Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 22 (July 31, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 31, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1. NO. 22 Publi s h e d Eve7'JJ Ji'1iday DTew F ie ld T a m pa, Florida F r id ay, July 31, 194 2 DECREASE NUMBER 'Warner Bros. Start Filming OF AIR ACCIDENTS f 'A. F D F ld BRIDE-OF-THE-WEEK In a recent issue of the Army o Ir orce at rew 1e Air Forces news letter appeared the following letter from General Arnold to all the men in the Air Forces: Men At Work Mrs. Albert R. Boylan, charm ing Tampa girl, whose marriage to Lt. Boylan, young Drew Field pilot, was a n event of last Sat urday. Mrs. Boylan is also an experienced flier, having held a pilot s license for the past. two years. Before her marriage she was Miss Georgia Rounds. Eighty per cent of aircraft ac cidents are avoidable! Calm ac ceptance of accidents is past. The situation is grave. Pilots and air craft never seen over Burma, Ber lin, or Bataan are daily being lost; unfired guns unused bomb racks -these are being lost-not in enemy lands but in the quiet American contryside Our airplanes and crews lost in 1 training are a definite gain to the Jap and the Hun-while if our loss occurs in combat, our crews have demonstrated that their loss I will be the greater one. Airplanes must fly..:... accidents I will happen, buj those caused by f o o 1 ish, careless, disobedient cocky or grand-stand pilots can and must be stopped. Save the cockiness for combat. Pilots, crews, and airplanes must be delivered to battle-not left smoking heaps in cornfields from I California to Maine. TO COMMANDERS: Weed out the incompetent and weak, elim inate the disobedient, discipline the careless, retain hard, fearless, disciplined men. TO PILOTS: Self discipline men-unafraid to fight, die, I or turn back. Let the enemy see I your bravery. The Air Forces 1 know of it! I TO CREWS MECHANICS and SENTINELS ON GUARD: Only Mexican Tiger through your efforts can this job be done. Moves to Drew To every man in the Air Forces, I pass these words. THE RE-from Plant Park I sPoNsmiLITY Is youRs, THE I JOB IS YOURS, DO IT! Most noticed personality around I -H. H ARNOLD Drew Field this past week has General, U. S I been that of a cat-better known Commandmg General, Army Alr as Bob, the Mexican tiger, former Forces. Actors Gig Young (left) and John Garfield (right), in working clothes, walk onto set at Drew Field. resident of Plant Park. The rangy --------little tiger with his saber -like TUBA PLAYER IN teeth and beady eyes can be seen DREW FIELD BAND PEN AND INK IDEA GUY roaming around a cage in the j ALSO PLANE PILOT recreation park. TO TOUR AIR FIELDS Bob is the official Drew Field Private Adelbert E. Woodke, mascot and truly symbolic of the aged 24, may sound a low note on ighting spirit of the soldiers here. his bass tuba, but he also knows "Reggie," lovable pen and ink e was g1'ven to Colonel Melv 1 n something about reaching a high "idea guy" of the Army A1r Force, B. Asp, commander of Drew Field, altitude. In addition to playing the bass tuba in the Municipal Band of commences a tour of all fields this by Marco Penn, Tampa park su-perintendent. It seems the comhis home town, Schaller, Iowa, he week through the medium of Drew plexities of wartime living forced was a student pilot before enter-Field Echoes and other camp pub the park department to relinquish ing the Army on May 7 1 942 at lications. Since his birth, June, the little animal. Fort Des Moines, Iowa. 1941, in the Public Relations Office The pretty-pelted tiger has quite Possessor of a student's pilot license in the CAA, he has com-at Chanute Field, "Reggie" has had a history. He was given to Mayor d f pleted a total of 15 flying hours. an a venturous air orce career, Chancey, of Tampa, f i v e or six y ears ago by Rafael Ruesga, the Although now a member of the but his present detail with the Mexican Consul. Incarcerated at Drew _Field Air Force Band_, he has l Safety Directorate is his most im Plant Park since then Bob has not up hopes_ of flymg. portant assignment. been a joy to thousands of young has m applicatiOn_ for halDrew Field Echoes will present sters and visitors to Tampa. son the Force, a series of six "Re g gie strips, as .. ?n It. well as a variety of other humor-GENERAL WASH NAMES CAPTAIN LEE HIS AIDE Brig. Gen Carlyle H Wash, com mander of the third air force, Tuesday appointed Capt. J R. Lee as his aide de camp Captain Lee a native of Weston, W Va., served with General Wash at Wheel e r field Hawaii, at March field, California and at various headquarters in the state of Wash. he said, IS fascoated safety morals from the pen cmatmg wo r k than pla ymg m the of Reggie s creator, Cpl. w. T band But the band looks pretty L eJlt, himself an idea man" of good to me ." Headquarters Public Relations Of ington when the latter was head of the s e cond interceptor com mand He accompanied General Wash to Drew field where the general commanded the third fighter command until he to o k command of the third air force in June. fice Corporal Lent' s inkpot pal has lon g been known to Chanute Field airmen, where he has been a reg ular feature of "Wings." His ad ventures are also recorded each week in Shepard Field's "Texacts b u t this week marks "Reggie s" first tour of all air force fields FROM BUCK PRIVATE TO 2ND LIEUTENANT IN TWELVE MONTHS On Sunday he was Tech Sergeant William J. Davis. On Monday he was a second lieutenant. The me teoric rise of Lt. Davis has been just like that-One lightning pro motion after another-throughout his brief Army career. 0 n 1 y 23 years old, Lt. Davis while an enlisted man rose to be Tech Sergeant in l e ss tha n a year. He entere d the Army on July 12, 1941 at Camp Livingston, La. join ing the R egular Army in August of the same y e ar. H e was transferred to Dre w Field in September, 1941. He h a d n ea rl y four yea rs of R e serve Offic e rs Training Corps in struction a t Loui s iana Sta te Uni versity, althou g h it h a d no bearing on hi s appointment to a commis sion as a se cond li eutenant. "My work wa s r e sponsible ," he was careful to point out. Lt. Davis is a native of Huoma, La. He i s a son of Mr and Mrs W T Davis, also of Huoma La A long line of anxious soldiers were sweating it out on Wednes day in the hangar area, but 1wasn t a chow line. They had pocket memo books in their hands, not mess kits, and were waiting to get autographs from Harry CareY: and George Tob ias two of the screen actors who are appearing in the Warner Bros.' feature film about the U S. Army Air Force now being "shot'_' at Drew Field. The picture, ."Air Force," is being directed by Howard Hawks, and the cast js headed by John Garfield. It .is a realistic depiction of a bomber crew and is one of those stories rarely filmed in Hollywood, a photoplay without women or phony romance. "Its plot is taken from army air force records ," Hawks said "and we intend to make it as nearly like the real thing as possible." The picture will star a plane, a B-17 flying fortress, rather than an actor. Its name is "Mary Ann," and the camera the bom ber's adyssey from peaceful Cali fornia to the violent scenes created by the Japs around Pearl Harbor and Bataan No props were needed for the first sce ne, showing the bomber crew preparing to take off on a ferry flight from California to Hawaii. Drew Field was transformed for the moment into Mather Field, Calif., and the army just lined up a squadron of Flying Fortresses in front of the hangar, while the movie crew, under Director Howard Hawks, set up its cameras on the concrete and started shooting The hot sun made a frying pan out of the concrete expanse and beat down upon the actors as sim ple scenes were rehearsed, shot from various angles and re-taken John Garfield, cast as a gunner, idled around in a pair of coveralls awaiting his term; beefy George Tobias rolled c;l.own the tops of his dungarees ano tried to cool off while lying under the wing of a bomber; and other actors wander ed from shade to shade talking about the humidity The soldiers, looking o n a n d lying in the shade of the bomber wings, felt sorry for "those movie guys.' As the story progresses Drew Field will become Hickam Field,. in Hawaii Clark Field, in the Phil ippines and an air base in Austra lia. The mo v ie will undertake to re cre ate thrilling scenes from the air b attle s of the Pacific. Included in the bomb e r crew are s uch scree n not a bles as John G a r f i e ld Geor g e Tobias, H arry Carey, W ard Wood, John Rid ge l y Ra y Mont g om e ry, Charles Drake, G ig Y oung, Arthur K e nned y and Jim Bro w n Maj Sam Triffy, of the in g t o n bure au, is the techni c a l a d viser 'for the Army Bri g G e n Car l y le H Wa s p command e r o f the Third Air Force and Col. M e l v in H Asp commander of Drew Field, are cooperating with Warner's in making facilities available


