Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 19 (July 10, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 10, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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... = -.... .iiii ==D= '=ft= \'OL. L NO. 19 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, July lOth, 1942 Ex German Exile Proud To Become American Citizen Church Services WISP Song Contest I First Medal Presentation In Open To Soldier J I h C J b D In New Chapels How d you -;;;;:--;o tak you' i u y 4t e e ration at rew An exile from Naziism, Cpl. Walter J. Nagel, of the Second Reporting Company, 50lst Signal Regiment, is now a full-fledged American citizen. Beginning on Sunday, July 12, 1942, church services will be held in the two new chapels, according to Chaplain william L. Clark, Base Chaplain. Dedi cation set'Vices will be held at a later date. favorite girl friend out to dinner at the Mayfair and then to a show at the Florida Theater-and all on the house! Amazing-it can't be-But it is! The Girl You Left Behind of WTSP's Bugle Call program, heard each' week-day morning at 7:15, is starting a musical quiz contest this week, and that's the that the American liner, Manhat-prize. The lucky winner takes his tan, was to leave Hamburg for girl friend ou' t and enjoys a pleasOver a week ago he was one of eight soldiers from Drew Field, including four Germans and a Hungarian nobleman, who went before Federal Judge Baron and became a United States citizen. When the Judge told them that they h&d made an admirable start in becoming citizens of the United States, Cpl. Nagel glowed with America. The liner was to leave ant evening, and it doesn't cost a at midnight and, a.t 8 p. m. he was cent. called before the police author!-pride and happiness. For he was ties and subjected to certain in well aware of what citizenship 1 quiries. Luckily he managed to represented. I board the Manhattan that evening The new citizen was born and j and came to America. Shortly 1 aised in Germany, and attended ., a-fter his departure his father grammar a.nd high school as well died, and it has been more than a as college there. During the years ., year since he last heard from his of the rise of Hitler, Walter wit-mother. nessed with accumulative despair "The privilege of citizenship is the closing up of his father's busi-the most valuable and precious of ness, the sending-off of his my possessions and something I friends and relatives to concen-shall always cherish, he said. "I tration camps, and other atroci-know what democracy is because ties too awful to rela-te. I have lived under the yoke of One day in 1936 Walter found I Naziism." I -Here are the details: Each morning for one week Continued on page 5 Moved The Public Relations Office 1 has moved to a new location in the Base headquat-ters building. Reporters for tlte Drew Field Echoes in the various companies and squadrons should have their news at the Public Relations office no later than 8 a. m \Vednesda.y. I I I I I Song Hit Writer Now Writes War Songs At Drew Field] It won' t surprise any of the sol diers in the 50 1st School Comp any if the great war song of the world War II is written in their orderly room. The fellows are sure that before the war is over their acting company clerk, Private Ben Forrest, will turn out a song to equal the "Over There" and "Hinky Dinkey Parley Vvo" of the first World War. Forrest is no amateur song writer. Already to his credit are such songs as "Bugles in the Sky", "All I Need," "Love Can Do The Darndest Things," and "You are the Lyric," all published and corded, not to mention the fact that the 3 5-year-old native of J Chicago collaborated on the 1 words and ideas to "Alexander Is 1 a Swoose," one of the hit songs of 1941 which introduced a new word to the America-n language. Right now Forrest is interested in war songs as the title of some of his latest compositions indi cate. "Tattoo" and "Soldier, Hold Your Girl'' will soon be on the market, and he has great expec tations for a marching song which h e is writing to the cadence of "Hep, Two, Three Four." Writing songs is a funny busi ness, Forrest admits frankly. "Sometimes the melody comes Gen. wash Pins Medal on Sgt. Wisdom In a ceremony at Drew Field footing on a pier and fell 40 feet on July 4, Sgt. Ray E. Wisdom,, into _the wa-ters of 20, Cleveland, Tex., was decorated Pausmg only to lay aslde hts nfle and pack, Wisdom-still 'fully for heroism by Brig. Gen. Carlyle clothed-dove into the water and H. Wash, commander of the Third kep't Sgt. Carey afloat for 30 Air Force. It was his reward for minutes until both were rescued. risking his life to save a buddy Carey's leg was broken in the fall. from drowning a.nd was the first Wisdom's outfit was aboard a presentation of its kind at Drew transport just a few miles off the Field. American coast enroute to the Before the assembled men of Philippines when the Japanese at-his regiment, Sergeant Wisdom a soldier's medal award ed by the War Department. On Dec. 12, 1941, while sta tioned a.t Seattle, Sgt. Wisdomat that time a private-was in company formation, with his out' fit in full dress and full packs. Master Sergeant Fred Carey, now stationed at Orlando, missed his .tacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7. Their ship, traveling without es cort, turned back and put in at port. On June 2 6 Sgt. Wisdom was transferred to Dre w Field. S'ergeant Wisdom enlisted in December, 1940. He is the son of Mr. and Frank Wisdom, of Clevela-nd, Texas. Drew Drubs MacDill, 2-1, For 11th Straight Win Two fine pitchers, Sgt. Fred by Minsky, Dixon and O'Brien put Swindells, of Drew, and Russ the Fliers back in the ball game. Crider, of MacDill, hooked up in At this point Swindells bore down, a beautiful pitching duel on the to retire the next three batters in Plant Field diamond Wednesday. order. The Drew Interceptors squeezed Jim Minsky led the Fliers with to my mind first, and sometimes out a 2-1 win over their arch the willow in pounding two for the words," he says. "When you I rivals, the Ma.cDill Fliers. three and scoring their only run. get an idea, you work. around The win was the Interceptors Klimczak led the swa-tting par-with it for awhile. Sometimes you lith straight win. under Captain ade for the Interceptors with a can write a song in three hours; the child in school, and the solCamp Grant, Ill., three months Earle DeForest. triple and double along with his sometimes it takes three months; diers like a repeated phrase in a ago and attended the Message Drew sent tallies across in the teammate Bekeza who garnered sometimes you can work hard song. It really doesn't matter c enter school Drew Field. His third and fourth innings to take two singles in four tries. with an idea for five years and whether the music or the words time for song writing has been an early 2-0 lead. Howell tripled The game Wednesday was the never have a song." are conceived .first. Either way rather limited since joining the I and McNulty singled him home in seventh meeting of the two serv"There aren't any set rules for will make a. good song if the lyric Army, but he l:lopes to find a few 1 the third for the first run of the ice 'nines with Drew holding the song writing," he continued, "exand melody are that happy com-'more minutes now that he is actgame. Singles in the fourth by advantage in games won, five to cept that the melody and words bination which strikes the pub-ing company clerk. Bekeza, Gra.bosky and Meyer pro-two. must be simple enough to catch lie's fancy." "Maybe }'11 have a little more duced the second and final run of Score by innings: the fancy of the public. The ap-Forrest worked in Chicago and time to work on two or three the day for the Interceptors. Ma.cDill ...... 000 000 010-1 7 0 peal of sophisticated songs is very Hollywood and had an office in songs that have been popping into The Fliers started a rally in the I Drew ---------001 100 000-2 8 4 limited because there are few so-New York before joining the my head every five minutes,'' he eighth inning that fell shy by .... one Batteries: Crider and O'Brien; phisticates. The man in the street, Army. He entered the service at said. run of tying up the game. s'lhgles Swindells and Bekeza.


Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes JIMMY JACKSON, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers Duslnes!l Office: FLORIDA AVEJS'UE rrampa, Florida P.o. nox z:J!"jti J'bone 2177 Drew Man Serves In Mexican Revolution By Pvt .S Ratzenell DREW FIELD ECHOES 553rd Aw Bn znd Rept. Squads Riot 564th Medicos By PVT. DAN E. !\IOTLOW Friday, July 10, 194.2 Flying Accidents Now Under Close Scrutiny Landing is the greatest cause ;J.re at accord-Army life is nothing new to All udvertlsement" contained in Acting Corporal William Marshall i Of Pvt. Clymer. A marquee has been thl" new,.paper nre contained In We were confined again. Army Air Forces. By CPL. K. 1{. Mc!{AY of flying accidents whic h The 564th Dispensary has been tributable to pilot error, ing to Colone l Samuel R. remodeled by Pfc. Eichorn and Diiector of Flying Safety Harris, for the the !UacDUI Field Fly Lear. lUini Twiggs l\11339 Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TODACCOS SlUOii:ERS ARTICLES WELCO.IUE SERVICE ItiEN Florida Av & Twigg" St. FOR RENT 703 BAY ST. Hoom Apmtn1ent Fmnished $35.00 717 So. Ol'lcans Room Apat'tment Fmnishcd $55.00 833 So. Dakota 6 Hoom House Unfmnished $60.00 1\f-8'311 SPECIAl, ATTEl\'TION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son Meats-Ptodncc-Groccries Phone 3502 910 Ji'lorida Ave. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquartets of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 :!: FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS COMPANY ;;: : The Friendly Store :!: :;: Complete Line Of Fishing Tackle And :!: y ::: Sporting Goods :!: .:. 711 Tampa Street Phone I\1-6770 ;i; FLAMINGO CONCRETE PIPE GO. 3613 EAST LAKE AVENUE P. 0. BOX 5288 -:-PHONE Yl289 TAMPA, FLORIDA CULP LUMBER CO. to Build Anything' llfillwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:.rrunpa 'TOWNSEND Sash Door & Lumber Co. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H N nnrlC & FuiiPr Slt'P.P.t BAY VIEW HOTEL l'lnFPROOF COXSTRUCTION -:-EVERY R00:\1 \VITA BATH W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 ,JACRSON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA. FLORIDA-:PHONE M


Friuu:, .July 10, 1942 SMOO.TH SAILING1S Musical Stairatone o. The Musical Stairatone, the most sensational nove}ty ot stagecraft highlights the USO-Camp Shows producttOn, SMOO'IH; SAILING.' Saul Grauman, famous showntan, brings to the; USO-Camp Show circuit his unique musical staircase and the four. lovely dancing girls whose agile heel and toe routines tap out melodyj and rhythm on the specially designed stairway of music. This is only' one of the all-star features of this streamlined musical revue.! Admission is free. SMOOTH SAILING is coming to the Dre w Field Outdoor At ena, July 14, at 8:00 ]>. :\1. 350 th Service NEWS Our hopes for a quick recovery for the three men we now have in the hospital. There must be something go1ing on in that place. We no take one out only to put a con ple more in. There's no double but what we'll have to By CPL. C. BEHJ\'l I visit Cpl. Shawley, Pfc. Samko, Another swell time was had by and Pvt. E. L. \Volfe and look all last Saturday night at the I this situation over. It must be the First Pres'byterian Church in Tampa. The delicious watermelon surely hit the spot. And the lovely lassies didn't exactly displease anyone. The evening turned out to be a big success. But what really stopped the show was the nurses. Delightful confusion now reigns in our transportation group. It was a long w a-it Joe, but we fin ally got them. Benny, says: "These close unforgettable singing of Pfc Fee-friends that insist on cutting in man-even the seeds in the melons curdled. The grass around the targets may have been thinned quite a bit, but there were still many hits recorded last Sunday at the police pistol range by the group of 350th men that were holding practice there. Major Kaeppel and Sgt. Box walked off with the top honors. But of the beginners that were shooting many showed promise of being future sharpshooters. Pvts. Fillipone and Hudson, on the guitai and harmonica re spectively, furnish the boys in barracks one with some very deIigh tful melodies in the evenings. It's too bad we. don' t have a few more instruments in the group. Music a i ways does furnish the best of entertainment and relaxation. Of. all Lt. M. L. McBride' s Uthletic schedules, his obstacle course should prove the best. It is our opinion that this course will meet the approval of everyone. And it' should prove beneficial in a l a rge way in the development of our muscular system and in developing quick thinking and on the romance will learn. won't they? Crime does not pay." The Guidepost To EVERYTHING A SOLDIER NEEDS Senices 1\letchandise Smulrics AT'l'EN'l'ION OFFICERS' WIVES Atn s;tnrting a se,ving; cluss iJn ntetliatel:y, Eunbroidery "''ork nnd Hlllllique. Will cut HJUI fit )'0111' for $.1:-iO. Couts, Dr-esses, ELSIE V. BAILEY Fornterly n -ith Singer Se,ving IUnchhie Coru(nny StechalizinJ!. in C:Yening go"'ns l'ol' Officer><' '\Vives Hutton holes nntl coYeretl but tons. St,eeinlizing in children's dresses ntul coats 3214 Boulevard Phone H 46-783 FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & Florida Ave., Tampa Telephone 3184 SERVICEMEN Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAIL H 25-564 DREW l!'IELD EC_H_O_E_S _______________________ P_ag_,(J' ..... e_3 Walte r Henson. Henson said: holding undisputed possession of Plotting'Co. ::>64th A WSig. Bn.Sep. "Randt meet me in front of the the cellar position in the Ameri-Bond Tent at 6 p. m." can Leag u e. Frederick answered: "Okay Dots and Dashes I'll be there with bells on." The men of 564th are wishing CPL. S. C. KATZENELL And Cpl. Frederick showed up Capt. Reuben D. Caudle, com promptly at 6 p. m. He was manding officer of the Plotting \Vhat's the toughest job in neatly dressed with one exception. Company a.nd personnel adjutant, the Army. ? well, t h e answer to I His trousers were missing. a speedy recovery. Capt. Caudle that question is open to debate. ---is recuperating from a very bad I Sgt. Russell Williams is down cold at the MacDill Hospital. However, many expenenced Army tl d th d H .1 ..