Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 26 (August 28, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
August 28, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1 NO. 2G Pttblished E LenJ Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, August 28, 1942 Army Emergency Relief to Aid Drew Men WorkJ.to Save Rubber Needy Soldiers and Dependents 505th MAGICIAN A FELLOW TO WATCH Army Emergency Relief has 'been organized by the Army to give speedy financial help and other assistance to all soldiers and their dependents who deserve help, whenever and wherever such help is needed. Relief may b e granted in the form of Jlloney, by loans, by aid in kind including fue l, medical and dental care, hospitalization, assistance in securing pensions, compensation, insurance and allotments, and through information, consultant, placement, and supervisory services. Soldiers or their dependents can ask for help at any Army Post, camp or air field, or local Red Cross Chapter, where full information will be availai.lle. W h e n applying, dependents must give name, grade, serial number, organization, station or last mailing address of the soldier. Band Member Composer of Polkas and Tangos The latest addition to the Air Force Band, Pvt. Mojmir Sedlac, it not only a flutist of consider By Tj5G. GEORGE T. BOWERS able skill, but a composer as well. "I wouldn't play cards with Only 28 years old, Pvt. Sedlac you!" is a seasoned veteran as a band This expression is typical about and orchestra flutist. A native of dusk in the Communications Chicago, where he played during Company' s Administration tent in the season of 1936 with the Oak the 505th. The daily routine and Park Symphony Orchestra, he personal .duties are forgotten journeyed to Hollywood in order w .hen the .boys gather around to to study under Julius Furman of watch an impromptu magic per-Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, reputed to formance 'by Cpl. Clifford Bennett, be one of the finest flutists in the of PeterS'burg, Ind. An' d it's smau country. wonder the boys become goggle-Sedlac profited by Furman's tueyed_from watching his many im-telage and learned to compose possible feats. For Cpl. Bennett music while in Hollywood. He has has been mystifying the public already had published several with his magic ever since he was original compositions. In 19 4 2 he old enough to hold a wand in his wrote a Czech Band Polka and hands. had it published in Chicago. He He performed his first trick at also composed an Argentine tanthe age of five. His mother was go for an all-Latin revue while very much amazed when he caused in Mexico City. a coin to disappear. (He swal-In 19 3 9 Sedlac enlisted in the lowed it!) Since that early at-Army, 'becoming a member of the -tempt ,at magic, Cpl. Ben,nett's 11th Field Artillery Brigade Band, technique improved until he be-stationed in Honolulu. While in came a full-fledged magician. Hawaii he played with the HonoEven in his high school days, he lulu Symphony Orchestra. was jerking rabbits out of hats On Dec. 19, 1941, he signed up and causing snow-white' doves to for another hitch and was stadisappear into thin air. For sev-tioned at Mitchell Field, N. Y. eral years he made the rounds of 1 While there he buddied around the theaters and clubs, playing witli Bud Estes and Luukkonen, under h 1 s professional name. both of w .hom are now members "Dracstein, The Miracle Maker of of the Drew Field band, and they Magic." He presented a 15-minute began the preparation of a musi act of magic; his fea-cal revue, "the Deep Sleep ture trick was picking lighted cig-They expect to complete it during arettes from the air. their leisure hours here at Drew Cpl. Bennett could rightly be Field. classified as "The Boy Edison of ------ie----1\fagic." His flare for legerdemain FORMER DREW MAN has produced dozens of magical WINS FLIGHT WINGS inventions. Many are being sold across magic counters today, while /_.. he is keeping for his own ._J.rsonal use when he returns to "1vilian life. Before Cpl. Bennett was inducted into the army-he is now the Company Clerk-he was working at the world's largest magic .company which is located in Michigan. There he had a c .hance to develop his technique and work out his many ideas for new tricks. This factory of enchantment is the headquarters for all traveling magicians, and while there he made friends with such famous wand -wielders as Blackstone (world's greatest magician), Nicola, Abbott, Scarne, Grant, etc. On of the favorite tricks the boys enjoy watching is CpL Bennett's Impossible Poker Deal. Let me explain why it is impossible: A borrowed deck is shuffled and cut several times. In slow motion -get this-Cpl. Bennet deals out four poker hands. When the play ers glance a t their cards, their eyes bulge out at the sight of seeing a miniature art gallery-picture cards all of the same denomination. Terrific hands of this cal-( CoDtlnned on Poge 2) Way back in December, Corpo ral Ralph F. Bladell, a member of the 13th Transport Group at Drew Field, passed an examination for flight training. In January he started his training to become an officer in the Army Air Corps. A recent communique lists Corporal Bladell as among the graduates at Foster Field, Sep tember 6. Major Ziska Promoted Major Clarence W. Ziska, Base Administrative Inspector, recently was elevated in rank from captain to his present position. In civ'ilian life, Major Ziska, who comes from Bedford, Ohio, was a construction superintendent in the local building trade circles. An office r iu the Ohio National Guard since 19 2 9, Major Ziska was called into service on Oct. 15, 1940. From that date until Jan., 19 4 2. he served as the regimental supply officer of the Il2th Engineering Regiment at Camp Shelby, Miss. In Jan., 1942, h e was trans ferred to Drew Field where h e has served as Base Administrative Inspector ever s inc e Drew soldiers show how to save automobile tires. In the above picture an officer makes a "spot check," having his 1ucn test thoroughly. Allowances to Dependents Will Be Paid In September The War Department has announced that checks in payment of allowances to dependents of enlisted men of the Army, covering the first applications to be approved,. will go out shortly after September 1st. These checks will include all sums accrued up to that date in the individual cases covered. Thereafter payments will continue to be made shortly after the first of each month for sums accrued up to the end of the previous month on approved applications. Drew soldiers are right on the ball when it comes to conservation of rubber. Drivers of all army vehicles a:t Drew F:ield are instructed to avoid rubber waste resulting from excessive use of brakes, quick starts, sudden stops, taking curves too fast and bumping against curbs. They also check the air pressure in their tires every day, government records revealing that tires only 80 per cent inflated waste 30 per cent of their rubber. Vehicles not in use are jacked up and put on blocks to keep weight off idle tires. Dual tires are removed from trucks not loaded .heavily enough to need Inexpensive Gadget Replaces Very Costly Hydraulic J k them. Wheels on all trucks are ac II switched periodically to insure even wear. Brakes are kept properly adjusted and wheel alignment is checked regularly. CAPT. BUDGES [at left] points out how new gadget works. "When I need something, I go I load it must carry. There is also out and make it." a pin to meet the requirements of That philosophy of American I heights o f airplane ingenuity expressed by Capt. J. The man-powered jack elim!:' N. Hudgens explains two inven-nates holding up airplanes over a tions of the Drew Field Sub De-long period of hours with the hypot Engineering Officer \vhich are draulic jack, a procedure which is now being successfully used at the hard on the expensive tool. Capt. subdepot here. Hudgens finds his invention very Refusing to be balked by priori-successful as long as it is not overties or wartime production and loade d, and thinks it will last a difficulties, Capt. Hudgens invent-lifetime. ed a tripod jack to save wear and When lifted into position by a tear on the expensive hydraulic tripod jack, a plane may be servjack used in repairing airplanes. iced, the landing gears checked Eight of these tripod jacks-built for extended or retracted pos iin the subdepot machine shop-tion, and also the limit switches are now used in the subdepot. which operate and control the Fifty-two inches high, the jack landing gears. The pla n e may b e stands on a three-foot triangular jacked up in the same position as base and has an inch or an inch and a half pipe, depending on the (Continued on Pnge 2) In truck operation, drivers are taught to avoid excessive loads and to see that loads are evenly distributed. Every vehicle at the field has a regular driver who keeps it in first-class condition. In case, however, that he overlooks such items as under-inflation or improper lt!'brication, a motor sergeant' who i s specially trained in maintenance and transportation checlrs up. As an extra precaution, the base automotive officer makes frequent "spot checlrs" of cars and trucks used by every unit in the field, putting a crew of trained men at work checking it from the ground up. This shows how well the maintenance rules are being observed. The war department has just authorized a qualification badge for drivers and mechanics who (Continued on Page 2) Pictorial Story Of Drew Field A 12-page pictorial story of life at Drew Field will appear in the magazine supplement of The St. Petersburg Tiines on Sunday, Sept. 6. The Drew Field public r elations staff coJperated with The Times in making the story possible. The Base Photo Lab. took most of the pictures, r eceiving assistance from Lt. Clare G. Shar key and Corporal Radford C. Williams, of the Third Fighter Command. Don't fail to get a copy of this issue.


Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes GLEXN R. ROSS, Publisher T.ampa Army Newspapers Bnslne!IJ< Office: 111:; FLORIDA A VENUE Tampa, Florldu P. o. llox :>22 Phone 2177 All advertisements contained In thiffi ne,vspnper are contained In the ltla.,DIII Field Fly Leaf. Minlomum Joint clrculntlon: 8,000 cople!<. Br T/SGT. HENRY .J. KATZ The 564th Blue Ribbon Litter & Ambulance Team came through with another victory last Saturday when they gave one of their famous demonstrations of litter drill and ambulance loading for ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED the benefit of the American Red ON REQUEST Cross Women's Ambulance Corps. They did a very good job (they A newspaper published exclusive-say), but then, who wouldn't with ly for the personnel _of Drew Field l such nice ladies for the aud{ence? and devoted to military mterests and the United Nations Victory. Roammg agam ... we meant Opinions expressed in this news-. no harm last week when we stat p al?er a r e those of the individual ed that Sgt. Michel came in sober wnters and under no Circumstances are they to be considered those of one n1ght. After all, every man the United States Army. Advertise-is entitled to .SOME re1axation. ments in this publication do not Cpl. Ayvaxian is walking on constitute an endorsement by the .. War nepartment or its personnel of an these days. It seems as though the products advertised. his shoes need re-soling .... Cpl. Army Life Widell is going to sell his hair to the mattress industry. Either that or take out shares i n the Brillo The army life is bright and gay, Company. If you smile along the way; Pfc. Waterman, on detached On the other hand, if you can't service at 'Veehauken, N. J., take it, claims the mosquitoes are no bet It's like all else, just what you ter up there than they are here. make it. Cpl. Walk (spelled Halk in last week's Echoes) i s quite hap-It's easy, hard, but you can make it py. Ruby loves him. For further details, see Cpl. Walk .... Pvt. Vento has been in the hospita l almost a week. Hope we'll see him back here soon .... Pvt. Simeone, If army rules you disregard; The place where the .army outstands, Is not enjoyed in foreign lands. the company painter, musician, and what have you, thinks Bach is a type of beer. Our men are all on equal terms, Be he "man," mouse or worm; It matters nGt as to your descent, Your quarters will be in the new hutme_nt. Pvt. McDuff is getting to be quite handy with our Calamine Lotion. In fact, we might even go so far as to say he's "On The Ball." ... Cpl. Pansar likes TamYou'll take your the rest, hikes along with pa's 5 and 10 cent stores. He claims Newberry's has a charming item at one of the counters .... Pfc. Gabelman has finally learned the difference between Boric Acid and Iodine. Boric Acid, he claims, has BLACK letters on the bottle, and Iodine, RED. It's a darned good thing he's not color-blind. (The operation was a success, but the patient died.) And all the requirements are to do your best; If at any time you can't pull through, Remember-there's millions backing you. Have no fear when you'r'e being inspected, You won't be rected; There's room kicked, only cor-Pfc. Eichorn wants to go over-seas; he has an Axis to grind .... in the army for S/Sgt. Simcox has invented a lad-many more, der without rungs for use when And a recruiting office at your cleaning cellar windows .... Capt. front door. B. S. Shapley, our Battalion Sur-So come on, fellows, don't be geon, is having trouble with his alone, wristwatch, a Christmas present. Let's get it over, and we'll all go It turns green every spring. At home. least he can use it to tell the -Pfc. A. P. Hensley, seasons, as well as the time. Plotting :Company, 56 4 SAW. Bn. &lp. DREW FIELD ECHOES !her would excite the m ost experienced gamblers, and before the betting is over, their eye-teeth, no doubt, would be included in the pot. When the actual showdown comes, Cpl. Bennett calmly lays out-you guessed it-four beautiful aces! See wat I mean? P. S.: Dracstein doesn't gamble! Inexpensive Gadget (Continued from Page 1). when flying, ana any. check of instruments which must be done at a flying position is easily accom-plished. It took Capt. Hudgens only a few days to invent the jack and approximately the same time for him to have it made in the machine shop. The instrument is inexpensively made, having been constructed from pieces of angle iron and heavy gauge pipe. After the pieces are cut to the desired length, only a n hour or so is required to weld them together. Another invention by Captain Hudgens being successfully used at Drew Field i s a four-tier repair tray on castors, known around the subdepot as a tray dolly. Cowling and other parts of the plane are placed on. the tray dur ing repairs, t h u s eliminating strewing vital parts of the plane ft PALMA iitTHEATRE McDILL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS Open 3 P. M. Dally Progl'am Week o'f August 30th Sundny, JUontlny, 'l'uesdny STRIKE UP THE BAND," with lUickey Rooney, Judy Gurlnnd Also "lllcet Boston .Bhtckie," with Chester Morris nnd Rochelle Hudson. Added News. Wed., Thurs., Sept. 2, 3 "BROAD'\V A Y LIIIIITED," with Victor lllcLuglen und lllnrjorie '\\'oodworth. Also-"I Wont n Divorce," with Dick Powell nnd Joan Blondell Fri., Snt., Sept. 4, :;-"UNHOLY PARTNERS," with Edw. G. Robinson, Edw. Arnold AIHo "Cherokee StriJ>," with Blchnrd Dix nnd Andy Clytie SOLDIERS 17c Drew Men Work MILITARY CLOTHES (Continued from Page 1). have performed their duties for at least. three months with a rating of excellent. The badge will be a cross of oxidized silver bearing a disc wheel with a tire at its center. A bar suspended from the badge_ will show the type of qualification of the soldier. A wards will be made by the organization commander upon recommendation of the soldier's immediate commanding officer. White W'ay LAUNDRY Z806 Armenta Ave., Near Michigan Phone H-3898 7 Photos $5.95 Including One SxlO HA:r-."D TINTED IN OIL OPEN UNTIL 8 P. :M:. HOWARD STUDIO 908Vz Franklin St. Suite 18 Across StJeet From Grant's that fit better! OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS 916 FRANKLIN ST. S M A R T :MIL I T A R Y C L 0 THE S U!ll'Xf euJ Cool Restful Atmosphef'e Supel'b Food Excellent Sef'vke .lAMES B. PICKARD, Mgr. on the ground where they may be stepped on, bent or become dirty. Each tray is marked with chalk so that a mechanic knows immediately to what plane the parts belong. C;tptain Hudgens constructed the four-tier tray from lumber in the hangar carpenter shop and seven such trays are now in use in the hangar. All were made of scrap lumber; the only thing bought were the castors. In civilian life, Captain Hudgens was a Diesel and civil engineer at Albany, Ga. He has 15 years experience in construction and four years as an aeroplane engineer. fre came to Drew Field June 2 6 from the Air Depot at Mobile, Ala. 1008 FRANKLIN ST. ONE SOLID WEEK STARTS SATURDAY, AUG. 29 A THRILLING DRAMA OF RUSSIAN HEROISM VERSUS JAPANESE TREACHERY ORDERS from TOKYO with DANIELLE DARRIEUX ANTON WALBROOK Directed by Nicolas Farkas Friday, August 28, 1942 AIR-CONDITIONEA 711 0 AN l< L I !\J PA j PHONE Ml878 NO'V PLAYING Thru Friday SWIDG JAmBOREE! You'll hit the high spots at this nightspc1 01"' "'" .)(1 liil1,1j -p<> CROB'! Jred ASTA!RE in -Extra -H. V. Knltenborn "Edits the News" Latest Parnmount News AIR-CONDITIONED 712 FRANKLIN lFLORIDAi PHONE 32SIO SUNDAY AND IIIONDAY "Take a Letter, Darling" Rosalind Russell Fred McMurray --Fenture No. 2 -"The Postman Didn't Ring" Richard Travis Brenda Joyce SATURDAY AND SUNDAY "Two Yanks in Tdnida4il" PAT with BRIAN O'BRIEN DONLEVY ---Feature No .. 2 -"TEXAS" william Holden, Glenn Ford AINBOW TAVERN Owned and Operated by NICK BROWN DINING DANCING COCKTAIL LOUNGE e Spanis h, Italian, Americ a n Food Curb S ervice Op e n 2 4 Hon r s A Day 11 Phone H-3121 Orchestra Nightly lllo

Friday 28. 194 2 B)" PFC. JOHX E. LEE I The !IIedics have a new edi tor 1 due to the fact that our former e ditor, Pfc. Frank Focht, i s too busy applying Fitch's Shampoo to his fast-falling hair, so, folks, I .1 hope I can do as good a job as my friend Frank. Attention N. Y. State Residents To residents of New York State : Representatives of the New York State Ballot Commission will b e at Drew Field, beginning 8 A.M A u gust 28, fo r the purpose of assisting Ne w York residents in making application for w a r ballots. Soldiers who vote in New York Stat e are invited to contact these representatives who may b e found in the East Wing of the Base School Bldg. The boys in Dlspens.ary No. 2 w ere really surprised to hear that our little bashful boy, Pvt. Duche min, stepped out and really mar-ried that little w\:Jmap he was ,..,,.,. dreaming about. The boys all wish him the best of luck and hope that all his troubles will be little Sub Depot Subs ones Be c a reful, Sgt. Repass, .,.,.,.,.,.,."',.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.""'""-""""""" those bells are ringing close to vour doorstep Sometlung new has been add-. ed to Sub-Depot. What used to b e From all reports v1a New York the "Planning Seqtion" is now C 1ty Pfc: and Schub are PRODUCTION CONTROL. reall y pamtmg the town. Better watch out for Winchell, boys. Cha1:he Spaduzz1 has made Something seems to be missing in the Kmgflsh: Before comm?. to the Flight Surgeon's office since 1 Dre w, was genial Lt. Gonczy left us. We all sales PI <_>motwn managm f.or fiVe sincerely wish him the best of years w1th Gene r a l Electnc. I uck in his new post. Is it possible for girls to come Ask Sgt. Walters about the any sweeter tha n Myrtle Klepach? earthquake that hit Barracks No. Myrt h andles the Purchase Con-2 the other night. I wonder if trol Reports and Files. She has that is the reason Pvt. Piellucci is five cats, lmt this doesn t sound staying out of S:gt. Walter's sight like Myrtle, as she isn' t the least lately. bit "meowish." Congratulations are in order to Katherine Cox i s taking care of the following men who have been all the T. 0. for the Engineering promoted: Master Sergeant Dean fore m e n and mechanics. Before 1st Sergeant Walters, Staff Sercoming to us she h elpe d her hus-. geant Senecal, Sergeant Evans, band, who i s in the floor servicing Corporals Cain, Golden, Cruikbusine9S. Says she can make a shank, Hartung and Guthartz. sanding machine jitterbug all ove r Pfc. Nemeth is sure getting the p lace. lonesome for J ersey since receiv-Mike McCully i s Supervisor of ing that picture from that little t h e Stock Trace r Section. Before nurse h e met while at home last. coming to us last fall, h e manWell, folks, if you really want aged W. T Grant stores in N J. to see a ball game come over to for seven years. our new field just opposite the Albert Alverson, holding down Dispensary when the boys are his first job as Stock Tracer, t ells playing. They really played a swell m e he's intereste d in tearing phogame the o t her night, knocking nographs and radios apart. the 3rd F. C by a score of 8 to 5. Bill B e n ton is also on his first Nice going, boys. It sort of looks job. Came to us two montl1s like Sgt. Evan s is doing things in from Embry-Riddle School of Avithrees. First he gets three stripes ation in M iami. Was r aised on a and then he makes three errors in farm in Geor g ia. Says he' s a pretthe game the other night while ty good rider-especially on a playing third 'base. Watch out for mule. those threes, S g t. Million-dQllar-personality H e l e n The boys a ll seem to think that Dorman has charge of all the Corpora l Cain has applied phos-work orders. Before coming to u s phorous paint to his newl y won s h e worked six year s for Mutual sti'ipes, as they are so discer ni:ble Banke r s Corp. H e len says: "W. h e n in the. dark. the h-am I going to get that Pvt. Bill Brown is really the ride that everyone, from Capt. man-about-town. First his girl \Villiams down, has promised friend spends. a week here visitme?" ing him, and now his aunt has we wonde r why Lt. Cromartie trave led 1,600 miles to see him. always comes to attention whe n At this time we wish to w elcome h e hears the name St. Pete. Could Pvt. Tac.onet, who has spent several weeks at school at the Wal ter Ree d Hospital, Washington, D. C 505th 3rd Reporting Company NOTES DREW FIELD ECHOES it possibly be a all, ravishing blonde in them thar parts?!?