Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 23 (August 7, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
August 7, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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c:;;;; VOL. 1. NO 23 P ubli s h e d Priday Dre w Fie ld Tampa, Flo rida Swing Sax Player Toots Melodies For Air Force Band Another musician of established reputation j o i n e d the swelling ranks of the Air Force Band last when Private Leo 0 Luuk, ( 24, of Quincy Mass., arriyed a./ Drew Field. The new musician has tooted his alto sax and clarinet from one end of the nation to another, sounding off in some of the nation's big-time bands. On the road he played with Eddie De Lange Mal H a 11 e t t Sonny Dunham and Tony Reynolds. Luukkonen started playing pro fessionally in dance bands while still in high school. Later he stu died at the New England Conserva tory of Music in Boston, and after several years of conservatory in struction he played in the Bean town metropolis with Jack Marsh ard, Ruby Newman, and Andy Ja cobson. He also played with Arthur Fiedler and Fabian Sevitzky in their symphony orchestras. In keeping with the policy of'1he War Department, Col. Melvin B. Asp, commanding officer of Drew Field, is givng Director Howard Hawks and his party of actors, technicians, and property men every consideration possible during their stay at Drew Field where many thrilling scenes of Warner Brothers' new picture, "Air Force," are being made. Here the Base Commander is shown with Director Hawks viewing the filming of a scene in the picture. The. effect must have been very satisfactory, judg ing from the facial expressions. He entered the Army on Dec. 22, 1941 at Mitchell Field, N Y where he played in the Air Force Band. Recently he transferred to Drew Field to rejoin his buddy, Bud Estes, the noted orchestra arI ranger and saxophonist who is now TWO SHORT PARAGRAPHS YANK TO BE SOLD THROUGH konen of his association with Estes PACK LOTS OF MEANING that he beams with pride when he I ---DREW FIELD POST EXCHANGE mentions his charter membership For the benefit of the small per. in Bud's. "Deep Seven." centage o .f soldiers inclined to r-r,_,,., .... ,..,,..,,'4,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,.,, ... ,..,, .... ,>4,.,.,_,,.,_,_,,.,,.,.,..,, .... SHOULD LOTHARIO WEAR-MUSTACHIO? May this serve as an open letter to proponents and ex ponents of t11e mustache at Drew Field. Two ECHOES reporters, having embarked on a discussion of multi-mustachioed soldiers seen around the field last week, / decided to research the subject thoroughly. They travelled far and wide, querying entities and non-entities alike, spending hours /in every library and institution of higher learning from the East Gate to the North Gate. Their extensive research even dwarfed the READERS DIGEST cigarette probe. With the aid of cartoonist Harry Lampert, the ECHOES re porters present their fin dings: (1) If you are growing a mustache just for the fun of it, keep it up. It's fun-ny. (2) If you are just saving time on your daily shave-leav ing the hirsute on the upper lip cuts time by at least 48 seconds. (3) If you are looking forward to scaring your motherin law when she visits Tampa-you've got the right idea, brother. (4) BUT, if you're trying to impress the girls around Drew Field, you're rea lly missing the boat, soldier!!! In the illustration above, Harry Lampert has drawn the most prevalent brands of soup-strain ers. When the reporters displayed the illustration while querying Drew Field's feminine population they got the following reaction: Mrs. Scott, secretary to Base Commander, with a hearty l a ugh: ''They all look so cute, but I like the one on the far right-it l ool l' So l e s must.ach e." Mrs. Linn, bookkeeper, sub-(iepot: "The one on the far right loo ks like my husband 's, Tech Sgt. Linn of the 3 14th. He shaved his off one morning and I didn't speak to him for two weeks. adopt the "who's afraid of the big, bad wolf" attitude in brush!'ls with members of the Military Police, we quote two paragraphs from Bul letin No. 195, Hq. Army Air Base, Drew Field: "1. Military Police have unlimit ed police jurisdiction over all per sons subject to military law, not only at posts, camps, and stations, but also when outside those limits. A military policeman on duty is en titled to the respect of all persons subjeCt to military law. "2. Resistance to the orders of a military policeman by any officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, or enlisted man is a serious military offense which may be pun ishable by general court-martial." Further quoting: "All instruc tions which may from time to time be given by the Military Police will be obeyed promptly and courteous ly. YANK, t he Army newspaper published for soldiers overseas, will also be available to military personnel at Drew Field, and throughout the United States. Copies of this popular publication are available for Drew Field sol diers at Post Exchanges on the Field. The publication was original ly limited to overseas distribution. Designed for and written by en listed men for enlisted men, Yank is to be sold only to military per sonnel through Army exchanges or through direct by mail subscrip tions. Soldiers desiring to receive Yank direct by mail may mail their sub scriptions to "YANK, The Army newspaper, 205 E. 42nd St., New York City". The price for a six months subscription is 75 cents. In mailin g subscription in, particular atttention should be given to cor rect spelling of name and address. DREW FIELD'S LOW DEATH RATE EXCITES FAVORABLE COMMENT America's army is the healthiest in existence. Keeping step with CHQ authorities, Drew Field authorities are stressing the prevention of sickness among soldier personnel in a1;1 effort to maintain the high health standards. That these efforts bear fruit is evidenced by the fac t that the mortality rate for the first six months of 1942 at Drew Field i s one of the lo west in the ei ght states embraced in the Fourth Serv ic e Command. The number of men stationed at Drew Field during the first h alf of 1942 is, of course, a military secret, though it may safely be sa id that the nulfber runs into the thousands. During that period, only s ix deaths have occurred among Drew Field personnel, according to figures release d by the Base Surgeon's offi ce Tuesday. Those deaths are attribute d to the fol lowin g causes: Two died in airplane crashes, two 'from strangula tion (self inflicted ), one from drowning ( accidental), and one from causes undetermined. Compa red to the r a t e of deaths among civilians, Drew Friday, Augu s t 7, 1942 I Veteran of Major Battles Stars In Drew Bull Session Near the end of any month at Dre w Field, you'll find most of the soldiers sticking close to home in the evenings. And that is when Private George Henwood .Plays a starring role in all Army bull sessions. You see, it is "just before pay da y" and the boys are broke. I With the entertaainment for the 1 evening consisting of a little vol1 leyball and a good gabfest, old "Pops" Henwood is sought after for his tales of the battle of the Marne, Chateau Thierry and of the Belleau Woods. You can hardly name a major battle in World War I that Amer ican soldiers participated in, but what Henwood can give a first hand acc ount. The 42-year-old veteran has three wound s tripes, the Croix de Guerre, and a campaign ribbon with f ive silver stars to his credit. Hailing from New York City, Private Henwood enlisted in the U. Si Army before this country entered World War I which put him in the first shipment over seas. He served in the First Division and saw 27 months of service landing in Europe June 26 1917. After the Armistice was signed "Pops" remained overseas as sergeant in the army of occu pation Finally h e was shipped back to the Unite d States as a casualty and honorably dis charged Most regrettable part of World War I for the old war do g was the Battle of Verdun-"Dawgonnit," h e mus es, "I missed that one, they h a d m e in the hos pital." Private Henwood doesn't have much hope that they'll send him overseas. But h e figures he'll ge t another crack at the e nemy by handin g down to younger men the Al ice Phillips Capt. Hogan's Secy. : "I like the long h a ndle bar type with the ends waxed and turned up-they're so funny (CoJ.inue d 011 Page 8) Field's mortality rate i s exceedingly low. _____________________ __:.. ______ _,_ benefit of hi s ex p e rience.


