Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 38 (November 20, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
November 20, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VoL. 1. No. 38 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa. Florida November 20. 1942 RICHARD HIMBER BAND HERE TONIGHT Turkey Parade at Drew is Scheduled _For Thanksgiving S. Sgt. George W. King Look at that turkey gobbler strut-right into the roasting ovens of Drew Field's kitchens! It's Thanksgiving Day, 1942. No. yot1're hot home, but it's the best thing. The Army is seeing to it that you get a real hopest-to-goodness Thanksgiving ( di'hriei. 1 Take a look at the menu: I Breakfast: Oranges, oatmeal, fresh milk, scrambled eggs, bacon curls, toast, 1 butter and coffee; Dinner: Fruit cup, -roast i:urkey and I cranberry sauce and dressing and giblets, gravy, corn, peas, stuffed celery, tomato salad, bread, butter, J pumpkin pie, apples, grapes, cof-fee, candies, nuts; I Supper: Turkey soup, cold cuts, sliced cheese, potato salad, sandwich buns, butter, chocolate marshmallow sundae, tea. How' s it sound? Does it make you hungry? It should satisfy ... ___ ..,-I Soldiers Urged to ] Use Proper Conduct I When Furloughing! Going on a furlough, are you? Or your outfit is pulling out on a troop train, is it? If so, watch your behavior. In spite of previous instructions on the question I of misbehavior of military person---------------nel on trains and busses, many 1 complaints CO?tinue to be brought Young Assistant to the attentiOn of the War De-partment. 1 in1 AdJUfanfof Drew tox1catwn, annoymg and disturb-ing civilian passengers, damaging F ld p 1 d and defa<;ing railroad equipment, le romo e overrunnmg lounge c a r s on through trains, failure to comply He Was Under Fire Before; AI P e a r I Harbor with state laws as_ to seating, im-Armistice Day was promotion d f d 1 "I've been under fire before," pwper ress or _um onn, an gen-day for Lt. Clinton A Davis, Base Staff Sergeant George w King, eral obnxwus d1sorder. 1 Assistant Adjutant. He traded off of Columbus, Ohio:said, "and I'm Such incidents, regardless of the his second lieutenant gold bars ready to go again if they let me." number of military personnel in-for the silver bars of a first lieuTwEnty-four year old Sgt. King, volve_d, create an im-tenant. now section chief in the Commu-presswn of the of The oung lieutenant-he is nications Department of the base A_rm_Y and are a refle_ctwn of d1s-1 only 26 years old -comes from squadron at Derw Lield, did pubCiedit _upon the Service. Houston, He entered the licity work for the Music Corp. GALAXY OF STARS TO ENTERTAIN ON RADIO VARIETY SHOW FOR DREW FIELD SOLDIERS At 8 o'clock tonight, the Coca-Cola show, headed by Rich ard Himber and his 17-piece orchestra, are coming to Drew Field. For this purpose the Maintenance Hangar at the corner of Tenth Street and E A venue has been opened and equipped. a full-size stage. In addition to the noted orchestra er and his men, other musical stage stars will appear before 1 the soldier audience. 1 I Sara Ann McCabe, chosen p X Off" H sweetheart of t h e American leer as Army, will sing her special brand a of swing. Other vocalists featured : L d ( I f I L"f are Marjorie Lee and Pat Mar-. e 0 or u I e shall. Jack P_owell, the drummer, Will perform on h1s drums. The Four Franks will What the corner drug store is dance. to the small town, the post exOne of the features of the eve change is to an Army field. At ning will be the weekly broadthe post exchange the soldier can cast over station WFLA of the buy an ice cream soda, a pair of Drew Field Star Variety Show. socks or a bottle of fancy perfume This will bring to the stage and for the girl back home. It supplies those talented solhim with all the extras the Army d1ers_ who ch,een made directly from Drew customers fo r recreational and FIeld. other purpose s officers as well as enlisted men At the head of the post ex-are invited to attend. A section changes at Drew Field is Captain of hangar will be reserved for Edwin P Jones, a native of PennoffH'e r s. :;ylvania. H e has led a varied and j Whil_ e t _here is nothing definite mteresting life. As a boy he went I about 1t. 1t IS rumored that some to New York Military Academy Tampa University girls will be in at Cornwall-on-the-Hudson for I audience. A1:d when soldiers, four years, holding the rank of ,e-1rls and music get together, sergeant, lieutenant and captain. there's bound to be some dancing. Later he attended Lehigh Univer-1 sity where he was a member of the R.O.T.C. and was elected a member of the fraternal order of Phi Beta Kappa, the national college organization for honor stu-Morning Blackout Fails To Stymie Drew Men dents. A black()ut visited Drew Field For the next 17 years his busi-! at reveille time on Monday morn ness activities were centered I !nc: As the !':dldiers were dressing around public and orivate ac1 to fall out for roll call, the bar-(Continued on Pao-e 2) -,racks lights b egan to blink and, "' shortly. they went out altogether, ""'I:::::::::::;::::;m:::::;t:':: ''''":';;;;::;:;: :;:;?r:tmrrrrmwt:m I leaving the entire field covered ,,,,, '''''' completely in darkness. ::::::::::; m::n I Dr-:!W men. hO\'.'tve;, did not permit the blackout to stymie theirmorning ablutions and breakfast. Roll call was. carried .. ) out by fiashlight, and men shaved, : ; 1 and clPanndles Ncre used in others, while still usually charactenstlc Lt .pavis was a departmental Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, wht>rc of mel?-_constitutes an head m the. Houston Sash and he joined the 27th Infantry. In 1 offense agamst law. Do_or Co. I;e IS th_ e son of Mr. and March, 1941, he was transferred ---.