Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 18 (July 3, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 3, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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HlL. 1. NO. 18 DI' e11 Fi e ld, T.ampn, Florida Friday, .July 3, 1942 Drew Field General! rakes Command' Of Third Air Force Brig. G e n. Carlyl e H. Wash, h ead of the Third Fighte r Com mand, succeeded M a j Gen. W alte r R. Frank a s Commanding Officer of the Third Air Force. G e n. Frank 11a s been given anothe r assi gnm ent. G e n. Wash h a s been statione d at Dre w Field since last March 2 whe n he arrive d to asume command of the Third Fighter Command. For awhile last y ear G en. \;v'asli served as a special military observe r in London for the United States Army Air For c e s Gen. W ash was graduated from the United States Military Aca in 1913. He served as a second lieutenant in the cavalry with Gen. John J. Pershing during the Mexican Border campaign in 1916. In August of the following year he transferred to the Air Corps. Holdin' g the rating of command pilot and combat observer, Gen. Wash was Air to the American Embassy in Paris from 1922 to 1925 FREE GOLF OFFERED TO DREW, FIELD MEN COL. ASP HONORED AT DINNER I Former Staff Sgt. McLaughlin Now Lt. McLaughlin J P. E. McLaughlin, formerly Staff S ergeant of the Consolidated Mess Office, has been discharge d from the ranks of enlisted men and, promoted to a second lieu-tenancy. This is the second war in which Lt. McLaughlin has serve d. It was in March, 1916, that he went into a recruiting office and asked: 1 "Is this a private fight, gentlemen, or can anybody enjoy it?" Needleslf to say, the fight he referred to was one that everybody but the Kaiser enjoyed. And so P. E. McLaughlin, as Irishers are prone to do, got i!}to the melee. Lt. McLaughlin was a member I of the first AEF that l-anded in I France on America:s entry into the last war. He was assigned for training with the Fourth French He saw a Jot of, action in the l army and finally wound up in the 150th F. A. Rainbow Division. !last war, participating in the Aisne Gen. \Vash 1nust have just completeam Come on, men, and take ad-at one time--journeyed across khaki-clad men who squirmed Drew Field men occurred recently I That's the kind of a man i_s. to vantage of this offer to play golf town Friday night to sit in on their way into the giant hangar to when the base library moved to take up part of the responstbthty free of charge. Prof. Kay Kyser's Kollege of Mu-watch and listen while the genial larger quarters in the new school of operation of the 50 5th SA WR. Kyser led his men through the mu-building. / The Lieutenant is an army man NEW SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER sica! paces. And the Drew men In the school building, the green I from the word He hasn't'le7t led in the applause when Brian H-shaped building halfway be-c lpse contact wtth Uncle Sam s Greenfield copped the. $5 prize in tween the two chapels in the new fighting men since that mornh1g Kollege of Musical Knowledge area the library has facilities to in March, way back in 1916. He quiz. take' care of several times fought o the Mexican border and Professor Kyser had plenty of more soldiers than were able to served in Coblenz, Germany, with assistants to entertain the soldiers crowd into the old library. the Army of Occupation. --Harry Babbitt, who wowed the A competent staff of three li-He left the official ranks after crowd \Vith "Tangerine"; Ish brarians is at hand during the the \Var and 'vent to \VOrk in. the Kabibble, the dead-pan comedian, open hours--9 a.m. to 9 p.m.-Civilian Q. !VI. office at Fort Sill, and several lovely singers who to assist any enlisted man. lVIiss Okla.At this job he labored nearly won cheers for their appearance Caroline Shelton lias charge during two years and then it was back to as a_s performance. I the morning, Mrs. Clarice White the Colors again. Seve1 al Umvet stty of Tampa co-in the afternoon, and Mrs. Jean Since til e returned to the army, eds, who helped out during the I Lambert at night. All three are he has ben stationed successively Kollege _Knowledg_e, happy to assist soldiers in finding at MacDill Field, Morrison Field added a fm thet fenunme I suitable reading material or in and Drew Field. an audtence that was pteclomttaking advantages of the oppor-. It seems that love of action and nantly male. tunities offe.red at the library. adventure has run rampant in the The soft-spoken band I Nearly 1 ,500 'books are avail-McLaughlin blood. Major C. P. brought the to the soldte:s I abl e to soldiers at the library. Be-McLaughlin, U .S. A.M C., the lieuthe Tampa atr bases as part of Ius sides books and countless maga-tenant's brother, is also in the contribution to the national de-zines, the library is equipped with scrap occupying our Uncle Sam. f ense He is paying all the expen-lounge s and chairs so that soldiers ses of the band this month on its may read in comfort. In addition tour of the army camps. And did there are phonograp_ h reco. r .ds, a the Drew men appreciate Kyser's victrola, a radio and a soft-drink unique contribution to the war machine on hand for entertaineffort? Just ask any: of the men ment and relaxation. who were there! DREW MEN CAN TAKE LADIES TO HONEYMOON ISLAND Bus service to Honeymoon Island is now availabl e daily. time is expressed in a group of Soldiers who wish to s p end a. A Ad four digits, running from 0000 to pleasant off-day with their lady rmy opts 12400, representing the 24 hours frieqds on tlfe nationally-known Captain Chester K. Delano, new teams, directing intra-mural 24 H Cl k 1 from midnigh t to midnight. The sub-tropical island for honeySpecial Service Officer at Drew sports, and serving as varsity foot- OUr OC first two figures ot' the four-digit mooners will now have an oppor-Field, comes to his new position ball scout. As director of intra-The official system for the serial indicate the hours after tunity to do so. mural sports, he had 8Q per cent Army in all official m essages, midnight and the r emaining two The price will b e $1.00 p e r p erwith long years of experience. A of the student body at Tufts parti-dispatche s, orders and reports, be-figure s indicate the minutes past son. Facilities for deep-sea fi shing graduate of Springfield Colleg e, cipating in the college sports pro-ginning July 1, at 4:00 a 111., the hour. Where the hour can be and swimming in the Gulf of Mass., Captain Delano did gra-gram. Greenwich Civil Time (12:00 expresse d by a singl e digit, it will Mexico are at one's disposa L duate work in physical education The new Base Special Service midnight, E. W. T., June 30), will be preceded by zero, for example, Those who wish to g o should a t Harvard University and Tufts 1 Officer, who served in the Navy be the 24-hour clock system, the 0625 for 6:25 a.m. Twelve noon make reservations at PX No. 1. College, and for 13 years was conduring the last war, took a spe-War Department announced. would be expressed 1200, and The bus leave s Tampa at 8:00 nected with athletics at Tufts cia! services course at Ft. Meade, Under the 24-hour clock s y s ; 2 : 00 p.m. would b e expressed\ a m. Dre w Field at 8:15 a.m., Co,llege--coaching three freshman Md. before con1ing to Drew Field. tern, already in use by the Navy, l 140 0 and r eturns at 8: 0 0 p. m.