Page 2 .,,,,,,,,,,, __ ,,,,.,,,,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,, Charles Johnson, who applied for SOlst Re ent-Piant Field OCS, attended D_uke gun He corresponds w1th lovely Ohv1a De Havilland Pvt. Mendenhall REPORTS who was recommended for OCS .,,...,,.,.,,,.,...,,,,,.,,...,,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,. graduated from University of Dela By Pfc. HARRY J. ZIGUN ware and received a scholarship to the Harvard Law School News Here and There: The MP' s Sgt. Weitzel is on the ball every received a licking. The 501st baseday because September is approaching and he expects to get ball team played errorless ball married when he gets his furlough Sunday to back up the three-hit I .Pvt Rudavsky, one of the pitching of Cpl. Holmes to earn a I hardest workers in the company, 1-0 victory. There will be a return I retu.rned from the hospital after game next Sunday at 2 P M. at a short illness. The company ex Plant Field. We're rootin' for you, / tends its best wishes for his con fellas! tinued good health ... Returning The mass boxing program got from his furlough, Pvt. Bottari under way Monday when Al Ketfound 18 letters awaiting him chel, base boxing instructor, confrom a certain girl in Athens, Ga. ducted a class for an hour. The Congratulations to Pvt. Hassett men threw jabs, hooks and crosses who recently was married to Miss at imaginary opponents and the Mary Lucille Dahl of Virginia. appreciation of the boys was shown by the great applause at .,.,.,.,.,,_.,.,.,..,..,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,.,.,,,....,.,_, the conclusion of the class. The 5 6 4 f h M E D J c 0 s program will continue three times each week along with individual instruction for those interested. The Third Reporting Co. enjoy ed a very delightful and enter taining social event at the Tampa Recreational Center last week. Among the guests were Major Chamberlain, Captain Conley and Lieutenant Wade. It has come to our attention that 15 men of HQS Reporting Co. of the 504th were granted furloughs a couple of weeks ago. Five of the 15 came back married, Well, if that's the way you want it fellows, it's O.K. with us. Good luck. There was a record attendance at church services Sunday. Chap lain Boren expressed deep satis faction at the interest and sincer ity which the men have shown In turn the men expressed appre ciation for the interesting pro grams and erudite sermons and discussions led by the chaplain Feature of the services was a girl's trio from Hyde Park Pres byterian church composed of Miss Nina Thomas, Miss Edna Price and Miss Murl Price. Capt A. Gastreich had a birth day Tuesday. All we could get out of him is that he is over the half century mark. The regiment ex tends its best wishes to him for a happy birthday and continued good health. Cpl. Francis E. Novicki of the Third Reporting Co. reports: Cpl. Russell Tittle was president and organizer of several labor organ izations in Ohio and also intro duced the Stamp Plan in Muskingum County, Ohio ... Pvt. By Pvt. DAN E. MOTLOW Captain Shapley has been on Detached Service for the last two weeks and is expected back the end of the week. 1st Lieut. Earl F. Harris is acting Commanding Officer in his absence. 1st Lieut. Roy L. Kenward has been transferred to the 553rd and 1st Lieut. Robert A. Abbott is now with the 564th. The 564th to a man regrets to lose Lieut. Ken ward, and extends a hearty wel come to 1st Lieut. Abbott. The Dispensary now has two kit tens for mascots, "Duration" and "Blitzrieg "Looie" Turtle gives them the cold shell (no shoulder.) Pte. Steve Maroney's "Wildcats" defeated Pte. Jackson's "Sooners" (sooner lose than win) in a red hot game of Volleyball Monday afternoon Pfc. Jackson blames the defeat on illegal use of the hands by the "Wildcats" and has issued a challenge for a game next Mon day afternoon, requesting Lieut. Alden to umpire. Winner take all? The 564th Medics challenge any professional volleyball team for games at home and away. Pf.c. Rowe and Pvts. Stratigo polos, Tharp and Midkiff have re turned from furloughs. Corp. Widell, Corp Pansar, and Pfc's McSherry and Jackson spent Sunday afternoon in St. Peters burg. They all went "swimming." "Sarge" entertained the boys with an unlimited amount of jce cream. <' .. l ',, .. Military Khakis that fit correctly! Finest quality chino twill khaki s for o ff iceis and rmlisted men. Form-fitting shirts of cool pop lin or r egulat i o n c hino clothS m o o t h -fitting tro user s-and a c ompl e t e line of milita ry acces s ories. Open Tuesday and Thursday Nights 916 FRANKLIN ST. SMART 1\fiLITARY CLOTHES ,... I < DREW FIELD ECHOES By FRANK FOCHT With the return of First base man Joe Filas to bolster the at tack, the Base Medics won easily over the Signal Headquarters of the 3rd F.C. The whiffy pitching of Mager Caldwell and sparkling infield play were the features of the 11-1 win Tuesday night. No "opening night" ever saw the excitement and celebrative enthu siasm the boys in Barracks Two witnessed the same evening. Eagerly the audience raised its collective eyes ceiling-ward as Pvt. Lou Goria clicked the switch flood ing the rooms with white, lovely light. General hilarity and back slapping followed as blaring radios promulgated the end of the en forced blackout. The 64 dollar question has been epitomized in song and poem and kicked around on the air but we finally found out what it is. "How can Pfc. James Cruickshank defy the laws of numericaL science by squeezing 15 into 10?" \ The Russell 0.' Saxviks (he is Lt. Saxvik of the Flight Surgeon's Office) are smiling proudly these days. Heh! Heh!-it's a boy! So cialite Bill Brown of Long Island and Palm Beach seems to be stag ing a second edition of the Ariel and Caliban double-play compina tion. He met her at Fort Dixnow she's camping in Tampa. Add secret ambitions: Pvt. John FOR SALE Chronograph Watch A Welsbro, Swiss Movement CALL ROOM 630 FLORIDAN HOTEL BRANT'S BAKERY Phone Y-1189 2707 E. BROADWAY AMBROSE BROS. Ice Cold Melons ICE CREAM-SOFT DRINI{S 1401 Franklin St. (Tincture of) Unkovich-to sprout web feet after those repeated trips to the showers. John Lee-to be come known as two of the finest people in the Detachment. Urn Dum Grantham-to model for Pepsodent. Pvt. Carlisle-to dis regard the local yokels who think he went to Indian school. Pvt. Dave "Our Boy" Schub-to catch the wag who dubbed him Mother Hubbard for his messhall atten tions to the Medics while on k.p. Sounds in the night: Harold Baker talks-Dean Peterson emu lates a trombone with his shnozz and Pvt. Icklan arranges music which he bats around while swing ing his mops as barracks orderly. Corp. John "Little Atlas" Ashe will be up in the air more ways than one when he takes off for glider pilot training. We have it his home-town Alabama chronicle will feature a double column spread on the exploits of the lit tle rascal. Incidentally, watch his twangy salutes. "The Place To Meet And Eat'' Matthew's Comer Fountain & Luncheonette LIQUORS WINES BEER WE DELIVER Lafayette & Tampa Ph. l\-1-1242 WELCOME SERVICEMEN Garcia's Cafe and Bar 1326 Franklin, at Constant Phone M-7017 BEER AND WINE You May Go Far-But you must spend an eyeninti -at--M. MILLER'S BAR \ 1111 FLORIDA Phone H-3134 Hyde Park Spaghetti House Ftank Rutas Ch e f of N e w York Specialize in AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 Hyde Park Ave. .. ::-:-:-:-:-: .. I Silver Springs i y 1 INVITES YOU TO SEE THE i l Silver Spurs Riding Club l A y .:. OF KISSIM1\1 .EE : A v A fua 1 A y Free Hour's Horse Show A y :i: Sunday, Aug. 2 at .3 P. M. ::: A t ;i; Featuring Re.I lTAMPA) -PHONE Ml878 SATURDAY Tbru FRIDAY H. V. Kaltenborn "Edit" the New11" \... J,atellt l'aramount War New11 _) ------f AIR-CONDITIONED 712 FLORIDA I PHONE 3290 SUNDAY AND MONDAY "RIO RITA" Bud Lou ABBOTT COSTELLO -Hit No.2-"0UR RUSSIAN FRONT" Commentator Walter Hu11ton _) --------------------TI\MPA AND ZACK PHONE 3003 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY "Song of the Island" Betty Grable Victor 1\lature -Hit No.2-"HELLZAPOPPIN'" Olsen and John!

