Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 39 (November 27, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
November 27, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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fOL. L No 39 Drew Field. Tampa, Flor-ida Published Ever.y Frjday Friday; November 1942 Signal and Air Corps Join F In Di_ splay of Military Strength A typing class has been initiated a.t Drew Field fGr the train. ing of colo:;ed clerks and typists fer .se 'Scheel Building. In the above pictu r e Cpl. Jv} :m A. (standing a t rear. right). of Ardmo1:e, Pa.,' is i:1sl:mcting-H.e student typists i n the use of fi:c system.


. ------------,...---.. --. --------------...... ... -----------__ ,PEE\Y n:E:-LD : ;:; .. !:;'!:; ,, H 1 l141h FLUNK .. UPS Sgt. Ozie Whitehead walks I around with his head i n the clouds and lives in a different world. Vl.e'd like to know wher e Radio Scho.oiHolds Second' Graduation By CPL. LEONARD RUBIN (In Absence-of John M Sgt. Hatcher, Tampa's bigit is, for the expression on 1-iis---. gest if not gayest Lothario, is face would indicate that it is a JVl:?.rking the e:omnletwn of quite a bo y .about town these swell place tobe. ) : ol.her school the Drew FJeld days. Most patrons of the Jewel C pl. Stumpe of the order! t Radio School held 1ts SP.cond I Box feel that he fltrnishes the J ) graduation exercises Saturday,. floor show even though he gets room is the lad who hates the .N ovember 21. no pay for it. mornings not because h e has to Led by the 69th AAF Band un-Many of the fellows in the get u p but because it reminds d e the direction of Mr._ BR. ker. 314th feel that P vt. Pols k y of him of the morning r eport of the V/ 0., tbe group formed 1!1 front the C lassification office talks j ust 314th which some day will b e Radio H0.adquar\ers like Charles Boyer Butthe imregarded b y historians as the ;dter No. 2 c h1ck s thmk so? h u e. and \vhc.:e -;lr. e they, who program opened With, n-Sgt. Liner of the .Schools office I done it a:1 d v :her c d i d tliey. go? : Vf"::atwn b:y Chapla:n 0 Bllf'n, is JUSt what his name sounds These a tid hundreds. of other !<;:!!OWed Wlt h by Lt. li ke, for h e dishes out the !il1es I questions will .be -found' and. h a l A TrPnne l l\Iawtenance as fast as the local pulchritude I be ai1swerecl in bookJ. Section head, _and Lt. _John M. can take it in. -the morningreport Plc?d.g e Operahons Sect!on head. 1 d YoU! star r'eoorter and con-esIn the Believe It Or Not" e ra1edconan s or the ora. u-' l "'' 1 Wt'!' ? PYt P;ul-E. pondJ:>n.t John O'Gara 1 s a and wmn. e r Sultan's "'"'11= c sen tin the 0 eranow h e can J0111 ;9x8 bath to.wel. th1 s week 1s the_ 1:epa:tment g and P vt.P Ec"ithe sweat box club. by sweatmg who whep ca\tght 1t1. town 1 '-;(:.n.d from -Mainout corporaL The k :ld from' B p # s :durmg the sudden. change m _tem-1 : In the absence of L t. ton, JO'G, started for the home :Peratur. e wor. e h1s g 1rl fnends. ced tment 11ead tl>e town w1t.h a look of Boston bei-!nS coat to the post-we aren't. men' epar d l I t' b t l k d 1 1 : t rema rks w e e made bv an t 1mgs to come u s eye. 1 wnm g an)" names u 1t oo e E -vvPst ; d ep

-; .Friday, November 27 DREW .FIELD ECHOES Page 3 l r.-::rr .-..-.-......-... 1 ___ .,_______ _____ "'-;_ OO'tRPany I Headquarters j blg !1. 11. 111 ... 1!1 ... !!!_1111, .. .. II. .. ll _ll_ il .. .. ll.ll ... ... ll .... .. ''564fh Signal AW. .. Ba,:taliorCS'ep: :':. squadron j Nov. 27 on your home calendar, 0 f THIRD FIGHTER COMMAND S. Sgt. Meekins? ... Glassen, a :AT T E : N T I N S T A 8 L E G 0 S S I P S E A B R E E z r. r I ia fl: J 1 bucks' v.rorth of seashells at Tar-. SGT. J B. HARRIS By PFC. AL. VIN M. AMSTER I por;, Spring_ s ?\'eck : WilT o get clown to business, we A soldier was heard remarkina lou"'hby, Janu s and Colhns JUSt want to know who t h is MARGY to a gal "If I said you had a good love SOS. I 1 i s! Speaking of fashion, and not form, woul d you hold it against Hov,r come Ted Dzelmck, on Hq.J shows, who is this fashion plate me?" guard last week, took cokes to the 1 (Godcy's) Corporal (Grandmaw) T e ll it to the Chaplain" will gals at Base T e legraph'' ... :: Bran f i e l d is going to 'dinne r with t emporarily be h eld up. Chapf!om_ Ro?m: Where I ..J?