Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 29 (September 18, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
September 18, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1 No. 20 "The Battle of Midway," an 1800-foot film of the great battle in the Pacific, will be shown at Drew Field Theaters 1 and 2, Octo b e r 7 and 8, in connection with the regularly schedul e d program. Filmed under fire, the movie is the actual photographic record made by the Navy Department and tells the story of this great b .attle much more vividly than the reports given out by th e newspapers and the radio. It depicts not only the activities of the Navy, but aJso the Army and the Marines, all cooperating toward the final victory. Arrangements have been concluded between the Navy Department and the War Activities Committee of the motion picture industry for the distribution of "The Battle of i\Iidway" to all theaters in the United States. One Meets the Most Interesting People By CPL. LEONARD G. RUBI:\' The civilians in this part of the country are most obliging and give soldiers rides whenever they are going their way. Incidentally, you fellows who accept rides-remember to be polite and courteous and be careful what you discuss in or d e r that information that should not be disclosed is kept within the army family. Here are some of the interest-. ing people who have given me rides:-A member of the Brftish Con sulate service, whom I wish many of you could have met in order that many misconceptions about our English allies be righted. An expert on reptiles and snakes who explained that while there are dangerous snakes most peopl e would do well to know more about them and what to do w .hen confronted with the poisonous variety. A civilian defense p lane spotter, who gives quite -a few of his hours each week, watching from his tower station and reporting all planes that pass within three miles. A plain clothes policeman with a two-way communication system in his car. He told me that soldiers don't give police much trouble, but that it would be a good idea if those who liked liquid refreshment consumed only as much as they can handle. A flying officer's charming wife, who made me realize that in these times many are the unsung heroes and heroines. This young lady realized full well her responsibility for her .husband's moral e and has learned to hide the disappointments and fears t'hat naturally arise from her ,husband's occupation. A Tampa matron who had as a pest an 11-year-old child, the Fl.ughter of friends in the north. ..laving no children of her own, she told me w .hat a "problem a child t'hat age can be." A member of the United States Department .of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Quarantine and Entomology. He explained that as Tampa is a port all plants which are imported must be inspected in order that no dangerous insec-ts be imported into this country. An old Cracker" who was an expert fishennan. ''It looks as if this is the spot for you fellows who lil{e to fis h. First, however, check on the season and habits of the fish you are going after to make sure that :the time and place is right for the fish that you are going after.". In addition to t'hese mentioned above there were salesmen, insurance men and northern refugees. All in all, you can say with assu rance-"One meets the most interesting people." "High Flighf' Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Eartl1 And danced the skies on laughtersilver wings; Sunward I've climbe d, and joined the tumbling mirth Or sun-split clouds -and done a hundred th[ngs You have not dreamed of wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence; hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting winds J along, and flung My eager craft through ?ootless halls of air. /LlfOT. TI1011Af R. .... GMZ.J IMMY ODOLITrlF:f "flYING UE PRESCI?IBED fOR iUC JAPf It# THE fAMOUS I?AID OVEJ? TI>IlVO fiE WAS AWARDED THE DlrrtN6UffUEO AND 1'1FTER1"14E I?AtP OF O-J INA HE DIO J.\lS SToFF As SUR\SE:Otf Personnel Warned Against the Careless Disclosure of Vital Military Information Attention of all officers, en-reports of loose conversation in Up, up the long, delirious, burn-listed men and civilian employees busses, trains, clubs, other public ing blue of Drew Field is called to the fact places, and in private homes, I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace that military and civilian person-upon military matters dealing Where never lark, or even eagle n e l of the War Department are with military plans, operations, n ew -prohibited from discussing or troop movements, and similar sub-And, while with silent lifting com_ menting upon a_ny matters 1 jects. mind I've trod wht,ch co_ n cern the mi_lltary service I "Suc_h action is distinct and diThe hig h untrespassed sanctity of space, except m the performance of of-rect atd to the enemy, causing Put out m y hand and touched the ficial business. loss of lives and national r e-face of God. In this connection the sources and retardiJ1g the success--John Gillespi e Magee, Jr. ing extracts a r e quote d from a ful prosecution of the war. Septembe r 3, 1941. (Hailed as the first classic of recent memorandum issued by the "Except in t h e p erformance of the second World War, "Hig h vVar Department: I official business, all military and Flight" was written by John Gil "The \Var Department contin-, civilian personnel of the War D elespie Magee, Jr., 19-year-old ues to receive numerous a r e prohibited from dis RCAF pilot, who was killed in of carelessness and gross mdts-1 cussmg or commenting upon any action on December 11, 19 41. His cretion on the part of individuals !matte r s which concern the miliparents, R ev. and Mrs John G. dealing with classified informa-tary service or the war effort of Magee, live in Washington D C.) tion. In addition there are many I the United Nations. Gallons of printers' ink have spilled over miles of type discussing the morale of the American soldier. It has been admired, praised, fretted over' criticized and cheered, but never. have we seen it defined. A lot of us .have often wondered about this morale of ours that is so fine. so poor and so much the subject of ever one's concern. We cannot define it, but we would like to make an attempt. at w hat we think the word refers to. Morale is a soldier strutting down the avenue with his chest out, his chin up .and that "! can lick the world" glint in his eye. It is his absolute confidence in the ability of the American forces to clean up the whole mess as soon as he can get there. It is his readiness to fight any marine or sailor who claims their outfits are better than his, and his even greater readiness to fight anyon03 who claims that any other marines or sailors are better than ours. It is his grumbling abeut mop ping the flo'or, shining his shoes and straightening things up, yet his indignation at even the s 'ug-1 gestion that his tent is not the neatest one in the squadron. It is the proud feeling of smartness he experiences as he gives a military salti.te to an officer on the streets in town. It is his uncontrollable rage as he sees newsreel shots or reads newspaper reports of American defeats or trage.dies due to "superior numbers of enemy forces." Finally, it is his unshakable opinion that h e is the best soldier in the finest squadron in the highest branch of the service in the greatest country in the world. -Richard Dann, Private, A. C., Brockley Field, Ala. NEW COMMANDANT AT PLANT FIELD Lt. Col. Julian M. Andrus, the officers and enlisted men of the 50 1st SA WR, welcome Col. Willard R Matheny as the newly assigned regimental commander and commandant of Plant Field. Colonel Matheny is from Chicago, Ill., and in civilian life was an e lectrical engineer and lawyer. In the last 'ear, the colonel was a lieutenant in an Engineer Corps and then executive officer in the Signal Corps at Bordeaux, France. Prior to his assignment to this regiment, h e was the assistant executive officer at Ft. Monmouth. His hobby-motor boats 2nd. Lt. Chester F. Thomas is the newly appointed Special Serv ice Officer. Lieutenant Thomas was a baseball player and is an all-round athlete. His pleasing personality and interest in sports should gain the respect and co -operation of the men of t11e regiment.


