Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 28 (September 11, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
September 11, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1 NO. 28 Drew Fie ld, Tanl.pa, Florida Fri(lay, September 11 194 2 Publ i s h N l E uery Friday Drew .Field Soldier Receives Citation Base Chaplain Goes To New Assignment Chaplain William L Clark, Base Chaplain at Drew Field since Chaplain Cla'rk A ugust 1, 1941, has been trans-ferred to Mitchell, Field, N Y., and has left Drew for his new as signment. H e r ecently received a nromotion to captain. Clark was t h e first .aplaiii assigne d to Dre w Field after it was activated as an Army Air Base. Two men attended the first service he conducte d at the Field, and for many months a1r:1 services were held in tents. Now j the chapels are f illed for the eight s ervices conducted each Sunday at Drew. Besides his work in ministering to the men at Drew, many O f whom w ere older than Chaplain Clark himself, he filled a number of pulpits in Tampa churches and was a popular speaker at civic clubs and church organizations. Formerly pastor of the 1\'Ic. Laurin Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, Miss., Chaplain Clark at t ended Mississippi College and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Wor.th, Tex. He was commissioned in March, 19 41, and called to duty in June. Before coming to Drew, he was stationed at MacDill Field. TOP KICKS IN FffiST GRADE The War Department has an n 'ounced advancement of ail first Sergeants to the first pay grade sergeants to the first pay grade and advancement of certain supply sergeants to the third pay grade, effective September 1. First sergeants now -receiving a base pay of $J-14 a month-in itself an increase from the old base pay of $86-will advance to $138 a month. Also to be advanced on the same date from grade four to grade three are supply sergeants .of companies, batteries or troops, technica, l supply sergeants of similar units in the Air Force, and as sistant sergeants of separate battalions. DARN THESE MOSQUITOES The tall tales of mosquitoes heard around Drew Field can't compare wHh the tale of a sergeant of the Camp Polk Armored Division regarding the size and intelligence of mosquitoes found there. "You know," relates the ser geant, "one of the soldiers lay in the hospital, almost dying for lack of blood. There was a man in camp who had the proper type of blood for a transfusion. A mosquito, zipping around the room, overheard. the sad news and took off for a nearby town. He stung a man witli the right type of ')od, .then flew back and gave l Today that sol ,. t :er IS ahve and healthy. However, when he talks, he makes a buzzing sound!'' New Elks Center Opens Sept. 19th The Elks Fraternal Center, a social and recreational center for Elks in uniform and their friends, will open Saturday, September 19, at the Tampa B. P. 0. E., according to J Frank Umstdt, chairman of the Tampa Elks Fraternal Ce)l ter committee. The Tampa center is part of a nation-wide program sp.onsored by the B. P. 0. E. througl1out the country. T .he center will be located in the Elks Lodge, 1 Florida and Madison, in downtown Tampa, and will be open each .Saturday for th' e duration from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Elkll in the armed service may bring a buddy or girl friend to the center., Everything will be free-food, drinks and entertain mEl'Ilt. The local lodge also prom ises that plenty of dancing partners will be present to

Page 2 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. HOSS, Publishe r Tampa AtTII5' Newspapers Oft'ict'": 111:; FLORIDA A YENL'E 'J'uutpa, Florida ('. 0. llox ti22 Phone .:1.11 in thh< :1re al.!'tO contained in the 1\lueDill Field Fl) I.JettL l\liniruun1 joint 4 !lrculntion: 8,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FlfHNISHED I ON REQUEST 1 A newsp aper published exclu sive ly for the p e rsonn e l of D rew F1eld and devote d to military interests and the United Nations Victory. Opinions expressed in n_e,vs paper arc those of th_c 1!1d1Vldu a l writers and unde r no c 1r curnstances are they to be con side r e d those of the United States ArmY: Advertlse-1 m entH in thts publtcatwn do not constitute a n endorsement by the W a r Department or its personnel of the products advertised. Air Corps Supply Jimmy James Is a funny man who plays the banjo, guitar, trombone and hot water bottle with the mastery of a maestro. A comic headliner in WLS National Barn Ours the Service of .Supply h f 1 t f the sl-y i Dance, Jimmy James keeps the For the btg tbets ? tlte bl,ue. laughter fast and furious in this For t e om ers m Sl 1 d 1 lads who take 'em all-star U,SO-Camp mustca An tht 1 e oJ comedy revue. WLS NatiOnal Barn trou': L tl all tltey as! Dance 'with talented performers Ours o g tv e tem t To complete their chosen task. I from_ the con muous con;tFl f d .. 1de today merc1al rad10 program on the au ytng ar an '' I f 1 15 f I,. o ) tin hard in old Malay. Its on_e o t 1e 1 ee summet pro1" 1 g ductwns tounng army camps and Ours to labor hard and strong, naval for USO-Camp A d t 1 t the stuff alon"' Shows. \VLS Natwnal Barn Dance who'll shortly" take I rides into Drew on Sept. 14. Full revenge for gallant Wake. Ours to think apace as well, Mad Regulations When they blast the Japs to .hell.' we have helped them, you and I, The War Department has catied Through the Service of .Supply:. 1 the attention of military personnel to the provisions of the Postal can you lift your hand and say Laws and Regnlati'ons granting At the close of every day-free postage on first-class mail r have done my best-and more. I matter to members of the armed Can you sense their tensing forces on active duty, and pointed breath, out that the spirit of the law is As they fight and laugh at death, I violated if soldiers leave signed With the tools that you and I envelopes with relatives, mail Send from Service of Supply? wedding announcements, sea 1 I packages of photographs, films Can you face them later on, j' and re.cords so they become firstWhen their gallant fight is won? clasr; mail matter. The War De Clasp their hands in comrade's ordered these practices grip, dtscontmued. And welcome them with honest The primary purp'ose of the free lip? mailing privilege, it was stressed, Or, failing this, you watch them was to facilitate personal corre-come spondence between members of From somecorner, pale and dumb, the armed forces and their relaFull knowing that you've lived a tives and friends in the form of "" DREW FIELD ECHOES Official Song af AAF Following is the official song of the U. S. Army Air Forces: Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come, zooming to meet our thunder, At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun! (Give 'er the gun now!) Down we dive, spouting our flame from under, Off with one hell-uv-a roar! vVe live in fame or flame. go down in Nothing' ll stop tile Corps! Army Air (CHORUS) I Here's a toast to the host of those who : loYe the vastness of the sky, To a friend we send a message of his brother men who fly. \\'e dl'ink to t ,hose who gave theiL all of old, Then down we roar to score the rainbow's pot of gold. A toast to the host of men we boast, the Army Air Corps! Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder, Set it high info the blue; Hands of m e n blaste d tile world 1 asunder; How they lived God o "nly (God only kne w then! ) Souls of m e n dre ;'Lming of skies to conquer Gave, us wings, to soar! \Vitl1 scouts before and bombers galore Nothing'll stop Corps! tlie Army Off we go into the wild yonder, Keep the wings level If you live to be a wonder Air Keep t h e nose out of the blue! (Out of the blue, boy!) Flying men, guarding the nation's border, We'll be there, followed by more! In echelon we carry on. Nothing'll stop the Army Corps! Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and1 Repairing Sound and Inter Communlcating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central lie, ordinary letters and cards. And failed the Service of Supply., iiiiiiiiiiliiiiliiiiliiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiii! Or you know the long traMILITARy cLoTHEs Of life that waits should you but fail; Of dreams that .haunt you now and then--' The pleading eyes of dying men. The passing of a brave man's soul Who, but for you had reached .the goal.. Who might have lived had you not shirked While honest men about you worked. Stand on your goods,' feet,. get out the There are no fai-ries in To fill the craws of trains the woods ships and vVith things we need to fly our planes, And keep them flying world wide To stem the turbid yellow tide. .It's up to you'--you -and I, Who make the of Supply. "\Ve Extend Greetings ami Appreciation of Patronage of service THE 3711 G U EST H 0 U S E 3711 llny,.]tOre Dl vd., Pit, "\V !!t>ll TELEPHONE H 25-692 THE CRICKET TEA ROOM 241 HYDE PARI{ AVE. EAT HENDERSON B -AKING CO.'S BREAD !!70!! FLORIDA AVE. Armenia: Floral Gardens '"Really Ji'reslt Floners" Corsages 'n Everything Ph. 4:i00 Arntenin A .Yc. I that fit better! OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS 916 FRANKLIN ST. "SMART MILITARY CLOTHES' -------------__ :_:..._ 1 ,, AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barber Service Expert Barbers Manicurists AIR CONDITIONED 1t PALMA CEIA a THEATRE .u.-ull.L AVE. A J' SAN CARLOS Ope11 :1 P. Dally 1P1og-ram \Veek of Sept. 13th Sun., !\ton., 'rues., Set)t. l:l, 14, 1:') "JOHNNY with Roh cf. 'l'aylor, ]Jnnn 'l'nrner j\Jso .A. at gurl Carrolls" '''ith lUnrrny, .. Cohlnn. Ne\\s. 'Vttl l'hurs SCJlt. 16, 17' l_-IOPI\:.11\'S,'' n ith .Judy Cnnovn. A _llcn J\lo"hrny AlHo o:f' llctl Gna," 'vith H .ugg;les, Chnrlts ton. Fri., Sut., St>:tt. 18, 19 "FL"l'ING-UJANH/' n ith lUchnrtl Arltn AIMO ?Unisit." \Vith .Ann Sout SOLDIERS 17c M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florida A \'C, Friday, September 11, 1912 1008 FRANKLIN ST. NOW SHOWING (Sat., Sept. 12 through 19) I Humphrey slaps the Japs and romances Mary actress has had Astor as rio the pleasure before He's tough and romant i c too! AIR-CONDITIONED 711 "RANKI,IN (TAMPA I PHONE M-1878 :we 44c Night STARTS SUNDAY 1942'S I) FASTEST & FUNNIEST MUSICAL COMEDY ROMANCE! 9c 28c \ \ -\ AIR-CONDI'J'IONED 712 FRANKLIN IF LOR IDA i PHONE 3290 STAR'l'S TODAY Dud AUIIO'l"l' in "One Night in Hit. No. 2 "l'HANTOM PLAINSMAN" Three JUesqniteerH 9c 28c 'l'ODAY AND Sl:ND.>\.Y "DODGE CITY, JO:rrol Fl}"ll.ll, OliYin De Hil\iInud Hit No. !! "The Conbo: y nntl the Dlondc" George "\VEJ,CO:IIE TO THE SHANTY Sunday "St>ccial'' Yellow Rice Chicken Dinner Cuh.nn Soft DrlnkH l 17 H ,nlc I'nrk A n. Ph. II l:'i:l!J


Fridny. 8 P ptemlwr 11. 1942 DREW FIEI,n ECHOES -----------------------------------------------503rd Rept. Hq. Co. .. Ink Spots B y SGT. ROSEXTH.U.J AXD CPL. DlJG.-\:"1 1st Sgt. A. F. J\1iil e r was strick e n with appendicitis while on fur loug h Good luck,Freddie, we're all cheering for a quick recover y. S /Sgt. Ray Armstrong is filling in as this company's 1st sergeant a nd i s doing a spl endid and r e markable job, and, as always, is on the ball. Keep it up, Ray, for our Arm:. nee d s men with your characte r and capabilities t o fill responsible jobs. I vVe have a numbe r of disheart e ned soldiers who were to go on a furloug h but fate intervened. That' s why you see s o many sol diers 'valking in town with their heads ])owed If you don't b elieve so, see Sgt. Chester or T /Sgt. Taylor. ... Sgt. Willie Johnston, pianist and composer, is doing a swell job with the Drew Field or chestra T / 4 Joe Weinbren, the little Atlas, is teaching his 'low soldiers the art of weight Keep up the good work, Joe, for i t will -be easy for your "GODFREY TAKES TIDS 'FLYING SAFETY' PROGRAM SERIOUSLY." students to lift the Japs off the B est of luck to the little Irish map ... Sgt. Perry has returned man. New Chaplain from a. furlough and he looks very It seems all the boys in the blue. According to remarks, Army don' t walilt to get married. rather we should say marks In this we have a case of a pri (black eye) v./e understand he had vate who is looking for a divorce. an unfortunate time .... Congrat(By the way, this private's wife ulations to Cpl. Gruskin, Sgt. Gil-! joined the W.AACs. Guess who.) looly and Sgt. Lindebaugh for Pvt. Lapp .has sent in a request their a cceptance in OCS ... Army for permanent guard duty. Good routine brings about many trans-luck if you can get it. For 505th SAWR The 505th Signal A. W. Regi ment i:s proud of its new chap lain, Chaplain Roy M. Terry, 1st Lt., who has been only recently assigned to that organization. Al ready the chaplain has become very popular with fellow officers and enlisted men. fers and changes. The important Sgt. Mullen h.as be'en going .to recent one concerned Capt. Lew-town frequently. Can it be a gal man. He had been our company you're visiting ,Lester? ... Pvt. commander and several times acF Wynn, who has been on K.P. six ing battalion commander. To say days a week has been given his he is a fine soldier is not enough. promotion as a cook. Chaplain Terry is a graduate of Syracuse University and the He was not a mechanized instru ment of the Army, but truly a fine officer, an understanding man, and highly esteemed friend of the whole regiment. His word was iaw and the enforcing of rules was one of his principles. His kind and understanding ways made him outstanding in his of fice. We are sorry to come to the parting of the ways, but perhaps some time some of us may meet him again, either at the battle frontor in civilian life. Don't for get, if in civilian life, offer him a snappy salute, for we all know he deserves it. Best of luck, sir. We are very glad to welcome Lt. Robert B. Knox, Jr., as our new company commander. Most of the regiment is acquainted with him from his previous military and regimental duties. Good luck to you, too, sir. Wedding bells rang loud and long at 6:45 p m .. Sept. 5 when the rope was tied for Sgt. and Mrs. vViley Dunken. The ceremony was performed at the First Methodist church in Tampa. Cpl. Hunel !II. Jones served as best man. Before the marriage, Mrs. Dunke n was Miss P auline Hunt, of Waco, Texas The newly mar ried couple are established for a week at the Floridan. Did you know Cpl. Arnold has a brother in the Air Force who was recently promoted to a Lt. Colonel? Speaking of the Floridan brings another of life' s little episodes into the limelight. Sgt. Dick Dray, who always seems to make this column, is involve d. Who was that tall, sanely-haired Tallahas see girl who stared daggers with our tall, clark, steady Tampa lady -iend? My, what a triangle. Be;en the devil and the deep blue :=d' L seems appropriate. vVha t a spot for a guy with a good line of gab. "Holy Joe's little helper," Pfc. Lou Roeller, sure has the sweet letters and lip marks from hi3 wife ( J\lary Helen, in Cincinnati. He call s her his "Spiz; i13aby." Some pet name, I'd say, and she calls him "Pugy." That fits though. Cpl. Hubert McGrath is pacing the floor .harde r and faster b y t h e hour, as h e is to be a pap. H e has the cigars all ready. Wonder what will happen if it happened to b e twins? I think McGrath would be a flying corpora l. May h e grow to b e like his old man. MOORE FIELD, Tex.-Little by School -of Divinity, Yale Univer little, Pvts. J. Little and J. Tittle sity. Having excelled in high of Moore Field are causing no school and college athletics and end of confusion. At roll call Lit-coac.hed football and baseball, tle answers for Tittle and Tittle Chaplain Terry is an outstanding for Little. At m ail call Tittle gets athlete. Before coming into the Little's mail and Little Tittle' s Army, he held a pastorate in The mixup even reached the G. Georgetown, Conn., but is a na-I. laundry. Private Tittle was last tive of New York. He is married seen wearing a uniform two sizes and has one small son, too large. It later developed that Protestant services which Chap Little' s clothes had been issued to lain Terry holds every Sunday Tittle who happens to be a little orning at 11 o'clock are in the little r than Little. regimental area tent formerly +::----vVe saw it in :The Fighting .used by the personnel section. Ninth of Fort Silt; Okla. You The chaplain is in the same tent might have got it elsewhere. A Wednesday evening of each week noncommissioned officer is supto conduct a songfest for the men posed to have written this in an Interested in singing all types of essay.: songs. His office is open daily and "It is commonly supposed that can be easily recognized by the the first duty of a good soldier is chaplain's flag. to die for .his country. This is a .