Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 24 (August 14, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
August 14, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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YOL. L ?\0. 2-1: What's Your Hobby, Buddy? 'Vhat is it that soldiers do outside of the ordinary during their off-hours? Americ:.:n silldicrs are tough in the field, but off duty one finds them pursuing all kinds of hobbies, odd :md otherwise. Some follow such quie t pastimes as needlework and soap carving. Like Sgt. Tcdmici:m H n. Ful ford, of the Consolidated Mes s Hall (at left), for instance. In the a bove picture lte d;splays hi.s lvel! as a danc0 The first lad Hawks picked was orchestra for the enlbted m en Private Larry, who thus finally and officers, once the instruments got into the movies 3,000 miles arrive. from Hollywood. He will appeal Mr. Baker, despite the l a ck of in key scenes with John Garfield, instruments, believes that the Harry Carey, George Tobias and prospects for the bancrs early de Gig Young. Hawks says that but are very favorable. "The band there'll be some good parts for personnel is excellent and I have Private Dannenberg when he's I received splendid cooperation from mustered out. the officers," he said. :Frida.\. H. 1 I When Sent Over Again They Will Tangle With Axis The first time that Tech Sgt. tervened and he was hospitalized Harold Qualey and Private James at Kana, in Nigeria. On March Hamilton w .ere at a battlefront, 24, he was discharged from the they were both disappointed in hospital and returned to the not being able to come to grips States. Shortly afterwards he was with the enemy. They were eager sent to Drew Held, and he now enough, but a tropical disease works as an airplane mechanic in laid them low. Now they are at the 327th Service Squadron en::lrew Field. gineering department. Tech Sgt. Qualey, aged 23, of While in Khartoun, Sgt. Qualey ':..anesboro, Minn., has been in the met Private Hamilton and they Army for two years. While at became fast friends. Private HamGeider Field, Spokane, Wash., he ilton, aged 31, comes from New was picked with a group of men berry, S. C., and has been in the from his squadron by the Fen-y Army almost as long as the sel Commancl. They took a B-17 to geant. Khartoun, i!1 t h e Anglo-Egyptian Hamilton was stationed a t Wadi S ud a n. a clPsc>rt t ow n located on Seidna, near Khartoun, for three h e uuper J'!il e Qualey was sta months fro111 J anuary to J\1arc h, iioned at Ftwt Lamy. a Fre'lCh inclusive. He was a rac1i0 orer\.nse which had been bombed by ator at Langley Field. \'a.. fo1 A:>:is aircraft. six months hefore he was "rd2r12d He WDS anxious to get at the to pack up and be r e:>d" i, s enemy from the very day he minutes. under sealed orders he i11 ,.,,, 1 "f travel<'rl with t ho "l"n, Com this year, but malaria fever in(Continued on Page 2)_ JOHN GARFIELD TO APPEAR BEFORE DREW FIELD-AUDIENCETlJESDAY John Garfield, Warner Bros. from the Rhumba Casino in Chi star, now on location at Drew I cago, where it received rare reFicld where scenes of "Air Force" 1 views from the crhics. It i s now are b ei n g filmed, will appear in schedule d to play at camp. ; and the USO s hO'.\, "All in Fun." to 1 n ava l stations throughout the be presented at the F ield Tues d I country as part of the US O C a m;) da y evening, A u g ust 18th Show' s program of free enter Garfield w ill recite Gene Fow t ainment for s oldiers. A ca s t of ler's dram:1 t ic soli loquy, ''The top-notch performe r s incl u d 8.; Javis Bay Gos Do1vn," which he I such well known entertainers a.; h as d elhered with s ucce ss at Bobby Pine, i\Iac k Pearson, prev ious camp gatherings. j Alda, Ruth Fosler, Sid Go uld, "All in Fun" is a 90-minute riot I Ray Janis, Dolly Bell, Sunny of fun and hilarity comi; lg diL"ectiy J Shorr and others.


Drew Field .............. _,. -.......... 1: T:OSS, Publi,:hl't' 'Uu n q m A nny N ewspnpe1s 553rd A.W.Bn. 2nd Rept. Offic.. t: i 11;; FI.OitiDA AYE:\'!.' I': 'J'aulJ)U,. Florida tf9. B o x !!177' Jn th.:i;-4 lli':'\VSJHIIH'r are alsn (.!Unt:tirucl in the Fit"hl Lenf. 8,000 t.'OJ)i<" ."l. 6-0VF.H I 'ISING HA'I'I';S I'IJrti\'ISHF;l) ON fiEQUES' l Squads Riot By S/SGT. A. BLOD:\I W ell, maybe we didn' t beat the Medical Detachment in softball a DREW FIET1D E CHOES \t h6 '\\ns seen w alking d O \i1n i s over. Sgt. Q u a leyand P ri Frankli n Street in b road d a y li ght v a t e Han1ilto n ge t t o ge ther a n d \l'i lh t1ro channing young l a di es? r eminisce about the i r d ays i n the \\'en: they y o un g? About 14 deser t on the upper N il e Their years old at le ast. buddies sit around and listen A n d spe:-tk in g about charming eagerly Both Qualey and H a mil young l adies, w e s a w the 1st Sgt. ton enjoy their work at Drew wit h one last week -and h e didn't Field, but always uppermos t in e ve n s wear it w a s his grandtheir minds is the hope that they m other. won't be disappointed the next time tliey're sent over .They want to come to grips with the enemy! A publiR h e d ly f<.r til( rw n10nne l of. Dre w FiPid &rid rlPv ot"'d to t.nd IIH! Uni t e U Nati()ns Victory. (Jr,inion!-1 {!XpressP.t:J. in p :tr,,., tho!=:e of individual :nrl 11nd e r no b.I'E-I hr-y t o b e ("Ofl!dc1 e r e d nt 1 r 111 i t P d Arm:'-'. Ad in this publication do not o('(n H I itutP. P.ndOr!=temPnt hv thP War .f) e r wrtmPnt or its personnel .or When Sent Over '"' week'' .... d 11: PALMA c few Sundays back ; but I'll bet we'll beat them the next time we play them. We read through and at Wadi Seidna, doing maintenlit THEATRE the :1nce work, he became the victim .. AVI;. A'r sA.'i "''-"Lv,. of malaria fever and was hos-Open :: I'. iU. Dully :MEl\1DER columns of the Echoes couldn' t help but notice all outfits that had already been pitalized in the British military Program Week of August 16th touched by Warner Bros.' epic and hospital at Kharkoun, While in sun., Jtlon., 'J'u<'N .. Au ..:. 16, 1:, ts F L OP.TDA PRESS ASSOCIATION t'iATJONAL EDITORIAL .A.SSOCT A TION hOW m:my of their men had me( the hospital, the Ship in which he "IIOAO '1' 0 :I.A I\':I:IIIAH'' \>ilh had coine over, crashed. 