Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 37 (November 13, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
November 13, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. L No. 37 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida November 13, 1942 STAR BALL PLAYERS WILL TEACH HERE Drew field Units l I Participate I n 1 Memorial Parade In the first. wartime observ,, ance of Armistice Day, Drew Field I soldiers units from neigh-.. boring camps and marched 1 through the streets of Tampa and 1 Sarasota. Although there was no cheering among the thousands who: thronge d the streets to view the growing strength of America, a Pl:lttering of hands greeted the passing of troop units. Led by the MacDill Band, the panicle .sung into Tampa, marching with precision. The men of the Drew Field Signal Corps units drew vociferous applause as they pass.ed before the reviewing stand in Plant Park. At Sarasota, Drew Field was. represente d by the 69th AAF Band and the 59th Aviation Mrs. Melvin B. Asp, wife of Col. Asp, Base Commander, is shown Squadron, colored troops from as she clips a ribbon officiaily opening chapel No. 1 at Drew Field. Camp DeSoto: White troops from the Sarasota Air Base participated in the sarasota parade. Army Ordnance :Will Buy.29,000 Passenger Cars Yank Contest for Soldier Col Asp Receives Sherlock Holmes All soldiers with Sherlock,. Holmesian qualities and a flare for sleuthing have an opportunity 1 to win free 12-month subscriptions to YANK, the Armyweekly, according to a full-page ad on the back page of YANK's NovemKeys to 5 Chapels At D e d i c a t i o n Five chapels at Drew Field ber 11 issue. were dedicated on Sunday at ex-The Tank-Automotive Center l The new contest, which was an-ercises held at Chapel No. 1 dur-of the Ordnance Department will nounce_d this v:eek, calls for in1 ing which the keys ..;vere turned purchase 29,000 new cars for the formatwn. to the arr_est over to Col. Mlvin B. Asp com-Army, the War Department an-and convictmn of the followmg I military oddities: youngest masman_ dmg officr of the. field, by nounced today. Purchases will be M d ter sergeant, oldest enlisted man, l a) or Rea e, area engmt;er. made b y the thirteen districts of heaviest man in the Army, biggest The ceremony was held m front the Ordnance Department and family of men in the Army, larg-of Chapel No. 1. The 69th AAF J will be confined to passenger est feet in a pair of G.I. shoes, Band of Drew Field played seymodels of Chevrolet, Ford and' marine who has se1:ved in the eral hymns as a prelude. mos tforeign ports, sailor who can Carl W. Hewlett, base chaplam, Plymouth already m the hands of tie the most knots. opened the ceremony with prayer. dealers. By mailing the names of culi The. ribbon across the doors was Each Ordnance Distnct has a prits to YANK before December cut of No. 1 was cut by record of the new cars in the 1, 1942 soldier-detectives have a Mrs. Asp, wlfe of cm_n hands of every dealer, and each 1 chance to receive the Army mander, and -v:m:shippers filed m. will purchase an allocated weekly free of charge for a whole C:olonel Gnffm preached the ber of cars. Dealers will bid by year. In addition, the winning_ dedicatory sermon and hymns dealing directly with the district 'culprist" will be awarded identi-were. sung by the Tampa Bay offices. j cal prizes. Complete details of the I Chonsters. The thirteen district offices are: contest will be found in YANK. ----C-Q-+c Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, j -+c Youthful Close to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Is td H ldL I A s Ch.ldh d New York, Philadelphia, Pitts-1 0 1er 0 S ega rmy tnCe I 00 burgh? Rochester, ?t. Louis, San Limit In War Bondsr Francisco and Sprmgfleld, Mass. Although only 23 years old, Lt. The Ordnance Department will John H. Meyer, Company Com-accept deliveries of the cars on FORT SILL, Okla.-A. legal mander of the Sig. Hq. & Hq. Co., the premises of the dealer and maximum of $10 000 in \ Var bonds Ninth Fighter Command, claims drive the cars to Army depots. is h eld by Pvt. Royce D. Boyle 18 years of military experience. The Tank-Automotive Center is so h e cannot buy any more H e is the son of a Coast Artillery :responsible for the design, manu-through the payroll deduction sergeant, now retired, and has facture, supply and maintenance plan. Pvt. Boyle apologized for been close to the Army since his of all tanks, combat vehicles and owning so many bonds when an early childhood. all other automotive equipme'nt officer explained the payroll plan Lt. Meye r came into the Army for the Army.' recently. via his ROTC irainnig. H e hai:l s Camel Caravan At Drew Field from California, where he completed his education. His hobbies include mathematics, swimming, tennis and photography. When finis is written to his Army career, he plans on a carPer in electrical engineering. Highlights of his career? Being made Commanding Officer of his outfit, Lt. Meyer says. As to girls, well, it's the o n e back home who's always in his heart, not the Flor-. idan variety. Oh, they're okay, naturally. But you know how those things are. I Major League Stars IlliteratesAt Drew Taught To R e a d And Write .Conduct Baseball Clinic. At Drew In keeping with the policy of Beginri.ing November 17, -three the War Departmnet, a program famous baseball playersPaul for the' training of illiterate enDerringer, Paul Waner and Butch listed men is now in successful Henline--will conduct a baseball operation at Drew Filed. and unpiring clinic at Drew Field. In some Army posts, special The clinic will qe under the

DREW FIELD ECHOES When .a Soldier ,, 1 Chaplain Wr1les To ths 1 Hobby Shop PossllnlnJ.es R ali o n! Pigeon Loft. Nov 9 1 942 sugar r eport f s coming !'t:..:,ight from second heaven. You s : cop a gander at the tax p:. straggling in. This new. hu;_ c:h of h andcuffed volunteers 1 h_ cvcrythmg mcludmg short i battl e wagon s, moss backs, c L.:iscrs, mountain guineas and a Ji;, i!ywood Private to snow 'em un'.i.er. The y are some contrast to tf:.: processed jeeps on the way oi; : by the numbers and bound f oeFort X. Another whistle-shy g!:-,up resting b y the roadside just jt1ped to 'tenshun when the si.C:p c r sound e d off with "Off and 0 2: : l et's go!" They're headed for tl C dispepsi a f actory where K.P's h u H' been wo1 king overtime in Gulc h heaping flea sacks the belt in Tent City before tl::' y stuff their grease traps with bL: ic t s and t orpedoes. whether it.':,; slop or frie d crow and prop w:::3b with hand granades for des-CHAPLAIN CARL W. HEWLETT, himself an expert wood-s p:t. the \\'Olves will finish it off. worker, operates the wood lathe in the hobby shop while (left to fhe gift box was juicy. No jawright) Capt. Chester K. D elano, Chaplains W E. Beardsley and b o : : oing for cl.uck s yet awhile And R. 1V1. Terry, and Col. Melvin B. Asp, Base Commanding Officer, ttc cooki e can makes a fine butt triv. thanks. look on w1th profound Interest. Sure. I think it' s swell bucking -.-.f0,_. your Moni to feed f ive A1111d the wh1n:mg of band saws n ..--. s 011 Sunday but you, my pretand the of hammers, Drew t.Y frill, can do your duty by Fwld wld!els_ m hobby skupping the duck with your shop located m the center of the k1::.Lting. Sometimes I qwy a reservatwn. Complete, from lathe to screwdnver,_ the workshop can I .ast Tuesday Zipp er-stripe Bob turn out anythmg from bookends wG::: sad-sackilig around the hdric to chests. Enlisted men are t. o::t a l s until h e managed to grub to avml <;>f the a couple of f1'og skii'is arid take fac1hti es, whether they des1re to i t c:n the hoof 'fm' to\vn. Seems make somethmg for themselves, hE' did a little C I 'o'wdin' aftei oetfriends or 'their barracks. tin' too suds q.'i1d The hobby s hop is under the u p at the G1eyba1 Hotel. He is direction of Chaplain Carl W. :.2 : sweating i't out on the hqney Hevvlett, Base Chaplain, and Capw.:1gon. tain Chestet K. D elano, Special. Louie, the section eighter, is Service Offic er. Chaplain Hewlett! his top over the cooler is a skilled woodworker and helps: he' just got. H esays he has his the soldier s wheneve1 possible. l 0\Y butche r in tow n and h e An'iong _the first pieces to n < '-e r got s t ich a choppin' up in turne d out in the workshop was J a E h is life and him dated tonight a set of walriut bookends with the sweetest little pigeon in the insignia o colone l the silve r Fi_,, ida. "More of your jail-bait, eagle, s e t on them. They were T -bcme!" someone just shouted. made by Chaplain Hewlett for S a w Joey Dogface this noon and p resented to Col. Asp, Drew' s :lr>C:. b e had just hopped up. Can commanding officer, at the dediy c. : picture that g oldbricker bunk ca.tion program. bti.';uing and not enjoying it'? The shop is equipped also for buddies brought him i n some metal work. A soldie r in the me m _o:J juice. }!e'll join the s ick, eli cal corps not so long ago made I l m::e and lazy tomorrow. He's a caduceous (insignia o t h e meb e :-'1 bucking for it. T!me for lights out. Comes Ga-dical corps) fo r his compan y or-1 derly room to prove the shop's b.ri::-,1, we pllt old lady to wor '-facilities. Several soldiers have \\'":.lnesd. a y nwrning cleanup is and polish with the o l d man, made souvenir metal letter openb..U'. Satmday's inspection is when -----+<-----'""'really spread the eye-wash, of the Cood night and remember to ke-:p cookin' with bqth burners. Your big juicy striper. -DICK Last Saturday, Nov. 7 T echi).i cal Sergeant William D Rivers, J r., and Miss Alice Rentz, of Ft. Mead e Fla. ; were married in a (And she replied in his own simple ptivate c e r emony in WauArrTy slanguage. His chicken chula, Fla. dc-<,sn't d o a bad job with it, Enlisting in the Army at lVIace iL::e1-). Dill Field, Fla., in Nov., 1940, S l r : .:,:>er dear: T. Sgt. Rivers was transferred to Fwing a juic y fight with my Drew Field in December, 1941. brother. I really don't Although he was only 21 he was l i ',: c to belittle a Republican but recently promoted to the :rank of l w has been short stoppi;1g like technical sergeant as assistant to < 1-:1 ;:ni:nal. Here's what was cook-t h e sergeant major at the Base r S0Uncl.ed off that I was t ak-Headquarters of Drew Field. in,?; a powder in the family heap Mrs. Laura Rentz was : 11atron t o & stomp whe:eupon h e started o f honor and Mr. W. A. Smtth acts:: ging br>eze t o 0heck m e aftCJ 1 ed as the groom's best man. w t:.:c:h I told hi; n to stack it ancl te-o:; it .on the duffy anyway. 'l'Jny goes in the stretch this -Tw:-:;day H e wised up. you were a r: : ncom 2.nd thinks rookies have to you a highball. H e quizz e-i r.:e about morning chow and I you had shoulder pads with oil. shingles and mud v:it : 1 annored cow, and of course si6.<' arms. Il's made a chow hound o f hm already. DINNERS JoulfT_, .. (jro s, nnil 1ft>1Ti!l:,r, Lox and all 1-.ind s of fbh, stl'.!'.'t i.Y JH<;E it, I) W ICJJ ES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET -Da d thinks you are a b lack dog t o L ave red-lined into a root man. H h d h Only 1\:osh tt i n 'J':uupa ( \'1aS a l11aC 1n1st an t ey B. Bl'u:ulway I'lL 1\L)(;-L>:l hin1 as a n Admiral. '/" Blul'l< Enst. uf l'hrasl also a paper. soldier foi \'v'P-z:ks. Uncle Bob was a shave t2i.!. snap.per mechani c from the which burned Pop until h e FOR YOUR CAR a ninety-day wonder him10 0 Needed a Once se2" D:::ive Your Car to Either Lot I'm afraid I've been cookin' 4 116 Florida or 1716 Florida only the f ront burner, so I'll Bring All Your Papers your advice. Well, Colonel, k!."::OlJ comin'. E 0 C ll F T 0 N :: .r:.\ Your S1-veet Cookie. ...... ,-------' r .,. a d a ms Ke.nnedy Ser vir.emcn At e "elcom e l CnH. nlrLoD,. FatE. I -:wJ1iting and Jefferson T a mpa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy I N t 1 501 F St. I o 1ons -------------1 l':h. nll87'i3 NOW PLAYING THRU WED. Air-Conditioned 9c --28c SUNDAY AND MONDAY "Crossroads" Wi!Eam Powell H edy Lamarr ----Feature No. 2 ----Berlin Correspondent Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-Sc. 22c SATURDAY and SUNDAY "International Squadron" James Stephenson Ronal d Reagan ----Hit No.2---"NAVY BLUES" Ann Sheridan--J -ack Oakie November 13 .1942 ''Tt.;e Coke's in'' "That's the happy greeting heard today a new supply of arrives at a cooler. Folks W(Jit for it w,ait the only Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. Customers smile ,, .. : ., ; & and start moving up to and b e refreshed. .. ., ''There's a about this way of I accepting wartime restrictions. Morale is high.'' I ( ,' BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY dA!M#id&U & .. '! .... Contplete Printing Service The Commercial .. .. Printers 1115 Florida' Avenue Phone 2126 Printers oJ ... The MacDill Fly Leaf Drew Field Echoes I UNITED OPTICAl .. Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated THE TERRACE Gl FT & FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS Hotel Tampa Terrace "Flowers by Wire" Open Until 11 P.M. Every Day P,hs. 3022 -M 5561 j


