Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 21 (July 24, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 24, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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\ T OL. 1. NO. 21 12 Years' Faithful Service -Rewarded With A Commission It' s no longer Master T --:; H. Bell, but Lieutenant Bell. ,.:tall lean-limbed, genial, asce (i\!featured South Carolinian was a second lieutenant yesterday. Lt. Bell s commission culminates a career of l2-years' service as an enlisted man. Only 34 years old now, he entered the Army on No vember 21, 1929, at Columbia, S. C., after leaving his job in a tex tile mill in his home town of Ab beville S C. Since then he has soldiered for three years in the Hawaiian Islands, seven years at Barksdale Field, La. two years at MacDill Field (where he. was among the first men who s.et foot on it), and since February at Drew Field. Since March, 1930, he has work ed in Air Corps Supply and is thor oughly trained in this phase of air corps materiel. For that reason, in March of this year, h e w a s placed in charge of the Tech Sup ply department of the 327th Serv ice Squadron. He is I e a v i n g a smooth-functioning qepartment be hiVd him, the result of training and efficient handling of men. 14 Drew Non-Coms Take Exams For Warrant Officer P1tbli s h ed Every Friday Drew Fie ld Tampa, Florida DREW VICTORY SQUAD Here are the members of the Drew Field baseball team which has a great record of 26 games won and 12 lost for the sea son. of them straight and 17 out of the last 19. Kneeling left to right Meyer, Firkser, McNulty, Howell, Klimczak, Grabosky and Assistant Trainer Ray Shintaku. Standing Reeves, Trainer, Bekeza, Cochrane, Epps, Pianowski, McMennan, Swindells and Captain Earle DeForest, coach of the team. General Orders For Chow Hounds 1. To take charge of this and all spuds in view. 2. To watch my plate in a mili tary manner, keeping always on the alert for anything good that comes within sight or smell. 3 To report all meat sliced too thin to the mess sergeant. 4. To report all calls for seconds. 5. To quit the table only when I am satisfied that I can not hold Soldiers May Continue College Studies Now If your college education was blighted by the long arm of the Selective Service or you would like to take some college work while you are in the Army-here' s your chance. Under the provisions of a recent Army regulation, enlisted men with not less than four months active service, may pursue college courses by correspondence while in the Army. The Army Institute, at Madison Wisconsin, offers 65 courses that will contribute to a soldier's military efficiency. Sgt. Wilber D. Somers, recently trans ferred to OCS from the 690th Signal A W, Frontier Co., was the first soldier to send in a complete lesson from Drew Field. This opportunity for academic endeavor is offered to soldiers un der two plans-(a) soldiers may take correspondence sources di rectly from the Army Institute with an enrollment fee of $2 for each course, (b) they may enroll in certain courses in any one of 80 cooperating colleges and the government will pay half of the tuition cost (not to exceed $20 for any one course). College credit is obtained upon completion of courses under the latter plan. Under both plans the soldier students must study in their leis ure time and the government will share the cost of text books. The approved courses ; numerous and varied, include everything from English literature t_o water works and sewage plant operation. Anyone intei'ested in ta_king ad vantage of these correspondence courses can obtain application blanks at the Special Service of_ fice in the Base Library. Friday, July 24, 1942 "BAD OF MOVIES LEAVES FOR 0. C. SCHOOL Chaplain Clark Weds Couple In Drew Chapel


. Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapel'S Ba&hoe& Offl<'e: 1115 FLORIDA A VENUE Tampa, Florldn P. o. Box :oi22 Phone 2177 All ndvertlaement& rontnlned In tbls newspaper ore ahto contained in Field l<'ly Lenf. Mlniomum olreulatlon: 8,000 copies. ADVERTISING RA'l'ES FURNISHED ON REQ.UES'l' A newspaper published exclusively for the p ersonne l of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nati<>ns V ictory. Opinions expressed in this n ews tHtp e r are thos e of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not consUtute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel of tlie products advertised. MEMBER FLORIDA PRESS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION 1942 503d MEDICS SHOTS and PHYSICS An occasional and very welcome visitor to the 503d Dispensary is Captain David F Stevenson, of the 687th Reporting Company special. He makes it a point to remember the medics and quite often surprises them by calling them by name. One of the most active of ficers on the post, Captain Steven son frequently may be seen at the head of a long, tired column re turning from one of those -hikes. He sets a brisk pace, too Pfc. A V. Armstrong and Pvt. 0. C. Crawford, Jr., were named just that at birth. Guess nobody ever thought enough of them to give them a front name. Pfc. Arm strong is from Alabama, and Pvt. Crawford is a Texan cowboy. Sunday afternoon the medics gave the 503d 1st Reporting Co. a thorough trouncing at softball, 5-2, with Pvt. Arthur Melchert knocking out two beautiful triples. Congratulations to Pfc. James W Hundley, Jr. who took himself a wife while on furlough at his home in Danville, Va The "Colonel," who is Staff Sergeant Barrie D Bryant's pet coach whip snake, is home again, after having run away numerous times. Last week Corporal Charles W. Wilson found him in the drain age ditch near the boxing arena just in time to rescue him from some soldiers who were "to kill him dead." SHI.RTS for the .Army Man! Say, Men-Want a Sh.itt that will stay in your ttousers and look neat? See these e:q)ertly tailored ones today. For offi cers and enlisted men. OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS 'J'ILL 9 :00 "Smart Mi}ita-ry Olothes" .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,I HOT COPY 686th SPEC. REPT. CO. By A/Sgt. ARNO JUSTMAN Talking of men and the various things they will do to save trouble, we have a Pvt. here who bought an officer's shirt and was told to take the straps off the shoulders. Now he has enlisted in O.C.S. to save the trouble of removing said straps. Two mosquitoes flew into 1st Sgt. Angelletti' s room the other night while he was trying to sleep and this is what he overheard the first mosquito say: "Shall we eat him here or take him outside?"The second replied:: "No, we better eat him here. That other one outside might take him away from us." If at any time you approach a mob making a terrific noise, it will not be necessary for you to see who the fellow is. It will be Pvt. Wallister and that's for sure. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Those names have always suggested to me a dual personality, so it came as a great surprise when I found out that the very mild mannered, soft-spoken Pvt. Green is one bomb shell when he gets to town. I even heard he took a drink the other night. Tsk! Tsk! Sgt. Murphy, Moifhy to you, is another fellow who operates on the sly. To hear him talk you would think most of his time is spent at the U. S. 0. writing letters, but who should pick me up the other night but Moifhy and one v e r y charming personality. As the talk went along I mentioned the fact it sure would be nice to have din ner at a home. Of course I never had any intentions of staying with the happy couple and evidently they were of the same opinion, be cause I had dinner at a cafe You never know who your friends are, believe me. Buy More Bonds DREW :FIELD ECHOES 553rd PLOTTING CO. PLUNKS By Corp. R. S. BERRY Hay, Skinnay-: You should'a been with us last Thursday night. Boy, did we ever have fun. Our company decided to have one of those swell parties with lots of fried chicken 'n all that goes with it. (Even. a keg or two of beer.) A group of girls from the Y. W. C. A were invited to be our guests at the Police firing range clubhouse and they sure must of made a hit, for the next morning all the fellows had a phone num ber to use for future reference. Well, as I was saying, that chick en was really good The fellows had a lot of fun taking the girls through the chow line. The only trouble was that when a cook saw a girl that looked nice, he'd just heap her plate with olives. Later I saw Sgt. Bernard engaged in a serious conversation, telling one lovely lass just h o w to prepare spaghetti and meat balls. Anything for a line as long as it isn't a mili tary secret. Then a bunch of the fellows from Drew Field combined to form an orchestra and we spent the rest of the evening on and around the dance floor. Sgt. Louis Massing ham (since appointed 1st Sgt. of this c ompany) took over the drum Phone Y'-3741 1512 7th Ave. $1.00 and $1.50 7 5c WATCH BAi\'DS --Army PEN and 3 95 PENCIJ.J SETS ----- St.Ietch ... ...... 4.95 Identification 2 95 BRACELETS -- Watch Repairing 20% Off To All :'3crvicc M e n AReal Help Now! freshen 11p, Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you've got to be in the armed forces to really appreciate how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean. Man, how it helps to chew gum when you're tense, tired or thirsty! Cools your mouth -moistens your throat-seems to give you a refreshing lift. Aids digestion, too. Enjoy chewing delidous Wrigley's Spear mint Gum during strenuous flights-after hard work-when you're off duty-at other times, too. It does things for you. ; W-175 and cymbal department and boy, how he can tickle a drum is really something. (Those drums earned him the price of many a meal be fore he enlisted in the service.) Lt. Cecil presented C o r p o r a I Dwight Bones with two loaves of Cuban bread, (a yard long style), and the gleam in Corporal Bones' eye made me shudder as to the fu ture of those loaves. Ya see, he likes to eat-especially bread. I'm sure that everyone present had a swell time and is wondering when we can do it again. tt PALMA CEIA a THEATRE !tlcDILL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS Open 3 P. M. DnUy Progl'Um Week of July SUN., !tiON., 'rUES., July 26-27-::!l VIRGINIA" "\Vith Fred !tlcltlurrny, !tlndeleine Cnrroll Al!!o "Hnllnbnloo" With Fronk Morgnn 11nd Billie Burke Ad

