Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 33 (October 16, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 16, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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' VOL. 1, No. 32 forty-Four Mile Hike Proves 684fh Are Iron Men Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida It an obstacle race, but these soldiers cleared the barriers to take the first three places in the Third Air Force Obstacle. Course Meet. Cpl. Andy Fisher, of Plant Field, won, beating Cpl. Ernest Wilkerson, center, and Cpl. Phil Dion,ne .... See And Hear 'House of Base Medics AreSoflbaU Champs; Win Certificates I n beautiful Retreat ceremonies on Monday, Miss Nettie M athison, stenographer in the base mecl'raJ administration office, presentee Frank Focht, captain of the Base Medic s softball team, with certificates for \Vinning the 1942 softball championship of Drew Field. October 16, 1942 Alec T emplelon WowsDrew Men In USO Concert Representing the concert sio n of USO Camp Shows, Alec Templeton, brilliant pianist-composer anc;l the world's best musical caricaturist, wowed a Drew Field audience last Friday night in the new Service Men's Club (scheduled to open soon). H e regaled his audience with the same brillia11ce of his piano playing, his clever improvisations and his keen sense of humor which have charmed millions of music lovers in concert halls, theaters, open-air stadiums, and from radios and victrolas fn homes all over the -world. The tune which he improvised about Drew Field was a catchy little melody, and his' audience sponded appreciatively. Templeton composed his. first piece when he was four. At five he took his first music lesson. Though born blind, he attended Worcester College, England, and the Royal Academy of Music. Before coming to the United States he was already established as a ranking artist both in Englanfl and on the Continent. -----------------4 Lefler of Thanks The n e di cs captured the cham pionship from the 309th in a play-[ off senes. for a Good Deed From all walks of civilian life, Upton, N .Y. The first eight the Army draws its personnel of his army career, after his in with which it molds its badly duction period, was spent in an infantry outfit at CRmp Wheeler. needed faculty for wstructmg m-Gct. wherP. h e e1lso studied radio. clio technicians: Clothing sales-i On D ec. 14 1941 he was trans men and school truck: fetTe d to Drew Fi<:,ld. and h er,; drivers and artists, newspaper-I h e continued to study radio fer men ancl. steel worker s -it iE j oeven weeks. such men that liir Warning In a short period of five months Training Units round out theil : .Sgt. Pallay \Vas transformed by instructor staffs. the army from a clothing salesTake 23-yearo!d Sgt. Jack Pal-man into a capable raclio instmc lay, of B Stage Headquarters, 'lor H e nov.; te1Lhcs in thp same here at He h<1d been a reschool in v .;i1ich he received his tail clothing salesman in trnining. H e i s in r.harge of the lyn, N. Y:, when h e entered the field radio equipment d e pctrt army on Oct. 3, 1941, at Camp ment. Army Restricts Use Of i erm 'first Aid' H ereafter the t erm, "first aid," will be applied by the Army only t o those medical measures which t.he individual so ldier, aside from the Army';; medical department. can carrv out with the equipment and facilities at his disposal. For all m e asuro?s. emergency or otherwise, the War D e partment announces. whi ch the medical de OGrtment personnel employs, the term "lrcalr-uent" will be used.


Po.ge. 2 FIEJ..D: ------Y A These G. 1. Shoes SUB-DEPOT LAMENT 0 U n g rm y Tramp; tramp, tramp, you'd think Didn't Squeak we were in the army; ft ;.fiute na n t Once Trnmp, tramp, tramo. our wear:y LI'V n :ff'et move on. ''Joyce, take this to the other I N I ne I warehoctSP." n ava ri II "Florence, you don' t mind going I to the Main Exchatige. ---ld Lt "Could you get me a bar of _1\.lthough only 23 years o candy?" ,Tames P. a n instructor in' tell m e w h e re's my coke!" t h e A.W.S.T.U.C., has l e d quite "Run, run, run, don' t you know .an eventful lif e. In his home town were in a hurry." Sama t e o Caiif., he had an ''Run, run, run, it' s nearly five a;-:-:ateLli radio station and _a The colonel has a chauffeur, i o'clock!" radLO operators 11. The private has a jef'p ce:1se. The durability of G I shoes, The looeys have their bicycles, F roml933 to Hl40 be was a ra'-\vhen take n caiE' of, has We only have two feet. d ion:an third clas s in the Naval bee n f:lwv t n b y Mastel' S ergeant We're n ot asking for a chaufC c'11mu nicatio:-Js In July,-David W. Cari non. of a Dr.ew feu r 1P'l0, h e was in the CaliforniR /Fi eld service squadron unit, w h o W e don't even want a jee p. N catrality Patrol and later servwor e the above pictme d footwear It wouldn't have to be a bicycle. -eel o n destroyers and heavy for over five years. The shoes are But, please, not iust two feet. s e ;: : ; of the North Atlant1c Sea now held by the salvage depart(Tt isn't very good poetry, but P a Lrol. m ent of the Quartermaster. Old you get the idea, don't you?) Tir t r i e d for a naval rt"serve '::;hoes are disposed of in several. -The Sub-Depc.t Messengers ('( f::1m ission, but rej,eted for I ways. Those worthy of p c :pil:;rsical re:lsons. Jommg the Call-twn are sent to the Army shoe ALMA EIA Jo:-; 1 ia National Guard as a pnv-sllnp ::1t Buford. Ga .. where they in the 40th D i vision Signal are and rebuilt. Others C e :npany, h 2 wen t clr:>wn to Camp tor n uo and the .leatbe: used .le=""; San Luis Ob1spo m February, for other pi.re te: heels are sent to the nearest h 'as c l1J.Pf code mstructor 111 ruober statiOn. .lld}ILJ. A\"-A l !'AN. e \\' P. lU. J):nJ:oJ t t. 0 divisional radiO school for +: ---,-. __ a b:ut nine month:;. Meantime, h e ''You look sweet enough to Program \'Veek of October 18 participa t e d the California and the soldie1 told his girl. Sun., Mon., Tues., Oc!. 8 19 2 0 Pz.:::ific North west maneuve rs. I ,., 1 1 c "L t' "LADY BE GOOD.''wlih Ann So!h-Ii. e was team chief in the radio coO ea. s le repll e e eln and Young; al$o go".'' "The ot Ar.d:r Hardv," .station .vhen war was declared with Mickey Rooney and LeWis and h e went w i t h his cle{ac h m ent Storie AlSo News. t S D" p t d t t ff Wed. and Thurs., -Oct. 21.22 -0 : ,n J e go. l'Oi110 e O S a "THE. LADY EVE/' wilh Barbara s e rgeant, he was placed, in charge and' Fonda;; also o f operations ;:md maintenance. "Mr. and Mrs. North," wilh Gracie I : i April; 1942 h e went to the Allen and W Posl, Jr. o rricers Candidate School at Furt Fri. "I WANTED 'wiilGS," .. Mo n\YH'luth. N. J., ft: Oin \Vhi :ch h e with Veronica Lake, Rav Milland j n Juiv. Con'ln1issi011ed also as a seeohd lieutenant, .he was ns. "Ellery Queen, M asler Deleclive" si:;;11ecl to thE' aircraft w<\r!titig with Ralph and Marga ret S '<'r'lice bv virtue oJ his advanced of ele ctroniC's. The n ev; sciencP of aircraft d etf'r:tio!:. i s e n er\tirely new realm of ap plie d techn o logy, ancl L t. West's k n.owledge and experience was Lo woik in the B Stage radi o on Augus t 19; h e i s t l: .'2 head of H s operators section a s wen .<1s an in:;.tru ctor. I "'BUT, IY!ADAM! .. V/ hi le ha\'ing luncheon ove r in I S L Petersburg the other day I no:..iced "fLIGI-!T ANG EI : S" Ralph ;:n:i De!nnli Bright Spot Of Tampa Night life :f!atniti{(Jfr. /) 7"' L_OtUUj-13 FLORIDAN TRIO PLAY lNG NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT l\1ILITARY CLOTHES that fit better! C>"PJ:BN TUESDAY AND THUilSDAY NIGHTS !)16 FRANKLIN ST. "SMART .MILITARY CLOTHES' ROLLER SKATING COLISEU Davis Is lands AFTERNOON 2:30 tll15 NIGHT 8 till Except Monday Sc FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Granes Franklin and Cass SfreetS --7:45 ... Diamond Cabs lOc THE: .SOUTH'S SKATING RINK Hey, There Soldier!! SPEND AN EVENING WITH US "Drinks You'll Lil>e and Can Afford" PADDOCK BAR JACKS ON AT TAMPA STREET Open from 8 A. M. to ;t2:00 P. M. I Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue at Twiggs St. Frank J, Hynes, Manager I GASPARILLA TAVERN s M w 1 coLoNiAL GRiLL ervwe en eWe Are NOT Off Limits -Welcome! BEER WINES BILL BAILEY, Prop., Member and' Aliiel'icali Legion MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE S A R A T 0 G A B A R Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS Sunday Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 ESTUARY BAR &>SERVICESTATION B"EER o WINES 8 LIQUOR Corner_ Lafayette & 13th Streets Tampa Florida


