enjoy your drinks curly hair. By the way, fellows, (iced tea)? Did anyone trip while the couple wish to express their playing the game, "Ring around thanks for the flowers. the Rosy?" We wonder if you ---would teach us the new Tampa In :our column last week we ex-rage, the La Conga. Who should pressed our wonderment whether w e see for instructions? the new base'ball suits yould im----prove the playing of the team, One of our recruits was growl\ and we still don't know whether ing about how lrard he was being i t was the suits or the fact that drilled. Another soldier standing Jarvie hit. The saying among the by, who'd had previous training boys goes, "If Jarvie hits, we all in Panama, said that was nothing. ,hit, and lo, and behold, the In Panama, he added, we drilled miracle happened Jarvie hit, with donkeys and after the donwith the results that we larruped I keys got tired we carried them. the Palm River team by, a score of 20 to 10. It was a gal a night -for the boys; everyone hit and 1 class armorer? With the efficiency s upported the excellent pitching he has shown in taking the guns of "Iron Man Miller." apart and putting them together, we have no fears of faulty or dirty Back in civilian life we n ever guns. Good work, Trott. His am-l realize d t hat hidden talents lay bition is to be an aerial gunner FRIED CHICKEN & STEAKS dormant within us, and it took the and if he ,keeps on bei.ng abl e to Hot Bisouits Ft-esh Vegetables Army to bring them to the grasp things as quickly as he has, Strawberry Shortcake surface. For instance, who would we are sure that in the near fu-10 1\Ji. East of Tampa. on State have believed that "Farmer" ture this ambition will become a ._ ____ Ro_a_d;.;_:_N_;o:...: _:2:.;3:..._ ___ _!. Trott would turn out to be a first reality. Grady's Lunch Opposite. Bus Station A Good I Oc Hamburger Open Day and Night BEER HAPPY LANDINGS B & B CAFE BIGGER BETTER MEALS 1101 CENTRAL A VENUE WINES Poolroom: 1022 Central Avenue, Tanipa, Florida .... The logical and BEST place to buy Military needs for officers and enlisted men. OPEN TUESDAY 917 FRANKLIN ST. TAMPA 531 CLEVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL ST. PETERSBURG MAX'S Liquor Bar FREE DELIVERY DIAL Wines Liquors Cigars 160 1 East Columbus Drive ) Y-1281


Page 8 Army Relief Fund Set-up Now Begins To Function At Drew to administer DREW FIELD ECHOES This IsW ar' Tent City Men No Longer Smg Barber Shop Blues ("Army Hour"-May 31, 1942) Fort Mills CWVDM) radio operator to Fort Shafter (WTJ) radio Fort Mills (CORREGIDOR), PI operator The boys who usually patronise Friday, J nne 12, 1942 -CA-LL=------[ PROTESTANT Chaplain William L. Clark Ba,se Chaplain and Organizations Army Emergency Relief Funds 5 May 1942 Hawaiian war time the barbershop just north of the Chaplain Hewlett 553rd Chaplain Services at 11: 0 0 A. M Base Chapel Tent They are not near yet ... (Probably refers to the Japanese Regimental Infirmary in Tent city were set up and functioning today at bases of the Third Air force to relieve distress of any families of army personnel. troops in landing boats, preparing for the assault.) ... Waiting for will have no more reason to sing ROMAN CATHOLIC God only knows what.. .. How about a chocolate soda? .... Not many .. "Those Barbershop Blues" from 1 Not near yet. (0730/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war time-GCT. May 1942) now on. I Cha.plain Francis O'Brien Early Mass, 6:15 A. M. Base Chapel Tent Commanding offi. cer:s at each base were made presidents of their Lots of heavy fighting going on. (1003/5 May 1942 Hawaiian In the past one could hear a war time GCT 6 May 1942) not too harmonious wail rising in Mass at 11:00 A. M. sections. They named committees We've got no time to waste, can you take it or not? (Refers to of officers to collect funds and to a code message that he wished to have forwarded to the War Departinvestigate all applications for re-ment in Washington. He was told that his signals were too weak (Sig lief. Major J. F. Gillem, nals R1/2). for his code to be distinctly heard. Muc. h of his antenna services officer of the Third Air. had 'been shot away.) We will send thru navy. (Naval comrnunicaForce; was designated by Maj. tions group were loca.ted in the tunnel adjacent to the army's). We've Gen. Walter H. Frank to handle f t only got about one hour and twenty minutes before .... (May re er o the program at Third Air Force estimated time when .the garrison must surrender.) (1618/5 May headquarters. 