'l' Friday, July 31, 1942 Plant Field Man Served As Mormon Missionary Once By Pfc. HARRY J. ZIGUN If the necessities of war should send Cpl. Lorin G. Folland to Alaska, it will be something of a homecoming for the Salt Lake City soldier now stationed at Plant Field spent more than a year there as missionary for the Mor mon church. In the summer of1939 after completing two years at the Uni vers ity of Utah, Corporal Folland was called by the authorities of the Mormon church to serve as a missionary in Great Britain. The 'iar in Europe, however kept him going abroad, thus confin ing his missionary activities to the western hemisphere. After more than a year of work in northwestern states, Corporal Folland went to Alaska where he worked with Lester F. Hewlett, Jr. son of the president of the world-famed Tabernacle Choir in Salt City. Corpo1;al. Folland reports that it isn't unusual for young members of the Morinon church to serve as missionaries. Each year about 2500 young people dedicate two or three years of their lives to the work traveling at their own expense to all parts of the globe. After the missions are completed, the young people return to their homes "Last summer it was a real sight to see the sun shining at midnight in Fairbanks, Cpl. Folland said "To contrast this freak of nature, at Christmas time the sun just rolled up over the horizon for a few minutes at noon and then slipped out of sight again Uncle Sam's attic isn't a land of ice and snow as many believe It is a scenic wonderland where many fine people have made their homes." During his service in Alaska, Folland conducted weekly pro grams over stations in Juneau. Anchorage and Fairbanks, played on a Mormon basketball team which was part of the Northern League at Fairbanks, and conducted church seivices. Sub Depot Subs Could this happen here?-An office preview of the stars of the coming movie "Air Force," so we won't have to b r e a k our pretty necks to see and meet them later. A place to sit and think during our lunch hour, one uninhabited by sand fleas, ants, and gas trucks. Just once for us to send a paper .,.... :ound which all the officers read and initial. When a handsome soldier goes by, for all the girls to whistle glee fully. Said soldier must be wearing a LARGE name plate with phone number. Once a month all us gals loaded into an army truck and taken to the Tampa Terrace for lunch, escorted by our C. 0 we paying for all but the tran' sportation. Why we don't think up an in signia of our own and h a v e it copied in metal; maybe we won't look like First National bank elevator girls then. To be given permission to see and hear the field lecture s given the enlisted personnel-we are not wearing Uncle Sam s uniforms but the greater number of us have given a lot of our family members and every darn one of us carries the torch for Uncle Sam. We are diligently try ing to do our share by keeping our small cog in the nation's wheel turning. To have all outfits a pleasure to work with as are the 69th, the 3AF Hq. & Hq. and 3d Fighter Com mand, Hq. & Hq. Sqdn. Also 310th Fighter Sqdn. To find the formula that Kathryn Gasque uses to make her so dadburned sweet. To find a law compelling the PX to get us a coke machine that will get the dopes good and cold : How can we be efficient if the "pause does not refresh"? 553rd A.W.Bn. 2nd Rept. DREW FIELD ECHOES 505th Reg. 1st Rept' g Company By Pvt. J. D. SANDIFER Undoubtedly t h e highlight of the week was the practice march to Clearwater, and it is with genuine pride that we review the commendable manner in which the men acquitted themselves In fact, we conscientiously believe we were unexcelled in any phase of the march, and take this opportunity to pay tribute to the stamina, spirit, and good sportsmanchip of the entire company. Some of our boys figured very prominently in the photographs of the newspaper, and we congratulate them for their contribution there. Sgt. John W Hayes is in Evans ville, Ind. having been called on his face. Why? Tucked away in his pocket was a furlough blank authorizing his visiting Boston Have a swell time, Bobby! A hearty welcome was awaiting Sgt. Arthur L. Dysart who rejoined the company this week after a period of detached service spent in schooling Before coming back Sgt. Dysart played a very important role in a realistic wedding scene, and we hasten to extend our congratulations to him and our love to the bride. May we leave you this week with the following bit of philosophy in rhyme which came to us on a post card? "Does K. P. give you dish-pan hands? Do drills become a bore? Just smile and make them easy, That's what a smile is for!" Page 3 BUY BONDS KEYS Jesse E. Harpe 91 3 Tampa Street Squads Riot home because of the death of his Phone Y-3741 1512 7th Ave. grandfather. Our sympathy is t yours, John. Watch 0 ff t tl 1 hesitant about sending last week's Repairing By Corp. K. IC i\fcKA Y Cpl. Charles Antrup was a little \1 ur are 0 0 1e s uggmg Echoes, as is his custom, to the welterweight of the Company, Pfc. sweet young thing in Fort Wayne, 20% Off Max Pixley. Maxie put up a classy !nd. The reason-well, consult the I O fight against an experienced fightissue. er a week ago Friday night at Gus-Imagine finding Sgt. Russell L.l T All caden Park. During the fight, we Geary and Cpl. David L Ross in 0 heard someone screeching, "Don't one of Clearwater's brightest spots Service Men hurt my Maxie," and that was his Thursday night. We're still trying Q All to decide if the story they tell is n swell little wife che ering him on legitimate. Sgt. DuiBois, the mail man of the We have been spying on S/Sgt. Company, is one happy fellow, we Andrew D'Agostino and wonderbet. A three-day pass recently, and ing when he was going to do somethe main attraction was his girl thing to break into the news From friend' s visit for a few weeks One the looks of his outgoing and happy mail man, yes ? j incoming mail most of it from Pawtucket, R. I. too we'd say it Hutment, brawla, sitting on a won't be long. Give your reporter --? No, guess we'll have to a break on the story. stay out of them during the day; now, where is a guy going to hide Add two victims to the spell of from work? The Land of Sunshine, the allurBoy, this good neighbor policy ing beauty of the Florida lassies, we hear so much about really will and the magic of this disturbing, be put to a test now that we are tropical moon-T/Sgt. Charles E. living in hutments. So fellows, Boulding and Sgt. Tech. Arthur E have a little consideration for the Curd. fellows around you. Pet peeve incident of the week I hear that PFC Dye has fatherly is attributed to the two high rank ways about him. He has been tak-ing non-commissioned officers who ing the neighbor's children to the RODE (yes, capital letters) to parks. That's swell, boy; we think Clearwater Thursday night and you'd make a good poppa. crashed the dance given exclusiBlack-out (better known as PFC vely for the men who marched DeFteitas) misses his playmate-there. Whoooooo? Yes, we mean his litSgt. Tech. Robert N. Burnham, tle owl. when last seen, was leaving the And speaking of pets, Bloom lost post area with an ear-to-ear smile his tortoises (a variety of turtle) in the movement from tents to hutments. But we got back Pvt. Hickey and his cute little pup, Queenie. Hickey and friend Caporaso built a dog-house for the pup, and he's living in great style. Sgt. Eagleston likes his ne\v hut ment, thinks someone o ugh t to write a song about the huts and call it the "Huts hot song." Hut No. 15 should be called the "Sham rock what with such inhabitants as Reardon, Radigan, Healy, Jones, Thomas a n d Tierney (yes, he's back). All they need now is Sgt. O'Malley, and they could start a baseball team. Diamonds and All Jewelry 605 Franklin St. Expert Watch Rep a irs Merchandise BUY BONDS! ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK We Give Service To The Men In The Service! The logical and BEST place to buy military needs for officers and enlisted men.