Pag e 2 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN n. ROSS, Publisher Tampa Army Newspapers Du11lness Ottice: 1115 FLORIDA A VENUE 565th 3rd Reporfing Company NOTES By NOEL WILKINS DHEW FIELD ECHOES !ant note of ecstasy when Tech. 4th Gr. Louis Yare and Pvt. Laverne Eickstad reach home their scheduled furlough. The company is eagerly awaiting the wedding announcement of Sgt. Nelson Opio. Or were all Tumpn, J?'Joridu This is not an apology for Sunthose promises idle boasts? P. 0. Dox 522 Phone 2177 AIJ udvertlsenJentH contuillf! d ln thht ne'l-VHP:tJle r ore niHo contnlned lo the MucDill Field Fly J,enf. 1\lini...,um lolnt clrculutlon: 8,000 copleH. day's defeat, but rather the plea Can you imagine Sgt. Eni Diof an humble sportsman in pur-Berardinis as a Saturday aftersuit of the truth. For those who noon quarterback directing a ton displayed a more dubious I 'ationalof charging beef? Nice blocldng ity in regard to the more elemenSarge. ADVERTISING RATES F URNISHED ON REQ,UES l' A n e wspaper publis h e d exclusively !or the p ersonnel of Drew Field and d evote d to military inte rest>! and the United Nations Victory. tary rules and regulations gov-For those of you who like imierning softball, may I quote ver-tations, or rather a conglomerabatim from "The Official Softball tion of strange sounds, lend your Rules of 1942," as :published by delicate ears to T. G. Johnson's the joint rules committee. musical symphony of a "Jeep in Rule No. 8, .Sectio,n A-Prelim!-! the Mud"-in four parts. nary to pitching, the pitcher shall All things must come to an end, come to a full stop, facing the and with this eternal trufh in batsman, with the ball held in mind, I will say farewell to the both hands in front of the body, swellest gang of fellows ever coland with both feet squarely on lected under the Stars and Stripes. Opinions expressed in this n ewspape r a r e thos e of the individual writers and under no circums t ances are they t o be consid.ered thos e of the United States Army. Advertisem ents in this publlcat>on do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel o! the products advertised. Under the 8th Wing By PFC. L. E. BLOCH the ground and in contact with the pitcher's Rule No. 8, Section D-A legal delivery shall be a IIJall which is deivered to the batter underhand and with a follow through of the. hand and wrist past the straight line of the body befol"e the ball is released. The pitcher may use any I windup he desires providing that in the final delivery of the ball to the batter the hand shall be below the hip and the wrist not farther from the body than the elbow. From the above facts, gentlemen, I believe the inference is simple, logical and direct. The mythical land of Paul Bunyon will undoubtedy sound a jubi-Talk about your truly American fighting teams-the 8th Wing is an excellent example. There are men from almost every state in the Union-a full-blooded Sioux Indian, a Puerto Rican, men of Italian, Syrian, German, Polish, Dutch, Russian, French, English, Irish, Swedish, Greek and Mexip c c a n origin; Catholics, Protestants ALMA EIA and Jews. If that's not a demo-cratic outfit, we' d like to see one! The Wing officers deserve are-THEATRE sounding vote of thanks. for their thoughtful purchase of a large McDILL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS thermos jug. Just ask the CQs or I Open 3 P. l.U. D-ally guards how that hot coffee tastes Ptobrram Week of Sept. 20th in the ear)y morning hours. And sun., Ilion., Tues., se. pt. 20-21-22 who knOWS when you may be the "KISS THE DOYS GOODDY," next to appreciate the usefulness with Don Ameche, 1\lnry 1\lartln f this gift ? Also "Dlondlc Goes Lntln," with 0 Arthur Lake, Penny Singleton The enlisted men hung one on News the officers in a bowl!ng match at ,Ved., Thurs., 23-24 Sullivan's Alleys last Tuesday "The 1\IONSTER and the GIRL" night. It proved to be a cheap eve-with Paul Lukas, Ellen Drew ning's entertainment for the men, Also "Design for Scandal," with th 1 'had t tak care Rosylyn Russell, Walter Pidgeon smce e osers 0 e Fri., Sat., Se1t. 25-26 of the cost. Here are the scores., TARZAN'S SECRE'l' TREASURE Officers 1st G. 2nd G. Johnny Welssmuller,. 1\lnureen Lt. Buttacavoli .... 145 129 O'Sullivan, also "Turnabout," Lt. Sklenkka .. .. 180 143 with Adolf 1\lenjou, Cn.role Landis u. Jioenr ........ -141 153 SOLDIERS Maj. Jones 96 142l.,.lllliari Capt. Gough ........ 174 131 Lt. Yngve ....... ... 77 *101 Totals .............. 813 799 Enlisted Men 1st G. 8/Sgt. Penniston .. 191 Pvt. Mountjoy .... .. 150 Cpl. Hegwood .... 159 T/5 Meuer ---' MSgt. Philbert ..... 159 Pvt. Coco ... ..... 112 Totals ....... .... .. 937 878 *Maj. Bachelder bowled second I game. I fie--28c SUNDAY AND 1\IONDAY "THIS ABOVE ALL" Tyrone Ponrer, Jonn Fontnitu ---Feuturc No. 2 --"PRIVATE BUCKAROO" Phone 22c SATURDAY nnd SUNDAY "Submarine D-1" Pnt O 'llrlen, George Brent --Feuture No.2---"The Fleet's In" Dorothy Lulllour \'Villium Holden Pvt. Harry West discovered he I has a second home in this vicinity. Guess he'll be spending all his' spare time over at 'his aunt's in St. Pete. When we spoke of Pvt. Peter Hartes b eing quite an 1 artis t in last week's column, we didn't realize what extent wei were correct. Since, have seen I some of his. drawings, and he is 1 definitely an artist .... Pvt. Cecil Amick, who will represent the 8th Fighter Wing in the Third I Air Force Swim Meet, 11as been at work daily, pointing for the event. He's plenty good and is going to give somebody stiff competition. ... Things should have been well looked after last week when Pvt. James Carroll was on guard duty. He's an ex-flatfoot from Bayonne, N J However, he was accustomed to "walking his post" in the saddle of a motorcycle before he starte d wearing khaki. Pvt. Paul Dingle' s better half has arrived in town and set up housekeeping. That oughta keep him out of trouble. How's that KP at home, Dingle? ... We were truly sorry to lose three of the Wing's most popular officers last week via the transfer route. Capt. Haile, Lt Cohen and Lt. Joiner are_ going to be mighty good additions to the staffs of some outfits .... What ever happened to that skeet shoot we were to have with "The Fightin' Ninth ? MILITARY CLOTHES that fit better! OP E N TUESDAY AND THURS DAY NIGHTS EAT HENDERSON nAii:ING co.s 916 FRANKLIN ST. BREAD "SMART MILITARY CLOTHES' 27'02 FLORIDA A VJ;]. Friday September 18 1942 Now Playing Through September 25th SPECIALt SOLDIERs Just tell the ticket girl at the State that you read this ad and you get in for 25c ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM THE RED MILL _1\tuericnn An11 Food E\'F.RY NIGHT Davis lslanJJ AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday Sc FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets --7:45 --8:15. Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK LIGHT LUNCH J>IN!\'ERS 11 A 1\I. Till 4 1'. 1\1. Dnlly 1;']:; Platt St. nt Pnc ],nood