DREW : : F 'IELD' :t' ECHO::E'3 a:A Motter Changing a Light Bulb By CPL. LEONARD G. RUBIN It was a dark morning ? 'hen _the light switch was pulled at Base Headquarters. The light did not come on for simple season that the bulb was burned out, but it should have been a simpl e affair to t a k e care of the matter. H woul d seem that every build ing should have a supply of light b u lbs for j ust such an occasion, so that as the old globe was removed the new one could be inserted immediately. Questioning several persons -who should know about such I matters as ieplacing burned out globes, i t was disco,ered that the 1 Base Engineering O ffic e i s the 1 ,Place to procure said. item. Wel} p.t .er all, the Base Engme ermg O r U States 'Army : l'n.signia I 1st Army .:.:.:... 2nd Army Srd Army 4th Army Corps Insignia A 1st Corps 2nd Corps 3rd Corps 5th Corps 6th Corps 7th Corps 8th Corps 9th Corps is only a bloc k away-we' ll l e the old bulb down there and it for a ne'vv one. -Upo n arrival at the engineerr I I s I 'ing office a pretty young l a d y inJOCia Clences_ n formed us that it was n o t enough Movie Programs For 1 to return old bulbs to that office, D I d D h :but that the -correct procedure 0 s an as es S aturday, Oct. 17-JUST OFF I \>-as to have::: a letter from the BROADWAY, Lloyd Nolan, Mar-:officer in charge of the section jorie Weaver; Even as IOU; West 1 Next Week 1 -in which the bulb was burned Until slightly over a year ago Point on the Hudson; Goodbye, out, and_ that the letter should -since August, 1941, when he Mr. Moth. state htat the bulb was inits pres-entered the Army, to be exact-Sunday, Monday, Oct. 18 -19-ent condition due to burning out Te,h. Sgt. Manson \ian ,Jennint,s BETWEEN US GIRLS, Diana 'in normal use. Barrymore, Robert cummings; : When we returned, and after was a school teacher on the fa-News of the Day No. 209; The :some time succeeded in getting culy of TP.acher s College, CoMarch of Time No. 2. a letter, we our !'lumbia University, in N e w York 1 Tuesday Oct. 20-I LIVE ON to the Base Engr_neer s_ OfCity. Now, however, he is con-I.DANGER, Chester Morris, Roger 1frce and _sard_ eprstle. nected with the B Stage HeadPryor Mr. Blubbermouth iThe Base _offrce then I qn.arters, Air Warning usual 'occupations No. 3. out a :or Training Un!ts; Drevr Field. -light _bulb,_ usmg the mfm_matw_n Sgt. Jennings, only 26 years o'd, W ednesday, Thursday, Oct. 21. m the letter : Wrth thrs graduated from Harvard Univer22 PANAMA HAT_TIE _Ann rreqursrtwn we then to sity in 1938 In 1939 he received S6_th:rn, Red Skelton, Tlus Is 1!-ext-to-t?e-last door m his master's degree. H e taught t .he Bhtz, News of the Day No. 210 ?ehmd the Base social sciences at Columbia l niFriday, Oct. 23-GUNGA DIN vyhere we the versity. (Revival), Cary Grant, Victor Mcand fmally the ;'\fter h e was inducted, he was Laglen, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr; i "Yes siree... tJ.. I" ..,..,, ../--d tia iiJ19. -, "Ice-cold Coca-Cola is more than thirstquenching. Yes siree. lt!s refreshing. There's an art in its making. There's know-how in its production. The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. Nobody else can duplicate it." electncal sectwn. shipped to Camp Weeler, G a., Cinderell a Gops to a Party. I We presented OUr reqUISitiOn where he receiVE'd his basic train\ BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COL), COMPANY BY -a_nd ret_urned prevwusly men-ing. A week after Pearl Harl::or-, rtem no longer func-on D e c 14 1941 he came to Drev-' Tampa Coca-Cola Bottling Co. honed. At last rt tha_t we Field. Tent City was born on tha' ; R. S. EvansMoto -rs :would haye the date. 'But -no, frrst_ a recerpt be 1 He was brought into the r adio out that we_ I section of the aircraft warning 102 N. Tampa Street S?-Id m good and service because of his predilection tnat. a certam as for electronics during his off -specrfred m the reqltlsrtwn .. Ah, hours from school teaching. H e is ha, at last we possesse d the Item now carrying on administrative we so long sought. In work on the faculty of B Stage l meantime, of course, a certam I Headquarters section of the office was in darkc --+c------ness awaiting the arrival of the 'lamp lighter." The l a dder could AN INVJT A TION I not be left out to bar the way TO A DANCE .during this interval so it must be brought out again now that The Children of Mary Sodality \ve had the new globe and were of the Most Holy Name Catholic ready to replace it. The deed was Church will sponsor a fifty "'nd finally. done. W e pulled the cord, dance party, to be given on Tuesthere :was a pleasant glow it day, Oct. 20, at 8:00 P. M., at the worked! Somebody said, "By the recreation hall on 7th Ave. and way, did I t ell yoti the current 24th Street. WC)s shut off earlier this morn-Prizes will be awarded and r e OFFER fines:l:_ seleclion of late model automobiles, and can arrange terms for commis. sioned officers without de lay. S ervice Men Always vVelcome Sulphur Spring Cafe W e Specialize in Home Cooked Food, Chic k en, Stea k and ing?" freshments served. S ervice m e n Snrihnr ------ic wili be admitted 'free. Chop Dinners Sptings, Arcade Dldg, SOLDIERS ARE INVITED TO FLA. CYPRESS GARDENS M e n in unifor m who care to visit the Flori d a Cypress Gar dens, in Winter H aven, Fla., will be admitted for half price. The lovely tropica l ganlens are situate d o n t h e shores of Lake Eloise. 'tte::P. are broad and path r s th:::-ough the Gard!:nS f e s \ ed with-flowers and .trees m c 1 'are plants from all pl'lrts of world. Hundreris of s ervice men have visitetl the GardPns for the past n i .!1e months 8nd have found there the relPxation sought. PHOTOGRAPHS 3 -8 X 10 $5 00 NO co PONS a NEEDED Send a gift on l y you cnn send .. YOUR PHOTO,. ROY N STUDIO OPEN EVENINGS ?"';) Oppoaile U S. 0. 505 Stree Palace Skating' Rink SULPHuR SPRINGS New Floor New_ Music New Skates Admission: Nights 30c "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH" 5c -STREET CAR AND BUS SERVICE TO DOOR 5c .: .. : .. : .. : ... ::.: : .. : .. : .. : .. :-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-:..,:-:-:-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. ::-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:: .. ::-:-:!:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:!-!!:-:-:-:-:-:-:...: _WELCOME SERVICE MEN Open F1o m 10 A. r,I. to 6 P. 1\'I. Swim at the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL Men ALTERATIONS FREE 917 Franklin St., Tampa fJ 872 Central--St. Petersburg 531 Cleveland-Clearwater il S--5x7 Easel l\lonnte

. The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Bttsiness .Offic,e: 0. Box 522 IllS FLORIDA AVENUE TAM-PA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 -AU advertisements contained in this newsppaper.are also contained m the MacDill Fly Leaf._ Minimum joint circulation, 8,000 copies: ADVERTISING RAT-ES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper pupblished exclusively for Hie personnel of Drew J!'ield and devoted to military interesls and the U1iited Nations 'Victory. By Sgt. John F. Suszyn!?ki The song, WHITE CHRIST-_ MAS, seenied a bit out of seasoi1 -just now; but events of the past week belie the fad that-Xmas is yet to ccime our Band was showered <.vith all sorts of good fortune ai1d favors. To begin with, do you remeiTtberour erstwhile mite of the drums, Pvt. Will Krewson? Well, it seems that he strayed off the Drew Reserva,tion somemonths ago, and mariaged to lose. himself at MacDill .Field .. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writersand under no circumstances are they to be conside1 'ed those of -the United States Anny. Advertisements in this publication do not -constitute a n endorsement by the War De-partment or its per sonnel of the products advertised. The Flag It's the sun of California, It's the rugged coast of Maine, It's the pines of Carolina, CHURCH CALL Protestant Service-11 A.M.; Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. Service-7:30P.M. Chapel No.1. -It's the covered wagon train; At's the bugle call at Yorktow.h, It's the clipper in the bay, Jewish. .It's the rugged bridge at Concord, Service-11 AM., Theatei No. 1. _It's a soldier lad away; last week, someone found him lt's a cotintry's shining g!QI; y, Ca_ :i:holic there arid ied him, by the himd, 1 : It's a l 'ed, white and heaven's Mass--=9:-1 5 A.M., Chapel No. 2 : back to bur organization. Wei-blue, l.V.Iass_:_9:00 AM., .Chapels No. 1 come horhe, Wiil:...:..a.rid l:et that be and Nd. 2. -It's a!) emblem_ and_ a beacon, -* a lesson to you. I.t's the banner of the true. w ... I f h w .. The_ri carrie Pdvate Joseph E eiihtfigs o t e eek wd.ght of Pouglas, A,tizoi1a, to It's' the prairie and th!;! forest, join our tniri'ioet ifectioti. Joe was It's the hunter's lonely camp, Miss I.;ottie A. Kinieto, of Bay-. a balid directoi and Ptiblic Scliciol It's a homestead"on a hilltop, side, N. Y and Sgt. John F. Gos--teacher of music in civilia.h life; -It's a housewife's evening lamp, selin, of Hq. & Hq. Sq., Third he plays; seve1:a1 ii-istruments, and It's the joy of good companions, -Fighter Command, were married. is a real asset to the i3arid. It's a -pleasa.ht evening's etid, Ni:oriday eveniiig in Chapel No. 2 -Everi before \\reek wa:s o'rei;. It's the happiness of children, by Father O'Brien. Pvt. Bob Ludwig tossed his bar. -It's the handclasp of a friend, The bride, wl_10 \vas attended by racks arid his six It's the magic of the mountains, Mrs. Edward L. Curley; wore a fo?t:thr!;!e-mch frame. mto our. It's the rivers and the sea, powder blue suit, with a corsage. mll1st tn. cqmpl:te the tn1mpr't It's tolerance and courage, Pfc. Edard L. Curley was best S!;!ctJon of the 69th AA.F : Band. It's. people brave ai1d fl"ee. mari: The bride Was given in marWe are happy to have you, Bob riage by M. Sgt. B. E. Brown. ;yourself at I"d likP. It's the kindly deed o f neighbors, .A military guard of honor !o ment1qn that yqur nome town It's -forgetting race and which preceded the bride's ts \V'tsconsm It's the good works done together, trance, consisted of S Sgts. Mar-but the. spellmg scar_es rne. It's a hand for one in nedes; cloc 1 aJld v1 voJla Sgt J ff H01_e1 and .Sedlak wlll swear It' 1 1 t' 1 1 s. 0 liOn that 1 t' Cl t t s a oo mu s one y vigil, Palmer, Carlin, Berresford, Rid-c 1I!S mas, ooIt's a worker at his trade, dick and Knippers; Cpls. Nosker though ':"as. their sleeves, and. It's a haven for the outcast, and Rarus and p t L d not then socks, that c ame mt0 It's humanity riumphan, v s. epr e an play when the presents were I lt'-s he grandest flag hat flies. I:-Idaeuck. A !ar ge number of men being handed out_ they are both -1c of the_ squaaron \Ver_e pr.es ent. CORPORALS now. An mformal receptwn followed Tl c:; 1 s D A wf F .. F 4 u rg immediately aft th dd' 1e ,.p<:CW.. All or un ih J e l e we 111"'' of Drew Field J0111eclm the "Hoi!-.---:-. day" 'spirit, and now a fine Just in case you have ci yen for drawing-and i11ost soldiers -do (them what don't soon develop it) -the USO sponsors a mos t enter art class twice a week. Y up. models n everything. Mosey dowi1 to the YWCA on Twiggs Street any Tuesday or Friday evening about 7:30 p.m. Aptly titled, "Art for Fun," these twice -weekly. gatherings are de sjgnecl for "doodlers" or professionals. Sitting in the picturesque courtyard studio of the YWCA, a "doodler" (beginner') may lose himself in. -8 'world of creatio.h and interSoldiers desiring in strnction may seek the advice of the USO supervisor or a ri1dre ex perienced fellow-artist. For those who prefer sculpturing to qrawing; the club offers corr,plete facilities. The uso fi.tr nishes all equipm.eht -:-:brushes, paints, clays, and models. Yes, they even have mirrcii'i; in case :yo u want to do a .sel f porhait. P v t.': A woman' s hair is her gre<:J.test attraction P f c.: I say it's her eyes. C p l.: It's unquestioJ1ably her ieeb. Sgt.; What's the use of us sit ting here and lying to each other? On S .. 3gt.l Chickering Grand piano of the. FightDay Hoom. Thank you, 1 er Squadron, was n:ar11ed to lVIrss Capta m Delano, 1 Myrtle Jackson, of _Edna, Texas. And it wasn't only our group Justice of Peace Milhenms offl" thL:i: wa:.: favotTd during "the pao.t I crateCI. The W itnesses were S. Sgt. week-ask Cpl. Jack Hartm

9th Fighter Command Hqs; FLASHES By S.SGT. FRANKLIN A. GODSOE / You can hear anything around the bus station, and if you don't, you' r e el igible for a CDD, because something is certainly wrong with your hearing appparatus, particularly any evening b et\veen the hours of 10 p.m. and 12 rnidnight while confront -ed with an appalling transporta problem. 1< 1< :3AP SACK DEP,ARTMENT The case of the poor disillusioned soul who waited for two hours in what he thought wasthe bus Tine, only to learn that he was i\1 t _he outer fringe of the stag line at the Y.W.C.A. dance across t}'ie street. 1< 1< J;:XAGGER'ATION! 'ho doesn' t know how the felt who, with pardonable erbole, said, "Why that name -tn a name line was so long when I located the end of it, I was closer to the field than I was the bus station, so I hoofed it all the way in." 1< +< Another of our weekly nominations for immortality is the sage who moaned the other night as he alighted from the bl!s "I' danced two hours with a Mexi can -jumping bean, stood in line 1.t'ntil my feet blossomed, rode five miles in this 'cattle carrier.' I,.m all in but my shoestrings, which are hangii1g out, and I'm a s starved as a Tampa cab driver." 1< 1< BEER BRAWL The squadron party has been history -for a week, but the melo dy lingers on, particularly several DREW FIELD :t:CHOES rS "Tr-fE Mo:>TIMPoRr,qf'O' MAIV ll'f IHE MECI-IAfftl'S 4Re. THE BEST 1N TI-/E WoR 1/oot: -= 41RCORPS of the m which started by span-------------.. fr.esh,n up, Soldier! _Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airfo1ce men know hc;nv much a little stick of chewing gtl'm can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your tlu:oat moist .. Makes the water in that C\lnteen go ftitthe.t; Helps steady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. Page 5 taneous combustion about the I i lO.th round and didn't abate until 6lililf!b (U AJJR:n Dri ll Sergeant: What. has :241 qarkness halted proceedings .. !m riA Ject. gt e11 cyes, and a pmk body i ----,,..---.;._-_:_:_ _::_ __ ..:_:_ ______ Some of the boys coniposed a with _purple stripes? sp:pg as they went along about SGT. MARLIN H[LL Rookie: I don' t know. What? ... Qd!P "'W#JF RLU .... L i*l:o. ..! llluc.:l.: East. of XeiJraHii.a A \ 't' OFFiCERS ANDlMEN! We Alter Uniforms & Shirts For Quick Service & Good Work FLORENCE GREEN SPOR1SWEAR, INC. 711 St. D .eSoto Hot:.l Bldg. t;;t SELDOMRIDGE PH 0 T 0 G H -.-\ PH E H 418 T :\1\IJ':\ S':j:'. IIOtll'S s to 6 Ground Floor Special Arlpointments M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florioln "-"" Member Y.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:-Tampa Next To Manhattan Cafe Co1nplete Printing Service 8 The Cominercial 1115 Florida Avenue Phone 2126 Printers of The Leaf Service Men FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO THE( 010 N N AD E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches MODERATE PRICES


PageS FIRST FILIPINO INFANTRY GETS NEW INSIGNIA WASffiNGTON, D C.Mem bers of the First Filipino Infantry may now display their new shoul insignia authorized by the Quartermaster General. The symbol, a black erupting volcano on a brilliant yellow background, is explained in the authorization. The Mayon volcano, normally inactive but now seething with rage of conquest, against the golden of restoring the country to 1ts nghtful owners. The three stars, taken from the Philippine flag, repre sent Luzo n. Visayas and Minda nao, the three principal islands. : To the Filipino Company now ift training in California, the in signia means much more than a cloth disk to be sewn on the soldiers' sleeves. It stands for their loyal determination to be the first troops to wrest their country back from enemy hands. Scotch Latrine Rumors Before They Do Damage When Yellow Fever was killing more soldiers than bullets were during the Spanish -American War the Army medical authorities found a way to check it. They discovere d that the disease was DREW FIELD ECHOES Drawn for Di v ision of I nformation, 0 E M. ; ''Mrs. Van Pysler is wearing the family tom:gh!. caused by a virus which was ... transmitted to the human body by __________________________ the Aedes .. mosquito. Once that i fact was established, ali they had 1 ----.,------------------to do to check Yellow Fever was Wh t We wa n t ers or chess sets. Those who are to eliminate the mosquito-the a interested have ample facilities carrier of the virus. For Christmas provided. And there is another Rumors are Yellow Fever to the "no" for -diaries. soldier's morale ... and they can New York heaquarters of the Keep up those pac.kages of be checked the same way as the I good eats, the boys hke them. tropical disease -eliminate the USO week held a survey Cakes are favorites. : .