-Lt. Birnie has sure made a hit with us all. Doesn't act like a 2nd Lieut. at all and we bet h e won't b e for long. A Miraculous Medal was found just outside of the hangar. If the owner will see Ralph H ancock, it will be returned. SWIMMING MEET FOR THIRD AIR FORCE BEGINS SEPT. 16 The swimming tournament for all organizations in or attached to the Third Air Force stationed in the T ampa a rea will begin Wed., Sept. 16, and continue for two or more days, depending upon the number of entries. Cuscaden Swimming Pool, in Tampa, will be the site of the tournament. Team s representing squadrons, companies, and d etachments will compete, with appropriate awards going to the winning organizations and to the individual winners. Team entries will be made to Base Physical Training Offi cers of the various bases on or before Sept. 10. A large variety of individual and team e v ents will feature the tournament. INSECT BITES-MUSCULAR ACHES o9& &19./Je V/t.ug_. Stxn.e4 Soldiers Welcome To ... AUNT GUSSIE'S PLACE Sandwiches -Beer Wine Soft Drinks N. Boulevard Corner Case Street LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A CLAY, Manage r 120 \Vest Lafayette ,stteet East Side of Biidge .Phone M-5588 Diamonds and All Jewelry 605 Franklin St. Expert Watch Repairs By NOEL WILKINS Sunday, August 25th, the 3rd Reporting "Swamp Rats" gloriously succumbe d to a seventh-inning batting 'blitz put on ,bY the Communications Co ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 1st Sgt. John P. Bryant, who just returne d from a furlough, brings with him the toast of the Blue Grass of Paducah, Kentucky -Mrs. Vera Louise Bryant. During the r ecent d eluge, while the showers were inoperative, Tech. 5th Gr. William A. Goodrich was seen laboriously scrubbing his inflated anatomy with a G.I. brus h and bucket. Some sight some bucket. A monument to man's ingenuity now stands a t the f a r end of the 3rd Reporting Company's area. Recently, a woode n bridge was erected ove r the muddy waters of Lost Creek. The Herculean task was accomplished by Cpl. Carl Baker. Orchids and Scallions: Orchids to Cpl. J a mes Spain hour for his recent promotion. Scallions to Cpl. Carl Baker for "I'll never do it again." Scallions to Cpl. Walter T Hart for the bountiful bundles of Billet D e uxs h e leaves daily. SHOES FOR MEN 508 FRANJ{LIN STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA We Give Service To The Men In The Service! The LOGICAL and BEST place t o buy military needs for officers and enlisted men. -Open TUESDAY and THURSDAY NIGHTS917 FRANKLIN ST. .., 531 CLEVELAND CLEARWATER 872 CENTRAL ST. PETERSBURG Page 3 Yes, we have it Complete Military DEPARTMENT Genuine 8.2 Chino Shirts Pants Expet t Alterations CHEVRONS -CAPS BELTS, ETC. OPEN EVENINGS COLLEGE SHOP 301 Twiggs 567 Central Ave. Tan11pa St. Petersburg ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -lOc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK Complete Printing Service 8 The Commercial Printers 1115 Florida Avenue Phone 2126 Printers of The MacDill Fly Leaf Drew Field Echoes BUY MORE BONDS


Page 4: CPL. JOHX F. SUSZYNSKI Last week it was threats from Pvt. Kane; this wee!;: the Sergeant DREW FIELD ECHOES BUT JUST AS CURFEW'S 700TIN DAISY'S POP D0 SOME: BOOTIN' :B'ridav. Auoust 0 .. Hl4:2 of the 828th Guard Squadron I D A F D N M k Cl (the group sharing our quarters) CHURCH CALL feW If OfCe rew IDe a es ean appeal s to us for a solution to !.....---------------1. Protestant Makes "Broadcast" Sweep Over week-End t 11: 0 0 A. Over Telephone Int. erceptors Down work for fear of missing these 11: 0 0 A. iVI.-S'unday services, "concerts"and he's concerned Plant Field chapel. J 6 2 B k a:bou t their health and physical Vesper services, 7: 3 o Sunday eve-Almost hidden from D r e w aSCO, ; e eza Field's average soldier is the Air Well bei"ng. Don't WOITY, Sargening, Chapel 1. Smacks Home Run Force band. But somewhere -back remember, "Music hath charms, Tuesday evening Prayer Meeting, in the orange grove a small group etc., etc." 7:3 o P. M., Chapel 1. of men have been rehearsing I hope that Pfc. Austin Plante's daily, and yesterday the. band Roman Catholic made its debut-a "broadcast!" transfer into the 8 28th Guard Corporal Suzynski, member of Squadron won't be construed as 6:15 A. M.-Mass, Chapel 1. the band, arranged the broadcast some sort of diplomatic subter9 .:00 A. lVI.-Mass, Chapels 1 just to. prove to the press that and 2. the band \Vas act"ually working fuge. It was not that we needed a Good-Will Ambassador to main-Jewish tain friendly relationship with our 11: 00 A. M.-Theatre Bldg., near good neighbors, but it may help Chapel 1. when events reach the stage where the M.P.s begin to lose sleep, not of their own volition, but because (heaven forbid) we "disturb" them. Some of the lucky people w .ho happen to phone our office while the band is in rehearsal are get ting a preview of our de-but. Yes, Bob Kane-! said "LUCKY." B) CPL. HORJ\: RADIO LOG Pfc Jess Zimmerman, of the Red, White and Blue, WFLA, 7:05 A M. daily thru Saturday. Public Relations Staff, had a box seat during the closing portion of Monday Review, WT.SP, 6:30 yesterday's band session, and he P. M. Monday. didn't walk out on us .... That's Specialties, WDAE, 8:15 P. M. and had developed into a solid outfit. It came over telephone wires from Band-barracks to Pub lic Relations Office. Activated in' May, the band has taken great strides in f o u r months. It now numbers 17 men, including the triple-tonguing bu glers, Hoier and Ferris. 'Vith the G.I. instruments still in some "warehouse," the men have re deemed their own horns from "hock shops" all over the coun try. Blaring forth on such military melodies as "The Thunderer" and "Something About a Soldier," the band :brought the following com ment from a passerby: "That band-barracks is sure jumpin' since those guys got their instruments." This statement is further cor-flattering. Thursday. roborated 'by members of the Bittner, Ferris,. The All-Star Parade, WFLA, M.P. night shift who try to sleep H01er and Pvt. VItale, compnsmg 0 0 P M F d in the daytime. Seems they occupy a brass quartet of our members, 9 n ay. the ground floor of the band biny D racks, and will try to hold out made a personal appearance at 1 What a morning! our rew longer th:tn the band. War makes Chaplain Clark's services last Field Presenters just finished a strange bedfellows. Sunday. They did all right, too-morning broadcast-or should we But, anyway, the band has made got a return engagement. say that the morning broadcast its debut, even though it was Pvt. Krewson dropped in today only 11eard by the fellows in pub-to Sa..,. "so long" to his former just about finished off your Drew f h J lie relations. Private Kane, o t e colleagues. Will is on his way to Field Presenter s. The red signal Public Relations Office, when become a bombardier-he used to light from the announcer's room queried as to the quality of the make little booms as a drummer; wasn't working; neither was t h e band, laughed whimsically: "May now he will be making BIG automatic throwback. be it was just a bad connection." BOOMS when he gets a chance to score some direct hits on that Came time .for Jack Hartman I gang of overseas "puskudniaks." to fade in with his mornlng num Best luck to you, Will. ber. Where was Jack? Out in Pvt. Costello has grown in pop-the hall, getting a drink! The ularity, as well as in stature, since break was filled by some fast those prize packages have been thinking-and talking. Boy, I coming in regularl y from Betty sure hope they get that light back in Philly. fixed. We traded Pfcs. Estes and S.edCongratulations to Cpl. Pom-lak for a couple of broiled lob-peio-oops; we mean Sgt. Pom sters (or something) recently -peio. Drew Field's popular con at least, it was a couple of strange cert pianist received the good creatures we got .back after send-news last week. Sgt. Pompeio is ing our two to St. Pete a featured artist on the Friday last Sunday. night shows. Thanks to Pfc. Regis, your Johnny Hession, announcer and scribe spent a couple of pleasan,t singer on many .of our programs, days last week-end at St. Pete is now on a little vacation; the with the folks from back home. Army calls it a Bivouac. Hope you Joe took charge of the Band Ofare having fun, Johnny, but not fice situation during those days-enough fun to keep you off of the thougJ1 he does not know it yet, Friday night show. he's Chief Assistant to the 4th As-A pat on the back for that old sist-ant now (so, be prepared for timer in radio work at Drew more "assisting," Joe). Field: yes, it's 0. 7.;. Whitehead There will be another trombone who writes and produces most of in the band's brass section when our big shows. Ozzie never comes Sgt. Eaton returns from his fur-up with a dud. As a matter of lough this week. We're waiting. fact, his shows seem to get better By the way, have you heard?-every week. Nice going, and keep NO INSTRUMENTS. FROM THE up the good work. QUARTERMASTER YET!!!! Time tosign off now. GOOD PICTURES AT MOVIE THEATRES Aug. 29, Sat.-ENEMY AGENTS MEET ELLERY QUEENWm. Gargan -and Margaret Lindsay. Inside Figh t i n g Russia, Timing Is Every thing, Mother Goose on the Loose. Aug. 30-31, Sun. & Mon.