September 18 1942 SOlst SAWR .. Plant Field Reports Hr SGT. HARRY J. -+c -+c -+c Last week the chapel was the scene of a most impressive wed ding ceremony. Pvt. \Vatter Shu ler of the Fj:q. Plottnig Bn., was married to Madelyn Jane Essex by Chaplain Boren. Attendants w ere Cpl. John J. Amati, of the same company, who played the role of best man, and Mrs. Annie Laurie Stanley, who was matron of honor and who sang "Because." After the ceremony, the bride and groom marched out of the Chapel with 20 men of the company as guard of honor. The couple received .a salute from the guard of honor and the guidon bearer. The spirit displayed at this simple c eremony at our Chapel, which was formerly a cigar industry building, could not have bee n more sincere and thrilling even at a more pretentious military wed "ing. -+c -+c -+c The Communications Co. did rettv well a couple of weeks ago. Cpl. Sha.rp and Pfc. Butler. are now old married men. Best wishes to them and their brides. "ANOTHER THING, MALCOLM, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SAFETY BELT." -+c -+c -.c 503rd Rept. Hq. Co. Elks Social Center to Open Lt. Robert S. Hull and Miss Ed-For the social and recreational na R. James of rittsburgh, Pa., Ink Spots benefit of Elks in uniform, the were married September 9 at the Elks Fraternal Center will open First Presbyterian church. Chap-OSENTHA L Saturday, Sept. 19, at the Tampa h By SGT. R 1 lain Boren officiated. Best WIS es SGT. LESTER SHEAR B.P.O.E., according to J. Frank to you, Lieutenant and Mrs. Hull. Umsto1, chairman of the Tampa T/Sgt. Stephen, T/Sgt. Don-Three boys from our company Elks Fraternal Center committee. nelly and Sgt. Hassett, of the 3rd form a swing band which is Part of a nati

Page 4 By SGT. JOHN F. SUSZ:Yl\'SKI It looks like we are in a race to see w h ether the Service Club flll!>lD I/ of Drew Field. It's true that our prog ress 11as been more tha n a .1 I. ----.. little impaire d since no new men lt:,",/1 _._:Jilll-illii' have co m e into the organization dudng the past couple of weeks; By PVT. BOB RANE Radio Log WFLA-7: 00 to 7:25 A.M., Daily. WTSP-6: 3 0 to 6:45 P.M Monfill DREW li'lELD ECHOES LOW EQUALS Frida ) Srptcmbcr 18. 1 942 ll' PFC JOHN E. LEE The Base M edics continued in I their winning ways in the Dre w Fie ld softball swatfest last week by taking the 9th Fighter Comlmand and the 903rd Ordnance in two days The scores were 3-2 and 1 5 -0 The second game marathon was call e d at the beginning of the fifth inning. Also unde r the heading of the !!!!!!!!! .. .. .. .. ;;=!! .. !1 sports depart 111 e n t was a roughSPORTS REVIEW and-tumble football game supple m enting an ali-day 'hike which the Medics took in stride on Monday. Feature of the afternoon's play 'vas the po\\rerful drive of Swivel By PVT. DELWIN BAGGETT All hips Cuneo. Much was expected I ng are good physical from s;Sgt. Senecal, but h e This js t h e first sport column conrhtwmng gam es. sprained an ankle before the ac-dcnling with athleti cs and physjDid von know that we have t wo 1 tual play got under way. ca l training at Dre w a ncl i f this fotmn: outstanding. football playj The_ Swab.s this week would ari;I'cle l J" t 1 1e ce11.'_o1 ''' e e r s in our m i dst here at Dre'v ? h e rewith spi ead the welcome mat however, with Captains Bull and and more recently, Lt. C A. Dav is Jr., subscribing to our cause, this column should ring out with some resounding cheers shot::tly. "Here's hoping tha.t the new instruments all get into play-SOON. d ay. WFLA-9: 15 day. J .. for the new Base Surgeon, Lt. Col. t o 9:30 P.M., Tuesmay be tempte d to \\Tite more. J h ey are Lt. Erpeldmg, who was Jay Gamel, who replaced M ajor Al I a member of the D etrojt UniverCharles Firestone. Good luck to. WDAE8:35 to 8:50 P .M., hough this piece was writb t ff' ten hefore the outcom e of the s it)' tPam, and Cpl. Ernest Boo h o 1cers on their new assign-It will be a happy day for Cp l. Bud Estes (formerly "Alden") when instrumentation available will do justice to the arrangem ents he ha,s written especially Thursday. WFLA-9: 00 to day. 9: 3 0 P.M., FriThird Air Force Swimming meet ucili of Pitt, who performed in was kno\111, \r c m;,jjj. sure that the t h e backfield of the great Pitt Gale, M.A.C., who is rapidly WFLA-9: 3 0 to urday. 9: 45 A.M., Sat-t tPam. ing in popularity among all the eams representing Dre'" jn the 1 d 1 I '11 I In t h e meantime, if am.: of vou m t l e etac Iment. for our prospective dance arches-Effective this week Drew Field tra. Pfc. Hoier is waiting to pop will have two n e w radio programs some of his "specials" on the (see listing above). Both n e w bp ys, a lso programs will b e hear d over TamPfc. J erry S edlak has a couple pa's station WFLA. prognms of arrangements all set for the mean more radio talent. If any concert Band. Right now h e has Drew Field soldiers would like to to be content to sing the various participate on these programs parts to himself-poor Jerry they should see Cpl. 0 z White and poor us. head, of the Special Service OfIt certainly was a brilliant idea fice. for the gang to allow Pfc. Cos-Latest addition to the "Drew tello to get married (it happene d Field Presents" cast is Pvt. Adrian week before last) now w e are Gendot of the 5 5 2nd Signal Batgetting some fancy home cooking tali on. Pvt. G endot (pronounced instead of the usual "wrap-it-upJohn Doe) will announce and and-mail-it stuff." I'm wondering write the morning pro grains ov e r if there was any ulterior motive WFLA. He is replacin g yours involved when Costello passed truly, who has been tra n s f erre d out all that ginger bread yester-to n e w duties. day, and apparently forgot (?) to Cpl. Jack H artma n, popular or save for himself; .he ganist on Drew radio shows, is that the .boys enJoyed safely snuggled in his Pottsville, ICt ... do you like that, Mrs. 