Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 34 (October 23, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 23, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. L No. 34 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida October 23, 1942 Lt. Proctor In Charge. of Drew's Salvage Depot MovEo iC Wrecking Crew GEN. A. H. GILKESON The Courts and Boards OfHead Is Veteran HEADS 3rd FIGHTER fice and the Base Schools Of-COMMAND fice are now located in the Of 22 y I southeast corner room of the ears l--!3ase Library, Bldg. N. T-621. I A pile of h.mk is useless until The job of the wrecking crew II it is in the hands of the industries How to Defend in an Army Air Force unit is -hat will make it over into. war invaluable. The parts of a wreck achines. In connection with the ed plane that can be overhauled ationwide scrap metal drive to on e self Aga lnsl and used again are worked over I feed the mills that will turn out by the wrecking crew. The rest steel muscles of Warplanes, is salvaged for scrap. guns, tanks, ships, and shells--p Gases In charge of a wrecking crew salavage officers at Drew Field 01500 at Drew Field is Master Sergeant worked like beavers, opening a David W. Cannon, aged 47. He salvage depot at Fourth avenue has been in the Army for more and 26th street, Tampa, under the Whether chemical warfare de-than 22 years. He was in the First direction of Lt. Arnold M. Proctor, velops in this global War hinges; I World War, entering the Army assistant salvage officer. of coarse, on the use of poison gas the 311th Machine Gun Bat-Last Saturday they went into by the Axis powers. Soldiers a' talbiOn1 a1t7 Camp Meade, Md., on the salvage business in a big way Fe 9 d t d 170 000 d Drew Field,. receive On June 28 1923 he re-enlisted an over poun s thorough trammg m gas defense. h of scrap-rron from Camp De Soto 0 f th t t h at Fort Bragg, N. C., m t e mthe NYA camp taken over 1 1 ne 0f e ItnsDruc o_rspintc Rembifantry. He went from there to the ly by Drew Field. war .are a rew IS v 0 -Philippines where he served for ert H. Simmons, of Florence, A,la 2 years Col. B. :Asp, Drew .Field who had never had any .chemical Commandmg Officer, put Lieuteexperience before entering the I have been m. all nant Archie S. Stokes, base $alvArmy As a civiliiln he worked for corners of the Umted St.ates smce officer, in ch9:rge a!J-d helped the T'ennessee Valley Authority, then," Sgt. Cannon said, "fr;;m him to load the first pieces on a helping to build dams such as the top to bottom, an? west. truck. Most of the scrap was old Watts Bar Dam near Athens In 1926 he enhste? m the Arr machinery used to instruct NYA Tenn. Corps Langley Field! Va. students. In a short perile ne.:er acts temperamental nor than gomg to Tampa, o/mkmg demands a white bearksin rug nor those churned soapsuds m1snamed an atomizer filled with cham then hilariously lean-pagne. And, indeed, the analogy agamst a lamp-post as to a professor is not idly drawn, 1t w .er e a A shovel, Wit.h the for a good deal of academic traingarnson hat tipped at an azimuth ing is etched into his background. of 212

Page 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES From Truck Driver to Chemical Warfare Service Instructor last week' s football pool of $7 .... Speaking-of "Irish," the funniest us; Lt. Keiser giving an interest Sotak and Wahl kick the football thing we've seen in a long time ing lecture; Pvt. Branfield being better barefooted than with shoes was the expression on Cpl. Me-accused of being a grandmother on .... Odell Alcorn is back .after Guckin's face whiie he was being chaser. spending eight days in the In-inspected with a questionable cap A big hand to Pfc. Weerts as firmary. Paul Wilson is also on. our choice of "Soldier of the back after a convalescent fur-Duty Sgt. Moe Kester has gone Week," he always does his job Iough .... Driscoll can bake pies. for a ten-day furlough to Chicago. well, and without any griping. A ... M-Sgt: Milliken hasn't been We hear he left amid a riot of lot of us would do well to follow seen around the Tampa hot spots. handshaking and backslapping. his attitude, especially his neat-An incendiary bomb was flar... Stan Rubin, our football flash. Could it be the boys are expect-ness on days of inspection. ing up. It was a two-pound train-... Vernon Chandler is looking ing a vacation now, too? And, we Sgt. Goland put himself in a ing magnesium bomb. One soldier for radiobugs this week. ask you, how will the Kiewondies very unhealthy position by singwas demonstrating to several oth-Wonder if John Marcui:n has sisters get along without him? ing a certain song, which we cen ersthe proper method to douse it. bought any local brewing comSergeant, you should show them, sofed. The soldier was Pvt. Edward A. pany stock? Howard Beavers Chicago as well as Tampa. -----+r---Mitchell, aged 24, of Clarksdale, can't throw those Tech Supply I Cpl. "Pop" Henry expects a PX Waitress: I have stewed Miss. Records around like that_hash he nice trip soon to the tune of 4,000 kidneys, boiled tongue, fried liver Although attached to the Base used to. The two Hughs-miles. "Pop" says Oregon is the and pigsfePt. Chemical Warfare Servic' e unit as Tyler and Andes-one is glad he most beautiful state in the Union; Cpl. Kane: Don't tell me your a warehouse clerk arid an instruc-pulls Hq. guard, the other isn't. it must be to travel that far! troubles, sister. Give me some tor, Pvt.' Mitchell had no chemi-... Romeo "Dutch" Reifsnyder is Everyone, that is, most every-chicken pie. cal experience before entering both tenderhand.ed and tender-one, has been getting a nice work-+ct<----the Army on April 23, 1942, at hearted. First Cook Everett out lately. 2nd Lt. Carroll took -the ''Lady, these eggs are fresh. Camp Shelby, Miss. His main ex-Roberts practices difficult pool fellows through t h e obstacle They were brought in from the perience as a civilian had been shots by bopping potatoes with a course the other day. Everyone counlry':this !JlOrning." that. of a truck driver. broom .... Rehashing Gosselin's had a good many laughs and a lot "What" country?" Little did rhe dream that after wedding-Cur ley Quit Early .... of sore joints; ya know, I'd swear -+c,.._.....,.. __ nine weeks of basic training at Humphries and Vining want to that fence was 20 feet high. After Professor (giving oral quiz): Fort McClellan, Ala;, he would be move their beds into their respec-,the 20-mile hike, we wonder if Name two ancient sports. transferred to the chemical war-tive working quarters ... ; M-Sgt. T. Sgt. Vidovich is still of the Freshman: Antony and Cleopafare service of the Army Air B. E. Brown shoves off next week same opinion. In case you don't tra. Corps at MacDill Field. In July for OCS. Good luck to a good know, it runs thusly, "It can't be he was transferred to Drew Field boy .... And no anonymous addi-beaten, four dollars a day, a place. to perform the duties of ware-tions to this writer's column. to eat and sleep!" We also won-house clerk and instructor. Everything goes through chan-der if the boys took their nightly I ____ -+c nels. workout at the "Y." ConfidenHO. 