Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 40 (December 4, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
December 4, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VOL. L No.4(} .. Published Every Friday \ Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, December 4, 1942 DREW SERVICE CLUB OPENS WEDNESDAY FORT BENNING PIGSKlNNERS \VILL INVADE DREW. ON SUNDAY Signal Corps 11 Seeks First Win Service Club Offers Many c omforrts I Fred waring, No fed Leader' To Dedicate His Radio Program to The Opening; WFLA lo Carry Program


Arm y Develops New FRoM DREW I Sergeant Thoma; !' 13' ttter Product for The Special Service O ff ic e an--To Marry Miss Swann l nounces w ith pride its latest I Soldiers in Tropics1p1an for raising money for the --. ___ new Shell they've be_en Faimltar. t o th?se wl:o, _work plannmg for some t 1me. They m-: at ouncl Base Head quat tet s J S A nell tv p e food p1 oduct, t d t 1 I-IULI A I Sf Sot William Ge01ge Thomas ] ., : e n o t a

Page 4 DREVJ FIEL.D E '::HOE'3 Frid==ty, December 4, 1942 The Drew Field Echoes -----------------------------------, I P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMP A ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: IllS FLORIDA AVENUE TAMP A FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in he MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ---------------ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper. for the of Drew I Field and devoted to military mterests and the Umte d Nations Victory.

Friday, December 4, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES> ON THE SPOT I ENTERTAINMENT OFFERED Sunday .. l)flW fl,ll) Captain Chester K. Delano, 8:0.0 P.I\1., Base Arena-Com-! f / Base Special Service Officer re-mumty Smg. 1 '.-quests the Unit Special Services The Community Sing has re" -..... Officers and the Unit Command-. cheived life and vitality with. -' \ :::a:;_e 1 ing Officers to make their Specialll t e .additiOn of Sunday Night I 1 Services arrangements off the -Movies. Last Sunday. night the I Base through his office. It has Chesterfield Cigarette Company By the "dawn's eariy light" we been brought to'his attention that j sent out a full and a half greet you bright and early every various officers and. men show of short and smg morning with our r ecru Jar Drew have l;>een approachmg radiO sta-, eartoons. The mnoyat_wn. proved H'. R "' bans m town, theatre. managers, so successful that Jt rs mtended ... ev eJlle over WFLA 7 and recreatiOnal orgamzatrons for to repeat the showing of movies to I :2::> a. m., to be exact. Thrs help with their individual pro night. Let us know I is your show, men, designed for grams. This has made for a great I lf you like the new Sunday Sing j' your listening pleasure with the 1 :>-341. 4:->0o Armenin Ave. ing Night Dance Waring to play on the Dedication plenty of excitement and lots of This is the first of a series of Broadcast which will officially ftulnl attsl ome of the tSfJ:;Jt!lls. :==============:. .... I weekly Wednesday night dances. open the new Drew Field Service a '1 11s same ou 1 IS war Flowers Mother, After the opening, Tampa UniClub ... The date of the opening m rts area, bmldmg a couple of Sweetheart or Friend versity will send dance partners I again-Dec. 9th 1942. Volleyball. Courts, a Football_ every Wednesday. The music Freel Waring's l:)roadcast WFLA i FJeld Touch j POWELL'S INC., FLORIST ; Will be furmshed by Warrant 7:00 to 7:15 p.m. Dec. 9th 1942. they me now busj' Baker's Doug.hboys. MAKE IT A LANDSLIDE, Z

