Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 31 (October 2, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 2, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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&oL. 1 : NO. 31 Published E-very Friday Drew Fie ld, TamP a, Florida Friday, October 2, 191:2 Base Executive Now Lt. Colonel Attention, Model Airplane Builders All men interested in build ing wooden mode l airplanes for use in instruction aie invited to take advantage of the facili ties afforde d b!ll' the Hobby Shop, Protect v our : Civil Rights;. Use S6ldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act Those inte rest e d are request ed to get in touch with Captain D elano, Base Special Services Officer, 'at his office in tlie Base .Library building. If your civilian affaii s are jammed up, don't liste n to a "guardhouse lawyei." Traditiona l to the Army, this kibitzer is al ways on the scene when some body's in trouble. There's one in every squadron an'd company. on Army's Health Is Better Now Than Ever Before The United States .Army in I 8 Ph f b :raining )n this counti;Y is in bet-ase. 0 0 a te r h_ealth tha n ever b efore dur_ing Doin.r Bang Up Drew Field just itching to spill his unsolicited advice without cha r ging a fee. Nine out of t e n t .imes he' ll be wrong; and chances are you'll wind up in more trouble by lending an ear to him. If you're really in a jam, tell him to g o climb a tree. See, in stead, your Squadron or Company Command!!r and ask him about the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Re-lief Act of 1940, which became a law O ctober l7, 1940, and will remain in effect until May 151 1945, or until such. time as the war is t erminated and for six months thereafter. .vartime, the War Department announced today. Admissions to ,hosCamera Job According to the Act0persons in military service will be freed from harrassment and injury to their civil rights during their ,..... terms of military service. The pitals and confinements to quar :ers for all causes currently are Of the many' specialized and 'ewer than at this time last year technical departnJ:ents on the air Vhen the Army' s physical well-be-base, one which receives very lit"ng_ was considered .excellent. On tle credit, if any, is the Base the basis of .the figures .to date it Photographic Laboratory and the is anticipated that the.general ad-men functioning under the can-:.Promotion of Major F. L. Eber-Following participation in the mission ra;te will be approximately opy which houses it. Jr., Base Executive, .to lfeuLouisiana and Carolina maneu-10% lowe( in 1942 than in 1941. While their work appears 'betemiri.t colonel was announced vers, Lt. Col. Ebersole was trans-Thus .far in .1942, there has fore the field personnel and civilthis week; a further recognition ferred to Drew Field and given b _een no mild influenza epide,mic ian population of the Tampa area of:' the 'outstanding ability of this the assignment of Base Adjutant like that early last year. I,nCiday after day, it still receives lit yo\mg'officer. and Executive. He was promoted dence of disease shows a marked tle recognition for itself. Perhaps ;Lt. Col. Ebersole was commis-from captain to majo r on March recession. \ this is due to-the nature of the sioned a captain" 'in the Coast. Ar-15 of this year. With the rapid Venereal disease is substantialwork which on the surface, is tillery '(Reser.ve) August 31, .of activitiesron Field, ly less than during the World 'not particularly glamorous. None1937'; and saw service with the a full-tnne Base EXecutive becai.ne War, with syphilis rate now theless it 'is the job of the men Civilian conservation Corps durnecessary, and T1e was selectd for. lowest in Army history. The total who work in the Base Photo Lab ing :the succeeding three years. the assignment. venere_al disease :rate, on an annu-to carry out all assignments in diCalled to active duty. with the Before entering active service, al basis, was 40.5 per 1,000 men rect reference to the field and its Air Corps o.n Nov. 15, 1940, he Lt. Col. Ebersole made his home in 1941, and 38 per 1,000 men personnel. serve. d .as Adjutant and S-2 of the in Richmond, Va. He is a gradufoi the first six i:rionths of 1942, The fine photographic staff op-17th :Bombardment Wing under ate. of the University of 1 Pittsincluding cases arising in newly erating at Drew Field is headed command of Maj. Gen. Brereton. burgh. inducted soldiers where the by Lt. Robert E. Price, Base Pho-tion actually was acquired in civil tographic .Officer, and T /Sgt. Paul life. This means that about. 19 E Weher, both of whom are o M h Drew Field Presents new infectio.ns occurre. d among highly Skl'lled photo technicl'ans. rew ec anJC s M t f c every 1,000 men during the first The overcrowded tent in which as er 0 erc:monies. half of this. year. Soldiers thus 'inthe staff works is giving -to /. .. Bu. ddies FIg hting. I A Radio Wnter fected lose an average of 18 days a butlding large enough to house or less from duty. their intricate equipment. This Many Drew Field soldiers are Throughout 19 41 and thus far building is now in the process of N I A t I now familiar withe voice of Pvt. in 19 42, the death rate has been erection. ow D us ra Ia Adrian Gendot, script writer and. the in 'Army history. Dur-. The staff. is also handicapped ing this period from one half to seriously by a shortage of men. In' master of ceremonies on the inorn-two thirds of the deaths resulted spite of being undermanned, the from external causes, traf quality and quantity of the work fie accidents. Overseas forces and they turn out is praised highly, a ].\f;tster Sergeant John Elliott, ing program of Drew Field PreAct provides adequate representa tion for .the soldier during his ab sence, authorizing postponement of certain proceedings and. tran sactions until his return from military service. Nothing in the Act relieves the soldier of actual payment of .debts or other obligations which he may have incurred before entering the. military service. Relief is ed only when the soldier' s ability to n1eet the. obligations are paired by bei'ng iii the Army. This relief is prindipally from all alties that would be imposed for non-payment of such obligations. Th e questions of the extent of the relief generally are left to the dis cretion of the courts of ju!ltice. When a ma:n in military service i s unable to appear. in .court in a case a gainst him, the Act provide!! for the court to supply an attor ney, and if necessary the court is allowed to stay the proceedings 90 days after :his release from ac tive service, so that he may ap pear. There is, in addition, defi nite protection against difficulties arising from rents, installment contracts and mortgages. That, however, is only part of the Act's protection for the soldier. Give the "guardhouse lawY'er" the brush-off before he gets a chance to butt in. Consult the Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act of 1940 about your personal prob-!em ,of Sacramento, Calif. ; reads the sents, heard over WFLA every war news from Australia with morning from :M::o.nday tli.rougb more than eager interest these Friday, inclusive. Few, however, days: Although a line chief and know anything about this dark, mechanic ; t Drew bud-handsome soldier of : Fren9h dedie s are ffghtirig the historic air scent, a 28-year-old nat:ive of San battle casualties_ are excluded. tribute they well deserve. About one meningitis case in ---------------'----------------battles "down under." Francisco. : ':.The Allied bomber attacks on script writer, actor. and ., o Pvt. Gendot was well !?e Japs IS Johns topic I on his way tq blazing out a radio md. the Dre. w hangar. "One of I career for himself when, on May buddies shot down five Japs 1, 1942, he entered the Army at : other day and.. several of San Francisco,. Calif. For one and one-half years he them have. gaine. d citations al-worke d for the Mutual Broadcastre.ady," he proudly boasts. "Wish ing station in San 1 could be with 'em." Francisco -KFRcfunctioning Sgt. Elliott, formerly a me-as script writer and producer of a comedy and variety show. Before chanic on the West, Coast, enlist-that, .he worked as a colum.nist ed in the Air Corps six years ago. and radio. promoter for the San In those six he has gained_ Francisco Exalp.iner. He was also a wealth of experience, had a lot a for KYA, the Exof fun, and. made some good ammer s statwn, fo_r one and money. Last December, when his In additwn his radio bombardment group left for BaactiVIties, he acted m Shake taan, he''remalned here as a me-spearean plays for stock chanic and engineer on the new company. B-26 bomber. In the Army since May, he came ln looking back over his six to Drew Field in August from Me years in the Air Corps, Elliott Cord Field, near Tacoma, Wash. likes to recall the time he serviced Lindbergh's plane, the round trip Wearing the O.D. Unifonn he .made to Alaska (non-stop) from Seattle lastwinter in a Lockheed A-29, and the publicity flights in a "Flying Fortress" in 19 3 9, recruiting air cadets. On thi. s publicity flight the huge born ber visited 3 3 airports in the country, and, the crew. enter tained royally in every city. Sgt. Elliott makes $225 a month with flying time and has more than 200 hours as an engineer on the B-26 bomber. Dates for wearing the winter uniform by men stationed at Drew Field are tentative. The date of wearing the woolen winter uni form will be dependent entirely upon the weather. A bulletin, No. 253, from Base Headquarters declares that "when it is believed desirable to chang e, sufficient notice will be given and an optional p eriod will be granted for the changeover." three was fatal during the World War, but this death rate is now down to one in 20. Promptness of diagnosis and use of newer treat ment are principal reasons Men ingitis fatality rate in the Army is far below that in civil life. The malaria rate per 1000 men per year !.n continental ,United States is only 0. 61 for the first eight months pf 1942, by contrast with 1.25 in the 1941.comparative, and the. autumn rise in incidence is expected to be less than a year ago. Universal vaccination has vir tually eliminated smallpox. Rigid sanitary control and vaccin.ation has made typhoid fever almost non-existent in the Army. Inci dence of scarlet fever is now ex-tremely Thus far 1942 has experienced no true epidemics of infectious diseases i n -the Army. These nor mally account for a majority of all admissions to hospitals and con finements to quarter' s. While the health of the Army in training at home is better than in 19 41 nexertheless last year's Army health record was unusu ally good. This experience is the more remarkable considering the Army's rapid expansion. COMMUNITY SING ON SUNDAY All soldiers intefested in a community sing, or those who just like to sing, are invited by the Base Chaplain to be in the aren;:t, situated to the left of the entrance to Theater No 1, at 7:30 this Sunday night, Oct 4. Base Q. M.' s Gas Locomotive Standing at the t11rottle is J'tlarshaU D. Norman, the "Casey Jo]les" of the Drew Field Quarte i"'lttlster's n e w gasoline lOCODlO tive. Inside the engine room (left to right) are Lt, Anthony A. May, of tl1e Base Quartermaster, and Major Walter F. Joyce, Base and Training Officer. It is a 85-ton Davenport locomotive and is run by gasoline, its tank hollding 100 gallons. Its sped limit is about 15 miles per hour. It is a switching locomotive and has a complete ah A. B. brake It was obtained by the Base Quartermaster for switching cars and to move supply cars in the warehouse area. It is working on a 24-hour schedule of tl1ree shifts. It can pull approximately 25 fieight cars at a thne and pulls about 40 cars 1-.er day in and out.


