Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 35 (October 30, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 30, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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-.... 'VOL. L NU 35 Published Every Fdday Drew Field, Tan:tpa, Florida Odober 30. 1942 FLEET OF TRAILERS TO OPERATE HERE 'Share Your Car' Helps 1 Traffic Problem Due to the. growing. out of the expansi'on 6 :Prew Field and the of bus facilities, a share yoli r car .. movement has developed on the base. Officers and enlisted men I who have automobiles are carry ing additional passengers, using .1 all available space in their vehicles for transportation of fellow officers and soldiers. The overcrowding of buses going to Drew was brought to Mayor Chancey's attention by Cpl. Leonard G. Rubin, a contributor to the Shuttle Bus Systen1 Between Points On Field A fleet of five trailers will be placed in operation at Drew Field Monday morning 'in a circulating shuttlf? bus system for transport.ation of military personnel and ci vilian employees between points I on the field. This innovation was ordered by j C<:JL Melvin B. Asp, Base Com mander, as a s otution to several problems presented by the rapid growth of Drew field and the ex--Drew Field Echoes, and Mayor .Chancey promised to investigate. pansion of its training areas. "We will attempt to improve : Traffic and parking problems the bus service to the camps if it 1 will be solved by use of the new i s af all possible under the present I trailers. All holders of X cards or conditions," the mayor told Cpl. 1 civilian employees will be reRubin. Vle want to cooperate in A 1 mong those attendin'J :the luncheon at Dre v Field la.st Mondav_ for the Tampa Chamber of quired to ;:;ark their cars 1'n the every. way, and apy suggestions c 1 f 'h G I :;IS to how we can help the boys e io ng t, 1. M1xson Col. M )lviu B. Asp, Drew Field Commanding Offker; area .just northeast of the inter-. E. P. Tahaterro, MaJ; R. G. Conkhn, and Carl D. B:o1e-!:n. The chamber' s gift is shown in. he foref T will always be wel-::ome." 1 ground. I sectwn o ampa Bay Boulevard CpL Rubin had asked relief for 1 and B Street. Schedule of the his fellow soldiers from the twoi trailers will insure speedy transwaiting line to crowd into rllver Servlce Army T ain" c:,-ilicms (' 11!1 lportation for civilian employees the buses. He had pointed out J i J I 'f u asses from the cast to the various that .the line was .exceptionally For Wa eh 2 p -t-t" I areas prew Field. For the preslong on .Saturday nights, 'when Prerenfed to r ous_ o:s.:s I T w u d lent, Imhtary personnel will be mep waited by the hour. ---0 ear n er park their c.ars on In response to Cpl. Rubin's .disprogram fer dvi'ians 1 t-:>e Post. A!r Base buses Will closure. Mayor' Chancey got in Offl"cers' Club experic;:ce in commercial I G u k hnue to operate over touch with Mr. A. Pickens Coles, indust;;a l ':'arehousing _will! a S 1'1 a S S J?rew .. C!-Yice-president of .the -Air Base I be Icaugt:rater l oy ti1e \Var De. : v1l1an. VISito1s Will be pe1m1tted Bus Lines, who -inform(?d the Partme:1.t fer the puroase cf re-' ---1 to dnve the!r. cars through the mayor that the company has made .The Officei s Club of Drew lieving military fron! J:pecJal and a nev.; type. Only military P.ersonnel arrangements to lease a portion Field was host to members of ch"pot cperatio1,::: in the country. I?' t<.> CIVIlian employees be perrmtof the Allied Building a:s a bus the board of governors of the -:1c ,ei lS2S ,,.El be Issued to so1mers ted to nde the trailers. terminal' and to put on seven new Tan1pa Chambe f C + FOR ART LQ\lCRS who lll? to now have had to .re-: Gas and tractor and trailer buses. r 0 ommerce a. V L. "specs" \Vhen donnmg 1 In add.Ihon to solvmg traffic "Asyou :know, it is alinost ::t. The Tamoa Art Institute inYites U'le and parkmg problems, use of the possible to purchase .city type a silver serv Ic e m the -name of the men 0 Drew Field to a fall Le:.ses i!l the new glasses are: trailers enables further cooperabuses at this time and that concitizens of Tampa to officers of cpening of its gallery in the Mu-'he as those in tho s oldier's' tion with government efforts to dition has existed foi many tlie post. : .. 1 Auditorium Nov. i 5 a::td glasses, are smaller in gas and months," Mr. coles wrote. "When Car l D Broreiri in t' a o from 2 to 5 p.m., and the eveThe b -:;x f1ts closer to the areds or miles will the Drew Field service was first .. esen ning of the 6th. 'r.! c e :Ht d side rods. are narrower be saved dmly by use of this inaugurated,. we operated .. for .gift, part m In additio n to our per!!:. anent ::md fit :;;nugly behind the ears. met.hocl. Each frailer has a manv months at a great loss. At. military and explamed the I collection, :""! arc featuring the The g!:1s::es are also narrower at pacity of 30 and 1s the inception of the service, .we close feelmg Citizens now have for work of saldier-art;sts who have the temples. pulled by an ai my Jeep. were given to understand from men in the service. J :Oe:=n wcrking unde r the sponsor-The. nevvtype masks. with their: Built under the supervision of reliable sources the personnel of "Wh I ship of Mrs. L. R. Anderson at the pcars ::.aped lenses afford more. Lt Dudley B. Marty, of the Base of the field would approximate en peace '" Wh ;-ve USO. I !'Oom for glasses thaa the other: S-4 section, t h e trailers are an 2 .0 00. The original estimate was took the tune to evidence fnenaly I There is no admission charge. models. I achievement m economy. Wood only a drop in the bucket. In the feelings not only among ourselves, 1 -----i was used: .except for past year our fleet has increased but also toward the militmy men y n.1 J Q ]11f I the chassis, m which JUnk metal 300 per cent. in our midst," he said. "Now war oung vv omen n L 'Vera. s I and junk Ford axles were used. The new terminal is scheduled is and all COl}tinuously :qespite this economy 'in to ocen by Nev .. 1. One of the new ousy. rhere are lewer occasions 1 h o n the trallers are vehi'cles has a lready arrived. and of this nature now and we an. sturd:v and will go a long way t! 1e rate of o .ne a .veek all' theefore, extremel y glad. of this I toward solving transportation tne others Will .be brought m at, oppcrtumty to renew w1th you nroblcms on Drew Field. :..bave been pqt in st:>rvice. Each of aur pledge cf regnrd and esteen -+: -----! units will accommoc:ate 50 in wnic:h 1 v e hold the officers and j:, J n f r:;nls! n men nov: in Tampa." l fu;,!il I fn'l a. "my part in the prGgram were Col. I \s'/1 Melvi;;, B. Asn. commanding offiI A cer of Drew Field; T. G Mbcson. Ph lj r Ol'esi<:lent of the chamber of A newtype field insect bar, merce, and E. P. Taliaferro, chair-. i which fits unde r the standard Prornotion of unit mail orcl.erlies from Privates t o Technicia;1 s 5th Grade with the designation. of Unit Mail Clerks i s announced bv the War Departmel1t. They will '"'ear the insignia of tltcir grade and receive a pay increase of $12 a month. The mail clerk is an imoorta:1t link in the _Army postal s y s tem. H e provides the contact v.rith the soldier in the fi eld in the matter of receiving and deli vering mail. BASE SIGNAL OFFICE MOVES man of t!1 e committee t c 1 shelter te!!t, will protect. soldiers handle for the pres1 in n:.csquito and sand-fly areas, the Vlar Department announces. Thirty -two of the It has bce'l seivice-tested under '!::car d of governors of the cham-I field ccncitions both in con ti-ber o'f commerce attended the ,1 nental States and over-present ation cerPmony. seas. ------1< The netting, designe::l by the C;)rps, will r eplace Attention, Bollp!oyers the sa:1d-fly and bars Previously issued to troops i n the f: e ld. The 1::?.!', which can be tuck eel in t o k ce:.1 bugs and flys from Are you a basket ball player? Tne Physical Training Office is calling all basket ball players on the field who wish to try for the Base team. The team which represented Drew Field last year won the Tampa city championship,' and was nmner-up -in the Lakeland 1 Invitation T ournament. ent' cring unde rr, eath the tent ,.. I v .'a'Js. i:: m nde from cotton and y, I 1 T L l r h0n'i'';:J]]v' to resist mil-Wno says a woman c.an t do.a s __ "'ust cake a stroll tnroug.1. dew and water. the Sub-Dc:pot and sec er;1 a t It. Tr,e ::suo-Depot IS sure begmnmg to -1:-----_feel tbe effects of tJ.;e fe:y;ir;ine touch; With so .. of d:<:! male f'! ,.. U d For Bugles workers gowg !!'lW tne armed .forc e s tne women a r e ft1Ul1g the gaps I C,:,tlc se tha t they are l eaving at the \Vork benches. The welc:ling s]wp, cho:; sheet !1'!elal the e lectrico.t shop. the propelle r shap, To conserve m etal, plastic has the fabric s!1op, the pJ.ra2hutc of these have been ieft bce:1. adooted as a mate r :al in the untourhed by (he wor:cen. ma: 1ufacti.tre of Army bugles. If The new location of the Base Office and Base Sig-nal P1operty Office is T-429. corner of Fifth St. South and "F" Avenue. I All candidates for the team are asked to contact the Physi' I cal Training Office and submit their names, experience and or-:...-------------ganization at once. Wiln acct:; l ene torcl:es in their hands. the t\:o gog,: led women in it is c f a:1y comfort to f irst call i the abo\e picture are welding a bomb lift. Ldt to right, they are ha!.ers, the new bugle produces a lvlis s .;ane iN. Dennis ar:.d fl:I iss Mae Smith, both of Tampa. better tone.