Pag e 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Frida y 'Aug u s t 7, 19< 1 2 The Drew Field Echoes A 553rd A.W.Bn. 2nd Rept. PENKNIFE, A C A M E R A R 0 0 M use by service of the Tampa N 0 W A y A I LAB L E -:ar::e=a=w=it=h=ou=t=c=o=st=. ========' GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers 111:'> FLORIDA A VENCE Tnmpa, Florida 1'. 0. Box :'>22 Phone 217 1 All advertl8ementN contained In thl8 newHpaper nre niHo contained ln the MacDIH Field Fly f,eaf. joJnt circulation: 8,000 cople... ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newsp a p e r publish e d e x clusively for the p enwnne l of Dre w Field and devote d to military interests and the Unite d Nations Victory. Opinions expressed in this n ewsp a p e r are those o f the individual writers and unde r no circums t a n ces a r e the y t o be considered those o! the United States Army. Advertisem ents in this publication d o not constitute an endorsement by the W a r D epartment or its personnel of the products advertised. MEMBER FLORIDA PRESS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION 1942 COMMUNICATION COMPANY COMMUNIQUES, 503rd Sig. A. W. Regt. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-::-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-::-: By S/Sgt. ERIC J. GAICH A peculiar thing happened on Sunday when a handsonmely inscribed envelope was given to me at mail call. It was postmarked Tampa, but the return address was Richmond Hill, N Y ; and the name of the addresser was not at aU familiar. In t h e envelope I found a poem but no word of explanation and I would be glad if someone can solve the mystery for me.-A small reward is offered. Here is the poem: Remember Pearl Harbor Colin Kelly was his name, Overnight he gained undying .fame. He came from Florida Down the southern way, And died a hero for the U S.A. Squads Riot By S/Sgt. F. P. O 'MALLEY CAKE OF SOAP, THEN A CARVING Many soldiers continue to pursue their civilian occupations or avo cations during their s p are time while in the Army. Take for inSo everybody went on a furlough stance Pvt. Sidney Salkovitz, aged last week-well, mostly everybody, 22 of Pittsburgh, Pa., now stationincluding 1st Sgt. Weinstein, and ed at Field. He is a soap sculptor and, d espite his lack of The Navy Mother' s Club 3051/z Water Street, announces installation of a camera room, with developing and enlarging equipment. Equipment is furnished b y t h e Tampa WP A and is available for 1t PALMA CEIA a THEATRE ,JUcUILL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS Open 3 P. Itl. Dolly corned them and all that sort of proper equipment, he is now startstuff. The best story was the 1st ing to carve another model out of Sii;.'s, naturally. He meant to pop soap, using only a penknife and or-the question to a little gal from dinary soap. Program Week of August 9th Brooklyn, -but his. sister upon his Sun-!Uon-Tues-Aug. U-10-11 Since his induction into the Army .Jnme Stewart, Hedy Lultlnrr arrival showed him a picture of In "COitiE LIVE WI'l'H IUE" said little girl in a N Y paper. in April, 1942, Salkovitz has added Also "WASHINGTON MELO-She had married a soldier from steadily to his g r owing collection Camp Croft. The biggest jolt was of soap sculpture completed while WED-'l'HUR-AUG. 12-13 Robert Young nntl Ruth Hussey the fact that "he was just a blank-in the Army. 1 In "ltiARRIED UACHELOR" ety-blank corporal, too AIKo "'l'he Long Voyage Home" Pvt. Salkovitz's talent is natural, with John Wnyne, Thomns We were all impressed by the in-for he has never received any for. Itlitehell &>medy crease in reading matter in the 1 H d h FUI.-SAT.-AUG. 14-H> rna tra1n1ng. e acqUire t e !tine Robson, 'Vnlter llrennnn In mails for Sgt. Ray Mayers the last knack of soap sculpturing in his "Adventures of 'l'orn Snwyer" few weeks, so we asked him about Ab10 "Power Dhe" with Ulchnrl it. His answer, and an explosive home town and reached h1s peak A rlen, Roger Pryor in 1937 when he won prizes in the SOLDIERS l 7 one at that, went like. this: ."Some National Scholastic contest the C red-headed sergeant 1 s gomg to d th f h d Ivory Soap contest, and the Pittswm up m. e pen 1 e oesn t burgh Hobby contest. For three lay off sendmg my name to maga-th f th h k 1 mon s o e same year IS wor zmes, book-of-the-month clubs, and h'b't' th c was on ex 1 1 wn m e arnegie everythmg hke that for subscnp-M P 'tt b h p tions. He's been getting the ex-1 t 1 s '1 da. IS es wor s me u e a cancapensive subscnptwns too, and each t f b b h d t f copy is mailed back with a very ure o a ar er s op rna e ou o I d l tt t 11. th bl' h .ceramics, and one of a WPA work-lar e er e mg e pu IS ers 1 th t h t f t' 1 ler eamng on h1s shovel. Salkov1tz a e s a v1c 1m o a prac 1ca 1008 FRANRLIN ST. WEEK STARTING AUGUST 8th k s d h d d t dabbles m c e ramics, soap and wood JO e arne re -ea e sergean I l t M b carvmg. He also fashwns pottery, DODGE CITY" OF THE NORTH! a so go ayers name on a su t' t s t K h d h and pamts-m o1l-reproductwns wn o g a1s an w en, of his carvings. Ka1sh thanked Mayers, the whole 1------------mess was messier. So now they're both out to get even with the red-! headed sergeant, and they're thinking of ordering something in his name like a tank, or Mack truck, or the latest model P-40 Hard-luck story of the week concerns one Corporal Grim who went to town on pass the other night, BLIZABETfl EARL VICfOR lORY JAMES STEPHENSOI'f D lmlll., RAY ENRIGHT A WA.RNI!R BROS. fit"'I ...... He fought for a cause sort of overstayed the curfew, and Soldiers Get Your Tickets At Canteen That' s just and right, slept someplace in town. On his With a heart of oak-way back to camp early the next I He flew that night, A. M., he thumbed a riq!:). The car I That we might live stopped, and who was it but the In God's bright light. C. 0 Was the corporal embar-He gave his life-'rassed? Let's take up the fight. But life still goes on around here -Edward J McCAFFREY -Pvt. Fasana still wants his furAIR-CONDITIONED '711 FR.t.NKLIN (TAMPA PHONE Mll71 AIR-CONDITIONED 712 FRANKLIN iFLORIDAi PHONE :3290 Sl!NDA!Y AND JUONDAY "Flight Lieutenant" PA'I' O'UIUEN--GLENN FORD ----HIT NO.2:----"Sweetheart of the Fleet" JINH: FALH:ENBERG JOAN DAVIS ------TAMPA AND ZACK !VICTORY I PHONE 3003 AND SUNDAY "True to the Army" JCDY CANOVA ----HIT NO. 2---"Charter Pilot" LLOYD NOLAN LYNN BAUI Buy Bonds In the field of sports we find Iough, Finley keeps getting things that our baseball scheduie was dis-medically w r o n g Strollo and rupted, probably permanently, and Wright want to be combat crew we 're sorry, for our team showed men, Sgt. Marks stalls his CRED great possibilities. The ping-pong !TORS, and I'm tired. Goodl;>ye til' OPEN EVERY EVENING tqurnament ran into difficulties, next week. and at present we are in the play offs, with Sgt. Moses and Sgt. Guth tied. The horseshoe tournament t : proved plenty exciting and when : the dust of ba. ttle settled, we found : : that there were three men left to t ; fight to a finish; they are Pvts. : Wintgen and Dodd and 1st Sgt. :;: FOR RENT 2910 AQIDLLA 2 Bed Room-s, Sleeping Porch, Tile Bath, $55.00 833 SO. DAKOTA 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths $60.00 The Jewel Box 911 Tampa St. NIGHT CLUB Special Invitation to Service Men Guthrie. If there aren't too many y y other interruptions, we s h o u l d : wind up our sports season in a day :i: or two. We hope 'i:hen to start an: : 4510 SWAN 4 Bed Rooms, 2 Tile Baths $60.00. I WARREN .HENDERSON CO; l (lnCO!'})Orated) NO MINIMUM Chag e s or Cover Charge at Any Time l ALL DRINKS At Popular Prices-Mixe d by Tampa's Mixologi sts other bigger and better one. ::: Because of organizational changes .:. 112 E. Lafayette M-8311 this may be the last of communi-1jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ques for awhile a n d I'd like to point out a little plan f or From all present indicatwns this war is not going to be at all and p erhaps we d better start thmking on longer terms. How wo':ld you, in 1o years, like to receive $25. 00 each month to add to your income at that time? You then the answer is simple. Just m v est $18 75 each month from n?w on in War Bonds. You won't mi. ss the dough now and it sure will come in handy later. Have you heard the story ab?ut the two nuts who were standmg at the gate to the County Asylum when a wagon loaded with manure passed slowly by ? Well Nut No 1 asked the dnver whe;e he wa s go i n g with the manure and the driver answered that h e w as taking i t do w n the road a stretch to p u t on s o m e straw-b h erPupon Nut No. 1 ernes. vv turned to Nut No 2 and said, See, I t h e y think w e 're craz y; we put I cream and sugar on ours. Better Fitting Military Clothes and accessories FORM-FITTING SHIRTS IN ALL WEIGHTS C i\P, S CHINO KHAIU HIGH-RISE TROUSERS WEB BELTS ALL TYPES OF CHEVRONS, 11\'SIGNA AND PATCHES F or Office r s and Enliste d Men OPEN T UESDA Y AND T H U R SDA Y N I GHTS .. ETE i\UI .. ITARY O U T F I T TERS r_', 3 I I 3--Shows Nightly--3 9:30 11:30 1:30 Featuring AUB HORTON And His 7 -Piece All Girl Orchestra JACKIE WHITE and His Darlings FREDRICA and ANN At The Twin Baby Grands AURY RAYMOND Golden Voiced Tenor SHIRLEY ANN And Her Magic Trumpet DON AND MARION, Sophisticates of the Dance DANNY BROWN YOUR MASTER OF CEREMONIES


