Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 17 (June 26, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 26, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1. NO. 17 P1tblished EveTy Fridny Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, June 26th, 1942 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LONG AND SHORT OF DREW FIELD'S ENLISTED MEN Allowance Checks Out In November Quick action in the House early this week on the Allowances Bill for dependents followed final passage of the Pay Bill. Conference approval followed and sent the bill to the White House for signature. The allotments and allowances will be made from June 1, although actual payments are not expected to be made until November 1 be cause of administrative preparations. At that time five-monh checks will be sent out. To Class A: Contribution \Vife, if no child ----------$28 Wife with one child -----40 \Vife with two children -------50 To Class B if there is no Class A dependent: One parent ---------15 'l'wo parents ---------25 One rparent and one sister ------20 One parent arnd two sisters 25 To Class B if there is also a Class A dependent: One parent -------15 T\VO parents -------25 One pa.rent and one sistet ------20 One parent and t\vo sisters ----------25 SIOUX .INDIAN CHIEF'S SON Men's Pay Total $22 $50 22 62 22 72 22 37 22 47 22 42 22 46 5 20 5 30' 5 25 5 30 ON WAR PATH FOR OLD GLORY The long and short of the enlisted men at Drew Field, Fla.: Pvt. Albert F. Berry, 5 feet 1 inch, andEtergeant Henry E. Booth, 6 feet 6 1/4 inches, talk over the soldier's eternal problem, kitchen police. Despite the'weight of the 100-lb. sack of potatoes leaded on his shoulder, Pvt. Berry see:mS nnbent by his bmden. Undoubtedly the little soldier is of 3 tur

Page2 The Drew Field Echoes JIMMY JACKSON, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers Bwdne11s Ofllce: 1113 FLORIDA A. VENUE Tampa, Florida P. 0. Box Phone 2177 All ndvert111ement" ;contained In tbi newRpaper are ah10 contained In tbe MncDIII Field Fly Leaf. Mlldmum iolnt circulation: 8,000 ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQ.UEST DREW FIELD ECHOt1S N F 0 I 309th Air Base Group HQ and HQ Squadron 327 Material Squadron By Opl. .Andtew Paterson By Pfc. T. G. Meo There seems to be no stopping If any of you outsiders c f the soft-ball team, now that mass mob in front of Kitchen No. hey have hit their stride. Last I 'l'uesday evening we met the Base 5, don't get alarmed and run for Dispensary Detachment team, and your rifles and gas masks. It's not with the brilliant pitching of an air raid, but some of our sol "Iron Man" Miner, and the ex-.diers sweating at the chow line. A newspaper published exclusivecellent support of the rest of the Last week the Signal Corps were ly tor the personnel or Drew Field no-error, hard-hitting team, we and devoted to military interests added to our tent area This made and the United Nations Victory. emerged the victor by a score of i Opinions expressed in this news-7 to O. The Medics found "Iron a big difference m our chow !me, paper are those of the individual h' h h 1 writers and under no circumstances Man" for but one lonely hit, thus w IC IS now t ree times as ong. are they to be considered those ot It looks as if the. early bird will the United States Army. Advertise.spoiling his chance for a no hit, t 1 th' bl! t' d t now eat the worm. ads rhe no run game, but the way he has War Department or its personnel o! been pitching and with the the products advertised. S t p t Ed M G ASSOCIATION v\.uONALEDITORIALASsOOATION 1942 AT THE THEATRES new spirit shown by his mates, o nice o see v c mre the "Pitcher's Dream" should be come back to earth. For the last in the offing. The highlight of the week he was walking around in a game was "Copper" Hutson's daze. We were wondering if the home run, right over first base heat had affected him in any way. with two men on, inflicting heavy Through inside information we damage to the morale of the Me-learn that his wife was visiting dies, who, try as hard as they did, Tampa. Isn't Jove grand? could not get their one man past NOW p L A y I N G first base. In our sport Jines we find the ___ 'Engineers and Tech Supply are Through Thursday!. A GREAT NOVEL plus A GREAT CAST plus A GREAT PRODUCER.DIRECTORI The Screen'a Master of Entertainment Tops AU of His Many Triumph I starring RAY MILLAND JOHN WAYNE C g t 1 t' t 8 t N having a nip-and-tuck battle for on ra u a wns o g ovel I c. Melton. Sgt. Melton left for f1rst place and honors m our soft-Miami Beach, Tuesday n'ight, ball league. The score now stands 1 June 22, for attendance at Oftwo wins and two defeats for each ficers' Candidate School, Air team. The only reason the EnForce Administrative. We all know gineers have not won all the .that he will make a fine officer. games is that their star players J'ust ask the boys who roomed in were put on guard duty. his tent. S'weeping the floor and tidying up was not beneath the Pvt. Ellsworth W Klank, a Sgt., even though he was the only cook in Kitchen No. 5 met with a Non-Com in the tent. Good luck, mishap while working in the kit Sgt.; bring back that little "Bar." ch.en. He was scalde d with hot water when a pot slipped out of Hq his hands. He was taken to our & Hq Sq. 100 percent strong: Through the efforts of base dispensary for treatment where he received the best of Capt. Turner, every man in the A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Friday, June 26th, 1942 care. We are glad to hear that he organization is now fully protec-sticking to your guns, Klank. salesmanship on the part of the Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone Ml861, Mans Office Bid. ted unde. r the Govt. Insurance did not lose a day' s work due to his accident. That is what I call I Plan. It took no high pressure C. 0. to bring home to all of us ,....-------------'----': Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. with RAYMOND MASSEY ROBERT PRESTON SUSAN LYNNE OVERMAN FRANKLIN "'TAMP 9ii 0 N E M !J 8 7 8 Air-Conclitioned Sat. Jw1e 27 Tluu July 3 GET YOUR SOLDIERS TICKETS AT THE CANTEEN OOR YOU 25c AND GIRL Pat o'BRIEN Joi1n GARFIELD Francis FARMER : ... In ... ... "FLOWING GOLD" the advantage of protecting those Three members of the 327th 1 at home "just in case." No matter are confined to MacDill hospitalwhere we go, or what we are asPvt. Habor, Pvt. Hinerman, and signed to do, our minds are at Pvt. Meyers-. vVe wish them all Adams Kennedy I !" i 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours lease sum the each knowing that for the small a speedy recovery and are Jooldiig it costs us, we will derive forward to seeing them back at maximum benefits offered Drew .Field. man by the govei:nment. Now that Corp. Woodie is back I Should anyone to' walk from cook's school, S/Sgt: McGee's into our company street and notice troubles are over. Or have they i men sprawled in vaeious positions just begun? Do you think his I on the ground, yelling 9 o'clock, training will be of any help? Time 12 o 'clock, 3 o'clock etc. dispel will tell. from their minds upon viewing such a strange scene, the obvious question, I"What the heck; are they nuts?" The men are not --Keep 'Em Flying--learning to tell tiine at this late and one for All," our new sloe stage; they are just