.... .......;..'-'. _l ,...: ? : ; _;j :.... Page 6

Friday, December 4, 1942 .. DREW FIE2 D ECHOES Page 1 ....;;.i" .. ---8---:-:.!""::.,.:_.;......:...-------------------f, so3d SIG. REG.ut. with the AVG's on Burma Road. ters and 1ts f111e. let:; :on D1d evva a gloDon't forget; see Joe with the ball and be f m e sold1e1 s ... uous T'payday. rlow s about 1t, your gossip. See you 111 two I hear something about a dance Pvt. A ehoe? weeks for us. Lt. F eldman i s showing off the ___ young corporal. He's a powerful 68 j h SPECIALS loniNE rwAoc fine baby, Lieutenant. Has Yale qf Ji J DJ or Harvard signed a contract with him yet'? By S. SGT. D. L. HYLAND Cpl. John E. Lee Pfc. John Hunter is trying to get his finances straightened out, To the readers of the Echoes Good after:noon, boys and gulsfabout the only th111g we could who miss the pounding feet and al/d lad1es and -Fr_?m suggest would be 24-hour duty the mess hall rushes, the 684th tlie of the w1lde1 ness ,he v,ut the welcome mat fo r the uine interest, that is all jobs but new acquaintances in both Sara-:hme. Later 111 day. t h e fest1ve 1 K .P. Just ask Pvt. Cucos. 1 sota and Bradenton. Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners MODERATE PRICES Delicious Sandwiches us; in addition, they'll shop for I us and take car. e of the mailing0,}(. huh? Hope to have more for you next week. THE PALACE SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods Besl of : !).!J'10rs -:-2001 Nebraska WE PAY CASH FOR Used Cars and Trucks FERMAN'S 1428 Florida Ave. Ph. 4236 ,pccaswn was bnghtened by the I For the small amount of time I To let you know how we stand 'presence of Lt. Col Jay F Gamel the improvements. are at present, we have Major Ruff 1st Lt. Herbert of the Army l able. Everyon e is doing their ner, Captain McLean an d L t. Corps at luncheon duty so well because we have a Waldrop, Lt. Taylor, Lt. Craw ley, YBOR CITY'S LEADING .Jt:It appears as though the D e t a:chm ent Volley Ball Team is following in the winning ways of tli. e Soft Ball Squad in the Drew Wield Volley Ball Swatfest. Chief of this formidable group is Cecil "Downbeat" Salter. 1i\ to Mike .. on his two stripe awari:ll!llfew Model T Corporal is Atthur Bannish. of the Week: That Leonard Walclt b e made a move into Malone's barracks. he .likes that 5:30 a ir. ). Questwn of the Week: Does t]lat sign "Decqritamination StaIbn1' over lst Sgt. W a lters' desk any special significance? :.r.--+<-----};)3arge, pointing to a cigarette 7utt on a company street: I s tha t : rours? f :Jeep: "Of course not, you saw first." i fCalling All Service Men GET A HOME COOKED i:. MEAL AT iKNO X G R ILL 4C!5 JEFFERSON ST. >:,:Service Men Always 'Welcom e ;:Sulphur Springs Cafe :we Specialize in Home Cooked ..... Food, Chicken, S teak a n d Chop D inners s;surpbur S p1 ings Arcnitri(tl_v frlsh. Wl:o\E, BEER iSA:o\DWIC HJo;S FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET 1\:osher : :uarkt.t in TamJlll !>2M E Broadway ] > h ')L)H-l.l:{ lf!! ntu('(c East of N CIJIur;l\:a .:\ ve. Exclusive CHRISTMAS GIFTS REASONABLY PRICED Phone 2052 S 2698 Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa ai Tyler Ph. M 52-073 Tampa, Fla. Special Invitations to All S enice -'len GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its Xew Location 805 Tampa St. WELCOME SOLDIERS I v j BILL BAILEY, Prop. CELESTE'S GIFTS SOUVENIRS RENTAL LIBRARY 440 W. Lafayette Street Member V.F.W. & Am. L egion VALENCIA GARDEN ,,. Restaurant W E SERVE 'THE FIN'EST OF I SPAN'ISH FOODS 811 Grnnd Central Phone H-3773 Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groceries, Tobacco, Candy Notions DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA' S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bi'l Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 Pl'tiV ATE DIJ.o{ING ROOMS


