Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 25 (August 21, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
August 21, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL 1 NO. 25 Publi she d Every Dre w Fie ld, Tampa, Florida Friday, August 21, 1942 John Garfield, I George Tobias Star In USO Show at Drew l Col. Asp At Throttle former Base Sergeant Major, is now lii r. Bodo-Warrant officer. Mr. Bodo has been signing payOf Drew's First Train rolls in the army for the past 2 3 years. He participated in that grand performance called "World War I," and saw 23 months of active service in France. Having served in the Air Corps since its inception as the Aviation Section 9f the Signal Corps, Mr. Bodo is temporarily assigned to the 314th Hq. Squadron. Mr. Bodo has earned his pro motion by hard work, loyalty, efficiently performing his duties. He has proven that it pays to deliver the goods. We can all profit by his fine example. He is well liked by his fellow soldiers and held in high esteem by his superiors. from Salem, Ohio, Mr. J3odo answered President Wilson's : .call for volunteers in August, 19 .17. Lots of luck, Sergeant-excuse me, Mr. Bodo is the name! DreW Craltmen Now Have I Hobby Shop To Work In Are you interested' in woo1d or metal or, f .or that. matter, any type o L :Jiltndicraits? :Do you like to -make cabinets? Or sheet patterns? If you do, get in touch with Captain Chester K. Delano, Base Special Services Officer. Pictorial Story of Drew Field I John Gal'field (at left) shakes hands with George Tobias right) on Drew stage. In broadening the recreational program for Drew Field soldiers, the Base Special Services office (at has set up a hobby shop. It is supervised lby Chaplain Carl W. Hewlett. A 12-page pictorial story of life at Drew Field will appear in the magazine supplement of The St. Petersburg Times on Sunday, August 30 The Drew Field public relations staff co-Tuesday night brought the first successful USO show to Drew Field. "All in Fun" was definitely a hit. And as though the show itself wasn't enough, John Garfield and George Tobias appeared as guests. An act burlesquing the soldiers real.ly brought down the house; only two other acts surpassed it in applause -the torch sftlger and the girl tap-dancer (naturally). The show was sponsored by Captain Delano of the Special Services office and introduced by Corporal 0 Z. Whitehead. Playing in front of Theater No. 1, the show was witnessed by 4,00{); men. Every available seat was taken and before the show started it was "Standing Room Only." The soldiers agreed to a man that vaudeville was here to stay. John Garfield's recitation of Gene Fowler's dramatic soliloquy, "The Javis Bay Goes Down," moved the soldiers deeply. High light c;>f his appearance was a story about his daughter, aged four. She recently queried Papa Garfield: "Are,you a movie actor?" Papa G. naturally replied, "Yes," whereupon she inquired, "Are you a famous movie actor?" Again, yes. "Then maybe you can get Errol Flynn's autograph for me." Geo 'rge Tobias in his best Brooklynese related miscellaneous anecdotes concerning his travefs while making movies. When a soldie r asked him to do a scene from "Sergeant York," he replied in exasperation, "How can you expect me to remember any lines from that movie when I don't even know my lines in "Air Force?" A soldier's review of the Tuesday USO show might rea d, "'All in Fun' was r eal fun." Drew Soldier Buys $500 Bond, Opens Up Second Front Corporal Julian 0. Langford, of the Base Inspector's Office, purchased a $500 war bond on August 18, calling it the opening of his second front. I "Since Uncle Sam is in the process of helping to open a second front in Europe," he says, "I would like to contribute what I can to help equip that front by buying bonds with what money I have: In doing that, I not only help Uncle Sam to buy guns! tanks and planes. I also help myself by getting my money back with interest. "After the war is over, I will have a stake to start back in business or build a home. If nothing else, I certainly w.on't be broke as a lot of soldiers were at the end of the las t war. As soon as I can, I would like to open up a third front. After awhile we ought to have those Germans and Japs be hind the eight ball." Corporal Langford has set an example for other Drew Field men to shoot at! If he can invest in a Equipped wit:h. a wood lathe, band saw, circular saw, jigsaw, sander, and drill press-all of which are motor driven-the hobby shop offers Drew men an excellent opportunity to dabble during their off-hours in the jntricacies of practically all the handicrafts kx, 10wn to man. operated with The Times in making the story possible. The Base Photo Lab. took most of the receiving tance from Lt. Clare G. Sharkey and Corporal Radford C. Williams of the Third Fighter Command. Don't fail to get a copy of this issue. New Warrant Officers In the above picture (standing Squadron; Mr. Starling was a left to right) are newly-made Tech Sergeant in the 327th Serwarrant officers Kenyon E. Linn, James M. Starling, Jr. Ernest McCormick, Fred G. Jones, and George Bodo. vice Squadron; Mr. McCormick was a Tech Sergeant in the Base Technical Inspection office; Mr. Jones was head of the Tech Sup-$500 bond, surely even the poor-Before being appointed warrant ply, 327th Service Squadron; and est buck private can buy a $25 officer, Mr. Linn was a T ech Mr. Bodo was Sergeant-Major of bond on the pay-installment plan. Sergeant in the 314th Air Base Drew Field. Pinch-hitting as "engineer" on the first train to run into Drew Field Wednesday, August 19th, j was quite a thrill for Colonel Melvin B. Asp, Drew Commandant. For more than a year Colonel Asp has advocated a "siding" at Drew Until now, men and material have come into the Field by truck. The new railroad spur will carry troops, supplies, and equipment to the center. of the Field-thus conserving tires and gasoline. Involving more than four miles of track, the siding connects with the main line of the Seaboard Air Line Railway. The. time for construction neat\ a record. Approval being qbtained July 7, Major A C. Reado, Area Engmeer, started plans immediately and expedited construction. All materials for the construction and tremendous expansion of the new air base will be handled by these railroad tracks. The volume of traffic is expected to pay for the cost of the railroad in a limited time. Wednesday' s ceremony marked another chapter in the life of Col. Melvin Asp and the history of Drew Field. Colonel Asp's name has been closely connected with Drew Field since he helped dedicate it as a city airport thirteen years ago. As an Army Air Corps flyer, Colonel Asp landed at Drew Field many times. In 1940, he was transferred from Langley Field, Va., to Tampa. In May, 1941, Colonel Asp was named commanding officer ot Drew Field, shortly after it bad been designated as an A7-my Air Base. Later, in August, the new commanding officer was i:naster of ceremonies at the concrete pouring ceremony for the new runways. It was at this August ce'l'emony that Colonel Asp remarked, "This is a momentous occasion for both myself and Drew Field. Having flown in and out of Drew Field since its birth over 13 years ago I have seen nearly all of its phases and changes.