r.DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 2 Prelude to Peace Bus Route Changed N me For. If A11 he11 itself had burst asunder JO. Jr!tfiit a a !With flame, s torm, lightning and h thunder. By CPL. LEONARD G. RUBIN I The spawn had been let Congestion !I' lines The Army and other branches To strangl e humanity with a J --of the services ha1ve noose. Since Sunday, October 25, the are developmg a_ a l then A noose of horror and .. bestiality 1 followmg bus route became effec" o_wn. "The followmg IS a parti a l Of fear and hate beyond all re'aitive: l1st o:_ some of the,expresswns and j ity. (a) AJl buses "Drew :word., _used toda)-. I The people were taught to despise I F1eld v1a East Gate are routed G.I. IS number one on the word I their mothers as follows: :pa:r n de. Originally t!sed by the Kiil without their sisters L s::op No. 1-"B" Street North Q .M.C. to refe r to 1tems 1 ssued and brothers. at Ea:st Gate. by them, it has come to describe what do these ghouls know about 2. proceeds to Secpnd Street any ,tern used by the Army and love, turnmg north to "F" street, then I !;ven the themselves, to-wit: And the feeling of peace that west to Stop No. 2 at Main PX; G.l. Sam, a popular song. comes from above? 3 Bus turns south on lOth SL On the Beam is an Air Forces They and the tiger a1:e brothers to "B': St. south of No. 4 expression derived from planes for fair; (oppos1te old Motor Pool) using the radio -beam to guide They kill for the lust and slink 5. Bus proceeds east to Stop No. them on flights. This exclamation off to their lair, 5 at East Gate. has come to mean doing a job There to lie and view with re(b) .1\ll buses marked "Drew w elL When one does so h e is "on sentment F1eld v1a Tmnpa Bay Boulevard" the beam." The valley below. that is filled proceed on Tai11pa Bay Bouleva t ; d Take Off, used at first in refer-with contentment. to: ring to departing planes; is now 2 L Stop No. 1 corner of Tam-used by the fellows when they The re_ 1s on th1s earth another re-pa Bay and 2nd, St. depart from a place. Thev sa)' gwn, 2. Bus11pr oceeds west on 'I am12a "Let's take off. The Navy boys Where _stands prepared a mighty Bay to Stop 2,_ borro w an expression from their legiOn /loadmg statiOn m rear or BUJldmg service and tise "shove off. Who, ft?r th.e coming battle, gird on the northeast. comer at s f s -their loms mterse ctiOn. All F JtUC!tiOn Normal, To destroy the' evil that pervades 3. Bus proceeds north on lOth ou e P this; wor1d. St. to A venue L east to corner Goof-off means to do something A mighty nation that will never of "L" a:nd First, Stop No. 3 you shouldn' t when vou shouldn' t retreat, 4. Bus proceeds south to Stop be doi'ng it Who in its existence knows not of 1 No. 4, c ente r of block west side j ()..i_.er fhe Hill i s an old one defeat. :. between Tampa Bay Boulevard AWOL. They shall delhrer the world from and Avenue "K." Chow Line is not a row of Chi-these vermin, nese dogs, but the queue for mess. And a monkey :who dresses himSweat it Out means to wait for self in ermine. something to go through official For man has always kriown 'tl1at I channels, such as a p romotion, An. eagle can always defeat a furlough, etc. rat. .. m-.....-Hup, fviop, threep, fou-rp is sim-Whe n the storm is over there will 1 be a rare treat I p y a drill sergeant's way of say-' I ing "one, two, thre e,-four." The Eagle, the Lion and the Bear I Carry On means do \vhat you will rneet, were doing. To free the dove of peace its i E pnson, I agles, though found on a colAnd will fly to a people again oneYs shoulders, means American nsen. I money to the boys. Pfc. Harry Polsky Blow It Out means to get it off youl' chest .. Blow y 'our Top means :shoot off your mouth. Roll Out means get out of bed _rn the Navy it's "hit the deck" P'41l your st'ripes mean:s to show authority of rank among non-'J : ?fficers. tank" 1s .same, applied to com-, ffilSSlon e d off1cers. Gold Bricks is an Army expres s;ion for a soldier who doesn't E!o his job. As a verb it is used as al synony m for doing nothing. j Top kick is old one for the iiTst sergeant. JIGs. our enemies'--Japs, Jtaha ns, Germans. Plomaine Pete is the mess ser-geant. Shingles .are pieces of toast Slui'tl 'is stew. Soldiers are sons of slum. and gravy. Grass is salad. Saricl is sugar. Mud is coffee. SOS is s _ave our ship ___ ___ to the Navy; sav e our souls to the -Salvation Army, but to the dough boy! it is "Slop on !?J)ingles or Olci Stuff." .. .. Thes e are only a feW of the hundreds of expressions used day. Many are profane. Every at tempt should be niade to elimi. nate this_ latter gnwp fr:om qur language even though it is often said it is tte soldier's. pre. rogat1ve to swear. a blue streak I MONEY LOANED 01'\ AN.YTliiNG OF TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA'S ANO MOST I,IJiERAL'' 90"1 F'RANJiJ,fN ('lGA PO: -CJO"il PT.''l'TES. BEER WINES SAND,VICHES HARRY WELLECOTT 912 Florida Avenue I l -..,.. __ __:. ___ .;.______; FOR LATE MODEL QUALITY CARS Sold With a Definite Guctranty SEE 1703 GRAND. CENTRAL Phone H 3585 Air-Conniiioneol Pit. Ill 1878 Now Playing Wednesday AirCCoridiiioned Ph ,,.I 9c -zsc SUNDAY ANb MONDAY. ''JA;CkASS MAIL'' Wallace :EieerJ -+c Marjorie Main Hit No 2 I of the Congo'' I N Just Arrived! OsD.WCOL SHIRTS SLACKS tAPS Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-9c, 22c SUNDAY ONLY "VERNON and IRENE. I 916 FRANKLIN ST. CASTLE" Ginger ROGERS _'\LSD Fred ASTAIRE "Bad Meri of Missouri'' Den:1:is l\ Iorgan never saw a flgh.ing man who didn't cherish the very thought of a pause with CocaCola. That goes for workers in fac .. tories, too. Ice-cold Coke is something more than the drink that answers thirst. It adds the feel of refreshment. 'In war, Uncle Sam re;, stricts the sup. ply. But there's still enough for many BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY oF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY j I TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING -cOMPANY. Letffr5 1 lLA R .. IE'S 506 St., Next to Madison HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WELL DRESSED ARMY MAN COMPLETE LINE OF MILITARY CLOTHES SUPPLIES AND INSIGNIA Also Military Tailoring All Kinds of Chevrons ltlikMY4Jl' M f'*ilf!F'MQ" HWAW A4 NO COUPONS NO SPECIALS JUST RE_l\.L GOOD PICTURES STANFORD STUDIO One Block of MacDill Ferry Landing 100 EAST LAFAYETTE STREET PHONE M 51-231 W". C. NICODEMUS "Most Reasonable Jeweler in Tampa" Diamonds vVatches -Wedding Rings Gifts ; OPEN TUESD/o, Y AND THURSDAY EVENINGS I :,PH 708 Fra n klin Street


Bill Provides For Soldiers io Get Bonus After \Var DREW-FIBLD-ECH0ES coP GIVEs TICKET Army Trains WAA(s (FOR THEATER) ro sPEED-ER As Radio Operators 1 WESTOVER FIELD, Mass. I II "Pull over to the side bellowed I The Army Srgnal COI ps soon a motorcycle cop to an'Army lieu-will begin training members o I tenant who was driving along J the Wom-en's Army Auxiliary 11 Talk of a bonus for soldiers f w ith_ a "date." The lieut_ errant,_ be-_ Corps to replace enliste_d men as a ter the war is rapidly develop-1 h 11 b 1 th 35 ing into action. e was. we e ow e radio operators and radw mecha-' u S. Senator Edwin C. Johnnule speed llmrt, was surpnsed at c. F H d the order. mcs 111 Army An orces ea -1 son, of Colorado, has already in-t c th W D t d d b'll th s t "Vvhere do you think you're go-quar ers ompames, e ar e-, 1 o uce a r rn e ena e, '?" d th ,.1 t l t d calling for the continuation of pay 1m,; roar e pa. men announcec o ay for soldiers, sailors and marines To a movre, 1 ephed the h euThe trammg wrll be conducted for a period of six months after 1 h? W ll h t' 1 t, at the Midland Radio and T ele .the end of t h e war I ea e s a JC vision Schools, Incorporated, Kan' The measure is the first "sol-sard the. cop, h andmg over a sas City, Missouri. The first class, :dier bonus" bill of I paste boar d.. I of 55 studer:t a!l d 28 World War II and 1s desrgned to It was a ticket to a local motwn student repa1nnen, w1ll begm No-!: ease the shock of return to. ci-, prcture theater. vembe r 30, 1942. Subsequent J v.ilian life for millions of serv1ceit classes of approximately the same 1 Page: 3 Yes, we ltave lt Complete Military .DEPARTMENT OPEN EVENINGS COLLEGE SHOP 301 Twiggs Tampa MEN'S WEAR 567 Central Ave. St. Petersburg men. p I Of R d proportions will b e started once Under the terms of the bill the ar oa S a month until 1:equisite num-six months pay period would start I b e r of r adiO specrahsts have been after discharge from the service (I d J p bl" traine d. The radio operators will following official end of the war. ose 0 u IC r eceive a 13-week traini!lg course_ It would b e granted only to those 'I The course for the r a d10 mechawh? 90 or more This ___ will be of eight wee ks' duraaccordmg to B ecause of the expansion and bon. ,)hnson, 1s favore d by the Amer-added traininoactivities of Drew I of the \yomen s Army --1can Legion, V eteran of Foreign Field, of T ampa Bay J ,wrll b e \:Vars, Disabled. Veterans and Blvd. and Memorial Drive were for the operators and mt:;cl:amcs other patriotic organizations. clos e d to the public, beginning c1ourses basrc tram1 ':!'f at ----it 9:00a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28., Lle s Army, F Th I N d T ampa Bay Blvd. is closed to C01ps Trammg Fort Des or ose n ee J all civilian traffic from a point Iow_a .. Cand:dat:s f?r 800 feet east of junction of the l a1r:1n, as I ad1 o opera tors will (onfaci.Army Rell"ef Boulevard and "B" street, just l'e ce1ve tests, ':"J:1le I west of Lincoln avenue, west to add1twnal tr Hillsborough avenue-a distance as 1 and r e :parr! of approximately four miles. spec1a!1sts_ w1ll be -ve n examma-1 If you are badly .in need of l f C l b D t twns m trade apt!.udes. .Trave rom o urn us nve o : \ some financial assistance, applica-Hillsborough avenue just east' of ---.. tion should be made to the Drew the Drew Field reservation will :Field Headquarters Section, Army be via Armenia avenue. Guides Emergency Relief, Base Library will be placed on duty on Anne nia avenue and Columbus Drive plunk in the slush. One by one, the others followed, each landing wjth a dull thud in the mud. The n ,and only then did the soldiers l'earn that they were n t supposed to fall in the mudat all-the lead Army Emergency Relief is a to direct civilian traffic. .new organization in the Army Air Memorial Drive will be closed -Forces. It was set up with the to the north of its intersection man slipped. 