-O\VJ?; Wc:ll, !t:SRitencli f's anyway, l a in Roy C. Davis, whom we have >S Loms Hall ... Some very/ '1t; :corpo:ral ? : found very much to our liking, chmce pictures a r e hangmg near W e all know why J ohn Sowas assigned to the First Air Sam Palmer' s bed : .. Butler and I /. chacki and everyone gave our Force W ednesday. It's goodbye to played golr last week: .three new privates such a hearty a grand fellow. Burl\e s biggest JOb IS gettm g Wonder w hat they think A tough luck story : Pfc. Fre d Todd out of bed. )now? What with K.P. one day and Mitchell's' w'ife spent a few days Now the floor-walking is done ;: guard the next and latnne duty with him last week. H e made mby Claude Johnson .... L o u Per-' ',:;the third day. rangements to stay in town. One Ty's new address i s Tenth Fighter i .: Everyone wonders w h y Pvt., day h e peeked into his barracks Wing ... "Blackie" still >Felix Reyna gets away with l?erto find his mat_tress gone. After that blonde .... Cooke Will Woods .:petual s leep. H e s been on mght I reportmg the m1ssmg mattress to is always eating .... Harr y Stan:.:J:_uard for three week s and likes it. Orderly Room, Fred began lay and : Bennie Hall are doing : :Pfc. McCord, better known as gnpmg. Everythmg turned out all good work as barracks orderli es. the Kansas Plowjockey, tottered 1 1 right. ChuckIrwin had ... Joe Corey, the pride of Mari:.;around aft e r hours the other the m attress With Fred's penms-etta, Ohio, gets a c!ail y letter from :. -''morriing. Anyway, he didn't start: sion .and Mitchell had forgotten a belle back home. braying, and that is some conso-1 all about it. Wilbm' Carlin painted his new 'lation. .Tough luck t a l e No. 2: Herman car baby bit! e .... c;:;eorge Chase I : '-We've never seen anyone enjoy 1 Cohn and H enry .Interdonati were .lS now a shackpappre .... S y n o -1 J:ecuperating as muc h as Cpl. l\!Ic-1 to meet at 7 a m. last Sunday in n yms: Twin P alms" and R e u g-, : : TI&!. course, th. ere's another 1 front of the Tampa Theater to get ger's Rest." ... W e're g l a d to see 1L 1 to Clearwater and go deep-sea the old> pass system is back. 1 Sgt's. Lewis and Barke ley are fishing. Herm g?t up full-of.smiles l :duecredrt for the chow 1mprovec at 6 a.m., -hun r edly washed and F ment lately. dressed and dash e d off to the OrThis' Christmas Send Your'Pho-: .. .' ': Corpora l 'Hetzel iS no farmer, d erly Room to get his pass. Un.to-The .Most Welcomed Gift.' h e sure plows through the turf fortunately the passes were locked :GORDON 'ST ... u 010 dften enough. up .and h e waite d until Lt. Bate, Pvt. M ajewski is a whiz when it man arrived about 8:3 0 before h e icomes t o producing tangerines di-could get his. 'rect from the grove. We think Meanwhile Interdonati had his he' s had previous experience. troubles. He Saturday night 'Why is Sgt. Mattice such a good in town and when h e woke up his boy now? Yeah, his boss is in watch indicated that it was almost .town. That's the TE.ason for tha t 10 o'clock Some fi s h story e h ? million dollar smile hes Deen The G L party by. sporting lately: Norman Zinser was a huge suePHOTOGRAPHY Open Wed. & Sat. Till 9 P.M. 616 CITIZENS .BLDG. KNI.GHT PAPER BROS. c 0. ; Pfc. Loker, getti!lg city wise and cess, judging from results by sendmg lovely grits these days. O'Quinn L aCotmt Gaspard 'Red' 612 Bell Phones 4205' 4204 and where, Sgt. (military Reu.gger: Gowan by. courtesy)Ciegler, dtd you prck up HOT DOTS Happy birthday "A Paper .for Every. Purpose" that Scotch chalect? And, Sgt. to Harriet Schroder for Nov 30 ... Siegler, we, too, think three i s a crowd. T. 5th Kivisto just .pomed in from furlough saying he bagged a deer. ... T. 4th Freund just in from furlough say ing h e just bagged a dear. Con-. gratulations, Sergeant. There is a very interesting story behind the fact that keeps sgt. Krause on his toes at a ll 'times. You see, Sgt. Krause i:J.otlike to,JJ.dmit it, but h e remeJ:n 'bers the war. He was ummm years old when the German Army marched throug h the province of :Galic.ia in Austria, and camped near the large ranch of his parents. His father was captured and sent to the salt mines of leavin g Sgt. Krause and his moth: er to provide food for the rest of the family and many of the other --.. 1 1), o. VUUtt/1. Luxe Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb ,Food Excellent Service JAMES B PICKARD, Mgr. Service Men Officers Families Commissioned and Non-Commissioned OFFICERS LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES I Supplementing Government Insurance Many Plans of : Policies Available Death Benefits Payable in Cash or lnstoiH Jllents as Desired to Beneficiary You Sec;t. Prem:iums p : a :yable Monthly b.y D--s Government :Ailo.tmenl : .Plan LIBERAL WAR CLAUSE PROVISIONS INVESTIGATE "' NOW! WALTER M. SEITZ, Mgr. KANSJ\ S CITY LIFE 'INSURANCE 'fO 406 Morgan St. Tampa, Ftia. (Assets over $130,000.000) Special! FOREST GREEN .. Officers'. Shirts s 4.9s Fine quality rayon F i t. Fast = Elastique Officers' 2 Slacks ; I Handsomely tailored. l 00% wool. Pinks. For est green. Zipper fly. .. I Enlesied Men's AllWool Navigator and Air i 0. D. Slacks ___ ____ $9.50 0. D. Shiris ____ ____ 6 95 I Crew Member Badges J [NSIGNIA JEWELRY 917 Franklin St., Tampa 872 Petersb urg 531. Clevelond-Ciemwqter Villagers. So if you've wpndered 'why' Sgt. Krause takes this Army Jife seriously and puts forth every effort to do his best, it's because he knows what it's like t o have your house looted of everything -Qf valu e, and knows what it's like to have just enough left to make the trip to America. However, .in spite of this back!rround we've never seen Sgt. Krause when he didn't have the biggest smile in the company, and so another bouquet to Sgt. Krause. Did everyon e give Sgt. Kester the razzberries when h e so nobly 1 qualified for the bunch of rag. weed recently He was the only you may callit" in the com pany w h o was gigged; and, as Lt. Lowery :oays, its better to be on FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO I the ball than behind the balL I PHOTOGRAPHS 3 -8 X 10 $5.00 Send u gift ouly you can send ''YOUR Pl[OTO" ROY N GREEN STUDIO OPEN EVEN I NGS Opposite U S. 0. 