--M1s C. \\. Dav1s: Route No. 9, to the Air Corps at Wheeler Field. Base L1brary to Open Box Tex. There took a pveThe new Base Library Number course 111 the Hawauan DIVISIOn One will open next Monday, No-A I G t Pf F I RadiO School. vembe r 23 in-the Service Club at rmy S o C. a1res ,on Sunday mornmg, D_ec y, the corner of Avenue c and Sixth Numbers 1,. 3 and 5 1941 he was fast. asleep 111 }_liS Street. The library now boasts an barracks. Everythmg was qme! addition 2000 books covering a and peaceful. And then, at 7 :5;J variety of subject matter, fiction, Private First Class R. Harald a.,!11 tbmgs to pop knowledge, biography. Faires, of Charlotte, N C ha;: Suddenly I a b1g racket, h1story. All Drew men are invited found that most things happen to h e said, m d escr1bm$" the events to come into the library on Mon-him on dates which contain the of that I m orn mg. '-I man-day to inspect the books and to numbers 1, 3 or 5 He w a s in-(Contmuc d on Page 2) r e g ister for membe1"ship. ducte d into the Army on S ept 15. >t-------------------; 1941, was transferre d to Mac 1 I Ga., Oct. 13, to ihe Signal Corps BLESSED EVENT ATTENTION! ECHOES CORRESPONDENTS I a t Dre w Field. D e c 13, and r e I ceiv e d a furlough April ] 1912. Base S-3 was v i site d by the CAPT. EDWIN P. JONES r others resorted to kerosEne lan terns. And those mess halls that h'l.d no c;ourr:e of light waited un +il n avbreak to feed the chow lines. -I ---------1 NO DRAFT BAIT 1 CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. Sgt. Donald Ike was home on fur, lough when the stork visited his domicile. He wired his buddies I back at the post: "No draft bait stop Nine pound baby girl." Army Urges Officers And Men To Take Out life Insurance Due to the Thanksgivjng holiday. the nex t week' s issu e of the Echoes will go to press a d a y earlie r. For that reason w e are advancing the deadline for company correspondence one day earlier. Monday morn ipg is the deadline. Any cor respondence coming in late1 1 H e was transferred tc:> the op-stork on The bles::;e,cl 1 tical cln I SIDn of tne medical c orps event C?CCUll e d t o H e l en_ H. The Wa r D e p a r tment urgco j d e n o n organizatio n commanders 1 1 at Drew on Aug. 15. H e w::>s hor.1e I ard, w1f e of Lt. Has s eltme Cow-Army off1c ers and enlis t e d men t o and m edtca l o ffi ce r s will, of. necessity. be deleted o n furlough a<>nin beginnino-Oct ard, an office r m the B ase Plans participate i n the N ationa l Serv-11 Insurance i s available in sums 15 foi 13 day $:' and Training Department, when ICe Life Insurance progmm. ranging from $ 1000 to $10 000. The _____ ..,a 7-pound baby boy was born to It IS pomted out that many of-monthly premium on a $10 000 her in the Obstetrical Department ficers and m e n have d elayed policy runs from $6.40 for an 18-Before starting on a night m is-of MacDill Hospital. ing their applications until they y e a r-old policy holder to $8.50 sion study the details ofithe area He was the third child born to I reach staging are as, preparatory for a 40-year-old policy holder. me.thLt 1 1i -and maps. of Aiken, s : C cations, placing Rn burby the Veterans. Admillistra.tiQ.,


. < Georgia_ Tech :REPORT CARD (Continued f rom Page 1 ) Sgt. Whitehead. Pvt. Ingberg is Pro .. .'gram.. a rucce ss j counting for import and export Wl"n D t"nner F or FROM THE SCHOOL BUILDING falling down on the parcels he r J fu m s. and also constructors. In .11 By PFC. HARRY POLSKY has been getting from home. He 19 3 1 a s foreign auditor for the only got fcur last week. What's L t Th ht tl Vacuum and Standard Oil com( 1 o fficer Sgt. Shreeves has t h e distincthe matte r, Jack, are they forget--at panies, h':' 'Egypt, P a les. U..J J 1 tion of b eing the glamour boy of ting at hon;e? If the Cottrts the rare events that sometimes tme S yna, 1 urkey, Greec e, In-. the Schoo l Building H e has had and Boards don t. \Vatch out they .. lappcn 1n theat els. 1 -ls \'el v dia, Burma, Ceylon. S i ngapore, w tl 11 f --.1 -1 1 1 his picture taken \ 0 are g-oing to lose Miss Roberts to J d H K t 1 1 1 e oot Ja season roar. ,<-H 1 1 d S1 r rar., t th '11. cr gl t f ava an ong o n g l e utnlng o t t J k f l pos ters as the ty]Jlcal Amencan so:::e o .uc 10 J L.Y 1 was a l'l m, Sl 1 or to the States m 1 933 due to d e m 0 1 s c lmax, plgs ms a r e Y s 1 r w tl 1f d moments: I went realized \\ hat was c lining health. lmhg all ovter d thte gil'.tduonl world I in to the barber shop and toJd the Entering the Army in May, Av.,r e l retv her ra 1 f101 1a tlnva s mleetl. [Joor li'tti e Musso it :Jught] bmber to give m e a haircut: He The air was cold in the Base 1942 A t t Ut IT Offn c ere are ew 11ngs w 11c 1 1 Y ., d th d a s ss1s an 1 1 1es .. 1-1 f tl 11 cr to scar e h-1 o u t of the m or they SRlC, eo. srr; an en procee Arena. An entertamment. mostly c e r at the Orlando A1r Base he equ a 00 Ja ,ames 111 alousmg/ C b tl. ed to t a k e out h1s s h avmcr equ1p d f. T ., -. -1 1 eramblincr instincts Wl say, ome on, oys, 1ere s I "' ;;meet s tom amn a unJve!Sl y was soon m ade Pos t Exchange Of-"' t l g t ,. l t m ent. was i n progress, p laying t o about f icer for the Fighter Command! And some ctay th1s week a f?ot--'110 0 10-1Y I _____ .;: ______ a men. Suddenl y someS c h oo l there. I n October, 1942 h e I b;;\1 1 1 5 foJng t o be p<:11d oft 111 ,Milaclis do Sgt. L111e1 When passing through wire thw.g took possesswn of the a ud1-transferre d in this capacity to It a1l s tarted of the School ?fflce bought 1111 tang lements, go over the low encc;., It was a spell almost -tang1Drew Fie ld. ) m Base S<:ve h ancl l 0 d 500 .hundr:ed nl:or e It was the kmd o f momen t, favonte sports, t enms, sw1mnung 1 T l:e 1 esult G e01 g 1 a T ech, 7 ,_ cases in Oct. than in Stmt. All t?e k ind of morale btiilclin