November 13, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES PCl9'_ e 3 H Laff The Week I Red SDoruors 1 ( While' taking his daily walk, .. AT T r NT I 0 N .... k@Wiilii! the Commanding Office r of the r .!1:.-t. Ill Pos t observe d a couple seated on If' a b e n c h. The soldi e r and his girl Commissioned and Non-Commissioned companion we< e so engrossed in -. ---.-. each othe.r s company_ that they There JS stJll time for sold1e r did not notice the C.O's approach. sailor and pv1han camera fans to 1 F inally, with him standing beside I sTum_ bJt enmes 111 the Red Cross C ontru.r y to r eports that West the m the girl loo k e d up, startled, l\ahonal Photo Awards, Columbus Drive had been closed whil e her companion was too lmg_ any phase of hurr:amtanan ac-1 b y the Arrnv Capt Gu Pott r dumbfounde d t o move. tlv1tJes of the Red C1oss. The con. J' y e L d 1 -f. d 1-test w1ll contmue untll D e c 31, 1 provost marshal at Drew F1eld a ) IS your )Oy u e n a so h f th b 'I dier'!" asked the C.O. w1t pnzes g1ve n or e est p1c-, rev:aled that 1t J S open to through No, sir," came the answer-tures _the month, as w:n as fo r trarf1c to Dav1s Causeway. he's my husband." the _entn e contest. The puzes Will Capt. Potte r said that a tempo-+c be m the form of war bonds; t h e I h 1 b t Off" r (I fh" ( values given represent matunty I rary s1gn ac een pu up, warn. n i -nlftl !UD value. ing persons without official busiB '"' JJ V 9 USB Monthly awards will consist of nes s not loite r along the road D B If Tlb nv a firs tprize of $290; second prize! by the f1eld or stop, but that 1 OUg 9 A B ne YA oE $1oo; $50, ?3 through traff1 c was gomg along specral ment awards of $2::J 111 Without interruption. -----b_onds In the grand awards, the "We don't blame Tampans for Recently remode l e d the clothfn.s t pnze be _$500; second wanting to look at the planes on mg d epartment of the Mam Post pnze, $300; thnd pnze, $200, and the field from the road," he stat_located at. 2nd St. and a fourth pnze _of and 10 I ed, "but we can't have loitering F Ave. JS quiie honorable mentwn pnzes ?f or stopping along the road by the ous and attract1ve .. It IS Negatives of pnze wmnmg! field. If one car stoBs it won't be by Mr. Nathan_ Larne. In add1t10n pictures w1ll become the property I long before 30 or 40 will be to other clothmg, 1t has for. sale. of the Red _Cross wluch also re-parked alonothe field. a w!de assortment of off1cers serves the nghtto purchase at $51 "To beginb with, it's dangerous wea:mg appa1:el. ea_ch_ any that does not 1 E the planes are takmg off or Puces are 1 easonably low. A w111 an awa1 d. :tnding across the road, and then very necessary facJhty of every Entrants may submit as many i also, there are certain the .. Exchange pictures as desire d at any time I about that sort of thing and we "as established pumallly_ to durmg the contest, but no pre-must caution the public. ply the fJelct, personnel With art1pictures may be 1 --------+c cles of everyday use? wear and subm1tted. Pictures may be made, SIGNAL HQ. & HQ. CO. consumptiOn not furmshed by the on any size film, but not on glass; at the l_owest plate ngeative. It is recommended' f" hi ( d SJble puc_es. The pel centage. 01 that pictures be no larger than 10 I lg er omman l profit denve? fi:om the operatiOn inches in the longest dimension, 1 of the _P-X IS lumted by Army and no smaller than 5x7. Pictures, I By CPL. LARRY RALSTON regu_latwns. not should b e submiti The Signal H d t C Off1cers blouses and trousers to I ted (soldiers expecting transfer 1 pany arrive d :mmatch are avallable price may negatives with pic1 aftel, a k t Halls e of 43.00 for the comb111atwn. tures), malled flat and unmount-1 OFFICERS LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES Supplementing Government Insurance Many Plans of Policies Available Death Benefits Payable in Cash or Install ments as Desire d to Beneficiary You Select Premiums Payable Monthly by U S Government Allotment Plan LIBERAL WAR CLAUSE PROVISIONS INVESTIGATE "' NOW! WALTER M. SEITZ, Mgr. KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE CO 406 Morgan St. Tampa1 Fla. u L wee s ay 111 I sOff c t 10001 l d 'tl b f t'tl d I borough River Stat Park Th 1 eis ;o wooe WJ 1 a r!e I e or-escnp-' arrived ba M -ct e N e; e1ther pmk, elasbc or Barathea bon of the picture on the back i (Assets over $130,000,000) after an ov. (16 ozs. and 19_ oz s.) -are on sale with the name and address of the, liE'IIIIIIBliiiiBI!IRI!Iillillai During the at ?pnces rangmg from $9.60 to cont:stanL 1 pine trees the company had their $L0.0f0 0 D 1 1 1 Al1 entnes must be sent to the \ ... .G. Jeers woo ens 11rts se l R d c N t. 1 PI t '\SI:"-"$!"-u r hours, and also plenty_ of for 5 _95 to 9 _20_ e.. 1 o s s a 10na 10 o sw1mmmg, f1shmg and rowmg $. ( A"' dl cls, 598 Madison Ave., New afte r dut h F t Jeers servJce caps VJSOI York-City. Y ours were over. 00 -style), either elastic, wool felt or 'iil o d 1 ball games,_ volley ball and strenfur felt sell for $4 .80 to $ 9 .60. pt+i .Y QQ!&91!1iliQ&diGIM4& 4 iii {J r er our were ll1 store durI Custo;n-made shoes all 'styles I I mg the caJJsthemcs hour. -Jarman Sh1:in e r & Ur-l'AONEY LOANED Ytt All we_re mtact and: ner, and' Peter's International ON ANY'l'lHNG OF VAr.uE fJ '\lule the_I e, anothe r shoes-ran"e in p rice from $5 .10 LOAN CO a Wcompany 111 the pnnc1ples. of A._ to $ 7 _60_ b 1'V1 h 1 S. The teleJ?hOne sectwn of Reculatio!1 Val packs sell for "'J'Al\li'A'" ()J,DEST AND {J ristmas n y c aJm 1 e recor or $ 15.75 and regulation lockers sell I !lOS FHAl\'l(LJN S't'REET the compa 1 tl d f "' IIIOST J,lliERAV' puttmg up a P.I.C. umt. The hme for $7 25 WAUII!!iii :w j was a good bit under the time set -' ......, ------b y another outfit which formerly $A Ill ft 1 Dl!IRI ) '\ claime d the record. I 1 Vli'atllal'liiE c d a Shelte1 halves were pitched as' ar s the company simulated an actual Who's going to make good f.\ {)' bivouac, and gas attacks came at tJ \\ different times to keep the boys if you lose your money? ifr constantly on the alert. A guard "l 1 was maintained twenty-four hours NOBODY ... if your money was in cash! If, how-N 0 w f \\ a day. ever, you took the wise precaution of carrying your } if, The f e llows showed their will-money in the form of spendable American E xpress _;'\f fl o ingness to cooperate with each Travelers Cheques, American Express will refund other, their officers and their re-your money. \\ ; spective jobs. Amerit:nn Express Travelers are spendable iJ '-' d f S 1 d p t\ While at the Park, the gang al-like cash in hotels, for transportation and in s tores e Range 0 ty es an nces. --Ji, ways looked forward to the peri-and shops everywhere. : i ods when .they could 1,1se their I ssued in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $ 100. -t\ passes to journey six miles away Cost 75 for each $100. for sale at Banks Railway Th Coinin erci"al Pri"ntei .. S to the "Pure Wu.ter City" of Express and Western Union offices, at rail. e Zephyrhills. Here the r ecreation road ticket offices and at many camps and bases. II !;! committee, under Mrs. Shafer, Q 'U : sponsored dances for the visiting/ 'I if 1115 Flonda Ave. Phone 2126 or 2177 \\ s e r vice m e n and provided plenty lt,;,!I\G All R a iJ i basket ball andj TRAVELERS CH_E"li!ES 1 volley b all teams have begun to. I take s hape and by all indications I 1t--:--___ ___:_: ----------FREE it looks like a good season ahead. ESTIMATES S gt. Holsomback i s putting the cagers through the paces each evening at 4 :15 p.m. on the comFREE DELIVERY p a n y co urts. Signal Headquarters has the distinction cf having, as far as they know, the. only mascot oJ' its l;ind. It's "Herbie ," their pet c oo n,, age t w o and ont-half months. 1 -VERY PAY DAY BUY MORE. WAR BONDS AND STAJ'I.IPS. THE PALACE YBOR CITY'S LEADING J E VV E L E R S 1520 7:th Ave. YBOR CITY Men. ALTERATIONS FREE 917 Franklin St., Tampa 872 Centra l -:.S.t Petersburg 531 -----------. PHONE f\1\ VETERAN ARMY TAl LOR JERZY HRYNKIEWICZ Blouses, Pants, Shirts Made to Order Laundry, lOc per Pound. Washing by Hand, 24-Hour Service OPEN NIGHTS TILL 9 430 W. LAFAYETTE ST. SERVICE MEN WELCOME .. GILBERT HOTEL 811 TAMPA STREET PHONE M 1094 GEORGE T. BRIGHTWELL, Manager Buy More War Bonds and Stamps


Page 4 __________________ D_R_E_VV ___ __ O _E_S ____ ___:,:__ __________ The November 13 TAMPA ARMY .NEWSP APERS R .. r. !ill"' d myay Base I ________ :_ __ __ __ -:------:---:-----:;----J -1 a Post O frtce IS wha t IS known to I 67 .. 6 Bus i nes s O ffi c e : ..,cne the personne l of Drew Field as 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE I ..'::i,. the Base Library or School B uild-j P. 0. Box 5 2 2 TAMPA,, FLC)RIDA P hone 2i771 ---ing. From the outside it looks like The new passenger trailers now a peaceful haven of r epose for the A U advertisement s cortl ained in this newspaper a r e a l s o contained seen a t Drew Field. have been weary. In truth it has served a s in tbe MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum jo i n t circulation 10 ,000 copies I p laced on scheduled r.uns to insuch for quite a l ong time, until ----1 crease the eff1cte ncy of p ersonne l the advent of the newly built ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED O N REQUEST and to eliminate mcl1:'idual use S e r v ic e .Club. j A newspaper published exdu sively for the personne l of Drew of motor vehicles. by ml)Itary and It has been the home of a few 1 B y Sgt John F S uszynski I U d N cJvJlian personne l of the post. B f' t. 1 h d t 1 1 F i.cl d and devoted to military Cjnd t 1e mte atwns B t tl 1 s. of 7 : 3 0 and unc wns, w 11c u e o ac No new faces !Jut three n ev; Victor.