Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 30 (September 25, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
September 25, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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YOL. 1 No. 30 Published E very Friday Dre w Field, Tampa, Florida Friday. September 1942 Lost, Strayed Or Hidden Somewhere: One Air Force Band It seems the controversy I .roused in the columns of :choes some weeks ago between he Air Fo Band and the Base personnel has not yet abated. Obviously, only the public appearance of the band will end the good-natured debate and for all. j Call it "The Mystery of the Drew Field Air' Force Band," if you wilL Or title it, "Lost, Strayed or Hidden: One Air Force 'Band." It does seem strange, nonetheless, to find buried in obscurity a military band that l1as so many fine potentialities-with accomplished bandleader Warrant Officer Lester Baker at the head of a capable aggregation of musi cions which includes Bud :tr:stes, Leo L.uukkonen, Mojmir Sedlac, John Susihinski arid others. New Telephone System Improves Service at Drew In the above I>ictme, .telephone operators employed by the Peninsular Telephone C01mpnny are busy plugging lines into the new P-iL'X switchboard which has replaced the old P-BX at Drew Fiel

Page The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher Taiii!pa Army Newspapers HuHiness Office: llli> FLORID-A A VENUE Tnmpn, Florida P 0. Uox l'i22 21'7 7 All udvertlsements ;contained In thiH newHpnpcr nrc nlso contained In the lUucDIII Field Fly Lenf. lllinifllum joint circulntlon: 8,000 copies. &DVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUES'l' A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nations Victory. Opinions expressed m tht s news paper are those of th.e individual writers and unde r no circumstances are they to be con s idered those. of the Unhed States Army. Adverttsements in this publication do not constitute an endorsem ent by the War Department or its personnel of the products advertised. Hd.and Hq.Squadron 3rd Fighter Command Sea Breezes B y PVT ALVIN M. AMSTER Furloughs are in the air. Some gone, others going, others returning. First thing T jSgt. Bertee Brown did upon his return was to get a G.I. haircut. Frank Shields received 11: week's g uard 1 duty as his return gift. Berny Grossman spent his furlough in the Big City with his wife a 'nd folks. How come Miss Smoke is the only Signal steno who 1nsists upon wearing her name tag? A r e they too h eavy, Mrs. Guni and Miss Forsy.the? Anyway, Miss S., toy snakes don't bite. Manassa (who'll lo a n him two bucks?) says his first name is "Frank,'' and not "Mario." Good luck on your furlough. next month, Sgt. John Hill. We hope you convince her to become the Mrs. Winning that Third Air Force swimming meet last week for the 3rd F C sure pleased Major Conklin. Nice going, True, Verchuck, Durland, Palmer, Vivona and Gosselin. G Durland sure takes a wonderfuf pictur. e, no? Recently Norman. (Two Beer Zinzin) Zinser mailed an ex-flame a beautiful birthday card. Several weeks pass. Finally a letter came, thanking him, also informing him she was married several months ago to another g u y Poor Norm. R e c e n t promotions: Pete Washe, Tom Clayton and Pierce Butler, from sergeants to staff sergeants; Ed Knippers and Rad Williams from. corporals to ser geants. Nice goin', men. Sgt. AI Magnum will hire out as a pool instructor. Business address: Supply Room or Dayroom. Ray Janus meanwhile ob sorbed all the knowledge of the File Section while on loan there and is back in A-1. ... Didja know that S/Sgt. Howy White, of Ord., 'is a "doodler?" ... According to Hq. drive rs' call board, one day last week, Clali'de Johnson had Tokyo as his destination. We always knew S/Sgt. Cecil Myers was a popular guy with the giils. Since h e has his cute little collie p u p walking around the carpenter shop the girls certainly go for him. We mean the pup. Re member the little wifey, Sarge. Sgt. Lee returned from his fur lough last week and informed the girls at Hq., Third Fighter, he was still singl e. Were t hey grad! ... Marri e d men living off t h e Base highly approve that 7:30 a.m. check in .... T/Sgt. Do n Hanson has flown the coop for OCS at Miami. :?.ecent appointment as Barracks Leader fo r B-1 is T/Sgt. 'Artice Adams. But Adams has al ready found out that getting guys out of bed for 6:15 roll call isn't the easiest thing i n the world. We wonder what the purpose of John Horrigan's and Tom :,BulDREW FIELD ECHOES ger' s running down to the PX each evening after work is for ? Note to Dottie. of the Hyde Park section. Have you decided whether you like the Drew boys or the MacDill pickles better? More "Did you know": Col. Tourtellot, Col. Stern and Col. Kyster are all West Point graduates. Capt. A lexander C. Strecker is an author and has several books and many magazine articles to his credit. HOT DOTS ... Lucky ''Charlie" Taylor received two new pairs of GI shoes from Salvage replacement. Jim Robin knows where the water shutoff valve for the showers is located. ... Orval Staiger looks at the l ceys Now Playing Through october 2nd BROS! STIRRING HITi Coleman Raymond Massey ALAN HAlE ARTHUR KENNEDY Directed by Produced br RAOUL WAlSH HAL B. WAWS MILITARY CLOTHES that fit better! OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS 916 FRANI{LIN ST: "SMART MILITARY CLOTHES' too much when he types ..... Od e l l Alcorn c l a ims he washes his fatigues better than the laundry. ... \Vhat happened to what cer tain non-com's wedding ring? Toug h luck? Mutt & Jeff of the outfit: Joyner and Caldwell ... Bob True transferred to Base M edical. ... N i ce m ustac1 1e George I Chase w ill have in about a week. It looks like the 'boys so far like that 4-5 P.M. exercise. FLORIDAN PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT 'icDILL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS Open 3 P. JU. Unlly Week of 'sept. 27'tb Sun., 1\Ion., Tues Sept. 27,,28, 20 "LOVE ORAZY," with .William Powell and Myrna Loy; also "ESCAPE TO GLORY," wltlt Pat O'Brie n and Constance Dennett. LATEST NEWS 'Ved., Thurs., Sept, 30, Oct. 1 "FUGITIVE FROM A PRISON CAJIIP," wltb Jack Holt, ltlnrian Marslt; also Charlie Chaplin in "THE QREA'I' DICTATOR" Fri., Snt., Oct. 2, 3 "A ON THE BUR!tiA ROAD,'' with Darry Nelson and Lorraine Day; nlso "FORCEO LANDING,'' with Ricltard Arlen nnd Jean Pnrker SOLDIERS 1 7c Friday, SeptE!nbe r 25, 194:2 RECKLESS! DARING! ROMANTIC! ,r ,, FLORIDA Alr Condltlonetl -Ph. 3290 9c -28c SUNDAY und MONDAY "BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON" IN TECHNICOLOR oorotlty Lamour, Richard ---Feature No.2.---"SUNDAY PUNCH" Tnrnpn and Zack Phone 3003--Dc, 2 2c SATURDAY and SUNDA;Y "THREE SONS '0 GUNS" Wayno: Morris 1\lnrjorie Rambeau --Feature No.2-"52ND STREET" Dnker,Pnt Franklin St. Restaurant ......._ HOME OF FlNE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin Street Hey, There 'Watch Your Post. 0 t 1 Paper for Our Grand Opening C e A Pleasant Pla_ce to Spend an Evening .... "Drinks You'll Like and Can Afford" The management invites the personnel of Tampa's Army Posts to spend an evening in a pleasant place. This will be one of the most exclusive bars in Tampa. Corner Jackson at Tampa St. Phone M-7097