preparing themselves for another assault on the MacDill rifle range next Sun day. With these words of the C 0 still ringing in our ears "Ev'ery man in this organization will be fully instructed in the proper use of all firearms, so that he will be able to protect himself should he gan, so let's go after the bulls-eyes next Sunday. Well, we grumbled good turedly when we found out that we were to undergo a strenuous building-up program, but I doubt if any man in the organization will not admit that he has ben-. be called upon to do so," every efited, and it is worth getting up man has seriously taken unto in the "wee small hours of the himself the task of preparing not morning". After ten minutes of only the individual, but ca}\isthenics, then an fi1our to be: 'an .important part of a of jogging, a cold shower, a clean highly skilled unit. "All for one .. shave, one feels like a new man, but, oh, the puffing and groan-Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. GToceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions Berger & Rachelson, Inc. The Home of Pleezing Products 12th a.nd Whiting St. Ph. 4041 PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. !'tl. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. l'rl. Worship 8:00P.M. GILBERT HOTEL Phone M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, Mgr. 15 Minute Service During Rush Hours For Further Information Call 3286 Investments, Residental Ap praisals, Residental Properties Leslie H. Blank REALTOR Phone 3222 407 Tampa St. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 N Rome & Fuller Street THEY'ER TOPS DALI-FRESB POTATO CHIPS in g. Don't worry, men; a few more mornings of this will put B A Y V I E W H 0 T E L us in shape for any emergency. FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-:EVERY ROOM WITH BATH Remember, the better physical W. B. SHULER, Manager 108 W. Fortune -:-Ph. M53-'752 shape you are in, the larger an 208 JACJ{SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & asset you are to your company. TAMPA, FLORIDA -:-PHONE M 5537 I ......... .. ----.. ---.. -------------- .......... VICTORY MUST BE OURS The American Soldier is equal to the task. Among ourselves let our motto be that of the constitution of the United States Every soldier is l!,n American citizen regardless of race. CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1416 NORTH BOULEVARD Tampa, Florida. G. D. ROGERS, President : ........................................ -.......... -.-............. -....... -... ::. t A I Hotel Rogers i t :i: Florida's Finest Negro Hotel :!: y y i :i: Located Corner Central and Harrison :i: y i y : Phone 3 5 66 .:. y A u A :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:w:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::


Frill.a! June 2Gth, 19-!2 B.r CO!J)()ra l ::\lager Caldwell I'll try to m ake amends for last partm.ent has just about moved from the old dispensary to the new shin y one, and it is rumore d that the 3n1 Fighter Command will take over the old building \.., DREW FIELD ECHOES THE OLD MAN WHO DIDN'T KNOW THERE'S A WAR \Vho says there's a war going on? At least one man in the hinter-wee k s column, b ecause honest The work in the Flight Surlands of Florida doesn't know any and truly it was my first column geon's office has been tripled the and I might have m entioned and thing about it, according to Pri-last week or so because of the in-vate Julian L angford, of t h e 314th dwe lled on a certain name too flux of applicants for Glider Pilot Air Base Squadron. Page 3 .---------------,I Master sergeai:.t this weelc ... He HEADQUARTERS CO. CHAT 503rd REGIMENT By Harvey Frost will be christened Sat urday when Sergeant Major House bursts a bottle of beer over his head at the boxing stage. Staff Sergeant Eric Gaich will be back to conduct this column next week. We hope! Bits of patter picked up around Flash and double flash!!! We the 503rd Hq, reyeal that Lt. Col. are assured that the fifty ($50) freel y. So sorry, Dutch. Let's hope none of the stuff that I wrote Training Course John H. Brewer of the 503rd i s "salaries" will b e paid on July 1st. Private Langford was home re-doing his duty as a citizen as well That is this pay day and not next cently on a three-day pass. He month Mrs V. aailey Formerly With Singer Sewing MR<,:hine Co. DRESS MAKER Specializing in Childrens Clothes, Ladies Suits, Dresses and Evening Gowns 3214 .. Ph. H-46-783 FLORIDA GUN AND LOCK SERVICE 705A. FLORIDA AVENUE Opposite The YMCA FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS COMPANY The Friendly Store Complete Line Of Fishing Tackle And Sporting Goods THE DEAR--BOY '' WHO TICKl:.m THE IVORIES companion. "The dear boy, he must be homesick to. play with such -------""-'-'--------. ings.'' FLOWERS ..... Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 : Phone H'7 McASKILL MUSIC STORES RadiOs and Repairin,g Sound and Inter C,ammunlcating Systems ..Authorized Capehar. t and Scott .. Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Hits what don't need Bee Us WE BUY AND SELL CLOTHING Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry, Etc. l'lOAH'S ARK The Drew Field man swears if he's ever called "dear boy;, again, he'll give. up the piano for the. duration. Drew Field Men Invited to Party By Sodality 960 Twiggs Street I The Child'ren of Mary Sodality of the Most Holy Name Catholic Keep 'Em Flying -SUPER SERVICE PARAMOUNT Barber Shop 812 :Franklin St. Dependable Photo Finishing Service FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE 604' Madison Street Featuring Corsages and oUt 'Flowers THE TERRACE GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP Flowers for 'Mother, Sweetheart and Friend Connectin g \\it! the Tampa Terrace Lobby Church wil sponsor a bunco party and dance on Friday, June 26, at 8: 0 0 P. M in Recreation Hall on 24th St. anq 7th Avenue. Games wiil be played, prizes awarded and refreshments served. Sol.diers from Drew and MacDill Fields will be g uests of the Sodality Buy Bonds ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 -' A s a EC' K ., .. SHOES l\IIL1TARY GUARDSMAN FOR SALE AT ALL POST EXCHANGES Drew, 1\lacDill and Benjamin Fields-Satisfaction Guaranteed FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zacl;: St. & Flor:i .da A ... e., Tampa Telephone 3184 STAR KOSHER DELiCATESSEN Also A Full Line of Groceriee Open Evenlngs 'tlll 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Cm.1ttai Phone H 29-842 Keep 'Em Repaired Needlecraft Service Shop Reweaving & Alteratioins .. Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG; -Member:] V.F.W. Purple Heart .t. P. JOHNSON & SON-& Jewelel'll OPEN UNTIL 8:36 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Ma.nhattan Cafe For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend FLORIST 412 Tampa St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. ;._ U-nited Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians "l 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 The logical and BEST place to buy Military needs for officers -and eniisted men. OPEN TUESDAY 917 FRANKUN ST. TAMPA 531 Cl:.EVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL ST PEIERSBURG. NATIONAL LOAN COMPANY Money Loaned on Anything of Value 1101 Franklin Corner Harrison Phone M 50-341 ..