DREW FIELD ECHOES )wah, I whose home is in Chicago, hand 3rd REPORTING COMPANY .NEWS 503rd Sig. AW Regiment ed us the following clipping from The Chicago Tribune with By Cpl. THOMAS W. DUGAN The Duke is a famous leg man a request that it be published How many of you fellows ever and his stuff appears in many in The Echoes). heard of Revere, Mass.'? Do I hear noos-papers so when he visits the By FRANK FOCHT Base Medical Detachment I tag Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker, a great big hollow sound? Well, they are the more I hate 'em. What is he saying? Private 1st Class John JanuarY has proven his a Ci!rpen ter .in our company area. He even built a first-class desk for the C. 0. But little did he think that he would be the first one to catch H---over that self-same desk. That's a record for you. 3 Wind-roughened, Hsandpaper" lips won't get you to first base with the girl friend-get wise t o Chap Stick!. Protect lip from sun, wind-keeps 'em >mooth always. Brings quick relief if already sore and windburnt along, pencil in hand, waitin' for air force commander in Hawaii, Pvt. 1st Class Bernard Poshansky What a man! On the detail list those gems to ripple offa his is presumed to have been lost in seems to think it is something like for t h e 12th Pvt. Reno Ravaioli tongue "Ya gotta hava nose fer action during the assault on the the great beyond He is always on found himself to be listed as super nooze," says the Duke nonchalant-Japanese fleet off Midway Island that subject and you would think man inasmuch as he was on two ly. "Hot copy is floatin' around guard details and on regimental everywhere. I don t get no chance June 7 The general led a flight that Paul Revere himself founded supply. Wonder how he came out? to hobnob with a expert like this of bombers from that Pacific out the place. Fact is tha. t Paul Rev1 It's a cinch if he h ad his choice every day so for the tenth. time I post and when last seen by others ere's horse once ate some grass in he would not take either guard. Phone B-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing and Inter Communicating Systems make sure I got enough pencils in his formation his bomber was the public square there. But that is "F'rinstance, sezze, "see that guy about as close as Paul ever got to That's all for this week fellows, Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service over there?" And he points smack descending rapidly. the place. No kidding though, Ber-so we will see you all next week. at Lt. Ramey. Does a beautiful job Men in the ranks in other wars nie: if it' s home it's the sweetest 1116 Grand Central pinchbattin for Major Firestone. sometimes commented that the place on earth. Works hard but does it unostenta-generals preferred safety well be' NOTE: Your reporter is now a Model T Corporal-so what! FLOWERS .. 'liously. There's a story there but hind the lines; hence the old wiseya gotta be subtle." And while I m crack Generals die in bed. In looking up the two-bit word the this war, at least among American Duke flits off. generals, the commanders are conNext I see the Duke gaffin' with stantly taking the same risks to Sergeant Major Russell Dean. which their men are exposed. Gen. "Good boy he says to me later. Tinker was 54 years old but when "Oughta be an officer. Can t make the Japs were spotted nobody it though-few pounds undercould keep him away from the weight. Too bad "But," I interaction. vene, "regulations is regulations." The Duke growls when he agrees and he invades the mess hall. "Ever nottice," he asks me, "the different techniques the boys use when they're chowing up?" I never notice and he starts to explain. Watch Corp. Evans; he stabs around the plate clockwise Sgt. Repass is a graduate of the counter dockwise school while Sgt. Senecal just burrows But the most interest ing case in this clinical study is Pvt. Anders who roves his nose over the platter like a stethoscope diagnosing inner secrets." The Duke is looking for the un usual and he s all over the detach ment. I'm breathing heavy but hot on his heels. Pretty soon he's got the secret ambition of everyone on the post all marked up in a blue notebook. We reprint from that book unedited and unadulterated: Lt. Gonczy-To tap out the rhyth mic Jersey Bounce and still main tain the professorial dignity of a medical officer. Corp "Dutch" Wierer-become another Buster Crabbe. Corp. Mager Calwell-be come Post_master General of Miami. Pvt. Frank Rocco-recite the fam ous Shakespearean line, "toupee or not toupee." Pvt. Jake Guthartz, psychoanylyst extraordinary-find a patient who reacts as the text books predict. Lt. Ramey-move his Alabama ranch to Drew Field. Pvt. Daniel A Free-ignore the rabble who bemoan the absence of stripes despite extensive military training at Clemson U. Pvt. Max Weis-Ignore the same rabble who remind him of the past by calling him Doctor even though he has but one chevron. Sgt. Harry Wal ters-beat out Pvt. Frank Focht as .. .,$ing Commander' 'by getting in }9lre flying time on the blanket after exercises. Pvt. Frank Fochtbeat out Sgt. Walters for the same title. The Duke s notes will be con-tinued. SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groc'eries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL B 25-564 Gen. Tinker is the third Amer ican air general to die thus far in the war, but the first to be lost in action. Maj Gen Herbert Dargue, the first choice after Pearl Harbor for the Hawaii air command, was killed in December while flying to the west coast. Brig. Gen Harold H. George, who was with Gen. MacArthur in the Philippines, was killed in an air crash after reaching Australia These all were flying officers who flew. They thought of their jobs as being in the air, not behind a desk. Gen Tinker is not the only American air general who took risks with his men. Maj. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton of the bomber command in India has participated 'in raids on the Japs in Burma. Nothing could be better from the I standpoint of morale than that 1 generals go along with their men on hazardous missions. As Lieut. Gen. Delos C. Emmons, Hawaiian army commander, said; "General Tinker would not ask his subordi nates to undertake 1;isks he would not take." Subordinates will follow such anywhere and we have no doubt that when the squadrons the general commanded take off in future it will be with the in tention to "get one for Tinker." Keep 'Em Repaired Needlecraft Service Shop Reweaving & Mending & Repairs 201 CITIZENS BLDG. SERVICE MEN, Your Is Located At 80 I Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Taanpa, FllOJida THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Stea.ks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRIXH:S. -UQUORS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 rS. Howard Ave Phone H-37.37 Telegraphed E-verywhere Did you hear about the colored private who was walking guard EVERY post and after a while was apPAY DAY proached in the dark by a sinistetr WAR individu a L He brought his gun o port and in a loud and challenging \ BOND DAY .. "'''" Holt' Look who'' 1 ;:. :ST:O:P=SP:E:N:D:IN:G=:S:A:V:E=DO:!:L:A:RS:. TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Keys Made Scissors Sharpened It's Mr. and Mrs now for the Rollins B. Teaters. See what can happen on a furlough, fellows? Match him if you can. And by the way she has a sister just as pretty.1 Congratulations, fellow. Shucks! Sgt. Dray has red-lined me. No more mention of his fav orite subject in this column, he says but he did not ask for a re traction. From now on it's "women -I hate em. The more beautiful :. A HOME -BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone l\11861, Maas Office Bid. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquarters of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone !\1-1236 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, candy Notions FOR RENT .:. 2910 AQUIIJLA {2 Bed Rootns, Sleeping Porch, : Tile Bath, $55.00 : 711 SO. WILLOW : : 3 Bed R{)oms, 2 Sleeping Y Porches, $65.00 Furnished .. i 4515 BAY TO BAY : 3 Bed Roo-ms, 3 Baths, Guest :i: House, $150.00 Pmtished y : : ::: = WARREN HENDERSON CO. ( Incorporatcd) 112 E. J,afayette Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. SPECIAL A 'lvl'ENTION To S ervice :\len's Families Peter Grahn & Son 1\-Ieat.s-Ptoduce--Groceries i>hone 3502 910 }<'lorida Ave. CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs St. Ph. l\1 54-572 l\'lari .on & Alma, Betty & Deedie Open evenings by appointment FLORIDA Guns and Locks Repaired GUN & LOCK SERVICE 705-A FLORJDA AVE. l'H. M51-25L_ Member: V.F. W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Manil:latta.n ca.fe BUY BONDS United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians..,,. 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 THE TERRACE GIIT & FLOWER SHOP :i: H

Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES ,,,.,.,,.,,.#,,#,,.,.,,,...,,.,,,,.,,,,.,.,, left our company: Sgt. Morton H ..,..,,.,q-,,,.,,.###,...,..,.,.,.,..,,,.#.,..,,.,.,,.#-4 1st Rept'g Co. 553rd Sig. Zucker, Cpl. Henry G. Hamrick, Jr., Cpl. Robert Coffer, Tech 5th Shel564th PLOTT. CO. 504th (Plant Field) ON THE BALL and Tech 5th Le DOTS AND DASHES Q U J P S ,,.,,,.,,.,, .... ,,.,..,,,,..,...,.,,..,.,,.,,.,,,,.1 Watch this guy, Cpl. Charles F. ,,,,,,.,..,.,.c,,,,.,.,.,.#-#'#.,,,,,,,#,,.,,.4 ..,,.c-,,.,.,.,,,..,..,.,.,.,,,,,,,..,.,.,..,.,.,.,,,.,4 Antrup! Quite a few of us would I to how he makes these By Cpl. S. C. KATZENELL To the boys : After a bit of eaves-mterestmg contacts and the tech We traveled far and wide and nique which he must use covered some of the greatest sports dropping and chiseling here and T I Sgt. Dow L. Stephens tells of and civic spectacles this nation has there, your special service repre the wonderful time he had in Orto offer during our 10l!z years of sentative came to the conclusion jlando while there recently on pass reporting f 0 r the Washington y all would like to see your organDo you need to be told about burnTimes-H erald, but never did an ization represented in our field pa: ing your candle at both ends, event impress us as the presenta per. so, from now on, men, we will Steve? I tion on Sunday of the Bond Flag, be "on the ball again. symboli c of a 100 percent subscrip S / Sgt. Ray Huglin acquired a tion in the Bond Drive, to the Plot"Mrs. last week and everything is 350th SERVICE SQUADRON ting Company by our likeable Bathearts and flowers. Congrats and talion commander, Major Rex Le best wishes ... S g t. J G White N E W S Fevre. and T / 5 ( Model T Corporal) P J. Dressed in their military best, W eidner could not be stopped last the Plotting Company men stood week. Their better halfs blew into By Cpl. c. BEHM proudly in their ranks as the Ma jor town ... No! No! Fellows, those praised them for their wonderful men you saw pacing the frontage Our best customer, 'the amazing showing in the Bond campaign. of our orderly room, nervously corporal of barrack No. 1 hits the For some reason we felt prouder lighting cigarettes and stuttering news again with the astounding than any time in our lives when w_hile tryi ng to speak last discovery of his daily powder-bath the Major threw orchids at us. m ght, were not exp e ctant. Th1s 1s I Oh m 1 lk It must b e some reason for this furloug h time once more; they an. Ta about mateual for unusual feeling, and we believe we were merely sweating one out. the 'jockeys' have discovered it. We know we Congratulations to all the new Sport s: So far, our softball team are engaged in a war in which "T" striped men .... For the per has dropped all three of the games everything that America stands for feet sta y-at-home-drink ask Sgt. J. played. But don't underestimate is at stake and the least little thing R. Moreland for the ingredients of our boys We do have an excellent we do to aid thi s grand and glori By Sgt. GUTHMANN The 504th SA WR, led by Colonel Stanford, made its first public ap pearance in Florida when it headed the Heroes' Day Parade. With plenty of fair ladies on the side lines, the parade was enjoyed by all, especially the Motor Pool men. (They Rqde) We are soon to h a ve a Chaplain for our Regiment. Dust off the prayer books! Lt. Colonel Laurence H. Smith joined our Regiment this past week. Colonel Smith came from the 4th Army where he was As sistant Signal Officer. 1st Lt. Howard R Perry left our organization yesterday. 1st Lt. Dayrel Smith of the Me dical Detachment is recovering from pneumonia at the station hos pital. Sgt. Jackie Searl of movie fame, departed our organization last week for Signal Corps OCS at Fort Mon mouth, New Jersey. Also, Cpl. Julius Braufman departed for a LIN-ZA-GIL -YEN. team, with plenty of speed and ous country of ours makes us feel RECORDING Lt. Allen Benz, formerly T / Sgt. power at the plate. Our main throwing out our chest. MAKE A Allen Benz, of our organization is ble has been the lack of sufficient One of our sports incline d sol Of Your Voiv e SOc back at Drew. Eyes right 0 C S practice. So watch us from now on diers was carefully reading the To S end Home .. .. ........ I WURTELE applicants and with a bit of optim-l Sure, we 're looking for outside race entries the other day when MOTION PICTURE SERVICE ism you too will soon be sporting, games. !Contact Cpl. Behm at the one of our youthful warriors glanc 1104 E. CIISs Street those gold bars. -I orderly room. ed over his shoulder and said: Men now that y'all have enough I Nice work if you can do it. And Hey, bud! That jockey 'No Boy' to apply for a job at J Ruff is doing just that, by recertainly. a of I any movmg and storage concern ce 1vmg a package just about every see where he s gomg to ude 14 and are finally settled, how do you I other day. Rumor has it that he is horses in one race." like your new quarters? Ain' t they having his automobile shipped to Being a conscientious youn g man, cute. I him in sections; thus the steady James Wy _att seld_om Friday, July 24, 1942 Quartermaster OCS at Camp Lee, Omar "Pappy" Rooks of Hq. Co. Plot Bn. returned from furlough yesteiday. "Pappy" saw his four month-old son for the first time. Rooks has put in for furlough next July. What then? Lt. W D. McClellan and his men in S-1 are really putting out these days Applications for bonds, insurance, and allotments sure are mak ing them burn the midnite oil. Hats off to the Hq. Co. Rept. Bn 1st Sgt. Redner and his men are 100% on bond sales. Let's go. It would be fine if the whole regi ment were 100%. This regiment is seeking softball games. Any outfit interested, kind ly get in touch with Cpl. Jack Can non, Hq. Co. Plott. Bn. GARDEN HOTEL 1014% Franklin St. EntJance .Next to Havana Cafe WE CATER TO Their Familie s nnd Friends The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD J,UNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. To the ma]onty of officers and stream of parcels. But, then, you takes tlme o u t from h1s duties. men it was just another mail-call, really don't know what to belie v e E ven while he' s sleeping he's di but as Lt. Noyes opened this cer-these days. recting the physical education of h Sayd, ttahlk atbhout youdr morale.. : .. R: .. : .. : .. : .. I: .. :T .. : .. :E .. : .. :N .. : .. : .. c:: .. L: .. : .. .. :: .. : .. :c .. : .. : .. : .. :A .. : .. : .. F: .. : .. E: .. : .. :T .. : .. : .. E: .. : .. R: .. : .. : .. J: .. A: .. : .. : .. : .. ow o e o er squa rons meas. '' countenance. Wondering how anyure g t th 35 0th? W 1 Corporal IS asleep and you can .:. up a ams e e can h h .::,' .:: one could smile amid this Florida h ear 1m say : onestly say that we have never "Wh t t h tt "th : heat, the query nook was formed. h d h f" tf" ht a s e rna er w1 you, ':' ': a so muc as a 1s 1g m our ld" 1 b k ? d CHAMBERS BROS 0 311-312 ZACK STREET ':' "Men," said our young Command-group A d th t I Wh so 1er are your egs ro en. Ben WDeT n a lS UnUSUa en th k H t h f = '' Y M. C. A. BUILDING ing Officer, ''I've been promoted." you have a number of men ose ep, wo, t ree, our. -"!-!!!-!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!-!!-!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:*1 Best wishes to you sir! Those silver living together for any length of :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :!++!++!++!++!.+!