Page 2 DREW FIEIJD ECHOES The Drew Field Echoes J follow the American soldier! I A SOLDIER'S DREA..'i 505TH OUTFIT IS --------------1 Follow the trail I blaze! I con-Where all men at least are non-FETED, DINED AT GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher I voyed the wagon trains, moving corns, Tampa Army Newspapers west patro_lle d the wild I And the are nice, HILLSBORO HOTEL BuHine"" Office: American continent. 1 Free beer m every barracks, As a reward for winning the 111G I'LORIDA AVENUE My lonely outposts grew And no mosquitoes, ants or lice regimental "best" title for inspecrumpo, Florldu I my camps became crossroads .j Where breakfast consists of lamb tions during past P. O. nox r.22 Phone 2177 '( cho s weeks, the offrcers and enhstea my frontier forts too1c root I P men of the Hq Co Reporting of All contulned In this ncw,.pnpcr nrc nlso contulncd In the lUucDIII Field I?ly Leof. Joint cJrculntlon: 8,000 copies. Frmt and lots of buttered toast, rose from the prarnes mto 1 Wh' l fo lunch there's chicken the 50 5th Regrment were feted My infantry marching made paths. 1 k r and dined at the Hillsboro Hotel My cavalry riding made trails. D ur tey, 'n liked on Monday. Where cities risfi! I made the hik-essert s They were the guests of Frank ine to lay the ties and drive the mos J. Hynes, mimager of the hotel. A.DVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQ.UES'l' spikes uniting my country with Where dinners served are a la In addition to a fine supper, they A news .paper published exclusive ly for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military Interests and the United Nations Opinions expressed In this paper are tpose of the individual writers and unde r no circumstances are they to be considered those of the Un'ite d States Army. Advertisements In this publication do not constitute an endorsement' by the, War Department or Its personnel of the products advertised. The Shield (Fl'Om "R.ing of Steel") I am the American soldier. For the American people-m:l:" family, my f ellows, my sons to come-1 CARRY ARMS. Remember how I of explorers, colonists, hunters in deerskin-schooled in the wilderness, fighting for a continent. Remember Concord Bridge, 1775! Here at this briuge : fired the shot .hear. d 'round the world. Then I was the minuteman-. the embattled farmer, the son of Liberty, raw militiaman, hardy continental. I was the hope of freedom on the frontier. I carried arms 'for the .Rights of Man! J \Remember V,alley Fprge? 1 l was the winter-soldier; starving, mai:ching, .freezing, fighting and praring at night-alone in the snow. l planted the flag of thirteen stars at the Mississippi, at the Great Lakes: I fought the Revolution. I won this liberty. Marching, I made Americ'a great. Working at peace, I built America-exploring with Lewis and Clark, with Zebulon Pike, witE Kit Carson and Davey Crockett. / 1860 1865 ... I was the Blue ... I was the Gray. I led th e way! I called to Amer-rails. carte, were entertained by an orchestra Give me the hardest Re-With seconds at every meal, led by Bob Forton and some sing-member I broug.ht Amenca to the Dished out and served by wait-ers. Pacific, punched the railroad tun-j resses Among the guests were Major nels through the Rockies. I licked 1 With loads of sex appeal. F. G. Ruffner, Chaplain Roy M. the Mississippi floods, conquered Terry, and Lts. Richard M Cosel, the Yellow Jack in Cuba, joined Where there. is no reveille at all, Gordon J. Peterson, Amos w Har'the oceans at Panama, .held like And one can sleep till noon, grave, Howard C Reichert, Charles a rock at tlfe Marne! with individual latrines A. Ketch and R. C. Boardman. I am the American soldier: pio-And one soldier to a room. neer, Samaritan, vanguard. Wher ever I was needed ... whenever With swimming pools on every I was called ... I stood and de-post, i livered. I came through. I was Tennis court and links, America on the inarch. With hotels for wives ,and girl I'm the ring of steel around friends -democracy. I'm the ramparts that Bowling alleys n roller rinks. you .sing about. I'm. the citizen soldier--'the nation-in-arms. I'm snap a .nd precision-West Point pride. I'm the regular -strictly G I. I'm the rookie-made soldier. I'm up from the ranks, hell for leather, right on the line, Air conditioning where it'1> plenty hot, And lots of heat when it's cold. With free shaves and haircuts 'n Most things are given away, not sold, straigllt from the eye. T.here would Iieve'r be any KP, I'm the rifleman, cannoneer, trooper, skier\ engineer, gunner, Or any details tough, With day like exclusive scout, marksman, driver, signal-clubs, : man, sentry, mechanic flyer. I m the eyes of the cannon, t1le And' no duty that's ever rough. This could only be a .dream,. 1t PALMA CEIA iitTHEATRE .UclllLL AVE. AT SAN CARLOS Open 3 P. M. _Dolly Program 'Veek of October 4th Sun., ltlon., Tues., Oct. 4, 6 "HONRY TONii:," with Clnrk Gnble and Lnnn Turner; n'lso ''S'WEETHEART OF THE CA!tiPU S," with Rnby and Ozzie Nelson; also News \Ved. nnd Thu.rs., Oct. '1 and. 8 'THE RICHEST MAN IN TOWN' with Roger, Pryor and .Eileen Ohearn. Also "SHE .KNEW ALL THE ANSWERS," with F rnnchot Tone ond ;Joan Dennett Fri. and Snt., Oct. o and 10 "NAZI AGENT," with Conrad Vei

Friday, Octobt r 2, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Pae:e 3 THAT YOU MIGHT FLY THEATER. PROGRAM By CARLOS .BESTOSO Dct. 2, Friday-BALL You blithely call for "Contact," with never a thought or a fear; FIRE, Gary Cooper, Barbara With never a qualm of forboding, nor a thought for the Pioneer; Stanwyck; Life With Fido. The thought neve r strikes your conscience that you do not fly alone; 1 Oct. 3, Saturday -BERLIN That the spirits of men before you, guard every ship that' s flown. CORRESPONDENT, Dana An S o, consider men who dreamed their dreams, the Unknown to defy; drews, Virginia Gilmore; Further The men who gave their v ery Jives, just that you might fly. Prophecies of Nostradamus; Jerry Think, too, of scoffing blind ones, who greeted their di'eams wit. h Wald and Orchestra; Woodman, jeers. Spare That Tree. Who laughed in scorning derision' at their sweat and toil and t ears. Oct. 4 and 5, Sunday and Mon-Think of the torch (with falling hands), that they have tossed to you; day-HOLIDAY INN, Bing CrosThe right of men to fly like birds, and tame the.mystic blue; b:f, Fred Astairb; Donald's Their scroll of fame is long and bright, (their names engraved in den; News of the Day No. 20 5. fire); Oct. 6, Tuesday-GIVE OUT, Each one a daring dreamer, who willed to bel a flyer. SISTERS, Andrews Sisters, Chas. The things you do so casua!lly, in modern, easy flight, Butterworth; T .hree. Smart Saps; Are dangers that they conquered-and you don'f ha.ve to fight; Argentine Horses; Saps in Chaps. For theirs was the noble spirit which makes men try and try, Oct. 7, WednesdayACROSS W ith courage never faltering, though called upon to die. THE PACIFIC, Humphrey EoThough passing from our memories, can you doubt that up on high, gart, Mary Astor; Battle of Mid-They still are ever watchful o'er you who love to fly? way; News of the Day No. 206. Can you think that their guiding spirits were snuffed like candle fires 1 Oct. 8 and 9, Thursday and When their last flights were ended? Nay; In spirit they're still flyers. Friday -THEY DIED WITH So remember when you're solo, alone up in the blue, THEIR BOOTS ON ,Errol Flynn, That sha.des of greater souls than yours are riding on with you; Olivia .DeHaviland; Alcha Hooey. R emember, too, when up aloft, a-winging thJrough the sky, Tjlat these courageous, hardy souls gave all-that YOU might .......... ..,.w ... .., .......... ...... .... Recent Changes Hq. and Hq: Sq. Fighter Wmg In Military Law The f Ighbng 9th section VI, Circular .,,.,.,.,,.,.,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,...,,.,.,,.,,,,., War Department, 1942, is pub-By CPL. W AiirER. WERNER. I'd rather take on. a squad of Jap flame throwers with bare fists than try to knock out a column. at a time when news seems t o be as scarce as flyspecks on a master sergeant's trousers on a Saturday morning inspection. But the damn thing has to be done. So, what ho! "Damn the torpe does" "Over the top" and stuff. lished below in order that its contents may be made known to all members of the Base: 1. Executive. Order No. '9048, dated February 3, .1942 (sec. LV, Bull. W.D. 1942), s .uspends the limitations prescribed by the table of maximum punishments, paragraph 104c, Manual for Courts Martial, u. S. Army, 1928, on punishments for convictions under Articles of War 58 59 and 86, with the result that violation of There are unsung heroes in any one of these articles of war every outfit. They are the quiet, may be punished by death. Conhard-working, men who take every viction of desertion committed in detail job that, comes along in time of war also results in fortheir stride. Without any fuss or feiture ofthe rights of citizenship. flurry the';. cari always be J 22. All unit commanders will ed on to perform thei:. work well. explain carefully to ali personnel On all t?e thankless JObs as well of thei'!' commands Articles of as the JObs that are fun to War 58, 59 and 8 6 and the last these men always. do everythmg I provision of Article of War 28 well: One ?.f our and emphasize the serious conse or a C: ass A quences may result from dter t43 Pvt. E;:arl Whttefoot, from their violation. Bromley, Ky. Th:re, are 3. These instrtictions do not Look around ... _who s your p1ck change or modify the provisions Furt,het Crack of Article of War 110, which will transportat10n man and all-round be strictly complied with. swell guy-Pvt. Bernard Gannon, who returned S1.J..nday from the Motor .Transport School at Sara sota, where he and all the other boys from "The Fighting Ninth" made good When the certificates were .presented, Captain Foss complimented our men, saying that they' were one of the best classes ever to attend the school. ;Nice going, men. Swing Around the Squadron: Sgt. Spector, our old "Massachu setts Minute Merr,' is now training to be the outfit's gas noncom. Looks like he'll be a good one, too. Hearing of Sgt. Specter.'s appointment, soine wise guy remarked: "Phew, the right guy in the right job." Warning to Beverly, Mass.: Flash: Pfc. Lou ''King Kong' Beaulieu has been let loose! He got out on furlough Wednesday. Even now, he is ptobably beating his wa:y, swinging through trees, no doubt, to your peaceful little village. Better nail the sidewalks down and put all the "sweet young ,things" unde r lock and k e y Be t ause, according to his own story, Lie's one terrible guy, "dat L qpie Bowloa." Last Shot: Welcome back, Pvt. Tom Riley. We missed you. G lad to hear that you enjoyed your furlough. Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANI{LIN Dan'l S. Bagley Don't congregate with othe.rs in Dispersion increases you1' protection' from observation The L 0 G I C A L and B E S T place to buy Military Needs for Officers and Enlisted Men. ALTERATIONS FREE EAT 3-5x7 Easel :Mounted Pottraits ...... ... .. ... ... ..... ..... ... ... ... .. ... .. .. $3.50 HENDERSON 3-SxlO Folder Portraits ..... ........................... ..... .. .... ............. 5.00 Portrait Post Cards ..... .... ..... ... ... ... .. ..... ..... .... ... .... .. : .... .. 6 for 1.50 EVERY PICTURE GUARANTEED '.fO PLEASE YOU PHOTOS VICTORY TWIGGS ST. OPPOSITE BUS STATION BREAD 27'02 FLORIDA AVE. OPEN EVERY DAY UNTIL 11:30 P. 1\f, g .oin' steady' a long time, you and I. You see, I'm a symbol of the life and sparkle of Coca-Cola. fore, I speak for C::ol