\. e ween 1e 1 ? u 1 of space m the Base Headquarters l 1 s 30 .a.m. a n_c_ l 4 .30 t,o y m _., c Ild dL.c to tl1 e t y p e of_ ,.,0 1 k they corporals graced the Band Stano Opinions expressed in this newspaper arc those of t 1e mdiviclua tl t. -t 11 g wri ters and under no ci1-cumstances are thcu to be _consid_ e r e d those 115 Ians p oiLa 1 011 '' 1 I ve.yucarried on, need e d large r quarters at last week's concert-Gordon J onty t o the movement of ClVJhan to accomrJli s h the work Now fiB tl l'b W d o f the United States Army. Advertisements in this publicatio n do employees betwee n the parkmg I 1 oo 1 : ou1 1 1auan, oo row not constitute an endorsement by the W a r Department or its per-1 t t 1 h a t Tampa Bav na. ly,. the school bUJldmg ha, Harwick our supply man and 1 f 1 d l l 0 a e mam "'ce < .. J. J come uno 1ts own. The Courts and/ sonne o t 1e pro ucts ac vertlsec and vanous otflces on Boards Office and the Scho_ol Of. Regi s your Band Noter's Sl H E THR"''P. LITTL"' RATS L1'T'151 Bafsc.1 1 t t t' 1 d fice are locat e d 111 the bLllldmg. c hwf h elpmate. R1ght on the heels ll"!JE>_fil "-'1 e o ovnng en a lVC. s c 1e One of the rooms has also been of his promotion, Cpl. Regis noti?:ii fYI(q', fl 1\i!C& H ere i s a new version ule has been set UJ? t h e r emodeled into a courtroom for fiecl that h e has been accepted ...... tlmeandroutmgoftheseveblcles: the vario u s courts mal'tial that for Postal OCS so he'll be leav<"'-\ : Of three little rats During ,the h ours for come up. Despite the beauty and ing u s and trading h is stripes for \ trailer at leas t every 1 0 mmutes. mentio n e d room, your reporte r wonde r if Joe will have time to .io, I employees tran s portatwn:_ Une regal appearance o f the above I Lieutenant's bars before long. I Their stealthy attack 'Between the hours of 8:30 a .m. will try his best to appear there carry on h i s "Lonel y Hearts" cor-MONDAY: 7:0 5 a.m.-7:25 a m WFLA (970 1 c) -Dre w Field Presents Y our Drew Fiel d reporter pre senl s coming events in the enterI tair.ment fie ld at the Base Mus ic I s on;:s and inspirational talks b y the chaplmns. TUESDAY: 7 :05 a.m.-7:25 a.m., WFLA (970 l;:c)-Drew Field P i'esci1ts. 6:45 p .m.-7 p m., WTSP (1380 k c) --Life in Khaki. A n e w kind of radio show. fea tt!rlhg the funny side of the .1\:tr: -,y. Lis t e n in for a laugh, and so;TJ.etimes a bit of pathos. WE!JNESDA Y: 7:05 a.m. -7:25 a m., WFLA (970 I k c)-Drew Field Presents. On a world a t rest and 1:30_p.m. : One trailer at least only as a spectato1 resp ondence -he calls it fan mail \ Va s the super blunde r every L.J Wit h the acquisition of t h e h e is away at school. Of one rodent p est. T w o romes nave been estab-Courts and Boards Office; the D1d you not1ce, durmg the Ur;1 : hshed: Route No. 1From the .building has acquired a certain 1 v ers1ty o f Tampa vs. Drew F mam gate north by way of Ave-freshness and charm d u e to a 'I football game, that t here wa Another rat joined, Ahd then a third pest, And three little rats W ere all ii1 o n e n est. Hitle r called great Musso, C01ne, con1e n1y dear!" But bald Muss o was l eft Far back in the rear. Then T o i o decide d to Come to the front. And cover poor Musso, His people's afJiront The i r clays are counte d They neve1 shall win; We have the m running For cover and mor e vim. ri ue B to 1Oth Street; r eturning to certain Miss R who' occupies a side contest going on between t h e new i11ai n gate by way o f desk in the ab;ve menti o ned ofI Band? of th'e two respective Avenue B Stor:s .at old fice. Your reporter was wondering 1 stitutions"? Nobody kept score, east gate, Fmance Off1ce, l Oth why, with the o.C.S. applications 1 but Estes' arrangement of Street, bus statiOn and BOQ. ] being handled by the School Ofi "Prmse t!1e Lord Pass the Route No. -From the new mam fic;e so many of the applican t s 1 Ammumtwn drew favorable gate to the old east gate, to 2nd I persisted in g oing to the c a n d-.1 con:ment from several sources. on 2nd Street t? F B office for b lanks. It did t.jle :ootball scor: Aven u e, ea"t on F to lOth Sheet, not take long to fmd out: Now I was 21-1 3 (m favor of the otl_1er north on l Oth to K east too, have bee n t hinking of apply s1de ... or shouldn' t mentwn on K to 1st soutn on 1st ing for O C.S. and making the that? to the old mam gate, the n east same mistake. The d e d ication of the Base's t o the ne\v mam gate. f ive Chape ls, late Sunday, was: a AdditiOnal stops are to be r:ro major event in .the history o.f Vlded later at ,pomts G I o Drew Field and the 69th AAF for tl1e pmpose of lo admg and un t cbonar y B and was honored by the p rivi-loaclmg passenger s. Personn e l are lege of participatino in this co l encourage d to use th1s means of Ace in the hole alibi. ceremony. "' transportation In heLl o f pnvate Admirals-medical orderlies. S Sgt. Eaton's brainchild, the 1\ good way to start the day, rig h t. Keep in the know about I The United Nations h a r;pcnings at Drew. Are no\v on the prowl, T o hound these rats c ars c;1:. authonze d transportatiOn Animal-je1k. Glee Club, n1ade its bow at the on o_lilCJal busmes s w1thm the B. B -tough Sarge. last Band Concert, with an ar-pos,t m order to conserve gasolme B and beat e r s shirkers. rangement of I r ving Berlin' s ano rubncr. Battle wagon-fat guy. "Angels of M ercy" (with Band Black Dog-one who has it soft. accompaniment ... High class THURSDAY: I And their ways s o foul. 7 :05 a.m.-7 : 25 a.m., WFLA (970 The story w ill finis h A rm y Emergen cy R e l i e f Bucking-trying to win ap-stuff ... WHO I S T H I S "WAR-I proval. ING" GUY? kci-Drew Field Presen ts. 'I The end will b e sweli, 8:35 p .m. -855 p.m., WDAE (1250 Whe n these little rals The principal object of the A. China clipper-mechanical dish-The B and's activities during the E. R. is to collect and .disbmse I pas t week nat confined solel y to kc)-Variety show. I Find themselves in' H--L This all-soldier spot provide s I -l<----funds for the purpose of .meeting Chopp, m I things musicalthe volley b_all emerg encies and special cases CookJeg"rl. tournament got under way w1t h a1ising from exigencies due to the Colonel--:-over-zeal01.!S non-com. 1 the G9e r's (Cpl. Sedlak, actin g vvar a_nd which require prompt Cook With both burners-do I captain) besting the 314th B Hq. attention. your ?est 8::. AB Squadron in the fil'st frame. var' iety entertainment ranging frm: 1 through. co:11ed y to I G ua r d Cha l lenge s a tou c h of the featurmg 1 an all-soldier cast. L isten 111 to Men on K i tc hen Pollee hear how g oo d your pals can be. The nature of the e merg ency Cook the front burner-;-to Along with the athletic exhibi-cases with which the A E R. is take It easy keep gomg., tion, some of the boys put on a FRIDAY: 7: 05 a m -7:2 5 a.m., WFLA (970 k c)_:_Dre w F i e l d Presents. 9:00 p.m.-9:30 p.ni. WFLA (970 kc). A new half-hou r of entertainim.ent with a purpose. This' soldie r show featuring singe rs, actors, mus ici a n s and comics from Drew Fiel d, presents a show for the sol dier, b y the soldier and about the sold i e r. Audiences are invite d and welcomed. So f a r the response has been encouraging, for the stu d i o h a s been full each week. The s how presents a picture of the interd e p endence and coopera tion that make the Army a working organism. With s p e ci a l em phasis on the combat team spirit of Dre w Field, dramatizatio,ns writte n bv the soldiers: show the f ij("!t er-air-ground liaison. as 1t affects the individual soldier. G uest stars and special intervie\vs adcl col01 ftom time to till: e ori.' the progran1s. If last w(ek's broadcast is anv criterion o:t what i s to coml!', Di'e,,v 'cail pect a radio serie s to b 0 proi.i4 of. MIAMI BEACH, F l a. A guard primar il y concern e d a r e those Cooler-short _haucut. show tha t would delight any neu-pull ecl an early morning shift and ari,:ing among d e p endent;; of caCrmser-soldier who doesn t I rologist or psychiatrist too while on duty halted a gang of sualties b etween the time when know !nuch. bad I had to 1mss the game (?) : KP's on their way to a mess hall. allotment of pay i s discontinue d Duck-c!garett e butt. Maybe the volleyball game had The n h e ordered the m to advance and insurance i s received; of cases Eyes open-fned eggs, so m ething to do with it-'-and singly and be recognize d. The w h e r e pay i s expect e d but. not sunny Sid e up. maybe it' s :just a co incidence-noncom in charge of the group I received; of cases ansmg from From _woo d -fake. neverthe l ess, the Band is going presented the necessary evidence caused dependents by G em:. g1a ice cream -homm y J "on the ro'acl It all started with to show they w ere on official the. transfer or move m ent gnt s I regula r Lrip s to 1\'Iaior Strickl er's business and then bega n to m arch, of L'.-c! o:o1dier fro m his ca111p or Hotel-guardhouse or boys at Camp DeSoto (about a them on their way. statwn ; .. mel other t emporar y ]all. half mile dow n the road' ... came emergency rlnancial cl i s tress Grease trap-kisser. Armistice Day. and we found Then the ,gum cl_ rem embe l eel which arises from cause s incident Handcuffed volunteer-Selec-selves parading away out in Sara-hi. s orders osaicl, ''Everyone to military service. tJVe S ervice man. sota. Maybe we'll have more to IS t o b e cha. l enbe d 110 one Assistance from t h e A.E.R. may Hollywood pnvate-actmg cort e ll you about that trip i n next allowed to pass unless n I S a bso-b e i n the form. of a lo a n or in poral. week's BAND NOTES lute l y c e;;tam they are or;. ofJ'Icwl justifiable cases, b y outright H o ney wagon-garbage truck. while, look out for M r Bake r s busme ss. grant. In some cases it will take Honzonta ls-h a b 1 t u a 1 bunk n ext musical sm,prisc package. H e halted the group aga m the form of relief in kind. Loans .fabguc1s. -+<----made certam all_wer e o n offiCial I made by A.E.R. are conside r e d to Jail baitgirls under age. b:!smess by callmg the i r names! be mori:ll oblig ations o.f the l::>orJaw boning-to b orrow on cre-fr om tl1e KP h st. 1 ro\vers and no mte rest J S charged. dit. I "Relief in Kind" may b e in the Muff the duck-sneak away. two each week brings informatiop l of. medica l or care, Nine t y -clay. wonder0. C. S. of s p ecial interest to Army m e n. I the fu.rms. hmg of g raduate. ---vital necessities as fl.1el, food, Off and on-off your tail and Tl1e Special Service D epart-clothing, etc., or of assistmice: in on your fe e t m ent is anx io u s bring the b est 1 securing allotments of J?3Y, ar-Old Bess-truc k. of the Drew F1elcl tal e r\t (and i rears Ill pay d eath gratuhes, penOid lacly_:_mop. there's plenty of it) to its broad-sions, and insurance. R.ai1goon e d -shipped out i n a casts. To do .this, they need your If your families m e i n n eed t ell hur r y. cooperation. Write in to t e ll the m them to go to the near est Army Redline d -scratch e d from a CHUR C H C AL L Catholi c Mass-Sunday, ___ :15 a. m. Chap e l No. 2. Mass-Sunday, 9:00 a m., Cha p e ls No. 1 and 2. Protestant S ervice-Sunday, 11 a. m., Cha what you likecl.and would like to Post, Camp, or Station and see list. again. If you can entertain Army Emergency R e li e f Of-! R.epublicana n y citize n. S A 'i:'URDAY : p els No. 1 and 2. S e rvice-Sunday 7:3.0 p. 7 : 05 a.m.-7:30 a.m .. WFLA (970 lcc)--Drew Field Presents A rseume c:if the \veek's Base activities and a forecast of those to ::ome. A surprise inte r v iew or m any way suitable to rad1o, l e t f 1 c e r. Here at Drew F1eld that Sad sack-someone in the the m have your name at the Spe-officer is Lt. Edward B. Dailey. I dumps ci a l Seivice Office Do it now, He is located in the Base Library S ection eight.er-mental case. and g ive yourself a chance on the Building in the Special S ervices Shapin'-coming along, showing S e rvice-Friday 8 p. m., air. Office. improvement. pel No. 1. Cha p e l No. 1. Jewish O R !ff'/ F15l 0 MOS.Qf.II T O -PREW F lii/..0' 5 ROLLI N & IO A TI-le W AlL 1 7'5 0/?DOPY, II '5 ON 7!16' lJAll MAN ON FIEl-D I'? ------.