(++!: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : bars sure are becoming ... and by time, friction will always result. I : the way sir! tlie Tampa Tribune believe the feelings are governed :i: :1: photographer is not an acquaint-by the fact that the men realize :i: :1: ance. their representatives are doing :i: BOXING :1: Tarpon Springs might be t h e everything possible to furnish them ,:, sponge center of the world, but to with a sport schedule, recreation, 'i-. t a couple of Drew Field soldiers the d h 't' ':, d 't t B th G d an any ot er small service that .:.:i:: :=:..: sponges on coun ro er, 0 may in any way aid them. A few bless those crackers; they certainly seem dissatisfied at times, but then ,t, : are sweet Johnson & John-they don't. ful_ly realize the diffi,tt'. son culties encountered on some of ,:. these projects. On the whole the + c d p k : 505th Reg. 1st Rept' g Company By K & J. D.;:,SANDIFER i u s c a e n a r i Skin you love to touch: that part .!. i around the neck of the guy who 5: 15th Street and Columbus Drive repeatedly reads over your shoul,:, der while you are writing that spe+ t There is a decided evidence of cialletter. :i: TONITE AT 8:15 O'CLOCK romance in our outfit these days Benny says : That hard-working ,:, and it's a bit late to blame it on go-between, back in Robesonia, Pa., i i the Spring. Since we're here, we're should be decorated for his diligent ::ii:: Colonel Hesterly The Guest of :. wondering if we may attribute the work in slipping those letters and H inclinations of some of the fellows 1 parcels of the 'corporal's room.:. on or ... to the tropical atmosphere. Never-mate' to the sweet little thing. :,tt. MAIN EVENT :.!::' theless, one has to be with us only Wonder how Vera liked _the pin. a brief time to hear talk of fur-It's a shame the picture had to be :i: ::: laughs, wedding bells, and honey-dragged into the matter. End of .:i::. M AT T pERF ITT I MacDI.ll .:::, moons. To our knowledge there are gossip H -bb. Th .:. FI.eld .t o 1es: ose soap carvings of .:. three soldiers in our company Pvt. Salkovitz are really clever. It :i: :!: whose plans are taking definite so happens that 'Salk.' hails from .:. VS ,., h Wh d ll ld Al .:. .: s ape. o sa1 'A the world our o ma Mammy back in the ,:, loves a lover"? Smokey City, where h e acquired -i-i sculpturing .. the Sixto M .ORALES Havana Wiley to his home in Falmouth, Coming attractions: Could be a A Y Ind., on an emergency furlough. feud in the making with the 9th ,t. Hasn't everyone observed the F. C.? We were asked to remind + sudden transformation in the spirtwo of their conniving Cassanovas :.;::. Five Other Exci.ti.ng Bouts its of Pvt. Dudley J Hewitt since that they are visiting Nebraska 1 P. M. Sunday afternoon? That's Ave. through the courtesy and tol-:i: : the hour of the arrival of the lovely eranc. e of the 350th. Hello, O'Hara! .:. s e I R d d ::: pec1a e uce Prices Welcome to Tampa and to the will be given every Wednesday and 505th Lorraine, and we trust that Friday from 2 : 30 to 4 : 00 on the =:.i=:=: To All Sold I. ers you left all well in Florence, S. C calisthenics ground, starting July Our congratulations for their pro29 Each and every one is urged motions and best wishes go to the 1 to attend if a t all possible See :!: fullowing m9


Frilla_r .. Jul y (-4, J.!J4. 2 SOlst Regiment-Plant Field REPORTS P.###############.,############### By PFC HARRY J. ZIGUN News here and there: Last Wed nesday night at the Hyde Park Methodist church' Chaplain Boren tied the knot for Cpl. Noble Hard ing of HQ Co., Plotting, and Miss Mayne Swartz both of Indiana. Sgt. Lawrence Cutting wa s be s t man. traditions of the 1st Reporting Co. Seeing Sgt. John W Ha yes look ing particularly down-hearted one morning this wee k we hastened to inquire concerning his feelings, and-if advisable-to offe r our sympathy. Sgt. Hayes confided in u s that he was practically ruined financially as the result of inviting two hungry soldiers to dinner. It seems that the fellows ordered everything on the menu from soup to nuts, including caviar. Sgt. Hayes will gladly furnish any in terested soldiers the names of two guys whom one should not ask to Plans are being made for a gala dinner.. musical s how with a mock marriage Cpl. Wilha m H. Connors deserves as a feature. The participants of our sympathy because of the con the marriage will be made up of I dition of hi s lips, which he men of Plant Field. The bride's to a severe sunburn. While we vegetable bouque t is already in the, don't discredit hi s story, we were DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 The fri e ndl y !Jeach es at St. P etersburg, Pass-A-Grille St. Petersburg Beach, Tieasure Island, Ma d eira Beach an d Redington Beach offer the utmost in recreation to be found on the W es t Coast of. Flo rid a. The clear sparkling of the Ba y and the Gulf provide unlimite d bathing. Bo a t s, both large an d small, are always availa!Jie for pleasure trips. From fishing piers and from fishing boats, the followers of Isaac W alton can enjoy their sport.. The m a n y miles of Sandy Beaches offer freedom from lhe c ities' heat and permit privacy for groups both I arge and small. The fine. hotels, cabins and apart-state of preparation. constrained to believe at first that i he had been out with the bearded m enU; offer the best of services a t reasonable cost. The cafes and restaurants are known for fine Cpl. Seymour R. Kaplan of the lady. f oods. The nite clubs offer unlimited entertaiume nt. The progressive merchants of the area are well,--Co. reports that We WISh for y ou, James J known for their fin e merchandise and services. Coll e ctiv e ly, these many attractions m ake St. Peters;and time was had at the party Poulos, a speedy burg a nd the Gulf Beaches a most ideal place in which to enjoy life in a care-free way. ast Friday night. Barrels of beer and we hope that your mlment IS eaps of fried chicken and deli: not so. serious as to necessita te an EASIIN HEACHED WITHIN LESS THAX A X HOUR BY CAR OR BUS FROJ\1 TAMPA cious gravy made up the hili of operatiOn fare, while the hearty goad-fellow ship that the ol gang is famous for moulded the shindig into a r6aring s1,1ccess. Thanks are due to St. Petersburg Cpl. Paul Zenobia and to Ballauch GAHAGES Sl<:RVICF. S'l'A'l 'IONS and Welch for arranging the de-SERVICES tails for the party. The affair was HAnnEn!' U'l'ILI'l'IES held at the beautiful Hellenic club #.,.,,,.,.,..,..,. .,..,..,..,..,..,.,.,..,._.,.,.,,..,.,..,..,..,..,..,. and music was provided by a hot colored band. The most eloquent testimonial to the success of the party was the heap of well-picked bones and bare plates which alone remained. Cpl. Francis E. Novicki for the 3rd Reporting Co. reports his com pany is gradually reaching 100 % co-operation in the sale of war bonds. Acting First Sgt. Simonson feels sure their goal of 100 % sub scription will be attained very soon. Last week this company enjoyed a delightful and entertaining social event at the Tampa Recreational Center. Among the guests were Major Chamberlin, Capt. Conley and Lt. Wade. The men expres's their appreciation to Lt. Lawrence and those whose efforts made the affair possible. Sgt. Proto and Pvt. Simak are now the PM's. Go easy on us fel lows. Remember that you were young once. Famous saying by Cpl. Berlinski: "Isn't that right, fellows?" By PFC Palmer: "Boys, won't you please getup!" By Pvt. McMennan : "I'm still an Irishman." Cpls. Campbell, Hipkins and Pvt. Wozniak are three happy fellows. They expect their wives to arrive in Tampa this coming week. Congratulations to S Sgt. Ste phens who has been accepted for ocs. The third Reporting baseball team call invincibility with stellar players, like Sgt. Ottieri, Sgt. Todd, Pvt. McMennan and Mvt Skutinsky, and PFC Palmer. Things we didn't know till now : Chester Samson started in Department of Justice in Wash ington as a messenger boy He be come a typist, clerk, stenographer, Law clerk, 'Librarian and then ad ministrative assistant. He also worked in the OPM Priorities di vision "Chet'' typed 100 words a minute and then took short hand at the rate of 150 words per min ute. They say Chet takes dictation on a typewriter and skips the note books as a waste of time. 1st Reporting Co. 505th Sig. AW Regiment We are happy to have the fol lowing men returned to the com pany: Cpl. Henry Brooks, Techs. 4th John Cruz, Harry C. Euler, Charles K. Flitton, Techs 5th Jack For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth St1eet Xo. St. P e teisburg-, Fla. Bryans Laundry and Cleaners Quick Dependable Service Call8953 716 21st St. No. OLDEST AND DRY CLEANERS IN .'3T. PE'.rl Ninth .street No. St. Petersburg, Fla. "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled'' Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. Petersburg Service Men's Uniforms That \\'ill Pass Inspection Oleaned and Plessed 50c FLORA-DON CLEAN.ER<:; AND DYERS Phone 4727 1239 Central Av. PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 J. Chiparo, Francis M. Gannon, VOGUE Pfc. William L. Hall, and Pvts. Cleaners and Laundry Tom Chal,'no, Marvin L. Rickerson, SHERFY BOURN, Owner and Henry L Hartman. They have 450 4th st. so. been on detatched service and have Phone 9185 been, we feel sure, upholding the. !-----------------' JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds and Silverware GIFTS OF ALL KINDS At Prices That Cannot Be Duplicated EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAffiiNG Over 30 yerus in St. Petersbmg Owen-Cotter Jewelry Co. 273 Qentral Avenue Tel. 60514 Buffalo Cleaning and Tailoring Co. 48 Hour Service to Sctvicemcn 127 3rd St. No. Phone 70544 Jake's Fish Market WholeHnle und Retull SEA FOODS 832 FlrHt Ave. No, Phone 4962 SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. Mostellar' s Sundries I C E CREAl\! AND COLD DRil\'KS 201 9th St. So. Opp. Seaboard Station HO'l'ELS CAD INS LODGINGS ROO'IIS APARTJUEN'I'S At St. Petersburg Furnished Modem Rooms 7r.c SINGLE $1.25 DOUBLE Also Housekeeping Rooms 913 7th North Tel. Easy Washe1 68-034 0 At St. PeterHburg HO'l'ELS CABINS CLUBS BARS LODGINGS ROOJIS APAH'l'lUENTS MORR-DELL 144. 