-Oc!ober 16 1942 : _.., .. ,Julian Headier, of Camp Grant, I I n d d All J lr Ill., out-riml;.e(} his Jamon s an ewe y and It's not a 'VAACy Situa.twn. Hi wife ; a colonel She ,;,., ap-1 ..._. pointed by Govemor Ruby Laf1 foon of I{ en tacky when she was j :. ,}._ the state's youngest trotting horse I@#J!;itM!e dl'iver. The Sarge, if he docs ever 11 605 Franklin St. l'ise to the top in conunissioned AIn1y ranks 1ealizes h e won't get I h R ratings Lecause of what he i Expert \Vale epairs docs with trotting horses. So hiswife out-ranks hi..rn on all deci.. .,.,,..,.,.,..,_,...._,,_.,,,,..,.,,.,!J, sions at home Private: I feel like telling that sergeant where to get off again. Second Private: What do you n1ean, "again?" Private: I felt like it yesterday. ____ -{( ____ TELEPHONE H 25-692 THE CRICKET TEA ROOM 241 HYDE PARK AVE I Mess Sergeant: Who in hell put those flo\vers on the table? Orderly: The captain. I Mess Serge!-!!-!!:!: .. .. :-:4 campaigns their armies. overseas. elude blondes, 30-day f urlot:Jghs, "'!'llllllllllililm!:i!I!S!illlllll!:BIIillrl'lllllllll!IBII!!!IIZI!ll!:ElL'illitllliBili!Hlliilll!iliiBilllllllllllllllliiEIIIIIilll!! Lets not be parties to cot;Time is short for errands, so cases of scotch an end of KP and !!!: &ii!i! ii!\W h$Mi4AA '' #AI mvmg of The Rat. of Berlm: Lets 75.4 per cent of the navy believe guard duty, and, you guessed it, not become. mosqmtos-;-carners of that a quick working razor blade a set of six-ply automobile tires. the G I. disease. Lets eradicate sharpener is better than buying ''Lord help us" gifts, things-we-HERE IS A PLACE JUST Ll KE HOMErumors. new packs frequently and the wouldn't-want veer 'for free are -----i' Army thinks it is useful, too. knitting instructions, fancy 'umTHEJ AVERAGE JAPANESE The number of'men who. want .brellas, bugles, Adolf t.Iitler's Idea :-as his country's armed forces some religious article asa gift is of the New Order. :today spread from the Siberian impressive. The Bible and New ie ----.border to the Bay of Bengal-Testament are most wal)ted .. But hen attacked by low .. is cqnvinced that t)le war .has the desire of the Navy for these planes, every soldier should fire b ee n won and that the defeat of articles is 10 per cent !higher than 011 them, uilless 01ders hm e been Shuffleboard, ping pong, radio,' phonographs With large selec-the U. s.' is.only a question of a in the Army. to the co.ntrary. This _will. tiol). of recordings;,.;?V'riting rooms, lib1 :ary, showers-all free. short time. (Christian Science Don't give. a man playthip.gs cause the .-to keep above iil!llllll!lillllllilillalilaal; Monitor). -No cards, cribbage boards, 'the. rnnp;e of sm.a!i nTill s file. ,: CHRISTiAN SERVICE CENTER 918 Tampa Sreet ALL SERVICE MEN WELCOME OPEN DAILY TILL


October 16. 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 'I' ... REVIEW been called 505th Football S p 0 RT S ... mr: inTxrt't\''''mt.vnoraTIInTT:ror'Jml rourn' ament Gels transferred-Buck up, Pete, there are thousands of men in uniform By Pv.t. Delwin Baggett of swimming on the Drew Field 1. left in Tampa. Off Wl"th a Bang championship team of the Tampa Gladys Tate swears she IS go_mg Corp. Andrew N. Fischer, of area for two years straight. to resign every payroll penod. ___ 504th Plotting Co., Plant Field, Officers and enlisted men may Can't blame the gal, 'cause that The 505th Regiment's football t d f' t place in the Third secure horses for horl"eback rid .. is one big headache. Doesn't seem ure Irs ing at the Tampa Yacht and to bother Myrtle Farnum, howtournament, in which nine teams Air Force Obstacle course meet. Country Club Riding Stables. loever. are enrolled, got under way last last week in the fast time of one cated at Ballast Point. straight Billie Best has a flying Sergeant week with a bang. Opening the h t th B h B 1 d t B 1 ve1y. much interested in her. I Season's plav, the Hq. & Hq. c0 minute two and eig ten s 1 out ays ore ou .evar. o a J I t P t P"er This is one of Looks as though they might take rolled o.rer the 1st Reportina Co. seconds for the grand prize of a 1 as Oln 1 : "' Tampa's best rtdmg stables. off any day for a 10-0 :VICtory, the passmg 1 free week-end with all expenses -+c Forrest O 'Brien is looking forof. RI_chman and the repaid at the Hotel Tampa Terrace. s 1 ward to this week-end. He's going ce::vmg of Sg,s. ?ank and Corp. Fischer proved to the rest SUB DEPOJ "UB 1 to be a bachelor-and hopes to Sl!m 9rabowslu featunng the of the contestants that beirig in .J I taste the sweet nectar of freedom Wilmer s play. condition would go a long way Congrah_llations to Curry Bar-1j again. In an extra-period contest the toward winning anything. This "' I Medics downed the Plotting Co. column coi1grats you on winning nes who IS a brand new pappa, I Captain: You a r e charged with by a score of 6 to 0 In the overthe arand prize Corp. Fisher. but not very proud of It. as we I habitual drunkenness. What extime pe_riod a thirty-yard_ pass I In" about weeks or so haven't seen any. cigars yet??? i cuse l)ave you to offer? I bCpl Connell t o Cpl Pianowsl::! I there will be ano:ther meet over Since Doris Toencs 'came into' Pvt (brightly) Habitual thirst, I roke the deadlock. the Thir<;l Air r:orce Phillip Cash's life, he seems to s ir. WILLARD The Hq. I course, he flrst place wm-think the. worlrl is 0 K. Smiles ,---------------. powerful ner e:th_ng a free week-end a:t I all the time, but wh. o \vouldn't I pany team on Sunday by a 12-"ll he Flondan Hotel. The exact smile with Doris around. CRENSHAVI/'S From Old Hickory, Tenne,;;;ee score,. both touchduwns is to be later. Wonder why Harris Hobby I the wmners of I The Base Medics, wmners of looks w sad an the time latel y -(Wholesale) Now Conducting Ol. u : 'sleeper" plays. Sgt. Garcia twice the Drew Fiel.d soft ball chan:could it b e his new shift, or is VAL MEETI NG snea_ked off to 1 pionship, cerhfi-,it LOVE?? Fruits-:-Vegetables REV I I rE'reiv;d. beaut .Ifu l p asses !rom 1 cates for wmnmg this title at 1 Lo;s. I s the new Pvt. KuJl, sconng .?!l, beU1..nccaRetreat on Monday by the lovely ,_Queenfish m Supply. The gal sions. In the cl osing ni.ifltites of Miss Nettie Mathison of the Base really knows her Stock Records, the game lhe .. :,.C:Onnnunttations Administration office. CorP and is doing a swell job-Lois Phone 2623 team srored Ol). !IO.!)g_ to Sgt. Fra11k Focht, captain of the team, came to us from Se:t

314ih Air Base Squadron WASHOUTS By CPL. TUL Y UNGER In compl! T A N :i: :men s\\'eatina out a promotion that we have reference to Pfc. grand friend of the service : : 'fo r a furlouah marriao e or OCS .James Carroll), lay off. He's a Mrs. Yock, of the "Service M enS : :: ::: If you have "promised man." \Vay. ba(:k" on Lounge, was gravely concerl!-ed : 210 E. Lafa)ette St. ;. fo.I' the Sweat Box, won't you September 3, both the BA YO NNE for our welfare on our recent h1ke ) J RSEY JOUR f Cl arwater to Drew Field GOOD FOOD REASOXABLE PRICES please just hand them to me or TIMES and the E -rom e l'i' + 'to our all-round Man Jackie Der-NAL earned p1ctu1es of the beau-Another tbmg that makes _Plant y DlNNEnS 30c, 40c, 60c. : vin, in the Day Roo'm? tiful bride-to-be, .. Miss_ Ruth Field more desil'able to u s IS the,: TI'Y onr Sunday Ronst 'l'nr};:ey Din net with a:il .:::. the t0,_ .. cl, Jac. OJ'., to s.ff.t. who was V ISiting 111 Tam-fact that there is no waiting at ;:; D' 'I'I .:. v -!' ; 'ftimming-s or Fl'ied Chicken tnnel'. ll'ec C ook, who is sweatin.G' out all of 1 pa recently .... P vt. Ray Sarnot11e gate for buses. Within a few ':' 50 : .. = 1 1 t f .. Ve!!:etnbles, Dessert atHl l)tink C those beautiful "'irls in Tanma. l! .nslo was seen buymg some dol s minutes we're m t 1 e cen e r o 1 .:. h k Set"Yed li'tom 11 A M. to H P M------------------------------:---: him and BrothC',-r Snow downtown one nig t las t wee _. Tampa. i theY really do cook withgas. Sgt. You're a: mighty big boy for such. So far, we haven t heard a peep :;: OPEN DAY AND XITE 'Trenner, our special order clerk, things, Ray._ ... Fellows fron: the! out of any organization either bei WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS ._ -is swr:ating, and I mean really old 54th F1ghter Group Will be littling our hike to Clearwat e r or ; .. ; .. .. : .. ; .. ::-: .. ; .. : .. ; : .. :: .. : .. ; .. : .. :! .. !-t":":: .. : .