---------------. mistake. The first duty of a sol dier is to make his enemies die for theirs." Bright Spot Of Tampa life FLORI! DAN TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT AIR CONDJTIONEP JAMES B PICKA. RD Mgr. Buy Bonds WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager & Jefferson CHARLIE Jr.'s PLACE BEER & WINE We SJJCcinlize in !Uixct:l Sund'viche s WJ'Jte nest I'rices in 'I'o,,n1 Howard A''e. & 'Vnlnut St. \Vest TnnttHI SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER. 418 TA.l\'1PA ST. Hours 8 to 6 G1onnd Floo Special Appointments SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish FOQds -Best of Liquors -2001 Nebraska LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 \Vest Street East Sirle of Bl'idge Phone 1\1-5588 Page 3 We Give Service To The Men In The Service! ; The LOGICAL and BEST place to buy military needs for ficers and enlisted men. -Open TUESDAY and THURSDAY N IGHTS917 FR.ANI{LIN ST. TAMPA a :U (;J,EVET,AND CLEARWATER ; ; ;:,: CENTRAl, -S'l'. PE'l'ERSBURG ROLLER SKATING a COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Co_mer Franklin and Cass Streets --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK LESLIE H. BLANK REALTOR 407 Tampa St. Telephone 3222 "DEFENSE RENTAL HOMES" CAMPBELL BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs St. Ph. M 54-572 Marion & Alma, Betty & Deedie Open evenings by appointment AMBROSE BROS. Ice Cold Melons ICE CHEA!VI-SOFT DRINKS 1401 Franklin St. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. I GiYe S e n ice to the Men in the S enice SHn-,;:. REP AIRING IS MY BUSINESS JO:fj A. 101 \V. 7th AYe. Trescri pC ions, "\Vint"s, Liquor:-c, Honte .i\l:ule Ice Crentu DIETZ DRUG STORE FRF.E DE!.TVERY 11:11 S Howarcl AY<'. Ph. H 4:tSa Franklin St. Restaurant HOME OF PINE FOODS At Reasonable Plices SPANISH DINNERS 140 Franklin: Street Seaboard Restaurant S!>aghettl a Specialty Sandwiches -C akes -Drinks Courteous and Prompt Service Appetizing Home Cooking 1901 Second Ave., M. Russo, Prop. Soldiers Welcome To ... MA'S'"'PLACE Sandwiches -Beer .Wine Soft Drinks N. Boulevard Corne r Cas a Street 4 Can Hide for the Fare of 1 TAMPA CAB CO. PHONE M8438 SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away Fl'om Home 956 Twiggs :\1-133!) ,.QMPANY ... '\.,f(.i. t<\ L C,f Va,!ue> .. '. ,.,,,, : "Tampa's -Largest)?'awribrokers"::


Page { By SGT. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI A Soldier's Life By CPL. LARRY RALSTON They say a soldier' s life is dull, And he gets knocked around; And w h e n J1e's blue, he's really blue, Just like a clo ck-unwound. H e isn't good for anything A n d he just comes an(! gos; And from his bunk his buddies hear. About ,his private woes. He's sometimes sad, and lo1iesome DREW FIELD ECHOES Air Transport Command Offers Chance For Technicians To Advance Rapidly Hd. and Hq. Squadron 3rd Fighter Command Sea Breezes By PVT. ALVIN l\1. AMSTER F r iday, September 11, 1942 Sub Degot Subs Greetings from the employees of the Dre w Sub-Depot Headquarters. To begin with, we would like to introduce you to the b aby of the office force. Doris Hartman, who i s only 1 8, alread;r has two years of col-lege (Stetson), and in two weeks THE QUARTERMASTER IS A like, The Army Air Forces Air Transport Command, which is fl y ing more miles and carrying. more freight and passengers than did all of the nation's commerci a l air lines prior to the war, needs skille d radiome n and othe r spe c i alists to keep its fleet of transport (cargo) planes a t peak p erformance to supply the fighting forces o f the United Nations wit h vitally needed inaterial, the W a r Department points out. At writing time the promot'ions intends to go bac k and finislt iaw have not been revealed but I school. She i s a m ember of Pi can congratulate John Gosselin Kappa D elta, a National Debate and Phil Burke for their adI Doris has been typing vancements to buck sergeants. she was 12_. went t? a GREAT GUY-everyone on his Then other times he's g l ad; staff is a grand person. J But as a rule the happy times Pfc. Bob Kane is O.K., too .... J Are better than the b a d. W .hile the men will be enlisted as privates, it is expected tha t b e cause of their technical training many of them will receive technician and non-commissione d offi-busmess college 1n Pittsburgh at More dope next week. I tha t age, where she objected to By the way, did you know that I He knows h e fi ghts for freedom's the BAND INTRUMENTS CAME light, IN LAST SATURDAy (not that Alt_hough_ it seems that has anything to do with our I The light w1ll d _rm, p_erhaps g o out cer ratings. The girls a t Third Fighter .1 being bY her classmates, Headquarte .rs, as did others last .all ove r lugh school age. Monday blossome d out jn their M ary Rose red-jubilation not much) ? T h e And con trad1ct Ius dreams. Non-commissioned officers under the present pay rates receiv e as hig h as $138 pe1 month as a master sergeant with pwportion ate pay for all lowe r g rades. In addition, free food, quarters, clothing and medical' care ar.e provided. : head e d glamour-girl file cl erk, new umforms and thecomments j used to b e bashful. Canyamagine heard were most favorable Mean" R e d'' is always running over to while Major Catlette who had the 1\facDill Field Hospital. Is charge of the order had a big that why you want to be an army head ache remove d with the d e -nurse? Still, we've noticed a cerlivery of the garments. tain some 'one at Base Headquar-. Quartermaste r certainly outdid I so with God's h e l p, he hopes and himself in making the boys prays py-thank you, QM. Now all we The day will soon draw near, need is the manpower to tote and all th_ e hostile e n emies toot the stuff .... There are capa-1 W1ll turn and run with fear. ble musicians right here at Dre w Field who would fit in very ni1cely So in the future h e may see with our organization, if they His family live in peace, Some of these men will b e assigned to foreign service and r e c eive an additional 10 per cent of their base pay; some will b e on flying duty and receiv e an extra 50 per cent of base pay; all will have a chance for rapid advancement. Sgt. John I. Goodwin of the t ers who holds a prominent place carpenter shop really can turn out, in h e r affections. Now who could nice work. We saw some of his I that be? could be spared by the units to And live a long and happy life which they are attached or as-Before h e must decease. attractive little cabinets. Horace F. Ashton was born, 1. Tech. 5th Gr. Paul Ashe of he can't prove it. He has no bt Med. Det. recently decided to c ertifica t e H e says he lived to catch 40 winks afte r breakfast. grow up and regret it. Mr. AshHe droppe d off to sleep quickly ton is fair, forty, but not rat. He and must h a v e been dreaming cl aims that h e still has his girlish about his wife back home because rfigure. H e has done a great deal signed a t present. Our field of selection is much more limited ,.,,_,,.,.,.,.,...,,.,.#,.,..,...,,.,.,.,.,_,_,,, ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,..,..,..,..,..,oCo#..,..,##..,..,..,..,..,,...,..,, one of the boys gave him a hot-of travel in Central and .South than that of most organizations on the Base, and we shall need a 9th FIGHTERS lot of cooperation to e'Uect the 1 transfe r of personne l qualifying for the Band. Any musicians interested in joining our group, call on WarrantOffice r Baker at the Band's Orderly Room, upper bay, Barracks T -272, or phone 388 F 1. I just found out that Pfc. "Mahoney" Costello got himself married a couple of days ago. : I wonde r if that will cut off the supply of supplementary rations the gang has peen enjoyilig by virtue of Costello's parce l post packages? A most enlightening discussion took place in our barr'acks when Bandsmen Luukkonen and Estes, totally oblivious of everybody else i n the room, aired their own tive merits and qualifications, and all-round supericrtlty to the genera l run of corporals (the promotions came their way last week). No one disputed the neophytes' claims ... you see, last week's corporals moved up a notch, and it is now Srgeant Ferris; and, in case you haven't noticed it there has also be(m a slight ation on this column's by-line S / S g t. Eatori has been a ver: y busy fellow since he got back from his furlough-he absolutely refuses to sit dow n and rest ... can it b e that pesky boil nesting on l1is gluteus maxim us? Cpl. Estes used to be calle d "Alden" by the boys who knew him when he was a rookie; now he is threatening to "pull his rank" if the y persist in hailing him with tha t affectionate tone of voice. Pfc. Booth is conducting individual classes on how to be a social lion. Pfcs. Regis and Kowalski have take n the course and are now displaying theJ.r wares at the Main PX. I >ft>nder who the object of their newly acquired persona