6th Ave. South Near the Bar, Clean Ain Booms On e Apt. Running-\Vater. Reasonable. Phone 68-971 Gilbert System Hoter Detty C. !Uitchell, 1\lgr. 746 Centrnl AYe. St. Petersburg 7 864 '"Your Ho1ne A"uy front Honte" You Are Alwnys 'Velcome A J>hone In Eery Room Hot und Cold Wnter All Times Northmoor Apts. Sto1> in close to heudqunrters for tlte durntion. Cool, cJenn effic iency AJ>ts. or Rooms nnd Dnth lly the \Veek, iUonth, Senson or Yenrly 111 6tlt Ave. No. Phone 70-781 GORDON HOTEL Phone Ga07 TRANSIENTS \VELCOME Rooms with Bnths und Showers Lnrge Verundu nnd Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Av e North ROOl\IS, APTS. & COTTAGES R easonable Hates, by \Ve e k, Month or Yeat ADULTS ONLY NO PET.-, CLUDS DARS ENTERTAINMENT 'l'HEA'l'HES RESORTS \Velcom e to the Service l\fen ENTERTAINMENT THEATRES RESORTS At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-612 At St. p.,tersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY 1 Imported \Vines And Liquors P GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. !Specializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, SANDWIOHES Paramount Bowling Alleys You nrc Invited to vlHit our modern nnd up to dnte nlleys 860 4th Ave. S. u J>hone 7:;08 While ut St. Pete Visit RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINE'), ,gl\IOKES 848 4th St. So Bunny's Bar and Grill 1007 9th Street So. VARSITY BAR 1 Beer, \Vines and Sanduicbes I Wonder Bar And Grill I / BEEH and WINES 961 Central Headquarters for Service Men BEER. LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 Buy Bonds NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Ai1 Cinditioned. Private Dining Roolll.9, Chinese and American Meals ARMY NEWSPAPERS St. Petersburg Office: 145 Sixth Ave., N. E. Phones: 5766 and 4989 HOWARD EDSALL, Manage r


Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES Frid-y, .July 24 1942 :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. did pitching of Caldwell and Myers 314th AIR BASE was sabotaged? As if I didn't man Mechtel, "what strides we 2nd REPORTING COMPANY and the hitting of Engh, Norton, know. have made in the air." Spoto and Caruso, led the barrage In conclusion, speaking for the 564th against their victims SQUADRON entire outfit, I want to thank Lt. "Soldier," said the gal, "either B L 1 J z Incidentally, we have the topBostick and the kitchen staff for take your arm from around my h h By Pfc. TUL Y A. UNGER flight team of softball in Tampa. the swell chow that has been com-, wa 1st or keep 1 -t still. I am no T e y ave won 14 consecutive ing forth lately. As long as it conukalele." a..:-:-::-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:"' games without a defeat. We issue tinues and With new barracks with a challenge to any service or ci-We want to welcome to our lights we are truly the Super-Squad By Pfc. JOE MAGGIORE vilian team in Tampa or vicinity. squadron all those new men who of the field. GLEN'S BILLIARDS The 2nd Reporting Company has With our star pitcher, Pvt. Bater, were transferred from other outfits With the above incentives and really been on the "ball," due to who has pitched three no-hit games on the field. Welcome, fellows constant hecklings by Bill Mcgo"Wlwre Service M e n Meet" Cigais, Cigarettes, Soft Drinks, Bee1 and Sandwiches the hard work of our C. 0., Lt. J. thus far, we cannot miss. Should On June 19 Pvt. James Kay (Sarnigle and coercion by ye editor, I I R. Crumplar and his Non-Coms. any t e a m be interested, get in gent now and those cigars he has promise to maintain this semblance Did you fellows notice that swell touch with this correspondent or been passing out are really good) of a column. I've been threatened layout we have out front. It's the S / Sgt. Caruso. was sent to the MacDill Hospital. with dire things if I don't, so I'm 1 '==============':! 204 South Polk St. most attractive front in camp (so P. F. C Missel beck and S/ Sgt. On his return he was honored by I agonna try. we think). You can thank Sgt. I Helgenberg feel that wherever having his mother, Mrs. B F Kay, ----------Hanlin and Leigh for the superviwe'll be shipped to, they will al-and the love of his life, Miss CathShe was an air raid observer WELCOME ... Service Men and Friends to the SWING CLUB sion of this layout and that detail: ways be at home. Both are Old erine Jones, Greenville, S. C., visit with h e r eyesight keener than .her "Nice work, fellows." Army Men and have b een located him. They certainly enjoyed our ''A nice pla ce fot nic e peopl e Dancing and Uefreshments 5008 Memorial Phone H-2184 English. Not mentioning anyone, b u t at many foreign posts. What they're chow and church services at the "Flash!" she repOrted. "Three who s that certain non-com with wond ering is "What' s cooking?" field. In fact that little threesome airpl:!ne s and a submarine flying that good morning cheer "all right was the envy and delight of everyne a rby." fall out or you'll be gigged .,##,.,.,.,.,"''" __ one on the field. Come back and Speaking of funny incidents, visit us again Mrs Kay and Miss here is the funniest yet! One night 56 4th ME D J C 0 S Jones. Sgt. Caruso, Sherlock and y 0 u r Among those fortunate ones who Correspondent returned from an ... had visitors last w eek was Private, outing and awoke their pride and you know the actor, McGarry and By Pvt. DAN E. MOTLOW joy, Cpl. Jake Weir, or better we understand there was a good known as "General" Weir, the pad The officers and enlisted men of time had by all concerned. But and pencil man, at 1:30 A. M. The the 564th Medics had a very enjoy-knowing Irish, I can certainly ap Little "General" was up like a preciate that. Of course, I didn't able outing at Lake Ellen l a s t flash and greatly dismayed over meet her but then I might just as the fact that he was awakened from Thursday afternoon. Sandwiches well have from all those ethereal a sound sleep. Emulating the feats and drinks were the order of the descriptive terms he was throwing of "Superman," he was in his "faday. around. tigues" in a flash and immediately A new mascot was added to the Our sincerest congratulations to his search for his pad Detachment, a pup by the name of all those new rating men. Ours and penc1l. Just to make it look, "Furlough. seems to be a non-com's delight, like the real McCoy, Sgt. Caruso I p t S 'th s R -But then our Major certainly d v s. m1 1meone, omeo d t k f h' b roun ed up 12 men and after he and Pfc R'd t d S t d oes a e care o 1s oys th 1 er re urne a ur ay Wh'l th d put em wise to the gag gave them f. bl 10 d t h 1 e on e passmg para e we their morning exercise. The little e ays a orne. would like to make note of the "General's" pupils popped out and Jlm Brady sa Y_S that Base P ersonnel Fest in Tampa the almost fell on the spot that he there was nothmg 111 Providence, other night. If you 're "Able," you'll stood He was terrifically shocked. budt wotmen, _and women J g ather what I mean. Strange ly en. an no a so 1er m s1ght. h tl 1 tl d d Fetchmg Ius wh1stle and flashlight oug wug 1, 1e evemng en e he stumbled into the blackness o f The Bond Campa1gn ended w 1th up one short so that the quad be-early dawn and not until then did the Medics having a subscription of came a triumvirate. I wonder who he realize the g ag pulled on him. 100:'o. The Company also P. S.-He still can' t get over it! attamed w1th the result that Here's wishing T / Sgt. Young Plottmg was the Bat loads of luck in his new job as tahon for the first an_d school instructor. He gave up his the Med1cal Detachment takmg 1t 1st/ Sgt.'s job to serve in this ca-over during the second week. pacity. T / Sgt. Katz left Monday on fur-The fellows felt that they gained Iough. He will be among the dim another swell guy when Corporal med-out lights of Broadway. S / Sgt. Maddox took. over the 1st/ Sgt. job. Simcox is pinch-hitting in his ab-He is going great guns! Keep it sence. 