'idea.in mind that there may-come with Coltimbus Drive. a time in the life of a soldier it -----.when, through no fault of his N p f T .own, h e would. find himself no ot art 0 rammg longe r in a position to help some lo\red one at home. Such a situa .tion could be due to an unavoidable mix-up of his. records to de lay his pay, sudde n secret orders .moving: him from his present post to another in the United States, or his sudden embarkation to a .foreign port. At.. Camp Wolters, Texas, the other day a group of soldiers under full pack were going through \ an obstacle course. The leading. man _grabbed a rope, swung out over. a mudhole and landed ker, Army Emergency Relief assist. lmce is extended to_ all deserving of the Army of the _United States, regardless of rank, -grade, branch .or component, and .to. their needy dependents irre :spective of relationship. The de pendents of deceased, disabled, or .retired personnel of the Army of .the United States are also en titled to aid. ; A brief but thorough investiga,tion is made of the financial condition and other pertinent cir'cumstance s of anPlicants, prior to :xtending relief. However, in -emergencies. immediate needs be provided for while pend:ing complete investigation. No You can save yourself many an un easy moment if you convert your travel money into safe American Express Travelers Cheques before you leave. They are spendable like cash but.if lost or stolen uncountersigned, they are refunded to you promptly. No identification required except your signature ... Issued in denom inations of $10,$20, $50 and $100. Cost 7 5 for each $ 100. For sale at Banks, Railway _Express and \'V'estern Union offices, at princip ai railroad ticket o$ces and at many camps a.W bases interest is charged on loans, and A .ME.RICAN EXPRESS may be made install. -. To obtain the assistance ne.eded, TRAVI:'LERS CHEQUES contact Lt. Edwarti B Dailey;. 1 t; Arl'Ylv F.mergency Relief Offi:cer Y<';, ., = at Drew Field. His office is locate d in the Snedal Service Office at :the Base Library Bldg. Lt._ Daile:v, .a native of Ithaca. N Y.. gradHated from Colgate in 1931. atfoncled the Harvard School of Busi ness .Administration and late r \vas emploved bv the Socony Vacuum Oil Co .. Inc. ----it----,. .\INING rain yourself o do your iob instinctively. :Rpmember, modern ,ba:ttle.is marked by noise and con-I .fusion. R. S. Evans Motors 102 N. Tampa Sreet OFFER finest seleciion of lae model automobiles, and can for commis sioned officers wi:thou de lay. B E s T place ta buy Military N e e d s for Officers and Enlisted Men. ALTERATIONS FREE 917 Franklin St., Tan1pa t' 872 Central-St. Petersburg 531 Cleveland-Clearwater I CANDY COATFD CHOCOLATE FLAVON u TO CARRY NOW ON SAL AT ALL P.Y.s We Serve Exclusively MacDill, Plan:t and Benjamin Fields in the highest :type of Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Shoe Repairing. FOR QUICK SERVICE Telephone4323 T H E : o I X : 1 E L A U N D : R Y C 0 il 1001 WEST ORIENT AVE THE TERRACE GIFT& FLOWER SHOP Tampa Terrace by Wire" Open Until 11 P.M. Day Phs. 3022 M 5561 ALL ONE PRICE $4;99 A.S.BECK SHOES MILiTARY GUARDSMAN SHOES FOR MEN SOB FRANKLIN STREET Allan's 1010 Prnnklin Street OPE:>\ E\'EXIXGS TAMP A, FLORIDA "'Largest Supply af Military Souvenir Jewelry for all Branches of the Service." Specializing In UniforntAiterations t!:!!!u!.:.!!!:-:!!-: .. :-! .. !!u! .. !-!! ... :-:-:-:-:-:-:-!-!!!!-:-: .. ;-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-!-!!"!"l-1 "Service Men Are Alwctys Welcome" i t A S H E A P R A N G E D R U G S :i: LUNCHES-R_EFRESHMENTS f 702 Grand Central Phone H 4381


Pa e' 4 g --P. 0. Box .522 Business ()ffice:. 1115 Fl; .. ORI:0/1.. AYENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in ibis newsppaper are also contained m the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 8,000 copies. -ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper pubiished exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the Umted Natwns .Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of individual writer's and under no circumstances are they to be consrdered those .of the United States Army. in this publication do not constitute an endorsement .by the :war Department or its per sonnel"of' the products advertised. 11 .,, ;ote. ... ....... 1 By _SGT. JOHN F. -SUSZYNSKI Once there. was an illustrious group kno.w as .the "41'ers" wh() blazed a trail that .was destine(! -to make .history; Drew Field has a gr oup of contemporary trail .blazer s "knowed as the (A A;F Band), who, .last week. started the trek that will lep.d to .... ??? Following an .informal deoutat the 369th Service Pci.rty. :the demand for the Band's serv'. ---. I ices skyrocketed, and the forrner This year November 3, .election ."-_ d .vij :U .. .IC .:J s Minute Starias" have grown : I 'V: J-1 l'l -to noble p r6pcirt1ims. The Big day for the greater part of the ,.. ... .. came wheri Cpl. o.7 should be a day of -Added J A :(asf Whitehead offered .to gpot us Sigllll'lcance for most Amen can v one o{ his Sold1er ; s, -Shows at L-,.In peace time votin_ g is o t n .Arena of .qom; se, the :Band .could rew eu.e not j u 'st operi and so a proof Democracy at wor.k; in .,. ;11 .. hied off .t.o the hinter)ap.d;; (much wartime it .i;; a symbol of what. in the mannei of Broadway we. are.fignting for,_ Last night, in the. outdoor arena Shows, :befm: e 'the S l f h b d iere) .to serenade Q _apt. pecia orms ave een rs. Pv:t Han;y .Evans-better known h St t h W '-'OH, HlS NA-ME WAS IN T:HE DREW FJELD ECuOES" .Signalmen at a e tributed by t e ar the vaucj.e_ville stage Jimmy .Paik. Our m .en wore their to all and Ev.q_Ils,.:-vv:oweO. a DTew Field au__ :tags, .in .. case anything \lllfQre 1?een here and abroad so that citizen.-_ .. -----.... r ...... .......... .., should happen, but there were soldiers mp.y retain the dience with monologue on_a o R G OLBBRI('.Jir. r CHUROJ:I CA;I,;L I 1,10 pdvilege of voting,_ no .the Army. 1 _') .; The fact that we returned to Drevr .. they are_statwnest to H'tl '"ight have feattired .the Little l:\P Y s umme up rs .!)a egua1, ... I .. "" 1 er, 6 _9,.e rs Debut. "w .. hite Chri_stmas' of liqert_ y w.hen he said, Iri otl1 _er B u o. k J p ,.,..YI3 f Musso1ini and Tojo. f -lands across the water the f)C!I e.s ., J ., : .. "' ... '""' AN$. :L()o){s like you7re be-; Soldiers who enter .must use a ; .vas the oril:v maior cp.sualty o .of militinism: and conquest, hind the pinbaH;Petter .gElt a 1 coupon printed in YANK; and t.he eveni'ni{ The Officers seemed i-or1sm ai1d intolerance have vivOh Lord, in Thy Mercy, please divorce. I know a -guy. just like must .write .on six si.tbjeats: (1) to enjoy .the nmsic well er:o1gh .idly revealed ,to American.s ,for. list to my .plea; bim..-he's played the pinball I'll be seein' you; (2) Here' s -what that there are faint whispers th R 1 t' Thoug h -I'm only one, there are rii:. a. chines so much that e v_e r y -l'. m fi'ghtr'n .. ba for, 3 ) My father. d Id about a r 'eturri eriga.'gement. .the smce e evo _uiqn_,. th d l'k B d how precious and extraordinal'Y It ousan s I e me. time .he rolls his eyes, his nose .it in 1918; (4) Doolittle was only But Success isn't all a e as to be ai-lo-\ved free choice subjed tq orders froni. l\igh lights the beginning;. (5) If I had you in 9f Roses; ask pic's Kowal, :c iank and low; .. .-m y squa d, 'and (6) I've got!'-' b e t-ski' :Vitale and Booth who have :Of leaders -for .ti'ee men: Wh th d D D a \ 1 .. Remember, each vote is P. sym. -erever ey sen us, were ear .. oc: ,ter it .is. -,_" c had to curtail their soCia program .. destined :to go. I arn nlarrI'ed to Jealous cor-Wi_tmers wi_ll receive a six.': 'onsider'abiv : and p\ty .. bol of Democracy m actwn.. We.'do all the drill, the laboi.-and, mo th s bsc t 0 to YAl\TK I \\ Ted' $2't. Ferris who has had to .. -JC. Lord, poral who makes life miserable u np : n "1 .--. n a ;. o:u rri_ e '.,.. -c harcr e 0f Quarters: in for ine,' No1\r' h e accuse.S n).'e of addrtwn to hearmg their ?ngmal .., .. t,' D pleasure we can-Jover'.'with ioui;;. b!lSt? .broadcast -to .the AXIS ... We grin and we bear it, we give, kids. SnciLild I ).eave. hirri ? ers. ie nioon!' :riever take. -Fluffy. -1c So I'm aslting -The e, .Lord, to gh:_e' ANS I .. 'ft"rstEnf'.I'Y In "Nufs A D k M L us a break. : : : certpinly : :ro..r_. : US IC overs it..'"' l \ 4Li!C_ a grrl like havihg -., A.. a: sjiitcir with two paiiof-Pan" J A I ,, ( t I The Tampa Civic Music AssoW.e qor;,'t want the world, with at. chos! -.. .. o .. XIS 011-es: <'iation has anno'unced a serie-J! Bv Li. JAMES F. BROWN fence. for our own; . I thr;Pe _Qr _four cnncerts. for l :-.. .. I We .don't ask for luxunes we've :Oear D oc: ( f J 1 coming season. Included amCJI'IIIllg .. .. We don't want to fight, but we To settle an argument, what -.... .. Charles Thomas. nne of the (Special S erv:ice Offit;:er A W:UTC) never known; O.:mes :fO. m !'l!n I the gl,leSt m :tist. s be ,Johlj. We qeal solely this will if we .must is .the fastest thing on wheels?: ___ world' s leading baritones, and a .the various programs presented And stick to the end for a cause Pfc .Renfiew ,Digges. First enb;Y in the current ,:favori t e among music lovers. on the radio. our morning yariety that is just. ANS. : Hitler riqjng throl.