Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 16 (June 19, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 19, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1. NO. 16 Published Eve1y F1' iday Drew Fie ld, Tampn, Florida Friday, Jnne 19, 1942 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHUTTER BUGS CAN COMPETE IN CONTEST Sub-Depot Girls Don Uniforms BUCK PRIVATES ARE ASSURED $50 A MONTH Amateur photographers at Drew Field &re eligible to compete for izes totaling more than $12,500 the_ Fifth Annual Snapshot Con' ,;:st sponsored by the St. Petersburg Times. 1\ien in the armed forces were 2 .ssured minimum pay of $50 a month whe n President Roosevelt signed into law Wednesday, June 17, legislation recently passed by congress. Retroactive to June 1, the measure raises the pay of buck privates and apprentice seamen to $50, and likewise grants increases to grades up to and includi'ng army second lieutenants and naval ensigns. Inaugurated tlhis year is a new selection exclusively for men in service in the armed forces of the Untted States and Canada. The winner each week will receive $3 from The Times and the winner of the final competition at the end of the next seven weeks will receive an additional $15 prize The grand-wimner will then be eligible for entry in Ithe National Newspaper COntest, where prizes of $12,500 are ofiered. Entries must l>e received eadh week by Friday noon. Pictmes in the Service Men's classification must contain or portray some element of service life-on duty, or on leave of absence; a scene with a military background; recreation center or service club activities; any pictme which through its main subject, surroundings, or back gToun<:I is indicative of lthe life, inLeft to right (front), Laura Ruth 1\lyers, Florence Abraham, 1\fatiou \Val'(], Captaiit C. C. Harris, Capt. 0. D. \Villiams, B ernice Dormany, Mary Rose Gallagher, Marcia Beach; (rea:t, standing) Louise Guy, Mabe l Bell, Ruth Ttruiunell, Nellie Tatum, Betty Lon Casey, Mary A1m Place, Mary Francis Edna Linn. For most men it means an increase of at least $20 a month. Army privates now get $21 to start, $30 after four months and $40 after a year. "We have not received official word from the War Department Qualifications Low ered The young !&dies workimg in the regarding the raise," Captain S. Drew Field sub-depot, a branch of E. Burns, Base Finance Officer, the air service command, are doing stated Thursday. "Until we do re ;jjheir share to keep 'em flying. ff" 1 tT t h 11 For Glider Pilot Training In order that there should be no I ceive 0 lCla no 1 lCa wn we s a question of their identity, they de-carry on the payrolls at Dr'ew cided that they would like to wear under the old scale." terests, hobbies or recreatiooal acDuring the past two months, th2 tivities of service men. War Department has sponsored a All Army and Naval restrictions concerted drive to obtain camdi on picture taking must be observfor glider pilots training. In ed, and pictures submitted cannot a recent communication f rom be accepted stamped for Headquarters Army Air Forces, release by the proWashington, qualifing requirements per mihtary All for this training have beellli reduced must be subrmtted to the Public in that candidates are now divided (Continued on Page 2) into Glass A and Class B students. Accepted students will be designated as Class A if they :fulfill all Boxing Champ Now In Medics Spanish Classes .. :: = -for Drew Officers and Enlisted Men Offiqers and enlislied men at Drew ha-re the opportunity of taking a free course in Spanish under the tutelage of Senora Bustillo. Classes for officers are from 9:00 a. m until noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. men may attend classes from 5:00 until 9:00 p. 111. I on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Classes are taught in the new Enlisted building located between the two new chapels. The official Army Corps manual i s furnished free to students. Largo Funeral Conducted by Chaplain Clark Chaplain William Clark conducted the first full military funeral with Drew Field personnel, Tuesday, in Largo when Pfc. Lieut. Harold Canning, fornner Henry Lester Stanfield was Georgia U., and amateur boxing buried with military honors. star is now carrying the same old fighting spirit as a member of the Flying caclts attached to the Medical Corps of Drew Field. In 314th Air Base Squadron were 300 fights, he suffered only three pall bearers and served as a guard defeats. Fighti.ng in the welter-! of honor. weight cla.ss, Lt. Canning was a I Cpl. John H. Rartman was acmember of the Emory team in '34-j companied by Francis Templin in 35, and Geo_rgia U., '36-37. Also a solo. was three trmes Golden Gloves I Chantpion in the 147 pound class, Ohaplam Hewlett, 553rd Regtrepresenting the Atlanta Constitu-ment, assisted Chaplain Clark in tie.n. the services the requirements including aerial experience;accepted Class B students y.rill include bhose who can meet the following requirements: 1. Officers or enlisted men who are citizens of l!ihe United States and who are between the age of 18 and 35 years inclusive. uniforms. The one selected was a Captain Burns does not know trim light blue skirt and jacket, when the) Finance Office will reand a soft whi te blouse. The uni-ceive the official okay but he "will forms, a;pproved by r!Jhe. sub-deP?t ,make every effort to pay the of-Tcommander, were tailored lil1 fi.cers and men at Drew under the ampa. The girls, tlhe majority of whom new scale as soon as possi'ble." are from Tampa, certainly show Old and New Pay 2. Applicrunts must have passed -the Army Clasi:fication Test with a score of 110 or more. up attractively in their new uni-The fellowing tables show the 3 Applicants must be able to pass a physical examination for flying duty. Cla ss B students will receive ten weeks of actual flying instruction which will include eight weeks instruotion iln light airplanes, and the final two weeks instruction in actual glider :flying. If the candi date in botJh Class A and Class B trainees .below the first three en-listed grad e s successfully com-forms, fmnishing many a pretty eyeful for the soldiers stationed on the Base. As a result of uniform ing the young ladies, the esprit du corps of the sub-depot has been enhanced a hundred per cent. Please 'Don't Talk' About Me When I Am Gone pletes the course, he will b3 pro-By Master Sgt. Robert Ross moted to lthe gr&de of staff ser-The Greeks had a "word" for it. geant and will be !rated glider Soldiers seem to have too many pilot If the student trainee holds words. Too much ihas been written, one of the first three enlisted lectured and said about an almost gr&des, he will maintain such gr&de ov.erworked topic: "don't talk". upon graduation and be rated glid-There is no need for me to go er pilot. However it should be not-into details amd explain the daned that selected gr&duates from ger and folly of "too much loose and B will be 1 talk". I know you are all sick and off1cers m the Army of the Umted tired of listening to the same thing States. Such appointments will de-all over aga.in, so I am not going pend upon the demonstration by to stick my neck out and elaborate (Continued on Page 5) Goes To OCS the trainee of the qualities of too much on it. I leadership, judgement, force and If some one told us to go ahe&d discipline. amd talk all we want, tell the world All personnel is urged to consider everything we know or think that tihe requirements necessary to a'pwe know, I did not forget "da.JT!e ply for such training and also .the rwnor", we would immediate l y advantages of receiving the course 1 stop talking. Don't ask me to exof instruction. Interested candida-plain human natw-e. i\1/Sgt. Johnnie Johnson Master Sergeant Johnny John-tes who wiSh additional informa-A great many of us are guilty tion iJn prepaiing and the of that popular sin called "too application for glider pi!