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES INVITATION DANCE TO I BE HELD BY CHURCH On Thursday, Aug. 6th, at 8 p m., the Children of Mary Sodality 'of the Most Holy Name Catholic Church will sponsor an invitation dance. It will be held at its ReFriday, J";Jy 3 1, 1942 creation H;lli, 7th Ave. and 24th St .---------------; Games will be played and re-Max's Liquor Bar SAfE INSTRUCTION freshments will be served. Drew Field soldiers are invited to atWINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE tend. 1601 E COLUMBUS DR. 3rd REPORTING COMPANY NEWS 503rd Sig. AW Regiment you saw some of the games. How about taking in one next week? This week's little rhyme is a bit out of the ordinary: I am an AMERICAN I am FREE. I wish I was a dog, And Hitler was a tree. Another news item-Pfc. Drop kin, just returned from D IS, Or Here we go again on another lando, Fla. also has a marriage week's happenings within 0 u r problem ori the brain. A two week's acquaintance, with that as a result, ranks: must have been love at first sight. By Cpl. THOMAS W. DUGAN Sgt. Ness, the red-topped wonder I And if you could see the fair dam boy, is furloughing in Washington, 1 sel's picture you could see why. D. C ; Pfc. Roeller is enjoying a 1 .. long-awaited leave, visiting his wife seen coming off of some of the soldiers' bats. This game was rather a playoff game as each team had won a game apiece. This game did decide which was the better team. Sergeant Harris, that tall, thin boy from Alabama, be with Signal Hqs. anymore, as he is leaving for Air Corps Administration Training in Miami. The Company as a whole would like nothing better than for him to have all the success that he is due. He is a sol diei he knows administration, and is an all-around good scout. Good luck, sergeant. GARDEN HOTEL 1014% Franklin St. Enttance Next to Havana Cafe WE CATER TO SOLDIEHS Their Frun.ilies and Friends The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Speci.aJ.ty LIQUORS-BEER--WINES 311 I<'ranklin St. Phone 3940 Ba.r and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 and parents in Cincinnati, Ohio; 3 d F ht c d p d p Sh k 202 E L f ette st PHONE Y-1281 -Keep 'Em FlyingFor Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6 : 40 P. 1\1. Worship 8:00 P. M. Pfc. Stefanides is also vacationing r Ig er omman w?r:t. a :ward in New York City; Pfc. Poshansky SI'gnal Hq. and Hq. Company home runs in the games with the ;: finally made the grade and is at 1 s d c 1 Tampa Bay Market ,.,,,,_, __ ,, __ 564th ast un ay. orpora Man. this minute in Revere, Mass ; Pvt. ) gum was awarded the prize for beBox Fruit Shipped Anywhere McLane woke up and found himBy Pvt. LARRY RALSTON ing the best soldier of the month. Beer, 'Vine, Special Sandwiches self some place in Pa. Th 1 1 C t k t Groceries, Fruits, Magazines, From the Company fund, the 3rd The Signal Hq. baseball team e w e ompany oo par m Ice Cream Reportin!l really drew a prize. Din-scored a lo p-sided victory over the the votmg. 204 W. Lafayette Street Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. ;==============. A. G. Cleotelis & Son -H3143 ner and dancing at the Columbia 564 Sig Bn. at Plant Park Sunday 1 !---------------Restaurant in Ybor City Date-ft b th f 18 t 5 TWIN PALMS Tuesday, July 28, 1942 A fine eve-It was Wojouchowski's first start a ernoorr y e score o o c;.,.,,N,.,I,C.,,K ning was en] oyed by all. Credit for h t f d h f Beer Wines Soft Drinks smce e was rans erre ere rom Sandwiches Our Specialty EXPERT TAILORING arrangements go to Sgts. Dray and Camp Crowder. He pitched t h e CLEAN COOL RESTFUL 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours Gettis. Thanks to ourselves for the first four innings and allowed three Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. Cleaning and Pressing contributions that made it possible. runs to cross the plate. Pvt. Foust We Alter Army Uniforms "Someday I'm going to murder took over from there and held the the bugler. How do you do it on 564th the test of the game. a record? There were quite a few errors on Rumor has it, as rumors have a both teams due to the rough dia way of having it, that CpL Charles mond. Quite a few nice hits were Walker is contemplating a des-============:::; perate step into matrimony. ;. Talk aqout a well-trained soldier. You fellows ought to meet Bill Lewman, s o n of Capt. Chas. 0. Lewman, our C. 0. There's mili-Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN tary discipline for you. His salute Dan'l S. Bagley Has that added .snap that all of us should notice. ;:: When fellow soldiers a r e con fined to MacDill hospital, that is all you hear of them until they return. So I think it a good idea to use this column to say hello to Pfc. Noll and Pvt. Wagner, who are spending B.ILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEER WINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue some time there. Hurry up and get out, fellows. Time's a-wastin'. Congratulations to Sgt. Charles Felkel. He is t h e new M o t o r Sergeant. Ever get a load of his southern drawl? It's the berries. His favorite-let's go over to the b-a-z-e (base in English). I guess a bunch tif you fellows saw that movie "It Happened in Flatbush." Took you back to when Sulphur Springs Hotel and Cafe Special Attention to all Set'Vicemen Arcade Building UBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Dl'inks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109 SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE ... ,:. .:. ,:. .:. ,:. + 1324 Franklin Ph' : M-7240 : Beer -Wines Hostesses : : Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V.F.W. : rund American Legion ... REMEMBER CORREGIDOR 17th St. News Stand Ourb Service When in Ybor City Shop a-t the Corner 17th and Broadway All the Latest SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home 956 Twiggs TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. M-1339 LUMBER &. MI.LLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 N Rome & Fuller Street CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:-Tampa LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bridge PJ10ne l\1,5588 208 Harrison St. Tampa. Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 MEET YOUR FRmNDS AT T 15 Minute Service During-Rush Hours For Further lnformaUoD Call 3286 GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY YBOR CITY HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET FRANK J. HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME ALL ONE PRICE A.S.BECK SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN $4.99 SHOES FOR MEN Meet YourROFriX YendsB' AatR .... GLEN'S BILLIARDS :: "Where Service Men Meet" B A Y V I E W H 0 T E L Phone S-5073 Ptompt Delivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave. Sulphur Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN. KEEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES15c-First RQund 10c-Additional Rounds -Beer --Wine -Sandwiches2{)3 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hootesses-Danclng THE SILVER MOON LITTLE SAVOY Bat Rooms Colored Soldiers 1102 Central 1340 Central Chas. Vanderhorst, Prop WELCOME SERVICE MEN .. Ciga ts, Cigarettes, Soft Drinks, FIREPROOF CON STRUCTION -:-EVERY ROOM '\11TH BA'l'H Beet and Sandwiches W B SHULER, Manager 204 Polk St. 208 JACRSON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA WELCOME ... Service Men rutd Fliends to the SWING CLUB 'A nice place for nice p eople'' Dancing and Refreshlnettts 5008 Memorial Highway Phone H-2184 TAMJ>A, FLORIDA -:PHONE M 5537 Swim at the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL Bus and Street Car to Pool Natural Springs ... Temperature 72o