'"' --NoV:.ember 13, 1942 ;_ w .. -. ; : : DREW fiELD ECH.OES SIGNAL HQ) & HO. CO. way productions, is back in CiDOJC 4 l.ID D i f.Uff 1 gartown with a cute little wife, J AI'C AJil J I havmg been welded wh1le on fur-lough in his home town, Philadel-, By Sgt. E. S. Perry THE BUGLE CALL phia. 11 -/ By SGT. MIKE DODD Sgt. Gabriel, co-ordinator par Last Sunday 1s a day most of H excellence at Personnel, 1-s very 1-us Will remem_ber because that 1 ere we go again, fellows this ll t 1 time with an extra stripe, a' new much that way about an in-town was a swc ou mg anc crowd the I company of officers and enlisted cutie if one is to judge by 6:30 1 company had at Sulphur Spnngs. u th t' f phone cal's that si"n off with 1 The marnecl men brought the1r I men WI 1_ e exce p wn o a cadre "honey," ;vhich all "adds u to a 1 wives, a n e w face being Mrs.! drawn f1 om the old 9th, wh1ch 1 t' kl S Pt p Arthm Brown the blushing bride 1 has another number. i on n e wee. y wea a-who joined Cpl. Brown in I We are h appy to welcon:e s e v "Tex" Poite\ant, whose mony just a_ week ago. Thc1e! era! new m?n to our I date book .makes the Chicago di-were lots of g1rls ar:d pretty ones! whom. you ll be hearmg more rectory look like a Vvoolworth too who came out I rom the USO ab?ut m columns, part1cu-1 scratch pad, has tossed I) is Sterno c;nd JOmed. 111 _all the games 'and: lady o_lll gemal company com-. camp sto_ve on the scrap plle, and fun. g dme had Sgts. Knecht I mande1, Lt. John H. Meyer. I is cookincr with 110 volts on a and H1rzy so diZzy they hit the That good time you heard beincr' new Westinghouse deck flat on their faces. Of course "broadcast" the other Tuesday this time a dark-haired hot chocolate isn't beer as originight at the Floridan Hotel was in the Base Teleg1 aph Office-a nally r>lanned, but .still it was the swank company party we dish of chicken and rice with a w1th the roasted (G I style) threw that night. After a swella-dash of tabasco. vneners and cookies. As M. C. cious a la Cpl. Mann, the A pair that hang together these i Bassler kept the crowd going! natL11al thmg happened: a series 1 days are those two Rajahs of great o_f after-dmner. speeches. The of-Repartee, Sgt. Cook and Cpl. .c:-nd_ speakmg of good t])mgs, had their say f1rst afte1 Shaw, in their own peculiar lit-COI POJ a! stnpes w ere recenred by wh1ch the non-coms did their tle way, stepped in and settled a some hard worlnng men; Dicker stuff, with some noteworthy strike at the Hay-a-Tampa cigar son, Stramnuello, Milner, Sulwo:ds from a few privates. Your plant in Ybor by whisking the Tob1as, and _Mcintyre. WTitmg chum stumbled through girls off --to a nearby cafe wher e e still more stnpes open; 1 his Spiel, Which WaS probably the 1 they promptly got them plastered. don t forget. ':511 in hte soup of the affair, and II You girls that fli1t had better be The men made that Armistice saymg of the_ C?mic character, on the alert, for thsee two sons, Day parade looking like a crack 1 ....-ifambone, wa: ;;1v1dly brought to of the bayous,_ who make timber 1 Battalwn out of West Point. mmd, namely. When I stand up I wolves look llke llttle Chester' s Just a dry run under the1rbelt to make a speech, my minds sits I pet white mice, cut a wide swath and a lot of men that just about down. and you had better make certain forgot the I.D.R., that \Vas quite A marvelous time was had by I that .latches are down. and shut-an accomplishment. all_, and the party boiled to ters securely fastened when they Jots : Pvt. Parrish is receiving this: Success. _We are lookmg for-pass through town, JUg under candy regular from some girl ward to an.other such affair. How 1 arm. that's a sure s ign. Sgt. Britton has about it, Lt. Schultz? Speaking of Sgt. Allen, a reserve lieutenant 1 someone on the string or maybe after-dinner speeches by officers, I in. the Salvatiol!Army and twice: she's_ got him that way. Cpl. Soja let me say here and now that our_ wounded gettmg coffee and I IS st1ll lookmg and' tiymg_ Pfc. smiling Lt. Hillyer was on the doughnuts through Chicago fireI Pupa goes out every night spankbeam. on the ball and everything lines,. is all set for a wedding I ing neat. There' s a reason. Pvt. e_lse that makes _for a Iive l y party when he gets his furlough. is making up lost time f1lled to the_ brim w1th v1m a1id The welcome mat at Headquar-restnctwn. Those Motor Pool men vigor. ters is unfurled this week to greet -who go places in tnicks in the Personal note: A certain young a newcomer from Gotham, wliose day, go places at night, too. Witfellow in this outfit would like ancestors \vere that famous Ark-ness Cpl. Glenn and Pvt. Hughes. to kuow more about Dottie Moe, building family, with the excepPvt. _0. Dean has been busy all the lovely announcer who tion_ of a dropped "h," done, no week cleaning up. battalion headhandles the G1rl You Left Be-doubt, to please some Enghsh quarters. It look like Pvt. Leasor, hind" program, heard over WTSP stockholde1' in the firm, one Pvt. l the ex-mailman, is going to give each morning at 7 o'clock. Will William Noa. I lessons next week in "how to you oblige, by Pvt. "Albany" Meade, a shine walk." Pvt. Rife claims h e bought some mformahon to scnbe. 1 cooker from this side of the Bir-1 a f1ddle for_ h!s brother, but he Cpl. John T._. _Is an old mingham jail, who was finally/ must be a career! (:OW hand at his collared. by the revenuers when! for a chan,e. Cpl. La\ ela_ce bellie s You see h_un dress em to he emerged from the hills to up to a bar and drmks 'em the. nght sometime. When _he swer his draft board summons, straight m. true Texas fashion. emits a command, G. I. heels cllck policed up from the bottom of hiS :wo. of our company :pronto. 1 G.L shoes to the top of his G.I. tJ ansfeJI eel to another out-i<: 1 haircut hotfooting it into town I fltLi.s. Nelson and Norstrom. 314th B. HO. & A.B. SO. sat eve_ t? a little woo sure }1atecl to see go. w 1th h1s 1111m1table Southern Good luck to them on then new F L U u K u p r I drawl. JObs. -11 J Sgt. Trenner, sitting at Hie Spe-\ Cpl._ C:::haga, Dickc1 :son, and Pvt. cia! Order desk at Base Headquar-, GeiSE'! } 1ang_ out at the USO every ters-that's where _he shinesmght: l t fmd _out who she is: By J. J. O'GARA It is to that Base Headquarters wondenng what V1c Mature has 1 Mentwnm, the b1g men of om Info-please man with all the an-that he hasn't got, for he's hitting 1 outfit such as Goss and Ganett, I swers, Pvt. Ed Planisek;, who has the towels rather heavy over that remmds me. of our last muster; bought an extra large pair of Blonde Bomber in Captain J?ull's no, It wasn t the heat that day, G.I. stockings to hang up in the office, and could use a large help-but be a dance the mght Message Center on Christmas, ing of it himself. befm e. Could be. hoping that old Kringle will fill I lfow can a big man like Harbin I it up with stripes, that boy with [ ah Fighier Wing, Hq. & Hq Sq. keep so quie t and so. inconspi-1 the bedroom eyes, sweatmg out -cuous? Does 1t seem so far off 'till the hours until he's back in Jh!"" UifiJh pay day? To me it will be the I Cleveland to gladden the hearts 'G down of a new era. of the dolls on Euclid Avenue who -----1<-----1 have written reams since he start-By PFC Walter Werner EVERY PAY ..... freshen up, Soltliet! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Yes, you fighting airforce know how much a little Stick of chewing gum can mean 'vhen nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps } 'our throat moist. !\fakes the water in that canteen go further. Helps steady you! nerves during strenuous flights._ Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting \\'t'rigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. rx /?' ,_ -.. / --, CANOY COATED C'h'OCOLATE FLAVOR ri!JYV iA'/EKi TO CARRY j NOW ON SAL AT All/-? Xs f d l c k' t h h A' DAy BUY MORE I e 11s oo s our Wlt t .e 11' On behalf of all the fellows in WAR BONDS AND STAM Forces, has developed a crush_ on the Squadron we' d like to thank 1 PS. i hti.le mouse at. t:_he B1lletmg all our Officers for the swell! Office and 1f she takes the hmt, party which they threw for us a II d d tshe'll be hittinothe towels too. c" 1 a a goo I me m ':l qmet way. p o R "" A N J ( j -N G ES Miss Millie Tyler, a little clear water I'hur sday. Every-He remmcled us of a slightly S 1 {'11 u t 1 t f h d 'th body had a great tlme. warne d ea,-l e watchmg his brood 1 B -Jl nc {, a m1s Tess o oun s WI; 1 Tl the pack a t her heels and eating r 1e a: r angement 1 1e Gnffm, Cpl. 1 N -_ out of her hand. will send a good really, wor kedc hard ,.to put _It over 1 Ifc s, and G!lch-many lads to the shovvers we and tl,;ey certamly dehver eel the 111st, and Pvt. filler y had a party think. goods :vh1ch 61 of their that mght at the fl') Corporal Leonard Rubm, manof bee1, a cot.ple cases of Red MilL F1 ? m way Yankee I!} ( tl E D l about-interview on the Base, to sanch::r1ches pickl es, cheese, I and Reb looked U J J U "" J whom_ the mayor of Tanwa preall the tnm1t mus t nave been a sen t e d the k eys of the city-and mmgs. Ofncei :s on th1s comimttee doozcy. A"'&b then had the combination wereMaJori-Iuffer,Captam_Sem-j .. P.S. :s?t. and PFC 4en -:>hanged-is another prospe c tive mes, and McLaughlin, all C a r homero Quattrocchi CEEYESSIR sweating -it outof, the A-2 ::iectwn._ The Enlisted were who h2cl_ the pleasl!Iese da_ys .. The 9xl2 Turkish lVLn on the conymttee _who d1d ?f sa:yJJ].g to _the towel w 1th the Sultan's autograph plenty of hustlmg we1e T Sgt. cu1 vesome Llonde Gemgw this week is awarded to Sgt. Q_uensel, S Sgt. D1llon, Mer-ancl her dark-eyed tnend. Thompson, and is a confirmation V lsh, PFC Blackald & PF C Glller. Please be sure to see or phcne your local LVV A YS ,!\gent for further inforrna tion be f ore you travel. PHONE M 8441 All Buses Leave Union Bus Station TWIGGS AT MARION STREET of l a s t week's report on his trav-We "';',Ill all remembe r that "Clam-A and els to Tampa sans the little eye-bake for a long t1me to come. w1sh e s are m oruel to Otto Kr awindshields that he might better In particular, we'll remember 11 tochv!l, who recently made T Sgt. show his profile, for that boy is Pvt. Tom Rile y in an over-stuffed and also got marned; to Pfc. Ben sweating a c ertain Tampa cutie girl's bathing suit looking like a H avll_and, the Scholar & _Dynamo Just last v \ eek, in a downtown I cross Between a 40-dollar cow and. or A-2 Sectwn, who was mar restaurant this reporter saw him a Chorus girl from Billy Watson' s ned wlule on ft]rlough; and also grope his way from an adjoining Beef Trust ... H is running mate, to men graduate d from table to what he thought was a I Pvt. Rudy Hoffman, looking like Radw Operatwns School last Sat-!!!!!:-!:::!::::,.:!:!!:!!!"'