\gh to the Axis' contest sponsored by This will be an opportumty .for r;how over WFLA at -7:0;J a. m. W e do want respect (that some-D.iew Field ci_ n a b icycle! YitNK, The Army Weekl y came men in t h e service who enjoy and our two nightly programs times we lack) .from Pvt. :Freddie Shigaki, a Ja:good music to spend a few eve. originating from the studi<;>s of A chance to be n o'ticed a part of, Dear. Doc: panese-American in the United' :nings with the masters. and an WFLA; and WDAE respectively. the plan My fiancee seem. s to be State;; ;ooporutnity to show .the Tampa Our mghtly progra:ms are brought' That makes for the right and the. somewhat of a cold potato. Do 1 Pvt. Shigaki addresses his messMusic Association that we appre-,, to you Thurs. evenmg at 8:00p.m. freedom of man. you think a c opy of Dale Car-age t() Tojo :vithout waste of, _ciate these con<;er.ts and encour-over WDAE and our .. Friday night negie's book would improve: words. Choosmg the s ubJect, age these events to 'Qe .held mpre s how at 9:00 p. m. over WFL. A. Please make the hardtack a little I her? Pvt. Jethro Jeep, "Doolittle Was Only the Begin-,.frequently. .' .' 'These shows J:)ersonnel less hard .. : ning, h e writes, "Doolittle was Enlisted men willbe admitted from all departments at Drew A little less K.P. a little less ANS.:_ Try takmg her down only the beginning on Tojo as he for 75c p e r concert, and officer;; 'j :Field. g uard. I to the Hr-Hat more often flew ove r Tokyo and said, 'So J .in the arme d service s will be ad Your coope1 :ation is needed in f:,.. little less work, a little more. a potato ma,}{es a. mce htsorry, big mistake, excuse mit ted .for $2.50 p e r concert, plus putting over t11ese shows. If you play, tle drsh after she's borled! please'.'' (tax. The dates for the coming have a small combination Ol'chesA little -less dril1 a little more And h e adds terse l y "So let' s concerts have not bee n announced. tra or play .any. instrument, act. pa:/, KEEP IT QUIET I all do a little m o r e with G eneral! The Drew Field Echoes will carry l S(noor dance contact us and we A few less inspections a much Jimmie Doolittle i the announcement a s soon as the w :u7' make to feature you/1 lighte r gt;n, When you have n ews of our Pvt. Shigaki is stationed at/ dates are made publ ic. j on one of our future broadcasts. A little less crabbing; a little more munitions, Camp Grant, Illinois .: O u r morning shows hav e been fun; Sh! Keep it quiet! +: C ? running off in great style and And let itbe known, Lord, they'd .Or news of tr oop1? and their Lieutenant: Col o n e l I've been artoonist from the cards and letters we I be out of luck positions, trying to see you for a week b u t i have r eceive d, we know it shall I Without that. one soldier nickSh! Keep it quiet! you've been too busy Whe n can 1 continue to b e a hit. Remember,'/ .name d the "Buck.'' Ever so many lives have bee n lost I see you? these broadcast s are open to anyThru .idle conversation; Colonel: Why don' t you make one s t atione d or working h e r e at TRAINING H ere' s a d arn good tip for' the a date with mv s ecretar y ? prew Field. Do yom pari by iak-. Keep physically fi. You'll be Entire duration L ie uten ant: Oh, I did. We had part in _one ... of hroad-11 glad you did when you. get on Sh! Keep it a love l y time, but I still want t o cnsls. foreign duiy. 1 -Pvt. Harry Evans. see you. Hey, soldie r ... Are vou a cartoonist? would you like t o p a r t i c ipate in a new ventur c '1 Then con t act P vt. E d SGl(.'!i1.0n, .Public R e lations O f fi ce, Drew Field


::)ctober 30, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 lth Fighter Hq. & Hq Sq. I The Fighting Ninth I N f 0 necessary to' take t h e boys to I ..... llll.llillillil!!!!!l!i!I!I!I!!J practice. Thinks We'd-Like toKnow : 1 .PA. L : M Why was S .. Sgt. K iefer so un-happy whil e home o n furlough?? Where are the muscles that Sgt. By PVT. WALTER WERNER 303h SERVICE GROUP By CPL. H. A. HORTON This really ought to be printed Thanks, Major Tll!ner, for you r Paterson sent for some time ago? n red inK wuay, and 1'11 tcH Y()U t" 1 t I s it true Pfc. D e Rosa has c A F E T E R I A h T very llhe. !:es m g ec ures g iven y. oday tne ;:;quadron is three to b e held up to the cans to wash th 'l'h last week. The'.' vver e e nJoyed b Y non s olel. ree months. his mess kit?? Whe n is T Sgt. fhe tini.e has rushed by like a all the men and it has been sugParker going to invite the boys ;quadron o f .P-39 s roaring across gested that we be given more of in to see the hote l h e bought :he Field. H seems only yesterday them on related slibjects. II some little, tim,<;' back? Will :hat we came down h ere witll a Now that Pfc. Trott has been: Genne rell;:t s puddle J Umpers 510. Tampa St.; 11Tampa's Newest and Most Modernu of 35 men from Daniel Field r ,1 d d ever learn to play football?"? Who n Georgia. lt was a beautiiul :n rcia, Y as of the 3rd i s the fatter, Cpl Brayer o r Cpl ;unny morning. We r erriember echelon, It I S requested tha t h e I<:asprzak --and w h y are you ,! :lrinking hot black. coffee, and be given all the respect d u e one Kasprzak?? Was Cpl E rnst born naking friends on' the train with of. such auctust position i in that hole that surrounds him? W I S M d Th. F 'I' l. likeable young kid .from Penn-' Fellows tl. 0 I At this time it is fitting that e come ervlce en 01111 etr ami tes ;ylvania who i s no longer with I ness IS_ some 1111o the Squadron should t ake co"'niz-JS .. .. vVe remember tne Squatnat a ll good soldiers guard 1 ance of the citation of the follow-. :iron s first Acting 1st Sgt., and against. It has been ordered that\ ing sentine l s by our SqLtadro n ...................... '1"_ .............................. "*-.. -"'-.. +t .. ................ .................... .. ".,.;.._ .. we saw t11e second come and go. Commander: Pvts. D eRose, Econ-,i: B .... o .... B ... ,s ............ o' .p. E. N EVE NIN .G. s" '1 ... V ve've b"Ot a new Skipper now '' ps or nn ung I M"ll B bb d G crl purposes. L et's get behind t his omou, I s, u an Jar-! .i. who has haJ 3 years of Army exorder and give it f 11 t do. F ello.ws, we I e all pr oud of 1.:. ; perience. He has sailed the Seven our u supper yoH and the ma11ner in which "OU t S d h l d d p Its for our own protection J eas, an e s so Ie r e In a11a. have been doing your JOb. Keep ,:,. A + ma, the Pt.ilippines; China, and Pfc. Rebel Cool and S. Sgt. u p the. good work. .! y s to e y J apan, land of the lotus .blossoms have to _th e fold .. ... r ::: and squint-eyed citt.-throats. Meet fL\rlough. They .pomt with : ,:. oit r new lst Sgt., Bill Jenkins A Pride to .the fact that since t hey ::: : real and a good guy who came back the has won a 1 S U N B U R N : Complete Lme M1htary for The Nee,ds Qf ::: i11oes n t mmd a glass of beer--once softball game the Hq & l ':' SER V ICE M E N l. awhile. .. .. Hq Stgnal Co.,_9th Fightt:;r ::: SPORT. PA-GE: Afte:r getting '!'heY. claim th)s I;> the :i: EX PERT., TAILO R 'IN .ro :f: away on a slow start, Lt. Emory's f n st smce they went ,:, . '-,.a .! ball team is clic_king' now_like a away score, 7 to 6. ', INSECT BITES-M!J$CULAR ACHtS 3: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa :i: Brownmg machme gun m the Athletics has become a t??t:' q?.Be .:. Solori1on I Slands Paced b y the keynote around. the Sqttadr o n :.. ... ------- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. -- .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .................... superb pitcl:ing of Pfc. Bernie these days. Two teams .for _volley ... ,. Giller, the "Fighting Ninth" balls have been enter e d m. the SE:\HNOLE I B E N N E T T s D D u G s T 0 R E I knocked o.t:f the 308th Signal .Co. tournament. and the SOUVENJ R & JWL .. Y -i\ : by a score of 7 to 2. Besides doing and football teams are commg 1\ a consistently good job, m great Only one 1004 F kl' S Pvt. Leon Wexler was a big help hrtch has occured m the latter Lh e and Stuffed Alligators l .... ran lln t. to our Boys when he banged o u t and that has been our I<'loricla Souyenits.....,..Cnrios Complete Luncheonette e Liquor Annex In Connection a homer with the bases loaded. mabilrty to get the transportatiOn 107 E. Lafayette St. S gt.' Darbon n e tutned in his usual ...... fine at short: Iri case .. o,d you don t know it:that guy has Jt:'--\ ... "' ?2ff & got medals for billl playing. '. . . \!,:?'b .. Anyhow we're ready to lick all comers: If you're game, call Cpl. Keefe, our hot 3rd baseman, for a date. y .fl.HEM, WE POINT WITH o u r PRIDE to the Commenctation from Capt. Gillet, W1ng C. 0. to i L t. Scott, Squaqron C 0 which B A l '* was read to us mugs on Tuesday fi morning. We were comended on an. '>S front of the selector box. at the put a in music came out! Ya wanta make somethin' o f it. Congratulations for recent .pro motions are in order today too. The four men who m.ade Cpl. are. : Earl Wilson, Tom John Griffin, and Granville Hairston. Also comLTJg up the ladder with P fc. ratings are: Edwarrl Hoage. Bernard Gille r P aul Collier, and Harold Straub. H e re's to you fel lo\VS, nice going. EVERY PAY DAY B:UY MORE Y/ j3C)-N'DS AN. D STAMPS CENTR,AL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida EAT HENDERSON B A 1-i: l N G c 0., s BREAD .FLOIUllA AVE. r SHOULD "BE MADE THIS PAY DAY THIS .. YEAR. DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS will require your pictures to be mailed to the folks at home by DECEMBER lOth To make gpod pictures (and be they will be finished in time). you sho}.lld Y()}.lr sitting by NOVEMBER 25th. SEE :OUR SPECIAL OF : FER FOR SERVICEMEN . .. Beautiful Bxl 0 Portrait $1.95 Oil Colo ted OBTAIN COUPON CERTIFICATE FROM OUR REPRESENTATIVE AT POST EX CHAN 6 E s (SPECIAL OFFER CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT STUDIO) OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE AT STUDIO POPULAR PRICE PORTRAITS ----------, $9.00 to $28.00 Per Dozen D.E LUXE "MAST;ER PRINT" $35.00 t9 $125 Per Dozen MINIATURES --LEATHER FOLDERS FRAME. S BRYN-ALAN STUDIOS Stovall Office Building Second Floor 416 TAMPA STREET, opposite GAS COMPANY