Fricl a y .September 25, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 I DOTsS64tAh NPLDorrD. Acos. H -ES I Th F ht 9th 1 party's estimation-don't r etreat, ... ,,,,,,. ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I for some 1 CPL. WALTEH \VEHNEH Sgt. Pool takes an extra lick in By SG'I.'. E. S. PERRY I sliining his shoes and stops at Yes, we lt Complete Military The 01' 1st Sgt. is puffing his every mirror to fix his tie, so bi g Havana and wearing a big Another_ week has rolled by, there must be something coming smil e today. Y es, h e s just put an_d here we are agam. But, as off somewhere. But nobody can a_nother one of his boys_ on the this compa_ny knows, we are talk Squires or Pupo-the com nght t rack. SJ?t. Stephens IS a h ere m a differei?-t pany. Romeos-into a share:thehappy marned m a n. Nothmg Plant Field. The squirrels wei-wealth club. It took a rumor that him mo_re to 1 ?omed with a suspic!ous gl:am they were serving chicken gumbo arrange a sma1 t military weddmg m theu eyes, and Pvt. Garrett, in Tampa to get "King Carl"' for a good buddy. stared n gh,t back at Hubbell to leave the post. The lucky soldier is S / S"'t. Kentuckians. mouh watermg m Tl H 1 b 1 Wh' 1 .. Clyde Que s n e l, our 3 -A man, fr;m of more b aked squir-. Tom is Duluth Minn The pretty bride-torei pies. On the other hand, Pvt. 1 tt tl 1 b e i s 1\fiss El.aine Liberty daugh-Strammiello, the Brooklyn can-mace mab ers. 't"'orse, Iey a b 11 1 J 1 b b ways so usy 1 seems as 1 1ere t e r of Mr. and Mrs. B. Liberty, n?n a.' t u_n ,s Ie rown ra -j are six of them. also of Duluth. bits With bi g tails. 1 The date: October 5. The place: And no sooner tha n w e got here, I The Post Chapel. Time: To be we took the volley ball championannounced. Class A's will be worn ship into our hands by nosing out -and don' t forget. your rifles, Hq. & Hq. Sq ., Plot. En., 50lst, fellows! in a scorcher, 22-20. The visitors I SQUADRON NOTES: Congratuwere stubborn before going down, lations to Pvts. William Hunter being ably led by Wisbar. and/ and' (Hey, here's that man again!) Tramar, while we Plotters, under Palomaki for passing the the fiery lea d ership of Sgt. Jim viation Cadet Board examina-O'Neall, lay our success to strict 1 don. "Chief'' Hunte r is a Piute teamwork. Indian from Californ-ia and a swell fellow to boot. Palomaki is a n old-timer in this column. May ac-. tion and adventures be yours, men-lots of good luck to you both. W elcome back to the squadron, Pvt. "Cli'ris" Hilt, and' Pfcs. "Major" Griffin i s proudly flashing a pic of his intended-a beautiful gal-all of which explains that ear-to-ear smile he's. had late ly. Dempsey is a champ; that's old stuff. But here it's Felix Dempsey who's the checker champ, while the ping-pong. honors g o to Tom Mager until. and unless the tournament proves otherwise. Watch out for a dark horse in th'at tournament, a tall lieu tenant with sandy hair. EAT HENDERSON D A H: I N G ; C 0 S BREAD "Wally" Haskell a n d Frank Blackard. Glad to hear you enjoyed your furloughs. We thought sure that "Little Chum" Haskell would be coming back with a "bette r half." But if she really i s here-so far, he's managed to keep it deep secret Congratulations are also in order for Cpls. Ervin Smith, who hails from Embar;rass, VIis., and Charles Thompson, from Atlanta, Ga. Bothmen are slated for OCS. Smith, who has some reputation as a singer and as a pretty smooth operator around local YWCAs, is going to Ordnance School. Thompson left Tuesday fo-r Anti-Aircraft Artillery School. C laude Baseler, if you need any I strings, picks, or anything, let us know. we want lots and lots more -----------,.----....: !!702 FLORIPA AVE. S g t. John Olson has been ape 1 pointed instructor of aircraft iden-' tification. In a recent t est, in which rnodel planes were used, S g t. Olson knocked out a perfect score, giving the correct nationality and make of all 30 of the planes on hand. We in tended to shoot in a para1 graph about all of the non-coms whose wives are living in town. As we get it, soldiers wives must be as charming as they are brave and gallant, beca.use all the boys are mighty proud of them. We're sorry that the list, much to our surprise, is too long to work in all the introductions at this time. But we'll go into this again. "Coca-Cola is the answer to thirst that adds refreshment. Your own experience tells you just what to expect. [ce-cold Coke has the hap-matter ... refreshment your foremost feeling. DEPARTMENT Genuine 8.2 Chino Shii1:s -Pants Expert Alterations CHEVRONS CAPS BEL'I.'S, ETC. OPEN EVENINGS COLLEGE SHOP 301 Twiggs Tampa MEN'S WEAR 567 Centtai Ave. St. Petersbwg 3-5x7 Easel Mounted 3-8x10 Portraits ----------:-----------------------------------------------5.00 Portrait Post Cards --------------------------------------------------6 for 1.50 EVERY PICTURE GUARANTEED TO PLEASE YOU VICTORY P HOTOS 509 TWIGGS ST. OPPOSITE BUS STATION. OPEN EVERY DAY UNTIL 11:30 P.M. ROLLER SKATING COUSEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass StreetS --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs 10c THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue at I Twiggs St. Frank J. Hynes, Manager GAsPARILLA TAVERN Service .. Men Welcome COLONIAL GRiLL "And your own experience will prove this fact: The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself." BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Tampa Coca-Cola Bottling Company ... MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR c;ornet Fortune and Franklin D ancing Every Night in the Blue Room WINES LIQUORS Orchestra l\_ 1u sic Phone 7988 I BENNETT'S DRUG STORE, I 1004 Franklin St. COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE LIQUOR ANNEX IN CONNECTION ALL ONE PRICE .$4:99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILITAHY GUARDSMAN SHOES FOR MEN 508 FHANJ{LIN.,STREET THE RED MILL Antericnn And JJntln Food ORCHES'l'RA EVERY NIGHT FLORIDA LIGHT J,UNCH DINNERS 11 A. JU. '1'111 4 ]'. JU. Dully 1'71:0 Plott St. nt Pnckwood


Page 4 To SGT. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI from Chief Assistant PFG. JOE REGIS H YA BUDDY: This is the Chief Assistant to the Fourth Assistant. writing to let you 'know how the band and the boys have carried on since your departure for a furlough with the folks in McKees Rocks, Pa. Warrant Officer Baker is still sending out his S 0 S call for men. His pleading seems to go unheed .ed, as no new men hav e joined the band since you left our domi-' cile. Meanwhile, he is carrying on with the troupe of 17 men ra tioned to him thus far. DREW FIELD ECHOES "I HAD A BRILLIANT FUTURE WITH THIS QUTFIT UNTIL THE 'FIJGHT SAFETY' PROGRAM CAME ALONG." TAKE A CHORUS; PVT. "LAZYBONES" SAYS IT WITH MUSIC A private decided to "SH:y it With Music" to tlie folks back home: "Dear Mom": "My Gal Sal" is "Angry" ."Because" I sent "One Dozen Roses" to "Three Little Sisters"-"Sweet 1 Eloise," "Marie" and "Jeanne With the Light Brown Hair." Now she's given me the "Jersey Bounce" for "Jim." "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings,'' but his n erves "Jingle, Jangle, Jingle." "Do I Worry?" "Because" "Some body Else Is 'Taking My Place." "Should 1." "I Said No." So now "I' m Stepping Out I 'Vith a Dream/' a "Sleepy Time Gal" Five Feet Two," who can eat like my "Sister Kate." But when she sings "Cuddle Up a Lit tle Closer," "My Heart Belongs fo Daddy," I say "Happy Days Are Here Again." "Yes, Indeed." "Bye, Bye Blues," CA'JXJH Friday, September 25, 1912 New Base QM Officer St.cceeding Lt. Col. J. F; Greene as Base Quarter:master of Drew .Field, is Majot