g the and go l f which h e shoots in .the AliJ.bama, __ 0. : i s dt:t e to M r Hartiey and d. of self-forgetfulness. for 80s And W l ll Capt. Doster have to his hard-working s taff. The p er'\fhid'. the Specia l Services Office His pride and joy is his twopush a peanut ':" 1th h1s :rose dow n sorinel o f the 'R.e d Cross are on It w a s the kind of exciteyear-old son Edwin Pitchford Tampa streets 111 trad1t1011al foot-'_ call 24 hours a day. (I wonder if that only comes from the Jones I II, nickriamed "Finnegan." baM stNyle? . they w ill loan me. the money for m<:n for 1 t -cannot b e -1<: 0 othmg dl ashe: ; n1y furlough after putting in this b ,utlt from outs1de. Sib FIGHTER WING But c;apt. Tully I s gcnng to en-; p'Jug) The: show was shorter than usu-HQ. & HQ. SQ. JOY a t of the best ho-: C:ongrats to Pfe. McAi'deU; he al; but whe n it was over one of Jh f" h : i N th I telrestamants 111 Tam-: i s cel ebrati'ng his two-n1dnth a n" the jumped t o the stage, to e lg lUll In pa at Capt. Dost:r s .ex p ense. I ni. \ t l :s m;Y, I thought that h,e lookplano, and h e p l ayed H e !I ... C kmd of sla-phappy. t m-:r-1 with the r e -By PFC. WALTER WERNER 3d i 11;1a:ge ) w1s}1 there, spon_o:_m g to ev_ery_ beats mgmg w r are soldienng in ea_rn est :. : .:L s b<;!_ a Sadle Day laugr.ung. A COl pOl a! on the stage these day s and we're bmldm cr a r l t:. N A for m e n. That would b e the on1 y be_gan. _to sin g "Tipperary" in a tradition The Fighting Ninth"' is rJ v yotir repoder c ould get a thm and before h e had sung going to b e the most r ugged and b1'1de? many lmes. that whol e body of ready outfi t in the Air Corps. By 'CPL. LARR Y RALSTON : LOST-On\" g.n:l na:11ed Jones. men ha_d t_aken chorus and When we go across, watch the ThC' Sig. Hq. Conipany after: Please Sgt. of V{es e s:r: -gmg lustily m the clear, headlines ,in the big-time papers! g ettir,g over their six weeks kip. Office fo;md. pesr;npI .col a _mgh!. It was loud enough I can see .em now. and accustomed to t h e -ho n : 2 legs, 2 hanas, pre.tty 1n a j and enough to b e h eard "9th, F -1ghter. vymg Smashes noise of cars and airplanes, 1 1c.phai:ud 'S'H-t. <"lY: \\hen .last all the camp. B erlm (Geeze, was settl e d clown t o their regula r : seen WP_am;g. a So m!ense was the emotwn and that last one-a M1cke y F111n?) compan y dutiC's again. 0 C. S fm fmder. !he desue for entertamment that I NOTES: Anythmg All se.ctions rounding back Phone at 24g -r It necessary. fmally, to smg can happe n m the Army. Re-into their various functions with atu1atJm.1S to .._,gt. 1 \ llkm-_ .. The_ Star and, c ently a S. ,Sgt. barged into Cpl. very little noise ancl patter. S e\: s on on n!akmg S Also to Pfc.: to the hg}1t s to send the 1 Pat tent at. 6 and eral cyfficers of the organizatiol'l on g ettmg that seC(', ld, men"'\ ay. _It doesn t happen often W a k e up, S a l e1no. And have t)een transfeue d to different' stupe. .. I hut Nhen 1t it's a n event to ]U_mped out of b e d with a big sections. L t. S & n Filipa is assistant t -row that -.-he Serv1ce CluJ;> 1s, remember. s1mle "'Th e S Sgt. was !us brother officer in the plotting c E Corne out to the shows at the, Tony, whom h e hadn t see n for s ectwn, Lt. Cardwell ha.s b<:>en as-AUT 0 -INS U RAN Arena, for it may hap-pen almost two years. Tony lS st'!--signed to the motor pool and sup-agody was put on the a lert and 1;: a time after the surprise o-T,DP.ST AND attar.k of the Japs. King and his UUERAL" 811 Tampa Si. Phone M 1094 buddies lived in bomb shelters. which w ere hastily erected. Thev George T. BrightwelL Mgr. had dlsuersed positions in bunke1; s PRODUCE D BY JOHNj.RINGLING NORTH Staged by JOHN MURRAY ANDERSON Designed by NORMAN "BEL GEDDES New Supef'Spectac!e "HOLIDAYS" "BALLET ofthe ELEPHANTS" lnconooivably lmpress;ve A rray of Fabulous Features incl." FIESTA DEL TORRES",lOO-GIRl ARtAl BAllET, Terrllic New fUN P roductions and All-Out Patriotic GRANO FiliAtE Alfred COURrS Gre? t W ild Animal Acts a r o tin a the field. 1 Because of injuries sustained AdamS Kennedy 1 Boo Circus stars-Joo cto\VRs-llundred s h k d d tl J o f Purebred H o rses Vast Restyled Menagerie 1 s nee an eves unng 1e ap I woRLD'S LARGEST TENT, tOO% AIR CONDITIONED ak raid Sgt. King was s hipped I Whiting arid Jefferson TWICE DAILY-2:15. and 8:15 P.M. bac:k to San Francisco and was Tampa, Fla Doors Open 1 & 7-POPULAR PRICES placed in L etterman G eneral_ Hos Grocelies, Tobacco Oandy pita] a t the Presidio. H is splinter1 Ticket S ale Opens Sunday. Nov. ed knee and bad eves rendered I Notions j 29th, a. Liggett's Drug Store. Pit. J U 1818 anc-n-::.Rtiiaec Nigbt NOW PLAYING-THRU WED.. ALSO "VICTORY VITTLES" A Pete Smith Specialty Coming Next Week "YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER'' R1ta Hayworth -Fred Astaire FLORIDA Air-Conditioned Ph. SZ90 9c --28c SUNDAY AND MONDAY fag le : Squad ron Robert Stack, Diana Bar r ymore --FEATURE NO. 2 The Affairs bf Mart'hci SATURDAY and SUNDAY "Nighi in New Orleans" Preston Foster Patric i a Morrison --HIT NO 2 -"Sieel Against the Sky" Llo:;d Nolan, Alexis Smith Sundries Tobacco Sodas Whitehead Drug Store Compounding' Pres c riptions Is The Most Important Part Of Our Business Ph. S 5105 Prompt Delivery him tmfit for combat dutv. so h e 1 ___ .__ __ 619 Franklin Sireet :c, THE PAlACE tioned at the. Tampa air base YBOR CITY'S LEADING .A]\Vays that when J E w E l E R s Swim at _th_ e SULP_ HUR SPRI_NGS POOL sC;(Iuting close to the e n e m v at I 1520 7ih Ave. YBOR CITY B d St C p } night YC:Ur ?est_ protection from : us an reet ar to 00 Natural Spnngs ... Temperature 72o observatron 1s me>':em ent. _____ .;.._ ________ _; I }".-o+" .... ... -...... ........ -.-.-.-.-... .,..-.:-:-:-:-:-:-:!-!-!!:-:-:-:-::!!-!:-:-:-:-:-::-:-: -:-::-:-::-: ..