1 'rosin Boh "'"'"' t he actors, etc. \.Yell. we don' j Lamou Upon release from the hospi ,\.lso "Gall:mt sons" wHh Jnrninint ifh ITIOV d into one hutment here last Hosilind HusN<"II nnd llon Amtclu 1reek and now Reirdon,. Freder leks, Jones, Thomas, Tierney, It was once upon a Tuesday, in Hartnett and company have a new coat of paint on their little home tl)e color, of course, is Shamrock PV'l'. ,BOB TOURIN, the merry month of June There was born a little boy, in his mouth a silver spoon. He hr;d a tl1ousand silken diapers, and an air-conditioned crib, 1-Iis milk was bought from purebreds in a diamond-crusted bib. As h e grew his life was sheltered, a n d hi s pants were valet pressed, But he wasn't left to venture from his little golden nest. Soon his b eard pioclaimed his manhoo d and his father l:ickect t h e bucke t, S a yi ng, "Son, life's' just a green. What do soldiers don on their (half) dny off? Last Sunday Sgt. l\'Iayers, Sgt. Kaish, and your: truly w ent 40 miles to Bradenton Now his diamond-crusted bib has G oo d lu c k. bo ys and b r in g t t. back that diploma. b{)cn transformed into fatigues, And his dapper little slippers are the: b eats of seven leagues ; He. digs the d eepest ditche s and m o vin g S o u t h erner. And r"ve. h e scrubs the cleanest floors :tll da y l o n g about the girl b:cd And he does his private in Chic a go and wants b ac k of most un-private doors. j whe n he can go o n D;::, n gam 1\\o ca n li ve as cheap a s cnc or: Yv'ith his jaw ui1hinged and open, J th"'.'A H'f S 'l'H URSD.\ Y l'ol' 9 Big Days! "MRS. MINIVER" With GREER G .\RSOX \V.\Ul'RH PIDGEON 'l'F.HF.SA \\'({l(;H'.r .. ':..' rr ::: ',.... -\j or..-:.: AIH-COXDI'l'IONED 712 FRANKLIN IFLORIOAI' PHONE 3290 ;; !'." D A,. A l\' ll 0 :\' 0 A Y FH0:'\1 \\'EST f'Gl:\'1"' O'lL\lL\. (;EO. !11'1' NO. :! ----"\"0'1' A L:\DH, ;S I < A Y '-\' H A\' : I' A t: !. h: I': I. J.l' T A,..,, PA AND ZACK !VICTORY I PHONE 3003 AXD "l'lUH'l'I'iG fHHh" ('A(;:\'l:\-1'.-\ '1' O'BHJI-;N --1-11'1' NO. :! "0:\ l)IHSS he "This cannot e l1 lV:eyer ? The y -can do t h ls thing to others: T .b.e co mbinn 1 ... ,J. 1 ')r l 'e1 n"' c:tlol l' ,. ,.,, AINBOW TAVERN bu.' hey do 11 t I ... ,, ..... "' ..... L 1b 0 1118. .. 1. "1 1 t o ] l <:::t r rd{ No w h e s digging DEEPER Dt-be .... as. \\ce., I en r o r t 1cD ill "o a oul'll""'' ditches ; h a t whit tl e d down .. .. 1 '"' "' course. dying Str oll\' The $64 question for tl1o l'.'eU now that it C A N 1 h A w ho s the tall Sgt. v vllo i s o: to :,;i ze, o c e::; v e:y rmy-w1se. Speei:1i Duty at the Ra di::J Sc hc:>o' Forn1-J'ittin .g! I(HAI{IS FORM-FIT. SHIHTS Sf'n iec M r-n See 1 f i n(>st of ])Jililarv fn1 eorrt'l'l fit -uon-w Jt: .. Co) I l a r s For, O : fi. f'-r s M il;li::;ted Mc1d HI-RlSE Rf'gulatio n \Vfight Khakis for better fit! wmfortahle rise TailorPd service at no extra charge! Se. e them! IJSllAL .ALTERATIONS FREE! H.OR!DAN TRiO PLA 'fiNG NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO


A1tgmt 14, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES ... F I 309th SERVICE Group 0 HQ and HQ Squadron By CPL. ANDREW PATERSON. The first half of the soft ball 327 Service Squadron By T. G MEO. We welcome back our two cooks league is over and Hq & Hq w ho were 'schooling at Columbia, emerged the victor. The play-off S C We know they will become 4 to 1. It was not until the last inning that this game was turned int victory for our team. With the bases loaded and one out Pfc. Jones stepped to the plate and sent out a lashing single mc:king his third hit of the Fine ba s e running on the part of Jones caused three runs to eros> the plate. With a pitching staff composed of Drombroski and Bry ant, we sl1ould win the second half. h e ld last Sunday with the Base Medics turned into deep dark gloom for the Medics as we a great help to our new kitchen, J We wonder what. and hope their schooling will be I' Marzcak were domg 1m1tatm g Father Time in front of barracks pl..!t to good practice. Don t let us 411. They never told us they were handed them a 9-1 trouncing. down, Pvt. Buchko. and Pvt. Melandscape ga.rdeners. When are 1Iron M a n allowed them but Kly you fellows going to begin plant-three hits, while .his team mates Pvt. Trimbicki welcomed his I ing flowers? found "Major" for twelve clean sister Clara and h e r girl friend, .' regret. losii1g a. good worker hits. The Medics started off with Mary Kissa, to Tampa. We wish and a well-liked soldter, Pfc. WII their stay will be an enjoyab!0 liam Cummins. Want to wish him what seemed to be the S!)irit, but 11 tl 1 1 tl ld 1 one. How about an introduction a 1e uc < m 1e war 111 11s di sintegrated rapidly when to your sister and her friend. new adventure. We know h e wi ll boys started finding_ the pill. Trimbicki. We have heard how /ote to the Medics : The last pretty they are. This we learned -from the wolves of our statement was not meant to be a pun.) The Rule Book was con sulted .frequently but despite the numerous consultations the victm:y wa s ours fairly and squarely, and I might add, well deserved. This now puts Hq & Hq at the head of the league and as we go into the second half there is little doubt in our minds that the make the grade as he is made of the right stuff. Our loss will be the gain of the Engineering Corps at pennant will be hanging in the Hq & Hq's Orderly Room, when the season is over. ; squadron. With our star pitcher, Drombroski, on the side line with a sore arm, Cpl. Bryant was called on to carry the burden and came through in fine fashion. His de livery was not a fast orie, but was effective, as he put dow11 the opposing team by the score of 7 to 3. He only allowed one base on balls; that is good pitching in any man's league. Cpl. Bryant again takes home If k --. d' the bacon by defeating the 903 we eep on sen mg more t Ocs tl t b Ordnance Co. by the score of men o 1ere won e many left in the squadron. Yesterday Pet. ld Atwell was chosen for the Quartermaster' s School, which incidentally will cut short his fur lough. Too bad, Glenn, but we guess you won t mind it. Must have been really tough for Pvt. lcl Horton to have to send .the Missus back home after just having her here for a few days. Mrs. Horton became ill upon her arrival here and Al thought it best she g? back home where it is a little cooler. That Squadron Party is coming : up soon; the time and place_ \ V ill :t: be announced later That i s the FRANK'S CORNER Sandwiches .:-Cold Drh:ks Near Drew Fie ld Armenie and Tampa i'5ay Blvd. GARDEN HOTEL 1014 ;2 Vmnklin St. Ent1ance Next to Havana Ca[e WE CA'l'ER TO SOLDIERS Their Families nnd Friends SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at ... VICTOR CAFE real dope, men! got it from the CO h If i 1324 Franklin Ph. tmse --I :I: We were sorry to lose "Our : and American Legion Band," now they a;re an inde p e nd ent unit, but while they were at tached to us, living daily with us in .this Orderly Room, they just seemed to. belong to Hq. Sq vVe I THE RED MI(L And lJntin Fuod OHCHES'I'HA EVEitY NIGHT Ft. Belvoir, Va. SELDOMRIDGE PHO'.rOGRAP'HIba.ka A n. Ph. 31 :;:t-!IG1 STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN 'I.'RY OUH CORN ITEEli' ,'3:\C\i])WICHES & SALADS. Open till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. C enhnl, Ph. H:!!l-842 "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families Stop at Nebraska Hotel 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 J.IGHT LVNCJT 11 A. 711. Till 4 1' Dully 1';1:-i Platt >:t. :tt Jatl.:\'fOncl wonder, however, how Sgt. Eaton and Cpy. Suszynski could sit at I I their desks, hear the ring,. BENNETT'S DRUG look over at u s, then wait for us 1004 Franklin St. "answer that phone, some. COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE -------LIQUOR_ANNEX IN CONNECTION g J Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend ,, otelis A'lo Son Max's Liquor Bar 'WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'Em F1yfng- ... The LOGICAL and BEST place to buy military needs for officers and enlisted men. -Open TUESDAY and THURSDAY N!GHTSI I Madison Drug Company F rimklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service THE CHATTERBOX Chieken nnd Sten.l;:s Real Italian Spaghetti -DIUNI\S UQUOrtS UNCLE SAM -" ENCOURAGES RECREATION Glen's Billiards NOW IN ITS NEW LOCATION 805 TAMPA ST. SPECI.Uj INVITATION TO ALL SERVICE :c\-lEN NEW SUJUWUNDINGS NEW EQUIP:'IIENT "The Same Pleasing Service" ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis tsland s AFTERNOON 2:30 tl!l 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 -7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs 1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