-CROSS ROADSHedy Lamarr and Wm. Powell, Copacabana Re view, News of the Day. Sept. 1, Tues.-LITTLE TOKYO, U. Sl. A.-Preston Foster and Brenda Joyce, Don't Talk, Men for the Fleet, Hop, Skip and a Ghump. Sept. 2-3, Wed. & Thurs-FOOT LIGHT SERENADEBetty Grable, John Payne and Vic tor Mature, News of the Day, Pete Smith's Scrapbook. Sept. 4, Fri.-JOAN OF OZARK -Judy Canova and Joe E. Brown, Quiz Kids, Popular Science. The Drew Interceptors bunched seven .hits to defeat the Tasco Shipbuilders, 6 to 2, in a West Coast league game Friday after noon at Macfarlane park. Tasco took the lead in the first inning with one run, but Catcher Bekeza, -captain of the Drew team, pounded out a home run in the fourth to tie the score, and in the next his mates bunched five hits for four runs and the ball game. Swindells on the mound for Drew, gave up 10 hits, but except in the first and last innings, they were unable to lbunch them. R HE Tasco, AC 100 000 001-2 10 2 Drew ..... ... 000 140 01x-6 7 2 J Fernandez and Contrera; Swindells and Bekeza. 9th FIGHTERS By CPL MIKE DODD The 309th Service Group did no little ribbing in our direction last week. Quote: "Tonight we play a team that we have never met be fore-the 9th Fighter Nine, and we are looking forward to adding their scalps to our belt. So let' s have a good turnout, men, and see if this team will live up to their name: Fighter Nine." Un quote. Seems as though we did live up to our name. The outcome of the fray on the diamond was like .this: S'core-6 to 1, in our favor. So it's ha-ha-ha from us to them. Here' s a hearty welcome to Lt Jack J. Kooistra, who recently joined this organization. Lt Koo istra hails from up Michigan way, and he's the sort of person who wins hosts of friends wherever he goes. He's done just that in this company. As most Drew Field men lmow. especially those who live on the base, sidewalks are being pain ted _green 'Veil, Sgt. Ed Henderson, he of the mess, approaching the freshly painted walks for the first time, was dumfounded. "Where the heck have they moved the concrete sidewalks?" he asked himself. It was such a good job of camouflage that the sergeant thought the concrete walks .had actually been moved, and that green grass had grown in their place. I The othe r day the phone rang, as phones sometimes do and was answered by ye scribe. A feminine voice purred: "Is Pvt. Enrico Fostonosld there?" Upon being The Drew Interceptors made a clean sweep of all three games over the week-end in winning numbers 32, 33 and 34 for the current baseball season. Drew trounced Food Machinery of Lake land, 12-5, on Friday; Belleair Army nine, of Clearwater, 4-2, on Saturday, and U.S.P. P 5-4, on Sunday. Only one game was a West Coast league affair, that with the U.S.P.P. nine in which Drew won 5-4 to' move them up to second place in the league with a 3-2 standing. Drew staged a ninth-inning rally to come from behind and nip the Phosphoric nine with a two run rally for the ball game. Todd led off for the Interceptors b y walking, Klimczak singled and Bekeza walked to fill the bases. The ,hitting star of Friday's game, Second Baseman Riorden, slapped the_ first pitch for a long drive into right center to score the tying and winning runs. Peyton Epps went the route for the Interceptors in allowing the losers eight hits and no free passes, while .his mates were gar nering five blows off the deliv eries of Jackson. The Interceptors finally con quered the only team that has held a constant jinx over them all season. The Interceptors finally broke the jinx with Food Machinery nine of Lakeland by defeating them, 12-5, on Friday for the first time in the four games the two teams have played. Bronson held the h ard-hitting Food Machinery nine while the Interceptors were manufacturing 12 runs and the ball gam:e. Drew defeated the Belleair army nine, of 4-3, on Saturday in a hard-fought game. Fred Swindells hung up his 1 7t.. h win of the season in limiting the losers to six hits, while his mates were collecting the same amount off Wenzel. Second Baseman Riorden led the attack for the Interceptors with three singles in four tries, besides playing a sparkling game at the keystone sack. Score by innings: Friday' s game: R H E Drew ...... 000 081 012-12 16 2 Lakeland 030 200 0005 7 2 Brasnan and B ekeza; Norris, Garti'ell and White. Saturday's game: R HE Dtew ..... ... 110 020 000-4 6 1 Bclleah ...... 000 020 000-2 6 3 Sunday's game: R HE U.S.P.P ....... 020 010 100-4 8 4 DI'CW ..... .. 300 000 002-5 5 2 Jackson and Polk; Epps and B ekeza. told that he was on K.P., the little gal querie d further: "What's K .P. ?" "Kitchen Police," I in formed her. "Does h e wear a badge?" she asked sweetly. At that my hand s lammed back the receiver on the phone before I knew what .had happened.


Friday, August 28, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHO];S Page5 1st Rept'g Co. 553rd Sig. N F ON THE BALL I 309th SERVICE Group 0 HQ and HQ Squadron By CPL. Al\"'DREW PATERSON Opportunity is always knocking for the enlisted man in the Army. The other day the War Dept. came out with a list of technical training available to the enlisted man. Believe me, I don't think they missed a subject that won't benefit any man either while in the Army or on his return to civilian life. Here is your chance-stop in at the Orderly Room and we will be more than pleased to give you any help we can. -+c -+c -+c I believe we owe a vote of thanks to Sgt. Stephens and his Supply Room personnel for the service they have given most of us in obtaining our clothing shortages. Those natty, new-styled, open-at-the-neck shirts have most of the fully supplied older men envious, and they are just wondering how in the devil they, too, can be up-to-the-minute in style "just like the recruits." -+c -+c -+c Your scribe leaves on a furlough Tuesday and is leaving the c .hit-chat in the capable hands or Pfc. Horton. In other words let him have the headache for aw'hile. -+c -+c -+c At this time let us put in a good word for our Medics in their efficient handling of "an overdose of the sun case" on the Obstacle course last (week. They really showed they knew their "stuff' and its' nice to know that they are handy when needed. -+c -+c -+c Let this be a warning-be care ful about lighted matches when around S'/Sgt. Gennerella. "Genny" just finished a course in Fire Prevention, and it is like almost your life in your hands to lie:ht a match when he is around. Should he happen to corner you and start talking about incendiary bombs, tell him you have not been in Coventry, or you have an important meeting with some Gen e:al, or else prepare for a lengthy discourse on everything from Mrs. O'Leary's cow or what would you do if???? -+c -+c -+c Most of us were very agreeably surprised at the caliber of the show the USO put on last week and the men who missed it voV:. that they will certainly turn out en masse for the next offering. 553rd A.W.Bn. 2nd Repl Squads Riot By S/SGT. ARTHUR EJ,OOM With the Second Reporting dwindling daily, personality items are getting scarcer than hen's teeth. We might have to put Charlie DuBois' name in the column if worst comes to worst. Inci cl.entally, watch for Charlie's new est girl friend, scheduled to arrive soon. Even "old-timer" Herb Eaglestan has been transferred. Sgt .. Eagleston says he -can remember when Drew Field was just a pud That's nuthin', Sarge, Drew Field is (censored). THE LIFE OF LEVY. DEPART;oENT ... as though leading his [latoon through those rigorous .,.-calisthenics last week wasn't enough, he is calli,.ng the mail now. And you should hear our diminutive Levy stumble over and mispronounce such names as Rinderknecht, Bartokovics, and Giannattasio. Put your teeth back in now, Levy! Second Reporting's' ball team must have the 553rd Medics scared-they hav-en't shown up to accei!t the last three challenges. Maybe they're just afraid of slug ger Grimm. Strapping Sergeant O'Malley feels like a leper these days latest word from home-town Scranton (Pa.) has it "off-limits" for soldiers. That' s awright, O'Malley; you can make up for it in Tampa. Gordon Studio PHOTOGRAPHY Send "Mom'' a Precious Gift-Your Photo Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 616 CITIZENS BLDG. By CPL. JOE GAUDffiLLO 327 Service Squadron Hold on, men; T/5 A. D. Johnson and Pvt. Milton Goldberg did By PFC. T. G. MEO j oot their tops yet. You, too, We wonder w!ly John Lomnicki would go around smiling at thin is sweating out his furlough? talking to yourself and look-. mg -blank if your little gal blew Could 1t be that he is pmmg for into town. Yep, Dot is here from his sweetheart baok in McKees Nashville and Irene came down Rocks, Pa.? Sh. We will let you from the Bronx. Show the girls in on a secret. If his furlough a.round, men, and have a good does come through, he 'vill come E11ner Leroy Fryar realback a married man. Perhaps he ly has the edge on his brother this ':' D A v I s L u N c H doesn't know that a single man is time. Both boys enlisted in the ::: t the happiest. Just kidding, John. Army at the same time and, to {).: this date, Elmer's brother is mas:s: Mr. and Mrs. Davis i Wew .i.sh you the best of luck in ter sergeant while our boy wears ,s, A PI r b .:, e eased to AnnoURce the Opening of Their Restaurru,lt y o tammg your leave. two under those buck stripes. ,:, r With the defense program going However, it was recently learned SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th : on, it is a smart move on I that Leroy has been selected for :i: A 1 E :!: ti:e girl s Ilart to marry a man 0. c. s. and will change stripes ,:, nc xtenll a Special Invitation to A11l Service Men to ,Try Their i with some experience in cooking. for bars. Best of hick Elmer .f. Special 30c Plate Lunch Pvt. McKelvy has been asking for '/ bring home the bacon .. '. ,s. i his girl's hand in marriage for the T/5 Frank (Buck) Chiafari is ,:, And a Ia Carte Service t past wo years. It was not until he 1 in trouble again. When Ann (Mrs. + :i: graduated from cooks and bakers, Buck) left for home a short time ::: 306 Franklin St. Phone M 64-913 'f. school that she said yes. So con-ago Buck promised he would .:. :s: gratulations to you both on your write every day and, boy, he don t .. new adventure. May it be long know what he let 'himself in for. and happy. Oftentimes he will be seen in some us men of 211 know how\ tavern, sweet shop or hotel with sardmes feel when they are pen and paper in his hand and packedl in a can. With the Signal just gazing about 'with a puzzled Corps moving into one of our bar-look on his face. The poor guy he racks, it was necessary for us to means well. It's just that is double up. Where there is room out of words so often .... SERVICE MENOFFICERS-FAMILmS FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRIOBS PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD T0 The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA in the heart there is room in the Sgt. Stu Gessford, how are house. All in all we are just one things with Florence these happy group. Now we don't have I days? Men, T/fi H. H. Funk is to go so far to make a loan. back with us. Ask him to show Sea Food and Chicken Dinners It looks .as though our softball you the pictures of how "Baby" Delicious Sandwiches SOc team can't We played I look! Pfc. Bob Pratt, when .