Friday, July 31, 1942 564th PLOTT. CO. DOTS AND DASHES Pvt. Tony Rosalis' favorite song nowadays, "I wonder who is kissing her now" Tell me the name of the soldier who went driving with a certain young lady and lost his equilibrium ... Is it true that Lamar Negrotto is carrying a torch By Cpl. S. C. KATZENELL for a prettie in New Orleans? ... Hats off to Sergeant Russell Wil-Acting Corpo-ral Wee Willie Herrliams and his fast stepping Plotting ing wonders w h y his historians Company softball team. Undefeatmade so much fuss when George ed in three games in their quest for washington crossed the Delaware the battalion championship, the ... Herring crossed the Delaware I Plotters have sunk the First Re-every morning on his way to I porting, 2 to 0; the 2nd Reporting, work 5 to 3; and the Headquarters, 5 to Good luck and a toast to Pvt. 3 Let Corporal James Wyatt, Matt Butcher, who left the Plot battalion athletic noncom, s a Y a ting Company yesterday few words in behalf of the team. Before we say farewell, we salute Okay, Wyatt, f r o n t and center. William O'Brien, our new firs t Wyatt takes the stand: "If we de-sergeant. Sergeant O'Brien was a feat Medicos, and we think it's in mere corporal five days ago. the bag, we will win the battalion -------------" -hampionship." GARAGES SERVICE STATIONS Before wander into the other SERVICES .. Jpics of the week, we are going to name the stalwarts who are dis1 : playing their wares for the baseball team. They are Staff Sergeant James O'Neill, Sergeant Louie Hirzy, Sergeant Claude Knecht, Cpl. James Wyatt and Pvts. James Garrett, Charles Meyers, Aloysius Talarek, George Leasor, Charles Rupert, Walter Norton, William Knott, Thomas Mager, Clifford Davis and Marion Britton. Captain Reuben Caudle, personnel adjutant of the 564th and the commanding officer of the Plotting Company, welcomes five new officers to his company today. The new additions are S e c o n d Lts. Joseph Mahfouz, Kenneth W. Beck, William K. Cantwell, Walter Maas and Dale W. Thatcher. Major Rex LeFevre, Commander of the 564th battalion, and Captain Reuben Caudle are in perfect con dition for their mile run. Oh! Haven' t you heard about it? It seems that the Captain chal-1 lenged the M ajor about a week ago. The date? The race will take piace on the first frosty morning in August. The winner will be awarded a large snowball made_ from the soft snow from the snow-capped mountains of Drew Field. Sergeant Earl Jones is the fastest little man at Drew Field when the Sarge takes off you think a hurricane was approaching ... he flies through the air with the greatest of ease ... the diminutive one never walks; he always runs. ---1 Pfc. Harry Lampert is one of the busiest young soldiers on the post he labors in the I. C during the day and at nights, for relaxation, he sits down and draws cartoons ... Back in civilian life, Lampert drew cartoons for his bread and butter ... He worked for Max Fleischer and the Superman Comic Strip Pu0lications ... Who's the apple of Cpl. Edward Lerner's heart? she is the ).ung lady with big brown eyes 'A d dark black hair who pounds 1 the typewriter for the Base Motor Pool Office By the way, the young lady happens to be the Corporal's better half Who's the boxing expert of the Plotting Company? He answers to the name of Cpl Herbert Solkoff, two-fisted heman from the Bronx Solkoff was the middleweight champion of the Bronx several years back MRS. MORGAN DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANY MORE Things are not what they used to be in Base S-'2. Why? The stenographer, Mrs. Morgan (Mar guerite to her friends) h as resigned. Her charms, beauty and million dollar smile will be miss ed by many who came in contact .with her. Marguerite has accepted a position in the Tampa ship yards. Her new telephone number is a military secret. Lots of luck, Marguerite, we will all miss you. But such is life. The best of friends have to part sometime. CLEANERS LAUNDRIES For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Sttee t :So. St. Petersburg, Fla. Bryans Laundry and Cleaners Quicl' D ependable Service Call8953 716 21st St. No. OLDEST AND LABGEST DRY CLEANERS lN ST. PE1'E 2<1 Hour S ervice PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. Phone 4372 Phone 4556 RITCH & WENDELL Dry Cleansers 425 Ninth Stteet No. St. Petersburg, Fla. "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled" Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. P etersbmg Service Men's Uniforms That \Viii Pass Inspection Cleaned and Pressed 50c FLORA-DON AND DYERS Phone 4727 1239 Central Av. PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, Owner 450 4th St. So. Phone 9185 DRUGS SUNDRIES MERCHANDISE GIFTS SUPPLIES Doll Shop 115 9th St. So., Opp. Webbs FLORIDA SOUVENIRS UNUSUAL GIFTS For Wife and Sweetheart DREW FIELD ECHOES Page5 ST. ULF BEACHES The friendly beaches at St. Petersburg Pass-A-Grille, St. Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, Mad eira Beach and Redington Beach offer the utmost in recreation to be found on the West Coast of Florida. The clear sparkling waters of the Bay and the Gulf provide unlimited bathing. Boats, both large an d small, are always available for pleasure trips. From fishing piers and from fishing boats, the followers of Isaac Walton can enjoy their sport. The III;any miles of Sandy Beaches offer freedom from the cities' heat and permit privacy for groups both large and small. The fine hotels, cabins and apartm ents offer the best of services at reasonable cost. The cafes and restaurants are known for fine foods. The nite clubs offe r unlimited entertainment. The progressive merchants of the area are wellknown for their fine m erchandise and services. C these many attractions make St. Petersburg and the Gulf Beaches a most ideal place in which to enjoy life in a care-free way. EASILY REACHED WITillN LESS THAN AN HOUR BY CAR OR BUB FROM TAMPA DRUGS SUNDRIES DRUGS SUNDRIES DRUG:S SUNDRIES MERCHANDISE I MERCHANDISE I MERCHANDISE GIFTS Sl!PPLIES GIFTS SUPPLIES GIFTS SUPPLIES .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,########4 ,.4 Service for Men of the Service _. Open Evenings The "LOGICAL" Place to Buy Military & Naval Needs for OFFICERS and ENLISTED MEN Army SOUJHmiiJ Navy 835C!a1AveC l 0 J H IJ Gst. P!sburg JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds and Silverware GIFTS OF ALL lilNDS At Prices That Cannot. B e Duplicated EXPERT WATCH AXD JEWELRY REPAIRING Over 3 0 years in St. J>e t e rsburg Owen-Cotter Jewelry Co. 273 Central Avenue Tel. 60514 Buffalo Cleaning and Tailoring Co. 48 Hout' Setvice to Setvic emen 127 3rd St. No. Phone 70544 We Welcome You To St. Petersburg Complete Home Fmniture MATHER 1246 Central Av e Ph. 7552 SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. Mastellar's Sundries ICE CREAM A ND C OLD DRINU:S 201 9th St. So. Opp. ,'3eaboard Station HOTELS CABINS LODGINGS ROOJ U S APARTliiElNTS At St. Petersburg Furnished Modem Rooms 75c SINGLE -$1.25 DOUBLE Also Housekeeping Rooms 918 7th Avenue North T e l. Easy Washer 68-034 At St. Petersburg HO'l'EI.S CAIIINS CLUDS BARS LODGINGS ENTERTAINMENT ROOl\IS AP AR 'l'l\IEN'l'S Gilbert System Hotel Detty C. lUitchell, lUgr. 746 Centrnl AYe. St. Petersburg Phone 7864 "Your Honte t\.,,. ny front Home' You Arc Ahvays A l)hone In E\cry n .oont Hot nnd Cold '\Vnte r All rimes Northmoor Apts. Stott in close to ht.":ulqunrtets for tlte durtition. Cool, clenn effic iency Apts., or Roonts nnd llath Hy tlte "\Veek. l'Uonth, Senson or Yearly 111 Gth Ave. No. Phone 7'0-781 GORDON HOTEL r>!!G rtth Ave. No. Phone 651)7 'l'RANSIENTS WELCOlllE Rooms with nntlts und Showers Lnrge Verundn und Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Av e North ROOMS, APTS. & COTTAGES 'J'HEATRES RESOR'l'S .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-612 At St. P<'tersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Cent1al Ave : Ph. 4342 FREE DEI .. IVERY Impotted \Vines And Liquors. GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. .Specializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, S :\NDWICHES Paramount Bowling R easonable Rates, by \Veek, Yon are Invited to visit our Month or Year modern nnd up to dnte nlleys ADULTS ONLY NO I =s=.====P=h=o=ne==7=508=:: CLUDS BARS ENTERTAINMENT 'l'HEATRES RESORTS ...,,,,#############.#######'#######4 New Paramount Soda Grille 1131 4th Stree t North AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS DELICIOUS FOODS S ANDWICHES FOUNTAIN DRINKS Music and Da:ncing "All A t Popular Prices" Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 20th C e n t tu-y Al!leys Wonder Bar And Headquarters for Service Men BEER, LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 While nt St. Pete VIHit RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, '3MOKES 848 4th St. So. Bunny's Bar and Grill 1007 9 t h Street So. Beer, \Vines and Sandwiches NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese and American Meals 2102 4th Street North WINE AND BEER