October 30, 1942 Page 6 DREW. FIELD ECHOES HQ. CO., REPTG. BAT. 503d A. W. REG. REPORTS By SGT. IRVING ROSENTHAL SGT. LESTER SHEAR Monday night, Oct. 19, three bus loads of soldiers raced to town. Two buses were nice and quiet, but from the third a din, :lull-hearted in volume if not sweet of t o n e : was heard. For the boys' were en route to the Palm Room of the Hotel Tampa Te. race for a gigantic, super-duper steak dinner party. P\1." Firldele Reporting Secret Duiy, Sarge : ,, Capt v iho i s our new I i company commander. I We are terribly sorry to say that ; Cpl. Richard Wadley is in the ,JVIacDill Stat io n Hospital, but h ope h e will be with us real soon. 1 S g t. Beach, you do ha"ve your troubles, don't you? Eve n Uncle Sam won't" believ e yOJ,\ are mar-ried. Lt. Kinder, may we express our sympathy-but we are unde r the impression tha t pixies do not fly !away. I The boy s are jumping Pfc. George Cady for not having their 1 mc.il. But h e just l a u ghs it off I '.vith, "If you don't write, how do I expect to get any mail?" Tll i:1gs arc surely differen t since Sgt. Barney Reeves was transferred to the Headquarters ARMY SPECIAL Till November 7th Five Fully Mounted and One SxlO $5.95 Park Photo Studio At the decoratecl Palm Room the boys \vere greeted by off i c er.s: soldiers and the i r wives, and gorI geous gals. What a night! Excelj l ent meal! Delightful music! Company. It i s our loss and their 438 W. Lafayel:e A tetter rebel never walked on two feet Good luck. Rebus. Four Doors From Park Theater tertainin g floor show! V.7e wonder why Lt. Buttermore ',._ ____________ _: was so sure that 'he had no items Things the boys will remember The personality of that cute gall .,_. in the patriotic shorts who tapI danced and smiled-and left ev J ic,r tl:is column. ':"'""':' __ ...,.... ______ erybody smil ing; the wait ---! something wit h 1 !1. ustache fad eating; the one-inch steaks; the 150Sl'd Si::;-::;:.1 lV!eciical De!ac:!:!ment here in the o utfit. lie has them all smooth dance music of Don Fran1 doing it. Yes, m c too. cisco's orchestra; the white uniA .. If Tiny T ison (220 pounds) form of L t. Knox and his attracJ lfi(}Ji. t"'' Jll "'J would cone in and go o;traight to tive wife's gow n ; the showmanl ee::'!. _we woL!ldn't n'i:l.d his taking h d ll l By CPL. RUSS DEAN s IP an swe p a ymg of S. Sgt. a nip o1 two. Dut no, he has to Armstrong and his drums, Sgt. Since Capt. Warren Gilbert and wake g u y in t h e hutment to j S 9 t Chet Krause of the Base Medics and our own Sgt Hor .lacher n eedn' t ask me to g o to town with them any more. No, sirree. CULP' LUMBER CO. 'Eve1rthing to Unild Anything' l\Iill work l\Iade To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 .: -:-Tampa Clarke and his clarinet and Sgrt_. Lts. S eldeen and Kelly have taken tell them a new one he heard in' Johnson at the piano; the eve 1 tov,;n. i'.Ia ybc at Larry Fcrd's, huh,! present jitterbugs; the futile ef-the boys under their wings and Ty? I forts of Cpl. Festa to obtain a shown them a few t ricks out there date; the w _prried expression 0 Vie are hanging the crape to'----------'----'-_;_ __ F n on the gridiron, the detachment day Om pr.\ce and joy, that hap11---------:-------., irst Sgt. Miller' s face; S. Sgt. Gettis' slight case of stage fright seems to have developed a fairly py flood of sut1shine, Lt. Francis SERVICEMEN while doing a swell job as master good football team. Although \ve Kelly, has left us. Good luck, lieu'AlfredO Y famllla of ceremonies; the elegant vocal-did lose a game to the Base Med-tenant. izing of our own Pfc. Dick Turner, ics we feel that we gave a good But then, to bnng the balance Fancy Free Dellve.., Cpl. John Kerr and Cpl. Julius. back to our favor, we are happy ., \ Nam:ii; .. 1st Sgt. Dray and S. "Sgt account of ourselves In sp1te of I to announce the return of .our I 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. _Armstrong made nice appearances the fact that three of our regu-1 DIAL H 25-564 :with their heart throbs; the ex-lars _were of the game on that 1. pression on Sgt. Ness' face when particular day I .. ,he arrived convoyed by 35 girls. Now that Cpl. Lumbardi has Registering the affair for taken over the records, I wonder terity was Pfc. Eugene Dropkin if Peg _gets her daily letter. What and his camera. We hope he b t t J ? caught a shot of the numbers that a ou 1 oe Jt 1st Sgt. Dray and s. Sgt. Arm-I'm sure that it takes more than {0:> E. "Co!ilnti.HIS "Dr., Ph. Y 1 .673 Prescriptions Home Made Ice Cream was revealed as Pvt. Reno Raval-finally succeeded in sending a Franklin St. Restaurant because he's true tohis dream girl Well, well, ole Dan Cupid has I ,oli-he sleeps with his girl's pic-dart crashing into. the heart of ture under his pillow .... Sgt. our own li_ttle Cpl. Geo. Eisenbert. Quinn returned from his fur-If you want to see a homesick lad, laugh .... Sgt. Joe Weinbren, the stop in at the dispensary any time little Atlas, is doing a unique job and we'll be more _than glad to HO:\lE OF l.;'l X E FOODS At llensonal>le Pl'ires Si'AXISH DI\'XERS I DEITZ DRUG STORE 'I FHEF. DELlVERY in developing the muscles and point him out. Y e s sir. bodies of his fellow soldiers .. : Cpl. Floss has really sta1ted UNION BAKERY Cpls. Nappi and Varrone, who work together on the ice truck, i intend to go into that business after the war .... Who is that "REAl" CLTBAN BREAD OUP 11 sergeant who receives mail from his wife with her _lipstick sealed SPECIALTY" on all letters. Why does Pvt .: Neuman always worry;, about his 1506 9th Ave. Phone Y-4399 .1406 F'l"ltnkJin S : ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home .-\way Ftom Home 956. : Twiggs l\1-1339 fi:H S. lluwhrd An,. l'b. II 4:1Sti WELCOl\lE .'1'0 HOTEL KNOX TOl\1 BRYSON, Lafayette & REivtOVAL NOTICE Jerzy H rynkiewicz MILITARY TAILOR NOW LOC.I-\.TED AT 430 W. Lafayette St. HOLSUM LUNCH REASONABLE PRICES Hoine Cooked -American .Meals Oi!.r Speciall:y: Fried Chicken : and. T Bone Steaks .. 714 Grand' Ave., '-'The PJace io. Meet and Eat" Jvtanhewls Corner Fountain and Luncheonette Liquors Wines. eer : We Deliver Lafayette & Tampa, Ph. M 1242 Restaurant 1 Seaboard Spaghetti a Specialty Sandwiches Caltes -Drinks Courteous and Promnt. Service Appe1iziltg" Home Cooking 1501 .f'econd Ave., M. Russo, Prop. "A GOOD i?LACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & Cold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tam}la, Fla. GOODY GOODY For Quality at The. ;f' wife's doings? is., that Tampa U. studeu,t FhQ has (::pl Langin in a daze? : S Sgt :, Armstrong, Sgt. Clarke and Sgt i. Johnson heard weekly over ELITE ciGAR STORES Phone H-378'7 ., l Right Price-"No Tips" 1119 FLORIDA. AVE. station WDAK Be in next Thursday at :s:35 p Jn. 'if .YOU :ire interested in swing .... Pfc. A V W'a y : LAUNDRY, ... 2806 Armenla: A..-e., Nenr IUI<'bh:;nn Phone H-3SIIS Owens is to play the uke to be able to play his gal a sweet 1 lullaby. ;-------------.,---, Arsenic and Old Lace Adams Kennedy Set for USO Road Tour Whiting and Jefferson "Arsenic and Old Lace," "JunTampa, Fla. ior Miss," .and "You .can't Take Groceries, Tobacco, Candy It With You" are among the Notions gitimate plays already selected by '----------------USO-Camp Shows as part of the ?-lmost triple the number compris mg last year's program Footl).all. Scot es by Ditcct \Vfie wrx:E .BEER ctGAR8 .. 400 Zack 207 'l'wiggs Phone !II 62-9(2 Phone !\1-1230 Flowers For .Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Personal appearances by motion I picture stars, concert artists, n ame. Extra F res h .Cuban Sandwiches A .Specialty bands and top talent from stage 1216 Franklin St. McASKILL : STORES Radios and Repa.irinr : Sound. lrner Communicating systems Authorized .-<;.:pehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central TWIN PALMS Beer -Wines Soft Drinkll Sandwiches Our Specialty DANCING COOL RESTFUL Howard Ave. at Columbus Dr., Armenia Floral Gardens "Really Fresh Flo"ers" Corsages n Everything Ph. S ti::i-3 -Jl. 4:>00 Armenia Ave. and .radio have also increased. l In step with .the expanding ,_. AEF, more and .more units will T :---------------; i Senicemen Are \Velcome be sent out of the country to en-1 Sash D oor tertain troops serving overseas. DIXIE 1 Dny or Nite at & Lumber Co. ..... CHILD CAFE Men filing into the mess hall at ROOFING AND PAINT Moody Field, Ga., were puzzled -FHA .LOANS-Phones:. l\1-1036, 4232 501 Franldin St. SOFT LIGHTS AND MUSICLUMBER & MILLWORK Cleaners Laundry l bv the sudden appearance of some PHONE H 48!)1 little black boxes around the N. Rom" & Fuller St1eet ;.r,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,, .. ,.,.,.--:> walls. No sooner were they seated than the mvsterv-makers bee-an out with "I'll Be With You in Apple-Blossom Time." The new atmosphere originates with SELDOMRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHER 418 TA.l\IPA ST. All Sen ice l\len are \Velcome BARCELONA CAFE \"ISH RESTAURAXT Ellistonls Drug Store Phone H 1645 SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA Fancy Groceries -Fresh Meats 3018 Armenia Ave. Ph. H 46-174 Free Deliverv Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 33-521 MARY ELLEN FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Get That SpeciaL Gift Here, for Sweetheart or Mother 1311 Grand Central Next to Big Orange CRENSHAW1S (Wholesale) Fruits-:Vegetables I Phone 2623 the chauel staff and brings in an of phone calls request-Hours mg special favorites at the noon-8 to 6 hour concerts. G1ound Flom Special Appointments 'i"ne s and Liqnms Phone S2142 Open All Night 47-14 Xehraska and Osborne I;,_,___ _____,; Fountain Service and Lunches !EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE :;...2_0_2_W_. .. :