Page 2 1be Drew Field Echoes .JIMMY JACKSON, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers llmwootl cruiting publicity-" Join the Army DIAL H 25-564 Ph. H 186:! -:-Tampa and Learn a Trade ." We're gonna buy a restaurant Everything in the kitchen will tie automatic except one process. For FLAMINGO CONCRETE PIPE CO. 7tt FRANKL 1 N that we're going to hire a lot of rff"i iU EX'l'RA! Cnrtoon j H. Y. J(altcnborn "DOG.Z...X:2.YBLE" watching them TAMPA, FLORIDA 3613 EAST LAKE AVENUE P. 0. BOX 5288 PHONE Y 1289 ''Edits 'rhe Nen 's"' Paramount Ne,vs Air-Contlitioncd ---------------------peel potatoes.


Friday, July 3, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 530 th Service a little more the 350th be will leave her home in Massa-tapped him on the shoulder and will start answering those ball-chusetts, to reside with 'dat lucky asked, "Pardon me, have you seen GO TO 0. C. S. NEWS game challenges. from other squa-bum'. drons. Rig.ht now, due to the con-dition of the ground, practice is Memories: being delayed. Doctor: "Calf?" I Corp. Koch: "Fourteen inches, By Corp. C. Behm How uice it was. A promotion, sir." We-re glad to hear that Master a raise in pay, and being paid-all Doctor: "Thigh?" Sergeant Lee Silvers has recover-in the same day It's not hard to Koch: "Twenty-six inches, sir." ed from his heat-stroke. How did tell who the lucky felows that Doctor: "Neck?" you like the nurses, Sgt? From received promotions. Just loolc Koch: "Yes, sir." wh.at we hear, they're plenty nice. for the self-conseious took on their ---The name of MacDlll Field! The way certain individuals are using it as an, excuse to the little women is a shame. What do you think, Sgt. Bolden? SERVICE Your MEN, Is Located At 80 1 Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Co. '.fampa, Florida ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquarters Of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone i\f 02-072 207 Twig-gs Phone M-1236 CAMPBELL BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP 308, Twiggs St. Ph. M 54-572 Hair Cuts 40c Mal'ion & Alma, Betty & Deedie Open Evenings by Appointment FLOWERS .. Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Attention Offlcers' \Vives ELSIE V. BAILEY Formerly With Singe r Sewing Machin e Co. Specializing In EveningGowns For \Vives 321.4 Bay-to-Bay Ph. H46-783 beaming face!. We wish those fellows who are wondering about the lack of so-bring their the present rubber and New Record: Pvt. Fabriziani, cial activities 'would l'or special detail work. Perhaps suggestions to us. At they like your work, Fab. time the of gas is hampering our means of transportation. But if anything at all can l;>e done to carry out an activity, it will be done. For your information, there are several functions which will be held in Pfc. Wilcox now sweating out a FLORIDA GUN & LOCK SERVICE 705-A FLORIDA .AVE. l'H. MSI-251 Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, 'I'OBACCOS SMOKERS AR'l'ICJ;.ES \VELCOIUE SERVICE ltiEN Florida Av & 'l'wiggs St. the very near future workmen plow over the lawns with little regard for the colors or formations. We appreciate the fact that production is all-important and we ITaud you but, please fellows, slow up. And if you're not in too much of a hurry-salute \with us. 1 The three rarest things in exis tence are radium, real meat in qamburger, and a native of Brooklyn who can speak English. Pvt. Arnold Piellucci is well-versed in army vernacular but the buoyant shrimp is occasionally "The Place To i\1eet And Eat" Matthew's Corner Fountain & Luncheonette JJIQUORI;;; wiNES llEER WE DELIVER Lafarette & Tampa Ph. l\f-1.242 REMEMBER CORREGIDOR 17th St. News Stand CURB SERVICE When in Ybor City Shop at the Corner 17th and Broadway All the Latest Magazines Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Gra.nd Central Yes, if its what you don't need See Us WE BUY AND SELL CLOTIDNG Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry, Etc. NOAH'S ARK 960 Twiggs Street Dependable Photo Finishing S ervice FLORIDA PHOTO 'SEn VICE 604 Madison Stieet squelched by the fair sex. He .donned his fanciest manners at the dance and with considerable effort asked debonairly, "May I have this dance?" "Surely," smiled the sweet young thing, "if you can find someone to dance it with." To which our hero retorted icily, "Don't let it go to your head I m just practisin' ." Pvt. Pemelton Bowers is leaving soon for cooking school, consequently .his romantic approach has been altered a little: For you I'd Grab the Stars, And set them In a Ring, A simpl e stew with You Would taste good like everything. For You I'd get the Moon They say it is a cheese, And slice it up for sandwiches, Your appetite to tease. Note to advertising salesmen: Recently promoted Corp. John Ashe "Little Atlas" to his wife, is thinking about opening a school for the development of the body b eautiful. Feahtring C01sages and Cut Flowets T ech Sergeant John Malone is the new addition to the Flight Surgeon's Staff. With vast experienc e in that type of work he should have the office working its smoothest shortly. THE TERRACE GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP Flowers for MoLher, Sweetheart and Friend Connecting with the Tampa Tenace Lobby I Pvt. Joe Filas insisted the I dance was so crowded someone the. girl I'm dancing with?" Fourteen Drew Field men have been selected to attend the Signal While Pvt. Bill Nugent turns Corps Officers' Candidate School philosopher with his famous line, at Fort Monmouth, N. J "She was only a lumberman's The men are as follows: TjSgt. daughter but she always would." Vincent J. Rhodes; 1st Sgt. James M. Haller; Sgt. Leon C. Luther; A Drew Field soldier reports Sgt. Jack R. Klocke; Cpl. Doyle that his brother fainted on the D. Stickel; Cpl. William M, Flynn, street back in his home town and Pfc. Eugene H. Meadows; Pvt. took eight policemen to hold Jack Dutton; Pvt. Harold L. Lothe first-aiders. der; Pvt. Harold A. Meriam, Jr.; Pvt. John H. Clark; Pvt. Earl Prue; Pvt. Frank R. Schumann, Buy More Bonds and Pvt. Michael F. Hallahan. The Guidepost To EVERYTHING A SOLDIER NEEDS! SERVICES MERCHANDISE SUNDRIES l{eys Made While Yon Wait Guns. And Locks Repaired SAFES OPENED Tennis Rackets Restltmg Get Them at The P.X. Genuine Henry's Lock & Key Shop 21.1 E. Lafayette Ph. M56-281 Flmida Cypress Post Oards tO beautifUl Subjects. A.iso "The Angler's Pra.yer Pla<.r11e". Send 1\8 a gift to a friend for their ot.rice, den or camp. Packed for mailing. Des:lgil.ed and manufactu.tred by :...-------:-------...---.: Bowman Studios, Tariipa., l<'lOiida. .. :!: so s 'S :;: t :\. t y .. : ).. I Army Store f. Complete Line Military Supplies F ot The Needs Of :;: SERVICE MEN i y ? ::: OPEN EVENINGS ::: :i: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa A A .. : : .. : .. :-: .. : .. :!