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,..,##'#,..,.,., __ ,4 Ill 1e umps ese ays. at m g men will tell you a Mess Serfrom the nation's Capital, Wil-The Guidepost To ... geant's position is no bed of roses. Iiams has been one of the Wash-EVERYTHING A I So whim a Mess Sergeant smiles ington Senators' staunchest rootSOLDIER NEEDS h e has a darn good reason for be-ers since he was knee high to a Setvices -Merchandise Srmdries ing happy. Today Staff Sergeant duclc Today the Senators are Keep 'Em Repaired M. D :McLa u ghlin, big boss of the 564th kitchen, is all smiles. The 56 4th Battallion has only been quartered at Dre w Field, Tent City, for a short time and McLaughlin's kitchen has bften awarded the "Best Kitc hen" /flag seven times. A record anyone can be proud of. Cpl. Randt Frederick is resting quietly in his native Chicago. The lanky corporal l eft Wednesday for the Windy City where he will spend eight days. Frederick was so excited about his trip that he reminded. us of an absent-minded professor. A day before his journey to Chicago he was going to Tampa with his good friend, Pvt. The Guidepost To ... EVERYTHING A SOLDIER NEEDS SetTices H erchandise Swulries The Jewel Box 1512 7th Avenue Phone Y-3741 Genuine 5 DIAMOND WEDDING BAND $12.50 Watch Repairing 20 Per Cent off to all Setvice M:en Guns and Locks Repaired SERVICE 705-A FLORIDA AVE. PH. MSI-251 A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone M1861, Maas Office Bid. Member: V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manhattan Cafe REMEMBER CORREGIDOR 17th St. News Stand CURB SERVICE When in Ybor City Shop at the Corner 17th and Broadway All the Latest Magazines CAMPBELL BAJWER and BEAUTY SHOP S08 Twiggs St. Ph. l\1 5-l-572 :\Imion & Alma, Bett) & Decdic Open evenings by appointment The Guidepost To ... EVERYTHING A SOLDIER NEEDS S e tvices -Merchandise Swtdries GILBERT HOTEL Phone M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, Mgr. Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communlcating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central FLOWERS ..... Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Needlecraft Service Shop Reweaving & Alterations Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. ---Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Yes, if its what you don't need Bee Us WE BUY AND SELL CLOTHING Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry, Etc. NOAH'S ARK 960 Twiggs Street Dependable Photo Finishing Service FLORIDA PHOTO SERVICE 604 Madison Street BOB'S Army Store Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of SERVICE MEN OPEN EVENINGS 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa Athlete's Foot Use DEX FOR SALE AT ALL POST EXCHANGES Drew, 1\facDill and Benjamin Fields-Satisfaction Guat-anteed ; '.,'-;r _. .. ,:' ,., },"' ',' United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Optfcians 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 The logical and BEST place to buy Mi I itary needs for officers and enlisted men. OPEN TUESDAY NIGHTS OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 8 P.M. O'CLOCK


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECI-IOES F riday July 10 19 42 lnlllllillllllnU.Iflllllnllmn.unmll mnlllllllllllll but rather love. When this com-, 9 h F h pany was stationed at New OrMeet Pet Squirrel, B-17, Jr. t lg ters l ea ns, Joe met the most beautiful I French lass h e had ever lost a night's sleep over. It was love 1 llllfl gllfii.IIUI.IIIII.IIIIIBIIIII.IIIII.IIIII.IIfiiBIIIII.IIIIIIIJIIIII t f' t ht Th t I a 1rs s1g e wo overs By CPL. MIKE DODD would bill and coo on the beaches If you happen to notice a wig2nd in the park, and we knew they w ere meant for each other wam in one of our t ent rows, I and that a romance had bios-think nothing of it. It's the abode l ,somed that would last forever. of S g t. Harry "Chief" DeMarr, of i This story reads like fiction A las. I the Red race, and a more efficient the two birds, love birds, were short sheeter never walked the parted, for it seems that the [ face of the ear t.h. Sometime ago, Army had other plans for Joe. I 1st Sgt. Bob Dubberly had foreSo, off to T ampa he came, leav-1 si ght enough to keep all axes out ing his weeping flower in New I of the Indian's reach, for occa.-Orleans to cry her little heart ou t.l swnally he emits a blood-curdling But, happy to say, their little whoop, and bingo! he's on the story isn't over. This week the J 'var path again. Sgt. Dubberl y I swain and his lass will be redoesn' t want any of his men to united. If yo u see two lovers in get scal ped, hence a ll axes, knives, I the p a1k, a ll cuddled up cheek to and other weapons are kept out of cheek, he whispering swee t noththe Chief's sight. About the first ings in her ear, just remember of each month, Sgt. DeMarr sheds this stor y. Let's hope it has a his civilized n ature, takes on his beautiful ending. native personality, and concocts heap bad medicine. Then it's time Three period jabs: 1st Sgt. Bob to lo.ok out. Dubberly had his pictur e snappecl 1 recently with an e l ropo stinko The old timers here at Drew I hanging from his jaw. "You can I Field chagrined to learn that even smell the thing in the pic-1 Sgt. Olhe L Futral has returned. ture," remarked one his non. : A few months ago he left for New corns Sgt. Tom Izzo asked me Orleans and the