Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 32 (October 9, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 9, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, October 9, 1942 Wanted! Talent for Drew Field Revue WEDDING OF THE WEEK "Eyes Right!" All eyes were focussed on the pretty bride, the former Miss -Elaine Liberty; of Duluth, Minn., --as she marched down the aisle towards the altar of tne Drew Field Chapel No. 2, where she .married T I Sgt. Clyde Quesnel of Hq. & Hq., Ninth Fighter Wing, on Tuesday after noon. Special Services Office Is Doing Important Work Silver Badges, s Authorized For AAF Technicians Army Air Forces enlisted technicians and 'mechanics have been authorized to wear a distinctive silyer badge indicating the skills in which they are qualified, the War Department announced today. The J?adges will be issued as soon as manufacturing arrangements can be completed. Can you sing, act, imperson ate or dance? Do you have a de sire to perform or to reveal your innate talents? If so, now's your chance, men of Drew, for the Special Services Office of this _post is planning to produce the "Drew Field Revue," a s h o w which will tal;:e place at a date to be announced and which will he given in the new service club soon to open. If yo u wish to takepart in this gala soldier's show, don't fail to submit your n: ime and specialty numbers to Corporal Whitehead. He may be found in the Special Services Office, B a s e Library Building. Auditions for t h i s event will be held at your con venience, so let's go, Drew; we want to make this a program long to be remembered. FIRST AID COURSE STARTS MONDAY, FOR' TWO WEEKS The design of the silver badge is a gear wheel, encircled by a wree>.th and surmounted by a four bladed propeller. Suspended from the badge, in the manner of a marksman's medal, are one or ;more bars with an inscrip tion noting the technical skill for which the wearer has qualified. ; Only enlisted men in the Army Ben ?tanto!l, Field Air Forces will be awarded the Representative of F.trst Aid and I new technician's badge To quali-j _Safety, Nation_all fy the" must have served at least hed uoss, Wasu lE;.,;a, D. C., will with the Army Air a Firs t Force s and either have graduated Trammg Course at Drew Field, from an authorized course in techb eginning Monday Oct. 12. nical training or demonstrate their l\fr. will he_re _for two I capabilities. a .trained teclliicil i : w e eks. 'I he class IS limited, so in one o r more of the hventy-fotLr c ompany comman:lers who desire I .rpeci,alties for which the badge are __ :o J.Jia s been designated. Dan TvL Hdc.ey,: DirecThe specialties for which the tor, t elephone extensiOn 895. 1 new insignia and _appro -priate bar:; j have been authonzed are: Young Vohinteers Can 1 Airplane armorer; airplane elec-trical, hydraulic, and instrument Make Choice of Service I specialist;; airplane mechanic, ma chinist, metal worker, and welder; The War Department announce airplane pqwer plant specialist; the opening of a n intensjfied cainah'plane propeller specialist; ACS p a ign for the recruiting of 18 and radio specialist bombsight mecha19-year-old volunteers for the Ar nie, Link Trainer instructor, pa!am y This group will be given a chute rigger, photographer, photo-much dder rang e of choice than graphic laboratory technician, beforein their privilege of pick po wer turret and gunsight spe-ing the branch of the service in cialist, radio V-I mechanic, radio 1 which they are to serve. observer, radio mechanic, radio\ Under the new ruling, recruits I operator, teletypewriter m echanic, o f 18 and 19 may volunteer spe, weather forecaster, and weathe r cifically for the Quartermaster I observer. I Cor p s the Ordn ance Department, PHYSICAL TRAINING OFFICE MOVED t h e C h e mi c al Wa r f are Service, the I I ch oic e between t he Infantry, Ca Department, and the 11 Corps of Military Police, in addi t i o n to the previous range of I The office of the Base Phys-1 valry Army Air Forces, Coast ical Training Officer h::s been ; Art illery (including Anti-Aircraft I moved to Base Headqtnrteis O I 1 11 and H arbor Defense), Field Artilfi t e of and Training. lr Armored Force, Engineers, 1 ----------,------i a n d Si g n a l Corp s I .jOIN TH-E' t>RI=W F15l-D !! SPEED LIMITS OF The ceremony of this smart mi litary wedding was presided over by Chaplain F J. O'Brien of brew Field. The bride was attractive in a beautiful white satin wedding gown and long \vhite veiL She caiTied a white prayer book and i a very lo vely bouquet. Sergeant i Quesnel was attired in his smart t 0. D. uniform. / The lovely bride was given away MOTOR VEHICLES by stalwart T /Sgt. Frank JV):aci, of the bridegroom's squadron. Mrs. Quesnel's Maid of Honor was the charming Mrs L I Stephens, of From now on, speed demons at Drew Field are advised to watch their speedometers. Ac cording to a memorandum from the Third Air Force, motor ve hicles "in this Air Force will not be operated at excessive speeds. The maximum speed limits, to be enforced, are -sedans, 35 miles per hour, and all other vehicles, 30 miles per hour. Double B Flat Augusta, Ga L I. Stephens, F /Sgt of Sgt. Quesnel's outfit, acted as Best Man. Eight men from the Ninth Fighter Wing served as the Honor Guard. And more than 50 men from "Th e Fighting Ninth"_ put on their snappy. Class A uniforms and attended the wedding to see the bride, congratulate the groom, 1 and wish them both lots of hap piness. "Oompah! '' A musician likes nothing better than to try out his talents on a shiny new instrument. Recently, upon arrival of long -awaite d G. I. instruments, members of the 69th Arm y Air Force Band, stationed here at Drew Field, lost no time in uncrating them. One of the most important jobs at Drew Field is handled by Special Services Officer, Captain Chester K. Delano. In readying '-ln arm) "for the bat tlefront, two factors present a problem which must be solved to insure satisfact01 y re&ults. The primary one is the proper military training program which equips raw recruits to carry out their various duties. Our air forces are accomplishing this to a marked degree, having demonstrated its success in brilliant exploits in dif ferent theaters of this glob _al The second factor, MORALE, simply defined, is nothing other than confidence, and the fighting effectiveness of any army is re flected by the confidence of the men in its ranks. In order to assure .Proper morale on this Base, a Special S ervices Office was set up, with Lt. CoL Richard Gimbel at its head. Like every new activity, time. and