-.:============================ two games' m the past week and liS the Mrs. comin" to town? were victorious in botha This Rookie K repela, let'; get on the :-:-:-!!!-!!!-!-!:-:-:-:-:-.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .i. sEn.\J:Ioo. ;,EN. A.RE .N.v' '1TEn made it seven straight games that ball .... T/5 Tommy Fragale is we have won, beating the Signal also back with us and is looking + A L Hq. & Hq., Third Fignter Com-for those loose threads he left 's' M Q C A F E i mand, and the Hq. & Hq. Sq., behind. :s: > Tl d F' 1 t c \Ve Set've the Finest of Spanish Foods and S""'"i".J. Spanish + ur Ig 1 er ommand. An inside scoop, men. Lin-za. We want to welcome T /Sgt gil-lin, Sgt. J. R. Moreland is :s: Dishes .s: Wyatt into our squadron. T/Sgt. thinking of doing it this week. He .:,. 203 E. Cass Street Tampa, Florida Wyatt came to us from the de-volunteered for gu.ard duty early !"!"!"!":":":":": .. : .. :-: .. :-:-:-: .. .. : .. : .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. :-: .. .. : parting 3 50th Service Squadron. in the week so he would be free Their loss is our gain. He is a later on and it was later learned happily married man, and it that he plans on paying a call to won't he long before he passes out t:he preacher .... cigars for his new addition to the family. We are with you 100%, Sergeant, and will try to make you feel at home with us. Our worries and fears are over for any possible invasion from the enemy, now that Pvt. Mike Bisich has been put on guard duty. Besides being an expert shot, he is one of the most liked fellows in our outfit, and we know that it won't he long before he is wear-ing stripes. AUTO-INSURANCE Army 20% off BUSSEY Ins. Agency Phone ltl-1718 H-29122 J,afoyette St. BUY OR RENT In Lynwood Subdivision Richard E. Philpot Co., Inc. Phones M-8268 -W .-4141 FOR RENTALS Of Apts. and Homes See WARREN HENDERSON CO. (Incorp{,rated) 112 E. Lafayette M-8311 SERVICE MEN, Your Is Located At 80 1 Flo.rida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Tamtla, Fllorida SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA Famcy Gr-ocelies -Fresh Meats 3018 Armenia Ave. Ph H 46-174 Free Delivery LOANS-MONEY TO LEND Dlrunonds -Watches -Jewelry Silverware Dlumonds ut u Dig Suvlng A.L.ECKART 409 Tampa Street Member V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Ma.nihalttan Ce.fe Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Botb Fields At All HourS 15 Minute Service During Rush Ho111'!1 For Further Information Call 3286 Park Photo Studio Open Evenings Till 9 438 Lafayette Phone 45-914 BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CON.STRUCTION -:.-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACI\:SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAl\fPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE M 5537 HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT TWIGGS STREET FRANK J. HYiNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERN COWNIAL GRU..L SERVICE MEN WELCOME f ................ : .. ::: THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP :i: i HOTEL TAMPA TERRACE + y y : 406 E. Lafayette St. y ... .. i "SveciaUizing In Wedding Flowers" ::: FLOWERS (.) :s: .. :!!!!-!!!!-!:-:!-!:-::-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-::---:---------.. ----. ................ SOLDffiRS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Ice Cream, .Soft Drinks, Beer, \Vine, Fan And Music 1709 North Howard Avenue FLAMINGO CONCRETE PIPE 00. 3613 EAST LAKE A VENUE P. 0. BOX 5288 -:-PHONE Y1289 TAMPA. FLORIDA SOJ,DIERS Al\"'D SAILOR'3 ARE WELCOME AT ''Ma'' Williams NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT UNION BAKERY "REAJ, CUBAN BHEAD QUit SPECIAL'J'Y" 1506 9th Ave. Phone Y-4399 9000 FLORIDA AVE. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Sport Headquarters of Tampa WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone :!\of H2-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236


Page 6 MAC DILL FLY LEAF ------------------562nd Sig. Flashes 690th Chatter 50lst Plotting Co. Plunks Plotting Co. 503rd Sig. AW Reg. I By CPL. WILLIAM C. SCOTT This week's promotions: Pfcs. Burleson, Beck, Conley, Downey, Samuel P. Goldstein, and Laukai tis, to corporal; Pvts. Boersema and Smith, to corporal; and Pvts. Blechinger and Dillon, to privates first class. The boys in our organization seem to approve of Captain Huf's \'l"ife. We are not the OJ;llY ones, either, for a certain officer walked up to her at E gypt Lake and said: "There are going to be a lot of soldiers here. You had better move on." She did, for she was merely bringing the Captain his swimming trunks. Pfc. Luthe r Curra n (the Funny Money Man) is displaying his reward for having his name published in the pape r today. He really believes in 'blowing his own horn, but h e can't keep up with Cpl. "Windy" Burleson. Cpl. Burleson has recently discovered the possibility of his being a brass band. Cpl. Goldberg is a supply man, but no one knew that h e knew medical supplies until last Thursday. He does, though, for h e took care of those in the ambulance while the rest of us walked. One can keep dry that way too. Furloughs being in season, the following men shined their shoes, packed their .bags and started for home: M/Sgt. Bromber, S/Sgt. Nelson, Sgt. Illingworth, Cpl. Thallen, Pfcs. Gardner, Herrenbruck and Kaiser, and Pvts. Braunstein and Haase. We miss these men very much and hope they soon return, for we want furloughs, too. Lt. Mays has recently joined our organization. We are very glad to have him with us and hope that the association will be a pleasant orie for all. Hq. and Hq. Sq. 9th 'Fighter Wing The Fighting 9th By CPL. WALTER G. WERNER By CPL. HAL BRAZEAL The Plotting Co. finally held Cap t. George had a very pleas-their long-awaited Dinner and ant evening with former fellow Dance in the Palm -Room of Hotel officers of the 50 1st last week. Tampa Terrace on Aug. 20. Guests The place, Tampa Terrace. The of honor included Maj. Conley, food, delicious. The conversation, 501st Executive Officer, and his stimulating. The P M was well wife; Capt. Quade, our popular spent 'for all concerned, as you C.O.; Capt. Rowley; and 1st Lt. can see. G. T. Bird, who brought .his lovely Pfc. D'Escery had a funny one wife with him all the way from happe n to him the other day. Sarasota. Other guests were Lt. When Nick first entered the Army Trestle and wife, Lt. Patterson at Camp Roberts, Calif., .he met and lady, and Lt. Holdorf. an interesting co-worker on his Commissioned officers are not K. P. pull, a Private Cook, who afraid of anything as a rule. On h elped him to pull pots and pans this occasion, however, they were out of the sink amid the din and seized by that old devil, Mike clatter of none-too-familiar G.I. Fright. Well, you guessed itmesshall talk .... After the day Mr. Mike won. Capt. Quade, in was over, they had a pleasant gab-referring to his men, said, "I Jov e fest about their future in the I my men." Quite a tribute from a Army. Pvt. Cook had OCS in mind, popular officer. while Nick wasn't sure about his The affair came about a t the career other than that he was go-suggestion of Lt. Bird, and was ing to make a good soldier .... capably handled by the committee That was ten months ago. Last 1 consisting of Slgts. Longo and week Nick snapped to attention Guarria, and Pvt. Shapiro, chairwhen they !)let again ... for Lt. i man of arrangements. Much credit. Cook! But D 'Escerjr hopes to see i for the success of the gathering Fort Monmouth's OCS .... Sh! :was due to the untiring efforts of The 690th alert system is work-i the latter, who arranged an exceling well. Each man has his job I lent dinner, delightful refreshplanned so that there will be a ments and a well-rounded prominimum of confusion and a maxiI gram of e ntertainers and dance mum of precision. We're looking music furnished by Graham Smith forward to showing off. and his orchestra. S /Sgt. K elly must be home in Sgt. Longo was the outstanding Calif. by now. Just think-Calientertainer, the aspiring young fornia, with its beautiful women, operatic singer singing as well as wonderful beachP.s, sunshine with-impersonating a fellow sergeant out heat rash. Oh, what the heck. conducting bayonet drill. His im-1'11 admit I'm just a member of personation drew out much the Calif. Chamber of Commerce laughter from .his audience. As at heart. Some of you boys from a tribute to Lt. Bird, Sgt. Longo home get in touch with me and sang "Deep In the Heart Of we'll talk for hours, perhaps days. Texas." Sgt. 1Guarria, acting as 697th Sig. A W Co. GOSSIP Bq PFC. J. CREACHEN Sergeant Williams h a d a time keeping the boys from the "Mike' last Frid_ay at the Company Party, held in an unidentified spot in Tampa. Everyone seemed in a speech making mood (after a few beers). Even t hfl ones wanted to COme up to the "Mike' master of Ceremonies, also had his moments. FRANK'S CORNER Sandwiches :Cold Drinks Near Drew Field Armenia and Tampa Ba.y Blvd. THIS AND THAT ABOUT THE and tell the crowd what a grand BOYS: Pvt. Johnny Sturtevant re-bunch of boys they were. etc.ports he still has "tired I did-as. a matter of fact feeling" after the weddmg cele-qmte a few d1d. bration of one of his buddies from Anyhow it wos 'l !!'Ood nqrtv the 8th Fightfer Wing in Tampa, plenty of beer, food and good fun last Sunday ... Pvt. Harry Pence Corporal Lewis made quite a hit and his pals, Pvts. Ches Stefanas Master of Ceremonies. In his ski and Vince Kozelsky spent a razzed-dazzed Hollywood style he .very interesting afternoon, so they had everyone crying into their tell me, drinking in all the .beau-beer and then drinking it. Franklin St. Restaurant HO'IE OF FINE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin Street ties of Ybor City. Pence is quite The man V{ith the biggest heada student of Cuban culture-and ache the next day was Cpl. Littlemany other things. field. Of course he was the barPfc. Sal Quattrochi is another tender. one of. the lads from the 9th The party wound up at eleven Fighter who gets around a bit--o'clock for various reasons. Ask him about Miami Beach. The company is looking forward The Squadron.novv can boast of to another hike to Egypt Lake. a