Page 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, The Drew Field Echoes Flying Generals 553rd A.W.Bn. 2nd Rept.j A New Slant On S d R t Aircraft Identification AIR-CONDITIONED 711 I' R "'N K L 1 .!'1 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher Tampa Army .Newspapers Lead Air Forces In Sky Battles qua S 10 Fighter command headquarters By S/SGT. ARTHUR BLOOM in an eastern city recently got a TA -MPA PHONE M-1171 Bu"ine"" Office: 111!> FLORIDA A VENUE Tampa, FlorWo P. 0. Box 1'>22 Phone 2177 All advertl,.ementK contained In this newspaper nre nJHo contained in I he MaeDUI Field Fly Leaf. 1\llnl

-\J.lt,rust 21. 1942 PARTIES FOR SERVICE MEN HattonGi llett Post No. 121, Veterans of Forei g n Wars of the United States, and its Auxiliary will entertain the service m e n in the Tampa area at two parties in their clubrooms, 806 Zack street, in Tampa, on Friday and Satur day, August 21st and 22nd. Each 562nd Sig. Flashes By CPL. WILLLUf C SCOTT DREW FIELD ECHOES some vel"y prominent men in our organization. Their lives are so valuable and their actions are so secret that they are marched from the M. P. Station to their respec-The word promotion always tive posts, after midnight, with a makes an interesting subject, so military escort. This important we will begin with promotions of j information. was the 562nd for tl!e past week. avatlabl e to the public by the slip Pvts. Bishop, Elliott, Goldberg, of the lip. KEEP MUlVI, CHUM. Shuman and Scott were promoted We are very proud of the rec-party will start at 8: 3 0 P. M. and to corporal and Pvts. Ahlberg, ord that the 5 62nd has made. Since its organization there has not been a man A. W 0. L. We wi ll signal the dedication of tht!se Anderson, Armstrong, Beck, clubrooms to the use of the mem-Brookbank, Buckingham, Burle-conl ey. have set s ix years as our goal, for hers of the armed forces in this son, Byrom, Carpenter, vicinity. Crum, Curran Downey, Franz-this may be a long war. man, Gardner, .Griffin, Haase, A certain Mess Sgt. at Plant The Clubrooms have long bee n Field has been attending GAS H e rich, Herren bruck, Howell, In-the scene of many pleasant parties SCHOOL. The boys, after hours of these veterans of former wars of the United States. Now, as part of their contribution to the winning of the present war and in lo es, Jarett, Jasmer, Kaiser, Ockajilc, .Pappas and Tagliavia were promoted to Pfc. These pro motions are only the beginning, of discussion, have come to the conclusion that he is being taught to cook with gas. Most of us think of a gold dig-but it is always the policy of a keeping with their practices, these ger as one who searches for gold good business man to give promoveterans and the members of auxiliary will entertain the present service men and their friends. For the past several weeks, members of these two organiza' tions have been engaged in re-with the aid of a pick and shovel. tions slowly until he determines the efficiency of his men. That is Pfc. Jasmer seems to differ with Mr. Webster though, for he con just what Captain Huf is doing, nects it with girls. It could be so let's show our best, men. Pfc. Brookbank has been on an that his pockets have been mis emergency furlough. We are very glad Jto have him back and hope that conditions at ihis home are favorable. taken for a gold deposit. FRANK'S CORNER modeling and redeco'rating their Clubrooms for this T .he completed Clubrooms provide a We have another "Believe It ballroom, a lounge, a canteen and Or Not" story for Robert Ripley. other facilities. Starting with Lt. Berg, formerly Cp l. Berg of Sandwiches -:-Cold Drinks Near Drew Field Armenie and Tampa Bay Blvd. these first parties, the Clubrooms this organization, received two will be the scene of many forms promotions the same day. On the of entertainment during the comlOth day of August, he was ap ing months. Various committees !pointed Sgt. on a battalion order from both organizations are now and appointed 2nd Lt. by order engaged in making arrangements of the president. for succeeding events. All men are to have pictures Both the members of the Post on their passes by the end of the and the Auxiliary extend a most week. As. a further inducement to hearty invitation to all persons associated with the Army, Navy, lVIarine Corps; and Coast Guard, to attend these events. The invi tation includes civili a n employees of military and naval bases, and the mothers, wives and girl-friends of service men. :Members of the Post and the Auxiliary will serve as hosts and hostesses at all events conducted at the Club rooms. Starting with these two parties, the Clubrooms will be open daily for the convenience and entertain ment of those engaged in winning the present conflict. 503d MEDICAL SHOTS and PHYSICS By PFC. JAMES L. WHITE get the boys to look their best, an extra one-day pass will be given the man with the best-lookI ing picture. The decisions of the judges will be final. It seems, of ]ate, that we have STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR CORN BEEF .SANDWICHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families Stop at Nebraska Hotel 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 THE RED MILL For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE UNION BAKERY "REAL CUBAN BREAD OUI{ SPECIALTY" 1506 9th Ave. Phone Y-4399 PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. Training Union 6:40 P. l\1. Worship 8:QO P. l\1. LIGHT. LUNCH -DINNERS 11 A. lU. Tlll 4 P. JU. Dolly A moment of silence while we all shed a tear for Pvt. William J. Fischer, who, .on the morning of A ugust 17, while on his way across the drainage ditch to fall in for reveille, made a misstep. For. some time, Pvt. Fischer was shunned by one and all, but a shower soon fixed things up, and now he has friends again. BENNETT'S DRUG 1004 Franklin St. Not that the Medics are unused 'to moving, having changed areas several times, but this last time we took up residence in Smella trina Heights (correct), it took a bit of engineering and some sweatand a great deal of shout ing and loud talk to move eleven tents from the old area to The Heights. The first night in our new home was a trial because electric lights had yet to be installed. Man who let a small fortune slip through his fingers was Pvt. William C. Reardon, who had the only two candles in the outfit, and refused to part with either of them, al though he might have named his own price. COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE LIQUOR ANNEX IN CONNECTION to buy military needs for of ficers and enlisted men ST. .., 531 CLEVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL S7. PETERSBURG ALL 01\"E PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES FOR MEN Page 3 SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINI\:S LIQUORS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 ,g. Howard Ave. Phone H-3757 I I t 't ', ; ', '' e : ': : ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Island's AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs lOc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK


Page 4 By CPJJ. AT LAST, the mark of "Success" THREATS. None other than the Prophet Kane, erstwhile columnist, threatens to sabotage DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, Augusl? 21, 1942 Four Out of I 0 In Army I HQ and HQ Squadron "Calling Mr. Linn" N F 0 Newly Appointed Are High School Grads1 Wamnt Officer The 19 4 2 edition of the American soldier is the ,most educated I It is suggested instead of the official Hq. & Hq. Squadron, our Calling the orderly room of the fighting man in the world today. With 4,000,000 citizens now being brought to the peak of their. training, the educational level of the United States .Army of World War II is higher than that of any army ever put into the field and notably higher than its own coun-, terpart of World War I. name be changed to the Hq. & Hq. 314th Air Base Squadron, the Gypsies, becasue just like the writer spoke into the transmitter, Gypsies it seems we are never saying, "I would like to speak to permanently settled. The other Mr. Linn, please." day an order came through to On the other end of the telemove the men from the upper phone there was a momentary lull, barrack T-214/ over to T-211, and a silence of bewilderment. Finally -This one fact, above all others, DRW fllD tells the story: Forty-one per cent Ct> 1 I::this column "w:hen his day comes" of all white selectees inducted now we are just one big happy the corporal in the orderly room ... that will be when Pfc. Jess into the Army during the past ftunily. There is a question on asked in a puzzled tone of voice, Zimmerman goes on his furlough IA'."./1 ........ that, but we won't go into it too "Mr. Linn?" two years are either hig h school shortly, and Pvt. Bob Kane may graduates or have had some colBr CPL. MARVIN HORLE deeply. Of course we are a little "Sure. Mr. Linn." I realized move in to take over his editorial lege training. Twenty-five years All is quiet on all fronts in the bit crowded, but we are all in the that the non-com I was talking to duties on the ECHOES-and all ago the soldier of comparable edu-. same boat, so just let's make the didn't quite get the drift, so I use your en e 1 ers Wt l cational attainment constituted es o 1t. But I warn my next-a e Formerly Sergeant Lmn, ..-, beca S b d"ff "tl radiO world, winch makes it JH"etty b t f J dd d him on the matter of a tentative only 9 per cent of the American i tough for_ your correspond-door neighbor the next time he you know." date for the AIR FORCE BAND'S Army. ent to whtp up thts httle column., rolls over and slaps my face, that "Oh!" There was an p.mused de'but. Bob still insists that the The American soldier's qualifi-All Drew Field programs came off I wil retaliate by rolling over all chuclcle. Sergeant Linn! Well, Band will make its debut three cations stand out notably in com-as scheduled last week, and they night, or revert to tying his hands that was different. I said that I years hence. Ho, Hum! Fire parison with world War I. were well presented. Several new to the bunk. was trying to reach M.r. Kenyon when ready, Bob. Today 11 per cent of the while program plans loom in the near E. Linn ltnd tliat I wanted him to I'm told. that the gang of femi-selectees have had a college edu-future, as Drew Field's writers, That new pen set that adorns pose for a collective picture of the nine nifties at the Quartermas-cation. In World War I orily 5 producers and announcers strive Capt. Turner's desk is ceitainly a soldiers just appointed as warrant ter's Office isn't at all sympa-per cent had a college education to ever improve the grade of our beauty, and although the CO has officers. thetic with our treatment of Bob Today 30 per cent of the citizen programs. formally thanked the Band for the I ,finally located Mr. Linn. He -can it be that this has anything Army are. high school graduates. Spea.king of the grade of our gift, we know he won't mind the was proudly wearing his new unito do with "you know what" (NO In World War I only 4 .per cent programs, they must be pretty outfit saying that the members of form, with the special :brown offiG. I. INSTRUMENTS, YE.T)???? were high school graduates. good. Two of Tampa's largest sta-the Band are all regular fellows. cer-type shoulder bar with gold Of course, this is only hearsay; Today 28 per cent have one or tions, WFLA and DWAE, are both stripe. He was no longer an en-and since I'm not admitting the more years of high school train-trying to install a permanent At last that long awaited soft listed man, but a warrant officer. source, you gals can' t sue for ing. In the last war only 12 per broadcasting unit out at OUT air drink machine arrived and is now Until thre. e months ago,a warslander. cent were high school nongra.du-base. located in the Post Office (the rant officer was neither a com-Pfc. Mojmir J. Sedlak, Chica-ates. WFLA now ib.as a studio ,at machine was so large t)1at we had missioned nor a non-commissioned goan, recently joined our Band The phenomenal improvement l\'IacDill Field, and is anxious 'to to remove the door and frame) officer, but sort of in-between, via Mitchell Field, New York. in the educational level of selec-have one at Drew. At present we to remove the .door and frame) wearing an officer's clothing but His flute lends a distinctly sym-tees in World War II as compared run our daily show from 7:05 It' s there now, .so. go to work rating no salute. Since hten, how. phonic air to our group ... and with the Army of 1917 is by no A. M. to 7:25 A. M. from their "' ever, a warrant officer ranks with puts us that much nearer our means the result of simply highei studio, and our large Friday night Tonight we play a team that we a commissioned junior officer. DEBUT. educational standards. It is due variety show is also broadcast have never met before-the 9th Mr. Linn, aged 32, a native of I wonder how our tenants (the largely to a spectacular increase from there. However, that will Figl1ter Squadron, and we are .. ouisiana,.came into the army with 828th Guar.d Slquadroli-sharing in educational opportunities have no bearing on the final looking forward to adcj.ing their over 12 years' experience in he t:he lower bay of our Barracks) throughout the United States in choice. scalps to our belt. So let's have a radio field, having been connected feel about those morning and less than a generation. Happy birthday to Bob Kane, good turnout, men, and see if this with both the N .B.C. and C.B S. afternoon rehearsals w h i c h According to statistics of the who is now one year older. (He team will live. up to their name, national networks. started last week? Sgt, Elwood United States Office of Education doesn't look it.) Corporal Jack Fighter Squadron. He enlisted in the army on Dec. Eaton wanted to forego his fur-in 19.40, on the eve of America's Hartman played a lovely piece for 4, 1940, at Tulsa, Okla.; and has Iough, just so he would not miss entry into the war, almost as Bob's !birthday program Saturday This ifl an appeal to the boys in risen rapidly through the ranks. these regular concerts ... Poor many men were attending col .lege morning. the Group Personnel Section: Before his appointment as war-Sarge! as were in high school less than Your Drew Field presenters "WILL YOU PLEASE ANSWER rant officer, he was a Tech SerMr. Baker is on hand daily at a quarter century ago. The high hav.e been receiving some widely THE PH 0 N E ONCE IN A geant serving as the Sergeantour Orderly Room, upper bay, school enrollment in 1940 was varied. types