Frida y, -\u g u s t 7, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 564th PLOTT. CO. 50lst SAWR DOTS AND DASHES Plant Field Reports By PFC. HARRY J. ZIGUN By PFC. R. J. KEHOE. NEWS HERE AND THERE-The 553rd Medics were finally .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-::-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. We were walking down the com The Regiment welcomes the fol challenged to a softball game by f ANY By Cyl. S.C. KATZENELL p a ny s street and we heard some the 2nd Reporting Co. of the 553rd. ;:; FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS COMP lowing newly assigned officers: : Th Fri ill s one call out: "Corporal Katzenell!" The 2nd Reporting Co. team was e en Y tore We looked around and there was Lieut. Waldemar H. Holdorf, coached by Capt. Bond who thought :i: Complete Line Of Fishing Tackle And Captain Reuben Caudle about a Fred J Hill, John F. Hill and Carl so much of his team he ventured :i: Sporting Goods ::: half block away We doubled time 0. Keagy. a small side bet with Capt. Lang :!: 711 Tampa Street Phone M-6770 dOwn the street until we reached It is with great pride that we sam, C .O. of the Medics. Well there .. ... :-:-:-:-:..;-:-:-:-:-:-:4 the Captain s location. When we announce that T / Sgt. Walte:r Lantz is no use telling you the outcome halted, the captain spoke: has been chosen to attend air force The score incidentally was 15 to 1. i ':' "You know I m being transferred administration OCS Walter will be A certain 1st Lt. of the 1st Report:.!::.. ANHATTAN CAFE to Fort Eustis, Va., Coast Artil leaving very soon He is the first ing Co. was the holder of the bet lery tenor of the 501st Quartet and will and after the smoke of the battle : :: .. 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa We w ere dumb founded. We had be missed by Chaplain Boren and cleared way the Lt. had disap + ::; noTthheard.t d "Y I' the rest of us. Congratulations to dpearedt. Itt tokokd Capt. dLangtsam 31 :i: GOOD :i: e cap am cantmue : es, m you Walter. Know that we wish ays o rae own an ge even : .:. going back to first love, the you the best of luck! 1 his own money back. :i: Try our Sunday Roast Tmkey Dinne r with aJJ :i: artillery. You know I served in Sgt. Joseph A Mendenhall of the Highlights of the above game :i: Trimmings or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three :i: the Artillery before. Before I leave 3rd. Reporting is also leaving for were "Slingshot Bator's" superb ::: Veg etables, Dessert and Drink 50C .:. the sunny sliores of Florida I would air force administration OCS and 1 pitching and Peters' circuit smash. + Served Friday 11 A. M. to 9 P. M .... .. ..... -. :i: like to thank every soldier in the T / Sgt. Edward P Kelly has been Monday afternoon saw this same ;;; OPEN DAY AND NITE + /lotting Company for their fine CO chosen to attend the Quartermaster Detachment deal out a crushing de :!: WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS :!: u OCS. Congratulations and best of ea o e r e 1cs In o ey .................................................................................................... ...............................

Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES Frida.y, August 7, 1942 DRW FID I I :-""'"S" .. TS __ ___. FK(, "R Protestant. N F 0 I CHURCH CALL -309th SERVICE Group t;:,",ff f\ ::::&.. 11 A. M Sunday services, HQ & HQ SQUADRON 327 Service Squadron By PVT. BOB KANE. By CPL. ANDREW PATERSON As though Corporal Harvey By PVC. T. G. MEO Frost's departure hadn't disturbed Our two defeats last week in Last week Pvt. Haber and the radio setup enough, Corporal By CPL. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI. the soft-ball league were certainS / Sgt. Bryce were invited out for shining star of the Friday mght show, ups and leaves ly bitter pills to swallow The a chicken dinner. The ch1cken h" f 1 gh on Is ur ou 327th e k e d out a tight 6-5 dewas fried southern style It was To anyone who thinks the BAND NOTES sound a blue walloped us to the tune of 11-7. so good they had to stop Pvte I radio department of Public Renate this week--CAPTAIN H. G. Then to add insult to injury the Haber from eating the plate. Who lations is deteriorating, Jack TURNER' JR., has been relieved d do you have to know to get such I Hartman offers the following: 327th eeked out a tight 6-5 e-. of his attachment to the Band, and an invitation? play the organ on the mormng cision thus toppling us from a Who could be the little red head "Fella hs I shall continue to We Shall m iss him and the comf. t 1 t w 1 "th the Base rrs P ace Ie that is making S / Sgt. Bryce walk program." Is that for better or pany of the Hq. & Hq. Squadron, Medics. The fact that on the fol-around as if he is walking on for worse, Corporal? and the Personnel Division of the lowing Sunday we engaged both air? You'd better watch out, Slated to come up soon on the 309th Service Group. Although the victors in a double header, Sgt., as someone might get in morning program is an inter our official status has been alter-handed them a sound trouncing, touch with Josephine about your I view with a typical private. If ed, it will take more than a SPEdid not alleviate the fact that doings. Oh, you Casanova! any qf you can suggest a good CIAL ORDER to dislodge the both previous defeats held us Now that Drew Field has gone "Private John Jones," please do aspects of our pleasant from topping the league. The listHollywood, most of the boys are so High time we glorified the association. We shall be dropping ings as the first half ends show doubling up on their toilet Buck Private-backbone of Uncle in on you occasionally, Sgt Mil-the Medics leading with five wins articles (hair tonic) Who knows Sam's war effort. ler. Don't bother to lock up or run and one defeat, while we trail a there may be a Barrymore or a Hey, all" you listeners! Only for cover when you see us (we close second with four wins and Taylor in our midst. We wonder three more years before the Drew won't be trying to borrow or steal two defeats. if Pfc. McGuire and Pfc. Robbins Field band will make its debut on something.) It will be a friendly We wish at this time to offer have shown their picture to Di-1 Drew Field Presents. sort of visit; we may have to stop a vote of thanks to Capt Turner rector Hawks Perhaps this article Jess Zimmerman of the public in regularly for awhile to make and Lt. Rice for their efforts in will lead both to stardom. relations department is strutting sure that Cpl. Andy Paterson gets having the Group Diamond lev-If any of you lonely recruits around proudly these days his weekly eopy in to Pfc. Jess elled off. Now that the Group are having any girl trouble lateclaims he is a "two-striper," one Zimmerman on time. has a real field, we won't have ly, get in touch with Pfc. Steele on each arm. The Band's new headquarters to worry if suddenly one of the Last week he received a picture When Bud Estes was inter-are in Barracks T-272, and Mr. players connects with a long of four beautiful Penna. belles viewed by yours truly this week Baker, our new warrant officer drive about seeing one of the Among them was his sweetheart he was slightly jittery. Then we (remember Sgt. Baker who came fi elders dis appear into a fox hole Mary. How about your girl friend played one of his compositions--_ here to start the Drew Field Band or one of the many trenches that giving us an introduction to "Reflections." He settled right when it was activated, and then heretofore adorned the field. Thorma, Roy? With her beauty down in the cockpit with that. went away to the Army Music Our congenial assistant post she would make Venus hang her After the broadcast he modestly School at Fort Myer, Va.