ex perience dictated its every move. At first the response to the many facilities it offers was slow, but its mission was clear and its sue, cess gratifying. During the latter part qf June, Lt. CoL Gimbel was succeeded by Captain D e lano, who came to his position with long years of exper ience. A graduate of Spring'field, Mass., he did graduate work in physical education at Harvard Uni versity and Tufts and for 13 years was connected with ath letics at Tufts College. The importance of morale is best indicated by quoting the words of General Marshall, Chief of Staff of the U. S Army, who said, "Napoleon evaluated morale over material as three to one. I believe that recent experienc.es dicate a re-estimate of those values -the odds being nearer five to one, or possibly even ten to one; in favor of the psy chological factor." This was beought ou' t clearly i.11 the Battle of Eng l a nd where the strong c o ;,fid e nce of the. civilian popula ti rl!l was reflected by the ( Continue d on Page 2) ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE For the information and guid ance of any s o ldi e r planning on go in g over thP. hill, Paragraph No Zb, Changes No. 2, AR 615-300, W D., Washington, D. C August 194 2 I 5 herewith quoted: "Upon the occasion of an enlist e d man ab sc !'lting himself without leave, the com)a ny commander or 5imilar unit will no tify the nearest relative by teleActivate d in April, the Air Force Band is under the baton of warrant Offic e r L ester C. Baker, a native of Kalamazoo l'rlich. Due to a shortage of men, particularly those who cm1 play a Fien:::h horn or string bass, th

Page 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES WHERE OH WHERE J o r gamzatwn and cannot b e counthig h calib e r i s offered the Drew arises. e d on at the ze ro hour. so ldi er. His h ealth and physi ca l Wheth e r i t i s a proble m of pro-CAN HE BE TODAY? Under Capt a in Delano's guict: ability are ass isted materi a lly b y v idin g facilities of a n educational ance, a few activities have grown a n acti ve a n d viri l e athle tic pro-nat4re, a matter of recreation, o_r Friday, October 9, 1942 MONEY LOANED OS AXY' I 'Hll\"G Of.' vALU E TAMPA LOAN CO. 'TAilli'A'>' OJ,DES'l' AND MOS'l' J,nHJRAV' !lOS FHANI(LIN S'l'lU!JE'r M Y JELECTROCUTIONER; I can be a serious detriment to his fo r adequately when the occa s ion I T h2 e l<.'phonc in th e P ubli c Reinto many more and its growt h gram. His personal affairs are the intimate question of emerlaU.>Jns Office rang stride ntl y A r e fl ec t s a constant evoluti o n of g iv e n personal attention and the gency relief, Captain D elano's of-m e:n .ber of the staff picked. need and service in a n expanding n ee ds of his dependents are cared fice i s equipped to handle i t. Buy l\1ore Bonds u p t:1c r ece 1ver. P ublic Relatwns Drew -Field Through the m edium OfD-::c ," h e sa id. of the speci al services office enA vo ice a t the other end spoke up. We'd lik e to fi11d out i f you a m a n n a m e d ci1eetham on :you r f i e ld. We' ve bcei1 told fie's stationed somewhere in the Tampa are21., but we r e not sure w h ether 0r WJ t he's at Drew Fie ld. We' ve got to ge t h o ld of him. It's impera-: tiv c that we d o so. He's from Geo r g ia and h e was our eleetrocu tion e r b efore h e came in to the ann:' \Ve\'e got an e lectrocution up we can't perform/ 1t W i thout hlin." PRO man tried to get his berr.ri.ngs. One moment, h e said ''I'll see if )le's listed h ere." H e crossed over to the file I pepartment in the message ce 11ter and go t them t o look it i.1p. They tolu -lJim that there wa s a Fred Cheetham OI) the f i e ld : F :o returned to the telephone a!1d sa id, "We' ve got a Fred Cheet' hum here." A d i sappointe d voice sa id, "The :ma n i:' m looking for i s A. L C heet: Soriy I -bothered you." .Apd ,so t h e search for tt1e e lectrocutio.ner co n tinued elsewhere. The :PRO was left wondering if the elect :ocution WOLild go on as .:;;che:J.u l e -----Spec. Services Office C ContinL1e d From Page 1) almo:::t tmbelievable accomplish of the R.A.F. And this same sort o f confide.nce h as been s h own mos' c emphaticall y b y the peoples o f Russia and China; who daily help t h eir armi es to repulse the inv21der with super-human efforts and u n der the most trying and un favo r a bl e circun1 stances. Ab:;olutely essential to our s uecess i s confide nce in our l eader: ship. Off i ceis and non-com s someO\'er l oo k the obvious fact that t h e fighting effectiveness of t..l:!ei:." m e n rests ii1 the interest take;:-1 in their p r oblems. It is well kr.o;in tha t a n indifferent soldier ft PALMA CEIA aTI-lEATRE j)Jr,;,][H.l.l. AYF.. A'l' !'AN CAR[,OS ()p]1. 9-. -!!Sc ':nul lUOXDAY "RUBBER RACKETEERS" with I:{O('HBLL !; J1 {"J)SO:\' 0 OF CAPISTRANO" T.atnJUl :nul Znoeli Phone :!:.!e SA'l'URDAi:-nn

DREW. ECHOES. ,. ::. .. Page :3 Hq. and Hq. Squadron 3rd Fighter Command SEA BREEZES By Pvt. A lvin 1\I. Amster Best remark we h ea rd last week: "Frenchy" Robeits to one of the boys at work.-"Don' t worry about the cockroaches, boy, jus t do your work)>;: I The Boner -Bird of. ... John Ashe decided to be come a Shackpappie and Mrs. Ashe is due to anive today from Alabania .... We hear that the Clearwater 1$als ousted Raclfoi'cl Williams, sergeant stripes and all. ... Bill Nosker lakes over w hil e I Norm Zinser fltrlo_ughs .... Todd got a tattoo. : .. 1 eturned :from furloitgh with a Bull Durham ROLLER SKATING C------o -. ----. .. _, .... LISEUM .. : < ... : .... .,. ,. -. J i Karches on l1is fttrlo11gh and says i do ori oct. 11. B tit the i>iot tl1at the coh : spii-ing jokei-s Torri IVIeekihs, Phil sack full of New Jersey dirt. ... Did y ou see ye scdbe and Will. oughby sweep the" aisle prior to last Satm;cla);'s li1spectiQn? "Re d and "Fni nkhouse Shieids like the blankets these Davis Is lands past fe\v cooi 11lghts .... Ask Gtt!re towig;gle his E,'!ars .... Jim Burke, and Otto Komoroi.ls in A-3 cooked up almost caused Uric to stay here. They faked -an-oi,der tiHt itioked just ilk:e th-e reai M:cCpy The order stated that ail l!:)ave$ and furloughs after 'dct. 1 wbuid J:ie cancellea Foot t<:atches order ana airi-iost f:iiilted, .as ali det'al!s for the \vedciihg a i:e &ijd I the iiiv!tis bunk what Pvt. has been out R e c e n t promotioi1s: Bertee a rating so hard that h e even Brciwri to Jchn Horrigan -dreari1s about w2arii1g stripes? and Fra1:k Manassa to Poor fella Chap l a m Roy C. Js opeil i Eiizzjng like a b1isy little b e e for bu sii'iess at i-Ici. His two "as t h e Squadron and Heads"istants, Burke Ros che ( h e -quarters 1::\st week w<::s Ray Jo. needs se :vin g lessons) ac t as busi-frion s elling chances on th e week ness age nts. ly football pool. Last \veel;: Palmer HOT DOTS.,. ... We S Sgt. Ch listens to. Superman radio Shipmai1 and Cpl. Eldon Guidry serial), Whobi ey, Joffrion, and aren't too enthusiastic abo u t tlu.l Gos selii'i a ll picked 10 w i : 1 i 1ers and ne\.v 6 A.M. no s l eepi n g clieturi1. split th e i)ot of $10.25. Chanc es .. : Bill 'Jingle J angle Genkel. are oniy 25c, and it's ari excellei1t. sancton' s "i-ivet drew only way to get your footbail interest : t\vo bucks in pay 1ast week aftei up. Ye cohimnist picked only six I all hi s deductioris were t aken care i boys paid back all that .. they owe you? HI-HAl ClUB 1202 Franklin St. TAMPA'S MOST COLO:P.,FUL NtGHT AFTERNOON 2:'30 t'111 NIGHT 8 till 11 Extept Monday 5c FA.R, E oN. DAVlS ISLAND BUSES Leaving CranPs Corner Franklin and Cass 'Streets 7:15 .. .. 