Harry T. Reynoids Before his appointment to tlu Drew post;, Major Reynolds wa! supply officer at Third Air Foret headquarters, Benjamin Field. The sounds froin that French horn you were hearing before you left. are now rounding out and soon will be holding down the first horn part of the rhythm sec"In which branch of the Army would you like to serve?" ques tioned the recruiting officer. "Are you kiddin'?" inquired the youth. "You mean I can take my pick?" "Yep! Anything but the Wom A graduate of De Pauw and Northwestern Universities, Major Reynolds was called to the service in March, 1941, at Selfridge Field, Michigan. tion. Sgt. Bitner did his bit for Cpl. 0. Z. Whitehead's radio show last Fi:iday night by rendering two numbers on that program. Did a good job; too. From all indications, Sgt. Fer ris isn't fooling about those red ding bells; he is continuing to make plans for the great event: His actions hint that he is a goner. Too bad; he is a regular feller. The dance gro.up again pounded out some of Estes' arrangeme11 ts; also a couple by Hoier. The trick of the trumpet section elevating themselves above the sax section has not dented the smooth music by Estes, Luukkonen, Costello \ PVT. ADRIAN GENDOT M ,usic and comedy take to the air as Cpl. 0. Z. Whitehead pilots another variety show on the WFLA beam tonight at 9 p.m. ';['he program win feature Pvt. Robert Red" Wells with another fine group of impersonations; Pvt. Charles Crain and Cpl. Thornand Sedlak. Wait until the dane-as Kneeshaw worldag out on the ing herd hear them. black and whites (piano to you, Cpl. Luukko11en has pulled up stakes and now resides in Tampa. The Mrs. arrived last week from Quincy, Mass. Hope he is enjoying the new cooking. Oh, yes! The s a m e train brought back 'the Brooklyn kld, Pvt. Schiavone, in person. Sam reports a good furlough spent with the folks and friends. Mac) and Sgt. Menenshousen in a dramatic sketch. Cpl. Whitehead and yours truly wjll play a ques tion and answei game, with this writer on the answering end of the interview. I guarantee to make my past an open book. West Coast papers, please do not copy. A tip to tuners: Dial our' way Monday evening at 6:30 o'clock Theater Program For Week Sept. 25 FridayBABES ON BROADWAY (Revival Program), Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland; The Blitz Wolf. Sept. 26, Saturday -WINGS AND THE WOMAN, Anna Neagle, Robert Newton, Byron Nelson; Juke Box Jamboree. Sept. 27 -28, Sunday and Mon day-THE TALK OF THE TOWN Cary Grant, Jnan Arthur, Ronald Colman; News of the Day No. 203. Sept. _29, Tuesday -THE LOVES OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, John Sheppard, Linda Darnell, La Cucaracha; Men of West Point; Kickin' the Conga Round. Sept. 30 .-0ct. 1, Wednesday and Thursday-ORCHESTRA WIVES, Gleim Miller a n d Orchestra, George Montgomery; News of the Day No. 204; The March of Time No.1 Stranger Than Words en's Auxiliary Army Corps." "Aaaaaah! I }{new there was a catch in it." -jc -jc -jc Prior to militaty service, the new Quat'tel'Jnaster was a chain store manager and schoolteacher in Racine, Wisconsin. The Supply Sergeant handed the recruit a pair of pants and When taking cover in a shell the recruit put them on. They fit I hole or ditch, keep in the sha(low. perfectly. So did the blouse and' You can ibe seen from above if the cap. you are on the sunny side. "Gad man!" exclaimed the Sarge. "You must be deformed!" W i t h everybody wondering when the front will open, a proper title for this phase or' the war might be: "Allies In Wonderland." "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families Nebraska Hotel Moderate Rates 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. LIQUORIS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Co1 Oass and Mation Sts. Phone 4502 Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. BECKWITH-RANGE JEWElRY CO. By tlie way, John,. your pal, Pvt. KoW)3.lski, is .beginning to think that Hyde Pai:k is his new home (and I am not referring to Hyde Park, N. Y.). Another thing, never allow "Lucky" to talk you into going fishing. The for a new swing trio, led by that A Lieutenant is an Officer. Au well-known "skin slapper," Sgt. Officer issues out passes. Passes Armstrong. The lads have prom' only poor fish around the water will be yourself. Our tuba man, Pvt. Woodke, n .ow has the idea thaf he can move the moon. Be sure and have him tell you about it when you get back. Pvt. DeRidder's frequent visits to a certain cafeteria indicate that the food is not the only at traction. Speaking of food, have Pv. Vitale tell you about the handouts everyone wants to give him due to that hungry look he has about him. Mike is behaving himself like he promised you he would. ised a rugged version of "Idaho" permit to go to tlllwn. and a solid beat on the "Jersey When soldiers go to. town, some Bounce," plus a selection or two of them head for the sa on the sentimental side. The sta-loons. have bars them. ti -WTSP b 1 t Most bars are long. Anythmg long tcha? so e lS enmg, has length. A length is a mile. A n mile is one! helluva distance to By the way, Cpl. Jack Hartman travel. Anything that's a helluva expected soon, be look. -distance to travel is far a .way. mg for those fme organ_numbers And that's where the Lieutenant is0 you want him to sign the dawning over WFLA Y ur P ss. Colonels have eagles on their "How come you didn't turn out? Didn't you hear the bugler blow reveille?" "Honest, Sarge, I'm afraid I'm going to be a flop as a soldier. I don't know one tune from an other. shoulders. Eagles are birds. Birds fly in the air. You oughta see some Colonels when things go wrong. Generals have stars on their s houl"ders. Stars gleam in the sky. The sky is above us. So are the Generals. Instructions will issued to ...,.,,###,,,,,,_,,,,,,,.,.,.,._,,,_, Military Poiice carry clubs. Pfc. Harwick to throw all your mail away ... that is, all but the good telephone numbers. The Boner-Bird Trying my 'best to carry on for you until Y'

Friday, 25, 1942 N I I 309th SERVICE Group 0 327 Service Squadron By PVT. LOUIS O'J\.IALLEY We want to extend to our Com-manding Officer our best wishes on his promotion from first lieu-HQ and HQ Squadron By CPL. H. A. HORTON DREW FIELD ECHOES the man to !Jafety. The pilot, we are sorry to report, died as a result of the accident. But that in no means lessens the splendid example of self-sacrifice shown by Olson. in the face of grav e personal danger. A fine job, Olson, and the Squadron acclaims you for it. First Sergeant Miller seems a lot happier since receiving a letCongratulations from the Squadter and a package from a certain ron to Captain Turner, who is person. Understand the box connow a major, and to Lieutenant tained a lot of C.S. (Chewy Rice, who is now a captain. The Stuff). tenant to captain. Captain Flour-boys wish you all the luck possi-Will someone do something noy, may you soon exchange ble. about that daily feud those bars for an oak leaf: Since the addition of a Day I Cpl. Lankford and Pfc. Paster-Pfc. Trice says they are going to .Squadron' s recrea-nak at the Group Motor Pool. 00 fight the Battle of 13unker t10nal faCilities, there has been a s ;Sgt. Parker expects to see blood Hill over again, as it was not marked increase in the number of shed at any time now. fought on the level. Cpl. Skeen men staying on the Post after Re" The other night Cpl. L awrence thinks that at 40, a woman stops treat. Even