P age 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, July 31, 1942 NO''OFF LIMITS'' For. These Tampa Establishments Yes, Good Food Does Make A Difference! Only To Our Service Men, But To Our Civilian Population As Well The restaurants listed on this page have been inspected and are serving food under sani-.. tary conditions which meet strict health regulations. They Invite YOUR PATRONAGE CHILD CAFE 501 Franklin St. LAS NOVEDADES, INC. Since 1890-1416 E. Broadway S. H. KRESS & CO., Luncheonette (Downstairs) 811 Franklin St. HUTTO'S CAFE 101 Zack St. POST OFFICE CAFE 406 Zack St. SARATOGA BAR Cor. Franklin & Fortune Sts. SPANISH PARK RESTAURANT 3519 E. Broadway TIBBETT'S CORNER RESTAURANT Cor. Franklin & Lafayette St. JAKES RESTAURANT Cor. Franklin & Fortune Sts. VICTORY DRIVE IN LIGGETT'S DRUG STORE 619 Franklin St. 341 0 Florida Ave. LENOX TEA ROOM 2724 Florida Ave. THE KORNER SYSTEM, INC. VICTOR CAFE 609 Grand Central Ave. 1324 Franklin St. W. T. GRANT & CO., Luncheonette 903 Franklin St. WHITE HOUSE CAFE Morgan & Twiggs St. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS SltiOii:ERS ARTICLES WELCOJtiE SERVICE MEN Florida A..-. & Twiggs St. On 22nd St. Causewar FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT 1216 Franklin St. EL TROCADERO 1701 E. Broadway LAFAYETTE RESTAURANT 122 W. Lafayette All Setvice 1\Ie n aT e \V e l come BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH RESTAUR.ANT Wine s and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and O sborne BOB'S PLACE Beer -Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing -Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr SERRA'S ##############################.l> Servicemen Are \Velcome Day Ol' Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 l<'ranlc,Jn St. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Centtal Phone H-3773 Pho n e M52-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s MAD R I L L 0 N Spanis h Restautant El Boulevard Restaurant 2001 N ebraska Seminole Sandwich Shop 5021 Florida A venue CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS Fomttain S e J'Vice "KEEP'EM FLYING!'' -****'k**' WE K.EEP 'EM EA'l'ING MAC DILL -DRE W THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURAN T Morgan and Twiggs THE RED MILL American And Latin Food ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT LIGHT LUNCH DINNERS 11 A. ltl. Till 4 P. Jtl. Dally 1715 Platt St. at Packwood Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service THE CHATTERBOX Chic k e n and Steak s Real Italia n Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS U Q U ORS Abba Dabba & Band N i g h t l y 707 '3. Howat d A v e Pho n e H-3 7 5 7 915 Tampa at SOLDIERS Tampa, Florida THE EAGLE PATIO :-======:=:::::=:=:=:=:::; Has been desi g n e d to m a k e your l eisure hours RUBIN'S "THE HOME OF GOOD SPANISH FOOD" Best Cocktails Military Men Jtlost Welcome Al.r Conditioned 1403 'l'ampa St. Phone M-7150 ::==============::=:; Welcome To Italian Foods -Liquor-Beer El Trocadero -DANCING-C. K. Hebble, Mgr. 1701 E. Broadway Ph. Y-1391 r ,., As Pleasant As Posstble RITENCLIF CAFETERIA i :=====q,=I=ce=Or=e=a=m=, :i: CHAMBERS BROS. Owner lit-312 zAcK sTREET :;: = Y M C A BUILDING *:J:. .. : .. : .. :: .. :: .. : .. : .. :: ... : .. : .. : .. : .. : ... :: .. Only the Finest Quality of Foods U sed A LA CARTE S ERVICE 306 FRA1\"KLIN STREET PHONE M 6 4-913 SERVICE MEN OFFICERS -FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT A TMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO The Colonnade B AYSHORE and JULIA Steak, Sea Food and Chicken Dinners 45c Delicious S andwiches


Friday, July 31, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES I ON THE BALL ---------! .,.,..,.,.,..,,.,.C#####.,#########.C####### 327 Service Squadron 1 By corp. JOE GAUDIELLo By Pft. T. G. MEO I We are havin g a heat wave, a 309th SERVICE Group I N F 0 lst Rept' g Co. 553rd Sig. HQ & HQ SQUADRON By Cpl. ANDREW PATERSON 1 tropical heat wave Whew ww!! the column this j We wrsh to extend our sympa-No matter how much gayety that sound hke too much baseball, don t l thy to Joseph Cumminos for the song does possess, brother, it's hot blame me. We have the right to be "' downright happy on the showing of recent death of hrs siste r and the salt tablets our C 0. both our A &. B teams. As a matNow that the softball l eag ue is ordered for us are certainly taking ter of fact everyone in the outfit, well under way the 327th went a beating including our officers, are follow-right after their first game, win.-Pvt. Cecil White, of pugilistic ing the performance of both teams renown, is now a member of our with keen interest. ning by the overwhelming score Company Was that a challenge After winning 11 consecutive of 19 to 3 The team as a whole from the 2nd Reptg CO someone games, our streak was finally brok-played like clockwork, making just mumbled? Y'all recall our e n by no other than our own B eac h hit count a run. Muscles boy 's performance against Lou team, and a sound drubbing they Cumnings stole the show when it Jenkins ... did hand us 14-6. However, last Pvt. John Dorsch has been rather i Saturday afternoon we avenged this came to hitting, getting four out d h t d l t l D M _,--:;;; own ear e a e y:-ean, rs. e d by handling them a sound of five, including a triple, double John Dorsch was living in Tampa st'ubbing, 9 0 This was just a re-and two singles With hitting like but while on furlough Dean reto the "Infants" that, when this, how could our team lose ? mained at home and Johnny came necessary, the "Old Men" can still ......._, marchi.n!l back, alon e. Cheer up The second game was a pitching show them a few tricks. ole'boy; everything is "in the As far as we can determine, we duel between Pvt. Dombroski and 1 d h 1 o Red of the 314th Air Base Sqttagroove are ea mg t e B ue League. ur first victim was the Base Medics, dron, the latter winning by the Latrine-0-Riddle' No 1 : Pvts. then came the thriller of all, our score 4 to 3. This might have been Robert Pratt and Paul C. Bennett 6-5 victory over the highly-touted a victory for the 327th, had it were taking showers Sunday after314th Sq. Things were even up to not been for the clumsy fielding noon and during the process Bob the beginning of the lOth irlning in and around the keystone positook his usual cold shower. Sud2-2, then the 314th garnered 3 nms tions, making two errors in one d enly Bob began doing the dipsyto lead 5-2. With three of our men game, causing two unearned runs doodle and brr!! brr-ing, signifying on base s, the situation called for some serious thought, and pinch hitter Gismondi was put in. Doc" laid a beautiful single right down in one inning. Keep up the good the chill of the cold water. Husky pitching, Dombroski as the next little Paul, after witnessing this time the team will have more pageant for a while, walked over coordination. We hope. to Bob's shower and non-chalantly third ba se, bringing in our three says, "Turn on some cold water, men, then on a hit by orie of the What can cure a cold faster than Bob" ... men "Doc" came in to win the a three-day pass and your best Bring-them-back-alive! T/5 Frank game 6-5. girl friend visitina you from your I (Buck) Chiafari really upheld his Sunday we played t h e fastest "' title by bringing back to Tampa game of the season with the Hq. home town. If there rs a faster hi s newly-married bride. While on 3rd FC. It was short and snappy, cure, then the medical world is furlough, up in good ole Brooklyn, but ended in our favor with a score s t i 11 lookmg for. its discovery Buck said I do" and followed of 3-1. We are out to get that penPfc. William Cummins was the along in what seems to be the nant and we have an excellent lucky fellow to receive this cure. current vogue. Lots of luck, Buck. start, so we will just keep the ball He was walking through the Two members of the administra rolling, and hang the flag up in streets of Tampa looking the pic tive staff stepped out Sunday eve our Orderly Room, just to show ture of health. Are you going to ning. During the course of ex what Hqs has "got on the ball." introduce us to your girl friend, ploration they stumbled upon an Bill? Wof Wof. old friend, who they believe 'fhe tailor shop is receiving some We wonder who Mr. X is that's should be called the queen of Ybor increased business from a number been going around shaving V for City Possessor of a most compla of the men this week. Some say VIctory on the chest of a .ll the cent personality, a solid jitterbug, they hung their shirts out overboys of Barracks 411. If you want really hepped and on the beam, night (just like the old Xmas to see his masterpiece, ask Sgt. Maria-Elena, you are aureet ... stocking) and lo and behold, when the sun arose, they noticed the ad-Bourgeous to show you his manly Sorry, men, but the phone number chest. Who is that man called must be a military secret. ditions. Congratulations, men, you "Tarzan?" For a darn good ]'ob of land-deserve them. Stepping up from Will miracles ever cease! Last week Pfc. Hannum persuaded Sgt. Cook, Sgt. Ward and Cpl. Belt to attend the Gospel Center to hear him preach his sermon. Hannum was pinch hitting for Reverend Smith, who is now attending a re ligious convention in Canada The sermon was delivered in fine fas hion Throughout the sermon you could hear a pin drop, for each word uttered was right to the point. At the beginning of the sermon Sgt. Cook was called upon to lead the congregation in hymn singing. Sgt. Cook told them that all his musical knowledge was played on a violin, Then to his surprise a violin was brought forth by one of the members of the choir. The solos he played would have been appreciated if only he had played louder. He apologized later, saying he only played a bass violin. We wonder if he knows the difference between them. Cpl. to Sgt. were Edwards, Steph ens and Stringer. From Pvt's lcl to Cpl.Di Cello, Jarvie, Morris, Lawrence, Page, Roach and Thais. In a few more days we are going to lose our "Umpire." Cpl. "Nels" Thais received the glad tidings that