111: HQ. SQUADRON -+c tially, we think not. By the way, FIGHTERCOMMAND 564th SAWS B S they have a lot of fun playing THIRD n., ep. I basket ball and water tag, par-s E A B R E E z E s ticularly T. Sgt. Seigler. The only flrst Reportlng Co. cost is 10 cents for a towel, and you don't have to spend that. By Pvt. Alvin M. Amster. We hardly know what to call By SGT. J. B. HARRIS the choice bits of information we I Welcome to the new men who have gathered ;:tbout the various have just come into the outfit. The 1st Reporting Company is fellows in the outfit; shall we reA goodbye to Vince Rosche who again first to be "on the ball," fer to it as "Stable Gossip?" was transferred to Las Vegas thanks to Lt. Eisenbise, who is Pvt. John (Blimp) Sochacki (N. Mex.) Air Base by a War handed this week's bouquet. supporting a lot of girls lately; Dep( order direct fr.om Washing-Thanks for the "coke" machine, Pvt. Jack Munday playing nurse ton, D. C. Lt. It was a first-class exhibition maid to two baby squirrels; s. Between LaCount,'Tumbleston, of thoughtfulness and brain -work. Sgt. Hopkins scratching his_ head Outen, "Jingle _Jangle". Genkel; The story runs like this: There is over the duty "rooster"; T. Sgt. and the two lads 'from Signal Hq. a perfectly good "coke" machine Krause's girl friend waiting in we are certainly getting excellent sitting around the PX and not front of the Ritenclif, finally janitorial service. .. being used. Lt. Eisenbise walking off with two sailors; Pvt. Want to know why Sgts. Ridgated and pulled a few strmgs Harry Beck S 0 S-ing to the tune. dick arid Sanders are still apolo-here and there with the result of 50 bucks; S. Sgt. (The Pony) gizing publicly to Sgts. ("Wolf that the whole battalion has the still expressing. excuses Cards") Whitley and Burke? The of a machine which is situated for the Brooklyn Dodgers; the other evening the first two sarges m .our orderly room. Thanks "coke" machine taking in $23 in took the other two sarges to a j agam, Lt. one day; Cpl. Hetzel NURSING party. All kinds of sweet gals Know who wins this week's two lovely little DOLLS! all the were supposed to be there. What,bunch of "rag weed?" Yea, you're extra: noise in the company area did they find? Only a house full right: T. Sgt. Jack (O'Grady) I last week, being Pvt. Kehoe re-i of kids aged 12 to 16. By the way, Krause, 1, 2, 3, 4, but don't let turning from furlough; S. Sgt. Art, how is Helen T I the Irish get you down, sergeant. "Nick" Debonis going "hi-hat" on Our Unknown Gifts Dept. Sgt. "Junior" was the recipient of a mce httle rattle. Mrs. -Mae McWilliams later that afternoon found the same rattle on her desk. On the previous day some gnoh1e mailed Mrs. Mac a juicy sardine in an envelope. For-got the mustard, eh? With "Blackie" Staiger spark-_ ing the. plays. in a pickup foot hal' ga,me, .tl:ie Hq. Office force the muscle boys from the'1ine. RUBIN'S SPANISH RESTAURANT 1 Tampa St. In the South" DINNERS $ 1 AND UP It looks as though both Cpls. Eldon-Gnirlry .and "Frenchy", Roberts. are bucking for what po sition soon to be .ev_ acuatedf' I "Gigolo" Melancon's twice:a-HIGHEST QUALITY WINES and LIQUORS year guarantee, d I SERVICE MEN-"TO DINE AT RUBIN'S kerosene,-,-he .claims Its a [s a REAL TREAT You'll Never Forget" derful scalp cleaner. Maybe that s .... why he's transferring to the lOth 1 Fighter Wing? N 1 Who put that soft pad m ei Grant's jeep the. other mormng? What Staff. of Hq is romeomg With a different each evening? W e'ye g'!t a spotter watching him grrls, JUSt remember that. Staff Sgt. Joe Driscoll, the Brooklyn Yank, suggests. that telephones be made to rmg With the "V for Victory" signal-three short<; and one long. With those New Orleaners Robin Navarro and Zinser back from 'furlough, we wonder how many broken hearts they left be hind? S-Sgt. George Williams just returned also and we know that he's a killer-dillr. Down at the Bell St. Warehouse these days Sgts. Mangum and McWhorter are trying to see who ca,n get in Cpl. Wo'!drow s way the most times. Or, vice versa? Good natured Sgt. John Hill is the latest to join our fast HCJ,ppy Shackpappy's Club. vv onder if. S-Sgt Pete Washe, now back from :ftlrlough, can get a membershtp? Pade:a Epps graduated to a full time chauffeur and is at the PX evenings replacing Tom Carlton who is now on his new job as Orderly to .Gen. Gilkeson. Sam Duke misses his cavalry -riding pal, Mike Reuben, !}.OW at OC& HOT DOTS. How come : Miss Forsythe wears hair' bows? Ray Joffrion likes to take shoeshi:ae orders. Bartels' shoes need a lubricating job. Frank Antonucci won ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 -. 7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc .THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK MONEY LOANED Ol)J OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL" 90S FRANKLIN .. SONGS!!! 'I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo' "At. Last" ''Serenade in Blue" "People Like You and Me" FLORIDA--:. _.. -. Ai-r-Conditioned 9c --28c SUNDAY and MONDAY! "TALK OF THE TOWN" CARY GRANT -+c JEAN ARTHUE --ALSO--"HIGHWAYS BY NIGHT" Phone 3003:-llc, 22c SATURDAY & SUNDAY! "THE BIG SHOT" Humphry Bogart --HIT NO.2-DUST BE MY DESTINY -JOHN GARFIELD October 2S, 1942 Diamonds and All Jewelry 605 Franklin St. Expert Watch Repairs THEATRE IJ 7th Avenue at 18th Sueet Week Beginning Oct. 25th 9c-20c SUN...,..:.MON.-TUES. "GREAT LIE" BeUe Davls it George Brent -ALSO. "BULLETS FOR O'HARA" with Roger Pryor 5c-15c WED.-THURS. "KATHLEEN" with SHIRLEY TEMPLE -ALSO 'MOONLIGHT IN HAWAII' Jane Frazee -+c Merry Maca 5c-15c FRIDAY & SATURDAY "MOB TOWN" Dead End Kids -ALSO"DRIFTING KID" with TON KEENE


684th SIGNAL REP. CO. SPECIAL BySGT.D.L.HYLAND In addition to keeping up the usual work, we have been doing some specialized work along the lines of telephone practice, radio code study and a complete study of anti-aircraft guns. On the latter, Sgts. Daehne, Zackmeyer, Madsen and Hyland have groups that insure all of the company personnel learning to assemble, operate and dismantle these weapons. Woodell should volunteer to get us a slant-eyed lady spy for target practice. The local telephone company has been angling to get Cuva for an emergency operator, but "Short Stuff" is still jumpy when he encounters a charge from the magneto that tingles through his body. The code group is quite well fixed now, with autoJllatic tape sending comparable to Drew Field school equipment, and Lt. Taylor's teaching is producing results faster DREW FIELD ECHOES Don't Be the J-leadless Wonder The L 0 G I C A L and B E S T place to buy Military Needs for Officers and Enlisted Men. AL TERATIOHS FREE Page 3 917 Franklin St., Tampa c_ ._, 872 Central-St. Petersburg 531 Clevelan .d-Ciearwater l We have a "wrong-way" Cor-the log during a sober moment come from, Cpl. Maiorana? And .. : .. : .. :-: .. .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-: .. :-: .. : .. :-: .. :-:-:-: .. :-:-: .. :-: .. :-:-:-: .. :-:++: .. :-: .. .: .. lthan the established schools. I rigan in the company; ours is and resenting the entries he saw, while we're asking questions, named Bates. One night last week, he wrote, "The captain is sober' "Who is Mommy?" Certainly must AN HATTAN._ CAFE according to his story, he claims today." be a devoted son, since you write :i: :i: he got on a southbound street car Our commanding officer, Lt. to Mommy every day, and air Ifnstedadh?f alfnortthbound car aHnd Waldrop, can always be counted maSil, thoo. C 1 K 1 ,11 d" :i: 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa :i: oun Imse_ a a nursery. e upon to have the right sort of an ee ere, P as o, we IS-* hasn't what sort _of a amusing anecdote ready to illus-pense with the saluting now. Just GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES !ltursetry0Iht was-Bwell you figure trate a point. Some well-chosen give me yCou1r pMassF. A1nddw7 hat did :i: DINNERS 30c, 40c, 60c :i: I ou yes, ates wanted to items drawn from actual experi-you say, P c ar an return to camp. ences in the last war helped the The morale of the men of the Try our Sunday RQast Turkey Dinner with IIIII Th_e SarSasota situation is im-non-coms at the recent lecture on b684ththhasMbeen1_timpLroved lately :i: Veget bl DTrimmirt ngsdoDrr Chicken Dinner. Three :i: provmg. gt. spent the ways in which the non-coms can Y e ora I Y ecture and a es, esse an m 50 week-end_ there _and did not go to offer more effective leadership to Movies shown the other night. .;. Served From 11 A. M. to 9 P. M .... ...... .. ..... .... .. C + the hospital this Monday. That the enlisted men and we left the Which, as you know, encourages OPEN DAY AND NITE this one: While sea, meeting with a 'far clearer con-continence. Say the men, "Maybe WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEA TS the first mate was_ contmually ception of the duties and privi-we're not made of iron after 0;ll." } }. drunk, SC? the r7peatedly leges of our ratings. Sgt. Robertson, Sgt. Patr1ck, .............................................................. entered m log, First mat,e The company took a practice Cpl. Soucy, Pfc. Browning and drunk today. Glancmg through 1 march (anything under 44 miles Pvt. have B A y y I E W H 0 T E L I early from their furloughs. Did r.