7:45 8J5 Diamond Cabs 1 Oc SKATING RINK Cool RestffMR Atmosphere Superb Fru! Excenent erviee l .: S / Sgt i PHOTOGRAPHS I Pete .washe (lucky dog, on fur-i Mmic B y Hi-_HaHers Orc;hesil:a ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC D .ANCING NEVER A DULL MOMENT Soinehing Doing Ail the I ..... lo\igh), ?rid his, "Are you kid 1 3 S j(_lO $5.00 oi "Have r es: Scn Time who is .biding his time in I L: <:-_-_ : the Flying Cadet barracks .while i \' .. :. waiting f?r his ca11 to flying I H e y T h e i: e S o l d i e r school Sgt. Gordon Durland and I SPEND AN EVENING Pvt. Ray Cely a1e now at the I .. .. .. F,:lex ible Gunpers' : Schooi at Ft WITH US Myers Cpl. Dick Harris left for D r i h k s Y o t! I l L i k e QM OCS at Ft. L e e Va. S/Sgt.l a Ii d C a h A f f o i' d" Ordnance R A D D 0 c K Vince (Ghandi) Fl'ederick bet. s A R.' P \ lt on some p9un(jage, else thos e Win gs he wears will fly away with him. ivr; Sgt. Charles Milliken stays anchored to the ground when he wears his Win gs. T / Sgt. L aw rence I Iacidock is sweating out a I pilot's rating Our radio experts, Dale Niirihick and Art Prince, c ontinue !.o teach their sti.tdeilts the fundamentals of "dit d a hii1g." More approaching marriages Sgt. John Gosselin a nd Joe Rants, who dreams daily that it 's oct. 14. rFc Jcihn Hyrcefics will be mari.-fed one year com e Oct. 18. con gJ:atulations! Pbci]: Rttth Belccisb-o of A-2 had :liet vacatio n last \\1eek ;and then was :onfined to residenc e with I a nuld cold Tough break. Rave yoi.t n otic e d that M / Sgt. Harper. of A-4 is a Cigar cl1ewer? JACKSON AT TAMPA STREET Opeil from 8 A. 1\'I. tol2:00 P. ii'I. Grand Opening!! 'PALACE SKATING .RINK S U L P HU R S P R I N G S 'FRiDAY N"IG.HT O-ctober 9th NEW M.us!c. NEW SKATES AL TERATfONS FREE A big orchid to the rie\ v Drew 917 Fr'Onklin St., Tampa Adi11issioi1: Nights 3bc Field B a ncl., One of d a y s that I .e;:: c -STR ; EE, T CAR '. AND'.. B us SERVI. c E TO. D 0 OR 5c v 872 Central--St. Petersburg 531 I .. .. ''" ,, .. .-------:---------------------------------,------------:..... ... .. --;.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... ;. .......... ;_. ... : ....... .. I ,.. Btis and Street Carto-Pool _Natural Springs ... Temperature ... ... '#'<.,., ..... ... .... .. ----------------..... -- --._.............................. I ... ........................ ,. ........................ ............... .. -...... ... -.................


Page 4 The Drew Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMP A ARMY. NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA -----------------------Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newsppaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 8,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper pupblished exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nations DREW FIELD ECH0:3S To: Pfc. Joseph Regis Jr: Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are. those of the. individual From: Sgt. John F. Susaynski writers and under no circumstances a1'e they to be considered those Hello, Joe: of the UJ?-ited States Army. Advertisements in thiS publication do Here I am, back from furlough, not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per-just as I promised you and sonnel Qf the products advertised. --------------Uncle Sammy-thanks for holding Buy' Buy Bonds. Bye, By'' e, Axis' dO\Vn the fort while I visited my folks in McKees Rocks (of which Our government is requesting us to buy bonds. BUY BONDS Pittsburgh is a suburb), Pa. I hope YOU don t ask me how I enjoyed -are we complying with the wish of our government? If not, my stay, and if I am glad to be why not? back--I 1 ; efuse to answer those This is our war and we must pay for it It is a fin e thing for questions and besides; you us to wear the uniform, to offer our lives if necessary, but we already know the answers. must do something else. This is an "all-out" war, and we must You certainly did a swell job, also put our dollars to work. Joe, but you forgot to get the men you promised for our Band; The American soldier is the highest paid fightin!! man in the instead, you sent Pfc. Costello to world. The current pay is the in the history of our nation. the Hospital for a sojourn and Pay-day comes once a month, our Uncle Sam qever us,' so l e t some fancy embroidery ... as if us not let ou. r Uncle down. that were not enough, y_9u had We have several good examples of .bond-buying at Drew to ship Sgt. Ferris up to North Field. Proud possessor of $3000 worth of war bonds is Pvt. Abe Adams, Mass., for a wedding (his own ?). No wonder was that Verkauf, stationed at Plant Field with a medical detachment R e alarm and concern over the. "Missattended the Palm Room supper held at Tampa Terrace Hote l on ing Air Force Band"--how do you Sept. 25 and ended up as the Mr. Ciriderella of the expect anyone to notice so dinner. a group without the aid of a mi-The civil service employees in the Sub-Depot-are very proud croscope. By the way, according f th d ti h f b to the new Army Regulations, are o en recor m 1e pure ase o war onds and stamps and they congratulations or condolences in can well afford to be, having gone over the $15;000 mark durii1g order for our two aforementioned the last pay period. And they want to know what otl1er organiza-brethren? tions on the field can equal this record. You suggested that I advise the Let us look ahead. This war will not last forever. vVhen it "Hawkshaw" looking for our Bap.d ends, how much money are we going to The answer lies in about the shortage of musicians, ,-BUY BONDS. the absence of key instruments (French