to bz a likely T.n spite-of Pfc. Joe Regis atsence (furlough Rimersburg, P rl-). '' the liland started re heus in g this week. Our chances o[ hav ing a good band seem hrighl ... noW, all we have to do i.s to convince our the Qu:(termaster (how about those i ns;:ntments?), and Pvt. Kane. WAR DEPARTMENT ORDER REUtl\liTES TWIN BROTHERS nnr-:w FIELD By CPL. 1\JARVl)J HORK. RADIO LOG Fri

ST. PETERSBURG EXTENDS WElCOME TO SOLDIE Cot Householder \)mmands Center ... In St. Petersburg Under the command of Col. Eu gene R. Householder, the S t. Peiersburg Army Air Forces T echnica l T r aining Cente r i s n ow o pe ratin g a comple t e unit, with hundred s o f "rookies" fro m all p:!r ts o f t h e count r y pouring into the Sunshine City week afte r w eek. The flow v v ill continue for the dur a ( i o n They c o m e h ere to receive their basic training. Officers and party men attach e d to the center have bee n here for several weeks ad lr:ir iistering the affairs of the sol-I d1ers who are to be trained as technicians and mechanics for the warplanes Uncle Sam will send swooming over Ge1many and Ja p a n. In a minimum amount of time the Army mus t trai; 1 a maximtll11 number of ground and flight crew membe r s. They're the boys who'll "keep 'em f lyfng ." So to facili tat e t h e program, hotels and business building s have been take n ove r as quarters. l<'IAll{lll. \ The Sunshine City Salutes You! I Soldiers Pleased I With HOspitality 1 In St. Petersburg I By Public Relations OHi t<.: (U. S. Army Air Forces Year after year St. has entertained scores of v isitors from every part of the United States This year gtiCsts arc the men of the a rmy air sent here to train recruits fresh from civilian life The army air forces' job i n S t Petersburg is a serious t.as'k c.nd on e not to b e undertaken J i .ghtly. The men housed in S L P e ters burg's expens ive hoteh n :;Jize that th_ey have a job to d r b u t b e in g on ly human thry onr.ot h elp bu t marvel at t h c i !;;U r roundings. Many had Jiv ed in barracks and tents in f i el d s ncar ci ti es a hec: d y o vercrowded with s old i e r;o;. Some came from the North ; m d the si ght of palm trees wi t h b lu.e wa ter was a new. thrill. I All w ere impressed b y St. Pe I t crsburg's h ospitality which w ;:s s ince r e and unsolicit ed hct vide streets and white Althoug h the hotel rooms w ere stripped of much of their fhery 1 _\'11ich wa s carefully stored ai Nay, enough of it was left to provide 1 air -force men with spacious quart ers. But more important t h a:n the 1 personal enjoyment and comfort 1 cf the n e wly con verted quarters was the saving of more than eight months' time necessary to build new quarters. M a j Gen. Walter R Weaver, commanding officer of the Army Air Forces Technical Training command, who championed the 1 3ystem of quick training trn o u g h use of hotels and other e x isting facilities, says of this metl1cd: The r ecruits will be given 30 day s milita r y training and extensive aptitude tests to d e termi:1 e for which of the highly technical courses they are best fitted. In s truction will include marching, drill in g, lectures, gas m ask drill and orientation ses-A Father's Farewell vocation. I had not. But ambi tion and the will to get ahead never kept anybody clown. "The average soldie r h as good sense. He knows we are in a war and that he i& part of it. You are not fooling him on these facts when you house him in a $10a -day hotel room. He realizes the c on ditions he might later be called upon to face and this initial t r eat ment will not tend to make him soft. sio ns. T hi s unit is one of seven Army sir Forces Replacement Training c e n t ers es t ablished in various parts of t h e country under com m a nd 6 Maj. Gen. Walter R Wea,e r The others are at Keesler Fiel d ?\!is s. ; Sheppard Field, Tex.: j efferson Barr a ck s, Mo.; Miami I3each; Salt Lake C ity, Utah, and City N J T H s ld s Now as you march with mil ..1 0 lS 0 ter on lions or other sons from mil_ lions Jl of other American homes, I want --. ---y ou to put all that you have into Will is W'lhnn II. l' / H lm ini s t r a t i on Hospital, ocYet, it is a privilege as well as a 1 kind of aiming never has a bad State Theatres eupy ing OYer fiv e hundre d acres responsibility For only AmerieHect on the score. o i lan d w a s e:;t a;;lis h ecl at Ba y cans-the finest of the nation's Then, when you grew up a nd Pim ::o manhood-are eligible to march was thinking of firs t job, l .. -----told you that, even thoug h you .. were employed at nothing more I important than ditch-digging, I t wanted you to try to be the best, ditch, digger on the job. I had no idea that you would achieve I s;ich top rank in your chosen SERVICE MEN 22c plui Tax Florida LaPlaza


J)REWFJELn 8, 1942 Pier Has Appeal For Soldiers;Built -In 1927 THE FAMOUS RECREATION PIER ST. PETERSBURG IS A CITY OF HOMES l New Paramount St, Petersburg's large and fine recreation pier, which extends far J out into Tampa bay has special! appeal for the soldiers of the 1 Army Air Forces Replacement Training Center, many of whom have come from inland towns and J have never before _seen salt wa-i ter. Every day scores of soldiers J Soda Grille St. Petersburg's population takes I 1131 4th Street Korth a tremendous jump during_ the I AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS winter months and for that reaDELICIOUS FOODS I SANDWICHES son its-facilities and accommoFOUNTAIN DRINKS dations for visito;s are f?r in ex-j Music and Dancing cess of those found iri an averI "All At Popular Pl"ices" age city of 60,000 persons. As the second largest resort city of tlte south, St. Petersbur;g's main I Bowling Center, Inc. business is entertaining tourists I : Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd S\' and. winter residents. It has more 1 12 B1unswick 20th Century than 150 hotels, more than 1,000; Alleys. apartment houses and seve r al 1 thousand homes which are