Page 4 DREW FIELD Friday, June 26th. 1942 Boxing Program "Two More Dive Bo:p1bers and He'll Be An Ace'" neatness of appearance on and knowledge of g uard duty. More power to you, men. some of the others will g e t jealous enough to give you a Iitle competition. To Begin At Drew On First Of July On W ednesday, July 1, a mass boxing instruction program will be inaugurated at Drew Field, de signed to provide the men at the fi eld with the fundamentals of boxing for individual defense, combat, and protection. I Lt. M L McBride, Base Physi cal Training officer, is planning the program for all men on the Base regardless of previous training in the sport. The actual program will be supervised by an outstanding staff of men with a great deal of actual boxing experience. The staff includes Lt. H B. Canning, former Golde n Gloves boxer; Corporal Art Shouse, who boxed for the Uni versity of Tampa; and civilian boxing coach, AI Ketchel, prominent in professiona l and amateur boxing. The major objectives of the boxing program will be.,--first, the Med. Det. 309tb Air Base Group 3rd Reporting Co. 503rd Signal A W Regiment The fifty bucks you're soon to get. VVill be a lot, you'll note. So why not buy a bond a month, To help cut Hitler' s throat. (Only $ 18.75 at your nea1 ;est Orderly Room.) development of individual deperience are especially urged to fensive fundamentals, with a take ad-vantage of this splendid great dea l of emphasis being opportunity to receive instruction placed on the ability to "dish" it from such a capable staff of inout; second, the eventual organ!-structors. The first section of the of a Drew Field Boxing be devoted to boxing P t By Pfc. Thomas W. Dugan rescrJ p I 0 ns "A penny saved is a penny Here is a little story about one of our men H e is Sgt. Bernard Ness, otherwise known as Sgt. Neese (the answer to a maidens prayer ) Watch this story. H e i s no Sir Ga.Jahad. To begin with, the whole company went on one of those excursions-by foot, for which the army is. famous. In the course of travel they cut across country through the Florida. un d ergrowth and by-and-by encountered a number of head of cattle. A couple of dogs that were on the watch, too, though not included in the company, aroused them a bit. So here came one of the beasts flourishing a pafr of horuij but, mind you, with no malicious in t entions. Now -Sgt. Ness, in case you are not a ware of the fact,' is blessed with a red toupee, In sunlight it shines like a stop light which suddenly you while you were doing around 90 : b efore you got in the army alj.d before gasoline became liquid g-old. Using his head quickl:y when danger was in sight he. ducked b ehind our robust Supply Sgt. (GetTeam for competitive boxing fundamentals: stance, defense, which will lead to team matches and Base tournament for Drew Field men. offense, punches, counters, blocks, footwork, etc. By Arthur A. Gismondi The Boxing 8;-!.hool will be con-Well, we did it. We now live in Come on, men, regardless of your boxing experience! Report for the first meeting of the boxing school on July 1 at 7:00 P M. at ducteUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E BROADWAY YBOR CITY HAPPY LANDINGS BIB CAFE BIGGER BETTER MEALS BEER 1101 CENTRAL A VENUE WINES Poolroom: 1022 Central Avenue, Tampa, :F.Iorlda .. Pvts. Mike Pecsek and Donald Daws pulled guard duty last night and as I understand it th.at will b e last night of Interior Guard until further notice. All Medical m e n please note. Pvts. Lewis Avery and Elmer Olson were all set to leave on their furloughs when their requests were h eld up due to the ruling tha t no furloughs could be gin or end during the perio. d of June 30 to July 8. Tough luck, boys but you still have them to look forward to. The CHATTEftBOI Fine Spanish Food D elicious CUban Sherbets For those whose preference is Chicken and Steaks ., Real Italian .Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks Liquors Abba i>abba & Band Nightly 707 s. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 SERVICE !dEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE e.ub!ln Sandwiches dancing to the Latin styl e of Plenty Parking Space music it is .recommended that Los Helados De. Ybor they visit one of the. Cuban Clubs 14th St. am.d 8th AvellJle in Ybor City. Dances are generally held there either Saturday or Sunday and I can assure you that you will have a good time. BOB'S PLACE : : : :;: 132 Franklin Ph. M-7240 : Beer -Wines Hostesses Beer -Wine Mixed Drinklll Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr Many of our men are taking advantage of the daily convoys to Clearwater on their day. off. We would like to express our thanks to Major E H. Kaeppel who is in a large way responsible that the men can get a ride over to the :;: Bill Bailey, Prop. Membar V.F.W. and American Legion SARATOGA BAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and Franklio De.:ncing Every Night in the Blue Room j beach and back. Besides the swim1 ming tha t one can. do there, the people who run t b e Service Men's Lounge on the beach go all out ...---------------, to entertain the boys BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE '7988 SOlDIERS For An Enjoyable Evening TWIN PALMS This week the men in the Hq & VISIT Beer Wines -Soft Drinks Hq Sq are getting training In the MillERS BAR Sandwiches Our Specialty use of the new Ml Rifle. Last BEER HOSTESSES -WINES CLEAN COOL RESTFUL week at t h e rifle range t h e medi-. Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. cal men captured most o f the high :scores. Out of the entire group of HOTEL HILLSBORO the pistol target practice, Elmer Olson had the .highest score with FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET an 8 1 whil e Pvts. Ben Rollins and GRILL A I Tangen were right up there SERVICE MEN WELCOME with 51's. This was v ery good, considering comparative scores. e d All of you know this old proverb. But here is a way to save with good interest and at the same time do more than your share by buying stock in the good old U.S. A. tis), using his spreading growth ---for a shield. The funny part i s The 3rd Reporting Company that Ness th.ought, because the had done except'ionally well 1by animal had horns, it was a bull. garnering five of the available The question then arises: Do bulls fourteen 24 hour passes given for give milk? To Go! What Do! DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS DINING ENTERTAimrENT DANCING Phone 1\152-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s 1\fADRILLON Spanish 915 Tampa at T y l er Truupa, Florida Welcome Service Men and Friends To SWING CLUB "Nice Place for Nice People" Dancing and Refreshments 5008 Memorial HiWay 21M Welciome To ItaiJan Foods ..... LiquorBeer El Trocadero -DANCING-C. K. Hebble, Mgr, 1701 E. Brodway Ph. Y11391 SOLDIERS St. Augustine Cafe 2308 Florida A venue CUBAN SANDWICHES BEER BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGAR.ETTES BEElt-SAl'I'DWICHES HARH."F WELLFAJOTT 912 Florida AYeJ,J:Ue FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANRLIN Dan'l S Bagley Meet Your Friends at .. I ROXY BAR -Beer --Wine -Sandwiches-203 E Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hostesses-Dancing Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and. Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service