he had been selected for Engineer ing OC's School, and will report there on August 6. We are sorry in a way to see him go (what will we do for an umpire?), but we are always glacf to see OUR BOYS get ahead. Incidentally, Nels, we be has one of the highest AGCT :t scores, amazing all of us with 1'f7. We wish you all the luck in 1 the world, Nels ; we know you'll make it. 675th Sig. Reptg, Co. ... SIGNALS By Pvt. (:HARLES KAISER We are proud to welcome Capt. McLean to our Company as our new C. 0 .; also Lt. Gran as ad ministrative officer and Lt. Ander son as supply officer. While congratulations are in or der, we extend our best wishes to Pvt. Meredith and his bride, Miss Pauline LaRue, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, who were married last week. T h i s Company h a s officially adopted a mascot-a pup. Inci dentally, if there are any dog ex perts in Drew Field, we would like an opinion on the pedigree of the said dog. Acting Sgt. Brennan is sporting A new stripe has been added to the one of our Pfc. S 1 o a n Knecht, making him a corporal. Keep up the good work, Knecht. a plaster across his nose. He says he bumped it on the bed. Oh yeah? We overheard Private Bockmul ler ask Private Ballman what he was going to do when he got out of the army. Ballman said he was going to be a lawyer and asked what he had planned. Bockmuller replied that he was go in g to be a vitamin. Claims that he once saw a sign that said Vita min B-1! (be one), and ever since, that has been his ambition. A HOME BuY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone M1861, Maas Office Bld. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquarters of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Oa.ndy Notions Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. --Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. SPECIAL ATTENTION 'l'o Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son 1\feats-Pt oduee--Gtoeeties Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs St. Ph. M 54-572 Mation & Alma, Betty & Deedie Open evenings by appointment --=.. --"Just Wa ;t'll They Start the Trunk Bending Exercises" scaping, take a look at our com pany street. Nice work, men, it sho' looks pertty. Say, there, Pvt. Lou Wills, just how did you ac quire that como se llama Plant? ORIGINAL lUElUtYJ\IAI\:ERS SOCIAL CLUll Invites All Service 11Icn Free Dance by W.P.A. Orchestra 111onday Night 8:30 P. 111. 'Til 11:00 P. 111. S. M. S. BALL ROOM 8th Ave. and 19th St. WHITE ROSE BAR LIQUORS, '''INES, DEER AND CIGARS Corner Cuss nnmmunlcatlng Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 GraDd Central FLOWERS .. Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Keys Mader Sci.88ol'8 Sharpened Guns and Locks Repaired SERVICE 705-A FLORIDA AVE. PH. MSI-251 ...... Member V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmake..-s & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Manhattan Oa.fe United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians 205 Zac:k St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783 Athlete's Foot Use DEX FOR SALE AT ALL POST EXCHANGES Drew, MacDill and B enjamin Fields-Satisfaction Guaranteed


.. PageS DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, July 31, 19.42 ,,,,,,.,,C##################ing to make some sort of literary that will bring nothing but grief to some of our better known com pany idols ... This company was graced with the addition of four officers this Week, who we consider to be a ,swell bunch. The new additions are Lts. Battin, Mitchell, Nelson and Whicker ... Keep us rolling, we're all behind you The other day, 1st Sgt. Maddox asked your correspondent how it was possible for him to get a girl to go steady with in town fellows, can you di g up a In the above picture, Drew Field men are marching to Clearwater, a part of the Drew toughening-up program. g ood dish for him. If so, some of my creditors fellows, notify your correspondent arid I line forms to the right of me, and will make a thorough check before please don't crowd! I hope that I 'the introduction. will have enough left to go down "Little General" Weir is not on to the PX for a coke. the ball lately. The other day I I found ''Tippy'' fast asleep on S g t !-!!-!!-!!!!!!!!-!:-: .. :-:-:!!!!.,.! Primavera's barrack bag ... don t jSOJ d R H C slip UP. Jake; Tippy wants to be T ept. q. 0. awakened for breakfast, too ... J 1 k s (Tippy is the little pooch we hav e I n pots for a Mascot) Will Sgts Primavera arid Schu-!-!!!-!:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:!:-:u:!!-!:-: .. bring please stop arguing as to By Sgt. PHILIP LINEBAUGH who will feed. Tippy each day ? Between the two of them, Sgt. Joe After several flashy practice sesDavis always winds up feeding our sions in which Corp. Iodice master mascot. That's alright, Joe, minded and originated s .everal new one of these days Tippy will retheories on softball, the Headquarturn your unnoticed care towards ters Reporting team took to the her. field last Monday night in their Primo, who is that nurse you l d 'th Cl t ? j opemng game and, with uncanny pa aroun WI m earwa er. H h t f d f d uncanmness, Corp Iodice maneuas s e go a nen or our pa d f d 1 J k vered a sure VIctory mto e eat. an penc1 man a e ? He l k l .k h d th We understand a few of the big oo s 1 e e nee s more an a d t t t ht b. t league scouts have their eye on a e 0 s raig en Im ou this boy (their bad eye). I many more such promotions before dering this career when this little Frank will be able to see his girl shindig is over. without sa luting, she being a nurse -------------in the Army Medical Corps sta. All Servicemen Are Welcome tioned in Detroit, Mich J to As a n afterthought, Sergeant Techinicians Linebaugh and Moel ler were also in the gale when the debris hit the fan. Our Tampa intelligence reports that Pvt. Egerter has been offered HUNTER'S CAFE Corner of Cass & Fllorida the junior partnership in the Fla-1 mingo Room of the Hotel Floridan. Franklin St. Restaurant He was last seen there in the com -,. pany o f a charming "Floradora" girl. Pittsburgh papers P l e a s e I copy Glad to have "T & T" Moeller HOME OF FINE FOODS At Reasonable Pl'ices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franldin Street _________________ ,..) HEADQUARTERS. FOR THE WELL DRESSED ARMY MAN Complete Line of Military Clothes and Supplies Also Military Tailoring All Kinds of Chevrons "Dutch" Helgenberg, our comwe wish to congratulate our First pany supply sergeant, has once Sergeant Miller, who was only reagain returned to our company cently appointed to that position iii after a short visit in the MacDill Congratulations on a g 0 0 d job. Field hospital. ... Hear that they _______________________ _:_ ___ specialize in good food and have some swell looking numbers there. Will someone conk your correspondent on the noggin' with a baseball bat so that I can investi gate for himself. It' s worth the try, so I hear. Sgt. Celli i f there are no red-liners on this month's payroll, yours truly will buy you an extra special steak dinner and I SPEOIAL STORAGE HATES for ENLISTED MEN'S CARS JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S. Howard Av e LINCOLN BAR don't mean the kind that's put entering to Colored Service between a hamburger roll. "Nice Place for Nice People" Pay day is the big day that I am waiting for and so are Main a t North Boulevard SOLDIERS AND SAILORIS ARE WELCOME AT ''Ma'' Williams I NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT 9000 FLORIDA AVE. FREE DANCE TO ALL SERVICE MEN! By W. P. A. Orchestra MONDAY NIGHT, 8:30 'TIL 11:00 P. M S.M. S. BALLROOM, 8th Ave. & 19th St. LESLIE H. BLANK REALTOR 407 Tampa St. T e l ephone 3222 "DEFENSE RENTAL HOMES" Complete Printing Service The Comffiercial Printers 1115 Florida Avenue. Phone 2126 Printers of Drew Field Echoes The MacDill Fly Leaf


Friday, July 3l; 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 9 -------Opening Tonight at 9 o'Clock 911 Tampa Street NO MINIMUM Charges -;: .. :.:.' ,:. or Cover Charge at Any Time f) f) NIGHT CLUB A ] p ] I E JR, ] f :IE C T 11[2: ] I E 1\V][ t D Jf A J B A ]R) f), All Drinks at Popular Prices Mixed by Tampa's! Best Mixoligists f) 3-FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY-3 9:30 11:30 1:30. .... Featuring AUB HORTON And_His 7-Piece :: AII-G1rl Orchestra Aury FREDRICA SHIRLEY WHITE RAYMOND and ANN ANN and his ) Jackie Golden At the Twin And Her Magic Darhngs Voiced Tenor Baby Grands Trumpet DON AND MARION DANNY BROWN