of fan mail. In op.e WHILE?" Major of the 314 Air Base SquadBarracks T-272, to interview and seven times greater than in 1916. day they were invited up to a ron. And shortly b efore that he audition prospective mus1c1ans meal "on the house." That same biggest laugh of the :week was Sergeant-Major of Plant Field. for our Band. You can phone Ex-S J H day's mail brought a request from -the pair of pants your scribe re,.,.,.,,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,_,,_#,,,.,.., tension 388-F 1 for an appoint-iana q. WinS a young lady listener who wanted ceived back from the laundry. One u b tl I "!) o WI e ano 1er 1appy couple be-ment. 0 U S p p 4 J the program director to invite her good le':' then w ,hat looked hke a .for night falls. Laver left camp Gatta go now-the folks just Vef ., to a day at Drew Field, including shark-bttten second. The boys are with that look in his eye and off C f P "tt b h p tl 1 h l..l accus.ing me of swimming in the arne m rom 1 s urg enn. te mea s, so s e see real, the record he told me that this If t:he Quartermaster had come live soldiers live, worl, IJlay and gulf with my pants on. No kidSignal Headquarters and Head means marriage. Blessings on you, through with our .instruments, I eat. '\That won' t they ask for next?. ding, fellows, they were whole lt"ttle n1an. quarters of Drew knocked over the could be "showing-off" with my U.S.P.P. nine, 4 3 in a West Coast Until next week, we'll sign off when I sent Bell Lyre Oh 'well, such is Fate. league game Sunday. This was the. with a word to the wise ... keep So long fo 0 Your dl. 1 t d t tl D F" ld Cpl. Jarvie (if you men are r n w. first defeat for the Phosp.horic a s une 0 1 e rew te f wondering about his absence from team in this round. programs or real entertainment W#######_,.,,_#'#'"""' # d d h the P. 0 ) is now attending school, ,.,,.r ... _.,, Fourst went the distance for'the an goo s ows. _________ and .hopes to become a radio oper-1 REPORT Signal team in giving up five hits ,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,.,,.,.,,,,.,..,.,,,"'""''"' ator. Good luck, "Siatchell," and st lNG co. and striking out five. He also man-while you are at it, learn how to aged two of his team's nine hits. 903rd Ordnance Company repair radios; out of about thirty ON THE BALL Mazeda started on the mound OUR INCH radios in the barracks about three for the U.S.P.P. nine, but was re-function. You'll earn the undying From what informatoin I can get, there ought to be another knot tied on or about Wednesday: ..,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,#,,_,,,_,_,_.,, lieved by Hernandez in the eighth tl 1 f th By CPL. JOE GAUDIELLO when Signal Headquarters rose up ###,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,#,.,,,."'"''""'"''" .. ,. mances are just as great as eve Although we are very much ac-to tie up the score. By S/SGT. JAY F. CAREY An organizational blessing we cast Lt. Paul K. Waring has been put t'ing on a proverbial bride-groomtwitch these past couple of days and rumors have it that he will be standing up to the a ltar soon. This column is in favor of marriage and our hope for the happiness of our two most recent r1 quainted wit:h our C. O.'s cheeri-U.S.P.P. 201 000 000-3 5 3 W 11 as the .devil that our "fathers" are to you, Lt. Waring. e were JUSt about to close steadily increasing in number; Aside. from the marria(!es and ness and conviviality, last week Sig. Hq .. 010 100 011-,-4 9 2 t th b the young lieutenant was far ,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,.,,&-,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,. ou ano er usy week and we'll Carpet walking will be in orde r births this week, there isn' t much 'above par. Together with this, he have to take .time out to get in for this outfit for the next sev-happening. However, "Our Inch" men. Let' s keep right on tlte ball. o_u. r t.wo_ cents worth or circula-era! days. takes this nleans of congratu-latwent on leave over the week-end. A t f t t p mas per ec wosome, vts. twn. 1s hable to fall off. Monday the seventeenth and ing the newly rated men of the Lt. G. W. Noyes called for his Sanford Gelfand and Milton Gold-Ftrst f 11 Lt J 1 F c 1 1 heart ... rob and 1s no'" sat"lt"ng 0 a ac c a non t teres a sweet little bundle pull-, past couple of days and requests ""-' berg. What a comlbinatioli 1 A 1 1s gom t b b d 1 b g o e a ran -new papa. mg into Tampa station about 1:00 that all cigars. :be dropped in at a oard the ship of matrimony. gol.dbnck and cluef yardbtrd. They The Calnons and their first son p M Pvt Gerard Laver is the B k T 54,., K Congratulations and best wishes, l"k 1 I anac s "' eep up the good 1 e so mu_ch the: could I are now restdmg m Tampa. We're welcoming committee of one and work, gents, remember, there's sir. sleep nght alongside of tt. all on edge about it and proud I'm betting my boots that there more where tllat came ftorrl. B e 1 a t e d congratulations to T/Sgt. Manson Van B. Jennings. Two more stripes were added on his (lleeves recently and w ,hat's next, Van? We are pleased to have with us Lt. T. C Youngman and Lt. H A. Trenner, two new young officers who were recently assigned to our organization. The administrative staff wishes to thank the very limited number o f men we have for their fine cooperation in carrying out this company's share of details. Nice work, WOE 1-1.45 COMF TO POOR L!TIL DROOPY---H'5


Fri day J.ugu;;t 2 1. 1 942 DREW _FIELD ECHOES Sub Depot Subs REPORTS 1 2nd REPORTING COMPANY 56 4th I This lvcek \Ve \\il1 \isit our .,.,.,,,,,.c-,.####4 "BLITZ" Paint and Dope Shop: B.,: CPL. HARRY J. ZIGUX i I By S/SGT. TOM CARUSO Sam Anderson, who is foreman, I was in Uncl e Sam's Navy for ten XE\VS HERE AXD THERE: With Lt. Crumplar off to school It i s with g reat pnde that both along with Lt. Battin, who was years, where he h eld the rating of officers and enlisted men of the I our actin g company commander, Painte r 1st C lass. After leaving 501st extend their congratulations Lt. Mitchell has now ta:Ren over the Navy l n 19 36 he had some the duties of company commandto Major Frank J. Conley on Ius pretty big contracts in Alabama er. The entire company will be be-. promotio n. hind his efforts to make this cornBy Collier worked in many The Regiment w e lcomes Lt. pany outstanding in the Battalion. places with Paul Smith Corp. be-Robert J Weiss, newly assigned ... The company welcomes Lt. fore coming to us. He was in the ff" I Bolduc who h a s been added to our o rcer. officer personnel. last war. Saw action at Toule SecChaplain Boren and the 501st I S t P 1 1 d g nmavera s a over etor, Meuse Argonne and did 2% extends a warm welcome to ChapI luxe. Sometime liste n to him tell months at Chateau Thierry where l ain Prentiss C. Penticoff as the l you aibout the way he snatched a h e reall y got in some good fight-n ewly assigned chaplain fo r the I cute southern belle from six sailors in g. Walt Longworth is the baby of our Paint Shop;; he does most a ll of the sign painting, and as you "" 1av e noticed, he's plenty good! _:., Charlie P. Moll has only .been with u s a short while. He built one of the first planes here at Drew Field back in 19 3 4, a Pitenpol Air Camper with Model "T" For. d engin e. He also owns the 0 K. Paint Shop, and is a humdinger