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; : .. :!!: .. ; .. ; ; ; ; ; .. :-t; .. perspiring, that furlough where -mtcreste d to hear that Col. challenging us into submission by -----,----------------;:-----------. :by he can glndden the hearts of Charles M lVIcCork! e, formerly duplicating it. all those lusc:ious wenches in .Group Operations off1cer and_ now :brew Field certainly came into :V.rashington. You undoubtedly a Group Commander, IS g1vmg its own when the Service Club bave heard the old quip oy?" WelL the Sarge's reply is, account of his exploits : Thathave Alec Templeton as our hon'fWhy sl,wulrl I get marrif>d and trip that T Sgt. James Dodd, Cpl. ored guest. His winni11g wayof' 43.8 W. yfaye, tle Phone H .45 .. 914 _'make one-girl'happy when I Stanley Jones and James presenting a cleverly devised, stay siEgle and make them all Corcoran and John Collms are c:n gram certainly won him a host of 1 happy?" Typically Trennerian_. ri'lakes. the envy o f every man m new friends and brought back To a ll of those mean the Wmg. Real!Y IS a swell vaca-1 pleasant memories to his friends To all of those men sweatmg hon -and with pay The I of former days. jst if I may qualify as such, the men back from D_S down at_ Sara-J Baseball has occupied us somedays are gettlng cooler and tlv sota report that 1t was def1mtel.Y what of late and it's really a time rapidly drawi?& .closer for a "good deal." :Don't believe 1t mean game we play. At Egypt that. hst to he ouohc1zed. WP. would have taken much persua-Lake we encountered the 687th don't have mach to swE:at, sion to get 'em back down there, from Plant Field and what hap.or maybe by then we really will eithei: .... Looks as though pened? Well, one ball was pelted .have to sweat. have to start callmg Pvt. W1lham so far skyward and so far away Pic. McGarry is running a ter"Brooklyn" Catherwood "Romeo" from home plate that one _Plant 'bfic trr.,eper;:.ture a.bout his com-instead of "Moimur. He displays man Stachina in the outfield,Tan ing furloug h and it ain't the heat, the pictures of two different into' a fence 'and came down a either. It's and the. beautiful babes :;ide by side on l:tis real casualty. "Medic, medic ... bells w1ll soon be ch1mmg shelf .... Just like the proverbial where do those medics hide any i-: s?-id wedding tu take bad nickel Pvt is alway?" The cut on the foot didn't ; v!!tl;un the m(Jnth. Then Mr. and ways showmg up m spite of the keep the man out long, though, ;Mrs. will be able to to-fact he transferred to the 314thbecause someone yelled "Chow," _under that ctehghtful, Air Base Squadron .... Can you and somehow, food seems to taste 1f>'hiiadelJ?hia moon, th2nce. t0 imagine that bundle of better at Egypt Lake Are any ;Tampa for quarters and Cpl. Ruben Hoffman, takmg cooks bucking for stripes in the _I about admm1stracalmly ?r Pvt: Tony Zal-. presence of the bms? Our games ior the httle lad;v). wesk1 nc;>t calmly at Plant are plenty of fun, tho.ugh, : _.1f someone would _give ?Ur ral and talkmg m fast, c_hpped sen-with Applebee as umpire, Wood Greenberg_ a kick m the tences? ... Pvt. A.ustm bury at bat, Wennings pitching, ;right FJlaf'e S'l tnat he .vould start was seen last mght e.ar-Edwards er catching, and Sgt. G:ertye, I would be m conversatwn Riddle coming in under those yery apprecwhve. '1-+l all with a charmmg young at long drives into right filed. tthat-ne can actuill.ly do 1s sweat the USO. We were told that It was It is bandied about that there :out thos-e cta!ly mEs1ves of love. definitely "all wool." Overis a girl somewhere in the Tampa :)Jut not m a n_tally: : The of heard i n that three-block-long area who just loves to [those letlers Is gett1?g too ho. to lme wa1tmg for buses shrimp cocktails. See lVIartm for [ h:a?dlf'_. I, f0r rme, <'111night: T. 5 Donald_ "Ripper" Tilley I details. .BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF EVEil, Y R00:'\1 WITH BATH. ,V. B. SHULER, l\Ianager 208 JACKSOX ST. Between FHANJU.,IN & 'l'A:'\IPA, FT.ORIDA : P}IO:'\E M 5537 THE CHATTERBOX Chicken mid Steaks neal Italian SAXD":ICHES DIUNKS LIQl'OHS Abhn Dn:bba & llnnd Nightly 707 .s Howatd Ave. Phone H-3737 SOLDIERS THE EAGLE pATIO Has .been .designed to make your leisure hours .As Pleasant As Possible Cteam, Soft Dtinks, Beet, 'Vine, Fun And :Music 170!> North Howard Avenue Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service .tiCipab!lg those bel!s. to an officer: "Sn, could I call Who said we're in the "Fish and I !lm ve:ry anxwus to get B1ll you a taxi to go to the other end. Game Exhibition Building?" It's of the Sweat I?ox .. I of the line?" ... We'r,e that "Poultry." Let's gathe r around Let me know w nat you_ t.:unk everyone must have noticed the, and look down into the orderly tflP Sweat Box and kick m big improvement in chow since room. Ma they're marching :;!: .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. : .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. : .. ; .. ; .. ; ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. : .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. Yith "sweats. Sony ourl Lt. Eisenstadt, the new mess offi-again! 1 ::: "FloWet s T e legra}Jhed Back Home rn(lel' Bonde d S er\'ice" compcnsat10n fund has been c e r. took over .... T. 5 Nelson -+< l'i ;_:hausted, .bu t if you will. Wheeler have been having Private: What kind of rie i::o ::: N E L S 0 N T h e F I o r i s t a good pnunf' number wtth :y._.m lots of portra1ts made. lately fol-this? item, I guarantee lowing all those conversations Corporal: What does it 514 TAMPA STREET 'in kind. I with the "coupon girl" a t the PG. like? ::; Op e n 9:00 A.iU. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays + -+< f : ,' THE NEW ORDER.. I it's apple. :;:.; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ;:.; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. : .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ;'. the mascot. of Colonel Smtth, Pos t nery schooL ... Pvt. Cec1l Amick pumpkin tastes. like soap. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. : .. ;;; Commander of Edwards, hvill b e doing his swimming at : .:. 1\Iass., is b eing adjustec1 to .the Davis Island in the future, since R A M s E y THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP .:. new onlet, H e is a. fom-year-old running into that camera-shy per-T. W. ;:; HOTEL TAMPA TERRACE i<' ancl a vetemn of four son there last Saturday afternoon. LUMBER COMPANY .:. ,.:-406 E. Lafayeiie Street ;:: lnaneuvel'S. life became Came across this the other We Specialize In .:l: "E--:-.:L, OWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS" :i: such an obsession with him that day: "All of us preach the wor-Mill Work & Cabinets .:. )leformecla.dislikeforallwm_nen. thiness of hardwork. We began :!, Qpen From's A.M. io 11 P.M. Sundays and Every Day 1 -We can furnishe m .aterial for l'e-.. nut. lately. in view of the new orpraising it centuries ago in an efpairs and F H A Loans .;' .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. : ; .. ; .. ; .. : .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ;" d er, he's b eing f e d re.aling mattet fort to induce others to do our Phone y 1219 17th st. & 61h Ave on the \VAACS and 'VAVES so h e share of it. How true, how true! -\von't get into trouble. l -+< Firs t rookie: Did know that TN THE RWT:'\f. GaJ 'flne r Fielcl, mY sergearit talks to himself? isn't doing so barUr 'second Ditto: So does mine, but with its dl'ive for a swimming I doesn' t know it. He thinks somepool. A crowd of three thousand one is l istening. at the fi ehl w4?re e .nt4?J tninefl br -+<----.Dinah Sh01 e, th Ritz R1os., Linda Rookie: How long will I h8VP. to Darnell, Roy Rog:ers, George Ghot I wait for a ';and Danny KaY e of Broadwa.y's B<1rber (after close look): ./\bout "J.,et's Face It." six months, I gue3s. Attention! Dancing FREE TRY-OUT By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN D an'l S Bagley ;'Sulditrs F:norite Place" ANO CHOPS A SI'ECL\J:l'Y ELITE H BS'I'A U H AX'P AXD '1'\YJGGS STS, Selma Drennan Brooks-----------:------------Tel. H st. I Buy More Victory Bonds & Stamps