boys heaved a t o g ive him a plug in this get off, sigh of relief because now they so for the benefit of the gal h e ilfll.lllllalllfll.lllll.fllll.llfll.llfll.llfll.fllll.lllfl.fiiiiBIIIII. By. SjSGT. JIM Capt. Russell M. George an-nounces that at this Sunday's I inspection the following men will be awarded diplornas for success 1 ful completion of school. in the Radar Department: Pvt. Steve I Zimnewicz, Pfc. Rober t C. i\iaye\v, Pvt. Joseph M. Osborne, Pvt. R u s -sell H. Brazeal, Pvt. Charles W. Thompson; in the Administration Department: Pfc. Thaddeus F I Fiut; in Motor Transport, Cpl. William Eagl e. The 690th i s quite proud of its school records. A lmost every man in the company has receive d a diploma for successful compl etion in more tha n one school: A few cf our wen have complet. e d all of the schools here at Drew Field. It might be well to add that the m a j o r i t y of the grades are superior, excell ent and. very satisfactory. Sgt. Michael H allahan and CpL Couira d Erickson have just received ord' e :rs to report at Ft. Monmouth to start training in 0. i c. 6. 8 /Sgt. Jim Kelley and Sgt. would have a chance with the Tampa gals. They were also hoping he wouldn't tarry long there, but would b e sent farther aoway to A laska or Iceland or some remote place. The boys didn't greet the sergeant with a brass band; in fact, they didn't even know h e was coming, but when some of the gals started breaking dates with them, they knew he must b e back. left behind him, here 'tis Pvt. Charlie Drusky announced h e was going on the network on I Sgt .. Willian} Lape and B-17, Jr. Charles Teed are impatiently waiting orders to proceed to the 0. C S. in the air corps 2


Page G DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, July 10, 1942 \\' here To Go! what To Do:: Promising musician, Monsignor Leo P. Man-J zetti. DURING oFF-DUTY Tenor Now Sings Sgt. Long o, who bea.rs a striking resemblance to the famous t enor. Enrico Caruso, both in appearance and voice, possesses a rare vocal equipment, that of a n e w Pfc's. Austin and Joseph Regis Jr. to keep him company. Pfc. Plante, saxist from Oshkosh, Wis., 1s the veteran soldier of our gang and he is reading up on the LONGEVITY BULLETINS the War Department is issuing latel y. Pfc. Regis, hornp layer, has be e n on Uncle S a m s payroll for the past six or seven years-as postmaster o r Rimersburg, P enna.-he is still working for the same boss, but with a change in scenery and a "slight" change in salary. HouRs In Drew Shows Dining Entertainment -Dancing At Drew Field Mess Sgt. Cesar Long o is just another dramatic tenor. Edward Johnson, ..general manage r of the Metropolimissioned officer. But in Baltic tan Opera Co. once sai.d that dra-mor e, Md a city which has contribute d numerou s sta-rs -to the M etropolitan Op era Company, he was a1 s tudent s inger of much promise. About 1 7 years ago, w .hen only I six, Sgt. Longo early displayed his vocal talents when h e sang b e l fore members of the Metropolitan matic tenors are as rare as h e n's teeth. Acquainted with some of the nation's outstanding musicians and symphonic orchestra leaders, Sgt. Longo includes a-mong his patrons such celebrities as Arturo Toscanini, former conductor for the N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra, B.r OPL. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI Last week's BAND NOTES gave you a bit of an introduction to some SPANISH HESTAURANT Wines Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebrask, a and Osborne "How are you on living. He's back now t? his soldier?" I "first-love'' ... or, can 1t b e, AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 "Just .great, sarge. Me, I ain't "Second Childhood?" Buy Bonds been late a minute in me life. 1 So long, now-we'll give you NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday the chorus next week. 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs tOe THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK \Vhere To Go! \Vhat To Do: DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS Dining -Entertainment -Dancing Only the Finest Quality of Foods Used A LA CARTE SERVICE 306 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE 1\1 64-913 SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant -As Possible Ice Cream, >Soft Drinks, Beer, \Vine, l<'un And Music 1709 North Howard Avenue Sulphur Springs TAMP A'S PLAYGROUNDS Invites All Service Men to Enjoy Its Recreation Facilities The famous Sulphur Springs are well known thruout all America. Their clear sparkling waters provide unlimited swimming. About these springs has been built an unexcelled recreation park, offering many forms of recreation and entertainment. And adjacent to the Park, the friendly business people offer every service obtainable anywhere. Easily reached from downtown Tampa, a visit to Sulphur Springs will prove most enjoyable. These friendly merchants invite all service men to enjoy the facilities of Sulphur Springs during their off-duty hours. Phone S 507:3 Prompt D elivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebl'aska Ave. Sulphur Florida 1\:EEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES-15cFil'St Round 10c-Additional Ronnds Sulphur Springs Hotel and Cafe Special Attention t.o all Sei"Vic e m e n Arcade Building The fat man and his wife were returning to their seats in the theater after the intermission. "Did I tread on your toes as I went out?" h e asked a man at the end of the r p w "You did," replie d the other grimly, expecting an apology at least. The fat man turned to his wife, l "All right, Mary,'' he said "this is our row." P##C#########################C##4 Whe l' e To Go! \\'hat To Do! DURING OFF -DUTY HOURS Dining -Entc l"tainm ent SANDERS DRUG COMPANY Nebraska Ave.