in automobile and furniture refinishing. Jeff Sineath has been in the G e n e r a I Painting Contracting business for the past 2 0 years-F elix A Perew has been sling-ing paint for 10 years. Previous to coming to Florida, he was an auto racer in Ohio. Says he bad much rather -fish than race. His' biggest catch was a 63-pound amberjack. who were escorting the young 50 4th. damsel. I hear that she really was Chaplain Penticoff is from Chi-a cute thing. Also, our Romeo is cago, Ill., and attended Illinois a n accomplished poet. Wesleyan, Northwestern University Lots of luck tp Corporal Hall, and the University of Chicago. He who .has gone home on an emer-gency furlough. He has returned will occupy offices with Chaplain home to complete his case which Boren at the Regimental Head-he worked on prior to his induequarters Building. tion into the service. (Corp. Hall With M /Sgt. Edward P. K elly is a darn good lawyer and we know that he will be successful (provost Sergeant) off to OCS, in winning this case.) S g t. Charles Dietz, assisted by Well, it really looks like the Sgt. Louis Szaljeko, will act as 2nd Reporting is getting on the Provost Sergeants. q lgt. Anthony Colins, of Sharon, Pa., i s an able sax player. Sgt. Don E Bradley, of the Communication Co., reports a most unusual event. Eight men of his company just returned from furloughs---:and not one of them married. Pvt. Edwin Lee, a swell fellow and a good soldier, left the other day. We don't know what reg i -ment or unit he is now part of, ball. It is very rare .that a Private would walk over to a non-com and ask him, "What else is there for me to do?" The non-coms wanted me to express the fact that let's keep things going as they are and we will make this the best company in the battalion. Keep it up, men. "The Fighting Ninth" By CPL. WALTER G. WERNER Gues it's only natura l for every gia. .. 1st Sergeant "Bill" JenIeins head of Ordnance Di v i sion, use d t o h a n g his h a t i n North Carolina But tha t was a long time ago-he's been in the Army for quite a while .... Oklahoma is the home state of our Commanding Officer, Lt. Charley B. Scott. Lt. Willie C. Evans, our Materiel Officer, is from Arkansas and our Adjutant, Lt. Philip Garber, comes from California. Do es that name sound familiar? Yep, yo u g uessed it; he's Jan Garber's nephew. Stuff That Makes the Folks Back Home Happy: Our two-fisted supply men, E d Burnett, went up to Staff Sergeant. Al Darbonne, our S gt. Major, is now sporting corporal stripes ... other promotions are: Otha L. Hawkes to Master Sgt.; G eorge Posner, Franlc V. Masi, and L. I. Stephens to T ec h Sergeant, and Lester J. Richard to Staff Sergean,t. Also promoted to corporai was Charles M. Thompson. Nice going, gentlemen. LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager \ 120 West Lafayette .street East Side of Bridge PJ10ne M-5588 WELCOME Se1-vice Men and Friends to the SWING CLUB I ''A nice place for nice people" Dancing and R efreshments 5008 M emorial Highway Phone H-2184 correspondent to think his own but wherever he goes we are sure T B d Grill 504th (Plant Field) that he will make many fri ends. squad is just about tops. But we The avem ar an Q U I P S Pvt. Richard Howard and Pfc. really do have a swell bunch of HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Lawrence Young have reti1rned to boys. They hail from all parts of Spaghetti a Specialty .,.,,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,_,,,.,.,,,,.,.,.,..,..,.,,,.,,.. duty after a short confinement at the country. Pvt. Rudolph PaloLIQUORS-BEER-\VINE5 Captain Floyd A. Lambert, new h 11 .t 1 W 1 b k f 1 maki, who can tune up a P-40 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 commandin"' officer of the Plot-t e ospl a e.come ac :like Rubinoff tunes his violin, is '-===============; "' h lows, and :best wrshes for contm_ ting Co. was introduced to t e a big Michigander from way up in ued good .health. group at a special entertainment the Upper Peninsula .... "Steve" Cpl. Paul Zenobia is now a pa-program and feed" Stephens, our hard-working top tient at the hospital. We hope that .held at Plant Field on Wednes-kick, comes from Augusta, Geor-you will read this article, Paul, day night. Captain Lambert was and know that the boys are think formerly Assistant Signal Officer ing of you and are anxiously of the II Fighte r Command. He is well known in the Regiment, having been with it since shortly after its .formation at Camp Haan, California. 2nd Lt Richard M a waiting your return. Pvt. Robert Hagen and Pvt. William Bouman are the two new men assigned to the Communications Co. We are glad to have you Durbin, former commander, has with u s, fellas, and are ready to now left the Company to attend a aid and cooperate with you. special educational course at a point in the north. FLASH! Since this writing the Plotting Company has acquired a new com mander, one 1st Lt. William Dalrympl e. Mayb e here will be another feed huh? Adams Kennedy Wbiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, O.wndy Notions Sgf. Clarence Coatiney, well I ;=:==============, known as the "Fighting .Plotters' Mess Chief" was a happy man whe n h e received a telegram ad -vising him that he was the father of a 6% pound .baby daughter. The n e w arrival was named Patricia. The telegram from Merced, .' added "Mother and \ughter doing well." _/ S g t. H W. Graham of the Headquarters pompany, Reporting Battalion, not satisfied with one war got married on his fur' Iough and is now forming the 2nd Combat front. White Way LAUNDRY 2806 Armenia Ave., Near Phone H-38118 RUBIN'S "THE HOME OF GOOD SPANISH FOOD" Dest Cocktails lUilltary Men 'Veicomc Air Conditioned j 1403 Tampa St. Phone M-7150 SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home 956 Twiggs M-1339 Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquarters of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone l\1 62-072 207 Tlliggs Phone M-123 6 FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland 01)posite Post Office Zack St. & Flo1ida Ave ., Tampa Telephone 3184 LINCOLN BAR entering to Colored Scnicc "Nice Place for Nice People" Main a t North Boulevard SPECIAL ATTENTION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son 1\'leats-Ptoduce--GJoceries Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. SERVICE DIENI! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE ... :. .:. .:. .:. .: :. 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 .:: Beer -Wines -Hostesses .. :. Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V .F.W. .:. :. and American Legion All Set-vicemen Are \Velcome to HUNTER'S CAFE Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773 Setvicem e n Are \Velcome Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Frank