Pfc. Collison, also had a little adventure that he is Patting herself on the. back and known as the Ybor City Kid, has trying hard to forget. He had ocbegins under the chin. Pvt. Riggs been taking advantage of the nice, casion to enter the Supply Room says his girl is only the postmas-soft seats. after dark and, knowing just ter's daughter, but she sure knows The other mgl}t, through the where the article was that .he how to handle the mails. Is it good offices of Pfc. (Clipper) wanted, he didn't bother turning (rue that Pvt. Mc.A:ndrews took a we were ente1'tained on the light, but proceeded right clams into a Turkish bath With a couple of reels of good ol<;lto the rear of he building. As he with him so he could get them fashioned cowboy pictures. The was, stooping over, the night was steamed for nothing? Day Room was packea, and Pfc. split by the piercing shriek of a That recent order, transferring "Reds" Trott was hard putto find woman in mortal terror. RisinoPage 5 cANDY coATED j;vew at" Jae/JJ 1 Drew VJ """'-'p. officers' insignia of rank from space to twirl his ]ariat. to the occasion after the bones in shoulders to collars, leaves the While on the subject of the his legs had re'hardened he made shoulders clear for parachute Day Room, it's fitting that we a headlong, dash for the' door and straps, gas mask, camera or field take time out to thank Pfc. Mal-across the-street to Sgt. Stevens' glass straps, or other equipment, lick and Pvt. Brayer for their con-quarters. There he related his to avoid entangling. It also clears interest in keeping it in story. After. hearing the tale, the the landing field for a girl's head. fme order. sergeant took the corporal by the An officer and a gentleman with Pfc. Blanchard has found a hand and began to retrace his a blonde or other equipment (such new form of entertainment. He steps to the Supply Room in. an as a brunette or a redhead) used gets on the bus that passes the effort to show that what he to find the metal bars, leaves, etc., !'loridan Hotel and rides back and claimed just couldn't be. There pinned on shoulders, acting like forth to Sulphur s .prings. Don't they found that someone had forbarbed wire entanglement, trap-ask him why. gotten to turn off tne ping a permanent wave tempo-Ha.ve you noticed the lost ex-when locking up for the n4'ght, rarily on said shoulder. Scientific, pression on the faces of DeSanto's and the Green Scorpion or, sometests prove that it is still possible because thing was holding his weekly reofor her hair to get caught in or-boss 1S on a guard detail dezvous. Enough said, and is your naments on collars, but this is not th.ey are demed use of face red, Corporal? a serious handicap. their p1cks and shovels m the fur-Pfc. Pasternak says: "Like the Things are really getting des-therance of the field. proverbial nhi.e lives of a cat, an perate when the guards at the No, Cpl. Morris 1s not over the aerial gunner has two: one for Base Hanger stop and question .. Mrs. Morris is visiting with himself and one for the pilot. Cpl. McGuire as a suspicious char-h1m m Tampa. acter. It takes a lullaby to put me Too bad that some of7ou boys =---------------tp sleep, but Sgt. Kent's girl missed the deluge that struck fRANK'S CORNER friend sings nursery rhymes to Barracks T-236 the other .night. him and puts. obim gently to sleep. leaned on the and Sandwiches -:-Cold Drinks : Pvt. Kinser says a cross-eyed the PI_Pe broke; If w .md had girl may be virtuous, but she does been m the right dl!' e ctiOn, n ot look straight. Pvt. Patton re-boys would have had smooth sa1l- Nea.r Drew Field marks that some girls keep their ing. After a little time Chief Armenia and Tampa Bay. Blvd. love letters, others let their love Plumber's Mate Stevens c.ame letters keep them. Is "lion.ey" giv-'through with a solution to the i;ng Pvt. Carlisle typewriting les-problem. He turned off the water. sons, or is it vice versa? Pvt. Mighty fast (hinking, Steve. l{long says the reason you see we have a real hero i.n George Washington standing up our !ll1dst. Pvt. Olson, of the Med1c In the boat crossing the Delaware SectiOn, was commefided a couple in all those pictures is that his of days back by Col. Gamel, Base pants were' too tight' for him to Surgeon, for the prompt manner sit down. in which he acted when an emer' Pvt. Cummings thinks a time gency arose out .on a runway. As ta.ble is something upon which you we 1t, one plane was set a clock. CI_Il. Epstein, our commg 1n to land as lj.nother was baker, wrote the following to his about to take off; In some way, girl friend: "Sweet Tart, You're two crashed, one .break roll the world to' me. I am a wellmg out flames. The of bread man and that ls a good rea-the bl!rnmg plane was lll)Ured !!on you should marry me. Be my badly m. the crash. and. was unbatter half and everything will to get out of h1s ship. pan out. all right. Icing your nsing to !he occasion, dashed mto praises night and day because I the flammg plane and dragged 1 loaf you. Doughnut refuse me or you are cruller than i think you are." know if the audience is clapping or killing mosquitoes. SERVICE MEN \VELCmlE EAGLE BAR HOSTESSES -DANCING Corner of Tampa & Fortune NOW IN PROGRESS ... Sears 56th Anniversary 15 DAYS OF GREAT SAVINGS Sears Greatest Event of the Year. Sears, Roebuck & Co. I 801 FLORIDA AVE. TAMPA ;:-:-::-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:..: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :..: .. : .. : .. :..: .. : .. :..: .. :..: .. : .. :..:.< .. :..) ATTENTION!! SERVICEMEN! @a : "KEEP 'EM FLYING" X .,. :s: t Meet Your Buddies I :i: GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR Q'_ 41, Bnseba.11 Returns, Boxing Tickets for Sale ,........ \ a : ::. 2222 E. Broadway -Ybor City ::: ,: .. :..: .. : .. :: .. : .. .. : .. : .. :..: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. ,..: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :..: .. : .. : .. : .. "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service'' NELSON The Florist 514 TAMPA STREET Closed Sundays Pvt. Meyers knows a man w.ho spent 20 years writing one novel. That's nothing. I know a guy who is spending his life finishing one sentence. Service Men's Portraits Our swimming team made an excellent showing in the Third Air Force Swim Meet. Our hats off to Meo for his swell perform ance in the disrobing contest rhich he won. It seems that the 'alent which performs in the shows here on the field don't Pvt. Bischak tells tis of the cannibal's daughter .who liked the boys best whi:m they were stewed. Pfc. Joe Haber's favorite song is "She is only a gardener's daughter, but you don't have to tell her where to plant her tulips." Pfc. Speakman. says if sending threatening letters through the mail is a crimin.al offense, he is going to bring charges against that jewelry store that sold him a diamond Beautiful 8 x 10 $ .95 ring on credit. The L 0 G I C A L and B E S T piece to buy Military Needs for Officers end Enlisted Men. ALTERATIONS FREE 917. Franklin St., Tampa 872 Central-St. Petersburg 531 Cleveland-Clearwater Oil-Colored Portrait In DeLuxe Tapes try Finish STUDIO OPEN l\IOXDAY, WEDNESD, \ Y, FRIDAY TO 6:00P.M. TUESDAY, 'l'HURSD.-\Y, .SATURDAY TO 9:00 P.l\1. (With Coupon Only) OBTAIN COUPONS From our Representative at POST EXCHANGE (Cannot. B e Purchased in Studio) 0.0. Cap and Blouse Furnished Without Charge BRYNALAN STUDIOS STOVALL OFFICE BLDG., SECOND FLOOR 416 TAJ"PA ST.