Friday, July 10 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 7 N F 69th Fighter Squadron I chow line. It must stretch all the ten'tio and said "Yes, sir." Hangar Line Chatter way to MacDill. No officer was in sight, and Private Hayenga's face suddenly 309th SERVICE Group 0 By T /SGT. A. S1'YRSKY turned red as he heard the radio The Soldier Who Had announce r describe Hayen ga's HQ and HQ Squadron By CPL. A:\'DREW PATERSON W e w elcome back to the fold, 327 Service Squadron By PFO. '.r. G. MEO If you' v e had the plea-sure to witness those sweet landings these P-39D's were making on anxiety about a younge r brother Nq Working Wife in the army who had no wife working at llome to whom he could Monday an d Tuesday of this week, write for money. Now that the 327th Materiel Y9U v e pro a y remar ce oy, [ b bl 1 d "B Private Calvin Hayenga, a Dre w Hayenga latet dl'scov e t ed lll s th 1 t, A d r t t Field soldier from Wichita, Kan-buddies in the tent had spilled the Squadron has changed its n ame to e r e s a PI o : n PI o I was, Pvt. R aymond W eld, who has just aservice squadron, it' s certainly r ather two of them. Those fea-sas, was sitting on his bed after story to the radio announcer who r eturne d from home after a 15 h rk 1 d' d b reveille the other morning, listen-broadcasts the morning "Drew living up to its name. In the pa-st t er-1 e an mgs were rna e y d d 1 ing LO the radio. Suddenly hearing Field Presents" program each ay furlough. Pvt. Weld had been week we went after three crack-1st Lt. S. J. Fuller, an st Lt. sick for about two months at Mac-ups. One of the s e crack-ups was H J Whiteman of 3rd Fighter Dill :!lid it is certainly nice seeing him back on the job. assigned to our squadron for re-Comm. They were at one time test pairs, under the guiding. hand and pilots for the Bell Aircraft Co watchful eye of Mr. Roan, our Have you seen our line chie f, W e are about to face the su-Engineering Officer, and his able M aster Sergeant Fritz? If you his name calle d, 'he jumped to at-day. Where To Go! \VII at To Do: \Vhere To Go! What To Do! DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS preme t est, the o bstacle course, sta ff. It won' t be long now till h a v e you've probably noticed he Dining Entertainment -Dancing Dining Entettairunent Dancing but w e are looking forward to it this airplane will be flying mer-doesn' t say much. But I warn you, with keen ant. icipation. From rily along once again in the sky. whe n he doe s spea, k you'd better :i: GLEN'S BILLARDS Cigars, (Jjgarettes, Soft Dtinks, :i: : Beer and Sandwiches .:. what w e have seen, it really is Years ago Benjamin Franklin hustle about your work. ::: "Where Service Men Meet" 204 South Polk St. a honey and will be a rea l test said, "Early to hed and early to The 69th doesn't understand .:. .:. for all of us. This will give us rise makes a 'boy !healthy, wealthy the purpose of the armed guard :=.=============::;-;-;:::====w=e=lco=m=e=T=o= ==== an opportunity to see if our morn-and wise." No wonder all the boys by the hangar coke ma-chine. B l L L I A R D S Italian Foods 'Liquor-Beer ing exercises have done much to are losing no time getting up for Must be an anti-aircraft gun CIGARS CIGARETTES EJ T d help our stamina and staying early morning exercise. Keep tip c amouflage d for we are not al-BEER WINES roca lfO power. Personally I think most of the good work, boys, and you may lowe d to approach it. And heaven SANDWICHES -DANCING-. HARRY \VELLECOTT us have noticed a change in the be able to give Charles Atlas a help of us who tries to put a 912 Florida Avenue C. K. Hebble, Mgr. short time we have been exercis-f e w lessons in your spare time on nickel in it. 1701 E. Brodwa.y J'lh.. Y 1391 ing 'but we will have to report on how to bu.Ud muscles. One fellow I admire is T-Sgt. the outcome in the column No wonder Pvt. Jones and Pvt. Williams of the 69th. He is as week. Just let' s say "Let No One Bittner are happy. Not because of industrious as a bee, and .it is Fall b y the Wayside.'" the ra-ise in pay, but because their common knowledge that he has ---wives are now visiting Tampa. Vole n ever lost his temper, no matter Las t nite the heaot had your hope they are enjoying their stay how rough the going. scribe down, and he found it dif-as much as you boys are enjoying The tall, powerful figure of ficult to enjoy the arms of Mor-their b eing with you. Captain Call b ack on,. the flying pheus, but did not mind it as the One of our T/Sgts. is having his line was a welcome sight for us. strang e noises emanating from his more fortunate sleeping mates afforded him an opportunity for a quiz program by himself, trying to distinguish from whence the particular sounds came from and wllat the men could possibly be dreaming. Of course it was easy to identify "Jockey" Wright. "Jocke y had been on guard duty on the trash truck :1nd must have he was. still on duty, because he was certainly telling the detail where to put this and that. I will say one thing for "Jockey," he did not see m to .have any trouble finding words and expressions, for h e ta-lked cl early all nite long. I wonde r how h e was m;;tking out in the card game? All he would say on that w a s "Play the Aces" (not a b a d ide a at that). Strange as it s e ems, the majority of men ta-lk in their slee p, and whe n they all sound off together, the Chicag o Round Table has nothing on barracks T-214. Once again we offer the Detache d Medical soft-ball tea m the opportunity of wiping out their two d efeats at our hands. Thursday nite we to Plant Park to try and even our score with the 56 4th Signal Co., who hold one defeat over our heads. You may be sure the 'team will be in the pink and give the Signaleers a run for their money. GOING UP 564th Plotting Co. The following men of the Plotting company received promotions on June 30 1942: hands full trying to .keep his girl He' s a hurrica-ne