!:-::-::::: .. : !!::: .. t e lephone, drop a nickel and spin "Old Man Mose' in an 1890 model urday-1--'vt. Clayton J. Schmidt, :!: p A R K p -H, 0 T o s T -D l 0 : : the little dial and get. instead of suit which hung below his knees. W. L. Krrk, Nathan A. R1cks ; :i; the f air one's voice, a Glenn N!:illThat look of peace and content-Thomas R. R1ley PFC Lou1s H. / _; er r ecordin g of "White Christment on the faces of those solid Beaul1 e u and S Sgt. Paul Galant!. : .. mas"-which isn't funny. bee1 drinkers-Pvts Hricz, Gal-And welcome back to the three :!: OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9 .;. Sgt. Abel, who is sweating out lant, Gara, Forte, Ploskunyak, Al of Tra1; ,sporta tJon :1: 438 w. LAFAYETTE STREET PHONE H 45-91 1 W.O. currently ma)or-domomg at I & B1ll Henry, U:szytko, Gross, Cpl. Gannon, Base Personnel, was b eckoned Smith, 'Madan Pagg1. and Pvts. I l< 1 ec. Qlllgle y and I-!a11 Y Pence- ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; .. ; .. ; ; ; .. ; ; ; .. ; ; ; ; ; ; .. ; .. ; ; ; ; .. ; ; ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; .. ; ; ; .. ; :!!!!:!:" : ":' as_ick by a waiter in a downtown Whitehead, and "Pony Express" I and S Sgt. A_ll_en. V.;e _\1ndc r s tancl b 1 stro_ the othe r eve, and e sc orte d H 1!t. they encounte1 eel co 1m fui and un& VY7T to the table of a blonde doll with And there was m ellow" music, I usual expenences on tJ:en tnp. 0 T E L D e ( 0 T 0 a come-hithel look for G eorge too, by the_ 'Fighting Ninth Glee I SOLon:ns n J Bancl'Ofti s h chappies. Club led by T Sgt. Burnette, and B&&l Pfc. Vincent McGarry, a thessuppoxtedby the lusty voices of pian of no. mean ability vvhom Pvts. Stone, Collier, Kozelsky, New York theater goers will long Van Kruningen and Cpl. Thomas. remember for his sterling charac-T Sgt. McVay, Cpl. Labun, Cpl. RIGHT DOWN TOVv N terization_ as the corpse in "MurDattalo, Pvt. -"Vic" Freedman and der .at the -Vicarage," and who, all the 1 'est of the "new fellows" .1 prior t ohi_s induction, played mi-seemed to be having a good tiine, nor roles m a number of Broad-too ... 1st Sgt. "Bill" Jenkins ALWAYS WELCOM. E EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods -Best of Liquors 2001 Nebraska Marion and Zack MANAGEMENT _,s T A .. G X A-.-D A M S AN P _w.F?i'P" M I' H 0 L M E 5 F*i'RF&"1 !i ,... Buy More War Bonds and Stamps


Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES Now the Nozis Are on the Ru11, Watch for Poison Gas Lung itTitants, defined, are Chloropicrin was discovered in field; -immediate symtomc; irri-1 agents which when breathed during the first half of the 19th tates lungs; protection: gas mask. cause inflammation and injury to Century and was first used in PHOSGENE: U.S. A. Symbol the interior cavity of the bronbattle by the Russians in 1916 and Mark-GG Gas 1 green band; chial. tubes and the lungs. I This agent has the per-odor: fres h hay, ensilage; color Chlorme was f1rst Chemical. s1stency of all lung mntants. and state in field: colorless ga,s; Warfare by the i The chief purpose of these gases persistency: 1 to 1 9 minutes; im Geimans the first. Wt;.Sld 1 i1 Chemical Warfare is to effect I mediate symphoms: burns eyes, and discoyered m lt 14. the human respiratory tract and throat and produces choking and It lS With phosgene,! develop casualties. The modern. coughing; protection: gas mask. : but does I gas masks are so designed to af-1 CHLOTIOPICRIN: U.S.A. Sym-: ;., then The 1 ford the best protection against bol: PS 2 green bands; odor: of this react L 1 des 1 these agents and eliminate sweet chloroform; color and state pna passage an -IS ca e a ties caused by them in field: colorless uas p e r s i s t ency: lung 1rntant. 1 b A th f t w ld w Inasmuch as we are probably 1 to 12 hours, 1mmcd1ate s e Irs 01 at pro1 t tate nose and throat' November 13, 1942 gressed, new respiratory gases1nt;aring the day when the Nazis:.oms. 1111 .. cr < t were used due to chemical re-i will use poison gas, 1! Is. w1se to, and causes vomiLin,, protectwn. PAUL DERRINGER search, and phosgene was first 1 k.now the properties, symtoms and I gas mask. employed by the Germans in De-first md treatment of the gases I For f irst aid treatment, remove cember, 1915 ; in February, 1916 I listed below: from .gassed area. Loosen clothes. the French adopted 1t. It 1s more CHLORINE: U.S.A. Symbol and I Kee p patient. warm and quiet. persistent than chlorine and of a 1 Mark-Cl Gas 1 green band; odor: Give non-alcoholic stimulant. nmch greater toxicity. I highly pungent: color and state, Treat for shock and pneumonia. I 2nd REPTG. CO. [the opposmg team. In two games HQS. CO .. REPTG. BN .. 503d B L I T l 564l:h S.A.W. BN. SEP. no less than 36 run::; were scored I off his deliveries. It's lucky that I i L \'iC:S only an mte1-company I gacn1e1 H t 'll d' 1 By SGT. IRVING ROSENTHAL By S. SGT. TOM CARUSO i hat h a 1ry chest or h1s. I wonder P. ammes 1 Isp aymg I SGT. LESTER SHEAR 1f there is power l?ebind the mas\Vc always wondered w h a t the .an absence of se_\ s tve hulk. I s the 1 e. Rube? boys d1d en day off and last v. eeks from the Echoes, your Joe Capellupo r s still doing his: Sunday we found out. T Sgt. I respondent fmally ?as had the opwotk in a very quie t manner. He I \:Vasalewsky1 Se-ts. Cl.1coyne and 1 to, submit S?me c,hatter IS one of the best liked prvJates Mullins, Cpl. Napfe l and Pfc.j to this weeks Issue. First, I d like of this company. Hope you come 1 D ropkin, Zcmla. Schleicher and to co_ngratul;;tte Lt. Wood_ upon his out on top this Joe ... Lots 1 Tucker wer e enjoying themselves I this past week. We all of luck! I at the USO picmc a t Lake Carhear shes kmda cute, Lieutenant. S Sgt Jimmy Thomson is still: roll. Pfc. Z emla plays a mean Lots of luck to you and the Mrs. f th t OCS ll d I am1 e o tennis ace! Pvt Tucker L .. wartJng or a ca an c t. -" ates, C.O., strollmg I v.rorking up to a pitch for 1 t. Cool has a mean tonsil. through wrth the Mrs. and off, Jim, you have comoany. I At the football game last Sattwo cute kids. Seems that was 1 urdav between Drew and Tampa about the only enjoyment he had lst Sgt. Jones IS :valKmg around I U. o "ur company was ably reprein walking through town with 111 a hurry every tnne you 1 .ook at se0ted by Lt. Mueller, L't. Caruthem. I would, too, if I had kids hnn. One these days th:s C?r-j so, 'sgt. Dray S Sgt. Arm-as cute as they were. respondent 1.s gomg to take hnn str.mg S. Sgt. Sanders and T.5 D :apart and fmd out what makes : E h 1 .Id you. nohce the h' t k Wonder if you'll ever [ P!Ccolmo. ac 1as a memento nahc way m w .htch Crumplar rm IC Sar e? of the game m the form of numer-roots for Georg1a? Bemg an alum-slow down, g t 1 t' 1 ous bruises, scratches and tight nus from Geor:gia, you could ex-Must extend my congra u 1 muscles. pect that from the lieutenant .... to S Sgt. Hallett upon his I T Sgt. Anderson and T.4 FredLt. Crumplar' s pride and joy is marriage and to a Tampa girl, I ericks arc having woman trouble Frankie Sinkwich, Georgia's great no less. again. They just can't seem to back. The next time you fellows Hear that "Swede" Lindgre n is hang onto a gal. They need some pass by the supply room just no-getting to be quite a Romeo. experienced advice, so we refer tice the expression Lt. Crump-Aren't you stepping out of your them to T.4 Weinbnm. lars face every time our Battalion class, "Swede?" Cpl. McGee can Congratulations to newly ap-, Supply Officer, Lt. Graffius, teas-always be seen in the company of pointed Cpl. Ravioli. He has done II ingly mispronounces Sinkwich's Pvt. Orchowski ... what goes on a swell job as mail orderly and I name by calling him Frankie here? d e s erves his new rating. Stinkwich .... Lt., don't forget 1C Tampa Du.-ing a Bladwut I that Sinkwich and Poschner both Ill iterates at Drew When the siren blew, Firs t Sgt. come from Youngstown, Ohio. Dray gulped down his drink, r a n Just in case you fellows don't (Continued .from Page 1) out of the Tampa Terrace and 1 knovv it, we have the swellest of-shouted, ''Pra ise the Lord and 1 ficers in the battalion .. Inciden-adult deucation, geared to the where's the transportation?" S g t 1 most of the offtcers are Army's practical needs, and of reWest was seen trymg to mto I qmte athletic. Lts. Bolduc, Bo-cruiting and training a staff of 1 the bus. H e 1 s recuperatmg at land, Walker, Friendlander and teachers to carry out the program. Hutment 1285. What a mad rush Armstrong seem to prefer soft-More than 70 per cent of the en-at the USO. I never saw a dance ball. Lt. Garns is our solitaire. listed men assigned to this teach-I bust up so quickly befor e Blackking he's unbeatable. Lt. ing duty had experience as teach-out, sirens and all, but T. Sgt. Wood is our ''get-tough" instrucers in civilian life. Gibson managed to sleep through PAUL WANER Majoi league star s who will coac h Dre w Fi eld baseball teams. "Butch" H('nline not siiO\\'n ,, ill also coach. -------tor. He i11:stru'cted us one day and Modern equipment for adult it a ll. I C H A N G E g?t marned the. next. Hope heelementary education based on 1C 1 didn't forget hr.mself. Lt. the use of visual educational, TWO Atr Corps Ma;ors T 1 e Is not as large as my old Crumplar looks like a flash on the units is available for the use of I 1 e officers'. softball diamond. Did these' special training units. (Continued from Page 1 ) The f ellow next to me is strange; you notice that flame-red cap he The class for illiterates at Drew New sounds creep through the wears? ... He's all Georgia. Is Field is conducted in a room in Hubbard, of Fort Worth, Texas. day that .why he' s called "Peaches" I the Base Library building by Miss I W1th other Army flyers and in Th1 s IS new, th1s place, th1s ?Y his fellow officers. Lt. Battin Grace Bustillo, of Tampa, and an 1 cooperation with Navy and Ma-change. l? our "electrical whizz." He'll enlisted man. Of nearly 50 men rine Corps airmen, Majors make electricity seem so simple included in their classes, nine are tian and Hubbard saw extensive No one says, 'Lunch is ready, that t;ven a baby could under-of Mexican origin who are literate action over the Solomons. In de. A telephone back home-or pen; Once the small hours saw them home But now the eyelids close at ten. And still I think each quiet night, When t aps have sounded, day is done, That I am glad to do my part, However small-and I am only one. to ree the 2nd Reporting Company -Miss Bustillo, who has tau.ght Gua;dalcanal they repeat-"Chow." For under the levity and the fun, stand It. Say, it certainly was nice in Spanish and not in English fcnsa o Henderson Field on I A whistle blows, the call IS 1 represented on the Drew Field Spanish to Drew Field soldiers edly fought off Japanese planes. No one sa;vs, "Any time Will do." The joking and the noisy day, football team Saturday. You I for nearly two years, teaches her class the fundamentals of English The. pace IS qmckened, the time A silent unders tanding. flows, played a great game, Lieutenant., Caledonia, Gen. Harmon pinned -reading, writing and spelling. I IS now. A kindred spirit that will find its Cpl. S1sko has turned out. to be! the stars on Major Thomas J. J. Because of var ying degrees of the star softball pitcher of the 2nd I Christian, .Jr., of San Antonio, 1 eracy, Miss Bustillo handles each a rifle in the hand that! \\ay. Reptg. Co. He always stars for. Texas, and Major Thomas H. student individually. h eld -Sgt. H. S. Waldron.