++!++!++!++!++!;++!++!++!++!++!++: .. : .. : .. :-:-:-: .. :-:-: .. : .. .. Y.-: ...... )+: Athlete's Foot Use DEX FOR SALE AT ALL POST EXCHANGES Drew, MacDill and Benjamin Fields-Satisfaction Guaranteed FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & Flotida Ave., Talnpa Telephone 31.84 STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN Also A Full 'Line of GrocerieE Open Evenlngs 'till 11 P .M. 805 Gr. Central Phone H 29-842 Keep 'Em Repaired Needlecraft Service Shop Reweaving & Alterations Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG. Member: lV.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Manhattan C&fe i Flower's For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 4 12 Tampa St. --Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uni;form Phone M.5783 The logical and BEST place to .buy Military needs for officers and enlisted men. OPEN TUESDAY 91.7 FRANKLIN ST. TAMPA 531 CLEVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL ST. PETERSBURG NATION1tt 'L0A.N'M.PA.NY: :' .. Motiey :Loaned. Ol'i:A ;Ilyt h in.g.of Value .. 1101 :Corner Harrison Phone M 50-341 OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 8 P. M. O'CLOCK


Page 4 Khaki-Wacky 1st Rept. Co. 503rd Bn. By Pvt. At'llO Justman DREW FIELD ECHOES A short spot about a co rporal done That man makes Sherlock who is long on friends. This cor-Holmes appearas a rank amateur. poral has been assigned to another company which is their gain and Then there is Sgt. Doxen. If at our loss, as he is tops. We regret any time you .hear a cry that starts losing. Corporal Webb. I have a I with H ey, .have you seen serhunch the corporal will go a long geant?" That is all you will have way in a short time an. d I'm. not to hear because as you have now Communications Co. COMMUNIQUES 503 Sig. A. W. Regt. Frida. y 3 194 2 mail orderly. Oh yaarr! Sgt. Guthrie seems to be standing up pretty well after a wee k of mat!7 ied life. A bit pale, though. It seems that a certain sergeant in the 564th metl Mrs. Guthrie, who thim was still a bride-to-be, on a Tampa bound train which was bearing him back from a furlough, his Your raving r eporter came upon a scoop the other day that is far too good to withhold from the pu-talking about miles. guessed the last will be Sergeant ---Doxen. Half of the men haven' t Like a grou p of Volga boatmen, even seen him yet and they have a grou p of men trudged down the been here at least two months. road, their shoulders slunk, their --By 1S/Sgt. Eric J Gaich cheeks pinked up some when he This column is being written on found out that "Julia" married the eve of pay day, and. what a 1 our First Sergeant. We welcome pay day! For weeks th.e boys have home Sergeant Jarrett who has blic. In fact the person himself is Then there is Sgt. Schooler, the been planning ways and means of too rare to keep out of the lime-heads lolling, their eyes mere slits thinker. When said sergeant is in spending those extra shekel s and light any longer. Men, 1st sgt. peeking out of dejected, haggard 1 the throes of writing, just forget by the time you read this the cele Scott is in the market for some faces, thei:n gait slow and falteri abou t trying to .get his attention. bration shouid be in full swing. m e rchandise and I don't mean ing as if on that Last Mile. O c -'rt is quite impossible. There is a Don't forget, boys, the end of the material. Can you imagine a 1st casionally one would lift his head story, just a story, mind you, that month is just as far away. as it S g t. who rarely swears, who as if trying to get a glimpse o f once Sgt. Schooler was writing always has been. neither smokes nor chews, who is some Shangri-La and t hen, fail-when the company received orders moderate to a minimum in his ing, drop it in weariness. The en-to move immediately which i t car-The boys were a little sour drinking, who does not have clan-tourage was the personification of ried out lock, stock and barrel. when they found no s ugar to destine nocturnal cavortings, who despondency. You've g uessed it. Whn the Sgt. finished, he walked sweeten the:i.r morning disposiwrites home regularly and who They have just completed their outside and wondered who had r e -tions on Sunday. Yoti know \vho's runs this company in a way that furloughs. made the street. Tsk! Tsk! to blame. No not the brow-beaten would bring a glint to General ---Mess Sergean t, but the Axis. Marshail's eye? Yes, sir, that is Speaking of sergeants, me-We are not going to overlook ---just a few of the many things that thinks a word or two about a f e w Sgt. Yadkoswsky either, for here Speaking of the Mess Sergeant, spent several enlightening weeks in Atlanta; some babes there, he tells us. We a lso bid welcome to the boys who returned from Athens after several months absence, Sgt. Baucum, T/5ths F ,isher, Fritz and Weigandt. Thf) morale of the men in com munication company was raise' d immeasurably Monday when, after several weeks of laxity, a .detail was sent to C learwater on the Con voy with promises that they will be given such breaks whenever opportunity provides in the future. A further lifting of morale came from seat number fourteen (a very could be written about him. And would now b e in order. First, there we have an outstanding person. If don't let him chase you Mo.del men, believe me when I say that is 1'lgt. Vest. If at any time you anytime you are apt to think you "T" Corporals and Model "T" Serthis Sgt. has no girl. That is, no have a tune in your mind and know a nybody that covers a lot of geants to the end of the chow line. reliable source) with news that a girl we know about. So right here want someone to try and recognize territory in a short time, just fol-1 Yoh have all the rights and priv-day off each week is to be "given. and rtow, we of the company are in it, for heaven's sake, don't go to low the Sgt. for 24 hours. I might ileges s hared b y the non-coms who Better put the ropes back on the the b usiness. We a girl, not Sgt. Vest, becausej if you do not state tha t it will b e an don't bear the weight of the T". tents! just any girl, but The Girl. Any know the meaning of obsession sibility unless you are acquainted By wearing your new stripes you cooperation will b e appreciated. now, yo u surely will before you're with a Grade X gas ration car.d. I also assume .the resilonsibilities The prize boner came at 2 a.m. Wh;;; .. .......................... Wh:;r:o:i By the way, have you seen our I ;::r which come with DU dayroom? Brother, we have things And, then, how about the non-a whistle blow. He jumped out of RING OFF-DUTY HOURS here that others dream about-! cOins chow line and mess tent? bed, turned on the light and startD _INING ENTERTAINMENT DANCING 1 ................................................................................................... .. "luxurious settees with ottomans They are pretty 1nuch congested ed dressing. c alling meanwhile to VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand' Central Phone H-3773 WELCOME SOLDIERS MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES STAR LIGHT CLUB DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT Admission 35c Two Popular Orchestras EDDIE WILLIAMS 9 To 12 YOUNG RAYl\:IOND 12 to 3 :30 Ftee Dance Every Thursday Nigh t With Orchestra Anthony And 'Nebraska Ave. to match, music emanating from a I now and it looks as if some exhis fellow tent-dwellers to "get on radio which to describe amply pansion will have to take p lace. the ball. He w a s promptly in-would t ake superlatives even I formed of the time in very certain haven' t got, literature by the hunPvt. Turner seems to be doing terms and returned sheepishly to dreds of volumes, set off with a a snappy job of his new duty as his slumbers. writing table fit for a king. Drop over, men. You can look free. Where To Go! What To Do! DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS D ANCING DINING ENTERTAINMENT Sig. Hdqrs. and Hdqrs. Co. -:;,,, .. ., .......... "' .... .... ................ ., .......... -, .............................................. ........ GLEN'S BILLARDS Ciga t s Cigarettes, Soft. Dl'inks, Third fighters Command :!: "Where setvice Men !Vleet'' :i_.: Pvt. Ralston Phone l\15:!-073 Welcome Soldiers to THE MARJAOK TAVERN IN SULPHUR SPRINGS Good Food-Cocktails and Liquors All at Moderate Prices MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E BROADWAY YBOR CITY The company made an outing l ast Monday and Tuesday to Rocky Point for a fi shing party in the Gulf. Except for a f e w m edium size ones caught b y us, the r e a r e still lots of fish l eft over the r e so don' t any of you soldiers h esita t e to try your luck. The m e n took some g oo.d snapshorts .and the yelling back and forth b etween the I :m e n in the two bo-at s w a s a riot. \.!thoug h only a fe w f i s h wer e aught, a g ood time was h a d by all. I I ! HAPPY LANDINGS B & B CAFE BIGGER BETTER MEALS BEER 1101 CENTRAL AVENUE WINES Poolroom: 1022 Central Avenue, _Tampa, Florida .... The CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks R eal Italian Sr_,:Lghetti Sandwiches Dtinks Liquots Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 SERVICE :il'IEN!! Meet Your Friends at .. ... VICTOR CAFE i Fine Spanish Food D elicious C uban Sherbets Cuban Sandwiches Plenty Parking Space Los Helados De Ybor 1 4th St. and 8th Avenue Phone Y -3505 BOB'S PLACE ... .;. 1324 F ranklin Ph. M-7240 Beer -Wine -Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr ::: Beer -Wines -Hostesses .;. Bill B ailey, Prop. Member V.F.W. and American Legion SARATOGA BAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and Franldi.n Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 SOLDIERS For An Enjoyruble Evening viSIT MILLERS BAR BEER HOSTESSES -WINES 1111 Fla. Av e : Ph. M7215 TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft DrinkS Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOL0NIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME Have you notice d the m e n wee.ring g reen f ti g u e uniforms on the lawn a t Si g n a l Hdqr l a t e ly? Or heard the shouts, Ready on the r i ght, ready on the l eft, ready on the firing line. Followe d b y the stead y click o f empty rifles? It's only recruit drill for the new m e n I r ecently adopte d b y the company. A m erica n soldiers\ are c a p a b l e o f 1 pi c k i n g things up quickly, so it s h ouldn't b e long b efore Signal Hdqrs turns out a w ell-roun. d e d outfit. A n e w p ark i s in prog ress jus t east of t h e East and west ce m ent runway. Si g n a l Hdq r s. has d e ci ded, i n v iew o f t h e w a r effort and t h e shortage of gasoline and trucks, t o c onstruct a b all di a mond. P art of the company works on it d a i l y and things a r e now w ell unde r way. O f c o u rse, this Flori d a dirt (sand t o you) is not s uited for b a s e b a ll di a m ond, bu t t h e army m a kes the best o f e v erything. The bo ys call it Paradise Parle. I d on't mow w h e r e they got the name Hope the C.O ., Capt. Emmett A P arrish, will think it' s all rig h t. W e ll your l amplight r eporte r i s going to close for now as h e i s on K P tomorrow. Need h e say more? Buy, Bonds Manuel Garcia Jr.'s MADRILLON Spanish R estaurant 915 Tam.pa at 'L'yle r 'L'ampa, Florida WEJ_,COME .. S etvice Men and Friends to the SWING CLUB A Nice PI.ac e For N ice P eopl e Dancing and R efreshments i>008 M emol'ial Highway Phone H-2184 Welcome To Italian Foods -Liquor-Beer El Trocadero -DANCINGC. K. Hebble, Mgr. 1701 E. Brodway Ph. Y 1391 SOLDIERS St. Augustine Cafe 2308 Florida. Av enue CUBAN SA:II.'DWICHES BEER WINES BILLIARDS CIGAHS BEERWINES S ANDWICHES HARH.Y WELLECOTT '912 Florida AYenne FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1 216 Franklin St. Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKUN Dan'l S Bagley Meet Your Friends at ..... 1 ROXY BAR -Bee r --Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hostesses-Dancing Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service


Friday .. Jul y 3 1942 :----------------rber of men of the 504th attended 50 l st. Regt. Plant Field REPORTS senices at our chapel and receiv e d a most hearty welcom e Baseball games started off with a b ang last wee k with 1\Iotor Pool, managed by Sgt. Pat Benjamin, d 'efeating Hq Reg. Bn. Score 5 to DREW FIELD ECHOES 3rd Rept. Co. 503rd Regt. NOTES ed himself an .able entertainer an. d a friend. Only one bad mark has defiled his record. When h e pulled C Q last weer,, he was suppose d to arouse all those who were going on the 25-mile hike at 4 a. m Instead he woke the whole By Pfc. Thomas \V. Dugan camp. Many a soldier of this orga-Page 5 503rd Plotting Co. PLUNKS By Johnny R ebel The Plotting Company in true By this time our C O., Capt. nlzation would like to "Snuff" 3. A great catch by Sgt. Hambly 0 1 h Charles Lewman, WI I ave re-him out for that. Pt'c. H:uTy .1. Zigun tradition has its roomers and ru-The 504th i s now our closest in l eft field was the feature of the turned from a well deserved leave. mars; primarily we most con-n eighbor. It's m e n live directly gam e. Bob Hassell helped win the 'vVe all hope he had a pleasant cerned in offering our sincerest across the street and break bread gam e !'or l\Iotor Pool by not play-vacation and we will be glad to wonder if there is anything congratulations to a keen top-with us at our table. ing and acting as water boy. see him back at his post. possible that we could compare kick, First S gt. Charles R. Norrish For those o f the 50 4th who are