Page 6 Limited Servicemen to Be Given Preference For Administration 0. C. S. The War Department announces that the Army Administration Of fice r Candidate School, to open soon unde r the supervision of the Adjutant General' s Department, will be unique in that enlisted men who have been accepted for limited s ervice will not only b e eligible for a ppointment. but, if I they have equal qualifications, will have preference over men eligible for combat duty. This will apply also to the enlisted men b e tween the a ges of 45 and 50. This is the first time that the oppor tunity to enter an Office r Candi date School has been presented to these groups. Qualifications held particularly d esirable for the Administration. Officer Candida t e School are col lege or equiva l ent academic train ing, preferably in business admin istration, transportation, or per sonnel management; or evidence of successful business or profes sional experience in transportation, industrial engineering, pub lic utilitie s personnel manage ment or any of. the administrative fields. The soundness of this baclj:ground or experience, it is emphasized, must I>e validated by the outstanding quality of the man' s service as a soldier. Applications for the tration Officer Candidate School, for other 'Officer Candidate ch.ools, must be made by the en sted man to his commanding of cer. Tenta.tive opening dates for the classes of the Administra don Officer Candidates School are I follows: North. Dakota Agricultural Col ge, Fargo, N. D., September 21. t University of .Florida:,. GainesFla., Beptember 28. Grinnell C o 1 1 e ge, Grinnel, Ifwa, Ocfober 5. Mississippi State Colege, Stark M 'iss., October 19. Signal Hq. and Hq. Co. 9th FIGHTERS DREW FIELD ECHOES l._!<_now America's Plane.<;,, DOUGLAS TBD-i TORPEDO BOMBER Sbo-hue lry the A.eronautiqzl Chambu of Commerce o/ Ammc .re ilh-lle riews of formidable air weapon-the Douglu TBDl tor peJo plnc to the U. S. NaYy 11s the "DeYIIstator." Mmed, this low-wing is ct1rrier-b11sed. 'The leading edge bas KMt:elr t11pu, though 11 pronounced t11per i; r1oted on the trailing edge. The tail ;, ltlpered sharplr on leading edge tlntl the trailing edge o f the ruddu is cur'l'ed. The three-place ,.DeYastator" is powued b;t 1t1 ir-JoleJ Wright Cyclonr O?ngine. nyOPL.MmEDoDD. The Creed .of An American. .. Several months ago it was my pleasure and good fortune to meet, along with some other fine fel lows, the then Pvt. Brooks. As a result of his excellent soldiering and leadership, Bill was soon made private. first class. Not long after that, he was promoted to CQrporal. He performed his duties so well that he was soon made a sergeant. His congenial nature, his friendliness and genuine interest hi his fellow soldiers, whether private or non-com, made him one of the best liked and. most popu lar !!oldiers of this organization. His rapid promotions never went to his head. He remained the same. Bill, alway s smiling, always eager to l end a helping hand, and make the going easi.olr for those' about him. Well, several weeks ago, Bill was transferred out of this comI},any, a _nd was soon on his way ove r there. For obvious reasons, ;rno information a s to where he is, what he's doing and the like can b'e divulged. But one thing is certain. Ire is quite capable of taking care of wherever he may be, whatever he may be doing. Ire will be equal to any situation th'at may arise. His friends, and he has them by the score, miss him keenly, but find solace in the well founded beljef that eventually he will come marching triumphantly home, intact and with an enviable recor d of outstanding service that will never b e forgotten by the folks of Brooklyn and his friends All his buddies here and elsewhere join in wishing him Godspeed and a safe and quick r eturn home. Good luck, Bill. It's up the ladder for' these fellow s to whom promofions w ere mete d out recently : Ollie Futral, from sergeant to staff s ergeant; .F1arle Whinna, fro m private first class to corporal; ditto for Bill Holle; Lou Toller, from staff serg e ant to tech s ergeant, and John Rock, from private first class t o ,(,rp"r a l. Congratulations, f ellows, I ilnd may you keep right on step ping up. "I HAD rather. be the humblest citizen in a land Qf freedom than to be the absolute ruler of a land of slavery. "I had rather be a free American than possess all the world's wealth and have my hands stained by the blood of the innocent. "I had rather be the "Unknown Soldier" than to rule a world with hate, slavery and human misery as the only monuments to my greed and power. "THEREFORE, I will be loyal to my country and the democratic ,principles for which it stands. "I will respect the rights of my fellow man and accord to. him the .same privileges I ask for myself. "I will at all times support and contribute whatever I possess to ;the triumphant completion of this war against the enemies of libel'ty and justice. "I will extend the hand of brotherhood to the people of every nation who support the principles of liberty, equal-ity and fraternity. "I will surrender my life befor e surrendering my freeqom I will remember Pearl Harbor!" GOLl'l!. 1'\4\NK'M-IAT IT COSTS' ..Jl.JST'\0 FEEO ()(.)(;! ESPECIAL\.'{ tF "'1\AE:.'< HA\tt APf'Ell"TE.S' ASB\G_AS M\NE-'(OU IHE.Y \4A\JE-SO '(QU SEE \4< rr \'5 ALl OF US "TO. OO.Y u.s. SAVINGS AND STAMPS NOW DA.V.' lDa Tht Tribun Syndlcalo Friday, September 25, 1942 1 0% of Gross Receipts of Opening Day Will Go To USO Opening ... Palm, Cafeteria Saturday, II A. M., Sept. 26th _....Fine Foods Moderate Prices R. 0. SVIEN,.Lqcal Manager 510 Street LESLIE H. BLANK REALTOR 407 Tampa St. Telephone 8222 "DEFENSE RENTAL HOMES" Allan's Supplier of Souvenir Jewelry for all Branches Servicesi" 1010 Franklin Street OPEN EVENINGS ALTERATIONS SPECIALIZ1ING IN UNIFORMS VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF. SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Phone H-8778 SPECIAL STORAGE RATES for SERVICE MEN'S CARS JACK SHEPPARD 1407 S. Howatd Ave; SEMINOLE Souvenir & Jewelry Co. Live and Stuffed Alligators Flmlda Som; enirs-Curios 107 E. Lafayette St MAKEEVE2Y PAY :!AY WAR \ BOND DAY STOP SPENDING-SAVE DOLLARS GOODY GOODY For Quality a.t The Right Price--"No Tips" 1119 FLORIDA AVE. OFFICERS AND MEN! We All:er Uniforms & Shirl:s For Quick &Good Work FLORENCE GREEN SPORTSWEAR, INC. 711 Marion St. DeSoto Hotel Bldg. UNION BAKERY "REAl,. CUBAN .BREAD OUR SPECIAJJI'Y" 1506 9th Ave. Phone Y -4899 .;> White Way LAUNDRY 2806 Armellia Ave., Near. Mlehica Phone H-3898 WANT CAR! SOLDIER wis h e s to t ake car ott h ands of soldier pulling out of Mac-Dill or Dre w Field. '36 or '37 F ord, C h evro l et, o r Plymouth. WILL PAY CASH. Coritact, P 0 Box 522, Tampa. Fla. Armory Service Station P. D. Fox, Prop. 607 N. Howard Ph. H 34..Q53 Soft Drinks Beer Wines Cigars and Cigarettea QUICK DELIVERY ALL BRANDS LIQ.UORS WINES CORDIALS 40th St. Liquor Store JOE V ASQ.UEZ 4014 7th Ave. Y 381CS WELCOME TO. HOTEL KNOX TOM .BRYSON, Manager & Jefferson The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty LIQUORS-BEER-WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 Buy More Victory Bonds