November 20, 1942 _:"1-.."' '!')' rrev ..... .564l:h SIGNAL AW BN. SEP --59th A VN. SQ., .. ... ..... -........ ... l;. ....... .. 11!1 ........... .. .. ........ .................. .., ----HO. & HO. SO., THIRD F. C. I = FIRST REPTG. CO. B y SGT. J. B. H ARRIS We r-2g1:et Pfc. James Bamett is home on furlough and not here to be dubbed personally. "Soldi e r of the Week." We think he has o n e of the most pleasing personali ties in the company. H e is a lways smiling and has a good word to say regardless of whether or not someone has" aroused him at some wee hour of the morning to fix the coke machine or just to get some change. He has done a most commendable iob with the coke -DISH IN' DIRT SEA BREE Z E S B y CPL. JAMES C. GRAY By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER Things don' t just come to you -you must put forth some effort' Caot. E W. Jorctahn, our Ord if you expect to get the advan-'nance Officer, is aware of the tages you want .... Let's take an current musical favorite. A neatly exampl e of that. During this week typed note on his office door an most of you were interviewed in nounces, "By agreement with the regards to your going home for Chapl ain, he will praise the Lord the Xmas Holidays. Out of all the and we will pass the ammunition." men that reported to the PersonPFC George Dorwmt i s taking nel Officer, only one reported orders for immediate delivery of correctly-and that was Private beautiful Christmas cards. The Willie Anderson ... Keep up the boxes contain a n attractive assort good work, Pvt. Anderson. Good ment and are very reasonably things come to the .fellow who priced. All profits go to the loca l will "soldier" ... Let's have more church club of which George is soldiers in. the 59th. a A lot of fellows have been sing-More promotions: Ray Janus to: machine anu has made himself ing th, e "Guar d House B lues" since sergea11t, Sam Duke to corporal, 1 available at all times for the last issue of the Echoes Tom to PFC. Also, it's I <;me else's convenience ... and we If you find Privates Henry Gornow Ma)or L R. 'Bratton. do appreciate it,_ Pfc. Barnett. don, Woodrow Malcolm, and With the "old master" Frank Clarence Waiters, you'll find out house Sbields adding his Sunday what I'm talking about ... It's punch to that of C urley's, the "STABLE GOSSIP" The next time CJ. certain person fUI).l1Y the effect that particular line gang whitewashed a goes through the quarters "house" has upon a person's quarters bunch 211 i n last Thurs other in.dividuals three stripes ... Regardless of the kind day's volleyball game. Sancton different times in night, he yo1.,1 have on entering you come played roving forward for both,. is literally goirJ.g to. hear "prCJ.ise out withjust that many less." S ides. the lord and pass the ammuni-/ Pfc. Jack Fearington hasn't Two VlSltors were Ray Cely and I tion." We won't say whq. he is, leamed yet that the army propl;'oudly wearing but he is connected w ith the supj v ides something softer t h a n I tl:len gunners wmgs they: annexed 'I p l y room. Rememb_ e r ? to sleep on ... Now I at Ft._ Myers will be at --ha_ve no reason to doubt you MacD!li temporanly for advanced I L t. Carroll: "Sgt. go. wash your bi.tt the boys are quest_ioning the mstructwn. I face and n _eck." desk as to why you slept o n the HOT D;;37 F1 0illmns T H E T E R R A c E G F T & 1IJ 11 n F L o w E R s H o P Tampa Terrace, P h s. 3022-M 5561 "FLOWERS BY WIRE" Ope n Until 11 P.M. E very Day


Page 4 The Drew Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 TAMPA. FLORIDA -----------------------Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation. 10.000 ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel .ofDrew I Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nations Victory. Opinions expressed iri this newspaper are those of the individiial writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the U!!-ited States -Army. Advertisements in this pubfication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel of the products advertised. CHURCH CALL I m I Catholic Mass Sunday 6:15 a Chapel No. 2. Mas s Sunday, 9:00 a. "Drew Field Star P a r a de" h e a r d t onight over WFLA. Our new half-hour radio varie t y sho\v title d "Drew Field Star Parade" will be presente d this com il)g Friday evening at 9 p. m. over radio station WFLA, and every Friday evening from now Ol'l. Chape ls No. 1 and 2 Protestant 111. Service Sunday 11:00 a. IYI,., Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. S ervice -Sunday, 7:30 p.m., Chape l No. 1. Jewish S ervice Friday 8 :00 p. m., Chape l No. 1. program features an Ri .se the G.I. bugle, I all-soldier variety sho 1 th Dress 111 the G I. style,. I attrac_twn of our guest stars way, w Pus e The sergeant walks by 111 his G .I., -R1chard Himber and his popular l And gives you a G.I. smile. DREW FIELD ECHOES November 20 lS42 MEMO TQ SGT. SUSZYNSKI:: Your-editor, Jess just phoned to you about ti1e for your BAND NOTES copy. I'll bet put -it off until the last minute again. you are stuck with un.ex. j p ected rehearsal of the dance o r 1 chestr a for its appeanmce a t the 1 Army and N avy Club in Sarasota. From the way Cpl. Luukkone n : (Oops, it's SGT. "Luke" now ) is putting the bo y s through their p a c es, it looks like you'll b e busy a long time .... I doubt i f yo u ll be able to g e t your copy in on t i m e .... You have my s ympa thy (Ha Ha!). I W e ll, if you ever g e t around to writing this week' s BAND NOTES I don' t forget to mention some thing about the grand treat m ent w e got from the American Legion post at S WILL WORI< our SU/fiZl. /IG.41/ll, FOR OAI5Y'S FOUNO our .r.J:!! "'r (}ROM /..1111.PAI5Y'5 GREAI 81& .. fi&ART: 8N EVICTED-.


November 20 1942 2nd REPT. CO. 564 1h S. A W BN. 1 308th SIGNAL CO. (WmGJ "B L t-Tl, SPARKS DREW FIELD ECHOES "' 17 -0 .with five games taken b y 1 clefa'Ul t. Softball: o n_e and one I won, 1-5 and 9-1 wtth f tve games by cicfault By S. SGT. TOM CARuSO By CPL. ROLPH FAIRCHILD' Next Sunday open s a weekand-. G athe r 'round, you J )owle r s, and a-li'alf s c h edule o f v olley ball After a rousmg !Jttle pep t alk liste n to the talc of T. 5 Edward games. This time the b oys hope by Lts. Yates and Humphrie s, 1 C. Szczesny, the modest bowler for better luck in g etting compe-your correspondent takes 'his'hat ,' from South Chicago. Had it not t itian. The n etme n b y the way, '"'; b f Cl rr got off to a good start m a prac-off to Lt. Humphries who <>ave.'US 1 een 1 a l t ca"'o p a p e r w e i a rth 9th p 1 t w ':' ./"._._/never would have known, pertee ':'am_e te: 1 e 1 m"' a swell talkmg to. Just m that Eddie did more than Satmdav afte 1 noon. They won, you fellows don't know "like to bowl. 21-5 and 216 Humphnes is the man Now it turns out that Eddie is I Tnp of the Week: T 5 John M. headlines of this strictly from Big League. While Cox and T 5 E Evans, other words, the b'a,rj:ei;i.J. home on furlough recently, he both characters, man of Lt. Yates, ouL_ C : o : r-::an1:f;..dropned ar9und to South Cl11ca-were boa1dmg the bus m St-: :Pete sure af!et that jgo's Pia Mar aneys one Friday last SUJ_1day, homeward bolmd: .f,.. .. certam mdtviduals Of this. .om,. : l afternooiJ. Dear L1ttle Old Lady tapne d pany will come t o s e .. There he met Peter. Keil of Eyans on the sleeve, pomted to Of It all. G e t o n Camp Forrest, T emi. Ke!l s haded That all of us : .. 