Personnel took ,the measure of the chow line to? So help me, if Jr. He has taken unto himself a C t C 8 t 5 D f S---:--ff H 1 I have to stand at the Pearly Gates Interested in dances and social ommumca wn 0 e ense You know nu y. e ws prov-l swell girl; unto death do them activities w e suggest that you of the outfielders ag.ain showed that way to get m, I never w11l part. The best to you both, Sarge. watch for the U SO Bulletrns. that the batters we!re slugging. you know what we mean). In 'make it. Anybody with me? __ Those who are interested in from theii toes. view; of the order given by Cap---Hidden talent was exposed Sunservices and activities directed by tain Gastreich that the boys are By the time that this column day afternon when Pvt. Henry 0. Chaplain Amos L Boren, read the The 501st Swimmers (25 not to lose their self-control and appears many a full pocket will Edwins accepted the challenge of "Chaplain Bulletin" which will strong) are ready to start their greet the young ladies on the way have been emptied. s :ome fellows the pride of the Medics and fought be distribute d Friday of each practice. rrwo strong teams are with expressions of affection, etc., just can't ho!.d on to their cash. him to a, three-round draw at the week. expected to be developed prin-some of. the boys to keep from Got a dime, Joe? local boxing arena. It is whisperOn Friday, June 26,t1 1 some cipally from the Plotting and violating this order ,are thinking I ___ ed he will ,be one the mainstays men of the 504tli were convoved Repting Bns .about wearing gas masks on the of the about-to-be organized Base Starkle, Starkle, little twink! to Central Christian Church and next l1ike. enjoyed an entertainin g evening. Last FriGay the 50lst hiked to what with music, games, re-1 Carroll Lake. In spite of the long fresliments and charming ladies. hike, the boys seemed to' enjoy the On Sun.d.ay, June 28th, a num1 pretty sights along the way (if Where To Go! What To Do! OFF-DUTY HOURS DINING ENTERTAINMENT DANCING B .ennett Drug Store 1 004 Franklin Street Complete Soda Fountain and Luncheonette LIQUOR ANNEX IN CONNECTION Try Corby's Special Blended Whiskey 86% Three .dogs have attached them-Who the hell you are. I think? selves to our Regiment and never I'm not under the alcolfluence fail to join in our hikes. On the incohol, way back from Carrool Lake, the Altho some thinkle peep I am. dogs fell out and were treated for I fool so feelish blisters and exhaustion. I don't know who is ine. Boxing team. Speaking of boxing, we noticed Sgt. Branson sporting a patched lip, but he insists it was the proverbial door. Have you signed up for your purchase of Defense Saving Bonds? The new raise will readily The drunker I sit The 501st welcomes to its staff Tl l I th. k I b afford the opportunity to practice a newly assigned officer, Captain le anger m e. This little bit of whimsiCal non-the old axiom of saving for that A. E. Kaliker. d sense was sent to our 1st Sgt. ramy ay. Dray by one of the many fair Sgt. J .ames Wynes of the Medics was married last week. "Congramaidens he has chosen to enrap" Many or our men were caught tulations to you and your wife, ture. What does it mean? Was it drifting down to the 505th area Jimmy and Good Luck! ... Corporal Bill Malone of the Medics is a happy Corporal these "love .at first sight" or "luck of Friday night. That was their old the Irish?" outfit .and the prospect of renew-ing acquaintances was too much The whole column this week to keep them around. .days. Reason: His wife arrived seem to be given over to poetry, from Hackensack, N J., .and will but I can't pass this one up. Have you heard about the Nazi moron who upon seeking citizenship studied for the \Vesserman Test? live in T ampa for awhile. "Keep We're filling the gaps, Smiling, Bill!" And setting the traps, For coming scraps, One of the most popular men in That will change the mJ.ps our Regiment is the f amous Char-Of 1hose yellow saps, Staff Sgt. Bess: "What did the alf say to the silo?" les "Angel" Nassaney. Reason for The treacherous Japs. popularity-well, ask the boys He -From Baltimore and Ohio is known as the one-ma n army. THINGS WE DIDN'T KNOW TIL' \NOW Ericson was a music critic for the Chicago Tribune. During his 3 yea1s with the Tribune h e wrote [ reviews of concerts give n by many of the World Famous Artists. Pvt. Ericson attended University of Chicago and the American Con-' servatory of Music. 1 In 192 G S/Sergean t Nathan Magazine, April 1942. Sgt. Dean: "Dunno. What?" Bess: "Is my fodder in there?" Where To Go! What To Do! DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS OnlJ the Finest Quality of Foods Usell A LA CAllTE SERVICE 806 FRc \ :\"1\:LIN S'l'REET THE RED MILL PHONE M 64-913 LIGII'r LUNCH DINNERS 11 A. lU. Till 4 P. lU. Dnily I Holland was the anchor man of the 4 man r elay tmck team that represented Stuyvesant Hig h Antericnn An(l L:ttiu Fund ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT 17H> Plntt St. nt P:tckwood SOI,DIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been desi g n e d to make your l eisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Ice Cl'eam, :'loft Drinks, Beer, \Vine Fun Anti l\Iusic 1709 North Howard Avenue ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass 7:15 ... -7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs 1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK School in New York City and est ablishe d a n Interscholasti c and also Inter collegiate record for the ljz mile sprint. SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT A 'I'MOSPHERE-VISIT The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA Seafood Dinners Pfc. Francis E Norvicki, for the 3rd Reporting Co. r eports: Pfc. Ottieri who has two t's in his name wil add another "T" ver y J shortly when he receives his new ... ;:===========: t echnical rating. Max's Liquor Bar THE SILVER MOON Last week was a happy one J, I '.r T L E s A v 0 y for a numbe r of privates who. b e WINES LIQUORS -CIGARS Bar Hooms ColOJecl Roldic l S FREE DELIVERY SERVICE cam e Pfc' s with 8pec(alists Rat1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. 1102 Ccntml l:HO ( 'entta. l ings. Congratulations to them. PHONE Y-1281 Pfc Filips said that its great to --Keep 'Em Flying--. get home on a furloug h but get-ting back--well, t hat's a diffe rent story. H e still insists t hat there isn' t anot h e r post lil'e "Toffenetes" on Times Square in the heart of New York City. Sgt. N i cola wants a t e lephone booth installed near his bunk so that h e doesn't have to run around when that certain Miss call s The five happy soldie r who left on their furloughs this week a r e Pfc. Quar1es, Pfc. ltande, Pvt. Martin, Pvt. Fleming and Pvt. Goss Pvt. Glasser saw Sl"rvice '\vith the Fre n c h Army. A h.arcl and sturdy worke r in o u r Company i s Sgt. who w ill be appointe d acting1st Sgt. "Con gratulations anrl S uccess t o you, Sgt. Simmo nson. BUY BONDS "KEEP'EM FLYING!" WE 1\:EEP 'EM EATii\"G MAC DILL -DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RES'l'AURANT l\lorgan and '.l'wiggs Chas Vallckl'lwtst, P r o p Rubin' s Restaurant FINEST SPANISH FOOD IN TAMPA 1403 Tampa Street Affi CONDITIOXED Liberty Bar Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Drinks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109


Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES CHEWING THE JJUGJ...E finished at _taps, what has he. from his fingers. It was a note CALL RAG OR HOW A slap ca:too_n from his One and Only. H e wanted W some of hrs budd1es m srtuahons Bill to write a reply. Man, you DO YOU, DRE ? which, for their own good, would should've seen the masterpiece be better l eft in the dark. Ah! Holle turned out for the swan. It By Cor-poral Mike Dodd but that is life. No kidding, tho, fairly oozed and .dripped with Before saying "I .do" to Uncle D o n turns out cartoons of merit, sticky sentiment. Such glowing Sam several months ago, this spiced with a unique brand of scribbler used to trip a light fan-humor found only in Hoppe creatastic over the typewriter keys tions. Pretty soon, you may be terms of affection! I 'll always regret that I wasn't there looking over the girl's shoulde r when she for a pape r in his home town. Althoug h he feels quite at home marching through a column, he m ust confess that this being his initial step in an arm y newspaper tends to sort of give rise to goose pimples. But let's dispense with sticky introductions, and get in t h e groove. seeing some of Don' s stuff in this rea d that torrid missive. Betcha paper. I'd!ve caught her when she swooned over backw?-rds, I betcha. B y Do you have difficulty in ex-means of Holle's letters, you, too, pressing yourself on paper? Can can be popular with the girls. For you always think of the right a nominal fee, be will do a noteword to give the proper shade of worthy job for you. meaning to your thoughts? Then, ---the gent you want to see is Pfc. Corporal. George Kern, hand-' Bill Holle. Turn that guy loose on some redhead, by his own admis-Friday, July 3, 1942 He was only a draftsman, but a typewriter and just watch his sion, is the best man in th' e U.S.A. the draft blew on the nape of his fingers fly over the keys. Presto! Why does h e bestow this distinc neck, and look at him now. All day Out comes letters that bring home tion upon himself? Well, you see, long, Corporal Don Hoppe sweats t h e bacon. Recently, a love sick it's like this: George is a n emi over a hot drawing board, con-private floated into the supply of-nent authority on goats, and when cocting complicated blue prints in fice, his .eyes staring blankthis company was in New Orleans, intricate aetail, and when h e's allly into space, a letter dangling Kern took a fancy to a stray goat that use d to hang around his mess .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!-!:-:-!Jj t ent. It was love at firs t sight. A :;: A New Declaration For July 4th fast friendship b etwee n the man l: r\ Let's Declare Our Independence :;: and animal blossomed forth with July 4th, 1942 + )\_ \\t"t. And ,. ;:: the rapidity of' a recruit dashing ':' II \ '"/>: : to the orde-rly room for his first :f Buy U.S. WAR BONDS :i: pass home. Some of the fellows : \ Jtf58(Ui I W'th 0 Ent PROFITS ':' vowed that there was a striking ::: .. ,'".II 1 ur Ire .:-. resemblence between corporal y A ':' GAYVILLA LODGE and the beast. Came time for this X :;: outfit to leave New Orlean s and A sort of Fourth this year? It's different all right, but it really means something. Americans at war celebrate Independence Day ... only instead of taking a holiday we're fighting all the harder. We KNOW what we're fighting for. And we know there can be only one ending-Independence. :;: K ern lost no time having a crate EXCELSIOR PRINTING CO'. ::: Chicken and Steak Dinners + constructed in which to ship his LA ;NACIONAL COFFEE MILL + XI twin horned friend. H e wanted to AMERICAN SALVAGE. AND :;: We Sell Whisky + make Billy mascot of the company. LUMBER co. .. .,. + .. But, sad to r elate, Kern's dream J. F .CALDWELL & SON Florida and Nebraska Avenue At The Apex + never materialized. Seems a major (Crate Material) :!: =!: I got V\rind of the idea, and !{ern MARI{ET 1& had to d epart n1inus his beloved GROCERY ::: .;. fri end. "He was one o f the best LAI\:EWOOD MARKET .:. The Hopes And of Free People : friends I ever ;had," sighed the DR. RAUL ROQUE Everywhere Depend On You :;: corporal, brushing a tear from CARL GRANTHAM, Produce :i: THE POLK COMPANY :!: his cheek. J. RODRIGUEZ & CO. '' --ISHEPPARD PRODUCE .. .. .. .. .. : .. .. .. .. .. An essential part of ever y orgalll\ffi{E ROSENBLATT, Produce V!!!-!!!:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-!:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:!!-!:-:-:-::-:-:-:-::-:-:!-!!:-:-:-:!!o niza,tion is a good laundry service. NIEDER.ER & .ffiRSCH 'i' Our laundry is v ery capably RELIAN-CE J,IFE J ,NSURA'NCE :;: You Fly 'Em We'll Buy 'Em :i: handled by an expert in the COMPANY Y G E .. business; namely, one Sing Lo CITY HALL STORAGE GARA .:.::.::. O'Berry & Hall 'Co. Mann. Sing Lo has won for him-A. c BECKEN CO self an enviabl e reputation in t h e TYPE\VRITER REPAIR CO. : cleanin g fi eld. Sing Lo is aware JOSE FERNANDEZ ::: WHOLESALE GROCERS :i: that khaki s must be c leaned and R.OUTT GARAGE pressed in a military tuanner H i\RTLEY GROCERY AND : 701 Whiting Street : : ':' And that's tile way h e has 'em MARI\:ET + y I .. done. Recently, ho,vever, there .liiLLSllOitO AVE. SEJl.VICE. Poinsettia Cake Company 2902 Chestnut St. CHARLES M. PRICE PACIHNG HOUSE SUPPLIES 132 13th Street \Ve All Ra.ve A Job To Do was a ripple in Sing Lo's long STATION line of smooth service. A pair of JENNIE'S GR.OCER.Y pants, with a rusty stripe across TEMPLETON EGG CO. the seat, bounce d back. "What's SELl<' ,SEHVICE STORE the reason for barked the VAGABOND COACH SALES & Phone H46-293 Happy Landings Essential To Om irked sol.dier, slapping the soiled !SERVICE. CO. trousers on the counter. At first, AL' S GARAGE Sing Lo was at p. loss as to what HAYBRO ELECTRIC SUPPLIES sort of explanation to give. But I JAY'S 5 & 10 CENT STORE suddenly, h e was seized with an I DABNEY'S RED AUTO PAINT inspiration. Smiling sweetly, Sing SHOP Lo confided in the soldier: "Oh, O'DELVS BEAUTY SHOPPE haven' t you heard? When a soldier THOMPSON-BRICE LUMBER receives pants from the laundry COMPANY ra stripe on them such as l\Tc\VIL J ... IA1\ I S ELECTR.IC CO. Your' re Do in Your Part ... We'll Do Ours :!: I yours, it's a sure sign that he is RELIABLE DR. Y