Frida.Y. :'r ptemh e r 25, 1942 What's In A Name? Drew Field Roster Answers Questions By CPL. LEONARD G RUBIN. It is obvious, after scanning the rosters of officers and enliste d men at Drew Field, that this is a .war of all peoples, races and r e li gions against barbaric enemies. Though most of the following per sons are, of course, not r elated to the famous men whose names they bear, it is an indication of the peoples, races and religions repre sente d by the men on this post. Below are a few of the many in teresting names which appear on tlie rolls of Drew Field: For Presidents there are Wash ington, Lincoln, Adams, Monroe, Madison, Jackson, Harrison, Polk, Taylor, Johnson, Arthur, Buchan an, Cleveland, Taft, Harding and Hoover. In addition to these are the folJ.Qwing famous public figures: inklin, Hamilton, Hull, Han :k, Hughes, Byrne, Black, Stone, Reid, Murphy, Knox, Per kins and Donald Nelson. Being in the Army may interest you in Generals: we have Robert E. Lee, Pershing, Grant, Sheridan, Sherman, Houston, MacArthur, Doolittle, Marshall and Billy .Mitchell. For inventors and indtistriaists our roster discloses the following: Henry Ford for autos, McCormick for harvesters, DeForest for ra dio, Fulton for the steamboat, Wright for the airplane, Sperry for the pombsight, and DuPont for chemicals. For contrast we have a Crosby for "Bing" and. a Dean for "Dizzy." Other famous names include authors and statesmen, Gicero, Chamberlain, Churchill, Eugene O'Neill, Conrad, Locke, Ludwig, Scott, Paine, Dumas, 'stephenson, Newton and Robert Owen. Here are some "Believe It or Nots": We have.an East, West. South and North! We have a Metro, a Gould, a Wynn, a Mayer, making MetroGoldwyn-Mayer! We have 132 Smiths and a Doe! Appropriate for the Air Forces, we find a Props! Finally, with no offense meant, we ask il' you would like to be a first sergeant calling THIS rQll on a dismal. dark morning: Przyrylowski, Stratigopolos, Czar obski, Czuprynski, Worontoff, Ig nacio Chavarria, Alphonse Dlugo sielski, Dom browiak, Dominguez, Vanlandingham, Zitzelberger; Zu bizareta, Cosme Espanoza, Pat rzyk, Olesiewicz, Nosuchinsky and Novakovitc]l!!! HABIT On to the grinder marched the B.C. He gave a look at the men, rubbed his glasses and had an other look. "Hang it all!" he barked to the lieutenant. "What's the idea of parading all the big men in front of the little men?" "It's the sergeant' s fault,'' said the Loot (and wouldn' you know it?).. "He used to run a fruit store." lG-NASHING. HuJ AXI Buy your stamps a dime at a time, Or a quarter, or even a d

Page 8 By PFO. h E. BLOCH By PFC. JOHN E. LEE DREW FIELD ECHOES pany atfer .he had his loc-ks shorn a la G.I. and got those pince-nez hooked on. Cp l. Max Sadlak has been released from MacDill Hospital after an operation and is now recuperating at his home in Con-I necticut. By way of transfer, we Under the management of Lt. Emvrapped in the peaceful have lost S/Sgt. Frank H. Orr to Nichols, assisted-by S/Sgt. Pen-charm of luxurious living, the the 2nd Reporting Co. of the Batniston, the 8th \Ving has worked Medics have finally felt the full talion. up a snappy softball team. Twice effects of the war they have The following promotions have they met and defeated the 303rd been double-decked. The crowded been made in the company: Sgt. Signal Company by scores of 6-1 William H Walker to staff serand. 9-3. Last Friday, however, barracks present many, many dif-ge.ant; Sgt. Jack Farash to staff I they lost a heart-breaker to the ficulties. When reprimanded by sergeant; Pfc. Robert H. Eanes Base Medicos, 3 to 2. The lineup SjSgt. Senecal for not shaving, to Technician 5th Grade; Pvt. i for the game was: SjSgt. Pennis-Pfc. Man_uel Enriquez claimed, John Boguslawski to sergeant, ton, 1b; Cpl. Haddox, cf; Cpl. "There were seven of us around and Pvt. Harry D. Johnson to Mountjoy, c; Pvt. Collings, 3b; the mirror, and I must have Technician 4th Grade. Pvt. Grant, ss; Cpl. Love, rf; Pvt. shaved someone else.'' We welcome into the company Carroll, lf; T /5 Meuer, sf; Cpl. Three ralls and hey nonny for Lt. Eugene Barbaras; who comes Shupe, p, and Pfc. Testa, 22b. Jimmy Cruickshank on his shiny to us f-rom Camp Murphy, and Subs includeii Pfc. LeVan, 2b; new sergeant's rating. Jimmie's Lt. William M. Miller, chaplain. Pfc. Luca, p; Pvt. McBrian, lf; wife is faring splendlidly after an Chaplain Miller's office is in the Cpl. Hegwood, 1b, and Cpl. Gunckappendec-tomy, giving him a dou-first .hutment of Row 5. -el, 2b. The tean;i is ready to chal-ble occasion to celebrate. UP'NDOWN THE STllEET: lenge all comers and anyone de-The Base Medics took the first No, Lt. Kinder, yoli'l find no siring a game with the 8th can contest of the Drew Field "little demonstrable pathology for Lt. contact S jSgt. Penniston at phone world series" from the 309th .;On Heib's apparent neurosis. The No. 227. Better think it over Monday. Coming from behind, the findings are all subjective. Only a twice before you pick up the final sc'ore was 6-3 after a very week to go to Oct. 1. We comphone, though, 'cause you'll h ave erratic ball game. Congratulations mend to the C of E the referee's a tough team to try and lick. to Cpl. Robert True, of the 3rd chair erected for Lt. Haugland's One of the happiest days in a F. C swim team, for paddling his use in calling the shots in the ofsoldier's life-at least for those way to three medals in the recent ficer's volley ball games. concerned-is the day on which meet at Cuscaden park. Looks like And now that our pooch has a ratings come out. Last week saw Bob is the "Base Sturgeon.'' boy friend, hadn't someone better such a day in the 8th Wing with As Pr our predictions of two take her aside and "talk" to her? the following men made happy by weeks ago, Sgt. Thurman R. ReOr does she want to grow up and an additional stripe: -staff Serpass has taken un_to himself one be like "Lady," who. makes her geants Clarence.McLennan and Sarah Hart. She is a Georgia home down around the battalion Fred Razook, Privates First peach and mighty sweet. kitchen? Class Korah Baker, Edwin Belota, How does Cpl. Jeny Kovler, of Fergus Casey, Charles Coco, EdGhicago's north shore and Miami ward Gelb, Clyde H all, Arthur Le-Beach