Page 6 314th AIR BASE SQ. 56 4th MEDICOS WASHOUTS By T/SGT. HEXHY .J. RATZ \Vith an eye on the calendar we Roaming through the Detachment. Lt. c. B. Alden, to-go to Press. The eye on the cal getter with Cpl. Halk and Pfc. endar is for our much anticipated furlough. \Vhile on furlough we Hinchester were absent from the company street for four days dur-will not pursue the normal course ing which time they went on a and have a guest columnist, but will send it. direct from Pitts burgh. It will undoubtedly be secret mission to New Orleans and back. They're full of smiles these smoke heavy but, then, it will be days. neutralize d by all of the hot air Pfc. Crabb went from Gas normally dispensed in our squad to furlough-guess he just ron anyhow. couldn't take it. ... Sgt. Michel We were scooped this week by came in sober the other night. ... the announcement. of Pvt. John T/5th Gr. Ayvazian collected 30 Poitevant's wedding, but at least cents apiece from passengers on we can offer our congratulations. the Silver Meteor for Army Relief Just a cavorting Casanova and a which turned out to be beer .... roaming Romeo, our lad John. Pvt. Sylon wants to be a pa-To Sgt. and !\Irs. Kay our feli-tient when the women of the Red citations-we must be slipping. Cross Women's Ambulance Corps Our X-49% failed to report their practice carrying litters Saturday. marriage. Well, here it is and DREW InELD ECHOES really .have had things that called for congratulations. To 1st Sgt. Holiday we extend our sincere congratulations for having re. cently been appointed: a worthy tribute to a worthy man. DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: M-1086, 42:32 -Ali Service Men arc \Velcome BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne Friday, Augusi 21, 194:2 SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods Best of Liquors 2001 Nebraska HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY lktisfaction Gvaranteed 504 Tyler Street ===================== Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FHANRLIN Dan'l S. Bagley SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINNEBS On 22nd St. j t;'oC'####oC'#######oC'##########.,..,.###4 Always Say ... Service Men and Families are Welcome at Louis Sedilla Grocery Cold Drinks Beer and Wine Sa.ndwiches and Poultry 2018 Gr. Central Av. Ph. H-319<1 Mary Ellen Flower SHOP It seems he wants to test their with it goes ou1 best wishes for endurance .... Our dental tech-a happy married life. HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh Invites Service Men to Her New Shop Next to Big Ora.uge. Get tJhat Special Gift for Sweetheart or Mother.-1311 Gr. Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCO' S S!tiOii:ERS ARTICLES WELCO!tiE SERVICE MEN l<'loridu Av. & Twiggs St. BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical Your Feel Hurl? Complete Line of Arch Supports and Foot Remedies, at nician, Pfc. Gabelman, finally did Sgt. carey O'Neil after a terI what we )loped he'd do and pulled rific sessiol). with junior finally I his own tooth the other night; got back from his furlough. "He too bad it wasn't the wrong one. weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces and ... T /4th Gr. E. K. Jones of the what a husky left hook he's got," I (censored) Company of this Bat-beamed Pop. I SHOP B. T. MORRIS talion is busy painting name-To bear out uur convictions : plates for our officers and some that we have a top flight outfit of our men. Despite the fact that we point. with pride to the three he's not from this DBtachment newly-made warrant officers. To he's still a swell artist. Pvt. Messrs. Linn, Bodo, and McCor Terlep is now indispensable to us mick our wholehearted congratu-inasmuch as he is giving everyone lations. It' s an honor and a practice in eye-washing .... Pfc. privilege having such men as you Jackson gets egg sandwiches when with us. he_ goes. near the kitchen-it seems he wants to taste what he lays. It ap.pears as though we have A 'f h d devoted the entire c olumn < to s 1 e wasn t omg enough 'tt' d congratulatory remarks but we SI mg aroun your correspond-ent decided to make things in the Dispensary, but instead started a small tornado. He got three field phones (EESA), two throw switches, and some wire, and put in a system whereby the Dispensary was connected with the orderly room ,supply room, SELDOMRIDGE PHO.TOGRAPHER 418 ST. Ground Floor Hours Special B to 6 Appointments aattalion Surgeon's office, and TOWNSEND the outside. All went well (for Sash Door two hours) until an electrical & Lumber Co. storm came up and the system LUMBER & MILLWORK was ,hit by lightning, almost killROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSing Capt. Shapley. Needless to say PHONE H-4891 that Capt. Shapley didn't care so N Rome & Fuller Street much for the arrangement, an. d demanded that the system be reduced in intensity., However, a more or less satisfactory arrangement was made by the installation of a lightning arrestor which worked under a trial run. How-ever, the Captain's extension began to annoy him, for he'd hear strange noises in his office even when his phone ewasn't in use, such as, "Waiting, waiting, waiting, number plee-uz," and plenty of clicks. So another'throw switch removed that technicality, and peace now reigns. Of course, there were plenty of remarks flying around about Medical Department non-coms 'Yho transfer from the Signal Corps, with this writer bearing the brunt of them. Resourceful Recruits Privates Bill and Bill Kittiko, stationed at the Army Air Base in Orlando, Fla. landed in Sarasota, Fla. ; with a few days leave. A slight miscalculation of finances left them wit h neither money nor cigarettes. But they happened on a sign advertising a boxing tournament. Boxers were invited to enter the competition. The soldiers entered and did all right by themselves They returned to the Base toting three cartons of cigarettes, change in their pockets, two big silver loving cups, engraved with their aames and -oh, yes-two black eyes! CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida Phone B-3781 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Cammunlcatlng Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Gra.nd Central FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 ;Franklin St. BILLIARDS CIGARS -CIGARETTES .BEER WINES 'SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOT'L' 912 Flodda Avenue Meet Your Friends at .... I ROXY BAR -Beer -Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 !Hostec;ses--Dancing Pltoncs: !!:i88-2ti89 McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL D;SURANCE H:> Zack Street rl'antpu, Fln. BOB'S PLACE Beer Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr i Tires Balanced 'Tire Wear 1010 Central Avenue ,_. __ Epperson & Co. l Guns -Keys -Safes ================== I Jesse E. Harpe Machinery and Supplies SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. !HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 WELCOME SERVICEl\lE:X Garcia's Cafe and Bar 1326 Franklin, at Constant Phone M-70i7 91 3 Tampa Street HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.nk Rutas Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI "OUR 11th YEAR" 130-132 S. Franklin Street Pho.ne 2688 Tampa, Fla. WINE AND BEER M B d 1o3 HYDE PARK AvE. Buy ore on s FLAMINGO CONCRETE PIPE CO. 3613 EAST LAKE AVENUE P. 0. BOX 5288 -:PHONE Y1289 TAMPA, FLORIDA !:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:: ... :-:-:-:-::-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-;-:-:-:-:-:-:: :!: THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP :;: : HOTEL TAl\fPA : ;i: 406 E. St. ::: i "Snecin/Hzin"' In '\Ved(l:ing Flowers" :i; .. t ,..---------------. [ i. FLOWERS GU