Friday, June 2Gth 194 2 Former French Soldier (Continued from Page 1) technically friendly to the French nation, but the soldiers had to be on a continuous guard against any bre .aks. look-out sudden and out-figures, among them Leon Blum Glasser served the last 100 former premier; AI bert Lebrun days of his enlistment in the Magi-ex-president of the French Re-not line where soldiers returning I' DREW FIELD ECHOES 553rd AW BN SQUAD RIOT By Sgt. A. \Veinstein father of a Pfc. Stripe. We ofl:er our congrats and h()Pe that he has many more. Just happened to catch a bit of You're in the army now! round table news the other night That's what they told us when we that fits right in the same trend Page 5 1st Reptg. Co. 553rd Sig. Bn., "On The Ball" By Corp. Joe Gaudiello public; Bertelot, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, and Eiffel, de-got those greetings long months of thought the entire company After a week of absence from from colonial service were sent shares, as an innocent eavesdr9p-the serene and pleasant atm-osfor quarantine before being dis-ago, but who would .have thought ht t 1 f th t Ik I tl per caug sna c 1e s o e a ph ere of our organization the lit-! d Sh tl ft d 1 1e army would e .nd up in this signer or the famed Eiffel tower c large or Y a erwar l e bits of words such as '"One swell I ln Pari' s. came to the United States and company. The company roster con-G "W 1 k "H tie corporal IS back at the old uy, e sure are uc y, e Th D was working: in New Jersey when tains names of new I'ecrui'ts fresh OK f "0 tl ground and reports everytl:ung IS e rew F1eld soldier receive d IS or my money, n 1e 1 his first taste of war at an early he t>]ltered the service. Besides out of civil life. Men from replaceball," etc. My curiosity bettered 1 as cheerful as ever ___ his' nU:'ei..ve tongue, he speaks En-age. During world War 1, a Ger-ment camps ,and the old men from me and so I poked my nose in to b b glish and German, and writes 1 h b t 11 d b Flash! Take this bit of gossip, man ow was dropped on his fa-C Wh 1 G Th 1 see w o was emg a ce a: out ther's home in Doncour and Glas-poems in French. amp ee er, a. e ongma and found it was Lieut. Karrer. place it in your vest and let it ser recalls that the u'pper story The Dre_w Field soldier. h a s f ounders of the tent area. And the rest: Upon return from furlough a .nd attic of the home was without I t o tell of his old, old men from other aircraft The men of this com'Pany are it was lea.rned that Pfc. H. D. a roof for four years. peJiences m the desert, but his warning companies prior to this very much perturbed about the Snyder and Pvt. E. H. Rome When he was called up for favorite deals with the night he camp. PX. It seems as how at least half listened to a wedding tune and was "Uarding munitions at El said "I do." Congratulations and serVIce in the French army, Glaso of the company stay in on Saturser was classified as lA, "good for Bieda and noticed a white object Speaking of Furloughs, and who day night and so, staying in, get best wishes, men ___ foreign service." Two weeks later, moving in his direction. always isn't, the 1st Sgt. is on his thirsty. Some get hungry for ice he left for Algeria, the large "I immediately called 'Halte la lway to the nut house. Nine and a cream, some just would like to It's a great contest, folks -French colony in North Africa. At qui vive,'" he relates, "but re-half million times a day men ask look at the girls so what happens both contestants are going strong. El Bieda, Djebel Amour, Glasser ceived no answer. I called a sec-him when can they go on their -the PX is closed, but earlyThe two emulators for the crown of Siesta-Villa, promise a fight to 1 the finish with 8/Sgt. Mathews incessantly tooting his fog horn and Pvt. O'Hara continually joined the 8th Zouave Regiment, ond, halt and still no answer. I furloughs nov,r that they've finish-Tsk, Tsk. an experienced and taught unit called again and then fired. Wlien ed school because after all their proud of their special citation the guard relief came to my as-grandmother is sick, and the ball won fo rextremely dangerous sistance, we circled and closed in game does start at two o'clock. Lombardi rides again. This Pvt. Lombardi is one of the most elu-action in first World War. on the object. Then suddenly my ___ ing newspapers while asleep, the sive men in this company, barring "I did not think I would like companion laughed. Lying in front Speaking in private, and mostly none. The reason is tha.t he and remaining members of their ellathe army," Glasser said, "but in of us was a dead goat," of privates, and we do have a few teau have quite a tim(j trying to dame luck commute occasionally a short time I learned to respect Although his captain promptly reminds us of some steal a few winks. I tell you, It's and thereby hangs a story. He is it and to play my part on the commended him for obeying in-small talk____ Strollo and Waller great. Pvt. O'Hara will burst out one who dilly dallies with games team. I worked hard and was pro-structions, Glasser took a lot of are eating spaghetti now at some-with "Here you are, folks, get of skill. Do I have to go on? rooted to the of corporal in kidding from his fellow-soldiers one's house .... Just the way mama your morning paper, 5c," and May, 1936, and in, September of about the incident. used to make it, .tellers!.. .. Fan---Mathews will blow that the Same d i th h h d Boy! Boy! Do those new bar-h I ike 1'el nev"'r knew year was rna e a ser"The story spread rapidly mng s n e osp1tal t ese ays.. .. o .rn ..... r "" geant." through the camp," he said, "and Hurt his knee falling out of a racks