Page 9 We Are 100 Percent Behindthe Boys In Our Armed Forces \ i s one of a seies of de!';ignell to bolster the moale of tlie bO)' S in the Senice by citing the the more clearly will you come to houses .as a sausage maker. He mos t important )lalf of the word a ieal understanding cif .the true was a hard worker-and a good In. this wai of rna-meaning of all that for which you one. On a certain occasion, he chines mid men. oiw strong and are called upon .. to.fight. earned a much-needed vacation. s,tubborn I CAN' spirit will spur "These priceless additions to Upon .his return the "big boss" 3703 Nebraska Ave. us on to victory!" Dr. Carter maryour life come to you as men in notified hirri he was no longer ried the former Clara Wehh and the Army of the United States. _nee d e d. A man of great determihave five ebildien, Edward But si'!-ce nothinlj( worthwhile is 1 nation, Mr. Herman a Jr., Mrs. T. N. Henderson, jr., Mrs. ever wrthout a pnce, so, too, must 1 small meat mar}tet on ,the corne r R. L. Van Dervort, Sarah and there be a price for your greater! of Columbus Dnve and Edward jr .. is. a secon(:i and broac!-er vision. That 1 In a smaJJ back room, ndt w1th Medical Corps pnc. e Is to be pa1d_ n1 the. 1 b1g enough to nouse a _Model 'I' at Hanheman Umverstty, gamble of war-to' -return or not the pnde of every Amencan farod elphia. The Carters reside at to return. It is to he paid in the ily dur:ing those. days, h e, with 3415 Lykes Avenue. sweat and toil and the tears of the h elp of a faithful wife, start-----it which Winston Chtirchill spoke ed the manufacture. c:if sausages. John Ray J and wrote. It. is to be paid in the Fwm the very start he was a spc. sacri_fice that you are called upon i cess. Today, in the midst o_f a H e didn' t make the trip "across to g1ve so that m e n may remain world-w1de confllct_;_a t a tlme the pond" in '17 so. naturally h e human and not r etr.n: n to the stac when on countless battlef i elds the action at v.;rdun. but .J. 1 of the beast.-. to be paid parchec!-d t 1 s t is drinking the blood A Ra' y l owner and manager of r m the unbar'!for of millions of gallant and herOIC the Tennes_s_ e e .J.mnber. Companv, they will be happmess meiJ, from a ll parts of globe Jst Avenue and Northern RRil1 and progress 1l), a new era of and from all walks of h fe, the rna d .. sa."; plenty of.action in the 1peace and brotherhood. Yes, the blue flag representing the Minute "front lmes" of produr.tio n. B orn 1 pnce 1s great, the cost 1 s high. Men of Concord fhes beneath the [ Sept. 29 1880 at Morristow n j But if Democracy fails then the Stars and Stripes. on the flagpolpe T e nn. Mr. Ray] '.vas in thP hun-! pnce w11l be even greater for all at the H erman Sausage, Inc., g1-1 hP.r at thf' outbreak of men will be s laves and fear will gant.ic plant on Six Mile Creek, W orld \V m I. m aking .9"1!11 engulf all humanity. s howin g the worl d that Fred H er-and artillery rimf' for the forces "As long as o u r government I man' s employees are putting 10 1 C. A. FIELLAND 190 7 Grand Central General .John .T. so ,'alhas called and you have answered oer cent of the1r pay mto W a r I lantl. v dirPctP.d. M;liTiecl to 1he the summons-the n make the !Bonds and Satmps to h elp freight_ formet M!ss Ella D o .dson the! mos t of your servrce-learn all" the cost of th1s war. ____ ...__ .... -------;. Rex Meighen ; A certified public accountant with the Sweeny & Meighen Rex. Meighe n who is well in Tampa, says: "Here in Amerida our democracy, our way of rpay not b e perfect. No; but we America work together to brii),g a complete fullfillment of iacy. We wor!c.:._!lnd we riow-to make that dream come true. Not only for ourselves, hut :for all of you. We work arid we fight for a community of arid for peace and freedom for ail: Hitler, Hirohito _ami Mussoliii'l have taken a garribl=-...:putting some of their biggest chips in tlie game-betting against free Amer:. ica:r;is. Plainly, Hitler, HirohH6 arid Miissolini are losing that gambie. So will they lose the war -if all Americans will accept their responsibilities as o .lir defense industries a ccepted the Axis challenge. And we are wirining this war because we -have the spirit tb triumph. Farragut spoke for Americans of todav 'as V.rell as yesterday.,........when he 'Damn the torpedoes-full speed ahead'." Frank J Kearney, Pres. Joseph. R. Mann, Sec 'y-Treas. CONSOLIDATED BOX COMPANY, Inc. Mail Address: P. 0 Box 4341 3302 N. Armenia Ave. Phone H-3635 Tampa, Fla. J.D. Jordon Vinegar Company 417 Eunice


5S4th Plotting I 'I'H!RD FIGHTER COMMAND HO. & HO. CO. SEA. BREEZES Dots and Dashes. By SGT. E. S. PERRY 'J;'his colu.mn is being written to 1!_0. ., .. :-:!:-:-:i an accon.1p ani1nent of guitars, by t:&o .u ,. so1n e o f the con1pany Lotharios Mostellar' s Sundries ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINRS 201 9th St. So. For i?rompt Service .. .. -...: ; : .... .>: .. ..... : :'; p rr:: 5909 ... c .. <: none B } PVT. ALVIN M. AMSTER dock matc hmg mckels and the n I and Don Juans, so if it turns out lost them. all ... Lt_. John J musical or p oetic you all know Once again the T h ird Fighter Goodwm ; s a whiz a t mornmg r e -the r eason w h y. The first s w e e t Opp .Seaboard Station :con1m8nd i s unde r the adminis-p o rts Lats haw snore s we note is a chorus for Pvt. Leonard :.:_ MASTER CLEANERS t r il t;nn of a g e neral. Last week learn from m ysterious sources Barne s whose name iS' added to '---------------''-' Miliotto and Willo u ghby were tip-that g{owing roster of our men : ,:. : .: INC. BriJ; A. H. Gilkeson, fortoein g arolind Duncan' s b e d l ast headed for OCS. If h e h andles fu-DINE Al'I'D DANCE. .. m c o mmand of the First S_unday, n o t wanting to tui e situa t io n s and d e v elopments > F ;ghtror Command, iYI!tche l Fie} d, h r m and upon closer /the way h e has tha t P.B. X., he <'. SSlimf!cl c ommand of t h i s h ead1 fo und that the bed co n tame d t wo should be a two-star gen e r a l be2102 4th Stieet North 011 repl acmg CoL George ?.1 prllows c o v e r e d by the fore this s h oo t ing _is over. _Par-I WINE AND BEER l.'J'"'l t o \ln t w h o was assi ned e lse-and n o Duncan .... ?rtiz and don me for 10 mmute s while I v' r,.,... g Thom. the two equestuans .... feed our new mascot-Digit, the HAROLD BifOWN, 1\Jgr. .. .-, ... Cni R a Janus start e d some-J Tom Carlto n d ecided to squirre l. vVhose name does h e .. J" .'< .... ".': ... : THE COTTAGE .. 567 Nfil .th Street No. --' :.. ___ .. St .Ec.t.ersburg, Fla. :. : th;nt! h is O C S a c c eptance his SJ?are. evenmgs b y taking a I swer to o n the r oll-call? And how GilberJ System Hotel o t h e l s m e o n the/parttn;;e JOb at 1 ,PX .... does Joh n sle e p hll the. J NIKKO :: .. B ettx .. Q.' 'Jirrt.,hell, !Ug-r. g o f sending i n ?roves a n d Lt. (Holy) l_ast n o t e o f reve1_ ll e and stlllma k e I INN ":;"4 6 st; P etersburg l,n, his acceptance b y S m o Kt; are a bit W ... S 10 1l-c all f ully dr e ssed? 19 1st St. No. Phone 6 -20 .. P J10ne 7864 J: S g t R chard V va tson JUS t r eturne d 1 ':: : .-'\Your ... }Iolllc ,:Away from Horne" t o wash window s at Hq .. 1 _And one more Air Cinditioned, Private ,.f<>.u .. Ah_vnys welcome : p.-,. ')1" WF.ly, Meyer R e u b e i ; l eft f 1 om furlo u g h P1 obably b y e i ght-dollar one-how m a n y gnls .' A 111uml! IIL .. noom -\iV,. ,11, .. sda y for Signa l OCS a t Ft. t lus time I S back m t h e groove. do you think-Sgt. C ampione l eft Dining Rooms, Chinese an(} .:' 'Hot nud: -cold W:ite r All rimes Jvim.mm tn. P S .-Somebody s ent in this b ehind him em his last furloug h ? American Meals f t H d t f A h h l ... c'o:'A:t .. Petei;sburg ., !'!:thdRys come and g o, and last ootno e : 1 e a m i ;; our. n y w I e .1 .. -....... : .. : P fc. Tom celebrated i s mysterious won:a n I on the h e can keep Ius mmd Paramount .Bo' wling ..... ;;,_'o ... _.:. .... r d wr-: n n t hday b y rece1vmg about who IS cal!mg our g o o d colummst, the bus mess at hand. :>Jf' a :l: .._._ J::lO maile d b y diffe r ent P v t A mster, during duty hours, Last Sunday we all. spent a !'irH!nct>-. I nclude d was a .very nice and what doe s she want? Why I happy morning with an old -AU ... --.. b y a "Cuddles." .. Al? I ; I 'J' hi.s exercise three ciays a week -+c hammere d his old spurs into a a m rn .. i t s casualties: Char_les To The Dial Telephone pai_r of silver sao 4 u, Ave.!'. Phone 50-612 t h e general' s dnver, tned 1 1 he. ndes a plane Anzona style ,. .... ... ,-, SGT. NORMAN G. on the obLUNCH ... : B :.;_: : __ _-: : .. __ .. nter, Inc. :1 w o r K tne followmg day so stiff Hello, Operator, 1s a thmg stacle cours. e, we all looked like GEORGES 1 11 f h "'Cor-J:st' 1\ V e --so d o ilh;; t h e limped and creaked a o t e Tarzan, especially on the arm-14 2nd St. so. '" -,:':..:; .:.':.. .