lad who someday may "draw a The last one was a big success. bead on the Heinies like Sgt. York Joe Cichon, the company bardid the last time we whipped ber, is doing a big business. He them. As he's a very modest guy, always does towards the end of we'll make him happy by giving the month. He receives Day for the only a ,hint as to his identity at work at the beginning of each this time. He's Pvt. P. A. and month. he hails from Boston, Mass. --------iC-------* WAYS TO SPEND MONEY: Monday is the day for Pvt. Bernie Gannon to blow about 50 smack eroos in on a "pet." His light-oflove back home in the E 'ast wants a black Scotty ... Pvt. Wally Haskell has just starteti'..J, in on a new job in Squadron Headquar ters. They say be's coming right along. Come payday, he'll proba'bly cut loose and try to buy out one of the jewelry stores in Tampa for .his very pretty little number in New York. UP WE GO: Hearty congratulations to S/Sgt. Frank Decker, one of our boys from Maine. In two weeks he went from Cpl. to S/Sgt. And Tuesday he boarded the train for O.C S. They say S/Sgt. Frank Masi may be boarding tha t train one of these days. Best wishes also to Lawrence Yeager, Chemical Warfare man, who was made Cpl. last week. For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE .WELCOME .. Service Men and Friends to the SWING CLUB ''A nice place for nice people" Dancing and Refreshments 5008 Memorial Highway Phone H-2184 QMC ... Hail & Farewell The Quartermaster p ersonne was a "seedy'' bunch the morning after the w atermelon feast given by Lt. T ,homas last Wednesday evening in celebration of his promotion to First Lieutenant. It was certainly a huge success, and sad to say, there was nothing left to preserve the memory of this eventful occasion but a pile of watermelon rinds ... but, m-m m-m-m-m-such delicious watermelon rind preserves! As you have all noticed by now, the QMC has gone completely WAAC-y in their "zoot suits" (uniforms to you) with the "reep pleats," to say nothing of the "drape shapes." You know, when we first ordered uniforms, thfl girls took a couple of inches off their hair-dos so t hey would look well w.ith the uniforins, and now that they are .here, the girls are trying to take a couple of inches off their hips so that they can get into them. By the way, Corporal John F. Sysznski, about those band instruments you don't have, you certainly aren't keeping up with the news nowadays. Miss Page asks: "Haven't you heard about that nasty word, 'priorities'? It's putting a sour note in many a wouldbe army band now." And did you hear about the Quartermaster girl who has been pestered by autograph hounds ever since she was seen dining with the visiting star who name we must not disclose, but whose initials are John Garfield? AMBROSE BROS. Ice Cold Melons ICE CREAM-SOFT DRINKS 1401 Franklin St. "The Place To Meet And Eat" Matthew's Comer Fountain & Luncheonette LIQUORS WINES BEER WE DELIVER Lafayette & Tampa Ph. M-1242 _,. __________ MA.RY' ELLEN FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Get That Special Gift Here, for Sweethenrt or Mother. 1311 <;;rand Central Next to Dig Orange Special Invitations to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its New Location 805 Tampa St. "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C. D. Kavakos, Prop., DlnnerH, Plnte Lunches-Deer, Wnles nnd Cold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. 406 ZACK ST. TA!tiPA, FLA. REIUEIUBER CORREGIDOR 17th St. News Stand Curb Service When In Vbor City Shop ot the Corner 17th ond Droodway All the Lntest ltlngozlnes LOUIS WOHL & SONS Ghoss Containers, Restaurant Supplies, HoWplles Ph. Y -1648, 16th St. & 6th Ave. PLOTS By CPL. WALTER E. YOUNG, Jt. This is the Plotting Company reporting from "Frog Island,' where half of the company i s divided by a second "English Channel" (especially when it rains). We are now settled from our r ecent "to t.he rear" tent movement, and have .become accustomed to things in general. (Fresh air for sale!) We had a slight accident in moving, and the result was-a grave opened up and its contents made known: A very much alive "latrine hole," where the early morning of the following day found two brave lads up to their necks in trouble. (Phew! ) A man known as "killer'' was awake all night, worried with the thought of the rubber The next morning after breakfast his problem was solved and he shouted, "Eureka! More G.I. hot cakes, glue to old tires." TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & Florida Ave., Tampa Telephone 3184 LINCOLN BAR Catering to Colored Service Men "Niee Plnee for Nlee People" Ma:in a t North Boulevard SPECIAL ATTENTION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son Meats-Produce--Groceries Phone .3502 910 Florida Ave. Phone M52-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s MADRILLON Spanish. Restaurant' 915 Tampa nt Tyler. Tampa, Florida PHOTOGRAPHS Roy N. Green Studio Open Evenings Opposite USO 505 Morgan St. THE LENOX Mrs. Eva Cadden Chicken, Steaks, Chops, Home Made Pies, Good Coffee Regular Dinners 2724 Florida Ave. Seaboard Restaurant Spaghetti a Specialty Sandwiches Cakes Drinks and Prompt Service Appetizing Home Cooking 1901 Second Ave., M. Russo, Prop. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Tampa Bay Market Box Fruit Shipped Anywhere Beer, \Vine, Special Sandwiches Groceries, Fruits, Magazines, Ice Cream 204 \V. LafaJette Street A. G. Cleotells & Son H3143 Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'Em F1yfng--I Friday, Augmt 28, 19'!2 PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH 1811 Florida Ave. WELCOME Bible School 9:45 A. M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Training Union 6:40 P. M. Worship 8:00P.M. MAii:E A HIT WITH YOUR GIRL AND YOUR POCKETBOOR AT. THE SA!tiE TIME!! Give her distinctive custom jewelry. 7-inch bracelet in beautiful "Delhi" diamonds, only $12.50; matching. earrings, $12.50. :Bracelet in Rhinestone and Amethyst, $3.50; m a t ch ing earrings, $3. 50. Garnet $3.50; m atching earrings, $3.50. Engagement ring in sterling silver with "Delhi" diamonds, $12.50: W1I.l sell separately or in sets. Wr1te P. 0. Box 522, Tampa, Fla. Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE 1 Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home 956 Twiggs M-1389 RUBIN'S "THE HOME OF GOOD SPANISH FOOD" Be.,'t Coek.talls Mllltnry Men Most Welcome Air Conditioned 1403 Tampa S.t. Phone M-'11110 The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty LIQUORS-BEER-WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF 0 SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773 WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. LIQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Cor Cass and Marion Sts. Phone 4502 LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Drinks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Os.ndy Notions STAR KOSHER DEUCATESSEN TRY OUR cORN BEEF SANDWICHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families Stop at Nebraska Hotel 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 Serviceme n Are Welcome Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Franh"'lln St.


DREW FIELD ECHOES .,..,.,.,..,.,.,,..,.,.,.,,.,..,,.,.,,.,.,..,.,,.,,.,.,.,.,,.4 tell us about your rendezvous in Ybor City .... The Pos t Exchange 553rd Sig. Bn. Hq. Co. 564th PLOTT. CO. girls g iv e special service to one Head C DOTS AND DASHES I .. utters '##UU#UU--#U#UU########< Jh CPL. s. c. JL1.TZEXELL and only love i s baseball. ... How Br SGT. 'VILLL\:\1 H. 'VALI\:EH many bottle s of soda water are The expression, "from Maine to Florida, is a rat h e r common one, but none knows it bette r than Pvt. C h arles T (Snuffy) Gilbert. Snuffy recently made a round trip down east on a furlough and reports that the spring thaw is about to set i n down that-a-way. And he had lots of company on the way. Other furlougl::\-ers in that general direction were Cpl. l\I. S. Sadlak and Pvt. Eddie Klimczak, who traveled up to the Nutmeg State (Conn. to you); Sgt. G. T. Pereira and Cpl. Jack Farash, who did New York City; and Pvt. Fred R. Thornton and Cpl. Walter F. Galbreath, The Ox, who furloughed in Pittsburgh. For you New Yorkers who may be interested, Farash says the subway is \still running, but that he doesn't .;know who is running the hotel there now. By way of transfer lists, we have lost Cpl. Calvin A Coxe to the 672nd and Cpl. Galbreath to the 7 0 2nd. Ox Galbreath had the distinction of being the representative of this company on that first troop train shipment to leave from the new siding. However, we feel that he was somewhat misled by the inscription on the side of his car, to wit: TOURISII'. The following men of the company recently hit the promotion list: Pvt. Warren J. Link to Technician 5th Grade; Pfc. Robert L. George to Corporal; Cpl. Thomas S. Slutter to Sergeant, and Pvt. John G. King to Technician 5th Grade. The company recently acquired a female canine of questionable heritage. 1st Sergeant Mahan wants to call her "Recruit," but hesitates lest, in calling t1ie dog, the whole company will "fall out." Be that as it may, Lt. Haugland has his own name for the dog, and we mig.ht add, lit's mighty descriptive, Sir!" FEMMES Rain or shine, Pvt. Victor Puconsumed on the post every day'? po, energetic mail clerk of the Your guess is as good as the next Plotting Company, renders service guy's .... All we know, if you with a smile. Wrapped up in his line up the enrpty bottles, it will work, Pupo goes about his duties take you several days to count as if h e had !been doing this sort them. of work all his life Only when the mail train arrive s late, the Plotting Company fails to receive its mail on schedule. Back in civilian life Pvt. Pupo drove a truck for a livelihood. His home town is Marion Heights, Pa., and his pastime is watching football games. 