& train-much talk", "loose talk". We don' t so n, of Drew Field has received ing should call at the School Oforders to report to Fort Mon-fice. (Continued on Page 2) mouth, N J ., June 15 to start MESS HALL GENERAL ORDERS 1. To take charge of this meat and all spuds in view. 2 To watch my plate iii1 a military manner, keeping always on alert for any dessert that com es within sight or smell. training for a commission in the U. S Army Signal Corps. I And so beg in s another chapter in a life that has been fu ll of adthe venture and travel since the Ser geant signed up five and one-half 3 To report any bre&d sliced too thin to the Mess Sergeant. years a g o. 4 To repeat all calls for Second s. The first chapter concerns tv,:o 5. To quit the table only when satisfi ed that there is notlhin g good Iowa farm "Till-death-doleft to eat. us-part" buddies they were. They 6. To recei ve, but not pass on to the next person, Tapioca or be a ns, left by the cooks. played "cops and robbers," "hoo7 To talk to no one when I am busy eating. key" and everything together. 8 To allow no one to steal a nything the line of dhow. j They went to school and lived 9. To call the Mess SergeaJnt in any not covered by constantly in each other's com10. To salute al ChlCkens, Steak, Perk Cnops, Ha.:n and and panionship. The n one day one of 11. To b e espec i a ll y watchful at the table and dwmg the t1me of eatmg the boys s igned on as an apprento challenge anyone who see!l1.9 to be getting more to eat tha n my-self. (Continued on Page 2)


Page 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, June 19., 1942 The Drew Field Echoes .JII\-r.\IY JACRSON, Publisher Tanl'J)a Army Newspapers Buslnes" Office: 111:1 FLORIDA. A VENUE Tnnttn, F 'lorit.Jn P. nox z:Jti:J AJI contained in thii'4 nc,vsp.apcr nrc abo can!aincd in 1\JacDHI Field Fly Leaf. 1\linimutn johtt circtllution: 0.000 COJlies. Goes To UCS (Continued from Page 1) tice seaman with the Navy; the ters were exchanged. Then one day, just three days after the dastardly Jap attack on the Hawaiian islands, Johnson got a letter from "His girl." It was written seven days before the Pearl Harbor attack and spoke then of the appearance of warclouds on the Pacific horizon. On receipt of this letter, and knowing the danger of the situaeighteen months later in Panama. tion, Sergeant Johnson immediate-other, our Sergeant Johnson now, went into the Army. He joined the cavalry at Ft. Des Moines. So the boys parted, not to see one another till Fate crossed their paths Johnson was on his way to the tl th b l y wrote to the girl in the Islands. Phillipines and 1e o er oy s ship was coming b -ack to the ,, Sadly enough the was reADVER'flSING RATES FURNISHED States. turned after .havmg passed ON -rtEQUES'l' i, through many hands as it travel-A ne,vspaper published exciusive ly for the p e rsonne l of Drew Field and d evoted to military interests and the United Nations Victory. Opinions in this news those of t h e ind iviclun: l v.rrit e r s and unde r no cilctun:;tances are t hey to be Gonside1ed those of the Unite d States Army. Ad\ertise n1ent ... in this publication d o not constl tu te an endorsement by the war Department or its personnel of the products advertised. \Vheu Sergeant Johnson arrived ed from one. refugee center to in l\Ianila, after serving his year anothe!:. in the cavalry, he was sent into Nowhere was the girl to be lothe Phillippine interior to esta-cated. It was a sad note to a roblish communications between the mantic stanza in the Sergeant' s capital city and Army posts farther life. But he wasn't stopped yet. inland. His job was mostly wire He wrote every agency he could and telephone installation, but it think of, even to the Provost carried him thl'ough jungle and Marshal General in Washington, swamp, over mountain and plain. D. C But in all cases the story As he and his colleagues work-was the same ... No trace. / ed from Manila back some four-And now, the Sergeant, old be-MEMB hundred miles to Ifagau and Ba1n fLORI"AP AS vond his twenty-four years uJ;. RI;SS SOCIATION ouio they were in constant asso."iATTONALEDlTOR!ALASSOOAilON "' point of experience, seeks to as1 942 ciation with the natives of these su me more of the burden of the BUY BONDS places and soon could carry on a war to erase the Jap menace passa:ble conversation with them from the earth, and avenge in in their own tongue. part whatever ill treatment his "Things were pretty peaceful lady may have suffered at the then," the Sergeant relates, "and hateful Jap 1hands: we were able to scout around the We of the Echoes and Drew country and see the sights." Field wish ,him all the luck in the Among the sights he saw were world in his new undertaking. PRO WRESTLER WANTS WORKOUT Anxious to get ba.ck on the! \restling mat, Private Willard .J. Adams, of Mason City, Iowa, wants to know if there are al!ly other heavyweight wrestlers at Drew Field who want to shoulders with him. The 37-year old wrestler was the li!S'ht-heavy\veight wrestling champion of Iowa when in high school, where he also played tackle on the footb&ll team. Growing into a fullfledged heavyweight, he wrestled professionally in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minuesota and Missouri. Among his major triumphs was his defeat of .the fmmer li!S'ht-\ heavyweight champion of the Great Lakes Training Station in I 1932. In recent years he earned his living as a carpenter rund as a construction contractor in his home town. Before being transferred to the Third Fighter Command, he served in iJhe Information Center at Camp Crowder, Mo. "I like it better here at Drew Field," he said when asked what he thought of his new station in comparison to Camp Crowder. Who wants to wrestle? Don't Talk About Me (Continued from Page 1) Adams City Hatters BATS FOR DAD AND LAD Officer and Civilian Pith Helmets Hats Cleaned and Blocked 620 Tampa Street PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. M. Worship 8:00 P. M. CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 TWIGGS ST. Hair Cuts 40c Alma Williams-Ma1ion Drumm Permrunent Wave Specialists Also Tinting and Dyirig Yes, if its what you on't needSee Us WE BUY AND SELL CLOTillNG Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry, Etc. the world famous Rice Terraces And we sincerely hope his at IIagau where the rice padaies t 1 1 PY endl-n" s 01 y 1as a 1ap ". are terraced high on the hillsides and water presumably from mounI love realize that one won! L!l! the wrong ear" might put a lot of ears in their graves. NOAH'S ARK 960 Twiggs Street Rex Billiard Parlor tain springs or reservoirs is run down the mountains to irrigate each one of the thousands of pad-dies located on each mountain. 1 Buck Privates (Continued from Page 1) When you are off the post in a public place, any place for that matter, "stop talking" shop, forget all about the army. If you must talk, talk about the weather, your "home town", feminine beauty of FLOWERS ..... Telegraphed E::verywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison ln Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 1012 FRANKLIN "Quite an engineering job there," old and new monthly base commented the Sergeant. pay Tampa. Dan'l :S. Bagley "KEEP'EM FLYING!" '\\E J{EEP 'EM: EATING !