springing up give us the how. What a combination! Re.., The region around El Bieda was believe me, I became the goat. bar-room, we hear. His side-kick; wanderings and how! It Sl,Ire ports come in that S/Sgt. Mafrequented by Tonarecs famed And to top it all, the next day at Benton, walking around like !O'st, would be nice; wouldn't it, part-thews is wea:kening and is relin-desert whom Glasser mess, we had gqat meat.'' and only staying out until 3 these ner? quishing all rights to the honor. decribed as ''gangsters, fighters Glasser never ate the goat, mornings.... Resnik, Altman, Ab-1 ---His parting phirase was "Let and slave traders." During bis however. batt, and others enjoying the com-As you know by now, this is O'Hara sell his papers, I'll blow service in Africa, he witnessed I "The adjutant heard about it pany of the fairer sex of the not exactly what could be called a my horn elsewhere. however, several clashes between the towns-and invited me to his home for YMHA at various intervals during scout camp and as you very well between the two, Pvts. Nolan, Kel-people and the tribal forces which dinner. The adjutant was a real the week ____ Resnik bothering the know there are times when it is ly, roush and Pirkle say they have: the French soldiers were called in gentleman, as were all the French 1st Sgt. every other day for that just a little easier to frown in-a lot of sawdust to sweep out to halt. The desert tribes were 1 officers." pass now that his lady friend is stead of smile but there is an ex-after reville .... ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,_,,,,.,,.,__,.,,.,..,.,.,.,.,,_.,, coming down from north.... ception to this rule here and that Where To Go! What T 0 Do! Why, Resnik, how shocking ____ As exception is the new Pfc. Tierno. "The Va.nishing Virginian" was DURING HOURS for Altman, he doesn't need that No matter what, here is one Pvt. a cinema erroneously named. VirDINING ENTERTAINMENT DANCING new pay-raise. We understand he who has a perpetual smile and it ginians are not vanishing but are """""'"''"""""""""'"""""""""""-""""""""""'""'""-"'"""-""""""'""" has loads of money coming in is one swell thing to see some-becoming the limelight of our Bennett Drug Store 1004 Franklin Street Complete Soda Fountain and Luncheonette LIQUOR ANNEX IN CONNECTION Try Corby's Special Blended Whiskey 86% SOLDIERS Ice THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Cream, .8oft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Fun And Music during the week from that going where all the time. Four stars to army. Take our own, Pfc. Dan N law business he left. But not be-you, Pfc. Tierno Tomkinson ___ hind him ____ Sgt. Kailsh back from .,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,_.,..,_.,.,-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., _,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,;,_, __ _,__,.,.,,.,.,_.,# a week-end with his older brother Where To Go! What To Do! DURING HOURS at Miami Beach recruit training center for air corps personneL .. Quote me, "the boy scouts are not here at Drew in the tents, but at Miami in hotels; they complain because they have to sweep out their 25 buck a day rooms" .. --Max Pixley, in training for his next fight, and his wife opposed to the training, and we wonder for what reason ____ All the men going swim-ming out at Clearwater during the week and on Sundays and raving about those Clearwater girls who are all such fine girls ____ And they DINING ENTERTAINMENT DANCING THE RED MILL Amerlenn And Lntln Food ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT LIGHT .LUNCH DINNERS 11 A. M. Tlll 4 )'>. M. Dnll7 1715 Platt St. nt Packwood SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-VISIT The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA complai. n that that's the trouble .... I Waldman, Graff, Kelly, Schlosser, Weinstein, and McCluskey off to 1 college at U of Florida. We won der if they'll keep up their studies 1709 North Howterd Avenue Seafood Dinri.ers Max's Liquor Bar HAVANA CAFE ROLLER SKATING COUSEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday Sc FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -lOc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK of radio, or female anatomy which we understand is plentiful up no'th ____ That is, if one can call North Florida north ... and that' s WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -l281 --Keep 'Em Flying-Known For Good Spanish Food IDasonably Priced BEER -WINES -LIQUORS 1014 Franklin Phone M-7281 all, because we've got to eat chow .... See you in the same place j Rubin's Restaurant FINEST SPANISH FOOD IN TAMPA at the same time next week. KHAKI WACKY "KEEP'EM FLYING!" WE KEEP 'EM EATING MAO DILL -DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs 14 0 3 Tampa Street AIR QONDITIONED Liberty Bar Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Drinks 71'7 Grand Central Ph. B-3109 ANHATTAN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. Tampa G OOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES DINNERS SOc, 40c, 60c Try our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner with all Trimmings or Fried Chkkcn Dinner. Three Vegetables, Dessert and Drink 50 Served Friday 11 A.M. to 9 P. 1\t. ........... C OPEN DAY AND 1\'lTE


Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES ;--------------.....,. t h e boys feel they would like to his MD In 1932, he set a world' s 501 st. Regt. r eturn to the same pl a ce in the r ecord in the intercollegiate four -IT'S SURE A SMALL WORLD, DAD! SAYS HOME-SICK PRIVATE Plant Field v e r y n ear future. REP0RTS Pfc. Francis E. Navicki for t h e 3rd R e p C o. r eports: The boys 'certainly did enjoy the hike to mile cross-country run, a r ecord h e held for seve n y ears. a g mt our supp y St ff S t -S "th 1 A Dre w Field private wrote a h f d T / S t D 11 t l etter to Ins p a r ents m the mtd-c 1 e a n g onne y was e '----------------.! L ake Carrol. E ve r yone in the com-no time in getting off t h e pos t to west l a m entmg t h a t h e was so pan y survive d the 20 mile hike extl h h 1 S/S t far from home h e never heard lly Pic. Harry J. Zigun 1 e 1r Wiv e s w IC rna res g cep t Pvt. R e im e r who like s riding Stephens (our mode l s oldier) anythmg about or s a w a nyon e Friday, June 26th, 194 Z schol friend whom he h adn't. seen in five years. ,. P S .