. Friday, 21, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 7 sT. 350th SERVICE SQUADRON 564th PLOTT. CO. N E W S DOTS AND DASHES By P. F. c. MURRAY M. I' By CPL. s. c. 1\ATZENELL ROSENTHAL This fellow Aarhus-we should Special News Item Corporal say Corporal Aarhus-Is a real Jack Loughney has been writing soldier. He's got what it takes. t o a "BUNNY-DUCK" back home, ULF BEACHES Although in pain, Cpl. Guilford which gave all us guys a titter. But don't let the name fool you, Aarhus was smiling when he left fellers; it belongs to a Kathleen for MacDill Hospital where .he will 564th } l R t C ChatS 1 good luck and the very best in Fitzgerald who hails from good 'underg o a spinal operation. s ep 0. I everything. fighting Irish stock, and any name j Suffering for weeks, Aarhus By PVT. LLOYS E. I Corporal Kaplowitz was just re-o f endearment that the .Corporal fought off attack after attack in The company has moved from cently married, he _says: _my has for her suits her swell. tl t t t th h t t word, fellows, marned llfe 1s f Ine. orde r to continue his important le en s .o e new u men s. He enjo ed a three-day honey-Private James C. Woolley, "The Everyone Is just about settled Y Old Pumpkin Duster, has been position as Company Gas Noncom. now, and like the new hutments I moon in sunny and n_ow trying to convince the boys that Only on the orders of the medical better. Even those guys who toil I he doesn't lose any. time gettmg he's a native of Connecticut, but .department did Aarhus finally d t t th 0 d I R to town every evemng. an swea a e r er y oom, Sgt. Vidorich is an A-1 cake can't make us believe it, cause he has that certain Tennessee drawl! SjSg t. Joseph Gol den got :back from his furlough in consent to be hospitalized. We of they too seem satisfied. They have eater. He is better known as the the 56 4th wish you a speedy re-I a lot more room in which to do their work. "Cake Eating Sgt." A report came covery, Corporal. to your reporter that before he Ne'v Orleans; he seems to be a ---We are very foi:tunate in hav-can get on the ball, before he changed man Can it b e LOVE, With a cheer in his ,heart and a smile on his face, PFC AI .bert P Sergeant??? ing two first-class carpenters in our company, Pvt. Harvey Blanks 1 can get going each morning, he and Pvt Roy Zion. Th_ey keep us must have his cake. More power Hensley is busily entering the facts t "' d e hope ou P F. C Fre d C Stout has ap-well supplied with all types of 0 you, yarge, an w Y and figures in the Plotting Comcan get all the cake you want. peared before the examination their handiwork. This week Pvt. pany Journal. 'Back home, Hen-A d s h t 1 d d board for the Officers Candidate Blanks turned out an excellent fil-n say, arge, w a un you sley maneuvered a street car up rk b t? Sichool. ... Seems to this writer ing cabinet for the orderly room. I e es and down the streets of the indus-that h e has the makings of a fine trial city of Cincinnati. Nice work, men. =============== Officer. Sgt. Goland was seen carrying P. F. C George Safko can aiI Sgt. Robert W. Ludwig and Cpl. a saw and hammer around the ways be seen around the field with J:ules Feinberg are wondering. orderly room the other .day. Some a big cigar in his mouth .... Last when they will see the White of the fellows are wondering just week "The Mob From ThoityCliffs of Dov-er. ... Pvt. George w ,hat lie could do with those. tools. Thoid Street" sent him a box to Mumaw is today laboring over his Pvt. David H. Kellog and Pvt. "KEEP HIM SMOKING. Private ,home work he left Sunday Chester L. Kinder are claiming to (HANK) MiHer hasn't for Orlando where he is taking an be the company' s "chow hands. rece1vmg packages from home like I advanced course in lu.s particular Pvt. David H. "Hook-nose" he used to. What's the matter, field. : .. Mumaw is a one man Iogg says he will take on all combuddy? Doesn't your girl love you chamber of commerce from Kokoers in a contest, any place at any any more??? Please send her an mo, Ind .... The little fellow will time, to determine who can eat S 0. S as we can't. and don't in-talk you deaf, dumb and blind the most, loser pays all. Come on, tend to be over friendly with you about his home town, revealing chow hounds, someone accept his if you don't. get back on the beam the places of interest, etc. challenge. in the package department. PriFour ,prominent figures of the Pfc. Lowell F. Brush has been noticed a great big smile these days. He was seen in Tampa with his Indiana sweetheart. Is vate Melvin answers roll, call each Plotting Company are enjoying morning by saying C 0 min g leisure today. They ieft Monday "Upp-p." So! The last few morn-on their furloughs. They are Pvts. ings the fellers have been openWilliam Watson Anderson, Dal-she a blonde, Brush? ing ranks,. hoping fo. r him to step ton, Ga.; William E. Henning, S/Sgt. James P. Wallace is no, up front, but he never does. Less Eau Claire, Wis.; Larry ]'ogerty, longer connected, with .our com-talk and more action, private. Minoequa; and P. F. c Thomas pany. He is. now attending Private Huth called this office He did a swell J"ob in this com-Mager, Chicago. I for a correction in his name. So w h t d t 1 b We reluctantly ,said goodbye to pany. e a e o ose 1m. SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st No. Mastellar's Sundries ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINKS 201 9th St. So.' Opp. 1Sea'Board Station Colonial Doll Shop 115 9th St. So., Opp. Webbs FLORIDA SOUVENIRS UNUSUAL GIFTS For Wife and Sweetheart PARISIAN CLtANERS 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone '8631 for our information the full name our friend, Sgt. Dewitt Dearborn, Every man in this company wishes I is ... Ed!Vard (LYSANDER BOScharter member of the 564th. The him the very_ best of luck-in per COl\j: BREAKDOWN UpLIFT) Sarge took off for Ft. Monmouth, the duties of the jo:b that j Huth. HO! Hum! ... such goings N. J., where he will prepare him)las chosen. Hang right in ;::=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:' on. self to be an officer in the there, Sarge; I am sure _you will Your author's dear .wife Helen sent a line to this column to wit ... ''BY BUYING BONDS YOUR DOLLARS HAVE SENSE'.'' Corps. Possessing an alert mind amount to something some day. an. d good common sense, Dear-Also from our company attending born should pass ah examinations ocs are S/Sgt. Robert Clyde, with flying colors. Recently CorporAl Wedgwood, and Corporal elevated to a Corporal, Robert Zimmerle. The whole cqmpany VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, Owner -450 4th St. So. Phone 9518 Service Men Always Welcome Butts is considered one of .the best joins me in wishing you fellows 1 Sulphur Spnng' Cafe ditty singers on the post he ;:============::; 1 I W e Specialize in Home Cooked and his pal, Pvt. c A. Baseler, Wonder Bar And Grill Food, Chicken, Steak and who is an accomplished guitar For Promp t Service Headquarters for Service Men Chop Dinners 1 d f S p ayer an a smger rom way BEER, LIQUOR and WINE urphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. back, entertain the :boys nightly ,with their catchy tunes. Phone 5909 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 l The new Don Juan of the 564th Sulphur Springs Hotel answers to the name of John Special Attention to