505 M o rgan Street BEAR SYSTEM SERVICE Central Mechanical SHOP. B. T. 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Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES The Drew Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMP A ARMY' NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAM!> A, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper' are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 cooies. RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST- I : A _newspaper .published exclusively for the personnel of Diew I :> .and -devoted .to military -interests and the PnitedNations Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those ;the individual writers and under .no. circl!mstances.are they. to. he-considered those -of the: States. Army. Advertisements in. this publication do not : constitute an endorsement by the War '"Department or its per-. : sonnel of the products advertised. ANY MORNING : Fridr>.y, November 27 By 5. JOhn .. .we've got some new Band Pfi!r;,:. introduce' to wee_ k. Fi.rst; ther. e is Pfc. J. Stockwell of-Kalamazoo, M-ich :; \ V ho came to us by way of D

Friday, November 27 DREW FIELD ECHOES' ---------------------------------Plotting Co. 564!h SAW En. DOTS At1D DASHES By SGT. E. S. PERRY 563d Signal Ev Pfc. Norman V. Taylor prcsc;ot t:1c1c :::nc! only a few ia I the Bc. ttalion. \\ere first I fc'rl11cd at Drew Field, then after a wce:k, E:.cved to Plant Field;! DOW \\e arc at D1e\v F'i!"ld again i Getting back to the poinsettias, This is the :Jo0rd Signal AW We ha\e a few musicians andj royal palms and palmettos of Battalion, a new and incomplete singers, and also a number of Drew Field means back I outfit \':ith a since1e desire to bespo1tsmcn, and in the future will to the old routine-cleaning up. I come one of the best A W outfits try to keep you posted OJl their piling up, digging up, straighten-j ever trained in the Third An activities. irig up, but neve1 giving up. I Force. \Vell fellows, hope you will Most of the men learned botany, We want to take this opportu-have a pleasant Thanksgiving. and forestry the hard way, chopI nitv tn inhoduce ourselves. At So long till time. !' ping up the million roots of each 1 .:_::.:_:__:__:_:___:_::__:_::__:_ ________ -'-.,.____ _:__ ____ pine tree and whacking at pal-, --. mettos with machetes. Yes;.it was _--. 1 a .tough job, all right, but when < li one movi!lg job everybody is 16..... m favor of JS to move that mess j hall a mile closer to our area., {!!. '-.. 1/ Under the present layout we're Page 5 using shoe leather up at three 1 w EEK-END LEAVE o -R times the normal rate. It's all 1 U VJf Authorized Boiler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA temporary, which is some consoI Jation. You can save yourself many an un easy moment if you convert your travel money into safe American Express Travelers Cheques before you leave. They are spendable like cash but iflost or,,stolen uncountersigncd they arc rcfundl!d to you promptly. No identification required except your signature .. Issued in denominations of $10,$20,$50 and $100. Cost 7 5 for each $ 1 00. For sale at Banks, Railway Express offices, at principal railroad ticl::i-341, 4r.OO Armenia Ave. Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa S _t. Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CL.1.Y, .'llanagcr 120 \\"est J,afarette -'ltreet East Side of Ul'idge Phone :II-5;:>88 SERVICEMEN Alfredo \' Familia Fancy Groceries -Free Delivery 1601 N. HOWARD AVE. DIAL H 25-564 CULP LUMBER CO. 'Evetrthiug to Build .1.nrthing' l\Iillwork l\Iade To Order 500.Packwood Ph. H 1862 -: Tampa Phone B-3787 Air Base Bus Lines, Inca 30 Minute Service to :&rth Fields At All Hours T 15 Minute Service Hov.n FOI' Faruw: Information Caii-3286 .,W:) STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Imported and Domestic Cheeses. Koshe1 \Vicles. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 HENRY HOWKEE CO.' CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler Street LOANS-MONEY TO LENO Dlnmond8 WatcheR Jewerr;,, SJiverware Dlnmond8 at n Big Sa"l"'ll' A. L. ECKART 409 Tampa Street By CPL. LARRY ft:I\LSTON Well, here it is, time to get down to brass tacks, and gef. this week's column on its way to press. The boys are doing their house cleaning a little early for spring, but they do want a clean j place to live, and they want it i before winter sets. in Scrubbing I floors, ceilings sidewalks, polic ing up on all their equipment, a little repairing of this and that, washing windows and screens are in store. TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS ,.. Attention. Soldiers I J S McASKll.L MUSIC STORES':F and Repairing Service Men and Families Cap. Parri;;h. our officer, has returned from his l}eave. Reports have it that he had a very good time. ("'Course -who don' t have a good time on leave or furlough?") The MacDill Fly Leaf The Drew Fi"eld Echoes ST. PETERSBURG REPRESENTATIVE HOWARD EDSALL 416 Beach Drive, North Phone 88-124 Sgt. Polk was the lad who took fourth place in the obstacle course meet, held at Benjamin Field last week. His time was 1:105 over a course he had never seen. The winning time .was 1 : 75 so the first four places were real close. WATSON'S D I N I N G R 0 0 M 553 Fourth Avenue. North Specializing in Steaks and Home Cooked Meals Sgt. Holsomeback reports the basketball team has been work=----------------= ing out each afternoon and a Jot of interest is being .shown. The expectations are good for a successful season. EVERY PAY DAY BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND S1'AMPS. At St. l'etersbnrJ' Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 50-612 "The Store Thai Value Built" BERKMANIS Diamonds -Jewelry Luggage Gifts Next to S-P CafE! 538 Central Avenue St. Petersburg. Fla. 1 .Jewe t Also l:;n gravmg. I PROVIDENT LOAN CO. 206 Florida Theater Bldg. Sound Nebraska Hotel Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service NIKKO INN 19 lst St. No. Phone 6720 Alr Cinditioned, Pl'iYate Dining Rooms, Chinese and American 1\Icals Gilbert System Hotel !Jetty C. :llitchell: 746 Central A''e. Petersburg Phone 7SG4 Your Jlontc front llontc" Yon Are Alwnys 'Vcltonte A llhone ln Every Hoo1n nnd Cold '\Vater All 'rincN THE NORMANDI E 414 Fourth Ave .. North St. Petersburg STEAM HEAT Reasonaple Rates-Day, Week or Season. "Only 4 blocks to Main Busi ness Center." 1116 Gramd Central SERVICE ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home .-\way From Home 956 Twiggs l\1-1339 \VhiteWay :!806 Armcnln A,e., N"ar :lllchlg\m Phone 11-:lS!S i LUMBER' & MILLWORK ( ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANS-PHOYE H 4891 ::'-J. RomP. & Fui. leJ Street ServiCe MenJEWELRY and OPEN DAy AND NIGHT GIFTS for Every Member of. he Family. [ Tampa Bay Market Wrapped and Maile<;! for Your BOX FRUITS SHIPPED Moderate Rates 2815 Nebraska Ave. P t,. M53-631 TOWNE'S 'L\:IIPA STEA.'Il LAUXDr:.Y & DRY CLEA::\IXG CO. no:;-:::; Fifth A-.-e., Ph. 4663--t1Hl4 Prescriptions Home Made Ice Cream DEITZ DRUG STORE FREE DELI'ItERY 0:11 S. -Ho1>'ar1J J\ vc. l'h. II <1:1,;;::; TO HOTEL KNOX TO:\J BRYSON, :\lanagn LafaJette & Jcffqrson CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Convenience-Anywhere. r ANYWHERE PARAMOUNT GIFT SHOP I A. p. Gieotelis -il; Son Tampa. Florida 322 Central Ave. St. Petersburg P}:l. H 3143 ....:. 204 w: Fafa.yeite,


.. Pages J'Q' q WELL, MEN, this is Thanksgiving 1 we ;ek, and b e lieve m e, we all have I something to b e thankful for. To give 'em 'to you b riefly, or in one caps ule: (1) We are thankful because our m e n and buddies all over the world are givin g those Nazis and 'Japs h eii-with an extra dose of that thing commonly known a s hot lead; (2) becaus e we are Talking about romance, Charlo:l:le Barnes -isn't do;ng so bad. 1:1 used to be a sergeant, but now it's sinall, bashful lieutenantsone al: 6 feet 2, the other 5 feet 2. Which -one will it be, Ghar lotte. The CHAT-TERBOX is a nice !)lace for romance, isn't it, Charlotte? DREW PIELD -ECHOES N. Y .. and Lt. H. H. Putkey Richmond, Calif., had a swell time, missing o.ry one t il in g : d a nCing partners. Bei"Ler l u c l { nex t b1;ing your O\VI1. S. Sgt. Bill Kade l! Drew, was again making woo-woo to a certain Mickey. They used to ,be sweet on each o nu, before the Sarge donne d uniform. Don't let that .-;top you, Mickey. He'E a swell guy PICTURE PARADE within a f e w thousand miles of our C.. P O. Meekers, leader of the Coast' loved ones. who know we are still in Guard -band here, played to a swell God's country; (3) and we must be crowd at Sulphur Springs last week. thankful, too, that all our m e n in ?It was so-o-o-o good that the manage-. military service can preach to the ment W ill ask the Navy for permis world: "'\Ve had turkey on Thanksgivsian t o let Meekers repeat Jus pet-,1 T e n good P i ctures a r e scheduled for ing Day"-something soldiers under. formance. the Tampa, Florida and Vic!tory tiledHitler, Mussolini and Hirohito canuot ters say. Yes, 1men, thihk and be thankful, THE .SARATOGA BAR was the s p 1t TAMPA-Nov. 27 through Dec. 2: beca use I know a Jot of the boys on foi a farewell party g iven Seaman You Were Never Lovelier,'' With R 1ta the home front who h ? d to do Without B ert Watkins, who's shoving off Fri-Hayworth and Fred Astmre; Dec :J turkey-and, agam thmk a httle harctday. The hosts were Seamen Tom Na"Panama Hattie." with Ann Sothcrn er about those h<;>meless orphans and deau and Cabby Mathews, of the and Red Skelton. underpnviieged k1ds who h a d noth1n;{ I Davis D c G station FLORDA-Dec. 1-2: Daring Young t o eat on Thanksg i ving Day, but .vho, o 0 Man," with .Toe E Brown; "Timber;' like good Americans, -can still hold. with Leo Carill o and. Andy DP,vine; their tiny chins up and .display their Caught T .. Sgt. Geo_rge 0 : Landes, Dec. 3-4: "Enemy Agents. Meet Ellery cheerfulness as they "kill time" pressD_rew, snappmg. flashllght of j Queen," \Vith William Gargan ancl their red noses al'!ai nst the toy night .spots. Said he would gve me Margaret Lindsay; "Almost Married.'' windows a t Maas' -ana s ears'. a few. 0 ,, w ith Jan< Frazee and Robert Paige. VICTORY-"'ov. 30-Dec. 1: "Ton b stone, with Richard Dix; "A Haunting W e Will Go." with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy; Dec. 2-3-4: "Pardon M v Sarong," with Abbott and Coste!lc; "Little Tokyo,'' with Preston Foste-. Most interesting sight of the week: Why does Sgt. C. Harrison Page Watching Will -iam H. Day formerly Fie ld Fort Myers, come to Tampa wit h Esquire magazine. and now at PVery weekend? I s it to meet one of Drew, drawin g a pencil sketch o f a the members of the fair sex at the love-sick soldier a s he looks and looks Seabreeze Restaurant for a midnig!1 t and looks. at the cashier at the Jewe l snack, or i s it_ 1' Sarge? Box. Talking about the Jewel -Box d o n t miss the floor show this weekPvt. Tommy Papudis, Plant Field Long Nose fDurante) King will .M.P., !mows that a war is going o n you down. He's : nertz ,.or i s iust th::>t and that there's a gasoline rationi E g, good. He and his partner. Kitty, put but he also knows that Santa travels on one o f t11e best shows of the season. on a gasless s led. He's expecting a b i g, ..) ,) big Xtnas g ift fron1 l{noxville-his Despite the war the clow wife will droJJ !n d urin g the holida_Ys. b. 'd f ll f ns Sometlun to be thankful for, "The Place to Meet and Eat" Matthew's Fountain and .Luncheonette Liauors Wines Beer We Deliver Lafayette & Tampa, Ph. M 1242 as 1g as ever an u o new I Private. gags-will b e here Monday w ith '' the Ringling Brothers. B arnum Turf J::xchange entert<_lined Lt 'and Ba'l A f and Mrs. R. W Elms Jax., 111 whose 1 ey cu.cus. n a u ay o <:ompany Lt. J. E Jackson, Buffalo l Sel'Vl'c emell Are 'Velcome Wild ammals, 1cnludmg Gargantua, 'the Geat, and Toto, his Cu-< Day or Nite. at ban 'bride of a few months, are FERNANDEZ CHILD CAFE also included in the greatest show t on earth. It's a "Must." Don' t I RESTAURANT miss it! 501 Frauk'lin St. :l >i: Ohio and Iowa were well represent-Cuban Sanffwiches A Specialty .,,_, __ .,_, __ _,__,,,., ..,.:, eel at the Hi-Hat Club this week-encl. 1216 Franklin St. Pvt. R H. Holis, "n old fri end o f and former keeper o a Cleveland ba;; Pvt. Glenn Miller, Pvt. K. J Behan. Pvt. E. F McGreal who was very l o nesome because his bride of s i x months i s far, far away. and Pvt. Arthur Maugl e, who was all eyes for the ai!Jgal band. threw a party 'that lasted until-the curfew, of c ourse. Does anyone knO\V if Lt. O Lerry Chicago, is satisfied w 1 t il what the fortune teller at one of. our night s po ts told him? DON' T ASK ME-ask C lara Proctor w h y the )\1.P.s make the rounds at the Paddock Bar, now that she's back after a visit hon1e \Vith her mother. Ye s, and who is that tall, blond, curly-haired lieutenant who peeks in about midnight? ... No n o. that 's not all. What's Fred Jimine>. car doing outside the place every night at closin g time? It seems to m e that. the owners ought to give him an interest ii1 'the p lace. All Service 1\:len are 'Velcome BARCELONA CAFE SPAXISH RESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone S2142 Open All Night 4714 and Osborne The Tavern Bar and Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specia-lty LIQUORS-BEER-WINE'3 311 Franldin St. Phone 3940 Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa a Tyler Ph. M 52-073 Tampa, Fla. Special Invitations to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its N e w Location 805 Tampa St. WELCOME SOLDIERS V lCTOR CAFE BEER --WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V.F.W. & Am. Legion DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEA B R E E Z E on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd <::+,.Pet .. Phone Y'l715 : -. PRIVATE ROOM$ 111111 I i ELITE CIGAR STORES Football Scores by Direct \Vite wiNE BEER _:__ CIGARS 400 Zack 207 'l.'wiggs Phone l\'1 62-072 Phone l\:1-1236 SERVICE MEN A.L WAYS WELCOME LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. WINES -BEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 SOLDIERS When you are lonesome & blue And you don't know what to do, come to M. Ml LLER'S BAR Whe r e s h e is friendly and true BEERS .:__ WINES lOc BEER STILL lOc 1111 Florida Ave. Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURF EXCHANGE Paclm.ge Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NJTE Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette St. Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS -CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E COLUMBUS DR PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'f.m Flying-. Attention! Dancing By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Dt:ennan Brooks and Assistants Tel. H 32-654, 207 Parker St. ROLlER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands. 'AFTERNOON e:so tl.ll s NIGHT s till ll Except Monday Sc FARE ON