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i -!!!!!!!!!!!!!. !!!-!!. is defined as practice by the mend you come back to rest up? If so, FinEPROOF CON.STRUCTION -:-EVERY R00!\1 WITH BATH since their trek to Clearwater an back) on Tuesday, October 20 you are living in a fool's paradise, W. B. SHULER, Manager Reader's Digest NOW 15 1 Due to the fact that the most di as Sgt. Dalmata says, "This is no 208 JAOKSON ST. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA -health farm." irec troute is but a few miles, it TAMPA, FLORIDA-:-PHONE M5537 was decided that a roundabout way might be mapped out. It was. Ten miles up and 10 miles back. The men thought very little of it. First Sgt. Dalmata has intro HO. CO REPTG. CO. 503d S. A. W. REGIMENT GOSSIP duced a new "detail" for the com-By SGT. IRVING ROSENTHAL pany, after hearing the excuse THE Ci-IA TTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 '3. Boward Ave. Phone H-3757 to service men livailable at this price ONLY at Army posts and Naval and Marine Corps INiseL from Pvt. Cherepon when he was After two weeks of idle gossip, awakened the other afternoon due to hospitalization, yours truly about three o clock. When asked is back once again to give you why he wasn't on duty in the tht! long-awaited dope of our orSupply Room, Pvt. Cherepon re-ganization. 1st Sgt. A. F Miller, --------:----------------------: plied, "Nobody woke me up after who ;was hospitalized for almost SOLDIERS lunch." Now we have a valet de two months, due to appendicitis; THE EAGLE pATIO tail -that sees the boys are awa has returned to day and as ever kened after the lunch-time siesta is doing a fine job. Hats .off to 25 everywhere else Hear that Pfc. Nardone has an S Sgt. W. R. Armstrong for doapartment w ith a kitchenette ing a fine job during 1st Sgt. since his wife. is here to visit him Miller's absence. We're waiting for an invitation Congratulations to newly apover for dinner one of these pointed Cpls. Noll, Weiskittel, nights, Tony. Nappi and Strive!. Add congratu Cpl. David (Barracks Bags) Pol-lations to newly appointed Sgt. lack, whom .we refer to as the Spencer. You boys worked hard Sulphur Sprangs Cafe USO kid, is fast losing his title and each deserved your added to Pvt. Plotnick, who can be chevrons. found almost every night at the Cpl. Arnold and Pvt. Ravaioli USO on North Blvd. What's the are doing a swell job as mail orService Men Always Welcome We Specialize In Home Cooked Food, Chicken, Steak and Chop Dinners Surphur Spl"lngs, Arcade Blda-. attraction, Plotnick? "Bingo on derlies. Cpl. Kneeshaw has just the Patio," says Jules. left our organization to attend O.C.S Good luck, Corporal, we know you have the potentialities Palace Skating Rillk of being a good officer. Add con gratulations to S. Sgt. Abbott for his being accepted as a candidate for O.C.S Good luck, Sarge, for we have confidence in your mak S U L pH !T !!) S p R I N G s ing the grade. u fi It has been hinted that one of New Floor Has been designed to make your leisure hours As Pleasant As Possible Ice Cream, '3oft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Fun And Music 'It 1709 North Boward Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL DeSOTO MANAGEMENT STACY ADAMS AND W. P. H Wines, Liquors, Home JUnde lee Crenm DEITZ DRUG STORE FREE DELIVERY WELCOME To' HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager New Music New Skates 1 our tech s ergeants is getting engaged very soon. For further information, ask the tech s ergeant who sleeps in Hutment 1286. It has been hinted that Sgt. Quinn was to be engaged while on his furlough. Next issue we will have full details concerning his-en-031 s. Ave. Ph. H 438:> Lafayette & Jefferson gagement. Congratulations to the newlyweds, Sgt. and Mrs. Bragg. Did you know that Pvt. Chiro was an outstanding amateur fighter? In 60 bouts he conquered Admission: Nights 30c his foes 57 times. Nice work, STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN Chico! Did you know that S Sgt. TRY OUR CORNED BEEF "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH" Armstrong was an outstanding .sANDWICHES & SALADS 5c STREET CAR AND BUS SERVICE TO DOOR 5c -football player in his high school Open till 11 P. 1\1. days? To prove it, he was chosen 805 Gr. Centtal, Ph. H29-842 : l 1 .; : : _. :. =. : _..-. all-state on an All-Maryland football t eam. (++: .. :-: .. : .. :-:-: .. :-: .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-: .. : .. : .. : .. .. .. --.. ----.. ---!.. .. .. !.. .. WELCOME SERVICE MEN.::: .... io A.: itl. .6. i>: Swim at the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL Bus and Street Car to Pool Natural Springs ... TemperatUre 72o .. .. .. :-!: .. :-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .... :-:!-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:=-: WELCOME SERVICEMEN GARCIA'S CAFE AND BAR 1326 Franklin, at Constant Phone M 7017 Phone B-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central


Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES 23. 1942 The Drew Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDAPhone 2177 All advertisements contained in this 'newsppaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 8.000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper Pu.blished exclusively fo r the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests a1,1d the United Nations Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumst< :mces are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements iri this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department m ; its personnel of the products advertised. -------------------------WHEN SOLDIERS APPLY FOR ALLOTMENTS, IT HELPS THE ARMY ahead of payments are being made to soldiers families under the provisiOns of the Service Men's Dependents' Allowance Act. That' s good new s to many Drew Field soldiers and their families. Official application blimks have been sent to all Army posts camps and recruiting stations in the United States and to an seas stat_ions. Soldiers of the four lower grades who are eligible for the m_ay obtain official blanks from their com officers. In order t? payrp.ents, men in the service are to file the applicatron themselves. Don't leave it up to the farmly. When the soldier files the application himself, he know s that the b _usmess has bee!l to pJ;"Operly. His officers will help him to fi!l out the applicatiOn and complete1y. And they can tell him what documentary proof is require d The family. can. be approved more quickly if the soldier files the applicatiOn. His offic ers will already have inade the proper military pay_ adjustments and have see n to it that all the necessary records ar. e m good and ready for processing. The soldier is a!so t<;:> documentary proof to support his applica any With?Jl srx months after the date he files his applica tiOn D _urmg time can bt: on !heir way. On the other hand, rf a. wife or other frles the application, aU proof required must be s.ubmrt ted with the application. Applications filed by the soldiers, themselves are apt to be more accurate than one fil e d by relatives. The soldier knows many facts required. in tt:e application that memb_ers his family may not know: hi& senal the exact desr_gnation of his organization and so. forth. A mrstake m these facts Will delay action. .Men in the Army who are eligible for family allowances know a burden has been lifted their minds. The knowledge that their depen<;].ents at. home are not m want means that they can concentrate their energres on the task ahead to fight their way to victory Remember: It will speed the family allowance to LET THE DIER APPLY. IT WILL HELP THE ARMY GET 'EM PAID. I How to Save Gas CHURCH CALL Jewish Service-11 A.M.; Theater No. 1 Catholic Mass-6:15 A.M Chapel No 2 M ass-9:00 A M Chapels No. 1 and No. 2 Protestant Service-11 A .M., Chapels No 1 and No. 2 Service 7:30 P.M., Chapel No. 1. Last week turned out to be pretty much of a "Home-Coming Week." Pfc. Costello started it off by paying us a brief visit after a two-weeks sojourri at the Mac Dill Hospital ... he stayed just long enough to make arrangements for a furlough and