P age 10 DREW FIELD ECHOES Fridal"' July 31, 1942 DREW SPLITS WITH ORLANDO Drew Stresses Physical Training Over the weekend, in Orlando, the Drew Interceptors split their two games with the Orlando nine, winning on Saturday, 4-2, and drop ping the Sunday contest, 4-0. The defeat brought the Intercep tors winning streak to a halt at seven games. Drew has won 18 out of their last 21 games, their sea son record showing 27 victories against 13 setbacks. Peyton Epps scattered nine Or lando hits as his mates hit timely behind him for his third win of the season. Epps and Charlie Rushe hooked up in a pitcher's duel with Epps having a little the better of it in the pinches as he made the Or lando boys pop up when heat was on Orlando scored in the first frame, netting one tally on a double and single. Drew came roaring back in the second to put the game on even terms. Cochrane doubled and Todd tripled him home with a long knock went deep into leftcenter. Drew managed two more runs in the fifth on two hits. Hal Firkser led off with a booming double that hit the right field fence; E p p s grounded out, third to first, with the runner held on second. McNulty scratched a single to move Firkser to third. Meyer struck out. Klimczak worked Rushe for a walk to fill the bags. Bekez a proceeded to slap a line drive into the center fielder's hands which handcuffed him for an error, with Firkser and Drew Interceptors lost a close McNulty both scoring. game 3-2 to the Food Machinery In the sixth, t h e Interceptors nine o f Lakeland Tuesday i n a scored their final run of the day West Coast League game on a single by McMennan, a walk Cash who relieved Norris at the and an error. J end of the seventh, won his own The fielding of the Drew nine ball game by slamming out a sin was the key to victory as the field gle to score Whitten from second ers went in every direction to pull for the winning tally in the ninth. By Pvt. BOB KANE Radio Log By Cpl : JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI Mitchell Field, N Y sent us another musician this week, Pvt. Leo 0. Luukkonen, of Quincy, Mass. He has played sax and clarinet with Tommy Reynolds, Mal Hallett, Sonny Dunham, Bob : i Chester, Jack Marshard and other ) famou s dance bands, as well as ,: with the Symphony Orchestras of 1 Arthur Fielder and Fabian Se1(j.l ky-still, he beams with pr .. i when someone mentions his char-A! ter-membership in Bud Estes'W'I "Deep Sleep Seven." Take off your cap and stay awhile, Leo; you'll like it here. 1 While we are on the subject of ;:t sleep, if something isn't done soon to curtail those sonorous symphonies, under the masterful -A baton of Morpheus; emanating t from our barracks lately, the guil. J ty parties will be exposed by name in this "colyum." If that does not to pin medals on their chests (and : relieve the situation, we shall have i Tough men are needed to win I mean bare-naked chests) while 1 wars, and Drew Field authorities the offenders are snoring away. If anyone thinks that the Brooklynites loyalty to "dem beautiful bums" is just a myth, Pvts. Schiav' one and Kowalski will soon change are trying to make Drew men the toughest of them all Under a pro gram designed to strengthen phypowers, a scientifi'c system his mind. Pvt. Costello dropped a of exercises has been scheduled casual remark that there was more 1 to insure the utmost in stamina than one good ball club in the l Red, White and Blue, WFLA, Major Leagues and Schiavone and ';i 7:05 a. m. daily thru Satur day. and endurance in both officers 1 ., Kowalski designated themse ves a 1 M d R WTSP 6 3 and men. two-mari firing squad to wipe out 1 on ay eview : 0 Baseball, softball, mass boxing, the malicious propagandist. It took p. m Monday 1 down almost impossible hit balls Norris was hit hard all afterSpecialties, WDAE, 8:15 p m volleyball tugs of -war are the the rest of the band to save Cos.\ most popular games engaged in I tello. and put the win in the old bag. noon by the Drew nine and finally Thursda:y by Drew Field and a Cpl. Harry Ferris was the fairSgt. Fred Swindells pitched sugave way to Cash in the eighth. 1 The All-Star Parade WFLA perb ball on Sunday, with the exHe gave up eight hits during his 9 :00 p. m. Friday. regular SChedule Of these games I haired boy Of last week-he got is conducted under the supervision a long distance phone call from ception of one bad inning, when stay on the mound. the Orlando team shoved across all Food Machinery scored a single their runs. Fred did not issue a run in the first frame to take the walk and his mates played airtight lead but Drew came back in their ball behind his six-hit flinging half of the fifth without the aid The game was a pitching duel I of a hit to tie the game at one all. between Swindells and Jess PlumDrew took the lead 'in the seventh mer, both young righthanders with when Klimczak singled, moved to minor league experience. Plummer second on a wild pitch and com allowed the visitors four hits over pleted the circuit on a double by the route.. Bekeza. Orlando collected all their tallies An error by the Drew infield in the fifth on four hits that were plus two walks and a single by good for that many l uns. In addi-Pride of Food Machinery netted tion, Swindells gave up a single hit one run to put the game on even each in the fourth and sixth frames terms in the eighth Drew made for their total of six bingles. a mild threat in their half of the Orlando will come to Tampa this ninth on a single and base on balls week-end to meet:.the Interceptors but their hitters couldn't hit in in single games on Saturday and the clutch. 'Fhe climax came in the Sunday .at Plant Field. ninth when Pianowski issued a (First game) walk to Whitten Dull moved him R H K to second .. on a single with Cash Drew ----------010 021 000--4 6 1 producing t'h' e payoff hit with a Orlando ______ 100 100 000-2 9 2 ringing sin g l e to left-center to Epps and Bekeza; Rushe and Mo-score the winning tally. bley. McNulty of Drew led the hitting (Second game) parade with a double and two sinR H E gles out of four tries. Firkser and Drew ___________ 000 000 000-0 4 0 Bekeza each managed two hits also Orlando _____ 000 040 OOx--4 6 1 for the Inter. ceptors of the Base Physical Director In his "Honey" back in North Adams, J ., Most notable change in the radio I addition, calisthenics, running, Mass. I heard every w o r d the for this week _is walking, hiking and obstacle Little Corporal" uttered-now, if l m personneL Yes s1r, 1t s Pnvate courses are used to develop the I could only get a transcript of Kane trying to take the place of muscle of the arms, abdomen, the other half of the conversation J, Corporal Harvey Frost on the air chest, legs and thighs. ... what a story I would have!!! waves in the morning and in the Volley ball furnishes a number We won't forget the Supply 1 Echoes column on Fridays. "Frosof units with entertaining sport, Room Gang, Hq. and Hq. Sq., ty'_' left from an undesignated point i keen rivalry often developing. The 309th Service Group, when our week for parts and above picture portrays a tense mo-instruments and supplies come in ":Ill be gone an pe -ment in a game being played in -not after the way we chiseled nod._ Further can be the Medical Detachment, 553rd. requisition forms and help from obtamed from the little man who th 1 t k H 's hoping 't th J h Q y h d ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, em as wee ere wasn ere or 0 n e u l. those GI instruments get here Don't get excited, all ye organ-ed to BMI music, the Drew aggreq soon. lovers-Corporal J a c k Hartman gation will be allowed to play As-And say, fellas, wasn t it nice:1.: will continue to send you lilting cap tunes melodies on the WFLA Hammond How would you all like to hear the way Miss Marie Moss, man organ As a matter of fact some really lowdown platter-chat-ager of a downtown (I mean, back man is doing some research at a ter? Well, dig this Bud Estes, in Pittsburgh, Pa.) music departmusic library in an effort to turn former arranger and composer for ment, sent us all those fine orches trations for our dance band? Such up some _musical for I the top bands. agreed to apa modest young lady. too. tt the mormng program. pear on the mornmg program. Be-Don t look now, but it won't be tween Bud and "yours truly," we did not even include a copy ing on an arrangement of the them on the Drew Field programs Ahhhh! I was only fooling-it can Swindells and Bekeza ; Plummer Drew _______ _____ 000 010 100-2 9 and Mobley. F. & M. ________ 100 000 011-3 8 long until that Drew Field band plan to take you backstage on some her own published number "It under the name of the "DEEPof the popular transcriptions Be Happened Here in My Heart. ._l SLEEP SEVEN" will be heard on sure to listen for it next week. Now, does anyone know any: the Drew Field radio programs What with all the movie stars body who would like to give the The band is in now with glitte1 ing around the field don't band a nice old Steinway Grand an all-star crew and they're workbe surprised if you meet some of Piano (about eight months old?). -. 21 "Drew Field Blues Although : soon. It' s about time we had :;;orne be a year old-or even lwo years : 5 Florida radio stations are restrict-stars to match that beautiful moon. old


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