l magnetism ca.n be? I would like to tell you more about our menagerie, but you'll get to know each of us when we start ma.king our rounds of the place ... HERE'S HOPING THAT WILL BE SOON .,_) _..,..,,.,.,.,. foot, using three matches, and America, and brought many Under the 8th Wing Paul slept on calmly. things back with him. However, By CPL. MIIill DODD Co1i1pliments to Mess Hall for only one fs worth mentioning-Writing this column is a lot of having the tables wiped off after his wife While 1 n San to Domi n g o, fun, but it has its drawbacks. a group finishes eatin g. Also be was accused of espionage, and After reading l ast week's. fantasia nr PFC. L. E. BLOCH those donuts last Sunday were thrown in jail the same one story on promotion, two fellows plenty OK. Columbus occupied on his third whom we absent-mindedly and Mj.Sgt. James Thompson, the HOT DOTS ... Amendment to voyage. They soon discovered it unintentionally forgot to include Wing's sergeant major, will re-our column two weeks ago: The was a case of mistaken identity. among thos e upon whom Lady port for Officer Candidate Class name "Sam Wilson'' should have Jeannette Murrill, pronounced Luck smiled, pounce d on us and at Mi ami which begins September read ".SAM PALMER." How's Janet, please, hails from the wanted to know the why. My 16. Anothe r fin e potential officer this, Sammy boy? ... NORM ZIN-Strawberry City. She likes bru head bumps the floor with apolo-coming up from the ranks SER threatens that if he .doesn't nettes, cooking (she can cook, gies, boys. You, too, had a date The Wing off i cers, who started get his name in this week's coltoo, boys) and Spencer Tracy. She \ vith the fair one that night. Be-their program of organized ath-umn we don' t get passes to town. finds life in Tampa most exciting. fore that rendezvous with L ady letics last week, are setting a wonCan't have that, Norm, so does \Vhat do you mean, Jeannette? Luck, Walter Blair was a Pfc. derful example for the men by the this fix it? And how come Florence Moore,. messenger has Now h e's a full-fledged corporal. zestful way in which they partici"Tootsie" Groves calls S /Sgt. a brother who is an ensign in' the Cpl. Dfck Brennan addpate, not to mention their kee n Georg e Jones "Buttercup"? Navy, but s h e i s partia1 to the e d another stripe to his collection. anticipation of the daily event. We still can't get it straight Army. H e r favorite hobby is writ-. S / S g t Bill Wilson, of our per-Lt. Buttacavoli was certainly whether it's S /Sgt. (NMI) Kosor, ing l etters to men in s ervice and sonnel office, decided h e needed taken by surprise when Major .S/ S g t. Frankie Antonucci, or Sgt. illustrating them with her own a typewriter with an extra-length Bachelder ,evidently recalling hi, s Pete Was h e who boins for P enncartoons. Her one ambition is to carriage. Shortly after making football days, threw a tackle a t sylvania Evelyn .... By the w a y, ride in a n Army ambulance with known that need to the supply him during PT p eriod that would,, Ray Joffrion, how's Clearwater the siren wailing. She will talk department, the sergeant' s have stopped a Notre Dame left "'Windy" these days? And for hours on h e r favorite subject quest was complied with. Upon halfback dead in his tracks Ray (KP Kid) Cely insists KP -her little brother, Sonny. first glimpse of the machine, Pvt.. John was out cele-develops your muskles (ask PopBetty Lou Casey is Flo's oppoBill's eyes did a pop out. Great bratmg Ius bll"thday (so h e eye). site. She has a brother in the guns! What was this? He got a claimed) Saturday night whe n a n S g t. Lee McGuire, who works Army, but prefers sailors. H e r little more than he asked for. extremely heavy Florida d e w a t Hq., Third Fighter, one after-only interests in life are skating, The typewrite r had a long cardll:mpe n e d his n?on walked around with some aviation and sailors. The deep, riage, all right. Twenty-six inches Nommatwn for the Wmg s No. 1 lund of home-ma d e sign dark secret of her life is the realong, to be exact. One of Bill's shack r a t : S /Sgt. Wilfre d Herin>;. on the back of his shirt by a joke -son for her dislike for Tampa. typists sat down to try out the Where does h e go? ... We are ster. H e would still be weafing it What is it, Casey. big job. As f1e typed, the carriage sure you have notice d the signs if Miss Peggy Perrin h adn' t told Mrs. Tate, Gladys for short i s move d along out ov e r the edge o n the ':arious buildings since w e him. our most versatile office of the desk across the passage move d mto the new area. Well, \V e il L t. B _ateman, has Majo1' She has in her lifetime managed way, blocking the aisle. Sgt. Wil-t hey were made by our own Pvt. Conklin f.inally co n vinced you a life insurance company, written, son ret1,1rned the big typewriter Peter H arte s Quite a n a r t ist! .. that t h e AC has it all over the and acted in a radio program to the supply department, witi1 a Pv1. Ray Schwarz:tnan has ev1-Infantry like a parachute? (Argu-broadcast from Cincinnati, bee n note that it was too large for use denoed much interest in music o f ment continues,) the adviser in a n advice for the in his office. So what happened ? late-especiall y percussion instniSome ex-teachers who are not lovelorn program, won several I batted out newspaper copy on ments If this war lasts very worrying about teaching school golf trophies in the Woma n's it. What a typewriter! Y?Ung lady up _in this a r e Lt. Lane of Supply, Southern Go l f Tournament, been After a few weeks of fooling M1ch1gan 1 s gom g to have to lure Ed Kmppers, Jim Reid, and a model, a spotter in a detective around in school, Cpl. Don Hoppe a hall in which to store the vari-yours truly Coh, yes, we had m any agency, and works at the Filter has settle d back down to the ous and SUJ?-dry souyenirs sent cute. gals in our classes). Ce nter every fourth night, six serious business of turning out by a certa m Pfc. m t h e m edics. Bill Jones, John Sweeney, and hours at a stretch. She claims tho_se f .or ... What's .cookin', ... Carl Kehr a r e available at the s h e has never been a n opera si n g he has recerve d such wrde Pvt. John Grant had vrs1tors from P X. every night from 5:3 o until e r but we wonder. acclann. your schnozz l e to way up in Rhode Island (you've 9 if you boys need them. Wonder the drawm g board, Don; you've I heard of it even if you haven' t why? got Sm?k,Y on the run, and seen !tJ this week-his _mother If your ash tray need s fixing, no foohn. and s1ster .... Lucky devrl! ... call Doug Flott. Apples sure h elp tions while Herm Bartels of Hq. was tryin g to hum tile music. tlus wee!c a r e Sgt. Pvt. Merle (_"Kentucky") Win-a guy get acquainte d with beauti Mike 0 Sgt._ D1ck Bren-burn took a tnp down to the Mac-ful blondes, don' t they Walt Dor"TREES" nan, Sgt. B1ll Hudgms, Pfc. MarDill Hospital last week to unde rgo wart? Quite a few months ago while h e was still a civilian, Joe Hresko and hi s wei ghtlifting pal s from a J o isey YMCA had t heir p ictur e taken doing t h e i r stuff. The next thing h e knew when a copy of the pic ca u gll with him last week. It had ( I think that I shall never see cus Loch?aum, Cpl. John T an operation. Hope he'll soon b e "Jingle, Jangle" Genlc l e likes Mann, Em1le Mulls, Floyd Brent, bacJ( with u s .. .. One need only to pull guard at Hq., Third Figllt-A girl refuse a m eal that's free, John Bruce Alt B h 1 ?n u c an_an, 1ear U1e command About Face!" er, beca use he claims be usuaJlv A girl with hungry eyes not fixed Hue! B F d d C b J Upon the drink that' b i cr urgnl:, e r m a n orm e, from Fontaine to realize h e':; wins flips for cokes. We know. mixed. s e n, old Dav:s. Milton a n and a gentleman from Tom Willoughby says he i s com-A irl ,_,amu e l L evmson Geo1ge Me1er, Vngnua, .Suh ... Pvt. C harles in g down with bites 'Vhat A f t ;ro doesn t hke to Floyd Rhodes" Louis Simoneaux, Coco asl, e d the writer to snap his Jdnd al? "' to match hair; George Tl:?mas, Luke Tucc i and picture last Sunday. After that Di'd 'you know Co l. George P. 'Cause we don't WI_rght. Ma:: gent:; first shot the camera r efused to Tourte llot is a son g composer and Anon, Walla Walla a plp of a. "'ood time at more. Anyway h e was has several to his It' s a fact. "\Ve saw one of his composi-a ll the way from China wher e had b ee n published in one of the leading physical training journa l s there. How's that for fame? A pome to conclude this week's issue: "Hey, j erk, you're 'van ted for night work."