'Pa., domicile at this writing. In ostello the middle of his furlouoh Jack Sgt. Ferns has a glint in his writes "Those sunsets 'Florieye, and all .the symptoms that da nothing compared to the presage weddmg but, celestial wonders of Pennsylvania we shall to wait until h e gets -you should see the beautiful bac k from Ius furlough to find out cloud banks we mal\e out of the whether our supplemental rations are to be further increased. If anyone knows of a 15 or 20room mansion, with private swim pool and yacht to match'rental fe e about i$17 98 pe.r monthcall Cpl. Luukkonen. He' s 'fixin' to bring the Mrs. down so tha t she, too, can get the 'benefit of this Florida sunshine. I neatly forgot you readers get a new scribe for the next couple of weeks ... lucky you. Geez, maybe I ought to worry about the guy trying to get even with me for some "plugs" I m a y have given him in this column!!! Oh w e ll! Remind me to worry AFTER 1 get back from my furlough. So long. A YANK IN THE OPA coal dust." Inc id entally, your n e w Drew Field morning p resenter-Adria n Gendot, was a r a dio performer of no small proportions out on the West Coast. On the staff of San FraR cisco's KFRC, Gendot acted as announce r and producer. B e sides his decad e of r a dio experience h e was on the editoria l desk of the San Francisco Examiner, leading Calif6rnia daily. Good luck, J ohn Do e. Cpl. 0. Z. Whitehead's poetry readings on last Frida y's program (WFLA) provoked ominous rumblings amon g tl1e soldier-listenership. Was it the poems or 0 Z.'s manner of presentation? Tm sure Cpl. Whitehead wil1 welcome any fan mail! m ee \1' 1 ma ;:e a good showing 1 1 J We would like to have seen and that one of them will' h

DREW FIELD ECHOES RINGING -EM UP Br P\" T ALVIl'\ M. A::\-lSTEl{. We are all glad to hea r that our barracks orderly, Bennie Hall, who was the victim in an auto accident last week, is now on the road to recovery and should be back real soon. Let's show 'em, Benny, huny up, the broom' s getting tired waiting for you. I And a big welcome to Major Davis, our new Squadron lain. Abe Sancton received a two-day" pass last week-end and when he returned he received present-a weekly trick at KP. But for a 12-year-old she was a cute kid, wasn't she? Last week "Wolf" Johnny Wilson, of the Medics, and Walt Reugger found a red balloon. When we left them they were hav ing a race to see which one could blow it up the fastest. Say there, "Wild Bill" Sanders, who is the 17-year-old honey you've been seen around town with? And we mean honey! Funny Mager Caldwell of the Med. Dept., hasn't said much about his recent trip to Miami. Too much soldier competition ,, there, Corporal? U.S. Treaur:Y DJHr.lnMtil. -.,_ Daily occurrence for Headquarters: Major Garber Capt. l\Iuse matching for cokes. So far, ..._Courte..,-LOS ANGELES EXAMINER Capt." Muse-has been shelling out. A recent Base Bulletin announced that all "Elks in uniform "Instructors" would be welcomed to the open-we are the unseen, ever watchful, ing of their new: fraternal center." always alert, And it says to "bring a lady friend. Will Carlin wants to Binding the atoms together. know if this means a deer or a Not ours, glory nor applause;_ dear. Wonder how an elephant We are never heroes and yet are would _look in uniform. I part of our land's destii1y, Manp Manassa found that It s I Guarding 11er secrets well. pretty hard borrow two bucks vVe are the unseen, loyal, true to around the middle_ of the month. an ideal Better luck next hme, keed. "' The writer received a tall can One God, one country, one flag. of potato chips last week-end We want no praise, knowing, out from the folks while he was away there on a two-day pass. Upon his re-Men we instruct shed their blood turn about all that was left was that we n:(ight live, the bottom of the can. Who, with others soon to follow them. opened it anyway? We thought Our reward shall be, one day, you were guarding our stuff, knowing "Gigolo"' ::-.:elancon. within our souls, our part we Neil -Grant accompanies the have done mail recon into town' each night To give men knowledge so they for the ride. may protect others, We hear that a certain sergeant Has been of worth and quickened received a little token of affection the word we are anxious to from "somebody" in the form of hear-"VICTORY." a -bracelet. Since it was too laige -By Sgt. Wiley Dunken, for-his wrist, he is wearing it Instructor, Radar School. around his ankle. Does it fit there, Sammy? Pvt. John P. Burke, Keesler And hats off to Lee Shuler, Fiold, Miss, is a colonel-but not Hank Tumbleston and La Count of the Army variety Some years for keeping Hq. in -good appear-ago he met Governor Ruby Lafoon ance. They are our janitors, and at a Kentucky race track and was do a good job. made a I(entucky Colonel because Wonder if Cpl. Tony Pilliterre I his honor liked the way Burke is still pacing the floor these picked I10ises. nights, 1?1"1 is it all over? Let Sgt. Martin give you the tip on how to do it. UNION BAKERY We hear that the reason the "REAl, CUBAN BREAD OUH Orderly Room was -changed around was so Sgt. Johnny Hill SPECIALTY" would have more room to stretch 11506 9th Ave. Phone Y-4399 his feet. With Doug Flott being trans-ferred to a New Orleans outfit, -we lost a good boy. i Miss Adelaide Carrabello, of the ....--"Adjutant's Section, can hardly wait until this Saturday. She begins her vacation then. Have a nice time and drop us a card. Does it seem like you had a vaca tion, Mrs. O'Brien? Joe Olivier really puts on mileage with all the walking J1e does at Hq. ELITE CIGAR STORES "The Spot t Headquarters of Tampa WINE CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 TOWNE'S T lHIPA STEAM LAUNDRY General Custer's "last stand'' against the Indians is an epic in 1\Inerican history. Today 19-yefu old Lawrenoe Custei, last male descendn.nt to carry on the Custer name, is training as an air cadet at Aug-usta Field, Fla. LOANS-JUONElY TO LEND Diamonds -Watches Jewelry SHverwnre Diamonds nt a Dig Saving A. L. ECKART 40D Tampa Street FOR PROMPT A i\'D COURTEOUS SERVICE Latin;.American Laundry HiO:> E. Columbus Dr., Ph. Y 1673 I ... GORDON STUDIO I PHOTOGRAPHY Send a Ptecious Gift -Your Photo Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.l\1. 