built to be rented to winter residents. System Hotel netty C. 1\Iitchell, 1\lgr. can be seen on the pier watching 1 boats of many kinds that cruise the nearby waters and the birds that fly over the sea. The pier i s one of the main attractions of st. Petersburg and is thronged many times each week It is the largest pier in the country that accommodates automobiles as_ well' as pedestrians and every visitor to the city visits the pier at some time or another. This is St. Petersburg's famous recreation pier, !mown through out the country as a beauty spot. It is small wonder that St. Peters burg, in only half a century, has grown to be a city of more than sixty thousand resiclents, entertaining annually abotit 300,000 visitors from all parts of the United States. At this famous recreation pier, scores of soldiers enjoy themselves daily In addition ft has many rooming houses, cottage colonies and other accommodations. St. Petersburg's population ac cording to the 1940 federal census figures is 60,812 This is n1erely for the city proper and does not include the many thousands more in the outlying districts. 746 Central Ave. St. l'etersburg l1hone 7'864 '1. rour llonte A_,,.ny front llotttc" l:'"ou Are Ah-vuys 'Velcotne A 11 hone In E''cry Iloon!_ Hot und Cold -'V:tter .. o\..11 'l'Dnacs Northmoor Apts. The pier was built in 1927 at a cost of more than a million dol lars and extends out over Tampa bay for more than 2 400 feet. -Big Opportunity Offered "Rool\ie" Who Joins Technical Training Center For Prompt Service Stor in .. Jose to hendqnarters :for 111e duration. Cool, clean f u....-ArltS., or Roonas nud )lath Ily the J\lonth, SeaJbone -Its approach, an extension of Second avenue north, starts at Beach drive, separating the north and central yacht basins. One side of the approach is used-for dock ing facilities and the MacDill Field. Beach club. The other side is occupied by municipal tennis courts, solarium, museum, spa The St. Petersburg Army Air Fo'rces Technical Training cen ter, one of seven established in various parts of the country, of fers the recruit of today a big opportunity. Once the"rookie" has success fully completed-his basic training here and has been classified he pool, children's playground and is sent to one of a dozen or so b:ach. On the pier there are I technical schools fot which he wide sidewalks and sufflcrent was qualified. light for night fishing. The recruit may also be sent The head of the -pier, 400 by to one of the num-erous privately300 feet, is a double deck casino owned civilian -mechanic schools of modified Mediterranean archi-that have been incorporated into tecture. The .lower floor con-the training school chain as aux-tains an auditorium, offices and iliary units. Graduates of the ad lunch room. The upper floors vanced mechanics have an house a glass-in dance floor and opportunity to study the latest the studios of radio .station WSUN. technical developments in the fac The street railway system extends tories of some 20 leading ai-rcraft to the end of the pier and there manufacturers who have been pro' are parking facilities for hundreds ducing combat planes and engines of cars. No charge is made for the for the air forces. use of the pier. Course's for whkh the St. Peters-The municipal solarium was the first municipally owned solarium and is believed to be the largest instifution of its kind in the world. It is situated on the approach to the pier and adjoins the spa beach. There are facilities for both men burg trainee may qualify include some that he may convert to cash after the victory. He may become a trained and experienced radio operator, radio mechanic, aircraft machinist, metal worker, welder, Link trainer instructor, parachute and women sunbathers. Registered rigger, teletype oper?tor, power nurses attend the patrons-to see plant, instrument or propeller ex that they get the most benefit from pert, electrician, weather fore the sun without painful results. caster, aircraft armorer, pho Visitors from every state in the tographer, power turret mechanic, Union and Canada have come to or either an administrative or sup the solariull)., suffering -with arthply clerk. ritis, neuritis, cut.J.neous ailments, But do not think that the tech trouble,. rheumatism nically trained air forces -soldier diseases, for hello, functions only on the ground. treatments. Many Everywhere the big bombers fly, come JUSt to get a tan by screnthese men are also members of the tific methods. The two separate sections of the solarium are en-flight crew-radio experts, eterial photographers, gunners and flight closed by highways and a sniall engineers. I charge is made ior the use of The air forces principal, tech-the solarium, its lockers, showers, nical schools which train the en etc. listed men for active "line duty" The Mumcrpal Spa pool rs _lo-are at Chanute Fieild, IlL, Scott cated_ on the approach to the P_Ier 1 Field, IlL, Sheppard Field, Tex., and rs approved by the Flonda Lowry Field, Colo., and Keesler State Board of Health._ The. s_alt Field, Miss. Plans for about seven for the pool IS punfled j other schools in various sections eptd at. a ofhSO : of the nation are being rushed to aegrees unng t e wm er w en 1 t ., d d" comp e ron. s:vi:r:mmg meets an rvmg exI The recruits in St. Petersburg hrbitiOns are held. are drawn from new arniy per-Government Built Coast Guard Air Base In St. Petersburg sonnell making "above average" on the general classification tests given them at the reception cen1 ters from which they are sent. A St. Petersburg is also the loca-large percentage of the men astian of the U. S. Coast Guard Air ; signed to the technical training Base situated at the eastern point,, command here are from the group of Bayboro Harbor and the Alof soldiers that have made 100 or bert Whitted Airport. In addition, better on this first and most im certain patrol boats of 'the Coast I portant examination given sol Guard are stationed here. diers upon induction into-the During the past year the United army. An inductee who wishes to States Government has establish-eventually becom e an aii 'plane ed at St. Petersburg a U. S. Mar.:... mechanic is urged to redouble his I _time Training School. efforts on the classification tests ---TRAINING CENTER OFFERS SOLDIERS SPORTS MENU In "its vast technical training program, the army has by no means overlooked the health, athletic aml recreational side of the soldier's life. Undei the supervision of SecPhone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Street No. St. Petersburg, Fla. ond Lieutenant .Chester J. Na-JEWELRY dolsld, athletic and recreation d d Watches, Diamon san officP-r, a varied program of sports and other activities has Silverware been planned to meet the assortGIFTS OF ALL lHNDS ed tastes of the men stationed At Prices That Cannot Be Duplicated at the Army Air Forces ReplaceEXPERT WATCH AND ment Training Center here. JEWELRY REPAIRING "Soldiers with aU kinds of 0\er 30 years in Petmsbnrg backgrounds are po_uring in 1 Jewelry Co. here steadily and our aim is 273 Genttal -Avenue to please as many of them as Tel. 61)514 is possible," Lieutenant Nadolski said. "We will try to ar range, as -time g oes along, a pro,l!ram which will utilize every available facility in St. Petersbmg." 