--------------_ ________________ .. _____ ---------------------.. ..1' ...... ------------DREW FIELD ECHOES WILDCATS 386ih SigpaL Company,-Aviaiion. dio, home of Mickey_ Mouse, Don"8L Ill" By S Sgt. Tom Caruso ald Duck and other pen and ink celebrities. The half-hour spent with him was packed with stories of how movie cartoons are made, By PFC. CYRIL COATES I from s_tart to finish. The next time Well, here we are back again Th h .. I see a movie cartoon I'll be bet-in Drew Field. Having left Plant I e opemng game oft e mhater able to appreciate the pains-Field behind us, we are now ac company tournament of the 386th taking labor and hours of tedious cupying a new area trying to S1 g. Co was. played on Sunday, work which go into its making. make the place look like quite w1th the,_Radw Ral!lbler:; and the It' s a wonderful experience to the thing. T & T llgers partlclpatmg. come in contact with people who Tech'Sgts. Primavera arid Schugam'e culmmated m a smashmg create the-books movies arid radio bring are learning the art of landVICtory for the radio men to the programs which adld to the joy of scaping and doing a good job at tune of 19 to 8. -living 't t S p h t th d The opposmg 'lJtchers, McGuire -l -oo. ay,. nmo, w a s e I ea J and Skulborstad,_ both turne d in of the small picket fc11ce'?. The very nice p erformances, with 9 _th Fighter Wing. Hq. & Hq. Sq. boys are getting the impiession Skulborstad on the victorious -that they are a part of a cattle side. One outstanding -four-bagger Th e fl"ghtln ._g --NI"nth herd. Anyway, we still thin}< tbat of the game was made by Cpl: Ed it looks much. nicer without the K 11 f h h fence. Cpls. McGee, Lindgren, e y o t e Tigers w1t a long By. CPL. WALTER WERNER and Privates Smith, Edmonds and j drive to l eft field. Thegame was b y Lt. Kehoe of the T DECEMBER 7, 1941 ... A fate-Griffin are learning the art of 1 T section, buying .cokes for the ful day which was to affect the engineering by building a small! entire. radio team. lives. of every one of us. What bridge for the col!lpany front 1 -Thanks, Cpl. Pat Kiley: guest were you doing at the time you walk ... not to mentwn cons-, sports writer. first heard the news? Do you I c1entwus of Re1c?. _Af-j -. We found out .{l.t l-ast why Willie-remember? J ter we getth1 ough w1th our front, Frerichs likes Tampa so \VeilHere's how the news struck walk it will be the best looking I inspirational. We tould go to town some of the meri who today make I one at Drew. each night, too, for that-wow! up the ranks of the "Fighting All in favor of getting to town : As an entertaining end to a Ninth Commandos. early will submit a few ideas to lectures on_ miljtary cour-Cpl. Albert Mervish was taking I their Platoon L'-'aci.ers and state Lt. SteJges .ran an_ mterest-it easy in his home in Red Lodge, in a few words j'ust how it can be ing movie in the company street Montana. He couldn't believe it done. It won' t be a bad idea to sho'.ving the progress in avi-when h e heard the news. He was dispatch one truck to take the alion during the last three deccertain that his mothe r must have men to town and return again at This was followed b y an-tuned in on another Orson Welles 11:30 P.M. in order to avoid othe r mov i e of the Paratroop Bat-thrille r. the transportation cor.gestion. It talion. The men of the company Fighter Command barracks. The seems that a fellow needs a one fake this means to thank the lieu-stretched-out on his bunk listen-day pass to get to town and a I tenant. ing to the-radio -at the Third wcel{-el'.d pass to return. Nov v : David Skufca has the thankless Fighter Comamnd barracks. The that they have a trailer syste m job of assistant-mail orderly. news gave him a bad jolt. H e all that we need is to have double-J What's the matter, Adria n have had a brother statione d at Pearl d ecked buses and some of the the boys got you scared? Harbor. fellows will feel right at home. Itwas with regret the company T Sgt. Otto Kratochvil was on The r e are some New Yorkers who recei\ie d the news that Lt. Mar-C.Q. that day with the 57th Pmstill like a touch of New York iri shall Waller, company command-suit Squadron at Paine Field, Tampa. P ersonally, I wouldn't er, had been tr:msferrPd. Best of Wash. He practically wore out mind if we had a subway running -luck, miss y0u. the phone trying to round up all from Drew to Tampa. Lt. Waller has been succeed e d by the officers ar:d m e n. Hear where Corporal Parella is Lt. Lawrenson C. Guest. a man 1st Sgt. William Jenkms spend-gomg out for the football team. afte r the company'<; hear t. S e n ing a peaceful day