October 30, 1942 lst Repg. 564ih. S ;f"-! Vf Bn. WELCOME SOLDIERS VICTOR CAFE BEER -WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V F.W. & A.M. Legion KNIGHT PAPER BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" 59th A VN. SQ. For the Best Home Made Chocolates -jc Bon-Bons -jc Glace Fruits -jc Hard Candies Guava Jelly Salted Nuts GO TO 707 FLORIDA AVE. OPPOSITE Y. M. C. A. DREW FIELD ECHOES Freshen up, Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforce men know how much a little stick of chewing .gu. m can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Makes the water in that canteen go further. Helps steady your nerves dud.Qg strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. Page 7 OVER 100,000 STRICKLAND SANDWICHES WERE CONSUMED BY. SOLDIERS IN TAMPA DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. Notice to Soldiers Pepsi-Cola Hits the Spot Again! As a service and appreciation to our men in uniform, we will make a 200-,vord recorded "VOICE LETTER" And Mail It Home for You ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE See the Recording Engineer at your Field. If he is not there he tvill be u1 the ne;ar future PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA


8 FIE;t..P .ECHOES --------------------------------------A Hearty Welcome Awaits You In St. Petersburg I The friendly at St. Petersburg Pass-A-Grille, St. Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and I Redington Beach offer the utmost in r .ecreation to be found I on the West Coast of Florida. The clear, sparkling waters of the Bay and the Gulf provide unlimited bathing. Boats, be>th large and small, are always a vailable for pleasure trips. Easily reac,hed within less than an by car or :f1-"Qm Tampa. Men-.Glf'l'S. fpr E,ve .ry :the Family; W:rapped. an.ci Mailed .for YQJ,lr. ; :PARAMOUNT GIFT SHOP 322 Centr.al Ave. St. :.. F .or a P}entiful Sl.l. PPlY of Pure Crystal Clear -:Ice, .. :ICE ., s :ERVICE (OMP. A : N : Y TIRES A tire which :will go 10,000 miles at 50 miles per hour wiUgo 18,000 miles at 35 miles hour f/3_3 .,----' PhQne tl455..,... 12 3 1Q.th .. Sf. Petersburg .PAY BUy I A.t StwAR BONDS AND STAMPS. Sportsman Hilliard Parlor Phone 7330 ,Phone .\VONbER BAR & GRil-L ,: H:eadqu .arters .f9i S ervice Meri ic J.,IQ.VQ,R ic WlNE 172 Central Av. Phone 6133 St. Pe:tersbur_ g. Fla. I 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla. .Pho11e 50-612 Paramount Howling I I I Welcome fo the Sunshine City of ST R PET.ERSBURG MacDill and Drew Men and Their Families Enjoy selves. LONG DISTANCE. MOVI:r.JG FUR STORAGE ALL LOCAL SERVICES Southern Transfer & (og, Inc, 2161 FIF_TH. A Y:E., SOUTH PHONE 719 0 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA I Sl.MPlO: N .'S 6:'0 0 < Df .OO:DS :. i OPEN 6 A.M TO 1 A.M. We Spe(:ia.lize In Steaks, Chops and Fresh Florida Sea Foods 464 CENTRAL AVE., PHONE 4768 ST. TO ST. PET.ERSBl,JRG F.ROM WilHELM 'FUNERAL HOME &ENERAt :MAJE:RIALS Bo. wling .Center,. Inc. .Cor,lst AvE). So. and 2nd St 12 Brunswick 20th Cent\try ... _Alleys Alleys 1 Von nre ln"lted to :<;h:dt '.''!r ; inodern nnd to allers SERVIE-$3 IJ.'t 860 4:!ll A:ve. .'1,=>98 ,Distributors Con -. CONCRETE BLOCKS E. 601 24th St., So '. ;...-..;.. St. Petersburg Gilbert Syste.,n Hotel Uett; y G. Mlteltell, 1\lgr. 746 Ce,;;trni Ave St. l'etersllurg Phone '7864 "Your Bonte Alvny front Home" Von Are Always 'Vcleome A phone In Eyer;r. Room Hqt and .Colli '\Vuter All Tfme10 Mastellar's Sundries ICE CREAl\[ AND COLD DRINKS 201 9th St. So. Opp. St:ation ;DINE Al\"1> DANCE .,. ''!-GEORGES LUNCH t42nd St. So :. : ._: ... .. .'i>pecial.izing In .I=C=,IJ=. r Moving of All Kinds Loca. l and Lo11g Terminal Von Lines Ace Gompany 325 -9th Street So. 5577 -7182 .. St. Petersburg, Fla. ElGHTH STREET, NORTH DIA.L .81.81 welcome To The Ua S : m -.ARMY: TO ST. PETERSBURG TR:OPICA1 ,GROC.fRY WHOLESALE --1825 2nd A:.V::E; SOUTH We Deli:ver ....:. PHONE 8211 .. KRAUSS. HEATING & VfN:J:ILAf.IN6 .0. SHEET.METAL & RO:OFING' .... ST. TH.E.: COTTAG.t: 2102 4th .street North WINE Al\'D BEER .... I : .3:4.6 .9th ST,REEJ'. SOUTH BIG C R'AB. TAVERN __ .... ..;., .. .,.,. ,..,., .... .,.., .. ... ( 9th ST. C.AFE & BAR : 11 St. South. Ph. 6339 ,,. Steaks Sea F .oods Chicken Dinners. WINES AND LIQUORS HAROLD BROWN, l\lgr. NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 Air .Cinditioned, Private Dining Rooms, Chinese !lnd American 1\feals ?GO Central Ave B .ROWN' S 1 Good Foo.!fGood Drinks .: Good Music SPECIALIZE IN SEA FOODS AND SANDWICaES St. -Gro,eries --Vegetables :_ 520 28 .th ST. NORTH _______ ___ ____ ______________ PH. 893 3 1224 TANGERINE ___ _______ ____ ______ ______ PH. 8444 3025 SIXTH ST. SOUTH 5722 PASS-A-GRILLE --------------------------PH. 2 8315 ''WE D .ELIVER" PETERSBURG : : PA_ RISIAN .. '' l 48_HO.UR :SEltviCE 148 Central Ave Phone 8631 Penn Coffee Shop 325 4th Street North Opp. Penn Hotel Home Cooked Foods Soft Drinks Ice Cream and Sundaes WILSONS COFFEE Serve d Exclusively +: St. Petersburg, Fla. WELCOME AND GOOD LUCK To the Army Boys pf St. P .etersburg Replacement Center HANKS .Inc. ... r 601 .lsi Ave., Nprth St. Petersburg, Fla. PHONE 5593 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" "REMEMBER WAKE ISLAND" WELCOME BOYS OF PREW AND MacDILL BENTON & co.g INC. 3rd and 9th Avenue South Phone 8624 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Welcome to St. Petersb urg f I H. [OLE JEWELRY' .:JN(. --MANUFACTURER$ SAVE WHILE GET'riNG THE BEST. 434 CENTRAL AV;ENU;E -:ST. ---. KEEP 'EM FLYING --DINE AND DANCE ... MEET YOUR B:O:DDIES AND ENJOY YOURSELF GOOD FOOD ---. GOOD DRINKS THE CHATEAu 1801 .4th St .. North. Phone 6158 ST. PETERSBURG I


Lessons _Live How to Grow Old in 3 Minu:tes ECHOES HQ. & f i galiis. Sgt.,. f'Gigolo" Mehincon, THIRD FIGHTER COMMAND I Frank "Buck" Mataya, Freeman; D eVito, Clare a!'1d DeGrazie rE A B R E E z E r all were transferre d to the 9th J J Fighter Command. Chionchio went to the lOth Wing. W -HAT MAKES ..: AN OFfiCER! Y es, I was one of those so-called By PVT. ALVIN M. AMSTER! Look out for Air Crew wings to ---. t 11/['ll'k H dd k It isn't the bars on .his shoulder. "hot pilots" who are so crazy \u1nte r mLlst be hele. John Ashe. sprou_ soon on "' 1 1 en, a _oc v M 1 B M p It isn't the, way he walks or about flying that they'll fly anyhas been falling out for roll call mmc 1 en ll t in his overcoat. ... Big-hearted r _hom as, Ghand1 talks, either. thing they can get a prope er 0 Bob True, formerly of the outfit, Mar_cum Rub:n, ShevIt's not the way he dresses, nor "WE LIKE TO SER iV:E" Service Men and Families Nebraska Hotel l\Ioderate Rates 2815 Nebraska Ave. Ph. M 53 Phone l\152-073 turn on. Notice that I said WAS. invited Sgts. Earl (Junior, .the ock, George W1lhams: Kutak and his snappy salute. No, it's none The only ships we had at Eglin First) Duncan and Sam Palmer Salmon. The boys ;:tre permitted of these. It's the .little things he Manuel Garcia Jr.'s .Field at the time were some old for Sunday .dinne r. Ttue prepared to wear such, appurtenances ($5 does that makes or breaks an ofSpanish 1testi1Jnant -PB-2's and there was a lot of talk an excellent meal, and afterward word) ficer in the eyes of his men. Take aboLlt gl'OLlndl'ng them. Naturally, Sam washed dishes while Earl, HOT DOTS ; .. Joe that night on a four-day maneu-915 Tampa at 'l'y ler dried them. "Sim. 0 n L True/ says, "N,, o more Saturday mghts .ver, for instance A truck driver Tampa, Florilood ground in iowa. man like that. Yep, men,, it's 3a to set :1t down, !ookmg, 1s 1t -B111? John Ashe (h1s 1s Nov. the little. things he does that f1e!d that I m1ght get 1t fer you, Wrl2) kpows all the \'nllbilly s()ng:s or brea)i: t _hat-man you're salutmg mto 111 a .pmch. T-here was plenty .hams, .those .weren. t pp.mt; that the Smoky Mountam Boys (From the .Armored Castle, Ft. _of rqom to jum_p, but all I could on yoU!' shirt sleeves,. sing daily over that Sarasota ra-, Bennjng, -Ga.) .think of was another -PB-2 we either. dio station .... Phil Bur.ke and -+c'-----b;:tck in Eglin .which :po. One promoiion. up t() "Jingle Jangle" Genkel are jV111$S If could .save the wmgs I time. Al i? now Tec;hnia.fter a few days r:est at the mTraining is a challenge to on _my we .. could put, the. m I 4th Gra5Ie. Won't Ha-zel J:ie fm:nary. M1ss Carabe.llo patriotism. The more yqu putirifo : ,on the one and wed still no_w, Al? ?'hat_ certam cla1med she -chopped up her: your training; the more patriotic somethmg to pnvate 1 s still, sweatmg 1t out. when the YO'fl are. The smoke got thicker and tqe I George Chase returned from shpped .... John WoJ! W1lson, b.eat was te-rrific. J3ut I was bound' fudotign (in in us his mustache) "Bunny" Bunn. and B1ll Gowan: -----.....,-V.F.W. E. P. SON W.;ltchmake,rs UNTIL P.M. to keep the flame imd smoke out and received htrec days KP as were up for the Red r Attention! Danciog .':Of my face. At 500 feet, as I level-his welcome back. Di Lorenzo, Cross F1rst A1d I!lstructors eourse. :ed off to glide in, the fingers 9f one of the new boys, also pulled ... Anotl1er pan of By One Who Knows! :-.... fire .shot back and the cockpit KP. shoes belong to ,Sgt Holtz, o_f S1g' 214 E. Lafayette -:Next To Ma$!1(,t!:an 9&fe :became a raging inferno. When addit'i'cins .to headquarte1 ;s nal l{q .... Don t fo1:get to g1ve us -:{ny pants began to. burn and. I .staffs this included Art of the guys who talk :felt raw flame a,ga,mst my skm Lepre and Bustra;:1m in A-1, Cas-111 then sleep. t knew I had waited too long. tetter in A-3 and Curtin and ------+c----. : W.hich would it be..,-burn to death Mitchell in Ordnance. At .the Or-EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE in .the plane or jump and fall to derly George Dorwart WAR BONDS AND STAMPS. my death? I simply fell over the picked up Corey as an assistant, side. pulling the' ripcord as I fell. while Sgt. John Hill added Clark PHOT o GR A .PHS I The 'chute opened an9almost and Copher tq his section. Herm similltaneously I-hit the ground. Cohn is the clerk at Maj. Wil-3 8 X 1 0 $5.0 0 I was blistere d my clothes were. Iiams' Engine SchooL burned off me, but 1 was alive. The iron m en: Sgts. Bill Wahl Sendngiftoulyyoucu nsenlus in. of h1!;h to Pass-a-Gnlle on h1s days .. :_ ___ ____ ___ ..,. __ ...,._......,,_,.... __ .,..._ ....,..,:--:-:--:--:-:--::... :-.. ,:. 1 ..... ... ... ... .. ...... ,,., ......... loss i s o ther ciutfi ts'. .. ... : .. ll!l .. 1!1.; 111!1 .. ... .!1111!, ill!l 'l!."il. iEtiKS ... -.. --.-.; : ;!>orting Co. and -the ).Y.[(3dic