4,937,377 CARS PASS GANDY BRIDGE GATES Figures recently released by Gandy bridge officials i"e'vealed that nearly 5,000,000 automo biles he.aded toward St. Peters burg, have passed over ;the city's connecting link -with Tampa since it was offidaily opened Nov. 20, 1924. The exact fig ures show that 4,937,377 St. Petersburg bound cars have crossed the span since it was opened. SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. Mostellar' s Sundries ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINI(S 201 9th St. So. Opp. Seaboatd Station Submarine Gift Shop GirtH for Fnther,.,-1\iothers nndSweethenrtH Live Alllgntor!' und 'l'urtles "1,000 UNUSUAl, GIF'J.'S FH.OJ\1 FLORIDA" GORDON HOTEL :i2G :lth A'e. No. Phone G:-i07 TH.ANSIEN'rS WELCO;UE Roouts 'vitll nnd Sho,vers Large Veranda and Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Ave. North ROOMS, APTS. & COTTAGES Reasonable Rates, by \-Veek, lllonth or Year I ONL'f NO i At St. l'etersl>nrg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla.; Phone 50-612 Frank's LIQUOR STORE 1147 Centml A Pli. J FREE DELIVERY Imported \Vines And Liquors GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. .Specializing in STEAKS! SEAFOODS,, SANDWICHES. Paramount Bowling Alleys You ure lnvlterl to visit our modern nnd up to date nile,-., 860 4th Ave. S. Phone ::;o.s :.!ti!{ Centrul A,e. "D1y Cleaning 'l'hat Is While ut St. l'ete :Unexcelled" Colonial Doll Shop Vi,.it Smith's Cleaning & 115 9th st. so., Opp Webbs Dye Works FLORIDA souvENIRS 1321 AJ'Iiugton Ave. No. UNUSUAL GIFTS l'hone 4963. St. Petersbul'g For \Vife and Sweetheart Service Men's Uniforms 'l'hat \Vi!l Pass Inspection Gleaned antl Pressed 50c FLORA-DON CJ,EANEIV3 DYEHS Phone 4727 1239 Cc nta.l A\' Bryans Laundry and Cleaners Qnicl;: Depenrla.ble Scn ice Call 8953 716 21st St. No. PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SEHVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8031 VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, 450 4th St. So. Phone 9518 OLDEST ;\XD 1.:\.HGBST DRY CJ;E:\XERS IN ST. PETE 24 Ho111 St>tTice I Wonder Bar And Grill 1 Headquarters for Service 1\Ien PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. llEER, LIQUOR and WINE Phone 172 Central A >e. Phone 6133 I I RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, Sl\-IOJ\:ES 848 4th St. So. Bunny's Bar and Grill 1007 9th Street So. Beer, \Vines and Sandwiches NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Jhone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Ptha-te Dining Rooms, CWnese and American Meals DINE .'\XD THE COTTAGE 2102 4th ,street Xo: rh WIXE Al\'D BEEH


Army's 50-Man Swimming Team Will Compete In Silver Springs Meet, Sunday .' DREW FIELD ECHOES I 1 Homesick Boys Get Entertainment At Service Club .. '. Page 7. Welcome To The U. S. I .RMY TO ST. PETERSBURG _._ ....... :. SILVER SPRINGS, FLA. -A I 50-man swimming team r epresent ing th e U. S Army Air Forces/ Technical Command from Miami i Beach will present a free 75-min1 ute exhibition at this resort Sun-! day afternoon, August 16 at 3 1 Boys who are hundreds of miles a,;,ay from sail-! ors and marines-'-"feel at home" 1 when they v!sit the Men s \ TROPICAL GROCERY CO. .. : WHOLESALE i o'clock. The team arrived at Silver 1 Springs earlier this week to make I official Army Air Forces water safety movie s under the general direction o f L t. CoL C. L Brown ell, director of Physica l Fitness of the TTC and with Captain Fred Fordham, veteran newsreel execu tive as technical advisor. W1:1en the pictures are c omple ted, the members of this detach ment will be assigned to various fields posts, and stations thruout the TTC where they will teach thousands of Air Force soldiers how to care for themselves in water under war conditions. The pictures will be use9 to assist the men in instructing their classes. The team includes such sports notables as W es McAfee, Duke Uni\iersity football star; Carmine Orsini Ohio State swim ace; Hy man Swartz, Eastern inter-col legiate diving champion ; Stewart Scott, Yale end and member of Eli S)vimming teams, and Ed Jorgensen, Springfield College swimmer and New England indi vidual 300-yard medley champ. D J. Duval also is with the group of nearly 65 men as public relations representative of Maj Gen Walter R. Weaver, com manding the TTC Captain Al Bag gett, former Wesl Texas State Col lege basketball coach, Li_eut. Charles Grayson Lieut. M. E. Potter, and Lieut. C A Hunger ford also are on hand. The free exhibition will dem onstrate water safety as it is taught the by Ben Stanton of the American Req_ ... staff at Miami Beach. Cal 'Bryant, as sistant director of the Red Cross water safety program at-.. washing ton will probably act as master of ceremonies. Because the Air Forces swim team has so thoroughly its work, Silver Springs has in vited commanding officers of nearby Army, Navy, Marine, Air Forces, and Coast Guard bases and to of th" management along with their rec reation directprs __ ailci, :-,physical training. instructors. The Air Forces .unit is one of three at Silver Springs this week filming water safety movies the other units rep resenting the Coast Guard, with Lieutenant Pat Murphy in charge; and the Navy, with Lieut. Charles Duncan heading a crew of eight. SERVICE PROVIDED BY TWO RAILROADS Two railroads, the Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Air Line, hav e terminals in St. Peters burg. During the winter season both lines double their passenger service to thecity with through pullman service to and from all principal cities of the North and East. The passenger station of the At lantic Coast Line is located at First avenue and Third street south and" that of the Seaboard Air Line is at Ninth street and Second ave nue south. j center, 256 Beach drive north. 1 I They are all members of t!te St. Petersl;lurg Army Air Forces 1825 2nd AVE., SOUTH We Deliver FHIONE 8271 A handsome young ice man, Jack Frost, Said-"War is a terrible cost, And yet ii's far littler Than bowing to Hitler An,d letting our Freedom he lost!" t Your county _can help freeze out the Axis by r