with his wife Don't be surprised to see Parella ing a pf:'riod as an enlisted man, 1111 Cherryville, N. C. had to hurry in the starting lineup against Ft. he later attended O C.S. school at to Morris Field \ri,l:h e r e h e was Benning. It's Ft. Benning on D e E:'ort Monrnouth and has hEen 111 charge of When the cember the 6th at Phillips Field with the company since the dim order came through the next day and Tampa 1!niversity, again at far days of our raw recruithood. j for his S ection to move, he Phillips Field, on December 12th. ------all the TBA and orgamzatwn I Cpl. Julio Pane, our plunging Sig. Hq. & Hq Co., 9th F. c. on the trucks and roll-and running star is in great shape. "THE. our..LE (I. lL"' mg 111 less than an hour. -Drew is going to take up just 0 \J BJ; Pvt. Harry was workmg where it off at the second 11 m a dehcatessen m Newark, New half of its game with Tampa. By SGT. MIKE DODD Jersey. Harry was flying around Wonder what happened to Lt. 1 so J:e didn't hear about the Smelt? that he is mess. of' Lt. Sidney K e ssles, who was I War until next day. fleet' he IS devotmg h1s full tune recently transferred from this or-T Sgt. Frank Masi Was enjoy-to the kitchen. Better see to it -to the Signal ing a quiet little repast with. his where we get good chow ... or 1m ent, prove d J;us heart J S shlll colleagues m Mess H a ll No. 13 at e lse you'll have a very miserable w1th the 9th F1ghter Command Fame Fteld, Wash. L1k e Superlife on the football field. the other night by delivering a m a n, Masi boundl e d from the splendid speech at one of our table and zoome d to Seattle JDilitary courtesy lecture periods. where h e threw a cordon of we were short of lecturers, and guard around the County Seat his willingness to lend a hand is Building. He personally guarded typical of his generous nature. a General! Lt. Kessler was in on the ground Pfc. Harold Straub Wf!S driv YBOR CITY'S LEADING JEWELERS fJoor of this company; being our ing down 5th Street in Baton first supply officer. One of the 1 Rougue with his fair from Highlights of his career before he 1 Alabama. He had one hand on entered the Army lastFebruary I the wheel and the other was as a basic private was his associatwirling the knobs of the radio. tion with_ the late. Col. Thompson Pfc. Frank Bliackard was workin i'eorganization of the Thomp-ing in a powder-plant in Dublin. sonMachine Gun. Company. He Pfc. Walter Haskell was spoonalso has the distinction of having ing. with "Frannie" somewhere assisted in the introduction of the in Brooklyn. Pvt. Rudolph Alon type Army helmet.. zo Hoffman w.as doing embioic -Lt. Kess1er came up from the dery work in Wallington, N. J 1520 7ih A,ve. -'--YB.OR CITY ranks the hard way and was Wehear he dropped. a stitch. graduated from QCS last SeptemT Sgt. James Landes was sta-. ber. In civilian life he. was an attioned at H -amilton Field, Calif.1 ..._ ''' tprney, w1th a good practice in All h e says is that he was in bed. WJ. -I Biooklyn, where he was born and period. reared.--. Column Halt! .Sorry, but be-_ coliiPLETJ

Page 8 By Pfc. Delwin. Baggett Drew's Signal Gorp football team has booked two games for D ec. 6 and. Dee. 12. Ft Benning will come here on the sixth, with Tampa U. furnishing. the opposi tion o n December 12. Tar:1pa U shaded the soldiers in their. first meeting, 21-13, but this t:me the Signalmen will have a fuE month of practice behind them and will be ready to go. The Physical Training department has been pushing the boys through long drills every after noon in order to have them in the pink of shape for the two comi:; g engagements. Several new stars have been added to the squad since the last game and add greatly to the strength of the team. Ft. Benning v vill meet Tampa) U. h ei' e this week and will give the Drew coaches a chance .to look over this team. The soldiers, ate supposed to have a strong aggregation of former stars and will give the two Tampa teams DREW FIELD ECHOES a stifl' battle. Shown in this picture are wo of. the 15 volley ball teams hat Cornoral Pane, who made both are now participating in the volley ball league thaf runs daily. of touchdown in their The Detached Medical Department now leads the lea.gue with last engagement with the c olle-. eight wins a nd nci defeats. Notice the ball high in the air over gians. will be counted on strongly the building. for t h e two coming games. --'-'----Both games will be played at I Phillips stadium. M. Sgt. _Ross Moves months after receiving his discharge he signed up for anothe r The enlisted i11en's volleyball From Bose S-2 to enlistment. Outs1de of f1ve months league of the Air Corp roared J 1 Off' dunng the interim, h e has been 1 into the second week of play w1t h nspector S ICe 111 the service continuously. 