Frida .1, Se p te mber 11, 1 942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 <:IS Serving the Service Squadron 327th bread. with \Vide open spaces be-r 1\. D. n ep ern sandwich is two hunks of 1553 d ( w B 2 d R t twee n B UTTERCUP' S girl S d R is so tall and h e is so short, h e qua S IOt .. :-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-: .. :i: T H A T H I K E D A Y :i: A B y LOUIS 0'.\L\LLEY It i s b eing said that when Pfc. MONAHAN went home to g reet never kisses her goodbye, but just gazes up at her a n d sighs-so long ... Now may I leave you with this parting thoJght-Every time you lick a War Stamp, yo u lick the Axis. the n e w arrival, he immediately '#######""#####,.,######""######### borrowed his neighbor's victrola HQ and HQ Squadron wi t h the automatic changer .... Pvt. HEAD call e d his girl f riend ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,._,,,,,,,,,,,, .. and aske d h e r about some oldlly CPL. H. A HORTON fashioned love making and she Our Group Athletic Field is got him a date with her grand-taking o n pretentious dimensions. moth e r When Cpl. HAYES The plans call for two softball aske d Pfc CROWLEY why it diamonds, two football gridirons, took so long to fill the pepper-five basket ball courts, three val s hakers, he r eplied it was a tough l e y ball courts and a quarter-mile job getting the stuff in those tiny track. Keep in mind these plans holes. aren' t just on paper, but the work Sgt. MARTINO was asked if he i s actually under construction and had any stage experience and he it is hoped that within a couple said he had his leg i n a cast once. of weeks all of these facilities Pfc. TRAC Y tell s me he will be avail able for our use. The likes those miniature cocktails-grou p as a whole owes a deep one drink and in a miniature out. sense of appreciation to the offi When Pfc. GRIFFITH was cers who initiated this project examine d for appendicitis, the and particularl y to the enlisted medicos said it was a sight to be men w 'ho are doing the actual holed. Pvt. MERKIN'S girl construction work. friend t h inks he is on a secret Hq. & H q. Sq extends its best mission, as h e wrote her l1e is on wishes to Major Kaeppel who has 'K.P .... Pfc. YOCINA says the relinquished command of the / 'nd storms last week lifted ev-Group to take over other duties )ything on his farm except the in another state. We know that mortgage That team-ore pink under the ablli: hands of Captain towel and those sky-blue slippers Turner who is now in command of a certain private in Barracks of the Group and Lt. Rice, the 413 are just too ducky .... Cp l. new C. 0. of this squadron, we VOIGHT was heard singing, "She will continu e to go forward i n was only a second-hand furuit'ure our desire to become the f!i:iesf dealer' s daughter but s h e wouldn't outfit on the field. allow much on the old davenport." At this time, too, we welcome Sgt. GRANT MOSES calls his to our midst Lt. G Patter girl "Tonsils" because so many son as Group Adjutant and Lt. doctors take h e r out. Cpl. Vernon D. Bunce as our new supBURNS seems to think that those ply officer. three balls in front of a pawn Congratulations are in order shop mean two to one you won't for Cp l. O 'Donnell, Group postal get the watch out ... Pvt. MONclerk, who is about to take unto ZO was. in a big train robbery himself a wife while home on furwhen he w ent home on furlougn. 1 l o ugh. Best of everything, Jack. He went into the dining car and Pfc. Trott once again strikes had dinner. When Pfc. his chest with both fists and pro-.:. Will be Looke d Forward to and EnJoye d i A v 1 :i: When Spent at s e rgeant weinstein-he is acting Egypt Lake Beach as S ergeant Major for the newl y 1; ::: created "C" Stage. See you ::: : around,. Sarge! :i: On Sligh Ave., West of Armenia. Spacious :i: Hi Resnik ls promising to b u y ......-.-, Playground, Fine Sand Bottom B each your truly so many beers the !ati : ter part of next week-if we're ::: Free to All Officers and Service Men ... both in New York. According to Resnik, a ll offers are "out" in the ::: Soft Drinks -Candies Ice Cream -:-Popular P1ices : Tan1pa area. !-!:-:-:-:!:-:-:!-!!:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!-!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: L atest episode in .th e LIFE OF 1 ........................... "' LEVY centers around a little in.... ............................... ..................................... ................... ................. .................. "' .. :; cident the husky Levy's hut the I+ ANHATTAN CAFE ::: other m ght. "Mess Manager" Jack : .:. Finley was searching ii1 vain for X + his tie, he was late for a date + ::: with a chaplaiy. Finally, he threw ::: 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa up his hands. in disg ust, Levy, + GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES :i: have you seen my tie?" he quer: DINNERS 30c, 40c 60c .:. ied. Levy, absorbed in a letter to ::: + his draft board, aimed, a sub-con+ Try our Smuiay Roast Turkey Dinner with a.ll ::: scions look at Finley and blandly ::: 'l'rimmings or Fried Chi cken Dinner. Three i replied, "Dunno, pal. What color Vegetables, Desse1-t and Drink so : 'va s it?" i S l F 11 A M to P M C ::: erve< 616 CITIZENS BLDG. SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO FRANK'S CORNER Sandwi'ches -:-Cold Drinks Near Drew Field Armenia and Tampa Bay Blvd. For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE "Sol(liers Fnvorite E nting l,lace" S'l'EAli:S AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT Has been designed to make your l'eisure hours As Pleasant As Possibt.l Ice Cream, Soft Drinl{S, Beer, \Vine Fun And Music 1709 North Howard Avenue SOLDiERS AND SAILORS ARE WELCOME AT ''Ma'' Williams NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT 9000 FLORIDA AVE. Park Photo I Open Evenings Till 9 438 W. Lafayette St. Phone 45-914 TAMPA AND T\VIGGS STS SERVICE MEN!! I F'JHEPROOF CONo'3TRUCTION :-EVERY ROOM WITH UA'l'H M BAY HOTEL VIEW i eet Your Friends at ..... j W B. SHULER, Manager '' VICTOR CAFE 1 208 J ACJ \:SON ST. Between FRAI\"JILIN & TAMPA I TAMI>A, FLORIDA : PHONE l\1 5537 : 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 ===== .. ::: Beer -Wines -Hostesses -;:: Bill B a iley Prop. Membe r V :F. W. :!: and American Legion .. KEEP'EM FLYING!'' WE REEP 'EM EATING 1\-IAC DILL DREW THE WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Morgan and Twiggs THE CHATTERBOX Chi c k e n and Steaks R eal Itali::m Spag;hetti SANDWICHES DRINJ\S LIQUOHS Abba Dabba & Band 707 ,<;;. Howard Ave. Phone HOTEL HILLSBORO FLORIDA AVENUE AT STREET FRANK J HYNES, Mgr. GASPARILLA TAVERNCOLONIAL GRILL SERVICE MEN WELCOME


Page 6 Impression s of PX Girls 1 F t om Interviews. by .CPL. LEONARD G RUBIN The f irst thing I was told was, "Why can't the boys b e more po-, lite?" It m a d e me fee l kind. o f ashamed, for after all the gtrls work .hard to please us, and it seems t h a t the leas t we could do i s to b e polite. The boys who shout, "Hey, Sis," and Hey, I the t hat "she I is only a P.X. gal, should take this criticism to heart. These girls 1 feel that they are jus t as important and hard working as any young l adies on the post and should be treat e d accordingly. -+c -+c -+c Many are the lines given to these girls. H e r e are some of the most common. ones: "You r emind me so much of a girl bacl' home," or "You could b e the siste r of a girl I know." "Do you know that you look like Dorothy Lam our (or some other actress)?" "Do you know any nice place s in town, because I'd like to h ave you show me some of them?" -+c -+c -+c DREW FIELD ECHOES "" :-!ere's Mine, Where's \ Frida}', S epteml:ier 11 1942 I I CAMP SHELBY, Miss. -If the j-------------longest name i s misspelled on the payroll of t h e 19 2nd F A Head quarter s Battery, 43 r d Division, its owner will luve no one to blame but himself. ')'h e has solved one o f its ou tstnnding proble m s b y appointing ns battery c l erk the sol-die r with one of the longest names in t h e division. His name i s Cpl. F ernando B ern adino Paras c arndolo. BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEERWINES SANDWicHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue Meet Your Friends at ROXY BAR -Beer --Wine Sandwiches-203 E. Lafayette St. -Ph. 2456 Hootesses-Danc1ng PALM AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH 1811 Florida Ave. WEI.COME Bible School 9:45 A M. Worship 11:00 A. M. Taining Union 6: 40 P. M. Worship 8:00 P. M. Bar and Cocktail Lminge The TURF EXCHANGE Packa.ge Stote ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafa:rette St. The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD J_,UNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 VALENCIA GARDE Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Centtal Phone H-3773 LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Ptop. \Vines-Ree-Soft Drinks In spite of all our shortcomings, men, the girls say they much prefer us to civilian .boys. They say that most of the soldiers are swell fellows, but a small minority are classified as follows: The pesty type, the snooty type, the romantic type, the know-it-all type, the wise-guy type, the commanding type .and the lonesome type. If you are one of these types, the girls advise that you be a regular fellow and treat them just like any girl you respect. -From Huntington ((W. Va.) Advertiser 1 SCOTT FIELD, Ill.