manage to ho'bnob with the Van, Cecil Mason, Ben Persons, aristocracy on a T/5 salaiy? Ray Schwarzman, Joe Vasko and Questions of the week: Was Harry West, Jr. Congratulations: Pfc. Frank Rocco the. stage door Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS ARTICLES SERVICE Floridn A'\' & Twiggs Frida} ', Septem bcr 25, 1912 LA RRIE'S 506 Franklin St., Next to Madison HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WELL DRESSED ARMY MAN COMPLETE LINE OF MILITARY CLOTHES SUPPLIES AND INSIGNIA Also Military Tailoring All Kinds of Chevrons -Lt. Carey drew a n excellent Johnnie who escor.ted .her home carto'on of newly made Corporal from the Gay 9Os review? Are Bill Mountjoy floating into the Pfc. Joe Filas and Pvt. Arnold A-3 office on a cloud with his new Pellucci taking swimming les neori stripes aglow, the day after sons? ratings were announced. Our own inadequate feliciter Your Feel Hurl? Here's the mailman's answer to ltions to Capt. W. M. -steele of the that oft -repeated question: Optical Department. He's working "Where's my mail?" Lt. Fontaine, overtime to whip the office into the squadron CO, received the folshape. Complete Line of Arch Supporis and Foot Remedies, at BARKER & TOLLY 1110 FRANKLIN ST. lowing letter a few days ago: pfc. Frank Focht, former news_ 1Dear Lieutenant: hound, says he'd like to go 'Why am I not receiving any Alaska. The first thing .he'd do is t;''''''''''''''''''''''',''''#-1 mail ? is the common wail that get an overnight pass. The nights arises from all and various are six months long. sources. Your cry, Lieutenant, has P##c#'#,_,_,,,,,,.,.,,,_,,,,,,,., in the past few days risen far' above the rest. Now let's take the situation and attempt a fair analy _sis. If one expects to reach a comfortable solution to the problem as regards the receiving of no 553rd Sig. Bn. Head Hq. Co. Cutters Always Say ... HOLSUM Extra Fresh I mail, one must ask oneself if one All Service l\Ien are \Velcome always remembers to give one's BARCELONA CAFE address to others. Has one done this? On the other hand, I can By S/Sgt. H. WALiillR see where .purposely avoiding the divulging of your address to peo ple is a tactic of no little impol' tance. You might 'be searched out and arrested for looking like a movie star and be taken to Holly wood to be shot. Or you might be arrested for looking like a college student and maybe thrown into Yale. : "Take a Woman. Why doesn't she write to you? T .he explanation may welt be t.hat while out with you she is so completelY,: c-harmed that her eyes have said really all that there is to say. She .has nothing else to say and, therefore, nothing-whatsoever to write. "Maybe people who would like to_ write to you can't because they Sgt. Thomas G .Slutter returned from furlough in time to pack his bags for ,OCS at Miami Beach last week. Slut almost had to in troduce himself around the Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANiffiiN Dan'l S. Bagley BEAR SYSTEM SIERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP B. T. MORRIS are allergic to licking postage Tires Balanced -Tire Wear stamps which is a strong arguCorrected. 1010 Central Avenue ment in flavoring (the postage stamps). In tiiis case, I think the government ought to see the Jello ( 6 delicious flavors) company for advice. Since I a m under your bars (come to think of it, I'd rather be under b ars than have them in front of me), I really must give a short answer to why you don't get inail. I really haven t the foggiest notion, Su.h. Yours truly, The Mail Orderly, Pfc. Charles Coco." BROTHER, T H 0 S E A R E JAPS UP THERE IN ALASKA. THAT'S NO OPTICAL ALEUTIAN! KNIGHT PAPER BR 0 S. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 -4204 "A Papet for Every Purpose" SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy-Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.nk Rutas Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVE. HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guarantee6J 504 Tyler Street fService Men and Families are Welcome at Louis Sedilla Grocery Cold Drinks -Beer and Wine Sa.ndwiches and Poultry 2018 Gr. Central Av. !Ph. H-3194 SPANISH RESTAURANT and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY, SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'f.m Flying--SELDOMRIQGE P .HOTOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. Hours 8 to 6 Ground Floor Special Appointments SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD-RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 Nel?raska LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, l\Ianager 120 West; Lafayette ,stteet East Side of Bridge Phone M-5588 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Irescriptions, Wines, I .li4JUors, 1 -Ionte 1Unde Ice Crennt DIETZ DRUG STORE FREE DELIVJl:RY 031 S Howard Aye. Ph. J-14:18:> BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEERWINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue TWIN PALMS Beer Wine8 Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Ave. at Columbus Dr. Pl1ones: 2088-2589 McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAl, INSURANCE n:; Zaek Street 'rnntpn, SPECIAL A'.rTENTION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son Meats-Produce-GIoceries Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave, Phone M52-073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa at Ta-mpa, Florida \\'ines_:_Bem-Soft Drinks Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, 08/lldy Notions STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR CORN BEEF SANDWICHES & SALADS Ope n till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 S ervicemen Are Welcome Duy or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Frunlclin St. DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: M-1036, 4232 PHOTOGRAPHS Roy N. Gteen Studio TOWNSEND Sash Door & Lumber Co. Open Evenings Opposite USO 505 Moigan St. THE LENOX 1\Irs. Eva Cadden Chicken, Steal{s, Chops, Home Made Pies, Good Ct'lffee Regulat Dinners 2724 Flolida Ave. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M Tampa Bay Market Box Ftuit Shipped Beer, 'Vine, Special SandwiChe s Groceries, Ftuits, Magazines, Ice Cream 204 ,V. Lafa.yette Sti"e e t A. G. Cleotelis & Son H314.:3 LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSH 4891 N RomP. & Fuilcr Street CULP LUMBER CO. to Build Anything' Millwork Made To Order 500 PaclnYood Ph. H 1862 : Tampa l\IARY ELLEX FJ,OWER A:\'D SHOP Gc:-t 'J'hnt cart Here, for or 1\lother. 1:111 Grnml Centrnl 1\'ext to Jlig Orange Special Invitations to All Sel'\ icc :'\I e n GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its New J ,ocation 805 Tampa St.