-yep, master, Pfc. O'Donnell, is look-head in shame. queried, "Can we have the man be's the same one), is the boss-ing forward to the BIG DAY, Sept. Just to show you how much/ play that again?" man. Welcpme home, Mr. Baker. 14 O Donnell's every thought news you miss from the outside I TAG Echoes Now if only those G. L instru-these days is of that furlough world when you are in the Army, ments would get here (QUARTER-and his wedding. We have seen last week Pfc. Steele went to a MASTER, PLEASE NOTE!) some photographs of the future gasoline station and asked for 5 there I ge again wishful Mrs: O'Donnell and must say, gallons of gas. When the proprie: thinking. John, we certainly admire your tor of the station asked for the 2nd REPORTING COMPANY 56 4th "BLITZ" Chapels 1 and 2. 11 A. M., sunday services, Plant Field chapel. Vesper services, 7:30 Sunday evening, Chapel No. 1. Thursday e v e n i n g Prayer Meeting, 7:30 P. M Chapel No. 1. Roman Catholic. 6:15 A M. Mass, Chapel 1. 9:00 A. M. Mass Chapels 1 anq 2. Jewish. 11:00 A M., Theatre Bldg. near Chapel 1. Two new chaplains have ar rived at Drew Field. Chaplain Whitmore K Bcl!Tdsley has ben assigned to the 564th Sig A.W. Bn., and Chaplain Rudolph C. Tatsch has been assigned to tho 556th Sig. A.W. Bn. Drew Divides Two With Orlando Drew Interceptors and the Orlan do Fliers split a two game series over the week-end, with the Inter ceptors winning the Saturday con test, 4-2, and dropping the Sunday tilt, 8-1. The two teams broke even the week before in Orlando in a two-game series. The win Saturday was No. 30 for the Drew nine and; with the defeat on Sunday, gave them a 30-15 rec ord for the season Drew has won 20 out of their last 25 games ed. Peyton Epps repeated h i s per formance of the week before in handing the visitors a 4-2 licking. He gave up 10 scattered hits while his mates were collecting the same number off his mound opponent, Charlie Rushe. Oh, well, a fellow can't have taste. Lots of luck. noney, Pfc. Steele calmly handeverything-look at poor Pgc With all our best wishes we ed him a gas coupon, thinking Austin Plante. Just as he was sped another member of the or-it was money. Being financially about to embark on a movie career ganization on to OC's. Cpl. Thais embarrassed, the car had to be with the Warner Brothers crew left J.lS yesterday for Engineer's parked a:t the station until the now basking in our Floridan sunOC's and a happier soldier you bill was paid (he can thank Sgt. Bekeza, Klimczak and Grabosky By S/SGT. THOS. A. the stick parade with two hits With Warner Bros. mvadmg apiece. shine, an infected wisdom tooth never saw. We will miss Thais, a Baxter for coming to his aid.) laid him low. Pvts. Estes, Schiagood soldier and friend possess-The flying start of the Hq. & vone, Woodke, Kowalski and Har-ing all the requirements for exHq. Sqdn team was slowed down wick will have to carry on for the cellent officer caliber. to a walk when the 327th came glory of the Air Force Band. The through in fine style, defeating boys got a lecture on "Going HolS b D t S b them by a score of 6 to 4. This lywood" before they were detailed u epo u s was an easy victory for our team to the movie set--so we should not TillS IS WAR; Rules and Regulaas we hit Iron Man Miller for have to worry about "temperations that should be disregarded: four runs in the first inning, ments" when they CQmplete their Always leave at least a week's and two runs in the third. This thespian chores. unfinished work when promoted to enabled Dombroski to ease up on While the rest of us are wait-another job, the n gripe because his pitching and he glided home ing for a fleeting glimpse of someone else was kind enough to to a sweet victory over his op "guys we used to know when" help the new man get caught up. ponent. Next time we would like (stealing scenes from John GarDesks should always be completea little better opposition field, Harry Carey, and the rest ly littered. Who was this fellow called of the Warner cohorts--maybe? ), Crowd your unifso satisfactorily "Rockefeller" that gives away Pfc. Russ Hoier is working on his that no one can work in comfort. his dimes so freely? Perhaps he contribution to the World of ArtSit with folded hands, an expreswould like to meet up with Pvt. it be a musical arrangement sion of "I dood it" on your face Haber who last week paid $20 .25 in which one of the instrumental-when you are finished with your for a shoe shine For your informa ists will get a cha1..ce to exercise, particular job-n e v e r help the tion Haber, shoe shine kits cost not his instrumental or his vocal other fellow. but 45 cents at the P.X. talents, but his adeptness at presUse the phone for personal calls, tidigitation (okay-I'm told it never think of business. It can you scare them sufficiently, they means "magic.") If you know a wait. will be slow to catch on. musician who can double as a B 0 r row all the other fellow's If you are "Boss," clear Your magician, or as a pitcher for our pens, pencils stapler and tack your throat loudly-ala Hoople-shout prospective ball team,OR A own name to them, then defy them people's names and rap on the desk SOLDIER WHO DOUBLES AS A to get back the articles. with a ruler when they are slow MUSICIAN-send him aroun o d t Always growl frow ningly when about jumping thru the desired Mr. Baker, or to Sgt Eaton. asked to train a new employe. If hoop. Drew Field, it seems that most Sgt. Fred Swindells was of the men are trying to crash out of the box on Sunday m try Hollywood via the Army. ing for his 15th win _of the S/Sgt. Bill Carter, better known son. _came to h1s rescue m as "Pop," is knocking 'em dead t?e fifth two and re before the cameras. He's been tired the VlSltors, how. 11 art In the picture ever, contmued the1r attack on the given a sma P th th "th t and has become quite chummy rehef hurler m e SlX Wl wo h hits for two runs. with Harry Carey, one of t e Drew scored their only tally in stars of "Air Force. Pop is seri-the first inning on a hard smash ously deciding to enter the movie to the infield by Klimczak to score business after this present mess Grabosky from third after the lat is over. "Pop, let's make good ter had singled, stole second and now and think about Hollywood moved to third on an infield out. later 'cause Tissie wouldn t Bekeza of the Interceptors led like that. his mates with the willow in bangSpeaking of movie stars, Sgt. ing out two hits. Hanlin and this correspondent -------------have a standing invitation to visit win was an 8-1 win over the 501 s t Harry Carey at his ranch in CaliRgt. of Plant Field this past Sun fornia day. Yours truly, with the fine Lt. Crumplar was added to support of the team, pitched a Battalion Headquarters as an as3-hit win and struck out 12 bat sistant Personnel Adjutant. Lt. Nelson is now making things hum at the motor pool. Lts Whicker and Mitchell were assigned to our new barracks. Lt. Battin has taken over the duties as C.O. of this company ters over a 7 inning route ... Incidentally, Mi.1rphy is still try, ing to get a day off Could that be arranged or must that go...., thru channels ? Get on beam, Murph Sgt. Hallet knows a great The 564th Battalion baseball about electricity, but by this time team, after losing the first _4 1 1 he s_hould know that the galloping games, have notched 6 of their donunoe s are not e l e c t ricall y con last 7 games. Their most recent trolled