CLEANERS : g : going to make sergeant before the TAMPA FURNI'.rURE AND :i: PAUL SMITH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY :!: next new moon. I 've never !mown I FIXTURE CO. H. O. KAIGLER ED;DIE G. HAUER FELLOWS MOTOR CO. JOHNSTON FIXTURE CO. MOTOR PARTS CO., INC. ,STANDARD OIL CO. HOLTSI:NGER MOTOR CO. P. FERNANDEZ GRO. SERVICE AGENCY BUFFALO CAFE A. RUTKIN, GR.. & FEED STORE DR.. SHELDON STRINGER J. ELMER :CRUMPTON DR. JULIO J GUERRA O-KAY SHOE SHOP REPAffi MARGARET E. HEY, Broker GULF BRASS WORI\:S LIBERTY FLAG & DECORATING 1\IFG. TARTLER'S BAI\:ERY HOOK MATTRESS LINCOLN GRO. & MARKET DIXIE <:;UPPLY CO. GREEXMAN CO. AURORA BEAUTY SALON Mil. F. V. MOON PEX. NET & TWINE CO. SONOTONE HEARING AIDS HARlE'S BEAUTY CORNER J.JA LLAVE GROCERY MAYWORTH SHOWCASE WORRS SYLVA IN'S HATCHERY MAR.I -NELL BEAUTY SALON GAS'l'HOFE'S MFG. CO. MAT'l' REEVES & C O. PAUL LAI\:E, Atty. DH. JULIAN C PATE DH. R. J.J. WATSON A FRIEXD DR. NA'fHAN MARCUS A l<'IUEND ::: :i: it to fail. I co:VJ !MERCIAL CREDIT co. : 310 North Rome Avenue ,:. J. EDGAR. W ALJ.J Inc. E 0 PALERMO DH. W'l\1:. H ROOP .. :!!, !!!!-!!!:-:-:-:-::-:-:-: .. .. :!!! :-:!:f .So long for now, fellows, and T0:\1 C McDONALD ,,: .. :!-!!!!: .. .. :-:!I 111 ay your s I u 111 be 1' be fi 11 ed A Nation Is Dependent On You To Maintain Its furlough-studded dreams. with CUN'l\'TNGH.H I INC., INS. INDEPENDENCE ::: t + :;: WElL & SON, INC. ::: Insurance 442 W. Lafayette =:!!!-!!-!! :-:-::-:!:-:-:!!!-:!!!!!!!! :-:! :-:!!!-!!!!!!!!-!!!!d ARMY TO USE TWO NEW TYPES OF GLIDERS FOR TRAINING GUARANTY TITJ,E CO W FRANK HOBBS GABE F AYALA (Rental Defense Housing) A FRIEND THE TOLEDO SCALE TAi'IIPA Co. CHAS. C LJGH'l', INS. Two new training g lider s have HJjjNRY H. COLE, Atty. CASH & CARR-Y been accepted for production by WHOLESALE GRO. CO. DR HUBEN MORENO :"\'IRS. JOSEPHIXE HOUSTON GUI-'F FISHING XET CO FUL'l'ON' FJSH i'f.I\.RJ{ET BRl:CF.'S Jl...'ICES, Inc t\L:"\'10 CAFliJ 'I'RICB 1\I BELJ.J CENTH.U.J i\IECHANICAJJ SHOP SOL \VAUi.:liJR CO. (.Junk) .Hj & F cmOCERY S'.rORE BEH'fS AUTO P.-\H'.fS, Used AXDEBSOX'S JABOUATOHY CITY Laundry & Cleaners E. O s borne & 1 9th St. the Army Air Forces, it was anLEiiJ 'l'ERl\HNAL & \VAREHOUSE LoVEI1XE OP'l'ICAJ, CO. Phone S-5070 nouuced by t h e vVar D epartment CORP. EUGENI!: P. today. WESTINGHOUSE ELEC. C. W J;L'])WIG :!!!!!!! .. !-!!!-!!! !-! o!-!-! !!-!!-!!!-! i!-!!!!-!!! .. !!-! .. :!!!!-!!!u!l ? These gliders, XTG-3 SUPPJ.JY CO FLOH: \ W. 1\IARTIX ::: Good Health Is Essential To Victory :i: (Schweizer) and the XTG-4 R J. BURJL\RT 0. R R\GLEY, Fnl'll. H epair A v (Laister-Kauffmann), a r e deCOL. E A. SIH.l\TYER R e tir c d SEIGF.J, :!: CHIDLOW LABORATORY BAKERY :i: signed to meet th. e special reGEN. I!:I,ECTIUC SUPPLY CORP. B U .LI.J STE.DISHIP LfXE + y ::: 1604 W. Platt Street ::: quirements of the .A.rmy Air For'l' A1\1PA BUSINESS COLLEGE ,J.'\CJ( 0. HOL:\JES I.itmbcaping' A cess' expanding glider pilot trainS'.r. -\R CO. 'l'HOS. ,J. J ,O\VE pf-!!-!!:-:-!!!:-:-:-:-:-:!-!!:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-!:-:-:-:-:-: .. ing program and will be use d in ABC FUR. 'NITURF. CO. /)!!!: .. the advanced training schools. Ji.IJEI!\"' S SE:'\'IIXOLE JITS. Th f h W C 1 b 0 I d d ::: Both are two-place tandem gli'l'RANSFER CO. :;: lS ourt We e e rate ur n epen ence :i: ders. The wings; fixed and movaA:'\IERICAX NEWS CO. ::: Next Fourth e Will Celebrate Our Victory -ible control surfaces, are of wood Tampa Div. SAFFOLD BROS. PRODUCE CO. :;: I construction, fabric covered. The ORKIN CO. ::: Washingt & E t :;: fuselages are of welded steel tube wiLUAl\I :"If. EVAXS R. E ... on as f DR L s b : ....................................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. o. .. .. ............................................. construction, also abr1c covered ENTJE., ............... V I C'S 'J'HATLER. PARK G. FEHLIT: \ & SOX DB. PAUl, L. GLOGEH. 1 \\1,2\1.-\GE C. VXL'SE. Bl:SSY IXS. AGEXCY :mJi'J'fmSOX STAXDARD J,IJ<'E IXS. CO. BE:\',J. P LOCKWOOD


Friday, .Jul y 3 1942 __ 7 St. Petersburg and the Gu1t Beaches Offer Service Men, their Families and their Friends Unlimited Recreation In the Waters of Tampa Bay, Boca Ciega Bay, Gulf of Mexico BATHING BOATING FISHING Delightful Places in which to Spend an Hour, a Day, a Week or More The friendly beaches at St. Petersburg, Pass-A-Grille, St. Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and Redington Beach offer the utmost in recreation to be found on the West Coast of Florida. The clear sparkling waters of the Bay and the Gulf provide unlimited bath ing. Boats, both large and small, are always available for pleasure trips. From fishing piers and from fishing boats, the followers of Isaac Walton can enjoy their sport. The many miles of Sandy Beaches offer freedom from the cities' heat and permit privacy for groups both large and smalL The fine hotels, cabins and apartments offer the best of services at reasonable cost. The cafes and restaurants are known for fine foods. The nite clubs offer unlimited enter tainment. The progressive merchants of the area are well-knoWn for their fine merchandise and services. Collectively, these many attractions make St. Petersbu rg and the Gulf Beaches a most ideal place in which to enjoy life in a way. EASILY REACHED WITHIN LESS THAN AN HOUR BY CAR OR BUS FROM TAMP A These Friendly Me11chants Invite You To St. Petersburg And The Gulf Beaches LODGINGS CABINS CLUflS DARS CLUflS DARS GARAGES SERVICE STATIONS DRUGS SUNDRIES ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES MERCHANDISE APARTlUENTS THEA'l'RES RESORTS 'l'HEATRES RESORTS DARDERS ,..,..,.,_.,..,,.,.,.,, .... #N#'#'##'.#fN#>##.,_## .... '##.,.,##fN#>##.,.,####..,..##N#>##"'##N#N#.,_##N#N#..,.,## .... ... ,.#fN#N#.,_C# .... #N#>##.,_##N#N#'##.,.,##fN#>##'#'-.... .... #N#>##..,._## .... #N#._,#.,.,##N#N#'##.,.,##fN#N#'#'## .... #fN#._,#..,...#"4 ROO JUS UTILITIES GIFTS At St. Petersburg NORTH SHORE APTS. 325 15th Avenue, NE. Choice R-esidential Section 2 and 3 Rooms Steam Heat, Electric Refrigeration l\IEAR TROLLEY Moderate Rental For Details Write or Phone 706-82 Alice F. Young At St. Petersburg Furnished Modem Rooms 75c SINGLE -$1.25 DOUBLE Also Housekeeping Rooms 913 7th Avenue North Tel. Easy \Vashe1 68.-034 CLUIIS DARS ENTERTAINMENT THEATRES RESORTS At St. Petersburg Wonder Bar And Grill Headquarters for Service Men BEER, LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 At St. Pe,tersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-612 At St. Petersburg Palm Garden Bar and Grilli 66 1 Central Ave Phone 4539 The Service Men's Headquarters At St. Petersburg NIKKO INN 19 1st Street No. Phone 6720 At St. Petersburg Smitty's Soda Grill At St. Petersblll"g Welcome Soldiers Taylor's Restaurant 143 Central Ave. At St. Petersburg Morrison and Sheppert 708 Times Building lnsmance All Lines Telephone 7360 461) 2nd Ave. No. Opp. City Hall Phone 6167 GARAGES SERVICE STATIONS Sundaes, Sodas, Sandwiches And Lunch At St. Petersburg \Velcome Serviice Men ... Make this your headquarters THE OZARK SERVICES BARBERS UTILITIES At St. Petersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY Imported \Vines And Liquors At St. Petersburg PALM HAT WORKS .an