1 Szczesny for a 653, w1 th g _ames Ar en t yot!, 1 athe1 .to be J Page 5 Say ; I wtsh that someone will o.f 212 214 and 227. Ed clicked one of those? she asked. straighten out PFC Kovach! Here right along, though, knocking out Before Evans could think of an is a fellow who's been snowed j games of 256, 189 and 206 for a answer to that one, the. D.L.O.L. under with work and hasn' t made 1641 tally. turned to Cox and mqutre d how any complaints as yet. H e cfe A later he again broke got into the Army. T 5. Cox, serves a f e w nights off a wee k into prmt after bowlmg wtth hrs 31260214 h e r h e goc h1s That i s n t asking too much for a sisters. Mary and D ella. S z czesn y mother's penmsswn to enlist. And f ellow that is as conscientious as bange d out e leven straight strikes k ent a stratght f a c e. Authorized. Boler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAlViPA he. My hat' s off to you, John. and nine pins in the twelfth for a Cox' s bruise d e go got a build-. You'll get a break yet ... How 299 up a bit late r, however w h e n h e j about it,_ Beriy ? That night he cha ll e nged a n y and E vans boarde d the Drew Speakmg of Sgt. B erry, did you of the bowlers in the Chicago Field btl s in Tampa. A myst erious notice how J:e feel s Now Ttibune's All-Star L e a g u e, but 1 came dow n the a i s l e, p eerllait Corporals Menzies and S tsko, found no takers. mg mto every soldt er's face and Sgt. Holton have gone home The CompaJ1y's softball and muttering to h erself, No, that's on furl o ugh? Not to forget our touch-football teams have had not the one. erstwhile candid.ate at the first 'nothing btit trouble finding conrWhen she r eache d the rear of Com_mando School at Pensacola,. -petition. They are. dis-the bus she looke d long and ha:rd Flonda, S. Sgt. "Dutch" Helgen1 gusted with the sorrv end of the Then her eye lighte d as she spotberg. "Dutch" is going to learn East Side Leagu e la' s t Sundayted Cox, who promptly got that the gruesomeart of the defensive another default. stricken exoression of a soldier and offensive tactics of a ComOn Nov 11, Team B of the 501 1 quickly reviewing his past. T. w. RAMSEY LUMBER COMPANY We Specialize In Mill Work & Cabinets We can furnish material for Repairs and F. H. A. Loans Phone Y 1219 -17th St. & 6th Ave UNION BAKERY "REAL llflE1\D OUR SPECIALTY". 15,06 9th Ave. Phone Y-4399 mando? Better steer clear him Sig A W Regt's Co. K failed: to' a smile the woma!l chuc_ k .when he returns. I wonder. rf that nroduce a team The same thmg. ed hnn under the chm, satd, ,------'----------. broke n c:nga _gen1ent had anything happened last Sunday when .'Lucky you aren' t the one, solto do wrth r t Well, anyway, we nanv K's A Team failed to appear. dier. should -all look forward. to his Thus the final leagu e recapitu-Quit grabbing your fingers, Cox. return because we're going to lation reads: Touch-football ho \You'll never get it adde d up. May from his experiences and, games played and won, 24-7 imd be it's that smile. trammg. Lots of luck, "Dutch." ___ ..... ------------------------:--Armenia Floral Gardens Cor5ages n Everything One of our lieutenants came to the aid .of one of our privates We Ico.m e to St Pe' te' rsb 'urg'. -=Ph=. =A=rn=te=n=la=A=v=e= with the brilliant use of his ':knowledg e of Military Law. _From ______ -----------------------the reports gatherc:d first. hat1d I w E a a s "The World's MOST UNUSUAL DRUG STORE" Jury s p ellbound. Never was there .. Lt. Boland h eld his Judge and I 128 Ninth St. South ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. a more accurate an.d inspiring de-Presents BEAUTY CRAFT'S Newest Creation in _Wood Purses--"New .Inubt preth"10:usly. Lt. J?o-land Different-Made from the World's Largest Assortment of Fine an e teve ere ts no way 1 .. .. for any certain individual to, DomesIc and Imported Woods. A LASTING GIFT. thank you. This small I 10-inch PURSE edgement comes from thrs corres-s 3 9 5 pondent, the menjn this company who came to like this particular 11 private in whom you had faith in, injust saying in.'"lain Amer "ican terminology, "You're a right guy, 1st Sgt. Jones has put two fav orite dishes, Italian spaghetti and a good .ole s t eak dinne r What, no vitamin pills? Corporal Parella sporting a c:ut e-looking mous e ... Ran into "Sinkwich" Orchowsky forgot to evade one of his I kneecaps. Better luck the next time, hi! You still have the football team to make good in. What's a mouse among_ fri ends, huh?. -Here's to a quick, witted corpoFal who provided the Battalion with the necessary _light to_ carry on our work during a power p l a n t breakdown one morning .... Nice work,Hughes! You certainly did -roll that. truck in .a hurry. Happened .to run into Jst Lt. .Crumplar strutting on the dance floor of the Tampa : T.rrace.' .He :is quite a jitterbug and right in. the. groove; too. Hea r \vhete Georgia is going to play Oeoigia .Tech right -soon: Well, .. here's -where Frank StinJtwicll. gets_ his 'ears pinned back Here's one that's going to. go sour, lieutenant! Wonde r why Corporal Hammes still sings, I am the strongest man in Siam," each morning. My last column did not have anything to do with it, did it, Rube? t F I 't' .1c4'g a con, wat mg ever so for his fu_ rlougq! It is SERVICE MEN-Read The TAMPA.ARMY NEWSPAPERS The MacDill :f"l_y .. The Drew : -Field ST. PETERSBURG HOWARD EDSALl: 416 Beach Drive; North Phone 4989 THE NORMAN Dl E 414 Fourth Ave North. I St. Pete1;sburg STEAM HEAT I Reasonable Rates-Day, Week or "Only 4 blocks to Main Busi ness Center." W A T S 0 N 'S D I N I N G R 0 0 M 553 Fourth Avenue. North Specializing in. Steaks and Home Cooked Meals rumored that he is going to make some girl miserable during his_ furlough by c trying the matrim onial knot. What S. Sgt. w ent on Parade during Armistice Day with his leggins on reverse? Someone should take the c 2 k e for that, eh, Sar;ge? Sgt. "Windy" Winfield walking around in a trance these day s. Don' t know whether he's coming or going. Take it easy, Windy Another few days and you'll be on the inside=----------------! At St. looking out into the world. Don' t let it get you down Before crossing wire entanglements examine them as closely as possible for antipersonnel mine s which would warn the enemy of your approach. Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Phone 50-61 2 ::-. .. "The That Value Built" B E R K MANIs Diamonds -Luggage Gifts Next to S P Cafe 538 Central A venue :St. Petersburg; : 12-inch PURSE $4.9 5 12-inch HAND INLAY BAG MAIL ORDERS QUICKLY FILLED Al:iention Soldiers Ba1 'gains in Unre deemed Pledges. Diamands, Watches Jewelry. We Specialize on Watch and Jewelry Repairing.. Also En graving. PROVIDENT LOAN CO. 206 Florida Theater Bldg NIKKO INN 19 1st st. No. Phone 6?.20 Air Cinditioned, Pri,vate. Dining Rooms, Chinese and American 1Ueals Mastellar's Sundries ICE CREAJ\1 AND COLD DRINI{S 201 9th St. So. Opp. Seaboard Station Gilbert System Hotd netty c .J\lltdlell, lllgr. 740 Central. Ave. St. Petersburg l'hone 7804 "Your lf.osne A\vny fron llontc" 1:-ou Are AJ\lnys A phone In R .oon1 Hot and Cold 'Vnter All rimes I 9th ST. CAFE & BAR 11 9th St. South. Ph. 6339 Steaks Sea Foods Cliicl;;e n Dinners WINES .'\XD LIQUORS. "The Coldest Beer in St. Pete" Service Men-JEWELRY and GIFTS for Every Member of the Family. Wrapped and Mailed for Your Convenience-Anywhere. PARAMOUNT GIFT SHOP Central Ave. St. P17tersburg Flowers For Mother, Sweetheai:t or Friend. POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa l:)t. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. -'l: CL.'\ Y, 2\lanager 120 'Vest Lafayette .Street East Side o f Bridge Phone )1-5388 SERVICEMEN Alfredo Y Familia Fancy Grocerie s Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to -Build Anything' Millwork Made T o Order soo Packwood Ph; H 1862 .-:-Tampa Phone H-3787 McASKILL MUSIC STORES Radios and Repairing I Sound and Inter Ccmmunlcatlng Systems A1,1thorlzed Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Gr:uJd Central SERVICE ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home A way From Home 956 Twiggs ;\J-1330 W'hite W'ay !!SOO Armenia .o\.\'e., Ncar Phone H-:lS!JS TOWNSEND Sash-Door & Lumber Co. 1 LUMBER & MILLWORK J ROOFING AND PAINT ; -FHA LOANS-PHO"\E H 4891 N Rome & Fulle r Street OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Tampa Boy Market BOX FRUITS SHIPPED ANYWHERE A. G. Cleotelis & Son H 3143 i.0 4 W; Fafayeite Air Base Bus Lines, Inc. 30 Minute Service to Flelds At All Holln! y 15 Minute Senica Dartnc Bub 110111'11 Call 3286 Member Purple Hea1 t E. P. JOHNSON & SON -Wat.chma .kers & OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. M. E. Lafayette -:'JI'ampa. Next To Ma.,nll&ttan Cafe HENRY HOWKEE CO. CHINESE HA...'IJD LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guarautee

DRE W FIE'LD aao.s;::ni a.-: an war:' : GJ,'lAB; YOt!:J,'lSE _1;..:f a bag' of meQ. ack, Bob. capacrt_:y, and_who, ll\'L Batchelor s .tmted off wit_h a A Plant Field M.P. will very, d!mk, prove_able to cauy r;: brg party last w .eek-end. B ,eheve .very soon say "I do," according enJOY rt and remam a gentleman. it oi not, they only danced with to. reporl:_s; .reaching my desk. -lc -lc -lc h c 't bl th lis Corporal Joe Tenuta and t err Wives. an arne em. S"e, :the blonde wa1'tress Pfc. Steve Wrozos, a cookie 1 +: +<: l: M D'll ld t 1 at the HI-HAT. Good luck to a ac 1 1e .. 1s no on y one A rebel and a Yankee settled of. the best cooks at the local the Civil War W,ednesdaY night. both of you. ,A;1r Ba, s9, !;>ut ()f top D K. Hansen, Park Falls, Wis. p1ckers ?f women s hats m and Pvt. Chas Dantin, Franklin, E LITE CIGAR STORES Wrozos With a La., d ecided that the southern and p1cture Saturday that 'Vas northern part of the country is all : Football Sc01es b y DiJ.:ect, Wire of allthose. who saw one. WINE BEER CIGARS -lc -lc -lc 400 Za,ck -lc -lc -lc .. Cpl. Gessner Pantley has some -! Phone i\1 62-0.72 Phpne ... _Sam 317 W Jean thing to be thankful for this I 20. 7 street, Ar_my-bound, was host C!-t Thanksgiving Day. He gets a 15, ;__ ___ __,...__,-...,.......,--,.----..;_; a g1ven b:lb me_mbers of hrs day fur laugh to see the Mrs. and and close !nends. at a 4-month old baby back in Jerv i s, Islc;m ,qs. N. Y. Hope you find them well, Rmk. He w1ll be wearmg khal!:r Corporal. flanp.els very soon. 1 -1c -1c -1c 1!: +: I Biggest surorise of the week. Very, gooc;l tctmes. at the Maste r Sgt. Gus Gallatos' wife local theatres. :gere s the lme-up:. dropped in from Atlantic City. TAMPA-Thru Nov, 25, "Road Thus a partv at the Paddock Bar to Morocco, with'Bob Hope, Bing in company of S .Sgt. Stanley a .nd Dorqthy Lamour. If Kopetski, who.'s expecting his bet you want. fun, and gl<1.mour see -ter half by Thanksgiving. this picture. TAMPA-Starts Nov. 26 "You Were Never Lovelier" with Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth. The title SERVICE. MEN A.L WAYS LIBERTY BAR Tony. Italiano, Prop. WINES BEER SOFT' .DRINK$' 717 Grand Central H 3109 .. November 20, 1942 '\'hP: 1\-:: 19( ( ROLLER SKATING. COLISEUM-Davis lslarid$ AFTERNOON 2:30 t.JII 5 NICJ-1'( & till, .11 Except Monday Sc FARE DAVIS, BUSES Gr"'nfs. F rankljp ancJ: Stree i Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S. FlNEST SKATING RINK SPE<;:IAL MATINEE DANCE DAY. S ARATOGA BAR ,. .. Corner Fortune and Fra,11kli1J. .:. Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room To JIMMY "South's Best Negro WINES Sunday Dancing 7988 ; TAiviPA1S ONLY NITE CLUB . ... Fl.oor. -8 -10 -Midnig;ht_ .DA, NN:Y & DON' S J ; E : w,:: E : l NllE CLUB, KJNG & KITTY Q.I: th. e Jitter; Buq 911 TAMPA STREET LADY CASSANDRA TONY MASON'S. tells you all. f.Qr th. e Best : HomeMade SOLDIE.RS .. = 6 POW:ELL-ETTS cari-ci!}l-Darice. Orchestra Girl Wiih the Radio. Mind MAXt.NE POWELL. Fan Dance (.J?URANTE) KING, EM. C:EE FLORIDA-Tue. and Wed. Nov. 2425. "Careful Soft Shoulder," 'with Virginia Bruce. Also "Man in the Trunk," Lynne Roberts. Excitement as you like it. FLORlDA-Thurs. and Friday, Nov. 26-27 "Manila Cal)ing." with Lloyd Nolan and Carole Landis. A:lso "Pierre of the Plains," with: John CarrolL See action then more action. Nov. 28__:_ "Texas Trouble Shooters:" Busters. Also "Adventures of Robin Hood," with Errol Flynn. Very interesting f01: yciting .. and old. -1c Frel!lj. Pe. c;im Roll Salted. N.uts -lc After, Din11e r Mints -lc .. Glace Fruits -j( Chocolates -1c BonBons -1c Made He_re in Tampa FRESH EVERY DAY GO and Tuesda. v Nov. Married An Angel'; with Nelson Eddy andJeanette 707 FLORIDA AVE. MacDonIERS SEAMAN G 0 R E> 0 N1 :S TAN s Ji: I E L. D. New: Bedford. :rviass, and. a member of the Coast Guard, took over the. drums at the B ox. Sundav, p m., while a trio of our new officers h a d the Monday blues on. the Sabbath. .They tell m e it was. all because of no. d.an.cing Dannv Brown, co-nronrietor of the swank night club; Dl'Oinised the three Lt. Lew is W MacDonalrl. u : :_:V ICTOR CAFE B EER --. WINES 13,24 Franklin Ph. M-7240 BILL BAiLEY, Prop. Roger Reynolds. and Lt. William Brown, h e will have dancing partners for them this week. -+: -ic -+: Have you heard the story of the three sere-eants? Well. once unon a time there was a 'girl. Dottie V aldez. and three Sgts.-Herman Eyer<>. Mickie Cinneck and John n y Hvclecamn. But. to makP. a long storv short. w hat has Sgt. H erm:=m Byers tha t the other two don't have. Ask Dottie. -lc -lc -lc Lt. .James R. Davis, Drew field, was host to a party of 90 Member V.F: W. & Am. Legion DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQ'(,TORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd S.treet Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS i When you are lonesome & .blue And you don't know what to do, come to M : MJLLER1S BAR Where she is friendly and true BEERS. -WINES lOc BEER-STILL lOc 1111 Florida Ave. Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY \NITE Phone 2003 202 E. Latayette st. Rex 13illiarq Parlor 1012. FRANI\:LIN Dim'l S Bagley Mal's Li.q.-o, r Bar WINES LIQUORS -CIGARS DELIVER'Y .SERW:CE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'f.m Attention! Dancing By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks and Assistants Tel. H 32-654, 207 Parker WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop, LIQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Cor. Cass and l\'Iarion Sts. Phone 4502 = CLUB H ; 1--H -AT 1204. FRANKLIN ST. Invites You to Da.nce o Tam.pa1S Only AII-Gi rl Band 'HI-HAT RHYTHM MAKERS' Every Nite-7 P.M. Till Midnight I QUICK DELIVERY e .-\LL BH.\:-;11 Ll