56 4th I st Rept. Co. Chats Br PVT LLOYS E CRAMEU. Pfc. Lowell F. Brust tells u s that his girl friend has gone back to Indiana. Cheer up, Brust; perhaps she'll pay you another visit ------in the near future. Claiming. to possess the best Our outfit has been building a v olley ball team on the post, the rifle range this week. The men, Plotting Company challenges all fond of their work, are making service teams in this area. Pvt. rapid progress in its construction. Willian.t C. Griffi_n, manager of the S/Sgt. I. Krause says, "We are team, ts arrangmg all at getting ourselves in shape to fight the -Plotting Company. Gnffm's the Japs. aggregation is comprised of such In our orderly room we have an luminaries as Sgts. James O'Neill, 8x4 Personnel Distribution Board Louis Hirzy and Claude Knecht; showing where every e .nliste d Cpls. Ed ward Perry, Leland Jar-member of the company should be. rett, Austin Saenz and Leonard It is very useful, for it shows at Farnsworth; Pfc. James Ware, a glance where every man can be Byron Butler, Thomas DeGroat, reached quickly. Norman Hassler, Arthur Kropp, Sgt. Costa has had another Isadore Feldman, Gerald Sullivan birthday. Ask him to show you and Frank Hanson; and Pvts. the gift he received from his little Robert Fite, Melvin Gardner, Tampa chum. Chester Dickerson, Raymond Hub-! Promoted to corporal rating bell, John Corley, Peter Gargalla, j were w. C. Hollingsworth and J Ralph Durham and Walter Nor-B. Harris. Nice going, fellows. ton. Cpl. Harris has the Hillsboro Ho-tel pretty well under his supervi-Pvt. Edward McElwee was seen sion. Say, corporal, that's not in escorting a beautiful dish down line of duty. Franklin Street .... W'hat's her "Malt name is Sunshine," alias name, McElwee? Pfc. Isadore Sgt. Worlick, looks like he'll be Feldman whose home town is J' sleepwalking next. What's the Nashville, Tenn., can tell you all matter boy; the Jingles in Texas you want to know about the foot-, gotcha? ball history of University of Ten-Wonder what Pvt. Griffith nessee, the fighting Vols. would do without his rake, and Feldman operated an auto shop in 1 Pvt. Donald Greenberg, who has Nashville .... Pvt. Joe Holek is so much in common, without his today strutting down the main I nightly pass 'into town? drag of Kansas City, Mo on a 10-day furlough .... :i: ing Joe will be missed, especially .;. his loud voice .... Pvt. Peter Gar-,: galla's favorite companion is his, X SERVICE MEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... VICTOR CAFE camera .... Everywhere Gargalla I oi1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 Lissen, youse guys, we gals travels his camera is sure to go. ::: Beer -Wines Hostesses think you've monopolized the ... Peter is a lover of nature .... oiBill Bailey, Prop. MemberV.F.W. Echoes long enough, so we here-most of his large collection of 1':* and American Leg;!on by vow and declare that from this photos are birds and various veg er''--------------, day on we'll have a word in, s'.help' tation ... Cpl. Gus Roumeliote, All Servicemen Are Welcome us. D'ya mind? 'Course, we want to co-operate and make our SERVICE 'VEJJCO,IE to chit-chat pleasant reading for you too, so any suggestions, contributions, recommendations or whatnot will be gladly accepted--that is, so long as telephone numbers are not requested, because Cap tain Doster has warned us that such are to be treated as confidential .documents and are not for publication .... Can't think of a better way to initiate our cluumn than by. saying how glad we are to. have our "First Lady," Scott, back again, looking better than we've ever seen ,her, what with added pounds and all. Would that more of us could worry for a while about on EAGLE BAR HOSTESSES-DANCING HUNTER'S CAFE Corner of Cass & Fllorid& .. KEEP'EM FLYING!" -**'*'** WE 1\:EEP 'El\i EAT.ING MAC DILL -DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT instead of taking them off--those Corner of Twmpa & Fortun(> pies in the new cafeteria look Morgan and Twiggs so-o-o-o tempting, doggonit! ... 1 -0tir sympathy is wfth the Quartermaster gals this week, as they are soon to lose their Lt. May, who .has been snagged by a Sara-J s9t'l. lass. S:peaking of Qi\f / I our nomination for the most l ,,,, .. 1dous table in the cafeter1a any day goes to the one where sit the Misses Hancock (.both of 'em) and Amacker (of the blue, blue eyes) .... D'you know that Mrs. Saxton of the Engineer Office is the former Annie Laurie McNabb, one-time lbeauty favorite of the boys at the University o.f Florida? Can you blame 'em? ... We think 1 Lt. Swanson must prefer redheads, judging by the TWO he has working together side by side in the Signal Office. Misses Baya, Philips (Roberts and your e r (known as Headquarters Hags) were much put out when the guard at the north gate told us the other day we didn't look a t a ll like spie s, seein' as how w e think spies are supposed to have muc:1 glamour, bea uty 'n everything ('Tain' t conceit. honest). Memo to the Provost Marshal--he m ade us show our passes, thoug h. "Soldi<"rs Fa-Yorite Eating Place" STEAKS AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT TAMPA AND TWIGGS STS. LESLIE H. BLANK REALTOR 407 Tampa St. Telephone 3222 "DEFENSE RENTAL HOMES" Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Stenks Ueal Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DUINl\:S -LIQUOHS Abba Dabba & Band Nightlr 707 '3. Howard Ave. Phone l'age 7 506 Franklin St., Next to Madison HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WEll. DRESSED ARMY MAN COMPLETE LINE OF MILITARY CLOTHES SUPPUES AND INSIGNES Also Military Tailoring All Kinds of Chevrons The SPOT Where SERVICE MEN Meet Special Sunday Matinee Dancing In the Attractive, Newly Remodeled SARATOGA BAR Corner Ftanklin and Fortune Sts. BEER WINES LIQUORS PACJ\:AGE GOODS REASONABLE PRICES "DANCING BY OUR POPULAR ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT IN THE BLUE R00'L" THE RED Mill. Antericun And Latin Food ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT J.JGH'I' I.UNCJI -DINNERS. 11 A. l\1. Till 4 1'. IU. Dully 17Hi l'lutt St. ut l'uckwood


PageS 505th Reg. 1st Rept'g' Company By PVT. J. D. SANDIFER It's great to be back in The Echoes after an absence of a week necessitated by a very stubborn and persistent cold. But it's an ill wind that blows no good, you know, and it was definitely worth feeling THAT low to receive a very, very cute card from a much cuter girl from the Hoosier state. Yep, it was from My Gal Sal mine and Cpl. Paul L Wiley's perhaps I should say. Thanks a million, Sally, for curing the snif-fles. LOST DREW FIELD ECHOES Tl RE Cpl. George T. Sacra is from short order cook in civilian life. Wisconsin Citizens May -:useAbsentee Ballots Washington, D. C .He drove a mill{ truck and was also a short order cook. A hearty welcome to Drew Field and back to the company goes this week to Cpl. Joe R. Montgomery, Pvts. Harold M. Gibson, Julian C. Mason, and Hey1 wood N. Thomas. It is decidedly nice to have you rejoin us, fellows, and we're proud of the fine records you made in school. Pvt. Ocran Dean lost two zipper bags while returning from furlough. They were Dlaced in an army truck at Un ion Terminal on Tuesday night, August. 18. The truck was headed ll'or Drew Field. Tli.e lo cation of these bags would be greatly appreciated. Finder, call the Plotting Company Or derly Room, 564th S A W BN. Sep., Phone No. 603. Cpl. Alvin Greene, of Hayne-Drew Field soldiers who are ville, La., was a bell-hop in El-citizens of the State of Wisconsin doria, Arkansas. may participate in the Badger State's primaries on September Cpl. Harold Rippert comes from 15, and in the general election Newark, N. J ., and was a machin-November 3, by means of absentee ist. As a hobby he taught dane-ballots, it was announced by Fred in g. Happy days are here again for T /Sgt. Charles E. Bouldin, and that's no kidding. Why? Well, haven't you heard that Betty is spending her vacation in Tampa? We sort of hoped that Sarge, would give us the opportunity to meet Betty, -but we guess he just SOlst SAWR R. Zimmerman, Secret a r y of State. Raymond Keller, of PhiladelMr. advised that phia, Pa., was a restaurant manager and is the champion potato peeler of the 50 1st. Plant Field Reports Wisconsin voters in the service write to him at once at Madison, Wisconsin, requesting 'ballots be prepared for them. Those writing Mike McLaughlin, of Brooklyn, will be mailed ballots in plenty N. Y., was a cook in St. John's of time in advance Of election or hospital in New York. I primary day so that may be doesn't trust these Southern gen-By CPL. HARRY J. ZIGUN tlemen (probably he heard about News Here and There: The of-the corporal from Indiana, too). ficers and enlisted men of the Anyway, we're glad to. see your 501st extend their congratulaspirits so high and the smile on to Major Albert H Gasyour face, Sgt. Bouldin. treich on his promotion from cap-Melvin Scott is from Albany, counted with those of the voters Ga., and was a carpenter in cfvil.home. Address your requests ian life. Fred R. Zimmerman, Romantlcally speaking, T/4th tain to lli_s present rank. Frank Erats, of N. Y. C., was a Secretary of State, t l f 11 mechanic and managed a bakery Arthur E. Curd seems to have The we o ow-changed rather suddenly. Does mg newly officers: shop. He is quite a dancer and anyone have the solution? we 'I Rayn:ond M. Edwm won three cups at the Roseland hope that you haven't been makS .. I:I Chont, Ballroom in N. Y. ing too many promiscuous prom-l Wilham C. Phtllips, LoUis F. SanDominick Canocio, of N. Y. C., ises, Arthur. Remember, also, to dock, and. Chester F. Thomas. "be sure it's true when yon say Best wishes to T/4th Gr. Mtlwas in the wholesale paper busi-'I love. you'." ford K Shaap, .of Comm. on ness and is quite a tap-dancer. Congratulations t o T I 4 t h his recent marnage. Pfc: E. Bill Zajzsly, of Philadelphia, 'Charles K Flitton who sang a of the same outfit, wtll go Pa., worked in a leather factory solo recently in one of the Tampa on his fuTiough soon. He .has an-churches. n .ounce d his mar-and is a pretty good boxer. This is the big week in the life : 1age to tl!e little girl back home Lloyd Pryer, of. Sudan, Texas, of our popular motor sergeant, m Memphis, Tenn. Good luck to .is a farmer at heart. S/Sgt. Raymond Brumback. We'll you, Silas. Joseph Attchio, of N. Y. C., was be on hand Saturday, Ray, to In Columbia, S. C., talong a a truck driver and cook. wish you and Mildred all the luck bombardier course, are Cpls. Kan-and love in the world, and we're. gas and Draper, Pvts. Nugent and John "Pee Wee" Faust, of Quinanxious to see the job well done. Norris. We are sure that they will cy, Fla., was a cook in the CCC. And so long for a while to Pvts. come through with flying colors. Adam Gouss, of N. Y. c., was Marvin L Rickerson and Franklin The movie thriller, "Air Force,'' a candy maker and professional E. Yarbrough Be good soldiers, now being made at Dre w Field, felfows, absorb all the l cnowledge is well represented by the 2nd possible, and make the company Reporting Company. Cpl. Bonelli, proud of you. Good lyck! former Pitt football star, acts the These boys on furlough don't part of a Marine sergeant, and necessarily have to tantalize us ten dthers are ru(bbing elbows with with their cards and letters about John Garfield. singer. THINGS WE DIDN' T KNOW 'TILL NOW: S /Sgt. Henry Schultz, our Mess Sgt. is a bowler of note. In 1938 he bowled with the Albany City Bowling Team that took part in the New York S1tate Championships and also bowled in a league the wonderful and glorious times A CHALLENGE: Acting lsCsgt'. they're having, do they? We'll Warren Holmes, of the Hq. Co., mention the