whe n it comes from falling in love with a Si gnal to getting a job done and he's a Corps private. Don't worry, Serm a n we don' t mind working for. geant, just because he ca-n play If you s eek action in the form the pi'ano, it must be infatuation of rollicking .dominoes, see Cpl. on her part, bu, t with your looks Peterson of our Armament crew. it must be love. B etter bring 50 or a 10 0 dollars We wonder why all the belles with you howeve r if you intend to from T ampa were following compete with him. It is t:umored S /Sgt. Qualey last pay day? One tha t he w a s born with a pair of wouldn' t think that he w a s the dice in his mouth. Barrymore type to look at him. Well, about time for chow.We later found out that he was Holy Mack e r el-Look at that unpaid for ( 6) months, and at l ast his ship c a m home bringing \Vhere To Go! What To Do! his p a y in a rump sum or $ 50 0.46. DURING OFF-DUTY We wonder how much he has left HOURS afte r his merrymaking? What S /Sgt. has to thumb a. ride llome from Clearwate r while his fellow companion slumbers in a nearby lawn? 1st C annibal: "Am I late for dinner?" 2nd Cannib:!l: "Yeah, every body' s e aten. \Vhere To Go! \Vllat To Do! DURING OFF-DUTY HOURS Dining -Entertainment Dancing Dining -Entertainment -Dancing VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOO:OS 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773 Phone l\152-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s MADRILLON Spanish Restaurap.t 915 Tampa at 1'yler Tampa, Florida Welcome Sollliers to THE MARJACK TAVERN IN SULPHUR SPRINGS Good Food-Cocktails arid Liquors All at Modet"l1-te Prices THE RED MILL American And J,ntln Footl ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT BOB'S PLACE Beer Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:Phone Y 17B6 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr I :i: .:. ... .:. LIGHT LUNCHDINNERS 11 A. M. Till 4 P. IU. Dolly 1715 Platt St: at Pnekwood SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BilliARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY WELCOME .. Service Men and Ftiends to tlte SWING CLUB ''A nice place for nice p eople'' Dancing and Refreshnients 5008 M emorial Hig hwa:y Phone H-2184 Fine Spanish Food Delicious Cuban Sherbets Quban Sandwiches Plenty Parking Space Los Helados De Ybor 14th St. 8th Avenue Phone Y -3505 Max's Liquor Bar WINES -LIQUORS -CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'Em Flying-Rubin's Restaurant FINEST SPANISH FOOD IN TAMPA 1403 Tampa Street AIR OONDITIOII.'ED Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'I s. Bagley YBOR CITY The OHAnERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti Sandwiches Drinks Liquors Abba. Dabba & Band Nightly '107 S. Howard Ave., Ph. H3757 BEER AND WLVE You May Go Far-But you must spend an evening -at--M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLOEIDA "KEEP'EM FLYINGf' -****'k** WE KEEP 'EM EATING MAO DILL DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN COWNIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN SERVICE MENOFFICERS -FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE--VISIT The .Colonnade, BAYSHORE and JULIA Steak and Chicken Dinners 45c To be Sergeant (temporary)Cpl. J. C. Booth, CpL Ha-rold C. Donald, Cpl. Floyd I. Edmond son. "i1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 1 ::: Beer Wines -Hostesses I + Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V.F.W., ::: and American Legion Delicious Sandwiche s Meet Your Friends at ,, ................................................................................................................................................. To b e Corpora l (temporary)Pvt. L eland Jarrett, Pvt. Frank L M artin, Pvt. William G O 'Brien, Pvt. Coy L. Pool, Pvt. Frank A Serito, Pvt. William M. Tucke r To be Technician Grade (temporary)-Pvt. Jame s E. Bostain, Pvt. Arthur E. Brown, Pvt. Herma n A D eutsch, Pvt. Ca-rlton C Dunn, Pvt. Randt W. Fred. erick, P v t. Lovelz R. Green, Pvt. Sidney C Katzenell, Pvt. Edward Lerner, Pvt. Robert W. Ludwig, Pvt. Edward G. Mcintyre, Pvt. Edward S Perry, Pvt. A gustin Saenz, Jr. Pvt. Frank Slota, Pvt. Herbert W Solkoff, Pvt. Paul A. Zarcane. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Hostesses--Dancing : y :i: Invites You To Enjoy A :i: SARA TOGA BAR : : MEET YOUR. FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in tlle Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PHONE 7988 THE SILVER MOON TWIN PALMS FREE CONCERT + + ::: B y The ::: "RAMBLING MOUNTAINEERS" X X From MacDill Field at Tampa y y : THE ARMY'S GREATEST HILL-BILLY BAXD : LITTLE SAVOY Bar Rooms Colore d Soldiers 1102 Central 1340 Central l r: our ::: Sunday, July 12 at 3 P.M. ::: .:. = Ohas. Vanderhorst, P:top CLEAN .COOL-RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. ::: RIDE THE BUSES FROM OCALA HOURLY ::: b :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..: .. :-:-:


Page 8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, .T uly 10, 194 2 DIW Fl) Talented Young Soldier I Drew Nine Has ,.---c-H-u-Rc_H_c...,.....1_L..._L-;; '::.w' ny CORP. H. L. T. FROST Radio Log Red, White and Blue, V/FLA, 7:05 a. m. daily thru Saturday. Monday Review, WTSP, 6:30 p. m. Monday. 