Page 8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Fridar. J11l_r :3.. Hl42 .. DREW NINE NABS 7th STRAIGHT I DREW INTERCEPTORS [ WIN OVER CRATERS I 4 TO 0 SORRY, MAC GOING. UP Epps Hurls Four Hitter In Striking Out Nine Men I 'l'o Be Staff S ergeant Sgt. Ralph S. Ackerly S g t. Marvin E. Smith Sgt. John D. Fogle Sgt. Marquard J Brengard Sgt. Wilfre d G. H erring Bekeza and Cochrane Star I To Be S ergeant Cpl. Paul 0. Bokmyer Cpl. Albert 'vV. Graves Cpl. Willia m J Mumma Cpl. Jack Sheclclan The Drew Field Interceptors I fourneyed clown t o Sunday to registe r Bradenton on their third straight victory over the i\hnate e HEADQUARTERS CO. CHAT Cpl. Joseph W. Golden Cpl. Clyde W Bolden Pfc. Anthony T Dettore To 13e 00l'}JOl'a l capers and we're sure they did. was Chaplain Clark's right hand numerous occasions, O 'Connor w a s All r eports indicate a hearty r e -man when, w e got him, and, as oil the blunt end of various jokes, ception. an d except for cases of such, he has had the opportunity but the diminutive f ellow took acute "cushiOJ?. consciousness," to listen to a ll types of complaints. them like a real soldier. The boys everything was lovely. So if you have any complaints will-. really miss O 'Connor. The American Soldier's Always On The Ball Considerable praise has been b etowed upon our figh.ting m en, but little .has bee n said about their foresight. Coming from all w alks of life and endowe d with native ilitellig ence and good school"ing, h e A meric a n soldier thinks c learl y and uses sound judg.ment. Aft e r retreat h e sits down on his bunk for a few minutes and figures out the particular problem confronting him. Invariably h e considers the security of his dear Japs." The shorter soldier said,. "Pal, how right you are. I'm going to invest in those bonds, too: I'm not going to buy as many as you 503rd REGIMENT iBy Corporal Morgan ---(about the band), just bring the m --I are, but I'll buy as many as my Our First Citize n, .-Corporal 0. to the Sarg ; he won' t mind, (he's After t e n d ays in Dan-. pocket. permits, me." .... Z. Whitehead We wonder much too happy right now to III., Actmg Corporal_ John 1 Just then S e rgeant Clinto11 what that Z st.an .ds for ... is to mind; you see, his wife just mov-Gnne r IS g lad to be back m the jPreston, wlw is the big Bond man Julius_ Nappi had qu_ ite a proarlpe a r .OII tl1e FI'I.-day a t NIn e s!Io'v II H 11 1 f d 1 Th. I e d to Tampa from that suburban 1arness.. e says a .us nen s 1of the 56 4th, marched a ong e blem last week. After sweating this week. The Corpora! has been Pittsburgh town). are helpmg Uncle S a m to sJ.ap the tall lad said, "Here' s the man who out a furloug h for almost two 1 greatly missed on r e c ent shows and Ja.ps knows all about those it came tluu so hy extremely popular r equest O Z Corp. Elwood F. Eaton, trom-Sergeant Preston replied, "I did his a.ppl!catwn for naturahza-1 is "booked" for. this week. \ Ve boni:;t, i s our Actg 1st Sgt. His know the Bonds are the safest in-tion. After careful considera_tion, still wonder what that Z is for 'eStii1e Jlt on tlie IIIai lcet today. is Broadalbin, N. Y., Private Russell C. Heier, trumpe Julie .dec_id_ed to wait un_til he be-l ---d I 1 B l f f N t l You J ust caJI't go WI'On: by tlUI'. an 1 e 1as a ac 1 e!or o Music ter s, the former rom or 1 came a citizen before gomg home. I Chaplain O 'Brien takes the d eg ree from the Univ ersity of SyAdams, 1\fass. (he reads the North chasing good old U. S. War Sav-Nice work, Julie. That' s the stuff Orchid this week for his splendid : ,v]I e r e li e Jliayed ,v1th tlie 1 T t 1 1 ) B ds I 1 th boy in the that makes winning teams. I "111" t !\ tl Ac ams ranscnp r e I gwus Y I s 10p e e s ., wor' as a 11111 e 'tan on I e University orchestra and band. H e and the latter from Fon dn Lac, 56 4th will lead the parade m the --daily Pt :esentS progran1. The Chahas been .connected vith tnilit ar y Wiscon si n These a r e the only ,Bond lVIarch." The hard way to f?ee Florida: Illain says a mass,' a t 6:15 a m. Battalion hikes twice a week. b ands since joining the armed and b eats the' clock on his way forces-first, with the 96th Coast Oveiheard in town one night: A sweet young thing asked her military companion what the little "T" was for under the n e w chevrons. The soldiers replie d that it designated touchy noncoms and all should beware. Why can't we have more of those nights such as w e .had last Friday? ---it easy and listen in Friday next Many of the men in this com-at Nine. Adios amigos. pany are worrying about the chances of paying income taxes, now that they a r e high salary othe r "That's the Stuff I was men. telling you about.'' The idea of these early morning S.Sgt. Barron swears just as exercises has its goo. d points dur-soon as h e gets paid he is going I ing a deep breathing exercise. I to town to get a steak smothered Don't forget, any Gf you guys who want to join the band, see 564th Medicos P.vt. !Wotlow The 56 4th Medical Detachment put on its weekly Litter Drill d e -CoqJ. Eaton at Hq. & Hq. Sqdn., f b monstratwn or the m e m ers of 3 09 t h Service Group, Orderly Corporal Harry T. Ferris and Room. CHURCH CALL ROMAN C A TH<;JLIC Chaplain Franci s J O'Brie n 5 63rd Chaplain T ampa American Red Cross Motor Corps. The drill was abl y presented under the direction of First Lieute n ant E. F Harris and S/Sgt. W Simcox: Pvt. Bever was a near c asualty, having b ee n droppe d on his M e6 :15 A.M Mass .... ....... .. .. .. N e w Theatre Building, near Tent City dulla Oblongata in the ambulance 11:00 A .M. Mass ........... .. ... ... ... ......... New Chape l Bldg., ear T e n t City b y the wome n He was a b! e to PROTESTANT procee d home under his own power Chaplain Carl \V. Hewlett afte r a few whiffs of Coty's in-553rd Chaplain halant. 11:00 A.M.--------Boxing Arena, 503rd Area JEWISH T /Sgt. Katz's w ard, Technicia n Ra-bbi David L Zielonka 3 d Class Locey Turtle is missing. 11:00 A.M. ---......... School Building Anyone seeing same wjl! please r e-PROTESTANT port to S g t. K atz, and b e duly r e Chaplain Amos L. Bore n w-arded. Pvt. Looey is a t errapin 501st Chaplain mascot of the M edical Detachment. could hear one \ay to the with pork chops. 11:0. 0 A.M. --Theatre Bldg. across ditch north of Base Hq. E stimate d age, 503 years


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