horn. s, trombones, As 'soldiers, let us set an to the nation. Let us live up to that popular slogan:' SOLDIERS PREFER BONDS. and reeds) in our organization, and the essential nature of proper instrumentation in the interpreta684th Signal A. W. Reporting 1 have finished the chemical wartion of military band and concert Com,pany fare school, of \Vhich music-that is a good idea Joe Deahn e and Madsen are students : but those are the things I've S p E c 1 A L at this time. been harping about for months in Who could imagine that Sgt. BAND NO',l'ES (and you said you By Sgt. D. L. HYLAND Patrick knew all. those jokes he have been reading the column pulled, to keep us laughing, while every week???) Anyway, things Although the 684th has been on the hike? Sgt. Patrick played are looking brighter AGAIN, and going strong its beginning here l the ?iano, when th_e gang ,wanted with new recruits coming to Drew on Drew Field, about the first of I to smg at the s club, Field, and the added cooperation Aug t h 't 1 d Clearwater Beach. N1ce gomg, Pat. of the Officers on the Base, we us we aven c alme any j S/Sgt. Buckley was our master should have several new Bands space to tell "Echoes' readers of understatment at the foot in-men before long ... AGAIN our progress. Now that we have I spection. When the medical officer Why didn't you tell me about set a real record, with our round'I asked about his feet, Buck said, the howling success of the Band's trip hike to Clearwater Beach last "There are only three blisters on debut before our "unbiased" pals week, you did hear, didn't you?-this foot, but there are four on of the Hq. and Hq. Squadron; 309th here is a bit more. the other." Service Group, last week; and We welcome our newest officer, What is the attraction in Saraabout playing at the Base.: HeadCaptain Mason H. Miller, and assota which demands so much of quarters,? How did you like the sure him that our .. first lieutenant, .our boys' attention? Has anyone : cymbal section at the ;Base Hq., Doyle H. Waldrop, has develcrped heard who she is? It seems Shradel and why do you suppose WO. a fine lot of men, with a spirit of drove her car without releasing Baker insisted that I play 'lhe cooperation that just can't be beat. the emergency brake, .and then smaller set of cymbals at the Captain Miller can count on our stepped on the gas until even the Band's concert for the QUARTER best. We have thEO-' adyaritage of brake drums melted. I guess that MASTER (another old friend), several second lieutenants who are is why she uses the big car now. and his Staff? Do you 'think that new to us: Draggoo, Temple, Basle, Taylor isn't quiet enough to fool the young lady who requested I Crawley, Orphanides, T a y l r, us. Why don t you have her drive Get Along Without You Very Chapman, O'Connar, and Vogel. down Sulphur Springs to meet you Well" really likes that sorig ... All are fine men and it is pleasure half way, Paul? Well, your c01< or do yo11 detect just the slightest to work with them. respondent must go to polish the trace of sarcasm? The QuarterTwo of our non-commissioned eyepieces of his gasmask. We'll master's gang did however, refuse officers, Sgts. Patrick and Hyla11d, be back 't\ext week. to take back the instruments-'REALLY, 1 COU/...D DO IT EVERV DAY OF EVI=RY WEEK! Friday, October 9, 1942 Who's Who Among Drew Officers, Lt. Col. Robert Eugene. Slack, a civil. engineer in civilian is in charge of Drew Field's supply and materiel. He has at Drew since January, and before that was stationed at MacDill. Col. Slack was called to service two years ago while in Florida with his family on a trailer vacation. Pri_9r to that he_ served for three years as company commander in the CCC of th Fifth Corps area! He received his reserve commission in the Field Artillery when he graduated 'from Purdue University, in 1927. there was even a faint .. whisper I inviting us to a return (with tea and crumpets). The scenery in the vicinity of the "Green Gables"--the Quartermas ter's-Office-being what it is, I suspect that some of the boys will be taking walks, during their off-duty hours, in that direc tion but will the gals know when to expect them? Gus De Ridder, Sam Schiavone, Mike Vitale and Adelbert Woodke will around as soon as they get their new PFC stripes sewed on some shirts. I Don t forget to teH your friends that our new phone numbe.r ii1 Banicks T-272 is Extension 660, and that prospective bandsmen can call WO. Baker, or S / Sgt. Eaton foi an appointment or an audition. Thanks again, Joe; from now on, it looks as though I'll be YOUR assistant. P. S.--Is it true that you lost six pounds while I was away? If it is, we'll send you around to tell the next bundle of femininity who requests "I G ,et Along, etc." just how you did it. DROOPY EXAMINES DOG-TAGS FOR BLOOD TYPE It was midnight, and Pvt. Delwin B ,aggett of the 314th Air Base Squadron was $leeping soundly. "There I was peaceful like ," he said, "dreaming my dreams of the folks back home in Charlotte, N. Co., and getting my rest when I LAFF OF THE WEEK Every night last week, a.t SUJ.I pertime, I observed a soldier sit ting at the same chow table in the 314th mess hall. It unusual, seeing a soldier sitting at a mess hall table. But the un. usual fact was that this particu lar soldier had a piece of let tuce stuck in his ear. Saturday night the goofy guy was there again, but this time he had, a hunk of celery in, his ear. Finally, unable to suppress my curiosity, I sauntered over to his table and tapped him on tne shoulder. "I beg your pardon, soldier," I said. "I don'twish to appear rude. After all, it's none of my business. But would you mind telling me why you've stuck that celery in your ear?" Flashing a weary smile, he said, "I ran out of lettuce." --J. J. O'Gara. was awakened by something heavy on my chest." "What do you think was happen ing? Why, Droopy, the great big Drew Field mosquito belonging to Sgt. Ha1;ry Lampert, the Echoes artist, was sitting on my chest and looking at my do g tags to :;ee what my blood type was." 'Vol'ldng to one tcn-thousan