\'lAC DILL -DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs Sergeant Johnson and his bud-and allowance schedules: Grade dies played an important role in Privates and apprentice Old New J maintaining the submarine cable from the mainland to the famed seamen .................... $ 3 0 $ 50 class petty officers .... 7 2 First-class privates and Corrigidor, Dram and Hug-hes for-second-class seamen .... 3 6 tifications. Says the Sergeant, C 1 1 f' t 1 "Ft. Drum is an interesting strucI orpora s anc us -c ass tnre. It is built of solid concrete seamen 54 and is known as the 'concrete Sergeants and third-class b 1 l b f petty officer ............ 6 0 att es up ecause o 1ts r e Staff Sergeants and secondsemblence to that type of seacraft. It has a superstructure amidships First .or technical sergeants and its gun emplacements are 45 66 78 96 HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STBEET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN COLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MElN WELCOME Featuring Corsages and Out Plo\vets THE TERRACE GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP, Flowers for Mother, Sweetheart and Friend Connecting Ditectly with the Tampa Terrace Lobby Rubin's Restaurant very similarly located to those on and lst class petty officers ................. 84 a warship. Master sergeant and chief No story is complete without a 114\ FHIENDIJY AND JARMAN SHOES FOR FINEST FOOD IN TAMPA 1403 Tampa Street AIR CONDITIONED Liberty Bar Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Drinks '717 Gra.nd Central Ph. H-3109 1 t d 1 Petty officer ............ 12 6 romantics an an Jo 1nson s IS no Second lieutenants and 138 exception. While in the Philippines ensigns ...................... 125 150 romance budded for Sergeant and (A private now receives $21 a girl who was living in the monthly for his first four months, islands. But the sergeant had to $30 thereafter, and $ 40 after one leave as ordered before any de-year in service.) Iinite plans could be made as far Nurses' base pay would be raisas marriage was concerned. The ed $20 monthly, to $90, for those girl stayed behind while Sergeant with less than three years of Johnson proceeded to March Field service, and $5 monthly, to $13 5, in California as per orders. for those with more than nine A month or so passed and l et-years of service. As in the case of BAY VIEW HOTEL {) the army and the navy, the base pay is exclusive of additional pay for longevity. FIREPROOF CON8TRUCTION -:-EVERY ROml WITH B.'\'l'H ,W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACJI\ :SON ST. Between FRANRLIN & TAMPA T1\M.PA, FLORIDA-: PHONE M 5537 Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Gra.nd Central Harold McGucken's LIQUOR .STORE Prompt Courtesy Delivery PHONE H1637 601 PLAT!' STREET I Blanche Beauty Shop Near Drew Field SHAMPOO SET DRY 50c PERMANENT WAVES $1.50 UP MANICURE 35c Expert Hair Dresser At Your Service Max's Liquor Bar WINES -LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'Em Flying--Rental Allowances Rank Old New Second lieutenant with dependents ............ $ 40 $ 60 Without dependents .... 40 First Lieutenant with de11endents '---\Vithou t dependents 60 40 Captains with dependents 8 0 \Vithou t dependents .... 6 0 Majors .Jith dependents ..... .......... 100 Without dependents .... 60 Lieu tenant-colonels with dependents ...... 120 Without dependents .... 80 Colonels with dependents .............. 120 Without dependents .... 80 45 75 60 90 75 105 90 120 105 120 105 Higher ranks unchanged except I for $2 5 increase for brigadier and major generals without depend-ents. ( provistons for naval officers of corresponding rank. ) For all officers entitled to al_lowances for food, the daily singl e j ration is increased 10 cents, to 70 cents daily --Keep 'Em Flying--McCASKILL CLOTHING COMPANY 7lt FRANKLIN STREET (Next to T ampa Theatre) Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday Sc FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs 1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


Friday. June 19, 194 2 1st Rept. Co. Med. Det. 309th Air Base Group "FOR OUR ARMED FORCES" We Have A Complete Military Department ON THE BALL Prescriptions National Shirt Shop AMERICA'S LEADING MEN FURNISHERS Sir Franklin street Coast-to-Coast Phone M-6773 TOWNSEND Let US Repair Your Watch We Are Reasonable and Fast Nicodemus Jewelry Store 553rd Sig. Bn. i-------, By Corporal Arthur A. Gismondi By Corporal JiOe Gauliello I We are all looking foward to .:hen girls wia have noue of your lip, make for the nearest PX and ask for Fleet's Chap Stick. Makes sun-cracked wind roughened lips smooth againChap Stick's swell protectiot in .I LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 708 Franklin Street Phone M 52-923 N. R o m e & Fuller Street WE ANHA TT AN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DINNERS 30c, 40c, 60c Try our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner with all l'l'immings or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three Vegetables, Dessert and Drink 50 Se1-ved Friday 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. ........... C OPEN DAY AND NITE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians 205 Zac:k St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 THEY'ER TOPS I DALI-FRESH POTATO CHIPS lOS W. Fortune -:-Ph. M53-752 Investments, Residental Ap praisals, Residental Properties Leslie H. Blank REALTOR Phone 3222 407 Tampa St. Berger & Rachelson, Inc. I t I The Home klf Pleezing Products I 12th a.nd Whiting St. Ph. 4041 I SOLDIERS For An Enjoya-ble Evening VISIT MILLERS BAR BEER HOSTESSES 1111 Fla. Ave. -:Ph. M7215 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. G.t'OCeiies Tobacco, Candy Notions RE E 17th St. News Stand CURB SERVICE When in Ybor City shop at the Corner 17th and Broadway All the Latest Magazines SARATOGA BAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner FortWie and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 FLASH-It is now klllown that moving into our lllew quarters with the unusual brightness lin First Sgt. Stanley R. Hardy's eyes was keen anticipation as we under-not due to ... .-FEVER .... was not stand that the new barracks are due to ambition to become COMcomfortable and have every MANDER-IN-C!HIEF of the Army thmg to keep a soldier happy as .. .. was not due to anything but far as living quarters are concern LOYE, baby .... Sgt. Hardy, the ed. After six moves or so we hope entire company jotns in wishing that this will be our last for some yau a long and happy mirrage. time. Maybe, as tlhe old saying of weather. Houses For Rent FOR RENT-FURNISHED 716 So. Deleware 3 Bedrooms and Sleeping Porch 703 Bay -Apartment 1 Bedroom $35.00 2148 Memorial _Highway 4 Room Apartment $27.50 Warren 1:1.2 E. Lafayette Phones M8311; H3617 'I1his past Sunday the little corp-goes, "good things do come to oral spent the day visiting some those who wait," and as we undervery nice friends who live in Tar-stand it the men who already have pon Springs. He was accompanied been moved to new quarters are by one of his .buddies, A. D. Johnwi thout water and lights. They get son. While calling at the home of their daily exercise by coming over an acquaintance this young lady-to the old tent area for :their bath friend of ours glanced at the little ing and also for tlheir chow. Ac