To SGT. JOHN SUSZYNSKI From PFC. JOE REGIS Howdy John: Although I know you hate the idea of returning to spend a few more months with the boys at Drew Field, I know one lad who will be happy to have you back; that is I. I am enclosing an article that appeared in. last week's ECHOES entitled, "Lost, Strayed or Hidden Somewhere: One Air Force B and." You will note that it refers to your recent comments with the Base Quartermaster's office, regarding arrival of our instruments. Now that they have ar.rived, the question is asked, "What other alibi, then, can they offer?" Of course, the question pertains to our initial public appearance. You have answered that question more than once with the words, "lack of personnel," but somehow this needs further ex planation. You should .have stated. that the band is authorized 28 men for a fuil band. That is, if the proper presentation of a music score is to be given the full quota of men required. However, IF cer train key instruments should be present, the music could be rendered. Now, here is the answer to the' question asked: The band does not have the musicians at the present time to fill all these key positions. It. might also nave been a good idea, John, to add that musicians to fill some of these positions happen to be on the field, but, due to regulations or some other reason, cannot be transferred from their outfits to help solve Warrant Officer Baker's problem and help out. the morale of the field by rendering concerts for the personnel. Wefi, John, I hope that this will clear up that matter. However, 'it looks like an almost impossible task to secure new men. Here is hoping we have a couple by the time you arrive from your fur-lough. It might be of interest for you to know that Sgt. Eaton has taken over the French horn and is practicing with us every day. Also that Sgt. Ferris is now rolling away mile aftet' mi'le toward North Adams, Mass., and wedding bells. Are you lucky? Somethi.ng has gone wrong with our water system and we have to depend on sodas (and other beverages), and water from other parts of the field. It goes ldnd of tough on the boys. When you come back I have a little personal matter to take up. with you, and it is my hope that you have a darn good excuse for an answer. Too bad we can' t take the band down to the termi.Jolal to you back, but you '!!!'now how it is. I only hope the boys on the field will bear with us until a few more m e n join our organization, then w e will give them music, hot and hea vy. DREW FIELD ECHOES A. W. T. U. Center's Adjutant Promoted I Major Leslie C .' Follett, Adjuservice of the United States, sealtaut of the Air Warning Service ing an even five .feet in height. A Unit, Training at Drew special waiver was necessary at Field, may be. short in stature, but the time he was commisstoned in he has a mighty big job which he the Texas National Guard in 1927. performs well. So well, in fact, I Previously he had served as an that .he.has just been promoted in 1 : enlisted man in the National rank from captain to major. Guard. He also saw service dur-. Until the outbreak of the pres-ing the first. World War. ent war, Major Follett was the! Major Follett is a native of .El "shortest" officer fn the military j Paso, Tex. SPORTS REVIEW Obstacle Course Cham pionship Meet Sub-pepot Subs Florence Abraham is one of our several singers in the Sub-Depot Headquarters. Slie won first place iii a state music f estival. Her fa-A TOUGH JOB You think you' v e a toug h joh In Iceland or N orn e ; I ll swap you the one that They've clipped me a t home; I'm drilling the women The b est that I can, But can't y ell the thing s that I d yell a t a man. "Eyes right, ya I once. used to shout, But that and "Hey, Fathead!" Are both strictly out! Of jobs in the service The hardest is mine I've _got to discard all My old Army line. 0 Did privates toe in? I could yell, .Lissen, stupe! You do that again, you'll Get socked for a loop!" "Chins up, ya baboons!" was. My cry through the day, But drill the dames, well, It ain' t the same way! "Eyes right! Are ya cockeyed?:' I'd yell in loud tones, But now it's "Please try once Again, Mrs. Jones!" "Hey, throw out your chest! .Stow That barroom effect!" Are into the discard; the y Ain't qutte correct! "Hey, mug! Wipe that grin off!" I loved that so much, But can't use it now for It lacks the right touch; "Ya bowlegged scarecrow!" Is off my routine; .It' s now "Watch your form if .. You don't mind Miss r I ." "C'mon, ya big froop, g e t Some snap in them knees!" W ent well with my old squads, But NEVER with THESE! Your shirts out, ya dumbbell!,; I cant yell no moreForgive me my groans, it's One 'elluva war. A number of outfits are hold-vorffe hobby is co1lecting phono ing elmination contests in prepa graph records---:-mostly ration. for the obstacle course Helen Kelly woul,d .rather work championship meet which is to in lter garden than anything. She be held on October 8 on the obsta-. "That hat is no ale can cle course at headquarters, Third has had. graduate work m Per-TQ hang on one ear! Air Force. 1 sonnel at the N. Y. University. Is now out of order : The p.vinner, through an ar-Mrs. Kelly has traveled exten-With "Pull in ya rear! rangement with Mr. George H. sively in Europe and Alaska, tour-But this is what slays me Mason,. and ing with students from man:y col., Andmakes my head danc(l: manager of Collier C.oast Hotels, leges of the United States. No more can I bellow, will ibe the week-end guest of Mrs. Myrtle Fa:rn'um, head of "He y, pull '.UP them. pants!'' the Tampa Terrace HoteL Begin-the payroll section, claims she is Friday afternoon, October above it all. Won' t tall{, huh? 9, and lasting throug h Sunday, Mr. H. J. Thomason was the October 11, he will be given first man in Tampa to win a trip room, meals and trips, as well as. to Chicago for the Uncle Walter's two meals for a guest of the op-Doghouse program.' He had to live posite sex, one corsage forthe in a doghouse once, and has piclady guest, and Ute priviltlge of tures. to prove it. He cl aims his having one couple as his guests greatest adventure in life is his on Sunday. tw0o children, although he has Seoond .and tnird place win-had many exciting eerience. Get 'ners will; be given appropria.t!'l him to tell you of some. awards, probably ):!omething jn Mrs. Catherine wilder is anthe nature of athletic equipment. other of our singers. She also The .. meet will involve all or-prefers classical music to jazz or ganizations in the Tampa area of swing. Her hu:;;band works in the the Third Air Force. Panama Canal' Zone, and Mrs. Volley Ball and Touch Football T oumaments Lt. Arthur Colley, Base Physi cal, Training Director, announces that camp volley ban and touch football tournaments are in preparation. A meeting will be held nex t week-the specific date to b e announced in the bulletin at which will take place a volley ball and touch football clinic sponsored by the Physical Train ing Office. There will be a demonstratio-n in technique of both games, as well as an interpretation of the rules. Volley ball teams will b e made up of six men. "We will also distribute pamphlets pertaining to volley b all and touch football," Lt. Colle y Wilder is hoping for a chance soon to go see him. ; Lois Mcintyre, that <:,ute little typist who likes -lieutenants, is an art enthu'siast. She loves o draw pictures. Lt. Roan is doing a swell job as Engineering Officer, replacing Cap. Hudgens. .We also halve another iswe n officer in Supply-Lt. Pleasants, I not so very far, off before the bas ket ball season will open. Drew Field will h ave a post tea m it is' announced. Ho\ve v er, until a call for candidates is issued, the physi caltraining office advise s prospe ctive applicants for the team t o practice on their own unit courts. \vho hails from No'th C a'lina. He' s a swell guy, even though he is a 2nd Lt. Lt. Ford, another n e w officer, is in Engineering but he' s so much in Jove, we don' t know much about him -but who wouldn' t love that luscious blonde he' s sparking with?? Lt. Birnie had to go to Mo bil e to attend schooJ for a month. His se.ntence is just a .bout up, and we are anxiously awaiting his re-. turn. That rascal 'is everybody's pal. Lt. Cromar.tie has also been smitten by the love bug-or is it that he. finds the Purchasing & Conracting Section just interesting work? Could be, but we think it is somebody with the initials of L M When is the execution to be, Lieutenant? The Supply Office hopes to move into their new quarters most any day now If the y don' t get more ..r-oom soon, it looks as though they will be sitting in eac. h other' s laps. This m a y npt b e a bad idea, a s there h appens to' b e plenty of c 1it e thing s in Supply. C apt. W 'illiams, Goo bles s him, seems to 1\ave his hands full right now, w h a t with all the n e w hired hands and changes going on. Know it's toug h on you, "Captain, but y ou will pull t)lrough O K. Pvt. John P. Burke Keesler Fiald, Miss, is a colonel-but not of the Army variety. Some years ago he 1net Governor Ruby Lafoon at a Kentucky race track and was m.a.de a Kentucky Colonel ,because his honor liked the way Burke picked horses. P amphlets are available at the physical training office for unit physical training directors. The y Basket BaU are concerne d with c alisthenics Perhaps it is a bit premature leagues and tournamehts, obsta cl e to talk of baske t ball, but it is courses and group games. \V e a r e v ery proud of our r e cord in w a r bonds and stamps. This p a y p eriod w e hope to g o ov e r the $15,000 marie \Vha t othe r organ\zation on the Fie ld can compe t e wHh u s ? Friday ('!)ctobe r 2 1942 Hr PVT. ADRIAN GENDOT Dre w Field .dialers should, without fail, locate that familiar spot on -the WFLA beam tonight at 9 p.m. for another varied halfhour program cast by the Special Services Office and piloted by Cpl. 0. Z Whitehead. Tonight's program will feature the singing of Cpl. Edward Ferguson and the smooth organ styl Ings of our ole buddy, Cpl. .Jack Hartman. Cpl. Whitehead. will again be that familiar voice from the Poet's Nook and yours truly will be on .hand-thus advancing the cause of culture 'backwards, I'm sure. For one time (alid at po'pular prices), this writer will play "Deep In the Heart of Texas" on a South African tromboqli. Note: A trom booli is a teakwo(.'; box two feet wide and 18 fil,. : long with a cannon ball inside and you shake it. Gruesome little thought, isn't it? By the way, men, have you ever wondered what that 0 Z. before the Whitehead stands for? Cornering the elusive .corporal for a brief moment the other day, we finally him down to the following: "0. Z. for Othout Zabriski," he said calmly, flicking a mosquito off his wrist. "Polish names," he added and strolled off into the night with flashlight and net fn search of new talent. Good luck, Othout Zabriski w. Suppose you know by now that Cpl. Jack Hartman is back with us on our early morning "-wakerupper" over WFLA at 7:05 a.m. Cpl. Jack is running over the pro-' gram on the orga11 keyboard in fine style these early mornings and he'.d be most happy to play _your requests. f So Jet's have 'em, fellas. Say we'd like to call your attention to another fine program directed to your ears every Thursday evening at 8 : 3 5 p.m. over station WDAE. Pvt. Charles Crain is at the helm each week with a fine quarter-hour spot of music and cha.tter, so be listening, I I .. 1/uJ AXI Buy your stamps a dime at a time, Or a quarter, or even a dollar, Whichever you do won't hurt this ryhme, Hitler's the one who'll holler. 11/ustrat(on bv Gib Crocket. BUY WAR BONDS AND ST Al\'IPS U S Trea3ury D epartment