1 the Detached Medical Depart---. The sergea:_1t came to Drew j ment holdmg the upper hand I Recently Master Sergeant Rob-F1e.lcl m 1940 from Lang-ley F1eld, with eight games won. The 98th <:_rt .Ross transferred from Va. where he l:ad been stationed Fighter 1s close on the1r heel s S-2 to the Base Aclmm1stratJve, for ten years. l-Ie was lalei' trans with five victories and no de-'!Inspectors Office. Sgt. R.oss brings., fened to the Thi1d Air Force feats, followed by the Third to his new jo!J a wealth of Army l w:\Cic!uartcrs. but served there Fighter with four wins and one I experience._ H e quit a job as an I only_ for a short while before redefe8t. electncwn 111 Ch1cago t?. volunteer turnmg to Drew F1eld m October,. I Th::: league IS gettmg red hot as a pnvate ll1 the fnst world 1941. now with each team bearing I war. H e has developed a brand new on the1r opponent so as Durmg lus nearly 2o years. of avocation during the y _ears he has to mcrease that w_tn_ column. A serv1ce he has. served m -four served in the Army-short story Frida-y, November 27 GIFT-AID FOR SEB VIC' E MEN'-> : : .. : : -:.= :. \ : .' : ... ': : I:"' 1 ''. '!: : : Let us help you select your gifts we'll wrap and mail them for you1 too. Just inside Franklin Street entrance. TAMPAIS LARGEST STORE! few arguments ongmatmg here arms of the Umtea States ann:y writing, having had a few storie s and there IS a good sign -;-the mfan!ry, the coast artllleq', nublished in magazines. When the of keen competitiOn between the. s1gnal corps four,_ and the an war is o\er, Sgt. Ross plans on teams. corps. Dunng h1s months m much of his time writ.ing I R Keep the fight up boys! he took part 111 batsort stories ir! the home he has M A : A s',. B .... R '.o. : J '. ._ : b: ,_' ,_s.:. .. tles--m the Meusein .. T.ampa, w here he now Volleyball League Standmgs A1sne Marne an<:I Vesle s .ectors, lives with his wife and nine-year (Includes game? through Nov. 20) and a lso served m the Army of I old dauohter I-:..;....,.;..._ ---..: Det. lVIed. Dept.' "N' 8 0 1.000 'i Occupation in Germany after the _"' __ _i<_:_ __ 98th Fighter Sq. 5 0 1.000 armistice. Q 1 3rd Fighters. 4 1 800 11 The machine gun wound that 69th AF Band 3 1 .750 he received in, the Aisne-Marne EVEIW PAY DJ\.Y BUY : HOLSOM LUNCH. 1 Seaboard Restaurant 3rd. Fighter "B" 2 1 6661 offensive did not dampen his. enc WAR BONDS AND STAMPS; I 10 Fighter Wing f'N' 2 2 500 thusiasm foi the army, for a few REASONABLE PRICES Spaghetti a Specialty. .: DeL Med. Dept. "B" 3 3 500 Home .. cooked American Meals Sandwiches .Cakes Drinks D t M d D t ''D" 2 2 500! .our Specialty, F -ried,.Chic.ken.a .nd ... nd< Prbri\pt' SerVice. e 1 e ep ,. 10 Fighter Wing "B! 2 3 .400[ T B 'one Steaks : 'App!i>tizhtg.'Hom& Cooicirig' 3l4th -Base & 71{ GRAND CENTRAL AV:F.NUE Second,' Ave':; M;. Ru;so, 'PFop.: AB "C" 2 3 .4001 314th Base Hq. & AB ''A" .... 2 4 3331 314th Personnel A 1 3 .250 314th Personnel "B". i 3 250 314th Base Hq. & AE "B." .. 1 3 Det. IVIed. Dept. "C'' 0 3 -----. Drew Court Star Wins Tennis Tourney Pvt. R.eubenRiskind, of Drew 1 Field. and recent winner of the I R.ed Cross tennis tournament at Davis Island, is an outstanding amateur player. :J;,;r winning the tournament, Riskmd beat the leading tennis players of Tampa fo1 the title. R.iskind hails from Texas. WE L C 0 ME! Service Men and Your Families "' Palm -(afeleria 510 TAMPA ST. Newest and Most Modern" Fresheni!F Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforcemen know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when nerves .are. tense or you've got a tough job to do." MARY ELLEN: FLOWER AND GIFT. SHOP. Get Thai Special Gift -Here, fo. r Sweetheart. or. 13ll .Grand central' Next to Big_ Orange Frankin St. Restaurdnt HOME OF FINE FOODS A Reasonable Prices SPAN ISH DINNERS 1408 Franklin Srce1 CRENSHAW/S (Wholesale) Fruits-:Vegetables Phone 2623 Elliston/s Drug Store Phone H 1645 Founlain Service and Lunches 202 W. LafayettE> St., TAMPA Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 33 -521 Ll NCOLN BAR 'FINEST-LIQUOR' PLACE FOR,COLORED We Deliver .... :>Phone H .:ill4 Mam_ a:t North. Boulevard : .. SOUVENIR & JEWELRY Large Variety of Xmas Gifts l'lol'ida Son \ enil's-Cul'ios 1 07. K Lafayette St. DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: l\J-1036, 4232 i Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD If Interested in lMPORTED FOODS .Call I'Al'f, 1'17.:1.0, Y :18ll7 JOE C..\STELL.-\:\'0 (;HOCEB.Y I I \Ye llnvc Plc:"nty, untl 'roo! Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Helps s teady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. ------------------------"Flowers Telegraphed Back SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats 1 3018 Armenia Ave. Ph. H 46-174 Free Delivery So chew and enjoy swell-tasting \'V"rig ley's Spearmict every day-:1s millions do. "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE Home Under Bonded Service" NELSON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A .M to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET C. D. Kavakos Prop. Dinne rs. Plate Lunches, BePr. Wines & I Cold D rinks Pie s and Pastries. ,,: I 405 Zack Sireei Tampa, Fla.


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