-DREVi FIFLD ECHOES .. : ? ;== in----'-n_ e_ we again take rake in hand and\ '\<.a llo w in the latest dirt do\vn Base M edical Department way.( The detachment has grown to gargantuan proportions, and with mo:ot of the new men 11earing the finish of their basic training they all anticipate their duties in the new hospital which is n earing I completion. F Sgt. Harry Walters writing I from a Pennsy furlough, boasts of birds and bunnies; trophies of his!. hunting expeditions. Just so the bunnies didn't give him the bird. 1st Lt. Edward J. (Curveball) 1 Gonczy, acting Flight Sl!rgeon, i s iecovering from a broken. digit after he put too much .. zip on qne o f his fast ones. The Base Medics will have to look around for more athletic competitors since the e x bdus of the 309th Seivice Group. Bitter as the battles were, they were always good sportment and we'll miss them. ENJOY A REAL FEAST! COMPLETE T -HANKSGIVING DINNER Sgt. Fred Evans is looking for of good detectives he 11Served With All The r \ire for a h alf a buck or so to c..:ail the thieves who purloined his bird dog from his. Harrisbm'g Trimmingsu I I back yard. Fred is plenty upse t. 1! Since Cpl. Jimmy C ain's return FROM 11:30 A.M. TO 9 P.M from Atlanta, he is only interested I l in blue envelones at mail call. She j must be very literary minded to H 0 J E L dream up .two sev.en-page letters I a ,Jim. D A N To all concerned: Sgt. James f L 0 R I 1 Cruickshank's apartment is now ; I 1 open with continual open house. !,. ___ ...;.... ________ ---.,: Drop around .in the morning for ham and eggs as you like 'em. I If at anytime when passing the I 1 1st sergeant's office you hear moaning and groaning, you'll 1 : know that Corporal Rocco i s again I 1 looking for a typewriter to get !!!!++!!++!!!: .. : .. :! .. .. .. !!: .. :!!:-!++!: .. :!!!!: .. :1 working againso he may kee p up : 'the efficiency of the 1st Sergeant's :i: SERVICE MEN! :!: office. .:. : Congratulations are in or.der to : _:.:.: You'll Enjoy Our Full Course :.!::. Corporals Kovler and True who OLD FASHION 1 have just been. a p p o 1 n ted : : :sergeants. Nice HOME COOKED THANKSGIVING DINNER SIG. HO. & HO. co.: 9h F. c. THANKrGvaNG. ::: : "The Bugl e : J I : Served from 11 A._ M. fo 9 p.m. -::: U "lVIanhattan's D I N N E R 8 5 c : THANKSGIVING ::: 1 By SGT. MIKE DODD Entree-C e l ery M A N H A T T A N C A F E :!: : The new supply officer of our I Vegetable Soup .:. the Talk of the : :company is Lt. John H Connolly., File t of Fish. Tartar S auce .:. 210 E Lafaye:Ue S. Open Day and Nie Town'' : : who came into the organization i Roast Turkey, Dressing and through OCS after a year and 1 Cranberry Sauce .. :-:-: :-:-:-:!!!!:-:-:!!!! .. .. !!!!!!-!!!4 three months as an enlisted man. Salad-Spanish Mix Twenty-four years old, he is a DessertEgg Custard graduate of Seton Hall College. Choice of Drink j he studied :journalism, 1 wh1ch, next to an All1ed v1ctory, is his major interest. He aspires : to a career in journalism and has his eye upon a reportorial berth on the Wa-shington Post when the war is over. He has specialized in feature writing and has 'been language -editor of a newspaper. (Whisper: He met a cute girl re over at St. Pete). is one of his hobbies; he plays both piano and trumpet. He' s from N.:J Whe-e-e! Just watch 'em go up. Sgt. Di'Ck Brennan, our .f..Cting f:jgt., now sports a rocker. We. hope that he'll be wearing three up and three down before long. It used to be Pfc. Bill Smith, but riot anymore. Bill is now mess sergeant, and is doing a fine job of it ... Two cor--...,rals recently sprang into being: Cpl. Sam Levinson and Cpl. Alvin W. Seibel, who's furloughing 5 new Pfc's grace our roster. They are Albert Hartman, R!ldolf Holub, John just back off furlough, J a ':1.Rizman, and James Wages. (Uatulations to these fellows who've done right well by them selves. Also a. fin e SOc Tu1key Dinner FRANKL! N STREET RESTAURANT 1406 Franklin Street STAR KOSHER o :EUCATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Imported and Do mestic Ch,eeses. Km;her Wines. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. CenfraL Ph. H 29-842 Welcome Service Men Nu-Way Restaurant For Good Food at POPULAR PRICES 713 GRAND CENTRAL Service Men '" Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES. PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, s ea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches FRANK .:RU.TA-.. Of New York, and Former Chef at EJ. Trocadero: OPENS HIS OWN PLACE SpeCializing in SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House 103 Hyde Parli Ave. :: BEER AND WINES 'MODE.RATE PRICES Davis Plate Lunch W e S erve the Best 30c Lunc h in Tampa Only the Finest Qmlllity of Foods Used A LA CARTE SERVIC E 306 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 64-913 DINNERS l\IE;>nts, G ro,ceries! nelica'tessen. H erring, Lox a-nd a n 1d 'riils "(if fish, st'ric'tly f r e s h. W-IXE, BEER, SAND.W'ICHES FiNMAN'S KOSHER MARKET O 'nly J{os11er 1\la.rl(et 'in Tampa 928 E. Broadway Ph. _M56-153 11:.! Blocl'E ast of Ave. FERNANDEZ 'RESTAUR-ANT CU:ban SandWiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. All Service Men are Welcome BARCELONA CAFE ,<;;jPANISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne I GOODY THE PLACE TO EAT 1119 FLORIDA A VENUE 9 Est. 1925 service Men Always Welcome Sulphur Springs Cafe We Specialize in Home Cooked Food, Chicken, Steak and Chop Dinners Surpl111r Springs, Arcade Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa af Tyler Ph. M 52-073 Tampa, Fla. Gag: His tentmates had a good laugh as the little man tried on his overcoat which was one of the famous sizes-too big-and started grining. "You can have ; it shortened," they told him. But it was not the length which wor ried him. He pointed to the collar, spreading far ont over his shoul"Soldiers lj-1nvorite Eu'ting Plnce" STEAl(S AND CHOPS A SPECIALTY I The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES I Spaghetti a Specialty ELI T::E ders. "How can I fasten bars on j my shoulders under this?" RESTAURANT AND T'\VIGGS STS. LIQUORS-BEER-WINES l L.3_1_1_F_ra_t_tk_I_in_s_t_._Ph __ o_n_e_s_9_4_o_. FORA BIG THANKSGIVING 'DINNER GO TO THE II Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue at I' Frank J, Hynes, Manager Twiggs St. suLPHUR sPRINGs, ARcADE BLDG. GAsPARILLA TAVERN Service Men Welcome / COLONIAL GRiLL SULPHUR S PRINGS CAFE THANKSGIVING DINNER Enjoy I With Us CHILD CAFE 501 Franklin Street Tampa, Fa. THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SAXDWICHES DRINKS LIQUOHS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly 707 S. HowMd Ave. Phone H-3757 SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods Best of Liquors 2001 Nebraska VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Phone H-3773