1 up, Sarge. Pvts. Kelly, Tarpley, Thomas and To you men who wanted to know Morris left Saturday morning for what becallle Of money doIllinois, Kentucky, imd North Caro nated to the Bn. Athletic Recrea-lina respectively. LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manage r 120 \Vest s treet East Side of Bridge Plwne M-5588 Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS S lUOKERS ARTICLES WELCOl\IE SERVICE MEN Florida Av. & 'l'wlggs St. B 17th St. News Stand ;tion Fund, here's the dope. We The weekly litter drill demonpurchased haseball gloves, a foot-stration for the ladies of the Amer ball, dart sets, checkers dominoes ican Red Cross Motor Corps was : cards, and shirts and c;ps for held near Camp DeSoto Saturday Curb S ervice baseball team. We are trying to afternoon. The boys will have to When in Ybor City Shop at the set up a day room so that the Batlook to their laurels, as the ladies Corner 17th .and Broadwa1r talion can make good use of it. are putting them in the shade when All the Latest Magazinet: It's something we should have and it comes to Clos e Order Drill. its erection is being considered. Pfc. Robertson leaves Tuesday Speaking of baseball, since the for the mountains of Colorado Bn. baseball team has had those With the thermometer in the high SERRA'S flashy shirts and caps presented nineties, he couldn't have picked a EJ Boulevard Restaurant 2001 N ebraska to they have won three con -more time to go to the I secutlve games after losing the mountams. first four games r.J.ayed They beat 1-------------American Legion team of Clear;::; water, 10 to 7, after losing to them, LIBERTY BAR 5-2, with Jack Russell former star relief pitcher of the Chicago Cubs, toeing the rubber against our boys. Tony Italiano, Prop. \Vines-Beer--Soft Dl'inks The 501st Reg. and Sig Hq. and 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109 SEHVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home A way Home Hq. Co. 3rd Fighter Command 956 Twiggs teams also went down to defeat l\1-1339 'Sunday at Plant Park. The splen-Sulphur Springs Hotel and Cafe Special Attention to all Servicemen Arcade Building Phone S-5073 Prompt Deliv ery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave Sulphur Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN KEEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES15o-First Round tOe-Additional Rounds The SherwinWilliams Co. Paints, Varnishes Lacquers, Enamels, Brushes, Painters' Supplies, Wallpaper 713 Florida Ave. TOWNSEND Sash-Door & Lumber Co. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS PHONE H-4891 N Rome & Fulle r Street CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' Millwork M a d e To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 : Tam-pa S e n r ic e m e n Aro 'Velcome Day or Nit e at CHILD CAFE 501 Frankil.in St. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE 'SERVE THE FINEST SPANISH F OODS 811 Graml Central Phone H-3773 Phone l\152-073 Manuel Garcia: Jr.'s MADRILL O N Spanis h R esta m ant 915 Tam.Jla at Tyl e r Tampa, Florida : .. .. "My, m y," comm ents Pfc. NorBOB'S PLACE Beer -Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at ... VICTOR CAFE Fine Spanish Food D elicious Cuban She r!Jet s < Cuban Sandwiches \ Plenty Parking Space Los Helados De Ybor 14th St. and .8th Avenue Phone Y -3505 Max's Liquor Bar WINES FREE 1601 LIQUORS CIGARS DELIVERY SERVICE E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 :. + 1324 Franklin P h. lVI7 2 40 : Beer Wines Hostesses --Keep 'Em Flying--: Bill Ba1Iey, Prop. Member V.F.W. and American Legion Meet Your Friends at .... I ROXY BAR -Beer -Wine -Sandwiches203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hostesses-Dancing THE SILVER MOON LITTLE SAVOY Bar Rooms Color e d Soldiel' S 1102 Central 1340 Central Chas. Vanderhorst, Prop FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. TWIN P-MS Beer Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty COOL -RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. RUBIN'S "THE HOlliE OF GOOD SPANISH FO.OD" Best Cocktails 1\lilitnry illen illost 'Velcomc Air Conditioned 1 4 0 3 T:tllll>H St. Phone Itl-7l::i0 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANirLIN Dan'! S Bagley BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEERWINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue Weloome To Italian Foods LiquwBeer El Trocadero -DANCINGC. K. Hebble, Mgr. 1701 E. Brodwa.y Ph. Y 1391 THE RED MILL J ,IGHT LUNCHDINNERS Amerlenn And Lntln F'ood ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT 11 A. 1\1. Till 4 P. M. Dally 1715 Platt St nt Pnekwood SARATOGA BAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Corner Fortune and. Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS ORCHESTRA MUSIC NIGHTLY PH0NE MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR 7988 1 BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY YBOR CITY HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J HYNES, MgT. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRll.L SERVICE MEN WELCOME SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT The Colonna d e BA YSH ORE and JULIA Steak and Chicken Dinners 45c D e li cious S andwic h es


Friday, July 24, 1942 N I 309th SERVICE Group F 0 HQ & HQ SQUADRON 327 Service Squadron By Cpl. ANDREW PATERSON By T. G. MEO DREW FIELD ECHOES. COMMUNICATION COMPANY COMMUNIQUES 503rd Sig. A. W. Regt. By S-Sgt. Eric J. Gaich cigars if it's a girl!! There's a cer tain S/Sgt. walking around camp with that glazed look in his eyes and we hardly ever see him eat anything. Winchell suspects the worst and we'll be listening for the wedding bells in the very near future. Here are some men who have shown enough ability, initiative and Unlike the Ancient Mariner If Mark Hedge reads this col-Did you hear the joke about the soldiering ability to warrant ad"who stoppeth ONE of three," umn, or any of his friends, please soldier stationed at Alaska who vancement to the ratirtg of Private the Hq & Hq Sq. softball team t h' t' I I tt F' t Cl p t B M get in touch with Pvt. Merkins of wro e IS swee Ie pie a ong e er, Irs ass: v s. arney assa, went him one better and stoppeth which, of course, had to be passed William E. Hardy, John Leo Ber all three. First to fall under the the 3 27th Service Squadron. He has by the Censor's Office? Well it sano, Broadus E. Ramsey, Clayton axe by a score of 7-4, was the been trying to meet or locate his seems that all. said girl friend reR. Bohm, Louie J. Calcaterra, Joe Base Medics, our first league friend since he came to Drew ceived was a short note that read S. Dean, Ace Woodard Cooley, Ty game. Next victim was the Palm Field. Let's hope this article brings something like this: "Dear Mabel, ler H. Harris, William E. Gilliland, .River team, humbled by a 11-6 them together. i Jim is well, happy and still loves 1Thomas M Barbieri, Howard T. score, then last and the most you very much, but he talks too Campbell, Herman C. Eggebreght, troublesome was the 350th ServWe wonder has made the damn much. Signed, the Censors." Joseph C. Holder, Lowrin H. Bar-ice Squadron in a tight game 9-8. m Pvt. Coleman, That's what happens to this colrow, Raymond M James, John C. The 350th threw everything they could lt ?e his heart-beat that umn when I try to bid bon voyage Timper, William F. Swoger, Clifton at us; for a time we were he met m Tampa. What or welcome to our buddies so, perMcGinley, Robert E. Pedrazzi, _/.ondering why they forgot to pow:r does she. P?ssess. over him. I haps, you can understand when Richard A. Moloney, James T. throw in the barracks and supply He .IS now a coke I you don't see some of your friends' 'Brooks, James H. Sims, Lewis W room along with their band of sweet music for a mte s enter-names in print. Springer, Alfred E. Turner. Good professional wailers. In passing, tahmmendt.C 0 1h! h 0 w Y 0 u have Last week we announced the luck to you boys and keep right c ange o eman. 1' b' let us remind them, that even durWith riorities the wa they are start of several tournaments. I am on c 1m mg. ing these trying times when 259 bbp d I' YT h S t glad to announce that they are go-And last, but by no means least, is overburdened with calls, we ru and i:so g ing under full steam guided ably something about War Bonds. Pay th Ch 1 lgure h lsfauhomo 1 e wahs by Sgt. Moses. Our baseball team day is coming along soon and he-are sure e ap am can spare usmg too muc 0 t e s e muc t them a few moments. d d t 1 th t ld h 1 won the1r f1rst game from Hq. ween now and then thmk about Look out for our so-called B n:e rna ena a Se f Regt. by default but came back how easily the money s I i P P e d team. The infants are coming up 1s. we g this week to demonstrate t h e i r through your fingers, and how nice fast, witness the fact of their 5-4 E organ IS a. appl Y playing ability by coming up from it would be to know you had a victory over the 327th Materiel vfefry fmf.ornmgl you Wlh. see 'the rear to beat Hq. Co. Rpt. Btn. War Bond salted away to help you pu -pu mug a ong on 1s new 1-b f 14 10 Th h h Sq. A team Monday. 