Friday, October 2 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES 5 0 THE AMAZING B-17 FLYING FORTRESSES THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE OF DREW from mayhem to murder, but (confidentially) the bark is al ways worse 'than the biie ... Is a past master at making moun-tains out of molehills .... Consid-Newly promoted Maj. Gen Ira Strolling around the expanding ers everyone but his best friend to C. E 'aker predicted that a round air base that is Drew Field, one be slap-happy, and rates him 6n the-clock aerial blitzkrieg could marvels a t the remarkable the peculiar side. Is a self-bring Hitler to his knees and Ger changes which have taken place in styled authority on women, yet a short period of six months. New gets plucked clean of every dime many to the ground. His forecast roads and avenues, neatly labeled he has left from his gambling was bulwarked by British reports on the perform ance of our :8717 (Flying For tresses) over France and the Reich. and ,paved, countless barracks losses on payday. Given a and hutments where once was dash of inferiority complex blend swampland and palmet to scrub ed with Dale Carnegie's. recipe and a city of tents, and new for "Winning Friends an.d Influ areas stretching out f a r beyond encing People," he might be a The British express amazement the north and east gates-if one pretty good "Joe,'' but unfortuat the devastating sweep of our was Rip Van Winkle, who slept nately those things don' t come in planes and, like the commander of only six months instead of 20 a sergeant's size, so the cause is the U 'S. bombing force in Eng years, it would be hard to con-hopeless. Sherman was right land, suggest that they may ceive the changes that have transwar is hell! lutionize warfare. The a-17 type pired in the interim without rubit-it it according to these merrios, can bing one' s eyes in disbelief. that marriage is one of operate from a height of 25,000 And while one thinks of the he most contagious maladies is feet and drop one of four missiles growth of the air base during warthe case of Pvt. Thomas Taylor exactly on the target, even whiJ(j time, one goes to the other exof squadron supply. Exposed to whizzing at a speed of 330 miles treme and thinks of the desola-the disease last w eek by acting as an hour: The intercepted mes ion, the dead bleakness of the best man when Pvt. Joe Newding sages of German pilots reflect the barracks and hutments when six and Dorothy Riebe, a little eye-enemy's fears of engaging .these months have elapsed after the filler from Texas, wrapped up models. Nazi gunners confess their end of the war. One thinks of go-their domestic diploma, Taylor is dread of taking on an adversary ing home and partaking of home's reported to have a "party of the with so much and fire inimitable culinary art, of rising second part" heading for Tampa. power. at leisure wi' .hout the se1'geant's it it +: whistle sounding in one's earH The boys in the barracks were OUT OF THE DRAFT like a thicket full of buzzing talking sports. One .decided he crickets during midsummer, of would rather witness a Bowl footPvt. J. J. O'Gara, of the 314th, bathing unhurriedly, of dressing ball game than any big event he tells this one about a friend of in H arris tweeds and a snappy could name. Another stamped a. his from Boston, Mass. This Bosbl'im h3:t. ticket for the World Series, and tonian's arches had crumbled just Think of Base Headquarters and the LQuis-Conn fight had a cou-as the Army surgeon was pro take a glimmer of the sergeant pie of backers. Then, T/Sgt. Rob-nouncing him. physically fit (that major sitting behind his desk, ert Gabt:iel stopped them all with was the week after Pearl Har one -arm supporting his head, one "Just give me a bullfight any-boi-). Subsequently he was placed hand swatting flies, while time, and you take everything in 4-F. only one letter goes through the else.'' It developed that Gabriel Lately, when the selective serv office all day. Pi<;ture the thou-spent 13 years in Spain, where he ice boards starteq to reclassify sand-man mess halls swinging completed his education. 4-Fs, he showed a little appre-open to only 30 or 40 men. it +: +: hension about being taken. When But I suppose it will never be New Nickuame-s: 'Fhe exact cir-called to the induction station for like that again. The Army, un-1 cumstances 'would probably make' another physical, he asked the doubtedly, will still have a large more interesting _reading, but a doctor if I;,J.e believed that he could number of recruits. pair of sergeants in the squadron get by with such bum feet. Think of the latrines with no-ha:ve been labeled with new nick-. To which the medico replied, body in them, of floors covered names ..... The boys are calling "Say, bud, standards have been. with dust, never swept, of no SgL James N. "Blondelowered so much now thatall we clothes hangi_ng on either side of shy,'' and S/Sgt. J. B. Smith "Rado is feel your body. If it's warm, the barracks. Bpt there I go for-tion Money.'' we take you." getting that there will s .till be re+: it +: ---------.,.----cruits. A Sergeant Reflects on Recruits One thing tilere won't be:. a Hit: ler Germany. A recruit is a sad-looking ob Another thing there won't be: ject, clothed in G.I. garments of a Hirohito Japan. the most modish shades of khaki And there certainly won', t be a and blue denim and especially tai-. Mussolini Italy. 1 ored too big or too .little. Wears a look as blank as the man "'#########--#######'###C#___,.. who has no place to go on Satur-5G4th Plotting Co. day night. ... Has difficulty sa luting without hitting an ear-and Dots and Dashes doing an about-face without fall-ing down. Marches with all '#####--#####################'#-4 the grace of a .ipu[Jman porter By SGT. E. S. PERRY shuffie." .. Can ask more ques tions than a district attorney and understands something less. than As week after week rolls by, .00001 of he answers .... Can the of OUr. usually be found in a horizontal moul'l:ts higher and hlgh_er, position, particularly when the now we have a pm1 sergeant or C .O. is known to be nacle. ;We tnum:Qhed agam at down the street H VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central P11one H r3773 OF SEMINOLE I SOUVENIR & JEWELRY softball, touch football, horseshoe ventive imaginatia'n das and volley not to walk into the latrin'e mentiOn marathon We the future of the squadron for the Live and Stuffed Alligators took some .of the ?est mto camp, next three monhs, which is then, Florida Souvenirs-Curios thank_ s to the effol ts of such of course passed along to every-warts as Knott, Meyers, Noron, one he meets as hot t .,.ht. 107 E. Lafayette St. G t d 0 '1'' u B t b f 1 news, s 1a1, _______ ..::...._ _____ 1 al!'e. an .ei u e ore from the colonel's lap S forget t?ree :heers and welcome geants can't get along .wfth back to .he 01lando men. And we God bless 'em-or the Arm 'tl -I hope they c1n help_ us out on that out 'em Y Wl 1 long-d: awn debate on which is the largest city in the world in area. --------------1 personally will stick to that California metropolis, Los Ange les. Goodbye and good luck to our old supply corporal, Herb Solo koff, who has been furloughed into t h e E.R.C. for he was always a willing worker. We shall all join INSECT BITES-MUSCULAR ACHES you in roo'ting during the world Q,york FLORENCE GREEN SPORTSWEAR, INC. 711 Marion St. DeSoto 14otel Bldg. LYKES BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY GLEN EVINS, Manager 205 Franklin St1eet Phone 4154 Tampa.. Fla. A sergeant is a large body of egotism, enf:irely surround'ed by privates. Comes equipped with a voice like a bear growling for a slab of raw meat and a chronic disposition of irritability. I Op erates with malice afore thought, threatening everything freshen up, Solilier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforce men know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when nerves are tense or you've a tough job to do. cools your mouth-keeps your throat moiSt. Makes the water in that canteen go further. Helps ste;1dy your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make you!.' tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. Comp'lete Printing Service The Commercial I Printers 1115 F'lorida Avenue Ph.)ne 2126 Printers of The MacDill Fly Leaf Drew Field Echoes AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Comple t e Barbe r Servic e Expert Barbers M anicurists AIR CONDITIONED I Buy More Victory Bonds