NAVYGrumman F4F4 Wildcat, shipboard fighter; powered by a Pratt & Whitney aircooled ?:::'D:RE:w FIEi.o tcH:oEs engine. ARMYlockheed P-38 lightning; powered by two Allison motors; an interceptor with cannon and machine guns. --ARMYNorth Amencan P-51 Mustang; pow-ered by an Allison engine; for ground force cooperation. NAVY Voug, h t-Sikorsky F4U1 Corsair; powered by Pratt f:/ Whit ney 2,000 h ,p. engine; desigr:ed .take off from carrier. ARMY Republic P-47 __./ Thunderbolt; powered by Pratt & Whitney 2,000 h.p. engine; for pursuit work at highest altitudes 314th Air Base Squadron WASHOUTS By CPL. TUL Y UNGER I material will You can all officers, can live a more enjoy. breathe a sigh of relief now, es-able life. I, for one, appreciate pecially our printer, who some-what you have done for us,. and to how. or other, could never de-say "thanks a million" would be cipher the symbols I always em-a gross understatement of our ployed. feelings. With such people. as you As we go to press for the last Our Sweat Box seems to have to make life a little more worth-time, a strange nostalgic feeling caught some people's attention,' while we can't .help but enjoy all overcomes me. No longer will our 1 since there was some comment on our memories and reminiscent good friend, Jess Zimnierman, I it. periods in the future. have to heckle or harangue, or The .score on our Sweat Items Fortunately for me at this writ .even for us to _mE;et the old has changed considerably. Pfc. ing, one thing has cleared up deadl!ne. In fact, th1s 1s the last McGarry has been honorably dis-I've often wondered why we need deadhne for the Washouts. But charged, since by the. ii.me this is a two-ocean navy. Now I see },he old has---not been published he will be happily 1:rlarwith men like inyself go.ing to washed out. The name w1ll re-ried. Oui: school days have begun school-we will certainly need it. mam, I hope, even though the all over again. It seems that some I beat you to the punch that time, of us, including myself; s\veated Bill. Service Mem Always 'Welcome so much that our prayers have h been answered and we are off to To all of yo use guys and gals Sulp ur Springs Cafe school-Miami Beach. -who have h elped us to make our ,We Spe c i alize in.Home Cooked Not only the successful candili!tle niche in Tampa and Drew Food,. chicken ; .Steak and dates can breathe more securely I F1eld, thanks. Chop Dinners now but Miss Roberts who has Until sometime when we all Surphnr Sprlngs, Arcude Dltlg. beer{ a pal to all of us prospective may meet again after this little Palace Skating Rink SULPHuR SPRINGS Hallowe'en Birthday and Skating Party SATURDAY, OCT. 31 8 TO 12 P.M. SPECIAL FEATURES F R : E E SOUVENIRS REFRESHMENTS Admission: Nights ... 30c "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH" 5c STREET CAR BUS SERVICE TO DOOR 5c ---------fracas is over, good luck. Did He Send It Bock? I The most suprised man in Northern Ireland was Cpl. Jack McNamara of the armored forces when he received a package from his wife in Chicago at a recent mail call. The contents were all ladies' 1mmentionables, sent him by mistake by a department store which got the orders mixed. Now what should a man do? It costs so much to send them back, and with the shortage of such garments over there and all, and all. It has Cpl. McNamara puzzled. TRAINING Your job may not seem impor :tant now-but your work is vital to the efficient operation of your unit. Remember the cook in your I kitchen is just as important and necessary as the bombardier in the plane. although not quite so glam orous. .: .. : .. .. :-:-: .. :-: .. : .. : .. :-:-:-::-:-:-: ... :-: .. :-:-:-:-:.:.:-:-:-:-:-:-.:-:-:-:-::-:: ... :-: .. :-:!: ... :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:.+: .. :-: .. :-:-:-:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:( WELCOME SERVICE MEN 0 Open From 10 A. I'll. to 6 P.M. Swim at the SULPHUR SPRINGS POOL Bus and Street Car to Pool Natural Springs ... Temperature 72o Vl "'s:: ..0 :s 0:::: 0 -. 0 C') SPANISH RESTAURANT 1403 Tampa Street $1 Vl .. -C1) -1 HIGHEST QUALITY WINES and LIQUORS SERVICE MEN-"TO DINE AT RUBIN'S [s a REAL TREAT You'll Never Forget" Halloween Night .. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE H o T E L De S(J"T. O RIGHT DOWN TOWN Marion and Zack MANAGEMENT STACY AD AM S AND W. P. H 0 L ME S Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO TH C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches MODERATE PRICES .. ... Only the Finest Qnllllit:v of Foods Used A LA C :l.HTE SERVICE 306 FRANKLIN STREET THE CHATTERBOX Chirl;;en and Steaks Real Italian Spn?;hctti SANDWICHES DIUl\'"1\S LIQUOnS Abba Dabba & llnnd 707 .'3. Howatd Ave. Pllone H-3757 PHONE M 64-913 BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF C0Xo'3TRUCTIOX -:EVERY R00:\1 WITH B..l'l'H W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 J.'\CI\SON ST. llet.ween FRANI{LIN & '1.'.'\!\IPAT .A:\U>A, li'J.JORIDA -: PHOXE M 5()37 Madison Drug Company Franklin and Madison Street Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service


f.)dob.er. 30 ; DREW FIE:L.D J;:CHOES Page 11 JTM PACKARD'S Floridan I Cocktail Lounge is another of those busy rendezvous for the smart set. One must get there don't forget about the .early bird .... Meet me there at seven chimes tonight! ::: ::: :j: J THE MEDICAL DEPT. of Mac-Dill Fiel9. held a big dinner at the nationally known Columbia Resauran in Ybor City Tu,esday night, at which Col. Craigo was guest of honor. More than: 100 medical. officers of the field pre-j serited Col. Craigo :with a beauti1 fuL:cgift-a token of friendship ,. atid: :as Winchell would say,. r'adeship. Casimiro and Lawrence Herj'landez, genial hosts of the' Ccilitmbia, gaVe the all-out sign to theit: chef, Pijuan, who prepared orie.of the dishes he once conBUSIEST RENDEZVOUS du1-, of MacDill field, Sgt. John G. 1 Sgt. Joe Kolasinski of MacDill cocted for th:., la!e of Spain. ing the week has been the Palm Swannson, was advised to move is doih g okay, thank you. He Room of the Tampa Terrace. Ad on to greener pastures, meaning sports two girls while making the "Let's go to Rubin's" seems to I miral Kaufman, U S. Navy, was j another field. And did he move! rounds before the midnight be the slogan of n 1any of the offi-host at a Navy Day dinner on I '" few. Why? Yo'u should hear him cers and men of Tampa's Army T u_esday night. More than 500 WHOA!-HE WAS THIS---sing. I bet they n1iss him in fields. They claim that the Rubin I persons crowded the beautiful'' BIG! If you spo someone 6'4" Pennsylvania! br9thers-Manuel and Jose-are place. Three was nothing b\lt about own who looks like Slim : reiJ.llY excellent when it comes to standing room when your reportE-r I Summerville of he movies, is Ed' Warner gave he men preparing a Victory-dish. After shaking hands with 1 Pfc. Walter Clark, of Plan field who flock o his Davis Island "' ,, Wilson and the rest of his boys, 1 and Toledo, Ohio. No, professor, Coliseum Skating Sink a rea I dashed off to the Hi-Ha Club, hose ihings ha look like gon-:the other. nigh L. Hugh P. S.-The gals' ban' d at the where I learned that "Tiny" Jim-dolas on his fee are speciallyO'Laine, D :rew Field, holder I-Ii-Hat must not like your re-rnY Licate, the singing bartender, made G. I. shoes! of :the silver medal for fi"'ee porter. They Wcin't, or cannot, will enter the Army next week. ''' 1 style and .figure ska ing and. play the "Baein" Street Blues. Sgt. Don Flynn and two other Pvt. John Grocli.i of MacDill 1 tunrter-u:p in 1939 for he Win you request it for me? boys the Service are V{ondering believes in doing Xmas i United Saes championship, Thanks-and until next week! how Jimmy? who scales over 340 J ping early. Eyed. him at Bryn-, performed for he edifica:tion .. pounds his socks, and the .!'less Studios getting S'-_Vell photos of hundreds who attended. Sgt. :Vlll get along at Camp of himself to mall to his best two Three cheers for L. O'Laine I SOLDIERS Blandmg! ._ girls_ his mother and his wife and :three more for Mr. War* back in Springfield, N. J. t ner. "' ALWAYS WELCOME Danny Brown, of : .;. r I EL BOULEY. ARB boys a new band for next weeJc 1 about a ring-what kind Joe-Jester, of Drew Field and St. RESTAURANT The Jewel Box has promised the Heard Pvt. Duffy say something Talkmg about Pvt. Ed I am advised it will be a Miami phone or wedding'? ... Sgt. Louis, does very Try I I:ove 1p1portahon. Harry (Jockey) Webb, of MacDill, No One B,ut next tune. I '' is going to ride again-this time Maybe she 11 believe you. Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 Nebraska Rudy Vallee has nothing on it looks like down the middle!llllillallllilllilllllillill!! Sgt. Jerry DeBonis, Plant Field, I aisle stretch-with plenty of I Y,ho has been entertaining his ding bells. You're a winner again, Ho. tel H l .. IJsb. :oro. FlorTiwda1._A,.5ve5. n1.ue at guests by singing Irish numbers. Sgt. Webb. She's a sweet gal. .. : "' ..Lots of happiness and good luck. Frank J. Hynes, :Manager .... The PADDOCK BAR threw a ,, : ,, big party iri honor of Pv. E. Babe Antuono of the Turf ExGASPARILLA TA_VERN Service Men Welcome Nelson, of Mac Dill. Happy is well pleased with the COLONIAL GR1LL 1 birthday said Pvi. and Mrs. J. behavior and attendance of the I F. Sherman, Corp. E. W. Thech-men in uniform .... The out-ofPvt. Alex and j bounds sign has been lifted froin lz .. ::-:-: .. .. Pv. and Mrs. George Usend, of Gay crowds are ::: MEET YOUR BUDDIES ATi New Jersey. More:happy birth-! agam frequentmg the place .... 