to pack his bag for a bit of convalescing up North, in Philadelphia (the Florida Chamber of Commerce Two Drew Field officers have won' t like that, "Mahaney"; what James F. Brown found a way to counteract the ra-will you do if they shouldn't per-(Special Service Officer, A WUTC} tioning of gas and tires. At the mit you to rejoin us?). same time they manage to get The following day, Sgt. Ferr In our column this week I can-their morning exercise. Captain arrived in Tampa with his bra riot stress the importance offurn-Charles Holland and Lt. Clare G new Mrs., just as he said he woul ishing entertainment for the men Sharkey, of the Third Fighter when he left on his furlough. Command, now pedal their way Now he is in the throes of househ ere ;tt Drew Field. Your Special from home tq the Air Base every hunting, and Cpl. Luukoneh re S crvi ces Officers urge all m e n morning. fuses to be sympathetic because with musical or dramatic ability Astraddle their English-type he just finished going through the. to call at the Special Services Ofspeeder bikes, the officers claim ordeal for Mts. "Luke, and he f ices located on the base, concern-that this new mode of transporta-does not careto expose himself h h tion is faster and more fun. Arid to a relapse. mg t err appea,rance m furt er The day after that, our front f th f ld d they don't have to worry about per ormance s on e re a n on 0 ffr ce dressed up our '"'new" oldthe a the parking situation either. rr Timer, Krewson, in chevrons (2 The best way to keep informed iC f h ) of daily activities is to listen to HEY, SOLDIER, ARE stripes-1 or eac arm ... and there stood PFC Krewson, all your programs broadcasted e very YOU A "SKOOF'. 11 dressed up and no place to go morning a t 7 :05 over station The 309th Service Group heard of WFLA. this dilemna and came to the resThursdc.. y and Friday evening D ear Joe y Dogface: cue with a shindig worthy of fullprograTI1s are cast entirely from page comment in any Society men at the field with the You may not be a skoof. But News Feature. tion of an occasional guest artist. skoofs have been seen and you All programs presented by the Cpls. W T. Wolf and Al Horton fi eld are for your enjoyment. may b e one of them. of the 309th arranged to have us We of the Special Services OfWhat is a skoof? A skoof is a all present at the party-Krewson fire 'l.r, e striving to present the goof bearing some resemblance y.ras timid a:bout stray best to you in entertainment. The to a soldier How can you tell a ing t oo far from Barracks T-2'72 Defense Committee alone-and our instructions were has been more than efficient in skoof when you !fleet him? to bring ou r instruments and can-its GOOperation with this office in He lounges around at a shamblteen cups; the latter got more pri:!senting shows to you. ing pace with his shoulders bent than our II:J,Usical instruments -----i' ; weiser" did it). ove r He leans agamst anythmg Sgt "Atla Paterson Master of t ?ohrtryhwe caint:t thhave adnyf ftuhn that looks as i f it might hold him sfor the t e onrg onEv. s e en o e h rrionth and I've only got some' up. vrewed our past attac ment to small change left." He hates t o take five minutes _the Hq & Hq Squadron o_f !he Well, for P e t e's sake, solcj.ier, to change to Class A and 30_9th Sw. son::e Jitter be busted or demoted just before too that the y are p ractically in-though h e slept in them. His shoes wrth soldrers pamng they come home. dispensible in their jobs for the look as though he had been m damty couples, and s From most of the letters one entire organization or even the stamping out a brush fire. Commandos made, the evenmg a By CPL. LEONARD G. RUBIN would gather there are nothing post. seems dependent upon their H" d f d t full one. Cpls. Estes and Luuk-F d d but soft jobs in the army. All the particular assignment. rs 1 ea o ressmg up o konen, ably assisted by Pfc. Vitale. There. are those who seem to on a crvrhan cham, a (the inimitable), gave out with letter to their one and only, and A p Q be of any exeept wr?ter cap, sc1cks,_ leave some extemporaneous and extra-tell her the hard cold unvarnishI L T forergn combat servrce, even thre'7 fou_ntam pens stickmg out neous entertainment .... I haven't ed truth. though there is vital work which of his shrrt pocket. been able to find out who writes I I am the freest of the free, must be done. that in this\ you the skoof rs their script, but a Court Martial A httle checking up on. some I can escape mortality ; country and rs classrf_red as a at all_. To merely look will be hurriedly convened as <;:>f the by drscussI hav e the freedom of the sky. combatant. They wnte to their at I:rm one mrght conclude that soon as the hunt. is over. mg letters wrth the boys, I, on my man-made wings can darling that they are practicing he_ rs a Boy fron:: Balui'----who .. t .hem, has revealed I fl v with tommy guns every day and ct:rstan But he clarms he rs a sol-WRECKING CREW HEAD IS some of the following informaexpect to be in Australia any drer, so he must be: VETERAN OF 22 YEARS 'tion. I've ofte n flirted with a cloud. moment, when in reality their In the fo xholes of Bataan, on N I (Continued frorr :'?age 1) o man ever seems to' de-I smile and even laugh aloud; we:-1pons are t ypewriters or ra-the scorching beaches of the Solo-tarled-to KP when he wntes to And plunge my screaming mount din s. mons, soldiers don't dress up. D e c ember, 1940, when he went to his honey. He seems to have for-ane w, The moral of the story i s that They d o n t shave, and they wea r Hamilton Field, Calif. And then gotten all about this little matter, Up, up, into the cleaner blue. the truth is b est after all, for whatever uniform will give them to Wilmington, N C air field, even if he is put on such a detail soon e r or late r the bubble will comfort and effectivene ss. That followed by a brie f stay at Myrtle for a week at a t;ne. In the very All is peace and beauty there, burst and. the truth will out. i s as it should be. Beach, S C., and finally came to few where it is mentione d I feel r efreshed by pure r air; M any are the lads who wished But to us is given the e as y task Drew Field on August 9, 1942 it usually contains the statement N o sordid, d irty human hand they hadn' t l e t their imagination of soldiering minus discomfort, S g t. C annon went up the !ad-as to how the mess sergeant was Has ever foule d thi s virgin land. run a w a y with them whe n the y minus hardships, minu s p e ril. Yet d e r s lowl y but sure ly, having f ool e d the entire time into think-wrote to honey c h ile "for the we are permitte d t o wear the been promoted t o corporal in ing this particular soldier was S o m e day u p there my time will embarr a s s m ent of trying to c o v e r uniform of the same army which to sergeant in 1929, to st working, when in reality he was com e. up o r liv e up to thm:e terrifi c is fi ghting acros s the flaming sergeant in 1931, to t ech s erge< eating the whole time. It probably But I won't hav e the f ears of I t ruth. Take it easy, boysyour w orld. The least we c a n do is to in 193 9 and finally to master happened in his dreams, for most so m e ; on e and only l o v e s y ou in s p i t e I l o o k like soldiers until such time sergeant in 1942 KP pushers even look unde r the B e c a use I've seen what lie s b e-,lette r s w a s worse tha n the simple as we are bak e d in the furna c e N othing exciting h appe n e d to t able s for the bo y s who might b e yond, of your rank or duties. She know s 1 of a c t i o n into the real article. m e in all those years," h e said. inclin e d toward napping. I 'll g l adly cut my earthly bond. and we know you c a n t fight a Your s "Only w o r k and more work. Then there are the boys who 1 -Lt. William S. Eliel w a r with only ge nerals Priva:te Spruce Plenty of it. "8UT IT'S SAFE TO MAKE TillS HAVE