DRE\V FTELi l ECHOES 564th PLOTT. CO. DOTS AND DASHES By Cpl. S. C. Katzencll "Th e Dodgers are a sure bet t o l':in the p ennant a g ain ." snap. pe d Sergeant John 1. Campione, c urly-haired, b espectacled, diminuduty sergeant of th e Plotting co mp any, to hi s side kick, Pvt. Ocran Dean. 'Oh, yeah! I'm not sur e about that. If those Cards get hot, it will be too bad for those Daffy Boys ," ejaeuiated Dea.n. Well, boys, whoever 1vins the crown in th e National League. will get a shellacking from those powerful Yankees. Sergeant Champion i s one of the hardest working ddy ser geants in the battalion and we will go as far as to say in the Uni ted States Army. He's always on the ball. When the lights are dimmed and most of the soldiers are enjoying the comforts of the i r bunks, you can invariably see Campione in the orderly room, laborin g over some r epo rt. USO-Camp Shows' Sixteen Dancing Darlings ALL IN FUN, a riot of goofy gags ancl gorgeous g irls, is now scheduled to make its a}Jpearance here in the very ncar future. The sextet of zanies pictured above are shown getting into the m oo d to have their picture taken In the Hollywood manner. Booked directly from the famous Rhmhba Casino in Chicago, this gay revue i s one of the fifteen summer producti ons now on tour for USO C:m1p Shows and is being presented without charge to the men in service. ALL IN FUN is scheduled to appear at Drew F ield Tuesday evening, August 18th. soldier came in the supply room on the multi-mustachioed sold i er. the other day and asked for a we hav e been making a survey ie left-handed gun Pvt. Felix this battalion A certain private, Dempsey says he is not r e lated w ho has the initials o.f to Jack Dempsey, the forme r Shuman, h as lost t h a.t lip pro heavyweight ch a mpion, but he ad l e cto r. What is the reason, S hu mires him very much ... Staf_f man? I t e r keep hi s w ife USO. They 1flight idea. I THE 'EM I BUTLEATHERY )>,.,::; .:;{:: .. The salutes are r ea ll y snappy' LIPS ARE TABOO! / th es e dau s The classes in lVIil i r. (; J Shined up for a b i g -$ .t. tary Coutesy are bringing to mind impression? Don't Q: ';.: the li ttle things ,, e get careless spoil t with a "19! about. Let' s s tay on the ball men, weather-beaten puss! Fleet's and not have to be reminded I Chap Stick keeps lips smooth, ready for "close inspection". For again. protection and reiie f fron1 Pvt. i;; 011 the disabled ping .. < ist these da ys. His broken finger. /: is bein g used to advantage. There J : '''' are s o n'lany things that h e can' t do It is a shame t)':Jat it isn't his toe, so he would h ave an excuse for NOT taking hikes Pvt. Gray slid for third base and ended up, in MacDill Hospital! wit h an injured leg. Gray, don' t try to stay too long just because of the excellent service. -BUY OR RENT In Lynwood Subdivisipn Rid ard E. Philpot Co., Inc. J>homs l\l82G8 \V-4141 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FllANKLIN D a n '1 S. llu.gley Post Office Cigar Store CIGAHS, CfGAR ETTES, 'l'O BACl'O >' ,\.RTIC I,ES 2:-iSS-!!;'!Sf McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. 'l'nnlpa, Fin. DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: 1\J-108(), 423 2 SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 Campione first saw the light of. day in Brooklyn, N Y., 28 y ea rs ago. He graduated from graded sc h ool in 1928. He attended the New Utrecht High School for two years; the Wash ington Irving High School for 2 % years. While attending school, the Sarge found time to play baseball a n d golf. His chief hobby i s m0del yacht building. .::::mgeant Jess Davis says when Hie war is over, h e's going to a hotel and get a room with a comfortable bed amd he's goii1g to sleep for a week Pvts. Griffin and Smith l ook un!i'ER\' ICE. JI"Jtnida A\". .. rr" i;.;;;s u s uall y h appy these last few days. Congratulations are i-n orde r for Pvt. Miles Goodson. While va-cationing in Charlotte, N. C., Goodson married Miss Ethel Wil li mns Norton Goldstein, the Br.?nx Bvho recently received promotions: 1st Sgt. Bromberg to l\1/ Sgt. ; Sgts Donaldson and Sexton to S /Sgt.; Techs 5th gr. Dann and Il!ing worth to Sgt.; Pvts. l ei. Kapian an d Thalleen to C pl.; and Pvts. Parrish and Troiano to Cpl. What are the powers that took certain !VI/ Sgt. to church for a change? Could it be that b eautiful chicken who was clinging lo hi s arm? After reading week' s article Grif had better keep his wife away from the Pig Trail hm in C l earwater, and Smith had betVALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SEHFE TH.E FINEST .. \ :\ISH l'OODS 811 Grnntl C < n tl'fi l Phone B I L LIARD S ClG:'"<.: cr, .,, ... REER-WINES SANDWICHES HARB'r WELl,JWOT'r 012 Flol'ida AYcnne Meet Your Friends at fUllY BAR -Beer --Wine Sandwichcs-203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 I CULP LUMBER CO. f< I. 'En'ryt hing to Build Anything' Contplete Printing Service I ; e The Commercial 1115 Florida A venue Ph.-,ne 2126 Printers of ... l,l1c I\1acDill Fly Leaf Drew Fielcl E cl1oes I Mad e To Ordei ;:;oo Packwoocl Ph. H lSG2 -:Tampa LAFAYETTE HOTEL E .-\. C L. \ Y, l :.:o \\' cst J,nfarette 'H tcet Side c f !;ridge PhO II(' :\l-538S -------------------------------------------\\'EJ,CO:\IF. ... SWING CLUB ''A nic e pla<.:e fot nice p eople'' G008 :'l'lciiiOl'illl Hig hwa,Y Phone H-2HH The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT .V\'D COLD Lt'.\CHES t i a Speehlty J,IQL'OHS \Vl:-t E'.:i Phone The TURF EXCHANGE e OHC HT: S Tl:.-\ E \ u:y 'iiTF I )!)D]lt' F.. Lnt'aye:te St. I' BOB'S PLACE Beer Wine -Mixed. Drinks Dancing -Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:Phone Y 1:786 CAESAR Mgr WELCOME SERVICEMEN Garcia's Cafe and Bar 1326 FIanklin, at Constant Phone l\I-7017 I jAiways Say E. HOL,....Ul\fl OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. ::J lH I 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Extra Fresh ; t Next To Manl1attan Cafe ''Ma'' Williams N I G H'l'L Y EX't'EH'l'AIX !'1-IEN:t.' !)000 FLOlUDA AVE. FREE DANCE TO ALL SERVICE MEN! By \V. P. A. Otchestoa :\10.\D.\Y XIGH'l', 8:30 'TIL 11:00 P. :If. S. M. S. BALLROOM, 8th Ave. & 19th St. SOJ,DIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has be e n de signed to make your l e i sore ho tn s As Pleasant As Possible Ct'PIU:n, Soft D1inks, Bt'et, \Yine, Fun ; \ tH1 170!) Hmmnl An'llliC SER\'ICE HE:-.' -OFFICE-RS -FAJ,HLIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES VLE.\S:\:\T THE C'l:O\\'D T O Colonnade E..\YSHORE and JULIA S teak Sea Food and Chicken Dinners 45c Delirioits Sandwic hes