1: W7 :( days o you .. p,,t. Nelson; ... j ,,. t : l!fORG'1' DllliARD p IRLOI'i : Wha. Bashful Newlyweds? -1 :;: U J D B A K :;: 'mus hail from Hollywood, Owners of the Manhattan restau-,.:. SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS :::; whaf a dance eam! rant don't know that thf7Y : I or four dm-1 ::: 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City :;. Pvt David a hillbilly ners tms week. And, accordmg to fron1 !{ansas, whoa doe'sn't ride a cne of 1ny secret the .. :-:-:,..!!!-!:-:-:!!:-:-:!!:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. norse but sings like Gene Autry, newlyweds we,re .. a _bit bashful. was at the Seabreeze, Victor Lica'I ta's spot on the bay .... Have seen Sailed ino The COLONNADE a lot of the boys with roller skates la!';i evening for a steak dinner. under their arms. Is it because Why say anymore about i. I the taxis have quit running out liked !.! to the 'fields-or do the gals have the mechanized vehicles these days? Or, mebbe, they were headihg for the Coliseum Skating Rink who knows-who knows! ... Does any one know that cutie that Staff Sgt Joe Meyer, editor of the Flyleaf, paraded through the Floridan Cocktail Lounge last CHAUNCY CROMWELL and his band, direct from the Hotel, Cleveland, starts at the Terrace this week. HYDE PARK SPAGHETTI HOUSE: Thursday night? Is she from CleFra.nk Rutas Chef of New Ycmr veland, too, Sgt.?... AND RAVIOLI'' .. Noticed a in last .. 103 week. The 118 pound Casanova =----,---------..;_....._ __________ Welconte! Soldier Cool Restful Atmosphere Supel'b Food Ex(elient Service JAMES B PICKARD, Mgr, ROLLER SKATING "Drinks You'll Like an d .Can. Afford" PADDOCK BAR JACKSON AT TAMPA STREET Open from 8 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 1/We Are NOT Off Limits11 .MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT ROXY BAR 203 E Lafayette St. Ph. 2456 BEER, WINES.SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI SERVICE MEN A.L WAYS WELCQME LIBERTY BAR Tony IaliancProp. WINES-BEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 COLISEUM SOLDIERS .. We Are NOT Out of Bounds Hold Your Halloween. Party ... at ... The WONDER BAR The Longest Bar In Tampa "Where Your Fun Is Our Fun11 Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES 7:15 Leaving Grant's Comer Franklin and Cass Streets --7:45 .. -8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK when you are lonesome & blue And you don't know what to do, come to M. Ml LLERIS BAR Where she is friendly and true BEERS WINES 1111 Florida Ave. Bar .and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Stote ORCHESTRA EVERY NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AXD COLD LUXCHES Spaghetti a Specialty LIQUORS-BEER-WIXE'3 311 Pranklin St. Phone3940


DREW FJELD ECHOES Slants of the Week\ _Howl'> Play Touch Football By PVT. DEL WIN BAGGETT The Air Corps volley ball league is now in the process of being organized and as soon as all entries are in the league will be put m operation. All entries should be s ent to the Physical Training Office a s soon as possible. Seven teams from Air Corps organizations have entered to d a t e. Six rr.e!'! constitute a team and an organization may enter any number of teams. Entries will now be accepted for the touch football league ., which will get undet way as soon as' the Physical Training Office is notified of the numbe r of teams each organization will enter. File your entries with the P.T.O. 1 { ,::. _,,, I : All organizations which have/ basket ball teams and would like the facilities of an indoor gym will contact the Physical Training Office for dates to be used. At, present there are two gyms in I the Tampa area that have Shown in this picture is the correct method of touchmg the ball made available to teams desrrmg carrier in a touch football game. The ball carrier must be touched. to use them. j \ V it.h both hands simultaneously for him to be stopl?ed. ing the co r r ect procedure o f the game are S. Sgt. who 1s The 309th Service. Group de-show n tou c hing the ball carrie r Cpl. Herbert Gallatm, wrth Cpl.; feated the 9th Fightei Wing, 7-6, Albert DeSanto doing the blocking They ar : e all m embers of (he i in a close softball game this wee_k 309th S ervice Group. The. Service Group wou-ld strll lik e to arrange games f e r then L team if any team at Dre w d esires AWUTC Touch Football eague to play them. The 309th was runner-up for the Field champion Results of Games Ocl:obcr 25 5 03i:h T c a:11 A 25 ; 564th Bn. 6. 5 05Lh. T ea:1 1 B 33; 504th, T eam A 0 675th Reptg Co .. 6; 504th, T eam B 0 50 4 t h Team C 13 ; 6 S3d, 6 555 t h Team A, 6; 684th, 0. 552n d Bn., 6 ; 501st, Co. I 6 6 8 0tl1, 7; 319th Sig. Wing, 6. Air Volley BaH Leagues Are Being Organiied Entrie s .are now b eing accepte d f r o m the Air Corps organiza t ions for the formation o f a volleyball l eague. All organizations are urge d to ente r a s many teams as possible and t o submit them to the Physical Training Office at If you happe n to have Frid' a y afternoon off and nothing else to do, you might drop out to softball diamond, located beside the library buildin g to see tt:e game o f games when tf.te Air Corps officers t angle vnth the 1 Signal Corps office_rs in. the second meet ina of thetr senes. The I airmen captured the fi tst game by t .he score of 12 to 11. The nalme n will be after blood this afternoon when there two teams meet on the -field of battle. 675th., 6 ; 504th, Team C, 0. once A s soon a s your entries are r e The first call for baske t ball 676'-:h wo::1 b y forfeit from 386th ceived the leagues will be organ-.players to r epresent the Field Sig. W i n g. iz e d a n d put into operation. t eam was issue d this week by the 6 f P s t w o n by forfeit from 50lst, Entries to date are: Physical Training Officer, Lt. Co. K 3Q9th ___ ___________ 2 teams Colle y All men who would like IVIe d D e t. ______ ____ _4 t eams to trv out for the team !nay sub95l t Radi o won by forfeit from 9th Fighte r wing _____ 1 team mit their name. o rganization and 553d. Volleyball also will reach the I experience to the P.T. O at once. offiecrs, in the form of a league Although it is a litqe early foi" tha t will be o ,rg: !'ni ze d as soon as bas k etball, the Physical Training long trip out to Jackson H eights all the details can be worked out. Officer would like to get a list of I every m te? T h is will be one of the many likely lined up the I If Supp l y's new Warehouses are forms of so he wtll kr:tow what _Is o_n going to b e ready? for the officers who like parnand when the ftrst practice 1s How I t is that Kingfish lVIatj ticular type :!.ad;. Stre" t rum"" Fla. of Typhoid? '-----------------: \Vhy lVfarian 'iNard is giving uu P aul 'i.Yebl:Jer, Prop. Lwut e nant fo r Majors? LlG_UOR'l WlNE ". BEER S E R V I C E M E N-How Madge Gler1n, with her AND C IG AR S Your r a c k to the front o f the offi c e Gil!". C as s and Sts. h appens to see a i l the who co m e in, and finds s o much to talk about t o them? How Bertha Stande&.u can sta y so c alm all the t i n', e w h e n the re st o f u s are go i n g mad? Why Tackie T ur.ke r enjovs wearin g THA T sweater s o much we enjoy it t oo-WHOO, WHOO!?? W h y G1ad.Y3 Tat e a s k e d t o be t rans f erred t o the Sub-De p o t Sup ply Warehouse? Phone 4502 e .'\ L J. n::. \ :,; B LIQ POllS le :->> 4 0 14 > t h Av e Phone Y-3 815 How Per: y Steel e hap p e n e d t o get leave? :::-.RSE How Ruth Trammell a!1d EuESTIM ATES nice. Blondeau can sit and work 1 steady. Could they be taking 1 Vitamin pills? I How Char li e Moll and Felix Perez happe n e d to g e t their Why C a r l Tayl o r take s tha t I s Loca ted At 801 Florida Ave. Se a rs, Roeb u ck & Company Tampa, Florida FREE DELIVERY I I I!' N Y k I I ground at an. angle as have someeW or er nven S of the previous landing. beams. However,, pilot>1 must come in. N R d c -I 1 on. the. regular b.eam whicll,will a 10 on .ro. -guidethemto: a positfo.n centrally: over the runway. When 'they. For Bll.nd Land1ng strfke the conical radiation. theY. will know it is time to descend. A New York inventor, Andrew Alford, claims that he has invented a new radio control of blind' landing. It has two advantages o\rer previous systems, he believe s. Unde 1 his invention, the plane is guided along an easy curve which at no pla c e is too steep,-and. the wheels t ouch the ground when the plane is fl ying horizontally along the botto m of this curve. The second advantage is that the radio antenna is place d to one side of the runway, where it is completely out of the way. The radiatio n from the antenna is shape d like a funnel. A slice d own one side of this funnelshape d -radiation makes a curve c alle d a hyperbola that l ooks like a U with the prongs fo r c e d apart. Diamonds and All Jewelry l 605 Franklin $t. Expert Watch Rep.a its According t o Alford, this i:;; the bes t possible l anding curve. It is not too steep high in the air as I are present p a rab_olic landing curves n o r does 1t meet the OFFICIAL ARt-1\Y EX-. STORE LOCATED JUST OUR FRANKLIN ST. Ii faulless ailoring andfiHi:ig are important :ro civilians, how much more im'!)orian a!"e :they to an Army officer. Cerlainly imporl:"l.n epough :to warrant a visit :to M aas Broihers Military Shop-loca!ed just in::;ide our Franklin Sir<&et enirance. Service is prompt courteoJ.lS.


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