Friday, October 9, 1942 FIELD ECHOES Page 5 309th Service Group l f ll d ,. ........................................ .. ., ... talking abo1)t _the galla o -:.:_ ...... :r. ................. 7. .......... .................... "" .. -: ... Wonder where Cpl. Roy Sat-The followmg men have been : so B'S .. ; OPEN EVENINGS ::: !. I N F 0 terlee has been disappearing to promoted on recent orders: Tech-::: + every night here of late? Could it 1 nician 5th Grade John G. King to + ::: By CPL. H. A. HORTON be there' s a female figure that 4th Grade; Private Wil:i: A St The other night the boys were figures in his disappearance? ham E. Johnson to Corporal. Both :i: o .re treated to a real meal 'at the ex-PFC Ray Schwarzman tells us that men .are on Special Duty at the ,:. .& A + pence of Cpl. Wolf who received there' s ri'othing like an early morn-Motor Transport School. Private i O ::; a package from home. them ing walk to get you off to a good first class Robert H Simmons was ::: Complete Line M1htary Supphes For The Needs f .;. coming, Bill-we'll see that noth-start. ... Saw Pvt. Azevedo enjoypro.inoted to : Tec _hnician 4th Grade :i: SERVICE MEN :;: ing goes to waste. ing the results of ? strong wind and placed on SD at "C" Stage Hq :i: EXPERT T AILQRING :;: PfC: Kasprzak, who used to get on. a corner down m Tampa one, though, Sim.;. .:. a kick out of putting permanent day ikst week mons, ain't it? Corporal Robert L ::: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa + waves In the hairof beautiful laV/elcome to Major Keith M George \Vas Promoted to Techni............................ .. ................................ .:. .. .. .. .. .. .. dies, is now engaged in helping to the Wing's new Executive dan 4th Grade. Miss Edna will be I ... .. .............. . ... put a permanent wave in Old Officer' who replaces l\1ajo.J. .. D T. glad to hear that, won't she, t: ............................... .................................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .:. .. ... o-o .. ..!..l!.+4 Glory. Jones elsewhere. G eorg'e? Technician 5th Grade i: < !( Who is that Corporal that told Warren J Link raised another :;: A NHATTAN CAFE :i: an M P the other A.M. that he 9th Fighter Command 1 grade to Techmc1an 4th Grade. + i bet the M.P.'s mother was very Headquarters Co. Private Fred Thornton was pro: proud of the success he was mak-moted to Private First Class :i:. 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa :i: ing' of himself in the army??? F L A s H E. r 1':' GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES + J ::: DINNERS 30c, 40c, 60c Why is Cpl. Vaughn putting all ruB DEPOT russ 1 those posts around the area and By S/Sgt. Franldin A. Godsoe .J .) j :i: Try our Sunday Roast Turkey D!nnet wit h 8Jil engraving each with the name k d Trimnlings or Fried Chicken Dinmw. Three : The natural reticence of soldiers Last wee we ma e a very grave 1.:. Vegetables, Dessert and Drink __ 50C : a member of the Squadron. Some error in sayine: Lieut. Ford was ::. about past activities, hobbies, and Served From 11 A !\I. to 9 P.M................................... : think they are monuments to each k' 'th a 1 sc o s blonde : their general background makes spar mg WI u 1 u : DAY AND NITE : of the men but we understand the gathering of pertinent material for meant to say Lieut. Jones, :.i:. WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS )rporal has his own idea as to f d 1 pp H p fe a colun1n difficult. IS ree an 1a y. o e your vv1 : ................................................................................................................................. ........ .... eii' purpose. Because "Joe Blow" and "'1\Tinthp understands, Lieut. Foid. ....... .,. ..., Good luck. to : _Q.'_l2.()I111ellj rop Rockefeller," attired in co;1 We are being swamped with clerk). IS 1 ventional G:I regalia, look approx. folks from MacDill. Looks as 111 Radw Mechamcs School. Were I imately alike the averao-e man though Drew sub-Depot is really lookingf_or big from down the line' seldom is interested going places in this part o the Jack, as IS also that h _ttle lady at in anybody's. background, but cer;country. Thanks to MacDill for home. : I tain facts do make interesting the splendid training of these new Pfc. (Copper) Hutson seemed reading when you can unearth folks. They are really helping us well satisfied them. to get our heads above t)J.e water ner the other night. But, Hut, why Take the case of Cpl. Henry again. did you and your '"ffHiims'fall Stocker, a modest and efficient Horace Ashton got high hat and asleep in the the clerk in A-1 for instance. had himself transferred to Base steak??? .. _. Stocker is in the vernacular of Headquarters. Our loss is Head-. The Group Area has on the roller skating addicts, a quarters gain. Good luck on -your a different "Fancy Dan. ... He can do more new job, Horace! Kiefer has been men Katherine Pattillo is a brand gyrations on wheels than a jitter-t.hrough their traces dn: Close bug soaked in oil of mustard. new aunt. The way she's carrying Order Drill. Keep liP j;ood If you have wondered why on, we wonder if she really ain't work, Sarg., we're ... looking_ for Cpl. Arnold Spurgeon can plod the mommer-all new babies are them to be the best on the. field. around the track without breath-cute, Kathie, so calm down. Pvt. "The Stump; ing hard after an hour of calis-Wonder what it is that the boys to know if Joe Di Maggio is still thenics and athletics, it is inter-from the 305th Service Sqdn. (old with the Yanks. If he is, want esting to know he used to run 69th) have that makes Madge to kriow why??? .. .. on cross country teams in high-Glenn jump up and down when That was a __ __ that school and college. they come in the office? Pes. "Reds" Trott rece-ived from ,:, ,;, Uncle Sam is taking plenty of Gertrude the. i:ifile'f" uay:---seelns Cpl. Melvin Garten, by his own our men. Last week it WiJ.S Ted funny though did admission is a mari of many inWilson and Payton Thomas. This say what was': .:,iit .... is terests. He performed on. week Jim Brady goes-and Jim also somewhat of a mystery. varsity teams in four sports at such a young husband. The Dutch Cleanser" boys City College of New York and Lieut. Pleasants, our Warehouse of Barracks z!w ttiPlea,o.g_t:,:;.ome lists as his hobbies, football, swim-Officer, has won us all over. Every mighty nice knitting_Jluring.iheir ming, boxing, la crosse, and wom-one has said how much they like internment. en in general. you, Lieut. Your thank you and for, fellows-or would that be ,,, ,,, ,,, please go a long way. dirt??? ... S/Sgt. Thomas F. Jenkins, Charlie Spaduzzi is .about to run "Welcome home'' r;{"'in ordet himself to death on his new J'ob. who is big enough to go bear for Lt. Richard Rice, our very pop: hunting with a switch and looks He's doing a swell job, but take ular Group Surgeon. It's to be rougher than a stucco bathtub, it easy, son-remember your Ul hoped that the Lt. will stay with. named bo.xing as his favorite cers!! us for the duration. athletic pastime .... A nice