-Did they he will Jos e $10, he says, and it ::..._ ______________ 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109 -+c -+c -+c The girls think that smart duty uniforms would add to the appearance of the Post Exchange, and in addition would like to wear on their off duty hours the smart new blue uniforms worn by the other girls on the post. They also feel that a big new soda bar would be popular and a good thing to have. -+c -+c Let's try to follow the girls' suggestions as to our manners and they'll reciprocate with service with a smile. Also let's try to keep the Post Exchange and the grounds around it as clean as possible for it's our P X and the best way to get a new, bigger, and better one is to show that we can take care of the ones we have. DID YOU KNOW ... That you can use a watch to determine direction? Direct the hour hand toward the sun, then a bearing half way between the hour hand and the 12 o'clock mark on your watch is true south. ... That in judging distance you can clearly see a person's mouth and eyes. a hundred yards away ... the face is indistinct at three hundred yards the head and hat can be seen and colors can be distinguished at five hundred yards it is difficult to dis tinguish the head at seve n hun-dred yards? ... That you can identify infantry on the march from a distance by the low, thick cloud of dust that is raised ... cavalry on the march by a high, :.:thin cloud of dust motor trucks by a heavy, rapidly moving cloud of dust ... tanks by a heavy, moving cloud of dust? DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: 4232 TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. I Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh win or did they lose? will pay him more to be buste d Here's the story. You decide. to the grade of private. Two S c o t t Field private s, It' s all due to the dependents' Charles Shaffer and Ted Cuellar, allowances law which grants alwere slugging at each other in lowances .to dependents of enlistone of the weekly intersquadron ed men of the fourth, fifth, sixth, boxing /bouts. or seventh grades, but not .of the' first three. The sergeant has a For two they fo_ught on I wife and five children. even terms, but m the thud both men answered the bell set for a quick KO in min, d. All Set-vice Men are \Velcome Both let loose with simultane-BARCELONA CAFE ous haymakers and sent each other sprawling on the canvas. The referee counted them both out. Did they both win? Or did they both lose? A ser'geant at Fort Bliss is "sweating out" a staff sergeant's rating-he' s afraid he's going to get it. He has it a.ll figured out that if he is promoted he will stand to lose $54. Even if he happens to be advanced to master sergeant Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY' SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'Em F1ylng-Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant F.ine Spanish Foods and Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 3 3-521 Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANRLIN Dan '1 S. Bagley -BUYSTAMPS. & BONDS Courtesy TAMPA DENTAL LABORATORY 442 W. Lafayette Street BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP B. T. MORRIS Tires B:!,lanced -Tire Wear Corrected. 1010 Central Avenue i SEABREEZE .SPANISH RESTAURANT 'Vines and Liquors Phone 1 S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska 1 and Osborne SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H25-564 Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS S!IIOKERS ARTICLES WELCOME SERVICE !liEN Floridn Av. & Twiggs !'t. BOB'S PLACE Beer Wine Mixed Drinks Dancing Short Orders 1623 4th Ave. -!Phone Y 1786 CAESAR GARCIA, Mgr Your Feet Hurt? Complete Line of Arch Supports and Foot Remedies, at BARKER & TULLY 1110 FRANKLIN ST. HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.nk Rutas Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVE. HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street Service Men and Families are Welcome at louis Sedilla Grocery Cold Drinks -Beer and Wine Sa.ndwiches and Poultry 2018 Gr. Central Av. Ph. H-3194 Pltones: McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL INSURANCE H:'l Znek Street Tnntpn, "'Ia. FISHING TACKLE Lonnie Strickland Opposite Post Office Zack St. & Florida Ave ., Tampa Telephone 3184 LINCOLN BAR Catering to Colored Servke !lien "Nhe Place .for Nice People" M ain at North Boulevard SPECHL ATTEXTION To S ervice Fami.lies Peter Grahn & Son Meats-Poduce---Groceries Phone 3502 910 :Florida Ave. Phone I\152-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s lit AD nIL L 0 N Spanish 915 Tampa at '.fyl e r Tampa, Florida PHOTOGRAPHS R.oy N. Gecn Studio Open Evenings Opposite USO 505 l\I orga n St.. THE LENOX Mrs. Eva Cadde n Steaks, Chops Home Macle Pies, Good Coffee Rgular Dinners 2724 Florida An. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC. FLORIST 412 Tampa St. --Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Tampa Bay Market nox Fnit Shippe d Anywhere fleer, \Vine, Special Groce l'ies, Fruits, :'\1ap;azines, Icc C r cam 204 \V. Lafa:vctte Street A. G C J eotclis & Son H3143 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TR.Y OUR CORNBEEF SANDWICHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 SeJ 'l'icemen Are \Velcome Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Franldin St.. GILBERT HOTEL Phone M-1094 811 Tampa Street George T. BrightweU, Mgr. urn er o. LUMBER. & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS-PHONE H"'"J1 :-<. HrHnP. & Fulle r Street Millwork l\rade To Orde r 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 : Tampa I MARY GIFT SHOP (;ct That (;fft. H e re, for or JUothcr. 1:n1 Grand Ccntrnl N<'xt (o Till': Oranl':e Spceial Invitations to A 11 S<'nkc :'\f e n GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its XI'\\' Locatio n 805 Tampa St. WELCO:'\IF, ... Scrvic e :'\fPn anr l Fri ends to til e SWING CLUB '': \ nice place'. f o nice p eople'' Dancing and H efJ'f'Shtncnts 5008 Memorial Phone H-2184


Fridny, September 11, 1 942 FIELD ECHOES Pa.ge7 WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG :-:-:-:!!:-:-:-:!!-!!!!-!!.u!:-:..-::-:-:-:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:-: ... .. ... : i!i PENN FLORAl y HOTEL Y y y APRON PA<.)SED SlOPPED AT LAST/ ::: 44 3 Second Ave. North St. Petersburg :i: i y :!: 56 Rooms, All With Private Bath :;: y "In The Center of All Interest" :;: 564th PLOTT Co l!Jlast. When the m a n sa_w 505th 3rd Reporting Company : Y F b h shut ott the r adw I i $1.00 and $1.50 per Person X DOTS AND DASHES 1\!, N Q TS .. : .. :! .. !!-!! .. :! .. !! .. !! .. !!;!: .. : .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-: .. : .. : .. : .. :: .. : .. : .. :.:!: his wind, Feinberg asked whe re's I the woman who was crying for lly XOEL WILKINS I B,r CPL. S C KATZR\'ELL :help. The man said, "What wom-This column i s not mtended to an? Oh, I know what you R evenge i s so sweet especi ally be an obituary but friends, the r e's mean. That was the radw. I was when the cJ1allenger is so humilia fellow soldie r of yours, Pvt. Ev-listenin g to a gangster story. A atin gly vanquis h e d Isn't it, Sgt. e r ett W confined at woman was being h e l d up and she Bryant? To think that you h a d MacDill Hospital he's very was y elling for h e lp." l<'einberg lonesome. A. v isit from some oi' a lmost passed out. courage enough to even p lay the his friends in the 564th would b e --3rd Repo,rting Company! We will appreciated by Soldie r McElwee Pfc. John Griner e ncounte red b e only too glad to teach you yond words. Cpl. Stanley Roark on the Com-lJush leagu e amat eurs the fundafrom Kokomo, Ind., Mep u n y street t h e o t h e r day. A gen-mentals of softball at any time. : \vee has been in the service for era! co nversation about various 1C -j( 1C six months, and three of the six cities of the United States came The wondering sons of the 3rd tnhroenPtl!Jostthrne .. Roark Rptg. C o. arte t h eir p a r e n o rganrza wn. or ing a good drill man, McElwee is Griner snapped: "Boy, we're three months Pvts. Carte r Light. o n e of t h e neatest look'ing privates f ellow citizens., I m from D an-M 1 d \ 1 .1 1n, too." foot, Byrd Clement, 1 ag ares _an i in the P lotting Company. vVe p ttt 1 d the most luxunous R o a r k a nswered: "Wlle re's e 1 lYe In don't know whether his c l othes g r andeur that only Clucago can a r e tailor-made or he just .has a your southern accent'?" Gl r Jrer retorted: WI! e r e s your provide. _... lmacl o f wearing clothes. vVhen 1C 1C Everett dresses for inspection h e eastern accent gone'?" "I'm from l'vts. Fisher, Read, Bfoskovich looks like the soldie r t hat yo u see Roark came back: and Caeioppo have p romised to Gilbert System Hotel Detty C Illitchcll, 1\lgr. ;"46 Central A'e. St. Petersburg