Page 6 The Fellow On The Other Side Of The Fence By CPL. TULY UNGER Have you eyer harbQred the overpowering urge to speak to the fellow on the other side of the fence? Well, I have. DREW FIELD ECHOES in his. grove or vineyard, at his II bus and walk to the camp. All in turn give you back your soap. job or in his home with his farostrings have ends. The boys in the Day: Room would ily. In addition, I saw him in his Get this, fellows: A d-a-s-h like a little. quiet while writing groups q.nd public gatherings. from Retreat to the shower, from their letters. It was from them I learned that shower to room and with an elec-Now that softball is us, the American citizen is really a tric effect in the putting on of the big question is football and fo 1 tunate person and his society is the dress uniform, a d-a-s-h down that brings to mind this thought. worth 'becoming a member of. So the stairs to the C.O for a passHow did Cpl. Jarvie get past S/Sgt. here is my resot'ution, steady o-u-t to grab a bus-my, my, my, Kiefer to make that run of 90 made: I want to becOme one of I it's full-a mad rush, a dazzling yards for a touehdown ??? h I rush, to the .street car line-just Cpl. Paterson wants to kn.ow t. em. in time-whew! -off to Beulah how he can wake Cpl. Gallatin up You ask what about my rela-I Baptist church. Why the rush, in the morning without having to tionship with the old country. felt tha t if I used my knowledge Pfc. James Johnson? The boys go two or three rounds before be a1fd native cha:racteristics ac-1 tell me (now, .I don' t know) ing recognized as the C.Q. there is a fair damsel awa1tlng The boys in' T-211 are interest-quired froln my previous educah Your arrival-ding, dong "T e ed in where Pvt. Toner is taking tion and upbringing, they would I Bells of St. Mary's, I Hear Thee his laundry these nights. Must certainly be appreciated in this Two weeks ago, while passing Calling." have an awful 1ot of clothes judg-country, where so many of my fel-. through Washingt:t>n on my w'ay Since the "double time session," ing by the frequency of his trips back to Drew Field from my fur-low countrymen had liv'ed and the chow line seems to be in fine to town. '1een liked and recognized. I had Iough, I had the opportunity to 1 shape. Now, don't look at me like Sgt. Stevens had a mighty nice Satisfy my urge. I met a" troop heard many people say, "It must h th' I d th th ht Pf B be a great country you come from that, fellows, t ere s no mg can ream eo er mg c. rayer train on which British M.P. s weie even if it is small, and those .of do about your having only one will tell you all about it. guarding German prisoners cap1 office r .to sign your passes. ... I "Little Caesar" DeRosa looks your countrymen I know are all ure d in Africa. They were head e d can't sign them-do you wish that much better since he had his hair fine people and have become some for a Canadian internment camp, I direct you to Headquarters? ... cut. It was a hard fight, 1st Sgt. and they thanked their lucky of the best of this counI fmagine Tampa will look like Millei-but you won. stars for being captured in one try." heaven itself (still an imaginaPv'. "Rebel" Cool claims the Jltiece. Those and similar remarks from tion) when we get a chance to go shortest distance between two The average age of the prison-many different people from many there. It's hard, fellows, but it's points is where they serve two ers was 17 years, and already they different walks of life for a while fair: Another six weeks and we'll steaks for a buck. were veterans of some eight had me flattered and I rillist con-be in a position to really appre-th f B f t fess to the fact that' for some time c i ate tile g01ng. mon s o serv1ce e ore cap ure they had been in Italy guarding I thought myself much better than -----+:---an Italian airplane factory, in Sicithe aver'age American. Since then, by experience, I have found ly awaiting embarkation to Afriout differently. A great help ill ca, where they were bombed by a changing my mind concerning myMalta .. bomba;dier squadron, and, self and fellow countrymen camE" later in Africa. !'rom the literature of this coun I got into a conversation with a group of the prisoners while wait-try. Jt might not be loaded with classics as in he whole of Euro: ing for my train. The spokesman for a group of them, whom I shall pean literature, hut it is sound, refer to as Hans, stated in no un-plentiful and very informative. AI, certain terms .that the German most any subject worth knowing about this country and its people Army as well as the home front, is covered by its literature. Muc. h disgusted with the horrible of it is exemplified by Lincoln's war situation. INFO 309th SERVICE Group By CPL. H. A. HORTON General Custer's "last stand" against the Indians is an epic in Amelican history. Today 19-yeat old Lawrence Custer, last male descendant to carry on the Custer name, is training as an air cadet at Au.,"llsta Field, Fla. Friday, October 2, 194:2 GOODY GOODY For Quality at The Rfiht. Price-"No Tips" 1119 FLORIDA AVE. Adams Kennedy Wbiting and Jefferson T8,mpa, Fla. Ck'oceries, Tobaoco, 08llldy Notions STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR CORN BEEF SANDWICHES & SALADS Open till 11 P. M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H29-842 Servicemen Are Welcome Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Franlclin St. DIXIE Cleaners Laundry ( Phones: M-1036, 4232 The German people, Hans said, Gettysburg address, and I firmly were at first fascinated by the believe in democracy and: that Nazi promise of Aryan suprema"this government of the people, by the people and for the people cy, but n ,ever did they dream that shall not perish from the earth .. their Garden of Eden was to blos-Fellows, this isn't intendea a lecture, but rather as a little reminder just in case we have slipped a little since the days of our civilian life. We were present the other night at a vaudeville perfonnal!ce given for the benefit of the men on Drew Field. It was noticed that there was a great deal of cat-calling and wise-cracking from he audience. In' its place : I guess it would be allright.. But we don' t think that it was very good manners in this instance. T .hose people came here to try and give us something to think about besides the war and ti1e part we TOWNSEND __ .---------..,., Sash -Door "A GooD PLAcE To EAT" I & Lumber Co. som into a sordid blooa-soaked continent. Never did they anticipate tha_ t there credo was to be another bloodthirsty proclamation of the greatest collection of butchers tfie world has ever seen. The l'i[azis constitut,ed a party of Barnums to setl their gory ideas toa TJeaceful p eople, and they put on not one, but many three-ring qircuses. The people were taken in completely by the ideal of Ar yan supremacy and surrendered their sanity. 59th A VN. SQ. llJ PVT. C. GRAY Here w e are, fellows, all ready are playing in it. They were tryPOST OFFICE CAFE C. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches. Beer, Wines & Cold Drinks. Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street. Tampa, Fla.. 1 Armenia 'Floral Gardens "Really Fresh Flowers" Corsages 'n Everything Ph. S 55-341. 4500 Armenia Ave. Now, howeve r with so many German corpses piled up aU over Europe and particularly in RUB" sia, the German people are be&0m, ing and are resigned to the imminence of defeat. Hans himself was convinced that the two main German armies in Russia and Egypt would be defeated before the yeai: was over. or tile. rounds of the campa ing to give us a little fun. Seems beautiful' place is this Camp De-to me wat tlle 1east we can do is Soto Swell officers. So let's show our appreciation of their efkeep 'em swell one bad step forts by a lit tl e couri.eous trea. and it;ll certainly be -hi ho, ment. We might remember that here, do I hear a mumbling? we can't all be stars-certainly Sounds like the earth is quaking. that does not give us the right to No there isn' t an earthquake-ridicule the aspirations of others. t.here a r e no bad clouds above. Enough said. There goes a bit of hee hawing. A number of boys are wonder-GREETINGS No, you're wrong, there are no ing who that hiscious brunette in "animals" in these parts-tip toe, red is who was sitting opposite Tropical Paradise hip ho-there you are, Sgt. LesSgt. Stringer the other night in ICE CREAM PARLOR As my train started to pull out, we shook hands. As a parting gesture he saluted and said, "You may well thank God that you are not only an American, 'but an American soldie r ter Adams and Pvt. Edward Jackthe Tampa Terrace. A mighty nice 1 f 1 Hot Dogs HMnburgers son ram1ng up on some ass Ill addition to your collection, Sar,ge. B d t h I k h 1 t Cnbarunix Sandwiches ra en on-w1s new w 0 Please refrain from any rough I ld t t 11 1809 N. Holvard Ave was-no, no, wou n e ., .. ,iling of Pfc. Anderson, of the !.--...,....-----------Congrats to Pfc. Russell Stone Medics. His back is in a sorry and Pfcs. Anderson; Bain, By:rd, condition. Try standing on your Jackson, Mitchell, McMillan, Sanfeet, Anderson, and those bed c ho, Towns, Austin, Baisden, ,. soon disappear. Dougherty, Johnson, Mitchell, Pfc. Hutson, will you please Rountree and Thompson. They give Cpl. Jarvie ;hatever_ it is that Notes From ,a Diary of Former European Now Serving in Our Armed Forces were selected to attend the UTO you owe liim and the corporal will ai 1 school at MacDill Field. Good luck to you, fellows. As Told to CPL. LEONARD G RUBrN Lt. N. Waitsman has been teach ing us how to soldier for the past cwo weeks. And does h e know his stuff! W e hope he'll remain with us indefinitely. Can you imagine a group of fellows being so lucky? They compose the 59th A vn. Sq.-all draftYes, I really consider it a great e d in Florida, and all remained privilege to become a ci'tizen of in Florida. They say luck is for-A dime out of every f IS for VICTORY with U.S. WAR BONDS "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Service Men and Families Nebraska Hotel the United States. I am not belit-tune-for how long? Cpl. Ernest I tling my former country, my love Henderson's "Got It Bad and That for her by saying or feeling so. Ain't Good'' since a certain someI I gave up my native land for good body went away ... of cou.rse he when I left for this country; I communicates with her through did not know it a t that time, but I allotments ... other allotments I Moderate Rates know it now. not on record. I thoug,ht Pfc. Lon-2815 Nebraska Ave. So many things here: little by nie Bonds had enough of road Ph. M 53-631 litUe, have become part of my marching. The boys tell me (now, _____ that they have become neces-I didnt see you, Lonnie) they saw sities, generally speaking. I know him marching from Clearwaterthat I prefer them to similar whew! It's a pretty long way from things and conditions at home. A t Clearwater to Drew Field-espe first I always thought the old cially on a n early Monday morncountry had everythfng in decency ing. What was wrong, Lonnie'? and culture. and was far above Oh, well, pay 'day will solve that the United Sta t es, but at that little problem. time I knew only the superficial Remedy for hig. h percentage of life of America as applied to my (duckers) "Sick Call": Ellminate special experiences. these four: 'll) road marches, During my work at the World (2) KP, (3) policing, (4) daily Fair in San Francisco, I know afternoon exercises. only the international phase or, Pfc .. Marion Haynes, think you shall we say, the cosmopolitan can get two more alibis foi comside of America. I moved around ing in after "pass hour" as good mostly among traveling people as the last two? They'll be repeatand their likes, and their views ed for the sake of non-repetition and habits are the same the world by the boys. After all, they are over. copyrighted: ( 1) You were sitSo, the next few years, when I ting on the bench at the stationwent out on my own among the bus station and being a little people, especially. in other places sleepy, you went to sleep, overin California, I got an insight into slept yourself-naturally the bus the genuine American way of left you; ( 2) you and! the bus life. I got to know the average driver had a little misunderstandman; behind his desk, in his store,ing; you decided to get cff the Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. I-'afayette St. UNION BAKERY "REAI; CUBAN BltEAD OUU SPECIALTY" 1506 9t.h Ave. Y-4399 VVhiteWay LAUNDRY 2806 Armenta Ave., N<1nr Phone U -:18118 Elliston's Drug Store Phone H-1645 Fomitain Setvice and Lunches 202 \V. Lafayette St., TAMPA If Interested in IMPORTED FOODS Call PIZZO, Y :{891 We Have Plenty, nnE CASTELLANO GROCERY 1724 8th Ave. CRENSHAW'S (!Vhdlesale) Fruits Vegetables Phone 2623 Service M e11 Always W elcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. PJ10ne H 33-521 Soldiers 'Velcome To ... MA'S PLACE Sandwiches -Beer Wine Soft Drinks N. Boulevard Corner Cass St SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA li'nncy Goceries 1\Jeats 3018 Armenia Ave l'h. H 46-174 Free Delivery LUMBER &. MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS-PHONE H4891 N. Rome & Fuller Street CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' Millwork To Ortler 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa MARY' ELLEN FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Get That Special Gift Here, for Sweetheart or Mother. 