616 CITIZENS BLDG. FRANK'S CO-RNER Sandwiches -:Cold Drinks Near Drew Field Armenia and Tampa Bay Blvd. For Health Necessary to Defense PAPAYA MATE "Soldiers Fuvorite Eating Place" STEAI\:S AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT AND TWIGGS STS. SERVICE DIEN!! Meet Your Friends at .... Page 5 Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street ._Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service .. Only the Finest Quallity of Foods used A LA CARTE SERVICE 306 FRANI\:LIN STREET PHON:Jl] M 64-913 SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILmS FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA Steak, Sea Food and Chicken Dinners SOc Delicious Sandwiches SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Cream, Soft Drinks, Beer, \Vine, Fun And Music 1709 North Howard Avenue SOLDIERS AND SAILORS ARE WELCOME AT ''Ma'' Williams NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT 9000 FLORIDA AVE. Park Photo Studio Open Evenings Till 9 438 W. Lafayette Street Phone H BAY VIEW HOTEL li'IREPROOF CON.STRUCTION -:EVERY ROOM WITH llA'l'H W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JAOI\:SON ST. Between FRANJ{LIN & TAI\IPA TAMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE l\1 5537 Pierce Butler, a recent transfer to our outfit, said he is ready to hire out as a butler for a bit of recompense. He buttles daily in & DRY CLEANING CO. UO:J-2:> Fifth AYe., Ph. .:. .. .:. VICTOR CAFE 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 Beer Wines Hostesses the vault. Our muscleman, Sgt. Gor.don Durland, really was thrilled when a coy young aspiran,t for a job recently asked him for directions to an interview. He was afraid he wouldn't be explicit in directing her, so he personally conducted her. Wolf, wolf! Meanwhile, Wil Whobrey and Joe Perry continue to absorb sunshine at lunchtime by stripping down to their shorts and playing ball. Good idea. Thirteen more day.s to payday, boys. Only 99-more days till XMAS. Member V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Ma.nha.ttan Cafe Bill Bailey, Prop. Member V :F.W. and American Legion ... '\Ve Positively Clo,..e nt 11:30 P.M. Service Men ::.; BEER--WINES Hostesses M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florida Ave. THE CHATTERBOX Chicl;:en and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 s. Howaid Ave. Phone H-3757 :-::-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-::-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:: :f: THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP :;: :i: HOTEL TAMPA TERRACE :i: ':' 406 E. Lafayette St. .:. ::; "Speciallizing In Wedding Flowers" 5 :i: FLOWERS .} ;:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:T:-:-:-:-:


Page 6 2nd REPORTING COMPANY 56 4th :BLITZ" By SjSGT. TOM CARUSO We are anticipating the return 314th AIR BASE SQ. WASHOUTS By SGT. L. TRENNER What S/Sgt. by name of Thomp-of Lts. Yates (our c o ) Walker, son woke up the whole barracks Feldman, Wood, .Smelt, Humin the wee hours of the night by h. Armstrong Featherstone singing '"Remember Pearl HaJ"-P ues, h h and Farr, who are now on DS and bor," and slept throug It lm-t b k llself? whom we are expec mg ac rea .-T /Sgt. Willi::; D Burnette, a soon. d t' f M' s eaking of ironical coinci-grand guy, 1s epar mg or Jam! P b k B h d ff n I'm dents, here is one for the oo eac an o leers sc 001. When the "General" (Cpl. Weir), betting he stays that had charge of company details he So many o f our boys, was not satisfied with the manner the regular writer of this tnpe, in which the men responded to are aw::-y furlough that our orhis calls. The "General" got the gamzatwn IS down to a mere 30.0 men together and had a heart-over T / 0 strength F / S.gt. to-heart talk with them. "If day, a. newcomer. to this a:ny of you men don't think that Carey JOb of feedmg and housmg I'm serious about this company EM ove;rstock a _smalld t -1 1 111 see to it that you college, d?mg a marvelous e at w JOb of orgamzat10nal work, and fellows are for the still hasn't lo;st the human touch; banana boats. teamed up with our new CO, CapIt seems th.at the marr.Iage bug tain .Schneider, the squarest has taken qmte a toll wtthln the shooting CO this organization has company. Here are the effects: ever had, they make an unbeatable T/Sgt. Sam Hines has acquired a combination. The old-timers of mate who also happens to be his this organization who cannot but childhood sweetheart. Wedding help having noticed all the 1m took place in the home town of provements in the last month are Sgt. and Mrs. Hines. 1st Sgt. bound to agree. The newcomers Charles Maddox has plenty of rea-are the proverbial ones who "fall sons to smile these days. He just into a garbage pif' iilfd ; 'come up returned from a 15-day furlough. with a silver spoon in their and also married his childhood mouth." sweetheart in Lakeland, Fla. Sgt. I'm not making any apologies Maddox also left for OCS at Mi-for this column to the last editor. ami, Fla., on the 15th of SeptemI will admit that all the women ber. Loads of luck and happiness in Tampa over 50 are mourning to you both, Charlie .... Ditto for his temporary absence, but as a Cpl. Bob McGee, who also heard columnist he undoubtedly used to the wedding chimes while home be a good accountant. on furlough in New York City. Marriage has become so rife Cpl. Berry feels at a loss with amon? us handsome Base Hq. m_en s;sgt. "Dutch" Helgenberg and 1t can :r:o longer be constdCpl. R.ube Hammes, supply noneted a news 1:em-but to all y_ou f n both home on boys who ha, e confounded Emcorns o compa r I stein and made one of two, we furl,ough. That s 0. extend sincerest wishes for long you ll get home :by Chnstmas ye life and happiness. to Sgts. Bureau, A goodly number of our boys lett, Pnmavera and Schubrmg, have departed to a school which who have returned from school at confers bars and wings on gradu Orlando, Fla. Incidentally, it's ation therefrom -may God go S/Sgts. Bureau, Hallett, Pnmawith you, and the devil take your vera and Schubring now ... just opponents. promoted recently. Congrats, W e confidently predict that all fel).as Speaking of promotions, the trenches dug around our bar did you fellows notice the stripes racks will soon be filled with the that TjSgt Bob Pompeo is now honest perspiration of those men sporting? More power to you, in our orga.nization sweating out Bob! Incidentally, here is a memo aerial gunners school. Don' t feel to that certain Tampa miss who too b adly, boys. Remember there read one of my recent articles was a time when you did KP and gave Bob the cold shoulder. while sweating out something like I want to make amends as to that. Bob' s love affair. I may have been T/Sgt. Borum, rugged Tennes wrcmg. Take anot'her look at him, see mountain man .though he be. doesn't he look innocent? cannot long continue to make so The duties of 1st Sgt. are now in the capable hands of Earl K. Jones, who was advanced to 1st Sgt. this past week. You're doing swell, Jonesy, keep it up. You have our full co-operation. Pvt. Cookie Karcharewicz is trying to get on the ball, but every time he does so he rolls off for some. rea son or anot'her. Look what hap pened to 'Pvt. Al Parella, now that he is Pfc: Parella. Keep it up, AI. I'll see to it that I Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'!' S. Bagley BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP pass by your door each morning B. T. MORRIS for my daily pep-talk. Cpl. John Tires Balanced -Tire Wear W. Falcon has just returned from Corrected. l010 Central Avenue a swell 15-day furlou.ah at :New Orleans, La., which time he spent between his 'home and that of his girl friend. Undoubtedly he spent the majority of the tfme at his gal' s home Cpl. Falcon, it is ru moled,, will be promoted to sergeant before the week is up. When you get it, I'll wish you' luck, Johnny. Memo to FEMMES: Well, how did you gals make out in reference to t'hat dance hall? To tile COl umnist of .FEMMES: Nope, you don't have _to b.e a one-woman USO crusader. But a girl with your personality certainly can carry a lot of weight via the pen. How about pounding out a few WOTds to the gals in Drew Field, SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD On 22:nd St. Causeway HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.:nk Rutas Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVE. and ask them if they would like HENRY HOWKEE CO the idea. After all, what good CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street would a dance hall be without the fairer sex to grace it with their presence? Don't you think that we should do something for the fellows that stay in camp cons is-J teritly, huh??? :._ _____________ ..! SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 I Service Men a:nd Families are Welcome at Louis Sed ilia Grocery Cold Drinks -Beer a:nd Wine Sa:ndwiches a:nd Poultry 2018 Gr. Central Av. Ph. H-3194 ,., DREW FIELD ECHOES many girls happy-or are we underrating him? This P. M., as I was contemp l atively ascending the steps to the orderly room I was knocked down and trampled upon by no less than 200 EM. Take it easy, boys, the F /Sgt. printed enough blank furloug h requests to furnish every man in the Squadron with at least one copy. Lt. Colley, Base P .hysical Training Officer, has requested that the 314th show a little more spirit about joining into group activities, like the Third Air Force Swimming Meet at Cuscaden Pool. It's grand fun and a good idea, boys, how about it? With all the m e n in our outfit we should have a lbang-up team in any sport played competitively by soldiers anywhere. A little less bone rat tling and a little more bone building will do the trick. That's all for this issue. Franklin St. Restaurant HOME OF FINE FOODS At R easonable P1ices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 I<'ranklin Sti"eet Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS SI\IOKERS ARTICLES WELCOME SERVICE MEN Florida AY. & Twiggs St. Your Feet Hurt? Complete Line of Arch Supports and Foot Remedies, at BARKER & TULLY 1110 FRANKLIN ST. Friday, September 18, 194 2 "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families WHITE ROSE-BAR Stop at Paul \Vebber, Prop. Nebraska Hotel BEER Cor Cass and Marion Sts. 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" Post Office Cafe CD. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches-Beer, Wines and Cold Dlinks. Pies a:nd Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tampa, Fla. QUICK DELIVERY AJ,L JIRANDS LIQ,UORS 'VINES CORDIALS 40th St. Liquor Store JOE VASQ,UEZ 4014 7th Ave. y 3815 CRENSHAW'S (Wholesale) Fruits-Vegetables Phone 2623 WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEER WINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue Phone 4502 STAR LIGHT CLUB Saturday Dancing, 35c, Inc. Tax 'l'HURSDAY NIGHT FREE Nebrno;ka & Anthony Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Speeiailty LIQUORS-BEER-WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773 LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. Wines-Beer-Soft Dl'inks 717 Grand Central Ph. H-3109 Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh All Service Men are \Velcome BARCELONA CAFE ,sPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'f.m Flying-CHARLIE Jr.'s PLACE llEER & 'VINE We Speclnllze In 1\lixcd Sandwiches "The Dest 1-.riceH in To,vn" Hownrrl A'e. & 'Valnut St. 've .. t Tan11m SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. Ground Floor Hours Special 8 to 6 Appointments SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 Nebraska LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 \Vest Lafayette ,street East Side of llridge Plwne l\1-5588 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT. Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Prescriptions, "\Vines. IloJne llladc Icc Crcant DIETZ DRUG STORE FREE DELIVERY 931 S llowarrl ;\xe. Ph. II 4:1SG TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. Phones 2588--2589 McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL INSURA.NCE U5 Znek Street Tnntpa, li"Ja. LINCOLN BAR Catering to Colored Senlee !\len "Nice Place for Nice People" Main a t North Boulevard SPECIAL ATTENTION To Service Men's I<'amilies Peter Grahn & Son Meats-PIoduce--Groce1ies Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. Phone 1\152-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s IHADRILL0N Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa at Tyle r Tampa, Flol"ida PHOTOGRAPHS Roy N. Green Studio Open Evenings Opposite USO 505 Morgan St. THE LENOX l\lrs. Eva. Cadden Chicken, Steal,s, Chops Home Made Pies, Good Coffee Regula1 Dinners 2724 Fl01ida Ave. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Tampa Bay Market Box Fnlit Shipped Anpvllere Beer, \Vine, Special Sandwiches Groceries, Fruits, Magazine s Ice C ream 204 \V. Lafayette Stree t A G. Cleotelis & Son -H814H Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, 'I'obacco, Candy Notions STAR KOSI:IER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR CORN BEEF SANDWICHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 Servicemen Are \Velcome Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Franli'lin St. DIXIE Cleaners Laundry Phones: l\1-1036, 4232 TOWNSEND Sash-Door & Lumber Co. & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS-PHO:\'E H 4891 N. Rome & Fuller Street CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everythingto Build Anything' Mill work l\Iade To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa .1\L-'\.RY' ELLEN 'LOWER AND GU'T SHOP Get Thnt SJ>eclnl Gift Here, for Sweetheart or !llothe r 1311 Grnnd Central Next to lllg Orung-e Special Invitations to All S ervice Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its New I,ocation 805 Tampa St. WELCO'JE ... S enice MPn an