Friday, Septen ; ber 25, 1942 Hq. and Hq. 9th Fighter Cd. HOURS PASS 2nd REPORTING COMPANY 56 4th "BLITZ" NOTES GODSOE By SjSG'l'. TOl\-I CARUSO By S/SGT. J?RANKLIN A. I Any number of non-coms at There comes a time in ev ery re: '"'T)rew Field may be able to better porter' s life when he has to forT /Sgt. Francis Bongartz' record sake the better things in life an

Page 10 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, Septec.1ber 25, 1942 Third Fighter Command Wins Swim Title _MAAs_ BROTI-I-ERS Protestant Service-11:00 A M ., Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. Service 7:30 P.M. Chapel No. 1. I Service 11:00 A.M., Theater I No. 1. Catholic Mass-6:15A.M., Chapel No.2. Mass-9: 00 A.M., Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. SPORTS '\ REVIEW Free Golf for Drew Men Drew Field soldiers have -been j invited by the Airport Golf Club to use its course gratis. The course is located one-half mile west of .the North Gate. All divot digge:rs who take advantage of. this invi tation will be furnished golf clubs, Tees and balls, however, n:iust be brought by the individual piayers. Complete convenient MILITARY DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE MEN'S SHOP MAINi FLOOR Obstacle Course Championship Meet Above are J>ictured of the Third Air l<'orce swim title at Ouscadeu park, held ou Sept. 16 and. 17. row (left to l'lght), Pvt. Walter Verclmck; Pvt. \Valter L. Welsh, Sgt. Seab Reeves, Pvt. Cecil Amick, Sgt. Samuel Palmet, S/Sg't. John P. Vivona and Sgt. Gordon Durland. Bottom tow: Opl. The Base Physical Training Di. Robe}t T. Tl'lle, Miss Lynette and Sgt. John B. Gosselin. rector, Lt. Arthur Colley, an-nounces that the winner of the For the second successive year, Ma.rgaret ;Reinhold, of Lakeland, 160-Ya.rd Free Style RClay Obstacle Course Championship a Drew Field organization won holder of the women' s national Won by Headqaurters and Meet, to be held on the obstacle the swimming and diving chamdiving championship. Headqi.Ia.rters Squadron, Third course at Headquarters, Th'ird Air pionshiP of the Third Aii Force Other results: Fighter Command. Force, on October 8, will be given units stationed in the Tampa area a luxurious week-end at the when the girl-coached, eight-ma. n Tarrwa. Terrace Hotel gratis. team of the Headqua,rterfl and The winner's week-end, through Headquarters Squadron, Third arrangement with the president Fighter Command, came out on and manager of Collier top in competition l,!.gainst 22 Coast Hotels, Mr. George H. Ma-teams, 12 from Drew a :nd 10 from 50-Rard .. Free Style Lt. Fred Prestin, Lt. R. C An derson. and Pvt. Cecil Amick. 100-Yard Breaststroke Sgt. K. L. Hawk, Sgt. Louis Trenner and S/Sgt. Jasper Bash am. son, will begin Friday afternoon, MacDill. October 9, and last through Sun'With mor' e than 200 officers 160Rard Free Style day evening, October 11. It in-and enlisted men cutting the Pvt. Henry Lillerman, Pvt. F. eludes room, meals, and trips for water of the Cuscaden pool fn the L. Kruger and Cpl. Crosby. the champion, two meals for a two-day meet held on Sept. 16 and Plunge for Break guest of the opposite sex, one cor-17, the Third Fighter Command Pvt. Foster Griffith, Lt. Saul sage foi: the lady guest, and the inen rolled up 43 points, to lead Reuben ai).d John Collins. priviiege of having one couple as their nearest rivals by 15 markCross-Chest Cany his guests on Sunday. ers. The winners were coached by Won by Pvt. Charles Little and Second and third' place winners Miss Lynette Peralta, of Cuscaden Pvt. Abe will be given appropriate awards, pool. '100-Yard Free Style probably something in the nature The winning team consisted of Cpl. Robert True, Lt. R. C. An-of athletic equipment. S/Sgt. ,John P. Vivona. Sgts. Seab derson and Cpl. W. C. Trial By contacting the Physical Re'eves, Samuel Palmer and Gor. 100-Ya.td Medley Relay Training Office, the obstacle don Durland; Cpl. Robert E. True, Won by 4th Weather Squadron course can be schedule.d for use. Pfc. Walter Verchuck and Pvts. team of Moran, Newmyer and Watch the bulletin board. It will Cecil Amick and Walter L. Welsh. Crosby. contain information concerning It was managed by Sgt. John B. the meet which will involve all Gosselin. organizations in the Tampa area On behalf of the winning team, of the Third Air Force. a trophy was accepted by Maj. A Fable About G.I. Stew A keen sense of humor is al ways a token of good morale, and soldiers at Drew Field have more than their share of it. The following humorous story is told by Pvt. J. J. O'Gara, of the 314th Air' Base Squadron: One day, during the height of the rush hour in the mess hall from which issued sav.ory odors of a G.I. stew in the making, a prac tical joker stepped up to the counter and dumped a large sack on the counter. He extracted from it four dogs of dubio'us ancestry, three cats and a squirrel. He addressed the mess sergeant. "Sorry, Sarge," he apologized. "That's all I ,could get J;liis time." This statement was enough to arouse much consternation among the chow hounds, .and when he de-.. parted he left tl)em wondering to the source of their chow. Remember-Every Saturday, 4 P.M. to 11 P.M. Ftee Soft Drinks -Food -Music Bring a ELKS LODGE Florida Ave. & Madison St. Roscoe G. Conklin, commanding officer of the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, Third Fighter Command, from Col. Thomas S Voss, commanding offi cer of MacDill Field. Lt. Fred of Drew Field, won easily in the diving compe tition, scoring 254. 3 points. Sgt. Durland, also of Drew, finished second with 172.8. Among the judges. for the .diving ev-ents was HEAT RASHES. CAUSED BY HOT SUN< When your body breaks our with red, irchl' prickly hear, you want relief and you want it fasr-for neglect causes great discomfort Get .overnight relief from the burping, itching torture with pleasant, cooling, quick-acting Poslam Ointment. Over 16,000,000 tins sold -ir must be good-aU drug stores-only 50. P s t A\-m < .{!j ... Jjrl : ... \/. ..... OFFICERS AND MEN! 'Ve Appreciate Yom Patronage and Thank You. !\facDill Field Post Tailors V. F'iccio Watch This Page Next Week For Our Grand Opening ... More Convenient Telephone Service Now Available "Attended public telephone service," a group of conveniently located telephone facilities operated by trained attendants, is now availa-. ble to make your telephone service convenierit, especially on long distance calls. The pay stations are at 517 Zack Street-, on t-he ground floor of the telephone building. (The 12-story building in the same block as the bus termin


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