October 23, Young Officer An Expert AI Gas Defense As the Base Chemical Officer, Lt. Arlie J Ullrich, Jr., of Indianapolis, Ind. i s responsible for the instruction of officers and soldiers onDrew Field in gas defense. Either in classroom or on the fi e ld, whether it is a matter of instruction in the use of the differ,.. ent types of gas masks -diaphragm, service, optical or train ingi--Or w.l)ether it is in the decontamination of a building, or whether it is the chemical composition of a four-pound thermite bomb and its properties, Lt. Ullrich knows how to put it across to his students. With the Army-s accent on vouth in order to build hard-hit .ing offensive -units, Lt. Ullrich fits right in, being in his early twenties, He is a chemical engineer, having graduated from Rose Polytechnic I n s t it u t e, Terre Haute, Ind., in the spring of 1942. He. entered the Army on May 10, 1942 at Indianapolis, Ind. and from there he was sent to Edgewood Arsenal, Md., for an advanced course in chemical warfare service. On July 6 he was sent to MacDill Field. On August '1 4 he was assigned to Drew Field. 309th Service Group Hq. & Hq' Sq. INFO The Squadron party is now something to just talk about. That everybody had a grand time goes saying. It remains for us: to extend our sincere thanks to all the men who through their untiring efforts: made the whole idea a colossal success. T o W 0 Baker .and his band the whole outfit sends its appreciation. You d i d a -mighty fine job for us, Mister, one which contrib uted mightily to the evening's festiviti'es 9 Sgt: Paterson as master of ceremonies carried out his job in a masterful manner. Nice going, Pat, .and thanks. The food prepared under the very fiogers of Sgts. Ro sen-gr een and Di, Cello, was to everyone' s liking. The 1 i g h t i n g installations around the stage and guest tables were contril;mted by Cpl. J oos, one of the best all-round mechanics on the field. Decoration of the stage and preparation of the program of entertainment was handled by Cpl. Wolf, and I think all agree that he carried out tl,le job to per-fection. In conneCtion with the entertainment, we mustn't forget tv thank Cpl, Whitehead for h i s help in arranging to procure the talent foru s The men who acted as guards to see that nobody got out of hand were in charge of Cpl. Bra y e r, and we think they did a swell job: Next in line is Cpl. DeSanto's Commandos. Yciu boys did a fine job and con-tributed a great deal to make the e vening a real 7 ss. :, .To all the othe r men who had "thei r fingers i n the pie, but whose DREW FIELD ECHOES pecte d that men could dance so put on such swell show s over the well togP.ther. air-we really enjoy them: Crain, The f ellows were all glad to Butts, Baseler and Chandle r. s e e the wiv es of our officers in Although the baseball team got attendance. Their pretty dresses beaten Sunday-one of those rare and smiling faces l ent a real touch occasions_:.a new hitting stat was of f e m ininity to the occasi on. We uncovered in the person of 1st hope the y enjoyed themselves. Sgt. O'Brien. No wonder Cincin-The party knocked all other nati finishe d thil:d; they overhappenings of the week into an looked the homp talent. eclipse. There is very little to re-Last week's paper l eft out the port. name. of our Air Force visitor-Cpl. Wolf has managed to get it was Lee Jarrett. 'Is it just a ruhimself out of 'athletics once mor that Sgt. Ludwig is going to again. Trying to drive his finger take vows some time in Decemthrough a volley ball did the ber? Well, he can start right now trick. He says the finger is broken to learn house-clP.aning. That last -the dispensary never talks. crack goes for a few others, tooPvt. Dvinoff, a self claimed ex-did somebody point a finge r at porrent of. military courtesy, when me or was it just my imagination? asked why he didn't get up off Arid when you have money in his bed when the C.O entered the your pockets, gigs aren't gags. barracks the other day answered And a last reminder: The nathat this was his day off. I think ti'.res around here tell me. that that this phi]osophy gives us all,high school game tomorrow across something to shoot at. the street is a lulu and draws a -----ofC.---swell crowd. It's worth going over 564th Plotting Co. to swell. crowd, Some of y ou boys may smg -"Somebody Dots and Dashes By SGT. E. S. PERRY Trying to write a column today with all the men away on a march and nobody around to spill the dope is like trying to solve a Ch.inese crossword puzzle, but here' s a crack at it. First, a lot of went out zebra I so Louey Herzy. now sports a rocker, Britton, Roumeliote and Whitaker climbed up to bucks and Crain, Norton, Knott, Gi:iner Hawkins, Goodson; Mayo, and Conrad made corporal or T. 5th, and our stripers now are Negrotto, ,Griffin, Goss, Conn and Rupert. Pretty nice, eh? Campioni, who left for O C S for training to become an officer made technical sergeant, which his excellent record proves he earned. Good luck, John, but'. be sure and keep in touch with us there are still a lot of things we may need to ask you. That move put Pool in the supply room and we get everything now from bYankets .to the latest rumors right on time. Big bouquets to those men of our company who SEABREEZE Italian Spaghetti SEA FOOD DINNERS _on 22nd St. Causeway Always Say .. HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh TOWNSEND Sash Door -. & Lumber Co. LUMBER &. MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS-J>HONE H 4891 N._ RomP. & Fulle r Str e e t BEAR-SYSTEM SERVICE Central, Mechanical SHOJ> B. T. MORRIS Tires Balanced -Tire Wear Corrected. 1010 Central Avenue. Else Is Taking My Place, but notSeder; she sent him a five-pound box of candy and it lasted exactly fh-e minutes. EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND STAMPS. ELKS IN UNIFORM Remember-Every Saiturday, 4 J>.l\-f. to 11 J>.M. Free Soft Dl"inks Food Music Bring a BuddY, ELKS LODGE Florida Ave. & Madison St; If Interested in IMPORTED FOODS Call .PAUL PIZZO, Y 389'1 We Have Plenty, and Tast'-y, Too! JOE CASTELLANO .Gl}OCERY 1724' 8th Ave. Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 -Keep 'f.m FlyingGORDON STUDIO P:E:rOT()GRAPHY This Christmas Send Your Pho to-The Most Welcomed Gift; Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M; 616 CITIZENS BLDG. COMPLETE DIN N .ER S 1\Ients Groceries, nnd U olicntesseu H e -rring Lox nnd nll'kin

Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES 59th Aviation Sq. 19th Fighter Wing DISHIN' DIRT 1 Hq. and Hq. Sq. Hece we are fellows-more 9 "Jhe fighting Ninth" nev1s. Two soft ball teams meet"11 By Cpl. Walter Werner ing on common ground makes a very interesting .fight when both Hi-ho, Brother Rats! ... After I teams know what to do with the a little lay-off, the OI' Fighting 1 ball, the gloves, and the bat. 1!/.1. N. th b k And, incide..r1tally, the use of the C)-iF m IS ac on the beam (we head plays an important part, too. hope!) Although the pitcher, catcher, 'I lED If you think this is a pushover first baseman and the shortstop .. TR to enlist m 1 h h the Intelligence Serv1ce, but they writing a column you're t e .,pols, t e scor;s were didn't have what I wanted, and I crazy. It's tough to get news. Now 9-6, m the M.acDill boys favor. didn't have what they wanted. So Oh the he UP y.ras between I the Air Corps told me to see what i_dea that the "Fight-j MacD1ll and Drew Fle.ld .last I could do with a beautiful little mg Nmth 1s a dopey outfit.' day. I say, Sgt. W1lhe stream-lined job. I did but she happens around here all' Drew not lose .agam.1 slapped me. I asked the pilot how ... but the best stuff just : .. I must be cops-come he was wearing a parachute 1sn t for general publication. m everythmg, so on the ball, and I wasn't. He said, "They NEED For example, "ahem" -have fellows; I ME!" When the plane took off, I you heard how "Our, Boys" took The football season is on the I clutched the pilot so tight, they the Turf Club storm last Saturbeam-'-What's that? O.K., I won't thought I was plastered there. I day night? They muscled in on let it be Jm.qwn that we have alLOOKED plastered, too. He yelled, all the best looking gals in most givcn'up the idea. Or maybe "Are. you afraid of fogs?" I yelled place and had a helluva time. the boys have gotten so good the back, "Naw! that's why I'm cov-Hold everything (es!)