1 Specialties, WDAE, 8:15 p. m. Thursday. The All-SU>tr Parade, WFLA, 9:00 p. m. Friday. Hiya, fellows! Here we are again hoping that you-all "out there" are heal't.hy and happy'. We're happy. Why, you ask? We found a new listener! Yessiree, we : g 'ot us another to help our Aunt Emma and the maid keep from going nuts as we prattle on over the ether. She is Miss Mary Rose Gallagher' one of the sub-depot debs. we haven't met her yet but we know who she is and-Aw, gee! Chaplain Boren and Pvt. Haorry Zigun have been welcome additions to our early morning sessions this week. Chaplain Boren delivers a fine dev.otional and Pvt. Winning Week PHOTESTANT Chaplain William L. Clark Base Chaplain DIcw 7-Ba l'Olllei 0 11:00 a. m. service-In new Behind the two-hit pitching of Chapel nearest Base HeadquarFreddie Swindells, the Drew In-terceptors bounced the Baromei Fishmen, 7 to 0, for their seventh straight win Tuesday on diamond. ters. Chaplain Cal'! \V. Hewlett 553rd S. A. W. Bn. 11:00 a. m. service-Ip Chapel nearest Tent City. new Ch31plain Amos L. Bol'en 501st S. A. W. R. 11:00 a. m. service-In Chapel at Plant Field. the Chaplain W. A. Thompson who Swindells struck out nine Fishmen and clouted a double in the seven inning affair. The young pitcher was the leading hurler in the Florida state league last year and was slated for Uncle Clark recently 1reported for duty with Griffith's Washington S enators the S0th Regiment will hold a. before the emergency arose and joint service with Chaplain Clark he volunteered his services to the as per schedule above. The men of government. The Interceptors pushing over four first frame, one in two in the seventh. started early, runs in the the fifth and Catcher ( Schnozzole) hit a mighty home run Bekeza for the the 5 05th are invited to join in this service until other arrangements are made. ROMAN CATHOLIC Chaplain P. J. O'Brien 503rd S. A. W. R. Early Mass 6:15 a. m.-Basa Drew nine in the first inmng. Libraory Building, in Chapel near Todd managed two for three for est 'Tent City. the Interceptors, one being good Mass at 9:00 a. m. *-Base Li-for a three bagger. brary building in Chapel nearest Drew ............ 400 010 2-7 8 0 Tent City. I Baromei ...... 000 000 0-0 2 1 JEWISH Score: R HE 11:00 a. m.-Base Library Zigun plays a beautiful violin. --I Rabbi Isenberg Building. Cpl. Jack Haortman and Harry ))rew 7-MacDill 3 have been giving it the duet time Private Peyton Epps pitched *Catholic services have been th. t k h Self-Portrait of Cpl. Hy Fried1nan IS pas wee and ave worked and batted the Drew field Inter-, changed from 11 a. m. to 9 a. m. extremely well together. We present Cpl. H. J. Friedmaon Before coming into the Army in ceptors to a 7-3 victory over their --of Drew Field, our oneman art September of 1940, Hy owned bitterest baseball rivals, the Mactowering home run by Howell We -got ourselves all up in a department. Anything goes with and operated his own commercial Dill Fliers last Satur.day. The wjnwith two men on the' paths,the lather the fore part of this week Friedman. He's game for aony art studio. He had a corner on the gave the Interceptors a lead of ball traveling out to the 490 foot about a proposed show, a dra-muss. If you want the Lord's automotive art and advertising in four games to two in the summer mark in deep centerfield for the matic offering featuring a refuPrayer on a pinhead, an original I Detroit and executed all the ad-series with the Fliers. round-tripper. gee from a Nazi invaded country. Rembrandt or Whistler, just call vertising art for the Federal The win Saturday was the In-Howell and Meyer led the But misfortune in writing th!J on Hy l<'riedman of Hq. and Hq. I Truck Company and had a share terceptors eighth straight victory. Interceptors at bat with two hits script and some well placed shots Co. of the 503rd, give him fifteen in the contracts let out by' Ford Epps slugged out three hits in apiece. Howell went far to his in our direction by our august minutes and you'll gi!t it ... at a and Motors. four times at bat and knocked left from his second base position dramatic critics, J.R.T. and price. That's if you a-ren't a mem-Hy was in the "heavy sugar" I in one of the Drew runs. He on several occasions to make one O.Z.W. put us back in our moth-ber of some G. I. department. Of at the time he was inducted and struck out five men and allowed hand stops and get his man at e;tten trundle bed for wound-course, if you are, that's different. his weekly "take" was generally 'but seven well scattered hits. first by a step. licking purposes .. But someday Cpl. Friedman is the man re-written in five figures checks. Louis B eli:eza, big Drew catchScore: R H E soon we're gonna put. out with it sponsible for the more than three When asked how he felt about e r rapped out two doubles and Drew ........ 000 031 30-7 6 1 and then they'll b,e sorry. Espe-hundred and fifty identification being drafted for a $21 per job scored twice himself. In addition, Ocala ........ 000 000 00-0 1 2 dally: when we flash the Metro-badges adorning officers' chests Hy, with .. characteristic nonchahe played brilliant ball behind the Swindells and Bekeza; Mehaf-Go!dwyn-M.ayer contract in front at Drew. He has designed a dis -lance, replied, "What the heck! bat. fey and Silas. of them. What contraoct? Well tinctive service badge for the I can always go back after the Minsky gave up 11 hits in go-we can dream, can't we? Third Fighter Command w .hich war." He further explained that ing the route for MacDill but he will be worn by aoll members of there were very good possibilities was given veiy poor support. Sub Depof Subs Lt. Matt McBride gave us a that command when it is accepted to keep on in his work right here None of the MacDill hitters little fight talk this week which by the Adjutant General in Wash-in the Army. And this work he is secured more than one blow off New faces behind old des1,s: we appreciated very much. The ington, D. C. doing at Drew is what he hopes Epps. Ca.pt. Oliver Williams taking over Lieutenant is, as the expression His talent, born of years of is a stepping stone to higher re-MacDill took the Iea.d when where Capt. C. C. Harris left off goes, "really on ball." And practical experience, is unlimited, sponsibilities in the Intelligence their star slugger, Stanley singled Lt. Alfred Cromartie now his boxing program sounds like we would conclude, when con-Department in Waoshington, D. c. and Gras doubled him home. sitting where his keen eye sees a na.tural. Ketchel, a name synon-fronted with. some of the things The art section of