FridH_v, Augmt 'i' 1942 Good Pl. "lures On I the same Aussie ... Sgt. "Paddy" "' Malone swingilllg his commandos into action on that ditch Pvt M 0 v i e Program Jack Kamen viciously wielding the shovel in the same "attack."-The The following pktures will play at the Drew Fiela Theatre on the dates indicated. Saturday 8 .-"MOONTIDE" with Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Claude Rains. Sagebrush and Silver. Funny Bunny Business. picturesque "Kiss the Boys Good bye speech of Alabama Sgt. Mac Maguir. -The aristocratic non chalance our esteemed colleague, Mager Caldwell displays while being toted around inthat Cadillac I by his "Grandmaw." I Sunday and Monday, 9-10-"THE MAGNIFICENT DOPE" with Henry Fonda and Lynn Bari. Pop ular Science No. 2. News of the Day P############################## l Tuesday 11. "BROADWAY" with George Raft, Pat O'Brien and Brodrick Crawford. What About Daddy. The Bowling Alley Cat. Wednesday and Thursday, 12-13. -"TORTILLA FLAT" with Spen cer Tracy, Hedy LaMarr and John Garfield. News of the Day Friday 14.-"TEN GENTLEMEN FROM WEST POINT" with George Montgomery, Maureen O'Sullivan Beauty and The Beach. There will be a Matinee on Sun day afternoons at 2:00 P. M. 3rd Fighter Command Signal Hq. and Hq. Company By PVT. LARRY RALSTON Here's a good one for your fun nybone Last week, just before 1 payday, Pvt. Swartz took about three of his buddies to the show That's very thoughtful, eh, fel lows? P. S.-He tried to hire an airplane, so they could get to the Victory Theater before prices went up to 15c at 6:00 P. M. What's this we hear about Cpl. Kirk's buying an interest in "Frank's Place" in Sulphur Springs? Since when does the Jackson The battling Base Medicos trav-Heights bus run to Drew Field? eled to the 327th Service SquadPvts. Pittman and Polk can tell ron ba!l yard Tuesday evening you all about it, men. and came back with their fifth It has come to our attention consecutive win, 8:4. The. washhow hard Pvt. Nelson ;has been working to keep the dayroom board diamond proved no obstacle looking spic and span. We want to to the victors. A good deal ?f the. thank him for his fine coopera credit should go to. Sgt. Harry tion and swell attitude. Walters, able bench jockey and nARDERS UTILITIES Durocher-like .. manager, who has instilled a fighting spirit into the lads which makes them unbeat able. No slouch as a hurler him self, the Sergeant fills in when the circumstances demand. Two of the most deserving rat ings of the detachment were given out this week. Pfc. Max Weis, hard working optometrist, now wears another stripe. The felicita tions of the entire detachment on this one. Pvt. Clayton "Lightning" Coulson, nonpareil messenger of the outfit, is now Pfc. For the m(l.thematically m i n de d boys, here's the statistics. "Lightning" walks an average of ten miles per day or seventy miles per week. Fiftytwo weeks in the year minus twenty days allowed for furlough totals up to 3,440 miles Or a nice stroll from New York to Los Angeles. Pictures we'd like to paint: Sgt. Charlie Senecal walking around, whistling "Alice in Wonderland" Pvt. Arnold Pielucci, the Brooklyn cowboy, gaffing with that Australian private in the Terrace. The indomitable spirit of ... :. : i .. : For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE Sulphur Springs Hotel and Cafe Special Attention to all Servicemen Arcade Building GARDEN HOTEL 1014% Franklin St. Entrance to Havana Cafe WE CATER TO Their Families and Friends SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR OAFE 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 :i: Beer -Wines Hostesses Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V :F.W. .. .:. and American Legion SERVICES DRUGS SUNDRIES .. For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Street No. St. Pet.ersbm:g, Fla. Bryans Laundry and Cleaners Quick Dependable Service Call8953 716 21st St. No. OLDEST AND JJARGEST DRY CLEANERS IN o'3T. PETE 24 Hour Service PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. Phone 4372 Phone 4556 RITCH & WENDELL Dry Cleansers 425 Ninth ,gtteet No. St. Petersburg, "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled" Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. P etersbmg Service Men's Uniforms That \Vill Pass Inspection Cleaned and Pressed 50c FLORA-DON CLEANER.<; AND DYERS Phone 4727 1239 Central Av. DREW FIELD ECHOES I The friendly beaches at St. Petersburg, Pass-AGrille, St. Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, Mad eira Beach and R edington Beaoh offer the utmost in recreation to be found on th. e West Coast of Florida. The clear sparkling waters of the Bay and the Gulf provide unlimited bathing. Boats, both large and small, are always available for pleasure trips. From fishing piers and from fishing boats, the followers of Isaac Walton can enjoy their sport. The many miles of Sandy Beaches offer freedom from the cities' heat and permit privacy for groups both I arg.e and small. The fine hotels, cabins and apartments offer the best of services at reasonable cost. The cafes and restaurants are known for fine foods. The nite clubs offer unlimited entertainment. The progressive merchants of the !i.rea are wellknown for their fine merchandise and services. Collectively, these many attractions m;tke St. Peters burg and the Gulf Beaches a most ideal place in which to enjoy life in a care-free way EASILY REACHED WITHIN LESS THAN AN HOUR BY CAR OR BUS FROM TAMPA Service for Men of the Service .. Open Evenings The "LOGJ CAL" Place to Buy Military & Naval Needs for OFFICERS and ENLISTED MEN Army Navy m NGst. Petersburg JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds and Silverware GIFTS OF ALL KINDS At Prices That Cannot Be Duplicated EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Over so years in. St. Petersburg Owen-Cotter Jewelry Co. 278 Qentral Avenue Tel. 60514 SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. Mostellar' s Sundries 'ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINJ{S 201 9th St. So. Opp. ,geaboard Station Submarine Gift Shop Gifts for Fathers, 1\lothers nnd Sweethearts J,lve Alligators and Turtle" "1,000 UNUSUAl, GIFTS FROM FLORIDA" 2U:-t Central AYe. Colonial Doll Shop 115 St. So., Opp. Webbs FLORIDA SOUVENIRS UNUSUAL GIFTS For Wife and Sweethemt GARAGES SERVICE STATIONS SERVICES CLEANERS LAUNDHIES PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SEHVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, Owner 450 4th St. So. Phone 9518 HOTELS CABINS LODGINGS RO.OMS APARTMENTS '###########.######o######C#####4 Gilbert System Hotel Bet(>-C. Mitchell, Mgr. 746 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Phone 7864 "Your Home Away from Home" You Are Always Welcome A phone In Every Room Hot and Cold Water All Times Northmoor Apts. Stop In clo8e to headquarters for the duration. Cool, clenn efficIency AJ)ts., or Rooms nnd Both Uy the ""eek, Month, Season or Yearly 111 6th Ave. No. Phone 70-781 GORDON HOTEL Phone 6507 TRANSIENTS WELCOitiE RoomH with Dnths and Showers Large Vcrnndn and J,obby THE PERRY 125 8th Ave. Nmth ROOMS, AJ;>TS. & COTTAGES CLUUS JJAUS ENTERTAINMENT THEATRES ltESORTS At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor .228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone At St. P .. iersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4842 FREE DELIVERY Imported Wines And Liquors GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. ,gpecializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, SANDWICHES Paramount Bowling Alleys You are Invited to viHit our Reasonable Rates, by Week, modern and up to date nlley" 1\fonth or Year I 860 4th Ave. s. Phone 7:>1t8 ADULTS ONLY NO CLUBS BARS While nt St. I'ete ENTERTAINMENT VIsit THEATRES RESORTS New Paramount Soda Grille 1131 4th Street North AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS DELICIOUS FOODS SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN DRINKS Music and Dancing "All At Popular P11ces" Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 20th Century Alleys Wonder Bar Headquarters for Service Men BEER, LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 I RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, SMOKES 848 4th St. So. Bunny's Bar and Grill 1007 9th Street So. Beer, Wines and Sandwiches NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese aud American Meals 2102 4th 9treet North WINE AND BEER