<>dally :our need for practice is a secondary ered ;with warts!" He yelled, "I date) when a backfield of guys matter. You can get too good. said FOGS,' not 'FROGS'!" But like "King-Kong" Beaulieu "Con: By the way, before it slips the I'ye always been afraid up in the voy" Straub, "Gunner" \vilson pen .... The name of the quartetall". In fact, when .I was bo:n I and "Ripper" Keefe take over: te is--as suggested by our C.O.I made the stork deliver me m a The only thing lacking to make _i'The 59th Squadronaires." Not As the apple of the that Goon Squad complete was a bad name eh fellows? So it'll Air Corps eye, 1 was rotten to the "George Raft" Anastasia .... Too b ''Th 59th' S dr : ", Corps. Well, anyhow, we at home bad they had to leave him home e e qua over are buying bonds so t t h on Monday evenmgs at heroes can bring down their o ge a alrcut! 6.30 P. M. Zeroes. I'm goin' back to At anoth_er tal;Jle we saw Sgt. Monday morning-early-wait-the wagon. These shoes are. Fz:ank Masl havmg a good time ing for the bus to Drew Field, killin' me! With a couple of Queens. How do there,. coming down the street I -Whitey Ford, Duk of Paducah. you get. to meet all those show g.irls, Frank? (side walk), was a huge soldier Speaking of Saturday ni'ghtswinging a handbag in his right p hand. His dress was the winter ,.D L p ("J d' t 1 vt. Fred one of our good uniform with the garrison cap osy erry. o .1e o. al the eggs from Ohw, and his buddy as he approached the would-be-fellows) walkmg h1s po:;t "Casanov.a" Beck have a system bus-riders a soldier at my left an officer fellows satd all of the1r to beat that goshcame to attention and very smart-1t was the MaJor) approached awful bus lme. They rode the ly saluted-there was a howl of appa_rently t_o test P-..:t. Perry trolley to the. end of the line. laughter .... The soldier saluted (Jodie) on h1s Pvt. And then Believe It qr Not, a, was wearing two stripes_ and Halt, (Slamour g1rl comes rollmg along :they were not stripes. No; there .. Th,; officer replied, It 1s a truck and offers to :the saluting soldier was not from the MaJor. There was an awk-nde them m to Camp. (Yeah man, Drew Field-in fact, 1 have never '?'ard pause, so awkward the of-she was ok). 'seen him before. Of course he f1cer up and told the sentry SQUADRON NEWS NOTES: could have been in doubt. to. tell ;vhat to do. f'vt. Perry Well, we may not have the .Ne\ertheless, it'was a treat for sa.Id, d _better stand .damn s best ball players (for gory 'lhe morning after the niaht bestill I thmk of somethmg to details see .some of the lads from fore "' tell you. the 8th Wmg)-but by gosh beHere is a better one still. Pvt. We are missing a certain visitor fore training on the rifle camp lately, Sgt. Adams. range IS over I'll bet we'll have LOANs-MONEY TO LEND DIBDlonds -Watches Jewelr:r Silverware Diamonds at a Big Saving A. L. ECKART It IS because you .have broken more sharpshooters than any glasres, or has some one other outfit in the Air Corps. taken your place? We prefer be-High men on the range last lieving the latter .. ." You're not week were T-Sgt. Frank Masi, are. you, "Sarge"? See. Sgt Pvt Bernard Giller, and "my pal" I Calvm Spmner, p.e'll let you have Sgt. Harold Specter. Fourth high DR. GOLDBRICK'S MAIL BAG By PVT. J. J. O'GARA Dear Doc: The M.P.s caught me taking towels out of the Hillsboro Hotel. What will I tell the court? Pvt. Sam Singer. ANS.You didn't mean to swipe those towels from the Hillsboro -you just needed I something to wrap the ash trays in. Dear Doc: [ The soldiers don't give me a nod because I'm freckled. Can you help me? PX Gertie. ANS.-I always thought I had freckles, too, until one day I washed the mirrors in the latrine. Dear. Doc: I took one of the PX cuties to a .... chicken supper, Dutch treat; of course, and she called me a heel. What is the definition of a heel? Sgt. Scotty McDuff. ANS.-A heel is a guy who would marry Hedy Lamarr for her money. Dear Doc: I am going to have an opera tion and ether makes me sick as a dog. Is there any other way they coutd put me to sleep? Pfc. Needham Snipe. ANS.Yes. They could read you the Articles of War Dear Doc: I have been drafted and ready to be shipped overseas and I'm afraid there's been a mistake--I merely signed up as an air-raid warden. What will I do? Perplexed. ANS.-Ha! Ha! I guess the joke is on -your Draft Board. Dear Doc: One of those ha,ndsome clerks at Base Headquarters keeps on telling me over and over again that he'll love me till the cows home. Should I believe :rim? Sub-Depot Susie. ANS.-That's what he tells every girl that has a nice calf. SPECIAL A'l'TENTION To Service Men's Families Peter Grahn & Son Meats-Produce--Groce1ies Phone 3502 910 Florida Ave. 409 Tampa Street a few bucks until pay-day. man was T-Sgt. George Posner. j Who is the little woman that Our roster of crack riflemen knocked big Lonnie Bonds down? also i .ncludes T-Sgts. William I':.._ ____________ _! Octiber 23, 1942 Air Base Bus Lines, "Inc. 30 Minute Service to Both Fieldl!l At All Hours I & Minute Senice Dorin&' Rush Bean For Further lntormatloa Call 3286tl L....--------'----1 "Soldiers Favorite Entlng Place" STEAU:S AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT TAMPA AND TWIGGS STS. Franklin St. Restaurant HOME OF FlNE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin Street SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home Away From Home 956 Twiggs M-1339 CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa; Florida Humph, humph, such weak men. Jenkins, L. I. Stephens, and Clyde r------..,.--------.. EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL Quesnel; Sgts. Adam Darbonne ABOUT IT! SAM HAB.RELT, :md and James Askins; Cpl. Leon FOR. PROMPT AND E A T ALEX HARRIS PROMOTED TO Weatherford, and Pvts. Frank COURTEOUS SERVICE H E N o E ..... WE SERVE THE FINEST OF CORPORALS. Irene'll get more Blackard and Fred Wild. And R S 0 N VALENCIA GARDEN SPANISH FOODS money,, eh, Sammie? Speaking of there are many other good shots, Latin-American Laundry B A K I N G c Q s promotwns, we congratulate the and many boys who were lacking B R E A D 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773 following persoris: From now un-in a little experience are now 1:>0:> E. Columbus Dr., Ph. Y 16T3 til the next. promotion they will bringing their scores up every =---------.,......----___! 2102 FLORIDA AvE. carry the htle, 1st Sgt. Calvin week. When we go across Oh =-----------..:.....::.:_ _J Speoial Invitations to All Service Men S"J?inner, James Reddick, Sgt. boy! ... It's' gonna be just too "WE LIKE TO SERVE" Hilton Prmtt, Sgt. George Osbad .for those filthy Squareheads Service Men and Families GLEN'S BILLIARDS borne, Sgt. LutherPatterson, Sgt. and those Yellow B's! .Nebraska Ho. tel Ernest C. Henderson, Sgt. William It's been pretty quiet around Cox, Corp. Lonnie Bonds, Corp. here this week. And no wonder. James Johnson, Corp. Sam Har-Pvt. Gannon went off on an asrell, Corp. Alex Harris, Corp. signment with S-Sgt. Allen, our C. Gray, Corp. Albert G. transportation Chief, and Pvts. Harns, Corp. Harry Thayer, Corp. Pe:p.ce and Quigley are also on -w:alter C. Wi.lliams, and Corp. this job. Pvt. Tom Riley is away Vmce;nt J. Tutson. most of the day now that he goes Now in its New Location 80S Tampa St. Beer Wihes Soft Drinks Pnvate !14cDonald (Snowball) to Radio Operator School. Yeap D_1xon walkmg guard Monday it sure is quiet! TWIN PALMS Sandwiches Our Specialty challenged a. big dog. The Welcome back to the fur laugh CLEAN RESTFUL dog Ignored Pvt. D1xon challenge boys: Pvts Joe Uczitko, Ernie Boward Ave. at ColumbUs Dr. -;BANG! Off went the dog's Plaskunyak, Johnnie Gara, Bill tall. Wh'!-t a lad. } if he Forte, Tom Poggi, and AI Henry thought 1t was a ghost. from our Transportation Division; Armenia Floral Gardens ''Really Fresh Flowers" Corsages 'n Everything Ph.S 1)5-341. 