all Chaga .... Five days ago, Chaga 1 / Servicemen Arcade Building was promoted to a Tech Corporal. Pvt. Robert Fite, subbing for I Adjoining Swimming Pool the Plotting Company's regular runner, 'Pvt. Earl Burton, has held ;: the fort down pretty good in spite Phone S-5073 Prompt Delivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave. Sulphur Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN KEEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES-15c-First Round tOe-Additional RoundS Next to Sulph'Q.l' Springs PooJ of his inexperience .... Corporal Ed Perry's favorite song is Cali fornia, Here I Come ... his )lome is San Diego, Cal. Private Jack believed that he was an ace, So he drove GI cars at a very fast pace, And the wreck resulted'twas long overdue, Should warn all drivers and especially you. MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Stleet No. St. Petersburg, Fla. JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds and Silverware GIFTS OF ALL KINDS At Prices That Cannot Be Duplicated EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAffiiNG Over 30 years in St. Petersburg Owen-Cotter Jewelry Co. 273 Central Avenue Tel. 60514 WELCOME SERVICE MEN "'" '" -..,.,.._. ... ....._ Swim at' the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled" Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. Petersburg Service Men's Uniforms That \Vill Pass Inspection Cleaned and Ptessed 50c FLORA-DON ,.'.;,;."" CLEANERtS AND DYERS,,, Phone"4727 1239 Central Av. OLDEST AND LARGEST DRY CLEANERS IN .ST. PETE 24 Hour Ser.vice PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. Phone 4372 Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 20th Century Alleys .... ... .. .. ... ........ ... :: 1 . . . . ......... -.-.... -....... -.... -.... -................... -.-.-....... -.... -....... -.-.-.-...... New Paramount Soda Grille 1131 4th Street North AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS DELICIOUS FOODS SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN DRINKS Music and Dancing "All At Popular Plices" Gilbert System Hotel Betty C. JUitehell, l\lgr. 746 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Phone 7864 "Your Bonte A'vny from Home'' You Are Always Welcome A phone In Every Room Hot and Cold Water All 'I'imes Northmoor Apts. Stop in close to headquarters for the duration Cool,. clean effic iency Apts., or Rooms and Bath ily the '\\Teek, l\lonth, Season' or Yearly ni 6th Ave. No. Phone 70-781 GORDON HOTEL Phone 6W7 TRANSIENTS WELCOME Rooms with Baths and Showers Large Veranda and Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Ave. -North ROOMS, APTS. & COTTAGES Reasonable Rates, by Week, Month or Year ADULTS ONLY NO At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St: Pete, Fla., Phone 50-6 l 2 At St. PeteJ"Sburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY Imported \Vines And Liquors GEORGES LUNCH 14 2ni St. So. Specializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, SANDWICHES Paramount Bowling Alleys You are Invited to visit our modern and up to date alley" 860 4th Ave. s. Phone 7508 tJ.kHat BEER84, tb St. So. 19 1st St. No. Ppone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining RoomS, Chinese and American Meals DINE AND DANCE THE COTTAGE 2102 4th Street North WINE AND BEER


Page8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, 21, 194"2 DREW NINE TRIMS MacDILL AGAIN, 6-1 On Saturday the Drew Interceptors downed their cousins, the ?llacDill Flyers, 6-1, in a West Coast league game played at Mac farlane park. The victory was the CHURCH CALL 3rd Air Force To 1 Hold Swim Meet ..,_ ___ ___; __ ___, On September 13 6:15 8:00 Rom-an Catholic A. M.-Mass, Chapel 1. A. M.-Mass, Chapels 1 and 2. I 31st for the Interceptors against 16 defeats. The Third Air Force will hold its annual swimming meet for the 11:00 Tampa Area air !bases on Septem Jewish 1 A. Bldg., nea r i Chapel 1. I Protestant Drew's win over MacDill was ber 15 at the Davis Island swim-the sixth out of eight games the two teams have played. S g t. Fred Swindells hung up his ming pool. The first Third Air 11: 0 0 Force swimming meet was held 11 00 A. M .-Stunday services, Chapels 1 and 2. A. M.-Sunday Plant Field chapel. last year, September 30, at he 16th victory of the season in lim-same pool, with the 5 30th Signal iting the Flyers to four hits and of Aircraft Warning Company walking two. Drew Field winning it by a halfThe Interceptors blitzed across point margin-over the 66th Born-two runs in the first frame on a sing_le by Klimczak and a double by Todd, plus two free passes to take the lead Singles by Klim-bardment Squadron from MacDill. The Headquarters, of the Third Air Force, finished in third place with only one point of difference Vesper services, 7:30 Sunday evening, Chapel 1. Tuesday evening Prayer Meeting 7:30 P.M., Chapel 1. A new chaplain has arrived at Drew Field, Chaplain Roy M. Terry. He will serve as chaplain for the 505th Signal Regiment and hold his own services in the regimental area. czak, Todd and a double play by between them and the second ,..,.,.,.,,_,, ___ Bekeza sent two more tallies place winner. & Hq. Sq., T .hird Fighte r Com across the platter in the third. Last year we only h a d a week's maud, 4 3. The 327th S ervice MacDill scored their only run notice b efore the meet was held, Squadron took the 903rd Ordnance on a base on balls, infield out and and at that time a Signal Com-Company by the margin of 4-1. an error .by the third baseman pany that was only two months old The same afternoon the Base who let the ball get from came up with the winning team. Medics got in the race by taking him in a pick-off play from the 11his year we will have a month the 309th Headquarters Squadron, catcher. of preparation for the meet, and 4-3. Previously, in a playoff game Todd and Klimczak accounted it is hoped that every unit on the for the first round championship, for six of Drew's hits with three field will enter a team. the 309th gave the "Docs" a hard apiece. Each 'Special Service Assistant going over. The "Medics" say they l)hould get busy and line up his are going to be back in the race Bonelli, of Drew, made a long t tl t this time in a big way. diving catch of Lazaro's short line team and sta.t t prac Icmg l>O ra 0 T d A t Drew Field will still carry on with n hurs ay, ugust 13, wo drive into centerfield in the fifth more .games w ere played. The for the feature play of the day. its winnings on the a!hletic field. Russ Crider chalked up 11 strikeouts during the afternoon, but his mates .did not -produce the runs to go with his pitching per-Softball League Enters 2d Round 327th Service Squadron won an endurance contest as well as a .,,_ ., t .) Freshen Chew Wrigley' s Spearmint Gum Yes, you've got to be in the armed forces to really appreciate how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean. Man, how it helps to chew gum when you're tense, tired or thirsty! Cools your mouth-moistens your throat-seems to give you a refreshing lift. Aids digestion, too. Enjoy chewing delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum during strenuous flightsafter hard work-when you're off duty-at other times, too. It does things for you.


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