sort. Since S /SgV: Genner.ella is our of fellow to have on your team. entry in the Course ,:, riament, we take 1r -fw-:-:-gJ."anted that we will soon ue del:lared: the winner. Good luck, Johnny; we're all with you. Under The Bth;W'ing Pvt. Victor-Carlock comes by his gift of gab quite naturally. ... He was a radio announcer, and a very excellent one, for KMTR, Hollywl)od for sevet:al years. ::: By Cpl. L. E. BL()C.f! Sgt. Richard Adams k said to be The Wing had acquainted fluently with three languages, Latin, German, and gether one night 't d "Love." ... The latter probably commum y smg a en.er ht was held under the has somethmg to do with his fre quent jaunts down to Fort Myers. of Chaplain James R. .Cox ".'" monica solos were rein'fere-a Pvt. Cecil bert "Houdini" Hm:witz .. ...amazed the men with sleight-of-hand .... Another such gettogether was held again this week with lsf Rept'g, Co., 553rd Sig HEAD CUTTERS By S/Sgt. Willi2 m H. Walker inents served. During Major Munger's illness, The solfball team is looking for Lt: Haugland, our C.O. has been revenge. They went .t9 ... on SD at the Courts and Boards let the 303rcl Signal Comrmuy _put Office. Lt. Eugene Barbaras was one over on 'em by a score of 10 pinch-hitting for him in the Or to 5. Guess you ju.st :Can-'J.:,win .all derly Room until he, too, went on the time. SD Now we have Lt. Gilbert Wonder how Pvt.-Merle Win-Barnhardt holding down the fort burn feels getting back in the in the Orderly Room. We're trying groove after 32 days away from to keep him there until Lt. Haug the old routine. Glad to havehim land returns. Lt. Barbaras led the back with us following 18 days in company a fast pace over the cbs the hospital and a 14-day furlough. I tacle course la. st week and develThe piano at the YMCAUSO oped a lot. of sore muscles in the was given a work-out by Pvt. Harcompany. Then: just so the boys ry Bryan last Saturday night. He! wouldn' t get rusty, he put them can really do things with those I through the Physical ivories'----ilnd tbis time we 're not Test in the Battalion Area on the TELEPHONE H 25-692 T H E C R I CK E T TEA ROOM 241 HYDE PARK AVE Service Men Always Welcome Sulphur Spring Cafe We Specialize in Home Cooked Food,. Chicken, Steak and Chop Dinners Surplmr Springs, Arcade Did&-. I GORDON STUDIO Send "Mom" a P1ecious Gift -Your Photo Open W e d. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 616 CITIZENS BLDG. "Sohlicrs Fnvorite E:tting-t-hce" S'l'EAI\:S AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RES'l'AURANT AND 'l''VlGGS STS. Service Men -;t ,., BEER,__ --WINES ---. Hostesses M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florida A,e. I W'. C. NICODEMUS "Most Reasonable Jeweler in Tampa" DiamondsWatchesWedding Rings 7 08 Franklin Street Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and !Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service D avis Plate Lunch We Serve the Best 30c Lunch in Tampa Oniy the Finest Quallity of Usetl A LA CARTE SERVICE 306 FRANJ{LIN ST.REET PHONE. l\-1 SERVICE MEN OFFICERS FAMILIES FOR REAJi.LY GOOD .FOOD AT MODERATE PRIOBS PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD 'I' O The Colonnade BAYSHORE and JULIA Steak, Sea Food and Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches SOLDIERS THE EAGLE PATIO Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Ice C1eam, Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Fun And Mosi e ._ 1709 North Howard Avenue w Park Photo Studio Open Evenings Till 9 438 W. Lafayette Street Phone H 45-91l.4 BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-:EVERY R00:!\-1 WITH llA' l '.H W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACI\:SON ST. Between FRAJ'."lwiN & TAMPA, FLORIDA -:PHONE l\15537 THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Stenks .., Heal Italian Spag hetti SANDWICHES DTUNJ{S LIQUOHS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. Howmd Ave. Phone H-3757


. 6 Attention! Dancing FREE TRY-OUT By One Who Knows! Selnia Dreiinciri Brooks and Assistants Tel. H 32-654, 207 Parker Sl. All Se1vic e l'>Ien ate "'e lcome BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH H.ESTAlJRANT \Vines and Liqnots Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Kebraska and Osbor.ne 107 K J_,afarett.e St. ELKS IN UNiFORM U cliictiibe t -Elei-y .Satmday_ 4 P.!'lf. to 11 P.:\1. Soft Diinl;:s -Fooc] :1-lnsic Bl'ing a BuddYJ : .. ELKS LODGE li'lol'ida Ave. & :1-ladison St. l\TELCO:\flE TO HOTEL KNOX TO:I-1 BRYSOX, J.al'ayette & :!efferson DREW FIELD -ECHbES DIXIE N Rome & Fuller Street Tires Balaijced Tire Wear Correct ed. 1010 Cehtrai SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINi\'E11S On 22nd S t Causeway Say HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh ,,: .. Mastellar' 5 Sundries i C E CRi!:A:I-1 Ai\'D COLD DRIXI\.S 2ol oui st. so. .. .' ., DINE AXD 1)..\XCE THE .coTTAGE Friday; 9, 1942 For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC Parihrio:Unt Bowling Alleys Sportsman Billiard Pai:iot-GEORGES i..UNCH 14 2ild St. So. 22i3 Central St. Pete, Fla. Phone 50-612 Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st A \'C. So. and 2nd St. -12 Brunswick 20th 'Centtiry Alleys I S11eeializiny: i n S'rEAI\S, SEi\FOODS, s \ x D l\'t CI-ms Frank'-s LIQUOR STORE 147 Ccn tia l Ave. Ph. 43-l:.? Imported \Yincs And Liquor> SERVICEMEN Alfredo ... f .amllia Fancy Gro ceries Free Del! very 1601 N HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 Ne b iaska FERNANDEZ cU:Iian Sandwiches A Speci!i.ltY 1216 Franklin St. 9th ST. CAFE & BAR ll Hth St. South. Steaks Sea Food s Chickelt ])iiutCt'S \VIXES :\:\']) LIQU(>HS "'J'he Cold !:'st Bee r ii1 'St. Pete" PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SEhViCE 148 Cen:tral A\e. Phoi1e' 8G3i ELITE CIGAR STbRES Flower s For Mother, Sweetheart 6i' Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST. 412 T a m[la St. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. THE LENOX :1-lrs. :Eva Cil!ltlen Chir.k!:'n, Ste 1iks, C hop!'<, Home l\Jn.cl e l'ies, (;oocl Cof('ec Regurai llii tit e t s 2724 Flodcla A e Your Feel Hurt? Complete Line of Arch and Foot Remedies, a t BARKER & TULLY :1,110. FRA'I'.'XLIN ST HENRY HOWKEE cti CHINESE HAND 504 Street :.._ ____________ ,,...,,..,.,...:-.. ,.,. .... ..c-#ff.;,.., i .. i J.-reN_ci,JtiOris. 'Vi.Hs9 i I4olnC JUiulc .lt e Crcniit I DiETZ bRUG stORE 1 Rooms Now Available FRRE l>Et.I \'f:RV THE 371i GUEST HOUSE \ 3711 fllnl. 1 n:n S. llowar1.1 1 ESTUARY BAR & sERviCESTA.iiON BEER WINES Corner Lafayette & 13th Streets LIQUOR Tampa, Florida ..