I:.llone 7'86-1 "Your Bonte A'lvny front Hotne" You Are Ah\' UYS \Ve2corne A phone In E-very Roont Hot mul Cold Water All Times For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Street No. St. Petersburg, Fla. in magazines and in the movies D anville, Va." warm our hearts with Moon-l a d e n d d t f t Grine r e x p l ained: "I'm from M ll S d resse o per ec ron. D .1 1 Ill,, stones about the dreamy-eyed co-oste ar s un nes \V eil, boys, we know you won't anvr e, eds at the University of Georgia. ICE CREAM AND COLD disappoint McElwee. J 1C 1C -j( I DRINKS --Orchids to T/Sgt. Donald P 1 Now that S gt. Jukes Feinbe r g 503d MEDICAL I Zwirlei_n for the sprendid lecture, 201 9th St. So. has left us we can t ell this one h d 1 d tl f d tal .: i L... __ __ -J geant was strolling nonc h alantly I porter for not getting the news in Doll Shop down the board walk when all of By T /5TH GR. ROBEHT E. o n time. I a sudden h e heard a cry from the BEACH 115 9th St. So., Opp. Webbs ocean, "Help, help!" Without This correspondent's bodY Gloom reigns in the local Flat; FLORIDA SOUVENIRS hesitation, Feinberg thre w off his beautifu1 is badly battered, what Bush again. Reason: the Regimen-. UNUSUAL GIFTS neatly tailore d white coat and with moving and nice long walks tal Pill Rollers; rolle d better pills For Wife and Sweetheart dove into the ocean. When he in the moonlig h t from Tampa dow n Broadway last Sunday. reached the spot where the cry Moving seems to b e peculiarly enCupid discharged anothe r bun -i :===============: was coming from, to his amazze-demic to Dre w Field. I'm begin-d e of darts in the last forntight. PARISI AN CLEANERS ment, he saw a stout man in a ning to b e of the opinion that the Pvt. Ignazio Morello returne d row boat smoking away on a ci-turtle s n ail family have some-from a 10-day furlough with a : gar and listening to a portable thing little bit of heaven with him. I radio. The r adio was going full Tha t glaze over S /Sgt. Robert The fluid functiomin g o f the E. Brown's eyes is not myopia. A 3rd Reporting Company was renlittle stardust got in them when dered a severe blow with its cur the angels were visiting wife Ora rent loss of 1 s t Sgt. John P. Bry to announce the impending arri-ant to the Communications ComGREETINGS Tropical Paradise JOE CREAM PARLOR Hot Dogs Hamburge ts Cnbanm.ix Sandwiches 1809 N. Howard Ave 1 val of a little bunQ.l e from heaven. pany. Your humble reporte r now Really, Bob, you needn' t be so predicts great ac.hievements for shy about it. them i n view of their recent gain. Did you know T/Sgt. Barrie D. The 3rd R eporting Company Bryant is a graduate nurse and welcomes the return of Tech. S g t was the uigllt superintendent of Donald P. Zwirlien from school. one of the south's largesj; hospi-The company "grease pool" was tals? By the way, Sgt. Bryant, surprised with t h e recent promo j .ust how did you manage to fall tion of Sgt. DiBerardinis to a from a bicycle while deep sea fish-s taff sergeantcy. ing from a rowboat? -----1'----.Speaking of deep sea fishing, Patient: "Doctor, I must t ell 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, Owner 450 4th St. So. Phone 9518 I Wonder Bar And Grill I Headquarters for Service Men BEER, LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 Service Men our nice, shiny, brand-new com-you that this i s my first operation pany commander, 1st Lt. Francis and that I'm nearly scared to J. Kelly, l ande d a 96-pound 5 foot death." 10 inc.h tarpon and we're justly Youthful Surgeon: "Yes, I i proud of him. A lso we are jus t know just how you feel. It's also -===============; La Uave Market Fancy Groce l'ies, Free Delliv ery 2415 N. Howatd Phone H 33-024 A HOME BUY OR RENT SEE Jay Hearin, Inc. REALTORS I Phone .M1861, Maas Office Bid. CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida W'hite Way LAUNDRY 2806 Arrnenln A,e., Nenr 1\llchlgan Phone that p leased with our new com-my first one." pany commander. vVe have liad a very interesting con test b etween our tents, the best tent of dav r eceirved afternoon passes. Needless to say, it has been running hot and heavy. That digging you have been watching u s do i s not a Victory garde n although we' d like to have one. The digging has bee n Sulphur Springs Service Men A lways Welcome Sulphur Spring Cafe on our new baseball field. We We Specialize in Home Cooked F .ood, Chic ken, Steak and like it. Incidentally, we have some Chop Dinners crackerjack horseshoe players. Surphur Spl'ings, Arcnde Bldg. v Vould anyone care to take us on? Nyaaah we dare you!! TO CHARLEY Dear God, always keep him safely, B e with him both day and nightGive .him strength to face the e nemy, Keep his pathway shining bright, L e t Thy spirit always linger, Let hilll, know that You are there. Tell him that I love him dearly, And for him I send this prayerFathe r drive away his sadness, Cause his troubles all to flee, And w hen this bitte r war is over, Please, God, send him home to ME. Eva Vernon, Hickan Field Highlights. Phone S-5073 Ptompt Delivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave. Sulphur Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN, REEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF -18 HOLES15c-Firs t Round 10c-Additional Rounds Next to Snlphut Springs Pool !++!++!++: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:.:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-: "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled" Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. Petersburg Service Men's Uniforms That \Viii Pass Inspection Cleaned and Pressed 50c FLORA-DON CLEANEW3 AND DYERS Phone 4727 1239 Centtal Av. OLDEST AND LARGEST DRY CLEANERS IN oST. PETE 24 Hour S ervice PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. Phone 4372 Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 20th Century Alleys Northmoor Stop in close to lendqnnrter" for the duration. Cool, clean efficiency Apt .. or Rooms and Dath lly the "-eek, Month; Season or Yearly 111 6th Ave. No. Phone 70-781 GORDON HOTEL l'l2G 5th Ave. No. l'hone G:i07 TRANSIEN'I'S Rooms with naths and SI10wers Large Veranda and Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Ave. North ROOMS, APTS. & COTTAGES Reasonable Rates, by \Veek, Month or Year ADUili'S ONLY NO SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone S0-612 St. Petersburg Gift Shop 364 Central Ave. "DON'T FAIL TO VISIT US" Por Gifts of all kinds for wives or sweethearts. ''Specialists in Pillow Tops" SPECIALISTS IN PILLOW TOPS At St. P<.>tersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Cilntral Ave. Ph. 4842 FREE DELIVERY Imported Wines And Liquors GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. Specializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, SANDWICHES Paramount Bowling Alleys You :tre. Invited to visit our modern nnd up to date alleys 860 4th Ave. S While at St. Pete Visit RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, B.MOKES 848 4th St. So. NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese and American Meals DINE AND DANCE THE COTTAGE 2102 4th 8treet North WINE AND BEER


Page 8 BATTING AVERAGES Players G. A B H Pet. Brosnan, p --------1 5 3 .600 Toomin, of __________ 5 19 8 .421 B ekeza, c ............ 50 186 76 .408 1"\ DREW FIELD E01IOES Week of Fun For Soldiers FEMMES Drew T earn Drops Three Games Over Last Week-End Brooks, ut. __________ 8 25 9 .375 Saturday the Navy Motheis Riordan, 2b ________ 6 26 9 Club, 3051h Water St., will sponOur ear-to-the-ground operator Graboski, of. ...... 22 70 23 .328 sor a dance with the WPA N egro wasn' t on her toes this w eek, ancl/1 Cockrane of. .... 22 71 23 324 Swing Band. whe n time came for the assem-McNulty, lb ........ 4 4 148 45 .304 Sunday at 8 p.m.-A dance at I The Dre w Interceptors dropped McM ennamiu, 3 b 20 6 6 20 3 03 Y l\1. H. A., Ros s and N ebraska blage of tidbits the y were 11 Klimzal 3b 44 170 49 28 8 Avenues. Sponsored by the Junior so a gain we ask you girts in the all three g ames away from _home Todd, 0'r'. _____ -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-3 162 4 5 .277 Hadassah. Full e v ening of enter-various sections to h and in your ove r the past week-end. Losmg to Moore, p .............. 10 34 9 .264 tainment. news-als o any of you f ellas who Orlando Air Base on Saturday and Bonelli, of. .......... 7 2 7 7 .25 8 Monday night at 7: 3 0 there know anything on the gals (that Sunday by the scores of 4-0, 4-3, Epps, p ............... 11 3 6 8 222 will be practice cltmcing for be-can be printed) and who would b e and 7-0 to L akeland on Monday. Pianowski, p ____ 5 19 4 .210 ginners a t N avy Mothers Club, inte r este d in beeoming secret Big C arlos Moore limited the M e y ers, ss :--------.42 148 3 1 .209 3051h vVat e r St. members of our espionage comOrlando nine to two hits on S atur-Swindells, p ....... 22 69 12 .174 On Wednesday evening at 8 mitte e, for goo'ness sake (and d a y in pitching superb ball for Howell, of. ........ 