Friday, S epte mber 18, 1942 DREW FIEI;D ECHOES Page7 I N F 0 Theater Program For Week I WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG 309th SERVICE Group Sept. 18, Friday HONKY TONK (Revival Program), Clark Gable, Lana Turner; Neck and Neck. 327 Service Squadron HQ and HQ Squadron lly PVT. LOUIS O'MALLEY By CPL. H A. HORTON .The Squadron day-room is in Greetings, Con,Hnandos. So we Se}Jt. 19, Saturday-FOREIGN AGENT, John Shelton, G a 1 e Storm; Hitler's Plan; Evergreen Playground; Emil Coleman and orchestra. the groove with its new Emerson thought a little running a.round Victrola and Radio Combination. in the morning was tough, huh? Also the addition of the new furni-Well, men, you havn't seen anyture makes it a comfortable place thing yet. The next thing will to spend an evening. Since the probably be a contest to see who last column, quite a few soldiers can jump over the eight-foot obhave approached the writer, asking that no young ladies be mentioned in this column. It seems it may get back to the girls they left behind. My advice to them is to follow that old Chinese proverb, see no evll, hear no evll, speak no evll, and your names or behavior will Sept. 20-21, Stmday and Mqndn ,y-TRUE TO THE ARMY, Judy Canova, Jerry Colonna and Allan Jones; Glacier National Park Watertower Lakes; News of the Day; Donald's Garden. not appear here. stacle fence without touching it with his body. Was there some reason why Cpl. Wolf and MjSgt. Hubele weren't chosen timekeepers the other day? Sgt. Stringer and Cpls. Page and Atwell seemed to be very happy about the whole thing. What was Charge of Quarters Gallatin doing crawling around in the ditch outside of the orderly room the other night? You're a big boy, no w Corporal; musth't play in the mud. Lots of luck to Cpl. Lankford, Pfc. Trotter and Pvt. Miller in their efforts to become aerial gun-ners. Sept. 22, Tuesday-CALLING DR GILLESPIE, Lionel Barrymore; Donna Reed; It's a Dog's Life; Hands of Victory. Sept. \Vednesday and Thursday-THE BIG STREET, Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball; Conrad the Sailor; News of the Day. Sept. 25, Friday-BABES ON BROADWAY (Revival program), I Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland; I The Blitz Wolf. K:P. I Cpl. Paterson is now back from I think that I shall never see furlough, so you can look for the A job as sloppy as KP. orderly room to be running smoothly again, he says. KP, where greasy pressed That's all awful cute picture on Sgt. Miller's shelf. Distinctly member seeing it or the person some place before. With pots and pans chest; arms are 1 against my[ Has anybody seen Sgt. EdKP, where stands the cook all day wards? We were told he was go-Barking orders at his prey; ing to work in the orderly .room. All kidding aside, he has been doKP, who may in evening wear ing a mighty fine job in the fur-A spot of gravy in his hair. therance of our athletic program. A few orchids to a new sergeant KP, where all the yardbirds hop In the outfit-Sgt. DiCello, the To nonchalantly wield a mop. Gilbert System Hotel Detty C. !Uitchell, Mgr. 746 Central Ave. St. Petersburg !'bone 7864 "Your Bonte A'lvny from Dome" You Arc Ahvnys Welcome A phone In Every Room Hot nntl Coltl Wnter All Times For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Street No. St. Fla. Mostellar' s Sundries ICE CREAl\1 AND COLD DRINKS 201 9th St. So. Opp. .Seaboard Station Pfc. KREEPS says some gids close their eyes when you kiss them, others close yours. Wheu Sgt. NICHOLS asked his. girl if he was the first to kiss her, she replied, you are the last and the last shall be first. Pvt. WOODS' wife calls him Mustard, 'cause when they are dancing he is always on her dogs. When Cpl. CLEFFORD asked his girl friend for a soul kiss he kissed her foot. I hear the M.P.s have orders to stop petting on the field. How long have the M P s been petting on the field? When Pvt. NEESON was asked if he had changed his linen, he replied it wasn't worn out yet. Sgt. FREEMAN says when a pair of deaf mutes are out joy-riding the young man is certainly in tough luck. He's got to keep one hand on the wheel and talk with the other. Sgt. SURRAUT says the modern girl Is weak in the nays. Pfc. NEAL wants to know if you heard about the absent-minded cashier who rang up one of the waitresses and kissed his cash receipts good-bye. Could I interest any of you for a trivial monetary consideration in the purchase or a _cqulsltion of an amphibious fowl of the family anatidse, a fowl adopted by webbed pedantic extremities to aquamarine existence. In other words, do you wauna buy a duck? Sgt. SHULER says we have to wear those G.I. woolen underwear and therefore will never get through the war without a best baker on the field or we miss our guess. Poems are made by fools like me And so's the list for that darned i Colonial Doll Shop scratch. Sgt. YARBER sure looks down in the dumps since those charming young ladies from Missouri left for homE). Would yon say that Pvt. KLINGER is one of those boys that are coming out on top? When Sgt. SMITH told his girl friend he would like her for his wife, she replied, what would your wife do with me? Pfc. McLAUGHLIN says a woman Is like a player piano, you can't play them without a roll. I asked Sgt. BURT who was that peach he was with, and he says she was a fruit salad acted sour as a lemon, slippery a banana, and when he ignored her she hit .him in the eye like a grapefruit. Cpl. DEVINE thinks you are master of the woman you don't desire and a slave of the one you do. Pvt. LTCKMAN says his idea of a soft job is that of the detective who was hired to trail a hula dancer and instructed to watch every move she made. Pvt. SENYKO says he never took a drink in his life. No doubt he is right-he paid for every one of r.hem. The Squadron made a very good showing on the range with the Thompson machine guns. Plant Field Radio Program WFLA has a broadcasting station at Plant Field. Starting last Saturday, September 12, at 9:30 a.m. and to be continued on the same day and hour of each week, as well as on Tuesdays at 9: 15 p .m., Plant Field will present a series of programs with Chaplain Amos L. Boren and men of Plant Field participating. Tune in and listen to "This Is the Army." If the air attack is made with chemical agents, move up wind or take cover. Be sure to get into your gas mask double quick! Cpl. Paterson is much disturbed by the fact that the new men in the Squadron haven't been in to KP. S;!e him about buying war bonds. During daylight air attacks, Perhaps, Corporal, they don't never to escape by nutknow they can buy the bonds nin,g. If the pilot hasn't seen ;you thr?ugh periodic deductions fromj before, he is stue to if you run. their pay. Come on in, fellows; Pat will be glad to take care of I you. What happened to Pvt. Tan SOLDIERS WELCO!UE TO gen's head? Is it true that while I T H E S H A N T Y sleeping down at the dispensary someone turned on the electri.:: Every Snntlay "Special" fan'? The effect was worthy of .')Sandwiches a Specialty" one Pfc. "Andre" Kasprzak's nim-Good Coffee--Soft Drinks hie-fingers with barber shears. 