Page 6 553rd Sig. Bn. Head Hq. Co. Cutters By Sgt. WILLIAM H. WALKER It was much to the regret of the men in the company that our Com manding Officer, Lt. D o y I e H. Waldrop, was reassigned to another unit. On this new mission Lt. Wal drop takes with h i m t h e good wishes of the entire company who knew him to be a "regular fellow and "one of the boys." We welcome back to our organ ization Lt. Levi S. Haugland as our Commanding Officer, and an officer who needs no introduction to the company. Lt. Haugland command ed the company several months ago but left us for another assignment. We're glad to have you back with us, Sir. Our genial Topkick, 1st Sgt John G. Mahan, followed the popular trend of Drew Field soldiers last week and center-aisled it in Clear water. Threatening to be a close second to the Topkick is that Nash ville Paper Weight Champ, Cpl. Ben Johnson, who says he rates aces with a certain Grecian goddess down Tarpon Springs way, despite anything his namesake in the. 1st Reporting Co. of t h e Bn. ml?ht claim. Is everybody in Nashville named Johnson and are they all the dashing Lotharios that these two are? With the advent of the Warner Bros. delegation to Drew Field, the spirits of the Battalion Postmaster, Pvt. Harry (Jerry Colona) John son rose to new and highe' r levels, especially when he found a few of his former Hollywood pals in the group. Colona says it was like a letter from home seeing some _of the old gang. If we could only get Johnson a mailman's hat an d a snood for his mustache to wear during business hours we are sure he'd be very contented. And speak :ing of mustaches, the newly ap :pointed Tech 4th Grade Moon_ Mul lins whacked his off. We thmk a recent letter from his father ex ; pressing his ideas on the_ subject 'had something to do w1th It. Moon is just back from a furlough spent in his home town, that thriving, bustling metropolis of Bellbuckle, Tenn. However, he still persists in switching now and then from that booming you-all drawl to a bit of Oxford English that he picked up from seeing too many British ci nemas. The Head-Cuters Co. is capably represented on the Drew Ball Club by Pvt. Eddie Klimczak, the_ former Duke University star. This com pany is also supplying the No One Fan for the club. Cpl. Walter F 314th AIR BASE SQ. WASHOUTS By Pfc. TUL Y A. UNGER DREW FIELD ECHOES 685th Sig. A : W. Bept. Specials By ROBERT M. HENNING. turning to camp was one of sor row ... Tip to the suckers. See Hoosier Hot Shot Smith. Don't forget to bring the book and we don' t mean What, we wonder, is the attrac-1 Imagine our own Joseph J. Sol After a two weeks jaunt to p aces tion at the YMHA? Its popu anty kolowski's amazement M o n d a y the kind you read. 1 h b hanced si nce we cannot mention, we are back i n certam Y as een en morning at seeing his name in Friday, 7, 1942 moment, trying to the dead line as usual, we are unable to locate our poet laureate We would like to use this me dium to appeal to the boys in the company for a few suggestions and bits of gossip to help us out. After all, fellows, this column is for your enjoyment????? femmes became more active and the groove, so please forgive us print as being blown 75 feet Ie" cetkent, to "Y nothing of the d"' edito,. thmugh the ''' by a to,pedo bt.,t R lads. The King will tell you it's This week we should like to on a merchant vessel. Soko must t: .}: ( Rachael, and we 'll back it up, too St have thought himself a victim of ,.. .."' =::= d I d 't th publici. y greet Cap tam evenson, The StaiTS, an on mean e amnesia or some kind of a dual ;& ones that shine at night either, our new company commander. Wel personality. At least, he pinched ( : '/Af "NONE tJF 'lOUR til', SOLDIER" help, too ; don't they, Harry? Might 1 come to our organization, Captain. himself. I ,, even go further and say that the Best wishes for a speedy recov t Now that Tampa is having a whole Berg is Green with envy a ery tc:i Corp Robinson. Hurry up our squadron who were la?t seen and get out of there, Robbie. We chronic dim-out, some of the 685th with the contacts made by two guys miss you. playboys are wondering how. they in about a week ago dining at the This reporter being noted for his are going to visit the bright lights Tampa Terrace and at such a late very own concensus of opinions of the fair city. Try getting lit up, part of the month, too. I wouldn't back in his home town, he feels fellows. know, not much, but I understand qualified to do a bit of prognosti T /4th_ Frank offere?: they spent the entire evening at eating. (25c please.) We'll venture u_s a fbit of tcomt ptohs.II I girls will have none of your lip. make for the nearest PX and ask for Fleet's Chap Stick. Makes suncracked windroughened lips smooth againChap Stick's swell protection in kind of Station WDAE with Mrs Brown the opinion that the 685th has the I tlon or pu Icatwn, u a IS and are going to become talent only General in A W. at Drew impresarios. Gents, none other than General I S T Q R E I A welcome addition to the outfit Stinson, the pride of the Kansas BEN N E T T' S DRUG 1 will be here some time this week. plains. And that's really his name. 1004 Franklin St. Pop Farley, the Big Brother of our Aside to Les Nicolosi: "Whose COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE squad, is bringing Mrs. F a r 1 e Y daughter are you currently assodown. Now we'll have a big sister, ciating with? The rumors we LIQUOR ANNEX IN CONNECTION too-a really domestic atmosphere, hear no less. I'm waiting to meet the Pvt. Jim Locklear (of the North .i: ing her out to the field? considering taking a correspond LYKES BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY GLI!'JN EVINS, l\l,anagei' little lady, Pop. How about bring-Carolina Locklears) is seriously I Our First Sergeant, now away on ence course in the "art of being a furlough, seems to have become [playboy," currently advertised in Rumbaized. Was that to show the True Story magazine. It seems that 205 Franklin Street folks up North what we -all south a certain Blonde smiled at him in Phone Tampa, Fla. erners do away down here? And the bus station the other night. does the Madame give lessons at Privates King and Rudnicki blew -;: MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE six o'clock in the morning-at least in fresh from furlough. Why all the s ARAJOGA BAR that's what the request stated on smiles? What's the deal, boys. We the air the other day. thought the normal reaction on re Comer Fortune and Franklin The social lions of the field, the Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room Base Personnel, had another fest WELCOME SERVICEMEN -BEER WINES LIQUORS last week, this one in honor of Sgt. Orchestra Music Nightly Phone 7988 and Mrs. John Hunter. The com s Cafe and Bar paratively recent-married Mrs Hunter was properly and informal ly inducted into the army. Flash--'-Flash : The new kitchen has officially opened and I know that Tony Picconi, our Chef Par Excellence, is indeed happy, as are all the cooks and boys who work in the kitchen. With all those new utensils and equipment, they really will be able to shine now. (No pun intended). An apology for the omission of this column last week, but your re porter had to recoup from all that pre-pay day activity. I would like, in closing, t