1311 Grand Central Next to Rig Orange Special Invitations to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its New Location 805 Tampa St. "BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEER-WINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinb Sandwiches. Our Specialty CLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr. Pl10nes: 2:188-2589 $! McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL INSURANCE 515 Znek Street Tampa, Fla. SPECU. L ATTENTION To Service Men's Farilllles Peter Grahn & Son Meat&-Prod nee--Groceries Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. Phone M52..073 Manuel Garcia Jr.'s MADRJ.LL6N Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa at Tyler Tampa, Florida


Friday 2 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES. 1j Under the 8th Wing By CPL. L. E. BLOCH Las t week, in a softball with our n e i ghbors, "The Fightin' 9th Infantry," we had 'em 4-2 in the first of the fourth when the game had to be called on account of condensation on an extremely hu mid day. (Never let it be said that it rains in Florida.) Hostilities will be resumed at an early date. Pvt. Donald MacBrian will rep resent the 8th in the Obstacle Course Championship Meet, to be' held on October 8. The winner of the event will. be the guest of the Tampa Terrace Hotel for a super deluxe week-end. Can see Mac now sitting up in the Palm Room with all the brass hats .... We are happy to welcome the latest addition to the Wing's staff, of of ficers, Capt. James R. Cox, chap lain, who will furn.ish our spihtual guidance. Chaplain Cox held his first services for :the organization out under the trees in the Wing area last Sunday. "Who was that lady I saw you outwit last night?" was a question asked Herbert Hurwitz, the pres idigitating private of the 8th, who gave a standing room performance in the phone booth at the main PX one night last wek. Pvt. Charles Berin stein, an ex-accountant, spent last week as "latrine mechanic," look ing after the "assets" of the Wing. ... Much to the surprise cif everyone, the Wing's collie mascot became the mother of eight. pups of unkliown lineage a few days ago. Have you JlOticed how Pfc. Carl Russin haS"'been following the straight and n arrow lately'! Couldn't be he's expecting the wife on a visit soon-or could it? T /Sgt. Donald Gilliland has gone up to Portsmouth, Ohio, for a first look at his daughter, who was born on September 23. And, come to think of it, we didn't get a cigar on that deal! ... Certainly did hate to see Sgt. Eddie East wick leave us last wek. He was transferred to the 314th Air Base Squadron to await his call to ocs. Pfc. Salph Jones' maps are sad ly neglected each time a feminine footstep is heard on the sidewalk ne;u the Situations Room. We fear that one of these days he's going to snap a vertebra turning his head so quickly. At ease; Jones! Wonder who this "Mary" is up at Keesler that we are told Pvt. William Booth misses so? Here's a little poem we came across re cently: If he parks his little flivver Down beside the river, And. you feel him all a-quiver, Baby. he's a wolf. If he says you're gorgeous looki:il' And your eyes set him a-cookin', But your eyes ain't where he's lookin', Baby a woU. W .hen he says that you're an eyeful, Bilt his hands begin to trifle, And his heart pumps like a rifle, Baby, he's a wolf. If by chance while you are kissin', You can feel his heart a-missin', And you talk, but he won't listen, Baby, he's a wolf. If his ani\S are strong as sinew; And he stirs the gypsy in you, And you want him close ag'in you, Baby, he's a wolf. -'.1\.nonymous. PHOTOGRAPHS ,Roy N.' Green Studio Open Evenings Opposite USO 505 Morgan St. THE LENOX Mrs. Eva Cadden Chicken, Steaks, Chops, Home Made Pies, Good Coffee Regular Dinners 2724 Flo ida Ave. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Instrument Pilot's Ten Commandments 1. Seat thyself well upon thy fifth vertebra., leaving not thy fingerprints on the con trols, and chewing not on they fingernails. 2. Kow thy in&truments, for they are the true and appoint eel prophets. 3. Follo\1' the indications of thy instruments; a.nd, verily, thy airplane will follo"iv along, even as the ta.il follows the sheep. 4. Do not stick out thy neck a foot; sta.y within the con fines of thy ability, and thou shalt live to a. happy old a.ge. 5. Know the apPointed words and approved methods so that if thy neck drapeth out, thou shalt be able even unto thyself to pla.ce same in its proper place --upon thy shoulders. G. Follow thy ra.dio beam; for its wa.ys are the ha.ppy ways and will lead to the prom i se d land ing. 7 Listen yea, verily, to the signal impinging on thy eardrum, for sometimes they seem to have the tongues of snakes, and >rill cross up thy orientation, to the sad state to where thou must ask Heaven herself for guidance. 8. Assume not. neither shalt thou guess, tha.t thy Position is such; but prove to thine own satisfaction that such is the case. .9. Boast not, neither brag; for surely Old Devil Overcast shalt write such words in his book, and thou shalt. some day be calle d for an accounting. 10 Trust not thy .seat (of thy pants ) ; but follow thy in struments. read and truly in terpre t the word as o-iven 'rJm b 1lune instrument board; know that the responsibility lies not with the hand that rocks the control cohmm, but in a.nd with the m ind that directs the hand, and thou shalt b e blessed with a long and happy life. Phone &,.3787 McASKILL MUSIC. STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radfo Service 1116 Grand OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 8:30 CRANER'S GIFT SHOP Gifts Pocked For Jtlolllng 210 Cass Street Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS SlUORERS ARTICLES WELCOJtiE SERVICE !tiEN Florhln Av. & Twiggs St. TOWNE'S TAMPA STEAM; LAUND.RY & DRY CLEANING CO. llOii-2:> Fifth Ae., Ph. 4663-4664 Member V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN' UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manhattan Ce.!e TRAINED ACTOR, DANCER, SINGER ON DREW SHOW .. y BOB'S OPEN EVENINGS A I A s .:. S erving as master of cerelllOnies I :i: rll::lY to r e + at the Thursday show of Drew .:. : : .. Field Presents over WDAE, Pvt. : + Charles W. Crain carries with him :;: Complete Line Military For The Needs Of :;: a wealth of experience: s Beginning with his childhood :;: SERVICE MEN ::: : days, P -vt. Crain made public ap-.,. EXPER .:. pearances as a singer and dancer. :;: T T AJLQRJNG :i: In Kalamazoo, Mich., his home ::: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa :i: .town, Crain was a boy soprano, .:. singing and dancing with a va u de.. ; ville unit of children called the .:.-..:-..::-.-:-:-. Sunshine Kiddies. Late r he .. : y studied dancing and dramatics in,.,. AN HATTAN A : Chicago and New York after!::: c FE -;which he started his career in + :;: vaudeville, fairs, clubs. and radio, I::: : playing from coast to coast. .:. 210 E. La-fayette St. -Tampa t I : n 19 3 2 he took over a dancing : school in Battle Creek, Mich and ::: GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES i stayed there seven years, also + DINNE.RS 30c, 40c, 60c :;: working as assistant director and : Try our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner with all ":"' stage manager for the Civic :;: Trimmings or Fried Chicken Dinner. Three ::: Players. : Veg-etables, Dessert and Drink 50 + Re was the guest star for the :;: Served From 11 A. M. to 9 p; M---------------------::_______ C ::: opening production, in 1938, of ::: OPEN DAY AND NITE" t the well known Little Theatre of WE USE STRICTL : Dallas, Texas. Tired of teaching ::: Y WESTERN MEATS ::: lit tie chi I d ren to ''shuffle one, shuffle two," he returned to Michigan, closing his school and appearing in several plays, doing some radio work and then receiv ing an offer to go to Hollywood. There he joined a stock com pany. The first play in which he appeared, "Maid in the Ozarks," a take off on the Tobacco Road type of play, was scheduled to run a week, but it was held over for a six month run as a :result of demand. Meanwhile, he took part in several good Inovies as an extra. At the 20th Century-Fox studios he became a very good friend of Ar thur Lake, the Dagwood of the Blondie series of movies Lake and Mickey Rooney backed a play starring Lake's wife, Pat Van Cleve, a starlet at Columbia, and Crain was given the niale lead opposite her. He was just getting bigger and better parts when the little drama at Pearl Harbor took place. From that point on, he.,could see him self engaged in a bigger dramatic event than any in which he had ever : dreamed of taking part. In March he enlisted in the Army at Kalamazoo, Mich. .,. Only 3 2 years old now, he hopes to be able to resume his career where he left off. once Hitler's Germany is no more and Hirohito' s Rising Sun has set. LOANS-ltiONEY TO LEND Dhunonds Wntclfes -Jewelry Silverware I Dlumonds nt n n)g Snvlng A. L. ECKART 400 Tnmpn Street FOR PROMPT AND COU.RTEOUS SERVICE Latin-American Laundry 1505 E. Columbus n:., Ph. Y 1673 GORDON STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY I Send "Mom" a P1ecious Gift -Your Photo Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 616 CITIZENS BLDG. "Soldiers Fnvorite Entillg Pl.nce" S'l'EAI{S AND CtroPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT TA!tiPA flND TWIGGS STS. SERVICE i.liEN! I :i: Meet Your Friends at .... :i: VICTOR CAFE i 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 ::: Beer -Wines Hostesses + Bill. Bailey, Prop. Member V .F.W. ::: and American Legion 'Vc Close nt d.l:30 P.lU. I Service Men ;.t ,., BEE .R --WINES Hostesses M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florldn Ave. W. C. NICODEMUS "Most Reasonable Jeweler in Tampa" Diamonds Watches Wedding Rings Gifts 7 08 F rariklin Street Madison. Company Franklm and Madtson Street Where the Men of the Armed Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of ServiCe Only the Finest QWIIlity of Foods Used A LA CARTE SERVICE B06 FRANKLIN S'.J;REET PHONE l\1 I SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRIOBS PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO Colonnade BAYSHORE and .JULIA Steak, Sea Food and Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches SOc SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Fun And Mosie 1709 North Ho'l)llrd Avenud Park Photo Studio Open Evenings Till 9 438 W. Lafayette Street Ph9ne H 45-914 sAY VIEW H 0 TEL !<'!REPROOF CON.'3TRUCTION -:EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W. B SHULER, Manager 208 JACI{SON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAl\IPA TAMPA, FLO.RIDA -!-PHONE l\1 5537 THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Ita11an Spaghetti SANDWICHES D.RINKS LIQUORS Abha,Dabba & Band Nightly 707 ,'iJ. Howa1d Ave. Phone H-ll757