4:>00 Armenia Ave. Servicemen Are Welcome Day or Nite at cHILD CAFE 501 Franktlin St A soldier walked into barracks No. 3 of the 314th and he called out, "I'll give a dollar to the lazi est ma:n here." Came a retort from Hodge's nearby bunk, "Roll me over buddy, an' stick it in my back 'pock et." Tourist (in. ymage store): What have you got in the shape of auto mobile tires? Saleslady: Funeral wreaths, life preservers, invalid cushions and doughnuts. and to Cpl. Ewen Thomas and Pvt._ 1st cl. Ben Haviland from the A-2 Section. Best Gag of the Week: When it rained one night last week "Little Chum" Pfc. Wally Haskell remarked: "Jeez," if I wuz back in Noo York, dis is just da kind of a night I'd like to jump in bed with a good book or somebody!" Waitress: And how did you find your steak, sir? Custo"mer: I lifted up a potato and there it was. Moderate Rates 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M53 Phone Manuel Garcia Jr.'s Spanish ttest11.nt'ant 915 Tampa at 'l'yler Tampa, Flmiua Attention! Dancing FREE TRY-OUT By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks and Assistants Tel. H 32-654. 207 Parker St. Rex Billiard Parlor 1012 FRANKLIN Dan'l S. Bagley Your Feet Hurt? Complete Line of Arch Supports arid Foot Remedies, at BARKER & lULL Y 1110 FRANKLIN ST. HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHnffiSE BAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE Frank Kotas Chef of New Yorf SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI WINE AND BEER 103 HYDE PARK AVP Ba. r .and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NlTE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. UNION BAKERY "REAL CUBAN BREAD OUH SPECIAIJ.rY" 1506 Oth Ave. Phone Y-4390 \Vhite W'ay LAUNDRY 2806 Armenia Ave., Ncar ltllchlgnn Phone H-38D8 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Oa.ndy Notions TOWNE'S TA:\IPA STEAM LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING CO. 1105-2io Fifth Ave., Ph. 4663-4664


"" October 23, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES You'll find it here and you'll find it there, but without going any distance you'll find it all in this column, "Around the Town." Starting next week a new feature will be inaugurated in the Tampa Armynewspapers -,-MacDill Fly Leaf and Drew Field Echoes. Bill Bacin, who, like Ernie Pyle, is kno 'wn as a "Roving Reporter,'' will be at all the ubs, all the restaurants, hotels, night spots and what-have-you. Look at the picture closely. .n you spot him just say "hello, Bill," and you'll find him easy to get along with. "Around the Town" will be a column worth your reading-no scandal, no dirt-and, best of all, no politics! Just fun for everyone. You can always check on your buddy where he was before that "morning after" if you JUst read "Around the Town" every week in Tampa's Army Newspapers. If you don't see Bill, he'll see you! Client; Has this dog a good pedigree? Salesman: Tch! If he could talk he wouldn't speak to either of us. SERVICE MEN ALWAYS WELCOME UBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. WINES BEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 Phones: 2:>88-2589 MCKay-Clarke Ins. Co. GENERAL INSURANCE S15 Zock Street Tampa, Flo. GOODY GOODY For Quality at The Right. Price-"No Tips" 1119 FLOR:IDA AVE. l Post Office Cigar Store CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS SMOKERS ARTICLES I SERVlf1E MEN Florida Av. & Twiggs St. .. STAR LIGHT CLUB Saturday Dancing, 35c, Inc. Tax THURSDAY NIGHT FREE Nebraska & Anthony (Wholesale) I Fruits-:Vegetables Phone 2623 Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 33-521 SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats 30t'8 Armenia Ave. Ph. H46-174 Free Delivery MARY ELLEN FLOWER AND GiFT SHOP Get That Special Gift Here, for Sweetheart or Mother 1311 Grand Central Next to Big Orange MILITARY CLOTHES that fit better! OPEN TUESDAY AND THURS DA Y NIGHTS 916 FRANKLIN "SMART MILITARY CLOTHES' v 1 c To a cAFE tf 1 i T 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 -W e I c o m e We positively close at 11:30 P M B E E R W I N E S BILL BAILEY, Prop., Member V.F.W. and American Legion Park Photo Studio Open Evenings Till 9 438 W. Lafayette Street Phone H 45-914 Allan's 1010 Franklin Street OPEN EVEl'.'INGS "Largest Supply of Military Souvenir Jewelry for all Branches of the Service." Specializing In Uniform Alterations W. c. NICODEMUS "Most Reasonable Jeweler in Tampa" Diamonds Watches Wedding Rings Gi s 7 08 Franklin Street // W 0 N DE R 8 A RThe Longest Bar in Tampa. "WHERE YOUR FUN IS OUR FUN" We 'Are NOT Out of Bounds 1210 Franklin Street Davis Plate Lunch \Ve Serve the Best SOc Lunch in Tampa Only the Finest Quallity of Foods Use d A LA CARTE SERVICE 306 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 64913 Page 7 I WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG I Mostellar' s Sundries ICE CREAM AND COLD DRINKS 201 Dth St. So. Opp. Seaboard Station DINE AND DANCE THECOTIAGE 21021 4th .street North WINE AND BEER HAROLD BROWN, Mgr. NIKKO .INN 'to 1st st. No.Phone 6720 Air Oindiiioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese and American Meals Paramount Bowling Alleys You ore Invited to visit our modern and up 'to date alle'J'JJ 860 4th Ave. S. Phone '1501! GEORGES LUNCH 14 2nd St. So. specializing in STEAI{S, SEAFOODS, SANDWICHES At St. .Petersburg Frank's LIQUOR STORE 147 Central Ave. Ph. 4342 FREE DELIVERY Imported \Vines And Liquors SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best Gilbert System Hotel Betty C. Mitchell, Mgr. 746 Centl'al Ave. St. Petersburg Phone '1864 "Your Home Away from Home" You Are Always Welcome A phone In Every Room Hot and Cold Water All Tbnes At St. Petenburg Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-6 J 2 Bowling Center, Inc. Cor. 1st Ave. So 2nd. St. 12 Brunswick 2otbLVentnry Alleys. 9th ST. CAFE & BAR 11 9th St. South. Ph. 6339 Steaks -Sea Foods -Chicken Dinners WINES AND LIQUORS "The Coldest Beer in St. Pete" PARISIAN CLEANERS 48 HOUR SERVIOE 148 Central Ave Phone 8681 A dime out of every dollarwe eam ,. ;)1 '!;: ; -.': IS OUR QUOTA: fcJi';VICTORY wjth U.S. WAR BONDS: ELITE CIGAR STORES Football Scores by Direct Wire WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack 207 Twiggs Phone 11 621-4)72 Phone M-1286 of Liquors 2001 Nebraska ;,_ ___________ ...: 1 All Service 1len are Welcome BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S21142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty LIQUORS-BEER-WINES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 OFFICERS AND MEN! We Appreciate Your Patronage -and Thank You. MacDill Field Pos t 'l'aHors V. Ficcio For Prompt Service Phone 5909 MASTER CLEANERS INC. 507 Ninth Stteet No. St. Petersbmg, Fla. '.:: "i.\. "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C. D Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches, Beer, Wine s & Cold Drinks, Pie s and Pastries. 406 Zack Sireei Tampa, Fla. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A BpoolaHy 1216 Franklin at: DIXIE Cleaners: : Laundry Phones : M-1036, 4232 BILLIARDS CIGARS CIGARETTES BEER WINES SANDWICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' Mill work Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:-Tampa SERVICEMEN. Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Dellvel'J 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL B 25-56C LAFAYETIE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 West Lafayette .street East S ide of Bridge Phone M-5588