10 DREW FIELD ECHOES ------------------------------------------,-R } D / j we were so unhappy then. eg. st Iiept g 685th s A w B t Wherever you are, .I'm with you, 1g. ep. 1 BEER AND WIXE l.;.m Go Far-nut ninst spend an -atC c ear, ompany s I Each night I di:eam of you. e e pec1a s It seems SO real, SO true, M. MILLER'S BAR Ey PVT. Ji Di SANDJFER. Anmitling our joumallsti c talBy PVT. OBERT III. HENNING ent, if a ny i s decidedly we This week's stars go to the boys confess th3t our ego i s completely. wearing the ne:v stripes ll afte. 1 t' company smce rt w:2s actrvated. 1 .Is opera wn and l10SPI.talizat y 1 1 Bemg of a cunous nature, we wa. ou 1 e a uc 'Y b oy, Jim, to be able to. spend the would like to know when remainder of your conval.escence ter Sergeant Webb (Chattanooga at home. Vanety) sleeps. He works all Sgt. Tech. john J Hatala gave ni_ght and most of the_ day and us a very stunning modeling of still fmds tune to get mto town. his brand new fatigue hat, show-Another Ed1son perhaps. ing the variety of styles in which We don' t mind acting as mes-the hat can be worn. senger boy, Sergeant Chase, but We wondered about the per-has she got a sister? Glad to see the smiling faces sistence of Tech 5th Joseph A. Wisnie wski 's efforts to get to of Corporals Thornhill and Rob town recently. A little investiginson around after a brief respite tion revealed Joe's little girl back in the home is llav1 11a a bi 'ttJ d 1 .The g1rls cf Sarasota have hung "' 1 ay, anc h I f R bb't'' he wanted to say "many happy 1 t .e momc o a 1 on one returns." of our -:all lads. It s_eems the The company extends a hearty; whole co.nmumty has taken to welcome to three newcomers. name. What's the reason for this, They're T /5th George C. Garner, I Jen:y-Not e_ars? _AMEWCAN COMMANDER In EUROPE -Lieut. General Dwight D. Eise nhower, designated Commanding General of American forces in the European theater with' h eadquarters in London, is a native of Texas, entexed the Army upon his graduation from West Point in 1915. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his activity in training tank corps troops during the World War. T /4th D 'Amico, we promised you last week: Love's Fum:y Love' s funny. In; not au of life, Some even liv e without it; But i f they claim they are happy, I'm frank to say I doubt it. It was just ten months ago I left, To me i t seerm a hundred years. 'vVe kissed good-bye, tenderly. FLOWERS ... Telegraphed Everywhere TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 Madison In Hotel Hillsboro Bldg. PHONE 2059 Pvts. James J. Cunningham, and Prcture of an unpatient Philip J. Kocienski and they'll' drer: Staff Sergeant help make an even better com-the other mght, when Iu s Wife's pany, we're sure. train was delayed eight hours. : T/4th Flavil J. Elrod. is quite I Pet Sherwood proud of the little daughter back I J?hn Pnnce_ srttmg up half home whom he has never seen \mght argurng the respective but whose pictme h., grinningly 1 of blondes and brunettes. exhibits. Which renunds us, we've got FISHING TACKLE Lonnie St rickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & l<'lol'ida Ave., 'rampa T elephone 3184 T /5th Brady Carpenter is a date with a blonde. ing "them thar hilis" of West Vir-P. S.: H ere's that -Poem by Poet 1 ginia. going by way of the fur-lough route. S gt. Raymond T. Vallely had the o ccasio n .several night:; ago to demonotrate his medical abilities. Ask him how to cure hicc-oughs or a severe cold. COUJlen's Families Peter Grahn & Son Phone !!10 l' lol'iila Av e CAMPBELL H.-\lt.UI.<:t: nnd BK'\l''IT SHOP :30S St. I,h. 5-!-3"7:! :\lnl'ion & .-\lma, Bt'tty & lktrlh> Open evt>ning by nppointnw!lt I ki ss your face, your hair, your lips Though I live within your arms All peace has passed me by I can not live if you should say farewell You are all I know of heaven, On land or sea, Wherever I may be, I'll think of you And pray for you Because I love you so. BUY BONDS Welcome To ItalL-ln Foods -Liquor-Beer El Trocadero -DANCING-C. K. Hebble :Mgr. 1701 E. B1oa.rlway Ph. Y-1391 THE WHITE SPOT Santlwiclws of All Kinds BEEB, \\'l:'\1<:, ('OljD DI1IXKS Pln.te Sl"t' \ 'ir.e Phntie S-7;33::> N e l.H'I\Ska antl Broad 1111 Phone :1152-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s l\l A D R I J, I, 0 N Spnnish Restanmnt 915 'l'ampa at T.rl<'I' Tampa, Florida RUBIN'S "THE HOJ\IE OF' r.ooo SPANISH FOOD" Best Cocl,;:1nil." Jllilitary lllcn Most \Y the 2nd Reporting Company of that hit the squadron for a long 5 84th. time, we think it only prope r SOLDIERS. ALWAYS WELCOME self defense. With five or more boys always standing around his bunk, and just looking, he never could get dressed In time. Our young and talented Pvt. Sidney Salkovitz has been getting much publicity in the newspapers of. late; : So what happens? The guy goes e cinl1izing In wedding Flowms" i Sonne! Off1'ce. Ji'LOWERS GIFTS '' 1C3 HYDE PARK AVE. .;. 'Vhat keePs B i ll lVIegonigle a t -------! .. .. :-:!!! .. : .. :!! .. !!!!!:-:-:!-: .. :!+-4!-!!o:!-! .. !!! .. !!;., Sulphur Spri11g s all of these days? -,'AGOOD-Ph-'I.CE-TO-EAT" It could be that redhead and I Post Offie CC1fe ain' t kidding, she really i s "nice people Those smoke s i gnals emanating from barracks 4 are not a call to war, but our chief's m eans of conveying his thoughts to his buddies. He makes the m by smoking a cigar. I always thought that your people used pipes or blankets, chief. Congrats to Bob Ralston on being promoted to Corporal. Good work, Bob, keep it up. C. D. K a vakos, Pre p Dinne r s Plate Lunches-Bee r Wines and Cold Dri : k s Pies and Pastries 4 B 6 Zac k Street Tampa, Fla. -service!l'Iei1mul-Fan1iliesalT Welcome at louis Sad ilia Grocery Co.ld Drinl's -Beer and 'Vine Sz:1.dwichcs and Poultry 2018 Gr. C"ntral Av. Ph. H-31!14 --1 !o!++!!!!!!++!!!!:o: .. :-:!!!.u: .. : .. :!! .. !! .. !!!!!:-...:!! .. !!-!!-!!!! .. !!-: .. !!!"1 ::: BOB'S OP:N EVENINGS :1: Army Store i Ccmplete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of SERVICE MEN -EXPERT TAILORING :;: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa ::..:!!!-!!-!!!!-!-!!!..,.!!! .. !!!! .. :-:-:!!:-:! .. !!:-:==!-!!!: .. :: .. :: :: .. : .. -ict'11 "WC)ftjpcl bette r known as "Cr:-ok the the goldfish still takes his job Cook Pvt. E. L Evans, Pvt. Dia of caring for the fish ve r y s eri? monel H. Harrison, another Texas ously. His latest is to drop a few Ranger, and Pvt. Royal A. Gobel, ice cubes into their tank on the also a Texan, left u s to tecome hottest days. Elen Flower SHOP rnvites Service Men to Her New Shop Next to Big Or2.:1ge: Get t :tat Spec iai Gi'ft for Sweetheart or Mother.-1311 Gr. Cer:tral. SPOT Where .. ....:. SERVICE MEN Meet Special Sunday Matinee Dancing Gunners. We wish the m all luck. ========================== We' ll miss the West Texas songs and stories as put out by Goebel. He claimed that his home town of Kaufman was no gas-station-in-the-middle-of-nowhere. He aug mented his claim by stating that Guns Keys -Safes Jesse E. Harpe 913 Tampa Street a certain fast coast-to -coast roared thru the town every nite I and that if the natives 'Yeren t ; quick to shut the windows, the [ swish of the train sucked the sheets right off the beds. Sgt. Barnes, keeper of the com pany mascots, Goldy and Dus. ty, AMBROSE BROS Ice Cold Melons ICF: C'HEA:\l-SOFT 14-01 Fmnklin st. I Your Feel Hurt? Line of Arch S11pports and Foot Remedies, at BARKER & TULLY 1110 FRANRLIN ST. "The P l a ce To Meet And E a t Matthew's Corner Fountain & I,unchconette LTQVOHS WIXES BEEB. 'VE DELH'ER Lafarettc & 'fampa Ph. M-1242 In the Attractive, Newly Remodeled SARATOGA BAR ( Franldin and Fortunc .Sts. HEEB \\T\'ES UQl'ORS COOD.S HEASO:\'.'\BLE PRICES "D.-U\CfNG BY OT.Jrt POPUJ,AR OHCRF.STil.-\ .EVEI:Y XIGHT IX THE BLrE H00:\1."