-. : :an -nd St. l o v e : : For Drew. Field has d1al phones swing. But we still can't play 20th Century :1 \V ande r how Rarus IS domg at last. football qarefooted -just ask Specializing in ..... 2r::;, .. ,;:'cZMleys_ <;lays? pom: Joe. G<;>sNow you have the latest, so you Pool, who tried and then walked l STEAI\:S, SEAFOODS, ,,::;_c.,,_2 / s e l m l ooks chipper, mighty chipcall in style; around. for a week looking like SANDWICHES. ... p e L T oday is S Sgt. and Mrs. No fuss, no bother, no waiting-the hunchback of Notre Dame. < Ton e s first wedding anniversary. just dial! You can find an exception to A.t st. Pe-ters'bw-g .... __ H ollis ;N, I out o f bounds. P. S : I hear that battaliOn head, .. A d1me out of every ..... .... .. :.::".:: .,: .. :. J ,e:fla t e the bus congestwn m, .. quarters would love dollar we earn ;;F .. : back to the Base these! Ope r ators we1oe cursed, called to play t _he o_fficers at softball;. ; : :.: .. .-... p. .. R ISIAN .. CLEANERS I slow and no good, they offer IS OUR .. : .t-. v isitor to the last And you would have sworn they w<>k was "Satnr_ny l w ere of wood; Sentry: H alt! W]:l. o goe s there'? J for VICTORY 0:.:", .. ,, : a mfty pan _aenal No cussmg and ,beggmg the Voice: You wouldn't recognize I .. Ave. n '' ... wmgs he acquu ed _at O r operators at all, me anyway. I'm new here. U.S. WAR BONDS:: ',.,:c::c::":::':>< ..._,Pllbne::.s '631 :lc.mdo. S ammy :-vm b e _at MacDill Just use your finge r and diall ... :: .,. .. ...... /for a .little_ ":'hile, .. takmgan ad-make your own call! EL.KS J N UNIFORM :}. .. ,.,. : :-. (. v a n cect trammg course. ::-.;..: .:.:.:!..< N c w promotions at Hq. : It's When business r equires phoning Re1 ; 1embet _Every 11 ;:.no 'N lVI&jor Alexander C. Strecker. T ampa on time, / 4 P.l\f. to 1;1 P.M. Ftee 'Soft SERVICEMEN -',::: ... .. ,.,,;r:: ."" : ;j "-'ih 'JJ have a brother team in Don' t_. forget to dial the prefix/ Ddnks Food Music c -STORES 'Ati w outfit' next week. Ray Johfnme; Bl'ing a Buddy; 'Alfredo y Familia by Direct Wile Hri on':> b rohter, Morgan, joins t e You listen then, and hear no busy ... -,., .,". ::r.-... tThi rd. F -ighter as one of the new tone, E L K S L 0 j) G E Fancy Groceries-Free ;.,\flrun:,..;;:.:;. ,rJiEER CIGARS f;S. :-3g t. pilots. Morgan recently So you finish by dialing the TamFloi'ida Ave. & l\Iaaison St. 1601 N:-HOWARD AVE. ...... Phone 1\I 62_072 ilg r,.,duc.t e d from Spe n 'ce Field. p a phone! DIAL H25 564 '\": harlie" Taylor' s n e w addi-And the n on .the base when you ,----------..;.----. .;.. _________ -_____ .. Phone M-1236 tio11P.l daily duty is to walk Gen. GORDON STUDIO bulldog, "Bodo," at want to talk, PHOTOGRAPHY :ceg nlaJ iQtervals. And across the field it's too far c' Sgt. Tom Clayton decided at to walk, This Christmas Send Your Pho: t h:-A rticles of War lecture last (This usually happens whe n Most Welcomed Gift. that his feet hurt too much you're all alone), Operi Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 1 & o 'cook off his shoes. When the And what to do?-why, the 616 c ITIZENS BLDG. !-leo n< Peggy Perrin of A-1 ; has Not a notion about. the parts POST OFFICE CAFE iS<' two corrugated metal wash boal a::. in our barracks Rid d:.t:.,: ;':net Sanders hav e the right sy I m o n dates. Ask them .. .. denie s all knowledge of t h-: p notographic display in the )v; l'tt8 0 :;hop ... Anton u c ci smokes : s t ii, k e i l cigars Harri e t Schro a e: M"d. secre tary, h a il s from nnore. .. How do you like : Ct.;:. ;:,gL. Simmons? T Sgt 1: bu: l 1 1yer s tre ats tha t jeep like : Lc. ow1 : car Say, M i s s Val!in. ; 'c. 't.l1o.t s e rgeant didn t l oo k like .. ot tnt: Third Fight e r boys r i"l' G-1assen and wilbur C arlin e;, r :. c 1 1 1a k e up their minds who' s g o111 g .lo rush Hazel. Vince B.v:.>c h e cleaned out Kirwin Mar' .. DELIVERY East Side of Bridge Phone M-5588 : = :. .. P.h. H 4385 ... ... AU Sel'Vice M e n are Welcome: BARCELONA CAFE ... ... ..... _.,_4 .. .sPAN_ISH : .. :>, EST URANT W1nes and LJquots '' .... ... .. .,, ,,..,., ... ,.,. Phone S2142 Open All Night A Specialty 4714 Nebraska and Osborne !'. :;-.. ... _Franklin St. .: __ :: -S:::--=-0.,.,.--,UV--o--ENIR& JEWELRY .. .-":>:-JllXIE 1 Cfeaners : : Laundry Lhe and Stuffe d Alligators ,-.-... .. :' ---, .. l"l orida Souve nil s-;:-Ctuios .... .. 423 2 107 E. Lafayette St. .. .. _. : ... :' ; .. .._"! .,... The Tavern Bar and Grill -: s HOT AND COLD LUNCHES 'CIGARETTES WINES Spaghetti a Sp ecialty < '" S A LIQUORS-BEER-WINES ) IA:RR .311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 .. .. OFFICERS AND MENr : CO.-, '-.:... -. ... .. -. W e Appreciate Yom Patl'onage.:.; t o Btii'id Anything' -and Thank Y ou. .. Mill w o r l c l\fad e To Orde r MacDill Field .Po s t Tailors,-, .-:,:: V. Ficcio .; .. ,l) Tampa ----.... ..


; October 16, 1942 ; ... .. .' 309h Service Group Hq; & Hq Sq. t INFO ByCPL.H.A.HORTON DREW,:fiELD...,.ECH:PES .. 1 r ., ... \ J....l : ... .l : out and help make this a nig h t A Letter to I 1, t I e r to remember. M October 10 was anothe r stripe day. Those moving into a higher Naturally you're one of the, topics of conversation in a barracks strata were S. Sgt. Parker to chinfest, M r. Hitler. And .the other night some of the boys got to talk Tech Sgt.; Sgts. Stevens and Stone to S. Sgt.; Cpls. Jarvie, ing about you. You don't kl)OW any of them, but you will hear of them I L ankford, Morris, Page, P a terson some day soon. Yes, we're the "poor downtrodde n Americans," Mr. All who attended the Alex Tem-Rosengreen, Shields and Vaughn Hitler, who flocked in 1 000 000 strong for voluntary enlistment after pleton concert are in agreement to Sgt. ; Pfc:s _Blanchard, Brayer, I your Hirohito's fatal excurit was one of the hmost. :nd-1 sioh to Peal'l Harbor. Yes, volun JOyable evenmgs they ave a and Sweet to Cpl.; Pvts. Cook Individual I tary Can you imagine since coming to Drew. There Cool, DeRosa, Diveler, Duffy, Ga-such a thmg? sho uld b e mor e personalitieslike leski, Lazinsky and Tone r to Concealment We dori t believe you could call him brought her e to entertain the Pfc. Best of luck, fellows, m your us "pure 'Aryans." No-you see, boys. new Concealment from both ground of us is from Florida arid anS Sgt. Gennerella is doing a I AVN roN and air observation .is necessary oth' ei of us is from New York. He's fine job in leading the boys in 1 59fh .. your own safety _as : we_ll as 1 Jewish. His naine .might be Rosen calisthenics every atteinoori in your comrades. When selectmg a velt He's definitely not good for the Group Area. Just one thing, By PVT. JAMES C. GRAy position, choose it carefully and 1 us if we take your word for it. But Johnny, is b9thering the boys. 1 t f I d 't f th 1 y's point So1I1e of them are afflicted with Any 1 s P en Y 0 news. er 1 rom e e l em he's a sergeant, and a damned good heat rash and they are wonder-But there l S no news. The of Vlew. one, Mr. Hitler. One of the boys ing if you might not work out fellows are like the three mon-1 Be sure to make full use of all I i s Italia n He is ashamed of the some exercise that permit keys-see nothing, hear nothing, I natural cover as concealment. If people who assist you in your cam them to scratch w here 1t will do d f 11 th' th' g I the most go_od durmg those in-an a mg:, say no 111 .'. the enemy cant see you he c ant pa1?ns. Did. y?u ever hear of tervals when you do the same. I even lf they do know. H?wevel fire at yo u. a s1lly conv1ct1on ? Plc. (The Timid) Mallick has I they a bunch, 111 spite Avoid all unnecessary move' These fellows aren't what you I something very much on his mind of their broke. -:r:he cause and 1r he doesn't watch out it of then bemg so happy I s worthy ments when in concealment. Your might call "nice people" to know will put him very much on his of consideration. That's right, slightest movement may attract atThey won't assist you to take over back. Watch your step, Tommy, passes are being s igried permit-tention ana fire. a new country to "protect," or t t l ght walre up tin!! them to go to town-yea, I nex une le n11 too. When you have to move onbOmb helpless civilians. No, indeed. Sgt. (Satchel) Jarvie and his fathe r, Cpl. Hutson have patched Feels great, doesn't it? Let's pick out a concealed place to They're very dumb. They're so c 1 F b b 1 f f rlough to town .... Be a good soldier P lk' or es, ac { d romth ua very' a t all tfmes.....:..on the post and off tention, and then scram silently that the light of Liberty, kindled Page 11 Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Boflb Fields At All Hours 15 Minute Service' Durbig R'llsh Jio111'!1 For Further Information Franklin St; Restaurant HOJ\IE OF FlNE FOODS. up their family differences, and not cause a n y restrictions to be which to go. Plan how you can get dumb that they believe America I peace and quiet reigns once more. placed on u s regarding our going there without attracting enemy atwill always continue to b e free lS wa mg aroun Wl b dreamy expression on his face. the post. In fact, anywhere and but qmck_ly here, wlll always serve as a eacon Could i t be that the love bug has. everywhere. Remember, YOU I In movmg from one spot to anto oppressed peoples. They even :.