Friday Augu s t 7, 1942 505th Rig. 1st Rept'g Company By PVT. J. D. SANDIFER-350th SERVICE SQUADRON NEWS DREW FIELD ECHOES MEET THE NEW CHAP LAIN OF THE 564tb The 564th SAW Bn. Sep now has a chaplain of its own. He is Chap lain Whitemore E. Beardsley. M / Sgt. Heino L Koskie, CanaNow that another pay day has dan-born, was promoted last week come and gone, and incidentally-from Tech. Sgt. to Master Ser most of the pay gone, we have re-1 geant, reaching the heights of an Under the blue sky and on the sun-kissed grass in the r e a r of Green Gables, Chaplain Beardsley conducted his first services for the He was warmly received signed ourselves to the inconveni, ences of another month without "a little filthy lucre". That, in case one should need reminding, can be a very unhappy state of affairs. Oh, well-Shakespeare must have had a vision of the typical American soldier when he wrote "what fools these mortals be". And speaking or" fools there are some fellows in the company who surely can't be classified in that category They asked for furloughs I and are now enjoying the un1 speakable pleasures which only the i boys on leave can know. Sgt. Russell L. Geary took off for Illinois, and we do hope he doesn't find it necessary to spend all his time nursing a yellow jaundice patient. Sgt. Tech Arthur E. Curd is giv ing the folks in the Bronx, New York, a treat. N. C called to Pvt. Franklin E. Yarborough with an irresistible urge. Pvt. Mar tin J Karbowiak got oft to an enthusiastic start to the old home town in Pennsylvania with a voci ferous "Pappy, I'm a-coming home." Having a great time in Greenville, S. C is Pvt. George W. Hightower. We hope to have that BIG story about George within the next few days. These thoughts of furloughs remind tis of the bit of deception pulled on his unsuspecting friends by Sgt. John W. "Romeo" Hayes who left innocently enough for Evansville, Ind., recently) only to write back for an extension so that he might have a few extra days for honeymooning. All the boys are waiting to wring your neck for the deception, Johnnie, but to con gratulate you and to wish you and Margaret a long life of supreme happiness. The ingratitude of some people is almost enough to floor the most hardened of us at times. Imagine S/Sgt. Andrew D'Agostino giving the mail clerk a verbal thrashing for failing to present him a letter on Monday when he had received no less than six at one call on the preceding day Everyone is permitted only one guess for ascertaining the identity of the fellow who is interested in interviewing the chaplain about a important matter. This sounds suspiciously of more wedding bells for the company, fellows. We're looking forward to seeing you groomed and brided,-and Mildred (well, boys, how is your guess?). We have a sneaking suspicion that we shan't be seeing much of T / Sgt. Charles E Boulin next week. An exciting telephone call to Irwin, Pa., brings the information that Betty is planning a trip to Florida! Cpl. George R. Hedges is back in the company after a period of schooling In order to devote more time to his social obligation, Sgt. Tech. Joseph R. Bausone has engaged the services of a private secretary to take charge of his personal cor respondence. More power to you, Joe! NICK THE TAILOR EXPERT TAILORING Clerurlng and Pressing We Alter Army Uniforms 208 Harrison St. Tampa Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh enlisted man' s dream after 21 years service in the U. S. Army. He is the chief clerk in the Tech Supply and has proven himself a c;apable departmental head. The 350th had their first big squadron party Monday last; there was plenty to eat and drink, and danceable music was furnished by enlisted men of the Air Corps. It was a huge success .and a good time was had by all. The party was at tended by Major Kaeppel, Captain Turner, Lieutenant Rice and their wives. Our Non-Coms and their wives also attended, and we found that First Sgt. Wyatt and M / Sgt. Box cannot' only move their legs in the mornings, running, but do very well on the dance floor. S/Sgt. Ackerly had a gay time, but spent the best part of the evening talk ing to his best gal the missus. Headquarters Squadron yelled crybabies last week, so 350th, the diaper ten, beat 'em bad at soft ball by the score of 11 to 6 Pvt. Edward (Lysander Boscomb) Huth has been getting packages of sweets but the boys h a v e been complaining of t h e soap taste. Chaplain Beardsley was born in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1911 and was ordained at Westhampton, Mass He attended McKendree Col lege, Lebanon, Ill., and Harfford Seminary, Hartford, Conn. He stu died at Cambridge University i n England for one year, from 1935 to 1936. He's a Protestant and was minis ter of the Westhampton Congrega tional Church from 1936 to 1942. 1 He entered the Army in June, 1942. His hobby is photography. The Chaplain is considered an excel lent amateur photographer. Chaplain Beardsley was Seems Mom got her packages mix-. ed, but Boscom has written home and the goodies will taste better next trip, fellers Sgt. Krueger and Pvt. Hudson had a gentleman's duel and donned the mittens for the hand of the beautiful Pearl and, fellers, s he must have been beautiful. Although both gladiators gave out with some fancy footwork, it was a waltz in three-quarters t i m e without the music. A number of our boys have been acting as extras in the Warner Brothers' film being made here at Drew Field, starring our young and PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40P.M. Worship 8:00 P. M. dashing Pvt. Smith who has made YOU K N 0 W THA-A-ATT a by;:. word in our squadron, also John Garfield a n d Harry Carey, a n d when the battle is over and Vic-j tory is ours, these soldiers will be making a beeline f o r Hollywood and the bright lights. T I Sgt. Mitchell has been beating his gums the past few weeks in the 350th's eng. section, but has whip ped a fine office staff into shape. Pvt. Steve Harnick can be found any nite at the U.S.O. Club in town chopping out 18-page letters to his pretty wife. That boy has ance. Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute BervJce to Botlb F1elda .At All Houra 15 Minute Service Darin&' Rash Bo11n For Further Information BUY .BONDS Call 3286 MEET YOUR FRmNDS AT GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR BASEBALL SCORES RETURNS 2222 E. BROADWAY YBOR CITY HOTL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET FRANK J HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN COLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-:-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W B SHULER, Manager 208 JACI\:SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAJ\-IPA, FLORIDA-:PHONE M5537 quite an athlete in his days, par ticipating in basketball and swim ming He flew by his britches, did promise McTate, He lost flying speed at the top of an Eight, He slipped and he fluttered, thought he'd get clear; He'd have won his commission the first of the year! SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL B 25. -564 LINCOLN BAR Catering to Colored Service Jllen "Nice Plnee for Nice People" -M ain at North Boulevard SPECIAL ATTENTION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son Meats--Produce---Groceries Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs St. Ph. M 54-572 Marion & Alma, Betty & Deedie Open evenings by appointment ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport of Tampa WINE -BEERCIGARS 400 Za.ck Phone M 62-Q72 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobaoco, Candy Notions Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. ---Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Tampa Bay Market Box Fruit Shipped Anywhere Beer, Wine, Special Sandwiches Groceries, Fruits, Magazines, Ice Cream 204 W. Lafayette .Street A. G. Cleotelis & Son -H3143 Max's Liquor Bar WlNES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 -Keep 'Em Flying-Page 7 All Servicemen Are Welcome to HUNTER'S CAFE Corne1 of Cass & Fllorida GILBERT HOTEL Phooe M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. BriJhtweU. Mgr. MAKE A RECORDING Of Yom Voice 50 To Send Home -----------C H. S. WURTELE MOTION PICTURE SERVICE 104 E. Cass Street WELCOME SOLDIERS ... MARY'S TAVERN 4511 E. 7th Avenue BEER WINES Franklin St. Restaurant HOME OF FINE FOODS At Reasonable Plices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin StJ.'eet FLOWERS ... Telegrapned Everywnere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & Floiida Ave., Tampa Telephone 3184 A HOME BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS. Phone M1861, Maas Office Bid Phone B-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central THOS. J. LOWE "Is in the OONCRETE business and K-NOWS his business" Phone H-3540 507 N. &me Tampa, Fla. United Optical Dispensary Manufacturing Opticians 205 Zack St. Discount to All In Uniform Phone M.5783