Page 8 Baseball Clinic Now Open To. All Drew H _orsebide Swatters T h e big b aseball clinic unde r the direction of the Physical Office and conducted by such b aseb a ll personalities as Pauli D erringer Butch Henline and I Paul Waner, g o t underway here j on Tvesday afternoon. 1 The: three ball_pla yers conduct-j eel a l'Otmd robm d tscuss!On on the history of baseball. p e tso na1i-l ties of such famou s players as Peppe1 Martin. J immv wilson V _ande, Mee1, C a d Hubbell McGra w M e l Ott, Llo:vd Waner and a little personal interest story on each othe r. The trio also brought out the value of baseball to the army as exerctse and a moral builder and that it is the greatest national pastime of all American sports. SUB-DEPOT SUBS Well; did Nell Rawls make a liar out of me, or did she? Told me she had no intentions of be9 DREW FIELD ECHOES 38Sth SIG. CO. ( -AVIATION) "WILDCATS" By PFC. CYRIL COATES After the discussion on baseball's impo_rtance the three players went mto the discussion of .picking a team and_ the requisites of a b all player. De1 'ringer talked at .length on what makes a good ball pitcher. Waner discussed the requisites of a good fielder and hitter, while Henline took up the department of catching and umpiring. Also brought out in the lectures wer.e the importance of signals .and strategy and the value of these two things in winning games. The b r ains on the bench has a lot to do with the kind o f record the team will m a k e Other things brought out b y these three m e n o f baseball \Yere training habits. practice, interoretation o f rules: umpiring technique, base runnm g and the manY othe r angles of playing basebail. coming Mrs Brown until the war The company hiked to Egypt was over and then up and married lake last Thursday. Arriving there. on us last Thursday night. Buck softball, swimming, mass athletics happened to_get a few days leave, and Indian wrestling were the and Nell dec1ded she couldn't wait order of the day. At Indian wrestlany longer, so she grabbe d him ing what was it that Lt. Guest whil e the grc_1bbing was good. h a d that Lt. Sweeney got. Sgt. There have been rumors that Mullen, our much m aligne d Mess the Forrest O 'Briens are c ontemS%t:, proved it ''\<\-asn't so," proplating seve1ing the 'holy bonds v1dmg super-dupe r service i n the I of, matl'imony. To all you females wayof hot-on-time chow. Hurrah! wno have been spreading this Sarge, we knew you would c o m e gossip, be assured that it i s n o t through. so. I spent the week-end vvith the Pvt. Tony Chmelar got back O 'Briens and have never seen a from Ius emergency furlough happier couple any place. Too g r anted htm to harvest his crop. bad that more of our men are Tony gave quite a lecture on the not fortunate enough to g e t a boss c are and raising of corn. \Vas the I like Mary Louise. mterest shown promnte d by rural .'0l e c ertainly have a j e v,.-el in corn or urban corn"? November 20, 1942 Need J!elp With v .. L. ? z)t .. We'd Be Willing and Able! SELECT YOUR GIFTS FROM. LARGE-S'Tf MOST C 0 M P LET E ASSORTMENT! If You Neecl Personal Help Ask For Jane Lee, Our Personal Shopper! SERVICE MEN'S GIFT AID BOOTH MAIN FLOOR Just Inside Our Tampa Street Entrance Beg[nning December 1 there will be two softball leagues run in connection with the lectures. They be kno\Vn as the Derringer and Waner 1eagues, and the b a ll players will assist in running these leagues. Henline will assis t i n instructing the catchers and umpires. He is a forme r big league catcher and now a umpire in the big circuit. Nma. Williams. How that gal is In the middle of the 11eavily j workm&" 0!1 the pay roll. Wotk e d scheduled training week, time was MAAS three mghts in a row until 11:00 take n by. the company to observe P_m. to get the payroll out on a one-minute silence in honor of A lot of interest is being shown here by the men of Drew. Come out and hear these men. --------1<--------EX(LUSIVE NEWS! tnne. We appreciate this Nina. Armistice Day. It develope d that don' t go killing yourself l BROTHERS We now have a Fire Dept. in Old Guard still stands. Su?-Depot. Joe Quinn is Fire The company, having completed) Perry Steele Ass't Fire their basic training, have now J R1nehart Fire Marshal been segregated in to various :-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-::!++!!!!!:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:--:-:--:-.. .. ..................................... _. Nicholas Ass't Fire Marsha l classifications and will start their --; C. Ande; son, Sec'y to Fire Chief; "B" Stage training this week. It i BOB'S OPEN EVENINGS i and John R. Parrish, Inspector. is an insniring sight 'to $ee the ::: :;: All D epartment Foremen and nightly letter writing being ne! i Dept. heads are Captains of their glected for Signal Compa n y studi A : respective groups. There are 17 ies. Go to it, boys. ::: St : SIGNAL CORPS SOFTBALLERS groups to _care of any fire 1< ore ANNIHILATE AIR CORPS that may occur 111 the vicinitv o f EVERY PAy DAy BUYMORE :i: I ... a :t the Sub-Depot. WARBONDS AND STAMPS. ,:. hav e been many comI .i. Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of t.l FLASH NEWS! plam_ ts about the Supply Dept. SE".I"-OLE [ gettmg all of the attention in this "-'-., SERVICE MEN ::: col_umn I have pleaded for maSOUVENIR & JEWELRY : ltbertlal from the other D epartments, :!: EXPERT TAILORING :;: "8-4" u no one will give out. I only Lhe and Stuffed Allig-atots 207 E L f S what goes on in Supply. Flotida Souvcnits-C;uios :i: a ayette treet Tampa ::: Medicos lead In The A i (o r p s If anyone has anything 107 E. St. \\ auld l 1ke to see in the colun1n '-'!-:-:-::-:-:-: .. VoUey Ball loop please bring it to me Hancock) and I'll see that it gets prope r attention. Since the trailer service went mto effect, have been 111 lost, due to the fact that they run so infrequently. DIXIE Cleaners Laundry Phones: l\1-1036, 4232 The Detached Medical Depart W ts h something could be done to ment team "A" grabbed the l ead eliminate this. I'--------------.....! in the first week of play in the EVERY PAY D1


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