November 13, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES '' '' THE ITALIAN CLUB (L'Unl.one Haliana) was established on April but by many who are not members ot 1he Society. 1 4th, 1894 under the name of L'Unione, Societa Haliana di Mutuo Soccorso If any member, due to lack of work, cannot pay the dues of the Society. (Union Society of Mutual Help). the Society carries him or her ninety days without payment, giving them If was organized by a group of fifty families with the purpose of the medical care and medical care and medicines that may be required receiving mutual benefits :through the payment of a small monthly fee, and o :l:her necessary benefits. In case of longer unemployment and inability ihe members reciving mdical assistance and an allowance of seven dollars to pay, special commi1ees are established to raise extra funds for the a week as sick benefits for medicines and hospitalization in case of illness< payment of the dues of those that cannot P_nd interests. :the Constitution of ihe United States, thereby The Society has 11 splendid sti\ff of physi-encouraging :them io acquire American citizen-cians and de-ntists who recognizing the neces-ship. siiy and advantages of these institutions to the Later :the name of the Society was changed community, serve loy<>Jly and wih enthusiasm :to L'Unione Iialiana. The membership in-and are ready at all times to answer the call creased from the few that organized if to 3.450 o! hose in need. They dedicate special hours members which if has today. These members lor consultation in the clinics of the Society are men, women and children. Of course, it can and pay consiant visits to sick membe1s at iheir safely be stated :!:hat he great majority are homes. Their work and assistance and their workers, the income of which is not over eight sincere cooperation has made it possibl e to hundred dollars a year, and ninety-five percent esiablish <>.nd build up -this insituiion which of them are American citizens, the majority brinas and relief o thousands which other-native born. v.rise7 in ;?..se of unemployment or depression For a small monthly payment the members n1ight become publi.-:: charges with damage :to receive the following services and benefits: t hemselves <>.nd o he ccmmuniiy in gene;:al. medical assisi:ance, medicines, hospitalizaiion, The Italian Club of Tampa hcts for t.he past X-Ray service, bacteriology service, laboraory tweny year::; foaghl: c o"1sislenly agains:i: as-service, eleciro-hermi.c treaimen:ts, dnl:al atiencism and ils aqens who h ::we tried, time and iion and surgery, and in case of death, funeral acr;:;in, o infiltr"'te he Mussolini philosophy and buri2.l services l.n h e magnificent and upihe democracy loving Amedcans o f our io-da.te cemeex-y hR.i he Society o;vns, wihcolony. To date, cmd since he advent o f as-out cos to the family. The Hospializaiion ihat cis m in Ialy, no official represenai:ive o f the ihe Sociefy pays for its members :!:hat need i:i: Italian Government has been allowed to put is at a cost of no less than four dollars a day per person, apart from the foot in our Club building. Today, wih America at war, we are more surgery cos:ts which include operations wiih all their incidentals and ac-deiermined than ever to see hat Fascism is completely crushed. cesso.ries. This surgery service could not be obtained otherwise by some Since Pearl Harbor ihe Halia;n Club has bought $10,000 worth of of the members on account of the cost of operating and also hat of hospiUnited States War Bonds and the members, along with :thousands of :talization for lack of the necessary funds for their payment. Americans of Italian descent, have bought many more thousands through: The members also receive social benefits, recreaiion advantages, edu-:the Club and other Bond selling agencies. One hundred t.hrity-eighi memcaiion and library srvic. They. have ample halls for mee:ting and social hers of our Club are serving in the armed forces of Uncle Sam, and every' affairs and amuseme,nts and club cafes for their pastime and card-parties. day many others are enlisting in all branches of :the military service The Library of the Society has in conjunction wiih it a branch of the are many thousands of Americans of Italian descent in -the Tampa area. Tampa Public Library which is opened to the general pubic. Relatives to the schools if is well to mention that the Society has con-The statesmanlike decision of President Roosevelt and Attorney Gen-venient locations in its buildings, {with all necessary accessories at its own ral Biddle in lifting the stigma of "Enemy Aliens" to over 600,000 expense) for the Educational Division of the Works Project Administration. in the United States has filled the hearts of all wiih joy and gratitude. This is an Adult Education School of the W.P.A. and is aUended at because if removes from :them a hateful and unjust blot. Such a gesture by a large number of persons; some of a yery advanced age, who are 1 h learning English, the Constitution, Democracy and Citizenship. This will have a very healthy reprcussion in the hearts of millions a 1 over i e school is a center of preparation for hose tha!: are to apply or have applied word, and will inci:te them to fight more and to work h..,arder to achieve for citizenship of .'the Uni!ed States, and is attended not only by members sooner the victory for liberty and democracy. The ltali n Ciu HENRY 0. PALERMO, President PETER MANISCALCO, Secretary SALVATORE SPOTO, Treasurer And Other Business Men of Italian Descent Mrs. V. P. Antir10ri Lido Bar American Veneticm Blind Co. Dr. Anthony P. Perzia Henry 0. Palermo S. Agliano & Sons Sam Ferrara Frank Torregiante Frank J. Falsone George's Billiard Parlor Betty Rose Bakery John Giglio Corner Drug Store Albano & Arcuri Grocery Testasecca Bros. Bakery F mnk Pupello Lodato's Pharmacy C. Schiro & Co. Santo Trafficante ftalian Club Cafe G. Ferlita & Sons Alex Demmi James Lumia Silver Ring Cafe Fronk P. Settecosi Joe Barcellona Lazzom & Valenti Ferlita & Sons, Bakery Industrial Machine Shop Stop & Shop Grocery Jimmie CTiny) Licata Fonte Chicken Seabreeze Restaurant V a l enti & Jamieson


::. ::: -. ::-:. THIRD FIGHTER COMMAND HO. & HO. SQ. SEA BREEZES I By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER I Starting off with a spiritual I note, anybody wantmg a vestpocket-size New Testament, imi-1 tation leather cover, Gideon edi'I tion; please contnct either Sgt., George Emrick or the writer. These Bibles actually fit your j shirt pocket. 'Tis rumored that Sgt. Lee Mc is contemplating something. He remarked last week, I think I'll become a shackpappy one of these days. But what are the pictures of those six cuties doing in your wallet, Mac? Heres that snorers list: Castet-j ter (boy can he saw wood!), Wahl, 1 Bustteam, Rarus (before mar-1 riage), Clarke, Staiger, Bongio-. vaimi, Claude Johnson, Grant. 1 This weeks promotions are old stuff, but they look good in print to the folks back home. Its now S Sgt. Phil Burke, Sgts. Otto Kotnorous and Joe Ratus, Cpls. Frank Guercio and Abe Sai1cton and Pfcs. George Dorwart and Alvin.Amster (thats us). "Sweating ,.,_,-, :q -'' .. c. ( DREW fiELP ---;----.-\ .;. Welcome to St. Peteisburg Abraham Lincoln George Washington dedicated :tci u. sacred causes of Liberty arid Freedom. We cherish their and he heriage :they have left us rEisoh ie, defending the prE!cious of her fdr Which these -:two patriots have fought, arid which have survived so g!oriouslt Uiroughout years. WE ESPECIALLY EXTEND OUR WELCOME TO ALL MEMBERS. OF THE ARMED FORCES MARY BRAD'FORD RO'OM 'it out" by the squadron continues. '' w cIt c y ? '' Rosemary Groves and Aida Va-, ou ;...ootcal divorcee seems to be their old selves in cock have requested foieign duty 1 fOI dmner one e':'enmg. Not Supply June was the first woman (Brazil). Looks like it might go, sure_of the,:ocat:on,_they asked in the United States to be ap-,through. Now everyone in the street opera tor how to get pointed as active Deputy U. S.l ];)epot wants to be transferred to to The man told marshal, which office she held for Brazil, where the nuts co .me fr .om. the dnectwn and almost seven years We are happy to h d d 't I began to fluster. It seems. he Pete Fc:;nder says s. e 1 n s th h b d d d'd 't have you, Jume. May) ou become sleep a wmk Sunday mcrht Monwa.,,_ e efxh-. 1 1._r:ta peimanent fixture. We really I day was her birthdav stays o 1s ex 1avmg Vl;:,l need you. h 1 111g soldrers over. But Joyner re. up_ unhl o clock to open er ported a good meal. Nell Rawls. pr m I bu thday grft frt;>m T .. Sgt. Ed, Last: Sunday Betsy Wilson A-5 the other mornmg_ w1th_ a brg d1a-l Schoeneck who rs statwned out ste:no_ ,,i:epcirt_e d work mond on the thud f;,nger, ,leftl in of Oklahoma. 'Twc:s hei new three-prece ensemble. hand. Engaged to that Buck we a mce amond-:-;so now_ Pete rs Did it go over big? Those wolves have heard_ so much abolft Lucky out of circulation-darn rt! 12-irich HAND INLAY BAG $ 7 MAIL ORDERS QUICKLY FILLED in A .-1. and Ac4 sure can whistle!. dog. lS C:. second heutenant Florence Abrahams returned to' Another brother team ori the out_m Jy.[rssourr: exework Monday after being laid up Base. inCludes Jim Thorn and his cutw_n lS not to be unhl this damn in the hospital for 10 days. Had brother John, a member of the war lS over. her tonsils yanked. We missed 12th Fighter Command. Linn-went and got herself I you, Flossie n?w try to stay "Si. Petersburg's Newest and Most Modern" Note to all men w1th G I. a srx-week ]eave of absence to be/ healthy for a wh1le. T H E H 0 T El S E V I L L A glasses. Hank Interdonati, our near her husband, Warrant Offi-former watclimak_er and jewelei: cer. Ken Linn, who is at Myrtle I "Your eye looks bad. I signs I (he w _atches very reason-Beach, S. C. of liver trouble or anem1a, and I ably, too) ,will form-f G I. glasses Harris Hobby left on .the tenth fear chronic nervous affliction. to yciut face. See him in B-2 for Camp Blanding. Was rathei' "You're looking at the wrong IN THE "HEART. OF EVERYTHING" IN THE "SUNSHINE CITY" 233 Second S:treet, No:r:th "' lower: sad upon departure. Not that he eye, Doc. That one is _glass." Joe Bresko s desk 1s now flush doesn't want to do all he can for the wall to Springer's his country, but Hob]?y i s in love off1ce Joe was typmg when both and doesn't agree with Shake the colonel and Capt. Holland speare that "parting is sLicil. sweet came out to see what caused the sorrow." to beat. The Johnnie Timmerman up and ng{lt through the:; parhjoined the Navy. What an insult Par