1942 Hawaiian war tirne-GC"I;_ 6 May 1942.) The particular object of Army Th We may hav to by noon, we don't know yet.... ey are Emergency Relief is to relieve dis-d throwing men and shells at us and we may not be able to stan 1t.. .. tress of personnel of the army and 1942 They've been shelling us faster than you can count. ( 16 4 5/5 May their .dependents, without regard Hawaiian war time-GCT 6 May 1942.) to the degree of. relationship of We've got about 55 minutes and I feel sick at my stomach. I am the dependents. Emergencies in really low down. They are .around now smashing rifles. (Probably which the plan is primarily con-refers to our troops blowing up the big guns to prevent them from cerned are those arising from ca.being captured.) They bring in the wounded every minute and it is sualties caused by combat or ac-a horrible sight. (We will) be waiting for you guys for help. (That cidents, hardships caused by sud-is the) only thing (I) guess (that) can be done. General den change of station or units or WAINWRIGHT is a right guy and we (are) willing (to) go on for individuals and other emergency financial distress arising from him, but (I) guess he knows what's best all around. Well, I can't see much from here. SJhells were dropping all night. Faster than .... causes incident to military service. Damage terrific. It (is) too much for guys (to) take much around. Financial aid will be given on the basis of actual need. Rank or Enemy heavy cross .shelling and bombing. They have us all around service will not influence the am-and from skies. (1700/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war time GCT 6 ount of aid granted to army per-May 19 42.) From here (it seems that) firing has ceased on both sides. The sorrnel or. to their dependents. Re-lief may be by outright grant, or men here are all feeiing bad, because of the tremendous nervous in proper cases, by loans on which strain of the siege .... Corregidor used to be a 'very nice place, but it's no interest will be charged. In haunted now. It has withstood a terrific pounding. (1730/5 May 1942 some cases assistance will be Hawaiian war tirne-GCT 6 May 1942.) given through provision of food, They just made broadcast to Manila to arrange meeting for surfuel, medical and dental :care, render. Talk made by General BEEBE---I can't say much-.hospitalization and help in obCan't think at all-! can heardly think--Say I have sixty pesos taining compensation, insurance you can have this weekend. The white flag is up.... (Everyone is) and allotments. This service will bawling like a baby. (1735/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war time GCT supplement that ofthe Red Cross. 6 May 1942.) They (are) piling soldiers. (His dead and wounded comrades THE ARMY SAVES THE DAY FOR BUS DRIVER It was aft-er Retreat on blue Monday and raining rather steadily. The rain pitter-pattered against the blurred windows of the Drew Field bus which was crowd.,ed with soldiers eager to get to Tampa for an evening of recreatio:p., and civilian employees anxious to get horne to supper. Some distance beyond the North Gate the bus stalled. The driver couldn't get the vehicle started, so .he flagged another bus heading in the opposite :direction. It took him to the closest roadside store with telephone facilities and there he phoned in an S O : S. for a mechanic. Meantime the soldier and civi-lian passengers in the stalled bus were expressing their distaste for the delay. Suddenly deciding to were at work.) ... I'm vomiting .... Arms (are weak, from many hours and .days of on duty, with but little rest and on short rations.) ... I am very tired. (1749/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war time-GCT 6 May 1942.) I know now how a mouse feels. Caught in a trap, waiting for guys to come along and finish it up ... -l've got a treat .... a can of pineapples. Am opening it with a T .L-29 (Signal Corps knife.) 1750'/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war tirne-GCT 6 May 1942. My name is Irving Strobing. Get this .to my mother, Mrs. Minnie Strobing, 605 Barbey Street, Brooklyn, NY .. They (are) to get along OK .. Get in touch with them as soon as possible .... 'My love to Pa, Joe, Sue, .Mac, Carrie, Joy and PauL .. Also to all family and friends .... God bless 'em all and hope they will be there when I come home .... Tell Joe, wherever he is, to give 'ern hell for us .... My love to you all. God bless you all and keep you. Love. Sign my name tell my mother how yo u heard from me. (1755/5 May 1942 Hawaiian war tirne-GCT 6 May 1942.) The Fort Mills last ZZA (stand by) signal was sent at 1807/5 May Hawaiian War Time. For the next several hours, the radio operator at Fort Shafter continued to call him and to listen for his signals, 'but no answer was ever recei:ved. Their instruments and codes were probably destroyed-as were the navy's to prevent them from being captured.) BASE FIRE DEPT.'S I Deep In the Heart of the Axis GALLOPING GERTIE Stuart Haggerty, Pennsylvania MAKES HER DEBUT youth, thinks this is the way we should sing "DEEP IN THE quell the restless crowd, a Tech Galloping Gertie made her de Sergeant from a :Signal Corps out-but as an, active participant with fit in Drew Field crossed over to the base fire department last SatHEART OF TEXAS." THE STARS AND STRIPES WILL CARRY THE FIGHT the driver's seat and sab down in it. He manipulated the bus's gadgets and soon the motor began to percolate. urday when she answered not one, but two calls, all in the space of three .hours Of course they were only little fires, but fires they "Let's go!" some of the pas-were nonetheless. sengers cried out. Gertie as she is affectionately "We're off!" others shouted. known to the boys at the fireDEEP .IN THE HEART OF THE AXIS. THE BONDS YOU BUY WILL PUT PLANES IN THE-SKY l DEEP IN THE HEART OF THE AXIS. OUR GUNS WILL BOOM A VICTORY TUN:m DEEP IN THE HEART OF THE AXIS And sure enough the bus was house is the station's newest off. The Tech S-ergeant reversed