-The complaining l ette t was torn up. and a new one writ ten which 'began "It's a small world, dad!" Mom: "Bobby! Bobby!" Bobby : "Ye s mom." A r e you spitting in tha t f i shThe priva t e s tarte d to Tampa bowl?'' On W e n es day and Friday o f last d from his home town. a truck m stea of walking. angry b e c ause his wife is back in w ee k and Sunda y o f this week N e w J e rsey. Cheer up, Ste v e, old groups of m e n a t Pla n t Field en-Cong r atulations to S g t. N aylor boy; w e unde r stand that your to mail the l ette r, whe n h e heard "No, mom, but I'm coming joyed a full day of r elaxation, who left for Ft. l 'vlonm outh, N J., wife is exp ecte d b ack soon. someone in t h e n ex t t ent whistling pretty close." s wimming and fi shing at Honey-to attend Officer's Candidate his high school song Investigation showe d the whistle r to b e a hig h WELCOME ARMY! moon i s l and. \Ve feel sure w e School. Two othe r buddies who a r e KENNER LEA YES school llriend o f the horne-sic k hoping t o get the same opportuni' s p eak for e v e r y man in the regl-ty a r e P v t. H u d son and Pvt. m e n t in e xpl'essing thanks for the privileg e granted us to enjoy a most d e li ghtful day Mr. Washburn, owne r of the island, together with his WOI;king staff, were most hosp1table and cordial. Pugh. CAL LADO CO. FOR MIAMI OCS I p ri vate. After a half .hour gabYowr Nash Deale r fest the priva t e starte d to town Fea ,M. F Crowley by Corporal Capt. R. M. Ravley, our adjutant, Gorgia State Air Patrol. Warren Holm. es is an Initial part h ld. D f BS MS' PH. D . o s egrees o progr1Lm at and DVM from the University of Pvt: Fo0---:"Got a good hold .t\ s ,oft J:>.!!-11 !:ague eomposed Michigan. When called to the on that brush?" of 8 teains started its schedule army, he was medical Pvt. Faa.-.::."Yup: 'Monday.,. Tt\.e Motor Pooj; school and had but six more Foo..::_"Hang on: then. I'm .. sonne!,''Reg. T .' su'ppiy, Medics months of school before winning. ing to take away 'this: iadde' r J Hq;co:, Reg<' T n ri:; Co mill: Co.: 'ist Reg. Tng. and Std. :Rei. Trig. have teams. Froni'' ad ... notice' s of the pro\:V.ess of .'these teams we are forced to' elude there wiU be 'an eiglit-team de first 'p!iii:e On Wednesday, fifteen officers turned out for soft ball practice; 'and from 'the looks of things we would s a y tluit they know what baseball is all about. C aptain Gastreick of the Plotting Bn. who can hit that ball (and we .don't meari maybe) sprained one of his fin gers. Indde.ntally, Cap!tain ;Gas treick is the one who promised five dollars to any man w .ho would catch h .im with any of his buttons not properly buttoned. So far he has paid out nothing, but beware, C aptain Oastreick, we can use the 5 'bucks A boxing" 'J}I'ogi'am is now being planned In th e very near future Plant Field will. 'witness, exhibitions by its own men and competitive bouts with representatives o f the various companie s. It is also intended -to encourage. men to come out for 'mass boxing instruction. Oil Tuesday nite "The Power of God," a full length movie was seen by mE!n at the Chapel. The boys really enjoy this type of entertainment and would appreciate more like it. The men at Plant Field do not lack for Sunday Services. Chaplain Amos L. Boren conducts services at the chapel at 10:45 a. m and the n rea d ers services for men in Bivouac at Lake Carroll at 2 p .m. The 501st Male Quartet compose d of S / S Wa!(ei Lantz.-lst tenor; Chaplain: Boren, 2nd t enor; Cap. Warren Hol!lleS, 2nd Bass, and Pvt. Makei; 1st Bass, sings at all s ervices. This quartet is one of which the r egiment can .rightly. be proud ... FLAMINGO OONBRETE PIPE. CO 3613 EAST LAKE AVfiNUE P. o. BOX 5288 :..:PHONE Y 12S9 "TAMPA. FLO;R:IDA ......


Friday Juny 26th, 194 2 DR'BW FIELD ECHOES Page 7 ;;---------------, Kaeppel are doing a world of good Sgt. Smith, Corp. Beckmeyer, and Dog Tag checkup. He's been work ing like a dog .... Sergeant Charles Smeltzer would rather go on a hike than sit around and take things easy. He says hikes are just what the doctor orders. They tell us that the good Sarge in variably hikes to town .... 350th Material NEWS By Pvt. C. Behm for the men. They're now going Pvt. Trainor. The best of luck, to mess wffth .Tazor-sharp apfellows. petites. But, oh, how we have to sweat out that line. Overheard: Pvt. Koch: Will you shampoo Plotting Co. 564th AWSig. Bn.Sep. Dots and Dashes By Pvt. S. C: Katzenell Prize Boner of the Week. Pvt. my hair, please? Sergeant stanley Brown, Jr., Bitner innocently patting tooth Barber: Yes, sir, if I can find who hails from Baltimore, goes Pfc. Ray Koch, back from fur-powder on his faee. after shaving. "t 1 for Tampa in a big way-Los AnPvts. Gerald Sullivan and Tho-laugh, can tell the boys no new Well, they do look alike! stories because the 'Adventures of geles is the best town in the mas Mager are slowly bt1t surely The day for the squadron party world, says Augustin Saenz, who catching up on their los( sleepKoch' had reached us through our grapevine far ahead of his return. Our humble a[pologies to Pvt. is swiftly approaching. The de-was born in Spain-Matthew PoThey have been hitting the hay We liked the one about Mrs. Neff Feeman. The name he was mum-tails are now being, hashed over, Iovich's wise cracks keep the for the past four nights at 8:00 bling his sleep 1ast week was with the aim in mind to make this Plotting boys in good spirit-Matt o'clock .... Corporal Harold Dona.ld and her daughter Vera. instead of Dora. one the best ever. can rattle off one joke after ano-and his side kick, Corporal John ---ther without taking time out to Campione, would rather work The 350th lays claim to the Lemon's birthday cake arrived in largest man on the field in the that condition. But it still tasted person of Pvt. John (Tiny) Cle swell 'even though it had to be It was a shame that Pvt. Pfc. Machetta's face looked just catch his wind-than eat.. They're the last ones a wee-bit off-center last week as Corporal Earl Jones will b e in the chow line every day .... ments who weighs 295 lbs. And eaten-with a spoon. it's all muscle. a result of that painful tooth extickled pink when he finishes his William Herring, a native o'f traction. Glad to hear it has stop-ped bothering you, soldier. Wilmington, Del., can tell you all rom his rifle .instructions. You've you want to know about the Du got to give credit where credit is pont interests ... He's made a These early morning calisthe-The 350th wil soon send 3 of Pfc. Dettore is surprising every-dUE!. And Tony deserves lots of it thorough study of the Dupont nics under the leadership of Major its men to glider school. They are body with the results he is getting for his work. organization. St. Petersburg and the. Gulf Beaches Offer Service Men, their Families and their Friends Unlimited Recreation In the Waters of Tampa Bay, Boca Ciega Bay, Gulf of Mexico BATHING BOATING Delightful Places m which to Spend an Hour, a Day, a Week or More The friendly beaches at St. Petersburg, Pass-A-Grille, St. Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and Redington Beach offer the utmost in recreation to be found on the West Coast of Florida. The clear sparkling waters of the Bay and the Gulf provide unlimited bath ing. Boats, both large and small, are always available for pleasure trips. From fishing piers and from fishing boats, the followers of Isaac Walton can enjoy their sport. The many miles of Sandy Beaches offer freedom from the cities' heat and permit privacy for groups both large and small. The fine hotels, cabins and apartments offer the best of services at reasonable cost. The cafes and restaurants are known for fine foods. The nite clubs offer unlimited enter tainment. The progressive merchants of the area are well-known for their fine merchandise and services. Collectively, these many attractions make St. Petersburg and the Gulf Beaches a most ideal place in which to enjoy life in a care-free way. EASILY REACHED W1THIN LESS THAN AN HOUR BY CAR OR BUS FROM TAMP A These Friendly Me11chants Invite You To St. Petersburg And The Gulf Beaches FISHING HOTELS CADINS CLUDS DARS ROO iUS I RESORTS CLUBS DARS GARAGES SERVICE STATIONS DRUGS SUNDRIES ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES MERCHANDISE THEA1'RES RESORTS DARBERS UTILITIES GIF1'S At St. Petersburg_ At Re< with t

Page 8 I ; I DREW FIELD ECHtJES Friday, June 26th. 1942 DREW NINE TRIMS MacDILL, 5-3 Behind the one-hit pitching of Sgt. Carlos Moore, the Drew Field Interceptors put together one big inning to defeat the MacDill Flyers, 5 to 3, in the rubber game of their series at Plant Field last Saturday. The Drew slabman made the mistake of serving one up to the liking of his mound opponent, Wallis, who promptly slapped out a single for the Flyers' only h .it of the day. In one big inning, the first, the Interceptors scored five runs, a margin good enough to win the game. Meyer, leadoff man, was safe on an error by the shortstop and proceeded on to second on the overthrow. Grabosky s i Ii g I e d M:eyer to tl:\ird and moved on to second on the throw-in. Klimczak slapped out a long single to score Meyer and took second on the throw to the plate. Bekeza promptly sent both runners across the platter with a rifle shot over second. Todd tripled to the flagpole to scure Bekeza. Firkser singled Todd home with the fifth run of the inning. Wallis pitched superb bali in allowing the Drew nine three hits and no runs after the first inning. Todd of the Interceptors went deep into centerfield twice to pull down long fly balls for the fielding catches of the day. Leading the hitting for the Drew team were Klimczak, Todd, with two for four and Moore struck out nine men in pitching the one-hitter. The .box score: MacDill AB R H Vichanski, ss 0 0 Mariana, 2b, cf ................ 2 Stanley, of, 1b ............... .4 Dixon, 3b ... .......... .... .. :.3 O'Brien, c Eschenbrenner, 2b .. ...... 3 Steadman, rf .................... 2 Ford, rf -------2 Yonkoski, If ................. ... 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I DRW Fi(lD ..... -Well here we are again and this time we are throwing bou 503rd Swimmers Win Over 564th The 503rd Sig A W Regt came up with a well balanced team to quets and brickbats. Our bouquets win the second swimming meet of g o to Privates John Suzinski and the current weekly meet by the Hession of Headquarters, Head1 score of 30-16, over the fish of quarters Company. These boys 1the 564th Sig A W Bn. The abreally saved the show last Friday at nine over WFLA and we're I sence of Pvt. Hyland who was the grateful to them because they are high scorer of the first meet what we call two fine troopers. /proved a handicap to the 56 4th. ---I Tech Sgt. Statham was the high W e have an idea for a future point man of theJ meet with one show which calls. for q_uartettes I first and one second place. and duets and thmgs hke that. All units on the Post whether 1n We want your talent for this Tent City or in the Air Base Group show and are willing to give that can enter a team are urged auditions any time, anywhere. So to do so. Contact Sgt. Reeves at get together with your buddies the Physical Training Office for and let's get those old pipes oiled further particulars. The Physical and ready for action. See us at the Training Office is now located in Public Relations Office at the base the New School Building across or call 218. from the New Chapel. The sche-dule for the teams will be regular. We'd like to pass on another practice on Monday, T hursday bouqud to Corporal Jack Hartand Friday nights. On Tuesday man for some splendid work on night of each week a meet will be the organ behind Chaplains Clark :held. The trucks for the swimand Hewlett. And incidentally ming will leave from PX No. 2 at we'd like to r emark that Chaplain 6:30 P. M. Clark could easily have been an Edwin C. Hill had he not chosen the ministry as his career. That's all for iww. This is your announcer saying, "adios, amigos," and hoping he will hear from you with those quartettes. 564th' s MESS HALL WINS BEST KITCHEN BANNER THIRD TIME DREW'S NEW BASEBALL COACH RADIO LOG The red banner, inscribed "Best Kitchen," which .is floating this week from a standard on top of the mess ha\1 of the 564th Signal A. W Battalion, is getting to be almost a permanent fixture. For the third time in four weeks, the Ca .pt. Eal'le DeFotest, left, form-er Chicago Unive;;ity and semi-pro Drew Field Presents, R e d, White player now handles the coaching affairs of the Drew team. On the and Blue, Daily through Saturday 1ight is Louis Bekeza catcher and Captain of team and a former at 7:0 5 a. m \VFLA. m embet of the Tulsa Oilers. Drew Field Presents, All-Star Swindells Beats Sarasota Nine 6 To I Parade, Friday at 9:00 p m.-banner-awarded by the base surMoore secured both of the hits WFLA. geon to the best lcitchen-has for the Merchants and scored their Drew Field Presents, Monday been won by the 5 64th., R 11 d t 6 45 The banner is presented on the only run in the seventh. ev1ew, ,on RY a : p. m WTSP basis of cleanliness of the kitchen The Interceptors picked up D F Jd p t s 1 and the quality of food served. three more runs in the third on rew 1 e resen s, pec1 a t p Th d t 8 15 Staff Sergeant M. D. McLaughlin hits by Meyer, Bekeza and Todd, 1es rogram, urs ay a : WDAE and Sergeants M. J. Keith, Fred Tll e Dl e w F 1eld Interceptors mixed with a base on balls and a p m.'