1 h' h h b h' Y a score o e orse s oe eye e, w 1c e ought to meet 1s 't h' h tt ff t t d We wonder why S/Sgt. Robert d d f t. t t' t d PI c mg as go en o o a sp1n e eman s .or ranspor a 10n o an t t d th t't' Hale has kept his recent mariiage f. D. F' ld If s ar an e compe I 10n IS gomg a secret. All we can find out is rom rew every one was to prove keen; I'll have the results as conservative as you, Sergeant, th t Th that the couple were married here th ld b d f m e nex 1ssue e pmg pong ere wou e no nee o pnor-h d 1 t d d t h t t g d th b 'd SC e U e IS Se up an rea y 0 go a s or 1me a o, an e n e rs 1tles m this won?erful and should be completed by the now residing in Kansas. Let us in Last week Pnvate Wasilco red f th k on the full details, Bob; you might ceived a telegram from his mother en e wee as well get those quarters and stating that she was going to visit Have you heard that Pvt. Barney rations. him for a few days. She arrived Massa dashed through the first Will wonders never cease? Who last Wednesday f r 0 m McKees running test of the obstacle course ever heard of anyone volunteering Rocks, Pa. After spending a few in 1:05 setting the record for the .for a week's K. P.? "Farmer" Trott days in and about Tampa, plus St. day? There seems to be a funny must have thought it the best way Pete and Clearwater, she departed whirring sound over Corp. E. J. to beat the "Chow" line, because from Florida a happy mother, Thomas' home these days and we he's the man who stepped out and knowing how well her son, Willie, suspect that it might be the stork. said, "I; take me." Needless to is being taken care of in the United Good luck to you and the little say they did. States Army Air Corps. woman and we hope it's a boy be-Due to the intensive heat the We wish to extend wishes for a cause you said you won't hand out Infirmary has been taking_ a beat-speedy recovery to Sgt. Bell from ing on that Violet Genitian, and his recent accident that he received Seminole Sandwich Shop 5021 Flo !'ida A venue CHICKliJN AND S'J'Ei\1\: PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. Worship 8:00 P. l\1 Page 'I with your plans for after the war. You'll be just as broke at the end of each month, but there will be a sound investment to fall back on in case of necessity by you or those you love. Think it over and ar range to buy one or a part of one each month. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. BUY BONDS SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINNERS On 22nd St. Causeway Air Base Bus Lines, IQc. 30 Minute SerV1ce to Botlb F'ield8 At Ali Hours 15 Minute Service During RUsh Holll'll For Further Information I Call 3286 many of the boys are looking like while working on one of our crash painted Easter eggs with spotches trucks. I visited him at MacDill of deep blue showing on the var-Hospital and found him to be in ious parts of the body beautiful. the best of health and highest of Take hope, men; the summer is spirit, telling us to keep 'em fly advancing, and every time we ing. lt\ won't be long before he is think of the heat here, remember with us once again on the line. DINNERS Ponntain Senicc ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILITARY GUARDSl\'lAN the boys in the real hot climates, The B Team of the Hq. & Hq. Sq. Then consider ourselves lucky. pulled a surprise act and defeated Best wishes for a speedy rec-our A Team by a score of five to four. Our failure to win this game overy to Pvt. Duffy, who has just was due to too much loafing on left us for another sojurn at Macthe bases. This might have been Dill hospital. We hope to see him a league game, so buckle dowh, back on the job shortly. Duf is boys. getting to be quite a regular visitor to MacDill ; but we hope he i s .: able to find out definately just what the heck is the matter. We hope PFC's Horton and Wolf have a wonderful time on furlough. We understand Horton to bring the missus back _)th him. This means no more nightly hikes out the East gate, Howard. We often wondered why you were so fond of night walking. 'M' Williams' Place For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE ORH;IN AT" 1\JER.RYiUAJ-\:EllS CLUB Invites All Service '!\len Dance by '-'V.P.J\_. Ochestra Night S::W P. IU. ''l'il 11:00 P. lU. S. M. S. BALL ROOM Tampa Bay Market Box Ftnit. Shipped Attpvhere Beer, 'Vine, Special SniHlwiches Gtoceries, Ptuits, Magazines, Ice Ctcam 204 '" J_,afayette .Street A. G. Cleotelis & Son H314:J NICK THE TAILOR JlJXPER'J' TAUJOHING Cleaning and Ptessing 'Ve Alt.et Army Uniforms 208 Hattison St. Tampa WHITE ROSE BAR Always Say ... Soldiers and Sailors 'Velcome 9000 Florida Ave. All Kight Ent.ettainment "1\:eep 'Em Flying" Whitacre's Electrical Repairs Fluorescent & l\Iazda llulhs 114 E. c;,.,.8 St. Phone JU;i6-;i41 WELCOME SOLDIERS .... MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES J,IQUORS, 'VINES, BEER AND CIGARS Corner C:tss .and l\larion Sts. I>hone 4il02 P:.tul "\Vebbcr, Prot, GILBERT HOTEL Phone M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell, Mgr. FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & FI01ida Ave., Tampa Telephone 3184 HOLSUM BREAD "' Extra Fresh Elliston's Drug Store Phone H 1645 202 ,V, Lafayette St., TAMPA Fountain Smvice and Lunches All .Service Men arc 'Velcome BARCELONA CAFE BPAKISH RES'J'AURANT '\Vines and IAquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne SHOES FOR MEN 508 FRANRLIN STREET .TAMPA, FLORIDA BAY VIEW HOTEL FIHEPROOI<' CON,STRUCTION -:-EVERY ROOM \'\>'ITH llA'l'H. W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACl\:SON ST. Between FRANRLIN & TAMPA 'J'AMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE M 5537 Only the Finest Quality of Foods Used A LA ()ARTE SERVICE 30G FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 64-913 SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Cream, .<;;;oft Drinks, Beer, \Vine, Fun And Music 1709 North Howard Avenue Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service


Page8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, .Jul y 1 942 Sub Depot Subs Drew Field Theater Things we never knew 'til now: Today --James Harold Mattenlee studied "IT HAPPENED IN FLATBUSH" SOLD I to be a M. D Lloyd Nolan Carol By Cpl. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI IS DISTINGUISHED BY THE MANNER. IN WHICH l-IE \I'JfAR), HISr-.../ Judith Benson is one of "Tam pa's Little Theatre's" ablest act resses John Scott is a second Nelson Eddy (and he's good, too!). Ralph Hancock is a licensed mor tician. UN I n M Charlotte Milloy was secretary to 1 l 1'\ the great aviatrix, Jacqueline Coch-In that strange outer realm ran. known as "Civilian Life," this --Susie Gillum raises Spaniel pupmight be called the "Hats Off" De pies. partment, but with us, it's "HAND P e r r in Steele is ex-wrestling SALUTE"-and our first nominee champion of Ohio-135 lbs. is Capt Harvey G. Turner, Jr., Abigail Hatcher was a pretty Commanding Officer of the Air Physical Director DREW NINE ON good tennis player up in "Noo Force Band. Capt Turner hails Yawk. from Morrisville Vt., and attended .Begi.DS New Classes A BRAND -NEW Lt. Alfred c Cromartie taught the Massachusetts State College at school in North Carolina We won-Amherst, Mass. A personable young WINNING STREAK der if it was a girl' s school? man of 26, schooled in military. tacA series of classes on boxing, Mr. and Mrs Edward Stevens are tics and regulations, Capt. Turner jiu jitsu, and hand to hand fight-expecting a little one next month. has the. .uncanny faculty of remem-ing will be conducted for all per-Edna Linn managed a hotel in bering not only faces but the cor sonnel at Drew Field. The classes The Drew Interceptors continued Detroit. reef names that go with them (a will be given the Tent City organ-their winning ways over the week. Mary Ann Place was librarian at feat so much mort) remarkable izations on Tuesdays and Thurs-end in downing the MacDill Fliers the Enoch Pratt Library in Balti when you consider some of the .. days at the Boxing Ring in Tent and the Sarasota Merchants, to run more. names with which he has to deal), City. On Wednesdays and Fridays their latest streak to six games for Nana W Chatham practiced law and he holds the respect and conthe classes will be given for all a record of 17 out of the last 19 in Atlanta. fidence of the men under his com f h h Played. Forrest O 'Brien was manager of mand. He willingly assumed the o t e ot er Base Orgamzatwns at Sgt Fred Swindells chalked up an A&P store. "bil"t f f t the 309th assembly area. his 14th and 15th win of the season responsi I Yo os ermg our newThe classes will serve as trainMirian Ward is an ex-advertising ly activated unit, in addition to his in receiving credit for both wins agent. We bet she could sell her regular duties as Commanding Ofing schools for rough and tumble over the week-end He limited the goods. ficer of the Hq. and Hq. Sqdn, fighting; the men will be seasoned MacDill Fliers to four hits on Satf th k d f h d t h d t h Paul Littel was almost a Forest 309th Service Group, and, going out or e m 0 an an ec -urday and came back on Sunday Ranger-worked with the Rangers Of hi.,. way rn the r "nterests of our nique which will be helpful on to pitch two innings and recer"ved m Montana, Wyoming and Califororgaii:!zation, he has been largely the battle. The men will credit for the victory over the Sainstrumental in elevating the Air JlU Jitsu, rough _and rasota Merchants. ni;villiam .Jennings came over Force Band from its rather non : flghtmg, defense agamst Drew trimmed the Mulberry nine from deah ole London and is now descript beginning to proportions and on Wednesday, 8 to 5, in a hotly-squashing sheet metal. which are rapidly approaching res-and m general contested game that sent Moore of Carl Taylor left his plow in Ohio pectability and dignitywe now be encountered m fightmg condithe Interceptors to the showers, and is now head of our Sheet Mehave official quarters under the tions, with or without weapons. with Brown relieving him and gettal Department. Captain's wings and Barracks TThe classes are being sponsored ting credit for the win The InTed Wilson was Assistant Man272 (with the adjoining orange by the Base Physical Training terceptors came from behind to ager of Woolworth's in Biloxi Miss grove) has just been "deeded" over