________________________ _________ O_ct_o_b_er __ __ SPORTS REVIEW By DELWIN. BAGGETT : Now available downtown are gymnasiums. for the use of the different. organizations who have basketball teams and would like tb work out at night at these Third Mapping Sq Shades 309th, 2-1 1 places. The two available places The Third Mapping Squad for use now are the Trailer Park ron softball champs of Mac courts :and the Y.M.C.A: gym. Dill Field won a 2-1 thriller Anyone desiring to use these over the 309th Service Group courts ',_:_,:ill have to contact the of Drew on Sunday. The 309th was the runner-up in the Drew Physical Tra,ining office for dates softball league, to be used. Games between dif-Cpl. Gallatin hurled superb ferent organizations can be ar-ball for the locals, but his rlanged through the P T.O. if ..:;o mates did not dent the rubber desired. until the last inning w_:hen.they The 0 3d 'Mapping Sq. softball managed to ge_t their Single team of MacDill journeyed over to 1 tally. Pfc. Melhck walked to D.rew on Sunday to hand the open the and moved 309th Service Group a 2-1 defeat around to from where _he ih a hard-fought game. The 309th scored on a smgle by S; Sgt. shoved across their only run in Generella. The rally fell_ short, the last inning, but the rally fell 1 as the visiting pit_cher tur!led short : Jor the Drewmen. on the heat to retue. the side. We would like to state here the l Drew Softball Champs Shown in this picture are the softball champions of Drew Field the Detached Medical Department. This team defeatea the 309th' Service Squadron for the title. Miss Nettie Mathison, stenogra pher in the Base Dispensary, is shown presenting the, certificates of award to. Cpl. Frank Focht, captain of the team. Back row, left to right: Pfc. Arnold Piellucie, Sgt. Charles Wanciowski, T. 5 Louis F. Goria, T. 5 Max Wiess and Cpl. Frank B. Rocco Front row: 1st SgJ. Harry G. Walters, T. 5 Elmer F. Cox, Cpt Edward Cuneo; Sgt. Fred Evans and Cpl. Joseph Filas. correct dimensions. for volley ball ana basket ball courts. areas, tarred nets are best. All nets should be preserved .carefully as they are increasingly difficult HOW TO Y.AKE CARE OF Volley Ball-The playing sur face shall be a rectangular court fe_et long an!i 30 feet wide, in eluding outer edge of lines, free from obstructions and having a height of 15 feet or more is free from apparatus or other obstructions or projections. YOUR ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 1 and repaired at the first indica-----------tion of When not in use, Here are a few rules: jflation should be avoided; as this the nets should be loosened toreAthletic Shoes-Due to perspi-materially affects the shape and lieve tension. ration, rain or snow, all athletic life of any ball. ; Basket Ball-The playing court !iliall be a restangular surface free from obstructions and shall have maximum dimensions of 94 feet ih length by 50 feet in width and minimum dimensions of 74 feet in length by 42 feet in width. Lt. Arthur Colley, Physical Training officer of Drew, is now in the MacDill recover ing from a back injury. This col umn wishes him a speedy recov ery. shoes are subjected to dampness, Ping Pong-Loose_ n nets when which tends to remove the tan-not in use. Remove dents iri ping nage oil from the leather, causing pong balls by pouring it to dry out and crack. Neatsfoot water over them. or Visco! oil will help to remedy Rubber Goods Every effort this condition. The application should be made to conserve rubshould be madeon the uppers and ber equipment. Any rubber maoutsoles. Keep the oil away from terial which is no longer servicerubber cleats. Remove mud and able should be turned in for sallime from shoes before drying. 1 vage. Every scrap of rubber Wearing football, baseball or should be saved. The chief ene track shoes on stone or concrete mies of rubber are direct sunfloors should be discouraged. light, heat, grease and oil. With Football Helmets and Shoulder regard to the sunlight and hea:t, First Basket Ball Game Pads-Made primarily of leather that can be _done is to mini-' The 309th. Service Group and covering and felt. or from rubber mize the of exposure. the 505th Signal Regiment played padding, helmets should be and 011 should be removed the first basket ball game of the packed with. paper and hung in With soap_ and Never. -use season in Trailer Park gym, Tama cool, dry place. Leather is treat-dry cleanmg flmds on rubber pa, .on Wednesday night. The ed as indicated previously. Shoul-goods. 309th 'ServiCe Group won by a der pads should not be piled up, Baseballs sinscore of 37 to 34. as they will mildew and be broken shtch should be repressed out of shape. These artipaired. Covers should be cleaned cles should not be suspended by and dry. Take in bases when the elastic straps. not m use. Wood -Wooden equipment; Volley Ball Nets -In damp Hiroh\to: When we win this war, I'm going to rule the world. Mussolini: No, you're not. I am, because the Lord said, 'The meek shall inherit the earth.' Hitler: That's a lie. I never said any such thing. R. S. Evans Motors 102 N. Tampa Street OFFER finest selection of late model automobiles, and can arrange terms for commis sioned officers without de lay. A. F 5 Officers Beat Signal Corps In Softball Game such as bats,. golf clubs, hockey sticks, javelins, etc., are built to last long periods of time and will do so when properly cared for. Moisture is the main source of I -difficulty. When necessary a good Hotel FLORIDAN ; The Air Corps Officers came coat of spar varnish will protect from behind to score four runs in the wood. Javelin and vaulting the last of the seventh to defeat poles should be stored in a mantheir. Signal Corps brothers, 12-11 ner that will prevent warping. in a free scoring softball game last Inflated Equipment -Inflated week. balls should be stol!'ed inflated, BARBER SHOP Three home runs were collected but not at normal pressure. This during the afternoon, with Cha-is particularly true of last-built H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barber Service Expert Barbers Manicurists plain Boren and Lt. Cromatie or molded balls. They should slamming them out for the Air neither be folded nor crushed. AIR CONDITIONED Corps and Lt. Metro for the When inflating a ball with rubSignal Corps. ber-core valve, always moisten : Both teams used two hurlers the needle, preferably with glywith Lt. Risley getting credit for cerin. If the needle is moistened the win. Lt. Davis tossed the last with the mouth, always remove two innings for the Airmen (but the moisture from the needle after will refrain from using the using. word pitcher ._in hi() case). Always use a pressure gauge to Kimble led the Signalmen at insure correct inflation. Over-in bat with three singles, with Van Bisteen collecting two doubles. led the Airmen with a home run and single. ... SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER 418 TAMPA ST. Ground Floor The. Signal Corps got two runs in the. first, each in the second a _nd third, three in the sixth Hours and two in the seventh. The Air 8 to 6 Special Appointments Corps men one in. the third, six in the fom;th, one in the fifth, and four in the seventh. For. Horseback Riders .Anyone desiring to go horse back iiding will plenty of hot:ses io accommodate them at the Tampa Yacht and Riding stables. The stables are located at Ballast Point, which is straight out Bayshore Boule-vard. Every Thursday there will be. a ride and dinner for offi cers at the :Yacht Club. There : w;ill .be.twq groups_ for the ride, one 9'r9up at 6:30 and one at 7:30. Dinner will follow the ride at the Yacht Club, with an orchestra playing .for an after-dinner dance. You can bring' your wife or girl friend or leave them. There will be someone there to welcome you. l All officers desiring to attend this weekly function may make reservations by calling W 3403. Service Men. ;; BEER-'-". --WINES / Hostesses M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 Florida A,ve. Member V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelers OPEN UNTn. 8:30 P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Manhattan c&fe 'I CANOY COATED FLAYON rO;f'VEN/EKT .... TO CARRY i NOW ONSA_LE AT ALL P. .Y.s p ,.. ... -MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room BEER WINES LIQUORS Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat 'We Are Anxious to Be of Service More Victory Bonds & Stamps B ,ROTI-IERS Complete .. convenient MILITARY --DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FR-ANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE MEN'S SHOP MAIN FLOOR FOR LATE MODEL QUALITY CARS I Sold With a Definite Guaranty SEE l C. McKELLAR .-1703 GRAND CENTRAL Phone H 3585 "Drl.nks You'll Like and Can Afford" PADDOCK BAR JACKSON AT TAMPA STREET Open from 8 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. SERVICE MEN Your Is Loc. ated At 801 Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Tampa, Florida WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. LIQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Cor. Cass and Marion Sts. Phone 4502 QUICK DELIVERY e ALL BRAl\D LIQUORS e WI:\ES CORUIALS 40th ST. LIQUOR STORE J O E VASQUEZ 4014 7th Ave. Phone Y-3815 EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND STAMPS


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