November 13. 1942 ."Otfffff SPOT" I Entertainme.1t for the week at j the Base: SUNDA Y-7:30 -8:20 p.m., Base Arena, Group sing. A show that feature s the audi ence All the songs you know and like to sing plus a few you ll want to leam. There is always a nov-j elty or two in the way of a g uest I _artist or a quiz program. to liven. up the entertainment. A surprise is planned for week afte r next that you won't want to miss. J MONDAY-8-9 p.m., Base Arena Civilian V S Bou,le'. aJ ,1, T ampa. Hanna looked up from 'hrs work Franklin St. Restaurant HOME 011' FlNE FOODS At neasonnhle Pl'ices 1406 P1anklin Street TOWNE'S TAl\fPA STEMI LAUNDRY '. & DRY CO. 110:>-:!r. Fifth Ave., 1'1! 466:1-4664 rousing good time Wednes-r_ to Lt. J. C. O'Nerll, Lt. R _J. Brosch, Mrs. Br.osch, and growled,_ "Wait until he g_ets_ d;q. Comedy and satrre on Army M,ss A>Ice G!llt> .\, and (facmg them) Cliaplam Hewlett. across and tnes to use that thmg life, songs by good singers, cow-----------for a gas mask. He'll learn the .----'-------'---'-'-'--'---. boy 3:nd an occasiollall 308h SIGNAL CO, (WING) tea1_ns of Company I 501st Sig. hard way." "Soldiers Fnorite Entlng l'laee" dancer 1 ound out these shows so A W R eg., defaulted on all four INS U R A N C E that there I S somethmg for everyfll ft I) i.f' f scheduled games. body. Come out and root for yout I .,j t V fA n Ill On M d ft h E L I T E favorite Drew Field performer on ay a ernoon t IS out-: THURSDAy 8 9 B I By CPL. ROLPH FAIR CHILD frt s team s _set to take on anINSURANCE RESTAIJR,ANT Arena Tam a Vari l.mSh wase I other orgamzatwn, the 552nd Srg. TA!\IPA AND .TWIGGS STS. a pmusi e Y v 0 1 ne':_VS H;1s week JS S. A W Bn., 2nd Reptg. Co. They AGENCY all-civilian:\' _this 1 SgL Vv. Vveaver's report turned down a softball_game Phone M 1718 you the kind of v d e 'll-rmgs that n takes onl y one man to w1th the ever-ready 9th H 29122 don't often get a evl : you get Cpl. '\Voody' Pugh ove r the Wmg crew s_o as not to m1ss th1s the"e da s F om ance 0 see Obstacle Cou: cse now: now oppos1twn. The n came the tun;bler/ Ime Of co:.:rse, Cpl. Pugh qerlies h e capper-the third victory in a 109 E. Street Popular s' iloets a dsd an 0d0d needs any boosts at all, but Sgt. row through default. Armenia Floral Gardens ., n ance1 s a I V a t o 1 1 W 11 their special talents to a full hour / ve1_ J.L.tS ,r:ns a::c _says, e,' S g t. James R. Finnigan, of Supof entertainment. a. least 1 dcb n t take four men ply, says the current lull has giv. r 0 0 thewayltusedto." ]' h t ttl 00 'Y -?'he_ Specwl Service Cpl. Pugh's r eal dislinction as e n 11m a c ance o ge 1e OUJ]a "Re.:Hy Flo"crs" CorNnges 'n Evcrythjug Off1ce.1s begrpnmg a play group an athlete lies in another :fieid board fixed. Two of the three for Fnday mghts to work on howevel'. He has the rare legs on this valuable little instru-l'h. s :;ti-341. 4tiO() Armenia Aye. some one-act pla,ys for future to lose a r e lay race when it is m ent were broken during the rush presentatwn. Heres a practically impossible. of cutting the company down to the camp actors who cant flt Afte r l'Unnino the Obstacle its authorized strength of 86 last ELITE CIGAR STORES mto a vanety show to do some Course each mgrning, the boys week. r e3l h oupmg. Get m touch w1th have been polishing off with .an .Prize boner of them all was not the Specwl. Serv1ce. Off1ce today informal relay race. Cpl. Pugh one for the ouija board, however. Pooi:ball ScoJ'es Ditect Wite WINE -BE.ER ClGAUS for further the got off to a flying start the other Privates transferring to that new new p_lan.. Do rt now w1ule you which Sgt. \Veaver in-replacement oiganization, the 400 Znck Can o t t 207 Twi:!Zs v e some par s. sists was the re sult of jumping 1303d, were ordered to turn in -Phone l\1 62-072 Phone 1-Vith all the go-the gun. Pugh d enies that, too, of mg on at Drew, Y oti d better tune course. Prescriptions Home Made Ice Cream in "Diew Field Presents" every Anyway, "Woody" got more I morning to keep in touch with than half way down the line what's going on. See the radio fore P v t. Harold C. Lagenbach colnnm for the schedule. even got started. Yet LagenlJach DEITZ DRUG STORE 336:th SIGNAL COMPANY -----i<" won the race. Some say Pugh heard a whistle rn;r,IYP.nY and just naturaHy fell in at atn:n s. Ilnward A\'e. l'h. II 'l:tsr. By PFC.. CYRIL COATES T o celebrate the initial appear ance of the 386th Signal Company Wing in th:e E choes, the b_oys, not disheartened by our 'f1rst baseball defeat last W ednes day, v,;ent ahead and won a vic tory on Sunday from the 319th the score being, 386th, 8; 319th 3. Two practice games wer e won from the sanie company. tention. It' s all in fun, Pugh. The other side of the athletic [ picture isn' t quite so colorful. The Company softball and touch foot ball teams are getting disgusted with the lack of competition. Last week both the A and B CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, Tampa Plo!'iua Not only are we tops with our baseball teams, but are in the same high category regarding our Supply Room, quoting the Post OPEN DAy JI.ND NIGHT Inspector, or does he tell tha t to all the boys-esprit cle corps. T 0 m po Bay Ma We welcome with pride First BOX FRUITS SHIPPED Gt. Marshall Waller. our new ANYWHERE comrriande1. He is a A. G. Cleotelis & Son gentleman from West We Ph. H 3143204 W. FafayeU:e are proud :eb a ll games. p Ii O T o f; n \ l' H E [{ It breaks his heart that h e i s con,118 TAl\!1'..\ R'J'. E. A. CL:\ Y, iHanag<'r l.oo old to &;i:'t in i h e r c and Gto tmd !<'loot 120 \Vest Lafayette st1ect pitch. "Tcrmr.fy" lis an ex-pro and rl Enst St'de of "l'i'''Ze a membe r o-t 1 e Denver Old:. u Timers Baseball Club. 8 to 6 :\ppoinlmcnts Phone l\1-3088 Congratubtions to the follow:....:==============; ing m e n to whom "something :-new" has been added: Privates SEHVICB First Class Beckman, Block. Fu gate, I I ane;:,:in k el, Jensen, Kim mel, Lindgren, B elgrade, Carter, Grimshaw. Han::;on Kelly, Larson and Lavin. The boys are holding t .heir chests and arms out just a little further these days. ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home A way From Home 036 Twiggs l\1-1339 FOR PIW:liPT COUfiTEOUS SERVICE Latin-American Laundry l::iOi> E. Columhu" Dr., Pb. Y 16;3 Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St .... Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. UNION BAKERY "HEAI, CL'B.-lN BH.EAD OUR SPECIAL'l'Y" 1506 Oth Aye. Phone Y-4:190 Wh_ite Way LAUNDRY 2806 Armenln Ave., Nenr Phone n-:IS!lS P -HOTOGRAPHS. 3 8 X :1:0 $5 _.QQ n gift ooly pm cnn ""YOUR PHOTO" ROY N GREEN, STUDIO OPEN EVENINGS ?";) Opposilc U.S. 0 505 Mnrg: n n Street BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP B. T. MORRIS Tires Balanced Tire Wear Corrected. 1010 Central Avenue T. w. RAMSEY LUMBER COMPANY .We Specialize In Mill Work & Cabinets We can furnish material for I Repai1s and F. H A. Loans Phone Y 1219 -l71h St. & 61h Ave Special Invitations to .-\ll I 11 Now in its New I .ocation 1 805 Tampa St. Member. V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & OPEN UNTIL 8:30. P. M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Next To Manhattan Cafe Air Base Bus Lines, Inc .. 30 Minute Service to Both Fields At 411 Hours 15 Minute Service During Rush Ho111"11 For Further Information Call 3286 HENRY HOWKEE CO. HAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Gual'antecd 504 Tyler Street SPECI:\L A'lv.rENTION To Service !lien's Fmnilies Peter Grahn & Son l\Ieats-Ptod uce-Groccties Phone 3502 910 Ave. TO LEND Dlnmond>! 'VntchC>< Jewelry Sih crnnrc Dlnmon! nt H nil': A. L. ECKART 4 _0!t 'l\tunpa VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE :FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Centl'al Phone H-3773


PageIn BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but it' s the WET's now! You've heard of the \'i AVES and the WAACS but vou didn' t know about this new 7' regiment"-the WET's or, t o ease you: mind, Women Bartende rs. W it h so many of the boy s going to \': a r operators of local bars and night spot s are persuading the girls to tie on an apron, g e t behind the bar and sub for the male mixologists .... Johnnie H ess, Plant field M P., was top man with Helen Belt unt il a Sarge came along. The n Johtnie said: "Okay, Sarge, you aske d for it. We hope to see Johnnie best man at the wedding comE: next pay day. It's 13 days after pay-day and the night spots of T ampa are still playing to full capacity. Taking about the 13th, Friday this week is the unlucky day, although I can hardly say unlucky for it happens to be the birthday of Marshall (Curley) co-owner of the Hi-Hat. Many happy birthdays, Marshall. G_l!,.YEST PARTY of the week was held at Babe Antuono's Turf Exchange Cocktail Lounge.. Sgts. M. Susko and L F. Pucillo, New Jersey, and George Broderick, Ne\'.' York, entertained three bem.;tiful gals out of the front line o f George White's Scandals. It's too bad the whole show didn't come: down. Mebbe your report e r would have been in the partry! ::: AH of you who, didn't see Be:Hy Day, singer, at the Jev,;el Box, are just out of luck. She left Wednesday for Chicago, where she goes on the air waves for NBC. Good luck, Beiiy. A nice team, AI and Gracie Frazier plus the Dogs, will fake her place. Gracie is he strong woman type; AI is he come dian-and the Dogs well, they're dogs. tender s. Noticed .one w h o turned down a party of IO because they had too much' at some other place. Tha t's good business, Dan n y Lopez. :ri: DREW FIELD ECFeOES To1tilla Flat" with S pence r I Tracy, Hedy L amar; "You're in 1 the Army Now," with Jimmy Du rante and J a n e W yman. Both pic tures v ery interesting ,. :;: Attention Cpl. Jack Taylor at 1 MacDill' s base hospital: The man agement and your buddies at the Chesterfield Musical Bar send their best regards and hope to see you on your feet soon. To you too, Tommy Chonno in Ward 16: Benny and the boys w ish you a rapid recovery. >j: IF THE MANAGEMENT of one! of ol!r ni.ght clubs doesn't I out 1t w1ll soon lose 1ts all-g1rl I band. Last week it was the drum mer. This week I find Pvt. Berdie Moriarty, umpire and re feree at Drew field's athletic events, making goo-goo eyes at "Submarine Raider," with John the trombone player; Pvt. Robert j Howard; "Blues in the Night," Lawrence courting the sax blower with Priscilla Lane and Lloy d and staff S g t Chas. Walk e r Nolan. "Blues in the Night" will ing fast for the little blonde knock the blues out of you. 1 cornet. What's Mama Horton VICTORYNov. 16 and 17, going to say'? V e r y very good pictures at the "Syncopation" with Jackie Cooper "' "' local theatres. H ere's the line-up: and Bonita Granville; "Tobacco Tampa Tenace and Chauncey TAMPA-Thru November 18, Road" with Gene Tierney and Cromwell were hosts to Sgt .Sal "Springtime In The Rockies" with Char 1 e y Grapewin "Tobacco Oltieri and Cpl. Angelo Castire B etty Grable, John Payne, CarRoad" nuff said. Don't miss it. 1 m e n Miranda, Harry James and VICTORY-Starts November 18 (Continued on Next Page) his band. You will like Betty in this picture.-If you don't like I ... :-!!!!!!!!!