Corporal's shirt sleeve and asked cording to Sgt. McGee, the Group :==============:: "If A. D. is a private first-class' has either increased in numbers do lbhose two stripes on your or we are getting a number of eves indicate you are a !PRIVATE of ringers in as the other day at SECOND OIJASS?" The little Cornoon they fed from 11:30 till 12:40 poral, always on t/he :ball said steady. Pretty good chow, boys? "Yeah, you win. That's a $64 Congratulations are in order for tioo." Pfc. Jaek J McGlade who has just Dear General, please have mer-earned his second stripe. Nice cy! .. .. the dust clouds, then going, Corporal; we all hope you the rams, and now this heat-c keep right on going. There is plen "Tampa, the perfect city for the ty of room for advancement in tlhis duration .... outfit and all the boys should take In a race for aggregate cognom-advantage of that fact and keep ens the Smith's u1ave finally pas-right on their toes if they want to sed the Johnson's with a 7 to 4 earn their stiipes. score.... .. In case you live in the tent area I Whenever there. is Iaumdry to be by the BOQ and hear someone picked up or delivered to Major's, breaking out in a Hillbilly ditty, ., 1 we always he!h" the supply perle t me warn you that the voice sonnel quarrelling as to who is probably belongs to our Georgia going to the plant Cracker, Kitchen Jones, wiho would ATTENTION WIVES OF SERVICE MEN! Mrs. Elsie Y. Bailey Formerly With Singer Sewing Co. DRESS MAX.ER Special;izing in Childrens Clothes, Ladies Suits, Dresses and Evening Gowns 3214 Bay-to-Bay .. Ph. H-46-783 Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Could tJhis carousing be for the like nothing better than to put young, grand charmimg Betty Maj"my feet on Georgia soil once ors? mme," as he puts it. With us we I GILBERT HOTEL Pfc. "G.B. A. D. Johnson is also have a couple of boys from quite the man here of la:te .... Miss Minnesota, Pvts. Alfred Tangen Cox is writimg him two letters a and Elmer Olsen. I wonder if they day. like this climate as well as the air Pho.ne M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, Mgr. Sgt. STU Gessford is on pins and of the midwest. The tobacco-chew this week. iHe is wondering ing .me:nber our outfit is Pvt. If Florence likes his gift. BenJamm Rollms who always can A Mess Sergeant's dream come be seen witJh a chew in his mouth. Keep 'Em Repaired true: Pvt. Andrew Gordon, after Virginia is his home. N dl fl S Sh performing K. P. Duties for two Smce the Post Office has been ee ecra.t ervice 0p WHOLE WEEKS STRAIGHT, volto the new area, it's really Reweaving & Alterations unteered to do the same for ano-funny to see the mameuvering in Mending & Repairs ther WHOLE WEEK. congratula-our tent to see how all of us can tions, oJ.e boy. WOT A MAN.... get our mail. Yet none of us care '-====2=0=l=C=IT=IZ=E=N=S=B=L=D=G=.===: Pvt. SaneLy Gefand wishes to 11 to walk all the way over and back. 1 :i: SERVICE MEN!! say tha' t office hours are from So far it's been a draw with each .:. Meet Your Friends at.... STAR KOSHER 7:00 AM to 7:00 P.M ..... and when of us taking a turn at making the TWIN PALMS :i: VICTOR CAFE you see him in town please refrain lohg hike over and back. Pvt. .:. DELICATESSEN from talking business. Schultz, wtho gets his daily letter :i: 1324 Franklin Ph. M-724@ Also A Full Line of Will someone please tell S-Sgt. from his girl friend, will 1 Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. + Beer -Wines -Hostesses Open Evenlngs 'till 11 P.M. I Mathews not to take that. "FOGget stuck il!lthe end as the rest. ::; Bill Bailey, Prop. MemberV.F.W. HORN" to bed with him? of us don't expect mail everyday. and American Legion 805 Gr. Central Phone H 29-842 Say Soldiers! You all heard of I The Medical Detachment has Meet Your Friends at ;:,_ __ the Zeigfield Girls, Earl CaiToll's treated quite a few first-aid cases Grady's Lunch Girls .... !HOW .ABOUT OUR "PX down here in the tent area, but GIRLS?" I would like to warn the men that Copying a phrase from a buddy is as far as we can go. We are Opposite Bus Station iln a California Camp, "Remember, not Medical Officers and do not ROXY BAR -Beer --Wine -Sandwiches203 E. Lafayette St. Ph. 2456 Hootesses-Dancfng A G d it's better to snapped to attention wish to treat anything otJher than 00 1 Oc Hamburger Open Day and Night now than to be slapped to Hitler's cuts, bruises, athlete's foot and intentions later. the like. For more serious ailments Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Mfnute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service During Rush Hours I For Further Information Call 3286 THE RED MILL American And Latin Food LIGHT I.UNCH -DINNERS 11 A. M. 'I'i.ll 4 I'. JU. Dally EVERY NIGHT 171;; Platt St. nt Packwood SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. IDIAL H 25-564 The CHATTERBOX Chicken .and Steal;:s Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks -Liquors Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard-Ave., Ph. H3757 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. This column is very happy to It will be necessary for the men of retract a statement made last week the 309th A. B. Gr. to go on sick to tJhe effect that T-Sgt. "On-Thecall and report to the dispensary. Ball" Fryar was a .bout to leave We a1e more than glad to take this happy organization. Sgt. Fry-care of the minor injuries where ar is responsible to a large degree we know no complications will set for many of the fine soldiers -being in. developed from the ROGH here, v and we are glad his long experience A HOME -BUY OR RENT and proven ability is not lost to "fkWA-::: 10% O!F CNCOME SEE Firs t Avrator: "Quick! what do OUR QUOTA Jay Hearin, Inc. I do now, Instructor?" c' REALTORS l iff. m Phone l\11861, l\Jaas Office fll

P age 4 50 1st. Regt. Plant Field REPORTS The 1st and 2nd Rept'g companies played a softball game; the final score was 11-11 at the end of the fifth inning when the game was called on account of darkness. At the mext game, reliable sources reveal, "Sandy CarnaJhan will play shortstop for the breadbasket." It won't be long l:::lefore Pvt. By Pfc. Harry J. Zigun Collin s will say I do .... Not only Our regiment welcomes to its did P.fc. Henderson and Pfc. Pub staff the follo wing newly assigned 1 fals make the grade for the Officer officers: Major M. H Gaston, Capt., Candidate School at Fort MonW. L. Stringe r, Lt. E L. Hectht, L t. mouth, but they were promoted to M E Williams. 1 sergeants. Ju&t another case of FIELD ECH )ES N F I 309th Air Base Group 0 HQ and HQ Squadron 327 Material Squadron By Corporal Andrew Paterson By Pvt. T G. MEO Once again this mont h the His love for us, he does not show, "Smoke Sig nals" arose from th.ls I But in his heart we : ll always glow. area, spilling out the word "ProHe sends us to school to learn a;nd motions", and up another rung il'l> have fun, the l adder,_went the followin g men: But this work i s neve r done. For the past few days Chaplain diligent work on the part of the Amo s L Boren has been walking aforementioned men, typical reparow1d with a g li mt in his eye and resentatives of the hig i h calibre of F romTech to Master, Harold Hub-He is working h ard t o beat Axis the humming songs o.f love. R eason: t h e men in the outfit. ele; from Staff to Tech, P aul E. Mrs. Boren and their two little Congratulations to Cpls. Teiper, Weber; from Sgt. to Staff, Robert And never growls at the heavier daughters have arrived after fL trip Pecina, Lennertz, and McCarthy, Hale, Johnie Sanders and James t axes. from Bos ton, Mass. Welcome to who are now to be stripers. D P arker; from Cpl. to Sgt. M el-And when he walks, his head is Tampa, Mrs. Boren. THINGS vVE DIDN' T KNOW vin Stone and from Pfc. to c 1 S gt. Harry Streger, of the 1st TILL NOW: of Master Brayer Lankford Patterson R e1101ting co., makes the followin"'" Albert Gannucctelll's occupat10ns s k d St high, H e smiles at the planes, his bond.