"Pa,(!e 12 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday. 14. 1942 Superman Artist Draws Cartoons For Drew Echoes __ l : ize bow it hurt. au of us to iinct rr CHURCH CALL him lying out there on the road. L--------------' He's been buried now for about At one time or another every moviegoer has seen the animated movie cartoons produced by Max Fleischer. One of the men who helped to create the Fleischer "movietoons," Pfc. Harry Lampert, 25, of New York Ci ty, i s now sta tioned at Drew Field. Sunday. Welcome home, Major! But don't-get startle d by the rail road tracks behind your head Protestant. 11 A M Sunday Services, Chapels 1 and 2. 11 A. M., Sunday Services, Plant Field chapel. Vesper services, 7 : 30 Sunday evening, Chapel No. 1. Thursday evening Prayer Meeting, 7:30 P M., Chapel No 1. Roman Catholic 6:15 A. M. Mass, Chapel 1. 9 :00 A. M. Mass, Chapels 1 and 2. Jewish 11: 00 A. lVI., Theatre Bldg., near Chapel 1. a week, but he won t be forgottei'f"ooby any of us. We salute you, "Half-Track," old. boy, and believe us, you w_ere as good. a soldier as the best of us. Something a little brighter happened, though ,this week. T I 5Gr Lloyd Alliston took off in a mad rush for Metropolis, m ; seems as though the stork was racing with him from the other end. At any rate Lloyd should be a three-time father within the. next few days and we're hopin' that it's another Superman. We're poundin' the carpets for you, Dad. He started with Fleisc h e r when years old, and worked as an animator in the pl anning department of Fleischer's New York studios for five and one-h alf y e ars. Althoug h Pfc. Lampert did not obtain any formal art instruc tion, he studied under Raphael Soyer, the wellknown painter, for three and one-half years while working at Fleischer's. 56 4th quarte rs. Just another of the many face-liftings Drew. Field is under going the se days. MEDICOS Two new chaplains have arrived at Drew Field: Chaplain Wil liam H. Kadel has been assigned to the 20th Fighter Group, and Chaplain Prentiss C Penticoff to 504th Sig. A W Regiment at Plant Field. Another important item in our lives has cropped up this past week. Captain Louis H. Kiaer got here a couple of days ago and he is goin' tO be CO for us. We sort of think he's tops from our short acquaintance and we'n hopin' he likes Drew as much as we do. Anyway, we'll be .at your service, Captain, and thanks for joinin' up with the best outfit on the whple darn base. h1 1938 Fleischer moved his :sludiQS from New York and from then until Feb. 12 of this year, tile -date of his induction into the Army at Fort Dix, N. J., Lampert worked for the Superman (comic strip) publications-Flash Comics, AU-American Comics, and the World's Best Comics-completing about 1,000 pages of his comic creations, the King, dealing with a master of the skies, and the Red, White and Blue, dealing with t h0. Anny, Navy and Marines :Pte Lampert was statione d at Damp Crowder, Mo., from March of this year until he came to Drew in .M:ay, and while at Camp Crow he produced cartoons for the ca ml! paper. At present he is w o1king for his signal corps outfit as well as contributing to The Drew Field Echoes. Dr-e-w Nine Strengthened Drew Interceptors resumed action 9n Thw-sday against the Tasco Shipbuilders in a West Ci>ast ,league game aftet a week's layoff: The game will JWt appear in this issue of the but will be in next week's ropy; Up to the present date the Interceptors have won 30 games w.hi.le losing 16. Sevetai new players have 'been added to the team and -1.\rill give the club more at the plate and in tbe field fm; the remaining games in the West Coast league. 'l'wo of Drew' s regulars, Sgt. Swin.deUs, pitcher, and Klirrtczal', v second base:n:ta:u, will be back with the c.fub aftel' a furlough at home utd will put the club to full strength. UNION BAKERY 'Ja<..:A."L CUBAN BREAD OuH SPF:ClALTY" 15(>6 '9th .Ave. Phone Y-4390 Uiam@nds and All Jewelry 605 Franklin St. Expert Watch Repairs By T/SGT. HENRY J. KATZ After in the Medical an absence of one week Orew Fie ld Echoes, the Detachment of t he 564th returns to announce the loss of six of its men to the Bombardiers -three to MacDill Fie ld, and three to tl]._\l Columbia, S. C., Army Air Base.. Good luck to all of tb..,em! Announced herewith the death of Looey Turtle and the mercy killing of Blitzkrieg, the cat. The l'atter came into contact with a and it seems the truck won That i s n t the only Blitzkrieg that was killed, though. There was one, we believe, across the o c e a n and its sponsors certainly are not happy these da ys About our offi cers: Captain i s b ac k after a1i absence of about two weeks; Lt. Harris i s planning to continue the weekl y classes in Ambmlance Loading and Litter Drill for the Red Cross I Women's Ambulance Corps this Saturday; Lt. Alden leaves on the 20th fo r ten days without sick call ; Lt. Abbott is attending a gas course this week, and it's pretty sure that from now on he'll have his frankfurters WITHOUT mus tard; Lt. Morse is very busy these I days trying to get the. soldiers of Drew Field in good chewing or der, and is at 1 the Dental Chmc w1th his d'nlL 1 Pvts. Moses and Tharp have: their wives in Tampa now; no I wonder they go around in a daze these days: 1 Strictly off the record, but one l private came into the Dispensary,. the other day complaining about "Syphilitic Feet." Has anyone a I cure for it? Major LeFevre is expected back I PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH Bible School 9:45 A. 1\1. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. Worship 8:00 P. 1\f. SERVICE MEN, Your I AJ..L ,ONE PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILlT,<\HY GUARDSMAN SHOES FOR MEN 508 FJU l\'Jil;IN STREET ----r--.----,----Pfc. Lumpe is back from hi s special duty at the runway. It seems he made all the pilots nervous watching them from the driver's seat of his ambulance. It' s amazing what Pfc. Eichorn can do with a piece of wood and a hammer. Any day now we pect to see him build a perfect two-story barrack with nothing but three two-by-fours, four nails, and an excellent ability for appro-priation. 903rd Ordnance Company OUR. INCH By SGT. JAY F. CAREY. today is August 14th. One year ago toqay the. 530th Signal Aircraft W arning arrived at Drew Field from Ma x well Field, Montgo m ery, Alabama. Quite a d1ange in our field s inc e that date, when the entire new a r e a was nothing but trees, grass, and swamps. About the first thing of im portance that came off this week is the death of our little black pup, "Half Track." I guess he was run over by a truck or someINSECT BITES-MUSCULAR ACHES thing. Anyway you-all can't real. t79t: LESLIE H. BLANK REAT,l'OR 407 Tnmpa St. Tel(>phone DEFENSE RENTAL HOMES" For Health Necessary to. Defense FLAMINGO CONCRETE PIPE COm 3613 EAST LAKE AVENUE P. 0. BOX 5288 -:PAPAYA MATE TAMPA, FLORIDA Announcing the OFFICIAL APPOINTIYIENT bv the ,/ AR1UY EXCHANGE SERVICE of WOLF BROTHERS as Allthorized Retailers of Regulation Army Officers Uniforms PHONE. Y 1289


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