lucky boys here. and S/Sigt. Victor Osimitz chal8 /Sgt. Andrew D'Agostino is add-lenge any two men to a horseshoe ing glory to the entire state of pitching contest. Tlwse interested Rhode Island and to Pawtucket in accepting this bold challenge contest at Detroit Michigan. particularly. Boys 1 ike Cpl. may comtnunicate directly with Sgt. Schultz has bowled 298Charles F. Antrup (he sent us Sgt. Holmes. It's easy to recognize two points less than a perfect one of those-sarcastic messages) him by the first few words .he score of 300. shouldn't get leaves at alL Conutters when meeting an individu-tri'buting much toward the glam-al: "Please, won't you pitch our of South Carolina are Pvts .horseshoes with me?" Buy More Bonds James I. Seybt and Cole B. Rob-erts (stay away from Orangeburg, In this column we thought we boys), while T /5th Willie J Cot ton, Jr., Pvts Henry L. Whitaker would tell you something about (he would sto,p, off in Florence), and Marvin H Wright are enjoying their leaves in North Caro lina. Why doesn't somebody tell Pfc. William L. Hall and Pvt. Francis M. Gannon to stop running around together unless they insist on accentuating their extreme heights. some of the men who comprise a most important staff of the setup in any Army organization-the Cooks and their Assistants. Sgt. "Butch" Bozar is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a butcher in civilian life and also They must the short and the long was a reporter for a local paper. of the company. He is called the "champion butter If any of you soldiers haven't cutter." heard Cpl. Cecil C. Mixon tell of his one ambition, he'll gladly furCpl. George "Petunia" Barbas nish the information without too is from New York City. He was a much encouragement. And Cpl. Mixon can really "blow it out." We like this old Arabian proverb which we saw on the desk of one of our majors recently: "I -complained because I had no shoes until-! met a man who had no feet." SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors --' 2001 Nebraska CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida Armory Service Station P. D. Fox, Prop. 607 N. Howard Ph. H 34-053 Soft Drinks Beet -Wines Cigars and Cigarettes SPECIAL STORAGE RATES for SERVICE l\:IEN'S CARS JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S. Howard Ave. BEER AND WINE You May Go FarBut you must spend an eveninJ atM. MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLO:UIDA A HOME BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS Phone M1861, Maas Office Bld. GILBERT HOTEL Phone M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. Brightwell. Mgr. TOWNSEND Sash-Door & Lumber Co. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H-4891 N. Rome & Fuller Stree t CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build An;rthing' Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 ... :-Tampa I SELDOMRIDGE PHO'l'OGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. G 1oun80 McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAJJ INSURANCE nr. zaek Street Tnmpn, Fin. HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.nk Rut.as Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVE. HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY Yatisfacti.on Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street Service Men and Families are Welcome at Louis Sedilta Grocery Cold Drinks -Beer and Wine Sandwiches and Poultry 201!! Gr. Central Av. Ph. H-3194 I I I I I I Friday, August 28, 1942 Epperson & Co. Machinery and Supplies "OUR 11th YEAR" 130-132 S. Franklin Street Pho.ne 2688 Tampa, Fla. Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'l S. Bagley -BUY-STAMPS & BONDS Courtesy TAMPA DENTAL LABORATORY 442 W. Lafayette Street BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP B. T. MORRIS Tires Balanced Tire Wear Corrected. 1,010 Central Avenue Guns -Keys Safes Jesse E. Harpe 91 3 Tampa Street SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINNERS On 22nd St. Causeway Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh DIXIE Cleaners Laundry Phones: l\l-1036, 4232 All Service Men are \Velcome BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries Free Delivery 1601 N. iHOW ARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 WELCOME SERVICEM\9. Garcia's Cafe and Bar 1326 Franklin, at Constant Phone l\1-7017 Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS SliiOKERS ARTICLES WELCOliiE SERVliCE !liEN Florifla A,r St. BOB'S PLACE Beer Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -:-Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr Your Feet Hurt? Complete Line of Arch Supports and Foot Remedies, at ) BARKER & TULLY t 1110 FRANKLIN ST. ; }


Friday, .Amgnst 28, 1942 Drew Men Burn Up Wires After Middle of Month 'Twas the nite before pay day and all thru the camp, not a dollar was rustling, not even a stamp. -Ling PU. And it's just around "payday time" that Drew soldiers swamp the Base Telegraph office with frantic communiques requesting money. After payday the gold flows through the wires in an-other direction. of ten" return only a minimum of messages. As Mary Shaw, clerk, .aptly puts it, "Of co111rse we enjoy our work, and we'd rather wait on soldiers than anyone else." Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron Sea Breezes Third Fighter Command By PVT. ALVIN. M. AMSTER DREW FIELD ECHOES them please contact Joe at Hq., T.hird Fighter. Note to Major Fisackerly and Sgt. Joyner of Med. Det.: How about inventing a fool-proof mosquito lotion that will really lceep those pesky devils away? HOT DOTS1 ... Cpl. Mali Holden reports his new shoes are finally okey doke ... Cpl. John Gosselin is really getting the boys out at 6 A.M. roll call and nightly retreat. ... Sgt. Guzzardo, how does your V burn (?) ... Sgt. lev Duncan on CQ found that the best way to get sleepyheads Sgt. Sam Wilson and T/5tll Gr. Bob True out of bed was to bounce them out ... and they say Jacksonville is a nice city, isn't it, BH? graduation from bachelorhood. Congratulations are also due Capt. Silver, formerly of this Detachment, for becoming a father and his promotion to captain. We are very sorry to see Capt. Hugh Mullan leave this field. His active interest in sports did much toward creating a spirit of teamwork among the enlisted men of this organization. Hats off to T /Sgt. Hutcheson, dean of the new Base Medical School, and to Capt. Langsam, professor of medicine. Lt. Gonczy and Lt. Kenward are leaving for Carlisle to learn some more about the art of sol-diery. One of the outstanding charac-553rd MEDICAL ters of the detachment this week It's been a little while since I is Pvt. Glenn Troyer. Troyer, an Hq. & Hq., Third Fighter, had a j HIGHLIGHTS indirect descendant of the famous I horse of "Troy," has been sporthUe. pubhctty, so we are trymg 1 By CPL KEHOE ing a Pfc. stripe on each of his to ptck up the loose ends. We I massive arms for almost a month. know we have a good outfit so Congratulations to Lt. Noyes. As yet, no one has been able to we want to peddle our ow11 fish. Langsam wishes to retract find out why, where, or when Ally suggestions, verbal or writ-the stateme11t he made. in Troyer. obtained his much-sought ten to yours truly will be appre-Echoes two weeks ago. Ltttle dtd promotwn. Troyer says the women cia ted; any dirt 011 the boys will[ he kn?w he was to defra,y go. for stripes-or should he have be kept in strictest secrecy and the expenses. for the lieutenants smd a strrpe. Page 9 Holsum Lunch REASONABLE PRICES Home Cooked American Meals Our Specialty: Fried Chicken and T Bone Steaks 714 Grand Central Ave BUY BONDS These days preceding and following payday are hectic ones for the Base Telegraph office. Arid it's not because of the money they handle-it's because of the money they don't handle. The popular "'--:ysconception around the field is this office sends and receives telegraphic money orders. confide11ce until each Friday. Even the source of info wili not be revealed. So give, boys, give. Although it's a little late, we guys in Hq. & Hq. thank Major Conklin for the swellegant time Sergeant Warren and his band we had at our recent party at the of ten employees are kept busier St. Pete Yacht Club. And the than a Main Street traffic cop, in-steak sure was tender. We found out that in addition to his many forming Drew soldiers that they other accomplishments, the Major sT. must collect their money at the can really tickle the ivories and mftin office-down town. The beat the drums. When is the next Base Telegraph office does not re-'blowout, Major? We can't keep those St. Pete Bombshells (or ceive or send money. However, whatever their trade name is) ULF BEACHES they do notify of its arrival. I waiting too long. Other belated congratulations GORDON HOTEL Nestled between the Third are due our fine boss, First Sgt. C-ommand : Martin and Mar and PX No. 1, this veritable beetm. :Yes, 1t was another g1rl. Want hive stays open 24 hours a da a boy, Sarge? Try Western Union. 1126 5th A'e. No. Y Who doesn't know our boy, Phone 6507 Allmght long the pretty operators Charlie Taylor? Last week one TRANSIENTS WELCOltiE or desk girls are calling orderly night Charlie came clumping into Room" with nuths nod Showers rooms, trying to pass on a "hurrythe upper .bay of B-1 rather heaviLarge Vernndn nod Lobby up" message. Extremely urgent ly. Your correspondent was still awake and found that the cause messages undeliverable by phone of the noise was Charlie's new are sent along by the MP's. UnCavalry boots. Somehow, some deli_verable ordinary m e s sages where, method not clearly undercoming in at night are delivered stood, he procured a pair of Cavalry clodhoppers for 50c (so he in the morning. Men at Drew Field can be assured that their telegraph office is always on the alert. A fitting motto might be, "Malee sure he gets the message." Only two things .baffle the telegraph office or otherwise hinder their meticu-claims). V\

We Are 100 Percent Behind the Boys In Our Armed Forces I Herbert S. Phillips United Sta tes Attorney "I know tha t you are proud tha t you a r e American s and g l a d that you have a n opportunity, as did your fore f athe r s at V al ley Forge and the oth e r bat U e fi elds of the Revolutionary \ 'Va r to do your p art in the defense of your country and the prese rvati o n of our Governm ent at s u c h a critical time in our histor y Benjamin H. Hill. a g reat states m a n and p atriot of Geor g-ia, in one of his lofty p atriotic a d dresses at the close of the Civil '\ Var, said : ''\Vho saves h is country saves all things, and all things saved do bless him. his country di e, dies himself ana-.. ;lll thing-s do curse him. "Have faith in ')lb,'. "Se lves, in your country, in your g


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