P age 8 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, O ctob&r 2, 19 :12 r#######################.C####I## r Hq. and Hq. Squadron 3rd Fighter Command I I I The Boner-Bird 690ih .... Chat; S6T.GUSTAV CALIPER Sea Breezes By PVT. ALVIN. M. AM:STER AIR-MECI\ANIC EXTRAORDINARY, Wl\0 ----=----rr.;s BECAME TilE fiRST HONORARY MmBROF 11\t Who is going to be our hero Ft1ATE12NIT'I. By SGT. MARLIN HILL S/Sgt. "Lloyd has been com plaining so much lately about not recervmg any mail, that Cpl. Chickett, our mail orderly, finally had t'o write him a post card 0 'quiet him. Your reporter sU:gand eliminate that hydrogen sui-SGT. GAUPtR fide taste and smell from the liAS NDEARD HIMwater? SELfTOTAc FL.Y-gests, sergeant, that you sign up Flash ... flash ... Meyer Z. IN& PQSONNU. Of I witJ.1 a "Lonesome" or "SweetReuben was observed last Sunday THE FIELD BY 1-\IS I heart Club." Addresses for same night at a dance playing tip to MANY UnLfllUMAII can be found in he back of almost what attractive blonde eyeful n a m e d "Florence?" 'Smatter, TOUCI\ts;SUCII lROUbiULESSLY SWITCI\ I any .'Love Story Magazine." 'Florence, what happened to that INC, TJ.IEIGNITION Wll!tS OR We are glad to see Sgts. Park-major? I A tURNBUCKLE. ON A CONTROL C-'f>l.E hill and Smith back with the com-Russ Wapensky, the linguistpany. They have been attending he. can speak and understand E "ng-school at Orlando. !ish, Russian; Polish, Slavish, Sgt. Harold Silvers, who is Ukranian and some German. scheduled to leave for OCS, Oct. Our two pseudo-Hawaiian wood-8, will be the twentietli fellow to nymphs, Louis Navarro-and Hor, ace Q1lspard. Recently at Clear-leave this organization for that water they posed for some pic-purpose. This a good tures snapped by Vince Rosche, percentage for a company our wearing GRASS SKIRTS. Even o'clock while_ sitting in the shade, sizwe. e are gettr'n::r qur'te an obsta-Major Conklin saw them hula. Lt. Edmund E. Erickson, our and wondered why he didn't tan. cle course erected in the company Statistical Officer, graduated Wonder how A-3 section is do-area. To date we have a chinning from Kay Kyser's Kollege-the ing these days without our swim bar and two parallel bars. Some University of North Carolina at hero, the indispensable Durland? ti,!lle during that period from 4:15 Chapel Hill .where he partici-. I to 5:15, we all do our best on pated in intercollegiate sports all.d Drd you ever see Major Whrse-those bars. I am convinced if our modestly admits he played foot-nand without a cigar? Neither C.O., Captain George, can pull his ball. have we. 200 pounds up to chin once, Sgt. Our best KP so far: Chuck Ir-Gladhue Guidry uses the same Jacobs could at least make it win, who gave a health talk with twice. d stroke shooting pool as he does A neVI' volley ball cour_ t l1as each item of food he dispense Feed us good there, Cook will while wielding a broom and mo_p been built in the company area. Woods. when cleans up the Qrderly It fs the scene of very much ac-What happened to Line Kar-Room. tivity every evening. We have a che's mustache? We hear he's l;lelate<). welcome to Major E. F. good team to put up against any planning to furlough shortly and one who cares to challenge us. wants to-pop the question to a Williams, who nas JOined the Eleven of the fellows compieted certain young lady. -' squadron after 13 months' flying the Chemical warfare School Fri-1 It appears that both Mrs. se).'vice in Iceland. day. Lt. Thom'a s, who ha,s just Walker and Mrs. Hum! of HeadHOT DOTS ... When Tom Wil-completed the same course at quarters sure like to wear wedgies. Iough by plays volley ball he al-Edgewood. Maryland, will have a Commercial plug {or Hank In-ways helps the opposing side win. sufficient supply of non-coms to terdonati. He was an expert "Charlie" Taylor has a new assist him in sniffing gases. watchmaker. before he enlisted. pipe. Is Mr. B. L. Wolf, of A 4 11 I( If. Jt I ? I Now he spends his ,spare time re- rea Y a wo grr s. 1 pairing broken watches for very How did that red fingernail polish 1 S reasonable amounts. Is this where get on your fingernails, Ray rays ay all the hairpins go? (KP Kid) Cely? .. Phil Burke, HOLSUM BREAD Betsy Wilson recently trans how many fish did you actually ferred from A-3 to A-5. "Then she catch last week at Clearwater? ... lost her expensive wristwatch. Shevock found that the best way Fortunately, some honest individ-to make points in the volley ball ual found it and turned it in. game was to serve the ball to 1 NOTE TO THOSE WHO WANT Small ... Frank "Buck" Mataya. Extra Fresh All :Men are Welcome BARCELONA CAFE The SPOT Where SERVICE MEN Meet Special Sunday. Matinee Dancing In the Attractive, Newly SARATOGA BAR Comer Franklin and Fortune Sts. BEER' WINES LIQUORS PACKAGE GOODS REASONABLE PRICES "DANCING BY OUR POPULAR ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT THE BLUE ROOM" A G.I. HAIRCUT: 'Better check can sure wiggle a mean conga .... with the writer and find out which "Blackie" Staiger admits to barber NOT to go. Otherwise blonde trouble ... Ray Joffrion you'll get a haircut such as we re-won a Louisiana State singing .ceived last week. championship in 19 3 7. : Who Bob Oehme, Ted Sotak and Bob the devil swiped the Varga Girl Todd sp-end their spare time play,calendar that was once hanging irig football "outside." But they in the Upper Bay of B-1? like retrieving the ball from the mushy gulley much better: Your Feel Hurt? SPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne I Hotel Hillsboro Avenue at Frank J. Manager !...----_...:o.....------GASPARlLLA TAVERN s M w I r---------___;;,-, COLONIAL GRiLL efVJCe en e COme Max's Liquor Bar What sergeant by the name of Emrick tried to vaccinate the men with an athletic air pump? Miss Aida Valenti of Headquar ters now has an excellent oppor-tunity to eye the new officers who sign in on the Register. The quietest man in the squad ron is Bill Gowan. But does he make up for it by talking in his sleep! WANTED: Someone who will how two identical pack ages of laundry can have a 20c difference in price varianee. We wonder why Joe is counting the days until Oct. 15? Incidentally, Little Joey almost didn't hitch a ride back from Clearwater last Saturday night. One day last week, after exer cise, S/Sgt. Jones accidentally _put on Leverett Duncan's trousers and w .ondered why they \vere so tight in the waist a _nd so long in the legs. Mrs: MacWilliams still thinks that the WAACS can file. But it' s gotten so that she's flipping her file boys, Horrigan and. Bulger, each day to see who 'buys cokes. Mac continues to lose. Boys, where is this chivalry? Sgt. Bob Kollar tried to get a sun bath last Saturday night at 7 Y TEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP B. T. MORRIS Tilles Balanced -Tire Wear CotTOOted. 1010 Central Avenue SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINNERS On 22nd St. Causeway Complete. Line of Arch and 'Foot Reniedies, at BARKER & TULLY_ 1110 FRANKLIN ST. HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Fra.nk Rutas Chef of New York SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI. WINii; AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVE. HENRY HOWKEE CO. CBnmSE HAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street We Extend Greetings and Ap preciation of the Patronage of Service Men TI:IE 3711 GUEST HOUSE 3711 Ba-yshore Blvd. Phone W 2511 &NIGHT BROS. PAPER CO. 612 nen Phones 4205 4204 ''A Paper for Every Purpose" SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'f.m Flying--_ SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. Hours 8 to 6 Ground Floor Special Appointments SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCQME EL.BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manage r 120 \Vest Lafayette oStreet East Side of Bridge Phone M-5588 FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Wines, J.JiquorM, Home JUule Ice Cream DIETZ DRUG STORE FREE DEJ,IVERY 031 S. Howard AYe. Ph. H 438::> Allan's 1010 Ftanklin Stteet OPEN EVENINGS "Largest Supply of Military Souvenir Jewelry for all1 Branches of the Service." Specializing In Uniform Alterations "Service Men Are Always Welcome" SHEAPRANGE DRUGS LUNCHES REFRESHMENTS 702 Grand Centr:tl Phone H 4381 I FLORIDA COMPANY I Complete Line of Fishing Tackle and 711 Tantpa StJ:ect. Sporting Goods Phone M-6770 t!-!-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:: .. y A 1 :i: R E L A X '"a n d E N J 0 y :i: Y A i Listen to the WORLD'S SERIES at .:. y A GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR :i: ::: Baseb' aU Hctul'Ds, Boxing Tickets for Sale ;i; ;i; 2222 E. Broadway Ybor -i" .. \-!:-: .. :!-!: ... :-:..:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-: ... !-!:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:- !'. 'i-"Flowers T e legraph e d Back Home Undet Bonded Selvice" .:. y A N E L S 0 N T h e F I o r i s t :!: y : 514 TAMP A STREET :i: Ope n 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.!\1. Closed Sundays ;i; A :-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:! .. !: .. : .. :-:-:-::-:-:-:!!-:-:!!!-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:!!:. Get In SCRAPE Uncle Sam Needs Iron