-: .. :-:!!:-:+.:-:-:-::-:-:!!: .. :!!!: .. : ... :-:-:!! .. !!! .. : .. blondes then Cam1 e n will excite):;: MEET YOUR BUDDIES AT' i you. Y TAMPA-Starts Nov. 19 "Road: GEORGE"f BILLIARD PARLOR ::; to Morocco" with Bing Crosby, ::: J + Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour: i : ]..... ::; Don' t miss this one. Dorothy i s ':' SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS 'Q:': ,)}. : at he1' best. ::: "''l : FLORIDA_ S aturday, "Bandit i 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City ::; Ranger' \Vi th T in1 Holt; Ange I s t:.::-:-: .. :! .. .. : ... :-:-:-!-!: .. ,!<-!'"!H!:-:-:-:-:-!!-!-!!-!!!-!:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:-:-:-::!. With Dirty Faces," with James Cagney and Pat O'Brien. You can't go wrong with a James Cagney and Pat O'Brien picture., FLORIDA-Nov. 15 and 16 "'Crossroads, with Wm. Powell and Hedy Lamar; "Berlin Cor1 respondent, with D a n a Andrews I and Virginia Gilmore. Here are three hours of swell entertain ment. FLORIDA-Nov. 17 and 18, "Wings and the woma n with Anna Neagle and Ray Newton; "Pied Piper,'' with Monty Wooley and Roddy McDowalL "Wings and a Woman. Who wants n1or e ? I VICTORY-Nov. 14 and 15, J DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEA BREEZE on Hillsborough Bay 'fry he Bes in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS I I I ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM 1 Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday Sc FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets T h e nite are usin15 good j ':Judge m ent m p1ckmg the1 r bar-' l-.--------------! 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 TAMPAlS ONLY NlTE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Niely -8 10 -Midnight DANNY & DON'S JEWEL BOX NilE CLUB I I I 911 TAMPA STREET I TYRIL & JULI AL & GRACIE MAXINE POWELL Dance Team FRAIZER Fan Dance I TONY MASON'S Strong Woman6 POWELL-ETTS Orchestra Comedy & Dogs As You Like Them = BROWN M. C. I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITI IIIII 11111!11111111111111111111111111 illllllllll!llllllllllllllllll I I AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORID,AN BARBER SHOP Complete Barbe r Se rvic e Expert Barbers Manicurists Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK elcome S 'i!'JdQ ol 1e:r e THE BROKEN MIRROR IS NOT November 13; 1942 cnaunc.e'/ cro\'\'\'#e\\ and. orchestra "Drinks You'll Like and Can Afford" JACKSON AT TAMPA STREET Ot>en 'from 8 A. 1'11. to 12:00 P. 1\'1. SERVICE MEN A.+-WAYS WELCOME LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. WINESBEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 SOLDIERS ... \Vh e n you are lonesome & blue And you don't know what to do, come to f>.k Ml BAR Where s h e is friendl y and true BEERS WINES 10::: EEER STILL 10c 1111 Florida Ave. Package Store ORCHES1.'TL\ E\'EHY lXI'fE Phone 200:3 202 l

November 13, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 11 s 0 M E AD v' c E I I ,: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. ::-:: .. : .. :: .. :-::-: .. :-: .. : : .. :!: .. ::: .. : .. :-:!:-: .. : .. :-:-: .. : .. : .. : .. : : .. :: .. :: .. ; .. : .. : .. :-; ITS ALt YOURS I A ro u n d t h e Town li ANHATTAN F O R THE ASKING I 210 E. Lafayette S t -Tampa :i: T h e re's n othing l i k e following! (Continue d from Vil t h s:ll B acln :; PRICES i d d f l d t t Precec\1 1 1rs Page 1 V 1 .;: GO O D FOOD REASO NA I .:. g o o nee o r a s o 1 e r o g e 1 "' i DINNEHS 3 0 c 40c 60c .:. a long i n the Army. No doubt ::: S d R t T 1 n 'th n -i-thous<.md s of l ette r s reach D rew a n d t w o swee t p a r t ies last Sun -D a n Bagl e y of Rex Billiard our tm 1 Wl 81 : F i eld d a il y fro m home s in a ll day. Parler, better take a few lessons i V bl C l c ne '0/ho Kno.ws! --------------------------------------------s h ear about you B e f ore l o n g you'll C kt B find they're usin g y o u a s a n ex-i oc al ar ample fer the good of the rest I "WHERE GOOD. FELLOWS C?f the m e n .' GET TOGETHER" GOODY GOODY i i THE PLACE TO EAT Air-Conditioned -Cozy Moderate Prices PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks! aiid Assistants Tel. H 32-654, Parker St. A H Sen ic e 1\Ie n are \V e l co m e BARCELONA CAFE 8PANISH RESTAURANT Dc;lvis Plate Lunch W e S erve the B est 3 0 c Lunc h in Tampa the Finest Qunilit. y o f Foods Use d A LA CAU T E SER VICE 306 FRANKLIN STRLET PHONE M 64-913 1119 FLOR.IDA AVENUE E st. 1925 Hotel Thom a s Jefferson \ Vines and -Liquors lllli milllllllll & ll! lli4riii!IMaallii Cor. Franklin & Washingl:on Phone S 2 142 O p e n All Night 241 HYDE PARK AVE. You'll Enjoy OUR SPANISH FOOD -+c C u bi:m Sandwiches Oysters any s t y l e -+c Delicious Cuban Sherbets Moderat e Prices Los Helcidos De Ybor 14th S t at 8th A v e Ybor City Service M e n A l w ays Welcome Sulphur Springs Cafe W e Speci a l i z e in Hoine Cooked Food, C h i c l

Page 12 t>REW FIELD ECHOES \ Drew Pigskinners Make Good Showing TwoFootballleaguesl _MAAS_. ... Are Active AI Drew I Two leagues were active during the past week in the W A UTC in I softball and touch football. There was much interes t with plenty of scrap being shown-by the compet-ting teams. I Results for the week: Touch football-392nd Sig Co. defeated 705th Sig Co. by forfeit. 319th Sig Co. Wing, 20; 386th Here are members of the Signal unit grid squad of Drew Field which lost to Tampa University by the score of 21-13 last Saturday. Top group: Front row-Dray Matthews, Thatcher, Devine, Antonoff, Pane; second row-Sanders, Gilby, Garbowiak, Quinn, Ca ruso, Wisniewski, Kimball; third row-Schusler, L apromo, Given, Smelt, Brooks, Haynes. Bottom group: Front ro.w..:_Sink, Thomas, Rehberg, Petitte, Brune, J ones; second row;whitehead, \Velcher, C ollins, Lennon, Brumback, Mohr, Bowman, Parrish, Armstrong, Guida, Van Sistine; third row-Marine and Norris. SPORTS REVIEW Volley Gets U n d e r w a y By PFC. DELWYN BAGGETT time, Matherly took the ball and raced through left tackle for 50 I n three lightning plays through yards and the score. The Au Corps volleyball leag:ue Sig Co. Avn., 0 705th S ig. Co., 26 ; 676th Sig. A. W Co., 22. Plotting Co. 552nd S.A.W. Bn., 0; Co. "K", 501st S.A.W. Regt., 0 68lst S.A.W. Co. 1 defeated Co. 1 50lst S .A.W. Regt. by forfeit. Plotting Co. 552 S.A.W. Bn., 20 ; Co. "K", Team "B". 50 1st S.A.W. Regt, 6. softball results: 392 Sig. Co., 13; 705th Sig. Co., 6 386th Sig. Co. Avn., 7; 319th Sig. Co. Wing, 2. 95 lst R 1 Co. 22; 503rd S. A. W Plotting Co., 6 INSECT BITES-MUSCULAR ACHES o?t: Sto-'I:MThis Christmas Send Your Pho to-The Most Welcomed Gift. GORDON STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 616 CITIZENS BLDG. WILL BUY Any Kind of Used Car PAY YOU CASH 1501 Florida Avenue Phone M 61-761 EAT HENDERSON II A 1\: I N G c 0., s BREAD 2702 FJ,ORIDA AVE. SJ.i:;\IINOLE I the line, Tampa U.'s Spartans The soldiers man::tged their got underway _Monday. wrth scored three touchdowns to do\vn touchdovv n late in the second half I e.r?ht teams partrcrpatmg 111 the I the Signal Corps eleven from when they .took advantage of the fnst day games. Drew Field, 21 to 13, before 6500 breaks and took the ball on Tam-Results of Monday games: Det.. fans at Phillips stadium last Satpa's 28_yard line. The hard-driv-Med. Dept. "A" won over 309th J I urday. ing Pane shook off would-be tackService Gp. "A", 1 5-13, 15-10 ; l'loritla SoU\'enits-:-Cnrios :1 07 E. J,afarette .Cpl. Julio Pane, former. Calilers as he raced 28 yards through Perso!lnel "A" won over 9th fornia Aggie fullback, scored both ri"ht tackle for the score. Frghter Wmg, 1 5-4, 15-9; lOth --------------touchdowns for the soldiers as he oln the second. half a spirited won Det. Me d. ripped through the Spartans' line Drew team took the field and Dept. B 15-7 15 5 69th AAf!' consistentlv all afternoon. Drew tied up the opposition and manBand over;, Base Hq. Arr scored its "first six points late in aged a touchdov..-n of their own. Base Sq., A.' 7-15,_ 15-10, 1.;;-3. Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant the second period, when Pane Early in the fourth quarter Danny Tuesdays results. 98th F1ghter. 915 Tampa at Tyler shot off tackle for 28 yards and Lennon intercepted Matherly's won over the 140rd Quartermas-1 the score. He converted the extra pass and w .as of{ for a touchdow n ter, 15-9,_ 7-15, 15-5;" Ph. M 52-073 Tampa, Fla. point from placement. Drew but lost balance and tripped on Hq. & Arr Base Sq. c;, scored again in the fourth quar-his 45 Pane's pass, intended for the J?e t. Med. Dept. C "' ter with Pane going wide around Cal'Uso, was incomplete. Tampa 15 12, Det. Med. De_pt A WELCOME SOLDIERS end and needle-threading his way was penalized 15 y<'.rds for hold-feated the 314th Personnel A I score. a necessarv first ArmStandmg of the teams will be, I I down the sidelines for the final ing. Failing to make yardage for 15-0, I v I c T 0 R cAFE Little U G Matherly, 1 50strong booted the ball into the run in the next issue of the Drew! BEER __ WINES pound tailback, accounted for all end zone. On the'kick Tampa \vas Field Echoes. 1324 Franklin Ph. l'ol-7240 I three Tamp::t touchdowns in the off side and penalized fi'.'eyariis, BILL BAILEY, Prep. first half when he raced for 55. placing the ball on the 25. On the Put everyfhing you've got into 5 3 and 50 yards tJr scores. next play P a n e ran \Vide around TRAINING Member V .F.W. & A.M. Legion Tampa scored m the first min-end for 25 yards to score. His ute of play, when Matherl y took kick was wide. This ended the the ball on his own 45 and raced scoring for the day. off tackle to score the The two lines played a nice touchdown. Straub s converswn game. with Pane and Matherly was good. stealing the show in the backfield. Late in the first period, Drew 1 Score by quarters: WE PAY CASH FOR Used Cars and Trucks ''4W5 KNIGHT PAPER BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 made their first threat w h e n S 1 Tampa ___ _________ 1 4 7 0 0 Sgt. Tom Caruso recovered. a Drew _______ _____ 7 0 0 7 1428 Florida Ave. Ph. 423S I A Paper for Every Purpose" Tampa fumble on the 50. Pane Scoring for Tampa: Touch-j !-------'"='"',------pi<:ked up a first down over lel't clowns-Matberly (3), points after I guard Agam Pane tucked the ball t.OL Stu If Interested in IMPORTED FOODS Cull l'At;I. l'IZZO, Y :1897 We 1-lnve nnd 'l'a.sty, CASTELl-ANO GRQCER. Y 1724 8th AvP, DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: 1H-103G, 4232 Always Say .. HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh point was good. All Kinds of Sandwiches :i: Drew recei\ecl. the kickoff. but Open Till 11 P.M. failed to gain and punted to Tam:.C EXPERT TAILORING i WAR BONDS AND STAMPS. pa's 30. Clarke CcCullough ran it 1 80 5 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 .:. back to midfield. For the third I i!!!iffi"?'H' y iifl!!&*#ii! 207 E. Lafayette Street :' 1 EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE Tampa


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