> ihelped to buy. 1 l'f th t f t I me an Tlnger. report: The 1st Reporting Co. lays m ClVl tan 1 e was a o s eep Coal t I t" th claim to the honor of leading in jack. In 1939 he was 011e of the gra u a Jons, .men, ese pro-His hands are c-alloused, and his h h ted th f / mot1ons should brmg home .to the hair is 2:rey. the sale of bonds. Members of the crew w 1c pam e amous 1 1 501st that sounds like a h ll trylon (750 feet hig1h) at the New \V'lO e the fact that diligence With a ll his hardships he's never c a enge. York World Fair. While working co-operation and hard work does sad not pass b y Ca;pt Turner Without Friday, June 19 1942 WELCOME SOLDIERS ... MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manha;ttan Cafe Union Shipyard Cafe EXCELLENT FOOD BEER -:-WINES 1905 GRANT ST. near the top of trylon one da.y, r ec o gnit ion. For that great fellow-is our DAD. the ropes supportmo a member of Austn Home I tl b I d 1 t We .cton' t feel llke throwmg our .1 You thmk the Yankees and u 1e crew ecame -oose am 1e wen d 1 to ds tl d M S t body to tlle wolves this mornmg, Brooklyn are l;iattlmg for first INCORPORATED Gas ung 1e t g f I so we will ASK, not state, whether place, but between the Tecnical MORTICIANS ; 1 1 ronedl f 11e1 op 0d or not M-Sg t. Hul::13 le, at the tender I Supply and En_ gineers Section of e ry on, asso uue e ow an o f th t t TELEPHONE 2197 pulled him up to a little platform a,e o 22, l S not Youngest MI e 327 h I s a different story. JAMES A. AUSTIN ..... 1 ted tl t d sgt. at Drew? Would hke to hear They started a new baseball feud. 1420 NEBRASKA AVE \vIC 1 suppor 1e sergean an h ld h' til h 1 f rom the other outfits who think The Technwal Supply held the 1 __________ ..:. e Im un e P came. they stamd a chance at beating upper hand, Winning the first game us out of this distinction. Note: by a score of 6-3. Staff Sergeant Wanted One To the Editor: "AR Regulation" Bryce, manager of tl:J.e Engineers, Hubel claims he is not married, shook up his line-up in order to Pressed Shirt and requests 50 copies of this to be get more harmony in his team forwarded to the Y.W.C.A. His management proven most sue-Where there's a Will there s a I we did it before and we Din it I ces'sful. The Engineers won the way. again", that seems to be the theme second game, 7-3. Just ask Corpora l Arthur Shouse; song of the Squadfon. By the time S-Sgt. Maxwell gave us a rather he knows. I we get permanently settJed we will interesting lecture on the care of .Monday needed clean?e eligible to apply for membership I an? structure of a para?hute. -He He rt some-m the "Local and Long nistauce !1Jomted out to us_ the vanous parts thl!n.g ternble. A:n rron was not. to 1 M < oving Union". It was with regret; amd what to do in case of an em found. He tned to get the g1rls. that we parted from the tents, the 1 ergency jump, telling us :to reat the 309tl1 tailor shop to give sand and mosquitoes, but a.f.ter 1 to pull the rip cord. He him a rush job byt they refused. viewing the new ba;rracks we think 1 stated that if the parachute didn't Said he must take his turn. It for the 1:::13st. Of course it is ra1 open, we could return it to St. Shouse left to return a few min-ther difficult a;t present without' Peter for a new one. utes later with the -plea, Look, .electricity and water, but when I Last week the 327th r ece ived 20 girls, I'm gonna be to-these two essentials are installed 1 new recruits that ha;d been stanight and my gal says I'd better we should be very com.fortablly tioned in Miami. To most of them not show up in a wrinkled shirt. settled. The new ba.rracks are quite Drew Field is para;dise. They were Please give me a break and press an improvement over tlle old, much amazed at the food that Kitchen my shirt for me." roomier and c-ooler, and when we No. 5 is putting out. Some say I The girls relented and pressed think of August coming up, we ll, that they could have sold that fr1is shirt. the cooler the pla;ce the better we same ohow to the mess halls in The blow-off is that Shouse was like it. i Miami. For your solstretchilng the truth all out oJ Well, fellows, you must oomit I diers, that red flag you see flying shape. He was only calling on the that it was not a.s bad as we hig1h over out Kitchen is the third girl he hopes to marry. What some thought it might be. I mean the time we won it in the las t 5 weeks soldiers won't do for their sweet-Rifle Range at MacDill the other That flag represents tlle best Kityoung-things day. I speak for myself am d the chen in Drew Field, so once more S. Felicione & Sons SOUTH FLORIDA'S LARGEST FISHING FLEET WHOLESALE & RETAIL FOR FREE DELIVERY -PHONE 3688102 E CONSTANT ST. --Keep 'Em Flying-Seminole Ice Co. r----...,.----------------------------. rest of the Pit deta-il when I say our hats are o.ff to i ts staff. we are still trying to get the kinks About 60 recruits of the 327th out ()f our necks from trying to have been transferred -to a new BEER HAPPY LANDINGS B & B CAFE BIGGER BETTER MEALS 1101 CENTRAL AVENUE Poolroom: 1022 Central Avenue, Tampa, Florida WINES MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY YBOR CITY RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Douay Bibles -Rosaries -Prayer Books MEDALS STATUARYCHAINS FULGHUM'S 314 TWIGGS ST., Opp. Steps Hillsboro -Hotel _. 606 FLORIDA Ave. Opp. Post Office Steps spot the holes in the bullseye but barracks east of out tent area. it was a new experience and we Most of them found it hard to enjoyed it. On a whole the squad-sleep the first night, due to the ron ma;cte a good sho\ving, but we laok of sa.nd in their beds. From want to k!now is-did the man in I what we heard, all the boys seem tthe pit know that it was "Iron I satisfied, saying this seems more Man" Miller shooting? How else like home. can he explain all his tr. !llseyes? Witll the able coaching of Kiefer, Hahn, Ja rvie, Parent and Galla-not the lnew uniforms, nor the tin every man in the outfit should fact that "Jarvie hit", we know soom, be wearing a sharpshoe>ter 's I it is because we have a really fine SERVICEMEN FAMILIES THE COLONNADE BAYSHORE & JULIA Chicken and Steak Plates 45c Tasty Sandwiches Refreshing nrinks medal. team. The dream of all pitdhers came I.-------------------------------, true the other day when Sgt. Duda f pitc-hed a no hit and no run game 1 against the 327th. Ma.te1ial, while 1 his team mates found the vulner-: I able spot of >the opposing pitc'her 1 and reached him for ten runs. Now 1 "DON'T TALK" WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. AURELIO A. GONZALEZ --------------------------------.:..:..1 we can truthfully say that it was ... !-!++!i ,; .. !!-!!!!-!!-!!!-!-!!-!-!-!!!-!!:-:-:-:-!-!!!-!-!!-!:-:-:-!!-!1 i WELCOME SOLDIERS f ,. y 1 !Swim at the Sulphur Springs Pool I NATURAL SPRINGS STEADY TEMPERATURE 72 -Everything Here Necessary For A Good Time,..!-!:.+:-:-::-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-::-:!!!:-:-:-: .. :!!:-:t.,.:-:-:-!!-!!-!!-!!-!!-!:-:-:-::-:.:-: .. :!:-:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:!:-:-::-:i--!:-:-::-:-:!:-:-:-:!:-:-:!-::-:-::-:-:-:-::-: ..