Officer Lt. M. L. McBride A score two runs each in the seventh, Charlie Webb,. who is now our to the Band for its exclusive use. teaching staff headed by Captain eighth and ninth innings to overParachute Rigger, is a licensed We appreciate your efforts in our C K. Delano, Sgt. J. B Kierman, come the Mulberry lead. Electric Hoisting Engineer. behalf, and from all fifteen of us Cpl. A Shouse, and Civilian AI Bekeza, catcher for Drew, hit a L. Y. Redwine is a Judge. -it's HAND SALUTE, Captain :Ketchel will supply the practical mighty home run with one aboard L. M. Reid turned his clerical Turner. instruction. in the Mulberry game along with collar around and is now a storePvt. Will Krewson changed his address recently to 314th Base Hq. and Air Base Sqdn, where he is waiting his call to Glider Pilots' School. We shall miss you, and _Elaine's packages-GOOD LUCK! Sgt. Elwood Eaton will be glad to hear that WARRANT OFFICER Lester G Baker has been assigned to us as Bandleader and will be on hand n,ext week to share the bur.den of some of the Sarge's re cent worries Mr. Baker did short work of the prescribed course of study, and graduated with high honors. COME ON QUARTER MASTER, BRING ON THOSE G I. INSTRUMENTS!!! The Band four other new members during the Past week, Pvt. Lewis A. "Bud" Estes, sax and clarinet player, as well as arranger of note, transferred from Mitchell Field, New York. He was chief arranger for Jimmy Dorsey just before enlisting in the army; other name bands with which he Sgt. J. B. Kierman, who will a single to lead the Drew nine. keeper. conduct the classes in jiu jitsu, 1 Lefty Brown pitched a sweet Sammy Crooks was one of our has had years of practical expergame against t h e Sarasota Mer-best speed boat racers. ience in this phase of combat chants in Sarasota on Sunday, but We are exceedingly happy to fighting Sgt. Kierman attended a his mates did not hit behind him broadcast that within two pay pe class in Judo as Japanese self in the nine frames .he workeq beriods the Sub Depot Employees defense in New York City He fore being relieved by Swindells in have bought $8621.15 worth of War continued working with T S. Ku the tenth With the score tied .at Bonds and Stamps. Let's keep up washima from the Radio City : one all. The Interceptors sent two the good work. That does not in Health Center until the spring .of runs across the platter in the first elude regular pay deductions for 1939. of the 11th to edge out the Merthe same purpose, which amounts Judo as a sport or a means of chants in the exciting contest. to a neat figure. defending oneself is especially The Interceptors trounced their Characteristics: useful for service men in that it old rivals, the MacDill Fliers, by Capt. John N. Hudgins .pipe at requires little strength and is 5 0 win over the Half-Mast. easily learned. It is very danger nme. This was the. seventh Lieut. Schreck's way of shovfng ous in the hands of a careless per-meetmg the two back his hat. I ddT J do is good ex Drew holdmg the margm of five Capt. Oliver D. Williams' alert son. n a I IOn u games to two. attitude. ercise and promotes speed and D h"t M" k h d b 1 1 rew I ms y ar m e tmg agihty. I out a hits off the MacDill .,.,.,.,_.,.,.,.,.,,_.,..,_.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., hurler for five run&. The Intercep1 tors put together two big innings, 69oth S I C the sixth and ninth to score all Jgna ompany their markers. Bekeza, Cochrane ,.,,..,,.,._.,.,,,..,.,,..,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., and Firkser led the Interceptors By S/Sgt. RICHARD DEICHMANN with the willow in pounding out two hits apiece ONE SOLDIER'S PRAYER Oh send me up to Fort Des Moines, The land of milk and honey: Oh, I don't care for ratings now, Oh, I don't care for money. has been associated include Alvino This week we lost one of our Rey, Ruby Newman, Teddy Powell, captains, Captaiin Arthur McLean, Jimmy_ Lunceford and Count Basie to the 675 Rept. Co. The men sure Get Bud to tell you about his hated to see him go for we were "Deep Sleep Seven" sometime. looking forward to soldering under Pvt. Michael R. Vitale, trombon-him very much He and Captain ist from Keene, N. H moved in George have been together for sev with us from the 564th Sig. A. W eral months now, and they hated Score by innings of a 11 three games: R H E Drew ____________ 200 000 222-8 9 3 Mulberry ___ 103 000 100-5 7 0 Moore, Brown and Bekeza; Mull ing, Parrish and Evers. There's something in them lowly hills That fills my heart with pleasure: And it ain't grass and it ain't hay, And it ain t no buried treasure. Bn, and Pvt. Doodrow E. Harwick to part ways. came on down from Zion City, Pa., Last Thursday evening the com via MacDill Field, to play drums pany fund was put to a very good with us. use in form of a beer party. You R H E Drew ____ ______ 002 003-5 12 2 MacDill ________ 000 000 000-0 4 1 Swindells a n d Bekeza ; Minsky and O 'Brien. The sergeant tipped me off today, With a kind of wishful sigh That nowadays in uniforms, There' s more than meets the r :ye. We had to justify our use of the can be sure a good time was had by name AIR FORCE BAND, and so The sentry 's tread is hardly heard all. Three kegs of beer and about I th" f we took in a flyer, Pvt. Adelbert R H E n IS country o the free 15 pounds o f me a t sandwiches I A th h h E. Woodke He learned to fly back kl d" d Drew ______ 000 000 010 02-3 6 ::J s roug t e m ght there comes qmc y Isappeare home in Shaler, Iowa and holds Sarasota .. 000 000 010 00-1 9 4[ the swish a C. A. A. pilot's license. He !ll be Drew Field late at night and tried Brown, Swindells a n d BeJ.ceza; j Of G I. lingerie. playing the tuba with us. to oust a supposed intruder from Matherly and A. Evers. I I've always been a simple guy Pvt. "Lucky" Kowalski spent his his bunk in T-506. When the in I I've never had a hobby : recent furlough deep sea fishing truder" objected, Pvt. Kowalski ap-were amused by Lucky's chagrin But now I'll take the Hobby girls, (in his own 32 foot cabin cruiser) pealed to a half dozen sleeping : You see, the Band had moved While you take hobby lobby off Long Island, chatting with beauties who, he thought, were while he was away, and Lucky is Mayor La Guardia, and watching fellow bandsmen-they all turned lucky that the Sigm ileers allowed So send me up to Fort Des Moine s New York's Great White Way out to be Signal Hq Men with him to use the stairs in making I And cancel all my passe s, blackout-but his biggest advenwhom we had been sharing our his exit (instead of pus hin g him And I'll stay there and wacky -woo ture came when he got back to "!ipartment" and none of them right out the second floor window.) With 400 WACCy la s ses Tomorrow "ATLANTIC CONVOY" Bruce Bennet Virginia Field John Beal Sunday and Monday "MAISIE GETS HER MAN" Ann Sothern Red Skelton Allen Jenkins Tuesday "THIS GUN FOR HIRE" Veronica Lake Robert Preston Laird Cregar Wednesday arid Thursday "FRIENDLY ENEMIES" Chas. Winninger Chas. Ruggles Friday, July .31 "HER CARDBOARD LOVER" Robert. Taylor Norma Shearf George Sanders NOTICE: No soldier wil l be per mitted in the theatre in fatigue clothes By Cpl. HARVEY L. T. FROST Radio Log Red, White and Blue, WFLA, 7:05 a. m daily thru Saturday. Monday Review, WTSP, 6:30 p. m Monday. Specialties, WDAE, 8:15 p; m. Thursday. The All-Star Parade, WFLA, 9:00 p. m. Friday. Hiya, fellahs and gals. This is Joe Blow from Kokomo greeting you in the usual fashion with a hearty Hello. As leads go, this is kind of stinko, huh? Well, anyway, here we are again and this time it's to sing the praises of Privates Henry Tousend, Charlie Crain and Mickey Michaloff f o r fine performances on last week's All-Star Parade. Henry aquitted himself admirably for an NBC art ist, and as a song-and-dance -man Chuck turned out to be a fine ac tor. And much to the delight of everyone but principally our dra matic actor superbus elegantus, 6 Z. Whitehead, we got Merton of the Movies off our chests. This Friday we have with us one fine fellah and one fine pianist His name is Pompeo. Simply that, because he is that good. He was a concert artist before. "jinin' up." Things are all ironed out now and the radio schedule is all set up, thanks to Captains H M. Dos ter, Chester Delano and G E Tully These officers have cleared all the unnecessary obstacles out of the way and the Drew Field r ad i.l?. shows figure to get away smootJ: 'l from here on out. .. ../ We 11 that's about all there is there ain't no more. We'll see you all again next Friday. Meantime keep listenin' wontcha? RELIGIOUS SERVICES PROTESTANT William L. Clark, Base Chaplain 11:00 A M. Chapel No. 1 Carl W. Hewlett, 553rd Chaplain 11:00 A. M. Chapel No. 2 Amos L. Boren 501st Chaplain 11:00 A M Plant Field ROMAN CATHOLIC Francis J O 'Brien, 503rd Chaplain 6:15 A M Mass Chapel No. 2 9 :00 A M. Mass Chapels No. 1 & 2 JEWISH Rabbi Isenberg 11:00 A. M. School Building A week night prayer service is held each Tuesday evening at 7:30 P M in Chapel No. 1. CHAPEL DESIGNATIONS The Chapel nearest Base Head quarters is No. 1 the Chapel near est Tent Cit y is No. 2


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