Page 8 DREW FIELD ECHOES I, December 4, 1942 VOLLEY BALL Two teams, the Detached Medical "A" and the 98th Fighter 9th FIGHTER WING HO. & HO. SODN. The Fighting Ninth continued undefeated for the By CPL. WALTER WERNER third week of play in the Air Corps vo lleyball league. Halleluiah. brothers! Our cup The D etached Medical "A" runneth over with good things smashed on to their ninth win of lately. Last Thursday the Army the season followed closely by the really "killed the fatted calf" to 98th Fighter with eight victories. fix us up with a very swell and no defeats. With the league Thanksgiving dinner and at the half-way mark now, these Monday was payday! Hard come two teams will battle it out down -easy go. By sunrise the next the h ome stretch. morning some of the boys werE: flat on their can agani. Oh, well, Competition .grows keener each there will always be another payweek as the other teams are try-day-and this is one job where ing their best to knock off the t hey can'i fire you. t wo leading clubs. KEYHOLE SECTION: What H e r e are the standings includ-T. Sgt. who works on the line ing games through D ec.' 1: has a prize collection of gorgeous Team W L Pet. gals from M aine to California D ct. lVIed. D e pt. "A" 9 0 1.000 tha t h e picked up in the days 98th Fighter Sq. 8 0 1.000 when his spms jingle d. jangled, 3rd Fighter "A" 7 2 .777 ji ngled? ... what dashing young 69th Ai r Force 5 2 714 officer 11 i1l ha1e to be a modern 3rd FiPhter "B" 4 2 666 Brigha m Young. or something, i f D e t. Med. "D" 6 3 .666 we don' t go across soo n ? 314th Base Hq. & AB What corporal from Oklahoma Sq. C 4 4 .5.00 went a l ong as a blind date in orlOt h Fighter B'' 4 4 .444 der to get another chance at a lOt h F ighter A 3 3 .428 "touch-n1e-not'' bab:-.' who gave 314th Base Hq. & AB him the brush-off the week b e Sq. "A" 3 5 .375 fore? Who's the corporal D e t. Med. B 3 6 .333 from Old Kentuckv who is so 314th Base Hq. & AB lionized b y the Ta.mpa fair set Sq. "B" 2 6 .250 that h e has more dates than he Det. Med. "C" 1 4 .200 can h andle? Little "boids" 314th Personnel "B" 1 5 .166 tell us that Pvt. "Phil" Anastacia 314th Personnel "A" 1 6 142 and Cpl. Datoo1o are making --------. things hum on the line these days. Boston Bull Terrier Is 566th's Mascot a cook. AT THE CIRCUS Monday night: When Gargantua saw Sgt. Specter h e beat his chest and bel-lowed, "And to think they put ME in a cage! Best o' luck to T. Sgt. Frank Masi, who may be leaving u s soon for O.C.S. SPORTS: The Fighting Ninth's basket ball team had a good practice session recently. Likely candidates for Sgt. Darbonne's first team are:, Sgt. "Chief" Hunter, Pvt. Puia, Pfc. "Convoy" Straub, Pfc. Haske ll and T Sgt. Quesnel. AnyonP. else int2rested in pby ing, see Manager Quesnel .... If the 301lth Signal Wing think they can coax five of their members to come out of the and a game. vve 'Nill scend to oblJge-<,fter all, we can use the practice Diamonds and All Jewelry ........,l=tlA!5WAiiiltol!liU!f 605 Franklin St. lExpert Watch Repairs J !'Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service" NELSON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET Give a thought to a squadron or company mascot. The mascot out at the 566 th 1s certainly good for laughs. "Corporal" Pat a Boston Bull Terrier (who is, incidentally, a WAAC) brings many smiles to the men and has proved herself a helpful companion. The pL\P has now been outfitted with a sweater, collar, and leash wearing her rank of corporal an air. Since it's evident that she's due for rap1d promotion, the men have trying to decide whether w1ll m a k e Master (or Mistress) Sergeant before Christmas. The Glory of Democracy THE sacrifices that are needed in order to '\Yin the war are apparent to us all. GIFT-AID FOR SERVICE MEN! Let us help you select your gifts we'll wrap and mail them for you, too. GIFT-AID CENTER Jus t inside Franklin Street entrance. TAMP AIS LARGEST STORE! RECRUITER {Continued from Page 1) .. .. .... ... 1 Uni \ ,ersity, the Univer-, sity of Tennessee, many h1gh school and vocational schools, TV A, and civic organizations. He also spoke at football games, such as the one between Rollins Col kge and Washington !l-nd Lee. appeals to buy '\Var Bonds the Goven1men t' s pleas to conserve gas and :rubber, the economies required to avoid inflation, the necessity of rationing many essential commodities-all these have become vi tal in the minds of our people; I;_MAAS BROTUbRS ______ I received splendid coopera-tion from and radio l stations throughout the South," says Private Gore. I fot:md a spirit of patriotism glowing every' where and recruited a substantialj numbe r of specialists for the An Forces." H e recruited among others such men as Willia m Edge, Jr., continuity writer arid publicist for MWC of Memphis, Tenn., who enli s ted as an aircraft radio specialist. In Palm Beach h e quali fied Ralph York, a cousin of the famous Sgt. York. One man in Chattanooga ...yrote to him in Miami: "Gore, you sold me on the air corps. I'm signing up." Private Gore helped to enlist men in the ground crews which. must keep 'em flying, but with I emphasis upon the signing up of I aircraft radi<'! operators and. radio j mechanics. 1 SK\IIXOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY Large Variety oi Xmas Gifts We Wrap for Mailing 107 E. St.. DIXIE Cleaners Laundry fb.ones: M-1036, 4232 Always Say ... HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh CAMPBELL. BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs Ph. M 54-572 Featuring IRENE GORDON, Lady Barber I I I I 1 has awakened us, not only to the size of the task before us, but to the fact that our future as a nation is at stake; and in characteristic fashion we-all are responding. Our 'hearts speak, our purses are open wide; and regardless of creed, or color, or pol itical convictions, our honest differences of opinion are being dissipated before the issue that confronts us. This is the glory of democracy: that a man may think as he will, speak as he will, vote as .he will, and worship God in his own way; yet in the hour of peril to the State, that which is for the greatest good of.all is not orily his most compelling thought but the strongest prompting' of his heart In that hour his thought is no longer of himself but of his country; and it is as though hi s soul were crying out those memorable words of Plato: "Man was not born for h imself alone but for his country.'' BUY VlAR BONDS Pres ident 1 :-ITER:-.-A'i'!O:-IAL BL"Sll'ESS MACH!:-1 5 CORPOR.\TI0:-1 SOLDIERS! FOUR.GOOD CHANC.ES TO GET YOUR WATCH REPAIRED! if //Pop" Johnson can't repair it I will turn it over to old man Carden-if he fails will turn it over to middle-aged Garcia: If he fails will hang it on the rack till June lst1 when the war will be over and my son will be back/ and if he can't repair it, will throw it away. Four of the Best Looking Watchmakers in Tampa "P 0 P" JOHNS 0 N & S u., 214 E. Lafayette St. NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAFE MEMBER V. F. W.PURPLE HEART-FRANK RUTA-o New York, and Former Chef at El Trocadero OPENS HIS OWN PLACE Specializing in SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House 103 Hyde Park Ave. .. BEER AND WINES.: Only the Fin<>st Qnn:Jitr of Foods l..'s e d A I -\ SEHHCE 306 FRANKLIN PHONE M 64-913


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