Friday, Octob e r 2 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Pagt; 9 Fuilom are confined at the hos-1 LOST AND FOUl'I"'D COLUl\IN 50 1 R Plant Fl.eJ-d pita!. The boys wish them a speedy CHURCH CALL St egt. recovery. Miss Dorothy Gilley, of the +: +: +: Post has lost a gradu'REPORTS COl\HIUNICATIONS co. By T/4 T. J. SCHOENFELD ation ring, miniature l?ize. It has a blue setting in it with a W in it$ center. A 1942 ring, 1t is ini Catholic Mass-6:15 a.m., Chapel No. 2 Mass-9: 00 a.m. Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. By SGT. HARRY J. ZIGUN colonel Matheny, the officers and enlisted men welcome the new men of Plant Field, and extend to them every wish for success .as American soldiers. +: +: +: Last week; Squaaron Leader H. M. Young of the Royal Air Force gave a most interesting talk on "Night Bombing Operations in Germany, Sicily and Libya" to the men of Plant Field. The R.A.F: pilot related some of his personal experiences in actual combat, and in concluding gave us every indication of an optimistic outlook of an overwhelmng Allied air supremacy. +: +: +: "\EWS HERE Al\"'D THERE Plant Field has a father and son among the new mim. Roy S. Sheetz, age 45, and :his son, Roy G. Sheetz, age 22, were both inducted at Allentown, Pa., on Sep tember 3. Good luck to both of you, father and son. Hq. Co. is proud to announce that Sgts. Thomas Kane and Paul Soulier will be leaving for O.C S. very soon. The ,boys wish you two good luck. The regiment welcomes back Cpl. Puzak of Hq. Co., who recently recovered from an illness at the .bospital. Cpl. Puzak is particularly welcome because he is the all-important person who makes up the payroll. +: +: +: NEWS OF THE 1ST REPORTING CO. By CPL. JAMES \ The 1st Reporting Co. takes pleasure in announcing the follo.wing who have been selected for O .S.C.: T/4 Jo,hn Umimski, T/5 Joseph P Hoffman, Pvt. Julian d. Mason. This Company boasts of having 'an experienced railroad man who really did keep them rolling. Pvt. Yeager, a new secruit, was a railroad man for 12 years. He started W as a helper-and worked his way up to an engineer iC NEWS. OF 2ND REPORTING By CPL. PAUL YAKSICK 1 new recruis the procedure of embarking on. a "banana boat." He explained that it was proper to salute the ensign on the ship. Believe it or not, but one raw recruit (very raw) said, "You mean, salute the banana7" Pvt. Vincent Isenberg, of this Company, is quite a swimmer. He has won championships in freestyle swi1;nming, and has well rounded experience as a swimming instructor. NEWS OF 3RD REPORTING CO. Br CPL. E. NORWICKI Did you know that Sgt. Todd, who played for the Drew Field baseball nine, had a tryout with the New York Giants .during the 1933 season and was with them for the entire season. He also played with leading minor league teams in the South. Congratulations to Cpl. George Peterson, who is leaving for O C S. at Ft. Monmouth, N. J. We were all happy to hear that Sgt Campbell's wife has arrived to make lter residence here. He is really happy these days The entire personnel of the 3rd Reporting Co. welcomes the new bunch of rookies from the Keystone State; Pennsylvania. We know that you will find Army life a new experience for you. All that we ask from you is to give us your -cooperation and everything will work out o .K. May your basic training be your step for further success and achievement in the greatest Army in the world. Pvt. Ben Forrest is collaborating with well-known orchestra leader Terry Shand on their new Army song to be called "G.I. Joe." Pvt. F orrest is also working on another song with Jim Blade, leading song arranger, entitled "The Colonel's Daughter." Sgt. Fr.ye has returned from the lwspital. We are happy to hear tllat he has recovered from his illness and received a fur-lough. 1 Sgt. Rosenthal is waiting to be called for Flying Cadet school. +: +: +: HQ. CO. REPORTING BN. NEWS 1 The 2nd Reporting Co. has t\VO By T/4 1\-IILGRAM interesting personalities among Ist Sgt. R. D. Wager climbed new _m_en. !'vt. Ch:;trles Bry-the ladder both in civilian and an s 1 .s. to an military life. As 1 a civilian, .be He 1s ly mterestI started as a messenger boy with ed m drama,. many I the Postal Telegraph, and prior to plays bef?re h1s mduct10n mto the his inductio' ino the Army was Army n nigh manager. He has been in the Pvt. John J. Gallm lS a1 Slnger Army one and a half years and is of popular songs. He attend_ed now a most capable first sergeant. St .. Joseph_ College of Actmg m At high school he received a Ph1ladelph1a, Pa., for one and a silver cup as recognition of being half years. tl t t t di h' Sgt. Mormellowas giving .a. lecou san ng man m l.S ture the other day nuljtary T 15 Albert Jacques was a line. courtesy and was explammg to the man for New England Bell Tele--------------.,-.. --phone' Co After induction and Sulphur Springs while at Ft. Dix he climbed a 73-foot pol1e to remove a flood lamp. He holds titles for fancy roller skating competition and competed .. ._,..,, ... ,,.,..,,....,,...,, ..... ,.,.,.,.,'#,,,.,.,,.,,,.,,.,,..,,..,,.., ... ,,.,..,,..,,...,,.,.,.,.,'#,,,_, 1 in the state championship of lsu'ndrles robaeco Sodas Maine and the All-Eastern States meet in 19 41. His wife is also a Whitehead's Drug Store roller skating champion of note Compounding Prescriptions Is the ltlost lmi>Ortant Part of Om Business and took part in a number of meets in the state of Connecticut. Ph. S :>105 T/5 Hollis Davison is the "legal mind" of this company. He re Prompt Delivery ceived his law degree at the UniService. Men Always Welcome Sulphur Spring Cafe versity of Wisconsin and practiced law in Indiana from 19 3 2 to 1942. He was a candidate for prosecuting attorney of 'Clinton County, Indiana. He is quite apt We Specialize in Home Cooked at horseshoe pitching. Food,. Chicken, St,eak and Pvt. William K. Miller hails Surphur Bldg, from Virginia. He attended irginia Polytechnic Institute for Sulphur Springs Liquor Store LEOPOLD CHA!tiBON, Prop. 8113 Nebraska A:ve. Ph. S 1Z45 Chc\iee Willes, Liquors & Beer Sulphur Springs, Fla. ..,,,, _,,.,.,,,,,,#,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.) four years and received a degree in general agriculture. He worked for the Department of Agriculture under the Federal Security Administration. T / 4 George J. McCurdy is the best baker in Florida. Witness: His pies and Pvts. Paul Feihster and Joseph The men of the Comm. Co. wel-come Lt. H. Farmer as their new tialed D. L. G. The. loser believes c.o. and promise their fullest co-,that it was lost around the East operation. Gate. Congratulations to the follow-1 Mrs: W. B. S. Cntchlow, The ing men who were selected for Cente1, Ba,denton,. Fla., re OCS : s ;Sgt. w. Scherer, Cpl. J. turned to the ServiCe Mens Cen Weil T/5 s. Gale c 1. Paul Ze-ter at an O.D. blouse Protestant Service-11 a.m. Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. Service 7:30 p.m. Chapel No. 1. Jewish nobla' P and belt, w1th the name Moore and b 534 Service-11 a.m., Theater No. I. Pvt. Harry Nelligan is a so; was found be-called new recruit. :f!owever, he Sun. City. has,, put in 18 years with the Na-tional Guard, the last 13 years ELITE CIGAR STORES serving a'.s T/Sgt. Go 1 easy, you "The Place. to Meet and Eat" Matthew's Comer drill sergeants. +: +: +: The officers of Plant Field have not pmcticed softball in vain. Last week they defeated a team of officers from Drew Field. +: +: +: Football Scot-es by 'Direct Wire WINE -BEE. R CIGARS 400 Zaek Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 .. Fountain and Luncheonette Liquors Beer We Deliver Lafayette & TanJPa. Ph. M 124Z WELCOME TO ST PETERSBURG a.m., and on T1,1esdajrs, 6:30 p.m. Chaplain Boren had a recocd at-tendance at services last Sunday: !+.:++!!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!: .. :-:-:-lt:-: .. : .. : .. :-: .. :-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:!:-:-:, ":; pENN FLORA j POST OFFICE ::: H 0 T E L REGULATIONS FOR i X X CHRISTMAS MAIL .:. 44 3 &cond Ave. North St. Petersburg .:. h These instructions are based on latest information available from the Post Office. Packages for men in the country m:e subject only to ordinary postal regulations. For men overseas, only ene package from any one person should oo sent in any one week. It is limited to 11 pound,s, and must not exceed more than 42 inches in combined length and girth. SHIPPING SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM Send no perishable food unless hermetically sealed. The Army and Navy have requested that Oc tober 1 to November 1 be considered the final time for releasing Christmas mail to men overseas. SERVICE. MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home ;i: 56 All With Private Bath :i: y y "In The Center of All Interest" y I T ::: $1.00 and $1.50 per Person ::: For Prompt Service \ Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth street No. St. Petersburg, Fla. At St' Petersburg St. Petersburg Gift Shop 364 CentJ:a.l Ave. "DON'T FAIL TO VISIT US" For Gifts of all kinds for wives and sweethearts. Live Baby 'Gators Shipped IN WLLOW TOPS GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. Specializing in STEARS, SANDWICHES 956 Twiggs S --------------! portsman Billiard Parlor Paramount Bowling Alleys CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida Service Men LA LLA VE MARKET Fancy Groceries, Ftee 2415 ;N. Howard. Pr. H 33-024 Air Base Bus Lines, Inc 30 ,Minute Service to Bo1lb Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service Doring-Rush Bour.J For Further lnformaUon Call 3286 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone Mostellar' s Sundries ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINRS 201 9th St. So. Opp. ,seaboard Station Colonia:l D -oll Shop 115 9th St. So., Opp. Webbs FLORIDA SOUVENIRS UNUSUAL GIFTS For \Vife and Sweetheart At St. Pete1'sburg Frank's 'LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY Imported Wines And Liquors PARISIAN CLEANERS You ure Invited to visit our modern and .up t'o alleys 860 4th Ave. S. Phone 71>08 While ut St. Pete VIsit RUDY'S.' Hi-Hat BEER, WINES, ,SMOICES 848 4th,St. So. NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Air Cinditioned, Private Dining Chinese and American Meals DINE AND DANCE THE COTTAGE 2102 4th !Street North WINE AND BEER HAROt.D BROWN, Mgr. Northmoor Apts. 48 HOUR SERVICE 148 Central Ave. Phone 8631 Stop In close to headquarters for the duratioH. Cool, clean ettreJency Apts., or Room" nDd Dnth II By tbe Week, Season or Yearly 111 6th Ave. No. Phone 70-781 9th ST. CAFE & BAR 11 9th St. South. Ph. 6339 Steaks Sea Foods -Chicken Dinnets WINES AND LIQUORS "The Coldest Beer in St. Pete" I THE PERRY 125 8th -North ROOMS, APTS. & COTTAGES Reasonable Rates, by Week, Month or Year ONLY NO PET.'l !++!++!++!++!++: .. :..: .. : ... : .. : .. :-:++!++!++! .. .. :++:++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!++!..: WELCOME SERVICE MEN Swim at the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL Bus and Street Car to Pool Natural Springs ... Temperature 72o :-:-:-:-:-:-:-r.:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. .. :-:-:-:-::-:-::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:!: .. Bo'rling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So. and 2nd St. 12 Brunswick 2.0th Century Alleys Gilbert System Hotel netty C. Mltehell, Mgr. 7'46 Central Ave. St. Peter..-urg Phone '7864 ''Your Home Away from Home" You Are Always Welcome A phone In Every Room Hot und Cold Water All Times


Page 10 DREW FIELD ECHOES Frillay Octqber 2, Grand Qpening of the new : :.'. 1202 Franklin Street Saturday Nite, October 3rd, 1942 The Fun Starts at 7 o'Clock NO OR MINIMUM CHARGE ALL DRINKS AT POPULAR PRICES \ Tampa's Most Colorful Nite Spot The mapagement cordially invites the boys of MacDill, Drew, Benjamin and 'Plant Fields to step in any time and. enjoy a drink in a pleas ,ant Music .. DanCing .. Entertainment MUSIC BY THE 'HI.-HATTERS ORCHESTR. A FOR YOUR DANCING PLEASURE Come Early As We Close At Mid-night .BUY BONDS NOW Something Doing All The Time at the Hi-Hat Club YOU FLY THEM WE'LL BUY THEM


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