. xHuckabee ----Wallis, p ................ ....... .. 3 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 pu together two big innings at. 1 Sarasota to defeat the Sarasota Lewis and L. E. Johnson who are grounder to the infield. ---------Catcher Bekeza led the Inter-DREW FIELD NINE in charge of the 564th mess hall are rightly p .roud of the re<;OI'd -Totals -------------3 0 Merchants nine, 6 to 1, on Terry_ ceptors at bat with two for four. SHUTS OUT GARY they .have made since they took 1 field. BY 6 TO 0 SCORE charge of the mess hall four weeks Big Fred Swindells limited the NEW PHYSICAL ago. 3 prew AB R H Merchants to two hits while fan-TRAINING PROGRAM Dre w Field Interceptors hai1d e d About 1,400 men are fed three Meyer, ss 1 0 ning nine. BEGINS AT DREW Gary A. A., leaders of the Hills-times a day at the 56 4th Mess hall. Grabosky, rf -------.4 1 1 "1!1e Dre'v nJ ne 'vent to woJ Jr b h M L d the di'f, or.oug anatee eague, a e-Besides thi! men from Klimczak, 2 b .4 1 2 early in sendin2: three tallies b t I \" d d b h B Drew Field personnel, officers CJSJve ea mg. ast 1v e nes ay Y ferent companies making up t e ekeza, c ------.4 1 1 across the plater in the second and enlisted men were introduced the score of 6-0. battalion-Headquarters, Plotting, Burch, 3 b ---------.4 0 frame and three more in the to a new physical training pro-Freddy Swinde ll s won his sec-and the First and Second Report M-cMennan, If ----.4 third to end the scoring for the gram this week by Base Physical ond victory in a week when he set ing-the figure includes about Todd, cf ----------4 1 2 Interceptors. Training Officer, Lt. M. L.1 down the Gary team with only 500 men who are attached. Firkser, 1 b ----------.4 0 2 Young righthander Matherly McBride.. three hits. The shutout was SwillMoore, P ... : ..................... .4 0 0 sent twelve Drewmen 'back to the d II d th 1 h I Complying with,Third Air Force e s secon IS wee' as e a so Totals 3 6 5 8 bench by the strikeolit route in Headquarter' s orders, Lt. Mac-blanked !'he Manatee Craters last ----pitching a beautiful game after Bride has set _up a schedule for Sunday at Bradenton b y the score x Hit for Ylllnkoski in 9th. two bad innings. both officers and enlisted of 7-0. Score by innings: men Bekeza sarted the ball rolling that will stress the development of Leading the Drew Field attack MacDill ---------100 200-3 for the Soldiers in the second in-of e leven hits were two otlt-D endurance and physical condition. rew --------500 0{10 000-5 ning by doubling to left-center. fielders, Dick 1\JcNulty and George The program outline d for en-Errors: Vichanski, 2, Stanley An error by the cent erfielder put Grabosky, with three hits apiece. DIFFERENCE The sergeant flays his cringing brood, With curses lurid, crisp and crude. The Colonel's equally emphatic But uses swear words more grammatic. 2, Mariana, M oore, Klimczak, Todd on second with Bekeza scor-liste d men includes for the first The second game of t h e series ten minutes calisthenics and the training will receive five. weeks' Meyer. Runs batted in: Klimczak, in g. McMennan sent one through will he played sometime r1 uring next half be devote d to running instrucUon at preliminary glider Bekeza 2, Todd, Firkser, Wallis, the center of the diamond to score the coming week. and alking The obstacle course schools in light, power-driven aJr-Yenkoski. Three base hit: Todd. Todd from second and moved on IV Score by innings: east of the Field will also be use d planes under a course somewhat Base on balls, off Moore, 5. Strucl' down on the throw to the plate R H E wh e n i t is finally completed. similar to that offered primary out: by Wallis 4; by Moore, 9. Two ground balls to the infield 1 Drew Field 20 3 001 6 11 2 The officers program calisthe1 students in the Civilian Pilot Umpires: Dunn and Meseda. Time sent the third run of the inning Ga1y A A. 000 000 0 2 --2-:_o_o_. ____________ ..:.....,a_cr_o_s_s_t_h_e_ru_b_b_er_. _______ games and contests will be given. Battenes: Drew FJeld Swmronautics Administration. They nics, running and walking, mass I .<> Training program of the Civil Ae-The officers will also have a dells and B e keza; Gary A.A.: Stethen will be instructed for two adCHURCH CALL ROMAN CATHOLIC Chaplain F .rancis J. O'Brieu 56 3rd Chaplain ph ens and Brannon. chance to try their skill on the 1 fitness program is : Big Response Greets designed to help all personnel and Call For 0 .. 11.der should be taken in the spirit that ditional weeks in making "dead stick" landings as an intermediate step to a id in familiarizing them with operation of gliders. Actual glider training will con-6:15 A.M. Mass ------------New T.heatre Building, near Tent City it will eventually toughen everyPl. lOtS At DreW sist of a two-week course in two-11: 00 A.M. Mass ------------New Theatre Building near T ent City one and make the Army proud of place and larger cargo' gliders at PROTESTANT the men who bear the Drew Field e lementary and advanced glide r Chaplain Carl W. Hewlett stamp. ln response to the announce-schools after completion of their 553rd Chaplain To acquaint all personnel' with ment that prior flight training has training in light power planes. 11: 0 0 A.M ------------------------Boxing Arena, 50 3rd Area the proper procedure in using the been eliminate d as a necessary S e!.ected graduates of the JEWISH obstacle course, Lt. McBride will qualification for glide r pilot can-schools will b e appointe d second Rabbi David L. Zielonka personally conduct each company didate, numerous Drew Field sol-lieutenants in the Army of the 11:00 A :M. Building on the post over the route. The diers have applied fo r admission United States. Others will be given PROTESTAN T course will not only provide a good to the Army Air Forces glider staff ratings with flight Chaplain William L. Clark workout for all the m e n but in training schools. pay. All graduates will be au-Base Chaplain many cases it will have its amus-j Candidates between 18 and 36 thorized to wear the glider pilot 11: 0 0 A.M. ------Theatre Bldg. across dit-ch north of Base Hq. ing side. who have )lad no previous flight wings insignia.


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