Friday, .Jun e 19, 1942 Loose Talk Loses Lives HENDERSON BAKING co. 2706 FLORIDA A VEr-.'lJE DIAL 3476 "DON'T TAtK" J. B. Jeffress & Son MILLWORK 3425 E. BROADWAY PHONE Yl303 --Keep 'Em Flying-Alessi Bros. Bakery WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES A SPECIALTY 1820 S. HOWARD AVE. PHONE H 45-842 Goody Corner Groc. FANCY GROCERIES FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 300 E COLUMBUS DRIVE PHONE M7248 "DON'T TALK" CUBA CAFE EXCELLENT FOOD BEER -:WINES 1301 E. BROADWAY DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 soeve r for being there. (They can't moving from one tent to another ed by this newspaper, and has be 'blamed too much) to make way fo1 our new hutments. not and will not be offered for From ye scribe amd a ll those men Captain McLe a n and S-Sgt. publication in any manner. that kne\'v and worked tmder him, Llo yd are running the best kitchen 7 To enter the contest, mail a ''-" we salute the late Maj. Gen. Cia.in the Tent City. (unquote) ptint or prints of as many pic-renee Tinker, who so gloriously One coo k on furlough has no tures as yo u desire to "Amateur By Corp. !\-lager Caldwell You will have to exc u se me fel-and vali antly lost his life in the money to return. (Should have Snapshot Contest Editor," The recent Midway Naval Battle. A been a ba. ker.) Times On tlhe back of each picfine offic e r, he was loved and highS-Sgt. Jim Kelley i g go ing crazy ture print your name a11d address lo w soldiers because our regular ly respected by all tha t knew him. trying to do the 1st Sgts and the clearly in ink ahd the class in ; reporter has left on a furlougt..'1 Company Clerk s duties while they which yo u wish the picture en-for the Wfi1dy City (Pvt. Frank Soldiers Have Fun are away. tered. (See classifications.) 1 Focht) and this colunm won't be S-Sgt. Somers S-Sgt. Jurick, Pvt. 8. No prints will be returned. i up to the usual par, but I'll do m y d\111 lele Bohm, S g t Barron, Pvt. Keirn, PVlt Do not submit nega: tives with your at pinch hitting. Una lllvnl'iii 1 u II"" D Ecscer y Pvt. Bares just returned prints. Keep them UJntil requested Almost t.he noisest piece of lm"-n..l Sella from maneuvers Watching Para-by the Amateur Snapshot Contest : manity around the disp ensary and H M M llj !P.! troops from their .bUJnks. Editor. ( Only original negatives i B-3 is F at-Stuf f J oyner, so call accepted.) This newspaper assumes i ed because of his ratlher rotu11d All Drew Field men who want Shutter Billlgs no responsibility for negatives. 1! frame. This little fellow is quite to spend a very pleasant time (Jill! IMPORTANT: If you snap a 1 i an interesting chap despite his their day-off, either bo a t riding, picture whic h you expect rto enter 1 1 size. (you have to look twice to swimming or deep-sea fishing, need (Continued from Page 1) in the contest a rnd in wfnich a per-see fr1i

Page 6 DREW FIELD His Spirit 'Went Up, Then Down, Then Up Better known to his buddies in Drew Field as "Bud", Corp. Conrad A. Fisher will remember Friday, June 12, and Saturday, Julne 13, to his dying day. At first his spirits -went up high, very high; then they They call Priva;te Byro n T 'lb sank low, very low; and, finally, they went up very, very high again: I my On Friday he had a gaad deal Descendant of President Is Drew Private "Pop" in his outfit, which is easy to be happy about. In the first fied to invetigate his mother's to un-derstand when one realizes place it was his mother's birthday. death that this gray-haired, mild-man-And on top of that he had sweated Meantime, the railroad was call p e red man was 'Porn way back in out a coporal's CJhevrons after only ed and a seat reserved. The men 1900. slightly over two months in the in Fisher's squadron, .trying to ease Years. ago Private Tilbury taught j army. He was inducted on April his sorrow, took up a collectiOn' school m South Dakota. ill recent 7 in Baltimore, Md. for flowers. years he was an accountant for a So, on the night of June. 12 he He rpushed off for Tampa to power plant in Montevido, Minn. pick up his money At the tele-phoned his parents tn Baltimore. After Pearl Harbor, however, Til-graph offic e to lhis relief, he disbm-y could not reconcile lhis civil-He wished his mother a happy covered that the whole tragic bus-birthday and she, in turn cona(an position chalrigingj gratulated hini on his !rapid rpro-iness was a colossal error. The girl of our natiOn m world-motion. The telephone call was not clerk, after digging the original Wide struggle, so he to 1 without its mercenary aspects, message out of a cubbyhole, turned abandon the .power plant busmess however. Corp. Fl.sher wanted to to Fisher and asked him what his for the duratiOn. h't h' "P f te t telegrwn read. He .tried to enlist in the Navy, I Is op. o:tr a n. spo She told him apologetically that Don't Betray Yourself Ballast Point Pier Fishing -Refreshments Poles and Tackle For Rent BAIT FOR SALE Reaohed J::Jy Street Car LOOSE TALK LOSES LIVES TALK AND DIE HAYAHOME Lumber & Supply 2313 Nebraska Ave. M-6775 ''DON'T TALK" FONTE Chicken Markel 2002 E. B'wa.y Pho.ne Y -3520 Fridn. y June 19. 1 942 DON' T TAJ,K The Redemptorist Fathers 11th Ave. 17th St. DON'T TALK Nellis Laboratories Manufacturers Mechanical Development Work Machine & Metal Stamping N. BLVD. & :Waters. Ph. S-5087 DON'T BLAB Woodward Crowder Company but was rejected J:lecause of color FIShers family was surpriSed to it had oJ::Iecome garbled blind!lless. He was told that the hear from him. It was lhis first that his father had sent $20 ineating of caiTots and .the drink-, to h?me since ind.uction. stead of $10 and that the message ing of carrot juice might cure his HIS fathel agreed to Wile hnn .$10 read, "Mother was rpleased-Pop," ailment, but lhis trial of this me1 at once .. At _7=30 '?ext a