Page8 553rd 1st REPORTING CO. ON THE BALL Furolugh time is a gain here and yo.ur favorite correspondent, Cpl C. GaudieUo, is one of t,hose lucky chaps. During his absence, I shall try and throw the slingo jingo as well as he did. Have a good time, Joe, and get a good rest. Give them Bklyn shingles my best ... Corp. Spake has quit a-courtin' and is now back to flying low Look out, you Japs! ... S /Sgt. Fred Brearley is feeling low. His wife went back to deep in the heart of Texas to save the dough. W'at's cookin' Fred? ... 1st Sgt. Hardy is having a time balancing the budget after last Friday. But who i ,sn' t? Guess we will have to excuse him, eh, fellows This office hears that Gus Tal lent likes '38 Packards. What plays, Gus? What with Garfield in camp, our boys are a little disappointed that, as yet, he hasn't invited them up yet. How about that, John? P S.: You can call Tent City operator and ask for Ex. 103 Just found out we have a former jockey in our company who used to ride under the name of E Burns. He is now as Pvt. Burton. Sorry-no tips, Earl What certain Sgt. is giving Hitler competition in grow ing a mustache even though he hasn't any hear on his head? ... A litle info came to m:e from up north. A girl called Dottie gave her boy friend, Dave, the pitch. Here's a prayer that her 1 present throb 'gets drafted, 'cause 1 if what she says is true, he's a one man army ... Don't worry, all you fellows who have ration money dtle, Sgts. DREW FIELD ECHOES Should Lothario I Wear Mustachio? (Continued From Page 1) Why doesn't one of the soldiers cultivate a handlebar mustache?" Rosalie Baya, Capt. Tully' s secretary: "Get out of here!'' Mabel Chestnut, milkmaid at PX No. 1: ''I like some shapes of mustaches on some types of people,. but I don't like any of these. As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, Clark Gable is the only man I've eveF appreciated in a mustache." Jane Dunlap: ''I like them for a reason (reason unstated), but I like them sniall and thin-the Kent Taylor type, just like the one you have drawn on the far right. I don't like Hitler's at all-think I'll my own." Dorothy Ferrell, cashier, PX No. 1: "I don't like 'em at all, especially the one on the left-it looks like a soup strainer." Pointing to a nearby customer, she remarked: "His mustache re minds me of a baseball team-nine on each side." Margaret Humphrey, cigarette girl at PX: "Oooh, they scratch. That's all, brother." Rita Labbey, another PX cashier: "I don't like any mus taches, especially on otherwise handsome soldiers." (After a little arm-twisting, she admitted the Paul Whiteman type on the far right might be acceptable.) Jean Missing, new cutie at north counter, PX 1: ''The smilin' Jack type, third from right, interests me, but I (]Qn't like side burns. I've never gone with a bemustached boy, thank goodness." Mary Anderson: Fainted. To all soldiers-whether or not you consider the above re marks revealing, you've got some names. Now, see if you can get their phone numbers. getting himself a canoe so that he can go up Six Mile Creek. What's cookin', cousin? ... Coi:p. Chia fari makes a statement to the press, quote: After one week of married life, nothing could be finer, and I mean, in Tampa Hey! What's this I hear about Bird Dog having the logoda gdgo? "Mail Bag" Kociensky is still bringing the stuff to the First Rept. Co. Incidentally, have any of you seen his future? Hummmm! HUMMMMM! UNION BAKERY "REAL CUBAN BREAD OUH SPEClALTY'' 1506 9th Ave. Phone Y -4399 DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: M-1036, 4232 Phones: 2588--2u8D McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL INSURANCE :ilu Zuck Street Tumpn, Fin. SELDOMRIDGE PHO'.rOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. Hours 8 to 6 Gtound Flo01 Special Appointments BUY A TRAILER AND SLEEP IN COMFORT Bagger Trailer Sales NEW & USED TRAILERS 3403 Nebraska A'e. l'h. ltl :>3-961 STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN ,TRY OUR CORN BEEF SANDWJCHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M. Friday, August 7 1942 r -Freshen Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you've got to be in the armed forces to really appreciate how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean. Man, how it helps to chew gum when you're tense, tired or thirsty! Cools your mouth-moistens your throat-seems to give you a refreshing lift. Aids digestion, too. Enjoy chewing delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum during strenuous flights after hard work-when you're off duty-at other times, too. It does things for you. BILL I A R D S I Meet YoROJJdsBAR .... J CIGARS -CIGARETTES BEERWINES SAJ\"DWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida A venue -Beer -"Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 LffiERTYBAR CULP LUMBER CO. Tony Italiano, Pt-op Durrette and Pratt are working' Qn it. And that's a scoop, not an ice cream dip ... Pvt. Welpe suggests air conditioning for the J;>oys in hutinerits. By the way any one know where that ilame originated? Hinmmm, have :==============: 805 Gr. Central, Ph. 1129-842 \Vines-Beer-Soft Drinks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-8109 'EVerything to Build Anything' Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa you Yanks ever heard of a sweat CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida box? Chaplain' O'Brien, this Co.'s favorite, was in to see us and believe me, he's. always wel come A hail and hearty welcome to. the new officers who just arrived at Drew Fietd. I'm they will like it Found out my gal has finally started her trousseau bluesheets. Wheeeeeee l With all the fellows' wives down, we soldiers are on alert all the time. I'm only kidding, gals-have 'o take up space somehow ... Wish Joe were here to tell me some of his Tarpon Springs exploits. Oh, yes! A D., too No, I'm not kidding you fellows, none of that this week Fuzz Wuzz Pratt is Phone S-5073 Prompt Delivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave. Sulphm Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN. Meet Me At--JAKES REsTAURANT FOR GOOD JUICY STEAKS Corner Frankfi.in and Fortune IIIIII.IIIIIIIUIII.IIIII.IIIII.IIIII.IIUmnmnBIIIII.IIIU.IIIIII "Soldier's Favotite Eating Place" STEAKiS AND CHOPS A Specialty EliTE RESTAURANT TAMPA and TWIGGS IIIII.HIII.IIIII.IIIIIBIIIIIIIIillllllllllll.lllll.lllll.lllll.llll.lllll. SPECIAL RATES To Service Men And Families NEBRASKA HOTEL 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 ( \\o1wlesale) Fruits-Vegetables Phone2623 BUY OR RENT In Lynwood Subdivision Richard E. Philpot Co., Inc. Phones M-8268 W-4141 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'l .S. Bagley1 I{EEP IN TRIM WONDER BAR The Longest Bar in Tampa TWIN .PALlS Beer Wines Soft Driub Sandwiches Our Specialty COOL RESTFUL Boward Ave. at Columbus Dr. cokREGIDOR 17th St. News Stand Curb Service When in Ybor City Shop at the Corner 17th and Broadway All the Latest Magazint:ct:, SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home 956 Twiggs TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. l\1-1339 LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 N. Rome & FuiiP.r Stree t LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. OLAY, Manager 120 \Vest Lafayette ,gtreet E)ast Side of Bridge Phone M--5588 WEWOME .. Service 1\fen and Ftiends to the SWING CLUB 'A nice place for nice people" Dancing and Refreshmeats 5008 Memorial Highway Phone H-2184 The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty LIQUORS-BEER-WINES 311 Pranklin St. Phone 3940 Bar and Cock-tail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. =:',\\ .. .. ... : : .720 IIJI __ .. . .................. -..-:: ... ::.. ..... CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES15c--First RQund 10c-Additional Rounds YOUR FUN IS OUR FUN" Served by Hostesses 1210 Franklin St. eued Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Food Excellent Servic e .lAMES B PICKARD Mgr, ==---,....,


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