__ _____________ ..: bitten or is it. because she couldn' t I a r e orgamzatwn, .Always on other, take full advantage of the I believe that they should give their fix up that mcome dtax ? paym ent thealer t, l t alwayd s lcom teoUuNs,DEaRl-protection offered by ditches, very lives to keep that light of At Reasonal>le Pl'ices SPANISH DINNERS 14()6 Franklin Street that 1s so long over u e ways po 1 e, an a ways Who was that soldier who gave CONTROL. Oh, there are many hedges, edges of woods, and other Freedom burnmg. Isn t that a SERVICE MEN. ALBERTUS HOTEL. ,. A Home Away .From Home. the brush-off to one o f the men ways to mark a good soldier irregularities in the ground. I laugh? whe n questioned as to w h y h.e and we know them all, so let's Avoid the "lilne-light" and kee p Well they all wot!i'd like to meet 1 hadn't been fallmg out for exer-observe them. ALL. We want to d b cises onlv to find out that h1s 'be the best all-round outfit. m_the shadows. They are goo su -,you, Mt. H1tler. Most of then:t be : 936 T,\,iggs M-1339 questione1: was none other than I know it' s hard getting to town stltutes wh;n other concealment !lieve they may get the chance, too :___:_ ___________ Major Turner? Was h1s face rE!d? and bac k to the post; we hope that is lacking. I They have just one request to Cpl. J ohnny Erns t says thl:_lt will be worked out soon. A few Your face may have been yout make will you wait for them? Pfc. (Here I Am Down Her_e) Demore buses would, stop a few 1 Rosa isn' t taller than h e IS, but "dogs'; from barking so very fol tune 111 hf_e, but .lt ca_n That s an awful lot to of a bu_ s y gives that impression because he loudly. be your m1sfonune m combat. 1f man like you. But they re only lg walks around on his tiptoes and Well, the quartette made the it is bright and shiny. Smear it norant bo y s. They don't realize how lets his hair g row l ong on top of air Monday night. O f course, you up with dust, mud or g r ease paint much of a job you have. They can' t CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida his head. are the judge as to the repre. t fl f f I It has bee n notice d that. the sentation they g ave you and Drew I to preve n _re ec 1011. m:derstand ree_zmg coun-1 new men in the Squ_adron h!fve Field \V e hope they rate those All eqmpment whiCh reflects tnes and shootmg children must _!_-------------been ver y lax in makmg 15 minutes, beginning at 6:30 sunlight should be removed or con be planned and supervised. No, tion for msurm;ce. Whah t s bt lle every Monday evening. over I cealed. they don' t know very much at all. E A T matter men-lets get on t e a WTSP These are t h e members of d .. S 0 N I f '11 con1e 1nto the Person-th t tt p t Cl 111r I Remember that fat1gue lea s to. But they are so anxwus to meet H N D E R you w1 e quar e e: v arence .1v.1c. n e l section, the fellows there wrll Dougald, second t e nor; Pvt. Lar-carel_essness and carel:ssness leads you. You'll remember the1r c 0., s be g lacl ? 1ve yot! all fette Brown, first Pvt. to cl1saster Be :specially won't you? They're Am_encans, Now don t '_vmt until tom01t10 1 Jo):m W Alexander, bantone, and w hen you are t1red. Th1s "L1fe Yanks-and they'll be seemg you next week. Do 1t now-nex wee { H b t wn b Oh e o u er L lams, ass. Y s, Saver" 1 s o f.te n repeated as ex-before to.o very long. They' ve got !!702 FJ,OIUDA AVE. you m1ght be yours truly d1rector-pmch-h1t-. !_ _____________ _. At this time _Ist Sgt. M11ler and tin le ll see. f f 11 (M 1 o) Paterson a devolS on_e 01 you e ows. If you mus t stay m a conceal. Sgt;, usc B G d -Building Thls arm-m-slmg proble m ... lS .. arid can' t ..,. ........ ee:wc tee o. the Atlas ) .. getting very serious rather ment for some tune Course. says he w1ll get the mJ,lS t A f d 0' s t avoid making tracks, don' t : let. T W I N p A L M S B h r aml Cocktail -Lounge 1 tl. t ., 1th t he course as acu e. ew ays a.,o, g c es 1a go c 1 s h t h d t t M k RF EXCHANGE 1 akes the next pay-a vm pmner was s owmg em en a your pos1 10n a e 1 Beer Wines Soft Drinks The TU soon as le m his "golden" crowns -on the th.em run by to a dutnmy position I ment h SandWiches Our Sl)ecialty Stot'e that the Day Room front teeth. Sudd_ e rtly, t e or til they join some other ORcHESTlt'A EVERY NITE .been placed back on litnits 1 t rs was off, and the slmg went 01; ... tracks. CLEAN COOL RESTFUL PbQne 2003 to b e h o p e d that those r ,esponsible Of w.e a)l how "lt :'Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr.j Litfalette St. fat it b eing take n off w!ll happened-01 do :>-:ou themselves in a manner that cntlcism will not be:. direct_e d at u s agftin. \ Ve certainly 1mssed the MARY "ELLEN FLOWER ; lAND GIFT SHOP. old place. He was a woe-begone 1 Get That Special G ift Here, for that gave his gun to the Offlcer Sweetheart o r Mother of the D a); to hold for h1m. But his night in the g uard house taught him a very. tt:o r o ugh les-son. d h' Pfc. (Cracker) Jones a n 1s Pvt. Pecsek, are toy with t h e pat1ence _of the men in uppe r bay of 211. Hlllb1lly mu sic is allright in its place, but 1311 Grand Central Next to Big Orange E.lliston/s Drug Store Phone H 1645 you're playing it in the wrong Foun:tain Service and Lunches place. Well, fellows, as you well know, 202 W. LafayeJ::te S:t .. TAMPA Saturday night spells big time for the Squadron. Yes, at long last, the party that we have been talk ing about is going to become a reality There will be Jot s to. eat, entertainment furnished b y Phone Manuel Garcia Jr.'s 1 : Phone H-3787 McASKILL 1\IUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorize d C apehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Post Office Cigar Store 2:.i88-25SH McKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAl, INSUHANCF. :ar. Zack Street TnniJn, I rta. SPECIAL ATTENTION To Service JHen's Fau.lilies Peter Grahn & Son 1\-leats-Prolluce-Gtocerics Phone 3502 910 Florida A\'e. FOB, AND COURTEOUS SERVICE panJs 1 :.est:-.nt an squadron members, games, n1usic, s 1 -t 915 Tanipn at f CIGARS; CIGA11 ICT'l'ES, 'l'()IIACCOS AH'l'ICT.ES 'VELCO!.UE SEn VICE, JUEN Latin-American Laundry about o n Sunday. It' s to be hoped 1 T:iinpa, Flo t 'ind,. lVateht'" -Jewelry N b k H I Sihcr\\'lii'C e ras a ote Dinmoncls at n IIi;.:-SaYing A. L. ECKART t Moderate Rates 40!1 l'nmt>a street f. 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53-631 INSECT AGlES BARKER & TULLy __ t1(7t: ufl.Be. 1 ,---" __ n_Io_ -_F_R_A_NK_L_I_N_T _s_T_. __ I GARDEN __,.,.,.,.,, HE. N R Y Ho \wKE ........ co I II vALENCIA Serliccmcn AJ'e ""el cmnc Day m l\ite at I Restaurant CHINESE HA'!I."D LAUNDRY I Cuv.Ln CAFF. i ''lE THE o F .r i -Sat!Sfaeti' m ; \ !'-:P, '. l'oilSn l"fJ(}l)R Armenia Fl.oral Gardens CorH ng-es ; I 1' 811 Gnw(l (.;{;r!tl'al GOl Fmnk'ltn 8t. ; 504 Tyle r Street I 2 I Pho:1 c f ------' 'h. S ;.:; .. : : 41. 4i.O O \ mcllla -\ n. I UNI6N' BAKERY BREAD OUH SPECIAL'!'" 1506 9th A e Phone Y -4399 White Way .LAUNDRY .2806 Armenia A'' e Nenr lUichiJ;"nn Phoue H-3S!lS Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN TRY OUR BEEF .SA !\"DWI C J-IES & SALADS Operi till 11 P. 1\J. 803 Gr. Centl'al, Ph. H29-842


Page 12 DREW 'FIELD ECHOES 16. 1942 The Manageritent WISHES TO-EXTEND THEIR to -the men of MacDill, Drew, Plant and Benjamin Fields for their You Are Always Welcome at th I 1202 Franklin Street OUT YOURSELF OR YOUR BUD DECORATIONS BY CARLOS DE LOPEZ FLOORING. BY NAFFCO, INC. Tampa's Most Colorful Nite Spot ,_ --.. No Cover or Minimum -Charge All Drinks at Popular Pxtice ; s ) Most Popular Place In Tampa 9 Never a Dull Moment Music .. Dancing ., Entertainment .HI-HATTERS ORCHESTRA. ---------For Your Dancing Pleasure-------Come Early as We Close At Mid-night -BUY BONDS NOW Something Doing All The Time at the Hi-Hat C-lub YOU FLY THEM WE'LL BUY THEM


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