Friday, October 9, 1942 1lJE USO' 'GIRLS WHO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS FOR YOU Audrey Trimmer, who can give you adv i ce about smok in g as she i s an expert on tobacco and cigars ; Mollie Fulford, another expert buyer who will be one for you if By Cpl. Leonard G. Rubin you so desire; and Mary iou Rey. Many of you boys have taken I nolds who can help you with advantage of the many services. complexwn problems as s h e 1 s of fered you by : t h e U.S .O. girls. j the Arden girl. Thi' s i n clud es shopping serv ice Finally, last but not le ast, are the kind volunteers will buy th,e two girls who are on the job for you: from wedding every day and all the. time They 1'ing .to a complete set of furnicheck your parcels and never get t).lre for a hou se. They will arrange annoyed at the hundreds qlfeS DREW FIELD ECHOES : r .. .. : .. -. a .!. CHURCH CALL lr Jewish Service-11 A lVI., Theate1 No. l.l Catholic I Mass-6:15 A. M., Chapel No. 2. Mass-9:00 A. M., Chapels No. 1 and No.2 Prote'stant Service-11 A. M., Chapels No.1" and No. 2. ServiGe-,-7:30 P.l\1., Chapel No .1. 1 parties and, should it be a wedtions askeg every 4ay. They ding party, will even get the min-are Carmen a11cl. wOl:,k MEET LT. BOYLE: i;;ter. Packages are wrapped and behmdthe desks of the two USO s ___ .. apd if you desire, mqn:ey in the center of town Among the numerous new of-orders bought and mailed The These hvo deserve a big vote of ricers coming to Dre' w Field res ervice also includes the register-tha nk s from the many thousands cently was Lt. Edward A. Boyle of and purchase of of boys whom they' have J1.eiped aged 34, whose 'mannerisms of war savings bonds. w it 1-i those annoying details. speech are as typica}ly Bqstonese If your family or come Mac s real name is Mary Louise q.s the )Jaked beans of the M assa-t<.> town, this gallant band of girls ]MacCo rmack. Beantowi1. will do their b es t to find lodging An Irishman of engaging. per-fpr them_.:.and .just the sort of ac-i 553rd Sig. A.W. Bn. Sep. sonality, Lt. Boyle \vas commis'i'modations they have requested. sioned a first li eutenant and began / s you can see they are your 0 N J H.. E .. B.. A.... L ... L his present tour of duty on Sept. trouble shooters and problem sol. 15, 1942. Upon arriving at Drew vers-they are girls." Field, h e was assigi).ed to "the Spe' By Cor{!. Joe Gaudiello The women who have thus ofcial Boards, investigating vehicle their services are under the Just so 'the G.I. 's" from the accidents. 4' CANLJY COATED CHQCOLATE ..,.,_pc. FtAVO!l Page 7 i'IJ4'YEN/F#T .... TO CARNY .. ,,, .. ,. ..1. HERE IS A PLACE JUST LIKE HOME-(HRISJIAN SE-RVICE CENTER ._ .', ', .. .. /I' 7- 918 Tampa :;itreet 4LL SERVICE MEN WELCOME Y. TILL Shuffleboard, ping pong, radio, phonographs with large selection cif recordings. Writing rooms, library, 1;howers -all free. ...... .. : .... .-: b11Leftl. y I H tel Hillsboro Q Tw1,gs St. lady with the pretty white hair, heads an dquit knocking themance at Boston College, work in Frank J, Hynes, Manager and othe'is call the 's hoppin lady .' selves out trying to detect where a shipyard, 14 years of service in Servt"ce Men Welcome The following members of her the feminine pulchritude of the a postoffice, and over a yeJ'ices 1012 .1406 F1anklin. Street Dan'l s. Bagley SERVICE MEN: EAT HENDERSON 15 Minute Service ALBERTUS HOTEL Dminr: Rush JIAKING A Home Away F!'orn Home BREAD FLOTt IDA ..\.'VE, 9:>6 Twiggs l'II-1339 Electric Colupany. -HYDE PARK Also Nanalie Stokes who can CAMpBELL CENTRAL OIL SPAGHETTI HOUSE n1ake your .sh.ips come ih BARBER aitd BEAUTY SHOP For, Further. biformaUon iiuta s Chef of :YOl-k ':fo1 she work s at the Tampa 398 Pv. l\'I54-572 COMPANY, SPAGHE .TTI AND BAl'IOLI < 8 uild.ing co.; 3.!-1 Featuring .Cal} 32S6 Tampa,Florida WINEANDBBER ;)dea giri and ali advertiSing mar: IRENE GORDON, Lad y Ba1.1ber 1 103 IiYDE. AYE help yQu to be __,_,-_ __:...,---_,..;'--.,.---.,.---, '---------------; :_;__ _:__"""""'-'-_.,.... ........ -r


the playoff for the title. Lanky Much of the credit for the splenMage.r Caldwell was the main-stay In its September 30th issue did photographic \YOrk turned out on the mound all season for the YANK. the Army newspaper, by the Base Photo Lab may be at Medi.cal men as he pitched most opened a department called "P_ost tributed to Tech Sgt. Paul E. of their games. First Sgt. Miller Exchange." Edited by PFC Byron Weber, section chief. was the leading twirler for the B. Evans, the page consists of conSgt. Weber is an army-trained 309th boys, and he brought them tributions by men in the field and photo technician. Although only down the home stretch into the at Army posts. 26, he is a veteran of seven years playoffs with the Medics. Both YANK wants material from Joe I soldiering, having enlisted on Oct teams met all comers and closed Yardbird. 'Post Exchange" will 2, 1935, at Prescott, Ariz. His first publish a smattering of everything three-year hitch was spent in a -humo. r art, poetry,," photographs, The obstacle course championnews. Anything goes which the field artillery unit at Fort Bliss, shitl meet was held on Oct. 8 at editor fancies, material from camp Tex. the season with fine records. the Third Air Force course and newspapers included. He re-enlisted in the Army Air Drew had many re.Presentatives j To get his name in YANK, a Corps at Barksdale Field, La., and wlw tried for the grand prize of' soldier need not be famous Edi-in 1939 was detailed to the Special LOST AND FOUND COLUMN tor Evans "t' th d tt t Lost, a diamond bracelet. Down-a week end at the Tampa Terrace says 1 s e 1 ea la Services school at -Lowry F1"eld_, counts town section, Thi.1rsday afternoon. Hotel. As this piece was \Vritten Colo., where he studied ba. sic phothe meet, we do not know Contributions to YANK's new Reward. Telephone S 6586. tbc ouicome. The. winner through feature should be addressed to tography. { an arrangement with l\ir. George "Post Exchange," care of YANK After completing the course he H. Mason, president and general The Army Newspaper, 205 E. 42nct was detailed to duty with the' 6th 1nanager of Collier Coast Hotels St., New York. City, U.s: A. Air