truck. And is reported by Chauf the itinerary of the bus and re-fer Rogers to be a "Honey." Acturned for the driver. The latter companying Rogers and Gertie on IT WILL REMIND 'EM OF THE showed his amazement at the sight her first official call to action LITTLE PEACE DOVE of the bus corning back from him, were Acting Lieutenant Nipper with an Army sergeant at the and Army Privates Craven, Milier DEEP IN THE HEART OF THE AXIS. wheel. From then on he took over and Swanson. and the bus proceeded to Tampa The little lady's baptism took Pfc. Patterson, of the Head-without any f urther mishap. on one of the better burning quarters and Headquarters SquaIt took the Army to get the dri-trash piles which got out of hand dron, 309th Air Base Group, inver out of his predicament. Just here at Drew Fi,eld and a similar troduced the parody to his budanother case of the Army corning situation at Camp De Soto, the. dies. The words got a big recep to the rescue of the civilian Navy's station. So all in all Gertie tion 'but Pat, with his voice, didn' t population. had an impressive workout. ;get over so hot. cadance from the immediate vicinity of the aforementioned shop when the fellows sought to have their tonsorial assets improved and found no "shears mechanic" present to do the honors. But things have changed. Mr. H. L. Wiggins, a veteran barber with; a 15 year hitch be-hind him, is the new manager at New Theater in New Area. JEWISH Mr. Harry Hym.anson Service at 11: 0 0 A. M. School Bldg. in -New Area. BLESS THE LADIES the Tent City shop. Mr. Wiggins Army officers aren't the only judges of men. Not on your tintype. The nurses at the Station will open his shop at 9 a. rn. every weekday and close at 6:30 p. rn. On s-undays the hours will Hospital at Fort Benning, Ga., be from 9: ao a. rn. to 6 p. rn. Mr. seem to have done a pretty good Wiggins reports he will have an job in setting forth their ideas. experienced buffer of pedal ex-'Take this dissertation on "Men as tremity casings, i. e. shoe shine They Are," written by a group of boy. six !Fort Benning nurses: "Men So fellahs, let's shout hooray are what women marry," the nurfor the new manager who pro-ses declare. "They have two hands, rnises more siestas or closed shops. Confidentially it is rumored that half the girls in, Tampa being paid attention by Drew, Field soldiers are planning to give Mr. Wiggins a goldplated loving cup two feet and two eyes. But never do they have more than one dollar or one idea at one time. Like Turkish cigarettes, they all are made of the same material, the only difference being that some for keeping the boys in "trim:" are better disguised than others. Pun?? Generally speaking, they may be divided into three classes: husCOURSE OF STUDY FOR FLYING GADGETS GETS UNDER WAY Okay. You, are a flying cadet at Drew Field and waiting until the Army Air Force can bands, bachelors and widowers. A bachelor is an eligible mass of obstinacy entirely surrounded by suspicion. Husbands are of three types: prizes, surprises and consolation prizes. Making a husband out of a man is one of the highest forms of plastic art 'known to move you into fit primary -flYing civilization requires science, school. You want to fly. You want sculpture, common sense, hope to fly more than anything else in and charity-mostly charity. If the world. You want to win your you flatter a man, you frighten wings, the coveted prize of all fly-him to death. If you don't, you ing cadets. You'd like to feel the bore him to death. If you permit purr of those powerful engines of him to make love to you, he gets a modern plane. You'd like to tired of you in the end; if you pilot one of those fast fighters or .don't, he gets tired of you in the heavy bombers land jhave /their beginning. If yoU: believe him in delicate controls respond to your everything, you cease to charm every touch. him, and _if you doubt him, he A good way to have that plane thinks you a fool. If you wear out there under your control is gay colors, rouge, and a startling to take advantage of the prelimi-hat, he hesitates to take you out. nary course of study prescribed If you wear a little brown hat by Major James C. Hardwick and and a tailor made suit, he takes under the direction of :Gt. Don you out and stares all evening at Yohe, recently .graduated from a woman in gay colors, rouge and Craig Field, Alabama. When it a startling hat. If you are the got way this week, yau be-clinging vine type, he dotfbts whegan to receive instruction in ther you have a brain; if you are theory of flight, navigation, radio a modern, intelligent woman, he procedure and meteorology. Take doubts whether you have a heart. advantage of these classes, yo u If you are silly, he longs for a flying gadgets, and you will be bright mate. And if you are brilequipped to pass the flying cadet liant, he wants a playmate. Man school you 'Will be assigned to is just a worm in the dust. He later with flying colors. I comes along wiggles ,around for Here is a real opportunity to a while-and finally some chicken win your wings. c atches him!" t It's \Villie, Pa. H e's al1eady been promoted on his first day in the .AJmy. Says he's B. A. P. Twiggins now. Isn't that wonderful?


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