Frida. y June 19 1942 DREW FIELD ECi-IOES Page 7 Welcome To The SW1Shine City Of St. Petersburg MacDill Air Men and Their Families Enjoy 'Jihernselv ,es FUR STORAGE -:-LONG DISTANCE MOVING ALL LOCAL SERVICES Southern Transfer & Storage Inc. 2161 FIFTH AVE., SOUTH -.PHONE 7190 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA GIVE AND BE HAPPY Of nil sad souls that ever lhc, The arc those lYbo ncvcr give Ruy fYour Gifts, Son\'cnirs, N'oyeJties nnll Art 'J'rc.nsures '\Vorld } 1'nntous Lewis Gift & Art Store '-Vo1uler La.ntl, Treasure Land :l34 Central, Central at 4th St. St. Petersburg 10,000 A JUAZING VALUES 3c TO $3,000 Nothing Like It Elscwltere Conte :.nul Drltll'Se Around Frank's Liquor Store Close To Your Recreation Center 147 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 4342 Hanks Insurance Agency, Inc. 601 FIRST AVE. N. PHONE 5593 SELECTED RENTALS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED WELL EQUIPPED-$30 to $100 PER MONTH MANN The Real Estate MANN Walgreen Bldg. -:Ph. 7869 CARTMELL MFG. CO., INC. VENETIAN BLINDS RATTAN FURNITURE Brownie's Bakery 609 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 8658 ENJOY YOURSELVES AT SPORTSMAN BILLIARD PARLOR 228 CENTRAL :\VE. ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. PHONE 50-612 WITH COMPLIMENTS OF BELL BREAD PHONE 5971 Hey 1 I Fellows 1 Come To St. Petersburg The Sunshine City On The HEY BUDDY ... DON''I' '\VORRY AliOUT EN'l'ER TAINJ\IEN'l' Come to St. Pete YOU ARE WELCOME Clausen's New Store Gulf of Mexico MASTER CLEANERS '"-Ve Live Utl To Our Nuute" >07' !Jth St. N. Phone :;DOD Super Service Mart 1 Buy Bonds We Service All Make Cars 770 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 4526 ANNABEL'S Standard Furniture SUN and SURF SHOP COREY AVE. Beach Apparel COMPANY M.S. LEW Men's T .runks 810 CENTRAL AVE. Lending Library PHONE. 7307 WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG ....... ARMY AIR MEN SHOECRAFT NURSERY REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR PINELLAS PARK -:PHONE 52-352 Grounds Lumber & Millwork Co., Inc. 600 24TH ST. SOUTH -:SUNSHINE TAVERN 2160 TANGERINE SOUTH -:BOB SIMPSON, Mgr. PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9TH ST. NORTH -:-MOTH PROOFING A SPECIALTY 10 YEARS GUARANTEE PHONE 4394 PHONE 6138 PHONE 4372 WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG FROM MADIS WHOLESALE SANDWICH COs SANDWICHES FOR EVERY OCCASION HAVE A SNACK WITH MAD IS AT YOUR LEADING FOUNTAIN OR BARS 2163 1ST AVE. SO. -:-PHONE 7957 or a week-end. Bathing Beaching Fishing You haven't seen the West Coast of Fla.-, until you .seeSt. Petersburg Only an hour by car or bus from Tampa. The Earle Restorium 175 3RD AVE. N. E PHONE 4367 Conducted By Mrs. R. T. E arle, R. N. DON'T WORRY If you have an accide.nt and soil uniform bring your trouble to us and at the same time receive a real welcome to THE SUNSHINE CITY RICH & WENDELL DRY CLEANERS 425 9th St. N. -:Ph. 4556 SIMPSON'S GOOD FOOD 464 CENTRAL A VENUE ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. DELICIOUS STEAKS, CHOPS AND SEA FOOD "GOOD FOOD IS OUR SPECIALTY" Buy Bonds NIKKO INN Chop Suey & American Dishes 10 !FIRST ST. NORTH. TELEPHONE 6720 28-385 -:ON THE .BEACH DE FANTI RESTAURANT REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI DINNERS COOKED UNDER PERSONAL SUPERVISION RESERVATION FOR PRIVATE PARTIES. BEER AND WINES SERVED CASA MARINA APARTMENTS Pass-A-Grille Island Finest Bathing Beach m Florida RATES $2.00 DOUBLE OR $10.00 PER WEEK UP ELECTRl'C EQUIP>PED APTS. -:PffiVATE BATHING BEACH PHONE GULF BEACHES 28-142 WELCOMES SERVICEMEN H. A. '!'ABET, Owner, Mgr. WELCOME TO PETERSBURG ....... AMERICA'S AIR SOLDIERS SCHUTZ, INC. WEARING APPAREL FOR MISSES AND WOMEN. 43 YEARS IN ST. PETERSBURG PARAMOUNT BOWLING ALLEYS WELCOMES MACDILL & DREW FIELD ,.MEN ... TO ST. PETERSBURG FOR HE:AL'I'HY RECREATION BOWLING 15c AFTERNOONS TILL 6:00 860 FOURTH AVENUE SOUTH SEE Mrs. Billy Mitchell FOR Gulf Beach Rentals Welcome ..... Public Bonded Storage Warehouse Safest Place in St. Petersburg FIREPROOF PROTECTION 3435 7.th Ave. S. Ph. 5523 -Keep 'Ern Flying4 Welcome to the ..... SUNSHINE CITY Drew & MacDill Men DUTY'S GARAGE Every Automotive Service Phone 8228 743-749 SECOND AVE. S. Keep Flying -:-DIAL 7508 WELCOME .. America's Air Men TO THE SUNSHINE CITY THE HIBBS co. WHOLESALE & RETAIL SEA .FOODS Phone 7549 1016-1022 THIRD ST. S. -Keep 'Em Flying-Welcome To St. Petersburg Neeld Gordon Co. 13th Ave. & 19th St. N. PHONE 4155 McArthur's Garage Bicycles For Rent


DREW FIELD F riday, J-tm e 1 9 1 94 2 .Interceptors Shut-out HEADQUARTERS co. Physical Training Officer Bradenton Second Time.' CHAT Drew Field Interceptors made a r eturn visit to Bradenton last Sunday and defeated the local team 7-0 For the second time this year the soldiers hamded goose eggs to the leaders of the Hills borou gh-Manatee League Freddy Swindells, one of Drew's star rigJht-handed ihurlers, .blanked the home .team for the second straight time, allowing only seven hits which were widely scattered. His control was excellent and he walked one, hit one, with a pitched ball, and struck out seven. The Drew Fielders >brought along their b atting eyes and hammered Douglas, Bradenton's star pi:tcher's slants to all parts of the field. McNulty and Burch each had three hits while Bekeza, Klimczak and MoMennrun each ihad two. S winde lls and Fir.kser got one each for a grand total of 14 hits. 503rd REGIMENT : '4 .'-:;----------1 Pillrollers ... Ate tolling Ali Opposition By Corporal Morgan -Wtha t 1st .Sgt. not only likes to drink Zombi es but also enjoys going out with .them? Pvt. Heckler is the only man at Drew field r!ihat calni get sparks out of a knife and fork-ever notice him at the Mess Hall? Pvt. Lancia is waiting to be put The past week once again brought on an alert to go home. disasoter to two softball teams. Sat-Pfc. Prophet claims that women urday afternoon saw Hq. & Hq. are the last thing he thinks about Squadron, 309th Air Base, go down -wlhen he goes to bed at night. to defeat to :the tune of 3 Ito 1, and Pfc. Chiparo ("How to Win on Monday evening we put the Friends amd Influence Pimples ) skids to the 1st Repol'lting Comis back at his old profession here pany of the 501st Regiment. The in our company street, It seems score was 10 to 6. Jack is trying to get enough to-At this writing is it quite apgether so he can purchase a musi pafent this field offers no competi-cal instrument. Jack is a barber. tion to the 553rd Medics in either Why does Pfc. Wolfe keep feed Softball or VollybaU. The iPillroll-ing the Juke box at J?X No. 3 all ers' long string of viotories put those nickles? The feature play of tlhe game was a snappy doul:ue play which closed the game and was engineer ed by MoMerinam. to Howell to them in a class iby themselves. Stanley Sokolowski had .to salute However any team wishing to test his brother when he retUJrned !home I its ability may do 'l:iy calling Tent 0! h 1 t t IS u.ur.ough, H e :is now a Lt. Matt L.' McBride is the new physical training office r a.t Drew Ci y 118 and arranging a game. Li t th eu enan m e Air Corps. Field, succeeding Lt. R. il. R. Risley. Firkser. .. The tip is OJ+t to watch our team .. :trbm np;V, the addi:tion of has added con-Drew Field Presents 1 Obs erved at practice. Lt. McBride came to Drew Field from Baex: Field, Fort Wayne, Ind., ast week-our Crty Beauwhere he entered the service. in 1934 he graduated from the university ty t Chas. Dg domg. some fancy I of Illinois where he took a prominent part in athletics. In 1935 he rewa er mameuvers. Upon fwther in-ceived his Master's degree from New York University vestigation it was fouJnd that he During the past eight years he has coached football, basketbalJ, was a destroyer being chased by and baSeball in Ohica.go High Schools. a sub. .. ;..,. ..