21 66 9 .136 o 'clock the reguiar mid-week the sake of the column) GIVE. ... the Interceptors, but his mates dance at Navy Mothers Club, While on the subject of espionage, f ailed to back up his fine mound PITCHING AVERAGES Music furnished by the WPA Ne-ears-to-the-ground, etc., it inter-p erformance. Errickson allowed gro Swing Band. ested us to know that the long the Drew team two blows to G r L Pet. Thursday night at 8 o 'clock the distance telephone girls, in put-. match the pitching of Moore. The Brosnan -------------1 1 0 1.000 "C" Club sponsors a dance at _the ting in calls for various inhabibig righthander for Dre w struck Swindells ............ 24 18 5 7 50 Catholic Center. Marion tants of the BOQ, have become out five of the first six men to Moore -----------------8 6 1 7 50 and Twiggs Sts. Music by WP A so familiar with the parties con face him. A wild streak by Moore Pianowski 3 2 1 .660 orchestra. Also at 8 p.m. the De-cerned that all they nee d to know in the fourth and fifth innings Epps -------------------6 3 3 .500 I fense Recreation Committee will is who's calling and the town to J g ave the Orlando team their runs. sponsor a concert at the open air finish the call-f'rinstance, "This Lefty Brown toed the rubber F p s are n a A full hour will b e enjoyed is Lt. Casanova, and I want to for the Interceptors on .Sunday ormer Itt tar ,. by everyone. make a eall ot Atlanta" _:_ then and was shaded by Jess Plummer chirps the operato'r, ".Nuff said in a hot lllOUJld duel, 4-3. Drew H d H s 9th F' ht w Lieutenant, I 'll .have e r on knotted the count at three-all 0 D T q. an q. q. Ig er mg line in a minute." Keen, huh? : midway of the game, but the lo -n rew earn, Th F. hto 9th The Quartermaster personnel cals forged ahead in the late ine Ig Ing really gave a super going-away ning s to cop the game. B CPL. WAL'l'Elt WEI{.NER J party for_ Col. _Greene. T_hey pre-The two-game series ended a Cpl. Ernest Bonelli, forme r l sented hrm wtth a wnstwatcl!, s eries of eight games played be-football and baseball player for 1 "Good e v enmg friends ,'.' (both properly inscribed, to remembe r tween the two nines with Drew of you), how you-all makin' out'! them by. We heard they took lots \vl.nrrr'ng only two. the University of Pittsburgh i s of pi'ctures b t tl t ]V G 01' F'ightin' Ninth didn' t appear u 1a .rs. reene The Interceptors moved over to now stationed with t .he Signal last week, but now we are ready who was also present, censored Lakeland on Labor Day, where Corps at Drew Field. for business again at the same old the poses before the shots were they were defeate' d by the Food The former athlete was a mem-stand. Irma, see what the boys taken .... \V'e've been asked if Machinery tiine, 7-0. An erratic ber of the great Pitt football team in the :back room will have. 'tis true wh.at the Tribune said outfield proved the downfall of Seems that the men and ol'fiabout the Drew gals (also lVIac the Drew team as the gardeners where he operated m the back-! c ers of t 'he Fightin' Ninth had a Dill) on the front p a g e of their kicked the ball over the lot. Bros-field at right halfback with All! little ol' volley (ball game lasl society section. giving up their nal). went the distance for the In-American Marshall Goldbe'rg. Cpl. i Monday, but we ain't a saying date-books for the duration in fa terceptors, but did not get the Bonelli was mentioned on several I much about. that game. No, suh. vor of more serious activities, and' support afield. Drew could not All-America selections. But when we play 'em next time, think we can safely shout, "Tain't solve the offerings of Lefty Gart-Besides being an outstanding and if we win-boys, you'll hear true!" ... We've been look-alikes rell as they were shut out for the football player, Bonelli played about it. But loud. So help me. for a week now, so howd'ye like it, second time o;yer the week-end. t:wo years of -varsity baseball at Meet the boys: Pvt. Louis gals, and howd'ya like us, guys? With these three games, Drew the hot corner, where he hit over Beaulieu, our boy from Beverly, Thought I'd get the opinion of a probably ended a -very successful .400. Cpl. Bonelli now roams the Mass. is cooldn' with gas on his staff officer, and when the ques baseball season with 37 wins outfield for the Drew Field Inter-new job. He has charge of the tion was put to him the answer against 20. defeats. ceptors baseball team, where he Ordnance tent. Want a few point-was-quote-Ahhhhhhhh! -un SIG. HQ. AND HQ. CO. DEFEATS MULBERRY, 6-2 is an outstanding fielder and hit-ers o n automatics, tommies, quote-whieh might mean most ter for the team. Springfields, machine guns 01; anything ... Inter-office to Sgt. Cpl. Bonelli says' his toughest what .have you ?-just -see Lou. Caruso: Lissen, Sergeant, I'm a football game was against Duke He' s the man. columnist, not a one-woman USO, University in 19 40, when two S /Sgt. Otto Kratochvil, our ver-however, mabbe you've got some passes were completed over his satile A.M. man from Cicero, Ill., thing there, so .I'll take it up at head with Duke whining, 10-7.1 is on the line now, and they say the next Board meeting. By LARRY RALSTON Hq. and Hq baseball team turned in a Labor Day victory over the Mulberry team by trim ming them, 6-2, on the Pierce dia mond in Mulberry. (Qu.ote: "He didn't lose the 1' he really knows his stuff. Some game.") more of our boys who are keepAUT 0 -INSURANCE To a fine athlete, we salute you, ing ern flying are Pvts. William AImy 20% off BUSSEY Wajouchowski started on the mound for Hq Co and was re lieved by Foust in the fifth. MulCpl. Bonelli. V,. Hunter, Independence, Calif.; berry raked the two .hurlers for General's Medal for the outstand nine hits, while _the visitors col-ing high school graduate of Can lected 11 hits. Parrish was the ada; champion Jralf-miler of losing pitcher for Mulberry. Western Canada; settled down in The soldiers scored a single run Los Angeles on coming to the in the first frame, three in the u. s. about 5 lh years ago, and eig.hth and twice in the ninth. was only a half-semester away Mulberry scored all their runs in from getting his law degree at the fifth and six innings on timely the University of California when hitting. he was sent his "greetings" by After the game, the Hq. Co. your Uncle .Sam; spent a lot of was invited to a community gath-time in Canada playing hockey ering, where a chicken supper was and in Los Angeles was a star served, followed by a dance. forward on the well-known soccer Score by innings: R H E t f th Sig. Hq. 100 000 032-6 11 2 o e Hollywood Athletic l Mulberry 000 011 000-2 9 4 I SELECTED FOH. Oli'FICER L A D I E s i CANDIDATE SCHOOL T/4 Harry M. Fainstein of Hq. It's the New TURBANWAY Heatless Permanent Trus t your new feather cut to TURBANW AY. Its gentle minis trations will leave each tendril Willard H. Jackson, Jefferson Ins. Agency Phon" 1'11-1718 H-29122 Ci_ty, Md ; Rudolph B. Palomald, Ish penning, Mich. (twice in a month-this will cost you a beer, boy!); Sgt. John M. Olson, Min neapolis, Minn., and p fc. John. ;...... __ ---' Onysczak, 'Chicago. Partnig Shot: Have you heard the one about the jerk in Sum mit, N. J., who decided to finish his dinner before turning out the lights during a test blackout? He got the check-$ 25-from the po lice department. TELEPHONE SERVICE AT ATTENDED PAY STATIONS 21 Boo ths, Attendants, Comfortable Lounge Open 6 t o 12 P.M. Frida} ; S e ptem ber 11, 1942 BROTI-IERS Complete .. convenient: MILITARY DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE li1EN'S SHOP l\IAIN\ FLOOR Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 3 0 Minute Service to Both Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service Rush Hours For Further Information. Call 3286 SERVICE MEN WELCOME E_AGLE BAR HOSTESSES -DANCING Corner of Tampa & Fortune Co., Reptg. Bn., 504th SAWR has been selected t:o attend the Officer Candidate School .,at Miami, Fla., on or about the 15th of this month. Sgt. FainJein has spent the last seven of his 11 months in -the Army in the Personnel Sec tion. lustrous and gleaming. Benuty 0 FALK'S 'l'hird 517 ZACK STREET Diamonds and All Jewel_. A brief review of Harry's life is as follows: Born and raised in Canada; his very fine scholastic record was highlighted by receiv ing the award of the Governor Salon Floor AJ,SO Operating the l'llneDIII Field Beauty Sho1> ATTENTION!! ELKS In UNIFORM GRAND OPENING OF THE ELKS FRATER.\'AL CENTER Saturday, September 19th 4 P.M. to 11 P.M. And Every Sa.tur rlay Thereafter for the Dtuation at the E L K S L 0 D G E FLOHIDA AVE. AT MADISON ST. EVERYTHING PREE! DRINKS-FOOD-l\lUSW! n,inga Buddy or a Laclr Ftiend If Stag, You'll Find Plenty of Dancing; Partners IN THE TELEPHONE BUILDING COl\lPUMENTS OF HOTEL DeSOTO rsos;s===<= .. I Army Store ill :!: Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of ::: SERVICE MEN EXPERT TAILORING 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa .. ::-:-:-:!-!!!!-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-::-:..::-,...:-:-: IJ#I!;Wi4iCe 605 Franklin St. Expert Watch Rep a irs SERVICE MEN, Your Is Located At 80 I Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Tampa, FllOJicla


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