Base Squadron, Barksdale wm be the. week-end guest the YANK' s is one PX which nevet Field. In 1940 he was transferred _Tam11a Terrace Hotel. Everything closes for inventory! to the Savannah Air Base and in wi!! be free to the soldier who is June, 1941, at Lowry Field,' he lucky enough to wili the meet. 3rd FIGHTER COMMAND took the advanced course in pho-In the next few days Lt. Arthur SIG HQ & tography which encompassed ca-c l HQ. COMPANY mera Iepa1 1 h t 1 o ley, Base Physical Training Di, aena P o ograp 1 y 1 rector, will hold a touch football motion picture work, mosaics, and By Cpl. LARRY RALSTON 1 and volley ball clinic the a most any phase of activity within athletic directors of each organiza-Encamped in the Hil_lsborough the sphere of a photo technician _tion to familiarize them with the River State Park, the Signal Hqs. In December, 1940, he was transFOUND A pair of glasses was found be hind the clothing department of the Post Exchange. The same may be obtained by calling at the Post Exchange office at the East Gate. TWIN Beer -Wines Soft Drinks Sandwiches Our Specialty Complete ... convenient MILITARY DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN 811 ENTRANCE MEN'S SHOP 1\IAIX FLOOR Tules and the fine art of the games. Co., has been working for the past ferred to Diew Field \\rhere he was As soon-as the clinic is completed, two weeks on actual maneuvers. placed in charge of the Base Photo aschedule will be drawn up, with i Along with improving their own section. Starting from scratch he the. different outfits competing 1 they have been conduct-has done a very creditable job in 1 agamst each other. There will also mg brusher-up classes for the building a competent staff. be basketball and other winter Signal Hqs. Co., 12th Fighter sports schedules out soon. Command, which is encamped I "WE TO SERVE" nearby. -Service Men and Families Divided into the different sec-Nebraska Hotel QLEAN COOL RESTFUL Howard:" Ave. at Columbus Dr., Skating Champion Technician 5th Albert Jacques of Hq. Co. Reporting of the 50 1st Regt., holds titles for fancy roller skating competition, and competed in the Maine state championship and the All-Eastem States meets in 194l. By way of mention-Capt. Earle DeForest, coach of the Drew Field Interceptors during the past season, was a star baseball player for the University of Chicago and a semi pro player. Lt. Arthur Colley, phys ical tl 'aining director of Dt'ew is a recognized football and pfficial back east. The Physical Trai:ning Office r attended Temple Univers ity, where he was an out standing ath1ete. Cor 1>. ii'I ike R-uggle s of the M. P.'s, was a three man a t t hei>Uni versity of Mi::!mi, :;;her e he played football, l1asketba1l baseball. '.\Iike was a member o f D n:!w Field championship ba sketball team thnt won the TaDpa area cup. 1st Sgt. Harry "\Valtc .rs, of the Base Dispensary, is also : an outstanding. basketball play er f,rom Pennsylvania, and a member. of last year's Drew team. Until anothe r week rolls around hold t hat line! Max's. Liquor Bar WINES -LIQUORS -CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1501 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep 'Fm .Flying--SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. How. s R to G Ground Floot Special Appoiutmen t s 1\:loderate Rates 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 tions, radio, message center, etc., they have been doing their various dtities Each company has been bringing to light things that may have been by the other. During off-duty hours, the men Armenia Floral Gardens have been swimming, rowing, fish ing. A few good-sized fish have been caught and a few L ARGE "Renlly Fresh Flo,vers" Corsnges 'n Everything ONES also got away. Ph. s :>i.-341. 4:>00 Arm<"nin A, .,., On Sunday, Oct. 4, the boys from both outfits were called out to fight forest fires. The blaze cover ed approximately 30 and was brought under control after a few hours, .much to the satisfaction of the forest rangers. WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webbei, Prop. lLlQ'L"ORS, BEER AND C1GARS fC.I) r. Cass and i.\'larion Sts. Phone 4502 QUlCK DELIVERY -Al:r. G> CO Kill:\ L 'i 40th ST. LIQUOR STORE JOE \' ASQliEZ 4314 7th Ave. Phone Y Ba1 and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Stoe ORCHESTBA BVITIHY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. St. UNION BAKERY "P.E/ \JL C UTH:N OUH. SPEC!.'\ l ;TY" 150 G 9th Ave Phone Y ,1399 If Interested in IMPORTED FOODS Call PAUl, PIZZO, Y :18!)7 \.Ve llnYe J>Jenty, ::nul 'I'nsty, Too! JOE CASTELLANO GHOCEHY Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR BEEF .S.\;1\"DWICHES & Si\J,:\DS Open till 11 I'. !\f. 805 Gr. Centntl, Ph. H2!1-R4 2 f Se1vkemen An 'Ve lcome L 501 Franli'lin St. Special Im,-itations to All Strviee Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS ,Now in its 1\"ew I.ocath)n 805 Tamp a St. White Way I LAUNDRY .2BOG A!":tt11."n a Ncar !1-:!S!J.'3 BILLIARDS CIGAHS BEEn wrNES S :HiDWICHES B,\RBY WELU<:COTT Flotida AYenue Phones: 2:>88--2:>80 McKay-Clarke Iris. Co. GENERAL INSURANCE H:> Zuck Street Taripa, Fla. SPECIAL ATTEX'I'IOX To Service Men's l<'nmilies Peter Grahn & Son 1\Ieah-Po(luce--<>toretips Phone 3502 910 Plmida An>. FOR PJWJlPT ANW COFHTEOFS Latin-American Laundry Phone H-3787 IHUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Co m munlcatlna Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Post Office Cigar Store CIGAH!'. Tf\IIACf'O" ,.P.IIVICI': Mf::V F'Juritla .\v. "\::: '1'0 J.Jo:i.\"0 i>l:unonds 'Vatt hC"s ,Jewelry Sl h erware t Dln1nont1s ut a Big f A. L. ECKART Street ---------------------vALENCIA GARDEN I Restaurant WE SF.HVF. TilE FI:\EST OF SPA:\JSU FOODS 811 Gatul Centml Phone THE RED MILL AnHritnn And 1.utin f"un!) E\'EHY j\"!f;[ll' Diamonds and All \ 605 Franklin St. i Expert Watch Rep a l.Hember V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. II 2U E. Lafayette -:Tampa l Next To !"v1anhattan Cafe TOWNE'S 'J.-\:'-lP .-\ STK-\'f 1 -\t:\'DrtY & Dl:Y CLE,\:'\PCG C O I.Jf;IIT Ll:NCJ! -DT"\"::'\ERS J I A. 'l'ill 4 1'. !\'[. Dully 171:; Pl.a t t n t J;nt>k neod


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