-\!;. to the weak the team. Score .by i.nn:im'gs: J H R E Drew l?ield... 102 101 200 'J 14 4 Bradenton .. ooo o 7 3 Batteries, .,, s'Wmdells and Bekez8: ; ; Council. f:: (,.,::...: .. MacDiU.Fiier,s From ... :.-;Interceptors BY Harvey Frost Hey, here is something, believe e it or not. 'l1here is a man in Head Company who enlisted in the signal .corps. He will not allow his name to be mentidned for fear he will be sent to a ski patrol. DREW R .OPS Howdy, fellows! We're on the air for the first time in this issue of tme Drew Field Echoes and we silncerely hope .that we can 1 be a credit to that great litltle "soldier ed in his life, the big noncom-From the 314th A. B. 'Sqd almost passed out. However, after the boys explainpaper." ed they were cousi l ns and they had By Pfc. William Greenberg Going on the old theory, "if you different initials, the Sarge straig.h i A few of ow playboys returned want a man for a friend let him tened up and heaved a sigh of I' to the fold this week. How was it do you a favor," we are going out relief. at St. Pete, fellows? The Pittsburgh and try to make friends with all Not only do the cousins have the Flash Corporal Halpin returned m you at once. How you ask? Well identical first and last names, but well bedecked and with a smug we're going to ask a favor. Now tihey were inducted on the same complacent look-What goes on? The MacDill Flyers evened the here is. When you hear of a day; sent to the same camp, camp .Pfc. Galinkim after a;,t least eight count in series with .the Drew humorous incident, or story, or Crowder, Mo ; occupied the same sessions with the only grrl in the :.,Fiekt Interceptors wthen they desomethilng funny about a buddy, if l:iaxracks ; attended the sameschool world, scuttled her wit h that sweet :':::teared lOca.l' boys ; m a game it will get !by ,tJhe censor, let us A. W ; alnd were shipped on the thing buddies, or should I pltfralize Gadgats? A serious note: Sgt. Googe was just placed in the care of, or can I say, arms of those white-uniformed gals at MacDill. We're sorry that you have to get lhurt to .be in the ca.:re of those venuses but. by George we all certainly do envy you. Hurry back Sarge, the 314th just ain't tl:ie same without you toning. sar Longo, Tex Redman and everyelevated to a Staff Sergeant in give you a blow by blow descripBrown of the Interceptors pit-body for the swell 'job they did oharge of personnel of the 564tlh. --------------------------.-...---t:ned good ball until he lost con-on last Friday's show. It was grand Hoff has been in service for 41h C H U R C H C A L L ROMAN CATHOLIC Chaplain Francis J. O'Brien 563rd Chaplain trol iln1 the seventh inning. Aided -the co-operation everybody gave. years and hails from Miami, Fla. by a general let-down in team Orohids to you my friends. Captain Reuben D. Caudle, com play, the Flyers put on a rally WANTED: One slightly used Joe manding officer of the Plotting ana scored enough runs Ito safely Miller Joke Book. Please see writers Co., and First Sergeant Ste.falnik, pm; tne game in the win column. of radio shows presem:ted from are as -busy as bees. They are asTne fifth game in the series will Drew Field, !Monday, Tuesday, signing the numerous new men to 6:15 A.M. Mass .................................... Base Chapel Tent be played Saturday afternoon WednesdaY, Thwsday, Friday and the various schools. 11:00 A.M. Mass ..... .. ... ............... .... New Theatre Building at :t-Jrunt Field and tlhe Drew Field Saturday. Corporals Guilford Aarhurs and JEWISH team will be quite anxious to go Well gang that's all for now. James .Wyatt are atltending Gas Rabbi David L Zielonka up one on our worthy rivals. We'll see you again in the very School. In a short time they will 11:00 A.M. New Theatre Building, north of Fi.rumce Bldg. '!'he -batteries !or the game were near future. Say next week? And mstruct the 564th how to counterPROTESTANT forllVia.oDill: Huckabee, Crider and let' s get .together and help make act the various types of gases Chaplain Carl W Hewlett Stanley; For Drew: Brown and 1 these radio shows you have to suf-New Orleans is wonderful to the 553rd Chaplain Bekeza. fer through (we 're kidding, we. Service Men, says Lamar Negotto, 11:00 A.M. ........... Boxing Arena, 503rd Area R H E hope) -a real credi t to Drew Field. of the Plotting Co who ju,st rePROTESTANT Drew . 10'1 100' 400 7 8 3 tw-ned from a furlou g h from the Chaplain William L. Clark MacDill 002 12. 01 51 11 9 1 Loui siana city. Base Chaplain X Pl c 564th A w B 1100 A.M. ....... ott. n. Uso Cl b Off By Pvt. S. <::. Katznell U erS A year ago on a sunny June Day I back in Cicero, Ill. two young men .t.ntertainment were sipping an oraJnge soda and discussing the wbmt y of an Ameri-f or Soldiers can soldier. The sma ller of the I two, who answers to the name of ___ Edward L Bod g an, spoke: "The I American soldier tops 'em all. He's I The uso Club, 214 N. Boulevard got dmability." I have sciheduled an informa l dance 1 The larger one, who was clhristfor service men Saturday evening ened Edward K. Bogdan, first at 8 :;>0. Music will be furnished by cousin of. the smallish dlle, re-I Manuel Sancho and his orchestra. torted: .sunday, JU1lle 21, Vesper Services Yeah, the Am e r ican soldier has; will be held at 7:30 p m. got what it takes. Boy, when we get 1 At 8:30 Sunday evening a free in there w e 'll show 'em. I movie, "The Plainsman" starring K Bogdan snapp ed: Gary Cooper wil be show n for "U. s won' t go to war. We'll be men in the service civilians the rest of our lives. <:c Corp. (on target range) :"&0!!! Six monbhs later, the Bogdans were answering the roll call !lit Camp Crowder, Mo. The serg eant shouted: "Edward Bogdam, step two paces forward." T w o men stepped forward. I told you to take a fine sight! (Censored again) Willen I say take a .fine sight, I mean take one!


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