the Intelli-In the second inning, Drew all the sub debutants come and omous with boxing for years, is he has done here at Drew. Besides gence Department is a wonderful took the lead for good, scoring go. Formerly Capt. Williams' the moniker one of the civilian the officers' tags he has designed opportunity for any artist and it three runs on Bekeza's double, post Our feelings have been coaches boasts. So with Lt. Meand built a porta-ble I.C. for use is essential to the well b alanced singles by Cochrane and Epps and unhurt now as we are again being Bride, Ketchel and the rest we by his regiment, designed and program conducted by that de-two infield errors. recognized by the Drew Field urge you to come out for the rendered many different diplomas partment. "Someday I hope to Thereafter the Interceptors Waker-U P Per s .. Wish all boxing squaod and trade punches including those given Chinese get into, that sort of work, be-were never in trouble. They added "bosses" had Mr. Hancock's work for paunches. flyers graduating from U.S. Army I know I {lOuld be effective a singl e run in the third and together-itis ... Miss Bernice flying And if there is there,'' Hy said with a hopeful three more in the ninth. Doubles Dormany of last week is today Well, gang, that's all there is. anything our man Hy can't do in light in his eye. I by Bekeza and. Todd along with Mrs. "Sgt." James C. Cooper of There ain't no more. What a re-the way of art, we don't think it We wish him luck in the ma-a singl e by Brown and infield the 314 Transport Group Hq. and lief, huh? We'll see you next has been done before. ( terialization of his dreams. I error produced the final tallies. Hq. Sg. week, maybe, but in the mean1\IacDill counted single runs in One of "Supplies" best hook-time keep listenin', wontcha? the sixth and seventh innings. keepers has been snatched by addition add to the scenic beauty The idea was swell, the water Base Tech. Supply. Our loss is of the camp. Corporals Ev Tip-was fresh rain water, but the botDre w 7-0caJa 0 Techs' gain. Good luck on the 505th Sig. Bn. pets and Walt Wrona, the tom-not a thought was given to Ooala, Fla.-Sgt. Fred Swinnew job, "Sue" (Mrs. Mary foxes,' earned their pseudonyms the mud-laden bottom. It was dells pitched the Drew Intercep-Logan). tors to a stirring 7-0, one-hitter Sub-Depot is very proud of its NEWS and increased their daily pay as swing and swaoy and splash. 'Ve'll over the Ocala A ll Stars in the efficiency. Seems as if whenever chief assistants of. the engineering 1 t b see w 1a can e done, boys, to get Central Florida city as a part of anything needs straightening out crew. Privates Rahar, Morris, rid of that 'black bottom'. a big July 4th celebration. folks come to us. Mrs. Louise Ferraro, and Pfc's. Sikorsky, By PVT. RAYMOND HOULE Sun burns and taons remind us that our own Porky Pasquino has a real recipe for taking sunbaths without the burn; (Medics-please note)-Porky says a bo.ttle of olive oil-a sunny day, and, most essential, a few hours of leisure Lyon, Zippo, and McAloose are a few who come in for much deserved praise. The entire bridge building was completed in two days, which is a far cry from 'goldbricking', we would say. Nice job and well done, soldiers; take a bow! results in a beautiful tan with no J. w. Godfry and burn guaranteed. W. H. Kelly should have no diffi-Sergeant AI Ashcraft and assist-culty in enticing the boys to the ants are receivmg much praise swimming pool if the actions of from Major F. G. Ruffner aond all the Plotting company is any indimembers of the Plotting company cation. The Fourth of July was for the fine piece of engineering observed in a wet manner. After in the construction of four bridges a tough all-afternoon session on over the northern end of Drew the drill -field, many of the pri-Brook. The bridges tend many steps for the weary of the Plotting company to save vates and non-coms had a. much drillers cherished (????) dip in the 'rain and in 1 pool' out in the center of the field. 'Sergeant A I Farmer, so The win gave Swindells his Guy was transferred to Marianna second straight shutout .of the July 1. Mable Bell is leavin g the s t o r y has been go in"' "' week and ran his scoreless inn-July 15 and August 1 we are around, returned from his fur-J ings to 20 straight. H e has bidding farewell to that swee.t; Iough a little bit blue. Shall we allowed only one run in the last little Gertie Ra-y. They, too, are say, 'little boy blue'? He claims 40 innings and this wa. s of the going to Marianna. that the Long Beach, Calif., resi-unearned variety. "Kingfish" Mattenlee seems to dents are holding up well under Drew shoved three tallies be doing a swell job of engineer-nightly blackouts. across in the fifth on hits by ing. He took Mr. Baker's place Staff Sergeant Ge-orge Sedita Howell aond Firkser along with who was transferred to Morrison pens from New York "don't let two errors to take the lead. Field. the heat get the best of you boys, Mehaffey touched Swindells What would Supply be without and above all things, don't get for the only hit of the day for our Abigail. Hatcher? She's our 'palm daffy,'' an expxession the home nine. A clean single in regular little "Ray of Sunshine" which George claims to be his the sixth. -at least Mr. Ha.ncock seems to own. Right now the days are The Interceptors increased think so. very warm in New York also, but their lead in the sixth by scoring Sam Esco has another jobthe nights aore very cool, with few a single run on a hit by Todd, airplane and engine inspector. of the dive-bombing mosquitoes base on balls aond two infield How that guy gets around. Mrs. to harass the sleeper. Ah, Man-outs. Helen Dorman has taken over his hattan in July-long, tall, cool In the seven!th, Drew added job and is doing 0 K as head ones. _their finai three markers on a of the Pla-nning section.


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