117 Hytle Pnrk Ave. Ph. H 1539 Perhaps you l1ave seen some of his to t'he tonsorial per fection of c ertain men in the Squadron. We fellows send once again our thanks to the USO for pr-oviding a real entertainment in the Radio Bam Dance. A fine time was had by all the fellows who attended. Phone B-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central 115 9th St. So., Opp. Webbs FLORIDA SOUVENIRS UNUSpAL GIFTS For Wife and Sweetheart PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 VOGUE Cleaners and Laundry SHERFY BOURN, Owner 450 4th St. So. Phone 9518 I Wonder Bar And Grill I Headquarters for Service Men BEER, LIQUOR and WINE 172 Central Ave. Phone 6133 The under side of most ileaves is of different color of textme from the upper side. If you ex pose the 'lmder side of leaves to observers, 1jlwy w;ill appear un natural and will draw attention Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Liquor OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 8:30 CRANER'S GIFT SHOP Gifts Packed For !Uaillng 210 Cass Street CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida W'hite Way LAUNDRY 2806 Armenia AYe., Ncar Jlllchlgan Phone H-38!l8 Store LEOPOLD CHA!UBON, Prop. 3113 Nebraslm Ave. Ph. S-1245 Choice Wines, Liquors & Deer Sulphur Springs, Fla. Service Men Always Welcome Sulphur Spring Cafe We Specialize In Home Cooked Food, Chicken, Steak and Chop Dinners Surphur Spl'higs, Arcade Dldg. Phone S-5073 Prompt Delivery PARK LIQUOR STORE "The Home of Good Spirits" 8112 Nebraska Ave. Sulphur Springs, Florida SERVICEMEN. KEEP IN TRIM CARPET GOLF HOLES15c-First Round tOe-Additional Rounds Next to Sulphut Springs Pool "Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled" Smith's Cleaning & Dye Works 1321 Arlington Ave. No. Phone 4963 St. Petersburg Service Men's Uniforms That \Vill Pass Inspection Cleaned and Pressed 50c FLORA-DON CLEAI\"ER,g AND DYERS Phone 4727 1239 Central Av. OLDEST AND LARGEST DRY CLEANERS IN ST. PETE 24 Hour Service PURVIS CLEANERS 619 9th St. No. Phone 4372 Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 20th Century Alleys Northmoor Apts. Stop ln clo"e to headquarters for the duration. Cool, clean efficiency Auts., or Rooms anti Hath Ry the "\\ieek, Jllonth, Season or Yenrty 111 6th Ave. No. Pbone.70-781 GORDON HOTEL 526 5th Ave. No. Phone 6507 TRANSIENTS WELCOME Rooms with Baths and Showers Large Veranda and Lobby THE PERRY 125 8th Ave. North ROOI\IS, APTS. & COTTAGES Reasonable Rates, J,y Week, Month or Year ADULTS ONLY NO PET.9 SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS 248 1st Ave. No. At St. Petersburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue \ St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-612 St. Petersburg Gift Shop 364 Oentral Ave. "DON'T FAIL TO VISIT US" For Gifts of all kinds for wives or sweethearts. ''Specialists in Pillow Tops" SPECIALISTS IN PILLOW TOPS At St. P"tet"sburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY Imported \Vines And Liquors GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. Specializing in STEAKS, SEAFOODS, SANDWICHES Paramount Bowling Alleys Yon are Mvlted to visit our motlern and up to dote olle,..s 860 4th Ave. S. Phone 7508 While at St. Pete Visit RUDY'S Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, .SMOKES 848 4th St. So. NIKKO INN 19 1st St. -No. Phone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese and American Meals DINE AND DANCE THE COTTAGE 2102 4th Street North WINE AND llEER


Page 8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Season's Record 3 7 Wins, 20 Losses Shown in he pictme are members of the Drew Field baseba11 team, which has _just com.pletcd a splen did season with a record of 37 games won and 20 lost for the season. J{neeliug-, left to right: Meyer, Firkser, l\lcKult), Klimczak, Grabosky and Assistant 'l'tainer Ra.y Shintaku. Standing: neeves, tra.incr; B e l;:eza, Cochrane, Epps, Pianowski, 1\lcl\-lennan, SwinJenty of Dancing Pnttncrs t;< !:( TELEPHONE SERVICE I I AT ATfENDED PAY STATIONS 12 Booths, Attendants, Comfortable Z 1 LoungeOpen 6 to 12 P.M. g 517 ZACK STREET IN THE TELEPHONE BUILDING J.11 i? l! Friday, September 18, 1942 They Wooden Listen CHURCH CALL A sergeant was drilling a pl?.toon of recruits. Having some dif ficulties with their movements and getting disgusted with tile rer Catholic Mass-6:15A.M., Chapel No.2. Mass-9: 00 A.M., Chapels No. sults, the sergeant halte d i.llem, 1 and No. 2. calle d "at ease," and said, "Boys, Protestant I w ant to tell you little story-S ervice_ ll: 0 0 A M. Chapels I I was a little boy, I had N 1 d No 2 f d ld" I 1 l o. a n a s e t o en so l ers. 1.1.ec Service 7:30 P.M. C11apel No. 1. those sold1ers. They alwavs cild as I wanted the m to. _Olie clay. I I Service11:00 A.M. '!' 'heater learne d tha.t another httle L:,y m N 1 1:1y n eighborhood _was sic;{ and, o 1&:----fe el!ng s<:n-ry for hun, I _gave hun POEl'\1 FOR YATIDBIRDS sony that I gave away t!o.os2 solWhe n I was young and in my rmyi soldiers, Afterwarl\s I was I diers and I wanted the m back. I prune, crie d and begged but my mama I thought it great to have a told me that it wasn't nice to take dime ; things back once they were given And so it gives me quite a pain a way, and she also told me not to To find myself that way again! cry a n y more as some day I d get my wooden soldiers back. Well, \Vhen a flare is dror}ped during you bunch of wooden-headed rolla night attack, stop whete you ing pins, I'll be damned if that, are and remain 1notionless until I day hasn't come at last!" it has burned out. Freshen up, Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforce men know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Makes the water in that canteen go further. Helps steady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. NOW IN PROGRESS .... \\:11 h:Hk i11 "t;r; ;---;r:IJ,; riyin' Am e ric:t c:>.:tra n o Y:Illl<'. 'l'nd:lY l11<>1'<' 1 han e n r. i s nclding to 111< piil'<'kl='illg Jl<>ll<'l". For ihne Yalw-nnd-qwliit\ k11< ilwir h<' :HIu.rinu: l'or F nll :md 1\'int(r-in t hi." p;re u t 15 DAYS OF GREAT SAVINGS Sears, Roebuck & Co. 801 FLORIDA AVE. TAMPA ........ ._ ........ ....


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